Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1856 Page 4
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iEW YORK HERALD. J i N E S UOHDO\ BESMETT, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. ?rr:> g m, w corner of na^ac and pulton sts. TFBUS <a>'t ti.lrviiM. riiE f)A:L I MX il.I) 1 ?*!. - r'r.-opy ?',r i ME ? KKKL > HK)t AZV ? ? Sn'"nluu. ir 6 '4 *?/*/"<? -1*, " .i.tnhtn. A. nbtioh, $4 i*-f annum, to I'M* ( / <*"?! Britain, W t> * u*iy part of the Continent, HOtt .*< i ostno* \ CLt sr RY fVRRESPOSDES* E, yftain :.-vj u?f?- ' ?w% ' >n*ur1er 01 th* nurltt ? if u?*<l icitt dV tit*/.*. , , .nVf /?</ . T , s ,'mhkkhi (IM1F.1 !?* a!C?: IfcRTHT AK \ ' Kkl '^TI-O TO SfcAL AU. L.KT1KK8 A>1? FaCK jui* sivt vn. NO SOTH E 'n?> t oj u.i ijmouH nn.n? aunt ton*. TT- 'h *?U* ' rtum the*'' f* ? ' fc: t JOB PRTSTTSG * * n Ith ? heapnt** uni th-t P<u>>> j40tEKTl*RJl?STS fet.artti *: > .>/ >\v/. Volume XXI. Wo. M3. AMV'-EV > - TO ,;ORF.O\\ KVKNING. ? i'*K DBS'. 1'.-.. ? 'j?' f? TiCJir Rors l*K1| Tt't N'hi i BOWERY *TK K ? M > ?? r 1 1*1? DaBC!*? -A> iwawtt. fi mis ?? ?tolKocre. prRTf* < Miw THK < TR R. I'-o.i.iwav. opro-i* Hood L..*;- i .....T in I N'tvtH W. . 1"* ,1 ,*DV ? OTCHiN'i A UOUKDCK-iN Op ilT <?> lirjErjCST. W ti S THE AIRE, Br**waf-TBB Ritau? The fBl'KET. MIAMRSSe STRKRT IHFvTBE. iu?> Burtou'*)-FATE, ?a. rn* Chiixiui > o? Bt -v Baker. \RVV" s WTJlll \.V Mt.-RTW, Broad Wty ? After fta?c. R CHTtl AMI WKl !?'.? ?r WniAlt-L'?S'lK Hoy. Kxrining, Ji-1 t.? X>e> 1 s 01 Dki jurcu Note. *'3 r?,. ?n XBWK* A ell SrVTom* 'jf ' * aT~Kl>s *?"??* Btaxi** ij? - ?>si?yi VSraTKRLS' 44< Broadwly B0C11ETW SEUKVAPERu ^ BrtMdwa;? Eiuioru.x MifltmiUY ? VAk II .'.SKA. ?WlBEFK I'ro ,(!\vr v-.\EC*0 MEtOP!*? ASP JtccaN'ii:!!'.*"- !AWDF?T * SOBJiTS. 1POMO R< ?' VH. Br .. saj D Evtehtii sh c.vt ?y ics Ai'tohaton Mi'Siciax. CDEijN, w : ?.?.?). I,. 4'- EtBIOPU.V PSKfORBA <Cf? FLA.ITiTlON Jt-fclirs. Ifw Vork. Mtndiy. September 41, l^Vi. The Vtwt. Tfce g re*', boat race between the St. John and New York Claha, for J 1,000 a side, c ime off, accord cp to, on the Charles river, at Boston, yeater?!ay4, and we are informed that the conte-t re sui-td in the defeat of the New Yorkers. Na par ticulars of the affair have reached us. The Boston Timet of Saturday says: ? " Quite a crowd gatheied at the Lynn Trotting Park, jc -tor day, to witness the pedestrian ra ea. The firs; race of Jive a !>-. fur which several entered, was *on by Patrick Whelden, in twenty-eight minutes and tbirty-^jgh'. 6?con If. The next race, in which thj renowned 'Jiindei! w?stornn twenty mile-' in two be, wi? not a c<-npiisl?-d. Cricdel! give out on lb" four'cea'h mile, he then being behind time. Trtit 'ailure is attributed to a blow which he reuived 00 n* of his !cg>- :'iom John E. Taylor, who r^i^ed A rcw j ^t betore (irindtll stirted t > run." Our f.Vhii'gfon correspondent telegraphs to in that tr.f ? i- ? a quandary n rtgard to Mr. rwinet epcrc on the subje :t of the late mi-sicre kiji) rabbeiy oi L'uited States citizens at Parian*. V*. Ccrwine demands the Granadian governm-nt to m?ke .eparation t> the amount of half a mi: 'ion of d> .liars, .indto take eff?-"ive m^asi "s for tbep-v v.-i n of n.y iiizeaa on and pishing th-ouith the Mix. and re. otnmeu.!- tha. in case of its failure to ti j -n our government "hall tike mWtiry c a t?on of Panama This troubles the imbeciles a'. Washington. They are Hit ussei to prompt ?.nd ef fe-?;v* mea-ure . He al-to lends us the reply of the New Graaadian S?eretary of State ta '.-jr Miniate at Bogota, which we publish- Mr. Corwloe i<? to * r ?e<l Mr. Ward as Consul ti Panama, tb at g?n tU nun's rerccval .ating >.een requested by the <-n.r2?!ian tro*' moment. We are .il^o informed that Pfrytng^ a# Vn* have oeen notified t. at the" r fuaetuoa are fo* '.lie j ? ?m at *i -"p'nded. T.:f slave traffic, ?oext n?iv*cl/ ?et on foet in both cities, is said to have something to do with tLe ajupettf ioua. We lave received from Spa'n tha royil de:rec w> h n:poiCRse< definitely th? N'at'on\l <itird ?f t'n* kingdom. and stipnlatea that the government wi.lMioniit to the next Coitea the reasons wh.cb have di tated its dec ision. Tnese reaam? are a* follows: the iribtia is but an inst route nt of disoc a ,< ? ar.'i;: .uiao ol di<nrbance and :t>e? t -?'.an oc a?ion of tenor and anxiety to tl.e ->r ?erva ive >-Io-!-es. and a poison of corruption to tLa 1o*trordir? The overwent goe- even furtliT n .t- 1 j* poyt it dtclar s that the inatit ition of th Sa'iru: ? : ? n rt! .ujurea product -n. that It parai re-, tr .ile. i? ? ppo^e-d to every pea .fdieform i? boeti'e t icvpo*<, or Kov-rr.iucut. and impedes the de vlopen-ent of representative In-titutions. A ? < .feting of the < mraon Council wa ll -I V 'jv, ' e\p:e-s the -en^e of the municipal 1 '!?<, i vsuhou li?: ... a-ion of ihe death of f.or. n/ > 1: ' ? ard, ' -poration f'onu-el. Appropriate r "Oiut ots were adopted, and feeling eulogies were del vered y several m? rnbf:rf*. A committee w appointed to superintend the funeral arrangemeuta, and an approprlatim agreed to for the expen-"-* of tbe same. A full report of the proc eedings may lie f<- ? d n to-day ? pji?T. The fun?ral eef-emiuies commeoee ct half pi-t one o'clock this afternom, in l>r. church, orncr of l^st Twenty foirth fct,?et and Madia >n s'piue. ? >ueo( 'he city C'>r>oers yesterday commenced ai inves'ijrat ? n int the r n-tan es atteading the death of the Anly Kelly, at the re en p :t" fislt. The L.? ncidenta of the bat le, which eontinced till be eighty sixth round, are detailed by the witcfsae#, a report of whose testimony we give. As jet oiar*?taof per-wins engaged pr jm.nently in afkir have tak-n plsce. City ln*p^' tor Mir ton's rejwrt of tbe mirtality In tb? ei'j d i-Ibr the past wfek shows a de:rease of 15 as en, pared with tue week previous, the total n<.mVs>r of desths hieing Ml. Diseases inci dental to the seats ? have been less frequent. In cbo!?.r* infantum alone, a deen-ase of 27 detth*, a< eimpared w in th* Ust rep>rt, is noted. Three rnac? of jellowftver are reported. One ot the de ceased was p'.rsei ot the steamship Aliharni. J ust arrhed fr nr. ~ava^ri th; another a ?hipsmt'b. who. fr ni the aa'nre <.f his employment, had douVJes* 1? tD expoatd to Infection, nd the t'.ird was a per son ?a.?l to have been expo<e<l by wa?hiag ..lothing frim a? in'e ted vessel. Repwta from it-aoklyn and S'.aten Island mention no ca ws of fever. At Ko-t i'oii, a new rase o'curr- d ve?terdiy. Tue si- k in that lo ality to which 'he disease appears t<? tie entirely confined - were doing w.-ll ye?ter.Ky, s? h the exemption "f riv or 'wo pitlen's who we in ? . e-od.'i >-p. TO- fo.iuwing is th<- r. %'ity of 'a ? Tr.: o npared with the we * j?: ' vlo?i ? " It < W?>1 !. j/i Cn! T t' We.a ea'l ' ,.t 1 . I) r. ? .0 i . i V, We?a???i ra J?|)( I si 1*1 J.TS 4 <51 TVe ( * i.e . ,.ri. ^ig the pr in:i,ial i i?es "f t'-a'h the p??t wreV . m^vred with tho?e of the tr k > receding. ? * ?/' lrf frpt.tJ CobSair iititt . ... ... H Cl> >i?r? Blum, m i , ^ ClKMera ?'-rh..e i . <*?vnirw?t? (} 3! i, isarrtca 1(# />j?e?tery ... I' r*b>my < sr? * s )0 It,: umiini ' f <<n <.*e.j ... 7 "? arlet lever 11 !M?a*le< S ; Mam/m-a ( witnie; 45 t?j Tbere were also 10 c of Coaptation f the , la, II of dropsy ia tlie head, f> of typbns fever, M of tr.anriY ra '.f ?l?e of distaoe of the ' eart. 14 of nt ammatioa of the Inngs, 7 of ?mi'i p x, 5 premature birth*, IV Cas ea of Mill bora, aad I* oe.ii-s I rem tVileat cause*. The iaa oa >#r -on 9 1 tbf pugi>i ^ deaths last week with those of corresponding weeks in 1864 and 1*55:? Weekending Sept. 'J3, 185-1 Week en (ling Sept. -2. 1856 Week ending Sept. -0, 1850...... The following table gifes tee classification of diseases, and the total number of deaths oaoasd by each disease, during the two weeks ending ? Sept. 13. Sept. 20. 597 3W 441 Bones, loints, sc Br till and nave* Generative orgaM I! -art and blood vessels ) .:vg?, throai, xc Old ape Skin, fee., and eruptive 'overs S-'ullbom and rretnatire birth Stooucb, bowc.e and ot a cr digestive or gans Uncertain seat and general rovers ' i known lrin..rjr organs 4 75 6 12 82 1 23 32 168 40 1 2 85 0 14 81 3 16 31 176 47 2 1 Total 476 461 The nativity table gives 350 natives of the United State*. 69 of Iieland, 24 of Ufimany, 10 of England, and the balance principally of various other Euro pean countries. The annexed table shows the temperature of the atmosphere during the past week, the range of the oarometer, the variitions of the wind currents, and ?be state of the weather at three periods during each day, viz at 9 A. M., and 3 and 9 o'clock P. M. 0 A. SI isi s -at .11.1 S0-<CI70 SliD IU|J0?9C4 Won.. iel.*mwU Tiiea. |MMUH7!04| I'd'-:; pi .1 P. .V. ? tal = 9 P. M. B I SI 5 w.]:mni|::irt. w.iaroilM v.- m-ur-: n. e so -ici K. E. ?> It. 72 S 3U .il 64 30-7|7a|Jf. K.l:*>48?> 1 30 29177 P. W. 30-S7 70 rfcwr.llHlSU lj|72l?. W 30-12 S2I " 30 1170 Fri<1 .|10!5" ajtWiN. W.,'30 .'4l7ti| " JO^|.> s. sr. wo N. K. 160 S. ji.l .V. B. lis 3. S. ICA .V t l KKMiRRS. Saturday ?Clear aud ; .ousant. .-'anday? <"U ar and pleai-at* .Mondaj? C and j easari; ligHciaf during tbt fver ef rue? la>? Ciesr and j-!ea-..ct: evening clear tad OOji. W Icesc'ay ? Clear act wl; P. Sf. r Thnrscaj ? Clew, and P. V. wa-mer. Frxtay ? PI ?nrnot The su!es of cotton ye-terday cmbra -ed ab mt 6 )0 a *00 ale?, the mark.'t dosing firm at Friday nrice<> Flotir wa^ rather better for common to m ,? dinm grades, though prices wc-e rither irregular, while ex'ra brands were unchanged. Wheat was heavy, aid prices incline ! to d?oop. White Sju'hern ind Western inferior to piime ranged from $1 50 a rl 67 a *1 i*-. and a cartro of choice whi'e Can id i in ^o'd at {1 C2; red langed af. ?1 47 a 91 49 a $1 50. Corn was in gocd demand, wi'h siles at fi5c. a 611 ?. :'.<r sound noised, aiid G- . a 70c. for Southern yel low, and white do. at 7C ... a 73c. Rye was at ? j \ a 1 . lor cM and new. I'ork was 8rn, with sale* of me-- at $20 37+. Sncars w^re 11 m, with sale^ of Cuba i .si'ovaJo at full prices. Coffee was firm, with moderate transactions. Freights wore ?.? m to Liverpool, and grain in bulk and bags w is uken a. ^d. a Td., ar.d Cour at 2s. 3d. ? I lie Ccmlng Pop u Ik i- Ucvolulioa in Nylvanln. I'very account \v<> receive from Pennsylvania, and all tLo indication* of jnblic sentiment front ? vcr v otlit- p.m of ine eo intry. conlrihuti- to ti< i. r liiliitl C":n*.;tioa that Uhj October el-c *H?u in ti e Kcyr-torv.' will be a jv. rtVo*. revo '.ution a^alrst th?- Pierce and Forney democracy, and ' qual to that of Ma' no in favor of Fresno i .u.d ir-edom. We mean that freedom which i. .1: ur.t. ed by the- constitution. in opposition to hat ruffianly <1< moeratic policy which is >? ;ekiu^ 10 e>tabl'?h slavery in at th p >;ar of th Waycnet. Yv'e rtp? at it nu our flx-'d oonviction hat up. r. tlo.s i.-.-ii" Pennsylvania, in Octob r. will 'peak out against the rotten ruffian nij,'?re.' >!i h ing d< :.. oracy in a voic j of thunder as lo 1 1 that of Maine; and we shall girc a )o?'\\?i I ? : >< n <? two for llii* ?>? lie;' tub /nut nil arn-afion crated by the ! :to tr ? m? r.dous npri-iug of the people in Main- has not yet gubtided. but Is still operating with telling ? ffict in every quarter oi" the Union. Only think of an occe fion to the popular vote, in the old tsfabllihed population of Maine, of twenty thoj sar.d in the lat" flection beyond the hi;h --t vote ever cast ??fore. and thu? the vote o:' th ? I r< n.- Dt party rive- than a plurality over the democrat- of some 2 *>.000, and a clear majority OVCI nv ? fa'-aad old line whig* of about 20.000: thi- too. in the good old State of Maine, hereto known us the democratic -Star in the East" think of thT-. and of Jbc causes which have ?rought aWat this astoni-bing revolution, and you will have ihe key. good reader, to our opi >]:? n concerning IYum-ylvahia. upon that ton mi old tua.\!m, iLal - like causes produce l'k effectn." The r|U? 'ilon im :uis, what wore the causoa pro dueing thin t'-rrible popular avalanche against ill btoken down democracy in Maine? They wje the fame causes which are concentrating the solid masses of the independent people of all the North upon Fremont-against a debated. dl? graced ar.d utterly rotten administration and paity with a jK)licy of slavery extension de veloped into a military despotism over the Terri toi'es. But as if these c awn were not enough, it will be recollected that -ome two or thfee months ago a detachment of Southern secession democratic mi*sionariea wert u"nt into Maine to enlighten the people there upon the beauties of i be new slavery extension policy of the democratic party. Mr. Cobb of Georgia. Mr. Benjamin of Louisiana and others, were among those m'u< rfooarks; and ibey set to work with a will to prove, substantially, that the South would dis solve tlie I'nion if they were not permitted to ' '?tabl'f b 'la very in Kansas by fire and sword. They preached up the advanta/ of Southern slavery, and the extension of slavery. with such an uncHon. as the great cir dinal policy of the democratic party, a* entirely to remove the veil which the local democratic 1< ad< rs of Maine bad thiuMii over the Cincinnati platform. The Maine democracy stoo?l aghast: their local Iccderr bad been whipping the devil round th" stump: but tbe?o Southern gentletmn. traimd in a different atmosphere, spok'' in a dif frrnit language, and thus unwittingly did the be?t possible service for Fremont, by identifying i! e universal democracy with th" l?or d> r ruffian* of Kan?n?. The same game of Southern missionaries has ix'n n<* pt<<! :n Pennsylvania: and hence we pre de i i in ame result. The Iki|| nas opQU'd at Miiladelpl m the other day in a dem?x;ratic de n.oi ?trotlon in wh ? b t!ii? Southern nigger driv Ing el' ment ?a? the prominent feature, and we presnm" fhnt from f'?u!ade|phia a number of tl.ew. Southern mis?ionaHe. will htanch off into various parts the State for the delivery of 'imilnr speeches. Ihe peculiar views of Southern gentlemen at Philadelphia a ere nefl adapted to the South side or Miwn and l?i.Ton's line, where no o*her.?enti m? 1 1' sie permittt d by the s- cession demo racy: I * e< i -id' iing 'he d"mo:r?tlc South' rn terror inn which n >w lords it over Kansas, the very I .i r?erce at fhi? time of such rampant nigger ??? C-?-ionW' Johe-on and Cobb, of OeeTffo, in r?M ?ylvania. can f.nly damage their cause and 'I '-m ? candidate. Mr Ftuehanan. In hi? Philadelphia Gove?tior Johnson of Georgia, w?s tle^iKtt ipoa the yloiKa thf constitution, of State equality, of the rights of citizens of all the States in the Territories, and upon the usefulness and the Christianizing in fluences upon the blacks of the institution of slavery, and upou the merits of slave labor against hired labor, winding up with the old disgusting secession threat of Mr. Toombs. Mr. Fillmore and Mr. Buchanan, that '-the day Fre mont V election is announced will close the history of the Union." Mr. Cobb was more courageous than his Georgia colleague. Mr. Johnson. Mr. Cobb is a very bold man. and boldly undertook ! an apology of -law and order'' in behalf of that ! horrid administration ruffianism which in Kan-" is sets all law and order at detiance. HiB specch was very bold and very transparent; but while all those hideous Missouri ruffian laws oontinu? o be enforced by the administration aud the de mocracy over the people of Kansas, all this rant . rd cant about the constitution, State equality, qual rights, niggers, and the price of niggers, is lut mockery an*l insult to an intelligent people. Above all. the sublime impudence of the threat o the people ol Pennsylvania, that if they vot ; or Fremont the South will break up the Union, is to the last degree insulting and revolting. Yet with an emphasis did this man Johnson, of Georgia, flourish this threat of secession over tli" heads of the Pennsylvania democrats! lie could not have flourished more like a cruel master bis whip over the head of a rebellious nigger. These are the instruments that are doing the vork for Fremont in Pennsylvania ? the sun ? hat removed the mask from the honest but iade iiendcnt democratic voters of Maine; aud wh i ) ? ? bese Georgia orators continue in the Keyston< State to give the democracy their orders aud ?heir threat--, there will be no necessity th"re for the services of General Wilson or . Governor Reader. The infatuation and lolly of Fo ney in this business are much the same as in the For est divorce cas". In that affair ho wrote to ?i sympathizing friend to hunt up a suitable wit ness for the conviction of the lady in the cas*. He advised his friend of the individual that would -uit the purpose, and as a specimen of friendship, oquested that this individual be plied with liquor rill drunk, and then pumped of all thai he could r might boast of in his drunkenness, in referent to tLe woman to be victimized; and this was th testimony relied upon for her conviction! B if he projected conspiracy was blown, and that 1 t ?ei sealed the fate of Mr. Forney'-' friend. Therv s something, we *ay, of the same reckless folly and stupidity in this party expedient of Forney of bringing up tfc'.se secessionists to bully and threaten, like veritable border ruffians, the peo ple of Pennsylvania into their scheme of making Kansas a slave State by fire and sword. Let them go on. We have seen the results of the labors of these democratic Southern merce naries in Maine, and we predict the same results ia Pennsylvania in October, as the prelude to , b?> general avalanche of November. L"t it come down. Co> "fnoN ok the Roman Static. ?The gov nir.ent of the Roman States continu e to b" ^in^jli'.ily oppressive, anil but for the presence of tie French ami Austrian* would be speedily overthrown. Whatever hopes of it? amliora t|r>n l ave been entertained by the more liberal Enr< j > an I'ott rs. are m"lting away with every ? !a \ "h experience. A sullen desperation sits up' n the brow of the Italian peasant, madness )>r< ducid ly oppression obscures the intellect of iji uj'.^t gifted, treacherv enter* inf?> the compo ition of every domestic circle and misery every where prevails, u .der the pretont ?y?tem. .\ correspondence Is now taking place between an Italian patriot of the name of Farini, and Mr. <;iail?ton". on the present condition of I'uly. One of bis letters on the Roman State* pr< uits a mo*t appalling picture of its judicial ?.y*fc r.i. and the consequence* which flow from i<. The Tloly Ofiice watches and punishes inca < s of conscience, having a supreme congregation. inijuHtorv. vicar? and familiars. It give* no ! ; son for it? airest* and judge* and punishes se oretly. There arc also pulice tribunals and tri btmal* of the bishop*, puni thing violators of the church edicts with temporal p? nalties of vario t? degrees. from a fine tip to death. One of tii recently hwd, rwrnbl*, in many particular*, the bloody ode of Kama?, wii:ch punishes a? a !'? It .n a man who may utter a ? * ntlmeat" o:i m pure t|U "stion of moral*. In the lit man State*, rn alleged ?? false maxim" or ??heretical blas phemy" subjects the unfortunate accu*<.d t ? the -ev< rest punishments. The lay official* attached to th< Holy < 'fticc have an entire immunity fruu: oirol themselves. except by permission of an ln ?jui-itor: and these may carry concealed wea pons. even fchere it ha* been made a capital crime. In the administration of civ H Justice there are again an Ecclesiastical Tribunal an<i Tribunals Special and Exceptional, to dec id" que* tion* relative to personal right" and rights of pro perty. Indeed, these hundreds of special tribunal? are continually "oel-ingand punishing their vie tin.". We may imagine the condition of a people thus chafed, harassed and crushed down by law* not made by tiMMelves. and from which there it no appeal. The state of the countijr i? shocking under thin circumstance*. Dri\en to despera tion by the unparalMed cruelty of the laws, the people outlaw themselves, revenging their wrong* by bloody satisfaction, and preferring th^ wild liberty of the enmpagna to the espionage ati 1 chains of the capital. In the Romagna. where the hated Austrians are posted, their protection I* more odious to the people than the law* the* protect. The robber* are more than ?i-u ally ar tive, and the landholders pay them tub*idies for their fori>earance. All this wretchedness is the result of the enforcement of barharoo* deoree* and edict issued by the ecclesiastical aalhoriti* < for the maintenance of law and order. We natu rally sympathize with those who suffer by such act*, and we might see almost a patallcl c.i-? at ; home where ' law and order" is the watchword ! of brutal ruffianism, aud where United Stab troop* are playing the part of Austrians. and en forcing the penalties of a bloody code. The Roman prison* are filled. When ?Vi ry bush is an officer" few can hid" themselves. Between 1K>2 and 1W4. inclu-ive. 58/(23 per sons wen> imprisoned in the Roman Stat"*. for real or pretend' d offences. Rut there i* no put> lic -security following even this severity. In the commune of Bologna, though there were in the month of August of last year tlX.'l prisoners in Fort l i >*ioo. there w?<re during the first six month? of the year 80b successful robberies, 80 violent assault" 20 burglaries, and ?mall offenc"* Innumerable. In pnbUc life everything ii In th bsn?ls tif the fecle?iastics : the laymen have but a imall influence. Society is th?roiurhly disor^a tiizrd and the country is reduced to the extremity of despair. A Bu vf'M parson Bercher calls upon the people to pi a|" at t:,<j next election. He is an old ass, V'-** f t. and p raj njjQh ac you |>Km? Tuk Main Question. ? A Maine question has just been put and carried in the most decided manner. One of the most consistent of the de mocratic States? (he "Star in the E'.st," as the democratic politicians used to style her?has moved oat of her former position, and now shines brilliantly over our heads, to guide and cheer us on our way. Nothing more startling to our po litical magi could have occurred. It has upset all their previous calculations. The sheep in their fold, whom they have so long managed by hook and by crook, are running about in all di rections, jumping ^>ver the fences, hiding them selves in the coverts and bleating in dismay. 4t Is very doubtful whether they can ever be col lected together again in any numbers. The green fields and pastures of office are drying up. and are not likely to furnish them with any more nibbles. The rot has evidently made its appear ance among them nor pitch nor tar can cure i hem of the malady. The main question we allude to is of another character, and still under consideration : It is usual in parliamentary cases, when the real ob ject and principle of a measure are sought to be obscured, kept out of sight, or defeated by new propositions, to move the main question, and thus reach a direct and prompt decision. The preseir

Presidential question has assumed this phase. The public attention has been designedly turned away from it by those who dread the final calling of the ayes and no es. They have hoped to get over it by creating irrelevant issues? to strangle it by uproar and disorder. Thus every thing has been discussed by this cl.tss of poli:i cians but the right one. Some exhaust their lungs by shouting their dislike of woolly horse-: others are lecturing on geography and the cha racter of the Rocky Mountains; others, like old Mortality in Walter Scott's novel, are decipher ing the inscriptions on grave stones, to detect th antecedents of the mau they would lain lay un der the sod; others are rumagiog among the sa cristies of the ilomau Catholic chapels to uncer tain whether he was ever a partaker of -the s.v crament of marriage;" others go in promiscuous ly for whatever garbage they may rake up. with the zeal of scavengers. Private life, public ser vices and personal character are the target a* which these ruffian marksmen take aim. looking round occasionally to sec if th(,y arc winning baskets enough to hold a slice of the loaves and fishes. All this electioneering is of the most pitiful character. The people of this country are not to be humbugged by any such artifice#. What they want is a radical change in the administra tion of the government ? a return to honest and honorable principles; they demand less connip tion in Congres*. more virtue in legislation, and a closer adherence to the constitution. Above ail? and this is now the main question ? shall the army of the United States bo employed to enforce obedience to any lawB which d eprive American citiz* us of the librty of speech of the press, and of conscience? This is tb" turning point of the present election. In com parison with this, everything else is ??leather and prunella." Never before was so momentous a question to be decided at tiny Presidential elec tion. Every other issue than tlil<is trivial an ! un important. If the President, and the party which he has indorsed over to Mr. Buchanan, can strik ? down the great principles of constitutional, political and moral liberty, our republican gov ernment is at an end. What remains of it will tint tlie empty skin of an immolated vic tim." If the trial by jury lie infringed upon, on the one band, and test oaths be enforced as th qualification of oflicc on the other? if punishment is to follow opinions, and humanity be visited with death ? we may bid farewell to every safe guard, every guarantee of personal liberty. DtfjH/tiMn in its worst forms will be at work. Will Ik* at work, did we -<xy ? it is already so in Kansas. Within ten days journey from the Capi tol. the (word, the bayonet and the scalping knife are already reeking with the Mood of our coun trymen, because they refuse to be gagg> d and drag the ball and chain for the utterance of a sentiment and the expre^'ion of an opinion. Let the bloody laws of Kansas l>e maintained as th-y have been, first l>y Pierce, and next. tlcy will be. by Iiuchuuan. and we arc a free people no longer. Sordid, unprincipled and corrupt party followers may b j indifl'erent to these conse querie s; tf tbey can only put their hand" in the treasure or enjoy the spoils of the vanquished tL'-y do not are wbat govci n? or how they a <? governed. Hut tbcre is a large and overwhelm Ing majority of the people, pnraring religious and moral U'? ciations and c?n\ ictions. who cannot witness these enormities without alarm. There are seventeen millions of persons in the* United States of Protestant faith, differing about non-e sential in doct line, perhaps, but in the love of moral and political liberty. They be long to no -<etion ? no geographical limits con fine their convictions ? no party allegiance can b'lid tlf in to the horns of an altar on which free dom of opinion is sacrificed and lilwrty expires. This Is the issue? this Is the principle at stake. Tlii? is what they are to consider and decide*. The main question is now put. Abandonment of James Bichakan nv the Pkmot ract ok New Yori. There is every ap pearance now that James Buchanan will b" al n.'.?t universally abandoned by the democracy of New York. For several w eek? shoals of the old d'tnociots. hoth here and in Pennsylvania. have been going o*er to the Fremont cause. The lidiculous nomination of John A. King foi (Jow*rnor. mnde at the late Republican Conven tion at Syracuse, under the aa?plce? of Tburlow Weed, ha" only tended to tbe rapid di*ic'.e? a'i of all the old I'Olitienl parlies. M.^ny 31 be > d- mocra'^ who went over to the iu t. few weekf ago. nre now abandoning V1': 8 r ? ticket, and uniting on a ticket which . Fremont for Pi ? "ident and Pai k' r for 0 vir r ror. Tbis and similar movements that are 'joing on will probably give to Fremont the Stnle of N"w York by a mjy or! ty unprecedented before. But thousands of the old democrat* who will Tot" for him will nevn submit to lie rated by Thar low Weed and the blood of tbe Kings; and we call upon th- 1* to take measures at once to sweep the State at the ensuing election, with a ticket tearing the nam<? of Fj-emont and Parker. Vert Important Anotmkr STor.? The fol lowing important document wa? received yester day; ? h RACOsa, fept. 11, ID.Vt. Mr jAvra 0?*WM? P.rwt tt? Iiiun Pis? I w?ni j o? to (top (?nding j our inper, ir you pi? M " I mf*n II i> W'u kh Hi k? ?. I ilon't think I >?n fwalHiw the woc>!lj ho*, no how j ou r?n fl* It JOB WAH IB Answer. ? We can't think of stopping the lit bai.d. Open your mouth a little wider. Job. and we'll help you to swallow the article. In fact, the whole South will have to "wallow tbe ' woolly Alms for tkk Poor.? Tbe beautiful Mrs. Ade laide Lester, of Hartford, Beiida us tbe following note, enclosing five dollar*. What shall we do with the five dollars? ? Will yon ' uert tbe following In your paper.? (From the Journal of St. Petersburg.] Corn Nk'vs.? Tb? Countess Paravioinl, (Qoere ? Pal's vicinij Col. Nun (oil, Mrs. S<u ? Colt and Miss Jar via h&d tbe honor of being prcbected to her Majesty the Kmpres i. The ConstfbB I'aravicini icjuere ? Pallavicim] U a niece of Col. Sam Colt, formerly Mum Julia I. ester, of Hartford. She t? (|uit? a celebrated person . and baa been travelling wiib the gallant Colonel San Tor tome l ine past. Information Wanted. ? Will Governor Wise, of Vii-giuia. please to let us know when he will be ready to arrest John M. Botts for treason, co? imitted the other day in Richmond, by making tlie late terrible ipeoch, which we reported? lla? Governor "Wine lo?t all his pluck? Is he afraid of Botte? Fie! for shame! Takh Notu'k. ? Chevalier Brooks, of South Carolina, will please to get ready his cavalry troop to take possession of the Capitol and the money in the public treasury before the 4th of March next; otherwise Col. Fremont will be there before him. Things look equally for the Chcva ier. THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS'. From Washington. SUSPENSION OP TUB PORTUGUESE COXBULt ? TUF PANAMA MASSACRE? MR. COltWINE'S REPORT ? KE rtfAfMl TO B?: KXAdKD- 1I1.PLY OP TUF. NEW <<HANAI<IAN GOVbMNMEKT-TO TUB UNITED STATES MINIMI Ell, ETC., KTC. Wasbuiotox, Sept. 20, 1859. I have just learned lrcra an authentic source, that i a c< tseqiK nee of rep> efcntations made by Mr. John O'^al Ilvan, L'mted State* Minister at Lisbon, tbe Port -.gncse Consuls a'. New York and r*l imore hasre boon notitied that their 1 motions are, fir the present, suspended. Tne slave tra/lic carried on so extensively in your ojty ar.d bal'-mort ,s to be tbe icneeliaie cause of this move meet. The rep -rt Of Mr. Corwmc, the Commissioner appointed by the fovernmeiit to investigate tbe circumstances con nrctcd w h tie massacre of Amer'.cr.a citizens at raaaaaa !?Ft April, is before tbe Cabinet. Several meetings hav.? been held in rei'ercncc to it. It worries and perplexes them cotfiJerably, nat-much as it recommends bold ard prtmp*. u.ta'-urcr, and ti-.s administration is >j ate ucused to any such thing. The report and the test mony taken in tbe matter wculd male about twelve columns of the Hkk.ild. Tbe reporl alocc wculd rr.ako tome teree col imnx. As 1 krow you could cot spare space to publish it in fiili, 1 will tel! you tbe pcf.nU Mr. Corwise .attens the re^ponsibil.ty of the mamcre on the New (iranadian government, and re<i lires that government to mtke full rejaratiin and atonement for it. He d< mar.ds indemLity to the snflierers by it ? as weil for tbe lives lost sad tbe injuries received as for tbe property destroyed ? u tbe amount o i ha. If a million ol dollars, lie al' requires tbe New Granadian government to make prov ision lor the comp'eie protection of American citizens r<rid!Bfr in and n transit tbrovgb Panama; and in event of these demands not be ng fully complied with, ho re?im mends our government to Ukc military possession of tbe isthmus. No wonder I erce and bis Cabinet should be in a stew about this. Action is no part of their admimstra tive programme. Mr. Corwiue bad an associate in tbe Commission, Mr. Bcwlie, our resident Minister at Bago'-a. The latter, however, took no part in the Invest.gition, but lelt it all to Mr. Corwiue. 1 understand that be, Mr. C., has received the appointment of Cons i) at Pscatra Tice Mr. Wud, who is obnoxious to tbe govern mcnt tt iKgota. I sent you yesterday a translation Of tbe reply ol the Urai.a an Secretary ol S ate to Mr. BowWn, Irom which it w.U bo seen thit that government professes cot to desire to eblrk the responsibility, an 1 a' tbe uir.e t ir.eden.ands tbe recall o| Mr. Ward. wi from Kan m i. t'lUHTIKO AT GRASSHOPPER FALLS AND HICEOUY FOI.NT? Li AVINWOKTII ?i SMHTBV, KTC. **t. Locim, Sept. SO, IBM. "Ibe itrincr rotor War, from Kaniaa iLie l&tb ioet . re. porta 'bat t'apt. Kob.nton, with a cotnptny ol' Ufly tw< i Th alAYery men, uta iced a free State force at Gran-nop per Fall* on Uie lttb, killing two of thcl' men and cap taring their ptoviticat, amm>iaiiion and honse*. Tae next day Col. Harvey, with two hundred free toiler*, a' lacked Hobtfoo't |o?>.e, who had for titled Itiomj' I vox a a Icj: boute at Hickory Point. After lighting two bourn aod lor.ig twelve men as I i.avirR tereral wo lO'ted, C>! Harvey ptcfored an of ILirty day*, which wn? accepted. Capt. Roticioo loet three men ktliod an I ha I tr.any wourdtd. J 'avenworUi wag deferted. Gov. Gtary waa a. Leomiton. F?rr> Coat l iptlttd and Ten Urn Unl. Chicago, Sept. 19, lfc >fl 1b( South Branch ferry boat, when loaled w.tb paatci. gera, waa (AfwittJ by a ichooner tbii a.iernooo. and tea jerKi ? drowtcd. The Storm. rn:tAi>KLritu, Sept. JO, ISM. The 1'qtilnOklal norm commenced here at o'cl.tck km iilfht an! (till continue*. Accrnlon to Krtmont. WatT ClUWTOt, 1'u , Sept. 20, IS&?. JoLr. >1. Read, l.therto a prominent democrat of Phila delphia, will addrei ? a Fremont club of thla place tbii evening, In reply to the ipe?r.b of the Hon. Howell Cobb, delivered Ian evening. Dtmoriatlr t'ongrr **lonnl domination. Kabto*, Pa . Sept. 20. U5?. The democrat* of the Tenth iHatrict have nom nate 1 *tt H. Limmick, of Wayne county, for Congreaa Hailing of the Cambria. Boero*. Sept 20, 1H66. The royal mail ateamiti.p Cambria *a, led to day at noon for Mverr?ol direct, w th a very fear panengera, an.l about cnc hundred and fifty me thousand dollars In ipwto. The Stcanaahlp Khcraoneae. ?neifON, Sept. 20, 18M. The tteamebip K hemoneee arrived at Portland on Tt.urrday n:ght. and will aall again for I ivcrpool on Tuee day, the 23d tart. Marked. rBILACCLPBIA RTOCK BO\Ht>. Ph. i AUKt mi ?. Sept. 20, 18i? Ftukldall. Pennaj rania Bvee. S3 . Re* ling Rail road, 42*{; 1 org If land Hailroad, 1J; Morrta, 14 >4 I'ennrylv ania Hailrcad, 49','. Clftr too, Sept 19. 1*51, Wheat.? Price* declir.ed undrr the itenmer* new*, ? nd arc considerably lower. ."hipmentn to Buffalo 14.C00 buf-bela, and to 0?wrgo i:;,600. tern declined 2c a 4c. Hhipirent* to littfla>o 11,000 buahel*; to (Mwegt 30,000 ?? : Ida. >)otir? pmenta to ogdennburg 3,600 bhl*. ' Itjr Politic*. KK0W JOTBHQ CONORIMIOXAL CONTBKTIOS. rim.- *,o a ,t.x. ramett, tre Know Nothing Cotigrat ? ;a "trr rrvf i.p pi tb? Fwrtt dmtrict, c>m i rr teTc I? v.r. ">rtb ard Fourteenth ward?, ?r* n Tr ?iy r < f, at ;h? scrrer or Brralway and Lia trard irtnet. w. 1 ?M ' t eJ '<! tfca taa.*. "be To 'owing ai.-.ti were tt' taker ? lrf Ballot U nam. 31 lial i ' orn*l ua Orrvcn. Tenth ward.? ? _ .toteph fouder, St*tb ? ard .... 6 H J. Hobart llawa, lenlli Ward.. 8 V ? \V F Would, Kixth ward 1 2 II Itlank t 1 1 Mr. (orron wat withdrawn af^r the II rwt ballot, and Mr Gould wna declared nnaniBtomily nominated alter 'he third baiiot. Mcswr HomNATioNB. ISIiFTrSi riT K*TI?? TIWTH WARD. /'?r Jftimlly ? .??innel P Thorp, ,lr VnuPcilmrn ?Twenty filth dlatrlct, .John Nugdni Twenty ?utl. dtitrict. Cbarlee I eacraft . Twenty se?enili c ietrtct, Philip McMahon K^ow xorm*o. Tti Kr.ow Nothing* are nominate.! in the Forty nlnlh ('evncll diatrii t, f!e\enteenth wa.*d, ti* ?Joseph B Korea and Caleb Mo*her, .lr. I'H> < HilTK COfX'Tl JfOMtVATfOV. Wm. II Manatleld waa on Thuramy evening nominated for Councilman by the flemo. racy of the Forty aixlh dis trict, .-cvrnteenth ward, which i* now reproekited by J W T Van Riper, wb"Bi the Know Notbinga nominated for /Merman Air FOR Kahsaa ? l'eter raiir*1, Rmj., recoive?1 joterday, Tor the National Kaaaas (ommiitee, (ierrit SmNli'a ehe h (Or four thonaand dollar*. In aid of free lom * *?ff?r!nf *OM of K?n*i?. Thin make* nine thou rand dollar* wh h have keen rwMdved from the rame NMNe- 9qi, )?. TIE PUBLIC HEiLrn. CuinuUwIuiirri of lleulth. Ti e Board met m usual at soon. MiMJIl NU'AHOVS I BOM TUB IIRAI.KH OFTl'TR. To n<r Mayor. ok Coamwi^EiK nt' Kbalth ot thvuii f OF Nr.w Ycrs:? The Health OIHcer, io whom was r i' rrcd t?. pettin u cd the John Peyaon, nuking permies oo to <m.: ><? tho uhurv vim the city, report* that the bar k Join. i'?> ton uam ?. iuto Ouaranllne Aug. 14 It ult , laden with bal-.tst .. ! lutndaa* lottid \.ci; boon after the ve.sge. left ll?van?. two of the craw sickened a ddied of yellow lever. Hlnce tt'J vc-^e1 ieu Iter port of < eparture, the ling I ad no aiekneaa on to ,rd I *r artue tier arriva' at Quarantine: and ber-l-len, after the v.'sael :ame into port, an unacaMMlAa peraou waa put on bo ,.tj, >v .ere he 1.?h tince remained well. T he uniic.";.,.u?U m t opinion that tie fever which occurred on b jard .. i tha intrk. John Peyaon, was contracted **' Huvuna, and no- ? *u *h i board, 'lhie conclu* i ? ? formed from the I ic a ih it the i" . - " s v !: ??tiiiif wi ll- tr.ken ill ImnifllttUily oo Vaving 11 ivaua .tnd ih .i no i,i rtons have sickened on board of her sin ?. i s a no ricM* o! lorl > l ine da)1-. Ihe bark John Peyson ? she. Ins been lying -it Quarantine, ha? become diaablea by ilila.on? With Git ei vtaacia. The ii.jkWi and o*n?ira am ?i? ?.io s pel licular]* to bring her ?tway from Uuai antlno for r w. .#1 so that she shall not tul'c t frou aadltloual s. iu- tu deraigned. In view of the above ftwta, recommenl* h*i the haik be allowed a stream permit or tive h'indrwl > r-N front the city Ci New York or I rookljn. Reape'tlnl ? ? ??. it. II l ii 'MPaUjr, Ui.< ?? 1 1/ ? r. The Board concur red in tOeabofc- opinion ,bkc noualy. . To TitB Match o? (tovMissjCNrns or IIkai t" ot . c ? tv <r N?.w York;? The Health uDu-ei- t > win sr. ? u.? fi.erred the I etlticn < f the. matter oi the i uik \ .: gmia, aaao.t: pe -.Mint 'o proceed 'o the wharvi'H oi tin- thy. rcpoi :<i ? ? the hark i i.ine iuio Quarantine teutfUiliii lu fiom M.i.. - - r. It, laden With ttugar and Wlthcut ?lck', . ?. 1L" .epoiw that no fever > titled In hia pot t of il- partaro 1- ?? ?1 <d here during the s' a^on. Your hoc orablf* i'o r-1 a..' tee by ri''< . ci to .'he journal of (he cxinmi^aiou, vemela iroro tl e | ort have not been eumpelleil to i!i> i t f -urio a' Quarantine, but that they bavi been detained f> i-e v.u;.o ? od.fterwm da allowed to ptoeeed with astream p no'. The nnilrrv.gni .1 would rt'eonimend, therefore, thai t>u h permit b? (.ramtdto the bark Vlrg ,la i;e?i < etfullr tuba ??. ii. II. TltUMl'fiO.V, He. -iMjir Fepti mber 2ti, lf80. The beard concurrcd. To ritr. Mayor on rovt'tts'tosEK* or llctLTti i r '. r t'irr <,t Ixr.w Yokk:? The Health Hfflccr, to whoir w,i? r' >?.i.'d .his ? ?:.ticn of tlti' iriK-ti r tnd owners of the bark i)rJinl Tu:k, ,. . k rg ' *. lie vi a?el might I e allowed to pro ? i ip ' h?^ North river to Rondont, report* thu tho siirt veeae ?: me into port front Cardenia on im y-*tli oi August last, lmi-n with Kiignr r.d liiolanseB, and h tring bad no slckn-^snn herpaSMige ntr w hile in her port of dej >.ii turv. Ita* cargo L.t> hem .lis charged for the pertod of ten days und the v?.v b :s been thori iwhly cleansed and I umiga'ted. The undcrsi?neil th-r? lore, reeomn-end that she be Billowed to pr-- ?<) It'SMi lulh s.tbmiHi d R. II. THOMPSON, Hea.'i nt>r. m ptember .t), lffi?5. The Board concurred. To tms Mayor or Commission* n or Of v'f.i'tTr ir Ntw York: ? The Ilea th Kilic r, to whom was eferrod the politic n of the eaptaln of the bark I-yr.t, repot s that the fa ri vetael came into purr frout Havana, on th-t illih ot' A o g-tsf, laden with live millions of aegan, and a sic.i'l i|tunlity oi sojsr, 1 he vessel ha<l uo slckn?aa among her "few while .ii her port of departure, nor durir,? her pit?-' ir. ? or s't; ??. >h- hi.s been lylrg at tj .artiitine. Her earg i h** boen dla charged for the period of seven davs, Iht hold hss been moat thoroughly ci- anted and fumigated, and uermlas.o.' s a-ked :n the vessel to proceed to the ? harts of the -i'y. i Be under signed reeou.mi rids that the vessel he allowed ' ? u ;?ed. it. Ji. THOMPSON, H?a.tb Oflieir. Scp'enib'r 20, lt-fki. Ifce Board rtfuettl to concur la the above .-ecntErnrn ("atiop. but ordered her to remaiu uctil Se/'-sa iber and then proceed. KXI'EVT ARRIVAIJi The fo'IowinK airivalt weie reported by tr.o Health CD cer, Icr the action oi tie B>ard, with uu ullz mj.i re *u)ir: ? Schooner Kllz* Jay, from Kingnton, .Itrct _?, itdeo with logwood and rug:;, together with eofht p t^seagete, arrlvrd cn the 16tn mat. H-tving been t&j.-_ .^hly C.eabaed and lumigaUd, t* allowed to pro;eet1 t" *he ?? :v 8'ter a i?rlfB'.-on ot live days for obierra'-or p-cv i'Tie tt'l hands remain well? the rug* uot to bo or- tU >utu the city. Br g '"-quire, from Au* Tiye*. laden cotlie atd located arrived on the 10th Inst. Allowed to proceed to the ritj, alter a deiti iion of tlvn day f, to.* t ..?i". :?Iioq tnd observation, if ail hands eonticue well. liatk l.o-.:eC, irons Curdetia?. laden with *:;a- ard mo !a ie(- b& all lern discharged e*:ept fifty cg-heade cl sc^ar, now petitions to b-j allowed io com e up to the City acd take in cargo. Perm.^'lon wai i.en ed. but a tlrtair. nllovted on llorc'ay next. Bark /.mcrican, irom carilenM, on the 16 h oi Aitgunt. with cargo of sugar and moiu.-scg. having beer t;- lerf ) to Uncharge on liphtere it Qoartntine, and lot aavin^ ed, now pttitton? to conic up to the wharl ?jr tip in to the rtroam. Both rcqceste ilealeil, and w?-?l or I rel to discbargc from her pmeut I'ojition before coming to the iity. Baik John Howe, from Cardenaa, arrived A\ig. 17, wch a i arpo of mo'atses. Itav'.ng lain thirty days at Qui. ,-i'i tine, desires to eeosenp to theclt.v a.-,o !'f. sarg<? cargo, or a itreatn permit to lighter cargo. Several catea oi itvc^ were reported duriug the parage aid in fort, i'ltition *ta denied. Bark lTtdeol the s? a was al'owed to pro; ?! to '.Uj city 1 1 Brooklyn, with the conseot of the lutbart es ot the >. aid city. Ihetollowicg preamble aad resolution ..-?re adoptei ? hereai. ;t tat been represented to tbe B >aril that the ti chors ol tbe ve?>els nt the t?ptt, cow Ij og un1 r Quaract'.ce, are loul, and the vtrseU in olb r reaper -* have not been properly takcu care of; and w Dare as, iuc apptai ot the weather Is sitch as to ret.Jcr a probe b'e that a storm may be soon at hand ? Therefore reeoived. That too masters au I o?Le-a of 'he ver-sete now lying at the SpU, or In the vt-- idy of the ?me. and being under quarantine, are h' reby directed o prti Mrip man tho tald veae?U, to mMmn an :nr>-? i nd otherw se rare for then?, ei that they >hv' not auf er irom any u?fa\orabm change In the weather. Uiooklyn Board of Health. g?Tf. 20 ? Present, Muyor Hall uil Ald? no< o ^'HW, ' ??;?> tLti \\aith. AFTI K TIO>?. Grig L. K. Palmer, from 1'orto Kioo, with ?<"gar ami ntiuin, to <ome to Ford's wbarl to dtacbarg* etrgi. At ibe )k given by tbe ll".;itb Officer only *' ? mei tbe von I to come within 800 yards of Sew Yortt or llrcck!)n, lomc 'liBer- ncc of opaiiou arose b.\wee? t'i? men brr* of the board a- to the power oi'ibc <trd to alitwler to come up to the wharf. I'era. .< o, bo* CTcr. war at last granted. J e sr. was ai?o granted to bark Trd* o. the Pea. 'r< n> Tr.bilad dc C tm, u Uc ? at Atiattic Dock. < d mot.on of Aldermai Tiui, pcrmiasion ?asgraat?4 to tier !(? iacd ttr raigo .t Kurd 'a wharf. I ark Pride of tbe Sea, from Trinidad de Cuba, w th mo to conie to Coninierclai wbarl, A. .u.ix iJjck. ntcd. Health Warden Wi t reported that a c rsai -e. No. to I'rplar itrect, lai not abated Referred to UltAUulMf ft?' prosecution I?r. X\ UMU submitted the following Ft.T. 30. !??*. (.tsnsacx ? Ki> report of any tofeoikvia nr malignant ?ver fcaa been u.ade to ,uts oCee ainre m?e.,ns M. W KNHKI.L, !!<?* b OflWr At a ni^dinfof the Board, beM yesterday ai' i| wm decttlsd that Cornell's bu-iinera. aa now carried on at thr foot cf Couth JClerenth aire*.. K !>., lun i?an ?? and muH be abated. The loll'jsriDg resolution waa oftefnd bjr Aiilermnt Shaw:? XmoIH, Thai Messrs. Cornell A Oe.. eon'raetora or re moving r gh' aoit, dead animal*. Ac , bo elreC'cd to have all night iofl itialnfec'i'd befoie l>e,ne de/jrec-d at ihe vrtrr'nn nt ' b?- loot of South street, and that b ttrhT* illal anl nil d? ad animal* be thoroughly dUtafected aa sn->r ssd?* iver?| ?>t >. id dock, under muh penujy am U?? Bo&rJ of He* h m <y impede. Fort Hamilton Relief Knrlrly'a Itrport. I r. Kctt e stales tbe sick under hia cnargo to >e .. <tng we.l, txieptini I*. Krabk and Anaa Mabsu. New rt*e ? Miss Pelljr Ho** In Military Hospital all Jo ug well <nd ao rem cites. J rr B?i. and Rothe report T?r. B.olojr '.n tfct sa-ne state a* yeaterda) ? the L) ropt ima rather fkv rat e Mr. Cbarl'^i K. Sears la improv.rg KRANCl!" F. BKRRIER, Sec elary Fow Mamiito*. Sept v. a? 9;, A M. Mate Convention of C olored Clllze-ia. The colored citizens of the State of New York met, |M?r ? lant to a call of the State Suflrage Aaso- stloa, in the hall rf tbe Associatoo at WiliiMStaburg, yesterday. Ow ?g to tbe inclemency ol t!io weather In tbe ' :>'eoooa, and its threaten<ng a-pect n the af.ercoon, tbe a' of delegates was not so naicsrous as waa an tlctpatcd. in tbe abeeace of tb? i'rss' lent, tie ireeiine w?? railed to older by Re*. W. am i. B. dges t'.'rl Prtsld?fit Prayer was then oflrre l by Rer. J. A. W.;.iami. t n mot on, I ?r P. McKay was appo Etc 1 .?'?or.''ary /iro (etnyoT'. Alter some conrersati in as to the propr ety ot th? mggcsiioh. It was mored an t carried that th? m*?ti-'f sdjovrn to meet on Monday, at ten o'clock, in the Rev. Wm. J. Hoc'gae' cbi.rcb, Broadway, car Kletentb street. ( lly Intelligence. B/-S Bait ? <}u'ite an intereating ma'.cb camo oil yes terday, at tbe Red Bouse, between the To ng America Clnb of Harlem and the I oterptiss Club of M -r^aaata, which resulted la favor of the latter. Ibe tc.uaiug \? the ictre ? BMHVMW ?%?. Kim' rnrnett 1 4 Gtiky a a rnrill S 3 Van Henaehoten . . .2 2 Furshee 3 2 Bsrt I n ? llatt ....2 2 Wrteht ? * m fistt a a rorjto 4*i*i?a. oil. hum. Kelli 1 a Haueon 'I 1 Van CM! S 0 Rune .t 0 MtKeltar I 1 f.rabafl... i 9 Vredenborg 1 7 3. tr own 1 t Hugbea I Tola' 2* Total 9 t'f tbe young America Club. Hanson and Kells played nt' ft excellently Ilrowti Oelded well, tn the i nt> rpnse ' lub, tiltlev and Burnett played more like r?!d t.tll i layers, fbe Young AmeMca Clnb is emrbati ally com Oeed of caly bo)*, while the Fntcrprl*e * r m i<el ef ycrr.g mtn, seventeen or eighteen years old. this dlf ioreni e In ?i*c and age made all the diilercr e | xslMe. Tbe rittun match will come oil at Morrrsc a ca "stur. ?!ay, tslober 4. Cut Hah PAHtrmn* am> 1 1 s*m RBMRga w -tooaUe rable astonishment was produced yc?t(rday, la the Clljr Hell, l?y Ibe following anrorncemenl pc?ted up on the bulletin:? Si *Rirs'!? Patt ?My ? irtue ?f serers) writs of ese<?nMo^9 me iiiie< ted snd deliverr.l. I ? 111 eipoce to sa>, ai puiviie <erciiie. on Saturday, the ?' h day of ft. pt?i, h?r atino etoek in 'he lorf iioon. in Ibr Oovt ret.r's room. In Ibe I' lr Hail of Ihe eitt of >ew Tors all the portrait* ard plctnre? and fnrnt tm a < .interned Insald rooa; and also at 11 o'clock A. *. of ?si<' day at the Major s i lbtr ln said Oty Hall, all the furel tore n-ntalaed in said rocm. and also at IIU A. M. of antd <tsy. si the r.rsrd of AMeunen's rhnmtier. and <\i'ttv*i1niei?'e cb?mber, in aaHl City Hall all tbe fnrnltiir" mt,<? n?d in ?ld rhj?l -r? re?peetl?ely .lAMRfl W1M.KT. llteHir. f arnrstca I.. Vci.tss nepnfT.KberitT. I 'sied New Yoss, Septcn bertS, IS? fit course qrite a small r rowil had as?emb!<?.| la th9 t vcttibulc to ice tbe run wben ia o'clock miye<l. It w?|