Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Ekim 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Ekim 1856 Page 2
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ibvfr' wamn umwej wnt iat. Nli A -I AM I I.I., AND WISH TO SEE YOC. PLEASE , Be -J '? n huweek. K ? . B tThV-VOI) WILL FIND A I .KITES ADDRKKSED ii. i L' . u najj-i 1 o*t ? flic*. ALP. D -IF \ V WiLL EXPLAIN YOURSELF, WHITE. B. 0. ROET ME NOT -WILL YOU FaVOR MK WITH _ ULO tr el ? , ua ing v.ieie I can addri s? Jul auis* j r wi.rn a.n wbern 1 can have an interview? P. f. T. B EUCN-YuC WILI. FIND A LETTER IN T1IBCNI0N _ ?uim, i'o< i uJllce, ikroctod 10 your first Christian n.rne, -????? J. M. C. INPOKMaIION WANTBD-OF JOHN AMD ELLEN CAN NON. who Unded :n New York ut the year lt-CT. Auy talornta'acu ot u. m wlil be t .n. kfniiy received bv their mo ther. Alice Camit n, by add* eisini! ? note 10 her at il.* foil mm. Mount 1* in Tsiiisi In in Cono. They natives of (he coon' ? Armagh, Ireland. INFO KM ?> TION WANTED? OP PATRICK LYNCH, 01 the townlaod of Durrashcramp county ? avail, Ire, and, by bin ??t?r, Marsaret I.vuib Any nnorinatlon wlU be iltankfully received at 4?SJ <trnnd street. Mart faht and mart mokissey-inpormi U<n is wanted re*p<-cttng these two girls, who lef. county CUre. Ireland, la the shin Uichurd Rjb.nson. aud arrived in New Yoik in August. Any intelligence :e?| uug 'ieni will be very gratefully received at ? CortUtndl street, up stairs. Wanted to adopt-a child, 10 or 12 mouths Old. Any American widow lady UaTUi? a child that she wishes to hare adopted, by addressing a note to H. ii. C., Broadway Post office, staling where it can be seen, will t,-} at tended to. ? iPlCTAL MOTlCEg. 4 LL PERSONS II \TING CLAIMS AGAINST VTNCBNT A H. FOX, bolt manufacturer, will please present the in at bit ?ffioe. No. 3 Citfl street. JOHN CAMERON, Assignee. ?fsw York, September a, l?56. 01' ALPHA CHAPTER. NO. L? THE MEMBERS ? ot this chapter are partict.larly requested u> attend tho r.rxt regular meeimg ? u this Wednesday) evening, Oct. K. The chapter wt'l be visited by the grand officers 1 ha in*tal Mtion at cttlctrt for the '-nautri- tens w ul also take p .ai-e. dy order. AI.BAN UC TtlEKFoHD. C. of the C. THE TKKASl'RP.R OP THE TABBRNACLE KANSAS .Aid Ctimnittoe acknowledges 'h-; receipt of the follow mg ?mce i.U last public acknowledgm eat. !? ?pf .0 ? Br. Hals el $2 G. L. l*w.l %2 A friend, by Dr. H 5 A irietd l Th<*?. Wilnou 5 Dr 1'iUa? uidnu^a. .. ..40 Jan. l.easa . 1 B VUyoard...... 1 B. C. White S ILK. Wood, t Tho?. Jackson 3 r K WooJ 1 J. Byatt 5 V. Lecompt k L. Z. Weaver Hi J. L. Mult 1 L. A Deshous 1 .lolui K. itaiy 1 B Teasdaie 1 J. I La* ? I Hot Ketcbum -M M. H li;r u: a (Je 3 S. A. Mer'am 1 Hoht. it. ''QUID* Z5 A. B. M^rv rt ',J Yo..kers Repuoltcaa Asso Prieialjy gilt for pcor in Ks :>i ciation 2' Jas <?ray k> T. P ^sterman i Bee K 1 -itwood 0 J. W. lolinson W) J. D Cin e .Hi Ladies ot Windsor, Ct.115 Fraii' i? Li'incan 3 Hudiey Poet. 5.) M. 1. White 5 For tree Kuusaa 1 Celi'M'n a'. '1 iuiernaoe SidMT W. Snediker 5 Ancrew l.istei aO A Pel' j B. Pitru* 1 Geo. M. 6tttes 3 A. B. hcbsert'ei- 2 Francis B.:s?. I M. H. Wood 1 W O. Parker I PremontCenu InionCiub..'^ W. H. R. D 5 ROB LoCKWOoD, Trea?'t*e ?. Nsw Vokk, October t IMA. rfHE N. T. Y. M S. R. C. B ASSOCIATION' -THE X flsurth annual bail eon.i-nfee of Ike above will aie? t U.n <Wediieiday) evening, at _1, o'clock, at their rcmoia, la; Bow mrr u, uaii.-^ct important busi. c*?. By onier of li. J. M I'LL WONKY, Chairmin. Jam. OsrTTts, 8ecretarj. THE CP TOWN OTBNASTTM Wtu be tjtished On or abi ut Ntoetnber 1, 1S6& Bast Twenty eighth m.. n?- c- KiPh av. J < ?H N WOOD. T| E CALL Til"! ATTENTION OF CAPITALISTS AND v f t,f par ies adesirobie res: ienee. to the sal*' By Mr. A. 11. Ml'LLKK, Uiin dir. of t l.e nrst cutss house No. lil Ninth street, between Kioadway and I'nivemlty place, to k? made iinsediately alter the sale ot stocks. THE PIRE30e? At a RMULAB MOKTHLV meeting op bmpibe ks p'ne i'o. No be:! at .ae etyoie ftnus? m M >?. <iay etrecinr Oo*sb?r t, 18S6 ii" preajtb.e and r.solu ;?or.- sere uniTimoualy a lonn-J ? W hrieas. we lia^e leained w:th fce'..nfis of u'.m. s' and ieMrei the sudden deatn el' our aaaociate aud frte d, i oi itantiae. 1st,: loreman of thts company; the -?ifi-re holt Botohred Thai we bow wua scbmissiun Ui the will of Provi dm e. whl' b, in this ur. .<tked for caUuiky, has mad', mam fe-M how tiuli in the mmatof Hfe we are n. ce.'.th. Re?o.' <i, i)mI*? inn. ei ? !y rondole w i Jj th- far.'i'y t ' - ir 4*|iorteu ti .end. who li. u,h tneiau:boi/ bores, imenl h its ?nsuiitied an irr?parabir Mk<s. K. ?'>i\e l. That the comp .nv wear the Mail hal<e . < monrn ior ttuetv da,-. s. KICli&RU 1'. MO<iRK, Pu> man We. V K. a. S-ecretaiy. T FALL MTLU-imr, ac. UIAWI BK A DP ' BEAJ'SI J) Of ' v erj descrli u-r. for aale a# M P. BROW 5, 5a IX Fatfi iuwi, Sew York. Eh. nrBBARDico, *o. : bond str-et, hit* ? uow on hand* bi-au irul fcaaortiotnt of miillnerr of the rtabrf Bit rial* and lateat itylea. Mi'irnuif hata alway* <"? b ? 1 aiul ma>ic to order. FAI.I. lmXXBRKT- MRS. HILLBCTH RCSP*r fall; inform* her f/rnda and .h- la.!i-? ,-eonrVIy that ber -UH'k ot tali sad wlntrr bonnet* Is now repiete with e-ery aaralt) for the eri*uinf tuamm. Grataful for the p*lrvr.+je afe* haa recened for iha laat *ii Te.?r*. ?ha ior.taa you to an earli M ..r, i lw,|M"e to di-aarv* a cooUr.uanoa of tLe same, * beauUlu. (tftitT ofcbli.iren* hat* on hand. Mr*. H?. tLML'TH. Ml HUC> aren'ia. FALL AVI> WIKTKK HZLLIRKBT.? V. W *K? t?TR<>NU. of Soft Fi.ton arreet, Brooklyn, h ,o* ju? re ??rued from Buiapa, b- st to int irm the lad tka' ira fa ire 4aj the fta iuat . *<? wli! r'n bit fa I and winter *t.*"k ol m i Barry ae ?t*?d by hicuwlf trom lire f rrnob mmI Knt!t-!, urkt i, cubtia'.iaf tA the ct j.crat uuuertal and latea*. Faiia fcafetooa Fall miu-ib kit good* B. T. WILDE, X and 22 John *treat, taioarxk i.ig ?A.tcriCTvas* SILK HlLURUf GOOD*, S'raw (.-.oda, SII% nod faner lnnn'H, Dreaa ci(>? and b?*d ire**.-*. French flower*. f?mH>-T/ *r . Mr. A rwwplf te atock of the above . ,-ode -.,..?iu>Uy on hani, and frr "ilr at the !owr?l <n?iket price* ASFlnN- ? MWK. I>t*<>RHrr? tRAN*H STORR, ,m 7; I ai a: ?tr f't< 1 *.'?? Oreer ? k ??>.. ??? re v, i t ?Minor jatfemn, Ibr And ohtU. en, tLelndi"* U; ? late Waahmiinn h?<M|u? to be had uaiy at t: m I'ataiklaAmunt. *<i |wi inten.'.ad hy Mm#. tjrxiUH. FLOWRRH AND r K ? TJIERR-OF A MO<T BSCSEKOHB eiiiij-atter. ai ' P? lilon 4> !? lora, And dop.icatei <u <? from rarta wl'k the -i red of I-jtoreirf t v M Hf TtfKIE VTBr^lwiy nitj Whlta f r??' MH?- R HAjnOB. OF IXGCRIS KMHf Ul er>?? ?'.d lacw, t? r- r.'-lw-e h'? a-*u ton 4* Of t.i? *te t'n ?r Ar?| lb* o; eu lu h'? ??. ? r ?. 1 i. ? [mk ? > .*.e uu'U *erti,e?.l?y. ' ?? rr 15. tfLa.ic?Wl aj? L MUW A. A WAI.T^ 7 BP0AD?*AT. TlKFH T|l|? m?-th< ' '?>*'1 ' ? bar frHimt* ?c i the ia.ti?< of In* twli tba< ? he will ntm. an % .ir.nas^v n< *?. f?e? ? her ** ?Prtm'ii: of fa 1 and W.rrtor bUMrf The I-Ie jt PtflaUl brrne:- tea/ b? fed .4 At I. or < -UKiihtuooi. OrBHtM ?f ft? F'"H ??> *kO\ AT r.KXIX AI ADIKJ) an-' -bil iW ??' rstt ? #*>g b??ar. "t3 ltti?l*?' I a<tir? ?i i tear ii Hi n i that <>? lli i- ? l.-f, <)>e?th O '?> ker fl<?n ? ir,vn*H- -at ??<<?* < r?' ij fur* tar uul a-4 wint-t will M < at the W?~%ar Ibw'ar- ?? ii. at wi ' v Rimatan aa . Iliwa a M r aMl frumfrmli. ani' k Ar , A Tke anuka, -ir-orln' .. cm? ioeka. '? a<h. *e. ?rrnvlt -j Ok 'tew 't|Ie Mil. ' .orM in rar>a lor theeoaynf rl -t ?i.<J Ike frrea* Im ifjr -*??>?? if t'ie> -?? Ml render tM* ? ? Btbit>on oi ladlm at d *1. If n ? fun tu? harw thai baa ? ?r ??fern pbur % >?w lork X>AI?W HBAIHHRT ? T1K t'MWR.-Tn* ED DTBE T* i the alter, t? ? <4 tfee it 11? to h?-r a?> wlm^n' ?.f ko and wtaier milliner r, r*>nTri>in? b?*n#t*. t,?e r .-nch !!?>-. ?r* *a'l.?tr? W . ?fl ef whi-li me beco recer.a! par lataa ar #tra'?. M. L. KI.NO. '# M?Ko t&j Ctoai atr?at. near MM. rBAVKI.I.tBf ovutm. IV tAT BOAT rOR ALBANY. FARf' ORB DOtJ.AB - _ ' "iin 1 4 ? a ? ? ? ?*? . ??ili' i* rr?i ?? r i"? 4ay* Tkira ?n and J?i'ir of Oi <ibnr at* a. M., mak 'M"* a?' ?l laadttma. TDK '1* BI\EB RAILROAD -FRO* RAT !?.?*?, . tire trajM wU .eate (.hair, -ra "r"* ?'-?!. oa ar oilorra ? Kit>raa* ft A. M. and a I* M n ?U. 9 A M ; thronf/i rat ?rai l. 'i M. emtuftc. : T M <v roi:(tikeew|? : a. M a ,d I f H : 'orr Man 10 ? \ M i.^l 9 k. 1* M : traffe laa^aatTarr Frlda, ?' <nilr, ? ?t II ?' M . fn rl MmTI Mr ? ;#ir Pa*?knt 4 aao a:b?F m TW Foiiffbftae ??<!# ^in; Mn( aad Feek?k II tratae atof) al tJie war twwa. Knwi ?ar* *ak#a at ? h*r ? i anal ( hr atapber aid Tktrtr -it alreeta. Tralr?frr K"W Tr* twro IT' If M t.A. g'U an< W? t M and 4 F. M., aad K t A an. a' ) e vt a-.d II MA. H . aad 3 F. M. HI <n., drm, mm IfD HAAUKM R li?RO\D -KARL itn JW dtm#i:. on!* ?1 fw. ><?* Vr.rt to Aih* ?j. Th? in larxi ma<l connartln* with W#at?m ai.d t ,r tmrn 'ai.t*. ? W A H e'ure'# tram f>* Aibanr, f.'Una. afe..n?o of rj?r? nwmorttnii II IS A R Oatrai and Bjn..t?ra Tut A M , n ?! ?topi .?? a? WXIam? 1?an: al ^ bT* *T eit r 30* . MRMdliif with (Be Cratrai Railroad at n r*. Retora'Ti( :a?rea Al'-anf ? , h *? A. * , ?ipria witfe<,\rt c hanrt of ear S. ? U A. 2 ,? t n?a _ . ?WF H e?r" .*?? X*~. W.. in r % j ^ o- r'aiUur* to Ul-o tia f? . ? ail .< t f? fir. ?*? ?? <* aaftty. .? rafey i "II lart tt??^ ? re ft* . it* wttfc ran e a np| e* ?d r*fee?, . vt?-b i ... tlw 'at lit 'w Ma'rttf <7 thee? n e, en. ? s' A .la' Tr ?I I kketa ? >? oota' aad . ?"? ei. ? ' ?i ' Mr, ,|"T l.a''''io At> ,? <?e W> I? a! C* *ra Brr-.iM an t? ti'l *ttAit??-??. 1 " f?? * ' W*. J.t:tRi Bf.' n. - Silk. X' F^ TOW K * 3rn f. Rt KAtifc "? ~'f'? ?V 1>I ft. Tl.utadaT, Antra* a ?r> . .| ? tirVr r. ? are I'g'rtro na will k-ata V* "< ana iiMt, * !oi BoTI?k> etnreaa. at I A. K. for * . lo Dnrkrk K?v" ? ?a. at 3 A *. for I' .n?l' Hal' at i* :W A. M . ft?r Dimkfa and !? .1"> ? I' a-m-dt aiaatauoar- Ft.*ae??era by tat . m II i a? i?r? iMat al 'M*i|n, arid uroceail the Bait itsr if? rlifaao kyir^aa at I F 1L. fur U uik rk. RnelUand Faaa? nar, atl ?iF. R. !ro? "t. *** ?ireeti, ?l? Fiermmit, for Cu/Tern ? Mtd trataedtai# atiU r *, Way faaaeiutar a> ? F R , trf Rewberf aa1 Hid laown, and laf?oa"llate *ta \m a. . _ . . . . _ _ . Btrht Bntraaa at A F * , ftsr D'ink'rtr and Bnff.? ? t r?nifr??C at ? F * f* HuBttrk and Ba .afa>. Audiat?im? "Vhe' *'o?# <ralna rwi dally minday* , , um, rrPMM ?r>iin? <*? IS ?nir% *?i htb# ICImifJ, ( ? rmrn mm<?nid. for !*??*% ? r?ll# it Btn* I am on wi'h the Byrarrw i!>d F'n. ,Mt??oti Hrtlroad for mlrl' Z Tt ( nralna ilth Hirt'alo, fomf t krd !f>w V ^rk Xnroad for Roe|ir.rer M Oreai fl-tvl wi-Ji D' lawara. f.vka Blrk wttb tlir I ake 1 bora Railr ad. for < lareland and t.inrtn Tokdo ?,1Tv,S?cau.v*) 0?B?rAl ?nF^ tmauTtiuB. ?470 ixuinrir. OlU iuviii ftbW T<RtC CITT IMRSHTOBT. Coai tieii by U. Wilaon. For the y ar end* g M?j li l*07. Fri* $t so. WilAON'8 BPIIKIH DIBEOTORf : A clasaHicaUon ol th ? tancu tradri, pinf'saioLS, Ac. C useful to buyers in this m-iket. Pri ?? T.'< f "lit*. WILSON'S OOPaBT.VBBBHIP DlBEt TOBT? <"onUki?lc| 0> n?n?e?ofthe>odtvMiia!siiieackflr?,Bpealai i aituerebipa, i ? . - n HriC'* f 1 wil iCN 8 ilVw TURK STATE Bl SIKBM D1MCTO BT. (In prep?J-&U)ii) Orutrs oy uiuJ ?lll rseeire prorap' MU-t 'l. a. ' JOHN F. t ROW l'ub isher, S79 1* roadaraH, corner ol Wane sire et NTIW KXULIMI BOOKSTOBB.-W.WW YOLCMBS OK new ,ir. <1 oM boo! ? *X ?b:p? I>evi>n?bire sod PlhUiM uciB Londos, ar|Mw uHtrctl :'ur sale by the subscriber* . v. i v iow prut?. eaabraelcg a very eueusivo o: i an h4 vaiuabie wnrka of scarce sutfcors; tin., 'mjiy lii.en , lui-iihel works Th>- i.iioeol Juu Lhjihtjc niii'k< '1 outht : r?i volume of each ?et. 'hi a enabling visreiato examine ou: ?tnck anil m ike their selections wftthotlt the anuovanco of prle ii>g ?v?si y bock. 1 1 N T.v < ? <i ? H EE V" B. Fu't n street, up ?|*<r? >.*?w.?*n ? v uD'l V*>*. au * r'-et."*" P..H . K? - vfiiiiT. So. (i ol thia Great pa^er will be ready early on Thursday Mormmg. Price ax centi. For sale everywhere. POUTER * SPIRIT. fci'O. C Ol liU Great paper will be ready ear! j on TuCHSDa* JtOK*IN?. Price aix cents. t or aa'e everywhere. PORTKR'H SPIRIT. >o. tfoTthia Great paper will be ready early on Tui'rsd.iy Mobning. Pi ice tlx cents. f ?,r aale everywhere. IHK I'llBF. Tl.ORA 1F.MPLK ANI) l.AN'HT ? FAtHIIOM COURSE, F L. 1. l'irse aud stake ?3,S00 Wc<trc!id.?y, Oct 8, at ta-f i>a.>r '.wo 0'elaek P. M., purse. $1,800, with in iuaide auUte vt $2, WO. tulle heata, 1'Cbl three in Bin, n liar-icse. 3. McLaughlin i tmub. IS- Lau.cet, J. 1> Flora Temple. W. COLT >v 'Yuprietor. FV'SHl N COURSB? FLORA TEMPLE A.N I) L.llfOET. Hores, carrag"* and vr?n:.? to let, ?: tie Ti uatee ? al) <.r?-uj'ciu! near the TeuUl Kreet ferry. Good day, good track. i i a itu.r< ?i.u i.?i wi.- r asi.U'n ^"curse. I I. ? rarst ?a4 a;.ik- ii'. &T- We<ii?-? lay Oct ?, at h-df p;.?t.2o clock P. M., i Ji'te $1 3ii". itlih an stake ot Sa.'*W m ?; teat (line tn fice. (l harr. -sa. 8. Mctatg^.n njne? ;> ? I anc i , J. D lic.Maun '. arnea b. L . Flora 1 . n i'le. HHB PPUICI \v. COLTON, Proprietor. Ti '? i ?cl- la zr ide " zord day, ci*>.! track.'' In c.ise of poet poo ta r!, rolled 'vtl! be p-?*ed at the ferries. PERSONS GOT NO TO WITNESS THE OriEAT TROT let . eeu Ficia ierople and t..n :et. n,l! rind it tho ple w autf.-t j 'ake i. a ie? albeit N.4M? l'ir>. Whi. b )? avt? Fulton traikf ?lio a*. I P. M and couoac'a ? i:h ti ^ lluiiiit Ra^rcaU a: UuAlei t "oi?.t. Fare J) eeiiue.cb wav. ri rsotu solcg thu vraj can reach the in forty mn'ttes. f^NIOIf ' f>C iS5, I- I.-TROTTIN'T.? OH WKPVF L lay. Octol er li, k.i 3 o'clock. P. M.. s tiurne and Aakeo' t.' iwi, "two ra lea aud repeat, to harn- aa. ii Woo<lrutl nanx1 s. p. F.tW, Geo. \ k'rr tamea b. g I^in'em S. MeLangh 'iu nante^t ?? m. !.ad> Moi^nr. i'ars will leave the South ? rry. Hrookiyn. '? r tre Co. r*e at twenty minutes past u. n'e 'ick. sn?l retum ? ? ioou ss the spo-t ?s over. Fare to .u and return, M cents. SHj' W 4 WHI TB.r Proprietors. HKWAJtD8, ~ _ ? KK^ARD? LOST, IJf OK NKaH WALL SiitRKT 5?J on Monday aiteicoi.n, tlfty doll.ira <>n ii.<ii >?? r.yrtL, I'luvtAence; two 9?JU L>.lla and one |IU. i h- l.jlerwill receive the above regard by ieaWiy it at Wat. C. Leuio.s l?l Broadway. (N-l/1 REWARD.? STB AY KD AWAY, O.V SCSDaV CA' ' S"e,>tejvjer ^1 aiVrtixmj . bo ii Sveovy^ok. from ih? i e ? < ins "ripper miiM'. New Jersey, a wuite p<j?.lle >^1y tit>g . at tut 1. uelie.M higb, full h> ad. ..i A c lily topkLot, ie*? w 1 fealherad. 'he ?<?.?1 hiV'i be<-u recently irlmn . d: i.f>?vrer< to tV imc of " Ida '' Tie hiir on the ba. k i' bruaUe-i fv ??rd, w ill *h?'? the 'kin tanne.i. *ny pemoi who wiilgtre ,ui?t jatii u o; her wher- abouu, m ihecan t>? oil Jn ?d to fj. Va .. ??. ik. 1. ? tnwicb -vtu .e. Jiew York; to ''am A i>s hoi n. High sticet, Newark or he owner, S R ila^j cr the lii.uis. n . receive the above reward. i'a> - A "I - Rj-rWARD.-STOI.Ey. rEO* THE BATTERY, O* ?pl*J M-'i.i'kj, Oct. f, a boat, 18 feet '<?>.; hu h, bluo stripe and ?reeu wat? r iioe. ftmwale. aca'iaiil b'?tvni toar t. grained, r. eno > iiaj '? liarvy. and e, f. ;he ISa".' r y;" W. U. I'arlluf, builder. App.y Uj Pn.rwa f'c.latja, bau^ry ?>A Ki-WAED -STOLEN. FROM THE FARM OP TfJ'J Mr iaef.b Levy, Jerusalem PU.ns. lhim i? ?ud. <>u J0, '3*. Oct. ?. one fray h< m. 4 yearnolii: on? hinx, V, *r?. oae r.? kaway earriafle aim two oxen. Fifty do.lars re ward wiii k<e giver lor mo ai pr?be.ui> ... . me ihke: or re rovery < ' ibe pM>i?etty. 1.0ST AJfD HUSD. Aa.RAl M.aR . 8TOICN KROM J. DaI.TIMAN, OVT <v Mai.c u. 8* coud . rrc'.. ontv.f ? u arcane* II ai.Ji.. b., bo k, ?*?' * iudga"? ;li? iiiud % k.'? tell. aj> I ' v i ! ? owtiti at lfcO II ,.u?vm! Mrcet, ci r. of Pitt. 910 re v?*rr >? 'i I i t jld LOST? ON TDK KVi.Nl.VO OP THE CTU 1ST.. A heny cbaaed rloc. " Trust J K H '*? enicrarod on he i. ? e II wai It si on or rear the corner <f KU-tng'-ii ? i. i.u'l the llnwery The :inder * ill please rettira it t<? ollica. U Jilin Kcfe'lar Jr., i?7 l'.oadwiajr. LC.-T-#tfFPOPM) IV THE VICINITY HP BROADWAY and f 4la1 Biretl, a el?e ! nk'd gold band br?rwlet with a i based . ck* t vnr p-rsnn leaving he mu' at .No. 29 Amity t-tel will b<( *ulmt .. rewatded. LOHT-A SMAIX BI.A' K KINO C1IARTJCB SPANIRCa, * ith a c.aia*' o? luark -d Frank W Pb rcuee. Whoever aai.l return On- <o>t to P W. fkrcnco, 13 liuwarJ street, will L? liberally r? -warded. t o?ii on stoikn.-ip ins man representing 1j lili. ??)( w ui . rpre?? b-ggac m*n w!io received a bag gage cheek fur a r*i|*t bag, n board the frrry boat con E.iniai; the Philadelphia bafgtrc ty 2 ?'dock P. M train, \. it 2 itlurn the bag witere be waa direc.eJ to. rix , at Lhe In e national llotea, be wlli "*ve hi?elf trouble. X OTP OR l-TOLEN? A SAVINGS BAVK BOOK. ON TfTE B ??. i r f-trrat toiaulv 1 hambers Stiee'l Saving* I a-.k 'B ike ratne of Tte>a W caly. Tb" tiuder be *tiita :. j rewBr>''iI ly >*Ttt.g 'be Mice at ? Praukfo.t street, tjr be subaerioer. Ihoa. Kh<?'v. CTRATED-FflfM NO ? WASHINGTON 8QCARE O * ?icda." ma>. n ig a large mra <o?. roiar. rolled red anJ white, Wor??ar Will Wura bar ah VI be rewarded. C1?PAKnBll!?Hll? tUTICK.k. -A PARTNKK OR OI.ERK WILL BK TAKhV tn a ftr?i rale g tx-erv autre: will give g,x ! a. -a iityKr h- morer sn-i god wa^.a, or .. liberal interest. Ap ply ml i WKS A ' O I Xt>'? i ?tr? It'll li\ -I'RTN** W\NTFO, WIT il TIII.^ C MM uil. ? urand ii.n" . nj( exlub.i oo . I ' .iBa j?? aiirar utt nan prolW. eue (ly fort ue l? -ure ? 'all ftu<n? ' lately. Alao, ?n ?tp?riMieed young u ?> *uu aii; u'>"o ip i v Imleaale artery >?re!>thl:i3 bouM A(>plratW>B. <Md * ?y, I jom <i. HI' H> kl T A CO. ft?On -PARTNER WaNTRD. IV A WIIfilJJgAl K f'Jv". a '? r?t?" inunf*<,turi?g b(nm?n oi >e ural ye hi.' gtanuiog, w h an e<>? , laketl roo of cub custom. H0WE"< A CO., M >aa*.u witC. -A PARTNER WANTED, WPURB A *AX ran <n#i- ' 'kiifr io nity dollua per weeg lo j'nreo" I. K aITMaN, Beou'ltray. C -* PART!?FR W V <TFI?. WITH IkVrt. TN * ?. . -inK*. (? ylog Nri ? i <f ?!!? tvr -wL, M d?>?n t"?n, ai.d . i ?o'iet ia.ul op# rultoa. Ap plj ii HoVXl M CO ,W >waA?? 'Irf. l(\i * \STED. A MAN TO PCR'H K"i: THE IV ^ UWv, ' ? r: ofa I -Ui'nfewtaer m aa?M ra?h l.oaliK-a?, ? w'H Lmi two turn a 'wnd oae p- fit, a?:d no rUk Ap ^j/At *3t Miroadway, la tfce Unno -PARTXEn TA'frEn in trk uirriNd a aod b itarta! bui'.neaa a pa.- $ pin^utetn, ai>d can It enlarged -y n.on "apltiJ. f.,i> la ? ?cor* tk.m u<ual guou btesc?. Apply m liuWia k JO., ?< - tut Mnnn -4 part* t.r wantio>, in a prn<r elaaa (ri?e y, n <.ue i f Uie ? b.?iri.'? af n?ea .n kec ity Jot ( e?ubliabe4^aad .1 >iog rn ei^elleot ar.d M,< ?'??jMOf 'n.c. Apply to UClTP/ A CO.. ?<1 Naa?fi tutf. Ci H'tn WaNIKD. IN a.V R<f^R lieoe.1 cli itltiag bti?i-je?a. -toJrg a aplend.-l ira<'?. l iter- mp?enl Vo take mil ebarge pr?ferr?-d. 'he owe r Ixl > ('PIT' ted In ike whn.eaa'e h uto?*a. ai. eacei em cbaoc Ipp.j lo hOl R* A <"0 , *4 Swi street. ti" mill - wTNTItn. A PAJITK KR. IN A (.RO'KRT II.UvV. n4 |iri> k'4 rwe. Jo?< started. In oo? <4 .i n, -i . ??- : > i; ; 4 k ...t, vumi Jr,j h? i. Ilerali i IBet. f%Q 7 W Wf\ TO w?? -PARTNER WANTED? IK AN eaiab.io4.-d hnali paying ?er ?t?.nWper : * t ia<nm la ;i|ea?*nl ? '1 r?ipeetat i>*. an l to n> - \ <! with the b'latneaa. an. I will' ig toderote t'meend ? nergy. tbt? '? * rire opporiuaVy. Referenee* "tcfi..oge *. ? uliame, A <1 Clvto, BonM Art, A{- nitn ? TflR A I VRRTI ITR~AM Al TIVK JJI Hl t'J'J, r.eae n an la daairr <m of Inveatt.ig tbia am>xint In wine 1 lalaea wbirb l aa be made to pay well. Al.i??? < niiMit. II ?-ratal offlee ?tatlr| bnati.eaa. Ac A gen 'a seed -i? HNir. I~" PARTfKRxMUV " t KTNRR WARTKH -A PA?T ? n. t ta ? anted In Ui? ?"??< 't. tn 1 y b'i?ineaa. In ikla< ltr. <>l Ital rennired about 4 ,t ?. << ? n an ae-iinlnt*' altb tiW V -?' ? a It l? an e*rai|.nit o. .ur'tv u? ??gfcnA R, aa be i vet i .? ta pennaaentty ? ?? -J. Appl* t-> J 8. Wll.miN Plr* aieoaics. Iietwe-'o Taeaty t-talb and TWrttetk atreeta. i trTT *n i.HK.-r ,\r r nSk Waktpd. in a hand 1 ' ? \4rvf i <w~ dnaaf a AM bualnr?a. in one of th flmt ria?a I I a In the ettr. 1> aae for I J -ara. The applicant ! iat l e a l r"-!' a! 'rngji?t And etacmiat A 'Arru J, A . I?? I 171 P"?t Ofl .re J ) | ltd p.AI'TVKR W j 11-17." A IIRfl" ? ^ MRU \T> I and t# ? e i? ? well eatahl. . d aa.. ?o -g * atir ? ru? a.|r ? ? o. i ? alo u .derata .at', lia?t|?~ae ' 90 't 'I* ! ??-' ? a r*f? eb^r,. (l mrmmtm *?%,- ll? A 4 ?df P .ilf"'-?t,VT*b a viitfd ) KAN a I a a. I i-aim. 'iqu r m "fting l"i?i e?a dot" b wt a 11 /I ?| Oi.e aal?, ?? ?a\? ?1e?nian praAtri^d. AUiCci* B , l-j* i'M Hi ta.d ? Ua?e. iHl* aa.pTK't *(? R*BIP HPnrft >POH? Kllffl H<) | I??'td*r 0*.'gr I - at n( e-.ptred k> a?rtt,4r 'W* fy-iir. ntir flrm aahirb will be nffitinied aa berei# ftw? by tbe rera ? - ?g parts?rs,f r tte utn-a-ti.,'- of (Vmirnla t<oi, and banting uaineaa. It. fl. W A I NWitltallT A Oy^ n. o Waii?TBjiiiiT ) IS *a nttm Vonunartra. '?Ifl ?? P 'W. j Ptaif, Pra?-% A null, UM NTED- A N AfrriVR PARTNKR. WITH \ CAfli <1 ? t H tOO. to en?a*. in .a p- 'tab- ?mar. a eady r?tablt?l ? i n 'hia eity. P'tll d -taiN and ? a- |tam may ne Ml on tnonlrr at tb* oflte* af tha Mmh* ,ra. rAtrKftPoN 4 RAkTRAN, ffll Broadway, i ooib i?. v\ v\ *S,FD-AN A91NT OR PARTNER, Writ A a'i rart'wf. lor an wMbi kin already e# ? i iebcd. b llTta ' bBBdred Prr C?<|1 wrr^la-. Atl<? T Iflt ?efy A<1 f?a to W. (' P., Iki !4I, (lerAld off.ra, rnji^A PaIRViS "re aTkrroe who can ?nat' $1 flE and a*be wooid like to engage In the nd gae ttinf b iatneaa. a far I rhaac l B<iw orlera, In a , fWabiii bed bMMS Wll M 4f . Broa |w?a , from A V h . p M N 0 0 AltX A RD. t?? * rtrd? a partner, with pro* u.w po ???? ?? . r >?alt I a??. to j< n the ad* Ttiaer o a i'lflratl- ? and hjuhty , ?a< tabu lefeu, At'1m? N. W I Pwn v*c?, Iter lArvf d?j?. VOKIAU. ' t9dn ~F0K SA,B A* BATTWB and drinking f^UU. bent?, situated near a atage liable, feud doing a (in ntable t 'uaineas. has got to be avid iu const <iuence of ibfl pa-'ies being obliged logo West vn other tusiaess. Apply at :i6 Ninth avenue. 900 PFT crsnioNs fob salb-at about half their value, to ulote up the lot. They are new. In bo.*] orier. full length .iad good nuterutL Apply to HOWES A CO., M Nassau street. *9? -y0R /ALB, AN OYSTEB, BATING AND ]ag-r bier saloon; one o I the beat ft&uda In the rity. situated in the immediate v iclnuy of a railroad audaeva ral factories, low real Apply to 110WES A CO,, M Naaaau street. Arnn _rOK 8AI.E, ONB OF THE BBST DRINK Ji) U U. lug saloons down town; near steamboat laudlnga audburv thoroughfarea; will be aold very low: the owner la going 10 California. Apply to HOWES A CO., tM Nassau Street. 4n 90(4 -for BALE, A SALOON IN a MOST DE ?PJ ?X?U". all able location. doing a large bualneaaand in creasing Will be aold a bargain, the owner having other en gagyn- 1 ta. Apply to HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. dj-1 KHft -W? SALE, ONB OP THE BEST LONO VliUUVi established drug store* in the city, doing an ticeilent bnaineaa. A rare curve, the owner leaving Ute city. Real moderate. Apply to HOWES A t-'O., S4 Naasan street. cnn ?A GROCERY.? ONE OK THE BEST COR ,c)Uvr? ner groceries on th>* east side of the city, with horse, wagon, and a targe and splendid stock, w ill be sold 'ow en foi Apply to HOWK8 A CO., H4 Nasaau street. dNl OftA -FOR IALE, A SPLENDID OLD EBTAB ?vJ.OvMf, lialied eating and drinking house, 111 West tre?'t; location and trade unsurpasaed: clearing net S3 000 yearly grand obance for tho-o; jeeking business. Also, a au perior tour story brick building, including grocery store aud etcck in Ten tit street; If 000. Apply at 390 Broadway, room 6. BURNETT A CO. t<> -AH -PAPER HANGING AND WINDOW ^,uUl'. s^aile business r'or si.!.?.~The stock, tixturos, len-<?, Ac., or one at the best stands in the city, doing a Rood trade wil? be hold Immediately lor cash and approved payer. Apply to or address 0. G. THOMPSON, 88 Nassau street, 4l9 -FOB. B VLB. A FA KM OF 12 ACRES, AND iPii.tJul bakery, in K.irmingoale, all la due condition; K< od buildings, lence, and orchard; a beautiful situation and a bargain. App.y to HOWES A CO., Nassau at. <fc t 9Hft -HOI SES FOR SU.B IMMEDIATELY; *P'X.^<UU. one on Chryatle a. e?t. neart'ana! st-eet. .me in Aden street, near Kroome street ; oue 407 Albion place t*i on Reade street, one on Bowery. 01 ) on Fifth on 'fwi my third street, west ot FI1U1 avenue. Apply to 0. O. THOMPSON. *5 Nassau street. t -F0R P*LB, a BAKERY, CONFgO turnery and iadiee' saloon, superior stand, busiucsa made ail in complete order, (3 <K0 per year net profits; the pa. 'y rolng into a larger Lusiuesa. Apply to HOW ES A CO., Si Nassau alreet. it ^nn -WILL EXCHANGE A BKaVTIFCL I'J . country seat, unbte inhered, near '-he city, for a ho tru and lot worth about $? 0<x*. Also, a beautiful turn. Farms ot dillerent sizss and locations for sale. Mill proper . -a, .to , Ac., tor sale, or exchange. W. H. MhLlUH, M aevcu'Ji avei ue, ficu* b to 2 o'clock. z(\(\ ? chbap HorsK and i.ot for rale. if'J.tluU. The superior built rfnglisb basement, 'iur rj, brown atorie i*:iBg houae, 1 U West Fortieth street, fioisiitd In the best manner, with every modem improvem tnt ? feet li-ont, Mfee: d?ep; lot v"t> I'eet. Terms easy. Apply to W A.C.VB1SR, Aucliouear, 67 Dey s'^eet, corucr of ureen w.i h. ij7 /ton ? A hardwabb anh house fcrnisii t" I .VM 'u. nig sto i-?, and fixtures forssie ?Amos'. dtsii. Ale opportunity to er.tol uiP'Ctly Ij'.'.o a well established trada. Ihel usiiit-aa iuui lu'en carried oa snccasfully for 1 he past iweive j ears; an excellently a It naiad aad wwl known stai d. He sti.i-k will be redu :iil somewhat, if necessary Tenrs. tl 600 cash, the balance in productive real estate or tppi' red paper. A <U ress B. F. Davis, Herald oflko. N. B. ? A ?? Ml o< cd uot answer. ^ ? A FARM, V N 1 NCI' MBERBD. IN THE iPlu.V'U v'< beat farming country in this Stito. Price K.UOO, anil ot nanujfaeturuig stocka to exchange fonlry goods or jewelry, or oth-c merchaadiae, f t Ujo country. Ad crcas MereliaLi, Herald oiQ-e. AN OLD AND WELL ESTABLISHED DRCO Br>?l. i.ess. in one 01 the meat Qoi.ri)ihins' UjWhs in the West, for iaie. Tot ; artii iiars apply at 34 ISn-kmau a treet. A CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR SALE- WITH t'ci* asd tixtures, doing a good businesa. Satisiitciory reasons f> r selling out Apply ai No. 2 Dover atlSaC A DRUG ITORE FOR KaLK-LOCaTID ON TWO OF A. lie principal su eeta. doing a uir business, which may 'til. reused. a? th>' ow ner ut sick and cannot g.?e it tlio pro per attention. Addreta Druggti-t, box 131 Hcrall oflloe. * t.HEAT CHANOB? FOR SaLE, A FIRST GLISH A U:ree ttorj ,.t.d basement hriok kouee and lot . in a go?l Lfighlorl. od. In ItiooUyn. Pri-e W iWii. .,nly IMM cash re i(Lltcd. or aould ex. hat gc tor merchandise, three lots, In Brooklyn, to e\ch?Lge lor pianos, furniture, groceries or other met chai.diae. A. BBBUEaNT, 18 Wail street. \ MAROAlX.? AX FXCE1JUCXTLT MU'aTKD DA ^ \ ?n< rrtati gallery, ?i hor-w .vbouf a^parat oa, now tloinf a tea b'i<in"'i a daenerr?ao n >?ou. In pcrfect order; wtil he tola '.I'K'iher or ??tiiaratrly, at ei'eedinfly low price* A (Ply to H. t.vKIIAXOTl, tleueral l*botogr iphio vgent, ;??* uuane New if arte. ACHASrR 6RLDOX OFFERED. ? A UOTEI sirC *t<-U in Vi'nt Xartdea, t'oun., cjen.d lait Dee*ia?Oe% t'ur umbet! equal to nny house In tbe Male, called th? Me nlen hi urf. Ik now offered lor stle The home '? now doing .tfood bu*U.C*a, and a n c. inp>ie order: it liai all the mole*, coa v< rii< r.i ea ?. f no' e i* In tne city, lueh aa ft a, mifmortt, Ae. N. i!.? Ike provri) tor ?? row k< ej>iti(t .1 lieu 1 in the e t}. and w lah< ? to diapoae 01 lk< Mcrwlen /i.mae I ??rain mad ? ? %?t. App It U> J. s. PaRXBLIiR. propridtor, at rhAMiiee * ilotei U'e W)ck*C*), 5- Vtmi sueei DR10 ^TDM FOR SALB? KLI'.IKLT RITl* ATRD, wih low rent. jroi4 liitare* and mnplet* *to*k. The owner cannot t-'tesd to It Audit must be *oltl. Apply at 72 Third attune. r\Rca sTORt for kai,b cheap? enjotixo \ L' (i?l reputation, only aoIJ on ic. cunt ci the pirient own<! lea'.'.nf the city. AUdros L. M. J A' OH*, box 141 II ? 1 u.d oOQce, for two day*. DRtra KTOKE FOR SALE- IX A FIRST R/TF. UK!4 tl< n well fitted up ?nc dung a fine i.wle. will be toi l far tck>w it* value, M tbeewner .*n*>.' ut?nd m it. Apply ?? 631 With aven.e. c>r?*r Thirty aeviih litre it. V A* M a ND COV NTRT ?F AT FOR * VI-E -OS E HOb'R'S r r Iroui the city by railroad, .Ire mlantaa' walk from depot: car* paa* every hour. t'oa'a 40 '? acre* of r%rj beat laii'i in a h .'h atate ofcultlrut.oo A **g* apple or hud, tu foil hearing. of eb< ire fruit, ai*o. i e? he* p uma, theme*, ic. . aituMt every tirlmj of afonle tree*, f We buJdios* are tear!} n. w anl In perfect wil>:r. Tbe tome la double, two and a ta!f st >-le?, irim! a' each end tiro ?to.-ie?, iille4 In wltk krkk. 70 k-et fimn? , verand.i tb<i nhole lenirth, Freurli wtn dr.**, foMtoir il. ora, Ac ; ' ?m and fi' .a ze an I reajJMHllons. 14 amn 1 ? tr. rkal ly healthv. and ple??irUy ? tolled. Term* eaay. Inquire of K. S. MaK^II, So. I1, K. lane; Mr. I>< xraw. Uo..,e, R<J.wajr dtpot. S.J cj J. M. Ackcrmati, ontbejrriulsea. Ir"-'R nUiil ft l.E\>K TO ItfN FIVE TRAM VtiQI 1 Ua- Mar, ti<?t tbcr Wllh the k ??\t-.r-? r'fu turr IB ?n.l 'o a bnt.-I ilolrf ? frewi hu*i-.c?i. In'iulre of VAHPjBB kKYMOVR .? 1 O., 41 Water If? t. For ?AUC? THR lEASF NO. ? ROOSEVELT at cet ' ?? w K lalnnil UoM , with iilWllttN ami atijuJi Ap| ly at No. 1^6 Yvuier a'ratt FOR BMLt?tbOOF VMICWtn, at TOM RR-;H trr, 4ti hurdrc, In ir'xid order. In<i"lr? of Caput', frr r *, at Fui < n miaik'.: on Tdt?Liyi and FrlUaye.'m toa; I aloop 8(<m>a fV.R SAIK.-A NKWAPAFXR ANO BRQAR STORE Vfil; M *'Jd ???. a* the present prO) lieto. 1? abMl a' In* 'he 1 1* j . A^pl) H ? 1 ermine ?te n tM?R MI.R- TWO REIT RLROART BROWJf RTf.jr> r hoiwo-a. .Vet ^ awl 41 Raat Th.rtj 1rat auaet. nei- MmIi * 0 aveau*. three ttoriaa, h^fh atnop. baarm* nt. .irfrr n<iae ?li ? ri.adern Im irnrrmeaite. aach 21 feet & inrh a u ?> f*e<. wl-> V fr?t 9 it' hnd<*er frat t.l*'a '(Lb .rb>m!. O-.ehaj I ?*1*1 and ..** l?c ire at U Wall (Ucet rc a la rrr R SU.F HIE FROI'RTRTOR, WlFKIUfl , ? y.H 1 tire, offer* for tale that well ka- wn piee* of prnt><<rly la Alk'n m|?q<* r aa >rb? ?rt* a ll-rt#' It eablama *ev> nt* fee ehati Nn all arf* and airy, 'he advao'.^** IhM place are rraa; over n*??ly al <vher p acea ha. mc a *>ea<ly biet oeaa an tae tree, B la v al'e-l Wiurti' r i?l wii'er bylnvalUt aw a??^-tni ? f 'he *1i raai a aad vnrtr of :ta atto'^o'iere Any arte a.xluair to oorrl aee raa aaMraaa F. SCII WARTS, at A.aec ar caii ?id *ee the |>reeat?ra. l'cr hALr lit rRiRCRTOR, r j., a hi':r noorn r and W !?< fert by SCO. F^r fbrlher r> ? -t.'- rara, .niulxe at Mia Ft N!8 r AT.~tOR, 87 y?-,illvan atr'et, R. V. I.'CV ? VI. K? THE -tTfKK OF A ?IRVn.t'MRR FCR ' 1.. iie . -<?? -re >. 104 I'hatrlr. -??????. .1 . leaee aid Inure* of '.he -\mc. Apply tt> ,'OIJ* ftATfTi, trfitr, e. M Broadway, or to (he afent, at tbe ?i?re. f^OR HAI.R -HOI SE Alin LOT, CORXER OK 1.EWTS 1 and * ' anion eti-rta. Tb'a p 1 -rty la rr .'ed w-ll, ai, ' will I. a *->td rraarmahly. Fr# parti-'ilani ap; 'y to MARK I.RV1 Ko. 2t ? r lam ?!tae< front 3 01 \<y k A. M. u.Jf. M. FORMALR- TWOIUMWOM* LAROK M VXTM, MIR. nira. al*r at.otit ?>*W m hea, baavy j late: a.i tbrae hand ? nn ebat-ilellei a. all in fcvl order, and bat al'glv ?? nee I. Any prr?it wautintaui h will be ioformi-: where tbr) can aoe ,Se?n by a?l Irewlnn T. C. R , Herall nfTl"e. ror. SALR-MCTRX FIRfT CI.A?H HOt?Kf OX TUf R btttUteLtatrlMSni area t* S dn. ,n '.norma* pier- I 00 in Weal Twenty third Mrett, I d 1 ia Twalttb a'r" t. near Fifth *ien?e. Sdo. in Tenth auen; 2 do. la Ml Maik ? pl.ira, and *ei"*l .rfher* In the , e*t loMtHir* la tbe 1 ttv alao 3rd l iod'ir-.iee tcaameal ho.iara and 1MB, n t'Ma and the ? >ah>M.r'na ;e?. aian. very rhe*. ahr""hivSM It -li h?'.?e ard n?*el) ten Wn of (frounl. oa ? -??!* *tre?C a- r T?mi k'ne xi iare: room fnf ettenalvr lai' >vemeuta. aj.plr at one* to?'M*^. E. UMf, ag-c. for the aal.' aad let if real '?t*4e rolh < ???? reti'a, .te OlBoe tl *-.entie 0. I. nfi. from 7 'o 1<^ A M., ard 8 to 9 P. M. FlOI "AL1C? OX WKST TWERTT TniBTI rrFRRT, BK IVAea Fttlh aaS Sitlh arerui ", a Tfr? atroartaf M feet lionae mo4?re h"H dr win ba *oid for lea* thai, aleoi otb? r h?i.*?a, a< t*r?alr'. K It KIITHIITMER. II* Fourth *yf*ae. sjitir satje- a nf*t r.oTiiKi t rrtnit axs oar P <?eT? t?'nl?(r'' Xee- 'k-e.- 1 inita'w?? WltepW W We? .? ' " ' t-ai . * ?>?? ,e?i. 1 t". . ? % Ajp l*i m' M, at dep.,1,, ,r m}. J.-'JS H/..K-A RARfc ? ar O" Tl'S OLO 4 - 1 - 1 ' ' ?. '*'? i 'Hft nr.'ni f.1,1 ?#!?-./ K \< "f'itKE HTunV A*n ATTIC i' ' rl? k *>Ot ? >n> J *t 18 Warren plar", *1- * !o or ,.1 1 1 '<-d I t' ? .'.laerof Fourth aienti* a l lfh'r f, 11 * . t< >t > lot of hourehoil furniture. A, / to u. lloV* -D ? R ??> ?n Hank. t'OR * ?-fUE TWO IIAXmOMX F WT r I rown *ti ae dwe'llemi IAI ami 14-1 Wert rhlr?y ati'k ?iieet, flntahwl In a aupertor manner, and now oorapleil each 1 f ?l ?'??? t I t* .? ? li?' ' . ilwelltn*? aj br ? foul U) ft. Apply toB. W RI?;n VRDS, Itrnadira y. E| OR f AI.* TDK LRA-R lOCR a\*D UXTCBRH OF rt.e of *h? l eal p-iblle honae* In the lower part 0* the fil-y. louated tn Weat at reel, heiow Merrl*. In the Immeliate r etn?' of tbre? or four lire* of meamera. b '* dectdHly one ( 1 'he 1 e?t ehaorce lur * ?*rty that nnilaralaod* the bn?liie*% that h*a beer offered f- r * numoar of yeara. Apply 'e JOMS F, FT.AA< K>. 78 Weat a' r*?t. fOR SALE v BA R'l AIM, IF A FFLfRD FOR TMXR dlately, a f<rir ttory brown ttc ie ho-tae and aWT9 It R 11 ih avenue, near Twenty t?van*h *ire-t. a' ?, an evoai an rick ho'tee. w'th lar*e ? 1 v n". ?*?? ? 'or ? I . , . 1 aar ? rr Ftr rMiHuiai-jtirp'f U s moon, 2W f t urtfc . FOR SALE. FORSA1E? A SPLENDID HOTEL; EVERYTHING furnished throughout in complete order; l.irgis billiard room Hitched, live tables Three ininutea from thia city, beau tlfiil, i.ealifcy 1'juhUod. The proprietor, determined to retire from business, would five a great opportunity. Address E. L T , Herald ofllce. which will be attended to. FOR RALE-GN ACCOUNT OK 8ICKNES* A WELL pa>ing importing iquor business. down town, and upon very acceptable condluoua. Address V., box AM Henud ollice. Fob sale-one of tub best locations in jer

? iter City 'or ? grocery aud liquor iiore, it would make a first rale itand for a German hotel and Kger bier saloon; It can, without any doubt, be rented to pay 12 per coat on the coat Two-thirds ol' the purchase money can raraalh on bond and mortgage. The premises are situated on lht northwest corner or Railroad avenue and Prosoect street For further particulars inquire of J. O. MCLAUGHLIN, corner of Grove and York streets, Jersey City. FOB SAI.B? A HOTEL DOWN TOWN, NOW DOING A splendid and monet making business. To any person who can command the means to buy out the present proprie tor (whose health Is becoming impaired). It Is an un iaually good opportunity to procures hotel that is tu the tulitldeof successful operation. It is upou the European plan, snd the eating department alone produces a large income. Terms easy Apply at 119 Nassau street, room No. 3, first floor, rear hall. FOIt 8ALE-THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF the New Haven llotel, corner of Fourth avenue aud Twenty -seventh street Will be sold low to a cash customer. Inquire at No. IS Dutch street. Fob sale? a valuable oobneb property, on rrlnce street, near the Bowery ; will be sold low; also on William street. near Spruce, and a lot on Spruce street K. B. KINSHIMER. 319 Fourth avenue, 3 ioJP.11. For saijc-a good dairy farm, of ninety ai res, near Howell's depot Orange county, price only 11.000; also 140 acres, n?ar Uoshen. Farms to exchange, saw and jurist mills, cottages, country seats and Western sin's. 0. H. OLIVER, 346 11 roadway. Fob sale cheap, a rare chance-a dagger p ciyi e .tnd photograph apparatus, of the best descrip lion, with showcases and every thing connected and ncccssar, 'or carry tog on a large business alliu excellent order. Apply to LEACH & PRITCHARD, real estate and collecting agents, 37 chambers street For sale or exchange-two first class brown stone houses, in First place, Brooklyn; house* ?4 ty 64; large ljts, and every way finished in inoiern ftvle. Bells, gas, range, Ac., Ac. Apply to C. UARTLETT. Hi6 Broadway. Fob sale ob exchanc.e-pob pboperty in New York, Brooklyn or Jersey l lty, or tor a genteel residence in Westchester cjunty, not too far irom the city, a lice (.u rn of CH acres, with a good substantial bouse aud out buddings, with plenty of fruit, Ac , about I), hours from New York; location unusually healthy; possession immediately Apply at 115 Nassau street, room No. 3, first floor, rear hall IflOR SALE OR TO 1.ET-A PLUMBER'S 8HOP. 1 already established. The rent will be taken out iu work T>. a tinman or plumber there is a good opportunity to mike money. Apply st (he comer ot first avenue and Sixth stieet tf?r:R SALE OR TO LET? A FIRST CLASS STONF. Iron house. No 14 East Twenty eighth street, new Fifth avenue. l.ot lull siie, house 25 by 64: has all the modern Imnrov) ments. and been newly painted throughout, lnquir of II MuK<! AN, No. 3 Pice street, or at No. 330 Fourth slree (^BOCF.RY FOR BALE ? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES T tf tie store 37 Gree.-.wtch nvenue, corner of Charles, st. will be sold for cssh. Inquire of BENJAMIN CARPEN ThR, assignee, or on 'he premises. GROCKRY FOR SALE? A SPLENDID CASH STORE doing a business of from $60 to $75 per day; a tire years lease of ):ouse and store at a ow rent; price $1,200, cash. To save trouble, none need address but a cssli customer. For further particulars address S. E., Herald office. HOUSES ON MUBBAY HILL, NEAB FIFTH AVENUE ?Just finished, snd fur sals, Nos. 42 at>d 46 Wee Thirty sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Thet <tre first class houses, with brown stone fronts, and bull! i> 'he very best manner throughout Will be sold at a reasonable price, and on aceoaamodating terms A person la on the pre mises to show them, at any time, and to inform as to prion verms, Ac. HARrWARK, FOR SAI.E OR EH UANGE, TO CLXK ,L concern? A until stock of hardware ami house keeping articles will be ?nid low, or exchanf ed for a small home an>l lat el'her In the city or country. Addresa Hard ware. Herald ( iffiee. HOCSK FOR FAI.K? TTTRKK STORT. BASEMENT A-NI sub cellar; b'icfc bouse. No. 88 Twelfth street, be tween Fifth aud Suth arenuea: lot 3ixl(i3; walla and work aewly papered and palmed throughout, range, bath hot and -old water, waah tuba, gas fixture,. Ac. , in cumplet? order. Prioe 99, MO. inquire of 8. P. BkLL, tJ John eWevt STEAM ENGINE FOR 8ALK CHEAP.- HAH TWO HORI joota. cylinder*, 13 \>r 30 ,uc h.s, ia 1'irtl :tilarlv adapted for ?t?ad> work, and Is of superior build aud tiuisb. Ap, i> to S. H. MAIN AMD. Wo. a Wall street. rEX<'HAKOE-H0CSE 31 SECOND PLACK, BROOK lju, :ect H Inches by &5 fret; lot 1SS; white marble, t ore or, Atlantic <io-k, No. 12 38 feet front. 1 80 l'eet deep; four story, 8 lota at Harlem, on U&th s'rettt; 6 lota on 114th sueet S lots on the comer of Lei i often avenue and Fifty sixth ft-e*t, and a ptore. stock and I x-.urea on Broadway Apply to JOSEPH DAVISON, Mo. 1 Nassau atreet, from 11 A. id. u. iP. M. TO F.XCHAB0B ton REAL ESTATE IN TIIIB CITY or vicinity ? 91,120 In line jewelry and diamond work. II 70i' In sto<k?, ne.-ktles and India rubber good* 1,9V) acrw W -stern land, valued at $4.3X0, and a bond for 90 87ft, In whole or part. Addreee B , box Ml II ? raid office. TO EXCHANGB FOR REAL EST \TE, MERCHANDISE, Ac.? Biilldlnf lots, IB a good location, at Med ford. Long Island. fro* of Incumbrance: 400 loU hare been aoid N. II ? A i ood bu*.r "in will be taken for the abo a. Apply at No. ft Beck nan etrett. rooms 14 and lft, In the rev. TO PHTBH'!AN?.-DBCG STORK FOR SAI.E. HAND M.mely titted up, doing a good lmuni?, with good prac tke lor a physician, wlil be s >Td l?w, the proprietor bom* u-: able m intend to it. Apply b> S. COCKCOFI, No. 13 Mep chanta' Exchange, or at No. 72 South Seventh sueet, WiiUam* barf Ml SH.AL A.1U UA?CL?U. ADODWOHril'S DANCING ACADEMIES, ? (Mi Bkoadwiv, New Yo??. .ind 137 Montagu; plaee. Brooklyn. New York classes on Wednesdays md Saturday*, onimenc ng Saturday. Oct. A Urookijti iImm on t Maaay* aad M caya. commencing Tuesday, Oct 7. OMna containing tei mr. hours Ac., nij be Lai at either of th? aoademna. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT TKRSON, ABLE TO prodoce the beet tesumoniale would laatrueia few mora pallia In the pianofuite and fipM, at their r--a?:. n - or would arrange with * < a?* la ?om.- mw I la thcei') t "ha.-g' p oio.'erste. Plcaee address Music, lleraX office, f.w one week CARD.? ACQtsTt'S 1I0FMANN BEGS LEAVE TO IN foi-m his pupils and friend* that he ha* returnod to the city Ibr the *eaauh, to iwnme hi* lo*mc*k>n on the pianoforte For particulars apply at hla* Prince at, a few d or* west ot B.-'.adway. DANTTNO ArADEMT, 6S4 BROADWAY.-M. PER A t HIO has the honor to tnfor-u the public that he h? of cned a new and ?p>ndtd acadeiuT, ISO l'eet long new and Lrench dec. .ration. Every Saturday grand eotrre uuul 11 t'cfcd . grand tali on Thursday evening, Oct. 9, 1SS0. DANCTHQ.- BROOKW ?OTRKE, AT II TS ACADEMY ft. I liroorre street, will takn pUce this iWednealn,, ?vet lug. A sol. at avary Wedneaday nlflit. nANCINO M'UOOI,, AT ftl EAST TBIBTRNTB atri-et wcatof Kroaidway. Mr. Cl< ARRl'AtTD ie?f ae* fully ;ic<|Ui>irtiii h * piir'.un and tlte publk 0i?i hi* ctaaaw will WMiaM ao? the Ztd ln?t. Days? Weilneaiiaya sn-i batii-dajr* al 1 . noon, and .1,', o t look, nfleraoon. for young t. lie# avl nis*ur*. Mr. ' li -rrtand can be ?e^t, f. om j to 3, daily a ? ab'ive where nr. tii*r< < an be obtalMd. /'KKAT BANG A IN.? 4W YEN ?hTaV* ROSEWOOD \X pleoo rlocant e?r*ed case, mtida by .wie of tl? bes maker* and warranted, tieen i,*ed a few'> ?ill be rnid t<>r Can be ae- n froaa 10 to 3 ?.>'ilocs, at Na 6? '< lie go Hmf.ven s danctio a< ademtch wirx re ope\ ? on the 1Mb instaat Days f t tuition At Pytliacr ra* Bail, I1T at:d l!? Waller street. Wedurwdav awl Haturda.' ier*ey t it jr. I!uds< ? Ilnuae. lues lav ai,d Friday, and at Ho bafcaw, l-..umc Uc'.el, Monday md Th'irfliiy. AS. VAN RIPER * PIANOFORTE MANUFACTORY. I7? Wmoier street, near Bl?<-cker street ?Per?'>na do sirnu.. of untune food toned piaane. with all impto?omr?<? wb.cb ar> < f Tiiluc to an iaatrun.erii. and will rand in 'one a? ki.g ar a p i.- ?> ran *ta4id In lime, w il, please call and exaiullie fer tb< n *?'Tf *. Prteea law. J Madame twrltt will fv open i;kr dancing A'artcmy in Broxklye. m tbr (Hh andfth ln*<# , at the splendid n*w ball, enrnerof Atlamin and t'llt W>vt ti-ee * K >. B?> o< ill... ? app'y at the Athemoum Kcaftng Kooeai. For ew York leseons apply d 71^ Broadway. MrsICVI. INsTRCi 'TION.-Wn.IIEl.M DOKIILER RF ?pe< Uuily inlorm* l;i? iriend* at. 1 the public In ?(ener?l lb*, he lies re?.int, <1 h'? lensons on 'he piano. Tio'ln ai,d sing lair Fcr particulate *i ply at nil reeid-nce. Mb Fourtt> xtreet, ne*r Ws*'.tngl'm W|uar*. I SICAL.? THE AOOOBDBON TAOOnT, IN A VERY'e an I ea?f manner, on tery moderate term?; a' o "it -Bg ?nd tepairiag in a auperlnr manor r. n' 3. J. TlKilKI '.-t vook end picture ? ore. Ids Arenoe A, near T.-tnpk aa s^ws re. N'EW YORK Mt SIC Al. A< I DEMY. ? Mt'STCAl, WIN TIB erealnga? I *<itea aad gentlemen nre In riled to join th* e*enlftg cls>* row Ifirmtng Ibr the Mod f of light ?lt?gln*. opera", eb <* and i-art ?onr*. Mibsrriptlon per -|i*rter for one member 16. for tw? memlier*. tin lor th'oe member* tli for lour aietiibers, flft t acanci.-e torsereral chll tren la M ia 0 jut emie rtca cl???. l ianof..i te, slni;inft and elocution i-ght In -.he bigbr* pr rfect'.oti of ai I. Mi Broadway. NN PINB PIANO, 7 OCTAVE. INQVIBK AT 1? Bowery. . OEOANS-4 HDE' a ORG ANS.? FOR SALE, ONE VEBY rwttrioi 'welre ?1or orgaa, open though full pedal b.iae. * ;teeo leet <??' hie raee, e'ghUen reet h'^l^. 'w jjf; on- elgh: stop. ?wc:l pedal*, one six <!o Ar u*f?. ?d low or lltiera' teie?a W H. !?/? Vl>?. M a? >g street. PIANOFOBTB? FOB S U E On ?:x. G >N A 7' ; O tare roe- *f.?l ..vbla? t sioft?rte (' mur* ? ?o*l j l?. cell' a' ' Ad'' i* J: r .. is street, oo ... of ? -a? at ' Pn- r*. iiiQ"l V _ VV A N ITIV- 4 l.'l". 111 ?r". 'NO NP C^N ?f (ralto- a *o i gen; it.- ?rn ' o* ..rr. ^ h?ve a?<.:?' -* g ?t?d p'a., a. . App/ .-.t j. 4 'ioacint. afir? It ?' oe*. HJJAIUIH, 7" IPtiOrDID ASfOPiM - N 1 or BfLLtARlTTAllLES IX for sale? Y l'h slate, tna/b'e ami r ooden beds AI*o, c.' the, r tie*, ba'l#. It-attier*. ,lo cheaper Hian caa be bought t |m hem iniliedtT, lljiea noond naad laeles ch?ap. LBONABD a BFNJAMi m Broad wny, T. LlBGE ASSORT ME.VT OK BlM.f' RI? TABLE*. T* B la'rut style*, ai d la the best manner oi well t a M ? ? d trst'-rtale. also * few second apt -id 'a'jle*, for eel at . roNROR A IKnl NPKR s man'tfaetory, M AnngNfMI. iLLLIARD TAttl.E AVI) FIXTCBE8 FOR EAI.R, modern *?yla; w ill be re'd at a bargain to any i(cntle a>?n wisbl'g to brrr a food tab! Cheap, for It mm' be seM n.ertia'oly. Apply to or addrcr< Billiard Tn'ilo. 3B Bowi<r: | nlLLIABD TABLKs-- -A LA BOB W6"x b(r Sl'PERTOB made lab!**, wl'h ?!ate, marble ami no xl be is, all eUea With the pater, t enm eiaeMc IMUoMi * ?o Uitnt) trigs of every deeerlp.M*. at the oM *' ??d. Wt 4nr> *treet. wHTDBf itrft laeGrMth A Derfcer BltLliBDS -rOR S U.R. THE U'lXIARB BOOM IN the I afarge Hotel, with stt ?nperl t table*; ln?*t|..n an] 'trp wewd? I'foidway. hea l it Tt ol street Apply to A. W i' a BEY. 2f0 Fulton street, oppoalt* Waehii gton mtrkel OPEL B&LIARD TABLES IND r7i?n;NATI0N rn*hlore- patented February l!>, IW; f ir ?ale > nly be 'he nader*lfne?t; -.?w?e sennire nn'e?? fiec-mipsnie | by an en gt t \aj plate, with my name aad date of patent. BKJWJtL JUSUAN, Jnbtmnwistrwv 1 IT CWWW, AC. A IX WOOL BR LAINB1 AMD VALENCIA PLAIDS, In (real variety, at wrr low prices. LB BOUTU.LItR BROTHERS, <0 Cml street and 47 Upward street. Anew lot OF BLACK LACK COLLARS, and lares of all widths. thread veils from 94 SO to 975. floiiures In eets, from 9100 to $280, swntiilas, cuies ami eoidures, with a great variety of good* unsurpassed in style, being selected ex pressly for our retail sales. MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. AT KINZEY'S cheap lace ahd EMBROIDERY store, 223 Eighth avenue, receiving to day lrom auction, collars, ileevca, ban la. Uounelnga and handkerchiefs. Just opening a splendid lot of ribbons and trimmings; another lot of those 3s. kid glove*. Black silks. A large Invoice of black silks from auction. t. Fine blahotfi, 8a 6d., worth 10a. per yard; colored (Oka at equally low prices. C. G. HOOK, 708 Bioadway. BY RBCBNT ARRIVALS WE HAVE RECEIVED AH unequalled assortment of point collars, capes and laces, point d'alencon collar! from 940; also, embroideries of ev err quality, infanta' caps, robea, insertion!, edging!, bands, hand kerchiefs, mils, Ac. M1LLKH A (J RANT, 3J1 Broadway. BELL'S CLOAKS Are now ready for the inspection of ladles, in every pM lible variety el material, and, as usual, are unsurpassed in beauty of style and elegance of design. 68 Canal street. BAILEY, FARRINGTON * LESLIE, 633 BROADWAY, opened, on Monday, Oct. 6. a splendid assortment of Bolnt lares, in nets, collars handkerchiefs. Ac. , black thread ices veils, collars, sets and coiffures. Also, Nancy embroi dered collars and culls, collars and sleeves, skirts, handker chiefs, Ac. BEAUTIFUL CLOAKS. TUB RlhTORI, Oil TRAGIC UCEEX, A garment of surpassing beauty and giiccfuiness. Material new; Form exquisite. To be seen only at the subscriber's. GEO. BULPIN. 361 Broadway. CHEAP LINEN flOODS FROM AUCTION.? CHARLES O. HOOK, 70S Uroadwsy. Will opeu on Monday next, the following la-gains in lit en goods: ? 12-4 Uuen sheetings, fs , worth 12s. Lamask napkins. 8s.. worth 12s. 5-4 and C 4 tine pillow linen, from 3s. up. A large lot of 10 4, 114 sn.t 12 4 English eotton sheetings, slightly soiled, will be ottered at exceedingly low pr,ces. Huckaback and other towellings at the same rate. CHEAPEST SILKS OK THE SEASON-PURCHASED at auction much below the cost of production. Kirn pakis Plains a\d stripes, From lis. tid. to 8s. per yard. Also a Ail] assortment SUPERB PARI* DRESS SILKS, From 91 5U to 95 per yard. LORD A TAlHiR, JC5. '257. :M and 2til Grand street. And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street. (lORBETS, CORSETS, CORSETS -MRS. OAYNOR HAS J received, per Africa, four cases oi her celebrated French wave corsets also a great variety of fell kin-Is of skins, whole sale and retail. 45 Third avenue, near Tenth street, an . Xi Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth street. RAPERY, MUSLIN AND LACE CURTAINS? F n .in auction. Will be offered at low prices. Marseilles iiuiits, tiom 12?. each. CHAS. O. HOOK, 703 Broadway, near Fo.irth st'ecu Dress, cloak and mantilla trimming wars house. No. 48 Warren street, N. Y., up stairs ? JOHN CLARK K has constantly on baud ih? most comp .ete assort sent of trimmings to be found In the city. Having given grtat attention to this particular branch of the trade, unusual advantages are offered to parties a ' selecting their ?al' stock fringes, velvets, ribbons, kid gloves, blonde laces and fancy goods generally. Economy and fashion.? immense variety of latest Paris shares mantillas. cloaks and talmas. In black and fancy cloths. Lyons silk velvets, beavers, Ac , Being of :h? ?EST MATERIAL*. SEAL'TIECLLY TRIMMED. Manufactured expressly for our retail sales. TWENTY PER < E.ST SEIOW CUSTOMARY PRICKS. LOKD A TAYLOR, 2 65. 287, 259 and 901 Grand street. And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street. Embroideries and lacks - JAMES CROPSBY 481 Broadwav, Third door below Broome street Will open, on Monday, October f>. several eas. ? <>i new em broideries, real fcaces n black and ? > ?<?, black laee ollars. veils and a variety of lace sets t I'aris stylSi; French bands In hwlss and cambric. A BLEGANTBROCHE < Nil STEI 1 . WLS? A LARc.K variety of the moat la-)- i able .i ns Also, Printed cashmere ar I ? vllen shawls. Bay State and Glas gow [laid woollen sh wis, embroidered and plain crape shawls, cashmere seari*, Ac , Ac., ? I V.'ER THAR USUAL PRICES. LORD A Ta\ 254, 257, 259 and JKI Grand street. An in a Lumbers 47 and 4J Catherine street French merinos.? ILrte cases, In all shades ,i?d colors, will be opened Monday, Oct. 6, From auction, at rrices varying from fis. to 12s. per yard. CIIARLKI O. HOOK, 703 Broadway. D Fall ajcd winter cloak* aki> talmas.? molyneaux bei.l. Has now in *t oc It th?- most eiten?ive mwortment of velvet, noire aii'i<|ue and cloth cloak a, i? all the mo*' fashionable and genteel shapee and style* to be found In the ( it jr. LatLea, aa eai ly call U aoUclted. 96 Caaal itreet. FAflHIOMABLK ORRSF MAKI50, AT 763 BROADWAY, one door below Eighth s'rve'. (1 RK AT DRV UOODd KAIL I KS. ? 1 UK BANKRUPT J stork of Remeen A DIb^m will be offered for sa'e at a trecneadooa sacrifice, at W. H. BOND'S dry good* wore, 1(M ai.d UllHith ai?nue. Ihe premises lately occupied by Uieni to let. Apply to .Mr. Bond. I l'8T BBCKIVKD I I.WKi Hie la, Bruchr, long and aquaro. And wool plaid shawla. From i e-ent a'icUon *\iee. By TILLER, MaKT A McCORKLB, ?ti Murray atfeU LADIES' FABCY FCRS In Busman and Hnilson Ray sable*. Ermine ehlncbi'la, aable, n'm, atone marten, Lynx, Ac., Ac, Of th? moat prevailing garment*, inch ai t'?pe?, Victorloee, Pelerh at and muff*, Cnff?. gauntlet*, Ac., Ac. All at reasonable price.. A magnificent aaaortnent now on *a!e by OKOBUE BULPIM, So. Ml Br -ad wit. N B ?All onr new *tjlfca of winter cloak* aa 1 nuuiuIU*. now open. LACR8 AMI KM BBOI DEMUR, .1 A V Ks (ill A V A CO have Ju*t opened several oa*ev of new good*, icuiin iauu: a auperb selection of every make, of UK a I. LACK. Alio, a large and beautiful assortment of the K.iiiest E'OaotDkJtikl IvroKTin. 729 Broadway, comer of Wfuerley plnea. Larue opening of cloak, mabtilla and dresa 'I mmtagt, rmbroiAertaa, lacee, Ac., at JAMKK KOBALDflOB'B, ",'li Broadway. The attention of ladles la ln\ :U-d to 'Ae aelectlo!. of rinboo*, embroideries, lice*, cloak, muntiila and firm* trimmings, briery, glove*, fancy goxl* and Mrail ware* of every kind, lining*. linen*, fluitnia, wad ?ttrf*. Ae. Job Iota fr<4B aiietlon da.>y. All kind* of fringea aatM to rrder. Mr leer* *nd dt enmaker* supplied oe lib-a aJ term*. Htjt one price. 4. KO.fALIWOB. 77# Broadway. L ADIEU' TBaTELIBO CLOAKS AT OK5IK M LA dies' and chl'iirea * on'.l'Mug baiaar, 61.1 Broadway. Ji.irt received and no? qpen'ng, I.?" ladlae tra\ ellli. < clo?k* in Uberian eloth, l.joua ck>;b, Ivwrakam, Ac., auivable for city aodcoonirr Irud*. \|RR DW1EI.LR HaVINO WITHDRAW* FROM THR ivl bnt.ueM otier* at ?'?at w-rifcx-. her *lch .u?>rtm?ai of chi'dren'* dresses and li>.*iits ctips, fclauketa, cloak* and en btcidt ry, by the piece or 'I'.aattty M ack k xiie p < xoakr airn. ujwin **? s*w, WU1 be opened tl?i? day. THE IL'LEKA, A grarefi.' and ealirely novel Rai ment, In vArtoi* mate rial*, including Velvet Moire nU') tie. Cashmere bearer eloth. Tt.e *u' ?-riber take* tfcl* opportunity of Igfmkl hie Oil* t? mersihat n eon ?e.t of We vastly iccreaa'ng h*K relinquished the fur debarment, an aa to enable b<m to devcte h? entire pteml?v?, at also hie wftole and eole at loo CLOAKS AMD MANTILLAR. An- Irnvlng .,.ei?t a r>n?lderablo portion of tSe laat three n-.on'lia <n i'arla. he ha* made arrangemento wiili all the le*d trr modi*'* of that city, ao that be can place before lila patruoa Hrf Every dletl gulabed ctylo Of garment. Simnhatieotialy ??hR? appeerance there. ai? ai tr* vbi.vkt cioaks Are unheraally prnnounctd by all who tun. ac them to be Bicker ta ile*t,..i, I'lii'Orlor In work. And mi re eiaulaiig in umrb, to any In the dty. vt bCcHamar MaUKK.n/.IK, 41 autl 47 C?rir ' ?: reet. ^ "iw 'rom Brontway. M AHULL t* Cloaka ? <4 O'j Jfotii!ar, (V 6 'ue '?'e- : Tarli noretiieaL at J .Hh* CaoF^RT'i. *s| Hi mdway. TRW PALL 000 (I*- " * bJ UOl* VHV, CtMAi.i V .rr -,t/t? i'i l>v t t r? niKrtw.ia, \ vp w.. i >? ?3A?tr?. R0L0M0M * V \t.T, 213 llroa< n ay. Are now rtctlving A FCLL ! VrrLY W rAl-L CO0D", fnltabi'v tv ctjaiA'W, rc*?itr*? othih ? V. ^ .* '? OiOObAKOt, W>lch ther nflfcr whole vie an ?. re-nO, t't on the rninit farorahle tenM, Wore e!o*td on Hatwdaya. Hicitmovb, or an broadway. oppo,mrB rdK-K'' tiwpi lltaii Motel, ;1Tt re one of the larreM and line** ?< , k* of Pari* emhtolderlov ?nd real lace g'?*l* ever mporte* Ulark laee lollam. e;tpr? ooHI.-iirea, flow Irga, hand*' rc'i'etV Ac., a very auperior *t-? k of ilhiakjii eape*. mo,.roi <? ?.?ti,r? ba*<t ier. rrtipe collar* at. I ?!eove?; heml .|-e*?e* a' I ladtrv drr?*??, o, In our ti?ii*j atyle; a (Inn stock of Ttuwle nm aad other iact*. b/ the yard, 'rom I t. up; Bujl. rr* veal g|. .iji.Ti a pair; Hirkakla and other g hurt*, m w article. i )TaTr>RF^ -n.iis. ? it riaid Tahmfaii Merinof, Print-! mttaltade lalneg. Preach and Irlah popllna. Merino plaidv, ?T t ME1; OBAT A CO. have now In ?tfK ? a beaatirnl aa ?,c In eLtof Ihe above deMrable (ood*. 729 Broadway, cornet Of Waverley plaoo. AI. INDIA CAMBL't ifttB * L<mg fhatvle, Jiriare ?hf 1?, and ?narf*. A wry mptrior utortmenl, In ererv eolor and Tiall'y. ' OKORiOt A. HRARR, Br?a4w*y, a <** < ?Ml DET GOODS, <feC. yVVWATVVVVl,>(>W.i, - v s. -.v* vl.VVVNAVWWWW SILK R0BBR J u?t received, and will be opened en Monday, Oat. 3m three oaeee of ilo.uieed silk rube*, At J AMIS CROPPY'S, <81 Broadway. CCPKRIOR FREKCH MERINOS. CASHMRRRB, ALL (O wool plaid*, rich printed inoua. delaines, alpacas. poplins, Yalentles. Parmattas and de beges; together with a full mgfl. meiit of fashionable dreas goods, of ?very description, AT UKMJlKKABLY LOW J?U1CM. LORD A TAYLOR, 286, 287, 269 and 201 Grand street. And new numbers 47 aud 49 Catherine street* Silks and silk robes. LB Boi'TILLIRB BROTHERS have just received R greet variety of the above In choice oolora. 60 Canal atreet and 17 Howard street STELLA SHAWLS. A very large aasortroe nt Irom auction. LE ttOUTIfJ.IKR BROTHERS, 60 Caoal street and 47 Howard atreet. STELLA 8HAWLS, * CLOAKS, Of every description, Talmas, Ac., Will be offered on Monday, And during the week. At exceeding low prices. a. a. hook, 7(0 Broadway. "DOUGH BATH TOWELS, TIIKAP KITCHEN TOWELS, XV and Ail kinds of chamber towelling, at THB 1.15 Elf STORK, 748 Broadway, above Astor place. J. C. MILI-1KEN A CO., Proprietors. The ?' coronation- cloak, Ho named In hooor of her Imperial Majesty, *B? SMrUESS or all the iidssias. Designed and manufactured by Madame Locisb Fbehead, Of l'arta Tte texture of a most novel aud recherche description, appro priately rcpreai iHlng the finest RtbSlAN SABLE FUR. A few only of these elegant envelopes just received aud on tale by GEO. BULPIN, SOI Broadway.^! TKKA.VJTS* IlEGISTKR. TTENTION.-NIBLO'S ball and concert sa loon.? 1 lila popular and magnificent saloon may mow be engaged lor concerta and balls. The central position ofthlp well known es'at/llshmeM, tlie perfect arrangement for the reception and atcomuodalioB of guests, the adtn'rable acous tic qualities of the. ball, ar d the careful supervision which hoe always been carried out or all occasions, aommend the reom to the favorable notice sf the nubile. Full pirttcuiart may be obtained at the bm office ol Niblo'a Garden, -"rflft 9 till 3, and tn the evening from 7 till 10. N. B.? lh.s room will not be let tor dollar balls. Artistr-to let. room*, adapted for ak tists, In bui.dlug 442 liroadway; also a large room In saice building, with Immediate possession. Apply at No. 192 Hi cad* ay, from 11 to 12 o'clock, 'J3 East iweV.y seventh street. oP ETER A. H. JACKSON. A 'HANDSOME DWELLING HOUSE TO LET.? A FOUB story 'Town sum* dwelling house, on the south side of Phelps place, ihirtleh sfmt, between First ?nd Sec :>nd avenues possess nj, all <he modern improvements, will be let to a g?od tenunt on moderate terms. An?ly u>J AMES ROWE, ?;tj Fourth a\ei'ue, between Eighth anaNlnth streets. A FURBISHED FIB3T CLASS THREE STORY AND basement In own stone house to lot, west of Broadway and very convenient to the Sixth avenue cars: yearly ren ?1,000. For particulars, apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A IIANDSOMKLY FURNISHED FOUR STORY AND basement hot.*.- to lot. for a term nf years, in Greene street, containing ju rooitiH, with all the modern iniproremeute yearly rent $1,800 possession Immediately. * II. W. RICHARD^, 3C7 Broadway. A Rl'IT OF TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, on third floor, with pr.ntries, tn a house tv:th a small tamiiy use of bath, gvs dining room an l kitchen; west of broaawav, near Kourtb street. Kent, $25 per mouth. Ap ply to B. W. RICHARDS, SB7 Bioadwsy. A LARUE FRONT ROOM TO LET? YERY REASON A hie, at No 309 Broadway; easy of access, on second floir, and suitable for almost any k'nd of btulDssi: p"?-ession may be had Immediately. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 BroAd wcy. ATRIVaTE FAMILY WILL LET TART OF THEIR house, consisting of two or more rooms, c i the third lloor. parti) furuwbad. and a nice ti out lies, men?, to a giutle nn.L and wife, without children: the hoiw* his ?/??ry onve nlence. Apply at 172 West Twenty thfrd <tre?;t, ncir Eighth arocuo. Furnished house to rent? in lkkt:oton avenue. A very elegancy furnished b jtise, in I exli.gtou art nee, will he rented tor etc or three years, and possession given immediately; f.irnitorr new aud MDIifttl Imiulre. ol F. t'OL'lliN. Sit l.eekman street. Fl BNISHED HOUSE TO LET in BROOKLYN.? a three story f-trnu-hed house within five minutes' walk of Falton or Wall st eet fen les, ? 111 be rented not.) May next, or loniier. U preferred. ?nd i o?s*wton given iiu-n^Xatciy. In ? <jlion, iEBeekaea street. Furnished uolse to lkt-an knoh-h base mei.t bouse, luThtity se.-oad s?oet, well fuv.'.shed, lm n.ediate po??e> ion rent ? I 5o0 per annum, address B. M H , box 413 Post office. House to let and h*rnititre fir - \i.k -the lour nory bre* u o'ons fiori b iWBMt houw, aituated a: 113 W r?t 1 wet th atreet, It hn ji; liie modern tin ? : 'iimw. POMHMIO' PART OK A HOT'BE TO LET. -THE SECOND AND tbtrd fli.ori of a ln.n hnmo. containing all the modern ira ? i ro\fiu<i.u, beat of rcf'.i eucta given *mT r"'|T e<l. Call at 161 Weat Ibuiy alatb s'rer'. after 8 o'tf'Ck, A. M. QTORE Nil BROADWAY TO UtT-BBTWKEB KL1 IO veuth ar l Twelvb atreet* r. i?t aide: I ^ f*e* h-oet, aud WO fuel dee? : rent MM) HJKEPV UAVIfcON, No. 1 .luitg atrctt, ftoui 11 A. K to 2 P. M. TO LET- A TWO <*ORT COTTAOE. tX MLLIVAN (treat, Dent- Broome, rent oiiljr (310 per * ?.?ar. Apyly a a above. bet* ? tn 10 and 12 A. M. TO LBT-FlBfcT FLOOR, DWBLLIXU PART OF bona*. 2C2ran?latrei't, corner of Benwlck atreet Newly S? nted throughout Rent $lt> per month. ln o-lre of J. B. Ill I.ER. 134 Ui.nal itre.-t. J fro I.ET-A VERY DESIRABLE COTTAOE HOUSE, IN i lll'b airct containing H*hl rivima, au<l ine yard at ?achihed There ta every facility for xettliij; town town Kent *100 per year. Apply at 2k I Orcenv ioh j'-rect, oor.iM of. Vcwy, In the l a cement. TO I.ET? AT C7 AMHT f-TRLKT. NKaR KROADWAT, a nice front baaenent. auituble for a phytic Una ofike. TO LET.-* NEAT TI1RKE STORY HOUSE TO LET. 106 South S'i'h atreet. WUMMborg, aiwit At" ml ii m walk from the lorry The ktste la In heauUfn' anler. and will be let cheap. Poa?e?*io:i tn>medUle!y. K. at (JUO fier annum. In^ulri of F DUR AND, ward school, Stuitoo street, coi Mr at ."-kcrtit. TO LET.- PROM 1ST OF NOTEMIiER TO 1ST OF KAY, willi carpe'o and x*? Buurea, at a niod'ra'e rent, the brown sioun h, iur. No. liCt Fl.-et pl?ee, South Brooklyn, Apj ly on the | n-n.i?#a. oi-No HI Broadway mo LKT? TIIR t'PPER PART Of HOUSE NO. 2 JL Twa'fth *lre*l ronala'ing of two ri> imt two pantriea and t ' naier, and two inoitu ou third toor. TO LET? 1 LOOKS TUROUBH, POUR LAROE ROOM4 oo each Uo< r, lu hcuaei lfiC and l*? llan Fori ??:b atreet. Water In bark gra'ea In front room*; g uteel lloor*. Bert cheap. Apply aa above, at orce. TO LET? THE BBPOND STORT IIOCSE \0. ft) NORTH Moore a:re*t, near Hi doUn'e ?> ?rk : a (food loo* 'ion, ami pl*a??nt apa' tinrnl*. None m od apply but a auull and gen ie- 1 family No oilmr f.imiiy Id tbi bouae Cu: the owner 'a. PofatrKlon |lren oo tbe Wh. TO l.ET? A VERV |>KMR ABLE LARflR THRICE STORr houw- ou 1 wc nty ? ati eat. Mar I.ei;iii(t6n aTetiito, lu luei rdir, with *a . rnrt f*? liilurea. bwth and wa'eroh) aeta. l!rcl $7P0 Al>n. due it *>Ol. K. B. KINSH1NER, ?ltf Kourlh avenue, }lt* P. M. fjno LET-> LOWER Pj\ KTs OK BOUMH 111 AND IIS i. Thirty Ibinl 0rrr1, near I^eTln^lon ???;?;*, conaUt n* of parlor, dlnlnT room ?l? aleeplmi TWma, k.trh?a, Ac . all iu nice ordar, baih. *a?. la. Reat t4(W. ITS kllt-MI.MV K, ni'.> Po-inb a?en 1:o7 P M. To I.ET-A FOlk MORI BRICK HO' ^K~?N KIF TY ? errond alreet k<*tW''?n K.le entb avenue and N>'ia river, liiil>bed n j-mkI atylc. irntvaiylow. Apply lo JOHN O. DA\ ISON, 12 Maldni Use. LET? APA RTNKNTS j'.ASFMENT sroRE . AtKO, dwellla? hotiae. MBeal Eluhiei'iitb ?>re" In g'Kwl nrdwr; rmt. Al?o, aimrinirnt In KiH t hrla'otitH r ? ? <?? rent ~ AIho, the baai ii, cut atore, rciit to. Aj ply to OI.'iROE LEAN, 96.1 Bowry rd Ti LET-TWO THRU* HTORY 1IRI' K HOU?E?, NO3. 2 and 5 Oardrn tow, Eleventh *tre?t. wet. of Piltb avenue, in cnud iei.alr. with i lotun wat er ihii.i.gbo it. Iaiiutra of O. R DORLaND, l?: Broadway. LET? A VERT HAMVtOME FTJRNISHKD HOl'SE. i >r, lu Twenty aec<-Dtl atrwet, ae*r t'oiinli ar?nue; hat at' Ihe m< d?rn Imppivem^ptt. R?t >1 Alao a area; r?iv otbera. I urn lahed ami uurutikiakod. Apply loR. l" OOODW1N, 711 BfwJway. TIX) LET-A HABDSOlllt rOUlt- hTORY KNOLISH A k.iuae, repleta Wllh e- ery convenience. In We*t Thirty ninth a'rec*. ntar Rroadiray; rem till tbe lat of May at tbe rate r.f BTiO per anwa.n. For p Artie i ar*. ajd.-a*? L M , Jonrntl of C'^*in?tre olllre. O LET? 1 HR bp PER PART OF TH MODKKN huuae M Wctl 1 1iltir aerond near !v*h'h avonue , be antlfui localii n. frouiai.d back parlora, four r> >m?; attain, r lower par' a<. f400. Pea ?e> ' on !c Tied lately. Hooao la In tine order. ff77T*1-~A V ENOt.IKH " 7? AHE*RNT ~MOT*sR, Off I P in.j'1 I'alglita No. 71 nuika etrwrt, pieitaiiUy ttti ^^d ?d WHlitn th'n ndnulea w. ilk of either Falton or Wall - r?' t f< rry. ii ro"'? n- 'en room* tlnlaked lr r "ori atyle, an l M a I t ui ?a, bo. and cold h ,.n of** yaiA, to. Bent l.i May lat. A ldreta box 1.9V Pott ? If. ?.ert^|lj it -i W. lIPl.KY, IJO Broadway, np ataira i.'tWMa I tmi X o i?v TO ? K >T^ I* afilMlFFK'ES, IB TUR BP.tT PA UP 1 rt 9 ?? rtr<? ', '?f ,v <.i. -tlandt ttree'. Inquire of B. W ><iUUI, H KeciOi at , Tw^ltc i; ^ r-T Vialp not ..E ro rsr-Frft 1. ?hed .ie . ' ( inal atrei-r and Rro. .i- , I ' t ri iwuutr ii h- .^ii :i t lard. 1 1 rearon ihfc waet' a " *? . wUl ?*.(l.'l Ad re . A. A I , U' o* "Wh} P<?| Hi. T.iHuf l.orm TO LET-IN THE WfcW MA(t liuR ? i . if. )t? -noway n ir ltl?er> nr aire*' i' ? rale. t ry ai t liA) by .'eat Beat low. le^iS* TV .: -r ' ? "< pi it. ihe <oi4i Tdiv. Tapi~" "t'rfe KtORY hotVr m can ?.f. ?'te?? #<< 'i mi. i *ft?i worlb <4 r on fiivnl' ure lor tale far i h. ' loine rsi. I ? Itaii for twenty nmi tJia, al ??> nor i?? ^ 'i | in Kr r t ei "?"? t ' I nwrde ?. Ai-ply aa above. f lT LI AM.- IN sTKVR.Nt' lll'If.DI Hi TWO rtn>?T I rlf ? i'..t va, ? aeh HOy fret front ..n Ow corner of Miirray i "Ct at.d * i ie?e piari). In |iiire if I AM HI' IDU K LI VINdij I N, IV V a'l rteid. TO nioYlTFoN HEALERS -TO I.BA^E, FOR A T (CRM of yi r*. tbe f 'ir a?or? paekln* ho in Vn. |- ?n^ i- rirf alrict, tvlth lee liouec , ani' ki liouaet, ,ko. , c nijilfe. Apply f n i he preu ??<-*. ?. WARREN. EWRLLWR A ED WATTH I M PORTERS. -FRONT idi ea lo let. Nr. It Matfeu lnaa, on leroad :ooy. Alao, two * it all rffeea oo tblrrt l!oo". PLEASANT Rooms To t FT TO t "M ^r.L >? 1MII.Y? haa Proton and every eon?eni?neei rent low. Alto, a afcop lb let. ?ulHble l. r any kind of Irmi hnoneta , .-ia?e?*lon i?n mediately. Apply al Eaf ikirteemh atroot, oaraar of Fi nr'li aTeniif. QO 'lINO" sTHreT-TO I.V.r, A THREE STfVR? O*' hou?e, wl'ha'1 he modern linnfoyementa )li?ht h? l<M lo two *mali famille?. Ini'ilrc of A. RAYMOND, II ChM b.m street.