Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1856 Page 6
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? rbt Inlkn Wu ft* OnfM. * M nwn af n Interview w?.lch ?? bed ? few taya ^1, ?lt an Intelligent g<?nt)ew.ajQ from Oregon, where fee Baa lived tor many years. and with the history of which ha h thoroughly acquainted, we obtained the fol fewlng particulate of the war aow existing In that terri tory, between the whltea and the Indiana. HeatillUet comma oed in October last, in consequent* af aome murders committed by the Indiana apon aome of Ma Inhabitant* or Washington and Oregon Territories, while on tbetr way to and from the Oolrilie gold minea, which are aituated neex FortOolvtlle.on the OolumbiaRlver. Ike number of whitea who had been killed in thia manner, to aid to be twenty-Bve, and some of theee were aubjected fte the at. at tlendiah tortures One woaaan and her haa hwnd were tied together by the heels, then along on ? pole over a alow tire, and burned to death. Another Wean II had her breasta cut ell, and was then literally flayed alive ; while others bad red hot lrona run Into the Ma tender parts of tbetr bodies The tortures they suf are too horrible to detail. The white population i greatly Incensed at theee murders, and alarmed their own aafety, demanded that the authorities aid make an nvemgation inti the cause of them. The Agent for that section, Mr Bollon, accordingly i Into the country of tie Yackamaw* for thia pur bat waa hunaell murdered. A military expedition, ?eaiprteing a hundred men, waa now aeut, under the ?aaamand or Mtjor ilaller, against trie Indiaus, whom (hey met in large lorce, numbering from twelve to tl! teea hundred mounted warriors. An eugigemeui en Ned, which ended in the repulse of the whites. woo ted about twenty killed and wounded. Major Hal er however, succeeded in making good hia retreat wita ihw remainder ol hi* lorue to fori Dallee wjm-.Ii is sima. a* the Columbia river. oa?t of the (.'aicade raonutaiue, and which pr<>U*c.l? tfcei'rontier town of Ortgoa Territory. The executives of tbe r^rrikiries ot Oregon and W?au:r.t. lea were uow called upou for volunteer*., ? ?a l wo i waa rrnpoi ried t>> ai onco by the people The reg . *? farces acid the volume rn ac'ed ui ooucert till me true* af General Wool, who callid tie regalurit .au> ?irr?-'>r leaving the volunteer- toc?rry on rt w ? by theumiih-c* Ibe reaacn giv? n b,- lierieral Woo1 .< - '.1 :? w?-> tu? l':e whitea bad m tie drsi inewruie ecu- ut i ./ ! as i the Indians, tnai it niw > ? ir o: i >o .m. .1 " r and that mey bad in v.t. proro**.: : ? simultaneous w'th be^> operates 1 '.<H ta"'mUB oi the .South '"ok the tieid. ai"' u? w -? .? (bond ihemyelve* a'ta-Sea *; iw > p.vr.M c - u hrt it seem* to have rv'.en a p.-ecr o-ted p. . r. between the several trine* oi it" r.i . tbe-r aad -.1. 1 -ru p ? ?I tr.e 'ei r t >' !??* -? section of country extend. tig ? vcr an are* ' ?ix or se *c hunnred m.'e* a r*v tnc l ui voutveo ? ??et.ri>u IB the South, and*-'- - tior %? he > It wa? at thin juncture iIj.i! ' acral Woo' . - ? t; . Vancouver, about a hund-ad ra.Ioe .. .rr li, ?r uSi Columbia river, ana or-i.-r ' th : - lb 1 a at 1 a > ?' ... mti ? kept the Held, aud abc>:t tb" atdo,?. ' luia r. a'i r . 0 ao exi*dii ini Ms Im MBtri tribe havit^, tt apv^srs, jnccd ic? be?.. ? lr.^ . T Whites, ui.ob Jirnig two tiut<. r?-' .1,! se . 1 ?? mder the runmu. I of .'ol'.n-, i\e..y wttb a iO'ce of In ilan* ol Tbout ? i il . ... hatt>e Uki. wi a ft . intermit vou-i. > ys. ? trraiinated .u ih MfM 1 ? ? . . . the Indians r.^-t rettl fiwillla Ihtir nunibersf aao u c vi*?d to iv.'lre n >e<' ' ?oton leers were im ilr?ant?NMl d;. lUvr .~ai of one hotrtre?' acl tt'iv *n>i v. * t.r-e a; t, KMrttu* th> . neany, of wv*?) i>e:w-:ei. '? e ate hundred and tlur are -l mit?<: to u>ve ot -a a .t i Ud wouuoed, tie ioa? ?! ue vo .ite?Tr> ?*?". twenty rbe v. o:er ? ? ? . alm'ewi u'er, aid were ajgrn^n;. 1 roes: -aNy 1c ep'ing. duriLg which they ud *? ac>r*.ui;< ' ' Ibe iod'acs, *iii> ?hoi^ tnoy ?ia.l soru?s is m ?< mi's "? j hi wbn-h the Indian* were always 'tp.r <>d i'ner 5 ?ow re. ailtNt sod oisbaode i ">y the gnvoroor, a*i ug toes ea^-aged in arrive hisii t.os for set ..n to >aiki> TL .? gagemect which 'ook piai-e bttweea t le vb . > ? 1 ? sum i- of the northern [inrtion of the TeTiVJ ry ol -n. acn.rn i in ?? e latter ^?rt cf j . >? The aUer r. i aerve a war *? tintuae *u< oocasioral ' ki'ui jibes t. yktre. bui in ti e >.>uih th? (r.bee b>< ve giveu thcrb<c. . ? ap ard ?etto d paaoeMly u p'. .. the R ?er ation In uonncriion with ih-?e par' csiar*. tte .01. m vr ?er from a gcot.t man ta 'iregon will be re?^. *;*fc ^..-t.-r -t ! 1? gives an account of wha; Has transpired .here a tb' . ] week or two } renoua to ?Le le^, .urn of t ?>'. last . ? lUiiBH, t*r gin Territory, a .g 1, Itiak ?i*_ Having a leisure m u-nt. I taae the ubert/ ta write >o?i, giving tr.-. rr"M importabt newt at thw pim*. Mr. Parien and a. V Hcbic at ta.s pl? e from the Nea Terce* country, where t*?cy wsre t-nr Coverncr us to take t-i tne Set Peroex irib.' .it laiiisiis. rh-> report ta<> lna .is vcr* c. .<?*.*. mrai.sia-l, and nay ihty wi.. have to farther u.terooame srtvn tv> Cover uor cr sp> white man, and Mr. ? x- eu thht* a war ?e\iia?i?. Tn-y have ur eri 1 the wu'Ua are n >w nieir terrtwy to ieave ."hoy s'^rs y r 'fi-ej to r??4tve the annu!tlue we :b?.overnir rftcpt, m aenr out, and sny ImprejsKW u that .I t pan o-f a she Nea l>r. ? t and the r aat..-. btL jt ttte N'e* fer-e. sa (OB) the war ftriy . "?t to * ?'n as ty "vlx <j re a?< a?b>e exc- ??. Ttiey wr my t,vrir ?. 'f Wvtlxu' baa ? o.a^!d viic 'r .ty, s^.i U it U-or * .1 1?. af aiu mate a Wea?< w th rt.u wt:us. It bat b nicy ?imoari-r if?rm?'.t.e ? la' the >tz ' r ?> t I re|strtnc >'?? m the war bj; I have ro? einrr." s.j- 'i.a oi r<j">:.c:y, m* ?v: .?e w?u aware taat *i.Ui 1 ^rediciU'li *r? very r.Binpu.*- a tl. ? - ? . nutyo' I V*?ew?at time will t?.i' the tale. Trie 1-. I tailmed to.o-.n Kunrhws? it j ru .? i bars aaUa'a*. c. he. I wtil DC'W rive ;?.u an Inallng of Col Wright a opera ?one Toe wi'. recnlte. t that be wett 01. aoai~ m*ee Month* aro. tie n. * the Indwui m or n<-?r me NKbeas where tt"y detail him ?m? sit wt?.t?i on'.ll they rebhe<i Mn o'al h?s yi"r-' fn? eal t"x of al' to r ?id *0'' w ,rn out iadAi. ? ?r^ prou < i.< u? as t^iey -a ? ac 1 '.hen K m <k.u ia -fsi ns.) . leaving Wr'gtt .ct-e . :r h. A t i-e lu ti ta-. U Wright rspeau-dly iha' they ? I e>* ?i -n 10 .rest, hoi cares Diie to tight ? *? to a<K-% vaw r.itn le ? r.trot and Wrg*l* - pe*?;t:lj lilt ?Toc< that it wae aee.ees tor .aeji t>. % ta.k > ,n Vee a d j'.btlere ?ecu. ect Uiat 1 . '. <*" igtl a ac ,"e,"*ne 1 to ha mmtlr a l ?ai.f w lh -le* kstil.e; . . o-> .k cheriUS Sk.. he? where do we !.i. 1 t. e * on tM 'tib J i;y, Ut'"l aid la, . 1 n ? 1 1 ur/ of ? ? ? 1 J Mle lint ac* near 'b a Or in.. It .ad#, eov? the; eogwrd tbein the laeia?* ni l U>e flri* as t . 1' . r.e ' 1 I sf >ed ? ? ' rue. 1 1 I r ?? lj" fe'fn'r- Hi u ? ' r- ir ! ?f tKe !o? -i/it. iSiyr-o ar ' 'JoO ;o?' ?e - ra' ? .?-u; '#0 1 last wond lie .u-oant a vary But a >. Inn ?at. Cn.oael 1.*" 1... :u wit* tje ta'ie party c . istb 01 i'fh, aod a leer?rt*e *fb * in ?<< , .f aei^gCve .en k ,;ied ar?l ? . r ? n.o lei. j They k t?'rif un Ii ?r ? wn^i ietl ot> tae 1 (T tim. and .uocg tb a *rty n* le 1 -? w ihe ?? 'In in? . a 1 ' >my w t 1 ' * etg a ^ 1 iiaire ma<ie a Iraaif w tb ion aay ,????*? 'h? advwiuge | srairii ghl la* Seen 10 r*r l II i?i n?ioc s (i t cai ?'t .r with the -.dare ?i.>* br'afi*; ? 1 ir?r..,\ H bus a ready 'r?e 'r "1 an ?r.,let;^ .? .t ' a;or'T ftatfi ao>. nr. I uad 'ltd Wr .btl? ay tr 1* ha ** a-a Ron to |he *n'i > ?,:? y. otry ?.. -a vh. ve'Jl Wi WU- at aB' en ihe ? 4 J %Bd flte lu I 'I i?> , 4c %'nw. Vet n.e *s?. wl*tl tee we 10 rfo' V, 'Jl ? 'rni-?'? '.awe th ^ Aeld a ^rei# ri ?'.<r rw"i 'i n ? ** n Us ?l.? e routtry. Tf" s the ft A ieit ?ert ?uri tw ttkt Catev. jvtt tiaoe th tirjsa a Cie *a r The Tel.nter.T flay* it, ?--.msianVr,) w ,1 V " v> Jay, I pe?.;m ? hy or^ie*- w> I -> -v?*??%.i fut. Cbieas a etV'iateer Vws" ae ;?ts red n tt-? -o rrtrv w trn V,<? 10 rer %'r , ! narnnt iar tba; I in at* . aj, I a a- sot ?M.'.r if rw a< U'.'.es, ftr.t .* mait ?ay ??t the panp.^ -^re j a enue>. eti.a >n. 1 koow n->t w; 1: ac ? of *1* ?v*t ihirk cr <av. bat 1 !?? Bey we nrual hare ?c ue . - -nea^s <? >n-<? *t.J' thai !ar '">rr<?i or ou'e??w '? ?? pi??sa> <1 u.*t 'a ' Wrght ' %r* -f nn ler it a ia nert % 1,- Icra Htd Waal. BMery ear "wnasaie hi n a* a fcwtti and j a?Vieat ntf eer, b?j? aa wu. aevar .-ucjatJ ta " m " jfat- 1 th* aa'ri'S^lf fii*<?':fe,r af .ha .j laag ?a 'o*>t >s Ik peraaea i%e r?ur?e hr It n >w w? mir fA -haw r Bi.a .a V ? a'a.!-? failiro? ley. wft?ra li? j . xpeev to re*. i<n rot Ictswt orlara. Ih? tr. 1 ana tee 1 ?aU.og far tba M"rm<? settJei ?r!i?r>' *t '*.'1 a- j Awehtedly sad with a t aarty aemim . the Mwoat j arc new i ipp / ag th?.tr. wth bjit .a.' e*. "a T 0* CArrtM (jf Mm Wu aot?.~\*v ar.;.i? ?1 f? ' ?tnr* irate aa aor"ia* e. a wert irat "T * w. ? ' Tfce fiw ana s'laeked a tral i.aur-* 1 let by l>. d.oh t j tt' '?d Pair lr 11 ?'/( : -a rt '? ar r.e ( rt?d lier latn aa;. .11* We leara t tl ar>) i'V e w >r. 1 IBe<? ate J be ft le t the tive; ? nr rt tl We I, 1 Mvtit Iht m ?l via<wooa "lea ur*a I * i. ? re ?*?. 1 we i Ht for the a/roet ai I 1 a.i^huvn. et iae - r l"*are v r T 'mjr ta ite w'fe a |est ^iritii (if rn la-m a- 1 ?a.! raiM*< ! a thai rity for aereral years. -Ha ta a u? h*-aef <Watt, Kaaa . and haa a?a- MmC.i tt d e? ??. la *ai a> e j '.'a. fee i.nebtnd ' .he t:at? rf Mi? r*pr ?? tu t. i.t lata, j waa aiao h-r ? at'", and at' - W way 11 tthee w,?h ?m? rf bur Idren, an itfant. I aa E*minert w" ao dor.b' *-t aa jh?- wnly aa paatlbia lamertr 'it h? .net t'ii Indtue, ar* tba tl <yaaoee, a- ?' um w 'B"- ue* p'tea on the 2l?l of A?" f: st aV < ? twenry mi ?a from iot I Kearney 1 >e pa? r ? ? a snail nae and tfca ma -t waa alioc^-ier ua** T *4 1 id 1 rnrr.vos*' ]? # fi ar -d that Mn. Wilson waa h et wouwdwl and 'haa l??ae awa ? fiy I Be tavaget. ? / ? .sM^aw &n.wirm *9 If am Tr^tn the .1 m/)> iMriH*,**. tf Or* 1. thai a W*B ''arltiiHrg hooae a Chef let." x . m a"otyttic a e^or4 <ne tmea 10 a h n?e in Fh !?*?iph a for tt aaja' t= , i y 01 W',< at CM mar/ ered ? wea e^fiaa-l, hi the i 't.J af the praeei t rwtauoi.e net ??? um tfoatii M'i Narth IPfllWlEITl innrp BUT DiT. Hr?TtrH*m n iib o? m< K, J tii?r.*er ? >oteb A 'ne ale ^nir^'ign' Aila"JPf * ''aei India p? * a.-<?e 'Irtish". Mare lay A l"^*mna' hoadnn per er on draosli' t 'he orrica. a, }h I'-^ow STBB8T. rr*are ^ it ?"? nw 1 r 1 an <~t i?sr ?r iltWJ ABM HOW1T Pr ?; r'etor. the thmea, alee nft4 pnve' a -e me<?rted by aitb w lewda i ?lo t e h Wiiliitni ?'feei, Me? V'>e?. WlltRfl lel?4? OH*. 1?K*!*i'lM. .1 \ MAI'' A Mm. HOOTCH AllO IRHII JP ahietey wines ka t aelae. a*M? tmee . ?a ? ?? |k??? *nd fain lj tise, bv the ? lie an I d-nWjobi., in piaiKWea ta suit enrebaarra. aeo'ch ales. l<e*<taa and 0 I'mn ponar, -a? rhlH Rllll... A a m Brwmesi 0ul-4 <4 Creaby stieek nRHOHAL. A?* RKbFIC' 'T A K UK I-ADY OK GEMTLUAN CAW adopt a female cki4<l. a line baby, four bi?;Uui oW, by eftiltLK for two duju. It t>9 West 37 th ?t, nt'.ir ttA m. AD i HOW. Vi \S tU). A GOOD Hl.VK, FO* \ nr .. tbv, mi. art ..mi b>- nuful iraiak eh Ul, tan laoutha oW. ?? i e out ivhji. . uu'h- i* M?d app.y. References rd uir Aii'1 I' t W . llrr<t!il otiicr (lA'illAKINE VRINDTKN M KBQL'KHTKD TO CALL in mediately on Mr. W H. V uln* s'reei. (ilarkn | wnwil I 11 lyoUMK, MMI i piece. H. 1 BAM H.? 1 AM Mi K AND WISH TO t>BS voc. W ii * ou i'i to call ihi? ? ven ng. Mill IIHI W1I.L FIND A I.KTTERIN TCT UNION IUmv Po.1 < nice, dir ".tad to your lirei Chi i?.i tu me, ? ? J. M. C. H IF .! H. HVO R i- IN THK (MTY. Ml WOFLD 1 c??nf^r a r n-r. ' i . Ms ad . *>.%? : ??r csUin* on Win. Mont storm. j >-?.}. \| % ? (??> v\ >TKI> ? OF IA.MKn BOtW K, h* fre* lork for the W?*t Indies about tb? ut do??* ??i r" t 1 n and hs* not smre bt*?*n in* trd ? 1 *' <* r * ?<> Hit Hdvantage b y aopJicaU'Mi tu u'li - ! j <*od#?r)e*) ? anada; or 10 O'KMtover, vk-li ?* ? ? ) ?-? \ V. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JAMES, JOHN AND . ?? th, ol tn?* par?*h of Hrotjv- <oun?y O.tvmi, ? <"*orijel'u* wah bero about four ???*r? *fjo. .J allies *h> here la*' ?.*:* Any ner?*un knowing iho:r whernaboi: < ?* > >! r ">??? a favor <">' U>*ir Bridget Smith. bv i0 dressinc 3 not* ??? 29 Pitt street, New Yoi t Illinois paper* pb as* ropy. INFORMATION Wi\ tKI>? OF POSE MKtfHAN. WHO Mt Nsw York two months at/o. \ny one knowing of her wh? r?*.?K<>uis will rontff 3 ttvor >kftdr*?*?tn?r hiion Ha.-y, ^31 Mulberry ?tr?rt v , w York. Country papers pleateoopy. B. ? 1>. K. ^ M^HOt'Sh.H % M?\l.L S ISL\ND, NKW YORK ????!? ? ? :nbtr. Kvi^ouimon, ireiamt ? .V c,f? ? i't, - t v ? . i. ?? ? td ri i)', i. .?r>. \o?? will bO ? r?ri'i ??!?'?? ni" a mil* J: ^-ui th^n, af^; .?n a -a^emicai ?;areo.* whi< l? !?- ? ?? ?? -<i. wor^<* rn' bo i*ak! for. ' enow i' i x ? ? ?? *s o hr?'v*?y of 1 C'tKumuciouJion, the subnet 'U V'M'tin . tiowfvrr. ?t'i,v?' \n?i a-* . ie\'. M. M t>' Sl*> " . *ir .Hiii. oi tiie Unlvoi -iUy ot iMibhn. A A ? LmI >Mt Vli tUi* w* . a:; v ! \PK^ wiiA. be Nst'Rn <>n i?N vt?4V ? , . i No. im Beekin tn ?1. ; lb U.W YOK?C IVAILY OlfSfAT^H. v ?.Nsnt?. It w served oy ?*arnem in all pa.^ta m. i ?> . i" :* w 1. a*v ? a! by ill i."ws <1 ,0] i. i !;??-? i#i?| .Job wi!! ]?*' :nd<*peniioo'. ,-vbli? in the / . . ? i. t lv< '..f theC^-ttoo wf Millard t 1 ? ? ? ??% 1 be of /ui wroprU'tor? .s ti> tip-' ? . - ?pap?-r In ?? ?* v r'-'tpM ' r"-H r " w ? ? '???? . r i' ^t N?- 2- lit A "W 1 si v M> . BUHKHAKPT A Ct>. ?. :'u >;vr.s k\T) x< ykw no; ri x in UI..I: , ti ; O. i Clii ^hop 107 N AHS ? 1 ? . JOHN PY.VK. 1 t * * T1 2N1. /T V ::K D 1L\ T R I i> L .N K - ?? 't I >. ? :uj Jh-' .?"* ?i'Ary. u*-?l w-.v' > t ?i. a .or sa.<? -heap lor cast, li &]>p!k4 for \"*y sxk. at 1U5 Broadway, ra?iai No. 18. T iv r rn , i-;;r n ?J . itl. YOUNG rVK TEASERS, OH ?>.>. .?i i si ?:??* ti.< iT?iFi . S.-hii . .... i v. 10. j ft M ? ? ?? yi.' an i.or ?f r ? "J?y, tr -y 'i?y life in the wilds of North .. ror' ? ) i> ?" w"h -*1*1^1 ai .t'lutul ' e \ 5! 25. - al'if. i-rwiiii niM ??r. iir. ; . nclR^lti" mil'.''. All the chit'f aniij.M I'k* li It. irr u.ked iu -.ucli a iuaiiuiT ?i" i !:.. ? #1 I' ?>?<; I ? f lu "IK V.'r ' Hll -4 '? . i ?< i ? : ?.?. i.R ????" . " M'.'iahed by Tl.H >'KI >.\ t u ? . it.- . ' L iiu. , ?o . .- I t.y ? j book ??? Hem a. It - t .. j^y soai'.tju fr ,-t uo/ccoiit o! prt' \ i v ' irk n ;? v i :i?r*.Tt*n ~ ?> " ' . t i. u.h u? ? i y w .ict c;i,' CO W ' - - 1 y ? V|> ... P ?. t* c?u!?. OB ? ?, No ij a'rect. ' ? ? ytv TO Bft? rs?p* R ALLELKI).? w* >KKI> A Tare. or TIH 'li.EJT !>'a*al. tY . at.k.ei it*i.;urK ?rowt. ^ vol* !im< . fl 73. .'???J .a 'b> .ni t or: n* the 'perti - r. ' ?.-?? ? ' " b-' pubM" 'Jual Vt> ? s.eN .i ? ? ? *1 .i-ailv ? fell -re, and tial it baa n ' no .jn<* ltnpr . i .ob ' d 'H vr vm of the M?mi ?t|t ?.!.f p'ibi.>tera u-.- -utpj V> a'.oe. 'hit ??f t>.n uiantr ni,ir?.'? ' vm-r -??' n -e? whit-h Uiey ree?tv<jtl 'be ????.mi or , ?. ra) >. tuost of tbeu. ai> ind 'h* ? ." tout tar, haa ffcyteAec ti-V. of ai y -?-t-k of i. ? * tr p'iMlebe 1? 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No a-:?nU need apply. -KOR SAI.E, ONE OK THE BEST ORIN'K C<'v" '? ins ?i loona down town; near atn*tr?i> ia: landing* ? ndb'i?y ifcoro lgbiarea; wiTl be sold very In*, tbe uwierti ...i * > i Aiuoruia, Apply to HOWES X CO., c-i .\.,-* Strett. ,;S. || -FOK SAIE. 01 NINO SALOON AND U'DO ... i iic hoin>e. orpo<ite a railroad dope. e'e^lnc .* M in i ? r .."limn . live tern*' lea*', ii?e o*ner h<?s < tber *? ' i'. m. a ) > p .< y lo UOWES A CO., W .N'as?uu street. CI'I ?>(1H -| ,IK SALE. A BILLIARD S\LOON AND ? i , ? bar, on ? live vOAra lease. ga-. >,mi tiiiir".i ill i . i . j ; . - " . in lug an increasingly good business, In a. superior ? nj'iioii ? ( ply to HOWKS X ''O., K4 N ..a?au itreet ?il ? E^>R SALE. ONE OF TDK BEST DRINK' ?Pl.^UU. In* hou?e? in Went street, down town, near ? iml"Mi? and sbippinjt; xi d solely on acvountof ill iie.Lltn, paying lai -'Wy. A |>f .y t?> UOfflut 1 i'0 ,84 Na?aau il'w;. 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I <L"> *7# |/ j ?FOB BALK, A VEST NEAT HOVSE AND V?,^Uv, *. f- irV ' ms. p.w ii.. 'i!< ? mantela. iM va>er. mbIt ob Um pKnrim, Jfo. SB 4onth Pourtta 're-t K?-' riioc'kfyn, t'. c ^2.;,nt,. C.i?i f ?n. MortgMt" $! 3(X>. i C>) Klin ? von SAI E ? ' \HM OF 12 VRKS aN'D I O? ?? "? 1 I 'mngdale .i'I 1 line condition; j nit oi.ildlBgs. fence uu ' or*Ji.'4'd a bua'H.'.'-il altua'loc and I 1 bargK.i ji (i y 10 II< 'W a Co . W1 Nm?6'.i r. J.Q |,n|| -FOR SALE. A TWO .-TORY *.VD UTir .?)."? 1/ ? h m.i. 1 ? mailt' \4 . ? ?? of sri'im I. with . :? '? irj wt> k? m?i"t?ar'orj i is'-nt!* locked on h - f, i.i rfr >ewarK, A I. \pply o WHEKLEK ,w Co., liroddtvay, .ioui ! i. iiAO ?Fop ? m.i: * 1-1,1. a - a. v r and i-po. ??i/.wvO . nui .!??" 11 M^i itaet ir: *? b 11 -r.vtu 'owl . *ei! '??!aMl<Le??, WjU. 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Fw O* ?r- RRAT HtLL mWR FlfTR ATri?f* ?.mat an ffr aaia. boa 4J a.'d Ml Waal I nrt? i ll ' iifi, b?t?< ?n fiPb aad birth arati'ioa Tbay ' ai-a< (J** ?taa? hmiaaa. ?fb brown f< a frnn'a and ballt in | ?ha rarr mwiii r lliT?.|iihi.iit Wi ! ha anid at a rMian n o ? i n't** anil or, a> - oaari 'a?ii..' tarma A t>?r? n ^ on Uh> nra TT aa? if, *ho? >?ft TT thna and to tfi?r.rui aa to f rVa ) 'arwta. Ao. O t>Ri WiO FKRIl MKRII.? TALI' ABLE >*r iB atnfa nr aala. handa m'-'^ ? ttad and ?dlMI M; aMttn yaara ?r V. '<>? To b- ha t rhaap Apai. it m aba F IIaI.F., druairiata g.aaaAuil I irira Idnar, *6 I ?aa? ?tan atfrt. T'O fllTPIt !*!?*. -PRITO STOUP MiR <*Af.?. IIA<?r> and''! Hftait ap <1i iirlf*"' bna(naa. w!tl? (foo-1 pra" I I a for a t>n>?i< an. a ? I I a an i' !??% , u. p?i.? rlafor Mar to aMa to attand m i?. Vpp'y to .< kruFr. No It '' r rhanta' Rtr.iaapa. or at ??o. 73 Smith Wafnili ?fa?t, WiilH?* bar*. ttr.vl TTA?.~ A RBO tTT \ Will. TV E PT VF '< ? Tlltn ft V Y ^1 OctobaT 9 1M06 f mi v I' inn ? bimcdiMk, i ?,nw pa*ny tirwtta, Gowao ia. Urookjyn, fir a.1 baata M iiu ly f >.t >a I llldtf. POLITICAL. 1 ST WAKD -AT A MEETIN J OF TP RENJBLIOAN I Nominating Committer, held at No. 18 v> a*t ?irr?! on the events g ef Oeteber 3, Mr WM B. LEACH was nominated as the republican candidate tor Alderman of this *..i. James II. MKai> President. Ww ?i Ecclost, Secretary. tnmm tlee? J. n. Bishop. Eugene F. Price, Elisha K. Hur dick, L. H. Ferine, I). P. flu ng an. ?, Samuel J. Mead, Wm Pearson I I |TH W ARI> BEOVI.AB DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN 1U nomination 'or Councilman ot the 'twenty sixth district, John Vaii Tine. "I CTH WARD, FORTY SECOND COUNCIL DISTRICT. 1 U At a meeting ot the delegate* elected pursuant to the recommendation of the Democratic Republican tieueral Com* nnt tee, at Tamman) Hall, he'd f-ept. SJ, 1800, THOMAS JONES. Jr., wui unanimously nominated a* the regular democratic candidate lor Councilman ot' said district. JONAS 11. ri! II. I. IPS, Chalrinau.

W. H. Mack at, Secretary. "1 QTI1 WARD? THE EIGHTEENTH W1HD BUCHAN lO an and Hreckuiridue Club will hold a meeting at Jetfer run Harden, corner of 1 wemy second strt et and First avenue, nu Tuesdav ? venlne, Oct. T- at ' o'clock All persons who * ere it ember* of the d liferent club* before the same were con solidated arc requested to be present. JOHN A SMITH, Chairman. Thio. J. Pom da, Secretary. 1 QTH WARD YOUNG MKN'9 FREMONT Villi, ANCE AO Committee ? lirand rally ? The tirst public meeting uu ner the auspices of the Eighteenth Ward Young Men'* Pre mont Vigilance Committee will bit held at the iiemllt Dispen sary corner of Twenty-third street and Second avenue, nn Wednesday evening, the 8thinst.. ai 7}.. o'clock, whloh will be addressed by A. Oakey H ill. ?!' ilu* city, and Joseph J. Gouch, 01' Brooklyn. 1'be Fremont and Dayton Glee Club will be in auemlanoe. All are earnest y invited to attend, without reitai d to the character of their politic*, and especially the ladies, for whom seats will be reserved. KXtnU.K OOMMITTEK. John H. Hurllsan, Kir hard T Doming, Wm. D. Chase, John A. Poswr. George T. istrong, llenry G. Uallock, Henry D. Sedgwick, Curtis* Iteane, Joseph Wn:c*. Beuj P. Mumerre, Samuel Brown, P* r T. Wood nury, i-btwr A. Arthur. Cbar.e* E. Strong. LMo-r a PROPHECY.? Tills REOORDH M< OPIN* ioti thu' scc-ssiou? a mere sound of Sou'hern ument to .care f-M',-? will conn* not ft oni iliem. h it MMMt |>i.i no" iroin 'he election, but from (lie one election oT Fro IX). nt; "n-'-..ii*. the i the ineJoreble slave power, unrestrained. *i) in* not to ?!<??> in its outrageous u ureastons. and as sure tele nnt don n by the *:*ee stales, that will survive the tirikni I'lilun ami leave the repentant -outh an isolate I nowttrodr hspreMlwe *">:in lochikl. ATI' - REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMI (TEE. - a -lie ?? tl ?i. ?? litur ot tin* ewuint' te? wi:l be held at . mm iry Hall, 'his !ue*rtay) evening at eight o'clock. I'Uticv. U4tti i!ai"*' i* reaue.ted I- * At v . t OWf KR, Chairman pro tem. J AMI:* L. Bori-iiT. 1 ? ton > \ . S.vl voK, ai ritr.i' > it iNCKt.i.1 Heifu B Svrzy\ A ' i ccre'arie*, (GERMAN MA-S MEETING -A HERMAN MAS8MBEI'* JT ing will be u Id a: the ACADEMY of Mf'SIC, thi? rnemiay. Oct- 'tier ? a- T - P. M. r'rederick liecker, i.ustav Sti uve I redtrick Mnencb, (Far ffeit,) and PliUipp Dorshetmer w'U *odre?s the meeting. For the Herman ileneral Re;>ubl>can ''(.tntiiHtee. fhe ' 'omalttei' of \erang' menu? Kren Kapp. Julius Brill. Theodur ??. Hiaubanakiee, J oka Weber, Alexander Woit tiermam Me.i?rmch. Ed Kohmson. Jr. 1 IBER1Y AND UNION. ? THE HON EDMUND PKK I jt Wins, Hi ' 'o'ineeti '.ii iH deliver nn adores*, by Invitation oi .heBrook.ju ) i uith W*rd Krtn.oi. (Jiub, a* their rallyiug ??a. I ci an* r of Orange ind f niton streets on luesdav even ;ng, October 7. at *.lj o'cioek. The public are invited, ati l imi seats tesi rved lor Iwllea. HKNJaMIV V. AlSUoTT, President. Qmohi I- H. . -ecretary. .'AMMAN? H>LL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN OB neral l?mjr,ittee --.vt a Di* etlng ot the Democratic Keptih ' -.a Heneral Committee, Leid ai i ao.nuuiy Mall on Tuendav -v-'tuBg, ^I'ft la, tlKi tolkiwlng r??<iluuo?is. oilercd by J. H. ILiai.i*, of the t ir?t ward, were adopted by a vote o i #8 'n ite albrni?t.tve tiid V :t> th- regaUve:? teso've.i. That ih s C^r mniee will snsiala the Mayoralty . 1 CVrntlen Over which the Hon D. K. Mckie* (iresided a* ?li*ittnab cQu whl< o .. -t nigbt noniinatrd Uie Hon. Kernaouo a od a* our candidate fnr >lsyor. that that Convention ?a( 'V^arly constituted and organaod m accordance with the i-t.t?s cf Ae party oa! the rec inmenda'aio nf the Geuera) <>m2iilttee, and 'ha' .ts nomiOi.'lona are ec'jtaea to the eupourt *i c-ontldeuce ot th-^ d?inocratie party. Resolved, .liaiibe **o nih.a^ - whn^i last night put forth Ute ...nit ef ,T. i L Lj as a i audidate for Mavor was an irregu a.* and nnanthorlzed bi dy, oot eieeteo ' ey the people not auctioned 'y the organization of 'he d^mo<-r?iic party ; thai - ? rt>ceed.zgs ? ? re eaJouAted to defeat regular aocnlnaliona ;al o destroy tha union ? bch ism hap' i'r has Heen reetored o \.rr, nk?. I.OREViiLi B. Chairman '*?ts L. Bl.srrRT, "j !oh* Y. Sav*i?E, (iecre'arlee. ? < it* i >?.. t.>?, r p?-7i? B S?*? ^r J T lit IMF'.)!! ACTION H ?S AT KIVfD? n* HOVS' in ' ? Th' Fre no:;' an1 Dayi'ii. American R.-^aho t'lub will ho ! h grind rallying me -'log on Wednesday rinu r at lli< Chiatse ,*?v mli!) Kisiios. late rtuck II ,!) . oVa?'k - Vial relanrated >peakers wLl ! ite?sth n.ri-in- ' I Meii'laof the caese are invited. BKn.'.'.MIM Van RiPKR. President. W?. I'? ?!., ^ervetarj pBE TWENTY SECOND W*RD VREMONT CLUB WILL 1 hold a i u1 '? tb#c ,oy at tbe r rauche comer of lii iad **ay ai. .1 Btreet, tins < I ue*d*y) evenmr, at 7liO'cli?'k. Con. Weleome K Heeb? H'?i I'm .nd J. I'or'er. P A. I'a>l di k. Elv t i.J ether gci t.emi o will de.teer ad lreaMM BIOH \BD tuT Pre., lent. Ja*. E. Cocutbi.. i C'.oMucr. Jr , ? r,? i._,. K. M T P * o v i ll ? . j * ice Fre i dente. W? i onarr, I'reasiieer. W? W.Bra:ki?tf W? 11 Au>." ?e.*~. r..*?. TX) THK I RIFVD- ov PRBMON -THE UNDER* 1 signed, bavins roi stttuted themselves % . ommittee for the ? v In* purpose Of uei,lat..i ? doeiUMM* bearing npou the n tuesto'is i| r-stjoii* now st issue be'ore the American peo . e. retpe inljv invite t loutnni* from ail who are in tf.'i'd in n luring ?'.? tr"impli "f liberty and '.aw at the ap ?ae' mg'ion. Honey, in large or small sums, from > aie\er quarter t is recei\ ed. will b? scrupulously applied to this saie * ect, and mt mf cent of it w iii oe uiveried u> any . r i>e tlisl IS nee. ssary in "r lei* to carry 'he elec'km v I'luiimp1"'! msjoriiles. is that 'he i < ? ule *hottkl have the <i,a if uior"'lglut und. ? aUi.dlng iLe r<?ltlessne*s. folly i tabeciiHy ? ? u.?- rf?i".t neiiooM a tnMnlstrahoa? theent* .??not whiih 'be free Btate men ol' Kni.s?s %re Cte victim*? noecsety I se. ^img that 'lernu?*y U? tre.-d'iin, and the ,i.s ? tn'n. i th? jMoilrs eandida'e tor tec Presidency. ' '.nirjbuiM i i ax.)' t>e n'ldreteed to be ?<*. revarj the <3om ttee Mr .v Aii. i. Id, 151 .V.sssu si ee' S-% fork I ud'ev < tir?/ory. Denning Duer, I'enJ. Field, <j> o J.ii'ini.i, iMscKhermaa. C. a. Detta. 'pHK YOI'NO VI v - rR?MO\T AND DAYTON f'BN I ml I ri n >iil bold u.elr tl irte-rith regular meeting at re-ssii iLs'iiu'* . iirii?<l?ay. I leeway evening, Oct. J, ? o c'is-k. s ' ii"g '?)' the IJlee Qub. i en. It. P. Bruce. . kbiis ti coiibiv. .nil K llart, Ks ., of W..?b:t gton, D. C.t ? m addict* ii,e Meeting Its- outer, H. P. XANIEKBE, Presid ,-nL D. II OttKW(l*li MMW}, |>MK SIXTH Ward REPUBLICAN ? I.l B,OP BROOK I ty u. will ho' 1 a regolnr tueetlng. this >Tu? ?.| ?> i evesmg, tJJjii'rii k, at ' i'0s r.oc Hall, cotaer of t ourt and itut snee'i. vji.i- sc. hv I. W. *siougiit >t , ri s<|., of New uik. and I M Yimou, R*<|., f Brook lyr mnslc by the nth W ar4 till e 1 lub. Front seats re serv d for httfias OF.t'RiiE CVi it I IS, President. P. K. Dirt. Heeretary. 14,'E STRIKE PUB PRKKDOM.? TtiK Mr.'VBBRM OP " slid Workingtnexi sCentri.i Kepsblioaa ? 1 1 tor. will he uidrt * te I ;<y Messrs. James A. Brl^gi, of Obi >. William K. Wrong acd J. >'? ?nodgr?s*. on I usaoay eeeainff, Oct *t I ilf|a < o'llisk, at "i*ir r?sjtr*. Vo. ' How. rv. Eg r mil. i . a day and eveo ng. Tbe* of tr ?e ahor and fFee TeRlWry arc inru d to meet with us, ami 'Mil (.11. lute. Ri 1 KRT B. MONTtJOMKIir, rreaidenL A?>BS?W M '1?>, Si'CretaTT. HKK(1AI. BOTH b.H. ui ivnoii tVMHinv-nm rmiiit muro* - !j lb# ? r?? r>- tbli lo^?!y, tor tbla MMOQ, II! be 1?-..| on 1 1 ? -i?r tb>- 7th init at 'li o'elork. . ? ih<" rc?r rornrr Hnrn r nod M'P-'r ?lrr?li. Vio biTt eili ; !<???<? ? punt-ma; in 'a- r *::*ri4aiM*. By ?Irr. LUl'l.1!!. BlUiOyi Jh., Hearr'afj. M M' AJMiffU* ? THE (>rrTi:KR? AVU MrMBFRS OF l h '1*r l'?k. T ' . > ?>. 24V. F A. V . rfH,it^ifu.ljr t< 'd '? ,n~ i k ? l?t.ihl? Rom. Old I e'lowiWklt, on Tu*? mf ;h# '<h ? at 'i n'elwk, ?" Afcent' th* liiotr*! <if brotber AltMlHtuL liy o-der <>f JIM-Kltl O. Ml.RKKtT, W. M. Oto. *mnni, ?>?<? " A 0>I< NOT!' K.? T!K l/)!?'iE. JTO Tt .. K ?. ; A V 1 1 ? ??jilt ?ted in n ft si th*li ndgw rrftni ut Jtnotn* and iMW HrtfU, Ikta (foeadat i ttfilaf. b? 7 b ha f part "*e >lt?k pr*t'??:r. By ? WV T. ANPRR'OK, W M. Cn^nij^ A ? KtMTt-r Ferretai-y. M~ awirii moth r. -TBK RR>ut.?n rtmMURir*. ?lor nf .<??* 1 ?!o w !1 be hoi.l thl? <Tu?a J*)?vpnmr. " < <r; k In ?ti?- 1 V>rti>'hlan i .l<; lr 'o?i t > *11 rtv ner ?f Or,u <1 inil Hv . trrnf t.ll \H. It. I1K >W N, W M .Njl l A Ro?*. "er vT'iw v r,i K nisTomr ^ m>. rrr> v tip: n x.rt, mi >1 n ? bljr ?? ? wilt b.? hHd .it Un:.? <itr? t* t?.? I imeral'y. on ru?d?r rviniog. < ><" 7, m;1; .. rler'i. .l.-hr. M V* doe*ld r?) Hh -Mna. will re.?a a ; AD-r on " Tb?" M* '*e i i Wt, : ? I' ? r.a arokrw wvrnrr. r?p <w N^OTI^K TO r.r I l.!?RRf. M \f -N* * PTKNTKn.-i *r. An irnnif*!.*"- rt'Tttf "'* ? Mit'l ffi.i i ? ? . nrr dtr I '"!?? If ji'trr f? t f , At ' ? IJluV' I7<? ? ?? nmi Rr??k'"tl m <1 WiIIImh *rr?-u r * m \a 2, ? , ., t . rif"< . ttt |wr eudiww. tn Ui? ?lom rllR ORKAT RAIR OF VIlR AMt HI \V IR STITOTR dnilT frnmt A. X. ii. nil M t*. M . J " l?<-e. t>i?J?r,rtli * I' md will pi-rt'>rm f "ry . r?uinp Uritd (MM*rtff*7iiiW*iJ ?nd Frtd*f rvfnleg (wrm-ncliiK *t 7 , o clot!* AdiuitUuoe. 26 <nt?; rhii?lr#n, half [ , lc? rpBK *Mtl!l I s . F Til h t ittT IH llR.HKroi.R5T j ?o;m:|>?ti '.f /?e? Tnik ?r<< n.,ui ?to I u- iiitcn 1 1 r?? mnntlitr n-" ??*. ' t i* N'T'h R rn -ir?H t ? fr?nln(f, hi ; .?inrt HI W 'r. I'A-r Kli'f KKNKIIV, l>*?dPn' Mirn. P M \ 1 . ?rtf It r ?l,t. Tlir ATTRRTi IV fif rmTAI.WT* ff r.f n?ri|n w.ii in I'... ,?)? h? Mr. A I' It'M t J ?n 111 ' f?? of tb? ',r?t i>'?m hnnw> No III RlriJi "irM M*?m "m?it*?l i?nd Hare, ui tf m?4?! imBii>dl?l"ly ?ft?r IJie *?!" of THK LKCli RK HI 4 RON. rllR f-RlRR!'? OF TUB l.ATK C\PT*?S PATRICK I Rfir'fAn nr# T?pr "fntS> in\l *d u> d * rapuin Rurptif * flrtfi" Vine rott???, i'? t-f?ond urmur on I hiir?d?' fir.tln# ? T m li-Bijiti'. ?? H or). <??, to xrnnic' ni? n'? fir ihe l?<int^ Ui b? d*)ltrrr<t by Thotiu t ioi.cik Mi nfcbt; . r-tj.. fi,r lh<> brurfei of the widow and r.h'ld. rrtioH rp ?ki t^ MRaohrr, i <9 . wiu, i.R?Tt*RR I b*l"r? ll'" ' nil" lit" l.lbmrT Awih ui'inn, at lh?* nael? on TihVIJ ?vr?iinn, (H 7, at a n'Morlt ?? ? era id <*nffin tH# I tterat?>iir and llramniiat " tt rkt**, ??#rin tl" wntu i? b? bad of l> inni#*n 4 Urn, Hatliu r A < n . P. ?? >he?. ;-9 hr ? ??y. a?d at Um ol Uia Irtm. ra. CARrnmn, i . CiARFrTi" <> AT im: rk? i ?B'- ?i mxTti ) x\?rn ?' I !??? ? ?;>r* ? ar !??pe?!tfnlij thf H'ifi Hon of !?? dlf? ??tf i . ?* * ?b^r<"V r *111 (iid ' nna'antlr in OTMH1 m ?Ik- 1" '!??<>?? afnrk nf I >"?tirn nrn' ,art>f,ifi? ?? : ?t i> r" ?b r?tar marka> To lb. f<>l 'IV ' - |i?i I . <? ???I.d If 'Mil i eal ihr irntixof , , ?, v ?? 1 k i>t io? tb il Ihf ]<rt< ? d?f? r<?inp.-t|if.>n - Vn* '?h "i , ,r * ' 1 f" ry, A ? . SI b?<* niAliif. d >mns<tlr ?7 . ai |i? ri 1,1 th'i 1 IV ? ' ? tl an I fl . rttrA frr*ii> A I wti'il i?i' ? n ta ar.'l la . r alnri nnd wool, do., a. M and .? td> '>'ha r;tj mai \r 'n irreet v?. fie'j J.l.vliV,'.* MxikRttdve. A.1U IJASCWU. A Card- A? FIVE VBAIU' KXP?RIBNVi<: IS tloclfynutiuiul balbtioiu and en'ouni^' 'I ny Fthe kind support and pati onaKeul the elite of 'his city, Ma t.inia a l < ' I hi' A pro|Hi*ea to organi/n classes upou iter im?r pinu ul claw-n al exrrciai a and dancing. '1 be new tneiuod I* ll-teudi'i. to comprise, in addiiKiu ?*> all the mod :rn fancy, all the e\er* caes i.i'ceMury to render the form graceful aud pliable there liv assisting to develop* the llgure Hud hea'th of the puml. and also to g>ve iliat slyle of wliu h is s > liidlspciinibU) in peine sot-ely. Kip e Madame Aug usta's retirement i-hm I,>t prolCM-unal duties her attcnti n baa beeu d'rtv cd to the lit ? 'iflieit t,ey of healthful exereisa lor vomb 111 this con. tr>. and Mudsme stiuusis will tuke p easure in duvollng the ktiu?le ItfQ and reputation she has aitaincd to S'l 'h a bell* ;ii ;lal oij'Vl. Private dancing cluli* lonncil by parents, at tliolr residenc -s, In circlet of not lex* than elirht. attendel toas uso%l. \|so. school cissies private lnw-im. Ac. Piease address 712 Kruad way, till the uoiii of tins month. A DODWOBTH'8 DANClNtJ ACABRMlKh. ii HUo Bboadwax, Na* Voua and 187 Montague piAor flew Torkelssseeon Wcdnrs^ysand Saturdays u?Aiif Saturday, Oct 4. Brooklyn clasaes. on Tuesday * ai.d Priai?j? commencing Tuesday. Oct. 7. Circulars eontainlnc hoar*. *c.. may be had at either of lb* aaadamirr A SUPERIOR ft# OCTAVE MAHOO \NY PIAXOFORVE, warrai ted by one of the t>< -hi factories of New York ami n*i |!D, will lie sold for SI *S. fan be .'???en at 146 Centra street, neai Walker, drat door. Sold on account of the family 1> moving to the couutry. A LADY PCPII- OF TUB MOST CELEBRATED VO cat and instrumental performer* that have viailed (he I nlted Stales, and no* set-ting <;reat nat abilities lor in -ructing others, will Rive lessons to ladles In English ami Unban Hinging and the pianoforte, at her residence 21s Weal I liix-ty -tilth street, between Kighth aud Ninth avnnu-a. Pupil* taken ly ibe quarter or single Irason, with privilege of prae uce. Tci ma according to time*. \ YOU NO LADY. BXPBBIBNCED IN GIVING In struction on the piano will receive two more |h||>11h at FjBO per nionih. with privilege of practlc-. Pupil" atwuled a' their reside ieea from (10 to $15 per ?inH?-t??r. Apply at 172 I >?entv eit.hib street second dtair weal of Kiuhtli avenue. ? LAROR STOCK OP PIANOFORTES (NEW aNO .'V second hand), for sale and lor hire, ai W iT.KKK'h ware ? ??.mis No fi a stor plaee and Eighth street. Also. se\ era! ttue ?.ed piano*, by ihe beat New fork a' <1 Boston maker*. ex 'naively, for sale. N. It ? Arrangement* can be made by >* bleb the rent will be allowed in caar of puicliaie. MOST H.KOANTI Y FINI/iHKD ROSEWOOD -PVKN ? i tave jiianoforte lor sale, richly lininie. with roind ii.ii-k, sroMop work, three row* of carving all 'oimii, tinn<i)e'l ^Ick griind diagonal bsr rent brace, Ac, nobly lined <vith ?. ewoi-d. white bo'ly and satin wood, gold oniatneti'tvl o late i d one of the beM toned iiia'rumen'a. whu-h on lie ie?n*^, n ude hy a celebrated city maker >o erder, and c*?t Mwi, w.I! '^v be f-n'd for $2NI cash with rfis'iwood music s'oo , tho nexpired warrantee for i?o years wll' bfl given This ? a t are chance Apply nt Mxth Avenue, near roilieth icet, on Monday and I neaday, from 7AM till f. I' M <ABt>.? KB JOttPH BVRKB BM8 I EaVK ? |1 ? form his Dtiplls and frlenils that he has re'iir.i-?d u> iho ty for ihe seamm. to leaiime h.s Instruction) u tne pUmii irte, ? 'nglpg, atid leforis d' accompagliemen'. i ointnU' ici > as t? be addressed to his residence. &YJ Fotirtb iv?*ntle | VANCINO.? RROOKRS1 ACADEMY, S61 RRO >MK 1 " street? All the fasliloimble daucea taught in oue course ? i le'tona. Ihe next sdlree will take plane on Wtidue- Uy ' ciobcr M Hee Sunday papers. I) ANCINO ACaDKMT, 654 HROADWAY.-M. PKR V I'HIi) h;i? the honor to inform the pub'o tbath- his uned a new and splendid academy, lStl f.'el loog. n>-w an 1 ! Veuch decorauoDs. Kvery Saturday grand soiree until 12 i lock; grand ballon Thursday eveoing, Oct. 'J. 1*5 1 Fior pale? a FIVE SEVEN OCT we ROSEW too pianoforte, (Racon A Raven's make), superior tone ,\n t t uly vvarrai teil costf^.'iO; will be sold f >r $1 10 as t lie "r - soing Ui Kurope. Can be seen at 102 Twenty sixth street, ? ear Seventh avenue. IERRRROS' DA MCI NO ACaDEMTEH &? WK?1 COC1 tecntb ktreel , New York, and 123 Clinton street .u-Xme DCBBECL FRRRKRO A EKWulll KKB w -:RO respectfully announce that tbey will re -open ih'tr wa ?emr In New York on Saturday Oc'. II, and in Bronslyn 'I '.i? ff.n- , Oct. 14 at P M. Olrculare car be oM.?je?* ?i either aciulemy. L'lOR SaLE-A SPI.ENDID SEVKN OCTa V 9 MAHO r g. ny pianoforte, with a nice crimson chair and a b- autt n I cover; will b? sold lor $l"i? c;?-h, to d*y. Apply Ui N. 0.? - \K1), No 6 1 ryon row. room No 2. /iRRaT BAROAIM.? 8EVEW OCTAVE ROfK>*OOD \ T piano, elegant carved case, mado by one of tho "-st :i akers. and warranted; been used a few month*, cost Kii, ?? ill be soli) for f2?). Can be seen Irom 10 to 3 o'clock, at So, " > ollrge place. MEYEK'8 DANCINO ACADEMIES WIUl, RE OPBM ? on the 15th instant. Days of tuition ?At Pvtlwora* ' a'!, IV? and 1f9 Walker atreet. Wednesday and Samrday; i rse.y City, llutlw n IIouhc. iueeday and Kriday. and at Ho* ? ken, Buiimer'a Hotel, Monday and Thursday . TTARP. IIARP, HARP? FOR SAI.K, A O' TiVE II crand pau-nt harp, played oo keyi ami s'ring*. like a "tin ; very lull toned at 45.' Hroome street, near Broadway, > 111 1,'IZK A LIBTQIK> Soiano ware room. MADAMR AUOI STA WII.I. BB OPBf ll Kit OANCIVU Acu inmv in Brooklyn, on the Mil and IKh iiista , at the inendld tiew ball, corner of Atlamie ai d I'llnUin streeN K ir articular* apply at the Athemeuni Re*Jm.- HtKias. For ? ew Yot k lci:tms apply at i 12 Broatlway. CSICAJ. INsmi't TTON -WIUIK.I.M JXtF.lir.ER RK sp<s??l|y laformi hia trieuds and ibe pnb"e la general t be bwi re^nm> d his le~>i.ns on ibe piano, violin a .d s oe Krr particular* .tppiy at b.s resiil.ui.'e, ;?e ro.i.llisre t, ii Wtwli.turtiiii s-iua-e H ROBERT NKWMaN. 27 IRVIffO PI, C, 'lA' r'!K lioror io v uoiuiee to In* pupus hat lie haa re*ume l bis -tru< Hons in mualc In hi" regnNnon of time then* is ati.l a acst cy for two pupil". Tko?efde*lioti> to obtain nis ins' ii' obS are reij nested to apply protr ptlv at ri. reaidrn.-e, ? r at ir. C. Hreuaiig's mosi< suire, ,ol H road tray, i )l A NOFORTK? FOR H AI.E OR KX< IIAVOB. A 7'* Of. t taic ro?t wt?al cabinet pianofvrie (t'oliard'a sc?l?. Ks 'lent tone. AdCreas Powers atreet corner of K'ate ml oKers, Brc<4lyn. H M M IK ST It I t TlO.N . ? r i-Lawk* in wri-tino.? i.adikh at 1. a. m ?, O pcut.ruMW at K o'c'ork I*. >1 8?iiarai<' parlor ' . I >nte tnatnicttOD. A llmlti d i.'iint er o: pupiia re ejvw! for tl.oruuib cou rw "I ammtiag kouw) InatruoUon OL1VKR B (tOLIMMl'tU, St".' Broad?*y [Irom ihe fauda iHnpntrh.) * Mr OoUrahli u> par eiiellet" ?? th ? pc..m:tn M *menr? .? rrr'nIMj Hands alone unani roach- d id this MMrtffi < ih in *ih? aircuttva department ol bla art. an' 1 ma aa iu ? iiirtiir N ES il.ISH LA5> V. I K TAl.KNT AND KX?KKI "V trr* *i!h ihe hl|lnl K'lnni .'m rom Hw '????* h.ig -h id.' m. nor lam Ln I* de-irou- of |iini?ln % lintu-d :hltj t of pupil* It her wHw w near In 'on ?|iin<' llif ?? uireti.ei.ia arent the lnjbest order, and h r plan of in?"u i.a will << mprlae all thr btaarfMef \ ?? >ltd Kn.llah ?<i ie... on. villi KnMk Itollu, Utnau, dra?nnr and ?'wo by li- n?>?t approved maatera A<dr> ? II W.,999 Inwdirir. I MKRICAN RrHOOI. ISSTimK, APPLKTi'M'i ? \ I'ulldliig, SM Mroadw ay ? I'ur-n's ran eonnilt pnM ori; a rauiplate ragtaler of llrat rlaaa aeboala. i MMlarattip ft I'rmelpala *111 itnd th?> IntMuia a Mna' desirab'e t*i ' hit tor dlMrmtnaUnR Ilk tnerlu of 'Mr faaebiira I I uld addrra*. R II < hipmnc A IWiHh I?ADY, WHO II V? RK*II>Fi? IX r?ri? lor i*n years desire* t<> form i ein? or > in r, li in French hls'rrr and bel!e? let'rea, or a! >? - 'if In ru' i "nr or Mto ehlldrei la .ill the hra?rhe? o n'\ irot:?b hi. nil bi.rnl I reach educa Jon, at toe r< lldet ik -.r par>'ii'< '.MIMtfi B. No, I b<>iid atreei tbitr* door Iro iKinUv BOiKKEKPIXC. WRfTINO AM) tU OTRH ?. w til al<- to mireeas In mrroanilV life. arc tatc'iit I - >'(*? (? K , IHXON In ac eiped ..n and Mpartor Mawr * ' i ett'lre > xrluai'ti of be iMtw i >;? ird I ?? .. -leu* i, i try. R<mou>, Mt liruMdrxy, A|>pl- 'uu?>U<.i .i' ij A OOOKKM HWO, ARITlIMKTfP tXliWKIilvO r I J taught open ?erv fevi i nblelarfcia, by W J. KKS . IT.I ?J J ' wmH* ay . Iha linimrt no la aejiarate'v imparted tho i uu< .jut teadil* ave.Ub.e ia pfMUce. H?. ele-.atit rubiiui .i Cl ?u da) aLQ BOOK' KKPIXO. 4r-*K liOI.URAR W> TRO A l> way, ha* imral Uie lalaa ? > **rt toraof < m of uw ? mi ... aft.i a ' <?kktapcra in New York, rapwiaUy la prrptn* .ii.i.i' fi?- h?-ail tKiok^'rprra Id evary variety ol b n .neat. ? ?rnu" m??.? rale. 'ic,'1 l oAni iNo nctiooi. ? \T i 'Tri.r ferry, i) l ? rf? i-oiinty. f.iB?> n p* from llob-dfn, W. 4. 1 1 <? ? t '? m ron-i- rw." . a Or?Vr T P'i ii'?ra< i>v*4 ai r i:mi ? i?r.?. box i .1 an.' t'. " ? I., final 91W '?> ' l*j J>e." yani'. f or n. > Ui<. innmi i ' aHrnnA E Will aIIt, Prilpal DRaWINO AWf) PA'VTINi. IN P \HTKI..? TTK VS ied havirijr of<?nrci ?* eh?? m U?? lUll art ? "?id i lupyy u, r? ailHi arm* p.ipi.f 1>rm? u ?? k i>Kna?.hl? i ?..!ei?r 419 Par>rtc rj?i. ilroi.t./ri. |j h * r>* -m *? u '.a '? '? V- '' <?(Vn<ti* ar'ia.. I^H'Im OI'.cRK L^ORT PLAIN HKMlNARVWrWO MKT MP RIOK Kf?0^ I' .Mbvuy thr i al-al I ?i > 'i l, ? i ,r ?? i tarr. !e. r& . 91*9 a Rar. dn< I uf vi iter m'.'u ruarif>- r^i ? ?| la't ?arm oNkilinnit'r ? C ir r rtnilar^ ad4r-w Um ?>?. J. K Imuuuit, A. H . t or) Plat, V V. L1RF.M RAM>01M:v,V TTU.I l.RIN.i i-nn*'?A!? ( v : v ' ? 9' (1 ? ' ' . ! t i,ii ? ? ' * M th* i ' 1 1 * , .1* i i: ttnly <>IH i?<ioiar? wautej .oi bi-. i* u "rilori l?fc*IMNT fiOVKCUKS- v Y< iI'.Vi} !,U)T, f !IO M ,1 i > itii-t i i tf inn iini>te. I i m. > an . i'. ? .nlii?.\ r r'i H lirai ? h?" an1 who !n, teat It In arm- of lln? n ?? ew ?..?*. ? ?a a?. ??a-ja?. li ?;?.? ? > n . ?It en* atraa tKi?e u Iin ri to (if-. T T TIO*, OOWaPV ' V PTai'i >ik1 ftuwy T? -r.r-% tnp i.ctnn a >t smi, In ei t ry inrl?f, at 9A and 97 Dn*"ie ?tror^ up ala'r*. IfOIRR A OR ,IMV >"*?? * ea*'??, ?p?i r ^ea'1? and inrg^ta ali?aya an haod. /? ?*aL sTHRitT !NnrprRnr.NT ?:i iRi? ti rmii \J out an their Brut un tl lar^et r- enr?lon yap'erdat .mpi'i* I iw ?rd?1 1 J Plrn?*M V^ilri wher>. aO"r rt-Mlinif i ? i?r> .'t. in a mini*" ?ha? *?*teran trooaa ml?bi he pnm j ol', ? > > ? dew n b> a vpletul I illtiiirr ?enfd'iy Mr, Coawajr, nf im i' Yaliey Tl?e con , at y aa? in efarjfa of i la'n ., *S'. 'r?n?n. ' bl?dot'"? In a ina"t>rr i,.. i .m n* -in a l <*r and n teni1 m u 1h? r tnpx'iy itn-u .>irf>d i. i mu*> !?'?, 30 prize* *e*e *hot ?r<r. n|jjfAOKVJ>N OCA RW, ATTKVTION.-A MKRTIN I < ?. tb - eompatiy Will b? held at U While t. Ihia <r i?. ?iay) eveniBf, <h-t il?rr ir ? i >> . .goflier?. Poactu?. atirni! ? ..eta r" ,n U-. m.i i.>f John I.. HKN'vrrr, n>.r>u>* LIM'hky iii.rrs' nr 4DQI ARTH?P, rnv#TAi.-iiiw membaraof tb? ?b<nee.' ;i? a<-. n-uuealt I hi aUnl th? r.'?nlai niont ity on etliiif 0*. Tu<>*<1a?. Oer. a' 7', o V'oVc > It ? Tb.-ii- will te an el< ? ? i. i o: ..mrer- u> till i r nr.lrr, RIM*aR A. Rt'HKH'IK, C >oilDan<l'Ui'. .I?i?:m fi Fetti. Ree-irdllig ^e? fta.y, pAIMKRM.-MKMBIRf" OF TIIR coMI'ANV \N|t I thooe dea.rouF of ?rr in)i ?n?'n? Ih -in o?i ihi . rr pleated to ii'tt i'l a fi : ""ft 1 i>i: an I ' i r i ' 1 , a! I'ie Manor Un ? corfctr ot Ivelf) IU I ?'r>ew ar.d >'nth teaane, au 'il'injat eenitn#, f)r t 9 itba'fpa- ??ifi o > <> < ?. HAJ. htK.?. .*eeiel?r?. 1 liOWr.Jf, 'Ibalrm*"!. Joan >MH. Trewin-r rpilK VFTKRAB-' of l"2-tHK 1'RIVATf-i OM.V, I are i>1HttfnVy IniWHil I" riee- |<*>wl'| > i "ier* Hi"ll ? Star >l" life, on Wxfaeadair th Iti u, at 7 ' ? o'? "' k. I' M to take jam roiialdefuflon maf of i?r.''' laaoa Tti? fenfunet' ot ef'.ry prital'- ta parlh niarly .-in?at' t, at .h ati/i-eaitoB .if KNvrial inabara. TAROBT ?XifRHlOP -Tllf (iMKRTIU.ll Ol'KRIt, I 'apiain lllne. Will make 'h? '.r rir?t animal einiralon. toe tar*et prank-*, to Sir>ker'? Bay. N V , on Saturday. f)c!o ber II, where a number ol valuable pruen will be conienoed mi THIS TUHF. EM.ORa TIMPLX and LANCET.? FASHION OOUBSK. r L. J. Purse si.d suite 13,600. Wednesday, Oct 8. at h? i past l?o ii ' iMk P. M, purse $1,800. with au Inside stake of (2.1(0: mile lirata, best three w live. In harneee. 8. \|cl aunlillii name* b. g. Lancet; J. I' McMann uamas b. ui. Flora 1 einple. W. COLTON, Proprietor. C1MJ) D?Y, (HMD TRACK. J Flora leuple Hurt Lancet.? Fashion Coarse, Ij. T. ? Pursi? sinl sukr $.'< Ml - Wi dnesday, Oct H, a' h ill' pail 2 o'clock P. M . pusse (I Am, u 111) an uisule slake of $2 0U0, mile beats, I'fHi three ill live in harness 6. McLaughlin n met b. g l.nijcet; J. L>. McMann naintss b. m. Flora Temnle. W COLTON, Proprietor. This race Ik made " go"?l day, good track.1' Ia case of post I on- n.ent, r once* w ill be posted at the ferries PKR-0N8 GOING TO WITNESS THE GREAT TROI oc tw mi Kloia leniplc and Lancet, will Had It the pleas ?i.i??t w.i? to 'be steamboat ISLAND CIT), which hvh KiiiIoh maikrt slip at 1 P. M., and connects with tin* * 'usbing KaHroad at IluUer I Point. Fare 21) centaeach *??. Persons going Uns way can reach the course la fariy minutes T7NION COURSE, L I.? TROTT1NO.? ON TUESDAY, L.' '>cl. 7. at i o'clock P. M.. a match lor ik*). mile heats, >-e st three in live, to ha row a H. Woodruff omm s. m. Lwly Kilen; owner names hr g. Stranger. Immediately afier a ] nia'ch for $1,000. nille heats, best threeln Ave. to harness. D. ? i'fller mmes blk. g. John Wands; I). Walton names b. g. ! John Potter. SHAW A WllITiO. Proprietors. ' ? ? ? . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? | KBWAHD8, <> REWARD.? LOST ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, October 4, either in Broadway or in an Amity sieve', s'age, a small p?rcel of lace collars. Ac., wrapped iu news->a per. 1 he Under will receive the above rew ard by leaving it ' u? S6 Seventh avenue. I tf. - REWaRD.? LOOT, ON SATURDAY EVENING, 3I> V'J ) list., or on Sunday. 4th. a black leather pocketbonk. ? containing iroin $<> lo $s in money, and pipers of no value except to tbf Any person returning the same will re crive the above rtw ard and the thanks of Geo. L. Oiiioru, .Vs | Rower;, conn r ot canal street, uuder Citizens' Hank. ! ?<? REWARD.? i-OST. FROM THE "ORVER OF FIFTH ' ?P? ) avenue unl Thirty seventh street, on ihurvlay, 2>.ii ! r-epiembe , a large black Newfoun llano I log with wlii e bresft, iluee wkrfi feet Ac.; has beea lately trimmed from th. i s'lou'der* down I he Under will receive ibe reward byre 1 turning htm *s aheva. I.OST AND ROIIVD, j I "Si, FRnM TrtK SLOOP APOLLO? ME 1' WEEN EA ! 4 ton's and rsne's Neck, ou Wcdn*jH.;.iv idgh', Ootober I, I ..-hp's mainms*' I lie luider will be liberally rewar l??l by { H.nimlng ?l. I'. !? IsO A C/O., 108 South street, or J. \ W. IJatt.v, Mym.c htver, ' ooii. { -r ??>!? ? LvrrkK. mailed At haLumoreon tiie l lj 20th ol ?"cpteii.hcr, 1S86, directed to Riehard t". Boiken, l.'i wnli. in, sin e a. V. containing a note drawn b, Mesiis. ? pi 1 k ? t ,t frei ht I', rtft timore, to ibeir own 'irde-, for S7I > ii lop dollars, due ktnrch 4, 1S67. Th>' public is hereby ware ?ii iigainvt negnliatisg the sattie, pnyinent t.etu ;; stopped. I OKI'? ON VK I DAY MORNING, OCT. X IN A WALL J street omnibus, a lady s money bat; color, dark brown, 'ibiatnilig about fo lj dollars; one 1 went V dullar bill, one te', dollar uold piecc the. balance in small bills. Tb> t'uder, l>\ eiurnli g the same to 98 Watts street, corner of Tirick.wlil bo srilhtbly re?ard> u. I T.OST-A '".OLD PEN AND PENC'L CASB, MARK Kli | JJ ' From Lucctta, Jan. 1. lt-8o ' the tiu ier will l?e re warded by leaving it at 79 Canal street. L' (1ST OR STOLEN? OCTOBER 8. IKS'!, FROM NO. 34'. Broadway, two signs, marked as follow ?" l oaie s Sow | ng Macli'nc Depot. Whoever will give intortna'lon, or i* I i urn ibi in, to K s. c'oates, 318 Broadway, shall be llberal'y re w-trded. LOST-ON ?UNDaY EVENING, OCT. 8, GOING KROM Kifili .41 cet through Fourth. W.ishington s'iiisi e Waver b y place. On enw ich avenue, Eighth avenue ard 1 w. uty s .xih street a lad) s gold breastpin. The litider will be suitably re w arded by leaving H at 17 r'llth street. LOST-ON SATURDAY EVENING, OCT. 4 IN ONE OK tins Ihird avenue cars, or in i;oing from third avenue through Forty third sireet lo 101 West Forty bird street, a small buckskin bag. containing flu 80 iu gold, some silver charge and memorandum*. The finder will receive (Id re ? ard sy leaving it at 101 West Forty third street. Lost or stolen? a savings bank hook, on the Hleecier Mreet (tormerly Chambers 8 tree') Savi.ius I'.ank In the name of Thos shealy. The tinder will be suita hi) rewanied hy leavmg the same at 44 Frankfort street, f >r i be subscriber, 'I hos Shealy. ON FRIDAY. THE 3D INST., WAS LEFT IN ONE OF the Fourth avenue stages, a hook on anatomy (Fieneh1. I he tinder w ill confer a favor on the owuer by leaving It at Messrs. Siodart ti Morris', 801 Broadway, where all expenses will be paM. LtWT-fiK THE AFTERNOON OF THE r.TH INtJT., IN going from Hammond street to Broadway, In Foirth street, a lady's gold w atch, with small guard anil eyeglass n inched. It i* highlv valued, us It Is a presentfromafrie.i l. l he imder will be liberally rewarded, and receive tlie tikinss ol the owner, by leaving the same at 74 Fourth Hreet. OTOLEN ? ON THE NIGHT OF Of ToHER 5, ISM. t O boat, from John Welsh, of Quarantine, states Island; hsd when lost, grifti bottom, wlute sides, black streak ai d blaek gunwale; halon her stem, cut in, toe leuers 'A. K. Any perron returning the above boat will ue s.iilthly re warded. STRAYED? FHOM NO. as WASHlNurON Sgi'ARK. Sunday morniiiK. n large slue cow, color, iuUed red tns whue, whoever wni return her shall be rewarded. WfAM'I'NKtfcMHlX* NVIUKII. J?1 -A PARTNER WaNTKD. IN a LIOHT, 0EN teel manufacturing biielm-n*. well e?t*Mi?ti<Kl . I'au tie 'lone for ca*b, al wb'ilea?l?. Can clear f I, Si') per year each partner. Apply lo UOWi:^ .k t'O , m Nasaau at. ijOHA ? W * \ TICD A STEADY, INnidTRlOl'S MVS * till iblx amount. In the product; and oom iii*iun haaineta well raubiubed. Call at 44 Twi arreet pier. Went Wimhlr L-,?n market L. hMITH A M< LAU<<HLIN ?011(1 -A PaHTNKIt OR CLKKK WILL M TAKEN ?POUI'. In a tirat rati grocery atur*. will gi?e good aeeu nij f^r the money , and gt k1 ?i|?, or a liberal uitrreet. Ap 1 ly <" IK'W Kl A t O . M Nasiau atreel {?OCn ?WANTED, A PARTNKR. WITH THT? ?T 9J*"J ? arr ion!, luiaineae paying wefl, anil saa be largely innn-dj raah Iran art iaoa Acu?e gentlemen of pLeaalnk roannera only need anplr tal! ?l.MoTlra?l <?j, rMB NoTz. up alaira, or addreea II. U. |J., Herald utirn. iMfl -A t\RTNER Vim WllaRK A MAN ?r*/"'U. ean make irom thirl* to fifty ilollar* per wee.. Inquire of I.. KaTPMaN. 786 ttroadw*) i:nn -a paktnkr wanted, iv tN ?TSJ'mJ. Mvhed p'eaaaot manufie'uriiig buaineMa. panne i cry largt proit* a w pnrrhaeer't lor a numl.e- of valuable I'Mtent r.gbte. Applyto WI1KKLKR k CO., \it Broadway. <M,m No. 14 ?Aiin -W\XTKI?, * MAN TO PORCH IKK THE IN - V U"V| terc- a retiring pa-tner In aaafe *rb huaiu ?>? which * tii pa) t v ?> r.?n ahandMNue prolU, *".1 no riak. Ap ply at l> Hroadway. la th atore WhAA -PAUTNIK W VJtTKD, IN IWRMIPPIN0 agenrt and notarial hueittcea. a Haf" paying bnalneag, anil ? an be enlarged by mon tanlui. TnN la a mora than initial good chaw n. Apply to HOtYKS A OO., M haaaau afreet 4i'l nnn -A MIDDLE AOKD OENTt.rtMAN, OP ?Tl.'" '? brat rate addreaa, and peaaaaaiug .in efenalte a?|MltibtK i with ItnlncN men In New York, ran make trma ?My to tl.OKi per ni' In a ln|(iily rcapeetabie owiprlun, nlthou. capital or > .?k Toanian po<<e airs all the a b'-eo ?iu.i'i:ica"otia 'hi? rmre opportunity will be offere-l, on a >p? ration ttet?ri"i the hour* of II and 2 o'rl'jc*. at the o!?! * at A t <>.. 2.1 Hroadway. $1 9<in " * PARTNER WANTED, KITHRR ACT IV V. >T I " '? "* aperlal lur a>afe, permn eat and pi?t J baMfM I* tbe en . , * hi' b ? ill pay ov.-r 2U0 per e?nt. a* will be proved nr.." ?n interview. AdJr>* , h ib name, Ar., P rrre. Hen ; 1 nO e >Q III |f| ?ANY PKK ON OMTHk'4 TO INYKHT 10.WUU1 fr> in three t.i fOn* t'loin* nu di'.'ara 1" * ??'.? ?atiiMurliii bnriimi tkriugn wbieh ' omoiint In*. i" tMkH tvtiy thre tnnntnv, n>ay addreaa <t. L, , b tl It /J 11. raid oli re. nmi T I'. KO-PANTNE* Kir i ED ? IN \N e ? .'ird 1. 1,. nr!-f : fs.,m ? ?! annntn; t e hw?tlwa< t? pleaa.ui I and rMjpartaHe. an1 to >n< i.n? 'l' -i.n'r I wllb ' e bn>n en, a.vl wt'r ./ lo "rote tuae and ? fi. rnj tfc.? l? a i are ui.aariuilty !!<?? . . -i, ? i eirbtng j?J. Addr> ?? k lib real *ate, A 4 C.ul llor ! 'j?c 4 PA llTNr'r. H U, F.D ? IN THE T ^T MlLIKHKD <0 % r /V and rai.dli- "w< ne?a o ileo. II Pii inr, I'M an; 193 fbryrte atr* ? " A i,. ouprrtanHy for arj . n ? Nav nj fr?r. ? ? en : , t. i. ? l.l . *-* tn ln\ <>al tn i a^fe in j pri.flt ibl ?nKineaa. K"rfi 'l.'-r p?M|.-'il*r? -all at 191 ?.d ITlObryaUe I reel before In A. X ?r.d alter S P. I. ?;e k h. phinxt. /?lOPAR^WERf'HIP - PARTNER W4RTKD? A PANI " ' ner la r am< >1 >n the ir >n fti'indry b i?ln' '?. la title dlt*. ed al i* Te a timn ?"lUMnted witti tn* ?'i*tne? It la an "M-e Irn1 opportunity In e\t? nil it, ad th- a-l ,er ??r >a pertno ? nt!r l<? Applr t > I. P Wfl.-ON I Irat arrr .e, between Twenty ninth art'! T'"r?Mh atree?. 1 Vhl <? NK.Ii _|* wtTNEK WAN I Kit N \ II \ V . > I" ?< n?iilr<it! - ira. ng a line beaii. - l?iii"ofu? .at < 'a?a Ixa.'.e in ij . c .it. l,-a?" <i?r i t r y> .ira The ai>pl!cwi. tiitiat .ie s |j aet" id .initgl-t rn<l cbeul* ?d'l/> ? J. ? I'fft 1,771 l'"M ottlre, po-1 pakl 1 > A 1 : 1 N K II Wt?ll.|i-IN * KIR I la * MM ? I and 1* A eak. bak.rv. will e-tibl li?d an ! doing a en re I r iMTfin lr*4f T"? "!I< who m derntarda the b uninaa nrartl le?0? Ik e prrgMt ta a rare rhanee. A Oermae prewrr*. Apply at 1 19 AtianUo nreaS low Iruallti. Tl* ANTKI>? 1 v lOTTY* KtRTNV.R ^ "11 \ C ?T Cipl a' of K <??' t . engage l? i p< ?i .,e .n uttifar'url". bna'nraa al'en \r ? ?taiil1?lie i in thi? elty f ill detalla a ? ! rarttenlare n t <? ? vl o<> ino'iiry a' "ie o fire ?f the eiinarri here. PATT l." -1..1 .. K VSTM VN, 2?3 Bwv'wjr, room 19 fir ANTKH- A I > TtTNER. TO T \EE THE IIALP OP A ?f tpfo i..r., e that -tin T' ' .'It H lnv??te'l r 3 tnnnlh", ami at I ??i ti?t per rent pro ? wi.b n half y> ?r Vr. m > e t" t.fieen thntiwi"! <!<?! r in <? ? ' < i"*l paper oaa lie I'to'ital. j einpi' Addreaa K. T., Herald ',IBce. lt'ASTED- T'? PO"v A rolfNIWTtON WTTII \ RE It up i h'iI e-labllahi'l l>r. *".rage irm. ,in 'getirv ol a ? n li-ivee .< the ei.n.oand of a tranier oOa?t wire; aaa mi o > fe'.o i t ike rharre ot e ?*?? itner to be de i i r.-d i i ? .me :..r. ,_>n nort. \\ M. II TOWN^EN'D. late"f|!|i? | Called Klnte? m ill atrai^Mhlp Allantle, \ator llmiae, N Y. npimn\<j. F^OR PAIR- a FINE NEWFOUNDLAND D? KJ, TEl> yraraohl. n tlrat rate watrh dog; aold only tor wart o( u?e. A^plj at 4't A "unite ^trret, lleaafetyn. F'oR pale- \ VF.AY BKAI TTPI'L Rl.ACK IK> birgeiind powerful, and I* a? go?Kl a w \Vher aa erer Tn? known f er on. mahing aoni'-'hlei* wh . h they ean wnl. reel pr?-id e' "h?iuld not l??e thia opnortnnlty the prire ie|A i. <!a!l at <2 atr^et n-> rtnlra third floor P..r.ona otit oi the ?*lty ran addrr?? O, ,1 ?> , hoi 2,111. New York Poet oflfoe JftOR SALR-AT m YARICIt STREET, THRER SCOTCH ~ lenrlet pupa, ,nr? ? uontba old rO BPORntMNN-THR SUIMK HIRER I? PREPARED to ent' rtalr th '<e whr. gee daetuwn ?if the i.neat erlbl fowl ?heMlh AttlM re ?< bta feekli P<,e att uirutifk (leach North t'aroltna during the rnmlng ahontlnr a.MMon The ?jui't wtll MMi t iboni Hi? mtrdle of o?i?ber, and ar rangeint nta a - e made for < oni ejlng 3a?aengera who may Wla ?nrefr r' In tin rh'vi'lnn rr'"iB'U. front ilarlv'a atablea, No 'n'tl. leaving tliere ,.v"r? M.vidav m'"'nln? after the *bn ? Sate I he dtfttanre la about Alflllee, and paaeeaajr* will ar rn f on the ever.inr of the day of their departure. Powder and hot alaayaon hand, for the anpply of naiti ra AHRAHAM R\HN i urrl'nck Beach. Further ttiformatWin mar be obtained br Poplar iiraccU l'vtt office, Cvrltuck, North