Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1856 Page 3
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thin fact that the decrease above Doted la to be mainly rtbnted. for the week ending on the 6th there war* ship 1 over the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company '? ilroad, 6,009.14 tons ; over the Cumberland and nnsylvanla Railroad, 6,183 tons? total from the ostburg region for the week, 11,752 14 ton*, r the week ending August SO, over the George'l >ek Coal and Iron Company'! Railroad, 8,266 s. Over tbe Hampshire Coal and Iron Company's ilroad, 1,040.01 tons ? total from Western port re a, 9,308.01 tons. (There were 72 boats descended the tal for tho past week, carrying 7,079 tons of coal. The al ahlptneots by railroad and canal for 'He week ending tbe 6th (Western port region, to August 80,) were by Iroad 13,076.11; by canal 7,079.14. The account for i week from all the companies foots up (oountlng as ore tbe Westernport reglwn to tbe 80th ult.,) 21,060.16, I for tbe year 464,972.11. "he earnings of the Uadlson and Indianapolis Railroad the moo tli of August were as follows: ? rest, 1866 $21,866 72 "his Is a large reoeipt. the Ohio river be ng very low, Ich is a great check on the freight business of tho Ml. "be revenue ot the Daltincore and Ohio Railroal fo gust, wk as follows: ? Washington Tital for Main itsm, branch.. b<<th. roads ? pa*?enfer<?.. . $?'?: X44 18 30,1 S i HO 98,026 9 ?freight 830.441 70 9,4?ws 12 3.'i9,9i?7 8 otal $308,286 88 33,647 92 437,938 80 >u a comparison with Auga.-t, 1856, tho result id a ows:? < MATJt ST*M ? ? , r?' WAsm.VCTO.N BR , J'aiseiiff'n. Frnght f'atnrrtg't. Frriqht. 1886 $.'.8,120 26 267,629 48 27,168 93 9 006 62 { 18tu.. t.7,844 18 380 44 1 70 30.1(0 80 9,406 12 ucreaw. $9,7*3 ?2 72,912 21 3,012 87 460 60 inneicd im a comparative table for eleven months ol two llbcal years ? 1864. 1866. pber $369,61* S2 $423, c4? 84 'ember 347,677 96 399.119 40 ember 293, f<14 16 441,816 61 1868. 1856. uary 370,211 93 191.809 81 ruaiy 21rt.2'.'9 49 211 613 76 ch 370,460 02 406 820 39 11 388,202 84 651.811 28 ' 385,008 t4 479,318 25 e 371,783 84 438,788 26 r 301,?o? 22 417,971 97 ust 361,824 20 4.17 933 92 $3,730,347 31 $4 399,339 49 3,733.348 31 18 totai receipt* by the canals, of lumber, at Albany, Uie opening of navigation up to and Including the |inat., in the years named below, were as follows.? Board, tswtl'g. TMg 141 *72 770 24,820 21 718 106,00^,860 "l7t'?>59'213 26, 12" 104 8 50 Gi?,7J8.490 fflSMO'sS 24 351 175,468 bl.H?,Ul ??M1?47? 22 454 13 >12 79, 770.488 i h'A Mi qui 37. ?17 6,iil 98,442,149 j* * 141,'688,'i bS 26,877 8,230 76,5o4,6L9 return* for the eearon, up to the 8th of September, km red with the correapouding season lant J ear, exhibl bt diminution In the receipts ol boards and scantling, material failing off in shingles and aUvos. London JWf bai the following reruution of the t that a French company had the exclusive right for Establishment ot banklcg Institution* in Turkty Imperial Ottoman government, having b?en tn tbat M. Trouve Chauvol asserts that ho la pos ot a lirman erantiog him the exclusive privilege or Usbingabank at Constantinople, and that he pre to have the right of proceeding against all ottier who m?y undertake tne formation ol su ;b an bment in tbe Ottoman Kmoire have f-U it their duty ?clare through their Ktnba-sy to Ixindou:? P " Troove Chauvel does m>i p. <sse.<* my firman or ece whatever for the formation of a bank in the Ot sl^jpire. aueh a ttrma.u or privilege having never concede<l to bim by tho Imperial government. Tba vean ti'nce a certaui number of banker* ai.d mer ? of CoostatJt'uop'.e did, as Sounders, o'.tain a firman the l'orte to' tbo o laMiaumeut of a prl bvik but M. Trouvc Cuiuvtl, being unknown Imperial government, was uot of this numbor. veri?- the grantees ot this Urman, who were hound terrn^ ot tbe concession to put tb?tr project into withiu a fixed time, under pain ol forfeiture, (ailed rform that engagemeat, and did o?t wuccood in the necessary capital, they felicqnl >.hed tho en am> gave the sublime l'orte a ?uiemu deolara their renunciation, and the hi man was con se withdrawn and cancelled, fnat tie grantee their part, madn a contract w'lh,MJr"V'uM^s bo bounJ himself to procure ? r Uwm nndj wiltun a given period, ifta t i f?ve eacariwj deposit, a certain ram on ib? >rw* cjuditioj be en not fulfil hi- ?Bgagements ghe Contract ? u.d be ..nevoid. and *? effort but that, in con* 'I'' ? u , ?* ?r* ron i?rtor??ce of h's in uts witu tU lb <<> atroement was also annulled, as is I acts. |?. .?1 reM>e<U.tiy on tbe V tS iof J ?n? u? ol * ftemhrr, lh64, lu tbo Cuancory ol the \r ren ib rv st ConsiaLtiLople. LcnSon Ttmt give? a very long and Interesting ao of a low and extrem-lj ln?f nlous process, just pa by Mr. H Bessemer, of mauuf* turlag raalloablo ? d steel without fuel. The Mature of Mr. ?r'a !n vantton hi that he takes c ru le iron directly U o ordinary blast furnace, and iu the Incredibly pace of thirty minute* conrerts it into ingots ol To iron or r.teel of ary alza, and Cl for the various wlaUont ordinarily employed to alapt thera U ail tierial potpoacs lo which thiy are naw appl'.od Ho UeaSM with aU tbe lntermrd ate proccsset to recourse has been had to produje tbe same effect tho last seventy years, Including the making of to pigs, and the refining, puddling, aud aqneer nj w Ih all their attendant labor and fuel. Ho sow th the assumption that crude Iron contains about r cent of carbon, that carbon cannot exist at a beat in the presence of oxygen without uniting ith and producing combustion , that such coaibus Id proceed with a rapidity dependent on tha t ol at rtac? of caibon exposed; and, lastly, Umuaratwe whi:h tbe metal would acquire We also dependent on tbe rsptdlty with which tbe Bud carbon were made |o combine, and conw tbst It wan only m c?si*ry to bring the oxygen boo together in aurh a m.%nnor that a vast s?r Id be expound to their mutual action. In order to a temperature hitherto unatta nab o m our furcate*. Tmn Bays ? a vl*w of testirg practically his theory, b? haa l a ryltndncal MM of pW> iMj ,n dlam?tor fwt n height, somewhat ' ke an ordinary fi'tp^'a r. muftorof which ts ilrod with Ore br cks ?hoi t two itchfs from the b?U"in of It b"? iciirtfi \*m tt?Bo?lea of which are formed of S tTri Clay, the or" 1 '? of each \*7< r* bHng roc elflbths of an inch in diameter. At ono siue about half way up from tho bottom, there made for running In the crndo metal an ' on u. aide there ta a tap bole stopped with loam, by ? lrB_ i, tun out at the end ot the pruiees. A U ol??d ,o nUar to the d.scha-ge hoi. of the blast tn allow the iron to tViw along a gutter Into It, CFUnVr la used capable of compresVng ** l llk in ib to tho s<i tare Inch. A com ^a ba vir g bwt. made ***** H an I the ,tion ba\irg , . , to com wort r?Tbe blast being tumd on, and the i"nUl tnfo th?ve^e., a rapid boiling u# ? ^ ?Oinaon within the - easel, tb-i tosted TvCt aid datbed from rMt to Me. -hahinf 7 hv tbe fbrce with which It moves, from t ?f the converting ses'd. this con^ tnr abrut fifteen or tweuly mnntes, during he otTi. n In th- Sfenoaptiono air combinen wuh ?,n rnnlamed in the iron, produciog ^arb'-oiO acid i he 'a me time evolving a powrr'ill heal. oni)riarbon and oxy?e? "till further to wrawrn of the metal, while Ihe dimiBiehe.1 q Carbon present allows a pan oi tbe oxygen to ^^TthVlron. und rgom oomNnst on srd ,r?J tU? aa oxide. At tbe cxcoK-tre temp-ratum I ..f^haiii.ow arouicd, ttia oxide, as *oon as crt <bul ,f?n g^cgon m^e* ? , .j in tadmrt'i every r1'1 r' !' ' 1 ' r, , , w th ^e n? d otl e. whKb wash lai iw?t thoroughly ?? Vt -V t- " Hk'Vr,nb"'UT wtth7ths wy.eo and lurm-ng bua^hf. d?m?e,ratvm 7^^' i T lers U lbs. n " '? f?? p nred '?t "? t e ti ? > r Al VW if ' *? ' VJ -h,?i a f haviag Ur?, apMiia.1 IlK'h, and continued until twon y mat I. The nm or metal h-gao I1?' rV. ?r,d other Impurities were **tr"J>?d Vj11' ,. le vewwl by two apert^ p' >Ni1od l >r ir.e o ? isewera of br'Uant spa.ks v,. >.. ib. i*u <?" ?' * ?rocMa, wblih lastal aov- v m, ? ? was to produce a ma>s of cast steel, father ? ?? tl"? i ' ' - 1 ' ??" B..fe mm fr?>?- ft m < i- "i ' v- H ?" ?* ? tnmuws past 1 cWok, an l the c-nt^nts d-awn ..?I .-.^r'men -r?- ts being ft . tak - ? t t ? geae.-ai aa rnn teto an intenienaly eontrlved tnoul I con 71 |! or in rent i t li.e app r itos, in I. b'.u'i a> there a Tew ?triutes. oonag down, it was Z ol the mo lid in a re t bol su'e hv sn r l "1 *?tacU upon a weighing machine. Tto Ingot I l7si4 iKs two specimon Ingots, ? w ' ho'h t^e aul of fuel I bta mass of mavertal was Jin 14 m Snvsa from crude cart Iron, as it cornea J. - into ste?l of lino qnsllty. ?till remalniug in the Bass of metal, ud whioh gives to It the character known as steel, would h*ve been drawn oil, anil a P"ro spongy mass of crystalline iron would have been the result. A correspondent sends us the following statement la relation to the management, or rather the mismanage ment, of the aflairs of the Edgeworth Laud Company, of Massachusetts Tuk Edgswowh I .and Compact. The annual report o< the Edgeworth Land Company affords a new and convincing proof ? I' the exceedingly uncertain nature of earthly posicsdir s. Copies of tne report should have been forwardod early in June to all thu stockholders. They have beeu lurnished to a few by Bpectal lavor, and will doubtless ba -ent to the remainder when there shall no longer be any advantage to the fltvo ritts in withholding them. An examination of tnls re port, in connection with the previous annual statements, suggests some inquiries to which the officers of the Edge worth Company are desire 1 to gtve attention. The tlrst thing which strikes one interested in an honest and prudent management ot the property is the groat expense at which tne company's affairs are conducted High salaries are not always proof of extravagance; but in the absence of explanation, the propriety ol expending so much money for managiog a few acres of land (much of tt unimproved) may well be questioned, and stook holders cannot bo expected to sit quietly aud see thei *' fuDds disbursed to a clique of men who soern ax ignorant of the rights of stockholders as tliey profess to be of the affairs ol the company. As the property is rauidly melt ing out of sight in the lurnace of their greed, It behooves block holders who hope to av>id a total loss to attend lrn mediately to the rescue of the proi>orty which yet re mains to them from the hands of Its so c tiled managers, and with a view to united action on their part, a lew tacts will be submitted to show the necessity for prompt and decided actum. The loss of money result1 ns? from the Injudicious ani extravagant investment* of this model "Board ot Direc tors" will amount, it l-i believe 1, to nearly ouo hundrel thoBBand ('.oilars. and the notice jf ttt.-lr aa^acioui tr< atiui it Is particularly invited to thus polut, as shedding a ray of light upon the un premising sts'o ?f that officer's financial statement, which seems so m-wild'-ring to him. Ilud SI- Ourn given a tithe of the attention to collection v ? ! .40ii e <luo the company, amounting to many thousand . alius, that he hats eviiived in collecting his own salary und evading the inquiries of the owners of the proaerty, he would not be so anxious to avoid thetn and throw the OMtt of a re ply upon the shoulders of one more skilled in mybtifyiDg the poltits sought to be cleared up. There arc some interesting movements la connection with the proposal to locate lands for stock, ( vidt report) which we propone t? examine, and we now notice it for iht editlcatlon of Mr. Converse, Mr. Dann and Mr. Jeock, t! at they may be prepared to clear up the suspicious which, i.aturally enough, fasten upon these gentlemen, by reason of their zealous advocacy of a course calculi ted to throw a goodly sum Into the possession of a lew of the favored, to the detriment of a large majority of the stockholders. How is it that Mr. Converse ? a director can locate lands to which he has 110 title, and for which he i as pui.i nclhiig ? the Fame lots Mag refused to stock holders, who are willing to buy them and Day tor tnem, on the terms proposed by the directors. Wny are the desi rahlo portions of the domain marked oil' as located, and denied to the stockholders wishing to mako bona- fide MmIMM, when, t>y Dm admission of the agent, tliey have not been purchased by ot'- er parties, but are held subject to their purchate, in case it shall at come future day seem advantageous. Is this even- handed .justice? Why do the directors of the Edgeworth company make nations on tho mortgaged premises, while ibe agent represents to the aiockbelders that these portions 01? the property canmt probably be freed from incumbrance, .?wing to the impoverished condition of the treasury. I)o they suppose the stockholders will look upon thia as straightforward dealing^ Why have not the unpaid assessments been collected? Can Mr. iiunu exp'ain his leniency towards the deliu ()Ufnts I We propose to enlighten 'he sto;Hhold*rs as to that gentleman's astuteness, and show thorn, in a future communication, the gross mismanagement of this clique, v. ho suppoae the shades of (Hate street dense enough to cover tLo multitude of their unjustifiable prorvee-llng i. NEW YORK STOCKHOLDER. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value cf foreign dry goods entered at tiiu port lor cot sumption, for warehousing, and also the withdrawals from ware house, during the week ending and including Thursday, Sept. 11, 18ft?:? Movrauraa i.v FoMDW Dar Gooaa. intend fur Consumption. Qan'ity. Value. Manufacture! of wool 1,124 9104,232 i>o. cotton 718 207,224 1)0. silk 67'i 631.ft'.?8 I'O. U&X 7 ? 159,072 MiMtUaMMB 345 130,734 Total 3,86* Wi'h.lrav* i /rum WartkouM. ilanul'toures of wiiol. l)o. rottou . l)o. silk.... ivt flax... Miscellaneous :mu 151 48 70 7 Total. II .miliar lures ol w?ul l?o. cotton. IK>. dillf. ... l>o. 11a*.... Mitcellaneous 6M Knter?l for War-hourmg. ao# 111 4fc 171 210 $1,522,8M 9114,174 29.C6I) 30, 3M 13, [>17 MO $193, om $80,184 so, Ml 80.7*4 81,7(1 20,057 Trial 7M $188,920 Value put on the niark< t during the week $1,718,798 There baa been another active week in tba dry foods trarlo. Botb importer* and jobber* bare been quite 1) i'jr. Tbe city hotel* are well Oiled with mercbaati lrotu all parta or tbe country, who are engaged Id com pitting their tall purchase*. There have been two or three s peclal aalex or Frehch silks and fancy goodi by auction, which have been well attended, and dealrable an 1 new style* or goods sold at higher rate* tbaa at pr* v "lis rale* ol the season. Owing to various cause*, -ilka bare met with a large advance in France. First, the silk crop Is f aid to be a very amall on*; tba heavy rains and flood* materially Interfered with tba progreaa a;.d yield of tbe crop. Secondly, the demand from the c rth or Europe, and especially Russia, proved much larger than had been anticipated. To secure the export doty prior to tbe flrst of Jo y last, It la believed that the ex perts rrota France to tbe United dutea have been in un ci-*) proportion, especially of French silk goods, into this market, and as soon as the fall trade is supplied, wheth> t by auctlcn or by jobbers, It Is believed that prices will dec! re, and some suppose that It may ultimately pay to reahip some sty lea back to France, eapectally should price* realise a further ad vaace la that country. From tlio advance In wool II Is believed that woollen fkbrlct or all kinds must maintain tall prices, especially those or besvy American mannfa-.tore. It Is supposed the ex treme severity or tbe weather the past winter caused early one-fourth or tbe stock of sbeep, la maoy sections of tbe country, to perish from cold and exposure. Hence, for the laat month or two tbe pr! :ee of wool have steadily advanced, yielding l.cary profits to speculators. When manufacturers en teroJ the market they found they could oaly (of lite) se cure supplies at materially enhanced coat. The prioe of woollen goods made from the cheap wool of the past sea son. In large quantities, of course cannot realize a price ac< or<l>ng to the pri*ent high coet ol the raw material; but the future makes to come upon the market must yield h ( ber prices' or result la loss. Tbe collections con t bue good, Tbe produce of the Interior is In active mo\ement lor tbe seaboard, where it at present meets with remunerative prices for all deecriptloaa, Including breadstuff*, cotton and provisions. There seems t> be no <1 if position manifested to hold back produce this sea son, under the expectation of future higher price*. The < bangee la tbe prices ol domestic and foreign goods have not teen sufficient this season to require any notice in detail. $4(8)0 < *>10 st 0 s '70 10TX ?toek Rxrhange. Fnioai, IMC Virginia 6's 1 coo Kne RMrob'Ha 1)00 Had RR 1st mt ?J000 Mi HoHlnVuMbs loco 111 ( on RR bds 4100 do icon IllFrce bs.w'lp 1?"00 ( hi * Rk Is b 's 1 TlClefctol dlvbs ?i ?hs Hank N York II# 12 Desk of Com.... les I ( 0 Canton Co W >0 do 5?-0 do htW Ji Penn ?*wl Co.... 10 CIO Vfo do .... tin no do bin too do. , . . b3 .v o Cnnib Coal Co. . . M (! do ho . WW o <io .at i (? ITvM Kiv RR ,.b;> !w S YOHiM.. c 87' ! do s3 87 < V'i do (00 17 .MO 97' HH 96 97 M 92'/ pn 9i 76 w w od Iff 1$> i S? do , 5 <1#.. do.. do. . Trie M.. .I t 'I 4< <? ? i(*4 UO do.. >1". , ?'e . lo.. do.. >'o ,, do. do. do. do . lie., do. . .. ,b10 ... .M ? . . . . a# .. mo . . I>30 . . . b'iO , . . b 15 ...MO ...b3D tr? ' , fli ?, in , e1 -i r>i ?>1 % 01 r.i et'< et r'> 61 fi OS 01 11 1IM. 260 shs Kris RR. .bio 61 '{ 300 do b.t Q1 '{ 100 Harlem RR.btiO 1? 600 do ? lf>V 2oo Reading RR...?3 MW 100 do s?0 1700 do M Hfiif 600 do b.l 8?V 750 do lev 100 Mich C RR . blO 03 9 AO do M?0 ?>?(< 100 do ...MM) n>i m do n>i UK) do .. bflO Nk 200 If S A V 1 RR S3 91^ 11 do 91 '< loo do bio e: ioo do W loo do b?>0 91 * 80 Pansmt RR 91 1 200 do stlO 93^ tt do OS', 11m) 111 C?i RR ?3 117 100 do s> 111 10.) do M HO 100 do *10 1I9S( IPO Clerk flit" nil.. MM 000 do 01 200 do ?i;; )ft a#, Coi ftOla ?R. IM 16 l-slenr* \ Chi KR. llO 7l>'i Clevik r^lorlo Rl{ . 4(0 OM fli.O lcoi loo Mi 100 do. do. 1*0 do do. do. do. Ill nit* Rock Is RR. 100 do . COO ilo bOO 60 do 10 MilftU Cro-s RR *8 ha or:o MO bf,0 *3 70 78 78 7? 78 78 ,? 78 17 H 07 "7 '? 97', e;i, 7o,S $6^0 M sourl ?'?. IMMlllOMt RRbs. tO be ComMh Bk.. 50 Penn Oral t1? bco 900 ranama RR..s?0 s do 100 do a3 100 Reading RR ICO (1)1 ft Rk If KB,. M( 'KB 004RT 88 150 shs M -So* MR 180 97 % 03* 100 do bOO "1% 10'i 100 do ... b?0 Oil U 9fi < 1(0 IHCen RR.,.bM 119 M H 50 do 119 93\ 190 riev * Tol HR . . 7(1 er, * io do 77w 400 do b7 77;* 900 40 bfO 71 AO Eric I'.R 660 61 % 160 do 61* 860 do S3 BIX *60 do b?u 62 600 do *10 61V 100 Ml'.h Cm UK b90 03 82 do Vl\ 100 111 So & N 1a RK. MSi 100 do...s60 77'f 100 do b <6 7* 40ft do s3 77 '{ 100 N Y Cen RR. o3 100 do 87 ^ 600 Cler&PiUsRRbflO ei * 100 Jo 61 CITY COIUICRCIU REPORT. Km oat. Sept. 12?6 P. M. Axhw ? Small tales were made at $7 81 for pots, and $T 76 for pearls. BuuiNrrrrrH ?The market wu steady , with a mode rate Eastern demand, without change ot moment In prices. The sales embraced about 6,o00 a 7,000 bales, at about the following quotations: ? Common to good t*?vo 96 00 ? 90 30 Oommou W good Mkshigaa I N a 6 10 RxtnSUI* 110 i TM Oommoa to good Ohio 6 It *0 60 Extra Ohio 0 40 a 7 00 Southern mixed U rood brand* 7 20 * 7 48 Do. tenor and extra T 64 a ? 20 Qanadtan superfine and extra e 40 ? T 71 Uhotoe extra Georgetown Richmond 01 ty Mills and St. Louis 8 00 ft ? II Haxait and SaUegos ...10M ? ? Canadian was In moderate demand at stead; prices. The sales embraced about 800 bbls., at tho abova quotations. Southern was tirm, with sal^s of about 800 a 900 bbls. a' lull prices, especially lor the latter clasi or brands Rye Hour and corn m<al were unchanged. Wh?at was fla, a 3c. per bushel higher, with Increased activity In sales here and to arrive. The sales footed up from 70,000 a 80,000 bu?hels, Included iti which were 20,000 bushels Western white, to arrive, at (1 60. wlili good to choice white, on the spot, 91 66 a $1 13; Southern and Western red, 91 60 a 91 66 a 91 60, the (alter figure for yellow Michigan and prime rod Ohio, the purest of yhich brought 91 73c. The market closed firm, with a good export demand. Corn continued firm anil active with sales of about 70,000 bushels, at Ota a 6Wc. for sound Western mixed. Rye was quiet, at 86o. a 8.'C for old and new. Oats were at 46a. a 43c. for StaUi and prime Western. Conu.? Sales ol about 1,600 bag* Rio were made at 10Sc. a 12 v; the latter figure for prime quality. Cotton ? The sales embraced 600 a 800 bags, while prtees continued quite firm. Fhkioiitm ?To Liverpool from 100,000 a 120,000 bu-hels gram were engaged in bulk and bags at 7>?d. a 8d. Hour wa- at 2b., wifi light engagemejts; and 6u0 bales ol cotton wero engaged at 4s. aud ,'^d. To London, 3,000 bushels grain, at 9d.; 600 bbls. (lour, at 2s 6d; 100 hhds. tobacco, at 26s. ; 600 b?SM cheese, 301., and bone at y,iS. Rates to Havre were unchanged. A vessel was ctarterod to load with deals, at St. Johns, for Liverpool, at U> 6s. To Melbourne, Australia, rates were at 27 h 30c. per foot measurement. To Uremen 200 tons measurement goods were takes. Hay was steady, at tiO. a 66c. per 100 lbs. Hor.s were firm, with limited sales of new, at 13c a 14e. ; old were dull and ncuiiaal Ihon was tUady at 931 60 a 9- >2 (0 for .Scotch pig. l.iMK ? Sales of 1,000 a 1.200 bbls. were reported, at 86e tor common, and $1 20 for lump. Moulssiv was tlrm, with moderate sains. Navai. Mobil ? 200 .1 300 kkls. spirits were sold, at 42, '?jC., cash. Rosin was steady, at 91 66, cash. On.. ? Linseed continued lir?, and sales of about 6.009 ^aliens were made at lC2c. Whale aud sperm oils, both crude and manufactured, were firm, with moderate sales. I*ko\ isions ? I'ork ? The market opened Qrm. and about f>C0 a w o bbls. were sold, at 9lt0 for mesa, with prim-) at $17 62 X a 918. At the closo the market was less buoyant, and it was said that Uiere were no buyers above 910 87 X for mess. Bf? f was steady, with sales of 160 bbls. country mess and prime at yesterday's prices. There was no change to notice in other descriptions of boef. Cut meats were selling, in U.ts, at 8c. a8'tc. lor shoul rter?, and 9){c. for pickled bams. 1-ard continued tlrm. Sales of 210 bbls. were retried sit 13^c. a 13t?c. Buttor and cheei e were in staaJy demand at yesterday's prices. Rin ? Sale* of 160 casks were made at 3\c. a 4"-{c. Sr.cjtx.? 76 bags peppar were sold at 12c., and bags pimento, at llj^o. Salt. ? A sale ol 6,000 bushels Turks Island was made at "4 V(C. Stusx ? The market wss active, st an advance o' about \'tl. per lb. The tales embraced about 2,600 hhds. Cuba muscovado at 7??c. a H V Included in the sales w as a cargo if 1'orto ltico, in bond, at 7>?o. cash, wbich wss considered about equal to 0'4c , duty paid. Wnot*.? Sales for the week 120,000 lbs. llecse of mid dling aud Qi<e grades, at our full quotations The stock o' common is much reduoed. 70,000 lbs. pulled brought, for the different qualities, 32c. a 43; : ItO bales wasnud Duenos Ayres, and 1,000 bales ws?hed Mediterranean have be^n sold on private terras. There has beeD an im provemcnt in the dsmand for these wo?ls, and holders are firmer in prices. Wul?*by ? The sales embraced about 800 bbls., at 3 60. a 36V,c. ADTBRTISEHETTTS RENEWED EVERY DAI. POST OFFICE NOTICED. T>OfiT OFFICE NOTICE.? THE MAIL8 FOR F.CROPE, X per I' . 8. Steamship Krii'iaon, will < loar tt tbia o(li< ? ou faiur-.'ay, the 13tb day of September, at 1( 1 o'clock A. M 18aAI' V. FOWLER, Puattnaatcr, uvsTitt'cnow. A CARD ? ' TflK RCRfU'RIRKR WTM. RHVEIVR M.W pupil* daily. for cla?? or private loatrttrtloo in petuaai* abip mud bookkeeping. Idtdtea' clan* at II o'clock; lull MM Ct'M guarantied to all -old mid young. OLIVER Jt <I01,I>*MTTH, .KS-.' Broadway. Atorxn I.ADY, I.I VINO I.N HOBOKEN FIVK Dilnslft1 walk from the it-try, withe* Inatructlon in 'be k rigludi branclie*. ?ay one or two hour* each day. Ad <lr cat H. C. C.. Herald oBice, glvlnt: n:im>'? nl .iddn'ta A I.ADY WAMKO-TO INSTRUCT THE SPANISH language. iB ? trliKBge fur pianoforte and alnglng U'taon* Apply at lit* Weal ;'5th *t., Iietwei n Hth and 1Kb avenue*. BOOKKKKPIN*. WRIflNO AND TH K OTHKK 1 04 M'uiiala in aueeeaa Id mercantile U*. am tangLl by FOt* 1 KR & IHXON In an eipedluoua ai.d auperior manure-, ta tin' eu'lre aseluatoo of Hie roodara nil and twWva ! -aou cuar lantry. Rootaa, M Broadway, Appleiutia Building. BOOKKKKPINO, WRITING, ARITHMETIC.? Dot, IlKAR'S academy, flow Broadway ? 8iudinu entering now can rwnn in*iru>tioo fr> m a practical bookkeeper, ami be tborottghlv qualified to keep book* by double retry iu any commercial houaa or bank. fl H. COCDKRT'B LTCEITH. 16 BT. If ARK'S PLACE V ) New York. Tranrh. Fnr i<an. Bpanlah commercial and elaaalejU boarding and day acliual for boy* Tae ola**oa anUl re open on M'taday, Brptamber I. I'ireularaean beat tamoi at Jje Lyr fim, aad at Mr. Fradarlc R. Ooodatt'i affiae. Ijf Broadway. FRANt'LbB MAWRlCE. Dr f. bkrtiikt RKRPKrrrn.i.r inform* rk frle*da and the public that on the nth of 8ep'emb--r ba will open a hoarding and day arhool for yonng geaOeven, at 43 WM Twenty drat ttrrrl where ail :he bran -In-* of a tho rough rlanalrad and coataicrrlal education wiil bo tauuhl. I n nch la the language of tha arhool. There la a gymnaaium attached. 1 FRENCH BOARDINO AMI DAY 8<HOOI,. l?l MAO 1 donga all ei t and Itai < lintoo pla--e, by lb" late prefe?*ota of Mr. I', Jfeaara. Laaplaaaaa and Hmlih. 1'laialral. commercial and mathematical atudlea. An ub-mi-n tary deparfaat. A gymnaalum. French la the language of the atliool. TNiTRl'CTION IN THE ITALIAN LANOCAQI* WOULD I tie given lo anyfautlL who would give In evhaaga a flirt. ialvd bedroom. Advertlw would meet with any other party. m?le nc female. Ill order to a*1 (Uin- a rorre t Rngliah pmnunriai on gn mi: In <-t< liange leaatma In Itaiiao. Adoreaa I In liar box .t.Mil I' oat olbre I NiTRrcTH >N.? A WKI.I. KPtTCATED FEWCIIMAN, I T. year* of age. wanta a altuatton a? inarherof hi* own language, la a prtra e family, or In a bourdilig acbool Mot ao iiiueb ?alary aa a good Ml wlahed for No OMection to go anywha re B< ?> rtfertui ea glveu. Ad li^ta F. M. . Broad way 1'ot o(B?e ?f R8 M HAMILTON S FRKNf'H AXP ENGLISH D*T irl a<tho?il, MM W eat Thirty altth meet, betaeen Hroalway and 8e?en'h avenue, re opena Monday . Mei.iemner U R' fe? ? enera and rm uiara at Meaara Wm. Hall k Bon a Muatc Mara, Xi 9 Hioadway corner of Park plarn. VTlfE. COCTANt FRENCH ANI> ENGLISH ROAE9 M Ing and day arlkool, fbe yeung ad lea, TV FfUi arenne, win be ot?*i on Monday, Maptaoibar u. Aa aouubaa m attached to Ihe InaUtiittoa. MU HEAR* FREMITI AND HN4I.IHH RoaROING AND DAT HfHOOL for yrniag ladu?. Mt and ? Weat Fdta^ith itr?ot, below F.ilh a*>aue re opaa a on Thnraday, Heptamher i Mra. M. baring juat enlarged h >?? ealaiillahnv-nt by Oie arfiiialtioa of a portion of tha a4)otnki| houaa. No M. la ena bled to arrommodate night boarding papiia la aitdmon la bar Ibmer hmlted uanOier Mra. M. will b? at home, to racrtte paranU and giaHiaat wtK> may wlah to ?>I|1W wtu bar. on and after Hep .-mtiar 1. MADAHK MARTtNRT'fi FRENCH AND ENGI.HH boarding aa>l day aehnol ft* rntmg i?d ea, S W-e? Twenty nrat atreet. between V Jth and Hiitb awnuea, wiu ra open on Tueaday. Maptemb'-r ^ QOMOL AND IIOMK F.DVC\TION.-MR I OCfv FR\?T J5 won id rwerMnlly anto-ttiee that he )>aa now 'irmlng at bla own realdenre. a elaaa or the private MtrtMttoa of a ie* *er? ae'rrt boya. In ei r? br 'neh of g poll'e <-.luca'lon, Tei-ma for lioaM and tuition. *VW a ?ea' day arbohtra *t*n. rrimary departmapt. fT.% For further parVrtitor*. < all or ad dre?a LOIJin FRWhT. 47 Weal Twenty ait'h atreet, between Pmadwny and K ith BTitt'te, Raw York ctty

The mi??es RonR REHFacTFri.LV inform their frlanda and tha pibBi' thai th-'ir boa id log and Uy MS**dtWil| be re oj ened on Monday, Keii timber 15. t 'lr ula a ? an be obta.rrd at their rraidence, 1W We.t Thirty ftrirh ?tre<-t. or a! the book atorea of M< ir?. Apuleton A Co., Na. "t w. . LorkW' . d, No. 411. and Carter. No Broadway. w H. HISBROWR ami in Artnrmr Fifth arantie, r<.rnei at Thirty ninth afreet. Is now open dailr. For ladlea and geuiiemeti The Reeeptton eren|u^? t'ommenee on Kaauntay, -Jab Inat MATRINOIVUL Affll NO I ADY. ETtillTF.RN YRAEH OF AOR. WIT 1 i ell ihe(a i'mp!l?limem? 'hat a good odaeaUon and an a< eoriatMHt witli tetintd aoriety ^irea, with a for nne of ?o>T"nt? tho)i<atid do'lara In her gumlian ? handa. wiahea to m ike th 1 a? 'iiiaititMie- of a IW'lemnn, from twenty to thirty year? o ' a?a, of reapectable family, good appearame, e tur'.iMon an I popu'ar manttet a, with a view to Matrimony. Addreaa M a< EUta Hon ell. Pot* office. New York. ? iVor*n man, in noon oiRccwrr a ncrr J\mp leaaan' aad genteel artpearanm vlrtitoua a id Imn.. prtti'tplea. wtabea tna ariiuatD'ance of a lady not over jn o' reepre'able K>elety and lelationa. and rellgionaly InrHned. ? ith a view to matr moay. Aildreaa, with real name, Oeorge h'i\ t MN. Fnat owee. AN AGRFFARIE TOP N't man. AGED ?. WITH a n">!rr?'e In. i me. I? dealmua of forntliM an aeiaMat emewtUi a\oung lady limltarly ?itiuUed. The adrer taar h iving 1 ? en a! ?ent fnr inumber of jee' ? take* Una me<h <d of lonnti'g II e at I'talntgnee Addreaa J. 0. R . Broadway I'oat ofih " Myy MATRTMORIAI, -I WILL, ITON THR RfFIPT OF . tweniv flte eenta. aend to any per?on a full delin vition of their rhaiaeter b) their hand writing, (addreaa ? nti ienf.) Addt eaa, with retarn portage, M He E?Ue TiUfR*. Broadway i'ogt Office, Raw Vcih. HOUHR8, CUUtUOBH, AG. DOCTOR'S OKI POP. sAI.E CBKaP? RUT I.ITTMt u*td, low, and ri.le* very easy Sold tor * ant of use. Apply ai tni tiverv stable, 182 Suffolk street For salk? a may horse. six ybarsoi.d sound mid kind iu All barucs*. ifi.S, hanos high, W aiao it spleu did saddle lior^e. lunulre At the tUj.i H o. K. RICK, Mo Fourth bU< ft. FOR SALE? A TEAM OP HORSRS, AOKD SIX A Ni7 fight, Color bay and sorrel, ami ou? of ihe laste?t 10 New York ?r vicinity;, kind and gentle, a Ntuall boy esu drive tbeni, can iroi in or olose to '50. Lowest pnoe, ?3,S0V. Apply At ?!?!?:? 202 Clinton street Fob salr-a splrndid pair of carriage ltorsta. about lav; hands high, six and seven year* old, without a blemish |>erfeotl? sound. klud and g'-ntle in all liar ness and under the paddle, and excellent travellsri. Apply At 14 'J Pearl street, corner of Bearer FOR SALE? A VhKY HANDSOME DARK RAY MARK, 6yearao'd, 14S, hands Jhlgli. a pleasant driver, and cau go within three mlnutea Inquire at 677 Water street, bo twceu Clinton and Monigomery. For sale -three excellent carriaoks. in good order , will be sold iliep for cash. Apply at the s. allien, No. V .'outh Seventh atreet, Williamsburg. For sale? a beautiful horsk, six ye ars old, ol the Black Hawk breed, a fait trotter, and of beautiful style and action; pfrlectly sound and kind in every respect. Apply to JOHfl t. MAI. ANY. 126 First avenue, or at SUn<ti>u Hog and's s tables, Long IsIulU IfOK SALE, CHEAT-MIX GOOD ROAD OR BUSINESS 1 horses, jusl from Vermont and Canada; tome of Ihein e:;tra road hor. es. All warranted :i?> ri presented, or the money will be returned. Apply at 99 Weal Eighteenth atreet, until sold. Horse for sale.? a handsome bekhit bay horse, lM? l:an. Is high lung tail, and of One aciion, sound in every r aped, and good e'ther io single or double harness < an be seen at New York livery stables, llama k Ilag9r'a. iinndnaT, hetwoen Is ineleenth and Twentieth atreeU. Ap ply U> CLARK A JRaSUP, 70 lleaver atreet. Horses.? nkw york tattersali/s, sixth avk nue, corner Thirty-ninth street, on Tuesday, Sept. 10, ut 11 o'clock. Peremptory salr at auctiou of horses, wagons, damages, harness, Ac , belonging to tlni estate of the late J P. Itrown, Ks.j,, ofStaten Inland, consisting of coaah and wa gon horses. carriagea, light wagons, single and double har ness blankets, sheet*, bolls, Ac., Ar. Also, a gr.' it variety of nen and second band harness, seven tine road horses, one line buy mare, wagon and harness. GEORGK 1'c.EMONS, Auctioneer and Proprietor. llKMtr Palmkk, Salesman. Horse for sale.- for sale, a large iihuws horse, 16 hands ; . ;h kind and sound, sui'able for an e? pi e is wsgon or any l.'avy business, Incoming seven yarn old. Sold lor wuut of uce. Iu.4e.1re of P. J. str/ker, alTll Broadway. XTXW AND SECOND HAND SQUARE BOX WAGONS i.1 also, 'J very handsome leather top, and 2 roekaways will be sod ai a gieat bargain, being eouipelled to move Ap ply to HENRY 1 1 1 I .US, Belmont stable!, loa^Cros'.y street citable wanted.? wanted, to rent a stable, O or pan >il a stable, for \ horse and carriage, in the nei^h hot hood of B'eccker and Greene atre-la. Inroriuallou re (?ived at the stable 172 Greene atreet. TXT A N TED ? A PRIVATE STABLE, OR STABLE AND f T tarriaue room for two boi-?*s and two carriagea. 111 thu vi.-Hiily ot Msdlsou square. Addreaa hot 3,165 Post eillee. ?watt aj*i> o.%\* n<i. AW. LADD A CO.'S PIANOS ? A FINR ASSORTMENT ? now i n h ind Pai'ieB who liave been herutofore dlsap p uriteu 1 an now he supplied Pianos ot our owft and various oiher makers Sole agents for Carhart A Neeuh^m's me I# denus, H'ooia, covers. A n Ae Pianos and melodeona tA real. JCD^ON A MCNokR. SU) tiroaitwa/. A LADY, PUPIL OF THE MOST CELEBRATED VOCAL and instrumental performers that have visited the United Si ites and possessing great natural abilities for instrueting olfct ra, will gue lesaons to ladleo In English and Italian sing ing Slid the pianoforte, at her residence, 2lH West Thtriv-tlf h street, between !? ighih and Ninth avenue' Pupils taken by the i|uartrr or single lesion, with privilege of practice. Terms accord. ng to times ADODWOKTH'S DANCING ACABRMIES, S06 Bkoadway. New Yoiik, and 137 Montague place. Brooklyn. New York classes mi Wednesdays and Hat. inlays, rn.nm -nelng Sal hi lay, Oct 4 llnsiklyn clasaes, on Tu.sdayaaiul Frulaya, coiumencing Tuesday, lict Oirealars, containing terms, hours, Ac., may be had at either of the academies. A LADY FROM IUROPE, AND FIVE YEAl'.S PRO feasor of the pianoforte, singing and French, in this eity, v>ill re-ei ive alt mure pupils at her residence, oil moderata Um ins. I hose v\,4nug superior instruction will do well to n . ke early application. Or would a'tend at the house ol the pupil. Apply to HORAt^E WATERS, Broadway. Church organs.? for sale, two very si ck rior 12 slops organs, lull tioihlc ease, pedals OCT; one Nn .'P*. Ooihir ease, oak, pedals and swell; one aeeond hanl par loi organ, price Iff), and nn? ser.ip l.ine, f7.'> W 11. DAVIS, 40 lhiwnlng street Dancing.? rrookks' :?i bboomr street, .? now opened f?t -the season. Ali the fashionable dances taught in one course of leasou*. DANCINO ACADKMY.-MR. PRE A OHIO 11 AS THE honor to Inform the puullc ke has opened his uew aad spliuidid academy, KV) feet long, at <?M Broadway, lira... I soiree eveiy Saturday till 12 o'clock. Adon-sion SO cents. First grand bail 00 the 17th inat. CtRE AT It A It t; A I >' ? 4< RAN'O DIAGONAL 8KVKV 0<7 J lave rosewood ptauoforie, elegant ease made by beai maker, wsrranied; hss been used a few months, cost ?4.? ? ill he hoxI for &od. Can he keen at 141 Ninth Wrest, from 10 to 3o'c'ook. Madame Wallace bouchkli.r has the honor to announce that she has resinned giving Inatrueilous m ? 1. gim: lor Ihe present season Apply at St. Oermalu bote!, cornei 01 Fifth avenue and Twenty second street. NOTIi-E -HIR *M SWIFT. TRACIIKR OF TIIK PI ANO lor'e and > nging. would respei tfuliy inform his t'rb n Is and pupils In 'K< w v..rk and Brook'yn, that his fall term ol insti in li.u.s Will ??'.u.inen. e on 'Tuesday, the ItHh ol Studem Iter 1K*>A 1 have time to devote to n few :n.>re pueiU. Early applTatton requested I am nlao prepared to utke claases Irt vocal masle Addresa II. Swift, csreofWm Hall A Son, HV Rioadisay, or lo Msson Brothers. New Yotk, 01 A. 1 hurston. No. x New York Bible Society Building. ONE CKRMAN GRAND PIANO ROSEWOOD t:AsK1 and one do upright piano, Ix.ih entirely in-w an.l > ?<">di one aad Unis.i, are for sale at a very reasonable price, a ,01 Broadway PIANOS AT liRKAT BARGAIN*- AT THE WaRK rooms of N. P. H. CURTIS8, 447 Broadway w bo will seii his spl.'DiiW sua k ol pianos and melodeous at coat, in order to make room tor alterations, l'leaae call before purchsalng sho-wbere. }>IANOroP.TR.-MI ST BE SOLD, A MAGNIFICENTLY earsed roaewmal 7 octave pi uioforte, nnlahed all round; the mi oil legs have hons' In ads and paws cared on them, lias been in use a short time; price $210. Also, several pianos to let ibesp, st 223 1 1 rand street. T GILBERT A rO.HBECRNTLT IMPRHTRD PIANO*, . with d agonal s-ala - A larg? asaormuii!. at thewaie t 419 and 421 Brosdwav, corner af Csnal str-ei New atid seond hand utanos to rent, and upon trial. If purchased, the amount naid as klrs will be dsderL i from ortoe of piano HOt NUN, HtMlMN, JM WANTHD. AW All, ITRMPHKP IIOI'NK WANTED? tN BROOK lyu, ronn-nUml to f ulton or Wall ilrcr! ferric a Po* ?u-aalon liMim-'lMirtjr. Waated until tlie llrat of M ay . Term* moderate. Pleaae aiUrraa M U. 0., lio? 3.12/0 Put artier. Sew York. l^CRNIKIIEII KOCRK WANTRn-BY A HM M.I. KKS r pr. table lamiiv K?nt not abore $J.? par month. Ad ilrtaa Buaiarea. Ilrrald ??Olcr |.URNIslir.ll WANTRP-A MNAI.I. NRATI.Y F furnlalied hou*r WaM?d la a (rMeel ne||(kt> a l.irriH ri naiatliitf "f iwo |>rr?on? ?nd Infant '-btl>X. Addnaa. with I'litf and location, Nit No 3.IM1 Prwl office. XpiRMMIICn IIOISR WANTK.n-A KRAT THRK.K F ?tnry honae, nub modem Improtcntent* ind modern ?Bki turniitire. altuated between Blc?cher and Kugbtaenth II im, anl between Brnadwav and Mllth NMM to a ?m\'l ' ? 'ii I <i- woul'l pun Iww Hie I otutmre at a (air valuation for e??li. IMeaord. Apply H? .1 AMKR T OBI VUOIJI. 1AII ill Ion at reel. Horsit-w \ntko. part or a i.arok hoctk, or the whole ol a una. I one, below Fourteenth ?>ra-t Moat have ga? and water Addrraa. rating t"rraa. Wiiklna, Hoi'kr w ANTKn? i/k!ai iou HLOV ?orrro* atrr<" and art hut two hl ? ka of Rrotdwar Rem not in ?treed *">. on ? leaae not leaa than three je*r? ten treat" pre lerred 11>ia la a |tnort opportunity for ?ecirin< a reaponaibla tenant. Addrraa H, IV Humphrey :.?o Bro? I way. VV ANTKD-A PART OF A SMAIJ. IIOI'RR. IN A ft rrape< ab'? pwlon of the Ninth ward, by a family cun ?la'intT ? ' a atv ami two m na Addrraa. with pai wculara, 0. B. W . Hmki*} a Fiprea?, No II Pine ?tre*L "ft* ANTICP? K I.KRllF HZRO. Ft RNISIIKD OR I N rr lii"i!"f'll?"]-? anHaHe for a firm Ha?? 'x.ardlng hon?e. Mum M tth and Twi ntlnb airceta. nra' Broadvit, inMM ?bout tfcr IM nf Hav<-mkrr. for particulars addren* M. K. 1m n -"14 Pi** oflir'. W aXTRI>-A HOfSlC 1TTTH A LI. THR ?OPRRN I* T ? pi'iiflHl a. In Ir-ia* 'or a trrm <jf with or wllfc out ftitWlW. Mua' b? tOT'Hd brtwrrn rwr;(Ui and Twrnly. iiith atriu ta and Sr. nn.i and KiiiIi avcuura. Km a amatl fataJ . A'ldrr?a !???? . P?al (dSra. WTARTRO? A Pf>VR PTtlRT FIRST Ct,*-iS Borm, Tl liirvlahrd or p?r?l* furnlahrrt. wh-M-r a pari or all oftlir r< tit Will br takni In htiardiala" lh<' prl\ of taking a r>"w ?rim i'.*r'lrra I .oration Iram Klfkih to Thlrurtli atr*a?a, an' i^twrrn !.? vnuMon an'l Rlnhtk a ran act. Mfer?M*a a* ckanfrd. Addrraa Hrrptru llrrald ftBrr. Tl?-A>TKIi-A 8* AM., NKATI.T RJUSUEP I'OT *r ta*<". In a qifrt inlid la'jUity, In rn? "Pi>rr pari of thr rut P'eaar ala'r hwatlov rntt' (irr month. <uid uthrr parti rti' ra Addrraa Haliirai.i r. Bi 'xlwar Poo' nut"*. U'AN i RD? PART of A RMAU. HOf? OR 17N?T R ' i iab<- 1 at at mnsia, f >r n grnllrtMM mil wllr, in a plra ?.int I'lrntlon, "ti * ata.r roi t?. Addreaa f. J. D.. Briaflwar Po?l offlci , ii - vNTRr? by \ i amii.v or rocit drown pkr fr wna a lail ttkllly ftiriialiail liiiii?r, with alt >hr m" rlrrn iniprnrrmriitB. hrtwrrn BMrltr and Thlrt? rlchili at? . apil l.< MiKflori ;iud hlllh avrnit<"? Rant IMl '<) n. rnl fl '??l pi i nmn lti ft ???"?aalnti KftltWl lro?rdl?trljr. Addrraa Aik i?n, UrraM oBra. \\ * rrRHT n.A.??( thrki-' story not ?? hl*h a'oop rrar Itroadwar. and n.^ Thlrtr 'eurth Vr.\i ffni Apply to AI.BP.RT If. NH o"? No I llrrftd alrrrt. l\*ANTm- P 4RT OF A BOIWF. BY A RRRPW T \ Bl,?! rr fhmllr-t ? t 'dri n -rons.?iin| nf iirai or a<- on I linn tr im four ? all n? u.a, brtwri^i rotirth and Four 'i ?urrrli, nrnr Broadway Pleas* a. 'lreaa R J>. Ooodwln 712 Brondwar. \1TANTFI?- TO HIRK OR |,RA?R. FmR A TKR* OF \ f \ rar? a houae, with a fo?Ml tiit^l rard att'O-h.-.: a| ialo.1 akn?t PnurxWIrth ?rr'>t, hvlwrrn l."?in?ton m l Sit< t r c aii. a The adrrr'i'er ran ft?e ?all<t'artinn a? to pn irnial (.. men!. Addrraa A. B. r i'nbni a>|ttare I'oflt oAt* u. W INK." Ann I.f<4< OMW, Mod RAI.K -f;RNr!>F IMP triTRD t'OONAr, AT oTf, I1 i ''ollar ? bottle and Iktee d<> ata anl liflr pentt a ia I. n N I'Stimtitii: ationl il. rail and taatelt Apply at N?. ft Trr.m row . Mim N" I. LJI'OT'H Ann IRISH TRKSRYTF.RI tN* WU.l, I INU ^ public worahl|i ' *lwN( hi the chtirrh corwr nf H >nton ami Foraylh airi eta. aa m t'lelt- own cminlrv Re. Joeepk Siuiii. i -ott. paatar Rerrttc M W?? *ud j', o'clvck. ?acb Rkbba'.k. * *< mAKClAU l ? Ksr ! r.i) m> /i s oKfl' k, u: rk ?*dwa* f. Motif> inJorfn im twilight fnrbaah m lUmueda, ??'ti rn jctnlrf.kilkii ?1* , #?i hkI* t'ur, ltor? Ae .lo Open dt ami evening Ku<l vilnr Kiul t"r im v ob' uk r?' uclf'* Pn vaiernoniN tor bidiM anf g?etlt-tnen AuKine** prompt alii eontjueutia!. OKI t;oH Htui ailver ?ougtiC t B. HOfiT'tW J MA'" T>V** Agt BKOaDWAY -MONK? aDVaNCKU. TO AM* Out amount, on dim. ?mda, watcbiw, Jewelry. pUnoa, do tcKula, negura ami every dcacr Iptinu of v&iuahlu property, w ought for ciuii, iiMk* bond* noiea. mnrigagea. Ac . eng* UkUkI Wan-he* aiul jewelry for Hale t TIIaVaiI, r-uui Mo*, i aaii 1. aeuuad atory WAN Till I? ON liONl) AND tool: I , WK, on uDteaumbered city property AdJreu tut oUjrp. Title pel feet. 15,000 3,062, A'obi olli $775,000 TO LOAN? ON flf AMONOH, Vt?vTCHM?i, KSW ' " " $).000.000. tr t kind* of person D _ And all ktuda of ii?raou*l pro , or nought fur r i?li isoudx ami mortgag en onfotiaiol. <'m prom it, ut Ihf. Krotilwajr, corner uf Broome atreet, or 4SU liruouie atrcet. rooui r?o. 8. -?OMKY TO LOAM, OM WaTCHJM dtMiinuda. jaHKtr> >?> ^ara try good# persona,! proper';' or bought and aoii) for ?"?an Hntea bond* oiorVKg'*a a'octai 4o ?egotiaiad No I'Vi fvamatf atrial, tvimv n* ii? aertwwi dmw wmuj foa J uidsv; THOMSON I CO., orofcera tan imnaiwlai natfmtoante ClOMMEBCtAL RANK OM VEW JKkSKV AT PRRTH J Ambo y --'t he notm of Uila bank are redeemed at par by the Iniou Uauk, af thla city. ASH ADVANCED ON DIAMOND*, WATOHB* J iewelr?. w^Hra, piariofun en, mer< ban iiae au<1 per ion ?! property generally, or the seme bought and aol.l for c?<b Moiea mortgages, Ac., nrgoiixusd. Apply at No 'Hi 1' uiluu nueet, office No 14, aeeond tloor IVIDKNP? NKW TORR GOkHOblDATID 3TAf)l? It Company, New Tork.Mltl ? i hePrvmdant and tn reeiornof tlilx Oompec? ha>e declared a dividend of 5 per o-mH i"i t utile in the aioekhnlderion '???? af er the l&tfe mat-, at tiie Piw ltd Hark The 'ranafer bonka wtii be oio?ed tr im the to* 'j> the l&Ul Irat ineJiuHva By nrjer of the ituird. t. C.AMMKKi.U Trea?urw Money to loan-fob a tkrm ok yrmi*. tn timisof ?10 OOU and upw:ird>, at OV^ per <*ut, upon in irt gageoo Brat eliaa real eaUUi In 'be city of N> v, V >rk Ap ? (prlucipula oulyl at IW ItroaJw ay, trout room, No. U, Uiird htofy. OFrii B OM TITE OROCi!R9' FfBK XNHURaNCK OOM putir, HI Wall Hlreet comflr Pearl New TorlL Keptecu tier 1, lfi6 ?A aemi annual dividend of ei^in p-r cent ha- Utli d.i; bert. .icclared, payaiite ui tlui at^ekholder* at thla offlee or demand. J AMhi> O FLA tT, tie'reiary SAN KRANriaOOOTTF RONDB ? TDK cndbr^ionkm CnoiDitMinnerx of the Funded Debt af the 9ty of 8ae ? ranelaeo hereby give uoUce tliat th<-y Are prepared, ?od wtB pa/ 'lie uitereKldue noveiMxir I, InM, in Hiui Krwol<oo iniwa <hnl i>.trtior. of the city dehi known *a the San FranciacoTity Mock, bearing uite.reat. wtth half rearl> onupona, at the rub* ik \>) v v ceM per annum au'1 pruir^ta] diM %AT L U at D. J. TALLANT \ WM . IIOOI'RR, I OommlHrtonera of tbb JOHN MIDDI.CTON. > fun,ta.l Debt at City HKNKY IIKUillT, I ?? (tan Krvxuaoa WM. M. LhNT J 0>K Fsam:uwo. Aug. ~ 1S54. COPAKTKKR8IIIP NOMCBS. ?OAA T0 *40?-A GENTI.EM AN WITH THIS iPOUl." amount can .loin tile silver tbier 111 a Oral ulaaa buai neaa which will pa? ilMtwirk clear pruiit Hood gecurUy i'.vhi for the full Invefctment. Apply to O. MARnU, OoilitU Hotel, foet of Canal slice t, troiu 10 to 3 o'clock djcnn -I'ABTNKR WANTKD ? TO JOIN THK AD V''?U, vertincr In a .mil sure business whioh will make, clear of all eiDenses, from SZ.0IM lo $.1 001) a year Hit* partner lo fur> i.,h$at!H in cash. Any respectable person mi all Ibe situation, a j ply to 0. It. HOWKS, 84 Nassau St. $1,200 . amount, deslilng business. can Had a safe, permaneut and reaiieclable one thai will payhinii2 per annum, by Hardware, box Itio Herald office, with name, Ac, Mutl teside In ilaltimore Md. AAA ?WANTKD, A PARTNKR, WITH TH VT ?!p*J ,"vUi amount, ready rank, lo take an in. crest lu a chemical manufacturing buaiiie>.a, paving good pio'lu A good l>usii e..s man pretcrrrl. Address I* i. , boi 236 Her aid office, wiib full name and residence A PARTMR WANTKD? WITH A CASH CaPITVLOF 1 V f I, Un). to take :i half interest in a well est ililidie 1 busi ii< lo save trouble, none need apply e?oept a liu?in>-?* m in, aim one who baa t.,e alxive amount; reference* e.rhm.ed vddros, with real name and residence, U. W , lirooklyu f*u*t office. DISSOLUTION ?THK COl'A RTN Kftflll 1 1* HFRKTO fore ejisting meter the iirm ar..l MOM of Kn:*cl \ Item hteiu, mamdaclurera ol iriufjea, ku?ii.<, Ac , No Mil Bruad way, tu Uie city of Mew York, ia Uu* <t>y Jm* >lve I U. KNUEl. FrrrrnnKF ?. 1HS6. 8. HKKNSTKIN. "PARTNER WANTEU? ACTIVE OR SPdt'I \I., WITH 1 1.7)09' capital, in an established commercial and mann lacturuig bueiiicsa iu tb.? city, $.'-0,1*10 could be emdloyed vrtti nivsptage The advertisers havlt g nn evperienrsof 15 years in ibe hueinets. are fully competent U> conduct it aucceaafiilly. The mom sat'.* fart oey tcftttMN will be given. Addreaa, Willi lea! uatiic. K. it. W. Herald office THKCOPAKTNEKrtHlPHEEKTOFORE KXIHTIMi UN d< r tie 'tUe t.f Barnbtower, till S Gordon is this day, August 1'.), dissolved by mutual i onscnl, O. Hill reurtnit fro a the iirm; acd ihe heslnres will m In' ore he earned o'i mid"i the name of IlOhMti uVVKK kbUKbUN. Naw YottK, August 21, iHflti. MiNrKLUVEunN. ADVERTISING AHKNi Y.-XTKAM aHI? IRON RAtUI aiel wires, almost amuhll*Uii? space a id tlmr, but by no means u miniating population. requ.iciew BHOd*e of dome busuices. formerly t tradesman locked for Customers in In* o? n geographical circle. Now, If he have aao*!latir lu bia trade, lu- may bare **-'in?cr?lho*ssndi ofplliM I'oui b in, v ho ms> feceive his waiea tresh and Kloosy from hi- h in la. We say be may bate 1 hi* may depend upon Ills ability to tbe knowledge ol ni<. eieelleiice oyer the wDoie eirouiattoa of lb? cnuniry. i.nd mean* lu aprwl Uie know ledge i A bil business over every other town and c.ty of Ihe counlry ss well ax bin own, he will certainly ri-c-ivepa iroi age, il be deaerves It. In aeeklng to make known lm iMistbe**, a mun will el MM turn to the press. Ilut fie pr 'ita is in a very democratic rondltior. There ia no one or hilf do/en papers that circulate every where. Aa to the m us of thecmuitry, em h county or large town has its own press or pri'sMcx, to which aiooe lu people link for lafor: nation. I'be labor and eipenae r f merely irai milling advertisements kj a large numlier of I'.urnal.", so as in pervade all parts of Uie country, would itwlf probably be far more than the ro*of advertising There U wanting, or rather there was wautiug, a common system uniting all the presaea in one, ao that if a mm in Ikwtoii wuhea to advertise In Its) of lh? leading iiapera or the country, he could do itwitb the same certain'y and fsclli ty with which he lianamits a draft to New York. Tie news p iper advertising agency of Mr. V. B. I'almer we look upon as Jiixt dlia thing. > Oil have only to sleu Into his office with a notice which you w <di to Lave given to Uie whole people ol the I'l.itrd States, and It Is dooe. Mr Ps'.tner has Uie m whlnery all really to ib> it. Machinery which it might be lor your tote rest to build, lust tor vour own businesa, if It did not enst. hut which It Would io?t you a Uaou.?and lunea mi re to build than Il will to pay for the use of .Mr. I'almrr's We ?bon d not have demoted ao much space to thta maUer if we dul not ooatder it i re of the great public IrrproTementu of the day. and withal a- tending aialnat a monopoly of Ihe power of ibe prase; fa Miring ihe local pa rwra, and therebj prcxerung aicd' ino 'atlc character of the iimiltii* nm. In tnts it is a on worker ? iili the lightning telegraph ? Huston < hronioie. c AM. AND EVKRV rAMII.Y HHOUI.DUSK THK UNION ratent India rubber llubl lamii innot be Imitnuoi ei BladM. Mid cause of danger entirety removed, sold lu any quantity. llAt;XHl/NKl a M?/IT, manuflwdnrera, o'J fulton street Aeeuts W anted. AH -r08TAR FXTKUMIN A TOR. THK 01ILT ARTI rle mat effectually clears t without danger or stench rata, ' r don buga rwkroAcbaa, ants, Mr. i >>star s ?|. -trie p >wd?* (free froBi jHiiaon for tlM deatrnetlon of inotka. tlaaa, mii toes, tiolbugs and all Inanrts, and t ostar'a U< dbug eitrrmln* tor t'tihl aK 1 wholesale and leiad de^oi, tw Bruadw^r New York. AraiROMflirAl CEt'RRT or THE it most im portance lo all persona particularly the ma -Tied will be forwarded with Instruct!.**, to any person by remitting 25 cents, with one postage stamp. Addresa Dr. Otto Vigo a, New York chy. ATF.NONTNO, A UTIt'KINil VXD OTIIKR MA< HINE ry. pulley*, slisfting snd belting, steam engine *nd boiler*, all ne*riy new and <n complete order, for sale cheap Apply at I'J Weal Twenlr filth street, east ol ttighth avenue. 'H API FN STARR, JR., * CO , 117 rt7I.TON MTtRMff, J noinufacturrrs and dealers in ax ohol, camphea*, bank ing fluid, phrsgene and aplrlta of turpcDtina. (1ARH-TO HII.VFRSMITHS, GA>? FITTKRS and J lamp manufactnrars. Htiver spmninf done nestlv, at short noifv- . slso ehsndeller sad lamp spinning, by R. I> IIM RK1SR. I.r Kim street. t^t.AOK, riaAOi, ri.AOC, FI.A<1?, PLAIW-THR I* largest assort lent of silk and bunting naga. for shipping, parade* or pollueal use, mad* for sale or hire ten percent less than si any mher ?stahlishmcnt, as all good* are made on the pieuiiaea. Flags set/ ?? *11 part* of the Union. R Wll I.lAMt W Hroom* str*et, N T. / 1 AS HT<<VF?. RANfTRS. Ac . Ac -W. f I IHAW'S FA \T tent, economising ftiel s-*i big labor Free from all odor*, dust or *o ob>e tlnnabl* to all o'hcrA Upwar la i * ^'U) now in operaiioii. For **I* at ?*t>. I?. CANNONt, Itmedway IOOE 1 N O (IT.APSKS AND TltTI RK \ R t M KS - J f'oun ry trade mpplied No*. 3tM. 390 192 (Ireenwlch .1 corner of Beach Saw York. ?? HORACE ?. niOI.KR V' OTH'E TO OKNTl.lOfEM ORPKRlTlO KNiTr'aYr! 1* carits -Otmbrshs fumtsbe* 'he most fkshlonable card. Mid ait per?on* lenvtnf an oril'r flir a plat* and paek pr*vlou* ??'he 1*1 of Janu*ry ne?t, will be j>re*ent*d wlih s nnataod c**i eatont eard oese a* a holiday glh. OIMRRIHR. ? Card engraver and ?t*lm?er lit* Uroadway. ROA K IODINE lalNIMKNT? IA! A!?n WII.I, CURE ?bi' worst cs*es r.f scrofula s*d rb* imattsm. It only r* ouiri * a trial to s*'.taty I'rlre J*, per botu*. No S4 Beekmaa ?trert NIONd r AINTKI> BV AI.Rl'RTr?, 4T nr?J O ?'uJio, Ni ltt 1'n.s as), b' 'ween tdberty and < or landt T 1 umPMAHTKRS A N O OWNf RP -AIIIW IIOfT'-Nfll _ *V re the ewpfer, mid hip or of <r ti?b< r cvpoeed tbd eOets i ' *en water c*?ii*kept perfect]* ?!**? b y tb* tue of ?raenical gre' r. and tdack paint* Thry have been tkormubl* tested lijnmeof the ne?t eij erieneed ?ea eapti.n* of the port of * W York *bo certify positively that lhe?e pa.m* 'e* k perlcci sAit a'lari! afalnit ibe attack of worm*, esmarle*. ft>nltng, Ac, Marinfsct'tred and sold at the Brooklyn Wh is l^ad and Eite WnrkA *tor* III Ma'den lane, where m iy hs feiied a full s rtmellt of r*tn?g, oil*, gl-vas. Ac .IOlI!? W Mt-I'i: Y. :*ie Nasnty A Week? N. H ? faHktibr aiuralM paid t* p ii till g up sb'i *' paints, at wbo!e**W fines \T~~ H *f*A l MRhTtI'* a 1>V F!M I SI V I * \0 F V r" ' ' M" FN ? hi* clew* of tbe principle prncilcal o^erntion, sn ' p o fet trii<1e of sdveeiistn at the igeney Tril re tl ?? i e?*i eter* will plea*e call oe sand addre**. No rtmn t*s em ployed ?hc ;n* ndvertl*' mcnts f Vry KVFERIOE I ANDIEE. v Of ever* kind. Largest axortmen' in New York, At lite a.wfit market pru ",li> _ . ....tu . SfK W ? RT * J?r<?tEO, Whole** l? r mfeet otter*. 410 Pearl rtreeu CtOINlINi i^lOTHINO I tnir* AND OENft,PNFN HATINO L/ snv 10 dispose of can receive th- trills' value hf addre^ inc H COH Kw, II I .*"""? neart.sti*., w H Hid Hroadwav Indies atlcndfd bT T*. U. / 11 OT II I Nfl FOR MKN ANP HoVh . * I, MONT OTTEE 17 awav at IT Fn?on street ? fhe , <k - large, and must III sold *o on This M the he*t chance lo get i Vdhlng, at whole sale or rotati. that can ever offvr kTTtki. thrm w urtm-toi wrst eeoadwat ? under the tree-. They c.ip*i?t of htMsk eWHh Itorli or dress co*t. #?e rlolh. cawoi^rc p*?t? Ml i*ney ve?t ttrer emu. ft. titfg, uivic. i>Ki OOVD4, a. o At ARI ? TU!- ,>bt?>-. Klufci. tfK a L?;aVK TO IW. l-.rrn liu:ie, r* iui: oy Any ki- d o' .J! ?i rt m1 Irt tunir 1 U.? M i ?i?? linen in Ail re bm.uclii? th *1 u> \ ho Uav 'tie atriie c.iit<'iitt?i in a aupcraor UJAnuei ai d oa the in'Mt tlbeM# lei u,a, h, applying ??: fcs> hiizah* ih A anla AriJrHaaai to ? H will I e muesiim cly alicnded to N >W- W:U. if r? tjulo-d. allenC ti the n-mn'.encc ol wij Lady by thwfc%y a* ?w|. (M/iAK.< AND MANTILLAS. J TO SUtrMKijjs AM) WKSJJtliy UfJ.CUk>T* UKoIt ;K ltTFl.PlM, Importer we' manu'itcturer, Jit Hroad * ?y, Ni ? York, iit'K* to call the a'.ci.i.ii of loiyem to li.a lugraiid varied ?uck of cloaks, talmas, Ac . Ao , For the f?U trade The collection compi #Ai-meiii? of Ml prudei, from rh? loweta to tin" ricbent can be p> winced, wtille the ftrillila* bi' aeioys i? importing nud iiiiiifa tarm^ enable* turn to gua (? ?' the very tics' of yood* at tlie LOV KItT rttf/llll K PK1CE8. oko. bulpin. Sfil Broadway New York,m*nufacti>ry 69 Fr*nkMn uiiih* C1LOAKS, MANTILLAS AND TAl.MAS. / JACOB I.AN-INti. 42 Cedar atreet, 1 M I'oltTKK AMI) MAMrrAirruKHK or CI.OAKH, MANT1I.I.AS, TALMA8. ETC, Hum now in ?tore A coniplHi' AMAortiuent of ptxnN In the above line, uitenied fin ri-Hnly for Til y f \i.i. trade, To which iie invil'-n Ih" ?p-cial ?il#i>lioo of jobber* In tMi nnil otie-r clue*. uUo of I A. g e buyer* IrTuu prurf aecuon at tfcb I n urn 1 hi* stork comprise* ?n Infinite variety of elegant noroltiM in rloty. velvet, mnirr mi'ii II * *ud mil nrav<*llmn lAbrlon, will Adi pU >1 to Ibr whiiId o! 'Iih trado iui'1 ine'u Hiik' ill qualities atylcs, Ac., wliteb be otfrra on thf uio*t liberal t.-rnia and at price* thatrani.o lull to meet the ipprobu.ou of c ur Imrivn. 41 t>d?r nireit, between Nuiuuu and William (lORKETS, f'OR-VTS CORSET*.? THE GP.NUINW J French wove ror-eii. >ire will h? M'? IIaYNOK at half Ifcp prici* u?> tally cb*ri;ed Mao. akirix in (jr'-nt varlaiy, vtK Maale aud rrt nl. No 4ft Third av?-iiu>*, ui-ar feuUt itUeol, ? t.d 2b? .-ixth a ? criii^ n ?r Hcvratei.'Oth EaUI.Y KaLL ri.OAK-< Of tine troy I nwn, n is< d ai.l black cl itba. lte. alylex eit nrw Vo" on Aiile at 01"? BHLPfN'8, Mil ^V)Adwar I^MBROIDREIRR. ? I WW FRhNOII KV'fROlDKRH? J i collurs Hiitl aeU. will b- opened day, at hub tbird m t hi I value. (jKNIN'S BA2 A Alt, St- Nlcbolaa Hotel. 5t.l llrakiwaf f.iVFSIHll DRRXSRS ? Ol'KNKD THIS DAY. FRO* J MnolU. pef laat Airivii. pin? ppl? (MM, la colors moat dcafrahli tor l iAh'onabl>*eTeiiu(aud proiueuade dreaaw. Alfo a variety ot pinmpplo kimmIh, lor siiuirurr ilreaaaH. ra malt'tr.c from fiumer nii; ortations f; oin Slmncli ??? Lutoa^a of tb? handaomaat ro or* and nuniity. rhointaudj of uae fill and very novel nrili les, which can only he nro^urad, *r evei to be ?eeo, at FOUNTAIN'S India ?iore, Ci3 iiroadwa^. Imlln rooUa of evel > kiiid impotted to order. GKNIN'S BAZA AP. -THIS day W1LI UK Ol'KNt? MW French uniliraidered hoU, < 'i.UH.Hllnit of Collani, Pl even and chemisettea, F rom f 1 to f> JXJ Reieg on? third their M tunl value Inspection re?pectJaNf iuviled UKNIN'H Bazaar, AL't Broadway, rit Nlcbolaa lloML Important to tiis ladirs-^john ma?dh% "Kent 007 Broitilwty, wishi ato Infurn Oie laJtoa <if Nav York and tta vlomlt) that he Ih now rtel'liiK o!f bla antra stock of enilimtilerle* and lace Kooda Iriah hnet: genu* Lnao oaaa hrlc liAoiUerchlefa at oi.e b il' Ui? nr'glual ooat, aa the blurs muat be nliwed by the StKh Sep'?uit)?r Madame LooKKR'a dbekkmakieo iffiBLH ment ih now open far tbe reception of b>'r cu<Utmera ai.d Irloi.dH All orde?? ciecjted with promptn"? and ac CoitllnK to tli? latint Parisian t alii ? ,i i - . m h:ch abe bK jiwt ra celved Alao French eoraeu >f all clzea of her own unpor tation. Atlaotic street, roruer o f t '< m t hireet, Brooklyu, MANTTUiAS aNO Cl.OAKA.-NBW r*U. AMD WW U%" > -t .ea ol 'liei-? KtMKlh no.v ri ady. lu e^er/ ranety m* and quK'lUer Datible faoaf beaver wrappoM and cloaka. in new p?U?riia. all U Uie loweM maaafantavf P'lf A K S Ml ^IJi. aud "J Ubaxahet* at , up abOis MtDAMEDEMORKffT'KliarLLI \ NT AND RXTKNSIfM <i !? |>'n y of new droign* I >r ladle*' eltaka, m multait wer?r* wrapper* and ch.: inn ? apparel, n<>w miy The Lm!\ Waeaitif; 01 b.'oujue c<il to lit ihe Ions only a: ilns lixluiii'D', No X!i Ilrn?'lu?? Hranrhmi -No 7'1 '-a OtMl bUt ft, No 2E6 Uowery, and No 2>iO Fultoii tlri'iit, J'.ruiklyB REAL INDIA CAMRI/8 HAIR SIUWU. UfcOhQE A IIKa&N, 1'X, llroalwv, llu opened n nurnMtnt nt iruneniof real iodia c*ot?Fg hah long ah.wli aquare thaw l> mu* a rarta <ILk HOHKi AT $JU ? FINK A^OKTUKffT 41 ) oi>eiied. :? . ''jr aRnoLO. OURr-TAM KAOtX 6J Canal Mrwet, n>.u- ItriiAriwai TVrKi >K h.U KROTHRKH ii? aK.i W, JO'iN fdfrtl if L-va eouaUuUy ou Iuum tor iu?eai WMuruuoat tf no aw Uic UlMH, Fi eoci tta ?? ra and ?? % uanra, Velteia hi.. n? a ad m<n tteodali ?"?<?(%! ant are aiao r*e..i tf , by fcry *Lt Iks l*te,il laahioii* from Europe. _ MIU.IWRHT, AC. ATTRACTION? NOVMI.TIRli rOlt THE ?aI.1.-M?R. IUKKI>4 MiN.fiTI hreedwar he* 10 . ill Ihe au?n Uon of Ml nutnotoue ro?loin?ri to Uielr having r-"?irw* h'vitiI r 1 ae* ?>t r N-gr*' t bonnet* all of which arc llama' own nelect'ng Madame II M|| at pri-aeri! ia 1'k.rm, an iw'j ( ill will b? lotind itdra:itogi-ouii &; I llroadwvf. Fl.OWERR? ATTRACTION! MtRrKTUAL, AT PAT1 Ium tie I lora. JaMKS T|jCEHR, No 3*7 llroi.l* nearWIiit* ?L FUX WIT.MNERT.? MRU l>AV;n-i'?R. 131 CANAb MitM, corner o< uliM, wtb oji o I'aria fa'.l and winter uiul.Liirj, on 1 hu-<Kla?. Sep! IH. \t II.I.IKFRY TO POCTHSRR l,A OIK. . ?M> H X*J die* irarallin*. -him. t .iKI'hK, Nn ;*t. 1 ?. 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