Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1856 Page 6
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liTBTMWti I11HP ITMT ilT. -TIAWOW *!,??. Ah fon? mil, irunx* thb frenoh and | iMfMfM rtnen tly. is desirous of obtaining * ?i u*i.. in ?> ? Address J P L , Herali ifflee ATOUNG LADY, ACCUHTOMBD TO. TEACH TUB pianoforte, wishes a situation 11m no > IDJMCU, ,Q te gotug i S< niauf Whi fit ate address Merchants' Hotel, room 163. \ A RESECTABLE TOCM AMEBIC AN LADY wishes a situation. an teacher in a seminary or private mil/, to leach the Ei><ltah branches, has uo objection to go . . mh. Address, by letter or personally, Tearher, 11M Varick ?' t>?u t>a (ten att r S o'clock to day and all of Hatur lay. Amr.ATION WANTBD? BY A YOU NO WOMAN. TO gatoBurope, aa nurss or lady's maid. Good city ra foresees. In |Uir? at 27 1 lib St. corner of 3d avenue. ? SITU 4 SITUATION VANTBkBY \ YOUNO WOMAN', AS Jlx sook saahn and iioner. ? food city reference. Inquire ai 163 sr. A, between loth aud 11th ms. Ami ATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Unt'lirss, either in a private f.onily or Uot.l tlood rs l*nmr uvea Apply at 5\u W?at ittih st., between Sih and 9th aw nets. fhii J floor, trim room, for two days. AMT0 AT ION WvNTKD? Uf A TOCNO WOMAN, TO ? sit on an ii> valid gentleman or lady, or aa chambermaid, 4 ? a genlViuuti a family. Good references. Applv at 96 7th *u. * Wilunin.jii AT RUfrTWuBTHY. ?'OMP?TfcNT YOUNG WOM VN <'e- rrs a smiKUtm to do K>:n?'ral homework. Oood oo,k, aud ew ellrat laundress. Well recommended, wllhug andooiigiug Apply ai JTl Bowory. A SITUATION WtNTED? BY A WELSH GIRL AS cooA ai.ti U> nw.-i in the vvaaluug and ironing. Good my refi'ieuces Inquire .a Li'j !ith at, between Vhaui oili ?vr?. A TOi no woman, wmi a fresh breast of ?Ilk. Wf*liea a slt?a>iae oa wet nur?e Cnu be seen at IX> 12th at , 'jatwetn 6th and uth av- a. AN ENGLISH WOM iN WHO SPEAKS FRENCH veil, wanu a situation an stewardean en a steamer or saimg tew. I, or to go South nH a family. Apply tor three ?lay* ai 1SJ Henry ?t.. ne.r hike A LADY WKI.L QUALIFIED, WISHES TO SUPKB interidthe family of a g-ti'lem <.n. or a party ot gentleman A widower preferriHl. Ample reference given. Address Hope, lit-.-atd other, lor three day*. GOYIBNES8? A YOCMO L Al?Y, EDUCATED FOR b<*r profession, and a cu?'.ime.i to teaching lusher Kug h,"h French. L.Vm and ru'im, nu of music. ? uuld engage at lesidrui governess. <>r lea. her of matliemauc*. ha- tilled both positto' is ino*t acceptaL y. Sonih or West preferred Ad lreas utmiiMl 10fi Wavtrle.v p'iic*. HOVSFKPKPKR -s SITUATION WANTED? BY A COM l>e'rot Udr, frum MasMehtiaeMA Bast reference given. A i<fce?? S F... 19 .Nevipn ?t . Brooklyn. TO/ANTID? BY A OOMPETBNT. FAITHFUI. OIBL, A ? ? t. aa; on. a> chainberma.d and to do lin? wa-hmi; or ?-'W 1ns I ;> '"Wti preferred. The b?^i -hy references from her la*:ji:iee. Call at cr address 136 Kaat 23d at., fourtadoor. Int. loom TBr \MSJV? BY A LADY. OF THK VERY BEST RE 11 speeubtlity and e?peri> iic-. a aitnaUun as uurse. The ti"' ot ri fereme given. ln<i?ltre at 60 i 'liar It on st. H'AMKD-RY A RE^FEtT ABLK AMERICAN WO " n>no, a situation aa nu'se is fnily ,-ompeient to take chaige o* an infant; la a gooi a-'iuna'reas. and willing to m.ikc herself useful. I'leaae > ail at 2e3i>th ave . between 17th aud IHth sis., where an tatervi.'w can be h<i<i. "DLr ANT ED ? BY A RESPECTABLE OIBL, A 8ITUA VT t.on. to do t hauiberwork, la a private family; la a good rook, waaher aud ironer and ha* good city refe-eiwe from h?r last plare Can be seen lor two days, at 174 Tay.or St., W 1 liamaburf. "WTAWTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOU BO WOMAN. It a ail i.i sin, in as laumlrnaa. or to do chamberwork aud line waitiung aud ironing, good city referrncea. Call for one dura' So. 5 Uiuoa court. University place, between llih and l.:h ata. TXT ABTF.D A SITUATION. BY A VERY RESPECTABLE TT Iran e. at neainairess and to take care of Jiildrt n: i-aa cm and tit cluidien a clothrs. aad pe. fe tly uuderatauda the iis-e of ibe nrvlle. -ailaia ory city reiorouce gl^eu. l'ltts, in uJte ai Ac. B$ a>th at. 6 have VI'AMfD-A SITUATION. AS WET JTCBSB, BY A ' ' te-|,e( able young married woman ; hv, receoUy loat l.. t (,*:? :,si.j go, i cay relerec -s Can be ^eeii at 1?J Wcai TJL'aNT, ,i? a SITUATION BY A MIDDLE A(Sfci> vf wotnao ?? < <i* wash- r and 1-oner. or u> tak ? --4-r of ehiloreu aud da rhamherwotk. Is wUBk? to *<> to Chicago. HL 1 ools or lJe ? Or , aus. Beat raferMM. lujuire at Kast l?h st W I r 0-A SITUAIIOI!, 11* A P.KSPF. 'T AltlJt WO ft Li.,ti ?< In t rale eo a , rf-cl> unilerstands her bust ne*? >oo>- l>ut a private nerd apply item of cut ?Aliu ? P'.ea"? call at 11T haat i;ih *1., between t'^a and 7ih a enwe? ti'astid? a snu.vnoN, as wkt bur?e bt a Tf r*'?|wr?able >oun. wi ) S >o -thm to iraveL t'.a be see.i for l? q days at Vol t- a t TM ?t Il'ANTrI?? A flTltnu*, HV A KBSPRCI AMI.K. Hi 1. 1 v *nm. a si-oa. t > pns ita family ; inakas goad i r?> iJ ar J will In v ish < and iroiiliu t an ba ,.eea 1m two ? a?a s: h?i pres-'^t itc i vy-i-a, at tl rlaat tt. \t .? SITU AT IO V. 'II v YOUNfl WOMAN V* i.f re?t>e< tab's appearao ?? as rhtm'?>rmaKi and lana <1 - PS. Ii.<fn| llv? 1 J'I'I fi h^r !a?' aitUatMiii. h*r t??tline ti'ri IP I r - - - ; a lo-M, will bear 'he si itt e>l u.rrm -0%.', i. Apply at -rV (jib av.. fourth floor, uat-k room "tBTAMVD? BT A BK*FK<"T\m.E YOUN3 WtitlA* v? ak.',M' mi iti'Mik ta aa '\oelinjt w t<lier an, I iront-r. Tkr !,<?*? of cMy itls'ecv' can he given. I'leaae rail at 394 iwt iMi1. Hiltlhlfc.MjU.KK. AOt M !? W A NTRO? W1 1 H A CAPITAL. OF FIYR da.'ara. to artl ib New lark or aay plara la tha Ool'M >> ??' c a it'4 > ??at4?r?t, U>? nuttm patent ib4ia rH.i rr l%mp HaI'XM lt>l A MirtT, toi* ccaiuia. r.rrn la t Aa Omiit xialf A it if >t fJ Pultun ti/ct. /URVI* WASIKD-OI* CITATUM OF CARYIStr, 'ff-ii c-*,< Apply at Pattest llutel. cor bit ofWa^rra -ib) tirseoal-b ?a. niCO CURK WvNrKD-I* A 11BTAIL. STORK, A U < <.m, y 'rm Jru ij j,l ) u aa* ? all <|u^JiU?J for :W pre wtyxtoB dff^mmnp?niuumii ta off.-rr 1. \4 ?!r? ar 8 til ti M<?t#ua*."jr at., Jernmf i ty ataiinc ?a)?r? r?j ,< f?J >a4 rffrreo w. i^s one far Uw oiiy. A'hlrea* a* DJIVa C LT'RK WASTKD-OXRT11AT I XDRJUITAJIDfl fl># fWl IwalneaB, wl can com* w?ll r?> <im?#a4'-d Apt>'. at <? ? io-wtuX llUaoo aa>t Crankiia a>re<**, at Hit JM* morning | rvr.Y GOOSS SAI.K-X \N W VXTRD? AT C. ? DTI JJ i*t*u t rn v., atf Or*a4 at. OfSTM'?\.N WASTKn -Ml W COJIK WRI.I. IVOOI in ? di 4. -Mil be a ,'?? I Apply al I'atlau * Hotel, ?nin*r ?' War r? at I lip rawloh ata. TWO I AW ClH!K' \f *NfKP. IX A r. IWTKR'A Of" ftp* -?m,? aiMtWi a goo.1 opytat, writint and rorrn t '.and Uw oUier wrva a Mod, pmo hand. and uod? , ?"itid if praotlat and biulotu A Jdreaa, p<?i |l?4 tx?\ P<?( nrjm r-TWKNTY riTB ok thirtt fkrhom. to Yy laaia a iww light .ni bnaiUftil h'ultna for oaif lira .?? la** ? hwb trill pay l -*m fl .a to Um dollar* par day in any ? .?? in b* I mtrd Ntalr' and ?? -aptlal Ibta u na l.nrav | r or told on apply at 3T, Itowary llrA>THO~A T0r?f0 *%?, J?l TH T. TT l.bra/T CSBmadwar. Oa?i % ? M rMHfM w!.o ?? a - "id Imtl *t.<] ' ?? .nun kaawkadf* of baoka AipJy be!?i?n '.'and II a U^ k. A W. TV*AKT?T?-Ay Arrivr., attkhtitr l*d, who M * ' ?? wr" a ?d r,-i -a y W<?-?. >1 -l> latioa prima ?anl m own haad hai ?A, Po?i oa.< ?. UfAM?l?? TWO ?*?!IT M*!?. IS WaTTKK*; THUT ? .?? *on.i --ar> ?r? aalary ?W par monijl and I oard. Apply loh Ward Hatiora^ Oardan, foot of Htfih ?' Ra-<rlrar WAJhTkD CLKRK-A fQCN M KM. r *<?M 1< TO IW ; ram <?( a*r. apply. Hilt Ihnaa pron lad wrh | ?d fr#rrr?e?-? -?pp>r >a Mn ???* A Narua, flt l^oturd irwC W''4^Tfi>-A HOT. fHOII 1J TO If TltV Ri * ir '? bo ofllrr aad ta ?i -rranda <>n. who <[>***? Frrmli p??-rr' rr-4. Apply at 11 ??ar?r iMraK. third atary. WAMRI?~1W0 CI.KRK.4. IK DRUM OOOD". AXO no* imtirr. Apply IO Laj-'l A Taylor, oorarr (.rand Bad ( .? j?i-? a>?. TJL'A*"iFD-A YOt 50 M \M Al rXKRK I* A RKfAIL " rnrtM ? lary and la. a a?nf". ? jou-l a-ldraaa an I unoirrp ' ?m* >>?? rtl- r*Mv Apply at 341 H idaan at. fram t %. If ta ll? U'AMUKIWO <-Oi.OK<n BOYA, AROCT U TRARI " ?r? ??ruaad tnd rta?V,ja at Ih.Vn* a ridiMara A mr- 1>? ?<?!*'??. Mfnw of at . (A*y ia?ac Imt* Uta IMBI <4 itrnMw. ialnaa rr?f-r*?-a (>< ?a tn Uoaa wha bare o#\ #' h? r? m rlry. YOCRti M Vjl, AH ' I.KlK tID UO"R M k" ??'. II a fro^kri T . ... ual (a* aior. m tat kf ?> imui'M a lib tb* b ?n- ? . Apply lu W ff stUiataa I m-b >'raa4??y. toraar af -i'h a AMI !) -A BOY. ???'?* 14 TO M TKARH Of \GK, .a * ill y fnoda a'or? n?a ha'ing a?air knowladft* at 'b? l>aaln*? App'T ?' " ' ?' AI at., bat?r?o 4r?.?t?r a I itrt+n m * H*AKrf!0? A MART, AI.TIYI * ' *0 M At*, POR YT lir , trate, t-V f>?a. B?.t of rr>tn|r?d fl"? la>' ? 'np'ijjrra. WMa with particu.ara, bit 1 IIN PiaM ?Rca UTANTKIi-tf a SM tV, KaRW. .XRAR RF.W YO*I ?? an hit atrmm m m wlwi ai d?r< awla li lrlnj and tak na rar* "f hiwa*. mi m?r ,? 1 1 urminM ?'?rk g< nrra)ty 0<?1 raf?ri otra r"i?ilrpd Ai-ply ?tl T wall atraat, bupoixI atory. xi' A^lf n-i*M?li| . rr Y. * Pit:?T n.A<? HR\r> ff <MMrf mnat ntid" ? and ? h>i 'hif mihly. barr had 1on? nparlniro IB -ha h'ta-rraa. and nndmilnal ffr r?r.rr? aa *o rharf t< r ? 1 ? and nnVratiad t)ir (l?r man MaaaaCfi a food Xutry all b? pail to a a.illa i|* prr 4??n ' All al It'll M?r"T a< A WaHFH, \T Till! I?l, t alt C/TY Of *? YT li X *? i "11 *Z< IWl ro r,.-r >1 l?'? I', k I 1 1?# a^'O* I fh? ??? rt "f IH l? i) > ?? -? of ?<a pr*fi rr?4 ?'A|it?0-A TOWJf IRATRtLRR OVP l| i>f*0 aY h >4 p?prrln?' r In out d'?>r a?ll n? of ?nol ad i? aa m diiB't'otia ??d partrvirln- ?l'b food ar^uriiy > r gnnl rrf.. rrnr? i ??a? Bddraaa H. At , ilerald odea, MatlnR aaUry rt paet'd. n?Bl?r?*'"i ?. Ar. W Asrrn-A *<*.' >???'? r?r?im?r\!*f?8 tii> ff daaur-trran bntlpraa. *p ily al Mo??ry. A ft ?t 4tmr+ fn- ? man |.. '? -? UrAJtKRB W??T?t>-.*T JOHRIOH < OlXllfO HA 1 Soon W ran?' ?t Kni' bit thrna -hal har? btid #tt>? , ... r- ?n4?ra amart and a-". .? B' Ui* btuiuaaa nrad apply A ITBA? CBaMR> Vni! ~TIK i sum. ff a arlcf tth'KT V ariBB biru' I'oti. .1 K l?'i?r Apply at *b? ft>M*4 Watra >aral R?nl??ri?iia Ro Jf'br-ry at . rr U"^irr>_4 rnr%<i"v?R. r r r. mmr?lBtb* rwiii?r?4. Apply bi ll> oonib *1 fnim llt'olf# ak. _ W ' 1 r* I* - A> ttllvll WUIKK HOT IR \ riRllO f? an i I f, at'.i.y at T?tnm??J 'la 'b a -no ?,(( t?? . :t . . ? ? "?k. WAvniuraHAm. /CHAMBERMAID WANTED ? IN A PRITaTK FaVII Y v oh who can new well ud iron flue cIoukm Also, a Oral raia laundress, who c as Aula. Apply at US 26th st., between 4th and Madiaou aves., at or aflar 11 o'clock. PIRST RATE COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, ALSO a nurse an J seamstress wanted.? Activa, willing and good t. mured girls having the beat references for honesty, sobriety and capacity, may apply at 111 East 13th at-, near the 2d ave. Girl wanted? to do the general house walk of a very small private family, she must be a good waalier and irouer, and good plalu cook. Call early, at 21 Rldridge st German woman wanted? a fir.-.t class oer man woman for a small family In ttrooklyu Best of wages given; mils* be a good cook aud Arm rale wasb?raud li oner. Apply, through Monis Cohuert 4 Co. , 2s7 Broad w, y, In the haaement. HOCSEKKKI'KR wanted? one WHO CAN TAKE the entire household management for a lady with a family of children. A middle aged widow lady ore terre I. Address, staling residence, J . S. M. , box 1 306 Post ofll. e. u iners wanted ?three fibst rate milli nets warned lu pine at the new store, 343 6th ave., be tween 3l?t and '.3d st*. NIRSE WANTED ? A YOl NG ENGLISH OB AMERI can woman. who uodersi?n<ia the care of childreuaud can i>e? she must be neat aud tidy and have a good character rum her last place. Apply at 116 Haaersley st vrciisK wanted- a young woman, wao u.v 1* darstands the cars ol a baby and can sew; ah* must be neat and tidy. and must be willing to go Into ihe roui'.ry lor a tew mouths, colored person preferred; $6 Call at 171 ^ ? ill >4., bttween ?th and hth avs. Stbaw hat trimmers and straw BRAID SEW era wanted.? Those who uudorsund the business can tiud s'eady emplo> mast and good wage-a. at Newark S. .1., corner of Fautwy ana Quarry streets, oi app.v 10 A LeUud 4t;o? I "HI Broadway, Sea lort. SEAMSTRESSES WAN TED ?THOSE 6.CCI STOMEO TO work on u<aitressrs ? iil pl*a?e apply al '.he Globe Hotel corner of Krauktcrl and William its. \JL' ANTED ? TAILOR ESSEN FOB SUMMER COATS, T> and tailors far cloth coals Goodriefei'enies required >i>d fair wages paid, at E. A. Mem X Co 's, U Cedar at., up S'aira. |ir ANTED- IMMEDIATELY, FOUR OR FIVE OOOD TV dressmakeva wbo undet stand making and finishing oil dresses neatly; a so. three or four girls to learn dressmaking Apply ai 1W Amity st. UrANTKli-A WOMAN. WHO IS A MR>T R kTE VV wushei aud ironer and can do plain ciwkiug.and Is willing to assL-t in the genera', housework; none oUier ueed apply. Call for thi ee days at 116 Hameistey st. Tl ANTED ? TO OO A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE TV country, a tiirl to do general housework, and to railk a cow. Apply a; >o t> Bayard st. Or ANTED - A WOKA N. TO COOK AND ASSIST IN VY washing ;n a small family, a few tu U s from the City. Apply at No S Esst 16th st.. uew 5th avenue. WANTMi? AX AMERN AN OR ENGLISH TOl NO VV woman, ss iham%ermaul snd good aeamatress to take csre of two children and go wiUi a family to Ha . ana Good city references required Apply at 106 -a ave. TX'ANTEIWtV A PRIVATE FAMILY. A SCOTCH VV (it rmaa ..i Welah woman, a- cook. waaher and ironer Good refertnres required. Inquire at 2U6 Union St., Brook lyn. Tl'ANTED? A GOOD COOK, TO COOK AND ASSIST IN " the win-lung and irot it g. in a prlvute family. Vpplv before 12 M. at 2K l"th ft , between 1st and 2d avs. " TV* ANTED ? A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN", TO ASSIST VV with the warning ana do plain sewing Call, between & and 6 K M , at the St. Denis Hotel room :ii. T1 'ANTED- A T'ROTE.-TANT GIRL TO PO TH E W(lH K VV ot a suiall taini y. Wastes $5 fail at 156 West Jtiiii at , third new house ft . m Sih l? fl" ANTKD? ^ PKOTEFTANT <;IRL. TO DO GK.VFKAt " honsewoik; uiust be a g ?utl w nhe.- and ironer Call al 42 Macdougal st TkrANIll)-A CHA.VBKBMMD WAI1KR GIRL, ff cook iaundre??, n> :?e a zirl 11 to 16. and a colored cook. The hi* besi w . ires w ill je g ven. Apply a; ho. 7 I'.'h s'.. streral doors west ol j;.os i?ay 11 'A NT KP ? A GOOD MILLINER AN D A i KW A? "" prentice* at No. 9 Walker s* fl'ANTFD-AN ACTIfE. TIDY GIKL, Ttl DO THI" " gene al housework ot a small tamilv Mti?tbeag v*l a luhei aj.ditO' er. Call at 310 saeke't St.. South Brooklyn TITANIED? A PROTESTANT OIRI. FROM 14 TO 16 1 1 years olJ 'a take csre of an Infant and r ssist in the hou " wn k of ? -a :?ll lamllj . <ai'p!y s* 142 rth a-, enue In he drug nor? corner of Klii at WANTED? V YOING WIDOW LADT THE A DYER 1 1 i<aer. a young ? Ktow-r wishes to :ind a lad/ to take ot. i z" oC Us hou?e al>< intiM !?.- oung. not over twenty ave To an b a e ? liberal caapen atioo ani s rood house war '.ai >d. Address D i, F . M idis >n s |uare loat oflice. II* ANT El: -A GIRL lO DO GENERAL HOCCEWOEK Ti luriu 1 ng waahirg ana ir.wing In a private family, re s.dii g ai lie geu. two n i ea tr' m leiaey i'lty. one who under stamh im'tiiig. most > .>m with un. leeptionalile reference Apply at 5T5 Proa 1? ay. up aUira. beta ven 9 and 12 A. M A Protectant preferrtd. VI" ANTET-A GOOD ( ?X)K. WHO CNDERSTANM ?> waahing acl .touing None :>ut Aoac with Uist class re !i ri..' e need apply, al 13? oo a> TENANTED- AN A4 TITE PROTESTANT OIRL. AS TV wai'reat ?ue must be al>-sdy ami claan la her habit* and b> mg good releretn e !or b> r.eaty mbrletv, dc Apply at ULihjetle after 9 A it T?'It ?r**K wanted? with a fre-h brea>t or VV m '.* lor a ehlll three weeks old an American pre le;red Inquire il S! ^'h si II * A N 1 F.D? A COCiD GIRL TO DO THE WOBK OF A TV ?msll tarn:. > oi 'br> e perf x,s 1 hi- will be a f-^1 home to oee who wl!l trv to please Inqmra at 133 -an. is at., Broji j n, lor two Ja>s. W ages 96 j er mcnt h [ T\M\iEf-ijr a fa*ii.y of mttv two pfr f? KM ag'i: iu do K "cera. bou??work mu<l underetand ?n-mire ?n i r okipg, a j?i ? i ut .?? hit ? *n*ij rr*fr?! girl ?'?)! at 3M Henry at.. Iliooklyn fjrANTEO? A XFaT TIDY TOCXiJ OIRU TO AS M ?t?t '.| -be gene, . bou>-wnrk of a ama!' *!??rlr?ll f?m !> a prnnment Biare fjr i | >od gir' Prnu-autn! prefer mi 'Ajip!y to Mr. wrrffl. nam.lton ?t , Br? rotugt trom Fulton a* . Br"*>k'?n. U'AMfP-A aim TO v'OOK WASH AND IBOJf md in do *eoera! b<iu??-w irk. Ui * p<1rtU UmUy muet b?ie*<*lre' t n. f ? lo r r? ? ao'itbeeat corrw of .-ipriag and <>< aba ??? Tl~AXTHi? A.V AKKRK'AX OIR1. WHO HA* M ?<xkcd n ?* lo foi l bud wrap papera. Call y. at Pr tirlnilaa mrtcal lepot M Whir ?v W-AJITrP-A FIRST RtTl CoOR W.kSHBR A1*D VT :oner <ii.ored p:e:-rr?l ?he oiitet undrrauad her " ? neaa N< ne j 1 1 ? eatau - oewd iO|ily a: ItU^Hearr at , Bro< .k'yti Tt'ANTFIV-UJ A PRIVATE FA*n.T, A OFRMAN f ? girl. iiw jjrnrra. bouMWork; one that c;?n wa*h aod iron well, nnd nnleretaivla plain rocking. rrmat apeak Kngllali (rrli; well. .Vine n?rd ?pp'? wHmW a re.oniiiiendau.n fi'tiihri la>i employer Apply at Mf I bird a? tr-jta s Ull 10 urio-k A M . Oil h aturday. tAageaW per umutU. U'AXTF*? * OIRf TO DO 'iKXKRAL HOfSKWORK Din*1 !*> a good waeber an.! trooer, aod kind to children R*feieu? ea lt.|til*e ?t3*7 <?rr?nwlch at 2.- ctktom mii i rt baniw wan t rd? also, tr* ?) final hutt'ii tviir maker*, to Work !? the ahop. Apply tn ft -4 I ewia. I'jSiana: ?dftet corner of KluatoHk trrri, "P ?aif?. ?iTt Alton ? ?f iwrrr jihi.mb AtOftF.R. RRSPRfT ABUt YOCXJ 1TM.IAH WISHKH a Mtiiatlua a* waiter on would travel wi it a cenUenaD He ap? %k? Pteurh. Bud rtp .niab t.ood city r*f? carr. ( a! or addma Houia Buiae 91 Weat 17th *L Dri a n.KRK.-A nfVAnotr waktf.o, bt oxf ? hn l? rompe'ent lo '?ke ch ?f*c of a retkll auire Tha l.e- ? "i rrr<4t.[Ben tat.on* produced A<Mi>-*a A. B . but 111 Mer?M f>Wr? TO >T'?t P (>KAuKi:- -4> FVRKOKTir \Kf) THO rt?i ?b *?.i t a* i^anan ac , uinie-l with tbe ?io?e aad bo( ^ir f | h an *. e?ybtn? cer'ainlo# thereto, a *i?>d book bceirr ?r'l kj? wo to wb'? eaaie and refat l?a -r* n 'li:?r?T and V iin?- ew.fbe<3 rb*ra> 'r waii't ? berth vddreaa i. r I) llrra d ' 1i<?e. r*FR? IIASTJ" AND OTIIF.IW -A TOflfO MARRIRD mao, Irom 'be moMrr %g>d S? offer* hit ?*r? Wea to tbnee who may dealre eflicn tit help He l< well qiiauited to ?e< *? h~*kee|.er <r a?:.?m.ii and la bo? alratd t? work llaa a!?a?? been en*nte-lia m?-r ann e baatneaa. and ran intt'ietii e afair am -?>it?t of ro'antry trade C?a prodaea the beat o?rln and <-on?tr r teferetx-ea aa <0 b*a ? Hararter, gen# ral eMliliea, < ?p#rli are ?inwe?rl. -d li?1it?irt . aBd toolm# rala He will en?ai;e in arty re.?pe?"4hle ami>Io.Tment at ? rery muderale aalary 'o be pr >mu'el according to raerti \ddreaa Rtitbrea. Herald < ???>. imta.' 1 1 a ?m AT1QX. A R OnAMI v!*, rOR A ? roi irrd m#'.. ia t - a ? and tmdMWan4a h>? kMl*M tlv'tof gh'.f. la intfe or kta ?'e emp ojrer at ItX Peart a' U'ARir.rv- ?T A TOUKO MAX. Will) 1IAH A TWO rnwgl' kr.owledfe of in yooda. a a?*'iation tn a wbniaaMe Tu '?e* notion or drr bowae. raa InH'ieBre ?OTie trade Hna Br?t claaa refereiM *. Ad lreae 1 1 Vt alirn a, Herald ott' e \l'ANTr.n-A "ITt" A Tit >N TX A RITAII, B'M>T AND Tt ?Tre i'T ? man who ba< li?l ?ererai re*WNM ne-ee a I fnli; tnl*r^aait? <be b'laic^a tn all ita l>e?n<'tiea ?i d 'a i I'. a ' ? ?kiWe btm^elf geBerallv tnafll 'o Ma emplor It t.cnH cl y rntltMt glteB. A llraaa W. II Herald (JHMk \1'* si Vt?-A RlTt* ATIOX HY A YkI X<? I'llMIKKD t? ir.r it iiiMs >rtn '?k 'Af - ? U* h'.raea f?r a ret>tlem*n U ? terl?* 'j mfapt'teftt, and ran Ike l>eat et<? te'e..noe? Inr-.'ir f-.f If. ne? at Jttf* Pelton a U?ery atabla ? V> lif lair I \ in * - 1 I *1 HiV 5V a YOUffU M \ X ff -seaklnt ? -erh n aoaie ? 'rlniml*! atore or would (? wtlltt ? I" K" it ' ? a T,ant tJi* a- r,,.Ak def.a*'menl In ? (?'?< ratebijTae id< "y rrt?re??ee. Aldf aa MunUltaa. Herald . 1 U'A!OM>-A 8MCAII' f t '?*' IIM \X f)? PA * liter, t a yrjudg >nan. h V m lm an who fullf tinter yarida bta bt." Bin, betl of i Ity rH- ? o ?. . n a J.lre^a f) M. v-. Mefal 1 aftet Tll?: I.KCT* RR %f \-o?. T- IICH. rU vRf-TH MKAOIIRV F-ty ?m,t f r ? T0?R before th- ' itbiil i . brarr AaHomilon it tbe Taber t acle. on Tn' *'?? ntng . <)'?', J at ' o -i Mibie-' ?'Oera'd flrlfflr. the I. iterate ir and |i -.m?tl>t TMeta twgnty fl?e rent- ta be iiati ar Pun ( A tten R.di ? r k ' ii . P 'If bee ;*.t ? .t? .j a. t ?? h f ? 4 be ' ;ak Xewi BIM.IAROO. a?>?0*TWPJfT Of Hlf.I.J k f i To ' ,r ; Ut.?t aii'ea and ?"alal- tbe b a? >,!?r ner of ?? ?d n iter , ? a'?o a f. w >ar'.nd ban) u'i . r >r ?, O'fON ' t>R * <;OULF.Xl?EB ?? man Vt? r W An? af ? ?P! r\ ;r- t?M>r?TMF>T OFT \?i rs X^wrraoy a\ ? n > l. e a ate or W(4>d lied# -r ib a I tbe III' iera im ? . 'en iij ? i>( t'lab in a aa I- mnnnK at -be ?' I. MM KKR f orderly (inflith A Darken Mot ui *11.111*1 tab; ii* .tun c mtiirATrt* rr?. ?? p,ie -4 i l? 11* f r- a?te onfr ,a I vie ? ?i?faa??T. .,nn? *. ? mw nfilMa arenoir>i ?' f,a ?i ?? t j. . , ... !???> - t una a ? 4 <i?e o? , a?-" k Bl ? k f <f . A I?r? fi <n fpMiua. 4(9(1 A WILL riTKCKUK nOHTT ACREh"T*D three town loia, la Mllrh?lt county. to* ? TlUs perfect anl am paid 141 Aidree* J. E. D., Harald oittc*. I -KO* 8AL" Tms DAT. IPUUIMO eTt r"'Fv. ing and drinking houie up town, oa Broad way doing no 1 leganl cash business. clearing $l !iOu yearly. Also, "I lendid magical eiiubiUon, crowded nighty. Prioe tlM hUf m-rest. Aj-ply to BURNETT A du., ? Broadway' room Mo 6. I WILL Bl,y A H?OK8*ORK AND NEWS UK pot. long established: rent low; a rate ohaoc* Apply to A ROBiKSON, 334 Broadway, loom 14. 1117 FOVRTll ST BEET (ALBION PL AOO- WORTHY tul the attention of any family wanting a fool boms. Lot lift by It I in fee home '.? by 60, three atoriea high, la aood 'cpa'r and built in the beit .manner, la l5?. ?i:> ( 00 Two third* cau remain ou mortgage. fkj.^0 -BAKERY AND OONFEttTIOMEHY FOB WTUU. aale or a partner taken; situated in one ot the bent tl nrouthlares iu thec;tv. a good chance for a bnslne*.* man, I heap reot. ami four years leaae. Apply ai )77li Jitghth Mei.ue, pereouallv or by letter, for three day*. No agents ueed apply. WI1L f,! TRIi AFLEAtiANT. EASY OFFICE tJPUv'l/ business. yirldtog *75 per week profit, without rtgk Proprietor is o'j.i1 ed to sell on account of other engage, null out ol the city. Apply at at'.' Uroadw :?v. 1 00m U. CROMWELL. * CO. 4:7 ^f\ _K0K 6ALK a billiard saloon;, with nP I i'v'? two tables Mid bar. with everything complete. iu.t doing a inl> i.did business, worth iloubie the amount. Ap ply to HOWfc <t CO , oi Nassau stiect Aoitn ?FOR 8ALB. DIMM) SALOON AND LODO lug house opposite .1 railroad depot, clearing over SI 500 per ?rnum; flveveara' l?*a*e, the owner has ether !jii*uh-b Apply to HOWRn A CO., (M Na?**u afreet. fcl WIU wtiY' A}f INTKRK8T IN A BROAD <J>1 ,AVv \v?> hotel, that will pay from four to five thou sand dollars n je;?i A;' ply personally to day, before 6 I'. M., at 71^ Broadway. &1 A HO - v hat and ca? store, in one or ?pl. 1UI". the tnoat bitaiues* thoroughfare* tn the city, eMnbiialicd tw enty-one years, l? otfercd at a great bargain, ou aecount of 111 health Apply to BOWK--' t CO., Si Naisuu street n(\(\ TO *2 000 -FOR SALE. A I.ONO EOT A3 .? M/V lu-Ued drug store. doing an eio lleut business ?. fuperior locstloj. a;.u will be m kl very low the party being oilier wise eng yjei .^pply to HOWE* I tjO., 84 Nassau St. 41 ~A OROPKBY. ? tiNE or THE BEST COR CI .tJV/V'. ^er (,'rocpiies on the east t,i te of the city, wui wagon, and a urge si d splendii >.tock, will be aold 'ow en good terms Apply to HOW Kg A CO.. $4 Nassau it -eel ftl QlW\ -FOR SAIi, A BAEFRY, USING FKOM vliUVv ? for?y to ?lvty barrel/- per week long establish ed. and i?. in n superior ioeatUM; e^ ery tiling ull coiuplctc. the owner leading the fity. will sell at a Viar.'aiu Apply to HOWKs Ji CO., ?4 Nsssau street dfeO UAH r-,R SA1E. A TURKF STORY ENGLInH ipu>vUui bssemcnt house brown stoue fioui. in Fifty second ?tieet betweju I'.ighUi avenue and Broadwsy, with ail ibe modern inptOTwraU; in the vicinity of Central park. Kigli b avenue cars run to Fifty f. .1 street It is readv for lameJiare occupation O x's thr al ove ? required in "ciah Ha !n re can remain on ? InouUe of SiKAl> 1 KNIOHT, Flutnbeis ;.(n iro?dw:.y. t>fi ?nn -roa -t ? cheap asplendid four siorv F:u .1 baaeiurat liou-ic an Forty third siiec bttween K.^atii a. nue an? Hioadway lias every i?prov*?ktnt, 'lelV kpeaVing tube* hot aod cola water .0 erei t charu'ier, h : all atui g?.- in every room, is new and rem y tbi Immediate occupation and omy 4> sii 'Te ?e'lU'red iu ensb Halancr c*-i r-in^.n on mortgage. Imiuire oi ME.iD A KNIOHT. l"umbfrs. No 1.C18 Broadway. rim ?FOR SALE CHEAP, A SPLENDID FOCB ryitluUi s'orv house on Forty thirrf street betwe-c Figtith avem e and Uroadrsi . has every m.xteru Imorova ?ent. Bells speaking t ibes ho' and cold natei , hot air, atui 5a* to every room lias gas ttxt res. Including splendid chta eliers tow in U r.ew. ;.o4 r*?J- for Immediate occupation. Uoly the al'A*e ?o>' uot .a cash re-juT" ! '-alance in miATtgage Inquire a' the but l.'.gi of Mi BULKLKY oc liu West Thirty uiatb iti e?t c>(} rt/Wl -FOR SALE A MOP.TtiAi.I ON FIRST VJ.tlul'. c'a?i ciiy p Jpe.-ty A Jdi e?- s-curttr, box :ui llersld oflicc tf.O AAA -< BOt KEBY STORK IN DROOE/.TN, FOR ?J>0,UI'U. sale, '.ow, loag e^1 Muksil, live year*' lease, store b*ftd?om 1? fc: e.l -ip liO'i>e tn gi?>d order now Joing a good trade and csa be (Messed. A >pl> iv HOf Its A <'Q. tM Nsseau street iQ nn/1 ?FOB SALE A N1 W TWO 8TOEY %.VI> iTO.v'v'v/. sttic bouse, marble m*n?els; on* iourth of an ? re cf groui '1 vn>h a two ati ry btilldtog, u*ed for s aanufae 'cy ji|ea?stllv Ioeate<l on the Passaic, near Newark ft. J A^ply 10 WlltSLKI k t t) JK't Broaowsy room It. d;- (If)/ ) ? HARDWARE ?I OFFKR FOB S VLB A ?3rt,'.UUV. first ci-its establialim?tt more isu ten years u 1 pi -pe:ous ooc'lltton e^'ial to a monopoly to day, cn? si-ilt t prt' 1 1 pally ofshiprsrtw; ters n u. * e-i and m-'-h;.nirt' f c Is. all wsirsrted si?a in go.-d 01 ler 'esse aod interest at a yslvai oc stock at coat Teirn*. 'h.t ! rs.h , bslauee sp moyid papei tiu.e to an: Acd>e?r t 1 (? lieralo 'ilice Lf'x FOR5A1E INMED1 ATF'.Y FOP. CASH CU.S'V'H. * geti'eal et itsge b'.ii? ? ear Eightieth stree in n'lrg the l'a:k with ' arrisge fcr-ase m d four el: '? lots a' tacbed, terms to ? u' Apply to C. u. 1 MPSON, "8 Na* -an street. Mr: nrwv -for -alk immediately a tiiref ? M'vv. story a-t nil hiuti so.>p brown *' ne 1 jmiiii.tli use with :>U the inodrrn tmprovemecta. o<> Fourth street near the "owery lw: thirds cm. 'exala on mortgage ,t ;>p y u> C tl IlKiMrfH'N *6 Nnssui stieet (f-.Ul AAA ? BBOOK7.YN BEIOIIT.-? THE Bl it" 1'f fu ljt locstet ds^eiimg N.i to I'o.umliia s'jrcet. Brooklyn lleiguts.lhe is-e -e- 'd'tice of r?p' Br tton for tale, at a b.i <aln. 011 easy terms *06WELL (iRr.KV MPi.s su-??'.. *11 I AAA ? VAI.CABIE REAl UT11E FOR iPtU.VvV. rNtorttrai#*er.teeB ncrea of Lin. i on which 'icre a v t?o Mauii dwntllag !iou?i ? ;uuf a ?ery :*rge two e*ory atone and brick factory; SmiIMiu? aula ble tor ? tone black :ager bier or rtcttf)iaa eatubl-binent, or anything <1/ the Uk? said pr av't'X >? liKUed on tli>- wr?t< m ahoce o' York H?*, about is unlea from Jnraey 'Ofty cfe>v ol ?rri-?? by veaaela of eight or trn feet draft to a t-nr fter e?ect<-d in tmld pr. rerty MB d about It<i trim New ork rttjr. It ? otnmandh ? Kf?l. ndid view of the cut1- e bay Nauowa New Yor* city, 0<>*nrb?r ? Waud An Title inli* MUtlt For f?ll pniMcainra iniulrr jf WM H JIUU'FI k?.< CjBoaelloi *1 ?w office Mo &Moni?omeryetreel. fcreey < ity. R It will (ifdwiwin! inmir I'ateiy m the owunr to i.ou>( to Ku?I?*) ? Ai>PL*?D:D MANUFAi TOi:Y TO R ?A?.E? *N TUF iiu lxo rtvfr btuIJ.tjii w> by 19 fe?t br'ck with a Is borwe engine nearly *aew ?iafiina ji'i In < nc For term* which wui be *rry ra?y ?li e? J W to. tw # we'ka, llcrvd AR OLD FeTABLIMIKP STEAM L lUNDRY TOR m)r iiou>( i aplendjd ba'?i( a ??l ri'B of ro?f< irera will be HU cheap for c lah with lea?e home and wair.o Ai . wr.uAuif fowl WtU \<idrr?? A. U. C. U Herald off" ? AW OLD AND WELL RRT ASI.IUBKD 1>BCU MSr ne?a in one the moet flour 'hint Uxtim ia lit# ?tr-i, for Ka^a. Fi.r pnit > -iars apply at 34 Keekmtn aire*. ATTENTION ABBROIYPISTs AJTD DAOl'KRREO if pUi" ? A ia*e chance? For anlo. tlie leaae of a voU furt Ulirii operating ror.m for four year*, ia the e?nt:e of a wealthy and po| iP.ou? v lua^e au<l community iT&OOpopuia icn 10 a >null area; A fine run of cu?U>m. iio competition Terma of ?al* raah, nnd ?*ry favorable In mire 01 J ORIf hpikR, <;to?er??Ule, rulioo county. 2). T. A RARE f'HAVCC -FOB S4LB, LFAAE. STOCK A!?D Ottorei . f a pub.C Itouae koowa a? lb? fltidaon Rl'<v Uotue. 0WH?1I? 'he >ew York and rne Raiiroad lei"*, a t.rre u fui'uo- eaa be made before the eiplraii'm of Uir leaae l34|Ui-r on tli' pre dim. 1V9 IFeat ?ireet. Acon?kctiokkrt wtork for KAMt-wrra ?'<xk aid flaturea a food buaineM Satufaciory ? eawna fo? ar llnj oat Apply a;T?o. 2 I?o??r amet . BKAUTIFCL < OCMRT HBAT-TO RXCHANOK FOR Hruokbn pn J>erty, a.'ua'ed ?t Tar?yo?n no iha Hulaoa m?r. In-e acr.a wHh a ti<-w buck le>?i?e wlik aM the modern BproreBienu (artinier ? ci/iage lee, ramac milk an 4 w*?l. ho'iera. wi'il ahade-t an 1 truitrd wlft t?.-.?utiful and ex tet>ai\e rn er rl- ??. and rery near the lepot tAree quarter* "f an lour fro? Thirty flrot wrr^t A J. Hi.V.F.< KKR A CO Wo T Broad .tree CtOl *TRY t.F.ATH TfiR RAI.F OR FXCHAKOE FOR ) flrat c;a?a cttf pt<?etty? One of the miai apleodld at Tar Mtiwn :v) acre*, tisoti. Alao. one for aa;? at .'aaatrk 4. nn( It aod, \ err large darian* areen b<.u?? icehouv foui acrra of beautlf i! garden 'rur. and aliruhbary. prke f?..vw parteatb. ihia coat $1* StB. the oaly MM) for Muling, the owner ia fi mue.>l :o realie at the Far Weat TVn oilier t. la liflrrrnt direttloM. rhaap One at Aauirta. at a hargaia. 0r?> rn the Hudaon rlier. at f>ja-k 6i ae-fa; two large lw ali|. r< fin? rtrrr fiooV Village, city and conn try |,roj>artr l?( )lli> kiid rirlnnia A^p'jaiJ YaMIRR HILT'S Bo 3n Fn '.on a'i*e' t'ilicf opra I on * A M ;jM' M HOCf-F. ABD LOT FOR ?t MM -SL PKRIOB ' Ji Ki |li?b ha< <*tnrnt. brown alone f? tag ? atorr honae I,. Wrat Fortieth nt.ret. fin ahrd w tth erery modern improeo ? nt lK 'i?e 54 fee' deep lot W feet. Apply to W. A CAR 1KB ?7 De? ttrent c?aner of f.r?nnwl?h at. eet. DRFO RUtRR FOR RAUR-IK A F VlHfOKARl.K t,e ih' o'hof.d m ^he uppei and we?t aide of the #ttr, fa rornidj kicmad for pre?-r!pOon aad retao wl'h ilrat rla*? ra<-toni'"? ccmflet* fltturea and telert ainrk Will be aoM low for caah. Adir>?? CbemlM Cnlon a>iuarr Po*toSce DRVO f>TOR* FOR 0 \LE? ?iITf 4 TF.D ON A BtlRI imaaretitie. in tiie mun'-diate ricinity of aorar*. m?dl ca art.. >cia ? fib a low rent, good #it>ir?*a and < omplet? ?t.j -k, atd ui w d-'n? a very la.r b'talneaa iet.afartriry reaanna gnen f* aeilli.* ?n eirellent chance for either a'dnigdai, -i?n or 1 Di>dic?i abulrnt looking for at <ia/<-rt ?(>,.? anp I r.f wbi ' pr?'iir f la ?'ndlea Wu 6a aoll cbe*p. Addrr* A It t'nl Hi a i H' IViat office CH)R RALE -OBF OF IflOCF NFLKRDTO HIOB RTnOF r hrnwn a*ote fnnt h i-iaea en th? north aide 0' Thirty ati'h atree' a 't't e . aa< a' Fonrtb avenue hai al, the im proi aiue;,^ an I nil b?ui by di> a ? ork been one year ia Mul ling . and 'a row atou' V- be nrjnbed in the moal approred inu tirv -'?! tLe p<?w act, M to A. KK)f Xi'l>Y lO /.aat 1 h r'.y *i'ii aire*'. CV.R SALF-TIT? y?W ?TF 4B H AW Ml L, ITT ATFD r w I? ml Fen' Halum r* Mi The nu' l? new, a-,1 <nt eu- cte ' >n the ??>'? R >4em p'.i tli . e b >t nra ea^b << feet In r aa.4 twt. <>ng no? O'. of 40 the other v 14 j-w?e ?nwaf: nne gnrig aaw, aw o?* nrc .'ar aaw u-geth?r wi'h Ai be ' lj rt?g *n1 ?TMkCtf* aawa The lj illding nl?)??2fe?v Itie ?' ?*!t t I 4'ifj3 feet on tt? baa< -1 tmpmrad wt:k Whnr9t>r, ar d w!*h larM A.-k '? ? iitn?>ar iver? la mA?<ent fonoi h> hu'ld tw of to# e* ????eaia nud carry on a larae ?'i!p r?--J T i,e?' i'? elj b* Mfcl to# AAlr-m nearr FMrg? mLL ' I- ? ?ip - -aH ? Saw B! lATiV Prtkt, Ha' nori t'oRM.K -A f A HM Of V A< RK- II A ' f A VtLt T tr n Haiiwny Willi .ti al>inli?'ire of art (>.<id eai.r nod Irnfldlnsn Aopl? t ? D OftAW. Jr.. Rtkhaea. ot W 8 W e?l !'.< ? ? <'-n -an _ F'or sa.f-i Forr. ito?.t :???<* i.?tr ir ? i lot O'. line < ' the levl' 'I i ?otie? atore t'lachei to Vje eaine al?> ? fine .'.alnea* | lv>e wliirh la do"i,r a fa r bn" ? tan Fi r f ?-?irnlers n iti r ? c-f tb?- 1m oa Uaa t?re?ta? i, (9 Vaere i atrte: 'r< tn 't U, I o r ck ^OB >iLl- A aAIOjlK- * BRTi K TTIBT* STf PT hcm?f located on Twent* a?rent'i etreM near Eighth e"u?. I# grod c.Kler a Ih ?l modern rvr "me' .ce? T* 'J ? '111111 ' rn> If ictllnlN I'l.rn* illa'ei r J f WII I.f v||/i 44'2 Kichth araon ?. ,'OP. Mi --AN tLFOAST pe,, WN RT( M RAHE n,r'.t boon* CB Iwen'j ae n I ttonet ni?ai fflntl ?' J let me v w H2 F. gli*.*i at I aua riR HA r 'A l-HP. SM ? .N'.' v f F.N ttOR,^ J*FWj at r, two K.itei ? '/f. feM 'ont- H oche? d tamper, with >a>f frtet m rur ''O't* frill' ?>ati ?. ,f h-aeea r nd f r* ?V , all In ronri'Me ordei , aleo ot?e 1:. ffM ? l.olter ?? ?"* 1 %r~ ??' K '? ? i?i w?< v*<f F> rR SALE-IN PRINCETON. N. J., A NICt HOUHH Mid loVvlHI (M by 308 For further particular*. tuautre of Brt_KU WIS WATSON, 3T Sullivan atret. N. Y. pOE SALE? THE TBEEE HTOBY AND BARE ICE NT house US6 West Thirty slith street, with all the modem ini KroremenU; yery desirable lucMton. Inquire of J. F. WIL 442 Eighth avenue. FOK SALE -AN IRON SAFE ONE OF UEBBINO'S latest improvement Large mm, Are proof. For sale low, at 18 Cortlandi street. Foe hai.k-a newspaper and seoab store. Will be told low, u the present owner U about engaging In other business. Apply In the More 44 Carmine street (f Y. FOB SALK-A HANDSOME BBICE HOUSE. OE Thirty drat street, between Eighth and Ninth aveuuea. All the modern Improvements Terms made to aulL J f. WILLI ABfl, 442 Eighth avenue. FOR SALE-TWO NKW.ELEOa.NT BE OWN STONE houses Noa SI' and 51 Kast Thirty-first street, near Midi ton avesue, three stories, high stoop, basement, under cellar, ?ttb niaderm Improvements- each 21 feet 5 Inches by 50 feet, ots 9h feet 9 inches deep ; first cla?a neighborhood. Oue half x?nJ submortgage Inutiire at 11 Wall street, room Ui. For sale? a modkbn three story and attic brick bonne, situated at 13 Warren place, also a lot of land, situated ou the corner of Fourth avenue and Eighty fourth street. and a lot of household furniture. Apply to R. HOW ARD, Mo 13 Nassau Hank. FOR SALiC? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD wnl of a book, stationery and news store, now doing a good bu*iue?s, will be soM aheap. If applied for soon The only rea-ou for selling Is. the presen' owi er having other bu ?ii>e?a to attend to. Apply on Uic premises, 419 Atlantic street, Brooklyn.

L OR SALE? AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND. A VERT " desirable Italian cottage o( twelve rooms, furtilahed, for .gentleman* re&ldence; good coach house and IK acrea of lai.J, sevee minutes' walk fioin ferry. Apply to 0. BART LKTT, 166 lltoadway FOB SALE- THE LEAKE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF the Adriatic Saloon, en the corner of l.ewia and Rivtngtoa *tree:a, now doing a good business. Reason for KelUnx, the jw net is going routh For sale? mi: pbkmises known as no 3s; Broadway. Apply to J. H. DUKES, No. <30 Clinton place C10R SALE? A FIRST CI, ASS FAMH.T OBOCEBY. r doitig a good cath business; five years' lea ?e house and store; low tent. 1 he stock comprises all good saleable goods. A line horse and wajjon. Apply IoUaGLEY A SaVAOE, i2 Cedar st.eet Fob sale-one of the best liquob storks in the city . Re-son for selling, the proprietor has ma le mo uey enough to purchase a farm, and wish" a to give others the gime chmce Would lake one horse in part payment. Ad d'esa A V , Herald office, stating when and whe: a an Inter view can be had For sale-a nfat oothic cottaoe and oae nen, twenty miles from New York, three minutes walk rrom depot at Weatfleld, N J., healthy location, gooi society, sc PiieeSBuu Apply to N 1 H ' N II AM, at diepot, or to J. CLARK. 88 Wall street rooms 1.1 and 14. CIOR SALE ? \ N EXTENSIVE VILLA, ON THE HCD r c m , at Hastings, tire minutes' walk from the landing or railroad dcj,ot; three ncres m lawn and garden; fourhuudred eet water rioot, Improvement* most coatly and elegant, bath Louie hothouses and stable.. $15,UUQ rail remain on mort gage. F. s. STALLKNECHT, lawyer, 169 liroadway. For sale? tbe li> a?e, .stock and fixturks of re ol the best public houses in the l>wer part of the city, located in West street below BorrA. in the Immediate vK'.nii* oi three or four lines or steamer*. U is decidedly one of the l est changes for a t arty tbal understands the business, that has t.e< ii offered for a number of years. Apply to JOHN F. FLaAi KK 75 West street For sAi.f-A ocoD dwelling house, stable, and 1& lota, situated up tow n on the Pernod avenue, grounds fmel? improved; i a vert deal, able residence or a profitable iuvcttme?.t. Apply to A. MeCOTTKlt, 1W Fulton Mi eet. Fhor sale-a whot.ksai.k and betai., confrc tii.nery and let.iil bakery, with Icecream un 1 oyster e? loon a'Urh' J It ia ii. the ' est business part o! Eighth . v. nil '. In {Uirt for tao days ou 'he pifmiae*, 405 Kighth avruue FHOB SALE-A FABM OF US ACRE9, IN ROCKLAND county lour milts troin N>ack, ami two wi.ea fron Erie Hr.ilion.t h .ition; ba? on H a .snhaiaiitlul hoiute. tenant bouse, i "<rt and of er outbu'l linns, it Li wellwatered, hiks a large ? I pie mt-iiard aud a vatiety of other fruit; aoout ten acres of itinwovi and For further narticuUrs uni'tire on the pre raites' if by letter wires* Win ti Dunn. Nyack tnrnpike. Mew v oi k ,st<-ambouis leave Jay and Chauibcra streets rvery mo iling and atiernncu for Nysck. Stages meet the ?itiei iu.o-> 1'oats Fare to Ciaiksville. i'ft cents. Property to ti e ?niouai of $3 tto will he taken in eiciu i ji F'or sale-a : axge double iw.. ,-tory dwsi.l ing t''Ufe wei. fim*h<d having eight r, ma, with gooi el ar, situated in Mana apan. IK miles rmitii ' stof the Baca i.i I an ftaliot. of the FreeLold a:;d Jao.e*bui ? - a' road plea Uient*d io a dcairaMe oelghbcrbood \ ery oonveniei.t r .r a countiv seat and a'iapted also for fannii:^" ooeupaiiou Ihc-e are i. nc acres of land, with couvenient buil u?* and a ' ?rlet; of frull tiets grape vines and shrubbery Uood farm la; 1 s<iy>i' lrg ran 1 e j> uchas?1 Terms and pric" lavorabie il c pr?'CDtaea adjoin Joseph hly'a property, ar.d are occupied i> . Mrs ii O. l;ond Apply to BhNNINOTON > . RAN DOLPH, FVeefcold, > J Fm 'IS SAI.a-WOOD, WI1.LOW CUri.ERY AND TOY i t-ntof house only $'30 a year. lla\ in? two stores, will ell either This Is a good staid Apply at thti Store i s ilneotiee' thi te dr r rs below Jlleeclvir. OOR SAf.P-AN EXCELLENT FARM OF 110 ACRES, r rear Cisben. Ora ge rouuty, choice Irtiit an J goo-i un m^ven att* aisi.. fi>rms to exchange, saw and gr&t mills, cottaseaaud eountrv sea* 1) OLIVER 34<5 Hroadway, room No. 7. LX-R SALE CHIaF-IHREE OVAL VATP, LINED r i'h 7>n~ holdins from ibree to si* huudred gall?u?. I u quire at 199 Duane street ii" 'R sai.k, ciikap? a hplknpjd larok safe, C made to order, rrsard>?* of cipenM. for a banker. it ia burglar ft*. (1 fireproof. with Hobl>?' world renowned loch*. Will b? aoir'. low. if applied for iood. at tile ?tore of J. > .N 1 1.LIN 0 K*?( So 3 Piuf iti eel. L"H>R PAI.f OR F.XCH ANGF FOR CITY PROJ'KK FY? r A doing ?%ioon and lodging houM. d >lng a good bu*l i*?? given at our* with all ol-cmmtv utturav f.jr ?h'b"?iitM tatiafaciory reaaona ^Kaa for aei'iug out. Ap ply it lull Voir; tirtrl FOR BALK OR FXCHAMOF.? FOR I'MMCUVIIKRKD city property, *>> farm ef l> aorn. at llvde Tark. hutrhet* cunt? good building* near depot *n{ llulaoa rlvrr vet) deairabie ami will he sold at a a bargain. OfcO. W ALTKR. Ztt Broadway, room S. IfOR SALE (UKAP FOR C AR1? TICK STCK'K, TOOLS and fixture* ol tbt wtU eaiabliabed tin aliop, 27 K?*t Hfhtemth aireel tear broad way For farther particular* nature at 1.210 Bioadway Ft'R PAT.K OR TO LF.T-A FIRST Ct. Alls PTOMC ' kMM No 14 Kaat Twenty eighth *treet, m rittU avraur. u* toll ?i/e l*>u*e 1C by <M. Iim all the iwl.- ? imirt vetntat* rind be? n nrw ly paiDted throughout lr?ia.r of II MCRtiAN No. 3 I'neairrrt, or at !fo. Xlli Kouitb atr>'.>* HOC8FRFOR SAI.R-1IIF TWO MODKRR, MR AT boiiac* No*. 101 aad lull Second MrnH, Wilhamaburg, our minute'* walk from Peck ?llpferry, will be eold low. Iu qulre at 19 i.ea?er alrcei, of SIMFro!? HKOTHKRS. HOI'HRS TO HXtllANOF FOR MF.RCH \ VDI-K IM WlHiamaburg, on<> n.mtiie* walk from the I'eck *llp lerrT. Addren* box 4. Ml Toat olUrc. abtiiBg wkat niaccliandine In <>n? red oUbfcM)* MURRAY HIIA, MKAR FIFTH ATRR0R ? J'i*t ftnlebod and Cor aala. Mm. U and Hi Weal thirty rtith ?f between Ftfih and Sixth arena** They are ur*t ela?? U> ilea, wllb brown Nona front*, and built It be very b>-v. manner throughout Wlil be aold at a reaaonabe irite and oo %> o>M.oi<vlatliig tarma A paraoo la oo lha pr? cowm ui *bow !>??. at any tin*, aad la taforta aa to prto* ?erma An r??K HAlJ-TtlRKF HTORt. Ha^CMKMT aHD gab cellar. brink h >um. Mo. ? twetlh aUeet, b? wft ptftli and Hath avenue*. lot HtluS * ?:> and wo, id work newly paperad and painted throtigbn t naga. bath, lot aid rold water, waah tuba ga? fllturra, Ac , la oft) tele wdar I'nca It MM. Inquire of S. P. B1I.1 3J John atraoi HOTKIi AND* niMMO BAI.OOS FOR DALB? THI proprietor har'.ng rtber 'maineaa. will aell for r*?h, or .-irhangr for food reafeatate. Apply ontba prrmlaea. No. if Foltoaabeet Rrooklfi. Lot Fon north .-ipk OFMTH sTRRBT BR taeen l^ilaf.ou and Thud aTonuea. 23 by W feet ? Irx lira Pait of the purrhaae maoey ean remain anal the ba larre tak?n la tin pla'e. Ac. App'y to JOHS O. OtTI Wia l? Third aranua. Man if Am rimo mmn for palf.-thk fix tuie* of mieh aaoe, together wl'hibe art ol pn?ln-ing he artkle etrloaltely, only known by adrertlaer, whleh I* in>> and of general ard mereaalna demand, laotferrd ic Ml* reaanr abi* . W.noi) Inrraied without rt?h. will aerare .itl-Mt $ir, iO> ?;inually fined reaaroa gtren for aelllag. iitdrte I hernial boi Idll Herald ofBee. al.IHAliKN FORT UI ?FOR KALR. A HTuftlt hotioe. with 14 aerea of land. Fur particular*, addraaa A. H . I -ci 141 Herald ott he. ZTwimTT M ath i s ms for hai.k -hii wiUx", I larse aad medi'.Di aire and ?tv mnyer *. all goo<i ami par ? r? will he aoh! eery low. apply to C A. PCROHf, Patent ginry room 3. MoAhtt HuiUing. S.V nroariway. TatloRN <.< < !? I yta i R IMH ^TmO HaT HCfllMRS.4 for M r In a ple?aenl village, ihe owner letetwla re I'rlnf Thia if a K<?>d 'hanre for n practical tailor. Apply at iMK Fulton ?tr?et. rBK POLP-IM BKOOKLyV cHRAP FOR f'ASH A ho<i?(i ?nd lot In f" - urt rraet between Pariflr and I>e?n. on the eaat >ldr. near Atlantic, m good aland f>* a hualueaa ?nan. luquire at XM Atlantic ?tree' T->- PRTflorSTP AMD PRRPCMKRH? VAM* ABLE Jrug atorr for m e ban-lanmely imed aad wfll a!o-k ed- coal two year? ago pt l??. Tobr had rheap Applr at one ta F HaI.K, drafgtaU g'a?? ana fimire <leaier. 4 Meek man rtrrf1 AURKl'LTt HAL PAIRS. C'RAMH rXPOMTtuN OF AKXIUUt IMK'SI H T | at tbc < ryaial Palace - I hel CWeaty -iglith *nn'i il Fall ftha Amrrlran Irictit'i'e Meow open I* the public fr">n !? \ M. untli 100 rlo<* P. M., dally The vaat ar*a of the Pa l?re ia filled with the rfcofc-eai produc.ioaa of American genlua ? Li aklli Ik* whole leng'li of the machine arcade la occu t id w?h ?he moil lnlere.ting machinery erer nln.wn ai the f. if - of thin loalltute. prope'ied br ?e\?ral powarful atnam ragmen. I'Odwortb'a calah rated hand wtll jx-rform rrcry e^erlng. Oran-l concert rrrry J ne?l?v aad Findaj ereninga. Ajiiillt?Mr acenta, Chlid'a- Uallprk a T*n:TKI> "pTATW AORHTlTtRAI. NX1KTT ? I fiftire |r<> ? be.'nMt ?tr''et. Philadelphia The Fo-irth Annual MLiM' on of the tjhBed ftiatia Agricultural (tofllcty Wtllb*h?idat Powelloe. PI < I'MtMl Ttiadat W"dne? .'?y Ih'itWav. Friday ar I f 'ay Octobor T. * ? In aad i ' primi'iraa from twenij ? :o two hiiiKlred dollar* .mounting In ih- aggrcgale to -on Ihouaand do lar*. will I >4 oSrrefl ftr the *aflc?? clan- I imeilii immaii fi nil*, aniertCBC *rge able* n nd .igricultiiral inpie nxnteaad marhu.ery A lee.. . mtte? at llki t art ? ? 1 nki %, n ? | gag~1Y| thevar'om br?r.,-:>. i.duttrf hu l>eenap potr.ted to co operate with the r f he w* letjr ia perfect a-r?ng?mcnla for the eihll ? \nd flfieen tnO'lMnd i ar? bate been guaranteed t" in enae* Thm mme ii r id. coupled with ihe eirellei.i aelecle-l location, and tlielarg'- amownt of pieaniuaa i ind irr* the >'ipe< latlna that caMMUun or Itfldwii ? rlor to nnr or it* arnJccMKm A graad agrlealtitraJ <? t in whir-li ladie* u well aa grntl'me* wl:l panlctoate iks plaeeonFri dnr t'ctot er !(> when <tl*tlKful?hed . n?n win ad IreM lb* ?*? tn'ilagc F*?orahle arlTlBgen, with the* rallmada for tne lr*rM oria'k n of ?t-i-k er article* are Ir l - -are**, fpr term* of which Will be g \ ippll' ation at tin 'fm* Tt.e !t?' of ertrlea, the awarS? -entiuma, an't ti e ? rtKfeillfi|? will be pnbH>hed In lha nal ol the So net t mr IHMt tM prMfefiMR I# wWi th. ' i*t on? snd ,inme of the cti'l ir n will be furnlki <t>pllr*i|on icbo W'Oawaiu AMhdaat Hrerrfry df I "tiled |UtiM , r .'t iral ?oe'cty 1?? ?1ie?'n /t atreer /mr, (he rhll*. h 1 /Igrlcul!'ii*l Jtn*irt?jar by addre?? 'W f r?l*i y ? ? pc.toi w A'?nAi.-, r wuJ?t:w .!??- >?>? ?/ iij i '.M P Kt ' ?.:r *$tr ycm. jwrroai. n!^" n" ' v1'0^ ^01rKsT VINC*f>T iii) oOicf. No. 3 Cliff Hreet pleaae jireaent Utt in at New Tt>i'?, September tsfteSf1 (,i"KROjr, A?j'jnej. FtAflH, H.AG8, FI.AOH ? W. CHAPMAN, MA.NUFAO turar of Hug* and banner*, 143 Fulton atr?et, N ?? Tork, *ud 4& Cranberry street, Brooklyn. N. U.?tfinia oa for ?alt' or blre. NOTIOB.? AtlXi PKRSONS AKK HKRKBY CAPTIOKID against harboring or trusting any of the crew of the brig Jetuwgee. trom IWrdcuui, u no debla of thatr contracting wlu be paid by the captain or eonilgn SI *Ph(iN HKOTHKttS, No. 19 Bearer atreet. New York, Sept. 30, 1MS6. NS.W TORK AND KRIK RAILROAD COMPANY. - Ofllcu of (leneral Superintendent, New York. Oct 4, 1^46.? Wunted, one hundred and fifty locomotive engiaeertt; immediately. Applications u> I e made to the m veral diviaiou Superintendent*, or at Una ofliee. O. V. MoCULLUM, Ueaeral Superintendent. OFFICE OF 1IUI NEW YORK AND ERIK RAILROAD Company. New Vork. Oct. S, 1HM. lo Is COMOtlVE RlkbiMtEIIK A.M> D'rilFK*:? At a meeting of the Hoard of Directors held Oc'. 3, 1856. the 'ollowiug report baring been rend, was unanimously ap proved. and the whole subject referred back to the Committee, wuh full power to lane auch anion a* the present exigency semis dearly lo demand. NA'i H ANIBL M ARdH. Sec. The Committee to whom was referred the communication, purpoit'i g to be a preamble nnd rc:,olutlous of cert?in dele nates appointed by the engineer* ot the several divisions of ibia railroad, paused at a meeting held at Susquebauna, bept. 1S? beg leave to report? 1 hai they hare given the subyi-ct much though! and invesll gation, having had a long inter view with the following per eou*. ? William Selirler, John C Megiunis, John Hall, K. K. Wha len, ti ,1. brooks, Henry lirlden, Joeeph York, I.C.York, Edwaid liuuey and J. K. Olmsteud. who represent themselves us a committee of the delegate* hove refericd to. And they have also consulted ih- General Supe'inieiiilent, :.ud such t 'hei auth ..riiiea, for smh facu anl explanations as would enable (lieoi to arrive at satisfactory com lusions In the matter presented lor consideration. With these ig'its we proceed to dlscum the demand* of the docu miut yclerred lo, the inoat eaif lialiu of which seems to be the iibro^n'lon of th<- rule 0th, supplementary to general instruc tions oi Mnrch 6. 18M said demand being made by the persons upon v. horn it is inti uded to operate which Is as follows:? " Kre. y engineer will be held accountable for running off at a awitch at any stiition where his train stops, but wlU not be held responsible for running off at a sw itch, al a atatlon where bia ti oin does not slop." 1 '.i Is a rule of safety, which havir.g been submitted to the Hn | of hailroad Commissioners of Ibis Slate, aud duly affirm eii I' them, seems to clothe it with some degree or public u'. It was Intended to require engineer* to appro.icn sU tii - where their trains atop at such a moderate rale of speed i-s . ould ensure safety against all contingencies ol careless II. , or design of switchmen or others. This rule while pro tecling the engineer, roallr involves him in no hardship, but if IsUbfully executed, would render accident* and collisions be tween tralna nearly Impossible? a result which the travelling public at |lcast will appreciate, II our eugtneers do not. The tuglncers are not held responsible for the acta of the switch men, n? Iheu- committee seems with some degree of plausi bility to imply, but they are simply made responsible for their own violation of the rule, which requires them to so regulate their speed,' when approaching stations where their trains are to stop, as not to run off open switches. The rule appears lo require the switchmen to keep ihe switch in proper position, and they are di: missed if failing to perform this impor lantduty. Hut expe rience having proved that frequent collisiooa and disaster* could not be prevented by the mere responsibility of switch men, this rule under discussion was adopted as an additional guard of life and properly. And we w ere particu'srly struck with the wisdom of the rule for while It has resulted In great security to the lires of pass-ngers and the euKineers tn?ra selves by protecting them against a too common and fright! ul source of disaster, at the same lime it has resulted in bat few dlscbaige*. We find by referring to the comnauv's records tlirit there are about two hundred men employed In tha ca pacify, snd the following s'atement embraces the whole uum ber that have been aliened during ibe last two and a half year* by a violation of it>is rule ? The whole number discharged was 29 The number of above reinstated.- 14 The number discharged lor ?i cond ottenre ?} During thl* period the number of miles ru bv the several engineers Is about eight million one hundred thousand. It is dillicult to see any practical cause of complaint in the working ol this rule, and It does not seem unreasonable that ?h< engineers should be required to share the responsibility wall the switchmen, when the control is entirely in their own bands, nor csn it be charged by this rule "switchmen are en couraged to leglect their duty," because tliey share the re sponsibility and are discharged for the aame accidents The argument adducid that "awitchmrn. in a majority of in stances are unlit for the position! they hold." if tru?. fur ni: he.- a most cogent reason for the greater responsibility of the engineer, ai.d the greater necesMi v ol s strict adherence to the rule and its Penalties, aud the further argument urged against this rule, that in several instances trains hsd bte:i run off, 'lotwithxani lug the stringency ol it, merely toes lo further dinioustra'e the necessity of the rule in d the difficulty of guarding against acci dents ol he kiod; and surely dis< ouiiienances anv relaxation ot the rulrs governing ihe running of a road where the lives of tbt usands of persons may be ma.fe to pay ihe penalty of sueh resh tui port unity. llist the r orir 1 n ? ion is forced upon us, it is only ucccs. ,ry to suppose an nlirogaiiun ol the rule referred to and an accident resulting therefrom In such a case, would not the pun Ic stamp the aci not on'y ls imlieclle but criminal tun ardctald'. a- J unjustifiable* Indeed, we are constrained ?o ln-]'i- U*at I ho trus: IkmIv of the e.oginaers of our road are loo toleillgei I ard conscientious to loin In a de?u/e of this kind but resaid it as en anating from a few thougliUess. or restless men aga nst ? limn lliis ru'e be.-oiues one of Barked utility. K\perlence has proved thai there are three prominent causes of taiiicad acsldenls 1st fhe negleet to use danger signals wten required, id The i.eglect ol ibe same when used ;ind 34 1 he almost unir erral habit ot running Into station* at a high talc of speed. V. e ieni n tliat in fi sniieg a rule to guard auajr st the latter great dilliriilir was encountered fioui the lac. that spee 1 could r.ot be mersured or estimated wi.h certainty? hence the rule in question was adopted upon the sate preemption thai the ' are neee?sary to pa<-s switehts In comn'lance there with would ensure am h mcderate speed na would be abaolutely ?a:e. Ihe engineeis were instructed awitchmen were placed al stopping stations tor their convenience only end wi re nf t to be jelled upon tor Ihe ssf. ty of ihe train, sit 1 that i ngineers ? euld be expected, in all cases, to see that the ? witciiis were right b*fotc tliay passed over them, snd were nl>o i sp?ciallf enjoined to lake all the time necesaarv to run ale; In other wo; 'la, to "run Mle lira:, and fa?t afterwards." they should alw ays run into shipping places under the sssuniptb n that ever* switch was out ol place, snd a train landing on the maiu track. We ha\ e enlarge- 1 on this rule, Us hiatory and necriaity. because or lis great importance, ana Ill-cause Imth In the petition Itself and in oor pervonal inter view with the engineee, ihcy cmpbatl'ally state 'that they will not be held responsible for the switches lo any manner, and while ?e skou'd regard It a dangerous practice for 'he executive department of this company to m?llfv its regnlalioes to meet the 111 digested whiles of its employees, we can hardly restrain our indiroatlnn against an attempt te subvert by threatened insubordination a set of r^gulatlone, which being trained snd ciecuted with singular anility and success, ha\e challenged the admiration ol tie public, an 1 In ?ured the sate transit of life and propertv la a manner al most rliixiot parallel In this country Jn (his connection if ,* proper to slate that, to calling the auentkm ot the Oeneral ?n perintendent te the discharge of one of the engineers referred to. who had backed oil the switch al HorneJisrDle, and oa which much stress was laid by the Committee ot llMlnsrrii who appeared before tia, he disavowed any Intention ot en toi cing ihe penalty of discharge in the esse, aad explained the di-imsaal as ibe act of s Divuuon (iupertntendeot. whs in his absence, had litesallv construed the rule, not being aware of an exception, which wss applicable lo 'his particular ease, as eiplaim d in circular of J tine, 1*61 At the sasae time he ln formi-d t's that letter to the engineers, where he aseures U em that the? all never be Uncharged w ithout a hearing. h.ia s'.waysbeeu snbsiaotially complied with on his part and "n <be pan of o hers, to far as he has any knowledge. lo tleir d?in - i.d for meret??od com i eus&tmn. we hare only 'o rcj-ort thai 1 Tie of our body has thoroughly investigated the ciwiespondiPg latesof wages paid by etker leading railroad ?unpanies ai d by comparison there la. In our estimation, no nst cause of t .mplatm. and It la due lo the liremen to any, ?let no number of their occupation appe.ire to represent I em. alihot'gh. aioording to the eommunloaiton under dt* eussion. they are made a party. We regard a petition tor an Increase of w ages as in Itself legitimate snd proper; and vl.i'e It bas always been the aim of this company to secure ih* fen Ices of emnpetetit and falttful men. by liberal com - ? ersatlot), and to meet their rea o ruble requests for an in eresee. y*l, urder the ctrcumvtsnces, tbe demand at this time cannot be entertained Ihetr derrund for a free pass for firemen snd the employees of other made la so prodlg'ouOv absurd, ae to hardly merit its' iiselon !nde<d. we Una k they must hare ?,>served me 'a' ?e numbs r of " deae beada" which our railroads are bar I tued with snd, i he re lore, urge their claims aaaaatireon he iseenese ol ra.lroad management In thl* reapeec We are aallelied. after full Investigation, thai lite mice and 'gulstions ot the company are i?o more stringent than Is rs'iu sile lor tbe safely of life and property, and that they hive to ? ii fsirly and lust!* uomuuelered. \<j the energy and greet etpnrdy of our l'reeld< n: and neneral Saperl^teneet t. M-?b i nles must be arbitrary to be effertii-e snS to enforce d srtp liody ol nearly A UOU men. w hose rapacities ?n I dispositions are mere vsr sua titan Ui'ir occupations. i !ia' th< re -liouid be nreaeional hantsblpe arising from *h? net e?mi a^m nMratlcn of discipline Is to be expecteil. aud 'he seirtieved j arty has the right tn lee\ e tbe company 's aer viee at anv lime when he enceunters a fancied or real frte tnre. fcni surely ike >m loyees have no right, either eingly or oiiecttvi ly. toenfnree s chsnge of rules, vital to U* lnteree*s t tl e i ( mpsry and thesafHy rf tbe lives and property com ml"> d to lis rhaige. Ihe direct ore must malr snch rules for Uae operation of tne nsd as rtnertcnce indiralea In be proper nnd necrsaary Ibe Nt - af? snd economical ot>eraUons the eiernilve oflleers Must ? xecnte these with energy and llrmness dntles of ereat res I onsikiWy. snd ihereinre any oeganl?ed eiToel i< Ihe em . lejees of the roed to obetrurt them must meet with n decided sivi ei.ergetle 't'-frst To this end. fnil and ample nev.i have been resorted to tor the pyo?ec<;on of the fsi'htui aed industrious employees of the ccti'i sny m 'he |>erlormance of their duty, against any or snlr' d att/mpt tn nbatrw-t them. A strong potiee Mrce will .? on the alert to gusrd sg?ine? sny ev-es?se ontbepai*. o| ?titsgulded perenes cngsged 'n the propose, | strike In v'ew ot ibis state nt things we bej lenre to advise thst i on ins'rnrt our lleeersl Huperintendeni to immediately die chsrge from Ihe empsny's service the ten engineers i?pre -enting tbeoi'-e'ves ss s Coir mulee ill this act of Inenbordlna ? oo and lo (ill their plates with men who are willing to obey . niessr.d le.\e to the nriqier smhorily the duty of making ?l.i m also to r*u?e o be dlschirged all < innmyeca who refuse 'o serte the t mpanv under nnd In cornpleie obedience te the . ules ss Ihey are. Mlu.g t).eir places In like msnner W e fi el that no other course wonld be coneistent with onr I 'lea. aud We ?ul Bit wMli confidence to the enilgblenelindg n etM m the public safety is of 'he liret "msKleraiton. end to the ntn r>st seru'tiii nf ieher rallrosd maosgers, whose liters sis are inaeparab'y connected wlih the issue of this mat ter It 's proper to state, ftvr ibe honor of s large >K>dy of onr In ? ll gent and IndtiatrHi'is eriglneem. ibsl this insubordination n e learn ex'e**ds Ui hn' i sn?sll portioi in the company's ser see snd tbs> the; are w the sympathy of th* public in sny ousrter and weciose this t imwi'iniestlon ? lib tbe remark bs- lilts .IS il c^sei nnd t'me in the history of oar road where ?e I ne tier n rsile.l upor lo ssci large sums of money foe s-sfen and pueer goeernment. an alternative fosce.1 apon ns i y a clear e?mc of duty ui the public, toour emploveea and U'niiea tot df,b'lng for one moment Uie remit. Allot ? bi< h is ieep?ctfnll\ submitted K I' "II * Rl> T.4TIIF.R8, 1 l> A. t I KIIMAN, WM It PttDiiK Keramittee. fORRRLIUS s.t*ITH, I F. i. BROW N ST JOKM I-OPOK KO I ? THE MFMHFR* Or THI* I ?lf? ?rr rri|ti*?ted lr> ftU*n<l ?? i mrrjnit mmmnnk-t or. *i tMr room* Ml Hr.Mi'wif. ftikUMf RalMwf), on f undfcr, Wt Wh Innt.. *1 II O'clock WMhMf, for th? piirpn** <.l |.;M in* th?- l??t llih'it* of r'upwt to ??r dwrMrd liro'hrr. Ftrn ilK'trr PrKlrrwk W Vr nU Mrnhffl of ?i?lrr lixlf*. In crrii tiaii'lirs ?r? mportftto ri"|iir*li >l in uii*od, ail an, Hi u.rmb?r? of Oolnmbtan Coimril, fo I ? TKPIIKN ROOKR*, Maaifr ? mMf< K (Trow, R?<n*t?ry. TmrFRAPCK ROTI'F? TWK OLlVK BRANCH T. A (WIH; (ftiulNary to F I. Mow Ntal I'tVn, Do. 4), III h ' I i,;< ir llt?t iriPi tlnt c.n Biui.Ut *rr mug, th* ? h ,n? , #' I1, o'rlook, st OndrHwnk'* H*|i. (Jrsn.l rtrr*t, n?*r r(fn tin /liilfp'ios bj Bri". WpttMl, D A. Itirckinrtlqiv l( ?' 1?n?r, mi'l oth^m Btngtesbf Urn S. Hr?>tiw*r TcHBpr r*i ier MM th* piibUr arr Invito **. WHvU.AIIAN Tr**. T. R Mp*ca)? R't P*tr??rf. T\*M\!?T BW1KTY. OR OOLUMRI M* ORDVR ? Brother*? \ rt*nl?r m* etinf of !!??? mnillutlon will h* hrkt in lb' ? . IITJ'U t *?mi "!.(>? (h* GfMbt WlgfMK, on Mo, d*? ?>?? nm# the f.Ui In*' . ftlhft" ?n hon- ?fl?r th# M m> of ih? num. <.??*! al M*1 | KlHU ?Uft'l?n,? t? rnn?M ?r or4?r. WilJlAM f? Krjt*fcPT Fulhw of th* VMM( i r*rmm c Pb*t*v *?#-'??/ Vm' V *1 WM? cf tlr ( t? >tl> m-1 rt. t -f lirnwr : ' t' 51, ? <yf MtNMrttoatMCMki FINANCIAL. Aim upwards ? to loan oe mrr tn? m Vl diamonds, wa'ches, Jewelrv furniture, IrT nil ^""1 aJotfaa, and everr kind of merchandise. Private rooms tm each visiter Business confidential. Thin office la welt ' a a established and reliable. Separate entrance tor '"Hji" Pawnbrokers' tickets bought. _ T. B. HOUSTON, <13 nroadn^. QQ CHAMBERS BTKKKT, NEXT TO BURTOU** 0*7 theatre.? Money adranced to any amount, on diuaonda. watches, jewelry, planoe, dry goods, oloiha, silks, segars, Ae, Ac , for short periods, or the same bought for cash. Apply te FRANK RYKRSON. manager. qO/J BROADWAY.? MONEY ADVANCED, TO A*T Out amount, oo diamonds, watches. Jewelry, pianee, drp goods segars, and every description of valuable property at bough', for cash; stocks, bends, notes, mortgages, Ac., nege Us led. Watches and Jewelry for sale. E. THAI KR, rooms Nos. 1 and 2, second story. fthA WAMED-OH BOND AND MORTOAOK. In a real esiate property oo Long Island, worth double the amount No broker need apply. Address A ('sstisrd. Mo. 6Trvon row, room No. 2. 4*17 nnn T0 LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHB*. ?Pi I ivUU jewelry, segars. dry goods, and any KM of personal property or bought foi cash; business confidential at No S& John street, corner of Nassau at , room No. 3, eeoood How-, by J. I'. NOKBU It V. (Kin TO loam, on watches, diamonds. fW.UUU Jewelry, aegars. dry good*, and all kiadati personal property; or bought and sold, for caah. Volee, boudn, mortgages, stocks, Ao , negotiated. 102 Nat * ooruer of Ann eecond floor, rooms Nos. 2 and 2K THOMPSON A CO., brokers and oom mission m< nnn -^H ADVANCED ON DIAMOND* iPllu.UyU. watches, jewelry, sogar*, pianofortes, mer ( hanctiM' and personal properly generally, or the same bougfct and *oJd for cash Notes, stocks, mortgages. Ac., negotiated Business confidential and prompt. Apply at No. JM2 Kultoa street. ('Hire No. 14, second lleor. 47Q nnn TO loan? ON productive pro JjplO.UUU perty, in this cttr, to suit applicants. lire keis need Lot spoly. family residences for sale io ail parte of Uie city, from 11 A. M to I P. M., by JOHN J, BkNKDlOf 111 Broadway, Trlniiy Building. (Jtl nn nnn TO loan-on undoubted securi ijiiWU.UUl/ Ilea, or watches. Jewelrv and merchandiee bought for rash at Die old nnd well established office, SM Broadway, room 14, corner of Read* street CROMWELL A OO A LADY WISHES THE LOAN OF $60 POR A SHORT time, for which good security will be given, aud refer erces. For particulars addrMs Anna Home, Broadway Poet office, for two day i. Aiady occupying a vert fins house nbab Union park would like to meet with a respectable party who would losn her one or two hundred dollars, and la re turn board with h.r, having superior accommodations at a leys rate than the tamr could be obtained otherwise. Addreee 8 8. 8., Herald office. Money -money liberally advanced om pub nlture, watches, jewelry, fireui-ms, nautical, musical and surgical Instruments; horses, wagons, harness, dry goods, hardware, wines, liquors, groceries, and personal property ei all kinds, or bought for cash. Apply to MoOAPFBaT A WALTERS, 26 Catharine street Monet, money, money ? alwavs on hand to make advances ou diamonds, wauues, jewelry, and everv description of valuable property, or bought for oash. Watches and jewelry lor sale. Apply to U. A TitOTTRR, fole pro^ri'-tor. rkKFICE OF THE FULTON FIRE INSURANCE OOM U panv, No. 40 Wall street. New York, October 2. ISM.? 1 he Board of Directors have this day d(-cUu ed a dividend of f per cent upon the capita! stock, payable to the stockholders an and after the 9th inst. The transfer book wtll be closed froes the fth to the tflh inst. WM MULLIGAN, See'y. OFFICE OF 1HE EIGHTH AVKNUR RAILROAD Company, New York. October 2, 1866. ? A quarterly dirt dend of 3 per cent on the capital rstoek of this company has ibis day been declared, payable on demand. D. 1'aLMKR, Treasurer RK.MITTANCF.S TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, KCUTLa.SU AND WALKS. We liene sight bills on the Union Bauk of 1-ondon, National Bank of Scotland, Belfast Banking Company, Ireland. In tiums from ?1 upward, at (6 per t. Address TATLOB BROTHERS Rankers, No 76 Wall street, N. T. SHOE AND LEATHER BANK ? NBW YORK, BKPT a. lt5G.? Dividend Notice? The President and Directors hare this day der'ared a dividend of four (4j per cent payable en ? tid alter the siith day of October next, until which time the trmaier book will remain closed. S. M. KISS AM. Cashier. The advertispr wishes a loan of taw. fob five months, upon a mortgage as culla'eral security oe a properly worth $2 .V*). Liberal bonus nod 7 per ?eul interest will he raid. Address Bonus, Broadway Post office TA'ANTED-M.OOC TO BE LENT. ON BOND AND MORT Tv cage, on improved real estate, sttus'.e 1 ten miles Irom New York, for three yearn, al 7 per cent Insurance an build lngi>, fS.OOO. Address Y. < ., box 144 Herald office. IIOUKKS, HOONH, AC., WANTED. AtiENTLEMAN. HAVINO a LARiiKPTABI.E, OAPA bl? ol atcommodaubg * dozen borses and half a dozne (arriMges, would lei a portion of it to a private family keeping a carnage, Ac. Apply at No. 2 l> ulvei-alty place. ALADT, WITH A SMALL EAMILY, WISHR* TO TACK a home, In New York or Brooklyn, where the rant Mould be taki n in board, and the prlv liege of having other 1, carders; the very best of reference can be given, Addraaa Hasie. Herald office. ("IGI'I'KR RK(?IOX8.? WANTKI), TOPl'Rt'ILAHR, ('AND J on l ake Superior or elsewhere, undoubtedly rich lu cop per or other va.unblc mineral ore, aa II would be work ad by a l.ondon company of capitalists, shou.d the report of their la ipector be tavorable. A fair, r< muneratlve price would be jW> n for the land, or If preferred, an eouivaient number of ? hares In the undertaking. Ihe title muat be uaesceptioaabl^ ?i.d the property bear the teal of a Hurray by aa nperleaeM M'o'nElat l)t acrlpllon, extent, situation and urtoe , to be aeat m writing, to G. i? . PT Prtnee street, Mew York IIV\ RM OR COr.VTRT PLACE WANTED? WORTH PROM 1 H OKI to flo <**>. for k hich will be given well leeatod brick dw elllnga In New York and Brooklyn fl.UUO to gj.out In <-nkb re<|ulrcd on the exchange. Apply to A. KAINKf AUX, ]; 9 Hroa<;w?y. room 4. FIRNISHKD HOURK WANTRD-HCTWEKN BONP and Twenty fourth street* and near Broaowar, auitaiie for a lirst ela?e boarding bouae. Addrrss. with pa'tlcularn, C. L , I oi 4,PS.'S Poet office HOCtR WANT ED-IN BROOKLYN; MUST BR Lo cated in * good neighborhood, and have the modern las provemenla If furntabeil. part of the furniture will be par r hated. Aay peraon havlkg such a bouae to let to a d'strafcto tenant, will please addrtsr atat ng particulars. Ac , UUaaeer, Ut rs.d oflice. HOI'S! WAMTED? WTTH A LI. THE MODERN IM provemt-nu. la a reaper table neighborhood Kent not to eieeed 94UM per annum. Address R. O. K . boi TV Paal i ffic, etaliug location and where an Interview may be bad. Horn WANTED? AT A MODKR ATR RENT, POR A amall genteel family, on Brooklva Height* or Mataa island. commanding a vlrw of ihe ha/, <ieta< hed and la gea4 repair. Addrraa wlili ful. particulara, but S Sol Peat affiee. ? T. PART OP A IIOUMB WANTKD? BY AN KLDRRLV widow lady, without nhlldren. having her own aervaat, would want a sspurale kitchen, or a room In Ihe buameal where a store could be pat; situation, between fourth aad HiteenUi streets snd Broadway and Eighth avenue Refer' ? nn-s eicbanged. Address bei MM Post office. TO DRUOOTBTB ? A AM ALL. COMPACT DRUO HTORM wauled, suitable for a physician, either In the clly or oean ? 17. Address Medlcua, HersldoOice. New York. T]LrANTKD? THR SECOND PI.OOR OP A CONVENIENT TT house, partly furalabed preferred, for a mat. his wile and servant, to be ooeupWd an til ApiU l. Location and radbr encea A t. bounded by Rigbth and Fourteenth streets, and de cond and Seventh area sea AddreaaP. W. B , bos 3.4MN Peal office WAKTRD-BTA BM ALL PAMILT (WITHOUT Clin, drenl, aa elegant and well furnlabed modem ho'iaerar sti mrrths, Plfih avenue preferied. Address T. C., iK ltlak olaa Hotel. WANTED? 1 HP WHOI.R PART OP A HOOUP AMI* store In the upper part af ihe c*y. A Ureas W. 8 , baa 111 Herald offioa. WANTPD-TO RRNT, A OOOD FCRNHHRD HOOBR. in New Jersey or on the Nnch liver within ten t.? Sfteaa miles of the e*y. suitable fur a winter or summer reaid-mee, with stable and ccatrnieat outbuildings Ad'lresa boi 3 W Poet office. WANTRD-BY A BMALL PAMILY. COM*I?TINa OP a gentleman, wife and aervaat, part of a geatoel house, a lib modern improi rmenta Rent muat be moderato. Mato terms ! or at ion and accommodation* None >xh*rs atteadad to. Addre?? B . box 162 Herald office. WANTRD-TO PCRCHASR OR LPARR. IN TH* CfTT a large building for manufacturing purpose*. A 44 rasa P. JONRB, Orand street ?|1' VNTRD-IN F.XCnANOR POR LAND OM THR OMT TV skirls of a Western cttv. a srkooner, la perfewt ? all tag order, not over eight oe nine ftet draft, said rom ITS to IM tons hor'ben or will esehange far a good bouae an.| lot to New Yorkrtty. Ad.lteasJ, 1 ornel, New York Bun office. TlrANTRD-BT A OKNTKRI. PRIYATI PAMILT. VM TT til May nett, a well furnished flrst rlaaa up town houae. Must bave seven rhember* besides aervatts', and the usoil dtswtng and ditilrg rn"Saa- Address P B. C.. Herald office. 11' ANTED? A HOCCI IN BROOKLYN, SITOaTRD OM f I or near the llei hu moderate sir* in good order, and harlrgthe modern* emeu's. Addxeaa. with fall para culara, ttllaKiur Herat! office \\T ANTRD. PROM THR FIR?tr OP NOVKMBRR NKXT. fl a small fm nlebwl h?>use, b>-iweea Flrat aad With are nue Addtesa A. K . Ilei snl office 11' ANTRD? A >RCOND PLOOB. BY A tlRNTI.KM AN Tl aad wife Refit not to eiceed tit* Ad-irres William Iisr.som. Herald offir e for one Week. 11' ANTRD-TO PCRt HARR. A PARM OR OOfTNTRT v * residence, with ???me hind Nttaehed. with In iwo hour* of New York. Ihe p'ars muat be under good > nllivatkm aad eell stacked with IniB, Addresa. or eall on ROBWRLI. t.BFEP 55 Pine street. tJLJ AM RD II \l r A NHAI.L IIOI SR. WITH (JAM AND Tf water on a lirst nr second floor wlta liaaemant. hy a mail re??eo'able family afibree. Ix?-,ii:r>n from 1st to X*h Is., snd between 1st aid TUi avenues Address L M, bo> 12 Bcisl't oflioe stating lei ma and location 11'ANTRP-IIY A tlRNTLRMAM, WtlORR FAMII.T T? eonstst> of his wife h'M one chil l, a sm?li house at a mixlenite rent, or jswf of a house, eitiwr In New Y tik <v Hrrollyn loosed in a good neighborhood Addreaa Wlldita. Herald ofliee. 1*' AMKK-A (ilMhM, Mi 'DEK ME s|/,EI? IHMHR. Yf in l<i'0?kl)n, about Ave or ten 1 ?r utes wal: ftom Sitj trn or Wall strfa" f>rty. furnlahel or unfurnished AIJt;?? B T., P?st oglro, H'ookl> n, UMMhH I" I" V Hill 1 v- t \ Ma 1 ? TT ? resperiabie nei?hboi l,oo?:, wor ib'fi-otn AS (?Wtn Sa fU Al?n to tetit. a ama'l bouse. In It v-iklvn i>eu *110 Eijton or A I hint le fart y rent not fo erc,?l fa?i. v;nlu,ms A I1?aii 5*2 Broadway fISl RD? A tow <>?PU'Tl'KRK \NI. T Mil ('H si R? second hnnd Adiltws liesk, r affire irlm de scrip* inn and price. U' AMMI-IMIIT nr TlTp'^mr Moi'si wTTit ff mo.oii impi' ti kserits. en-' nf fT> om<'. <.-? r a-id belaw Ihlrteeiitti street hy a (mtll finjy ?? ihrne uar-nns Ad drrs? t| K i.oo SI* roet 'dllee v" r?n vt? Tf. RRNT- FOR A \v \~i' f q , if med m %t?e,l n mse hav n? si 'h' tn ,.vi i- use men!.* S.'w?t? .1 ID lb* peer tttrt if tfce e(?y 4 I 'rets ?HS iwi.i I er.:-"tar* m'UI Wli'.tri. Hi, f. , UBO.'dtu ffieo.