Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1856 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAM KS aOHOOH BEIUJETT, KDITOR AND rROJ'tUKTOft. %. Midi ,v. X. COU>KH or *A3dAC AND FTTTON BTS. T*K MH ??? A THJ- Iff II F HKK tLD. f out! per tops, 97 per mimum. T Ilk hitM.Li HSKaLU, ?rry Hatitrim, <*t\ c mU per m? ? w*d j> r anlUJT Ihr ?11 romnn ulifton, 14 j?rr aiwii<?t, to jmi it t? b'Uat/i vr fci to <uiy purl q/' iSt Continent, n.k T \"t VkT^*. contAtuinij Impart - ci inlfru,u any i jmirter o/ (V trorhtr-ij uw>i iritt fcr W^'i?? /? i (j >V,r. yyriiUH COHUBBriJii debts abb f KT. l?.l a HI.Y BllUUItlj 1? SkJU. UL UnKW **U 1'ACft AvV* Ki ?1 mi WO ">A ) TSL'E dm oan<mymoj4 communications. Wed* *o' nWi Huwrrtjectetl. JOB t MyTTSU ucecuted u-i'fA ncalnttt, cheap Htu and Jte pmrk J09KR TI&ESiKS Vtj rtnr.ctJ -tery Jmy. Momt XXI Mo. ?7? AMl'fcKJtKNTS THIS tVEKINU. W?LC"S GARDEN, Broad wmy ? OmBB il Or>BA-Pn nMm RT THf!ATRR. Bowery -P*BI>, OB m Dismal Black Ft to Hi'Iin ?tJKTuN'H NEW f>i KaTBK, t)rtwtw?y, opposite Rood it. T?OOK? J-A M*JA OK .'?KVILLA? OBJECT Or 1*TB BB*T. WJ&AACK'S TUKaTHK, Broad-wiy? T-osiho Assckahcb ? ACTBMJJ ?9AMBKR3 8TRKKT TUKATRR, (1M? Burton's)? R at iablll-New Ton* as it Is? Livbbice -Rom. Malaise ?aRKI'K'S AMERICAN MCUKCM, BroAUwuy-After B?r ltL'1 iTCUiag? JaMtB. ?MiDWAT T ? RIKTI ?*, 4*2 RroaJway? Fa!2?t Heart Hb<bk TFoa Faiu Laby? The Ixtihcibus. RO. CHRTSTY * Wood s MiNnlRKLS, HI BroulvTAj? my Wstro "~~.r-Kn.-u, Sew York, Saturday, October 4, 1MB. The ItfWi. By the arrival of the Africa it this port we have ikrf dujs' later inte lie-cEce frjra Europe. It U of an aouuportaut character. The London papers by the .'rival. *.-? well a.s tli'se previously received by ?be Baltic announce the settlement of the Central Anaeican diflicu'ty which existed between England and the United ^vatea with no small degree of sativ feetion, and they *.*ke this iui;>'>rUnt news fr>;:. Mit columns of the New Yoke Uekald. Kren the London Poet, the reputed organ of the Palmers ton ijovtrEiLent, acknowledges ita indebtedness to our eaterp .-e in tl ?> respe t. The m?ht importnt uwfi by this anival is the report of the alarming drain ?t wlver from E. ,rl%cd to the East. It will be seen from the reports wbii h we pub.Lh that if this mov.a&ent contiuues lor s<- e time longer, a financial revolution in Europe mast ensne. The Ei.gli.-h journals are fii d with the d?Uila of Uk< coronet k.o of tl?? Czar, of which a most ijnphi; neuount is fciv r. ty Mr. tii" well known Crin tan correspondent of th* Ti t. At h's M ; t -ty 'i levee a narked distinction wis perce otiblc .a tie reception ?iveu the Ereuch and English Am fca*.adors, the Emperor's manner to the latter being txlrem- 'y cold. A number of persons . said to belong to the Marianne .Society. hive been arrested '.n Para, on a cha'ge of con.*p>ir<ng to assassinate the fc>iperor on his return from Biarritz. Tue rights of eitu?u-hip ha^e Im Cuufened on the I'rince tflipt ial by t.,e people of Bway, in contemyla tkn, ptotoUy, of iilsfutire p. ? Unions to Spanish aatj'iw fy atd a'legiatce At the opening of the S*ic3 Federal Convent! a. ou the 15th, I tbe Presidents of the National Council and cf the C^unc'l of the Btites solemnly pledged tbeai*elvea to reject all foreign intervention in the afiair of Neuf.hatel ond to defend the integrity of the constitution. It seems now pretty certain that a hos tile dtm. eetrau a will be madeaga;n<t Naples by the ecn lUiied fleets of Erancc and England, if Indeed the pwpclar difn iit' i t th ere dots not anticipate i? ne ea sily which, ft< tu the repotted difafle-tion of the army, ii if hkely to do. Fiom Berlin we 1-arn that l.ieut feci. i n , who sa* np!i:at<d in t?ie affair of the st ? ?r ? ? -patcirfs. L.i- ! t n tri? d before the Sjprern* 'If!, rial, or ,-t:r u, e; , aa?i . ? aten ed t j eig :t yea V i?p'i> t. s ::?e lurttier traces ol Sir .'obn ! iaiikliuai .1 hi->p?it? were reported by Cip tain r<nn.r, cf th- ?'.!;? Lady, on hi < r" torn to A berdeen. ihe -!-a of >t' embraced yesterday al>o it ? v?<0 laic ', par', of whi-h was in trauitu. Tiie >?.*? t ei -? d .-j...' C :n, t?ith an ad rat. ing tea d: ' y u p.- es. I'l .r wn rath-r heavy, with !??cd'r*te nit'l cl ? d irr. jrilu?, and at a de ?tine ? n r ?? ^rul 4 of a: v ?. ? 10c. ;erb,!. Wt'jt w * ?' il! ltd ea'-lcr for ^.nmoo gral^i of *d, a v'i> priiii'e to ch ice w I i-e So ituern and Wea> c.-n iacg?d fr m fl CO a tl Go. Corn was ?>'c*dy,at *^e. a ?i fc.f r - u'd Ve-fem mix-'d. P rk w. ii ?*? . ?t:l. .igLt -talc i at It ) a I'M KJ. ioinl n m de- ??' :??(?.< ft; k g? * 11 at 1 t]o., while V.'.? rai.?*d frjm 13|c a Sale< of ^'gar* w-rt confli.ed to a>x>ot 6<Kt a tiO" hbils. Cu'iA hi , . v . 1? ahxlly at fcc. a fjc. Freight lor gr it were rather Cnrer, and ulx/ut fc',,fri?o b?uih were tn ' hi lafrs ard bulk. Chi 3) at 1 J. We hav? important news from I'srag iy, O i th 1 4th of June Is t a 'Jtaiy, having f ir ll? object the ?peninn of toe water? of the Upper f-tr^g nay H?er to cavitation ani cvawi, wax d dy ratided b tween Paiagniy and Brazil. Dy thU tteaty U ?p?red an outle" for the gold, silver, pre -Ion Oone? and valuable wo. d? o; a region hitherto al noat no known to commerce, but with which the report! of Lieutenants Utiodon and Gibbon, of oar navy, hire made cor nadera ?om-what familiar. Wnen we ?tote that the Biazihan province of Ualto Mroseo? a ?pAr-i ly populated ter; Story, where the inhab tin*? ik arcely ^-se,? stifflrient mechanioal skill ti enable m to con?tmct a wheel tnrrow? his ex potted upward# of f ftcen million dollars worth of ?ilamrnds, not to mention goM and other ralnible product*. s< me idea may be formed of tbe ad van tag's gained for tbe eotn ttene and manufacture* of tbe world b? tbe treaty alluded to. Here it a Unl kant "f n'.cj; for oar ent?rprl?ing mer hants and kc bank*. Our ~ity poUt iii?? were quit* actire U?t erra ta*. Tbe Democratic City Coov. n'ion coapfe H kta labnsa by the nomination of a Candida** Tur Or poratioa Coons*!. Ti>* ti kel now etand* as fol low*. ? r it Msjor, Fernando Wood; City Judga, Abraham D. Rasaell; Alm-hon?e Overaor, p. O. MaJon ?-_f* Cwporation Own?I, Richard B-isteed. The Municipal Reform Akhx lation raft iu tbe Uui *e?*ily, a op] nominated Jame* R- Whiting, Judge of tbe Mnprem* C jort, for Mayor. It la aoderwtx 1 Mr. WJiifiDH will reoign hi* Mat on the benrh forth witb. In tbe fblrJ and Eighth C?ogre*?lonal di* irleta the Know Xotliiaga nominated respectively, i. Phillip* Pbrrnix and Hhrpbertl Kn&n[>. One of ibe democratic convention^ in.the Third Concrrw fiuaa) dletrivt wa* again postpeeed till Th iraday nest, <ien. Walll /ridge advising hi* friend* to concur 5 n that OOOTM to reenre h%ro>?ny in the rank' oi' the party. tbf iave*tig?i ion into the jolibing operation* of tbe Department of Repair* and Huppliw wasc>n tlr.nad yesterday. James R?id, Jaro?* Mora a and .'wi K. Carr were examined, and we give tbelr te^imoiw elwwhert. Tbe mail ateamahlp ('ahawha, f'apt. Bulloch, ?rrt'-ed ?t Ihie port at noon yeaterday, having ra*4e tbe )****#*' froa New Orleans in the unprecedented *b?rt time of five day* rnd eighteen boon, ami '?enting the United Htates overland mail twelve how*. The hoakb of New Orlesn* wa* never let ter. The new <oUon crop wa< coming in. and everything Wtf fair for an artive bn*lne*? *ea*on. Read 011 r report of tbe great Fremont meeting in Lancaster. Pa^-tbe hose of the Sage of Wheat had ? whl-bwe pahllrti elw^bere. (?o? Hamlin ??i there, Rurlingame wa* ther#, and entha*,a*Uo Fteirr.nt men were everywhere aa thiab a* bees. The Board of Health yesterday agreed to hand M JNrfrM Am**/, fyf pivK cBu<?,ti>f case of tb? master of the brig Free State, charged with making a false report of the place from whence he had sailed. No new caaea of yellow few have occurred in Brooklyn or Fort Uaaailton. Hon. John Foreyth, our new Miniater to Mexioo, left Mobile on the 27th oh., to assume the poet to which he has been accredited. Til* Democratic Conspiracy te Defeat Bo* rbanan Developed In Wall street. There is treachery in the democratic camp. Of all the Northern speeches of Southern uoliiflca tion emissaries in this campaign, the late Wall street speech of Gov. Floyd is the most remarka ble and the most astounding. It developes a plot to defeat the will of the people in this election more startling than the cou>piracy of Aaron Burr to defeat the election of Jett'erson. The terrible excitement of that election, by the House of Re presentatives, it will be remembered, was follow ed directly by an amendment of the constitution in reference to the election of President. As amended, the constitution now provides that if there be no election by the people, and none by the House by the fourth of March next, the Vice Fresident, elected by the people or by the Senate, shall become the President. This democratic conspiracy, as revealed in "Wall street by Gov. Floyd, accordingly proposed, by a bargain and gale with Fillmore, to chcat the people upon Fremont, to cheat and defeat Buchanan before the people and in the House, so that Breckinridge may become the annointed successor of Mr. Pierce. W hat says Gov. Floyd? We quote from h:s carcfully digested Wall street speech. He says: ? " There are bonds af union between the democracy and the American party." Then, after a few extra flourishes and fireworks, j thiB is what he says, in Wall street, after having exhaust* d his lungs in Virginia in his abuse ol Fillmore. Hear him: ? But 1 ia? this to you cow? with Is the change in the aspcct ol political afla?rs, Ui?t h.u :aqtened tUeif ou my cufcgcieucc since I came acre to th.i N. rlh, that I? the head and front of oflence a* ?inf t all who offend agaibdi <>iuocr?cy? 1, who iud'1 by n against all comers an j all goers in my small and tBSiftnitlcaiit w*y? I, at to whom tbiic Is coi" a man in the ruw of Virginia or in the douth who weuld say it it tiiero is auy ground uf ?uipic1on ag tint t bis faith to tie d< mocrattc purty ? I tell you here now, It at 1 am an elector of the aute of Virg ui?, and going to be cbosco-? the world of oppre^loti a id obioqu) could not prevent m'"? 1 U'll you, ft .low cituoua. FU1 (Etrc men and republicans, 1: you can show me that the candidate of the bla< K republican party can only be beaten by my rote bJing cast for Mr. Fillmore, uiat 1 Mill give my vote tu Mr Kiliuiore, n' tie grc u^d o^ea? and t waiiov; me. (<;rcat applause) >ad 1 will te!1 you something m< re. \ irnina. democratic \ irgiu'a, Cut never felled and uevcr falieied? (a voice ? "N?l>?r tiro'') ?aye, and never tired either, my lrieud, sines the 3. iwh" Hag tcok its receding oourse across tue valors of tu-s AtlaitiC ? Virpria, ton. viHi cm} upend, rtatvt at my bank it* .hat mot tmtnt and in thai vUe. Thai is all 1 have got W say. That's enough. We want nothing more to prove the terrible l'right and the sham -leas treachery of the democratic leaders in this con tent. These are no hap-hazard declarations. Mr. Floyd had been for a week in this city, pre paring this speech in reply to the masterly effort of Mr. Bank*. Mr. Floyd spoke by authority. He lad doubtl* ss consulted freely with Mr. r-'ti d?ll aud Mr. Hunur in the interim, and otb- r leaders ol the democracy in this city, an well u w itli the Wall street Buthauan aid Fillmore financiers; and, a* a Virginia democratic elcctor uimI in]t-ie..aiy in New York, Governor Floyd fpol.e by the card. lie -p<'akd of a bargaiu aud sale; not all that be knows, but quite enough for our purpose. Mr. Buchanan i to be told out. aud Mr. F. 11 more L- to be tued ah a decoy duck for Mr. ErcckinridgO. In Virginia the Filitnorc party are deiiounccd M traitor*. ? unworthy to a<aociftto wall honorable men;" and Fillmore hinucll'is denouao od a- a hypocrite and a go-bet wven, rumiiaj upon filic pretence's. But iu New York. Gov. Floyd uiKovtm that --there are bonds of union between tL e A m> t icon and democratic partiea," and ho pledget1 a? that if it b; ncc^ury to defeat Fre mont, the democratic electoral vote ol Virginia will be given for Fillmore. Now. a* the Vir ginia ? Uctoral vote, whether given for Fillmor or Buchacao, will moke not the alight *t dif ference in the vote for Fremont, this prom'ee of Covert or Floyd can enly involve tL !<?.$ of Vir ginia to liucharan. it it the promise of the to''* of Virginia to rilliuore, by an act of treachery to the wi ! cf the \ i.ginu people, and for the pur pose ?I i tt election up to Washingt <:t so that ill. I ' kinridge may, by d fuult. by trmi*ry, by I ^in and corruption, become I'nVuli nt oi tL r . ite-d Stat* n. 'i 1 (] tiiocic' e csj 9f ?ece*sjoii, diivmion ami Ml wtH I n Ui ?1 ??f it* oliject? signally foiled I Jiij.Lt - tL , ible ma-it;* of the people. N'u; 11 '. i-tl; Ii eer.^li "cry of d'j*pt raU: it? i, i>"u< - ;i"l ii. it* re, which ha? only cxcited public i ? i< . C i'. ?!? icddfc-^fu-u Dot having MM to Irightco tl j * >ple, we hive uow th ? on piracy ol pi tting j l-m*n to the pco pie. We arc to hat ?? a '? tiding of that ficrei1 and ta\(*|u> demucrut,. t irorisa which lsttrlving to t?tabli?h slavery in K: fan by fir* and ?word. and ihut equally Lari>?r"r Know Xothinglstn which would oidracb- i.!l Ou'holics ar.d ail foreign born citizen# fro? ev< ry office of honor or profit in tLe Unite** Hat**. and r-duce all alien* t*> a tw?.nty-oue yeai-' | robation for the lights of citicembip. TL <4 ar- tho bonds of tfeo cot piracy lor the junction of C aeral Atchiwm. Millard Fillmore and Arcbbl-hc?|. Hugtics. lb' de l* at of Mr. l.u' hu .au rtan* our dcjn> erotic d* n.ap-'v icr . .id plott ng spoil/m^n in th face. TL< y ghe It up? they abandon bltn; and their plan ie now Sin ply to u-e Buchanan nn?i to uk Fillmore to carry the election to C"n*: where the democrat*. I>y an inevitable sod simple I roc* 'p. aill **(ure. in Breckinridge. a President relieved of Fom*y. perhnp?. a? Prime Mini-tei M?*nti?ie, M the Fremont party everywhere. I articularly in Pennsylvania. beware of th%t den.* cratic ballot stuffing which ha? resnlted in open revolution in Kama* and California. Th creature who could write that Infamous letter to Oeorj.'' R* 1>ct1s. in the Foir'M d \orce case, is not libaly to ?-liiink from tfce Iwllot siuftin/ fraud* ol Yankee Sullivan. I<et the Fremont men, therefore, in Pennsylvania. have a separate Vigilance Committee at every tiallot box in October and Not < mix*. TVse elections are a matter of life and death with Forney? ibey are to elevate him again to the b- ad of the Kitchen Cabinet, with increW 'd powers of patronage, or thoy will ?ink him into tbe oblivion of public contempt. Retl'les. thow> other democratic !iarpie? and spoiUmon. who threat* n to l>re?k up the I'nion. to rob the Treasury and to ft- al the government arckife* should Fremont be elected, will not hesi tate ?? any fraud or trick of treachery to defeat a fair expression of the will of tlie people. But. again, when a ?e'*?ion democrat, occupying the re?ponMble pofifion of Presidential < lector like (int. Floyd, can publicly proclaim hit r< adim ?? to betray bis constituents by an act of trtadifty to tb in and their candidate, which would make a farce of our elections, we may rrst astund baser men of the same party will stoop to liater. if not more dishonorable tricks, to defeat Fremont. Let the Fremont men W J'cwj'yhwiia. tLm'tyre, at Uivif y^Jobvr election, keep a sharp eye upon Forney's Inspec tors and judges. Enforce the purity of the ballot box, and we will answer for the overthrow in November of this new plot of Wall street spoils men and financiers. The good work for Fremont goes bravely on. The atrocious democratic policy of making Kaneaa a slave State by a war of extermination agninst h<.r free white settlers ? the reign of that democratic mob law all over the South, which nullifies tie conxtitution, in stifling the voice of the press aiul freedom of speech? the prevailing elements of ruffianism, filHborterism and loud mouthed treason of democratic secession orators und i mtasaries, and the morale-fleet of the late tell ing elections, ail contribute to swell the volume of that glorious popular uprising for law and order upon which Fremont in tome nlong. Superadded to these influences, ihis- new democratic bargain and sale ? this plot tor the mixing of oil and water, for the fusion of lri:-h Catholic* and persecuting Know Nothings ; tor the union of doves, rabbits, cat-, rats, bat* and owls in the fame "happy family," will be only the adding ol fresh fuel to the fire. Governor Wise has threatened to bring the .Mayor, the Grand Jury and the Prosecuting Attorney of Richmond against Mr. Botts for a Know Nothing ppoeoh in that city in favor of Fillmore. Let til,- Governor now forbear. There are bonds of union between the demo cratic and American parties/' Governor Floyd ? ays so. and under these bonds Mr. Fillmore is to l>e used as a stool pigeon to betray the people to defeat Fremont, to cheat Buchanan, to swin dle the Know Nothings and elect Breckinridge. Who comes next 1 Tut Opera War. ? This terrible quarrel goes on beautifully. It commenced a little later th in the political war, but bids fair to rival it in its in tensity. We publiuhcd yesterday a manifesto from Mr. Phalen, the President of t^e Academy, and leader in the fashionable camp. This was u demonstration in behalf of the stockholders, ami to-day we continue thew charming bulletin.", with a letter from the Chevalier Wikoff, dated from his cool retreat at Newport, from which he has since returned. Also, w e give a financial ujxxi from Manager Maretzek. in reply to Mr. 1'halen. li appears by the la<jt named that the rcct ipts of the Academy for the last sea Foil of thirteen nights amounted to nineteen thou sand two hundred and sixty-three dollars and twenty-live cents: the disbursements for the sanv period, nineteen thousand six hundred and slx'y tliree dollars and two cents; leaving a deficit of four hundred and twenty-six dollar-: and seventy seven cents, w hich deficit cornea out of Miretzek' breeches pockct. This is encouraging. Losses by operatic foray - in New York are usually couut'd by thou sands instead of hundreds. Looking back to Max's adm.ruble trcofcw# rpnn music in Now Yoik, we find that he has invariably loit in evciy .-eason. long or <Iiort, from five to ten thou*r.?l dollais, end on one occasion his cxpenae* wer-' twelve thousand five hundred dollars and fortj nine tint- over and above hi- receipts. Now he is getting on finely, only losing four hundred and odd dollars in thirteen nights, How the Opera has ever managed to live in this city we really cannot see. All the managers lose money by it? the stockholders can't get rent ?*nough to pay tLe'r taxes, intere*t and ianuiauce, and the artists ar alw ays getting in debt and complaining about thiir ridiculously small salaries. It ia an awful tat*, of things. Max hat been ruined for about the twe ntieth t jue, bud disunion and d'seord reign where all should be *wcetness and iiurmony. But meanwhile, we are not to be without mu !c altogether. Maixtzek has takrn the City As- n> bh Koorn-. in Droadway. and will gire next week the be?t bits of the most popular operas. UU mnn has come over, with Thalberg, the great pianist, ai d Augri, the eg utrulto, is etpccl 1 by the next steamer; to that the yoitig ladies of the Fifth avenue may dry their Pars and get out tlrir best dresses. Would it not be a good id a for these fair patronesses of the Oper.i to bold a public meeting at the Academy to deliberate upon the is?u*s in its affair* at the p esent time. Gentlemen m-ma^era have beca trying for a ion g time to dinet Its affairs, but without succe**. ^hy not try petticoat g?\ernmcnt for awhi! We throw out this suggestion, hoping th^ lad' * will act upon it. The little pleasant excitement ia h [I ? piomires welt. It is commenced in the right spirit, and the matter will be fairly di*.u <1. We -l.cll >>c happy to hear from l>otb sides. Fcr the present our Opera goers mu?l contoot thra reives with the Assembly Room*, where Max w'll mwlotibtedly attract full house?. and we ar. happy to know that our Southern friends will have one more chance to h^ar the delicious notes of the Italian artists before they di--olv ? th I'uioo. Tiu. Ntw York Mr. rnoroUTax Frk-* ox iijk rituiMacT.?GoTintor Floyd. In the course of ?bc dull speech bo ddlvtnd la the Exchange ua TborMij, alludtd to the procl'^fou*! sanpnrt which Fif motif wa? receiving from tb? iwwa pnpers of thl? wctioo. and to the di?pari?y of tb* pres* mpporting Fillmore nod the democratic enrdidutr. Thin 1* true. Six daily journals is>u<d in this city, and publishing over one mil lion of ?b< He pxr week. have favored Fremont ??ur since hi? nomination: adding the religion* flrc'K. which number* over n d -z^n. and |kku? iwaily 3?)0.000 fheets per neck, wc have tbe mot mom total of I ,900,000 *h<et?> ?< nt forth fn m this City every week. all advocating the cln'mt of Fremont to the Prr*:j?ncy. On ine other hand, the other candidate* have hardly any newspa|>er aupport to speak of. Tlte Fill muc interest l? advocated by two secular journal*. iwulng al?out 7,". 000 sheet# per wwk : and the Buchanan int-rest by three journals, which i*?ne fr^m lit, not to 110,000 abcet? p?r wctk. This single Tact show- how much the inde pendent metropolitan prow of New York ha* had to do with the great popular revolution in favor of Fremont ; bow it bo* stimulated and hlped it along. The public meetings and public speak ?rs have done little or nothing. Only two of the latter bare spoken with any national or compre hensive scope- speaker Hank*. at the Exchange, 1n Wall street : and Jobn M Bott?. at Hichmond. V*. Senator Wilson has once on twice appeared to advantage, and now we notice that Senator Seward has just glimmered up on the western ?dge of the horizon, in a feeble and ineffective attempt to aid a cause which has been carried on by other influences than his own. ff Colom l Fremont Is elected next President of the United States he will owe it. uot to the poli ticians. but to the independent people and to the independent pr? . ft will be the first distinct enunciation of tht character of the new age. which shall l? wholly adrerm to the miserable j^lifiyacs nvd w kkup partisan*. Boots Nombutions fob tiie Matoraxtt.? The redoubtable Branch Lots just nominated him self for Mayor from the top of the Alleghanies, and, descending to the city, has accepted the no mination. A few malcontents of Tammany Hall have, in like manner, after various drinks at the bar, nominated Alderman Libby for Mayor, and he too has accepted. Mr. Libby says, if he is elect ed?of which he stands uncommonly little chance ? he will reduce the taxes from seven millions to four and a half. When he was Alderman the taxes began to increase; it is bardly likely that he would forego the tastr if he were elected Mayor. But he is out of the question. He is thoroughly incompetent for the oHioe, and, with all his faults, we think Stephen Branch, who has some ability, a far more eligible candidate. Some one says that Alderman Libby has got hold of the Daily Neas. This is a mistake. It is the Xetci vhich has got hold of lum, and unless he is | careful it will not let him alone without omcthing more than the five thousand dol- 1 lars. The Nt s, like Jem Bags, ' kuows the J wally o1 peace and quit tnea* too well to move on i or nothing." ______ Moiu. Trocble in Mexico.? We hear of more insurrections in the northern provinces of Mexico. The priests are doubtless at the bottom of them, but they will find, this time, that they have got their match in Comonfort. Hitherto, we have seen no reason to doubt the stability of the new government. THE LATEST tfEYVS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRlN TIN G TELEGRAPHS: j Movements of President i'lcrce. Cosc-oho, 0:t 3, 1856. The I1 resided w;U leave H isboro' ou Saturday, aod pais directly to Andover, where he w'.li remain over the Sabbath. He has accepted aa Invitation to be presenv ai U?e. printer's feit'.val, in Portsmouth, mi Monday. While | in Portsmouth be will be Uie guest of the city, and will alio be received at the Kavy Yard, with a nation*! eaJute and all the honors due to the Commander in Chic!. The j President wiU be pment at the Now Hampshire agricul tural show in Concord, cn Wednesday next. Fremont Meetings. Cuteutsvri, Oct. 8, 1850. Got. Chase delivered an audrees to a crowded udience cr republ.cans, e.t the German Institute, last n.ght. Ai the samo time, there was another republ.oan meeting il the S.xth Street Market space, which was addresse i by W. H. Gibson, Secretary of State. Doth were spirited affaire. Birfito, Oct. 3, 1858. A large and enthusiastic meeting of ice Gernitt ropub Ilcatb wes held last night. Speeches were maJo by Mr. Hecker of Illinois, Hutch cf Missouri, u. 1 nti.s. After wards they uad a grand tercLlight yrcoeasioa. Pmaaoao, Oat. 3, 1865, The State Agricultural Fair cla-'d this e .ening. To weather for tie past two days has been propitious. Im mense crowds Tit'.ted the grounds. and it was sitog ilier the most suceeeefr.i Fair ercr beid here. J . Jge Wood ward delivered the annual aid-;ss. Prfnmnt Ifnllng la .miWKakl s Mi: WAntn, <!;t. 3, lfe&o. Cat si us V Cay, Eon. Panic! Nogjle, and others addressed a republican me^Uug '.ai t night, at: I afterware . a terch light proceasi n took place, which was tl ? aj xt in; posing dAplay ever teen :n this city. Co.'^rcwloiial \o>utna(Io.i. ft.-tuiuxrov, -???.. ?, 1;K. Ecnry Eecnct was, to day, remminatod f:r CoLgres by the rtptkliott* 4 the Twuty first Pis!: t. The Ntean* Uoih-i Eiploilmi at Delaware County .Oliio) Fair. C: e Ohio, let. 3, 185?. Iho Tallowing are the *at-.cs of the part ei who we? icHant'.y killed by lUo exj oaloa of ths it^aaa cng.n : the Delaware Co.nly Fair yesterday ? Mr*. A Walk -

Tcrrrr.i W'*. William F.nt'a, r>ury BMrmweil I/m a 1 >wer?, Mr*, ^haw, Frank Smith, K.ra-n ?Ja s, A 1 o ma, aad a man iu. 1 woman, caa>'S '.axnov, a. \ellcw F? rtr In CliMlrttmii E vLr.K >*r., 0;t. 3, 1H9. There were teres daaOii y.j yell J* le . er a'. 01 on Tueiday Iwl. The Xcw Yoik I air fnimwi, 0 C, i SI?. T* tfc'ctiad Strang r? w*re j t: *.1 tn tef, t > % (MM t&e cioelog of the t'ut r %'j. iLt mi delivered by Judge Je*?ip, <-I fenaaylvaa i TU< re wm ? ?plcn li 1 d^pl?y of ?, *?d c> ,: ,r??Jka> female equestrian: im. The |*>i? >f the beit tro'.'. ng horte wae taken by N. I .jton, if h: Lawro.ce. Xiere were itmj twetty * Blartc Hawks'' oa thegroosd. Tae attendance 'rom -~*nvi? tu U "ge C . v: rtor'? a: vetoed me Cair. There L* a large tnoeuog its c rei> .ng oi Uio fr'es!t f RllaOfa aad DouMton, which w.U he a IdruteJ hy ?. Perrtn and (T-?ov?mor Wan lugton ii at. I'otoi K?llroii(l Ac- Meat. fcmineri!, K. J., uc*,. ?, i'" i. A r.tLi ttitrfd T>ln Kwar / *va-i run oror anil I by the Lalf put ote o'eloak Ira n frurn : ?, un (b< Central : a'lroad of New Jtr? y t i?y, -t /4i troa? tbia tiiy. Mnrkrta. FIlIl.APEI.rHlA <-TOCK IU V I '<?? *rri mia, "> t 3, 111*. RU.ffea eifa'ly :'??t ?yhaaia OV. t>; :}.ri\og '.-i, 4 -j : U o| hint 1 R3 , li , iori ? itaal, 13 eciayl raa_ Er.., 41^. New Oar.*?* Or'.. 3. 1IM. rotten advanced ?,?. Ha:? to dajr, 1.000 ba!e?. 11 ,i. a l.o. for n.uoi ag. Tui a o baa advanced htm the aewi of the froet. intmrm, CA 8. 1*5*. OMtn? Mca ef the woek, 4,400 bate, at a-iratrMr pricea. Middling fair. Uc. a 12 ?<" lower ? -iaMCw, a tC. htalttf. Re <ept# %r.- <-n tLe aoNMO- The de liiatka of the weak ?re W,< JO baiea. B Til". 'Vt 3?T P M flour ?n moderate detr*cd. .-aiea m 7W bble. at ffl 2S for ;r od MicLtfan aad (Ki.o. an t I'J O a M f 2 for aztra lo. Wheat ;? we?> ? r S?!e? ;o ' ?bil? at f I 1' a $1 15 for Ch'car ?pfu>(, II ) ror red :i! '..o ?, ?1 43 a fl 44 lor wb le Kkiiins, ai'l >1 4S for do JUlnota. Com lowr fa.r# flfOO b i.*H. iu part to arrive, at lie fiat* , '.?c barlff at fl ic C?>al fit |ht? to NVw York 1H. for corn an<' M>?c- 1 >r wIicM 1' cai; U la the tw n Iv f?iur brura up to uor. n- l?r? * '?* b'^?? f'jr, M..J2 bu'h. I? wheat, aad 11.1*7 huab'l* corn t*aalei|?rW? 8-t.u? luiheit wheal aaJ 29,' f boahr J c^ra. UMT M, Wheat DBcbtBfOd.ra .?? 13, OC" b.i'u. le, a' 91 SSafl M 'or nblte CbuaJ'ai , *1 il 'er red Indiana, ait fl 27 f r Ob ????'? ?t.r r$. Cota dull and nucbaaged, enlee v.aoo b itbe * Htrlry Orr.i, ealee 7<>.(00 Ijrheli nnatU oa private lera* Ceeal fr^fbu to New York:? roti r, 4if : wb'et, 14 te.. ai'l e.nn, 12^'c Itke 1 raping ? ?T.lflt bu?bcla wb?a?, 30,911 b .afccla cort, and 17.'. C huehel* barirjr. Caaal eiporU ? 0C0 hhla. C.*r, "f Vl'.O bu?beie Wheat and 7.400 b *beb> earn TiiAiprao, the m%?t <intiL<-i *Lid tl via? p an f, arr'.vei by the Afr><-a yet ten.*/ tf:? aw courier, Mr. I loiat. alto at nouncft the ?p?" >y arrive! of Kn::. 4ngit, if tewlrnH*. T*r Cf?"? Or* ' Tho"Dev FreUiuhita of Oarl Von We'.ar, co?? tereJ Ihe <- 'rol ^emjan 0j?? | iatohe|lvia at K.blo'a Oar 'ca thiocrotfaf by Voc Bcrkel e troupe It should attract a crowded bo ate. Pcraonal Iiitelllncm-e. imrni. prr?m IJverpo^, lo <be Me*m-l.lp Afr n-.rd?Mi-u ? k W.r*r 'f detpafh"* to Waehlaft a), la^r, ll*'i chilitroa, finite and ?et.aB? JO Mtrtlea an<t tad? Dr Pa~' ? ?i aad In ly. Mr " M * Ifarrt* "re ?/?* j .? ?i?e? M ?? I'r UV IT. MSm K' ir-H" *11 1 Mr Kraft. '*<!y*n.l -w> e ' ! Wn tl Arr>aut, eor, an<l i nree: Mr Kiinh*rd*. 'i-ly, thr?e . ii drvti *nJ irnt" R Matfaed l*dy, Mr H< Idria ?? an| Mar*ball. lady aad daaMrr, Mr Meier and lady. W l nrlnn?li. Mi* I>*n?, Mr Andeiion and l<wlj, ?; M i ::"' , r, Mi Itofier', Mr >'aili?n Mr Cowi?% T K Lawrence, w t'r> rr?n Infaat *M t>n*?e Mr s- hweid R ? ?*n. Mr A n, f n <<k. Mr Puneanah P Cbaiherg .1 Kni*M, I Bnrh* ?' t k.\ iB0f>O? "lid '?"<) dtugh'ft, V r Ih mmn x !>'**'. r?,.| r W V* d* 1 Uart, K K l^f. f i'ri, <? M 11 Mr H fli I deton, M't?re Inuncnn fupre W. \Til :*m*, w Mtje . A Dt*f Me??? F.ehr-, Marlow, Bein?-?. Br>.??, Le'.Hk, f.i in'gtf, wiatem. ? w !<al!f "^n, A tioudir, ( i.%jcrok, T if i nr.-!'. < R??n.e!ln. 1 Ti and brother, *f HlotM, R H <M?b W WIM. Jr. Mr Merrill, ?'*r' Jordan, J ford T: im .* f . w*r Mr* I>?' it an 1 ebll'l. h f i'ir 1 M /uui. II T Pa-k, Ml fjoii'iiaU. " Regan, I Wl ^n. Mr Rob\-te>u. Mr* H ffm?rer ir Webb. Mr* Iiarnweii and Infbai, Mr? l'*rr'?, two h Mrer, -ae?er*'?nt FlM ARD DfSTRKSSIMQ Lo>S Of LlfK.? On Fit ly nior nine, S?th ^ It , about 1 o clock, th? dwell rf hr-'vet "I Mr Jerkton Uwron. at Weet Tnioa, Imd lrlge ernu ty. Va . we? ent rrly de-lroycd by fi-e, and n 1 al' of h'e calHren, Ave ia number; elan M ?a 'aveeta Myert, a girl Ibal llred wltb hltn Ibe Witton Ib-rdi eaye that Vr. P. h'miflf, in auowi'tiag to tare hie children, wn *.. M.ily burned that la reoovery la thnnght doubtful. The Are I* '' pi' eid to have originated la tha ki.cheo, Mr. /?wi?c WM ffOtt wuty, 3ld, Political Oo*Up. A correspondent who wrltee ns from Lowea, Delaware, udw date of the 3Wtb alt, wye that a flag in honor of Fremont ni that day hoisted at Lewee amidst the hear ty cheer* of hla assembled friends. The writer, who la by profeaalona bay and river pilot, Inform* a* that for forty four year* pun he has voted the democratic ticket, ar.d never considered himself at Iholt but once, and that waa when he went for Pterce "During thia exciting cam paign," cays our correspondent, ' I deem It eqoally Im possible fcr a true democrat to dispense a lth the Hsairn aa for a conscientious ChrU tian to dlsbard his Bible ' and adds:? "Although no Fremont ticket has yet been start ed, the fact Is made dally apparent that there will have to be ene. Pedlars, with packs on their backs, are going round here with pamphlet* showing the awful coaae quences of electing the Colonel President. Their princi pal merit, howover, cod list* in their being excellent shaving paper." Good fcr the Delaware pilot. Deaees where the breakers lie, and i* steering clear of them, lie has been on a lee shore, and Is hauling off in good ?tyle. A gentleman who witnessed the cartmen'i procession n Broadway, on Wednesday night, says that among the many banners, mottoes and emblems which were carried In the procession, rejecting In every form on Col. Fre mont and his supporters, not one was seen saying any thing against Mr Buchanan, the democ ratio candidate. Quere : Is thli wher< tne shoe pinches f J ii. C. Bruoe, Esq., a pairiotis and wealthy slaveholder of Halifax, Va., (one of the largest, Indeed, In the State,) has recently declared hia opinion That It would be better that every living being In the United Mates ehouM pertah from the earth, rather I nan that the Union and the form of our government shanld be destroyed. ?'The force of language can no farther go." The Detroit DaV.y Adiartiter, of Oct. 2, say* A com pany of fix hundred men, women and children started from Tabor, in Iowa, on the 9th Inst., for Kansas. They are farmers and mechanics, who go to make Kansa* their permanent home Two hnndred men from Western Iowa volunteered to conduct them Into the Interior. The Trenton StaU Qaseite, of Oct. 3, says A large portion of the republican party I* composed of demo crat*. Ttoe New York "Weekly Herald. NEWS IMI EVMOl'g, CALIFORNIA, 800TB PACIFIC, NICARAGUA, NEW GRANADA, CUBA, WIST INDIES, ETC ? POLITICAL AFFAIR?, ETC. Ibe Wiiut liaaALD will be published at ten o'clock th.s moralr f Its con'rnta will embrace interesting intelli gcLte fi-.,n? Europe, ('..llfoml*, Xica'affna. New Granadt, the South Pacific, Pacd?ich Islands, Cuba, Wist Indies, Ac.; Trip ef the President to Concord; Ed" trials on various a Jb jects; Latest News Te% graph; Political, Fiuanalal, Com merclal, Theatrical Bahgltua and Sporting Iatelltgenoe; toge ther with a variety of Local and miscellaneous items. Single copies. In wrappers, ready fur mailing, c<ui be had at the coun ter. Price sixpence. Sou t lit r n n?i<t Western Mtrrhantx. CAl TIOM TO THE PUBLIC. Ir order to protect myself aRauiHt fraud, and the pubiie afa'nat daj.cejous Impositions, I de>m it necessary to statu tut imitations ar.d cour?<.rft-i ? of my K hiedam Aromatic Behnappa arc abroad an 1 to warn a. I those who use i', and ahyateua* who pr? ;?.<.? it to their pai.-uw, itgaius! these de leterious and dHi.fc.rou* tmpos; o as. l et the public, therefore, and the medical faculty, be on ttt.r gur.r.i as-uist deceptions in a muaer so tmpurUmt to health ar.,1 life. I am n | elled to ? '-? the** Mctsfrnm a knowledge that an attempt has be*'ii n ad<) by a number of I'uuor miters, ptrat-M and impostor* hi Nevr iork, Philadelphia and boston, to l.? od tl i nt?rkt ta t-f MNM Stales with ImitaUoos of my schnapps, to the In; my of my interest and reputation, and witbo regard to th-- serious resuits which ruay, and indeed in ait, follow the lnu ocu;iion of their In.] 'are aad nuiiou* eoai l-euuds. ibe Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, thus suthentieat. d, is endorse '.<r lleir ow n s'r> iiuren ty three thousand iea 1 Ing | hys>. tans, and adopted Lin tUeir practice by nearly the who.e ir.e.l.cai faculty )n the United states. 1 Uereiore look to the JEptession ( n t?c bottle and t!ie cork, and see that my autograph sJguatur* ? to counterfeit which is felony? is on the atef t'DOLl HO WOLKH. 21 Beaver street, N. Y. <th?tl l>r?M? Cnmhs.? A large variety at A. St J \UNPrRg >7 Broadway. Cttlxii* and Ntrtnger* who Desire a Tasty and elegar t ha*, at n moilera.e pr shoald call at ESPJCN FCHKiPd, lis Naa-au street, and e'.a- ij?e b.a assortment, lib Xa**?u street fitte'e *:? Tint, Full Style. ?US Fulton ?tree!, li aett U; ad?, t-y Kass..u s'rset. My s??|m rlur llnH for $3 ?<n<l ?4, are Sold in Btoadw.iy sttl' its. HUNT, ft.?yuii?n street. \tw Style of I<eatkri' tint? introduced by nMTN M.Dt.' V. W.VTEBS, i ?afn .11 llr ji.!*aj, oue ilojr abeve Ct ;al?t. eet \o I se lllewlngM.Kiioi Ntlli the Dent Full hat. Zim ill .Midway, t rue r or I alt ju atreei. David's. 301 Jiron<l%vay, near Duatie Sliest, fa1, a . ; nfger.ll- men's b ? i Is afl the rage. Banla's Fnll *?(>!?? llnte, for Oetitleiifn^ A gtmof tL. U, .. I .j- i . e at 100 Canil.cora -r ol'W.oster ?Met. Fall Sij'lc.i ? f CcuUtmeii'i Hat*, In their vanty. (' I-'.t'.iM'iiI'J;!- .! vf tuj beautiful "?? t< x i? r ?. i Ik i>r? i . .nam <jn the eki'M ??p f ly i mlMta. h yf ra. KKLLOOU i> Oana: s-reet. Itr.nia < Strir fall Si> If ? of Ftiiry IIat? for if. Iran.? Tbeaa b'aultfu trjcln ttt now ou exhibition ?? mn , < orBW Wv?j?wf. Kanry Cndtrr for sale, at A. & J. 8ann> TEBf, 7 y . A? How*, JF7 Broadway. Fhrf nolof) Euml oatloM, Mttb Chart* aad v rtt-.oo d*arrlpuoo? rf ctarMMr daily, by Profeaaor f'< 'W!rf.K ? i . 1 i <?,>'?> Broadway, itaar int Tare, t rlia c ri* lr ? for u-lie< aud fc-nuemay Tl?? Oreat Fair at the Cryatnl Paloer.? Tb. Rl.w y ?( K XBBCURV to aunvw Wll: i.ataln a in Ht.dR. Ptanofcrtra.? \ NuiuIki of Jltw and Second ban J p:\*o?, alar, a?-?!l ct fill aijJ rich ton*, fatty a a r*nv<*, and al pr % lb t Hv Cj cot ein.ou. A de.*|,d barg?*J m?v uw u hn.1 *1 ibe wanbo'iat of JOuN Y. *'AX K A eg., To; CAa-J Iwur doora neat at Varicb. Piano*.? Attention I* dlnctnl to lh? Hlllcr mr.fjrrti Ifjpr or#l p.anon, both nth or w.thmr. tb' /Kolian a' u ro*i>t, wiiteb iaerMttbC aneb unif r?al adiulrattoa at tb* tthr of '1* Ac,' r c*-i Itu *.n?a, t'ry?tal Palace Monafhotary a:. 1 *ar*r?'?r.a. W utd IV ?aat Twenty knt ?tre?t, b? :wt?n 'ad an 4 1 tird Arer.'aee. The Piano? The (Jitafrit Improrrinrxt In S. A C. fOCUfB'l fc>|r v"d e're iln ? <1? pian.'forio war?r <aa. . i"i .irOM.wnv < i.poat'.. Hr'flway tbea'r*. Ma') . fa.tojy, 1 wauty i s*> b ?l" at anl Kin lb areuua, .X. V. Po?tf?M<- thi vliig rn>f?, ftir aale at A> A J. RAl'XDKRI', K'> 7 /*tc.r note?, '*r Br-?nlway. WiMtiiK anil Vlaltlng Card?. Knrelopra, tr , 'h? *ai< it at. lea, at KVKK/'K jL'S, 3* i Biuaiwa), aor tai t f Dua >? Mri?. tircrn Turtle.? Ki rail Arrival. Soup Made ! > 'be und- r?>:fi* *? it* co'j can. i-.AY VRD. cav-ior. Waal nii juCuu ia t, |t?. 1 UrM4w?y. F.i'kllsh Hoard ("aper and Knvrlopti from Dal.* K'i?A< ih- ?"5lr ??? " r-??t i?i Ib'i t'r, tail bjrJ. m 'ilMHKII)* w l-. mi.< it MB? Only fcpet >c Me* TOfll f-'rea *d In tia:?. Half f Doi?n Superior, Well Made Mhtrta, to ??. MOODY 1 WlOaAMi, 3W Broadway. Adjb u i k iba Boap.t U. Often, Mllrt and Fnmlahli>n Kafahllah ?toat, M i. 1 A> 'oi Knuae. Lai r?cai?e I b> bit atfaner n w a'.jr 'n rf Htib,cia\tia, i ?. ,*.lk, mod anl m(ii:n wnl?>/ Mtir i aad vawtri, ir?i r iliag ?bowl?, |>orvaMa dr' ?*'a| ?aa* ?, It ante:**, As. I'lnr VMj l?, Heaiiilfoll|r Made to Ordrr, III prr ii *fn. Mt'ODV A Wtui ***<, SIS Broadway, Aaj'/liiin( tbc lloapiul. Fin* Fnll t lofl'1n?. of nil Kind*. Tnatlly r i. ?. d * ?U m .vi?. I lu.i M'jOLD A PMOCU H, 1A) KulW.i ?root Vn inoiit Ahead.? Poitralta of Prraldentlal raadl4M?a; ibfi-i"* t s< " ng ? tlf f t W. a1 BOIaMKt' falMry, 2? Ficn 'way. I n?lcr (tormriil* f it ilie Million? Wholr n ' .in-1 rrtdll, ai Mc!. Al'GH '.I!t Urofow.^U 'Wn' t contr Murray. ri'vatil t'ravnta. Tlea. Ilandkerrtilef*. ?lutar ?fclfi?, draw* bo*i? ?, Ac . at ccoaimlral pilcaa m6i>DY a ViOaAMH. :is Broidw ty. nnrnlnc of tdUlfolhar* Tobaeeo Vartory.* Still *i 'ib?-i victory for tV> r?l?t>raM?d Wll.lar patent lalaman dcraafr | One o( tb?-a? celfbraf^l lira prxif dallreri-d up tta c flt< nn in ? perfa't ?t*ta of pr^erratton a/tar paving ihr" it'\ lb* lir"1 ?'? ?? bumii a of tealbal a tobacco factory. ^ i i ? c*l?' ?i<- T fli - rr rf ?*fa la not now ?id ri"M by MTfla C. Iltrrm*. bin b it la* *ip1r?l, hit r? , hi ho l'#T all llr**) of the patanteea. ?bo baia nyam c? plel# ; their mnn -fHctoi-y, an tare now r??dy to rocoira ordera. 1 iapot ISC Wat*r a'rect. !!? .r Wall, ff rw foi b B II WII DI'T. 1< O. I'au?iit??i and .M aufac'nrfr*. Imported Krenrh Uai f litnrea and f'hx lu, n?* i>i'i r- ?,? ir>*ri*r artkloa only, J >. at r?c<?lvad by II ntR m?B V)Li-F, ?t> Brof-lway I'npir IfniitliiR*. of fh< mint Rlegaiit Dea Criptlm a, j??t i?| one , ty TUOP. fAY'B A CO., J57 Broa>| ?ay, opp >ai otiri City uiL I ae f rlaOadoro'a l?yr? The Beat Artlele ot lt? k.r.d known. Wbolaaa'e aad rotail, aa-l prl'a e'y appli-d at yo. 8 Aotnr Hiwt?. Facta Hpeak l-ottdrr than Worda.? The rahio of Puraoa ra'arrb annff nrtimRtad by the demand, a ? old 'n tha haad b?l?t rail' "al b J f.a "?* Seantly. taold, wb?i??ale aud retail, by BAKMIt-J A PABt, Hroalway. Tp Ttwn Depot for Clearer'a Glyrerlti* An I Bfl*? aiadal NU? '?o Um ? brown Winda*. nHnmk ?MNd: l.ntiin'a, H mni*. 'Iu?ri.n a, an t Panan fa DM (MM Hap* hoMn'a n?W r'rf'itsra, P?r)n% tto! 'jrn?? 'an>-y arti"'.aa,??'l 111 lb" popu *r m"dir,n?t and toilet artiri** of tta* dar F'iradriita arc faailly tr?1i inca from ibe nr*t mporfra and mar if?i'>r*r% dlr** URRRIT NtiRTOfs, jr<ut|tiat ud rrctb?c?ry, ?B1 Eybtb ?*e?n*, MM Aiyi iw Btiucwr* mm Don't Throw Away you* Hone/ ? If *iu wish a |<x d article for jour hair, go to ORANDJEAlf'g, M Church street. next door to the com<*r of Hare lay street Ad vice given gratia on all disease* of the scalp. A Perfumed B> e?ih? What Lady orG?nU?> man would remain under the curse of a disagreeable breath when by using ihe "bsltn ot a thousand tlowcra" as denti frice would not only reader It aweet, but leave the teeth white a? alabaster' Many persons do uot know their breath la bad, aud the subject la n> J*1' U'u'e th'-lr friends will never mention it Pour a ftm|)c drop of ibe 'balm" on jour tooth bruah and waah the teeth niylit and morning. A fifty eent bottle will last a year For sale by all druggists. Noue genuine Milan signed by irKTHlDOB * ' 'P., proprletora. Ntw York Billiard and Bowling Room*, 814 Broadway, are crowded nightly. Four more alleya wilt be opened this evenlng-m?king eight alleya and aliteen su perior billiard tables. Brother 1*KRKIN8 la bound to aocota modate all. We aav go and see. Pranalpnnnl, an Sternal Perfume .?South" < ern and Western merchants ran be supplied wkh thla unpre cedented perfume Agents, GEO. E. INURR k CO., chs miats, 399 Bioadway. Lyon'i Kathnnon Is now Universally Ac knowledged to be the standard preparation for the hafc_ Sold by all dealers for 26 cents per bottle. HKATH, W VNTKOOP k CO., proprletora and perfumer*, 03 Liberty street, N. Y, A. Grandjcan la the Only Person who call be consulted scientlfirallv on all diseases of the human hair, at 34 Church street corner of Barclay The Slith and Elghtt avenue cars stop at the door of the cFtablisnment. Hollow ?y's Pills. ?Life Boat* arc not mors necessary at sen than this life medicine. The exemption from scurvy, and other scorbutic alloc turns of the late exploring ex ! pedulons ie attributable to the anti*<vtie iction of Ilolloway's I ilia, hold %t the manufactories, nJ Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, I.oudon, and by all druggists, at 26a., #2>?o. and $1 per box. Campbell, Practical Apothecary aud Che* mist, aouthwest corner of Eighth avenue and Twenty eight street. Three Per Cent a Mouth.? Business Men "tut" men, young men, who wiah to learn a secret worth knowing, are advised to call at the merest bookstore and pur chase n book worth reading, entitled, Burdctt's "Three Per Cent a Month." Price $1. Pain In the Side, Want of Breath, Dyspep sia, are speedily cured by BRaNDKRTU'S V. U. pills. They give health to every organ and often restore the sick where eve ry other medicine has failed Mold at 25c. per bo*. The Doctor's office is 43 Canal street, lourtb door from Broadway. Sold also at 241 Hudson st-eet. and 296 Bowery, and by respectable medicine dealers everywhere. Bile, Bile, Bile.? This Fruitful Source of many diseases can be radically cu -ed by using that great French sueclSo, the rordial corntc bitters. Mold, wholesale and retail, by S. &TEINFELD. 70 Nassau street. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAI. Fw Situations and Help, see slitk page. HlNCEIXAlVKOtS. ACABD? TO BOUTDKRHERR? DRINKERS OP COW. gross Water.? An Inferior article of mineral water is advertb-ed and sold under the name of "8arat6pa" water, the word ' Saratoga" being used by co uater ? It tera In cases where they dare sot risk selling their ficticious article as "Congress" lbs lueses* or the cheat arises from Congress water having been M often called Saratoga water, tnai tuany people suppose that Its true and only name. Taking advantage or this, the si urious article t so put ap. with names, marks and betCeg, as tr> resemble as near as they dare. Congress water, and mosUv sohl as an Imitation of It co those unacquainted with th? ciB'iugtilfhlng marks and brand, peculiar Savor and qualities of the genuine Congress water. There are a multitude of springs at Saratoga, the water from any of which might oV Urns sold as "Maxiioga" water, by persons whose scruples of conscience sxUird only to cues w here they are liable pecuniar? punishment, and yet the article so imposed onffp pdbl'.c be worthle as er Injurious. If you want genuine Congress water, buy It or rrepectahie dealers only, and Bi Sli cases Observe thai tbe Orann on the eork is Ci iNOit)C<S WATER? C. k W for U wtlbeut those words ana letters, it is a ?wlsdllng eotOiterfrit. On writing to us, we will send you a list of prices, fztj snd packages; aud by ordering from ? direct. encloa'tigTlraH tor the amount ordered, job ssn hSTe K OJTe'v forwarded to any part of the wcttd. CLARKE I WHITE, Congress Burins. Saratoga Kur.ngs. And Xn M TUsjms street Nsw Vortu BRODIEfS' r GRAND EXPOSITION or Fill. AM> WIN 1 BH I A I.MAS AND CLOAKS, OS w EDM-DAY , October 8. At 61 < anal street. To enumerate style- and quality would be superfluous. They ??irell nnythiug that ha* been hitherto exhibited In I this ty. Ladii s will do wel to resen e purchasing until they have ex amined this superior stock. BATCI1EI.OR S HAIR DTK.WW8 ANDTOUPEiCS, ARE superior to a'l i .hers. Their nc +? Improvement* see ire peilect cotn' .r". )U.e wearer, net u al el-ganec and durability, llis unrival.-d and only harmless hair dve is applied In twelve priiatc rooms, at U VTCllELOK'8, 233 Broadway. BOOTII A SKDOWICK'fl XCI'fcHIOK MEDICATED LONDON CORDIAL OlW. 10 thk', As it may bp erroneously prc?umed, from lh? title of MH (Tit A SKIW4W Ii'K'h I ONDOM CORDIAL (JIM, that It 1* to be regarded aa an intoxicating beverage, the proprietors of that nio*t popular und celebrated mu.I.i al drink would deux Us possession of f.ny such pernicious <i uallu< ?, bciug simply a I tue and delicious tonic winch h <a I e an rfcornmended lotho use ol the public by hundred* of our moat oelobrhtpd physi cians. Ko movemeut of a pol'tici. 1 nation ban bwn productive of prtater itood Ihan that of the temperance people, which may ultlmatc'y succeed In purging the country of rlllanom an I sdulteraled liijuots, which are the mam oinne ef the present. reign of Intoxication. It is U?/? du'y of the community to en courage the tntroduet on of good, wholesome, and beneticial le\e?<?f* that they may supplant the deleierioua compound* cot turned by an it cautious public This policy is evident from the tad that intou-atkio has de clared perceptibly urc the introduction of Booth A Sedg I * iek's London cordis' glu Into the Atlantic cine*, white a' the saino tin r hundreds of Invalids hare been all but revored to life by 1U agency. 1he>e facial must convince the moral phi lanihroplst wmperance will be Wore read ly sec ired by the enc< ur igemt nt of a substitute beauHcAl to the health anil welfare of th I country. Still care should be taken lest Booth Pelgwlck'i t.oodoi ? cordial -in Is confounded with the deleterious lrnita'.lon* thrust Into the market under the name of London cordial 1 g'n. but which bear no resemblance, except In color and In > tue wa> ol bottling, to the genuine*. As medicines. they sre no tenser Impositions, bo- free- outrages upon pub I lie health, besides tetn g Inducements to Intoxication ana its destrutbve consenue tiros. ItOOlll A FKDOWICK'f LOMDOM CORDIAL OIK la undeniably the beat pin ever import*- 1 In'n A merle*, and has been re '.nnnen trd to general use by the testimonials of a areuter number < f prsciisiag physicians than any other pop" - lar remedy. It ha* t.eeuanaiwd b> competent chemists, and their certificates *how It to be a pure, wholesome ana strict v rredirinal bevcrag*. Booth A Kodgwlck's 1-oudon cordial gin stands pre eminent In Kiuope and Ametlca aa a diet drink, a tonic without reaction, a stimulant without the lisnsful roBse<|U*nce* of alooholis beverages. The med 0*1 faculty reccnioieml It on account of It* diuretic and stimulant properties for the curs ol gout rhenmsllsw obstructions of the bladder nnd kidneys, debility of tie urinary ftiiicUoDS, dropsy, dyspepsia, ?atuierry. low u nperiiatr.ut eihiuslS'l ? Its I energy, aummer heal, and aa invs uslile a* s corr-ortlvo against olatsaes engendered by drinking unwholesome water*. If the system hss become relaxed by Un .'roper indulgence#, the cot dial will infuse a mora \ igotous vitality uitoovryoriiA. The lassitude reiulbng from late bonrs or too ck>.e applica tion to labor of any kind Is <|i*kly removed by l<a acltaib nrd lad if s tngased In teden'ar/ oecipa'.tous, na1 suhjecto^o Inconvenience thereto m. a ill and it a safe and healthy silmu 1*1 m i er. ti e ehrn' i >4 t* Muggtab, or any of 'he function* of the bodv sre suspended or Improperly pet formed iiwtU r?ato,e the natural action sad eoinmumcare permanent energy to the secretive and distributive organs Those who are bowed dowu by phystctai debtlttv, and so (eeble a* to despair 'f ever rec. vrrln* the visor and mien oi ?tashcod. sre invited to Jive this wonderful tnvlgoranl a trial. It embodies the eiemrnts of their r*4orsU?? Hetore they have roo*um<4 the rtrst bo.'U", they will be conscious that the ro iv. principle is st work In every debtlttalod portio-i of tbotr frsmea snd hone, sum t? reslue In their tho ough re co. try, will spring up In Iheir hearts. (Ireat premution* should be taken to secure the genuine article, so unscrupulous bsre berome Imitators Ft-'d by druggists, grocers liquor dealer* and hotels, throughout the United Mates. ( snadas sod the West Indies. hlMPrtrN BIIOTIIRR4. I? Beaver street, Sole sgents fur the Uml?d Stales and Canada* / ?< NMit-tM | - l.AHKR ItlKR ARK IMVIWKD T<? \J ln?p?t the article manufac'ttred by KRAMK I.K-.I.IK, f??r *ale at all news depot*, on fralio day morning. ClOMfOimi'RtH or LAOKR BIKR ARR IMVITKO TC> > ln?p?Ct the article manufactuted by rRAMK I.KXMK. fet sale at all news depyts. on Saturday nsot uing, I \ K dFTKM H KAKD IT HAJI) WHIM ASK KD, Consumption s found Ins matoti at .ast, Kaockea all to ti.s In the briefest lime, By Adder's liquid Iodine' T or my old doctor t. lis me oh ' 'lie the very be.t med cine la the country, oh' I look In Ihe bottle and I And It so, Just as the doc'or tell* me, oh! T litre a flue, we thonght could never get better (Jot well one day and wrote me * letter. And every Word and every line Was Andera' liquid iodine For my old doctor tell* mo, Ac Boantjr, they ssv. is but shin deep. And health s a thing most hard to keep. Hut both a made sure and stiperline By Ander*' liquid Iodine. Which I* thst powrfrtl 'Irtrc, hxllne, dissolved in put c water < by Dr. IIFNRT AMDKHH. H<ild at fl a bottle by Anders* ' F"*dl< k, t Second av slid MM Krnadaay. 1* Y. . (A Fulton st , Brooklyn. W Montgrmcrv St., .terse* CHy; l&l tirnwl si.', Williamsburg, and r II Ring, 192 Hrmvl Way October. i?m It lack cloth stilt* a i j. Black cloih coats, pn to f IB, Cssilmere b usmea* coats 91 90 IO f". Rich moire sntlque ie*ts, IB. ? Fancy velvet vests, la Une tilaek over. ,1%i? *|n. At KVARP' eitensive < lothing wsrehouM, (M and t* Fultoa ??reet CIBTRA1T OF LORRBF.O B. All KPARD, WITIIMOJUt splendid original pictures. In FHVHK I.BHMK * II.LUS MRP MRWUfAFBR, f ,v Sst inlay nefb POBTRAIT OF LORRBW) B. PIIKP \ RD, WITH tOMB splendid original plenireji tnKR AMK LRMLIR'K II.M'4 TRATKD KKWHI'AI'KH. \<W s itorday, Tnr YOt SO MAM fl IIAT.-BILK HATfl IB MMT pat erns are this day Introduced Their adap'stimi Mi young men. ami other point* of etcellence, as style, qutlttf a Bd price, be*pesk for them the ?pe, isl notice of our Voting and ecottoniMtl parrona I.F.ABV A C" , Aalor House, Brosdwav, lestter* snd Introducer* of faahkm. PORTRAIT ABD FT BHRAL OF OKOROK KTK1RV, with some spit utl'd original plctare*. in FRANK LBS I.1F.R ll.l.l stRaTK.D NHWsPAt-K.B, for Saturday negt. "POBTRAIT AND FUBF.R AL OF OFOROR HTKKRB, I with some splendid original pictures. In FHAMK MM Cim fCtt'sT RAtfeD RKWHFAFKH, for Saturday aext. TRAR-TIIF ( ANTOB TKA COMPABT HAVR 0!* baad every variety of Ms* tor grocers, tea dealers snd , nrltate fsmilles? K' uchong, fiolong. aod young hyaoa, from it c to gunpowder and lmp?rial, from fee. to Me : all Other f|tialRI?? equally low. Also, $ lb bote* of goo I family tea for oae collar Call and examine I in Chatham s( reet. h* iw< #n Pe*rl and Ro.seveR street f. TtrnisnFR?" abd MoOBTAORM FOROID to orow Jf In *1* weeks, bv my onguent. which will not stain or to I'tre the skin f I a bottle, sent to any part of Ihe cooatry. R. O. nRAHAM WKH Broadway; Brlggs, Si -Hate street, Al banf,