Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1856 Page 2
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pro witf another barner H ?u lh*t t?iMr which we ?e all known It w<i a baiwr wblcb la the very in ?K)B of ?onr Revolution try movements, bad ?i-pped bwi the 8? l't mil entered the tight- (Clioeia.) ?Xten had II b<*n lorn in ibo tlerou sti aggie. vrigiu^Uy 11 *?? swept aekie by advancing lefeiona; but, Itke bo wnoguherei now ?jtie^ii wLeu be tojohed bis oioiner earth, th.s Hag had iWn up and floated lu the Held of victory and tilumph. Bo cheers ) Tbia wan your democratic banner. era. ) Men have turned m?mU; parties have been arrayed agaii'"t it; ica<l"r> have deaorted; but, true to the American heart, fa.tbful totho American constitution, II had sever irretrievably goue down, and, God help ras, ] be.iev* it never will. Loud and e?ithualaatic cheer?.) Ifcere ami aji opposing dag, an unkaowa tug, a ?bva aatcal a tag which, wheu becalmed, ptratca loved? not ;be Id whig banner ? there waa a tlag agaunt it, it waa the t'.tg of a talse, foul and treacherous party ? the gag 01 the black republicans at the North allied w.ih >.ne Kcow Soilings (Chetrs ) Yes. th..t U a Jacobin !iag, a flag Irom '.vt,>cb ujlc. n Southern ttitcs have been erased. (Cb< rs.) I vcjih to say now, for I told you that I world i?ay here what 1 would say at h :n?, that 1 wUi accept their '.kb le, and 1 will erase ill teen Slates Irom tl: m t'-g, and, tiod be!p t*?em, tbey will have the -ouih prepared to meet them on any and .vwy Of Id. (loud h?.tra) 1 nave heard eao tgh o( TC'JtiUng uiid 1 have heir 1 onougii '1 tanali ism I have weii vjtue on niJ' h as I waul to dee ot lu <s? aten who bo**', and brsg antil they pet into a light, and thon sD.<ak out ol t (Clots ! have had as touch or Massaouu sette a* I want, c x-ori on the battlefield; aad wb-n she tetlu u?, ad ?hu Joea U'raugh soma ol her moo, that she ?will .?.ferega upea you, and dishonor a."..l whip you into the I'aton, if you attempt to rcti.-c from it, I Kay to her, "In ISii yoa (or?ed t;s into a war your mon stood uoon ibe bo/ lers ae<^ saw our men cut (town, without making M effort to neSevo tQom '' Yea, gentlemen, I txept toeir i?> leay th?t this Northern party, wbicb rs ttw p*rtj in the Xoi th? for KU!uorc is absolutely n^wh.*-e\n Uw fife 1 1 at Utoy ~ay n the ?;<* t ? 1 say thi? X?:iBfrn party h?a m..c the Issue, att", >'od help tup if tbo ?*)?: ii ? not faisc ^he will accout it (Cheers.) 'Vhat ciys thw Northern party ? when I aaf tajs Xorihern i<*rty, I tuetan tk? Fr-. ?- 'ut party, tor I a.-? any Kusw KotOlug tier.; :f M eipe.rj that I ilmore w :1 carry a Northetr :uli' ? s A not f s expectauo-i ol the Scuthera Know Kelhingg to throw ?bo etct n into tLo House ol Roppe jenta'!vea, wl w#, by ?t;ee chiianory Fl'lmore ruiy be electoo* *vw : voti i'.a Uuj/i' \jt e . vova.i upon %fc?v jn u to?W!tty ot tb. demo:ra'-e \?riy rect.vT< suRiclont wv*rd in the North U) ikfoat '.he black re,J50i;caa candi gate, and tUn->by i" t-jc the election ihe il -zt" ct *ej>r eauUl.% ? 'f tbat to no. then may T tot a--k a-aat ether party U.t-ie .1 ut iho Nonh s?vc U>c blai ic rcpub'i ?jan put iyi i?i, tho K'io v .Vothiog psrty wo . a divide It". South, To?y x juld a.-k you to a:u Killmora, w!e 1Se b!?;k " *rr- tatwdMiag at ttM (tltl, ll]Di -ghe ancient sH/i-trcb that drotreed him e:f revelry be fcre ili- b:ji<l oa'-.-u frem th? ctouiie u, write bus Jo>itn ipoo the; ? walla (Cheers.) Vtua.'. otU' .? party ai ;to .Sort., us .tiwri? i i^?au so t. inal party ? i o an a party w!Ui ax.> htpe ot'iuc.oag. cave the l>ia.-lc repubhoaa r>*r ?y. Wuat have ..aey ''u: Tuey Uave p :t forth a ratej and Fhara nca. ftr i fra i.; '..-tit pl.'form ai't ?! tl.att! ?orrot^.u, o toe Kt v Not Log party (Ciivtrs ) m'e SLnow No'h.i j; pariy ..a* e ?.? to ycu ?ney sou^ut the rtatorai.'M. ot the Mi .r &mit-roo..-e ? in :\o', ihoy denci . .ts repeal .a the itost bitter )argii*ge, and rb?tes!eb:u>Uiebi t < repu . an partj ioagc Wcy ,t i. y m te no ot::or Kpe< 1 ? ?ue; and yet thore j not a .to ? the (.o ntrj . "vitii l-ra.ns vtia^gh about .o ?a<-c hi a frotu tbo loadbo.ise, t'uai .ire not know that heh ttf t . fe.'it u:Lrr .in. ? u, ct a ct ^rncter rlJl m re danger i. ibai i?rty fca? iai 1 U you, <ve wart the Inhibition ol tr.e fcter Mate tra<'e, the to et."U slave v"ukl -s, tile appl cation oi tho W;ir>ot : r<iv..-,(. t ailtbe Terrlton. ani ta? abwiiUiic ol" ?i*vcry U. tUo ,'Xatr.ijt c.' Co'. una j. i. T'n ? jck repubiic..n party ha.<, c a ', male this lis .e, t. :.i mb fi.ur bef'iro the c entry upon ,t. Ahd wait } ? Ji->o sta ' the -siu.h n-. a uke. ?Jbalt tb? Souta uow arourn. tte ieg-.o u of f-aatic m ara c-.r Ae .aiiti , t'. -eatet.u^ ru.r. and d:-a-!.r to our 1 i .'.'o tm'A* V,'e h ire .w*? rimens, oxi a . from the ? ?xn. .?? ol tAiVticc. wL out taktn and ? ..t -i .j Jita hour ?f l tt.reot fat Thile I tell yet tbo biu -,a Hut 'ffanatlc^m - a J?ao-:.:>g against the I??t :rr r.g ? ImU, al %'l 'aa beie com: rotn ? ? oi.mprotn^e, wi. :b ia ?Otocesf: n ?nd turr, t ? ' ei ? pi;oci| I t.*a, w 'C th,? Wo. nrade. wuat q,- the Atu# iVf t-.ngs a?c;?n- ni ?of Uiix >auea t&adc, uj ..;a ea:J, enjCf civer ef ;..o raatorv. : 3f it* i- ?o-j . :e, whtt ia you t.:-ai? B* yen mean to rsatore It. pray r W-.w? :t m lifllO, when eoa.:t?d, a^a hi* v.^4 .i .a I'es.ri a> the Tcrr.:c.ry (.' ; j s.itua, ac^uir -d through ac. n . yo-r ?*- a -titigt-.ishei sU a??n. Ur Jtt r.-r.n Ac ?;t parsed C n*r- a gtlU'-.z kg tlx futuiat.on of a t ,e c L.tit i. ; fe warUa ihe Ttryiatw as the a. t aathorlAipg !c? Co.-. SMliet. f a JtaiecoBtt . uoc ,c the part ,i . ...?. itu Biuwlr, Aiabaid* and other Stat'jf. Ihm u*' t b a n>? kts U ?: aCW uptn tuasubj. .i- lhtu .iv ; *-o w . a Wf B1?<I c-ogr Jg ; the -el 'h.-.t r > r.t.h I l1' iJ? ??eoiher?iii ttt?oi a't_.:ttj!< ! >vu>tana. Io ;L-> ,r ?Mriocrrt:. ?a:o that * ?? r a *t?i '."Je I.rt.'.or ? *, f . Uu) ?-*.(.> I .if at r >'.o |o\t.Ln?oni? ; ihey ?k ;.t r.n j :? a<e it wud ih?i *? /?". the ^ta c of fi") ?<"' a ;c . ?eifu ?'???< . Ha 1 tan*, ti.s m a ? ? 1 a i'urm slhSuta a ?btaltcD 'he wad a <i- ; ?>t ".V j. 't the Cil(> 0f IjD' k ? I lb- ? ? " >u?l W* la i Iftlt' Lc . .a nit bcis<'.a? e; '' c! m . >a o a sate ii...r;uoB, jui.1 Cougr' -B i ' ? -Iv. " > that MM. VTuat ??? tte ?ry otOii'gnm in - ->v.n? t. a ra*tr!;t of ? \a 0hlf of ma pop'aiat l v; r i reach. *1 wt: ? t iiAt ywjr ware unaccoato m> I to car forau o;' g.;v m Mti, a '?'der to pronJo ag?icat ary ?; saws ca toatu.r m tho ooaMttBUon it **? agreed that .? b aa. jaefad i.? the revm '>o uf C?*ag<v-i. Taer.) *,>fj twi f in, ? ? nae ?loclai n- that upon thoto ma^ou ?i a .-taio co? ?Mauoti the EtiloiiiVl fiai' :u.<2 :nto lb' .Ton to ??ber dtc'ariof th?'. < "Ogreai had .1 v -c-r .? ty pu - j r-or the -'aw aaxi-.ui -? And wBat i .1 a *eca. ? ol Vlaaoarif It ?daj.''jJ tie ?amo nr. a* t C.'i SU&S.V ' -h 7 nry jr. * ?! If 4 ?4?ti a) ipltod lor MBiaaSoa ato tho Ca,c: aau a a* w ib a ; l>*fora .!, wl?h <,*0 xr ?? of !a?g vn Mm .t, Cas?'rwR rm.e ijr tuud MuBOBtI fr x ntr -Uto dcti. r-tjr aahMituted t-er for t'"? federal \:tb lit. Yn. ar...a a Stale. k Ji bar t> n V cf ? ?. >41117 a*ou=d ?er, a,>r'. "1 for adct*- a Into the -u:, C^a.-.-K >crc 1 fcer radaly aw,iy, and ?a Yo? ?b?': bo ?.Lie of o?. Wb.-rt, 1 a?J?? atk, tie ) .ifht^l fit .1 1 ? brri nitit ian-.t.ty of is boucrable cotupa-'? "><? bf >k? 'V? broke fHuJuleeUy, broke :t Jtfbou->r? )( m cj-ih. Aadytt, !?o aeatb tLta muc ? 4be u ? w' itio reetorai os u. , *.0 -Mu t bo Sfcrtli bo* -oakoa tbj tMoea ?b hi bare .cdntte u>yo^!. A* d I j? uO?-, *kff. ?re The Kr.ov Vlb -!? J^-1 tUeoo l*ca-a !r.ww;;> yon (o a?e ? u lut *>j unir ; afora * I .i ir.'-y notlU:kt act tbo twoau? oocvoc. jhh -b ?.?? ?? j-0. to -{ow Mo?t. :ig? ateoi ? ? a<l wii" the r !a^.? ri' T y ?>?! lb >eai the V.. ? nr. wt.ui ?: ?rr-tc^"I aad r.aaaoro. i a ? auw. um.i? .0 HoTtb .3 the eoti ct *" 'I. Um? ' - ^lopnVK-.n* jnnd uHM !fr upon ?a ? of ' mm death, with t*i? iwnm Sr. taief r?7 0' y 0 th hula *!'h ?h> m ?r.'i bov'':? at*?~..t you :? aoli l phal-ai, *heft * ^ i f ;>?? 'tinocra;. \ *?t? rtoali tr ic t (--rUi toeeat* lvi?'v>r? < i Ku .* V'' ' | ar.y I m* . ?pnk th? reoord of .it -r Mr. FMImi/e. -it o? eT UMM thatr?? >rit !<>r a aa<n. i.t. (Cucar .1 Mr. ) I! as' re wnt 'in > piibi > u !?:?, /??th*' !i.a h irroto vhat M icB'iwa *? the I t: ! tier Wht ?? -o?t Mt?r ; .nat*tnt ;ho i r?i*-.t bou*k f^Htbiisan plat >"a ? ? fee ahol ? '?? .. ' i*?>y a the I??tr:*t yi r Jtxmb 1, Iba ?L4>>b- 1 of ti.o ?-: 1 tv trade, U:i e iv -4 of ar.y>re *??..? s?j* cil tt 1 a- (,? -i ,<? wihant Pro-, i-o t.i ?. the 7 rr>tor:a?. in aa ftir ti%?0 thav t u?; Na ? ..ay of I - W/ ? 0r.?i4 ?'-?? ; : t?i a? to:* ?. ti k-b a R. OM v> j #' . " ? ir <Hr ut 1'.? .rcT 1 ?e *r*r -'i ?. e 1 y 1 a. ".? Wf/'r g ?f Uto w-a ??) at?n ??.<?? flip I' i bo ict jo u >r . .1 t ? not ?e?e o latum it ' ?'? r> ' '?i ? ?f?. ,*a ?lvt hae -ku as * '* rier ??? 1 f. ? . > ? .< r. ?h? 1} - no ir.a-1 >t * tijBf f>*' ...*?! pr ' r ? r Mr* ?il 1 li* 1* uiwia 'I I . i.a , t - jujj" i.ioo* >r a t? r? 11 !e ' 1 1 iai *'ta r'- o <h > l> ? |W Me w ? kivo ' r U.i I e ?. - ?? ? ? -it 4 * M*?k eM? a ? 1 ?'?.?. i ":a ha ' ' fj- b ? ahvlt'ii'a m r I c ux-r pert ir? 1 -ir .t .1. .0 an A u * 1?? .i4er?'*L that t - * :i*?, of %'xtn M m th? :??.?-? ?r n ??. r?f m' rr jfr ? vr?-a fr ?ejr ???- ..e ? . ? f 1. ? . a, . ?-e r> ?? - ir 3 f r< gn ft c iinm iui"! ;'ii m aJare- :* ?? ? ?r . ; ' t ' n. *ra 'Mndtnui that t'oy n rc ?:> ?r r ( *slai nra' ?# '?r-' <? !??? oefrooa, *a> ! omIq i? >r 41 w . m bob U i) t xaraa -joabio ? 1 er u.U ihe/Ja, 4,1100 f >? "i ?? aa thetr . -a r ? e bu who 4*4 It htire' ? i'I' ? ? t ren .o.dn.f ? ?c* 1 i * tut . .? Aooaod Ua*r<?i>aoa lor N>orUi(rna>o ?..?v . ^ -r. 1 1 I ie( Hd i.r i':.luri ?r?r take Mf* a. y I t w: 4eelaraiieii* ' ?> w^or > lw r "tj -*.i ? ?,s l "ve? ?H-rr fc? * .0 hie > ? mrae>.->a?: f ? I. Ti.ene, ?, ? aav .? *.r. ;.l> : rid u?rr> tmi a of i.*j pr ar , > ? Bich are ulUH 0 Hit . rer 1 . <?, , ,1 r e?. I I>? iiMihO* K.a?W ..nth 1 If ? ;?*t he ?ur. 1 aien 4r > Mlaof' * a ? 1 '-a*, c. il re?nr.l? th? ah. m af *ia ery 1 U ? I't v ? ol >" .:?h a. tc.? uh >> ? ?? .1 ??>0 p*-- *e ? a ? lw - 'he .. est >n of erv m -a ? !*?*' atee, aa I tie appM -? >a 'm' t> ? 'V't.f f'l r 1 >0 f- "m fit t'eii. ?fr. f j i fi ,1 .0 I- ' Ougre^ . t| r?,?r', the yea 1i (tfeid ap"r. '.a raai<iee1* r* Bff ' ? ? ? what If; .4 H He 'IIB' 0'/, p I?.r h> I 'ri .. ho ro.'. M ?tth J>e 1. "i", of i ^ 'aei" * f?wcr; and ?? ?t -> 1 .ad ? V 11, 1 VJ) tot ? e th ;? horn if tho i U**BTia. i. * r th# e?, rj * ti <3e isee of r.t y< <? an ?? . .iat lim a 1 ??? , f, ? %re or thr? and thai, lot ? ate now a'ii tf ir.*,ter aUu I Tunnha mno wm <M ; 9f U< ? ton > 'rf ttte w i'g my in l<.M) id ? ? i?r< i ?u 'in m :. ?>? i', ? ? ,v >lw? ?"i||irnre * ?? lire '?? at *?r a?rm lota mnr??.? while 'h? #U>r?a rhried. wh *? th 1 w e la b:?e * #*v 1 a# re* dreeewkd, wh <df *n ahor n! ?era ?'.< ed 'at il Ik* tiro* "? Tay! f* 'lea t 1 er? * 1 ??ri a Ha f r.?a ;f b < *ma purli ?Mi .? ?? old anybody t moat ha*. iMtoia a?H;r . iota party? it m/l rr ? .med be <i d B"? t#U a fi.ei*!>er < ? he epT V*n> ?hut Vr Tormha ?* d. tBit * 'len ' i. ^ajurdiedu r *?*? oot a : ian 'irlng who Uni* I it pawn wo-nd v?to ?>r ? r*> k? "-np' -?i>? a- r> < l%' !< >0H Vi.e re ...lit, aU .? ' hy tkl *hi. 1 ? 'Hi (u-i \j ?*-.te<! ? ? tha -f leu. ? ,f th- l ?->) ataw? by an at tnf roTidtt ? tu ? la the -nan irt". ohti? n -v? ? ire 1 r ? "w f. and w*> 1 a ?l >?? raj I ? b < h reek i '??/ i ir ,1 tho t ? M?y, * 1 , )? mp' it I a*'"1! wi ? thrm a ' 1 t?ter n tha ? v.?ti / iner^ an4 a a rd ei u ci hi* ~ti 1 r ^athi ataor. tB'it a*a?1.0?r which t ien ,?t* 1 the - >1 ?/ f . T. ) ? a >?.? fiw tna e?. 1 ?n wo *n ?.? >* -if . r ?> t b^re waa Mr nilmora up lw lit- r Seal BM*t< ? ' f ,-.a v fw r loader* t?di* yoi m a a rd i l 1 . , r *H?r?d 0 "#*r?a*? to 1 r>? -n th?y >M. 1 . | ?what tb'n' Hs 'f th .n *1 1 *ii^i ?[ , . V.'a J 1 that hi p ?ae 1 ? ?!eeph?* a eht wt , HflMftod the rni ttva - at" aw. v , tli'a wV' ?mf* that iho e\endoo of tho Tfto nower. e 1 /-p: n ? n Inatar. e or two, la A 'a ar daiteg if co ?? . doty. Y> t b" to- Ma yon that he be? ta' ?i we wh >10 t < ?i hrftora he *?rrfd the Ki.(f1tl-/0 ''w tittwRy r rf> ?.*e?e tt dm aoi anh lv t ve right of ir il h/ y ? - ! ^ifit re ? ? c_*yo, tr,al hy . ;?/- .r- % > wt ?, ? . th-'ar ?* f a aian a-he, wbil? thrwwlaf i' ? I r or hoard, .tlffraoeil hMwl' hy ???a ( 1 a ? * > rt%?|Mar ) Aya. trl^l hy n hafcra m?n f ? ?tamp Aad ? 1, Vera ipe tuo F if'tlra ^are Itw ?M fram thr r < ^t of ? il hy Jury M a ftot lira ilara, 11'* ? M?i rre'if'oei iMritatMt one le* f night wb< tha? ir ait a? ?oi;id rato 1. (Enth'wiaatM rliearr.) Din at | -?rom ad ham -on > vf'th tho h*yoBe<a ;f n c n t 4 ! Pmmmk/ >c,.?t?ct'J:txituci * 5 : if c ? r.^- 4 (ttuttle)? w?th ahaoat ?wtHi trwmrw ?paad?d tm boa ton to carry out that taw, #v?n aa It ??* " ? you tall me thai the man who wanted trial by jury lor a fugitive steve ia the city of Boston, la your man. If so, ha to not Blue. (Cbeers.) If you ar? compromise men of 1860. what credit la FUlmore U? youf When be signed the oom promne measure ? I860, be signed a bill admitting Cali fornia ? lib a tre t i constitution, adopted by fraud and 1 yes, b ' i'd thi* bill, securing to the North ern free' soilors a ilory woo by Southern treasure, suned by Southern od, and consecrated by Southern gtuvrs. Northern h es stole it from you, and be sign rrtth?A.:t. Poes tba mmend him toyou? (Cbeers.) y .oucr is your lj?u n sister, Lone Star, around aba* 'lag bare cluster , any mtiaories upon Her Own ?ait:etteldB? she won a i. gniflcent territory, but they r .Med her of it. Free soil > aticism dismembered Tuias for free soil purposes, t ugh bought with Southern money he tigned that, ((noers.) He did another thing he kigced a bill establishing a territorial govern ment tor New Mexico and t'tah, and (hat with feitures ot fquatter aovertignty tn it which the leaders denounce now. ( U>ud cheers. ) lie signed another bill abolishing the slave trade in the Distri:t of Columbia. IK> they recommend biru to a Virginia audience T (Cheers.) Ihst is his Presidential record. I muit stop here tor a moment, aud refer Id another circumstance, wbicti will show what are tho tree soil proclfvitiee of Fillmore, In the opinion of cne of his frlenls. Mr. Uus tavtis Aaolpbus K'rogcs, wbo was the candidate of the Know Nothings in New York for the cffice of Ueutenant Governor of the Stat-, was first in favor of Fremont, but when Fillmore e^tne buck from H >me, where ho had been bob nothing with the rope, he went bask to th? support 01 Fillmore, on tbe ground that he ?u a< g<v>l a free cnler as Fremont. t?u*uvus Adolpliu* S 'rog^s, tin candiiiiue of the Kuow Nothiog party ia N'ew York for the office ot I evtenant Governor, who administered. to Fill more but f.'.rd degr< <?. came back to Uis icppor* upon his return hn e believing Mm, a? I have nail, ta be a sound j freestilr. Be thc.ight his leader was gone, never to return but scarcely had ho ttoo.l up-n> American soil when \7uetavus Adolphui Scrou* ? (l*'.ghter)? icav.* Fremont ard goea be., k toU.m He taid thai Fillmore slg??:l the Fugitive ?'lave law. and that waj a jrood aoo 'U nci measure. Tbm wh tlie opinion which in iucea trj.3 tavus A lolpbus Scrogg-J ? {laughter) ? who administered tfc* th r<l degree to 1 itlmore, to ,' 0 bu k to his support from Fremont. Well wow, thai 's Fillmore's record u? i*- iew ? <*i inrKM | ?hnuld say anything otfenslvu to a Southern Know N' !u prese'niiug Mr Fillmore's record 1 have uo deiitza to ollond any one. My obj"ct U merely to tbow the ^w?ilion which he has occupied, that you ciiv the better understand Liis relations with refer ence to your inter eats. Now, you come a little later: you cam.' jt tal e brm on Lis Congressional record or his l'refid?atla! record. What has occurred yinseT tVben he lelt Washington ard went North be sa.d l.e sucked in abolitionism with b's mother1!: milk. Poes his diet wh ie a ba!?y rcuo xim -uJ b.oi u. j iu (' nwrhter nnd enshualasUo cuoe.-s ) It ap pears b? wae aoi apoon fed. (l oud laughter.) JH>e-: hl? sucking propensities give him any claim uion your ktnl nisc ('.au^hter.) Sackod :i .i with hie moiher's mils' (laugh'-r, What else With tho current of evrnts it" repeal and this restoration of tha Missouri tine hav. been th? gr<ia: i-.suts before the country. liiack rrpob lican lanatiowm, in its wild defiance, sweeping the No in, has trade the restoration of this line the issue. The South has takeu 'ip the gauntlet, and meets this black re publican foe. ?Loud cheers ) We stand now in the <1i.alh struggle o! Veemen. Where is the Soair.i>ra na\n v. ho f-ajt the Sovth can ctay with tha North n this I L'oii. 'stiirinaiixed, dishoiored, reviled, plundered, do trai'el- (Kuthosiattic iheers.) W here is the SoatL )rn lean, with in.- blood cf a freeman in h:i re'.or-, sho wf tld not ttrike down the foul dciniaatira? (T.-em c ?i0':e cLicr?, which contin-ied fcr scv -M ) I teii yo\ njw. thai if Fretuont is elected, a'Jhcrcnc' to the I'liou is trea><u to liberty, doudchwrs.) I till you new. tfat the th"rn tr^an who will scbm.t ti his liec tion is a tra.tor a:.(! a '.ovrnrd. (Fathu*ie<iliC -b. .T..; Aou yet. w'th your banner* meeting in t':e b.'tle e vt, aith ;:fcgs Ui led, balt :'.!ci;s a! i6>ed, w thtte U?u<m n;aae ? .h g.oves thr iowa, wjfro sUn^.s Fill nore The Mi>sonn 1 is Is lie battle ,.d.l. What sc/g the Sc- tli V;. tore that nc, intercept <>"r cl:i.m to a d ie Ti3rtl?:pat:on In the terr-f ry won by c r hlo <d ui 1 trc* i re and we * iJ cleave >\>u d.>wn or peilshin th.-str^g^le, ( T/Cud i:t?i rs.) V, Ur do you tike tl.e same si Jj wi a the o a' k r?; ut): car However yoi; m?y cover or. r your .t eomes to thn>. Tfcct.fct Is upou the HiM?urri ! ne and K'.lir.iore w.:b the black repobltcans. is in f*<-ir o: :ts rcrtora . >t. I ^o not ?uy a acrd at>out tbe bU.-k rtpuD;..aiie. I E'Oit not say an; tl.ia^ In rc o reiLti to Ihcm; Int can aay .?'o'Jth rn ttua ia*f t with that la;ii party, without feeiiag a pang ot horror? iliey drawn from yo'jr Lsg the Aruerlnac ' i* e. ua ' tbey t.ave p t UKreon a turd st !l ta r tr.i.n the T.'lttre- . b-rl that wjf.'ies the h . /.trd tl 1 he 'I'htpoh his ; ctrltl bacipjet, theag'dcg forwax 1, k|? H ??? -? -'d t ay bnt ? /me mto Die light * !h i b.\a U'<! os?e on tl < :r common banner, and Ma -saj&u setts as th?ir IcaUer, w .h a cot h as tiieir a-marit'. boanr. t laughter an 1 . brers.) Aad yet that is the ,-ar'v ? ?o far as the South is col- er?- ? -mat is the party toatFJJmire .a *<tb. (' he':r?.) Tie South and toe \artb, to far as I tLe it'reo..rat;y *r-> cotc^ruwl, lU&d firm aai un^ed at a lie t tfc<3 rifctortt'^a 01 it..* Use ? (cL-tr* ?but the ??xjutU turds d:vtuc;l iLrc you,- Kno* Natiug organi auv t 'J?. Lueifleu, 1 tragt tho Kaow N ith:n_d of tLe ^O'.th ere bo*. tr the.r ,<at- it' .n as they t? be !u to ?tgieti prc,?cr;ptt<>bkta. Taelr creed e^em to bo mra te<l fcy ? :n'CW. Tner i. <? jjbt that tenac c ->? I i l" ink.' n, but .uty louuJ that it. a were hat tw.< Cu tostc cb-rebea r tte wh.!? tPrre wt.-o Burn' fnolve Lt;t,dr"d Krotosteot cbur'bei. Thit circumstance ro niird? ice of a transaction with refurenee to art trtab ?>.!? c'.tr wLo. taarattd, ar-csu ! ?*-!re j-aoncrj aims, "tj brtDfUig them to tLe camp, be *at> (jjeai.cncd bo* hj ?Ui ewaej m tu*-ui Hi* rt-ply *a?, "Faith, yer Loaor, 1 lurroundea thetn." (l/? 1 t.uf t'.jr.) Tt ?. ?"? Nutii.r)**, no d.iu'it, looked It a t tu.lar rtvult i n rcgtril to Ui* (??<?? **??? *?"'? ' ??***?** 4? T* '? * ! -1,1 tumrf IUI th.Hr ?>;!?? would ij.mplSah.vt ' t; (V. ??oca'iMin r.t?rvhea * tboct aj.r crctur (tart I tbaa 'a;'s umd. u*ro. (T.vjfhter.) M- K htre ro rent, t?e i.icuou lance of as Im'.maa wha, 93 t Us uea'.ble! bai e< U for a rrlcit. The pr!?*t eceitg Mj cr..' 1" t'M Mm bo tad better Btilce h'.i prvm with ?od. 1 u thereupon comiaeiM.*4 praying. and in too cc r?e 'I t'.s Jerottone uttnr?J ron e blaiph nalea, which el. a lever* c?.- to I/otu 'a? criett. Pet remarked that I." wad (>ru<"Of both *ayi be nU t e wei $??&<! (1. Um oc? , hui. iijTartBk.."*n, hft iboulJ tr} what e< p i*hi dt. or tl" 01 vt > .> , .n? reporvr w.-> jld r? ?:n?k to tae laMgt.tor *n4 C"'if.;<ion kept up d\ rir.f tt>e rarrai n n" limit *ne>v?'ite?, the >ao{ jape wai nt eicd to obfuirj a? to m*ke It lo Ur him to tl. tba. a.: ' Mr. K. i; ? >low, cenle MB. dayoa aipvrt ; a^ctt, ...?Ucooai;;jti mi! roe.iu bj vour ?t'f mrt' l^> yoi, eapect t? do it b/ ear -oaiiU iiig rcur nlBoti *? 1 .? rp brrtbrec a* fi?<? Korttk who are al-j. t. iu Lta T v' aJ ch.:r?*. I f ve 'ow 1 at ate?r to ray T?i3t/ T"*** Vv l'!,s w'""* trwH afatc?i t* ? Sunth, _ .a i; -e tu - ho^aiU 0 Actt^.n, U o?? N ?rtL-ru ahaU> >bNu LaTe t.-om thai t;mc p .mi?d t - rey w?'M u w. m< ,1 .osaiAb.j *?c?. N?? ttey La e tcriwd *:r?>B Vu: a wdenw awn if the Norte, ?t:d are lao<.rai.B| tL( .a. ?? a repealed y?ir ? twacty t.rH r . e" at> . ttve tUc light ot pet.l n no t a itl '.i. bc< u tte r*-'n!t Woi aiaeatta t u.'rnaa, ic^r ,^*1 tf, I fa. id there a 1 abJiuI of abo' .'.rm it* In b?'j li. n etar/* >our C r?'** n. I&(lMS>Bat* Lhife ire nateot' *n it' i'iti"i i^Matorf 1 a ttU|nntv of aMb?OBitta iu thu !Tuu?e d Kaj.o u ?t In i*G3 j, it ..V w l.i.i : 1 "1 ?? ?r'l! |.'o?i) I'l >io />!;? las! P ra< lor ti l "n >ti. thej the wl ig rirty aeat noam. m in ) ? i- t> 1. ry an id. ,d< ? a1" .f^it .tie a' tb'r? to ti.4. !. :?ry c-i c.vilu a. le IL? t.a'; 1* ? -?f <*th->r -t?'? at. 'e 'he t reii^ (f ?!. oo? f>( your ? ( -ir-o'ai, j v; j hi- . oor.'tiod a tromi't .a ju-.r . ^'t re ..fcy? a m cr?-. of :.;i.t ? *?nt jo?b. fu" LR. ? aa* at la C1..E. -Mk'C., ar 1 th: J" a' . jrc-"< rs ttCtj-i ?*UMC'i i 4ar...r a?.l ' ?! no'j'.jr it Btax y rtibfa.M? tk.'M BMC, at bM *>i?r *m parting be tor* tv?*' w r rjiforar^ril to 1 tr.if a Wild 1 Wcr oe b*< e?f to. . fjMi 1 aaJ ent. c*cofa ) Y*i U>ta4 (rial ita.]?i( ?( wtif pai'y, wt-.-a the r flint el?*er > ^rrjn < fbr-n ?a- <1m-. a*e>! ..<.'cro thein . forwarlto Mol it i .. tr buu i.if MB I around the bf t vr of t^e loll Ja. ur af tl.f ?? m.o. ( - uawxtic co- t' ) t w'. |. t! y 0 I 1 they aiwir-'d .'.Jirixtiy tae d'juutr.Uerraett and te n "'tb^ ?* 1 4 party? N' --pim h'1 pr? ;njui?i after iln. i.m ' tliait (-?U .ti i, t ierto'd } tt? ? * tatt> iae 1 ?m ..^'-4 -i*', d? mioir !, 'txu' cu??rt.) Abo'ii >?ia ? thtn *ro?i | truy ijoutbtra ^ Ji.wsa.-n kad bat atlnoiat^l a?: 1 fit* ' .1. f ? ery * ? U?. rti t> .uJ" r b*1 !> pni'itt-vl rrm n atiavk. kr* at tua raail! Vo ir anaaia art bi St*ii;?f ii.>' i.iuMa k rac '4a of Jataa - *o?t * : vui u.m, and abol t. :i.?U a.'a lae^Med or ;h? thiot 1 OB'-a (K. > t by oobla lea!???. Y ?#, wehie^B'ti bow W< Uit .t staaU firw. (C'.th j*i^>tie ch ?er?.) %? ba*e r ?j> ?.?'d .at I. Uka the 81 i ."J t.f 9' !, we hire r? U^v.t t.? ?bt ?ery of the oceaa. (?.??:?*) Y> t n. .<t. ' . li" r* 1 Tt .n^a lure mib.i to tl. a I ?rn an ia *i a r*r t'tV '?an'.t.t. ti.? at any wv>? ? hit ??' 'a ? - 1 rir to loralfc" Caloa, wtc.' o>/ '?on it.l'v i.t e tot f ,?*j s tba n wi, < e?iu*b? (.aig*. ? r, ? a?.. . yncaakmot l .etr. ?! 4 ?r !n ?rlalc!a tba ja.'aat ro^n of > :rgia?*? tL? dea (.andante o>' Wa>bta( tui>. ... .Urv a, )Ia ;?? 'i, Momoe au.t i*.her >'l?t -tfulsh' I tn"ti H tbe I'i rh il? *hrn the ga!'vat?0T of Virg'.na *r" 1 ttbee",' . * of tie p tt, crary oor.rt '? i-aie* of ? H'.rgn ar ? fiber* .f that atamp. f'od h ? p m?. I arn a?a,n?t tl.e t'o^.n . Trenead'. ? aheei? ) I ? . t t. j ar^p, iuk at iu* aB.u carda w;t*i thora {?an ?? ar- w.ib I. a'k fe?sa. (t 1 ^h'or aa 1 -> -rt f iiir- 0' >r t' b a f'len ' oi I1-,; l .. r y am '???.) ! ati sow, bat I n ver will a !i;.it tf'at th<y a r? our ? .;<arir?. (I?>td .;6"!n" ) I live tbe l a. n 0 a re >'juati'a "*twt~l trmt none or > 1 at') cc .r'? li'it ?fi. I am uM tn|mt ir. n tiia'B<i utidrr th ? f >?! dwrx taii..a uf ? a *t of Mai-fc *rrp?i.<? Oroe'"*. >-<iii;rer. ?Jew?rd, W.'.ioi, On-a an-1 ' ?'d.nfa ?i' I Lavs to nay le. ''?rc a?fiii ? tl mhrr. ?, le'. 1: rr>. I abould tA'i<i r my 4t<uiab<>u ! be a .-ra.-e; 'tr-'. of iuwjmI patriot* than tb.i a'.ata >r Nottb' rn abo' r> i?. ( r.atenala* cheer-.) Yas, I, ti" l.aee , ? . e ! the "bV* a# well aa y m? at iJ y?.? Lav* .O'.ed it, tt-jujii w.t'. yn.rr re^..incaa }?* ' art .in ir.j?.">ri* t ? *? p? Mr. 9# - r. a eoli to {rv>? tn?t yew kiata to pba per, \? thajr vy i^e tnrj aoeaa jrour r1!' i' .1 order I. .at they ??.?). r" ? Ux- grvi* *r ml thr? , ???. (t/iud la f >t / J liavo boon tf M tL-.t ?' tiara a conn ??? bi.i try. 1 f?,i ihU,at>4 I *ai>. iBiite.'. '<? n i.ry t , rri, And to* !- "itb bai aabRtltt?< to man/ tn n,* 1 f?n y 1 1 th?y *-e tha m-?t t??.,?nt, ati^ W??<l 90! ff 'fi o #?'. r it. ) itl W. ? '*rr ' j i . *o 4 |h Wi> ? r?p i?.U. w# aaaaM .1. (CBaafa^l Tba South aeat '? rty tho^aau'i men to the f(,?'t?e '?: '* ? , it, a V 'h nt twenty tho ?anl Oo, ??v- ?'je f'arei u| 1 th we bm ie a.i I tb'/ wlli tel< ;mi ?i..i or-upi' t i? vu ? n >-u? ^nl.loolhC i? At , |, , I t mhrr I m I r?0 tfce , ?r?IIH ;iet?eea Ca'. Butler tn? brother of tba He?. Mr. flu'er, t?e Senator m -??.itii < aroJins. wl,?< *v .r> ? n?f.;y ffl by a Wl fBo",he,l abolltio'ii't. *aa t >a ' r of t> a Pi"!r*t?o rrgitnent 'n '.he Nejoean war fjaltn n tol l m' ?t?er aa ordor r?me 10 I m l?r 1 r.r- int ? emage ,0 tbe att^e of Oieprlteper Uolon?l B i- ?. w ,A akk, a "at to klni aa.J aa:1, "I detnaa l a rUh; to V, ;n that ?>a??ie " ynitman replied, "Vm cannot gu, ;r? ion ar- ?|e.k ." ?'l am ru'l rtently well to |o, ' ?a. . Bot Irr. q . tmaa remarkad, ? I aba'l no*," ant tbareupoa 1 pliyawan w.? rent f<w He deriarad b'at nailt lor artlra ar, ? n"ral Q i.tman !ne red that !ta aboil i cot I# '1 aek It. thea. a? af^Tor," aaid l?tler, "aad f demai I t a? a 1 yht " .0, then . a d t^. i mnn lie |<1 ih l'al Bi'tlr, f"g ri?*nt oit to U>a Cplit. 'a that > attl? fleld tiro frar "late r"{ it, 'at* r?n wh le e'pr<.,,| to tie flra of tha *, tu ' nea r|r?.d tMa r^t'ment 'Vom my own 'tate, *w"P' by gr*pr and ranla'er; ti at rer'mert Mood, JM ;? ff I> P *? -rrttk n? d the f lood of DH WiB ?unln? KxpoMd t? thli fln that regtment Mood, firing doi a gun, levelHnf 904 ? bajonet. While men were falling by scores they eto?d (here. (Lflo4 cheers.) Free Bute regimen la bad broke* up ehd retreated. lloit ?f tbe regular army was cut up, and there was nothing but disaster in tbe perspective. "What regi mtnt will follow met"' said Shield*. Colonel Butler re plied, "Tbe 1'almetto regiment will follow you." (Cheers.) That regiment did follow. Ere the leader advanced tweaty itepe, be Tell dead? scarce had tbe regi ment moved, ere Its banner was struck down. Beforo it was fallen, tu Lieutcnut Colonel took 11 up, and ere be ad v ance 1 two steps, he too wu struck down Another took It, attd Starve bad be raised it wben he fell; and while he was falung, a gallant Irishman took it, folded rt round bis body Slid bore it on to victory. (Eithusiastic cheers.) Tfcere, loo, was a yourg man? a collage companion of mire and brother of my colleague, Col. Brooke t? a lieu teaant in his company. Whea Shields said, "What regi ment will follow met" an \ Col. Butler said, "The PalmetK regiment will follow you," BflDokes said, ''Aye. they w ' fellow you to death.'* With his sword hashing, Wu> ? bis nren, this young man fell mortally wounded. Jt? be sod his brother? my col!caguc-lett home, the< ~ took an old fbmily servani, and said to them. ? b t j along; be may be ofuae to you nereaiier.'' Hv ?? sirui'k dow?wtt^l,T;WSLit3l,,(T .^lelelUba cla Eervant to attend boi brotoer. ^ Uu.,e diiys and nights this old n. gro laid Dy Um lb* 0, ^ d * yot ng master. Wlthout r^sation n ^ ?r(i atni 1 the rage of bati It, bo watched by his_ the ball bal pkrccc him through. From tfce^ of lt,a b,;i came large epttntere ot bones. lio gathered togs her. His yoocg luau'er di> ^ U)C ro*imrnt, ;n con ic ration ot ti' attention ^ ajcmy bought Bttn a houte and lot. Tbe old Cf;ro purchase.; a wagen lor !<ia matter, put him into anl from the city of Mexico he < arried blin to \ ere. Cruz/ where he put h.rn on bwl a vetse'. bound lor (t,u United states. From the port of ar rival be t'J> k \,itn to his matter, tbo latiie' of the ycacg . nan. lie taid to the old man, gniy hoadeu and ' weeping, " Uere, Mr. are the hones wiii'-h parsed !'rem the wound of ycir dead Bin.'' ?'Here,'' said be to the mother, "is tbe corosj of your mn." (Load cheers. ) ah i Cils Is tho iastltttion which It slanc'ered b> Northern leuati-a. Ja tlmt 'jattle, where wsa Maasashusettef (iod help me her regiment had to he guaidcd by two other regiments. (Ijoud Uugbter ano cheers ) Wiulo jour ti.ig wa* In the 1 ?Ule br cc/.o, wben Col. B.tltr irom a Melt bed 4*ic?udod a r>iaee tor tbe I'a1m? tto r< si'ceDt, iimsd tao thuo'V?rtn ;? and Bathing of tbe guns; when be said, In bis darki-ei hour to tlhioirU, "The Palmetto reg m-nt will folk- vr you,'' at tLat -!ar'? tjicraen'. in that battle, whoa the tide of conflict was sgatnet ua, the MassacbuEetta regiment hi' to be ei aruid by two othes (Laughter ant uheers.) Aye , Kuarded, to liiep tbem from plundering tbo MTgage train. (Uproarloui lamhter ) And yet i am asked to stand ch^k by icte with Massachusetts lo this Union, whtc vlie efals your property and slac'lers you. (Cb> frs.) Gentlemen, I h^ve deta.'ieJ you m ich longer than ! expected. I have but a word more to say, aj-l I viil th>n gl'.e you no opportonity of eojryiog a muoh rrher tieat than I can ailbrd you. I go witi the demo i ratic [ arty for the present, bit-cause tt '* tho p?.-ry (Cteerg ) ' As I ?cid before^ I am Independent, b'it not ??u*rr.i (Otters ) If that party deviates Irom the line of policy ,1 will oppose It. (Cicern) I gay eror will i aet with ary p?ri.r ibat do e not ata'd upon the conttiletion? I D> an ' )t the rights of the South. (Loud cheers. ) I go wi.h it now t>ecA'.ir.e it U a g' pirty? beeau"- it is a progrttaive party? became it is a cffiMf vatire parly (Cc ers.) We have b?fore ui a great couctry. We have two races, the L-^tin ind the Ar.;;!o Saxon, and ?.th such clt ments comixislrg tho p -uU t en oi onr contitry oar ucrtioy ni4f.t a n^bit anl exalted oce. Tfcey loro pi agrees, aol '.lie flr^t ?;ep n that v the at. utition of Cuba (Lvud and ea tii'usiartie iL.:trs.) A- .idi&g ou yoi:r See'. hern sajrea, the seLticel oa c ur w%t -h to vers, !? n:"sl b ? ours, or t ie K.oth Is to i^vaflefl. Yes, It must be ocrj, a..d I have no objecuoo to tbe llli' utter* tiklog rt. ( Liud cbeer Take It, ar ? we wll pay for It after wvrJ?. ' Ircmcadci.s ehe? rs i Th'k ? i!r? I caro act In wha'. tuan ner? and then we will rol. it to t a Uu'.f .-" -earn of era population ibai will mako -t truly the gim of 4Le Autliles. Exi entirely guar Jed, by nature proteoted, rc I itiio it yoer r1* !'" ;>oi"ilation. uud the dav.os o!' ?M tbe earth may tbuw'.er around i t sh-rps ant ttcy v. 1 1 thunder In vain. < neers ) Yeo, Motrolliag tie ccnimerce ot tbe \m.-i O r thre^> tl.ousand rnile-, t :d ooetrellisg ?.??* the ?.oniaoeKO oi the fhst, t^i?0'lgh tho gie.i' r enterprise aud co oniv i^.ai sj iril )f our pupil !st|cn Ci ba w.<ulj be what I'a my 'a in aac1 nt ? ins, If iteece throws ott th<- iespo:>m of Spanish reli. juu ? heer 1 The detn uruli? pa.ty can an- will lake It. 01.1 ors ) Tbo Ori-!U.y of t'?iat piriy ;? .tdie . h ce>l>> 'i tiin> . ( L i uhei ra.) ConvcUei as tha a orid i? ?Hi-1 ng < fi' ?tf oid domiuai.'ii, breaklDi: '.M old ft ttere ? *bat ? i f "tta 'lo rl-c# up before or! AdAirs '0 N*. a Kpma' itrongly tendinr to a fkvorab'e l??ec (Ctteert.) / 'rra*ij bar it titer 3d u; n H3 career -f rrf -.fw' *, an.' the certainty oi ,u prog rets i? n? longer a matts.- o: uoubt. Old Ci-Ba t\?nt3 bin u rir,gle speck rt-move< from tho full torch of free civ lllaatloa. (Cheers.) Japac, tLro^iDu atiJc remri- doux, a k<i but to "< -'h the heat ot votsi filet. <>?-.n.) Let the r'otttb? I < arc diI lbr ife ' orth. yru ge' n<>ih.nj thero b':t ce.df:?h. (la -'gli t# r ?-1ft the ft" ih be hot tr< eto h rMf, sr ! tho natrons of tbr <artbwil j*jr treasures lut* ter :ap, a :d tb^ isles 1 1 1". c emit will turn rn,ied her e.?.*r'.' t wheels, (lxod cbeer*.) Let her be but tns : to bjraelf, and she * i.i btcome an ebj-^t of ad ni; ratios and ec\y ?/i toe world. Cbeeis.> Let her bow dowr to Northern 'lo mltaticc. ar; tb'ere Hi to corro in t'u .V;?>uly.<t th"t will ct be soared upon bar, ( RitLjflltrUc cfiecrs. ) Yoa havo two sect ons? tie >>orU?? ro ai:d Southern net.' bs. Tho stronger motion le, b| set.ou a..' resctliMi ebtofblag je'i. Tho So,.;h will be what Sparta v ai. ;f you S'lhir't to N'c then rf'n.iraiion. (< hec. i ) After t iOw ether rema' ke, re'a ti vt ?' the danger of iubalttlSf to Nort; rrs atr !. ilr K concluded a. fblluve ?I tieve i>ut a sia^.s roir. -*k to ui>". n? nave ne.w< w luuuiu-reote examples of uv ??m *i decilce. f' nail ire predt by tbem or no? > v0 the j r*t l>e to ur as a UttEj In llie -tr-r of a ?h;p. flg'di'i j t;? the tnu'k of K' rm? a perltocn i at;.? bat psriljaj 'or '!. * who beve the heart and courage t '-?>t ?r- ('>.eerv.) -ba.. 'Le gr-at ligbu or tiie (UvohitiOB, striking . o in tha lights of ??orm? hi tie light rtorui ot tie n-.H^r.?? PreM ;ou ou to victory and nioces! and bear you to a Etrbcr r,i ?a'ety, or m.U y< i ft ili w the w ?<*' tbe | * *P, *i"1 gtrio^n upon tbe q-:t:W?.a:. I- 5 (Ixetu :heere. ) I K lib all the rlemeMa oT i>u > u, .? i'.fc a!! ilie ?ler' nle tf I fiats. *iil? a peop>e jj whose vi'-jS floe blwi ! v lui b L?s neve be<-i, >,.r|*n?ed. with a peap!e lur'.i.i a l. gher rcnewe than anj tbe w.)-:.i has r ver eeen, w'Ji jou be trre to your dert'ny, cr w-.'.! you he fal<? ? 'V^' Virginia te Jlrrcules, btar.ri op HKiB'tili ^ p a dear sc. gre.^ness, orwilline be I'^r j'es '.n litimit;. trd dee.lice, uar'ng Jown nou % ! l-.h he rt - xl at such < est of blood ?>>.< tr. a -rr? ? I feel ttat i'.oti;1! not. and Cod grant that the Old ... g on r.. i> t i true to her fisg n the coming i'ght Ur. Ke.U t-xk Lu scat air d th- mott eattnlattic r.beers. Fx G' verwir John 0. rtCTb ?u th;n lctro<!ac?d to lbs i uomt'r, by Vr Peiter Oter, * berouprn b? OMao lor I ward ud taid ?Fellow elt'zctt? T lure no i lea, w,? crer, at thi? l(l( bfl'af 0< tbl n fbt, ti a>* r.t M li ild tbta crond t ^ethcr. putkuUrly r the .tor'.rf, ei> quirt and I'uwcriul addreaa to wll-b >00 tare ,1 , ?t rued. I led Uai ihi'ic to daufer it fro ,nd Hut i -a a tat ding ni or., and ahotihl g.adly av ..I Mf 1 . .M<\ Bit I th'.nk tiicr- la ?muflhlnn he;, on I rerroa%| t I a'..) ration* that m /M to move ?u*, i t that ot>?lt to bov? yoo. (C'bec.a.) TUtre I; an iu -tu tlva fn limit! Id the boar hi ot the eo^itry at rcn tin' lion* a'a porta utoiia. llu-re I a en... , c n ;? ?? u rid of ?b* pab.ic that we hare fa' l< 1 j.-w <-ri! la-! It r"j?-ireg nil that to aober, *ajta< ?!<?? mi J j*ut--l . t? rave ioble ?blp .if Mate fro* tiore'l'-'in/ str.a ?\ - t ef?9 wbith the !? about to caal. i ! k.? ?it.r"ri, tr.e bi?-. 'we tuat we are r >. <.j ng ?r f-t to be U'Bipt red *.?ll (Oeere ) Tb? i- l?s?" tt.a va ?'Wi 'td Vo ua u- ?r tha ' 1& t.tu*. ? .1, u:t t -r wt-h wo I. re, are not U ; to M on *rde<l. tbeyire a dar.^or, U:e; ? e< bo do iM. If (???? laly rms a*n<4# Tt< ri the p?f M b*r? u H aaii?llej j >?i aa to lh.'. . ?m ? the poaerfjl bar* <ue *kV b yoi h?rn i?i beard ihetkJ -aii*fy >oa. Vw U?rn bfMd the w Ma 01 ore of the srtore ti. th" ?rifo; yo- bir . f'o-i Uo llpa or ei. tadndual, wro he* botn Mo ?."? in the e. ' i-t. ? trj tire, u fought by ik l>; I ?' i.-r ? r i lie ?:ate of iM-m r,',? *y ti c 1 ".t" a- et-.ou c' ti<l I'ni. n. (Cbeera ) Tae r la a r? r;tl t *trrt n?,ar *ot?g <*? a i on*' a of a< '..otiat* .1, ard bear. Icllow cttu n?, U tM* to b.> ari>r??~* ? Trs r'r.t'rman ,.v> well d?pirte.; thf dati^r ltd, la a |"?t &<>'?? ere, ?Med ic. th? of tr*r?ilm(0 7fr the c id if dlar' t?(/v let w.o H'-* h ?, la n> b mile wi/, U>e r?.prre ? i>e p-r?ted Irt ?', ,,w ?>? l ee of pro e?."lure ibat la to brmjt bv* tbe rtip^r Ki-it? 41 it, rvht ia< k, (rbeer?X acd 1 -cure bi the r ' ? ti / 'lut p* ? *r t> tl ?i baa ib*rnt?r'Z?1 1, hetfl'.fb'e H i v ?tMd a In -t at j.'ent < ^b. a?e yo 1 low t? r;re roi.r r-n.l :?r. ? aid ? '!f?pr.rt to f Whrb " tin; i*?ii?? a / ? lx . ?r? 1 yo 1 ? ns *t ecttUi <i to your n>ulllet..'f a?.d re?,?^i tf Vju h i?-.| Ui noUe old '? rur peny epriKea ?.f n t. ->>.? ? t pea ??, *o-? w I . "d ,t de^et "? it It *a' ? rot'Se vtt led by f ?M?i.t lea.!' r* ( .<era I IHt v ner.' ? in.< n'atf^na <* , . r.- pica of tba o.l wl.'< j ar'y ?>f i ' ? * Wbat *c<*e !.e leoota of faith that tb?>y >irg <?! t .. ?> yon a* tbe aeaaa beat calculated to aaro IM o?-:ntry I Were they o< t jart tty ?.<??& tb-?? now h'. .d '?r t'ae <1e at cratic (art) : lndc*d, 1 "i'?lit ?ay tbey were ?ot. ?t! I At.d b?w rr'mea it now tha; they ?r- not rusdior Witb th< t. t'> m <!ie j 0 . fe r mi I na.utVo l? rcorrwt ?e?r n{ Uitlr pnoj iplt <: That I 1/ r.o eaatara ,>t ole p?r:y it ?m led by Ita'cra renowned tor L.*.r wvti ,m. and r'.ift rgniebed ur It? r * ,???."?. Tlie doi-t'la-w wl b they bad promyliti ?ed ?'.fb ?a moob '? ce and elo :)U?nce *re ?.?? in ?l o fb- t?r fna r' ?r an -rin etij i'.ea. T e Cmk of toe I'tdled State*' M an l.-te td -a Internal Itpj ror"nei,;e, l?y lb?i .-eferal w no rlMhte d *? Wt |.iant ocreeh irp >11 t pr ,n< Ipi ?>* Tl ey ?at . U.>at tL<-y weeo t- ,r r noemte l^.an tbe d?n*v rr?U 'h r.ieclre-', ar.d they \y ,v *u nmJ thaai i t rrema I# t,e ioM- ? t of u 2. Mr. f*i#re> b"at tv? j;. rr" r ' ? cpilt^ t-ei m tIt bj ? j -ai'.y .? (lie - ?' ? uf tb? I aite I F'at(-? 'it by h ma 'j ,r t ?<,'? Irhou'd ftpjio e . re *11 I ? * \ery -1| Txiternj ic the r?* t? ??. > ? at 1 1 t to ni y- tti? ? r aflft; v ?? * 1 ktrmul tuat rd ' party. fh?ee ?t.- 1 that pirty i;i > it t<e a-ra- ? i-<n? t ie r?.' of on- re *n ie hn jp. 1 Hi- --in.' I. ^Ui ear ??. - i.-t r t u f,g iii""l ol j-einr'ple?. it ? a<rf for ? ?at of prnp >r njiptrt t J.<>* 1 1 l?r ' 4. It is f*' w. ?. 1 >. n*ve * e\ji. - h l. ? ey *?' c >m to to - t? ? T 1 ! a : tiKlr?wn grave ??< b^ve ? .? -? '. tt?totb< o *1 '.b"} ? r- ' ? ? - ' ''i-.l II'M Hit ? 0 tboy t? f ' i tl" ? l'1' ! " >t ? fnr- iteo t . 'T a ui (' , ? r? ) Tii#'. la tl.e .und opon wbich tbe whir 11. r. cite* r-iit I r d <T,mi|vri vr* if the.f partf thi? ; t,., t r <1 thf f ?' -i; ? - for "Tv i? -/.in a ne* p* ?y. T>ia?. to M.e ee a ' 1 ey a- t-? P'i|[ ? -?'K?o. ? t< ti r'l??r?.) Ill 1 r.t require the tenimiriy of the wi, f party, as iirip d ? tl. ir adro *<?.? of tit t ry rriaauree w>>i. n tin lim ' rate r.r w *'>e'>tlfl, 1 ? 1*1 .ty the d-r 'ceatte reny tbat 0 U.r-ir hand* w.a the Mtvati"'n of tlie ociantrr. rhe e*pe I r,rnee of ercry oat -Abo biui "-nb hed the Count or e v eata and ^tu il< I the In t'-ry of our core t mont alnce t? irr? pt 'in. wl'l iaticfy Ir.ei that a.l th ?t la wl??, and pa tf 1 r. ar< r"iod in th?t h atory bna beat Mtotnpdahtd

tbronfb tbt afem-y of UM detaeerati party. (Cn??:rt ) '1 r < in '/lav. 0 'ai c co ;?.d it o^*u?v wo n tb- w> k i t into jK-iwer t&ere r*> no tneoenro of our* ihattl';. er?T ntt<ir,itr< to re- ef^ It ?re wa? no po I ry eet*liMptird bye* that the wMf? aa'd waa unwMr (I o"d h'-er* ) Tb^yenm'b tore y on piredtny tb? reaae. Inaitt'.tif 'if* n be rorrortneea of tnetr ttewH, tad now fe I K w < ttlfeoa, v h'-a yoii bar* a'm' =t fine the wb^le triea th< r ray to yon that yon hav? prryreeaed ta tbe wrf" ( dlreetlon. tbat the gro-ind or >r wbt'.h yon ?aenld pear waa entirely difiM-?rt, and that yo ' abo.ild pnraao acctber cc irae. It ro? odt me 01 an natcdety they ta 1 about a mile, After you got alone that for a dlstauoe ol pine tree ar f0" will come to where (here is a great big may know ??ai ,be road; and when you come there you you get' - you are wrong. (l oud laughter.) Now, whon botlow * tfcat, lorn right round and come back to the sake the other road, (l-uughtcr and enters.) hui j <kwire to know whether the reason1] they have ad duced are sufficient to induco you to tr.ako that change? Tho gentleman baa covered the ground or controversy between the North and the Sooth so fully that 1 reel thero is not an incfc for me to place my foot upon. But there is oni ground which ho hat uot taken, ard which I shall take MSMton to pass ovor. He says he its not u Ucuocrat. I stand upon a different ground from him in that retpeut. I am a doaiocrat. (Cbears.) like Fillmore In regard to slarery, a* wan remarked by the geiultroan, I auclcd in democracy with my mother 'a milk, (loud checrs.) and I stand here now to vindicate that 1 arty , and to r < monUrate that all that in groat, all that is glorious in our country ha* been conferred ui>3ii it ty tho U.mocratlo parly ant by tho princl ?les of that party. TWlll Mil quebiiou m. rely ol the olsvat'oa of democrat:* men, brcaute, when our opponents pir their men Into ,>ower, when glorious " Rough and Ready " came into power a.-- a no party President, he adniulstei e4 tho joverLtu'Lt upon the principles of democracy, an' if thtre were other ? eei's than that kind p-auttd by him, it was bccause be took U.o seeds from anotner baekot than th*t of demo -racy, 'Cheer*.) How stands the a: !V)ont b^twe/s ii? now? 'lxjok at tho con lilion of the country a.; it stands at thin time upon the map of t'ue worla. Why, but a few Lcrt y? ar<t ago ? short, at lea in tho annals of a country ? you st&yi here a small, no lata), fticndUBS helpless, ptnn'It^s province, compara tively, with your borders scarcly kuowii upon tho map of the world, fighting for the prin 'tples rf democracy, going for equal r'ghf ? *or lhal c i-ia'ity which is so dear to the heart of every man. This country entered iiitu the conflict with one of the most powerful nations on the fuco of tho ? ? rth, ted tho came out of tt glorious ai'd tr: titrphnt. (Loud choera ) With the Declaration of o.r Indejwndcucc cauio the inauguration ol d^niojratia priuci plen. Tlit succetK ofthe prnelples aro visible in the eapiii snogrowth ami prospentyo. thcconn'ry. (I.oud cheeris.) How stood the upponenta of tho democracy? How rtar.d th^y this day I They said, ' We w ill l.*vo no more t**rri tory, we gc in to constitute Mississippi the boundary line of republic ' Whtt *?i i the democracy? " Wo will have 1 ouiHiiDtt." (Cheers.) ?' This, ''said our opponents, '' ? ie fllibf.stering, it is pifacy. It !8 planter " You took it, aii' what wai tho result? I'rotpcrity at every step. What was tho condition of tilings when Florida wa? brought into tho Cmoc by the democracy? How sVio l tko conil.ct it a later period, when Texas came tupplient ir.g us for ai o trive tack tho myrmidons tu>t iutc<-i. a bi.r bcri'.crt? How stood th- oponerts of the democrat at ttis cr.t-is ' They said, '? Wo will umch rat, han iit no' tnls unci* _.n thirg Wcgo againat the acquisition of Tera?; we go aftiBtsl any enlargement i f our pree 'Ut limits.'' Row war it with the democracy 't Taey went and bec'-red it, at also (Jalitorn'i: and sttor it wi- ?e0ureil the ablest champion of tho wh party, M*. Wcbjtor. said, in the Sorato ot the I'nited fiuteg, that the dem^n-y bad brought into the ccn'edoracy a territory not worth 8' vCEty-ttvo certs. The whi; t>art> arraiguLvi the aem.i cracy brfore th" coccUy, etmging them with hariog e* lideil ai! tLo bloc! ai.^ treasure of tue nation fo' a i"1. r>;der*ticc not v. orth seveulj-flve cents. (Dt'rn ) Wha aie the (acta that now present themselves oefore 3".>ur Tue:e is not a week that passes o ,"r th*ta steamer ?'ut . rot mivewith obotd a mi', ion and a half oil >-s wrrth o' nold brought from Cil'.'orri* (Cfce-rs ) Th'. ? hct ore '.' he niaty proofs o! the wisdom of the lcn > cracy. (CUeeri ) Now, fellow e:U*ons, wkat ts it that the cm'* racy proporo to you. I am cct (I s wsed to i;r. tto a cl'tcBS?i(n of the vo; :nvolve<l io tho prt-? 'ui f,sc vi??f '.'or I fool iLat you f.rc trorc li':llovcl at this ite v r cr tv j.0 to je jr bs ni?E tlnn .'.?'ten io ma The p ??> a of is r. F Jlmore has bcec to ably explained byuy iri< I Mr K?m,lk(tl dcta ttstant ihmwui Itiuintk! ?? #>ith reference t > littr. Bat, I would ask Is he the Mr >"i!i more wf-o rto<>d H.-t >ro ycu ia '121 I know it 1* said I y o r off caents tba'. I'i:!m >re ?\*L?o in pov.-Ar won tue at miintea ai d reppcrt oven cf the deoiocrst'a party, ao> that ho laid Uo* 1 his oC'.ct th"re n'>t a detao crot In Co; fcret>s, a c' . mocrat ;hrou<tu?it '.ha co'ia'cy. ihatri.d ct rk'Mi his voice in ringing husanD**k< to > I irore. Th- y ?tl 1 si:d, ?? Well done, tfco i and IviL'i .-ervsiit, ' becfc-c e ofthe ir.a?n*r he discharged t\ie do tits tL.?t eve'tt'd sj*)u i im. If that wis so. what hu ''one f icce, they ray, to det'. oy your confide. ut a him? Why c ra; jro biru ji jwr H ? nai performed to o " ( ?si act r.nce his retiremi'.il iroan . .e i'reiideoc/ s:.l why. then. c?a .re Lii . he Los gone ?verto t'?i stprorl o; th>* Krow > otH'jg party. This is the reply L<t ' s i-' i: to It's matter. He "ignoii tbe compi") u,mc r. --a res as a v tig? whig I'rosideot, car rytr* out wh.g principles ? he atood backei by tie wmj. tur.y. aad because he wo* lioncst cio true ti ;bo3 f ciplet tl.e ciountry awarded h m pra'.se. Doe^ he sta ! tifore th* -o-ouy or* as tho rbami>.i>n ot the o:j fn pa tj? Ithiakort. If he tlbCMi oa the u>g priiiCip.'o* of 'J? . 01. tlfiu Kr"t v.juMbtvi a word to cay igr <:i th?s? principlea. Hut 'u i w sw. ?.* lie now; flow *ta". I* Ue in rctattot to the wh'.g* outsiJo of tbt* Kaov Nothing Oidtr Mr. Kilin-or<", .n tho jrittie of hla Ir.ieile t ai o ?tr> Lad rttuDcd to tbe grr&tr. t po<t?lt>la honor to bi roafrrrad -i on muc, ?*)il he '?i tru<j to n;? pr, i< ijn.v .1. tl c aim i ? strut ut h.H goveromt'it. uud hj hro.i< h' alth him the adiri'ttiGB M -ill ii?to *iiirc-m< nt ah v. }??.: 'lent tJc U.'T'" i :ea ho adhere to th* pr jnlf' ' nijuh wots for u'i.i tt'.x atn.rv.ior i?l piano/ X ' r bo p?ri I 'to unsthji orgaBUatwl, vMH -?:#? a it totally d;.1 -r ut froia t?-.*o ol the old abit party ? octal (ieelarci hjr t!it d'tuocrau? but aj flONi k]f ? witaraa itn <cg?r mure reliable w.ib tee advjcot** '.I I .I'laota it an any advocate tan b?, Mr Fi'ltaorob'ii ?> ! 'lecla'cU tha'. tue principles of the party tnal no ? i ?t?.| b'.m rt ?* are eiitlrdy tlr* ieut lion tboaa of tv. oi l wing party. Ciaer-.t How t..e wlt'g ral'y tu f,m -.puti ibe qucr lion of prioelplaaf Cku i. < j ? Ma u>?t Mi pn"e"o v*;; You Lave b?-*rn In *otea !* C?nsre?a parte l in reTle*'. I am not bt" frllow oil!/ b? to ?p'0k >f Mr. illtn. -e .n auy ap;r * ? sllBtiD'u (OL-x-rr ) ! is hero Tor another PTr|?>-i. Ifcirearencw ex'ji ng roctioaal dtSonittaa whtob ?trotjtlj tewflrr to th: cfuatrf . Tha South ta ar rayed tikt tin North, and. ar. tor-ling to tliO bar' jj..< u -i o; tte wi: eft men, :t l< Ilka ao irapjtt b .tty t avoid diei.nlon There U on* mode. anJ ooe oe'y, ol nvonlig i''h areaalt; audtbailn l>7 ? rr .x-.titi^ \a ?n ???okio and u*t \ ile-t .rm.t thro ;jfi ->itt the -ysntn. ) ! aiu h?-r* to shew to jnu thai th* aal rat >n of '.hi"-' tntry i'^'Bds ?i< n thw (Cheer*. ) la i hi-e K n ??e an cj ,>ca' to tt*? peop'o ol lyorlibur^ to 'JM their i i< tj '-..rda th" Ms. nji/jbucr'.of that vi ?>n br vktcl. akee tbt tnprm! .>( cvU C4B Ur a>-rtjd (Cti.*e'-) ! 4i ant u - 1 it pr--a n; n ifctm tho no-eav.ty U tl-.l H try. know re that Lynchburg, ooeupy <g m tfu?* ? rcf.i n .a tlir ccntrv f tte Vtato, noit ltaro a ,<o* r r.i U .! ti.LO ttroughoat t; o mt:",tw 'aJth Bu, l. l ii * ctt?. ''t-- lkiiu?lt?iHWvk d, ?het*i?r TCtot .ru? ahb'oftyb ho uiv bo il.:i"roc* i'roir wlwi !in H|Oh h i>' ii vB tliKt no '.' r* lean ft ot ptftbl* to the f* .th thtn Mr B'.chaotC, W! tl Mr Bur*>ttao'i f rordy Bow n jjiU V a in tho derfoc ra;i-. party? I v. II t,r*<*r ti,'a que* ion. F<'ii >w eiUz<-OE, I know Mtrtortly * ii tit*' be mjy ? rr. lt,"fl*r ?toar^ie fcj?a'U't t I>at tad. i r tniit'i < f . n at i agre?-r r or lew nktt Pat wro tfco cl*ci"mrtftier? of hi* B' rt'pat'"'i t*? ol ' "mora, ?tc*y n a? ?u?M at Wee tl* Jp agatba; h n *fk'> wt. it r w:..i et I lea rt* Mi oo? thancl t'-v rpniiong d t-y I i>> tn tV Nonb ver> a1rWK> ;? it.jr InWffrt#' indMU urg?l, toi. tl *t 1 ."s "? Ur Kftflhot at. i< .< i*o> ?ted by Mar!-o Vau fl tr a and ai* *o?, .i< br. \ an B<ir?o, he "anna* be wr\. 1 ?|?'U i!*r ''uatVarn ?I'm "r* wr <a? efen tbe ?en who rap ri. him. bit! t' l/tlfa- "?e? t tl.a* ' : mod., by the '?hi< anJ Kt ?* >'i"thlrf ;ar?!i?? Tbi'? 1> ?tr*ag<' r?al?Bt*s. lt>o?3 wm i *lr r.'i". . tie I. .rca< at a<l*Pc*to him u:>'in lie Uci?j ctaiv pkitf ? ta. In ttat tcero H ao ta?rii!?' m?evat!r>a m.) r.nt ool hftv-j already MM, wtii It tl.? i,' r i rillf.oet* Wtftt m I Ifttwflen. wl o wa* on i. th'jil.i-1 4 i. at* !r tb? PklMtljilm OoemRMl ii t'.ri*ti;d t'ltit h" wnr^od to make t!"*- aotaU'at nt c ?peedilj M (-c. atlilft, I r low > :?f|? po?tl..n 'it the C n ienii>Q Woidd gruf- ?.i U- ? Hick ren "-' tar.*. Wiia' ? alii Mr h?' -to (>:r Imbwl'm'ft , arta< t m lit 'iw i?rao t .c' o." yf.*.f oar. P ta-- f!- ep?koef a ?>?. t . a .->( n %> tl.-'l r h irp\il>Hefta alJeiM tiio Bou*o. Bet wb*t r.-, . ?n ry? wttn ?.! m -r.bor or that Ooo??rtift?, "Oe o th< ttc it t nf . h"tl ur:.'j>r* of tho Ki ' m ?>>th.Of t?a.ty, a at ?- r !l|ht o" tbof-r I nt an Mr Rrnwa >?*-, > f *?!';? who rioted ?? e pf^o- . n/a <.r ,:.j r ?.'tit. a for ins own ^a, er? what ?ald lie 'Vay, t, at t?-o <"nr'.'t. -? was r ?p ot alnntylrj aUo'l "t;?yi 'o flxtT Bto .jera Am?r>es < ((be?r? ) 7h?S who !? a?ai> I . m' ore, i want t" k i>w He rw- t*1' llio b^t eat'oo frotii tnl' C.N>rta'*4h, Uie ir'.x tiiy oi wt<"n? if y oaa dule^atM, at well na o?l.?r rfpeetr1 > w'.tneatea, are to b? bohetpd ? a spa alt>olHh< 1 1. (tlrorb ) A'1 .1 y?w ?ar you will tike it-iii upen Ma ewn Mramial racomr.aMaitvaa. (la.*n i r > ; rot di'-oaa I'te aiatttr In thla eo^ be aow- R haa i>c?n already dUeo*o04 In a far ai >re l icid rranner ban 1 ooaM aa^'itaVc to meaent It Bal piaoV htm In e-wri?''l|,<'n * th Mr. Bud taa, ani now t^a pah! wlil rta. *f w? ?om,?re the cireum?t?a- . ?? ua der which both w.-,re t-otnuned. we ean rwidl'^ l .fm aa n rk?i r4 to the leiatlra ota mo of the two to p.iV a ai<p p< rt. (' nee'*.) la there a mau threnrhout thta hr . .1 republic who uW not (five hie aanrtlf n i? th" piatii raa ?tj n w'. sb Mr. ?!u nat ao wan t> innt-d.' It ?t.?re i? ? r< b< i lea pnmr tiiat tan hMi the *."orth an ! -'ifth to: % t>er. It ie It he *>ond la the matilf -etaticn* tf t> ntirr'nt exhibited *' On n.att. f i.'nd c,ho*"s ) ri?0"i t ,"p ? m no d ' -reiice of o Inici hctwoea ??hj <f>li g? ,? f < a 1> raa tl.e ne legatee 'ron; Ma ^e, o* th<* tleWrttn* ft ,ti ->r,tnh Chtol'na. (lo?td ? i yr% ) T'^ro conli be *"?o the #e'egatar thM epeoiett 1 1 ' oMyilry of n^ath t'a rr-ltaa, ?tejt't'BR tide ly rii With tbo duloiraMa f.' n Ma'ne aad tho deie^a'r* fr m Mvirh-Metta, (1/ttni rheeta ) Thera est nejamaiHH i'feroMt of *|Mtna a?at< T>". (f'h m ) Th<- "u>t| parf^ot unanimity pre rn ?;? d. ^n't :R evrrj toro of Iwi aett^a tVre wa ? ia?n> ! t it that s-plri. ef r'<mpro?lh i a-rl lii-mony W n-b . : ?> not fall to atleat the Ira* national ehata 'tor of the ueatpartr ablih waa then- renrt ?< it?4, (toud clwj.) Ho'? not ihtl par'y eon mt - ' ite?:i toy. t e voir at- >w ir it not trtie th-i> it- 4e ?r '?tiatic party i* tha odb party nnder hfa'-en thai 1 '"da Tie Vor'h a>i ! H >uth togftharf H< w atar i #tb*r oeyat'iat;. In tbl* rnapivt* 'if iy, tl ?t In alKoat all nrv a'lone fir more limited and dr ri mter'.bed In Ihflr r' .rart. r and notfnt.a I'unt-ts oryftBlrat cb, iIt!-.'? r\lot II'* ? atat.d tolrga !n thia reepfCt, rrrB w h 'he rr<-?k and lowly f. Power* of CtrK who pref'ft ?^a' ;hf / ptit a*i l? the world a'id ta ran:'!r?f How < tar ?? It Wltl. then In lh<j Vorth aadl t. " .<??.t thf tthy. almift r~cty chi. r?h of note and of;a t, -.rtra, eTe'y rlMfcb that haa ea-ri'd IM imwelyttatn thrrmgb lh?3 let ijlh at -I breadth of the la- A, hat b wa dltidrd by Mv r (.u-: | umi'i line throngh Ita mta' 'rv. rhty aayet the N 'h to the men i'ri wom?n of tbe SV uib, 'Yon almtl cot knfl arannd tu--> table ol tho I/>rd to partake o? pi^n -bIji of aiivatlon. l?e<ta'ife ? on l.ave tbe ar< n ? d :j> .. of > laTerf hMiM Of yna ' (lot data the a tig t?rly ' laad in thw r'-ipaet ' A'to! I ?t tire North ard ej lit in tarn, (fhrera ) B"w atanda it w'th the Knew '.ottiiBg i arty? K?m?. ?tad in two ?t Ue North, and filimorf tcrii* adroitly to adapt bta poll cy to their rerrrclire ieai, fta waa man feat III tho dlf flHr?n<*e of the pentlneata arowd hy h1 i re*cji'ly fn New York ? It and ,yrftcn?e. (tT<-e a ) Th?a I my ray that there .* ao rc '|?c'wu e n do ta- I itltvt I know* to that hat beea able to withstand the bltirfi taflueaee of this monster of abolitionism, ex cept f ohesive and conservative power of democracy. (Los .iters) te the champion whom wo have pre sente ? : ou a worthy one? V he is, and the grounds I hare nn ed be ti ue, then what objection can there he to ibe tKiciacv? Whois Mr. Buchanan? How stands his re <V Fellow citizens, l know that there aro many rharg *t ade against btm which time does not permit me cow ti answer. Indeed, they aro of such a charac ter as > narcely to merit notice. All that about the demo cratic bl'.t;d tn bis veins, the ten cents a day, and the other futile allegations mn'o against him, are nothing more than ban roost, mutton robbing charges. (Load laughter.) A Vo.f B? These things were all coined. (Cheers.) Governor Floyd? Tliat is a fact. They were coin ed out of base metal and put in circulation. They are counterfeit. (Cheers.) It 1. a well known fact that we never had a candidate who had not the tuue or some such silly charges made against him. Was it not endeavored to bo proved that Mr. lleroe ubhorred slaver; ? and it was asked through out the lard? the K?vh particularly? will you go tor tuts Ne* Hampshire abo///)?nM who abhors slavery, aga.nat the glr-lous old General Soott, whose Inftiacti and m^o c'aiions rro with those wboje security dwpends upon the maintu nnvo of this institution ^ And it wis said you no* iiisist that wo must take a blue Ueilied Yaukee and put liin> into office ever this glorious old soidier, a true and well tried \ irginian. (Choers.) And so was it with evory dtmccraiio candidate who hat been pot lorward; tn every icstince charges of abolitior'sm have been preferred iij.a;nht them How stands it with the Httio Brie'>vdlnr 1 1s there a Know Nothing or vhlf editor or parthau, through out the length and breadth of the Cumironweaita, or the South, that will n->t >sy t. it Pierce was tr 'e to th" SMfth u^un the question of slavery t They say tbat platforms ire i otfct&l; 1 say they aro everything. If not, wcy ten. their men's soundnet>? upon platforma / if net, why k dropped out the plank of the twelfth soctioa? 1 tell you that platforms are fverythirg: and I fa y truly say thai no democrat lias over plighted hi faith t j carry "'tit the principles cf ;? platform, that Las bcfti false wLilo in oitto? in the pr fesslon Blade before lie went In. (Jxmd cheers.) Tticy make this old charge .if abolition:- m a^ainut Mr. Bu " This reminds mo of a man :n Tennsshet-e who sent his tervsnt to a storu a short 'say oil', for eotr.e po? dor, tasboot ground 'is, w'u,.h wero Jamagint? his coin Tb? servant exec ita.l !ils commands, but tbt mast r, i.pon openlcg the parcel, foun t t was sloggy, In ferior powder. 1'e called the servant to bin, an-1 r<? n art eu tc b.ra? ?" 1 sea* you for Eomj yo'vdcr, nhat you tavc broiiKht me,'' jihib't n^ the con st Us of the ua.cel. Tlio nervant replied, "ulasia. 1 utvtr Faw'.l dat powdr.* a'jre I >(ave >'a man do BOOT, and 1 thought ho wouldn't e&et$ ? UT;n. Now dat 1 come t3 loik at it, bot'ere God n .- a, it lor.Ui like r?wder da'. has b on ?hot 'jefera.' (I.uud 'aupht''!-.) This is pow.Iar, gentlemen, that h* btin ?ftot before. H has been shot ti every dom< cr&tic candidate that has boen put forward f?>r the I residency (Li ud laughter ) I/?t us see V; ether Mr. nuchannnU a man 1- be depended upon or not, VMO * CtttMBS, tweaty y irs aeo h 'w m?ny were tter^ her" > Lynchburg thai i id not <ntcrtalu tiio same yentioiunts with your can Csmpbell, wtum you ran fur th:o'l.oe cf Governor o' this ccmnr on wealth' Othe: whe bvt your support. (KM4*fWtM o/'the SAmei-ort. Gccrge 1'. ^omnscrs ? bterii' net aid expressed in tho I.?ei3lat :re ot V .rj r.ia the ?ame ?nitimccts. and you vwteu to* him V.nce. I'you endoiseu b:at then, how enn you bi.a.? It as a cbtr/o at Mr Eachtnan that lia cjt'jBUi'.t.ia ihoso opinion#? It is a desperate sLilt, potter, up f?r tho occasion. YTha* are bis f virions now? TTr.e stirt hvs vu -? it1: 1u?t hear 4 the catalogue o! Mr. Fillmore's vn- s an .t I i : > his warm* and most cnthc-'attv admirer. o;> ? ai.-" Mm r to ret veto ot b s In r onprcKE to > -!n< :ry thy. v ;is not against tbo S'Utb .n o\cry i.* a-d form (Cheers.) I repeat what h~ bpen \l>- a-ty go el-^ ;en. v B-ki-j! wf,"t u? the c\ . Vuc" ?bfci ? i af " r< ' *>?: e'a one jf t of these opinions; The eviuouco is ?? .rnu< ?? h i? writ that bo never has rtracto.i any opinion ? r rrtc of his. Does be a?>t stand upon the mutil..' :d ; la it. in of toe Philadelphia Censornija, from t#\..:h tfw fcutb threatened to eecc <1 e, and did sicede, In pvtt fCbiTs.) What is the platform of principle, thai Mr fjucbaci.L rU? U upon/ 1 haac not '.;ne ta real ?o yo'i I t( :: you it : t tbcfo c?t an ?>; p noai o: iluctiauan net a slaveholder, cot a Virginian that cao iK'ict to any clause in tha d?mccratio plit;rna thai la- a Katun'* 01 doubt or ambig .:ty it. It *s full tid comi ?. her u. i 1. r. bu t hat an plants hum'clf fairly ar. ' symre'y I'nsn \ (Irmd I cheers.) Do you ask more than that.' Aad if you 'vmt J ht y ?> sursnre of his fidelity ia carry ug out thcaa pr u > t\ . lcoi.- to bis former :er < Iwi.) Tis wl.jl i le, from his youth up shows 'hat what h' avs j> truth, 'pskeu In the languo^e T 3' ' ru CR-i'Ot una prti > cnce. (Cheers.) J. vert act. i f lit* ..if a j??t-.raut?c il.a" these pledges aro gtv-"n in honesty and ? >od faith (I ul ? iipf rs.) Hut there i- ar.*th?r proofbe'ld.* thes*? a proof v. Vich gives yon the ftiHcit n snrarcn 'n reference to tli' si "Dili: ^8 of - tho den"- 'it 1 1 any oa ??>?* rp.iftton which m st interests you. V.'c have hoaru .he 3r.;t guas in tilts eout*bt. The batiio his comcacn_,i up-:u tlx lianks of the *rmy; the pick, -.m are aireai' . dnaen down ar a it " u.srk repubii(?*2 arc mar^b n? >ou, UiO have air?-i? earned two st?;"g ;n th* t*> rtr uu I crf'TtM m* orMy. Wb.!c thi bla^-ic repnblic-r h i t ?*:tl ham era . yicg, woie niu^'; >i ? n tv m nntti ..tin t., . it.': ln,? u poti U.w hill top? o! M .ine, a.'d ili? do iri-'tai y *cre -tan there ?! ?.;*>; Vulo ??-?* 1 e -or.--.; ti-.' oa w.d your tipht, whore, ! iu>k, wore those f.-f-icd . r.f Kli'pare *i.o vaunt it ni> 'ti ""ut in r to ? ho e tl . ii.e'.tu'i"!." (( c .'? ) '.??>* ?'t ? ? ? cattle a' ?I. ' Noitb' It :i I r't'r tr,-.j It ?> V i k h : t; )r>' r-Mts cf 'ati&tlcfem ?.?.! dcatcc.r^y v. here j H!tu.nriv fhc is true to the South, 't l.u '.-a rr.a'. ,l?at yru ca mi. 'or, thi a oug..t lie t.-.i iir: :? ? -e ft'# 'r'tn te at ti North t? (.nH- to the a..' of ti .? o -tat n i * an foi otly Vaittllncto u< <" nn ' ?tain yoi rrlifbt Ii I' rC' ii ? \t rh: hL '\e u at o place > \ ? -.< u>< V? j ot !, the d??**ocr .tic party aloro - iood ' y yr.u. ci aict i ti;r aa h'<s been u>< ertalnH, by a Eiuale rot fr<ni he l-ilnnori' ranks Are "ou ready , .Jeo, in rally ound the platform of th .t par^ >r w,.t y a f mal ? t i Put oor nj.4,ou?ut.t ?y that Mr. E icnao#a 'Jt not '<? Do ir.:?ti 1, that he has f.uattor ^oreret^Dty pr'< ' * i ? Sttrh ? er s to bo the jrro :rd ofobj r::ou to kin v. far ?s t itn st .fr'aln Irt nt i'no r^iwipai n aci' orators who op pO"i> blai 7?cy tay tt-at the p *t.crm is f j.'d e*; Jgi.. oi lib* U-. Ui.< hja.'n Is d.3ivi'?* 1 to 'itor th? dx-triii* rf ?f|iattor fovereiirnty. h iir. whta tcoy ti.i? utrjif, i*t ?t i, noi foMow th. t thr? ought to ^hovr yo-i bc% e'c.-pt tccu an e.i', a ? ??.f% ti Pi.' e yo . Uy pnper ? x' mple f 1 -nni i v't*, 'u tn r,r-.< < ta-e, <.-hit te 'i|uatier >0T?re rcty it rnca:.s toat il.or .vl. t go .nt?. a Territory may, upon !t? orjUiultiM, t if * .uOpi slavery -?;.il tsift ?b^re or not. the ?i<pos t* o' tbia d.? tr.?.i I# that t*>? Teirltory shiU (I *'t be ??: l '.tou '.jf> 'hi Cn' a bef< r" any ??iier is had with refit r jnea to this rraitcr It 'i cot pretended that the d'V 'orrs'. ? vlatfor.o is fouid.-d t.^no ir.y s^ch d i ' no n t :a+it acve i. ^ni) !? .. "nt rely i:n> xcepti. nab.e in .bat -.?,** t and ocr oandidatc nuef'j ??)"* '.r 0;*i0 tt. (f : .?r# ) Bnt with regard to M - ? ,i stardi npon this snb?t< t ? Tho doctrine of se,".att?r *? ?i? r?t?nty was Cr?t eegrafU ' in the a .f rf^r. . |p.? ;or mo. - of l?'csr lieiico, I tab a.. I 'T-gfc. a :'>es' . *e# fully set forth, anl as yoa hav j b 06 t !, sir F.U morn sicneS tLere *i.veral a .s ^CT *r!,> Ac tbc*u?i ht d' I ,?o, yr.u thnrr up ;m - raps and st g hiw nar U* t.s ravoo. and bc -a. *?. aa tt'< ? Lh*rn'o. ibe tt^osas Nturasl a bill ?n ln..'.lo? tl'i o, . 1 Hoy t. rn r ,'o<t si'! iay. tou emioM'j i<] 'atlur "iren 'gaty. ft .teor* t > oonc, t feel asritr <1, eutcrtal ?.? a serous d^ubt v" rfftreuce to Mr. Hticbmtar.'" 4* \\y a? re^a'd c'jutben rij.^ts Yon cactjot sb^w s - op ? ia the r. , f <?' i. iv Senatorial c.reer w; ca t ? v t* i i- di Mrt I from " ite( Jl'.d C. ( -'tiona. i'e tto>'d >ile by ? d ; w t'a thi' I Pat trV i rtsti 'ni?r. , ot i iat yn , b ir? thn ir lu tkt Wfld ? lus recorded vote? Sobers)? ?ad Coin "n?it>y oi ihoeo wh"i i?it'i w . b'm lor t-.a ? *u u iir rc of yo r rtgh>? (CUhis.) he *t?>! by tha*. f n an aril lu tho teeth "I tbe a -i-'mniai. t t?-->t?rn ? y tt ut nbKct. o-.;r < | potrru ?r?rar ' .ad viy ih- ? h <? ue" !'a ! up> ii I'l'-atl'-r # ?ver? ij t ty Toe parsraa * n.ike '.b -a i:barjr^s ;no<t ha.i art low Of ' >n in <e?d cf tbt In, oil. i ?t re of Ui > 1 1 iple whrtn toe aro iraut. They rei?i nd n.r V ? fun ?* m ? t *t ton. I aie Lot lei"* a^,'1 swsy out \?o^? / t.. 'naj or ftahsii there Witn au > r'gsn at d n -nlK/. in ' ar.uo'.niis: bat ?i a ceita.o uret 'ng he wen: I exh f t ih? n.. r ny n'tr.i ho rejitt outs.! as exceedingly si'ratilso. fh ev(t.*'(t 'v?n wtfcl.thi C. '| Xt 'D w < tn walto r --' ?rn .ul pi ik if assembled, the ownur of tw. ? t. :!*'?> 'lit rtn? d t? cn' tLa* tbey bad w t'io lata. "W*'l ' aa'o t^;'. dii.ipp'.lrtei i ; -a l, "y*?a a Iscrt ? tb.? ex! t'ti"o ?t.d we ta re b"* iti pai u?r,o m that ann'^lu.^,?>.^,..' "Cent ?n?e?," ???. the c Jaw, a, m-.rlte/ l? Mt.r't." Tbe trond I carno. tr nsnt- 1, and .astited 'hat as ho re r.e . >ed U*< Ittponi b? ?hr.i idgt?v un e.|?.l??J?iit .u mn '-.iy pranks; bvt t sra< to i s?, ?? r tb^1 nr man ?' . -?a ? '< . it at bis m^ekty vaf #k*. (I^>?gi,?er ) ltePyvt, j a tliwin when iltts ?ubt-ri ig? Is n sorted to o.i ?pj?9 n? i w, the m'nkcy nut* bo d? :i si it. ;!/? .d aac<hior.) 'l otal st. tter p. nt to wWofc t would rrf.r i Icao r ,?'?t n r o'porett' make a'^nm.ots op.,.i taa ? jotv" o "tato )>oliry of this ~tatO. Tlo-y ?a? fiat ni. th# admitii'trat' ? of ?h# isaoncratifl party tii?" Mute a xatlim ?>as df.LHed ; and that paity bs 'n# tbe swe-pdantf. !? is a'lef ~tl that tbea are ne ^ssarity rei''"rf.bia ?>r tUis tiatr of thti tc?. Tliet say, *!a? t me a? wv?n a n>s. did not f< ar tho apfr'iach o( tht ribtrtiT tc I t dorr, a. it a sr lits|t>- rco intnorny rJgb' nh iol vege?? >-j ?..d I trtmbflng. Ana who. tliey ^rV. i? t t>?i 1 ? forth." r if a I at, T na'a, w? rc tl.ese i-nerai btuloci n |?an-df To pay thf pnbllc ecbt, sLit h w : < cvut. a M tor sro- .s of ;ntr ? al tnprcVMMKt W?c tl.oro ary 1 rtt ne"> b? twren lbs ac*.i"ti o tbe dotnoorat nd wh ^s, w th ierer (Li o to this nattei: Wa* i:>ore any I'iflor^ne" l?Kv *J\ ti n demeeratio ant Know Noth u< -otei "(jor it. i #uo itf T ci ? sny rihti to "ka tbe ^a-irnal "i tna >f I >:< c '<-? st.d prove that there ttas a u.-ty r(<u uk . n i.'i If thei a vas f iartv (Mm| t -?n gtv -o t t. t in t 'o s*n rintti ;t fni' . viy i.o s .oh ce.usw. I ! 1? ge rijsrlf to i,ro\ " tbn f*o . that tbo srh.g su. KiW Ki'lt ii-gl went witii gr ater nn 'm'- f'r tlieae .t'l'ttpriaUou# than ?lifl d"njr ? o party. ((Se?-e ) ? ?' ?!??) charge tits i that .y sots a/'h'.rh trry rn I I ly i o nf lOop^n. but fkror? f sodr. pporto'i (0;i r? ) T 1 *U< re *? theeo worlu of Internal tmprivenioni fbr ? ti i !? -.j r "*iiriuttotiJ wer ra i-t n?''' *?-'*. ho n ? !? i.r?tt>dt then? 1 Prlicve t'' ?re?t" iwt{P n .* t'.r t ir?i?'*a arid Tc in? asr? !; ?.> H' st.i'i stirt at the wt 'ii town ot I.totbt'T? art'1 t '.ni Jitoe st or n ?\r t*<r *!.?? town or ^i?lu?ton. Wh'l t lh?re r s larl.g ty the wk'i s I in <w bed tb ? o uti 'I i f th???i l?,r .s ?li?y a" tow. LfW'.cr. Not! 'i ? i.rp: ,v? a rt ass favori" by a i the 'n itrie? *tii h i .o*. town n i?* evri re a.1' I #?& 'f, u* Oi r tbjclfcnm otn. ;i, t .e d. n Mi are to be h"!o rt p'n i' <? ur t' ?p. r.ap'la t! ' made for th.s p?:?poee ? n boor* ) ?> is wtl! net d*. . r ii i on ibetijb thoj w?ra m't feapor.-tlbi* ,rs not ?h< ta.trf.)ora tire: t.ited by tlo? itn/roremnntf I ?. v fa>rjir ei">nc tl ? line of tfi s grost ilmi- his iati (? n t? (?(?ral ly t bane'1 in seine: se t fir fr,.ui -v. t: r ait >he -r ' y fir such s pr?pry, P sbooMl -athor lti< r 't)iy ?? It w .uld be lo tfeelr 'nterest, to arlbefe ti ti id ;rt -i '.) t do no" i .ten 'o tak< ansv (ynn> ">n will ?? nr '.'>il i?s l ie credit that bs!ot.|pi to trem '.i t'tis 'oatt r J ir. (is '"ost Uu > artnoed a Sj-tr't c' ' heculty .n ibe r?( fri'n ft t' s poky, ' ?t tb< j t-aonld rot ^eek to rs-t -e i, oti the deMOt rany lor tbrt in w*?j}? tbry tl.' 'v.- | -* ij-aiet, "in h? r"ch ih< f t ,e?~o?i b ' i o <? (Ci oer ) rnm Of the ?-a Itt n fs Ra.lroe ? t?ti Ji at ? in.wrt at una time wbtf (r ?e. Klt'fg) a. J 'er ?r. an r o > '.own a'wsy* wbti (Unchbure), mnr d no? hf d rtat >. r ?a?d to t it t.i? "b1. t or Kn >w Wot'i it^'s ii,(St iii?.'r?>?t< d sm most he: "Oited ? fiit R ,h n nil'* fV-ttH Its Ir I*d STar(ipk- at ih? yorv Wibrai t wl-.p- . ? T . bnvn !? rrra to Imnvitle, a Utile "irest ('i i r.oas Xr.'Yrglein aad Wb'cyofy, sed eon ?rniieJ 1 r.t.Sjied bv wi. gs rr.d kits Votb egs. C-ocerv) Aro 'if frm^cnUI rt | utti^t I'cr M?-t? How stands tbe matter to regard to the GeatraJ Railroad 1 Starting at the city of Richmond, it i una along through Know Nothing Albemarle, and, boring through tne Blna Rid*#, jinda it* way Into Kuow Nothing Staunton, thenoe through Know Nothing Augusta. and Into Know Nothing Greenbrier, wludtng Ita way rapidly towards whig and Know Nothing Kanawha. (I/Hid otters.) And the democracy are held resiionnible for tho appropriations made towarda this work I Is this 'air ? And you will remember that the appropriations made for the construction of the several works which 1 ba/e enumerated are those which hare swelled the debt of the State of Virginia to the thirty-two millions that are row footed up against you. (Lotut cheer?.) The democracy, then, are not responsible (or this bia'e of tbuigs U there is any guilt in connec tion with this policy, it <s justly chargeable to their opp^nttit* because the opponents of internal i imprcvt' meats came irom the tide-water regions, aDd th?y were chiefly democrats. (Loud cheers.) V. here thoo, are the objections to the democratic party upon this score? They are vanished Into thin air. (Loud cheers ) A fen wor ts more, and I shall conclude. We rorae now before you with a platform which you cannot ? | lali to approve. We presented to you in James K. Polk a man who?f BBcestl al lineage won adorned Jtty but ?ne incident of tic to, and tj&t was, that "in the days that tiled noun's soul"," when the tortus were pressing the ; iiieids ot liberty on the highways and byways, and wera ?'escendin* nj>on his grandfather, he only saved himself by jumping into a rail. pond. (I.augbter and cheers.) Ycur ectmieu told you, when the grandson of tbis sage of the Revolution wan put torward asacandilate for the Prf ridency in iM4 that he was no more in comparison tothe Sa*eol Arbiand than the bat was to theeagle. They laid to } ou. "why do you not take a distinguished man, ?ike us a mun in whom the nation can conUe f We teofc up a man who like the good servant in the lHb!e, when < btnikted v i ih a peony, brought In fifty times more. He has ennobled Tour country, and through his instrumen tan'y. in a great tnessure, it has becomo an object ol? ad miration tfcroiiRbout the world." But til this alluring lacguaKe provt.J inrllectual, and you electcd ycur candi ' aate triumphantly (Cheers) I need not refer to tbo character of Mr. I'olk's administration, l'ow, I lasagne, will doubt th< us. crti.?n that it was one of the most bril liant since tbe caya of the early sages of the republic. (OeerB ) We camo forward, bjbsequently, with the little lirtgartler, in opposition to the Herd of Cnepultepoc, and tho result of that contest proved no icss serviceable to tho country- C"heers.) But these, they said, wera ohfeure men, an J by no means lit antagonists for tho rtUtlnputftbed traders whom they put forward. New, whe.i we b'iop forward a man ripo in public knowledge, a mnn who has been a conspicuous actor in the publio a1' tun tor a quart -r of a century, a man whoso burnished armor gl a mod brightly in tbe battlefield, they fa,ult with him, refusing oven to accept the pledges w .icli thev themselves demanded cn other occa sions. Not only do ibey refuse to accept him upon those pln'gcs. hot thoy charge upon him that he vilified and trailnced Mr. Clay. This charge was fabricated to draw oft the oil line whig* fVom the support of our candidate; ( and it be: provt d dl'ectual in a faw instances. When it wop supposed tho whig party was dead and buried, to the astonishment ot all, we find them again active and ar pun, tug thi ir old position of antagonism to us, and tbis contrary to every ^oyslcal law, for every living ob ject deprived Of Orosth Is presumed to bo dead. (Laugh ter and cheers.) l'ne reappearance of tho whig* In tho poli* '.o?l vi rid is truly a jhenomooon of nature. But now tt at it ra chosen to ally itself with the Know No ti ngs there is iiule or no reason to apprehend danger I'rorii it. ;or that, too, is all but defuuet. (Cheer?.) But wherce d' es tbe chargo ma-le agatust Mr. Bticbuiaa In rerard to Mr. Clay emanitei Wbj*, Irom Fram-i> P. Bi?ir ths man who of ftH sthcrs In tbd n .lion moat impoded th' elevation of tho g'eat Ken t'. Juan to the Pre.-:dency. It is that person that makes this cl.a- ge ; and tbe sun of Mr. Clay, who has recently taker tbe siiimp Tor Mr. Buchanan in the Ashland dis trict, comes noiilj ip to his defence, and repots the loul calcmuy (Cheers.) A id now, fellow citizens, IT Mr Buchanan s record Is right, If his platform is right, if, his antec lenff .ignt, 1 auk yon, w Bat oKection can yon have to ' imi You count be convinced of bis fidelity to Scutbern toterocts. And why, then, Leeitatetoccmeto his support. tspe&lslly when tbore is nothing that aSords n gaurinifv- of iinelltjr upon the other s:de. (Cheers.) Mi Bmhnan has asr.ocluted with him in tb'a content a jour.g, dlituguUhed Kentucky, worthy to bo cia?t ;i HTootj hi freato*t statesmen of tho present d.iy. Yes, h. coti>": from a P ato lUtlngn'shed for hep etuviklry and tt.j towering genius ^f her sons: and well scar she be jo oud of her r"present?tivo in this contest. Vi'nin.a *.11 not bt backward whsn the cr:f is arrives ; ara wi'h mch nfsociates as Penrsylvania and Kentucky to lead the cohiren, wbo c an doubt as to the. r succeae.' Thi y t focgt t io many a bard contest; but 'n no 'Jt Manee. 1 t'-^l l. <urol, l.*ve th'.r eilirtB b unattended ? ih a more ?:gn<i ?ri smph than awa ts tbem In tho comiif content. I beg to > ler my thtaka for the attcn - ?j'e and mtieat ma' ner in which l_hi . o b en '.-jte::ed to. Governor Floyd tcok hi3 scat ainid t'.uaicrs ofap* plunkc T e meeting dispersed a >oct 11 o'clock at : igbt. Thf Rt<lR'ou> MimIoiii In the Fc< Jcc Ultiidii TO TBI EDITOR or THK BKRiLD. Br-. *kiy, A ug. yi, 1816. A geallrmnr or -fetcm, Hui , some time Core neat me - ii'-c.'jor of tus Nkw York Hkiuih, whl:b contained ? comtm-aica. or i .:?? your friend i-'tewaet, relative to th# Fe?j*-?- !&!?? r.dt Tho gentleman who sent me tto Bouui ban irtf ou .Merested In tba '.rndo a' Feejoe, an 1 be r?"c led -ip tw i v y to 'be nowinupk a? en that had htt -i r uhl hed in your ra';<er. Circumstances bare hitherto prevented uy a liiinj, b';t I hope aot refur . to i .u >b this ropl> ac of 1U lata , fpet: area. My b ?!.-:> and la ?her!de?t shipmaster now !;v log who has lrai.ed at the eejee ?s'?nds. His Brat voyage to that p':.ce *fii ^ai!y aa 1S28; since tUea te ha^ be?e com mun<itr and j>a t owner of several vessels trading tber? fin the Us I line n years. Ten years ot that time I a? ccroj an'' t him during his Feejcean voyr.jes; therefore w? knr.w sou.6!hing of Fee.1 ..-an history. We nercr knew ? Ur Sit war! la Keejee, nor did we leave any persoa there who bnto tbst name. lie way have written ot le? re t.aocsntly? s? hi waa evidently a new ret dent at U e j.'ar*? but many ol hia statements are lncorr?et. !t i a.>t Leceeaarj for :ne to r^ply to all of Ur. PV.-wart'l a-eertioc, aa lUi* will be followed soon by a uoro lengthy wish m -at .on rrotn the pen of an intc I'gcst lutftnastci *-.0 haa jci: retnrned :rom the k-Ucds. lue flrft n^'.-s-jBarl.# to /eajee were ten. from rr.g. land, by the FajiUb Board of Foteign V. lorj. Tii?jr nav b*ve pM Into Aus .alia Tor a few day*, bet they n.*do no lay there. "bey arrived at tho i ee^ee Wat. Is in tt a year IV ft. <" ;*rl ol' tbetu were atailont I at La korr.bu, and the real at Sxmu^oma. At that time 11 ere wet a 'ew vb..e men resiling on one cf the called Avatow, 'ho t?wa was called '.'.veka, an l a a thrtt hundred retlee from the missionarine A 'tor a while on', of lb<< missionaries went to the islmd of Vein*, a ? if unto of forty mtlea irom the white mm. He held <i tnteironrM nth then , a* he felt that tho ".rivers on off raveys v >ul ' t?e nlndered bj th?ir hrfnecce. He (ilf-d in i??: In 'If4 < arrived In Feejoo. There w?re th>-i 1* lauj.'.l'- of oi!?f ' rariea at the i'kc If? tlve t'rotn 1 njb' I ur d r ae . om gy .ey . Just before our arrival if. a hit* n.ei ni l> k- uad ? Ten fod the cliiif of Ban, ? ?"i he h.-d l>aot?'ied th"m f>om h^. dominions. Tbey vent 10 hv< al "? 'a?w ore bnn'ired miles 'ton ihe s'*a. if. Aftf the y Mr, troa? tnero waa al w?y? a a ilj mior(-'>ur?e b<>? veen the 1 aid tv.a n *ion?t*>? iL" la'tcr tiealed the r sick, preached to il em. )wii<uacle-l ir*ny to be tuaTie-l to eue a ire, and ia .rovnl every f p| rtcslty to do th>m (joo>l. Wn.leUio wUMes fe?Mtd a- -olava fiey repea'el'y and earneat.y r 1 iiee'.ed ? in.- .. narv to rot le and live ainon^ then?, that tbrir ohlidren aiifibt b ? inMructed. They thought tt l.?rd t..?t 'Ur ^iiUd*en A ?a*agee should receive tes?rne M'-a "nd iheir? r? * r? P t so 't wis P>r tr.aay ye^ts 'a 1 the "bitf of R?u pernltteU the return ol tho white men ;o l?vaka. ana the m.w. m\, os sent tofrgleu'lo at-'eitr f< their children, there tad heen two OntboHc i>fWU reaiding qoite nc*r I jbv ka for son-.- I?n, I* c* t'ne hut ihtlr tenet* had been con d need and ri<*?e,n|ed uy He whnea and they all, wltB tlx e\e?.|t ,n r f one min, refejcJ to rer.d tb. r children to lb? ni t?- "atr ctt r 'n iRftd iir. B.> n'r an-* lady arrivd (Vow r?rland, aa te.- b? rr U. th" batf ? <Ke etiidren In Fc , >e. to-fore I let Ft j- e 1 tl ir ?ch'iol. at;.! '*ued fr-m ninety to re- 'nmdr-d hair tile pi.ptls aa?err.o!<d, who e,i na'td b?nt>v withthe r tcaebere, and were making ef .?'lent i'- Hft?? oent inV'lllger ;e r'om Ui?i Slseda amvree me thai Mr ?? Men R are oUli encased in tbe f?ru" rnplojir. it and the C<thel:ca bar n'ree :n rtrucN d r>e* ?biVrenof thj white*. Itio Catbo' c mla f iooirtee Seve neenm) I. 'bo ' noihing in Fee. '0, a?d all bt t two lave HP. ibe triano* 1 believe tb&t they ware net, wine ?-n<-t?gb to iW|>ro' ?? t' '-e Fplendid ai?GMS w for t e wl..> o.r 1'tood.^t- v?rt offeretl then. Q.iery? 'al'K rp?e?"Kl foitone oft-i* u ? rem'nerat on for ttetr (Tir;*! rmteee, ot w>?e ib?y to It ?de (or it* ii. tVaari ate* tt t the intesionaric^ are "ngifd tro.lf U> ? in ?? 'i j'-mM-lvt . Ins* rot tho caee. far H. li O leen jt. ar* tbal n ; l.t]?*>and tr" ? - " le- 4 he rrr i?o"sJt or. ? pound of his es-jfo of the miee'on arsee; ->nr ha* he ever k two ai;y ahlpms 'er. or trad'rf 1 finer, or ai y ?*f-*on wbsiot ?r to procttr* tue'r carff" st Ji. j-'|t any mone< oe of the miisionortee. Ve^seln aro ntua j d< ta tied from aen'otaen to twenty mosrtfcs to pro earo ? r* go. Thi native* of Fi?jeo know eot fhe ')<e ol mi iej. ?r-* tnc ir. -eiori - are tmpplloi tra-'e 'o > ?y ,'inf I a I w , Mr p ew.irt'f vceount of ????nc ) ' - iam le ri*My ni-rie.t. fn h>* ?wt"nent In re<?rd to the ter e" net bat e been mi o:r he give* rodat-w; t.-?ry o( fh< 'e tbt'i he hi^ nan u *ere cot off bef< ,-e the arrl vii ol tl? mis :?rsrtr ?, and when Tlmketr.f .r waa n rhuJ T 'ie ? 't < o waa cni off In tlie J"- r .*-M, an I aete I ni tbers <y n alter ibrt lim Sowtlof ahtlsri hat ha 1 been wreck' d rine" Tbakemh r liaut re gne 1 bare been ' ttrrterert "tor eaa It he proved tl> t he l'? rver n nrfered. er ra' ^rd to be ?-'iriler?*l. tiny wh^n n n: tti"nai? -.erf many Uioet be haa tc<* . ? od 'r.juit- ? er"**|h 'o 'urtMy i -m la ro t'alii^ The Kng'-'h ml*-ioa ?. e? now number a'jo it luteen thour-^nd converts. Iba fa tioi tr at one Mine nmnheTed t' .rly contrail', Yon n ? lea'h ?"ttie'hina of fee i-e rrot.i a' ?nt!? tied I I I Fi , ie.>," Whleh f shall send yo> r.-d I hor? II at 1 on Will (irrnse I! Tor er '>av8 he> - <wnt to Feejee, ??n't ?a* e he? n trad by r?ll ttiilean read the 1 nigl ?h lat in la t m? p'ace, and not ono hoi raid Uiat i iiad writ t?r 'V^rdy. 1 a dl new >se by 'ayltv op Uilng more, tl Is nr fhrtutiat' ih?tm:rgr' t ro,.i'hH ? aom.tlmee rrre. Itlafo he w#h.'i tbit the men win m It tippointe to reprefent t| eould hr tr.t.wii a? Ihny are icnnwn whe'e tiny ge?. k Kee(etn evn will neser In suit man who ?nndnetn him seli r< '|t?r''ab.y. Tte mlsa 'inariea have never been in r t?'d Kf I h V* w ;iien to yon noih ng whleh nnnct b# perTgd at f?.le, I '^avsno Vij^ition to tkgni'-g my tru? tatwe M. D. WaMH. A arii'r 'r thj 'i ie? Kurt nrtee fhat on ihe rig M ad, slment Ibe nnx-rtanl miertloB, what ? Ibe form ?il govrrp-net ? t.e I *n toil to th' w*"fa and prosperity of . h an ?' n palltlea drnenda the ftiture Iratiqull- s 1 lid hid deride 1 st tokeop I ??'??' ? ? ' he. . s fie . 'ty 01 Ritrofe to :orl B"t tl?J # e<-var tton of H ^ prov d<m Intocli