Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1856, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1856 Page 10
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Our Fort San 'arlat fat inaf nailiian. t ots Bam C*a *, Hkao or Kl Rio tUs Ji a> I September 18, 1W?. | Mivyramtmlitmi of a< jVas ftrt Frm m the Condition Hwurcm (M of Walker', Govern m?W C*aradw tf (he *t ictt from tohma thou Oalmmm art Dtritei?Tke ?u u Fairly mated? S%i Climax 0/ A vwegtta and iA. aliped VnkeaWiinm <fc? People oT <A? A'ortA? Ztocrfcdis* $ the Old Xrinuh Fortijieatu,,, at .Van Carlo, 1 awd CattOlo?tHetr Indent Streaftl?iJjij DutricU of fAe jfo<> fru-Cketr a-.itr of 1X4 Nmttor J jmla Htm? Gradual Ditpenion ef th* Allied Fbrces at ? *? Negotiation nf a Oormmfnt Loan in the UnH-uS jitj. In the ibMM of any political or local news that la oxcmag this proB Jo . i.uut ry ersr furnishes to the akll ful pea a auparabiu .,00 of useful and instructive at wall aa interesting muter. The taatertai *nrr> uds you r humble correspondent la graat profaalOB, cs-.k i.g bim to Tory much regret the lack al the "alulftu " lowarar, "auchaa I hare, five I uate thee freely. " ? t present, the State fornlahas no aairs at sufficient In <1 Uuce to note, save that the army ta ia food condition. n >r*ily, phyaloally aad aumerically. However much ta..; wsertion may confliot with the atoreotyped state m sot or the United Stalea preai that "General Walker's c*u?e 11 waning; that Ma project will aoon end ia de<? at, and that he 1a suffering mimonse ly for the want of a.?n noney and material for carrying on the war," I oar. u ? Von cannot well conceive how rldicuioua and f <<. auch rattleheaded editorials or corrwpondeace ?r to us who Icaow better. All praiae to the Ni* t < ?kk HntAin ia abatement. It is an exception. lie ight, aagaclty, prudeace, and Intelligent and re'iai<y correspondence, place it pre eminently above it* gr. - oiling neighbors la all matters of truthful, uwM and f 1 --sefQl journalism. It is hy no meanx -u .-ising that a cause like this, In voiviugnot only thu emptlon of a State, hut many Other results far -bey< od the compass of ordinary tainda" should me.-, with its traducers, cowardly, braialess and rock <?** who do not know the meaning of the words charity 01 hi nan progress; who atand upon the skirts of time i>k ?? crushing frogs around a slimy ceespool, waiting f<r x chance to jump In: or like a hungry swarm of in the way of every thing, and always ready to sot' aid defile what they cannot do ?our. It is not siagi l*r that the cause or progress here should Had so tnaor l>iug scribblers, who c?a scarce And food sufficiently oithy to glut their worse thaa cor mortal appetites. These persons belong to a class who come here ei pectins to misconduct themselves ad libitum. Their an tecedent habits have not been of the best, and they labor under the mistaken idea that General Walker ta so push ed for material, thai he will accept any and everybody, and appoiat them to a<y honorable or responsible posi tion thsy may dsstre, without reference to coad uct, cha racter or qualidcat on On arriving her* and presenting their claiuu, the keen penetration of " the little gray eyed maa" at once reads the character, and rejects the presumptuous claims of these people. The disappointed offlceseeker turas his atepa homeward, after ascertaining, of course, that mar tial law prevalla here, and Is administered by a tearless, Just and discriminating hand-that theft, arson and scoun' dreltsm are not as lightly regarded or punlsiied here as In New York or any other city la the United States, where shoulder striking, whiskey aad popular suffrage often elevate men to office. Of course, the men who are thus compelled to ohoose plundering ground do sot scruple at the character or the number or the malicious falsehoods I hey utter sgalnst this government. Its officers, caure or climate. All are bad to them? sour grapes? -very sour ? while their mendacious statements are apperettly Toon n?e# 1 1 or the appetites ot the ?' .ntelli |eos, t-r'Mted and high tou?>d " joarna's ot New York and elsewhere. Thus are all the ougbear stories act ousted for adverse to the interest < 1 this dials. one of the New York dailies apparently chuckles over the statement of tta Waanmgton correspondent who pro lei sea to have ' the most reliable aad undoubted author ity " tor asterting that "such a tlioroagh aad for mi da bis comb.uation of the surroun ling States exists as wit! at the ciota of the raiay season, ellectually seal WaUer'a downtall." Bah! lam "reliably informed ?' that aa ageat ol the Cbsaaorrlsta party at Washington la tne original source or all this falsehood? to misl<ad the ignorant. Iright ca the timid, aad prevent emigration here? Md that the journal In question lends itseir to his purposes Troth travem slower than falsehood, and at this great distance ?ery mi ch slower, and muret>raeeatat!on has aa undue and vrr? seriously prejudicial laflueare. It works evil la a twofold lease? it misleads and deceives those who are an vo. s to come, aad deprives us of the advantage of their 1 tf-ence. ^ The s.mpie truth ia what the people want, waat they aspect, asd have a right ts, withoat any color but Itf own, aol what, la matters of this aenoua import, should be spoitrn at all The nngenial climate of Nlcara gua forms a great portion 01 the adverse stitementi. So lar aa this goee, the Uuih lies In s autahell We can re oord the oeath of bet 1*0 American women, ren.dents here, s nee their arrival it this oouatrjr, <1 believe they orcseioaally die ejsewrere.) the prudent aad temperate living nt 1 no les fully arcouatmg for the fact, latem peraace, imprudea.-e and excess are the *?le rsuae oT any extraordinary mortality, or even sickness 10 the caae of men. A assa caanos Indulge to exceot m t.ranaJa without entering aa attack of fever, tta severity obeervtng str.etly the iegne ef exceea. People have ao right w< b.ssie the cUmii? for the reaults of Irrational con tuct. aad the worst that we can say agsiast it is, that it does not admit of diaslpeUon with isipnnity. lu laws enforce sobriety? a snBcteat cause for condemnatioa, 1 admit m the evea ?f theae who will aot obey taem. I fee 1 exceedingly aaaiuae that the public miad saould Ire disabled on lb ia point: and eo fltr as mr individual e forts go, aided by a liberal preea, it shall be done It may be charged that 1 am an isteroeted w iae?e? so 1 am, having adopte<1 Una State as a plu-e of rteideaae for my aelf end rsmily, aad this with a full knowledge of all the facte ia Uie caae ? it beiag my business and protrssioa to etudy an.i treat tha d!aeae?s incident here, which very few have had a better opportunity to make tbemselvea acquainted with. Graaada haa ever bcea an unhealthfui locality; while other parte of this State? aad I may a lao add Coata 1'Jca, .-em Salvador. Guatemala sad the greater oortioa of Boadursa? ere ibdleputahly healthy to all North AsaericsuM, maugre their vice* aad nireasi 1. which la all t -Optra) latituiee to quickly affect the liver aad epteea. aad I'rtag oe ftver A teasporate and prudent us* of stimulate ts sot inter dtctea by the c I mate The aativee distill from sugar flans. Import aad oee a greet deal, but maay months re sidence la the country will foil to bring under oat's ant re a case of native exwea ta thiaway. All the cM mate ra qaurea of Amert.ans m to observe aa e*tual .legree of prudeare, aad to drtak moderately if at all a published dearrifttea af Fort Haa Oarkw, a tae ?.d m iliary work, a brief no tice ot it bsra may aot be uatntrreetiag te yaer av.merous VtMNMH. Fort Ssa Carlo* once pre the trtaagelar point of lead attuated at the octlet of 3 Ike S'carauga an I the head of the ki Juaa nver, poa the routheaatem ahere af the lake, Tt a les from V.rg s Bay. aad 100 rren (iraaada The river eeta oct a a rertk easterly direction at the laa* leaving aa acote pmM ? high lead upon the left or aorth baak, eland eg out upon the lake aad river, fully ?I ? MB slug Mi. Tha cT'gaai hill waa terraced by the Spaaiarde so a-.- three r. mired years ago (traded srtth a steep slope upon Nit a side* of water exposure, aad caoaected with the ms t irrrsoe by s aarrow heel, it is atom twa hundred yard* >ocg aal Any at ita w deet part, atoned Ilka tha deck af a oiipper? parapeted oa th. eaet ?ra harder, iieored with an s uie laid ta cement, or Maaadamiaed win vecaac rone aad gatlered by artid maaoery aroucd the brnk, and provided with way* ter ooavey sr <dl the water without damage te the worka, aad m ousts aeveral guaa, from tweaty four townte eli ponodar* Tha guas sre flae piecea, and ia aa eaoeUent state af prsaeriauoa, but are d emounted aad "piked. There te aa ?bt ndaace of rouad shot alao a military rood winds >ip from the lake elite ta the ter ntm> *l^<ag off a breach wh ch at tta heel maa eastward Bbom soc y^rds, ta an aagnlar point, behlad which the rver mrwAbay, term rai rg a a swail or lagooa, wMrh ET* DOrU Md ?????rd. thfeeTlarters of a iTnn*. y*:. * lr^a*%^r ***? all of which le defended from it* three *p ur?. aad rommanded folly hy a large fortrsas ta ita ceatre. overlook lag all th* other*. The eastern spvir is Bntsbed to the seme maaaer aatto "rat oaa spokes of. aad meuata one twenty four g? *!?? ' ** ^ r" Itot seat the fatal shot ihrargh the steamer Mm Carlo* aoma twelve moafhs aince, ktlNag the Amer car lady and her two rhildrea Bern! Walker haa dace executed the author of the tn>fr*|a. Bee* a to i* * large aad beantifn! terntr*. same bua ?>ed yard* square, dee g ted for iwrade aad drill ag K tt-. g out agaia at th? heal of th* aoathwsat spur, an" the> breach ef tha aeacadamlte<l military roa.1 lead* "71" n.lTT *?m* *?* Ttrd* to the centra: fort ? ?? rota of what one# tu ? min flrMt imd aun n?*li TSlS "d tt"u,b m*cb '1"ap,I'ated; , ? . " T V ron,""r lb?r tmv* re 1 , IS i, 'b' "v?r three I ' 7 ' ,7, "IMd? p"1 highest gro ad, betng I ahoi: . 1M feet shove tie wstar level AW srr * if. r . ?oq ^ the wallsaea is ' t 1 ri - poo the r, . .r1 20 to^o u?a *be jrs ss suTm'sss r aide, end wttMa. are tha rtitas of what were ? aierts for mtlNary more* msgaainsa. a chsne ?f rftc#, 4c. Biff Miff toy nutty tom of nil** TMr xr f CAfThv*. tfitf mm f99 ' Tkt. rtirt oMmmaada both lake aad river, the -sMiiar tmints of dafenre, as well as the ma.a IsM ar-Xkto Isfori. ovsrlaaklag the eatiie area. The third n!! wru bf ?vr th from this fart, s dtoanee af eight hundred ytr4i f ruling qatte late tha lake, aad? aao*Mble <ie ne nstnrai eaoeeway leading down te n *d by several gees, of various calibre ts la a ?* of prreervatioa. aad M plentifully aappli*d ? ; -ire " *l; i g byast ie? if rendesed donhly ?e? ihle -I, the eae. Wnde I at the three 4 ?t the w?i?r a e<t-4c, aad the whole com ? ?atral f.-i T*?f Sprt'srds a|>poar to I.srd T.r sit cn or, 1,. ' It tost foy I The river 8 lb J uu at t hJ* pojjt ti naif ? mi lata width, ?kitted on th oj poeite bank with aa impaaeeble DMrui, it rough whi b, *t a hundred rods dls?Tu>. Rk) Frte (cold river) pours Its stream Into Iks lake so that ur passage that w?j from Inks to river, and wet i?rsn, is la IKJMlble; equally so oa this side. The nature of the land rorbtddlag a p?sr age la oar rev, ail Ingreas. agrees or transit, saoai, if hostile, ma the gauatiet of those gone. This fortress commands the Transit routs; and ones la the bands of an enemy. with nnly a hair doxen man to garrlsoa lLall communication is cat oil between the At Ian tic and nwlflc. The amount of labor and mosey expended In erecting these works of defence by Old Spain moat hare bass enormous. The ola tort at Castillo (Oasttllo Viejo) la atao an lmmtnae rain, and haa bean a work of no Incon siderable expense. It tally commands the river, aad cuts off Use approach either from above or below, having an elevation or 160 feet. fltonllng at an acute angle of the river, at the Rapids, where navigation la extremely difficult at best, It would eaaily hold in abeyance an ene my with vary superior metal. It is vsry evident, on laspecting theaa works, that bombshell* were not In use at the period of their eroc Tiuas they are either entirely uncovered or roofed vary 01m Rio Frio Is a deep, oool and rapid atream. and is said to rise in the highlands of Costs Rica at least 100 miles from tta mouth. From the bed oT this river a tribe of savagea formerly brought large quantities ol gold in nuggets to Granada for trade. these Indiana are repreaantad as being vary white, athletic, strong, Intelligent, warlike aad savage. They ong since became ofleaded with their outside acauain ?nncee, and refused to show themselves swsy from their wilder nets homes. Old President Chamorroa aent up srmed expedition to treat with them, or fierce them to terms, but hia force waa cut up aad ds a'royed, only three or foir returning to tall the sad story. The weapons or thsss Indiana are the bow and arrow, tomahawk aad scalping knife. They poison their ar rowa, aa do all Central American Indians. Thsv wilL ere long, doubtless, ilnd a more formidable foe than Ni caragua soldiery, in the North American, armed with the fe'al Mississippi rllle. Yankees already scent the tempt ing golden nugget. There Is an immense amount of gold hunting to be daae In this State by America as yet, aad great oalcola lions are being made on quarrying It out with the copper, silver and other ores, aa soon sa the men are freed from the military service, and the now hostile inhabitants are either subdued or destroyed in and about the mountains and mineral sections, so that isolated or single psrtlss may safely prospect, locate and work their various claims. At the present stage or affaire the outskirts of the state are lufeeted with strag glisg parties of natives, dupes ol the fugitive legiti mist demagogues, who know nothing or the Americans and believe them to be little less than cannibals, to kit! ' exterminate" whom Is s most sacred and religious < atholic duty. This state or premdloe Is, however, rapidly being reinovftd. They are becoming acquainted with the I ad i bat the Americans Afford thoxn a stable government, ?n'y roapito and pr? tectlon from war and clvfl strife that they have enjoyed for years aad can hope for or desire In future. They are becoming confident that the wisdom, moderation and justice, as we.l as the flrm rees and bravery, ol their new President, Cen. Walker, ?5*I* lp th?m a rull guarantee of safety for the future. Capt Frank A Thompson, with his command, garrlsoa San Cartas at present, and ho Is busily engaged clearing on the nnderbrash and remounting the guns. ^There are some twenty or more native dwellings hero, three of which ate frame and the balance constructed of cane. The latter ones are those connected with the Custom House department, and President Rivas, while Inspector ol customs for the Slate, resided here, and occupied the one ta which I live. New and well finished buildings are about being erected by the present government tor the accommodation ol the garrison. This location la extremely pleasant and healthful, com manding as It decs a foil view oT the southern portion or tne lake, the Pacific coast range beyond it, embracing Guanacoota, Salinas flay, Sapoa. aad the highlands of t oeta Rica, even to tboee which overlook San Jose itself while to the northwest, when the air is clear, is seen foil fifty miles away, the Island oroncatepec, from which .Mount Madeira and Omotepec loom up fkr above the cloud*, like giant pillars, to stud the canopy in tne opan ?? ?V 2 e?,linI westward tn a lake or Ore, as it then appears, and risee eastward from the ranks of a long array of mountain peaks which rise ekyward* rrom the dense forest wllus of orients! Nloa ragna, the perpetual tradewlnd not forgetting to tan us we walk" eDJ0^ ?ccnerJ ' while we sleep and when The collection of legitimists, Gustemallans, San Sslvs dorlsns, As., at Leon, is fast dispersing. They now sua ber less than the American force here. They are unite discouraged since tne execution or Salixar, their leader and the exposure of Mr. Manning, the British Consul,' who waa hia right hand man. No one here is ia any ap prehension of harm from them, while a fair chance at them. In an opes Ogbt, wonll be hailed as a perfect God #end by the Anglo- NicaragcsBf. A loan ot two million dollars Is being eflected by sgents st this government in the States, secured by a lien upon the department of Chuntalea. Senator Bou?. has purchased a magnificent hacienda of this government, for $60 000. and has re turned to the States for his famMy t.enrral Cwlas has made a large purchase of ths same iiarty. ( jatscated property is now soon to be deposed of at auction, and TS? k*rgalns C*D bad. Where are the speculators or Hall street' This government Is about Issuing a de cros > making all governmeet scrip negotiable at |>ar? one hundred cento on the dollar. Business appears to be geaerally reviving, both in ag riculture and trade. Money, though scarce. ?rculates more freely, aad, taking all thing* into account the fu ture of Nicaragua oners a prospect both pleas. nc aad c< intertable. ? We want fTom two to three thousand more men here, to be reedy tor a decisive movement st the r ose of the rainy season. That aomber will prevent an\ further cppuaitlon or hoetillty, by the mere force or' Its moral weight, and a continued and permaneat i eac* will be the result. Ce?. Lane Chsllengei the Bonier Rnfltnno. llvnui A. W. Iso IT-HAW ami A. G. Hoos OVNlignx - My attention ha been called to the list half of a circular published In the Missouri R^.uUiran of IV|*. a, l&M, to which your names are subscribed as en dorsere. Atchle?a * Co your principals, hav? long niace p seed thcmsrlvei beyond the pa> of thiee who can be rcoog aisei as gentlemen, aad therefore 1 ad d rem yoi ir this ba'r of ibe elrrular conveys sny Idea #>( the spirit or tenor of the whole article. 1 venture the asaertion that Is roektaesBaaa of veracity aad bold ralsiBcatloa it ' wnuM be dtffirnit to find its parallel. I have never 'n listed an army aor even a siotrle sol dier, to march Into Kansas I travelled through lowa m ctinpany w'.it a large body ol peaceable citixsns. each of wbom avowed, wiih the greatest ar oaten I sincerity, thou- determination to become .'one ."de sett'ers or Kaa sm aad. to for as my knowledge enends, have actuaily made good their professions, and are uow ? leg homes for themselves and their femlliee ? oaring my presea. e might be se red upon as a pretest for attacking them by ll?o I nited Slates troops 1 Wdt the < ompany on the east side of the Mlesourt river ! and travelled Into Kanaa* alone, taking a different route from theirs, to ae to be entirely disconnected with them 111 my arrival In Kansas I found the border pspers teeming with inflammatory denunciations of our till sens and boldly proclaiming against Ui.m s war of extermiaa tien; aad, ia response to their lacitemeau, hordes or de praved. misguided deeperadots entering the oountry many of ibem baring inarribed oa their bate, ??Death to abolttioniau aad ao quarter;" f? mother aad daughter, ta the abrtace of the husband and father, rarlahed by aearlr one hundred Oeadish men. the g!lted MaUr Hojt who had gshaatly served his country la the M?itcan war. brutally murdered while totally unarmed, his holy hacked to isecet. and a few s>ds throwa overJStm, leav tag hia srmt ,\ad feet projectief from the earth, arey for wolves; pntoaers murdered in a meaner exceeding " P<"hi?le, even the shocklag barbarity of ear age trlbee and afterward scalped -ooe man ecalped while alive ami Who yet live* to exhibit his skieless head to an ouTraaed world; daoUiogt being burned over belpleee women end sere mag chlldree la the state of confusioa sad md gnat oa roenltlag from these oatrages, the people oT Kaaaas sought mr aid aau counsel and I took ommand of the forces rallied for tfcetr deteace as aa imperative duty which the promptioga cf bumaaity forbade me to rofuee lasimd it fet^wui th< eumpksot vour awoi.atee, we 'i<Hermlaed to waa* M brtorable aad only a defensive warfhre To tbie ead the first order Imued guaranteed protection to the tettier without reference to his po!IUca, compelled h.;man* *nd conrte. ua treatmeut to prisoners, forbade the bura.Br of dwelliaga or tfce eettruction of property, and Inflicted* he penalty ol deata lor ita violailou fh,s order was re published the moraiag after your associates had baraed tevea dwel'itgs near leromptoa, ia sight of the I a te?l States tror>p* No buildings were destroy <?t at Fraeklm. aad the attaci waa made there under the mpresatca that the cannon loaded aad seed to irigbtea mm nam men was the oae taken from lawreo.e Tht hnasei csstrcred at Sana^srt and Ball Creek- ai though ia th^mseivee military mrtiflcntlone. and ocoaptod beta few tmaiitea before their destruct >a by our la vadert? -were burned contrary to order*, and by iiersoae bavlag ao connection with m.r - .mmand' The house of charged aa be waa with the eeM blooded marder ef the lameeted Rareer. ?nh ita vain able lOBtenw. wee ajmrel by our army, Which rtwehed it hut a few memento a;ler the lavadtrs, who haa ma burned the seven housee alluded to. had dteertai n and fled to 1 eftm|4nn. At Iecom(ton expreee orders were given that not a shot -bould be Qred at the liouee ooee pird b> W:dcw Brooks sad ber ;:altaat ?oas sad anoom ptirhed dai fhtert, although the buildlag wee st ths time occjp ed b; the very men who ha<l kindled the Or?e of the then srr okiBf r ilnt of the nouses of oar friends. Ta Cam. Srmt. tten. R'ehardson sad other prisoner* 1 refer ytu lor tssiiBOty of their proper treatment The 1st ter fentlemae. st tb? fieriief my own life, wss <*md'ie< eo ove miles rutaide ol our picket guarde Although tome of the fit sent of may havs been dnr?ti into messuret of retaliation, and it would he ttrango ir tbey bad not. I defy yo i to poiat to a siagie act romai l f y theBBea under my command derogatory to their crsracter aa ta sst sold ?r? or chivnlric gsnllemen As to ths chsrge of trensoe uttf outlswry, I Inugh It to srorB. The receat dis> b rge upo# half of the prisoner' cbsrgrd with tresson will, I trurf. prevent any rep-tition Ct?e stale rbsrge l y aay mar who makes any preteo stent to respectability. 1 prrsiime Ucra it ao obs. even fa lhe eta*" ?;'tes. ? -li ftiiied ia latetlect as ta now imntiae that lh? effort t til rt the curse of tlsvery oa Ktcea- by for** ?nd arm* t act entre.v futile. Van can, therefore, bat# another object iB^ the lav a- Ion of Kaaeas than the desire for p oodtbfd when you get ready for nn other .a\ stfor to gratify ths hellish di-poMlion. la r^r .*^1?. ? r"r1,)*r Imperilling of our belorad rate*, I will eniertaia a propotitlon like this ?Ton to aelact one hundred actual slaveholders, bora aad roi*ed ia alsve ?MM, who aavt alrsndy be?a encaged a this ooafttet, AbhieonAOo smoag the anmher, sad I m selscf oos hundred actoal bob stereboidlBg sHUero or Kanaae, my self laclTjded, we beiag the party invnded aad havias the 'J?ht to teieei time, plane, distance, and weapnas who ?hall nghi. ta preeenoe of twelve members of ths Senate 'welve members ol the lloaee of Keprseoatatirn* of Whom shnSTbeselscted bv oJI ?1,h ,h* sgrcmeni that the bland er wie rnrties thn? teieaterf shall setue this vexed queatlon, and save Kansas from further outrage M ' W to reach me In Kaasa ^ will dlrerl yaur aa?wer t? lad tana ttf wtCV.MT, Ir.,, ?epi ?, |$M Inapwrtajat tfmm Puanw. on imam oouwohmml Astm mm dkl Paxaouat, July n, ISM. I ContMrmUm of At Stu ChurtA Qf tvirai?Lotml rt*Mcitie*?air nahtrt and lUUtf cation of A, ZYsa* b*mm Pan***** itra*U?Oprnii,g the Water* qf tht Upper Paruauav? JUvfaw f * UkwZTZ it? la uncA of the Fir* Btea mer tmtr Built on (Ae La Plata? QpmAv of Direct Commercial iMtrtourte btfoecn Asuncion and Europe. Since I bad the pleasure of writing you, in lUreh last, *? ?*? *?wtag Uaes here for such an out of the wv l'laoe. Some of the new* I am going to giva you will hare a groat influence on commerce aid trade, and I hope that our countrymen will take advantage of it, as it ia thought by reflecting men likely to change the face or things in South Amerioa. But I must begin ay letter in a chronological way. On the 12th of April, the new church built by hie Ex cellency the President, at Ivtral, three miles frm here," was consecrated. This church la handsomest now n Paraguay, is large, and beautifully painted inside by d Italian painter. In the evening a ball was given at the lady President's house, nearly opposite the churoh We had fireworks on the green, two bands of musie, and plenty to eat and drink tor the country folks, ryvrtng was kept up to an advanced hour next morning, On the 18th of April was celebrated the birthday of Senor Don Venancio Lopez, second son of the President, and Colonel commandant of the troops In the capital. In the evening a ball was given at the house or the General, which was visited by the tlitr of the town. On the 14th of June was duly signed and ratified the so long talked of treaty between Paraguay and Brazil, opening the waters of the Upper Paraguay river to nari nation anil commerce, bringing Betiria to the Ai turtle market; and, as Lieut. Gibbon says, in his Kzploratloo of the Valley of the Amazon " ?'The nation of Bolivia now stands Curing the Pacific coast, the appearance of one little ?* lheP*r,W river, anchored an the coast of Chiqultos, would turn the whole right about." This P"W river is the upper one he speaks of and Is now opened ojthis treaty. T^ere arTupVarts ^"utouSSJd valuable known mines un worked In this region, as ma cblnory cannot be brought by hand to Bolivia; but there J? * W?bw.y, larger and better adapted to steam era ?K?" 'bo Mississippi, and as yet not one steamer la ready to to oity Besides Bolivia, the rich proviaoeor Matto Groaao, in Brazil , with its diamonds, gold, sliver and copper, is also brought in connection witii a rood and th* p???o?y river, f bI HU^nor? from here, which lies right In the diamond districts, which are now open f0r JL W0,w* Wenantlno, about seventy leagues rrom Cusaba, sends her produce to Sastarem. on the Amazon, and from there to Para. Lieutenant Herndon associate to Lieutenant Gibbon, says " a passage from Ihamantlno to Santarem, occupies about twenty-six htan.'.??w ^'0n*K W'!) 11 Uke 10 f? ,rom Santarem to IXamantino This be doea not tell us. I understood, when aiPara, It takes tea months for one round trip and then only for small boats and canoes. This is all now changed, and the Paraguay river is willing to receive any quantity of steamers and emigrants, and give as much la return as ever California or Australia gave to the most ortunate gold hunter. Matto Groeso, now with soaroe any population to its vaat extent, and no ma chinery to work iti mines, and all the drawback r S. "7 population, has tx ported over fifteen millions if>My n!.U'lDr,.or *0,d Md valuable produoe. l have not spoken ol the Peruvi* bark (chlnobona) and the thousand other valuable commodities which are found In that region; but I think I have aaid enough to brteg some enterprising Y ankees hers. Ksil ?won toot* W0U'd P*7 tAT b#ll,r lbM "y "Peculation .hIhf?W heM h,adt*c?ro*17 settled down a little aUer the joyful news or the ratification of the above n?m>| w* . tt WM announced that one of the steamers now building here would be ready to be launched by the beginning of the month. 1 ??1Jj"'Ld*y tbe ''?raguay received on iu bro.d bssom i be first steamer ever buiit on the U Plata, or its many 1 EMT; *1 *"!?*?? Other eircumsunci combined to render the lauiich agreeable to everv one Bound the bow of the vowel a platSrm w^ sre^i for muted goeete. and It was deoorated with ths flags of "^i10 1 Excellency, Hit l resident, and fhmily were present, ths Prssileat'i wi> -cling as godmother. On both sides of the vessel bands urilerTTno^iT0^. V, whilst the *uys were knocked away. Tbrre could not have beea I ""n. k 10,1 1* 000 to 16,000 people present aU r dfes*' ,11le opposite ahore-i of the river, the Cbaco were also lined with people and as soon as every thing was readv, oil went the vesaol, ia her own element, amm the hurraba and oheera of the aasem rr?n lA* ?ue2?rr flnn? ? "lite. The ne? w V b*Pll*e<1 'he Tpora ? in Kngllsh, ibe Water J" 'b? a grand ball was riven at (ieuerai *|ler# b"t, Exctliency the Prealaent and family Misted. General 1/Ope. , the oldest son ol the I'resldent is the soul of all tb.s. It was he who brought the work LZVi^l from EnlMd, and the country can him ii^? ,b"krul , D0,'b 10 his eolighK-ned fathor ?ad ssp-jss "2d~f; u pzruz*; A;r^avjsrt.?ij jsztz sun never does tbiojs by half, I must not forget to mention tbat next evening all Ibe workmen of the Vpara had a bslliuoueof the worst bads, IshMuiIv adorned, where oaiicisg. eat ng and dratklng waa r*rn?d on to a largs K^r?ZJ,tL'l\V,iri u' W,rp or ?-oetheart. and "enoral footod the Mil. He also made a valuable I'M sent to Mr "mith, tb<? shipbuilder, who. by tUe help of n at ives , built the \ esse I . ' 7 ,ue U,,P I forpot to mention that ou the CUh oT Jjne St. John . huf waa w<>n k?pt Iwe. not b> Ma<oos, as y?.u may thiuk ."V'V f * boil(l*'- secondly by a ball and supper' si ihe lady iYceidenis', it being her birth.lay. ' . ,Va03r.?Ba T00'*1 *h'!' "*l n >w ? !o? goO'l ' namoagns I" ibi* plare, he woe. id flr.J an pirel >ni msrket as the baptism of ibe Ypora and the several lialls <on*umed an ' sw ill qnam ty | very oue here Is bu?y .wetrivinx niran* to go to Cmaba wwtnving The araguay airtm propeller Rio Rlaneo, ( apt. Mirr t ? '""s- ?"l leave n a 'ew dsy? for fnglao't i * led r ' , ''^i? **? ship timber. Tbia a. i believe, the ?ailint rrom Asuncion mroct to t: iroj* a n oiber prooi oi the antei prise and energv o- thi- vouni repuollc anc its gcvrrniuent young The- Public Health. coxMisetovna ok iiialtb? mohi ykllow peter MUM The Commissioners met yesterday alteraoon at ths Cliy llall, pursuant to ad on m men t Present? Isaac f>. ISarker, Fs<|., President, In the cbslr Walter K. C?u?lln, Kteretary, and a quorum of members. Ths following business was transacted ? Schooner Kranrs Satterley arrived Sept 39, rrom Charleston H. C Being a regular packet the owner ds tired permission to proceed to tbe city, to take her piaos in tbe llse. No sickness bavlng eoi urred tnsung the crew, and bring clears rd, Ihe was relerrsd to the Health otPcsr, with power. Dark Probers, rrom Ciesfuegos. arrived October 4, wltb cargo of sugar and molasses Reported tiering lost the rapts'ti snd one msn. In port of drtmrtors, from S' p posed yellow fever, and loat three 01 tbe crew (>n the pss sage ly tie same disease <>s the recommendatioo of the Healih officer she ws ordered to reasslo at 'Hiaran tine until after froet. and may then dtorharfe oa bghtsrs. Park Ottawa, from f ardenaa. laden with s igar. and having one passenger, arrived on .14 tnst. Allowed ts procssd to the city sfter being lum gated aid remaining at <maraatise for s period of not less thsn tea days for ohserentlen Brv R M. Ckar'.ton. rom lavana, with trja of tobar 00 and sugar. arrne?i oa tlie A mst. S?nt 000 man to the Mar ne Bnspital oa arrival, sick w.tb iilsafe vomit, ordered to remain at '.-aaraatiae uatil fres., a ad may tfces disrtargs her cargo oa lighters, to be tlion bn igit to ibo city. Berk f.x press, from Havana, w tb r*r;o of sugar and molasses arrived on tbe '^d Inst Targo ordered to be discharged on lighters, and may then be brought to tbo city ftsrk I emartioe ai rived on tbe ITtb Peptember, from t'ardrnae. with rargo at sngsr sad mois'ses Has beea dirrbarged, cleansed aad ventilated and now petittoas to crme 11 the city. Refsrred to tbe B? d.ncer, with power. nosr rrtiow swr** ixrosnn Bark RrttbOfS from Ctsnfiiegoe rasie juaraaUae on the night rf the jd last. Ihe captus and one mas died ia pert, and three men on the passer*, of yellow fever The vsstel was qoaraatmsd till the appearance of "black ?rost," wbea she will be sliowed to lighter her sar^o aad '.aad It la the nty ttiigll M t harltoa, frem Havana, casse sto port also 1 n tbe 3d iaet Paring the p*s?a ?e one msn etcseood of ir Dew fever, snd waseeattothe Mens* Hospltsi with black vomit The same qsaiaatine was prescribed as ia the prscediag raae. 1 * metion adjourned to October 6. FOWT> RSLIEF SOCIlTf P frPORT. I?r . RMhe report- McDoaaeil and Catharine CoylS without marked improvement Mrs Mclntyre and Minna t-lirhardt something better. All ethers uoirg well, except Arthur Bymss. who oame oti "ler treatment yesterday with tbe disease three days advanced had btack vomit lest nlgbt NO new <-as?s la the Military Hospital JBANCTS f.. WftlF'tt Meer'tary. tost IUm t Tox. Oct. 4, 1AM. 9H A. M City Polities. K* Hiderman Oeonr W. Slurtevaat bas lueu aom oated ty the C'tirenaci the Third ward aa a candidate for AI dermss st the ensuing sls-tlon The correspordeace Will be found among the polltleal notices Police latrlllgriHt. A Cossv<tK>n ? We are requested to state that otboar lyonr, at tbe tosrth ward, wa the Individual who ar rrsied Johnny Poach, one <d thesMoods Is tbe late prise fttt. aa'' not on oers MoCtusky aad Lord, of the Pixtb ward, as was reported In yesterday's fTrsstn. EMTARAWTff roft Kak?a? ? A party of gentlemen, number ng about thirty, from therdseo ooaaty. Miaaia stppt, have recently arrived in our city, m mt*? fbr Kan sas They go as per nans nt settlers to Invest their m?aas n r ch Kansas laade, and to carve oat for thaswaalvea for tunes aad reputations They are no adventuren hnattng rovelttss or civil broils, but boaest, legitimate smtgranta. We understand that asveral of them Intend purchasing largely ia the "Delaware Trust laads." Their motto ts to sbuae so beneet r I tires of Kaaaaa beeauae of pointoal differ' noe in eptaioas, bat by pars and legitimate tnoaas IS saelsi in sustaining the laws sad the equal rights of all, and restore peace to that much disturbed Territory ?9t. h\ u *r T> fUllgtoeu Intelligence. Thefoneral aermoa of Mr. Ooorgo Steers, by request of Mm bally, wlU b? preached this afteraooa, at at. George's atouroh, otrw sf Besfcmsa and Cliff streets, by Bar. & 0. C. Parker, of the Ho* tin* church of oar Saviour. Servtoss oommonoe at three o'clock. Bev. 0. 8. Burnet, of Cincinnati, will preach la the Disciples' meeting bouse, tn Seventeenth street, first door from Steth avenas, this morniag'aad afternoon. Ber. Sidney A. Corey will preach la the ruth avenoe Baptist church, ooraer or Thirty fifth street, this morn lag and aflmaoon Rev. Wm. H. Lewis, D.D., Rector of Church or Holy Tri nity, Brooklyn, will preach this evening In the Memorial church, ooraer of Hammond street and Wavoriey place. Rot. Mr. Ganse, or Freehold, N. J., will preach this morning and afternoon in the Northwest Protestant Re formed chorcn In Wast Twenty -third street. Ber. Charles B. Harris, a Christian Jew, will preach this morning and evening In the John street First Metho dist Episcopal church. A reformed priest, from Italy, with other converts

from Romanism, and ministers and mitsloaaries of va rious Evangelical ohurchae, are expected to assist the Rev. Dr. Marnnwamj la the services conducted on the ApootoUoal plan of dealing with error, In the new MWh church, Twentieth street, between First and Se cond avenues, this evening. the repairs or All Saints' oharcb Having boon complet ed, It will be opened for Divine service to day. The Weot Twenty-third street, and South Baptist churches united will meet In their new house of worship on Twenty-fifth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, to day. Preaching at 10# o'clock, A. M., by the paatsr elect, Ber. A. H. Burllngham; at 8 o'clock, P. M., by Rev. P. F. Jones, and at TX o'olook, by Bev. W. B. Williams, D. D., In connection with installation ser vices. The now Methodist Episcopal church, on De Kalb avenue, between Franklin and Kent avenues, Brooklyn, will be dedicated to the worship or Almighty God to-day. Sermon at 10#, A. M., by Ber. Dr. Kennedy; at 3, P. M., by Rev. J. S. Insklp; and at 7*, P. M., by Bev. Joha Milcy. There will be a prayer meeting la the lecture room at IX, P. M., to continue until 3 o'clock, aad again at 6, to continue until 7X ORDINATIONS. On Saturday, the 20 th ult., tbree young men wers or dained priests for the diocese of Boston, at the Eccle siastical seminary o? Quebec. On the same day, at A. M try's seminary, Baltimore, Messrs. Bartney and Moran were ordained subdeacons and Mr. O'Bellly was raised to the deoconship. Theoo gentlemen are also ror the diocese or Boetoa. The nameeor the young gentlemen ordained at Quebec are Revo James Farren. John W. Donahoe and Michael Carroll. They arrived in Boiton on the 36th. Theee young men were educated for the diocess or Boston. INVITATION!. Rev. Amsi Bradshaw has beea called to the pastoral care of the Presbyterian church in Sbelbyviile, Teon., vacant by the resignation of Rev. IT. Dasbieli. Kev. W. J. Breed, of New Haven, Oonn., has been called to Barre, Maw. Rev. Mr. Ciarey, of Tbetfbrd, Ft., has been oalled to Ashland, Mass. Rev. Dr. Wiggins has felt it his duty to deoliae the call Irom the East Williamsburg Reformed Dutch church. Kev. lieonard W. Bacon has accepted a call from the First Church So :iety in Litchfield, and hia ordination Is apjiotnted to take plaoe at an early dsy The congregation of the Fourth Presbyterian church of Baltimore have tendered a unanimous call to the Rev. J. A. Lefcvre to become the paator or that charge. Rev. Frederick Binckley, recently oT Hartford, Oonn., baa received a unanimous invitation to become pastor of the First I nitariaa Society in Lowell. Mr. Edwin M. Wheelock lias aooeptod the Invitation to become the pastor of the Uaitariaa Society in Dover, K. H., bat will not be ordained till January. I N8T ALL AT10K 8. Rev. Charles Living* ton, late of Pivmptoa, was in stalled at Mattapotaeu, Maaa., oa the 17th ult. Kev. W. H Cooper was installed, by order of tbePree bytery of I>ong Inland on the *3.1 ult., over the united congregations of Sou th Haven and Bellnort. The aervtooe at South Baven were held at 10', o clock. Rev. W. W. Ilelloway, ol Brooklyn, by invitation, preached the ser mon; iiev. Mr. Reeve charged the pastor, and Bev. Mr. i ?w?i charged the people. The aervloe at Bellport was at 3 P M. Kev. W. W. Holioway preached the aermon; Rev. F. T rirake charged the pastor, and Rev. Mr. Reeve the people. DEATH IN THE KIMIBTBT. Rev. J. Morris Peaae. ageat ol the New York Colonist tton Society for KsplorlngiWestern Africa, died ia Auburn, N. Y., on the W*n ult , at the house of Rev. ?. I. Ives. Mr. I'cise had been aicL for some wtoM with typhoid lever. He was a brother of Rev. I.. Peaee, of the Five 1'ciata Mitotan. Ni* York .wae ia Ike prim* of a tcatkmaau bighh respected wherever known. He has i.een cne ol the meet active aad e?cien' ?reau the Oole oi/st.on Society has ever employed, and has aided maay i poor ? '?avc in finding a free home ia Africa. n*w cnraCHM. In accordance with previous announcement, the eoraer done ol a new I utheran and German Reformed churcn ?aa laid near UagleaU>wa1.Dauphta county, Pennsylvania, 00 the UUt uit. The comer stone of the new Methodist Episcopal church ?r New Providence, N. J., w!U be laid with approi-rlate 1 < on Tuesday, Oct. 7. at 2 o'clock 1'. M. MISCELLAhEOrs. At the coavenUonol the American Bible Union, which was held ast week, la the First Baptist church, tie com mittee who were appointed t> inveeUgute the charge* of miameuagrmtnt aad incompetency which bad been made by Kev o. B. Judd aad R?v. Dr. Maclay. against the oil! cera ol the Uaroe, reported tbat they bad examined thoec charge* and. after a strict investigation Of the af fairs of the I ai?n, they arrived at tbe oaaaimous oon Clinton that the accusat'ons were entirely ground ess, and taat tbe < "i<-ers bad pertorm' d their duties with credit to ibemaelvee, aad honor and advantage to the iuteretfa of ta? I oiou. In some of the northwestern districts of Siuth Caro lea, says tbs Put Wm TA'gm,* there is a number of Independent Preabyleriana. Negotiations are la progress lor a union between tnem aad the OW School Prrsnyte riaas. A TrvUivm was celebrsted at the Catholtc oburcb ol ft. I rsuciw, xeraph, Is Thirty tlrat street, near gUth are duo, yesterday, and will be continued to day aad to morrow, la honor or the Seraphic Father, Hi. Francis Attiseium. Tbe processl in of toe Members ol tbe Order and Cord will be 10 Cay. at 3 o'clock P. M. At a meeting ol the Wealeyaa Motbcdlst Society of 1 lowell. M*-s on the 30th i.:t . the resignation of kev. I eaiei F oater paator of tbe society siare April last, was accepted, ssd tbs society declared diebtaded. Kev A A. H air has taken charge of the Presbyterian cb rcbti in Tasaweli aad Kutledge, teun. Rev IT. Ma?bn has been appointed President ('! tbe < "ge at Rogersvllle, Tenaeseee, which is aboat to opsa ? tk very ia> arable auspices The rkrirtun H* tir, of the p'f ent week, eays tbat the l>v Mr Burhngbam |>r??bed Ins farewell sermon toil- late people the liar ard street ehur> b aad so ? ety, in ikwiton.; on S iaday last Tie oooaaioa was oae i ' i?ep aad leader feeliag oa the part et both paator aad p?< and ?ooe. even strangers, could have gene awe* ? .?bout the ;more?- on that it was ao commoa relauoe v u*ta Ded by that people to tteir beloved pastor aad l>i<-nd. It ts due to that church ta eay that they have ured every nr.esae la Iheir power to pre eat, to tbem, tlit? ?sd di-sppoiatment bat gvrl aad honorable reaeoa* baveiaroeaced Mr i who at otoe ass ime? a pastorate ta Sew York city. The trieanial Coa<eattoa of tbe (.ermaa Reformed cburrh assembled st Win< be*ter. Vs.. t the Sd instant. Tbe Presbyterian (<?d ?jle) fynod of HaiUmere. com p<aedoi tbe ialtlmore, Carlisle and tV.nrbester prsaby Wiee, cowprltine ia all eom* ninety m misters and oae h' mired and twenty churches, ateembiee in the same p;a< e on tbe llth met LONDON UTATIVTICi OF W*PL*TAN METHODISM. Tbe |Te/r?eia?i. t\ viewing tbe ?' Mm itee" of the late ? eeieyaa Coherence, eayt ?A eomparieoo at the ne mrrtrei statistics of IM ? and IMt shows an lo? reaoe throiigbout tbe whole coaaectioa la Kngiaad and Scot lea 0 we lMd laet year 'JM.H.'* riae* member*, with 12,?20 " oa trial;'' <*'? minister* la foil work, not re< koaiag i i rranmeranea. aad M yonng pre^ hers oa probaOon the tear we have ???>?* wt-mhere. increase a,9rj en trial, in? reaee 6,11", Ml mintsw*, Inereaee 13; bm only '<?< preachers oa probatioe, which indlsatee that ??ore laborer* will be wealed la Irelaad tbe an m ber ia r. , !*ty la 1* ' f>. the ncreasr of m-mhers. not wuh-Und irs emigration, betag ??, aad of minister*, 7. Oo tee foreign mlestone. 'tarter the Immediate direction of tbe Mr nJhOt'n rrencr the riimhor of members n 6.' iM, iLcreaeo i,f..-t of ministers. SU, lacreaee no |ee< than te. Tbe Preach louder a are reports aa iaer?a?? of SO m<-?l>er? and ? te?tor- The Cana<ia Conference bat rear members. Increase aad *17 mats ter* lacrease ? and H has r? reived m preacher* oa pro bation . which M a - more than last year Th* youngest of onr Coonial Ooafhreare Is that of British Haai?m America, of whrh fhe late IT B?*cham was the flmt Preeidsnt. Hrre, aad here alone th re is. from cat *e* that will be only tenp<ir*ry, a decrease wh -b amounts to fisl, but it I? more tbar conntarbslane** by the r> | < rt of above 000 ?n vrta ? the addreaa of that Con ; ence ?*ys Ml, the table ia the ?? mltn te. " eays Ml? rrfmh'iP .r?l-* '? 'n tbe^rv interesting A-IS ?ia'a- an connect. <c tbe number of member* IS 21, 1W, r, create 1S71, members ?n trial. 1,3*4 (thn Is laaa , ,1. an yrar ? n, 1. Mer?, VI .nr???.-4 snd p'sarb-rs ?o prr>batioo, 42 Increase 11. Collectmi tbe roragotag ,*,"< lars into wiii be tonnd that the sto ii-t cs of the entire connertlon in the United Kingdom, the colosies. and the mis*ion sUtions, laclndlnt tbe four sfP'iafed colonies, stand as fol'oer* ? for 18M, 42S.1M members, M.OW oa trial. For ISM, 41? 530 membero. std 90.141 oa trial, beiag aa incroaae ofJ.?M to tbe oae. aad ?r ? Mftla the other. For ISM. I,?M miaister* aad <>*9 oa trial, with Wi sui>eraiimerartee For IMA. 1,010 m aistere aad ?1 oa trial, with S*t snpemamerariea-, giving aa' aereaae of 70 ministers, aad M oa trial, la unkmg at tbe increased taemhership of the year we par reive that, of tbe increase of 7.0M. there have beea add ed to tbe societies and mt*??one In Immediate eonnertioa with the Sritlab Conference. 4.M4 members, aad S.IM M the affiliated conference. A letter frowi Drontbalm, Norway, to tbe bei as Af hnUtd* saye r~An aaaortatioa of Romaa Catbo to. mm sronarKs are vlsitiag tbe dlstrw ls of Fiamark They have mm hascd the vast domain of A tengoard In that pro since aad li lead rhanfing it* present name to that Of tho ?? I* tat' ut St. Qiaw, the "fostl* o( Noiwaj. Theatrical mud Httlctl Matters. Nuuo's Qajumm ? M'lie Hubert, it. .BrUlant ui otMr lavortta duotra will to morrow sight appear is *>? pretty ballet ^called "Kntey." Ths Ravels afterwards ???-** new ud highly WMWill panlt>wletaO< BaooooAJi'a Bowur ? The ouutr'a latest and Tory suoccssfal pWcee "Dred; or, thenismal ^wame," and "Met-a-mo-ra." an found too popular to require with drawal yet awhile. The S'reuch dancers appear to-saor row. Bcktos'h Thbatb*.? The satire talewt of Manager B.'s efficient company tup been enrolled lor to morrow In the oast of the "Queen's Huibaad," the new piece called the ?"Poor Scholar"' and the laughable affair entitled "Catching a Governor." Wallace's Tsbatbb.? The popular comedy of "London Assurance," with its elegant oast, retains its place oa the bills. It will be followed to morrow night with the sketch called "lbs Chameleon," in which 8tes Robertson appear*. Cham Bins 8run Turns ? Mr. sad Mrs. Eddy, Messrs. Johnson and Clarke, Miss Reynolds, and other pspolar artists, are to perform in "Hons Shoe Robinson" to mor row. Mr. 8. W. Glenn will afterwards give his laugha ble Germanic version or "Riahard in." Barnch'8 Amkkk as Mcskum.? The veritable Geieral Tom Thumb may now be seen, in connection with maiti ludes oJ minor, bnt seldom smaller, cariosities. "That Blesssd Baby'' is annoaaos* tor to-morrow afternoon, and "Child of the Regiment" tor the evening. Bboadwat Tiinm - Having done a good basis sss with thslr version or ths "Isrtnciblss," the wonderful javsnlles will to morrow sdd to the roregoing attraction a a comical sketch, entltUd ths "Irish Brocm -maker." George is in both. Tsa Cm absbxblt Rooks will, beyond doabt, bo dense 1 \j crowded to morrow evening, oa the ooosalon or the flnt or the two grand lytic concerts to be gives by Max Maretiek, Mass. La G tango, and others connected with the lata Italian Opera troape. Gnuua Ofbba ? Lsming's fhlry opera of "rndine" Is to be essayed for the first time la this country on Tuns day evening, by the Gersuui company, at Kiblo's Garden. Geo. Cfcaarr atd Woon'g Missrms Bud "WeSh, or the Seeetble Monkey," sufficiently profitable tor them to con tinue it on their bills, with the customary variety or &e. Ths Btckliys announce still another new burlesque, Styled '"dll Moonshine." According to the outline of in cidents, It is "ezceesively ridiculous," sed will doabtless prove saootssful. E*n*i Ham ?Those great humorists, Bryant and Mai lory, have Just strengthened their Campbell Minstrels by adding to their number the famous Ethiopian dancer, John Diamond. Their programme lor to morrow would be difficult to equal. Brooklyn Mrssra.? The members of the Thespian Dramatic Association are to appear to -morrow night la the dramas of "The Advocate" and "Blsok Eyed Susan," the farce or the "Timid Lover," a soeae from the 'Lady of the Lake," staging, dancing, Ac. mTbITIMK ISTELLlfi ENCK. from stoops. Meoim. Unmn. DaO- ? .'rK1, Niagara Liverpool Sept. IT ig.^Yarti Belaimie Antwerp .Oct. 8 new Hermann Southampton . . . Oot. 8 jew Twt ?on anora. Omada Boa^.^Oot. I IWeel Ulaisow ??????. ..Hew fork . ? . ..Ooc It. ............ Olaegew BiSET...... '?.?Vew Tern Oa. U TSZ a Hew York. Oct. IS Uverpool Arm....... New York Oct. 17 Ba? Alma few York Oct. S3 Havre FOB CALZVOBNIA, WIO Philadelphia Bew Tort Oot. Havana* NOri Wj TT" ? *- New Tort Oct. g. .....Awtawall TeauMsre New Tort Oct. 6 ..... .San Juan, Nto. Quaker Oltv New York ...... Ocu 7. ..Havana e .Mobile Cahawba New York Oct. IS. . Ha vanaAN Orleans Black Warrior. . . New York Oct. ft. . Havana* N Orleans STEAKKBS TO AND FSOM MATAWA. Cahawba? From New Yort l*b ajrlre at Hawaa 1, th ,and New Orleans 19th From New Orleans JTth, Havana Wth, d "hl^S'w ASBto^Krom New Ynrk rth, arrive id Havana la and New Orleans 8a. From New Orleans l*h, Havana 14th. doe at New York lflth. Leave New Yort a 10 AM and New Orleans at 8 Air_i_i__ Qtiin Oitv ? From Bew Yort 7th o t eaoh samMh. at lisvsoa 12th. and Mobile 14th. From Mobile tM, Mavaaa 14th due a Bew York 88 lh. alh asac roa saw rosa-wis dav. stj!> ? 0 1 soon SSTS....; eve 9 10 SOS SSTS .6 87 I stea WATSa morn Pert of Hew Terk, October 4, 1896. CLEARED* Weamalilp Alabama, Schenck, Savannah-# Steamship Nanbrille, Berry, Charleston? Spofford A Tiles '"siesmshtp Jamestown, FarrHh, Norfolk? Ls'llatn * Pleas **shtp Manilas, Pitman. ValnarahK>-A LaM f hip C Tucker, t'uugdon. Valparaiso? A Ladd. Ship \juXj Fianklln, leavltt, Trieste? B F Buck * Op. Ship Oraham s Folly, Hajdea, Antwerp? Layun A Hitrlbnt. (.hip Atalanta, Elba, Palmssaad a ssarka? Oomet, WallU * Ship Ines Graver, Kt John? H * F W Merer. Baik AntagonW. Crowell, Bnenaa Ayree? B WBope? A Co. Hark Aleatna. LoveU, Malta? Crosby, Crocker * Oo. Bark II L Buisers. Delano. ? Marks? Brodie A Pettes. Bria PeBobsr?, Kagerty. Olbara? Brett, flow A Oo. Hi If Rainbow Nelson, Arroya? L A W Armarong. Br | A Watson, Watson, San Jusn, Cuba? Ncjmlth A Sons. Rr it t^suln, Knlsbt. Baltimore ? atbbe A MeKee. Srbr D TrowbAge, Merrow, Attakspas? Thompson A HS?hrrWalter Raleigh. Mankla, Bavsiinsh-J R Ol'.more * Hng O C Clary. PbUbrook St Marys-Melealf A Le'ejoy ?rbr Wm Smith, Smith. Charleatou? Horaaton A Tallman. Schr Harsh Bruin. Douglas, ( 1 rore rto wii? 1 >o?ner A Patter. Scbr B I smmer. Apt'legli, Wllminftofi? J It Olhaore * Co. Frhr W E l.esfett. Gibson. Richmond -C li PlersSB frhi A Tosonend, Tonnseod, Biehmond? ^ \ an Brnnt A 8 ?'br Aon D. Osber*. Aleiandria? M Bedell. f. hr fstewnan. W'eka Alexandria? Merrill * Abbots Sekr Mai. Dlasoswsy. NorlMk?tanrses A Clearmss. f-ehr Mav. Aimetroug Pstershnre? J T Johnson A to refer A a Kaadel. Layton. Frenerlcksburf ? \ sn Brnnt A S * ehr Mou'.esuma, Petry. Fredericksburg? Yan Brant A " ??hr W ni PickerlBf, Mitchell, Psssamaqi?oddy-Jed Frye. Sri r Silver Oood, CharshHl, Portsmouth. NH? * W l*rt * Mu M Mankln Bear* Boston-Dayton A Spragoe Mc?n> J N Barker Simmon* Betatol, RI? Msaer. Slrop M K Bsylen, Dava. New Haven-J B_Kd wards Steamer Tboe Swan, Mtllett, BaWmore-H B IVomweU. Si. amcr ConrordrBorma. Phlladelphte ? J AN ijrlrfis s JF Ide, McDertaott, Philadelphia? J A N Brlggs. arrived. !<h!p Chsrier Osk (of Fcarsport) ("srver, Liverpool, SepU, v Hh coal, to Brooklyn tlss <!o; vessel lo WaUh. t-'arrer A ' sVtp Russell tnf Boston). Condr*. Hsvre, Sept 1, with mdse stifl W? psne^ngera, to ma?t?r H?pt Jl, 1st 4 1 10, Ion 30, spoke Br bark Jesse* , fioto St rbotnss for St Andrews. Ship Echo W Forifeadl, I^rin* Shield*, Aug IB. with coal, to H k T W Meyer. Ang V. "If the Llsard, saw ship Oregon, frtm Hsrrelhr Kew Orleans. ftark Bribers, l.sndsman (late Oooeh, wbo dted ReptS), t lenfuefns. Bept 10, with sngsr. to Sirnver. Kohl **!'>**?? Jrt |0w at ? W. Vm 78 ??> "poke bark Hsry One, bene? for Mnb'lr. ?b? w*s lying to, >ahms lb* erew from the brig Ana k?ps* whteh appeared lobe wai^rhfTted, blowia* frei from JKT.-OTM not s^.isir .he sNtiaaa o? the brtg. Died, Sept 5. Capt -iirtnry iloork. <?( Yai mouth. Me: ?"??. ot New York aeamso. dted, Kept .11. St *ea, Wis W?lnkeivof k,. York died: 18ib IWwsrd rwstn, of .NYort, died ants Itcnry Befer. seaman, of New York, died; all the 'Vrrr^Sla'oe, Headrtcksoe, Ssvannah, 7 dsys, with cotton, * Hnf A1 gneia. S?'nr Ssvsanab 4days. with ee-Wm, *e, to Fturgee CJeermai) At4> s. "r Delaware. Ti.wne?nd * train* Mrhr it O Russell. Lyach. Vtrslata ?<-br A R Fsrrow < 'rawer, Aiessmtns s >hr Blaek S?nall Reel. Ateisadrta srttr Wm A *?<a. NleHHs. Babtawre 4 davs >'ramsr Weaebes* er, ? terk. Provider. -.earner t%?uckei, ileeT. XorwVh . #aaier Chas <>S' ond. timMb Noiwlen ?CLOW. Oss brig, nnkaewa RAILED *e?w.b>?s Washiegjoa Bcemea. Alabama Fsrsanah. Nssferille. Charleston. Jsmeetown Norfolk. *e Wiml ? soarae. B. mertdtae. FW. snnset . do. Mlacetlnaeoae sad Dtsnatrn. The aesmsh r Weshiagton Capt Cavendy. sailed yesarday ft?r Houtbamplou aad Bream, wtth IM passea?era. The clipper ship Andrew Jaeksnsi. 1*70 tons Is new <*? the bsware doek. reeelvlng repairs. She will he M'tpped. re ran Iked and newly coppered steer Jibs* Bart, from F.weti of anil for Taimtea, with eoa1 went aebore near sscheais Head, Ixmg lalaod Mound. oa the Sd ult sad Is a wdal lom Cre? tared. shin Northern Ciown, lladeu. a Panama from Philadel phia. had very eold weaihar <df ' ape Horn and twelve SC the .. .men were laM op with froeeo feet It wy a very hard p .?ase, bat she met with no tmp"i'*rt accident, aad only Vf Ted the low of a few small sail* Hrtr Aden, at Charlesies from Havana, rcpor'a the* en the 34th kD(t ?ih hepi . between t'sje Florida an 4 Unn hey, si' l>?rien< ed s rlrteat as* of wn'l from Tt mriirtoua ses Psmed gresl ?a?IM f P^f- >ao?y. Ac. dnr*sg the pewege. (? Sept IF, tat 9 ll.ja ta. ptetae np a a i" ? binnacle palated cream f?tor, whteh appsaiwd to tare been a the water bnt s short Ume. c Hu. i'iim fi: sii ?5 25 )'fMnb+r ^ ^ Total ,W1 I srk Virginia, of ?? tons, bmft a Msehlas. 4 years old. has been sr>M en terms mi made pnhlte The ahlp recently Umwched a Medford fer Bemra T B Wales A i "is rSled the Hesperus, not ' Precipice. ' aa lncorreetly in Tm win be coriman^e.1 by Capt John l^wtn Jr ??rs'? W>naa.? To Liverpool seamen now reoOre CM adrssee. <uid 10 lAMtdon aad Havre M?. I ?r*rn*p? A' Fsst Machlaa Feet >?, by Besers P F J TeT ho< s in a cooper fsaened nark of about 4* ton*. call?rt'be vT.o l^ngTiWfeet. breadth SOfeei. den.h IJ f-e' J inches w ,'h e full i ooi> m the mstnmaat. She te emit of the best n%* at out 111" tone, noi ?et named, owned by Mnior Harward and Itaieea to Flnrtwera. int anou. w? learn from the repot t of UeS. f*e. laSjant Rngineer, II. Am first rat thrrmsh the Knoll a the mouth a -?'?n?ak h., brrn rrmplHed. *n<t A7M cubje yard* a deooeh ^jni n-r c<l The Channel Is now o^n tnr the pa?a*ge ft vee ^ rw.n, a feet a h'gh iWe wVreae h^jB^anerA drswsa ?ecr 1> f??t ronld no- he adml'ted Tbe ilriThas reeen'lv l^cn rounded for re.aoae ateied a 'he 2St IbeSSdBe heei wse m have Seen -Isl-hed, aeeord ITJ^, ((.struct oa il?e Wli of Tune lest, hut was not romp'eied til the Iflth ef .* nfiwt when ahe wes tsken down and plneed Hi ,1. work c- 'h?' t n?e the Si' . i" nabenWKj '? SU^aMS (?r operst'csi* ii"t she has, In eonsr ntciice, be.'a !*lato m*ke but one ent throngS the Knotl 40 fee' wide, 14 ^iTitccr *rd shout li -If of a mile In length 1oemo*'fS 22Ll.lemer.ths lor dW | i.g at Ihla esponed psri of Ike river unape as ,, , ? t. . fortV mo?t i Hi ' >e rem* ?erof?beve* winds Z " a ? ^ vta t ^ w a fst I.* wsj gt as|^. taah^g a rough for the tug boattotowlfce loaded mHiilin.taH thed/edge boet lowortwltomst injury to horseE Wo low that 11m wort was suspended en the 33th Last. and villi returned eertr to 3tay ocJane asst. When oovpleM u cut will be 9M> feat to width, affjrding an ample peeesge fl all the commerce of the oily The engineer la af opinion thl Wean be readily finished during the ae?t naaon ? Savatuu Bepuhlitan, Sept 30. On or about the Rjth lust. the axed light to Bends Ps] Lighthouse. New York, will be dlaeonttaM*. and a rwvolrU light ol the fourth order (Fresaei system) sabstituted for lt d by ?J^UD^WCABK, L. H. Ins., 3d Ota . Bid Cram New Bedford 3d tost, ship Caroline, for Paott Ommi. Ski from Nantucket Id, ahip Hero, Holler, Idgartown, complete fitting for Pacific Ocean. _ J Arr at New London 30th ult, bark Dora, EoeeJ South * Untie Ooean. St Helena Feb 3-iaet reported with ?0 sp B wh oil, all lokL On and on at Monterey Ang 24, Uaoaa, KB, from Kodii Ground July T, had 4 whs thia eeaaon, which made 100 bbia o ?would tend a boat in for letter* and proceed to the Saadwu liiindi. At Guayaquil Aug 36, legjanin Cummings, Jsnklns. Dai mouth, 480 ap oil, to sell next day for Off Shore Ground. Spoken? ^ipMfree, Manoheeter, ot and from Mew BedfiH for North Pacific, Sept IT, lat 36 49 ft, ton M 41. Bps item, dK. Ship Joeeph iVabody, We* ton (Tom Boaton July 14 tor Sal Francisco, Aug 23. iat 4 03 8, Ion 3B#i. 1 Ship Queen of the Pacific. Reed, from Calcutta for BeMM with fore and mainmast fiabed and leaking 433 strokes M hour? wanted no aasietanoe? Sent 19. Iat 19 N, ton SI W. 1 utf JoW' frum Cklcutt* tor Boaton. Sept Snip wild Borer, Taylor, from Calcutta for Beaton, Sept a tot 30 N, ton 36. 1 A ahip standing eastward, ahowlng red signal with letter 4 tgflft jat 3??gton H IT" 1 Bark Louisa Eilham, of Boaton, 11 daya from New Tork ft Glasgow, no date, tot 48 34. ion 32. A Eark standing I, with blue signal and white hall, 8< lftt 3d 4o, ltQ 66 40. ^B^ Ajwbs, of ami supposed from Rockland for ? 38, lat 41 45. Ioa 69 lu. Schr Corah, ftom Grand Cailion, with sugar and motossi for Mew Tork? she had been blown off in the gale of the 3? and wished to be reported-Sept 24, 30 miles 3fW of flto Island Shaato. fichr Stephen Tsber, TuthlO. from Char to. ton for Bin Platte, Aug SB, tot 4KS. ton 34 30. Cmwnmoos, Sept 10? In port barks Ctonfuegoa, heaoe, ja arr; J B Stetson, from Boston, do. Mabmiliss, Sept #? in port shipe Star of the South u ding, uuc; Queen or Clippers, Zerega: Titan, Sears; Champtei Dunbar; AUegbaneene, Stetaen; and Matare, Oiliingham, dU| use, all in the Prench transport serrtoe; Arlington. Hortoi dlsg, to load for N Or leans, woutd sail October ISth; Indii Young, and Xaoort, Brown, disg, unc; Brie, Knudeon, dfa charged, would go on to Cette to load salt at S3 par ten: Se Quern, Grotou, ballasting for Leghorn, to load for NTori Wateree, Hammer. waUng turn to discharge, unc, OceaH Herald, Furber, and Astoria, Holmea, unc; parts Arihufl Blsnchard, and Satellite, Bnnis. dug, unc; to French trauspefl service, Charm, Sleeper, for N York, 13th, ldg; Tanacu, Arefl for Torrerieja, to load salt for N York, waiting ballast; YoluM teer, Hamilton, for Boston. 30th, ldg; Empire, Sort, for PaisS mo and Mark, waiting ballast; Sea Duct, Brtord. and FannH Kalei , Lodge, dlsg, unc; Howland, Kmmona, ana Anna Pefl kins. Wells, wait|uf turn to discharge; Etiwaa, Wicks, waiUnB ballast, unc; brigs J W Jlaveter, Smith; E Wseyburn, Haw bard, and Australia, Babeock, wtg turn to discharge HhS United States. Sonaes, discharged at Bono, was expected dauH to load for NYtrk. There being an unusually large numb A of vessels in harbor, all are compelled to await their turns enter at P rival, about 3 miles distant. Much diftculty is el perienced in procuring ballast, owing to the great demand toB it, vessels having to watt throe and four weeks fer their turfl to receive it. There are 1,600 vessels to the old snd new hafl bor. which oonifilettiy fill thaw. I Bio Jaxxuio, Aug 17? In port brig Isadora, Dutch (anl not as Incorrectly printed), from Pemambuoo. dug. ? S* Johm. NB. Sept 20? Cld bark Emily Taylor, Giimsby, E; 30th, ships Bombav, Hill, Glasgow; Wm 1 nrsB Jr. Brown, and Mesanticook, Van Dohton. Liverpool; acto9 Eagle, Anthony, HaUowell; Alice Rogers. Kendall, BanH more; 1st last, ahip Clncinnatus, Doane, Liverpool; brig Km ver, Klkln, NTork. hsh St Msriiss, NB, Sept ST? Arr ship Harpswell, Stover, ton; SCth, schr St Stephen, McGregor, NYork. ALEXANDRIA, Oct 2-Arr schr Arctic, Bent. Wit^H Cld schr Black Monster, Townsend. MYork. HOSTO.V, Oct. 3? Arr ship Morning Star, Foster, CalcutlaB bauka Henry Warren. Stanwood, Mansanllla; lAconia, Bearsefl Philadelphia; Geo D F mouse, Cramer, Port Eweu; Ellesl Noyes, Rosslter, NYork, in tow of steamer R B Porbes; brigfl B Doane, Lortng, and A P Pluker, Bartleti, Baltimore, Teml Smest. Wood, and Canton. Crowell, Philadelphia; WaredaleH ?hackford. Port Ewen; Lilian. Sumner, Bondout; Shibboleth! Morton, NYork; achrs J W Berry. Miner. NOrtoans; Mate hi leas, Smith, Wilmington. NC; Vendovl, Bobbtoa. Richmond! H E Weston, Maltoy; L <" Reeves, Crawford ^George Am| Nichols. Louisa Uray, Martls; KlpTowtisend. Williams wood. Nickeraon. Phltodelnhln; It L Berry. Haley, and Franfl Herbert. Mayo, Philadelphia; Manuela. Kilborn, and Julial Boyea, NYork. Telegraphed? Brig Plorimla, from NYorkT Signal tor two brigs. Old ahip Partnenon, Caldwell, Miraml_ rhl, to load for Bristol Channel; barks Mamboitl, Kinsma J Trieste; Alma (Br), Masters, Anptowall; brigs MowIseiM Tibbetts, Port au Prince; Lion. South, do; AVbott I.awreucA Crowell, Jacmel: Matilda, Richardaon, Havana; Sea Poaa Parker, Char lesion, M W Holt. Cousins, Wilmington, K(_ Ads. Htnlih, do; Trindelen, Havener. Philadelphia, achrs DsjB zle. Veasto, Charleston; John Howard, Baker, Baltimore; B Buck, (teomba Philadelphia: Lacon, Beerae, New Yorifl Nothing sal led- Wind W to SR and N Khlpa Flying Pish i Parthenon, and bark Gem went down ana anchorVl In Boads. BANGOR. Oct 1? Arr sehrs C Matthews, Warren, Phllade phia; Superior Thomas, NYork. BA1H, Oe? 3? Arr srtors Geo Kilborn, Rumaai, Haitian Henrietta, Mac chard, NYork. _ HKIMOL, Oct 1? Arr sloop Agent Holt Port Ewcn; 3<fl *chr Gilbert Green, Weaver, Philadelphia; sloop Excel, Oobtfl Pall River, for NYork. FALL BIYEB. Oct ?-Arr seha Niagara. Smith, and Ne Delight. Beebe, Port Ewen. Sid 3d, sioep Ana B Hul llsmmond, NYork. UALYESTON, Sept 10? In port ship 8 F Austia, Clar* from NYork. diag'. barka Trtolty, Hall, and D Godfrey, Pa* ?er, bin Boston, do, Cnltoma. Bacon, and Norusibegi Brown, from Nlork, do; brigs Sooth, Thompson; East, Hej bum, and North. Axworthy, from do do. l<ri* Sabine. Walker, rmni NVnrk, was reported outaide th I ar. \ OABDIMER, Sept 36? Arrsrhis LucylWhlte, Ingvajan n?t Iioulaa. Bailey, NYork, 3Uh, OphiA Peck. PMladtt HOLMES'S HOLE, October 1? Ari achrs Watehleea. Smitl Wilmington, NC, tor Boston; goaan A MarjCBebMns, Bait more for do; Lucy W Alexander, A IcxjindV Rockland rhitotir pLla SW hriga Eclio (Bri, W?ndc?R (Bo, Preuu-, llobba; achrs Orion. Antarra, Albion (Pr). ClJ^asa C H Halrt Klia, olive Branch, Nibaner, Ottawa, CaapPj^ Pa^illinn, M ? Arr Khrs M Plitt Hav, Newbern, NC. for Boaioo: AaL Caioline, Predertcksburg fordo; ossuna. Mayhew, Oeorca Amo*. Mil ltol*,and Mahkm Mett?, tlodlrrr. Philadelohia uM hid brigs Tnccoa, Adaiinn 1' Finer V'lrgtrta. srhra AJ IMS Han n Sarab tiardnci, Tayloi- sm?:i. mtf, Sahws Matchless. L W Alexsmler, M Piatt, Ann CaroUtu-, Osaual II A rnoft and IViii . <t? Arr ?>J i|t* T*rry Not. Reed, and Catherine N'lcV?l? loud, rinlsde Tniito for Boston: s< hm Harsh Louisa, Thaichei ?J iims Lyon. \\ hc?l,-i , Oenrge h I'rescott. tlllk .t Vanhe _ I'isde Berry Jt K Carli.le, Little Th?rraa C. Gaul* HoiUm | Hatcher North Pacific. oarelle somers/ i d E* ??anlmr. Phlla<lel4>hia far Boston Paugassrt vi *?, .loi n K l"stcr, tisndy, 'io for Kalem, W L Andi-ntl. l llewltf | do for Qr.lney: ltenj I'elsno, Hacoi^dofnr Poet* p legato. - do for Bedford; Elizabeth. Par Nantucket: Msfba Maria. ? , New York for I UflMMi Cain; M F FolhdAT. Barrsit, and N B H?mea. Boaton for rhiladelphto. f>ld the above t, 'tsy, snd ail others beftere r-porteil, exeepibrtg Acuiiati, i T'*er. s*r?h Wa.tMa, and Elt/a Praneea. .t PM? Arr lings Drmarara, Piye. and Delmou: l.oek)L Park, T bllnilc iphis for Boston; oani Small. Tlleliel do fafl snlcn^. Paaex. IJnnell. do for Portland: achra H ? Ou ito' ] leu, Boston for Phi Isdejph a. Mid schis t'oral Pennsylvania Hftnain at R I'M, wind WW, hilgs Acadian Itomarara. I?e moet Loeke, Mm " mall, Baser achro Ti?er, Sarah Batllit ' PI'** fmnrrn If E Ounton. Adeline, L AudeorcU, Mart < Eliflkbetb. Jn? HaTStt, B .1 M?rcer. MO WBM, fept 27? Arr scbr North Polr t Hwaio. HU. J>1 nciro MACIII A^POBT. Sent S-Arr brig Time. (Br) M>" land f NYork, ?4>h scbr A line Mow*. Ptk? Kaatport for r.altlomr sidjatli kilr O'Brien. Rotileson. N Vork NP.WARE. 'M S? Arr achr Kmtiy llorton, Eetrham. Ato' andoa, .loop* Cltutoa He'kman Fenton, < "rot on John Me tier, Manahaa. Albany. Md achra II Perry, Mtury, BYorl Norma, Aaderara Cmtoa. sioop Powhatan, I?rtwood. Stan KM i WW MBfOM OM B-Arr ?chr? ?tojtlMMM Hsudi NssaeWMnd \a Daod H ? >? f'. Backet' m-'.arw 1 it, Wm K Bird Stnnh. HwahfhtKJrt, NJ. Norma. Maha i, t\i Sj ring I , 3d- Arr snhta Jane, llar i.ns, EBuhethpert . NJ, Thomas Smith, HritP". Albany, H|>leedHi Rciahart. Coat fjiring_ ? whra 1 boa Hpgf MM rr Pti!'ad?:|>lMa JfnM I VTilc t eo. K'ruhih . aoule. Albany, Tryal Adaeiettrem NaniiirWe1 , Bfoch. f BKWBIBYPOBT, Oct 3-^ld schr K us. ath, Orter. *?? tort. NhWrOBT. (as 2- Arr i. hrs Chlel. Howard. r,ai, Ta Diver for HaiUmor* C R - i:h. Brcwn, Qmoer f. r PilllSidS phts Urecisn. Horgeaa. II iratth ftp MSork. .Td, at ? A M? Sid. th. aim. e. hrtg Aivto, er srlira M-- ', Tatk*. Ilr'en Mar. ferine Orare ParMng. ami ail ntaera MW I.ONPON. Cct J-* ir achrs t aodalia Mia ? iw>u, f.? M for PMtsdetphts. I,-ed" Bea ae for BTmi Maria Lout- a, Upeneei , BTsrk tor Xaa.mket. POBTLAKD. oet 3- AIT Br bi^ Oetlrr. Hsmpwm. 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