Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1856 Page 1
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E Fthe episcopal church. he General Convent Ion of the K pier opal Churt-h In T'liI lutlrlplila. SFKCIAL ItJtPOKT KOK THE N?W YOHK HKllALD. Pllil ADKU'HL*, tfept. 20, I860. The great triennial General Convention of -.he Kpincopal 'Church will meet In this city to morrow. (Wednesday; October 1. The proceed ngs will unnoubtely be unique ftnd interesting n % high degree. Among lb) delegates* Who will be gathered from all parts of the Colon, will be ?otne of the moat distinguished nun of our crnntry both In GhurchNtnd State, rbis church now numbers a very large proportion of the intellectual aid wealth' classes of the country, and the brtlliaDt display of talent md ability (generally oaaaregated it thin Convention and fc,. mvr> tude of the subjaeU to be iln ..ud, will dm* u on/> ot church people to the atgeuioictge Among llieae yv>,?tc? are, the memorial oe the subject of Increasing Cyie effi ciency ol tne Church, the ..ivivon of iKipnIous dilveu' the reslgnal en of Bishop Whitehouse, the c<ue of tne sua pended bishop* the revbion of the judicial system of tee church, and several others ol great luiercHt ? jd tiopor tance to Kplscoptlisms. The Bouse ot Bishops nn>: the House m I>eputloa ?lt 5n different buildings ? tho former ti .vay* in close con Clave. The only opportunity which the public hat of aseing this Msemblage 01 grave ana vsoertble prelates la on the first day ol tne ses-ioa, when they appear in the church, wit'? the ueputtee, fully robed In the distinctive habiliments of their order, tor the purpose ol astisuai In th rolemn ceri monials of wor A^lp^*ltli which tT.etr sittings always commence. The ? " i vocation will l>e preached oy the Bishop , Dr. Doane, a great pulpit oratcr and dla j louse of Bishops now const* is ol? iKigatKev. Dr. Browneti, Bishop of Connecticut, Presiding Bishop of the Church. Rev. Dr. Meade, Bishop ol Virginia. Kev. Dr. H. I). Underdoes. Bev. Dr. B. T. Ouderdonk. Rev. Dr. Hopkins. Bishop of Vermont. Rev. Dr. Smith, Bishop 01 Kentucky. Rev. Dr. Mcllvane. Bisnop ol Onio. t. Rev. Dr. Doane, Bishop 01 New Jersey. * Rev. t?r. Otey, Bishop of Tennessee. . Rev. Dr. Kemper, Bi-4iop ol Wisconsin. . Rev. Dr. McCoskry, Bifhop of Michigan. Rev, Dr. Polk, Blthop of Louisiana. Rev. Dr. Delanoey, Bishop 01 Western New York. Rev. Dr. Wblitingham. Hi.-bop of Marylaud. Rev. Dr. SUiot. Bishop 01 Georgia. Rev Dr. I<ee, Bishop ot' lielaware. Ht. Bev lir. Johns ol Virginia, lilt. Rev. Dr. Kastburn of Massachus -Us. '?St. Rev. l>r. CI i an o, of New Hampshire. Rt. pev Dr. Cobb, ot Al?l>auu Rt. Key Dr. Hawks, of Missouri Rt Bev. l?r, f reeman, ol lY-xus. Ac. kt. Kev. Or. Boone, Mlssioiary Birho >. Rt. Rev. Dr. Soutligate, Missionary Bishop. ..Kt. Rev. Dr. Potter, of Pennsylvania. Rt. Rev. Dr. flurgtss, of Maine. Kt. Rev. i>r. Uplold, of Indiana. ?Rt. Rev. Dr. Green, of Mi*3bsippi. Kt. Rev Dr. Payne Missionary Bishop. Rt Rev. Dr. Ru'tledge, 01 Florida. Bt. Rev. Dr. Williams, of Connecticut. Kt. Rev. Dr. Whitehouse ol llltuois. Rt. Kev. Dr Davis, of donth Carolina. Kt Rev. Dr. Atkinson, of North Carolina. Rt. Rev. Dr. Kip, of Calitomia. Rt Rev. Dr. Scott, of Oregon, Ate. Rt. Rev. Dr. Lee, of Iowa Hi. Rev. Dr. il. Potter, of New York. Rt. Rev. Dr. Clark, of Rhode Island. The sesmou commences in st 1. use's church, In this ?ity, <n Wednesday, at 10>; o'clock. It is a pity tbat W>3K! -TjXr < h'irch has not t>'. en selected lor tne purpose, so thai ool '.my a larger -huraOcr tH woiaaippeis could be accommodated. but tnat the opjning ceremonies might fee periorrueJ with greater majesty and itnpressiveness Piiil*i>ki.i'ru, Sept 30, 1858. 7he Convention ol the ICpiscopal Church will commence Its sessions :a Philadelphia on Wednesday, Uct. 1. The kiembers or tbat communiou all over the country are looking forward with interest and anxiety to the ap proaching meeting It Is coinpo^td of two houses ? the far use of Bitbupr, thirty three In number, and tne House O ' Clerical and Lay Deputies, consisting of lour ciergy. oq> u at.'l lu^r laymen Iron, eveiy ulocc&s ? numbering ?'?oat 260 membeis Bes.des Ujr usual amount of necessary legislation, there are vurfous subj.cts o* ttuporuuice which will como It.'ore the Cot vtution. A new party has lately sprung up In the F.plscopa church, wticbbxis lair to sweep away the old lanl narks, anil to break oowu both the eld famous of hig stanrch and low church. It U railed iht tiroad Churo parly, ano Is well uttlcernd, and counts lu Its ranks mao < f the young bl'>od and active /am ol th* church. It 1 fttiibbo'tth .0 "The Mem " presented throe year Ifo by 1 r. M .blcnb g an. I otti. rs, and its cried I. I ?VnfiTu x. rrlaxation," "ai.ri ge<t services," "anaalle bishopric*'' and "church chanties." Tne old high church party, i.uilrr the lead of the ChunSmm. give it no quarter, aad the old lowcfcun ti parts, headed by ?S?? Prrf'/Un Cm.rchtiKin. drncuncus I' lust! iy. The Chut ^,'i Jt/urncU rsther encourages It. with a few lovepa>;'s now and thin without omiug out as Its ftroweu ( igau and champu n We are n lstaken It the Ph lailrlphia Convent: >n doea not prove tl. at, though y i-ng, the new party Is lusty, Weil to do, and as vigo'iius as a "g'eeu bat tree.'' Tte klen.onil question will, therefore, be aa unporUiit Item of the business of tho t.< n< ral Ooaventi Jl. It is taid,' a so. that an att tupt will be made again to restore to his cilice the stup- n led B.sbop Oadcrdonk. of P>Bnsylvai.ia. We do not hear ot any etlori being made la biball of hu brotui-r, the lat Bi'hop of New York, kut It la not inl.keiy tnat sumrthing mav be done Bishop Esstburn, ot Massachusetts, has got hlm<elf !n*o a st. are by rafutlng to visit one of the cLurchei (the t;bi.rce of tte Advent) tn B >alon. fne ground of his re :n?al Is t'je alleged prartice oi tracta{iau lollies m the perT" mstice of the service The pari?h wili appeal for relief to ti e Ger.eral (Convention, and the piovaiuog im prassloa Is tLat tho Blthop will be made "to marc. i up |o the trciiigk.'' Bishop W It'honse, of ll'lnois. It Is said, also Intends to nlrn bocsuse his people wout't let bun live hi N6w Yorlt, ami so out now and thiiu to look aftui bi t flock. Tl.ero Is another matter likely to com e up In Coovrn tid. wbiCli will elicit much Interest, vis: the el<'"tlon of a Miss i nary Blshrp for Miuu^sota M>nnes<> a. not being a dKx;< us rannot i lect s Bishop for Itself, and must there km d"pvnd upon the temii-r mercies o.' the House of B.sbop* i*evt>ral names am upoki n or in church circles (i >r the mitre of this nee omsiooary tteid, among whom ?s Ua-e brard those ol Rev Dr. \ an lageu, ofrt Paul's; Rev. Pr. iSfveus. ot Pb. al-lphia. Kev. Dr CsnQeld, of Brook yn: Per. Or. Clark* >n, ot CkM|?i Kev. Dr. Ooss, t,f Baitlnor*. Kach of tliem has warm advocates urging " Ik eleci on. The last ram nt gentleman would pro ?hiy have hern tin* f^r. ,*io one n he n.i t not pre J teed hi- 'rase by dec - :>l<-ly the U^boprii of fexas. ?s not unlikely that a uatae not yet mentioned, or trbapa tbought of. wni he Uxml upon It is supposed tbat with their usual llse-otlon tho mem ;s of the KpiKcopal burcu will keep pontics and slave out of their dtsrus/toii* entirely: so that we need look for any interesting rsvdatons in that dlrec 'he few priachers wno nava had iu discretion euough lai'ud t > p ii:tw * In the p . . have b- . i t to t:? [?IT;' t.'t it.tiT hy tt..-* .- hrsi.-ifo. an I w ? do ot m he tr thiy will be beard of or from in the ap.iroacbtng urent on. e I' pi copal church numbers eowtblrty fourblsheps, i riergy aed about l&.i.MKl comrsaalcauw It is the slthi'?t cniiimuotoa Id ILi land, and its strensth 'les I ly 'i, t.,p r'Ks ^ > i n't or in ->t r cihk ti t ffo? i Siu si , " ?' >V r ? > : < t i Colon tt Is by no means as numerically strong as on At>aa<;< seaboard. It It hard to say wnat aru the po tal preferences of I's mlni-ters S' d meahers: there I a good many old frglee among them wb>> are intense ?.no saters, " but t1. ro are n i a few who nrw strong heir pr.-' reMO for tb- tr own brother in the flsltb, the at Pait.tir.flMpibo .s to surely destined to be our neit tl mag 'trate The Harbor C'omntlealottrra. I PKOPOsBH WWW WATKR STRKH* FOK BROOILTV. be !la'b<>r CowniMion. ru, In company Oencral eesor I'.acfco and ('oamM^w tiavla, u an oard, mi t yesterday, at 10 A M , at No 30 the Commissioner*' to b"?r p<ietlea i|ipU?tMi ior tho construction of ? law street I'jmI rivar fin) re of Brooklyn There *m u< n lanco of |?roperty owner* of Brooklyn reata ?ould b.? ail ried by Ihe prop*.'.! street, m addressed Iho Commissioners in opposition mure under consideration They l i*i*ted that project which, If carried oni, would not only tenoroto tbelr proper!) in value, but prove to itber than a oeiioflt to the city In a commercial tew. The shore line wu urged a< a"ogetver to} ?<lmlt ot lay in* o'it ??ci ? ?(?n et a* wan called oeiy portion o' the shore permitting the construc row watc str.-et, was said to be that portion ol ire eitenrt n ' south to Atlantic Hvt. Mr ".iwers. Etncipal paiijr Interested In the property embraced i -In re, Irom Fulton avenue ferry to the root of fmcnt street, wh < h take* in tbe principal so< il in ?tit to tbe Brooklyn heights, oppose! streanonsly wilding of anew witter street between tteee point*. PaUdthatat present at cat is established at these tin- ? ster wa* n V '1/ < ut (I. end pretente.l do fttlnn* being rnmml'tc I 1 |*in the wirchnu*** and la la tbia vicinity The laying out Of a new elroet remove t tola guard, ar.d place property now in much Jeopardy. II wa* stated, further, Powers, that, following tbe construction street, Uie preeeut Fulton avenue ferry ou'd have In be entirely cut away. By other It wa* urged that all alonf the shore ?r elde of Fulton Avenue Ferry up to Newtown tbe whole dlslaree almost would bare to be built talch would tako a long time, besldee caualag in ious outlay. ie appeared urging Ibe prelected street. It we* ly tne Comml*sioners, after hearing what wm the parties present IB opposition to tbe mnaettro, nothing further on eilh-jr side hut 1 1 rrcelve mo from lioth side*, and upon tiie fact* and allega tbe memorial, lo pronounce lb? .r decision, 'oirmlseloner* *:n. ilieneonsly w't t g'vlug their e to U?e tbavi subject, p "t>c?e to liV1 evl l?n? to <jiilri<* relative toe.?'*hh*b!n| Ihe bonadaff IH?* belw ? i . * lii Cnllfornln. VUAT 18 T-OCO#- I* "? OWN STATE. The I art arriva i#r'UK U8 vor^ iDl?"'e6liDl5 polttical id ??.o.... ?. .Mfornia At iho Convention wliloh met teM ceiice lroni m at SacraiLcntOM Q',DilDli*c olMcwi, and an eloctoral . 4 , Jfcl?;nl?uie riux out at tlio mention of ticket a Htornr* ? _ ... .lb** ?1o tenjfcOj'ary chairman. Mr. Nunes, r ft moi t ? K^J *>" * ' amor,o,heJPtMB?,H,d ^ r it t . . . Jl Fremont u^nave a candidate who fcllal t, '"iZ^rtteatea ll"J 'j/" 01 tt? agr wbicb is 'hat of pro ' jfut which ace^fiquaily the improvement ot Hi" ? 3Kr , moral autl>Cienal world Tue architect ol his ow " Jy/ie, he ban trtcaely, though sliii a >ouiig nn?u, self a nam'' which la renowned wherever science lia tC voice, aid vtot.ii is unspoken only where civilization I as not * ii extended. licpruteu'lig as he doe* now the uia rty of vho eonsiltulietn, thu inarch of iraprovo Bent una thu cauae 01 humanity, we may safely congra tuute ourselves and the country upon thu certainty ot ble ditoUon Nor tbould we be surprised at thu assault-i whi'-h, by hie political opponents, are made upon hi* rt putailcn and bis capacity. t?ach assaults are incident l<> b a position? they only prove the motive* of those who wake tl 1 111. wb. e ibe-ir sliaiU, directed towards him, (all tiarinlemly at his feet It is the late ofgieatness to bo maligned, and the more conspicuous the mark the fastor uiid thicker lly the hhalta ol envy anil detraction. Time however, rcctlQes tbe wrong and compensate* the loxs; Ii.r while the great who have been unjustly availed are treasured in undying records. and are enshrined iu a na ti< n a heart, their traducera sink into merited oblivion, or preserve an infamous notoriety to which oilivion itself is tins*. The charges and suggestions maoe against Col. i re mi nt are identical with those maoe against the Ilerri ol New Orleans, by his political adversaries, when his tame was tirst mentioned in conbeclion with the same great ollice, and the.y w ill produce thej sarno results now il ui they did then. Central Jackson occupies a pedestal in history only less elevated than tho one on which is placed our immortal Washington, and the wave* of detrac tion which are urged sgalnst tbe reputation of Col. Fre mont will, like tho waves of the ocean surging aguiust a lock girl abort), break harmlessly at his feet auu impo tently retire. The adopted resolution* arc as follows: ? Resolved, That we cordially endorse Ihe resolutions adopted by the National Republican Convention, and in tle-m we re cognize the principles winch governed the political course of ihe Fathers of ihe re-pub |f\ Resolved, 1 hat we he. y ratify the nomination of John C. Fiemont and William L. ilayton and we will give them an enthusiastic support, as Ibe standard bearers of republican Issue in this Presidential campaign. Resolved, That we Inscribe on our banner Freedom, Fre tront and the Railroad! and under It we will light on uutil vii-ior> : hall crow n our efforts. Resolved, That slavery in the slave State* depends solely upon State laws for its existence; that Congress h is no power to modify, change or repeal such laws, and Is not responsible therefor; we are. therefore, opposed to all Interference with siaverv In the slave Mates. Rt solved. That the speevly construction of a national rail road, by the moat central and eligible route, connecting the Atliiitle States with California. Is demanded by the mliitiry, postal and commercial necessities of the republic; and we re cognize ihe power of Congress, under the constitution, to ap propriate money, as well as land, to aid In building this great work; sn 1 the only hope of its construction la in the election ot John C. Frememt. Resolved, 1 lat I*. T Herbert, by Ihe murder of an humble laborer, has rendered him? e'f unworthy of a seat as our repre sentative In Congress, md the democrats in the federal Legis lature, by refusir gto investigate the facta, have sanrtionesd the bloexJy deed; and Heralor Weller, In attempting to scree* him from public odium, merits the severest condemnation. Resolved. That the time has fully come for a thorough aDd ra ileal reform In our State ailalrs. and the complete overthrow of the political parties who have encouraged aid sustained a host of cormorants In tleir sthenics for plundering the people. , Resolved, 1 hat the practice ol electing to important public (I c lhces in, moral and uuprnclpled men, and those who have no I permanent interest in the welfare ol the country, has disgraced 011 Male and is an evil Which demands an immediate remedy. Resolved, That we aie in tavor of the speedv settlement of Is nel titles in this Mate: of a free grant to actual settlers of reasonable portions of the public domain, aud of free mining on the public lauds. Not the least Interesting Incidents of the occasion wa* fTelcsliiriony borne to the character and csnduct of Uto ?' Conqueror ol Caltforn'a." ('apt Fa. Ion, of Ssu Joto, bcinf callel upon by the Ce ever lion pave, in a mo lest and graphic manner, a history of Ms connection with Col. Fremont, as one of his coB>per>ioD* in nrnis, and upon hi* exploring expe ditiexs, and stated that iu every position tho repullican candidate for the l'resideccy ibared tho toila, dangers and fare ot these ure'er hi* command; that so far from shrink ifg Irom hardship or lard 'are, he was always foremost m tnduiiig loll, danger and privation. Capt F. stated tt at ibe stale charges ol the lite-rested partisan press, that a majority of Fremont's battalion wcrooppewed Vohis e cctmn was entirely without foundation, and that not mr.rc than hity out of live hundred could be found In the ranks of the oppemf uts of their lormer commander, aud that they were either olliceboblers or expectants. I I n Artonio Mario 1 ico, of Santa Clara, a native Call tcinian. and an old citizen of the country, a brother of l>cn Andreas Pico, one of the e lee tors at the last l'resl dent al election, and ol l'lo ltco, erne ef the former Gov ernors of California, be leg called upon by the united voice ot the a?simblago. c.e iveied ao address in Spanish, which was interpreted to the Convention After return li g trunks to the Convention, he stated that he had known Colonel Fremont ever slree he II rrt arrived in Calileirn a that he rste?emrd htm highly, and admired his talents ; that h* bravery was unquestioned, an 1 his hu ristolty unbounded. Althottrh at war with the CaUTor macs during the evi*teter of the his'tlltiea between the two countilea, be was ever kind to the??e whom the for ti.nes el war placed tu his power? re?|KCted the rights and property eftbe vanquished and shed no California's bletxi wsnn cly or unnecessarily; an 1 mat, o it of grati tude for hie kitd and humane bearing, the Caltfjrntan* tax ng contide'ice In bis wisdom and ability, would mpp< rt him now. Indeed, he could cot aec how any nsiblo A*?ieilcsB or Caltfornitn cowld refiwe to vote r Coloti' I Jtemont lor President ot the I'nlted Susies. Capt Aram, cf Santa Clara, being also called noon, ga?e s 1 -lory of hU connection a&d Intercourse with Col. friDtftl curing his rceldence In Callfora a Capt. Aram stated tbst he emigrated to the country in 184e? arriving with an en.tgraui tra'n eT thirty or forty wsgons where hscramecto new stands, about the present aite of tse Of UmjsBoUI, in ddober of the same year. The party 1- arn'-Bg i ron tbelr arrival that the American Hag had been rai'ed in tte country, bailed the event with je?? . rkortly a ter ttoe.r arrlvaij Col. Fremont came up with a smail body ot men, ant fe't about raising a uvtahon; he Miln l'ed all the jeng men and others who otuld be stared 're m tbe compsny to join, and bl* appeal was ptomptly responded to by that t lass He advised toe ren aimtg ?nugranta to proceed to Hie Mission of Santa t iara, and take up their witter <i larb rs, itistruoilngUiem to tortiy the plaee again rt attack, but not to despoil the J; slon. ,"idby all means to re?pect the rhurch pro je-iy Ha gave ttiem govercmcnt erders for pro vlsloiis, as they were In u state of destitution, llav lieor;ari?cd r.M fcattaue*. Col Fremont loetk op ha n. -itch tli wn ths cca't and the emigrant ejeimt^py, uidtr the command of Cart. Aram pr-<cneded to Santa < ara Jlissie'U. where they remained for the winter. I n u tl c return cf ?pt it g. and with it the news ol pence, the re Dipat y was illabsnefed The orders fetr provmiona tc MM ply 'he re.mpsny at Farta Clara wsre incluetod In ti e uioit i f Tab >r, tho CovcrnBient Commissary. Capt. Aram stated that (.? n Kearny sent fbr him one day, and -nqiiired Into the e rrotr.stances erf lb" case, and upon bit living turn a bi?te>ry 01 ttie matter, t?en. Kearny imme eiiaieljr dcf|atch d" a meaienger reepwstlng Col. gre moni's immediate attendarce. and upon bis reporting hmtr f, tte Ce muiar der in Chief Inquired sternly bv what antfcorlty the provlsinr.a bad htm fi.rnl*he<l. Col frernon replied that be bad takrn the rcapouMbiltty upon hticseif to no It, because tl was rtgtr. I pen lien. Kearny rerer.tirg the cmpbatic question, "I-o you snpnewe go verrtnett will allow 'bis expenditure! " Col. Frensewit promptlv replied ?' that he cons'dered the emergenctea ot the e ase iterr ended what be did, and if the govern m< nt would not allow the arcot tl, be would pay it Dim aeH." _ t 1 ntain A. roncludee' with the following anecdote illua truivt i f Kirit ' ti's rt arirg the sai^e rare and fortnnea as ibe men un^er fcl? cemn snd, wblab be beard from an cfBcer, now dccraied. wbo followext Fre?ont tn bis Semtli ern cami algn dtring Ibe war. <?n his march deiwn the coast ihe mptdies were urnisbed by a c >?mis?ary pamed King. who. flndln* Itie stcck of groceriea running short, being enabled to procure a llmitesd quantity a ong the route, eotielnded to tite then* only at the ofllcero mess, ?r< me nt nct'clrg some new articles on the table, Iroulred he.w they tame there I pen being Informed, be immrdialedy orderid a parade next morning. Ater the I sttallou was formed Ftemont ortlereel tho ceimmtssary to give a history of the transaction, and bla tBqutry as to whether the rations had bren distributed to the soldier* a? well as officers being snswered is tba negative, he reprimanded Mr, King, ar.d Informed him that upon a r cjrtition ol tbo oilmen lie ihoull be dismiaacd from the service. . The 'emlnlserreea of Col. Fremnnt's career by Messrt. Fallon, I ico end Aram acre loudly appiauded througbo it, anl after sorg? freim'the Placer Ceuhty Repnbllcao tilee Cub, the Convection adjourned with nine e iies rs for Fre tr.oni, l>aj ton and the Railroad. Til* CATTLE OPF.B ATIO'eH OF COI.O*II. FHFMONT. In order to damage Colonel Fremont la his private character, Ihe Huchanan and Flllmwe prewaea fcave at salied him with rale cbargca of fraud n lent pit rchaac* Of catt'e, and other misconduct, whlla Military Coventor 0. California. Ibe VhrrmicU, of Sau Franelsco, of dale Sept. 5, jubltahea a corrrrpondence which glrea the lie to the whole statement, and which la Important In many other respects. _ . .... Mr. Jacob R. Hnyder, on the 11th of HeremHer, 1M9, wrote to Colonel Fie moot and asked him whether tie was a believer In tbe tenets of tbe demoerallc party, wha were bla tlewa aa to the Pacific Railroad, whtt was the history, what Ihe ratore of his Martpoea claim and hit Intentions In regard to II what his courte In running tha boundary line with Mexico ani the real nature ol his trsnsactlona witfi one F.uleglo da Cella In the purchase of cattle? Tolhlacameat Instant reply. Ihat he ? the Colo ntl? waa " thoroughly a deroexiral;'' that he "adbersd to the great prtactpie"* of tbe demaartlic parly," tb?t he was In favor of a catlcnal rallraad from the Mississippi to the Tajlllc, aud lor Immediate action thereon, and tbal he had pre>pe>sed a praetleable ;oul?. cemmeneing at and alerg the Ransaa river at d end leg In tho Hel Norte vallej. lie also staled hla Maelpoaa pro|.eTty was purchased In 1*47, fay Mr U t kin , frr bis ae-s r - at, for Sa.OOO thai It lay en a creek iL %toc fan Joscblm valley, and thai h? hsd then ' tie er s % Ihe place, and kreW neitbiog of its chsr w ? rurch^ei >"5 the U- -si, 01 M ^ 4 ' I li was Intended as a homestead and place of Ah aeon an i tie gold wan dUcovsred, thouBanda there, and he nevr interred a;.y ob.-uicle to^ being worked, but left it " free to all having the indJ to collect it." Win n appointed tbe Boundary Coras fclcter to supersede Colonel Waller, be left the time at! I luce ol such supcri-i ..edtas to that gentleman's convent i< Lee; tbBi he'f obtained tbe money to pay Colonel" Weller'a (arty, Bfter General Klley retimed to furnish It; ana ilcaily, be ro&i|iuel tbo appointment, not eveu pre Vt'liug U to Colonel Welier, wliune position had becuiu.i unpleasant. Ibe cattle purchase wa* made of De Ce ia, sttlie suggestion ot Commissary Ilenicy, the commaul 1 ttt g destitute of provisions. It was made on the moat fayoiab'e linns General Kearney, however, issued ?? fr? clair.atlon assutuinx the command, destroying Ih Colonel's crioit, uud refused to bo rospontiDle for the N) ml of tbe supplies. Under theao circuuiatauces, 1? Cens w art Informed of tbe tacts, act placed lus cattle I tbe bunds ot a third party, until it could be known wha the government would do. it Is alleged tbat the Colonel len ipttd lor all tbe cattle, whin a part ouly haJ been delivered; but be did so because It completed the con tract, because De Ct lis had. Wfjsides, advanced monov lor the tttxips, and becaiibe be bad tbe cattle ready t tliver to the third party. Abel Stearna, to whom they v ere all delivered as last as they could be brought t Atif?leg. f Ihus l>y the honesty ard fair dealing of Colonel Fre mont. De Celts was saved frem any I' as in fullillluK his contract, and tbe troops were to be provided with foo<i ] Tbe third party or trustee with wt on the cattle wore l laced, In a letter to the editors ol the Chronicle, writes (is follows 1.0s, August 11th, 1U5C. Emrons Ciironici i ? Pear Pits ? I send you copies of Col. ?' C Fremont's order for the delivery of cattle, codt of re ceipts 01 cattle, and copy ot' a dncumenl signed by Kuloglo de i ens. and attested l>y Wm WolfsklU, all of which speak tor th< mselves, and need no commtnt from me When for. Don Kulogiode Cells con'racted (3d of Marcb. IPC.) with Col. Fremont his cattle were at the rani ho enhed the 'I.srga.'' snme two hundred miles distant from iliis place; thus the delay in sending for and conducting thi-m to this place. 1 he latter (.ai t of April ihe cattle arrived ai or near this place, H'id at ihe same time Col Fremont wm about to leave fcr Mou

ti rey, wben he entered Into a vei b il contract with me to receive the cattle from Sor. (Vila, which t did as soon as the CMttle were conducted to ihe place agreed npon and the ueees W] arltin? ot the cattle, to the number ot 4s 1 he?d? theie being no more in Ihe hand answering to the contract For these 1 gave a receipt dated 1st May. 1847. ?t Sor. Cells had to m ud again for cntlie ? UK head? to 'complete the tiOO, and the last lot were received the "lb of .Inly, 1H47. Tt s very probable that Col. Fremont, being satisfied of Sor. Cells'* ability and security lor delivering the catt!? to me, sinned the certificate 26th oi' April. 1X47. the cattle being then, as supposed, complete and ready U be delivered t<? me. It is not a fact that Col. Frtinont paid tiftv per cent more than the \alue of the cattle ai that time. I supplied I.icut. Davidson with cnitle at eight dollars (cssli) per hi- ad. reserving the hides, worth twodollaraeach. and furnished the same year. Yours, very truly, AlSKI. 81 EARNS. M. He Cells received his cattle back with the Increase, which Col. Fremont bad generously permitted him to realise in case the I'nitel States government refused to sustain the contract; and here loilows a copy of hi* re ceipt:? This Is to certify, that I have received from Abel Stearns a lot ot cattle wi h iis increase, by ?u order which I accompany, and of which 1 handed ihe oriainal to I 'ol . Fremont; and In \ rtite of this ilocunient. the said Mr. Frcmoni remains tVc- of all responsibility towards the government of the United fltites I expe cting ihe above mentioned Cattle, ssid cattle having been i (-turned to me, hating not been paid for the lot sold to Mr. Fremont In the year 1?47, neither by him nor by the govern ment, for which reason 1 took the same back. And conse - 'luently, Mr. Abel Mcarns. the depositary of said cattle, re mains free of all responsibility. It being entirely left to me to make good any claim ngtlnat said government. In testimony w in reef Hildas a voucher to the patt'e* Interested, 1 have signed i lien present*, on the Z7th dav of tie month of Septem ber. tel' LOG 10 1)K CKUS. Attested:? Wm. Woi.rsKin.. Thus tbe cattle story, and aomo other storlea equally false, are completely upset by the facts. There U neither hide Lor horn left of any of them. Police Intelligent?. Tnk Lai* Fatal Pkizi: Fk ht ? J?rk Montgomery, or Water itrect. who wag implicated It. the rccent prize botwien Kelly ami J.jnrh, was arretted yesterday, by ofFctra McCictky and Lord, of the Sixth ward poHce. on a warrant issued by Coroner Perry. The Coroner held the accuted to ball in tboium ot $1,000 to appear whon railed upon by the authorities. CB4? k or Fai*i P?i.rn< m ?A mscbinUt, named Da vid M. Lawrcnce, oi Waiworth, \Va>ne county X T., 'otMTly Of !i. Louis, Ho, was lukel* tl.o LtUx.j oj Mot day meaning. by Sergcaut .-uiith. of the Lower Poilce court, or. ebarge ot having defrauded the hardware tirm of N? t"r, Wardel! A; Co.. of No. 'i-JI Pearl street, ont o S-l.TSO, b> means o! lair e prctt nc<-s and fraudulent repro M-niat'i eh. n ude ?itb iiiient to cheat and dotraud the above mm The accueed, it is alleged, represented thai be w*a ftMNMi of a larte amount ot properly. and win >ii every way a mpenslble (arty Tl>- transaefcon too* (lace in the of August, when the defendaut $ iiTt bir note s f< ?- ti.e amount named above. When th* note* arrived at maturity, the defendant Tailed and wai ?MMB to mr> t bif creditor*' demands. Tbe compia'' hH*fe that when the representations were mad by defendant a- to bia respoi atbliltv, tbey oere made tor tbr ptirpeye rf oefrandtrg complainants. Justice Oaboru li< Id tic prisoner lor ass ruination on ?he above charge. SrctrmTi Oi nuno* or nia Pat**t Paks Game.? Oa Sunday sorting Mr. Sllllman C. Archer, of Cherryfleld, Wunbicgton county, Maine at present atopplng at tbe Washington Hotel, No. 1 Bread way, waa swindled in a mil daring manner, out tf a gold watch and chain, valued at S1S0, by three sbarpcra whom he met in the t e'gbl t rhoed of the Mattery. Tbe raa:als Induced Mr. Au to enter the A"antir Garden, atd whilo quietly taking a cream with hi* n wty made acquaintance*. the 1 :tt'e taie waa piodoc-!d. Tbe opnatioa. with which e\ ery < in- i* more or lees are, -Minted ,%w as gone through with, ?nd the rtrarger In Gotham ?a> r.beatc.i out of b.a levrel iv Having got po?.?rnUn of the watch and chain the m tillers Bade an awWard ezetuefor leaving their dupe, ami ttirn quickly left the prendiea. * Bogus chee k for $P(0on the Naarau Bat;K waa left In the hands of tlr. Ar clrr aa col lateral security. Tbe police are acquainted Uie i itmt wfc gentlemen and iwpo to arrevt them ere itut boors eiaj re. CokrtAiiv The complaint again*! Aloeso w. Adam*, for bigamy, preferred again! him by lobelia Moras, has upon an invcat'gation before .Tuet ce Da\ iaon >i, ? n >.!<mi?ed, tbe evidence being lustllicieut to au-win the tLarge. Drciiblyn C 1 1>- ^lewa. Amfskax nuMAB'i Mmh?<..-< ? On Munday evening the pr :nary meeting* of the American par'y were held, aad rr-inted in tbe following delegate* being chorea ? Fint ll'anf. ? C< ir.reMiona.? Uaac H. Smith. Jame* VcBrtde, Richard B. I'uycklnck. A??eml>'y? t'harle 1-owery, Wi'llatn W. Green, (itor?" N. Mead. City? Goot^eL Bennett, laaac H. Smith, Frank II. pikemaa. C'i < nty? Jame? McBrldo, Uaac fl. Ftntth, liavtd K Pea man. PC ce -Gcorg ? N. Mead. Rlctard B. 1'uyckiack. ( harlet W Blonom. Srattd Hard ? Ooiietj? Benry M. Leo, Panel T. levct. eh, John .1. Peat. City ? Jooaa M. Farrtagton, William II I-rown. Robert I. M'kk. Coogretalona - I antel W. Bn v n, Jcra? M Farilngton, Robert I. Hell;cK A^eembi} ? Andriw H. I.inUriy, Ht< phi n I'oat, Goorge W. Prince, po'lee ?Philander Ti.i>m{.?on, Henry M. l?e, ?. eon e Clinton. >Atrd llanf.? (Mty? Wil-am W. Prtnkfr, Oeoeyo W. ''ell. .lohu ,1. Mtniwell. ? .'onntj ? Kdward ,1. I,'-wh?r, Richard Prcat, Augusta* ttudwell. t ongreaal i al? Wil in II I/wia, Jairea M. Mitnaoo, Ooakllli Smith. 4? m mbly? ( ba'lea Rowland, B< mamtn F. W ardwell, ttay " Keliofg. I'ollca? John B. HtraUon, Robert J. L'.okcy, Vi .?i er Par re, Jr. 1'iurih Mei i cunt}? ThnirasA .lerom". Henry fl leek, Andriw Imt^back. City? Alfred Imr'on. ,'oel i orki n Vatttiew Hall, t nt>*re??lona'- John L. White ?'? rry FlMwonk. Joel Cot, kin jr. I'olwe ? Oeorge I atham, Kdward t Morebouae, A el^uder t aabow. Aa?en,kly? Wil urn H Wr'ght Pavla Alllick, Wll iam H Welch. Fiftk It or 'I ? Oiy -George R. Rhode#, .larvif t'onk lin, solemon W Ppratt County ? Kbenever Smith Ruma ( rafta Iiaac M. Deiive. t r>ngri<oaionai? Jamr? llalati ad, Ceo. I! liliode?, Fdaln I. Brady. Ara^mhiy ? .tohn Uard. .tairea Mackry. M'me Su.Tdam. Police? Aai r>i Morley, Fitwln I. Hraey, I'.ufu* Crafta Xi nh M oid ? City? Wm. L. .lennmga, S. M. Gtdtflafa, Jamea Barker ttuitjr ? J. T. tTil! aineoti. R T * I it ney. Morgan (irey lorgre?*? S. 8 tiny, H. C Oadv, If. I> Mo<,re A"eml l3? C P Catlln, A II. Mi-ore, T B. T'>wr itid. I olire?Iiaac Pkldmore. Cbarlea E. Preaton, ?V. UU. Finrtth H*?rrf ?Ccvnty? Henry Merrill. Charlea'' W Willi u, Peter Kip. C'ot.rraaional ? Je*ri> C. Rutran. Win H. Girdier. William teaman. City? Henry W. Mnhan. ,lea?"C Ko* an, Robert .' Wilde* Assembly? Andrew B. rurdy, Randall GWmliorfi, Ahne* M. Bee to. Pottc ? Ret ert Jnaiir'D. Jr., W lltan V W llet* Wil Ian Hea n an. ? ( taru-a W W illeta, .lame* Patten. Thomaa J. Be rry Iluiry W . Mat, an Hsrm >n I'ullllpa, Cbaa.O iktr tmi. W'liiam I Iwn KlfJtth Itord ?Cot nty?John I? Rpader. J. A. Van Bmtit, ? ? Field, lit) -J. A. Van Itrunt, ? PUblt i eaii. ,i< )m A King. Air. h It rti'i ? t rvnty? Tboma? H. Redding, H B Ab bott, ,'obti s< Lwanoedlo <'itj ? Johnstorma, k It. S'oiwr 7>?< i Ward ?County ? B- oiamln*!'. Middle ton, Samool \ *n Wjck. Tli'm?* It Shank and. Cccgreaaional ? .tamo* I Sni'il., Jeha J Kyratn, Nathan rl <;'addiig. City? ?( lia Wlnalow. ,'rbn W llllama, Tbcraaa H Applet- n Vellcc? Jot.n 0. Clayton. Ri>-> Iamln F. Howe*, ,'oha ,1. Hyram. A**' mbij? John 1 . 1'eed, Wfl'iam M Arnold, Waabltf ton Imrbrow Ward ? Jamea H. Clavton. An drew .1 Newman, William R. Huntley, C inrad C. F.llery. Wm. Brown nth irord ? Coonty? Wm W. Walah,G. C Tbomp rcn. J. (' Onkea Cty ? lame* R. Burt'<n, J. Sear ng, .lames Gar nr. an. Anemhly ? J Hearing, R ladell H. N Mtad. Police- S. Roof, Marco* I'hrainer George Weeks. C? ngrearienal? G. Siraonron. J. R Burton. W Mlllgate ftntfil II nic'.? Connresalonal? Oarloe Cain, tlsorfo D Penton, 1?a?e Ctr. County- Gbanneey M Felt, P. M Bradley, Carlot Ca n. Aae? mblv ? P. M rt*adley. ,'ehr R F?>fc k. Paniei lowli CUy ? ntrl^* Cala, Geo'ue I i*n ton, .1 \ ande. beck. Police? i aaiel Lewis, John R. F jt l? (lk. Itaat Bate* FataI An ii >*?.?"A Wiert named Bemar 1 C nningham *** k Ik d yraterday mor iing, by down the sta rt 'it>, tg to ih* ar e of I. * house 'o TiTany ptaco Tbe fnor r fce.u a., n^.tl, Mil Ui? Tfr.:;ct wm K\'4mW | CM*. M.yor Vd a number of President Pierl the train at mlitre, took call Mreet wharf, New York at 6 attended atd witnl ibis rlty were not' under Capt. Warner,^ The coram It toe accoroi AKK1VAL OF THE Pi WAT HE^ According to announce^ la this city last evening, uH hi a way to Concord. Altt was generally known, no a| Ills reception, and of the nume Committees not one was pretj lienry Mebcneau, of the Custom! Iriends, went over to Jersey Ci? the arrival of the train from somewhat surprised that the dcml were not to be found, and tbst they lirely Ignorant or careless In regard hotor Intended lor them. MortlOed loot, his mends started in quest of a r<! succeeded in enlisting a forl^1 hope of with whom they retired to me depot tol l'lcrce. About a quarter past nine the trait! among the crowd of passengers were the ll Sidney Webster, bis private secretary, and Marshall of tbe Dtstrict of Oolumbla. It was^ before the exooctant few could make him Hirong, but aa soon as ho was discovered they turn ? thetr presenct three cheers. TOen til a hurried shaking clyands with some two or IL the m?t enthusiastic, "after wh;.-!> he was put Inl carriage, which was waiting to receive, him and col ed to tbe Astor H juse. Hire, a select coml ot liven or eight other friends were eagerly awaiting coming, ami voudenng what the democrats MM 1 rot being in attendance to rec< ive their chief magistral AMBg the gr^up were lion John Cichrane. Gen. Andel son, of TeiiucHsee. Judge Connolly, Mr. Hr.'dhea t. and Hon John UcKeon. Upon hi; arrival at the Ai-tor, Diesel gt at lent' n gave htm a MMkl welcome, shook Imvls," wished him a a pleasant journey to his native State, c m (irati.lale<l him on lit* improved appearance, and went | ibr? ugh the usual formula observe"! on such koocMtons. I A little pleasantry occurred between the distinguished guest ud K,. Cochrane "M hf' "b0W 1,0 d?. ?d Pr??/T?r ?f U,C ''0rt T rkV*re ,iDd Dot r,;? ofl tboTririk > ,r*,omed> "T? *r. tierce . . 1 , "?*n *r,nr'b*' htm Ian w. II iiid wltlidreT h!mCMTjr 1,11 le "??''o ^'oy W? mpp? in p,a,e ,'dcmnfoA * ? n.L Kfw o'riock - ?'<> to lie XwXi 2tr d H" ? ?fue, l.ut br certain tTJi ??..?. C* of ,oe f,>v-r ?" 1 ?? t. .lib. ?ml k^e/w wj? J hVdT^",'LCe "rbe:n'' 1:1 l<la vit.l lo tblx cltl fnmiMhrile vpLri ,?0CM">11 0 lo be \ e?y much fat'cued hi t iht. I * ' Ho ???ra? ??>.!? to tbe tr^iimrnf be received T. ,!0 d5uht ??"<>? Atnoey Reread r?*ived on tbe Camden an - IM.EPARATIONS in PONTON. ti . n~ .. . BnnoK, Sept. 30, JS59. t ,Mt evpDi'" *db"M ? ?* >i? Uoa lavitlnjj the i'reeldent to Bo?cB, and prolferlu* tlm I. e boipltality ol tbe city, A??,l ,a,y of J?|,uU? N,sM of |he Wj|. rrtztk Atlmlnlif rntlon. In ?r'te of the iremetdouM ram itorm U, t night a v?rv ?r?r .ocience a.,l,t*d at the iut perferaaac. un ler the baton or Max Maretzok. Mr M.retwk, It will bo rem -m bereJ, ook tbe bou?t for the unexpired mocth 0I Mr tbV-Vrnvat"' T"ed " 0n lh? Ut 'f -^ptcmber, vim , , '* *n<r which ' -Kraai i," ..Nvm cfadl l Ummtmort" ud . U Socnambula" were girea .nd tbe very brUf ?fMon of tbirtoM nlgbu brought to i cloee by the prodnet*. of ?L EU.,|, du No*," whKU ha. * " fl"? ,,BM Mr ?? unable to **kc tall, factory term, with the .tockbolden., and the fcou.e ^cowe^entl, clo.e.t-oo other maa.ger b.,ng li.und couragi ou. enough to take Maretxek . place Ihe perfotm.nce lul nlgh, WM for lh# ^ ol Maret/ek and many of the .tockholder., probably indigti.ut becaur. he will not kee,. the hoo.1 opt ? for their .mu.rmefit, |,fl ,hcjr ieM, tMMnt ^ ^ bow^". ? ?ry good bouw, and "L Kuiledn \ord" Kwrcry w.U ,?,ng; lhp tpsmreal.y ^ ^ t r aVi .et.m0,!,f'! U" flr'C, b'eM,n'- WM wr ?rth*.lw ? ? . aoj the artl.U wtre applacded and bo,.?,uetU 1 nffl to rattaty Maretlck wa, J It ?l r lauded ?b?n be arcendod the conductor", throne ???l at th. end of the n-.t art wa. caltod belor. the rur "*"? WM r<c,!"'d w"?? continued appiau.e, .n I w "A ,Ul>*'dtd be ^^^d th. audience a. fol - ^wisr^s;; ?k ik diflidence a. pride that I u..w wk ?ou r. .Vu VrCu'e r &h\ 5,'*r,KI ll"e ?<" I UH lappttu..) But I am about to .peak trot r and ?isvssrrsx "w ,? r:; sssa i J ^ ^ Wilffii ?r? n ) hut Be\ ?r bnm i^ii? { A| pliiif | ) ?fi otiffi bntiwA ahicii t ?U ?MM.'* b?"r ra' m T " ? "?II? Itlllf Hi rH"a* ??"? ??f- - -.xrallSo^ rSKfrs nraaar '.vv-:r s SS wonld ????. bten lB-pr?e<1 upon me Therefor el roVr,r;^:,v;',8f: ,o JVWrd., (applau.e )'!.?, 1 "^n,,,,r I bow mjeell. a. h iian bowver *n , ? ? ! manager, I 1^1 I .? rigbt. -?d a"Wer Mr mr^l ,0m*:V:: ('>'?? or -BraTO,- ,nd } fw?t' T. IB ernclu.i.0, t feeder ??? bit lhanic. ' ?hank, fbr jonr nartrr ating kin. (new and~m LT~ ?, l?Wot to whieby "r ^7^.^ moned me to my rlare in the orrhe?tr? *" And Mr Maretx?k retired ami I loud eh??r'og. T?n? n Tknmu?m._ TheF.TetfnTll i, Tfna.) <Ur-r-? ?e aboil ,o?,.t name,, WeK.* -1 7. ? ?rrrrd prowsing vwn ip th,i jocallty taoi wSk u i*1 brn tamrfr rg with tbe n wrw m... . t ? 'ndri . ,h. n, to r,.n ?n V,Vt^? Ul^'', ;, * nf ? I|>u>c4 him, ?rd forthwith he wa^HHK. i" ' ' (la rail, a bath le the creek, ae.^ Ht r",e mk Eft aiu ml but ?i bai'Iy . ? ' ? ?< t ln'tm'lal^ t>) . ill .? Til .ayI !!i- i . 'i. It \<t ?.i Mi I ?{ U. WroCruU ' I'NI| l*rrvli'ii? i.i i ? trotHuc maieb } 10 wa/'ii.-, cam* I John Wand. niary : ? Ti *.-iiat, ilrpt three in At*, to ? H W(* driili named 1 1>. 1 tiler muni-o br r. ! Time, V 441 Hi tlllnm?l Ahbk>< a* 1'hiMAMiai - ? i> i vi'i me i unr i . n wellS ?p'l! i-pinl *tralgbt^ I I o < m.MTl'i n will be bol Id Nehwm'ii Hotel, Klattiuih. i KT.I I aH< r ? , ? (>u I?r ttbO'ltl 'n^ic "crvaut k r I , named N? plojr of Barman Hemh, No. U of Mi a"-* ? number o! an i r'onmi to Mr* Hemh tfho <raa ' ny eMMlitd betori- JMMM Clarry.l III ? (t I'M I y In (he ewe, ? ?. ???!. . lettt laroi-i > tn?tea>t of aemlinf i ; ? n ? ? ?>? ,r.. ,< ? . . i i | ? ? ?- t h r t 1 1 iibl <? not l>? mg pr'>ver t irtl ?tiune a i !i?-i o of crti.'t larceij. Sao' county jail tor one month Km i mho Ma>- MmniMi.? A maer ?< 1 ubllcana or the f ifteenth wartl la to be held I at Metri'l" H"1 ' 1 ' ?U?I iroet. Ifl Mulker f. Kaullmivn an I other*, ar< eTpeetmt to 1 /"?at. Flreworka will be let oil at tbe oluee oi uie moot ing. Hie Alirged ImmtnM Ftamla In France.? Hie Atintril 1'aitlea Held to Halt In thr Mam of tn?li. gl TUBMK COm. i:. lor.- Baa. Judge .'tavir* Putt. ::o ? 7 7i? A*- rtMtr n Matlumf of t'rana m. Charlei Carpmlur, Lovu Grrltt, Augiutt Part* tmJ ? Qiuri*. ?Mr. Morrough made application to lbs Court Ibe an or der for th? arrc?t of Ui? defmdtrt*. who aro cbargad with Iraudulcutly taking } r? i ? ; U longing to the plain m!?, ae alicady tlnboratrly repo-ted in our police uewa. The Judge granted the order. holding eanh of tin defend to batl li the *uai of $400.00", and ? ,!,(?et l*> Angolie, who ?h deputized hy the Sheriff, 'oot ihr aceneod from i ix- 1 latody of the lfecna4 ward police and lodged them ta i.idr d?e atreot jail, to avail the further octioa of the Court Overdrawing flank Arronnf*. BUPKblOB i ot'RT? oPICIAL TKIUt. Ilrfore Boa. ludga Boewortb. far. ?0 ? J*- i'rtvirni, >t< , rf tkt Park Bant e?. Jfoferf fhtrit ? The defeadant ta thiceaaa waa arretted a few . atarinre by the Pherifl", at the ortigatloo of t*o l*ark Bank Ixrtctor* on a charge of illegally overdraw tag bt? a< count oa that concern to the amount of Appik anon waa mad* tht* morning to Ju ig? **?>? w<-rtk for an order to no*|iet the Sherlll to giro tfc'i det. ndant tte ?? ubertlea of tbe Jail," which men* to allow h m tho nrlTilege of being at large through the city, on an v.tenl a.curity he lag given. Order to ahow cauae graatod. TBK AOOtrtOBT TRA?*fT COMPACT CASE. Vaitdnltii and ftthrrt r?. C. K. Oarrimm.? Ton caaa of alleged deiairat on nu to havo come oa to-day, but waa poatpoaad until the Tlh of october. Targtl l'lrln?. N1W YOltX VS. PIIII.4l<ICt.r|IA | From the Trentoa t.aaette, Sept. 21? | The Montroaiety fluarda, of Philadelphia, aad the 'loot t - mrry Board*, of New Torn, mot h. re yeeterday for t*rg> t practice. The pnxe for the beet tb?t wm a large and ban i?oae allTor medal. manufbrtaredTor the nraa ??on al'nt e?pen*e of (he two coaipanlee. Tie New V<? k coiapaey arrived at the Siatetroet de).ot at half pa*t lea t clock, and were roootred br the Sarggeid Guard*. Olpt. Travrr?e. They numbers twenty *eve? muaket*. and were necom pan led hy ^hnlton't 'tram bund of twenty ?ao rbtu They woro encirted hy the t.rarda to the Hoaib Trenton depot, wbore tho I'hlia lot ^li<ar< mpaay arrtrod at ball |?*t elorrr a'dodk. Tbey wore aoci mpan rd by the Artillery Hand of l'h<iad?!phia. with tbtrtei u plteea The three com parle* fbrmed, aad preeented <i'"te aa m|<>? tig right? toe rblladeU'hia romt-any oumberiag 41, the Rew Vork It, and tbe Traatoa ooaipiM> 21 ai'ie k?tt- maklog. wltn the aintt< taaa, a total of l-is men oa l<arade. Tl>ej then marched not to I ornrt Hill, the Mtliham road whero tbe riaifor* were wotenmed to Tren ton by !? I*. MliU. l-a<|. After a ooliatlon. prepared by ihe Parefieid t.uai bad heea properly dbpooed of, tbe target ?t.oottag commenced. fho i n/e W'te won by John Mclaugblia, of PMIatM pit, a, Whoeo <U'ng of three hall* m<ai ired hut ten laabee The next boot airing nicaaured twenty k*u neher, and wae ?hot John Murphy Tli*> priae medal watt pro rented by on behalf ? the com pantee by f. 8 Mil ?. Biq., ani war rocoired by Capt Alar ray. of Philadelphia, na brhalf of tbe winner, fli* total mmtw of abet* In the tar?et w?? fifty live, of w.atch thirty tire wan flred by tie Philadelphia eor.pear There waa on* atiot m Mm bull'* eye lired by ',oba Mr' aagbiin The jirlre havia t been dehvered. tho eeUatioa flniahed, ar i the made. th? oom^au.f* took up th?e line of taOTh for Trenton? marched up Mate etreot to taibeuu'a Lg ,r coaatermarcbed d.twu tale uJ|A^ ? tl.ince ih?tr quarter* in )*onth TronM^^^H tbc? W*r , tnterlaine.) by "e- ' Vt W ft >i I- from ? >r elpbia atter* \y ot im Ill* tbotlftil tbf m blch ?u done jrmam i Tka Vetfasl IVnrl i f Ht itH low Iff Bmii? ? ? their cbolcu rlan* t / Jafta J .lohnnon, of Ab<'ov#| A lU'imv. r>,' O A. Burntil, Jr., or Sr I mr'F A Hani*, of \?M? ? Inhii I ?mpbc'' ff !lri?.ll .lonn K Bn at, CMrf?aM.f Cob. C Md w?o. MIMJ i;ot. C V A'lnwm oHiraJ RM<i!rrd, llat ihc ollirc of| and I'M at It# H?l'a?n? Bn ed. *ad ?>??? ih? |> ? ???! 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