Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1856 Page 2
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Md daughter of "tin Catherine lAnglun, cl MsrysvtBe, ag. .1 :o years aad 82 days lu >*1. fiNCNCti, Annette M , tlaughUv of Mr. Samuel A. (Wpw, s$cd 10 vrnr- ao 1 8 months. t k. Miry Ihel, ua>'?tuer ol V. llel, A?ed 2 r?iri? ib4 * wictk* In-'..: K :i, o tag 4 I oy Ellen, laughter of \j> Vr .I . H. tte Wake&i-M, aged! year ud M days. V \ .j ll ?, \ 8, Kate, m aut jughtur ol Joseph er C.'N . i .. l> II. iged d mouths si>d id da?s .a 1. [i .i .! > 31, Al'red H, Wilest ch Id of Mr Md Mn J H Bossies, atfe.i 4 year* At Eureka, July JO, htUleM Bct.arvey, age.l ab-ui 80 Mn. t* I t . ' 18:2, between !ndei*<n.l m o anil Salt 1-ika ?My, Mr ' T> *';ko, e*'''1 21 .warn 11-' -j.2? Francis**, '-apt. J*-" Rtyuol ta. a native of A * Ba" ? alt; ot Ph isde pi.ia,) age* 38 wars. lu Jfcn Fr 1 ,r-i?co. of c.ygeotery. Ruby Anna, .laughter ?" W. aiid Ma. a K Miller, aged 1 yom, 4 mJUihs and 12 ua> ? . At?jM J.*?' Aug 8. a. J Yaiee, Kaq., aged 64 yeans. At Ouvulaiid i Hauch, Hannah ?VQee h use, if d 5 yean U vrav'e .Kancb, Trinity county, David Pottin |C a 1 kt M ? ' f-'COtla J u*ed 34 years hi i p r A' -< o Aug 18. .-?u ah ' Caroiuie, daughter of j Ok yh I . sou Mary Wade aged 6 tuenlhs. The MarkiU. Ftuacwoe Aug I'J 1MM ? fYorR ? Transactions te-i ay ?"DQ up \nnl to #70 bbls .1< mestic and 105 pkgs. Bsstorr fleii r la jobbing low 1,880 ball eacka Golden Sat. , supertioe aud ".6<l qr *nckn do. do gold for export on private ieeni!- 200 10 Magnolia and 20? do. City Mills, at >7 80 4PO do M.igi <>lu. 425 do. <lom<v>t c and 100 do. Cebl'nCate, a( *?! 50; 5o0do. Alvtsoand Wdo. Casonercial extra, at 88 60; 2u0 do. Kowl r's Belfrets tag, at >10 86 bnly Haxall ami (iatWg04, sold Ut Iota, at $16 20 oimi SoU'olk MiWB, at >13. 4,\r> Bka.v ? saiwg of 1 000 !bs. California fresh Cronbd "oit'Oi. al ?5',c 28 bbla sweet cistern do., u 4 ion.' bran sola it bi . Wi .T ? fh.Mi.qoir> hits be?-n brink he.1 gal"S ?ctive, tt tb? tollowiDg rHti?!? of i(j >ri s ? Sa.i?g of 3.371 hags, io alght oU. I,0< 0 bar" S '!d arMve, on prlvte ter 11a 10l? o , b" ? S'- 'JO 1" r 100 Ihi ; 4^0 10., at 15, M d... at ; '.. ; do *nd 114 do. ? <?M at ? '^c. ; 800 !>., at ?i ' 1 ; 14-j o , tt f - 30 Biklky ? 8alea 01 I . '6 bags, :n Qve lou, at tbe annex ed rat"' ? 500 t ..({? ,'ju iiu *'i'i 1-0 ao uold at 2c. ; '^60 4a.. at >U 02,'j ? 2 5 do. at $1 <i7>j (X?TH ? ol . 50 bass at >'^ 17)^. Pwtati s Si <>? 1.170 bagv, ia mi iota, at the fol towlnu ra*.'? ? 1 1 0 ba?? 1 6 0 do., o40 do., IO11 Uo aa.1 50 do . at ^ -t ?? i?N'w>N!< ? In bag" "M at \i. Bb.a*-' ? ?*?! nrK'iiip . w California bayos at 8c., Vhig t?e "rat gale 01 the -easoa; 18J buga red at .>>40 ; 00 Ho while at 12\<: 9a . ? 1 5 ten* i- fid a'. $:0 1' .) 2i?i; Sbte clear po-k, very choice, sol 1 at r? ? ^ale 60 nam< in brine, sold enterals aot stated. IrriK. ? 100 flrktat sold at 3 s/^e. ; 50 do. Oregon gold ?140c *v <ia* ? 500 bbl?. cmsfaed old ai 16?. Aijsonm ? Soiea at a ; ?. jo ol 1.5 i(eb'4 so'.t Ebelled at the , 2* ke It* a x at 7c. Or~?if . ? 100 tl. ./en RaMlBora brat -is sold at $7 50. Ts*c ?200 ptckag'.a bla 4. to! . at U7 >?r. per la. fa*rm> ? i.00 doz'.'n I. e?o ptacbes, Utltimire brands, ?Old at >4 Bk_v>dv ?45 C.-.3- s old Q brandy gold at auction at $3 75 ?S4 driRTT^ 1 1 TeaPErnxi ?200 canes and 60 do. soid at >1 fer pallor. Oil ?20 jar j China nut 0.1 %ild at auction at 96c.; balance ol the lot>dnwn. Iowt kk ? 4u0 kegs blasting powder sold at >8 per k?'g. CU>!vij ? 36 boxes (?? od 4 dmantjie sol! a', uucu^a at 88c. Stwi from Oregon, MORE SEVER* yiiiUTIMO IN THE .SEAT OF WAR NORTH- YOLCNTEKRS YICTOKIOPB. We are m rtceipt 'l .'?ril*LU lepers of tbe 2d of August, b*tsg saven day> ?tor Jrcm the '/rw.f.ntcn we learn thul two more ?er?re 'n battlen I1.1t e be< n (ought sine- ia.;t a^oountu, ,a both ?f wl.ich tbe w.sre ranqai^he.1 by mo toIqo lanrft, with preity r. v. r" !i . * 00 boln m Ics. 4 cor rerpon.ieut writing to tf e Orf iiM f'om bea-' qu*r ter* in the Wall* Walla V?U.-> , u . <> r late July -?ith, fi*e? the foiio wiag ivxouLt oi tht! iif m,i!g in th*i ?>< tun Cm the flth of July Majo" I^ytoj with 142 m^o, pos< d of tl e Wvth;r.^ton an 1 On K"u lolanteers. sc'.o-at in ?> runt' f tb-coamyup lobn I ay's river, outdid uot'over lal < tflf m until they reni .aed thv h> *<1 wdU-rr or the B .rci river, where Le came uj> wito th?m m tbe l^tto; but oe k?rf Mh Mivai ? I gi *"1 fa* even * lnl a/: they irei. kllbaf two 1 f the wt.t?-?. E??ai sad ! ' n Sinitb. w<Hb ^f Oregon wb> r ? I!k-> ltare 'arge faiaihc.^ Tb? SfhtiLg waj! kept up the nest 'in>. being earned oa IB a r. u^b ? at yon the Ten ant occ.pj iutftbe ij:lij, ifiv.D^" Ibii 1 i n ? 1 1 ? 1 1 ig 1 aotwniistar.i'.ng wtucb botween M and 40 01 thc.r Lumber wire killed, be-- :.a ? m 1.1 1 0#e of tbe w bite- wa? aiK> aererely wound.. Ou toe <ao.*: oay of tbe ergacenient 011 Bsrnt r.v.r. VOK/BCl tbaw gtartad Inr the (jrund Koade valley, Will; 811 arcii. en i?i!j 17th, bo rra oed tbo Graad R<> rt%'tr, and fouad a large body ot 1 : i.sii' .ncam;*1'! < 11 Ibe wi?tsl1e of it. He lniia' t'lal. ly i.tta.-*cd tiiew. wb -n, alter a Bbort reststaace, tney tle-1 iloau the river Cue bSBie'-r" pur? ? i.g tb- ll. i<xt eight ort .22 m;io?, an:.: t y escaped in tbe mouutama. ktiiiof about forty el tr."ir ??imber, and wocndin many ouiers >urty o~ tli:. fetdtar. horses were killed, anl 20O hea'l ' bows un mnleg captured Several U?ou/<aJ jio'.nda >?, "caiiaa" ax.d 41 oonfe, " a kind of food a'b.cL the enemy were col lectieg and during wefe de?troyeJ. t?<<at 'juintiti?*s nf powder an 1 '.ead ? ere Uken, tbe ??**ges Lavurf. ton irary k> geaarai b? Her, encagb of tbese ar.l zlca to cairy ea a war ee?3 for y< ?rs. gf-'O' .wb?w lo;| L'iree ?"n. ff.n n.'lmei', Km Irving and Wm l Tooly, beaidea a oumber xverely wounded Out tbe giva?. 1 have teen (?> ba lly ? a pp?d it u thougtt tbey v?;ll atver dare meet tbe Voiante >'S agtia. rt. -ge are tb" race ladiacr, coatlstiun' ot 'iio W* % ifa/i (Jay nee, Jobn ivy s. and several other trioet, wo.-h the ?oiLCleer? chw'.ired ;a?t * n ? r. near th? ?'?? g n line. Tte Nez Teires, who had become much diaaS^Ued of late and Mndrf to Join the bos*tl<i, It is tUo .sbt wiu rema.' quiet cn h-arlag 0 the ba'tlc? at the l! irt?k r aa i <>rsud iUiade. n> -vs of ? hicb ba l I en gent to tfce'i. Tbe H ackfee. rec_a n cm' tted and frieadlf UtepneB Brown, a m< tuber of Oospany C. Oregou Ras.ger. wa. ?t.. t rntbe '.O'.f of JUy b\ ta. g> aid at the mi!i?a') poet T>b Valley, fc. ni* a-.?w?nng tb> cha l-'ttge at tii tbr.e umis , .ea 11 died the foUowtng *The be aeers 'w lb ? Colt lie m'ne? ?-aa ratber fev< -aV.?. 1 in an ba. teg < ?m<: Into tbe 1 *l?e wiih ll> ? .a dull %wo oSber*, who tisd bee:, tber' dui.rg 'he winter. SS 7 'j0. A pirty o lit en wai about Ieaniisr tbat po.nt fcr tLeec mm ?.?. us1e T V ,e t*.H lie .or. the cxpre.-o.aa, the fia!'^ on tS'i letju y, rode lo ,-t. Wa-y'g a it. ?mere Ot Bo., aulii.-'. ?a<t raters, d n tbe 27th. travel .ig m e>t of <be time at aigh'. He eneooi tertd a terrible bail *1 rm 00 tbe TooeUa. ibi ?tor, ? aversf.og an tried m iiiamner It .ari-i abo .t tve a. ? if* euttirg one man badly ob tbe be*d, throe ee.crai ftO'o tbeir h trsee, act oauesag a geunrgt s'ati) i> i> f*tinw f. II on tl Hiti?r Root Mountains to tne aeptii of thil ? 11.. B?? OB tbe nth Of J'.ly II. e weather n oregoubM been CJCtsei rt\r but, wtta pre*p.' 11 covtiBuance. Tbe Urig I r?r c >? 0 ww tak lot 11 a ia?r? "argo at P'ft i.d, and ? ? ..d sail ',11 tao or tbrr 'ays lor tn * port Mr. B < ii?^f..-it h? ' jii?t girm a xmo4at at Purt laad, which waa largely rttcaded 4^.1 gave _re?. s?i . ; Mk-ti< n. Tbe bark Ore an Bs'd Ltd arrir.4 with a lull cargo, *bi was to aelliK a few :?y? 'or n ?'raacl*co Tte Csmiers ? eta en a.ed nth" nUdat of tbelr bar we*ia. wl. ? h were Ijrr g o*:t ft I. Mrcl.anta aere Ar t / a belter bnatneee ib*d .? .*1 at tbla ?aeon there ^MkViBg beet a got a trace, botb w tii the Valley and tbe fiali>(, SEW* FftHll JltH" MUYIDI. Bitenalve tire at I'a nawa? Fatal l)ui l tMicsiiliatton of the I* ^telMtmre - Improvr smentM by the ftallro:. .1 < Hinpan)- ? Charge* ef the I'rtted Ntatee A^alnat the lathnine Aelborltlr* ? Ore Ml of Yankeee-Bonnd ? y Line t>rtii*een 5ew Granada and Cnata Rlra. From New (.raaada we bare fiier from i aoama <toi Asp: nw* ' tn tfc< 4tb of Sept. mber Iff ^ HrrtUl of iateat date has tbe following sees summary ? About bal' paet ataeo'eloeit on theslfhi of Mth Aofriet, a Ere broke out e the etore of Taieietc Mulltne, mie r>f the old woodm hoi.<esoa Ibe I'layaPrletu Atoae t nselt wae ^Kiu? ht that the entire Oeimgi would be la flame", and tbat tbe <ie?t? etivc dement would sweet tbe wh ile Ar rabai h te .B.poaeible for u* ?r impute the damage but tboee wbo know b<?i plssre it at 000 or lOO.f.O') e ts toe aecond fire w- have Uai' to n'tioe dur ng oar reel aenne ti t%aama both or glnat*d from rbeer esr?lee? a esse M<1 both rom tbe 'ajme <~aosH> Patrick Mulllas or some of his a?*\etar.ta wa? botti" t agaardieate by ca*i die light the liquor took re. tad h-noe tbe ooonsfr* ttoa <m tbe alVrBoosi ri F'ttay. Me of k'.gin. a fata' c'oel t "ik place at ' aroadu a?ar l aeama b?i-*e-o two restdet ?? of "aaasna, named Jo?er ??! ? en 1 I?r. -o Ter%r la wWrb tbe lailee revived a ball m hi* heai -e i* tig in Otaiitaaeona death ft api-ear? that a ismi.y 11" -ulty between these perenas had led Teeaa to demttad eat. (far Hon 'reel Oil" WBtcfa resulted 111 tbe d-Ml aa absve ?tet^d. Tbe I^flelalnr" of r?Bame had met s> tbe m-nbeet tHjr.g peraer* Tbey would irob'sbiybe ?wne lay ta dc dmg wh sin flll tbe r.overaM.Bt cbstr Pr t ?l? , l.aa row I 77?> vrdee of S majority In the ?tate but the liar par / a'e t;,e ^troeg.eil In tbe A -etahly aad it ? tberefure prM.aMe ir%t the latter will be electe l TSe S'lSyorvni r.t jr.a 'see pnhi g.ven notice that the 3a?ty fCalvn) will not if elertetf, b showed ?la?'' b.? i?', Ui ?htc? ease there erlil, very likely, be ecu lata* a. ? , . orral row aeosr Ibe two parties, H Mariate Ar" ?^tn?i?a has bee.i elaste ' ("reetdeat pro trn. of trie Ar een> iv *e ' rrei:s AB?no \ ee rroFirfeat, .V. Vlgti*fffMI ? ? gu?- -r Male" It ra l? ?<eeretsrf Tbr ' Wi* 'be '(? brig Paleetr ? Ifisg at Asptnsrall, ba.; attenu ted '0*111 tbr ture ersw 01 thsi veeael by la eer- g v - "c In 1 1 " - fbed. l>??r ?e? ?i| siu-t?! a 'tti severe r i?.tti g, hut tortsoeteir none .rftbrm died Toe C?.t s ?ee/-'ide'i and bad n 4 a r -.?> . -*r h'tr I of Tl?? ' ?ra?r a aeye ?tin the err vai of the last Stea-n. - et '"artl agem w<- learned ths' tSe eejil .'ti "f the br / Jahea which left here ,m the ot>, io'ia-it for tswaa as. ha-1 ''i^B there r- mpehed to p%T do?s, after bavdig beea pi'i ?.ii d'acharged tl flatila M aet-a tb?.r? rrtr rrt' g a rerfja-ste flfeiearSoce hav'- r i CoaK1 here, romp Cted ?li'eharge rar.elvad here, t | r^rtin-nU- of< ar u ~ aad then /me on tn ^atisoi la to wsd We ttadees'ard tV <nee were 'wid tindsr pmtaet It is to hs h he- Brituimc ?nj?ri} '# acrew ?(sa?i"?, tfc Arehef. whieh ?rss si Csrth?'-?na whes the ctoarn -r hKt, W 1 sttci.if to this OkSiter before ehe c .tn^s this m ?y V* ale bear l Wwtt abe Will have neaseion to eat. at Jhr-aa del Toro tme of the gnn halts of the fleet pal 1 a vut the'e, the otliar daf. w? sre teid W fear It rumo-ed *?>?? W"M "??'? by the I .same Jfctllroad ,'tomi?nr nw P? *. H*p* bar s; f rrmsd with the iBUat .x ??rartn? ? ?mrl? >* m 3 w for Aq^awal! The Aaptnwall Oim*Ur o f skpUrobor 2 kit thu f> Mo nag news repo?te ? Ii is elated he Mr. Corwlat oaergee upon ibf Paruma ? :tbor:t|. ? the jhtaf cu pebility of i*m terrible r< suite ol A??ril io? eet.meiee the dama^m at half a million of uollare? urgf ihopcopritty Mid neoasMty of prooipt retribution sbu recommen Is tbii pur. Usse >1' uie fciste of Panama from ibe g .vrnment of tbe republic Tb* v> K for Prtr-Uivnl. u *-"unday ul, i t ihis city, stood tbue ? For Ttouaa C. Modquera, 64, for V Murilio Toro. 18 Kl I'ammfnn of .\ogwt SI, . cder the caption of ?' Alar gw" e'tar J'piy the two pe ti<? io tbe L?* is latin e to be raulio'tfc id ihrir treatment of each oih.r Mil* . ? Be tt remembered that the eagle of tbe North hovers ov*r our heads, and teat bis talors are ecay, to total disregard oi liti-rneltonal right, J> miUk no t morally, to *?ise us and to biEd us to the n lunipbal but ce*itoUo car of Yankee rule.'' It is rtated that the bonndary limit* between New lira ra<!a and Co* la Hica m cured hy Herran, touches the Atlantic coos' at Sluola, eighteen ruii'M west of Bo a del Drego and Pi. derepu. wtnnb la the nor'bwetitern point of the ltigooa ol' Boc<l? del Toro and nine tunes from Bocat dtl Toro settlement ? thus giving the whole of del Toro and Chinqei I IglXM to New <lronada, id lieu or half of which they have heretofore bid. We obavrie boUi iu the Bug. u. and Panama papers Duntlou made ol lh* fart that Venezuela La-i recently raised a aiantiii* army of ten thuu-aud men and tho.u papers depree lie the nit a-ure slrouglv DUTCH CHAUX.KY'8 KKPtTTEB DOINGS AT r AN' AM A. [Front the 1'au.m. > H- r?u, Se^t 4 J A pa.-i?eD|n i t>y the S. Dora infot in- u* ttiat C. P. D lane is ?well;og uiiihij l>:g at I'anae a (Maiie vent on hoard the Souora the uay cbe .-a::?d, with alt the tli^h of bU )i'>utgiiw*ry street days, but dresao.l a tittle alter the liituadian ftu>hl<<n. weiixiug a iarga 1'a'iatua hat. He veiled the vessel ui c. n.pait/ wi.h a captain (roin a man of war lying at Ptuani* and never*; other geutiemcn. They dr.-tnk w:ne together in tbe cabin We out the above artlole from a Sin Francisco paper, in ord?r tbet we may :t a tn.?t uo<; minted denial. The o ly mar ot war tu port is the >>t. ?lar>s. wti we . oin rattatler is t^n^aUt Hailey. well trowu and defceivetilv re spee'rd on the coMt, an ! could n?v<r even in the mind* of ev.l thinker? I ave be- a conre't 'tl ? ill puch t van as '? 1'iitch (barley," and tv>at ho ever vuttod any veesel in company with Captuin Pai',. y and any gtrDtleaiau lu l'ana tta. we ni'.st unequtvocaliy den, finoc the above was written, ?'?ptain Ma'ley has. a' he should to, iVfe'i any acqiiHtn'-auce wun Mie Individual aliutteii to We tru.-t ti u tbis deuial will in justice, be copied tn the California and Astern i taper*. Clt.D. Attbetrrsi bouse of thf) na IUilroa-1 Company, Pabama, August 24. cf dise.t-e c>f the I ver, i>*v1d OeMI tree. (Utc U. t?. N..) #gt-j ?H years. i? eatlve o K ye tie ville N C. ?t the time of h s den'*! Mr O wat first ol Ucer cf the I *iuma i^i road Comjtany'i 'teimer Colum bus. <'n board the ft-irn'r Bolivia on the voyace fron i?? fi?tca to Guayaquil, of dj setter. v. *lr Samuel Bium of Maryland, TtiiU d S ates Ou ThurRd?y. Atigen ?e, at the hosp'Kt' of tb<i Panama Rai'.ioad, at A.apinwa!), Mr Ri t-nrd Wall, of Sow York a uative of Pnglauc, a^ed abvut '2^ yt-a-B Mr Wall was tiret mate, ana in charge of tt.? ?hip Joria, ;y mg at anctor in Uie port of ABpiuwall AFFAIRS LI CEIVrit lL ATIMLiCl. The U'alker Blo< k?dc? Army Miivements In .\Karagua? Coat Klta stud tiaatamala Advancing Agnlnat the New f*real?lent. i From the Pat ama Uer?l t, Sept. 14 | The Br;ti?n steamer T- e br.a^s u? a copy of a most ex traord ina ry do-.ree. lacue'l by I're- la.-nt Walker by which be orders that all tbs rorta of Central America both on (he Atlantic and ?'ac.P . eTceptltj those of Saa ?luati del V'orte and San Juan del St r, whioti arr allowed to remain open op account ol the pisaeujier travel, shall bt considered ur der blockade. How General Walker UiterrJa lo enforce hi? decr?e, not havlLg a^sir.glc vessel .n h s nomirl ma is a mytery to u?; but ?e presume his object is, to get up a pnvateer icg eipedlti'.n to Cahlbrtiia an i New Orleans and sel.u all the SoLth Aicrican \ ? ?? .? whlci) ho may tin 1 trad Ing along tbe coast This wir be one way ol racing too w:t and suj porting h s govt run ent, but wc auapcct, it will prfve a ritber risky use Trie next thing we hta'i bear |protab'y, will be that the Gtneral has I luekaded Europe. The Royal West Inola Ifail tlcamor Dej arrived a At fcwall on tbe 'ilkl of Aitui't !nm Ureytown, with dates to the lttlh u It P t sident w alker's prospe' U are not. from appearances, growing brifh'e an 1 if r"p/rt cal be reiiol on, bis fate is now -oon to be rt ci led by a baitv We le?-u lb it he I a* la<! a quarrel with Ur Manning, til j B-iiieb tjo&sul at Kealt.o aod &ctua ly him f'om ' dice afpoAtetl one else t? a. t lu Li* su^i. ';unl the .n ttch gni in? nt ar.pi itiu ai-i'ther t mi il. The General, so report ?a;*, has advised the Biitl<4i coiefMtent of the rtcp be bas takin We exp-vt <>.wo w) Ueaf that ho but1 dtclarecl war agaicst C.riat Critatn ;Corrc?pontl .see cl tic Panama TIcraM ] A.?r; <.* a lu aujJ. 21 185?. ] bfg lo :c'c!D you that tli" RoyaJ Mi.; .neaacr Ilea, Cap*. Wooicutt, arr ved at Panama at '.o- n thin .'ay. Iht nt*' from (;rata UconU;nA oothr..gCiJ .'opo: tioce. When we left the river boatt were hturly expocl.d, v?:tL the Cahloraia ; aitseogers. Tbe < rumors were current on shore, but must be rt i-fired wi'h otrenv caution ? Cuuumu.a la sai i to It advancing wiih 4,000 mil uadcr (a. rera, a> d t o?ta He a hu> H?t Sed her ittt -auoa ot a^aln rjmg htr lor.unc usdtc the sair.e commaoiler. Riva? still ton's his position .it f < id w :n 700 nice. uJ is for II f?itg its tutj>o?if. II deserterc arc t > io bellerod, Wilker's poeli on at the present s very critical, to aay t ie leas'. Ibekarali nioa.-ures he l.a ado;>t'-d towards the vth.tes figb'lpg with him has rendered Li : n diata'tef il to them as a com nan er. I rovl loos and ni iuey w er< ? oth rcart e a: (traoa<ia Walker Irlei a scaler officer. of <be cane of Tnlla>a. a Nicaraguaa. for trea<on, and snot tlm he belonged to the Rlva? pirty. The American Heauscr Cahawba. Ca| 'aio Bullock, \* rived at GreyUiwn ou the 18tfc. with dateA from N ?? York to tbe ''th inst. She brought 870 paaaengers asd tec arti.iery men (or General \t alker. StWS FB01 TDE bOlTH PAC1HC. The Bolivia, Cap -a n Henry Wyld, reaehed Far-ira on the 2Ut of August, Magtng dat* rrom Val|? ia so to the 1st nit., and from OalUo to tho lit:, of s.itt') month, with twenty one paaseticors, aod over one bunOrcU thocsasd dollars ia treasure. Atu'.tg-t tbe passenger* were? -llr. C Kalnscbmidt, > I McNul'.y , e. ClcmrnU, P. Pctrovlta, ti l.obr.son, Tlteotit re P.uas. <">. B. t.'orer. Cant Mt S'eil, J Th tro, i' .bit Farn er and son. Santiago Trtu, Carloa Bolt I Au?>.\ Mnre aid igtia'.r. Gem The new* from the Southern Coa'l pomsasw little or no jitcroat. CHILE. rTtj Bjrsm.v- 1 .fjuvwor* t >s mtstt? n si it ciTtwtt/? kawAi.n or kMi.M - r taij ?i? '.taw* nt n ? iuiijioai .?*? rt Wl> 1,1 i<n? x *1* In t bile the elections w ere i"tiiiK on, but ? r - there had t n y Lreii oii<> vote i,a ml the r< turn oil' U Monti at President o( the rep>ibil- . A i#tj :,ad beta established n R.nt;,i/') for promot ing tmblie .L?irucllcn, eed otter ?-t w re endeared bj the gnrnomt w a rut e wa at oift bcicg eiucteU t , the < r n? ut CL. ?a t. ttr.-m. Ato> Molina. It bad '<eeB decreed thaluil tncrrhandle* lntrr-1 t-ed from ti e trir-it'ine rep> t . aad <iep?<Mad ntbaValpa ra^o < urtom House. u;ter l*th Hay. * a' to be < r?jiu^? frem dtity, as txjre*<>"' l the uew tr. aly. Tl.ctrratyof frfrti iiihip and oot.inBi with gsrtllala had been ? 'included A pr ijieitr. c< a> tract a n !r->a.i rr< -n 0<ee*t>ti >t toTa' caltuai by Lata Con ino, * aa ai -.'.t betag ?>. >n itiet to ti agr-is. The wotka i.a the > alparaito Railroad wen actively ?'.ting on The repabtle was very Uaaqall. Bu?in<?a is aot bn?' . arrivals being I rn t*d . pr e* generally sv aly . V.ouei 'i ootid, for 2<<i It ? tlr 60; topper, por >|q I . , in bars til if. cor t per fait ga $4 75 Frcg* is ? For It.- ar l, 1.4 a at l^s H<nbur? ?4 il< a ?4 If* 1 ranee, 11 Of. a ll&r I n:te?l ftatef. ?J2 a fSJ. Anatral 930 PERU. ttt? *AW?>At tmrwjmrm w u m wvL-<-it>e?? mn m cat rnuj.Nr.? a fkKt^u* i.uKmi Birti>m<>? mkm | ot ? Ttuia asmai from "'era we learr that the National Contention pro longs its ses'.ons w 1 ih '.'it any sue ess that Uie c.H.Ltry Is far frr-B tat.-fie I with lie coastttuilonal labors, an<i that a very extlted and an -ry foi feeling preratl' l am ngsl the people Government was considerably alarmed no aoonual of tbe Peruvian rtlogeee' ruBDored expedition, which, tt w?-> said tbey were prepare* in ' b .e. ant whtcli had Utsljr acquired a semblance of reality, the Petuv an litmie*. JVt or Zsgarra having sent from Valparaiso Ute steamer Fosioro. with doepateliee to bis government statins test i.ererais Fxhemque. lafneete and others, bad sailed to the Peru t lan coaate. ia order to head a react ?<? which wat lo lake p.aie there l*>puty Carero bail Mfm pte ! t., the Minister of I ioani? before the Naboaai Gob raatloo. From Ar.ea and Aqoiqee we have the fallow ng com men lal advice* ? Uitnmerriai operatiou during tbls month (July) have been cxtens ve The market hat been well Mocked with msrcltanllM by tbe laet importation*, and cnoatderable ?alee bave takm plae? B^idee this, all tears of dis turbarres la Bo ivia bad ceea^l. an I sp?coia?ors had a>; quirt 1 great confidence I'urtng the last dsy mporta l as bal taken ptaee In the John Marshal, fW m Ui" I n.ted Mala O>rr?-o del Fur. I'aci;,ca, Virgin. e Hur t l.uiea at.'! Mar>a Isabel, from Valparaiso and Chi'ean porta Tie es ports from lonline hs v% been ("nrlag the moui'i of J'ay as fttllowt. ?To Fraoee, li7,';o* tow a*l'.iw"e. to Eng. anil. 16,'i4u do 4o Hamburg l?,l.'t^. Total, 12, 711 Ma Htx atitp, were kak.nir cargo, aa i ba<l already 40 0T0 Ions 'tn bt*rd This port ad?ai>e<? daily, anil the ship ping ot saltpetre m eae.< r sing* th? fever Itvs comp'etciy dlrafpeared Ti e op"?ittg to (wnni?rr? of a new > av r.i-ne! itinia waaspok-nrf It IB stteated betwten p see a au lMa j'i!t?ea. ai d nearer to Mie aal peire be'ls BOLIVIA. Nothing Bew has uaauri sd m ti ? raynbWr There i.m ?een a rich ciscovery nf gold diircogs 1b tbe river Cho. quetnat i wbieh were hrg.nBi'ag to produce ? ir.i sensa tioa in Ui? ooi ntry. The country was tranqn i \ewi frnm A Wet rails. OOLD FWflFT A WD Mf?T iwr< ? rtOTH MABggTS - eTWAM POSTAL HOtT* TO g?1 1. A J?f Bv way cf Par ama ? have eews from Mel >'nnM, Aasiran* to JuBe 4. aa?. 'rom Mydney, New HotiUi ^aiee, to ' n? " a _ Tbe Araiiia. at IiilHhx frow l.'rwpool, had Melbciurne items ! Jure to, bat Ihr lMellige?Oe Waa not so ful as that received i.y the Idrinre l*w. Ptdr?y e. wmerrui *<;vs< e?, of .Noe 7, say ?Tbs Mm int of gt id iasned by the Mydney branch of tbe R"yal d'ir i g the we?k ended ca 'th ba* been 20 000 hs f J fotOVMgse. The amouat of gold dnst mi"r> l iatn the 1 f?m? (rtablubiatnt during the w?ek ft r the perpoae ol J roimte hu been 1,898 ounoaa. The W eater n ftcort ar lived n tbe morning of Cih Inet. it the CXrfooial TrewJ rv ?mi delivered of gold du*t 1,112 onnaoe, 15dwW , 12 srs. The Hour market l* dull, u>l witheut to itmc Fine Hour w quoted ?26 per tou, a?coute ?23. BtttO'iy, '3*. ?d * 14h Ruro. 30 P 6# eu ? f>s yd Haas MP In d? maud at la M a c ' the Utter dull of rale. Htce it*. per be* At Syd'ti-v f>> m 1830 to 1840, the Import* were grato niu (li t. aMn#, from 40 to 80 per ceut ou the total Kii-m 1841 to 1861 the imrorte were gradually de CM'K-iti* ti?ni 62 to :?? p.r cent on the total *iace the guld rt? o\ ry, from I8t2 to 18f6, tbe Import* during ? ln> pent d raeged witli 28 per cent averse on (be UiUl At If ft l'bll "P the in, porta in 1889 ranged with 4 per c? ?t f u tlie l?la I Uto iu 1840 rai.ged wttb 8 i>er cent OD lilt U 'hI Krom 1841 to 1861 the Imports were gradu ally me ? hudb tram 16 to 39 per cent oo the total. *oce it,; goio dwcov. ry, from 1862 to 1866, ibe importa during lb if period rtugeil with ?7 per cent averaga on the " RerprctUig pteam pojtal comuuolcatt in with the mother ccintry, we learu from the Melbourne Argut that the route via I'le^o liaroa way the moel popular. Cricket. THE GKEKT MATCH BKTWEtN CANAMA AN? TBI I'VITKU ST AT r 8. This match wse concluded on Friday, in favor of the Vniei tates e oven, w'th nine wicket* to go down, ijome t ithe best players ol the Canadian eleven were pot out for small scoree, repecialty iu U?" flrnt tuning a""1 several of their men were run out, particularly iutv" donbtlul decisions ol the umpire in their secoud Inning ? Mr. Cte, especially, being very generally considers! by tbe spectators as having been given out wrongfully Their bowlerB. although very good, are not sqnal to ibe inevit ble Cuyp, to whom la mainly attributed the r.uo. cew ? f the I'nited Stella eleven. The Canadian el"> at. a whole, are dcciden'.y the. best bat*. and aU are moe< excellent tlelde rs t in invidious to make any selection but Here was certainly a more thau ordinarv dlnpiuy ol life iolhe tetne whilst Messrs. Howard, Harrtmge Pick erirp Boullbre and I.ousada were at the wicket* ino last ramed geot'emau is a cap ain in the 9th Regt. R A )now quartered in Canada). and was one tT the heroes > f tbe Crtmfa who first entered tbe Rroan. on tne ism of Ju?e, 1 S&6. ? n the I'utted State* side, Wright ?folt>v, *u, '.or and Higbam batted very steadily in ibe first lua ii,g= aLd Senior anu Uibbs made quiw a brilliant <ti*i>l*y their innings being helped very datWetly 'V tie ttate rf the ground on the tlrn rtay. ?" consequence of tlie storm of wicd and ratn, ?u ! the e!'P ^rj cUte of the ground and ball; It spciks fur ifi-l' when li is seen ib?t lour of the be.t wi khi? wa . ,t .? fcr the first 26 runx. and duriog and aft, r the tain, lor ? lots of two more wickets; when tne pi-y stopped ior the day 89 runs were placed ou the scO'e,a'.: l >3 ti." ' lowing morning tilbbea and Iliguaw. who ha<l mvl < the moat of tbe score on the tlret day, and tne two returning wickets were put out for 22 row; so that it was imely as Mr Pickering observed whiift giving up tne trophy ot victory-" the cricket ball"? that but r?r tno rain tut vicu.ry miglt have been with tho C'ana. iun* Biniham, R-j-low a"d ^l.arr,, played v.-ry nicely in the 2d iumut,<? tor ww stop we have teen ? some time, ??dw a flashed batter Durirg the two .lays there could not have been lets than seven or eijibt thousM. ,.p. cvttora preseut, and . n the 88X>iid aay esjK?-lally; gnat uuinber! ol ladu-s were pre*ent, who Ulled tbe tents Slid every svu ,<ib.e seat: "vie> were also f> be dtottngulph c,l In groups. In a most Pi' turesque manner in vano'u Zu t( tho J round. Tno celebrated Bredv wok* phoj.. irsi 1 ic v>ew ' acenv, lakmir ti> the wn ,leofthe crcket g,?l.nd. wilu tb ? t - t-adirn eleven in the very ac.t of p'W frukei wlili.-! 6e against two of tne UiM ? *?? batsmen, and tbe iicme. ce called >ox Hi'.l, wh. ;u w w a), ? covered ? Mb sj -'CUtors Mr. Pickering, the of the ( auii'iians tn preaentlng tt.eb. II to iheluiy'd Mates eleven, expressed himself on be halt of dians, bigfclv gtat'fteo with the reception tliey ha I rt i with. ?r.ti ''fpeil liierr mu;bt always lean aiuuai .oa.. ? between tl.o two co'intrUse an t tha. tht n< xt one t" - b? played oi. cowe neutral grouj,d, p.-rt?ap< at Jal's. lie hoped that the Caua Uu might win the n.xt bal! Tb?e?' cheers wer? then givu for the Oina' .. with a hearty pood w.l!, and a nger thrown n. w -ich was rtturucd be-rttly by lh? def.ated party. Mr behalf of the I tilted .-'la^es et> T^ni ext.. eased tin self highly i ica--Cil ?'th th^ir .l.-tory, aod he gr,at piiaiurethey had on reo-iving a vi-tt ffom hit- hon >r the 1 rd JUl or ol Trr. Lto, w(.o had ?cw<i a, um D,re r te Canaciats, ac" ic^r Uod fiat on >uxour:t t. ? lr n-t be ?ginlor'oci ot lr' mf naed via.t. a recev^ in had I. t ' fudged to him, n..t ouly on a-vount ol tho d.s Kut fted he tttl-d, but a: o tu "*<*?<<??* ihaiacier as a cricket* rand g.ntleman. T h ? scarton hSowil the crlek. tirg world which has never Um h tr.Viailcl > the I i*iU:a dtuto? bc.ore. Ikt iriiow.tig is the score ? ca?*t>A. . . , Firci I*. /rin'npt I'trgocs b. BarUor 3 b ^J!>P .JJ II,w.rdrvt,.u t 4 b Coy p ? HardUg' b Ci yp ? "? 2 Gate b Fail'r 0 rnB "'l1 J P.?ker 0 . n?: out ^ r rLt r;i i' b Coi 1 b fjirher cuyp!.. * c <; bbes b. Cuyp 23 l oiter b. Cuyp - ^ ? Hn llbee b St ni"r 18 b ? I nlllpctta b. Cayp 0 tm mi Total M 11 I MT*l' VTA is* ' ;r>! IiOiingt. Stand hninp. S Wi >ht b. D?rUUige.. 4 f *! b\ t t-n 4 w.. b. liar i 22 Prg<'-m b.V'a''?cni 0 1 b. w, b Hwlmr ... 14 l*rlvw c llckerwg, b. , flariJillge 1 "toot 3 <iil>era b. H\rdui?e 4? V.',, irb : kcrltig.... 6 Uivlamb IV kerleg.... U snaroc Ivxter b. ric* e..!g 3 Barker nol out J C^^::::::_il ?r? ?, >? 4. w^ ? w Toui Ill *?U' 34 Tbe umpire 'or C-.naca was Mr. ?** ? tr.- ?; of Tonnto and T> r mo I'nfteu Statce, ? r. Whea it, of Newarkt K. J. _ Surrt t?r Court?I"* f lmmbfin? IJtrOl.TANT QCUlTtOX hH.#TIVK T" Tilt CCfTOD* Ot A YOI NQ l.A 0 1 . A frw day* tjo one Arrhibald Cba.iwk k, t?' H is ? iy sued 0 I s writ or habev Oorpw, M >rr lnig" " ronpelllBg Mr?. Wilheliniua Ilellett A Mo. U?2 v^.i Tbulieth r*.r? . t, of this city, to produca tne s.y - rsbC^adw ck, nr by whatever name sh? c.?r '?<> e before lln OM^ with tho cause ol uaUwtu! (k#atir? kr. Ir. tl'1 r- tltro* of Wr < he '? ff t* >' 1 e i.4 tie )?? i| :a?eer thl- g-rl -wra'i, ?.? n- ?*f? is ?K v?n >r?*t Old. and that some y?*r a;-, ift h iv PC |o?l bts w!ie, rlacnl bla llts'e g'll In U<e < re an ?r of Vt? ?-ut thai now h? has g d n*'r ?t w* f ,1 bss a l ab>. he wants said ?anj, w*i cb *' ?' retufe* 10 give up Mrs H*il*tt in b-f r-t rn tolim wr ' rri? torti that r, even ?<*.rt ?? > she betn< a m*rr'' . w< TCi.. aco l^rtng no rb Idren WS d?-i?ri;. "f tw t'M ? ehi.i to' r.jg np as ter own and thai a *i-ur -f M itadwr ? thin a boarder iti ber b<*.<e fcmoght H cer t? , t h 'd tli.i sV' t three ynars .(d. aud staf l *i? r th.ta. Vr tr?ithrr had to n.cant of sopi^r?og en- 1 <!, J be /)>av iOg a* the ?w?r? time two ol'i^r eh1 Hrf.?) wowtd be r'*1 M? have her Use th? chill ?rd ad i?t tt as hor OW3: that ?V>rlly after a ?> Mr. Chtdwkk e-i.;ed b m?etf au I aif*"J ? th 1 ;? Hall*tt that she should tAte the eh 1 a< Yi-t ?*n acd that the <bild ?ho.ild never alt?r know thai he *?.? h<r fs'ber. that, aeoordingir. to-* t*?e cb 1 1 at d i am d it. by hia appr .val, Wiib- lmioa H.llett by name It baa ever ainc* been railed and known that afV? tbe cfc.ld bad been with her som? turgor f"ur iea*? Cbadwsck came to ber boose and boarded lorsw vn-' at.d tUat be bai ewitlonod to . all as a ret ever ?Wc? ?r. I that m> all oe. aaiora be has treaUd the qbIM w nrrs end her l.nsbaad'e ebtlJ, a ay? ad4i?Ml?? t as V heVtra llallett, Uiat sh' has el her own eapetiso c Mind aed edm ated tb", and at iled ttriotl/ to ns ties si coltere. . ?i 're Rowevelt took up th? ar ram nod ir>? w'mett oa Uiorart of tbe potWnaer. who>e t^aiit.iony i -?m?> aimed at makieg the child bu! -tevn years ot.l, wliilat tbe ooaluakiri of ialca rather went to show th?? ?he must be about fi^?*n years Oil Home ^rtiier teeti ii.oev was enbeeqeently taksa o.. the part of ibe rseion drnlf wbl< b In tfc* mam .upr^U 1 the return of Mm. llallett to the Oh motion of Mr I< l> Tay or. eoeaaed lor Mrs Hallett an j by reagent o? Mr K-i/wll, for ?!' Chadw iik. ibe furiber bewr g ot the caae ?>? f ?? I erred to judge llavles, Who has seeled to b?*' n ?< ?rr 3 o'rlork from day to <^*y eomm-adaf i?i M>m.lay alterncn The f'fl Is .n dally ??? ?? taoee 'eciurVaa'l loeke very awestly, appear ng to be lul. ufn^a yeart of ^ixflrtAR r a?* or Moir'iWjiirn? ? M tn St*ba mc Hi* sir f< Iiwth in ti't liserTe* ? ttnarm ? The faj'oa (Obl?) Qoftif Mailt a very t i ark able instt" ?s at mon'.mtaia. wbk b haa J i*t be> i.tmiaat>d la t at rMy, In the case of fle.v Jo?K? i ,i- ?n a I nlter'tH'* eie'rcj irsa, who d.?d at 19 n'el irlt. last Monday night. Mr ha< ?1\"I la an almost skelet n c "n i t m, abstaining fn.m bment for firteen, twet.ty, an l even thi-ty <f,ijt. in n.reee?ioti. He has m?tnt?'i>o<] and belttr d that be dil tbts under M>e direet.on at '*t?ie struts, " who prrttised thi* courae of discipline to develop# htm lf"> a n-ore e*tra< rdinary " medium" tliaa I as I, tuorto been kerwn He lived under tbe impression that hundred* nf >iifsmb?*died spinta were r-.nnunliy talking with htm. dl r'eiiBg h,m. eni^raraglng rehuklnc him. proscribing w, a? he sbo.ild at, what he sbnold say. foretelling > very <j the l<a?t < I ang? ,n his physical r.,nd t*on, and punls' 2 him severely wl.eo ti? refuted U> at.l in accordance v tb tb? r di?ert>"iis The Hit'llr sayt : Profetsed'y by their inf" rmitloa, be pointed out with t'.tgv.:ar sc.-'. racy many of tbe sympt .*<< that won Id ma nifitl thrmsetTos in h'.s own case sometime for weekt belerc they tctaally occurred. W lb !im?>* hardly larger tbaa an ntrt'a, ? nabte to rise from hie bed, and fro qoer tly t' tler ng exijtustte tortures, yet, supported as he said by the spirits." be e*htv>!h-'1 the mo?t e*trao?1l Da'y l.ope, ebear' eas and enthusiasm The gpiiHe*' er>rsisntly s gniied n. htm that be thonld recover to fbl (1*1 be ji *eeioB, to aBbrd a woaderful sptrimeti of a spi r tool v dc-erloprd ;nst. and to pro-lslm the truth to a W -Id snrk '0 donbl and anbe||?,r. )n this the "(plrKe'' Wfe mMakrg, bnt Uiere ?? twt the sbghten reason tn dcibl Mr rper-tf-'s sSiiornty. Thonfb the victim of wbat teem" to ?s a del.'^tor h? waa, wo bare reaaoa to be l(e.?,?B L?offl and t*ed mm. (

POLITICS 19 Tb< Mbuly of Spwrh li? Baltlmocr. Oin bAtimok* cormmponokncb. UAiTiaoKK, Sept. 12, 18M. Dreohnu uy of ? Fremont M?*x?g l>y the ltoi*erat? Sh*m<f*l Treatment if Mr Ourcora*, Uu PretiJttU oflke A mofct ?tnti*cel\?) ?TOr oocurred lMt erenlng at tbe Temperam-e Uall. In tbli "l'y-1 A meetirg ot tbe K?? nb loan Association w called at U??ir room, in Gay ?treei, ? 'r* favorable lo their cam * and He election of Ool. IM nont were invited. | The meeting conaisled of a Mtt one hundred peraoni, (oo- and t? ue clllieM. Tholi aaUreaa to the people o. I the Untied Hi ate* win duly read aud adopted, but further proceeding considered very Important by tho oompaur were prevented by the Intrusion tn their rented rooms o a vie lint and Uifurtaled mob. Muting tbeawelvea un able to do bumneae, the Chairman a?t journeC ttio moot Ing, aiid quieUy permitted the geutleuM'i of the mob t o have their way. They y tiled ami groaned considerably and appeared to bo highly delighted with ;h'lr exploit of utrucmg into a private apartment and ejecting by vlo t, tce Its peacelul occupant*. No rwi-tance made, ax their number and deterniinatlou ovlticed that tbey ha 'bo power lo carry out their dealnna. be they what th?y muht. This wan, ho<rev?r, only a prelude to the ali v inncrm anco, ,tbo mob only w?lupg or re assembl.Ue: ik tsuie the bouto foi further mischief. Mr Corcoran, the J'reaid^nt of the meeting, came ou: uto tbe hired about haif an hour alter the meeting ad nursed, an.l wa> Immediacy sot up>ri by tao mob. Seat v lih iroaiiB ano burw, I'oduwed by a soeieB ol violent he walking aurii...' the tlm? steadily tjward Qi h. me and behav rg with that perfect oootne?a and com sine that bflcngs to a brave mm who ha-< made ua l is nii! d lor tbo word cousetu ncru Resistance wa~ out '1 'be question, ut '.hero were at least live hundred uuuii^t oiit? H> ? bad some friends, however. Ore 0' the opp 'SiOi. tarty. to hi* prate l>e it spoken, came to big rescue ?u <>re gi'ce (teellng. no doubt, aatiamed ol tho conduct of big a?t?oi hU? ) and on the other Ool. Wm E .W?, a men,' ? r ol the republican party ^<od b/ to defend an juii. ndlng e:u.? citizen a**toii nto rarloo? and rotbl .? Mr. i.orcor?D itm, bovrfver, bn.My han'Med inl oeut en hi* c at 'em oft' and hta nocfeetli-s >k fi den Till* ih tb< *ay mat our <!? mocrati maintain and ale n iter llic ritfU of fre iooji ol speech and action. KK?B DISCUSSION FKOHIBITUK? MOB UU..B AHOV.I rnu BICUANANITK"* aND FILLMOHK KNOW NO TU1>U ? A FhEMONT MIKTISO BKOKKN UP. [Fiiku ti e Bultimore dun, sept 1/ J Tfcii? trisov-iation held a m<-e in? Im-t evuing at to-* Teu Temple; au 1 iu tho absence oi tbo l'resi lont Mr. fclm Hawlty, ?? motion of Me. ?*m. Guuaiaon, if' K. S. Corcorat waa tailed lo the chair, aud ?lr. Am r.. tv ale ,lr. . ?a' selected as sccrctary pro t?ra. ?r William Gunnison, from a committ ?: appointed t > rM-ort un a.i< - tt to the republicans of tnu Stale, aub 0 Itteil one wblcu set out with the declaration ot tbtsr devH'.U u to the eofl*ututi u aud the t'n'on aud ot thair adhesion vo ir-e noilism in territoriea admitted: declarin,: s tie repeal ol Ibe h*tour compromise to hi- a onw'h <? ta,tb on iiie part of tbe So'itb. ai. d that twaoo aud 'xni > .?or Id not t.galn exiat without tho rame wvi rea ored. ? alao declare 1 (bat tb? cbar?;.> made aga.nat tbem ot be u; m tavor of abi!lilci?i?m ?j.? unju.- t acd un'ounded. a. ? b. v lie'. 1 tbr opm on tfmt the emaoctpu on of t?.c alav ?'uuid t^nrt to render tia condition *or'40. an l fatal t" the bla.'W -a-e, unleai, Ibe governiaent (houil !*;>? aiers to colon'se tbo manuiuitled s!av-ea, It deelire ? invery io b?.- pregnuut with dlPlculty, by ao?icr a n. onopo!) of tbe eoil in the slave ^Uiea, and tun H ti n.'Cd to aubjujrate tbe rijiOW anu iniereats o (he en slaveholder to ibe slave o?n?r. rh-i Kan.ia.-' act t denaunces as a fraud and alKr> denounce? the al'iir t ?at ion for eit' ploy tng the ?overnm?nt troop-, in t.iH civ wsr etistiig in that Terriiory, as tL, addrc?8 set* iortl. iikalnH tbe free ?tatc mi n. A. tb b stage of tbo reading of the address a mm her f i-erfotis whobal assembled in tbe room and aroun, ,b, !o"r cieated tome n ^lit coofuiiui by crowding a j, laugl ter. when a Mr. Meredith, well known a* a J'ttadaj str* et i;t< u'jher, pasaed down the room to thou; aul com muded f llence, and oidcved them lo leave tbo room ?>. tsk? >at~. Tbit wai suocecded by lend langU'.-r. an plaeae and nlwn1. and thi p. .?beers ne'r : propoae-1 ft?? HI more, tbey were given amid the tit trr >- 1 confu-iot anc t? r rifle notio pioducci by stinipiug. ca' pitiK ol hanu* {,c. jf?st three cbeer* wcr given for 'iichanan io ti . ?ame lathicn. and tor rotce tw.nty Ci!nuies there ?? kc. V -P a suoceaa.on or ctcctiw for thc.e guutltmen alternated W'th liud gi-'ana for Co! Fr< mout, Cor?.ra:i Gmolaor. Fufsell and oU.era taking pari iu tbe r.iceu. g tb< wbolf being awpertod *l b ci, eaof ' Turn o*; U?. '' ' t'jr and feather ibvm." wb..e lout ca>. were made V>y tbe fume parttea tor apcccb*? from tie. e < onrerned in tto me. ting. Some or U>" llghU 1 t>?ir tumid o'l, tbef e gentleman commenced K ?rig itc room, when they were aaluled as tbey p%? ,? . ilin- Lb the crowd aitb groans, In *e? and otter t nr. ? ?ouiKij u:a, . U e.. nuk.r as baaty an .-i t a IN -.bie, !? .low e.l by the c-ow.,, where an i?t rena . . : ,-oonte V aaaemi' id. and ur -D rc i :??!??? tbe sir. ? .. '?ri- a were na^e for raile. ui? u wm.'h U> r'oe tn> u, ,r?i the < j <r!ii/ at'd .rvardng w?? rwc ?ed. Mr. tore, ai. aie; ' ol. Wrn i\ C'oale *tif fullo* ' d by tbe er a J, .in i at> bi? buttled al.vjt unt.l they h ?! re.. th os i'tr it Way and Fayette atrccta, w .orrne/ ?? ? I* d tip or kin < aed flowu, i;)i ?< t' t. mi ?' ct t) ?,tt, alil'etho latt. r natr t itlcii , a'th'".gi ,? < r> ro .g!i!y *? '-ated, waa p i' . -u?J hu?t<' t a?."ot ?? ,,-tra i, i, i i. u ? n?. r. ? r ' his hat . l,y%? ere than al.cwid to ta> I'leif depart re, w , ? he crowd amused tbentelve* by c itlliig the port on ?>' y, . CrriOran'a (arm<nt they 1 . : >.cur??l mu> tripe ai ,tl?t'ibuiirg it unonj: ttiim. ?ft. -e lakir . part r ibe m " r, in re ! from ti. r, io Kuty i?ra'ai wbl'.e tbe ortslde "r?wd amonnv . ai ?a#l to two thoutaiid per ' i - tn I , the whole ?'r?< 'on. ti e ha.! lo >a)etto urett waa aim- at entire:., Merke<lup Ki onf tl.oae concerned Ir tt.e meeting wc learn th<? aa r ati u fcao dctem nod [m j preaetiUng an eV'-'.Oral tirk't in tbi' -ta'.e. ?rl that toe name? ot tuoae aelectet ?.re to hive been announced at thi? meeting. Tfca .Si n ii'i tber says ?It will i?eeni b? a report of t'f prrtee .ioga in another < uma. tbat 'he prur <?ed meet ?i p . ' the " rei'ublieata waa interrupted and *>r< '*< n ut a ?; L,gl t by p imm who baa intruded up ,: t ; -rty ? i Jettly I' r that i irpoac, and '. at gro"s jer?<.a*l In ' ? t.ra a ere ;?.? . tc.l -o tb' c?"st pr n in- nt nd. v.di of tLt lini ng Wecati ool) iba*a?lerl*e?ocb ir<H? . .ngaaeu.srep table, and utwotiby ufapeop.ewUo pr 'ej s t . b?-cor the freedom ot - - ? ? b. Tbe recerded proceeding* of tbe party contax i.oth i ^D. *i' .1 to the civil rffcn* ol , th^ra, and u.iwev. r < < let r.xnab'.c may be tbe p< '.ileal "'Otiments vf these poo to the ma-'f ? ? of our ca./. t a, there can aeno .) h a..o? 1 en lor to .aw., and -labor ng a d< mnu< , i ..?> tJ that of la?t ulgl We have r. idea that repi.hl ev, .ra in more an p??a.bly do moro tnan iet-ay n wn weak a. -a and aba.irdity; and m.-b an aa-a.ilt .| it a>- that ol last n s'bt d.ica .os'ly more haira tluui reunii . aii.a'n io Maryland tan ever e .ct. Tbe Political Hlot In Baltimore rt'iom tbe Baltimore Jun, N<pt. 13. 1 A not terrible riot t ? k pi " ? ye?u r.lav a'terr abi>rt ail o'clock, on Light atreet, In tbe v'eiu.ty . War r<b ^lr?', e hich re?'.lt?d lu tho 'O'tartly k.l nj o' '' man. and the wonadtng cf aorai twenty other-., a c iv r of wli. rn are I uppoaert to be m"rtally If ire.1 t - p lli u!??a of Una iad afar, ?o lar aa we could '"trt. ii i', in am 1 the att< n Ut 1 1 1 ?? m-ot 'rom ll ??M.-m. n( i ?uie?; living ufcr, tbe atreet and at tha ^a>', wher ?? f . ( oe-. rred. ??? that at" 't fo ir o'c.,, k li. t' ?' ' ter"<?rn.a? the Aaieiieao elaba Vii '?n a* the ""Jp H?p? md (Wa? paaoaga were paMlag tho corner er U^pri. "? at.d I ight atreeta, a<,m? boja on tbe corro* bad a<>'i, wnrdt wtb tbr to wleo oue ir tbe Ur.e atn?'< b" a ki.eek? ) h.m down, up^n wbi: h aooth r of ?he i%-i threw a 'in< k i to the 1 no t ptimher ol tber, here . ? i\ .e u> ^iirauit of tbis tw?y, who ran and took lb the Savtnteentb Ward ll"uae of Jarr.^atlark w. t! C?t erof light ant Utile t hsecb atroeta, and -ipnt ti putruer entering ati* t took plane Via.. a then. a. too e jwtie^ In tie bareor a, whtob reanlted m the pa?:. io purault of the bev being dnvati ml when b? w h. |ifooe<s oa moved od At about m o alook tbey again retnrne.1 when tha rial wh', h rea u d ao aenonaly >k place, lha atate mecta aa to wbo made the attack haio< ' contradictory that wo cent d n<* reliably learn trewn wh.-nce It procceda* In an Inatoct ihereafV r a ra, I charge of 11 rearm | look pace from noth parllaa. an,. w?- eoatlaoed rome leg or Ofteen min'iWw The , eraon killed waa named Hare, wbo II yd In the weetern eeetion nf tbe city, a wiawl wiwef. and at ** lin e waa engaged la aa? lag wo?d on Warner atreet. a r lJ(ht. Tl.e ball pa?ae<l through tha i?H arm let ? hi? breaat, and >a ruppoeed to kave paaaa<1 thriwigh h?? heart, aa be fell and Inatanlly etpirwl. An laq ie?t waa held over bia r? maiaa at tbe Southern di'lia-t polce *w lion by Ooroaer Hereon, and a verdict rend?.ee<l that h ? Came ko bie death 1 y ab<a>tlng a< the naada oe aota* per m n U' tfc' turv unknown lie waa air,mt G'tfyearaof a?r and leavra a w"e and aevera. cfclt-'rea t?f tbe wonnded ibe fol!.,w?ng c<.ripr,?e tl>? n-iT.- ' '? all we rou'd aaeerta.n laat night, though th*ri ?r a ? it her '< "tber* w ho were aeea to fall, and were cvne I a .*) tb?.r name* could he aaca'ta neg ,1a; I -a and wi' , who reesde on Warren at ,* ? ?hl A ha, I p?e*e<l entirely thro-gti h - above tie li a wtfe waa a ?o .'i.,; ,b ? , *' 1. U-; are r.ot ctma'dered to l?e darker maly u, ir?d a. John J?e ward, a hoy, freet Mag oa V r c v - .< "ear 1 ,g'->t, received a ball in I* *-.Hn in 1 ???? I o be mortally w-nnded a* ti e time he wtt ?ho; u? waa ? l*n "n? ot. tbe ?wnor ct I.igbt aa 1 C ,?rob *tre? ,i, noting at tbe affray. Ihrtnae M ? u ? yo\rt( man. aged about twenty reald ire at No. HI Hamburg >-.? -1 while ?Uu, Hng In a do<" 'o Warren atreet n<ti I igl.t aa at"' n the f?re, lie ba'l paa* ng b cheek a." o another ??! ihiotigh bia arm Hie injuring are not doomed d ,i ^j' bn Jonea, a yi'ing man aged about 21 year* re ali'lrg oa Uibt atrrel e^tarded, waa danr?roJaly ?Wbb'.i It, the brea't and aeverety beaten with cloha. lib learvl bie ib'oriea will reanlt latally Ct.arlca Branran. who res idea on Muht atreet nea Van'i ' me.ty. received a palnrol wonnd in ibe t -ek frtim Mtkebot. 7ael ar'aa f'.onld rredrad ? allgbl fleab wotmd in Ibe heeaat. lobd Ilartlore received a similar wound upon bla r.^bt it ? vi,. , joi n Carter, reatdlng on Wiu-.amaon a alley, waa wound nd in ibe face ar t cpon the left wrlfl by ahol. M ? ard Cronrh. a lad, reaid'.ng on Montgomery atreel, near f barlea au aboi in, tbe arm, tbe ball p?wlog tbretiab above the elbow i-amnel K. r.a-o, frim finclnratl, wbo arrived in the eity jeaterday r.omlrg atd waa paaalng at Ute Um?, waa rrpp'ed by a ball lodging la bia left ankle He w * taken lo tbe Botitberh police atatton aad received lurgw **Jia?Wl Sprddei, reaidlag or HenrlelU atraal, balween Mgbt and liarie?, waa abot In the abonldnr It a tbr.rght tbe bal ha* paaaed downwarda Into bia ?v>mach. tbe pbralcian b' ng nah'e to find ft. He Ilea la great atony and It ia thought bia iajnrle# will prove IbUl. Frederick tiajLmond, a y oung bid, r?|tdln| og Wm\ gomery street, between Charlet and Light, reccWed *>?? twenty buckshot Id dlfhneut pat t of bw bod y. Big la jorl? f are not dangerous. Mich*.' I Mri tb ll raneived two ? nuiids? one In the leg and nod" In hi* throat? neither of which, however, is deemed M (laugerou3. A yooi ?r man named Ouiley, residing on Montgomery street, bear Light, received a painful ball wound lu ouo ol hi logs A majority it those wounded were not participating In the aiusy, but were attracted to the vicinity or tlio melee l>) the firiufr. The wounde<l were attended? somo at the southern Ktatlou houne and others at their reel deaces? hy Or* &n*"n, Browi. Johnson, Baltsell, Duo bar and Hi'Diierford. who were prompt In their attend ance and did all lit thetr power lor the relief of iho auf. ferert. Puringtbe evenlcg (fflcers Houi(h, Van-ant, Faylor an. Allen arretted John Carter and John Hartlove, two <4 the wounded, upon the charge of Wring muskets, au<1 ??ftrh upon KLgpwiou of having tired the shot wh eb kiilod Pare. An examination took place before Justice Webo, at the Southern Police station, Frederick Plnokney, Esq., bciLg In atuudanct on the part or the State. Testimony wg> adduced ax tothelrboth baying rirnd In the JTocl'on oi the murdered mat) Thomas Micon also testltled to John Bart'.ove bavin# fired the shot which struck him in ?he fact. They wero both fully commitud to answer at Court. The lollowiog is a list or ilie killed and wounded, us far as we could learn xrunn. John Hare, William Jonci. wocmun. fJeorge '.awrencc, J. T. C-.ulk, dangerously, , John farter, Mr*. Ouulk. John ftartlovo, Marcellus Boo;:e, Pavld Sanks, 1". Albright, dangerously, J Joot'B. dangerously, iMk bem (luold, Thomas McCue, Join Kelly, dange -oualy, F. Parker, ? ''^T^ D.Spedden, dangerously, otlicer CI aiubere, ? iwwi'li. Polttlca III Peitii?ylvaiiia. OCll MBOB AN10SBCH8 COHUMFOHOTSC*. MMiiA!?K?)ii'KO, Cumberland ('-v, pa., 1 <<ept 11, i8ji. i Political S'a! i tic* of Cumberland OMirty?Frotp'm of ?V A'l'ftluur. rar y?Tht 1'nMtk Dtmu-roiic 'hjortij <t the Ctivnty o.t iheopproMhir-g EteOicn, tfc-, iC;. this village, nine mil' s distant from ilirrifc'iurg, is prettily located. ar* contains u popu'ation c.t sist n nnrdred Inhabitants. -ft gor.eia. napicta of tha plac ire those of thrift :j?d industry. li* husinobs it U *Ut?ci ie lsrg< ly vr. the :ncteave and the number ol new build Dge betBg erected would seem to indicate if general prosperity- lu audit"', a to the usual ra-icty oi buildings ,o villages of its ei/.eand description four mr,: ?nannfot torles have recently b?;ea >n*Ututed, and a'c n ? n U.e I ill 11 J e ol" auccestful ? X| oriir.crt, gt.iog constat* rmpio>ir< lit to <;iiite a la' go number ofo|>ratlvea. ;ti;s county contains full ?i>ven tlioimana yot-rs. and iu the Presidential contcM of lt>5'2 i ave 10 the whig* -,s >? vot?F, and to the democrats 3, 189 vote* the a*?grog?'." teing about 1,000 lets than tho os muted streugth of :i >'u!l and . ntire poll, and oxhlbltU>g a Jemocratio m?jo?lt.v ?f 210 votes T! U *>?h ulterior to the intr - 1 i't on -n knew Veil lDfiftu vrh. h bt-ii-K aub- (jueLtir InaiigMatei.. Mi idovm) popular, and ? otrol.od, tor a the p^. ,ir?l drstinii'* ot tae county, a^ waa exempJuied in th lertlcti of CnoaI Ci ninn- bioner in the year iso^. in uoericaL or to <l<?u .oto being 2,660 an > the Uomocrati ? 'V Kln< ?* ISfcfi nowevor, th> Amerioao - .rty ha.-i much ol it? /.-ai an ' lnuth:!'. atid ? g-u. rai a^tbf u-* iiw to pervade it': em -e ranks, as li avid m-ed in thi , ,,-t thai iti-"?nmerp'is rotineil* bot seldom <r.d "rejularlf mr?t nod tho prfsent actual membcrshlo .. the work ot . rlerlnre rather than the statement of any pro,ier!y jvtiiChed eiat'>iie?. The tew element ia politic*, to wit? the oowHon of tiavery extensl <n? has oporat * very rest d-iuer to tt? 'utegnty, and *eem. to navo convert ^d the mii<rity ? r It; memoei.hip .ato r'P? ?'* ax s lusici? here is t ana there ate but fow -J v.i ptions to it? p-.-neral aoproval. The r ret fi t incumbent in C?o? 'ess.thi) Hon. Mr. To . Oat be' u non. .uate l f.r re election by the -.pjawf.'u. au.l I r has been selected by the democrat) as hi* Iioth pnrtl*' are rangmne, but the tn>li :*t:')CS are de site as ?> the avcce*. of tho democracy. Thi> weather, oppreealve a* any day in At/u?t ta- , *a g:cat:y umei.o sted b * a flr.e blioaer of raiu at noon to i\it y. OCR JIARltlHtrRG CORTKf- r'ONHNCB. Baeju m ho. Per o., >^*pt. 11, 1S> 3. the h'*t iVflrt Oaihtrivy in Hfxrrubu j-G'.v-rw F-yrA Speech, Jc. The repul ! ?n meeting, held this evening, and a^l drersed by (.overner ?ord. wa? the imiwl'init motive for my return to narrUburjr, as 1 was solicitous to w'.iac ibe demomt ration, wllcb had lor si?n.a dayi b<??u lu tUe course of preparation. An a."quair>ii>nc? ol the Uover r.or'B, I wac in a tram of !ree and faoiiliar conversation with bim %hen t-e "omiuinoe vifltti h t room to er. i him t*< lb*' court House, at-, bung politely lovlted, it'."' availed myt-if ol th Is, the Ur?t oppwtutlty thut hal pre -ented ,Utlf. to hear in ex.tuo this champ! 'JO of repu'1 licanistn. <>u entering the Court House, we dene fled a well or dered audience, numoeilng '"-ae 300 or iOO partono? t i< full ? xtert of ItJ. ear 1 *1? 1 n c*Zor 'v ^ "tatl^r. of his ar flval, wld<h was hailed oy thre?j enthutia^tic e liters, ard foilr-red by ?int# app-oO.-iato musv ?torn a band procured for ti e ?? Order being restored, he arccuiJcd the rostinm ati l for lli ?face c t?o tours addroaaed the a?s'ml<ie?a in a sty both unique and eCeclive, ricltlag altcrn^ .y th i mirth and enthusiasm of fcU auditory, ar; arently, to the high eat pitch. A.* an orator ? a poUhcd eratir -thj tiover nor wocld net pow ibly rate verv high, bet m a good ar, ' ? tfeetive tal -, abound- ng in ermi>rlate aad lodieroua snrcdete, lew men that 1 have m?H with are aa well pr? par*d to captivate the ma-sea a d to exert so wtJ ,-orcad an lanuenoe and jio^ir. I His rpetrr ; r.U-arks were emlrently OOClllatO-y to the Amerlcaiis. to "h'-h "rdc-rl-e yet professed tllegi snre heirs a recogmned member at his li'itoe and in ?'andlcg, ontwlthMs ing his pre ent airoe^cy o( lr? i w<?t. He argr ?<t that in than ausuining h.mb.- eschew n? ne t f the us. tire principles or teuet< cf that P"ty sod that il I r -sore's pro?v? t? were as brlghi std cteericg be I ?.!'! as ch.erlullv su tatn him, h-s in'e I ;rt-c?e I "? >ru to defeat the I'-er e Buehana . .lirasty. expel n fr? n. t^wer, and in if lien ^ ? more ho?.e t and nat cual adrimi*tra<ion o( the gov-rn p cut To thiti etid ite talntui ned thst a cordial union, round! d ui- ti lust knd prop?-r co? ces-i >na and com'T n m.i wou'd ?e'i ,rc li" object. Vol Btn h a comp.omlae, he rtiiisti r<l ?? agister of Mb onco proposed, who wa? t-a.ou. < fleet thi. t i n o! all the . hurches, and oonao iidste tlum into one, to make If religion the btsl* o. too w tt'-mect, berausr she lit" tght it wa< a lltt'e nearer to ihe truth l ban any ol her n?'ahbon> , hut attcb a oompro mis" as stool'' ln":rt! e<| alvanlajces to all. He coun ?riied tie rept?brtrar? o<? to be too axnejing, and as the ?leMiruP'D ent of ?' tie |<ow<>rs that be " was the grand rr< tire p?iw< r In the prwer t unparale'... d nprlsmga or the !<? ole M wo'.ld adviss w e etjual employment of ever* Rising *?rei.rj ti c lectinj 1V-" a hall ioal being botUi haoBo brend at all." nie revirw o'lhc nau-mausMp or Il'ichansn wa? ei ceeit-ntly fcc?w r?us ?, t elicited eotUasta?ti< app a i?e sou his s:- .-als in iK'hUl offrea whit- men, freo wh'i labor fr?" ?i? ?" h ar t fremont, forcible, and at time* truly etnq'eci. With the oromlse that be won^d a<ldrr?c Ibrm ssale .n the io tse of the ensuing wee. . tho m ng adjearned * .th three cheers each for lord and Ire "to morrow I leave for the cminly of Perry, from wbwH l<i.i.t I propose to continue my le'ters. OCR r?SN TOW??^niF t 'MUWOVtWCI. lit** towa?mi', Ps . Sept. H, 195#. rvhtic ?l KtahHirt nf retry Omntf? nf ?A? bmnxotv The IM I*** H'sigs Oo*v #fi rtatr (u IA' 2VV* .Voi tft , <?<?? The two Ttl'agas at '"sen Township and Petersburg. In perry county, separat. d by the Pue.iuehm.oa river, con tarn jointly a population ot eleren hundred Inhsbi' .nte TU- general ae *t of both places H exoeed.ngiy dnll nd b-it liUle buetteee appears to be transacted. In lh? toemer tillage, the loineannon iron work*? the only orea now In being In the county? are operated by a oon atderable number of men, and give eowethlng like life and *|Srlt to Ite dcni*cne, who otherwise would lead an oppreealvt'y quiet anJ monotonous evbtetve The latter ?Uiaga aboui >ta In charchea, exh. biting the religions is*dM>'i<W of l? resident*, who nre liberal enongh to sustain Ave Uinoi' jlcal nsubltshmetiui. in other reapecte, Teteraburg. somehow or other, im preasen Ite slrarger, oti his flr*' Tlslut r*. with tb 1? thai, by some strange f< rtnlty. two ftanday* have met iflfstlier, and liave diapenei 1 to ita Inbs >ttaui- an u.eioe decree of leisure and idleasai. Penn oonnty la divided Irlo Ufi rtertion itl>trl^s, and Ig est tratrd t? contain 3,800 Independent tie. tore, wh-* tie I II strength la polled In Uie PnatdeMial election tbi wbigs ptlled J.4l>. and the democrats i.160, exbibltlnga detrcratic majotity of 7?e. In the Hate . Icction of sftA. Know Sothingiem, const i illng in the Interior a new and potent political element, the majority wa <*t to the dr mi *-rary and transferred to the lusioni-te whn carrle.' ihe cocnty by '.'07 < -no*, exhibit i e a earn <# ?M votea tt i* due to the tuth, howaver to make the statement, that during the latter eloctlon, 14 ConoeMe were inartlve otteration, an.l v ere .?oo*iitot*?' of ...rPfSf roemh' r?hip ol nearly two tho- ssnd P"r sors and that these same C?eneils-prrfc?sing yet to be <n the land of the living? exhibit no r-tta,n indicMi-ns of a healthy vitality. In a word, that generally thesi prl vste meetings have been almoel abandoned, and reliance is new had rather upon their past numbers nod ach.o vrm'nte than auy positive knowle-l|e of tfcelr prcaent power nod forro Tb# tetro fxertt here, tf i< 1 1 nmiiroltlDf , fct l< ast a very prdent ln!'neece, and the fusion of all the e .mente of opposition ta Here# Bochanariam appears to be a t>opular movef, rnt, tho foreign ProteetanU. who have b vberto voted w ih the Amer cant, nr-nati .ting the cnlT e?c?ption. a? they rather Inedne to toe demo. ra -y. aed will In all probability, sustain It. >*>me rbarcea. It I* eta ed, have also O'cerrel In the old line wb'g fnet'n, a few glvlnx U<a prefrreme to the drnuwtncy, whilst the main strergb, ' body, boe?? ntd breeches "'has gone ov er to fus .o. Tha rentent will be n clos" one, and ?a probability rlearl? lean to th - IMNM ot the combined oppoetttnn To morrow I I'aro tor the county of/nalntn. and will write yon f""? M1?111 Tti? War In Pi ItTICCIUKB or THE aTTICK ON 088AWAT0MIB ?V ONE WHO KkCAPfl). (PlOtO (he Kim-.Okkut Democrat, 8?pt. 12. 1 Having hi ard ?! ?i no* of tbe Tour meo who were taken priiouet' by AWibi.-on's forces hi <Hmawalomie, Kunem on tho 0;ii >r August last aril compoile 1 to abandon the Territory, on pain oT d> alb. was a forrour reagent of thlt city, and hail rvachi d town, we pro.-.urod an Interview with biu. an'' are able in give a version of the battle, and prueJing anl aunceeouig cvi'hts, from one who wa* a l'<iri'Cl|<at.t therein. Ov name of Una man is Joseph H Morey, aim br names with his brother in law, Mr. Law ton Id (.arillner Park. 1 If went from this place to Kan - sua two j i art a^,o be pi erent month, In company with In father, a rai.iimi'iher and a brother. l*reriooa to this, be bail l>tii upon tbo high a can, and had ib"? nctutly returned trom a voyage to the coaat tf Atric . It whk the liUsntlon of this party tc take up c'ultlif ami become residents of Kansas. But the gruudmoiDer baviug tiled shortly' after they reached thc> Territory, the tallur and brother returned to Or lean* county, niur Iloile.v Our iDU rmant took up a claim n" leOitc en smie Hpvmti en miles from () wawatomie, an< i put in a few crop* When the trouble began, however, be uiiitc'i wuti othorg uie treo Slate Battlers lor sel. deivuee and to prou a Uir se'ti' meet* frotn tbo roving handy 01 Vtsaeurtaur and (leo'gians, who wjre constant ?7 ueprefaflt-g upon j rnp-rt.v and making bloody threat*.' hgaiiifct inu frw state uieu Morey, diirmg the pail few* weeks, baa helnngi u i<> a corps of VigllantH, whoso Jaly ii was to look out i'or attack* ujton e*poeo.i settlement#, wat-.b the movement* ol marauding parties ami aaslst In elenolng endangered neighborhoods, and treakiuf up tie "'mni s' ' which wero collected at dilioreat (OtttW le ave. ? snd murder. few days previous to tbr (.sai.U on <*a?wa?omie the tree !*tato i?sn, In r. i rcool about it o, han attacked and brntten up a pro iavcry or Hm in Middle crcek. seven or eigli rtules trim Uu? uiemle, where ahcul 140 or 17'. * i-ntbeiijeiK liae i ?> le?'ieo and ti wa ; raid tuey (Mended, c ailack tfce u ti'i'tneiit Bt Uss&watonto Tfcs freo state, coming party to wr,:cli Mo'fy waa attached return"d | o i h-bv. ab mle. ami llie tna:u body, supposing that til* , ><ijt ger to tte settlement was over, went back to Lnw rerce. I Tbe ceitlfrJ at i*rs? wntorale bad m-jir of Ibera lor:. | tt- nt place, became they wer t continually ta'ra-!ncd am j Ibreati nert. A rro> l*v? ry preasher earned Uiruc , Wbit'- Irom Mlsitonil n*d gut u t?laoe a hhurt dinunc I oil, >ind bit bo lire * if tbo nwort of n set of ?le?perate j Characters, who wre rev'v to ste?! hor^'ea, deprel*te> ! up on fwrn fle'ds, mid commit any o?ira;-w upon f'ec I Stale nn-c wb?m 'bey vigmitbifd a* " <J -4 abililtoa- i j is'a " and tbria:en ' l to "cut tbolr heurtt o'lt Thl-; { I pnuL hn? n'so been b oUeti up. ami Wbilo an oi l mt'i, 1 | iifel threat ?in'it v ? ngeanen Owing t<i threat# aud a? I Jieyi-ncee, the netl 1 1 h >iuil geneitlly taken U!) Tiif | l?rn on Quak< r hilt, three or 1' )ur mtici di- - I tatit, and bved in leute and vTaguM, rcidy tc ' move al a moment'-' warning, and not easily ' iouud or auti ki t) 'lie re wfcie, al liit Utne o tbe atbtcic i 00 O^awutjmin. hot ?'? >oi I nly tlvi: tucn. ail'ldluj tbu 8COUf.Bg party who had returned Uiore. l'h? day pre vIouh. a man Liin?d Hughen w'io had *nine liuio pre * iOi.t-lv rimovirt lo Pu na, a pr.i ?l4<ory soil!* men;, op ac ount ol the trouble*, returned io <mm\, atomic with tn famlly and fRietr asu Ba. l tbat ail troubles were now ?? til< c*. and ibere woo d be no more dii:uii<lty. At tbt rame 'inv tbe ma'lH * I. cb had bo^n d.iM ontinued, an?m ariivcd and tit i ai ten. a nt tbo promise ol poace s"em'"'. to he ooi.Urn ed Thefrtn stato men were i-on::oiueuilv retaneil ol tui .i guard, u. d liavitg been witboal re?; tbo pricedtng tiigni!., n nt >n security lu tbe morning, . about ray (him! .lev we'i mrpri-ed to see the hill over I t' rtklig ?h? t. wo ?ec pin. by an ar-ny of between tbre; aril Ii ni hundred ui 'l utarlvail mouDled, and having one fiilo piece *itn ii?.- lUo ultrm being given, Ui? loH)-llve free State a.<r t ecu red tnetr guns ani | to k the best piMtmti they could find, in a p'cae f tbi' k wood ai d iinuerhmsh. Tbo pro fclavery mta re'ivi t . '?>??? upi :i thi m when tho Kma;! pirt.y is. the wiofl* bt tan to tire with their rillwH at tbe approach icg cnet*y. r^verm charges ol g'ape from the cannon, were rnurned, ecrt in ah nt bail an hour some twenty live of tbr r'irall ba d ?. ri- ulileri, seven were taken pri mneif and th? ren mn"er e-caped. Martin White. I'm preacher. w?e couepicuoua in tbe liijht, and rb <t one of l he (nun ol a pro" ;itei t frt e Sl??.? man, naoioJ Brown, ? hi, vrtnti iu his '*yiit? agooiea, wai nianglfd b> bavin/ a gun tbn :>.t into hi aouia It wu supposed tL ?t th-j j ?? old irat. Biown ' a- hi- was ci'ied a i* a ?o fiiot from , Loire, in atu u>i t'nii to * rcape arrottr th.i river; but o< tin* ibeie In no |n. l ive cenaiuty Morcy, a man named Ibrtua*., abo at nt from a toutbern county of thus Staio; arottier rtiuo! Vtlnam* l)u>?h Cnartay, Ur; wn, ? la-J toil teeB or tourinen yeira ol age, eon of i>. resident ol Ottamoli'Dde. H Kullcr. and a roan n?m?H Hoy. r.otilH, were l*ken p--^ v r- Williams woa aoonatler bru !?;:> murdered hy kil.-i capiurs lie was toU to "go uk'Cg tuner" iitiJ various abusive anil urolano ej-,i. "Ui wen applied l" birn. lie ?a;d that Oe wa< a pi i- oner, at |1 would g.) along peaceahly, and only desired to he trt aiei' u ramii;. rnply enra^ad the (?.rintieu or?w, wo ? i ih?-y would " ma lie Dim t>o j latter" One of lb<m-iot al htm, and 'be ball pt'nod i through b'.K t at. A iidiier -u 'be.1 nlm w t'j Ui ; biyon^t, I at d throwing ? m d.two, pinned bun to toe earth. 'Hiieris f t'.en thol bir hi ?u to piece* w.tb LuueJ states r rlia Tl>?- pro slavery force alter burning several b'>u#e'' In \ t^aawii- mie, retr ate. i to their camping ground on Bui C'rt rk While th*> were butiiug and r.iv-igini: the set tlement. one won au rVtO'l in tbi: duor of her lo{ house, an i belt g ou to len.e, r -plied that ehe ww on t?er owa prettire*. and would not t-ave, do what they might. Her Loufo, a boarding place, ww not des .rc) ed. HugheH* novie and Severn oiliem wore a|*red also. The raw dill wac. destroyed IVinle at Bull Creek, tbe company aaa du<turhed hy 'he approach of a party of 103 i re estate men wbo had ra'lied on heaitnr ?l tbe Dattie 1 1 Ktawati'iui". aim folio ted on tne tra< k of Iho va'itnt. arty. A battle ?a. not'.ured on <*ilber si le; but the ro "lavery camp hi o?e op aud r trcatod to Cedar Creek, doing w'tb (???. AtoM-on. who waa M^ior (ieneral i>f the nee, romprn ing some l.taO men. wMb tlvenanons. Here " ititch Charlie." sal . to have been a Iluag.tetai'. oWler. waa tali n i-nt an 1 shot in cold blood ft is so tf'gusted a tmrlu ii uf tbo pro slavery niem tbat Utojr bam'uned tl.elr par y and rctu-ted bomewarl. Morey, tiller, R>-yno|'' and 1b >ma> were detainiKl until lue? s\ aa pimi.Dfs tien au blMin s|H>ko with them, am', iked why tiny ren d not be ? |?-a( eab'e, law abi line men,'' r> min^e i llmn< of tbe i>ro()UbleQC.<M of --lave labor, and i:ow ta-d% they coold enrich i?a waeives, i': li ey hould O'.cupy piamalioos In Kaiias* and culti vate them by (laves Tb?*e argumenta did arA c.oavtAoe tin :u The) in ! i t i ?mam id the Territory, and were w iling manic iy all U?s regularly eoac led ; bus to ibe in'amonr rlave code )<aaaeil by a frau luieut Uni? lature, they woulo never give up their oproaittoa Tooy wire cou'tf n.Led to baniibmjni Irom the Territory, aau weri according!) ta en U> iho river, st Kaiutna City, by c leteei ma'ch and put ou board the Polar war. Tneir naaitt. anil ? iha iiercrtptlon as ui given tor a paa^por* In lomgu Coutiriea take;, and the s?r..ran e given that It tl < y w< re aga'n n i.u i In Kanra* , they *1 mid sudei dealt At H. ,ai is they wei? permitte,! u. take their owneouise Mr Uo'ey ban arrived imme aud any ou? * I", ta ski ptieal in legard to lh. evttt that afllc* Jte de- \ voted fri e faio s?itl< m ir Kan- i-. may llnd full contlr matmn rf all the r>-j-ort? given from hi- hps lie ia now frotv ehiila and fever, in tbo battle, a spent bi.,k phot . truck him in the aide, but did him no part, cular lisrm i t'.i (he boat alih ibi four banished men, wore ? Mr. Vartin aud family *'1.1. hat kept a hotel at West Point, Mo , an I were urn red l y the ><rv sUv< ry men to leave, bevau*e ibey were ? mp.cled of uot belcg 'sound on tbt gora o >' AS evMeace that the fret. Htate men hive some pluck, we n,ay ei'?ie H at < a toe p? lar H*r was a scamp who bstl bet n taken by tfaf pro stavery t r ea while roamieg on lb* prairie . ar O-sawat 'mie When iu camp lin avowed theotii.M 'iair>d toaarda ' abol ".ion lets," anl ?? ri te wi uld shoot .be tlrat one be saw, tf lie only bail a gun. A Weapon wae viven him and be wu told to about one of tbe low prlsowi rs. He bad nuf the roorsgn to da it, snd the pro *iav ry i omiran ior deeme 4 Idas a doubt 'ul character, an ? ni hiui ol! out of Uie Territorv. Oc ;bt hi at he wa treati d alih treat in llgnky by lite frua ate men. wu? dsat-iae a man that is not willing to stand up to the I tie. on ore sb'e or tba other, whatever be tbe consri^iKuci ? to biincelf I 'row tie et. louls TVmocrat, fept. II,] Tbo late t we bate from the TerrHorr, ar" tbe follow ing items, ftornwhed by the ,!.(T>r?on City /s^wtrsr, by the tfl cer* )l tbe 0 noi: ? A party of one hundred am' uny of Lane's men. tinder c m .mao'J of a mat rf the name nf itowell, eatereil To cumfrh. on l.iursilay, tin, and rompletely aar.ked tbe town of all tbe prim*|ons and clothing It ruota'.tied Wh-o our inlorti sat l?*t, they were still at work ploadering tbe town fia Tuesday, 2d, VcKlnney's whole train wa* capture^ by a | trty, headed b> the notorious Brown ia peraon, wbo war not sillec at l>aawatomle, ae before rep tried. Judge I ><ompie, who U not aow at tbe flirt, bail leaned aa order to tbe Mar^al of (be Terr tory to arraat lane and other n Uit r< flee, fimib bae Ike* ,ae Issued orders to Oo4. Ox*, rcttimsnding fourteen mmpaniee at Port l'4lay, lo give tvrry aesbiano* and aid lo I be Marxhal la tbe oiecatioa of Ihls writ (>? Tuesday th? Keytone arrived at Wlaenow. with tlrrv. c?ary on Nat rd, a bo war reoelved will s aalute fri m nsnron on sbcre. The gun waa afterwards takee on boartl, in rharge of a company of one hundred men, arwed lor Kansas, from Ulasgnw (iov. Hhai -tou hsi a il?irt cterview with ^-ov. Geary, on board tbe KeyMo: . Wldle Ijlfn alongalde. Id addltioa to the ab^re, we receiTad intttllgawoa yea terday evening, by a geotletraa wbo caase down tbe Mie teuri river on Uie rbsinv r Australia, which o? at rawoli?? .it trwa City from at ote yreboday mornuta that aflairt i In the Territory wire i.i changed The pro slavery for ?e I sd 1 " r I pa am iv ti rmselviw, and werealame' ' entirely dlsbsaded lane w grow ng very bold and Insnltlng, and ha* fsi etiomly sent word to the people of Weatport and lode I I ? N, if i a l"w days be woifftl he down aa take brt>1 tart ?'th Ihim 1 -avenworth wae desolate, lerston, closci, dwetMngs deeertod, and bur'.neas oa ilrrly suspended T1i-ie Wit i- rumors In the city last evering, tbat a go 1 vemmcol c!'*;*ti i bad passed through oa it* way tc Washington rt veylng intel.igenoe of a bght betwnew the roverrirert troeje. nnder Sintth, anl tane'a forces i ut we could lea-n n ahiD| reiiabla, and bare ne conft | ' ence in its truth! ulaest. Hmtimo or Ttm Hto Bt. I onia, on tbf fd inslaut, While Mr. Intnlck was experimenting on hia r. wly 'nt eatrd rllle caanon, It exploded, breaking Into rfre pi -eet The gtm weighed 7, pounds and was mad* f line malleable Iron. The front part of the gua, about five fctd la length, blew away from the breech, tbe latter blow ng into eight fragments Pome of these, weigblaf fl?* hundred pounds, were thrown lorward flroia two Ig three hoar red feet, snd pro.vsied iato tbe air from fbrty io liny Icet. But the meat singular iiart of the story ra I T?in? to be told. Tbe ball, which weighed eighteen pounds, waa thrown to nearly the elevation which it aonld have reached bad the bursting not taken plaoe. ?trlking the ground at about H.000 ir 1(1,000 yarda A Is to be reprettes that ?bo acoldea! occurred whea It did. The power and geeatm t* of tbe In ventioa were not fully drmoagtrafed Mr. I mick, no doubt, will have another gua made, ani, If possible, of better metal ?.n. Pfm toera*. Boft.tit Eimif tow A boi !er~ ii (if 0tSkAk' lory of Parker h 1 >rklna, m M-nuen, afHode-i on tbe lltb lost , InjorlDg five or ?|g men so severely that three of thew. aair'sl Henry Clart, Patrick 0'H*?l and Andrew Phippea, died oa tba UU ??? otbfr* wtU prt> a babl^ r*cov?*