Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1856 Page 3
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f ilTglTKBlEHTS lEHBWtD KYKIT Mf ?UABPMU AND UMWIMU. ?) WEST WASniNGTO* PLAOE.-THREE SINGLE GEN 0 tlemeti ran be ac:oinmodated with very pleasant room*, with breakfast anil tea, and dinner on Sunday, at a mode rat# piice, la a first claw boose, containing all the modern Improve menu. 1 Q UNIVERSITY PLACE. SECOND DOOR FEOM Clinton place.? A gentleman and wife and two or three tingle gentlemen ran be accommodated with pleaaaut roomn ana board. Bouse brat class, with all the modern Improve OR C.REF.NE STREET? FULL OR PARTIAL BOARD ? ^i) A large front room on the neoouil and one on the third ttoor; aUo one or two attics for single gentlemen, furnished Id the mo .t comnWest, le, wl'li baths, gas, Ac In the manage mint of the household particular attention is given to the com fort and taste* ol alt. Terms moderate References exchanged. AO WAVERLJIT PLACE, NEAR NEW YORK HOTEL JjCj ? Hands?uielr furwahtd apai untinw and room*, with ttll the modern improvements, to let to single gentlemen Q|| J ONES STREET, NEAR BLEEOKER.? A GENTLE O" man and wife autl I wo or three single gentlemen, can be accommodated with furnished rojtns ana board. Conveni ent tocaia su i References exchanged. ?DQ GREAT JONES STREET? BO ARDING -A PARLOR, 00 with bedroom attached (furnished or unfurnished), with lull orpsrUal bo#rd, can be had ou roasona'-le terms, by ap plying at3ft(".i eat Jones street, near Lul'sjetle place. A 7 WKT rafBTIKm STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH jfc 4 and Sixth avenues. ? A tlu? suit of furnished rooms, having gas, croUtu. closets aud bath room, to let, together or separately, with partial board; house Urst clasd an<f private; relet exchanged. >IQ MURRAY STRFET. ? ROOMS TO LET, FRO* *XU 12a tof/- per week; pas, Croton, bith, &e., in com plete older. Also, board, if re>|ulred. en east twentieth street, near fourth ?*J" avenue.? The second lloor of a brown stone bonne, four rooms, with bath. Ac , to let, with paitial board, to gentlemen ?mly. M walker street, five noons west or Broadway? A quiet and genteel private boarding house tor single geutlcuien aud gentlemen and their wive*. Terms reasonable Hot. oold and shower baths, free. fjjj WEST FOURTEENTH 8TREBT. BETWEKN FIFTH \/X and Siith avenues.? A gentleman and wife, and a single geuth niun, can obtain pleasant moms, with full or par (larboard, a, above. locution unsurpassed. References et ^banged. gtli WEST TWELFTH STREET.? NEWLY FURNISHED VU rooms to let to gentlemen and their wives. Also a few ?ingle gentlemen can be acoommodated. V?Q WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? THIS HOUSE. \)0 delightfully located, Is In readiness to receive famllie and single geutlemen for the winter. Tbo house has all th ? modern Improvements. Dinner at tt o'clock. References given snd required. Q1 PRINCE STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF BROAD t)i way.? A. large and well furnished room, wltn ample closets, ou se rood floor, with boa'd for a gentleman and Bis wlte, or two single gentlemen. House lirst class. Lecatiou desirable. 1 OH GRAND STREET? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED XUU rooms to let, for a gentlfman and his wife, or two single gentlemen. Reference required. No ladles need epy'y 1/1*7 PRINCE STREET. WITH OR WITHOUT 1U I beaid.? Handnomely furnished rooms, suitable for geatlemeii and their wives; also single gentlemen, may be ae 'ated by applying as above. House oontains gas and mF AST TWK*TY FIRST STREET -ONE OB TWO fsmiliee rait had superior accommodations by apply pig as above, bsuae first class, adjoining Oramercy Park House. Private table, if desired; references en-hanged. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD way ?furnished rooms. In suits or separately, in chiding the back parlor and extension room on the first door to Jet, togen'.leaen, with breakfast, if required. First class m TENTH STREET, A SHORT BLOCK FROM Broadway.? A well furnished and very pleasant suit of rooms on second floor; also, rooms suitable for single gen tlemen. House first class, with all the modern convenient- ?. Dinner at (t o'clock. 17fi EAST EIGHTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN SE II U cond and Third avenues.? Bouse and furniture new throughout, cou'alninc all the modern Improvements. A gen tleman and lady, and two or three tingle gentlemen, can have excellent acr ommo< at a mo Jsrate prloe, by furnishing satisfactory teteienrei ___ 1 7sa HUDSON SIP.. KT.? LARGE ROOMS, WITH PaN J I U try and closets, to let, with hoard to parties of gen tleinen or gentlemen and their wives; hon<? with modern improvements; lot at ion desirable, St. John's park. Re ferenccs csclisngett. 1QQ EAST THIRTEENTH STREET? AN ENGLISH JOO fxmii/cau accommodate a few gentleman with hand Some fur Dished ap^tartuienta. with or wlthont partial board. House first class, gas hot, cold and shower baths foe* Kaf? renoes required fj A Ft BROAI WAY. -A FEW VERY DESIRABLE 4 Tt I room.- '.o lc: to families or Kln?le gentlsosa. I'm sons looking (or winter quarters will plevie call and see lor tbezuseh rs. llaner at C o'clock. References required. 753 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE APTOR*PLACE.-FUR ntxhrd apartmeu's, with or without jiartls! board. nC\H BROADWAY? BOARD? FAMILIES AND SINGLE 4 O | get) lemen. can I* sc?minodate.l alih board, at th . above number tl? house Is of ihe tlrst class and reple'e with modem lmpior< ments. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Table d'hote. References exrbnagert. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A BED room and sifting loom, furnished, with use of kitchen. If rvqniied to a |>?rty of respectability. The bouse contains all the modern improvements. References exchanged Apply at 24 Seventh av. nni. between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets AOKMr.fc.MAN AND Ills WIFK. OR THREK iV, tingle rn>' emro c m be l?d w.ih full or par tial board at 136 Kui Broadway. AOIMTLFMAN AMD WIFE, OR A FKW BIMQLE geaUcwrn. cm o>Uln furnUhed room*, wtlh full or par tul board, at 46 Wot Wanhington plaoe. A LARGE, PLKAMAKT ROOM, ALSO TWO SJ* 4LLEK J\ room*. deairable for tingle gentleme n, cm be had. wHh Ward, at 404 Fourth *treet, Albion nlaee; location pleaaant ?nd de*lr*b!e, Ill c**ily arreaalble by Broadway eti(*a and freoara. Asm OF ROOMS AMU PARLOR, PARTIALLY fUrnlabed. la a modern built home, to lac, with or without board, to a amall. pgtifl private family Location. IX) Weat Sixteenth *tieet Beit of reference* (Iran and required A PR1YAYK FA KILT WDDX.D DISPOSE OF TWO OR A three pletient room*, with board , ih* houae contain* (aa. hath, te. Apply at IK Weat Twenty iccond atreeL between Btoth nod Peve-.ith avenue*, reference* required. A gum OF HAMDROMELT FURNISHED PARLOR A and bedroom* to let, together or *ep?rate. In a private fcnaee, with *11 Ox? modern improvement*. alto, a atngle room, wi'b arate and (M Apply at W Prince itreet. a law door* waat ot Broadway A FKW OFNTTF.MRM CAM BR ACCOMHOD A TED with well furnt'lied room* and goo. I board at IM Seventh avenue, between Twenty eaennd and Twentylhlrd etraeu. Bath* (aa Ac , lu Ui? houae. Htece* paaa the door erery law laiite*. A LADY AND OEXTLEMAM, OR TWO OR THREF. ?Ingle g eailemen, ran be accommodated with board, at Livtaa-tou aticet, Hrooklj n. APLEASA5T FROMT ROOM, OM THE 8ECOMD floor, nlcelr furnlebed, aultable for a gentleman aad wife, or two single gentlemen m*y be o'lta'aed, with board !? a prtratf family, by applying ai 107 Went Miteenth atreet Hou>e ha* (11, bath, Ac. Rrferrnoe aichanied. AM KNOl IBM FAMILY. OF TWO I'EBBOWR. RK8I0 ia( in a central part of Brooklyn, will take one or two (en tVenen a* partial boarder* Krferenree eichaage*. Addren bo* Pi Brooklyn Poal cit* LADY. HAVINO MORI ROOM THAM BHF. RE quirea, would let a vary pVeaaaat back pari*, on the A arm flier, te one or two gentlemen, furnlahed or anfumuhed, with er without beard. Family private No other boarder* Call at 171 Kim itreet between Oram! and Broome. A OEM1LEMAM AMD HIS WIF1 CAM BR AOTOMMO A dated with boar! or a dreaamaker and leamatreia. Ap p.y at ?4 Hpi tag atreet. Ai.adt would let two MRATLT FI'RMIRHFD rou??. on eeannd floor, together or ooparate. with or without hoard or wtth convenience for moklng Term* mo derate. Apply at *17 Weet Tweaty fourth itreet. near Elfhth aweaue A ICIT OF ROOMB. MKATLT Fl'RMISHED, AT A HO A derate r?n\ to a atngle gentleman. Inquire at No >4 Eighteenth atreet. wet of Broadway. A FAMILY. WITHOITT CHILDRRM HAVR A LA ROE and handaomely rnrnlahed ronm to let, with board. to a gentleman and wile Apply at MT Weal Twelfth atrewt, be tween Plftli *i dHmh aveniwa Kefereneea eiehanged A SUITF OF BAMDHOMRLY FTRNHHRD ROOM! TO A let. on the ft ret floor, and two or three on Ihe aero ? I floor The fiaillf la pru ate and the location I* desirable. Apply at MO Bait riwirieaath treat, near the fecond avaoue. A PI .F.Af?AMT FROMT PARLOR AMD THR ROOM OVKR A. It to rent, with board. In^a private family, at SIM Weat Twentieth atree' The ho<iae te Rrat rinM. with all the modern Urnroti mi nt-> Tlie k ration delightful not ?urpn??ed by any bi the ct> t. an < convenlrni to alaaea au<l car*. Rafereaeee ei ehanged/ A' MICF. LARiiR ROOM. FCRMIttllED. TO tKT, OX aerond floor wlUmttl board, la a prlrata Awlly ,k?i, bnth, Re.; vary ile< ta'ile for two (rntlemen. Apply at a? White etreei. T|OARI> -?<MF OR TWO SIMOLtt ORMVUtMRM, WHO J> would furt l?li their room? may find a .-omf utahle home wl'h or witho-it paitlal boanl, at a private table If ilealreM In a <mall prfv.iie fumlly, realdlri* a' 1M Weal Twenty fifth itrvet. Tci ma moderate. Referencea eirkan(>-d UOARD ?A OKMTLRMAM *I<IW A ROotl AND break r*ai wlilia famllv where here are ao beard era If tnutnallr arrrea'ile would dine with the fhmlly if they dire late tl'ite (*? Ac. Addree* Y. W. O., HeraM utlica. Board w am kd~in a rrhpbctable famii.t.for two I.Ki|e? Tli ey ate dialer* and e in fnralah the beet 0f Itfereneei Teraia m "lerale. Addiex* Mr Benttle, No. 70 Ba??a>! afreet. Board- \t htrkrt bbtwrrm wv vetl y plir > and F.lsbth itrtet. Fine furnlelied room*. In *?ita nnd rlbgle: flr?t elaea hin>e, very reepeatahle ana plenmntly loeaied. Ihe while nf the atr.itld or third lloor ?nay now be bad by a family or paity of gnatlemen, for !he wlr.ler OAR r>? W ANTED, AM rMFPRJIHIIKD R(M>M. I If A B jirl' ate fa ally, for a featleman, w > fe and child partial heard for gentleman, loe'allon, below Thlrt * fh ?tr< et A<1 4reaa, atating term*, which mu*t be moderate, P. V. B., He rtild ofllra BOARO.-A PRIYATK FAMILY WORLD LKT TO A lady nnd gentlemnn, or a couple of alngle gentlemen iileaaant room' Apply at li Warren p * e, < IiariM (treat, one blorfc f'otn Poui tli atreet utag e* B-IARD-TO LFT, WITH no\RD. A BtPOMD Fl, Of'R front room and bedroom. <ttnated in one of the moat p'e t ?gal par'a of Faat Broadway, gw and ba-h ref erenrei ei rhirge i Intnlreat 191 Kaet Broadway. BOARO-n TNTOJf M tfK - t FAMff V A.VD TWO I oiihttral gle R entlamen will lln.' very de?irable ?t i ?Mta. with l>o?.Jl at $1 t 'lo ou p'W.', lea' F;PA At.tia Wttr rcncr* ftrtl?|A ?juumra m? LMona. Uoard ?A fimut omjmnn a first class hous. , i.i West Fouiteeutii street, baring afew arleot boarders. would like (0 !*" * --jcond story room and bedroom, to a genllefuaa and his wife Address Home, Union square I'ob1 office Board -a priyatbfamilf, having more room than they require would let lo a gantleuiau aud wife, or two or three tingle gentlemen, plea suit furnished room*, with board. Apply at 13 West Twenty sixth street, second door frtm Broadway. BOARD OR PARTIAL- WITH FURNIbUKD OR UN furnished roomi, to let, to a gentleman aud bla wife, or two sine'e gentlemen, In a small English private family, with out children. Those wishing the comforts of a quiet home will Gad one. Inquire at the store, 249 Columbia street, between < arrnll and .Summit streets, South Hroohlyn. Board and furnished rooms, do wn town. f wo gentlemen can be accommodated with board at 40 Rohlukon street, near College place. Also, furnished rooms to let, In house 86 31 urray alreeL Board in a private family. -two or thrijk single gentlemen can be aecominodited with rooms, with or without par.tal No. 2U Cot'nge place, between Houston anl Itlieokev streets. None but single gentlemen need apply. Board in fourteenth striet.-a handsome suit of room* for a gentleman and wife, or sing!** '?gentle men. Also, single rooms, at 1H9 Kant Fourteenth street. House strictly first class, and delightl" illy located. B ated, B MRU in naou&uifl.? A ntua, Uitnuii r iv in i room, on the Cnt floor, also othor rooms, pleasantly situ . cap be had by applying at 45 Concor.l street, a few mi is' walk ftoui either Walt or Fulton ferries. OARD in BROOKLYN -a GENTI.EMAN AND HIS _ wlf* or two sing'e gentlemen can obtain beard aud ple* mm rooms by aoplj log at 67 Henry street, live minutes' walk from Ful'on and Wall aneet ferries. Board in brooklyn.-a fine front parlor. with bedroom communicating, on second fleor; also, a large front room on third floor, furnished or unfurnished, very deidr.iblv aituatod in Henry street, near South terry. In a private fnmlly References required. Address box 8,082, Foat office, New York. Board in Brooklyn -a gentleman and his wife, and three single gentlemen, can Qnd fleasant roomi and board, in a delightful location, wi'hin eight minutes' walk from Wall or Fallon lerries Reference! required. Address 0. M Z , box 1.136 Post office, N Y.; or call at 43 Concord ilreet, Brooklyn. Board tn Brooklyn.? gentl? men desirous of ob'alning a knowledge of the French language ran be a< conimod&ted with hands inely furuiahed rooms In a French m.vate house. in a desirable location, by applying at No. 66 WiUoughby Street, iftfeieuces exchanged. Board in Brooklyn ?a private family rk sldu g la i new and elegantly furnished honse within three mlnutrs' walk of the South ferry, would be happy to re reive as inmates for the winter, t wo gentlemen, or a gentle man and hltt wife. Dinner at six. Apply at 96 Congress street, three uoont from Ulcka. BOaF.D IN WILLIAMSBURG.?! WO OimMi and tlieii wives, and two (.ingle gentlemen, can be acoom inodated with good board and pleasant rooms. In a small prl vate family, at moderate prices, by applying at No. HO Fourth street. Board wanted -a gkntlfman wishes for the winter, a well furnished parlor aud bedroom, on the or secoud !loo. , in a tirst class house, with full board. Dinner it six o'clock, location near Broadway, and not above Union square. Good society and the comforts of a home are important considerations. Unexceptionable references given. None ueed apply except conforming strictly to the above. Addri ss statl; g terms and location, box 8, IS! Post oflb-e Board wantf.d-by a lady and hkr two daughters in the upper part of the city, between Fourth ai d Plxth avenues prefetred. They will require a la*ge and unnll lOOm Communication, aU'lng looattQn and terms, ad di eased F., box 2,931 Post offico, will rcceive attention. BOAPD WAJTOD-NEAR THE MEDIC AX COLLBOK ?n Ihlneenth street, by a student, with gus light. Ml disnec st 2 o'ekx k. Address Jtidicus. No. 4 Ann street. BOAP.DING.-TO LET. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO nicely furnished rooma, front ?ad back, on the same floor, to lentlrn en, or gentlemen and their wives, with or w ithout board. Apply ai No. 60 Diwn'ng street, second dior from Varick street eP.feience* given and . equired. BOAPDINO ? A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD I.F.T TO two single gentlem?u, ?r gentleman on J ladv, a parlor, with partial botrd full board loi lady. House tirst class, lo cated west of llioadway, near Bleecker street. Address H,, box 160 Herald office. Boar dtko .-two or thrss handsomely rum nlsbed parto-s, with be-truoms attaohod, yet vicar I. at the house l*o 10 Waverley place, also, several r?< mi for sin ele 4?DilM>.er Thm la the must laairabio locaUju in Uu ally Dinner al 6 o'clook Boarding in south Brooklyn ?wanted, one cr two gent f men, to board lu a private familv. where ttierc are iio other boarders They will have the comforts of a home. References exi hauled. App'y at No. II Wall street, office of the Hamilton Iiimii anoe Company. J AUCKLAND S KI5W it A V KM UOt SK. 410, 412 414 AND ) 416 Broadway, for permanent and transient boarders 1 Uic au'.te ol roums fir families and single gentlemen OEO. BUCKLAND. Brooklyn hiiohts, <b remsen street? fami l,es and siugie gejtli-men cm be accomm(xiate<i with dellffhtf'.l rooms st the above su'ostantlil residence situated within three muiutev walk of Wal' at reel terry. Dinner at six. Rtfcenrei eichatvged. Brook f.vv heigui*.? a ^kntlkman and wife. or single gentlenien, c;m obtain rieasrint rooms furn'sh m3 or unluriilsljed h Warl, In u house situ.ttod w (thin three mtnutes' walk oi Wall street ferry. Add: ess, with name, Co mo II era. J oltic Doris house ii hand no bow kr y r a miuks and single geutiemen accommiHlao-d with pl?a?ant roomi. a^d board at moderate charge. Sultek of roomi for fam'Uo. Bath i'i i-tn.s, gas, Ac. UtOANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND HEDRO<>M aM->?h?1 six, two single rwms, to let to single gentle mm singly or together, in a private family, wi h or wlibout board, iio'. se sn 1 furn ture me.'lern. Apply at 119>? Nln'.h ?t:eet, dooi* WWt of Broadway ? K MOT ANT FURNIt-HKD ROOMS TO IJCT-WITH board iiw J* gentleman aad b's wife or two nhigl e gen thmen. Katoeace* required. Ajipljr for three day* at US Kaat 1 wot '.j aecoud atreet FURMKHKD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH TIIK modera tmpro< emen'a. in a private family. Breakfaat, tf required. Apply at M Tturtj fu?t alieet, between 8l*tk ul few 'iih irriun. FftPRKWnKD ROOMS TO I.FT -OENTLEMFN RE 1 quiring pleaaa'it ant airy IWM In a convenient and h< althy tor a 'ion, will And every accommodation. at mod r' rale prirea, by appi; log jt 419 Broome atreet, near Hi aad way. FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET -A WIDOW LA.DT, living ftp tomn, In a (Icaaaat and health* location, wuhet to V a Iron? parlor rr two n* ma. to a gentleman and lady, with hoard far the lady only. Add real C. W.( Union ajuare Poai cflit e Um:rni-hkd booms to ijpr, wmr or without I* hoard In a private famllv. convenient to eva. *tai<>-? a> >1 feme*. Refereacea eictuuiged. Apply at U Mou atreet, near fbathata. FUENttHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO UCT? WltWont board, In a private family, nt ?t> Faat Flfieeuth ?irret. A aecood floor, trinutlng of three roomi, with gaa tl*tur<? bathroom on theaataa floor. First clam booms -two or three oebtlk imn, tf undoubted rrepectablllty, may obtain, Immediate ly. a ipt'ndidly ttirnlelird parlor, throe bedroom i, baib ruom ar.d water< loaeig. *11 ocnnecilng, on the aerond lleor, In a new brown aiorie residence, a few doora wenl of Uroadwav, near the New Tor k Hotel occupied by a atrlt tl? P'lvate famllv, wLere no lieardera are takon. Add reaa box 1.131 Poet office. Gr.NTI.KMIN AND 1IIKIK WIVKfl, OR 8INOI.E OKN Urrn.n can lie accommodated with fuU or partial board, In a private rami ? <1 is, baUt Ac , la the bouao. Apply at ?I tVeat Slifoeuth alrtet. Handsomf roomr-wtth bre t k faht mat be had by two gentlemen, at No M Ninth atreet. HOTFL tiODGINtH.? UKNTLKMEN CAN OBTAIN grod f irntalicl rrx.nM at the ttli>be Bote!, corner of I labktort k;?l Wtiliain aireata, at 15 eeuta per ulgbl. A few !ie?t r.oma, at S7't ctnta per night. Bo other cbargea. eicept at tlielr option. La piirre hoi bE. ?;? bboadwat? <'ondu<ted on the European p'aa. Thla elegantly f-rntabed hoaae la now ready for the reception at gueate Hullee of r wni for lamClea or alagie gent'emen. J. FOREMAN. Agent. MRS. HIM. NO :? EAST TWELVTK STREET, NEAR Fonttb aeooue. would like to rei.t ait* rooma in the bouae. ? Nh or Without board, to a lady and her h unhand, or to two or three geutltmen. The heue* u lirot cleat aad In every way dc?irable. N'O J HORATIO STREET -BOABD CAN BE OB talned In a atrictlr private faoilly. where there are no < '.!? dren, on a ear an.t atage route, between Fourth atreet aad Flah'h avenue, and a auM of moma with bath attarhed. hot and cold water. furaUbea or nnfumnhed, with or without hoard. PIEBBEPONT HOUMB, BROOELTN HEIOHTE ?THIS eotahUalim.'nt located at the comer ot llb-ha aad Mou tague ?'r? a?a in the moat beautiful portion of thertty of Brook lyr within five mlnntea of the Exchange in Wall atreet, baa paaeed into ibe handa of tlie eubwrtboe. who 1* now prepared to rrceHe gueata. ha*tog conveniently arranged aulta of apart menu for faaatli-'a anJ pleaxant ro.iiiia fur amgle gentlemen, many intproi "ment* have bean made, and everjf attention will be given to Uiuee who may favor him with their patronage. .tamf* I. BuaVa. PI F AS t NT AFAHTMF.NTB TO RFXT? rURNIiHIED or unf> ,rnl-he.l. at the Monument Hooae, No S Tnlon xtuara. J o AC. L. BRtUOS. Rooms wanted, wtth bo\bd, fob four feb xiie between Fourlh and Tweni.atli etrei'ta Addreae htn 1 ,JTti Poai office TO LET? WTTM BOARD, IN A flKNTE L i lamlly Apply at llfl Kaal TeuUt al reel, between Fir t and Secrnd >?. uiuea. Heferetcea given and required . Koom-i and hoard-two r aror boom-' fur i ntahed or mforaUMi kr italleMn au.l their wtvea, or ?ev?r?l elnt'e gentlemen. With foil or partial hoard and the cr mforta of a 'i met home at vary renaonabla raiee. In quire at "4 H'rry SMI, N T SM1THPONIAN nOUHF! -FAMII TKS AND 8IN0I.F gcoMrmeit iniklpg to winter quartern are mvlted to et amine the ncroinnKxIatloDa of thla eotabllahment heated by au am too'tghitut ffDNf T KOf'MAV. TO EOtTKEBEKBa ?A I.ADT AND OENTf.EWAN llvl g awr e, would like lo meet wlih a ama I party of pownnetgotM tooerttpva tinrtlin of their houae for the win ter w'th or e-Chout 'lOaid Notie but thnar wh i deetre a nea1 etrt elegmt Itcme need apply Befercncee given and required Apply at ?s (rf!iirgton av , two block* eaet of Madlaon ?<i iare 1'FRT PT.VtS tNT ROOM*. WITH HOARD. VtTRK T liad at f>4 Weai Kt-ventoenlk atreet, between Fifth and Kmh avenuea "1IT A N TED? <?OOD BOARD AND A NKATJ.V FUB TT oiaue l ri".m, fm a gentlenim wife, and child thre yenre old, near Tenth atreet and rroadw*? A^driaaBeo* die- Ki t Broadway. Mating loireat terma which muat b? reatonahle TV' ANTED- 1IT TWO URYTI.F MEN, A I.AROE, Nft F TT ly furnlahad room with narllol boa''d, la a rrlvatefaml'v F ench preferr< I l.ecatkm betaeen Third r?nd F'^hth av? nu?a not abo?n 1 eent* fl.nrth atreet. Addreaa T *C , llfril oil e >'atl:ig le ma ai>d location ?PVRKITtlRR. ||1NAMKI .1D nMlMI Fl RNITUftB.? Ff Et.ANT Xl v. ell n de et '' ?, ?t f. at elaaa marble top Otilia si f-cv alt e nw fat r?. 3eotl?aj, helow il'e";H?r greet <a *v? ? ?ufl? go out of '.ho ciif . ran TiKr. FLORA 1RMPLE AND i.anomt ? pahhion uoukb* (j. I. Purse ki)j stake $S,SOO W. dncuday, Oct 8, at half put t MO o'clock P. M., dutm $1,500. with an luside stake of 92,000, mile heats, l>t*t three to five. in baruwu 8. Mel augh!ta names b. k Lancet; J. D McMimn names b. nt. Flora 1 emple. W. C0LTON, Proprietor. UNION COURSE. L I? TBOTTINO, ON TCEHDAY, Oct T at 3 o'cl >ck P M Match fof $2,009. Plar or par- Mile heats, beat three In Ore, to wagons. H. Wnodruil nascea n. no. Lady Ellen. Ownar nsmes br ? Stranger. HI A.W A WHITE. Proprietor*. THE FIREMEN. ~~ At a meeting of Columbian rvoinr company No. 14. held on the return from the Or* at Lllllen'hsra tobacco factory, on Tliurailay evening, October 3. it wm re ai.lvcd that the thanks of thla company be tendered to Mr. Pater Cbanfrau, of the City iliul tit Ilarr'ay itrW. f ?ribe bountiful supply of refre-liuu>n!?rtirm*lir<i thru on the above occasion. JAMK.S FOKbVTH, Foreman Chas A Or at, Secretary. ID8C?LIjjl? ROl/S. ACCIDENTS ABE ENIIM1JLV PRESENTED tr YOU uw the patent Indl? robber fluid lamp; It nan not rigilada break or burst, it is the most eoc.i?>iulfial aud only sals Ami lamp ever invested IlAWXUUBMl A MOPY, oaaaa fact ur era. 6 8 Faltup street, N. V . ASTOK so ai la a medicated chi*miea'. family aoap, warrau'eii ta *uh In hard water a* well a* In soft AHTOR SOAP I* warranted not to injure the labi le AATOK MlAr Is warranted not 10 make the hau It sore. AXTOK SOAr Is warranted to cure chapped hands astos no a r Is warran'-ed to leave the bauds beautifully ajf. a>t on suae Is warnn!?d to wash with little or no rubbing. ASTI1U SOAr Ii warranted to remove greant or pain'.. ASTOH KOAe Id wart anted to go twice a* far as commas soap. amok soar Is particularly reooDimei.d. d to printers and mechanic* for ren.i yjiig miohuie oil and d t i t, requiring peculiar detergent qualities. Address orders to Artor Soap l'om.?ny, fx>t of Thirty ninth street, North river, N. Y , or to *lcott a Emtaous, grocers, corner of Hey and West streets. N V. All I CO?TAR'S EXTERMINATOR EKJECTl/ ALLY cievrs rats, Croton bugs, e^ckroarhe" Ac ; Onalar'selee Hie powder for the destruction of lies*, ai'>?|Uiioes, and all Insects Cottar's bedbug extoi minalor. Coatar's wholessle ard retail depot l<iuadw:.y N Y. Bran* OF RVRRI DE?CKIPTION-AT THE IIRITKII factory. So *17 Pearl street, Franklin square All art! en k Fold at the lowest factory prices. I'aiut brushes of a sup# ri< r quality constantly 03 baud. JOHN K HOPPEL. CHEMIST CARL MULIJCR'S CELEBRATED STOMACH bitters is an excelleut preservative 'against the yellow fever, fever and ague, cholera. Ac , and Is highly recommended bv physicians; no persons should be without It Hold whole k ile and retail at the depot. 107 Kulton street. New York. Furnaces, ranges, ao -constantly on hand. a large, assortment of BolbsA patent self cleaning ealo ric furnaces, which have bsen ?* Vglilv approved by all who have tet led Uielr merlta liayes' pateot tubular oven range, bakes e iual to a brick oven, fcexton'* patent heaters? vary economical, Ac., Ac. OKt). L CANNON, 406 Broadway. G1 RKENHOU8K PLANTS ?FOR SALE, A LOT OF FINE T greenhouse p! coosistlc g of large camelin japooic..*, oraage and leui,w trees, azalias cactus, and a variety of other plsnm, at the residence of CHARLES U. RtOOLRS, Brook - aide, Poughkeepsie fSAHFLLA OB APES LtABKI.LA GRAPES ?THE SITB 1 srriber is daily receiving a attpply of superior Isabella ?:r>>peB, from the vineyard of E. K. Collins. Esq.. Avon place, N.-w Bocbeile, ana would ca)i the attention ol hotel keepeia aid corffect 'oners to tlr*? ssnte BENJaUIN P. C00P8K, agent, 81" aa-i 31'J Sp-iog street Leaky roofs ? aii. kinds ok rooks repaired IUI'1 coated with u pi?t?nl tneta.lic coating one coat being cuual to five of ordinary paint, an I warranted All outers seat to rooting depot. No. 121 Twenty nevnu.h street, vrlU be fcttenJed to with de -patch M ON AFX a AND PRINCE Alike evince !a LYON'S g re it Invention An interest. Which they ve expressed Wl.h noble condcscenaioi . Amor.} th* e.-.m >: u a in f.ivor of hU magnetic po^.ler for the tletlnirt ,n ol mneot'i without poi.AouJ LYx.V hai one from (jueoi: YictorUi sad a?twU>er from Mm Albert. Oe^ot 124 H.oadway. PBEBCRIPTIONB FOR UliSUM ATI8M. (iOUT AND J dyepepais. seldom fsiiing to speedily cure for wsrded by mail to any psrt of the country. I'uce $1 each. Address At. Uitij, box I Philadelphia Poet office. REMFOY AOAINST AflllTIO CHOLERA AND DYB enUiry. by l?octor Theodore Ualllatdet, ProfeAitor at Medicina an'l or Ihs VMulty 1'iwir A?., AO. ? As pi uprio ors of tlie above remedy we have established la this tit) our depot for the retail trade, at the store of Hessra. O. T. (.aiiman A Co , f>9 Water street Tbe price. In this city, of one bottle of the 'u^uld and of Que Ix ? of powders, (which are sufficient for the IraaUneat of the diseaso and during <"onva lescence ) Is four dollars The oircuiara, whioh are uutiitahed in Kren :n, Kngliah and Spanish, will be dl*irlb uu-a gratis at the above store Wholesale orders can be addressed to us directly at Mo 4 South William strc t a= also all letters la either English, French. Spanish or tlcm?o The directions aocooapaaylng tba botuaa aid boxes beur the wrtuen s?ns Ijreor l>ootor Oaillardct and oar os n . the elrou'lirs bear printed Mgnatu res. As soon aa agen-s shah bare bseu a| pointed In jtber cities we shall make It known througbtkt o<-wspspera of widsat circuUtlon In order u> avoid put cbasmg a spwrimia article attention ahonU ba gn . u 'oi?ui ctroalari and the psi'-Kuiv w~. a* . which Invariably ae ?ociriaity our remedy DtisAN * r.uuE. Kit ions Swit i3. ISM Pogota? Mr. T Hmonno'. Is ourgeneia'. ageat for the r* p nolle of New Oraaada SAVE YOUR LINEN FROM BFINO EITHER LOiT Ol stoiea by ualng Oavlda' etreialor indelib'.e marking lak. the best in use No preparation require.! b ud by Urn pria cipat alathMcn and druggUU. TH aDDKU* UAYU/H 4 CO.. Msaulac'.urioc ;-U'iooen S Cliff street. Trot i.acndbt ?WHS I. T. SCOTT, 91 PRINCE ST, Brooklyn. ftore and diatom collar* don* rip, with or with out a gloaa, alao, ladiea' collars and all kind* of embrolderlra, in (He nealcet wanner anil at abort node Ordera to be left a'. Mia. Van HuUteu'a, 02 Naanau gtrcet, Ne w York. TO BOUNCES or t.ANP WARRA.STS.-TII11 SCBSCRI ber. having the knowledge of a *maU tract of couutry ea/t of tlie Mia?Ueippi. Dot yet located, and aurrouoded by American *ettler?, po naming the adrantagea of an excellent cltn.ate and being wlfhtn eu ml lea of ike lermlmia of a rail toad In a flouriahtaf ton a, will locate IV game ata raaaooa hie rale of eomraiaaloe. Psiiafactory clir lefereoce will be troduced of the reapcctabild* of IM partie*. Addreea T. A L Irlbuse oSice. lor three day*; TRAVEM.INO TRCNK8 Ac ?JOHN CATTN AOH, trunk manufacturer, atlll renuuna at hla old ataod. corner of hroariwav ai d Wall etreet. ami on h*n i a Rood aaaori rnent of trunke, carpet and leather baga. taliaee. ladiea ' aud gentlrireii a hut raaea. Ac., at wholeaale and retail. Order a tor the Wert Indira .South .America. Ac . filled with despatch All ar ti4 1< a 1 ought at thla eaUMiahmrnt Ml to any pari of New York. Brooklyn, Jcraey City or WUliamaburg, free of ex/ r n?e. __ TO PCRPUMK AND 8WTKTFN THE BREATH, C r deat.-o? the amell cf Ikjuor and tobacco. k now all me i. th? Tokat, A a retailed at ?aloon? gegar end drug etoree, I 11 New York. Brooklyn. Jeraey City and Newark. Tokftl lione of the good leaulta brought about by the late expedition to Julian Forthoae who rauat chew when In ao cleiy. dyeuepal*. Ac , It commend* ltaelf, aa no apltlliig X re sulted. Wholeaale. 4U Broadway, up glair*. VEEY SUPERIOR CAMPUS Of every kind. I.argeat aeaoriment In New Yerk, At Ult town' ma-ket prW, by STEWART A Bl <WIV(V Wlioleeale eoafeetionara. ill) Fear! tie**. V B. PALMER'S ABTERTIHIKO AAlNtX V . No. IV. ' Ibe 'inie ha? paat f.* people to alt qulrtly*ln their atore* acd triat to rirrum?t?nee* for cuatotner* Tie aapect nfbu a !???? tha? 'i*en entirely changed? the old land maika hare te?o n n ?> i d and new channel* opened. People f.hould not now ?it -)u etlv and ga/e uy on the dual gathering around their wacee, ! ml with Incoming ahrcwdneee place their pen* on paper, enumerate their article* and anaoimce through the adrertlalag eclumnaof widely circulated papera the quality of ilielr article*. an I where thev may be found. Men of emit II capital !otf alnce dkcorered tale aure rood to wealth, and he who doe* not follow la th*ir wake will find hinuetf dla tarced." Kmian Arrrrimamr. ?Thai the butlneee of adrerflelng ? lie nail ely, aa It ta now conducted, la not In a pecuniary m nee adVantageo-i* to ibe o? nar < f gnoda who wiahea to dla w m> of htm and aTalla hlmaelf or inl* medium to make It Vm an. la 'ndeed a ret1ecUim 'i|X*n the ahrewdneae of the bu?l neee W"rtd, which rea tN* In other reepecta will iM jnmiff. 1 be writer dr?a not dt.nM the' the loimnaea of adrertlalng in ihla eouatry land part: -iilarly In New England and the middle ? 'ale*) lie* nearly If Lot unite doubled in the avt ten yeara, 1 lie teaat o laobrloua II.imc wbu ltave done it hare f mud hel- account in an doing. It h.ia yielded an additional | troth liy ? v< nlrg the circle of rualomer* and thn? eti*Mlng th^rn to run ott a large quantity of s?w<la m a given time Thl* point la worthv ef a ?oment,a cot elder itton. A merchant a?r aar. I bate a U e?h lot of good#? my ran of ci-nun t* e.tahllahed? | ? t a I certainly aeii them? why ahotild I xdverli**- There *m h me * ho reaiKjn thua. But they alaad a* certainly In theie o* n 'Iglit a* Ihi Mgh Iliey kept theii ?U re? open but h?ll the hut.lnea? hi *ra Trne, thetr old < 'i*u>mei* mar continue to trade with them, but e-er? new . mt/mmp >llf in by the ad t< ntiemeni taaurd. aaelata to diepoee of the atock In *o much lean time tfcan before-#? 1AM, If br *ralllng themeelrea of the advertiaing medl< m, tbey -ell their atock In half or three lout the the time Iliey other* >*e would, the additional profit la Inrreoaed en the IncrcMed a%le In a much larger ratio The ante of tlie Iret half wa* attended with pertain neeeaaarr ei penaea of rent" clerka. Ac. , but the port'on mid la addition to l>ear but a amai. par eenlage of the nerenaary eipenaea of the *tore. 7 he renf?. the clerk*, the IncldentAla. weje ne?rly foe **m.- aa former!*, liut the gixxla wereanhl In half the lime, and Uie pi rfiu thua increaaed A thorough indletoua, ami nafe ayatem of advertlalng. may %r adopted at V. II PaLMER'R adrertlalng agMiey. 1 Ihonntgh, be?muae hla \goer embrace* moai of the be?t ar-ti mo?t widely clrccHtlng .tournal* ot all the eltlea and prln c pal towr * In America avauioatii ally arranged and e irefutly ah d for the c< nrerlent ?iamlnailon of advctilaer*. affording a K. lce nelection r,f ary deairalile number of papera la all atrall e eec'lona of the coai-trr 4. .lutlir'ou*. beeauen bia practical experience andohaerrt Hon qnallfj him to eominun'eate valuable, reliable Inform i tl<?n and Important fact* in regard to the prlmtple of adree lifting If* p-Hfti'-al operation lie trade of the aeveral dlatrlct* <f tlie country. th? (l.^racter, circulation, and comparative mer'le or the varloit* papera Ihel' ?Dttabl?ne*a and adVpt ition to the ftirthf rarci- ef ditleient bt'.alnea* puraulta. andueiea K* a reel ?uilert to adrnilaer* for acmli Ing publicity. ? ^af- becanae he I* the nppotrted agent of m'?t nl the titsU pat era ^f the irho'e countrr and ?uQKiri?e<l hy lh" pro prfetcra to make c ? tree1* and give receipt* for enbaertptloca and advi rtiaem< i.ta nmmiio. 4 OBTRAI.IA PIONEEE TINE -C \ RRYINrt THE V J?t I\ ted f tatea mal' 1 he line inallad ( llppei ablp NINNK licii v. I.T10 ton* reglat^r, (huilt by l>onaid McKay, Ka<i , foi t r* nir**l*ee, ana pronomoed the moat perfect clipper il 1 ' it Heaui'liiimi *. maaler. will be deaun'r hed forMe' i ni 1 1 i: l n 'Mi at ?'< early d,ite, whtrh will hr named on t i pi,, ui u 1 m a brrih inciter porMrn of c.irgo pogHtralf e. a ige l sherlfetaai npporuuiltv to ahipp>T? an! p^aaen c r? anc'i *a h?* never been nreeented to tlicm in the \natf a ? 11 trfrle A|.n ? to R W CaMKimin No. ti t> .wling - r en ('.? ai^tief'r la I Htr?' ?. W U K 1 .N-O.t UfiOT If PfH A(iO KM>t MILPOtRN* Attf?TRAI TA -MfTl M. tI5E? F ilie iitdcent A 1 eliuper abip t I.AKA wllf EI,ER, fid tone tiuMiien, i'e. *tio i'..mman ?r, w i l hare th' ii<u?l I n mpt 3?n afrh of thle poptt nr lire being the thirty Ural v. a ?i deep?,toe'' ba the nnd? ralgned dtn ng the | ?it fht ?eyeara, *1 > rut a death or areMeD* WHIllM on Ihe pae*a#cfl out i In ><( "ffimo-totierf fat Meeeagart hire l.een a.iang d wi h ? r," regard for health i\ril er>nifi>rt. being alii and wed ietu ? Railt appliaation ahrtlhl lie mule, to acrme ih ii# b? lg Ai td, to the agent or. board, at ciei 9, u'i>.e,or ? v I th !,{.? PS) A <|D AC, w Wall a'reet. ffiDmo. MAIL 8fkA?f ' mw BALTIC, Cooutoek. commander. wMI deusr'. with the Unil?d t-istee mails for Europe. positively ua Saturday, (> u 11, a* 12 o'clock, M , from her brtrth, at tho foot of t'antii Meet K<? freight or iiaMHse having unequalled iiwtium# ? '"? (UL "legatee juJ luujbrt, appl j to BDWARJ) K. COL W .>M ? W^ll Slreat Pamaiigere ?r? reqaesM t* be on '?/std till o' cock A. M. All lutturs must pa?a through the i net, any others will b? returned The stnarinlitp KRK1MVR, Cant Ixiwbcr, will succeed the tfakie. aud ull Saturday, Oct. -a H ?.? The rale of mikl from LKfrpool '? Vovk i* redneed to lour po?-i4s par tun ? mrwuai. until further Mite* Tilt BRITISH A>l> RORtH AUXKAir ROYAJ. MAIL . .. rim i>n i 1 1 n uvaniM. ( hlef cabin f ? ?j- UK Kriuuili-a^iuMi,... .. Jt r??? ?.w.< nuntmM fTiief ev-- ? (HO t*r> ?*-?*> . ? p?M?. lb* ikift ft ? k. ..?? ?, , : rr.HMA **+.-. i >nu ? Lang f |? A i Ml WK ka ^ A 4 ' ' t'MRC'w* Kyrie A > HI< A i ?| l .feu. "T * J. Letlch mall .-ad. greea

Itx on Marl Will W. a tm, Abl* . U*. ?? h t * i Mur iw. 1, MM. ? ?.< r?4?y, (tel. ?, H6.1. *1*4 ?'? W?*,. aatsy <IW 1A, ISM. .Um?n We 'a?, Oct 22, I VA ?f?"SA *?? ?'?i Wr .ua lay, Oet *J. IMA. A l< * l)T V Nr^t, Wli?? I, VFedaeedav *o?. 5. 11M. AH4A I..AI N.-* V.*t We?Jar? l?iy. Nov.12, IAW. HhAlK Un|. H.? ., VtXnr><>> .V'iv II, 11H Jtenb . nv< ? en r< <i uaul |uu 1 f .* An c?|??ri??H art itirr e .n no board IkroKM r> i IUu <? sbl) ? will not l>e aeeount ible for fold, silver. bull. *n space jeweir*. precious sioiaes or metals, on I 'ilia <?f la >>ng ere liierefur ai.d ibe falue Uiaro<rf therein ri|n iaw'1 Kar b elgb or pui |> 'JT1 F i\S *RP, Ko 4 Rowling Oreen. B OVAL ?"Il HI !? AM-*!!!'* APRIOA.? C0N-UG*RK4 ?r?- irlonrad i h >i i'ia aKKIC A will commence dl?U?re log on Mm .'?? ui< 1 1 n.? ih'- Mk iiuiaii' All ?oo-ls for wh'.ca parniMa ?rr i < t n t will be rncnl to the l><?n4od w?rclniU*r, J m?j Ciii , and br ui <.u>rsgr r. CtlNaR? N'o. 4 "owllnf firMn N'toh f-tah^ott ? ltsk or mtkrpooi. pack rit ? I'arkti 4tli of KetoUar ? 1 lif l??i tailing uarkat ship 111 NJAMIN A t> AMA, <'*r'a)a Chaw, wUI potllivoly h*ll as ?bora, for pmtpngr in tab. a, f cabin ami rteeiaica, ?1 pi? ou Luaid, pu-r S" i'aat i in, or la TAPHCOTT A CO., *6 Rout I. Ureal FOR MT?R|'OOL-K*I!*IRK LtNII? tiiic CVI.CURAT ad tiilp KtfPIRK h'l \TK, pier No ? North rtv(-r. will pwtllvalj Mil on Monda*. (>?<. 8; ami lha rllapar thio TT l'UtyON, pirr No. ? North r'vrr on W'-dinaiU* <V* tf K?r uaauiga apply on board, or to DKMARKST A JONKS, 40 Kiutli, aud % Oiti *lta For ltyrrpool.? s aii.s octourr 4 packktship flR KOllKKT PRKI. Ihacrlabr .tad ?h.p I.OMHiX s.nU October P. mid tin- xhtp YtiKKTOWN for l*>n Ion. BlhOcli bcr 4 Fare In alUicr ?Ulp ? Sccopd cabin, tin. ?lcarage. $li>, una luund. Apply toTIiurt C. KOt'lIK 41 Mouth ?.iraai. POR LtVJRVOOL.-THK SPLF.MlID, KRW PACKKT stiii Al'KfAlIC at pier 14, Ka-t ii\ar, on Ilia ittb if Oc loticr; tin* R BOBJNSON, al pier M, K.iai rivet . on the T'b of October. Forpa.ssagf In cabin or slt-eras*, apply an abore KAHKI, k I'oltTIS in It roadway. FOR LIATi.EEOOL.-THK LARGEST 8UIP AKIX)AT. Tb ? ruK^ilii .-ut new clipper ablp Oi'EAN' MONARCH, Captain Pime, will sail on Tuesday. October 7- To sacuf pawnee in this spleinildgliip, early application nh mid be iniulo on board al pier 41), East river. BAKKL A OOR l"is, 177 Hroailway. IriOR LIVERPOOL.? DRAMATIC LINE O<T0U?R 1 Ibe uplendid, new cllppor slilp OAIATAV, will aail as obova. The ship bns inHguibceut atila room uc ommola lioiiii for alt claxi-rs of paucLKeri<. Applr on board at pier 14. taat liver; cr to C. A. TEN EYt'K, 6, Houlii xt reel. First packet for new oki.rans, octoher 6 ? lbc favLiitenew packet sliip MaRTHA J. WARD, will poflliTely aail aa abore. For timing superior ac oommooatiors. apply oc board, at pier 13, Kail liver, or to C. A. 1 KN KICK, W Houlh mrcet. ITO0M NEW VORK TO HAVRE DIREt'T. ? HRITISH ' North Aine. lean Roy li Mill Steam Pitcket l/oinp iny . ETNA Captain Jtil'er EM Kb' Cnptain Smalt. JLR A Capt.'iln Wlckinan. I. KB A NOW. . . ."uiiUin Cook. CaMURIA (I'.iddla wlievl) ('apt .tin Uroadlesn. Pa?i-rtj!e money for first elans passengers only, (for whom there is excellent a commodatlon.) $ 00 including provisions and steward's fee, but without wines or liquors which can be Obtained on board The Statero nm are unusually Urge aiul well rentllaled. Any one wishing Intake pissiige is linlted to visit the ship The Kui<-u m.ide her last aas-eim to 'laire in eleven days and xeventeen hours. Freight taken at rea soluble rates. For that or pits a? apply to K.C9XAB/), No. 4 Bow UnK Orejn STKAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND OLASOOW.? ? KDlNUl'llUH, 2,ikiU tois, AVI'l'aiu Cuuunlng. ooiiiuisnd. er; NKW Y<thK, 2 13(1 tons, Robert I'ra'g commander, Ui.ASUOW. 1,962 tons, John Duncan, commander. T'.in I Has go*' and New York h'teamshlp Company Intend sailing their ue.w and powerful st<iax"r* from New Yock tor (iiiu-^ow di reel aa riilows ? a?a Tora, Txieaair. RKh bepl'mb -r it 11 o'clock noon; Oiasgnw. Saturday, 11th October, at 12 o'clock noou, Rdiuburgb, ?Qtturday, 16th November, l'to'clocii, uooo. it Air s or rjLMAOC Eli st eiaas, fifi Third ? lass, f.mnd with cookel provisions, ?*) An t-Xfierlenred Snrgeon attached to e* h steimer I or fruigli or passsKe apply to JOUM McSVMON. 17 llmalwjy. New York eiiy bills or gold only received for pannage. rut ROrTH AMPTOK AND HAVKE ? TH.I UWTrHl' Mates mal< sleamtr ARAbO. D. l ines ciaim.inder.wiU l^ave for Havre, touching at f>"i:thampton to la. id th* mills and ua*s?EEers. on Saturday I i ^Wer IH, At 12 o eloek, IroB pier So S7 Rortr river, fix* of Reach street. Price of passage first cabin, 113b second cabin. >78- Th? ship lias live water tight compartments rncl'ielrg '.he sngiaes, s.) thai In the event of obtusion or stranding the water could not reach them , aud Hie pumps being free lo work, ihe safety of the vesael and pas sengeis would be sAciirt d. Bagna^e not wanted durlnclhe i oylge ?t,.oM ?.? sent on boird the day b?i'ore uUUum, m*rk?d "below." 1 or freighi ... ?>**??** ?.uK to MORTiMEK LITlSoVrOK, Agent, 5S Broadway. N R ?The steamer KuJlon will succeed the Arsgo. ar.d sal N oveaber IS. Fob brfvp.n, tia south am pton-thk pnitrd Plate* Dill! ?*hlp WARHIMOTOR, g. Cavcndy, comm.ioder, wtll *al! for l'rrroca, (touching at Hoiilharoploa to land the mall* airj poiwngrri for Kogland and Frmitrf), no Saturday, tool. 4, at 12 ?'?took M., trum pier Wo. S7 kortk liver. mica or runci mo* **w rota to (ovTHinrroa IUIU. la flrat c*otn. main Minna fug In brat caldn, lower Mloon 110 In aeeond ca'jin ft Ad experienced lurgccn la attached to each *tc*m?r Bpeol* delivered In Uavre or London. Mo parcel* received on Ik* day of aallinf All letter* muatpaa* tkrouf h tfec Poet offiM. For paMuif je or freight apply la C. H. BAND, agaat, U toulk William ?tieet Ike ateamer Tlermaun will aaeeeed Ika Waaklngtoa, and aail Norambar 1. rn HAVRR PIRNCT.-FRANCO-AMRRICAN COM pany.? The French ecrew etcamahlp ALMA. 1.709 too a burthen, A. Roranda, eommander, wlU lear* for the abora Eirt on Tbur?daT, Oct. 23. at 2 o'clock precisely, from pier 31 ortb river Price of pa.s*a*e, ar*t cabin, aft. Rot), Aral oa Mo. furward, W*J For freight or pa***fe apply u> Ike age-ila. lb* tlaamer Vigo will inecead the Almf. K M i ED. PQ1B1KR ACQ . K Broad et-eoC T11K LIVFRPOOL AND PHIUAPR1.PHIA CTKAMBHI? Company* arlendid and powerful ataamahip*. C1TJ OF MAl.TIllOKK. 2,4ft* ton*, C*pt. ltobtrLcltr.h: CfTY OF WaRHINcTON, (SM ton*, Cant wfra W,lia; t'lTY OF MANCHRhTKR, 2, 1C9 tan*. CajA P. C. l'atrla, K ANtlAROO, l.ri tona, Capt. B. Ewlng, are intended W Mil ran* innwiL Kargaron.... 32d October. City of M.wchc?ter 5'b November. City of ltaiumore IVib Noranbar. raoa rnu-jpgLriiiA. Kangaroo 11 October. nty of Manchester lfi'.h do. City of Baltimore SWA da. rati or riiti cb ran* k?w ?oh*. F?Wic, f#0, |M and fftft according to ?al?room. A lintted number of Jktrd el*** paaaengrr* wtll he take* rrnm Philadelphia and Liverpool. and found in prorialona From I hiladalphla (3D I From Liverpool 941 Tin *!' cteamrr* are cnimrnrtrd w Ith Improved waicr light r.imi ?riin< an, and each vra*al carriea aa aiparieuced **r geon. r*rtie* wish'nj to bring out Ibelr friend* eaa obtain oertti rale* of MMMH ami .lr*P? ?URMfMI noun* of ?1 a:?r 1 ng at.d upward* Apply In JtWN C, I) ALR. ageat, 17 Walnut at., Philadelphia, or KAURI. 4 < OBTIf. 177 Froadway. Mew tort. CiRRATLT RROVCRP PRftTRR? OCTOBER ? ? UR1TRD I Ma'e* Mall Line? Kl fir poind* of burgage five, ten cento p> r pound on aioeaa Four hour* from nceaa to ocean, by Panama Railroad. Through for Utfforal* rta Panama Rag roed? Th* I'ai'.ed Mate* Mall 8'eam*hip Company will dl? !>?!? b f^r AaplnwnlL on Monday. Ortobor *. at two a'ciock. P. M . pteclaaly, from pW fooi of Warrea North rlrer, ilx- wall known ??d faal *t<>aniaWn 11.1.1 NOtH, )Upi?tn i 'ha*, b llogga, I'. H. N. Paaaengara and malla wtU be fbrwardH wj I'anama Railroad, aad connect at Panama with the Parts* w*li st?amahi|) Comp?ay'a ma#Bineeai Maanukip Rf)llOBA. H Whiting, commander, which will be la rendlnen and leaf* immediate!' for Han Fraaeiaro. Tba puhlw are informed that the Paclflc Mall Rleanithip Company (Iwaja bare one or mora <-*u? d earner* lying at Panama ready lor ?**, to arotd aay pea ?ible detent Ina of nae*enger?or mall*. For paaaag* apnly to I W. RAYMMNP. at th? only afllea of the companiea, 177 W.*t eOret, rorni-r of Warren ?lre?<. Wew Tor*, freight la taplnwall. 70 rente per ruble foot, or lU ornt* per paaaag pii paid. and no freight will be racalred after 12 o clock oa ike <t*y of ealUng RICARAOITA F'MfORAlPIW? A FRFK PAB-<Af I V _ ?nd a laig< grant <>f land.? Th* new and q.lradld *toai. ? ?lilp TKR?tK,5??flR will Rail from the foot of Heaeh e<ree , ^o?lh river, "n MIL OMw fi nt I ? clock. M, l< r hn Joan del Norte. A I) pcr*on* denlmin of emigrating I) that beautiful country can obtain a free paaeage. and IJO arrra of pitdocllre land, hy apalring lmme<iiately. at the Riraragtm Kmlgratinn office, No Ml Broadway, rawt No. J. up etaira. M.MANPKRC KAWRHNCR, general Kmlgra, t ton agent for United State*. FOB CAMPORVlA. ? MWW TOBR A VP BAM FRAR r'.fco nteam>hir l.!ne. via RIcar* TTOmlle* ? Oreat red'irtion ofjuk*a - 1 1 N N*s.?KK will nail from pier, foot of it- a<-h itre. t, Nurtl clrrn Bteam?hlp Line, via R tcaragaa^ ? 4thane*t route by ? * ' a ? The lylnaftl at " ?eark ?tre? for flan Jnan de Nicaragua, on Monday, t let. A, at S u duck P. M , to connect with the uteamer Orlul>a. from San Juan del Bur. on the TeeiHe, for laa Fraiiciaco For freight or taM>ge iptil; to t'H A8. A. Will I MKT. No. 2 Boir'IrigtJreen. N. H - fba ?i earn hip Tet?? will auooeed the Tetiaeeeea, St, to couneot with the Sierra Nevada, oa Ik* Pacific. SjlOR JfFW ORLKANf AM> flA VAN TflF CNTTKP 1 Stale* mall irteem-hlp C All AWR \ , J, p. Hullorh, cotn n-onder. will cnmmeoce reeelrtag trelchl on Wndnexda ?, Oo ii her H, aad tail for the ebon port* on Momlar, October ij, at lOoMock A. M Rfl * of lading of gaoda ?hli>p?d mow he ?ent In the evening prrvtou* U> the day ot aaillng. Ro bill* of lading ?igned aP<-r ihe uteamar Mile. I* VIROMOM CRQI IIKRON A CO , 12 Part place. tilOR HAVANA ANP Mttun.F ? TH* t'NfTKP STATKR F mall atetmahtp QtfARMI PITT, R. W Hhufeldt com m*nder. will eail lot the ahore porta, on T o cedar, i vmber 7, d 0'c\rrk aoce from I er ti p?rih river, now receiving Ight- freight taken for Nor- Ck lean*, and forwarded from Motille. freeofconimlMion Crmpanj * bill* of lading can be l"OOtrcd on I <*rd or at Ike offline of arenla. Nn other* *lgn ? d For fi eight or paaeege apply to SMlTd A PATRICK, Agent*. Ill Woll Hreet. ~~'TON Jk CO H T'fUPATCH I,!NR FOR BAN FR \K -l?c o. Miiiiig rcguinrly and no*itlvely on or before th dif adrrrtlncd t I'pper of Saturday, llth of October Instant, tie 'amon* an*! celebrated A 1 clipper RPwIN FORRKST, Cocker, ni??'?'r, 1* recelvlvgker cargo at pier 10 Kart river, a d will poeltivci) Mil a* above shipper* dadir.uinf tk s C tv li?-?f po??ib!e cont eyanc will p>a?e examine th? K l win f otrent, (unl )'H?e ibemeelve* nt her ability to land bar oargo In !>?n Fr?arl<"0 In advance of any veaeel now -.rt??rlnf M'TTON A CO , SK Noulh utreat. comer at Wall. R, H. ? No it fig 111 taken afier the dev adTcrilnad. COB BAVANNtn ANP FI.ORID A? CN1TEP HTATK8 r ?i*ll line -The *te*n>er A1.\R\MA. Capt Oeo. R. flrbtmsk. w,l. leave on Sn'irdey, Ot* 4. pier No 4 NortH frciiibt or pa*a**e apply to B . I. MITCH H,l? No n Hr >*d. w*i T>irrtigb unkel* from New Tork io Jackaonvilla. la j raika *.t.t S. -am * for Florid* conned at Ravann* Wttk IMSttlKMttvMI >?* York O* Tue?!?yi v JBu'u:' . * AWTOBtMCTHTH. j B?OW?*AM * ROtSALY 1UEATBE. * 1rvA.i urtr. ViL'ii TV* 8. Murphr SuperJnUMV'cat of Oflk* Mr f. r. Milee I'tuuipier. ........... Kr. T. Price ri.*caa or A?HUalOH. BrM(M?utMv .*? 8*4*1. .<? oentt. Boi?*. I Pit and Gallery... 12J-; eeuU Prlt-at.- Bo sat .Five dollara. AlierfcUou of iiuis opan at 7: to oommnmm at 7)a. FaTURDAY KVaKINO, OCT 4 IW, the performance* wiU eoraiut-'jce with an adaptation at DKRD; OR, THK 4'ISMaI. SWAMP. DMTHISimOlf or CHARAlWtBS. Cnola Jack, u savage a.'uve own>'r> "vox et progeria," Mr. Brougham Old TUT. cook, housekeeper. garden* and mali of all work tolhn "IVyloiu" Mr T D. Blco Harry Uordon the alare brother Mr. J. K. McDoaougk Tom Gordon, the legitimate ton, a roue and gcaim I grace .....Mr. A. T Morton Dred, a runaway outlaw, dwelling In the* swamp, Mr. Conrad Clar%e Mr. Frederick Augustus Carson, a prim aid bache lor. one of Mms Nina's rejected Mr. Wliitin# Nina Gordon, tbo heiress of Caiiema Madame I'umtl I Mrs Crlppn, the (tying wife Miss Mate Retinoids iJK-iie, with a new aonv Mis* Fsuuy Doub*oa GRAND DIVKRTIS-KMKNT. To conclude with III. ACE FY ED BCSAN. W.ltiam Mr. MeDonougii Susan Nine. Ponix ? I Burtons nbw tbeatbe, bboadwat, opposite Itond street 'iha extraordinary display of first elv.? talent embodied i a ' the e*?t of Ibe doe old oaumt, THK HO* KY MOON h** at 1 tr<u !? d tirt-e of tbo nmil brilliant houses of (hie very eurceanl'ul ' s.iMin To accommodate the many natrons who are yet de j i-liou* to ttiUiess thin dismatic treat I tie play will be repotted Tin* (Batukoat) BvaNiKU, OCT. 4. Tobia's elegant owned r, In five itc'n, ol TAB HONEYMOON. Duke Arsn/a Mr. E Davennort ? hitniifH, bw Mr van'. tlie Mock puke Mr. Burton ? 'ount Rolando Mr. < ' t-mfior | t ?uot M.tntalban Mr. Ilolmui l;altlu?/ar Mr. Mark brni.b I Lopor Mr T. I'lacMe Ju'tura Mr* K Davenport Volante Mr*, c. Howard i /..imori .. Miss Fanny Urowua Ail ent're rar caat that hns never beer. ei milled. A new ballet, I, A M A, 1a 111 SI) V 1 1,1, A, la'roducing several fieauUftil dances by M'lle llncyBarre, Mi'. , O. Smith acd a full Corp* de liallet. Overtures. Jotr'actcs. Ac , l>y the Orrhe>t(ra. Includiat a 1 Pot Pourrl froui "Bon i'asquale ' The acuilrable farce in one act. of AN OBJECT OF I CTEREST. Pivony Cribbles, Mi>g Funny Marshall, Mr* Vernon. Mrs. I A. Parker. THE POOR SCHOLAR 71i ? ffcellent and rery inter'-ntm/f drama bw achieved a ; brilUntit Th? deep attention bratowed upon the ae - rlotiB portion of till* delightful doroenhc alory and Ibe hearty Uuaiiter that greeted the comic acenea were crowned with loud aud rontlauoun applaui-e at the end of th- play, and tha pt it<ri|ial performers ueru caile<l out to receive lit' gratuU it> us ut tbi- audience, ft will be repeated on Monday, and et er y evening till further notice. J>II AMBFJtfl STRSET TflEATBR J (Late Burton'ai. Mr. K. rddy Fan^ette, 25 rents; Woiem, tU cauts; deeoad Oircde. Ufi ?e?U, Private Botes IR Tat* Knttiw (P ?tuhoat), Oct 4. bafpakm.k. Baffaelle Mr. Eddy NKW YORK AA IT IS B #e Mr. Chaufrau UMKBI< K BOY. ROBKBT MACAIKK. Macalrr... Mr. Johnston WOOD k MA BOH JDTENILB COMKDIABK, BROADWAY VARIETIES, C2 BROADWAY, wll' pioduoe ths leaMiifn' operetta of TIIK INVINCIBLE*. vltli all the mmie, aa pert >rmeJat Madatae Yeetria' Olympto llieatre, lx>nd(?. To ronclade with FAINT UK ART NFVER WON FAIR LADY. Principal cburacter* by Master (1. W., little Mary aud Louisa. Doors open at 6>a', commence at 7>? o'clock. Tickets Geo. christy Bwoon-g MlNBTBEIJt, 444 Broadway, below Urand street. Henry Wend Biisinass Maaagar Geo. Oluisty Stage Manage r ?rtt K v i h i ? v i .i i n 4 , KKGRO MINsTRKLSY. Concluding with, luur'.h week, the highly sacceaaful drama of UECLO m sbss'sui a'oxcar. Wifl'., the Monkey Geo Christy Tickets, 2i cents. 1 o commence at 7\ o'clock. CITY ASSEMBLY BOOltS. BROADWAY. ITALIAN OPKRA IN TUB DR4WIMU ROOM. MAX MAltr.TZKK lun the honor to inform the public that he purposes eivini TWO GRAND LYRIC CONCERTS, At the CITY AHSV'Mlit.Y ROOMS, th'' Tist of which will lake <>N MOP DAY KVENING, OCT. 0. 1 i>r those Coneert*, Madame a?NA DF. LA GRANl.K, Madauie BKRTITCCA MaKKTZF.K, Mhdiinie MIKDKMtKHG lhe Signori BK1GNOLI aud ? K-ttl'SI, AMODIO aiM (HM.KTTI, togelhei v. rh the remaining nn mbert of hia roinpany, and a (.KaNO OBCHKBTRa AND fllORUS, WILL Afrit 4*. prevlnns to their departure for Ihwtoa, PhU* lelphia and the foulk. He ha* been induced to Rive these Concert* in order to give tlie public a last opportunity til heurmg tbeae .u iuua, an well ka to afTord those, w ho do rot ordinarily vtstt the ueatre a Ir.f uiiS id' eujo) Ing th ? muklc of IL TIOVATOBK THE STAR OF THE NORTH m tuk ooMiaar noon. Admieeioo One Dollar. No eitia charge for seeut ipg frau. Hest* n>av aeeurtxl at the Cliy A?*cmbly Bourn.', ?lit Broadway, and at Hall A Fon's 239 Broadway. TANKKK ROBINSON'S ATIIRN.CUM, OORNKK OF Randolph acd Laaaaile streeu. t'bicsgo. IIUuoU, will open for I he winter season Bovtmber 17, 1H.V! The houae will sest S.BW, and will be warmed by steam throughout the entire l>uilding, restoring ii the a*me temperature tlie twenty feiirs round. B J. M1LLKB, Stage Manager. ElllIIIITION WANTED.? AMY PERSON HAVING A light profitable eihibilion to ditpoee of, may hnur of a Sur< barer by addressing, immediately, Kxhibitor, bio* Slag, ew York. THE MIUTART. 4 TTEBTIOB, OOMPABT t fx. Plain tod taacrr* lao ccma colo hi, in every variety, at M tad V7 Dam? atreet -;p ?Uirm. IIOJKR A < HI in AM. Cir?i>d MKlri. (pear krtdi and t*rg?? at way* oa baud. BEU.EYUE QARDF.W. Target comnaalea and sk nlc parti?* Will Anil good aoaumm-xUnofl, Good abooting I round and Grat rata d'nn*m. Foot of lOghuaUi atreet, tul rlrrr. B. WARD. Proprietor. HAtKMKN QtT AROB ATTENTIOB.? A MRETINO OF the above company will be kcld at No. 'J2 White atreet. on &a<urday evening, October 4. nt !>?)? pa*t tt o'clock, lo maki> arrangement* for our *e?ond annual t.irget ?xcw*ioa Punr tual attendant* la repeated. J. L BF.NNKTT, Beo'y. lair auJ target compMjXjJ * >i"l( "o^kV K A R , Proprietor. rrniK membbrk of bernhkimkb BnoTHP-E* JL I ialit Otiard arc relocated to attend at Metropolitan Koorn*. No. 1M Heater etreet tm falurday 'renin*, ut J'j o'clook, for b<talnrta and drill. Ily order of R frmacia tecretary. **. A I.I. \N, Captain. TO THE Pl'BIJC.? WOODIAWN HOTKT.. BLOOMING dale road ?The undesigned. in returning thank* for the ?upper* and patronage be baa received atnce bU occupation of 'br above eei?bll*hment nega 10 Inform committee* ami eap for comfort and accommodation la now complete, The target Bind, *r , I* acknowledged bj competent Judyea to b>' the on York i*Jand. 1 be comfort of rider* Ac . ha* r?l*o neon ?I wiled and the bonne being roomy aflfwde (real fir ill! y fur piet idlr* large or uniall parties with dinner* Ac at the abort cat wjtice. The eplen.lid hall rocm oaa lie hired for pub IK c< mpanie* or private parti< * Choice collection of wine*, ?plrita, Ar. TIIOMAB ?t Dl>ERFOBTH. TBnrr wrbath* bouquet*, Ar ? A large aeaorlnicnt rooetanlly on hand and mvic te mr^r, at M PRICE'S artificial lower maitnfa< -ory, ?? 46 f?vialoo afreet. ABTBO-A RFCOXD HAND NET OF MII.TTtBY ev'ipmeai*. an officer of the (leneral Matf, M T. i* Addrraa hot 2 H. Y. Poet office a'ailng term*, lo. w CO Ale. AC PEB TOB? FIVE TOB* AND CFWaROB, R.7Y ?per eiceedlr g *1* block* cartage: over. W ft to (6 M. for Pear h ( Trhaid and Lehigh coal Warrant* ctfUhe beet q-ialiir. mini 2.000 Iba. Hive ? new herlniie> a ra I M. H. HOWEU., *1 We*t Waahlngtoapge^ THE t'EI.EBRATED B?>CEBEEIDOE OOAL IN BOW for aale at the foUawtag aoal Tarda, at fifteen dollar* per to? for the prearat ? On: E U Snow, Bo SB Eighth areaua, corner af Twenty, ?arenth efreat, B. T. Waiter Bicker, earner Atlantic and Farmaa atreeta, Brook 1/n. ' A- W. Wedon. Ba 40 Ronth atreet. B. Y. fnahem llafl A Oo. , odtra aontbweet corner of Bontffooierr and Oreane atreeta. yard M Eeaet atreet, Jerney City. Ortlertcaa aleo heWl at the Ranking Ofice W J. THOICP ?OB. Bo. t Wafl atreet. Bew York. NEDIf ?l. De' cOOPEE. 14 DCABK RTBFBT, MAY BK OOB atiNed prtrntelr aa dlacaaaa. The rtrttin* of mteplared rontWctce can call oa him with the certainty nt heina radicailf cttrfd. fhargr* mnterate. N It ?No foe till cured. D*. WATBOB-B BEW WOBE? " YnE CAt'BR ABB Cnre ?a complete practical Weatiea on apermatonli'na and prematara eihauattea. with W?al dehilltir. tnluced b> rarlj ladtei rftion, etci *a or i>'4?er raueea. In whmh i ha natura and e fleet* of tMa ln*idtOn? mxladr together with the treat ?lent, are fully etplatned. ilmatratecf by numtro'ia an*Uimlcv [>Mte* aad drawinga. with a attsplemem or *enito <irtn*ry Ateeeaca. Price fl To be b*'l of the Autjn>r,,wlm tn^y br cnnenltrd ro?.fl le. ually, at |A Walk r atr t a fl? ? loo ? weal I f Itroadway. . ; DR IJtVETTP BEW ABP IMrROYEO *T*O!iPHEftI0 pre??ure plate* for aillflelal lee<lt. remnrhahie for Utelf Increnerd flrmarai in po?ltlon. pow< r of m>iatie%tion *nd Veey an|iertor to the otdlnary mctlon iila'e, it wiOl a Uptnd for the mnllntioaa gnm. It la irtil* worm the attention of tSoactreai lr? or rr'inlrlrg art ifirml teeth to atamtae thia lm,-> ?. rement l.eft re enaaaitig e'.?e?hcre Tc-'h removed 1>T th" >>emitnb ? i>g applkatToii ard e?iey r-eent linprotemetii of (he .|ar M. LRYRTT. rtrntlat. l*o If W .t-ericv place, ? arBroalway. EatablMbed m Dr. warp'R dbfortt'Ji atk ? fairbh ik Tar i*k plttn ultra of rertaln tne.!'ritie?, anil bit re | tlraa to b kitowe to meet with untrcranl apprchallon. an<l lo atamp i>r ? nrii ?a the (rr?ate*t henefartor of the da*. Or War I hrrehy offer* a reward of $6ftm to any pflT?4cl Ml who nft't a roper dam"n*t ration, enn core certain dl<e?ae* w Ih email? nnlform celerny. e*aa, *afe?y and cheapne*^ a* li? r n rwiunmtaMe eaaea prop-e?a ttt deft\n<>e of ,|| ? he doctor* can d>>; btit by hi* won lerOri aper ltc and Ma r<rf<rt knowledge of erery ateg* af "?* di*ea*e, h either allevuttea or cnre* tl? m e dav Tlioae who dotim t '><ta ??rrr1l(i|> Khonld rail, and he will cure them wlthnnl ??>?< Urtnmber all re who have been lingering fhr week* *?? n ouil * drink tug ?uaa?ng aawpowp H which de.t' t i|V vom?ci and awaltowlag poiaonotu nuia that nnteerni-e roii?l!ti ll?n ibat by aaUtrgon I>? WAR?? you may. m a re * Vwii i. fatey ill* nHxitiM lw| an<j fee' "that t * kha?-iU ??an " Pr?? K 0*??, VMM gt-aa ?a- - tr va Rio?aW?T Ajrvi Niblo-b garden -german o riu. All in iiia) n n BaTUBDA V, x'TOHKK 4.' UK Weber * grand opera, tor \x,m night only of DKP KRKIHemJTt. with an excellent oaat The *?a,r, in t?* celebrated tation Pcene, new and complete, by Mr Neckenauer Musical Director |ir.r.m. Admiaaiou? FIFTY CENTS Bmrred mm*, 60 cent* extra, private bote* M. F?aU may be *ecvr?d dally. at the ticket aBoa <* BBMto Garden, from 8 to S o'clock, Mad at Hal' 4 Boa?'? m?^! - Door* open at 7. to commence at & o'clock Monday? The Waoderful KaveU BLANCHE tm Tl i Rival Faule*, and other enter'*'"""""- ' ' WALLACE'S THEATRE.? One of the greateat DRAMATIC TRIUMPHS on record la the production of Mr Boi'mcicaum'* Qua -miIi of LONDON ASSURANCE, reoelved each night with the jrreateat Laughter and aaplawN W houaee CROWDED TO THE CKILINU. SATrnDxr, Oct. < ? Tur Fxirt Star, MISS AONEH ROBEBTSON. will perform to night m two character*, TDK YOI'NG ACTRESS nod GRACE HARKaWA*. MR. 1SLAEE. MR. DION BOURCICACLT, (The author of the comedy,) MR. I.EHTEB, MR WALCOT MR* HOET, MlhH QaMNOH, a:?d Other meailiers of tUa favorite theatre, in the conadr Mr. Kothera, Mr. Burnett, Mr*. Allen aod Mra. SodMrnta Uio- force. LONDON ASSURANCE. Kir Harcourt ('Mrtljr Mr. WalMI Cbarlee Cooiliy Mr. bMtm HazMe Mr. Dtea Bourcieaaft Me.. ale Mr. Blah* Mr. Spanker. Maj Ilarkaway... Cool Mr. O. Koloniou laaaca Mr. O Martin Mr. Jol _ Jame* Mr. OUfm la^iy Gay Spanker .Mr* Ho mg i. rare Ilarkaway Minx Aguea Robertaaa Pert MUa Mary ~ THR YOUNG ACTKKSS. Cros.?cben Mr. Bi Mm CiKMcben ? Mra. Oookm Tragedian Mr. Hotham Comedian Mr PotaM Maria MUt Ague* UobertMA sully Bacon Nl.i Ague* Rotiertaaa liana Mi-? Agn-? Itotiarlnaa In which character ahe will aing har (ii-rmau Melody. "Mem lien e.-t am Rhelne " Fflle Miaa Agnea Rob Who will c'ance a Highland Strathspey. Corner Mm? Agnea Roberta** In wliwh cliarac'er Kb? will sing " The Widow Macbree." aaB d.ince an Iriah Jig to the tune of " Father Jack Wabih." M.r? I'esborou^h Miaa charlotte T" lu ronaequrtice of the length and importance of the . atice, It will commoure at 7 precisely. Doora open at BUOKLFY'S SEBENADEBS. NEW UALL, tut Bmalway, opposite Niblo'a Oaiba TRfU MPHAiNT bUOORSH of the burlesque on the opera of MABITANA, ? bich will be repented every night tbia week, with a 3a* i gramme of ETHIOPIAN MINPTBEI.AY. r.tnperl coniiiienrea at "% o'clock. AdlmlUaaM, ? M Orchestra feUi, 6U ceala. Iu rehear? *t. DfiZD. OB. THR DISMAL SWAMP. THE Ol.D ORIGINAL CAMPBELL MINSTRELS, FIBK II AM.. &*? Broadway. (lata KeUer'a ) Nl BRYANT k MAI I.OBY'S CAMPBELL MINMTBHI*. the model Iroiipe of the world, c millennium on Moodar avaa Ing, tept 29, and <?* ery evening until further notice under tha dliectlon of Dan Bryant and lien Mallory the beat geaoni perlorrocra in exlaterce. Fourteen une?iualted pnrformor^ the niodet troupe of the world, will ?lvo aaerieaof thetr M initatile Ethiopian entertainments at tlie above hall, intro-tactap a variety of new * ng-. choruaea, daiicea, burlesque*, comtaH Itiefc, Ac., lu whi< h Ibey DEFT ALL COMPETITION. Doot* open at 7; conrert roainn nce at 9. A Inn ma fc i rboaaaaaa i* narfM M. MBAKOOCH B GBKAT OOBCERT COXP1MT. The public are ^^^"a "r aIIOW. A*?l*?edby JCLIEN, , under the dltec'iou ?f M btraK?*<1 will give hoc first GRAND CONCERT ? . -ffjfSf n~ at tlie Nuaic Hail II ITCHOOOK'S FRF.K CON'ORHT?TIIfS KVKNTNO. AST the Fountain Chop llouw, 17 i! ('aniil b^iwm Mott and Kli/Aheth hIh-Hk by fTfryhndf tnbm 'h? mosi (topiitar and ooodiutrd fret! concert in t&e*ttr < hair ukrn at K o'clock preci?ely. Theatre, t ii aiu E.-TOS, s c.? #ot.'N bi.oAN. ma mi^er. will pccnirely open fin the ?e.uou ?>n MoudaL November S. Comoany will from New Yark ou or ati*at ItlbofOclMV Dae notice will be ghett l^".era on t>u*l i.e?? mny hr aiMrenii'd John Sloaa, i'o*'a Sbfcd^n. Thaaaia Kirtet. New York. BF.L1.EVBE GARDENS. On fees oar Nrxr, Oct 5. A GBANV SAChm ttl.N'i l"'RT Will l>e ?iven by bbeltan'* Itraa* 'lauJ. commeneliR at 2 i rloclt. R. WARD, Praprrt*. ) out of Fightleih atreet, East Mrer. MrtlJCBS CITY AHWF.MBLY ROOMS.-THI9 SUPF rior and magnifleeot eatabhahtneni. erected by the ua deralgned exoieaal) for grand conci ru and ball* ia th* mo-t rrtenaive anil contti fnrniahert and i xqttMialv deaorated room erer erected ili thm cltv, it* beauty fw ?ur| any ever oflei nl for pablic n?e la Kurope or America, arranged to aeeotumodate a large or amall company, wMh price to eorreapond, which advantage no olher touae rnjoaa. Rcapertalile partiea, dentroue of aeeuriog a favorite MgM? will And it nareaaarv to make aar.'y application. See tanao and judge for youraelf P. K ?Office open dally, f 4uodaya on apted.) from 9 A.M. till 9 P M. GEO. W. MILLKB. PropnetJr, Be. Thomas h bfi.j. * co.'s fkfe concert hacl, Hruadw ay. licit the PrearoU Houw ? Thu plcaaant of faeliionaM.- 'if.- crowded nightly. olTera many inlrraoUaf auvt-lliea *11 thla week. rira?a gr e ua a <-ah Dua't fotg?l thr uumbei, 6?D Broadway. NATRIMOillAL. A DOVE TOWR MF.RCIIAMT. AORD DUETT wiahra to marry. The lady mu?t be educated, ?Ld amiable. and. like httnar f in g<*>l pabulary aiarera. ho mterrle ? deaired till eorrra puadeace haa proved muiua allglbt.tty, Addre-a M 0 R , nwarti'a Kiprt-oa. MATRIEOMAK-AKT I.ADT Oft OEXTLRMAJI wlabmg to know their future deetkiy. length of Hfb, I* Keller with a way of winnmg the tffKUmi of UuMlhlf admire, will rerrlre foil Information ly aendiof ? lock of ihaa liair *nd the data of their natlrtty to the a Alt aai of M'Re Kl URN1K I.AROl'X. I moo ?j<urt !*??! office. New tack A'l communlcationa roatoinlrg B c?nla nod t retain poolag* ?I Kir I will meet with prompt attea'.lon. MATRIMONIAL- RORA MII1NION Wll.L. CPOE RK i-ept of twenty Are cento. or n? e>iu'va<rnf lit atampe. f? turn to any pereon a lucid a'riura ot their paat pree*at aaA ftiui-c Ufa, ticoi ipe< man o' handwriting, to?eiii*r with a raal (l*guerifol)pc picture fit fulnro wife or huahand. Uvmim, Jotrneya, Ittchy number*, Ac. Addre* Roai MtfoJoa. Podl ttlllte, New York. MKPlCftli. nnan foepeit ed ard no oaizaa v .UUU ear?L-Dr. HtNTKK aim atea th> d uii of other phyaictana and ail o' tier rrmedlea Call. (Hie rea drop la j 4MM . _ __ kin wr for the very many eitroor linery ( ad. without diet or hindrance from btiaitteoa, whoe all other your only rdllance for a u?r<?|h euro la eertata L ho. 3 Irtrloion arret, the ooJf place M* aa Mi rof the very many eitraorUnery euraa It haa ueiftnaa remedle> only drive ih? -* >- .. . r. ^*nM>5y ?uuu* ?*? a^'?r it __ .m ? ji wm Mvgrea the patient fnun aeeondory attacfca. and la the aarfr OP WW IP liut. oopora, cbrowip aih> nrrwwn aie opeedtly cured by Or H Wi.llTH vegetable earn pciond. One boula will eve aay eaao. It la the artirlejkew brfore the public. Par aole at >J( Howery, Raw Tar* D iFRtsrs or the urn?R arp throat rORKTRR'R Fwhw pectoral herba.? J ttal recMred per a'cxmrt from IlaiTe, a umall aopply ot thM eacelleat remedy, nnd 'o be bad at all reipeciefcie drag atorea l'?t enta wb h?ve fmiad no relief (Km other Ton'mont are re<ju??t*d k* trr "Dr. Porater'a perioral Iwrba,' the greet fttiropean ran dy for aalbma, bro?< hit la. eouglie. and evrn th ? worat caae* at cont'iTnptyin and ?< rofnla. frr which n la p<a>ltrrel> the N* rer'aln run eitnnt. Price >1 per package, or foer pack una In Otic for M eiaht p*ck*(e? Hi one fur IB. Afeaf* Kit I'.icadway, Rornee A Park.*M H rood way. Oota*. H Rowety, Leroy, 771 Brood way. Meaklm. ?f7 Broadway. Mm, llave?. Rmohlyn. and the ceneial acenu. PrVdfmaa k Oo.. Kit Orand at root. H T , ?1j will, oe receipt of the or 1 00 forward the herhe. con la*" free to any nan of the country l>r Korater'i bonk on eooeiiaantton and aerofulo? of wWiob ? mie aii.(*i> c?i|ile? hero been oo!d within three montha? to bo liad 01 the nominal price of 1C cento. |?MtO(e I roe TkR RALPH. AtTTHOR OF |TBR PRACTIHAL* Ml If Tolo Treeuae. Ac . oAceo. MS HodOton Mreot, Bear Woa* ter flonra * k> II A. M . ? to 9 P. M . MnixUya ooripud Bf application Hi the raooot ataga of die wee i- oo 'in'nono iiiw cure la obtalne.1. In atricure. from the earlleet ?a Ikoaal a.lrenced atote. alao la aewunal Vaohn ao, opormolarriM^ ltnpo<e!ice, am) all geollo tuiaary dleeeeeo, he oao (u a ran lee perfect and radioa! eiirea, without nolnful oporoUeao. oflh? atre nao<tritiea or tromhleaome reotitc lona A BOW rtrMhr noo Herrnilol treat meat to old nmatltuttoaal diooa e <Vm a.iltetiofia ennftdoaMal Prtroie aeota for warttiur ^ec troak tnent .l y It tier. 0<ldreaa hot <DW Pnet offloe c Irarel. DOM, a. Ill o>a dy apepelo rbeonaatiem Ae . a?i-ccTafa'> wealed. TMPORTART TO FF.MALFR -DISKAMW OP TWAI.r ? 1 eiHtialrely treated by Dr DPllOt.4 Reoieu. e far I. J Bioloderatigementa frnni tl to Relief f'taraoteed In o. eeeee. t'oneullatlnna and leMera atflrtlv ooottdentiol PoUaa* from a diatanceprov tded *?h hoard, Ntiraw* 'tad oicluat* a ttendanoo f, flee ?fo <W attly nine' Weal rifteepth al. R T NO FUR TTIX Crft*t?~DR ronnFTT. ir;ou AHA atreet. tB or ho raaaelted wi-h eneo on prlrote 4|i eaaeo. 1 he rletfato of t?^-kc- y eaa poll oa Dr t" with the cer'atnly of betrjl rodlcallyeurad !? H ? "?eo hte diplmaa ae member of the Hew Tork l? BiTeroHy Medical OoHage PRtTATF. . OJf?T.T ATIOH ? HR WAT?OH II AS FOB a I org aerlcatf year* i coo'Vned hla attentn to d'oeeoooef In cTaaa la which he hoe treete.) twt le?a than I wo air B n eertotn _ ? thrtieot d <-yea a llhout aa Inatance of falltiee. The rem-diea are rolid. >n I there la no interruption to bnalnaea ot < hangoer diet I" Watecn la la conMaat attend aoea, from 7 in Iho mot "if" until Vat night, ot hla coaoiili lag rt^Taaaod real i#?mi W a'fcet atreet, a few dotra nrt? of llroadway. wtltl.IAM H" tTSOR. M D Formerly Surgeon lo the I^k M ntpttal IfORt ?* PRACTICE Iff A CFRTAIX TEPORTtNT _ > laaoof rtlaeaeeo. he.? I?K t' I> HAMVoRD pupil m Rlit rd, of Porta, and pra t'arttneban and Eoll, or thi* ntm may be conauifed In thla apedolHy. al hie roomo, HI* Br.?d *ar. orPoelie the Rt Nleholoa Hotel dolly. Treatment all by Inker. Conan'totlona in Kngllah or P r.uich C. p. haeeowp. e p SPF.CTAli HOTK'R TO THE I.APTER ? E. O. JOfTRS.>l? M. P., Ro. 43" Rroedwav, New Tort, artahok the ladiae dlatlnrtly to nnderotand thai he la a rognlarly ednea'-d pbyw rtaa. agradnate of thta cttr, amhor of aeranl Important peb l!caiH>na an female complain ta. and haa great aoceeaa la icartag a'l dlaeaaea of the urinary nrfana The Doctor la wen known Ueneral dlaeaaea, epeelai Irrerulatltiea aad all nbatriio4taaa remoyed by nti dlcal or aitrglral trf alai nt Ona ? oaleat ree?e and etcellettf ouroeo prvirhfrd. faring lilnooa. at hie bono*, t 1 1 ?uitak>oiik. In petaon or by amil, atrietly eooMeaNal ??MMf A. lo QporaUm fhyflc loa ?-OMR PTRE ARF niREH PI/AHARTI i Wt Tf too ? I te-raa- - ' f by W rWHT -?E, T?1 Fou %