Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1856 Page 5
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IDVKRTISIJMMTS RENEWED EflST DAY. tiUCM At AVVriOM, A U. CBISTAI.AR Al CTIONEKR-WIU. HKLI, \T J\ ? 81 Mercer ht nn rhursiajr, Oct. 2, ut II)1; o'clock, 12 of Nn 1 furniture vurish, 12 bid* Nn 2 do .1 bill* car ri&ge do . JO ktgs of pure white lead, together with 5 bbls. of t oiled oil. The attention of carriage manufacturers, cabiuet j 'I'.- ami <Ml>er? in called lo the sale of ihe above. AM C'R IHTa1.AU. AUCTION EKB?HaLKSRUOM 23 . Bowerv. will m il Oil Ih'irsdsy, October 2. at II o c'nek, :.t No. 21 tiivih street near Third aveuuu, household furniture, lOOHisting In pait of psrlor chairs tablet). sof.t, burraiH bed , steirle, looking glasses picture*, painting* carpet*, ki'clinu ' ? ttcnsll*, lai ge lot o! leather beds, live gcnue l"e at ti. -?*. pillow*, ? (ulUs, btuding, if. AUCTION NOTICE? CROCKERY, GLASS VltD CHINA. ? J. H. H. HA ItTLhTT, Auctioneer, will sell, Tuesday, 4 f>eptemher .'HI, *1 I't o'clock, at 2S1 l'earl *1 r -el, In lie* from the shrives, 60 craies ail kind* w. <? blus and oominou xaic, 1>W packages glasewaie, chlua, llrilaunia ware, Salj poiitive let cath. , AUCTION NOTICE.? IIOUKEHOLD *"ffFl.'iNITORE, J\. pianofortes <tc. SAMUEL OSOOOD A CO., auctioneers, will hell by auction on ac. mint of whom It mav concern ut their *lore. 81 street, ihla day. (Tuesday.) at 10' , o'c ock, A. M., luslUvely wnhoui reserve, a iarge ?u i ?p.,-n did Htock of custom made furniture, removed I or convenience jOi sale, tonjprlsiug?ev en superior rosewood parlor suits, rover -?a In Ihe most cosily French ti.iliii brocatele. it-aortel color* ;1,o do. lu greou and uia'oon French plush, three do. In liair .olct'vii'e suites lit h ,'1,ame"?<l and solid oak chamber furniture dressing bureaus bedsteads waslistands wardrobes, seme a try andllbraiy tookciiee, parlor, arm, nursing. and rocking chairs; <?ifa.?, extension table*, marble top, centre sofa and ...ncv udttes, lurkuh chairs. French plate mirror*, oil paint ,i ga feu.1 pianofortes Ac Par' icular* iu catalogue*, which atJII bi> re j iy early on morning of aule. AUCTION K Off ICE -II. WILSON, Al CTIONKER - I.argr fa e ol inagniHccnt rosewood and maliogiuy huuat holiTfiii 'iilure pianoforte, Trench mirn is, velvet corn-is elegant oil paintings rich silver ware. ' Ac. 11 Wil.HON attelloneer. will sell, ny ctUlogne, tin* day, September m v Id o'clock, tbe enure superb contents of the resilience .No West Fourteenth street near Eighth avenue consisting ? il.'.-e coatly s?.id rose woo i p trior suit*. f covered in satin and tapestry , of various style*, i.liziocthan, 1 < ids XlV.,Bn(i i!if litem Parisian ta>hlon: aoli.1 rise wood pier, sofa anil ceatM' talilen of the mcsl exii't ?tU' carviu^s, r..?i w o. d et. gere i: ge ri Mwood leeretary: hi ey Utbl is I , laid wl li pt ?rl, et ? i', i i.i rei-ptlon chaos, lo satin, Turkish ??as.v It. mo met sad tapestry; laign ITcii' li plate pier u niantc u.i'H'fs; Uro stel and "ace wind.: v . m iaou cie gaiitlandki >pe<iindt- . rich clima and ni . i '.! ? wt, uiagudl Ofi.t iMrrdj' t. ven 1 1 mve planol'orlo, llnlsli'd ail rouu t ele g i' tij .I.U11 vt .III p.aii. velvet ca-pstn. bron/..s elo ks, gi- : wMcdolis r < li siu ii ily irarian ornsnn- t*. oil p< ntiii<a, I * r. rnprisitni a ureat vurlciv of *iil?ject?, by t io.'e ^'u | ait sis, sup. riu ?ii-.iu.g i aaaxv hires anil ca es s.,111 calc room fltu 1 1'.re eo . ?rcd In plash; cxtensi iu table four t.mftrt diniug sud tmacluura oak s,'riB:-,ry; eieg.ut and , cmllv ohiua tea su.1 ???e s, crystal aiel cat glasa waie; magniia em allrei teasel; cakebfeakeU easier* rpoous, ) *fiiU. goblft.. nit t-ulvera, ivory l.alacc.* tiitadl** cuuery; rosewood ?ni ttilto^.i'iv bedsteailg bureau* an 1 wa- istai..!* ! to instch en mil.-, riMeh ebias tol.ol am*, fit e ui- mat- 1 tre?s< S' 1 ve geesd fea l.erbed* bolateis anl pillows, lamb's wool l lankets at w iod chamber suit, In haircloth, mahogany cushioi.ed cLairf, lockers, sotis, wardrobes louuge*, vouch bud. Also three enamelled cottage bedroom aaitai ingrain Carpet* mlrrii.'K er.ui livings hall rt Oid, velvet star carpets ?liver plated Stair rorfs o..c olb*, Aa Also, al! th bai 'Ui"ot .'uruit ire, wbii h i iibi am a it l irge and dealrainii assortme nt ? of common crcekeiy.* ware, knives and fork*, kit. hen u'ensi.s Ac The ea'.irefumiture of Ihe above house is in ex cellent OOBdtttee of superior tr aniii'.ieliire. h*vini? been iu tisa on.r a short time, thus aiti.rdUni an opporltiully to housekeep ers' seldom met with. Kale peremptory. AUCTION NOTICE -THOMAS BELT., ACCTIONEKR - By BILL I Rtk8, this day, at lit,', o'clock, at So. 12 !?orth \v,.!.atn stteet. According to announcement, we will sell, without r? serve, the atoi k of superior II mors aud wines, in demijohns snd brttle:s, e< mpristng London do.-k brandy, ? tamaka rum. Irish and Iscoich whiskey, Holland gin very lii e old Madeira and sherry wines, choice port wine, Monon sal. da ? his key. Ac 1 his Rtock being the property of a ger.Ue iLan deceased. is I win tin to twenty years lit c -liar, wilt be and In tola to suit, andueeds no further recommendation. AHer the sale ol' wines Ac., one fine London gun and two w:,tchrs. ou account of whom it may concern. Wednesday ? Kitenslve sale of furniture. Thursday? An entire stork of well assorted dry goods, gentlcmen'a furnishing golds, hosiery, Ac. Al'CTION NOTICE? M. DOCailTy, AUtTIONKER, will eell, this d?y , at 10,'j o'clock, at tlie^alesris.m, 27 C.-n li e street, a large assortment of excellent housekoM furniture, .tr. reinoied fiom rls.mpson street, viz ? lape.atrv three ply si d ingrain cartels, sofas, mahogany oh airs, rockers, sofa t?ed B'ri.d. Wclirstl' * patent mahogany cx'ension table, walnut do , cane chair*, niltrnrs, wardrobes, fca her beds, bedding, curtains, cornices, stair carpets and rods, hat stands, cird, (Mn mid f .nry t il, Irs, wlui kitclu n utei.*ils. elegant cook rig stoves, calU i v. ciorkery, china, Ac The whole to bu pe >euiplortlf sold tor i j u to the highest bidd'T Auction noiii k.-shempt'h SALE-rtr a. m I'HISl Al.AH uuntioneer, 211 Bowery, of aUigestj-k <4 bairrlotli lor esoiue; makers and upholsterers, on Friday. Ocober S, at lti'j otrlcck. consisUng of ?, out; yar.'s of tirst <iU* li y haiieioth running from 14 u> SO inches In wdth. which w ill be sold IU iota U> suit pui thsaera. The attention ol the Hade la solicited. AlCTION NOTICE? LARtJK HALE OK DIAMOND and gold jew elrj, waiclies, silver ware, sir , tc --A M C'BIHIaI.AH auctiocesr. '^3 Bower*, win sell, on Friday, Or oberS. atln'^odock a large and valuable asaortment or ' re gold and dlannid duster an t single s one rings, pins, bracelets and earriijtf. gold brooches, earrii gs, neckUc.-a, s.reve buttons sit ri studs, riags, guard, fob ai d v est cbsius, gold ar t silver patent levers, lrplnet. anchors an I verge watches, Ac L? tide, ol Z. liernsteUi, fawnbr-iktr, Krisime atreet. A UCTION KOTICR ? J. ItOOART. Al'CTION KER ? BV J\ S. HUliAKI ? tins day a' 10,'i o e took, at %/> lireen well street, of Murrs.v, liu-ge sale of gsnm fowls, fancy I'nwla, i??r<.its, isbbiis, doge. Oninea pigs rage*, lords, setter m d other dogs? the entire stock of a dr jer. Sale perempto iy as the owner leaves the city. BT II. H. l.BEDK k tlO ? AT 1'BIVATE (ALE, TIIK most eiegsn1 piauo in the t'tntisl Mates. ni4le by Hcho maker k Co , , octaves of the tln.-st tot.e, and unit' el 1'ioraie W carved, cost w oaal . now ou exhibiitou at our aaiesroims, SI Nssaai. street CtROCRKKY. <il ASS AND CHINA, KlUiM Tllfc ) ahelveo ? .1 J. WaLDRUM. aaetioooer. ? Br IIKN'icY u KVaNS, No. 0 Liberty ?tre?:t, ou fueed.iy, Mpt. M. at 10 ?"cluck. 4? ri a'e* ,>e?t wlille gntnlle and common w*r?, Jeco rated china u a act ?. motto C olM), vaena, tea tr iy* luiiga Ac ; ai?o a l*i if Invoice of May Htiite and Plt'aburg ul taa^tea traya, pUled war*, Ac. (>oodi wall packed for ailipptng. TTtCOKKR h FRANKI.IK, AJTt^TIONKKR -ItY FRANK JL LIN. Nlt'HOlJ* A CO.? To moriow (Walneertay) mow ? lot. a' 1"'? o'clock, a' calca room 8J Nil a.n atre ?'. re elrcr ? mTi-, ot part of a oal.iuetmakcr'a atock, conalatlrg of roaawond and RaahOfOS) furniture, to aulta. tola* chalra oontre and aide tab'e'a, wlth'ma'hle top*; bedateada. buroatui waah atabda Ac . al?o. ? quto'l'y of aerond hand Hruan la carpett, t?-irl><r ami chamber furniture, mirror*. pauuinga. Ac.; the whale to be aold wlhout r??rr?, Ry order AHRAI1AM W. MOIt^K, VpiMlKNK B FRANKLIN, Al'CTIONRKR -TO MORROW 'J fWrdaeadavi mom ng at lujj o'clock at a t ? ? r -in ? FHANKI.1X, NIlllOLSAOO, tC> Nana u atreet. .ale of euperjor new ani aecoud hand furniture, comprising flrai c'a?a par'or cl>anil>cr and dining room furniture. In anlta of roae wood, maliovany. oak walnut ani eiutinflled, ala. aofaa, aha rs arm ctalra. rockera, recretary a:id l.brarv botkc ieeo, atdefcoarda. wjuMrobaa. bedxteada, hnreaua, waaiia'anda. h ilr ma tnrae* pallia-aea Ac hale tttaftlve, to pay adaancea (hmU packcd tur aliipiumt. Oataluguaa ou morning of aala. InOOKNk ?. FRANK UK. ArcTIOXKKR.-FRAVK j LIH, NlCIIOl 8 a t't>. will a> II, at auction, ai ealea r.? m n Nnatau alreot, to morrow (We me?,lay) moral tig at lot, o'clock invoice* or auperlor allrar plated ware table cutlery, clock', mantel an I pier gloaa. a m l tnirrora. oil painting*. e'lgruvlagi, cliitri anil ulaaa ware, fancy goo<la, Ac EPWABD RCtlRNCK, AUCTIONKKR. - KIJWARD KCIIKM'K A CO. will aell i.l auction, on Wednetdar Oct. lat, at U>H o'cb <k. at Ihelr aalca rtiom, N". ? \a??*u atreet, ? D'aiftii'icent a? ?oi imcu: of Frcnch photograph*. taken froa tbe moat celel.raled pali ling* of Raphael, Htinnia. i'ouiaaen. Tan l>jck. Faul V roneae. and other dla'lngulahe.l BMirij alao. vlraa of K.ttiti Damr. Ilotei !e* Invalidca and other Imildlnga io Farla. Alan, a large aaani irnent uf e'anilard Knclwii ami t rench book a, Itchullug Hmrnpfl a Ilia tnry of the rutted Sta'-'a. M H'anley'a lliatortr of Knglunrl, Adam < lark 'a Cwwmarlw, l.l?ea of 'he Hcalavi, Shak apcare. Mil'oa. and otiicr wuraa. I he Ftaach hixika are neartlr comi'oar l . f workaou Ana^my, llot.nv aa'ronurer, Ac., lr Alan, aereral named rngrartaga Hale Doaitlre, for ca?li XpDWARIt HCHRNI'K. ACCTIONRRR? RI.Kt* AKT fPAK JCi OF IK IRS^ S. t' A EK I AOK. Ac ? KI'W ARD fCHKNt'h A Co wlU aall at a u< IKXi, thii day, at 1 o'clock at tkelr a-i'ei ii> m No St Naaaaii ?'re#t, an rlcgmt 'pan of long t.uled t'lark boiara, IA baud' high, atglit yrara old. coat WarranW-d perfectly kind, wound and geatle la every way. A lap, afipe rlnae r?.<ch majle by Lawrence, alao karaea*. Ac. f tKORQK COOK, At'CTIORKRR ? PfIOTO(IRAI*HIC, ' vT aiabrotype ami daguerraan eatabllafc aaat at aadlna, oo Tuesday. Kcpiembcr Sn, at MU o'clock, at 4Z1 ItrUvtway at-ora Canal atren. cmt ractng turatture earpota. mlrr >ra. ay paraiaa. caaca li ati um. iiia, prcaaea abow and ape--| mcna, aad eiery ariicl" and rinininir< f(,r continuing tfce feualnaaa. wiih leaa,. .rf |>rcml?r?. Tlic a'xivc ??ua'.iia'i'neot la handaoniely ti?e<l up and doin? a tin# baaiueea oTeru.g a rare ckaare for aay t>< r?on to noutlaua tt. lha whale tube poaltlvely aoid lor rath in <me Kit. i~i ROROF Ct.OK. AI'trrtOKKKR -tJFNTF.KI, HOCM \I lioM fcrnl'n' c at auction, t?monow, at lu>. o'clock, at 441 llroa<lwar. cmtiractag parlor. < hamher an. I llinnig com aul'ea of Taihina rich a'.l faahl?n.?Ve atylea: lxok> ?ae?, ward f.bra rentr1 tab;c? e?'i>B?i"n dining UiMaa, i'?J?"'a.U. bn rraua. wa^ha'aida matti ??aea, palilu>a-a, ?r Haaea ai ??mltia before 'l<- aa'e. R. B.? C. na-Anily ou hand, a good ? to k, at private atle. jnTLRSItT ?. RA>i5E A ft TIOKKF. R. -I.Tr iTr" AND AJT peremp'i-ry aa .? of grocerlea, by btltl.KT A NATAMlC. at their aalrarnom. N?i t'edar atiaet. on Taaaday, llcpl at IAS A. N . a prima lot uf angara. whl'e m<t l.rown, retineil, Haht brown, and btuwa; aaperlnr leaa, gr>-<-n an I Mick, ? attie, aalaw t;mailnda, dale* plcklca. exlaitp, chceae, I oney, au4 famtlr a?a?p *?i iaw? aegar*. m-wn hraa la > f hrndy. In citaka. caaea. and d< mi><hn < , ch tmii icue. claret, | I oft, aherry wti>". taarcajonl. l4>n<t<in portal, ana Moolah a>e fTKNRT n IKKT'fi ,1 C??, jUjcTIONRK R4. -Kx Rt V JjL tor*? aaleaf a large and valval l? eoOootlua ?' oil caii t ng? the prorcrly of II c la'e l?r F. W Jcnklna without rcaorre. I1KRRT H LkRttl A 00. will aell bjr auctlne. by order uf '? e eterutora on Wedneadoy. fK tober I, at 11 o'clock ai No. 2H F.aat Twr.U ih'r.'. ?trcct, gear Flf h avoaue. 'ha 0n4lr0 g ?l lev of bleb claaa p'cturea, belonglag to tbo late l?r lankina, w^llected or him through a aerlea of vaata; among them w ill ba found Uie elK.lce work* of Rorghem. t'roeaer. II?* rtog Kenallt. I'anl Uritl. C. Hega. Wotteau. aaporfe pl'tnra br van Oaicn. Tcmpea'a, Carlo Oolee, INatt. Ould.i, Mure l>a?!k. Net.cbcr, OmrfegM, Ter*npf. t'arraeaglo Ilea. Mora Und. Cu/p, OttiniWO. R. A. Wutoa, Hwaneve! It, Ternel. Oalnaboronab, Ti nlera. Spagnolatto and o her celetira'e,! ar beta The abote can be > iaialned at any tine prerloiia lo the nil iTruT At'CTIORfcRR ? RT. II. II I.MIH A ? . CO lnrwt,, anrl Wedneailay. Hef..rnl'.n -HI Vi.l <>. tobcr I at 10W o'clock each .la- , at the aaiearoom it Naaoa-t atrce?, t?o<ween Pine nnd t'e<1ar? Opening aalo ? A aplonold aarorttnent of f,e?li Imported fincy unoila, portly the our rboaea of Mujaar ? jTPoBdalt'al. now in Italy, coniUHng of aupetli farrarn atalnarv.rapreaentlnC JolTcraon. hy Del Me <tlco. Ma'ernai i.v Taueranl. panolng Olrl, by I 'el M? Ann. V t'ara"! F'?bmg ? i?-..-hi Madonna by Rrn^mi Motrdalen. by Pantncd; R?ai of tloero, hy tiartel, of Floren. c Aobl.lea Waohlngtoa an?l oihera Roy and Vnra, Roy and Neat, two loi ?c al'ed tifurea 'or ??r.l?via Ac. Alao, a beauhfm .H-aoriment of alahaeter jro'tu ilgnrca, Ac.; t?o large marble candelabra* fum 'be ' rra'al P*lace ciperli fctrnacan, Medi. i. itcbe, Naaoolltan on I Roman vaoaa, marble ornamen:a, Ar Alao. an entire lnvo!?e of hronrea, roootatlrg of fig urea, gronpa of every aire and deoerlfdlon. re oet>ed diiect from tlic Vrilla Montague Co . of I'a'la tor. I a viaeo, r-andelabraa. haaheta. paper lmidara. circ?l lampa, dMclrg glrla. wairV'ia aegar bol.fera, can<llc?Uck?. atatimiery. aad oflker art clca of new atyle* Alao, >i.i plated tea acta, coat era. cake baakeu, Ac., toge'her with a great variety of frrah gn?<da anme of whk-b will be re <-r|ved frnm Ibe i . ?'om Moaae In Hme Ihey nan b-- ? ' imlned on Mor day, fre vlowa to tbo ealc. J'TwjF.PII tlF'.KM \N, AI'CTIONkTr -WFDNiSDAT. Oet. I. at I0?, o'clock A * . at No l I'aton place corner v Union and * an Hrnnt atreeta, Houth Itrooklyu, a email l quantity of furniture, mahogany ?of? rh,ir. <1 ciHt>?on en.l gold window cnrialni and ittnrea, valret tapeotrr carpet lledenburgh hea'er. Ac. Hame rUy, at half paat 1 o'clo< V P M . at Bo M Woolbull, bet ?een t?nlum'ila and Ilicke a'a , Pou'b Rronklvn. a gen nt of par inr. rbamhar aad kiHhen furniture. ? atalogu*? at the ealce ?ALBi AT AUCTION. J OHM I VAHDKWATRB, AUCTIONEER, WILI. SEf.L, tin* day, September 3u, 'at lu>. o'clock. al ?J6 Henry atreet Colonade row, between State and Atlantic streets, Brooklyn, all the rich ami elegant hu.uuhold furniture cou lamed in the above house; sold In conseqnence of parties k-av Ing tlm ciiy. Bailor furniture, consisting of rosewood parlor suit*. in rich French grien and gald brocatel; etegerea, large si/e oval French plate mirror; oil paiut.ngs by Coatee, Vail liuxen, ami ail the m ist aininent artists; rich tapestry ttrtis ?eh> carpet*; chllllue. rosewood centre, side and pier tables; reception chairs. Bedi ooin furniture, consisting "1 main Of, wvnut and oak furniture, made by i'hyfe A Baudotne, hair Mattresses, feather bed*, pillows. bolsters, ingrain and three ply carpet*, hnglith oilcloths. Ac. Dining room furniture, coiiHfatti'g of crockerv, ailvet plated ware aud rich cut glass ware, aiueboard" oak ettenslou table, extending twelve fe?i ; oak chairs, mirror, clock, aud all the oilcloth; gas bracket* throughout the house kitchen utensil*. An. JOHN L. VANDEWATKB, AUCTIONBEB? SPECIAL tale of choice cameiias, orange tree*, Ac.? On ?y, Oct 1. at half pant ten o'clock, at ibe salesroom No tiC X mt sau street. being the stock of P Boll, Esq., florist nursery, corner of Fiftieth street an<l Broadway, who retires from buHl lies* (In account of ill health. The assortment comprises over 2uO varieties of cameiias, all in fine i rder, and in bud. Also, Sicilian, t'blnese, and a variety of other range trees. Ac., together with the bothousts, which will be sold at some future time. JOHN BOYD. AtrrTIONRKK -BOYD A HII.L WIIX sell on Thursday October. 2. 18.VJ.iit lO^c'clock, at the din ner of Broadway and Thirty ?iz< li street, the Mack and llxtureR, of a confectionary, ice cream, and oyster saloon, If not sold at private sale previous to that date, will be sold to the highest bidder. Terms cash. JMOBIAR'iV AUCTIONEER, Wild, SKI, L, THIS DAY, ? at 12 o ciw k at 17S Chatham square, a general assort meet of new and second hand furniture; also; feather beds, mirrors, a large assortment of glass ware, china tea sets, Ac . Ac. RUSSELL W. WK8TC0TT, AUCTIONFKR? AUCTION f-ale of valuable household furniture. ? Splendid rosewood pianoforte, rosewood parlor suits, rich carpets, chandeliers bronxea. Ac. Ao ? RUSSELL W. WKSTvO'lT, auctioneer, will sell on Wednesday, Oct l, at 10W o'clock, all the superb rosewood, oak and roabogony furniture contained in House No. West Twenty tir st s'rect, embracing a very large and spleiftlid aaaortment of parlor, dining room, library and cham ber furniture among which are three majnlllceut solid rose wood parlor suiurrovered In rich brocade, elegantly carved; splendid seven octavo rosrwoxl pianoforte, beautifully lu'uid w Hbfpesrl. in perfect order; beaofe's, ohellbnler*. music cabi net*. rosewood reception and reclining chairs, in wedtUiou, lnn'iuet and ?a'ln ; richly etrved rosewood etegerea with tn?r ble ti ps mounted in ormolu; four splendid pier and mantel tnirrois. solid rosewood centre and sora tables. Etruscan mar ble urns and pyramids, Dresden vases, with a number of costly parlor oi 'amsnti; embroidered curtains, gold bordered shades, superb rosewood secretary hoshf**". wi'h ulate front valuable pointing.; on glass and c.invass; elegant rosewood bedsteads, rosewood maritle top buia ms, with ma nle t <>p washrtand.s and commodes to match, rosewood amaurs French plat* front* cheval glaases. French heir mattresses, beds blankets, rosewood sofas, o'.t< m ins rich velvet *;id Wil ton carpets, In thirteen rooms and parlors, four costly clu.i delicts, Hbrsry bnokcajc, spring seat and French cotl ijie cliAirs oval mirrors cluckr elegant mahognu> extensiuu d ,n lug table, twelve oak dining rouin chair*; rich cluu.i d.n . 'r set ihjo nieces, with a large quautlty of French cut gias* war \ sll to match; maible lop mill st.ina, Knglish ollcloUi, Ac., with the bai-etuent furniture. Sale will be peremptory, raiu or sh tie. t'utalo^ues will be ready earlj outiic morniiuj flj s.i ? when the furuiture can be eiatnlnei. TC. HOUtiHTON, AUCTION* EKR.? F.XTKN.SIVK SAI.K of elegant i orawood furnlt urn from a Broadway manu fjctnrei .? this day. Sept. lltl. at hall' past ten o'clock, at sales rooms 113 Nassau street a large and splendid assortment of rich cily made rosewood furniture, conristl n in partof twelve solid rosewood parlor smt.s, in t ich satia broc itel, with slip covers beautifully cat veil rosewood eteget eu, parlor escre toires, Freiicli secretaries, library bookcase. s. solid rote wood centre tubte.j, side and pier do , finely carved rosewood bed steads a part of wh ch are very superior; marble lop bureau*, wasbstands commodes and wardrobes, oak and walnut side boards, extension dining tablet, dining room chal:-s In every variety ot si tie a ud tinkli The above furniture is of the lest qiisllty, and can be exnmh.ed the day beiore the sale, all of which will 1 e sold without reserve, w ith a Urge atotortmeul of plain furnl'uie rf every desclptlon. TC. HOUOmON, At'CTfOKKKR.? HOSKWOCD PIANO . lortes, rich French plate mirrors, oil pa'ntings A?? This day, Sept. 30, at half past ten o'clock, a', rnno-a 113 Nassau ?tieet. four rose* ood and 7 octave pianofortes, by Linde mann A Son and others; iheee second hand do . elegant French plate pier and mantel glasaes, tine oil paintings, by Messrs. Cosies, Itoeze and others. Also, cut glass and china wa; e. silver plated tea and cotlee 'sets, castors, aid tab> culler/. Thomas vettcit auctmnesr.? stork no. w Spruce street ? Sheriff s sale of laces, embroideries, Ac. This day flticsdaO Sept. ?0. at lo o'clock A M , at No. 27 1 , Hudum street consisting of a large rssoi tiufct ot? laces, col- , la>s, tinier sleeves linen, silk and embroidered handker chiefs. lr,mmli i.s of every variety, silk, tbiead aud hosiery, gloves, Ac li. CKOMItlKS, Deputy Sic' riff | TUM?* MORRFLI,. AUCTIONEER. Wtoleaale sloi k of furtilturs at anct'on, this rTuesday) i irorninu. coinm' i clng at 10>j o'clock at 7'.' Nas?iiu street, i being the wot k of a well known extensive factory for reliable furniture, cons s ing of sofas chairs, rockets easy ciiatrs tiothlc, <!rec1?n and cottage iiedrtoads, spring and curled h ilr aatttesm. etegercs of black walnut ant mahogany, ward robes, book can'*, 'ets a-tetes, corner stands dress and plain I boienua and w ?sbstands. mar-ile top hall s ands, mirrors oil , paintings filet sets, splendid view >4 New Yortt, counting r.ou-e desks, lieddini; Ac ; stive, plated ware, oak. mahogany | sud black walnut ? Mention dinb.g tables ronewood centre ana taiuA tables, music talues. ?ecoud hand furniiure sold tit at. Also vailous lots, Iroin various persons To or sold wl'huut re serva. N. i.-binpplcg in best manner at lowest cjst. No (Icposrs token At 12 o'clock, this lay, Began, of C Voice bruud?, in lots to suit de^lert and coo sumeis N. B - rieasurc wi sons exhibited la Imut. to V?e sold at 12o'clock Al-orlth Invoice of gold Jewelry, withevi limit TKBEM E H()T;,E ACCTIONbEB? STt *bB 2JS HI' DSON suoet.? tiiticrties; this day ?t ittf# o'clock, at llfjTlort/ sevtntli ?ir<> l. ietweeii leuta and Kk-voth avenues a gene rsl assort inert of gr?r?rles togslher w lib all I'.e >Uu-e tlxtmes one hot re. wsiion anl Mines* and me years' lease ol tu ? premises to w hicii a st? 'e la attached, h.i.e positive. ttf 6. MKLLOK, AtTCTtOMRK ? BY W. P MKT, LOR. ff ? Tliu >ii), Au at ln^* o'clock, at lalaaroocn 'S m.<i 1.'. P.. I It ro*,opp<?lt ? th? Am >r Huuio aeelgaee'e tale I the ilrbfui tnl it'.uii of cii'tnm tnaJo cabinet (uriUim tli red at ptxhl c n!i> 1I1I1 fal'. Tie ?t<xk In ana art.ingei '? exhlbt'iou I edict anil K.-utleuien urn particularly larKel to 'ww tl ? i.i' '? 1 ie?tuu? lo k.i'c It would b? iuiu'tuble to Muoirrtir all tl..- n'rtlrlet r on'akied li toe st:e. Kor toe ao ctuninodatiatt 01' ^'?uiber:i Mid Wfdtrn marcbaat* we have nix'l" ainjil* ur i-ifnMi'tl T the picking and deli.i-uij at a icatonabSr rbaicc by eipt r n ? I i>f""ai Piirchatar* are wMml lUt fiTn lot on tli* r. < a! 'gue will be aold poaltlwe'y a If !k>oi rimvr i<) oidcr of tot' aaatgu?S, being tie entire ? <*>t of a Itrrt rl??* Mnnhdim, to our *%lr?i noma for ct*l rntcoar of ci nu?.t't? to ;ml of 1 Infant pai I ?r mill* eorerid 111 eneMw hrnratel. p>u?b and hnlrelvh n-it of ?If lata ?t nuyt f?>lii.n able ? yba. rlrh MClrl Uklm, ill' (?re* bnnM^nrlroSM, rvrctol.c Turk ?b ikiira, re -1 tubrni rlia'ra it. moroc<-o. Imk kca*ea. lined with aatln wood; tmi*ic cablr eta, Ml ruhh decorated and |>Uln enamelled rlinn Ml ?tiitea; ?oli.l n ik fll'. mmN mtlioganv and ? alaut do.. In great tar <ty ca?y and rocklntt chant parlor ? lialnt. tete-a tetae. eventtor 'litilt.g uhlea, 14 teet lonc.'tn f ri-:U rarlettr of r ) lea. ? ml chair*. lounge*, lounge beda. lu.'l at>ada, nail c'alra reception do. WP. M r I.I OR ACCTIOKUK? IT W S MFI.LOR-? ? Thi- <!?? ertttrmbar '?'** nt 1()>| o clock, at aalaa rmw> I.Unil 15P#rk row. n|>|w?li? the Aator llouee. a rich eo.leet'oa of ail paliting*. by foreign tni 4marteaa *rUa:t, eiiiht oil raltiilnea by K 0 tvialca, aiibjert* ne*er be'ore ei 81 ltd1, aeveral inae<*pea by Haunt Lebrua, Rtchardaon, and 1 ih* r eminent artlet.? alao, ISO oil painttiiga. aold tn lota to mil' 1 be Hade. aim, irfiv Kngli?h engraving*. in neat gold gilt fiene* i.itn about tarty Ki arch plat* pier and mantel rmmrra in nob c^lit tint ttamea. 01 toe l?t. ?t aod moat faalilooahla h?>ii 1 he Wl>olf fhr tn?lti?e ??V, to |iajr ailrancet I. a lien 1 aiid tienllrmrii *i-e puruoularly Invited to tie* thrm prefioua 10 mV. < >.n be p*< ke<l lor ?hipptn| eu the prainlara t'ata loKttra on tbe n)>>ri In* 01 mli< WH MfLUiB. ACnTIOKKRft.-PIAMOrOBTRK AT | a auction. b? w H. MRLLOK ? Thla >lay. Keo'emlirr ;m. ?i 12 o'l liM'k. at ml? uriKiin II ?nil 16 Pa'k low, eleren aupe | rtor tonc'l loei wood anil malaORaur punof irl'-?. th-ne made . by W l.iii'ictnaii nml fttllr warranted fo' two reiira, alio by < irMt 4 Kmicb'r. t'lark, nnJ dber ?* York mitkcra. a'an. (our tnnbounnv a ?com I hand pianoforte* of good tour ml | ( ??'eh Ih iDnrr.mcnUarc now on exhibition. The wluie will l OMiircly be ??d to pay a. ratxt a | tr* WI1TRRS. ACrrtORKKR. WII.I. HKLUOXTT RK I fl il.iy (-et'i >1 at li> MMi MM < hat bam itreflCa ronllruailoii. lite balance of the eiienalre atock of the aliove ??? r > hi.oee conaleliiii of about VI aofha W Wceilbaa'a ia | tent aofa l edncede, 'AC mahogany and other chalra ISO Lu r<-?ue. 100 table*, 7ft wa*h?taoJa. office dt'?k?. wartlrobi-n, roeewood and no<hogany etegere?. ?tth mirror froou ami l.erla: fruno e act ur.ltnlehed work, eoinpiintng a raluable ? -?ix iiwir f Mn'llM a* wail aa furniture daalen are Invited, , at the wlwtle n III he *old without any reaerve t atakiguea I tcadv on ibn moi nlng ot ibe aale. Three yeara' lew of tbe I ' 1 ailaea for aale. T1TM m MfiWT APCTIORRRR ? fOKr?RWKEI> HTORK* ! fl at tbe R?ry faril "Mrroklyn W* I?l MONT will *aU 1 at eii'tioa, on Ihurailay. October 2. at 12 o'clock at toe ??? v Yani. Hrook >n by order <?( ibe Mary Agent, |i iHllu. hre*<{. 11 bbla flour, llbbla pork, butter and e?ee?.' MObrea'l hag?. | coflee, lea linen frock*. ?boe?, HI white and IXDcolored blank 1 eta, pl'Ot Crfilh rr- 'ing jacket* lahMO, I.?>ting gla*?e? ear I r-ntera' Ae. Ac lermacaah (jooda m italbr romored 1 mmedlalcl) nfier tbe aale , \l' II. 1. 1 AM IRVUra, ArCTIO.MRR -WM. IRVIMA A I ff to wl I ^el| on Tnetdar Pepteniber 30, at I"1, o'clock. ? ai 70 Ann ? ureet b'.i.-eh ..d foroi' ire Kieentiiv *al? All J tha fiir?|tiirc cot.talnri' in the ahoie houae. tI* Rr'taaelt a-i.| n t r? rar|M>* iri liognny fofiit, do iHtlri, ro kera. plir glae-ea rto leh'c* dlvana. oitomant, maliociuy hodaleida ] bttrenra trasbetumla, iiealdtng, china and glaaa war*, kit' 'ten fumMore UKU ATTAR. RKOATT* -1HKRK WILL BR A KMOXTTA AT MC* I.Ar It. foot of Kl^bty alitb atrer-i, Raat ri' cr on f'i i.Uy ne?t ??c?ol'er S for the rrotii tetora uurw mid tin- ee'ran ? n 1 ail 1 V Open for jib nnil maiaaail HoeUih r ? ind ut 4er. to rail from l>nnla|.'a t orlt. around Tbrogg ? point Imy, mi back to tbe ,'lace ol aia-Uog All boeta lo lie en'.-i c1 prael on* 10 I O'ev-^k lt?e da< of the r*f<-. Kntr^nc ? flt-e dollar-, f- toe one rotne all, aw your boata for the laat 'afa af 'ba' aeaaon. .1 M IICRtiOP P. 8 ?The h-wta will atort a' I P M MINT AND POIND, A ?OX W\? PTOI.RM, OR TIIR 28TH !R?T . COR I\ talnlng a bank ebeck lx>"k Hum of. mom t ant a lew 1 ber paper* A I'heral reward will be glran on ret'irntog t he oeate to Third aventf, FjH>lM)-t'N TI R8PAV rtP IN" -IT AT TIIF I ORRKR ' 1.1 Twh.u ninth atreeiand Mtlh a enue. < puree taln'ng a a|i rum of m<wier Ibe owner c?n outain tbe wait e In |rro wing pr. t?ertr and paying etpemaa Apply at 4'?i ^l*th avet oe. n. >m Ro. # IpOl >ri-OR MORTtAT MOBRIRn. WTII IN?T . IR " Itroe. way Wage, a lady * allk timbrelli, which will be returned to the owner on app Ication el 1<H R road Way | o?T-OR fiATURPAT, 27TIT TRST. RRTWEFJf Li VTtM 1 wer.ty 'inhth ?t.reet aad Rlaecker iireet while welkin^ or rHcIng In an omnlbiti, a poM bracelet with a garnet atot e In etnlra and an nltramarlie atime on eitlter able, a liberal irwi rd will br paid bjr leawlng It at SO Warren at. IOtsT-fiR S AI t'RDAT, BRPT. V, OR THR rttRSFR J of Maiden lai>e ?nil H road war, a pair of gol.l apctaclea. by a retill^rrian who waa arcidentalfy knocked .lown. Tha tinder will rr> elre toraa ilollara by ratoratng ibem to A Lyatu 78 Kaa( Rroailany. IO^T-A riRFMAK H BAOOM. RO 2 J?7. TN T If R RT Y - J alitb atreet, between Hraadwar and Ktilb atr.-aue. Pleaae leare the aame a' M Weet Twenty alitb atreet. LORT-A SMALL WHITR POODLR DOO; UR HAS A ranall piece of akin hanging orer the left eye Whoever will glTe iDfonnaUnn where the dog ran be found, or Mara It to .famee Rager. Ra<| . 14 Cliff litreet. Will be baidaomelr r? warded. T OST-OR HVRDAY, BRPT. *, FROM RLV KTRFKl'al JU near Rroome, a white poodle dog; anawera to the natna of t'barlle. Ihe tlmler, by returning him to the corner of IWom* and Ooeby atreeta. Will be HherallT rewarded. WM. H. URtlRRHILL. LOBT-ON BATrRDAT, SVPTRMRf* ff. A 1FCFIPT book, ma'k' d on be com r II. A. Rerr. 71a Hroadway Whoere- return* Ibe arme 10 tta owner, M Iba ?bOTe i lilieaa, it ui raaatr ? a auaairia r?w*?< sfftffnvb. ? ? , -he CKI.BBRAT FOR LTTIRPPOL? EMP7RK LINE -?? v irth river. wlU ed abip EM I IRK MATE, pin No 0 rr ahiu TV positively sail on Monday, Oct. 6; and the < Oct ?. For I'llO s.pkr Wo. 8 North river, on Wt-dio v N US, U) iiiiH-Hgf apply on board, or to I>KMARKm a. J t>. r-outli hU-eec, and S3 Old slip. ? A UKTR\UA INDEPENDENT MNB.-TH*: SPU.yim. 1 i. A 1 clipper ship OtJKAN STKKD vfili be despatched for Melbourne on October 4, being at least thirty day* in advance of auv ventre! now up; can accommodate a lew more paaaen kith if applied for early. The A 1 clipper ship ROHKltT TRK AT wul be despatched for Sydney direct about October IS. 'I he despatch or thli line over nil others r<>r.ders car;? ap plication Decenary. either for freight or paaaaan. Applvto OOODKVK ARKELL A EM.IOTT, HS1 Pearl street. HOHI9KN, C All K1 AO l&N, AC. A DARK CHK8TNUT HARP. FOR SALE-MOBGA* ?lock, raised in Veimon', 15', !\ar,ds high, S jnri old coming spring, kind In singl? or double harness; promises great speei, and warranted sound in tvrr-j respect. Imjuire at Mr. SKEW'S feed store. Sixth ?reuae, between Ttlrty eecond and "thirty third streets. A CARRIAGE, AT KING ft WILOOXflON'S, 394 BROAD way, the property of a gentleman, for sale, or exchange for a coupe; is an good us new in every respect, aud iu per fect order. C1ARRIAOR8 FOR HALE? A LIGHT FALLING TOP > raleche. In geol order, and aa good as nnw; one coupe, partitioned front: three roekaways, four tou buggies and three open buggies. Apply to J. C. U AM, 3M llroadway. For sale-a splendid or a? pony horse, six j ears old, fourteen bauds high, warranted perfectly sound and kind In all barnesa; can trot a mile close to three minutes; will be sold at a low price, ah the is In waul ot monor. Apply trcnn 6 A M. to 4 P. M., at northwest eoruer ot Fiftieth stri ct aud Ninth avenue. 17*OR PALE ? A LARGE LOT OF EXPRESS WAGONS, " now onexhlbl Ion at the trystal Palace. Apply .it STUB i V '8 Mew liaven di-pes < anal street. F 'OR Sale? A STYLISH GRAY HORbE, 16 \ HANDS high last trotter, sound and kind Also eiegani light ?ar u and harness, nted i.'ii thiee months. Will be sold to getber or separate inquire at WILSONS stable corner of jtleecker nnd t/rosbv streets J/OR SAI.K? A llORPK AND CA ST. IT WILL AN f swer for or ul or dirt A youug black horse, 16 li indsluub. and weighs i,4i0 lbs.; wi'4 l - sold ehean with or without the c.irt. inquire at Wi Se\ enth avenue, in tte harness maker's ? '.ore. PK>R ? \T.K? A PAIR OF VERY FINK COACH HORSES, ftom Vernior, t MbtmlxbiKlt, ti years old. sound md kinl. An* gentleman wsnld. r a fine eowli team can app ly at the htableofl) W. N 'IKK 18, IfS Houston 'trfiet HOBtBS- NKW YORK TiTTKRSaLLS. sura AVE nue, oorner ot'Thirty ninth strew ?Tuesday, ?ept. 3u, at l'J o'clock, auction sale of trotting horses A pair of <r?r mai es, warranU <1 to trot iu 2 Ml, one bav borse. warranted to fot, iu barne?s. i- 2K ; one brown mure, w irranled to trot in ,4.1 mm nalr Mack blooded horses hamU, can trot lu together Also, severs: tsu ni' ifle and pslrs of h ir?ea. * ull particulars in catalogues on Monday morning oKO. CLEMONb, auctloieeraud proprietor. Hb.nrt Palmer, Salesman. WNFR WANTED? FOB A LIGHT WAtiON, LEFT IN charge 0!' tlie night watchman at I'eck slip ferry n tout 0 one week ago; if^ot claimed by Monday , the tit h of vctoier, it will then befell Co pay expenses. Apply to W.M. R. Glli M)N at the ferry. TXTAOON FOR fiAl.X -A KEt'OND H AND WAGON, I ? tParker'a make.) in goo I order, suitable for a physician or city use. Apply to J. G. FLEET, Hamilton street, near Market. ~ ~ msCFII.L, A? EOVS. AH! COSTAR'S EXTERMINATOR EFFECT!! ALL1 clears (without danger or stench) rata, Crotou bugs, cook ruschea Ac. Coster's eUctrtc powder, for the destruction ?4 mollis, fleas, mohqull'it'a bed bugs, and all insects, and 11m tar's bed bug exterminator. CoSTaR'8 wholesale and retail depot, 3iy> ltioadv ay, New Yotk. Accidents are entirely prevented if yob use the patent India rubber tluid lamp, It cannot explota break or burst; it is the most esonomicsl and enly safe Hud lamp ever invented HAWXHUBM* ft MOT1'. maun facturers. 69 Fulton street, N. Y. BRl'fil 1 KK OF EVERY DBSCBIPTION? AT THE BRUSH factor v. No. 337 Pearl street, Franklin square. All arti c les solt at the lowest tacto-y prices. Paint brashes of a supe rior quality i (instantly on hand. JOHN K. HOIM'hL. C1BO0KERY AND OLASS WARE AT WHOLESALE - / We Invite Inspection of our stock, eoniprMng all the new and dtsirable styles. Wiu chouse, Cd Vesey street, bctweea Broadway and Greenwich street. (rOL'LU A ELLIOTT, Importers. CMiMAtfa OH' HARI), OF THE FIR<T OCAI.ITY. J and I.ehlgh genuine and pure at the lowest market, pri' e; resereeued fri m yari1; .V) cents per ton W* from the boat- AL> >, LIveiniHil oriel, cantiel (American and English, and Cumberland HENRY RKEVK. corner of t'aual and t 'eutie streets and coruer of Jane and West streets M LOOKING OLAb*E3 AND PICTURE FRAMES - Country tiadq supplied. No*. 3df* 'M> 3M Ureenwtol sueet.iooi uer o4 Besot. Ne? Y?rk. HCRACH V HCiUtit ON ARC J AND I'BINCF. Abae evince In LYOS'H great in 'cnt.on An interest, Wii 'b they 've expressed W'h noble cocd^scenskm. Among the tea luMtda's in favor of his magnetic jsiw ler for the de- irtiet en ol in?< c'? ( ? itho i' poison ? l.> i >N hm o e from 'v'ueet, \ irioi nnd ai oilier frotu l'rhiee Albert Depot 4JI Kros.ln ?y RKMKIIT AO All* AT ASIATIC OIIOUKHa ABO BTS entarjr, by loctor Iheodora tlnlllardet, I'rofeaaor of Medtetne acd rur^rry of the l-aruJiy uf Parte Ao., a<> ? A* proprtatuieo! the a: ove remedy we hare eetitnlbhld inUih fit jr >'ir i1< i >' for 'he : eia.i tra>: a, nt the ?tore of II Mr*. l>. T UflM \ (j<> , i'9 Water ?tre?L The price. In tfaia city, of >?? '."ot'ii' < I' the ii iuM and ol one boi or powd.- a (which art miTriPijt f?r the Ueatnu nt of the dlaeaee and during oonra WrrMi .) i- foil* dollara Tlic circular*, wbloh are iiuMiahad laKtdWh ftnglUh and Spuiiah wlil be dlairlliulca *ra'l* at the above elore Wbnli ?aV <>r)ar? riui ho ?d treaaed ton* <ttrectly nt No ? South William ifre-t a* a'ao all l-tter* In ? I'her fci u'uh, Kri'i'cb Hpamab or UtrmM The dnpcUotn ?<-<-omi>?ny;ng the t?>ule? and ho?>*a bear Die written etgna tare or Doctor tinillardut aiul our own; Iho* plotH aicnuturc* A* a<>>?n a* asania ?' have b-ee up pointed In other ritioa wa alia'l make It kn<.wn thru i<b the new?pap<re of wl.taat circulation. In oril?r to avoit pur rbacniK a npurwia nrtlela, ntu-nUnn tbniM be *i? n taaur circular* and Uie pvllcii'ar mark*, Ac , which invariably a* w n?j *r> uurrtmf lr IM'KaK A KUll. New tou ti Sent a. I AH Hrgola? Br T hln ooiio) I* our gen?r?l agent for the r? public of New (iraaada SAVF. Tors I.INKN FROM RFINO EITHER 1.0-.T M ?toi'n, by naing IUrldd' etrrMnr tnd.'lihie m i- k<ng ink the beat ia ux No p-rparation rpy'iirrd 80 I by the pna -iral lUtlonri ai d druggiU. TIMIiTtRl'* DAriod t CO.. Marufaciurtrg Muiiwrri in Ollf nwrt SIK'Wt ASKfl ? MC1IM1PT A BKOTIIVRS, M \KU F AO tor y ard w ireroonta No 5 North William eteeet, near h raikfurt, New York ?ad 77 Woei third alrert. CUMtMali Ohio A l*rf? a*?orlmH)t raoetaaU; on hand Old *how cu.e* taken In eichao p. tiriit-r* prop. pt;y (imiVJ. TO PIRFrME AND Sre-KTKK THK RRBATH, Or de?troy the amrll of liijuor and tobacco. Know nil Ineti 'hi- tokai, A* retail*) at aaloou*. aegar and ilritf atorea. In New ^o k ItiiMkhn. rwv I Ity alld Newark. Tokal offer ? advuntacfe for tho*? who ninat chew whan in ?oclety? no ?|>lttinj<? for ynunu men wlio Uud tobacco Uiju rlett*. -Wbo 4VI Biouawar up ?tair?. Tns r>j?TRi^ nr-ooMn-TiiF: orkat frk^krtb* of beam ? ? I adkea If you wish to keep a K'?>d eon? pletlnn. If you wlah you can alwara look bi-anUfuT, by uaing tbte Moixletfiil eowoaile. Mold at Ji- Vettrta dep'rt. Ml Hoaa. too atrref AUo by lira If aTII, ITS Kulton street Hrouklya. rVH5IITt;HK. AIA|>Y. who Id UOINO TO HRFAK I'P KKKPWP bonte. wom'J line to let b?r entire MMI to aotne ?e-p< n*b|.' person ?nd woo id board with Ihe >am> If agree* ble. for [< nt <f the furniture fotni r> fermee (nen. Ad drew W ; Merald?tWee ? FWRNITl RK.-?or? WORTH Or FIR"TT CT.AI". Fl'R t Hare, eoneletlag d t eobd riMwwt parlor mi ilea, to aatta. ?wo ruppripr roeew<ol plano^oitca. oil palntiima, be<ln>om furniture Ae ler tale, in a bole or In part, rerj low far caah. at ihe reeldi until Weat Vonrteenih attee: FH RNITt RK FfiR IALC AT IIU.F I'RI' IC ? 4 BUT of aldcan'ly c.irred roaewood parlor lurnlture. r n ?red a Kb * rum n ud (reeti broratal ailk. ronai?U-i( ol two aota* two UMnlt. ar-rt all rhaira Tb- abo<->- la entirely new. tad will lie aol 1 rery rbeab ia Ihe o? h?a no furiber n?e f* ih? m ''a-, be aeen at No il FV-Tdnth a'ri-e*, near Broail way. ' ASTHOMXiY. ARM DOT A HP MA'iTC.? TIIK (.RKaT PWKi'T?(I n *111 Ian >rxl I h loM pher l>r O. \V HoSark for??rlj <4 MwVoth I lo'adelpbia and !'? ?'on. i? i,< ? i rolucl .f an 01 ioen?e >enaai on Iti the Weat. by h a dlao Tiiriea of hxldea lrei.?tire* de'?e*ion of robbei ?. lerovery of a'o.en n<e>da. cma ?"1? In !?te aP?lr? la* ?tiiu, ?; tenia1 lot a. Mr N mriite? cal rit..-?ted Udm cent'eiai-n, >"1 ror partlanUrt aen e ? rflopiea: a innnae, lorwar led grntla 10 .\nt part of the 1 n:o)> /> ddreaa 1 ? j l?"er. j.on p ud, l?r t' W. ROH At'K, No. 1*1 ^jrtwfv atiidt. CmmiI aw | 1LA^RVOTa^Vk -MRi' RKYM' ifJB. f?i? Hi) ^l'KINOI ' a'rei-l, a few dia>r? * e?t of Mr^ia l? ay tb- nioai ( <-letir?ted nr4iral and fcwdaeae Walreo* .ut In AmeM *'l it I taaaea Ula. ove<ed and e<i(ed, lfe>irable, 'he tat' and w'?ere ibont* nt thamt fiiem'a made known; naarrlog a lv'ce on buautoaa 4c , and no c ha je un'?et aa'ialtr l f lI,AlRVOTANCK MRU. II A TBS Or IT* HRVND V.J p'ree'. N.-w Vork. In one Of the flrat and t-eit (UrrMM I'hi'lrlar.n thai ?>ck i>er?"r,? ran rail upon In Iht* conn'r/ Mia I<a.\e< ia daliy curlnK dieeaaea that have for agea bali?d 'be ?ltill r?? i'i? leirnrl Call nnd ?ee for tott- ?ol?ed. No ? barge Uali'ta eal:afa?tory ctatnniaUrn* are girea. (1ARI>-MAT?AMR PRKWRTMR RRTTTRN* THANKM J hi her frteixla atin patrooa and be*a to aa? that, after the ibr-uaarvta b.-ih In Uilerity and Pbilad?'i|>lila. who haea ton Hilted h-r whb entire atai?fae?ton. alia feel* eontd.-nt that la Ihe '4'iaatto: a of aatrologt . foir and law ma tera and V<?ke of oraalea ae reltml an eonaiantly hr Napoleoa ahe ha* no a<|?al ? h.- will 'e ' the name of the future buabaad ai,.l alao the rarne of hnr fiaitara ITS Bowery, heawaoa Koarui aad Fifth mielA. MAPAMD. Mf TF.R II AH RKM' iTFrifrO ltl^nv MTrH at en ne hi t ween 1 wenu third and 1 Wi nty fourth aia rill enbtlnuea Id tall paat, |-e?ent and fiMnra ei-m llkewlae marriaeea, J??i naya law anlta. bti<-ma*a p-napaca airkneaa atiM^Lt frieiuU, i.rojierty loot or atolea. Madame 'Merer an T. raea tn Krgllah. Frenoli and Ueiman, aad gt?e? (iiaranta tor hfa art *d All AMI MOBROW a.ATMflTO RB THK MOW W<>B AT* lerful *Mrola?l"t In the world or thai haa erar bean known, as I ant the eeramb daaghtar of lha aa?ef Ji daaghter, who wad ab?> a treat ?<rtmlo?rtat I have a iiV'iral |if> to tell pa 1 oreaeat and fatnra aa-ente if Ik | hare aalnnlahad lb- ? a. 11 1? diirltia ray travel* hi Rurope t will t..4l whatbat yon are maiTled or alnfle, and how many dmoa too are In ne married. Mid hnw eoon, and will ahow yon a,e like >eaa of yoar Ntura huahand. and will oanae ynn to ba enoadUy married, and yon wHl en KIT the rreal >1 hapntneaa ?! matrimonial hi ee aad fond lie* through your whole Ufa I will ah?o ahow the ltkeneae of abaunt friend* and ralauona and I trill taU ea true all lid aoneera of Ufa, that you nan not kale bain* aa tofiiahad. Mo nharge If aat eauaflad. rati an-m. or yon wll not gel 'he rhanea OanHemen net admlttod Tl Bionaae atraai mil Ol' fkllR TH"I HARP POI.LAR8 RltW ARD.? MAPAMB \ r rtjfl OR, the moat celebrated aatrologtm In the known wprld, baif Jnet returned to Be w Inrk, and ihoae wiahlng to't tier nn all eventa Ibrnnrt life had beet rAlt and eea her N R ?Hbe la the only real lady of correct Information row in the city She alao warrarta to cure all dlneaaea. In their lael Jta?>-*. parurnlarly ihenmailam, liver oomp'.aint and rencer. tbeai'ove rewar will be paid lo any one who ran onyiia? 'hia VMnhil '""f- """idfUC? 18i vl.^Uiil Itf h?taeaM Mwaaato and Maato* FINANCIAL.. ifcOflll OR ttito.-A I'AIITY HAVING TW.i STORKS

V? wiiuih n tin, trl, activo, uompf clerk, who will lomi ihiH aiiKMMit uU security. Apply lo HOWES A CO., -4 N iseii ii Htn el. $il 7 r\l\ -WANTKD. FOR TWO YEARS. ON HOND ip 1 . I ?M', mikI mortgage, or bond and unslgunieut, fur which a bi. u ua ol #250 will tie given, and 7 per cent Interest il(t in ful amount. Address U. 8., box 1M broad way Foal !;?c "? T7T/-V 'Wl '-END KOR FIVE OR 8KVKN YEARS, UC'/ 111. 'I mortgage on city property; uo objection to ?F^.Wv ^ -tp?Re. Apply to A. P. MAUGK, aUChnm I'Uylni i Centre street. 1 era flreel, corniir < ? ? .. ? .. HUNDRED SHARES OF A MANU ?>1 I I fit ill r? H ompanj's Block for s*lo or ex T rV ? i iSlI m? fhandlse, Ac. Apply lo 8. M. OS IK^NDKKn^ Stole agei '?? uucUouter' ?"J i??ur*iice bro' ker, 14 1'lne 31 Tfri. _______________ . _ g ,vh-v Tm ToTn- tN SM AI.I. BI' MS, FOR $75,000 2,nP?iod. on Z lice, 2*y Broadway, roofn II. For balk-four sharks <$iuo ka<"Hi stock of the Knlckfiboeker loe t osspauy, for Addreaa M. W. I>., box l,l?jU Post ottice. Tlr ANTED? $1,201, TO HE L1HT ON BOND UTOMOET f? jLtagc, on improv ed rt'.tl e*taie, aituait'l foui* JPlxP* from the Fulum ferry, tor thr?e or live years, at 7 per cent. Insur ance on the building, *!,2U0. Address box 1V2. Herald oflice _ IMSTKllTIO.1. dtlH "BOOS KEEPING, WRITINO, ARITHMKT3C, ?P-l Ac ? Time m. limited.? Tlicae essentials, without whh*h young mt'ii arc not fully prepared to eutw luto business f r themselves or ethers, are duly taught a'- Mr. 1' A INK'S, 02 Howery, New York, and 283 Fulton utrcct, Brooklyn. A H. \VH K S l.KR'H WRITINO AM) KOOKKEEPINO X\ ? academy. open day and evening for reception of pupils, as heretofore. 434 Broadway, coi ner of Thirteenth street. A CARD. -THE SUBSCRIBER W1U RECEIVE PUPILS dmly. for class ,r private instruct. on in pemn inahip and bookkeeping Ladles' class at 11 o'clock- Full success guar unit ed to all old. and voting OLIVER It OOI.nSMITII. 362 Rroadwny. fFrom the Home Journal, June 2ft, 1SA3. 1 In every profession there Is a recognised leading man? one wliuse prtenilnenre i? so decided, that uobody cull- K iti que* tlon Among those who teach t e art of wrliiuu Oliver U (i?iM-milIi is just tint indL?putul'ly preeiniueut pernon aud reccfiiized heud of the piolcssloa. A LACY, PUPIL OF T11K MOST CR I.EBR ATF.D VO en' ai d In- :i i:w ntal perf.irinei a that liuv viaiied t lie I tilled Stales, and possessing great natural abilities for In siiiiciing othtrs, will give lessons to Indies in Kugllah md Iia Hun aini'iug and the pianoforte, at her residence, 218 West '? hilly tilth street between Klghth auc Ninth h\ .-noes. Pupils tateil by the quarter or single lesson, wiih privilege of prac tice. 1 erui? according to the tune*. BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC AKD WRITINO, i*ught upon very favorable terms, by W. J. RENVILLE, No. 362 Hromlway. The com-se of instrurtlon Is practical and thorough, and is imparted io each student separately. Open day and evening, Daily or occasion al governess.-an bng lish lady, engaged In teaching, wishes to employ her spare time in giving instruction in English, latin, drawing aud musin on (he piano or concertina. Ploase address L. M N , HcisM otMoe. If VENING FREE SCHOOL.? !i F\ K.M.NO SCHOOLS FOB THS KOCCATION Or WALES. Not.ce la beieby given that evening schools, for the educa t'.on of apprentices or others, whose ages or avocations pre veut their attending the day schools, will he opened on MON DAY EVENING, Oct. 6, at 7 o'clock, for a term of twelve wi eks, in the rooms ol the male departments of the following school houses ? Ward. 8choolbouse. Street. 1 No. 29 Nos 9" and 99 Greenwich gfrcct. 4 No. 1 ..William street. ft No. 44 Corner North Moore and Varlck street*. ft No. 23 ? City llsll place. 7 No. SI.. . Monroe street, near Montgomery, 8 No 38. . . . I'larke street. uear Hrisinie. 9 No. 8 Corner Hudson and drove s reels. 10 No. 9) Ludlow sireel. near Delaucey. I I No. Ift. . . ftth streol, near avenue 0". 12 No. .S9. .. .12ftth street. Harleui 12 No 4.1 ... Manhattanville. 1 4 No. .'12. . . . Hatter street near Grand. 1 5 No. 34 13th street, near ftth avenue. 1 6 No 11,,. 17th sireel, near nh avenue. 18 No. 40 2i>th street, near 2d avenue. 20 No. 33. . . UMli s'reet, near 9th avenue. 22 Ni 28. 4?'th street, near 8lh avenue EVFNISO S4 HOOI.S roK Til K EDCCATION Or I'CMAMC*. Noliee Is also given that evening schools for Ihe education (if females will be spene.l on MONDAY, October 6 al ffi. o'clock, In llie female departments of tiic following school houses : ? Waid. Sch ; House St rent 1 No L:> 97 and 99 Greenwich street. 4 No a> ? James street, near f hatham. ft No 24. . . .him sli eet. near Leonard. 7 No. 31. .. .Mooioc sueet, near Mou'goiacry. 8 No ?*... .Clarke street, in ar Hroome. 1 0 No. 20. . ..I.udlow street, near Delaucey. 1 1 No. Ift. . . Filth street, near svt nue C. 1 4 No. 21 . . . .Mai Ion street, near Prince 1 5 No. !sr>. .. . Thirteenth street, near Suih aveuue. ill No. 4.V 1 uet tv fourih street, near tslghh avenue. lh No. lo .. .Twentieth street, near Seonnd avcune. 22. .. No. S- Fortieth street . Lear Flghto at enuc A school lor colored ix-ople <i: ales aud tan. ileal will alio be it" m d at Ike school house In Laurens streei, between Ur.tud ai d Krrwtne ilr? els. a' the same time. Experienced achers hare been engage. 1 and everything prot Hied that will be re')U red lo conduct these schools, and a'loid thoio' gh Instruction to puoils free af chsrge. Applies ; lion tor sdniis Ion mnst l e inade atlbe s. h'<ol rooms as soon ; as the srhoo's are opened An additional te*m of nine weeks will eonvnence ou Ihe Slh 1 day ol Jahuary. 1-67. ANDHEW J PERBT, ) Wll.l-I sM .lt)NK?, Ju., I ALPEkT SMITH, I Eiecutive Com. fl OBKNCK Mi l '.tRTIir, ? o l'.I.ll'll ?LKT BOmHAN, , Evening Schools. iiKiiRUK Wlll'l R, W1I.1.HM SINCLAIR J ? Nkw Tim. ?ept. 22. IsM. IfRFNI I! I. A NOt' AOB? SPOK EN IN A SHORT TIME. P b) ihe Lew method of Monsieur and Madame IICBOS. I! ? morning class* , f>r Isilles, and evening classes f. ir gentle I mm. , sre re cpeted. Pi tt ate lesson* tu usual. Apply al No. II, Clinton place. French ant an -e tkllertnm. ihi rboao ? ay 'established I8ft2., cor tinue? to tea<'b Ihe above Ian 1 giisges snd niske li.'inslai|on< will also admit n few day td'olars lor the Km;llsh iirstn lies. Passed exaniinations in | Kurepe. No short time (quackery ?rabjp mim avh bnqlhb BOARDINU AND DAT WrHOOL for fvmmg ladies. Si aad M Weet Fittenoih etreet, b<4ow Fifth avetios re ifwu on Thursday, September A Mrs. M having lual ealargwd her eeuhUahmeit by Bm ae iiusMton of a portion of the adjoining house. No 31 le eaa. te aceonimodate etghl ho*rdmg papile m athluew le he* Inner Ihultwd a amber Bra. II. win he at hoasa, m receive parents and gnardlaae who maj wish to ooofar with her, on and after September L ?PRIVATE CLASSES IN T RENCH.-PROfES^OB A. X IIASSBT ts about onpaulslng afternoon and evening elasse-. in French, fur la<ltea and genlletuen. ou or about the 14th of October, al his residence, '241 Wesl Thirty lirsi sireel, Millward place, between Blghth and Ninth attunes. N. II.? Prlvste classes for leacheis, if required. M" t ML' NIC A Is AND A LADY. WHO HAS TAI'OHT TUB PIANO Foil A number of veais with une<|iialled sureess, would take Mew more pupils. F erv pslns lakerujo advsoee p'iplls in the art ol iiiualr upon imrnediale application to Madam. E\ KKNKSH, teacher of music, No.S47 Iiroome sireet. Teruia iniderate. AI.ADT, WHO If A COBPKTKN1 TBACKBB Or TDK piiwforti sml singing, wottl l give lessons andsuparln lend the dslly practice of two pupils In eiehange for board, a Oil rt ss. fm three d .vs. Bualc Teacher. In care M Mr. Daw smi rhetnlet 'Ai Blehth avenue, between Ihlrty eighth and Thlrt} ninth streets. a DolmORTH'* DANCIN'l ACA BilMlhJt, A. lUiBl tssii, Nis Yum, and IK Mout.igue plae*. Brooklra. New Tort e lasses on Welti. *latsaud Salnr-lays, coinmesietafl Aatuiday. Oct A Kroohlyn classes, on Taeedstsand Frld*r% e.m.niencing Tuesday. Oct. 7. Circulars, eonlalalnfl lerma hoars, Ae. . mai he had al either of the academies AM I'EBB SBVBN fHT A VB BOHFWOOd" PUNO fort# for sale st a eaetilh e, for cash, rlehlv and magnlll rt tly Arlshed round corners, double carved fancy wi?d, lea>i'ifWly lnla'1 gold plate, ard most splendid tone which > so t.e tested used one month, city made, and fully war ranted Imes the maker lata eveiy improvement This piano ore's only In b? see* and euimleed to he afipr.sdale I Apply at C * 8ulh avenue, near lie f'rvslal Palaee. fir three .lava, BUTA, M. f SV, P. M. Price, wHh si jui, music, Ac , IM Ml aK TBAl HKbIuERNAI) WHO HAS BKBN EN gaged during the last \e?e In hUhJv respectable fsml Ih S. enncsn give Ihe to st ? f refer, nee-, wants soma puoils fornteronid vocal Mwr. Apply fi r informal on, Ac . to Mr. Ilenrjr smith SiS t.raod street, or Bicb.ird U. Vail, Ks^ 'I Liberty >lreei | i tniK BBBPIBtl, WitlTiNt# an i? rile, tirHe.n He 1 1 sentais to sacceos In mercantile life, ara taught by f Oj 1KB .1 DIXON In an ex petitions and super etr msaner. ts Hie entire eteluelo" .?f be modern sli and twelve leaaon char lanlry Booma. Sift Hroadway, Applevm s llnUdlng. DANCttfO BCHOOUIaT NO. M FAST TT1IBTKRNTH Mtftl, sr* i4 Lrualwsy. ? Mr I'Ha IIBaV'D'S clnases wi'l comno-n- a on ihs 31 of October Ilava. W".lii??.'a>s and 8?iHrda>a at 12 noon, and 3>s o'doeh alu i noon Ci e i lars ran he had ae above. fcn BBBBf'*' DANCINd ACaliBMIKH !? WK,?T ffiri*. r teetith Street New York aod 121 Clinton st-?ei. Rrmk Itn Mti.e Dl'BBBCL FERKPftO A KllWtllll FF.1 BFBO respe. tlolly annonnrethat they will re open 'h*dr ae* demy In Bew Ta'k on svurday Oct. II. and In H-oetlfn o> 1 ueelhf. Qui. It. alSf%P M Circulars can he oMaltieg ? ? I'her academy. I|s>5nAIK-A H'l.K.NMIl VvllOii ? S S | iKVr.^ I ? tare t isbo. thai rnst 9i;,v w P be sold with a beautiful 0 n s. n chair and nice carpel for SllA caah Apely al No. t 1 . v on row B. UASMABn. -1 Bl'Ct ION? Ml W sF SM VN Ki?fi'ATES A t.tMIVKD _ niml er . f >ottt j ladlri In nvi de, French, .!ra* ng In eyery sljle of wrl'lng. snd arlthni?tle, with the Bi.gllsh hrmcbca. at US |>ei week. .si?o a few hufilft, at M per v eet. IW aseompHshiuenUi tusghl at 11 per week. appIv ?it the nun mug. Irom 9 to 1 o'clock at 62 Weal Elghtee.ith street. Ml m MaTIIILDB BIVfBBB. ITPIL OP THB MOST celrhmled lnstr'ino"ital pel ftemefa, will give lessons \<1 ledlss ns Ihe plane. Khe sp sks ypantsh an l French. Apply at I ,UI7 BfsMvsy, ADAME LOt ABNBT BBOB I.EAVBTO INFORM HE* ( npils snd the p'lbM. that ahe has resumed her lessons in ve? al music Ht 'i e sntmm For psrth iitu s a.'tdy at Fii tli it pond's music sine. Broadway c|?ss days? Monday aud 1 imrsday. WlUC ? A IOri?(? LADY. RXrBBIBNfftn tB OIV1BO tnstrii' lo? mi the Tdai o *11! rcrelre Itnm ire pupils st >S t9 (iir month Willi nflrlleMtir pIMM Pmsils attended at 'lielr Mslnences PU to $15 per il WW I W. Apply at I7J 'I we?ty . lahth afreet second doer w est of Klghth KVrane. n i o s i . i> st ri T't i <Tn~ wi i hfi.m Rr. H 'cffnliy inlorms his friends and the public in renei ?l Ml he hsa t??mn< d his I) saopa on Ihe plann violin, u.g, Db would aleo devote a fi?w hours to sceompanving on ?he *h>Mn pupils who wish lo Imprcve themselves m ei*s?e *l and modern music. For particulars apply at his residence, 'IK Fourth siree*. near l? aslio ?t<m aioare, or al Mr. Itren ?lrg'? mn?lo Mnrf, 701 Itmadwuv . tjiaBop at~ob1? AT II t K'i A1W.-' - H llin Wa14 I i-orens nt N. P. It ITsfifa, 44; Itroad ' iy w II s || 1 is splemlld s1<? k of nlsBos at oo?<, fiir the ne\t fi0e?n daya. In i v'er to make re m lor alteration* Please eali helhre pur rlissing .-tsewbere. P M S FCOND HAND rTAWOB At CHEAT 1?AB I Al VS.? One filberts Aolian, 7 octave, price (pm. for WHO one i'o fei MIS one 7 .xitave piice .^. for Ji'.m, cue il. >. |L, pftci ?.r?i fri. n?fl one fo. *|? *ll? mn. ?? aad B-.1t 1. 1 cud b.iuiue.tfu.vua, esu. e^ su.l LKi ailUA 1 roadway. MOBaCt WaTEJU, Ageut. MTOBamim. B' KOUUHAB'B ItUWr.H* TUKaTRM Treasurer Mr Tb oa H. Murphy I Superintendent 0t Bot Uflioe Mr. 0. F. Miles I Prompter Mr T. P?ce rniccs or iDMisaio*. Breei Otrcle tad Orcitoatr* 8eaU 80 ceota. Boies stfeoiK*. I fit and <Jaliery....n>? oenta Private Boxes Five doiiai'h Alteraliou of liuie. Dixin i'PMHI: to aammanne ut 7'?. TUKHDAY EVCTIKU, HKPT. 311 1MM, the performances will commence aviih uu adaptation of DRED: Oli, Tin: nh'MAL **VaMP. DmilIUUTIOM 0?' 0HAK10TIBI. Uncle Jack, a savage slave owlOi "vvi et piwlerl*," Mr. tfreughara Old Tin, cook, housekeeper. gnrdenor and nmld of nil woiklothf 'Teytona" Mr T. 1). Rice Harry (Jordon, the slave brother ,..Mr. J. K. Hcd'jnough Tom (Jordon, the legitimate ton, a rmie and acape Srace Mr. A. T. , & runaway outlaw, dwelling in the *wainp, Mr. Conrad Clai'ke Mr. Frederick Augustus Carson, a prim oM bache lor, one of Miss Nina's rejected Mr. Whiting* Nina Gordon. 'he lieiress oi t'uneiua Madame Pmiisl , Mrs. Crlpps, the dying wife Miss Kate Reignolda Llaclte, with a new souk Mis* Funny Denluua GRAND DIVERTISSEMENT. To conclude With the ever popular farce of the WANDERING MIN3TKEL. Jem Rsggs Mr. W. Dsvldga. BITITOW'8 NEW THEATRE, BROADWAY, OPPOSITE Bond street Complete auccese of THE WTTCH WIFE. jOayed to crowded hemes, sn?l received with loud applause. THE PRINCIPAL l'ERKORMKKS CALLED OCT. TWICI BILLED. The most successful Jarce ever played. Riiouts of hearty laughter throughout the pieco. TCWDaY ? THE WlTCIl WIFE, ihe tareo ut I VICE KlLIiF.D, and the comedv nt A ROLAND FOR AN OLIVER. supports* by a host oi taleui uueqmlled ia ;U; n>mU nation ? Mr. K. Davenport. Mr. Burtoi. Mr. T. Hlaclde, Mr (' c'lsher, Mr. Mirk Kmltli, Mr. Betohell. Mr. D. Howard, Mr. Kaiaford, Mr. Bolmja, etc. ; Mm. E Davenport. Miss Poi'y MurtUull, Mrs. C llcward, M*s. A. Parker, Mrs. Hughes, e'e 'Xo incrrnw an original domestic drama, never played, called THE 1'HOK SCHOLAR, with ? treat cam. CUAM15K33 STREET THKA"NiR. (Lata Burum'a). Mumper Mr. E. E*lr Par.|iiette, :'J cents, Boxes, 60 cents; Keecnd Circle, li' j cents. Private Boxei, $.'! SECOND NIGHT OF Mil. OIIANFRAU. Title Kvmimo (Tl-esuav), burr au, PEOPLE'S LAWYRR Solon hhiugle Mr. CUauft aiv FIRST NKiHT. Pufard Mr. Chaufritti HELL RINGKI* if BOSTON. Mtitliew Morgan Mr. E. Eddy "OTOOD A MARSH V> JUVENILE COMEDIANR, BROADWAY VARIKTIES. 472 BROADWAY, will produce the beautiful operetta of '1HK INVINClilLES, ? ttli all 1I10 music, a* performed*'. Madame Vestr ?' Olympic lheatre, London. To conclude with FAINT H KART NEVER WON FAIR I.APY. Principal characters by Maater O. W.. little Mary and Louise. Door* opeu at G>?; commence at 7.'s o'clock. Tic koto g?ll Geo. chkistt a wsod-s MINSTRELS, 444 Broadway, below Grand street Henry Wood BtutinaaaMaaager Q eo. Clutotj Manager oris r v r k r itiiiid. NEGRO MINSTREIjSY. Concluding with, tonrth week, the highly aucceasful drama of WKFFO, TBI SKMHBUI MO.NKBT. WelTh, the Monkey Qao. CUrlaty In rtheans.>l, a new burleeuur on P R F. D , Or. The Pismul Swamp. Ticket*, 28 centa. To commnce at 73 i o'clock. GRANO POETICAL AND MUSICAL ENTERTAIN MENT. MISS 1F.RK8A ESMONDE will give one of her REAPING* FROM THE IRISH ANI> AMERICAN POEM, before the Ca'bo'ic Library Association. at the bkoapwaY tabernacle. On Tuesday Evening, Sept .'H> at8e'<l<vk. Pod worths Band ha* bceu engaged, aud will perform be tween the piece*. PROGRAMME. I'AHT I. . I. O'Connell'a stalur ? Lint* addiesatd to Ilogan. the Irish sculptor Thomas Pavia 2 Signs of :he Time* Sperniua 3. luc Pillar Toweraof Ireland It. F. McCarthy 4. Cola Park Benjamin 5. Sisiei of Charity Gerald Uriiliii fi. Ihe Oerakttne. Dr. Shelton Miwken/le 7. Couv.o. Shin ? A Tale of Ireland a Wroiig*. Wiiiten ex cluaively for Mlaa E?monde, by Mrs Ann S. Stephens, au. bores* of ''Fashion and F.imiuc." r 1 kt 11. 1. Selection from IiiawuUa (Famine). Longfellow 2. Beauty, Wit and Lola Thomas Moore 3 A l'ri.-on I .ay ...T. F. Meagher 4. My Land Thomas Dans ft V eep Ob Weep On Thomas Moore 6 Molly Mtili'.oon Anonymous Ticket* 2ft ctn'a ? to he had *1 the door on the evening of the Blading- of the Committee, nt Ihe officii of the Irish News and American 'elt, J. M. llatcrty. 110 FaUou street, and P. 0'>h. a, 7:,? In on lw ay. BUHTON'8 COMPANY- ALL STARS? RVERY NIGHT, at hia New Theatre, Broadwa\. I'hree capital pu-ces to loghi. PVKHI AFTKRNOON AT J? FK \NKLIN MUSFUM, JUJ 1:7 Uriind airenl.? Jfoili e.? The afternoon performs no* h always conc'oded by baif past 4. thereby enabling all to li-ate by ihe dlilereat slenmboal and radroa 1 lues i he above is the i, lily puee where the Model .?ru*l>-s are exhibited. ACaRI.-SIIJNORIN* ANN K Sl'INOLA. THE CKI.H lira ted n???i with JULIA F oaTKI.Y an J J. B. UhOWt*. will g.\e two musical. drama'.ie sad poetU- eiiterain mint* at Clinton liall, on Wednesday and Friday evenlagi oe'oLer I and .1, commencing ai a to S. .single iLkels .<1 cents, or line for fl. Broadway atiien.kcm ino 6ai broapway) to let, by the night, week, mouth, or on a leaae of t w,. years Ihia Is one of the heat arrai.g. d 100111* in 'ba rny lor c >uc"rt?, exhibitions, panoramas. rtMdlngo. lectures. Ac.. It havlut; a stage l^x?l (cet sud si i ? m.tH> Uiiag from aix to 1 ighi bun lied I eraons Apply on the prffuL*' * t awohter? i.orn lonc, hen cine and .iollt? 1j at the Urce ot TWI< K KIL1.FP. at Burton's Xr* lh?? tie. Mi's Poll) M:irsliall. thegnai rotuedieono, and Mr Bur 'i i< are In ihe rati. FRANK1IN VI >U M in tiRvNP BTRKBT. ONE door from Broadway open every aftertioa and evernnj by Madame WUsrton'a troupe of Model Artistes comprlsiig a company of twrmy seven voung I oties. who will appear iri a arU-ettou of rnagtiiUi ent Uvin( picture*. Ths only pUca in the oily. H AVE TOC URN THE WONDER OF THE WORD, MORS ORAOOIRE. ihe strongest man in eitatencet li? t ertorms every alteriii i* and evening at ihe FR ANKLIN MtRKHM. 127 tiraad street lu some of nts nuwi terrlnc feats, wvh other eutertainmeaui, which can be seen at no other establishment in Nov Vei k. P> RFORM ANCFR ETKRT AFTERNOON. AT 9. Alt) evening, at A. by the full troupe of Model Ar'is.ea, iia I nuiklln Miisenm. 127 tirand aUeet. in which twenty eeven joiing ladus Will appear. In fourteen beautiful plciurn*. li. n l mistake the plsre. Up etairs. V'ANh EE ROBINSON'S ATUIN.EI M, CORNER OF J Rsmlotph and I.asaal'e atieets. l*hlcago, Itllnois, will c| #n for ihe winter season November 17. IHSfl The lintia* will aeat .1 aill, am) will he warmed by stearn throughout th'i epttre building, rendering It the aame temperature the twenty fours round. R J MILLEK, Mage Msnag-r. ANTEP-A VOCALIST, AT THE NEW AND EI.E gaitlyfHtel up Free < oocen Hall. 2S7 Howery Call be' ween ihe hours of 10 and 2. A permanent sltuatiou and good salary. 1|riU.IAMSBCRO.-TO MORROW (WEP*E?#AY) HVR vv ning. ihelnilllanl Pi twlng Kootn Kn'er'alnmenl. by Me. Fleming, irsgedtsa. snd Mrs rh inlng, vocalist, saaistel i>y Mr Jaa. tl. Mseder. who will preatde at (he planolore. w RILLURDN. Alaruf awortmf.nt of billiard tarlbn thr latest styles and made In the best maimer of well aea aenad materials, alee a few senond hand table* for sale at trOORROR A t OLlJIN UMR'H ? nRsctary. ftl Aaa DrsM. RILLIARP TARI.E A NP FIXTURES FOR H ALE? Modern ,mahe nearly |e?; muat 1>* soUl unm.-d aidv. A Any gentleman wlaliing to tuiy * g?<Kl 'able at a bargain "ddrese, 9<xm, Ril.tttrd Tab'e, I "^7 It- wery IjViR <<ALR-AN RXI FI.LRNT AVKBICaN BtlXtARD r tal :e jierfertly Btw, with tal.? 1 uev mark rs, A. A ? ply at TV Knee st.-eet ta the basen enL MODR1. Mtt.Lt ARI) TARLRR ?*" MMMW etMfWme- patented February 19. l-VWi, |.? salt ntuj bf Ihe nndersi ??.?!, none gennlr.s naleas aerompaaied bf Se ea aia?ed alals. with my imme ai d dste of paieoL MICMAfc FURLaH. fe <-!i*ml>er*?v*et Sharps imtroyi'P mii.ii\rp T\Hi.r,?i wim _ atarble. slale or niah gsny b.-ds, ot ne-v *y!e, WMh mv new new stTle of eiish1, n Trlinniln#s n4 all klb la c >nn.*cte | with ilhar ia Second hsad tables lor sale, m l some to rent. W J. pll \HP. i*K Fu'.iei street WIKRI AM) MUroHN. (PIRNTRaL SOCIETY OF VINEf \RD PRnPRIFTOR Uj Cuens. ?Ihe undersigned o ler 'n lie I'ade a psrre' of th s ce et raied t.rand ot ( o?n*e of their own imp .rt-t ion in hstf. i.usr er ?rd eigMh pipes. p?;>- s>id .Urk, vml of all vtnl I sge?, from |stf 'o |ssi. aad at ?erv ioi? price# HE I MAUI A 1 II A RLE*, l.< l>ai 1 s'.re-t. /IOONM PORT WINF *T AC T10V_r|l|? PAY. I I o el(? k at K I'et street mrti- r of lireeawtcii twoipiar ter pipes (te ^net'e, e fhtli do uuarter e?s* pert: al?? beaady, fa. rum l? snlt alio bsrlwaee segir? toiacei. fsacv mee. Re WKI.IIM1TON A Call I ? R. AmtHMieer. T ONION PORTIR. RCOT?n AND F K*T INDIA P M.E J -AVERT. MOI HI.FY A CO., 107 W.ter stre?? are now resdv Ui offer to the puhMe their last shipmenla ot Is >11 1 m potter. Scoich sles at d Ih' llt brown Mill. CTOfE ALR -fAt.E INDIA BITTER ALU, YERY SO H perlor, slso pale fresh mitd at JANES br* were 314 Si?* street, between avenues B. and C G'OTCH WHI-KEY -TWENTY FI\ E PUN< HKi?N> O high proi.f arid llsvor, 1 nder CiiMom 11. use lrs-k, for sale by C MH.RTTA, W ReW s'reet BtKDtCAts. C:1 (Win FORFEIT RD ANP Utt CHARtIB UNLRRi 'Tl.""" cured ? Pr. Ht'RTER cares when the ((??? Dieat of oihar pfcyvtetane and all other r"me.tle* faiL 0tl ? red drop is t.,01 only retlam a fir a 'borough eure In eeetala dlseasea. >0. .1 Plvtaton *tr?et the .*lv placa aoe ao well knewn for ihe Trey many enuaordlnary enrei it has perform ed wit bout diet or hlndrsii.-e from busbies*, when *11 other remedies otdy drive Iks .liie**"* In the blood, tl onlv Thl* secures the patleal frinn s?">"ed*ey *lta.ta, and is ihe only remedy on earth ibai do i Try *1! others an I see He ware of a handbill staling Dr. tinnier has removed jU is a D ,R COOFER. 14 PU ARK STRFRT *tYB* OOR. ? J .. 11, 1 ? >a'e I lis. 1 ? ? I he victims of mistil*re4 (umAdesee can e*ll oa hun with lite . ertMnty n( bein* radicillj 55?T< barge* siolwu. N R.-N*fe*Ull eurei. DRITATR CORffULTATIOR -DR watron n/Hif l a long sera ? of vears ronlli>ed Ma aweation to 4tae*??* xt a class, ta waii li he has lie*l?d n.A less than iS'ny thaw a*Kl cr>*?* wi'> utan Inatanri of IR,lura. The remeti#* *re talld. ai d 'har. Is no interruption In huidnees or ehauge at dbV t'r. W l?<? I* In e?>si*iit atteniian.-e, frota 7 la th? mortib g unU! 9 at night, ai htae >n?nl'ing rooms and resWIene*. W W s'krr ? reel, * few door* west of Rroadway. WILUaM watsoV* P r*r*eflf !Vtf(ena M the Lack UfRHal. N1 AWVMBMieiVTS. ~ ?B GARDKN.-GKRMAN OrKRA. BIA- ? sit te<a of ?'e? MA8ANIELL0, wWi. k? "epe?ted, tor 'lit- Hfo.u.i and Uat tltn*. " WIU " <Tij??AT) KvMUC. SBt-r. 3U. IrtVj. ?... BKRKEL, Mile UNA WINDU,, MIWNA V " aNKSKR, WEINL1CH, Haaam. PICA BKL'TLKB u< UKURLEII* , IB the principal rolea. 'I DENTAL BALLET lL 111 v e 8u?1*ln?d bj M Ue Flora and Mile J una t etun*fca' "?e Si*?*?* Mnatral Director ................ Xarj Ber^maua The price of admiaaioo haa b*. f opuiar oUmdar* ?f riFTT Oa *? Reaerred seata, Mi crnt* eiU *;.p'iTL4t* **>?? ? *? Be?U miy be lerurwl dally, at tk , kl!f ufflra "f "W* Onrden, from 8 to 3 o ofc?k, iiulttHik * Son'a *uat# aura. Doora open at 7 : to MM?a?e at A o ck 'CI- _ WedMadrr-BLANCUE; or, The Rival. The Won derfal Ravels, and other entertainment#. - "m ? TirAM.ACK'8 THEATRE.? Yf Engagement for EIGHTEEN NIGHTS, of (lie brilliant K.?iky 8t a k , MIPS A (INKS ROBERTSON, vrhose Hrst appearance last nlf lit. with Tub Most .MAc;>irifK>T Combination of' htatrloulc tulrni brought t r ether lor rnaujr yeiira, l,e mi La 'let Willi the Kreateat emlui.-n.ini by an OVERFLOWING AUDIENCE, Indt tees the !ew( to RKK1AT THF! VKRK<>RMANf?B. which' ? 'I oouinicnee on l'l > Mur, Sept. 30, Willi the musicaJ piece i * MILLY. Mt!!y . . ? Vina Afnes RoberMa. lu-oOTeharaiteixiy Mr. Gejrge Gotland, Mr. botfarafe ui.,1 Mr. u-iiett. After Wllch, Mr. HoiL-*ioaulfa trr ?nl comedy of LONDON ASSURANCE. In which ? Mr. Itlake vf 11 appear Moddlew Mr Waieot iu ..Sir Hat court. Mr. I. eater a>i Clauies t'ourUy. Mr. Huruett Mas Mr t*eu*ra aa Doily Spanker. Mr. an , .Coot, Ami Mr. Dion Bourrlcvilt a* nante. (Being hi* lira! ap,**ariUir? lu In town < n-t'on lti New York.# M i.'? Agnes Ruber :i?ii aa Grace I lark* way. Mrs. Ilory a* l-udy Gay Hpankar. Mlaa Mary Gannon m Part. With a new unl be.. lUfnl nilac en me. In e*<iise'|tirnre ofthe length ami oiportanne .fthe perfiaaa !iD< <-, u w ill comment* ut 7 preciat-.v. l?oor? open at ti>i. Tomorrow ? lt!E TfOl'NG At'Tj-RSS, wilh MISS KOBRRT.M1N. and LONDON AK8C It aM'K, with TIIK SaMH ARRAY t.f GENIUS. Academy or music, fwHntlimli POSITIVELY TIIK LAST NIGHT OF THE OPRKA. BENEFIT OF MAX MARETZEK, Afirr which the Academy of Music will pojit.vcir bfl C L 0 8 K I) . TUESDAY. 8RPT. :*>. lttfrt. win be presented, for the tilth ami lam time, M< f 8rl><j<**? graud Optra, ui thi ef art*. L'ETO^.E DU NORD, (NORTH BTAR), Madame ANNA DE I. A ORaNUR, Madame BERTUCCA-MARRTZP.C. Madame 8IKDKNHBBQ, Mlaa 1'YNE, Hgnorl BRIO NOLI, ARNOLDI. AMODIO. OUINTO. COLRTTI, MULLKR, BARATT1NI. Is the principal roiaft. AilmL-iion $1 I Second tier 50 0 mtm hecured heat*, extra .50 cents I Amphithe*tre 3i oealn Door* open *17'* o'clock ; commencing at 8. Box ofllces at the Academy of Music, and at Messrs. HaQ A Son's. 2W Broadway; opes (ram 9 A. M. to ft P. M. Mai Maretzek Director and Ooniaatar. BARNUMS AMERICAN MUSEUM ? THE LARGEST SNAKES IN THE WORLD, now here. All anacondns and boa constrictors heretofhr* Keen in America, huge a* some have been, ahrink into mara worms in the presence of the levi.ithun of ihta collection. Tuesday, Sept. 30? Evening, at 7>? o'clock, the thrilling ih? ninsUc drama of JESSIE, or. The Wanderer's return, Dances, nnd the fsrca of JOHN JONES. Afternoon at 5. ROMANCE UNDER DIFFICULTIES, and A KISS IN TUR DARK. DRFI) is In active rehearsal. ari l will shor'Jyfba produced, with ucw scenery and spleudid (fleet*. The Btraif Liuly, Happy Family, Ac are lieic. Admittance, ~1!> cents; ehilinu under 10, I2lt' centa. Buckley s ff.rrnaders, new hall, Stlt Broadway, npposlto NIMo'a OartUn. TRIUMPHANT SUOCktM of the burleaque ou the opera o! MARITANA, which will be repeated every uight this week, w.;h a Out pro gramme of _ ETHIOPIAN MIN8TRE1.SY. Coneer; commences at 7?* o'clock. Admittance, t# Man Orchestra Seals. 60 ci-nta. In rehearsal, DRy. OR. THE DISMAL SWAMP. MSTRAKOSCH 8 ORF.AT CONCERT COMPANY. The nubile are respectfully Informed that M lie IhKK-A 1'AltoDI, Assisted by PAUL JUI.IFN, ? Big. TIIIKRINI and Slg BERNARD!, under the dlitc'icnof M 6TRAKOSCH. will give her FTR-T OR AND CONCERT in New York on or about the HTH OF OCTOBER Stiaknech's Concert Company wilt give three Coaoart* (? Roa'un. on the ."Oth of Scptcmbei , and Jd and 4th oi itotoboi, at Uie Music Hall. A] IBLO'S SALOON? THE PUBLIC ARE BESPROV J.1 till!) iulcrmcd thst Madame CORA DE WIl.UORST Will Rlre her atoond fa RAND CONCFRT, Ot? TnritMMi Ktbmm; <?ct. 2, 1WG, On v. hi<h occasion alie will be aeauud by ?MM i AI.AIMM MORMO. Mr bAKDF.RSON. an I Slgnor M a NZOCCIIl Pi tee of ticket*. with reserved seats. Vl No reserved sttla w til be Si 1*1 1 at the door on Uie evening of the concert. 1 ict < be pureh:t*ed after Tuesday morning, at IMP* ? nd lira t??.it ? music ?tore* Broadway. Door* open at 7l< concert c tumencrs st S o'c'ock. TIIK MODE!. ARTISTES ? CARD ?8TRANORR8 f IW the city will please ob- erve that the Franklin Miuemn. I ?7 tlrand street u Uie only place in Uie United Status wkws tie Model Arll?tea are exhibited. i'erlonuaiicea twice a'dan; afternoon at S. evening at 8. MKTROPOI.ITAN CONt'RRT ROOM. M0 ORAM* street, W illtim-burg ? The proprietor wislies l.> leaaa ap let lo a re>peciabb compai>y of | iri'iruiers or Ethiopian nalaa tr?ls on advaalageoua terms. ln<iulie at 456 11 is ill liaal. WIOMMbnrf. THEATRICAL.-' WANTED. a WEI.L EDUCATED \mini lady of a dramatic turn, to play tragedy In a pri vate amateur company, i'revioua aiperinnee not essential. .hi instruction will be (Ivan. A non professional preferred. Addros y T . Her# I office A BAND or MisfriA.NS W.vNTHl-TO PI. AY HPOIf the balcony of the Muaetim la i a Bo-nl cot uope an player, for the |ectnr>' loom Addreaa J. (irecuw.ol, Jr , at Rta Amenesn Museum. TO I RT- THE NF.W TORK ACADEMY OF MUSIC, POB one year, from the llrnt dajr of Ostobor next, with taa* pri tliege of anotlii r year, for on Rah. CONCKKTS I.ECTURRH AND BALIX. Tlie Araitwny Is well slocked with scemrv. painted by Al '??"it, Hlao the ball raoin Ho", and anlendl'I derorati iaa for balls, U which will be addari a new av mi, one hundred mm! ten le?i long, for ball p irtm?i To an entet prising enipr<-aaario thta house offars great in ducement* It e:in be demonstrated by the eioer eane of Ika praaanl Seaaoti that the boose ran be b t for balls, roncerta aafl inetarea, cn 'be nl*ht* * h.oi rti. re la no perform . iuae .f ope*^ for st least one half of Uie amount of the yaady rent r - ialntn bv 'be iNrertora. For terms, apply bv letter lattw ?uli?rrtfcar, 41 Wall Me et. JaMra I'll A1.KN, I'reatdeui. MATMMOWIAIs. 4 ? A STRAROER IN THIS BIO TOWft, DRMTITl'TR J\ ?t female frienHa, and (1 the cash necessary u> maka tlirm la the regular way. I beg pardon for mnimg befurw in thla manner To be candid, I want (being already at lie rtre and wintry age of twenty > a wife, with at lea<t ilO. |n\e anawrring well fhr fifty meals or so, bat for a steady diet it will hardly do. I am In a fair busln ss, but it is beMnr to l.sve a wife in dependent also. In r?a? of quarrels, for, "In t me of peace, prepare for war. ' ladm. mini at von wtl tcad tht? ni.d tluow it asl'le. who If th? v knew me, wo lid t ot Of that I sm inot egisiat callyl certain llowrfwr, let me ray. that every other da> tbe ckanre is open, till, aa in M cawhi r ? ease, aotnethmg turns up " Aiidresa H L. B^ 111 oadway Post <>mce. MATRIMONIAL? ARY LADY OR ORNTI.EMAJI a sh ug to know Uie-r future destiny, length of life, la geuter Willi a wsy of wuining the aflect leos of UHMte Ikaf ?Milt, will receive full latornuitlou by ?eodlag a lack of I III Ir hai: I nd tb- d i e nt their naUniy to tbe addraas of M'Ue Kl niDII I.Altol X, Union souare I'astoQlce. Near 1 ark All r'aniiuinicaUons contaioit g ccma and a retort: postago ?'amp wvmeet with prompt auanilno. M'AlhlMnnlAb -I WIIJh UPON TOR RECEIPT OF live centa send to any person a full de,inealn? ot tbeii 1 1 arm cr by their haud writing (addreaa ? illleiaaa I?t'?et w ttli return pontag", ST da Ktafie ViUeite Droadwae l*i tat ofrir. New Yor>. msinoUa CtvNbl MPTIdN, COUtlllS CHRONIC aRD RHU? J a le speidllv curad by l>r HAinilT ? vegetable anm |>iiiui<l t'tielMiUla wtU cure aav cvs Ii Is the ?i Uoie naw tjef re 'he public Eor sale a' *<t Bowery. New York |\R W \TRf?R'P RRW WORK?" TTfR CAt'flR A NO I ' < tire"? a oomplete I raetlcai nestles ill) ?pertuatiMikiea an I I n-o atnre ethauHlan. wllh looal debilitv Inloewd h. ea-1) Itid ?? ret Ion e?c> a? or other caasea In whlahtba native# ?I , met'ta Ot th's li-dkius mala-ly io*et:,*r wltii Uie I * sai tr arc fu.iv nxplatned. Ilmet rated by iumarow anaioi p'ltea and drawtnga. wuh a eaaplement on genlto ti'laar He tit l? Price f L To be ha<i of the author Hwbo may b ? ?.T..?lt.^ cot ?.:-ntltIly. at M Walker W<l if?* doo-. wsm ot llruadwai ? DlT i7*WMONT? PARIS AND I.ONDO >r%MEDfOAb Adviser unit Marria<e tiuiie anh edition 4110 pagea iMie r. trotrred illttstrs'lot s cloOi ?1 IRgwea the adverMM ?i mediae* and shows the sunerlortty af the author s Parte and I or, I'oti treatment of emie?!.ti? tmpotency. strict uie, *niaaL Ir He cures a'l ?'ich i!le<%?ea at Ml Mercer etreet, eortKr at -M ing ' PpoatteSt Nich.. as llctel from It) A M Ull 9 P M w . ?? r win end l?r l-armoni to (t he aflllc i d. ? Court iar de? Fist* Urns. Ftaats Mtund, Ac. T\R RALPn AUTHOR OF |YHR .PRACTICAL' PR I 1/ vate Treatise Ae , ofllee*. A4? H'>ueloa Itreei. near War ier Hour a tJn It A. M . II to 9 P. M , Sumlays exsvptsd. !?? spplicatloa la the rreen' stag* of iMw an inatantaneo * eur.' I* iibtaleed In str.r'nre from the earliest to them- ? advanced state alao in aem'nal wnakneea. s^iarusatorrb'i impotence and all genl'o unnv dia- asea, lie esn gaarant - ? I tierfiet sn I radiesl enrea, without painful i>t>eratlona oltae sive ivatlcloea or troublesome retlnc'tona. Anew strict ?ion mer< urlal treatment in ol I c >n?tltuttonal diawa a Dsn anltsliows eonMentlal Pnva * s.-s'a foe waiCug Par treat mett ,by I't'er. a<ldresa box stl Poat offloe lira eel nllea, anhma. dyaipepata rheumatism. Ac ancceeafully ireaieC OR. WARD'S tTRPORTURATW* FRIRND IS TRR NW plus I. lira of certain med'etrae. ami but re-julcae In be gei srally known, to stamn Dr Warl ?? the greatest banaft* tor cf the day. Pr Ward haeebf oTers s reward of fft MW ta any phvstciaa who aflsr a proper damoostrauon . dhn enm . sr'atn di.i-M*?. w-Vh e.lnallv ?iwlS'em nelarlty, eaan safst^ si a heat neas aa Ss "an fnanaerakl* eases prnfress la l*ttana* i.f all iha d ?t?r? *we do, ?ut t.y !ii? w..nd?rfiS *|>e.\'. ee and hi* ptrfeet in-.wledga arary stage ?T *n dls. asa, be aeher alleviates or cares In one Mr Rn r emb-t a i ye who ha?* bean linger'ng fhr wenka iK I n ontba ditnk^g nnoseoat eompouhdi wliloh destroy ? s' ni?ch and swallowing pnia w.ea piltt that nndermlna | ointniiti i that by ealllrg vi Dr nvi intv. in t Ikn I K'lirs en in. tha p'eaau: ee of life and fea1 that Rbhard 10 I ? n - ' -VsV VjM, ft w Cmml ?r m. oorast ? t