Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1856, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1856 Page 10
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tl'l I'HTIOa'S W AJ*'a ?il ?? f'lLM tiiNlh A hill 4TIOK WANTED? Ut A YOUNG GIB?. %* aud WlMr, Of tartn the e-ners i ?rf*?n.n! bandy Refer to present f nploysr, Cat! a'. Houston ?? i. if ihriv days * SITUATION WANTFI" ? H\ A YOU Hi Of El XX ibainbt ? maul ami seamstress, u t privet* f*ml'\ Imn rei'erei ' e-? given Call at S2i 5th *v? bbsareM Mi an I :v?i r. at AV'ir HEALTHY MARRIED WOMAN WITH HEt SlW i hUJ. ;? desirous of into a respect* i'.e family. a? wet nurse an 1 1? a go *1 ae-unstress; nftrtON d*H. A i? ply !? Catbanne Waters, Ufti'j I'.rooms ?t., in ids rear, fo. twe day a AYOUNO I'ROTWANT WOMAN WANTS A SIYCA tlon a* child'>. nurm Md laundress; would Ilk'1 to ti-ave U the t int) 'nt StMea Pleas* call lor three lava at auS Ho i ten tn tlw M<>r?, between Broad w*y and Bowary A LACY WISHING A SITUATION AS OOYKRNFSs fbr Ton-ig children, 's dtaliwi of making aa engage ment ? itb a laiu:o t'eankog ?l the Nou'h New' Orleans or vuiaity ureft rrecl. Apj.l> to or a 1 lraaa A. B , 1M We#' Mth at. AYOl NO GIKI. WISHBd \ SITH aTION, AS CH AM bertii.uU ami waiter, or to eookwtsh aud ir > i, in a ?..mall pit. ate famtlf. Good city ieteieor? at two years ami three month* from her last place. Call at 177 7th avenue, ueai 2il at., 'irtt floor, from rojm. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WHIiES A SITU AlTON, JA ch'to'a nurse, ail to wash fori; or to tlo ii*lii cha'uber work. < ua give good relereaiee t-oni h?r i.iai pie-e. Pleas# caU a1 M- Vletlei t, f Ul BroaJ way from 10 to 2o clock. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RKSPB01 ABUUTIDt gtr!. as i Uambermaid aal wa .res o: would do geuer.. bouaework fOI a sn ?.! lainily Ik ana obllgi atf. Goo : cBv refill enoe tan be 1,'lvea. Pieaao call for two davs at lbi West 3^ st. ' ARK>L'KtrTAl!IJB YOUKG GIRL WanTS A SITU A uou. u? chambermaid aud wsiuir. i lie b??t of ci y r? Irreut't c?u .? ijtTeu. Fieaai. caii .tt \<tr Uat emyloyer a, Uank U ATOUW'. LADY WI>!IK.S TO AiJ'^UIHH A THO ro".g!> rr.owledge of tke oaUUnery baatooM, ntiM board * nit Uer i uipioyer and for wti.oi! t r ? >*i .tO.e r mtpeaaatiou will Vegivei,. Audr ? L. 1*. L , br< ad way t*u?t oatc 4. A MTUATION WAW'i Kl.? Itv A RKht'Kl 1'AltI K J\ l'rolei- an' girl, a- cbamberamit aud I .undreas, or a? > :,aniiM'i iiiai ' aud Ki-amatieac Uaa '.Ik bert recouuu uia ik 'ia. Cal! at No. 2 Jay at. AN KXPF&ICXCKD AND 1RU8TWCRTHY YOUNG wi tiiui wauta a ailuatlou. ns cUaiuberntai'l i? ud !^> iteat of cuy refereMM from lier lu^i plaM, w) ire ?ijt- ha* "ved for years. ' -ao be heuii at No. to l*r i:r? i iird door ti mi ilit- Bi?.-rT. A BKHPM1 \?LK G1 RL. IS TKaRS Of A(.K W t NTS JA. a 4i italina in a smail reapeeta'ile imedcan raiiui) to t?ke cai <- M ciuldrt 'i. lMwd oi.e n*r ia her .am place, t an b>* aeea at y; iiMi -t beiwaen o.fl aua TUiars , for :!irceda;s A HC.SPECTALE Yt.I N.l GIRL WANTS A SI'i UA JA. ;.oo as chUd t B'.rae; Is an e? 'leti: KeimsiresK will do diamberwiH-k and aiale ber^cil ft rally is>fui. Bc?. refer etice given. C'ail fj r .wo days at 'm .Hi at, between 1st aud 31 avs ARE-PKCTABLE YOl'Nu WoMa.V WANTS A attuaiOTn J? a rcapfWsblt h-mly a? s.-auiaire's ileal city referent-.', rb use call at 1 Hi looi av corner of l?ih si reft, ?#coii<t Lii 'i ft oil', tuia. v an bo seen for three Jays . ARVSPM'TABLK YOUWU 'ilKL WANTS A SITUA hub aa eUatnHermaid and waiter, or to do general house wmk tor a small family. Good Uty reference can be givi-n. Can be ?ecr> for two l y" at 296 1st avsnue. between 17in an i iptii sis., third tloor irout room. A SITUATION W VRTt.D ? 'ro 1)0 ORNKft AL HOUSE wuiK i t0',,..k. skill and tr f.i a private :*mily. ttoodc'^ rwfrre* e. C ?It lor two day* at UJu i'Jth at., be tween Mil and 7th a* anu -?*. Asm aiion wamtkd? bi a young woman, as nurse ai .1 aeamsire-.? or < ? do cbamberwark aad ae w ng. GoaAfaference. App y at W Waai *l-t at. AREM'BCTaBIK VOl Nti W Oil AS WI?HES A SITUA ta)t> is n':rs. ;.nd icamstres- cm cat ana lit chiilreu'g c othtcx ?d do p' iln sewinK Gts.d ci.y relert-aci. flease call or ail., Meet ^Sai st. AEFSPBUTABLF. woman WHO LOST jer HUB b?;id on the 11! tatad au-ttrasbtp J'Kcifio, wi?he? 'o <rt the waabisg of a : -w ttmi lea, a so .< a few gentlemen. U <i|ib o oi *"'*r i> ueatlj tnd ?<?; is perfeoilgr honest aud earefui Reaadenre, l u I'.mM 16th at., nuar 1st <tr. Ai-TTI' kTIOJf WANTED -BV A PROTESTANT GIRL, aa ehambeemaH and lam dre u<*id r',rerenc". Ap ply to 96' ' ri'cn | ..ce, 9th it., ocaar vi MacJoug<i, for two days a sm r:o.v wanted? by t highly rksP^ti. JA ble a ' , a - i tLori ., !.ly u.i lwatauda her bis ae <. Beet ot ? / .,-t^ience. Can be aeaa for two days, at 212 West Ml. ?>. A m *tion wanted- hy a pRortsT ant girl, at ii'aln <o?.k w aah*ir and Ironn . go#4 ? ty reference. App y at J!J KM t*tto at., for ?o days A:;k ?pmAM.E toi :;h wom\N wmhe-4 ro take '.Ue clarge .if i baby tnioi its birth or one moatb old, In a III v c, iia tin. y; beat of 'II y iefnren, e at to clu, ac ter and cspaln. -y i an b ? -u for two days. a'. No 7 tub st , nea; tlie i>owery, ''iliu Boor AiHUATTON WANTED? BY v RE-P ROTABLE WO man. aa at rate cook ?:i>her and ironar ai aarnail l anily ??! :* ? -'s ml - pastry a ad *>ak*ng, good lefereuce. Ap plv at UT f aal 13'h i*t. A MTV AT .'OM WANTED-ilV A RESl'K.'T ABLE Wn man. iinot Oucd raf reaces given. Apply at AJ ;tb m , bet >e n la. aid Jdava. A MTU ttloN WABTtD? BY A YOCJTG GIRL. AS JA ' .aa. em su' and ?ail?.r, or a . jrw Kan of city r leretn ea gh en i all at 133 ta-a 16th at , betVCM IM av. aud av. A, far two days. Abut ?.;rl wishes a utuatioi, ii a oiw , |U family , as rhamu-rmaul iumI ssuiwrwi, or to do Hue wi *b:nf sr.d !.on!n*. 11.^ best ol'd-y raferenoA. < an ">? ?eer a her ] fe-eot employer s, uuu. tugaged. 57 W*?t Waali Ington p are A SITUATION WtNTED? 3Y A RESi'Bi TABl.K ynnng wonuoi.Ui do hou -aurk In a tuiall privet- fa na y, Is a food plain c> k, w:uS"r and iiMoer. B si ci v r* ferine* sa be g ven Can be sees for two 'lays at lot Kaat Itfh at., batwaau 7th aia ntli ave? . in the rear U a bak- y. ARfSPr:<TABLI TOUNO WOMAN DESI KRS ASITU attau to <ki owarai boua?aork, ? an do plain cooking, and i? a ew? 1 ? taber and uoai- Good reoommrudatems in* her ut | ace. Apply at ?5 Wtal 43d at.,'eiw< en atli aud 9th area. ? MfTTATios wanted? bt a rkhprctablk youug girl, .ii chila s nurse and plain sewar. u> uapab ? ot taking care ol < aiiaren. Be^ ot e?v rl-tw given P -.**? tail at >0 m. I3tb st , beiwoan Wa and dta avea.. lor i?? days A RESPECTABLE TOtHO WO MAW WANTS A SITU JV atiott aa nnrs.- and eat Jo plain aew r* >r r'snb-r work bast', abaction <o ga a abort lw?act in the country; aa be wei! r?< otn-audea If o n ber luat pUae. ' all, for t*' a day s, at 210 tt ?t A UTTATION WANTF.H-irr A EES PEC TABLE Wo _'Y ius-1 i* eook snd Uon !i e? . h. st city reference c in bo girea < ai m ia'l Proafxt-t ?t . hi ooklyn ASrTUATM.N WANTKD-HV A BMPBCTARLR WO m?n. at r a.k a wll.'ti * 'o asaiat iu tvaahieg and iitmlac; la a first rate baktr baat cm nrfai ear*. ' 'all at itw Weat /T'b at , front bve m. at. AHITUAflO* WANTll>-*? L4UEDEEW IN A PR/ %aie (i*nu,.v, by a mead' woman, vju oadaniauda he bus.ucsa m all tt* depa rtmen:s: U is no obj- - ion to go noti'h, can clee foal reft re.ire. Apply at U Pcry st. AMrVATION W * NfEf^? ttV A PRuTRiTANT OIRI.. . ?t * r,vr*as uaoeratanda itnami(ti( ail I -U' k la of fa>?i'.v ??? ig, e*n d-ent ?.iia? d*i?. the ueit jf refer CM raa ' a 4: a Pleat 'S. at K" Tl'l a' " AKK.-1'i TAB 1.X GIRL ? El? A fU TV AT (OB \S eli i'- eriu. or to aas.?i Mi w nhbag aivl iron" " ne io do gem is > *w rk in a small ?, r vste f.u>i :y P e^st-eai, si r? W est jotb st , t at .. -en ; th aud y a a. a. >Uird 2>or, front loom Ah, i vTIOK WA*TKI?? BY A EK4VK<T *?[,? j' i.ig *.?!???<? a? roue, wat'-rad tr'.t.-?'; ha*' rn r r? f?r?'ar<" rrn ' 'all at j4 K'"," i n, ui.e iron Smtl il, A ir i vwoM\!t wwths to t?a vat nxa . ? f ?a h" ?F?r in a f t ? ? n?n i faun jr. fwju'-a.u f.t 2A a?rn ip : Sil mW .-nh -ta A SITU ?Ti <> WANTED? BY \ RUNI'ICTf >**'' te?>nt "..nisi M ca i"*as aw >1 ?n I wa'<*r. la w ring ?u ????>'. m waahinf teato' eft/ rata^ww*. Call. or imI Ireaa .*r? !!(?<(? ?i, i, r IMlM at., fur two <??* ASITI. \TT r.V WWTKD-RT A YOU* ? W >*A*,1 . ; . i" ? ur p- ?.<h a tall; i<Md rafcrwer. *npl? at I ."*#*??? al < *,. 'or omr *???* Airtt'ATIOJI WAMID--r.r \ RK-I'K r*IU OIK ma i ?ir *? f i sua ; and WMMV in a Fratwiio K I ?1 !?n J Citj r-t"fU ? lo-1'Urfl al 171 Kli/ali n winit ? f ?? ? r?nn. Amtuulk a .fh mikihc w w v a?aa?aa mi laauaa twfl' wa?h?t larf r?? ?>? 1 aran tra?? ma <?i ??? p^k-mi-h; la InliV ?*?? > ? trut ? a' at par' .rftrpiiu u I* niflag m I*. m ??;. ??? n-r < an h> ??? n for mi- ta?a ulC roa'.aay. -at?y w *irr* a si n* aTT' > n v? r.vm , tor aMmo"***) an' rwm l- ( ,?<i v. n* i ir?ar? an i 'tail ah Mm ? ?f family aavrtaj, 0 n i?a ?#?n : i?r ? wo 4a < in 2'lWn? Mh M. AMTI aTIO* W*.XT?-.!?-HY \ !OOIO W< * an1 rook **aliar a.. I ! Mr: ha* (fr??l i rfrrmcra. Apply a< JM w*ai IM ??., noar -"ii ???., tor ?V. *ar. A situation WAWTv.n-HT a yopki <iiRr,. ro I?p ch??fc?i wor\ ma MBall ???? In ?ti.i rot Inf. ran firr t<o4 ellr raf#i*nr? fram n?r t?l hwm ? <?n Sp MTI fnr tan Oajr* at U.? rmMT 0* Brtdf" an t Ply iafr'nim* |w? ISJ, ?*et>od \vw, fr'int m ?* A " rr> ? o#>* w ?wr? * ?trtrATif?v m 'W ar? *??-**** ?*<- '>??? itH< ?, n.'" r %V^r' ?** ?* !*? ?7ih A p*rmRimi7'.F W A "m-ATTOlf! V r ^ h?^ "LinVlM r^P^We U?U/; S8SC&5S v>'r;r, ^TJST ' "" Aft Hi.' K?TRt?H-A HlTl *TTO'? W*/?rKT?, HV A ynrf rerww, hy <h<- day ?' ???.? Bm <* r^flwn- icea. ? ?r?a ?< H. hot Ifit H?f?M on>c Aav-I> ? ? ? .N- - MI'.N i oraa Old too , i all aawlng or to*i ? i,.m -rw-wk and ? Wl?r. not ?> nvich looke'l (ur aa ? *?f?i linmp. ?>nll ? w?? iii?t.. Hrat floor. ASITPATICN* WV.NTKn -BV V Wo.M vj*. A.-' >;oon plain rno? 'raah> r an l Imw nr\n rtn rh? ln?> ? , jrK- 1 rrt*?'fr |lvm. tn^ur" at I A- 12ih ?? , fur .t?c, ??J I MMI ' - " ? \?VOOrr> W?*T? A <IT MTTII* 4? n*nm0 ?" * an evt ?'?'! rt' Urtlwa ai.d rh > . # , U?f??wr tra'?llinr a ?h ? 'amUr. m i r ??l ? ?iTao. r'aa?r rail at -at lir.Mdwa? 'ip ? . Apr?nt?'TAnM *<?>??> won ahiti * i ?? . do ?? n?rai bo?a??nrk >n a ?mnll prlra ? * ?? J ~*wik taaaitfi a?W ir??ar and -an f1v? *?< ? i ?<? f?r t?oda>a ?? i< Trinra ?? AB WAWTrn-^v a TOtrihj it \i rn d? ?|i ?? 6 ?i'r\ ?:.d -.r ? t* !?i? an't in i f W-t.r? t pptv a' J'ltlN ? ?r MTVATlOftfe Whil'I'ttU-VEMVLES. ? SI 1 0 \T1HJ. W ANTKD? BY A PiCOl KSTANT YOUN< 11 mtoia, !>? iiul) s maid and iuaiuiirau, or the care 1>' a child m pn So ilh \ pi?iy as 57 Kast 17th it AN \ Mkh ICaN GIRL WANTS A ATT I' \TION TO no chauiberwork tu a sai ill private family. Apply at 7" Mb avenue, b?t?eeti 1Mb and 16tu *u. APKEMANKNT SIT> ATION WANTKD-AS SEAM stress. by a Protestant youn* woman, who Is an nee'. l?nu bans at :< !1 kinds of sewing, and ran as?ist as dressmtker II r>?|uiied ha* ro objections to assist in 'he ohamberwork eitjr refer* no* given. Can be teen till galled, at 158 2<lh at Nvmh 7tb and fUi a?a. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A. SITU .V uiloii. tu do cbaui iei work and p ain sewing, or to tak omeof ehildreu understands her business well, the brut of elty leltrenee. Apply at 48 Weat 13tli st., la the rear, for twj day a. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS iv luis<- and seamstress. or aa chambermaid and waiter < bi seen for two (lays, at 125 Greenwich it., Id the candv store. ACTUATION WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG WOMKX one as en ok, waaher awl In ner, the other aa chamber rnsid aud waiter, or to take care of children; good city rele retuf. Apply nt 12.1 Boerum Brooklyn, for two days SITUATION WAN1KD? AS SK\MSTRKS8 AND chambermaid by a competent young woman, or as nurM anil seamstr??, in a private family; ia willing and utilising, a-id fond of children, Dent of city reference given. Call at" tij Weat J'.lh st. ' A SITUATION WANTED? BY A KIND AND OBLIG ing young woman, as chambermaid Is willing to make herself useful. Can be seou at and recommended from her present place. 9S St. Mark's place. A A SITUATION WANTED? by a resectable WO man, as good cook, waaher and Ironer. Good city refer eoce. Inquire at US tfih at., betweeu 6th and ; th avs. Can | be seen for two days. ! A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO ENGAGE A ' few ladies' or gentlemen'* washing can do {Muting and j tine washing , has worted as laui.lress tor four years. Beat city reference. Appu at 231 * est 25th at. i A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A PROTECTANT, wants h situation as laundress or chambermaid, perfectly 1 underatanda htr business rscst city reierence Apply at iNo. V Cntoii court, near 12th st. A SITUATION WANTED? A? LAUNDRESS. BY ONE who thoroughly umVrstar d < her bu>n;ss, or to do cbam be? work and assist in washing and ironing. City reference Call at :oi fth av , between 2li h and .'lst ?i?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG COLORED MAN DKSIKKS A il situation In a private family, as waiter be understands Ma. ting in all its branch* a perfectly; b sober and industrious, the ben of recommendations given by hia last employers Call ; lor t? o day ?, at 171 Wuoatcr St., bet. lilcecker ana Houston. a YOUNG, HEALTHY Wom \N, WITH A KULL i A liiexat of milk wUh.'S a situation, as wet nurs.-; has ? nMrf lit-r own ba^y. P. case call at I Jo Mot; at, fourth tloor. Iron: room. j A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS g(*d plain -'>ok. is a good wa-he" and irouer; good re larence. Apply at 1K> East 12 h st. A SITL ATION WANTED? BY A PROTECTANT WO man. aa laandreaa, or to do chamberwork and line; city reference. Call at 'Hii 9th at., tirst tloor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED WO man. as cook, waaher and lroner, to go a ahort distance in the country : city reierence. Call at 230 Mot; at., in the tront basement. A SITUATION WANTED ? AS CH4MBERMAID AND waiter anu to assist in .he washing, or u> do the house WMrk of a small \imtly, city reference. Call at 2N6 East 14th St., in the store, for two days. AK>*PK< TaHLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion as chtm^ertnaid and seatneirese. or as nurse and seaanstress, eaa cut and tit children's c reaaea. Can be seen for two days at b?r last place, 235 Alb av. AKFfePkt TABI.E GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, IN A respectable family as plain cook, fool wasner u>d IrOMr, or ha chambermaid and to ase st in the washing and ironing. G?d city r?l'ertt< es given. Can be seen for two days at ill 24th St., between oh and *th avs. A SITl ATION WaVTKD-BY A YOTNiJ WOMAN. VS lirst class iauudresa understands a angling and duung; good reference. Aoply at 252 Kits' 2?1 st., tor two oays. A situation wanted? by a young woman, as chambermaid iiLd to mi plain sewipg. and is ? illing to mskt herself gt t e rally u.-etul < all a; lu t r.ldrtdga St., be tween Hroom* and IMaaeey s a, for tv. o d^.f?. VMTUATIOK WAMTkD? BT A YOl'NO WOMAR, to do general liotiaework . la a good w. other acl trooer. , ? lood'ref. r. ' C' t. App'y mm W-iah agloo ?; , orooklyn. AhlTCATION WAXTHD-BY A HK-l'Ei TABI.K ' joting inxiiD, it ch imb rtuaid am; waiter, w 4a i.urae ! r-tid aeatpe reea Hot of city referent " Call at ItSfith avenue I frstUoot liMk. | * RE.-pr.C1 v BLE WUM*X, Willi tiOOl) RECK A teuee* wai<t? a aunau-m, a* wet nutae. lu-i Jire MR ? ? utul?. ?i., Sou'ti Iiruoluyu. Afy.M.I. TI v ..II I. W.t'.TS A sir VTIOV AS rhuubfrDMi hi a to do inn- w^htB-v .-he cm he highly re ? DiCDded mm her laal place wh-reehe llv J tw.< ai.d ? La I j c in. ( aa for two <u> 1 at 1 16 'Jtth at., ati of Sd av. A I'H' Tf.-T '.NT <i.lKL WART.- A MTCATIOR, AS A rook. waalierand iroue ma :na private funHy, a reli ?too* Canity preferred. VilliwIuM faithful aad ol?!'gi ig. ' saii?ffc?v>r? reference given at to chai acler and eapatn ity. PI. aae call a) Mo. 4 . Iinak at. t -irATinN W AN'TKD ? Am COOK It V A f AlTli i"l in. v< nan. ? li . u*e lived with ???it..' < 1 U? moe retpecl iswbiil ?a us '1 ua .vh'.in -he 1 to refer. Cao be *een .(i beard from 'or tv? ,njs I y addrceajng M. K., 194 Kaat IX'i t., 'bird ih? r back r> ma. a Bk-PE T\BLK ..IKI,WA.NT> A SITt* A T ION, A* A <o?k. ?wlrr and iro'ier The brut of city reference given. l'leaeo cal at l:? Kaat a?ili M A RESPECTABLE IIIBL WANTS A SIITaTIOV, am -.ok washer and roner 1 y tel'erence :;iven from her ?at piece. Pleaae rail a; 4V WiUett at . brat tloor, front room. lor 1?? ^a>?. ARKSFECT VBLR PROTE-TAKT GIRL WANTS A a. ? tattoo ia wm'or or chuaktraaM. and to Jo Due e.?h ng and ironin*. Can give the best c iv reference from her lav place Call at 16- Ka?t 22d at. AnttJATIOR W VNTED? BY A TOI KO WOMAN, AS 1 1 an.herm.ld ati.l wait* r good reference. Apply MX t :.a on piac i, rth at , 10, ? two daya. AREfci'ECT ABLE 01 BL WAKT8 A BIYV ATION, AB cook, wriaher and ironer or to dohouaework In a private fan.i'v can I *ve a re.xa.meBd from her laat place. Can be ee?ji fir two daja, at 3? Hand too av., South Brooklyn, flrat door. A FIRST BATE UCRDIIW WISHES A SITrATIOW, tn a private family or would go ax chambermaid, eaa do up fine miitUiit la the neawst manner, or aa chambermaid ^ad to do plain aew;ng, the b??t r t elty rofereuce given. Cail fOr two daya at P5 1 1th at , near ftl av. AYOrNC. WOMAN WISHKS A WTl'ATION. At grw.l j ain cmtk, waaherand irom-r: good cUv refcron^e. Can br >e. n l..r tti .aja, at 2U> Weat 2Mh at., between !Mh and 9th ava , up atalr*. AWinow LADV WOri.D MKB A HITDATIOR AH l.otiaek"'per f<>r agenUeman ? family, or goverueaa fee I 'bi dren. l'nri< rptl'ttuhle reference lurnlahed. Addreao Ida, Herald office. AHTTfATIOR WA NTEP ? BY A TSTRO WOMAlf, AR rh?iub^i maid aii'l waltreaa. can do waahing and Ironing. Ha- good refer. nce?. Apply at 3MJ Kaat lttti aL, near lat : avenue. A GIRL. OF XF AT A XT* IXDt'-TRIOCS HABITS, 13 i\ m whh! of a aitiiaticm aa eharaoermaid and to aaalat In ? a-!i.iig and lr?.i Ing. or tn do chamber* ork and waiting. Sa -wtartory rofeteace. Can be aeen for two daya, at 17J Kaat lith at. A Fin* ATI OR WANTED? BY A TOCRO WOMAN, AS A root . i [**1 refereu ea. Apply a MTthart^ for two d?yo. 'i^the* h W ?V.d w ? lu'e^mVp^Xai * 81 r P ATION J'- .be honm w rvrk for m f-?, iJ ' prtrai.^ fainiir op to r>-? - ^ A HITCAIIOR WARTRD? BT tN AMKBI<-AN WOM AN. A *t b.. ii?ea? eper. or to ttke care >if . h Idren and to do plain M-wins Hood tefereneea given. < ad at >>1 Bpriog ?t. Vhksvm tai'.i.r oibi. wants a sm'ATiON? tn c?'k. w??l -r ainl Ironer. Call at Bo SCUyHall place, fo- Mra. typo? H. AR AMFtr. AN fBOTEHTANT DIBI. W A NT * A 8ITI* ? tion aa Walter, In a pr: ate :?mliy. la truatworthy and eapa'.ie o. tak i.g ?h.-le of h?*r deuarrment. Beal of nty rete'rei ret Met l'iea*e call for two daf( at 48H 6lh av., above, mi> M. \|nCRil LADT l? YEARS OI.D, WH? HAS BEKN . attm wilil to dr?tan.aatng, withea a aruallnn In a (?n eRiaa'a fatallt a- a.-*mt<r?a? ..r to do MM rharaberw >rk, ,r won'. I tea* h cb ift.en'Uie Knghtb hra ^b.-a of w* iratlnu, uagea ri. go hup h an "V ct aa a good home. . 1 ?? M l? (I ralld t'reet P ofllee Willi imaii ir.'. lor three .lava AKM>rKi IABI E ' IRI. WANTS A SITl ATIOR. AS rhamoertBald aod aoreo, woul I have M obieetlon <0 Waehtag awl leiHiiog. Ileal city reference trom her laat em jil. yer. l'le? e ca l at II 1 York Br. ok } n. for two daya. AYOl'Nf <?1KI. WARTS t F1TI ATIOR-T0 DO mi neral lm.i?cw..rk, or woukl do rbamoerwork aod walt :ig In a private tan.ii. . the hno f reieronce eaa be given. 1 1 I 'lire at !B B ewl ZSh ?L Al BfiTESTANT OIRI, WARM A -ITl'ATION- tS rl. mi < rmaii1 an I to :.a?i?t In w ?hin? and ironing; haa iionr. rfct. i.o' her .'aa t plari'. fieaaeeall at No. 1JI) uaurmt r. APROFK'SKD COOK, WHO ondkr-tands THE <*.? 1,11 of rnffat In e< erv tlyie, a? well aa tiilfM, jelli^a. I re?e-v?a, 4e., wnnt? . ?! mUHII a private ly; few per ha e sh -n t. r^ ... 1-1 vi|on than ihe>-r'laer; beat cty refers e. < >11 fhe I we liaya, at Xoma' grocery, oorner of lah ?' .m<i 1 ..iveraity , * >?. VITCATION WANiF.1) -UY A YOI NO WOMAN, AS n r?e an f aeama reat or aa ml ermaid aad iwtm ?--ee? can em and fit dt< aoea j., il ref. rence Applv a' lit let aeenne AHRlTtTtTION WARTRD? BY A RRSFKOT A HI.K vmiet |trl. aa rhawihermald. and would MM 10 waahlns and iron.n* or to d? general houa- wort, wl'h are ?pe< ia*le lamlly. haa fo?ir year*' ett? r^fer"tice from one ; place, fan b. ?een fo. two da;, ? n> UK Ktii ABRRFRrTABf.R TOrNf? OIRI. WI ffF.e a ?ITCA Uon H a private rami1. a? . .in>>?nn nd and waiter, or 1 11a nnrae ? nd to aeaiat In waalii ig Ooodclij refer, nee Can I be t ren for two daya at SIS *h a. "tuie. over th" .nery A YOtNO OIR1. is DRRBOITS OF OBTAIRIRQ A ait.ia'l m ae nnre* rnd l? willlnt to make Itciteif unfM, . an h? mrm for iwo da? a at X* l.aurene atceet A VOrNO WOMAR DESIRES TO OBTAIN a ?irr A atkei aa ac?m'tre?a. fan cot and IM ; hat no oti|.T?iofl ui 1 ? with III ht :hamher work, fan b. fen for two lajri j a' *!!? Wnoetei a'reet t ITfATTON '.VAIIKD HV A RF-rE<T\RTE girl, to o 'fce honaew rk of n private fann r. ? a" on p'an eOWfeg . hea Bo obi' -lion 10 do eh^aiiei work ' III lor tWodava at .'*?> d avenue, Hi the rear ftood re fe .'IK* can He . i * ?n Acnvf.f. f r.tRI, WISHES A SITI' ATION A S f rr ?r . am^i eaa, can rot end St, aad ',0 ail I klm* ? wi' g, ran lrcaa balr ?r>d do 'tp m ielnio A Ha- e . ? ->eca. Appty at *1 Wee> i?"i et. .ear I ttk . line ler ihrt-e u iya. ?IT V ATI Oil B W.VHTgl?-rKWa MB. * SITUATION W ANTKI) ? BY A VMRM W'INAN, AS .A. cook will to aaaest in tht> washing U a first rale baker sud gantry cook, understand* her I u*lii>-sa well; has the b?*t of Itj reference. Call lit 91 '8th *t., between 6th ami 7th ave nues. up stairs, for two day*. ARESTBCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WaNTS A SITU" atiou, to cook, waah anil iron, tu a amall private uunlv Hae irood i eference Pleaae call foe two day*, at 119 East JJth at., betweeu 1st and 2d ava. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, aa Burnt' and *e?ni*lrM*e; understand* cutting and tittiau adieu' and children's 'Irenes, and oan take charge of a baby from it* tilrih Oan he seen for two day*, If not engaged. Apply at 2P3 Kliiabetb at. Good reference. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITU A tiun. as cook, washer and Ironer, or a* chambermaid and waiter. Beet of ctly reference given from her liat plane. Can he seen at 1S? 2M at., between let and "M ava. , second floor, front room. AIITDATION wanted? by a RESPECTABLE young Kir 1; a good plain cook; can do waxhmi and iron ing. ll.ts 'hi heal of city reference. Pleaae call at 120 19th at., b~'ween t' h and 7th ava., second floor, front room, ('an be ?ecu for two 'lay*. A situation WANTBD-BY a respectable Protestant i:irl, as chambermaid and waiter, and assist in washing ami ironing. Oan be well recommended from bar List place, t all at 217 7th av., between 21th and _5ih su. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant girl, as seamstress, or ax chambermaid and waiter. Gold reference. Plena* call at S2 West 25th st ACiiMPKTKNT person wish es a situ ation as it'ewtuaker; understands all klnda of family sewing; w iul 1 go travelling or take care of children; no objection to leive the city. Respectable reference*. dan be sesri at ber lust place, ,'i.' R.- iJe at., east aice of Broadway, for twodajs, or address M L C., box 101 Herald otlioe. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUA lion. a? chambermsid or waiter, or to take care of ohil dren and do plain at- wing, has good recommendation. Call he cm for two days, at 3y spring at. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AS chambermaid and seamstress, or as nurse and seaui sir esa. t an be aeen from 10 to 6, at 281 Sixth av A YOUNG FRENCH LADY, WHO WAS EMPLOYED A as teacher in Kurope for several years, and who speaka (ii i man, arid knoiva how to do all kind* of needlework an I ?mbroiderv, wants a situation. In a family or boarding school ?No objection to go to any place, either South or Weat. The bent references can be given. Please apply at 87 Walker street, up stairs. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, AS seamstress and chambermaid; can do all kinds of family sewlne and dressmaking. Can be Been at her present em ployer's, 1>V5 Broadway. ? ARE-1'ECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS chambermaid and seamstress, and would wall on a ta ble. Oan be for two days, in her present place, 74 West 12>h st.. between 6th and 7th avenues. A^OUNG WOMAN IS DESIROUS TO OBTAIN A situation, to travel; she Is a oomp?teot dressmaker and milliner, and understands all kinds of needlework, she Is ac customed to travel. Has the best of city reference. Can bu seen for two days, at 2l? Wooster it. AYOUNO LADY, EULLY COMPETKNT TO TAKE charge of a bakery, wishes a situation. Can give un Questionable reference*, baa been in businees for more thin three years; would like a permanent place. Please call for three days. In the store, 137 Atlantic st , Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOM AN, AS baby's nurse, in a private family; can do all kinds of plain sewing. Good reference. Apply at 2tel West 28th St., for two days. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do seLeral housework. In a private family, hag no objec I ion to live In Brooklyn. Has good city reference from her last plaoe Can be seen for two days at 2S6 Mott st Actuation wanted-to do general house work; city references given. Call at lib West 17th st., between 6th and 7th avs. A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE PBO testant woman, aa children a nurse and to do plaiu sew ing, city references. Call at 222 7 ih av., between 21th and 2Mb sts. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A situation, to do rhimberwork and plain sewing, or to do cburberwork and assist in washing no abjections to growing children; baa one year's references Call at l is \ork si., Brooklyn, third floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOCNO WOMIN, as plain cook, washer and ironer Can be seen for two days at her present place, Ti 4th av. near loth st. K'-lrence* given. A SITUATION WANTBD? TO DO UP STAIRS WORK and plain sewing. ai,d take care of children, city refe rences given. Call at 07 West ?JHh It. CIOOK'H SITUATION WANTED? BY V VERY KE / specuib e girl. on? who h is a thorough knowledge of ber bu.-lne-s, an<; can be highly recommended. Can to- seen lor three days, if not engaged, at I.VJ Scbcr :nerhorn st . Brookly n. POOR WASHER AND IRONER SITUATION WANTKD " J ?It) a young woman or would be willing to Uo m - U h?us? W< rk m a UK e private family Has jnnCeify re ? leuce. < an b>* seen uti'j Wtit l*th st , between >ih ana Tih ate*. (lOOK.-A SITUATION W\NTKI? BY A UKSPKCfA J ble young ?omsn. as| 'ipe'teoci'l c?ok;caii praduoe un exceptionable cit) references r<u ?>e aeen fur 'wo days at ?1 ^finnr ?t , between Mulberry and Mott all., to irth 4 >or, rear building. HOI SKKKFPER-A TOUNO WIDOW W DBSIROU? ot engaging as boaaekeeoer In a widower s i*mily. ftnrie but Hi ->? boulieg the bii'br-t position nee<l answer Ad iltess In- one week, Mrs Mea4 Metropoliian Post olllee. Ke* g.? en IADY's M.ll>- A COMPETENT K.V II.IRH WuMl.V, t w bo has lived In the above ea(>arlty ti*e >ears, ># l 1* an e\i e]| hair <li esser, *e?M*tri ss. aod clear htareber. wittus asp nation as aVove; gmwl releremea Ian be seen a* l.'U N d . fits' dear west Broadway, qituatjon wameh-a very rc.spki;t able ' i .i rm:i' g.rl wants * ntnatlori a* btdys in*. 'I ha* He.eti a > >-ars In rngland sn1 done the sam? business; it'ider ?'hii? s ber business weil and run iiv?go<si recomnendations. li quire at 16A West luth St., lu the Uasement. Situations wanted-hy two rbmpbotablr girls, ooe *? laurdres*. the other as chambermaid and waitress or a* ehambermairt and to asaist as laundress Hest of city reference. Please call for two day* at 131 < 'llaton place, *th alreet. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO Wotnm as rhambermi.iii and to asaist In the care of chil dren: understand- her bus art* thorough y c*n rive the best of city reterences from her laat place. Apply for two day* at 114 let a?., corner of 13th *L SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABLE TOCNQ woman, a* wet nurse whose baby died when three week* oid. Call for one day, at MA Pearl st. SITUATION WAN'TRD? BY A TOUNO W?MAN, Ag e bambermatd aod waltreaa; I* a good Ironer. can glvn good reference. Apply at 23 Wlllett st., for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A9 chambet maid and waltr, **. good reference Apply at S Wlllett *L SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE PB> testant girl, as plain cook, waaher and Ironer. or as rluim bermald and plain sewer, city reference. Call it No. 10 Troy st , near Greenwich a*, for two day*. SITUATION WANTKD ? BY A BESPECTABLE OIRI,, in a private family, as waaher or iroaer. or as cook or i b s m bermald. bi s' city reference Can be se?n for two day*, II no' engaged, at the store No. 14 I'larkeon st. SITUATION WANTED? BY A BORER, STEADY KliTOM yon i f m?n aa willfr, la a prlrale family Iim worked in the flrai botcla In New York, bat wlahea a more rnini.irtab e liome. run glre tkr beat referee e. P!e*^?! addreu J. K.. bo I I'M Mr raid office OITCATIONS WANTED? BY TWO YOI'NG WOMEN; t* ( be aa rook anil to aaavl IB the waahing and ironing, the otfcrr ?? rbanj'x? maid and waltraaa, or a* waiter aa i an ha ?wn for two day*, at 77 Weal 2Mb at , bat Ween 6<b and 7lk ?t?.. th.rd aiory, from room. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A KKBTHCTABLI TOCN0 woman, aa waiter or lo do chaiaberwork. Bm of -cKy re rermaea given. Call at 77 Waal l'Jib at, between nib and | 7th are. VJITVAYIOW WANTED-BY a YOCNO WOT' 'II WO I O Man. to rook, waah and iron, ihor ngkly <inl"?Uiida brr bualnraa, ma f?id cook and baker, bntbeat retereoco. I fan betcea at MA wk are., la tlie haaement j CJIYCATION WANTED BY A RR8PECT AIII.K IIK tl.THT j o woman aa w?4nti>?e; can be aecn ether pr?aent ailiatioa, I lMW?*t Xld at., for three daya. Owod city reference . baa no , objection u> go in tbe country. I 'PO DAflUENREOTYPIkTfl.? A YOCNO LADY, OF PEE X ??mg ?|ipaMMM aad good addre?a, wanta a ait ne on a* attemlaat In a degnericao room Addreaa K. boi III' Herald <flire. TWO RERPEfTABI.E PNOTESTABT OIRU? WANT ?Una tjdi.i m. e aa ? alter ami the otlur aa rhatn'iermald j and lo take rare ol rhIMren. Tke rery beat of tlty reference I given Bone hot the a?o*t rcapertable nerd apply ?'an he I -een for two <'aya, Irom 1U to 4. at 111) Jtiib at., betwi -a 8tli an 1 ??h area. i rpwofiKRBA* OlftL* WANTKD-ONE 4NCOOK, WHO I I ood? faland her bn?ineae. wage* (7 the nlh-r aa j I'h mhermn ). wavea M. In aa American family *|. caking Kagllak. not l arurnlar Th<aa who are ooapeteui will hear I of a good ? i' iiaiioo at III? eve B. TWO k.BTERH. Wo1T:H IIIRM. WISH SITUATION 4, one a* chamne-mald. or rhambernia ?! andtolo pl. n I aewtng; iheo'ker at waiter, or waller and < hambermald, n n ! >n ail private Tke beat of ettjr rrf??*n>e glren. fall : a' ITS ttk ar , la tke etore between 1?h and IWk ata TWO R EPPRf T a BI<R TOCNO WOMEN WIBH <1 r U A* tlona, one ne rook. waaker and Iro >er. tke other a* rham I liermalil and waller Beet of city rgtoreaee. fall for two \ <laj a at 107 TlHary at.. Brooklyn. Yl* A BTEP? A SITI'ATION. BY A REM'E< TABI.E TT young woman, to do general koa*ew< rk tlooil city re ' frrenre Plea?< call for two dfcya at 9k i 'hryatle at , a -be baaement. 14* A NTEP -A KITV xTIOff, ah I. Al' *r>El?<?e, nr A RK Tr apretable tonng wnien. Ila* eity rofirenre it ri Hiiired 1 all lor two dar* al ??.'> Waahmg'ot, ?t. llrat lloor II ' ANTED- A HITI' ATIoN, BY A RE PE TAHI.E ?? Pri ie*ta?t yoiing w?Mn, la a resectable familv ia mir*e rir>d I lain ?e?n!?'ree? I* kind lo rklfdren wo 1 1-1 a*?i*t , In rhaai her work : ie rompe emi to take rbargeof an Infest ' l.nti be Wl.a Or (wo Ilav?. Wood elty referem e Plraaecall at 4B4 Ailart rat . Hrf>oklyn third floor, hark room VVANTHH-A Ml ATIOE. HT A YOVNO Wo\(\ff. T? in * prHn'e family aa r'>ok ; can do waahlng and Iron lug in U>r MM atyte i aa gite good eky relererra. t an be i mm foe iwo da>?. P'eaae call at 173 Kli/abetb at , QratlliNir, Iront room 1\'ANTH?-A MTLaTIOR BV A REnPRiTT A Bt.E f? jonng woman, aa cook waahcr and ironer. underatand* h? r btiameaa. t an g;re the hae? ot dty relerenoea. t an be ?an for two daya at 4*7 4th at , between Ut and'Id arenuea ?reond floor, fiom room np ata r* U' ANTED? EITt'ATIOlM, 14 Y TWO RMPE<T A BI.E I yoiing glr'a; one a* cook and lo a*atai Hi the waahlng atid Irunlm . ibe oiber aa cbam ermai l and lo do line wa*hlng ?>? l^iila oewlng IWh hare beat i?f etty reference Apply at ] i?:i Weal liah ai . between #?h and ;tk a?ee . tor two day* M'4NTM>-BY A PKOTRHTABT TOflWO WtlMAI*. A Y? Biliietjon aa dreaaiaak?r and eeamatreaa t'nderatanda cirt'mir and fttting ladiea' and children'a 4rww? perfectly, heal . f city refer ence f'ren ('an be aeen for two daya at litl Weet 1.1. b (t. irrvATiuns wanthuufcaaum. Wanted-a situation, hy a respectable young woman. lit a small private iVmily. as waitsr, g<??d cook, washer and ironer, good city reference given. Pimm

inquire at 33 13U> at., between Cth au-t 'Jib aves. WANTKI*? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as nurse anil seamstress Him got good city reference. Please call at 103 W. 33d at., between 6th and 7th avenues. WaNTED-BY \ Y0UNO GIRL, A SITUATION, TO DO chamkerwork i>nd waiting, or tn take cure of children. Beat of city reference given. Please call for two days, at 103 Last '."9th st. "Wf ANTED? BY A HIGHLY RK8PK TABLE WOMAN, TT a situation as Infant's nnrse and seamstress; eau take rbarreof a baby froui its birth, or bring up by band tl re iiuired; best city reference given. Callutl7i>> 8th a v., for tliree Hays. ~ WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO man, a situation, as nurse and seamstress; good refe rence lroai her last place. Call for two days at 2b7 West 17th at , between 9th mid Kith arenuea. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general homework in a small family, or to do chaniberwork and plain sewing. Please call at 43 East 23th at., uear 4th av., second floor. Good city relerence. 11/ ANTED- BY A BKSPE< TABLE GI8L. A SITUA v T ilon us chambermaid or to take care of children. Best city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days in llmlerst , north side, thud door from Hond, first floor, Brook lyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and Ironer. Has the best ?f city reference from her laat place Please call at 257 Seventh avenue, between i6th and ^7th ata., for two days. "flTANTKD ? BY A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN, A SITU- ; TT ation as chambermaid and waiter; would not object to the care of children or to ussist In llie washing. Good city re feience. Please call at IDs 28th st., near 2d avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECT ABLE young womsn. as cook; la a first rate washer and ironer. Good reference given. Please call for two days at 127 Court at . Brooklyn, tlrst floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIBL, A situation to do general housework; is a good plain cook and excellent washer and ironer. Beat of city reference given. Please tail for two days ai 121 East H'jth st. WET NURSE.? WANTED, A CHILD TO WET NURSE, at her own residence, by a healtny young woman, with a fall breast of milk. Good reference given. Inquire at 204 West 4 2d st., 4th floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to attend to children and do plain sewing. Best of reference, if required, Apply at 217 East 20th St., for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 6ITUA tion, to do general housework, in a small private family; Is a good plain cook, washer anil ironer. Good city reference. Inquire at 374 2d avenue, for two days. WANTED? BY A FIRST CLASS COOE, A SITUATION in a gentleman's family ; she understands all kinds of English and French cooking, boning and larding game and Kltry, jellies and creams, and Is an excellent pastry Cook, t cf city refereuce. Apply for two days at 130 Mott st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man. as cook, in s private family; she perfectly under standa her business. The best of city reference. Apply at 117 Wett 17th st , between 6ih and 7th aves. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITU ATION, as nurse, qt to do plain fewlng, or to assist In chamber work. BeBt of reference. Please cail at 138 9th St., opposite the Bible House, for two daya WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, to do general housework; Is a good washer and Ironer, and can do good plain cooking. Best of city refe rence can be given. Call for two days at the second brick house In Bond st., between Douglas and Degraw sts., Brook lyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE German girl, who fully understands general housework: she speaks good English, is willing to attend a store. Woulil prefer to live in Philadelphia. Beat of city reference given. < 'an be seen for three days at 1 16 :i-d st. , corner of 7 th av. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, in a respectable private family, as child's nurse ana seamstress, or chambermaid and seamstress. Can be seen for three days st 142 West 43d St. TJTr A NTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO if man. washing and ironing to do. at her own place. In quire at 123 Kast 11th st., tlx at floor, back room, all this week. TITAN"! ED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation, as good plain eook; is a good bread and < ,k.* baker, and an excellent w asher and ironer; none but a prlvata family need apply. Can be seen for two days at 2G0 East 14th at., lit st floor, back room. TV-ANTED -A SITUATION, AS GOOD COOK, HY A TT middle aged Protestant woman, understands baking; no objection to aatist with 'he washing; the best city reference. Also, a bealtuy Scotch girl wants a situation as chambermaid ard to assist in washing and Ironing; the best city reference, fan be seen for two davsat 2V M.u-dougal St. TETANTRD? A SITUATION, TO TAKE CARE OK CHIL TT dren. and do pl*ln sewing. Uood city reference from her last place. Can tie seen for two days 1 1 J8i) 23Ui St., first floor, In the rear, between 0th and ltth aves. WANTKD? SITUATIONS, 1ST TWO RKSPKCTABr.E young girl*, one a* eh imi armaid. an't the other as Qrst rate cook. Plca-e rail tor two day* ai No. 127 lat are. WANTED- A SITUATION. AS WAITER OR CHAM bermaid. by a young Irish girl. Apply between 12 aud S o'clock, at Krands Sklddv's, corner of 4th sv and 23d at WANTED-A SITUATION, HY \ RKSPKt'T \RI.K I* It < i tcstant young woman, in a amall private family, where 'here In one more girl kepi; na gixwl plain cook, and an excel cDt washer amlli oner; has the bni of city and country re IliWte. if required. Call at 4?i2 4th it. TIT ANTED ? A PROTEST A NT OIRL, WHO CAN OOOK, YY Wash and Iron, tor a amall family. One well recom mended ran apply at Mi Rogers', 1&3 (late 131) Myrtle ave., Brooklyu between tiold and Prince au. fETANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY young girl, to do general housework In a amall private family. I'eat reference given. Call at 54 Bergen at , Brooklyn. WANTKD-BT A MIDDLE AOF.D GERMAN QIRL, with beat reference, who speaks a little English. a altua U?n aa nurse, understands halrdresaing and la willing to make herself generally useful. Please apply at AtWeat 16th at WANTED ? BT A BESP1CTABI.E YOUNO OIRL, A situation to do chamberwnrk and u> take care ot children. Meat of city reference given. Can be area at her present em ploy er'a, 74 Weat 2fith st WANTKD-BT A WHOLESALE LIQUOR HOUSE, A steady, sober man, aa driver. A preference riven lo one accustomed to the business. A ddrcsa O. V. P., Herald office, stating where laat employed, giving reference, Ac. WANTED-A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter, by a respectable young girl: can produce the best of refrrenoea Inquire at 30U Wnet JIM at, third Boor, front room. WANTED-BT A PROTESTANT OIRL A SITUA tlon, aa a good plain cook, and is an excellent wash.-r and Ironcr, the best oi city references given. Call at 220 West 2bth at WANTED? A SITCATION, TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, la a ?mall family or i n ehamt>ermald she is an exrellent laundress, and well p- omrnended: understand* cooking well, Inquire at 406 Atlantic st, near Livingston at, Hrooh i \ n. WANTED? BY A YOl'NU OIRL, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and seamstresa, or waiter. In a private family; hss the best of elty rt feieme. Can be aeen lor two daysai 4G8 Otk ave. fXTANTEn? BT A RB? PICT ABLE WOMAN, ONNTLE v v men's or family waahlng Apply at 211 Kaat lath at., be tween 1st and 2d ava Oood reference given. "11'' ANTED ? BY A YOUNG OIRL. A SITUATION, AS TV nurse and plain sewer, or aa chambermaid and line wmhi r and ironcr Please call at *" Rlvmgton at. In the rear building. TENANTED? BY A RKSPECTARLI MARRIED WOMAN, TV to wet nurse a bahv at her own residence, having lost h*r baby, thiee months oil Apply at 312 Eaet 29th at, in the rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tion.ascook; will be willing to aasist In the waahlng, has Heed fonr years la her laat pla -e; the beet of city reference. Apply atll>3"b at TIT' ANTED? A SITCATION. BT A VERT RESPECTA Y V hie young girl, to do chamber work and assist in the w.i-hlngand ironing, in a private family. Apply at 93 11Kb st, between ?>th SO. I 7lh avenues. In 'he rear. flTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITU A Y? atlon. ae fl baml ?ermsld and waiter. In a fwapeetable pri fate fs*nii\ . no objection to go aa chain " rmald and plaiaaew er Pleaee call at !?. 9th st , near M sv Reference* TITANIED-A SITUATION. HY A RESPECTABLE YY ynm.g woman, sa chambermaid and waiter. tea good washer and Ironer , at. 4 willing to make herself useful to her employer. g<s?t c 'v reference given from her laat place. Pieese call *t at" Mercer si between Amity ana Bleeeker, in he r? ar hit tiding tirst floor, for two ilsys. WANTKD-BY a RESPECTABLE iOOTCH OIRL, A situation. a* n#*mstrr?? and nnra*. Apply to A. Rcid, florist. No. K.7 Broadway TZJ ANTED? BT A YOUNO OIRi., A SITUATION. AR YY ehsm'>erma.d and waiter, or is willing to do general hnueewofk. In a small family, can give goal reference, ran l>? seen tor two dayaat Mo. 124 West Jbih It, second floor, bee* room. Tl. ANTED? BY A RKSPECTA BI,E VOU fO WOMAN. A TV situation aa rook . wnult assist in the wsshlje and Iron ing If required. Oood city references. Pi esse eat! M MWMi b?ius frtim Mailt* m avenue, in West 31th at, caa be seen for iwo ?ia. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECT tBI.K prntestan' girl, as chambermaid, to do sewing and aasiat in was bin* Heai of references given. Apply, for two .lays at Wi Wes- I'.ttfc St I1TANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOU MO WOM \N, YY ?s waitress, who thoroughly undei-stt nda her hmlnesa 1 be best of e'ty references Can be seen for two days at 4SM i,th iitenne, between 29th and .Wb sts. Inquire in the store. fl'ANTKD-RY A RKSPE'T ABLE WflMAN, A SITUA VT tion, in s private family, aa rook; baa lived seven years In her last p'sce. and can coaie well recommend <1 t an be ?e< n for two days at IM SV'I St., between sth sod 9th avenues, tl' ANTED- BT A RFSI-Et TABLE TOt JKl OIRL, \ YY situation, to do general housework or chsmi erwork. In a -mall family. Please call at UlA CbryMie at., ? bare sac can be seen till enghReil mr ANTED? A SITCATION, HY A RESPECTABLE YY yomg womaa, who wlihes to go Sou'h or to Earopa, se (.eamstress and rsin do vp line muslin* in the neatest man Iter; has do objection to take care of a growing child Haa tlie best m city reference from her last place, where she lived flaur \ vara, t'sn be a?en until lulted, at No. 6 Ksst tiat at . naar Stli avMin^ WANTED-A SITUATION. BY AX EXPERIENCED womaa. >< cook, thoroughly und' i stands her boetnesa, enn furnish ihe very be?? of ctty references Can be aeen lor two days at II9I2U> at . between Mh a>..| (Wh sv?MW> Wanted * situation, ry a re-pectarle ytung WMMa as o?.k, waeher and Imner and good baker 0?w>4 fEy nwrsnre Can be aeen for two not engaged, st 103 Broone at. srrcA-noNs wanteu-fknalhs. XXT ANT* D ? BY A 00MPE1KNT OKKH.SMA.KKK. WUO TT haw been at the head of a fashionable dressmaking c? lablishmen*, * situation, either In a larae aalablishment or in a prnate fsmlly; woula have do objeotion to go South. Ad dress B. B .. Union square 1'oat ogee, New York. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BV TWO RESPECTABLE girls one as plain cook , * asner and ironer, and the other a* chamber mala and to ai Hist lu washing; no objections to make themselves generally useful. can giv* tike beat of citv reference*. fan be wen for two days, tf not engaged at 7l? Weal 2rth at ., between 6ib and 7th avenuer, second uoor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, <o do housework in a small private farai lv. Good r<<erence from her last place Can be seen for two days at '.'5 Deane at., Iront basemen'., Brooklyn. WANTED? 11Y A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tionaacook. lieat city reference. Please call at 161 We*t Itith at., between "th and8tb av?., in the rear. WANTED? BY A MOBT RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TUB washing of some respectable gentVmen or ladies, or from a hotel or boarding house; has hid te? years' experience as head laundress; cut. do clear starching, rrench fluting and lta:lan plaiiing, can do gentlemen's clothes ? the bust style. Call at, or address Mis Cong rove, No 7 Harr>ion st , room ID. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUKO WOMAN, as chambermaid and laundress, and ( ,i? do Muting would hare no objection to do a little walling. Call at No. 3 6ih st. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WELSH WOgAN. A Situation as tirst class cook; one who underetavls her business iii all its branches, no washing. 1' lease call aVNo. ] #th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTaLE YOUNO WOM AN. a situation as cook, wnslier iind Ironer; best of refereni> can be given. Please apply at 129 West 16th st , between 7tl? and Mh aves. WANTKD? KY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, A situation as chambermaid and tine washer and Ironer, or chsmbetmaid and plain sewer, or ns waiter; has no ob jection to no as nurse; understands the nnire care of children; beat of city reference can be given, f lease call at 27 'J oili ave., third tloor, for two days. "IITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman as chambermaid and seamstress or waiter, best of city reference can be given from her last place, where she has Uved two years. Please rail at 212 Gth ave. YT7" ANTED ? A SITUATION, by a respectable TT youtg woman, ss cook and to assist In washing anil ironing In a Hi ml] private family Can bake well. Has the best of cltj reference. Apply at No. 3? Weat 21st at. , the place where she ha* been living. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO 'OIKL, TO do light chuniberwork, or take care of children and do plain sewing, Ca.l at 432 "th av., between Stith and 37th wts. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ' ? oung woman, as good cook,| and' exsell?nt washer and ironer Best of city reference giveu from her last place, where she has lived two years. Inquire at 77 W. 28th St., a few doors from 6th avenue. A NT ED ? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RK<*PBcr? nr i> the other" ss *??*< "amCnTd"'.11 ^ pMn Good reference can be lit the rear, lirst Boor, fa, be seenX two dayl - WANTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women, one as seamstress and to do light cham berwork, or as waiter; the other to do chamberwork and line washing and ironing, or ss laundress; both have the moat uu exceptionable city reference. Cat: be seen for two davs, from 10 till 3 o'clock, at No. 10 6th st., in the r ear. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN. A situation, as nurse and sesmstresj; unexceptionable city references as to character and capability; no objection to travel. Call at 230 7th avenue, between Uth and '-7th sts., se cond floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, *BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and waiter, or would do chamberwork and sewing; best of city reference can be giv en. A pply at lt*5 lxth St., between 7th and 6th avenues. Can be seen for a lew cays, if not engaged. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT young womsn a situation, ah chambermaid and to aasist In washing and ironing. or as nurse and to do plain sewing; has four years' ctty reference from her last place. Call at IAS East 21st st., between -d snl 3d ava. YYTANTED? hY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION, TT as seaman e*s, or chambermaid Mid seamstress. Can be seen for two days, at the residence of her employer, No. 7 West 3'th at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8UUA tloo, hi good cook, is a good bread and cake baker and a good washer and ironer; Is of a vary obliging disposition. Ap ply at 12U West 32d st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION as chambermaid and waiter; she U perfectly capable of her business, and ran give the best of citv references. Ap ply at the I akery , 233 Mulberry St., one door from the corner of Prince st. ?fl' ANTED? BY A MOST RESPECT A lilj? PROTESTANT TT woman a situation as uurae, i* fully competent to lake the entire charge ol a baby from its birth, is a neat plain sew er. can prodiu e testimonial* from the best laiullies in the ctty. Call tor iwo days at 3s East 13th St., second door from I niver tity place. TITAN'TED- BY AN INTELLIGENT AMERICAN YOUNO TT lady, of u:, exceptionable a situation lu a fa mily. ns companion and governess over young children; is an excellen' sewer, and ? < mid make herself useful. Aildress Home, box 1M Herald oUice, slating where an interview may be had. WANTKD? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN, situations- one as cook, washer and Ironer In a private family, und< rstands baking, ihe other as cha ubei inaul and w aiter. lJave three years' reterenref from their last place. P. ease rail for two days, at 2M Mulberry st., between Spring and Prince. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as cook. Washer and irooer. Has the best of city reference. Cali at 1 26 31sl st. betwean 7th and Bth area. 117 ANTED? BY A BESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITU A TT tion as plain rook; la a good washer aud ironer, and will Bake berselt generally useful. Has good city reference from her last place Can be seen at 222 Weat 21st at, third tloor, back room. TITAN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE (3IRL. A SITUA ? V Hon io ilo rhiiinlicrwcirk and ualung, or to take rare of children Has good city reference 'rom her Mat place Can be seen for t*o days, at 111 Wast 21st at , third floor, back room. T*T A NTKB ? B V A YOUBO WOMAN. A MTUATIOB, AB YY nurae. la quiet, and fond of children 01 wouM do general hnuaework in a arnali private family, cao read, mid writ* a Hire band. Uood city referencea given. Can be aean for two da; a at 218 lat av , corner of I.'ltk at. aerond floor, front roxn. TITANTBD-BT A CAPABI.l WOMAR, WHO IS A I! profeaaed rook a aitaatmn. ax meat and paatry cook. In a large family prefeired. no objection u. a hotel or *??t boarding bona*. Beet of rcferenoea given. Can bonre until eagajre*. at IK7 Poraylh at. WANTKP-BT A RR<PRCTABI.R PROT* ?iTAKT 01RI.. a aituaUon. aa chambermaid or waiter, In a private family, haa the beat of city reference. Can be aeen for two ilaya. If not engaged, at 46U 8th ar., between 94th and 3Sth aia. Itiiuire In the boot atoir. WANTKII? A RITl'ATIOB, HY A HE-iPECTAHl.R young woman, aa chambermaid and launilroaa, no oil I i"'i km to help to wall on iln< table; good ?lty reference I'leaae <;all (tor two dara. at 312 Molt at., between Houston and llleecker. WABTKIl? A BITI'ATIOB HY A YM'BO WOMAB. AM aeamatreaa ; underatanda cutting and fitting, and all klndaof plain aow ing; would do eharnberwork; haa good city reference, Can be aero at 3M Bolt at., near B keeker, third floor, front room. WARTRP-A HITUATIOR. BY A RESPKi'TABI.R young woman, at laiindreaa; la a Brat rate waah'-r and I finer, and cam Pfwdara the beat of city reference from h?r laat emp'oyor P loaae call at 220 Kaat 17th at, between lat avnioe ao<1 avenue V. titantkii? i l,T ibtklmoebt amrricab yooko m lady. with unexceptionable refereneea, aattnatton, la a re?|>eetab!e family, aa rnaatata to a young or married lady. A< 'lreaa American box Itift llerald offlo- ?UUD| where an to tan tew can bo had. 1 fVTANTKD? A PITl' ATIOB, HY A RK8PRCT ARI.R || young woman. aa plain c>?>k. waahcr anil ironer; un | derwtanda baking, good city refcreaee given. I all for two day* at Bo S I'Oll at, rorner of Bowery. aecond floor \i ? a .ntki>? a MtVAfMR, ab noon w\>iikr abo YY Ironer. by a re-ipeetable girl, who undaratmda her buai neaa, and haa the beat City reference Apply for '.Wo daya at lfiflt< lludaon avenue, between High and Baaaau ala., lirook lyn. | TXTAMTID? IT TWO RlfrPRCTAHM PROTKfTAXf | T 1 young women, altuattona. la a private family one to do c|>amherwor? and fine waahlng or chamberwork alone, the other m do chamberwork and plain aewlng, or aa waiter. In a amall prH ate family, one haa three yeara' reference from er la-i pla> e. the other four and eight moutha. < all at 226 Weat 25<h at. between Hth anil 9th ava., for two daya. lyANTRP-BTA RBSI'RCT A HI,R YOCBll WO*AB. A Tv ai nation, aa oook. wnaher aad Ironer la a Mall prtrate family, fan be aeen for two daya at >12 lat avenue, near l?h it TI7ABTRD? A MRPTCTABLK MIDDI.l AtiRO OOU01 YY eil woman aa rook. In a amall private family, nona nee<l I apply except with good refereneea. t all at 327 IKh at, bei weea 1 lat and 2d ava., for two daya TIT ABTRP ? A SITUATION. AB OOOD COOK ABO TO I V v w of and Iron roarae thlnga, by a very experienced wo man, with four yaara' reference fmniflier laat place. t all at | ! ~1 f><h av , la the atore. I WABTRH? RITC \TIO\R, BY THRRR ORRM AB OIRLft, one aa aeamatreaa or nurae, one aa cook and one aa chambermaid and waiter Good refereneea Call at 196 6th at., between area. A and B. WrABTKf)-BY A RKSI'RCT \ BLR YOrNO WOM\N, A altiiatMn. to cook. waah and Iron In a amall private fa mily; nndera'anda baking and paatry. The beat of cltv refer ' n Plflaas call or addreaa ill H| lleafei at thlra floor, nwtlHB, ?fir ABTKP? A PITDATIOB. AS OOOD I'l.AIS COOK YY and excellent wnaher and Ironer, underaUnda t>?kln? perfect i Heat <?{ city reference given. Call at 89 Weal I'.'tb -t , between 6th and T?h avenuea, for two daya. IirANTRO-RY A RKHPRCTABI.K t?IRI., A MITUA Yf t km aa chambermaid and In aaalat In waahlng and Iron ing. Apply al :* Clinton place, at , where good reference can be given. WABTRD -HY A RRSPRCTABI.R YOUBll WOBAff, A altuatkm to eook, waah and Iron, or aa laun ireaa Ileal of clly reference Can he aeen Tor urn dava al 2I? Rllrabetli arm TJLr aBTRI) ? A BITI' ATIOB BY A RBBPVCTA BT.I YY young woman, aa waiter and to do chamberwork Haa the beat of cltv reference Can be aeen at 74 VFeat2llh at . aecond floor, tront room. TVr ANTRII? BY A BK^PRCTABLK RBOLItH OTRf., A YY altuatlon to do the general hottaework or rhambrrwork ofaamal! private family. Can be aeen for two daya at 240 t herry at WANTRD? A RlTCATlbB BY A RRSPRCTABI.R Wfl man. aa good oook. ahe underatanda paatry and baking perfectly, and la willing to ?aalat n waahlng and ironinf Ilaa the beat of clly reference Pleaae call for two daya ai M Weat I. Hli at., between ?h and ftth ava WABTRP-A BTTIf ATIOB, BY A RRsrRCTABI.R yenwg woman, aa aeamatr'?? tind-r?tan la eutt'ng and lilting children a dreaeea. ami would do Mf hi chamberwqrk If reqnTn i Haa five yeara' reference from her laat place I' lease call at V, 1M ft , b?twe^ iM (tint ^1 (|vff.i 'vf "?o daya. I ?rn ATIOW8 WAN'rHD? fr'KMALHH. WANTEB? A SITUATION, BY A UK <P?OT ABLIB young Woman, an nurae and seamstress. Good citr re ference. Apply nt 113 Km 11th at. WANT ED? BY A BESPECTABLB PERSON, A SITU A. Uoo, in a private family. aa seamst?**; cm c?t chil dren's dresses, or 'ake-'care ol a growlug child, can embrotdnr; would do light rbamberwork and sewing Can be aaea Cor two daja at 38 Wist 2Utb nt., between 6th and 6th ava. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A WOMAlf. AB COOK, one who understands her business, good city refereaoe. Apply at 87 Mott at., in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE MID dle aged woman and her daughter. In a prlva'e fnmUv, one to do plain cooking, washing anu ironing; the other te <1* l'ght chamberwork. and to take rare of children, or i? capable o! teaching them to read or write, fan lie seen for two d?ya at 62 Mariun at., basement door. Good retureuce given. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OKRMAN OIRL, A altuation, as rook, waaher and lroner, In a private family. Can be seen at 2-48 avenue A, one door frooa 17th atreet. WANTED? BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION, T? do the general housework of a small private family, or up stairs work: the best of city reference given. Oall at JUt Columbia at., Brooklyn, second ltoor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation as good rook, ia a lirat rate washer aud tuner, in a private family. Good city reference. Apply at HI) Mul berry st., second 8oor, in tht) rear. Can be seen far a few days, If not engaged. TAT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A KESPKCTABLK VT young woman. to de general housework, or as chain bermaid. flood city reference. No objection to go a abort distance in the country, l'teaae call for two (lava at 122 Bast 20ih ?t. WANTKD? It SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, 10 do i hambrrwork and w aitmg, would be willing to a? 4>t In wio-lnng, or to take care or children and do sewing. t*t<Hl retei enre given. Inquire at 210 2,1 a/., between 13th and l '\ alii., after 10 o'clock A. M. "U/"VNTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?? (irl. to do plain conking, washing anJ ironing or gea eral boH,,.W(,rk. peat city reference from her laat plane. I'ieaar rH| ,lt i'(ih st., between 3d and 4th it vs. Oan be aeoa for two da^ tf ll(,t engaged. WANTKIvA SITUATION, BY A GOOD OOOK; UN derhUiUifl baking bread aud pantry, an l is willing to aa *i*t In washing \jul iroi ing. if retired; no objection to ? url vate boarding hf>uie fan be for two days at lit l'.Hh St., between titli ^ 71b avenues, the b^at city reference. TIT ANTKD ? BY - F BENCH PROTESTANT GIRL. A TV situation to takteare of ehlldrea and tod* plain sew ing. Inquire, lor two i?yH at 3^1 2d avenue, two door< frjim 24i h at. WANTED? BY A RKS?ectaBLK YOUNG WOMAN A altuation. a* chambered ; no objecUon to asiitt ia the 1 waabiug and ironui 4; wages u, object to a good home. I'lesso j t all at or address 201 West 4-itli _____ WANTED? A SITUATION. ?jy A RESPECTABLE young girl, as <ook, washer uj ironer, in a private fa I mily. None but a r> pectable fiunil) nee<l upply at No. 134 West 22d at. WANTED? lti A VERY RESPECT, uLE WIDOW WO man, a 1 i nation, to do chair, brr won waalilng; ua derstands the care ol children, and would the work of a small family .can give the beat recommenda^ng. Oau be seen for two davs at :SU9 West 29th at., belaw 10th a-eoue. WAN i EI>- A SITUATION. BT A R&PECTA8TJ5 voung woman, aa laundreaa; perfectly un'V?iandH her I business. Best of city reference# given. Call at 22T<dth at, be ? tween 1st and 2d av?., for two days WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH Gfco, X situation as cook. Can be seen far two days, If en gaged. at 645 Hudson st., between Horatio and Ganaevoyt sta. WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG GIRL, A at ion to attend in a bakerv; best of references can bo given as to honesty aud respectability. Apply at 316 Bth tr.a between 26th and 27th sta. WANTED? BT AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN, A SITU A tion aa cook; good city reference. Apply at 89 6th av., first floor, back room. \\T ANTED ? A SIIUATION, AS PORTER OR CLERK TV in a wholesale store, by an American young man. la ? good penman, and ran give good refers* ce. Address D. B. it tut is 54 Atlantic at. corner Willow st., Brooklyn. WANTKD? A SITUATION, AS CHILDRENS' NURSE, by a highly rrapecublc middle aged woman, or would like to take charge of an infant from Its birth, beat of city re ference rat. be given. Call at 6b East 15th st , corner of 3d av. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do gei.eral housework. In a muill private fami ly; good city reference. Apply at 150 Weat 29th at, betweea , 7tli and Hih avenues. WASHING.? A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES TO take in washing at her reaidence, 125 19th it., near 7 th avenue. '?< od reference can be given. WANTKD? 4 SITUATION, AS WAITRESS. BT 4 competent person , respertaUe city references caa b? , en. Apply at 1 1 15th at., near 6th avenue, tor two days, lu the b.isement. WANTED? A PITrATJOJf, BY A KKSPEtTTABl.R Protectant womim. as ct>ok, w aaher and Ironer, In a prt vale ftonih . ? nh thr beat of ciiv reference trum her laatplaoe. Call Hi 103 ^7th ?t., between Otn and 7th aTfuum, YIrANlED ? BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION, II* 1 1 a private (amity; ehe la a g?ou cook and a tlrat rate wueher and ironer ami a good baker and willing and oftlig iuk; beat of elty reference. < 'alt for two day* at M2 7th ave nue, one door Irorn 26th at., ihlid floor bark room. WET NURSE -A LaDY HAYINO NO FURTHER t'SR for an e*c> Ileni wet nurae, would like to obtain a situs tion for her. Medical reference. Apply at 34 Went A)ih ?c WANTED? A IITUATION, BY A RESPKOTAH'.K PRO teniam girl. aa chain bernutld, and to do the Una waaarng and ironing understand fluting. Went city reference given, t an be aeeu for one day at 10 aid 101, Urevest., between Ued erd and Hudson ata. TIT ANTED ? A SITU ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vf jounit girl, aa chambermaid and seamstress Four years' ciiy reference fan be seen f?r two day* at her pre aent place, 37 London terrace. Went 23d at , between Mfc and li>th ares. TTT A WTFD A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT AHLB W girl, aa lirat rate cook, baker. Ac . and u washing a* ironing. Good city reference. Apply at JW Kaat UthaL. room No. X. second floor, for (wo days. . ? _ WANTED? BY A COMPETENT WOMAN. A SITU*. tion. a* housekeeper, or aa monthly nurae Oood citr reference can be given. Can be a< en for two days at M 34 are . between loth and llih ats. WANTED-BT AN EXPEltlBNCED COOE. WITH good city reference, a situation, la a private family. Ap ply at iy7 yth at., (or im days. TirANTED-BY A BESPECTABLB PROTEST AWT f T Ei/1. a aituatlon. to do chamber work and plan sewing, or take care of children, t?ood city reference. Call at &3B l'earl at., corner of Rim. Oral floor, back room, for twe daya^ 1V"ANTKI)-A SITU ATIOK, RY A BESPECTABLB TV girl, aa cook, washer and Ironer. In a private family. Hood city reference. A|>ply at 7S#ih avenue, comer Pf IQUk at., for twodaya. WANTED? A HIT!' ATION. RY A YOUNO OIBL, t? yeara of age, who wlaliea to learn to work in a privet* lamlly; Is afrw weeka from Ireland; la healthy and oieaa. Wage* no object. Pleaae call at :vis 3d aveuue, top lioor, back, room. WAN1ED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A ait tint on. aa oor.k. w?> her and Ironer; la a rnpd bread and pie baker; ha* good city iclerenoe. Call at li? Kaet 1Mb at., fourth tloor, lor twodaya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework In a email private family; she la a tlrsi rate washer and ironer; ah* Is a geed plain cook She baa reference*, t'all at SOU Oreeuwick at, third floor, front room, for two days. WANTED-RY A STEADY. INDUSTRIOUS Toll N<1 woman, a aituuUon, aa children a norae, or maid to A lady who ta going to fnglaud. Can beet of references, i .n ) ' ? seen ill .7 Ka?t lith ?t. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A girl, to do ( hamberwork and sewing, or waiting and saw ing, and haa the beat of city references. Call at 181 Ea<t Mfc St., between lat and .'d avennea. WANTED-TO RESIDE AT A SnORT DISTANCII from New York, a Swiss, Herman or French maM.wbo cm err* a hair and nnd'-ratanda dressmaking. Apply oa T use day, Oct 7, at 566 Houston at., near 1'ioaby. between 1 and S o'clock. ?\JLT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKsPE?TABLll If young woman, aa chambermaid and line traaher and roncr. or to do waiting. In a small private family. Refer* t* present employer, t an he seen lor two days at IM East I Mi at., third atory, bark room. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPEt 'TABLE WOMAN. A SITUA TT tion, aa professed cook, in an hotel, eltib or prtva'e laoii y. Besi of city reference. Addrtss s R , aa 1 1 road way, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A OIRL. IN A SM VIA. family lo do general housework Heat of reference. ? all ?t Mrs. t'olweli's. 18# Eaat 17th st. 11T A NTED~?A SITUATION, BY A OIRL OF OOO* f? ijnaiii. cations, aa chambermaid and aiamsireea. a ni.tae and aeainatreaa Can give undoubted reference frwtu h?r hurt employer. Pleaae call at '.0 Weat 21 ?t at. tie ANTED? BY a PROTESTANT YOUNH WOMAN, A fv altnallon aa laundreas, or to do the general hon? w-vh n a amall private family. <Jood city reference. Pieaee eail at Zi4 7lh avenue, in ibe fsney atore. WANTED? A SITITATION, BY A RBHPHCTABLB girl, to do chan. ber* irk and ws4ting,or general house work In a amall family. Pleaae call at IJI Weal Jih at WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A YOCNO WOMAN, T? rook, waah and Iron la a private f unity, or to do general bonaewoiki la a verj good eook. I.lved flve yeara In her ,aat place. Wages not so much an object aa a good steady place. Pieaee call or addreae 137 Sullivan at T1TASTED? A SITUATION, BY A BExPEOTABLB fv JMM WMH a< nur?e and ?eam"tiea? alie ihonmrtlv onderMaads taking care of an Infant, understands all kind* M Ixmlly aewlng; la a rood emhrniderer. The beat of elty refer enre. Pieaee call at 232 7th avenue, between 2Mb and tttll ata. . in the store, tor two daya. WANTE1V-BY A BMPEt TABLE Y<?UNO OIBL. * aituatlon aa chitmbermald and to aaalat In waahing and ironin*. er to take care of children or ? do general homework. Can be aefti at a??0 Mott at. WANTFn? BY TWO REOPEt TABLE YOUNO WOMRN, ai natione; one ><* cook, the other as chainhermai l nr waiter and to a?atet with the wsablog and ironing. The b-?t. of elty reference will be glvea. Pleaae call at m 17th A, be tween tilh and 7th a^enuea. aecond flour. Can beaecn for iw# ibya. TJL' ANTED ? A SITUATION AS OOOK. BY A RESPECT f f nhle Protestant woman underatanes all kinds at c.iek Ing baking and pastry, aoupa and jellies. The neat of city re ference can be given by calkng at 141 Mulberry st., a few doom from tirand. TL' ANTEI^ hTti ATItiN \S C?>7Tk, BY A BRSPBCT TT able young woman, she perfectly uadereteads th- bu? nese in ail Its branches. Beet ctltv refer nee give*. Apply el tlfl sth avenue t|/ANTED-A SITI' ATItiN ti" COOK, IS AN BXtlllT , vv lent bread baker; undeiaumq, her buainees la all lk? lis branches flee the beet M eity reference (tea he seen far two daya at M 7th al , near let avet,?e. None bnt reepectaM i ami i lee need apply. WANTED? A~ S1TUATIQB MY A BE8PECT A NLB young wemap. aa rhambe, ms. ' and lauti l"S. r* *o | plata cooking, wiaktngpnd trv.toni mod elty reter*""" ?i? Kat liW llth at , between ]gt and Jd preoue- "rat lw>?. ?k rpom, for (wo daya