Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1856 Page 7
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iDmnsEWEim rewewbo etbry day. lAIJfiH AX Al'tnos. ABCTION NOTICE-SECOND HAND KUKNITOHE, ? pit aofertea, cai-jets, Ac ? SAML'KL OHQOOD A C*., r auctioneers, wii) sell, at 81 Nassau stieet, this day i Satur day) morning at in,1 -A o'clock, Uie cutire furniture of a family leaving (ho city, (removed from Twenty fifth ttreut for conve nience oi sale > comprising rosewood parlor furm'ure. oak dining room furniture, ball, bedroom unit kitchen furniture, a bo at fifteen carpels, An Also, a splendid sto-k of first cla?s new fnrnttnre, cnmprl* lag fifteen rich rosewood lnirlor suits covered In French sa'ln, troi at' l, plushes, bair ckilb, Ac ; bOliil o vk chamber tuHs, com plete; enamelled chamber lulta. richly decorated; French plate u Irrors, oil paiutiiiga. extension tables, chairs,, ie?e a tetes. bookcase*, wardrobe*, bedstead* and heddlng, bu reaus. wat,h?Ut.ds. Ac. Full particular* in catalogue*. Te'tni cash. Auction noiice-j. boo art. auction isibr.-by 8. HOC AKT? Oil Mnnd iy At 10} a o'clock, at the auction .coma, eorner Frankfort and WHIUm stri-et*, household fur niture, connoting of the usual variety; also, a lot of hardware; ?'??. 5 cases men s boots; alto, a lot of dry goods, itore ttx iure?, e?riiiler, cases, Ac. Tu-aday, At 10)2 o'clock, at 251 Wnt Twenty siith street, the household furnftTe of a l'amlly gelng West. Auction notice.? m. DouonTY, auctioneer, will sell, thin day, atll>'j o clock, at 27 t'enlre street, % large and general iumoi tmenl of parlur, chamber andklicbaa farnMure; ''0 feather leda, blankets, quilt*. budtteads, cutlery, ?rockery. china. mirror*, carpels caue dial a Ac Also, by virtue of an execution, one rosewood parlor suit; one enamel led aottoye suit, marble fop; cooking stove*, Ac. Sale positive Auction noticb ? Tnna. bell. auctioneer ? Hy BEEL A BUbH, I his day, at 10H' o'clock, in tbe mle reom* 12 Noith William street, will be continued (ha sale of a valuable *tock of well asserted dry Roods hosiery, Uceaaod millinery, gentlemen's furnishing articles, carpeting, r.'igs, Ae.; alto, three trunks of clothing, faocv goods; also, at lfft ?'clock, for account of whom it may concern, two fine London Sim, lire second hand watches, tliree gold chain* aud a lot of weJry; also, with wl Icli the sale will commence, a lot of se cond band furniture, Iblity boxes of segars Ac. Monday, the entire stock of u deck and watch maker, jeweller, Ae. Tuesday . sale of the choicest private slock of finest wines, liquors, teas, Ac., Ac. Auction sale ok furniturb-by pbedacolb, ?n Monday, at 10 o'eloek. at 343 Fulton street, Brooklyn, cor listing of mnh'y sofas. cha!rs, bookcase, bureaus, wush sL.nds. bedsteads, wardrobe, looking glasses, paintings, kitcb en famiture, Ao. AS8IGNEEK' SALE. ? TUB 81 QtfK OF HOSIERY AND fancy goods In store No 333 Orand street, will be soM at puollg Auction? assignees' snle? on the 16th Inst., at 10 o'clock A. M., at the raid store. STKRNBC.ROKR A WATTERM AN. i si Igneta of Oavid Straws. ASSIGNEES' sale OF a LARUE STOCK OF carpeting, Ac,? A. M. CRIST AI, Alt, auctioneer, will act), on Monday, Oct. 7. at 10 o'clock, at his salesroom* 2.1 Bowery, 3,UtO yards of two ply aud ingrain eirpet*. To be tO'd in lota to suit dealers. By order of the assignees. Edward schkncx, auctioneer-by edward Hch' nek k Co.? Tuesday, October, 7 at their solosrwn, ;jjl?ai>?ii street; sjkudid wid uhrr""1^! 6' Wtxit 6' aTT, Juat imported; the recent and standard publication* of lSenryflravea A Co, the eminent London publishers, per Htramt>bi|> Asia; an inimeuie assortment of ehoioe Loudon en gravlngr. plain and colored, including several pictures never before oflered in America; Columbus discovering the iirst l*nd of America, proofs; Lauding of the Pilgrim Father*; Age atd Infancy, Ac , Ae. The Magua (barter Trial of Rus h#Tl, and ail 1 sndfecr. Anadcll ,? Hatemau s choice sportin t. hunting aud farm pictures, betide All the standard, historical religious and devoilonal sulijc's; arraogi-d for exhibition, as above, on Monday, October 0 (Previous to sale ladles spe cially invited to see tlicm ) This sale is at the instance of the 1-CDdon pnbllsbeis, and whatever is oilered will be sold. Every picture published lu England fur the past live years will be found In this stock. ? COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? BALANCE OF HOTEL ? farnltim ? Chairs, bedstead*, pianoforte, Ae. F. COL TON will tell, this day, Saturday, Oct 4, at 10,' i at o'clock, at the uactinn rooms :/J Iieekman street, a large, quantity of good household furniture of every kind and description, composeJ in part of sofas, mahogany chairs, dressing bureaus, book cases, dining and extension tables, French bedsteads feather beds, bair maUreases, large French plate mirrors, oval do., eil paintings; cflttAfec tults, carpeta, oilcloths, SO cottage bed s leads, marble top ceutrc tables, dlvana, ottomans, bedroom nnd basement furniture, Ac , Ac. Also, several cooklug aud parlor stoves. Also, one o- two rosewood pianofortes, in goal o dt-r. hale peremptory. Great auction hale.? this (Saturday) morn irg, at 10,1, o'clock, at the spacious salesroom 11 Nassau atrett, SiD 000 worth of fnmllure, lu every variety and the most fashionable, As. : also, oil i>nlntlm:s and mirrors; also, in voire of papier maehe goods, with fancy deaks, boxes. Ae.; ali>o. invoice tf gold jewelry; also, ut conclusion, hy ca'alogue, ?JW,( 00 Havana Ac. segars, of tbe newest Importation, In bexe* ami packages. Dealers will hud new articles, and line. So 1<I ibquADtltiea to lult all. TUNIS MORKELL, A uctio ieer. lO. HORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SKLL THIS ? day, at 2 o'clock, at 13 Sixth avenue, furniture and jew I, silver pLiled ware, four wagons, liquors, Ac. g Grocery and liquor >;t(>rb.-auction this day. at 10 o'clock, at 8W Greenwich street, of the stock and fixtures of a store, consisting of Hon . rice, tea, eotl.-e, voices, toap. candles, butter, braudy, counter azalea, awning, shelving, kegs, p^mp.^ INOTON A. CARTER, Auctioneer. JOHN LLOYD; AUCTIONEER -LARUE AND KXTRN ?lve auction sale, by JOHN I.i.OVD'S SONS, at the < oiintry teat of Warren l.eUnd, Esq , Ibrogg s Neck, Wen vhefter county, N. Y , on Thn slay. Oct 9, at 11 o'clock A. M. Ibe entire household furniture ol the splendidly furnished m ill aion, consisting la part of elegantly carved rosewood parlor kwiU, In crimson brocatel. etegerea.wttb marble tops aud plate Klsra bucks and doors, rose wood secretary bookcase, marble top centre tables, csrvcd cak dining tables, aud oak chnirt to match, covered In green plush; maho/asy. rosewood and b'ack walnut be<lsteadi, marble too dressing bureaus and wash stands, elegantly carved to matcn, and all made to order, ?ue suit of splendid cat ved oak bedroom furniture to match, spring ?nd bair mattresses, bolatt r and pillows, all of the vsr/ best quality rosewood batstund hall, easy and tewing chairs Itvettry, velve* an 1 llrussels carjii-L, oik-'i th and rugs, tpien ?I d oil th j old masters. In elegant rleh?iit frames very rieh cut glass ami china ware, dining sets. Ac. . parlor, bail and kl'chen stoves, together with a large assortment ol' kUchen utensils with which the sale will cnmmaiioe. Also horses, nine solemlid load, earr.age and saddle noraas, ons pony and one donkey, two pair Kentucky moles, on* paiHl kands, and both ws.l matched, well broke aud kind, carriages open snd close carriages, six seated rockaways, light mgons one Tilbury, one Boston chaise, depot wagon* one potty w.i ton and farm wagous. harness, double and single set* of silver plated harness, sets tandem snd team harness; sets of pony snd mule harness, saddle*, bridle*, whip* blanket*, halter*, Ae.; cattle, stock, *ix thorough, one hair and three-quarter, I. red Durham cowl, all for niilli. in calf by tlie ee ebra'.ed tho reugh breil llurhsni bull, "Fs-nlcr two splendid yoke oi ?w. Also, six full and three quarter bred Ourliim csl. es, by same bull, three lat bogs, a Urge lot of |K>ultry. a large lot of fiesb and salt bay, old corn in crib, the corn of eight acres In tbe shuck, the Isrgest growth in the oountrr. together with all tbe ftim'ng utensels, Ac. Mr. Leland having sold his country ?sat, all the above enuniei ated propt rtv will positively be aolil M lbs highest bidder, lermi ca?h. Catalogues can be had at ? ' Lloyd s Sons' ' Nas?*ti street, and at their sals* ?arm No. 4*4 Broadway, corner of Broome *lreet, and Metro .<olMan Hotel, New York. Bowiies, Arnoos, Bolen A Valen tine. Westchester. Foa lei 's. IViham Bridge, and at the ratl i sen depo*a between Molt llsven snd New Roche lie. aud on the premise*, t'onveyance* wl 1 be in readlne** at William * ?riage depot lo convey pasienger* to *od from th* plaoe of d urbtg tbe day . JM. MORIARTY. ACCTIONKKR -WILL SKLL THIS ? dav at 10 o'clock, at I7S t'hathaiii nuarc. a geuer*l Maori ?MDl of new and aecond hand furniture; aiao. over ID mixed Mi and fraihcr b'da, mtrrora, clocka, aud a variety of other JOHN L. VANI>KWATKR, AClTIOKItll. WILL aal), on Wedneaday, tte'. M, at 10', o'clock, at ih? ware HUM Of Wm Mmpaon. Ka<| , No. #91 ttroa.lwav rlcblycarved rneearod. mahorany. oak ai'1 walnut furniture being ih> entire atflck of Mr. Hlmpaon. bain made In eonaeqaeneaof the <->plratl?n of of the a'orc and (Icknea* of the proprietor; rtrhjy carved ilngle and double parlor anile* In roaswood. ?of**, lete a-tetea, Voltaire*, rraaaeau*. comfortable and other chatri. carted roeewood marble lop eiegerca; roaewool ma hagBay and walnut centre, aide and pier table*, cat-red en rognnrea corner Hand*. Ac BedrMB Furniture? Koeewood and mahogany bedaleada. roar wood, mahogany and walnut marble top bureaaa. r nee wood mahogany and walaat mar tote lap weahttantfa. cummwlt, bkkrta, ri?ewt?*l ano maho H wardrobe*. roecwood and mahogany autoiirc a glace, with aailnwootl: roaewood a ad mahogany lounge*, aeaehi a. pure hair mattreaaea, pallia****, A*. DtilagMMk furniture? Roaawood, mahogany, oak kuI walnut extension table*. 14, 1H and If feel, chair* to match, beaufeta, eiege:c? Ac. library Furnlturw - MNIM aud mahogany book iar~- Lah lea. lounge*. chair* Ac Partiea in want of flrat alaaa furniture will do wall to eiamioe thl> atockbefoi* pur ahMiag alaawbere, aa mo better atoakfof furniture eaa be tound in t be country. The whole bating been manufacture I >ind?r the Immediate (uperTtaioii of Mi . Kmpao-i, epreaaW for private malum aa'c. Te nia caah. Furniture r*n ?.e p acted upon ami shipped from itepreanlaea. Catalog'. ? can be had at the aalearoom of the auctioneer, No IV, ># tan at reel, or at tba waierooaa* two day* ba'ore the . J OH* I* V AJfHKW ATKR. AtTTMNKKR -JOHN t, ?aiule water will aall, on Thursday, October ?, at 12 ?'eteeb, M.. at th? Merchant*' Ktruaaga, tba three alary blown aiene front hooae. IOC Went Tbl ty altlh (treat, near H-oadway. well locatad. com* ??' , ??lem up-, n nu Male peremptory. For particular* Inquire of the aua^ooeer*. K Haeaau Mreet. SHRRIFT RRALR.-THW OAT, OCTOHRR t. AT 11 A. M.. In MadUnn avenue, batweea Twenty eirbtii and Twenty (Mb gtreeta a large ,uamitv of hri. V *l?o I linger I'm* * JOHN' WILROW, Deputy Hhcriff WH MRt.l.OR, AVCnomR -IT W R MKI.LOR ? Monday. October 6, (t *1 Hleecker aueet eaat of nr xtd way. genierl boiiaeboM fnrr.l ure being the entire baueetooH ?fee'* of a family giving 'T housekeeping < o -mating of the nana) variety, v?* *?* chand-liera, Fnglleh mi. loth, taneairr and three ply carpet* mahogany parlor furniture, French plate mirror*, egiendon dining table, parlor and cooking Xvea. bedntead*. bureau*, waahatand. French plate mirror*, uneged chamber ?nl'a, hair mattrae***. ualllaawa, oil palht tng* and engraving*. lamp*, clock*, together w1 h a large va et. ty oi kit-hen -rnd ?.*a< I ur ? wi'huh^h ih? a-i.e will commence Catalogue* on mornti^i of aate Depuglta required from all pari haawra Worthy the attention of the daee aad ataera. ul'Ilmam m-MoicT, aittionkmr -ooirnuirin TT a*nr"i, baraea. junk, tv.l' * recolrlng '?arWnea, kr , by *i.Vr of the NaT t Agent -WM. PUMONT will a?|1 at cictlon <? Thnradar, ?>ctt.b?r ?, at 12 e'eloek, at the Mary Yard Krenhlvn. A horaea, M (Vilt'a reroh lug oarbtnea, 4 leek time nlreea .1 lime Mil ccm. ni harr. la and aho.ii 19.001 lha junk end *4i 'ktnpa Termaeaeh. the gf??la lo be r?m>>> ?1 imtnedl ately after 'he aate. RPOHTIKO. ("iRTOKKT MATtHI? to DAT, AT RROFOBD, BROOTCi J lyn, betweea the aecand eleven of the f^ng laland and Ibe Itrnjrflvn club* I'ar* to the grrmnd from I ultou ferry; lareSccata. ltefre*eenla 00 tbe grouad. ( ahprtiihw tm iraoijmiRT. I W I \LL tJOOWt. I rfMMHpMT) Ct'MTAlK M>TCIIIAt *. FatWM rarta (tntMt, Asn wum* niMi. POl^MOt A MART, MS Ur-adwat , Are now receiving" A rtTLL HUPFLT or FALL GOOD*. Suitable for a**aTAiw(, rrBam na uorcauni axp laTgnio i DCCORAttOX, Wlilch the^ofHr wholeaale and retail. Upon !?e moat favorable icrma. More I loeed on Haturdt V*. jAPFR HANOfNOR -FRRirrn. RNOI.IIW. ORRHAR and American paper hanging* and border* ("eotra'Jon* l( n and mi Imitation ef wood* and marble, fri act*. Ac . M tba lowed price* for c * rHILOg A ^ftr*beard prink*, r Ma na, pa "r "mITH. U2 Feart (b FHOLRTRRT OOOf* Laee and maaJln auna*na, Window eorateaa, Pi Ik and wiiretad damaab, Rbade kr? . Rnff and wktte llollaada, Oorda aad taaaela, Oar pa aad W>opa, Ail kiada of trlmmlnga. At wbel? 1# ? r*lall. by n natMrMl cbilor M REIJGIOVH IVOTICB8. A LI. SAINTS' CHURCH -THE REP MRS OF Tms church h*Wnr been completed, it will be opened for Divine m'i rloe on Bunmy, Oct. 3, ut IU)? o'clock in the morn ing, and 1 octec* in the afternoon. . JOHN STREET FI?WT JfETnODHT EPISCOPAL vburi h, in John street, between Nassau ?ud William streets Preaching to uionow mui ning aud evening. by Ibe Rev. Charles B. Harris a Ctrlstiau Jew. Survlcea to com mence at IU>* A. M. and 7 '? 1*. M. .Sea's free. KMORIAI. CllkR<0.-RUV. WM. H. LEWIS, DD., hector of Church of Hot* Trinity, Brooklyn, will pre wh tomorrow iJiunday) evening lu the church, comer of I Iain mor.d street and Wararlej place. Services, morning, at 10}^; afternoon, at iii, evening, at 7 Scats free. Religious notice.? the rev d. s. bcrnet, or Cincinnati, will preach In the Disciples' Meeting House, In Seventeenth street. first door from Sixth avenae, on Sun. lay, thesth instant, at halt paat 10 o'clock A. M , and at half-past 7 P. M. RELIGIOUS NOTICE-ELDER D. 8. BURNET, OF Cincinnati, O., a delegate to the American lllhle Union, will deliver a dia;ourse iu the Dltclples' meeting hon?e, in Seventeenth street, near Sixth avenue, on to morrow (duuday) morning, at ball' paat 10 o'clock. The public are respectmlly invited. REV. KIDNEY A. CORKY WILL PREACH IV TOR Fifth avenue Baptist church, corner of Thirty-!.1 li street, to moriow, Oct. 5, at o'clock A. M., and at 7,'s o'clock P. M. THE NORTHWEST PROTESTANT RKKotMED churcb, In West Twenty third street, between B: i aud Seventh avenues ?Preaching in (his church by the K< . Mr. <ianee. o Freehold, N. J., to morrow, at 10} i o'clock a. M. and at F-)j P. M. rPHE ROMISH FAITH CONTRASTED WITH ".HE J. faith which was once delivered unto ibe Salnta."? v re formed priest, from Italy, with other converts from Kn.n ui Ism. and ministers and missionaries of varlons Heal churches, are expected to assist the. Kev. Dr. Macmenanry lu Ibe services concluded on the Auoetoliual plan o' deal! ltf w!t>i error, In ihe new Mi? Ion church, Iwentietli street, belaeen I Irst and Second avenuca, to msrrow evening, at 7 J* o'clock. All are respectfully Invited The west twentythird street and souTn llaptls1 churches united will meat In thilr new hon?eol' worship on Twenty llfth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, on Sunday, the 6tb Inst. Preaching at lOJi e'closk. A. V., by (be pastor elect. Rev A II. llurlln^hun; it 3 o'c'ock, P. M.,oy Rev. P. F. Jonas, and at o'aloek. by Rev. W. It. Williams, D. D., in conutetion with luetallatlon t ervlccs. THE NEW METHODIST EPISCOPAL church, *n De K alb avenue, between Franklin and Kent avenues. Brooklyn, will be dedicated to the worship of Almighty God on Sabbath, October 6. Sermon at lOJi A. M., by Rev. Dr. Kennedy; at 3 P. M. by Rev. J. S. Inakip; and at 7 ii, P. M. by Rev. John Miley Thtre will be a prayer meeting lu the 1? ctuie room at 1 P. M., to continue until 3 o'clock, an 1 again at ti, to oontinue until 73?. ___ POST OVF1CB NOOTCBS. POrT OFFICE NOTICE? THE MAILS rOR C ALIFOR l in. Ac . per U- S. steamer Illinois, will close at this office on }'? liday, the 6th day of October, nt 1 o'clock, P. M. ISAAC V. FOWLkiR, Postmaster. I RE8TAVRANTS. AN IRISHMAN'8 OPINION. ? OYSTERS IS'T YE'D BE ? flier wanting* By dad, tlien, it's at the Bond Street Sa loon 1 63 Broadway that yea'U be getting the best Ivlr open d tin .1 uoutha to drink rait water, at all, at all. At no placb within the boundariks of our tilorloua Union can a glass of sie be obtained thai will compete with that oflered to the pationaof the old sample loom. 18 Wall st-eet. Epicureans. ATTENTION.? a LABOV r \ r turtle. juat received from A. A. Cabre, the celebrated rign ;r of Mew York, will be served up ir soup and ateaks at Hraiai'd'a Dirilrg Saloon, corner of .Ninth atreet and Sixth avenue, on Sal ui <lay, at la o'clock N. B.? Families supplied by leaving their orders with 11ENRY H. TYSON, Superintendent. Taking a vote.? in compliance with tiix request of numbers of our patrons, we will fumlih faeUi ties for persons visiting our aaloon ou Saturday, Oct. 4, of ex preaetng their preference for the Presidency. Ballot bo* open at 5 A. M. ; close at 8 P. M. J. H. CROOK A CO., 195 Wash lngton atreet. Vale s hall, no. i bowery. <latk mechanics' Institute.) taken this evening for harmony, (free ami espy) Mr. Oiford, in the chair, will be pleaaed to meet his friends To morrow (Snndav) evening, a lecture aud debate on political women. Ladies expected. WILLIAM KKUDEL, FROM HOBOKEN, WILL OIVi: Invitations to all bla frlenda to have a lunch at 401 Broad way, corner of Walker atreet, this day. THAVELLERH' CITDE. CHANGE OF HOUR.? SUNDAY MO R NINO BOAT FOR Newburg landing at Yonkcra, Hastings, Dobba' Ferry 1 arrytown. Sing Sin*. Haversiraw, Verplaark's, Caldwell s West Potnt, Cold (Bring and Cornwall, touching at Amos street each way. Ibe new steamer METaMORa, Capiat! William Perry, will leave New York, from pier foot of Jav atreet, every Sunday morning, at 7 o'clock; returning, leare Newburg at 1 P. M. Hudson siver railroad? from may if, mm the trains will trave Chambers sW-eet atatlou as follows - Express, 6 A. M. and 6 P. M.; mail, 9 A. M.; through wa< train, 12 M.; emigrant, 7 P. M. , for Poughkeepsle. 7 A.M. ans 1 P. M.; tor Slug Sing, 10 JO A. M. and 9:46 r. M , thia trals leaves every Friday evening, at 11 T. M.; for Hudaon, SrH P. M.; for Peekaklll, 4 and ? 30 P. M. The I'oughkeenata Slug Sing ana PeekiAil] trains stop at tb^ way stations raa aengera taken at Chambers, ( aiioi, ? Lriatopttr and Thirty lira streets. Trains for New York leave Troy at 4 35. x li aw 10:40 A. M., and 4:90 P. M , and East Albany at 6. 8A0 mm 11:15 A. M . and 5 P. M. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. MERCHANTS' LINE FOR NKWPORT, PROVIDKNCR and Boaton.? Fare to Newport and Providence. d?ek, $1 SO: Bostou, $3 so. deck, S3 The aubstantlal eei ateaver HKRO, Capt Smith, will leave the foot of Rottlasou street. Sunday afternoon, Oct. 8. at 4 o c.ork Regular days Taeadaya, Thuradaya and Sundaya, arriving In Provkleti'-e bv (J A. M , and Boston. 9 A. M l'reiglit taken at re dneed rales Apply at the office, on the wharf. V"KW YORK AND HARLKM RAILROAD.? FARR U Xl dared, only *1 W f?Wn Hew Tork to AJbany. The Id land road connecting with Wnlcrn and Northern train*. 6 40 A. M., eipre** train for Albany, without change o earn, eoniMetiug wit i 11:1ft A. tL Central aod Nurtberv train*. IHO A. M , rmall train (topping at WUUamabridf e and a! ?tut ion* above. ? 20 P. 11., eiprem, connecting with the Central Railroad V 11PM. Returning, leavea Albany ? l-JO A. M.. ctprea* without change of car*. plft A. M , mall train. 4. VI P. M . ripreee for New Tor It. We invite all paa*eniera on bueineae or p leaaure to lake th Harlem Railroad, which, for comfort, protnptaeae or ealety, li iiMurpaaead. The Albany train* are new Sited up wltl Crrunrr i approved brakr*. which place the bain* undei the control of thr e ngtr.e.-r, rendering It the eatot road In for Union. Ticket? to be obtained ami baggage ch<-rkrd at ofoe Western RaUinad, Albany, or at White and Centre, Bruetn and Twenty altth street* Hew Tor* WM. J. CAMHBELL, Ruoerl ntendant VKW TORK AND ERt* RAILROAD -ON AND \F 1^1 ler lhur*day, A* ??*?<T.ger tram* will ler Ihnraday, Augn*t 7. 1866. and until further nottc. " leave pier foot of Duaae eweet, ae fe Hnftalo Rrpreea, it ? 1 *.. (w BnTalo Dunkirk ? i prcaa, at ? A. M . fir PunHrk. Mall, at ? 16 A. M., for Dunkirk and lin^o and Intermadt ate ?tatlou* Pe?*engara by thl* train win remain over utgti at Owego, and MOCOtd the ne?' morning. ?bn k'j'i *ee, at 1 P II, for Dunkirk. nrkf?ud Hiaseriger, at S.T0 P. M , (from foot of Dhamhen etreetj ?ia Ptermont, for Hultern* and Immediate elation* W*y raaeenger. at 4 P. M.. for Rewuurg aad Middlatowt aod Intermediate >.u?tiona. Right Kiprene at 5 P. If . for Dunkirk aad BnTalo Emigrant . at 6 P. 11., for Dunkirk and Bufhlo, and Intense dlate etaUonn 1 be above trnlae roa dally, Bnadavi eioewtad Thee* eipre-a tr*tn* connect at Elmira w*h the Nhn'ra, O* uandatgua awl Niagara Fall* Railroad, for Niagara PaUe; at Ringhamtai with the Kyracn?e and Blmifcamton RaOmad. for p Tree nee, at Corntcg with BuSklo, Corning aad New Terk Kail road for RocheeUr. at Or eat Band with Delaware, ladtn wane and Weateru Kail road, for Heranlon- at HuttaUrand Dan kirk with the t,ak? Bhore Railroad, for Cleveland aad (Mi naU. ToMo, Detroit. Chicago. *c D. C. McCALLtTO. General ftup\. POLLOCK g WF.RIIAWKF.X INDIAN HPRINO PAVI (ton ? Tlie new and eleg*nt *'.eam< r RODMAN V PKJCg I >avld Pclloefc. commander, ha* r >mmeneed running her re gular i rip* for the eea*on u thl* favorite pl*c? of ream 1 leai ,ni. vveek day* from the foot of Spring *tree: at 10 A. M and J P M. Returning, leave the Pavilion at It1, and 4' , P. M dinlay*, leave toot ftprtng *ti eet earn* hour*. taual mg at foot of Ann Twentleib anl Firrtv third stree'a Re in ntng. leave the Pavilion at t and 5V, p M IMS wtl, pmr. the moat all>a?iive pl?ce of re*ort thta aenaon for target e?en *?>*? *nd civic purne* The aer* of ihehouae air ?lunri ?".ad, and dinner* r*n ha prepared OB the *bote?' Mplk *?' 1 ' Irt .? t .on dlreci I > ? I ? thn *tree*. nailer the brow of the We< b*wken taeuu'*in* Pare. 6l4 rente^ CODAT MORNINO ROtT FOR If AVKlt?TR AW AND O Nytck l*miing. at ISft'ti etreet. Tonker* Hutinga. OoW? Ferry. Tairy'own. and Wis Mn? The f?vnrit? eteanie V 1 THOPOI.ITaN. Capt Fro?t. wlil leave pier for* of Jar *lre. 1 every Fiiwtey an^wlag. ai*DA K. touching at Amx aire each way. reini afof, leav e Htrrratiaw at I M P * F ?r fui lh?r pellicular* Inquire of I I.KWIM, 312 Wealatreer ST* tM BO AT FOR NORTH PORT -THK OfORi} LAW leave* VnrHtpor* every avorningat go'clo.*, New Tork. return og. leave* Peck *tlp daily at 3 P K., lu i day* rieet>ted. WKIHAWREN ARD CrTTKKBERtl -FARE f, , ce??e The eWinev MBRl CRT, Oaptain H. MaiUn. Will leave onfiaadav. Ot tober 8. frua flptinfi -tre-1, loach Ing at Anvoa *treei m> I F nrly ihird etrem leaviajz >pring ?? FV. 11*4, Uk a eloek. Quttaaberg 1?S, 1?, aod J o otori. I*?t 'rip. ANTROtiOOT. A R ABTROf OOirr THAT BKATX TnR WOULD? ANi A Ave thr?i*aad do vr* reward I* o<*-rel to anv per** who raa eurpaiw her l*b? la the only ladr Mi ih4a or any pthe, dty who ean give eor eot tnf.irnaitloa on paw praaenl ami ru'ore N. II? Had**vi CLIFTON m no humiing. nor doe* ?he wtah ?o impoee on tiv - unwary Kb* warrant* to r*tre a,, rheninatWwu, encevnnptton, Wvw erwnplaint. *t*-n?nl* Ae. P. B - Madam C. ean. wHbout tail, cure foe ? ?r? kind* of ear eec*. AH tb.?* who ?re *w,. ted, or in trouble, call >uid?.? 'hi* naturally gifted ladr. Reel teaceJlHr, Orvtwu I ?ree? ?ween Iloujeon and Biantonetree'* ALL AOr.EE THAT MADAM MtR IR TnR WON iter of the *ge Nhe t^i ? four *ge, caaracev aad ctr euaietaare* * he'hrr you will be wealthy, deecfoea rn'ir JJe or hu*l>*nd . II not mart ted. tell* yau when and In WWn von wll' m*ny, nnd reada (he eveviti ->f Mfe *o em r?otlj foal *he *?ontehe? all who rleli her IC WeM Broadway ASTRt iLOOT ? PRorHRNOR WTl.?oN TDK TRLE hraied iiatrologer. w ha?e prediclituig nevet fall, mrl)? conatilied at m Bi ootne etreet, l>Hween Norfolk *nd B'tlTolk Ere? 1 jvdK'* 80 eenta Time of Idi th i ?,?: ? -1 C\RD -MADAME PRF.W-TRR RETrRN* THARKA to her ft lend* and patron*, and !? -g* to aay thai, aft>r in thouaand*. ix th in thle city and rhilade phi*, who have ?in eolieil her altli entire aatiafaction, ?he teel* nanle>|| that i foe ii\ie*tion? of aatrnlogy, love and Uw metier* and l?o oraclf*. a* relied on ennatently by Rapoleon, the h** no <V[ti*i ??he will tellthe name of the future ho*t?and. and a *i i. nam.1 of her vlaitera. 373 Bowery, between Fourth anl Ptf" atrceta. Mm 0 LAMIVOTANCM -MRS RKTMODR NO 110 1PR1RO _ *tre?t, a frw doom weet of Br.iadway, th? moat oeielirat. medleal and baalaeaa elalrvoyant in America. AH -lueaa-. dlaeovererl *nd e^red, if curable, the fote and wharethooi* . abeen' frienda made known, nneirirg adrioe On b ietaeea. Ar , and no charge nnla*e aatiaded CL A ii V OTAlTf N -M r7 H AVg*. CI.AIRVitTHNr phyeictan, 170 Or*nd aireet. N, T.- Mr* H*ye? la dally enrln* deafl?e*?, kahen utar dt*e**e* r4 the throat and lung v. liver aad kidney complaint* paraly*t*. rheiimaftam. e*uee-* tumor*. *erofula. nervon* d'aenaf*. Ae Temale a uni<lalnt ? ?ooa cured. No charge ualtn ??'?t??tory e?xmintt...n? ar (lua. . . corARTraaaHnp ioticbi. $100 ? WaNTKD, A YOUNO HA V, WITH ?100. TO ? take an active linttrest la a li^tt maaiutweturiiiK liuatiuss in Hiu:?lway, now paying largely and r.*u be muck exttn > ed. Apply at ill Broadway, room 6, up stair*. <feOn|\T? WOO -PARTNER WANTED-AN ENTER ?TiiiuU pnsini? loan, Co pui chase one half of A light, re spectable trAvelling business, which will clear a net proHt of JSo per week, without rink. Call on Mr. CLARKE, Tammany Hotel, from 10 to 3 o'clock. ifcOnnfO $600. ? FA RTNKR OR CLERK WANTED, IN iPOUU a groeerr store A clerk, with thin amount t> loan, will be well secured and liberally treated with, or wouli take a partner. Apply, this day, to HOWES A Oo., W Naaaau street. (fcQOn -A PARTNER OR CLERK WILL BE TAKEN ?OlJU, in a first rate grocery store; will give good secu rity foi- the money, and good wages, or a liberal Interact. Ap ply tj HOWKH A CO., Hi Nassau street. Ot Ann ~A PARTNER WANTEB. IN A LIGHf, OEN ?PrfctJU. teel manufacturing business well established, ?will pay a business man $1,501) to ti iXK) per year; located down town; spiandld opportunity. Apply to HOWE j A CO. M Nassau street. ?1 nnn -partner wanted, in the shipping Vi.UUU. agency and notarial business, a safe, paying business, and can be enlarged by more capital. This la a more than usual good chance. Apply to HOWKS A CO., (M Nassau street d>1 QflO -PARTNER WANTED, TO EKOAOE IN A Vl<MvV( safe, permanent, and pleasant business, which will pay him at least $2,SP0 per annum, aa will be shown upon an Interview; must be willing to reside in Balti more. .address, with name, Ac , Iron, Herald office. <fel nnn ?WANTED, AK INTEREST IN SOME WELL ?I.uUl/. established business, where this amount tui-l the M-ivlces of an energetic voting man would be well reinu nerated. Addicts T. H. Hands, box 123 Brooklyn Post ofllce. (ijo nnn ?wanted, a man with this amount. 3PO.UUU . to join in a lucrative raanulacturlng busi MCA w here there in but little competition. It is already est.i bllshed, and $a,tX?per annum may be made, as will be clearly shown. Address ?. B., Pout office. nnn TO -wanted, an active on ?P?J.Uv " spcelal partner, in a new and exclusive marii facturing business, paying large profit*. Demasd call be made almost unlimited. Knowledge of the business not ne cetsary. Call or address C., 304 Bowery, second How. nnn T0 *<000.? PARTNER WANTED, the tDU.UuU advertiser, who has been engaged for the past live years In business in this city, which lia:i paid over $tj0 000 net profit. Is desirous of meeting with a person who can give unmentionable references aa regards character and energy &]:(( who has the above amount of capital, to join him as equal pailner. From $lfi,(>00 to $20 0U0 per annum can be cleared without rink. All communications, witn real name, will be con sidcred strictly confidential. Address H. H. Hendricks, He.-al I office A PARTNER, WITH FROM TWO TO FIVE THOU and dollars, wanted In the retail jewelry business, well established and In one of the best loca'Tons in the city , and li good credit. 1 his is a good opportunity for a young man, who m not acquainted with the business, as he would soou levn. Present stock Is mostly new and in good order. None but SrincipaN need apply. Address Jeweller, 1M Fulton street ew 1 "ik. for one week, stating when and whore an inier v:ew may be bad. AOEBTLRUAN, WHO HAS SOME MEANS ANl credit, Wishes to form a good coi nectloo in a wholesale mercentllc or mniinfaciurlng business. Ad lrcas, stating par ticulsrs, (i., box 239 Brooklyn Post office <t?"l nn ?A MAN WITH THE ABOVE AMOUN r. \Nl) ipJUu. wishing to engage in a small, safe and proitabl buflnets us a partner ran hear of an opportunity to build up an extensive trade tojobbers. Apply to day. Howes A CO , M Nassau street. COPARTNERSHIP.? ODELL A EAItNUM HA VI THIH day associated with themselves John M. Bruce, Jr., and w ill coLtmue the business of buying^ selling and negotiatm.' mercantile paper and bills of exchange, at No. 6 MMM court. Wall street, New York, under he Arm of Bruce, (H*r A l'arnum. J. M. BROCK, Jr., W. A. ODRLL, Pet 1, 18S8 D. M. FAB NUM. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE BXHTINO between Caroiichael A Wood la dissolved by mutual ooo sent. 1). CARMICHaEL, L. O. WOOD. PARTNER WANTED? WITH KROM $600 TO 82,000, IN a well paying down town wholesale and retail business 'I be money la wanted to extend the business. Address K. O. D., box 104 Herald office. '?ANTED? AN ACTIVE PARTNER, WITH A CASH . . capital of $t 000. to engage In a protilable manufacturing business, already established in this city. Full details and particulars may be had on Inquiry at the olllee ef the subscri bers. PATTERSON A E ASTMAN, ?3 Broadway, room 19. ' HEWARD8. RKW rRIWXOST , A OOLD VEST CHAIN, ON SUN <]p?.) day isst, in or near the 8eooad or Third avenues, lu the Nineteenth ward. The above reward will be paid to any per son returning It to H. A. Maynard, at the Crystal Palace. d>C REWABE.-l.OST, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, IpO at the junction of U rand street and East llroa I way , a large Newfoundland dog. His color is black, except ou iila nose, breast, toes and tip of tail which la white. The above reward will be paid by leaving him at 87 avenue C. WRKWARD.-I-OST, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING between ti and 10 o'clock, a gold chatelaine pin, de sign. ? ?cro 11 with a gold locket, book in the centre, and enk aoWied w reath on thi locket. Return 14 J. B. Kayser, 113 snd 121 Nassau st., room No. S. d.1 n REWARD.? LOST, ON SUNDAY, SEPT. 29, FROM iplU the Battery a seventeen foot boat, painted blark out side and white inside Whoever will return said boat to Michael (julgley, at the Battery, will receive the above reward. &in REWARD -TAKEN BY MlbTAKE, FROM ON if* J. U board the at ram boat Columbia, Thursday, October 2, a light colored leather trunk, containing wearing j apparel has the owrer'a name In full on the bottom. Wm. H. < Urt, Hud son. N. Y. the above reward will be paid by returning the same on board lludsou barge, No. I, foot of Jay street WM. H. CLARK. W' d>10 *KWA*I>.? LOST, YESTERDAY APTRRNOOR. ?5*1,5 between Chatham, WUham aud ( '( atreeta, twenty four dollar*. Whorrar Will rrlurn the *aine to OlaaU Widow A Bio., 184 William iireet, will reeelre the above re ward. BRWARD.-L08T.? JR^K PORKER, LABORING 0? <? ' under deiaageim-nt ot mlnil !efl home on Tueeilajr morning. Sept. SO, about 9 o'clock ; had on black puM) !?( tel. and * gray mi; aged <7 yean; Ma hair in aoHa pt] height about five fen nine lncbe?. Any paraoa returning Unit lo Ilia residence, 245 Waablngtou atreet, between Galea ami (ireen avenue*, Brooklyn, will receive the above reward. HOfURI, CARRIAUKS, AC. At tattkrsali/b-a soi kd bav hor^e, fit for work, aliiee* Uanla. Inquire of Mr. BUHfl. AOEJiTI.ERAW, HAVIRO a LAROE RTARI.E, CAPA b'e of arc. mmodatlng a down Uo,?e* and half a < lor en carrlafpi would kt a portion of M lo a private f uallv kaa|>la| a carriage, Ac. Apply at So. ? l'ui?er?ny place. WKffiiiSSa mu,;Ku.,Tiw.?n,r,w^l^,;/'M' Mi:,; For hai.k-a hi. a i 'k iiorsk, t year* old, kiwb lo hurncu. uii.l i.iit traveller. Apply at Mile*' etabim W W.nt MuiHi'rutu aired. B-VOU HU E -A HAT HORSE, mi KAXIM MOB. ?even ?< a?* old. perfeelly a ouod and gentle. aod food trotter Price, MM. Alao, a ?ray mare, an year4old, aouod han<iFom> ;.ndfa?t. Price, Pv). Apply to Araod, at John Ferrr?' tub la, 17? Mercer *ireet. h[HiR sai.e? a rock \ wa\ wagon. pop. onk hok-p revolving froa' Mat. mw U?' aprloK. and in perfect order Will Wr eoTd i heap. Can be eeeu a: the priva'e aia'ilc In Bolt turret, bctw eta Hc-bennri burn am LlVtaMtoa alret-14 lirookljn. T^OR HALR-FHTRRN HORSES. POME FAUT TROT .T tort; aevrral f?*' pacing poniee, one ?brtiaad pony A'*, fltty rari >?ge* ,>nd light wagon* all kind* new and arom I hand. Rlfl be ?ol4 Wirap Apply at Xoe. 9 and 10 Serin ulrcrt, corner of FuNob avenue, Br.? klyn. WOl BALK? A I AOT R REAt'TIFCI. ?ADtM.R 0ORf?. r a j ea--? old, kind to doable tod eingle harneoi. and ut der the aaldle. warranted ?onnd Iwiuireof t"HARI.K^ 1 PRRR\ . Otto Cot tag'* ? Hob' kei), M. J. . EOR > At.P? A RAY nOi:?R. U HARD* moil ?<illeh awl fad Will be eold rh??|> to Hone a ?>oe*n Wire of OBRKTBB I AMB ft. Rkho!*a (table* 90 Moreer MH FOR S W.E-A R ANIMORR BORREI. ROR*K SOCRP kind aud gentle verv ??y and faat, alao, a new roai wagrei and fine e?? of plaled liarneae. wlih whip, net. Ac., a ? baMWNae a tun, out an ihere la la 5ew Tori. Will be wi I cheap. Apt ly at W 'irore etreet. FOR HAlJt? A PAIR or FIXR COACH HORhRh frjm Vrrmnnt, we'l malrked, atiteen h .nda high, eave Sun old. w I atj.' k,n i, ami etyliab trirara Caabeae?a at eiableo* I> W. RORR18, SUBikk i* ?tree? TJ*OR SAt.F. CRII\r-k l.ONO TAtl. BAT ROM r aound aod of aooit dt^wiio*; arc laUwnol to a?a?le o doUh> harneae. arwl If aJae a gnnd aaddle tare* lor la<Ue HoM (or want of am Oan be ?ae? a< etahle. CI ??ree< ne?i BreaJway, be? weoo dreene aod Weoter elrew H- OR*i. WAOOR AUD JIARMWM FOR SALR -TBI bona in nine jmr% "M. ifteeu hanila hl?4<. w uvl an I ktrd in all hiwne*. ??*l -an to* in ht ?e m a??* The M ui * light mwd wacon. a? goo-1 a? aew, eoal tUb, will aall Mr fn> a? the owMrtu a.? further mm for Mom l?i?tre at ?? Heuatnn ?ree< HOP ?f., WAOOR, ARI) RARRRM FOR BAI.P - 1 anri ?4 mare S veara otd, l? haode huh. wind an I kla I very atyltab. anl ? *cv*l <i >1 (Mr AUn. a Itght Mfttnc aim met top wagen. ?ni mi n< harnee.. la pet' -r- repaii hav been In u?e jirwe n?onth? Price 94?), H\ ery thing war ?.i!el aa repreaented Addreai Hot i.yn p,?n oAoe \OTICIMra ORRTIJailR, WRORTPBT THR RF Al.T I ami rntnfmt flf tlieti h<w m ? that WR RljllfoUit b no* ?"nel hie new ami tp.-ivli l ? aoie. ;>ho.e gtrtnad f the a eonimodaiton o? ?^it|.tn?i ? horwa, w1>?re the be?r grc^na will he- a aneti Uiiot. :? an t TT Weet T <rantg ui.i rirw . mw Rreajway. TWO FAST M?RFJ PUR S.U.R? Off15 RAT, IHRiXP. ldfh.1 ong Bin' andH yeata otd perfeo<!f k'n?i a ? centJe ean iml a m.le netdetf tliroe mmate* on the Ma a ad vrarraated petfe?9y aonad The other. ig< aj. U haivl long mane and utl, 7 year* old, aa well broke ae the bay. an a'lBoat if net aaWe aafitet For furllxir t>anl nigra l?o i!-ea the etable of JuRK BKuwnhon, Eaet. 14 Mdooy plae>

Rtoahlfn \f AL0Allt<R HORtRf* FOR HALR-THE PROPRH1 . v of a private geatiewas. One bay, one aorral, on" g hi ? handaotne. em, 1. 1 kln<! anil very at? Hah traveller* Kvery in Iramation an<l aat irfaci given at the alal>le. 1*.' Neroor el T\-ORT*ir or KOT1CR.? TOrNO MARK, FIVE TP. f f old. i.oaawaahig et eel lent qualtuaa. and with good '.rata Inr WoaM double har value It, aliort time, nearly 1A hand h.rb, ?oi'Bd in ererj reaped Rot hating time lo uae bet , Pao le bought tor *J*> In. i nire of J ARKS R. WAI.hKR. Ill Fnltrnrieel. c i^yniixo. Aic tOnfUi WORTH Or ORRTUCRRRH l.RPr OF! dSav" "' clothing wanted, In large or amall lo?a. Th? full r?lu- wi I he liberally given in e??h Cleaning and re pairing done in a anperl?r manner. Oail or addreoa jiiiim Vrnotiey, 4*f ,H Pearl etreet. A I.FRKH RDRROR A 00 J\ hare i ow ready, and are conatanily reealring from theli na departmegte, ? very lara- a? r'menl of , OVRRCOAllf, RAOLARft, BI SIRRw COAT*. PARTS. Ae , Ae . Per men and bora. AlFMiD Ry.NKUK A CP , Ro, HI irnaii AWJ3 DAKEMi. ADODWORTJPfi DaNOINO ACAADCXa, ?we Kuujdw.t New To**, ? _ ^ . -i'd 137 Montague plaee, fliwalym. Hrw Vtw k. classes oc Wednesdays sod Satsrday a, ?nnn*| oa'.uiiUy. Oct. i. Brooklyn classes, on T>je*<iay*?ud Friday* somrnencing r'i<>sl*y "ct. 7. Circular*. obtaining i*HM, atom, Ac . ma> he bad at c.taer of the acacrunea _____ A LADY, TEACHER Of TRE PIAMO AKD SINGINfl, would take a lumber of pupils st 9* per quarter; high Mi reference given. Addreae Teacher, c ar? of H. A. Newton, box T. 3 I ulon iquare Postoflloe. A MUSIC TEACHER (GERMAJt). WHO HAS BEEN. EN gated during the last year in highly respectable fami lies, ana can give the beat it references, wants some pupils for plane nnrt vocal mimic. Apply for information .Ac., to Mr. Henry Knmh. 343 Grand street, or Richard 0. Tal, Esq., W Liberty street A SECOND HAND 6?* OCTAVE MAHOGANY PIANO, with n'Oltan attachment, which has cost $400, for sale now st 9200, at 86 Franklin street, neur Broad ?? ay. Brooklyn? for sale or exchange, a oc tave rosewood cabinet pianoforte (Collar*'* se*ie.> Ei i client tone. Address 3 1 Powers street, corner of Statu and ? owers, Brooklyn. Bargains korcash.-two seven octave piano fortes, one with carved legs, of superior tone and iliilsh, made of good material, and warranted in every particular. DAVID EM1TII lft BUU avenue. DANCTjro ACADEMY, 654 BROADWAY.? M. PERA OHIO has the honor to inform the publle that he has opened a new and splendid acadeniv, 130 feet long, new and trench decorations. Every Saturday grund soiree until 12 o'clock; grand ball on Tuesday evening, Oct 9, IMP. F ERR BROS' DANCING ACADEMIES, M WEST FOUR teenth street. New York, and 122 Clinton street, Brook lyn-Mme. DUBREUL FERRERO * EDWARD KBR RKRO respectfully annonnce that they will re open their ae? demy In Bow Yark en Saturday, Oct. 11, and in Brooklyn en 1 tiesdav, Oct. 14, at 3% P. M. Circulars can be obtained at either academy. For rale at a bargain? ? six and thrke quarter octave piano, rosewood case, Lag bt A Newton's make. May be seen at 172 Braome street GREAT BARGAIN. ? SEVEN OCTAV? ROPEWOOD piano, elegant carved ease, made by one of the bent makers, and warranted; been used a few months; cost $175. will be sold for ftao. Can be eeen from 10 to 3 o'clock, at No 4 Collfge place. Harp, harp, harp.-for sale, a octave grand pateM harp, played on keys and strings, like a piano; very full toned; at 4.W Broome struct, near Broadway, tCHULTZE A LEUTOlkk'S piano ware room. MR. L. MKYER. THE WELL KNOWN VIOLINIST, leader atUeo. Christy Jk Wood's, 444 Brotdway, respect, lully informs the public that ho is now ready to take a few more pupils for the violin, piano and singing. Inquire at hi? residence, S2tf Broome street. PIANOFORTES, NEW AND SECOND HIND, FOR sale and to let, the cheapest i* New York, one splendid 7 octave rosewood, price (136; one new do., with carved scroll legs, for 9210, and one for *36. others to rent cheap. Music taught and pianos tuned, by Professor DUMSDAY, 225 Grand street. SIGNOR F. BAILINI, PROFESSOR OF VOCAL MUSIC, will continue to receive applications for lessens a' hi* re sidence, 58 Thirty -tirst street, between Sixth and Seventh ave nues. IMMTKUCOTOH. <frC AND 910? BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, AC.? MR. (Del DOLVKAR, C09 Broadway, will receive new pupils on Monday. A few seals may be secured this day, at only 96 lor penmanship and 910 for bookkeeping. WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET.? MISS DEIKEK'S Geiman school, for children of both sexes, and private lessons in the Herman, French and English languages, com mences Monday, Oct. t>. Terms and circulars at B. Wester mann's, 290 Broadway, and II. Mohle's, 24(1 Eighth avenue. Bookkeeping, writing and the other Es sential* to success In mercantile life, are taught by FOP TER It DIXON In an expeditious and superior manner, to the entire exclusion of he moderu six and twelve lesson char lantry. Rooms, 344 Broadway, Appleton'a Building. Bookkeeping.- thomas jonks, auditor and Referee Accountant, gives Instruction, as heretofore, In the duties of the desk, at 247 Broadway, corner of Murray street Jones' Bookkeeping arid Acoountaatshlp, Hvo . 28<> pages, sent free by mail, 92; it embraces twenty years' expe rience in teaching. Drawing and painting in pahtel.-the un deraigufd having MM a cUss In the above art, would be happy to receive some pupils. Terms made known at his residence, 41U Pacific street, 1 ooklyn. He h is permission to refer to Mr. R. Giguoux, artis'.. LOL'lS GRUBS. Daily or occasional governess? an kng itali lady, engaged in teaching, wishes to employ bar spsre time In giving Instruction in Kogllsh. laUn, drawing and music on the piano or concertina. Please address L. M. N , HeiaM office. French and German languages taught? at 4.-3 Broadway, (established in 1MA2). Also, a lew ilay scliolars admitted for the same and English brauches. T cans lations made. First claas references given, and only solid scholars wanted. E TELLERlNO. Fort plain seminary-two hours' ride from Albany, on the Central Railroad, male and female. To tal expenae, llnO a year; daring winter extra charge for fuel W nter term opena November 4. For circulars, address tint Kit. J. E. Latimer, A. M . Fori Plain, N. Y. Female classical seminary, tonksrs, n. y.. fifteen mile* fiom New York, on the Hudson. The win ter session of this flourishing institution will commence Novem b? r 90. For circulars and terms of admission, apply to the ptlnclpala. H. Bl'RCHARD, A. M, Mrs. A. J. DOLHON. INfTITlTION FRANCA ISE HE JEUNBH D1MOISE! 1 lea, fondee en U449, par Mme. MIX. (de I'aiie.) 101 St. Mark'* place, Mew York.? hoarding and (lay school for younp ladles ?This large establishment, neatly tlttxl up, la now open to visiters, par ?Is and gaardieaa, who are respectfully invited to call. Nothing has bsen spaied for the comfort of pupils. There sre airy rooma, well luroished, large elaaa loams and spacious garden. The bast teachers are engaged frr the ersutng course of study, which will cemmeuoe the tirs ol September. 89 METROPOLITAN ACADEMY AMD GYMNASIUM I* now open tor the reception of pupils Twelfth yatrn' ita operation Thorough laetrucUon In the claaaics, mathema Ui i aid K nullah court# The physical training of tke puptla Dot neglected. Noe. 93 and 96 Stith avenue 8. J. BEDQWICK, A. M. PEIYATE CLAHKRB IK FRENCH. -PROFESSOR A HA8KKT la about organ :/lng afternoon auil evening rlaraealn French, lor ladtea and gentlemen, ou or about U>? Utb of October. at hla reatdrnee. Ml Weet Thirty On' ?ar~M Mill ward place, between Kldhib and Ninth aronuaa. M. H.? Private claaaes for teeehria, if required. TUK ART or HORSKM ANBHIP, AT DIHEROW* RIDINO ACADEMY, nnb airnne. corner of Thirtyntath ati-eet. I .adieu bom* dally f< i m 9 A M. to J P. M. cum Au gi ntiemen ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening*. Pnbllc ? Tfiiinf* for pleat ure riding ? Tueeiay, Tburaday and Satm d*j erenlnga. A band t I music in ulteadinoe. WAN 1 1 1?? IN A I'RENt'H OR AMKEIi'AN PAM1I.Y, two or three children In tnetruct, aa ramuamMoa foi lm.ird. R< lei slices given and required. Aildreaa Music, lioi Pne' oftce, autlri* where ao Interview may be Obtained. LOttT AMD rot'ND. FOUND APTEAY?A POXOoeVD DOG; THE OWNEK rati have tbe same by proving property andparlnsei peaepe. at 6*1 Hooetuo itreet. J. B, WARLoW. FOVMD ADElrT? IB THE EtBT RIVER. SEPT 2J, a nineteen feet row boat. The owner can bare Ute same by applying to J. II. Eatahrook, cornei of Twenty eighth at aud rlret graauo and paytag charge*. ?r* for Apf'r <*?? wrMr'i T OUT ? I. A ST EVENING, NEAR UNION PLACE, A li Roman BMH EMM k bine* ground, with rmna TV rder will be aurfably rewarded by leaving m ai 66 IU? Twentieth itreet. Logt- bktwken ninth aed tenth ?te*:v:th, on Thursday, between ?tj and eeren o clock, a yoeng black and taa klrg Ckariee alut. answers to the name of I.Uy, A reward of H will be paid to the pereoo returning ll k> Ho VJ Oreoae at/rot. IOHT-A BANE BOOK OP THE BOWERY SAYIVO* J Hank. No. 90.3N.T, In the name of ftolomon Katka Th unlet la requested to kave il>e *arue at Ike baak T OBT? TESTBBD \Y MORNIBO, IN OR NEAR Yt 1 J ritk atrwet a bill boob. Whoever Will bring the aeiae to M I.eary, Uln \ atlek ??reet. or at Xt Wall street taMmw . will I e suitably rewarded. LDKT -FORTY DOLLAR* IN BANK NOTES. AN** OXE fheok for twenty. five dollar*, atgo-l by K H. Miliar and endorsed b? J. C. Wataoa. The finder, oa retaralng Ik' aame to J. C, W arena. So. 1 Uakm *iuarr. will be oaltaVy rewarded. LORT-AoME FIFTKFE DATS MMCK, A MALL lioehHbook. The money the Under oaa retaaa. ard ntolgr tbeowae* by rHnrnlag the bwfc at eAee of the I'nloa IHuh Hrnee Name in the be ok. T OPT -OX THE EVENIKU OP H> tNRT., RETWEJfN J Cie A?*<w House and 1 i ratal Palaoe, a gutd m winli-' Ir bracelet, wtth the wm la "from my Muther " A reward ? III be paid by tearing it at the AMor llouae T OUT? ON WEDN?DAV F TBNIEO LANT. IN RI.RRltK AJ ererreet, e earner hrewatpin, a lady feedlag aa eagle I be tinder wtll be l>her?lly rew aided by returning it to t'je ow aer, aa M a not veluedfir Ita peeunlary worth, but aa a mementoef eceaeadfrieed Apply to#. Smith, sa itlccok er atreet I?a^.~IP TH* PPRHOE WHO Plt'KEP IT THK J paekageo' ?w? rr We>lne?lay laet,i n Matdm lane, w'! retura Mlo Mr. J. I,. Morgan. 47 Pultmi street, bwehlaa aoa. -r ling a greatf aror.l bey ?lndl be aaiiafacierlly rewarded. LOST? All iNYOti E Book. IE THE BBOAD* Bleecker and ^eroad a'rect Use of WatM. 1T?e ti Will be atiHablj rewarded by leaving M with I<ewu A W , rtiff. M How Um elree* f OPT OR MIIII.AID-PKPT .TO, WITH BANK BOOK ?i 1 J Mine and Leather Itaab, the following note* ? Timta .i litnai n, order of T?thim M Brother a Aug. 9, S tan ' ?414 4" Jan T. wtlllaiae, order of T*lham A H ie Jolf IS, 4 mantha, foM 83. Alfred B Bands, order of T? A f; fathers Jnlr M. 4 montbe. HT.i 9; I.yitden A Yeuni orr'er Of Jno. fcnhh, Sept. 6, I months, $100; .tame* St nan r* rfrr uf T atham ABt iitkers Aug It, 4 monthw Ut? W,(?llaian I Iidler. nrderofTbna llaneiwt#rpt. 12. Smrm'ha t*>& ? I'eter V' ne nrder of la'ham A Brothers, Aug 1A. 4 months fi tT 2.' Kdgar A Dlt beon. order of Tnhaml llrt .ther?, Sopt ?_? months, 10": M. Alfred E. Hands, order it Tatham t Hi > ihera. Aug. a.. 4 months. 97 13 in. Jamee Stuart, arder o Ta I am A Rmtbero, Aug *?, 4 mnn ha ?|W> rH>; Rnb^d Chad mtr ? order of i C Palmer, Bept t, ? atontka. MM IT. Pay mri.tof the above baring been a'opped the ftmter will he UN. rally rewarded by tearing them at l?af hum A Brother* *1 i eeKaan etreet J. W BRtfXM, Her*. QT? LEW-PEfiM THE PBEMIEBE O* JOHN PAGAN, O a Mack horse, shout 14 band* high, with a awlt.tb tall ann I a *tna! white stripe a> roae his back; wnr;h about $!flO I of I '?r a i ward of Ml) Apply g J?fct Ptf.n, 1? >41^ at cm* . en >\w VWk, L I. 1 DHY GOODS, AO. OCA PIECES FRIVU MERINOS, FRO* Mo TO $1 Oo " ' 12' j Mr yard, en mile this iZay, toy TULLEK, u LET A McCOHKiJ:. 40 M ai ray sl.-e>'t. ?TF. COLE'S 8CC BROADWAY. IWO DOORS ABOVE I\ L'nion square? Shlrtirgs, nl? tiiugH, table linen diinask napkins. qnlltn. comfortable*, flannels, blanket*, bovs' ware, black silks, lads' mid g> ntlemeu 's undei ware. aud kid gloves, lir.s coi stantly on baud a full assortment o i' family goods, at i ? ssonable prices Bl ANKETK-SOILEI) BLANKETS. ? K A MILIER CAW supply themselves with blankets for the approaching ? Inter at unusually low prices. W. R. BOND, 1(1- and 110 Mitfc avenue, exactly opposite Jefferson market. (CLOAKS ? J Superior in style ? ?Superior In quality. Children's clouks, Mourning cloak*. First claw trade. JAMES A. HEARN. 776 Broadway, above Ninth street. CHENILLE. IN ALL COLORS, ON HA ND.? SCHMIDT A BOKFMA.YN, 100 Nassau street, tilth lloor. (1LOA K8 J Call this morning, and examine the beautiful assort ment of CLOAKS, TALMAS and MANTLED, at LANE A PORTER'S, 7? Canal street. DRKBK, CLOAK AND MANTILLA TRIMMING WARM house, No. 48 Warren street. N. Y., up stairs.? JOI1M CLARKE lius constantly on hand the most complete assort ment of trimmings to be found in the city. Having given grf at attention to this particular branch of the trade, unusual advantages are offered to parties about selecting their fall stock. Fringes, velvets, ribbons, kit! gloves, blonde lace* aad fanc<- (roods generally. Genuine furs. A. T. STEWART A CO. Will open o? Monday, Sept. 29, their large and well selected stock of every description of FUBS, In the latest styles of Card mala, Victories, Muffs, Colls, Ae., At., As. N. B.? They :an recommend these goods to their customers with entire confidence, especial csre having been taken to se lect the best and mo't matured skins. Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. Great sale of sh awls and silks. 160 pieces dress silks. 4s t5d., worth 6s. 360 pieces extra do , Cs , worth 8s. 2U0 do. do. superb, Hh., worth 12s. S,(Hi0 shawls, of every description, from $1 SO up to $H0 Domestic goods, at m?.nufa<tiiier*' prices. t>LI VER MOWHRaY, 3IK) Grain) ?>tr?t, and 447 Eighth avenue, between 3Sd and :ttth streets. JAPONIC AS, JAPONIC AS. ? TO TABTES REPINED; A perfect gem; a toilet attraction.? Ordinary minds have a txtcr conception of 1U beauties; inspeotlon alone can develope (is properties. Legi uuate leathers, as usual, at Pavilion de Flora. JAMES TUCKER, 387 Broadway, near White street. JUBT BKCEIVED 1,100 Stella, Broche, long and square. And wool plaid shawls, Prom recent auction sties. By TULLEB, HART A McCORKI.E, 40 Murray street. Laces and embroideries. JAMES GRaY A CO. have just opened several cases ef new goods comprising a superb selection of every make ef REAL LAOE. Ikl. a large and beautiful assortment ef the Richest kjLsaomaaiu Larosrsn 729 Breadwsy. RS BOI.LAND AY'S FRENCH DRESSMAKING ES tsblisbment is now at 70 Amity street, N. Y, M MOURNINO DRESS GOODS. -SEVERAL NEW AND desirable styles, In plain blsck materials, lo.- w inter wear, just received at WEED S mournuig store, 579 Broadway, directly opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Mourning clovks.-\ lar<;eani> MAPTIFUL assortment now open at WEED'? mourning store, J79 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. XTIW FALL GOODS. 1\ JAMES GRAY A CO. have now open their new rail goods, of their own Importation:? Bilks, Silk Roses, Mbbimocs, M. Dilaimm, Prints and V AjtSClil, Puicsrs and Bavader* Valsncia Roses, fttsta and Irish Porufts, Akd General Get Goods. .10 mwtaway. NP.W FALL OOODR -E. UHLFKLDKR, NO. 66 CANAL street, three doors west of Broadway, opens to day the most select stock of dress, cloak snd mantilla trimmings; also a rich assortment of tine em' rolderl?s and real laee gooda, w hk'ii be otters at very reasonable prices, wholesale and retail. Popular trade.-paris and nancy kmbroi deries sad laces, ribbons, dress, cloak and mantilla trtii tnings. lhe attention of the ladles is Invited to Ike new and sDlsndid slock *f goods in the above line lust opened at the new more. 043 Broadway, corner of Bleeeker street. In French embrotderies ana real laces there are some of the ttiieet goods ever uttered in this market, of the newest styles ai d patterns, in collars, sleeve*, haudksrrhlefs, bait Is, flouncing*, A>'., Ac. The ribbon and trimming department eomprises a large and rich assortment of bonnet and sash rll bo? s, velvet ribbons, fringes, braids, galloons, cords, tassels, Ac . Ac. Dressmakers supplied on the most favorable terms. A heaHtifnl assortment of headdresses on hand, or made lo orlrr. Kid gloves, Kretssh mils, Ac.. Ac. JOHN CLARKE'S, corner Broadway and Bleeeker street. Rich dhebs silks, Printed muslin de Islnes And plaid Yaleneias, llosgh) ?t suction, will be ready, at wholesale and retail, eo lhuivdsy, October 2. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal street, near Broadway 8HAWLS, BIIAWLS. LANK A PORTKR Will oBer for Mia, this morning, SOU NKW STKLLA AND BROTHR SHAWLS. in ell colon, and from the owest price to the choicest goods in the market. 72 Canal street. TV IM UK OPRNRD THIS DAT. TARIS RMBROIDR Tf rice.? A apleudkl tins of jaonuet collar*, at ouy ft recti. A loo a large lot of very desirable breakfast sets. just hi lulled. JOHN CLARK, corner of Broadway and Bleeckrr MRi rALL WLLnmfi, *c. BRADS! BRADS BK. ADS! Of rvery deerrtplioa, for sale by M. F. BROWN, No. IM Fesrl street, New ltork. Fall millinrrti fall hili.inrrt'-w* iiati now on rihlbilw.ii ? lar*r ai.<l elegant aaeorinienl ef Frcnch mt.llnery, ribbons, leather* and Ouwsrs. very oh sap M<OORJ<A<- K A SIMPSON, 2!W Fulton street, between Juhnsou aud Tillary, Brooklyn. N. B. ? No second price. Movrnino BONNRTS. CAPS AND iikad drrrsr* - Fall and winter sly las now open at WKKD'S mourning store, 679 Broadway, ovpoalie Metropolitan Hotel. PARIS MILLINRRT. MADAMK KKHKKRO, NO. 6 Urea' June* street, has Just opened fall millinery. WKIBKRR BROTHERS, <M AND M JOHN STKRKT, have ounstantl} oo haul ibe finest aasoi tmeut of fctraw buy s. Mm French Bowara and feather*. Tel vets, Sai in and millinery co wis Ta general, and are also reoeirlng by every reamer the latest fsahioa* from Rurepe WATI IIRH A*D JKWKLRY. ("IAI.IFORNIA DIAMOND*. RQCAL IN BRILLIANCY / to the real, and at prices within the reach of all. Oeate' pins, fa total, rings, fa to $J6 esrrtags. B6 to 130. erosaes. auids lirareli u, Ac. Call and see. L. A J. JACOBS, UK Broadway. COMPOSITION AND OOI.D CH AINR.-TRST, GUARD, lob ladles' ehaleialae*. warranted not In change color, or the moni-r returneda. Prices $n u0x. seat by mall to aav part at l*e Vnlted State. Wholeeale dealers s upplied _ L A J. JACOBS, ttfl Broadway. Diamond*, thr tradr is RwarrruixT in formed that we are enntlaaally raas'rihetnrtng. and har* os head a large rfecfc of diamond jewelry sf the latest at flea A large aaaortaeat of dlsmeeii* on ksad Redkag *one tor """tttSESfirV.s. f?M)t?nsw aaah faM?ln ? 00 eaeh f* natoion m aaoh Me. tein 00 eeaki TKWTLRT AND diamonds vkrt iow.-tfir SCR tf arrtbev, for Uia last eighteen rears la kssiawas la Wall street a selling all descriptlone of Bae gold. diamond and all other kinds af jewelry, at wholeeals aad retail, at much ee* then the usual pre-aa. Ladies' beautiful gold cameo, mosaic, carbunel* and peart ?m esrrlags. pleased brarele's in boiea MB (0 to SI 00 00 eaeh Ladies' rise. ?aid. amis, moeale, pearl __ aad cerbancie It JO te KNO BO eaeh Ladies' earrings gold, camee. maaale, pkarl. earbsBcie, Ac HWMlSNa pair Gold gnarrt chain*, chatelaine shaina, fob shame aad see* chains . . r u re gold wedding rings I ediee' gold br*cele?t ? Plain aad ehaeefl gold rings ilesUemes * aeel ring* 3 OB lo liar net. opal pearl sod ether ?"*? nag* ! !*l'?*00 each Fine gold ihaabke lIBBtelB 00 eaeh Oeld guard hay*, fob keys aa<l eeeJ* ... I I M la * w each (?old peas aad penctig I M to IIS 00 each Getd aanci1* 1 Mtn ! f BU eaeh l.ediea'per'rmonneJ"* I 80 io l? n? eaeh IW.M r raises and nechlaecs BBBteilJBB eaeh Geid sed suae ? aeve bo teas and etada. M OB to fltg itt a sol 0?iaaad earrings. pine tiscerrlagsA smaaee IB 00 la MM Bl i oMsrmleU, acarf pias anil stiver <*????. .?? cla to IIB Bf GROftG* a aTj.RN, Importer Of wslefcee and jewelry. whossele and retail, Ne. II Wall street. aeeoad Beor bhi Br sad way ap lairs. 8t.RF.VR BtrTTONS POR ORNTLIMKM.?ALL GOLD _ sieeee per pair tu iota i aw" ami joM, per set 5 no fo I J Vramic and g<Sd per set 7 i? io la c> aa?i er<i fold per a mm U ?)?yi and gold, per sei BdOte'lf Aal al Other stylea of Meare bntlone, for ?ir very low ORORGR C. Atil.KH Imr?r,'vr <* " *?rt?ea aed jewelry, wholesale and retail. II Wall rtreei. serrmd Bore , aear Urasdwsf WIWRiTaMD LH4ITOM. FUR WtNRS AND BRANDIVW -THK ATTENTION OF farnll'ee is ie?pee< nlly eal ed lo ihe ette iaive ?toe? of line wtnee *n1 liqnnr^' now have In sioie, whieh loueih-r with m\ ae-orimeat .if a!e? *?d cinpri?ing all 'he l?ea< brei lie. make it one of the moat desirable e<i??.'i?liinenls fur lamilv vnrrhasr* in the ctty. G. K. MRN'DI'M. IS Wall St. IRISH M ALT W1IISKKV.? fW PC K' HFOVS OF I'OWRR A a *ii|>erior Dublin whiskey, now Isndlnf ami for aale, frsm ihe Vailed Sate* bonded warehouse, by the sole In, potter*. M. If A l?. CASHM AN, Na B Bearer afreet ATAN * SROARS? CARtN???. FIOAR"*, RKGAI A Bel Ret a and aaMPaef otb?'r brand* bf the lig) or |,l??i A *wall M of I'arlleae aad RlWtaatttS, K, > HiWiF.RS, KM Maidea leae. seeood .larv, sate liaporter i?r Vatoa i TWF.NTT INTOIt r?of ^roarr, aru now OFFRRRD helew their market ralne, fo p?t adv*n<'*s c*ah itnr cha ear* are invited to a**mine. ? *-h vlvnn -e, g^de en gi re s' Htitaa. i eapesTc ar Oerm>n mannfae?<i ij. ?. ' b I ah x U It i o?4 way WWMTir WITT _ 4 TTENTION.-KIBlO'S BALL AND OONCBBT 8A J\ loeu ? Thin papula i and ruagnlii ?ut sa'ooe may now be engaged lor concerts and Ualla. H,? nQnal position ofthia well known ee'ablishmeiit, the parfeet ;ur*ugt Kent lor <li? reception aud accommodation of guesia, tho a lui riui . oous tic qualmes of th< hall, ai (1 the cartful supervision ? Mcb ba<? nlwajs been carried out en al' nv.iu.iu. i-omir??rl 'be i?-"iv to the law, ruble notice of lit- public. K uU pt:u?jt> 4 ? m y 0 ? obtain d at the box office ot MMo s Garden, from 9 'ill * ?'i<f In the evening from 7 ttil 10. B. B.?ttus room will not he M for dollar balls. An eleo abtlt furnished ebc.libh bask. nient lour story (Caen sume. bouse to let to a rivals fa mily, betvi een Flltli and HuMh avenues, below * on teenth street, possessing all the modern iwprov emttia. K> t.i t-TS per month. Address O. P. P.. Herald office. A FIRST RATE CHANCE FOR A DBUGCIST OR A J\ jouhk pkjMia. A well lnuii dru>{ store, t>ek>ng lng to au old physician, w'U be I hi based, o- io.d, n, -iijinj ibe fixture*, i;la?a ware. Af .together with tbi privilege ol'pre scilption. Apply immediately to E. I.OTT, Not ,t> ard 77 Nataau street, New Vork. A 'HANDSOME DWELLING HOUSE TO l.ET.-A FOUR story brew n alone dwelling bouse, on the sou b ride ot Phelps place, Ihbtieli street, bet wee* first and See .nd avenues, possessing all tbe modern improvements, hi ' be let to u g?od t em. nt on moderate terms. Apply to J AMEN BOWE, 4ti Fourth avenue, between Eighth ana Ninth streets. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BROWN 8TOWB FIBHT cla?s hotel to let, ia Brooklyn, for a term of years, ever forty rooms, and neatly tilled with boarder*. This it an excel lent opportunity. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 3*17 Bread ? ??y. Ball room? nine dwelling rooms, including u Uirge saloon, In the basemeat, to let, or lease for a term of years, very low to a good teuent. Apply to E. LOTT, 7ft and 77 Nassau street. New York. FURNISHED HOUSE 10 LET? TO A PRIVATE FA mlly without children. 41 East Twenty eighth street; con tains thirteen rooms with all the modera conveniences, ia ei celleut condition, rent $1,21)0. For further particulars and te tee tbe bouse, address K. C. Reed, Post office. PUBBISnED HOUSE TO LET.? A HOUSB OF MODB rate size, In a most excellent situation, and ia perfect order. Apply to <J. S FRANCIS A CO. 554 Broadway. i Furnished apartments to let-in the first class house 776 Broviwsy. The entire llrst lloor, ? lt?? kitchcn, replete with every convenience for bouaekeepmgl without extra care. Please apply before 9 A. M. or from 4 to 6 P. M. Furbished Ht use.? a modern built tiirkr story basement, and un er rellar, with gas. water in tl ' kitchen, Ac. Apply on the prem'ses 19 South Eighth street, Williamsburg. Here is a fink ctiance to economise.? an American family, of man. wife and two children, have a small three alory brick bouse, near the ferry in Jerssy City, partly furnished, wliie'i will be let to a family of the name size, who will liouiil us for JCUO per veur, or we wi!l board them for that amount. Any iiai fy ? ho oesir* thus to live quietly, gen teelly and pleasantly, ?nd save money, by socb a division of the expense of a small bouse, will And this an opportunity sel dom ottered. Address llowliug, Herald office. Houses to let -two first class four story basement houses No?. 21.1 and 221 West Thirty fifth street, near Eighth avenue They have all the modern Improve ments, with gas tilt lire- ann chandeliers, hot and cold wat^r throughout, water clostts, batii room, patent spnaking tubes, statuary, marble mantels in parlors, with l.tabon and Italian marble mantels In the other rooms. The houses are brown stone to the secoud floor, with large bay windows in front, and contain thirteen rooms and thirteen pantries. aU in good condition, ready for immediate occupancy. They will be rest ed at ST no per annum. Inquire next door to (he premises, 21ft West Thirty fifth street. House to and fubnitube for hale.? llonse No. 105 Clinton street. Brooklyn, will be let and furniture sold. It i? newly fitted and furnished. The present occupant has recently moved in. The location is very desira ble, being w ithin a lew minutes' walk of Wall or Atlantic fer ries, and pleasant neighborhood It can be seen between thn hours or 10 and :? o'clock For terms, apply to JOSEPH URICK, 98 Wall street. "I HON FOUNDRY TO LET. AND FIXTURES FORSALE. 1 Castings will be taken for rent. Apply at 1J3 and 125 At torney street. LYON A FALLS. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET.? THE SECOND AND third floors of a fine house containing all the modera un piovemenls: best of references given and required. Call at 161 West Ihlrty sixth street, after 8 o'clock, A. M. TO LET-TWO NEATLY FURNISHED PABI.OBS, WITM beaters and chandeliers. Also a largo front hedroom, which would accommodate two gentlemen, or a gentleman and his wife, with full or partial board, In a atric'.ly private family. Apply at 168 Weal Seventeenth street. TO LET-THE MODERN. AND GENTEEL HOUSE, known as No. S Mlllward place. In West Thirty first street, near Ei hth avenue Inquire on the premises. TO LET? THREE COMMODIOUS COTTAGES, KEAU* tit idly situated on the banks of the Hudson river, (mt of Futj-t' i. d street; In excellent order. Rent moderate, and possession given iuimediaU ly. bANDFORD A STRIKER, II Liberty street. TO LET-A THREE STORY BRICK IIOL'SE, NO 21 HUD ?on street, between Keade and IMMM streets, at the ter minus of tbe Hudson River Railroad. A superior s'as4 tor any kind of business Ren". $780. rr<0 LET-THE STORE AND B ASEMENT OB THE UOR A nei of Canal and Elm streets, let separate or together, with or without steam power. Injuire In the store ibe ex tension of Canal street makes I Ma a desirable k> atioa. TO LET-A STORE. BACK BOOM AND BASKMKNT, No 343 Eighth street, near avenue 0. 1 he sioee has IM fixtures, snd the basement ia '-1IXJ8 feet deep. Will be let on reasonable terms. Inquire st 65 avenue C. M. DODIN. fO LET-FURNISHED OR ONFURNIsnBD, HOUSB situated near Stu) vssant square. Apply la H. MEKRITT, ty Third avenue. mo I.ET-PAKT OF THI HOUSE 191 FOUBTB STRBET, X near Washington spju-e, eontaining nine looms, with bath, gas, Be., Ac., ibe parlor Is 22 i>y 16 feet, elegaatljr fiescoed Rsferencea gives and requu .il. Apply ea the premises afternoon and ev enlng. rLKT AT NO. lflS KAM PORTIET11 STRUT, ONI h?r ? h< cottage ho i-#, ronalattng o( irrat and bach room, lwi> Im arooma, pajjlrica ud waidrobaa. IH M& ? Ms. to a 1 1 -pccuble tainliy. Pwniloi IniincdUtgly. Inqairo on the premlaea. rLET-THR THREE HTORY AND ATTIC RRICK dwelling bouac No. M VTmt Twentle'h atrcoL Tbta bouae will he put to perfect repair and funk* bed *U all lb I uimi'Q ttnpotrmeuia, Inc u-iiag I'ruUni an I tuta--". Apply to 1). A Cr.-lli IN, No. Tf Liberty a>raM, or Jtioui arenne. b?? ?t Twentieth M?l T? ml y tret ? i 1K> LET? TWO ornCRS. AT 61 WILLIAM 'TUBT, lhir>l atery. Apply toC. T CRQMWKl.l., 19 WUttam at. r) LET? TWO PA RLORS AND RXTENflON ROOM, writ fiirnlahed. on firw floor, with front haw-meai, kMro ai.d la unary. l?iulre at 76 Wert Thirty firat Mrcot, noar sutth avenua. TO l.KT-A f>MALL ORNTEEL HOCSE TS7 WlCsT ? 1 hlrty utith airert with molern improvanseata. Apply I) 8. W CRONE, l.'-2 *>at Thirty aiith atreet r|?TT? IN RROOEI.YM. THE STORK AND BABR nn'ot of No In-- Fnilon arm le. * Ith tmnixhal* |x?aM ? ion. A ?< od lor alt' r for dry gooda. hoot an.l *b <* or hard warr alorr Apply to JOHN D. OOCK>, 1*2 Atlantic atrcot. or 7a Hi all all pel rUT-AX ELKO \NT HUIT Or ROOMS. ON THK ? , nil ii<?m bandai.nii'ly lurouihed, to a ?mail turn fj ? parly willing to pat lot mat into arrotniivaU'iutie. ^Pf'y at No. 12 t llolnn place, K.ghth tfrcot, a few d.jora weal of llrnailwa). r LET-TWO THRKK KTOKY HIOH BAHKMRNP Hhouoea. DO and 96 Wrai Twenty irranth a!r??t, IB altera iiaprorewienta. with gaa bxturea aad tn perfect ordw. Apply to J K 1'OND, 446 hUUi avenue hi tha drug atoro rLET-A THRER ?TO?T HOI7MC. IM OOOD ORHKR; Hflifi -n.. in,' $?<?> a" > l.,r ? aal, M"? woith at new foratture . a fond locattou for boaidara No, JfcJ Caoai atreet near I ha Rank r LET -AT ?? CLINTON PLACE, IN A LAR4R, WRLL ? farntahed honae, occupied i t a amall rreneh famlli aa rrral good rooma for gentlemen, with or without ateala, wtU al>" teat the par'.or floor, (threw roomaj. Oh I at one*. r> LET? PART OP MOI'VRN POCR STORY HOl'AK, beautiful loeatioa. JM Thirty ??'rood alreot. be'weea Kighih au'l Klub a r en new, will be Id. tower or upper nan, bath, range gaa. Ac honae tn ftae order, real S-aOti ar MM; Iiwaera family ocrapytog remalader rLET-A rt'RMSHFD HOUtK. V KLL I^)OATKD. waat at Hroadway, oear 'Canal alree? neaky f'lr niab-d. rrntaJnlog 6fle?n rooma. Inqaheat TUAVKR K ojatar aad rllnlng aaloo, No 4 fcnllit an atrret, three doara (mm < aaaL r l.KT-A riRHT OLA>M KCRNMHEP HOl'aK, COM ? pMf wnh erery mortem tmpmvraienl. in l^iiiartoa are ?aa, r? ai t2 4W? Apply lo (>a?aaer ?r.tbara :w Maadway . rLET-A VERY LE8IRARI.E OOTTAUR BOCSE, IN tilth ?treet. containing etcht xxtm*. with boa yard at larked Thare la (TfTT fhrfNtt for gatilng d?wa tnwv. Rant Moo i>er annua Apply at 1?4 (iraeawtob atraat, ooraar ct ?way. fo the baaaaaat. Trrrr-^^ic two" pink pov> ?o?i-rr7 TOT i Howe froal bou?ea, Mna 4H aad ?4 Ka.-oad place Rraak Ijn. lo grnteol famlLr. Tha I eat will be m y biMmi. aad poaaeaaion lainiadlately. Inuutrr of or addraaa W. W. PT! ltProat atreet. N. Y. r> I.RT-RPAR HROADWAY AND CAM U. UTRRRTS, ? tillable for a aaiall fatally only four namia. kitchen tr , with modern tmproTetnet ta Rent MM I o., .lira at 41 How mwi r> LET-IN CRaNEMM STREET, NEAR RROADWAT, a frmit mnai nn Ihe aei oad 0?w wtfli bath mom ml]' an [tog. ?r''aM? for a geoilcmaa and hw wtfo or two gantlamon. ta a nrlt aie faiwllr. Referenrea requlrad. Addreaa A. R. C., bot I7.t Herald nffiee for three daya. IHtO LIT rot: SAIE OR RI< II\N<IE POR PEO ? Mtrtr Pan! M.n'ir??a. m wit'ild >>e :n<??te<| In a raai.erlahle paying btialnem down town, a Aral etaaa fonr ?tor y hi nee 1 1.< T aat Thirty atnth atreet, near l.>ilfglua ava fMt; _!n', litre ol ihe i wa.-r, K lilHHoNB. 172 Waat Part iath STABLE % RY 90, TWO STORI E<0?W rltr 1 he aerond a'ory la well adapted for a man ti factory, a good ataad for a llaery. laqnlre at I <174 Rraad way . 4Mf iu?*MW-TV I.KT, A LAKOK DOCHI.a imim' I '-antifnlly famlMiM. aaHahle for a whitor raatMaea. < i' wottM oetl the kouae and furnltnra Inquire at E. W. CAN DEE, Joneaoovirt, 90 R all nraet, tooni Wo. 8. 0?J KINO STRKfT-TO LET, A TTTRER HTORY ???? duelling honae wph all tM> mxlern imt>riof?ti>-iw?. mlgM be let to two itaall famlH a. laaulteoTA. RAVIIltl', 61 < hat ham atrNt. fT*-TO LPT. A PTTTT oF<IX ROOMS. TWO PAR *? lo ???, th' .*r be ' ooma aivl kttrhen. ai ' on n?? Ibvw fi7. hawing (, ? aa l Cinton, in lb" brown almt? baMing 44# KRROflRR OIUI, ?i?n>?t? nAraif ATian n'*~ . ?t 10 worth of thlr ?nl glt' t at in n h light n* ; 4, o <f rr otl. Eaanat^t LraatrATtao ott. )?? See rcMiflefoa v i be otBre of the >m Jtra'ge I Eta****! RutaawE Ott ??) 1'iepared ewrcaaly for < ??. R> '<*? ( f the ahove oi'? for a?? .-4 . *> a I si BK *, tger.ia o? Keroaene ou 1 eat Ml Hearer ttroet. New i?iR,