Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1856, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1856 Page 11
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???*?? ktis F1TBWTS KIJUVD ITRT III. ^BlnwiiR WAJrriMD^KBMALHH. ? T17jINTEI?? BY A YOnifO GERMAN OIRL, who apeak* MBi'lwh, a^Huiton, to a?m?il American famdy. U ' o fcWifral bousewoi k Can be seen for two days. at No. 2 f #s-e St., ci ireer of Prsnkfort, room No. 8. ________ ANT KD- K SIHJATIOIf, BY A RB-il'ECT A BTJ? yeun u woman, as chambermaid aud waiter, and to as ?t?l I u washing *nd ironing ? 'an g ve g ?>d references. "'an fce ?oc a for two <lsys at her present employer'!, No. 281 West ; I Sib at. WaNTKD? A PIIIJAlION, BY AlTEYI>Y WOM V.V, as chambermaid and good laundress; good ct'y rei'e i one' enn t>e elver.. t'an be seen for two days, at 47 KastliAtb 0t.. ntBr 40) avenue iu '.he store. Wanted? a situation ah ''Hambermaid and waiter toil to w'p m la mdress, l>y a very ex uerienoe 4 jii'i. with good it. 'eftreuc*). l all a' 131 West ICtn st., be ? i>o 7t** and 8th tra. WANTED? A SI 111 ATI ON, BY A S ENGLISH GIUI.. AS nurse and luamrftreM. or ss ehaaibermaie. Ajip.'yai 2M Saat ZM si , tirtt Uoor, back room, for two days. ANTED ? BY A RBSPEt TABLE PRO 1B8TANT GIBL. a situation ?s chambermaid and U > do plain sewing, or i? t*ke rare of children la wi'.luig t < make herself renerary useful , him the beat of city reieienee. Apply at 3 U9J? 9th at., kttwrru avs. r and B. w WANTED? BX A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, A BITUA uon as nurse .ni seau, iiress, can (five good city refer ence; understands the care aud m .lagecoent of infants from ttieir birth. < tin be teen utile fast 15th at , for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS ehwiibermii'i and waiter, cr chambermaid aud seam stress and to take care of children and do sewing; she is "om relent for either sitnatioB. Can be seen for t *o days, ..t fcer piesent tmpleyei s, :jKi 4th st., near Greene. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, lately arrived, General housework preferred. Apply to or address tt. Greer, J'M 7th avenue WaNTED-UY A SMART, INDUSTRIOUS OIRU \ situation as good ulaii e?ok wash*r and :r uier. would do cbambuwork and waning; would have nu . bjeotlona to go a short distance In 'he (ojutr., . Can he seen tor two dajs at lid Yrrk ft., Brooklyn, back roam, llrw. tip r. f|7AM'EI>? 3Y TWO PROTB8 f A NT GIRLS, SHTGR8, it sUaitt'cua: one w chambermaid ..ik! waiter, the oil. c* as pl.un cook, washer and ironer, o? to do housework Cloud til> reference if required IV ease call r. the grocery rore, I'J W?st nth ?t., beiwetn 5ih aud tith avenues Ttf ANTED-- A SITUATION, BY PA BE8PE TABLE IT young woin-c toio h*mberwork aid lire washing, n waiting m i. small family The best of city reference* con he given. Apj-'y at 40ft 4th a?enu?, comer tf XI/'ANTKn- BV A R ;s' R( 'T ABLE YOUNG GIRL. A vV tttuaUen, to do beusewerk in a smalt family. Ap.a'j at 10 E .st Utth , it the baaeme&t^ ?MTANTE^-A SITUATION, KY \ RESPEtTABL? W woman to do ehatntarwork and sewing, or rh^mbertvork and ^vailing. Qoed eity refo.en' ew. Bl- i?e call k,r '.wo days at 1.U74 JMadway, eortier of !ls' st. \l] ANTED? KY A RirfPECTABLB YOUNi ifKL. A ? situation, as lkt nd res-.- *'an do 'in geotlemeu'a shirts iu tli" best manner and do Kreurh ilatitig. Wojid assist in the chambcrwork Ir required. The lies' of city reference can tie given. Please call at West l?tb st. can bu seen for we day r. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY V STEADY YOUNG aonian, ?s oeoit, washer and ironer. or W do genersl Do US' 9> oik. has a perfect understating of baking liood city referenre. Apply at 89 Oth ave., fou:th Uoor. WAITED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO PROTECT AN T W). ir.'ju, one, a middle aged Scotchwoman, who has lived in scaae of the best 1'aintUes In .Sccti&nd, ."s seamstress or to wait ? i, a lady, the n'her as cLiin.liermaid and seamstress. Apply ty letl- r or coll a: h'fWest ltjth it. In the etore. WA NTED? A bl'UATION, ?Y A 10UNG WOMAN TO do .lmniberwc/rk, no obje. tion to do line washing ftud ?oolng., Apply at6'J West 3iat st. "Or ANTED ? A MTfATION, TO GO Sol'TH, BY A RE TV ipectal le woman, whoia wiMiug to inuk* keraelt useful, as iinrte tr chambermaid. The oest eity reference given a' rt't)ui"<d. Ap| i> at 78 Sutlolk at., for two daya. J. Ridgely. ANTED? BY A RB8PB< T VBI.E YOUNG WOMAN, A sltiaation. as ci.anibermai i and u> do piiin sewtug, in a respectable private, family i ean g"t the bes' of eity reference ft ID. her last placa. Call at 90 15th St., a few dojrs trow 4th ITHM. ~}BLJ ANTED? A PROTKriTANT UiRI., TO DO THE GE TT oeral housework ot a small private family; eity refer eaee retiulred. Call at 151 West ^Uli st.. WaMTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO do chiimberwork and waiiiug, In u private fami y; has lb? best of city referenoe. Please call at 149 East lithst., tif-t boor, baca loom WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework, In a imiiii private family: b.ia got goe<! refi Please call at 149 luast 11th St., ursi floor, back reosa. WANTKD? BY A I.^DY. LATEI.Y arrived fro* En r and a KltiMtion, a* governcM, u Instruct twti ?? three yoing i-hiidrcu In Kii^luih .mil the rudlmetitj of y rfneli, ah*- !? alto * tirst r ite teacher of the piano. Addreaa H. Hera.d office TVANTKP? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECT VHt.K Yf | irk, one to rook, wa.h aad trou, In a mn ill I'aailly ; ;h? ether to Jo ehamberwark aiwt w*.ting. Heat of city refer ? nee can be procuted by both Call, lor twoiujs,ti &I1 2 ??e . between 32d and 33d ala. WANTED? A SITUATION HY A OOMPKTKNT tifRI* *m regular teama reaa, cnta, fit* and tnak.-a children'* riuii r* *tid i.uin'n and iu good atyie, ?ad luakea H| neatly, or would MM charge ot yonug chtl ttrru. Waf?*, f7 to $k Alio, by a young worn mi. a aitua ? oil. aa compe-ent cook. Wagea, ('J. Kxcellout city refer ?MM. Cail at 2 111 Ew*t -3d it WANTF.K? BY A REHPECr AI1I.B YOUNO WOMAN. A attnatiuo, aa cook, waah-T and ironrr. <?u bring the Mat of city tefereiiCB. Plcaae Mil at AM Mott at . rear bouae, third lloar. "W/ANTF.O ? BY A RK8PIWT A l< I.K YOU NO WON VN. A YY ?it?a u.n, ua ' hainbt rmaid an! laundreaa, undeira'mi.U French fhi'ti.g and up line mua.tna. Beat city reference i'.D t ? i-een for two daya at i30 Kaat inh iL WANTKD? A BH CATION. HY A REsPK'TTAltl.K Wo man, aa chambermaid an t waiter or to do tin- wa-n tog and :ronlng g.iod city relerrnoe from Uer laat put*. Ap l b at .17 3Mh at., between ?Ui and #Ui avenuea. WAV i BP- A SITUATION, BY A RBHT80TABME young woman aa piAin cook and to a*aiat In waahlug Ml iron at t Can be weu for two daya. If njt engaged, at bar hwt place, .12 Pike at. TJLrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BCXI'BCTABUC YY young woman, aa i.ood cook, w.iaher and ironer. H-at ci'y reierruce I'lenee call ai IU Hinith aL, between Pacific and bean aui., Brooklyn, trout baMMML ro ?r iw S r+*Mr> lioodSiw ermi *n ?1. my r?l?rouce. C*l. WANTKD-A K1TI ATION, HY A YOCNti WOMAN, in a rrapertable family, to do ciwmberwork an>l wai'ing, ?r iigbt hooaework The beat of city reference can be given. ? all at Mo. V l hambera at , lourth ttoor WANTKD? A fUTUATION. BY A RK-I'K. IAH-h young woman. aa good plain euok. wae.ier and irooar Bead city ralerence given. Apply at IM m . ? at. WANTBD-BY A OONI KTF.NI PKR-fot, A HITITA urn aa ?cam<ir. ?" uialeraiAnda dr<-?amaklng. cnt'i ig and Ihurii chi.ilran'a Ciotblng, or Ui wiui > hti.tren, baa n? ibj'ctK.n to travel. Cau t>e be aee n at .M ItKh at., fur twu ?la a, if not rngagml "l]L' ANTKD ? A SITUATION, HY A RIC?PK< T \ ni.K f * youi.g girl, Ui do g-oTal boaaework for a ami I prl ?*te fam..y la a pla n oek and a guml waahi r an I truner A lao. a girl to do cl atntierwork and waiting. Th? brat a ( refcrencM glean. Apply at AAliealer at., m-oooJ Boor, In the re*r DLTANTED-BY A PROTKMTANT UIRL. A HITUATION If ui * io chaiiiherwurk and plain aewing. or chamiierwitrk and aaaiat u. wa Utig. Apply lor two data at ZJ4 K Uihat "llr ANTFD? A dlTCATION. BY A BR?PB< "TABLE IT fWtig woman, aa child ran' a nuree ami aewm at reaa. la r .pai .e ot cWlug an . tttuag c'uldrf i'a ?? othmg and all knola ?rfm?.iy aawing Ibe hi ?at ui ettj reference uan be gir*-n Apr I at MB Kill at. Uf A.N I KI?-A BITCATION. BY A RK4rRi*I A HLR yaung woman, to do general houaownrk Oooil rrfer <no?? Ap>?ly at lay RbubetH at.. In tbe rear. nrAllUKIT A RKHPBTTAHI.R YOri*<? (IIRI. A YY m? lion. Io do ebam lerwnrk aod waniag, or general b>iuaework In a anutll pritatr family. Ple.iae .-all fnr two d*' a at U'6 i?h avfiiur. corner ol UMb at., third Hour, frun e<ai (ire ibe good ally laferem e from her laat ptao- , "|*rANTKT?-BY A BB8PF.(TAHtR TOO NO WON t R YY I ODI Ki.giAiid. a altuaUoi. aa i iianlii rm?iil and waiter or u. a??lav in whablng and ironing, and maae barMlf uaeful t aa be aeeii MUWt?i I'Jth at , lietween Cth and 7th aroa. tl' ABTF.I)? A8I11A1 ION. HY A'Rt.T ARI.fc Of HI, YY to iio cbamntu work aod line waaklag aad 'T*"ig; can he wall n ciii mi inli fl Iruui bar aatpla.". w hare ah" haa llv?| tire yen i a. t an be aeon, Ull ei. gaged, at 178 auth at., ooe duoi frnw Mk ?ie -|?rARTRI>? HY A VOI NU WOMAN. A SITUATION AH Yf ebnnii.ermm.l aod waiter; an obJeetlon to a abort dla tajice in tM country i ha* Bfe yeaM rrterenre froBi h?i laa piaa-e. Bn'iuire at So , ?> Muldagh at, Hrooklyn, for two lata n-ANTKD-A VITIATION, BY A RKSPBOTABLR YY yotmc Wuaann , ?* plain cook, wnaher and Ironer, alao a woman aa ehambormael. and U> a?aHt In waalnng and it oiiii g. h? no ottjec .ion to do waiting; both cau give the heat of city refcicnce. Apply at 87 Wh are., third floor, back rc?Bi, tor two daya. "It r ARTRI*- BY A YOUNO UIR1,, A HfTDATION TO IK) fY general bonaework , abe la a good plain oook arwl an ei ?r lent waalier MM Ironer, Ikr very beat refeienee gt*rn from lur aat employer. Plcaae call or addrcaa Ann, No. im Water at, accund tpor, lirooklyn. Onn be aeen for two daya. \\f ARTltI>? A HITt' \TION AB NI'RSK, TO W AIT ON YY an 'n??H<l, hy a very aoher man, without any famllv. tir would go M wallet , la a private family . Inquire at itj Bleecker at., or at II Holllvan at., for T. I,, f. TiT A NTRD? BY A RRBPRCTABLB VOUNO WOMAN, A YY aitnatbm. aa nnrac or chambermaid, haa he.-n ae-na Irmcd to the care ol children; the beat of efty rernrenceglrea fMM h> r la?t i>;?ee, wh. re she haa llred tour yeara. <^?i; for two deya at 1.4 t 'It v llall plaee. "|VT A NTRD ? A SITUATION, HT A RRtPFCTA |II,K YT girl, to do plain rooking, waahlng and Ironing, In a email private famllv baa good city reterencea If reqiiirel. 4 an be aeen Mr two da.vt at lit Weal Irfth at, between fill and Wh ava. UTANTRn-A BITUATTON, BY A RKSPR<"MBl,R young woman, m eoofc, waeher and Ironi r, goml refe rence from her laat place I ell tor two dava at WeSarttM (t., between Hndaon aad Yarlek, fn the haeement. "tJLT ANTRP? A BITUATlON, by a RKsPROTABLR Yi yeung woman, ?* rhamhermald and waiter or to do 1 ehamberWork nad plain ?ewlng *toe?- 1 city reference from be r laet place. Call tor two daya, a< M Carroll at., South /reokljn. SITUATIONS VA1VTED-FEMALES. WANTED? BT A BESPECTABLtC WIDOW WO J ? N , '? do a few gentlemen's washing. She is a ft rs rate washer and lroner, ?nd caa bj well 1 cooinmendeu. Oallat 263 1Mb at. W ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A PROTECTANT TT young woman, as cook or chambermaid, aud li m washer ami lroner, in a private family City relureuce. Call at ifrO Weal J5tb St., between fill and 9th avenues W A N T E I >? SITU AT I ONS. BY TWO BEH'MGT ABLE yuung women? one as cook, washer ami lroner; the other as chambermaid and waiter. Huth have good city re fereuce. ? "aJ I for two days, at -il East 19th st. TV" ANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE TV women? one an a good plain cook, and au excellent wo?her and ironer, ibe other aa a good cliauibisrm*id aul nurse. iioth are Protesiants, and can lie highly recoui mended. Call at 1-MJ l'Jih at., between 7 tn and bib avenues, In Uie basement. TT' ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA M lion, as cook, waaher and ironer, in a small private lamllj. 'I he beat of c'ty reference. Please call at 233 7th avenue, third floor, back room. ?flT ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE ? V young women; one, a Protestant, aa chambermaid and waiter: the other aa good plain conk, wa i her anil ironer. 1 be best of city reference I'icaie call at t>2 Bulgers at, room 22. Tan tie |Wu days. Y1T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUMG OIRL, TO OO Y r cLambcrwork or waiting; can give the best of city refer ?'nee, baa no objection to take core of children. Call at No. 8S Front at., Brooklyn, front room, up stair*. Tir ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A8 V T cook, and to assist in washing and Ironing; has beat citv references, ('an be seen for two dais at 304 Molt St., between Houston and Hleecicr. ^ Tjr-ANTED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, M a situation as Whiter, or chambermaid and waiter, in a small family; has lived in her last place live years and can fro duc t the lies' of oil; reference. Please call at 117 West 24th St., lor two days. TIT A NTSJ>? B Y A RESPECTABLE WoMAN, A SITUA ?T lion iu ? first i-lass i'ook; is a good baker ar.d tlrstrate ill pastry; lias Jived in somo of the best taniill.s in the city, has the but cify reference Also, a oompetent ysung woman, ? s .hsmbet maul and seamstress, has eight years' reft reuce : ron. h> r last place. P'ease call ut 35 Ctth at., between 5lh and tilh at s , from 1 to 5, first floor, back room tJLT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT youi.g w otnan, as chambermaid and waiter and to do plain sewing, flood city reference, \ppiy at 9(13 Houston st , WANTED? V SITUATION. AS LAD YD MAID AND ?eiinstrei-s: uwlei >uiuds Uressuuiktug and ba r dressing The bes' of reference glvi n. Can be seen for two days at 157 hast 21 -I t. or ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BES P ROTABLE tt young woman. a< scamstresa; understands cutting anil filing plain dresses; Is willing to aio-lst in the ciiamtierwork Can ?e seen 111! engaged at herpresent employer's, where she has lived three years and three months, 45 Irving p:ace, 16th Pirt eu tlTANTED? A SITUATION. AH COMPANION TO A TT lany, or as nursery governess, by a young American aily. of rood education and address, will make herselt useful ir. sillier siluatl jn. t. ompensaiion not so much of an object as a quiet, respectable home. Best of olty rcfcreuces given. Ad dress Sarah W., Union a>iua' e Poslolhce. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE youti.r woman, as chambermaid nud waller, or aa cham bermaid and lo take care of children, in a private family; sood reierenee. Pleat* call for two day* at 148 West 38th at., second lioor, front room. TITAN TED -BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WITH A K RES II IT breast ol milk, a situation an wet nurse. She wishes to have her ? iuid w ,th her. tpply at the olllce of Commissioners of Emigration, M Worth str* et. WANTED? A SITUATION. HY A RESPECTABLE woman, u cook, washer and lroner, or to do the general housework of a private funily; can give good city reference. \pp'y at Oo Houaion St., room 15, fourii tloor. WANTED? A SITUATION, B* A PROTESTANT tt American girl, to take the charge of one or two hlldren. or as lady's maid. Call at 142 suJivan St., flrit floor. ftlTtATlU.18 W A Vl'K D-M ALEH. A SITUATION WXNTED-BY a RESPECTABLE young man, as gardener; understands his basiness perfectly well in all its various branches, is a competent, and. if required, can lake charge of a pair of horses. Apply at I borburn A ? "<> . s seed sture, No 15 .lotin at A FRENCH GENTLEMAN WISHES TO ENGAOE HIM selt aa a French <eacher or bookkeeper. Inquire at 23 Leaver or 76 Franknu street. A COLORED YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION, IN a private family, as waiter ; Is sober and honest; can give good reference from his last place. Can be seen at ti'J lla mersle y st.. in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE DRUO Skre; have had four J ears' MkM SapHMBeudaUon i required. Address, for two days, George Warren, box 153 i lerald office. A YOUNO MAN ABOUT 19 YEARS OK AGE, IS anxious *o gel a situation aa waller in a restaurant or hotel, or as t rrat.d boy in a store; Is willing an l obliging, and will try all in bin power lo giv>' SWMM io ins employer. \pply at 7U James st., second floor, front room. Can be seen for three cays. A FIRST CLASS WAI1ER MAN WANTS A SITU alioii , has lived several years wlih some of the first taniiles in this city. Reference Iiuexceptiouable in every rs -pecl. Any a unmand* left foe H. II., at Madison square rost oTice, will be promptly attended to until eugaged. 4 YOUNG MAN (FRENCHMAN) WANTS A HITUA A Hon aa coachman and gro m ma private tamtly; hat >?? n five vesr* in tb.s cuuntry. and iiuderstauds his business i 'an come well recommendeil. Please nail ai the K.ghth Ward ileadqu triers, t>5 Mercer st, In Mr. Adam*' French boarding buuae. AYOCNG MAN 21 YKAR4 OF AGE, WISHES A SIT ualion; writes a good hand, and thoi oin;hljr understands the ktetnuK of accounts; would All the office ol clerk or pur ler in a store, drives horse and cart, and would he happy to make liimsell generally useful. Can produce Ute basi recom mendaiK ns. <ddi e?s S. I? , box IR7 Herald otli'-e, or h. D., ? are of Mr. Kelly, eorner at 4'Jd st . and Jil avenue. COACHMAN'* SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAN OK long experience, and who is just disengaged on account >i his employer partine bis burses, the beat of Toug an 1 sa is rsetory c.ty refareice as lo cai. ability and sobriMy. Kle-vse .?*11 or address M. B., at Mr. Charles S. Coxhsad'a, saddler, 7Ue Broadway, lor two daya. C COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINGLS J rr- 'esiai.'. man In a private family, is a good groom an I careful driver; is civil and obliging, haa the very best of city reference from his las' employer. PleaM call or address N. W., No 3 tkb avenue. Coachman.? wanted, a situation a?i coach man, by a man who thoroughly understand his business, has acted as such In ibis cny for the last t?-u years; Is a Pro -slant, and can give the best of city reference. Apply for or address C. B. at K. Campbell A Co'S., saddlers, 90 4in ave. ClOACHMAN.? W \NTED. A SITUATION AS COACH J man and groom, by a sober, steady young man, who tho roughly undersiamls Ihe ?an< and management of horses, and Is a good driver. Has the best of city rep fence No objection to the country. Address Michael, box 137 Herald office, for two days CIOACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED IN NEW YORK, I or would engage wi'h any fsinlly K"lng or sending horses to Nsw Orleans this wlntar. by a couii.. i? rr young man. Please '-all or address Junes D. Rourk, No. 8 West iftii St., jPi- a few days. CLERK? A YOU MO MAN, OK OOOD A DDR ESS, wsnis a situation, sa bookkeeper, assis an', bookkeep.-r, or ta-rk. in a drv goods store Advertiser has a g.??l know ledfw of the woollen cloths business, and would accept or a situation ss salesman In that department Address Wil.iam ErauklUi, 75 Perry st N'EWHPAFER ADVERTISING AGENTS WANTED, TO canvass tor advertle< ni*ma for the ( orsmsr uil W.-.-k y Keg.?ur advertising on a new principle. Apply at 3J6 Broadway, roucn 47, from lfl A. M. to4 P. M. RQBINiON A DEAN. SITUATION W ANTED- AS BUTLER. BY AN EXPE rienced man. jnst arrival from Sc., Hand, where a footman Is kept and the house managed on Ihe Kuropeaa prtaclple letters sdilresaid T. S at W. H. Corwin'a, uW Broa<lway. will receive Immediau- aitentkm SITUATION WANTED? AS COvCHMAN. SY A MAE rted man, an Ki sliahman, who perfectly understand* his business, good i sXerence. Address J. Cooper, Herald nil ice. SITI ATIon" W VNTED-BY A PB< > I i STAN T M AN, AS ei.a-' Is honest, -?I'jei and ludustrto ta. careful driver, roo.1 room and obliging Hss the beat of dty reference. Ple*?<- ? l dress t Ch. llsraiJ office, or 54 West 19th st, In the teru ?< re. for Ibrw ilays SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUBU MAN, AS O coe* bmaa is gardener; no objection to going a distance in the couBtry with a farmer, being thoroughly aaquaint*! with the care ot I air sea Caa some well recommended from h.s last saiplojera. Aildress 31 Park St.. rt?wn 13. TO MERCHANTS.? A TOUMG MAN KRoM THE 0081 try wishes employment^ he p iseeeses general business talent, and bss been for some time st the bes l of a country store, r oving and selling. Is a g'?id accountant and salesman, and willing tn render himself nseiul. Can produce the best of reiereneee aa Pi ' hann-te.- aHlltles and morals. A moderate ?alary will answer. Address, lor isie week, K. R. B , Herald ? Oice. \JLT A?riCI>-HT A OOACMaK anp wifk, hiita TT U<na in * private family; he parleatly aadaMaafa hi* bttalneaa in that capacity and hn wua ?* oh vn Herman ud waiter. or children a nam*. oan <!??? the Ixwt a f city refervne* i h??? U.J ohje.tlon to go in the couutri. Call or ad.lreaa far twa day*, Sandy, 2*i Wrrt iWth m 11* ANTKP? A SITUATION All OOACAMAM, BY A f f resectable y?tmg mat. who perfectly <i(xl?niudi the ' .?are and management of lxir?a?, root reference If rwiulreri , I an b? Men for two lay* If not engaged at smith A Bon ? orrtage fat-lory. M) rtle art . Fain Hnrnklyit, \t] ANTKP ? l?T A If NNOINKKB, A SITUATION, TO Tf Month, who can Ml up high and low prmatre engine*, ar.d can glre good naliaf action to an; prraon in wan' <4 auoh a one vidrea* J. 0. B.. Herald oAm. \V ANTFH-A SITUATION, AH COACHMAN, BY A Br fT apcdable yonng man. (a Proteetantj w th the be?t t .ty releren. i* Apply at M?aera. U)wd?a * harnnaa aatiu lacu.ry, 7^ lileecker*. llr A NTF.P? A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO MA If, OF Tf ate dy habile, who write* and apeak* Kngitah an I Span i'l. 'luaatlf ; la arkllful accountant, wrltea ? Rood hand, and (-nil glr. tb. I.. ? city reterence. I* nat partioalar ab..ot the rl .** of bn*tn?aa. P'.eaee Aridree* B O. U, hoi ?,'4I Font t*lc?. \%T A>TK1? ? A HIT!? ATION, AH ASSISTANT HOOK ? T f keeper or Invoice clerk. by a young man of Rood ad t'r."*, * ho writ. * a good hand. I* correct at figure*. and "perik* b. I. * nffch and French fluently. Ad.lreaa ??., Herald o Iflre WAN run? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO MA*. IN A I watch and jewelry e?t.,h ..hmetit. an *a)e*tnaii, hM had aereral year* eiperlenc* It. the bti?tnc.* tn thht city. A.ldraM ' K. O. 8., cire of T. Payne, <6 Hammond *u UTAlfTHn-BY A YOCNO MAN BMAIPIMO WITH | hta parent*, ? aliuation a* entry clera In a wholeaale i hrmae. or clerk In a Uw dlire. i'*n come well reoommeodaa. Addrea* W II R., bo* K4 Herald jfflre. three daj ?. llr AMTKP-BT A YOU MO MtK. BF.TWKKN It ,*NI> ? TT year* old, a <tttiatlon. a* light porter, In a *i re, dry good* preferred, t* n< .t M ???.* '? *<>rk. ? li ? I e?t 'A r> f-reaea given Adilr. ?? ? H.. !?.? Ilfl Herald .ifll>-e tor one wee?. \y ANTKH- It V A Tor NO M AH BtKP M \ N, OF HTRADY f? and i idn*trinii? habit". % MaaUon, a* p*t--i o a *, or a *lmti?r oc. tirat on. ft'afe* no* *.i inu' h an o^Ml aa *te-..!\ empl'.yment ' an glv.' Rood referem'*'" aa t? cluiracter. I A.'drcti A. r , hut Hi lltraM office. J BlTUATIONg WASTED-MALES. TirANTKD? A SITUATION, IN SOME RK4PMCTABLK VV liquor bouse. by a young uian. aged tl, who has ir t veiled fur the lu: sii yearn, for one of the largest bonnes to (he city of Baltimore, can influence considerable good trade, also but a complete knowledge of the liquor buxlnesa In all Ua de partments; good city re errnces in connection wuh hto laat employer* can be given. Addrraahux tm UaiUnwtre Post office, Baltimore. Md. WANTKD? A SITUATION, A8 BOOK K KKPEH, OR assistant bookkeeper, In a mercantile nr auction home; best city reference given. Address J. J. O , Herald odlcc. WANTED? A HTUaTION, BY A COACHMAN ANI> gardener who thoroughly understands his business and can give the best ol reference it required; can manage a I lich en garden and grapery. Call at 26 Wu teball st. WANTKD? A SITUATION. B* A YOU.N<? MAW, TO drive a horse and cart, or wagon. Best of city reference for U'n years past. Call at or address No. 12 liauxevoort St., in the rear. WANTKD? A SITUATION, IN A WHOLESALE ORO cery store, a* salesman, hv a young married mail from the nountry, who Ihiukt he can lnllucii'je some trade in bis vicinity to?i?t of cliy andcountry reference. A personal interview may be had, for a lew days, at ihe grocery store of Ferris A Lock wood, near the corner of Washington and liobinaon sis. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN, BT A man who thoroughly understands the care and manage meut of horses; haa been in come of the best situations in Ku rope fan be recommended from his last situation as sober steady and a careful driver. No objection to country or city. Can he seen for three days at 37W Broadway. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A Protestant man, who tuliv understand* his business; the best of city relerenre given. Please oai! or address K. hi., 82ti Broadway, for three <!ays. WANTKr>-B Y A MAN Of (100D EXPERIENCE, A situutton as coacbman; be understands the care and ma nagement of horses and carriages Ui every style; has lived live years with his Ian employer in this city. Please call at 175 hast KM Bt., near 1st ait., lor two days. (J>1 ?I WILL OIVE KIFTKEN DOLLARS TO ANY one who will procure me a permanent situation aa clerk in An oflice or stoi e. Address, for one weea, stating wages and kind of business, J. liayton. Herald offlo tuiur w <?ibu ? vkaalkd. A GERMAN C.IHI,? FOR OENERAL HOUSEWORK; mud he a !ir?t rate washer aud ironer ami good plan, rook. apply lit M Orchard si_ A GOVERNESS WANTED? TO TEACH TWO BOYS ud a Mil l. 0 ce who can give lessons on 'he piano to tin ylrl, and who Is willing to go a Tew miles iu the country, may addreaa 8. s. 1 HwilMiim, Loaf Ieland. I >OOE WANTED? A WOMAN TO COOK IN A REST AU 'y raut she must perfectly understand the order cooking. Inquire at Ui9 Broadway, basement. Walter wanted, also; apply aa above. C60K.? WANTED. AT VAN DYKE'S HOTEL AND dining saloon", 21, 23 and 2ft Catherine slip ' a woman is cook; must understand her business thoroughly, alao pan'.ry. Reference re<|<ilred fioiu her lavt employer aa to quail ica t <>n. None other need apply. Apply between 8 aud 10 o'clock this mui nuig Help Vanted-a young woman, to do tue cooking, waaliltig and Ironing for averyamall family, one who is willing to make herself generally useful will liiid an ea?y service by calling at luti Eaat 2SLh at., tlrat Uoor. Nurse wanted ?an American, or other pro ! testant girl, caa ha<-e a permanent and desirable situa- | non; the beat of reference required. Apply at 76 John at., up . stairs. S~tbaw hat trimmers and straw BRAID SEW- i era wanted.? Thoae who undorst&nd the business can llnd steady employment and good wagea. at Newark. N. J., corner I of Kaetory and Quarry atreeta, or apply to A. L eland A Co., 180 , iiroadway, New lork. SIX FIBfcT CLASH MILLINERS AND A HEAD DBES8 1 maker wanted Immediately, at M Canal at., third door | lit m Broadway. | WANTED? A MIDDLE AOBD WOMAN, TO DO THE ! housework of a small family of two pei sons, who la i neat, can waah and iron well, aud la not aliove her business, | and knows when she has a good plaee. Wagea S7 per mouth. Address, for three days, J. Brown, box 104 Herald office. WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, a good cook; one who will aaalat In waahing and ironing, city reference will be required. Apply at 40 Earn Twelfth it., uear Broadway. ANTED? IN A KEEP EOT ABLE PBIVATE FAMILY, a Protestant woman, aa nuraeand seamstress, none but thoae who have good references need apply. Apply at No. 67 Cranberry st., Brooklyn. WANTED? A FIRST BATE MILLINER. TO GO Southwest. Inquire from ? to 13 and 3 to 0 at 106 Chun Ixra ?L WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL, AB WAITER AND chambermaid. Apply, with city reference, at M Mon tague place, Brooklyn. WANTED? AN 1NDUBTBIOUS WOMAN WHO UNDEB stands to cook, wash and iron, mual do these well, and i>? willing to do an>thuig she may be called upon to do. If rhe Is not willing to work, ahe need not apply. Call at L5 t linton at.. Brooklyn. WANTKD-A NICE, TIDY PROTESTANT WOMAN, to do the work of a small family; she must be a good plain cook and an excellent washer and Ironer, to one aa rweiing the above qualifications, a s trail) home and good vages are oOered. Apply Immediately at 91 Thompson St. WANTED? IN A LAUNDRY, AN nONEST GIBL, WHO would be willing to wash, bring In and bring out cloihea. lo such, a perinanei.l situation aud liberal Wagea will bo given. Call at No. 103 Wooater at. flTANTRD ? TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS; ONE AH TT ehiimbeimald and wapresa. the other as nurao ami seamstress Apply, between V and 11 o clock, at room No 9 Mullai llulldlngs, SSi Broadway. VtT AM KD-AT * WEHT 15T1I ST.. AS CHAMBERMAID, VV Wal'er and to make herselt generally uaelul, a tier man girl, who can come well recommended. ANTED? A IIOOI* COOK AND LAUNDRESS LIKE ral wagea. Family small. Hi Clymerat., hast Brooklyn. w WANTED? A FIBST BATE LAUNDRESS, ONE WHO perfectly tn.dersunds her busteesa in all Ita hranchea. heat of city reference required. Apply at 18 3U> avenue, from lo to 12 o'< lock. IIT ANTED? OOOD HANDS, TO WORK ON M KNT1L TT laa. and particularly tor suich work, apply to Madame Maa, SO 1. 1* penai d at. WANTED- A GOOD. EXPERIENCED NURSE AND* seamstress, a Proteaiant. Best of refereace required. Apply, between 9 and 12 o'clock thia day, at ttS Eaat IMa st. Ur ANTED? AT 9* ST. MASK'S PLACE, A THOROUGH! and competent la<ly. aa housekeeper, to lake trie entire charge of a gentleman'* house, and companion for the lady. Alao, a smart and capable joung woman, aa waller. l\r ANTED ? A FIRST CLASS COOK, TO OO TO TREN TT ton. New Jersey, ahe must be able to furnish the beat of city references Apply ai Kast 17th at, between the hours of 7 and 10 A.M., and alter 8 P. M. ____________ tlTANTED? A COOK; ONE WHO UNDERSTAND* HER TT business thorough!) and can corns well recommended, alio, a laundress, who understniids fluting and doing Up line linen. Apply before 12 o'clock at 13 West 3 1 St st. WANTED? A GOVKRNEM; ONE COMPETENT TO IK struct In the ordinary *raachea of a thorough Kngllah ??duration ai.d in French and Italian, may addroaa, with rufe renco, bo I l,i*4 Poat ollice. TlTANTED? TIIBEE GOOD PROTECTANT QIRLS; ONE TT aa good cook . alao one aa KOod chambermaid, the other aa good nurse Apply at 74 Montague plara, Brooklyn ANTED-SEVKBALOOOD CI .oak hanm. apply for thla week, at t0? Bth av., near SMh st. w rr-ANTaD-A Q1BL, TO OOOE, Wa*H AND IBON; TT ahe most bo a good plain conk, and a dm rale waahor and Ironer. One who la wUluig and obliging may apply at US vireene at., basement dour. IJLr ANTED ? AN AMEBICAN OR GERM tN DOMR4TIC. TV Wne who uiideratands general housework, waMB , ? commendation and can rook, wash and Iron well, may hear 'if an eirelient situation permanent and at good wage* in a ? n ail pin *'e family, tiall In ike morning, between ? and IS o'clock, at 232 West Sd st. None bat Protestaala need apply. IIT ANTED? 1 GIRL, FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK, TT one w bo undrrstamla muklng. distance l)g miles froo. i he e*y. on a Mage route. Apply at M Pearl at UrANTED- A GOOl^nQOK. W VSflER AND IROVKR. alao a fool ehanihermal I and child's nurse, lo oons .iftet.t persons liberal wages will bo paid. Injuire at 1M unity st., Brooklyn. WTANTKD? A FIR^T RATI COOK, WASIIEA AND Ironer. Alan, a rhamSermaid and waltreaa. Oood rttv ret r retires roqulroit. Call at HI West 2So at. troai N to 12 ?'cloeh. ANTED-A NUMIiRR OF GOOD RKWINO UtRtJI Apply at No. g Bleecker St. w tlTANTED? A WIT Nt'RHR, FOK AN INFANT THREE Tv monthaoid. <me who haa loat her chlM preferred \p ily ai W Macdougal at. I1TANTID-A YOUNG LADY, TO QUILT WITH HKO TV ver A I'.aker a sewing maohine. Apply perauiially, to MrAtthar, Rj rtss, Glblweia A Co , I9S Broauway. IIT ANTED? A rROTEET \ NT GIRL. TO l??> THEtiRNK TV ral hoasework of a small family . mifi be a good Wok, W aaber and ironer. One with gooil city refer enoe may apply Tl 29 Weat S.Hh nI l\T ANTED-A GERMAN PROTECTANT GIRL .TO DO TV ?onaework . anst be a good waahar andlnmer. Oall ?0 day and to nioirow ai SU*> W<-st 19th at., oorner of 'Ah ave. UTANTVI*? A SMART, TIDT GIRL, TO IHJ THE work of a email family . to one that understands Iter work liberal wages will be given. A^ply at (M Pike st UTANTFD TWO <;iRrjl. TO IK) CIIAMHKRWORK and waiting, at .lit Sd avenue, thnae ac<-usUHaed to a large b< mrdlag hooae prefested. UfAMTRD? A CtniK, C1I \MBKRM tID, LAUNDRESS, nurse and eeametreas In a small family Alao, a oofcired ? ook and roiured laundre-a la another laraily. Apply ai No. 7 llth St., several doors Weat of Broa la ay. WANTED? TWO COMPETENT WOMEN, ONK AS chambermiiid and to assist with washing, the other aa waltrees, Ann-rlran, Kn?lleh, Nootrh or Herinan. they must He Pmteetant* and bring goo.1 city rrfereneee. Apply, from 9 o IS, at No. tf West 31st a f fVANTKD-A Nl MHER OF GOOD PLAIN SEWKR TT lo wotk on cloaks. Apply to Charlne Itutw. SBJ tlree? wick at. VV ^"tkd-a girl, to TaKi; care ok children, ? v must be a gocsl aewer. and wllllna ?o make herselt generally useful None others need ipply. Wagea, #5 par ?ontli. Inuulre for two da} a at 34 Hammond it ANTKI>? fll.OAK AND DRESSMAKERS, AT MADa nw <Mksrt, X Btwdway. VV UTAN TKII? BY A LADT WHO ROARIM, A SM*RT, tidy girl of 14 to tend a baby. Mn*' coma well recom mended. Apply at 71 Naaean at., Brooklyn. Q^ lMT RROADWAt-WaNTtD, A COOK. VAtalll ''\J and Ironer. >n a amall family, m three "r lour persons i.nghsh preferred COAL. ?t5 everedltjg'stt block* w "rant* ?S HELF WilTTO-M > T.fJ. * BOT WANTED? AT THE TIN AND 8TOVK BUSI A cess, one who resides with his parents, aud can give good rccomnif udaUoua, may apply at 236 South St. A BOT, WELL RECOMMENDED, V1IX MN1> HER muuent keniployinent by apmylng to C. A. l-uy. watch dial painter, electro plater and lire gilder, 30 N >r b Wiiliaut

St., cor. of Chatham. 3d story, over drug (tore. BOOKKEEPER OR SA1.K8MAN WANTED.-* OKN tleman having a very respectable business in the b*:?t part of the city, proliiable, well established, and with the lineal prospect*. wants either a bookkeeper or salesman who cm take charge, and lurniab an required, a few thousand dollars, upon unexceptionable security separate from or connected with the business. A salary will be given corresponding to ?he amount of capital and i| ualilicatious. Wi'h a person every way suitable it need not be doubted that an arrangement can be made at once satisfactory to him Address Z , conti denually, with real name and residence, Herald office. Boy wantkd.-an active boy, who resides with his parents, is wanted at 78 Nassau St., third door. Hood references required. Boy WANTED? TO LEARN SIGN PAINTINO; one who has had some previous knowledge of the business preferred. Applj to Alburtns, 103 Broadway. BOY WANTED? IN a HAT AND CAP HOUdE; ONE who resides with liis parents preferred. 8ATTEM.EE A BENNETT, No. 30 Dey st Boy wantkd-an intelligent, industrious boy about sixteen years of age. One residing with his parents may apply at the hosiery store of J. W. PoxTl24 Cauul ? tieet, from B to 10 A. M. Those who use tobacco ueed not apply COLORED WAITER WANTED? ONE WHO UNDER stand* his business, Is sober, honest, Industrious, and has good i ecommodation from his last place, may find a situation oy applying at 21 West 14th St., from 10 to 12 A.M. (Carpet clerk.? wanted, a salesman, in a J carpet ftore, immediately. Inquire at 50" Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel. Dry goods salesman wanted-a first cla?s hand ler embroideries and ribbons. Apply to U. H. t'lapp .c Co., S7 and 5'.l Caiber'ne St., corner of Monroe. Dry oo*ds salesman wanted? a fibst rate salesman. who is well acquainted with Iho retail dry K"ods business in this city. Apply at 221 Greenwich at., to I). < rooheroti. Drug clerk. -w aw run, a young man capable of attending a retail >tore, and compounding prescrip iious Apply to William M. Giles, 18!) Bixth avenue, corner of '1 hlrteenta street. Employmnnt.-a permanent situation and good wage's maybe had by a competent as deliverer, v.pply In Martin Johnson & Co., 27 beekman st Farmkrs AND GARDENERS.?' wanted, a f vrwer kudu I on gardener <a married main to take charge ol a larm 27 miles up ihe North river To a good man, not afraid of work, a lair price will be paid. Scotch or Herman pre lerrvd. Also a man by the month. Apply at No, 0 Tillary st., Brooklyn. Men and boys wanted? who understand the bottling, libeling and packing of wine*. Inquire at No. , n ridge st. Salesman wanted? an intelligent and in. dusti Ioiih young man, with good address. In a hosiery and furnishing store. Oue accustomed to the business in this city uiay apply to J. W. Fox, 124 Canal St., from 6 to H P. M. SALESMAN WANTED- IN A RETAIL DBT GOODS store; none but good hands need apply. Apply to B. Davis, 432 3d ave , corner 32d st. Alio, a lad to learn. WANTEB? A YOUNG MAN. TO ATTEND BAR; ALSO a uiMnctmaker; one accustomed to hotel work. Apply, between lie hours of 9 and 11, at the Pierrepont House, Brook lyn flTANTED? A SINGLE MAW, AS WAITER: ONE WHO TT has good city reference may apply at 162 6th av., be tween 8 and 0 A. M. TTTiNTRD-A DRUO CLERK. OF GOOD CH AB %CTER TT and ability. One with good reference may apply at 280 Court St., corner of President, Brooklyn. CIT ANTED? A TOl'NO MAN, 16 OB 17 YEARS OF AGE. vT to learn the apothecary business. One residing with his parents and who Is willing to work. Good references requlr ? d. Address Apoihecary , Herald office. WANTED-IN a FIRST CLASS HOTEL, A YOUNG unn-irrieil man a* assistant bookkeeper, he must be borougbly conversant with the various duties connected with i be olllne of an hotel, industrious and of good character. Ad >lieaa giving name, age. where last employed, and amount of >alary required, J. B., Herald office. nrA ITERS.? TWO COLORED WAITF.RS WANTED. TT Must understand carving. Good wagee and constant em ployment. Apply to S. Ward, Bellevae Gardens, foot of 80th st., East river. WANTED? SOME RESPECTABLE AND INDUSTRIOUS pedlars, for a very profitable business. Inquire from h to 9 o'clock, A. M , at 108 Canal street, up stairs. K. ROWLAND. XX/ ANTKD ? TWO A<TIVB, INTEI.UOF.NT YOl'NQ TV men, of good appearance uid addreat, to deliver and collect samplea in thla city. Thooe having gool reference or heeurliy ran call on P. J. McKelvIe, ltjtf Broadway. Alao, a boy wanted, for office work. WANTID? A BOT, TO OPEN OYSTERS. INQUIRE at 63 ft Broadway, in Ibe baaement, from 10 to U o cloca. Reference required. WANTKD? ffHREK MKM AND POCK BOTH, WHO <iDderat?iia ib? bottling bualneaH perfectly. Apply at 7 o'elock ? Barry A DewlU, No. SMi IVail ?L nT AITKR WANTKD-IN A KM ALL FAMILY; A BR TT *peciahln 1 oung ruau. who perfectly aMttfauuida lu< butlne**, and can be well recommended. Apply at St South at. fANYBD- AT 900 GRAND HT., SIX HOOD DRY good* talemen, immediately. w tXT A NTKI>? AN INTKLLIOKNT BOY, ABOl'T SIX TT Wen years o d, who can write a |<ml hand Apply at he office I>r the aveiiing tttat e Keglater. hi franklin at. W ANTKD? IN A raOMOB < OMMl-uioN HOl'SB. A boy about fourteen yean of age; wne whoae narenta re fide In the city preiarrad. Halary ant Tear, rtfiy dollar* Ad dreaa BAN, Herald oMct, in haudwriung of applicant W AITKR WAMIJP IWl WHO INOKRSTANIM I(IK l>u?ineaa. no others need apply at ?y lleach et, N. T. W ANTKD? A COMPETENT BRCO CLERK A OR V duate In pharmacy. having aome knowledge of French, preferred. Oaii from 111 to 6, a' IM Hroadway. WANTED- A BOY TO ATTKND IN A HOSIKRY AND furaiahlng *tore; one whareatdee wUh hia parent*. In (he neighborhood of Uleecker and tJaroune ata. AddreaaA. M . Herald oflloe. WANTED ? LANDSMEN, CARPENTERS, BLACK tmiiha, cooper*, rook* and tie ward*, for long and ahort voyage*. All clothing furnlabed. Only office of the company '.<7 ? eat at., ecrner of U4tr, up ataJra, oppoaite pier U North rtrer W ANTKD? A YOUNG MAN WHO THOROUGHLY I'N. demand* hi* buaineaa. aa waller in a private family, to ?Ola Providence, hngliah. ScHob, Oerman or French po> lerred. good reference required. Apply at Morria Cohuert A t'o.'a, >7 H roadway. fXTAITKRB W ANTKD? AT FKItlUS A LEOOKTT'S TT dining naloon, if Chatham at. Nona bat go**! hand* nerd apply. ? ANT Hi A OKRMAN BOY, PROM UTOU YKA R> of age, In a grocery alorr, at if* iiridgn at, Bro jkly u. ft $7 WANTED? IB A 8EAMRNS SHII'I'INO OPPICE. K rraart, Intelligent lad. to go or errand* and make l.lui *e|f generally uieful Apply at 61 south aL, up ataire. front 10 to 12 o'clock. XXTANTBD? MEN, TO KNGAOE IN A LIOIIT, I'LK A TT naiit tiu> Uf* that ran l.e n a pay 0 > MMU my eity, winter or *umranr. th lor tool* in?.ru'-t?wi?, Ao. < an be dooe in your room Apply at 412 Broadway, morn \ up a lair*. -A FKW ACTIVE HAI.KSMENWANTF.IT. Til SKI, L an article b? wbtoh agenta are aow eiear tag from $4o u ?0" per week Thla t* no humbug tall and eiamlne !>.? ween 9 and 12. and I and 4. at 290 Broadway, office N i 6. FK.KM M AI)VKHTI?KMK\T*. DN JKl'MK PRaNCAIS nouyillemrnt arrive et cotmalaaant le *er% lee. 4. *tr--ralt *a placer dan* ine ? ml lie am- rlcaine nomnie valet de rhamhre. il noorralt aUltaer *e* BOtaenla tie lolatr A donner de? le^oo* de traaf ?ia am < itfr nta da la maiaon . S'adreneer No 4 ureat l .nea at. ITN M A IT RE D' HOTEL YA1.ET DE CIIAMBRK PR\N I fata, agf de '20 an*, parlarit allemand et ant'iai*. d^alre ae une famllle en quality de waiter. Kmaxtn u on* a tint rtenr da I Etirtn>e at de New York H'adreaaer p*r crtt ? IN ? ad at n< ax avenue v . ? . a?lre<w<> ONE t'UHIKIERE FRANCAISK DKSIRK HK PLAt RR H'adremar a U t'roaby at., In the yard, DM I wt. TIHC TRADE*. ABl'TCIIRR WANTKD - A tiKRMtN PRKFKRRKf fwi' fltat underatan 1* the htMln-na Refersnce reqtiieel: \pply to It. Idell A Son, lt!2 Waahington at . lloxMMml AtHTMPKTKNT PANTALOON A!?D YEHT COTTER wanted? one who ha* had ejperienee; mm .Tth-v noed apply toll. A. Ilunter, WO and 2V2 Bowery pARDENKIl.? A OKNTLENAN IS DESIROUS Tt> Oil WJB ? tunable *UtiHtion lor hla gardener, for wbnm he ha* " more emphi) menl lie understand* hi* loialneaa ??? i>nui<he*. lean enelient *nd anlier man. and cw n? highn ? ? n mendad Itvuilre at MB Liberty at . mf glMK / 1 ARDKNKR'R SITVATIOE WANTKIT? MT A BAN vX regularly w> the HM|?M of plant haiuN, grap lea, A. , aodhae a practioal knoe*Mge of laylngo it cruia a ilhl ornamental planting, no otijeetWni to go sooth. te? un >n<al? he round vatMhctory fi on former employer*. R.inh and h. Addreea R M , oar? of J M. Thurbum A Co., aeed ithnnu ia John *t . Naw tort ______ UN It OOOD WOoDTtJENRR W A NTED. -I Nyr I RK A f the Yonkera iteam ttiraing mill, Ytmkeri, H. Y. J D r oeter. rw?T TTi L1>ERS w antkiv-at im wT m.iam htki.^t good work and grod wa^ee Oral and ptev looking g ames ? nd portrait and picture frame* cheap, at 164 William at. Jim itraaley'a, cheapeat place in >aw Y ? >t k , no the htiliaa my. !?> SOUTHERN SILVERSMITHS. ? A WORK M A 1 thoroughly acquainted with evat y hrnnrh of the h'lativ ?>i hea to oinkeaii et ? igement to go to tome Sonthera c I'leane addreaa. Sllremmith, .leraey city Post t ME a, IK) PRINTRRK -WANTRD. A TO!' NO MAN, TO Wo ? i 1 a haod prw a, one who haa *ome knowledge of llw i, ? y Under profert ed Apply at 79 John at ro MKRrnANT TAILORS, -WANTED, BT A tT>*pv tent cttetom entl.-r, a *Htiatlon In IU) or nit adjacent c?i. 'iood reference given. Addreaa W M C. Herald offlne. T*0 EOBf PAINT KRA-WaNTKD, KT A (JIM)li KTOR man from the old ootintry, regular employment; and* ? at d* all the >rancoe* and glaitng; wage* not an otijoci. \ildre?? Merria, corner of Woofer and Spring *ta w ANTKH ? BY AN EXPRRtRNCID RNOINRRR, a tlttMtlon. In a ahoo can come well r?c<imn>ended, hae jj> oo.'e?Uon in go in the eonntry or laouth Inquire of R VTiaalaM, I'nion Meant Work*, corner of M avenne ?nd n I at I!' ANTKD- A WaTi H KIT WR K H W 'To TTN~Coip' T? well rtrommended, In the rUlage of IVek??i i. at the ^hip of the auhaerller MARi S MiiARS. IV ANIKD -F1YE OtMin TiN-?MITIH, Til TT *tea<ly joh will be glren. alao, two bora, H or >1 year* ofM' Apply to Alexander l?odln. !?l aretute C WA.NTBD-A SITCATION AS t'l'TTRR BY ONf WK) haa had tw? year*' etperlenee In a tir*t elaaa Hrmdway i *iahh*hmetit Haa no ohjeetkm to go South or Vnt Flr*t air referente can he given. .Apply atjis Broadway. 107 BOAADIHe AMD LODGING. 2 AMD 4 ABINGDON BQUARE, WEST BIDE, COR u?r Bank street The proprietor of No. 4 having ukeu the adjoining bouse. will now be able to accommodate a few more ismllles or tingle gentlemen. House contains all the inoderu improvements. 8HHACU 8TREKT.-A BACK PARLOR, V N D EX iei.sien rocui to let, to a gentleman and his wile aivl oue or U*o children, at $14 a week, aim) a large front room, on se cond floor. Boaid for single gentlemen at 94 par weak. Bath and gue throughout. "I Q FIFTH AVKNUK.-A CARD TO BACHELORS.- A ?0 party of gentlemen can be accommodated w ith a suit of elegantly furnished rooms; also single rooms, now vacant. Apply a* above. 0 A WHITE STREET, NKAR WEST BROADWAY. A furnished parlor; alao three rooms on the secoml floor, to be let to aiugle gentlemen or gentleman and wife. C A WALKER 8T?KT, FIVE DOOM WRtff OF UT Broadway? A quiet and genteel private boarding hoi we tor single gentlemen and gentlemen aria their wives. Tenat reaaoaahja. Hot. cold and shower hatha, free. ?A WEST SEVENTEENTH BTREET, BETWEEN t>T Fifth and blxth avenues. Pleaaant room*, with board, uia> be hud ??Q WKUT FOURTEENTH STREET.? THIH HOUSE, UO delightfully located, la In readiness to receive famine i and tingle gentlemen for the winter. The house has all th i modern Improvements. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Reference* given and required. 7 A FRANKLIN BTREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF 4 U Broadway, two parlors, on the tirat lloor, for single gen tlemen; breakfast served, if required; large double aud single rooma; the parlursfor light business purposes. Q1 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD i7l and Fourth avenues. ? A lew gentlemen can have rooma, with or Without bourii, in u private family, House hue (w, ha'hK, Ac. References exchanged. Q1 PRINCE BTREET. FOUR! DOORS WESV OK OX Broadway, vicinity of St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotsls? Board transient and nermanant with Iwge ind pl?.i ? ant rooms lor gentlemen and their wlvea or single jjoaue men. House lit at data. 1/1C WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE AN J.U*/ nunciai Ion church, near Sixth avenue. Two gentle meu and their wives can be accomin<slated uith ha-idntnt.-iy furntrbed apartments and hoard, by immediate app. nation. House has modern Improvements. PRIM'B STREET- WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD bawlsomeiv furnished rooms S'iltahle for gentlemen and tbetr wlv as. Also single gentlemen may be accomuo dated by applying at above. House lirat class. mHF.NET SI'KEET.? A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wife can ohiain hoard, with a pleasant loom or loom mm bedroom. A room also for one or two single gentlemen. 1 >41 NINTH STREET. THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD III w uy ~ Farn.shed rootns, ill euiis or separately, ln sludiug the back parlor and extension room on the first floor, to let. to gentlemen, with breakfast, if required. First c'as-i kouae. 1 y4 0 EIGHTH STREET, BETWEEN BROVDWAYAND J.T:0 Fourth avenue. ? A boot room on the teeoud lloor maj be had, with board. 1/4C TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE. Jt?' Single and double rooms, with hoard, on the *? oond nnd thud Uuora; laiuily private, location desirable; references exchanged. 1 A C NINTH BTREET ?SU TTS OF II ANDSOMK.LY XTlrtJ furnished r oiua to let. snltable for families, with pri vate table, In the above first class house, located near Broad way. accessible to cars and itagrs. 1 r 7 Bl.EF.tkKR STREET, OPPOSITE DWiU ROW J. (J I ? A handsome parlor with pantries attached, to let to a gentleman aud hi* wife, with hoard also accommodate > i < for two single gen'h men. House lirst class, containing the modern Improvements. mSPBINtt STREET, NE*R BROADWAY.? TO let, a neatly furnished front room, on the third floor, ina small prhate family, for a gentleman and lady, with board lor lady only. -170 HUDSON STREET -AN UNFURNISHED ROOM, I I O with board, for a gentleman and his wife, mav be obtained by applying as above. Alao, furniabed rooms for single gentlemen. CIO BROADWAY.? TO LBT, SEVERAL HANI) somely furnished rooms, parlors and sleeping rooms; slsoala'ge room nnd anteroom ou the II r*t lloor, suitable for dUce purposes, located directly opposite the St Nicholas II otel. A SUIT OF ROOMS AND PARLOR, PARTIALLY furnished In a modern built bouse, to let, with or without koaid, in a small, genteel private iauitly. Location. 120 Went Miteeiitb street Best of references given and required A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, WITH UNQUESTIONABLE A references can have a small, nea'ly mrmaUed 1MB, with bedioom adjoining, 111 a strictly pri>ate house where no other boarders are taken, i'aillai board, if any required, to be served privately. A ticrmai ?enilsman u referred I.o cation genteel, below E Fourteenth street. Address U F., Ilciaidofllce. ; A GERMAN FAMILY, RESIDING IN A CENTRAL partoi Brookl>n, will take a few gentlemen .1* partial hoaruvra. Rooms l'tirnisked or unfurnished, t'ot.vetuent to ibeierilea. Ueierences given and required. Apply at 281 Pearl street, Biookiyn. A FAMILY, KBfTDINO WITHIN 4.1 MINUrF.8' OF Ukuilliun ferry. In nu elegant residence will boarl a physician's or another I mnly. as there laavannny. Ado.' lor ol taicut can have full particulars !?> u<lilr**aing with n-nl bane, Xri. Hubert, Union square foal olllee. A carriage also. A private FAMILY in DKriIKO cs of lkttin* a lai ?'? room, on second story, with bath room ed?o.nin?, In two gentlemen, m lib partial board. taxation picas mi mil e?sy ol aecma. I.) Buth and Kl^liih avenue Mrs. Apply at ,'ii ?> Bixx me Kirert, near Hudson AtihNTLKMAN AND WIFK. OK A COt/FI.EOF fllNOLR jen'li inei,. may be accommodated with tMMrfl. in a pri vate family. In a bouse w l<h all the modem improvement*; re li ri-oce re. I ciued. Inquire at lUWul JM tl., between >Mfa and i ih av?. AUKMI KHAN ANI) WIFK AND TWO HlViit.K URN tleintn ran br aeconimixtated ? i.h go<><l board to a ? mull reap. . la'.le f?mlly, at 164 t'hotupsnn atreet, ruruer of ll?oi*U>n. \ uemhti irbood. Htag.- ? ( ..?? :lie door. Afrivatk family will *<?? ommoha tf, a fkw MMMMtll a gratlMhaa ami wife, with plea kant rooms arid board and will oiler every roovenieti'-e lo pnmote a comfortable and happy home Avplv at irt Warn i hlra second street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. A WELL BlirrATKD WIDOW LADY WANTS BOARD, la a resp.ctal>;e MMin family, whore nil* would make hereelf m every reaped useful for her !>?ai d Address Widow, Herald ofllre. AtiENTLkMAN AND W1FB-OR TWO HINOLR URN tlrnien ran be accommodated with a neatly furnished I avk parlor, and partial board, lor ihe gentleman, la a amal! tamlly; pl.aaant loraUon Apply at 31 t'-ouage place, near Houston street, lias. bath. Ac AMNt.LK YOl NO MAN CAN HE ACCOMMOD ATRD with full or partial board, at IS avenue A, upper floor. BOARD.-A OENTI.KMAN AND HIS WIFK CAN BR nmimmodstrd wltb a third atnry front r.xim an I M room, also a single ri om, In a first elms ItoiUc, No. l."W West f om teentk street. Dinner at ti o'clock. Board -a private family h\h a fkw roomh to dl*p'?e of, wiUi or without bw-d, m .No. JP Ootuiga am, between Ilousiun and Hleerkar streets i<ociUIoo *i < redlngly pleaaant and sonvenient to carl aod stag en. Board -two or tiiKkb touno men can be ae< ommodhted wltb good Imard and rooms, at M West I wenty fourth street, corner ol Ruth avenue. Board or room*? at ?** ?trert, bk RMM Wsvrrley place and Klghtk street Fine tarnlab ??d noma, and all tn<?>rn improvement*, with nr witkuet Imnrd. The whole secetxi or lldi-d lloora May now be had. I'a> 'US Of trntielBrn had belter look IB. OOARD OR TO I.RT? at IIOHOKRV TURKS Ml J) ntitee' from the ferry. A small famy will let a fill of P al lots on the second tUsoe, front basement and sec^id and third story room*, to a sra ill ftimly. or receive a gentleman and wife or two 0" three single geu'lemen to board for the wiuter , at No. b I'nkm p,aee. iHke, Ac. Board in hrooklyn.-onr ti.ra* ant, laror frfitrt room, wl h rloeci, on third floor; a'so one tu>e h?*t room nti ?*ernd floo, , to let, with board si 92 W>?t Warren a tree*. Terms moderate, and I narf-'ctJ/ h-ithfil aad pleasant. Board i> br*okltn ?two laroi kohm-i imm munleating oas-^nd floor, fur Ished * uofurnia)! I. Stan* * I'leasan' front om ? n Uilrrt tloor, all S'ptMile for rami It' s or stnele rentlemen. The Bouse ha* gas, an I is battled iliroughout. l.rn.s moderate ait'F ?? '?> Waahlnrtoti street, i.aar Fulton arid Wall street f.-rrtea. Board in foi rtfksth strrkt -a mandsomr stilt Of rwmps for a gentlatnao and wita. nr single fgenUe tnen. Al*'. single riHims at In" Kaai Fonrieentk street. llouva sUletl) tirst rj?. and dellghtf illy located. IJOARD WaNTRD-FOR TWO YOCNO MRf. I^i-t I ? linn not aboe* Orand street, Addreaa bos I.AK l' iat tboe itattng terms and location. BO*RD W'NTRD.-A LMJT AND ORVTLKMaN wt?h a oumfortabl* and ninety fBrti ?hed room, in a pri vate family, 'hvi take tew or ro boarders, boani frtr the lady oily; location not obote I'nlon arpiare Ad Ireas, w'hfo.l ?sit cu>ars W, H. Motion I (roadway I'.wt no m:D wantkd-by a lady and uf.ntlkman. I> WUk a ?nall. ?inlet plain faml y, where the eoinf.aU of i p< rmaneni home ran be bad. In Uie lower part at the eity. and home wltb the mode-n unproTemen:*. preferred Aa rne? J. L. O , Hi oad ay Faw office, suiting loraUon and emis. BOABD WANTFD ? A OF.XTLKMAN AND LADY. !N tendlnr ?" leave the (ttf In Ike sprang and anlee ?nM of lied-ooni furniture, would lute io diap'-ee of it, and would take rooms, with or without board. In payment of Ike -line A<li*r"?e W II. Bartlett, llr ndway Fnot office. Board wantrd -by two ladikm, op town, eeat of Wtth avntiuo. la a private femliy. or nbo.e here are but few hoarders Addreea A. H C.-h-x I, MR I'rwt of I re. stating terms, which must be m*t?i a-e Refttrena)* e* ch? lined. FJBOOKLYN ? A LADY WOVLB LIRF TO DlFPO<R LJ of a parlor and bedroom, on Ike aecon.) fl . r als .Tple^ 1 ?ant ro? m on tkird tloor. with beard Reterei.cea eletwageit. \pply al ICt lAwrence street, near Fnlton avenue GM RMSIIRD ROtiMS -A HINDI. F. OKBTLKVaN CAN l obtain a fnm Ishel room, Ol?|s lnlli| rrale ami ?an >it *8 BO per week. In a small prtra'e family, ?> nvenleul !<? x.\ h 1 enue cats and Broadway Slagea. Call at lin W- at firent) aerentk street. HOTF.l, LODOtNOfl -^IRNTLRMFM CAN OBf Alft flood fnrnlabed rooms ai 'he Olo^e Hotel, torner at Frank ort and William eiree<a. al 'M cents tier ai*ht A few l?eai oetna a' STH cen'a per nifh'. No otk"r chargea, noej t m ?heir option. 1)ART1AL HOARD WANTKD-BY TIIKF.H (IRNTLH men, with a private family, between Fifth and Twenty : Itb streetK. one tarse and two small bedroo??a, well riir uished the l,irmer to contain tire|>laee and gaa. Terma not to nceed Ave dollera a wrefc. inrlndlng fuel Reference* ?!? i hanged Addiese. autllng tenas, location, Ac., N. R. N hoc ?>sfl l*0*t office PARTIAL BOARD W t JITRD -BY A YOONa ORlf tlemkn, In a Valveranllat lamltv below Hiiuston street where I here would be no <* h-r Imarder. Addreaw Cnlv nnf iet. Herald office, stating partlrelar*. DOOM WANTWD-fOR A I, APT AND flRNTLtWAN IV where Ikere are on e?her hoarders: board for tadv elv' Address BR F H mat way Prmt pmce. T *?'' T? T0 A ?'"?lr orntlrman, a ptcely nimla?ed front room, on Fonr k aeenne Parttel board, If deelred. Inquire at Bo, 4 Bast Kleventli a reel BOARXMKO A VI) LOOGDIO, WaNTED-BY a VOI'VCl OENTLBttA*. APCBVMH YY t'd room, with tireplac. and ga? la it, wi-h .1 .-? sp ctihl. private ; it mutually ajtreeahln, would take and full board on Sunday . location not U>o tar up >iwa, *< - Bide (j referred. Address, tuuutf terms, W. li , tier ?"i aflMi WANTED? BY IWn OEJtTLEMBN, A I.AVI V!lA*k> somely furnished iooiu. sr.tb b iwd, n iprh tta family up town. not above Tareiiiy third street. I'leas" aildreea k. A L., Herald ulliee, stating wu in* aud locaMoc 117 A NTED-BOAKD, IN A PRIVATE F vM'.LY, 1" M the upper pari of the city , fur a lady ami r ? - ir. ? i widow ladj preferred. Addres* A. B. C., "out U! e TK WANTS' HEUllTfKB. aO KINO 8TBEET.?TO LET, A THREE M?>K O house wuh nil the mo Vrn 'niprovementii V.pM ' ? to two small familiea. Inquire itl A. RAYMOND, M ?.i haiu street. A 'HANDSOME DWRL1INO IiOUKE TO LIT-? A FOi ?lory brown stone dwelling house, on the sevti s ? Phelps plac) , Th'rtle b street, betwf a Firat and See i avenuea. possessing all the modem improvemenu?,wtu b> lt> h gaod tenant on moderate terra*. Apply to JAMES BOrt h V Fourth avenue, between Eighth and Ninth afreets. Artists -to LET, R'joms, adapted for m li ?'*, id bulldlM 442 Broadway; also a large room sane building, w.h immediate possession. Apply M No Broadway from U to 12 o'clock, or nt <0 Eaat Iweaty SCVCi street oP ETEK A H. JaC' vSON A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BROWN STONE FIR- ? e'?f* boiel 'o let, U. Mmoklvn for a term of years, ir. r tony rooms, ard neatly filled wiui boarder*. Tlila is ai tie lent opportunity. Apply lo B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Bna?d *a?j A HANDSOMELY FCRNISH8D POUR STORY AND basement ho-ise to let, l'er a t< rm of yeara. -a t.'reene street, containing kV torn*. ?vtth a ! the modern improvementa yearly rent H ,N? ; poeaessiou immediately. B W. KKitiABDS, 307 Broadway. A FURNISHED F1R*T 0 L iSS TnREK STORY AND basement b* jwn stone houss i ? let, weatnf Broadway a;nl very col. .'enient to the nlxth avenne c?**\ yea-lv r>-n kl.bOO. For particular*, apply to B. W. ltlCKAHD.-, JU7 Broadway. APARlUKNTSTO LET? OON416TINQ OF ONE BOUM. with one or two bedroom* each: <"roton .u.d w.mte pit) i In room. and other corn eaieuee* to respectable .anr.. ,cs. In ?I ulre on preinisea678 Houston al , in thustore. \Sl'IT OF 1 WO NT. -ELY FURNISHED ROOMS ro lot, on third ttoor, uiih oHhfries. in a house with a small lamlly use of hatb. ???. dinlny room and kitchen, wi;s' o Wroadwaj, -.eiir . O'irih Klrec I'.ert, $25 per month. Ap pjy to B. W. K10I!aB06, W Hiuacway. TjU'RNISHBD HOUSE TO KfiJNT? IN LKXiNOTON 1? avenue. A ver. elettanuy furnnhod h mae, in Islington H\<nue, will be rented tor one or thri>e yeHr*. and possession ?iivei. uiimeiUaiely; furniture new and brautifui. Iaiiuire o. F. ?>'<?l<lliN. fl'i Ilet kmm ?'re t FVBNtfBKD BOUIsE TO LET IN BROOKLYN.? A three stc y fin nlsbed btu'e within five minutes' walk et Fulton or Wall street tern < will bo rented until May next, or longer If prefer rod, *nd poeaessioa glren immediately. In ((Ulre of F. COL'ION, 61.1 Beekiuau xti-eeL HOl/SK TO LIT AM> Ft UN ITL RB FOR SALE ? TUB t'ottr story, brown itnne front Kagltah basement bouse, situated at li t West I'weli th street 1 1 ha i all the modern tm ? I Nueno ntF. PMMsateD Immediately. TO I.KT-T NrUBNIl-HEU. OR PABTLY Ft'RNI?HEH it ursi cIhs*. rail ?a/.i d fonr atory br<>?; s*ne bonne, een tair,ng twenty wo rooaaa, hi Uj.- modern unprevomenta, ft ftas |ii< ture gallery and seventy tire works of art. leealed nearly opposite Viad?>n s<( tare. Apply to JOHN LLOYD, 'irn-r of Pine nnd Nassau stroeta .? too, the beautiful three atory brtek house, (In perfect oi dor,) 21 & Adama street, Brook lyn. Apply on 'Jio preiat. *a. TO LET? THE THIBD AND FOURTH F LOOKS OP hoti'e >'o. W West rwauty nlmh sjreet, near l.eilngtan avenue; eight rooms on a :'oor. Crntou water, gas, ma-ble manteila grates, Ac. For par'lculaxa apply oil tb" r^oaiiaes, ft om ft A. y >0 4 P. M T?> DAOCF.RRKflTYPTSTi' ?A THREE- INCH WHOLE Vagh' uider tnbe, also a patent hulBng latlie, by Leng king, tor kftle. Addr< la J. N O , box 144 Herald oBioe. TO DAOl EKREOTYPI8T8.-FOR BENT, A PIBIIT clan* akylif! t gallery or a partoer, with some mean a, will betaken. Address L. D. M . box 116 Herald oUlce. TWO STiiRY ANO A HALF HOUBB TO LIT? FOB nlahed, looated n< ar t'aral street ?nd Hroadw,iv. Bent of furalture to b> >ken In ??wird. To reapenslbte parties teru.s ttli; be moderate. Addrea* A. A. P., Broadway Poat oflice. DUV GOODS, AC BELL'S CLOAKS Are now ready for tl?e '.utreotion of ladies, in every poe aible variety ni ma>nal, an', as usual, are unsurpassed in beauty of njle and elegance of demfcj. fsn-tl atreet. (^llKAP LINEN GO< OS FROM ACCT10N. J i'IIARLES O. HOOK, "M . roadwsy, Will open oil Monuay next, the following ba~g. as in linen goe.1* ? 12 4 linen shc.-unga. Ha., worth 12a. ksnis>k nai kins, fs . wrth 1 > 6 4 snJ G 4 Una pillow linaa. from 3a. tip A large lot of in 4. II 4 and 12 4 Knuilsh notion ?heetirga, s'.iglu;y soib-i. . will be i de ed at -iceedinfly low pnaaa. lluckabaek and other tosrellln^s at the same 'Ate. Fall and wintek clo?es and talk t&? M??LYNEaUX hell Hss now in stock th? nost ex'euslve atanrtd'-n' of ve've', moi: e an'kjue aud ciotb ''Ion. a. I , all the mom faah.okalie aiii gen'ee; ?L.i, es and nlf les ti e MM til the Ctty. Lstllea, an early call la aoilcned. ifiCaitl su-eet. ]T1~NI I OMOT, FROM 1'aB.S iN^OKMS THB UADTi -i ivl that atie has ot ened a ! uduojublc dressm o-i.i l liahnieti' st .*V4?. tiate < -ut .1 .-tree' hlie is prsp u ed to v-xe eute with proniriness the b> s' <tj> of ? ik In the .*>?*> Pa. i* fa>hion. nhe a ~au Hm the iad'e*. V"EW AND HABD*OIIE STYLES PRINtBD LINEN J.V cambric handkerchiefa l x ^euusmen, juat openetl a. Tl<> LIN KM hroaB. *4f Broadway, above Astor place. J. f. MtLLIKk.V * 00.. I'.'OBrieinr*. J1 ELLA Pll AWLS, J no ah. Of every de?ertpuon, Titati, AC.. Wdl be ottered cj Monday, And during the week. At exceeding tow prices. O. 0. 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