Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1856 Page 3
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r ticulars, lutormfl ua newly one hundred and U>1 ty sengera hays now been saved Sixty were landed it l.oygan, nod aboat seventy have been i saw ad moth r pi. This being tbe cue, we bave no d ubt that wb a result 1* known, the Iobs will lail con > derably ah .rt be first reports We trust it may. (DMBt and Parher-The Albany ?*?!? dl*H> TO TH1 EDITOB O* THE ??BAH'* he great obstacle, you may remember, to t e oomple of Mr. Dick's famoua memorial waa that the head of g Charles would, somehow or other, always get In. i have very tWrly laughed at a similar weakness oa part of Mr. John A. King, the republican candidate Governor. Speak, talk or write, what or when he osee, tbe bead of his family? the head or Rufus King Inevitably get in, and render the speech, converaa r essay simply ridiculous and laughable. The ten j ib irreaisuble. It is in him, and m ist oome out. eons of Rufus King are all allltcted the aame way, tag a plaus.hlo presumption that tho taint is horedl r, and should be pardonod, as we pardon more violent objectionable aitaulw ol lunacj. <)1' course every knows Rulua King to have been a very estimable ileman, a statesman of some considerable power, and usistent abolitionist. Tbeso are potato In his favoi of ch bia posterity may justly be proud; but bo bad the ng ol' begettlug children with minus so 111 balanced so befogged and belittled with silly vanity? and of bo ng ao many of them, too? that it may be doubted ?ther the balance ol account 1- not, upon the whole, nst him. In spite of bis repeated and mis timed igia of bis ma^nui partnt, the Republican Convention iouBly thinks that a living asx is better than a deal . They prefer this tingling to tbe very king of kingi, an himfelf. is cot to be questioned that the course you have igbt proper to adopt on gubernatorl matter* will meet i ;i cordial response throughout tbe State. People are of this regal estate: they long for a Slate witnout a g. They are disgusted also wuh old Ibgyum. A new ular movement like that which is destined to mine mont tenant of the White House, wm presumed to be ital and useful as lo dflfMDM with old blood and old ipgement It was supposed tnat, acting In accordanuo 1 tbe sentiment of the crins, tbe state Couvouliou .d give us a Iresb, vigorous name, about which the ng men, who constitute the *trongth of the party, Id rally with the same cutbufhmm a* they do aiout name of Fremont, redolent as it is of green prairie, tbe animating, bracing atm>? phere of a nountaiu I. Instead, we have an embodied tradition; a fogv ogies; a drv figure from tbe catacombs of ttte past; worst or all, and the i-.ecrc* or all, the tool and orea ? ol thai old long-headed reg? ncy, whi^b Itke the man le sea on the shouldnts of Slobed, rode the whig ;>ar j death, as they now propose to tide republicanism to tb It u i in this latter liglit that tne nomii.atiou ol Mr . g i* most objectionable. So judged, it should meet with unequivocal Hostility of every true man to whom tae ?tence ol the republican as a national party h at ail r Nor need the ardent supporter of Fremont permit conscience to be troubled with tbe idea that the cause is favorite chief is in the slightest degree iaentififd i that Mr. John A Kingltag. They are really hostile. New Yorker who advocates Fremont cannot do it e advantageously than by bolting the State nomina He cannot do better service than by txtinguUtiiog e and forever this Seward Weed Influence, now at pted to be fastened upon tbe free neck of Hie new ty The most active antagonists of Fremoit, whom I e to be the dark lantern ad he- ecu of Fillmore, are not re deadly inimical to our candidate thin this warn any junta The history of Fremont's nomination u to be written. When, how ever, the luture Hamuioul era upon tbe task, he will have to tell a alory en Ding the statement I do not hesitate to make, because ake it wiih sure kuowle.iue of the fact, that no c.ull le more undatable to Weed fc Co. could have teen oed than John C. Fremont, and that his defeat In the <nal canvass would rsther gratify ttan di-tr^sstiem; , tbat they only use his name lor the sake ot the ?nglh it gives to their miserable, selfish. trea Lbhjus ninations for Slate rlllcors, tbroug i which they lops etaln their bi?M upon the throat of the <ute and mb it to a railroad monopoly far in <re deleterious f the lie Intereat than the direct introduction and insuution ' is less than a year ago since the name of Olonel mont waa tint suggested for tue l'rssi l-ncy. A irate at mace by Mr. Katots, of Ca'liornl*. as U> tae mode by K b tbe tlung was ur'-ugbt about, has been autu ir'.a ?ly contradicted, but only i?s to tho " manner tad m" of the narration. The following may be regarded substantial. A number of gentlemen recruited Wbe blicau ranV irom tbe old dems-rattc party, an. in j*e councils the voice of Hon. X P Banks, an old uocrat, then candidate for the Speakership of ?.ie use rnd f-.e two H'.airs, secior and jun.or, both iemo tic In their lifelong a*.-n< latiocs, were exceeding y po tial, were induced to p'U the name of Fremont io:o cir afou, as an ex; eriraerit upon the heu^e of the public ?y were ed l i this course by threeor four conn lera is, the first of which was a natural anilety to have candidate come from the dem ? r mc win* ol the re llicanS; ??condly, a wi?h to deiett the mtd attempt i ady contemplated by the Weed faction of for tag VI r lard into nomination, not* ihs'anUng th> obvl i Inexpediency of that course, thirdly, a dete :iatioo to lor" tall. if possible, the donination li,r rew party srllch the Albany rege nn would tainly acquire /' they named tnn eiandldttes; and rthly tbe irom/rse availability of F em mt's nam? ognited and ai/mpt?d to be appropriated b? the de rrat* in thilr /ro|io?llions made !?y ill. 'in to Col Fre nt to put him/n nominatiou a; < 'iiiclnuatl. i.' he chose coinp'y witj th? admiiiLstrsllon platform; for such itKw.tiors wire nmlou?'te?liy made, notelthstandiug artiul dec la. with wh'ch ex !J lvernor F oyd has fa ?>d u?. It is unquestionably true that, elued b> thoir a o- in drfeatin* Know N< tl ng sm in Virginia by ttie rtii.n of Wire, snd quite certain of carrying ho I'reil ilial ennvass with equal oase, Ui? committee who en [??red that triumph visited Col Fremont, exhibited an ended < orroepondence with a large number ol South i g?atVmen. aani tinning the proposiUon and assuring ucce??. if accepted, and oUered the whole lnrta?noe of ? Virginia delegation at the futuro Cm. lunUi Conven l to eltrit his nomlnat.on It H also unquestionably e tbat 1 r^njout declined the dishonor of stand ng for a ?ty oa wtil>tt heads were tbe violated faith of solemn | acta, aj\i the blood and vi?> :-nne reigning in Kansas. |ae racls I say, Induced the gentleoneu we have re ?red to, to ientilaie the name of Frer.iont as the repub ko candidate The idea ran like i holera The people ire alive at the suggestion Tbe Seward clique, not re inititig the or'gln ol the nominatlm, and for once d? sert by their maUihiess shr? wdnees and foresight, recogni* Its value, but only as an 1n.strur.10ot for killing off ? antagonist ot Seward in the Convention. Chase just rn threatened to come vp with great strength from tbe wt Mel ran was sure of Peamytvanta, with a heavy d of the Western delegation #e. d and On permitted 1 name ol Fremout to go aa an oU?? t to these, conildent their well tried ability to luanagn the Convention to ?lr own ends, when tho rorfltct b??twe*n these three r>u Id gruw lively. Thus frenioat was the ourrent cry tb? last at the lime the Convention met. The Nsw irk delegation although under-tood beforehand to sup rt Fremout, wmt to rhiladelphla to hmlnats Seward lu/ Seward, aut mil hit," was tbe<r motto Relying on e intriguing and jobl lng ot We"d and his statellltea. ry never lor a mottent dnntted their asility to oast em' nt, and overwhelm the West with a unanimous itrrn vote for Seward ThU nalculati.ta and the oonfi See repored in tb. inviodble nuaitgammi of their vkrrs they never abandoned uni | ib* first inlormal rl told the temper ol th* Convention Ttiey foun 1 It no party eaocuf It w?? people la the Cooveatian _> wh& tae arts and reeoru'of the wirepuller, were ira rati v e Tbey fnun l no namf would for a moment be Jned to but tbat of the g'orlou* palhflu 1er There was ihtng left bi t to cl?ar the tri.'-k Tbey shrunk bark, m bs'hed knaves, before the aVaiancheof popular opto , They reefed and oack.-d sway their oan-li lea aa sailors do their canvass when the . m ro?e? The utmost const rnation prevailed The me, .rf Sumner, tliase, S?rl>ern. aod, lastly. Seward ire hauled In like so many kites that had failed to catch 1 ele? trie current, hut were lust worth saving from the John C Fremoat. tnr candidate of Uie people, d not ol any party. aac4, clique or consplrary. was animoJBly nominated ? u<d, however, without a ma n,nt sla* Vom bl- Albany hater- n th"1r resolute r" ision of U?a Xorth American alliance S'noa the aoal uon the oal> -t'ldy of theee beeten tricksters has been do the utm. st injury practicable to the cauae or F re "m without loaing tbem the Stae ticket rhey bate B berauee he Is tieyoart their influenoe, and la vastly H.r romi v?ny. Tbey bale htm b-auee he Is a demo it by de? rent and neaoclation They would defeat him. VevW 1 ? r' ' " 4 . KrpebPrsn Ff-cntlt e tV?mmittee, of which Mo.gan a ,rtor ol Uir Hudson and Oentral roa ls. and a pilaat itrumeat ol Weed, U the 1 hairman, has rafusd t ? take L ? litve rart in the ceo vase, or t- .*n with .Hher or Ijlsat "OS to promote il.e el? t n ' rem .nt Henne it Mr Seward Bnds tiimself Ks> ill '*> ?ay a word out of pre in favor of the Presidential candidate Hem e is acrumulate 1 insult ani oonlompt have been a,?.,i upon tbe Vortta Amer,. ans. wM ha.e done (Ditely mora to pron.-Ae ?rem .nt s su.-x)aaa thaa all the fcollr ~ ?r?r 1 ?m tAk? n \ -in^r Honr.** i ? f ol Wad. worth, Priant ?r , >U).<r demurs" Kdi ao ehanee in the Convention be'or.i the pet of Al ky corruption Mr Klnf . Heaoa, 00 Worth Americ.n w longing to a |?rty With...,! whim rr -mont can 1 elected wm even name ! (or the odice BMW , ought '.i open toe evea of the to th- nec ?lty cr.ii.hins out tb.s flsisclilevoui. fa. Won, as mors posti d and dangerous in its piratiral a ms than any other ?ret orgs: ?st-..n ir me c.i.nn v. ' b..;>s It Will do so rt if S I 1.0 ? ??????r e-ay of sr. nip . > ng the end can be ? o.' than for ei . ry Ibl ow. r <>t ibe gallantColonnl. ? detests t'.e - ?srd r?gen- y a? rn ?rsiy as you an 1 o U) vete (he de^oera ic Stste ttcSM being sure. 10 , 1. 'i te th? electoral i.^ket lor Johsi C en,.,,,! 1 1 ..s tho firm of S-iwar?l, W ml * C? may at t be driven nto hsnkmp'cy am <?arr Mr FdUor, tSat a great man? c ght your nomti atton ol ?r <;reeley to the rernorship a tie re p>oee of s -a', try I tb-igbt rtiv Cree.y meai.s. 1 f, a general way t. . k.?,t ' I'- nas a blunder Tig, ,srv.-r?e. cr .oc-l 1 0( honeai v that Is prrwf to any coarse an ipeble tetlurtions, but may ee.ily he ore, I ani mlsu a* the knsv* SI It... State . ap ui He lias twee <0 u?> I Tears They hs>i a'ways trir'.ed lum Into er ry ?aoire they had In bend, takli k very good oaretoenwrsa ,m b m the vil- agenrtee th*y w.-e employ ng Ot V; e an-1 tbe InfaniOiisly relflsn ends thev propoaed V i ? a ..1 I-IHC", from the linn.* ?keahl.> honesty o'' ir n.ipport cf Iremonl. tlisi he declatoi him ?erendfnt ot theee vicious leaders, and intends h?reaf lorerrv >n politic* witho-,t any lare?n..-is p*rtne'a ,.i ihereAwe reeommendal him to the throne of King bn I agree with yeu, that oreeley must by this t ua M found out the bad rhare?>ter of bis companions, b it *vi<nefettb in bis ability tn resist thsSr sabtle Influ -e should ha have obtained nomination and election rv would have turned bla- imaginary Independence bi r>unt and what with bin vanity, and the inflation of art obtaining permission to aspire to tboae honors iirb his aervl-ea long ago entitled him to, and whieh threader meet-ru gave rether to those who aeeued . Juasuias ot brioa*/ W da what hig bouasty aloas prompted him to execute, Geerley would hive been only a shade leas serviceable to Sswardism than King will be if choaen. Add to thia bin belief in Uie infallibility and di vinity or William H. Seward, and there could be little hojie or any counsel* prevailing with him than Uioaa Wet d should devise. The writer U one or those who believe* the taltu popu li requires tue defeat ol the Central Railroad State ticket, beaded by the son ol Rut us King. He accepts yotir ad vice to vote for Judge Parker. An old and oonsistent *Mg, and a republican in every seuue or die word, he will never look wlta confidence to the perpetuity of re publicanism as a popular creed, until the bargaining, traf ficking, tricking, sell' cteklng land pirates of the Albany clique are deprived of all authority, and the control of the party placed in younger aud disinterested hands. Let us elect Fremont acd extinguish Weed by one and the same movemrnt of the arm at the ballot box in November. It will be a double victory for tlie oause o' freedom. Wo shall thus put an end to a malignant vampire, who sucks the hie blood from auy |>arty upon which he fastens. Le Fremont and l'arker be the ticket. GREX. New York, Sept. 20, I860. Quarantine at Sandy Hook. TO THE KDITOR OP THB HBKALI). Sajidt Hook, Sept. 30, 1850. At this moment, wben every thiuklng man foels an ia terest In the sanitary laws of Mew York, Brooklyn, and our neighboring country, I have visited this celebrated neck of land, for my own satisfaction ; nor is it my ilrst visit to the region. The United 8tates manifested great wisdom and pru dence In selling Sandy Hook to the State of New York for quarantine purposes. What spot can unite such un paralleled advtntages for such an object ? Here Is a KauCy neck" of land, from Ave to six miles long, the Atlan tic on one side, and tnu immense Karitan, or lower bay, on the other. It ia uninhabited and unoccupied, excep by the lighthonsoK; and, what 1a ofg'eater Importance for the Quarantine, It will be completely Insulated. Tip f overnmeot coi alUoned in the pule of the property that it shall be used only for quarantine purposes. Here no Ulckly settled town can grow up around it, as is now tin- case on StaU n Inland. What location has such favorable advantages? Nature seems to have formed the spot lor thus important object. Look at in only? diatant y,C00 miles from Europe, more than 'JO from our great city, 12 from u>uf and Staten Ihlandu, aid 6 from New Jersey. As far at our sist-r State of New Jer^e> is concerned, tbe Quarantine wit be more remote Irom b< r borders than It is now. This can be proved liom ocular dement tration, if anyone will only ust bis eyes, lor be will see the hospitals on stati n h land; and the sickly vessels, ' riding out tbelr quaran tine," as It is called, are nearer to Bergen Point and tbat Fi ction or Jersey than if both were placed at Sandy Hook.. It is equally true that every Jorse; man coming to New York through i he Narrows, is more exposed to the atmoa pbere of the floating pest vessels at Stales Island man hi would oe if the hospitals were looated at Sandy Hook. At this moment he is exposed during sueb a trip on every hand? tbe hospitals on Si a ton Island, the sicklyvesaeN at anchor, on one side; whilst tho epidemic is spreading Iron: Fort Hamilton on tbe other. Thus is he in his pas s?te from Monmouth by water surrounded by yellow fever. Is not this plain and true? When the suojest is rightly understood, who does not Bee that (he citizens ol New Jersey, rrom Moomouth, will be more protected from infection and tbe prevalilm; epidemic by the removal of the hospitals to Sandy Hook .'?the spot which the hund of tbe Almighty seems graciously to have designed for this important object. G. P. 0. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EIERT DAY. PKKKtlNAl.. DOPTIOK.? A GOOD UOMK WANTKI), FoR A CHILD i i dai y expected, its paieaU' necessities compelling the HkcrUtice. Address Mrs. Morton, Union square Post office. H N IP VERY ANXIOUS TO SEE M, TO EXPLAIN the masons for not meeting t hp appointment at Stoning ton, Kome four weeks since. Address Washington, Herald oilice. ELFN WILL FIND A LETTER IN THE UNION square Post office, oiricted to her firs: Cbi isiian name. J. M. P.? ? |F MK GEORGE KI.LIU, WHO CALLED IN KVST 1 Twenty eighth street, fraiurday, .September 2U. in reference to rooms, will call again he will coufer a tavor. IF THE ARTIST WHO PAINTED THE VIEW OK Stockton, California, at Messrs. Williams A Stevens', will send his address to box Sii t liatham square 1'ost oilice, ho will hear of something to his advantage. Information wanted? of jamks booie, bailor. He left New York tor the West ludsei about the midllu of April, less, in a schooner. and In.* IWI aim ** been beard or He will bear of something to his advantage bj application to Agnes llogle. Ooilerich. I aoada; or to Ooodever, Akell A Kiliot, H? i'eail strast, N. Y. Information wantkd-of andhkw J. BLm k, who left home on Tuesday, the ;>?h day of September, with Ihelnti-n'ion of gou K io a Long Island r ??-e course, and wits < xpected to return the same day. Ho ii 3 feet Hum-he. hiuU. slim built, dark whiskers and moustaches, and hail on a dark gn en ovej coat, purple natln * esi embroidered with blac k vel vet. Mack pants and soil black list. Any information of him left at tbe Herald office will be kindly received for bis w.fe. INFORMATION WANTED-OF EDMUND KENNEDY a native of Lafe* county, Tipperary. Ireland: he lelt home May, |H4t>- is now about lit v<-ar> oi ace. when in*t he ird of l.e ? as in lta'timore. Maryland. Any Information raspec-tin* him will be thankfully received, by addressing .lowph Ken aedy, caie of J. .V II. Jrnes A Oo . > White street, .New York, lisltimori- and Norloik papers please oopy. LKWIP FOB?TEH, SADDLER BY PKOFBHSIO.V, FOR merly of Wagraman der Hart, Ithein Pfal*. Oermany, la e ol lndtanolls. Texas is calleil upon to make known his I resent whereabouts to Jacob Itoell, 171 Rut T wenty-tlfth street New York, to enable him to answer the sorrowful in quiries from Oermany. R JESSE FORKKR. OF BROOKLYN, WHO HAS been misalng for some days has returned lo his home , Notice -Dominique bkrtoli, or any person who csn give any Information respectlaghira, is requested te call at Uie office of the undei signed, where something may be learned to his advantage. TAPaCQTT 1 CO.. M South street. C -ON MONDAY. YITANTED? A LADY. TO ADOPT A FINE FEMALE vv rhild, ten months old The mother is a young American widow , ot respectable eonuertlous, has not ;he means of sup porting It. None but uery respei tal le Amnru ans need an swer. l.etlers addresw-d to Mrs. L Chesiermsn, llroadway 1'ost office, for three 'lays, will be promptly attended to. M MTROLOOT. AM ASTROLOOIST THAT BEATS TnE WORLD? AND five tho 'isaod dollars reward la offered to any per*. a who can surpass her she is the oaly lady in this or any other rlty who can give correct Information on past, present and future N It - CLIFTON is no humbug, nor does she w iah to tmpoae na lha unwary. She wiu-rants to cure the rheumatism, corsumptlon. liver complaint, scrofula, Ac. N. B - < '. can. wltboot tall, < ore the ?oi ?t kinds of can cers. All Uioae who are affiicted. or In trouble, call and ?ee this naturally gifted lady. ResldnnceJIflg Orchard street, be tween Houston and Htanton streets. AfTRoLOOY.-PROFKHHOR WIIJWiN, THR CRLR brated astrologer, whu?e predicUons never fall, mar be consulted at a>8 Broome street, between Norfolk aud Hutfolk. Fee? tallies' M) cenls Time of birth required. CLAIRVOYANCK.-MRS. H A YKB, CLAIRVOYANT PHY sician, la doing woaders fer the sick and sOflrting. Office 17ft Grand street New York. IHseaaea rorreeUv told; cure? msde dally. No charge, mmemtier unless satlsnMtorv examination art gUsa. Klectriclt) admalatcred by Mrs. Haves. pi-AFRVOYANm. -MRS. fflCYMOUR NO 110 RPR1NQ V street a few doors west of Broadway, the Boat enh-braled medical and bastnees olatrvovant la Amertoa All diseases discovered and eured. If carabls, the flats and whereaboat* at abeeat friends made known, uaervtng advice on business. Ac , snd no charge unless satisfied. MADAM! MRYIB HAS RBMOVKDfTO lSI^RVKNTB avenue, between Twsnty third ani Twenty fnurth sta bhe continues te tall past, present and future evente. Itkesvtse marrtases. Journeys, law snils, bsslnaes proapeets.i sieknees at?et.t n-ieti is, property loft or smlen Madame ?Meyar eon versas in Knglisa, Franah aad Oarman, and glvsa guaraote ktMrMt AuTXIA rim Pl'BLIO.-WOODLAWN HOTEL. BLOOM! Nil dale road ?The iiodervtgaed. In returning thanks Tor the ?>:pport and pau-onage h.- ban received alnce his i"-ritpatlon of 'be above establishment begs lo inftirm nommtttees snd cap tains of target and military companies that every arrangement tor coafort and acrnmmi?tatli<n IS now complrta The target Bund, Ac , is acknowledge by competent judge* to h" the I mi Yncfc Islsnd The nomfurt of Hders ?<? .has also been studied and the bouse being roomy, affords great facility far ?rwvMlfig large or small partic* with dinners. Ac . Si the shortest notice The splerxfld ball rf m can be hired foe pab tic companies or private parties Choice collection of wines, ?pirtta. Ac TIIOMAH Rf DDE tt FORTH rniAwciAia QQJ REO A DW AT?MOMMY ADTANrMD, TO AMY OUT amount, on diamonds, wstebes, iewntry. plaaas dry Bails eegara. aa? every deaeripHen at valuable proaarty as ughtfor cash, stocks. ??nds, nates mortgages. Ac., owe Hated. Wan bes arid Jewelry for sale. B. THATKR rooiaa Beta I ami X sesand slary. ? nnn ?"? OM ?Ami? niAMottw ipuU.UUU Jewsl?7, aegars dry goods, and au kinds* persons! property, or bought an* sold, for cash Vstst W<ed.?. mi rtga??a. atocks. Ae . negotiated |i?l rta ?a*--iei of Ann. second door, reoMS Boa I aad TIIOMTM )B A CO., brokers sad I Cm HICAttO AND ROCK Ifll. AND BAILROAD OOMPA er. New York. Heotember tf, VMd. ? A dividend of live <-r ( ? ' it on the eapt'al stork of this company hae been de dared, psyable on the loth tlctober neil. to lha atoekhoidiira or 'heir lega reprroeolai Ivsp, at the office of the treasurer. Bo 1.1 Wl Ham atreet 1 be transfer l.<>"k" will be eluaed from the let to the luth October, both days Inclusive. A. C. FLAOG. Treasurer. Money? monby advanced on tub nliare, wait bea. jaweiry, ttr?arm?, nanucal mueical a?. a surgical instrumcnls horses wagrtns harness dry g<?ida atilftSn Wires liquors rmceries and personal property ? a' kmds ??? 1 S'lght for 'ash Apply to Mct.AKrBaT A WAI.TRR8 ? Oaibarlne street. 8FFICK OF THF FI LTON FIRE INSURANCE COM yany. No 40 Walls ret. New Yi>rk, October 2, I Haft. ? ? aoat I ot Dirce'ots have tbie day deelarmi a ilvldead of 7 per r?nt nimn the rspitei stock, psr'able to the stockholder* oe snd after tne 9?h Inst The trsnsier book will be closed frsai tbe flth u> tbe 9th last. W.M Mi l.I.Iu AN. Koc'y. OFFICE OF THE EIOHTH AVENUE R MLBOAD ? lenpany. New York. October 2, lltnd ? A quarterly dlvi cend of S pet cent on the capital 'stock of this company baa this day been diclared, pavable on demand. D PALMER. Treasurer. "IV ANTKD-MnWITO BE LENT. ON BOND AND MOBT II gage, on Improved teal estate situated ten miles froia New York, for three years, st 7 per cent Insurance on build ings M.n"0 Address t. C,, bo* 144 Herald office THE LECTURE BKAMOM." fff* FBABCIP MEAOHER. FBQ , WTM, LECTURE Ri before the Catholic l.lbrarv Asroclation at the Taber nscle. on Tuesday evening ttrt 7, at H o'clock Subject, " tlersd Oriflln. the I.tterateur snd Dramatist" Tickets, twauiy live ecu's to be liad of D'.nnlgan a Bro . ftadner A Co : r O Shea, Brvalwsy, and at the afflc? ot toe Irish ?l?WH T THAVSLLBKti1 GUIDE, DKON KITES BAILBOAD.-FROM MAT If. UN the una* will h ave ? liambora street lUUuu u follows.? w _______ Mores*, ti A. M. and & P. M. ; mall 9 A. M., through wai ti un, 12 M , emigrant, J P M.; for PoughkeHpiue. T A. M. au4 I P. M. , for Slug Slug, 10 30 A M and 9 45 K it; this trail leaves every Friday evening, at 11 P. M : for Hudson, &W P. M. ; for Peekskill, 4 and 6 30 P. If- The Poughkeepaia Sing Hin? aim Peekskill trains Mop at me way stations Psa at ngera taken at Chambers. Canal. Christopher and Thirty -tint street* Traina for New York leave Troy at 4 36, H tS aud 10-40 A. B., and 4:90 P. M.. and Kant Albauy at (L 8:3# aad II 16 A. M.. and 6 P. M. A. F. SMITH, Superlnteadeat MERCHANTS' LINE FOR NEWPOBT, PROVIDENCE and Bostou.? Fare to Newport and Providence, 92; U. ck. 91 60, Boston, 93 50: deck, 9.3 The substantial sea h:i-nmtr IIKKO, l apt. Mmtli, will leave the foot of Robinson street. Hundiiy afternoon, Oct 6. at 4 o'clock Regular ilayn, 'I uemlnyn, Thursdays and Sundays, arriving In Provtdeure l>y 6 A. M , and Ronton, 9 A. M Freight taken at re oueed ratei.. Apply at the office, on the wharf. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD ? FARE Bi ll need, only *1 60 from New York to Albany. The la land road connecting >Uu Weatern and Northern trains. 6:40 A. M , express triilu tor Albany, without change m care, connecting wlt.i 11:19 A. M. Central and Northuir traina. g-10 A. M., , mail train, stopping at WllUarasbridge and al Htations above. 3 20 P. M., express, connecting with the Central Rallreadai 11 P.M. Keturnlng, leaves Albany ? f 3?) A M., express without change of car*. 916 A.M.. mail train. 4 3D P. M., express tor New York. We invite all passengere on business or pleasttre to take the Harlem Railroad, which, for comfort, promptness or safety, is unsurpassed Tue Albany trains are new tilted up with Creamer s approved brakes, which place the tiams amies Uie contiol of the engineer, rendering it the safest road In the Union Tickets to be abtaiued and baggage chewed at oiUoe Western Railroad, Albany, or at While aud Centre, Broomt and Twenty sixth streets, New York. WM. J. CAMBBELL, Suoari ntendeaL XJ KW YORK AND KRIB RAILROAD. -ON AND AT il ter Thursday, August 7, 1*56. and until further notice, Eaesetiger trains will leave pier loot of Ditane street, aa lul IWS:? Buttalo Express, at 8 A. M., for Ruflalo. Dunkirk Kxpresa, at 6 A. M . for Dunkirk. Mail. ?tH:15 A M., for Dunkirk and ButlaJo and Intermedi ate Kt ution* Paasengers by this train will remain over uijM at Owego, and proceed the next morning. Ilneupo Kipress, at 1 I' M , for Dunkirk. ' Borland Passenger. at S9l P. M , (from foot of Chambers street,) vta Piermoni, lor Saltern's and immediate stations. Way Passenger, at 4 P. M., for Newburg and Mlddletown aiul intermediate station*. Night lcxpress. at 5 P. M , for Dunkirk and Buffalo. kuiifrrant, at ti P. M., for Dunkirk aud BulLalo, aud interme diate stations 1 he alxive trains run dally, Sunday* excepted. These t-ij re -a trains connect at Rim Ira with the BInUra. Oa nandaigua and Niagara Falls Railroad, for Niagara Faiu, at iliu^hamton with the Syracuse and Hinghamton Railroad, for Synu oKH; at Corning with Rultalo, Corning and New York Sal1 rood, for Rochester; at Great Bend with Delaware, Lack* whii'i and Western Railroad, for Screntoo: at Hulfalo and Dun kirk w ith the Lake. Shore Railroad, for Clevaland and Qtaotn nati. Toledo, Detroit. Chicago, Ac. D. C- McOALLPM. General Supt POLLOCK'S WEE1IAWKEN" INDIAN SPRING PAVI I ion ?The new and elegant steamer HODM AN M. PRICE, i i avid Pollock, commander, ha* ciuioienced running her re gular trip* for the se.ison to tlii. lavorite place of resort, leaving, weekdays from 'he loot of Spring street at 10 A. M and 2 P.M. Returning, leave the Pavilion at 12 >? and 4^ I'. M. Sundays, leave toot Spruig street same hours, touci - ii g at foot of Air.os Twentieth ana Forty third streets. Re turning leave the 1'uvilioti at 2 and 5!* I'- M. Ihis will prove the most mi-active place of resort this season for target excur sions ami civic parties, the aocnmmodatiens of the house are nnsui| B?sed. and dinner* can be prepared on the shortest not'ee lot 300 guests. I<x ailon directly opposite Fifty third s'reet under the brow ol the Weehawken mountains. Fare, 6'4 cents. REGULAR MORNING LINE FOR ALBANY AND Troy, landing at WellPoint, New burgh, Poughkeopsie. Kingston Point, t atskltl. Hudson and Covsack le, ? The new s earner G LKN C'UVK will leave pier foot of Canal and Spting streets every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o clock; and steamer ALIDA on Tuesday, Thursday and Sa turdav momtngs For further particulars, inquire of J. LEWIS Jr., No 202 West street. STEAMKO\T FOR NORTHPORT ? THK G SOROS L.vW leaves Northport every morning at fl o'clock, for New York, returning, leaves Peck slip dally at 3 P. M , Buu dsys excepted. niscKLLmovs. An: (WARS EXTERMINATOR EFFECTUALLY c eirs rats, < roton bugs, cockroaches. Ae. ; Costar's e!ec trie powder for the destruction of Seas. moS'i uli'K'S, and all insects Cot-tar's bedbug exterminator. Costar s wholessle and retail depot. 3m Broadway, X V. A LADY M I> CCRKS DISPEPSIA, DHB VSKS OF liver, heiirt. kidneys, bladder, Ac. stone, diabetes, Ineon tmenci- of urine, night or dsy ; invetera'e rlieu nadsm chills and nervous diseaser. Cases given ui> by others particularly rienred. Anply at 67'' >lxth avenue, irom il A. M. to 3 P. M. A Lady m. d.. ooclibt axi> acri?t, restores bibwlnnes amauroets and sore eye* of long slati<lln|[; re moving cataracts, acutni, Ac., without operations or pain. Pmons wearing spe< tacies prematurely enabled to do with out them. That tl e worst of esses are cured by her eye w aters ma} be seen ut her office, from 111 A. M to 4 P. M., at ! Sixth avenue The poor attended to on Fridays. 0B KM 1ST CARL Ml I LER'S CELEBRATED STOMACH tilitsrs Is an excellent preservative Jagaiost the yellow lever, fever and ague, cholera. Ae and is highly recommended hy | hvsleians; no persons should be without it Sold whole sale snd retail at the depot, lo7 Fulton street, New York. Druggists* fancy goods bxclcsinbly. llrusheH. comlie. snap, extracts, pomades, .m.tranu-rua, 1'ar.k | erfumei y anu toilet articles, and every article sol i by drui'cists entid drugs. Imported aad sold wholesale by HL'FuS K. Mt II aHU .t CO.. S5 Na>ss I sti eel. Everybody buyb 'em - Everybody trys >m; But of pedlars, oh. beware? Flask ana box? E. LYON' u on there? Be sure you see it there Fear not; if you buy Lyon's magnetic powder, jrour botis ? will be free from insects all summer For rats and miee hit pills are the only remedy. Depot, 421 Broadway, and No. ti South Klghth street. Philadelphia GAS FIXTURES AND GAS FITTING.? G \R PIPES put in. meters put up. and gas fixtures furnished. Altera tions and extension made in gas liftings, hy A. A. TRAINOR, Elghtli street sud Fourth avenue, Bible Bouse. HORBini.B ACCIDENTS ABE NOTICED EVERY DAY in our papers. A sure preventative by using our patent India rubber fluid Ismp; cannot break, cannot explode. Csll and ee them. H \l'XHURST A MOTT, manufacturers, 69 Fulton street N. Y. ISABELLA GRAPES. ISABELLA GRAPES -THE SOB I sei :ber is daily |WM a "'U l'-y of superior Isabella Hr*pes. from the vineyard of K. K. Collins, E*,}.. Avon place, New Rochelle. and would eal! the attention of hotel keepers aid confectioners to the same. BENJAMIN T. COOPER, agent, 31T and 319 Spring street. JOHN CHARLES FREMONT IS. IN THE OPINION OF many great and true men as certain to be elected Presl dent rf the ( nited States, as KBLLINOER'S infallible lini ment Is to heal all sores, cuts aud bruises. MABBLB. MARBI.K. MABBLB? IMPOBTA.BT TO stonecutters and other* ?The undersigned is new pre pared to furnish any amount ot very superior pure white building marble. In cubic blocks or sawed to dimensions. Ay ply at the stone yard, No. 194 Kast Twentieth sweet nBNRT ?. ANDREW. ?WICIIIOAXDKRS, ATTKNTION? THAT PATENT FOR JtI I h?' Slate of Mli hlgar, demanded by every harness ma ker. may be obtained cheap by calling ou N. DaVIDSON, No. 9 Spruce street. PRESCRIPTIONS FOR RHEUMATISM, GOUT AVD dyspepsis. seldom railing to speedily r ure forwardedby mall Ui any part of 'he country I'rlee 91 each. Address Re medy. box 1 *49. Philadelphia Poet office. CDOWCASES ? SCHMIDT A BROTHERS. MANUPAC ii lory and warervoms. No. 6 North WUllam street, near Fiankfart New lork. and 77 West Thtrd street, ?.1i?ctnnail, Ohio A large assortment cot slant I v on haml. Old show cases taken in exchange. Crders promptly executed. S2AVB YOUB LINEN FROM BRING EITHER LONT OB J stolen, hy uaiag Davids' <ucelslor Indelible marking Ink. the best In nee tit) preparation r?M sired. Bold by Ihnpcto clue) stationers and druggists. THADDKU9 DAT ID# 9 CO Maaulai'tiwiag Stationers ? Ckfl street. SIlnW CABEN ? nOPFHAN A FERSCH'B SHOW OA* warerootes. 44 < hathaui street and 87 Biwery. A geae ra> assortment of show cases kept ermatantly en Band. WM show cases takes la exchange. Orders promptly executed. r HOLDERS OF LAND WARRANTS.? THE SURSCRI ?ber. having the knowledge of a ?eaa l tract nf bo? try eaatof the Mistisaippi. nut yet located, and surrounded bv I A mermen settlers, pmee-tslng the alvanUgee of an excellent elissale, and being wlfhln stx miles of the terminus of a rail road m a nourishing town, will locate the same at a rsasona b'a ra'e of eom mission. Satisfactory city reference will be produrtd of the respectability of the pertlee. Address T. A I. , Tribune office, for three days. TRAVEIXING TRUNKB At? JOHN CATTNACH, trunk msnufseturer still remsms st his old stand, e.>cner of Rroadvvae at.d Wail street, and has on hant a good assort ment of trunks, carpet and If- uher bags, valise*, ladies and gentlemen's hat eases, te . at wholesale and retail Orders for the w< ?? Indies South America, Ar fllle<l with despatch A li artlclf a bought at this estiMishment sent to any part of New York. Brooklyn. Jersey City or Williamsburg, firee of expense. i ritE "vwrriis m-oomn-thh obbat pbmwteb of bsauty ladles. If yen wish to keep a good eom plsxlon. If ynu wish you ran always look beaiittfhT. by estng this wonderful eoexneoe se'd at the Testne depot, 491 How tow tret. Alao hy Bra. IaTBII, 179 Fallen elreet, Bieoki|a. BPOHTWO. O PORTING ?GUN FOR SALE ? A FIRBT R UK O Eng lah double harrelle,! gun. by ene of the beat London makers nearly sew. and very tight, with rase shot pouch snd powder flask, eomeb te. Pi Ice 910. May be seen at 63 Union street. South linokljn. ?XPRRMEM. PACtriC BEPREXS COKPtNT, 134 BROADWAY - F.ipress for California. t?t egon and South I'acitlc Coast, will go forward by the United Sta'es mall steamship ILLI NOIS. on Monday Oet 6. In eharge of a speotal mssernger. ' : letter*, Im[ o'clock. WM H H ALL, Agent Snail parcels received till I o'clock : Inters, I W o'clock H HALL. 1) C RfMBAl.IKR A CO. WILL SEND THEIR EX I . press 'O the itlsnd rf t u'>a on Tuesday, Oc'ober 7, I 'Ml. per steam, r gt'AKKR CITY. Apply at WBLLS. FAROO A en s . p roadway. HHII'PHtt, Australia pionbrr line? established i?t carrying the IT S msll, sailing regularly on the day ad vernsed on .-aturdsy Nor I, full or not full. No freight re ceived af' r Friday, "1st Inst . the unequalled and noble clip - per ship MINNEHAHA, 1,760 tons register. Reatt'-hampa, tosstrr Is now receiving her cat go, and will poelttvelv sail as above For freight or passage apply to R w. OAMERON, No 6 Fowling g<een Sight bills for sale, and cash advance* made on consignment*. (VSOR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA? UNITED STATBi r Msll I inc.? Th? fteamer KNOXVn.LE. C*pt. C. D. Lud low will leave on Weslneeday, Oct * from pier No. 4. North river, at 4 o cloek P. M Rills ofdadtng signed on bmrd. For frelf ht or t'sssnge apply 'o ? I,. MItCHTLL, 1,1 Rroailwsy I br< nth tickets from New York to .Isrkeonvllle. 931. to Pllat ka 993 steamers inr Florida connect at Savannah with the I steamers from New York on Tuesdays and Saturdays. l/i >K MRLBOURNB. AUSTRALIA-MUTUAL LINE r The mntnltteent A 1 clleper ship CI. ARA WH Will BR, 1 sist tons burtheti. Delsro commander, will bare the usual prompt f*espateh of this popnlsr line being the thirty flrst ves sel d'-spst rhed by the undersigned during the peet three yearn, wl'loittt a death or aectdent occurring on the passages out. 1 he accommodations for passenger* have been arranged wl'h due regard for health aeti romfbrt, being atry and well venti lated luuiy application should be made, to seen re choice berili*. Arplv to the agent, on board, at pier 9, East rlrcr, Or P MALLLaB, LOKB * QUBBlAU. UI Wall SlMi F ?HlPPIilb, l i?OR IJTERPOO UNI'EII HTATKS MAIL STK aM ' ship BALTIC, t 'omMock. ooaoman lec, wttl depart wltii , lie Culled Slate* mails for Burop* poaltlvaiy on ftalurdap Uot. II, at 12 o'clock, M , from h.-r berth at the foot of Canal bImcL For freight or lututea having unequalled aocomiuo dgilou far elegance and comfort, apply to K1?W ARIl K. (JOL 0 K Wall etrnet Paaaengers are ri-11 ueatod to bo on board at 11 o'oock. A. M, All IrUttrx musi paM throuRli ttu Poat otlice: any other* will be returned. Tho s'aamxhiv BKlCSaON. Capt. I.owber.wtll succeed the Baltic. anil HaU

Saturday, Oct. 25 N. 8. ? The rait u<? freight from Liverpool to Mew York In reduced to lour bouuda per 'on m?a*ureuioiit, until I urthor notice. rpHS ME W YOBE AMI) LIVERPOOL UNITED HT ATri ( X mall ? loam en. ? The ahlpa oomurlaitur Umt line are ? The ATLANTIC, Cast Oliver Kidrtilga The BALTIC, Capt Joseph ComatOCk The ADRIATIC Capt. James West Three ahlpa having been bulk by contrast anreaalf fnr the government anrvtce, every care ha* been taken In the oon ?tructleu. aa alao in their engine*, to ln*ure strength aud ?peed, and their accommodation* Cor ptitti y ra are una quailed for elegance and cumjbrt Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, In Brat eabta ?I3H, In second do $74 Inluaive one ii< eitra *lr.? sial* rooma. *?<!& Prom Liverpool to New York. X and an guinea* An experienced surgeon attached to each slue No berth* can be aeeured until paid for I he ahlpn or thin Ihie have tin proved water tight bulkbeada and to avoid dau?ir from loe will not croao the Bank* north of U degree*. until after the Id at Auguai. PROPOSED DATKO OP SAn.INO, raoa aaw rum. rnoM uviarooa. Saturday Sept IS, MM Wednesday. .. Sept IT. IBM Saturday Sept. Jf, lMftd Wednesday Oec |, ISftfi Saturday Oct, 11, ISM Wedneaday Oo?. Ift. ISM. Katuntoy Oct 16, 1*M. Wednesday Dot ty, ISM. Saturday Nor. 8. 1*06 Wedureday Nor. 12, th.V> Saturday Nov. 22. ISM Wedi eaday Nov. 36, I SM Saturday Dec 6, IHftfi Wednesday Otto. lit. ISM Saturday Deo. a I. ISM Wedneaday Dee U, 1HM For freight IT passage apply to EDWARD K C(lLt.I>fr, No M Wall atreet, N T. BROWN. RHIi'LltY k CO., Liverpool. ?TKPIIKN KKNNaRD A CO. 27 Auatla Friar* London B O WAINWKIOHT A CO , Paris. The owners of these ahl)ii will not he accountable for gold, Oliver. bulllaii, * ierie, jewelry preclou* atones or metala, un less btl'a ot tailing are signed taerefor. and the value theroof emireseed therein. FOB LIVERPOOL? EMPIRE LINK ?TllK CKLKBUA ted ship F.MPIKE ST ATP. pier No 6 North river, will positively fail ou Wednesday, i?cn>ber 8, an i the clipper ship TYPHOON, pier No. 8 North river, on Saturday. October li. For paio-agt . apply on hoard, or to DEMAREST A JONES, 40 Soulh atreet. and 30 Old ?lip. NTOICB? TArSCOTT'8 LINE OP LIVERPOOL PACK el*. ? Packtt 7th of October ? The fast tailing packet ship lONJAMIN A DAUS, Captain Chaae, will poiitiveiy sail as above. For pa?n?ge In rabiu, second cabin and steerage, apply ou board, pier 37 Kaat giver, or to TAPMCOIT A CO , 86 Bouih atreet. FfeR LIVERPOOL.? TIIK LAP.OEST SHIP AFLOAT ? The magniilcei t i ew clluper ship OCKaN MONABCH, Capt Page, will a*H on Tuesday, the 7th of October. To se cure pasnage In this noble ship, early application should be made on board, at pier 40 Kaat river, or to SAUKL x COKTI8, 177 Broadway. 17IIRST PACKET FOR LIVER POOL. -THE SPLENDID " new ship ADRIATIC. Capt. Combes, pier 14 East river, will poiitiveiy sail to morroiv noon For passage in cabin and steerage, having unequalled accommodation, apply on board, or to SABEL A CORTIS, 177 itroadway. FOR LIVERPOOL-SAILS MONDAY, Q0HMBB 6. the pucki t ship LONDON. The packet ship ROBERT 1'EFI saila October 7 Ship YOUKTOWN for London, sails October li Fare In either ship? Second cabin. $18; steerage, $lt>. and found. Apply to '1 MOM AS C. ttOCIIE. 83 South st reet. From new york to iiavre direct.? britisu North American Royml Mali Steam Packet Company. ETNA Captain Miller EMKb" Captain Small. JURA Captain Wick man. LEU AXON. . ..Captain Cook CAMBRIA li'adille wheel) Captain llroadless. Pa?.-iig? money for first class passengers only (for whom there iaekcellent a commoditlon.) t 00 Including provisions and steward's fee, but wiihout wines or liquor* which can be obtained on board. The aMriMW are iimiauallv l.irge and well ventilated. Any one wishing to take passage U Invited to visit tlie ship The I^n?ti made her last pasiMK* to Havre in eleven days and seventeen hours. Freight taken at rea sonable rates. For that or pauage apply to E. CBNARD, No 4 Bowling Oreen. STEAM BETWEEN MEW YOBK AND OLAHOOW.? KDlNBI'Rt.H, i.OtKI U)?a, William Cummin^ command er; NEW YliKK, 2 1S<I tons, Robert Craig, commander; 0LA?00*W, 1.962 tons, John Duncan, comniaisler. The Ulas row and Now York nteamship Company Intend sailing their new and powerful stesmers from New York lor Olasgow di reet as follows ?New York, Tuesday, SDth September al 1J o'clock noon; Olaagow , Saturday 11th October, at 12 o'clock, noen; Edinburgh, Ratnrday, loth November, 1? o'clock, uoon. KATKS or I'ASSAGB. First clast, %"??> ; Third claM, found with eookel provisions, |30 An experienced surgeon atuu hed to each steamer For freight oi pnssage a-iply to JOHN McSYMO.V, 17 Broadway. New York city bill* or gold only received for passage. E>R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE-TOE UNITED Mates mail inirr AllAHO, D. Liuea, ootnman ter. will irsve tor 11 ivre. touching st Southampton to land th? itiAila and {.assengeia. on hattirdav, October IS, at l'i o'clock, Ir an piei So 37 North river, foot of Beach street Price of passage first cib n S13b. second cabin. ?,"5 The ship has tive wator tisbl eoniparuncnta, enci sing the engines, so that in the event ot' collision or straudiog the water could not reach them, and the pumps being Iree to work, the safety of the vessel and pas sengeis would be secured. Baggage not wauted iltirtngthe voy age should be sent on board the day betore sailing marked "below." For freight or passage a jplv to MORTiMEU LIYIMOmION, Agent. 83 Broadway. N. B ?The steamer Fulton will succeed the Aja^o, aud sail November 1& For hxvbe direct.? f banco- americak com pany.?' The French screw steamship ALMA, 2,300 -on* burthen A. llocande. commander, will leave tor the above potton Thursday, {.let. 2S. at f o'elork oreclseiy, froio pier 87 North rlvir Price of passage, lirst cabin, alt (U>i. Its' oa Mn foewerd For ireigLt or pasaafe apply to lie agents The steamet U"J atifceed the alms. k KD. 1'OIRIER A'.'O., SJ Broad street. TnK LU'EKPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMBMlf t'ompaiiv'k splei il d and powerful steamships. CITY OF BALTIMOK K. 2,464 ona, Capt Mobt Lidtch; CITY OF WASHINGTON. J.Wo tons. Capt. Km Wyhe; CITY OF MAN! llKsTklK, i.ltM lous. Capt P. C. i'elr.e, KAMOAMOO, 1 .'"4 urns, Capt. R. Ewing, are intended u, sail? rnoM li via root. Kangaroo .....23d October. City of Mamaester Sth November. City of Baltimore 19th November raoa r r tt.ApBu*H i a. Ksng.-vroo... M October. City of Manchesler ItiUi do. City of Baltimore 30th do h atk or rAsiAr.a raoa naw von*. Faloon, fwi. Wt'. and fAft. according to stateroom. A limited number of third class passengers will be taken from 1'hnadelphle aud Liverpool, and found In provision*. From I hiladeiphia UUIFreni Liverpool $41 These steamers are constructed with improved water tight HMpW and cat a ve**ei carries an eipsrleutcd sar geon. ? Parti re wishing to bring <^at their friends can obtain certtd rates ol passage and draPs on Liverpool In sum* of S *ter bug and upwards. Apply to JOHN C. HaLI, agent. IT Walnut st., Philadelphia, er SABKL A COKTlb, 177 Frundway, New York. (1 HBATLY RKDl'CBD PBICBi ?OCTOBBB ??UNITED X Slates Ball Lane ? Fifty pounds of baggage free, ten cents C pound on etcese. Four boars from ocean to ocean, by uuna Railroad Through for California via Panama Ral rand ?The l iuted States Mali Steamship t'ompany will di* patch for A spin wall, on Monday, October 6, at two o clock, P. M , precisely from pier foot of Warren street. North river, Uie well know n and last steamship ILI.INOtS, Captain Chaa. H llogg*. I'.s N. Passengers and mail* will be forwarded by Panama Railroad, and connect at Panama with the Paclila Mall Steamship Company'* magnificent steamship HONOR A, R WhiiliiK. commander, which will be la readlneas and leave Immediately for ban Francisco The public are Informed that tho PertBc Mall Steamship Company uwaye hsve one or more extra steamers lying ai Panama ready (or son, lo avoid any poa Sibie detention ofpssoenger* or malla. For paaeage apply to I W. RAYMOND, at theouiyetOM of the oompanle*. 177 Wast street, corner of Warron street New York. Freight to Aipinwall. 70 cento per cubic foot, or 1'4 oeou per pound, prepaid; snd no freight will be received nftor 11 o'clock on the day of sailing r NICARAGUA EBIORANTS-A FREE PA8SA0B end a large grant of land ? The new and aplentlid eteam ? hle IKNNKksFR will sail fro? the font of Beach street. North river, on Monday ueit, October 6. at ? o'clock. P M , Icr San Juan del Norte. All persons desirous of emigrating u thai beautiful country can obtain a (Tee passage, and 13t) scree of productive land, by appl/tng immediately, at the Nicaragua 1 migration office Mo lU, Broadway, ro mi No. 1, up staira ALEXANDEB C. LAWRKNt'B, general Emi?r? t.1 >0 agen' for I'aiied State*. r R CALIFOBNIA -BEW YOBK AND BAN FRAN rt?ro Steamship Line, via M icaragua. ? shortoet route by 7tU mllea? Oree< reducttan of prlena.? The splendid steamship TEN N KMF.R wHI sail fVom pier ftwt Of IWrach etreet. North river, Aar San J ana de Nicaragua, on Monday, t>?ta.atS o'clock P. M., to connect with the steamer t >raab*. from Saa JuaadeiSnr onihe Paelta. for Saa Frandaco For freight or i>as*age apply U>CH AS A, WHITNEY No 2 Bow ling tiroa. N. fl ?the *teamshto Texa* will auooead the Teannesee, snd **U Oot. K to oonnect with toe Sierra Nevada, on too fuBr. FOB BEW ORLEANS AND HAVANA.? THE UNITES Slates man stestnehlp lAIlAWBA J IJ_ ilnllo< h. com mander, will eommene* ? ' M "A f?? ijYfMOHTON i'ROCHKRON A CO , 11 Psrt plan*. U* )B NEW ORLEANS -HOLMES' LINE-SAII.0 PO?I B? melv on Monday, 13th. the splendid packet ship. M AID tiF ORLEANS. Capt Denrna. This noble veeeel has superio. accommodations for passengers, wlo will be taken ai modi rsto rate*. Apply on board, pier 17. Bast river, or to TaPS Q)M A CO., Xi South street. F^OR HAVANA AND MOBILE ?THE UNITED STATES I mail - esmehlp t^U AKRR CITY, R W. Shnfeidt enm aisnder, will *atl for too above rorn. on Tueedny, October 7, at 12 o clock noon, from pier 44 y ?rth river, now receiving ft eight Freight taken tor New Cr lean*, and forwarded from Mobile, free of commission Company a bill* of lading can be proetired on board, or at the oWee of agenta No other* sign ed For freight or paaeage apply to SMITH A PATRICK, Agenta. 61 Wall street KOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA.?1 ?EMI WEEKLY I tilted State* mail lino.? The splendid steamship MA HON. W. Fneter. commander, will leave pier No 4 North river, oa Wednesday. October S, at 4 o'clock, P M., precisely. For IVelghi apply on board, where all Mils of ladln* will be s'gned. and for paaeage at ll>e office of SPOFFORH, TIl.kFW TON A CO. JP Broadway. The magtil'cent steamship J A " aDOER. S P. Turner, commander, will on Saturday. 11th October. The favorites! makes regular trip* to tho various landings river Florida connecting with the steamer* and leavlrg t harieston every Tuesday, at _ _ Ihrongh urkets to Jacksonville, $31, to Pllatka. flV ?TiOR NORFOLK AND PETERSRURO.? THE UNITED r States mail steamship ROaNOKE. Captain Thomas aklnner. will leave for the above place* on Wednesday Hth in?t . at 4 o'r lot k P. * . from pier II North rfver. She will strive ai Norfolk the nevt afternoon, ard Petershnrg the Ibl ifiwtng rnotn'ng Passengers for the South will oroeeed dl recti v oh by the great Soi.tbem mail line to Charleaton An gusta Havsnnsh. Ac Thoec for Richmond will arrive at their destination early on Friday morning Travellers will find this the rh aaast, t lessantest and most expedition* route. Passage *? 1 fare, wit ataleroom. to Norfblk IS. Peterahttrr and I i Mrotid, flO. Apply to LUDLAM k PI.EASaNTs Ji I roadway. tJOTON A CO.'? r-JM ATCH LINE FOR SAN FRAN O cinco (ailing regularlv and noatUvely on or before the advertised t Upper of Sat nraay. 11th of October instant, ? he fsmoua and celebrated A 1 clipper EDWIN FORREST, t rocker, master. I* recelvlna her cargo at pier 1# Rant river, and will poaltlvely sail a* above Shipper* doalrouaof the earllen poeaible conveyance will nleaae eiamine the Kdwln rorreat, and lodge themselves of her ability to land her caagn in ? ?n Fr?nci*<o In advance <rf any vessel oow ofTcrlng urTTtff. A CO . 6f South street, cornorof Wall. N. ?.? Nty frelrM taken after the day advertlaed r fTRALI A.? THE CLTrPER SHIP Ot'EAW STEED will sail on Monday Ocl 6 Passengers will please bo on bo rJ bV If o'clock Four mo?e berths for sate Applv on ho-rd. at pier It Earn river, or to ttooDBV H, ABBKUL 4 f LLK T, SB rewl BrttU AHDHUKKHTH. TJPOPO HAM'S POWi-rv THKaTRK ?iv twi, 4uiS Or&hcstra 80 eenta. huiM :::;; * * ""M* 1 ** *?* wmh* AJerwioo Of time. Doore open ?? T:' to eoMewiu nS?" ...... <'onte**edIy the beat KiSTKRTAINWKNT IN THK CITY. whooe gteal proportion* rL give"*"" Histrionic. Scenic WnehlnU?f and pronileeuoual/ A r Untie, ni , * "AM K TO SPRRAD ITSBI.K (g<!, *P f"d'd bl" for ?" morrow uight wUl demonatrate the ih.. ...rf ? *f,NDAY KTKNINO, OCT. 6, 1HM, ful SS^SSlT WUI Oomi??x? with the eminently success OHKI); OR TRK DISMAL kwamp k *Tto **pou|ham. Mr. T I>. Rice. Mr. j F Mr Da Mr'^i ^ ^ ' ^"rton, Mr. Conrad f'farke Mr Whiting" Mr "Z"; L'rz "r t>a:W*i Mr- 1(~. Mr. pnnlll Vu. L. ? ? |,Vfcon? *r- Brown, Mr Turner. Madura. 5 m., 41 *? hate Kejgn?> dw Mils Kauny Den ham Mrs Htold <r' * Kelgnolda and Mint Lizzy Wailis wlii f he OrrlirFtra. directed by Mr. C Dodworth w 1 r., ..L a choice selection 01 piece* "oawortn, w 1 perform will eililblt .h.ViKA "'VKRTISSKIIKWT wu.MWbltihe otoreBraphlc ability of Vr it W? J ' ANn ANKIK IIK.VR \ RDF>.. rO-C.-BO?-TA? I John MbIUi w Mr, Brn'icham foe* ton i4....;.;;;:;;;;;;; ; MbJ^ffSSSg B'SXuSJ?* TH*ATM- hroadway, opposite anj^J ''iddwaidnghi* patron* ttr,? ssa %rz s WS rrVe pqtfc '?M" nenr" ?f '""""'"y *'"? kin,tne? | 1HK L0h<; LIST OK FIR8T CLASS PFRKORMFRQ ''nffuged enabled tht- Mnn^ijpr to present a series of cants u n app.^ch.jMM.j an,- o'her esfaolisl ment ' CMU Un" ,tV JHE *KsT Is dally ad eta,,!! I U* ??Kn^RdA^?,Tfc? ' K 'Zn'J ?tJ!" b"Mt mn;'' choicest Overture* and piece* of rare value tml'llt? rfKSSi?* S twr ??1JS5S fai'lon"'* me"10<1 "'llfhttof the bouse Rhea general aatia ?titch now present the I est seat.^n the house Y h? ?i? "r Ur"h-"r" 1 balr.-??u the a"! Jrhl.v^f'he I*Ta nrefe^l^ fe: ,Wl" !"L fo"a'> "> ,h? the Parquet, ha, been newly a^d ?S5SrtI? Un,1"r ?i MONDAY, 0?vl' 5 rile ^ wHhMr^: ie ifcL ? ^ llr,,,u ot ' ' Ptti.h wWap^iiET' W'"?h M"e nucy I,arre "d Mr. 0. The great and \ erv mirromfui faice of _ ... ? CATCBIKO A OOVKRN'OR. Willi Mr. Burton, Mr. Mooro, Mr c?*U'hp]i Miku F?nnv DrAar_. and II U? Polly M^hall, who will da^e* y Br?Wne T _ . " THI PAg DE f^SCWAtlON." In future. Iho Box Office will be open at 8 o'clock ererr morning, ami n-mmn open all the day. o erery CjOAMBERH 8TRSKT THBATKE. (Late Kurton'n) eonS^fSitf 60 C*uU; BM0~I U1.' Manager M _ Mr.Tinnv reapeeifully Inform* h !? 'frVendi ' that "Win* to ThXrr1 ?,,?,"itn* ?>?- >?"??<>< ?? <V?mhe? Theatre he has tuacfe arranteroenta with the Western and i? pil?hiT.?!B ?*?er" hi* engaitemen'a by which lie i? ? . . """lou?f <i>?? h.- will continue hla acMon at Uia above e*iutj!i*hment beyond the period at lirat projected Monuay. Oct. e, A new national drama f niittirt A H .1 IIOBHK SIIOK ROm.VSOV And the g>*at Dutch roniedlan, Vr S W Glrnn aa RIOHABD III. Tl-oon A MAksn U ^ Jl'VKNIl.K COMPDIaJIU II.T,,r ? I VARIK1IKH, 473 RRf) A OWAT. I R^TiSj^h Bu^Asrr W 111 pioiiuer th* )-?in|fut crania, Manager , . . THK IKlfH HKOOMMAKKR liter*per?fd with Iriali aongs To cooclm!e with . ? . , , v THK IKTINCIRUM Prlt elpa! character, hv Maater il W little Mary and I.oui.e Ticae*? M wwimi at 73^ o'oioefc * " >W|t| GKO. CURTfTT A WOOD'H , . MIMSTRB4, nenrr Wood. 4. ^.'"7, b""" UrBa'1 ? ??>? bkmj ...V.V.V.V/.V.V.V . su7 ZZ?Z on? ?tbht i v i a i a o .. . NKUKO MINM RKI,s> including wtlh, laat week the highly aucceaaful drama of ? Kr rO, ,v- *"? ***?tai.? HOKKCT. Z h# """I'T Omn rh, i... riclteta, at neeta To e..mmeoee at ;J< o'eloei."^^ farmj T"K Wj.JtrjK OP THK ?MONK. ORKOOIRK la uaei to tTm"e^SL " ?UJ1 ?'tract gruwded a.W'W FFATH WRBHOTH At the f rankltn Museum 1/7 Oram! street every afti rncun at 3. and every evening at 7)?. ' C"l A h*oadwat. ly ITALIAN 0r*J*Jt"J(Jl|{|^RAWJ?0 ROOM. l~w?aRSft,,',i?F, f-vsj sjbj" At the ? 'TY APRkMllLT ROOMS the flrat of which will lake place r .t. MO>"*V KVKNINM OCT. 8 For tlieae ( uneecta, ' "? Madame a*Na DE I. A ORANOK, Mailame ItKRTUt'CA MAKRT7.F.K. M^lameUIKIIKNUKRli. The Mguort H&IONOU and CRRR8I Ujge'ber with 'he ffT. nl'-wl .5T?ber^" h.a'c.Ir^any^a^I1, (.Rami OKI II KM K A AND CHORUS. . . will irriAR, prerloaa to their departiuWuMlortoo. Philadelphia and tfcg ',ye foncerta In order to air* ? I . *?* *f hiring tlieae antata aa will 'fl aOhrd tlioae Mho do not ordinarily viaii the ill.* ..i r . ? uieuna of eu Joying Ike muaic of ' "" Uieatre a IL TROVATORK TIIK STAR ??? TfIB NORTH . ,? '? ?? co?r?aT Hooa. Aamnms... ft -j. No eitra charge for securing wata iwuar. !^ata may be secured at the (Hi Aaaembir knn. u< H road way, and at Hall A Hon a Zt? rfr^nTay F ?oom*- ?? ?T(U' "^"T Tt) H( AML'hRl), (JO TO TIIK FRtVIT J I lln Muaettm, is Orand Street, ?ne door fmrn nr.M?dwa? III the afternoon at .1, or tvenina at ?*? an<l u.,!...,, w.? t.-r. troupe Of Model A rllste," Ui Vemale oX Tro^' "n".1 "regidre, Ibe ilarculea of tlie age with other fealurna' 'he whole lormlng a dlreraUled melange of amusement. Grand fim.mork banqckt and ball, at the t'lty Aaa> nit> y Roomv Broadway, on Tuesday evening, Oct 7. I%6. Ibefollowbig diatlnguialied geatla?Mkav? b?-fi Invited, and aro eipeoted to be preaeot and deliver oraUona at the hanqnet ? Hon Kd ward RvereM, Hon. Humphrey Mardiall, Hon Kraetus Mr<?ka, Hon Daniel t'llniaun, lloo. David Paul Brown, and many other*. uaiaaiL coaaiTTRa Hon. Henry Ortnnell, Hon. Hiram Ketehum, lion. A C Rlngalaod, Hon. James K. Cooley, Hon James Itrooka, lino. Oersrd Hluyveeant Hon ?Jro Hrlggn. Hoo. Daniel l llmann Aid Abner 1. Klv. John N. Uenln. Ra.p, Araa o William*. Ka>|., John L. I-ovd. t > i., Henry t>n>dt r le| . J?m? R WcKjd, M D.. Labon O, Htlk-a. Feu , 1 hem lore Klrby. M. D., John P Dodge. Kai|i. ChairuMo. noon liKMlii*. W llllam H. Drapar. Frank H. Trrr>?, William Udell, Kdwln J ??l, M II D. Martin, K. J Jenkins, ?!mn R. Peek, J. Henry <>wlwln, Angusiua Hsu lings, J. Maaalleld Darin, H, r Helvareon, Oe?. W. Ve?ay. Agusioa Rawlinga. ?er r. Oco. W. Te?>y, Steward. J. M^nry Oomlwl'i Treaaorer. Dodwonh irelabtaied ba?l of ally perforowr* will pe In attexlanee Tirkets two dollar*, adaaittlng a gen' em an and ?dy. lor sale at the Si Ptrholaa. Metropolitan. Aator House, Everett Houae. and ail the priai Ipal hotel* and mn*ir atom TnR MOPIL ARTIBTKS -rRANRI.IN MURRt'M. ir Orand street, one door from Hrnadway. Mrangera will i borrve that ihe al o\e ta the only ulaee In New li>A where 'he original Model Arllale* are etfnblted. Tke e?Ur" troupe of twenty seven ladies appear every afternoon and night. /"I RAND EXPOSITION OP AMRRICAN INDl'MTRT, IT atlRe Crystal P*lar?.?The| twenty eighth Annual Fair of the American Institute, la now opea to the public ftvwn ? A. K nntllio o clock. P M , dallv. The vaat ar*a of the P? lace ta filled with the r hole eat prodoettoM of American geniua and skUl 1 he whole length of the machine arra.le la oerti pled wfik the moat tntere.ftng machinery ever ahown at the fairs of thl* Institute, propelled bv several powerful (leant erglne* l>rvl worth * celebrated band will j?erfori? every eiening. Unutd eonrett every 1 ueaday aad Friday evening*. AdmlttaBce, J# rente, rbltdreL half price /1ARD.? STR ANOKRS IN THK CITY, BR\R IN MIND \ ) t| e Frank lm Museum I* No 17? Orand street, one doo^ fiom Hreaoway. Ibe afoinoon penormanre Is always ron elnded by keif p??t 4 giving all ample ttrne to raa<-h the bo ?t? and ear* The full troupe ol Mixlel Ait.ate? appear. BKLLRTUR OARPKN*. IRIS DtT.StTFntT. A ORAND HA( Run t oNCKRT, WUl he given by Hhellon't Prar* Baud, roousenclng at 2 o'clock Thl* lerelv reeoit It v i*l ted by IhO'UNtr d* of be moat Respectable people In New York. There lire ten acrea ?f Isng Beautifully laid out wlih shady tree*; And the fine o'd mansion has Flral rate arcnmmo<latlnB for famtlleg. Theec grourd* were 'kid out III good Rnu lab *ttle long be fore the Revo'utlotinry War. Admltlanee. 1 tfl, cent* and part retnrtied In refreshmen t P? coml md Tblrti * venue eara mn everv >hree minitea I. WARD, Proprlelor. Fool of R'ghtletb at reel, Kal rlrer. YANKKK ROBIRMyN'f ATHRN.RUM OORNRR Of Randi - h and l.aaealle streets t 'hlcagn Hlinnla w ll open for the wlatei seaaoi Rovemt er 17. iw The boa xt will aeat S a*?, and will be warmed by *i?am throughout ti>? emire building, rendering It the **m" t*tnnera"ire the tweoty fou ra rou ml H .1 Mil. I. BR Man* Manager. PI. .?*. PLA VR, PLATS, -THK STANDARD AND Ml ror drama, and all "Iber pnMlahed playa. fhr *ale by d tRKM'H, 121 Na?au *ire? t New T?rk price li^a cania each tenflrirPl b?Md ItHHM >1 A new play puh'tih** every week lomriele llala sent by mail free." when re qneated. Broadway ATHKNrtJM to i.kt bt ttik riaiir, week, ?Kb. or wo yew* ? IIHKaTRK. rHAWI.RSTON, R C-Jnpn SI, OA*, MA | nai-er. Win prsltlrely open for (be s??on on Mmi^ay, ^oTl?Tn^er S tV>mrany win sail fr* Mew Verk om <w a><a*l IWh of Ortocer I'ne notice ?rill be gtven letter* on btMl rttm mav be addrae^a JekB SiM% Cj i s dhadea. I aainio gtr??t, few Yorfc. AMvnunum. NIBLO'8 GARDKK Poors open at 7, to rammMc at 8 o'chok Ticket* Mr MM Monday Kvbimbo, Oct. 6, UM, The excitement null on the Incraaae tu tee THK W <i S li ERKU I. K A T 1 1, 8 Id M. Roberts' (i/rtu Paris) NEW PIECE, callad BLANCHE; OB. TBI RIVAL FAIEIBB. The Great Autotae a* ITM Supported by the entire company. 1 lie favorite and inimitable danaeuae M'l.l.K THERESA ROBERT, n the grar d ballot of EATET, TDK VIVANDIEBE. Mine. Mariet' i, M'iie Lira Windel, . lura, Julia LdUUHL Paul Brillant, Kmitu Maegin Tuesday? Uerman Opera higbt? UM'INE, for Ulft fell tiir>e in Ameiie*. Ravel Nlghta- Monday*. Wedneaday* and Friday*. (lei tnan Opera N ighta? Tueadaya, Tburaday* and Saturday*. M K lil. KOTICE? AI.TIHATION OF TIME. On and after Monday, Oct. IS. the door* will ops* lt(Kt perloiu ancea to commence at o'clock. T\i Al LACK'S THEATRE. TT In i (iiini ')uuuce of Uie extraordinary atirfcctUM U UM comedy of LONDON ASSURANCE, performed by MISS AGNES ROBERTSON, who appear* in the character of Orace llarkaway, to nubl the tuaratienicnt to atlord the public the greateat call 0( M Bit re e\er ottered In thlacity. r Blake Meddl ? Mr 1 .cater ax . <%arla Mr W a loot L- blr Haroou t Bra. lloay Lady <ia Misa Gannon an Pa t Mr. iiui ii< U Ha Vr. Peter* an IJoU Mr. Lion KonreicaulU tin- author of the comedy, will appaa ?h 1j?z. i. , hia fourth appearance In New York iu tlM hi? chef d'cMvre 1 he new < omejy aiuiounocd for Monday must be postponed, a* the overflow of Friday una ,-ul m (lay has alrtauyuugag# the house lor Mundaj and Tuesday n.uli'.s M IrvS AtiNKS ROllKKIriON w ill appear in live (hanwctem. with son it and dance, iu TIiK ChAMKLEON, being her last week tut one. BAR.MM S AMERICAN MUSEUM. Re appearance of UhfiKBAL TOM THUMB, prel mirary to li.s *nn?nnced i/K.l'A 1.1 URE FOR EUROPE. w hither he goes on a tour ol a couple ot ) ear- on his own ae CO 1 1 III 1 hla wonderful man In miniature, 19\ear*oM, and St inchea ih ? rif b ng Jt6 (Kitinda, Is really tod truly aintiller than any int walks alone, ilo will appear e\ ery mternoon and t i nlng, in I i i i* n n c*, dances and varioua impersonation* anati n* he l as exhibited hln self iu before ten million* of people al ready in thi old and New Worlda AU the magnificent pro si i ' ' s he la- recited from ihe different crowned bend., of Europe, an worth over 91U0.U00 may oe aeeu at the Muie 'tun, i \ erj evi ntut- ihu week, nonday. tith, to Saturday, 11th Oct , DM. and Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* General Tom thumb In hi* extraordinary entertainment*; alter which the musical drm a In I wo ana of THE CHILI) OK THE RKoI Mf VI. lhe other afternoon* of the week ? Own. Tom 'Ihumb, is leforej after which, ciiok e c medics, farces, dc. Ill l?rge?t Snake* In the world are Still lo be keen here, jiiat rw celt i d fri m ah lea, an . t aryinc in leugth 'rom leu to thirty At# fee' each All anaconda? aod boa coiisirictors heretofore aeow m iMnriica hn^e ;?? some may hue been, stirlnk Into mora woi ma in the pietsenoa ot t^ ;e levii.hsuol thia collection*. 1 BK1> 1* In active rehearial, and will be produoed. 'Ilu Dwarf laidy. 'lie Happy Family, Ac . Ac , are all to M !>een here y> t, wlihout extra charge. Admiuance to cvtry thing, 25 tents, children under ten, ltX centa. higk 111X11 BCCKLEVS sERENADERH, NKVT Mall, 0--O Hroaawa\. oppoatte Nihlo'u tlardM Mo>oav hitsiv UfT.C A M 1 R AC L K K T III Nil. Fiin night tftli? new extraviuianxi entuled TIMVs IN '1 HE MOOH, In which <Ie< rge and lJ'.sb'jp Buikley w ill perform the great niirasle of A5!??X!K< Tn? r\UTM TO TUX MOOX. Preceding whicn, NEGRO MlN.-TReLSY r?ne?Tt o<jOimei,cea at 7 "4 o cloak. Ailnuuanoe 0r heatra fi ?n, 60c< nu. In rebeai ral, IOiBD, OR. THE DTSM.U. SWAMP. TWE OLD ORIGINAL OaMPBEI.L MINsTRHJ, MM I'lBK HaLL. Oiti Droadway, (Utp Keilar'i,) abor* Nibio a. I1KYAKT t MAI LORY H CAMI'BEIL M1.VSTRKL0, lh< model troupe of the world, i wnimt nc iu "U M in lar ??* ir ? Sept 29 and ever> evenli g uuiii : irther n >u e, law tha dlrtcuon <& Dan Bryant and (to Mi the beat geoani performer* In extatenee ? n< t iim ualieil i?erf"riner% llie troupe of the w in aerial ol their lai ruliUde Kihiopian emerla af tin* al nv '? hall, IntroducMy a variet) ot i ew at ugs, choi user dance*. buiies>iuei, ooiiiiiaa ltiea, Ac., it wlili h ihev t?KKT ALL COMPETITION. Doora op-- at 7 concert commence al 8. Aduiiaaion ??. ptlARLRY WHITE'S OP;:R\ HOP8K, i.l BOWKRr, vy directly opp<>aile the Bowery lbea're.--tyominettoeiuew t the eieTen.D year. The m ?' mirthful and o-lgin%l eatah -btnent it AnieriCH A coi i am *.icro?^ion of tiilurM are nlghily l!.tris'uc<.u f ir an , i-nn. any Tni'nr rntrrl iinmaal t -vuinii tices *: a <i'iarter before ft. >TIhL0W (iARDKN ?GERMAN OPERA * A<im.*?ian M r?U 1 I KSOA Y, Ot I OKKR : 1 -slWi tKirst I me tn America I.prtnna'a I e , liful falrv op raof l-Mll.NK. The plot ii taken ftom I ouuue'a well known fairy tale. Ihurwlay. Oct f-l'KDINK Saturoav, Ocu 11? Boildeau * LA DAME B1.ANC11E fTh* While l ady I. Miialcal Director Carl Bergmtna THALBFUO S rONCKRTS Wlli commence at N I H L O ' 8 S A I. O 0 N , oi. M' iday, Oct. 'JO. MsTRAKOM'II 8 GREAT ONiJKRT OOMPAiTt. The puhllc are ra*>eetfullv informed thai M ue 1 ERE" A i'AltOllI, Aa?latec' by PAII. JVhTXS. Htg. TIHLRINI, and Nj. BKBBABDC, under the dl/ec!loti of M ETRAKUKiia. will give her FIRST GRAND CONCERT tn New Tork. on or al out Ui? 6 1 H OF OlTOItKR Strakoach a Cooearl Company will cive thre- Caaaarta ta Boat.m. o* i he ^iib of Sepiemlier, and 11 *nd 4>h ot OaMbar, al the Muaic Hall. THE GREAT FAIR OF THE AMKBICaN IN^TITUTM. Op> n <tail< , Uom 9 A.M. until l'< P. M , at the > ryalaft Palace. IVstwoi-th'* Band will perform every eveni'i*. Orud Concert every 1 ne?d?y and Friday evenkag eomm-i.-ui* at i>, o clock Admittance. 2Sreuu, ehildren. half price M ILLKB 8 C1TT AMHKM Itl.T ROtiM.-i? ' IHI* SUPK nor and tnagm/Wnt nubllibBfM, erertad hv the MnlHM etpreaaiy for grand cnncaru and twlla. la the miad extmaiM and curtly fnrntah?l and raijaiai'elv uuoorated r*?* ever ereelesl In >hia city ; ha aiiisiinuled haairty far tarpaaai any ever oiler ed lor pnMle uae m Kumpe oe <iu-rlca, tad ai rangetl Vo aeorniunodate a lar^e or imkll rompaay ma price lo (?rreapon<l. which advanuge tm> oilier b oi-e ngant Keapra-iaAia |iarur?. deaM^>n.? ol pa eurmg a favor e nua^ will ttnd It wrwmi i lo make ear.'y aptuieaMon. See taraa ? nd . udia for youranlf * It ? odea (aieo ilal.j, linmlaja axc*|itadj fr*? ? A. M till 9 P M. GKO. W M1I.I.ER, PiopriMar, Aa. COAT.. d?C PRR TON? Fl VE TONS AM? UPWARDS, NO* &*J eieeedlng ?ix block* cartage; over, Hi i? Ui $6 ml tar ?'each orchard aiHl I.eAigh coal Warraoitdfltoe beat <j ualUr . and 2.UUU lb*. Give a new beginner a mil. M. II. MOWKLL. 62 Weal M'athlnjrton place. THR CKI.R H RATED BBRCKENRIDOE CO\I, M NOW for aale at the following aoal yard a, at lifteea dollar* par ton tor tb* preaeni ? Col R I. Snow. No SS Eighth avenue, corner of Tweeip wvenih atreet, N T. Walter Bicker, corner Atlantic and Farmas *treeu, Rroaft A W. Wedon. Na 40 South alreat, N. T. Ingham Hall A Co . office aonthweai oorner nt M iatgjiaf and Clreene alreot*. yard 81 Eaaa* atroot, Jeraey CHy. . Order* ran alao haVC at the Banking OBce a t 4. THOMP SON. Na I Wall alraet. New Tork. KATMMOfflAl. A YCl'KG WIDOW. OF PRKPOSSKWING APPK\K il a nee amlahllttv and Inie'ligence wlahea to mee> with M g?i Hi man | caseaaed of the ante <|ualltiea. wl'h a view lo ma tr tnooy be tnuat be |u>?aeaeed of ewugh of tha world'* gaml* In make her comfertaMe. aod not he over M jrara of age. Mirh a om may addrena In all confidence. Mr* Melville, Ma diw n aquare roat i.tlee M LUC. 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IMPORTANT TO FRMALEN ? DtSEASRS OF FRMALFB I < xdaao elj treated hv Dr. HI ItOM. Remedlea for fef IT? ale de ? argerrenl* from 91 lo iff Relief guaranteed In a4 r rea. Conmiltatmna and letter* alrtctlv oooTl lenllal. PaUaMt Arm a dlatanee prarlded with hoaid, nuralng and atc'ualvd all' lance. Oltce No. 69 (alxty i.lne) Wert Fif eenth *L N. T } rjRIVATE CONU'LtiTIONS-AS DR WkTSON DF Y vote* hla eirliiatee aMenlinu to one elaaa of IlaoaaM '# ?tay be annonlwd on Saadsv, aa on other day*, from 7 In i) ? II Ol nlng nnt I 9 ai i ight, ai hi* real. ence. M Walker *tre?t m tew (loor* weat of Br>?<1way RIflOBr'8 PR ACTIO IN A CERTAIN IMPORT A N3 elae* of dlaeaaea. A?.? DR C D II AMBOND. aupi af Rtrord. of Parta, and Dra. Camochan and Mott, af Ihli <dM n.ay be conanited In thla *p*elaltty. at hi* rooma Md Sm?i way nr poalte the (R. Nlehoiaa Hotel, dally. Traataaat aM by le.tor. Cananltatlan* In Bngllah or French. C. D. 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