Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1856 Page 2
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fORONATfOV OF THE EXPEROt ALEXANDER. j Propl* of ViMeow at the Gate* of **" M/'""n~PlvP?r?"?'? In the Paiue L. l'ha Koyot Iwl^nu -ItoUM-hold Troopa- ImptrrUU Olflcs? l'or(Mhak?ir and other 01?-t>rlti<?? l?f ,1'*51.? *""<* 1" the Court Y ard ? lr *t-*?l ut Forfl#M A uibawadon? The Ituyal forty In tike t'utii??tr*J_rhc Kuiprriu, Km j*'** Mother and Ixar? Affecting Family Ktnnloii-Krllgloui Oflk-ea an J Kettre ?f ht ol tht frotrwion? PufiDlar Rejolcliitra i ? ttan<|u?t and Parades. [Correspondent! of the London Timo* 1 Moscow, Monday Murmng, Sepi i, 1856. Tre Czar u aim uiti Lord * aooiul"d. The groat cere mony whs h has o or .-.e, rated his power la tbe eye* of so u&n y millions ol bm subjects h*> been performed with rare p reel* ion and success, vnd with a mag m licence to wbli h no historical psgcatt known to me can claim su perkxrfty 1 h<? d?y ? how much of our grandest eifort* depend on hat which we cannot ooutrol ? wax beaut tul. .At buLCWt all Moscow wad up and ktirriLg and before it a a> oay the bum ol' voice* and uio tramp of feet roie the streets. At 6 o'clock the Kreinliu was assaulted by a sea of biiro?n beings, whoUsUed iheiuoel vvn augrily a^ainrt tin* gales, and surged in like wivik tarough tbe p- ruis This is t.? the Buulans what tbe Towor, M .'uifl'a, WVi-miuHer Abbey, tho cathedrals *1x1 .fce it verities. i^l m one, would be ti an K?(f??fb?i ?n? it is tbe r??art and the soul of M?,co?, a.-' Moscow is ibe heart and the soul of Kunia. I in btr historic il muniment and tbe temple of htr taith. j?#*iu.-t 'ht-ti wa < nace been broken the hordes whioti "" '? many . entartw nought to daalroy in its c-a lle .be Hercules which was born to crush them, and within fhem i ave p- ? ? ? 1 most ol the ureal events which ar ? Ula lancnar^ n Russian history. Here is all tUat ta m Ml iwtr: i? and nj' g' jacred io toe Russian raje ? the touitu ol the king*, dukes and < /.???, the palaoes, tbo cathedra* Mm- irew. ir. s the tribunal*, the holy images the mi 'acq f" 15 mi,*. ?0 dear to '.his inanl <?f the Slavonic race Iti loim it is so rr g,U4r polygon, with a tower at each aujtie i.l the v, it is bounded b/ ihe rivdr on one awe. and t.y b. ulevards marking the course of an aujiout ? tie tui, tow as dry as the Cephisus, an the other, an i iu wall.- letiue a*. ?;r..te(y the tit-, of tti - whole city ol II ,i cow in the iitj? orth ?"ir'.y Crsrs I had mien ed a m' re minute description or this more I spot, but f"r ttie pr <fLt I cust be content wvh 'ayiiif ?o ibocb tarlyasit is, onr party til in uniform though IxMtn^h Ibey !>.. >.a a bird strcggloto rea-M OU9 of I j-; vat. ? .V ii.irs id 'e rs oi ladies in uul dres^, of inu Jikf, o' a. i; ci*d >< ? if strai . ? p-a^anu Irom lis lanfco nfnes, of tclnnovnitt in oil. ial osiunj", b.anug with ?'arf *id or^'er.- and crosses, 'ret ui i fun.i at tic ?arrow ettra .ee, which is fclo-ked op with cirriages. b??M?, dro.iohn-fs and soldi jm. For the places reserved :nsi.i? the no'irtyard ticketj are oece?iiary aud u>Mt l-eo^ - are r .t ab ?? ft fio.t in. ?- sups of coio.-ed c*'d tf tbevcj- !? t- ii' they are a<k -d to ahow them, aad so U?M-e u or <-our$e f. mr .!e .. y a:ii ?onfu?'.on 1? ?a rt>l> on Sa'urday ni' rr.'.ug ?h*v I/?rl Wodaho i e ob'aii .d a i.r ! Jn :mbiTor t ckett Iron thi R is. aut!. t.i '. ' it supers ol u.siinct on to view ihj pn. ? t-i-M i r.ic ' '"^;mii were r.*a.-:y iu d?t,>4ir, for thilim ? wax rat.ii s ? y c!o ? aid poo t #ere not to n *' 1 ' ? ? >oi ? ? . i ..te, i ? .s it , froji* tfllf'1 r ?>, r Minuter, however, had n >t lo-tsigll iwtn^iv'.. - us . 't it..' 'as ar of n s ?" :nt*vniea wbj U ti tatre ?o ill- M -eette tn?gni11.-?nt mwUc.-, o h r,.l p. npea' f v. Usee* so I from difleretit -uariera ,u--o-? :od taobu . E*s -r. *.: I. .' ruber of t . ?f aJaiiwioa io tbe interior mi \> k . ,urt <T tbe Kremlin fie ch irch was lound K he .jvU' taanr <?;'!?:*?) e 'J<H) iaiide have betn r??r d f..- >,? c irju d plo ur i ie Tner are"cij iOO iror? p'.u s ln?i le 1.r ai. tr, ? aobituy Minsters m-d ? ar. t nti/n?a o> all tit * K hs?<. jt it p ? .c 1 f xnj o?e or tvo ol the Kl< im berc i ?i b? I t . it L..e\y wt',1 not o ? frrtn any *ant of. <? ".on on the part ? I .r ! SFod<?bi?i ? or ficw. I.-.' t< k1' ? or attention ot t:. - a;.?aifu i' tach.-.; to Kng::,b e it bat s > {r?t'. m liw cMfu sion in : e pwb', * here, ow ttg o tiie pre suic of ? oslt.-- . o^.;, i,i w u.i tb' -or?n ill >n tiateven u?egr ,ID tcrsof t Lie ?- I tw empire 4300:41*,. j , ieep ihe.r -ee or l ave tneir d.-.-iri-s falQl ed. Thn freedom of movement *iven t . the (?Mp|j and tba rtviiity of tte ^DCarmeri'. : .serve over y praiit b it v. were loi tKe ? ? on en tog?t away frcm b^tn a id 11 draw breath in tue inter c ri of tb.- Xr*,nHa. H to n-tr party ?>? .w 1 '-.Eatc enough to m ?t "ue ?ho ??*- o en V? 1 k the k'.iidett orr>icti is, the m>it ~.-.i .a. r..i-,r . ?MiK ng, an Irnnab'" of ra n. H;- |.>-itl >t? i< on -ni lo-s rto mini lilitii o, b iitnmt* occi-'ioq a^ ou mauy otb trs, k enai. ?<i u Di 10 uu m ss.eatUl rervi ?? ana, ood-sr '"r gni.ian. e. ? *nu.?r inio the pan,'.' woat sre the >?*e parntiOBs lor the *reat ceremony Aw nd r,# the b.osid stair oa*e. which In two thtnli raarhe* from th' r-.urt to the u,?i- r story of in* ???!?, ;a mc 10 itnylaili mi | e tto Hi!. 01 St. An r V we ttt d a ifce tirti iai.di. ^ a wul-j coor which op?n^ into thi atu- ch?mtcr- 1 i*e. a hall? t > the Uall of St ?* This ila.n s e ts cov-ft< wit9 scarlet id itt. from a Inco ,t *"Vfi! 11s r.aif (Kt.kjoi K lit-o . aid it is iioeo on b >tn aides and at hoth !a. ngs by the Ch** a 1. r f?arde. 1 1 rit os?quee, with ti rer **?!..* as ce- 1 cuiras?. -.bite ooav, aed Jark bl i? tr.,i. -r? ai.h r..dsiri!"w. In. uil hl^? wh r.h ae ib> r le a L.i'i|t ih xnt apu t u *nt. whitt and fold. sat tailed fy a co'ousade of to p 1 *r? anj lan, ? "of | . .01 ? sutuint^K th .t'cnilraret. riclly or aamt steii. Thi pi'ars are male o' rac as are 1.4 Jemi l^llel At the e^' r.f the b.i. . is % k.." siaVlO 'i' . i -jfe t- e patr- n faint ol M sct.w k. nug ;ne 1ri?'':i au 1 t i CW? and alar 01 to- ? >r. ri. 11. g ,t -*r- . :.t'. . .o? I nil over tb? w?)U Tat 1, or is of Uj tt-est paiq 'ir^ 01 ?'?)' ?# 1 . +' ' ?* Mghl/ | n, -bed ij. tio w ?PP" ?t'1 'he ?re no ic. s tni'ilix in Mavoc.c, reuu dmg tie r.ado-s of tae g.orws Korean b'tlory: a. las are p aied at th ?tfe. . t tbar.' In bo other fi r live ia it aWove the tbre ? arc^i" ? n <? >r ways winch i?nd <>ne to ibe hall o ? Viatia r i 4 cb ?!, H>r an oreb?wtr?; at t>ie f irm-r etrcm ly u tv I? or>t a U xander Kawakl ltd 1, Ml ofro. e c?l ?r. .? Marble, covert d witn flu ug and emf>iaz ? in ?i is <tf t'l r e??. nr.. of tbe Order, and li*e tbe Hail of St i;?orge ?? W tiled wuh a mall nude of ?!1! i?ri mmlitT' ail "ti b?s of fh<- im(?e'iHi ''oun? ne'. 01 k)| tie ooarH o? m rope. Tbe ltoaslae Oenarals wear suiriet . a .1 a fold g reen fr.H-, coats wj h go d Uu d. rgl.t c Wars, aad shoulder etrap*. auT r 1 : core alia.: htiei and tnasels their ratk .? detoted bj hurs on ls? fbould^r tirap (fa r l*%' 1 ill tt a etoq(i? of elver. *w % black patrnt 1. atber belaiet With f.tlt or ?d mi in Inf. atd a -pike m the Ma irom m-m deiefl < a iariie pl im? of blai-k, ye nw an I woiie f?ath rs i'ne Kta? Major wears silver inttead 01 gold lane a i oilloer* on dot} bsve a silver laie ?a?b round (Mr a tboee wbo ha. e di?i:ug<i -bed ,hem<?lra* may r>e n'-i iwo by 1 heir sword Snots 01 honor, which *? once ah" ? what aervlce they hare b eo <n/ig-l by tb r oolcr an 1 materMi Those 'General* wr. ? beiaog to to ? army 01 the 'axasa* wear ? pm4ifiotis Tartar or r .1 aork b mm* I a - it. fl|M ? ? ? ? w t. . . let conical crown pie? ?, striped gold tnraid. Krom tbe walls 1'Aleisr. Ire we ;>ass 00 to in- Ha. of to \u drew si the end of wnich is tb* in^-m; t'.eone. to pur pie and foM with seven Siena seeen tiai to it Abo^e is aaih.a; Bed ''.'J <1* />tew," rurroJbcnd br ? fsU-n glory, rha walls e oim 1 ?4 wu1) bije. the ci?r of ibe -1 A?..'rew r.iio..u w.ih the . nrtdf ? M ? tba kingdoms, principal i?t. du. hiss, sal nro*i9css o tte K'>-?iani empire sol l)?lweea ib.) wedowt are rs pressofe'i IB rill r.ll 'ftha chain and < ros< ol th- Apo -ie At tbe upper end ol t it hall, on Mm l?f . band at Is, th? r? h a great crowd of person* at sn? side of a . .. ?able Tbey are (Natal Mtle nynn oo lb* crown, ibe ?baft re, and th* gk.f.e, which wnl m Med nromi , W the great ceremony o" the day Ta? on ? e it. 1 c?.n be 11 ten to d1nm.>os< bcloofs t> th?j? ta m* era wn-lLey are v?rv t?f nnd very b 'ght. The crown la a r. aster of i nones, nod tbem 1. n "? -tti of dismoaos ,0 the f wm sf osc lenves aroaod ,t wbie.h I* dasi'laf a* ihM ens btsaeeit Wan ' o ihens bril mt? ara ths iff of p>sum halli o' the food oM d ial In * ??'. r v* I ?>. . [d'^, tr r" . 1 ti ? '.it ftta ?d o; afamcu' c.ttrin.J. wr.i- h one if nita *?'. afrail tnta kabon I reaiiy won d not venture 10 slate bow ?m*e It seems to he. nn1 kbali contest wyseir by s.- ig that Ui'? s tbe predoia hoc. fo? wnich f'ath -rtna H fn?e r?sr!y ?>?" H and s large praelon for life lo i rj'i awa jr elare (Tut, every n?ry boo* Turning aw?y from t! - ; artai ? ingredient" ib the c-remoalai af to day. let na iook a', what in csriias or worthy 0' WHKe IB la" hail ii-*!!. The distn->n*i WU1 mas n ir': " ' ? . t ragsr Je,} w ,t,r lag of traditionary atnpid asmi'st.on S* fh?y S e sow Wieeee rhs?K tniMoas tbam, like Pnoce Kaosrt's 'ropa, by ibe dos?n Thirs are obj ecu hare wnith Will Bot a*t so long Tn a door of tbe Hall of H| Andrew and of th* ilali of -'1 Ooorge, are drawn op the* tier* of tbe Palace Ibe veteran." of tbe grent wsr To m? than* n* *4 sold ?rs were more 1 nt treat ag and attractive t ,kn all tbe dinpinr of rtche* and the blase or MM and silver *ot?d and above as rhetr draas recalled tb . day of ?"?1WnWe straggle* which abooc all Bura*. Tb* wage bears* n oa| with white tas**ls aad fill cof't*. the nsnple !.?oad rt-.asi MM ai, i ? r w? s. ? ???! f ?? w ? Mam loons with Many notions at tb* oqter side rrom thi ?aae to tbe root, reminded one of Us? toe wben K itasoiT n?l Blucher and Marat and Wellington were .be heeoes of tnat reenmng battle, the.* men are picked from varv.'is reg menu with ao?a regard perbap* to *lie, hat oertam ly with utdoohf d claim* 00 u>* *cor* ol serrio* ?* "Tr " does ne t Hear fir* or Mi ribbon* and crosses or medaia oa bis hreasl As yon walk aloof ibat wail ?f soldier* n h diflisnit to baliava Ikat Ibey have lived under three Imp rors and liae* toofht a?s ost th* great Napoleon. They are all in i"r feet pe eaervaUoo Tse onl; ibmf to beUsy old age ta * certain aUITaea* a boot ibe knee, aad those >? jlacsh ?Kn 1 lavtac bleaad inrritab e wr.nkles which Wlllmmt nam qg a* records of in many lust re* The ha, r ? i?t black the mroatsche Is lust sis and dark as the boot wk.ej, w?. m ,m tosf'fghl Ihe f*in ? of ocr noyhieil, an : ii.e whisker, ?lor Old Rosa. a wore wh.-? era?are ofih' save tin- pi wh PThe a'irprise int. wh chyi msy l<av? been 11, r ?n at Stiih evidences of 'iv>-nlity on the part of m\ wna ^ave ^een t'.e horrors of the Ber>r, ? an' win r. d M irat torn hi? hsci ai Var rwlartt/;. is retn > rod, however when yon -e. mat the \ nteran who t.iuchoa 11 1 mo .'ta. 1 1 blacken* Ibe flr.rers of his glov* be h*? had hit hair dyed Just as bis boott bsv* been po! sh*l ? 'or Home of lh*ee vrterana *re hi'torlcal mM'imaala? ?o -an have serve.) .jnd*rP jv,r , s' Ishms,.1 ssd In f*ly ? ?:ien bare ma-rt,. ? Ir'n-i nto Pa-in? other* hav* croaee,: Ihe it. Was w t- ; ? tsc.h Of ai; tbeir no??- >>!? de.<irnUna* tb tae veterans see? to (irlaa to* . medal ana flhoon tf.e most and they potat to it with great pride inoiifh it hang' sm d memorla's of Iremao dona battle Sel.'a How Iik** r,|fH ? ^ lh, relics of ?' ?wmm. Frtedli ? ? , P . ,w% ,n i (!> r-1 .1 ?rn - ill-, h'lsru .t tii mi-ia: wV . ,s flits day he. 1, giver away to near.y all R ,.,,, , count of 1 hi ale ?s Ths line in at, h tb- so? : ?< were dr**?< d was |?r'nc? the men w >re . , ,,k M . and fron Iit? to tltre the OeBeral on 1iu rir tri iv m.iti I ap ai d <*own tbe rank*. |eok haarlogs wiih r \ eya Iroio breast to breast, nnd " drained them with hie aen liaii !*. Tbey wereo' difl ?r*ni height, being B*i?y*d ?or merit aad rerv.ia, baton an aeerafe th -y w?ro' , ?eel high. IB the alley* torm*d between them and in ibe Inter mis ' 'tween tbe rear of the Hn* and th* stdw of b* hall n .red the woat snrgeoo* crowd tiat it r> n Mi.i* lo i*nej ? an *verthmi?f pla) of color, ciinng at trk* MM rtnb web ?h< t with varton* hoes. In wtit?( green, ?old. Mid mlver pra?l? Ham. Tbe r,as^o?*i of the ? ffeers ?nrmo???rd web I ng tn eolorod plums*, yai. '< w, t rli ?nd white, of corks (bathers, are well suited r e? sha*ever w*v they are worn, and MM* I* ? as U?*y wars bora* on tbe owners' arm* th->ae I I In Be* 1 uttered *r drooped frncWui y over the poll* bad steel or illwr of the headpiaoe I strutted abo-it in lemon colored fc?ng boots wttb f1" i &*WirtVS?ff?!i? ^"Tgry -TonHn" w'bo .nudea*' o? ^ ?? hVK* ".y rtri^whu: "hTsnrvey&'tbe gay crowd ? l'li-k wvkisn expreeMon of couulauanoe. ^n a quiet .roup, beaida a golden pillar. there ; .Uj u CortscbakoU wtijMe name will be ??*r ss"ooiaied w th ihil maurr yietreatwbich deprived Frane..; ani Ku,tu 1 oftLtfuew irtumph. wueu last tbe writer ?? ? u?a I,, " ,'i, flgure it was staking np ?????? ?*-?? "? >l Paut> at th* tuner*! of' our feat UiH?- ?? _bd<1 a few month* which brought with them ??t -h cir ? m ? ' S,.ow-bave b .wed down *"'? have wru kled that broad high brow. In* 1 riuoe l covered with orders, crosses. and ribbon*; alarn oi ' m. in'* slitter ?d hi* breast; but th'-re la a i a'r ?> gravui Md cart about him which shows that these honor* "l b. en Th"V bought Hl" *>'' * a,e .aim' ,n ' th" of a rai' ?i b ack mounted speclad?s ados to t i- ?% .Jri.v Jt ur, espr. K.U Of his fac". It is very sinking inuee to He. lb.' U. mti-r ol K asiau others who are obliged to r??\ to seen aids to v.,.m rhe-e tonal ?. Miint thti v |H< ill ar in t?i-ir haiiu or in -herW*'? wmui rem. is it n.e.ssny for *o larae a jiro?r 10a of ihe no ur, in. n to wear ({la'sna. In anotu-r nr.",| h? Hr n<? maybe seen tod 'l ,r*'n 1 ^ nntaM lb" r Birultll, wbobas receive.1 h gh mark, of favr r from cm countrymen lor his conduit at deb w U.1H..I H' led no lets thau thir ecn sortiss ng t ast thi ailied tr- in 1 ? ? ?nd eircsiied unh n till the In- w leu ie ?>* bad y wo. aded, au.i retire I to Moscow to l," ' irmiioi hi- .ntrepidiy. In mother spot Pmoe M . w ? kofl ahoissul. a 'avorite with he Ku-sians. i? spe^ ? - w ,ULi, uM.a, .tr;ne,KOt manner fan ?;u"uw" 'l,t v,d:.?., i> ,- <V, ,... , j very core rwpwtiig the criti r - ci to wtu-h I f ha- been fx i>o-? I for his j>'an or defenci* aitt.H Mr i rs which have app-ared in tie . , i . tb Iron, him and hia a.-cii^rs are a new r * mi o ,?i K^hhu -wrtaltfro. the Prince 1 tiuudi say th%. V; it* p.nD whs fn * tr at e<i by Uk? nei?toct al tli? benorai who lomu.anled be left w nu to carry out bis ? the*.- were, to ai ow live or six oatta'to^ if th^ F wch to B?t up lo U:e tdire or tin ptateau and then to aita W tb ru di, . hi. I lb. in <i'i?n ou the c?I .nam asi.eodtaj? Iroro l elow b..l n-tead of doing ?o. the ^u?ra p'rm!l ted ni"e or let. b?tla'i?n? and a nailery of artillery to ( ri ?n?MC height* btfore aaaatled them with al bt? Vrce uiid .hen they w? re too stroug to be dislodged. I ..-wever tn may it ?? r.-rU.^ ihat the e.n: i' M. u? b'.^oi: as the in. -t aocornslmhcd geDera i.? y .????*. C. far a.- regards Ibe theory oi *xr. llo w . Xtr. m. IN well rca 1 in msuv branches ui iea uiug. an<l is rai'i tf- be as various and versatile a." our own A< nuopbe chym'?t do-tor. naturalist, goolog^t, lawyer, diplomatist, Kiicit r ssi'or. J:!. Hi. m-nner is inpenous ant har= i be is given to theory and reverie r ither than fti. Hod. a^d be sever "moves' at hta hooae, or stuii?< j the arts of popularity. To 'tl.'beu is a. so in the ui- . u , I cannot fee him, 'oet as he is in the crowd ot genera s and statesmen. There, too. is ihc second C.ort-..:h kort, wfo is a- celebrated as h.4 great relatlre, and the b.u'.l sotoitrly and )nte;iig?Dt looking Aidede-On-np (.ene'al luders, whote srrival with fahalocs ruiuf?rc?in un our constant bugbear in the Criin'ra. roveriug by a head at least over all this a^emblago. and onspicuo^ lor h'u. bearirg and fnce, notwi h- landing those homo s. e.ucleb, Mnjnr or Colonel ^talipine i y c vnjpi"-a ou- and although not msny Engii-hm^n er Fr. nahm.u may have btaro ol him. he is Known threagboot Russi* lor h o avery and devoiion on tho day ol toe rcherua' a He served on tie siatt' ?>' General R?4l, and wheo il. ut ofl'.rer lell te wa.s seen, under a trem-nloos tire, cooll* walSinic through the hold, looilu,; for his hoav not succee.'iug in that object, he came, bo we v, , uuoii tne p are wi.eie general Slayero was lyng ba.ll.i woiicded. and. taking nim upon his gigaotio shoulder^ te bore him ? ut ol the Ogbt an 1 esca(K-d, in spin of all the droits oJ the French Ij stoo; him d.iwu h he stro. ? cC with hit but den, /..n r,...ri Aai ? warriors and sta'tsmcn liu.oa in fail >urt c rets are presMUg towards the lnucr apart ... i.t lalare radiant with diamoa is, for the 3iep *y o- * i> -h head drens now ,ti v ?gu<j u p c .i.iry a^pud. 1 cormiaU >?r a high c. relet or coronet ol Hi to velvet Cloth, Which cuoompasees thetoporthe Lewi and - 'luid o w th precious stones Persian i< In ? iKn bi. i k she- pss n raps, and rich "con- dre s"? of tu-i I uesl t- ilk and co.-s*mer sOawls ? ! it laeed Tartar depu tes, Will i! elevates from the further -bore* of too Cisspian, t -ortiuLS. Cirtsssians, Abasses, tcoerKesses, Hia . e i.ans L'ra auir. t:ou;<ols. Gourians. Dtghosl mess. Konds, Upi?. K 'i moca?. Co-sackf ? mlngliM wiih Hussians, Kren< h. Kls'I*". >ptt: arda. B imacs, Ore. ?s, A-i ruin J'rustiars ^tx.n., I?ei e,? ber? was an cpt .nae 0. the Asi atic as <1 European r*?* all ill toeir linest bravory miogliug i. g. iher iu the larrow coni;>ass of two grafl.1 h*''" r* m the 1U11 or St Auare* tu^ do >r* on one ?'(l? iu lb.' til. pro it.' t.ade which is foi mod on the t >y or tie l r-tsVr?< . the 1 c >'ie or the Imperii! pa'ace. A? w r-lept>eo out on this esplanade a sight such a. ean ?uther bo ^eicribad Lor iue". the eye. It aaa je early ?about halt p*'t ?i* o'ctoolc; the sun i .in nc lij in t u leu ha e t r tLr It'll uoU'.'i and vanea ?l tae i ?1,1 itijte of lb.' Oturcbee on t' e ri?tit of tae pxUro wun a ri b oiatg. tlanie.that tttmed * > die away or ga.l.n rr"L v.-.,i-k , as t,. vapors .- t:.e mermnj fr ,'.lM a i re <:en?- i from the river, or thinnid away before the | t hlcbtctze. The tiew is bounaed hv t'ie Krem m ou I il. left aij'l en the rl^ht by the hmldlBg' o. tie Pa'**'. 1 ?t i Le eu.1 of the fasale. B-'ow the a -r.ta'-o- Uvjre U II.. eani'f.- way. outside ttc i-alace, a'reaiy thron, c;4 w.tb spectators ol the I wer c a-?e? and I , is ?a> U ?.u tue t ^oof the pUtoau on whu ii tb Kra.n I V tt I c. over l ha coursaof Moskwa . .ar"' t t e ru-ir Uw>e is an- thsr broa-l l*tn. cloae U. the ?<it?r Will *b' h ihe ancient ror'.rew and overlook; tin *01 aic a v t lie art: Icrym-ti a ? Itas I'm ny t? - ... . I;, unle.i oi. n>' ?f !!;?: 0!'' ' :ttl8 f?:U * 1 - ' of liiu cr#. Ld*tc<t a Jl Tl?e pt'v? he*f ) ? l, i far i inrred vpto the whx wails ?n the m1" # ,1.. . rr, I-?.I Ihe rim ??.? h is a*oul iwo ?> m , i'ds a?'"?. , those w aO'lber ?a!k liu'.-d wuu i, ve' t . ile on wb 31 m t and w inea ,i , it. ii n are i ? n *r <>. ,?<, '.')<><,ng t > * i? . I Kr> i-i ,n K i it tl ;.n. .>r t u -a o.H:n? ott the e.i ) . , ,f ci , I ; ? ? .1 U. u - 4 a., a' III ?t l!,*n ?y ' II a hey... .4 i:u? a-, a r is.ii b t *'? ?re i < -r n?in> ii every !? sU?(m' c i turr-e spire cre-?. tiiitiaiet rt?e to greet tu^ -en. an. ' ' h: rsjt [on I' ? r r ?! ir-J sorties. Hit m, ns_hie I this f'.o.. t U m van, indeeU. U,*^ tao ?y? ?i. |. <a/.ea on aa it were, to ^ - th ot the WO'.'I Of cioca towers. pal? ??. c - .?i.bes and puhnc b-.'loings which icm t? evi-ut ?? ?a' as the b"r'W? itself, -p-lr^icg up am! t ard separated Uy. boaleards. mealowe, *ardon an l area. |<ai . c? ;.U ?l<a a<M ivtires, as a the ol theglooe art rapre-eOMi4 h ?. e Uera a strange tossing aome reminds y >-i of Caeut ? lr i ar ,?> . >.e, id- it ? t . mn .. t w-ranl o.aic bat tie meet ot ibe i>n<* e ihe awntries oo tl ? ti-e tow ?ci it .'antic in tue ha/e. at. J jastasyiu i??g u w ftt Ibei ar. warders ' a ttie doc on k?epyo in>a? ut t ? .h? tow er is L.<? Norman, but very modent By iV. o i and thai U ? tnau wears the i >n? i oat and . ?t e . !1 of a. i ve f <arv . e lorrejoi. see tr,,r.-. wn nwps -rn -1 b. ?, i.te UoH, ic rhurvbas, nelt lo a ?r?. n dom- r?o In-I.i al.y ur. 'ine S : ?" !K- ' P'-'i'S ? '<?" ??V I ,.t sir.' Is : apor, .s t,r 1 w.'h mr,?o?l?r> a? N r .i x at, , Ih.s i. re?t rf gutt-ring spir.- .ud dom^- ?nd the van nie-ia c ot vari<r?t- . olo i I. ro it an I b is toiai. y s on. ra/ed u|k>o this fi >ne h ? coul I not 11 <1 J I nnr r'a-'ied t' he reiD''rr>!)?-r?l tost 44 y^ars ago ^a?> li?n l<? k? 1 down on a 'imllar '?"? frem the W.-.IU ol f-.en' KrfiL o it3uM?7 n leed one weer u-n ? will he t'ji- aofi. r^fiiar.' of that fata? entry ?n t-j M<ac>w wbwh 1 .a... ? baa ??ar?e av^ored al Sob?iWWl 1' wan on the aontve'sary this day tnat . .ogsnd and > -aii.-e for >h- laat day pmrwl tb? d'soiati i; strraw of Cre and iro i oi tie <evo?.?d city which te ral .'ed ?be grand aaaaMt, and oa tblt d?y just twi years aio tli" ai'ie* son'lroos saliel from ?roa to ttiei readeevous at Raitahis v? prep%'e for the dese<wt on 't?e. Ctlmea. As Koaow lias ria?n lions ts aabes, s?> will ^,,ut..|.i ? ?e irom la mins. Hot har* rtiera oa w Man Is ? old htii ill -rjc-0% ni lb" Ro^-iaa '-so r,,ti _? i.^b of #re soirt# linn aa e?|i>raiare oel?w, an 1 the Ui'ck wfcrte stnoSe riu has into thi a,r. Tntnk Set r, B Oj du.< roar of the troa maeseoger ot d. atl is ao? fc.ard a* a e , but iotl-ad of that angry voire, the be, la of tba 1 b'ireh <X the as i-oiftioo ring o14 ui-rrily. an 1 at the s'l-nal tt ? tb .uaand ?'?.? of M ... ?w ,aks upthe rhoru' U s. veno clo. il The er.Boes f tbe can- on rbakf th" - .1 I retn'ta twenty ooe tsm.' it rapid aa e..-oB .!.. I oe ?'gna. for tM ?r r-aona an yagnl in II" r?re7?OBia to repar loth* pis'-" indn-t tin lb" i (Mwme ?t^ fa r ' apr iv-ni bie n. ? ? mill ar-ieg the neit itm a-.-t, : irn'ng t" tbe en we c?.m? "l-oo t?" "nd of lb. t.?Tmr,. ..rKra-no - rliir .. at wh? I. t'. -e 1' plac~l tbe ranopy beneath wblcb tba Emperor and 1 mpr^e will march to tba Caurcb o( tne aseomptloa It is of rrat se color l notn -f jfi' l emS- d"-? I w in r.p"- > ? ?g -a sni Is held np by 1 wsaas of tttver gin orna msfb-'t With jei'-w. Ward an.: wh ta mod. ' ?n I ? bar git fs ar ? h' ? d f " f - either s - n, .mr.u-d by a rrown surround-d with the order of m AS drew I* la snrmounted with 16 sigrettaa of trio rrert oatr h leathers and is emhrortered with ibaa'mioT tbe .-tnplre, as W"P aa Ihoae of Karan Aatr?".lmn. P'danJ I HP eria of Iberia, Kief!, Vladisn'r, Nov orod, Fintaol, and Other devices. All these and msny mora -letalsdo 1 note on the authority of the great work by tbe Ma?t< r of tb" Ceramoaies. for lodead to me all is gild tbat gl l tern and In tbe general imp?ea*i.?n produced by thesight ol inch - oa" ran lacks U?e mentory IB ram Ibr ibi ooro truest parti which pteasad him . What a scene there is in that oourt below ? an a-sembtate of i^r*aol?. bonnets, kelaets eoats shawls, si! of tbe gsyest boas At Mw i wt ^ if the staircase ther* is one large rats* 1 i stand r I 0, ?i mile ? 1 ner. is also a gall-ry on the right baud al ls from the lie, ace to tbe church, rail of people -beiore ts al , tbe ch rch bel""nea a-e f- ,1 o? p -ople. and th- c" rt is II, r- ry. ' i.?<- lo'-r- ir" two 'i'M?' ?>'? ;?" '. "? ?" "t. r rms m : . i-irl r ?<? p-'i'it.c pa- i.?:i !"??? 'i1 , i . ' .rt !?? tbe 1st th -e is t >r th' P*e .,,1 tyi"i? ?| o^th". '.renadlern ii Oi"--e' ' ' e< rat.d ?f 1.' ? t'-uant O-l...-" Fst an- ? Bui Until * Hilt si who swasM the salnf ?S tavroa at the gi"al . ' ' s re . > * at t? at ?"*" ? At |.r?< lit tt ? -Mser -it i a." i.;> 'II tiy ''rst ?? . . . . i and it.- y rn y r"*?r '. l a* a m ?' ?" ' ? i ait ' <a red alvr - -? t y wt. . | t ? v; 1 *-o cover? t i? bead : a ?>>?" Uiro tt," .w t a'< rr i ? 1 1 , r *? "S ? r ? . car '? rl " ? - ?"? s- i lo til. I' or I.J w ' , w "I ?-it - 1 ti. . ill- " nil id' nsd'ers ar- us as rU I an. ?t-?dy .. sr re let IS g ? f Sgvr s. 1 - !?. f , ?... I ? bo*. w. sr. a wa I t "nter t ? lai ? - : g 1 '? ?"? V V ffao ? - i. ? as ??? ? '? t t ' * 1 P" ' .ion ot .".', vas. M,i on r. ? ?>.iar I' or e.%rv.-1 . " a-.. ? th *? ? of lb? glltt?nof room TnlS is tbe Drar i ta ? P.. au, the flail Of the acctenl r ars ('or er the Ram aas Sp'll lite word n Irene',). Can it bsd^ i A.;?red r not 1.v tbe ptn, uor by th" P-iinl o any artist >ut on? w'o cao dip bis brush n th" bars of the rainbow The Zw. marv srcheil ro< I ol the ball ^ \ h,'?8 as. ,?-g. v- *r <r> th* "'fi'f* r >n'1 w ' ' ' * ? , fr * t JiVi" rnai eg W 11 ancient vasee an I * "? In * ? 1 ?r .. rr.e of these are 11. ant.- ! .rm an, ? ? so-ksaaisb p-mo. els of o'. least", snl p. lai '??. slr'ii ("ailitmnts, hatllep "cee b'r T ? " ; .... ni ,ri?- tiy fr.rrott"n<!"?. "ill- 1 1 1 ] t , . i ? i. n ft?? ' 'h ri,* I ' ? * ' ' i 4 on'eiierlrg. It -re is a "ntl?? Wlneo assm* ''"h"1 aeath ihe maflBwi ft 1 ^ eaoa a study but enriched, ehor# all, by tt i? grand cup from Ben venuio* own b?a<l, for which Kueate pud tbe Hum of i! 10 <i(/0 sterling On u e left there in au ? or the irrbctiri and tor tb? nioueri, ainoai vbom ar<i Li'iitcbd, Duo eric. Ii.?i.>, Calxolari and TagliaSoo. It i* Mvered with creoKrtsled purple velvet with goll buJ border*. Tbo ImiMriftl throne ig pilot? t ai ttiD **mJ of tbe room, opposite tbe buffet en the right band ?ide. Three * ? p*. cuvcred with gold embroidered pu pie vel Vel, lead lo lU plel'oriu on wbtcb the throue 14 pW'Qtl. Above there in a Canopy, with an \n,,*rvur or cloth or gold i<o\ ered with Import*! eaj'let, with a crown iu the ccutre on a cushion or velvet icd clolb of g"lii with fringes and acorne of gold. shot with yel ow, black and w hite. The edge 01 the top of the canopy la oarvo 1 and *!ll. and in the centra is a (hield wim the Im pel wl cipher, with tho Imperial crown at>ove, encom d.J ltie collar of tbe order or S?. Andrew. At each are smaller, with the collar or 8t Andrew around them richly embls/jiied, and all 'Vr*e V" 4r*p?<1 w,Ul ,n>PPriai ?tandai*ie. At the ends ft the top ot the canopy theie are aigrettes ol ostrich jlumes, dyed yellow, white and blag*. Beneath, at the hscA # the throne, la ?<i?piayed Um> imperial tuanile of cribinc. with the ttitns ot the empire la a gol.lou border iu ihe centre, and the imperial cipher proiu&oly emb'a z< nee on it. Tie edges 0! tbe step* of the platform are 1 rLamtnUd with largo mi vers and goblet* of gold, on pi nests!* ui malachite and goni, the thr<e ancient hronos of 1 Le ( . a j h are placed beneath tbe canopy, and on tbi left the e is a table for ibe rrowo, i-oeptre; and globe, covered ia ilu ci itnson velvet embroidered with god, and a cloih ol fold bti.'?;iib it. Tnere k a table at iho step* to the plaiicim. v h le h m to ne borne up to the thrones when the banquet conim- n. e? by tnree or the flign Chamber lams or 'be ? mpire On the left of tbe pillar are placed wo labl<?, exond'ng ihe whole length of tbe room, for 'he gun-is. These are weighed down likewise witu pil l and iilver plaice, goblets, plateaux, epergnes and sal tcis. Hie chairs, of wbile and gold, with crimson vel vet eeats. are placed nt tbe left aides ol the tables only, so hat ail the guesh3 will have their fwcu g turned towards hen MaieftK^, Such are the glories of the banquet room 0! the CzAr. If you lo not wish <0 be u miserable as Midas, come forth irto the Iresh air, and get u look at the pure blue sky. which is rbiiing with heaven's own brightens I)? need the scarlet staircase between tiles of tbe Chevalier (?esrd, the Carle ii Cheval, tbe cuirassieri of tha guard, ihe gn nadiers ol u>e guard? all low dismounted an ! lorruir g a lenee biiat ing with sabres betweeu th.; scarlet eiotb and the nobility. Pass by tbfe Tbureh of the \s si roption, and out under ihe archway to the outer court of Kremln ? tbe scarlet cloth still is beneath our feet, and the railed cttrade on which the Emp. ror wa'ks aft??r leaving the churrb is carried round ouisidu into ttie outer court cio^e to the galleries crt o'ed for the ociusion till 11 re enters the inner court by the archway, at tbe south eaatwn eitremity. This rttrade is protected by a railing at.d at each side tbrro is a wall 01 toilers, p.irt of whioh ?a ditachmect of the lancers of the guard ? ii com tnanlea by Msjor Pall, who Ii descended irom an En^ Iteh family. Aim here I may mention tlial among the huraian oilicers 1 bave met ttitre arebearersot 'h- ot Katot*y, tireig, Ball, Ocbleriouy. fto. Tne lirat? *\ho la tbe deacei tant of an o:d Scottuh family, bearing ihe arms of Iulhouatr ? is one of the ableat geo<?r:iU in tic -crvice. and was specially eii?."?ged in tho (let.-nce of Tin land; the others are tn >-t likely the representatives ol iho e advinturous aoldlers and ??i!ors of fort.iuo w:x flocked from Scotland ?<> lead ihe batta'ions of \ortheru K?rop? to vxtiry by their dt-cit?ioe, valor acl :'agm;ity Tbe foreign Am-i i-i '.'.t -s and illi i?ter<i, wii ? n-Hom >le<: at the palace of M. ?'e ilorny ul 8 o'clock, will deac.ecd from tbetr carriages a? the northern angle 0! this outer a trade. Ju. t a minute or two before 6 o'clock ibere is a greu comir.o'.ion anir.rg the people, who are clorel/ tiackeii in this outer court ar.d 'he gendarm-* n liovgeut'y througn then. ma!>e a lane lor tho II rut carriage of tbe French Km narsy. It lonicf up right gorgeously? 'nnniug foit nu-r. bcwigged ccucLman, giand chasoeur ? a regdla* g:a.-s ccsch. all goll hangnps: the borsos ind barne** arc utifJC>-ptieiiaSle, but It is rather sltriling to he*r in Ihe krc-ml'n a vigorous interpellation addre'ss ln>m the d'gnta.-y on Ihe box to the leading pal e fr nur, "Now, then Bi;l! why the cl"n'i yo.. leave the oaaeb' 'eds ba one* " The reply is lost in the Kcsrian cibv of ' Atlouiion" along the lms as Count de Mo-ny Ces-ends trrm bia carriage and stepson th ? atrwJe. where be Is received by align Cuaaberlain in wa' I!i? I'xccllency U drsscd de rimtur, and is nally a well app?dnted "Bno looking gentlsman." as our great Pec lecn'f would "my. Some of his suito ht re ar need on bor^ hack, and th> other c^rrUgosol the em ba??y ar? rathe p it ;ttJ the slnde by the splenior of their chief*, lie Is attended by II Baudlti, First Sec re tary; Vtcomfe L'Espltit, Second Secretary; Vlcoaate Si mt oD, Marq i- dc Itenne*. ilariiuls de Sayre, Coiute Jo* cbini Murai. ?'on.t<? de Ia\ alette, le !>un de Crainmont l'?dercuFse. Marquis de Cojitarvl. Ccne^al I.?b'i'uf, (A* tuiery 01 the Gusriil, tieneial fros^ard (Kctlncers), G'uj eral I'ubioc (Infantry), Colonel ?tellle (Etit Major)? ali ? riineatis; Prmoe dc B>utn>mont (llds.?ars). NUrqu's dc Gallilct, Comte l 'Eipenille. anl M. 4c l'l-iuemal. oflii ers ct cavalry atid tbe staff, all in full nui term. They proceed aloe,; the scarlet cloth to tti lorlh gate of the imtbeoral. where tbey lake ih? plait* aaaigued 10 Ihc-m. Toe next carriage, wbicb is hot fo *bowy,.hut i> in *<l otter re?pect? at lea?t a? good ?# ihe Co oi'a ci ach. la that ol tbe Eogush Amt>*s-aior who ar ' ihe Ccuntefls tireLvllle, desicnd. are received t j the llaciber *tn, and in li?e Burner enter ihe . athe dial. Ix,rd <;r*nville wear* the Windsor unl'orm. an l I auy Uraot ilie * ho to all our eyes Is dre .?ed wuh gn>at richcea: an I U-le, Is qu:t^ r<orioas with diam^n i?. The bc r-et are worthy of tne bert turn out in "tbe pa--k." Qw mi'- ntiii/e ]!us. Tbe aeconc carriage cmU ni tbe Msr Ufa an J Ma-ibionm of *1*1: >rc< tbe Karl of Urcoln anl ? CoVnrl 1 e Euij^AtLbur Ilard'ngc; the th rd. L/jr1 ,J?ari rille s Mfother aia Lauy JUrgaret I.bmmoo c.n* r UJr>l Uardaid Col Jfaurfe Royal Hi *e Artillery. (?? 1 1" fa noMO.'d I 4b"0fi of Ci mean rcpoit); th* otu??rj Mr K Iceland lady I :ni j I'tel an l J,>ra A^bl?y, Lord rtey at/ur, tb> Huh (>?.r*ld Pni.r. uby. .vc ? ll- ro ;??re *'?o lo aiiet'laiii 0 I/.ird /averJiab, l.orl Iialkeith, Cap'alo King. Mr Liaur, t.r John Attoii auj Sir II Kiof. May It b< said we were all proud of our laic countrywomen, who migbt have well dared comiwr.ton, had t iero bo-n any to institute, with be lat'.ies ol anv other "cabas-lev The tact is mere were n< Lf , Ijr o::ra ;s tbs eulr embai ay with ' ladie*" atlacred; ana as tor the legations, tbere are only two? thatof the lo. ted iialu*, la wbbl: H's C? It aixi Mu>* .larsia are atiachH. and of S*x'tay. wMcb l* repreeenled by the Parou ind Baroteis de S* neb ? h '-h are gallant esougn to tome with their wn to Moscow .led now, amid a little battalion of barel.uiied runting footmen, a ?? ty Que old toacb, with a p ? loam ol Lors?.i, dnvt ' ;p, *u<l from it de?cend> ? win' i< thu Av?rybLO old geniieui?n. looe.xl, aoiu'ariat goue \u year> but right ,ro>aJ sua ?p.eudm in *lr and aitlre ft ? Prii re 1'anl Knerha.-y, Amoaaailor of Ausina H* is r re?i(. i in f e< ea.ia or velvet vitb a ha?a' . ket of I i. rami material, braxled all over witb p arls OiaT>oads liasb lonh Irom all the fohl* nf l a elotbiag. Hi* mtrooo C?> oren boot*. ? oteh tx/rt e uo Ut Ihe knee are cr .ttel with r>e*r * and diamonds, and on bis h-e'? a"- spurs ?? bril'lact*. which glitter icelf lt> tue *un*hiae. Use woo d k I most be proud lo be ?irke< by such e boo' bn terhap* aueb an boaor k* only reaervei tor tbe great ao?i r .hlf. Mi* Rxcelitbc v haa a ve.y bililiant ?uHe<, hot fjr Uieir aaire*, and for the I. at of ihr oth?r arrivals. I mu-i re>r jour reader* to the programme aad to tue Russian Cor.rt Circular : tor there la a great tbaer'ng tn tbe inner I court Db we must run tn tak" our Now . 3 on all knoe tbe Inner Temple, Well, lust pls'i>> yourself >?t the archway which leads Into the lurR 1 quad rangle near the Taxing Ma*i' r s ofll e and you will have bi-loT' j ou a spa/ e abo?it ti^e - sine ux>: n ? th at 0 the la ber court of tbe Kremlin, and wi I bcp'ueq vr'mi' ks I w?? with rr. ard to lb- reaterptri <if itw ce/em a>. Jnft before you. a' tie King'- Itencb wa :1c. is the < id of tbe falare of the Czara, s?:th lis re j? i??ding to tfce rtconl I at,: l,- at the hel/ht of the i:p.>cr wiai)>srs nt Ifc it r'-aps-ctah | lie. in jo?ir left barid r <*entlbi the nearer |?rt ot the face of th? qat'ra ie tbroupH Whli h jou |*a?? ulo Se. aaliU ' Inn or fi el ?tr?? l is t. Caibeiiral 04 the Arcliaagel M.>bael. the re?. oi tee ts - Is ?epr? see ted Tor hall its ill*ta?W b^ a r I'iery ful <>? spectator*, and then the small protecting b. ?-? ot r lanbed* nt yot.r left f 1 net ? rs< tly bttaofl tbe pi* :i n ol tu? oni'iedrn rf tbe APtii m.uloo. W ?re In fronl It tin; perr 1, n i f *carl?t atalrce**. or Krs/not K>iitr.o, an '. the a .e <" ttjs pa. ace. Below this ?lairoa?e 1 gro ;nd *n 1 9r?l llsora el Kuif's .'laorb walk are ratted b' n .?? OhtH wi u men end wooieo In lull drear. Th" ftatrcMe desreod* rigbt in Iront to u?e t, wh,cb rur;* ib' ij.ii l!i-? ocoirt towards your ? Igbi till tt roiuos to Paper Buu liag' Botvocnuat be (ocmI enough toUke tbe first block of Piaprr Builoings, and S|?plj* it to King's It nth wa.g at light angle*, so as lo rloae up the Ipw c right acrisss aid when yen bave none this yen hai<- ll - ' aihedral al the Asiumptton on your right band, aid tbs eotrnnce to ih* ?ta-.reaae ' sa<-t.; rep"?"rl< tbe i-n't. 1 1 ? b t'i -.'rj de leads from the f?">t ot Ibe ara ? t *?? ? a<e. Tbl* ?. ?reef' le Itne^ all ei< :,t b> so n-rs, liu? tn? ? ,>*ce in v?. ir fr 'lit up tn t ? : ???! ? in a m i:;' . . of <i tn r< lion aid ol e< , ar., a a'jl- of ne form, civil sad mMnry tbr< t ?iral* 1 n*v< named are vrv -n . 1 g.i.. ? n.* on k>"k' south? thai of tbe . ? , 'a oe oor rlgu. ?root The K'rntu aa-a r, be?- na b r a?i pst>?? a. Mig for a few \ a?r1? nth.- r?mp.e ga den rat. till tt g. e , a' thrown ,r, a- -.wav e.ioae 00 your r^ht hand side v the "it.-r ? u. lot th- Kremlsa. j'i ? t es ? It continued by r,?< 1, t1 t p*s?es under lh? srefc at Ci wa 1 nice row into M Hie Temple lane then it turns up towsrd* f :-?f str??t t.i lt coim* to Pump court an hway. Iht"':gh * h ? b it t rns. and comet 0-it agaii at yonr left baud side, . , *? to the Tating Office, wbicb ropaeo-nis the p<.?tt' .u of tbe t'athlra, ol tbe Ar? bange! Michael, tn the inner r??rt or the Kremlin This is tbe co.irae of Hie pr..:. .i,?o. At rear he. k l? a bloc k of small churche- w ,0 bt?t> steep **,' and the tower ot John Ihe liroai? which bltck rrpr?*?ata the cbamhers parallel to Meg s Bencn wa' Tee froet of these chambers la nicely tilted up witu tier* of teals Lnmh< red an i tirketed the centre ptrt of wbtcb tt ie? aj-art for stranrer* el dUtinct'oo. and here 1 1-, as 1 eeid before. tba? Jen sit luring the ceremoti) c.r tn* proce< sloe lilt yet. ps?* into the cathedral Tm n? i> bright *ne watm ? tne re le net a c'om m we biee -ky over Mo*r rw-to he g>m1 snongl to g. t r ? of Isnsr Temole w alii" for the p'lw'nt It is ?v.w *h . t 10 o clock and tbe crowd clears away V> the aests as tbe h?ad oT a graii'' pro.e .,t h< , n' to sp|. >e r, tf,. np,,.r tanttog of the ecar'et sU r a?? tsiu eg from th ? palace bef?rs u* 1 -r? ceded by ms tert of eer?m irie? aid chanoerla ns anl rtten''e.| by a m?gn ^-est * etm ?, the Fsi|??? A -aandra. in sn m|ertal u,sp"e, ?1,tha'*'?' n , nn is on h" hea l, wa ks a ?ng t'.e upper lao >r r??-> .?!?, a dia< like tbs . ' f the ? n.perer a' I b' n ?? >l? rid th" at- o< sir ?' the sceismai' ? rt the p.- p - ,, , | hy ibe firsrd fetae ?rd by the Srand m t. ^ an-1 i* hi low. d by the t >rr V I'r t."ea V i - of If ir. a id In.'i.s iff.r C 1 rt. en-1 thus she ?. ; .r?hiy p*) run In fr, - 1 th- # the aiheiml cf liie ' ??si.m.dion. Wh. r ?h' ia re ? .e1 t ; tlm <? -gy with the cross *od holy ai ? ? ?r- : rh.-o ? . . r r- hul 4 ?gaith ber Si -le. 1 ?? ;.??! to , ,.M A' ll.'t I1m> II . 'I- ?? a Ir. wr . . I n ?< t ? < <?: V w ' ' . , ...... of lb" betl r'.se at 'Oe I . . t H.T.. : n V- i i. ? / fohn He Ufa', A'lb'N' l ? npr,..< iltlier . St. ],r,n le. < a tli? n, ? - ? ' ,-.t . a*, a ? ,,, of the < be va ' r ? a ? * > two 'rs om- lorth ?r> m Ihe I s." ' e ? ? , p, on s. . e, as f ?I orr eg'. 1 1 > mast. '? of th li es, the c: i?f |s -.saole 1 . , .. , . , .. , ,, , 1 op. for enr I, ??>' rt nt ,| 01 iri and eth?. ?- 'HI I'l- ??.' fie ,i,? rrjo ?rf",r.*ge.- ,y ft . , yh?, , ., oli Ri p Ian garb '? 1 ? an and o -d bat*, aod n any of , hi tn ?' "ee ?'!?> V n ' ' ' nor

I merrhart* n' -h- t ?? r n ?? a sn-l fotand, ibe foreign I merdManU, tfee civic functionarie*, ibe CotacU of liana fscturora, a march of doctors, lawyata, government I emyloyea hoads of departmenta. the dons ot tho R ul nar ooUd?, tbe managers or the theatres, re prcMiliUvea of all tbe troop* of low?cni, the Mtf* I ihals of the nobility, Count Armieldt and tbe Kiu Diah and Poliah deputies, masters ol I be certmo cits, heralds at arms, officer* bearing the collar o' the oraer ol t*- Andrew, the standard o( tlie empire, 'h? ef*l ihe ? word, the mantle of the Eoapreaa. tliatoi the I hliuiieror, the Imperial globe, the sceptre, the two du mond crowns (each being guarded by two Grenadiers n( I the I'alace). then a peloton ot' the Cheraner <;*rde, a I Martha I of the Court, the Grand Marshal, the Arohnur sbal of the Coronation, anil now the Imperial canopy I cornea in sight, and the Emperor preaenta himself t? the neoDle not amid cheers, but loud shrill cries, which overpower tbe tolling of the bell., the crash of arms, and the loud flourishes ot drums and trumpets which rue all around us. Before htm march two pneets with a gold I basin full of holy water, which an ArcnbUhop sprinkles I profusely on the st arlet cloth. The canopy is upheld by General OOtcera, assisted by Colonels of regtmnuU of the I rank ol General Major His Majesty, who is iu military uul I form is followed by his Ministry and aid de Camp Gene. I rals, and Immediately behind him walk* be Oommaad I ant of the Chevalier ilarde, with his naked a*ord in hi* I band and his helmet ou his head. This olliier, who 1? a 1 General in the army, Is a man of great mature, and hi* I person Is set cfl by liis uniform? a gilt ca-iue and crest I of sliver eagle, a white tuuio with a scarlet back am! I body, on both or which are stars or brilliants and silver, I and lorg jack boots. The Kmperor, who presses tb>- I personal advantages ol the Kotnanoll family ? a line, ereo I and stately figure ? marched with a measured stride, aud I bowed right and le lt as he parsed down to tU e mtradc I The Empress followed bubind him, under the Eiiso ca I nopy *ith thirteen ladles ot honor around ber. and her I appearance was tbe slgual Tor repeateu oatbursU ot cheer- I iug Her Majesty was dressed with tbe uimo?t MmpUcity, I and presented a moi-t charming contrast to the glare b> I which she was surrounded. There was a gracd'alues i !:? I her movement*? a auiet dignity and gentleucaa, wlncu I toothed every heart, and turred every eye even rrorn to - I person ol her Imperial husband, a* the can ipy w? I borne down the steps amid the sbeen of glittering swo'i I blades II' wished at the presence ?f the^ror, th- I picture ottered hv the court ot the Kremlin wa* such a I one teldom eeos? the splendor or tho pageant, th I st.ady lin'S of tho soldiery, and tbe waving masses I ol the as they rocked to and tro in their I homage and ecstasy. A platom of the Cbevaiier I Carre tol owed the canopy, and after them came a I member of cach family of the high Russian nobility, I three and three, behind whom again, In strange juxt&p > I ?ition, marched a band of artisana and manufacturer^ . I alttr ibem lollowed tbe corps of the First Guild of Uer I chsnt*. by threes, and the prooeesion was closed by ano I i her platoon ot the Chevalier Garde. The flourish oi I trumpets, the ttrains of the numerous hands, the choers I of the people, the imam red hurrahs of the soldiery, tlie I roll ol drums, the clang of bells, deafsned tho ears aui I almost overwhelmed the senses. The Matropoltuui o I Moscow and Novgorod, who had previously blessed th ? I impi rial ensign, stood a', the door of the Cathedral of th'1 1 Assumption, and as their Majestic" appi oacbod th j lormor I nrest nted them ihe holy hood to kiss, which th*y did I most reverently, and tlis latter sprinkled them with holy I water. We are now Inside the cathedra' with tbem, and wo a-e I about to witnos* a ceremony instinct with meaning and I mil of r acred 60 emuity to tho mind nf the uoNophlntloaton I Kutsian. Tbe eye uninformed by tho spiritcauuoi rig'u1 I ly interpret a great symbolical representation, ?ud w I must for the moment put aside oar molern day, cinstttn I tional, and ext-enlial English idets, if we would rightly I appreciate the eirect of what we are about to w.mes? I .son e notion or its bigtitlcanee will be conveyed to th I English mind by the thought that it is In th? eyej of th- I Hui-ilan people the sacrament and visible c.inserra'iou >. I ihe absolute power cf one man ove- 60,000.0 0 of his fe'. I lew beings. Skur.etbing of the torro- inspired ty sue! I an idea is modified by the fuel generally an l heartily be I hived, that la the pr. sent inslance the prince who is l I be Invested with such iwr.i! power U mild 1a disposition. I upright In character, and slocerel; <ietirou? that h I reign ihould conduce to the happiness aud welfare of b: j people. , I us tori the moment try ta identity ocrselvts 1- I thought with one ot his people. The Itussian Audi him I telf in the centre of this maginflcrnt church. fV-iry In-'' I or whose walls glitttrs with goll, aid *h?s? platori.i I aides oiler to bis eyes allegorical leprci-nUt on , of hi- I taitb. Cntheouo huid he seeM the sa'nti under the n I tar of tbe Apoalfpe, looking up ti Heaven with the air> I nised cry, "How long. O I.ordy" da the oth"r lie view I tbe ovenglng uames glaring out of the pit of the wickel I wbile from the top ol tbe gorgeous oeniug a glganti. I bead of the Saviour looks dosru in p?a?;e, and gtve? I cor isolation to his soul All asourd him a e (h i sacrert I relics and images of the eaint?, and beforo him I ralred on a plailorm, and tinder a ca.iopy ?>? I velvet and gold, are tbe thrones of the C^.irs John II I and Michael Keodorowitch, prepared linw for the Em I j*ror and Empress, tho insujuratUn of whosr I heaven bestowed power he Is about t> witness Tr- I fcnjpress dowager and tbe Impcria' family have already I ecttred tbe church and taken their plaves on the plat I form aronnd the thronos. Amid the ring. tig of bells au ' I the shouta of tbe pepulsce the young Empiror and h. I Kmpreas reach Uie entrance ot tbe chur- h. Aud no* I they detarb themselves Irom the crowd iT ollic^nu abou I them, and, passing along the gi'rgoout scrre'n that *?i'i I rates the chancel from ibe ch irr.b, they It'll or thei I ki:ee? tclore the images of the saints, kiss with fervca I revert nee tho sacrel relics, and oiler up silent prayer* I keavtn. Is)! the perlect grace and tarneatnsss wit ? I ? the \ '> ll g Km.irt perli.ruis the " u-'t i be not! u I Jfce is riehiy attired In a while robe, st idded with t?i I tm? si icwel's, bi t 1 er head is adornrd only oy h'i I nwn Insurant hair, without a slan'e ornament I Her i gbt hand ;s uc^loved, and with tliis she re 1 l^atediy croeros l>?rfeU as she peilorms her rsliglous o * I tiers, not mschanioally. as if g-^mg throu<n part ot a p'? I srrihtd ceremouy, but ferventiy, religlojsly and with ih I grate of perfect tmatibool. and nov the K njwwr I follcwrd by h s Kmpross, mounts the pktfjro' of l.i' I thrObe. snd repeats Irom a boik delivers t to him by th- I ArchhUhop of M< scow the confession of bis ChrutUi I faith He then rerelres the b?ne1lction of tho A'ch I bifhop, snd niddenly the choir, wblcb bas?bttherto pre I serv?0 stletce, bursW oat in psalms aud praise IiGkI I and the tol) 'buliding vibrau* with toe r.og o I their Ka'nionious voltes. There is no note oi or I gati nor sound of other Instrument The singer, I admirably orgsn'zod, and chanting with auuu ? I lug power and precision, need no support; the plain I tive sop'ato vclcea <f tbe bo; s rise clear and outiai I at ove tlie detp tcnes ol tbe rich bassss, an I th | sustained tarmobj, solemn and aborting, thro a tiroag'i I tt? holy building. Hut alrtady the Imperial mantle o I silver and ermine, richly stuaded with getus. Is In ttv- I bands ot tbe archblatop. who pr- ce?ds to ? lasp it rom: . I tbe rboollers ct bis Majesty. Se*t loUows tbe greai I crown siMch is placed by the same binds on th? lm|>" I rial bead, reverently bent to receive it; and the sr | I and glol^ sro then delivered to his Msiwty, who. tn I vni-.i w in I'.irse royal Insignia, seals htm" ir M ?h< 1 throne. The I Jn press now approasbaa with a tnecic yei I dlgLUied air. and falls on ber koeei be'ore the Km I (p#ro>. His Msi.-ty. lifting the crown from his ow.. I head, torches with It that oi be Kmprsas, and aga c MM I it on bis own btows. A lesser crown w then m^1' 1 which tbe Kmperor places on the hciwl of the i.n I prt ss. where it is properly sdjuatod by the Mlstreas 0 1 the Hobea. and Ins Majtfly, having invested I prssa with tbe Imperial mantle, druws h-r M'M I bin and tenderly embraoe* ber. Tbta U tbe aig jal lor I the whole lm|??iial faailiy. with the foraiga Vr uea*. t" I approach and congratulste their Mnjesttes. a id nothing I can be more touchin than tin s|>ec aclo, from t . I dent earaettcess with which embraces (which ai I the expression of tbe deep and corcial love wli.- li I J i. r :.e ' moo bond ?l tOTde. ness all tbe tiiori j Imperial family) are received and returned. OU,U>r'hi j ( i f nature which make* tLe whole world k H I electric ia it* f ffect ' Here, ia tbe m.dstof a c ir-ton 1 Meessati'y IW and forma1, there .* suddeel; on th- I part ot the principal i<ertortm rs .a geni ne mi'ii , ? I natural tkaltcg; and mark its rlecl ? tbare Is sciroolv I a ety eye among tbe maases crowd?d in tbu churi; i. I wbile Uie MM frame ot the Empress Muhe' I MUM a ih ouutrcu .be 1 arras toward- tbe Imperwi *.?o I and i*sal?nately cla?tf an i t.or'f. im ia a l ing ? mora, i I and tears and smues miugle together as the IJUie ' ran i I I>nkcs are seeu to elamber up to the *ide of tlmr lath it nad uncle, who baa to rtoo;i low in order to roacb Hie I liklle ia<*a Which aab to be laned. But Uii most impor ar.t . ni>o. n,n part'" ' i' ? ' mony has now to be porVmcl an t there is atillness in the church as ;? t.peeor des.jfn is !r .*?. tbe throne and proceed? to th? a 'fan e e?f th cniir He is met h ie by t'.? Ar '? hip ol Mo . * e. .. ? > ' ? la his hands tbe aacri-d ve-sc' w' cutair* t'i? I >'v oil Stretch ng forth l i? r ch? v. ;nn . 'a.n-r takes a golden branch, with whi :h, having dli-i??l it in ?he roasei rated he snriOit" the :,.'e*.f?!. ey lids, nostnip, ears, handr and bri s?t of t'.>e I i *. P' ' nocnelng if solrnm words- /mpr-ft dr>- . ' prvw 5<ia''i Tbe art is done, aud r: a-ian eye? W tk ? i! i a?c upon the arotrt"! o' i r?t. t(i?- <)rii'*si^ ot I1 ;? ?<r tt. High ITleat of Hla cborch ? at on<-a Kmperor au 1 ratr! kr, h? riwecrated suit install' d in hi" high ten ? *ra 1 i ' spiritual office A sslvo of c-ennm. Itie br iv o t' rupef . Ihe roll ol dri m?. 'inno-ince tor ? nmp eti.m o itu- -.i '<? ?ct to the eara of tlioae who sre without the ch-iri ?> and cannot witness l Mennwhlla the I n,.ri?s .-..mes tor ward and ia tn like manner anointed by the Ar? iM?hn huton the forehead i nly Then tbe Km;, -i or an d K:u press? the one on the rigtt, ibe other on lt?<- ft o* the pre#, ding Archbishop nf V.osri * -'! ???" bnrg snd Novgorod? race' v tbe boly ?a rami ? ? ti me Kmperor. as the chosen servaot p it' ?? ?? i " Hi n |? admtti-tered tn ibe two klirl-. the Kmpress rectivin. only the sacramenUI bread wlr.rb ? |.?rtik-i oi ? ' members cl the Ku- laa than U Oonl ition tin- chisr burst "at 'nil l'llc'ant rl .????, ai-d th- r v . ? more mount the pisiform of tae throne, and sund ere wh 'e the mass i? n toned t> tin !?*?*!- " ' ' ????? r> sp? n?e* ars chanted by the aoir The holy ?-vi ? be tag retirl'id'- i Ihe I ion?r. r ?fp- d n ro ? t. ne. bows right snd le't to tlie gr>- kt n tar ol - <' ? l'ie prelate*, to the r-t?esen??! es o? : ?r<'ig i r ar. I Ibeo leaves th? i hurt h hy the nerthern ' ?? ? r.-r. 'in, tiled ?>y a sp'endl I retmne. a: I ic'iitwed a; i >" tsnoe bv the Kmpress. ?? the hr Isnt pre er >? p-i~'e?_m:t Of tho tire -i. tbe Rn??lanr. with enger eyes, se^k "it aa I n their id'islr .no.- !' l o* M".tiiryrn''M 1 r ? r ? ? ;r, tte re?? i the h.mperor wsl< s ' ,<? nia-i t.osr fstn i is tl.r > rorr - the i 1.1 IT end gs mnl so'ihe- ill ? ?"?>! ? . r hs' I *po>. Ill' titrfpid fodtlel)' n, H - .ar ?.?."? ' ?'< ? and ? - .if ' 1 ' ' ' i, p.. ? a - n ?l*h the ?'?} ... a . m?, whe I. !<?.'- l|. v. vir? f l? , ? ? ? < ra '- "Ti s ?' '"I rt- ?tvt ' th -> t" 1 -t\r (h i-AI. W I rl> I. -. - ?' 1" <- ltd l? r,? r ,. . -I "i t snd i.? ? . \ i ' .i. i ? ?> " ? i r n - ? i ? ' ' ' ' ''lie is llneif Wve'.f pe I and '???si? ? -'I1. r<n ? !i wh ch heloni's toths , a ' < ar. i t">' ' Th ??>?.?,? to w e.k ? t ,>? , . . , r r tin r ".!?? i r > ' a*, the goard an ..' hi* am the n. ? -i *i..t ? ' ? tsty of I'sn tlie np-gh; and i \i r th. r.. al -o Is di- rled th- wurll lam-r-.s V, , I, ?, wl o Was in ted for that disastrous mm: .n ut n o< ? ll !, i-rew Ihe war t V(l,,, , .. ? , i ' a i.e I. .r eigne r rreveren iy wbi't-e rs Hut the forth.. r er. too, la engaged tn looking t, ?. >.vn 'go .1 Individual' sol dia I lit t*i "? 't -** an.oog wt eh Isttar mnst not be omit | i?? neari emhrmdared nan* of tbe Huaganaa i neble Tr-nei K?terhs*y, tho Ambassador of Austria. | I'aire ne stai ? ihe ,ii hasaador of frane^j and h??|?e h m il'st ' i ^ r land, we leg t*e " dlat.actioa (as I'rMra Metteri < h > atier it i ot an ea.brotdered ooat anadoraou | ,* t i r*r ^ list ine ?..nperi r tftok bae* the aeeptra | and th-. globe the priest proola.n??4 lb? imperial title, lad Urn fiiwrtn1 Pamint, talmm Jchc Impralorei*, d, I Demi me, lotoom fmc Imperlricem, to whtob tbe ohoriaiArs I added ad mulivt ?nno?, and it Ue Mine Inatant, tbo ball* which had been vilest, burst forth onoa more with tt? mendous clamor, end the f una of the batteries flred 101 rounda The smoke rolled over the walla and floated I like a floe vail over the Hashing armi of the soldiers and I over the crowd Inside. It waa at 1040 that the mouth of the cannon announced the pravera which his Uaj?<sty. I kneeling, addressed before all nis people to the Kioj? of Kings to sane ify his reign All this tumult au tden ly ceased. There wsa a murmur of voices for I a moment In the court, which was hushed at once aa a bell tickled once or twice from the cathedral, and there was a profound silt noe. while Empreas, Metropoll tan and people ioside all knelt down and addressed tneir prayers to Heaven for the Kmperor. He alone stood unrlgbt ai they prayed. At 10:45 the bells broke ort again and tbe Tt I'eum which heralded the htah maa*'w?B chanted. For the leng oeremomal which now took place I must refer to the printed programme every detail of which, minute aa It waa. waa moat scru pulously followed and obeyed ifor one hour and a half I the crowd Inside the church were engaged In assisting or in looking at the elabirate rites with which tbo m?? aid the imperial *aeramont wore celebrate.!, an<l during | the same time the crowd outside were engaged very I much as all popular assemblages are wheu tboy have no I thing particular to do ? eating, chatting and staring at each 1 other. In the teats juat before me are the Turkish Am has tador and his auite, who or course requiro a g *>u a?ai of rigorous investigation, and who receive It accordingly f'cm all sides. They are In good p.aces in the front ro ?, I and so all the Cossacks and <i reeks and soldiery I enerally in the court, having nothing better to do, urn round and look at these goj>d gentlemen and at the gslleries lull of people. The two rav* I are lace to face, and, except in height, the Turk baa nothing to fear by the comparison. The re pre ?tentative ol tbo Ottoman Torto is a nandsome middle 1 used man. with flte intelligent feat urea, full of sweetno- ? I ?ud Utikmnmie; be wear*, of course, the red lez but lltf without lite brass button at the top which symbol!/.* the olclier, and his coat la that which Tarks of high rank ap peir in on ftute oocaalocs? a frock with uo'lght. I collar, embroidered on the neck, chest, back, and sleeve* with the richest gold lace. His suite consists of eijht or nine pel Bona, ill dressed in the same way, with the ex 1 caption of his son, who wears a scat let cavalry jacket. Whether the infldel would have enter# d the very heart ol the Greek church, which is to him the most obnoxious I and dangerous 'form of Christianity, or preferred a seat outside, I cannot determine, but he certainly was more conscientious th*o seme of the other representative! I Had he gone In he must have agisted at rites which I would have appeared to him ridiculous or impious, I and wherever be looked his eyes would have seen the crescent placed beneath too croaa, and similar alio gorical reprcfcentations, which the Greek cb'irch, | aa tfce protagonist of Christianity against Malic medaniero, exults to portray. We mutt, however, I in the interest ol truth declare, that either tho 1 Greek church or the Russian government is much more tolerant than that of Rome, for not only are all religions permitted lo have their cvUe in this gigantic empire, but tbey are endowed, with especial privilege# During the height of the war the English church was never closed at Moscow? once, indeed, tbe Russian authorities slightly J objected to tbe passage In which the congregation in tneir I prayers for tue (Jueen add, "Giving her the victory oyer I all her enemiea; ' but they were aatnlied wtion thoy were in'oi mod that these were spiritual and not tampo'al enemies, though on what authority the dlatinctioo wad j made I know net. Odcly enough it wan that in the very next row, behind the Turkish Ambassador, were two Roman nobles iu the scarlet uniform of the Papal Court, aid next to them were the Marquis de Sotomayor, C'omte Brunetu, tbe Duo da Erlas, an 1 other gintlemen from Spain, in teat let also Of course the Ro 1 man legate will not arrive till after the schismatic pro ceedines of tfce Creek Church have term'nated; and as lor tbe Spaniards, though presented at Court, and received at Court balls, they are not officially preacnt. and Spain ig aa yet, unrepresented here. Whatwill Rome say to | her errlog sons who took part, bowed, knelt, and ma ,e 1 believe to pray, Inside the walla of the cathedral l* Some I of the 1'ersiai auite were seated in the same gallery as the Turks, and the young Prince of Mlngrelia (a bright eyec vivacious boy, who seemed to give the usual amount of trouble to his mother) waa another good ataring point lor the crowd. I? ia now a <iuarter past twalvo, I and met at this moment a little bell i Inklei once more the big bells begin to ring loudly far and near, and 101 suns proclaim 'ha' the Emperor baa received the sacra ment and has been anointed with tbe holy chrism .shortly alter wardi the Empress mother and her auite, the Grand Duke Constantino. the Duke and D ichosses of tbe Imp* rial lamlly. and their suites and attendauts, issue | from the south gate of the cathelral. and [ rooeed to entur I the palace by the jwow rouge. They are greeted ?long I their march by cheers and loud cries, but tbe Rusaian I ladies have not yet learnt how to impart animation to such asenea by waving their liantkercbiels and, as they do not cheer, their share in tbe proceedings Is to try to I look pretty, and to look aa hard aa they can Meantime a I splendid procestion is defiling out of the nonh door of thj I cathedral, aud pa taing under the archway into tbo outer I court cf the Kremlin, to go round to the cathedral of ih? I Archangel Michael, on the left hand side Presently forth stalk* the Emperor. But new he weara an imperial ro is, I and on bis head there is a crown 01 dai/ltng splendor ffce sun's rays seem to *eeX congenial light In th?*e I llstbmg iMaconds. The eye cannot near the brilliancy. | ana the mujik and the prostiate Euislan may well be I pardoned If. witi bU imagisalion h< ated by all that be I has seen anl heard ? -the chauntmg of the choirs, tue ca I rillot.3 of belis. the strains of mutlo. and tbe clamor o I voices, be tUnks be sees a balo of heavenly glory arouc.: I ihe imperial bead, fuch homage to a man can only be I pardoned on the ground that be la tie elojt anl I .iDOlLted ot tbo I-oid, aad. inoeed, had one come I tixm the skies with all the power and glory ot I a ce! tfal meracnger, he Icon Id scaroo have e citd I more fervor ol adoration tbau Old the, a- I wttl his fgnre drawn s>|> to tbe highest his ejeflashiu* I and Ms cheek flushed, but his tread at tlrmas a l.on's. ho I came lorth Irotn tbo church and stood, with globe ant I sceptre 'c fc.s hands, In the blase 01 the sun belo'e hi i I people. ;n bow many wild tongues, with wliat fratuii I gestu-ulat 'ot? did th?"-y call on ll^ar^n to bte?s b.m I Mat y a tnr rolled down the rugg-d cli-?tts of the race j Co;'*acks. an l in m?ny a strange dialect did the le<ocnt I an'B o: distant rsces tmplore their comraou >*tUer t) I pou- down every libssicg oo him who represented their I forgotten conqui st. bondage and thral'lom, an 1 tbe in I liu?nceot whoae name alono boond tliim np with th* I Euseiai people. V hat might not be don? with such suh iects ani with such devotion and sucli faith. Ihe llwfiia- I ing of trumpe-ts. tlie crash ot bands, the noble 1 ? well of the noble iution-1 anthem "God prsecrve the Csar,'' which Dearly equals our own. the roil aad tnck of drums, tbe bells, the voices ot tbe p?o^ie? ail theae formed a strange m-ia*i>?ot sound, and atuno^d the I ear: but wb<n the l/.ar passing ont by the archway oo ocr right, mtde hts appearance to the larger crowd, tter<- I fras a toise Ikt a roar of thunder or the wave* of the | sea whim swallowed up all else The people on thi- I terraces below, on the bank? of the river, and in the I streets ouuide tbe Kremlin wok up the cry and shouted I like the rest and souie 1 am totd went on th.'ir kneos in I tb? dust and piayed for the Caar. In a lew mloulcs the J pioeessinn began to wind through the arciiway oo ou' I left and 'o pass before the Cathedral or Michael. Tr>e I priest* in gol ten stole and surplice are walling at the I ghtea snd aa tbe Emperor and tho I mpress I (whom we bsvc quite forgottcu in all tbia wi d I triumph of adulation and Cz.m worship,) couot up sprinkle tnem with boiy water, aud give Item th^ rroni to kiss, "n ent-rlng tho ( z <r and Csarln i | k>ss tbe boly reliques, and kneel down to p'ajr before tti ? I U ml>? of tbair aoc?-stors, after which the Duum*, < I far. ia chanted, snd the Emperor and E?p reaa nontio.w I their short lor a tew yards to the Cnuech of a I ARuuncistioo. wb< ra tbe same ritual ia observed. , l)h their way the cheeia, tbe music, the bella, toe ? i I non never ceaae. It is Juat one o'cloea aa ti* pre?c?? alon begins to ascend the yxrron reuy The eMbustasm ta bouadleaa as bia Msjaaty tome, and wl houtraU- i arm seems to return the bloMlns a of h s pc>j>le. He bows to all aioood a^ he reaches tbe landing, and, I standing forth Irom under the canopy, looks down I opon the scene below la a few mo.nonts ao.r.; be tu na, and la lost to *l,;ht In the latenor of tbe msgc*fli eut palace, .through the walls of which towever those sounds muat fo'.low him it is I witb the greatest <lilK< olty. of co trse, that the baoda can I be got to atop playing " God preserve tbe Csar.' aad j with tbe usual infatuation of musicians, aeveral tim?v throughout the day tbey struck up at wrong tiinea. and eonld not be got to leave off, or would n<>t go oa when tbey were wanted. ?o far as the vaat proportion or I spectators waa concerned the was now over, but still thousands linge-ed ail day about the Kremlin, and teemed qu'ta < onterit to know by tbe aound of th. | caci.on that the Emperor and his nobles were feast m* j tsstde If 1 bave omitted many of the detal's of tbe oere mony It Is owing to the lart tbat tbey have beeu minat-ly | described la the programme, and tbat to any one but tb? Immediate ;**.tat?M tbey were destitute of meaniug or ialerett. , 1 cat not describe the ban iuet, because I waa not there and tbe curious will le*rn better than 1 ran toll them what lock p'ace by refernag to the great work hy the Master of Ihe Csremonles in which e\ery genuii. xion and action throughout the day Is mia tely recorded. Hungry aad iaint as the Eaperrr must bave been sfter all bis vigils and lasting, be bad yrt a lot.g ordeal to get tbroi gh before he could eat or drtnk It Is aat tn'shlBg to the Russtane to see how well Ihe F.mpreea Mother sup ported the- of tbe day, weak and ahaunrod in health as she has been for so maay > eae* The crowd outside felt hungry, and ate crumheaoc bread lrre\erent Iv long before the ceremony was over, and a Jew h*hiBd the clock lower who sold bad ga euae and doake> sand wiches at tbe price ol champagne and pa t t <?# fuse, made a snm'l fortune in a lew minutes, aud wa? cleared ou ol his stock almost as aoon aa h? was dlsoovered. H ? filled Ibe emtdy bottles with water, asd disposed <?f a secood stock ol ? still tase'iae" at a very satiataMorv rsle and If the ceremony bad continue till night, ha a ou id have deecended from the cloik tower as rich a RolWbild. ^ _ . . . . . The throne room, in which the ban-iuet uka- plaje. hss lisea already deserlbed. The I mperor siu with the t n.e^s Mother on his right head, and tbe young Em preie on hi# letl The greal dl*nltar|< s of KM a Ivan m | faring sliver d.jbeH. wbljh tbey place before the In. terlal trto, who commence tbeir repast. The boly <v 'he room ts occupied hy the members of tbe first an I second claaees of I'.osa'an nohlllt,. who standing in tlir r nl sees at the tsbiee prepared lor Ibem wait unt'l he imperiil lamity have conciu.led their repait 1 1 rre they sH down to the banquet in store for tf em Tfce dtp' 'matlc corps stands In front of tbe Imps rial table. Suddenly his Maiesty call! for wiee, and th < Is Ihe signal for all foreigner! and those who do not tak ? part in the hnuquet to withdraw. The imperial banqu-t i orc'ude* tbe crretroiiles of theco?rti?ti?B oay. and ju<it i, g i i- the worn and exhausted biogt of their lapertsi Msotles, heman natcre could se^arcely btar the faagae of their prolongation. At tbe flr*t toast, to the hea'lh of the Ktnperor, tl e arti bry Are 11 gnus: t? the Empresses, "aih tl guus; to Ihe w penal house, ;l guns: P> the e lergy and all lattlifol sub ee ta only *21 Runs. It waa nearly lour o'omck beiure ii,( banquet was over, snd their M? estlee retired to uke n r repose In the evenloj all M-~eow was illumiiiated, but se the patience of your readers Is exaau ted, and !.s a l illuminations ar" pretty UrJ ah't*. I must ?.>' -r . i ,t , have to say tir m t lexl psl it ' h, lent to say that the city was a of light, thai me j utrert* were thronged to ?>i" '?t on that rarrix. ? I ecu d rot pase through Ine thor..ngnfafes lha me > i a? si d dnst sad smoke wera -b.e, aad I .Hat II. e r.sgush Fmhaasy waa veey fin. iltn Biiaatet . Tbe Caar baa aignalis?d the day of hie by publishing a most Important uki wbicboontains m and lay, Uie foundation great reform*. The following pointa are contain* lt:-A civic and military medal "0^.1^*0 , part, directly, or indirectly, m tj,e ?, Hum from milita'y service for four year* ihrot out ibe empire. A most equitable annulment of pell tax. Tbe Kmperor accord# an amtieatv to the i tiral ollrnuf r? ol lfcr.t aid l?ai. All the Jew* or the pire are frei d from Iba H|*".ial barons of tbe rear ment that null upprosaea them. The children or sold that were brought up by tbe State, and a* such fori p?rt hiihert- ol the army, In whKti t&ey were bount serve aa aoldlera, are all restored to their rtUtions. Tcmdav Morju-kj, I a ) Yesterday there waa a parade of the Guard at o'clock, in the Kremlin, and a leveti ami preaeniatio mid day. There waa also a State ball on a very gr scale at the palace. The Km par or received the Am sudors and MiniKters-at bi? I. vee. and spoke to each some time, and the Turkish Mlult-ter presented hit) cre> tiala. Tbe illuminaticoa were repeated Uat, a gentle breeae wbico sprang up after auiuet bldw r 01 the lamps out. ^ The Burning ot Hie Steamer Niagara 011 Li ' Michigan. AMJIl'IOML f AHTIC OL ARB. [From Ui? Chicago Frees, Sept. 27.] ,,.|TpUiu Ml"?r> ?r 'he Niagara, ?Dd the Ural mate, ??iiJia, arrived ber* jraterda y morning, by the ate* . i!?' trom 0z*ula"e Oaptalo Miller made hla pr< at lhat place, aud old not t>riD( a copy with him. Ha' been up aii the night before, he waa asleep at the t Inv ^L ". oab aDd no' waked in time to asai w# ,,buin *'? ?utemeot from a k ^5? *aultBe> w"' publish it below. I HJf? ,w" ? wheel when the are broke fh? * proceeded to the quarter deek to lau , ? u uot fln<1 ? han<1 u>beip him froa r Jk' the assistance of paaaengera he launched ? S ?r *>ohM' which was the only one ?a ?uirchedand which saved over twenty peraona. hour cbllur. u ol tbe heroic Mrs. Chalmers were is if three 'he threw la, and the ol boy, who she directed to awint after It Mr Ms Houghton, wife and two children, ot Woetport Kit 1-jke, were also saved in thla boat ' were Ovo, bo?ts on the Niagara, which ir t bad been properly luiinched and handled, oould fc saved every perron on board. One of tbe lire boaia the upper deck wan launched without any line b. attached to It, and drifted off ao far that none c. reach it. While the stern bo6t waa being launched nearly fi with people, a mui jumpod into it irom the hurrk deck, girikng it with such forco thu the rope brok tbe bow, ana the people were all spilled out and dro* together, while the boat was iwamped and rendi ub< leas. Captain Miller furnishes the following list ot p*si gem at Ozaukee on Thursday, which were saved ? Cahin. ? J. W Bollos, W H llamilDu, Oxford, ( nan go Co., N. Y.; K S. Kuslgn Pitcher, C. II. Ada Cheracgo Co., N. Y. : John C. Thomax, Ca0, Cayugn Ul "i '''?derick DrWcoll, Fulton. tHwego Co. N OaniolLee \\auteaba. Ww.; k r Hurlbut, Macki lalo N Y P?rleri Chicago, III.; H. Jiely, St??ju.;i._ Mary I.jons, from Montreal: four child ?? ?aB,Jltoh Ctalmeif; Martin Houghton, wife and children, of West port; Lewis and Francis Willard boys trom P attsburg, New York; Pat O'Neal Mart lone, Neal O'Neal Mary Laha, Kiieau l.*ke. ' when tbe Arctic left Ooaukee four bodlea bad been covered, three of whom were latlea One ot the la had on her person $600 in new bank billa In !>ank i> ages. None of them bad been identifl*!. Among u certainly known to be lost are Mrs. HutanUonof city, Md two children of Mr. Heron, also or this c Hon. Jobn B. Macy, of Fond da Lac, took paasar Mackin <c, anu u suppose J to be lost, as there ?? notr of him, and ho wa* generally known Capt Miller assures us toat tbe number reported board at the lime was too large. Tbere'were only eig cabin passeLg- rs after leaving Mackinac. About thl of tbote got oil' at Cheboygan. The stage agents at t bjygan miormedthe clerk ot tbe Arotio that seventy , seugera. cabin and ateerage, landed at Sheboygan cr?w are mostly raved, and it in now believed that over flfly were drowned Nothiig has yet been heard of Mr. Healy, the elerk of Mr. Clark, the rte ward. Mr Leonard, the tirst ei neer, wan not un board The bull ol tco Niagara sunk In aeven fk'homa wa about nine milea north of Oaa'Jkee, and about a mile a hair from shore. She bad on board one hundred t of merchandise, and thirty packages of fWh. !Jhe la known to nave been insured, and waa owned bv C Rocd, and worth &60.rtH). . One ol the many afflicting scenes atteuling the frli f"' tf^Mter to the M>ae?gera or the uiratod Siam ?fas that of Ibe lose of tbe entire family of Mr. Aioswo of Vtrmont. W.a, tbe care and painfol anxiety of lather and bu.?b?nd, bo had gathered his wire, hia age<l tber of 7<? yearr, and three children, about him an t v all tbe precaution that ?bo terrible coufusloo would mit, lowered them f/om tbe deck and away from advancing Humes to tbe more welcome but le?a latal wateis. The palay or age, the terror or won *? ,,'*hl ?' r'J":,reii, did not unman thla bardj or tbe Green Mountains; but wtth alacrity be iwam fi one to another? now helping bis wifo to retain her t upon lit ircacherous hawser? now aasialing bis daugr In her to catch at some bnoying object n w bat intense exertion he rodoabled his exertions when aaw hi a joungest rhild, or three >ears, sink to hia t *' *" lhtn ?*m< the death struggle of bis aged part sLd be saw, amid bis divided exertiuni, the gray hair his lather dumpiyar for ever His eiertio?s were n between hui wife and two children, but tbe releoti w.Vf* ^ drawn them apat by lie merciless Usbm and bis taxk grew beaviej aa hm Borrows and danc were doubled upon him He ha<l no Ime to look for . uot boat.', but only suiiicient to graop^ome chair ac s< ibing brand and b-oken panel, and (iove It a<* beat might with exhausted arm to his wire and children b c had not been Uied enough, and tbe wa ea came and r . d aorry surgia over the chilly wife an^daughtcr bu i f them from hla agooljwd sight All were now g. >?\o bis in tie boy or eight years, who was strugfi . ?'* 10 niajnuln a fuotnold upon a floatic* m< At tie neroic iiute reilow wouM mount upoa it* aec ? eat, the rea would strike lt,and roll it from under hia l. Time after time did the brave boy clamber up at oiun would the heavy aea bwak over him. /he^t bad secured a beat that waa bottom up, but aeetna boy in atrb fearful peril, at once sought him to ren enargy yet remsmed m limits ann In bji heart. With deaiierate reaehea he nr gied lor hi. brave iiUle .on the Ll olWWy //? bllu he dixappearea and folic wod grandfatlier, bis mother, his slate*, and (little br 1 to their cold grave at the deptna "of M,cl.> . DkW. worth presorviag. and only hope now helped htm to aave himself: it was that Bight jet recover the cold curses of hia drowned ram ana la> them with ota own hand* in tbe ground M:i*teec ea, sod waa aaved, the onlv member ol a hat lamily that had hut a few cats before left a home or o for t ir the beaut ful valley cr the While Kiver amooa ? astern and suncy alopea of the Green Mo intaina I K.rgel'tie at the grave or Gabriel he ta to day watch ml . ''iTm ? ' '**?^e, Ia hope* lhat some friendly wi the -,r W tmt* mom cait. mm i sr. r.7" T,lfi r'*' my arrival at Chlctgo. I hi b?en awked about aa anonymous letter wh 7f?n?u ' U"' ""ward in bis offlje, sfter the Nia? left Collwgwood on her last trip bu) one and in ?rrj?r give the whole n.atier to the j ublic. I aow w r I t cirr.munloaiK.n. wntat, The i.reen Bay boaU ronnlog between Cblilngwood s trten Day a'e, and rouij pot be depended on, aod tbe fa fa the passengers bono I to Green Hay were freouen oM^ad to take paeug.' oa the Chicago bo .t? but w he tndar.tanditg that ir they got on at M?i?:nsIcT there would be two dollars and a half refunded to Ch? ?P their tickets to Green iUy or i would be landed at any port on the west siore of Micbigaa, but do money rs'unded. This, It appears c aud ?*?"?! dee I of dtaMUafoMoa wtth ttK^Pp^ a did not understand sVamboat matters, and I bavs | quently been aaked if we coeld not act a. ^ageots^ \nd ward them to the place lo whh-h they b?d^:d to flo "JVL'T b^? ?-? we were oi?y^,d wfva, and bad lo go b; initructioos, *0., but aa la usixitr **** i?. * mrtters, there would be a great dell grumbling, and a *upi??tuoa on th* pa t of th<?e gru bl^ig tha. it wa* the officers of thi fteaW^wboVl trj ing to defraud them, aad that it waa intentional oa f partol Ike whole Una; but tboM who really un??? OUc^ol we C0Um ?fTer MU,hod h'ame to t ?Hie trip before last, oa leaving Coiling wood we I i'JJj !.*.rim. w wU"*' diaaflected onesTaad while u ing at the dock, the aieward, Mr. Clark found t? ro< m, on bit leak, the following letter, and han led 4 boat will be b'iraed t?-nii ? rrrytmng iff in r+M'ltn***, we b Arm mfule umi i#? UI take care of ouraelrea 5 *?' ^ ^eparsti. , ftgnel) F?s?e*?s?i 1 1 in mediately called the engineer. Mr. i?ooard Into 1 f' ^ w?d bitn the letter, aad aiaoOapt. [?ck ,,1 1 H-w.r lstf?Mt?r I'serleaa. when, after a con-'iltat 2 T* * ,tri? WMobt buly*t wii hoot sho ing sny s gns 01 alarm. My wheelsmen were coostan ravr ng around the boat, but aaw nothing that wo' lead tlien. to|?rt an; |?wt f ,ory there" died aw.y, and we though* nothing former of tlTm ,b,a boat did not take f Irom the ma< lunery. nor fr?>m the boilera. as eve-rs lioa ol her Ore bold was Are prool. My Minion iTl ibr flre wa? iau-?o i,y aome cc.mmistlbl* mat-- ,i rader ? be sl.a'is, but the nature of which w<> were una' 0 tell, aa packages fy, , lomly r <me ?o diegu se-t u>>i (.nnot tell wbat they arc; but it muat ha\ n . 1 ing of tbat kind, Irom the foci that it enveloped the bi n l.amea>t instanlli , and wbon first I waa 1 e, possible losu.diw. it wered I cannot at prreent write more, aa 1 ant now on 1 H?a . lh* rtty ,0 ,e,Mrn t? the wreck n-)r .1 hick la more neeeaaary. KRKD. M r :.I ,srr; iAte W miter \ tAjrara the Mllwatikle Amerlcao, l*?pt 27 I Tbe brig White Cloud. Uapt. Oook, arrire l li rs v s.v ait-rnson, baring on board me body ot a worn r n Wlioee person wa* foand Hie followlog pa#..,, _ f< rr*n?a ni.TRirr, Biack Ritsr r'o.vrr.scitra. 1 This eerMfies that Pollv Kenredr has"beJn '?A '*?! , m. lobar sg tbe Methndisi Kplaeofml ek irrh ,,f t|r, r"r.M|fi ft FO ? 1 hr balsnee due Kaanedy. 'o'u'S .'tC A newroaf waa alro pltked up by tha While i inn^ ?? | bt d. i.recl. w ih dark 11 n ng, and th" ? 1 , ma " If. liar and w.. -V.' mtiea on rori Wa.bmgton ur.o qu,?uum ef th?*? ing wreck were drtiud about Ibe brig Burns, I ?r Mllwa.ikle, and II, n , r.iT."zs?-? it fromW|?'!?n? l?? /? 1 rt , P' r"m n the wftWi . , ' , .. .v m,11- waving a h,ndkerebi?f \ he 1 e ? ?L*"V hv the si merer. Wl , ' 'J. " a pa?"nr'?r?. or belong sis as^ii LC - ""^.t^a -S b c? 11 Kt dur ing Um! ?ale. we eould not ascertiln last night ?r. Jerome, w whom we are indebted for tha abt