Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1856 Page 3
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hMlR'flSKMKNTS BMEWED EYBRV PAY. ~~ jjtJJJW AT AUt'TlOW. 1 1 TION NOTICK.-HOI HE AND liK'j! NIH IN KA*T Newark ? E. N. UIM.KK. Auctioneer, will sail on the .mises, 011 Monday, Sept. 29 at ;>? o'clock, 1*. M , under the ection of E. T. Hillyer, ar.d S II. Kltchell, Ksqrs.. executors, f house and grounds lately occupied by Ooi Mlcajah Key d* deceased. The house, aituated do tlie east bank of the ?*ic rher, is very spacious, containing 13 finished rooms, ? naive ot htsement, dining room and kilo hon; la most libe lijr supplied with closets, pantries aud cellar room. The Bunds, po-isessing a dock front on tbe i ? r of 566 feet, em lace an and three uuarier ucros of vegetable aud (lower gar fti, aud orclwrd, ail iu the moat complete order, and well sup " with choice fruit, shrubbery. ornamental trees aud Mow _ A vaniied milk cellar, sumc.ent far a large dairy, with _blrs and otlices re<|uiaiie for the establishment. Ou tna pro Irty is a well of the purest water, the whole being a most titrable property for investment or for a residence. Tortus UOTION NOTICE? M. N CBOKT, AUCTIONEER, 14 Piae street, will sell ou Saturday, Sept 27, at ten o'clock J., on foreclosure of chattel mortgage, at the coal yard, ?r of Twenty-third street and Third avenue, iu the city of "York, the lease and good will of said premises, together h coal, carts, horse*, harness, sleds, screws, tubs, shovels, lies and office furniture aud all oilier properly then on and freuuto bclougmg. Terms of sale cash. By order ot inort _ UCTION SAl.E -PI ANOS ? SAMUEI. OHOOOD A CO , 1. suctloueera will sell, at el i?as?aii street, this (Saturday) trnioi;, two rosewocd piatx.lViiii ?, two second hand mabo |iy do. sold ou account of whom it may cou jeru. Terms, h, In city tout's. t Ection notice -s am uei, osoood a co., auo tlotii er<, will sell at Hi Nassau u real, this (8?turday) rniug, at It)1 o'clock. a large stock of household furniture, iprv-.iiig iicfi ei-amelled cliann er suites, tweuty rosewoo 1 5?r suites, covered w ith broculej sl'k plush and haircloth; ?slug buicaus, bedstead- wasfcvands, wardrobes, book es, Bofss. parlor rocking nursing and arm chairs; lounge*, euslou tables, intirliletop een're.audoth r tables. cardtaiilcs, ?lug matlr< sacs bedding, hair mn'r- sses, rait rors, oil pa'nt s, carpels, eiegires, bookstands, cribs. Ac., Ac. UCTION NOTICE.? M. DOUOHTT, AUCTIONEER sellihis uuv.hi lo.l? o'clock at 27 Centre street, a ?e assortment of new and seccnl hand fdrnlt'ire, viz.:? Emelled cottage suits, sofas and sola bedsteads, leu; a teles, lensinn centre and toa tables wardrobe*, mahogany and Jpleenfyr.n l rocking rhalrs, beds aul bedding, bureaus, Ishsti utfe, cliiaa, crockery and gbiss ware, mirrors, mat kwes; sImi, by virtue of au execution, oue elegant r.setvood flor suit, In b.ocade, carpets, Ac DCTION NOTICE.? TIIOP. BELL, AUCTIONEER ? j. By BELL A BUSH ?This day, at 10K o'clock, in the [?si ooms, will be sold, to close a concern. 3 solas, 4 tables, Irench bedsteads, 4 paintings, 300 yards carpeting. At li'clock, by order of the executor of the late Pierre Cam Id, a lot ot line gold and silver watches, clocks andjewelry. |o, to sMisfv a judgment, a wood London gun, 2 first rate fent levet watches, dry goods, clothing, fauey ariicles, Ac UCTION NOTICE? J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.? BY H. UOOaRT.? Ihisduy, at 10>, o'clock, at 272 William -et, houaehoid furniture, conslstiug ol'-sofas, tables, chairs, Rbets, bedsteads, be<ls ami bedding, kitchen furniture, Ac. Lliay, at 1M o'clck, at rooms corner of Frank land Wthiam streets, mortgage sale of household furui Ir. WedLesdav, at 10'j o'clo.-k, at the auotlon roomi, Irtgage sale of household furniture, piano, Ac. IsSIONEK'g SA1.E OF THE BTWCK OF A HERCIIAN r . tailor ? A. M. CRI8TALAR, Auctioneer, 23 Jowery, will .on Monday 2l.Hhinst .a*. 10.', o clock u large stock of clothing piece goods, consisting in part r f casslmere and cloth Irock, 6 over and business coats, doeskin pants, of a variety of and patterns; silk, satin and vu en. la vests, under shirt*, ?rs. cravats, handkerchiefs. Ac , Ac , together with Eug and French broadcloths, caasimeres, doeekins. silks, satla-i, [e?, buttons, trimmings and a variety of other fancy arti in the Hue. By order af A. L. DKx I KK, Assignee. CKTINUATION SAI.K OF TflE BALANCE OF THE extensive stock of cabinet furniture, at lt>3 Chatham t ? The balauce consists of about 90 sofas, 45 of Need 's patent sofa bedsteads. II) saperior bookcases, It*) bti _js snd w :iab stands, a larse (|uantity M beilsteads, 900 [lrs, together with every article of furniture on the premises. r and country Sealers, as well as families commencing -sekeeptug sre invited ti attend, as every lot will posi piy be sold. Catalogues ou the morniag of sale. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. ? 8EOONO HAND KUK.VI t-ire. carpets, oilcloths, pianciortts, 100 bedsteails, B >s rookers. beds mattresses, mirrors. Ac.. Ac. K. Colton -.sell, this da/. (Saturday) fi-pt 27. at 10W o'clock, at the I lion tO'nn". 69 Keekinan street. 20 I'suisal' new and sn -ond Id furniture carpets oilcloths, parlor furniture, extension [ing tables bedroom furniture, cottage suits, wardrobes, Jtre, card sad sofa tables, several Freie-h plato mirrors. oU |utiugs. sotas sofa bedsteads, feather beds, hair matti-esses, eth> r wi h every ajticle necessary for houHckeoj -ig; alao, i or two fry nne rosewood pianofortes, in good order; also, cottage bedsteads, suitable for the trads; also, Boston and r routers, curl maple, blsckwalnut, do. N. II.? The stock rge. being lh? furniture of several families ROROE COOK, AUtmONKER.? PIIOTOGB APQIC, aoibrotype and dagtterrenti < ?tabl t-h nnnt at auction, on l"slay. September Si', st lo'j o'clock, ai 4J3 llto idwav, In- taaai stree-. embracing ttirntture carpe s, mirrors, ap faius ca-e^ iustrtuu 'li's, presses sliow c aud spt ci and S' ery article ana convenience for comin. ting the | |wttu lease of premlies. The aoove cstabUaiiment is ?ifcomely MM up, and doing a hue bt.slaess, otlerirg a |rrhanc*for any person to continue i.. It nljoio t /be lit '.'e'j soi l for cash in oue lot. II I KI DS, AUCTION KI'R ?BY li. II. LEEDS * Co.? Saturday, J ept 2;, at loU o'e o tk. at the sal?s *; Na-?au street, elegant I.oua. hjid 1 urnilure, removed fco'iienitbc- o< ?.?!e. be ng tbe entire fur li'ire of a three jrhou?e, an nearly new, aad ha- bem m use but a tow [?jf renast eg of extra rich i.fNialllon carpels; Ururssli three p' di a very nue 7 octave rose wooJ plauo^irte, r?16? i . Uy gut liamc plate glasses covered mahag toy |nltur - .k -,.?#'ei i.nd lac curt t:.-, msri ? lop. :?t?e ?(, s de do , marble to 3 b i~een? and washstamls: nuh' >. black waiuiil snd maple bed* eadt, bhi K walnut ward e tsblek .( Ac ; very in" lisir and sirs w m tttresees jsllus.% festber bed?." pillows and b>>Ult?m; blankets, toil "t se's, china di>ner and tea sets; i?-ory Oled ka ves and forks .lc., loge'her ? 1th a gen? al e?- <r rlor kiU' i-n ware Imuieaiate.y a .er the l arniture ? e'tuff l ds. A iar?e collect on of .111 te| bird ? iis.-ung of a .t varlet ;? of tpeel ti''tis lound in Mo- th snd Saudi Amerioa, le. ou I ranches nnder shades;' s ?> ens c?s? contain irwa 'sof H0 specimens? prepared by the well ?tiowii Jermi , W i .'sloraith. AL-o, a large assortment of liue csgl. Vi'.gs, MOR.'ARTY, Al'fTI ON K E R? WII.T. PEL!., THIS da: . a. loo c'oek, at 173 Chatham square, a gc.iera! as jeiit of new and second hand luruiiure, mirr'jrs, clocks, la. gU'? waie, feather beds, iloth ug. Ac., Ac. ORIC.AiiF SAT.K.-A. M C/USTAI.AR, AUCTION Feet , wm sell, or. Mowlay, 29') In^t , at 10 o'r'o -k, a', ihe ?7t Broadway. Ibv marble bed billard ti re, s<- wo. id veneer. D. D. Wlnaata, msk^r, live s^s of , snd a ljige lot ot cues, fixtures, Ac , by order of u* g?^ B(*. WITCH. AftTIONKHR ? MlKRIKF 8 HAt.K. OK ?to***, tin waie hardware. Ae , on oatunlav, Sep SJ at odiKk A >! , ?! 1"5 Bowery. rona.iit ug lI 01 every Cr.puoi. Ua *111. ?ad*geuur?! .iwr m-ni 01 hardware, J. 0 WH.I.KT Sh.r.lT. 90S. VF.ITlH, ACCTIOEKKR.? *T0RK IS 8PEUCR Mreet -BbciOT ? *ale of tobacco. anuf p'nea, Ac., on *00 , Kept a?. at 10 o'clock A. V at the aalraruotn 16 Spruce |M, c.'t* .'ijg of an assortment of . eJ aud !? ai tobacco ft. pipe* . 1 evary description. 'ierman ?muk ni and pin* I fro, aleOOuOMlmdld tnbac- o 'UtUlg OXA hill-, troll MP. > J AH. B UK.\"KI.!>I Deputy Sfcertfl. ;>V MnitKKLL. Al'ITIOBKRR.? CXTHNSI VK AIT tlon la'c of acKara, thin iSatiirdayi at 10 , rk aail a'. 12 o dock, at 79 Naaaau mreet; boh dexiraiiia ngarrd thl? *e>?on adapted for chokM coitum in'l oia to ault all. Privilege given. At lioYionk, 'liltnre, A. A larae and choice rolWtjflon. ?ii|i<T or to ally retailed, aa it la 00 1 * the aiock from ihe mat c:*m 'erormn overatflcked, anil * liich in'Ht hi' *o!d tinder Mine clrr imalaneea A lao, toilet aet, pulntingi, mirror*, er pla;r l waie, rich enitrarliiga. ajtenaion toblea, aulle of )lture. wtili parlor, chamber, hall, Ac., which tb >?<- lo it wl'.l do welt to eiamine, H* the of aai<: wpl pro them from any dl?aat:afa< tloa. m the ten man , Positive witltout reeerve. r* WITTER*. AUC1IOMCER. WUL BELL OX S* turday, at lo1, o stork, at ?M < anal street. formerly WT, rnlirep. ' i el<aaib?r ? kitc'n-n lui..:ur- * family 'In* the city; puri^V ?nl|e? pl-r |l?wi, paln'.iig*, k ?xk. M. window cirtali^k ahadea, e > g,urt u?t rt three ply )?la, oi'.i . atair rarpe'a and r?U, unA04Uiy and *i beda? - "1 . h 1 rr an 1 oUie r ea ? treeaee, bede.be4liae. dr* and plai-' Vireaua, waah 11 J?. ioi!et fcnii" room * id fern t .rn, '"re Ac ;chlna, gtas* ai.d pla . 1 a are, cook n{ 'Tlfctr stoves. In. r IIHil.lSB, AVtrriOMKKR, WIU. H I.L, OR fat laj evening, alSti clo ? ? a e eollecUoa o! framed engravings, p .bating ?k. THE 7UMTAHV, ITEMI > IOM I* \ KY Plain and fine/ TiROrr* fn orins roiont, In every variety, at 9i tail T, Duanc atrn t. up utalra. ii'mkk a omntv. ^rveil e??' ?? apear hea t? and ti,rg?i? a. .. .,aon Lsaii. ion -BRoraiiAJi m *rp xttrxtio!* - Ifce I nip.', era and tt?v?e enro.iri lor tka tir.i ex irixm etoinp my, are re?pecU illv re, i<v e.l to ait .-n.? a n-?i. m B-ifia' pi f ? lock it th ? How cry ure. l.ut.mur at ' he reariVv.r H? order of Mill s Ml l.l'in, < ouiH?*iiJ*iR ?. R riir'ovi SefM-la^ XTUfOCrRHURB" WIU. MEKT AT THK1R IlKAD quarter a. Broadway, between Mineteenth and Twen ?Irreta. t'.ua evenlnit. at T1, o'clock. IllF.RTT Ol*ARDM, ATTENTION". ? MEM HRR* OK TIIK ? Hi ,ve r? m;>?ny ate r?ine?ied lo attend a mre^ng. at lareo.i a llolel. No. y t'lty llall ??, iare. oa Baturday lu'l A"p'. !7, a' 8 o'clock Bvorl?wof Mi S<nreiarr. f. POIMCK, iiot sK yi Rm?iu?u mwph. 9?GMtftKPEM~ At tfce in of ihe URKA1 K.m roil 11 M I" * ?rrr y!rn Ti't ti ?? or til HOC tkttrtK* Ka/ be fjua-l Ar' .clra M-^nUal lo lb? tepkoa (an ?? - ? ? . 1 I'okei - r a ? iv 1 -mere. Aak aifte a, Peartei* Coal Aorela a.>4 ?^era, Fran can-. Ha Matm. Aiw'iior.a. I1 |l ? W';l'l'ta I tre arreena, 1 tiich oven i'oai WW, rife c irrlefa, C?ke turnfr'. ririj earrMr*. Foot atovc*. _ o, utrr bt 'ilera, c ba?n 4 riiae, Re 1 ? at mera. k a??i \eg. ai>le dKh. a. !? ? 1 lo??er*, Flower a'anda. Preaervlng keUlei Thermoni- era, Pla'e t w*re, Britannia wart, f nineae goo'ta, nrvooaulii' goo-u, Wax taper*. Lbei 1 1 1 Ja ebirr* IHa* hall an I 1 ? ?< Eaaaavlie.) ware, P.... . Meat aaifM. ?ee. in addition lo *1 endleM a??orlmenl of hoaM ! c <>la, are off'f I lor in tn-ruon at the Pvo a,,.. , ? a located ?t Vt*. b? aa I Mfl Broadway northeaat BK^feei RUBER r Uif K d?H Prenrlftor. CAlili WLU ViUlI, dto. F A CHOICE OF NOVELTIES -MIDaMK R HARRIS A SON have much pleasure in announcing to their nu ?nerous customers and Stran y ,-g, thai they (. i v e revived several cases of French bonne's since their opeuluK of Thud day, theiftih. Amongst H'? last no. allies I* the cbapoaii do plume, which is a bonnet made entirely o' feithnir, and in any other novelties of Mine. H.'s ows selecting. froin Mine. Alex audilne aiul Mmo. Lattre k Co., of Pari* 571 Bros 1 wruy. BEADS! BEADS' BEADS! Of every description, for sale by M. 1*. BROWN, No. lid Pearl street. New York. ALL MILLINERY GOODS. R T. WILDH. 30 and 22 John street, 1MFOBTEK AMD Mi.NWAOTCUKK Of SILK MILLINERY OOOD8, Btraw Koodi, Silk and fancy bonneu, Dress cap* anil fiead dresses, French flowers, leather# Ac.. Aff. A complete stock of all the above g'*>ds constantly <>? hand. Fresh goods received daily. Prions reasonable BENCH FLOWERS. Paris feather*, Chenille, straw buttoiiii, bonnets, and millinery goods, lor cssn, at 64 and 60 John alt-net, corner of William N. Y. HOMER A KETCHUM, B 'LOWERS and feathers -pavilion dk flora (?Here uttractiens perpetual i i tall that appertains to toilet appointments, the very best that the Parisian artlsta can pro duce, and duplicated to us early In each so isoa. JAMES TUCK K a, 887 Broadway, near Walto street. F IEGHORN AND STRAW 1IONNKT MANDFAOTOKT, J No 11 Leroy place, Bleeeker street, between M >rcer and Greene.? K. MEIN respectfully so'iolis tue a..cuuoa J the ladles of New York, Brooklyn r.n.l vicinity to liis superior manner of doing up Leghorn and s'raw boi.nets. Leghorn and straw bonnets.? r mbin, 11 le roy place, Bleeeker street, between Mercer and Gr.-ene, calk the attention of milliners and the trade in general to !ua supci ior manner of doing up leghorn and straw bonu^ls. lie solicits their patronage. MISS C. E. I.SDEL, NO. 322 (FORMERLY 69) CAN AL street, will opeu Paris millinery on Monday, Sept. 29. Also a tine assortment of 1 'idles' line fancy furs. MRP. J. II. (iOPSON HAS OPENED FAI.L MILLINERY consisting of the latest styles of bonnets, dress cap* and ead dresses, at 373 Broadway, between Franklin and Whlta tieets. MRS. C. BARMORE RESP10TF17LLY ANNOUNCES TO Iter patrons and ltdies generally thpt ,?he will open her fall stock of ianer goods at the corner of Market and Division streets, on Tuesday, Sept. 3D. also a line a.ibo. Uncut of milli nery, to which she solicits attention MRS. E. FILVERBERG, 17 DIVISION STREET, WILT, open fall milliner} , of SM most distinguished suits, this day. Milliners and merchtuits supplied with French pattern bonnets at low prices. Mil, LICHTENSTEIN, 90 BOWERY, WILL HAVE ilfS ? salesroom closed on noit Tuesday and Wednesday, and will be pleased to see hi* [customers before or on Wed nesday evening. October 1, at ti o'c'.o-k, when the store will be re opened, and he will open a stock of ribbon* millinery goods and dress trimmings unparulleled tn this city. OPENING OF FALL AND WINTER MILLINKHT. Mrs. COOLEY'B showrooms wil! be opened on Thursday, Oct. 2, with an elegant as*or incut of Frtnch and Amerioan millinery. of every description. Mrs. C. returns her thankj for pa?t favors and begs a continuance of the same. A speui men of her style can oe seeu in the Crystal Palace, whero it obtained a premium at the late fair. Mrs. COOLEY, 112 Klghth avenue, between Fifteenth a a J .-viiceuiii streets, New York. PARIS MILLINERY.? THE MISSES ROMANES RES ptctfully intimate to the ladle s that they h ive opened a showroom, with Paris millinery, at 091 Broadway, between Fourth aim Amity streets, l'lease call and examine. Ribbons ? A large lot, just received fr im auction, an1 for sale cheap by ARNOLD, CONST A RUE * CO., 62 Canal sireet. TVEISKER BROTHERS, 64 AND 05 JOHN STREET, T f have const anuy on haud ihe hntst a^.-oiiment of Birawl ace <. Ribbons, French flowers an I fe^th rs, Velvets (iloodsi n general. N. 11.? Just opened, several cases C: beautiful Straw a>d Arrived by list steamer. Satins Mid m iliacry CttEMUl LACES, HOUSES, Itooaa, Ait .. AV WTI'I). A HOUSE, ENGAGED IN A BRANCH OF fU PL" lisLinfi business. v. hicb is also connected with au article of uianuiactare of unlimited detrind, laying large pni*iis on sales and done for ca?b, desires to me. I a gentleman of ctpnal who wculu aiivai ce two or three Uiousaa i dollars ou security. A very llbt-ral arrangement can be tnade. Aalress Ptttiliah'-c, i>ol ' ,.)CI , Pott otii .c. Below iwelkto street? between uroadwat hud Sixth aventt J. Wanted a tense, suit ible fir a gen'eel l>oard:ii? honv Address, luimi' tiatc.y, A. 11., o'i# Wtut lwent) ?' < <id street. FVRNISUKD FlOrsE WANTED.? A RmPKCTARMC tan-lly, v.'hout chlHrea, wUh a geuteel fi n. '.nl liirai' 'orv ftMae, With moueru luiprovetncntA, between Fourth and i nent.) tb >tr< eu, oa the weat aide of Bro^ Iwsy. Apply at Ninth at. rpwo INF1 RMSHED ROOMS V.'ANTt- > -IV THE OP X per i .-t of tie illy noi linker I the third story, and eomsuriica'kig with ea h other, a r.nall ii'tditlo.ial room no objection. Vddreas F. M E , HeraM oCloe. CARPENTERS, KAG1I MAKERS AND OTnKRfl - Abv uersitn iiavin? as'k-kiuft and m n- ,c n irhine to rale, may ntvl i purrhaaer by applying at W K i ' 234 s*. , In the can ei.'ei ? >'a>p. ITTANiED-A 1IOI SK WIT'? ALL THE MODERN IM ?T prmeiio n ? . uml-hed or nntiu t.l- 'i ? I. MMMI jkMiv if rest arid Madison s man, if furulalied, furru' tire will tie pur chased at !.>ir valuation. Addrt s< IS. K., hoi i.'?2 Post oilice. TT ANTTID-A SMALL OR K DERATE SIZED IIOF 'K, I? fit Itiooktyn; ???llMlMHMll * select neUbborle.-i 1, and fcaveibe laii s? cooven encee au^ laprotruMSia, bende* i.eing sfua'ixi or or ne >r the Uelgnta. Any pTMS lia/lng atieb a konse t? let will ilnd a desirable and permanent to i ant by aldres ing ?tatlm: ????m*. Ac . iJllmo ir. Herald nfloo. WAKtED ? SF.VKRAf, DKSI HAUI K I'WEI.I.IN'l If bouwa. liu ni iiol HhIc!.uu houaaa, complete, wi'Ji i>ifd?rn Iwiprovt meut*, ?an aerure rellab> tonaota. br am* dlate applli a'too n OASN KK tiKti 710 Broauauy, neat Tenth alreel. VITAKTKO? AN' I.I.KOANT FIRST C'LASd HH iWJf Y? ?! ue b< ne* wtll located, in the Mi <vtu" or ?ie iilty, .or * r<'?t<o<iti!>!s taruint. and for one or more v? >rt. Addreaa, i<>r two dav?, KrapoualfcUlty, Ma I .an a aquarc P,? oflic* , or E. K. K >n<htmei . 31SI Fourth avenue. Ur AKTKD? BY A SMAI.I. PRIVATK FRKNi'll FAMILY, ihtml wjli- and chid) th'ee or four "liifnrnn'ie 1 r x<b* Is a decern Amc.ictn l.ouae on the went aide of Bruvl ?ay. no< ahoTe Fourteenth atfet- iloud reference.tf1*en and it ,uir<d. Rt nt rattsi not be o^t* J.Ji per aauuin. Addict* J. ?>., Herald t Hire U' ANTR'l? IN TIIK ViriBITY OF ORAM1K. N. .1 . to purchn?e or hire n houae, wl'li i h -ee to tan aoroa af la 0.1 Adilreaa, with parUonUrt, Wot, 1 1 ci aid olllro. 11,'ANTEIK-FOR TUB KNKUNO FIX MONTH*. A TT p irt of a houae. for the MeommodaUon of a getfeiertuin, hi* wife and rerrtn'. A'Mreaa. atitlng rent an I loouiiou, It., room No. Jt Motfcl Building. Broadway. n/ANTID-HTOBK*. HOUHF9. LA.XP. *-!. PARTIES ?f htiitig vich in diapoae "f klioultl cert Italy make a r?:i at the .aire M ibt undt n^M .i, wbo tou 1'Kto buaiawia I tan o;ien BO. I alraigbtforv. :,rd munitrr. Term* really mo l 't ate, and a <l< k k im'.u effected. Ulre htm a call I.OI IS HAKCOT RT, 701 nioadwiy. AY *? astt ?? \ ooon fki onp Double i?e?ic, MHUbla f I an ollii e. Addrraa box Z,l \J Fix', o.flae. ANTF.Tl IMMEf>IATRLY-THK LOWER TAR.' OF A gt n<< r] h rtWi up Bent S.OO to $1>J. AdtLuaA. I,?t bT WUlwxn ?' r?*t. 11 ANTKO.-ANY PfcRSON OIYIXG l*P lit -rsKKe !P * f tug. tao or tta-ae ro ?ni, (t a kiw rem ami go*4 lorvwa tan t ft a ?ond i ??h purebn for Uirlr furaiiure and Lr * ? by mg W Hartm. Herald offlc#. l\rA>TRI? TO I'KKT FROM JHY I, OR tMMRDUTK '?? |y. a (!?- if ha? a, ai'aatel mm ac wot of B. a.1 way. Mow t'analatrarL, bet?e?a t'burch and Kim. AJ ssm box l.HI r??: ????. I iltiMHU . AS MAHAMF MAR RRMAIBfi Rt't A HIIORT TlSfll tboee witaiiiK to toaai:lthar wUl do well to cat. aonn. -ate baa a ??tilv r winrrted wllh ^kr aotogy wh,' !i enohlra her to till yo r tuarat .er a d at*, wtn 'ier you are riarrtt. ?to ???ribea T'iJ- wtf? or hiabail. te'ia ?our present < trruoi .UUI ea an! wLi.lirr yon Will W wtawjf. If not n-uried ?l? will tell >o t w.ien a<l wl rnn fnu will mwry.atUaa tpuhh'aali wl.f rta.i hrr. 107 Weal Broadway. /lARP-MM'AMR I'R WHTF.H RRTt R5f* TH 4 !f KB V' to In* (Hernia anp pairnna and be*< to aay "mi. at rr the ihrniaa-vU If "t In thlacitjraml Philarir'iihlA, vrh h^ve in aiilted brr with ea'lre aut?ra?<ion. ahe reela en:.'! at W>at n tfie a iaaUaua ol awroiony. lore and law Haiti r? and b<nk? o? Tiei^a aa an caaa'antly by Tfapol tM, ahe I>m mi e.|naL J*l> ? Will Mil I he imai of the tutur* boa' ? J aMl al?. IAA aame of her tiaitora. 173 Bawrry, brtweca v mi 'h aui Fiftl aur cto. f M.A1RVOTAN' T. -MR" HKTMOr*. NO 110 SPRiJfrt V kMrt a f- w il ' .ia we?t of lln a lw?y. 'he u > i lefeea*iMl m rtv al atwl ba-laraa cUlmiyanl In Ami riea. All ill maai a dm i.Te'ed aad f ire I, tl raraWa Uif late and wlien??'i.?ii? ..f *|M>. ni r, , i ll made knows; averring adficean li;#?'?t. Ac , ai.d mi i harge a*' ?5?-<l. DR. MUA) K IJC 01 M'lXN ATI.? TllF. ITKWkFAPKM i i he W. ?i ate lull of !be ?o? It r? peril' i m?l hr toe e? lehfati I ??router and ?a(| .an, I?R t', W ROHAOK. Iha ea?r tat furod rot>t-ertr* are durorerH |>Milh tlMM rrrl Tit.! m*TT;a ea Mt Ufhl ahaal. law ?iik.? tcPled, aid r.eey ni' CM* i.! i'ti? aeaaaa' pfhetorllj arranged throui(h htaa^^airy. Tin moat I I r d. I'HII a-'inf hl? rrtml-?'i<! power", (fa -r-.l'ea ari caM . St I'r ill >?' * a' J# for u.ll a, iin I $*. fur *?n* ? ? | -n A dfl ' l?T. ?' W. Ki Sack. No II 7 1 l?>rjtniore j-r- t, t inrin&wl. OhW. the Aa'rrtoak al An nac (or IMS for* w. ii lie i f mt-a to aiJT part ?>t the I' n't *d .siatea ?* f I ?; ' <F '? r.?.IN?.? TFST MRDTt'M HAS TtKF.v TlUt Jyl r totna fttrmerly oer ipied St Mra l oan, al IIM Mmnd firrl llouo IU A R Hi ki. 2 tj A, and $ to 10 P. M. MiUnga 1V1VKR \\n MQ.I-OHN. CCtlH II WliHKRY.-THH.MV FIVE ITMillKONl O high proif and I'm r ue W rati m Uouae loci, lor ?al? by < ,MH FT I A. M New Wraft. ? UTOt K Al.r -PAL* IN0IA BITTFIU AI.K. YKRT sr ptrior; alao pal? frrah tnllo, M JAIH brca try, 311 > ?if? Mrett, bi lee'-p ave ii.iM B. a id t' SCOTCH WHIPKKY? TWKNTY PIVK Pl'NCIIICi >N1. V perlwiiiaiitv ri h.*h flaro.-ed, for Bale from under t'o? Ii m Hi ti?e fcx k. by C. MKl.RTTA, .vi Nrw atre t. w 1N*?. BRANDIV^ Ar.? THf RUBKTBIRIR OPFKM . . f..r aalf, of I; ? ovn nn| i-ati-in. the higher grates .f Hi It ?! low. rig wlne?, lirandlw rntn, gin, Ac ? femirfln'l t,n ?? pale gM I and brown aherr ea In wool and g!a?a. Han I# n tn'a Ilnrat por%, In a:i I i# gla?. an plpea of tbia port :? th? due Tia' i<?of I <41. the beat In f.?rty /ear}; Mogt'g lita pagne In qrarta a> d p'nta lAl't?, rliret and otket iu%' "< in r ?ae? ol C W'i bork wmea, of aetrral gr?'ea? ga ' n< ( bab a. *r; ReMMaar* an] Olard ? gne p?i? a 1 .'ark Ira 1 1y. Old rum mooned from Lnn.' -n Dr K ''.tier 4 MM ile ati gla Hm t? UU4>MT OA> IS, U P>?- orr mn wiuifBi iMTtt, CTKANCXAJj. tfjl ?MONEY ADYANCPft TO ANY AMOUNT ON Oi l dtUiiorxU, wi tches, ^h? olry, he^ais, furniture, dry" eoods, mil. h, olo'hs 4 j. Ac. ! aulie* and gcullum<t'i de ilrii. j loans for short periods wilt be treau-d bbemllv and ??ontden tully This old eatabludied ofllc* baa mo oonueolou ?vlth any other. N. B -Ptwnliraktri' tinl^s hoigl.t. T. U. UOUHTUM, 11:! liroaJwuy. m ur Canal hi. fl?1 ?TO ANV AMOUNT UPWABDS, L'tAf.KO ON ?J watches. diamond!, jewelry, ^ry goods, a. .ar.i Sltkn, Cioths. furniture and mernhiuullae of every di?ar.|illou at lit Old eatublished anl reliable oiflte. 4lJ Broadway, tfep irate rooms esrh visiter. Rojius No* 1 2 und ;! Ural tluu. Pawnbrokers' tickets hough1. T. It. HOUSTON, Proprietor. Jkamsotte Macrcrr, Agent. *i'4A fcXOADWAT.-MONKY A0T aNOK?>. VO AJTx Out amonuL on 'U xmor.da, waoobeit, J< we ry, p mi km, <Ln goods, MJtuv, ana evpry deeeriptlau of valuable [ ruperljr, 0. k 'igl>' f j cnHn , atcK-ka bonis. u? 4. mortgagM, Aio., ne?? itML Watches an t iswe'ry tor sale. K. TBAlfclli. Noa. 1 and i. egoond ?u wg. | f|Aft TO LOAN, ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS jewelry, se^ars. dry goo<U, au?l all kinds oi inir?oi.*l property; or bought and mild, for 1 ?ah. Notes bonds, mortgagm. stoats, A* , negotiated t(J-' t! i>siu aU eat romer of Aim seeou 1 tbior, rooms No*. 2 an<l 2^. TUOMl'bON A CO., brvkera awl commission merchants Are AAA TO I .END ON BOND AND MOBTQAOE. "Ut/ in sum* 10 sun appiienuta, on proluauve real esinie, in this city or HrooUvu. Apply to 8. S. UKUAD. 13 Willi atreet, second story, front roouia. i?KPL nnn T0 loan-on oood 1'KonaoTrvn ?P? /J.UUU r?a! tale in die city, lu sum* to suit, brjkera need not apply, f or naie, flrat class real leuoes, near Or. Spring's contemplated church. Apply to JOit.i J. iliiNK WIT, No. Ill Broadway, Trinity iiuildiug, front 11 A. M. to 2 P. M. AJ BLBBCKBB A 00.-$3?).000 KIOHT PER CR.tT ? first mortgage bonds ot tbo Mil* anils and lioricon Lallroad Company payable at tue Bank of ib? Bopublio. 'I' be sub teribers otter for sul* tbe abo-,T aicnrltlea. wbl'.'h area ttrat ben^n lorty two miles ol the road, fldenn-of wbiob are iu operation and ih"iy would call tbe atleotlon ol capiUiliHty to tlie Kiwir. u? a ttral cbuu Ikvi nlmont. Those bonds bear dt'e May 1, 1-56 ut-d are payable U.iy 1, lb32 A. Ji BLKEt'KKH 1 CO., No. 7 Broad stroet. I> KM1TT A NOBS TO KNOI. ANI?. I IltKLAMU, H0O1 i.aNU AND \?AL?W. Wu b-ane ai^bt bills ou tao Cnlon Bank ot tendon, Nutiooal Itaiik of 8cot:a-)d, IteUt it Banking (.' tnpanr, Ircl&ai, la rami from ?1 upward, at 96 pox L. Aikireaa TAYLOB, BUOTHKr.^, Banker*, No. 76 WaH atreM, N. T. OAN J'BANCISCO CITY BONDS.? THE UNDrfR^IONKD, C5 Commlaaioner* of the Ptuxivd Debt of the city of Kai lianrUico, hereby five notice do y are prepare<l and wii pay tbe Inlet oa' due November 1, 1HM, In Mao t'raauisc*. apo* ibia portion o' In 3 city debt known as the San Krauelsco Clij Stock, bearing in'.c rott, Willi ha t yearly rouuona, at the mm of H> per oe it per annum, and principal due Ma/ 1. U7L D. J. TAU.ANT, 1 WV. HOOPER, | (lommiiil mrr* of thi) JOuN .'(1DDIJCTOK, ^Fundad Oebt ot (llty o> HTXP.Y HMIOUT, oaaKrailciac*. W'M M. IJINT, J Six Fba>cisi 0. Aug. 2, leS6. OH0B AND I.EaTHER BANK.? NBW VOkK.SBPT. 2S, O 1HS0 ? Dividend Notlee-^The President and ittreotora 1 *ro tliii day dcelared u dividend of f>ur (4> per cout, pav ibio 011 ai d after the tmtli day of October next, until which Ume tbe trai alcr book will ri uijin cloaed. S. M. K IaSAM. i^uditer. \7"AU.EY BABK OF M ABTLaM).? TUR OOMMTTTFB appointed on behalf of the bill lioMera of this bi.nk h.ivlnK ?ddrr?i>?d tbe Me- r? Leluuds, und re.-eivt-d only f >r *us.v?r a relert nce to the bank book* ann Receiver, reaoectfulty re (|Ui it ail (craoaa h odin^ Valley Blink lnnucv imiuedlaiely to forward their name*, aildreas. and reipeolive aiuounta, to I, . l er 11. Pert, counsi'llor at law. No 17 Wall atieet, New York", with a piomuio to hbare pro r.ita the neceaaary expenaea of euorta to procure redemption, not exceeding 'i perceutou -iny tune tint. CLINTON i^OosEVKJ,*, Cuairicaa. J. T. IliLurrnt, Secretary. TITANTED? tS,000 TO BEI.ENT, ON POBDANO MORT Yv B?Re, on ln.provad ro*: eatate altiialeJ tun miles trom New York, for three yearn, at 7 perient. Insurance uu build inga SiUO. Addreu T, C., box 111 lleiaid uttice. IXSTRl'CTIOFf. |1A ? TUMIAI P. DOl.BRAR, 009 BB').vDWaT. ?P I " Dear Sir? I should do Injustice to my fueling* not Vt a>* knowledge the gratitn ation I feol at the rapid Improvement my aonaTiare made in penmaaehlp under your initruatlon At the end of their twelfth lesson lW gave m" a specimen of tlieir rapid, oil hand writing. I tui* nMfeM 1 u ,in itato'iishod ? ni'Ver 1 soeu auch Improveui -nt In so ahoi t n tiuae. The more particularly waa I gratiiied as I had alweya nut poaed them to bo hereditarily bad writer*. Keipectfully youra, .to , Joii.i' Yocao. All. WIISBUOt'l WRITING AND BOOKK liEPINO ? acadt niy, ojieu day and evening for reecpU<Niof pupila, aa l.f rt '.olore. .'."5 Bro idw ly, corner of TUrteentk ?tr?ot. BOOKKFEPINQ, WBTTTNO A\n T1IK OTIIV " Kg sent ?!? to success in mi rranlile life, are taogU' by COS 1 EH A DIXON in an expeditious und supor >r mirincr, to tbe outre exclusion of he modern six a..d 1 wetve Ixmmu 'ittar lautry. Roosu, Ho Broadway, Appktou's Buiidiug. BROOKLYN -MP* A LANNAY rj DAX01N3 (W'llOOL will be re?|>MMd October f, at M'?na r.ue llal', >,?. :? Court street, I ? -.?nil Oil W d etdx?s and -*:ili'd?>s CUB no m :; g ut o c l ick. Mall .ee'eK ae be ttoture In MHWI a* to tonus an I rogubttlons can be ha t ouappiica tion 10 Mr*. Lannay, alt Vvi iooghb> atie> t. FMARTINELLT? ' TBACHER O* TTTK TTALTAN, . freaxb. Uvrman wet K, at i?b U. ignurf <, Inform 1 b.? frie .ds t!^a. he ha? rrtu'i.'d from Europe. ..nd wi l c inUtiuito jiie Inrtr'iction in the above laac u.igea. lb- ?e il?airou* ?t' nutter inDmnUop will pleaae write or call fr> ji 3% to 7.', P. >1 at No. ii East four'-eofith s reet. f^KEN' H BOABDINO AND DAY BOHOOb. DIBBCTKII by the l. tw in'ofc? or* ui Mr Pnfurt, Messra. LfJ^rl* > AHSK 4 Mlml, Ul Maedougal street, I ?' t'liu o i !?? ?. < loi.mere'al, maihemat il and cbuaical Musics Ki 1 ti Is th? lungiuige ol Uie m'Wki! no ovti ? el.irge lor m<id?i n tan gna^es An eh [11. t'lary ne.|inrUnru! A gyu laaiiuu. MkPAV : BRBHIRB'S F.^KN il, SSiiLl.-n AN D UFA nl#h bo?rdina and dsy ?"'niol flsr > o tn?( I wile* IIP MkiII 'o'i ive e deal- Thirty out"d s-ri t. will reopen oa W d lo .!sy, fc'iv'ember 1J Cn iiaj ? at tlie inituuiija. Omalgia aitiirheU. VfB. L. DB ORAN't-VAL'S BOARDING f' HO<H. FOR JVI boya, llnjwir. ma W? terraci < I'obokoo. N. .1 Kpcrlal atU'otioB to ibe Fk l -Ij Tu'i.tu ivk. SMm au t re lercncs at tbe Excelsior Fire laanra net Company, No 8 Biuad street MBA U7.XV.m FRChi"K AND RtOLISS MOABDI.tti At D DAY rw'Uoi I. for yowaf la<Siea, >< anl b Wee t street, bidew Ftflii avenue, r* opens on Th i-aday, (? sjeom* er 4. Mra. M. bating iiut enlarge 1 her e?iaollalim'nt by 9m ;? 1 * t ? j of the adjoining V. ??. No V?, Iseaa klml to accomiiioda'.e elgku tw iug Ja ui a*t-^??i ?-? b?r fcrmer llml'ed tamp er. Mra, M. wifl b* at bora* ??> reeetve jv*U *iv' fa\rduMM m ko may wlali 10 coafer with tier, ol at >1 a't r Sap 'ruber L OPAN^H LASOrAOE -PBOF OOHRIM WILL OFEB, O i.ext week, a n w ciane for Inalrn,- in ijo a'jove Itn Rti?K '. Arpiv at I tt Kixbtb street, adjo'tting the Mercantile Library. TU NATIONAL OYMNA-Il M ANO FKMCIVO At VOE my. wiS Broadway.? Frncirg In a't ita bran. he? ta icht in tw 1 nt) fonr b^wns. a"coriltiu: ui tie latest and most approved meihoil" Frno ni: a| paraii v tu general 1 in b pr.?curod at theacwleaiy. It. UKUliARIl. YV'ANTKD? TN AN Ol.D F^TABI.tSTTBD ^'HOOL. TT two little g.rls to l>e brought up as tMrner* liey will hi cireftilly MMructed Ib Bnglw. Freneh, mu?ic, web plala and fancy work . tie par 'ot* o pav a small wiiai v the i.ret ji ar. Apply V' raonally to Mrs. Smith, iii West Uih s'. HOflMKf), CARRIAGK4, AC. A PARK rHJtfiTKIT MARK FuR ? < I.K-MOR . A V ?i. i-k, rained in Vrrqi' i , 13',hanla klrh. 6 v*?n ?M r< tr!i>* upr ujr. kind In alaxle or douMe h*rn<"t?, p- .ni ??< niiMrt Mwi. ?? r??l 1 a?.ui?d in ererj t In ? jtr? .'Mr kkHV KK lMd afore HmJl men tie. Iciwatn Thir.y *>? unit ui.'t Tliii t v ttlrd i r'- ii Uay iiorfk for Mir-*Anm*rrn ormtlk, Mtftd ami fax aold f. r ?a t irf iur Prlci tl.Vl. ?: Mr. I'tjioo a a:?i l?a, Bi.-a wm nad Tbtrteeoli airce . 1 UIBUMMVO 81 \ Mi vT AND ntWB u, FOCI \ I ml rokawa j mm n < H' pb.i-tona, <kje<or'a phieiene, "n ana no !oj' bng^u ? Mao. ao<-nr. ikand h i i ml wl av Cji, wbub wiil We aoM lo* , al ?4 P' ! on ?|reo?, ? rar Pul taifirr. J. A. VaM ()<rw,i'h. lir?.k yn. UM?R HAU-A PUR O' Hl.ACK HOR- .sS, lti UAXM r bl:1>.7 >? *r* oM. and anod trarr'Vra. a-iiu?>' f r f "nil* varratled acnud anJ k nd. Hi.ea. fcx". 1 ? b* ??*?] .it Wllfld* A II ROT IJ KR -fl?i.iMee, IT and >* Tenth ?r?c<, naar t ;Mi ?renue. EI^ok aif-iwo cakadia* pomr- a muht 1 torkaway and a ff aj ... 22 1 < iin'.m ? t- \ Kr >4 tf. FO* SAI.K CH1AP-A nO'TORB IQNY, TW HOOD r rxlitlan. Ir , ilreat I'c. H iiUJt, aornar of Tiiirtoc.i k at reet and Bii id???. F'or -ai.k-one "iurrixd top .r. okkcmmk Mp baqn, Md ?M bottom waflM, ? lili '? n, all in jn ?l order and will l>" nnid < heap, b/ appliuifai S" WrM Ttrwtjr i*i d .i ? ? . ia Hie ?mi h shop. vor ?mi.*-a h\t horse. rtrrimx iu*n> hi ;u r ?Uhl w ara ol I. | .my b'li I wairml I n i ind an l kind fieri .id e?rt Wae. Apply at IIS ' nton ?la.-e, a F ?Uhl trliiol I. pony b i. i warruiil ao'iiwl au I kind mi ii i iii r?rt Ron la' Iitut atabla. on <t \ i k? a oor>r> Mrir.. th*f.?< m.l). _ ?r 1 b >k<- '? an I bi nr?*. niau ono Ikrt'.iu g.t on* donor'* l i. new, for '*!<? <-h?a#. Ap jl> RAFK KR1 Y. Si Wcm Twenty munli n'rc?t. Fm?r mi n i'Uf. *f-a *o?i? marp asovt i.v: l. iu?l? Uifb i"aatro?.n nl-on'. lkr?? MMM ImnM ?iii.l t I'll* ir * ill alaii ! <Tttko'ii tv.ui, and It i pl<<a>?iit druar. Apply at <1 Waiar atrect. FOR F.XrHA*<iR.-ATTIRT10JI.-UTKIlT RTA1T.R krepara wtah'Mt M?'1i*|. ,e of mock, latcrwat, *<? ran fee' n e'wwl operalinn f..r p-u|>ertN up town, pa' mrf lu ler??f aiil r .pldly tmp'ovlnf <ntli oh-r? ael.l.mi ocmr. Fat initteu'ara ea'l ?l lb? real ea(aM otlce ,i;a Ninth kfeni:?. J. k ii \r< B. HrR?K..<-NKW TOi'K TATTBRBAI.M !=I t TH AV?. nue. corner ol Thlrtj ninth ?'rcei -T>ic 'ar, i^i.? II, ?i llu'?l?ek, nwiloa nt.1 ol trnUtaiR hrir?<-? A pa r .d tr>f n area, %v?rian' I lolrnt In 2 n?? l.\jr hi.rfe. *aTauted > ' 1 1, In haritr I? JJf; fine Ijro?n m.iro, wa! ra ited ki ti i III 1 m; MM pnlr blaek bl. <^?-d Ih.ra -a. K.i, htnfa, can t-.>t In . u>ne"'rr AI?o. ?et-r?l :aat al Kle aii I pair* ?.i Mrm. ? nil parMe. innili rWol pumoiiV r>day morning. QKO <1.niOin^iMi iK??irMMi |if? llr<rr Fn't-an'mi. Horsk. Rtoor w aoo5 a tin i? \ nr?K.^ for ? ir.n The horae HSyenraeM. Tery fast; 'he w,u o? ?. d hirneaa arr ahMl new The wbote will b ? aold ebean, lor wan> of u? rail at VT Ninth aaenoe, M"*"oi?*f for balk ? ?orrf.i.. i?it ii an da t en ra old, n free and auilah drlrer, jnat fro-n Vatmon'. ai iind ?nd klr.d, lo be an a a 'be limber jiu^l, i;2 Monro ? *' ? near Montgnwary. i r at" Fabi.f. iiorxrs for saIiK-tiir i-R ir rtt ? Of a prlmM ifeniifman Ow> Iur, one a irrel, otv wli <?. bamlwmte. imnnd, kint* an.l rerr at*ll?h tr?Tell>ira. Kv^r* in Rh? llna and ant >i id ton (Iren at the atatile, iMt Meroer a . o 1 1 . imnf.vK oil* **i.oa*?l! n.?r*tiATt!ii; oft. ?l If worth of thla oil (tr?a aa in'irh li^ht aa 9% 17 of ?n?i?l oil. kutoifir !."aff iT "<o On Pre rert ea a* th? c-liee Of th? onder?>n?l RtaA*r.!<K )tl**ACi* On

frrp-ced etproaaly for ahlpa' nao. ff.rCJ |allona of the a'jove oda for i^ale. AUSTRtl^, Agenia of Kertw^nn OH ' nninanr N "M?rr ??rfet ??w Tort. Zi) KOH NAIiK. KTr.\M KNdlNJM AND tVlutRb FOR OAl.c. -<9F ?e* pnllert>?. Hid wsrranUnl l,? i^ith aatis'untlou 8. UK/AMT 97 *u4 W Columbia strwt, N. T. JNlCjl ? FIVK YtfARS AM) flXTUiRS OF AN KS ?p l u" '? UiliilnU" J liuior store for mil* cheap, near Weal i'jctt. Mid >i very dcslrtible It. cation, i UL mud-rate . the parly leaving the city. Apply io llOWKb A CO., #4 Nuuii sue?'. Al H C ? BUTCHKK'S SHOP WITH FIXTURES, NOW %,'J I * J? doing a Kin'd buaiueos, i au be greatly cgwuiloU. Apply to A. ROBINSON, 3&j Broadway, rtom to. 11 one filI/.RFS OF GREENWOOD L\RD COMPANY Os?t/ of Halt 'inure. for sale, or exchangn for r<tal fate, tuei cha.idlae it or ?l I be givcu in part pay meat foi oro tii-rty mar New York. 1'ar value $15 per share. Addiess lisl.imoie. U irald oillce. ^AiW\ -POKTKR 1IOUSK FOR BALK.? TO BR .SOLD OH accouut of the owner going South, ttie good will, Block and IlKtuiesot a porter bouse. for lull particulars Inquire ou tie, 3i>9 liowery. fcjnn -roK 8A,K- bxoab stork and nkwh il'UUU. depot; bent location ou tlghth avenue; enough papers sold to pay whole expenses. A gooi ?tiiu<( tor station erj business. Apply lo HOWKS A CO., SI Nassau street (jjr/jn-* LIGHT, fiENTKKI. M ANUF ACTURINO BU <J>? J v / \ /. mops* in Broadway, at light rent, worthy the atten tion ol those iic.iuatuled v\ ith operating sew in ichines? the party having oilier busuicss. Apply to llOWK.S A CO., Si Naitnu sUe- t. <J> n (in -nr;u<i stork for sale? locatko on IpuUlf. O'o of tile best btmnena avenues in the city, a go u opportunity for a young pbvslcian lo ooramnnre practice; Uie store v. el. folabllsbed. Apply at S*6 Bios Iwav. room 14. A R tCIN.sQN. aoaa -a riximn with this amovvt-m* JCUliU. down, balance urhin a reasonable time? WKnted iu an established grocery, doing a good tiuaiimss, desirably located A rule chance. Apply to lJOWK.-i A CO., HI Nil Hsu arret <$>{*?.(* ?WASHINGTON SALOON FOil SAI.K, *',1 vUut'* (>rand street, near Bowery, well stocked and lilted up, doing ugoud business and will be sold ??? y low. Apply on Uio premises, or to HOWKS A CO., H4 Nassau S7t)0 ~KINI'UNQ WOOD Mill For sale. Inquire of HOWKS A CO., 81 Nsssnn street. &RHI1 ~K ,!OOI? SLOOP FOR SAI.K. FOK BIGHT <CCA)\J , bundled dollars, of s,lty tons, a great ba'giiin. Fart ran remain ou mortgage. Address sl'iop, lieraid otllc.-. Cil (HU) -FOR SAI.R, A HAIlflF,, OK l.'Ji TON'S Itl'R then, id gool order, nearly new. un l will he ft !d li'W, the par.y having no present use" lor It. Apply to li(J\V US A CO., SI Nassau street. <fcl A HO -TWO BAKKRIE8; FOUR BARRF1.S PKR t, l,TVU. day, In busluess thorjugl lares, Iu Brooklyn; low rent; oflnred low, the party going to Kurore. Apply to HOWKS A GO., Si Nas.sau street, An EAA ?PAPER HANOIKO AVI) WINf?t)W V* "? hh.ide hunine. sf( r sale ? Stnek, flmureH lea?r?, Ac., of one tii.- beet iinndi In ih? oln Hull] s gnn< inile Will be sold Irunellately for c?t.h and approved L.iper Ap ply lo C. U. TIlOMPaOa. BS Nassau street. ???> COn ?FOR SAI.K, A IIARDWARK STORK, vD.t)WU? three yeara established; numerate rent; doina i>n Increasing business, and will be sold at a bargain. A m?r? than tuujil opportuuity. Apply to HOWKS X 00., S4 N issau lUeeC ??>Q nnn -COUNTRY RKMDKNOK FOR SAI.K AT V* KlO'.'ntlelJ, New Jersey. ? A two s'ory frame uvvelling house, vv ,th about one acre of land, w ith the prirl lej. e of more adjoining. The house is new. contsining ten ly t rlfchcd rooms, coiivetiletitly ai ranged for a sm.Ul lamtlv; Is tun i.ed on tlo* main stri'et, n short dfitance above the Fres ci lsn church, within one hour's ride from New Vork by iroail, tind ten minu > s walk from therailroid station. Pos uion given bnmediately. Apply to H. SEYMOUR, at R. lloc A t o.'s, 31 Oold street. C:ft nnn -F0K ?ai.k, ONK OF TUR MOST EXCKI. "i, U.uu'l' lent farms In New J ersey t'or soil and | rojuc t.on scvftity five acres stock, croui and Improvements c*n jlete; vlll produce ;dl kinds of grain, Ac. Apply to HOWKS A c<'., H4 N.isss'i street, djf* O/IO -RARR CHANCE? FUR WISH Rl> II OMR <PU. sic i and stocked farm lor eale, situated In a heaHIifu! and beair:f-.i v.iiley, 4J< miles irotn ra'lro .1 d*;>ot, I'D miles Iroiti Nev York; li pleHsant aud rapid river runs through tli'' premises; I.W sf res of land, cotntOrt tble stone h (turalshed), carriage house, granary, barn, Ac.s two ? ? : ? lis II ir.i e b. rries Ac . liowers and Kliru'> berj in tront of house, line yoke of oxen, thrte wis h, pigs, turkles. fowla, Ac i nm wagons a&d uleaails oomplete; u Uma ol bay, straw. Mia corn, Aa,; beat of water; good lianinj and shootiu^ niuslberftld. ltiauire of F. A. l'ADDOOK, S3 eet, or hull A Hit Oli.KS. 1.1 fark pta ??? FOP. SAl.R THK CHRAPKCT $,Kv a spb udld busloefs in a first 'ass I .cation Heen astabliaited lor ytsts. Apply to HO\t l-> A ft)., H4 N issau street. Vv'DRTH OF GOOD CITY PROPKRTY ?70 .000 tout for a apiendld office buaui- 's yielding 173 per week protlt. A i'i ly u: ir9 Broadway, toon 14. CKOMWKLfa A l't?. A nous* roR sai.r, with am TRARf i.k\ ,k fmm neit Mh , free I ? m gi >und rent .V >. HO Vnndam sreat; r?us lor JM5 year. InoOlre of II. JM.I.iN <177 Kigb'li avenue, or CflAS < 1 DUPr, ikW lludaon slr-iet AMI>':r?TYI'K \ND DXdl'RIRRAK OAI.I.RKY FOR sslf* uow doing .1 goo>i busiiieKn. will be so.d ehea.i, 011 acoou.'<tof the owner having oth- r besinese to attend u> Ap fly ?t 1 1.'. Bowery, 11 tbe a! rn.ion, hettvi-eu 2 and 4 o'clo<'a. A FARM t-FW TO 100 ACRK4, WITHIN A FRW 1\ h en ? ;<le of the 1 i; ; or 1 small col .ige In or near the city, lor which will be given moruved city nropartv. Weeu>m mid and s < , 11 intlty ol Jerome elm k?. Apjljr 1 mm sid lately to t". 11. PU.1.KTRKAV, 1,0 Ailaiiti'- street, Brooklyn. BW tUTIKUi. < <ll/NTRY RW<II?KNCK, AT DARIRV. Ci ? n., neir Ills depot - I hirty auma. With a large two story and b.i fment frame hoase surronnded with tins stisde sod fruit treea, w h .w teceaaary outbuU.:iu*.'s; lisa a ui.e ranlen and of l-iilt. water introduced into the a., hen. Location net I ?< Uy b -s, he . A. i. III. i KCKKit A < O . No 7 Broad street. B<i(1T VND SHOK JT'RK FOR SAI.K -FOR MP.RLY kept ty Dsvbl II. Furdy, lately denaaaad. it is ,?n old establish' st ,'Mirl, wi n a ;?rr:? an.oo ,t oi ,??!? torn work. Far particulira ?p| !y at No Jafkana street, N. Y. BROAltWAY? HOTRI. FROPKRTY Ft?R 8W.K.-TWK land in fee sn.l long Icusa. with furniture. Ac., wortj ItH.On'. Parties desiring to neg> late, addresa f. >m '?l, P' ?? office. They mu tt be able to comnMud 970 UOQ, in caaii or |inrr.? secnrtuiei'. ROWS STONK IIOU-F FOR HA1.K? AITU VTKD IN Tbu'ysuth street, m ar llroadway, J) by 30. with all lern knprorntnts; wo ild be .??chang?d fir s smtii c mi > ne if tbe dor. App.j at room 19 Tnti.ty dn.ldui^s >iwuy. B noc. . - . try pis. r III 1'iw / IOTT \0F FOR SAI.K -A MEW AMI) HANDS) >MK \J ro'tage, in Fli/.tl . 'b" wn N?w leraay: poase^akM tm medi. trly, .4 3A teet by 130, with lrult trees and grapev net in full I carta ? ln ,tirre on the pretrtaea, Cst'ieruie street, : iur'h |MM tr.nrt .ler e_v ?rfHi ov to LAtRRNT A LI. I UN, No 11 Wllllirii street New Y01 k ? *R>1 K' 'It SAI.I1 IN M 'N MOl III COU NT Y t>N Wirewsl ury river, ltM i'r- a, wall IVr.c.-J. a.ia>irabiy M'.np ed for 'rucking, aud 7" aerea .lod'T cultivation, with hense partly *ra an.l anttraly repa N and palated; marl In ai tmdsnce, good t> h ng Ac Terms easy, and poa.aa* on given n1 ary nm - Apply to 1?. \ A N '.Ni tSTKAN l>, 1A! Brtxtdway up stairs. rr\RM? IW'STRV ' K Ms Vll,L*<iN AND Otff r prqpat y an I unlniproved land ? >r ? ila. ? Faros to lie siniost gl;en aw.iy.? J4 suras of f I land h>r 9JUU, pl?s'y of ti nt, atr.'Wbert es. rsspberrtes Pyiee tH.M). build trgi. one liotae, one pair of mules one eow. one plg.f il'aet of'.irfu ng mplaaenta, bassets, b srre.s, wsg n?. hs nesa, Ac., Ac The improvi Bin ta and "trope, Ac., lit' go wpJi tbts irm e'at over H 10 It is ih. e rid a half edl^s so'ttheast fiara < i-trketown depo*. e- 1 1 n. lea irom Nyae's and t'termont, Roeklsnd county. N. Y Tanas ease, lb s is a goo 1 cilice ?egHatain in order, vrr|! ? .rke.1 sod ehetp. L'iei .00 1a l ?a thy slid t>k *?art on'y thr?-<* ,in,i a half hoars' rile from New fork; lam tkree or Inor sbtUiaga. T?? 'her Isrots, and large lots cl unimproved land n r\>rj dme4,,n, ra*tsp; rr nntry ses's villsg" snd city prop?rtv . one of the 1110a siilen ,IM e. on r> .. nts wfj. 'our ner?-. >t .1st slea, l/ ar Island, j*1 'tsi; it roet ovc .K? lh<> s ih?- b'?' 'isrc us thai .-an eref ou r, 01.1t ba t aa how*e rid.- trom New V ik.iares1, <et. a. Is) Mt'ml ? thi?. Apply at j. ?aNPKRHiLT'<, 9f Ful ? n tree* OfPca pen (mm r t. t P M VOR SALK? ONK OF TR??R SFLRRVID UIUH RrOtiP r biown stnre iron! hot. -s ??. Uo north aide id 1 1. ?/ ?nth si 1 ee?, s little east af i t. irlk avaeWi has ai. tb?' 11a pievemetits snd all built I ' dsy'a tvork tie -n one year in ?uiMlng, si ti . now spoilt to >e *?? "bed In fbe tn^st scj -oved manner. At ply on the prctuiaes, or to A. KKNVKDY. La Keel Thirty td h street. fjlOR B A 1 v.- A MOPrr.M Tfifu: ? ?TORT 1KB ATTIC 1 1 .. bona#, a. ..(???: ?t No W?rr< n )>.aca. a ?<> % .<.t #f law! Mitialrd n:i :!>?? r ? t .-r of Fourth a* oim R eh. ?? Icurtk ? rn t, ai.d a lot n< b- , iael.ij,J luraT.ura. A* ply ?? K, H'lWAltP 13 Nwtii lU'tk. rr-on kai.r-tjif. f?o<ic and pixtcrm (trim r lif )r'?ri lrtif:0( ? whole?a.? m ratal, liqitar t aw, ** ,r a laj-fa hn?ior.' wiU La iu;>! ? .ion ib? <o k, if re mirT<! flaUaffc t.wjr raaaeoa frr a*;.;:* ?uL Ayp!) an Ika prvmuua SI fork a: reel n<a? > mim> rOR SAt.E- Tlir. VKWSTEOI ? AW MtU* RIU ATRil or t/iM n?t r?tn'. B*..inorn, ltd Tl ~ ?j!1 ta ?e.? atid ?w?iriii.ied fit tb? II ? it* mi* rfl pi <n, * .tk :lire-" h ii.?-i a *ah ?4 ftvt lonf; and i*? on" o t to, Ih^mh-r*. li karak pttir;i'H|M ??**, m ont i.:'uu aa? , fc.jr?lli"f ? ,:k ?ihr, rlpp'i g and rr-?a"itl i-a? a t ?IIIMi|klMlwl. rbe I"* ? MOW I.WtSI feet. on tb* ba?:n. unpriced m?k *K fltiC, and ?ib large du -k for huh at. tbera ? autta cm roim la build n? Ihrw mwii, *r,,i carrr nn a lata ? ? hip jarrt Tm*Mi will be aoid law. tthireika tfenry t'itiwrw. raid, ? hraopeakr Rteajn n*ti Hi;:, tsxmal fowt. For MtK-THR *s? rmvRRs with or without akKk af an ? <1 st-.'c! h?i *n.| cap atrre in Urcadwajr. APP'r U> UiWkRHK A I.l R11<<<<FN, 7? Dnaaa Mfrrl. F'uU ft A LB? T IV t.F\?K t\|> || HMTi PF <"? A 1 boarding h >' ?r. In ? pip** m i.njHdiinl. a.; a-jei. to Itmaa'witT aid lb" m.#t | rnm.i ct ( iVirMfl:' im l.*d-?>a ?''ll ,nl tkla a .leairaHe location lull*. Broadway Prut <4DM. T7??>R ?Al.r- V FT RAT rt A"< F< ' >? ?l IV lin UK. P in li tuy ? rw ti fhw* ? J f'i 1 ? o in- '>>in? ii.*l hw )'??,' f"?im * ? <*r. b^'ii iikwn, I ? nv?, imf I! .<i ? arii fwttlly | nkHrt, kn 1 i' in i"' f? ' I oi' ih< in ii" ? vc I. I r*n' V T i- m?. A kjipl} t j ISAAC ?Mti ll'H folm A < > . 2ST C??r! ? r fV,R k Al.f!? TIIR STOTfc, riltTKR*. AJ?I> l.< <?< fx* \ 1. 1 rem M.i? imi. ol * I'.rw r?i?r >rn?r (tro-i?r?, Ihr k nil nfW, ?n<l |ifh* mi'l rrnt low In any * ?h ,i>C to pntar h<? litik*ne**, oiler* ? fo. .| opp'>rt<int>y, l* ?? ? ? ..? (fi?cn niin"ilw jr of lltf b? dwell n? o? {ton -rub- r I Fnrr'itt" !?? ?n?ir# Ik Hitii kt mae, earn*' at Twewy Keienibwrn-t. ?CIOR SAI.K^T*!) 1R*R^ l.r V*R, ^TO. K vXIIFIX f i arm of * ll'inor ?'?r ?. norUiwmi Mirikf .>f Thirit Mfth ?tr?"t Mid Srvrn'h arinw. tWW dotnf ? ff<md ba?Mka A'l , j inforn Mkm *l?mi by apnlj i.r < ? T. i>'riirr o' Iwrnty ?i*ta ' i"C mrt Kt||k h oti-i.w-. Ipoll SAI.K-A PM ATT., SKAT C OTTViK HOf*K ASr? r l<>:. 2R b* U'< f>tl, *ili!?trd on l> icon nrnn?< lliiltm t'lfr. Hrrgrn hill. Itt<)'iire ol J. HKIXaHP. 167 drot lw*;, busrmenl. 1 prm? fttty t'OR RAML-tM TO k-'iwi _|P YOV WAST TO MAKR r ? wtf' in?" - niritt, ettK.r in *' vr*. or Itnd. yot> wl ' b< moat roiinlnly *ni'r.1 at <hr As-wr OP'c* Bros.l wi y, where tho utid?<r?lBTied ba* annatantlv on hand ?mn ? ei re; em bitotti' ** 'O di?|>i?w< n| fllve htm k'i early rail. At ?rv r*tf. yon will And an iiprleM ?n<l b <n<<?t m ui In deal vlh. UM'IH II *H? <H RT Pri.pi f*(>R A VRRT (not R TWtt STORV ASH tuiMinil HrV k rottafe So. flit W>? 24(h alreei n ,<h all the mo'lrrn imprmrmenla, an?l In the ?rry Kam .-omlliKHi: prireonlf ?? >? Applr to .1 V A N W AOlf KR. No Wr<i I ortr aerond atreel or on Ike premlaea irotk i to < o rlock Al#c fl, W) l?l*M "II" P** W. ^ t oil KiUE. Fion SALK-OHB or TUK BKST LOCATED AND OHK or the Li act bushiraa slanda In Washington market, for r<>rk. poultry or butler buslnene (now occupied as a pork rian t, i w i'ti all III- luturiw. Apvty Ui JOHN (i. KKK HIS, 25H Fulton aticet where ?atiafhotory reaaoua will be given for eelllng. This at auU hju> cleared It uel proli'. of from *2,600 te >3,001) pgr year. IT OR oALB ? H1K CHEAPES1 HOCFE Iff NEW YORK; r three hU>ij and bwurut, painted ani papered, large yard, walks tisgged: located In one (if the moal Improving neighborhoods, three minutes' walk f'oai four "tage routes; tit te perfect; only $5J*J0, $1,000 cash. Apply at 111 tfaaei street. b i- 1' ire li. or after Ho'cock, ? u 221 Uratul street. Ji'OR 8ALK? A STEAM ENGINE, 10) IIORSK POWER, r lii complete running order. Apply I* J J. U ARRlbOX, No 70 I'tke alriet i FOR 8AI.K? A LARGE PROPERTY IN THR THIRD I ward, near the llubokcn fe/ry, w?!l aud substantially I Unproved, and suitable for henry warehouse business. For particulars apjilw to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 MeUopoUlan i'.uik Building, Pine street. FOR f AI k-a very cheap CDCMKV residexce, m IVlham, Wes cheater Co inly, on Prospect hill, o?'? mile direct from PelhsuirlUe deiiot. New llaren Railioal. Kin house, carnage house, ga.deu and ground*. F. 11 RlNhHl.MKK, 319 Fourth aveuue. | For salk? a. four story and basement brown avue dt. elling aud store, situated on Nin'Ji aveuue. near Twenty aevinth street, treat sul ? splendid parlors, all lalj Imi rovemen*. vauil fiout and Apply at onoe lu RUSH A MliliKE, Fourth avenue, corn or of Twenty third street. For sale-the three 9Toky brick houses and lot,, 49 Delancoy street; lot 25 by It*) feel; front house 22 by 42 fe I containing gas, bulh, range Ac., all ui llrst rale order. Abo. theteo s'orv and at'le bouse anil lot 5rt Aileu atreet. Inquire at 4V Delaucey stree . fOR SALK-THE STOCK OK A COI NTRV STORE. A abort distance from the city now doing a good business, Hie | roprletor wishes to retire, luquire, fiotu 10 to li A. M , or J. 1'. WILSON, William U el trior. SALK? -IX TWENTY FIRhT STREET. NKaR 1 Hghth avenue, a two story and auic brick house with two glory tea I'KiDi on ihe rear, ueaily ue.r, and in line order, gas, hatha an, I Croton water throughout. Ihe furni ture wlilcli Is good. and i . atly new, Hill be sold at one half oi I wo. thirds Us ooat. Tl.e yarddjaa lu it a variety of llowers, several fruit trees, und a large grape vine in full bearing; full lot 1 rice, lor all, ?fi.TUd. or ?4>.SoO for house aud 'ot. tl.Ofu run lay Poeacaalon in October; title period. Addiess lloui-e. eaily. Mil Hudson stre.-t IjlOR SaLE? HOt'SK AND LOT CORNER OF I.KWIS and Stantou streets. Tlila property Is all rented well. It will besolil cheap and on ao< nmmo Ih;!;is Uti/ii if applied for UnineJlairl) . at UAi'.K LE V Y"S, Zi Will. am atraet. Frft? i>n tw lease unnxTvui oriu qnor alore, located lu the I' war 1; it h??been occu Pied so for the last twenty yeais. For Iuiiuh and particulars w<|iilte at 257 Ftont street FV>R 8AI.E? ONK HAND PLAINER. NEARLY NEW; aUo 1 loot latbe, both in excellent onle: ; wll lie sold at a bargain. In (Uiiu al J. l'OHli>'A.\ A lino TURK'S, 4 J Keade street. OR SALE.? STOCK AND.PIXTCRES OF A GROCERY and liquor store, 4t)!<3d avenue. F FOR SALE-TWO NEW, RLE OA NT BROWN HTOXB luiuaes, Noa ifl and SI East Thirty tirat etreot, netr Mi>U ion aveaue, three atorlaa, high sloop, basement, under ee'lar, ?ith madeim Improvements: eaeli -.'i lent 5 luiihes by 50 laet, iota 9h feet 9 inches deep, llrst cU*a neighborbood One haR ?oud and mortgage. Iuquire al 11 Wall atreet, room lo. For sale-tue lease, sto<^k, and fixtpresoe one of tlie beat public bouses in ihe lower part of the city, located Ir, Ihe Iwwer part ot West atreet, In the Immediate vielnliy ol lliree or lour linea of fe imera. it is decidedly one of Ihe best chaticna for a party that uud'-ratanda the b.isinesa, and mm give it hla perential ntiertlon, that has lie, n olfered in a number ot years. Apply to b. J. Jaques, No. 309 4th ave nue, ?oi ner of 23lh atreet. ' For sale? thr premises knows as vr broad way. near Worth alia 't. A pply lo J. H. DL' KES, No. 00 Clin'on place F or sale? a plot of ten lots, SEVEN ON Fir ^^?ly fourth a'Jc?t. und three on Eifty flfth atreet, ;4fio fn-t east of Filth avenue. A so the new live story stores, "H au l 7K Oieenwieh street. Also the premises No. M Whitehall street, with L on MarkelUeld street A Is.") several line build Ing lots ou Stale and Sohei uierborn streets, between Kooruui sod lloud streela, l.rooUyu. Apply to JAKES CRL'IK SHANK, 38 llrondwiy. For sale-four ktory house and r.or, no. id? Eaat Slxiiwnfh street, Fl, 14*1 only required, balance In moitgsges or ?vher aecurltles; house einlalua evi ry I nprove men*, la In perfect order, and oilers an opportunity lor a ten ant greatly lo rcduce his rent. Apply ou ;he premls<-s. For h.vf.e-a oood^dviry farm or ninety seres near Howell's depot. Orange countv. Price only 5vt,i:"<'. Abo, farms to cM hauge, saw aud grist mills, cottages, country aeau and Western lands. C. II fil.IVKR, l!<s.>m 7. .ifi Uroadway. 17HIR SALE? A WELL EST A liLISH ED HAT AND CAP " store, doing a good trade. Three years' Ieas?, and moat desirably located. Will be 'Old Ion Cm lu'l pai'tlculprt apply to HOWES k CO., M Nassau s'. -ee.. I/OR SALE? A RARE CH ARCK ? A FIRST BATE 11 three story brick house witli modern uiprovemeuta. an uaU dho Urookiiii, haslem dlstia.*!, aieiut live or leu minutes' walk from I'erli allp leny? price, $4,500 Terra* easy. Ap ply lo T. P. PE At OU K . .H'l William atreet, room >2, from II lo 12 A.M., and 8 to 5 P. M. For salk.? r. o. pirhci , is wii.i.iam strert I will a-' 11, at a bargain, two lots ou Kitth aveu t> vtwwn t:lgh?y tlilrd and Eighty touitb sueets, ue lot 'J7?li?i, oi. Fd.h a'. < tine, be' ween Thirty si v tth atid Tlnriy eighth sSrceta; also thtee lola on 115U> stre.-i m u i ilth aveuue. SALE? OXR LOT, J? 1' V 10?? FKEP. WITH TWO houses, ululated in the b< *i part of Ihe Ter h i. ard, unar uewCannl Canal aireei which, u impro\e<j wot bring a year ly mci'ine of $2 000. Address J. J>. >1 , ho* 4 *>5I I'ost olin ? TO I.FT-A FIRST CI, ASS, FRI KsroXK HOUSE frotil.tig 3D feet on Fir- pi* e, llroo^lyn, with a beautiful gardi n In the rear, V hy l.M feM; ihe pieinlses are in rom plete ud*r, t p? i u|/ ejprisaly lor iha)>wuer a realdaoce. It be rented ver\ ehean toa Kind (eraiit, pgaanwln name Clnte. Can be s??ii at a' I hours of the da? * Iso the faeniliire in sa'<! fcoui* for sale (rlteap. Add re -a u ?>% 4, at Poat oil. New Sork. For KALE.? MUST HE mH.D-A OOTTAC.R HOUSE ? and two loo on theeotnerol Gates nd Itedlord are: ies, Krooklyn lai i imi by lnj feet, eo m r oi tvo beautiful ave nuea either lor a iirl*ate residence or business ptirciiese. I'rlee $i.fl?l Inquire on the |ren.i?es af* 2 o'c.o. k Stages pa?a the door etery lew minutes, tkree.ldook* font the cars either wa} Must be semi lobe apprec r"l FOR S AI.E? 79 ANN KTRKKr? FOUR STORY HRIi'K ?luildlng, en leaeed giound, . ? . i f k Ml Maw i. sah. wlh be ill>i?<ed of on favnral le terms. S'ores at ilr ei wi'h street, adsy ed to any who. ?-sale bu sess Pits >n<l stires u> Eighth avenue, and several I rat elaaa reatdeccM for a <le. Ap ply to WX. C. llol.I.Y. No. S Nwsa i ?rtel F?t tilOR SALE? AT A HARCAIN. sTOi K FIX TI RES, 1 furaiture. with lease lo run for years lr<nn Vst l>47. i,ow doing a girod bnatt ess Rent Tu.?!*eate. In jit'eam RTC ML RNS, ai the W\< Ho'el, tlreer.wirh s'i ee*. betneen* and 10 o'clork this day. K< asoti* If a< . ti?4f. on HCM'ilt ot ill health of pii|f. eiirs wife. C'OR ?AI . Af A BAROAIN-A TFN YRAlU' LE \SK r ofai* i ts on the southeast o>.a ?"e of aros l way and PhlrtT rlath aitTei. Uroiuul rent n. 'derate Apply to JAXKh DK M'iIT, 15 Willum sire. .. For sai.k chiap-onk of tiik nkatr-t and mi s* desirable cottage houses In ItrookW*. wltb two or tour lota, slluaied In ihe pleaanmest part of Oxford iiree< . and orMtnentrd with trees, shruhb"iy, in modwe aiyl? aad with the la est iBproiaineiitd, b;, M1LKK A UETTri, ?; Wall street, J? Y. For salk i,ow or KKcnAX'iK? yalcable wa* ter ros'T, mills, buiiltnga. maehinery and 12 ?cr?a, un ncumbere'' ; ear New Y. ra. an railroad. *dan>d for m ?nu tacturlrg. prW $e tw. A] ply to owner. D. KlifTOX, No. JS Htoadaay hj^OR SALK l.OW OR FX IIANUE -oNK OR l?(t 1 hovers and lota In this etty j tor p<-r*0Nal pn>)ierts that anus U ?' hoiisMi would be put at a l^w t m e. App.v lOwtaner. D RI^TO.X, j# Bro? twsj . F 'OR SALK AT A SA' KfFT' K ? #1 "<) FOR AN MX ci lie m (arm of i.Vt< raa, with a one sod a had s o. r he ise ?rge I srn sr.d wafen HK-d, nesr'v new; tP a^re* of -he lis, re Improved, me .udirg a t oe orrha*il t ig?lh-r w.lha ?liete rf cra.a crm s of fh!ss?a?oo S? ?: fhrtc a r??raraii mad siation aed .a a very Ueai ri lo. ? i ilo?v| ?nnti.' wa ? r on the premises. Apply T. R. I'Htll K, ij WoitaM street i . ?o, 12. from lo ta IS A. M. and ; o J P M. CV R R.U.K OR KXCHANOR? M>TM IN THE riFTll r ward ci the city el Newark, in k.m aa 1 I'eanu.gUni streets, on the grade, with ftreets opened on the property, e?.v for building purposes If nitprawl. tha p-irehaae i? i ney ma> remain er Wll be ex hang d far impr red arafattf. The lawvt i m< ma Brcjivted tend ui i ahsi.iv ih<- ral'ie ni th s nijierty laig?!r. It .tUiiags aou.d r?-nt resdily, al the a uk of die ri.anu %? ? irlt g uttei est la th.s Want f o: - tae s can Ikihl real esiat* In New .terse* Price j r e .. I J*' App.v la aKO K 1 OW >-KjtD , Uhur h atf> -h, !???? lork. FOB RA1.K t?R FK HiKflK FOR T\*Tf*<l fftcrin i |m4n<<t<'ii>k'ii?*iK farm n.?i or.- ,w m ? ? frm ? > ? ? ii. bor*?? Willi. J k.nrt ?ud g?n'> ?t.r wonon ? ?n dri?o Mi r?n um HMMr m or ? l.>?e u J>. MM fJ.M i (??, ii*? ?t 'h?- Kt.'h.r Hi t'liiaa ? . FOR rami or iex< n * Bob a tar* or m vnr*, wMkaeupo btrn. or.u ntw o iih ii <Iib?? !o MM, M Mtf af tko < HMO a- T?| tnri '. , "? rt I.<h*. trio ? iron, th- Rortfe rM of p?wtto Di? T?f m w?rd of .ho i t ,f Tnik TM purnwMor hMo llio riof a oa h- tm.iBd. * ih ton i?ib? of horwu. WAfimo, . ow?, * ? For far he i ?r ?n!?f? opwijr ?B Jf'HB CilRRlliAJI. IW Bro)|it?| r*il ? ??ii or-'ot, or *( i.o o fl-o n| Wit. 1. 1 *J( T a \ l.tlR if Cmm i cr? ?iiu' wk<rtBi<i|*i>. dM pwporty n-ny I/OR SAI.r OR TO I.RT AT TOXIC kRd-A F VCTOBT, r *'<-? "iltr po?or *n<l 'lU MIi.n vifl.ii"! for * i? ,ro fc'iMr??, wiji two Arr?? at tr-und. if rfAUuOd. Apply V* J T. W ARIHG, am tfco proim"-*. Ij??.n ?air or TO l.Rt-TnK Hi ! i : no iok\ki 1 KiOTCBtli ??rOPf. roplwo wdll i.o Impn \ ???r ?n* ?, In mm rorf"i' orJfr; will ho im>M ItworWiM >'?b in' f> n i?' twr*n tfco kowo of 2 aM 4 F V A. ply to J AMIBT SMI Til. r? ?rl ?tio?t. haj.k <>b m t.i'.T - t : i *?* m.w rn r CLAIM 1 I n n n I ? hn I ? No 1 R| Oi. i ? i 1 ? I "li'iv* ? .. 1 1 iioi ! p uk. i.i.. >ed olh iIlM inoiorn nprot*lBr?t? A,> ol* to }. RI-1 <?. 1M (" ?*? Til Till 'Vrd MM, ?"AT TUri rt'h t. fi'in;i*?A M., or t c S I*. M. 1^'iR HAIR Hill l.i-.T- * HHIt'K K AOTORT, 1 H'tER r ?tiirnn ,h . ftixilft foot J>* ih o>tdi?mo.*OntiliunlaK on lino ... <-r ot. ' !r> .n* n? n . * ,!li tulp ? 'um toot ? ?i o rokb ? Ac ? IfnV*) in T ooiity yroptll t-,r""' n-*, ?)? oniHl AtoiiUt Apply 10 I' li O 1 K.VNRL Third ?t ? F'ORAYTt! RTRFFT FOR * U V \ TOT T\ rOTt^TTH ?t.eot. Vfur I Altai *lr ?, Anp;? W? !h)Mf li MtiRUAN I'iio ttreoi, Ro. a MotrorolJtan Hank Rul!4lBff |.ifF.n STORF, FOR SAI.K-OXK OF TH F BK<T I'AT r ?? IP" "40 0? fko o?ol aMo Of lh. rlty, pr"lit? Ual .Mr ?f' in I-.*, I #10; Uttr j- ono korocA .ill ;h'" I'r'mlAoA. Ooid ?' . m v rkhloUon. And pamma mry i"a.?'ii? t >?n fji- -teUiuf. Apply ai av? Pohwwgy iww. TtorHK^OR MVRPAV Hit 4., SKill FIFTH ATKRITR. Jl ? Jiirt fmlohod. And for ?*lo. 42 nod 4tj WrAt thirty finb Atroot, brioon 1'lOh ond fttth atobiio*. Too* Arr t r-t rliioo lioiiAon, * Ith brnon ?t<'n^ fr?nt?. And hiilll in iho < Pi r biNil nionorr Ikpinsiboul Will b" onld oi a r.',i?;? rt l o. ond on % r.m ir lour.* lormA A por?.n m un ih?* pro. *ow iAaba, a4 iaj Um. m4 w miorin m u> prwfo, wriin. Ac. novsR ron hai.f. 11* hohokkr? a xf.w two *t. r? And I Aormotit brtok hon?o ftnol? kiowtrd And ppr froth drj ; lALOfd tm !?' M*t fnr mnAfoar will IH> **1 r?ry rlwAP fio-pxAh. Aloo. two 1"?? <m tho rwm.-r of M'od.iw And Flitfc mrootA, Miming tho aIioto b.?ioo, mill bo ?<?M to inii !..?? tbon llto prloo of InfOrlor lota in tbo noifhhorhood. If App'ird f<w ??io. l?<<ntro ??frll AR. BTRF.F.T, m WaaH l? 'on frot* or Uiwdwiy P. f, rOK?AM. Ho u?B AVU rouH aoriw. of i.and fob sals? ttMw i ir >rt*ageon the 2?1 ol October at In dr.' kjton'n. Bedl.tuk, S. J. The hcnae ig built of brick, but mi . unit* finished li side. The situation u nur Purl Wasninjiteu. or iha Shrewsbury river, commanding ? n?w of the High | laid* and me < c eau and is i.ceaalble by the shrowaburr , bo*is, wLtcli leave flew York daily. H' oc.~* a vii lot for balk, at srA.rr.RTOK lau-ing i idlii street. Beaten island. The house la us fDod order, contains eleveu rooms. n i? iu a good neighbor ood- The lot is Si) feet froilt, and 110 feet deep lYioe ? $2 TOO. Inquire ou ihe preuiisea, Mo. St Weight atreut, Swim j Inlaid. HOt'eki FUR 8AI.F? THREE srOBY. IIASKME NT AM* ?ab cellar, bnuc house. No. NJ Twelfth street be tween Fifth and avi-uues. lot 2UX1UH, walls aad *t*?d work newly papered and painted throughout, ruitfe. bath, hot and cold wu'.er, wash tube, gas tixturua. Ac , la complete order, fries W.aotl. Inquire of s. P. UBLI., 62 John street. Ninth btrket.? first clam house, no. iut newly painted. Possession given unui ''italelr. Far aala by HABICHT A FaBISH, SU Ueavei street. ' CTKAMBOAT FOR BALK? NOW DOING A FINE Btf ? I k> aiurxk, towing in Uie harbor; will be sold ou i aaaoaaMe i terms, to close a concern Iti'iuire of 11KKKYMAN 4k I Si ORM8. Island City Foundry, 36 and :t7 l)ealiro^,e? ?.reet. TO PRINTERS -FOR BALK. A DOUfLK CYLINDER pow-r.- ] n-o'i, to food order; lied Id by HI; hat aelf acMug sheet llye-s. Price 1000, casii. Apply to JOSEPH! BARTON, la Beaver atreot. T'' P.n'fTO<i,*AI'HEKS AND AM ATKi; RS ?FOR SAIK vlewa. a0af'"'<1 111 ev?rr mlnutl? tar tskiag TO CONPKCTIONKR8.? FOR BALE, A WHOLESALE and retail confectioner/ and icecream eatabliahinont. cto Kan ii) titled up, with marble u>p counters and tables, t ??i-i?n* nxti re*, wl'h pat t or whole ot Mock, soja foontains and naat rater compleie. new oven eifjin bv nine lect with a long loae* ot' rem-.. Apply at 50 Dlrtslon atreet, N. Y. BILUARDti. AMMD ASBOBTMRKT OF TAni,?* HOW ready, With marble, aiate or wood beda, with all tha me dtni uuproTeuicnts, and new gtyta of ccshion; alao \m at the old atand, 'JO Ann itreet. I.. 1>K?K KR, Formorly Orilllvh X Ue ker. ALAROE ASSORTMENT OV BII.I.IAB9 TABLBH, !? latest atrles and made In the beat luanner at a > >1 ae? aoned materials, also a lew Heeond hand tab lea, tor tale A O'COMOB A OOLUNDBH MHMiry.llAia wriMC A SPI.KNI<m A&SOBTXENT OF BILLIABO TAUI.KH A. tor aala, with marble, aiate or wuoden beia Ala^, cloths, balls, sues, rue wax, leatliers, ehwer than any other entabliahnieal iu the United StaUia. Three aeootul haaJ ta bid chcap for ea^h. LEONARD A HBN.I ABIN, SSI Broad war. Billiard table and fixtures, with all tub modci ii improvcmenU. Must be m>M wjiine liateljr . Ang gentleman wmhlng to buy a good new table at a bargain, caa aiiply at 1W Bowery, for the owner is obliged to sell it. For balk? an ex< ei.lent amkkican bili.iak* table, pcrfi rtly ntw. with balls, rues, markers, Ac. Ap ply at 00 White street, iu the basement. Model billiard tables and oombinatkmi CtMhiooa? patented February l'J, l.i66; for sale eniy bf the underslgnnd , none genuine unleas accompanied by aa m ?raved plate, with my uanie acd date of patent. XICUABL 1*1< KUAN, ii Cuambers street. OC I LISTS AM> AI RIHT8. 1BPROVB Tfth EYES BY M WISE. OPTIOIAW. H? 437 itroadwar. up statra. M. WISB re^ieotfUily inftoraa Uie putilie that he ailli e?nllnuea his busineaa In the aaiaie buila rg iwcupied by him fcr U>e last twelve years, hut haars moved up stain, to reduce his expenses, and will be enabled thrrosy to sell his aiDefea twenty our rent cheaper than any la Sib Lne of business. Fersona wya weak eyes can be sapplled ?ah glasses whuh wll! greatly benefit and not strain the eight. Particular attention la paid to the uew style of per speotlva ground glass, nr the finest lluit, w hjch through Ha high poli4i and true ground, prod 'ire* the oares. rtsiun, aad hue been highly Hi saiainailad as tlie l.rst, In Its effect up?a tLei-kn. for pi-eaerriig and improving the night iu ooutinaad wrltaiH and trailing, rihort sighted persons, and those tptn tfd apcu fcr rataraets aan alse be suited. He Inserts aew glasses of superior qualttr in old frames, and solicits the pa tronagr of all In want til Ills articles. lie warrants all *|MW icles purchased of him to stilt the algiit five years, ar h-yt the glasses without extra charge. MJSCKLL A A KOCS. RE TOP IN DUE AD, OR OUT OF DRK VBf For ' Dree" are >oii a necker" Buy. if you please; 'twill you A. MAZE. Two thirty so en of Hleecker. AMRKirtN, BV'SST AN AND UID30N BAT riW pany's furs -WHaa Moser can now otler to tie- vtibbc, l?i city and eouinrv trade, au ui.e.|ua!lej a^Koitin-ni of die nliove, ar .tieaby iiunselX WW MOhtit, 41 Mai ilea lane awl \S6 U> bud way. | AOCIDFNTii ABF. ENTIRELY PRETKNTFD IF TO0 J\ uae the ; VetU lndu rubber fluid la np; it cannot eiplodak 01 es? or bunt. U is the nuwt enno .uncsi aed o >.? tloal '.amp aver invented HAWXUliBHT A MO'/ T, mm laeturers, V) Fulton street, N. Y. AH I COFTAR'S EXTERMINATOR KPFFOTU AIXJT rlcais (without d.uisc.r or ai> neh' rata, t'roum bugs, c xak innrhcs tie. t'ostar's eUctric pnwdee, for the de^trucltea sE modis, fleas, TOtMH|Ultoea bed bugs, and all M'sects; anlOoa tar'H bed btic exterminator t'OSl AB'S wl ja .-.ttle and rctaB de,ict, ;iba i> ioad way. New York. ACARD.-T1IE PROPRIETORS OF THK VINFrAB?. IT Vail s*r> et, would respectfully rail the atti ii'joa uf fa niilies retuinlOK to tiie city to an Inspection ef their goeda, which U <>i the choicest ktud. uusurpaaaad by auy house w the c.ty, comprising a tine selection of prcsecvi - j?-lliee, -sure*, tr. . also s hirer aasortraent of the rarest kinds of peara from the Bo?ton e.\hiblliou , hothouse. Isabella s,.d fstawba ??rapes, tine old wines and brundi' S, London and IIoSIib XE porter, Seoti h a'es, Ac. t?'t'ONM>K A MOW ABU. i IROCKI'BY AND OLAPH WARE AT Wll )I.ES A LK.? V We Invite Insurcci n of our slock, comprising a'l the uaw sod di sir ibie styles. Wsrehoci- 60 Vcsey street, betwaaa iiroaili*ay sod Uiccuwicli ?tri'e<, <;iii l.ti ,t KI.I.IOTT. Importers. / lOLT'H NEW MOTH)., BEYOLTERH? JIIBT RKOK1 TFJ>. Vv1 and f ir sale at F. KRY.VOI.IM', npnortrr of gone, pta in* Ac , 4" t 'baihun street, and No. & French's lio'ei B. E. Arent tor liurkry's gun and musket cope. The u ads sap plied C1IIAKLKK STARR, IK . A CO . 114 FULTON BTRKBT. ' msnuia.'tnrers snd drairrs in ai -nool oaaipheaa, Uaimnc, pbosgrne and rptrits of tur;.entins. XpOR FAWCT ABTI01JCB AND TOYS, OO T< ) ROilHRJF r extensive bnrasr of tsa. y goods. N(? 4W? Itn.sdwac Kvery varleif u there ihat iar nr. iguu'ion c?u coureiva? peieelsin. china, brot. e, crnafe.i'nta. combs brushes, par l emery, dulls, gamea, aad tugs, el every va/.ely, cheaper aa* e.'Srwhefa. Fl RN'AflKf. K A NORM, 4 c ? CO JfKT A NYI T ON HAW*. a i*i |c* fcfcftoi tmani oi Ifc.lion a paien' -?? " nr ?itr rv !';rna<'ea ? hirti li .*? bee n a ? Maul* approved lijr til ba\o te?te?l ihoir mcrita Harm [Kirn Uttnhr Iivn r um UkM e.tuai to a bri-k C'V.'O. Hctton'H patent hnatara? wmm ?ooi . mical, 4o... 4c OKU. I. CANNON. 4Uu Brualway. c j. | ? -rr R*> CHIN* OL4** A WD (l a'.l i.rW ?'*>?? <""* ?a'r,iJ ,l toWWrHe^lU.I* Alt, u lur "riiC1nrm4m?j, corner afTwaaly e.?hJ? aire*. I OOI IN? OI. AKKRA AN'i PK'YURR PR '.MKH J Count. y trade atLpul ad Si. ?j>:a>, .comer ofHcaofc, Haw Turk UUDI. y trada aiMijil ed_ Via. M8, 1M JIM UaN>(?Mk HOR.4CC T. rious. MARBI.K. MARIU.r, H tRBJ.R.? IMPORT 4NT T# ?' rccu't. i? and utb"r? ? Tue underfilled ia now pro ( ?r?d !o lanml. ?dt amoin* ot ?ery a ip-rw.r pnra wbit? r- iiM rir R.aiblr. la cubic lilocga or ?aw?d I ? llniaaaliM. Ap ply at Uic M> i t yard, Na ISH Kaai Twaottrth atreet. URN BY ?. AMPRKVr. Mtrrat ?? ririi ma'inrma? frvparrd cnd lli" in, m- Jia" aupcriatMi lei.ce of (tin dhinwr, i*a>r? Murray. tar ?aie nkolcaa clrnfinjs au airaat, Sew York M aupcrtntan nf tha dlarorarer. H?r r ^VbvW IIIRFKRMN IUoTIIKR> A lUMS li? W.Unub air ai, rqroer of ltoefc 1>FMRDY AOAlNST ASIATIC CHOLU4 AND DTS 11 ".'fry. by Doctor Theodora DalllirM, I'rwfeaaor wt M ??!tc> ik- ai.d Pn i *efy of ti.a Facafcy of Parla, Ac . Ac - 4a ? .?! ?n r?oi tl.? a?<,\e rcindv we hare ra'aabtlied ta tMa ait Mir 4*pot fur ha rataU trad#, at lh? atore of M> aar*. D. T. 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