Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1856 Page 7
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Political Go sal p. Governor Wise. of Virginia, 8?yB ^ Norfuik 4 IM wucd, through the AdjuUot (;*a?r*l, ordars to m r OommMdants throughout the Hta.e to thoroughly fu line the Billitft, th?t it may ba qna ifled <? to r*-J(leP riUctual service whenever Virginia may rail for Tna J /ollowiog are the o. drrt of the Adjutant ' llll' M w Dthod in the Klcnmond papers ' f Ci?> KK A I. OHDEHf). f Awurm (, .KMKD >> UFHOl, 1 * The Commander In Cbiel <J. mug ? 16 lb,s I f rrtttia to bo officered utder th?- ?l ?""I*" 10 ord"r tbe He, therefore, call*. the rpect<U lavs in force, ot rtgim<n a throughout ti.o ' *tcntioo of onmmmdaiiH ;he duty of ba Ting all vn^r UU,< 10 ,tw neoex^lty anil A company officer* promr ll<;10" "> tho ine-i of hall and * thorough orgaciEstio' ' 1'1'd, ami of m Unta'aing a V H* e?ruentlv aptnv J lhe,r ra?p.?5ttve commtuda. J promptitude and - A 10 |b,"a "> ?'l<lrea? theuiHelvua with I At>d to the mur *LerK.V 'o the twrtormauca of this duty. '? also earntui- ' Influence and ?(*' ding i a the state he it mfcslonn - 1 "I'l""*1'' u> int ward. MMpt her com ' vtoe w -*L* <JU?!|f> tl<i-uirfvh oi to reudar etr ctlvo ser -re , ?nerer fb? maj cull fur it Although mi nutter* Mnf. 'J'Jt?-1' companies ai abound to me. t for the elec at) olhrers Whtu tin y tall to elec according to law t * con<R>audatit? wi'i rwuonoMiil proper otllcnrs and t* ere tt? re are no tleld oiil :er*. tn? Oijoiy and Corpora vi a ixnr.-tH are requested to exerciK? th ir power of re ?Mjmmvidation under the law Keference in mado to a4^- P"*? lvy thr rod*. and all needful in'or -? ?*!i J Wlli bu K|vt>" l,0u? nilloe when required Uansuiandauls of rogimeou within wnth there may be M?.io arnia " not iu uho for tha inuuia or voiiintoer ho . will i.0.. them bo collected, anil report the ^ Si??" "nd oon,"tlol',to Adjutant ??n*ral By com ^ mmmd, WM H. RlrRARDSON, A.lj Oen Hon. Benjamin Lane, member of tke Know Nothing Executive Committee of Alabama, la anxious to light (onebody who btloog* to the democratic party; he U not particular who it i?, if ha does not rank lower a * 'en,oorat'c Presidential alec or; bo will take any one from an editor of a paper with twelve hundred circula te^, down to a member of the Democratic Executive Com nittee Read his card:? Dro^itSfn^.J8 * Ijoll'tca1 mauoeavre, I will make a ktUed iiliri i i '?' ">?> are n? auxlotm to have mo . ibn^u nT nT , .P" up *u9 ma" of lheir I?rty, who holds tui aiht ?i r*Dk ,n ttv"ir p,4r,y ,h,u 1 bo1 1 iQ mmo' ' a?y convenient time and place, accord. OwbmitUA Zr ?h ?i m?r 1 *"* ono of ,he Exesutive 8 ^ e 'y11 P?rly 1 wl" fl?bt any one J* ~? rjxtcatlve Con.imtte i oi the democratic p irty : and r ? "til more acootiun<?daUng, I will tight any one of weir elector*, or any editor of a democratio paper that b?? twelve bunired ctrouliHion That i* my proposit on M4 "let bim laugh that wlna " ' proposn on, Tbe Boston uaieite bax important in'ormiUon in rela ttoa to Col. Fremont's religion, whirb is no more nor losa IMn undeniable proof th.t the I'athflnder ia a Mahome tan Keai! ? We learn, ou undoubted testimony that Mr rnnuini AarepubHc^ candidate tor Uie I^deno} ll'a & '-milt- 1 . Broved^i" V ? "?e waen ne '? OOques lo^naa^.n .? ? * C*tbollc aud ? IToteiwut The teaauatton lor the charge Is as follows, substantiated by Csxlatopher Carson E,q , of Texas -Uinm arrlviniratthfl aad'uilM FrmOD- got olf lrom hu hor,e> of hi , bo?^ J*oking?, and rolling up the "*? of?tu* ?*???. ""d be wo4) wade The beacn bow ever, was ouvvrea wikti muartes, whose sharp ediras *"?'? htr prominent; and Mr. F.. turniue ti cvmf.n SSunt'y Tk?1^"11''!16 ?D U,rtn ' Thu 'o'erance rose x,bLSr^"? I. enough to induce all thlnk^rP^^^o'te^M,11 Mr. Fremont is bere charged with being a Ifabomedan. Now, If be la not a Mahomedan, Jet him cone out over Ma own signature and deny it. Senator Benjamin, ol Louisiana, has concluied to ean raaa bis own state for Buchanan, and hia appointments ?re alieauy published. If be sucoeeds no better in I/ju Mana than he dll In Maine, he will be compelled to ac knowledge that tbe name of whig baa lost ita charm. The Petirsburg (Va ) DmuKral, a l.itle penny whistle emp oy of (.oytrtor Wise ,acd a hanger on of the jacobin democracy, Is sure that John M Botta la in favor ofFremont, and ui evidence it cites tbe lact that Mr Botta hue bet two thousund Ave hundred dollars that the Mtete of New York rill go for the Pathfinder in Novem ber. Well, what of It? The evidence wh^jh the Dtmo ermt produces goes further, and provea that Mr Bolts ia *Tak* 00 lbe re*uit in S*w York; *od being some UUng of a spo ting gentleman, he has concluded to make * fcw dollars out of tbe blind and mfluuated followers of Forney and Wise. Tbe Waablogton Union says tbe 8outb does not regard Uie Union a/ indissoluble, but wilt cling to it as long aa tfca constitution la administered in ita true spirit. It aaya U? South believea that tbe election of Fremont would be aatep towards a diuoiution of tho I'mon, and that they believe that tbe object of the republican party la to lay Ike foundations ol a policy of emancipation, and tbat opon the eltctlon of F'eaont and a republican Congress ale very will be overthrown. Why doea not tbe Un\o* ?newad of thus tbe devil round the stamp, come boldly out, m 1U ?emi-, iflcial capacity, an 1 endorie the ?eallincnta of the deaaocratic leaders in tho South, that Ibe sncceaa of rremont -will and ought to be the end or thu Caton?'' Tbe Charleston ifer.nry (ays that the poatUon of tbe e*y of Baltimore towards tbe South baa long been male <WlblM; but now the auapiclon la conOrmed, tbat Balti more, instead of being the border of the South la dla pofc-u to b?comc tbe tail end of the North. In caae of dia aoKtlicu, < an the if?rcury Inform ua which will be tbe border Stater A California ex Governor, of the name of McDougal, baa been stumping about the Atlantic States tbe laat aum' ??er, abusing Colonel Fremont, declaring that a loud out cry would be mado In California against hia nomination; that he would act dare go back upon hia Martpoea claim ?ad tbat any bow, be would not give $M0 for 11 1 The Ctettforma CkrcnicU, remarking upon these statements, daguerrtcypes th.s geitlrmea lathe lollowiag styia:? Tbta ta the rt Governor McDou?al agatiut wliotn the Oraad Jury or Han MaWo iounty fnuml three bills (or Ille gal, double end triple voting at the Aral (ami laat ) elec Mod mi that new enmity lhu It the John Mclfcrnv*! who laal year was the poker playing associate of " Cli >roki?o Hob," an eicaped convict, wbllo ho won dodging the ofllcrra ol tbn aw Id Man Mateo county. This It tbe (oho Mefougal * ho, wblle Governor, wu b .rned la ctllgy, aad wbo left the oil -r, with the nDdirtded delight of toe eaUre people of the 8taM, which breathed deeper and liter 'fce hrr I moment He not (We five hundred dollar* tor the Maripoaa claim I I"robably those grocer* who hare published hie name In their black list, might be able to give a reason why he would not |??y (1?* hundred dollar*, or Ov* :raii, for that or any oth.jr claim. Tbe Northern and 9ttubcrn democracy do not work well together in harness. The latter are playing the ml* chief with tbe former by tbelr outiageou* threats, and the teller art In such a state of bewilderment they are play kg tbe dotcc wltb tbemselve*. The Don. 0. A. Of den. la a apecch before the Buchanan Club, at Bath, a raw days siace, said ? ' Many wrong thing* bare been done in Kansas, many outrages have been there committed wblch admit of no palliation or defeace. But Mr. Bu cfcaaaa will calm the troubled waters, aad Kanaaa, ua Uwr tbe ml* of her own people, become a free Hlate of the veptibUe." We recommend mis declaration to Mr. Bo ehaaaa'* democratic supporters at Richmond aad Charlea IV Tbe following extract from the same (peach we otwrnmd to tbe New Orleans It'll*: ? The democrstle party are In no way responsible for the ?otratia oetpetrated, nor the consequences which hare and sn.'l f.illow; they have simply laid down a principle la lla*I< right, and uadar which ga.vaa. aa every either of our Territurlet, will beoome free flatee Any aheatirg around the board f 11m New Orleans D>lls la commenting upon an Innr rartionart 'etter of Got. Wise, aayi ? N the Brewed enemy of the Honth Is chosen President, IB there any larger a rraternal leeling between that r<?wth and the North which aeleet* and support* hint Of rear*#, tbe word 1 I'nlon" loses all significance and ?oeaauig under sorb clicomitances. and we must do jua tee to the Uagie ol Mr. Wise la admitttnglhat tie peroetvea the Ikrt Tb* success of Fremont be regard* aa aynony nni* with the dissolution of the I'nlon. and so far we be lleve be i* eorrei t in his opinioa. Hot the attocee* of Mr Htichaaao ran only pwtpone the very same cataatroph tor a lew years more, aad It i* a question With many la teMgaat pevsoaa whether aucb a postponement l* dealra hie or act. Tbe answer to Ihl* la, that Fremont la not, aad never ha* been, "the avowed eaemy of the South," hi* ?uoceea will be the preeervatioa of tbe t'nion? *n I If that of Mr Puc hac an postpone! tbe cataatroph* of dissolution only for a few year*, in the opinioa of the Del It la perfect lolly to anpport him at all. l?t It meet the daagsr a once, If there la any. The Richmond fMqiiirtr, altarmed at the consequeai* at Botts' (real speech, baa eoaimeeced the operation of rw?'lowlng him whole. It baa be?na at the tall, and there for tbe present It Rtlck*. "F.mboldened by their rtgaal.weeeses,'' saj* the f nqnirT, "the Bottx tall now )>? neaca e tbelr schemes of ambition with unexampled f?ejr and ?e,tivity." if u>* tail la *o successful, what will the f> i?7*li f Ray when the whole body begin < to move' The J'etersbnrg Mh Democrat of the '17th actual 1 r fa? ' At the mouth because Mr Botts was to addresi lb* V***" Petersburg, and calla for B.trlingame, aa a ^,,3 rm|wtab!e m*n. Freedom of speech being m onger "wrmltted at the Sonth to Northern men, Burlln gsme wtiA ?* probably go. And aa Tor BoUf, he la warnrd of 1 ^ ***? Allowing beautiful oommen ary "? bi? i.,n?<"B<,sd ?pn*i"'f? will prebably be ?tmd suspended ***** neighboring tree, with yoor H WfV Wiw-ito / to inquire whether the fhends of Mr. Buchanan indorse the giape vine, and rely on that to answer their op ponent* r The Southern press, the secession portion of it at leaat, j down on BotU like a thunde* guat. The Martinet) urg (Va.,) RepuUUan, the LynrJat)Urg RrpuUican, the Staaa ton Vindicator, the ^kflaLdria S-nimvl, South Suit l emocrat, Charleston Aeutf, .Vc., are all let loose on him. One ca> n htm a P^lncon pulling down Know Nothingum; ano her oomf.'.aita that h s speech ban beta peddled round the State, repeated in various places, and that -'there la mom than one woll in Virginia;" another gays he baa in. dulged In "a freak of mad intoxication " and "total ab BtltciK e' ' is the only "remedy" lor his "maddeuiug cup,'' another denounces him aa a traitor, anotberasaOatlliaeof the "darkest hue" who would aeil his country or "betray his God." All this rantipole stutt betrays the force and p< wer with which Botlu baa hit the mark. But we re s^eatlully a?k, if one muu is a match fur all the Beoeaiswn ists of Virginia, how is ibat project to be earned out against a goo 1 many millions >1 RotUes? Cub* is in danger, Mr. K<-itt, tbe South Carolina orator bus announced, that Cuba will be uken, and that "the democratic party will take it Tbe Oetend manfesto and ihe Cincinnati resolution look considerable that way. In tbe latt< r cage, the pill was f tided, and > he label Intimate!), that from Mr. Buchanan is merely expoc ed "every pro per cfl'ort to Insure our ascendency in the Gulf." fiither Keitts or Quattlebum must liad the forces? nothing shor er. The New Or'ears lite is altogether too severe upon our ft tends of the Philadelphia teniuylcanian and the Wash ington Union. It cays: ? Tie authority for tho statements of tbe political opinion* of tbe opiKisttion candidates is the I'hkladelpbia fennel vanian, a journal of tbe lowest possible reputation lor truth and lairnesR, controllod, it? not conducted by tbe well known Forney ? the toady and parasite of Edwin Forrest ? tbe man wbo sought to intoxicate Jamison, the actor, and coax bim Into revelations Intended to blast the character of Mrs. Forrest. Tbe assertions of tbe Perm Iranian are not even worth thoee of the Washington Inion, and everybody knows the standing of the latter. An important vote is to be taken in Philadelphia on the day preceding tbe great Presidential contest. Rev. Mr. Tyng, ol the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia, hav ing refused to rerlgn at the request of the vestry, for de live' ing a politlcan sermon, proposed to submit the ques lon to a vote of the congregation, if three-tburtha of the vote of the votes are for the vestry, he la te resign; If against the vestry, he will retain hia place. The vote will be Uken on the 3d of November, and meanwhile l<oth parties will prepare state menta of the case. There is to be a Fremont excursion from New Haven to this city one <!ay this week There has been an extra train or cars engaged for tbe purpose of giving the ladies and gentle nen or New Haven an opportunity of making a brier call upon Col. Fremont. The Pittsburg Journal says that the defection ol about 360 democrats In Detroit is nothing in comparison to the change in West Pennsylvania. Tho Journal adds- ? We venture to (ay that, in six workshop* and mills, we can fitd between two and three hundred votera who have always heretofore voted tne democratic ticaet, and now dcclare for Fremont. It is stated that when a Northern representative took leave or Hon. Thomas F. Bowie, a representative or Maryland, at the national Oapltol, he said to him, " Well, Mr. Bowie, I suppose we have met for the last time?" "How sot" said Biwie. "Why," replied tho other, " before wo meet again Col. Fremont will be electol, and tbe South will not submit to that." " I think it will," said Bowie; " for my part, I hare made up my mind, if he Is elected, to give him a trial." The Petersburg, Va , Democrat, puts the following questions to Hon. John M. Botts:? Would Botts like a cabinet place under Frenont? Would be accept it if tendered? Has he not bargatnod for one? What are a half dozen negroes to comptre wild a seat in Fremont's cabinet)1 The Louisville Democrat gives the fallowing home thrust to the Fillmoreites, wbo are in the habit of charging tbe Buchanlers with being tne exclusive advocates of d.s unipn ? Their cry of dltunlon comes with a miierable grace, when their leaders proclaimed, as soon ai he set foot on bis native soli, that tbe South ought not to submit to the election or Fremont. Tbey are screaming for a man who openly proclaimed this sentiment to a cr jwd or his aduii ring and apptatndlni partisans. Wbo has openly pro claimed disunion in advance! A pretty set to charge ata ut ion upon anybody, with this senl'meat from the lips or their die leacer before tbe couttry. A private letter trom a strouf Buchanan man at Stock ten, Calitruia, to a relation in thli cKy, laments over tho prospecta of tbe democracy in his section of the co tntry. He says that Um Interior of California seems all for Fre mont. Letters from San Francisco, from both tides, an nonnce tbe same oomplexlon or the politics or that city. Rev. W. Nute sums up hia own private experience or border ruffianism in Kansas, by saying:? -"Sixty families have been tamed out or home. Many or them have had their all destroyed er plundered. Six persons with whom I was pc rsonally acquainted have been butchered, and much can never be made public." A Fremont ticket la called for In Missouri. We find In tbe Ft. Ioula Republican of the 34th, a moderate but able lettrer from a frier d of Col. Benton, reviewing tbe position, the Interest and tbe duty of the State of Missouri at tae present crisis. Ha calls for tbe Immediate formation or a I ckn democratic party, and an electoral ticket for Fre mont, and cooleasea that ?? If border ruffianism shall be still encouraged In Mlaaourl," It will atnk so low that no one will trist It "at any discount." The loulsville Journal charges tbe democratic leaders ol the South with being " unblushing disanioulsts." If this la so? and the Indications favor the idea? do tbe Northern democrats go with them ? Bowery Th??tr?-? Drtd." Mr. Brougham * adaptation of Mrs. II. B. Stowe's last novel ?as produced last nlgbt to a full bouie. Tholol lowing la a rum me or the Incident* ? Is the Oral act we navo a aeene In aa elegant Northern rosldence, Introducing U)? heroine, Nlni (Mme I'onlnl); Harry (McPonough), a superior slave, Tom Tit, (Dunham); a ?ort of male Tojwy, Mra. Nesblt; a prim matron, (Mr* Carj>enter), Old Hundred, a lazy negro coachman, (W. H. Bailey) ; and fncle John (Brougham), one or the legi timate ptage nnclea, who growl*[*t everything in general, and tbe lazineaaand carelessness ol the servant* In parti cular. Tbe chief point In thla act la the announcement of Nina a flirtations with three individuate, an la great ahrlek f?r freedom frrm Hari y. The second act Introduce* ut to a poor white family, who hare squatted on facie Johu'* relate, with a faithful old negro, Tiff (Mr. T. It. Rloe), a* a servant of all work. Tbe wretchedness of thl? sabin la la atrong contrast with the care late wasta of Nina'a home, which Is reprodnoai la the third act, wherein the action of the play properly begins. Miss Nina concludes aa engagement niatrlm ? nial with a'Tbilaathroplat ' of th? name o( CUytoo, (Dia ran ) and there Is a grand row kicked up by the arrival of Tom Gordon, (Morton,) Nina's ooosln, a rather fast, not to say excesalvely Impodent young man. Ton strike* his balf brother, the slave Harry, very much to thai person's disgust, and makes love to his wire, Lisetu (?) (Miss Pen ham). Barry ruahes oa and aasaila Toa vio lentiy, and la about to be abot down by Tom's Mend*, when he Is protected by the interference of Mtsi Nina, and tie drop fail* on an effec'Jva tableau. Tbe aoeae In tbe fourth act la laid la tbe Pwmal Swamp, to which Ha? ry aad 1 isette have eecaprd by ooaalvaace of Nina. Tbey are condocted to a safe biding place by Pred, (C Clarke,) a lug. tiro slave, who quotes an immense quan tity of Scripture, and evidently considers himself a sort of avenger of all the wrong* of the slaves. It la in ao spi rit or pleasantry, but ratber la a vela of sorrow, that we ray that " Pred ' la a dreadlul bore, and we are ' obliged to Mr. Brougham for giving ua a very Ingaaloua dramatic readering of the slender material* tarnished him la ths novel We will not particularise luiibtr than 10 add that Tom Gordon stirs ap tbe neighborhood again M Nina ami Clayton, aad tbey ar? oompellel to a*ept Pred's hospitality la tbe swamp. Tom Gordon pursuing them, is ah> by Prad, wblcb finishes the fourth act. In the tilth ac> all baada escape from the swamp In a vessel procure 1 by Pred, wto is killed In tbeir service. This sketch la qulta *ufllclent to ahow that the play I* not a good one, although, without doubt, Mr. Brougham baa made tbe best use of ths materials ia Ills hand*. Tn? story Is not strrng enough to take hold upon tbe avmpa tbiea of tne audience? in fact, It is not at Mi dramatic Tlic sreond art, wherein we had a carefully acted soene, was much tbe beet. Mr. T. P. Rice wm capital. Mr. Brougham waa a fine, explosive oil gentlemaa, and Mia* Retgnolda made a great deal of lbs effective bit entrusted to her. Iler death scene waa quite the heat thing, In tbe lerlcus wsy, of the night. The acting wn? gene rally very food, but w? noticed that Barry and lils wife evidently labored under tii<* impreseion that they were playing Indians, and rod dtned ttctr faces. Mr. Brougham, who ha* ha I a cam palgn In Old Virginia, can tell them the precise tinge of yellow people. Tbe piece was exceedlng'y well put upon the stage, tbe scenery being ail new, and every detail of costume, furniture, Ac , Ac , carefully elaborated. It wa* well received? a compliment due la a greater degree .. J.S ??Wta Ibc JClt.C Outlay Uma to Uie jilay Iliad. City Politic*. TAMMANY CITY CONVENTION. The Adjourned (Wood) Convention re assembled last eight, at Tammany Hall, to nominate a candidate Tor Corporation Cousnel, and thus complete their city ticket. The following li the vole on the Drat ballot; ? Kichard Buk teed 43 Daniel K Sickle* 33 Char leu E. Devlin 18 Hamnel J- TUden 8 Joseph Hilton 4 Blank 2 Anotbtr ballot was about being taken, when an ad journment until Krifay nlgtt wan moved and camel. GENERAL WALBRiDGE ON THE STUMP. A meeting of the Eighth ward democracy was held last evening at the Mercer Houce, to inaugurate the can vain ot the democratic nominee for Congress, General Hiram Walbrldge. Alter pointed and etfuctlve speeches from Spencer H. Cone, and . Judge Marton of Georgia, General Walbrldge was Inr oduced, and was received with every manifestation of enthusiasm. He stated that be would not attempt a set speech on that occaeloo, but preferred to wait until all the local differ ? nrep of the party were cettltd. whon be woull for nalty open the canvass against the opponen ? of the democratic parly in his district, whoever tney might be. We under stand the General intends to thoroughly canvass his dis trict previous to the election. EIGHTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. This Convention rc assembled at the corner oi Fourth avenue and Thirty second street, last night. On the lint, second and third ballots, the vote stood as follows: ? Aston Herrick 13 David 8. Jackson 12 Horace F. Clark 10 Seventeen ballots were taken, the last of which re suited as fel.ows: ? Herrick 14 .lackien 12 Clark 0 The Convention then adjourned, to meet ag&ia next Monday evening. TENTH WARD KNOW NOTHING CITY DELEGATION. I o Mayoralily Conoentun. ? John Slowey, Mat thias Brutn, Stephen R. Tborne. Countel to the Corporation? Geo. W. Wheeler, John Eberbard. Win. W. Palmer. Judicial Convention? James Grlfliths, James 9. Combs Thomas H. Wainrlght. Governor of the tlnuhcn James A. I.ucas, Nicholas Kberhard, John White. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. In your paper or Saturday my name Is announced as a candidate for the Second Assembly district. I do not desire, nor would I accept, a nomination of any kind. By lns?rting the above you will much obllgo Niw York, Sept. 29, 1806. JOHV M. COSTA. THE FILLMORE CARMEN'S PROCESSION. This affair did not come off last evening, according to annyuncement, to consequence of the Inauspicious state of the elements. Court Calendar? Tills Day. Btirmas Court ? Circuit. ? 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The Veaaela of the ?kin, under the renovstlng action of this great external re'ne dy, rapidly discharge tha po aooiitia particlrs which produee ri I|| lion*, soiee, bolla, or any kind of exterior Irrtia Ion. Mnld ?t the msnnfeelorles, t<0 Maiden lane, New York, and 2U Ftrai.d. Ixndon. and by all druggists at IBc., 02l,c , and 91 per pot. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. NOR EY M A RKRT. Mo*TuT, Hept 39-9 P. M The stock market opened quite active and moderaKiy buoyant tbw merging. There were large transact!. ma In Krie, New York Cental, Beading, Michigan Southern aod Cleveland and Toledo. In Erie and Heading there was a decided Improvement Michigan Southern waa a fraciion lower, with salea to an unusual eitent. At the flrtt board Delaware and Hudson declined 1^ per pent Michigan Southern, X: Illinois Central Railroad, Ga lena and Chicago, Illinois Central hotid* advanced % percent; New York Ontral Hal' road X; Lacrosse and Milwaukie, V; Erie, V Reading, X; Michigan Central. Chlcage and Rock l*'ar. I, V There was a sale of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad stock at 84 per cent caah and 7# per cent seller four months. There la evidently a screw loose here somewhere. Cleveland and Toledo o| ened and closed without change. The most actlvc movement to day waa In Rnadlnf. The sales were very large, but it cloied at a quarter per cent better han the opening. After the adjournment or the hoard the tolloelag salos ol stocks and bonds were made at auction by A. ti Nico la* ?15,(00 New York and narlem'RR. 7's.....and lot. 83'< 8,0(0 I a Crosse ft Mllwaukle KR 8's.... do 8ft w 10 000 lake Erie Wabaah & St. Louis RR. 7'a.flat. 55 10.0(0 Virginia do. 92 0,000 Milwaukie A Horlcon RR. 8's 70 a 73 7, <10 1 certiorate Breckinridge Coal Co $1,225 ?'2.(00 Cin logansport * Chi. RK fl's and lot. '21X 115 shares Peoria A Bureau Valley KR 88 V 1 Academy of Music 100 80 Enterprise Ins. Co 10)f 800 do. do 10H ?0 rsnfic Ore Ins. Po 134 K a 13ft 30 Excelsior Eire Ins. Co 108 W 10 Market Fre Ine. Oo lift a 117 10 Equltab'e Fire Ins. Co 201 tS Corn Ftchange Ins. Co HIV 60 Ftnyveeant Fire Ins. Co 104 3 i Atlsntlc Fire Ins Co., cf Brooklyn 1V0V 30 Island City Rank HO 4 ( batham Bank 00 30 I aclOc Bank 14 4u Grocer#' Bank 1QJ 100 Tradesmen's Bink 122 The sale of Mi I wank ie and florfcon Railroad eight per rent bonds ?o day shows an Improvement tf from two to t*re? per cent, comj*rtd with pwtout price*. Thar# ware MTtnl bidders at 4ho Exchange, and wa have bo doabt tke next sale will be at mill higher price*. An of fer was made to day privately for 9100,000 at 70 par cant, the purchasers requiring the option to take the ba lance of the laiue before the lat of January, at the aame rate. The tale and the privilege were of oourae decl ned. Before that time they will sell at 85 per sent. Theae bonds are Maued at the rate of only ten i boosaud dollars per mile, and there can be no better basis for security la any railroad investment In tho country. This la a Used principle in this company, and bondholders have that guaranty In the mortgage. At the second b?ard the market was lower throughout. New York Central Railroad declined per cent; Chicago and Rock Island, Erie, >4 ; Cleveland and Toledo, Michigan Central, .'4; Reading, 1; Michigan Southern, After the board Erie sold at 61\, cash. The b lak'state mcnt astonished even the bears. It Is nearly twelve months since such a serious contraction in all the leading departments was exhibited. The great decreaae in de posits and tpecie may well alarm holders of stocks, for a more unfavorable feature could hardly be lmactned. Ia the corresponding week last year we had just about such a contraction, aud it ia well known what followed la the stock market. The Cuntrd steamer, from this port on Wednesday, will take out upwards of a million In specie; and the steamer on Saturday will atao take out a large amount. Simeon Draper's regular semi weekly auction sale of bonds anl stocks, will take place to morrow, Tueeday, at half past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The operations at the Assistant Treasurer's office to day were as follows:? Total Keceipts. Tbtal Paijmenit. B '??. Monday..., 84t8, 069 80 $377,866 94 $13, 018, 733 91 The receipts include 975,000 for transler drafts on P. >s ton, and the payments Include 960,000 for Ca ifornia drafts and checks. Tho warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on tno 26th inst, were as follows:? For redemption of Texas debt 91,010 64 For the Treasury Department 120,448 6a For Uie Interior l>epartment 66,390 02 For Customs 12,662 87 War warrant* received and entored 153,598 16 On account of the navy 78,849 06 Repayment on acccunt of tho ni vy 24,439 50 .{ The steamship Baltic, at this port from Liverpool, brings four days later news from all parts of Europe. The ad vices do not dlit'er materially from those received by the Canada. Money, In london, was In active demand, and financiers were preparing for an advance In the rate of interest by the Bank of England. Rates ruled at the Stock Exchange at 6)f per cent, and the applications at the bank were very large. Consols have lluctoated con siderably. (^notations had ruled aa low as 93,' a 93 % per cent, since the departure of the previous steamer, but cloaod at 9?\ a 98 % per cent. There was no disposi tion to speculate on tho Stock Exchange. In cotton there had been no change In prices, and the market was quiet. Breadstufls were la better .demand, and prices were a little Ormer. * The annexed statement exhibits the average dally movement in the loading departments of the banks of this city during the week preceding Saturday morning, Sept. 27, 1866:? Nrw York City Runes. llankt. Luani. Specie. Circn'n. Dtpotilt. New York 93,414,733 332,673 269 623 9,807,362 Manhattan 4,746,693 330,886 355,712 3,21r,60. Merchants' 3,766 921 1,120.174 245 451 4,646,246 Kechanlca' 3,821,137 415,139 366.36 2 3,018,913 I'nlou MM 367, 4*8 185,887 3,113,291 America 4,953,025 1,149,610 37,129 6,293,318 l'benlx 2,272 309 216,136 111,161 2,079,477 City 1,814,370 121,000 38,862 1,324,992 North River 1.042,907 61.014 177,7*8 807,461 Tradesmen's... . 1,566,402 132.641 317,684 86ti,02'> Fulton 1,671 9", 6 170,807 125,054 1,284,991 Chemical 1,679,686 230,423 246,859 1,946,846 Ker. Exchange. .2,678,415 113,237 112 l>71 1,771,099 National 1,686.377 183,637 215,655 1,038,51:. Butchers' 1,443,666 82,920 98,136 1,020.937 Mech. &Tra 747,289 61,844 141,926 621,774 Green wtcb 90 0,015 27,177 60,942 579,141 leather 1,960,274 141,274 230,532 1,461,38a Seventh ward.. .1.S81.049 121,119 286.974 69J.285 Stat* 8,622,170 301,5)39 f.61.138 2,8';3,38:i Amor. Ex 5,835,162 614,288 309,989 6,012,107 Afsoc a ion 1.22'.', 027 61,862 982,269 88H,47fl Commerce 10,802,670 1,166,893 3 095 0,846,311 Bowery 1,020 0C8 61,808 176,329 836.140 Broadway 1,454,706 70,696 220,748 1,90T 321 Ocean 1,76*, 023 106.268 181, 3i7 1,309,415 Mercantile 2,2t*),146 130.2^7 108, 60S 1,6:9,93" PaciUc 972,136 61,861 120,38'? 682.157 Republic 8,182,426 624,929 88.0<>0 3,814,414 ( "halt am 602,036 37,7'3 127,672 842 407 Peoples' 796.475 62,926 146,620 67^,7 18 North America. .1.594,409 140.920 83,610 1,842,V7M flu over 1,888,999 61,494 119,422 819.668 Irving 7?6,187 6?,M>6 117,848 698,763 Metropolitan... .6 691,116 668 067 228.071 6,451,471 CIiIiuiih' 716.861 66,382 198,799 603,672 (Jrooera' t39 682 eo,Si8 87,181 672,08"! Nassau 1.813,104 68.89J 113,291 '.<24,716 Fast River 486,606 48,844 96,474 428,231 Market 1,621,726 111,394 120,773 1,077.302 St. Nicholas 7*8,160 to 542 9t',179 489,678 Shoe 2.626.088 282 182 102.108 3,270,839 Cora Exehaage.. 1,610. et6 H8,r>>i 82 3(8 1.778,7*0 Continental 2,876,418 830,688 7 7, '21 3,830,960 Commonwealth.. 1,217, 224 70,666 9m 51 1,083,310 Oriental ntv S06 32 316 114, SS'l 395,71 Martne 1 001 460 SI M: P6 342 891 607 Atantic 636.533 4V100 08,894 4>6'24l Importers & Trs. 1,786.624 111,068 176,441 1,370,812 Park 3,726,976 126 208 126, 669 1,393. It* Island city 418,664 25," ;0 97.C40 236,69 Iiry Dock 469,674 33, "67 113 356 160,212 New York Ex... 196,623 11,142 1 47,334 1 29, 10'. Bull's Head 271,7 26 16,806 117,f,4'.? 176.63" New York Co'y.. 361,248 11.001 96,4t'3 19t,04n Artisan's* 828.538 31,680 3,735 339,30b Total ?lrs.ftns.206 10.873,320 (>,606,193 84,463,796 1?piu: ?tock paid In. $4IM 6*5 Uul *? IKa.VU' HON". (learirga to Sept. 22... .. .. . ..... . .... .. .".8148,184,66 ? C'ewmii to 20. 148,756,736 1<alanc?w to 8ep4. 22 T, 031,78'.! UklanceH to Sept. 2tt 6,962,106 Tbe anntxeU ?tatenwnt ?*h'.bita a corapansen of tlf leading Uo; arunecu of tie bank* of thif ojty lor acrarn month*:? N?w You Oitt E*m. tram. 3r*cU. L\ren4'M /tarntiij An *.11, '66..104,774,'.tO* 16,280,669 7,714,441 88,141,8V An*. 18, '66. . 101,164,040 14,049,240 7,010,104 81,w48,6j. ill* . afc, '80..100,W)4,*04 13, 326, 878 7,682,098 81,178,6" *-|)t. 1, '56..100,4:;6.H70 12.H62.828 7,020,178 81,067,21' Sept. 8, '06. .100,270, 733 li 000,0.5 7.861113 80,443,47> Sept. 16, '66.. 99, 391, WO 12,213,940 7,721,826 80,610,3C< Sept. 22, '68.. 98,681,784 11,066,391 7,716,492 80,106,14: Kept. 29, '88.. 97,386.236 9,919.124 7.724.970 70.818,19. Oct. ?. '66.. 96.616.021 il.110.M7 7,151' 217 77,682,6* Oct. 13, '66.. 96,069,420 11,138,878 7. *10, 114 70,616 80 Oct. *0, '66.. 96,103,876 12,481.723 7,888,164 77,862,66. Oct. 27. '66.. 04, 216,372 11,163,621 7, 828,480 76,074,86( Not. a, '6*.. 9S.;t?9,C79 11,106,200 8,071,608 77,787,67". Not. 10, '66.. 92,464,290 10,866,628 8,088,008 70.76J.40. Not. 17, '66.. 92,029, 920 11.802,917 7,041.679 70,326,34 Not. 24, '6i.. V2.312.4O0 11,716.200 7,779,667 74.076,16' Dec. 1, '66.. 92.620,021 11,227, lM 7,841.064 79,047,98.

Oe*. 8, '66.. 00. 1H9.0O5 11,844.624 7,801,741 78,000,11. Oeo. 16, '66.. 98,8f?0,038 11,684.076 7,701,009 76,820,61 iX*. 22, '66.. 04 3*6.487 12,088,369 7,778,800 77.241.00t t*C. 39, '66.. *6. 114.000 10,788 099 7,841,944 00,430,02* Jan. 0. '66.. 95,8?'.3,390 11.607.209 7.903-648 88.634.89 Jan 12, *66.. 96,146,408 11,777,711 7,612.607 71*81.40* Jan. 19, '64.. 00,809, 968 13.386.260 7.442,700 *2.652.B2> Jan. 20, '60.. 96.K87,231 12.733,069 7.406.984 78,918,31' feb. S, '64.. 97,970,011 13.640,437 7.622,837 *1209.90) feb. 0. '66.. 08.344.077 14.0S3.t30 7.8|t,133 82.838.1*1 Feb. in, '66.. 99.401,316 16,678.730 7,003,441 80.000.941 feb 28, '66.. 100,746, 447 16.8S6.874 7.664.088 87, -600, 471 Marchl, '66. . 102.682.234 16.640. *80 7.764,392 00,004.877 N'eh 8, '66. . 1UB.H09.688 16.170,946 7,888.176 80,740.021 M'rb It, '66. . lfM,5'?8,398 lt.046.iT24 7,963,148 80,621, 17? M'ch 22, '66. .104,633,576 14,3*9 556 7,912,601 90,800,901 M'rh29, '66. . lot, 745, 307 14, 216, Ml 7,943,263 00, 180.6V April I, ?64. . 100,062,010 13,381,464 8.047,40* 01,000.401 AprU12, '60.. 107. 840,436 12,646.094 8,28l,6i? 91.001,071 AprtllO, 't0.. 106 766,9*6 12,968.13* ttl. OV 99.876.781 Aprtl26, '66. . 100, t80, 004 18,100, 007 4.24K lao 89 6T* m May a, '64.. 106. 326 0*2 12,060.227 0,716,168 OltlOiOOt Mar 10. *0.. 100,800. 700 18,817 368 8,162.486 80,470,96. May 17, '66. . 106,00-4.320 12,796,641 8,488,162 08,730,411 May 24. ,66. . 102.207.767 18.864,333 8,836,007 87,094,t<X Way 81, '66.. 10-2.461.276 14,021,289 8,269,161 80,770,811 Jone 7, '66. . 108,474.921 10,166,180 0,43O,3t2 90,600,344 Jane 14. '64. . 104,168,881 17,414.680 8,860, 78t 01,002,944 ! Jane 21, 'to. . 104.426.906 17.871.966 0,378.002 90,716,88*. Jcne28, '66. . 107,0*7 621 17.069,687 8,260,289 93.239,341 I July 6, ?64..10?,?rr,>*2 14,829,236 8,627,471 100,140,42c July 12, '66. . 10?.743,042 14,793,499 *,404,766 96, 643.464 Jrly 19. '69. 110.873.494 16,326.131 0,346.243 Ot. 933,104 Jnly -.6, '66 .111,346.689 13,910,848 0,386,286 93.368,040 An*. 2. 't?.. 112.331, ?W 14,890,368 0,040.008 03 847.817 4..*, 9, '66. .113,192,3^3 13,370,603 0.676,769 03 330. 870 An* li '66. . Ill, 406, 756 13.806.673 0,684,499 91.018 339 Au*. 23. '60. .110.183.(00 13.914.732 8 088,413 00,137.333 4u*. 30. *60.. 10f. 873.011 13,966.234, 8.589,746 07,776,343 <Vpt 6. '56. .109.5*8, 694 18.096 306 8.886.016 8* 348 404 -? '66. . 100, 679,776 13.901.387 8.741,064 88,044 074 f^pl. V0.'6f,.. 100,715.4:16 12.270, ?X6 8,700,383 00.503,845 flept 2", '56. . 108,9*H,2C5 10,073,320 8.C65.193 8?,4:.3,705 The laat return*, ormp*re>l with tboae of tbe prorlnui week, 1 how the following variation In Ibe *f*re*?W*.? I o?n? and rilecouetn, a deoreaae of 0723,230 "rwle, * (tccr?a*e of 1,307 465 ('Irin'atlon, a decr?a*e n( 90,190 l*poeit?, a decrease nominally of 2 110,070 I*!** t*, a decroa** actually of , 9.206.360 There ca? be no queetlon but that tbl* look* like con traction In earner!. Our eMImate wa* tbat th<? bank* would not ?bow to day over eloTen miili?na of upecie In bind, and tbe return ?how an amount below that figure. The deposit* hare fallen oil larjMy, a* appear* by the follow lr* elatcmrnt of tbe actual amount la bank at the eloee of UieieTcral week*:? Ac* 18? Actual deposit* in bank 860/33 934 A<? ? ' " " C7|6oV?18 '* '* " 67,221 614 Cpt 1:? i * * " ?6. 049, 411 ?I'l't. " ? '? ' ?? fif, 866 413 *ri, a*? '? ? ?? 63 461,174 Mnee the 23d of An*u*t, a period of At* week*, the do fo*it? bare b<*en reduced 05.361.726, aror**li| m *ro than one mi. Hon per wcok for Hal time. Within tbe same dates tbe loans have been r?<luc?<l only $1,196,800. The mosey market must be sensibly * tl acted byttis bank movement. In ibo fhcc of suoh a decrease la de posits and In specie the dia&unta cannot be maintained. Tbe specie shipment on Saturday by the Atlantic did not cone out ol tbe banks In time to be deducted from the specie reserve In the last week's return*. It will come out of those ef the present week, and so will tbo snip mentby the Aula on Wem**day from this port, which, we understand, will be large- These shipments will more than oflset the California remittance by the Illinois. The London Bankers* Circular of tie 18th in it., con ialns the following in relation to the money market; ? The couul'.iou ol the money market during the week hat again ex! tinted til < me j'-ns.uveness, and public ?e curitles have l>6< n v-try henvy. There appear to bo seve ral enures in operation o produce this state of things, which are not ol an ordinary character. Tho large arri vals of specie, which were formerly regarded as tho sole guarantee for o?r uoiimercMl pronperliy, are only found sufficient to mamuin the Hauk of England lu a stitionary position, an most of th?m are despatched to the Continent or to other parts as regular merchandise, whero we pre sume greater proills can be realized. Everybody is tkcre fore anxiously looking iorward to see what course the Bank wbl put Bue under such circumstances, and while somo are continent tbat thus demand Icr the precious metali abroad will s< on cease, there are others who are equally positive tba; it wHl continue. We are inclined to lean to be latter supposition, when wo look at the power which the distribution o! K<>id diu?1 produce upon commercial aad tndnslr al enterprise. Tue gold discoveries have set ?he whole world in motion, and tho consequence of thin activity will beau increased consumption of nearly every , description of p oduet on; while the demand for money will increase With 't. Money is now In great demand broughout ill the principal commercial cities of the Con linen t of Kui ope, at advanced rates: nor do we gee tbe east probability of its being diminished, unless trade, commetcc and specula ion become suapen led, Tbe earnings of the Rock Island and Chicago Railroad Company in each of the past two years wero as follows:? Total grot, receipts, 1806-6 $1,410,304 OS Do. 1864-6 1,242,904 10 Total since July 10, 1864 $2,069,210 27 I*sa operating rip -utes 91.324,996 20 Interest on bonds 200,966 00 Peoria & Bureau Valley RR rent 125, COO 00 Dividends 602,981 00 2,181,931 20 Balance $497,379 07 Less accrued int. dun July 10. $06,830 60 De. rent Peoria k U. V. R. R. 62,083 34 ? ? 118,913 20 Showing a credit balance of $378,279 07 Tbe earning* of July and August, 1866, compared with tbs corresponding mouths of 1866, were as follows: ? Earnings of July, 1860 $167,078 57 " August, 1860 170,774 09 Total $334,463 20 Earnings of July, 1966 $99,742 08 " August, 1866 103,207 91 202,960 69 Increase In two months $181,602 07 ?Equal to nearly 06 per cent. Tbe account current of the company presents tbe fol lowing statement:? CRCDIT B.IUSI1S. Capital stock $4,029,000 MuiUage bonds 1,971,000 $6,000,000 00 Unpaid dividends 6,900 00 Unpaid Interest warrants 466 00 Northern Indiana Kail road 6.158 00 Bills payable (since paid) 102,672 67 Profit and loss 497,279 97 Total $6,011,866 64 DKI1IT lULAVKS. Cost of road and equipment $6,0-18 ,235 13 Railroad Bridge Company Oil. 468 68 Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph Co-npiny. 13,7S5 62 General Agency of the company (since set tled) 44,982 10 Chicago and R. I. R. R. Hock 113,800 00 Sundry small balances 872 91 Stock of fuel and materials on hand 108,798 80 Balance in Cashier's hands at Chicago 67,6>>0 03 Cash in bank 07,772 31 I Total $0,011,306 64 The Boston Herald, of a recent date, contains the fol i lowing sensible remarks relative to tho duties of railroad : directors:? j No man has any moral right to accept a directorship In a laiiroad unless ho Is prepare ? It 0 such a portion of his time as the interest* of tie ?orp? ration demand, and j unlets he will exercise the same care and prudence in the | selection of executive agents mat he would < xercise In re fcnUM to a private bWHNt >n which he alone was poeu manly laterested. But railroad directors, as a general ?k neither do, nor intend to do. any such thing. Ibcy grossly neglect the interests committed to their charge, and If the public or the stockholders censure them, then they rep';- that, a* they periorm their dutlns gratuitous ly, neither tho stockholders nor the public have a right to lind fault with their neglect. Still, this plea does not exonerate them; tor when taking ?he olUoe they were aware of the duties It imposed. If they took tbs oflice intending to neglect tho duties, they were cheats; and If, Intending to perform those duties, they gradually fell Into neglect, they are culpable and shoildbe made ami naVe to the law. They were no: i bliged to accpt tho oflice, and when the? accepted It they bound themselves to exercise at least ordinary care and diligence with regard to the trust committed to their care. It matters not If a self gratillcatlou from ibe vanny which dictates ajieppfg the oflice was tbe only consideration which prompted its acceptance. Nor does it matter whether the idea was that they might make money ont of tbelr positi >u. The gratili,:aduu of their Tsmty In the one care, an I the chances of proflt lu the other, were the inaci.tivo- to undertaking tho trust and If they do not periorm their duty, they ought to be mats to sutler a penalty. Still, we be. u ve it to be the true policy of railroad cor porations to elect but a very tew directors, and to i*y trose directors an adc<iua o annual compensation lor tho services which they are required to periorm. Could tb>s system be inaugurated, ttock holders would save money by the operation : there woe id be fewer accidents, and the public would have conOdt-oco both In the manage mem and iu the "took of our lailroa is. But until dtruot irs are |?td a lair computation for th-lr services, we Khali havo to take third and fourth rate men, wh j will mi?n urnge the property ot corpe rations and keep tho publlj in continual dasger. I lew* Mt**ouri 6'*. .. lfKiCO Clt} O'a, 69... 4100 Kilo K bill 75. MM* KHSrtmh W. 1000 liar R 1*t mtKO 1C.00 M i-'o H t biia . . 6000 III C R bilH.blO lot CO do *ro OCCO do i3 l?<00 rto f'l 6 iba Park Back... 6 d<f> 1* 0 Kic Truimtt Co .. 112 1*1 A: Hud ( Co . Stock Exchange. MujiuT, S?pt 29, 186fi. SO tbh Heading KK . 8J* ICO do. ?Vi 6H 94* 80 >4 h? (>.| '?4 W4'; W H 9*>* 1 21 * 100 WW iro ?:?. 0 TOO 100 100 too 3l>0 400 do. do., do. do., do., do., do., do., do., do. . .?JO ? 10 .1)80 b 10 ..tJ .rlO . *30 .b?J 60 Ward Ckll 100 N V Central KK . d ?. If# Mxh Cob PR., c 60 do. . ,m b40 .bWO MB* 64<. Ml SAiN U KK *9 : oo 60 100 60 eoo 60 MiI.CA Mil K. bhO 2(0 I rie Railroad. *10 do, do. do. do , do. do. bnO . a.10 ,b;o b3 .b?u .blO 200 1040 100 100 600 2(0 100 100 *co oco 6(0 ICO 10 ?:oo 100 MO 400 460 00 do., do., do.. do., do... do... do... do... do,,, do.. . do... do . . do.,, do., , do... do.,, do.,, do... do... . .*?0 , ..r3 ?16 *30 blO ..?16 . blO ...f3 ,b<0 . b< 0 . biO .?10 ?10 ..?a .?to . bflO *?"? 86% 86'. MJg m M* 70* ?01 62 02* 62 1.1 . 02* ?* ?> ? 02 K ?8* ?2* 82* #a* 82 82 * 60 4u0 * 0 100 60 103 200 160 UK) 110 60 do ?t? ito ??0 do b?0 do 1>60 <lo. do . do. <lo. do . ilo . do. ? ?10 .100 .?to 82* 83 83 ?< M* *3 >4 83 WA ? 82* 91* 92 8'"* 84 '4 10 ?tv S9* 8'i* 8i' ? ; 88* 8%* 88* 89 89 H . blO ..Ml 04 Panama RR 89 \ 160 do *30 89* 160 III Ccu KR . . .boo Uf* 100 do *3 118* 100 do . *90 118 * 10<;al k Chi HK.... 109* 16 do 109 * ???0CI#t*ToIRR. .o 7? ? <00 do 0 70* 400 do bfiO 76* KO do b30 70* 100 do ... boo 78* 10* CbMk b Rft MQ 90* 36 do ... a3 #i> i, 10 Bait A < ihlo RR ? 8? 10 do ... Mm 71 100 Clcvfct'itt KR biO 61 8KCOND POAKD. M 94 17* ?* 86* 86 * 96* 82 82 81* 02 01* 88* 8** 8** 200 tha Clcv * T RR. ?MO d? bro loo do.... . b.'iO 100 do *10 20 Mich Ontral KR. 200 do..., *00 ICO ItMdlOK Kallroal .".00 do ?. o ICO do ... ,.t40 aoo do bao da *10 d<> boO do do b3 do *30 100 200 1700 too 400 T?X 7'* 7r* 7^ * 91 * 9 * 8 * 84 8J 82* U ?-'* 83 82 81 H CITY COMMKBVIAl. RRPORT. Momdat, Bept TO? 8 P. M. Arvv.? The ma-kct ?U quiet. with small salon ufpota tt >7 while pearls were at ?< 7*. BnnAT*?irrp? ? Klour? The foreign news br the Ralt'o caused increased activity, while price* advance*) from 10c. a 2Pc per bbl , and In some caae* Jfto, per bbl; the sale* embraced about lft. 000 a 1ft, 000 bbl*, inelnJio* Ma for export and domestic ?.?e, at about the following quotations:? Ooirmon to fend *tata M a ? O mmoo to good Michigan fl :? ? A 7ft K.xtra Stale ? 7ft a 7 HO Oommor, to |oo<l Ohio ? Ml ft A5 Kxtra (%to " M a 7 10 touthtrn mixed to good brand# 7 09 a 7 B0 Do. fancy and exira. . . 7 60 a ft CO Onndlan auperflue and extra 6 ?0 a 7 JO Choice extra Georgetown, Kuhmood City Mills and St Lout# * 00 a #00 Haxall and Hallefo ? 7ft a ? < anndian brapds were quirt hot Arm with llmi'el saes Southern brands wire firmer. Inoludlne sales of abent 2,0'i0 hba. at the abore quotations; *h>*i wa? firmer, with mie? of about 40f00 a 00,000 a 70, f ot bushel*. Im>MII( "ot.lh'ro and Western whit'; common to r-od at II 00 a *1 ?4: eboie no at II r? a at iu. ft,IAt%. iltoO CtUMkfeat t it) I* I . V,, e 14, f,vH uu. at 91 7u, with Kniicwee and Scuta*/ wi.lte do at H 19, There wax lets activity in red. while sales were mide at ? 1 6ii a tl 58, while p' rn*- to eboMM wiw held at higher i ate* ( orn was also firmer and burlier. with sales of about 30,000 a 36 000 bu n-ia sound Western tuned at t>8r,. a 6VH-. Rye was quiet at u >oat M5c a 88c. Oats wtre Din?t; mat ?u selling ut 46c a 40c., and Chicago heavy quality at 4vs Coktb. ? Sales ol 3f 0 tags mime I.Moayra were ma^e at 12c a 1*' C ; itO do. white Maracaioo at 13c., and 100 a '200 do Bloat lie Cotius ? Sa.t s embraced an?ut 1,000 bales, cloi.ry firm at about l';>?c fur un u li(ii? uplands, 12J?0. lor Mobile do . aLd 12)40 for N'?? Orn atu, which are the highest prices realised tf>' h'Q.-- lime past. I Km.un. ? To Ij^erponi. ab? ui hu.ioo a 60 000 busbele of g rain were ? ngaged m it u lie ard bags, at lJd. a U>?d , with some beeswax at 3 >8d per lb. ; Home packages bacon at 2Ps , and 2 ( Oi a 3,000 bMs 'lour at 'J*. To l/ondoo, 3,0(0 bbll. tluur wen- Ukeu at 2s td. Oil Cake, in bullf. at 30a.. and u coiuiMnblr ioi ot oil cake at 27s. Od. To (ilafgow, oil w ha taaeu at 3bs. \ Ilretnon vessel waa chartered for Cape Thwl, Qm of flood Hope, to load witb Hour, at p. t Katei t?r Havre were unchanged. Krmt. ? A cargo of new Malay ? raisins was sold to day, consisting ol several thorn aut tmxos, which brought *4 1 2>< lor 11. K '? ai <i *4 tSH tor layers, which were high price*. Fa* ? Maekerel were <<nlel, at $11 r,o a 911 76, for email No. 1, ami at $7 7b a *i 81 tor No. 2. Dry cod rki ged from $ t 60 a $:i 76 flea ed herring were selling at 6lc.. ami No l'a at 21V. a 30c. Hay ?The murk) t waa steady and firm, at 60c. a 66c. IIuhj were quiet, with ?ou.e salon; new reported aa low as 6c. a 11c; old were nominal. l.i mb was quiet, at 8bc. lor common, and 91 13 a 91 1ft for lump. MoLAhsitR ? Sales ol 66 bbds. ruba muscovado were made at 42c., ami 100 do., >'orto Rico were sold at 48c. Naval Siokkm ? Allen of tot) bols. spirit* turpentine, pure, were mode, at 41c. ca<h, on the wharf. Rosin waa qul< tat 91 66 a 91 70c. Crude was at 93 60, and tar at 92 25. ProvKMM>. ? Pork ? Hie sales were confined to 200 ? 300 bbla. mess, at $20 !v>? I'umo was at $18 a $18 12 >i. Be et wai Urn. wit' sale* of 200 a 300 bbto. , at 99 a 97 lor country prime, and at $8 a 99 26 for country mess Other >ie>cii|itious wee unchanged. Cat meats were quiet at Saturday iirlcee l'hero was some mora Inquiry for bscon alter the receipt of the foreiga news; '.he article, howiver, was scarce. Lard was rather fcea\ y, w It h sales o| 19ft a W? bins, at 14o. a 14,c. Butter was in good demand at 16c a 10c. lor Ohio, and at 18c. a 22c. for good Mate. Ch' ene was unchanged. PfiiA?j?,? ' The market continued active and Arm, witll tales of about 1,600 abis., inoluniu* small lota Porto Rico, at 9^c. a 10c., and the remainder consisted ot Cuba muscovado, at 8'?c a 0c. Soai\ ? Sales of 60 bozee Castile soap were made at lt\c. \\ iiihksy. ? The market was active and firmer, with sales of about 700 a 8<>0 bbla , at 87 >jc. a 38c. ADTERTISlSlKim nhNhWKll EVERY DAT. For Situations and Bclp, $cc slitb page* Nimt'KIXilNRDVS. Booth and sbojis? l?imks' ofnts\ mipker', boys' atid children ihat waul a linn article of boots or shoes. *o to I'a IUI.L'm great es'sliUshment, where you 'aa g?t every kiml that is made ami cheap. Hut one price asked. S. Ca 11 ILL, 377 Broadway, oae door below White street. C1V&TAIN MATKklALH aNI> WINDOW SHADES, AT ) wholesale ? KKL'l'V A FKttUCBON, 2VI Broadway, and Mo. 64 Keade street niiw a full and choice stock of brocatels, satin de lsiries, worsted damasks lace and muslin cmrtaine, cornices, glisf*, Ac , whu a are ot'ered at 'he lowest prices. Window shades? Our slock ol window shades is the largest la Hew York, and our superior manufacturing faciliUes enable as to ctler these goods less than other ho usee. We Invite ike attenUon ol close buyers. JET BRACELETS ANI> OKwaMSIMTS OF TUE NEWEST patterns, continue to be ecancd uj every steamer, with an endless variety ot tancy .?? "Ci1 a, ladies' reticules dres-dii* and card cases, pearl anil ivimj lam, i oreelam, bronze anil niherornoipeiiis Ac., at th site tancy bazaar of B. H. KOOKK8, 4W Broadway e exteu rpo CAl'lTALIUTh.? 1 11K K1KK1UN INTEREST IN X Prince's Protean foamain lien lor sale, for which patents ure iccurcd iu I J rent uritain. Ire and, Channel Isles and nu the Continent. Ihe propriemrs having as much business tn the manufacture pal xa e of the above article at home as they csn attend to, will dispos* of these patents for the above coun tries. The pen is now perfect beyond a doubt and to a party with capital, this oilers an opportua'ty rarely met with. This can be deiuonttrated to any one desirous of investigating ita claims, f or terms. Ac., apply to T. G. STEARNS, genera agent 290 Broadway. N. Y. The tocwo man s Fiat.? silk bats u* new pattern* are this dsy introduced Their adaptation to young men. and other poin s of excellence, as style, quality and price, bespeak for them the snectal notice qfcour young ana economical patrons. I.h A RY A CD., fstor house, Broadway, leaders and introducers of fashion. tdanled. Dt'Sf'A*? Ratm>*.? on Monuay, Sept. 20, at the Sontb Putch church, KiDb avetiae. by the Rev* Dr. liacanly, V aitkr Dcixjh to Ia?s IUimuB, both ol this city. Uooas? Jomh ? On Tlmrsdav, Sept 23, by the Rev. I?sac B. Pelrce, Aao>'t> l> litioss, of Trenton Falls, to Cokkkiia R. Jos*.-*, o< Trenton. One-da county, N. Y. Ai m.vssLi? Faikssr ? lu Brooklyn, on Saturday eve ning. Kept 27. at 1" \ mouth chorcb, by R-jv. Benrr Ward Bcccher. Gwift.* W. Ahtu.vbsu. to Mias l?r; Talk* an, both of Brooklyn. Covtoltoi ? Brow ks ? In Brooklya, on Sunday, Sept. 14 by the l!ev Mr. Shelling, Jacob L. C istsi vor, of Fia bush to APAiijii, eldett daughter of the laic Lieut. Char. B Biower, U S Army. Da it ? Ltmo. ? At West Farms, Westchester county, oa Fsturi'ay, Sept 27, by the Rev. W. rtodmaa, Csablsb P. Daly to Makla, eldett datigt lei of I'billp M. I ydig, Esq. VAM'Osr> ? Yorsti ?At Cold spring, N. Y., on Thurs day, frtept. 26. by the Rev. Jehu '"ha/nbers, D. D., of PUi Udclphla, .l< hn V Vsnnwi Esq , of this city, to Elisv, daugtter of the late Dr. Charles h. Young. IMea. Hows.? On Sunday, Sept. 2M, Ubiuham Ilowi, aged 83 years TT.e Diptd* and acqu iirtanees of the family are tavlted t'< att> Ld tho luteral th.s alternm>n, at half pait three o'clock, fruii hi* Ute re?ideuce, Vo. 6 l.ispenard street, without futtl cr in* iiatinn. Ksri'.-Ou rum'ay, tcpt. 28, IlmtST L. Rod, aged IT year*. The r< latlve* and irierds of the family are respectfully invitrd tontb cd the funeral, this aitcrnoon, at two o'clock, firm Ms late ritldence. No 26 Hester street. Sfoi aa ? On Sun '-ij, Sept 28, Eus<HvrH, wife of Heoy tpetcer, ol Taunton, uiglanU, aged 21 yeara and 8 nr.enth*. The rtmatc* will bs taken to Greenwood for Interment. U ?h ?On M< nday, Sept. 2M, ?Iatiikkuh, wife of Jainue Curr. The fricndi of the 'amtly are re<iu**tej t> attend the fontral, from her lato residence, No. 181 Canal street, this altertiocn at two o'cteak. B???i n sud Pittsburg papers please copy. Bciks ?in Uiw etty, on Satur isy, Mept. 27. HofwiLT Fuse Esq. Mr B tbe was a h'gbly respected citizen of I >U!e Rimk. Arwatea- hi t lift that rty ta June laat, la pur lint of heaith vuitcd the Hue I.ick Spring* U> Ken lucky. and Ute Hot Siiricg* In Virginia; ha arrived here trim Bicbmund, Ui ihe He?ra< r Jamotlown, on ntunday lu?t, In an a?hau*U-d luoUitiuu. His remains have been Interred Ir Urectia ood. Hum- On M<>> day morning, Sopt. 25?, of Inflammation "of th? bowel*. IllKBT M , iiilant con or Melanolhon and Vary Bli"*. TLe relative* anc Blend* of the rurally are re?pe<'tfully Ibviu-d to the luneial, thw afternoon, at two o clock, Trom No fit tireeuwlcb avenue. hk*i in ? <>n Kri?a> night, !*J, or cbolera lnfaat t'm, Crami i>r M . ytiunitmi uatignt r tf Martha J. and John Wheiler, Jr., *#e-i 3 years and 4 mouth*. Iiakk.? Puddmly, in Una city, on Sunday, Sept. 28, ? bile < n a vi?it to htr acn, Alexr. Dtvida^n, Mm. Kiua i.KHi !u\ ,m.? ( i akk, Id the ttid year or her age, of Ham IM < ati?c'a V, cat, ami u ( tlier < I 1 noma* Uavidaoo, , proprietor ol the t tty Huttltbrre. ( arafla paper* p'?a?* ropy. ? en Surdiv tniornltg, Sept. 38, Jon Db> aosiio Trjiii.Mo in iho 1 Sth yt ur of but age. The frirno* of Ma latter, Bartholomew remegmo, and tb??e ol bta brother. t>-r?r, aie Invtied to attend the fu neral, rn m K Paul'* church, Court ?lreet, Brooklyn, thin morning, at i.ite o'clock, when aolemn h gb mail will b?r Seilbitncl Cta.Mjtt.naa ? Un Monday. Sept. rtioaaa Crxwuiu ium, n the 31*t year of lla age Hi* friends and acquaintances are ratpactfuUy (anted to atti i ii the f mL from M? late reaidenoe, corner of I'ark and Vandr rbnt arenuea, Brooklyn, to morrow af trrcoop, at three o'clock. Cl ARB* roil ?In Brookljr, on Sunday, Se,>t. 28, ofdya enlrry. CmatW Bmt, youngeet i Inld of Malhew and Sarah tlarimlin, agnl 1 y<ar aid . moiitha. The relative* aud lrteid* of the faialty are reapactfulla atund tie funeral, fiom th* realdaaca of bta larent*. N n b< voire lUcrt. this afV.rnooa, at two o'clock. without furtbt r Invitation. Hit* it ? ut> Monday, A pt '??, Pahuck Hj< hit, a aa tlva ef Kerr*, county Weifor ', Ireland. HI* friend* are rcipectluiiy invited to aUrad the rune ral, thia afternoon at bait [?ut three o'clock, From hit late rtfldctice, I uqueer rtreel, So.ith I'.rotklyn. M.iha* ?On Sunday, He pi. iS Mra. I'aana H , wife of Gilbert Marxian Muriate | i'ot. The rrlat rr* and treuda ol the family are raapactfallf Invited to attend the funeral, from ibe reeldeaoe or Ste phen C.kHufilli, Wlilte*lone, !.. I thta aOeraooo, at three o c.ook. Ctearohoat staroiord will leave pier foot of Oalbenae nireet. at ot r o'ci.x k I' M. and land pama g?r*ht Hi ? ? < Fat ? At New B tghtoB, Hiaten Irlaad, on Thursday, Se,t 31, CAttnBUK*, wile of .lame* t ry, In the 26th yar 01 ter etc laie of f. lo nbam. ft>giaud l'ii' -. v - ii) M' i day . v- pt J", of ty*er?<?ry. OmtU rAawotiii, youtreit m? of M*r*tnua aad Kliiabcta Ptar ron, agi d M m"btn* an I 19 day* ? The rih nd* atd arquamtaacea of the ftmily are inTltMd tr attend the fnneral, U)l? altern n. at two o clock, from the trU'ltnee of t .< parent*. ,*>utlt Third xtr?*L I Jrrnty < liv. without luriher roti i I Kin* ? IB JtrMj Clt?. "? ?uu<1?y afternoon, ilhttf pari eft# o'clock, Maw Un i-*, <w'v tfangtitnr of <;?orp? FT and Jar ? Hi 'lie, a?< <1 U >e?re, 1 morth and 2 dayt A!b?nr W W ple??e ??"[> J C-tior? At hi* twH'ti e, pe?*r Patertng V. J., on Tt.f->'aj", f-Vjt. 16, ?V- a ?h<>rt hut *ovm? HIbom. ?n . i jam Pr mV in t'iMi r, ag< 1 f? am of Henry Ifohrp. ,'?c< ??cd, f?WB ?r'T ? hlt t Jn lg? of the Nlaad ot Ilirtiaml, at* 'f ibe 'aU PriOdent Biabop. Wf at toeia aad Ka|Uafe |>*i?vrrt |>n>a?e copy, fi Mn.-l'iildihl;, ai \Whiujcton, l)iiwl?e?? count*, nn ?e|t. -H, Kim M r-n, >oun*#?t daughter ?>f Ct.aries U. tax) lUflbil A. Cr'*' jr, igrd 2 month# sn II <1ai? 11 ,o relative* ?r,l frlfi J? ar? rf;?ntfnUr r?nw>r"?d irr titriii th? tatital, tbla allot &oon, at two o'clock, frme lb? l?Kllfc? ot t rr pnrrtl-, Nfi Sft f)ott?rrft"iir it witlK lit ft t!<er ? T 'a:/ n. H . r inaiu* a ill ??? taicu to firet?*ood for k,t(ir. "t < lu** ?At ? ( w?? Fala N. Y , on Tjetilay, Step*. At, Ci*aH. m i ( ' 1 1 , ??!? *. ? i < ' ' it '? frirn, ?/ I M morit! *, : >? Htrt lj ill <s t?i, |? ?? ' rf-r rfi'inlf. Aii'iiit ?In I'. I'.'? * ?? r mf'imy. Aagv-t fj, H'(?. J?i?t Jt' '*m ? f !?'? tl tp?l bjr. ?Ml jMUiprtt ua< Rl tci ot ' ? u l ? ? j '4 Mi* city JI?>.|| * ? M v? '? " ? '* III, < ,v .nl, CU ??? <? > ? ? ? W.? MLI'U, Uf ttoty J cai* a nat<?u?t w. N * V'<*