Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7340. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1356. PRICE TVV'O CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE AFRICA. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ALARMING STATE OF ITALY, Threatened Withdrawal of English and Frrutb Htiihteri from Naples. Interference of England with the Finan cial Concerns of Mexico. Afrest of One of the Firneh Northern Railway Official -, in London. POLITICAL ARRESTS IN PARIS IMPORTANT FINANCIAL NBWS. SHIPMENT OF SILVER TO THE EAST FROM EUROPE. 4c., &c., Ac. ft" Canard stoaash :?> Africa, Captain Siunnou, wltb Liverpool dales to the 20ih of September, arrived at ctgh' O'alocK yesterday morning. The steamers City or Manchester and 3?rm?nn arrived oat on the morning of the I9ta of 8fptem'uer. Numerous arreats had been made la Paris of rncnV'* of the Marianne Society, on amt.nciou they wore about to make an attempt to i*.--.)assiuate the Emperor on bis re turn from Biarritz. She Free Trade (Job *, re* 3 wta Id ses?lon at Brunei. Douitlul rumors pro railed of a proposed Anglo l'renob Jeet to Naples. The London Pnti of the 20th of September has the fol lowing Item in it* city article: ? Several purchases hare been made in Mexican boudt. lb consequence of its being stated that the Bruit h g itmmrnt hue. at length determined to interfere in the l^miholiert' behalf, so far ai by duly Impressing on tbe Mexican government that the mlaap proprlaUon ol the cuftnens < U'lua and revenues special!? hypctl eoaled to the bondholders can no longer be t-l<* rated, and that In tuture they a.e to be collected by agents to be appointed by Mr. Whitehead, tbe bondhold ers' agcot in Mexico. Our readers will hare observe! in the lss-t paragraph 01? Mr. Robertson's le tor that he -speaks with great conOaence as 10 ibe result of meaiureo now be lug taken to secure the bon lhoiders thoir rights. The Swiss Federal Anaamb'y operod on the 16th ult. tbe second part of its session. Tbe eseuU of KaoMuUel naturally occupied ths molt prominent place in the ipeeclirs pronounced bj tbe President* of botu chambers. Tbe opinions exprexred on the hubject by the Presidents of the National Council and of the Council of U10 Stale i *jq tdeutical. They both congratulate the republican* of Ncufihstel on having trlum^nod so promptly and so merg?Ucaliy, without tbe a- stai olihe ie I tro m>", and loltmnly pl.xl^e U.u: he nam? r Hr'1 *r land, to 1 eject ail for* 'en ii n- ?. aui de. ->d the integrity of the con n. Tbe King of Holl? t upenod tbe i lates General on the 1Mb of September i tbe iiague. In bis speech tbe Stag obtervcQ . ? T ? ? '.ual situation of the country o:ght to Inspire us wii ? . r'o"tid anntiment of rrattto le. C>m mcrce, navlgf .. , ajricaltsre, and tie different branches of Industry, are .a a stain that leavoi noihlnj to be de sired. Up to tho present elate everything bespeaks a good bareest. Okpt. Penny , oommuider of the shtp Lady Franklin, had returned with her to Abtrlan, from tbs Arc!., region, and reports that when be was in Hogarth's Sound he was told by th.< Eaq'ilronux tint aomc of their eomj*n:ons bad seen, a long way off, In a north werterly direct on, a circular white tent crected on th. lo?. Ibe Mquituati? nad taken from tt, on their first rial?, rcu ie brtgbt metal; and on their second visit, somi mem* alter wards, they had sotn two white men In th - V?t. It was report* 1 among tbe caUvas that theao an other white men b^tf peri.-ii?*l from hueger. So f*r a Capt fenny can judge be ihinu tnat this may refer to th ? same party from whom Dr. Hse obtained tbe silver spooia, A.c., which lUouiitUi the whits men wits Sir Jots F'anklln and h. 1 party. Th: I ocdnn Wnti: contains a long communlrsatisn from lla cower loadcnt at M< ?30 *, detailing tlx) festivities wt't j succ?cde<l ths coronation. Tho Euipsror asd F.mi* *t bad pleased to tzprfV a wlrh tbit th ? ncwa;>ai>er corrupt enU should receivc every particular. Tho legate of tho Pop* baJ been presented in procodence of all lo.- fn ambassador* at lb* lev e? at tho court. the Tm?er*r bad danctd n th I*!y Granville and tb" tin preas w,th Lis lordthip At the i*iM bit Majesty con verse i with M. do Kern y somo t me, an J alluded to the r?M! r.f?? or i'racce to onclutle peace. To Lord Or aa vlUe bis manner wsi moat reocrrrd. It It understood that the Emperor mate some private q?<vt!one as In the Mtii-Ce ? the Englt*a Cabinet, and uxpretted a hop a U>at t:.? estraagetasi t wotikl not continue To Prince Mar ha 7 y hit manner km at tint cold but the i'ri.tco ? peke with tarnentncss, and before bo bud c vied the Entire gsv* him his f scd Taeso acco-iats circulate! as tbe gossip of tho day. The Liverpool Tlr,*-* if lit 20ii ult itys:? An Am# oan w tbe W. f tUaflo rd, of St w Yore, hat arrirsst at Qtrnatown, on ist'irn from Nora Zcnlila. Ou her vo~age, which was an esperliieutal one, she c*p tart a thrse whales b| a new metso'. flu practised by her mar t?r, Captain Roys, and w eb cos MM of dr. eg a kind o' email shell at tba animal, watea e*?lode~ after rntsritg Its body, the pracUao Of tar j? )oa ag , aa is well kaawa, being both darjw is aM rnicrra.n. TV I or.doo IVnm couta 6* the fol iw'.n# ilotpitch from Berlin, dated oa tbe 16ih alt ? Th* Et.ipero' 01 lla i la b?t grja'ed cbartoM H three tteta caseation cobh ?low tie la the Black 3a? will pty between all ths >m portast ports of ths Blacs, lled teriaaoaa and Air at .: >sas. Rpai th aRhlra were ucbaigcd M f rtl c<>rr?ip?a dent* lay that botb th* Quaes ant v>o. O'Doanall are arpop !ar. Tbe Madrt fa#*?*, of ibe Kib iuttaai, p m', 'tabes a royal decree wlic t f? e tafclUiea lb: censtltu tk>n of 1144. An addit.noai arttala a* plains what afleic a of tbe ;-rcso are to bebrorjbt before tbe J'irf . f.? m ri r.icn ( ! th* duration o' ibe t satuac f bo Cortes w.?l l^ i roar moaths. Ths exist- oco of th* Cvaaeil of Mau> is rm- , t'Ocd, and the author i*?; r>a ef ibe r9rtr will bo >eq' fad I ft* tbe marriage of iu* MTHoiao or the h< irs of U.? cn'w.i for the sais of i?yai patrik.oo/, aad bt gtaera am?"?tlie. Me*rs '-^n/.slet do >* V>ga, Cairo Aosaoio, and Shasta, latom - i U.iU tbo liberal .tarty .nt'ao 8p?t isb Ooastttuoat Curt-", aad wi. ' too* aa part a%? est U'iMoarlt's aieoi'iref, hare *rr rod to I.cndoti. Thry wtr* rtskliag io France, but the tpeni'b go ?errmont u hUt ig oa tbelr proaoOKtioSk, lie; UMMijht, pfihapi It woe'd bo oafer to in) at>:t Ao nt. :r ?' ff '? tho Ctiaa ! TliO rarts corrospo.idfnt of t >? I.oy' .. r.m", wr.ilo. on 1Mb mlt., says ? Ine .VoafMil?s ia ti>a, which wu tn o s'ato that gar* h< p?s of an *mt> ihte and sat'sfbclorf mn moat, baa, I r-jwi to 'oa n, jnf atnaoi a last .'a vrablo aspect. It ts aow con* '?rcd r >? aiproba to that France and EogUtd wi'l reed fr % title oftl^na turo of an nltlm-.tuw, abd that, tboui iio t>.rms a?>t b. complied with, tho la o Towers w!!t wi^hdratr th?ir if prrseatatlreo at the i oti't of (he T f ? \j? M. do Tsrgot saiy bis anal lartrttcijons 'o sun for Madrid. M dc Rayosvtl iearea to-iisy fnr Rome. I It said tbat M. ds Hai?teld ai'Irrma n at R arrttz v at i th F.m^oror returns to rs*l?. Frcr tic t his departure It bat been reported hero Ibat he baa n inutions from hit gotrcrtmcat to ask ir, la the ct -nt of ''.plon HI ne?. 4ia tioa^ bet worn Pruisla and the Striol Po4traUon it iug, permia ioa would be prAnted for a I'r i-?lati army to trarerothe Fro> ii t?riltory on IU w*y t? Moufohat-'l V Manln't aub-rrlf oa Iht for ttc oanaou for Ue?w.u. dr talxel/ reporled to bare been (lose] byg>nera meit order, b*s h-cc * tot iacreatel by a ontrlb ittoa of dl2 fyauca from 8*.s It \'"*n* rati i?l at 3or.t< aux A lettsr ftom nisri ; ? aayt ? Tt" 1 mpetor an>: tl !'iiiprc*? w It le% ;e thli tv^in h<). Mreoa tbo 20?h it . itfh Of lb ? pre- i< m-^'th. Tbetp mr oa ths pro -irg appll?ttion of M. de IV:'" ' ef th? >? ' ?,*e oootwtt ? I lo nm*i a s<vri'>t ?f ?! teost twenty ft ir hmir>> at 3>*r<tw> <. W be pr< 'ent at n find 'ItoTr ? hn i oflfe-ed 'if i'n* OKy. Oi Miv irf f tritraac tb?' ? m?j?tlas win p*t<w atptig'!* b? f>*mf en<?, Wbor the CO rt will '?mi .t n <.'! i'r I'.tft tr the tffth November. The imperial party will afterwards procoea to Fontal.ibleau, a .id rruia.a Ultra m long at the wtuUUer [eiBlu. The Simavkore , oi Marseille*. says :? dev. d'Orgotii, Ambassador or tue King of lbs (firmans, ban Just arrlvO here In the ttimots. The General h is teen at AInxi>u4r<a tor tbe last two montha, waiting Or lr tarnation from Part* R3 to whether he would be re cetyed. ]'. appears that the last packet from Marseilles brought tut rct|Mkite information, and that an kid-de camp ol the Emperor would receive the Burmese miss.on at Marseille*. Advices from Constantinople or (September 12, say:? Tbe Nalb Chief of tbe Clrc<*alA."i, sent by Sefer Paslu. bag arrived here. Befer Put ha, wbo la at the head of 80,000 men, haa la sued a proelomttloti, calling oo all the Circassians to Ugh tbo Basilars with energy. A congress of banker* la about to take place at Vionna consisting of MM. Perclre (Parte), Baring '(London) Stleg'ctz (St. t'e ? rsburg), 8. 0. Ftna (Vienna), and Tor lenla (Rome), with a view of forming one grand com pony to undertake the construction of the Bcsslan rail ways, for which they have, U is said, already obtalne rcnccislons. The Awlrxan Gontle, of Vienna, of the 13th nttimo, says:? M the end ol tho month a ratnilon will be sent from lais city to Persia to carry out presents from tbe Emperor to the sbah, and to bring back horses. It will oonsUt of goveral officers, of a motlual wan and or a number of do ireetica ? In all about thirty persona. The chief of it la a lieutfCant colonel, who haa been a long Ume In Persia, formerly several Austrian offlceres were employed to dri.l the Persian army, and Dr. I'ollak, physician to the ?hah, la an Austrian. The /Vrfm/ti fete Gazette publishes a royal decree, dated 1th ult., rxler. Ung the amnesty of May, 1819, to all Pied* woutese subject* whe have been excluded from lis opera tion In const queuce of acta of rebellion or bigh treason c .junlltcd s* Genoa In 1849. A letter frou. Vienna, in tha AcUional Gaztlle of Btrlln, ?ays:? AuMrla **id Prussia have, it la affirmed, come to ar undcistaiding aa to tha following steps to be taken with rrgart to Denmark. T- j question relative to tnc dcchits w 111 bi br< ug'ut befcra the Germanic Diet by the t *0 Powers, aid nogotutionr will be openad by them Minuluiotiifrl;- utt <penbu?cn. Tbe Prussian represen tative will take tbi initiative at Fraukfoit. T eue mca kuies wlH oe carried mto etl'uot in the ccursa ol tho pro scat actum l. Tbo Albion GatetU says:? We learn frcm good authority that tha direotors cf the Crodlt Institution liavu ^authorized prt - r ratory measures for promptly opening branch etlablitlmcnts, | ; in Hungary, for ma no \ unces on inercha< Jise, for forming an insu rance office, and lor taking into ( jusideration ad tbe pro icslticns having for object to f.>und industrial eatabllih* tttoif, murkit g of mi nes, and m^-nol ictorlei lor the con *tr>icticn of machines. A letter from Berlin, of tbe IS'b ult., says: ? Queen Victoria bas nt rich presents to the Princess I.ouisa on the occasion oi ber approaobiog marriage witn the Grand lhtlro or Paden, and m a loiter has expressed her regri t at not being ablo to be present at the oo re mony. Tbe Punceas Is only airier of Prince Rreder ick Will. am who Is to marry the Princess Royal o. Eoglaa d. The eamo Jettor says:? Tbe price of all raw Eiaterlals, especially aUk, wool and leather, bas risen so extraordinarily that the govern neat has thought right to deirand frcm all Chambers of Com n.erco their op.rlci as to the cause, and as to the mean s oi preventing a lurtiier advance. A letter from Munich of the 1.1 Ih ult, says:? fcxtraorillnary activity prevails at pi went in tha royal foundry of Munich, wn. b eitaUuhad by King I.ouii I. Not fow< r liiiu seven mImnI citings tu bronze a. ?> ir piogreas? amocg wfciob !?< aa equestrian Btitae ol WaHhicfton, destined to form tht centra ol an Immjise BDcnumt nt to be ereoc 1 In tbo Siite of Virginia, ani which Is tu he surrounded by forty otl ..m?aI auiueacf uien who ULSllnguubt'i Utcmsuv on in the war of Indepen dence. Accord!? g to a census lately taken, the population of tbe (outh aide of 8ebait<<i>ol amounts to 1,6C0 souls, ex clusive of abcut 3,0C0 Stulora. letters from Cor tart'nople to tho 8th nit., announce that all the Commlssionera for tbe affairs ol me D^nu bun Provinces were then a^te staled there, and that they would inane Jlat 'y proceed to jettie the bas.-^ of the re organisation, after which ihey won id go t> Bucharest. On the other hand, a letter from lbt> capital of Wallaohia in tbe Belgian Inctjmdar m, lays that on the ?th last., far rrtm there being any sigts of an Auat<ian evacuation, tbe arrangements for tbe lodging and rationing of th ? tiocp. had bet u renewed, aid there was oven a report ttat the n mber of tbeiu wu to be Incraasod. Chemlitz. tiui port for lb? plain or Broui-v T'irkej, tea l< a nor]/ roaiple. ;'y destroyed by Are, ? I .. rfc- * i . pj?ly of iiik an J olive oil wa? lull In it. Aecmdiug to ac?oopte (rote Homo ol tba 7th ult , U. cJc KuaiUil, the R-uslin MiLUter, had aathiotonly a1 jaated I be question of tbe l'oli/h buhoprioa, ana the I'op-i woLld |n xi'niui tiio IncumlKnU at tto ootulatory wUlcb * wr 'jo b? )>eid in tiic count OS that m?nth. Tbo l.oudon SUur o> Xty* stnbee JJth 1171 Ileccct, and, a? it imbi, v Hi authenticated couraua. eat'oni trom Abrlrlan eoorcci, ?.'? to tba eil.ct tbat tfc j ?nail Rucetaa 'lotacbm'at wuica remained on tua l?i<i ol fTpeote bat at Infill eraeuatrt tbat pwUI-'o . Tbo a la.r may therefore be oon?lii-red aa entirely Bottled, without tee "Iwrtc - intorvent ca of a cn^ar^on, which, M tu c-iio, *ai to atteinb'.e In Part* for tbat purpose. Afler seated predMiona to U10 cntr\ry in alaurt tbe whole Ooilioetital pieaa, tfo Acut ten special euruy Baror. 11 >batr, arrived at Nat lea ?* tba llth iuiut, an t baa had an audlani j of tba Ku>g. Tba Neapolitan gov ernment baa concentrated a treat 1: caber of troop* at Ktp'ica and ita neighborhood. Tbe tranio rotvma of rV.lwaya In tha United Kingdom, published for Ue week endloir tfeptember 13, amouatel to tAr4,t90, and lor tbe corresponding wook of Ih&a to ? MS. 363, abowmg an lncreate tf ?11,337. The gross ricoiptt of the tight railway* hav'ng their termini .a I. hi Jon amounted, (or tba week enalrg aa above, to ?111,1X9, and for tbe corr * pen J g week of ia^t year to ?101,433, ? an inoreasc of ?12,;?'#. b. BHl, Boa U Q* , ?' 1/muoa, report aa almoet com plete aurporsion c.r bo?; neta In AlMi ,c*a aeeurttle*. Tie aabjotaeri quota!. r - are relrretf to aa mere!/ ion. ? atL {?I si* r?r TBt*. im?7-? lonfa if* , r. S. 6 ;*r rent b nda, i?e* ltrt . a l'A'i Alabama f> per cent boo la 81 a *1 Kentucky f. for cer.l txjrdt, is*s-7i .... ? a <0 Mnryianu I p?r oant boc la *.>0 a vj Uiwaachvrtla Mr oei' Marling boadi . . 101 a 101 Mian. 9 percent Plank revd bond*. If 11-71 40 a *2 )fia*tf*tep< a per roat Cot-m Jack 15 a 16 I'cfcaeyhaLla 6 per cent ater'.og T? a .? Po. 3 p r ??i,t b. ode, 13J7 ;s a ?<1 Tt-T.a?-*e' e 0 i-or ml bond# M a s? f. C. 6 par tdia, (^aring'a,) MM-M. . ?4 a f. taroIiBf i far crti {falaer'a,) 1M9.. *7 a in Virginia ? per c?.ct Ikdcj. \ '* n. SI Moctr?al 0 \>m ?euta, 'Vi M a N lUiacta Ceriral 7 p r cent, ls;5. t" a l?. e per ccnt, W7.1 ' a % I*. T i*r.;t , (fro?.a?'1v) % a J1 lw tiA pa d ]<m t a * Uicb gau ' utrai s p?r i-<Bt, 1 W, .. . f?< ? o, I>> do. 1M> PI a "i New Yotk tcatral ? pr c. rt, 1*; < 0.' ? <?,* Do ?percent, lit) to a *2 N. Y ard Erlt 7 p*ro?'>l l*t mice. ir? <>? a 100 To. 7 per cent W wtgr , ia%;.. <,? ? s; I*> 7 r:r ?-?ealoonforttblj. i*?. ? t a I o. 7 per crot an.k : g ruai, 1173 |3W * 9 1 1; P*UV .a Mrrlta* bon.l f, 1W' (>t t ;?8 l0Ma)lvaua(?M, ? ^r t. 1st mtg. l*s?. a M Mi if m(< it Ii>n V?prrt of AITnlre In Italy. 1 1 mox stUAtiw or Rvm.aiiD and rittiro* txtr tbk ki>o op ytrus. [P?- m Uie l/>no> v 1 oct Jo.) "?ir rar.a <'i?reaj" ad?r> iij.'orine-i o? ve?i r<l*r, 1? lb ? >**??' tr ^hvti tpr*ftf*4 ta o*r a^oopj' e.n<to?, IM ?1 Trtrifl "af. miir?.> art ie luil^rrec n eran* o r '? abowi to r<valt U. Brr^:??r mil tbo whote o' |tJ<f g?! 1 >?aey ftf>m Napton. To tli i *? e roar no'# a*i<l mat a "Irnilar ? wnee v ilt, re W f? ?Uit' tf ly Qv n'l ( ?ffrmm'.. Tu< wh our d pi w ,i| ?.? r catied 'Yrm tl ? N'-aj*!: hnt'v jrt 'b ill $-nl, *j tu (h*. Frrfkk. t*w ill' '/ 60 tUr. iKijt an-( * ftr-c rfftiqa'j*. Tba=? wti. be i!>. rr ir-aeifai'fwi ,( AHaac( - ttcae w!(1 protavt <tc inMnttt of t! 9 ?r . j ? iu rf both Towerf? Ukrr-ugb caec *:<>8a w:il either %'i-b i r .chI r % 'h ti c King. Ii w.H be *<^0 fro-n t^eac f -1 tliit 0i<^< :* no i! i?;bl .->f tbe > ortKrtBria rf onr r-rr. ? fondcct'a ?ta: mcnt H" gn?* on to a id ttut the lut ??w r?toli(>a < f the Frtoefc d p omatit Jo not e< ? !i Md om aev iiorf# of an amicabV aettl *? nt Of the Sonpoi taq a u ciftt*. lath's aw tkn ire are <j >l??ronTlm*>d ifcal bo<fi be and tbe ?liplom?t!?l a-e wi.rranted by the tnNh. It H not like)/ tb*i the nnw^e aa'l 'Mnnfiig oh#t n.v.f '*bi vi the King ka* a' way* httheuo di- plaj-ed, ??! in l :b hj ia mpported bjr tbo faw e% .1 ro nciilO'# on nhoaha Icanc, it out t 'eare hltn pnddenljr on the ar^aaieoi* ot Fnrland and France. It ta not IiMVUmI ibe dnu' ti'U mrdiatiOL of Auatrla wonlt chargo mo a thai tbe wor la o! txiat unhappy monarch, who ta rae ' w*u tbe ri< t>i nation of a conntn which Oo<l baa m <<te th? nuraai, ?n<t wht< h hit Urrlble nilemle bae m*?d? ibe a,o?t ?r rev .nod on the IW of the earth We hellero, thei f>re. tbat there is no MkoMhood of a relnrn to frleni^hip b<?r tbo Conit of Naple* rod tbo e of Trae* ? England. Wliet part ihe?? Kreai AII?<*1 Tawere mar be nlltmatel* cnropeiM ta take in tt.e eatilwent of hwpabtae aei a# Itvtan afliira rrniaioa to I a Tba qr.<?'ion ol lot rferoaoe in th? wle'i.a' o?.ri?a ? of fore'rn fiata*. <.f w dii ?g with t^air Bi?g9Ter*aaai u M. wiu ont dciM, <teitraie md dilV^il'. Wt -\TtVd |ni'.? Wfl, ntilwi ws W ?oi\ atrtnly? w j Ui f down a broad line on the subject? we should be perpetu kit; at war We allow kings sad subjects ai a rule, to battle these xr atlcs between themselves We m<- re 1 ? give to tbe former advtce witch we think will save tb"n trom the cffecti of the marl new of the latter, when ti c y have retted It bj loi g perseverance In 111 treatment. Bat when advice or thtt sort is treated with scorn? when It is met l.y icsiknce or evasion? wben the certain con*e quecces or the course are suoh aa threaten the peace of Europe. tie gnat a liante whi'-h has undertaken to keep tt>at peace is be\.n<l to make some effort beyond that o using words which lave been used again and again, and have been found indtrcloat. The Allied Powers do not Ink Mere between tbe government and thoae whom li ??> grievous)) ml?gnvi rns. That is a measure which < * only be warranted by a very extreme state of thing* ? by thjubtntute occur any ol a general agreement tore store order, It I' In- 'ound neceasary by force. We lm\ , however, undoubtedly in such a case as tha' of Naples. the right to wl bdra* our diplomatic force? to decline all further communication according to tha u?u*i forucs of prac? ? to abMtaln trom giving, by our presence as a State, our i-ncoursgem xt and our sanction to a p>l! cy which is ruining the fairest country In the world, which persists in condemning to a torture, ok which we shulder to think, some or lu be<t and noble?t citlreas. No Htate, no man. can accuse uh of hasty dealing or pre cipitation tn tlila matter. We have tried with the groates caie and patience to make our* el res heard and under stood by tlie monarch ot a third rate State. We have ut terly tailed in all our attempts We have awaited calmly the effects of the mediation of another Power. That ban also tailed. We have nothing it ft bot to decline any gutte of Mendly relations with a system wbtcb Is so abhor rent to us; to withdraw from all official communication with the author of that uyrUm; to protect our subjects and our interests by the presence of a strong armed force, such as cm folly ctnuoi any mischief that the King of Naples may devise. A short time will show us how that sovereign will comprehend and how he will act on this last and sliongoet argument of the Western Alliance. The .Export of Silver to the Bust from Eu rope? The Benefits to General Trade from the Drain. [Frtm the London Timet, (City ArMcle,) Sept. 18 ] The expor;at.on of silvei to China is still attractlcg goneral aticut oc, which is Increased by the vague dre?ei lately excited tn the etock market. At the conclusion of the war every one calculated on a rapid recovery in the bani bullion, and an advance took place In the funds, not onlv in consequence or tie amounts which began to How In, but ot tho anticipations of the still greater totals that might be expected. Early in July aa adverse turn con Dicnctd, win .h has continued with scarcely an intermis sion to the pre#* nt time, and which seems likely to gtin force. Tho specie e'raln to the East presents Itself as ttie only cause of the disappointment, and a lar^e number of people who know that the movement la in some way connected with the rebellion in Chita, and that there is no prospect of a teratuatioa of the struggle, seem to be relied with apprehension at the discovery, and to accept It one from another ai something to excite permanent misgiving and to disturb all our future calculations. They 'notice the daily accounts of the absorption of silver on the Con. inent, of the gold sent Ircm this side to pay for it, and or the attempts of the various governments, by ordering the State Banks to put up their rat's of discount, or, aa in France, by the contrivance of bu> mg gold at a premium on one banu which the bank is lmmeduuely obliged to part with ut Its natural value on the other, to check tae growing lncotiveclecce Nevertheless, evory overland mail briars news of an increased demand. The cry is consequently raised that, no matter what may be the extent of tae goid production, ili o Katt will absorb it all, or at least will lato silver firm Europe to an equal or g'eatsr extent. A moment's reflection on the ttrst principles of com mcrce and finance will dUstpate the anxiety. Thera h no mypteriot.3 power on the part of the Chinese to drain specie trom us at w ill. They will get no more from u* than they are prepare! to purchase by a full equivalent, and, unloea it can be shown that we aro consuming their gcods in watte, and to adegree which our earnings as a people a: o not sulliclcnt to warrant, we may rely that, however pertinaciously tli?y may Insist on having silver, and, that however carefully they may board It, taey ( aiiot occasion to us the Slightest permanent disarrange moat. The ten rings of the whole question may be conclasl y dtmocstrulrd. Tte floatcUl position of a country mmt depend solely oa tbe amount of Its productions as com pared with its expenditure. Taking this test, there never was a period when England was so secure as at the present momenV As regards our productions, agricultural and mrci.anlca), we nave just completed a harvest whiob, taking every description of crop Into account, may, on ibu whole, be pronounced unexampled, while it is e?tl cjoted th*it tho value cf our uiiuufaclurei oxp >rted th a yrar will exceed Y\ ten mll'locs sterling the highest trtul jet attained. In (be face of this tbo only question u, ' have our peopie indulged ui an extravagant consumption of lorelgr. ai tioliji suaioleiit to counteroalance tho pros perlty ?hu? ine-tcated or bavo they hoen deluded lot'', tundii'g an unusual amount abroad in the tiape of loani or ertlitrwlse? Tho oOf "i rati jo of all p*rsons, coupled with Hit monthly stain tics of tbe Board of Trade, Will ? turn there is no ground for the foraer assumption, and the answer is equally satisfactory on the latter, sIbcj although a large number or ?ebuvee for foreign railroad uid ether worlts have been brought forward, very few of ib> in have pasted, as yet, beyond the rudimentary stsge. lu sach a state of affairs an unfavorable financial pro ? l>ctt vculd be autunaltus and Ircrcdible. Wa mlglit itierefoie even if we were unable to trace to the r cos elusion the |*culi*r circumstance* at ore.?--?t existing rest in perfect cit fideoco that the rwult will bi satisfa : tory, llut there Is co i! fltoclty in Working not the problatn I?tl j ( .? r ihu total altipmrnta o( bullion to India an I Clnn* were ?1,(17,641, of wuicb only ?757. H7 i went to U<u>?. Itiji ) o*r th< y bate already auvuntod to ?*.i7P,llfl, or which < hiD* UK talc n, principally within (be lat.1 two or tbrcc uionthe, ?2,Sl2<i,37l. The demai; 1 icr Iii'U* 1 *?> l eca < .ii-,.quent on the but '.or martini for ti 9 pro kcc ci thai ccuLtry oitocU by th? UusKiau war, t:io iffrctot v hich fca- t urrtly jet sub.' Jed, atd on U.e iLdt* Company to l.<>bdo" abstaining irorn drawlr* ? bo urual is oi ut of t . '? while they c?n avail ihtmieh us of tta rsllwr call* obtainable here At * I ?or ccnt. Thi' drmui'i for China which hu only lata aa.i suddenly becom' - ->n*, la chiefly attrtbutibo to th? failure or 'be coa' .? Ilk e op ard the con ? quoit price* at which alt tbo v. 'j?mo qnalltb-* are now tiesng cegrrly purct. -od. The oiher influence* are of minor iiupoi laac*, but among tbeni are to be reekoo'l the tBul*|K?iU( n ol tUe re. .pie, while tbe rebellion is rngii'K, to punhaao gooda, vi, iLur consisting of Kig'uh raanuiai ti res >.r of op''im froto India. Th* exportation of Krgliah good*, however, to t una during tbe la?t thru* yfuia bait averamd only about ?l,.100 000, and therof.i: - t.o Mlmg of] in tnl? Item could bo of any moment, and the i.tmoal amount of the diminution In ibeir <vos a motion ol opium would probably not o*nr?a ?1,000,000. Bum It l? npon the kill, p.ij mcnta that the gravity ol the ca*o dcfcrd*. Thi* fact ?t once throw* light upon tbe a**ertlon that Knglard can surtain no appreciable Injury from ibn movement* I'NBl to take plane. To France It tniut be a point ft anxiety whether too manufacturer* of u ob ohtaio tnetr ataxia from their own grower* or are corn polled to I jy tbe produce of China: tat Enflan I doe* not itow rtik, *nd iharifjre ha* always to pay for what *ut c<'0*iiBi((. There i* no icaaon to aasame that tbu year t'..? will take, either in quantity or value, m'vo than her regular are 'I n?. Indeed, accord. ug to tha law* tha oon tnonly regelate ri.h tr.Oier*. tni an (mentation In pried la like If in * mor ?> than equivalent degree to Obe< k <anjumpuon. Tbe o\tc*e that arrleaa wi'.l ooaaeqnra'.iy beahippo.) to rbreign <oun?r!ee, ani la Its e lect on thi eithangea wilt jp. rab- a* If, Instead of rllk, we bad rc :elvod *o much nuibcu. Put Utt oufch every dollar we are now pirllag with thu* ultimately bo repaid with that aJl.uon of aomc robitiVraolc emit CSV our *er\i:c* a^ctrriera, lacurerx and, tio;c iv.n t no doubt that the withlrawal of if'icii. which mi #t be tahnwtUd to ia tba intervening pe rlo>! tf cV'-ilaicJ to contract onr clrruiatioa, and peraap* <? cation e:ct. as InorcaM of til prwuore bow regard . wtifc wuaj !>? &'.!?'" Lt. Th . opinion "f eoaia of the loading I'aot lidiiV ci la Ixrnlrc la tliat la tha twite m mth? frv?i Jnty, 15*^, t> J'.iy, 1W7, a total of ?1,900,000 will have lo 1 ? )<ai't to CI nr d In a n "*cee?of that whi? h wa* pakl r U? w -e iloc fwelvo motitba. Thta caicnla tiin may be too b gh. \ ut it ia m well to mime iti cir mt< t^icw TTiry reckon an lncrtaae of ??, GOO, 000 la the atus Wd jnaaVty of atlir, a rcdn. t.on of ?1.000,000 In tlie valof tod qaauty of the op.nm to be ap>4i?d ifom Inula to CLtna, in<t ? llmttalloit of th? l-awnp? of tbe '? dta h u?e upon tbe tarrl'orlal rev?B<iea to ?3,000,000 be ww tbe nana! laonti. It tbia way tbera li .Ci,Coo,ooo laore to pay, and ??,0W> oCv rtM to r?o?iv?, ai. ! a coaao qocrt al! ^ration o* ?VOOO M !n f V rj^tUva po?ltlJ?. !*icfc vum. added to ?10,0C0,000 ofmwe, which wa* tbe amnios t*\m from tta ia tko twelve non +.t to Jolf lati, w..n id make a *<vto?a aggregate to bo prorlrtrffi in |J>* rrnurg jeaaon. arn. bower *r, a number of oouBlefuc'lBg circ-mataBtea already aoailnf Into plar ? b'-i. w " a'fr fhe ?e??pacl. Ia the SrtR place tb*rv v ro rw to ?upsHne toat the tm porta of|^w<>l<i<*e from IiWfa win tt.i rear a^prcaci ib* r prertoc* t Kal. It ? behf vod t.iat C4,v<M,0>'>d er Ce/,OO.Oj] may be *wurk ud in.-1'uiipg ?1/0", 00'' for rkw ae J i. J,OOo,OOC or ?,].v*X),' ^ ioi ttcda \r. It la ata to be ^aoatioaed it' tae ladlt ho'i'r w*il t j a hie t<) I'm.f tirfr Jrawlay* to tb" arnnf contem.lAtoJ Th'jr rejn.ra between ?3.0>J0,<HM Md and x4,v<0,(<3 for their dMianrmanta in Kng %n I bot brt.uta to ?raw it iust they ahonld campe! tb* Ixal gov "romcnt to reio*t to t i per oent loin. To thfa, bow ' tar, they mrst probeMy come at :*at, aart ihey Wl perl' pe, rMdtcw ib-- u?-?Ml'y ior t, n?tei-i of cot ubuic? Ibt paJla .ve ai' trn?"iug m their railwiy fjr1 Ib th'e vay (M isira am .mt rjqrlrwt may !?? rwioctd from ?t,COO,Ofe)t) tii.C'iu.O' O, Wiiltogt laklag into ? eon ct the (loaaibi'aiy of to acraaaeu Cvas ) i-.p>ia ?)? ot w or of KatopMa g>*>d > t c'.Eg ytt wiHiee?o?i le Clin*. whcB tta ailva. lately '.wjiafrbed ihitber ahai bar" bad me to ei-eata an 'ifvt. it t? only rewa'lr th* tbe '.uai'lDea aeat to that camntry bave beeu an wr', ant, nftwil van l-rg Ite war ar<i tb* hoarl'fl* pro iMiK-tica of iht pioplo. It I* wam^abl* to that Uielr mwly acquired wealth wtl: not be arUrely buried. K. limatliff. howevf", that a t<ita r.f ?\3,0 ^<,000 will hi I I, trti dur'ug the twclvrf mojtha ondlng July MIL tbe .vi ta ot iba loecuvcniencu we are itkcl; u tdMaia may "erlty be comprehended la IMS, tho wir-4 year ol tbe itnr, we T<*rMd with nearly ?1,000 ti to Iho *vme ? iihoul mucb trouV.a, aad ia the Aral eight or bice mc tha ot Uii* year we have hlteady *fu> aaay inrrr than fi8. 000,000 Meanwhile the 'OiiulU are man feat ^ themta.vea ia tb* Inen'M'ng artiva'. of ^al'^blft rargoe*, which muat laid to ho p tw in m i*.e!Ien? poaitioa, not only with the (Xiattaar.i, but Ati.t?k-a Auppoaing our Eoi opi *b rel :tion< to Invoiv* no dr?,in, the Awtralian gold anirala a " w nld "*abto br.y rllver to ri?et t e wlitle ? .n iu 1 ior >ln ' >??. '?n* *ft f'nto th? '' ?' v ? ? t* i*if ta *?* N?w Y- i* " ti 1 i i ? aweii e twite g?lo<'lr* ' V?il*i A hi I t.v . si ? ?<?, i# ,v bank; g reU.-e o' world, bo BtunrrouK rayqpegM t?> ihe V,i ctineD'? i. uy t l>i come apjiariot f ir ko time, bccau o, tu t.) the ac-ual decmoJ tor r poet? for cx^rtai.ou, ix UuH?rary &ba?ri>liot) of gold U ta'. il* j/laio i>J owr Kuruj- from Ita h.-iug wUhorattu fio-A .i>< bask* an<" tb.% cmiuar/ (iurp<.(x\j of It iauui y uii'" tito the bautia of liialt-ri, who ?tot* ihciaaaeKe* wit!-* to triable th* n. juI oui; ui tliu c?piud , bal Ji ever; pet:, tows, u t-j -.ip ?U tho t-ilvor coiaago it. w u.ay be evai.ublo It r?ni?ica to Ic totlced tint oue caiae of the prevail i Eg c Uqulttudti icyxic^g ths drua ui -sc., lr<no tho extraordinary v>ay in which tbo inconvu (? cmc o! '1. ifjv.iuei.1 ia uiigrau.tod b} tie . ir ot <> tl.o e.ivrr etai-Jar i ot tic Continent ni l the depr: vution Hie po-pie are eiperienoi-g from |)w ?I pcaraou< of th' 11 regular u.eoiut& 'f oicfcurge. In um nq\:t?DCt o: hi* tl.c phu.i ij broi fcht rmme U> e^ory tU'i? kct| ?< r ti if p a>?Ll, uno the Biov.mebt aviua.. J a.!, v. tcirore wbich (<opu'ar ignorance lean bcatow Ui>on It. I' ?? ? FrcLcb alio other g?veu menu wore to t*W* at ouoe the step which it itiki yciiB ag-i prealc . d whe,> wr> il find bifer^.jy, <( rt .rt u, to ui. i ao:u-.IwI> golden rcnci , ai d w< r- U V i r he pr hfi.t pric lor ?liter and ro tt at t. btOa>unout of 10 per c* at. ?lvy wi ul i at once t h. ap. In.? a g. t ji? part oT their J'illcuhy et:d rt! th< y wo jIo tLei L ive to : octet d v> nil woui i '? tbo rid'jiU, which must b? ^enou*, of th' ir dtC_i a en pa. Sooner or later the p. .n tauot bo a loptod, au there la i otfci. g to Vi gaii od by delay. It will be seen from what Lrr now bren Ptatcrt tt?i

tbere ar? to point* in ib? pro<. ut llnacc al con ttion ol Ki^lbii.i but fciirb a1* nr-iiy be v t wed with cougi itulatloa. K\eii the prevai 'l/ ) i. < auie U Iu ev?-ry leijpfit ?alutary, BlLce. wblie it fa'>f tu exirt tiie BliKUK-st effect on t e b<alin!ul buo^aucy ? I Cie $ 'ter?l traru of thecomtry it (betka ibi< nu. tlplicat'.oD ol Uo:.e foreign rcbriues whicb are wai lug to bi pouiod ujoi tno murk>'t, a: J in tho ia dttcrm.liia'.o rcct;v'.o& of wbicb our greaKHt pei il * ill tie found. The Great Frtwh ttullvitty Fraadt. M. OUKKIN US r\U11..3 A1IRL6TB D. lLe Lout. on 'l~in.ii. , ot t5' pt. aibt r a<>, r*) n. ? i)aciel for reBler fueccedea on WtUie>-oay aitemoou liui la app'O beuoing oi e ot tte lato i flieiaU <>l tbu (>r&jtt N'orUiein ul Fiaoce Hallway fonipary, Biit px d to be laipiicntta iu the rcciut txtiaoruUsry robbery of r.OO.ifO oba ??? of that cob p&ii> Tin. pert on in qwettion w M Gu rm, the chief aurM^rluUxdcut of the line, who, it -fill be reui tu bered, abccouded when tho dircnvmy ?ti tn^de. as wntl na the cbiit cai-hl* r and ?ul> r?;h.Lr of the c> x;"ioy. l.oerto *?? Lno?n to live rccrtteii hiiiit-elf in lAU'loa, hut LU whtri?bout? 'lefiid tl.u visiUu>ce ot the iUu.ji a Bewe iffluera till WedLcadny a!U-rs.uon, \\ l?u ba was taken in lie -vlotci'y of Tower bill, lie mn fot*ilb conveyed to tbe Mansion Houre, whore he xni cl <o iy idintifled by one cl tlie tiim twa the hcut-e o> P.jtucciiiU. Luertn *?% Irlt the option of bctiig eiarr,io?.l boi'j. e tlif ljoiti Ma) or on the charge, ?nd b?r.g ecnt by bia lor 1*1 tp to F?ri*. or being torwaroed otrect to tbe capita.. B* accepted tbe Infer courve, and accoidiugly w.u n.uv. y d by FotreBter by lie eicprcir null train, wbicd !jU Ic a lew Leura ? ft if wards for Dover ard Fouigo. The othar Ueiirq'jt nte bave. It ia thought, earned to NewYjrk; h 't from the p'^mpt et> jw tak(<i by the poitco au huriUi. , loth in London and Pwu, thvir capture, it la thought, it Lot far distant Two cfUoera from the Mausioa Hou. o bave been aent to Ac.ericu with the noceeaary warrants ' lor tbeir ar rent Tte Aov&Uiite, ol Ghent, of tho 16tb Icstint, ray*:? rbecooitnia?a'y of pome, V rhuM, arre?tv4 yeetcrai j a', i be railway atatu n Ulle. Jube V? ? , under tbe nbtifr> of bavirg bad tno?tlt)t.tii*<e reiauoi_< w th one ot the youu; nom ?bo bave lately otitiiultV-d the roi>bury to the preje diceottbc North* ri Railway Conn^ uiy, M V*rhU<tlnim< diately Bet oil with the ta.'y Ui Bi ussela wbere he plvceU l-er in the banda of tho aut'aorltioa cbargn'? wlUt tbe Inveatlgatlcn of tbe affair ia Be.lgi '.n. It a.ipeai a iha' < ne of the ) artlrs Implicated In the r'.bbnry ia?-i'd ibiocgb Gh'-nt and OsUrnd The joui'g woman n ? v nr nated bad acccmpani?d him to Loudia, where aU? l?-it him to return to Delglum -U'o was cn licr way bar* from England when her arreit took p.acc, and hopc.i aru entertained that ?he will Jlaclo..o the of bur e.giu pttnion. A letter from Chariei ol, of the 14ib. In the ftjiwwil'iiiim, *aya: ? Baron Jamoj do Roth ^hllJ puled through thia place yc?terday, on bit way to Ger many flla journey, It Ic aald, U is c >nnocbon witn tbe late tobbery of the Northern Railway Coaipany. M. l'..i> , u aub cafcbier, who waa arrested In Faria, baa Je^a r? Uaaed. [From tbe Prt^urrecr d'Anvera, r'ept 18.1 It Is aald that M. Rotbacuild advance* to the Nvrthera Railway Company money to repay tho auilen abaroa Tboae advascea are made at tto rale ot thieo per cent lcr tbe ahaxho'tJers, who require caih and Uity cea tlmea brok<raae per abare Tlii* contixiicb. t' o rum -r ll at M Rotbicbild bad takcu upon bimi oil Jie nH[xiii i bllity of the wiioli loaa lie wat not obU</> d Vo Jo . j It ia alio rumorei* that tho company Intend a tokaop back fljteen tiaacs upcu the dtvue^d ol ah lb aharohobiOK, in older to make up tbe loaa brought about by tbe th'-i of tbe two rr hltr?. TbU ia not fair, fjr tbe thdlt havln bccnccmmUttd by the negUct or the company lios?u to b< ar the ri?poii.?lbility. Two ftoik b'oVers tleaeia Ttabor and Toirmn, ba -o been ?ub|:cbod on accoixnl o ibe a 11 air by tbe aiaaainli g magijtrc.e. The Wlialer W. F KaflTord In lork Harbor? Cuplaln Re>'? Whale Mioolrr. liu/iii ikt Cork Ex mrniicr. fiopi. I? ] Anong the ntmierou* arrhali to oar harbor from a!' 1*1 t* of he world, u 1* wUom that the fla^ of an Amu I tan wLaletlilp (!< nu opiate A wua.o >i*g bug, relit d the W r. riallord, 172 lor.-, 1). ?lunging t > N< w Yoik. air.ved in Queriutown co FWr'ay latt, rr.' .Nov i /> ii.bU On lior voyage v?bu li w n m-rely an i t I* nnu'ntni trip, the raplurcd three whales, trow w tUM neatly ti/ht tutis "1 olllia/e been os taie<-d. A sew gy-. trtt bin brio Introduc d. by whuh It would room dint U ii valuable aulmul l.< more *uroly, aal>'y and ?pe>Miiy <t i -Irayic* tliun by tl.o old imm; auil wo under iMM that ti e rrtdit of Irtrodurli r the pre.ieni moUo U-iongn to the cui'tala oi tl e \X K stancrd Ini-tcu.; of being h ir,KxiD.1 a& former!} ? a envrre that waa both <laagrro> * to ufc and .im rrtain In the reeuit ? the ft- li &r> u.w aboi, anu alter the Uall enter* the Re*h it expladi-a Id lit- body, on muib tb* .?mo principle a* a aheU TLe effect of i i? eiploh.on u generally to ? batter t at portion cT thn llsb where It h> i tntered, and it M;dom fa H to rc*d> a vital part. a Iloyi, the Bikiter ol the wLalar, w at present in li.rmiag nam, where be la having com* g. n- of a peculiar Cuu (U .ct i n made, which be ixpecta wll' bo olghly tflretl*. In Uie capture of thou* fish A* we Mlttil, 0?p,a.n Bo *t la at preHect ?< rely etgaged Id au exp rlmoi.ial tri,?, and bti rblp l( at proecul In Cork tarbcr for the purpose of enabling htm to jn??ge of lie eu:t bi.ity a* a place * f de*|<etcb tor the f.sbit g ground*. It la hi* Inteu'toa la the rummer month* to bah la the Nr.rtli dow, and In (be wtatrr to vialt the coa?t of ra agonla. and bn la antlou* to arrortain whether Ihi* barbor emild aull him ax aa >ntoi mediate po?t at whtrh he might rcflt ai d ret>lenikh hi* atorc*. We believe It le lbt> mi> ntion of l ?ptaln Hoy* to apply for patent* for tatwntion to the linglUh an! Ant rkan government* Financial and Commercial Inlrlll|:i hm. L'.mx-x Mo.NkT M akkxt, Friday, - t p: 10 liie nioo y market, wbirh oeceaioat I mi.?;h ImM an 1 j?> pli-xii la.- t wetk, U b?f Inning to be bf^ter underctoo-1 , and ??;? here a paitiai teturn of rnndti. nco a thu future. Tl..' Lont.oucd d.maod for gold from the CotiUnrat, ami the rrgniar ab ou t on tif kllTir hy India and Ch aa ear* <.he two moat obvmue ranee* of the geaeral nneaelnMHi which thro prevailed. Rot onr poeltloo w Utere reeperta, ?< well m the prooabtlltu ? of a *afo Mid ptolllaUl* lo'eraal *Ld foitlgc lra?le, ha^ o be c thorotigbty it>ve?ttgal?<l , kud a* It I* round to be perfectly noon 1 giving no caiMe for anxiety whatever, while there te a i<<*fcoa*l>l? proW bill' y that the arpv tnre of specie Iron oar more* I* to a grent extei.t in. iaertal and n mporvy, we hav* now t? report a rr torn to a bettor itata of reeling. Indeed, the great anri-ty of the week, *o far, be* fceea, not for lb < r le or o.r trade, except ladfercthr, but lor the rate of root, ( very day haa brought forth r. more of no or lee* conOuence, II, at lite Bank dlree'cra *o .1 1 advas^e the rate* ftem 4>, to ? per sect; but ttc B?. ; r'lr f<*tor* ceperal?4 yeeterday withrot n.iWIr./ any charge. T.r maiict, | ractfcally, U* aiifTcrei a good aea.' ol prtaeur?, tirrt frr>t& the etlural deilrr of all partie i to be prepared for the woret In the tr at of %n edvMOe, ?nd next Item a prrpo?'leraaM of *ppllc<u?ne "or advea cee in rotnrctlon with tbe peyuri t ol thr final loat in iaJxaeot of X1,C OO.Of# paid re tir.'ay. Va!nl/ flrnm tk<#? MM :b<< mm in Io&bard etrcct bvve been taiiaiaine ? at i he Ban . gnlrdesum, and o vr.e caxej timber ?er? i hare been r'qntred: an ) aa a necertary <od? ?i .."nre, i|i? Bluik Mf ha* rrcelred ? vaet ama*int of a;ipttcetjon<-. n. ib* itoek Pscha.rge, tbe UeihraT *b-i lM?|i 5etil? mi BU c id rot natet laliy alKrt Ibe or the re ? Tbe (pec|r> in t 'tta bave ameonu 1 to about IWCO,. ? , ??c lodleg ?tS,Oi.O brcrghl by t??e Jc* ph tVr*lt I, ori Melbourne to day, ud Mreral other \ e?#?l* *ro dn< Pome of ifcr> late >Bi|?rU, *m < iriltg U? bet*e^n ai it f.rX r00, have bwc trecuht bj the THnk "f Kog in t -Rv return (rem the Back of fogtand for the woe* ending (ti>?ik of .>pteBH>er glvee the r .ilowltg r,.*u.; wh-D oomperdM with (be pr erica# weok: I*w??ltc dr poet* ...???? IMFI.WI lec.rf?"- ttiittl "tber d"t*?tt? .t.. MTI.M .M'*e Mt.lll Rest j *59,117.. incrwre .. )3,fi5 an the o?hrr *lde of the aoeoartw* ??orernaiept ee.**ir!t>?e. Cll,M4,fM..T^<rnM .A14g,\;? Other ?eewrK?e? .taer*a''"?.. IwiMe M"te? enemployril ?*>. v 1 ?? lift . ir>< re?.? .. I?# t;e.> Tbe iBKinpt of roV? a clrou'iaUoa le boieg a d?cri ee? of f2.?,41R, ard the ?t?-~k of b^1''"* 'n l> Hu ?'?pertoeeittt la Jtl'i 1 ?!. ;>!(>. tlowleg a deei'Mo of ? in, 4t7. wbea rrwirared wMb 'be pre<-e<ltag ret1"* Tlwre bae beta a large biteiee** doae la the 1. allien Tbe ?*?t led-a rtcamer ha* lay** M a largt b!| ment of ?!lv*', >nd tie pr4'** ol bar ka* a>lv*tiee'i 1 d. per ottnee. A large lot* on hee^i but It 1? **? i pen' | to go by ibe next mail *exlr:\n dollar* are i? nrirand at the qaelatioa pnuXeona, bot!> Neilcaa u4 -"dearth, *r? aUe >antilred for. to'e'.gii gold In bare, otandard, per oa, ..;???? tii IT 0 itvot In l?*r*, ktandard ? * B, >.eM role I'ortiigal plenee ? 3 IT Itneblena* patriot S 14 6 < ?ub>eoak ?past*b ...... . SIT A V*p?lern*.. 3 II 0 Tea gviidtr 0ie< <w 1 II I filter eoia, Mexioan aad 8. A SB* 'to** dollaiv. 0 | i ?panl?h pillar dollar* .... . . 0 5 10X agH'ti r?curHiea baee ?r*alieeted am re aaattde* * trn* *ia?c our tart, and a material ad .emv ba* tak ^ place In roaeoki. Tbe (bet the exp*otivi|ooa ? itntig rii tn Bl*hed ol a rire In the bep1' rate of diaro jat, the Irm^ g'ticn freaa farl* of tbe ptrt'M*?* the Kea|?liuig, ^,<11 rulty 1 eliig nett ed by the perfect agree of 'jiijo '-.tiil and rr*nee, aad tb? rrretft aoaie j?|^ dry ?i tbe beak, arere amrag tbelafluen.o* w A\ tt t.nj^ ?0 rent ore eealldear* vr*terday, CMM 'a tor to< nev ?>prte?l at NX a ?) H, coatwa^i t, irM| |..p- 1 r?* tbii . rboni tbe T ** '** ^b o' O- tob?J tbe Ti e Jt c l?M* * '!? tUnw the fluctuations la oouiola ?ti o the 12b iu tact.:? , ? ? Utowj > , f\" account ? ? , ,<<; ? U i, ' Jlifkctt.Ctot'g LctjsA. ITtglwM. CUt'g. N.Mrtiev WW ?S\ WJ MX *Ur -ley.... ib i:?, Wfi 9b % 93 H P3tf ru?f?j. . 14* ?6\ w?f #4* v.'e' K' ?::?) 17 I'l JS tM?< w wx I Ttli> 0>..I8 i4*i 94'. #-?* WSJ 96 ' In n ...13 # P4.S V4K MX MX 7L?'Cii l ? i j ? ij iHbare maikst baa quite recovered frcii. tte j?n." of i an i vec> , and a) present (here la ft ;?ocd ?it ii j bi t lutta tfolpg tr aJrnoet m?ry serlp. 1 1 n a tie Kodcn (Oiiy Article), Sept. 20.] tl the h re pu cxib*rg>8 yevterday afternoon the rate rfiir terilUB and l'umb'jrg w?re raJer lower. Ta on!/ feature ?u tie tendency ef the Ann trim quotations ? b>M:u vnr-t let roiled (?'jJru*t In tie currency of th f t w i ntry It ? <:0) a m*. kitvsn sga':? steady at the idma of MciiJsy Tb; at:'! ^notation? ofthe Frmch Three per Cent* on lh.-'IJ*rit Bovrm were 70f. 4!>c %r money, acd 70f. Me. Jcr Uf t. 1. of the tut nib, rhf wIpj a further traetioaal ite i ",i.e in abortion to a lull of nearly a qu irter per oeat, ?wbir'ii tcck piece ) ? tier da) . 1h' dm end foi f< id to pay tor pinhiwi of silver on tbe Cf.EiD?Dt is li abated Ab^it ?<0,000 in bars l? vi.t rrriccxl to Lave lieu taken Icr the purpose from the buck to ray. The tor i.lver brought by the last We*t India steamer fa* b**n sold ut*', Uu |ieroutice, bemg an advanced >?d. i.ntb* !>? ce realned for tbit by tfcn prcoodiog packet 't ten e irMaLT-fi. k Bligl tiy h.gler rate wad paid In Ut? tmy jo.i ol the ?cek. Ti,o huno< dc ?eot tbat a su.n of ?200 (00 will be re qt ired to trake vp ti c deficiency iu lb* aefcet* of the lioyal h'lilfb Taik whb ureived without much larprlae Tbia a II (evolve culH- amnunMnx to rie. 4<l. upon each i Lure, i-vtn utauniiiig Ibat the whole ot the pn>pri?tary rt^pond, but tLc-ri tun be co doubt that a large number a ill be foupd wLoby unable to pay anythlug. The Iom to lie tuMau -u b> 'boe who two property that can be hi uebfj will thereloro be proporUonutelv increased, in uidlMor, 'hi j rr.iM alro prepare to meet the fl*frant f'prtf * bl<h ttivaiiabiy aittnd^ a windlsg up In the ? ourt of tbai>< try , tud which <n thU Ionian ce la likely to ccnte up to at?y of the worst 'S'-ropK - Ute vii ti e i''ter;.con It was ri morel U at acme trrecu iarittef, involving a contldwable autt, bare been dia 'oveicd :r tfce tivnrfer ot a certain nuiubor of Cryatal P* i cts tL*r>s. Tli> starca. which lelt ofl'yeaterday at 2 u. ->? a te quc.t< (1 iu aay \Ji a 'I, and closed with gifut l'?a\ tin bi> At a i-i' rt'rg ot t! e Iwdon and t'arla Bank tho directora *T?ai Ifcoriuco to take mm-uris for wluding up, return c*p?al In projorticn paid by the shareboldeni, with Jfti ? x rptico < i JCU p<r tbaie, whloh la to be retained until an accotn <ball have been tundered of preliminary flpfii*'* bi;d the r< muutranon of retiring otflcem At a mn !rg of Ten ral American bon'iiiolcera the re si i tirn ol the 8th of, fixing i per cent on the amovni rr<elYf?Ja* divlilrndt on the Guatemala bonda, to nutt (jpcaditure tcnfttierate U>e commiUee of botobolaers, was rtaclndcd, and the amount UxeU at 5 per rent wT.iuar, jtrMOK, k co.'a ciroitlar. Ijvki 1-ool, Sept. 1?, 18C. Keferricg to < r lact cucnUr lulvicea or l'2lh iMtaM, per (bi.aca, ??> have again to rtcord a li'eleas (Wf in c< nnnjcicial purauitn. The perpl?cing OOD<<ltiMi c< r rcy iratt< ra rausea an amloua feeling, ac .l in 'ho mr.j j -rt of the week the funda and public so cut i til l v ctc ?rt.. .bly afitct'd by the fear of an advance >u tuc ihUh o. d^ccuiit whli h, coupled w'.th riatng grain trarkot , ?.ntijct w thout ibliutcre in the njAuidacturiiig dUiicU-, a vcl1 as on produce generally. Cotton re 'apttd Il:w IU 'ormer quiet ttaio. not that Increnred dia jx.iticc to it?lite *a? maiiifveU-d. but to progrosa with ?ai? s waa t?lt U> be very unfutUfactury, from the largo <V amity rHctin/ and th? cimtiibbed ajieculatlve par rbaies c'in'> > ipoitort. For the laet few days more tone bm Ixtn Ibirar'id to liusincrs by the Improved accounts c! B'ti.rtar) nHa is In Lunioii, and the Back of England lo' h^viiig alter eo iU rale of iaterot, tho vague panic at ? mi t.?ie fsiitinfc has ?ub>Uled. Our ?t"0k of American eottoa OMtklW dim>nt.-b, and in thla lies our groat euDitr.t of itrccjtr, but the figures are atUl aupposi^d to *h e< it'.cleutiy larye to meet all rtqulrem^nts before the rew crop cciccs forwatc, ai.d hetco tho every day roa liut b tot varied in character. To day U.e lutu'.r) In niui e general, and with eettmaUd tale* o' l^ttOMN 2 fWJ to ipecwatore an>i exporiera; 'lc tD*ike)c!ews tt'nilily at about laat week's quota ttcov Tbo t> tal at.'.re tr Ibc week amount to 48,680 bales, of wlub *4,110 <ue American. Speculator* have taken o.ViO, tiul et|otUrt, 6,lb0. leaving 26,790 Ualea of all kit i!a to ike trrnie. *l.? \vr\* <\ t.* if uie time U 29,34# balos, cf whleh lVCfi if ? /.mi rlean. lli (,c?utity kt ear to be ct tea from A me r leu porta If ulxut tel. ba .a. I'nc p to t'?\ ? i'a*r. Muidiiig thrdmyry. New Grlti.* ffUi. 4%i. to 511 16?t. V. bile t P,'4<1. 6d. to 5 11164 Al aclle... t'id. f.\il 61 to 6 11 16d Ti til taWn tor ccuuhijiUos, 1856, 1,660,68a balea. Itfci. 1 . f f 4 i.i-oi a'c* lot\l lak >*0 for export, (aetaa),) lffft, ltl',8U> bal.*. 18f>5. balea. A. <>r. Uracil. ?./?.-?. KM. H7ef. T*>'. Mork th's <1*^ . .N'.'IIO to *<:i> ftl.TtlO .V too CT4.C" i elltr.e r.-Ul,(?> !A Oil) 61,040 SB.ltO 3.3HO 54T.15 ? 1 e Matcbi k er n aikil lor goouc and yarns presents ? r>f'icf tbia. Contract* atili ealat )otiehanJ:of p r > ctictr* to keep them well engaged, and stock* beit.g in. all tidore ii mmrs to prtct-^; but there Ij a total a'< : i r < e r' at tivi'j , acd llitie itlapnattion la shown to eot< r u;en n wj ircbMia le any nUnt, Do'irltli^undirw' the n ? re i Lcocr? girg acoounU flom the East Indies an J I I I !)B. Cur grata market bu Mowed in the wake of Mark in: p, iDt< iiurtaf tbe wc<-k prior" of all artl.-les tare tern'. . <1 r*?ward?, umU ati advaacc of 21. per TO lbe. on who.t end U 1 r iMrr.l on flrur waa eeObliebed, wl h inert*. I d Ccn iu;u ffcr (i?h. prtnctjiwlly applicable. however, to >r krrt qutjiKf, ud arlar.'g ln>m Uh.- Ind-trarent ebow rmmkii o' b( tro [WP pr< dace, fttrtter supports I y i ?'m* Is 'be wretfetr. ind'en com aot? sot part'ctpa.o in th c:c\t oxnt, tad, with a curtailed doiaaid, bare.y kii) ?.<??.? i??e p> icee. The supptui* bare b.?en liberal, au>I pi< n n? K nil sue on a large ?cel< ; aad their influence r a tbi future cocra* H prices, wh?a oar own larmeri ?k all In* ' tfcitsbrd 001 more of tbe recently gathered br.i v'ct rio-'Mc* to be aeet. At to day '? market train waa ?kw, aa?l a dull 'Miles characterised the Umlxxl bu rlri t tnuackJ. Vb. at 1- r 70 Iti? r.eneeee aad PbUa<!elph<a, lCs. ; ?''x. <1 Air.ri'cte. Pa. dd. led.aa 00m, per MV lbs.? 1* litta, a< intral, at 37s. 6d ; ytllew, do. at 32s ; BUcd, do at fffs. V our, per 1M Iht ? Oblo auperflae. 12#. CJ ; Tbtladcl I'l. a an.i Reltimore, 81a. td. ; Western and OanaJiai, VHs. ; .niertor aad ?our, nominal. Uat maai, per 240 11# . its. Aobeaara In Mea'y though limited demand, and siloa . mbmco too fcbta.i pota at 39n to 39a. t d.; poarls. 1 ti. to Me. per cat Cloversced ? A sma'l paroel or lust >? ar ? cfowtij fold at Ma. per cwt. lard? roles are ra it ded l" K trot, at 76e. to Sua. per cwt IU?ala mores Truly 3,000 tb>a realised 4a. 44. to 4a 61. for (omaon, up 10 1C* lor tne qualities, per cwt. T allow 'tuiet, with ?nafl m'ee at Sfts to 63a. per cwt. Turpentine? Trans ?ct?-< h .to t. t?.n place to 1L0 extent 01 900 bbla. of n.vgM. at Pa. cd . ati l 100 bbla. spin '* at tSa. per cwt. Ibe ar-ore ta-iides tbe week 1 business la American I I tflm FAKING SI'.OTHErJI AHT? CO. C CIBCI LAE. b'tvov, Friday, Itept. It.? A P. M Toe Cot< nlal and foreign prodooe mark Ha bare been ?t ?<iy Ui ia wrrk, aad a fair buetneaa has boea tranaactod la the i-rtaclpai arti Ira of corsumptlon. Hooey la food iinuutd. Ooiel* Mare off, W% aw* formoBey, aad 11 ^ a 9*S 'o* >?" acronat. M-slcan dollars. 6a. Id. Bar t lur, 6a. M. flonth A trier an doubioona. 71a. 3d a Its W. Amei<raa eagies, 70* *'?d. t> oa ?600 bags troVad (eld at Is. a an. adraace, jray togtod red t iDjtr^ from 66a. a Ma. O ? K3BA1 _u 200 begs M aacUoa about half sold P'-o<1ttjas mirrr from ro. lid t 4a. lor ff>l bold, aa. 7d. a? 104. for wdlr.ary to talddllag, blark irom 4a. Id. a 4*. 2d. (,,rrrx ? Nc'bInK to repoit. AtUrrrpool the market .< tjn'et 1m.1t tcr tLc ?tek, 4t,0C0 ba) s; BiddUag Or lears, 1-^4. ro?rsa ? ?fanutioa Oylcr. la beM (Or blfber rater aa 5 (a!) 100 cask* basa been oflesea during the week, ac<i , r.Lripajly lakrn in abc ro the ralM A parcel of ,v(ijrd rvalteCeyk ha< boea so id at Ma, . 1,810 bags . pi' a, at tootion. U' ally al! ao'd at 4M. a Ma., or or J. 10 line otiI md ' i0 bags Co-ta Hica, nncloaa from &ti. < d a tla. f< r of<!. to lew mirf. O rm ?"Hie deir.?nd continues aetira. T??fh cake a<' Ul< . ?A97 Km. ; obeatb ng, ltd. At ih' oot a market ou Moo<iay there waa a ?ma : sup I ly of >\xgL?h wheat, whMb ao d at an adrarv 01 4a. a f? jkt qr. oatbeiricea ot the prerroua Monday, for (or?'gn tk?jre wa? alao moo' <i?isa?id at la. a tfa oiraaoe taat w*eh'? avrrage <|notatf'B !or tJigliali wh<*twa? tlM M mi to f'i ira ret'^aed. To<iay the market waa ti. atf y. aad prlcca will ?.At coanga c*r 'laotaUoaa ara? \*b 10 jmeruan wboat, 7?B. a 74a , red, oM. a 1<a. per ir. e ? cr , :iia. a ;>?a. je r barrel. r av,?. fto ? (;aait?rr? <'! 9o4 balta at aKtfoa abool ha ?. sold, fair paio M Me , danogtU 18a. a 1 * O as i?? I'V* fof iVgue were htUl at 4. a. laoriya?26 cheat: ? R. t. ?oid irom ?**? a 90. Vaicka.iror, la. %>^d. a Ru*'an witbe-it It pror?meiii . H. retonbarg tsleaBu X34 a ?M> Marilo? 6(0 bales partly sold lYom ; .1 , r ?21 Ra. fur lair to giod current quality Juio? Ot 4,'K0 balra at motion alio t 2,?00 ackl at ?14 us. up t; lor ? cmwt n ia xe<i to goad bright I ]m A fair lemaad for Ra*t ladla M 44. per lb J " the. last tale's rates. 14, 't7 cbcauare uow >lo ? <aird ft>* the *a!e to cowbob 16th proximo. Ha? No apwi meut 10 notice. Common Congou, t.^,1 1 not,? ,be dcmaid %r Weiah la moderate, and wt 1<iots r tie aad bare, ,Z1 16s. a ?t, frMoa hoard is W?lss, rccUb i'g, tla. 04. a "It for b> xtd aumbora oa the Ut4? 1 van ? K5ibo, with aa advance of Bl. a 1*. ar ?u Pr? \Hutitltl. Calcutta to arrive has been aold at 67a tid , ?ie'Uerf i, and T?gaarog -argoea, at a tUBtam;", at ?9a., . a which they are aow (Irmly Beld On tbe apot 'Jal- aUa eetl at Ma. a C* . ard iiom? ,.y at Mi. a tla. Ar> raia dutln^ ihe w?ek, ?,?W qrp. Uir-*rn Cvikif? In gjod ra ftajUri iiomvm aa-1 ivjipiita of fo eiga arc llaattc I. New Voik '.a barrels ?11. 0'i; .? Fah aleS'ly, wlUioul alterat.oc la jvrlcos. QQvo 0 . , f allig >ii. *Mi Ma.Jg* ?*4. Rape- lioOnoil, Sis. a M? 6<i , bro? a icarce, at 61s a 61a. td Linseed, it lair itemasd, at 4<*. tor j.reeeat de.lrery; -ts. a ."ins. M.for inturc mcutha o* thle T*?r. and 34e. far tho ear-./ moaUti oineatyiar Co ein it? <???. a 4'#. ? 44 ? a 41a. V< t<iwf It !*?'?? tao'.tt*" r't; i n?:ora'-> ?I i ? <V r ! . ? V ? tt X Ki ?? FVun, in '. tn;.f* de j t,, Utwdl soM at 2* jd. ? J? 4e , f- ?*. jm.<h*. I>?merara, at fed u 'it. ti . proo *, ?j4 IiXi ?aueks. Jaiaa'ca, Mi ?*. lOd. u 4d. per gaiiou. Rift ?? T!-c Irw e;- qualities hive be?o In gsoc dexajH, sod are ratb?-r f!e*'tr Ab:-< 'O.OtO ??i<l by pri vate ccr-lracl, iixluufcg omir bi Dual ?t 10*. alia. 6?| ? cargo tkLgal !>?. 3d a 9*. 9(1. ; M?irw In. 64. a. 10a., awl Ariarau Pj Od. At p-Mlt >aie 7,CC0 bajs Matfras and 2.8S7 ?>ep* Pnora wei <? ivitt^rawr, an1 1C* Uciris Caro lina eoid i.i 'lc*. afc4* <d. la cleaned rice ? good b-ist nets b*a been done. 1 tAT- ? Head*. Crr^moD rg ??3. t-'MTwnn*? firm and ?<!. dearsr. Privaloi/2,000 k Id, am S 4*'fl l.,ge u' aucti3u, 2 lc U'i par cm n /ac tion ?*13a. I'd a <$4i- 4Jf per ?:ni. ..3a., ana' to 10 per cci.t 3!ii. In uttre of mid* nothing to re^on. fvitu ??epper-. of 2,170 btjH Ma'abar bl*c< only ? ttmall jirtroU at Nl., wi'.h a t-vr io?>; at 5%d. per lb, being intly >jd. ebeaper; ib*> bats .Singapore ao.d at 4';<J. a Id.; 3S t?jn Penuag wbf.e rcld from 7\'<1 t T\A. 1 m.euo Jtt-ar v ; "iWC bag* arid fur M. a6,',J nM. qtality. Ca?aia Vera 4oU t>a?H ivstjy sold at 4a. M. a 16f 6d. !<t coarse So mid brig it. Pi'ki.tkh iaa furU-er advance <t to .?28, and the marks! haw au ujjwir! lendeary. Si u*k'os in grnd denianl, kotti for crpor* ud borne coDbutgpl'on, at last we. k's rat*f l? fd. adr>JM4. The Baits or West India are .680 hhds., and H,0M >?Ci Mauritius at<1 Ka?l 1m" ? uCtrrtl kt au3ll'>n during U>* ? eric near); all sold steadily. Foreign ? The pubHe uP>? bave bet DptlE -iT?Hy In in"??pvado, v!3 : 45 Ks atula , M tlercca, 168 bbls. Portr RWo, 1*5 tibia. . 141 t'.ero*#. 4t bit It. Cuba mtisM'vaci, r*.d ''1 bl da., iOO bbla. A Out*, <be whole ot which were freely taken by the trade at fM prices. By private treaty J 6f0 bugs clayed Manila M reportod at 44m 6d , and 1 ZOO box * No. UK Havana at 4 Ha , the latter fer eipost > e Bon in ^ cargoes b*r? uetb sold : two Havbna, fer Ant werp. 600 boxes No. 11, ibtureri freo ol pa/ticalar nT?rag?, at 31s . and 840 b umm No. l'>, fully lnauroo, a< o'2? . ; and three for porta In Um I LlteO Kb gdom, one IKvava, 2,100 b.)iea S? lf^L lully luvured, at ol? M., aud two brawn Bahiy Ml races, 660 bags, felly i.jsured, at 28a. 6d., and .i20 oas^ 110 bags, Itaurod free of particular average, at 20?., ui ?50 tons clayed Manila at 4.1a. tirt. for January delivery. Tim is very firm. Sioiks 1.11b., bara 132a., r^lioid 1S8? Itaoea I3:.s . ? trails none offering. TauxiW ? St. l'etorbburg Y. C. on the spot steady at Ms t)d , an'l for the last three mun'bs of the year 60a. #4L Ti KflNTinK ? & 1 00 barrels rough aold at 8s. Sd. a bo So Spirit* are lower. Amorlean in cask m 32a. 6d. a**iuca? ittocite.? Hardly anything dol&?, and quaMt ttens rominal. It A V HK MARKKTS. dAVRK, Sept, 16?Noem. Sales of cotton for the week, 6,000 balea. Slock >a pott, 76,600 balea. Brca<Utuffs du<l l lae Lateat. Ijvhuhjo'., Saturday, Sept. 20?1 P. V Cottok.? A dull trade at the quotation* of yeate tf| probable salei for the day, 7,000 a 8,000 balea. Bmuistrwn ? Market quiet for all articles, with a veef Hulted tusinegs, at about yoetorday'i price*. IttuvihiOKH unchanged. New* from Northern Dfexio*. Tho Texas papers contains late advices bom North ra Utxkso? Ueueral Langberg was expected at SalUUo In oominAoa ol a large forco ol government troopa. Vidaurrt t>.j made depositions to tueet him. U is probable toeei b?i be? n a coubton between them ere t>i;s. If such is tt>? case, the Cag of Um H'erra Mtdre Republic wid aoor nntVrled, ai?t events may tr*n<piro h tving a very t'ortaut bearing u|?n our reiailcns wiUt the ouUrtBin >?? states of Muxico. The Got galea Intfuirrr recently stated, on the authority of mere rumor, that the tierajaog ot Ite WlU county werr about to lorm a Premobt electoral ticket As., and thai % party bad ';roti.od il.e river to put it aoirn. We loam from ihe Gaiveaton Ciriluxn tb-U the report 1s altogether erroneous. The fa;U are, that a Kenttioklan- an : a preacher, too? named Pratber, or l'rater, residing iu >4 ivuuty, who bad been endeavoitng to inculcate abc ? ecliuK uih, acc bad e. to act^l au. ptcl jualy (bout a i man way slave, ww walto'l USS by a deputation of cllueo^ nciu(Ju.p u numbir of Germans and slaveliotdsrs. M cetitteu that l.e Diuat leave tuo coucUy. He aflknowledgs* Uc wasau ab'>Uth.aist; that he was one In Keitucfcy, and ever sbou.d be sae; that be would njw uot osly Uave Texas, (tf they would allow htm,) but also the l ulled State*, anu Lv \ cr a^ata live under Um llag of S4a ijKtlv* couetry Our iufuriBaal stated that a porUoa tf (he pecple, Inchui't^ Uio principal Germans and ill ttante'i, were in lavor of topo.^Log summary punish saeeS uion blsn fur hi* c?auuct, hut the majority agreed to (lv( hi a a abort tic.e In wbjeh to aottie his ail an* and quit IM couttry. li e Austin Sl0'e Gatelie saj s that M%or Walter P. !?? ts t ing up an ex|MHiiuou to go to the Gadsden pure haw The object is, doubtl .v*, to work <omo of the many nUsea exiating in that qua'Uir. Major Lane Is an oil Teian. The ( rant! Opera War. A MMflFIOTO FROM TbK CRBYALIBK WHO FF? COCNTKI.ELASr KhOM MAX WARlTZiX ? FLNAXOIAI* ix rotut or ink lata .'UMX. .Nniw, K I , Sept. 30, ISM. J. G. Br?iirrr, Hxj ? Pr^tt rin ? An ouj the tbestrlonl item* lathe llaaAia to tit/, I tind if-.e itarlllsg lot. ligec ;c of a cn.j> W ctal m the port of Max Marcizrk T1 o Ttrikio given la vor y faeomb'e to Mil-nnA a ci e to than tho furta jsat liy. it ia pretty erilcni that iin- txi i.Jera himaeif tho "mantcr of ihe ait nation.'' A* he t a.'ta hab'.tuclly ot nte inflvmoe orer the New York prune? he auppotte* tlmt te baa notb'tjr irtore to Co Lana ?Ire hlfc uun, m.l put she adroraa party to fllfbt. Vrtm tbi s mtnt of the enee, m made to ne, H la paipahia that ho haa teen gulhy of a groan want of good taith, na? ?t< e% a jcod deal ef trickery. I will for # ard the UcMt wbfb nra al! yon care lor I know yon wtn he able, then, to jsdge which j arty bin the right ouiupletn ? Mil ar the tioekboldert ot the A' ndomy. I it-All retun to town tin wet*, and neunse with am reltab my obner rat lone of panautg events. T try truly yours, BKN'RY WIKOFF. COl MT1-UA ?T FHOK MANAGER MARXTZEE. to run ar>mm or m* nnnn. Sfe?? I hare rtad atteoLrely Mr. Phalrn'a lettar in thte mort Ing'a Rmutn, and M my oaly aaawer to It, ahotJ? tcel much obliged to yon, would yon pubUnh tho tuta iii en t of thn moelptn and cxpend'.tr.rea at a month, whlrih haa been eald to te the " moat proeperooa" In the a?*> demy or MuaVc ? A< Ai>nrr or ureic? imla?<i ktmi't, oriona* 1, Ifjfl. DUbvrmnnmUt Per. 1, Trovatote.. b2.~'t_ ZS 8a1?rlea. chorua, or " "J, T.arta I OJJ SO rbeatra hjo-I irttata. 110,831 A ?' 5. fuaumbtila l.i?l M Rip-n?'-a on general " F, . .. . i OSt <*) w?nlribe.. TIM " IP TrOTat'.rr 1 it4t <V Rent, advrrtMrii and " lit Trovnnwa, .. . I.i :ta prtattaa ??",? ?' 1* 1 term* I. id? <8 irre' t ' keta ?oa t.i k " 17, Trotetorr 1,300 3 it villi, z, and all *e " 14, t.' Kit de da nnrnl etmnena in R??i!e I. MS S (WioilktruiHk ?,4I2<? ' ?&, do. V I SB .M ^ m .raw. thr " #, tin. . .. 1,4 4 AO L r *Jr tin Nord . . . . !,*?? ' a*. <to. UN ?! F>pen?ee "ar I -*u>tle '? do. .... 1.6W 1> du'oed -Mm Cash for M.Mareuok. 117 W Titel ? 9i?. ivt a Due :>"m luadriea . . l>et?M ?a? ff Total ?l?.0?s QB Tela? ?l? iM3 Of ?. n. f'RMaBCK. Tren mwr. Much of Mr. rhalen'a tc??r I might reply ta, ware A not that I de cot wlah to ?i?Vr ntc n newepapcr dim no tie u. Bat 1 d?jire Mr. naM u? tbacrre that tt In no* arena that I kave madead'U.t of ?U'\ more or lana, t it thai had It bk hern that I hare r^ . ?jno?l, ae la all. ; femer time?, the preceo^a of ay haneiU to liquidate th? . arrearn of taiary, ay deficit la a north at thn mo>.t pr? J p r< m.nw m?nt In thn Aca4tmy of Mualc nut ;.*7n% amoantei to over t2,000 Now. If thta >n the remit of t^e mort prnepnrmui ?v ntkf n the Aeadrm* of Murtc, what nonM he jiptctnd IT, a n njiuaaer.ifat ? IWht BMMI a cnti> a ?p-l uanemejw rat ve (') reaecn ?h?u!?! ow? ' I tappeee that tnie atatameat will n.mce r* tba t? 'or -naoea ef t?e piibUo, thn re"nctkm of the HMMmMMi nnd the benefit ? any futuee maitngnf* who amy W m ?UMiooa~ tala thn < wcrk to become ttn tenant under tllltonn othr? J ae. t bare the hotor 1? be, yc jr?., rmf ^oA fu 'y , *c. MAX HAZtrPV K. Naw Yoatt, Oct 3, IMC. Fnin RAitaoar ? A t err d'FYai- For aonae \f M pMt n sutkn among the er<*neer? tnp'cycd on tfrfe '.Crie Hall toad ban been ti i o-temrlnucr. It was Dud v , come off oa Friday Sart, tat there wan totia hitch >tn the pro gramme. a&tl It w?a poetponnd. Sow thn rtrlke c oaten from thn other ide. and I will be anna by 'an ad ret U?e ment la aaothv oolnmu 'hat ihe hoard tt mannceme*t bare preparci a regular <mip Tao leadtra a mo. ? thn naglntnra on?*gnd jt tt.a tuoeetaeak hare b?en charted, aad pr'paratJene made to a<r .-My at oi?ne te^ fkaoenof ?'J wbo may lenra. The ? - ocra bare noa wmptalaed about aagen. Tbey are perfectly neffled with ihelr pay, hut am tot dmpoewj to nhlde hy tbonw rulea which the npertotandent eqritHars neceMnry (ee tha lafe'.y of t'. e tineellfeg pubU^t The enginnnre think tho ralen M* mingnat, and tha rompnny think that the 1 1 m 1 1 Ml? ef 1Mb nad peoye rty require their en(V?roe menw Amngamentn hare been aaade that will prevent nay lataeiapMoa to tmeet, anu the train* ann lenve at tha appntatad time The ar?y 4'H+i on the f?t of the cnea paay will w thout doe ot he neweM. Follce Intatlt Tm Lat> I'.Mt Phiil FidHT ?Johnny Reach, can ef tbaaecond* la the late fntnl prtja Ight between An f Kelly aad cbat ioa Lyach, wu arrerv I yesterday hf off cere Mcauaky aad l?rd, of the lith war I p ? . \ a? d oTj being broutbt btibra Cor jn^r t%).-.y wan li?i i m ball In the turn of il.CM to an ?? r. A*'* Ft WW ti tf?b' ?? 1 e H-'il ?*. ? ? i ? ? '