Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Eylül 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Eylül 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7320. SUtfDAr MORNING, SEPTEMBER 14. 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THB ARABIA AT HALIFAX. IVE DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. threatened Rupture of the Anglo French Entente Cordial* HEALTH OF THE EMPEROR NAPOLEON. Mton Firm ? Breadstuffs a Shade Eaiier. DECLINE IN CONSOLS, &9?| See., Our Parle Corrcapondcnec. Pakis, Aug. 26, 1856. i/' Calvmniet igaintt Ike Empreu? Their /hhehoal Political Oriirin ? Private IAfe of the Imy-ial Mp It?Object of the Emperor' i Visit to Hiarril-.?The Yen Sjxtmih Constitution? The Cortes to be a Packed yarhth mt? Canards of the In-i-pemtance Bclg-? Match in I 'avis ? American Penchant for Foreign iilct?u 1 Patrimonial Adventurer , <fo., eft i Hie Emperor and Empress are wandering on tlie i of Biarritz, like a pair of lovors enjoying their lime and thus confuting the Rhameleaa lies which |!ignant spirit j have been busily 1 itching during their eetmratlon, the Queen of Ihat country on whose Iflnes they are recreating, has not been idle. )ot befbro I enter opon tbia subject, I would fuin dwell noment on these same scandalous calumnies with ch the llltliy mouths of a certain clique have lately ' blls-v- 11 ?* 0110 ?f tho i>ecullar features of the i character tbat once it lay<j aside its ordinary good it becomes the most rancorous, ill conditioned living. Voltaire's accusation that it was a mixture He tiger and the apo, has not lost one j< t of its truth to I present hour. Polite, but deeply selfish; liberal in ter3 ol no account, but grasping and tenacious in thiug* material? such a character, whon cowed by aud shut out from advantages it would rain appro ve as a right, becomes raving mad when reduced to j Impotence of words. Thus it Is that the legitimists ? taken the opportunity which the temporary separa I of their ilaje tic- seemed to afford, or pouring oat all |via!s or tiieir wrathful scandal on the head or the i>oor press ; and what it was Impossible to publish in France, been Industriously dlsscminatod In England and I where, avd this to such a degreo that the uninitiated creduloui hail began to suppose there must reallv be othing !n it. d happens that I have the means of speaking with tliau ordinary authority on this head, and 1 can Willi the most perfect confidence, that a happier, |o loving, and, I verily bolieve, more faithful coup'.e,' i not exist in the wide realms of France, than the Em kr and I rnpresK whon the ]>cople have chosen to plac o he head o! it Their whole conduct is a proof of what jr. both in p>ib:ic and in privite. And yet what hare not legi;lm!,t ca'jals scrupled to say? It has been netUiy loeited about that co tower hid the Kmparor i to Hombieree, thsn the Empress gave loose to a Jne- - ol conduct worthy ol th-i Mmpross Catharine, i les^t tint o( the present ;iten of .Spain, and that |Eu>:>. or, bearing or it at Plorableree, had written >so; a < Uaracter so grave to herseir. as well as to I?it.?s. a$ to render It very Improbable tbat the fria. ;?*ir c?uld ever again cohabit. Luring a recent lo U'.iJan, I was surprised to find how deep tois kJL? poison bad penetrated, which shows ths and .ndustry widen hav? bejn exerted in so vile a TO* I mpress Eugetie is precisely one or those fss beings who, neither mean ng or thinking evil i little guars on her words. Her Majesty hat no re' I. All is aharulon with ber, which osly adds aao |to the maiy examp'o* oi coi.tra.tiotlona caa'escio? in ate mat.; menial. tbat tbe iMuoornr should have treely his ueart and band to one so entirely the antipodee fif. D .t s character like this Is peculiarly exposed i ehafie or r-iaUgnancy 1 bai, us Ihct, no shield but nice; bat this Is as powerful as the Ihbled covei iwkxh V. terra sheltTtd the herots ol Hotuori. daye, t me? be saltly predicted that with it U-e Fmpree# laugh, sad rattle, snd keep the ball for ever on the :am rt torn irprocfcs. The calumnious shot is let c? ' t:??* ?"J Win her. It ;. , . in red Ills! tie ^ror wtLid only conduct brr t. Burnt/ aod then her orthwHh. He would tcaor her before the u?e ? then t j*n h.s back upon her warn t o jw S-? ioi?*. ao lurbv and J.ian ol private life sn bo k? :?? ?<>e cloee domestic intercourse. I it se-mi Itsl t'jr Kwperor'e propinquity to Spsm la ?tegits.r without a political object. Isabella Neionda Bespati hel tmiM Hvctwi i >ptain (ieneral of Ji" ?" i'" "tit ber re-, -i, ; ?>.?? ,v. .dm ol *v a I visiters being so near her frontiers, and the op ,tly has been token to ao tad hit Maj( sty on the new i o i it is ;ropo?ed to give Spain. The i li ? aid to have met X?|:olroa't approval. I adoed * Cm quest iaterviuws that hive taken bo he Variola de Turgot an 1 O'ltonocll and M K m it it t'io gt t the Kmperor ha ha 1 more to do with Isg-'uots than <? iHrnnj-ll would tsi to b? known IBlCiiity was to recojclie tbe 'Mecn s iniaitlM at aj f * *'1'1 f'wint de Mwtmolm'a repu. I" llifre wcro to bo tio constitution, the excuse Inj a tbe s cc .-.ion fi m the male to the frmil.i *l?ied no '.ongcr. Mid all parties mUbt prjve of ooo 1 Ix'lBg It*, k again " Accordingly, t of parliamentary repre?cn ation h?s bit i pou. keeping Uie prumi?e lo thn car and brea j. lo the .pi/it. Ibe tortea about to be summoned Is C'jfn ~ j*ed ol a singl'* ?-v#mbly, and its members ' be ( ;i~te 1 acoordin^ to crrtain rules adopt -d In 1816 and 1 8">8, ami the elections are to take place Hrxt and not hy province, each village Meeting its ly - 1 said la a mraar letter, all this Is n0>v an 1 leri i lor a ?o'e pi. I <riam"nl. win !i .> F"?t v'.? ih'-fpMinli t-MYlii"i?a -o I 'll* as there ? o let* to et'orce Its Ii'g red it may be a M / rtored fiit this r?-w n ivr will onlv i r>.e:n' op forward towards a urn fiMtiioii no une nature ci better than Ibe Kmperor of t ie rb i Pnfv p- btiht* two let .ere from Ms^ri t, a Idresa 'tb? ! else de "!?dlu*r< llar.d tbe Dike d'A.oe to ?aire, of<4ei?, coin,, miac ot tbe nne(a'*t lcbU ma t by tbe B giau u I i g Mb pre s re * n ?.? in?firrcctk>n of . , dn Tbe letter of the >)' ? .-"na C- 11 ?a;?-? ? aU it me to tell von ro ? c?rr? r"ti?l"Bt ft 'iilrid bat shame v?l vow. aud that >?<i in your turn wi'.vd the jx'Mtc, by it^' youradf the ol in t ssne of 'alumni, t agatam all ino?t rcsptetable in ?pejn, and which, nevrrth# rms tb? llirma o ynnr o?rr? (>on.'?n< e, ' and then I (ni to :at It. at ai, tn* ai: miut given M Lis gr.'tt I jaa the destructe u of a due gallery ot pic su.l tix- '-rcak n< of far?iture~4s falte, as u also tbe nt ilat *.? hsd writ: u t.. ttar.hai <) iMmn-'l. de :ag an l.mnityi-f ? .jc.OCX. ??! have ii?*t ho he a. '.g; "the only damage my hew* stwtsined . jiii !>? oj srtfck by two or three hslia. snd 1 nave no c m ? r*t??n -s 'h tlie kin ?,.il ex. <-id to < on te <.n hie rkstory over rebellion and to thins >r ttn*!ng saved to- Icty." And the Duke d'Albe n Ster t? 'he riife e"' Ct, latee that the wbote ?t. rjr hy the ln<??f*ftd?Msc la an tnvertloa of it; eorves it ' "i is ?.:?!< .iicnt tvs. ,i e li vise of t?i-r i: - rt~i st go sol iihel hy li ij ">n'a troop; nf m >n? y, ia^ ? Is. si. d of :!.?? iV- ?? hssto isen an ??? j vl tbe aii^loa she bad ,o t to the<>neen. Is a < o n t?ee of falsehoods frrHii b"-; nnlng w> end. ach 'or tbe /?wlsf?n>.'ett' s /<-'???, which has certaloly 7 irtrk il 0>lnc laisac's mils correspondence ra? tie. it Of .Is own. B :t thi eagerness which <h?se ulesshowto saj romaUi'n:. civil to tbe existing il government. Indicates pretty plairly Oea la it ftoanell looks lor ro?bteaan<-n and suppirt. ? proof of tli? prosperity wbwh Spain was swliiytn t _? n. n try ot K'pene. .. t sppears Irom an .. ?i tbat tbe foreign oMiHMree of Bt. flahast'an h hly sugtnentod tn lbJe, and as regards the vsOi?> it bad more than i'o lbted. Ths Imports la Itlt 'Ovf . st?d In i*j.< 7.fO* lojf !?'iftgan t Tlie ejpoitt ro^a from 2,MI,000r Itiltll tOCf in lWft. Tbli lacreass must mujh <?f tt bs to the large 'piant'ty of corn. Hoar and wine A Ft^txe, atid also to Knsltu 1 and the Hpmt'h p it ?s I' r t.g the j ar 1*S?, ft -.<ha?tltn er ,s>rt ? 1 to s n n'aadlte to the am., nt ol 4 au I *d retu-na from Fram e to the value of M-t W>:'. Nlriaier ol Public Work* has addreeaed a Ions clr to the p'efeets of departments, directing them to Irom the e.hl' f engineers of tho departments an i to a setics ?.f qn.stions reep.icttng the causes of atioa*. snl the pm^ -al mea-.ares bsjtadipt*d to latoeflci lh? KusKestlous contained In tbe Kape let', i of the lilat July last. ae been if, larked tbat Amer|e?q ladies Vteltla? fa e apt to .*d a fsvorable ear to auch French suitors ve t. ek ?ou??lleg title,! MhK.licd to their natitss In from sor," e ineipitcablo csnee, It is observed tha' mil. \mind cf tbe Anglo Huron rsee on both tdei Hantte. !t?s a rattiral leaning to rtlstloctlons o; thl lb- '^h in Fi gland the weaknees as regard* ' O' ' h w i e IrOio thn Hill oon?0|e it ? mental Iltl*? m "* wl.h as eotn^ared with th" p rid to be rai .'-r on the h "** dory, however, applies to ihr Tslh [e, a w.ikow lady, with twr laug Mer n fh :l<, ? person who npnmii< b ni.t D Heqntf'U*. '?he ha t an inc t ar, |,000f. a year, 250 f of which was available solely for her own use, while the remainder wm for the joint use of herself and whoever she pleaaed to marry. The Viscount D Kcqueville had not led the mother to the by menial altir nuiny weeks before he cast his eyos on the elde->i daughter, a beautiful girl of 19. ant In due l oo (cuucili'r. On an eclairistewient t*k:ng place the two pats -X i!oi ed together, and the Viscount advises tbe truste?-.-> thai b< nccl'orth they arc to pay tbe ?750 a year to himulf on j. The trustees very properly refuse to pay either taui or his w.fe, aud tbo unhappy 'ady is re duced In live oi> a modicum of ?250 a year. Mr. Enbria lie or I onticu, however, the well known merchant oi that tame is ' ne of the trus ees, and is now in Pars c<4kiafcrg ull it e particulars he cai which mav serve to httvo the .irojerty from tbe bands of this rascal. li? is, in fact i'on<wbat tbe widow lady hbould have done at fir- t, cuirely . putting himself In close commun.catioii with the Prefect of Police, from whom it appears taat the \ is couut !.-i just ru VL. count at all, an.i that the p-obabillty ij that ft has already one or more wives *til' livine. Snoult this prove to bo the rase, the widow's fortune : sccurod, though even then, she will have to reflect that a 'laughter has be?n Irretrievably ruined by the 111 fated connection she l ai made. However t-bowy the quallticatlois of the suitor, however well authenticated hU apparent position, lac'ios, before they resign themselves to hits arras, should nev er scruple to put themselves in communlcat! in with the French police. Such Is the perfect state of ctptonay lu France that every detail aa to rank, character, proper ty and habits, can be procured in a few days ; aud when it ,s couHdcred what a lady harards on bui h a die, this Is a probation not to be thought of. It be remembered thst there are alway s two things whlsh never, by any n^sibllity, are suOerod to interfere with a Frenchman n morality? that Is, women or money. To obtain either or tlese he wiU stop at nothing ; but to obtain them both by a coup de main, ho will shate hands w.tJ the dnvu himself. PARIS, Aug. 15, M55. Affairs of Spain ? Uneasy Feeling in Varit in Regard to than? Political Vaticination? Bouse Rent in Paris? I'reparatioru f;r the Return I'isUers from Moscow? Sta tiitxu o/ the Paiii F\>utdl.i;y Hospital? Growth oj Infan tuide since the Abolition of the Turninq Bora?tfncd Mode of StUlir.i) a Hotel Bill? Medical Theories and their Fra> Heal Remits? Dreadful Visitation in the Family of an FMoliih Physician, dc ? <tc Thcro are three subjects walcli more or lew coutinue to occupy the public mind. Iney are Spain, Naples and Moscow. A sort of uneasy presentiment prevails that Spain will not accomplish her circle or revolution without dragging France into the vortex, Travellers who have been to see with their own eyes, and listen with the.r own ears, return shaking their heads. They represent O'Donnoll us bold, determined, unflinching, but not possessing the calibre lor continuing tbe idle ho has undertaken to p?*y. That be will learlessly aul unscrupulously endeavor to call from the couutry a " packed Cortes no one doubts; but the day li passod when that game can be flayed with s-ucccs*. In Madrid he ban It, for the mociont, all hU own way; not so, however, in the provinces, where ia every company a tone of defiance, of threat and ven geance is indulged in, which, allowing much for mare ircth, does rcajly emanate from a body ready to foam and boil o?er whenever a little extra accidental beat shall be applied to It. A strong suspicion? if these travellers are to be credited? does obtain in Spain, that It Is the Emperor ol the French's Intention to Interfere; and that lDtcrference, It 'a thought, will a? before, In tac days ot tbe former empi'e, be the death blow to the entente cor diale with England. In the best 'nlormcd circles a general exp -ctalion c asta tbat a French mediation is already determined upon, and that both Morny and Wa'.cwuki, the two persons whose judpmeut most inllueuce the Emperor's mind, have strongly rc?ommendel It. I rej>eat. the id.-a of s;tch ic tej erence is viewed with no favor by auy class of per Liota worthy of respect. Somehow or ot'ier, t,o* that the Russian war is fink bad, but one sentiment ?ce-ms to be curieut? namely, t-at tbe French nave got well cut or a policy that might have entailed very ugly consequences? that the dying spirit of military glory has by more good luck than skill been allowed to cast up Us bright tiame, and that now Kit fairly wr?V oat suhdu od in iU owu national socket, it we ulJ-t'- *ul*' thing lor France. "We want no more el thiiViiltary glory is exclaimed : ' we tried Itunde.- the Irst Emporor, aud hal our till nut what we do waut are higi quotations at the Tlourse, tranquillity lor productive speculations, peacs with everybody, less taxation, a lc? arxuy, and more liberty of tbe pr??s. We t c not feel wr. ?" u"? be'ievei ua to be ?o. Do you iupwse tbat If w? wrre thought to iMXBrww one > ingie element of pwmanency, soch Mn aa Cbangarnier, >dau and Esuartclem. wocld hold their political bias so fast that in the late war they would not ha7? oilered th?lr sword?- Wo were *t .ax Wit' end lor a geteral, a?<l tb?y knew it. T bey Uat to holl np thdr han ls. anu have, ?ny one of them, an appointment suuicient to satisfy the moat unbounded ambition But uo not a loot did they kt:r. nor will tbey d? ?o. bee*;iae t'.ey know the whole state of our aitiiff re#,t- on a quicl;?m 1. They know tbat there U notb ng new tn all we see going on a rout d ua. This tetoalng up workmen to i'ar is, and etrp'or er tbem at any -acnUre si' all d >nj bsfore by 1 onto XIV. Tliia forco<l e*p?B4i?nre?a actlti?us meanj ended then in a cra.h, an.l paved tbe way rw tns eventi ot ???; and all men or reflection Me tint 'be t.m? U o n iigwt n such another collapse pu-t take pUc>. Tutj ft the bollowne s of all our anan lal transactions. 'h?y foresee tha time when the present m guty -?rk* m ist stop for want offunda and when Parts Inundated as u to [with extranco'ia labor, will b.- blown up by th.- va.-y hands which now are employed in hoautiry:n| and adornltg it," TbH n not tt.o 1 an <?.<**? o bom isolated Individual, Indulging an an. I spirit of murmur Ua*. whether on amount of cer ta.n Ititilguetor Uie Count de I'arln party^an l of late that j arty baa been very busy -or the reaction wWcfc would necessarily follow the late q.i i?l- warlike eiclte mrnt, or that there U a dlipoeitlon really to tea' asunder the ignoble coil# which biud all men hie lu' iot ia awath og elothes, I am nnable to lay. O" tea Ms taaT sncc the conclusion "t Oie war, tha r?> A eg* >1 th; spt ?m, ?cd tho Spanish r<n p <1 .'a*, there ha- been wore plrno ncsa ar.d bcldeess -?f sp^e^h tban ol late yea; s we are ?%'en.T^ n. th N's^e. ?r ^^nerat^ - mi evnv <o?'s month . sn l naf -'l'T. whil"? ta ?0 w , , , <r.- tfescaule-d oo -ex. ? bo w , ? y n.athi*nd w.tb iheir < ?> rre w r >z tcudency U) ">* at home. t*1'* K "if hf N-ples, t' .s a ?o?l. '? sn ?ominaWa d*P"t an' 1 rv. the oet ot th- 1 1- to ??'? -',.,-ort -r what I trrms hta dtv n- mUfion, aad the Kmperwr ot Au-trta t n.w t ni-elf horfy ami oill. tla' th? henedt. tlou of , V?-.F.r. t mav b "? , rot:,ht f t^ar on h.s arb rary rule is them i<oi lanfwr that frnnce may be fol i,?a '<?* a ???.? W ;" .?u .e ?reat. r tt.,n ibatwhtcufover ah* i A-^d ....k how. step y P. l0i i,ch by in. h. it appro-lib-- ? ' r,, o ii a ??., tn |u r ? - it- author, ty h . ' ? P ?? '? * .... ,ant it o+ i\ With Ntjx>l?on P*r th6 P%rt f , r w, I .nd m "I" - "H>!'"ner rwr'f.iko-t hern ? ft' ' 2' ?""Je,'^ ?or. r;-n to not . t the tiMa. he tna - me i.?f be as rea ty to * hta m | ?rial maator ta b ,r? af m out aa lormerly in A ? I- > hut nt o il the poor Bcdo-. ... 1 here .? .notl, , c a a l.oweser, wl H I "f", take a brttbter aide of tbe qnewtien. am thia to prMnnreNo' ?i? tar"r*f<1 n tu -*?*?? ?n?i fishes which a season ofmorr than uaual reinndan .y ?n the spprna' hltg winter may ha eipected t > ailora 1-fc" nr-iar?iione wh. o are mas it* to renal ve tne over I owlna* of M"? ow w l . a the imiwunl event wbioh now emmwilWe Wl e?6ie lit wails the .?? ,ir ol Kurope sbaii save terwiiated, are almost p?at bnhef. Every lorntsh rrt S'<artment In I^ans baa at (jmented us terms by one ft'th,' lY^n. the mouth ot > >. to >?r to lha f1* w^!l1 to' low ?ome are faked aa rr.ooh aa a tbtrd. Nothing wl I iwj-s'ia.' ' tbe Iran ?<-' l,,,v * ahower of ? , . ,? ; ? ti. ?r?r ' > -I ' 1 ' ' = ' s'mwr m ? trLVVnd that .vary rore^aar w' n h, .he ar^rtn oj J, - i... , a.- only wa-'s tvefbot aava 5^S5in?riUh tonMtoke Wa M nttke lus srta. ?t "I " ' ? 11 .. an wl A, tor tha tinf'irllMhed apa>i te'SaPVent' ly^at.4 a.^, ? merr.her'ed't h.i i .- lul bmiae m rt- igi svia, I., the 1 i flteh OMlfop ^ b* ha'tfor moMf tlM K : ^ans aVe I t . lake what the F, r Amet-a.1' th ? V??Vl,. w.U rot an, tbto?oment ?n-h is tho d. -eniou ?( tdia captut tbat anai tm' at* for thr n?\t hU we- *aa?a> be h?4 for a <ong, T.I'I,cma.y 'i" :.??nuilr. "? ??">erlon?-e 'n ore. matters, ca/prooare the ahghtn-t ^ * m ,1. ii or will anything ta-s Sun a -is months' ?- f> "tencd to. . -.rn ihnl . , t ,,, , readers ar.' well aware mat J; e,t- . - *;r t,,.?,rtr.l In t at i . -til <i. i s .l. each frwindl n?. f? ?- rv te t "n reqaMM ?? Jg* , ' ' ' ,u ;hA J..r. mi r m mhcii i*r foid i? HMH<1 to W ??t*" s , ^'t , . i n Ol ahtiid' nment In the a-top?toi ?( , . wtlch th* for-aksn U font wan .... .. ai" ' "?"? '* *1 . t and the - ? i .v .? ' * " '',n ~),lnm ' ate T'srs this plan his been ?Wrnl| diwweewwnsd ?T ?he aiithnrttlea Tl?<; cumber i>! illcgttiw a?n oikpriif. t ' rillllir was C'-iirfuUy in?ic?ed hy ^ nnd ? M <* th ?> ?ri-at ? htcVe to >m?no;*llty? th? hnrtben and 15 ,hn in'Sftt ? T oturc-iahen nway feom ?toa aat.^r. it, tH hi* htet shown by statntler. that In tr^por mi ?o ;L; , rB ol th- ?><?*?*" the crime t4 laf ?ntlet I ? 'ta ? aerea'fd an H' . > < 1 er-nie Ol WlJlrif- 4 ,?ta?fe I" h has M ochi-d ia msl tiLm.'at*. rb ae th' ( nareirs. the ?aa ?? > ' J;"V v-V <<? 1 'v. Vt:h?b*ii, thtUru" -- Maine cad I olie, It Las qiUKlrupicd, sod even auintapled. The yearly average number of foundling* maintained at tbe Fans Hoepttai, calculated upon tUc last Berenice* years, 18 4,20V. In 1863 it waa 6,4M In tbe course of the last session a proposition was brought forward by M Troplong and Count rortulls, the object otwhieh waa to ameliorate tba position of found lings and otber elates of children cou tided to public cha rity. Their proposition waa to re establish everywhere the practice of tours, or tuning boxes; and with r eg aid te children from twolvo to twenty one years of age, to have tliem taken to Algeria and brought up iu agricultural colonies prepared to receive them. By such a system the children brought 110 oy tbe State v ouid remaUi at its disposal, and conld ba incorporated at tbe tilting moment in the army or nary. The commit Ue, however, appointed to examine tne pro position of President Troplong and Count Por tails have only agreed to partially try the expen rent 01 sending the children to Algeria, and the great dlllerenc" ol opinion among Its nu mbers ban obliged It to postpono Its judgment on tbe Important question of the obligatory re establishment ol' tbe turning t-oxes. Ilut a gei erat opinion prevails that this part of tbe proposition must be In the end adopted. France, it is ?aid, needs' population lor her colonies. B ) away with Infanticide and she would soon have enough and to spare The absence of the turning boxes causes inlanticide? ,rpo, briDg back tbe turning boxes, ana the colonies will bo populated. An admirable syllogism, liut what a ? at Ire ts all this on the morality of a country cover < d wltli an ariny ol priests as by a lliglit of locusts! The total ame unt rf tho subscriptions In favor of the sullerers by tbe inundations 1* now 7,745,2#'-! francs. The French are eccldrdly an Ingenious people. Their most prejudiced npjKments or associates admit this. A gentleman the otter day . wli > had been luxuriating in all the fatnesB of the good tare of tho Hotel du Ix>U7re, find ing htm -elf totally enable to discharge bis bill, walked up t?> a pol e t man an<t accused himself ol having formerly seduced and murdered a young woman and her Infant child. Tbe crime had been perpetrated some years ag>. but tormented by rem irse. be now made a clean breast or it ! He was carried beforo a Commissary and question ed. but sfier floundering among a series of contradiotlons the gent'emsr at la?i admitted that bis only object in ac cuKiig birnetl! was to obta.n board and lodging gratis in tb'j Mate mi till his llnunces were recruited (till next quartt r ua> ). when it being en?y tor him to establish his u nocenr.H. he should then be able to pay his debt to the BaM du ! x>u r re and be able to start all m>w. Tho Com miotary d ^appointed the gentleman speculating in tbe way cf gratuitous hoard and lodging, and compelled him to pay bis bill at tbe Hotel du Louvre. a great aeal of cholerine has been prevalent In Paris, ow ing probably to the extreme heat of the weather, and in ?ome instance! it bas assumed features of sostrougachar acu r as to verge upon the Asiatic form. A very melancho ly cr.cumsttace has recently occurred in tho family of an tinltent physician practising in Paris, but lately under a private < ngagement in tbe household of tbe Duko ol Ham ilton, in Scotland. l>r. Cranipton ? a relative, bj the way, cf the Fng>h Minister you have lately so ignomlniously sent to tbe right about? had one principle, which be never ceased Inculcating? the absolute necessity oi occasional ( bange of atmosphere. In his own person and that of his family he waa most particular in enforcing It. Accord ingly this summer he accepted tho Ducal engagement I have above referred to, sending his lady and three beauti ful children to Doulegne. Tbey had not long been there before the little boy, a chil 1 of live years, wai attacked v :th fever of a malignant kind and died. The mother dtr patched tbe other two children, a boy and girl, to Folkestone, thinking that by thus placing Uo Channel be tween Ibem and the pestilence, they at least would be taved. she herteir stayed to bury her dead child, and i nbappl'y in a few days caught the disease and died. Dr. CrimpU/n had been telegraphed for to Scotland, and while hastening tnro'igh Folkestone to the bedside of his wife stopped while the boat was getting under weigh to loo\ at fc: s children. He found that the boy had been attacked over Hi and was in serious danger. B'.t he has tened to lb' mother, who, however, ten min utes before his arilval had breathed her last. Stunued and bail stupiiied, he turned away from <be corpse over which his art was powerless, and harti!) r?cro??ed the Cbannol to fly to th* bedside of bis < hild at Fo.kstone, but here again be was too late, or the boy bad died halt' an hour before ho got there. A more harrowing tale ot' real life it 1s hardly possible to "Ucctve. H'i. Crsmpton was a charming young woman, under 10, and two sweeter children no one could bi i>o? ic- spu of I >r. Crampton bas now only one little girl to eccupy, with him. the r uow cesolais homo. The Hnjul Krmllj of Ondr In Soathampton. VlelTH OK Miun TO TDK fHLI DOWAOEK? UEK MAJESTY S STYLE OP LIV1N0? HABITS Or UK EASTCUM t-EKVANTS ? AI'FF AltANCE OF TBK HOTEL ? TUB UC-KlMi'S CAl'BK STATED TO THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND. Sorrir vxito.x, Aug. 20, 1*>&S. Ibe Queer of Oude, with the heir apparent and their Mill it ie i ndtretocd, leave Southampton in a day i r two tor ! endon, whore m itablo apartments have been engaged and tilted up tor their reception. Siuc.o tlielr slay br re the royal party ht'O been tbe object of much atteu i r.u ma turioi it v. and bare been vuilad, among others, by 'tic KailauU Countess of Hardwioke, I.ady St. John, i ti?- I adf?? Vorke, Wr Ceorge Pollock, Mir George Womb well, Admiral Ayrcongh, Mboounl Rpvstw Nralbt a. won (Mr. R. Ai.d.tfWa>, and several fc?die< and k* utli u>i'& ?i i be town ana neighborhood. OenUeewe. ??re, t! mni. not su untied late the immediate presence of the Queen btirg prrtrtitid only to the heir apparent, hut t< v. ra! parlies or ladles have been preacuted to, and politely received by, hor Maj.-ety. Tbr t, n aod her advisers seem determined, If poa Ible, t > ?iiat tbe .\?m pat lies of the people of i jigland in lb* ir raose and enspariog eflorta in this direction are brn g, and will be ir.ade to elToct ibia object. Whether auy amour t of laoeHi will attend these endeavors la pt "b'.rast'i al: at present the Interest excited la one ol' mere vulgar cine; ity on the part of the multitude, who 1V1 re ojily to ?eo the (Irenes and appointment* of the tenants aod followers, anl greodlly drink in tho absurd lulu cf be fabulous wealth and icwela belonging to the ojal party wLicb bave been industriously circulated. B ' df* tiic rsunl rabble of boys consequent on such oe ? s*:cn?, in. nbers ol rcspoctablv dreeaed persons, with row suu then a carriage fliiad with occupant*. are to be ? in r.ttut!y gkzjrg at tho exterior ol Uie Hoyai York 'lortel. whe.e tho illtu.iriou* party U located, and great i ?i; a are (rctfUt L<l'<y takea to secure a sight of the ladica ( llie rojai parly, who kometlaes taaa a sly peep fro? ti e vpper ai arime nt< upon the congregated nimbcrs as ?imbed a tiM street t>eio?r. A tbo- ;b ibe a pi ?carmine of the I'rlnceaae; aad princi pal atteni-at.K Is moat *up?rb, by reason of tbo i liberate and o< >tly ?ire**, a w.ih wh.cb they are atUrad, the maaa ??I tbe interior servants present an unusually filthy aod tira ghtly group. Ilm tin* on the basement floors of tb* t >'ti i are ia).:>' nttmbci h eoutinvully to be soen lo?u<lng la the mi*t mtclet* manner, or ?<|iiattiri^ before a char cis! lir.M iber cook Ira some article of food or indnlglag lb Ibo fan??< derived it<>m a dirty oplua pipe. Tho en ? i r'> ;li_ ik cl ibis |?iitt?u of tbe bot> I ta strewed with t <? Clulb ng ol the Inhabitants, and In appearanre much rear Mib>? Use bark premises of an extensive rs : m?r cLsnt. tbe wliol? b< ir ^ rendered more unpleasant by tbo <p.suity cl' dl.t wbicn each article of dreaa apparently cot tatna. fhiring the day groups cf the Inferior aerv.irH and fol low vis ait atiolutig tb-mt tho tun u, followed by a cr>.wd < ' '?'!ers. and it Is with -MUcn'ty thuttlie naust hci.neaa ?<t >otne paita of the High atraat la nrocoedad wUU. nww Uie p??uanla?a? which took pWee last Satu'day the tf Queen of Oude has decl nrd to receive any more ftr?nge?-?, and reaaa.r a perfectly secluded Tbr Princea have at a. led themaelrea ol a rttive through tbe princlpa a?r'-et? cf tfce town, aad have also pa?*ed t). rough tbe splendid art a ue at the north ?ntian<n ol Rotnbemptoa, ? |? i wt.leh tiiey cxprc?eed themselvea higtly delighted . To >'ay r ?? of the royal rtattora bare left their reel ' race Thtr. i* to some erttnt eowe<)ueat ipo? the loss, lor a tinie. ?> tfc' ir agent and Interpreter, MR of whom hara 'or th? present ie;t the town. Thcie d>'tiea hava t ctn hltneito pet formed by Maior Olrd, late assistant Bri ti> h rrsMaat at Oti le, aid Mr Hraadou, who aortoaiponied tbe royal parly oa tbeir pais.ige to Ka^land. The d"par lure M the Ibrtoor gentleman, it la said, ta caneod by a iiilsatderstar.ling whhh exists between bin ard Mi. I'raur en la reirienoe to their respective posHnus with tli" ri K, b, o' cwde ai i' th? ex <^oaeo. h cixlcrst' au, Is gone ta l/ntdcn to secure a proper rasl i f net for the Qn?? n. The Hsair'*/?d?f*ad^i< cnatolns the following ra tion of a ffwrt a deli*erod by Ms or Hlni to the people of rte'haaijti'a f>-oni the balcony of tbe lintel ? ! an. et poled hy fcer V*j< ?t? thet.nieaa P tracer o'Ooda. Vy hit Rrnal HighiK ha tbe King oi Oadr 'a l?rotlier, aad h? bis ? ?)a. Hi*boees the Heir Apparent, too of too KM "I < to t< titer )"? their boarlmt tbaal.s for tba Ktrni ta t warm tusi'Ber in whicb >ou hara wslcoaaad them n their arrirtl in Creat Britain- lor ymr cbeera, fbr your >tn*!lti 'SCAS tint you will naturally ask what Is Ui " c-au -e <>t the edveat of tfcese royal person ?fee Why have they Irt' tl? ir eei utry aad kingdom to v?lt<;re\t !!ritain f And ?be Ir^eiry la, m a<>< r U>e c>re.umstaaci*a, one, tbe reply to ?h ih wi likaiy ?o cnt ?t jeur synipatMea v?m will par ?!? n ?e while I lecture to ytm aa aged Quota (nearly AO i ? sis eld ) Urocght > P ,n Ibe pump and laxury of the kast. tbe eoi#p wl.oae I ret were scarcely allowed tttraad the g i nurd, lejirg ?>ide tbe prijiidleea of Iravi. ard un ?tetiaklag a 'tiiraer ef poflM 10,tt,0 miltia, wdh the K'ni s brother M nr i biin' an. I Icr grsndsoo (Ibe hair to tie throne *4 Otdflft in toe ctlier, and <:??? ng to tho peop'e ?4 Rrral B?itain a nprliniB hir justice. Tea, fclln* ceeal-yasta, tl.e royal family of tmde haa come to ift-eal s' that act of the f>?i India Co opaty whteti bus 'rprlve ' tinm of thnr ibrona and coi.ntry. Tb?y have iett tbo eeimtry of their wrto, to beg al Hie baadt i f tb - JW'p''' of Great Br;'a!n a full nnd ltnpar"?l linutry tato rfecansea ?htih tavr le.1 1? the annex itm of l! a Virt'dom of Oode by the Ea l ladla govrt Tieut? an at t which, 1 ?m sorrv to ?ay, appetrs to havj been psttial'y adopted bv the Ilr.'t.h ? vcr:.mert It I : not ?nt? nded to ci>netal how yon the dlffletil'le* lac'deutxl oa * retrograde *tep there la ao v.t~mpt prtpoied Wcea eral a?< thiri, or lo shrink from rayln* wh?rs wrons h?a . x'sted'; h it I n?im from you arre", Inlllninry, wsT ;o? lire, bartd rn the eo?<t--i? t of Oinle through a tar es of vrara toward* iliat very govern meat who have novi ->k9a ibe king1' orri eif (Hide, trem ilial rojal raca. whom the Msr /ttig of Dalliouirtt, in hla pro< tsmatioa, aektix>wle'1|e? to bave hem evtr talshftit and true to their "Yi^ndsbip ?|th 1b."1 Ktigllsh aatioa. What wsi iht can1 1 t of Oada r'.utirg lh? ( abut d snMer, where thotijaii''? of <,nr leilcw eountryraen |">rls?ied ? Wl at was ter enn dart dui'rg the war with the Ratal* of Cwnllnr? Wh-t positloB did sfco maintain during tba warn with the piii<j*i> ? that critwal period, wban v>?ory was donbt mi? ?Ixn the Rovcramett secu' ti ? loll to the lowest rate ever known, when adncemcnl to tn.n agaiMt the Vitt tndian ro' "rnM"nt w?re not wnn <ng in ibe wlnsrerrd i.ropora't rife thrasigho'it India M th?i vrey t'rne the King 'if 'Hide ''enedad his cavalry of hv?i J aa ' r pare if m'n from his own regiments to fill np tbi rs Vs cf U.. Ka?l India Omfllt]! army; and m>t i>n?y so. afier ertry great rr.iitnry undertaking the aavern ment cf <>"i.le ksve etati ihnted tare 'ly Itwardt the ex pefiae? ?' tba w?m rtrrHl oa by tlietr ally, the t ut India government. These oouiyfeutionit wsre nf i by bund a ts, n;,r by thousands, but bj millions of pounds ste'iin* At Ibis very ti?e tbe Last Itstia wwraaMt' aro in lebt ed tr> the amot'ut of two and a naif nstolione aterllng lor tbe Irsna Bade by the Klnr offHide ui various , times ; *n 1

this i? the i-eiura ? to deprive that royal I'aitt* '-il ' ol bis ilirnue ?nd kingdom. But, jt>u wtlisay. wla'tto tbe plea? T?u excuse pnt for irard for this act IB the t'elirer anc? of lie jioojue of Oade from the- oppression aaa' ?? ?? rule under which they had sullerod. fellow country men> let ua suppeie tbal tbe Kmperor of Hie Kroneh, or gome potentate u?oro jiowerlal than Great Britain, w?r? to break existing- treaties, and deprive ou.' moat grsoioirr \ Ta jeaty of hrr throne, to aave you front what that P^v ' considered misrule? mctbis-ks I bear yw say, "WewosA' ru tiier right car selves " But. again, suppjse yomt home# and hfirths were interfered with ? h op pose a more powerful neighbor were to (leprlrf you of you of your homes and Sreeidea, b? c uu>e you mismanage your bouse ? wouldyou aHoir tbia? (Cries of "No "I Will you, whose fathers and brother* have shed tlieir blood to save Turkey from ibe agj-T< a:-ions ol Ku*si?? will you, who bare poured forth the resources of this magnificent country to repel Lissia from the annexation of two small provinces ? will you permit tbe Ka.-t ludia government to take from this rojai family a kingdom as large an Belgium, ovor which tbe uncle of our most gracious Queen presides? (Cries of "No, no ") Will you not grnnt a free Inquiry Into this act? It If through tbe people of (treat Britain alone, borne ou their shoulders, that the cry for.instlce will be numitted. To you this royal family ocpeal for sympathy ?ud fc'ipport, and if >ou are willing to give It, show your willingness by joining me in three cheers for the royal fatally of Oude. The Major's address was warmly applauded through out anr* at its close, in 1 espouse to the appeal m lo to ;bem by the gallant gentleman, three hearty rounds of thcerisg were given. THE VERY LATEST. Rcctli J by the Arabia at Halifax Yesterday. Uaiikai, Sept. 13, 1866. TheCunard steamship Arabia, Captain Stone, arrived here, m route for Boston, at 4 o'clock this morning, bringing 114 passengers. She left Liverpool on Thursday, tbe 4th lnit., at 11:30 A. M., and has tbm made the run in a little over days, notwithstanding a detention of several hours oil the port on account or log. The A. tailed from this port at half-pa>t 10 o'clock this morning for Boston. Weather cloudy, with a light south wlud. Tho Collins steamship Atlantic left Liverpool at U A. II. on Wednesday, the 3d last., with 123 passenger* lor New York. At the mouth of tbe Channel, on the 6 th inst., the Ara bia passed the American ship Dingo, bound in. Tbe steamship Kangarpo, from 1'biudel phia, arrived at Liveipool on the 31 inat. The Atlantic took out a fall despatch, bu*. the new* was not of much importance. To day adds little cr nothing of interest. The Ixradon Star says: ? It need not any lor ger be conc?a'od that tbe govern mr-nts ot France and England? that is to say, LouU Napo icon and liord Palmerstou ? are not on good terms with respect to Spanish affairs, and communications aro under htood to i are |MMMd b'tween them or anything but a < . >ti i j.l rn ? .t.< 'y character. We may as well st ite that an opinion has fonno its way to the other side of the At'.anLc that Knglaad Is ready to mate Will concession In order to obtain tb* frieruship or tbe United States, and that this determination > 03 beer, come to. in tho ? vent of a possible rapture with France. The improved tone or tbe London journals is Interpreted in this sense, ami tho Xkw Yohk Hi raid make* much of th? topic We have hitherto hesitated to say so, because these are matters of great Im portance and shoiud not be paraded merely Tor the sako of raising public excitement; but as the 1'aris correspond cuts of our own press now begin to talk so much abo it the matter, reserve must be put aside, and tbs public gboold be 1 Detracted that while there may fee in reality ro danger, it is alwsy s a serious thing to bare oar foreign folicy under the direction of a Premier liko Palmerstou. The Siar further says:? A cotemporary annoi nces that the Central Ameriian diflicuHy Is solved satisfactorily by a convention between Ilondnias and Great Britain. Good news may bear rape titlon, but then 1< ought to be newa. Tbo satisfactory lettlement alluded to, or this at one lim; threatening qivM lien, was anbocEced live week* sin ;o Tbe health of the Emperor ol the French undergo* much discussion That tho Emperor has some rat! id) of a o'angerous character may be in.'erred, but Iti exact ua ture la concealed from the public. ^SPAIN. Tbe 8panl*h government has mt yot r?*?'boJ ill de u??" aiMoi-r'-a ?*.? Co'??' *u<l a acw election An axpoaKJoa of '?? F>Mcy I* to be looked for. Tnerela ttill remain* a lubjaet o f di?enMion. At the late*t dato* Iiibon ?h tranquil, bat circumstance* had oconrred to ?bow that the tale riot wai e.'-icntitllj- politic*! is It* ?ou reef. ITALY. In Italy ili?contcnt ts (pleading, Alarm Ii reaaifeatod la Kaplee la eonsifjueoce of thn now asoortainel raove mertofthe Murattst party. Thli party hai been etrcqtati.i( ? programme or f roclamat.on at Naple* witb *ecre*y aa<) activity. AUSTRALIA. Theabip Kent. from Melbourne. arrived o!T Dartmouth on Tuesday afternoon, with ol|hty two tbouiand oancea of rot J, an?l uatra to the loth of Juae. Tra-la t* **M*f*o lory. Coll la <|uotr?d at three pouada aevnteen ?bil ing* ?ad rixpenco per ounce. THE LATEST. Iawttx*-, Wedaseday evening. Tbe ftuapaljni projected by the Ruiataa* agaiaaitiie Otroaa .in, is ledeSnltely adjourned. The limts li o.nctallv auihorixed to dnr'aie thai a re port to the effect that thu Portugal gorerament bvl ap plied to tbe Hrttlsh for a *quadron, on t!?o ot'ounn of tlio rtcool rlota at Lit boo, la d? ?t<t*it?> or f iiindn'.loo I labon exchange i* at filty-thico and three quarter*. The Persian Ambaj .a^or, at Carta, I- te proeee I t> l.mdon to terminate lb* Anglu I'srHm di'ptte*. ofljring full ratliCactlon to Eu 4 land on condition that Mr. Murray l>e rrca'lcd . The Timrt haa another lender on Mr Ma'oy'a propoial respecting merchant *blpa la time of w?r. Tbe PtH MUtriale* the coat of the war with Italia at eighty mil Hook of pound*, and reooaimsnui that aa an nual *uro be applied to converting personal mnutle* Uto teroinablo ones. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL . LUNbON MUNfcY MtMKKT. Tbcro liad b??n no change In Ibe I.ondon money war ket. Coum If hoaeror, bad ?lightly declined, c'o<.? { at 64 JL, a 14/,. LiTKupooi. corros mitiir. Tbe Catty newspaper report* ?tal( that the aalm rf oat ton oa Wednesday, thn rid, wcte 12,000 bale*. 'n< !u<Jiag .1, COO on ? oa an<l for e*i>ort. tSe mar' ai cto'iof Cim, but W'lbn it any iI.iuro in quotation*. Tbe total ?ak? of tbe hwr biialnc** day* anbaeooant w> th< a*p*rt tire ? I tbe Obmbria. arwu.niad to a>vui 4C,0tr> ba|.*?. ??f *1 'rfi -paeclaiai* took t.MKI, and r*p<..l*ra 4,0<X). Tbe bnflnea* of the Bvr djrit, nnn>r?v.>i| rrKay, AuguM It. fooled up UC(Ki balo Ve*r i>T,.*m nvddlug la ? ailed *?fd.,ar.j Vobr.aamd uptoidi a>?<i<i'>ar. LtrtHr?H>i. MumnirM M^ixicr. M"?r? 18 hariJnoa, Hpeui a k Ct> r?i> ir Orea<l?tnff? Ceneially.unabaniie^ aii.l |u iinltfl l drtaaid fb tvealhnr eooainiiM rerr favorao! i hi, ^rteultura! | jrpo<.*. At tbe rleaa, torilect aaica, lt<w? Hun toe ctirmal .|??iatioBa woalil hr?r? b.-en taken. unmsl> ? for On.- Ite?'. .la a . Pbllaoe'phta and laittianrn, 3'1*. \ .a . yptlow and mlvd earn. |H? a 8 ?e. mi. ; wbt*?. :,it. . a Urn. ; r?d . ? heal. Ma. ? 1**. fld. for oil, aa? i0?. fop mo wan *. *a. vd. a lta. 9>i. lor old vtd 11*. i?<i? Limrooi I HCTI ION ?AKHT. Tbe piav>>l?ti ?arknt had timlar ? ait, no ehaaxe o. m?. anett Miice ibe aallm* <A tfan i am In *. I Ant be<t r< IMT ad>aaced, a nale of :i0 tar t Wvim bar* ata^l at 5fc?. urrupooi. rttoorc* n < at ,t. Ta ?rtlc'oa ot |trwdu.-e it-neraiiy tbv e btl b*en no < hanya whatever. 10>t obla of a- ben noid at '* a :;tm. ad. Pf?rl? onoieO a 4?i. fd ?<??. Itax-. l oil, 3ft>. There w*-e bn\ or* of common r^tm ai ia. ?>!., but l.oldera weie o?Ulu|r la. <d. i'im of ior,->entl j* qu,<t. at %??. t-Yrlfbt; dull. U)VDON mtUfKTf. Tbe Tovdea Mefrahtc repoit of ?Jne'dty mornlrj *aya ? bujfara unclaegctt bitriaer* moderate ?"'ore* firm. Tra qnlot. Tallow at-alv. at S|i <>p ihc ?j-c4. Rtoa tlrm. I.lnteed ot! aolllnf ?t W a %. rd. *?vr?v?T?ii market. There bad btca ao ebacjrt In trade ib Mat. it?at4' 7 be ?em and was meliorate flH"oow woi MARKirr. OiAW'OW, Pept 3.? Oar market lor Iron in dtttf at Tit. Mb, and Ftt American abi|>t><ig bran+n, 73*. pashknukus by the atvibta. Mif F?WI. M A Mor? Mr* B r While nu.t to , MWren; *** *!??* ??* notrrne*: Mt flr-vmhif Id* Mr* Inhint.'a. *r*Wil?>n, Mgn Mr? CVmniln M>d ir. l,i.'l r>n, Mr* r*ciro. n. Mi?* Mill*, M i arrthrA Mr O <Ar i ir>, *n?l 1*1T WW C?fp?t?r uiil /Vly. Mi Hohi ef her <?? I rtv Br TMow r T'irplr.M.ri .latubier, Hon. John ?i ' Mr #nllU?*. M:M (Yowih. r, r?p. MulJoe*, Mi. Ilo' I >n, :.?rt tnhm. '<*! tMjiftat; M1s?*n?an **? ? it. M? F?'?" #nJ two child .*.?? \fr Hoi. ton* no<1 MTV t T, M; 'or*H>. WWrHlMWaTM %trvMrti Mr* Thlmm n* ivid ??r i , y???n Thlau*?" vVMfcta, Anthony, Mm*. Nm net, i . Pay ft. wlljpi < "J'OI*. M NUB, IteiVlfe. Ilriliira.To > < Wltoan M<w \ Wjhr*. A -.*?rl?n Connl. ftilom >n li ? |<n l Mft, Ftim. M? .land Frown. BclUMttnC * r tinr . n Koktt, <'*??;?, IMcker^mi. Kent, Ifmford, ?Tiiiri'h r> ? n. v k i Arm* mil*. D?nl feeara. Itarno*, Sp*n*.<n ? r, iliottMNfe '.d?B>*on, i'Mtlnm, Dune* Mc<'ri>ii, II >?ip\ , *i !.. ir. Bfndntr . rir?Mf, *mflh Uorfc^m M,? | ?rcv iMtydp. THE PUBLIC HEALTH. CominlMlonf rs ?r Health. The Commtaftlonerii met yeiterday altcrnuau at He Oly Hall, pursuant lo adjournment. Present, Isaac 0. Bar lire, Esq., in the chair, Walter F. Ccncklui, iSecrctary, awl a quorum or member?. The following cases were reportnl by the Health Oflotf tor the action of the Eoard, with the .'enulta a a annexed ? Bark Virginia, from Mayaguez, arrived at Quarantine on the 12th inst., with * ctriti of sugar. Cargo ordered to be discharged on Ujl/ers, and brought to the city at tbe expiration of live daya, if all remain well. 1 Hokoonor Waen, from l^rt au Prince, laden with log wood, arrived on the 12th '/at , with all t* board well. Ordered to be properly clc.vwel and I um netted artd re main elgl4 days for observal'.Mi ; to be thea allowed to come up if all are well. Ba'fk John Benson arrived >om Havana on tbe 12th inat., wltkacirgoofsugar, tob^o a'-' uegara. WL'.ie In port one man died ol yellow feve all otbsrs belag well. Ordered to remain at Qoan.cune lor a pe-ljl often days, the cargo to be then d ha -fed and cargo brought to ihe oily by lighter*. Brig CI i ailos Hcuth, from Cat derma, arrlvod on twt 12th inst., with a cargo of sugar and m ?ses, and all l^.Bda well. Permission waa granted to diaeharg tbe cargo on lighters, to be brought to the city, and v easel to resiain lor purification and ventilation Brig Penobscot, from Arccebo, laden with sugar act! molasses, arrived on the l'itli inst. Ordered to renrcta at Quarantine lor u period of Uvo days, to be then allowed to proceed if all are well. Brig Dunkirk' arrived August 291'rom Trlndad do Cuba, with a cargo of molasses. The cargo has been discharged and thoroughly unseated, and now desires |>ormission to come to tbe city. Petition denied, andnotaUowod to pro ceed until the 20th iust Briii lleJfast, from Uonaivec, arrived on the 29th of Au gust with a cargo of logwood; was permitted to come up into the stieum on the 7th of September and discharge tbe cargo. She biu> been discharged and cleansed, and cow lit* In the Xorih l'.tvor, opposite pier 21. Permission is requested to coir.e up to the wharl aud load an outward cargo. Referrod to the inspector of vessels to examine and report. Brig Wb. H Spear, petitions to bo alio wot to come to the city. Denied, and ordered to lighten her ctrgo from where she now lies. Brig A. B. Cook arrived on the 11th of August, and has been discharged ?luce September 2.1. Sue now petitions to come to the city. Referred to tho Health Offlcor, with power. Permission a a* reque?ted to hgbtcs tho fustic and horns from the schooner Yorktown, to a landing place on either tbe North or Kist river, wbero they can be tran shipped Also to allow the vessel, when discharged, to procccd to a ship j arc below Atlantic Dcck, Broiklyn, for repairs. Rotu peliilOLS were laid upon the table. Brig Bbuannre, frocu Ponce, Porto lUco, petitioned to proceed to the city and nan re erred to the Hcaltu OUicur, with |iower. IiKA'f H OP T!t>" >MVC,GI KI) CA^S FROM HALTtMOHK. The Health * lUicer reported tb t the smuggled case ol jellow lover, which wai taken from tho fchorner Baltimore, lrom Baltimore, otod ye. iter day at the Marine lio',i!tal wi<b t>l.c? vomit, and tlirt no tacH had beou ascei ?<l wbijh could lead to the supposition t'isi the nun contracted the fever e Kpwbere than at Ha timbre, or upon toe ves sel in which he bad trtived. Tt e Ileaitli C1 li^r, (aid that ho very much regretted U>e occurence oi this case from Baltimore; tbat u would eouipol him. for a lime, to de tain vcssrl* coming fiotu that ;tort, winch would not only give great troubl to the shipping from tn re, but add largely to the labor wtich is aud h:u been daily unpaged ujM>n the Board. The Coromifsioner* agree*" with the Health Oflloer that tbe vessels from Baltimore should bo tlotaiued; aud toe Health Cotnml?> loner, I>r Miller, wu app- iitod a com mlltce to investigate aud report iu rcga.u to tb/ UipUiu's violation of law iMrokTA?T coJuifxtfATia*? h?>w toxn wiil vmkkurraix yh.u.iv n;\ kk mrvnasr To tuk Mavoe oh Co*vi?fio-. ki:s of IIi.aith or vne t'l-rr or New Voiik ? T1i-? Health Officer deems It bis duty to state to your honorable Hoard Unit the Captain of the !>rig JuhiIIi Jaix was sent Intu ths Marine Hospital, on the 9th ins ant, sick with yellow lever. It will be remembered tliat the vessel came into (Quarantine on the 31st of July last, from Ponce, Porto h ice, I ..den with sugar and molasses, and with her erew wi ll; that she lost none of bi*r crew on her i^t-aasje, nor while In her puri of departure ; mid that alio win quarantined for thirty days and entered to disi har:.'< her cargo. The vessel complied wtili the order to discharge; hua li^en at QearuuHne for over thirty day*, and w.ia allowMt to proceed on n'?e ,'.th in1 taut Thu Captain being t iki n 111 however, did not n mom hli vessel, mi that the hr'K still Ites at the Quarantine ane'iorage. Yellow lexer in ll'.e case ol the t ap n ti i? well iiiarked, ali i the itnpor t .ut ipii stion ai i?ea wheic was the dUease < oatracleil Not ?ni) the health atitheri'le* of the po. t, bill all those who are Interest. d in ve?vls subject to Quarantine should Wi* * deep Interest in thla qnestlmi. If It should he made to appear that the Cap'aln wn* nn< cvpiwed to the nia.'.n la ol any Infected i' lave, or the foul atr of any other t easel than thai of the Jo smb Jalx ?.nec be arrived In wrt, we stiall be i-omvelletl to conclude that he we? iioo-uned ' y hit own vesael; tun if a can Iran alaie of facta should he prm en 'o have e^lalaA, ilieu th ? ? ? ? ? 1 1 ?li: be telle v?d oi the charge of l?Mn : luf'etil Mull a ' aw ot settMm; the aho. e ?ptes'ltin, th? alalemcntsof itVi cIVi A'V"," whetenbottla an ce hla arrival in not t aoon atter Ua M-UtWitnA^oH, and before dlaeh i' ^ln? Iter cargo, he went eastward among h.s relative.* He f' iii . '.I 1 t h? re fo. a week or more and retnrne4 ahoit' ten days sine 1 In perfect health. On or about the time of hla retnrti ihe pro eesa li-schargiiift hts camo waa eobtLdeied. an 1 It doe no* eprtcar hy aoawereto laqtilrlesfroiu the t'aptaln. that he has !??<?!! e*pt sed to say known n Inee of InlacWon, or that he haa itih?le<l the air of tbe hold of any v.-asel eicept that of ihe .loalah Jail, alnee hla return to thia port The s'ati rn el*, of the captain have been corroborated by aaiociate lusaters 'if vessels at Quarantine The cane of Captain Munaou, f justly or eorreellv traceable to infeeitoa In the bold of Uie Josiah Jais, Is very inairucuvc, and tl nrefore Interesting. Tour Honorable Hoard will bear iu mild i '.tat ihe hi i i e.iuie Into por> from Ponce ou the 31st of .lulv. with sucur and tnolasaes ?? cargo, and wtthou' aickness on her passage, or on Lersrrival; and that, with ihe excep tion o!0e captain, no one ha* sickened on board of her since ?he haa be? n unuer piareatln*, tor a perto?l oi about forty-lire d"^nr predecrranra hsve left their written, and sr.m' of them their dying, teatimony that the infec.lon ot yeUow feve- ellnga with very creai tenacity tne holds of vesacls. The case alaive cited Is very much In k ten log with those reeortl* and tf w c v'ould cnntiiiiie tonr?t*( tihe ptihltc health, we ru'iat not ta'tcr In praettssne faithlully the le?s?m w hich It teachea Aa cittrens, It Is our duty to*>n?p.'thl?c with ths ship owner* and contact ecs. but as servants of lite people, we inu?t oiutect the public health Ki ?:ieetiullv, jnnr obe li, at "erTan', Hit IV A HP II. THOMPSON, UeaJUt OOieer. QraBAjtViM*. Be fit. it I rvVi. ltx> report of tbe Health Officer was nnanimou ly con curietl in. I.'rooltlyu llonnl ??f llenltli. yir-r 13 ? I'rmcnt, Mayor I la I. prcldlng and Alder men i- he w , Walth, Cl*rk mi 1 Oaklay. ?overal local nulaance* wore reported, ar d peroiaato* \\*s grsn'ed to tbe following vw!a to i?ud cargoes? ilark Alva ner, from Ccracoa, with hide* mil IMIc; >blp \Vaiw*,k. lo I mid ballast ?? A< Ian tic (look: bilg (Iracc Wartl.mcton, fri m lioeuoa Ajr'oi, to I .'iter wool. lie. Wi II reported on.t nw rf rratlipot la Park avenue, but bo lBf."*ton* or yr'agtooa frvcr had coiwo to hia koarledge <i?i id. t ie nr<-cv>ii? twenty four hour* AHeiman uto re I a vote of evnuireon At ler mai lluntiey for tnnl; ;or ?c of mpropor lai.g.tage At the *en v?'ii ol the day prf ro'ii. M?j or n?< i thought the k? 'knw wm Uking adv*n tec* of A!<:< rm?n ffc-atlev. who. In a mitt'H oi" e*clt? nse ot. hod made in.- of l/, *ge he other wi o wool I not have been guilty of. Al> rrniaa Ciabk tho-ight the '1 >ar3 tbonld be pnr|f"d of the dtagrooo. A'Ocrir an Mmw tho ght tb? HngtiAgw male u*a Of wa? huutltattrg to the B.>a'd Hi bo hoped th*y would Ttritrate thrlr dlga: y. The rote of roneure w then aaaaltnoiirly pi??ed It erate at I>r Haoford "o mottia, in 'eflmtely Fort Rtnlllwi luitffHorMy'n Report. VlLtTAUT HOePITAI. Or* ml'd raee IM? mora*B|r All prevtooely la tbo tick report eonTilereiog J. H. HAll.r.Y. M. n . Called 9utn Army t?r. luboi? la la a very prerartoo* itu?, bavlrg black remit. l*r Craae ? em.-thir<r better tfcta aaorn'eg J ii " Dr. K?tr >,01 R'lier Hnap'tal. reporti Ht-ubeo f>e*?, 'ih..?na* LIUM aid Nancy UMe recevorod. /.II ether* mnrooter Mar cae*t ? Htary 1 iwrene* *ed Me wi-'e s?e*h few ren c. Vn*? rn|C B? bbibh, Secreta'y . )'<*T HMniVox, HeptM ? ?'? A. M. f Ity f*n!ltt?-a. TRMT.IK IN TA*M\??T HAt.L. A met lug d the t.-aerai Co mat t*rc #*?'e I Tor I'rl dajf eight, at Tamarbtny Ball e?d . ?m<? ?cvv?ty cr the iMthfu! were m a?t?Bi,?n e *t th h. a* accented. l>at lite < h: ir <eclar*<1 the eoMtB'tfog r * ipi-vnm, b- I'lea ? tv? (lie p?r?ore ??re sot i i'.t.nt, at r .-alhired Tim nail Woort porple ^optcetrg :a ?.Pd nut during ibo eTea tip u that ik> a< ti'?u cmid i>c takta. Wr. T- trtti Mi. ot tho !lr?t ward, p't. hed into the aatl VTocd ?*rle??te* inr U""r U t'( ? i voCaot. as<t ao> 'taod th?w of trj-ing to dofett M" l!ccu%BW and Mkc.l tittra to 1 1 aae int atvl ?how theif lian^a If Uiey wuhcd to a^ltt the patty In two throtighmit the city ?li'H.i Co'uka^* replied, and draif d I bat the CmUm ffmira j-eopie were i>ettt>s* The .oirtniUio fltwlly ad ?? itrtied, to me<t again n?*t we^fc, imld great a\r,ltemea' Aainrf the proportion* before tV >? dub wan one to gire H e Yours Men * I n on CI ia $2oO, to go on a apr ? to rhil?deipb a, and ? ne to | ?y Captain r.|nder? lor io??ca Inccrred la g> ttirg np the parade. TBI CUSTOM I10V? AND THK MAVOK. There *a? a terrible it utter ia* among theCnMom Bonce oPleere laat I rlday, tt '>?.ag announced that all who voted lor Wood at the printary election* were to be removed. Itsppe ir* that ^ulto a uwbor of them had dar^l to m rert that their roula were their own, a*d were going to rote oa tl etr own rejpon?lbllltjr. but the leodor* hearing the rutnora. rent notic e* to the *uapecled Woolltoa to report them*?Wea at the Custom Hou*e oa Thutniar, b< ? tween the ho .rg of three and n, which wai the lima tfce elertlona wera bolni; held. Some of tBem obeyed, and othcra did not. and on tbe following .'ay rareral of the iattrr were di*aaii??e<l. among them Thorn*' Byrno*, of Uie ! ir*t ward, and Thoma* H I>erri<i, ol iheThirtootttb watd l<otii active pelltietaar <4ber*are tofWi tw, and there to tnr?0tl If the camp ef the democracy la ronae nuance. A few Who were dt*p?*ed It take Wood * part have suddenly fbuad oat he wa* not aa line a follow aa they thought he wa* and *ay they will work ag*ln*t bt???. Who would bo * Coatom House ?Weer thurt elatmai o he an AmertoM ottiM* f VIRGINIA POL ITICS. SOTTS osr TBfi STQ.MP. Great Whig Meeting at Bidum* 4, 7 a. in ECccliM Spec t li from Joins Hhmr t ttv Review a tike J'oimeol IlieCory b w Count ry?Hw Vie \vh ere. the Hinanrl C <M * fiiomlM? He Thinks Frriuonl Would KM m i) Uarriy in the iMatee? fU-rte*ea CMw ?>,w.oeiuHc **arty and Aasaila Plrrce? I'm re a l!u< limine an Anti-Slavery Blati aadi a Kn?w Not hint*? Cut* up the Clnolmiatft I'latlfenti? Ce.ndtrawe Hrookn for the upon 8?nui*iwThlHta AmmniI'i El^tla Would Sot Kmlaiurr the I'uVw, ana Anything la Better than Buchanan. SPECIAL HETOIIT FOR T3T NE^* TOr* HEUALJ. Iti hmoxo, Va., Aug , m<|. I present tc 7?ti to day a fu'* report of vrh it u iiero' conaiCerod oca of the ablest speeches ever dei.verod m this State upon aey political question. For . weeke" pant a great anxiety baa been m&nlfeste I to hear the views of John ."Prior Botta u,*>n the leading quea Hons invoked :a the pending rreeidential electioa aad at the earneat lea ire of many of ht? friend), he cou' rented to address tl:e citizens of this city on La t night. Fully cne hour before the time appointed to commenco ii? aildrces, tho Afr can church waa crowded to czceaa nart during a period cf over three and a half hours occn pi9d in ita delivery, j robaV.y not half a dozen ponoaa had left tho church. Thia circumstance la without prece dent in the course of my experience here, save porhapt in tho instance of Governor Wise a appearance upon the' stump ; and I would say that, judging b? the fesling pra valent here and elsewhere, few, It any, speeches evor da livcred in the Sooth will be read with moro interest. Dr. Jt>H.\ Dovk, the 1'remdent of tho meeting. api>ouited a committee of three to inform Mr. Botts or thctr readi ness to hear him. In a fow minutcj he arrive J, accom panied by the committee, and after the thcndcra ol ap plause which hailed his appearance had subsided, he rose and said? Mr. President and Centlerrwn? But a few monthe aga * J ?httwed mrgelt that the ttaao had arrived when It would become, pcrhape, a duty thut I owed to the part* to which I bc.onged, to lay oil my political ganr.euta aad !? b**c r.?? t''nhelr participation iu the active poliL'ca at the day. I ilaturod myscll that my i*>litioal course waa run, and that I sluuhi no more be celled upon to JT for? I those Uborlout duties which have m a zrenteror lest degree devolved ujkjo use for tne last iwent - veam The truth is, that the corruption of polidclaie the 'iioea tiouf nets of the public prcse, and the incJiiroienco ct the J? their owu welfare, have nttcrlv dieirusted me with politics and politicians. and If I were* not npprehea. tlve ol proving pereoaally o.Teasive to mmc of 2v Irtinds here. 1 would say 1 had become disgusted with every tcun I meet who wa> not diugusted with poliUea und politicians. I siaod before you hero tljS evening ia k Cf|l^WiI? ,e ,e"owr citi/mi% n*praseD|#d fhi. uf. .'".y? Co?nnttce of the American parly of this State? not. however, I wr h you to understand .n the character of Rector or of a politician, but as a plain, hum ble, private citizen, who, however h j may have lost hie rij/ard for the politics of the day, has lost noth.rg of hie regard lor the general welfare ol the country and I ?uaA prepared this evening, not only to defend the orinciolaa of niy own paity, but ? !Iar.nibal like,'' ax Mr. ltilchia u?ed to ?ay , '-to carry tlie war into Africa." (Loud and long continued chcers.) One of tho chior aimcultiea that I had to t'Dc< meter in obtaining my owe coiuent to take acy further part in politics, waa a clrcumatance that I made reference to in the comra so cement of my remarks - that perhaps it a? a duty 1 owed to tho uarty to taha uo further active part becauae it had become raihloa aide with certain i wipers to denounce me as a dra* and an Incubus upon the perty, and aa one who wouM dcktroy any jiarty with which tie waa connected Am 1 i?m ^Cf*i t0 Kay cUewbcrc l*il winter. 1 congas the lact tbat 1 have been to a large eitent, a draa tor the party (laughter) if uot u|n>c ihe party, (cheer*) Tor I have never seen yet a rough piece ol ground t> cultivate that thev have Sot callo? ?PT todrag the surface and jret it iu order for cuilivatioa r,",,?r,I/ ho#over, that although m mr umefct need the ixvrly did not come to mr aid oxeeoi bere at homo, aascag yem aiy good frienda of t',e it v if Richmond, hut left me tj ii<ar the brunt of the KatUe ih VIZ ^ W? Ty 5 cl 1 wl" Dot "r?^?oid my aid r mm them In the eitrencity of their distress when they cUl d ii. cully Uist I encountered in consenting toappea- ataia as a public speaker, takln/ port in tbo active jioUticj of the day. was because u was my fortuna, whether for good or e 'II. two jean ago to take a position, olitarr and alote, which I have held ti * !*i I y anil conatsutlv to tho Pr'"#t nioxent, In which I drierol with my polit'cal 'rlcrda, and witu many. If uot all. In the South. 1 refer t J tl u Wtionrl compromise and, as you are aware for two ? nil re yoars 1 had to i' ar all the ret|>ou9iblllty ' aa?l ad the ooiutn that could attach to cne who vn suppoae4 t> be bonile to bis own regtoa of the country. And wiben, at a later period, I thought 1 discovered that the party to vbicb I was attached, and wbo'e luccesa I nomel anximoly dealred, was about to commit another fatal biune er n regard to the adoption of the ftanu twelfth scesttcn " in ditregard ot every poraonal conM'WaitoB I ttrew myse'r into ibe br?ach-as I did In 1 Hit and im p.oied the | arty not t > be 'e?i Into the error of adoptiac that miK-bievoua propwitlon and fjr this, likewise I had to ?uatain all ths odlurn and responsibility that at tai be? to one who wai dcnoncoed aa a traitor to hia I ?rty and hM country ? as one who wtarcaiy to sacrt Oerc all Socthcrn Interest* for the purpo.-?or procur.ig his own ptrtonal advancement. A angular mode. Indeed, to pr* e*at c one's advancement weul.i be t'oat of r'aciag I'lWM ?lf in oppeattion to every man ol his own party aa? hla own JHate. But the pee>ple e>^ tho K>uth are bf^.nniM lo kce Ihe ccme jui m et rr-ultmg fiom lii.-ie two mea suree. and now, at tho eleventh benr, U>? Amarlcan parly of ihia Kate, who oppeiaed my i>osltion u|>on Ihe ''tsreliui nciion " are found endnrslug It. Now that thia part* atd the wbijj party of tho Wale of Virrnla bate beMb la ?oU mn convention met an 1 endorsed and suatalned all my views and all my positions, brth In regard to the ?'twelfth s?-ct!0B 'and the rrpoal of tb<> Itluoun eoeapro mlse ? ( t/>ud cheers)? I itaod forward realy to do ? ?ttle tor them ?nd with them (loud cbjtra), oecauaa t?eiore they nsd done th?t. 1 ktew that I: would he Imp erible lor me lo go upon the sttnd w.lli a detao cta'jc upraker, and bear him claim credit for thai wluch I knew he was cot entitled to claim for a democratic ad trtni'tration? ol enlar|ting the area of slaverv. and ex tending the tnaiitntlon of utavery, without Veing cuae l eiud to res let them and la preeenting my own laanaa I >ne w ibere were Ihof o wh > wool i be reaty to aiciih the Ins ef ite Slate lo ire, if w.? should not sncceed aad declare that but for ibe "bull headed" obstinacy at l'<dt?, wfco would cot cotiiine himat-lf hi the issujs pra r en ted by Ibe rarty !or ll?elf. we ahoull hava beea tli i mpbaat. I did oot mrnn to alford tbcm an* such nppor tnnily for unjosl altrrka (loud chorrs ) ' Not so now they have made the Issun for theme, h-ca, and I staid here to etgLt ready lo addreaa an arg.imeot to yon, tba I eeple nf Klehmord, and tbrongb yoa lo ihe people of tba Hate, including peiaona oe aii parties whose minis are | open to conviction, and who are uapreoidlced and la [?artlal: te. thoae who are anTioeifl. oratlenH willing, ta '?arertain the trne enn<?tu?n of things In tne country , aad t- be gor*rre?l by Uinr convictions All arguments are thrown away upon tbeae hrelghiod. ignorant and ba ?.?Mt psrti .1 s who P'ef-r p^rty toeor-.try. I ' if tlnira ? >e any heve of th? '? .aurratl'" i?rty wb"<e m nd* are "tee to eoovietliin, snJ a ho prefer ibeir eount ry to their I *r:y, 1 th'Hk I ma- ay mat before I have ooocluded if ll?y w H g re m- ll?'i. poll nt a'tenilon. I will ahaw tN ;t! hs* D?t( ? l <?; If 11 H lo.-e-ar 1 wth ?> hoi Ini-is aad ? i-'a?itv, deiy n? ail than: . ioK ?r that sweet syraa ?" Whli !i wr r? . 1? vd p-ti . M v lor lim Im* twnty yenrs <>t 'Help us to^sve the Union thia demo r.1- iwrt * v ' " 1 1 I I >? - a l? n : and aalr veeec 11-e |i?i. end Mine e?pe<r.?l > would they . k r. r, vi n> 'S ol I lie Ho iti aod like l".?r.i mon ?? if there ?e.ts |?a|. 'an irmg lhetn 'h>y would ? <* now ii dre thnr acapactty loadmini Unr tbe gorera " ' l with .-r- <'il li lb* ip ' advantage to tlie eoue iry. end f k to h? rslleved of tle> re"? i?tl?i'..u<w reetins "" 'lien# ?ft i )?' - i 'Hi hiive ca.,1 fiat il?a ?? *' '**';e " Ih -it' ?l wv an ! " i Ihe th. repeal I the Mi?? ?!?' Ci?.pr-m..e I ;?? rm" ::ie party 13 make* ' r own - a i. It I Pie. ? , I ; H, , h <m that t" e?lM?els. : Sir ratil^d li st th- opportunity has at i li beenailerdrii me iS sd lresi. nesn sr? nv nt oa thie ill 'act to all trie fnen is of the flonth lor ihe paoon pr??? lies hoen ele>nl to ell argtimert* except upoa oae> tide an* that tbe wrong side: and it wo?|<i he ?traagni, laeietd, if the people were not n ?led under such rtrrun* v tarc< a. Now et me ask yo-i, f ret, what was this Mianoart . < eanprowilee ? What were the t<n imstences under whtoh <t wan adopted' Wist were ds irtnfsr By whom war* bey enieiyed At d what tin been tbe effect ofite repeal' set out elth the declaralicn. aa be ing the moet coaaet i nt ous rnnvlctii'n ol my best indgmcnt ? feelile ard lai j-er leel aa I acknowledge wsd know it to he? hot ! eel oat w lib tV dei larati' B lhat ajujrdlng te the beet eoavkv ,i ns U my ludgtuent, taal Missonri compromise at Ihe i n." sad under tbe clrcsmstannea It waa adopted, mm Mr the reece ol the country, for tbe intereats of the Sonth aad ler the perpetuity of the I nloa, beyond all queeti.* Iha l i st and wisest meaaure that ever obuined the ? of en American ttivgreee, (lord choert,) and that nnase I wni'v Wi repen^ uh ih* ar j rtrewm - that fcors m ? oal %( ?, i "as mini leewtow, h- mee' mfft?Wresa. th' %mi ??n. ide;. Kef (K* mm r.vjtr "*ieW? a.r tkti vai ensr rmiiml/mt l>y tkr rense ? r'rtin $ nf M peopfe. (txmd cfceere ) In traoiug the hiswr; ed thi? Missouri jompromUe, It will be r.soe^sary that 1 ?he.r.'sl ga ba< k M tlie tine of tbe ad >ptlon of the ceinatitupea, and ev?a a HlUe beyond that. At Ihe ti?e oi lbef i allien of the cmsMntton and of the Tnited Mates govei oir.est r.nder it, there was s large term jtt l]Tng aortiiwest af the Ohio river known aa the North . western ?ari It or y Thia waa provided ler by tboee wf.? ten ilpatcd the Rcvoiettna aad in ite mraatton of ui iw t tnttea. Jiv Urn amo -aiiBa of what haa since 'jae > hat wn aa tHWDiaet rrevteo thet Is to say, thai s'avar r in all ikaUVTItiirv then belonging to the T'ttltad f^Hes ? bculd%f froh,h:t#d. Thai lew bat iwn reeo^e #4