Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1856 Page 3
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UmTlSEIBRTfi RKIfKWJSB EVEKl Bit. lAiilM A* loClW*. | * LFRED KHAOQ, AU( J10NKK8.- A. BR AGO A 00. Which cost the OvTne- oTer ttl2.000 B*lc positive. AT AUOTION-IRON HAKES, j\. ?econd hand superior safes, of v*rl?'i? ^w' ^ cloge thr ?^To<Xm $h 'IS. X n o'clock A. M.. at *, Fulton all eet - A UCTION NOTIOE.-LAMK AN^h pbbem^ort A eale of 81i'e^'iirnit,m^i U?<- ruJttki, magulliceut roeeaood pianoforte, oil P^j^ * ? chlnB ;l?i Riuui ware, car Dresden omnavaKM.pit-r ? ,. s 'Auctioneer, will sell, this ptU, AO llKHKY 1. JLfc o'clock. at residence Hi o 70 Weai day, September lfl. at '" , ru4,??nee, all the splendid tor Twenty eum street, by or^ pjchlj uarve(1 ro^wood parlor niture a a Bh0\rj?c?"* ,-b *a'|n bromtel; also, suiU In green suites' covered W French ^ W4re par?in marble statu and crimson pltijh, ?!' 1 ll8 80u,i rosewood furniture, nloe ?^' A0:.v'. ^rJ.?oJd sutt, eight pieces, In .ilk plush. ple^ each . we rwewo ,1U mil b\e u,p CBntre side aud nujduUj order, .rosewoo ?*H top tables; Bplemlid lace cur aofa tables ; do ltAl^ ?? ?'? ^ k mlrror vTlUl tains and aorntoea. ver a h rb-h Drxs ^tVarU^se.* SSJtol oCeWc. ? ge and aplen liwFpaflan marble hUtuene of Queen (Catherine, ex^^'*<} iu ShS rrrstal f'alace, coht $160. with several very line oil pa nt lng* line gold frames; aoUd carved rose od receplion cU.r* English tapestry Hi ussels carpets; so <sew. . d m^bleloi) AtJaoi-p with plate glass doors and baolt; do. ' do. corn1 Beres an<< oruamebtH. Ulnti room? Oue solid ^ j table, it.lsld table cutlery silver aerrice.rkh chtaa tea . and dinnoi ktU, highly decorated; cut ?'a? wa?,ro. goi leu, tumblers, w'nert, Itohemian glass dluingroom chairs, sofas, ??Wny "^gores, do. Chambers? It' sewood marble top dressing o i r a . washitanda to match do. centi*- taMes rosiuvood [BUzjbe^Un lipditpidg rmre curled hair inattr^PSPH, sprloi( d P? pUl^s^d bolsters, spwad? and blanket* ^?b?ds "d?fM. AaMgaae. A "ST0," SSW^X* TOS^S"J,SSw Wooeter street . vl*_ -Klegant ro^ lied,,It>udH aud mahogtny ta bpo?*^L' Tfi fwt l^g m?de by Herts, mahogany watdrobea, 5^^W,;?auT l?S?sUnd., toilet seU, mahogany trench bTdsVeTd" best horse hair, M j ntiiowi clwiubcr cottage suites, o&k dlniof %btaa cutlery cr?*korj and Kias8 ^^VkHchen utensils, stair carpeU, rods, J ('- AfcUl.KV, Esq.. attorney for Sirtjagee office jtJlty Ha!l place. "jTlirriOM MOTirl.? H. WII?ON, AOCTIONKER -- A , ?fn Hije? Superior e^istom rniwe rosewood and ma jf^-. h^bobi furniture ? Two eiceUent rosewood piano |.?y Are* magmbcent suits of solid r?*?*'0<>? ."v ?ins^'eore>wd ui the most enpensWe and deetrab'e I25S rich *el?etMrpets Ur^e aa^ eitenaive SPS1SS5K a fiVjiTesaen T u oaUed to ihe large and sTteusire ca^gue 3 ?V"rJT . JfwTn ,1 ooauy houseiiold farm ure, decora ^ A, /c to at^biic sue.ton. to the highest bid *?***!-? y ' n remises N.i 2 i' West Kourtaeuln street, ftotr e^-k this Say. hept 19 being .he and d?sirabl? imwsDia ?rf the above d,V -orv dwelling bo.ty-U.e whole of wbirh will l>?* poiiUvily eoH wUhou* n^ard to cost. plrh?r?-r iiittuu atH?ut 1A0 yardj. oi ?up?-rlor mndal lan car rJL i^em^Z*nt ?.md '^-woodaulu ^ ^k^^yc^lu m, and * ' Ud?., gojid rnaawood reception and arm chairs, ilKXTK.' Ti^w^ e-geVaj. ^ T? ^V* ??!??? d<x>ra AC . ImpotM expr?^i?iy for ih?? ?z:: x.cys k .;??-? r^.-!S ft.? riTt'twi/'r? .'a. ' viadoa < uriai. ? a , I ? rnu ea. larc- and e? ^SSES^SSC .ktMi rw an round rlaw atiil --rj Is th? b??i tuanii?sr; Biarbla loo 2^* >ll M'*M r bad. cbairs in bair eloth. made hy Ohera ? a u ia c i< * ar ??nt of *up**nor t/?m? And -ry-aleat gla- wars i ia.b ???. I ? '? ?"?' decanters u, maioh, ~.~T >, ...k uitrii rake ?>a?k't* ea*?ers r.?nee an i w? CSSiEW^rar'etS sl^S" refrtgerat." A *' ?'* " 'r,^u.rr,, ?t-.l neiy a*-eeaary 2* - mm'sX tht HRS?isSSffi'"' ?? " wlil be reee.taq wyij? ???** ? ? ?? *^53 jssrtss mSm * '?"? s7iiM?n> A 1 ?* ? m,?-ii? EwMf liSvSsg'^gsr'.a '.?^?53 etawWWIM^ ' ' Hnr tti "au." a*^l ware enlaa ? bairs lal.trs plaj? a?? ? ,r, j,., k,,.?ekee( -ag arUrl*^ genwratlr ___ M,?,lrI ? the sale It t. ?' >e- e. ?? %. . . ^iTSCU U, t^. -aie I jHifaati? tiwroy ? <t r#niiif^4 | ikrivonofi ~! KmlTi -fWT ATT ra;^ ' '^V fuc Sh^ '^s: yjssgrajS ? .? 1 f ? ? ul and J.Au ? ss^t gssgjs- rawgg. I Mrntiiire with fa?<y artielw, as or""~ ca'a)?gue -*? ' ?rvrtf'K -IIAMAOril *TIA* ltf<<>INK. A UiTl"* KtiTHJt -Ue at aeeiiee -W A l>otieraha:uni. gear'O^-^f^.. rrlday, Kept IV. <- A I . H tJ KTOF an 1 Park a< u ?"??' ?' *? LfS 3 ate.w K M ' f I ?**2S5i ?511^211* i??' ?.liotera bottwe. ?fe?t ahaUmg. SS^^CTyrtrggg^ Ter-at^ A A f < 'T I ' ? K S A t.B.? * am r in. nsooop A r<> . At'C A. I nn?t I > III eell a< a>?eiw* <?? h*tur4ay, Kept J', at lev ? rkx-k at the ?ele*<*>?? ?| n .^?>i * l?-f? aed WlindM iMHisfi" 'H ww?Wii<. ??'? <m waiaei ai.4 oat laraMurv |< ann^i'M. f reswk i late ?.?r ?n<< m- .ir (lasaee. ?. | ga itMea gUea. ?. '? ??" table ristteey Ar Tkw m a t*t 1 fiftlm m wh <rf gwt* r ?! prnim%i?n will fc* gH e? ia ne u'day a papers t atai. ??'?>? na the day >4 sale 4 ctTiu* i?otir* -r* tnn.D r ajx rn? at iMi'ian </ Hie p<>b?r to the a?< t "U aa. tl is 4ar at !?:>, o ctnrk ?* tie e?t. e H-'k t< r*t ealniw liriMMr.i TreteAt* ks *<i?lsv a l<? A?n thr tf.-tmpati Ua Hate I t ?'. IIOl <. I. T< ?* Awinsm A r?TI< ?> ?QT1?* -4 ?"G A*F AUCTION F'KR -?T Ji. ? !" ? I ART ? 1 1 ? day at I ?"?*-?'* a' ?? ai net rsnwi nr ei <?' vraAktbet skii Wi *? e.ntn^i* ? aa >e a la?ge h? a( new an<! a?e.'?d feaaai elothiug Mid e?*?a. Ae At Mli II >*i |mh.|iT I'm. aiake Airisa b^' 4* ?J IfcyMi aa <esr? r *>ily a Nufart ? Ibisdav a' l i ? eHeA. lei ? ' tb? m?V<w, wageei ai- 1 I.# W Is H VI i.fIR i Mwiasi* Art TIOH PtiMlti ? J IWHtAki Al iTIORKRR ? It T , | PHUkt ast'iM.1 s*1 ' 01 at IS ? r ?.s at the <Mlale|'tMl auaa? t?'|iw n "'?.?? sa-e m ??<? hf v.r,S',"l 'a ni-H I*!* 1 i,rli| *?,]*.? frwn, ?Wipe la ? >i luge* her a ??' *<?* at? * af>p<re farabaee. 4* MiHa tin, > ik> H rasaidii A (TT)t?a TI<1 ' ??<><. ? R T AI'iTHiRRlA -II |k H<x. . K1 ?aa??r-ia? a> IW.arws* at the aaXtna bis isiWie- ef I rank (art a W ? el "ata. s?wigsi? sate l.rge a*1 I hairs ta1 ktMheafe sib leepe 1 1* hi at Mv^i'sa aad a Mkioa* - >tii ?* rikti' ?s unwritw A A. , l"?a?"'lla r> Ma raa A M>a<bei "?a? M sat? ***** ?na >M taiaeos a la aad >he !? a?? w ih* y~w?-ee ltee*iel-ee aim af t mm* ,'S Wax ' areas (taw f? fau __ ? OMR R jrillM T Ml *11 AM A ? ATa ?R ?*;uRi ?* ?*m Iif A I. AMUR L"T Of TARrVT ( m ?a M < |li TAl.?R ear: a near s? | ,m w.? '? ? aa>.- M 0 M", a ? > - ft slarfa ?ad aa m a Mil arae i 'aeaai s#'a "? ?? VWaa aad BTh t t sr<ii?iKffi Hmif a. - -- einm At A* < 1 IhatlMi >e . .. a, ..? a... I ha>. ??? ae ? ? al mt ?? " ? the aw t. ? >ie>?? a. e- ', a ??*? If?e <m <m <* ?sm hs mi? MM a' ?eef Ma 1 aa^t Ae? ? >* IM Mai MSA ft Abas a* >1 e'MM V eeaMRHd eR fen i , Msserta ka . sMSas VrakRR M gRARKI-'R *l < 11'RRk* RT Utll MM 14* R H< U 1 ?? a???| Ret* a? . Iteaartaay easi t?? maha< s <ertaaf sasea If M.-a>.'.?a sft Sms'< saea.' aessr h by se'4< Rl *a"f^a^aa . <^#e teetsrerf Re e'taea. < ' wr 1 HP .? e ii?a*| ai a^sd >W?M cs ?as aw4 aataas aarbw ??aie J the Mas# e'a cewsr< earl | e. nk aatf Haa^s ?? <-. may oak walna* aad -k ukeesw* Kareau. * ???? ? ?? aa< >r a. a > , . s #tt". -a.p b< g IM * aa. ael m . a, . fTOOf j n ' ae^art" XT t?> ?treat D. MLBI AT *?ITHM. b UOCOII. AUOTIONKEK -AUt.TlOb HIM Of (be n>Mt elegant sod le- abb rua. w ?*t wuinul and inlaid lurtu'-urr, hng.iab rjyal >i !?' 1 m|i4 ?1 paintings. mlrrori Ac b ui mi.>w thatiir'layl Bi.rtiing a I A. M., "I No 24* Weal Twenty Uurdalrei between lLaK gba and Ninth avenue*. All the splendid content*. emulating In the parlor* of R M Tloson'l importation of velvet. Upes'.ry and lagraia rsrpma. of t Irossley's manufacture, ihr. f ruirr -d *in la elegant French Hatlu, iu bcocatel and to hair elotl. several beautiful rosewood etegeres, of oioat beautl. ul deaign*. al-o solid rua wood ceutru, work, sofa and fancy tnhlee, two magiuVoat pter glasses luOxSK. 4 ovals, one mixi*), superb 7 <*:tavc pianoforte, Inlaid plate, braced, and coal $40U, brome ahaude Hera with classic figure*, imported by Mr. Dally. three Frem-a secret uriet, Id rosewood, a great varte'y of brumes el u ant Hevrei rua, Parian marble representations, bronie clock* gilt do , Ac , Ac. Dining and Extension Room ? Rosewood fiUiMion tab'e opens 14 feet; mahogany dining undei euanci tables, mahogany sideboard dining chair- li<|ttor cases, line whit* and gold French china dinner aet, of lbO plecea; two lea acta, *4 pieces two do , (-8 pieces; two silver aula, bearing atain,i of Rnjarn Bros; ufao all the spoons, forks, rings, two < ?k.r< two cuke baskets cupl, ,tc .line crystal cut glsaeware, II ihejniai. i at and colored decanters, wmea. carutfe*. tumlilera, Ac ; ivory cutlery, Parian pitchers goblets, tumbler*. Ac., Ac , Luc ova! engravings and paintings. Hulls nnd Bedrooms? English tapestry enrpfttlnf*. Knglu-h oilclotha, magnificent go'hic hat rack, bail chair*, splendid rosewood and ml >ganv bedaleails, carved in various a ylea, also beautiful rosew ood and mahoijaiiy marble top dressing bureaus waahrutidi, 4c., three Una French china toilet acta, 10 i ?ee?; ten pure hair mattrnatei, twenty pillows and bolsten. one leather bed, Mni'telllet counterpanes, bed linen, enameled chamber suites, mahogany aofas, easy, rockin? and parlor chairs, gilt mirrors, liohenilan vases, mahogany centre table*, rugs, mats, .to - also one of Plimpton's patent gwre'ary bed sic, ids, cost 4,200. Alra a fine selection of oil paintings, by eminent livln ; artist*, t or a description. Ac , see catalogue Arrangements made lor the calling or packing of good* Sale putative, ruin or shine. EUGENE B. FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL this day. nt salesroom 86 Nsssau street, at lO'^ o'clock about iSjOyards ol English, Brussels and other carpets, wuh a arge lot of secondhand furniture. Cainloguea now ready IP IKiKN E B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER ? 8AI?K OF !i second liaud furniture i wm .ved for convenience of attle ? 1 his (Friday) morning, at 104i o'clock, at salesroom 86 Nassau street, will be aold the whole parlor, chamber, dining room, library and kitchec furniture of a family giving up housekeeping consisting of a general assortment, all ol which iias been but little used, and will be sold without reserve. Edward bihenck, auctioneer ? edward SCUKM'K A CO. will sell, at auction, this day. at f o'clock, at their salesroom, No S3 Nassau street, one elegant square box shitting top road wagon, built in the best manner and of the beat materials, warranted by the maker for one year; also, one second band coupe roc ka way, in good order. Edward i?chenok, auctioneer? great sale of el' gant household furniture.? Ki> WARD SOHENt'K ?it CO. will sell at auction, on Saturday. 20th Inst , at lOK o'cliek, at their salesroom, No S3 Nassau street, a magnlii c nt assortment of household furniture, consisting in part of elegantly carved rosewood parlor suites, in hrocatel an.l plush, rosewood side and corner eetgeres. with marble tops, and plate glass bucks and doors; rosewood secretary book cases, rosewood and mahagany marble top centre, sofa, and side tables; rosewood ami mahogany solas, easy and recep tion chairs, and also, rosewood and mahogany, solid oak and enamelled chamber suites, with marble tops; mahogany din ing tables; oak extension do; oak hall chairs; rosewood hat stands, Ac Also, seven magnificent French plate mantel and pier glasses, In rich gilt frames, tapestry, velvet, and Brua tela carpets; rugs, Ac. ; marble clocks; bronxe candelabra*, Ac.. Ac.; hair matresses. silver plated ware, cutlery, Ac , Ac. Pale peremptory for cash. EDWARD 80HENCK, AUCTIONEER -I.ARGE COL lection of tirst class oil paintings. KDWARD Sl'UEM'K A CO. will sell at auction, on Friday, Mth mst., at 11 A. .M , a', their salesroom . 33 Naasau street, opposite the Post office, a beau'iful collection of line oil paintings nearly all of which are originals, and have never belore been exhibited or offered for sale. Among tliem will be found the ' Meeting of Jacob and Kacbel," by lluvsman. ot Mechlin; "The Nativity," by Paul Veronese; a "View near Florence," by Geo. 1,. Brown; a superb Landscape," by Dr. Graillv; Vino, many other beautiful and attractive pictures, by Greuz.e, Hullor, Palvaior Kusa. Brocliard. Sorg, (iudiu, Koqueplan. Ostade, Oarlo Ma ratti. Chaillet, Clean work. Ruyten. Bates, Mure land, Mea d' ws II Robert Veinet Stewart, Ollbert and manv other*. The paintings will be on exhlbiUoa, with ful! descriptive cata logues. at tM salesroom on .Saturday, tHe a"h ;ust., and con Dime uniil the dav of sal* 1 he above is believed to be one of the finest collections ever offered at auction Every picture will be guaranteed to be by the artist w nose name I* attached They are nil in ehtgsnt frames, and will positively be sold without any reserve whatever. The attention of couuoiaseurs I* respectnilly invited /GILBERT S. 8AVAGE. AUCTIONEER. -LARi i E AND 11 peremptory sale, this day, at lO'i A M by H AO LEV A SAVAOR. at the salesroom, tti t'edar street, assorted stock of fine groceries. u|mki wliirh advance* have been made ? a prime lot of sugar* whi'e. relined. light brown and brown; raisin*, prune* maccaiOM herrirgs choice leas green and bla^k; coffee, Java, in pockets, soap, taniily and fancy; brandy la c.i-ks caws and ueniljohn*. champagne, claret, port sherry and Maileira wines; SSO.flUi segars, various brands. Will be sold In lots to suit country merchant*, city grocer*, hotel and r? staurant keepers. One cu?e oil eognac. HFNRY B 1IKRTS, J? . AUCTIONEER ?ASSIGNEE'S sale of diamond Jewelry, gold watche*. Ac., on Friday. Mapt. 19, ?! I"*. o'clock, at fie salesroom Mo. i1-, Pine street, comprising diamond sets, rings, breastpins, esrriag*, Ac , gold and silver watcbe* hunting case and open faced by Seweli. Johnson French. J'irgensen and the other celebrated m tkera; gold vast and fob chains, seals, keys, rings, earrings, brace lets breattpina. sleeve buttons, studs. Ac., set with mosaic, onyx, cameo, pearls, emeia,d*. rubles. Ac., being the entire liaianee of stock of a large Importing bouse, and to be aeld without reserve for caaii by order ot the aasignee. Also, at 1 o'clock, for account of whom It may concern, the contents of one trunk and two oarpd hag*, wearing apparel. Sold to pay *tor*ga. H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER? BY II. H. Lsfol>9 k ? CO.? Friday. Sept 19. at lSo'clock. In front of the sales roots, 13 Naaaau street , an iron gray mare. 1?>, hands high, seven year* old. styllah and free driver In single or double harness and I* an excellent saddle mare; can trot In three minutea. and is warranted perfectly sound and kind In every pai ticular? I* sold ouly for want of us? , also a light troiung wsgon. marly new and In perfect order, made py George Wl&gM, ef Brooklyn; alee a sat of Mirer plated iiarnes- ia rood order. Will be sold together or separate, to suit pur ehaeer*. without reserve. Hardware, shovels, carvkrh.-this day. lottf O'clock, at 57 lley street, corner OrMnWtch. long handled shovels, spades, axes ha'chets. hardware, carvers, tabic knives fancy boiee. lookllng glasses, segar* lobajoo. shirt ColU-rs, bramly. gin. Ac. WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Auctioneer. TOIIN L. VANrEWATKR. AUtTIONKER, WH L KKI.i.. ?J tills day, (Frtda) I >ept 1? at IU', o clock, at the sales risen. M Naaaau Mreet. nagnlflrent diamond and gold jewelry, watchea, Ac. Ac., cluster and single s'one diamond earring*. MM r tings plus, brooches atuds. nrsceit ts. Ac., la IK carat (<>ld mountings, l.t carat gold hunting and sing) -caee watchea, by me moat celebrated makers do. guard \ eai ami fon chaina. In the neweet etj le? also a large line of fine gold jewelrv ? unsteung of brots hen pin*, narrlngs, linger rings lockets. i !.sras studs, ileete bultoi>a, brateleta. vest buttMls. Ac , Ac. lliery article Is warranted aa reported on the catalogue. LAROE AND PEREMPTORY RALE? OVER SI.V00O w< rth ef cabinet I urmture.?WM WITTKS, auctioneer, w authvritrd to sell on Tueeilay. Sept Zid aixl follow ing day* at ltt'( o'rloek. at the extensive war-rooms ifVt < baUiani street ike entire stork of he above esub Hsbment, consisting of every desctlptioo of calunet fumitare inrludine feather t>ed? ana bedding, Need ?n s ; atei.i s- ts 1m Istead*. The above ato k i* well wotthy of the attenUor. of fumUure dealers a a well a* 'smiles com Uieoring houerkeepiug As every lot will be sold wlthonl re s? rve t ata oguea cn the acrni' guf tale. The store to let, or lease for sale. i*TG AGE SALE -RY P C. DULKLET. Ati'TION eer - lit onler of the mortgagee on Monday. 2*1 Insi , at 10 o'rloek A M at ?*i Duane atreet. muchlne*. luri, ng 'allies, epgme, holler and heat.'r firass cocks, Tslve*. unloi,*, nlpplea, I'ushlngs ellii w*. Ac . tee*, reducing aecket*. Atf. ? aiaa gtie* at auctioneer's office. 4'.' Wall afreet. 1>AWNHROKE*'H HALE ? A M. CBISTAf.AR, ACC tM'iieer 2i B<i?ery. will aell, thl* day, at M^s o'elack, a large assortment of wi inen's weurlog appare!, < on si -tuig of silk, niermo ai d iiel.lne drese?<, silk dreits patterns, cspes. manUH'is r.oaks, ' iki's an.' shoe* oulIU and blanket*, bed* ..nd pillow s. Ae . a'id a 'arge lot of other article* too numerous io mention. - ; TC IIWUHTOK, AUtTIrtNEER ?LARGE AND PK ? remp'ort sale of superior llret class famlture. ? Meesr< F A VkH'E A I'll will sell at aucUoa. this Isv (Fri dayi at In', o'clock at their ettensl -e waremotne. Met Itrtadway. by Mr T. O. Houghton. Auctioneer foe the in, rinse of ee?i'irl?g their Bo k which co?i*l>t? f* a v?ry large sad eitensive aaaoetinen' of rosewood maho gaur, oak aad wainut furniture tn every v inety. of the nesa -pia 'J, a l of whleh has been msi!e for private ruatom trade ant In (hum of finality and finish Is secon 1 to none In the eiir The furniture wilt be ail warranted, iheaameaslf e?UI at private Mle and the sale will he poaittrely without reset va so far aa ih? eoo-ls are eatalogaed for auction This s ?.? k ef furniture ts one of lb- larges, in be found In the el'y. Od I* l ariii roarlv worthv the noMM of houaekeeper*. sod mtaai be t isniine,) to be appreciated The assortment ro* s .'a of elegantly carvad rosewood efegerea oak ,-uid walnet ? leHoerds parW suits le <-srtona rich coverings and In inua lin that ran be fine bed to still the I sale of the plr.liaaer* , Ve*/ rlrb reoire tabtaa ex% oaloc, dining tables, lining room chair*, ? great tarietv IP?art and ee< retary hoiAeaae* parlor *e etarss rnaeWisKl l*M<*de a?i bureaus. togei|o-r w,th a geeai vsriets of mat^igaii) . oak and wainut parlor, dtmng r ><m and rbaaabtr furn. 'ire ttni I* purrhaeed 'o en out of the r ly will be caret *1!/ pftrkt j t,* shipping Cataloguet oa u>? awraiag at ? , r <T> f nol'iiKTON. ACCTIf'NEEE ?SALKhRfNtMF IIS 1< N ,saati aires' betweet, Me-kniaa and Ann. At prt v?teaa*e a largs . ???! ap.rndet stork of rtcbly carved and . . a, w>?ai. asaix gau) , w alaut. oak and ruametled pir 'f-'i'ieat: t <hs??!>er furnltnre; plano'o.tei, t reach r ai- ?frrats i>ae .si |>ainiii<ga. Ae which the pu'dlc are In ?e in ? is* bet" the largest and best assorted s; >f* ? er,tf a i r> r ??lee every Thursday, at lo's o'ekick TS ?* YRllt If Al tTIONKRM? tnrORK, M SPRCCn I tttssC? ?beei:t s *a,r oil Ftklav Hepieinher |n I -M .it IIW A ",*!!** Iltaia atreet all the rtgat, title an I tniereei ?< WiiiaaeM i<rs' uie of, it ano to th> property eonialue 1 in ?stf^ron- ? et waie'ing r4 t ai r,?-at flitttres aop irtenan es ? ban s. taMta. t randies M^no>a, nine*, segara. daaiUobaa. gr Ae Tim* m< ir rki.i ai'<tionrkr -sfgarh.-thi? ? ran Ml le f e'tloek. al Tt Nassau alreei by rat a Inge . $? tmi <a r**f ?'k of a* awe 411 brands of the popular klvl ?*i?s wbiskeiexHe ??+t without rear re* Dealer* and e <etsi,'f* raa < e nrr- r 1 a* they wlnh mm riifii.ArrnomiMTOil iro mrpri . | J a?r*#t wben# s aa" ef es*tnf* leon'ds ateara engine* Si an M* >rr a* Wft *' IsM at III o clock A. M , at No fj ? ...i as *?? .i ? ?.. e?n g of t large , aat ty of cast nga, ?? ids A> Aleo ease eagtnea Ac II t RIIMRTR. Depntv Rberiff. UfU WmRBR ArtTIOWItEB, WTIX SELL ON RA tnvdat ? ieV. rb<r%ya? HT <>r 4M tlaaal street a large aW teasrak'e aseteitneal ? f bameebold fur nt ur?. constaUftn of IV' ei cr*| g* Iwf r, mm. n i^lateads beds tnd heddlilg. ? ? ? *?a usat ?. ? it ? and i<rtl*t seta, wardrobe* and bnoaesaee. s *? resir* |.ie< and *tde lab lea mshoga-iv aoia*. pnre ' te an* cetlage rhet a. e*rpe** 'o>king rlnsse*. ?Mni and paenrea. eWea, glaae and erra-kery ware. |.,ae . ?? nnb ar a?sn?fiv*ni dealmble. ueefel an I < rttntmUl for fa- O'-ate* i g be->aeheep>ng Alan e?v<k store* with Sa* 1 r?e ente i *e*e . ene t*iaaefi rte nnd Mont, anil owe " 'Nut #*4/1 I WW I - 4T AI'Ttnif. TAI.UARLR I'ROPF.R CtT "."r\M r, |? r. nn*nag of a dettral'le realleni-e. with mw i' bsne eere* r* g ,rd?n le^ two r?e?r>?i mttla. wtUi wa'ee le * er and aeMn rv rsnflr s now rwanmg an I eena'de of ?I i ? t ft <? p?'i"-d* of p?r week . a eum .er w i |iia?e Aa nM gweittn#* ene stere and In* In the tied brtbnii. now a a easa '*??>.? twenty n>*ea ef w ael Isn.l All in <aie?i * r*e4<f*s I. I . mm W ,l be t?4 t I th* 1 the* bid ler a b< Bag!* It- ?*!, Ill s<..| I. 'lag-, oa lb? J f. I I alt a.-eifi W""''l (X I iMrimt.t aio rrool rritHT. r??He?|ret aotHll I sm ' and MaaMa * arVf'in. Wle low eora'see, Mb* ' beasaea IV?>i* act **sse|a All kinde ef tnasra f * Mi (M*UM $o,W ring*, TRW%irr*tt RP^IfTKH. a neBl >-(. A.HU PONCEKT HA A to*.? 1 ttos r*" *? *?* atagnHirtml ami-utm may ??w l>? e?4?*e* !?? w>4 1W mil ?. poafttoa ?T this w< II !<???? lit tnhwmnt toe e*>fo wttunan' for the I se???*? **kJ ?fom,?n4iy ul (u'M, lie e?luir?bl? uow <e MM ar< ? l ?1?u ? J |VM, lie aCtl.irwble MO M MMVtl ??? ? ! *?- ' - --I V.?. I il?|il?tc<nM M Mtllon salun* couu.ieud tiiia rourn to toe favorable nou ? W the ?>t>lk l ull e*r1*t?Wrt iur be obtained ?i to* km iMrm al Wlh.o'. <>*r<t?o. ttum t ilU J, ai.d u> ill. trvm 7 Ull to. I V -ThM room wUJ m* bo jet tor ?u (tor b*;* i Mxniein un thk fcrnittre in thk Sm iMMr ftd I ir Mir li beii-s new ?i*-i * >Hi. l spy!* uilfM toey ?ito to puetbsse UM- furuituiw (toll from I In I f . II at 1,7 t?reen< etree? a hamwmimk owkixiiiu inn n to i.kt ? a four ?!?'??? d? iitAg I i*r oe the ?M *M? of lti?i|n place, MM ?tre?< pMgi IH sll Ml modern n *,o ,-tneuls, will lie let t* a aoed tea*i t mi ?ttoMtootoris*. a, - . . 1 1 ? i>e male to KNOX tor .slier 212 Hi ?>%.! w ? v A H A LARUE fOI R WlKT ARI> ? AeKMFVT HOCKR TO il M ? 1? JKl Knem..- *tr> > t (first tor re- ? v e*l by the owner, * fh)?:ri?ii villi |>> baths A' m be M for a ?enteri ikwi Jliif; houer Apply Ui U. It. *1' II Alt I IS, JU7 Broadway. A NICELY FURNWIIRD FIRSTCLAS* FOITR STORY and lnvn en' lion-" to Ir. Tub pr. rale . Kverv Un nit li< u.< <*rii?r. ai,i ouaveiiiaal to ihe Snia avenue car*. Yearly rent, f i rk/K li W. RICHARDS, *77 BroaJwar._ ACII AN) K FOR A HL'BINKtol rLA'E-TO i.kt the entire fl?.,r in al! ? mama it No lSi ('anal street, suitable Iur a milliner, dr> naniaArr. tailor, or j?w? Applrto ft. XV RIiHaRI>K No 1?T Itinalwpjr. AKIKHT ri.AKM IHH'KK TO UtT-tV PRRPRtT OR d>*r. U' ? Ir paial*) thmultoxii. rnar? la it to lt<u?4w* ai.J 8i>th iiT?,ur rarn. { Laii toicr* h<n kikI i uM bai'i?. Ac Yaarljr rt'lrt fcrJS Apply W> to W Rli'llARHC. No 3>C llr oadwajr. I.ARllK HOUSR TO I.KT? IK liRKKNK RTSKKT. ?intab> for a Ixtatd ng Wmmo, ? ih l<*aar of a yi au<l I'uri Iturc for k*lr , u. all tw oi> rt?. m? with 'a improva Dirola. Apply to H W KICIfA R 118. No .V Hm?4??y. AriKsT OMflf MM ? 1 1) I.KT -? H I..M .. Iff ON K ol lb<* liurat ?trt "U In thr i-lty, M?r*alrat lo Un* Muh uveoue car*. Kuinlturr, nearly new will i>r k. .11 low. T?rmi <-aay. U W KK'IIAROs. :vi; ll.oa.lway. A8TORK TO I.KT ? >>TO< K AND riXTVHK4 FOR pair, doing u fair t uanu-?a. aatnif.irtory rrasou <rtll br (ivi'Q for thr prMi'nl proprietor lear:n? Apply the pre iiiiM-a t'JH Third avenue, between Tbuiy nfth awl Tl.irtv aiitb atrrcU. FUBNIhHHD HOCSK TO LKT? NO WKsTTHIRTT lirnt Hlj eel, In food order, and (outain.n? all tAr uiudarn Improremxnla. i*0Mea*u>u Can be had at auy ume. Apply mi ii>? preinlaM. Furnished booms to lkt-six rooms, on onk Coor, toei'tlier or at-panite. The boiixe ha* all the ino dern iroprovrmcuta, and In An eircllfnt location. Ihrxc minntes walk from Hr< adway. Apply al X> St. Mark * place. Kltihih street. Use ol a kitchen if de?re<l. H0CSK ANDRTORK TO I.KT AND FIXTURRS FOR hale. ? The beat ataud m the eity for it iiaUonary, fancy dij nooiiH, or a jewelry and YankM Mill ?tore ' Alao a apleodid counter, with twenty four drawcra amiable for a smtioner or elotning ?tor> , cheap. Iniitilre m the atom, IX! t. rand street. W illlamshnrg . OUSK TO LKT IN BROOKLYN? WITH OR WITHOUT tha lurniture, situated In Rohannerhorn ktrcet.. Ila* twelve rooms, furnace, Ac The furniture, which ia vt-rr ei cedent, can be liought at a great bargain or rented with the house. Apply to Mr. WBLKLKB, 111 Broadway, tu the baait ment. HOUPK TO I.KT? TO A SMAIX FAMILY. AND THK rent taken in board by the owner; a modem built three Mory and basement brown atone from house, newly piunt?l, and in perfect repair throughout It ia in a quiet and respec table neighborhood Apply at 170 Kast Kiijhte >-n'h street. HANDSOMK TWO MORY AND ATTIC HOI'SK TO let. and furniture for sale? in Bleeclter street, near Kro^dway. Onn be had without the furniture. Rent $7M per :iriium Inquire at No. 33 Hl? ecker s'.reet west of Hm.idway. All the modern improrrmenu in the premises. PART OF A HOUSE TO LKT- FIRST STORY. ?\?K inent nn<? two bedroins in the aUic of houM 219 Twenty- tirs: street, m good order. Apply to li. K. SMI I'll, 234 West Twenty aecond street. STEADY POWXK-A FKW eHOICK ROOMS STTLL TO be had in the Depot Hnfldinga ooruer of and Frank lln (tri eta, one square from U road way For the value of word steady, see the tenant* now there. Tnqalra a# tHO*. BfcNNKTT, on '.he promise*. TO LKT? COTTAOKS AT CARMAN8VILLK, A FKW mlnn'es' walk from the Hudson River Railroad depot, at 142d street Loestinn healthy, houses very eonvenlent, water tood and abundant Rem UM) Apply to MARTIN A hMlTllH. 66 Wall atreet, or to AUUlhTUS F. SMITH, Fort Washing ton. TO lit? OR HOCKK FOR 8.VLK, FIRST AND SECOND stories, with bsHemoDt, with I 'roton en each floor, bath, wa ter. closet, Ac , of s four st wry brick. Also, third and fourth s'ories. with all new improvement* of a genteel house Also, a first class house in Thlrty-tourth street, between Islington aud Third avenue*. Apply at No. 1W Kaat Thirty third ilreet, near Lexington avenue. mo let-pabt or a desirablk thrkr rtoht 1 brick house No 1 WMhlngton place, near Fourth atreet, Williamsburg suitable for a email family. Inquire oa tlie premises or of J. M. WHITK, corner John and Wtliiam street*, Mew York. mo I.KT? A SP1.KNDID RET OF OFFIt'KR, TOOKTHKR J or separate at 187 Broadway . Apply At 40 Broadway, up Mair*. r> LET-TO A BMAI.L OENTEEL FAMILY. THK UP per part of bouie HB Walker street, near Broadway, rent, tMft Inqu re on the premises. TO I.KT? RKNT, $17? PKR AWNI'M, A SUIT OF BIX room* two parlor*, three bedrooms and kitihen -con taining the I 'rot. i. w ater, gas, Ac , in the brown stun* building 4AU KUbih avenue. Apply to J. FKt'ARK, lixl Heater street. mo LKT? A VKRY PKSIRABLK COTTAOK HOI'SK, IN X llith street, coutainuig eight rooma. with line yard ai'Jtch eii There is every tMlttU for Keiting down town Kent $liw per animm Apply at 2U1 Ureenwich street, corner of Yeser, in the baaement r) LET-AT No. 419 SIXTH AVKNTK, BKTWKEN Twenty -liftli and Tweuly sixth street*, a wr?t claas h?u*e. first and second floor. Also, a'. Alt) Stub avenue, corner of Ihlrty first street. Iir <t an 1 third floor*, to *mall families. N. tie others aeed apply. TO LKT? A ROOM. 26 BY 00. FOR S"MK LIOIIT manufacturing purpose, or for publ'c meetings at 4.13 Fourth nvemie near Thirtieth street. Apply oti the preinHM, to W. H. 11 Alt.llT. mo LET? THE SECOND FIX>OR AND FRONT KITCHEN A wl'h nrwHlern improvement toagenteei f.uaily. Apply al .tSP Fourth avenue Rrferenees eiehangod. rt.KT? TWO RMAI.I. NEW OKXTKKL HOPI KB, IN the vicinity of Leilngion avenue, complete, wlib all the n. dern ltnproremenu oalka, water clnseta, and gas fixture*, I l|y suitable for a small family rent about 9178k E. B. K1WRH1MKR. UK Fourth avenue. TO LET-IN ORAND STREET, WII.I.IAMSRCRQ ? A b- dutiful suit of room*, and elegant Broa lwav store. gM Chandeliers. Kent S23T to May next. A gentcei, and a good opport unity to do huslneas. as It i* the main street. Apply al ?&2 Grand strert. Wi.ttamsburf TO LKT -TO A MAN AND HIS WIFE, WITHOUT CHIL dren, a furnished rooqo and bedroom Inqnlre ai No 1 77 Bevenih avrnue, between 1 went) second au<! Twenty ihlnl street*. TO LKT? THE HOUSE NO. 09 MADIKON 8TRKKT. corner of Catharine . 32 rooms. I'oMesalon Immediately. Apply on the premise*. r LET? TIIK LOWER HALF OF THK f?t:B?TANTIAL house 4it> Fourth street, near Seroni Avenue, eemprielug Kasi men'.. ktUhen. eellni parlors, together with an altic bed^ room; real SMO. Apply to JAMES SCOII. an Kaat Fineentb Street. TO LET.? THE FIRST CI. ABB TIIKKK STORT nRICK bouse. No. Mi Bergea street, Brooklyn. Will be let very i applied lor imm< diatrly, a* the owtier i* going to Furoj^ Apply on the premise*, or to CHAH. M. I' AHPI.N TKR, Nr Vrw?e>'tre<t rLKT? CKFUBMSHED. A FRONT PARLOR ON the ..rat floor. al?o, room and bedroom, on the third fl.or Apply to It Walker street W> LET? THK LOWKR PART OF A FOt'R STORY _ house furnished. po a | rlvate family The third tloorlo lie occupied by the ow tiers tamiiy. which consist* i4 two per son* wli-u la tlie citv. Rent very low lo a reepeetoble pri vate family. Inquire at III Waverley plaee. TJ LET.? THK TWO STORY IIOI'BE. N'> r AMITY 1st re ,t will he let lor SttMtoooe wto> wtN k?y toe tur a Wire. Apply a? the boueo. mO LET-TWO MILES FROM 11 ABI.KM oPrttolTR a Central Morrisania depot, a house, containing 12 rooma. aultal, to for ressleiKe or manufacturing purposes reiK per month, or ot,e ball f .r fi a w-M Inquire ai 342 Broadway. U.lrd story, in ihe prin leg office. i.It7'1ifai*- a i>f>ibTablk n*o story and at Ur house sml "table, on 1 Irty *e tenth street, near Secnnd avenue, w Ith about 1? lots of gr? und laid out In Kardcti, fruit tires grs| - vine*. Ac milread e*rs oss-.tiu every two mi Mhh |M rna all nifht Inquire of I>r. N'hnudt, No. i En I wi !flh slreet. nesr Fifth atenue. at i? A. M., or Sl, P. M. <0 LXAKR-A FINE FAVORABLY nrUAfRD STORK. In West street, near Reetor. Apply to F. W. 8 A LI. KM .? Rector *treet. TO LRT OB FOR SALE ? A DOUBLR Ct.TTAOK ANO two kits, (V rooms. i wmth ?lde of F.ightv *nth street 2M) 'set east ol Third nvenue Rent Jatu per year Inquir -of J AH MAtil'lNF Yorkville, or Mr. I'rumwell. 19 William to. T 1 rpo L*T LOW, OR FOP SALS? THE TWO Hor.sKS I2t i We*t Frvrtleth -'reel, anl 1*) West Fori/ UiirJ. Also, for ?ale 232 Kaat Ninth street Inquire of WM KNIlllIT. plumber, 931 lir?a<iw?r. N.B.? Kverv deaertpUon ot plumb Ing wort falihru'ly etseutod, on the lowest terms. mti MANl'FACrtTRKRS ~OR "OTHERS ? TO LKT OR 1 for sale, rheap, the buildings 116 East Twenty ninth siree4. TO feet front, four stories high, suitable for steam power, will suit anr manufacturing purpoae. Inquire to 111 Kato Twen ty nlntfi street. TO PITTBMARS -TO I FT. A SI ITK OF FIR^T (71. ASS offleee. with furnace, t-a*. marble washbasin anl wnter closet, on the lirst floor of the new brown alone English l>*M ment bouse I2R Ninth street third door west of Rroa.1 way. 00 KINO STREET? TO LKT. A THREE STORY sit I dwelling h<iu?e. wBh all the modern improvement*; ?right be let to two email famlliea. Apply to A. RAYMOND. 61 I h 'than, stfBfli OCVMBTR AHP ACIUUTB. 1 M PROVE TOUR EVES BT M. WISB. OPTICIAW. RO 1 437 rtroodway, np stairs M. WISE respectfully Inform the puhllr that lie *till oontlnues hi* busmees m ths sam ? bull* tic oc< tniled by blm ft* Ihe Imi twelve years, but hag r? moved up stair*, to reduce his expenses, and will be enable I there sy to snll his articles twenty per cent cheap r than any 1 1 this Itne of business Persons with weak eyes can be snpplte! wtth glasses which will greatlv benefit and not stra'n th ? sight Particular attention I* paid to the new style of pe' fpectlve ground glass of the finest flint, which, through it* high polish and true ground, produces the pare* vision, ? td has been h'<thlv recommended a* the best, in Its effect npotl the eve. for pre*ervtig and Imtmving the sight In con'lnu ?A wrlttnt and reeding Short sighted pemon*. and those opert ??d upon ft>r cstararts. ean also he suited, lie Inserts ne V flssse* o* SupeMOV qnalttv In old frames, and solicit* the p%. ttimsse of a'l in wsnt rl nls article*. |l? wsrrsnts all ape teles pnrrbeeed o( him to suit the sight five \earn. or eheus ? ...e i Meet wt"tout est; ? charge P1MR ARTR. OR ? MODERN ORIOINAI, P*I*T ?s at'il pen , -twiogt are to be told at a ? a es V ' etch <r ? xch*?i2> I 1 eity removable goolt by the BCttgl luiiise . , ?' his studio. 61 1 t aakl n itree', rungi No i, F(;v BOAiuMnu Ana uwuau. ?/? IK CHARGED FOB DIRECTING YOU TO A SUIT

?P' ? ?h . -board tig place How easy It Is to call sad And on re. old jii?i what y/il tvenl! The uioat reepectalile urvl ar ? at ihc ofl'or ',12 Broadway. Person* wUhlmi*, aliuuld call immediately. (J ST. MARKS CLACK? KURNI811LD ROOMS, SUIT t able for a KcnU'-maii ?nJ hi* wife, to let, with board, ill the Ur?t clsa* Louse So o St. Mark's place. 9 ASHLAND PLACE l'ElIRY KTllKKT ? TWO LAROF. roi ma to let, with board, aatlable for gentlemen and their wives or single gentl?m-u. boom* kave keen recently paint ed, and are nicely furuinhed. lias aU the modern lm provenu*uta. Relerence* exchanged. lO UNION SQUARF.--BOARDINO ? A KIR R fUTT Of x coma, on the aecond floor, with private table, 1/ de sired, ac< omtnoilatlom also for one or two single gentlemen. 99 UNIVERSITY PLA CP. ?ELEGANT SUIT OF ^ rcoma on first floor, to let with private table, if d" kited: nVo, a pie taai.i room on third tloor. auitalilH for a ?? u l'i man aud wife, or single gentlemen. References exchanged. Ul'MO* PLACE. OPPOSITE THE PARK.? PLEA saitauitx of room ou sccond door, for gentle aen and tlx Ir wives. with board. Also, a tew rooms for single gentle ii" u Reference required. JO MI'RRAY STREET. ? TO RENT, WITHOUT BOARD, rr ?' a from parlor and third story front room, suitaole fjr a geuUeuisn and wile or single gentlemen. MWAI.KKR 8TREKT, FIVE DOORS WEST OK Bri. Jw?y- A quiet and genteel private boardiiiK bouse for single gentlemen and gentlemen and their wives. Terms reasonable. Hot, cold and shower baths, free 6C East BROADWAY? HOARDING ?A SUITE OF ft parlors onseemd lloor handsomely furnished, suitnble lor ncm:< me? and their wives, or would be let to one family, with si! the modern improvements J Four orjllve single gentle rue 'i ran be accommodated with pleasant rooms 00 WEST FOURTHRNTH STREET -SUITS OK ROOMS UO l?r tamlle* Also for single geutlemeu, with perina neut and transient board. Location unsurpassed Dinner at 6 P. M. Reference required. HA EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? HANDSOMELY 1 r lur.ished rooms msy be hud with board, location pleasant. between Fourth and Lexington avenues. BLKECKKR STREET-POUR DOORS WEST OF Broadway. furnished rooms to let, to single gentlemen. 81 Q1 EAST THIRTEENTH 8TRFET, BETWEEN THIRD U I and Fourth aveuues.? Furulslied rooms for gentlemen, with o r wubout partial board. House has gas baths, Ac Reference exchanged. 1AO FOURTH AVENUE -FURNISHED PARLOR, 8E 1 \J jZi rood lloor, front Also, sitting room, front, with bed room on third floor, with or without hoard, in a neat modern built bouse, and lew hoarders, with a widow lady without children References given and required. 110 FOURTH AVRNUR, NEAR UNION SQUARE.? Suits of rooina, handsomely furnished, suitable for families or gentlemen, with full or partial board; the house is firs' claa*. the family private, end the location is unsurpassed lo la* city. 1 AC WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. OPPOSITE AN J. *_/?.) nnnciation church. ? Two gentlemen and their wives may obtain handsomely furnished ap irtmenls on lirst and se cond floors, and boerd. by application as above. Reference required. mWAVKRLEY PLACE. ? ONE LARUE ROOM, ON HOMi lloor, with iwo bedrooms adjoining, to let. with board in suite or separate, for a gentleman and wife or single geutlemeu. House private, ana has all the modern im prs\ ementa. m HENRY bTBEET? A OENTLEMAN AND HIS wile can obtain board, with a pleasant room, or room and bedroom a room for a single gentlemau, also. 19c WEST TWFNTY PIPTH STREET ? A GENTLE J man and wife, or siugle geutlemeu, can obtain plea ?ant room* and good hoard. House modern built aud plea saiuly located. Cars and si ages convenient. 1 OA MADISON AVENUE.? TWO SUITKH OK ROOMS, lO'/ with board, on the second story, In a liratclass bouse, Ik admirably local.'. I mid replete with every convenience Wall street t-Uiges pass the door. 1/11 WMTH 8TRK1C1, THIRD DOOR RAST OK BROAD J.TT J. wsv.? Kurn.shed rooms, In suits or separately, In cluding the back parlor and extension room on uie lirst Burn to let, To gentlemen with breakiast, if required Klrat ulasa house, with all the modern Improvements. 1/t^I TWELFTH STHEET, SECOND DOOR KROM XTCtl Sf' ond avenue ?Suit of room', on the se.;ond floor, together or separate. Single gentlemen, .entieiueu and wife raa find desirable ncconimortal.ona. Knniily private. Partial board for gentlemen. References exchange 1. AAA FAST BROADWAY -TO LEI, WITH IIOtRli, ZUU several very desirable apartments, to gent lemon and ?heir wives or lo elude gentlemen, furnished or unfurnished. The house Is new. with sll the modern improvements. tyfiA ThNTH STREET ?SEVERAL SMALL I ARLORS, ZUT With bediooma attached, suited for geotlemea and ttei r wives or single gnnt lemen T erins moderate 1JJQ EAST THIRTEENTH STREET ? AN ENGLISH IOO family can accommodate a few gentleman with hand eetne furnished appartnienta with or wlthont partial boerd. House hrst class, gas, hot, cold and shower baths free. Refe rt'ui es re.|MU-"d. 1QC SEVENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY .LOO second end TweMy -third streets ?A few gentlemen ran be aciommndaled with well turnishrd rooms and good board, baths, gas, Ac., in the house. Magea pass the dour every few minutes A LARGE ADD HANDSOME FURNISHED SITTING room and bedroom, f Being Gramercy park, to let to a single gentleman, in a private family, without children, bath, gas, Ac., on the same Boor, el No. 7 Gramercy park. Refer ences exchanged^ A PRIVATE PAMILY WOULD LET, TO GENTLEMEN without board, a bark parlor and front aud back rooms aud hail bedroom, in second Story, furnished with large .?h.sets, gas and bate. Apply at 81 Fourth avenue, near Ninth street A LADY OK QUIET HABITS, DESIRE* HOARD IN A private family where there are but few .11 M "'her l.nard ers. Widow lady preferred The eorafnrta of a home will be expected Terms moderate, aud loeaiion down town. Ad dress, fi r threfe days. Boarder, Hniadway Poet office. A VERY PLEASANT St'IT OF WELL PI'MNISHED rooms, with hoard if deatred. in e ttrsi class brown alone tn al house, pleasantly located, rnnvenlent lo car* and stages. 71 West Fourteenth street, fit it house w eat of Sixth avenue, north side. A PRIVATE PAMtLT, WITHOUT CHILDREN. HAVE a large aud baudanmriv furnished flout room to let. with board to a gentleman and wife Apply at 107 West Twelfth street between Fifth and Bath evteues. References ei ebaugel A PRIVATE KAMILT, Of'CUPTING A LARGE HOUSE. No 1W Wiai^er street, decree to let. with breakfast a superior auM of Well furnished mmm. ?n the second Bear; also two single front room*, on third ti>?>r. to singi? gentlemen of high rrsoectability. Cleanllneee strictly observed. Kefereneee required. Avery pleasant front parlor, well pur meiied. with aliel room aiUrhe<1. In a basement house will be let toooenr two gentlemen. %l?o. several other p|e* sant rnoma, on the third Boor, with partial board. If desired. Terms moderate. Apply at XC1 West Fourteenth street A HANDSOMELY KI RNISHXD KRONT PARLOR A A iwo bedrooma attached to let lo elagle gentlemen, tu a prlvete lio'ise, with ail the modem improvements Also, a single room. Apply at M Prtnee street, a few doore west of Broadway. A FAMILY OK FOl'R PERSONS. OWNING SUKKI elent furn?nre for a goo-l sired house, would like u> lease the ssrae and tMiard with the parties living lo It. A'ldress a line to Mrs E. M., or call and see tie lady, at No 1 US Blcecker street. A FINE H IT OP KURNIMBED ROOMS WITH GAS. rloseta Crouwi water hath rw>m, Ac , to let. together or separately . with partial lnwid, at Mo. 47 Weet 1 hlrteenth street, between Fifth and Slitb avetiuea References exchangeil A SI IT OP THERE ROOMS, IR fllK FIRST CLASS bouse n7 Weal Thirty eUth street, will be rented, fur niehed gas and fire Included, for f 'uru en dollars per week, with board if desired. References required. A NICELY KURNIHHED ROOM TO LET -TO ONE or iwo geeio-men. where Uiey ran r.??# m at all hours < I the night, without in. onvenlenee. Apply at M7 Grseae street between Houston sad K eei ker streets. PRIVATE KAMILY WILL LET A SUIT OK KI R ntsbist m?s', with board to a family and alao single -<?.ma fbr geai'emea Apply at U3 Weat fweaty thirl straet Referetieea exchanged. House Bret clam In evsry respect AORNTLEMtN WISIIRS BOARD- FOR file WIFE IN a Fretieh familv where French <ame Is si.Hten her ah ?.et being to leai n the Preneb lans iage Meals for lunMelf on SoiMieva Heat of refereae ? rivee and required. Pb *e a-'drtws Mr. Ilaaiord, Herald oik?, for three days, stating t? tma. Ac. AP1.FASANT SRettRD (ITOHT ROOM TO LET-WfTH btwtd. to a gentleman and hta wife or Ism single gentle men. in the pleaaantl. located bouse, 173 See1 *evetweeaih street a few doors I mm Stuyvesaat path. tWn I'smsai to care aad staged . PRIVATE KEESCII PAMTLT, tKRoM PARI- I.IV ._ ng In a brow n Sione house would lei to a gee'l'Siee nd wife ortw.. ?<? 'hree gentl-men. thr>? fut a -h. I r ? n a on the a?-e<>nd floor, w 1O1 boerd. A Jf'**l uppstieaNT to leara I lie French lei.guage. Appiy s' .V Weal ITtb ?' . new Vh aee, A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE O* SIRVLS GENTLE . men, on he accommodated with rooms end l??erd. in a genteel private lamily; mo<lera ball) house. Ineetlnsi III Weet If* h si Best of references gives sad required A A A FURNISHED ROOM TO I.ET-WITH OR WITHOUT _ ion ?rd in a private family, ta Sttth a<ee?% Ml ur'eenth street. Addreae H. L.. Herald office. A SWA I J, FAMILY WISH TO IJIT ONI <>R TWO UN furriMied rooms, In s genteel houee to s gentleman ?a.t w tfr, and a luralehed room to a gentleman with o r wl<h?et beard. Inquire at 1M i liatoa street Rs* r?esee gives esd required ABTTT OP ROOMS TO LET? PURNIHTIEft OR l ? furnished, with or without boerd. '-omneong ?? ihmt an t bsek parlor, with all the modern lm; rovemetMs. Appiy et Ma 97 Oreene street. B Board.-a private farilt car aoowerooatb ? a tew reapeetAhle persons With board and pleeeMt neeagffi Keaoently, oe moderate terma. Apply ? W Weet Thtr street, neer Rlnth areau* ? OARD.-A PRIVATE PAMILT WOULD LET TO A _ 1 gentleman and hla wife, e suH of roams oe eecoed ??r. or s back parlor snd extentbm room on Bral r.?i r iS 'i".?A lad. or wSl let them separate The h<>nae hes all the Impose mi nts and location g'<od Apply sl 71 S* 1 t*m-m s p Msc tnural street, betweee Hieweker ee l llonaSnii eleseSe IMRh TWO OEWTI.EMEN, OR A OMTTLWAM AN I bts Wife, ran have a handsome raom. oe aeeon I tVa r w ? -it. In e modern built house Apply te M. J noes m eeeoaJ IWWffi. B U0ARD-TO LPT WITH BOARD. A FEoWT E?n? situated liyuie of the most pleeeent parts ?i Ewe ttr-??.i W?y, Stilt able a gentleman and wife, or two stug'e gew'te rrin gn* snd bath. References esrhangetL Inquire at Ea*t Bioadway. Board.-to i, ft. the entirf ftmim pi/?or furnished or unfurnished. In satta or stogie, to famille . <w slbf'e grnt lemen House flrs' else* and e.. ,tain< -he ntod ra tmpron menta Apply at No 171 BaM 17 etreet. r.ear Stay .e mat pars References exchanged. Board in a private family, or fi "*'?hkh apertmeota. eon stating of a | artor and ilw.- bele ..?? with its* of ktt<'her wanted fcy s gentlemtn wi'hh swtf svd '.Itir ihlld'en. between the ages of st? and tweiep m few York tr 1'roWltn. if the latter, wlthia a few m nutea wilk ol Soii'l 01 Wall sheet feeri's Address, fa'tng tet?< tad m ear live cleria. Utta>d office. HOAKU1MU A WO UWOIKt. BU4RD.-A WIDOW LADY WO0I.Dy.? A com forliib'e room w th every conventeuee of u home to our or two i|ulat young ladies. 'IVrms moderate 10 advance. In lieu ol reforeuoe Address M rs. S*au< Broadway Post utiles. Board? an ki.dkrlt #riDOW, without f\mi ly would accommodate a gentleman BM MB with a iur nudud room, with board for the lad*. Being ?u enperleiu ed nurse would take a lady who requires nursing Term* rem sousble. Apply at "4 Kidgr street, near Hrin|to?. Board.? a lady residing in the uppkr part of the city, and having only a few boarders, wishes to ob tain occupant* for a large Tiaok room, on third floor, with closet snd every modern convenience connecting, suitable either for two gentlemen or a geulh-uian and hit wife Address Y B., herald office. Board &own town.-to lkt, a handsome an? newly fur nished iron t room, en second tloor, to n geutle msu and w ife, bath anil ga- attached. Also, ? few single genlleuieu o?u Notrl pMlltl Noma OB reasonable term*. Apply at 112 Leonard sired. a law doora of llroadway Board down town -two "?tu*mkn alho one voting lady, can bo secouiuiudatud with b<H?rd at W Robinson street. near College plare, also, a suit of furulshud rooms lo let. In the house S& Murray stress. . Board in a privatk family? two or thrki-: single gentlemen can hi- accommodated with rooms with or wi bout partial Imard at No. JU Cottage plai ? bctweeu Hoo-don and Bleecker streets. None but single gentlemen need apply. Board, lodging and instruction ?a pkw inii Mt (Ki|IUawn or irishmen ptaMftwd) will be received into a tamily where they w ill receive every c uufort ot home, on very moderate t> rm?; those who require it, would alao rei'elve instruction In writing, Ac Ac , by u well educaied Kugliahman, without any extia cbaig-- Aa only a tew will be received, appln at:on should he made early A lew young women could alao lie *< . .ic.. uii i ara'.e floor, If desired Addreaa, Home Herald office. Board in a labor unkitknihhkd room, for a gentleman and wife isd a f urnbhed one auit able tor one or two aiugie gentlemen. can lie obtained. wlUi board, il desired. References required Near K niton and Montague feirloi. Apply at 132 Henry ati et. Board in brooklyn.-oentlrmfn and tiikir wives, or single gentlemen, can obuin pleasant room- at 114 Pineapple street. Board in brooklyn.-desikable booms, por single gentlemen. or gentlemen and their wives, can be obtained in a first class house, M) State street, opposite (f antes street; very convenient to tint South and Wall street ferries. Btferences exchanged. Board in Brooklyn ? a partyofoknti.emkn, or lady and gentleman, can be ac -nuiinodaed w ith a suit of room.- on second floor; If with a view lo permaueucy. terms moderate. Society cheerful and social Apply a', m West Warren street, between Uenry and Clinton. Board in Brooklyn ?a private kamily, with out children, occupying a large house, in a plrssant hi cation, convenient to Hamilton ferrj . can accommodate a lew respect. ible pei wins with board and plea>Ki.t rooms perms nently.on moderate terms. Those who are desirous of see it tog a comfortable home lor tlie winter would find it to tUelr ad Van age to call. References given and required. Apply at 102 resident street. Board in Brooklyn.? a nmall and privatk family, having more rorm than they require, will let a Iront room, wilh bedroom, if required on the second floor, with full or partial board. Apply at 52 Sands street. Terms moderate. Board in williamsbvrg.? three or pocr gentlemen can be aciommoilated with two large pi -a aant rooms, with fold leg and entry doors and gas fixtures, partial hoard and diuner on Sunday; toe use of s furnished parlor, with piano, and If desired inetruetlon in music .in I the French language tenus *5 per week, furaiahing Un ir o *r. bedrooms. Kverv accommodation and attention, wish tlie noil restraints of home No other hoarders tak- n. Ad dres^ 11 M . l'ost ollice, Grand street. Williamsburg. Board wantkd? ? bom the ist or octobkr to the let of May, between fourth an! FnurtMstti at'Mi, vest side . ot.e or two furnished rooms, with or without par tlsl board, will be ? -quired, noboaivlng liousekerper n*^l answer with a widow lady preferred. Adtlress Southerner, I aiou place Post nlbce Board wantkd? by a i.ady, in a privati itmllv. or where there are but few board -rs not above Klghleenth street, west ol Broadwsy. Price B0( to txoeed it per wet k Best of inference gii en and required. Address!.. M , Herald office, stating particulars. Board wanted-kor a widow lady and hfr ?laughter, in a respectable family. Terms must be ino derate. Lkt iceiitionahb- references given and required. Address box 1,67b Post office. Board wantkd.-a okktleman.occcpikd with literary studies, wishes a furnished single room and bo trd, ii. a plsm and nM lamily, where there are no otiier or very lew boardera, above Houston street prelfrred. Address, stating terms and location, C. H. A., I'aion square Post office. Board wantkd-two ladiks wish board in a respec able private family, for which they will give m aiructlon in music. French drawing and dancing The beat of city references can be given. Address Mr. Morton, 33 Bleecker street. Board wantkd-in a plf.asant location, either In New York or Je-sey City, on the second floor itront parlo,- and bedrroiu with gas bath, Ac , attached), h.r a MWMMS, lady and hov. J years old A small quiri iam. v where there are no other boarders would be preferred. I'leaae address, with rest name Permaurnt, Herald office, for three days. staUug location and terms. Board wantkd pbrmankntly-fob aokntlk man, wife, babe, two children, lit and 12 years old. and srrvBnt. tront room anil hedrooin ( onneeting, turnish -dor on turnished, and privilege of washing. References exchanged Address Home, Heialil office. Board wantkd for a pkrmankncy-bt a gentleman sod la><y, hoard tor the lady onlv. In a small family where there are no other boarders; would furnish their spai unents exrept csrpets. Terms not to cxceed tX> per n?ndh Address, Squires. Bersld office. -/h*^W^DY rSSo AKD ?!.>!? I ninth. Term* aNojt n? wltJi a rt*npp't. I Ke.erences cich.^ A SLlrf ^ opa miau rm If ATM Boakdino -l'LKASANT phrnihukh rooms, suit able for married or slrgle gentlemen, may be had by ay plying a: N. G llond iMNl MM liroadway. Hoarding ?a lady, with a small qcikt pami ly. will let her euttre second Boor i three moms deeu, splendidly furnlsbed. with gas. baths. Ac., to a reaps, table, quiet party, who require superior arromiuodationa lsi?au<a unsurpassed Inquire at le Nelson place, one block Irons Bio?lway. scar Klghth street. Boarding -two h.mjlk gentlkmk.v can havk s nicely furnished froi t or bsek kmmu, with full or psriiai board, by applying at No. 11 Rutgers street, near Ka?i Broadway. Boarding.? a ?tit or uNPi-RNifHiKO rooms on. second floor, to let with hoard, tog' Jier or separate. Apply at M Wes. 26th St. Reference re.(UJ. 4. BRO<iK1.YN -TWO SINGLK GKNT1.KMFV MAT FIND good rt??n, with psrtial bosnl in s private houoe ron veiih m In the F upon and Wall street ferriee. Reference re quired Apply at 18 CUntou sired. Brooklt n. LM'RNIMIIRD RlNiMM To I.KT -OKMTl KMF.N RE r ?iiilrliig iilenssut and rooms, in s cum rolent and hrsllhv h eation, will llud ev^y secomm<Mlatlon. at molerate grices. by applying at 41V Ikoome street, near llroa lway^^^ Pt'RNISHKD ROiiMH TO LKT POR G1NTLKMEN. without b'wrd ?Two neatly famished anil plsasasi rooBis with gratas gas. Ac may be obLnmvl in s ?m*li pri vate family, at very reasrnable prices Inquire ai SB Greene street, nest to Fourth street. Reference* required I " MH' ROOMH WANTRD? IN BR'KtKLVN r near the Wsll strer' ferry A gentleman and h s wife are desirous of finding tan pleasantly ?lluati I ro<mis on the set ond stori with or without board. Is a strictly private family. Address K. C. W . Herald officr. 1WRHVIXD ROOMS TO LKT WITIIOt'T BOARD? ' Two parlors and two bedrooms ?n snbe sr seio?rate|\ at 42 t't Iveratty pla< e, ro?ner of Kleveuth street Price from Ai to 11 f amily strictly private. Also, a assent office U a physMsn. FM*RNI?HFD ROOKA? To I KT TO KINULR GKNTLE men wnboui board st 2T Irving plaoe rirar FonrteenUi street, itei'shu ul and conveiimit ioraUion t'?U at the house, it ? se f'?t? H FrRND>HFD ROOHN? TO INT TO t.KNTI.KMKN, w til. out Niard. two neatly birmebed and pleasant rooms, frrtit tni< bae* na thr same floor with citxeta. Ac., ma V be ohiettiee Mi a >ma Iprlvait- family at eery reasonable prices. Iij oaihns wo n st M Downing street, second door fr.>a Va iwh In irrencea reqairetl h'l k > 'KlIKD R<H?MS To I.KT? TO URVTI.PMFN ONLY, ? ul. ?* wtthoiit partial hoard The b >use lias all the a idt i n mpfV'iemeaas Apply al WT Fourth street, twsr itmasle sy. y ' . ??WMi To i,rr-in A ' ? -i i . I i?. . . ' 1 ? ' - ge ulemen (iwsfifisasja'jsi, ?: -?' ~ M.I i-.n, " /^Iim.KMKII CAN BK Ai'< 1 >MMi (DATED WITH 1 1 pleasant ronas. ? "h or wNhotH board, st No. I Forty (Irst ? 'ie#l e> rser of Milk amaae (** ' 1NT1 RUIN TAR HI AC<"OMWOIi ATFD WITH PC R T ntshetl M-eas at R?. 4 Walker mrmt. near West Weaadeair. / ' I PTLKWtt AMI* Til K IK WITRR AMD A PKW BIN eir tewi tet r esn be ar?- w?W>od?"-l with rno-l baard aSMl eTeasaW 'r>?.' nwmm st R* I Uri4fe strsei. eomar o Mala street aad MaBeey IHy i.iarl- re -aketi HmFt M?l?tltNG? -OR*TLKMKV CAN OBTAIN I MM tHHHMjMaass at the ll'tM Howl. MM ? f nsllivl S?I W 'liaw - reeie st ? cww s per nigh- fl fls? per wrek A fr? beet r si IT t. re aie pee aigbt No eM er i ba???s i-n?| ? st He* 'fie Hari?*ovki x ri-RNmurD rg<im<i with brrak. ?*s- mi ** bad b J MM st Mrae fewtMassi by app'y tag si M Rta?% -< ? AMM M| to i.HT M RimHr.D <>r m , f >irw*ebr<t ?? errand llesw . BtS. bath. Ac ?? the saiae a?# t^fii m ? wls? et?? 1' a PIRRRR *OI ?f 4 * KR'iADWAT-COtDI ? TFD i ante Kwr?i?>eaa plea Tbte atagant y fwrwAed h-"isa Maaw readi *m Me n i?| ia?af gassls NMW CWMI ."M fcsaiiiee er single gewileesea J FORFMAR. Ageat LADIW WIS Ml bit TO 1 1 lit A I * H< ? ARDF H4 A?B I!* vNad tt reatMer these bii S"ea Terme adTswtagrvme i - !? t,t. . ?, se. r. , .?l ie-,a- ? ' -??e. ? ... os '??wagh esn a?ew?v \ h-rm lev ^?eiet'-sJsai Pr p?rty la ? ?? e?i M A I t' i* A t*? lit Kraisai N'- t ? r-t-iT 4. ? TWO I'lRtuftM tt? TM* ii lead ?oar. ?# >s<r i. Ar , awaiheit to M wMh i tns?' ",i I -at' 1 H'tg eeaso* Apply at .Vs t I r'?y I lare K ' eser s? srer i . leay IJRIVAT* r ?r?t I? roard rtRNrt-inmR wj,hi*g I p. Irs ate Speak Fr-weA prae --sail > SIH tb-orr-Wallr r?a ept> y ioOk rrte birsehj ebse %m, , as wet ttbira~l< f..?t Pseia m M? f?w? Mrwet, b?4weaa ? irst and ftae.** | .fA tlMMt ?.?? IIMl. OR TWO ?m7tT. If r. n ishe4 ewr. .1 i-? s s r r gee . nsa* M , itrm ^ a> ? ????( _w>* MS' 'm 0 tkmri * I lb- N , m . or Hee f - -MS M a. w-.. , si.---, r r t iinMitct ' *?'??? ?OAJUWI6 AMD UIDOBIO. Room wan i kd-thibd itqm wtra pbiyileum of bath. near the Kark. Addreaa (1., box S.fjS# Feet olior^ . poaipald Rooms.? a small. strictly pbiyatb family, occupy og a tlrat elaett brown lUinr rtuudence, near Um New York Hotel, a few doora weal of H road way. would let to two or three gentlemen. of blub reapeoubtlliy, an elegaat parlor three large bedrooma. hatb room and water cleaot. aB communicating, no parlor tloor, richly furmahed. Addreaa bo? 1,131 Post office TllhKE SINGLE GENTLEMEN. WHO DESIBB A pleaaaut home, with good partial board and neatly fur - olaticd with vim. and una of bath, will pleaae call at B*. H tottaite place, between Houaton and Bleecker etreota. t amily uukil UeferaoceK exchaugtid. TO LKT-TO A GENTLEMAN ANi LADY, A II AND Miuiely furnished baek parlor; ala > ? large front room oa second floor, with bourd for the lad/ uly. Apply at Mrs. Straw'*, 223 Wooeter atreet WANTBD-A ROOM, WITH Hi) < b D, FOB AM BL detly lady and child, la a pla o pi vale family, where tbcy cui have the com oru oi h bom ? i ddretta Mra. R , Poek officc, ttatlug terma lo-Hliiv he 117 ANTED.? A SINGLE GENTLEMAN IS DKSIKOUS Vv of ftndtog handaome rooms. (u parlor and bedroom > ta a private family, reeidlug In the vicinity of Fifth avenue and FonrteeuUi -i. cet Itreakfaat to be acrved in room Adireaa II h O , box ou2 1'oat office WANTED IMMEDIATELT? A SUIT LP ROOMS, UP town ? itta board lor a family of three adult* aud tbreo children lo< at. on ami accouunodationa muat be uneiceplioa able Addreax a . (5 , boi 70S Poet olllce "Wl ANTED? HY A YOUNG LaDY, A SMALL FUR fv niehed uedrrom. In a private family, with or withonl pl'in'x'ard bet* eni ('anal and Tenth atreeta. Terma mode i ?le Reference* < v changed. Addreaa Mliu> M. T., care ef Mra Wood, MV llroailway _____ T*r ANTED-TWO OR T11RFK FURNISHED BOOMS, ? < i her in New i ork or Brooklyn, with or without board, fur a lad) ami gentleman, twoclilldren aud a nurac, In a <|uiet, : e?p> ctaolc boiiMV w here no <>iher tioarders arc kept Ternea iuiik' be modern" Addreaa mating location terma, Ac , S. Unn, I1 m| , Hr<x>kl v rt Poet oIDce U'AMMi BY FOUR YOUNG GKNTLKMF.N. A I'AB vv lur at .U two ot three bedrooma. furnUbed. l.o-iuon mu?i i oi be ovrr tlx block* from the viciriity of Itowerv in* t anal atreet Addict* with terma, box l.Wtl 1'oat o.bee, N Y. HOt'MKB, HOOMN, WASTEB. S' Agentij:man ANI> WIFE, WITHOUT CHILDREN. ? ,<ut Ihc whole or half ol a genteel houae, unfuraiabed. with water aud iraa t ItMll? ttom Kigbih to Forty nhM ?ii i eix between Seco? d and Seventh avenue* Addreaa, atatii'g tern.* and location. Joaeph Mct.uire, real eatale agiaat. W< MfMlk aiieet lor three daya. F1 KNIhilKO IIOt'SK WANTKD-FOR A SMALL F AMI - ly, iilna*a?tly ?ltuate>l between Fourth aud Thirtieth atreeu Islington and Sixth avrnMea. Muat be furnlahe* throughout nddrete box Poat olllee nOI'KE W>NTKI>? IN THK UPPER PABT OF THB city and i? a Kood netghlHtrhood. between Fourth aa 4 Sixth avenuea, for a term of yeara. Addreaa box 066 Poet ottoe. mg partlculaia and rent HOTKL OR RKSTAUBANT WaNTKI?-ON ONK Or the priacipa atreet* or aveouea In tbia city or Hr-wklyB, In exchange for a b nndaome farm, uuin< 'umbered, of .Kt anrea , within one bi ur of New ?ork. Apply, uumediately, to B. 1^ iTT. *5 and 77 Naaaau atreet PART OF A HOUSE WaNTKI) -A PART OF A HOUSB U wanted by a family of three grown oerxooa The lower part prefem d. and partly oi wholly lurnlabetl. Net aboic T wenlittli airee' In New York Addreaa M. O It. Herald bOice. KEAL K^T ATF. ? A HOUSE AND A FKW A''KB(I wanted oue bi iir'a ride from the c:ty Addreaa T liotxat, lithographer aud tngraver I2t >aaa?u atreet MALL FARM WANTED? IN KXCUANl.k FOR A ?Oi"l lenanl hou- which rente lor tec per eenl id tha nrlre aateo tor it. b?ra larni tnoai be within one huur'a ride by railroad, with boaae. barn At.. Inquire of J. F. WUL LI aMs, 442 feigblhatenoe SKRING MACHINE WANTED- To HIKE, WITH PRI vlleg>- ol bujlna, one adapted lof.nnllv work, of late am pro\emenl and in perlcet order reouin d, lot Ilie uae of which it libera/ coni|>eiiXaUon will be pail Addreri W N . box 1M Herald olllce SAFE WANTED? A MEDIUM KUK1I KtfK ONE OT eiiher Herring'a WUder'a or a Plaraix A Idrcia Safe. Uerald olll? e, for two daya TODEALBBNIN DROWN FToNE -WANTED, ABOUT SMV worUi ol broau aloee. for which will be given aa ua ? incumbered lot. In a very goo<l location in the city of Hroah lyn, worth 'he money Apply at JO Hudaon atrei t, .1 Y. Yl' ANTED ? A SMALL TW?? STORY HOUSF HETWEBV Tv Fourth and Seventh avenue* and twenty third and Ele venth atreeta Bent about 9hW. A4 itreae U. C. C , box 21 FM ?dice. TEr ANTED? A FOUR 8TOBY FIBST CLASS UODU, TT furniahed or partly funilehed where a part er all of the rent will be uhen In btiard, alao the privilege of leking a tew ?elect boardera Ixx^ation fvcan Eighth Id Thirtieth umle. and between l^extngtoa aad Eighth avaaeea Belerenoee aa - Changed. Atblreea Her gen. lleraM odioe TETANTEn? BY A RKHPBlT AHLB AMEBIt'AN WIFt It and oae child three or four convenieat unfuraiahaa r<.< ma. In a clean netghbodtood. weal ot It roadway betaw I oiirth alreei Real muat be iwaleratr and will be paid Duae tuaily. Addreaa. autiag parUcularm PuactuaUty, lieralA ulbce. WANTED-A SMALL HOUSB WITH MODERN !? piovcuienta. rent anout ttl*) aiioal?vl l>et?een Keurlfc and Tweuty onh ?lreela and he< ond and Sixth avea jea Ad dreaa box 3,21b Toat office XITANTBD ? A HANDSOMELY FUENIhliBD PABLO* tt and bednaim adjoining In the vie nur of the New Yak li-rfel. muat ha\ e a. the miMlem improvemeuia in th ? f Price not to exceed from ?*> to (Ml a month without I AidreaeJ F . elating terma and local!.* ll.ra.lof \lrANTEl>? A FMALI. HOI sF IIFTW*FN HI.KE' I TT and Forty third atreeu r- nt Ae?> to frMu Aiao a aaal houae la Itmoklva ne .r Fulbia ferry at moderate real Al creaa h C. I'., Herald office ANTED? PANT OF A tiOoD HOI' MB ABOUT FIY* rooina between Fourth aad ?ei. nth avenuee aad FuafA audi went) a.i'h dreeta. wnh ga? Ae Anyoeew.a Kavag aueh will find a $ od 'anant b* aMlyrng ??> B D <ti>de% 712 Hroadwav Al?e a geoil h?uae fuj aialied er ua! iraiaha( w wanted immediate. y F?AKiAL. ?THE NEW Y( stK IAAI Offlf?.-4 **H A> 'Eiotn tin <o ??< ?1 tiam -nd? ;.w?lri (Mae, p ?a aa. *e , Ac on l??a. aad m.?t?agea aw mill! Ar., ar I ..ugh' to* . eah. a' *v. Eaaaea WiA r Ma I EE -Ate* on aegara aad |>?ia m Ih*4 i M. NABBlNUBft. so inn -w ts i M> a t'l.a k k WITH ? r?t .U''U> ^" i ha ew?pleiye? ea levarf. tm ?tMB (II 1 bia iriiHe- a WH- .trera aa ary atli he g vea Ap|.)v ta ID >WEr> A ill ae Eainaa at. an /iii/t -wanted roEoBiow fob S&5SE f AiUUUi E'"> l.v wha'h the inter* at aa I a S.taue mh IM will be glrat ami ?ecurll) tor *?r thai. 4a?Me Um atmoinl A.ldreaa llaaiB<Hid Herald office atauag where aa Inun la w can be had. & 1 (inn 10 ,r'"" WANTED? <?W HOED A MP ?. 1 mortgage for a u^m ot yeara oa a br*. rhaaa farm of abont IIC MW, rron'ingon Uie l*nn* Katiruad. and ol. 'tree puld<e highway*, aad tayl al.. it aevert mllaa frc m Brof hDn Worth $1SHJ0 Addreaa J J., box S CI Fuat i.Ece. New York. ? 'ill nnn - NKW YORE CENTRAL fa OR OTHRit AUiVVVi boniia or ? e-iaal in raitie waoied. kf 1.1.1 -MS A HEAD, general tradeea Mi Heoadway. H ? Pinpertv en'ered on our o??>ki will be advartived twiea In the New Y ork Herald for Ml eenta irji nnn TO i^ab7~6n~~watche* dumonm. V tH'.UOtF tewilry, aegara dry goo.ia, aad a . xadanl neraaauil prope.ty, or bo ighl aad aeid. f..r . aah Nolaa, bonda aiertgagea aitwka. Ac . nenoaated HM N aaea i alrert, corner of Ann aeroad ffiair. rooea Noa 2 aad 2^ THOMPSON A CO.. brokera aad ruBaliau? me-rhauia. ttl 7n nnn nW DIAMOND* WATt'HEE, ?. 1 I * ' ' " " ' ewt -eg , . a <ii i *.?aia aad aar^^P of personal pn.peHv or boogbt ft-r eaeh at Vi .loba atr??. cora-r (A Naaaau. room Na .V eeoond Sear, hy J. F NO B UI'RT. jtZKI nnn TO loan on W.T.-?rr"? D1 a MONDE. ft)t) I .1/1 ?U Jewelry Ae , or bought or r?ah 'it .1 At ISAAC, II I barabera atreet. tbaaeMal oi'., a from lull A Ntiait - aa nrnmpt and ooaAdeotlai E E No liuaMi ae araa aartel on BMardara. I ESTABLISHED "loan OFF I' K -LaDIEE AND OEN J tb men d> airing k>ana. on all kit, da of pe-aoaal aeeart Ilea, car be treated With on libera! terma lltiatneaa irtimt %n<l com T. R. HOUSTON, 412 Broadway. OHTliAtlES "tT~DtS? OrNT fOR HALE -A ROUT 9IE (MS. in oia) of (tm to Eft '?*' of go *! m^rtgafea, ia> leg leaa than one year to run, a i'l be eold at a dleeouat. aa tb owner t ee.ia uie mooey. Apply to J. PECaKE, IA Ueate ?Ueet ()r1 M ??FD'h OF Tilt liBlN'KBH' F1BE INSUBANCF. OOtt ? pany Wall atreei eorner Pearl. NewYorE, Wagtimi her I, lim A ???. annual dividend of eight per peat hae th*a dav heea de? ared, payable to the etoehfeoiden at ihlaoSceeM demaaE. JAME^ti PLATT, Seoretary. OAN FBANl'ISI'O CITY HONDS ? THF T NDNRSIONED. k~ t ..n.mivatonera of the Fumled Debt of the city of Ma% Franeteeo. hereby give notloe that thev are prepared aad wlM pay the Interval <M November I ISM. In Sea Francteee upea that portion ol the City debt known aa the Han Fraaeteoo City PtneE, bearing Ifitereet, wHh half jrearlv tmuxmm at the rata inf W per cert per annum, arxl principal doe May I, 1S7I. D J. tallant. 1 _ ^ WM RQttPEM. iVmrnMetonera af the JOHN MI DDI. ETON, | Fumled IMit of ? Mty eC RENBY HEIOHT. I Sea Fraaeleco WM M I.KNT. J St* Emm tain Ang 2. I*" NXcFumn. E Ttxcvnmo* to eetpoet TOumiNO at ciift _L ? ' l.rce The teamet N"rWvl.K, C?|K ()e> T| It. -to ?n . will leave New York, from foot of MSm .t-aet , M ?oadVii E edn~a.laya Thuradaya aud Fridays ,t0, cieet t M and Saiurtlaya at | o'clock P M Roture tng leave Eeyport al Ift o'ehxih F M.. eicept Haturdar. aad Ihtnlaya N B - Military e<im?anlea or picnic pa ft tea taa mahe arrengeeiente et a redtwwE tirlee. EaraVeenu Havana seoabe -all the eavobite ebanm h) the hundred or ihotiaand , a aiaall lot Cabanea. Flgaf roe aad ParUgaa. to cloee a ennaignment ft. P. ROGERS, 144 V Oder laae. eeeond alory QEOaES-EEVERAL INVOICES ABE BEING t'LOEVn out In pay ad- ancea, at a loaa ot from U to 2ft per cee< "t lb. Import era Caab advanced or aeaara nf Havana Germ f of Aneaealk maniifarinre. 0. (lIEEEtt. 17 Broadway. N S ? A aaleaman wanted _______ CEOABS -StYFRAL INVOICES ABK NOW IlEIBtE P mit M % \(*m of from K?tn ? to th^ \m i>crlm. 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