Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1856, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1856 Page 9
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rttQl.r A A AI'l'ttU-rK n /||<EB. A?>D MI1.I.IPKR WWTED? TO (JO TO TO' Uti.c, f-n#? wh' cim weh i a mewuely at ibv olLn oj the > aUouui Cuiila' ?"*'! 1m 4 M^TINTAI. K N PLOY MS>M? FOR 1JO" ~ V J am! iiVbi l?rn?'n ; it m #*?y p!d9*ar*t, at liAfWR-i 8*0 vc.r day 1? h? .nii triage r??r partici'ar-- 1?\?in M io wl'h i*;(ul u si.*. nip. All ] reft ? Wu.. Zaue, J + **ielos* ? 11.1 g fork PuU (if, ok Waste d? a vkotrst' ~ ? J r*d: immt thoroughly uruW- ? * t $r~>7VH PHKFKR muht a -mint hi wa>h;eg and ire .*>! cooking, h^k'ncj, Ac. ; will not we* er iiic above deae -** ? None n.*e*l apply 12 A M , at 126 6?h wvc mie. .^T^ion. C*U toeiweeu il ant (|| OAK IKD i>?> W * J niourmntf ?tor?, .V -M^KHS WAN r^D-AT WKKD rf _ ^ wjM.uisvav. TnWJMSH liIRT T * fj ^uwHorkc' ' Wanted? to do tiik oknb*4l I *?? $b a month. \ * fomiiy oi' three uereoan and pewlti#; \va Kih uud 1 i'h ' for Mrs Norrfi, lO0t>? ftt , bet ween ^ntrano* on llOtb ?t, take MaalutiiuvilK; 1 " ? t* unti Broadway. Ct'I'" ^ ? W ANTED? STB* I>Y EMPLOYMENT AND yOd waces. Apply at )(I2 WHllain st i.p t';>u n. ? OOD I)R?6.?MAKi:RS WANTED? AT 3 92 FOURTH J[ ?tre?t. HOUSEKEEPER WANTEO-FOR A HOTEL. APPLY between Lbe hours of 9 and 11 A M, &' tie Pierreponi Utmte. Biookl>n height*. 1H) SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS.? WANTED, A grrl who in willing ?o board In a private family, in Jersey TUj, atulVi.rk n Wbeeler .1 W il*on machine. l'ur her own profH and |>ay soincthirg fur ihe use of the machine. This in a good ?Iter to a person having plenty of work. Apply to J. H. ? Vmpli t'-C Cortiandt Kt. VISITING GOVRHNSSS.? IT IS DESIRED TO MAKE mi rugagrati'iit wuh a larty coanpoiKut u> tna,:b EuKllxb, Preceh twU inut-lc 'o one or two pupils nuidinn a rtort din muioc t>om ?!>? city. A'Mi-hm, stuUnJi necessary parUculara, *??? It'll Pott uilice. ANTED? A FIRST RATE Mil UNER, Wll.UlfO TO go toutliwest. lnqnlreut lub Chamber* .street, from lu ?? 12 and 3 to 0. WANTED? TEN LADIES' DRESS CAP MAKERS. Some ?r<ir* given cut. Apply to Mrs. Richmond .v<7 Broadway, opposHe Me'ropohtau Hotel. Also, a smart sai?s w WA NTED? 1 MMEDI ATEt.y, A FIRST RATE COOK, wb?> "rndTfia-nds washmj; ^nd Ironing thoroughly. Ap |iiy at 35 Witit A'>lh st. , betwoen 5th and 0th avs. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A FRENCH OR Italian lady, who apeak* both Hngou*,*1* fluently an) u tborounh pianist; ncne iw?d apply nnleis they can give llm best of ri'lVrenoe. Call at SO luth st , near 5th ave., during Hi* day. WAJITFD? TWO RESPECT VB LB OIRLS, WHO I N dvrtund waitii K aotl chamber ~ork thoroughly, tho.-e who apply uinsi give gucd relerene^ an to character an I capa Btllty ; to ?nch gcod i*a*es will be given. Apply at 25a Hh avei oe. It' ween '.lie hours ofrt ard 12. Tl^A^Tl'I)? AT 112 PRINt.E STREET, BROOKLYN, A V/ Piotemant gul. to do the wor* of a small family, she ni?iM be a g- od wa<l>er and ironer, and come well r?:oui mended. "O/ ANTED? TO UO A SHORT DISTANCE UP TUB KT North rlvr, ilirce wontew: rook, ehamberm.i'l and lau i riie?R, and a nume the nurse mull be a Proteataut. Art tlreM R. M. J., Herald otlloe. WANTED? A WOMAN, TO DO OKNKBAL UOl'SS wi.rk; must be u good plain cook, and luit rate washer mod lrouer. Apply between 10 and 12 A. M , at t>4 ('Union ?t., UrtH'klyn. WANTED? A WOMAN, WHO IS A GOOD COOK, washer and Ironer, 'o go a few milea. In a pleiis.mi country village, on the North river, la a small private faoillv. Good reference required. Inquire at 36 Front at., between Id and 3 o'clock. WANTED? A WOMAN, WELL RECOMMENDED, TO do the housework 'or two persons and Lake cart of a ?Mid. She must be a food plain cook, washer and Iron ". German or French preferred. Wages M. Apply U fti- West 44th st WANTED? A OOOD, OBLIGING GIRL, TO IM) GENE ral he uie we rk for a small family ; must be a good washer and Irsncr. and understand plain ( aoklng and willing to do t>lain sewing, wages 9ti per meu'h: good city reference re quired; i one others need apply. Cal' at 1M West 22d st , ne ir Hli avenge. WET NBRSE WANTED? ENGLISH OR SCOTCH ONLY, with milk at least three months old. Apply atNo ti Kas 3MttaC w ANTED? A GOOD PL4'N COOK, WHO WILL A< sist it, washing and ironing. Apply at 3# 9th st XVf.T Nl'RSE WANTED? WTTII A FRESH HREAST TV of milk, to nurse an Infant four month* old. at the resi dene*' of it* parent*, the mutt be a neat sew er aud be w.llmg M> make herself useful; wage* Sit) a month. Apply at 1.;^ * tsmbers st. WTANTFD ? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED WO TV man. to take charge of a joung child; one who is a seanmtress, vnd un<l?.-a'nnd? cutting anil fitting children'* clotbes; a Protestant preferred. Apply ataM Broadway, be iwsen the hour* of 1 ana 4, this day. ?OTANTED-A GOOD COOK, TO OO A SHORT DU TY taiH-e In the country; a Pro e*tant woman with good re. c?B.mendaiiona. Inquire at 61 Broad st., to day, between li/ and 11. WANTED? A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, in a private family; Herman, Scutch or English pie fc rred. none need apply but tliow with good references, tui . ? the forenton, at 136 I'nkn It. South Bruoklyn. WA>TIP-A GIRL, FOR GENERAL H0INEWORK Mo-i understand plain cooking, aud be a first rale wasli rr and kroner. A Gei man preferred. Inquire at i&i Spring ??ret. WANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY-TWO YOUNG women; one a* cook, washer and ironer, the o'-her as ?fcamLrrmaul and waiter. Best of rt'ferences will be re tiuired. Apply at No. t I<ondoo terrw e. Ad st. WANTED? A TOCNO, IRISH CATHOLIC WOMAN, who has lived In respectable families, and nndervian Is her bu*ln< a*, a* wa ter. Apply at 32 Clinton place, Eighth at WANTED-A GERMAN LADY, WHOSP1AKS FRENCH t ientl> and s a< ' nstomed io the eiliicatloo of children wishes a .liiiation. a* goveitn as. would he willing to lurif-riu MM at the sswe tl? a hoosabold. Aiidr? s ho? IB Herald WANTED? A NE^T, TIDY GIRL, TO DO Till OK neral housework of a snail family, must be a good wfc,'l"."r and ironer and understand plain cooking. Call at Si Prospect at.. Brooklyn. WANTED? A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER. AND aisi to a*>iat in wasklng and ironing. A Protestant pre. fcrr*d. One who cancooic well re< otnmcnded may apply at Ui Wet I4th st JSTAXTtD-A TOrjtO LAPY TO ATTKNJ) A CON If undi crr'HH one Itv iiulniltult the btuuue?a anJ can > omc well recommended may apply at SKUth ?f. "WITANTRP? A BStART TIDY GIEL, TO DO TIIK TT general booawurk of a private f.imil j . mu?t be a gu>id cook. w.ubvr and :r,i?er Apply Ihla day a< 4- Wnodhull at., Brawl} a, liflh ho;iae below link* Reference re |tm ed. WANTKD? A YOINO OIRI., KROH 14 TO 16 TRAM ?l agr, to ashiat In bouaowotk ana take care of c hildren. Apply at <1 Powntng at. 11TAJTV.D-A tlOOD COOK, WAHIIRR AND tRONKIl, TT In a ?mal! private family. Muatliaie good ref>Tenr?<, and bf willing to do a amiill portion of homework I'ro ir?i?iit preferred. Apply at Ho. 4 Strong plnce, Hou'li Krouktyn. WANrKP? AH XI RHK AND HKAMHTRKHH. A MIIIDI.R ucd wnoiaii, who can Lnrig good rrlereni en; ahe mitat Ir willing lo eo llito tin' lOtiuW) for a few i\ erk?. wagi-a, $'). Api <) at 171,'j 28'h aire e't betwrrn 7lh and Htli area. UL'AKTKn ? A TIDT. HONFRT LITTLC GIRL, TOTAKK TT care of children and make heraelf aaefnl, a Piwtaataut pr'tmrrrA. Call at 12. Kaat !1h St., afli r 12 o'clock. 1|? AKTKI) ? IN A PRITATR FAMII.Y, A WILI.IN ? _TT girl, to take rharge of rhlidren ami do light w>>rk. Innnirr at Nu ? Attorney at . between Uie Uoure of 2 and 4. -A PROTIRTANT WOMAN. WHO tfVDRR ?tand* general houaework. and ui a good * a .her arid fcoaar. and i? willing to do all tbeae dnllea, ran obt i n a goo.1 attain am and liberal wagra by applying al PW Weat ??h at WANTKD? A FIR>T RATK TIDY, ORMOINO OtRU in do the general houaawork of a mall family; ?be 'nu4 kf a goo.1 plain rook and ecx?1 waaher and ImnOr, with g wd ri'y rHorfiK' < Apply aaiio. 1 llarrtaon plae*. In tiarriann vt, , l>rt??-n r Union and ttonrt Ma., Bmollya. Wf A S TKP- A OIRI.. TO WAIT. W\HII AND IRON TT ?!?o. a nurar, to take enre of two rhlidren, four and at* yrara They mtflt he Welah s-ot?h <w Atnorl* an. Apply, wi'h refrrenre, at 170 Raat 14th at. WLj ,KTFI)-A protkhtant frkrch woman, as nnrae i ml ?eamatri? Apply at 10 Kaat 14th at., b<s i w en II and I orlm k, to day. 1\'antrd-a hmaRT, inmrtriocr OfRL, to iki TT rrneral hntifework Th< beat *?c? glv?n. and the I e*t rtt} ri re.|ii.rcd. fall at i'l Troy atreet, (br three ?e>?. nrrRMJOK^ R okkh kh. / WAITRRK. NTRSKS, bramrtrrrrrr i.aun " i.. > -???. cliambeiiualda. Ac., provided for reape^tahle fainilie*, principally up town, al the P.mployment Ait-nrj vH re fa) Rro?<l? ay, n?ar Orttrr fhnrrh J. o. OALI.AOIIRR. Agent. N. H ?Formerly of JP Kant I4Ui at , t'nlon aqiiarr. lTIR?r TLAfW FKRTMITflFWl THR CITY ARP OOOJf F try aabr obtained at MORRiP fOHNRRT A CO. *. 3t! Proa.tway, corner of Read* aian traUera, coaciimeu, farmer*. I?t nrera. *r , at thi? or U* bratkeh offloe, I art Orranwirh ?t SSBtaM- WARTRD r I THR WftT'll INTKLXI #3''>- iiffire. 9f f eoar i4r#et. Upward! of thirtr aervann ? re wnt,te?1 Imniedlatelr for aapri w>r Mttiattona, ri? ruoka. hiandteaeea. rhatnl <rmat4a, Ac. I alao farm arrvan'a. No ? bar*.* fr'iin fetaalea. II- aWTKIt l?M KPI ATKI.Y? AT 7W IHIOADW A V Klx TT gi"?i waiter*. I wo harkerpetr, twn rlrrk?, two riaoh n > a t?o porrera and t?nr boya l?ir iradet an<l More*. Place# m? tired f.r ennwotarti bimkkerprra, liremoi brakein**u. t>?K*aa> men, drl?ef?, and Ibr atoamera WOW KAUFMAN Agent fl ASTF D? !RMKI>IATM.T,INV|RAt.lZPRRIRRORO TT ?e?*anta; oookr, nuriea, waiter girla and MMMnMMA an ur lorned 'o aerrr In grntletnea'a faniUaa, lor exceilrnt ail i aiora ?< iv raarfy) k) "ni h, at Mannlag'a at' tiry UiTHH'v a> , near > unon. Ilrookiya. Kmployera' patronage tar?pi" ll'ully ??Ik l>?*l II' At R0.4 RART BROAUWAT, TWOMMCH | '? oi> n lor dry gtMala. jnr rlcrk lor an "flit e. teo |iirter?. Inrre mi x , ?.,imera. i? obova to loan ira lea, thr>.- Me i ' ??nine ho. | , ?rU. Plarea pmenn-d far Ntrttrlm, I Hggagewen, I . . akmen. roa fcnirn, barkeenera. waltera, Ac | OI1.I.RN A t:tl KIIK V || ADVKRTIIRMHm | \N DK MARDK-IMR* CNR FAMIM.K BOPRiIKoImR, ? Jl'U' '?'V I'ntMlH, pour uir I'onvfim tr^n r ii ?j. lamvinn. Mwnnt ait Ro >07 rue. Atlnnlic, an dtattlme f 'age, Rrraikly n. pour d>n jonra. IT"? "fRAXCAISK, NOI' VKI.IitMKNT *f _ *Tr|T ' . 1 ?" P'aeer <lana one lamllle iiimmr contn - '?HI" a touted lea rho* ? nweaaalre de la ?taiton. H a Irraaer an No. I Mi ;> aTenn?. V? '""r* '"?,v'"r place '< mme fmame to ^ Rr(r#>CR^r RM ten ???? H ?'?? fITl a* . ^ t * tn F?o? 36 J3t?? r?w, tntrt Jo bmt* ei ome ^vcn'ifi. HELP W AlfTK D-MAM g. a RARH 'I I A NCE ? \V ANTKD, A OK. NTS TO SELL A Brother Jmiaihan't patented furniture ptriish. Noue KcruiiM' without "John 1,. Brabyn ' on the liU-tJ. This is the 1,1 iv pst'nted furniture poliah In tte world. Call at the prln cipal d<pot, 444 Broadway. AGENTS WANTED? WITH A CAPITAL OK FIVB | dollars, to sell to New York or any place In the United Ftites. not ytt assigned, the union patent India rubber lump II aI'XHUhST a mOIT, role manutucturers in the United Stales. Apply ?l 69 Fulton street. Aimccountant wanted-to write up and AR I range-', set of book I in double entry. Address Manufac turer, herald oflice. wl'h real name and reference. AOEK'MAN INSURANCE AGBNT WaNTED-IWHO ra?i speak some kngllsli.) to canvass for risks. Apply . between It) and 12, ut No. M Nassau ttirf et, corner of Maiden lane, basement. D D A mbrotypes -wanted, a good operator. Apply at SO'J Broadway. A YOUNG MAN WANTED-TO WORK ON FINE eouts, by the month. Two men can bo accommodated v. ith board and Beat room. Apply a' 54 Oliver st,, room 'J, in the rear. Boy wanted? to lkarn tbb JMUIM trade, mutt come well recommended, and tc.dde With hia parent*. Apply to Chatelller, Dominge A SpeMt, lt>4 Greenwich at. Boy wanted-an intelligent, industrious hoy, about lti yearn of ago. In H hosiery sUiru ; motiving Willi hit parent* preferred. ? pply at 124 Canal at , ronier of Lauren* st., Ironi It) to 12 o'clock. (1ARPKNTER8, BLACKSMITHS, OOOPER8 AND ) landsmen wanted, for abort and long voyage*. 57."' la ad vanced. Oflice of the company No. 97 Went at., corner of t'dar, op stairs, opposite pier 14 North river. Coachman wantkd-to ao to the country, an an hour's ride by railroad frem the city. A single man. w ho can bring satuiactorv references, can hear of a oleasai.t, pei manent place. Apply, before three o'clock, at the book store cf Mason, Brothers, 10H and 110 Duane at. CARPET STORE, 19 BOWERY. ? A SALESMAN. A'f quainted with selling carpeting, oilcloths, Ac., by reta lu this city, being well recommended, may apply at the alxjvo (tore this day or to morrow. Drug clerk wanted? a young man, fully competent to take charge of a retail and prewripti >n store, and who can pi oil ice the best of reference a? to cap a blli'y and character, may apply at the corner of Ku'gers and Monroe ?ts. RUO CLERK WANTED? TO GO SOUTH. ONI.Y these who und< rstand the business perfecllv need apply. 0. H. RINK, 192 I! road way BUG CI.KRK WANTED? ONE QUALIFIED TO AT tend a retail store. Appl^ at 141 Mth av. PORT KB WANTED? IN A TAILORING ESTABLISH ntnL Those acquainted with the business only need apply .it 271 Broadway, corner of.Chambers St., over tne Shoe i i niht t Bank. TWO BOYS WANTED-AT THE EMPIRE CITY KIN ?I ling and Cord wood Company's depot, foot ot 26'h st, Fast river, one to attend the oillce, the other, a stout boy, to ilrli e a cart . None but those that can coine well recommend ed tH'ed apply. O AMBROTYFE OPERATORS.? WANTED, AT M. E I ockwoud's Gallery, 146 8th are., a good hand to develops pictures; no one alt-aid of woik need apply; also, a good pho topkpher. Call from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. TO BOOKKBPBRS.-WANTED, immediately, a bookkeeper in a stationery store; one acquainted with the bucness preferred. None need apply unless thev can pro duce the best references. Address stationer, Herald oflioe. WANTED? TO GO SOUTH, A GENTLEMAN OF superior (jailitleatious, ad a pianist and vocalist, to whom a salary ot SI, WO for nine months' services will be paid Address Bo* IP2, Greensboro, Alabama. WANTED? TWENTY FIVE OR THIRTY PERSONS, TO learn a new light and beautiful business for onlyiive d 1 lars, which will pay from live Ui ten dollars per dav in any town In the United States, and no capital required. Thin is no buiuhiig. For Information apply at 297 Bowery. WANTED? A FRENCHMAN. AS PORTER; MUST speak English so as to be understood. Ap.ily at 178 Water st., up stairs. [1TANTRD? A BOY, ABOUT lrt YEARS OLD. NOVE r? need apply unless well reccmmunded. Apply at lt.s Mulberry St., Teur, third story. WANTED? A BOY, WHO UNDERSTANDS OPENING oysters, end it willing to make himself generally use l ill. Call at 63 Mercer St. "11/ ANTKD? A MAN, ON A GENTLEMAN'S Pt A''B, fv neav the city. One well recommended for ability and honesty. Apply at 7 Beekn an St., room 111, at II o'clock this day WANTED? AN ASSISTANT. IN A DRUG AND APO tbe< a rj store ; one hawng a knowledge of the business. Apply at 703 Greenwich st. T ANTED? A YOUVO MAN, TO SELL LIQUORS AND wioes; a liberal commission will be given to one who understands his huaintss. Apply at ISM'linton place, near t><h avenue, between 3 and ti o'clock 1*. M. w Tlf A NTF.D? AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, OF GOODCIlA TT rscter, to deliver periodicals in the eonntry. A fixed salary and exposes paid. Apply by letter only to J. P., Bo. 6,374 Post ottice, M. V. * ' TirANTED? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN. WHO Tv has a thorough know ledge of the tea trade, (,'ity retc rences required Apply at 72 Catharine street. \XT ANTKD IMMEDIATELY ? A GOOD, SMART BOY. TO TV learn 'he diamond braneh of the manufacturing jewelry business. Apply at Fonlham A Chubbuck'a ininuract urine jewelry establishment. 1&3 Broadway. YirANIND? A YOUNG M\N."FROM 18 TO 20 YEAR* TT of age. salesman in a hat store, Must have go id city reference for honesty and inli gtlty One acquainted with the business preferred. Apply at .'lib iiowery. WANTKB-A SMART. ACTIVE BOY. FROM 12 TO l? rears of age, as waiter, In an English shades, and ;o make himself generally useful. Apply, this dav, iroin 9 till 12 A. M , at the hntlolk House, 87 White street. WANtED-A YOUNO MAN. TO ATTEND BAR, IN A liquor store, one wlio la ar<|ualbte<l with the btismeis, can produce food ctty reference. Apply Irotn 8 to lu o'clock, at 2M7 East 13th tt. WA NTKD? TWO OR THREE MEN Of ENERGY, IN A light busta> ?t; a capital require!. Alto. Fri moot Fillmore and Buchanan medals hr sale; size and color of ten gold pieces; price 94 per hundred. Apply at 60 Ann st . third tloor. inn CANAL LABOREBS WANTED? FOR THIS JUw Stale, wag't, fl p# r da f, guaranteed by IbeHU'.' steady woik, paeaage money and office tee aevano-d, start on Wednesday, Oclolx r I, sicompamed t.y M Cohnert. Apply to MORBIB t-'OI INERT A CO., 1*1 Greenwich rt. THE TRADER. AR1TUATIOR WANTKD-BY A TO UNO OKRV\N gardener, who underatanda hia bnauiria p?rf'-r-ih . and la willtng lu maka hunaelf generally uartul. lo intra at > > 211 HHh a* , between 23d and 2?ih ata. A competent watchmakkr. who rNOKK iiasJi all ike diDerrnt department*, wauk) like tr> m*V an engagi-menl In a ,.ood oalalillahmenl. Addreaa WatchiUM Wer, Herald oBice. (pOMPOHlTORR. - WANTRD, TOUR COMPETENT. J atendy handa at enae. Apply thla day at No. 7 Olar I.VWtMKR AND GARDINER WANTED-AMAN WITH 1 a ainall family, who nnderataiula thn manitgi-ment ?>! * rTlnrjrHrd. frnii, and vegetable K-irdrn, atul c ipabTe of atarim* a ?niall nuraery. Altw. a hand who underMiuida olonxbiiu and the cire of horarr Apply at I.'. M. H.n'ou A Co'a, In > u Hon at. (?* ARDENERS WANTBI).? TWO ASSISTANT OARDKN I" era wanted. l-rotr.hmen preferred. Apply at Mcllt am .. \ <>nn|'a aeed aw. Ro. 7 John at. C^ARDRNRR'R SITUATION WaNTKD-HY A RINOI.K 1 moll. * MH1|< hman. who liaa be.-n arniauxned t..r Hi" I te u yearn to ibe car* of greenltoueea. hot and cold grapenei vegetablr-a Ac. fan he m?n or addrenaed by no'etoJ. O . Mr Orr'a aeedatoie, 31 Jolw ?t, on Tueaday. Iron 10 A. M. tnl a p. k /-? ARDRNRR -A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS ORK.PV VI h.iuw planla. ran .Irlve and lead a borM. and do the am ernl work el aainall place on thin laUniL Apply at Cargtll * Co'a, U Maiden lam-, up atalr* AOARPENKRS SITUATION WANTED ? BY A N oti huiaj). wbu Ium hail over fifteen year* eiperien - in the management ?if all the rareat brarrbr-a of Lhe lid trade, a Ian In ike laying out and Improvemi nt of (entleiaan - iO mtry Male, baa no otijeeii.m u> having bta wife lake charge ii. a ?mall ilauy if re (iine-! won Id go ermth <???> <* ti-reare. Oall on or addles wardi-ner, at A. Smith* ee-fl ?tore, M White at. r8T1/TKRS*fTHS._WANTKD. A FtNUHKR T'l work un knt?ea alee, a Imy lo learn ihe'. Apply lo | M. Dartd. Re. 10 Uberty plaae. TIIRKK TINSMITHS. TWO SHEET IROR WOIt K K <L ? I aad two boye, w?o'.Mt Immediately. at M MUM Al.K.XR N l>RH DoDIN P? HAIR DRKASRRS.-WANTPD. A PERSON Wild umlrraianda ha r culling. ahuvlng, and ornamental ha work In all It* In am bea; one who ran command WltTeterr. I For Inrther information applf to Mrg. H. Jarlard. Ki?. 1 Ana at., N. T. fllO PRAMESMITHS ? WANTRD, A OOOD WORKMAN J m p. '<? Maa?arhii?etia. to one who andarataMtuMlM mn hiiK i/ lonetant employment and goo I n nge? will given; tl a magriod man w'th ramlly, occupation for the d?il dren ran be found alxo a houae to lire In. Apply at 41 i w??. at . up alalr*. TATARTRD? A RMT RATR JRWRLLRR, To OO TT Sontb, one alio i? a gnol cagrater alao. Apply a \oung. ftabtiin* A Co ?, I" Mitdeti lane. WANTED, IVMRKIATKLY? A GOOD IRGIRBBR, To goFoutb. and one 'liat la a maeblnlat and ran aet <ag> and run an engine Aiao. a good i-ooprr. who la ar -outran" I ?<i working on tighl hariel*. Atiiily at Mr. llunee a mar h n > rhop, '.?? Wanhlnglon street, al If o clock TV*" ANTRI>? A SIT! ATDiK. AR PATKR HTAfNRR OR " hanger, by an ^.ngll diman Ju?t an ived. who ig a met and (lorki r. and need In rolor mining, no objeotlon tit the ooun l?y. Addrcsa a B.. Ihii l!?l Het aid office. "***? ARTRO? IMMRPr ATRI.Y, PAINTKRJt AND LINER If lor Pt naiin ntul painting and let'erlng on gla*a J. I< HHAW A CO.. SC Caoul it, tip attilta. UbBTANTKIWTO OO KAHT. A iHTaSW STAIN RR . A D dreaa T. M.. Herald nffiee. WANTKIt? THRRF. OOOD POCERTROOV M AK i R t<> work on common tin ki. Th^?e who o ider- in I "i ? l.nairKVH ran tlnrl ateady empl ivmant al Wnlker a inarm- 1 < :i?e ruai nfm ot v. S>H Pi arl at W A HI ED? A ClMll'RR ANO IU,ACK>Miril 1 OH wh-iilna tn;, age-. Ibi* day. Applv at 111 South ? c . nc-r Pei k allp. "VI' ANTP,I>? IMMRDIATV.IiY. \N RNO IRKf R AItll COT fy fee raaaler. eiw tboronghlr nnderatauda ht? b-iainen J^tnit aihlreaa * T. p., Ili-taln offlc ttr ANTRll? A Rf,A<KSMI1 If, POR ii (A ilPKNIRG Tl rtrll;* and abocki? hoi -ea Apply 'o Ml R iuei A fcma, corner of ?<ih ?t aod 2d aren te. i MinliM., JcT. *1(1 (Hill WORTH fir 9 kw AND CART OPP fHvivyv elmhlng wanted fUr Ike city and Weetern markela. R. R. ? flentleman harlng ?ny lo dlepnae of will reeelve IM blgheet prtee b? nelHng at the ?*or?, (>r ml'lrpaalai; J. K. Murray, H Cwtre itrwt. ? COPARTNERSHIP SOTICEU. ilAA-A VOl'NO M \N WITH THE ABOVK CAPI IplUW. tal, can be?r of a good ami aai'e money making bu slnes, by lulling immediately at 33 it Broadway, rooui No 14. A. RnBlNSON. $3i 0TO $SU0.-A PARTNER WANTED. -A SMART, active t.utcher, with $SW) to ?WW, where \>*r iH ii.tb can be tuade, certain. References given ami re^uir-d. ? For i urtlculars, apply to HOWES ,t CO., 84 Naasau street. djorn -WANTED, A (iENTLEM AN TO PURCHASE ?pOJ'/i the interest of a partner retiring from a business | now paying well iwd can be largely Increased. Apply to , George Hattoti, 610 Broadway, or address II., Herald office. (4/1 ~A PARTNER WILL UK TAKEN INTO A | ifTiJW. |||?b*. and genteel manufacturing business tha'. I pn \ a . large piotit and is done for cuah; ihe business 1m down town, anil under an.' xeaal'ul operation. Apply to FIOWKS J*. CO., M Nafij-au street. <&1 nnn - 1 PARTNER WANTED immediately ?PJ.UUU. to join the advertiser in star'uig n tirnt rat* mechanical business where a fortune esn h? made. Your in learn the business. if desired. Nordic at all Address MIc, box 1H7 Herald ollice, stating where an interview can be ha7!. non WANTED? ANY GENTLEMAN HAYING from $ft,(IOI) to $15, GlO, and wlllinjf to Invest in an entetprlze that will pay an unusually lar^e prolit, may ad diets M W G., Pout ollicu. COPARTNERSHIP.- PARTNER WANTED.? A PART ner is w anted In the iron foundry business, In tins city. [Capital required about $2, UOtl. 1 o a man acquainted with the business It is an excellent opportunity to extend It, as the ad veruxr Is permanently located. Apply to J. S. WILSON, First a\ enue. between Twenty ninth ami Thirtieth streets. D ^DISSOLUTION OP COPARTNERSHIP.? NOTICE IS hereby given that the partnership late'y existing betA-een Keuben Light hull, uf Jamaica, county of Queens, and ISta'e of New To k. and Edward Curtis, of ihe city of New York, under the linn of l.l?i HT HALL A CuRTIS, has been this day die solved. by Bl ahial consent. Hie books or tlie late tlnn are In ihe b inds of Ceorge O. Ilardenbergh. wbonlone Is authorized to Nellie all debts due to und by the said late iirra. REUBEN LK1HTH ALL, Nbw Youk. Sep!. 22. ISM EDWAKD CURTIS. 1 be ?uh*< ribers would inform their friends and the public that they have entered Into a copartnership, under the style oi' i L'ft I If A >11 APTER. as engineers and machinists, ind will continue in the business of 'he la e tirni of Llghth-tll ft Our Us, at ;.VJ and 211 Franklin street, In the ciiv oi New York. EDWARD CURTIS, JOHN S. SHAPfKR. NEW YORK, SF.l'T. 29, 115.1? THE FIRM OF E. VV BURR A CO. is dissolved by limitation, and E. W. Huir alone is authorized to sign In liqu nation. E. W. BURR. A. <i .PERRY. PARTNER WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN, WIl'll A c.ipiuil of from 9K>.(MMt to $lft,0tm, is desirous to b vom' a partner In a respectable established wholesale bu?liss?. Pii>cipa!s only neid answer this. Address L. B., Herald ollice. stating real name, nature of business, and where an in terview can he bad PARTNER WANTED? IN A PACTORY IN IHIS CITi, already established, making sate iaid profitable article-*, well known, and commanding a certain and quvk mark<-i Only a small amount of cash capital will lie require I If Ihe peiton be In good credit. Apply to BOBEUI h. TOPl'IN'!, attorney at law. SI William street. THIS WILL CERTIFY THAT THE COPARTNERSHIP between ('apt Magnne pud Capt. Howe, stevedores and riggers, waa dissolved on the 2ith ot September, lhfiti K. A. MAOUNE HOV8E8, ROOMS, AC., WASTED. A"~PST^CHED COTTAGE, UNFURNISHED, WITH A good garden, w an ed, in either of the following neigh borhoods: Astoria, New Rochelle, Fordham, New ltrightoii, Orange, or Fort Hamilton: rent to be about $400 or fAOt) per annuo, with ihe right of electing, alter the tlrst year, to keep the houte for a teim of flve.or seven vt ars, or to purchase at a price to be agreed upon. Address Y. Z. , IleraM office. HOUSE WANTED? IN NEW YORK. BROOKLYN OR Williamsburg;, (the rent from Skill tof&iK)), for a small ismlly. The location must be the very best Or board for a llillll? and his wife, at fiom $7 to #1(1. Apply at 1 IB l'rm< e street, or address M. It. .1., u above, lor t no days. Large building wanted to rent-for manu fa -tnrlng purposes, containing one ?r two floors, light a. id airy ; near the North or East livers preterred. Early pos. Sf sston desired. Address, stating terms and location, 11. Clin ton, Herald ollice. UTATEN ISLAND.? ANY PERSON HAYING ASM ALU well tinlshed i ottagc, substantially built, witli MMl oiitbnlldlDgs, a Ml from ten to twenty live acres of land, for sale, on the easterly shore of Stat en Island, and within three or four miles of Cltnon. may lind a purchaser, by forwarding full particulars of pnee and location, addressed to J. I.I., room No 18, International Hotel, Brevlway. WANTED ? SEVERAL DESIRABLE DWELLING bouses. Owners of first elasa houses, complete, w. h modern Improvements, can secure reliable tenants, by lmme dlate application to GASNKR BltDTHKBS, 7b0 Broadway, Iirfir Tenth Street. " 117ANTEP? A FURNISHED HOUSE. THE BAST SIDR TT ot Broadway preferred, between Twellth sndTwen tietb sticc'a. Address box 1,(17 Post oflice. "11/ ANTED? A FMAIX HOU8K, WITB MODERN IM T? prueuienta in New York or Brooklyn, the Wt'ernrefer red. hent must he moderate Would have no particular o ?? jretlons to buying turniture, if desirable. Address W. btsvets, box 1,S?>7 Poit office. WANTED? A HOURE, IN THE NElOnBOBIIOOD OF tbe 'lon.iHi. to be ciinverted into a small foundry. Ad dress box 3 'J4l New York Tost otliee. " IMME?HATET,T? THE LOWER PART OF A ?T genteel house up town. Rent >400 to 9UU. Address A. L. Les, t7 William street. 11TAN1ED-THK SECOND FLOOR Or A CON VKKIEN r TV boiue, partly furuished pi-efarred, for a niai, bis wif* and sertaui; to he oncopted niitll Ant il 1. Location and reler enres a 1; tionndad by Kightb and Fourteenth streets, ami Se com! and Seventh avenues. Address F. W. I)., box 3,4MB Post oflice. TIT" ANTED ? A FURNISHED HOUSE, BAST OF FIFTH vv avenue, iii the vicinity ot Thirtieth street, three or four stories; high stoop preferred. Price not to exceed $2, WW Ap ply to (i.n^ner Brothers, 7M) Broadway. TITAN TED? A KM A LI. HOUPE, LOCATED BETWEEN vv f ounecntli and Fortieth stre.ts and between Hr,w|? ,? an t Ninth svenue, suitable for a fatnllv of live persons. Ri ir not tu exceed >S0U per nnnum. Address Security, Herald office. TJtTANTKD-ONK OE TWO UNFUBNUIIKD ROOM *, TV one ot which can be used as a kl'chen, for a ten1'* man and wife, wilhout children. Down town preferred. Ad dress, stating teims. which must be moderate, E. W. D , lie raid office. TT* ANTED? A NUMBER OF HOUSES. PUENOIflED VV or uiifurnished, in good locations. All parties having such to dispose of. and wishing them rented a' once, will and reliable tenants, through my office, at 48 Frurth avenue^ be tween Eighth and Ninth streets. J AMES EOWE WANTED TO UIRB-A UOUBE. FURNISHED thioiuhout, situated between Fourth and Twentieth streets sod Third and Sixth avenues. Immediate possession i c , uirrd Address, for two days, box 14H Herald office. WANTED TO HIRE? A DESIRABLE DWKLLINO bouse, furnished or unfurnished, between Braime and Eighteenth stri-ete near It road way. Address D. D , box'i N. Y. Post, swing lowest rent and partlenlars. HKSTAUt WTS. _ BMOO < i n HTAR HOTEI<.? CINE Wll.TflliiliK '?aeon citicd r?pre??ly for the *uhu ribut niid c m be tin I at i lie ubovi In, el, M Idapvnard a'riet. JOUKPII IIKOOKH, Proprietor, All the ??; from Maii'direier. Brooks oldhtar hotel, m mspknardhtrkkt ?Mmkm, prime Kngli?h motion, will be nerved lip at tlie iibm e lintel, vu Wt dueaday, Oct. I, at on<- u clock. Tl>e nana! ordinary. JOHKIMl BBOOKM, All the way Hani heater. v CI DON A 01, or TUP, HF.R AND CHICKEN*. 212 f. Rrwdway, Inrttca All hi* frloada lo e?ll ami tf\ hie an l>eri?r green turtle aoiip. which will be acrred up erery day thla week. Alto the beat fed oyatrra alwaj a an Sand. TJL'E LITE AfiAIN ? JI'ST ARRIVEO, l*ER XTKAMER. f f i from Ibr ruber aide of Jordan), aome A Ro. 1 Mouth I?o? u mutton, K nullah aolee. Varmouih bloatera, double 01ouce?t?i ibeeae. Yorkshire bama, Wlttahirr baron Bengal ehutnry. A One leg of Rnglioh inuitmi and a airloin nl Knglleh mutton will be aervea up, UMa day asd lu mot ro*. I o?n I i Ull 3 o'clock. Allaopp'a R. I. I' ala on draught. I<oiidr,n portrr on draught Youger'a Alio* ale on draogh1. Koi>in*im'a pale ale on draught .loa<a XXX ale on draurbt, HERJaMIN IIOWKT. Proprietor THK OFFICE. All iliibee domeatic all diahea eiotir, ' All game In it* aeaaon? Urr. ne or *<(iiaU J: All portent and alee that are worth a man'a drink In#: All 11, junta a ixl witiealhat ihe heart keep tr?m aink nf: AH branda of eegarathat are worth thr amoking. All prlnta from abroad thai there a m *< or a joke In; All aorta of good rooking, wtth clrtl nitration, And other good thiag* that there 'a ao ap ,oe to mention, T1IK OrFlCR abounds in "Where I* It* joo a.?y"? 'Tl? in llnnaion atreet, oolf two dinra from Rtua lwajr. *" Tl Kl* K fflAl I I OO'? Daatai Wse*r*a, "Wb' ie ?hall 1 dlnet" thai* a pertinent nue*ti<*i When appetite hint* at a earmna ? tttaia. To ttrkle the palate without Indi gabion. Ro tare eanwitk that at 'THE OKI K *E" '.egla Weak*, chop* nr a eold r :l, wild foal mi red to Order, Iteef A mnuoa ftnaa Kngbuid. ihnine ale* A go, -I win" With all the pare li,innr* that fam,,n? abroad are. Contribute te render the banqnM dlrlne ThTOTIIINU DEl.EtTABI.E TO THE "INNKR LlrF ' I* IN omitted In the . arte 4 THR OfN- K, ftfci Uouttna atree', two door* from llmndway. The oirn-E All those who merely ' eat In i;t? May skip thrae haaiv line*. The MhrmMsa whii-n iliey give 1? m<\irtt fm litm who dlne?. To anrh a one what Mere* la To alalia Oamaiili*, "T1IR Om<"K and Itararitlea. Oer* known, tnuat ev^r be Nor ahore nor ?ea a dainty yield* That there yon fail to find, With i', -table* fr. in foreign fields. Ana food too for th" mind The office. m norsToN rtekrt, two doors from Itroadwat, la constantly nppmd with foreign *? well M dotneatir mrata and game and all the lea Unf Rew V, tk. London and Parta papera are regularly taken. THE OFFICE.? "LIVE WHILE tocmat.- reclaim ed thr Jovial Ureefc, And If rare ltehea, friend, afe what ron aeek, With But bfnwn ale and llqnnr* old and line, Pnrh ia boa rlraiit* rellab wbrn ihey .'ine. Yon II tlnil and In your table a note It down) THK OFFIt'E J??t the nleeat |>]*re in town. At the office evfrt roRFituc ard domSsti*' rarllr for tha bible iaaeteed up in tlie m.nt ipprtlrin^ atyl^ anil the new*paprr liter* nre ol boih Ihedni World an, I the Rew la kept rona'ardly on lile The OSoe ia located i! 500 Hotiaton atreet, two doors from Hi oadw ay hi* PltX REAR J Forriirn meat", for gn game. Ratlvr, UK), of en ry ktnd. Ale* and winra, of ?very name, At The Ofllrn" yi n may llnd. All rarities of thr tari.e. frocdrarle either In tlie foreign or hone market*, together with the tne.t imported ajea, nortera, w ae? and r lgara. and *11 the leading Rtig i"h, Prem h and Raw ^ nrfc paper*. Will lie found ht "Tie Office. W Hougtoa ?W.e', t wv dvvrt Tj v? Divad w * y . BOARDI WD LOlMilflfG. t)0 ST. MARKS PLACE? TO LET ? GENTLEMEN AMD jZt') their wives can be aecotnmoadaled ?rl<h the enure third list, furnished or unfumifhsd, ns may be desired, ai.'l one bark parlor, with eic seta. The house baa all the modern lui| rovem. nts. Dinner at 6 o'clock. QQ CHAMBERS STREET. NEXT TO BURTONS ?)?/ theatre? Mone\ advanced to any amount, on di monds, watches, jewelry, planoe. dry goal*, cloth*. silks. segais, Ac . Ac , for short nerioda ( i lli? same bought fur cuali. Apply to FRANK ItYEKSON, manager. KA BLEfcOKKR STREET, EAST OF BR^AUWAT ?

?J X Rooms suitable for gentlemen and their wives, or sin pie gf nth-nun. to let, with or without board, as above. Can uLd bath iu the bouse; location pleasant. f)|j A.M) 62 VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK ?A U"' liar dsomely furnished ?uite of rooms. w ith private l>*tli. Ac., to let, w ith board, to a small family; also rooms lor (tingle ?-entli men, lirat.claaa accommodations h, |U.reiw above, 7A FRAXKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF 4 U Broadway, two parlor* on the brut iloor, for single g?n tlene n Bldllftll aerved if required. Ul^l double and ?Ingle room*, lie p.iriora for light business purposes if re quired. WEST IWENTY THIRD STREET -TWO OR three gentlemen and their families may obtain very dcairabie and handsomely furnished Mil's of rooms, with full or partial board Ix cation four doors ironi the Sixth avenue, and one block from Broadway. Q1 PRINCE STREET, FOt R DOORS WEST OF BROAD vJ way A unusually pleasant ro ml, with auipie closet* , cn second tloor, lumishcu, may now bo secured by a gentle man and wile, or single gentlemen, w Ith board. Home Urst els as. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD way ?Furnished rooms. In suit* er separately, Ui tlud ng the ba> k parlor and extension room on the first lloor, to let, to gentlemen, w ith breakfast, if required. Fust class house. 259 FOURTH AVENUE? TO I.ET, ON SRCOND without bosri 74 story, two parlors, with side rooms Btttoh' d, w. b or 9A1 FOURTH ANENUE THIRD DOO* BELOW _itl l 1 wenty-ilrst street. ? Very desirable rooms, furniah cd. to et, single or in suits, to families or slngl--. gentlemen. 1 he lK'tute bus all the mo lern Improvements, and the location centra!. Stages and cars pass the door constantly. 7fi*i BROADWAY.? A HANDSOMELY FUR VlhHED I UO parlor and bedroom on the lir-.t ttonr. and a sol' of rooms on the second, with bath room attached, to let 'o gentle ?ui'ii, with or without beard Private lah.e. Inquire as a' ove, QQ] BROADWAY, NEAR MADISON PARK.? A Vl/1 splendid suit n* anai lmenu to lei, tonilUlW ofttrM tine large rooms, nu lust llcor of an Knglleh basement house, between Twenty-six'h and Twenty seventh streets, furuisied or ubfurtiishi'il, with or vvithout board; terms moderate; also one or tWO singa- mots A gentleman and wife, ALSO ONE OR rwi single gentlemen, may find desirable rooms and board, with a private family. In a house with all tie' modern Improve nieuts. Apply at 107 We?l Sixteenth street References ex changed. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A PLEASANT room lo one or two gentlemen, with full er partial board, at 137 West Forty ninth street, between Broadway a'ld Elgh'h avenue. Convenient to car* and stages. Terms moderate. ACENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemeu, cub be accommodated with well furnished rooms and partial board, (full for lady); location pleasant; terms moderate; gas, bath, Ac. Apply at 31 Cottage place, second door from Houston street. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN REQUIRES. PERMANENT ly it small fuj uished room, with partial board; location between Fourth and Twenty fourth streets preferred, and of liroadway ; terms about $20 a month. Adilresa Nemo, Herald oflice. A GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH A handsomely furnished r?om, or suite of rooms, in a small private family. Apply at 64 West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues Board.? pleasant furnished rooms, for married or single gentlemen, can be had a'. No. 6 Bond struct, near Broadwav. Also, one large front room, on so eond Door, unfurnished. Board ? to, separate or together, two well furnished rooms, on seoond story, also a front ooe, ?n the third, to a gentleman and wife, single gentlemen, t r ladles, with ftiUor partial board; house has all modem im provements and convenient to stages and cars. References exchanged. Apply at 210 West Thirty Oral street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Board -a pleasant sr it of rooms, just va cated, will be let on very reasonable terms, to a family of two, three or four persons, who would be permanent for the winter. The location Is pleasant, and house modern. Alao, a couple of single rooms lor gentlemen. References exchanged. Apply at I if Fourth avenue. Board? two single gentlemen can be ac I | com unstated with board in a private family, with thee <m torts ot u home, by applying at 211 State street, Brooklyn, near the City llall. BOARD.-A FRW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, ANI) OEV tlemen and their wi?es can l<e accommodated with full or partial board on lib< tl terms, house has modem improve ments. Booms fu> shtu or unfurnished. Apph a' ill W e-t ley place, within two blocks of Broadway, and three dooi-s from IHeecker strn-t. Board.? to let, two well furnished room*. on the second story, separate or together; also, a Iron one, on the third story, to a gentleman and his wife or single gnitli D.en, wiih lull or partial board. The house has all the modern Improvements, anil is easy of access. Applv at 210 West 31st St., between Mb and '.?h avs. References exchange l. Board in state street-there ark a few psrlorsand bedrooms to let, to families or single gent men, In a nrst rhtas house, Mo. 1ft, with full or partial botrd. required. Board, ?ik broadwat? a handsomely fir nlsneil trout room on the ?econd tloor, and a front and bednsim on the *hlrd floor, esn he let reasonably. Rooms for single gentlemen to hw, all w ith board. Dinner at ti o'clock. Ki ferci" e-. e\< hanged BOABD in BROOKLYN.? ONE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen or s lady sud gentleman. c<n be arromino dated with hoard in a private family, a few minutes' walk fpnm Fulton terry, by appljlng at 112 Sards street. Terms moderate. References exchanged Bf>ARD WANTED-BY A FAMILY, BREAKING UP bousekee|iing, consisting ot a gentleman, wife and child snd a gentleman and ladv ApsrUnenU to consist of three sleeping room* and parlor, unfurslabeil, and loeated in a pleasant and genteel neighborhotsl Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, Harry, Herald oltlce. Board wantkd-by two ladiks-hepar\tk rooms, well furnished. In a private house, between Brrsdwsy. Houston, Wooater and Caaal aireeis. gas ami i 'rot on waler desirable; hoard in advance. Address Olive, Broadway I'ost ofliee l'lea?e state terms. BfiVRIi WANTED-- 1 N A PRIVATE FAMILY M "I sn Irish woman. wlHi sn Infsnt; Is easily atMaimodtt-l. and not very particular aa to locality. Address Martin. He rsld oOioe. Board wanted.? a single gentleman wishes pail >' ' .-ard with a private English family, where En.' lish Hi sp< ken only. A Jdr ess, stating terms and full paruc i lars, box 1U* Post office. UOARM WARTKD? rOR A RKSPROT ABl.R RI.DRRI.Y lad) , in Canal at. <* In thr atrrata near it. Tarma mi>! be moderate. A Una addreaMNl lo Ra?t Slat it, between klatliaon an<l Nh avail lira, will ba attrndad la. UOARDINtl.-A PRIVATR FAMILY WOI'I.D LKT TO a *<ntleman and lady, a wall fiirnlnhrd front parlor, on l hi* ai-<?rd floor, with board. Thoae willing to pay (At) mm month, (? and bath inrliidadl, can have good aeixMMBOd . tluna. Addreaa D., boi 140 Herald oilier Boardinu.-a partv or HiN(>(,K onrrumRN. or our or two grntirmrn and Ihalr wlvea. em obtain MPV4MMH *ul1 '"""d. 1,1 ? KH Iwuec dellgl, fully altnated between ftlh wad ftth avennra, below Madt?m a>iuare. Ibe bona* cnnialna all modem laprorrmrnta. and ? richly furtiMied Tntboee arching the adrant.igra aad eom !. rta M a MM, Hi Inn thr aun<>yanc*a incidental la boat. I Ipft bouaea, tlila preernla a rara opportunity. Befcrrncra w'll tip given and rt??M( A line *ddrr??ed f? R. ||. F. Herald nfl re win rwln prompt attention. IjM'RRISHKH ROOMS ?A STR1CTI.Y PRIVATR RAM. 1 V occupying a *r?t c'aaa houae in (Mb at , a few don't weat of Broadway, would ha pleaaed 19 IM > parlor and bed loxwi, oa K'rond or third fli?r, to one or two gentlemen, eilfcri with or wltfcaut partial board. Apply at IIS, SNb at. C^rntkri. board and comportablk aooommvi J datmna (tor ibr winter for on* or two r "apartablr yonng ?Ma, at 13 prr week, at tS < Wlum atreet, between Prlneeand Varlek Apply at room Wo. 7. Goon BOARD ARB ROOMS CAN BR RAD. WITH a private American family, of aorUI habit" at 4(M? " bla (treat, Bruoklja llelglita. Flouar linrt claaa, and drbg i. Inlly located. HOTRL M>DOINOA? ORNTt.RllR* CAN OBTAIN . Raad furniahed rooma at thr WM lintel. coraer a Frankfort and Willi* ni atrcrta, at Ift centa per nmhi, a f law hart iiw>ma at T, rruta por night. No utbar charge* r*c?|.t at 'batr eptiaa. HANrnoRRl.T PCRMRBRn AI'ARTMRRTP. WITH private hoard, If d?alrrd, ar alien. lanrr and privilege ..f bltrlien. ? tillable for a family or parly of grntlrmen Afia. ? large bedrvmtn adjolnlTg bathroom. on ?erond Uonr. urotni, gaa, Ar. Apply at 264 fourth artmta. ORR OR TWO TOt'RO MKN, ROOM I N J TOORTHRlt ran mart wtt a plraaant room. In a private family wh Ibere are do ..iber hoarder* uk*n, with or wlthoni parti* hoard. French la habitually apokeu In the family. Apply* C Weal Thirteenth atraet. ROOMS.-A SMALI. RTRItfl-T PRIYATR FAJftl.Y, R aiding In a new brown aione houar. a flaw donr* wr? ., Broadway, near the NewYork Hotel, would let to two or Ihr - gtaUeavn, of undoubted reapectahilltv, a aplendldly fnrnWh ? i parlor. Ibrta l>adnio!u?, haihroom and watar rlnart. .< I i ntwrtinif. on ima floor. Qenllaineti wlablDI superior n>o*n where no boardart ata &kan. may addraa* boi l.l.ll t*o.. odea. rl.RT? WTTH BOARD, a HANDflOMRl.y KtTRNHI! ed anlt of rooai* la a private family oernvvtnR a ti > rlaaa honre. two Maoka eaat of I'mon aqua ra 1V>?a arfnli .i i aiiperkir w nmawMiatlona on renaonable frtaa. oan ad tr*? W. It , 1 nlon aqnara Poat oflloa VrRRT PI.KaBART RtlOMN, Wlfll HOARD, RaT I V had at M Waal Scvrnterntli aUwt. batwrru Fifth h ' M>tb avennaa WANKD-BT A 0KVT1.KMAR AND I. ADV. A SIN i room. fnml?he<t, In a lira" rlaaa honae, wt?hoiit ' Rrferaac?a r\i b*n*i d. Addraaa W. H , I'nloa h , uar< (??ice. WANTRD-RT A OI RMVN tJKNTI.KM AN. A ft** nlahed room w |th hraakfaai in a inlot and verv r apvrtiihlo private lamlly Had at rvfarraoet (traa. Ad.' ? ? -tat n? *r<onimodat;o:?. 1'iralloa and term<, R , hoi 1. 4.21 Pott otlite. XX? ANTED -HOARD IN A t'RRRt I! PAMI1.Y. Tf ply to I'har^ro W. I'olman. at Iba Medical tVillrjr ( Faat Roiirteenth atreet, between 8 und II o'rlonk A M. TA'ANTKD-BV A I.ADV AND ORNTI.RMAN (ROAR ' Tf lor ladv onlyi. a comfortably furnlalied mom, in a i apeelakta portlpn of thr rlty: hetwnrn Oraad and lllnork <? atrarta preienrd. Prii-a maat be taodarale. Addraaa R. ^ Newell, Broadway Poat office. WANTKD.- Bf?\RD WANTKD IN A PI.AIN PR1VA1 TT and ri-aprcuble famlljr, for a yntta* marriad woman, for tbr winter Addrraa, for (wo day*. Mr*. Smith, Bnawlwav Poet office. ?t rrD-A ROOM, IN A PRIT\TRFa\|U,T. DOWN T* town, with partial hoard < r w hou', for a alnelc ?ent|c rran Rrfwtncw ?l*t?, If tfjulrH. Addrasa U, A., R?rad TEWAMTH' RKGIHTER. A pleasant iiomk, at a small bent.-a single gentleman, who has a neat villa, .u th? immediate vicinity of New York ui a pleasant village, from whu:li there ik hourly communication wttli th?> city, desire* to let It to a pleasant family with whom b" * 0', Id board a* an euuivnlent lor rent. The situation in highly pleasant, very heallby, ami command* In* views, ('..neb house and iitahle on the grouud*. Address A. B., box 2,092 foul ullica. * FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? AN ELEGANTLY J\ furnished two story utile and basement house, bulow a mlty street aud went or Broadway, and iu a desirable Iocs lion for a hoarding house. Rent moderate. .mil psyftblu weekly, lo advance. Apply to BOYD A 1111. 1., 1H6 Bpi'lug Blrt et. LCjKTB TO LKT-WITH steam ho web, corner ok haymond and Willougbby s'reets, ll.-ooklyn, 33x100, M windows earb. Inquire at the hat factory opposite, or of J. 11. l'KKNTK'E A CO., 106 Water street, New York. TO LET? UNFURNISHED, OR PARTI,* FURNISHED, a hist clan*, full sized lour story brown stone house, i'ou talning twenty two rooms. all tlie modern Improvements, a fine picture gallery and seventy the invaluable pe'ntmgs, located on a fashionable avenue, nearly opposite Madison n i uare. Address Junius, care of J. O. Davison, 12 Maiden lane. Alto, the beautiful three story brick bouse, (in perfect ordi-r.i 216 Ailauis street, HrookJyn. Apply on tlie premises. TO LET ? A FURNISHED ROOM, AND I1KDROOM AT tached, for two aiugle gentlemen, or gentlemen and wife; terms $4 per week, unfurnished. If reuuired. Apply for three duys, at 466 Canal street, corner of Hudson. TO LET? A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO 21 HUI? rou street, between Ilcade and Duane street*, at the ter minus of thelliid.-on Kiver Rsllroad. A superior atand for any kind of bus'Jicss Kent $76(1. TO LKT-TI1E NEW SPACIOUS STORE NO. 250 Mul berry streei . lor any business except the Ifciuor fade. Apply to l?r. O'KKILLY, 83 White aireet, or to Mr. Farrell, 221 Elizabeth slreet. TO I.ET? THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS OK HOUSE No. CH Twenty ninth street, near I*exiuRlon avenue; eight rooms on a Hour: marble mantels, grates, g is, water, Ac. lur jisrticulars upply on the premise*, Item 8 o'clock A.M. to 4 TO I.ET? IN THE NEW GENTEEL HOUSE 111 EAST Slxuenth street, near Stnyvesant nark, the parlor llior, bare melt lloor, and a large front bedroom on second lloor, gas and Croton on every lloor; rent low to a good tenant. Inquire on secoud lloor. TO LET? THE STORE AND BASEMENT ON THE COR Ml . I' Canal an. 1 Klin streets; let separate or together, with or without steam power. Inquire m the store. I In; ei tension of Canal street makes this a deairable lo'.itlon. TO LBT? TWO NEATLY FURNISHED PARLORS, WITH heaters and i hi. nrtellers. Also, a large front bedroom, which would ace .mni(Htate two gentlemeu, or a gentleman and liil wile, with full er partial board, iu a strictly private family. Apply al 168 West Seventeenth street. TO LET-OWNERS WANTED? A SUITABLE PLOT, coi sistlng of about four to ten cltv lot*. 1 he place in'Ht be sui'iible for brewing purposes, and the building of cellar*. Applications in wrklng. Inquire of O. II., 31 Bowery, In tlie barroom. TO LET -A GREAT STAND FOR THE GROCBRY business. Rare opportunity for an energetic man. The large store and cellar No. :ttl!i Tenth avenue. Rent low. Apply Immediately to O. ANOEVINK, lttt Eighth avenue. TO LET-FOUSK 114 WEST BROADWAY. RENT $;??. Three ?mall stores, Nos. .'II and :V1 James street; rent $12 each Also apartment*, at 15 MuU street. Apply at 333 llioadway, room No. 5. TO LET? A SMALL, THREE STORY, BRICK HOUSE, No. 5 Garden row. Eleventh street, well adapted 6>r a small familv, with Croton water throughout and in food con dnion. Possesaion given immediately. Apply to D. W. FEN TON, 167 Broadway. TO PHYSICIANS ? TO LET, A SUIT OF FIRST CLASS oflh es. consisting of two rooms. with grate, gas. marble wash baaln, and water closet on the lirst lloor of the new brown stotie English basement house, No. 123 Ninth street, third door west of Broadway. HXW A.KDS. fc-| REWARD ?A CARPET BAO, WITH BRASS PLATE ipl keyhole, was left In the second car of the Harlem Rail road Company, which train left New York on Saturday after noon, Sept. ?/, , at twenty minutes past S, for Albany. Said bag contained two shirts, marked "T. C. two collar*, ao ies, Ac. The above reward will be pslrf by leaving or forwarding the same to T. Crommtlln, 113 Johu street. New York. BQ REWARD-LOST. ON THE 27TH INST., A NEW #0 loundlanil dog; with whl'e breast. scar on the left lo<it and a Utile acar on the nose. Whoever will return the same can receive the above reward, and no <|uestlons asked, at No. 344 Hudson atreet. REWARD.? LOST, ON TUESDAY LAST, A LIVER aud white spaniel dog, answers to the name of Brisk. Apply to 11. Baiuhridge, Washington avenae, third house south Iroin I ui on menue. Bn ?oklyn. d?1 A REWARD -LOVT, ON THE PBMBM FROM ?XU South Orange to Cortlandt street ferrr, or thence to Fourteenth rtreet, a ladv's bbtck lace abaw l. The tind -r will lecdve the above reward by leaving It at 132 Wcat Fourteenth street. fin REWARD- LOST, IN GOINO FROM PR ABL V-l'' slreet U> the New Haven cars, corner ol Canal street and Broadway, sundry paper*, of no use to an) one but the ow ner, amour which were three notes of hand drawn by J. S. VNaid aud John Purdee, payable to the order of James B. Thump- on at tbe Marine Hank, one lor 92,76*). one for *2>i3S4, and one for 92 INS W. All person* arc hereby .'au tioi ed sgaicst necoUaling the same, a* thev are not endorse I. \ and pavu ent I.** 1 ecu stopped. Tbe tinder will please return i hem to the Marine l*Rnk corner Wall and Water Itreeta. where the above reward will be paid dtilli REWARD.? LCST, ( N SATURDAY NIGHT LAST, V I W a black bag and h psir ol boot* atia 'bed. The flu ler w ill receive ibe above reward by leaving the same with Johu (toyle, ;s Cortlandt street. <fclH RKWABD.? STOLEN, FROM THE STORK OF II ?Pi" J llart* Bro., 74 Maiden Une, a French revolving plsiol, ol the l^sfaucbeuse pn'eu. the peculiarity of which Is i hat It require* to be lo,idi n ? ith charges tilted Into a copper c) l*nder, made eapreealy tar this des ruition of pistol. Any partj it storing the same to B J. Ilari A Bro , *4 Maiden lane, wljl receive the above reward. d?C/\ REWARD- LOST OR STOLEN FRO* THE AHTOR ?PtJU bouse Sept 12, a black leather traveling bag. conttln lug clothlrg, and Paper*, books, Ac. 1 he paper* are In a |>o. t folio, maiked A lluib rook, Oregon City, The above reward will I e paid the under on leavlu^' the bag or the paper* al the Astur house and do question* asked. ftinn REWARD-LOST, BKTWBEN THB ASTOB VAVl" " Uotiae. New York, and Goshen, on, the Hew York and Erie Railroad, a pocketbook, containing a anm ol money, and about aeven laud warrants. WBnever will return the aame to tbe aubeetiber shall recetre a reward of llOu. R II. HLAKB, aft. New Yerk aud Brte Baii/uad. Duaue ?irvet pi ?r. DRY litKIIW, Blankets? soiled blankets -families can aupply themselves with blankcu for the approacbuis' winter at unusually low prlrea W S. BOND, Ills and 110 Sixth avenue, exactly opposite -Jefferson market Cloaks, talmas and mantillas.? LaNR a poktrk s OPENING DAT, Wednesday. October I. 72 Canal street LAIHKS. ATTKBTIOV ? tJRANP nVRMBO OK NRW fall millinery, on Wcdu<?.la>, October I. at 1A^ B jwery. C,,\ N N INU A i?>. LINFN CAMMRIi ' H ABDKRRCIHRPR? bordera, ln'tiiiilchad and embroidered, M Till 1.1.1 KM m>l?E, 741 Broadway. above AaUir nlv<! .)? I . Mill, IK KB ACQ.. Proprietor* V^AIKIBS ABD DOTI1M-A VKRV ATTRAt TIVR i.1 ?t?rk. and at the lowcat prtcea at TIIK U.1IH ?To*?. 748 Broadway, a'wtre Aator place. J. C MHJJKRW A !?<>.. Proprietor*. MA< HIBR HTlMIRn SHIRT BOttOMR? WRIRTBABPR Miid collar*, for m- u and boy*, alwa)* m baud, aud g.i up 1? init box taat*, ai tiik nim arnat, 74* Broadway. *bo rr Aauir place J. C-irtlXlKRiri l O , Praprietor* M ormmo ri.oAiw.-A brai Ttpri, amortmrn r nr.* open *i WKKD'S mourning atore ?;? Brtwdwai directly 0|>p<i*4l* U.a Metinpoltuti lintel SILKB ABD KMHROIDKRIRR? t.R ROfTll.l.TKH HRt iTHEHH bare Dow a full ajMiriment of p.lka, in plalda, L|*r**, hrnrad.* and rhtna. Alan, allk rob*? Th. emhrt'tderj department ? well auripllad with colter*. band a. mnalln work, Ac , Ac Id Canal mr< et and 47 Howard atrtet. 2IAWI> -I.K B< it'TILLl KR HROTHRR* HAVF. JOT i**eived n*w Write afcawla, long and ?|taare brwha wfc, km* and e-iti?re Wool aha w la la original Mylea bnrhe ararf* gold end ararf*. Ac. flu tlaaal atrerl and 47 Howard MIU.MKKT. M. r.71 HKuaOWAT. Ull MADAMR R IIARRIH A BOB. Ibe Sunday lie.paicb. Sej* Bt. aa.a -The novelty of the ?ter waa Ike rJiapean d? plana, ainda by Aleiandi iw, rarta, ar.d ihr oalT one whlah b?? hwa Imported lain thla city. Ii la ?.mw?*d of Hay ?ky bin* feather* TnamaiHe I with larger feataera o4 Uir muic hue. lane aud anartet valvet hloMom* Th* lonl eneeaible la w.tutot*. I,atlnap?*ani>* to deacnl.e Th*r* la an tneipramlbl*. anfi limirtouanm*. in wtik-h an word* < an do juatlre H muat be *ae? t? b* api<re< ialad. Aa other, intended lor aMfhl mourning. waa m black valrrt th? Mirenie froM and ernwa onmpuaed of an open wwrk of tea black aud while cheallle, Uiear war* coverad with fall* of whRe I hanullr tore aad edrad with Mark. apmfBalno of whtc oatrtrh ..n't miraboul frathrr* apo'lad and wlih black. <wna<aen'od Hie atdra. and rHatann rrtrH bV a<aa with loopa of black roteai. Um> taaula of thta harmiiur and dlaUnf or co4flur? AmnnaTbc n?.*rl diwatioaa for thla aeaaoa, wr aolicwd a ftin??of faa-bara. whl. h la rtir??al? bnanufnl and (raaafal It la prtoHpallj uaad tor bridal Ha la VfADAMK P. LAUREBT -PARI* MTI.I.IBRRT, ?l iTl llraadwar Brw bonnet* Juat received from Paria li blbltlon on Tbnradar Oetotier 1 Mm. kahr. as nrvt>i|oB utrrft, tak? pj.r\ aare in Infonrinc lb* tedte> nf New York and Ttcmlty that ahe will hare the honor of npcniaff no Thurattey. (>. 2, ft )r tbelr Inspection, a larfe and ejo^ant aaaorunent of mil linerT fnr the fall and winter aeaeona. of the moa' re. h*r*b* atylea Mra Kabii wnukl take adTai>ta<* of thla oiipnrtiiiiltr tn retnrn her thanka to her fYt<-nd? and e ntoniera fnr tb<- ll beral manner In a klrh they have palrnatae.l her durlnjl P <*t, and "he hnp-a I') atrtct a'ler.tten u> her buatn*aa to de*err?. a contlnnane. f the ?ame kln^nea* l?lla>' nan ma tertala made tip la III* awat ta<hhmab|e at y lea on the abort**t aoilce. t'nuatry milliner* anpplied with pa'tern boane'fl on the moal liberal terma Botirr ?Our new <bnw 'i nom will be well wnr>hr of a''?n lleti. aa we have taken i>artl. tilar ctre In eih hft aotbln( there bill wh*t la e'eunt and rerh' rr he ____________ M1I.MBKRT. MIUI OITBBIR RWPR?JTF01,t.T A 1 ?I nonnc*a to the publm and ladlea generally. tht< he, gboir r?'i?m? arc n ?? .pen, wlih a handaotne aaaortmem of P*ri? ml'llnerr V * '<her with a large atoi-k of lier own manu facture. I.adte* re?M tnf np town will itleaae eall and exa mine bffore p?re4iaal?g elaewbare. t'RH, flllTHRIR, M4 F.lgbtli a< ttnii'. between thlrtj ?*venth and Thirty eighth aireeta WV ft. fRVISK. Ill CAS A I. STRKKT MBPCTTPVL It Invltca the attention of the ladie* lo bla choice aaaort ?lent of hala. clonka talmx- flower*. *>atb'Ta. rhluelle and atraw trimmtrga. for the fall ami winter wear. w Jifif a* eia.MMrih , FOR HALE. Q NEWTOWN VILLAGE LOTS? ONLY *178 K4f*ir. O These lota ?re Mgh beautifully 1. ' ? I wttho this village Access by Khishlni railroad, of o' ?|g?a :oin PtClC flip terry Apply to J. K. W Er;D, 1116 Uroadwu)', rc ui 5. *i en -fob sale. an iron back. iikt ring maker gnnpowdet proof hckr: eo*? H&l; will be soiil very cheap. Apply at 333 H road way. r' ulu No .J. Ai\f\ ?A SALOON, HANDSOMELY E. TICD UP. A>I? r'Jv/. doing a fli.e trade i* offered a i uarH'iu. The owner having other business cannot a I. oil t H< ni low Apply to HOWES A Co , H4 Ntssa-i ?t' et. tnA FOR SALE, a ?VL?*DIO US' >0 K 1 Y, VliuWt/, with good stock, horse, w on aN two years' lease, at low rust Baa done a cash buMaeai of over $:uo g't day None but a cash customer need apply For fiir'oer particulars apply to QEoRtjK WKST, l;i W.iU auctti. ?PAPER HANGINGS AND WINDOW > shade business for sale. The st>'k, 4ito"e?, lease. Ac., of one of the bist a'auds la the cuy, n-iw ?? good trade, will be Hold itnimvitaiely for cani^ ,tu>I a; piuvvtl paper. Apply to <1. C THUMI'SQN, wfl Nassau street. 5 000 A-( KE* -F ?1I,8T. ITUin iowa law $2,500." for wile low, lor * Kjtu >r Qgchange ?' ?' good Iiy proper"}' unci cumbered, or lor nieirliainliat . Also. a uuui business for sale, which pays well located in the c >untiy. Apply to T11W. VVKLLWOioD, 7* Nassau stre?u $r /rnn -fob bale ob exchange, fob pbo pcrty up lown. a two story attic ami n*?ein>-nt bi ick house. In a respectable location In lie *ev<-?th wrnxl, with all the modern improvement*. Apply to T. Ui MOU, .V>1 Tklril avenue. _ 4il ? HAH WOBTH OF PB1ME B BAN 1)1 IN XX ?ll/?UUv change for city sroperty. Apply to BE I.I <'? A UKAUDOUIN, Importers of wines. b-anlies, A3 , I#) FuU ton street, between bioaflway and Naaaau street. QM ft Hon -VALUABLE beai, estate fobs U.UUU. rent or for sale, containing seventeen acre? ol land, ou which there are two small dwelling houses and & very large two story stone and brick factory; Building an tifc ble for a bone blsck lager bier or rectifying establishment, op anj thing of tlie like f>ai'l property Is located on th" weAterui plie re of York Hay, about I Vb tnllea from .lervty ? '.ty? rwyof access by vessels of eight or ten feet dfdft toalina pier erected on aald pn rerty, Hnd about two miles from New York city. It coniiuitn'!* a splendid view of the ent're bay. Narrows, New \ork city, Oovert?or's Island Ac. Title in M-t putable. For full particulars inquire of WM. H IBI.LlFKi-!, K?|., counsellor at law olllee No Moolsoniery street, ler->'y City, W. ,1 It will be disposed of hnmodiately, as the own 'C is soiiig to England AiPLB|l|lll>LY FUBNI8UKD LADIB8' BO VB?!N(J house near ilie lahliloiiable hotels, can be bo'tabt vei-y cheap for eash, as the present proprietor him uwde a lortuna ami fntei.da to retire to the country. Apply at 289 Broadway, room 14. WHOLESALE AND KKTAIL LIQCOB STOHU, <>S a ^reiit thorouchfure. and near t lorry and m-trket. Tho tixtures w ill be sold very cheap If applied for Man. Iu'iuii q itl 2C0 Canal street, corner of tiieenw ich stieet. A BAKEBY ?ONE OK T1IE L AB(i EST.BEST AMI) LONtf establiahod In UM city, oilered at a bar?>ln, tiie own- r leaving the city; 40 to CO barrels per week. For particular* apply to HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. BILLIABD SALOON FOR SALE- AT A (?BK AT S A< BI lice, ou account of the death of the proprietor; it ia hand somely nucd tin. best location up town, near I'n.ou uwre. In<|Uire at 1CJ Water sli . el. up ntuus. CONFECTIONEBY STOCK AND FIXTURES FOB sale? Located at fffi Slith avenue, opposite .he Cryatal Palace. Attached is a saloon. Ac. Soldon account o' the ill health of the proprietor. Inquire as abdte. Dining kaloon fob saijc ? this saloon is now doing a good business, and wiU be sold very low to a cash customer. Apply between 3 and 6 o'clock at the saloon, 6(1 William street. Fib bale? a first claps photoobaphic am brotype and daguerrean k tilery, with every article and convenience for continuing the business. Will t>e aold on ac couut of the ow tier kavin^; the city. Fcr partic ultrs see auc tion column. Fob kale-one ok matebs floitb mills, ih good order, cost 9130 nearly m good as new; will JBl sold very low. Apply to D. SMITH, coal yard. Warren IT, below Columbia, Brooklyn. ' Fob sale? the lease, kto*'K and fix tubes op one ol the best public house* In ihe law cr part of tha city, located In West street, below Morris, in tbe .mraediata vicinity of three or four lines of steamers. It is dec .lediv one of Ihe! chances !<ir ? party that Mii.lcr?ianrt? 'he h islneaa, that has been otlered fiir a number of years. Apply to J OH X F. FLAACKE, 7S West street Fob sale ? a i?own town dbinkino saloon. with siock and tittures. Inquiie on the pr*nn*"a, 1 IT ,li hn street. For bale? scuoonib example, 78 tons, draws 6 feet loaded. II not sold previously, will he sold on Friday, Oct. 3, at 1(1 o'clock, at loot Spruia street V. R. lu ?inire on board, or of CIIab. HaBKIMAN, ship, So4 West street. IpOB FALE-AT A BARGAIN. A GOOD LEATHER 1 top carriage, in perfect condition, auliable for a phyii:laa or business man. A koo<1 gold watch will be taken n part pavniect. Ii.i|iilre ol Win A A. J Flandreau. JO and 2bi Nimh avenue. Foil SAI.E-A ROSEWOOD HE YEN OCTAYE PlANi* forte, bighlv tmisbed. superior tone, and has been n<e<| but a few mouths. Coat (3U0 and will b>' sold lo? to a <? ish pnnhaaer. Apply at 2S9 Fourth avenue, wher4 It can i>a seen. FOB SAl.K? THE MODERN KOUB 6'rOBY, H'llfl basetn> iit, finely (totalled house, gas Cxtttrea, A v. com 1 plete. 102 East Kixteentli street Owner break. ou .( In 1 keeping, will selljow, $l,uuo only leq ?tired. App;y ?u 1.0 l.renieea. Fob sale? a hmai.l Kora story iioi?r, m Temh strm t, miw Second avenue. In perfe ' o i r throuubout. containing all Hie tnodero i.npi ovmeir* P-. ?, Including ?as tixtsre . terms > erv ac. uir i, ? I . u r a. 1 po seesion lnmudlately, It dealred. ap/.ly on ? im pr im" 1, irom 10 till 3 o'clock. Fob sale? the cheapebt house in hie city, three story and l>a-< lueni house, in yeflect onirr, lam yard, pleasenlly sMuatid In I*elaoeey street aea'th* ilver. Apply to W. A. KERN, 2M (.rami s'reet. IjH)? SAl E-THK ENTIRE UTot'K OF A SODA WA ter establishment consmtlnf o( m.i"hinery, bors- a < g ous, botUea, boxes, liarness, Ac., togethtr or la parts, to fu4 purchasers. Call at 12V East _'4<h si. For pale? a butcher mop. where a good in slncas Is done. Kor further particulars nij . re oa u? preniitea. No 4o t'ariuliia sirrei P)B SAI.E?A fiENTS' FURNISHING STORE, DOINtl a eood busineaa Only reason for selhng, -i. gaged in another business. Hnsall staok. A bargain to Im had. Apply at No. lSuChu tubers street, oppo* te t.trar.l House. r?R SALE CHRAP, A RARE CHANCE? A nAOU'.RRE otvpe and photograph apparaiua, of the bestiteaenp^Kin, with stMiweases snd everything conn< ete<l and iinn for earrvlng on a large busineaa; all In e*< client order A pply to LEAl'H A l'RIIt'HARD, real estate and ooUeetlng agents, X Chaml'ers strssc FOR SALE OR EXCHANOE? A HOUSK, RARN AND two scree of land, four miles east on l^ng Isand. :'<* ?AtW. Address J. L D., M Last KightcenLb street. FHOR f?ALK OR KXrHAXOK-FOR GOOD ("ITT OR Brooklyn property. f*Vr of throe faruia. w?U ? uh good htlikuaga and plenty of fruit, or two of ihe I'irmi would lo eii-hanccd fhr an tineneiiml.errd h.viw?n.|!nrnl> turo. I'rtoo of fhrm*. ?lO.uOft, tit fltf) anil $13,0*1. All nf iha ?aiil forma arr la hoolthjr lucauoao. and two of thorn withla l)i< hour* of Mow Tan. Apt' y at lift Naaaan *'r"iroota Mo. a. ttrat floor, rttf hall. for hai.r-oh mu. nr. i.kt or aliln teima l>r "" month or jear. . <inl bar aalooo flurnlnbi'd ready for bunInM* Location unaitmaaoed 10 lb la rltjr lor 'he huaioeoa. Ia-|?lre ai 16 Hudaon ntroot. SHTRAM ERUIRF. KOR HAI.R CMIAP-1IW TWO M.? rirontal ryllndera. IS by * Inrhe* ; l? oarUrularly wLtpU d for *teadr work. and la wf aitpertor build aod Uniah. Apply loH H. MAVKaRH. 5o. t WalHtroH * TWO FIBR COriTTRT IXACRfi FOR MAUI CIIEAP ? A beautiful country reaid'Ore al Stanford. tVmn . oon'atn in( 71 wreo. fine tmprotr menu delighUully attuatoil soar 'ha Railroad depot aod tht *11 age I'rve <4 the whole Property, |M ?*>? worth at k-aot tail OHO Half mm rrmain raiWl and mortgage at oil P*r cevt per annum Also, a flD? country ro rldraee at Haybrook. roan , at (be mouth of the <"onn?.-j~ut rtTOr, aplen<1idl* locate! on the bar aod Hror. with fioo TteW ol the Sound The land to a hlc> atale ol . uhK at >n I Vie* $10, (Nil eaah? worth f Sianfai I and Haybrook are two of the hoahhlrol location* lath* nnlt?vl Stale*, with the heat nfaoetety rharehea wboolo. batting. xhing. *0. Both at tbeoe (arma contain building illeo. whfk will T,e ?n,.l i*raraW Ifdeolred Fur further partiewlara lorilro nf M F TOW It MtRD W Rawau Hreot. m le'iee*. naua ?>w,ir , ew|ii?v i?w ID A (rooa bargain. Apply to ? Oarbanaai. Oaoaral Photograph* AgnfK M l>uaric atreot rro I'RIXTKRJI ? A ORKAT RARtJ AIR.? 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