Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1856 Page 3
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UmTMIEm Mr >4UCII A'f AVl/i'iUn. ALHHRT II. NICOLAY, Al OTIONKKH. WILL 8KLL this (lay, Srpt. 22, at 1 S?? o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex change, forac ouut of whom i may eo.ioerii ? $10,000 New Yuik and New llaren Ku.liotd 6 per cent bond*. ilO 0"U Lake Krie, Wabash ic Hi Lo lis KK. 1st urge. boudj. S.ouu Flushing RaUroud 1st mt?e 7 i>"r ceut boi.d<, llt.COU Delaware, Lack. A Western Rll. tut mtge. boa '.a. Ill (AO " " !W " 6,1 to Warren RR. 1st mice. 7 per cent bouda ...$300 6,0, 0 New Jeraey Central UK. 2d lute* 7 per ceut bonds. #,000 Mancbeater Mining Mlnut acturlug Company of Mary land fi per cent bouda, each ft"0 - v\ -v trca (duo and Mlsa KH. Co Ad 'S Jr.* -en Ralltoad Co of N. J 60 J51 rwL'_ 're Lack, and Wostein Hit .60 IB w^Tufv k c'? '? Kipreaa 100 lm ^h-untii*. ' rovement ('o 100 100 t-kiriqui In>. 2.% HO R altera Kire u . it) JS MarkK rire In. % '? JSj 20 Park Kire In Co... m "5 40AatorKire In. Co Bl 30 Jt*col?lor Fire In . Co ....'. 25 20 Lenox Kire In. Co an <0 (oru Fxe!iu:i?e Xlre In.Ce W 60 Grocer*' Bank a) JU0 faviuf. Ban ; of Indiana ^ 2 Terms of Rale 10 per cent lira day, and the baW. 'nds will ?o Clock to monow. The accrued mtorrat on ail the bu <la> ?e tenib'r JjJ tSle Pur?l???*Oi*. Next regular sale on Thm* ALBERT il. NICOLAY, Auctioneer anil Banker, No 1 Broad areet | ALFRKD liRAU't, AUCTIONEKR.? A. BRAOO A CO. will ktU at auction, on Tuesday, September l\. at 10'? A M.. at their *'ore, 33 t'urtlinut aire- 1, 9U0 case* meu'f . wo men's and children's boot?, shoos, ic. ? to be sold without re serve. Auction notice.? buobnb n. franklin, auc. tioni cr ? K tgmt and i <>stly household furniture, iplenrtltl French plate mirrors, r-olii rosewood parlor su'te-. costly prai. il action rosewood pianoforte, r;as ch n.delicra, velvet c w pets, iilvei- plated stair rods, ma; ble aud china vases, bronzes, silver ware, works of art xc. Eugene K. Frauklln. auc ioner. will sell at public auctlcn. this day, fcept mber 312, at in1-, o'clock, to the highest bidder, for casn, wihoutany r serve v hatevcr, the content* oi the larye ti re atory lirst cl iss residence, 2IG west Fourteenth street, neir Ki k n lb avenue, oomj. rUlug, in part, one lose wood s<'ven octave pianoforte, wit'i pi arl keys ami ricliiy Inlaid- this splen lid in strument, vaiuea at (1,00U, was oil exnibition at iho Oryst il Pulaee; thtec IHliW rosewood parlor suites, In solid frames richly car\ ed, covered with superior Krenchsa'.ln, solid rosewood ceitre and pier tabli s, wi'li Egyptian raarbletops uiagnllictui io?rwooa eli gere, reception anil easy chairs, in rops aud satin; heavy French plate p'er and mantel mirrors, costly oil paintings, embracing a vai lety of subjects, f>>- eini iu nt foreign and native artlsu; ormolu clock, elegant marble ami c'.iiih vases; rich bronzes, girandole*, solid extension dining itfble, 14 feet; dining an: easy eh iiri. covered in pi ish ; ciarvedosk sidelx Sf\ secretary, plcndldgoll baad chiu i dinner and tea sets, cut (lata ware, ivory cutlery, rich silver ware, such as tea er\ ices, sal "i s, frill' baskets cofTee urn, ?poors forks; l'.ohi miuu decanter", wints. hocks; mahogany cushioned chairs rockers, sofa*, lounge* couah bed anl pure hair uiatires.^eH, live geese feather ocda, boU'ora, pillows, sheets. Ac.; elegant rosewood suit in haircloth; richly carved rosewood ami mahogany bedstead*, marble top bureaus, wash* lands, china toilet acts, three beautiful painted su'is of bedroom furniture, wi.h ami without marble top,; mirrors, Clocks, Ingrain carpets, velvet stair earpe's, plntod toils, work tab las, corner stands, roMwood ha 1 stand, eottage chairs, oilcloth*, licb brocatcl and lai a window curtains, elegant lands, ipe shades, Parian ware, crockery, Ac. Also, a generol assortment oi basement furniture, with whieh the dale will commence, the whole comprising the most desirable assortment ottered at nubile auction this reason. A cub de posit required from ail purchaser*. Auction salk-in the uorouoh of kamton, eouiitv of Northampton, and Slate of Pennsylvania. A double brick house, fronting on Northampton street, will be ?old on the ground, on the ?3d day of September, lufifi, at 12 o'clock. A good part of llie money can remain on bond and mortgage. Auction sale? samuel osoood a co., Auc tioned*. * ill tteil on Tnesiav. Sept. 28, at half-pant ten o'clock, at the salesroom N i. hi Nassau street, a Urge and tine collection ol Lt-'.r ajit second hand liu ulturi', co., sluing of par lor and bedroom suits of roeev.ood, mahogany and blit.-k wal nut, many of the Miita covered In tuliu brocalel, plush and fancy lialr cloth; solas, rockers, eaay, arm and side cUalri, lounges, wardrobes, both mahogany and rosewood; bureau*, otcgeres, bookcases, marble lop v tshsuinds, A c. Also, rut gla's ware, china do . dinner and tea sets, one pitr of mirrors, cost $5??i;four rai y line piano* The wh 'le comprint a Hue ?tock. of house furiiishii'K nrticles, and la well worthy lire alien tlon of those about purchasing AUCTION NOTICE.? CROCKKBY, GLASS AND OHIN V. ?J. S. II. ItAKTI.KTT, Auctioneer, Weil sell ou Tuesday, Sept, 23. at lo o'clock, at 2K1 Pearl star rt, from theahene*, M crates of all kinds W. O. blue and common ware; AH- pack age* glassware, china vase*, lea sets, cup 3 and saucer*, Au. Sale positive, for cai-h. Auction notice.? thomas m. connauouton, ituciiorcer, wi.l sell, Monday, hep'. 22 at 10)? o'clock. it 1<5 Hpt'nn street ? larse lot of boualiold furniture, constating of our elegant octave rosewood pianoforte, on>- ru*ho.:?ny ^?i-atid do , ny I>i oa-lwood, London; on* do upright c >tla*e hjr Van Becker. ch.iiilelit.s, pier glaaMa. bureau* looandcard tables, wa:i'!?lar.u?. wardrobe* MMMj beds, bejateatla, bedding anil Ui cy articli *. also, a lot of plumber's basins, er ockeryware, Ac , Ac . Ac. Auction- notice ? tiiomas bell, auctioneer ? liy HK1.I, A Mt'KH ibis day. at to'j o'clock, we trill ee.l th<- entire rslutble (urrmire am ain 'd In 'he thr-e st iry modern house No el Henry street, MMM all .he arrai ge tnsnts of a gi t.teel f imdv , tain s'rv-, jMnfl and Vi imiun cancel a. Suftyarrisof oil-loth; iho ftirnttu.e, In good ordT, of 10 bedroomg parlors, h*!'*, basemen' end kitchen; locking a !a- aes. curia, lis. mantel ornament*, ct oicn plat ? I and giisa ware no' aa, chairs, :ab'es, plain r.d drenalug bureau*. aud honaekeeplor nrtiejeegenealiy itiaeon* lered unoeeeeaary to have cat I, gue< as erei y urt' ''e w.U be arrange I no as to he seen '?> i "cliiSfrain uatte. 8a. <? without r< . rve, and de posits 1' A T "aUCTTON? i KON SAFK-V- FIFTEEN NEW AND J\. he ootid hand ericr ?.? ??, ol rio is st*?* suitable for merchanix, (.ortnra, or Jrwrilcrt. w !l be sold to close tse coin em on Ww'iiesduy, 24U> o ia..t, at 11 o'clock A.M., at 2IM Ftt''.?n i 'reel A I ("I ION ? >L?: "K .IKW'IAT, RILVKB AND I'LATED ware.- - t < I, OtCtiMiO A ?'l?. will ?ell at a lotion. On We<t needs. 1 ,?e?t. 24. a- 1?'J ?'.?!? k. ?? h ;r sale o mi, "I N S4.,ti iu , ? > bv order of I lit- udnuntstrators a Ur^e and linn r llection of Jrwelry oonsl 4lng n. Miamulail and ; earl brae ? I te, dlsmoOTear arid (iLsar rings, may, . m. rald, too*? liloo 1 in>l golo atone rings; vest and fob chains; wat hes, by Cooper. Johnson, Tcbten erd oilier C'iebratsd makers. ?hto stock of giodawks ?e>c ied nllh ?ria' r.iie.a.i! can be luily relied ?n. Tlieaholetn be nik* without r?.? rr?, being a i>ortiou of U,ei4o) kOi Mr Barn, deceased, and I >r > '-ara mown aa oue o ihe iari;i 't iuu ':ifa< Hirers ?:id Imporlcis In thiaci y. U. M. 1 REU?NI>, t Idmlm-trat ,r?_ ANTOINKTT HOtN. s Allminl fA'jr*. AB?IONKK>'8AI.EOK A l.ARiiK LOT OF CARFET ing -- A. M. t RUT ALAR, aaatlanssf. Z* Bower r. wll ?ell thla day Sept. IS. at IdH O'cI'kK. a larg<- and spisndul asaortmcn! of three tilr lay estry, ingrain, Bruaaels. Wilton and vehet carpels in al!S,]UU yards, well worthy lit* uitenUou of tha trailr. Hy order of the una.;:i'?es. Aprionf.r'h8ai.kof watchkr and iRim.Br.? a. M CKIPTAI.AR, Auctioneer, will sell, on Wednesdar, .'4th a1 iO'i o'clock, at 1-2 l"ana' street, near Hudson, the enure sir ek of fine watches and Jewelry roctamed In Vild atore, consiatlnf of fine gol l plr.s. rurgs. earrings, uecklacea. brae> lets gnsnl. fob, and rest ? hitaa. z ild aod s(i?tr watche- . .ogethar with a I iTf lot of ? atcn.-s sul jewelry. t > pay ad> an etm. elso one s| >ndld nah >gan> case rcinlaior and good '.niekecper. lar ge ki/e double door Wilder s lire proof safe, ahow rase* csies. counters shclr'ng. tools, signs. Ac , Ac. By order of J. SII.VRRMA N, Aaaignec. 1JV JOShFH MKOKMAN.-TI ESUAY, sR|?T ?, AT l># r>o . io. k r. M, ; Ti SehwmerhoiH, near Boersm street, Bro ?klyn, mslu ;sny anil ??lnu' parlor and chamber turn! turc, tapestry, hriiaaci* and initrsln eart)i 's, mlcloilia, window ?biidcs, maltrrssea, crockery aud klMien furniture, Oata loguc* at tlie sale .nwima CIORkTABLR'B iAMt.-W. AI.BtRTUM. Al/C ) Uoneer ?. * : I sell on Monday, Bet, 'ember !2, a: IU' . o'cloi'k, at No. 1!' Co "t sb sei, ?,pt>o- :'n I ily Hail 'lio iki rn, by rirtue wan neCjUot'. a small fjiiinuty of knciaehoM f irn'ture, crockery and gia*-s? art , also, a lotof lino jewelry, tv/entr gold and siirer watches chains /,n?er r.ngs, brcaat pins, and ether Ri-oda o lumcrons tomentior. yf P. WI1.I.1 \M', Countable. C'ROI Kl.KY AND IIAY hTMt t.l. \.ss.? J. J #Alr l I.RtiS, snriloi eer ? HENKY <? KV.t will sell lo the trade an 1's? lav, Sep- V at M a c' x k. at No ? Liberty atreet, tl eralea whtte gism'e and common ware, I.V) pack agca llaj Wale jlsxsn", coaaMInf of I imblers. dls*i 'i, utp^tae. ce.e.les, l>owls, gobieta, k in s, Ac Also, china warnjpiatn a;.<l de<-oraud. si vcr i l*ie.l tea ware, tea trays, Ac. Ctcods well , iscked for i-lilppl ________ TSOWMUt B^nERCK. AVtTlOREER? ROW ARD A j W IIF.Ni K I Kl * li sell at an on, on Tae*tsy,M n?t.. at I"', o t i? k. ?t th- iraalw 'm. 13 N iasau atre. i an impm'rr i sKtk of ?MuiUcenl an' I * iieb' a d amon Is and .em Iry . roi ipn ?,? magic bun ngaaaeaoc ?>i? n fse.- cbro Boni t rs, elnh: day watebes. dupi'-v. patent and detached le vers, bv ,ioa 'olinsiin. Dent, Jnles AriMwn, of (Vipenlia gen, llrrhting Frerea. Cot, Bsaslajf and other dts'ingulahetl mal era. Al?? ladles' i nami lied wal*!?a, s<-t e nh l auion l?. ? banting aud open eaaen, by <Hid n. Per.s; d'amond brace lata, broo< l? ? nlna, earrtnes, Stitda sn I rtnga, in cinsiersnd ?inrle stone ill mnuatad la is enrv ???? 1. Also. Fiurent oe and Roman Mosair ? atneo. carl. unci, and other sets ot pins an l earring- ;s?!u re -i gnard and mh rii itn>, ehaieiatnes. seal rings pins c ii i m - studs, sleeve ! iiuona, Ac. Hak p>s>iti>e, to close the conreri. DWARD F' HKNt'K, AITTIOWrFR? ORRAT a*I,E Ofel' gsn household furnltura. -Kt?W A KO Kt'llKMi 'K A CO still sell at auc. ion. on Mondnr, 22d Inst . at lo'j o click, at the r ?sle?:ooin; No M NaAain street, t munrl oant awott.nn i ol bousebo'd furniiure, osaWIng in pan of ebtcnntlr ( a r v r.l rnaeW'jml parlor aallea, in brocatal and ft lush inaeaocdrtde ai d MHM'r cc:gcrrs w tih marble tops, and plate glsss bucks and iloora; ro?'Wi-od seereisrr book caaes; roaaW' ol a.1 1 mnbagany marn, - top cen're. sofa, and side table*; r~aawonil and mahogany 'ofs? eaay and rocep lion chairs aid ?l?o, rosaw.svl sinl m^bovanjr. solid oak and enamelled ?hsmi>er s ntes. wlthm irbla tops, mahogany dtn tog tabias, oak t vtcnalon di . oak li II chs'ts, niaewood hat stands AC A'=o. ?eren m??i)ltic?n' Fraoch plato maatel aod pier g'assca In rich gill framas. 'apastry, velvet, and Brn* ' sets carpets; rurs Ac. , marble c! ? *s. brinro cn.blabrsa, Ae., Ac. . hsi' nim r <se- silver pi. .led ? re, cutlei y, Ac., Ac. gaie peiemp'ntr cash. TroTnT RFSIDRRfR AND 1UU IM.OTB AT Ji ?i aTIDWOTT," -neei wir, sail, at pub* lie anctli? on Wednesday fapt. 24 |SM, at two a elock, P.M . oa Ihe prfin tea, the well known elegan' rwldenee, occupied by t'l sr'es A. ?lregor| . sl'ua ? d on Harg n Helshta near Ibe t o ill Honaa, low tbe t ily of lln Ison. w ahln ona sad a quarter tuil'a fiom the ,t?r??y t.'ny f-rry. House ?i?, eoni.iics twen'r uoms. hniliof l?o reri bt?t nuMrtnl, walla sixteen inches thi^k. w Ih inarbla man e's tbt iuf ami , kitchen l|M| I, III fcnw nWl -Tin ? - and Ooldaaier and fiirnaeact 'be mo-t aoproveJ co i i i ?Mou. with ragHtcra through) i ? ? id g> rif * rea-ly f >r Hie l?,?r Inctmn of nan. the who'i cr - liti .ng on? ol the mos tuiist in ial and elegant fetldence* In Hmlai i co rt? 'ih."!- s. be-M.-s oa'htpr i.l si s a Oral rate gar lcnar s liinte, built o. n,. *. als.?, a good stable* . I csi-latrhon-" h?nnery Ac ,'ognt?-r wl-htnahnr nance ot , |, k i - of choice dait trace ? id ahrnbbarf rho view in in lie ?imrevienibeil* nn? irpiM-c<l ov^i Imiklng ine t>sy and ! arbor o' Ne? York. Korto .s, i tj oi N"?*fk. and the ni,' le - I'H'iindlrg country. AI o, will e s.i d ifer t >e above tw.ntyi-n i.esiral'M bu Wng plota, wljointeg tie above, as iti' nesl?,l on ti e map. A ihi oue.ily coneWiicte l and cs|in ii n ? ?c >< e^ psases ihrt'tigh tbe whole front ?T this prm *r\y mi Newark irwuf "fnw* l.twr-i'. nfifl will >?<? jn*oe kin Wll O" tlie day of sain. For further particular*. In quire of the auctioneer, IB Montgomery rrcrd. HKNRT B. "KRIS. Ja . AUt tltflfKRR ? AMIOlfKK R sale of il lucpd jewelry, Bnld watchcs Ac. onMMda), tapt if, at ??,' . o'efoek. at tlie .aleero'im Ro ft' , I'inc >iie i, cotopr.'ing di i nond acta, rim . rea tpia* earring*. Ac. ; ?? d and al'rer % stches, bun'lng i ssc an I mien flasnd, by Sawau, Johnson Kren-: Jnrgensen and tha o'her clebrsted amkera; gold test and Ibb chaina. seals, k' i a ring*. >arrlegs, brace lata, brea-'plns, sleeve button* etif'? Ac., ?et with tno*alc, ooyi, mijio. pearls, emeralds, ri^.cs, ?c . h"(ng 'he entire liafnnce of *tr^ k of a large Imimi Ing Yjtise, and lo be sold without reserre for e**h, by onler nr the oeMinee. E HRRRY B. HERTS, JR . AUCTIONEER WII.I, PKM., on Tues lay, Kept 23 at Iti i a'clra k . e' It Jones street, oesr Fourth street, the entire hmisi bold fumliure HKKItf H HFRTP.'Jr. ?ailMtiil, will sell as above all the farnliiire. nonslsiinX ot irtisnel* and ingrain carpe a, mshognnv bed /ateada bareaua. wa?baiands, ahntra, tabloa, Ar Aleo, hslr ned *traw nis'tresseti I sther beds, til'.lowa r,?d a large a? Clmrnt of i rorki rr ? *re and klWheg alnnsils. WKk irb- h sale w'i'1 onwtew^. saxjks AT AWMOfl. HARDWARE. SHOVELS, CARVKRS -AUCTION.-TO moriow, Tuesday, at lllNi o'clock, at 97 I'ey itreet, cor ner of Greenwich, shovel*. spmlas carvers, nn, cleavers, axe* hatche.s brandy, |)t:r cue, deuutohn or cask, ?"gar*, 10 b-cco soap, tlu nr. sardines, figs, lean, coffee. shirt collars. WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Auctioneer. J Moll N LLOYD. AUCTIONEER -JOUN LLOTO'fl SONS will Hell, on Tuesday, Kepi. 23, at 1UX o'clock, at Ihelr silearoqpa, tWj Hroitdway, corner of Broome street, a Urge assorUntmt of new and second baud household furnl ture, removed for convenience of salo, consisting, in part, of mahogany and rosewood marble top bureaux, gothlc bed ateada, vva-hsunds, mahogany spring and cann seat chairs; marble top pier and ceutro tablea, mahogany haircloth sofas, tete a teles, extension tables, wardrobes, French mahogany ?secretary and book case, marble top mahogany sofa table.*, two handsome rosewood gothlc o. g. corner seven octave cir cular scale carved moulding pianofortes, chandeliers, clock*, vans and a large variety of fancy goods, all of which will be sold \s ithout reserve. Deposits reoulre'i from uH purchasers. Catalogues ready on morning of aale. JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER- POSITIVE SALE, WITI1 oui reserve, of tilt valuable building lota, netr Mount I'rue pert square, lirooklyn.? JAMES ('OI.B A SON will aell on Tuesday, Sent. 28, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, New York, G2 lots on Klatbush, Ninth and Tenth avenues, and on I'uIol, 1'reaident, Carroll. Montgomery and Macomb streets, 'ihese lota are some of the best that have been offered for a long time, either for investment or Improvement Flatbuah and Ninth avenues are paved, and are both leading thorough ares The grade, are ubout the highest in the city, comma, id i lug a fine vli w of the bay, ocean, and aurroun ling country *ty five per cent can remain on bond and mortgage, i'or t>. and iuU-particuiars apply lo Messrs. WKI'MOKK A ?taps No. oTWall street. New York, or ot the auctioneers, VOVVNfc, n street, lirooklyn, and U Nassau street, New No. 369 FttUv York. ? ? ? ? ? TER. AUCTIONEER. ? SI'Bt UAXi JOHN I,. VANDEWn. Aug o trees, 4c ? On Thursday ? sale of choice came ha*, Oi. '>t the salesroom No Mi Nu ?"ept. H. at half p*st ten o'clock, . Esq., Uorlst aarsery, sau ftreef. being the atock if I). ho retires from bust corner ai Kiim-th street and llroidwuy, v. ?? comprises over in ss on account of 111 health. The ufsortme*. '?> tine order, 2(10 varieties of double and sinple camolias, all u. - ol other and In bud, Also, Slclltan, Cnineoe, ani a viiri?., wi'lbe orunge irees. Ac., together with the hothouses, which ?. fci id at some future time. LARGE AND PUJTE.MfTORY SALE? OV ICR H3.000 worth of cabinet furniture.? WM. W1TTR8, auctioneer. Is authorized to tell on Tuesday. Sept 2?,d. ivnd follow li t day.-, at 10 'j o'clock, at the extensive warerooms, 16,'i Chatham street, the entire stock of the atove esiab IInmbI cnniHting of |rm desc.iption of cabinet furniture. Including feather beds anil bedding. Need haina paleuteofit-beaateoda. The above stock la wen worthy oi the attention of furniture dealers, as well as families cim - menclng houselKepii.g. As every lot will be Eild without re s' rve. Catalogues on the mornlLgof sale. The store U? let, or tease for tale. M DOUOliTY, AUCTIONEER? WII>L SELL THIS . day. Sent. 22. lit lu>? o'clock, at 126 West Twenty eighth street, ueur Eighth avenue, all the elogaut fural'.ure, Ac., contained in tlix above house, consisting of two elegantly carved rosewood snl s; one in satin brocade, the other iu vef v et plush, with slip covers; elaborately carved rosewood piano forte, a line instrument, with stool and cover, rich lace and brw utel curtains l'rei eh shadea, French plat - pier and oval mtiron. fplenold ormolu clock, with shade, run* 21 diys; tapi stry, Brussels and iigruin carpels, rugs, rosewood mar ble top centre, pier and sofa tables, roscwoo 1 cirner etegercs, unrror l acks, oil palutlngs and engrat Inga. mwitel orna merto, Etrtwcaii marble ind vases, Ac. i'h im'ier furnl ture? Rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, en imelled chamber suits, marble top bureaus and waahsUuds,tollet scU, horsehair mn'tri sacs, feather beds, bolsters and pillows; bliukots, quills, .V" Dining room sod library - Kle^ant rosewood and m*hog snv se. re'.ury fcixkcase*, library do., extension table, oval and IS Hire mirrors, oloeks, chandeliers and gas fixtures through i i.t die house, velvet and tapestry stair carpets, h ill ataud, Kogllah olir lotha, cnlua tea ?rt?, crockery, ivory cutlery, plated ware gassware, Ac , With a large assortment of basement furniture, with wh eta tiic sale will oommcnce. Sale absolute, aiid a ca-h deposit required from purchasers. Catalog ues ready on the morningof s;>le. k!<:btti aveuue cars and stages pa*s within a few doors of tke house. MWRAY, AUCTIONEER.-PEREMPTORY SALE oe ? stoves, tin ware, rutlery, tools, Ac., on Tuesday, J ept. 2S. at 10 o'clock, at la3 llouaton street, near avenue com prism;; cooUing and psrlor stoves, lornares, MMW, tinware, haruwsre, cutlery, SH.ith's bellows, handcart. Ac. Also, the tools and benches used In the business. Deposits re itiired at the time of sale. 1 MORTGAGE SALE- A M. CRISTA I.AR AUCTIONEER, salesroom 23 Kowery, will sell. on Vwlneidijr, 2tLh mat , at lo o'clock, at the Lal'iem- lloure 679 Broadway, four marble bed billiard tables, rev' wood veneer* i). U. Wlnant, maker, four gets ball* huge lot cue* ml fixtures, Ac., Ac., by oider ol tLe mortgagee. M'oiCrilAC.iTSALF.? BT P. C. HIH.K f.KYTAlJCTloif ecr.?Ity order of the mortgagee, on Monday, 22d luat., at 10 o clock A M. at #0 Du.uie *tr< et, machine*, turning lathitx, engine. boiler and heater, braa* cocks, Taivej, unidna, i.lpplc*, liu-hlngs, elbow*. Ac.; tee*, reducing aouki.U, Ae. Catalogues at auctioneer s office, 40 Wall street. PIANOFORTE* AT AUCTION.? ON TUESDAY. 8RPT. 23. at IS and 15 l'ark row, oppo-dic the Aslor House, ci .usistltig of eleven superior toned rose woo : and mahogany pianofortes allot which are fully warranted by ihe in ikers, 'hcsatne as when purchased h> private aale! l-adics and !;? tub men are invited to view them | rcviou* te Rile. Mold vvt'lit ui tesei ve la p *y advances. Can be hoiod on the pro ml?c? for shipping. W. S. MKI.I.OR, Auctioneer. PSWM'ROEER'S SAIE.-A. M. CRIf'TAIiAR. ACC U tlonetr, 23 llowery, will sell on Tuesday, ?M Intl., at 10'*' o'clock a large and valuable assort me i,t or men's and wo men's wenrUir apparel, consisting in part of ails, merino, de'altie, and calico, bruche, lace, nud lndlin shawls; k di e s patterns, boot*. shoe-, umbrul! u>, quilts and blan k? i tools, musical instrument*, suna and pUtoN and a 1-ir lot i. watches and jewelry. Jty order of J. SAI.OMONS, ui Miel street. )AT?TIN08? 000 KINK OH. PAlVTINilS WICL HE fold on Monday nnd Tuesday evenings; *a'e to ctiu uience ?t;j . o ciock all by t.i lei, ted American artists , con -i.-ting of a variety of subjects, tigure and flower sun mrr uinj winter v;ews, American river scenery, and Iru [. ect s all Ir. rich gilt frames, elsbora'ely finished; will be sol ! .' public aue'lou, at J. 1 Uroadwav. St N cholae Hotel Build Inrs. JOHN I.KVISON. Au tloueee. 1?| UK HI I'INN. ACi'TIONKKK -MY PKNN AND It HATCH KI.OR *111 sell this day, i Wotid tyi a* liall p un ten o'clock a. M . at 21 Herbert street, between Graham avenue r tid Mnlih ?treet, Wil'iams'iuig, ' h - furniture of a family rota : ?' e>.i, vIt tnaho,;.n,y twf*, chairs centre au l dinlng'ttb'es, de-ks. bedsteads, matin sees, r irpet*. oilelo'h. bureaus, ink- lounge-. Also the content* of a painter's shop, I'KNN A HATCH KI.OR, 2SB (I rand st Wt'.Uainaburg. KWAt TKRS. AUCTIONEER -THIS HAY. AT KUTIK o'clock. MiCaPFRAY A at auction nv ms No '.it Catharine street, a lirge assortment ofboutehol | furniture, rk marble top bureaus, tables, waahsands. solas, cba'rs and rork?'-a. beda, bedding, Ac. Also, o pav adv ance*, !? ' ot si>i I. I Ion nblle lead and /Inc. aqu..itiiv of furnlmre, I boi cln s?ircn. gun line and picture*. trunk, booka, watches and chains, and n quantity ol furniture varnish. Sale punctual. Tl'NIs XOKKKI U AUCTIONEER.? ATTRACTIVE AUC irn sale of iiiiniture. Ac.? This (Monday) n oralng, a*, half peel lea oM, at the sparmu* WPMMM No ftNaeaau street, being ronslgned from warerooms, lactones, and famdie* br< aktrg up housekeeping, consisting of a uenerai collection ???r keeping, t'.ret and aecond class <iweIUni,'a. Alan, counting deska of all ktivla Plimpton's patent secretary bed stead, pure batr and spring tnatuesaiea stiver pi* ed tea aet, Ht ussels carpatiag from tmportera. oval mu rora, o.! painUnga, ,le. Abo, forty klnda of segars. a great o'^eet la detlera. oon ?ntrers, Ac as they will tie en Id without any reserve, giving the privilege of quantity. Catalog uea lor both salei r< ady. T1IOS. VKITt'H, ACCTIONRFR? 9TORK 1>*. SPRCCB I street ? ttheritrs saie ol tobac o, an ud, ?? gsi s Ac . oa Tu. sdav. Sept A. at 10 A. M , at 15 Sonic* street- ounsisUng of a large quantity of seed leaf atxl Havana tobaccv aegars, mull, plpes^of every deacrtptlon, Herman smoking tobsiTO, chewing and nlug Wvbaoao. Ac, Also, iron safe. Alto, one at 1< nd.d UibaccoeulUng machine. Ac. J AH. II. HKN SRI.L, Deputy Hkerlff. rrilOH, VKITCII, AITOTIONRRR? MTOM 14 HPRIX'E I street,- Sherltl's sale of llqnors. segars, Ac., ou Mon lav, Hi pt, 22. at 10 A M.. al IV Frankfort afreet, eon-lsting ol li quors. wini s, brandies, segars, bar fixture*, Ac., Ac. TC. IIOL'OHTON, ACt.TIONKRR.-HALKilROOMF, 113 . Nassau atree*, between Iteakman and Ann. At pri vate sale, a large and splendid stt? k of richly carred and |i ain ri*e*oo>T mahogany, walnut, oak snd enamelle l par lor, dlnUis-raom and chamber turniture; pianofortes, Kreach plate mlrrois fine oil painllng*. Ac., which the public are In vlied to etamlne. u being the largest and best assorted sbrok iu tbe city. Auction salee every Tburaday, at lu.1* o'clock. HOMA.M VMTt'll. AUCTIORKER. ? HTORR NO 16 . ?rr'iee ?treet ? Ciins?able's *a> of Isihes, niaeb nerv, Ac., n Mo lay. Sept 22. 1HM at 10 A M. at Nos. 123 nnd lit At vine) street ion-i?t;ug of two la the* and o'ber machinery, te. * <_H A It I.K.I F. WaT fx. Conetabl*. B. MH.I.OR, Al'CTlONRER.? DIAMONDS, 8R . . S eondhand furniture. ?Undar4 and miscellaneous nook*, tisd*. 1 tedding, Ac . to be told at auction, on Tuesday, Hept 23. at lo'*o?c.ock. at aalearoa Hand IS Park taw. ilso se vera! heavy plated tea ami coO*e service*, oolTas urns, spW-e bi<is*. silver eups silver plan-d fork* ami spoona, ? i?t >r* Ac. Seel ndband fnrint'oe onstsls of tk* usual va? ety, from a farn.iy giving up housekeeping, and Is worthy the attentna ot the trade snd housekeeper*. Also ore eletsnt china tea aet. eosi birn In u*e slxiut four m mths, al< > rkh ch.n* vases, hearth -U#S, Ae. t ata'ocnes on m -rn ng of sale. Goods can be | as ked on the premises for shipping. U' ? MF1.I>OR, Al tTIORF.RR-HT W F. MRtXOR. ? r . On Tueailar. Hept 2S, at |i>l( o'clock, a' aale?na>ms. IS s-.d 1.1 I'srk Mow opposite the Astof lloitae, **etgn -" S sale >>l tl.e vcliest collection of cnan m made cabinet furniture utfrrnl at public aal? this tail. The rock is now arranged for eihl Mt on laidles snd gentlemen sre partlc ilarlj invt'ed to view tbe gis 4a p rev Ion s to sale. It would be unpoMibie ut enumerate all 'he artir le* contained In 'he aale. For 'he ac ?>) Southern and Western mer hut's, we have made amide ai tangemenis for the packing and delivering at a reasonable charge nv eiperieneed pereona Purchaser* are aaeuied that every lot on U?e catalogue will he a.ild uoel' v -lv Without reserve, hv order of the aaaimee. heiag the entire siocfc of a first class manufacturer, removed to our aaleer Kims fi r crniveilence nf ssle: onnslstlng In part ot elegant parlor suk* ctivsrol In costly brnmud, plush ami hair cloth and of the latest and moat fashionable styles; rich C"n're uhlea, etc gere*. be an leu. wardrobe*, eacrlulotr*. Turkish chair*, re enmbea' ? hairs In momeco, booki sse* lined with satin wood; musM eablneta, 36 richly decorated ard plain enamelled ' baia ber suites; solid oek do , rosewood mahoganv snd >? tlnut do^ In great variety ; easy and rocking chairs, pai l.w chairs, lete a tetes evtenslon dining Ublee, II reel long, in great variety of stvles oak < hairs Imingee, lounge beds, hall *'an<ls, ball rbatr*. reoef tlon do. \\T P. MFM.OR. ACCTIONCKR -II V W F. MKt.LOR TT ? ? On Tneetlay Nepiember It, at 10'i o'clock, ?t s.?le* room It and 15 l'ark row. opnt^Me the Ast. r House a n -ti col ee*tr n of otl foreign snd Amcrvcin *i-n*te. eight otl painting*, hv R. t! I oaies, suhjects never before et blotted; several landwapes by llatmi l<ehntn, Riehsr lson, an other eminent artiste; also 1 1*1 otl |>aln'lngs. sold in lota ?? ml' the Ira te: *t?o flltr Enrbeh engravings in neat gold (lit aleo a'.ionl forty F re-wh |date |ner and m*i ' I mu rors, in r"h i'|M Rllt frames, ,.f 'be latent re I ?>i?t f islno . ibte stvlea 'Ibi whole |i r pi?H'M sale, to pay advances l.aiMe* and genth men arc partlciilariT Intlicd te view tkeui prevtoua to sale f n i.e pi,<*. d for sh,p| 1*1, on the pr uiis. s, Caia kiuison ih' morning of Sale MUM* %l'Crioil:Wl.-PI%NoFORTFt tT r i ii.lii W * miAk. On 1-t" <day, F. ten,,. r RPHieli' k. at r ibssri m 13 and I 't Psrk r , .< ? s i p.-rli r li ne 1 toe' Wrsit an ' mahotsny u'anoMvii <; tb re m i 'a l v W I.' u nil <1 I'clly ?i-( ia t d lorte.' i titvvti and f'.it'tlsv. t ir ;. me oile Nevv t ork tu tker- ; a>o fnnr tn. Iioj.*' }? seeoml hewt pie'e 'C?t s, nf s < t m ? id I ? i*h The Indrunienfs are le-w on ethildftoa. Tbn | ? bole Will I"" vely I ' ?" ,c. I, p.y a lvalues. T W. Ws SI \t* M. WIT f t ,1,-t Aft'TTO-FFP. Wll.' REI, VI I'l t T I c am > :? t ui lay , Se| ? J3, a Id o'i ,i? ?. . I f i' Ir. v. Itie ti lts, st IU1 f b b iln ? i eet, Itllt nias. Wl nf Nae,|h im a p-.'entsota bcdaleads, 3i?i ilrrsslue and plain bureaus, I, 'Am r? i king ami o'her thalr*, 21*1 marble top and Other labies 23 office eeak*, 12k waahe**rKl*, frifttsf do, iM>>k'?ie?, looking g.aaar*. a l*i re qnsntitv of tinftnlsbed work frame* Ac : black walnut rtsewr?s1 ard msborsnv ete??re? recemioii and ea?y rlmlrs. This atock I* the Isrg 'st om-red thl? *e*son. and a rfest portion mad* for cltv retail int le. tHy arid country des ers s-e Invt'ed, aa vvell a* piivate fsmilt'es ah ot co?. menrtng to make their aclee'lon*, *s every lot will be ?o'd wt'houl reserve Catabvguee ready on morn ng of *al? Th. oe year*' leaee of Ihe premlnes for *ale. nucnm AnvRRTURnm N I FM*NDF-I NF. ROURRICR PARINIF.NNR. PANS line fvmF'e respectable; II fant aavolr h?n eindri * I ttict ,< IraiK ?'* cotrwterneni, ? a lree*rr IWOrnal ?, mumatl AMD lXMMUO. 5I.EBOY Pf.AOF, JH-F.XOKKB HTBIKT ? A LARGE room on 'he s< coud flat*, to let, wnli hoard, to a 1'aially, or Biiifflc gentlemen AL-o i jomi for singlr geiolunsn. 1*KR MONTH? FOR COMFORTABLE BOOMS, ON the second floor w ith hp small family In the house, nit uattd ill the upi? r part ot the eiiy, m ar l!r>?adwav. No ob jection tooue cliild. Inquire at 102 West Forty ninth street. 9 walk fjoia ruSU^SRSSS^ minutes Part'*! board, for g-""- i^tn n'nl ruom?. *?J full or men. Te. ms mwfcratl, U wlve?- <* ?^fle gentle I Q UNIVKBSITT FLAOE, SECOND DOOR FROM .1 La Cluitun pls< (?,? -A geiitli man and wife, and three or four sibgle gentlemen, can l>e accommodated wlili pleasant rooms and board. House til at class, with all the modem iw provtments. 1 1 1 NELSON PL ACE.? H ANDSOMEL Y FURNISHED 1 parluta And hed rooms in suites for families or single b, nt-'?TOf>n. ihia housn ha.i changed hauds. an! Ms beta newly fui ulshed throughout. 2(? GREENE STREET -GENTLEMEN AND TUEIR t) wives or single gintlemeu, can be accommodated wtti' handsomely furnished rooms ami ftiU or partial bovd. Baths, giut, Ac. 9 O 8T. MARKS FLACE-TO LIT.? GENTLEMEN AND their wives can b? accoiuuiondaled wi'h the entira third flat, furnished or unfurnished, !is may be desired, and one back parlor, with ck seta. The house has lUi the modern Di'UiW #t ? KA WaL^KB ST?EKT, FIVE D00R8 WEST OF t'^r Broatlu ny-A quiet and genteel prUate boarding house for r ingle gentlemen ?nd gentlemen and their wives. Terms reasonable. Ilot, cold and shower bUlis, free. ! CQ BLEECKER STREET.? FrRNI^nElJ HOOJK TS ? /O let, with full or partial bo^rd, to gent lemeii Aii'i tli?u' wives, or to single gentlemen Also, two attic reoins. U is and bath in the house. fiQ WFjsT FOURTEENTH STREET.? SUITS OF ROOMS UO f*r fnmiles Also for singlo gentlemen, with p. rnw nent ami transient board IjOCiiiou unsurpassed Dinner at 6 1*. M. Reference required. * FRANKLIN 8TBKET, FIRST HOUSK WEST OF 'T | ? oadw-tty.? Two Hitting rooms, with large bedrooms f U t?. i, large double and single rooms, for geniletum attached ; ai? first iloor would be let lor light business furnished. Th* purposes. ? . nn BPRivn STREET iVWXT *? TP81 MMCOTT, 09 iheSt NlehJ" Hotel- A nuit of hand soinely furn'siied rooms a/id two sfaf ? n t ^S?U wtllfini tliis a very convenient and d&rwble location. BUe rcncet exchanged. 1 1Ar WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE AN 1U(J oanciation church.?' Two gentlemen and their wive* may oltain hsudsoniely furnlnlmd apartments on Hint and se cond tlooin.ami board, by application tut above. &efert-uca required. 1H7 'BINOI STREET.? LABOE AND AIRY BOOMS, Iv I well furnished, suitable tor Kentleinen and their wives. AIho, single gentlemen may be accommodated, by iiptilying as aliote House contains ga8 and buttu. None but Ujatclats need apply. lift FOURTH AVENUE. NEAR UNION SQUARE.? .11" ' Suit* of handsomely tttrni-Jiel room* suitable for fa milieu or single geoilemou, Willi private table, if desired. The- house Is urat class, the family private, and iho locatloa tiiihiirpaHsed in the city. 1 OA MADISON AVENUE -TWO SUITES OK ROOMS, lOU with board, on the second story, in a lu st class house; is ndmitably located and replc'.e with every convenience. Wall street htages passthu door. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR BAST OF BROAD way.? Furnished rooms. In auita or separately, in eluding the back parlor and extenaion room on the brat door, to let, to gentlemen, with breakfast, if required. First a hum house, with all the modern improvements. 1 ACS. WAVERLRY PI.ACB.-TWO OH THREE GRN 1 I U tlemen and their wires, also a few single gentleman, can be accommodated with well furnished rooms and good board. The bouse coutaina hot and cold water, bath, gas Ac. "M7 HUDSON STREET. FRONTING ST. JONN'S J X I park ? Furnished rooms to let, with board, to gen th men and their wives, or two gentlemen. Also, a well fur niel.el back parlor. House newly furnished, with all the modern improvements. lOO EAST THIRTEENTH STREET? AN BN0U8H JOO family can accommodate a few gentleman with hand tctne furnished apparUntnts with or without partial board. ? louse urst class, gas, hot, cold aud shower batha free. Refe rences required. lQfl OBMKini STREET, FIRST HOUSE AMOVE J t/U llleerker ? Handsomely liirnlsiicd rooms to let, with 1 1. II oi |ia.-Hnl board, SUltnMe for gentlt uien and tlielr wives or single gentlemen; modern impiovemcnt*. Refeieuce ex changed. nnn east bkoadway.-to let, with hoard aUU Si vera! very desirable apartments, to genl!em".i and tbeir wives, or to single gentlemen, fitinwhed or ttururui*licd. 1 be house U new. with all tin modi rn improvements. Of'f* WB8T TWENTY SECOND BTRKKT.? ROOMS, ^l)U with board, may be obtained for K"snil?mcn aud their wives, and single gentl* men. Dinner at B o'uluck. Ki'ier eaees exchanged. Cuawmlent to ear* ???t sIsm? ? FOURTH HTitERT.-A SECOND BTOP.Y FRONT Tt" 1 1) roam, with hell bed room, iurni-li ? 1 or unfurnished, to Id. with III. ant, to a tamlly or single gentlemen. Oat anil lath In the In use. A HANDSOME FCRNIHIKD PA BLOB AND BED ri oiii, lacing Liramercy purk. to let, to one or l\ve aingle geiiilrue ii, in a private uuiily, all the modern .Improvo tr.enta, on the same door, ut No. 7 Uiauiercy park, East Twentieth at, near 4th ar. AFAM1L1 OF TWO OR "IX PKRSONfl, WISHING TO make an agreeable and nermaneat arrant ?went for board for t be comiiig winter, can be accommodated m a tirst cUnt sione h?u?e, near Filth avenue, with tusKuil.reuily lurm-bel rootts and superior lable. arid the enjoyment of re tnsd so ciety l iiPM'i ptlni able reft renees given and required. Ad dresa E M M., Mtdison s<jusre Post uUicc, under the St. tier ? n. am llotel. AUKNTLEMAN, OR TWO QKNTLBMEN IN COMPANY, lie accommodated with a pleasant furi tahi d room, in a new boose, <?' cupk i by a small private family; breakfast if de?ln d ; eas. batb, Ac. Apply at 213 Ninth street, near Se cond avenue. AFINB SUIT or FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OAR, closets, Croton water, bath room. Ae., to let, together or se.para'elv. with partial board, at Mo. 47 W est Ih.rteeuili street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. Rwfersnoes exc-haagwL A LABOR, PLEASANT ROOM. ON THK SECOND storv. and two smaller monia. may be had at Mo 404 fourth street Albion u-aos. House pleaaantly located, and convenient to llroa<l?ay stages and cars. Apbivatk family woci.d i.kt. to orntlemkn without board, a bark parlor and front and bank rooms and hall bedroom, tr secoad svory. furtushe.1 with large closets, gw* and ba'.e. Ajpiy at 61 Fourtli avenue, near Ninth street PRIVATR family, without children, hayb a large sad handsomely furnished A out room to let, with board, to a gentleman an. i wile AppK at 1C7 West Twe.Ph street, betweaa Fifth and Btxih aveauee. Befereacee ex changed A SMALL PBIVATE FAMILY, OtHXPYINO A FIRST class bouie In Ninth ?tre?< near Hroadway. wouM be plnased toleta suit of furnished rooms laa parly of gentle mm ot the tirst re?pec:abUit> . Apply at US Ninth street, west of llrnadway. A **ART*KN'1H FURIIISHED-OOMSISTm.l t?F i* tit tr^saL-ir ???aalon Immediate. Apply at 4? Vandam street, n'ar Vanck. Board in clinton plaor.? a oknti.kman and wife, apd tw i or liuee -nu Is gentlemen wld tin I desirable apsri meals Cad hoard at 61 t'ltnlou place, near Ath avenue. Keferei cea exal.aage?l. BOARD.-A PRIVATE PAMILY CAM AOCOMMODATB a few respectable persona with board and pleasant rooosa, | ?rn)*iient]y on BKxierate t.-rata. Apply at BT Weal TW Ueih street, near M Inlh anaiia Board? near union square, im tiir first clsas bouse St) East I Uteenth street, fw er?lf (mtle. men, or gentlemen sad their wlvea. A private Sole If re inurd. Or liiminhed apartments, wdbont board. Every at to comfort and re?pit!tabllltv Board - to i>rr. thr rntihe second fi.oor, ftirnishe^l or uniiirrildied, In suits or stugle, to rsaaHiS single gentienn n. House urie si.d contains Uie modsra niprovei eats. Apply at No17 1 Baet 17 street, aear Stay ve saiit put. R< ferearca < n headed. Lr; """.With till) or partial '^'"??iiiijMed ? lib plea^nt tH^!1 Apply at rt^wr^r'*' *rUh *" K' l'fen..aexr|t-?<^,F 7 * '? west Tweuty third BttitRD- TIIRFK BRAUTIFUL FRONT ROOMS, WITH tiedrix-ms st' ieVd. and two m-<?a for <iagle gemlem^e, wt'b boaid. ran be l't on reascaahle terms. Diaaer at 6 ..'ek-ck. Tall ea OR<> SCIIUTT. CW Bioadway, between llletcker and l!ood streets. Board -t oenti.emam and wiff or a few I single gentlemen, oan be accommodated with dealralde Hpsrlmenis snd l??ard. in a private fami'v h. n?e h is all the Unpratcmenia, and the location m uaaurpssaed bv aav la the etty. Apply at 13 West Twesty sixth street, second door fi<? Hioadway. TJOARP ?PLEASANT SUTTS OF ROOM-^. WITn D boaid. may he s<'eured for th" ?e >?en ' v imme.|iate ae idteatien at Hi aad M Meet Paarteenth street The bouses are desirably located, snd fimnbed with all th* modern im proTemeata. Ac., requisite for first class residences Rn, i? nces etchatiged. BOARD.-A FAMILY HAYINll MORE ROOM THAN requ' red. would dispose of aceoniiiinds'ions to a genu el family. House having m-?l?rn vemems and Ineation highly respeetable. Acresmlile by cant aad ?;ages. Apply at 172 West Twenty Aral street B?ei?2^,,WhTU*A? and LADY can ,ie AC Of! Ihr? paM ?(,!? |? _ . ' nr n r ?r , "r- K " ?^d?sy Ptjrxie^ * >"? ?Sr Board.? a okntlemaw, of rkspkctabilitv can have one or two looms, fmr'sh.d with or wi'lMUt partial Imard, in a private fsmdy. on Morrxy, hi I. near Fiflh svenue, and ri*Sn Tor s.vtdle aaiMla owaer's stable, If do sired. Address Buffalo. Ilarald i.fltee. 1JOARD? 1MKBR PMtASAlW DOOMS IB A PRIVATE I) ili rmTi fan- ly, Wi'h l"i ikibst arl t< i snd d unoc oo Min^iys tertesmode :ite |. qntee at S' ' Rattle In tSTfll Henry and < I it en stirr's, Se'iil, Rrooblyn, lor two dsjs. |)OlkD.-A OBSTIiBMAM AND WltK Oi- < FEW 1 1 . . . |e gentlenien. cm oMaiu leans ?Hh fell or p irMal l>. ird, at 4t. We.1 tt'tohlngt.m p' i? e. lft?Apb? A HtKltflif PR I i'ATK KAMIl V. Ii aVIltii 1 1 m' re t-onn 1 1 -n th t r - would Pk to |. ' . ..<?

two si J turtitidici! ? w>n s To ?* mi ! ? s? iiiletn'*?, t. Ita or wi h ...It r tliel 1 ? ltd. e- I'd I b ? t - Ii I'l <? ,,tv a' '*> West Iwtaty m vent h atrett. our I luth irmn Bras lasr He Hrenres exehanged BtMRDFRS.-I *M I TfERI.y AHTONtSHED TO SER strips of paper apoti Hie iloo?s. aad advrrti*cm<ata la <ellv new ?sr> rs, emanating from hon?es ot the very worst repntetita tn this etty , aad that th* y may better feeeue the ttrai.ger, o?f nag to e><-heng? references some of whnn re side la the l>rsi strt rts. aad c?n Mtasily give rfference to tn? n of stsndlrg. No man koows New York be I rr than I. snd mv office shall be a prnteeilon. Sink or sa in, I I give me r It to wh<vm merit IS dna. fearlessly and without prepidlee Rasrders are politely directed to suitable houses, free ot rbarg*. front tbe State Regletery office. 7|J Rri.adw.ty Is order tfist I may do in?tlee to my nnmerens patrons ta send Ins boarders, I mnst bear Irom them at least once s m ml 1 R D OOODWIN, Priaelpal. BOA?D IN RABT BROADWAY ROOM-t ON TIO se*wnd aiid third doors of house K E-ist Broadway lo let, ? Ith board Suitable ft* gen'lemen and their wires tlsa, hot and rcM water ta IM rooms Bef 'reaces exelMnteiL BOA MIX NO A!>U MXJUlftU. Board in urookmn ? a hutati familt I without children oeeupytllg a n? w blown nloue fit* ul house, wh.i'li u> U: j, - r than (buy require. wish to let a parlor and a few bedrooms, "wiih board, to another am ill family, *r two or tireo ladle. or geutl?-u i n i lie bouse la almaled in a genteel EBithbofhoiKl, ti:ih fim, liath?, Ac . and Is convun-nt to tUu Ban.uuiu avenue terry. No nuwe boarders will be taken. first claaa referent' a required. AJdreas boi 3,7 M l'cfct oflice, N V. Board in hrooki.yn? a uentlkman and hih wife, uidtwo single gentlemen, can be accommodated with comfortable louum ana K"Q:- board la a taroUy ooaalntiux of two persons. Inquire r,n the premises. at 2*9 BUl>* sUeel, Ilrooklyn, three door* above lioud afreet References ei changed. 1 BOARD IN BROOKLYN? A FINE KEONT I'ARI.OB. with bedroom co^munlcatlnc, on second floor; al*o. a large front njom on third lie or. Very desirably Situated la Ilenry street, uttkf Bouih ferry, in a private family. Koier eucca required, AdOress box 3,062 Po^t ofllce, New Ywa, '** " ~ ?* ii in,, * ??P'f-1'* *^*g: *"' * * ^ BKUOKI.VN -pi.harant rooms, or ?m . ? . ffw*. furnished or unfurnished, suitable fur ft* hinulu g.-nilemeu. TUf bouse li:ot gas, and la -Taled throughout Terms moderate. Apply a'. 2ixi Washing tfM atrct l Nor Knlton and Wall street times. Board in mrooklyn.-rcpkrior aocommoda lions for the u inter ran be obtained bv u family an I a few au gle> gentlemen, in a drat class hnm?; rooms very I'leasant, and location unsurpassed. car* p.iss the door. A handsome suite of parlors could be bad. Apply ul 87 hauls street Relerencos cxchang< d. Board wantkd-for a youno man and Mrirrc. lu hchoken or New York. Will pay $45 per inootb tor full boiud for lady and partial for gentleman, with gmaml Ore. The parties advertlilng will be found every way Je vn ble, 11 sul'ed. Address. with full particulars, for three d ?** i^atavi ifraia ont^e Knarillrg honiw Board waKied- for a ornti.kman AjfDHts wife with h private family, where they would enjoy jt comfortable home, at moderate terms gas bath, Ac ; location below Twentj Hiv.fc a'rnet between tjjf deoond him! si* li ave nuw. Address M. I>. H., Futon square IV* office, vrPli uarno, locatl' n, Urui* ar.d rocma, Ac., for three daji?. Board wanted? B7 an kt.dbrly oknti^kmai?, with a pnvate family, whure there aro no ctillJreii, be tween Fourth anil ~ix!b nv nueH, not bfiow Uleecker street. A sluing mom, wjih bedroom ai.iir.hed, would be preferred. Addrcaa D. it. Ileruld oOice, witL particulars. j BOARDINO.-TWO OR THREE UAND80MKLY Fl/tt nhilied parlora, wltii bedrnotns attorba'l, yet vuwt, at the house r> u. lo Wavorlev plane; Itlao aerverai rn'>iiin for sin 61e gentli'tien. This U the moat desirable location in the city inner at 6 u clock. Boarding,? two or three h.eahant rooms, with full or partial hoard, la a detmable loration, may he bad by applying at ltU J- uat Fcrurteentb street, near rteooud avenue. Boarding? permanent and transient? for ladles Ami gentlemen, ni No. 8 Broadway, opposite tin Bowling (J risen; a most desirable locution. Also. a uucnti r of single rooms, for gentlemen, Willi ar ul bout board. Boarding? in the hourk of a ?mall fbivath fa mtlf, one or two handsomely furnished rooms, with par tial board. In a moat deairablc location, Id Snath Hrooklya. For particular* Inquire at Mo. M Harriaoo Mreet, M??? Court (Ad Clinton etrecta. Boarding -pleasant furnished booms, suit atile for married or alcgle gentlemen, may be liad by ap plying at N. C Bond street, near Broadway. Ill LEG ARTLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LKT, 8E 1 parato or In atiUs ?Gentlemen or MM desirin'; MM some rooms, in a delightful location, would do well to call im mediately, at 7*4 Broadway, c truer of Tenth atree t. ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH GAS AND l.ath ro*m, for aitiK'n geutlemiu, at 102 Weml Thtrty sc rood street, near Seventh avenue, and convenient lor stages or car*. I1C1NI8BKD BOOMS TO LKT.? GENTLEMEN RE quiring pleasant and aln rooms, in a convenient and healthy kx-ation, will tlnd eve^ accommodation. at moderate [iricea. by applying at 419 Broome alreet, near Broadway. FUEBISHED ROOM TO LET? AT 60 WHITE STREET, a few doom west of Broadway, on tlr>t floor, a large front room, and two smoll ones on second floor Also, two good utile rooms, on t ery moderate terms, for a small family, or a single nntn. C1 ENTLEMEN AND TI1KIR WIVKfl, OR STN'GI.R GEN I tleinen, ran he accom ed with foil ur partial board, iu a prjyate family. Apply at 91 Weal Sixteenth street. Hotel lodgings.- gentlemen tan obtain good furnished l uoma. at the Globe Hotel, i-orner of 1 ranklort aud William atreets. at 25 renla per uight. A few I. est rooms .it 3JH tents per ni^ht. No oilier ohargca, except at their option. LA PIERRE HOUSE, (J7!> BROADW AY--OONDUCTED on the European plan. Tbia el<*;:ititly fujuished house Is I1.1W rend) for the reception of guest*. Suites of rooms fo? lauiLUceoi single gentleman. J. FOREMAN. Agent. PARTIES WISHIEO BOARDERS SHOULD APPLY AT the boarding house agency, 5ll) Bro.ulway. Information gratuitous Two nently furnished room* w aate<l, for t family of three, without hi ird, lip town prelern d Rootnsjriirulehad und unfurnished, wanted HATTu" .V I'D. 1) ROTATE board? a GENTLEMAN AND WirE, OR two single gentlemen, can obtain a roan, with paatriee atia< he. I. in u house with the Modern linproi emi'nta, located at Ko. 3 Ninth atiert, between Fifth and Hixih aveimea. WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? A SUfY OF HAND twDii l) furnished room* U> let. to a family, w,th board. The house is lu-st cMsm in every reipcet, and eelguborfeo >d un exceptionable. Applj at 132 VVe?t Twenty thud street. Be MNMnexitafi a. Tl'" ANTEI*? BV A YOUNG OENTLEMAE, BED AND vV breakfuM In a quiet family, near Bro ?li> a/, lo. whi li f_ 50 < r f.'; per weak would be paid A. litres- J. f , lierald o?ll 00. VI fA>TEII-8V A LADY AND liKVTl.KMAN HOARD vv In; a ulre small emsrt girl, |o do w**hlng and ironing and look afler ii child two \ ' .ITS old To a desirable person good wanes will be *;? v Ktgllab prcfcri-ed tpjilyatd. Hicks at.. Brooklyn. First rate r fi renecs required! IL'ANTED-HY A GKNTI.EMAN, till WIFE AND IT two children (one an infill), and servant, one frm loom, with two bedroom* adjoining. wlhluiard in a rf-pecta ble neighborhood. Addreaa H. B A., Herald oOl. e Air ANT ED? BY A YOUNG MAN. A 'URNOtaitD ROOM TV with breakfast slid lea. terms moderate; ioeattou from West IVth st. lo W est Sflh si., near 8th. fkh or HHh lives. Ad drr>s box 3.0V2 New York I'oat at' ice, s ating I 'rmi and lo< i Uoo. >l'IJrlc A?W. ' IMNE ARTS -SIX SPLENDID OIL PAINTINO* IN rich glh frames, trom the well known pencil oi the jus ly relehrated E. C t 'oal rs. will bs sold lo the highest, hid ler. ou 1 ueaduy morning neit, the Xld Instant, at W. f MKI.I.OR'S ?sl<sroums. Nas. 13 and 13 I'aik row, nppo< te the Aator llou-e. All p> ranas desirous oi purrhsslng line parlor arna ?uents are particularly ad\ ised to rail and buy. AUthe paoit Inga as signed. /^1AME< > ? TYPKH, ItRHIHT AND FI.ATT^BI SG FACES. \j umliretypes. drali and seula colore 1 l f im mi ? >ti>c* tskra only ui Brooklyn; amhro'ypes takerf an . where and everywhere. H0IJIE8' ONE DOLL A R I'HOTtJGK APHS-GO OFP KM daily, giving em luiaiaatic saiistai lion, aa much so sa the ealebrated little 'ih r >nl miniatures have done, taking l,uon daily, the laat thrac years, at the Mueblne Picture Shop, ?10 Braadway. SOMETHING NRW.-FANAUD A 00. WOULD t! ALL the attention ol their frl< uda and the publlfl generally lo tli' lr new atyle of 2ft cent portiaits large ai/e and with caae, ai3</7 ltroadwajr. The rhaapest and beat ever m^de, and r<|tial lo tboee that cost two and three dollara elaewhare. FlllAMCIAls. *A -THE NEW YOKE IX)A? OFFIOE.-^-ASH A? vaneea Fi< m flu to (7S.OQO. an dlamnada. jewelry, watebna, planaa Jhi. Ar . on bonds and mortgagee met tuuidiae. an. ; of t ought for eaak, at NsKaaaau alreet, r?na No. I N. II ? Alee on *?gara and |<ssla iu hond. J II. IttRKINHKR. ^.1 ?MONEY ADYANt'KDON DI AEONIM. W \T< HE*. ?pi ? Jewelry, dej gooda. sliks, Ae., Ar. , or boighl lor eaaV 1 hie oU ? stsl. linked Mm ha- private room* for eaeh visiter. Huatueaa strictly i onfidemlal. I awe 'Irkets bought I<adlea snd ((atlrwe dcsiiing ? urns will pleaae call. T. E. Hut'hTON. 412 llro idwsv. 41 n l.OANF.D ON W \T< IBS, DlAMt?ND-t, Jewclrr. Ac , Ar . or bought for r?ah. In ?!??? from 910 upwarda Filiate rooms for ladiee. ' ihebaseae MoOi -e, id Rose ? treat, near I'esrl street. TMOH. II. kEESING, General Broker. Agon TO $400.? A PERSON WITH THE AROVE smniint to len I ths sdier'iser <n hear of m go<sl srostion liood aeciulty giten. Addreaa a. II., Ileisd ef Bra. oili BROADWAY? HONEY ADYANfEP. TO A r? Out amount, on dtamoni's, wa.ehea.jewalrT, planoa, <trj gisaia. aegara, and avery dearalplK>n of valnahla property, m b>, ught f<>r rssh.alnrka, bonda. noire, mortgagee, Ao . rnfa Mated. WalU'ea and jewelry ft" ssla. E TH A IEK. r *ens Noa 1 and X aecned siory. ?lt1 linn TO I4>\N ON NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN ?rl.vUlr eltj projerty. Also, en>' sum of |s,mi indnar ,,i (A.KI) on Eew lor* city Improvnl pr>>|)' P) . No brokers spplr lo E LOTT, 73 and " Nssaau s'r- et. /. - AAA W tETED ? IN AN ESTABLISHED MM vi'tVuvi ral MfeiiMji, one of the m ist auerosftil o the day, in which a fortune eaa he reslliisl. Bon > tide pel He* onl) need apply, personally, to Inhalation, OH West Thirty ea ,,?mI street from A till VP M &K1\ AHA TO l-OAE. ON WATt HEN DIAMONBB ftBl.U"" jewelry, aegara dry g'?*ls. and all kindsel I.cmaial pro)>erty, oe bought and Bold, for ? sah Nolea (seids mortgagee. st<s%B, Ae , neeo'i?le<i lot Nssaau atreei rorner of Aun ee?o?i,t rnoas Noa 2 ae I IH. TIIOMPSOE A t O., brokers and ' ..maUMinn leerchaaia. ?T7n nnn TO ,oan o>ma?wm. watcher Ipl | vr .t/vfV jewelry, seg ir.. dry grods, ant any ktae ui pel sisial pmperii , or bought foi raah it 33 John sue. a. corner at Nassau rmen No A aecoad lluor. by J. t. NUk III Kt. df'IWi nnn toloaeon dumonikwat 'HE*. ?TO' jewi-iiy and sll ktndanf per??nl pre pert*, or bo'iuht for raih. Ho??d< Ml aewtg *4*-a wtwld?l Buainoee prompt, at Pel Hr.iadwa^ aoi tier of I Iro >????, or 4ft Bi ssne s'reet, room No r t OA*S MADE I INtN YIMWFLa IN rtlRr t?R *T RFAs I 4 nt?o 111 ? ti It *nk srd Insaranre 3Na ks, on time. Jt.'lg II ?'l hR \ Y. 44 W sll f 'i eel, oer Beak nf Rorh Am -n s. BTtlAOER IT a DISCOUNT Ft'E SALE.? ABOCf f IM?* In son ? t\'t '"i lo >' (>?> of goal let lw? less II . n t i e tear >0 on WRI l>e solt at a liaomtot, as 1 he nwrer t^eeila ti? MMf, Apply to J. PKOaRE, 131 lleetf ?? Mil ct srr 7< ?..i*F? J imorrerFIEi iERUMAEoi OOH ? ' pan; *? * 1 s'i eel c " haf Fes -| NewY'-rh, feptem r', I less A semi S..,i ?al iMvlttefid of eiaM fee u-nl haa tM , I .eei d?s .vae, pavahla in the si c?b . iters m ihie oflcaee '? nikuil ItXklti Pl.AfT, da 1 star/ fciAH I II A N CI St 01 IT Y rnniis -TtIR I NDEHSIGNEO, 1 i i o.'i ?- 1. 1 eta H tM f led Dt' t ot the city of Sea erlr? art. V 'chy ?|es we lee that the> are prepared and wS l.s) t^e in'e it st ? ' * 1 * Noi 1 "',t'? r I. In' t?, it. ?>eii i rato isca, totoe Iwi pt r"i< n ol the eei tlrd.t tan wit ss the hsn Fr Ane isca I dtf 1, , li, V-Sf m* Intel est, with haf 'ea > oouooe. ?i the rat* .tf lop* <eet per annom, ?ne ixmei) si dot Ms) I, I STL D IrtAUAXT, 1 WM llotil KK. Ci mmlsstnnem nf the ?|||> V1|>|1I El OB, yrnmlrd Deht af Pile m ||? M?v liSHiiir, I Ma Iraa. taw.. WM M I.I.HT, | ??s Fesaitsin. Aug J K'A, VL'AMH'-W'WTll HF I FA T.7?N NOEDAin MOET Y? got' oleimi rov?.| ret? es?e'?, eitnaletl ten mi ss feo?n New Yt rk for three jests *1 ' per cent. ln?nrat,-g legs fnei A IdrcM Y. C . hot 141 He tM o???. M nur CH?M, $20 Nil K ruliES - ANOTHKIt I.OT OK THOSR cbefajt robin will lie o;mii -d ?t retil <>u Xomlay, a. AiCNOi.I*. CONSI'A HLK A Canal street, n Mr llroxl w?y 5.000 ' liUd ri'Utt ribbon*, all widths, Kroiu Nua. 2 to 13U0 Just received. by TULLKR, H ART A M.OORICLR 46 Murray street. AT. 8TKWAKT A CO. WII.I. OJ'KN, ON ? Mouda), Sept tlif.j ?|i>ck of i'ARLS MADK CLOAKS. Broadway, Chamber* mid Reade streets. i CARD. ? TUit 6'JBSOitIBKk MKUS UCaFE *0 IU i? J? ? re'julrlnB ar? ^ ^ worx lnin 0Hk> J* " t""? <b all 19 brunches, utal th-jj aui bar* tfct t'lf Juttxl la a superior mariner and ou Um> moat libaMM Wma, by annljtaf at IS HUxabath A now addrem* U J; V' JKUlte liuwediately at. ended to. K. B.? Will, If r? <Ut??a At the rcaiuota* of any lady by U* flay or Am. wool pi. A IDS, FBF.NCH MKRIWOK3, valkn tljiR, K'acemoi*, uiguh. do Luun, De Bci{es, a.L?Ai-.n, lu?trte, purtiinatiaH, 4c., Ac., ItrTAII Kli rauw COW OK IMPORT ATIOK. LORD A TAYLOR, W, 2t9*nd ?1 Or.tud stieet. Aud uew number* 47 and 19 I'a'barine street. _ A RICH ASSORTMENT OK BRUSSKLH L lOKd.? JU&T racsired, point aTaiqutlle, point de api'ti'iji" and J lenciruncH collars, collar* and sleevea to inatcb. eoiJiii es, bandlufclutfV Ac Also black lUraad lAccl. <$?*?> ?ft"' vella, an<*. ooift'ettv". in fc;'eat variety. Our uew stylus o. ulu Bl^'^KtK?ICN^V^IK, ?? Broadway. aks? qv wljbe pleased to show hia customers, a'. ,,5 Urjadw-iy, > Ninth stnet al.AVv A~T? t,n, C0N8TAW.K ft CO. WIIJ, OPEN ON MOV- | 1*1* C 22, a beautiful a..*ortineut of Preach ciabrtiJe ! ??T, f. lace goods* ru'fl Hid ic*. Ci Caual 8'.?ei t, near Broadway. B" ? - ? RIKOTON A LKSMK, 02S BROADWAY, AJI.KT, KAR. 'onduy, Kept. 22, a new and htiuerb ua-tort ? ill open, on k. tderie* in collirs, roltare mi Bleevirn io ! uu iii of Naur j fitnbrt f.inU' robes wis!*, e.ips, Ac. Their matrh, BuudkeichietP It cliotec mouridiig aets, Ac., la uow usual I urge aahOii/aenl ot complete, - ? ? >LLAKS, T3LACK THREAD LA?E Ow " C^roiderlM, auH a .plcuOid .lock <rf "" Rak* ' **"?'*' ?? ijMr,. 'ow Bystreet 481 Broadway, three door.i fe*. 'HM.Y LARUE Black thread lacsb_an pnchv. ^u.'.n'of'pur assortment. just rrcvmd; collars, cap??, *. -<uuiw tv tillafl, ve.iU, dc. They are well worthy th? ibuseri. MILLEU % UHaNT, 371 -H* i T'lR BLACK RIBBON VELVETS.? A LARUE LOT f* " '|jj dill'creiit widtha. W ill be aold chaau Buiutht Left pMtllM in prii e*, at ISAAC BASDOCI'^ M. K 'i?\ Direct, middle of the block, between Gfcryatia ami Roraytb BKKNKTT'S UKAUTIKCL ST??OK ok LADIKfi' FAhIC- , lonable Kull auaw Roods, M fi'JO Broadway, opposttj tfc? hi. Nicholas m now to be aold off without r eeerte. Tbitcom< plete Hhaoitmcnt of (hi> Mad and roost HMWU 'style* ol I'll rli.lan bonnet* in chenille, colored straw, A'., will be duipoarrt cl at prices so low a* to allord pureliaaeM the tfre.i'eat bar- I I'himh lii Uiefmarket. Ctl.OAKS, M 4NT1 I.I, AS AND TAI.MAH. / JACOB I.ANSINd. VI Hedaratreet, Im-OITl.ll AH D MASLf ACTUitfcH or CT.0AK8, MANTII.I.AM, TALMAR, KTC., Hon now in au>re A complete aaaortmeut of roo'U in the above line, hunM eiorMsly foe TI1K KAl.l. TRADR. To whlrli he invite* th>* special attention of jobber* In ttala ajul other clue*, alwo ot la gt buy art from everj aeolloo of tb? Union. Una stock comprises an infinite variety of elegant navi-Me* In clolh. velvet, moire antique aud all pravailing fabri.'a, w .Jl adnpled to Ibe wanla of the Undo, and includ:ui( all qualities, atylea. Ac., which be oilers mi the moat liberal teriiM, *>idal prtcca thai cannot fail to nicel the approbation of ol >,e buyer*. 42 C?dar altect, between Nawuin anil Wiiinuau /^IIKAP KMHROinKniF.a. \J French wurked cumin ic baud-;, 73c. to (1 30 the douiile band. Hrt.a (it Collar*, allCVCA Qllii Clir miwttci, (I 23 to $1 to? Worth $4. Ktlciiifta, inaerliotia, himlkerohiefa. Ac. (IKX1.V S Illuv, 5l'l Uroidway. CH.OTU AN1) VK.LVKT CLOAKS, J Most appro* Hi ahape*. At it. Broche, ptold wiioln ami crape aluwla, Ac, Ac., ?ji i ? it 1 1. nt biiow uauaL PKicm. I.ORD X TAYLOR, -&i, S-.J. 25? ami ill Urand atreet, And <7 Ul?>l 4tf CathiU'ine X'rr 'I. (1LOAKS AND MIAWUS - J Our cloth and ahawl deparUuoal li no* being filled with ... . Borne of thi lateit inapurtallaaf cm uuia arUrlca. Alxo, Cloakaof our >wn mmafar <wr In neweat patierna and atylea llKKKMVN A CO If r ANT 474 Broadway. CU.UAKS AND MANTIIJ.A5. ) to soiiiiir.i.i ano w-j ?*? uricusn. tihoittih unHpiN. Imtmrtar and utauu?''*irer, ;*5I Broadway, N"?? Ynr*. Ken- 'J call the a'.Vuuou of buyera to lit* Lu ge aud riulae ?i< m Ic i?f CLOAKS, r A L.MAX, Ac., Ac , For the f ill irade Tfce collection comprint* garment* of all grai le*. fmn thr h)?'eet U> ibe rK beal tlml can be pin luce I, wlil e inu 1 . he enjoy* in importing and mania -turtug ru.ihlo* hin \? a ua ruiiAr die Very bt at ot Kouila at Um> ujar.-r ?o?xi?i.a ri.iccs. tJKO. RCLI'IN. Si>1 Hroadway, Near Yuri,i)iauul?ciory, Of* f ruikiia girML CHEAP F.BRBOIDEBIES AND 1 1CK9.-A FULL AS ?uriuiPiit of tin lateai tail at/lea, ju?i receive. I per aioam em Kdililmrii and Ne? \ ora. Vi i km rut. ar.uiw rt;*Toa?RT eitieta. LORD A T A Y I. Oil. r&. Ml, 20 aii' I ?ii Un. ad air<e\ And new number* <7 an4 49 Catharln- utr.-. t. C1LOTIIS. CASSIMKRPB, VKSTINUS, Ac.? FBBXCB, J Kaghah. On man m.t amertran c.otlia ; plain and Uncj irea, *e?tin?a, tailor*' tttmmhy.'*. Ac., HrraiiKii AT jnaaaita' ramu lord A Taylor, za, r-, w? and ki tir* t atrr t. And 47 an J 4V Catharine atrwf. D RESS SILKS FROM ACCTIOB.? 8EVKR AL LARUE linoiri a. tnat received, RICH t AMI loX ABLE PI. AIDS anl STBIPES, At 6e 6d ami 7a per (aril. LORD A T A Yl.Olt. XA. r.7. '&?* an I Ml flr.ind atrf.-<. And new number* 47 ajd 49 CaUiarinn nUeeL (!OR?ETS. rORRETR. Of?RHBTt.-T!IE MKNVINE J fjfin* arote <oraeu are mild by 54 ra <1 aTN'IR. at half the pricca uaually charted. Aiao. ekirta tu treat raiietr, * billet ale aud ratal! No. 46 TMrd araoue, near Teu* atre* ?od SBSSUth arrnue, aear Seventeenth atrret. DJALENt OS (TRtlEi t'OI.t. AUS. POINT A L' AtUUILLK, Valrncteiinea. applloaa aeta an I collar*. hrid?l ai-arfa, llouncea, i i'ii I pi >i 1 1 1 eanaa, handkcrculef*. lace* nt all widilia, and a ciunplete aanirtinciit of ui.nda, ?bn.4i caiutut be aur tivnaed, being telecMil ekurca?ly for ri Mll.l.KK A HKA.Nr. t7l Hretdtray DREHH HILKft? A r 6a . 7* AND He., f !? LAR'IK l|t7 A N illb-a and good etyl'-a Will he a4ded to O'lr rrt ul aVtck M Monday, Sept. ? ? ARNOLD. CoWhT A MLB A CO.. t- ? anal alrect, m ar llroalway. I^MUROI D^RI)".H. KMRROIDKRIhN - J On Monday, Kept. 2i. mil be rihlKltrd in InTtilca of *ri bi ofctcrtea, bongbt at aur Hon, fully U per eenl hetow the rrgm lar price*. Ladiea will pleaae exam m O. II WILLI A MH, 317 Broadway, corner of Lr >naid a-rcct. VABI.Y K ALL (IXMEft L Of Hue jrr-y, brna n mlied and blaok ciu'ha, The at y lea eatlrely new, Mow na eale at OBO BI'LPIN'ft. Ml V>\MM?>NH VBU BrMOREATH HTORR, " 7V-, Canal atreet, Oflioaite oreene m.iai eiieaalve a ?? >rt n.eni nt paUertia for ladiaa and nfctMren. ioc.'i tin* the lady W lahingti n baai|ue, to Iut4 only at tbia e-iahliaiimeut, au I ?? inteileil by Mine, t.oodale OVBCED ABD lOCMBJin I>LAlBE bobe*. - Plain rotor*, wl'h rb h Orient il at I t'aatiinci e printed t'oancea, will be opeaied on B?nday, Hepi IX A. T sTKWABT A CO.. Rmadwaj'. Chaotbera and Reade at. < eta. (IBB IB n IIAX\AB.-RBYRKALCART00N40P LACE4 Jt will be opened Sept. a. emhrai mg a Ur?e m a< r'meol of blarfc thread \ aloocleunea, and point Apple|iic, a of the i (Hail deairahl* paltei nC > aletH lennaa ?ue ahlll ng a * ird, by the pieee HkMN'S llataar. 'il l llrntdway, lit Nlrb"'aa lintel. ?1 I! WILLI* *# - f. Will open on Boa ! ir, Sept. C. an Idtj ? of ap e 1x1 ailB roaea. At Hi' each 317 Rroadway, rori"* of L">n*H afreet. Tt'RT BBflWYRP, RY STKAM-<IIIP PKItSIA, A PlTUi e| a"' rtnieoi of bw k t baatllly Uiread laeea, Pr. aeh ein bentderlee. real Ta'eneleBr.ei, lacea Ar I. idh a arc reapeft tully lauta il to r.?U at IIKNRf Blt'R'*,7D ?n?! - . *et Kid oioyer. bid ?loteh . For ule, a large Inrott e ni ki t gtoree at ??. per pair. 1 be Indira wniild do well to eiam ne tnia eiock b?lor> pur i haatna ? leewhrre. t>. R. WILLI \"s, 147 Bmadway, cormee rf l^ntvl rraet. hi<t qtiolMr. all wra?l i, ? -l? t> i ? * I l> ? <? |. . -,t , 'r matiitloi rlii up tiuratiK-kn f'.n H-himl Kr-i i V w. r'.o'l rarnot be firrlMid. We hate |in' ri eir.. ! ? ap'i-n ilnl ba. ot el'Mtheol the neweat matre \\e <1 ,re ui ca : at lenilftt to our ?ii tn of fancy g(K>ila, Pri u h lerlea i ?a?ri- aed eollaia Mvaeiltea qotlta, Man^eta. A< Itne-ia i ( all kb.da, f. i ahir'li.R and *lieetln?. ub.e il?m? a ai 'I Meatheil. ni'|.kbi? ami iMMe*. A' i a. I of anr torn l.noae. tai.oti Per if in wat'lol tonNwtll (In I It to their a-l raa tai " locall at d etatptne hefnre hujlns rlvek'-f". Teain^?. I.. eat bed niti-br.a and ealtroa. i>* 'tie it.'. ? ,i . u -a , I iii.rea will be aold to on the mn4 reaa- nable term*. 1 ACES AND F.BRBOIDPMvs .1 4 .' AMES fiRtl A Ct i hi \ " i-* .... - > ? > nt I ew Riaai*. coWpl leing a an pet b ael'M I M m I ot ft i r ? H-lkv ?> RKAl. Lack Alan, a large and heanUfnl .laem-imce' nt the Rn n? T K?RRoir>?aiM leronrrn 7? Ilmvlway 1 ATKST PARIS ? AHHI.1N ill K ? RI VKI.I.I ? MJ ?kir?a. a ?iew atrlc. peenliarlt alij.'ed t.> I >r |>e?.?nt mode. .Manufactured nflWj f>"' the IraAr, at No. il Pare |i>. M WMLl'K n ..AlMt*. Pimn ??rtio?i. At ?1 tenia per yatd About one h ilf the mat ?f teaixiet ttlon a r. itRwtkfi co, Kroadwar t hamheraam He* |e aireeta iimW>A? AJ?I? CWlAEB- NEW ?At.l. AMD WTB tee etyioe M*fa foMe now ready ij erety rariMe ? ?Mte. ?le and qmlhlea DmM ?a^d Hea-?r trraaN, cr"-s DRY GOOOS, AC. MAlbON 1>K fARIS. 61 Canal str<"<-t. Kail la.-hiona Hi Ui1U* rluak* kiicl taluuu. A very lar^e md oompli le .1 ortnant of x.u tuont* BillUw 9tt Ca: 1 v lull wttr. lu all 'lit- uvw a-<l dnairal le materials. TKA\ KiuLlNO CLOaKS fpw auMsow a yfujtom, NBW UOOIM? -ORKAT BARCl AIRS AT QILLKl'H BOHTERt HAVINGS STORK, No. 138 Bowgiir. This wwk rec< lived. Ad in voir* of be: utiful popUun. A l?ru? 1 ?? of tlannel*. A line aaaortni?nt of delaiuea. 10 eaaea KnifUsh pirn!* 10 bull"* tiU'ikets, real WWtaey. ft bales blarkoi*. bath. . Tbes? ar? Imported direct by tills houae, and ft ?W Ml ?ery dealroble, but very cheap. feveral new .styles Stella and wool shawl*. A Lir*e Invoice of linen goode. Diaper*, towel*, napktna, taMnolothe, 4c. A .splendid aasortmeut of guoia for Boys' wear. Domestic good*, sUli-tin**, .,ke?tm|p?, Ac., revived direet from Uie faeuirle*, and old at lower thin by any other house in low n, either wholesale or re * Minmi O.MV, AM) THAT MAHKIU VLUK. N. B.? Bates' uaieut sKiri.i, >*. only N'jAMKH OR VVACO. have now their naw fall gwda,<C ibelr oh n iniporiaiiou ? HUJ, *??* tOlHi _ MklliaOKS, M. D?t-A1>M, I'KIMrs and Vai.mciaJ, FtODWCie t*i> Bayauii-k Valencia Robes, VitKMII AMD IUMTt 1* Ogll# 3. ^'29 BrotAwVf' VTOTICK ? LADIK8 WANTING MOb'RNINQ Q<MN <-:ui beiupiilled with ilie of material#, ?u4 jjer cent. n>w 861 Broadway, between Priaci* iu?l Burlii* niroeto. tl? "? L iJici own materials made up k. tht- beat maimer. N r" " 1 Jfuiu )fo*w?and otSer lahtocabla ahapefc In ttxUrr* to miiH lao preaeut teaaoa, How reedy Ml N ^OU\ EANTK8^ ^ & co ? ill open, on 1 nr-<dajr, Sei1' 22, Sunr. MAOHIflCBNT Kl.ou.scuo AXB UAY IDBKE SilLK lioilFJl, Kecrired by thu rteamera AtUutic and Asia. BroaUw ty, Ch uubers an 1 Rf? le aii 9>X. ? , aN1> OBH? ,.r nVNIVS I-Al'lr-* ^ * ?* p lOINT 1,A<K AND POINT LACK COLLARS. J iiat received, by BKKKMAN A CO., A Itqe invoke of 0* above ^ ^ ^ Ato ****** ******* rf n,wjMperrM,dUwwfc DOFLIMS A VALENCIA*? A BRACTirOIt A&MMS* uient ol these \ ery dosirnble fabric* f >r Mlc br ARNOLD, OO.NsTaHI.K A ('O., Canal itrert, near Hrou4w*f. OIJD, or SW ltBO*l)W4.T, OPPOSITE TIM '1)111.111 Hotel ? <>ur whoJeaato truJc briiia thrjmjh, TprtV^BU ?? Monday, Uif 2:M, ihc riwnlar retail fell tnMte JLV ?(.(. njisurtnu'iit of i-mbroiderlca and rich l?? we will uitlun caps bead drtwaea, wrealfc^ with a vert- <'V, >rotdrred hanitW.rchlebi, Ac.. collars MB of our own i rp"n o. Freab arrival of black lac* r-kkJjc illuaiuii goods, ?'?i ? ? ? ? ? ? ? aleevi II . xv. $! *?K '? HAIR SI1AWLS. REAL INDIA SAitN, fmnL 429 Broad war. GEORGE A. B. ?rtcicut of real Julia Mnefl ud aoarfa. l..i? ironed a iiuftntfleent a??. >? hair long aha W la, e<iti*n u-^awla i hM, jiiat rectlrad s ILK KLOUNCKD ROBKP, AT $. Ono wore lot of those braWlf *? t% ?>t 22. Bj the Aula. Ilk rob?L Will be opened on It ?t 92J, AJro a ver\ h<u> 'noine aasortmen* ?c? 'Attl, 1'uri'ii.iacd ?*t uuctiou, and will be- ao. oealre?t. Bjr JAMKs CHOI 4KI Bioadirar, three doom Inflow Itroo. SILK BOUKH. MI.K BUHK3.? We have now ? Our ataortmr Bt of tilk robet. And call the parUultr Of Ike lauien to the lime, A* It comprint the M Kitrutlve and brut gelt-: ted R'oek U> t>e found la the flNr> liEKiCM AN A COBPAWT. 473 Uroadwaf? QTKI.LA Mf\WLK-IN NKW AMD ( HOICK HTT1.M0U (J k/mip of whicii arc Mrtctly coffined pattern^, for tale bf aKNOI.I), UOttt-TABMC A t'O, QMl ?lri et, uear In idw?r> mn? pantr- usn ov of fashions. BBQAfiwtw I W, will <4 nprur4 on i?iir?ii', n"?, *,! ? JVh nut. TM IBApltAtil.N bc| tuavn lo aliirm thi-ir patroiut tal ll public that the) h.?v iiitt received j>. r tart ii."?u?.'r, a ?i lenal'l tatortmrai of !??!" *' and rUlldrPu't (r^nncnti, ef ? ? . ? > ntyle end pr'.co, t.?r tm.ll and winter >?<? >r. .tn la ip. cdtjpt of Hm ?e lieauUfal article! t ?* Ittltad, aad c napatlltaa ujih-J. VARD WW FP.fcKt H FEINTS, 1 Oi U??" tiiacuitnnri of Uihk, Odici:, Romah A t'o , tai oUinn. Perfectly M <roi r?, At It 6d. per yard Opeo oi Mnndnv Sep' :2. * t. -,i r.w.u.r .? co , ?rottfv */, Chtmlipt ? and Ri ule it. trtt. HOK^fcS CAJtlUAt.fcit, <M/. At riiK baxaar. n t'Rositir >? fkkkt, ?riij, hb ixiiii cveo K-uiUy and Wedm l 'V, at ..m ooo tuiua i in <.t Im i - ?, tuitnhliifor .til p'liT"" u>-w tad "cwal lnu.'t WokOUN kioeti liaru ,IOHM II. i. * ; i I !? (..' I*j tor, ! iincpuni mil fob uoixiwh u.i ruu J\ -urp, for m l.i. liay, about Ii I. upU Intfli, a Kood Ua ' \>dler, iu \rat*old. alii* i " J MORfKfSItTKK, A) Deekman aireac | t DAM CMPIWI MARK. X IV K nUIIOOiOM ! A flint M tilf tn T i< proti ?r? sreat *u?rd, i > ?vj ta I \ i inumi, l.'.v, lunula I.Ub. mun i a nl kit J. ?n?i ju-t from tba , eoaiatrys Uir owner hat to mm for a boran Apply ?f M7 NnB aveaaa, near Ibuiy ttiouj fcUrel^ la tbe foi-4 a ore, afltr A ' ?'ciorlt *? M AOKMUUfAB W1IO IS ABOt'T TO I iA ?' R TUB r>niiitr<r wniim to 4U|'"*e u?' in*- imiu'- 1. <ict<, aatf It wllliiic lo kain'ira in doai>. tb-y tre brmbt l'*y?. aa<Mt ?? aj? old. ID ii Mid- hiKb.and are ?ry <h<> ?> *.??< fiMi k ?4 bt aad iMIa liarn<-*?, and muod May l>" Mru uuul A* lu, t> \al?* aubl . T?<?t) lourtu Hreoi, U<*iw?Nb v < < 4Mid ai.d Tfclrd a?eni'r< or will b<* ?Lo .? ti to any | ?cmlinx tlielr addreat at above. BOARD1NO IIWRSKA, IN THE ' <>1 N I j;y -.IOR-SI kept by (lie month WiU bare Uie hm of care. pUrk o. -round tlooc MUw l or ara ia,mr?af H. \V . I.KnKIUi'T. No ? *'aii wr-et. Teriuat;. (lARPl'NTKR'S RrrLHK R'H W AOOJf? NRARI.T IIV, tor nale i heip In |U?* of t'. O. 1 BoMf*>ON, NaB ?Nuwu tlreel. up tUUra. IjlAHT, FOWKRPUI. ROAD HOR^K f'OR SAI.I. KIilflT r yr m o. 1, U'lia in 2 ?. II1. haudt huh. bav, a rylit* bay, If'S haiiita blub, lin'n in ( M. ?evi i y< ?r? o.J AIM, * blaok botf. hevi-n yetrt old, WouM aiitwer a tlrvalora ?r 1 4i man All warranipd nound tiul hind. Apply at IM Ohtr ry o'lcet. IV)R HALT? A VKK Y UANDftOMR ItOUTAII.KH BAT Irfire' . 6 jraie 41 j ban I" Idnu, f.nt -nd ttyllab Iriver. v. irraj te<l wiur l aixl lun<t A'w> one m#--l tray borf. very baii'lrono-. ?I"1 a ?tjlKh driver. 6 wwr* obi. I ban U hi?l^ v> arranted a< hIktv To Iw mph at W-#i Tapo'y ( >urtfi a i . 1 1, between tbr FUib uud i< itb avenupa, at Ui? < u peuier'a wmp FOR RAI.F-A FOhV. WAOON ANI> H ? RNRVt. TBB pony m a c>nd naiMla borop, xi'ind and kind aad wtU ba Mid l biaa tall lip ?< -n a lltlh.rfi.i ? ?j?i"e Twi-atf ikMmwt n'art.'b avinue. Fur par.trnlara taqulre at Il? Petri ?uer*. up etalr* I""t?R SAI i:-A BAT HOBSK. FIFTBRB H A HUH II I OB. 1 pot>> Mil; wtrrti.V l aoun4 and k nd. la an nnllat ? art h< rae. and onlv ? i(tht >rait old. Apply toTUOBAB NliHKI.''. IH t'lmti II pUr? __________ VOR HAI.R? TWO HAJtiytMiMi. TOP WaOilNit. OlfB I la a new p.|Utre bat. Ibc otlipr i??rry li?bt aad aeal, ? nd h'-en iiapd oaly a few nnr ?. lak'n fur drot. ta>l wtll ba mid if / i bvap. iB'.'iire ?l IV i.rovp turpi, urar l.lapoker. 1.-IOR H M K? A It LA OK POKT. AHOOT THIBTBBV I I . i h jffj fve year? old. trarranlea aoua<l. and kbtd to .ill bainxa t'?l t very t ar ?ad Da poav for a > mn| Uttf ? * I or. Iinjiitrp anr tinia i ?fnre I o i !"r?. of J AMRit BAT 1 IIFWR, oon er ot ,laj aad Hli:h ? .re t. Hruoklya. -rtOR SA I t- \ HfUIDlIt PAIR OF NATt'tlKO LI.tBV r gray rairiagr h> r?t, MVi hatxlt bleb, * aad 7 veart olA. v? .rt ."I?'"i aoiind Hid k ml m "inkle aad 'louble barnraa. A* <j <. nv nrr h*a ?r> liir'tix* u?e for <f> 'tu he wrl tell at a bar - aaltl Ki r p ii1w iilar? applt to I'D H*KIX A aBHKBMUB, II Wall ??reel _* f_ P?R PAIJC-A RRW RO*l? WAt.OM. FOB WAIft ?T uae; ne%prl>een ruu Abu a upp.hkI h?nd wa|?n la qu re at RK A M A R "R fanorv, Mercer atrart, above Amity. T.VOF MI.H-A W'l r RloR PI RII \B l MPBOTBO tX?W. r ni? yearmoM. atvl *lrln? twmt j ,in?rt? at milk par .lay. Alen. a tlv irtrta:d hay borae, Bftem handa blab emind aad kilNf aad plmaant dilvrr and fa?t traveller. Apply at IIS i wenty fourth eWB c" 1RFATHAI.H OF HoRHFJi.? THKMTV^HK HKAP QT urm httf |V Imflf *, Mlddlr lurwi, U?tf wim Jf ? tl'iablp hwwa romprVti'.t tae'rbad . irrlvae . tun at t'm?ppr'? Vana*o ? II "iar, Morrl?o?n. B. J ^ es 1 u*a<ley aett, itretraibrr O, lNHi a' lloVI<> ^ A. B B. a. W .||'.'*T> u. Aireai Kcrtk ?n - t tn I i?li in* Bo It . 11 OB-K'-M * TORK T*TTKR-i?l.l <, SI KTH ATB BMP oiuu ol I Hit> ?'??'h ?rer| I : .K) , Kept TM. o ckH- k at an ,t? '? <v b wet hvealalninwk If ebi Ba< ?l" ?nd awtPbrd palrt. a t.'' p 1 r h? roa1 and h'ltlaeM rtiraea' a>? ' h?w". alan nn?i.- aad dawbla .? a. .. IMS : I " <l btr*i ? ?% '?! * Mont, of every ttyla, la ?! ?ir Ii ' ia"Vpt? ebei- ? bd'lert. Ap MiR< ' ' l *? V *?? 1 "feer and Pro.'riMar. ? rr r*i ? Saleafnan. II * KF IABR -AM 1 UK FA I I'*.T? RRtRDR, bnndnx' or tlx.naaa i , a mi ill t abauaa. Fid* I aandi'*' i ?? lo r!"?e a ""uair-.m-ot P. KOtl 1 ??, MM Ban**)*** immi.1 ?t <rj CVMl"' f"M *I>T ARCRa ?AH UK i<AO OR ?tR i* i*rr. anil nthrr pefMna pro," t .t pi j m* >t No. I?". Nun mi ?'re? t. ?re<" d tli ? r. rllllH A nl , Ar*n t, QflOtM IMPORT \NT TO BRTA1I.RR4.? -WK WII.I. l~ Mipplv ri S'lltt rtM?f ff? With tefars 0< e ,?rf |a?lpr , a< '< ? aa tli'-y ran hr tw.utlii elae?l. rp . ai d wUl hell to tbrn* at rbe><p aer boi aa p< r tlio<t?iind. WII.I.I A BKAP, M ltr.'?d - ay. S'K.OARS -SF.VKjtAI. IRVOierx ARR !tnw FtRIBO O ebiaerl ou", at a kwt of fynm 15 to J5 pe. ' ppnt lo tta na loitpm. t'aah poi r >j*aera are lav Mod to eiuuamt i^atL ad va? ,vht oa acsait of any awalUy 0. f'HRFK*. 17 Rroadw^. KKIHaBMB I7ltrt'R*IOBR TO RFTFf'BT, TfRTt'MIWO AT (RJfT n ?(h d uiot#.? nurwauk tui . ^ fprh. t<** ?( H^Viawrj *fr++u INwwyik TWtth 4*s*. W#N!rf*4nyt. TItipMv* **? ?r^ , ?h?? 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