Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. i , WHOLE NO. 7335. THIRD EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1856.-THREE O'CLOCK P. M. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADDITIONAL FROM CALIFORNIA. Oim SAN FRiNCI8?0 CORRESPONDENCE. i THE REPORT OF THE VIGILANCE COMMITTEE. At-i &c., Our Hmn Fraurlaco Corre'po'ulmM. "? Krwcisco, rfopt 6,1860. Art tit of Durhre and ltand ? Hil'orU Co llring Abumt & Col lision letueen the ftyi'inn i'?mmittee and the Federil AuOiwitid!?lhc lin.rji * Ut suiting Ji 'tm *he Acti/nof the Vigil at ce Cimmiu * Mm*md?Tk? Presidential EU itior.-? P tuition of :he tnytrmt Parti- 1, ? Co., if:. I By ltU mail you b*d information of the parade of the Vigilante Committee, on wfcUh oocaiiou some tour thou sand live hundred citizens tururd out ia procewion ; also r \bat the Committee were partially disbanded, or rather ceased sttive duty andout *-!i-d show. Now, unless gome of our federal or ^'la'o oflluert, urged on by a few of the enemies of the Committee, ii terfore wttb the members on account of the discharge of what I hoy deemed their t duty, it Is certain that tbe Commutes will not moetagain. It wou'd seem that some ol' our federal officers and their particular friends have gone rabid on this subject. f These cfllrera do not fraternize with the citizens ? they ap pear like separate clauses ? somewhat as the colonial oJlcera of Great Britain and tbe people of the American >? colonies, fiow 1770 to 1780. With the exception of the federal and State officers, and a few Intriguing democratic politicians, with a very few or nil other classes, the people ara in favor of the Vigilance 1 Committee. Now, if these enemies of tbe Vlgllanco Com mittee can bring them into collision with the federal or State authorities, we may anticipate all that is evil? even | o'most to a civil war. Tt " Committee have done a deal of goo d, although it m. i . mitted that It is a li^gerous experiment. The moral disease of the community was desperate, and the remedy, though dangerous, (almost amouutiug to a dis memberment of tbe body politic,) had to be tried. It can easily be seen what good has been accomplished, from tfco following lacts Out of sixteen papers published in this town only two are opiioscd to the Comtnituo, and ene of the editors of tbe last two papers ought to bo sent out of tbe country, tor rear on s both pub'io and private. Not a single man ot all that Lave been exiled can claim any title to good citizenship. Wh .to lormerly from tlx to eight men per month were found drownuu, in holes In our whirvas and ?treeis over tbe water, there have net boen four such cases rccordt d by the Coronor within tbe last three months. Last week there was not a single prisoner in tbe station house, being the first instance in six years. Stabbing and knockiog down In our public streets has entirely ceased; tbey were formerly of every day occur rence. Two bad characters who, some time since, were ordered to leave the country, but who, Instead, left the city and wandered over the State, came back to the city, and are to leave the State, taking advantage of an advertisement by the Vigilance Committee warning them so to do, and that they should go unmolested A large majority of the people through oat the State are in favor of the Committee. Those who were organized on the 16th or 16th of May now number ?ome 7,OCO, over 6,000 or whom are in readiness at a moment's uotico. Tbe balance have become lukewarm from various causes, tired of being compelled to leave their basil ess, or have left the city. Tbe Superintendent of the Mint ordered his emplo>es either to leave the Committee or lose their places. The Executive Commit tee appointed from the Committee at large a delngattM of three from each company, and many of tbe General Committee have spent nights and days? oven many con secutive sights and days? either in comarittce or oj iiard, ami expended over thirty thousand dollari $30,000) other citizens, *y npathisers, suDicnbed $10, DO to $12,000. and the m mbcrs in general have paid om $5, roo to $10,000, making in all tome $50,000. I do not tbink thev ever i*id seventy five or eighty men wageo at any one time; cot to f.ny as horse or foot soldiers, fkare were two or three large companies of dragoons, each member providing his own borse and equipments. Tbe Committee lit composed of our l>ost men. and were mostly from me Eastern and Middle Mates. Merchant* ga?o liberally of their mouoy aud their time, come paying $600 to $1,000, aud devoting half tbeir time. be?t<tm allowing their ollic- cieiks to spend a* much time as tin > were called up in f or. 1 never saw such au amount of self-sacriQcc before. What lias been tbe cry ol tbeir opponents ? Tbat tbey interfered with ihe federal airhorrJaa? No. not in a ma gic case. The guts Wken i?-l<>u <-d to lb* riiate, and the \ea?el upon wt icb they weir shipped ? n S"ia<i distance up the rivtr or bay As a further t>roof of tue good results ci the action or tfio Coramitn*e, I would state mat the po lice court ban not been tn uaily onslon, at to form jr iitn?i trom the *ant ol subjtotj. The ouaty and the Its diatrlct MM were ia nession whenever oc oaaion required, Uiou.b tb.y bare b<eo often r.lored for want at bueinees. Tbe Vigilauoj have closed op their business, and are merely holding together lor rue* of emergency. Most of ?ur cltiz -ns wbo hue Interest In this pUr.i, believe much food has been accomplished. Trade I* again moving; our city ?crip and stock are looking up; r<-al estate in more de man<l, everything progro?*ive. But there t? yet a cloud in tbe horizon tbat may remain for a time The opponents of the Committee (fb ir fifth* of whom pay ne taxes here.) and have no interest la Cil l'?role. ex cept what support tbey ran derire from tbe treasonable buflncM ? stuflllng ballot boxes and otherwise tampering with tbe flections, and la various ways^tefeailng the aids of justloe, (self called law and order men), will continue to cry annul them ? declaring that the maiesty of tbe law mutt be upheld, and yet they have lived In defiance of all law Tor many veer* Man* of I'oc' ? Sum's bangers on aid and comfort them; and If, together, thny can make but a temporary disturbance, they will lis happy. It will, however, be to th-lr own dlaad vantage, and, In lbs end, be no detnmeut to ths Vigilance Commit tee Tbey bave a political end in view, which I will show op after a while. After chagrins and mortifications of ?very kind, seeing tbat nine-tenths of our people Join In favor of tbe Committee? tbe President refusing to act In tbe premises ? Congress laughing at tbe idea of meddling with the Committee, tbey bave at last gat toe mountvn In labor. ror tbe lirst time the Marshal bas found tnat the law requires him to send up tbe oouatry lor a liraud Jury? thereby he bas been enabled to find a bill against twomembr rs of the < ommlttee, r.?r plracv In the hlith mud ol tbe bay; the federal offioers hurried on tins case, leaving other aad older eases n the beads of tue IMstrlct Attorney , and there Is no doubt tbat a trial J'iry of twelve men caa be picked Irom the 100.000 la California, wbo would bring ia a verdict of gntliy. Tbe usnal timn of Ew to tbs convicted caa be given twice. Whilst waiting rrault of an appllcatloa to the Preatdeat, they may pat tbe prisoners on beard of a I'aited Ma tea ?b<p cf war, (Uere la no prison la Cbllforaia), with 1,000 gnards, that conld retain tbaai. It la coolly talked of la the ?treat to give the people a cbaace to reecue the two 'men, and thea to blow op tbe city on tbe refuaai ol tbe people to giro them up to tbe I nltrd r<talrs Marshal on one boar's notice previous to the firieg ol tbe first gun. Not a single federal offlcar. aor law aad order maa, wbo in ths most MM degree | aided In this unrighteous cauae. will remain on ahore; tbey will abow their wisdom la preparing r*r their own eafety . Kvery candid man, wbo has witb bis family a deep Interrst at stake however be may have r >ndemn?d tbe Vigilance Committee, will aar, ?* l et by goaea be by gnara," throw oil on lbs troubled waters, ba const derate or all. It bas been said by ihe opposition tbat it la the desire ot tbe Vigilance Committee to see the Colon dissolved; Ifeto cry cornea from the woli himself wo never hear this from tbe Vigilance Committee. This Is a Southern cry? a southern plan; th*y co not waut our Isn degrees of sea coast peopled by fbopkeepera and hard working Yankees In general, rbe roon.r tnov can cut us all and out or the I nlon the better then make tne dve contemplated alave ttatee out of Texas then woolly v.?'s v > d rue In <ralne. Tbe Governor of Virginia says that slavoa would hate been worth $5 000 apiece If slavery had beea permitted In the tioluen Slate. No, tdoy do not want at to become a peoplo of wording miners, mechanic;*, merchants, manufacturers and farmers. Our cltios and towns are being blessed wtb excellent aeHo)ts and splendid cbaixbcr? they are to (J fount In erery mining village? stores and tbea'.reeere being cinaed oa tbe '.abbath, gatnb'lug houers arc prohibited ny law, and in many plai t s tfloctually. Thus bave our alTsir* tie -u pr.? CTeaaing the past ten or three yoars Tue eitveh.. I - are among tir, but they are n >t wtb nor (Df its. Houth ?rnera, ax a general thing, do not ahine a. tne bar ia Ca Murnia (tbere are nple?4id exceptions who do honor to rb>m?elvee and their native land); they are uoi a i?m mtrt-lal people, neither are they mecbaitloo nor man>it'a<v turn* n>e tnde in pol ties is becoming stale and ao pr?fitali!e In Callfbnila; one ? la- o |> <litn ia is ft ,-Ti?ti<iy '?hange Ihelr party, but tot tli ir prltidiilct; anotlWr cban^e their principles but not tllelr party, causing an awf at amalgamation of men and matter fney comoar* *?lth the mine number In the SnerKfs box Iroti wtiioh ba draws a 'nry; tbere U no know ng whi or what. In a very f?? months, will be brongh' n c!o>e pmxlm t/. Many (ay they will never bold offl-e tinder Kremiii as Prea'tient; ihe mllienium will bo at hind when "neu from th? Kaatem and Middle iftatet will bavo to (ill all the federal o (Tiers, Fillmore may b? conservative; we are not > o w?>ii ported in regard to his pi itform a< (hat of Ituchanan or Fremont, ot rather of the'r parties Tbe former g<H* for wofdly heal? thulr lac-eaee in nun here and valne; the latter for free sod '? the new and Iree laborers or wh te men everywhere;? ths ts for the white vot. e of tt,? rew, with tltr-e tilths ?f tne many, the other lor fret immigrntiin, and the votes of tbe whole. One party xeeks the Interests ?n4 prelomi nance of fifteen stater ? l he other for the internet of six. teen States. If oa>- party desire* that Immigrants and f?ee laborers should enwr and settle ta a slave ^tate the answer Ik they are not want.- 1 thero? we want our larf o plantatiors. and large droves of iv ?ro?e intact? ao InUM g ratio?? ao Intarloptag. CalUomiaas ia 1S44 aMd wa da not want emigration? we wish to retain onr leagnes of land, thousands of cattle and hundreds of working In dlMi peons, Intact. They were answered ? the world la progressive, the Anglo Saxou race particularly so; your views are selfish : you may be happy, but you are indo lent and ignorant; you must give way for a more active people. The voice of Europe Is against slavery; a large ma JOnty of tho Uulon proclaim loudly and deeply against buiiiuu bonduge, and wore it not for ths rabid abolition it-tf ol New England, Kentuoky might now have been a fi ce SU(e. I'ndor this state of ioeliog slavery oannot lotiK endure, and ought never to spread. Mr. Denver has Rallied many lrknds In California by refuting to sign Herbert's clean bill of character. Toe twenty or twenty-live men who did sign it, a a majority will not have their signatures nought alter, altar a while The Young Men's Democratic. Club, of this place, coasts of such men, and are the uoleut opponents of ne Vigi lance Comn.tltee, and, as I belore na;d, were eu<ieav'iring to make political capital ou'. of their movements. They rei.'ge to allow numbers <f the C'.imuiiUee, or any oil alio sympathises with them, to join tboir club, and they will ecd?>avor to make thu game issue is the Mate I'onvei turn. This muHt recoil upon them with vengeance. Many democrats, rather than \ote wiln and fur such proscnptioniHts wil throw their vote aud inlim uce lor Fremont or 1 ill more, especially the la'ge nlass fr in the Mid lie aod Fa- it ru Matts Formyseif, 1 have kopt alonl from poll ties until lately. 1 believed < acli of the the three can li dates would do very well as FNsMwt 11 it kobs into the Douse I thonld be willing to have Ftllmorn electa I At prctont be appears to li;ivi< no p.trt> . 1 could uot af tliiate with the cemocrat* here. I do not b"liC70 that Fremont is wantiL g in suQlciont tai<-nts. True, lie may not bave many int mate friend*; ho is hy nature taciturn and unsocial. aid kno*s no pleasure; but on the otner hand, ho will have no kitchen Cabinet, and no corrupt political Intrigue will hive any lojurlous coitrol on hlui 1 do not know that he ta a mat. ol gratitude. hut uoliuial policy Kill alone never rOiow him to discard an old frioud, as It does in the cage of Franklin Pierce. Address of the Rxrrntlrc Committee to the Gtnctnl Committee of Vigilance of tiaii JPranelsco. OFMijuiKN : ? On the occasion of your adjournment, the Executive Committee doom it proper to make the foiliw irg remarks, A lew months giaco g ief and derpiir weighed gloomily upon an opprc ssed people ? unpunished crime was in too ascendant. Fur years our citizens have endured tho great evils existing in their midat, and had oorobatted tbcm by al! the ordinary remedies preserlbed lor a re pubiicaii people. The redre?a looked for in elt)Jtlo-B and jury trials wat used without success. Tlieso remedies wtie Lot neglected, but. by a combination of fraud and vic>nce,they wi re rendered ol no oilect. Ths ballot box wes dii-bocored, th* law* were perverted, justice was prostituted, fovernmmt was corrupt. The exercise of lree gpt-ecb, and the guard anshlp of a free press, wero attended Kith peril? life was unsafe u;>o:i tee public highway. I'ne state of piulio affairs required that ordinary re melius and legitimate measures should for a bile! period bo laid aside. The necessity was anomalous ? the exi gency gieat. Measures whi"h would not be juitillfxi In weii ordered and well governed communities .i oca rue de fensible and just. It was requisite that a prctnti and overwhelming ascault should be made by the people up on organized and dominant crime Tho occasion came? the public exigencies demanded of you, as the represent* tivesfot the great majority or the turpla, that you should assume, to a limited extent, tho administration of justice. Similar exigencies have occasionally arisen among a free people, but none furnishing a paral.ei to this, or roqul ring so imperatively a vigorous and united action of the public. A stern and awlul necessity demanded the employmtnt of extra legal and extra judicial measures lor public relief, supported and protected by an armed militia drawn from tho bosom of the peo ple. It was the last resort of ? long suffering aod in suited people? tree in name but not io fact. The foun t?in of endurance, long filled to the brim, at last over flowed. None regretted the necessity more than yourselves. No people on the face of the globe were more strongly opposed, on constitutional grounds, to the re assumption ol any portion of those rights and duties, whlct, residing in tie people, are delegated by them to their servants. In the rectitude and loyalty of your re publican principles, you sre conscious of a devoted lore icr and adherence to the true spirit of government and law. In the assumption of power, you did but assert and oae the rights constitutionally inherent in the people as dec'arcd by their majority. You bave performed car lam spec: tic acts which were requisite to vindicate jus tice snd the rights of an outraged people, and to strike terror Into the ranks o1 crimo. You bave exposed the machinery by which your liberties bave been subverted, Mi which haa rendered the ciectlvo trauchUo a mockery and the administration or Just c? a farce. You have pro duced the great moral vilest. You bave originated and | brought into acii re maturity the great revolution which will result in social and political relurm. The great work which yoc have commenced has attained to trial degree of progress which will requ're al your hands in tho fu ture only the earnest and watchful efforts of cttizeos in ?he ordinary prescribed methods of action to consummate tbe teaured and triumphant end. Fellow mem >ers, you bave givan your time, your mo tiey, >our labor and your earnest thoughts to tbe work. You have mado many and great sac rl dees. You hav? tin own yourselves intt tbe breach in thl< coolest, and w hatev.r ol jeo|?rdy or loss, whatever of o,iproo -lum or enmity could iMM-si^ly ensue, you bave freely hazarded for the public coid. Ail ibis you have done aithout tho 1 possibility or private gam, wuhout a solitary o'?ject or I eraoual advantage, In iking only 'or your proportion of ih? public b< Mft Yen bcion^ g?*nArai:y to bote c lane* *T ritiz -ns wtiO bave rarely UlieT, aud bave never cord ed ollic*. You are the induatrUi cltaaca ? the rueu of oc cupatlon an 'I reaponslbillty Among you ar? tbe larger majority ot those cluxenn of San Kiiuuilo wnoaoan choice here by family lie* ? by bone* ao<! b jujehold*. A majority of your oppoj -n *, consisting of tbe moat bit t? r host le, bare ro trade but polite* or worse, anil bave but little at stake in prop.-rty or umilies. They af IM not to undcri-tand tbe klacerity and aolf sacrificing prtrclplo which baa led yo?; to labor and endu'o s> mm q to lit et public reform To moat of yoa oIDoa i? no object, tod wouH be a buti'en. Your interest* woj 1 auOsr by IU accept 11 co. You bave endured in ich ol" bitter en mity am uLbluahiDK misrepresentation. \V f :le many ot our most respect* 1 cltlxens ha v* dif fered from yo.i on abstract principles, || t* untealabl* tba. a combination of thj woral and mojt daui<orous tlrmtnts in aoclety baa been rauel ng\ inst ?n . Kalae tsiurs have beeu attempted by which to st ^mallse you aa parturaDs. as fanatic*, aa traitor). You have been Maely accused of harboring political enmities, rallgious prejudice*, *ectk>nal dl- likes, hoatlllty to loreigaers, and finally, of indulging polllica' almi Tbe seventh articla of jour i oMtitutlou adopted at tb" commt."ccmoat of your cxb>t*i,oa M a body, eilectually loibaio all laaua* of ?ec In nativity, politic* or creed A on your anal disclaim* sucn Issues, acd to this hour tbe integrity of lb At constitution and the motto baa be ^n preserved Invio late evun agvDAt imp n'ition Voi are or every rellglou* creed, of every political bias, af every enllgb.nned na tion, and of every -tale In our beloved t'mon It would be utterly Impracticable to form a reliable conjecture ot Uie predominant political or religion i sentiment amongst you. We therefore earnestly counsel you. a* V^ilance men, to avod all identification of the Conmilt--* asm" ?nd Interest witb any political party or policy Do your duty fhilbfully each man in tbe party of hi* ibotce. I*t every man throw bis vote every m*o cherish and protcct Ibe palialmm of thi people's right* and Itberti** Protect tbe bolkK bix. 1st It a over again be polluted. 8*0 to It that the elects .is are peaaa able. that tb* live* of freemen are ant p?rli ?l by rufflsM at tbe polla. This Is your ?ork. Let tbe jeetion be re garding every candidate, la he capable' !e he honeet/1 8Uh e you cooimea ;?d your labor*, there hi* been a vory creat Improvement in the admlnlstratloa of law and Ju Mice bv tb* authorise*. Clime baa been mora gene rally aad more eevaraty punlabed. Tb* reieut annul ment o' tbe fraudulent e'aetiooa, and tbe Indictment of tbe offender* In tb* young aad almost heiplea* ? ounty of .Jan Mateo, (to recently acpara;? I from our*,) is a tri umphastaad pr itrlaing result o' the great moToment by the peapie. I at tbe example t>e edited Eseloalva of the hostile i? MplW MM yo>ir ow? body, good order aad a tense or sec a my have prevailed to a greater extent than ever before la our midnl. Men bars not l eared to > peak their m'a'la la every pea-eable manner; the pr> ?* ha* been untrammelled; riot baa be,? prevent ed, jr baa b. en *aady suppreaeei ime advantage lias been takea of your moderation , but by y >ur discretion and fcrbraranc* the greal excitemeit of tbe piat three moaths has subsided, and its great evsata hav? b*en ac rompilahed without tb* consequent loan of a llle hy c >111 ax<n. Toe nttrf gallon aad discipline of a large military f >ree was, a meiisure of |iriiri?oc9 an-^ne< ?*sity . Tu* p?? :? aad taMy cl Ibe community required tt. wu'ioui in o?er ttti< Imlng power ? blood/ iwni wnall have r?.H>n foroel ope i 5011. By III strength and perfection tn? enertlona ot your oppoarot < to organize an I hrtaz i.itiMbe 11 dd a hireling f >rce, of tb* Wai at outcaeb* of ais-ioty, 1 1 destroy you, b-tve be -n rendered im,?ueul and ahi>uve, ant thna the city baa been spire I the horrors ofcWll wtr Yon ten* np arms to* protection, and not for s({rts?i >*. Had no armed oppoeltlon i>e?n arrays I eiainst / hi. yonr work of juitlc* wniild bar* been aocom ,?ll?ne I w,(ti mt bcanrg arm*. I<cterndu*1 joun?elvet to avoid tbe ?bedding of blood, nrntndt BO attack upoa your loss until they look tbe lield anaiaat you. Your military purer and disclpMt* are adequate to aey acMevemert yon mtent dewira Had you aimed at th* suhverrloa of tovnrnatent, at a change in t ie Incumbent* of onio*. at any iwlftlcat revolailoa; bad you been actuate t hy sinister dengnt, by tr>alltnsnt hue or rcvrtjre, by faaatiial is?l In any object, declared or otherwise tti? power w?? voor* llravca s-|oit? you o s"y *u? h m uives or -ntsaioas. \ on could Lave proc>>*d"d to etrrem" m?a?ii-.*i, ar'n la the v?'jr avowed obj tots of your consttiiitino? >t yon btve b. ea moders*" and |ti*t evun la the*a. You m'tht hav^ dona macii mo e than yoa have In tba p-ia l?htretit er the guilty? but it la not in th* ageciiio i of a few assastlns, and the oahtibmeot of a lew aoore of n> ted criminal*, aad the voluntary eTpttrtaVlon ?i m?uy others, that your wor* la d( a* o to be doaa. Yoa hare rtsitrd your power miif npnn t"tos-? rcip noting whom tbe ovl leni ' was i tear and (nil. Yoa have pr*r*rred to err on tbe s de rd cietifniy. other ro^no* remain unp'iaUh ri, an< tome high in noait'ou Ther can hope fo* m nn miirity In th* adjournment of tbe 0*mmitte* Tiiu ere of Vigilance is i'|ion them. Tne swo'd of ju?tl5? is )ot *u*p<Mided orrrtbem. other mode* or punlshm nt nr.< In reserve n>r tbem. Tbe vtgil.i ire ol tbe whole oommn city In respect to crime and the abu?e of oflBce ha !?.? >n e?skenad, it* moral sen*e and in tell -et are fn ikeaol. Iniquity, hitherto dtagutwd with faacmatlng mask, stands eiposed in hldeoaa deformity. You have > omoltsnei tt, ~ fortrrs* of crime and corrupiloa, aad hava acalterei its gsrnsoa to the f*ur winds. The archivta of the Oommlttee enatatn a Urge *mruat Of t?*tlmony which IU soiai >a baa aoc imuiatM, aa 1 [ which cab be hereafter apod In the punishment and ore vent .ou of crime and po otical abase*. by ihe employ ment or tboee ordinary remedied which hitherto tuve proved Inoperative. You are now content to toy anile your arms. It 1* your pride and dt light lhat tboae arias are unstained by a single drop of citizens' l)i?od. You liave dis?rin>d your opponents who sought to embroil you in a fratri'ii i dal conllict. You retire In the plenitude of your power. This event you sought and exp'.sited many weeks mace, but the hostile attitude of your foee, and the now tug ies lorctd upon you, prevented tho reulunion of your wi-h es, prolonged your active service, and were the means of perfect. dk >our military discipline You will retain your organization, but without active service as a bony, and without tho detigu aud duiire of again arsi-mbling. Yet, us a provision Against possible contingency s ? Your kxecuitve Committee will endeivor themselves to exercise vigilance in the investigation and reiormitiou ol abUM-8, and in aiding and urging on Hie constant -d authorities ui the discharge of their uuues ? reserving tile disi retion and privilege of ressserobltng tie Board of lie Itga'es, or t! i general body, thouM serious occasion arise. 8u> b ( -cai ioa, .u the judgment ol toy Executive Committee, inigh be lound ? 1st llpou the re Lorn of nay person you have binished, or upon the Decertify of cni-orcing rjiy seuieuco already pa??ed. 2d. Upon the necos^ty of protecting any member or the Committee from violence or malicious prosecution, arising out of auy act performed by autoonty of the Committee. 3d. Id evert of ary iHsault upon tho life or liberty of any citizen, should it be aj.iaront that the laws, or the oluct r? 01 the Hws, are insuillcient lor the proiocliou of the citizen or tho p.iniSiim?ni of the oH'onder. 4th. In cose of any violaflou of the purity of the ballot box or the sanctity ol the elective ir*u ihise. A email police lorco will bo retained tor the present, and wlti bo reinforced, tf advisable, from the ranks of the Committee. You will now adjourn. You will mingle once mire with citizenx, without the distinctive character of Vigi hints. I<et us, then, fraternici with taosu gooi citizens who have honestly dillfcrtd from us. us uulio vigor ously and generously in those measures ot publi) good upon whleB all tha patriotic and honest agree It is the duty of all good citizens to quiet pipuUr cxcit3<auit. At tho satno time a manly viudijation of your paat course is incumbent upon you whea occasion arises. You were not as eiubled to subvert laws, but to maintain the people's rights. .Ins tice demanded of linr dovot'd adhennts that vindication which the usurno-s of b^r throne had dcn.e 1 her. You have dispersed the pestilent vapors which cclipsed her, and once more her beuignan'. v.-ige sidiUm upt n the people. The great hoirt of the poople, long despairing and inert, has been arouaaJ to genei ous an" healthy action. The people havo found that they arj not powerless tin i'er the rule of crime. Mighty haw been the divnon.->ira tion of the mind and voice ol an awakened public In the great moral contliot. this moral power, vail and ter riblo when fully aroused, complete the work wtiioti your hands have begun. Aid it with your hearts and hauds ! Aid it by your example, )our voice, your rotes ! A'd it in the jury box? a: the polls ? by your daily life and c m vernation? by the public press ? by the pen, which U mightier than the sword l,?t not the good work 11 ig Remember that "Eternal vlj ilance Is ti e priie of lib ir ty." Be vigilant in bringing crimtnt 8 to justice, ieoto it that the courts and the oflteur* of the law do their d ity Aid tbem in the execution of that duty; and in toe in swerviDg integrity of manly aud honest hearts, looking to that 1'rovidi nee who lias guided you in nouot and dan ger, who has brought your labors to a successful result may jou ever adhero to the true principle of vigilance, sust lining the laws when rightly administered the go vernment wben faithful to the people, and the supremacy ol the people as the sourco ot bath government and law. Astonishing Discoveries of Sliver In Sonora. [From the .Sin Francisco Alia, Aug. tt.] Wo have received a copy of El Y'o: dr S"nnr?, publish ed at L'ro?, of tbedate ol July 1J. tho tuliowing para graphs we translate; ? rbe fabled ricbea of the Ariz ma are familiar to all Thoee mountains of silver, wbicb, according to the trail tlrns of our grandfathers, wore explored iu tnn eighteenth century with so much success, have been rep/oducel in tbe ymifc/o of Banamicbi. where the work of mining is now extensively carried on Tbe mine known as tbe 'Oro of Don Jacinto Padllla'' contains the two precious metals which serve tor the pur poses of commerce. It presenu a vein, which is called by mintrs sin retpaldn, (wi bout a back,) (or the purpose of denoting toe abundance M tbe metals ; and by the last accounts we have we learn that there has been put lnu> one lot, o< three caryot, two llaska of quicksilver, without all tbe stiver being taken up. It I* calculated that there it a thousand dollars cf silver In a bulk of three Cartas of the first class of metal : and of the second and third class, ii ?? said lhat, in the former, there is about twenty tuaroM (a marco is eight ounceel of silver, and In tho utter from twelve to fourteen, b< side the gold which is separated It la calculated that there are forty dollars of gold in each bulto of three cargas of the drst class of meta>, and from twenty live to thirty collars In the others The m ne is very convenient, and easy to work, especi tlly as. It Is to listed in the immediate vicinity of the pueblo. ? Ttie mount itn iu which this mine Is situ tied is cele brated in tradition, and pr- sent* many apiiearancns which promise the greatest Lopes; but, uniortuottoly. ihe spirit o?' enterprise in tumorals cea.l, on acco tut o tie lark of security from tbe blrbirous Indians. We believe, however, that we will rtimu ate It by tho news which we bavr given. We ourselves believed it was la boo us when It was first circulated. of Lirr In California. Froai a pamphlet published in San Frauc.?co, we ob tain the fo'lu* in? Information : ? Taking n portion or the notices of murder* that have baen published atusa isou, and the o.hor evtdounea that wc have oa record previous to that time, and since, It will be xeen that tbe number of those who hare met an untimely end by murder Is truly appalling Tbe Ink trict Attorney of :*an Francisco, In ll&i, stat'-dln a pub'tc ifce'ti, thst f?>r the previous lour years twslve hundred murders had bten committed in tbe city ol San Kraactsct. Any ooe conversant with the history or " The Great I'a clfl: Kmporiom" since that time, wt'l readily agree that crime has uot diminished with the increase oT papula tion It wax state! on or near tbe close or tbe year 1HM, by the public prest, that Tor tbe j car just past live bun dred murder* bad been brought to their noiira. Tbe compiler or this work foels pirfectly safe in saying that not Irs- than Qvo th-uaand murder's hare ben conmit t?-d In California sitbm tbe last six years. I will alao here menti "O. that from tbe examination of the old tiles of daily papers, it ap|<eara that the aocldcntal deatns have not be.n less in number tban those by murder, for the mm'* time. With these I nets before the public, can we not retllly account for the groat number of men that bare dlsap pearsd In California, whose friend* and ralationa cannot obtain the least intelligence from them ' Cltjr Intelligence. Fx GoTKKMon run, of Virginia, will address the m?r chants of New York, at the Merchants' Exchange, on Thursday next, October 3, at 8 P. M. Asmvwsaht or tub Bamaor Fatai ?Saturday was the forty second annlreraary of the battle of Fayal, which was fought between the privateer brtg General Arm strong and a British squadron, constating of the seventy four gun ship Haatsgenet, tbe frigate Rota and tbe sloop of war Carnation. Tbe Armstrong, which was oom manded by Cbpt. Sana 0. Raid, wan only of 344 tons, and carried but ?e\en iriin ami a crew of MMMB men. The battle commenced on the otgbt of tbe 20th of -<epteaber, 1 M 1 4 . and ended on the morning ol the UTth the Amerl Caen obtaining a glorious victor*, notwithstanding the loo* oT Ibetr veesel, which was afterwards bu>at by the British. Tbe loan admitted on the part of tbe Kagltflb ? u 1^0 killed and 120 wounded Tbe inn>*rtial ac counts, however, report 1*0 killed aad 16" wounded. The loaa on tbe part of tbe Amert :aaa wet only two kll.ed and aevm wounded This la tbe most unpreo dented aad memorable naval battle on record, aad waa tbe strong eat argument that Secretary Marry could have uned in aia celebrated circular for not abandoning pri vsteeru g. In tbe great hauls oil Cape ft Vincent, in 1797, between the ?panlrh Beet, con listing ol twenty seven sbi|?s of the line and twelve fi igates, and tie Kngltsh squadron, ol flfleen rhips ot the line, aevea frigates aad two sloop* the F.og ilsti *< knowledged s loss oi oaly 73 kilted and 223 wound rd. la tbe flgn, with the Armstrong the English lost 17 more men killed tbsn they did in thi? great conflict with the Pfaalarda. Admiral JervSs. who commanded tbe Tritieb squadron at Capa 81 Vinacat, waa created aa Karl, and bad a pension allowed him by tbe King of ?3.(10 per aanum while C?|>t?in Held, who is now in hts eeventy fourth year and hia officers and crew, are yet waiting to be reimnuraad by their government for the loan ot their vaaaal. Inert RMM a at tub Morbo* Marrrwi ?At a meeting bcid by tha Mormons, at Brooks' Assembly Rooms, last nigbt, while Judge Appleby waa in the act of defeating the leading doctrines of hia sect, especially polygamy, a young mi n, apparently English, rose, and la his excita ment, flatly contradicted the elder, by catliag out, "You are a Itarl" A tnmnlt Iw mediately ensued The whole amtience rose rn ?iw?, and certaialy woiM hive tn II MH d rctr.mary pinlohment upon the intruder had h? n<4 been forcibly withdrawn by a friend who was with him. Tho joung (MM, whose him? we conld not e?cer tsia, stated that be had been at I'tab, and found such a den af wickedness and vice as can scarcely be Imagined an<'. be'tevlBg the statement ot Jadge Appleby calculated to It ad 'ha mi wary astray, made this rwinter rtatemeot although r-c.t in a csim msnner. After the offender had brrn r< moved, the me?tiag proreeled, and the tpeaker took occasion to remark on tbe persecution aufferod by tbo brethren throughout the world.

Fires In l*rw York. rrrnt in bast twkhty-8bcoi> d hthkkt About 2 o'clock on Sunday miming an unoccupied ihed In Twenty -second street, near tbo corner of avenue A, was dltcovtred on lira. The flamoa extended ti a wheel wr'ght ard blacksmith shop sd joining, which is owned by Mr. Hooghrey, snd dsm <ged about S'iotl. A pile or lum her also caught (Ire, and before the llames were extla gtilsbed 't was damaged probably to the amount of $100 the lumber la owaed by J. T. A K. Broderlck. No tn saraBoo. F1H* II* WORTH STUKJCT. A boat 11 a'lloak on Saturday mght a fire w?a rtlsca vered In the attic, of house No 1? Worth street. II was extinguished with a raw paiia of water before any danxga waa doaa. INTERESTING FROM Tilt SOUTH PACIFIC. The Effect o? Walker's ffovementa on tl 4c Sooth and Central Inerlcn States* Threatened Confederation Against the United States. INTERESTING SPEECHES AND MANIFESTOES. THE ltbVOLLliOX III PERT ? Affairs in Nicaragua, Chile, Peru, New Gra ntda and Costa Hica. We have received by tho Illinois letter* and pmors ;rom He several *ouUi aud Ceutr*l American (Stated of coatiilerablc political interest. ADUlHOm FttOTI THE SAt TO PACIFIC. Ihc Revolution In Peru. OUi CALLAO COKKSSPONIJKNCE. Caluo, Aug. 26, 1856. Attack r~ S ueral Cauilla ? Prompt Action of an Ojfictr ? TI ( Fibhtwr) ? Ei htmquf at I'alparouo? The Affair not Knied? Policy of the United Stale* Minister ? Sailing cf the Indijiendence. Yesterday appeared to be a very busy one among the soldados, and ruraon of war were rife, but aa usual aftor ^reat cry there was very little wool spoilt. It would appear that General Castillo having bribed over the battalion quartered In Santa Catalina, placed himself at their head and marched away for the Palaclo, With the Intention of surprising tho President, Castilla; but a captain of artillery, named Smltli, who had been forco<l to accompany them, took u opportunity of turn ing tho tour guns under his immediate command against General (.'amnio, thereby causing confusion and giving lime to alarm the President, who called on his soldiers to follow him, and they obeyed, notwithstanding they were said to have been bribed by Castillo. There was a good doal of shooting round corners going on, and pome twenty cholot lost their hair, au l the Pre sident had a horso killed under him, but all ended in Ge neral Costilla tearing the city. It was not ciucli of a muss, alter all, though it was called a revolution. It is said all Is not over, and we are going to see what we shall see. Echlnlquc is In Valparaiso with three ves sels and plenty ol tie munitions of war, and all soem to agree that he is to come at the Qrst chance and take possession ol the government. There has been some dissatisfaction exprcssod about our Minuter, J. Randolph Clay, wbo, although a very g jod sort of man, does not appear to have much of Young Amcrica about him, and caret not much for American interetts; but the frogs in .li >p, found that a King Log was better than a King Stork, aad so might we. Our frigate Independence wai here a short time since, and It waa gratifying to us, Yankees, to notice the tine, manly app<arance of both oilioers aad men. The ladies here ask If all American oilioers are chosen far th?ir height and good looks. The Independence has gone to l'a nama to relieve the St. Mary's. ADDITIONAL FROII JEW GftAJADA. The Expected Revolution In the Isthmus Flight of the President of the Amenably? Herlous Riot at Panama? Fifteen Persons Killed. Our tiles from Panama, dated on the lflih Instant, con tain the followlLg Hems, in addition to those already pub MM. Our special correspondent at Panama writes ? At the recent gubernatorial eleot'on. Caivo. tne conser vatl?e Candida's was elented by about 6.000 majority; b-it the liberal, or native, party assert the election lo have be?n brought about by fraudulent via au l rnuiead thai Plat, their candidate, was elected. In tn < Province of Panama the liberals are greatly in the majority. on the 14th lust, a political outbreak wa< so greatly (eared that a a'cnal was made for a?si?tau<v. Sixteen boats, tilled wnb armed men, wero seut otf from the In dependence and the St Mirvs; but no action '<*>.. i a ? Many person* lied to the vessels or war for fafety, amouf whom waa the native representative from tae city aud pro\ iree of Panama. No fears are entertained In regard to the ?e< rlty of to reign reeldesti, nor is any trouble appreben od wb i.b can affect the perfect safety of the Transit. Toe diatiro ance la rontln?d to local fact'on* entirely. Ills said that two inlUential New (.rauadtan planters are passcngen on tbe Illinois, m rout* for I'we. tor the purpoee or nqcotlatlng a loan to pay oil tbe liabilities in curred by tliilr government during tbe manners ol tbe )6tb of April. Mr. Cbarlet Bonner, who came passenger by the IIII noli, lnformi us that considerable political bad leellsr existed oa tbe Iathmn* generally, mnco too month of last June, wben the votes were taken for Uorernor, and the blacks w?re made aware that Cairo, who wa* known to be the "white" candidate, had a large majority. The blacks tbea determined to light to prevent his Inaogura tion as such, and also to prerenl the legislative declara tlon by tores of araas. In snch an anxloas state of the public nlnd application was made by the autborlti<-? for aid to tbe officers In command of the Cnlted States ships Independence and at. Marys, and 4tt marine* were des patched In fourteen boau, aad lay against the city or I'anama. This throatenlug aspect of affairs oamed many members of the I,e?l*Iature to secrete themaclrea; but, however, a quorum was found, and la tbe end Cairo was proclalsMd as announced. Fifty of tbe first families of the city of Panama, with all tbetr jewels and treasure, sought shelter with the United states aaral officers. Before the Illinois left the excitement had subsided a little, bat Mr. Boaasr states that wbrn bs was oa board the ship at Aapinwall, on the 10th instant, he was la termed that a telegraphic despatch had reached Coionei Tot ten from I'anama. to the effect that a Meedy rM km 1 (?fail ptsce (Arc, mml thai tome fourteen or Jiftet ? pet tow had hem killed and m lat /e number qf ahert b*.lly It Ml aise I'atnl thai a member </ the Legitlaturt hmi tten i Mat m M ? cKatr. The Panama Herald of September I, has the foUjwtn# ? Instructions hare been received by the Governor here from Bogota to have tbe teetlmoay of a number of to retgners taken, respecting the 16th April massacre. The teetlmoay, we understand, is all to be taken In Kegltsh, and to be forwarded to Bogota far translation, so a* to avoid any miec tastructt^n or mallnierpretat.on. The Pre ect I* at present busily engaged In carrying out tbeee lOStrnc IMS We leant from private sourceo that Capt. C K. Garrt eon Is buev In New Yurk mekiug arrau(.->'mnsts far the openlrg o i a new ateamshlp line via NtSSragaa. The steamer Orlxaba has already beea despatches lor the Pa rifle, to take her piece between "*aa Krasctaco and Han Juan del Mar, aad other* are eo .n to tollow. Tbe came paper, of tn? igth Inst., says ?The weather tf taring tbe fortnight has h.?a tli.e a U>< u;h we have hat several heavy shower*. The hoaith ot Pasam* generally ts good Business has been dull, owing to the election excitcmest Th<- aspinwall Otrrier, of the 1 Wh Inst , observe*, when a peaking ufthe local political llv-siotn on tbe l-thmu* ? We have no tiimb th it the ot the American men of war la tbe harbor of Panama has contribute! to pre vent the outbreak of tbe fame claaa aa those who cm n.itted tbe a^io'i mtntios > i atrocity . and w* p'r.i ims a iialww) of the fore gn [-oner, or aid wbi:b tney would be roaipelted In seek, Im re -fait, ed the re us it dor of thoee who <:eeire the triumph of their partisan ei.wu Thank* to I'ncle flam, tbe foreigner* at Panama are well pratSSM, as wae amply demon 'fated by th? man . ivr rgot a flotilla In th" huhor, on the arrival nt the pa* ?ei ger* from the I'mted Mate*, aad when the na ive fa it Hies and treaeiir* were betng sent aboard both the men of. war for safety ir expectation or the (Ignt with winch the two fhcii to* bate been threatening each other f >r nearly a mouth past Among the arr.vnls by the tlllsota were Oa-ta'o ffooff. who ri'trn a out M Jolo tne Independence. and tie. Oefpf* Klfbie, P?r?er tor the sloop uf war M. Marys. Ve learn that three midshipmen Irom tbe Independence reUrn home on the UIMiotS to undergo their elimination The I'anama //era/4 of the Itth Inst ??ra? Hie corps ol survey ers who were sent out to Chirlqoi about Ave ?MMtfcs g(0 fcf tbe CMrtftt Improvement tompany, re tnrs ho?? on the Illinois for the pnrpoee of m ikin; theie report We leers that tb y have i>.<ea highly please l ? Mh Ibe eoontry. It Is repotted that instructor* hsvr he^n rent ont hy flrn. Perran, the new Urana<!ian Miniate r at Waahlngtoj, to the Pove' nor of Panama, t? tbe efl?-ct th >t no stepi to be taken to en Torre th < colli etioa of the taxes recently levied < n foreign malls and tonnage. A canoe containing sereial persons, who were making their c>caj>e from the ^xpestcd revolution on M mdav la<t, iitiforlnnaie y cj?iai*cd, a abort d ?tanre from the c,tf hy eh ih two csltaitn were drowned. They ware oat ves of Pan* i ?. T?e BriHsh and Trenrh Consuls vlalted the Tnlted Wales Bex ship Independence, and received ibo usual lalute. ' IM lo Utt stewntw ^ItMQbia are proems s< rapid fy, and It is efpseled that be read J for m about ?:?.? m'd He of tbe coming HJcalb. It is reported ttat tw? Briton vessels <?* war have boon ordered to Pansuia. The Cat'1?. tUl Mado ontalns the presents ot the I olted stales Con?u!s at Panama and Aspm wart against the ton tax, with the replies ot th? Governor toereto It also contains a letter from the Got eraor Vr Commodoro Mervin, on tJ- same subject, In whlcb tout Excellency ?tat> k that, ui .Vr exi Mug circumstances, be does not 43cm it pruacnf to enforce the cdle lion ot i1j? tax at pre fect. and :hai he w H refer the matter to the fsneral go vo?3?ent for a Una! decision [Prom the Manama Herald, Sept. 18.] The past fortnight h?n been ono of creator ex Tkeraent to tli it ii we bare hid tor ae /oral years. i'be State I a /ii laluro nuet on tie I *t mm. not ho m icq :or the purpose 4f ri-gulaiiiifr the aflaird ot the Siato ai for ' et tliuptpertni-al ijuarr- 's a moo/ tbo ncmiiun and, *rom tlie corcrocfriement of the >ev.i<m up te tbe present tV*e, scarcely uuy real businesa boa Dee'' (tone. *?*?*?*?* Tfcts led to the belief that we would be favored w'th * general flflit en tbe jMb and consequently a (teat do??l o; oxcitemei t and coatteruation jiren-.iled among our >.iti z? ns Kvery one -a lo aid not leavo the cKy was arrne I, stores were i )c,?3d, bou-es barricaded, and ia fact there v.m ? gemial s-Samjiede. The Unitjd Sum ew-tN nf war in thn harbor were re:i ty. at .1 mcrn at'n none", to punish any attorn;* that mi, bt bo raids t> attack (hrtr countrymen residing here, and? tbo whole allair ended In smoke. Tlie President of ibe tssemb'y, Mariano ' ro*ement, who Is the ricgWader of the opposition party, fearing the reaultK, tied the citj . seeking retuge on board tbe St. I Marjs, und hi* follovtera wero kept iu out if the way placet! i ntil the day van over, so that a quorum could not be made up, and no business could be done. A grand banquet war given in Bogota, the capital of Sew Granada, on the 2Ub of July U?t? the anniversary of the proclamation of ln4> pendence or that republic? In ! honor of Seaor Gomez de la Torre, Minister Plenipoten tiary of Ecuador to the tirsnadlan government, who was aboat to take his departure Ibr home Amon f tbe vari ous sentiments drank on ihe occasion were tbe tollcwtag, which, says Et Panamrnc , serve to cluclduto per.frstly two questions that now occupy our attention, viz. --the confederation of tbe SpanUh American people, and tbe Colombian confederation. Mr. J-.vto Ako-kmkxa, one ot tbe New Graaadlaa mi nistry, delivered a speech, of which tbe lollowlugisa translation Cbti niwt ? Morn than twenty years ago tbo eagle of tbe North (of tbe United Slates) directed its tligbt towards the regions of the Equator. Not content with having paused over a large portion of tbo Maxicaa territory, it casts its audacious glance muck turiher. Cuba and Nil aa?(M are Its pie).- Oi the moment, so a.s to facilitate tUe usurpation ot the luiermc liate cjunlri-w, and to consummate at a no very remote day ,u va-d p.nns of conquest. In tbe meantime, gentlemen, Colombia sleeps Tt o vigorous to w'uom tbe otuer peoples, Its brothers, turn their unquiet tjrea, appears caroloss, and at if she did not see or aid n t fcur tue talaas o'. tbe tagle that threattens to poiiLce upon tbe neck 01 tbo coo dor. Colombia sleep*. But no . be tranquil. It is not tbe sleep jf IndiiVrcnce; it im tbe sleep of sell conttdence Colombia tleepn. But ebe U about to awaken. See: she moves. & secret lus'-inct uas warned her that the supreme moment is drawing nigh. She has all the consciousness ot ber duly and of her strength. Colombia begins to awake, aud thono who, availing tnem selves of ber lethargy, have dared tc eiitei* her gxtes by the west, will be stricken with terror at seeing her once more en her feet. There is no doubt that we nave com mitted great imprudences. Forgetting the charactor and the propensity of our neighbors, we have delivered to them, so to speak, tbe cent. e of universal commerce, which the genius of Isabel and ot Ol^mbus has gained tor our race Prodigal in concessions to the Inter oceanic Kail road Company, generous to a tault with luapjMajibl* speculator!, we did not comp'ehend that to grant terri tory was to grant dominion, and that to besu?w soil tbr permanent and easily works was almost to giveaway the territory. IlaVlbere Is still time if Colombia hasteos. Our race and onr nationality may yei be saved. It* gene rous sentiments. Its noble heroism, its rich imagination an 1 Indomitable perseverance may yet be preserved to man kind. Kver> thing that our want of torefight has lost to ns may yet be saved. The opule it peninsula, bound by two oceans, may yet tortn our valued patrimony Our great race may jet luherit it, and prmper tbore through long ages. I?t us, however, not lorget tbat to acoomplisn that destiny we need to creato and to consolidate our race in tbe political sense. It is rigbt taut the consociation of people united by moral bouds of rn llgion, language, cunlMms, vices ait virtue*, should in those resjxct* regard theniselvri" a< one nationality. Out I sf all rtlil under- land that tf those people do nm llsh a con mon government political nt'.iouality does not exist, unci ibat without that the nauotaiity ot' tae r*re, and the very race Itself, arc eutlrely precarious. Tne North Amen ans have to comprelx nde?l ibU mtior from t the bcgini'ing 'ilat <* bicn Uiey ca I their manliest d?s tiny, aud wh.? b is only an unbounded ambition, ufounl ed not so much tn the high Idea thai tn?r have ot themi elves, ss la tke happ) combination ot their po<i ileal Institutions Nnce their Independence it > utve perceived, as It by instiuct, tb"t a republican Smt- ft* nam w !<mit?, but tbat tbe indnduiH aggiotnnrai.i'jn of little State* m*y assure for the whole the proper re?Bhli can tone, without impelling the extension ot nationality wherever tfce continuity of ten Itory admiU It horour selvei, the sons ol >i?ain, her suceersor- 11 tn? lotindnsc patr.mi'uy which she wtueg from tke Imi oariaa, we tuay sua we oui'l t to in Hate the conduct of our adver?^rle?. Hie lords of tfce North and ifte suooes.-'ir* of the colt' Hnllon. That which calcalatiou did far Ui<> northern coo federecy, time, e?|ier'enr<- aril danger might to do fo t tu? fouther n cot icdrrvy It appear* an If Provi leni-e bad ci" ated tbe two portions of this oofncnt to be divided brtwetn two great ptoplea? two gteil races and two great clvilizationr? se|?rated by a narrow l.-tlimui, anil ("evtined to lire id peace, lutcrehan ;lng their idea*, their virtues. their products. and tbcir au vaocriueuts But tbat ts net the roiy mission of tbo two treat con lederacit-a thai have to cnouii all the latere and all tbe glory of t?ora -.c? They bate another, even more |s> teutoor. mis-ion. which tbe law of population -x me Imperturbable march of b.imao Cl\ il.tation indicate with great Clearness. rbey will present to tbcir brethren of the Old World? tbe theatre ot despoilment, of etilualve ness and ol ppnretsiou ? a ?a?t llel J ot industry and property, of utx-ity and progress. but h la tbe deploy prtscnted to lb* two great nationalities that will divide with each other thin continent I<et the North . ootioue developing bcr civilisation wuioul em-roachlng oa oura. let it conttnne, If it pl< we, monopolizing tne nstnn of America which to dav belong* t J the bemta phere. We, the children of l ie Aiuth, will not dL.puio ? uaurped denomination wbl'ib a uaurper also imposed. We will ptnei 10 develope 10 the .llu'triuut Genoese the |M>?tol honor and of glory wh'cli had hern snauihnd I rem him. We will call ourselves f Itmbiann); and from I'mi a ma to Cape Horn we will be a sioxle family, with a single name, a common government and a common ob Ject. Therefore, geitllenv n. 1 repeat, we ought to baaten to lay Ibe foundations and to rivet tbo bonds of the great Colombian cocfederacy. Member* if the various States ? hlch to day divide the imnieuee peninsula, dome Me tenr r of listening to me aii<l to '.hem all I raise mv cry of alarm, so that on arparattt.); with the grasp of I r lead ? hip we may promise to reuu'te ourselves proai|*ly, changed Into r.tlijena of < ne mine nation? great aad froo ? wise and magbanimous? rich and |>owerfiil. He nor Nam si Mi sildi Toso said ?To tbe liberty and prosperity if Vcuadoi ? for philosophy permeat-s all til* Inatltnitiaa ol thai iraUrnal people? a tbo Colombian conleuerarj ? for on Ibe rmsliijuion of tbo aaplratloas of V'- A? m-" h ?! I ? e S(H . -I.t nrnr it I ' ? om "i wtll serve a* no insuperable barrier to Ibe extravagant amhltU a of the Arglo A nerican race Hut permit mo, gentlemen. to raprem on tut* solemn occasion that wbieb I ft el In relation to the limbic strife which the latler ra-o baa to aoataio oa this continent witn that of tne Anglo Americans. and also aa to tbo mode of carrying int i effect the Colombia* confederacy, or. rather, tbo un on of tbe peoples belonging to the la tcr communion I wish to do t elope my iseaa n pres. m of tbe b >l<t able friends com posing tbe Ecuadorian legal '>n be. auas iftbey And tbem to bejtiat, tbey may perbapa give then in tn?ir own country tbe wrlght of Mm ir lahuooce. aad my worda will not bo to it I think gentlemen, tbat tbe strile wb ch ha* been spoken of I* inevitable, and that to ttiatain it worth ly anil bap plly on our |>art It la lndtsi?ei -? -in to form tbe ccnfedera ry of South America hut I mnst say with frankness tbat 1 do aot bi lievo Id I be pr-nbility of ooe or other (coo It-deration or ?ueeeas) unless all the people ol Houlb Anisi'i a enter freely Into lb? toad of liberty and phlloso pli; tbat Is to say. I do not bri eve In their n ihmi or f? mi ti n a * i ? le nauona itj . or ia th-.r n iHtanro t > X ?rtb Amiriean Invasion, unless tin y lorniei In a sol d mtnoer liberal ins".tuticti?. on a par. |x rhapi, wV.h th ?** of Ibo I r ,ttd states. ( "I the contrary, I II ink fiat If Iboso people cont i.'ie su ijogatrd by niiiiitry satraps or by re tro* i revive individual*, wb > maas of the syslem of Pbllip II . or of the Kemao court, tbe fountain of their political nitrations, they ran betthor l?e ui .ei nor rostst the powerful a-ci-ntarcy of a (r< >? people ? of a pi> 'pis of sovereigns It e leas' among whom rustles H couqusol w ih a? great s'> ? r and interi-st as if bo wore th" g-ii",-al. bate always behevod tha thai hiroogth o." expansion potn-ssed by .bo North Amertians, that character, iatre tod evta to a point oi naug iro' h* h proswoo oi Inlirid tisi/5 of otter | ,i'es, prixieed frooi their democratic iDstitiillcM. tl is because they feel tbemselros mm In tho fullfst sense tf the term, and parcel ro the rtegra lu t on cf others through tbo virions systems in suberloa to whu h tbey i ve i ?o you know, eentletion. why it was ?o easy for the North Anvrtcsos to lord I over a Itrgs portior of Mestco. and to penetrate p> her very capital Ih . atifO Mt vico, after having subdue 1 the sol tlois ?*f Prrdmand VII., rt mainod a tirt y to the Vanda'lsm of vaMi tis ar.illtary chiefs, sod to th? retrograde inflin nrns ofa ? '<rry hoHile to s'l progress and to liberty; and, therefore, when the armies ol American voluoleers pro stated themselves, tbo Metlcan people had no Inlcnst in suttaibing the contest, and did not sustain It. Ithaa no objection to ex hange masters; and If It was isshrd MM ranks it thoiubi of nothii g bni watching the nn mint for dessrtion and fligtit, Just a* tbe hertiin jm ople of Rome, when tnbjngatcd by the decemvirs, al lowed thstasetroe to bo routed by tbelr nelrhb >rs. Tint will alaays be tbo c ase when thrrs Is m f' ta t lug fhe govcrnmt it or tbe national ly t'i.e p.ttn*r ? Who came to people the Now World belonged to ? TtM of Indomitable valor, which, in the conquest of AraerMk, appears^ not Interior to the defend-? of Uarth tgn; but that same tare, whlcb degraded and weakened tbe IDdl gegfitit ram by opprees . f II a prey In its tarn to d? -ri il.-ongh the system of lorce M I fbnatici?m Imposed on A by tbo ramons despot lUillp 11 and bis sncjseaors, SO that even today, un acconot of It* ?"? beinj entirely eraaeolp*\!i ^onl tbat system, It appear* Inferior a? 1 n way onworlhy of rent, nd ;>g with the m - iscs U) U>s l?td ot laJujlry, or ? UiM <**? WV, an! all Ih rough the effect of that vicious and degrading mle W which it hag been (objected. !%? means, therefore, etf elevating the character of the Id habitants of South Amonoa, ot r entering U> tat in confluence to their strength and fhltb In their fUtui c deetiuies ? and In so Tar to place them on aa equality, and tn a condition of opposing an effective ant ?ot a farcical restptanc*- ? in to place them all un4er the Influence of liberal institutions; even more liberal, If poe sibln, than thoao ot the North Americana It la that all the people of South America shall stneerely embrace the democratic republic?that they have no dreed of liberty ia any tense ? lb?t they permit the l>t!u t^mcaau be widely developed. It ii that they clear the field of all the bed ?i ed of the FsporoliMD of I'litJtp II Thru the ambitious North American will liiid him.self checked m lnunaroer; the I itin Aner>c*n or Colombian raoe will reuoguiin AmAI, w il recover confidence ia Its strength, epply to understand worn# af b'j?h ?iorost, an^will feO'in acquire the ascend assy whirh il lied in Eurepe h'.oui the Uftoestfe cenitTjr. Bi.l this race, to KilUl lis dea .i> , must be utilsd, cool- derated. and that very union ia Impossible whilst It I* divided into distinct points in ttocial and pobtt eel organization. '''tie people that baa adopted a govera mciit acipf.i to localities i &anot unite cordially and per manently with unMber vi.wrous governu^-it, having aa it* ba> < cf existence a pci munout array, a State church p?p.?|,ori? an-l the llfCal <ni ol industry. No, it !? iweou-iMe; they mui't start from Ideettcal potato, aud have alro aa| rratlotn ftteieftie Iseete day, with much pain, that whilst Venezuela will not be ?f^eneraieu by departure trcm her present situation, na conlerterattoa is |ii.--il)lo except between Ni?w Cranada sua Ecuador; that with tin m aim there must be r n,oro tiim deterioration t9 enter resolutely IntO' ? he jaiii of the rej ubUc, whi.-,!i lj that of liberty, (but two jwople -nay unite advantsgeou- ly. it is nocee sary that tUtrr be a certain fusion cl interests, of views, mid of aspirations, which cannot erlat with instltutloaa openly opposed. Therelore confederation, prior to hntnf tormulau d in a treaty or a cout titut ?u. ought to exist la tbehebUMOf each reopio. thu,'. aa aU ine HuOea Hist ba\e i-evored thr>mselvtw from Spain have abolished aa pro slavery, and tiic-: already eetabUekee ou? point ?t identity, ao, if all, cv oven some agree t<> give tj their organization, as a real haiis and eOoot:voly. the popular will, the absolute free luin or tnn proof, of industry ae4 of religion, I believe tint tnen the confederation might be realized without diGlcuhy by the ver y power ol ailleMy which tlie doctrine embraces ? it would exist even b of ore having been formulated or written in any protocol, ii that let-ling, the duty of every patriot ia A merica Is ought to be to laboi to dear away the debria of the cole 1 tai rult aud to ei >rr ci he cause of tbe rt .?aW!o in III .iuct and true m-Mitt'i atioa with nrdor art peri-nvorsnce er the only rcmuSy lor all our ovila, anil Ihr tfcose that a* Lace us. Such ia the idoa cvlitoh 1 deairs Moasrs. UoeMB de la Torre to carry to their country as the expression Of alliance with tbe liberal.-; of Now Granada. More Is la Kcuadcr and to Mesar.*. Coaae/. do la Torre. MESPAUE OF TOE VICE OOTF.KV Oil OF TkHMk. Wo Hud the following in the meAaite of tbe VIM* ttovemor of the h'tate of Panama to the l?giaUtire pembly : ? ? e e e ? e ? Our Isthmus, like a beautiful woman, hns Its principal ? Dtajith in lui own charms. Its privileged (kmiUoh oa the globe tender* its po.-sea?lo& dttc.rablc lu the eyes Of the inutt powerful nation*; uen'.i the constant danger fey whicb our security ia ibrealrnr.d But thir is not ti.e only tource whence dangers of thai kind to which our Sta*'! wa?, aud is stiH exited, here tiken their origin Oihor reahonn hav<j. I kcwlae, and la a mere immtduuc manner, contributed to alarm us ea side. in the United States there Is a class of men whe have converted into a trade tho stealing of terri tories belonging to the leeble fp&nisb American re public". One ol tbono ad venturers. Col Kinuoy, havlaf been hrst n hooled in Texas, atui afterwards in Meitoe, propuM-d to form for hioiseif a patrimony out of tbe Ilea* <)utto Territory, and sent commissioners to Uocss del tore, oiler isg very liberal ronduions to thoeo colonists whe would recognise his authority. The Minister of New Granala In Wash teuton gave mt notice of that fact In October of last year 1 comuraal cated It. without delay, to tho Prelect of the depertmeat of rhirhtul, rending him, at the same tl'ne, the small quantity ot ammunition which existed in our almost ex hausted military storehouse; and, at the seme Usee, I made a report of the whole matter to tho Executive of Iba republic. The Executive did not regard that case to be one of ex terior we-, in which it would be proper to employ tfea lorces of the republic; and, in con?o<iu?nci,. be declared tliat tbe detenco of the Territory, provided .t had beea la vadi d by Kinney, was the exclusive duty and charge eff tbe State ot Panama. loppcatd to such a declaration whatever conslilare tlOba 1 believed to be aprnxwi. The Er.ucutlve judge* ?n worthy ol thr> attenimn of the n?ivou*i < >ugr??M,anil im tin m Is prr>bal>iy uuo an lmimrlaot innovation intre d lined this yrnr in tbe text ot tbe law regarding Ike armed lorce, by virtue of whl ih It has been 4eoided thai the case ol>xternal war, wherein th? forces of the repubMe should be employ od tai.?s place not only when we make war with a foreign lWer, but at any luvasiuc, of what ever kind il may bs, which Is threatening our aa ttcnaiMj. 1-o/iui.tttcly, the projects of Kinney were ait rea list d. But fiercely had that danger dlseopearid wttea 1 it Lis, as serious a> unexpected, a -currod to create woL.ce. On t!:e Jfcth ol aprll of this year, a few boon altir tLc arr vsl In thiH city ot tbe train ot Ooloa ( Asfta wall), with a considerable number of pasaengera Horn '.he I uited States, there happened as tbe ratlroa4 >ta;ion a dispute between otto of too said pea tenger* ai.d nn inhabitant of the oountrf, in whlsh many other ininvlduals aubsrouently to?k part, wha t iller by fr'rurUhip, or at lellow conn ry in or far Mimr >11. or reaaon, Mmpaihi.ed with one or tiio other *f tbe two ulrpulirg partita. lili-od wh abundantly aba*; ? ixtuo individual*. aoroe Mntitn. aotae mtlvea, wars killed irore than tbirn wounded; and. In order to render the ?ho a tccne sull more horrible, a gang of handitt, profiling by tb< L-' Dcrat aurprlae and tbo treat coah alcn tten prevnilten, ? at about to plunder the bouaoa eg ibe rOctele of the comj any and aomo ce abluhuvnla la tbe neighborhood. Tbe author it . o*, which were not able t? repreae that dlaorcer aa quickly a* It would liavo been desirable ? Oral, ru account of tho ii lance of the locality wharf ti hay 2 nrd: and, Mcondly, on aceoant ot tb? lnaulbcieaoy ' I the force* of which they could dwpaaa for that purpoee ? a u acceded, nevrrtheleea, la repreaairK many dis.atera. lor. without their prt aenee ami their rflorfa, and without ib? presence audi ettoria of ?o?e go?.d citixcoa, tbe depredatta** aad dealer wotud have been tnor? numerous, and. probably, Ui. i.mMer torch ol incendiarism would havu llgQted that lugubnou* accae. out of three forever latnen'able occr.rrencea har* fprung complamla ard reclamatlona on the -part of Um H> verrment of the Tatted St ? tea, the result of which It la not eaey to toreaoe. and which Inaplre ureal aad rwy dltewaraglag appreboalon* reapeciing our extortl* peace. Alr?*dy, anterior to Ihoaa complalnla and it l.unllpaa to which I alluded, the same event* bad put lauaager Lha inviolability of our Territory, for on notice of thaaa being received In California a number of adventurer* af tbe M.hool of Kinney and Walker were raaolved to coaaa to tbia city to lake vengeance for the blood of their raur c nred countrymen. Happily thia band <".)d not nhtala l*aaage ta the atcanaer ?hu h then aat ?<U1 tor ihla part, and the adventurer* judged It convenient te aba pa Mr courae (or Nicaragua. Laatly, tbe national law of the 2Mh April laal, whlcfc cbargee the foreiga correal cadence t raven ug the Uu m a of i'anama ta closed bag* a lax, haa atUl added to the difltcultiee of our etluaUon. <a reaped to oar international relatione. The government ol tbe Untteft Ptatca eoaatderx tbta tmpoal aa an infraction of the treaty cabling between both repablica. and if the conciiealBW (ranted to tbe railroad company ; and. aa far aa I know, baa given IbMlrnct'oa to ita ri proaen'ative la Bogota, who ci mmtml -ated mem to tbe North American Oooaala ? > 1 i ? tore an'i 10 Mm. to oppoae tiie axeewttea af tha raid law Tbe aecoad of the afore taantioued t 'on tula ad dreaaed to me a protoet ta that aenae. aad the Orat. ao? ported by blm. baa directed to m" -mother protaet, atada in hia presence, by the ageat ol tbe American "unlit M amabip Company. Another law o) tbe 2tth July laat, by which right of tonnage la eitendad to the merchnat ahipe arrtviag la UM i?>rta of the Plate. aeema aim to is fiiattaed to involve oa in new coa>pllcal'<ma. for it iiaa already been tbe Objeab of proteata aimilar to those before allu ltd to. Aa It baa been ahewa. the hananu of oar country naa nnt. on tbat aide, be charged with more cloud a. Tea will welt understand tbe uanj ra with which ?nch a alta ation threateta the exterior aworlty ol the mate; ai j on will, no doubt, ooatribnte, oa yoar part, u much aa you are abte, a otder to die) el tht m. AFFAIRS II MC.Uti4.rt. Treaty of Peace between ^tramjaa aad Conta Itlra? Colonel ItrhJeMliigrr'i Aall" Walker Ad?1 reaa Tlte iforgan T ranall Oe? rree? Nevemrnti ef Mr. Howie. We are ln<or med by a gent>m*o wbo can* paaaeagar on the Ullnola, that It waa reporbsl oa the Mthmua, ba fbre he left, l*a< )WM *ad ?a b ?jr 'reafy 6- J team H aUrr an 1 1*- Pr-iifnt */<X<M Bin. It waa reported alee tbat Walker a tarn ore desert ing bita in targe aambera, and joining the mfM force U Lena. In I'oata Rica Praaldent Mora had banWfhed Ofteoa or eighteen leading mna front the cowntry, na they hml, ha raid, ronaplrti for bia overthrow after hia retreat ttom NHtaragua. Our oorreanondcBt at T anama aenda aa f.>i>owlBf intel. igrooe> Tbe aebooBer Potrat, rapt. Shaaka, arrive! at Navy Bay ea the morning of the 10th inttaal t mRwiilal Tito, bringing a report that fc?lk?r wi. 'quietly ar ratjlrg govertimonai maUoea at Urantdt, % . rUin.vl that great diwtlbcttoa ex mt^l ataong hta troops ,i pro. )<wwa iioe was imnaediately leaned. Uiat whoever, ?R >rtwMtr ionr houra. *u found reriultg t i ae-ve nn<* ir hut order* would be dealt with aocorillng to Miliary law. A coa itVon w rumore<l to uave ptaM betareee Ccala Rica anil the neithnoriag *tau*?. 1 V ftlker. A force of one tbeneanil waa ?a?i to be ?tt taa marcli for Uraaada. It a au(u<oa^l Waikar intend* aotin? enUraiy oa the da raetve. roi. ar?r.?WTlWEa ^ AM MKM. [From thi aaaaaa llarald, P. lith| Tbe fo towing addreea Iron. Uwa BrbWwt nger to tha Altiericane a ftoa'agw, <? bemg a#, rati; emulateA 1 through ifta cWT M UtWt kt Q > aa oaa wrHa