Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1856 Page 3
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ApfBill&Kimtlts BE1TK W fli EtebI PIT. 8ALK8 At jii/i/'l'li"* A OBI Ah H. MIIU.EK, AUCTIOHKHK-HOUBK AND lot Ko III Ninth street -Adrian H MuLor will seti ?t auction, on Wednesday. Oct, 8, at i'iy, o'clock, at the Mer chants' Exchange (immediately after the sale of WMHW, the bouse No. Ill Ninth dree' between *troadw*> and University place, and the lease of lot undor the saiue aubjuei to a ijrouud tent of #ao per aunuui to the Sailors' -nug ilarbor. Thn bouse Is newly painted, U lu peril 3t order, and possession jlven Immediately. Cau be seen between A. M. aau 3 Action notice? j. booart, aittioxker-by S. BOGAKT.? Fridav, Octobar 10, at 1U>; o'clo ;k, at SI Ann street, Constable's ?ale, i>y virtu i of several execution! : A large lot ot ready Bade clothing, coais. v?*>m pantaloons, Ac.; also, cloths, caaaimeres, veaung#, trimming*, counters, shelving*. Ac. Also, at 1 o'clock, at corner of Frankfort and William atrceta, tive counters, with drawers, fixture*. Ac V. 8. MILLS, Constable. ABOTION NOTICE.? H. WILSON, AUCTION' EBB. ? Two elegant rosewood seven octavo pianofortes, toge ther with a large variety of costly household furnltu'e. will be bold thik, Wedueailny, morning, at 10H o'clock, at tlie resi dence 23G West 14tli street. Bale positive. Auction NOHCK.-WM.W shulry, auctioneer, will aell this day, Oct. 8, at in,1# o'clock at IJ0>; West Twenty eighth street, all the forcim e contained in the four story house, coosistlng in par of roaft<rood pianoforte, lu food order, two ring ant rosewood p trior suits, covered in rich rocade, with slip covers; rose woo l pier and centra |sbl"g, secretary and bookoaae, brocaiel and lace curialna. large French plate pier and oval mirrors, warble top aiegere, plate front and back ; corner ao., mantle clocks, ornament*. Ac. ; tapes! r.t . Brussels ana Ingrain nap pei*, <m I welve room-i and stair ; rich ci andellers and ?a* lixtures oil painting* and engravings. sti a.le?, <fcc., toge bier ?ith chamber furniture, mahog*u\ bedsteads, -bureaus, wasiisuud*, toilet set* hair mattrcsf cs. f. al'jei beds, bolster*, pi lots bI?uL-?ts quilts, extension tabic, <ofu.s. mahogany chairs ai d rockers, easy chairs, dining i ooin ch?.rs, china, crockery and glas* ware, ivory cutlery < users, plated ware kltchei. utetisi's Ac, Catalogues cna be obtained at he sflli is of 'lie auctioneer, 88. Pearl iU cet, or at the house carl) on inornli-g of sile. Auction notice? j. bocabt. auction err, by S. Bogtrt. This day, a' WJf o'clock lu Fifty secmd street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, mortgage aale; one horse, one cart, one w'.gon, two se:? of harness, one saosage in'it liine, lot of tools, fourteen hogsheads lot of pork, lisnis, Ac , together wi'h the lease of the premises. Auction notice? d. s. hough, aujtionhrr MsgulVent rosewood seren. octave planofot'orte, f reach plate pier plasties, elegant English royal velvet carpeting, rosewood bookcases, oil paintings and costly rosewood suits, tomorrow (Thursday) morning, at IOJjJ A. M., at MS West Iwerty third streak between nlgh'h and Ninth * venues. These goods a re o the very lirst quality, ai d in material. con atruoticn and finish uneioelled in this city Die sale will in the lower rooms, consequently those wishing fine goods will I. ua it advantageous to be early In attendance. Contents In 1 Par'oj* nn<i ex room:? Upwards of 140 yards of royal velvet aud 260 do. of tapestry carpeting, all of Crostley's make, and entirely uninjured, one rosewood suit. In crimson and ma roan satin damask; one elegant do., In French broca'el, green shaded; one do. in crimson and pearl French broeitel. all being <oUd rosewood and two beavliy carved; nlso. the linen slip covers; two splendid rosewood oookcase*. lined with crimson silk, solid rosewood antique side eti-gere, 'aarble lop ai d lined wiih plate mirrors, large seven octave double action pianoforte, heavily carved, and coat HOO; also a lar<e variety ol rosewoot tables, ofbeautlful styles, embracing ren'^re, sofa, ?lde atd othtrs, several commodious Turkish spring chair*; also, ladies' reception chairs, beautifully covered, elegant lace curtains, cost 150; finely framed French pier glasses, with ?labs and brackets, also, a number of elegan'lv framexl paint ings. by eminent arlists; a number of "ne French clock*, bronze" alabaster, marble. Ac.; large vases of Be r res porcn lain, of Immense cost: also marble busts. Parian n>ai-t>lo and china and gold decorations, vaaes, jewel cises, ma'eh boxes, card receiver*, fruit stands, segar holders, Ac., Ac Elegant Inlaid tables, papier macho do. I)ining room:? Au elegant black walnut extension table. 11 feet long; two mahogany dining tables, splendid French clilnt white and gold dinner" set. 3B0 pieces; tea sets. 44, 5# and P8 pleoes; silver do . 4, & and 6 pieces, fo' te? and cotfe?, ruby cut decanteis, wines, Ac.; idl\er pltohers. cups. Ac.; a'*3. spoons, fot ks. Ac two One chase 1 7 and 9 noltle caaters; ivory Balance handle cullery; elegantly pain'ed waiters, cut glats tumblers, goblets wines Ac ; liquor ease* and sets; six rose wood I'leseotidi.itDg t hairs, mahogany sofas, chairs, rocksrs, ottomans, Ac. Bedrooms and halls: -Splendid Gothic rosewood hat rack sod chairs. Epglish oilc'oth, velvet stair carpcta sliver plated ro Is, a large variety of elegant rosewood ami mahogauy bedsteoda, bureaus and wsshstands of v,irlou? styles, china Udlct sets, counteri'snes, blanleta, ba r mattresses feather b?<ls. bolsters and pillows, flairs stands; mirrors. In *lll frauie* Hendej n boat of oUiei goods entirely used i. -ss to characterize It m iy, Q>.eps be neeeeaarv to atstire those coming from a li^tan. p thev need fear uo dU^ppoin'tuent in tas catalogue of goods either in th< lr lualiiy, finish or piesent condl'.on, as there is sesreely a piece of inju-ed furniture In the house. Kale poali.TC, iu. advertised, and catalogue* are aow ready Auction notice.? cte am hoilkh.-j. e, tan ANTWERP will sell Una day, at U o'clock, at the Ifud'on River Railroad depot. kM of Twelftu street, one cyluider boiler, in crood order, e I Mb the i Ion;;, two feet diameter, wl !i safety vslve sad blowcocK*, complete. Auction notice.? hardwar* trade bam. J. E VaN ANTWKRP'o eighth regular tall tntrtc sa'e will take placc on Thursday, October U. at l<) o'clock, at 2p; Pearl ft: eet. '1 he a^nortnnnt Is complete. Kor particulars, see ca!a:og-.eb: Auction notice ? j. bogaft. auctioneer, by S. liOGAKT ? This day, at 10 J-j o'clock at the auction rooms, of Frankfort ar. i WUIlnm str?e'e eanatable's aale of one sp>r.did rose v. ood 7 o'Uve pianoforte. V*o, household furniture mahoga: y . hair* bureaus, velvet car pet, looking n'n. ses, Ac .alio, extra la I! ref'i jeratOi", also, constable s aaleot a lot of jewelry e>c?n' < mater, 4 show, aw, about U) ajtort ed t! <cha, girant'ol. s, ,ic. WM. It. JORBS Convabln. Abo ft) I airs meVs double soled c ti&kiu booU N. B ?The I piano will be Mild st It o'clock Autiios Nttin K. -iiios bi:ll. ai ciioneer. ht PIT.I. A Bl -II ?lilted a*, at 10? o'clock ??? the sales rocBS, No 12 North street, wiL be * ild a variety of lousebnld furnit ire Iron ledsUat table* cu-p -t*. looking I Isf-acn paint'uvs, engrav I i-s 4c., ringdoves, csnartes, rob tine. Ar .also, a quMitHf of dry goods 7 fine .v atehes A" . Ac. < n I Lu,?d:i) , ai Id', o'clo k. e\t?i,*lre aale of dry goods. r.otli.uK, fanrt |< t d*. iniiimery, linens, hortaey, Ar *l?i. on IhtirMar, kh) y ackagtt green and blaca te<?, recent Impor tations in lots to suit. Auction sale-gold watche*. diamond and other x wt irv - HaMI'KL 04<)o0b A CO will soil at [their sale loom-. 81 >H*aau street, lo morrow, (Thurad iy,> at lu)i o'clock A. M , positively without rtierre. a lar*e stock ot over Ju> tut* of l.ue gold w.ttekaa, diamond und o'nor jew elry lie *icck of a fl-?t claxa jeweller about relinquishing ths tiuMncss. Kvery article warraiteit M Ml M'alMOA, f!o uiry n.i'rcliat'.N at J others are respectfully iti v itWi to tli's h?>. live j lot will he pcsldvUy *old to the highest bidder. Full particulars In catalogues. A MIG NEKS' HALK.-THB 810CK OF Ut/HIBKY AND A fancy goods In rore No MOlMl street will be aold at wvbhc auction- ateigners sale? on tbn l'-Ui Iron., at lit o'clock A. M., at the said stoca. STKRNBlwKii KR A WAlThJlJI AN, aai ignect of I)a* .d fiuawa. BY J. Bl.KKCKKB A CO.-A. J. BLEAKER, At C ttorevr - Partition aile of real eatate on 8heri3 street ? Anlboov J. Rlecrlter A Co. will aell at public auc'lon on the #*h day of October i Wednesday t. at 12 o'clock at toe *?r cliao'i' Kirbarse, the valuable lot of (round known aa No (0 Sheriff etrcet. be'ng on the easterly s'de. distant Its feet from the norlliesst renter of Delancey atree aud In sue Z&tlOU feet. This property la unincumbered. and * warrantee deed will be Bid of the tame. For map* and o-her particular* apply at office ef tba Auctioneers, No 7 Broad street. BY JOSEPH H KG KM AN. AUOTIONBEB ? ON THPR8 dsy, OoL 9. at half past 1 o'clock P. M , at 1IM llarrtaon street between lllcks and Henry street*, Brooklyn. hon*e bold furniture, carpet*, oilcloth*, mahogany hureaua, Chairs, bedatiadi. inattiet?fs, Ac , Ac,, aa good a* new. VTOTH'K TO COCNTRT MERCHANT*, DKAI.ERH AND 1 1 private families --The uaderslgned respectfully Invite ?he aueotlrn of Intending buyers of furniture, plao'd<>rt<-v?nd bullae furnishing at Holes, toUic tales at their t tore* HA Nawau street, this (Wednesday) inornlng. at Ui'i o'clock, the slock to lie offered being of a superior class ml he aasort mei t very larte. f?. B? All good* sold a', ihia aale will be Warranted, fee advertisements l.elow, FRANK I.I N. NICIIOIJI A CO., 85 Nassau street. ECaRNR B f RAKKLIN, ACOTIONIgR, BT FR INK I IV NH IHM - .k CO.? Sale of rich e*blne? made ftimliure. piauoforloa. Brussels etrpeta, Ac., thle (Wed uee<Uy) ? mutulog at WS o'ekx k, al atieamoin. Ht Naa tan street, near I ul^.n At anctkm? T wo superior 6*4 ootave rosewood planofmtee. New York city m \ke . suits of parlour fumiiora. of roaewcod and mahogany, rlebly car red aad nor r red In Frei ch saUn, brocaiel. nalrclotb and ?llk pluah : par'rr tofat. tele a tetrs. hmagaa. ror.kera, Voltaire arm and aide chain ;ete?cr< *. sec rem ry and library bookcases centre, card, pier, and fe?cj Utiles , >iuartetlas, single aad la ssta", about M yards Brussels cirpcU nearly new ; also rosewood, ?sbngsnj. oak. snd *Pameile<t cbanib. r ? iiu l> ? '.? . U buresus. waahsunda, towel racks corner stand*, wardrobes, ejiet siou dlblng Ublea, dlnmg chairs, hall stands, Ae , Ae. The whole to b" sold. wlUioui reserve to par advance*. M B.? Goods carefully packed m the premises far shipment. EUOF.NR B. FRANKMN. ACCTtONKML? SALK OF Prencb plate mirrors and pier gla*?"?. or.glnal o i pamt Inga. Fieseh rhu.a aad glaas ware, labia HUwy, aUrer piawd ware, tol'e* ware mantel ornamf nta. French and Ame rlcan clocks fancy Roods. Ac. . Ae ? This (W^nesdsji morn log. al ton o'clock, at salesroom, W Nassau -street. TJIDWAnP W'HKNt'K. ACCTIONKRR -OREAT FAU, XM sa e n( wines. braixMo. ? Inmpaunes se^ars, Ae.? KO WlRIi Wllt.M K A in Will t a' aiiotloti yo Thursday, ftb tnat , at 10)a o clock, at their saleanioni, h.1 Nassau rreet. an f poMer s stock of a_.irranted gejiuloe wine*, hrasdlea. 'erf MMMtU tr.n c'aiiet cm Jinery mo kwiii, * naries isr .lut A Co.. Rbeims and Mcarde Wllery, grape leaf champagnes, Miir'lof k. Yul'le A WrodrulT* Phelps .% Co , J. Howard, MarrhACo'i 'ou'h side Madeira*. Crowley, flayres, Brig h im s AtnonH l?'o, I nil Gordon ? Co , yid other shcnie*i lluns aria u n.k.i, Hehlocain gin, In alisyotbe. Irish aed Scotch wklskey*. Forrea'or A Page's per Jamaica rum. Tendon Rxclie. < onle A Msrtia's Mrtl.nes, In all slsos, war ranti l get u re al*o. a tirge anl well aalecte-l mrolc* of Ha vana and Ocnrin tegars Terms, cash. mwirn pcmf.nck, autionrkr ? rhward J\1 Ht lit- N' "K A CO. will sell at auction t hi* day at 10% o'clock ai ihet, ?:ile?room. t? Nsssan ?tiee1, an irnourter < aloe* of magi'iil' i nt gnW ? it'hei, diamonds and iewelry, comprising aianc, baaUagesH ai d open taoe cbcmometers eight day wa'ch"?. duple*, pat eat and dstaehed levers br Jna. Jobn'ta Pert Jn!?* .Imgen- n ol CtMMIfM, ?ret>ng ooaariatt eight day | .lohn-r.n Frerfa, Cm, Pecsley aed oih.'r distin.Tulshed mak?rs Also, ladles' er mi' 1 e t ? il< In s ?? t . I h dlnnon l?. In hon'lag and open cates h1* Clndlo. Pail"-, diamond '> >< i i? Nr'^ho*. plus, c?rrl<! ;a studs snd rings. In cMster and slntfle etine all H?ali'e<1 iti I est st ild Al*>. Fior. 1 1 ne nod Rowun m> sale, cameo C> l>anele snd other trts ol pins snd earring*, gold gttaid and foh rhalna; 'hatel tines seal rings pina, earring* studs, t.etvc button*, Ac. Hale (oslMve, to n! He the concern. Tjip*\RP fCUFfCK, AP rTtO* FN* - EDWARD r< St Hh.v h A CO Wt'l S..I an n ? ? day. at I ? k.aMht *"'e- rtHita. M Ns?s>i i e.-t i shiirl tall gray l.orsr sho t! I . h n '? Mgh. tvsi s .'e.1 iterfrc'ly sonn 1 klad snd geiiUe '?> 1 ??*v " ' ? >'l. "ill mand withont irlng ; al*o tov wsg 'i nhd harness; *oid becstise the owner has no ftirtbei ti?e for Mem GII.PF.RT S SAVAOl, ACCTIONEKR. ? PERK MPT ) ry sale of fine? good.* on Thursday, Oct 9, at IOlf o'clo'k A.M. F.ghtdar clocks, roml't, fan*, buttons, psle-il tobae' > ' t -imonrie* pei.-n*. memoraml i-n hooks, fancv card*. *ur*rtnr (tea' pen*, patent ink*u il< plat nerdle*. *porl emm, buckskin mittens, tape. Ac Also an invoice ofji tce'iv ?| t of new snd Moond hand fiirnU'ire nc ft * ? '<"! piano. HAOI.ET A ?AVAGE, 31 Cedar sireet (1 ILRFRT R HAV^OE, Al'CTlOKFKB ? f'KRKMPTORY V aale of grocule*. hy BAflI.EY A K.VVAGR. at Heir aalesrorm fl Cetlar ?treet_oa Friday, O tober 10, at 10', A. ^"*ars lesa. Java coffee llqttort, segars, Ae. EFNRY B IIFRTH, JR. AUCTION FEB- Wlt,l, SBIJ, on Wednesday Oct a, at lit', o'cloe* ?? *alesrootn* No. Iili I strett, a large and attractive aale of fine wlae* brand!** te**. eofftes, Havana and Oerman aegara, Ac., Ae , being ths et'-ck of a "i" ??'?liiog honse de, lining l-islt, ess i n?l?t'tig In part of half *??*p of young hvaon, oolong aad gjlgf t?w*- 7# pocket* c* coffae. Irimoto aeeortel *M*r? Also, a ?assortment of llqvior* and wines, la and oul of bon l. mmg o. ?u*. IftliHl AT APCTWB, Hn LKEDS, AUCfTONMt.-HENRT H LRKJM 4 . CO.? Auction sale of splendid cabinet furniture. u>nry II. Let <1* A C will sell by auction ou Thursday 9th luth. Mid (Saturday, 11th LK obor. at the eMeuslm Warmooias of K. W. Hutcbmgk. K?| 47ft Broadway, the largest and moat costly assortment ever offered for Halo by auction in thla enan try. which will be told without reserve, in consoqut-uoe 0* uu entire alteration in Ike promise* about to be made? consisting of very r>ch and elegant sofas, parloi- furniture to all the va rious styles of tltjp country and ot Kurooe buhl aud marquet try furniture. carved et egeres ,vc.. with a vory extensive and beautiful assortment of kpleudid rosewood, mahoganv walnut and enamelled suits of bedroom (uruiiure; a so, a great varie ty ot richly carved oak, walnut, mahogany dining ro<im furni ture embracing solajgea variety ua to make It too tedious to enumerate. a!i ? wtich has been made under the supervision of the owners, of steamed and well dried materials, and war ranted hi every description. It can be examined any dty lire Tlouato the sale Fut baien residing out of town cm h^vo tlmir furniture packed by experienced workmen Catalogues will be ready at the wurerooaas on the morning of the Hth. Terms, rack for all nut chasers under $600, over that amount, 8t? days for approved notes. HW II. SON, ATTCTXONKEB.? AUCTION NOTICE ? . large safe of furniture, topestrv eavp'tg, pier glasses, pianoforte*, silver ware. Ac., this day, OV"dn??da>j atlu>, o'clock precisely, nt !au west Mth st tiear 8th av., e intuilslng rosewood pianoforte, full 7 octave, richly carved case, con MjU; solid race wood hrorife' furniture en suite. expensively car1, ed, and covered with the richest material without re jar* toi ??' latge pier and oval mirror*, with marble slabs and gilt brack els to match, m:>rb.e top rosewood centra. rlrte and soft la Dies; elegant rosewood ctegc-e, marb'e top, wih heavy plate glass t'cors M.i back. ir.a te pi orler. cost $1 S>\ aliou: '&u yards tapeatt? carpets in excellent order; ros^w.iod co-aer etegeres and corner stand ; beautiful aini heavily embroider ed while laee window rut-tains: largo Oothic reception and easy- chairs, in silk and enibi o'de ,-ed brocade; oil paintings among which may be foun 1 a choice collection by mo lern ar lists; French porcelain decoration ill WW, tin shed and puiiiU/l in i> high etate of perfection; heavy rosewood \nd tna lioganv bedsteads, both of the modern unit antlnne sidles, \yith very elegant marble top dressing bureaus nut washatao'Ia to ma'ch; pure curlcd hulrrn .ttrcsses, beds bolsters und pillow*; mahogany and maple chairs, sol.i* and !oune-?; heavy ten lei t exter don table; black wslimt do : lea and dining tablet, ebi'.m tea sets very expensively decorated; elegaut mantel clocks; con.r cn crockery and g'o?*?nre, In basement; a large stsoiimeetol sltverfnre, apooaa, forks, heavy plated casters, With cn' boit'es; silver t?a aervlee, elegantly chxa?1 and en graved; largo salvers, with solid silver edges; beat of ivory cutlery, Ac.; the whole being of hint class workmanship, aud lecentlj lurmel'cUnt tui expense of over $7,000. Sale pusi live. JOHN LLOTD; AUCTIONEER -I.AROK AND S.XTKN sive auction sale by JOHN LLOYD'S at the eouniry Fe?t of Wairea Uland. ?aq , 7hrogg'a Meek, Weot abeoter county, N. Y., on I'hu-srfay Oct 9, ?i 11 o'clock a St lua entire houaehold lurniturc of the apleudtdly luruished man si on , consisting in part of elegantly carved rosewood parlor sjjtts, in crimson brocatel etcgei es,with uarbietops and ol>Ue 4lara lia^ks and doorr, ro?ewood secretary bookcafe.niarblutop ccnae tables, carved oak dining tables, and oak chairs to match, covered In green plush; mtaogai.y, roaewix>d and black walnut bedsteads, marble ton dressing bureaus and washsunds, elegantly carved to ma'cn, and all made to order; one suit of splendid carved oak bedroom furniture to match, "prlrg sn l hair mat'rosst s, bolatt r and pillows all or the very beat quality, rosewood haUiand. hall, easy and auwing chatis tani;?try. velvet anl Urnssels carpet, ollcUth and rugs, splon '.lid oil old masters, in elsgant rlch^lli frames very r<uli cut glass atid china ware, dining sets, Ac. ; parlor, halt and ki'chen stoves, together with a large axaortmunt ol biieht n uldnstls. with which the sale will Mmmeuco. Also, horses; nir.e splendid road, carriage and saddle Horses, one pony and one donkey, two pair Kentucky mules, one pair'lfi , hands, and br.tli writ matched, well broke and kind, cai'iiages, open and close carrlaies, six seated rockaways, light vagona, one Tilbury, one Boston chaise, depot wagons, one pony wa gon ai d farm wagous; harness, double and single sets of silver plated ha-ueks, seta tandem and team harness; sets of pony and tnuie harness, saddles, bridles, whips, blankets, haltera, Ac., ca tile, slock, six thorough, one-half and three-quarters bred Durham cows, all fbr milk. In calf by the ce ehra'.ed tUo rough bred Durhun bull, '?Karnley:'' two splendid yoke ox et,. Also, kit fill! and lluee qnarter bred Durham c?l es, by same bull, ihree fat hogs, a targe lot of poultry, a large lot of fresh and sal' hay, old coi n in crib, the corn ot eight acres In | 'he shuck, the largest growth in the oountrv; together with all the farming uteuatls, Ac. Mr I. eland having sold bis country scat all the above enumerated property will positively he sold to the highest bidder. Terms cash. Catalogues can be had at John Lloyd's Hons' office ,;iA Nassau -itreot. aud at their sales room No. 4KG Broadway, corner of Krooue street, and Metro politan Hotel, New York: Bownes, Amonx. Bolen A Valen tine We.-icliesUi, Fowler's, lv.h.uu Bridge; and at the rail oaJ dejie's between Molt Haven and New But h.;lle and on the premises. Convey uuccs wi.l he iu readiness at William's Bridge depot to convey pas le tigers to and from the placo o.' aale during the day. R JOHN h. VANDIC WATER, AUCTIONEER.-JOHN h. Vnndewatcr will *ell. on Thursdsy, October 9, at 12 o'clock, M., at tlie Marohanta' KucUang", the three i.ury brown stone front houae, 1(17 West Ihlitv slitii Hireot, near B'owlwaj, well of ate J, cootalniiix all modem improvements ?alf j>?"i ? irptory. For paiticulara Inquire of tie auctijuee:3, 6t> Nif-gau hireei. JOHN I.. VANIiKWATKR AUCTIONEER Wfl.I, SKLt. t) taia day, October s, ut |yl? o clock, at the w?rai-ooin? of W iu. Kin umd Km., >n. 891 Rroidwav, *ale of richly cir.ed lomoftl, iniliOKan} oul wa'kut furniture, being I lie eutire Mock nl' Mr. Simpson Pale made In consequence ofthe expiration of lease ol theatore und *icki.e*a of the proprietor; richly curved single and double parlor anile* In ro.siwood, ?of"a, tc,e a 'elca, Vol.aiies craHneau*, coiufiwtalilu nut other ch.i re . c?r\ ed ro.iCWLoil miiri.le top t egrri-*, ro.,ewooi nij? hog&ny at,d walnut cr-nU t-, aid* anil pur tab!**; oarvnd en coj-'miT*, cirrif r stand*, Ac B- Iroom Furniture? K abewood *u 1 n. giny bejvei r.ue?u(*l. maho ; uir ami wa'nul ma. Lie top bureaus: roar wool, mahota'.y ami wilrutimtr blc too n*. cvuitnndes, bidots, roeoerood and nv-.oo jenv war,lrohe?, rofcevroul I ml miil.o?any amouro a'g'aoa, Willi raUawnod; rc*e?ooa ana mthogwiiv lounges, couch* *; pmc hair mat ir esse*, j illU. ***, Ac. lilnliigrooiu KurulMir-j? Boaewofid. muliuaranv, oak ad ivalnut exic.islon li> and 18 feci, 1 1? lira W milch. bcnufe's, eu-gere*. Ac t Uiiary Furniture- Kntewoo<l aiid mahog-tny book eaees, lablex, lounge*, rluii a Ae. l'a'tto* In want of urat c.s?? fnrnlture will do well to examine thu ?locV before pur <-lia-'n(! ?1*? where, a* do butter slock of fiirm. ire nan be fi ut '1 ii the (onntrv The w hole having bee i mantlf.icti, -e 1 under the immediate supervwloii of Mr tsitngeoi, expreaily lue pr.,a*e custom ?ale. Term* cash. Furniture c*u be ii'irned ui 111. an 1 shipped froo. tta jrcrnlte*. Catalogu-* can be at the caleerootn of the auctioneer, No oti Na^au ?irett, oi ai the waic rows, two day.') bcoie the sale MOBtQAGt SAI.E ? OAK F.itY A WRItJUT. AUO tlonaeta. will veil, on V\ ednesday, October 8. 1886, a'. liH4 o i'lock A. M ,, at tie foot of Forty aecond ?lreet Kut fiver. New York, tl?e blue store qirirry formerly bc.oegljg to P, lei Voothee* toijc'licr wltli all the fixture*. consisting of 38 Imm*. 7 ?nine, I mm, S3 trucha, 10 oarta, f iImm, too la, wagon*, building*. Ac , together with tun cuitiac' tor etoa rating 1'ortj fourth atreet. WM BEAlil). Mortgagee. MOBTOAdE HALE? OKoRfiK CIiKMKN<. Ajrorrox eer, will *rl1, ou Thuraday . the IHh day of October, at 11 0 rkwh, at S3 Wr?t Ttven'v foitrtli atreet, uear Ktxth arenua, in 'he city ol New York, undei and by virtue of a chtUel inort fMe, at public auc ion, t (nt; boi aea, aeieral cafTteMe, four i. 'lit w agora, one pbaetoo twelve *et* of ?!pui" :tn f ooulile tuunena. and a la rue number of blanketa, robea, Ac. Hale poal'.lvo. Tenns. ca*h, la tiankalile money. JAMRS M. DATI.4, Atb.rney for Mori (a <ee pim.ADEI.rilI A -M. TllOMAfi A SoX.-t, AUCTION X rera? K?ec?t?'? aale, valuable prl.aie cdle-Uon ol oil pain;:nt?.~lhe eitennive aad very Taluahlx collectinn of palafnge, Ac., of the !ate(?hitile* Qratl, Ka i , will be aold with out rcMi ve, by order of eierutora. on FrMay morslng. Octo ber IT. ai bta late re?i(l.-Di.e. No. 365 Arch -tree' Catalogue*, w ,'h full jiartli ulara. m?v be olilaioed la tliia uity, on appltca iU.n to Kenai-a Hang*, tfrmher A Oo . auctioneer*. Park row. fFSIU. W. WEMTCOTT, AUCTIONKRR ? AUCTION raieof valuable hoiAhold furniture, mignlticeet ro*e wind parlor nulla, pianotorte, Moiiiki an<l velvet carpeta, cliandellera. Ac ? It. w.. WMMCOTT will aell, by cala'ogue. tbia ilay. Or!. 8. at 10'a o'elrk, the cwtly and elegant f urniture contained in the live Mory dwelling No IU Weet Twentv find >trtct The w hole furniture of the house I* of the taost ruetly deecr pttou, all of which la to be peremp:ortly aold, rocaU'mg 'n part of rich d imat'i ard lace curtaina, two tpien did Freueh pier g?a**#*, with cornle?* and h**c to mu'eh, ?e vi n ocuve roarwoodptanofiTir, Inlaid with pearl, with every uiodrrn Improvement, need but four Month*; roe* Wood ble lop etecerr*. French plate trout*, velvet *ih! Mo ju< t ear pet*, I- y)pii?n marble top i cntre and *ol'a table*, marble mil *lc cBbltiet, French ?fcr?t irr, *nl rich o*r red roan woo I tor ntture, lumon bro -nde, i.f inn>- plcce?, with uli^i e,iv?T?: ono unit lu d.illiou t*pn*trv with cover*, on* do , In nmbroiilnr edhrncaile; all th-ae ?nt?* were mvie to order, and are iir<4 cIiim- toeily Sevrr* and Dr< adea china vaae*. with a large col lection of rU h rarlJr urnaineDta. Turkiah and recea ion chaln^ roveicd In latin; Fncllah eh indeher* Alan * number of valu able nil painting*, roacwood iM-datevla, aoperb Frenr i hur matliraeei bed*, row w i md ilreeaing hnroaM w.iali?'*nl?, rhtfia lol'ei *eta, French oval mirror* arm ere*, chev.i! glaMuia. xa'Mm.ihosHny fnrnl'ii'O In rrimion v Ivrt, library and ae creiarv bo^eaaea. w*e a large variety of dimnn rum f irni ture eitei'aii n table. *p endld dinner >el, *ihnr ware, eui g'a<a ware, balance hnndle callery, dining room chalr*,Ao , wttb * large qnanlily ? r'i*>nbei and library furniture, rhi-re will be no iKi*i|Minemrnt ot ihla aale, aod every article la the hoot * will be fold without reaerve. RUflNELLW. WKSTOOTT, ACCTloNKKR-TSE AT lr niton cf hou*cke#pf r* Ir called to Ihe e\len?l> " (lie of ? t)'eaJidhou?ehold fin nltuie. inbe mad* br R. W. Wn*ic >'t ihta day. at lo't o'c'.iick. embiaciog the en Ire roeewoot par lor. illnlngrinm llhr?e> aed ' h?nib"r MHMIN ? hou*e No. 191 We*t Twrnlr flr*i irtreei, liieluilinir a *|ilendid roaewood plai . fr-rte lonr'elecaei parlor nulla rich earpcia, paliltag*. Ae. No poat|iooe*eoi. Oaiaiogiie* at hon*e. R WALTRBX. ArCTTORRBR -TIIW DAT, AT II . o'clcck. at % Catharine ?*reet, Mr t.'AFFR ?Y M W\I. THRU will MO. for account of eierutora, a qatntltv of mea'e wrarlng afbajgt, boot* and ?boe*, and one gold watch; al<o, a uuaniiiy of Inrnlture, burMu* aofae, ehaira rnoker*. mirror*, Ac , wnh a q lai.tlly of beda, pillowa, holmer*. Ac,, to p*f ad 1 an- ea, one l>ookraee Sale unlimited. TOOL. VEITCW, AUCTIOfEKR -STORR IA ?FRt'CA tfrtH.? Sheilff'a *ale M office fn-nliure and Iron ?*(*.? On Wrdne?day, Ootol'er H, at II o'clock. A. M . at III Wr,ill atreei, iwo at- ry ha Jk nfli-e em*l? in* of de*ka, - hura table*. Iron tafe, Ae., Ae. J Oil !? T. 8ta? *ri l?e,iuty 8herlif. THOS. VEITCH, AFCTlONEEE ? KTORR III flFRCCB ?I| ?H - Sheriff * *?lc of gin. Ac -On Fildiy. "Jetober M, at II o'rlork. A M , at the nale-room, U .Spruce street, con alvlrg 1 4 nine plpee of gin, Ac. J AH. C. WILLET. fth?rllf IifNIf MORRF I.t, AUCTION ICF R.? EXTEND tVB AUC ti< 11 aale ? Ihieni irnlaff. at lotj o'clock, at 7f Nsaaiu atreet, worthy the .ittenti ,-n o{ ablppera, de?>r? In furniture ai..l bouaekeepera In *4dttlon to a full nn<i beantllnl ali ck of Inrnlturw, rich oil painting*, minor*, aprln* and h?lr n.*t'rra?e*. very I n* ro*ewi?xl i-arl jr *uit*. enamelled r ham let *?!?, very exir* premium aitlcle* with uaiial article*. At i mireneenvent will be *,}ld, Fnahionnble gold 1? welry , eel la mixalc cameo, jet, Ac., for geii'lfmen * and ladle, wear laiest deaigra. AI#o, A I eoneiu*ttri, wlihout reaerve, A choice stock of llav ann and doweatle *egsra, *ure to give ? atiafa' ? A (nod t ? M inlly to try IhiBa. C. HOUOirTON. AUCTIONEER-TOMORROW, a (Thnmlavl at in'j a'clock. at 113 Naaaau *t. a'ipeetorcn* l m tuadeeab(nctfurnl"u-e, French pl*to mantel pi- rand oval mtrrar* pianofortes, oil painting*, Iron hirni'ure French chl ro, cut gla*? and silver pla'ed ware, |o whl -h ?*tr!?cnt we woiii4 iiariicularly invite the attention of th.- trade, country mere ka i, i* **1 Ihoae about refurnish in?, *s 'bey wUI And everything ie<iBl?ile in the hoi*akeeplng line, vt*:? rtehly c*-vrd ineewood pai lor furniture en *uiMt, covered la s* in I rocatel, plufh and hair eloih With altp caver*; eUgcne. aidebMid* ladle*' wrl Jng cabinet*, srmo-ir*, wlUl4r??ewoo4 centre tabh*. pier and ride do : dining room *et* In match, <> umber nilta la rosewood, maltoganv. oak and walnut: also, rielOv ornemented cottage *eta. hull and haai ment fnrnliut*. rich gilt frame nlriora and oil paintings, caller/, ohlna and *lae* ware In grea1 vai iety. mantel nrnaoienta, 4c. AI*o. at 12 o'clock- Flv? rn*ew oo<f#|,i and 7 Octave planoa. from city maker*, second hnna do., wnnieollsn attachment- pianoeover* and sloe'*, Ac. Catalngnea nn the morning of aale, W1U.IAM DUMONT. Al?CTIONBER.? r ONDKMNMO ?tore?, torse*, juiih.t oil * revnl vtnf carbine*, Ae, by order of Ihe Navy Agent.? WM. DI'MONT will sell at aaotton, on Ihursday, October 9, at 12 o'clock, at the Navy Tanl. Brook Ivnn, 3 harsee, (? Coif* revolvlna carbine*. 4 deck timepiece* r'rt) lime and cement barrel* awl ebon' 10, UN lb*. Junk and shaking*. Term* caah ; Ihe good* to be removed Immediately after the tale. M~W!TTERS. AUCTIONEER, Wll.l. 8EU. ON WED needay at 10'i o clock. *t tM (formerly 187) Oanal street, the entire parlor, ebember and dining ronma *nd kitchen fur nltura, fccl'iding tmlendld velvet, three ply end tngeala car pet- V-d* and bedding, exleaaton ubl *; aluolwagoM watch.-* and chain*, pencil caaea end pen*. one *plcni'ld ifianmnd pla, eleven etonea, In *u|ierb setting, rleheat ?tyle The whole for pot [lire gale, aad m arthy ihe aflentioii of laailtea eomiugtM iag toOtieeheeplMg. > f M WITTER.?, AUCTfOEEER, WIU. PWJ. tttf* po*l Uouf It'H WITTKRP. Mi TIOWKF.R, WILf. P15W# Tf day. *1 ll'i'eioi i< at tM formerly I*, Canal -afreet, ? d*(e.errra<- apt iralns, Ac., also household fnraMur ? A*., of a f?ii 7 letitni^ ?><! f ? o c*,?p*ion th'Jk#, fHftilHt *?. BALE8 AT AUCTION. Wis. MUJ/IE, AUCTIONEER ?BY W 8. MKI.LOS. ? 011 Thursday, Oct. 9 commenting at half 10 i>'<'i?ek A M., itl salesroom J3 and 15 Pvk raw. assuaae's ?>*;??>< tie richest collection ot custom made eabinei furniture ottered at public mile this fall. The sock I* bow ar-unged tor exhibi tion. Ladle* and gentlrinea are particularly invited to view U.e goods pievious to sslc It >v julJ be impossible to e:iu nitrn o all il-e articles Contained in the oak For < lie aecom uiooabuu ot Soulhom and Wesu-ru mercbau's we have m*Je ;>mn> srrangemenU- for lb" parkin*; avd delivering at reasou al b* cliarge by eiuerieuc. J person*. Purobaaeis are saiurei thai ever* lot on the catalogue will be sold positively without n- serve, by older of the assignee, being the entire stack of a first class manufsctuier, removed to our salt s<? mi for c jure hietieeof sale, constating In part ofelejant parlor su.ta, rover ? il in costly broca el. pin li ami liatr cloth, auJ of the latest and moat fashionable it y ton; rich centre table*, etegnre*, beaut its, wardrobej.. WreMrs. Tuj kl?li chair.., recuinbeut chairs iu uiorcea; bmikcsset, lined with saMa wod, music < abiuels, ?5 richly dscorated and plaiu iiiiuielled chamber Kuitefl, oak do., rosewood mahogany and walnut do , In greut vaiiety; easy and rock!? g chairs. parlor chair* tew a t?s. exteiiBliiii itmlng ublcs, 11 fe*t long, In great variety of styles; oak cbtlrs, lounges, lounge bed*, li.ill suuOs, halt chalrt, reception Jo fir 8 MELLO ?, AUCTIONEER-BY W. S M"?LI.OR - Tf ? Second haud household Tfuinlt ore, Thurs'tavr, October 9, at lb o'clock A M .at salesroom Not. 13 and IS fart row, conflating of the entire furniture of a gentleman, removed from Iim icsldeiice lathe country, consisting of inattiug, lesiher bees, bedding mahogany chamber In inline: cockiry irlasi and eartlicnw at a, suit* oi l urniture covet etl milaiaask. Vol telreehJr* pure half mattresses, palliasse*. feather pillow t Mid bowers, china vases slalf arpet aud rods, oilcloth, rugs ill tipget, Ac ; ti e whole of which will be *o! I without reserve, aiic U worthy the attention ol'lho trade aud other,'. Y1 T P- MELLOB. AUCTIONEER-BY W. S MELLOB - Tf ? Thursday October 9, at If If., atsilnrooms 13 and It Park row. 12 rosewood and mahogany piaujfo'te- wauufsc tared by New York makers, and fully wari ante II the s-iuio as ? ben told at prliate sale; also nhoiit in French plate pier ajd mantel mirrors, iu rich gilt fri.ui - . 130 choice oil paln'lags, eDgr iv nga 4c , sold in lota to :-ftitthe city ant country trade; now on exhioitioi Catalogues on mornieg of saio. W7TLLIAV IR VINO, AUOtlONEER.-EKEi*UrBfx'S li sale of eatrisgee, tleigba, humps';, Ac - Wli.t.I \M IKY 12*0 4 CO. will cell at auction, on Woluaillf, UMoW K, at 12 o'c'ock, ucou, at Walters' stable*, 122 Mercer street, net liglttop wagon t nc double slcigli and set of harn. as. Msnke'*, Ac. B.v order of the cxecutris of'ihouus Boyd, deceased. __________________ rascKiii. ajvwoitjC dj?-| ?A OOOD CTXAITCE -ON THE RECEIPT <?K Jt. I ?Jp 1_ . will ?end to any addiess prlntifl !natru"tlnus, that will enable nia^ or fem.ile to rea'lse from 810 to per week, in town or emmtry, at any season of the year. A dares* Prole* sor \\ illiann, Itro.idway Posit bfllce New York BRVMIK8 OP EVERY PE^CHIPTION-AT TI1K BRUSH factory. No 337 Pear! street franklin square All arti cleg sold at the lowest factory prices Paint brushes of a supe rior quality coustaatlj on hand. JOHN K. HOPPKL CAN YOU NOT BEMEMEB, Oh. why can you foi ??t, That I'fe" his pow l?r j) ' At four tweuty lour as yet r The maRuetlc pills of I. YON ceiusletely eradicate er?ry seeeles ol tijserU ard vermin; hi i pilla are the only extermi nator for mice aud rats. Hu, none unless It bear* V. Lyon'* signature. Dtpot 424 lirosdwsj . CI.OTHINO WAREHOUSES? QUILTING MBI.VG, Ac., on Singci s machice, done cheap, and st the shortest time, cut give good reference. Apply at 109 MoU street. Diseases of the lungs anb throat.? do. fORSTER'8 Swiss pectoral herbs.? Just rec'lred pet steaniei from Havre, a small supply of this excellent remedy, and to be had at all respectable drug stores Patter.ta who btve found no relief from other treatment are requested to try "Pr Forster's pectoral herbs," the great European reme dy for aslhina, bronchitis, cough*, and even the worst cases of consumption and scrofula for which it Is positively the o>o.V certain ciue extent. Price $1 per package, or four paektges In one for S3, eight packages in one for <5. Agents:? King. 191 Broadway; iiarnes A Park, 304 Hroadway; tJuion, lW Bowery; I eroy.T'l Broadway; Meakim, 497 Bro*dway: Mrs. Hayes. Brooklyn, and tbe geuerul agents. Brldgman A t'o., 188 Grand street, N. Y., who will, on receipt of the prices foi ward the herbs, carriage tree, to any part of the oountry. Iir Forster's book on consumption ana scrofula? of which some CO, 000 copies have been sold within three months?to be had at ihe nominal price of 10 ceuta, postage free. HORRlBl.t ACCIDENTS ARK NOTICED EVERY DAY In our papers A sure preventative by using our patent India rubber llitid lamp; canuo: break, cacnot explode. Call and ee tbem. HAUXHUKST A MuTT, manufacturer!, t>9 l u.ton street N. Y. HIDKH AND FAT.? 1 HE VERY HIGHEST PRICE piiid, 8, 'a cents for bides, K rents for fat. at the new tanne ry, Kifty-ltiird street, between Kifih sad Sixth avuu ??. VTOTICE TO OYSTER BI YBRR?AM. PERSONS 1.1 wishirg to nui chase Blue Point aud Ks-.t i.ivei oyster , after Oct. 12, call at the foot of Hroome strre', Kist riv^r. ROOFINO, ROOFING, BOOPHTO ? AM. KINDS OF < root- rejinired ami catted with a patcrt saetaltc paint, 0?e coat beii. gequalio live of ordinsry pi'nt. an I wnrrante l. Allwr ileis sent to roofing d^>>ot, 121 East'l w enty se\ejth street, will be attended to with di spatch SHOT, I.EAD. PIPE MIKRT, WAR AND PI<2 LEAD.? Mct''s khntMdLead Coentiaoy are now reuiyto HU mile h for the above earned articles, at the following price.- ? 1>ioi> slut.... C3*c. Ituck *bot TUa. hheet b ud t '*e. 1.? d pipe Bar head. . o'ac. A discount te the ira le. .1 AMPH BcCVLI.OUOH, President, 1?0 I'lont street, to: a?.r ul Maiden l?ue. New York. iTIUIKIT AN1) PAKfi GOODS. RICIlAliD M06LBY * CO.. Invite the tra le loan laspec.iiou of their stoai. at No. 'S* John street, New ?ork ST SAVF. YOUR LINEN FROM BKINO EITHER LOST OR at'ileu. M using Davlus' exee'sior md-iiole in irking lak fthe bisl in use No preparation leuuired Sold by the uou ci( a I ilaMat era and driirglt's. III^DDKIH D VV1D.S A CO., manufacturing stationers, 26 Llitl street TOKAI VS TOBACCO -TOKAI 18 A 81IMULAVT NOT n mi' colic T?k..l is n nromo'er not a t'estrover of the [appetite. Tokai pert'umea the b real It and coes not make itfoul. Tutsi whitens the teeth an 1 due* rot leave a y* lavish ? ism. l^isily tokai I* elesn. no sp'tting being neceaury. Par I cularly adapted for those who uiust ch> w when In society, or for yonng mr.i '.who tlnd loliscco Injurious. Retailed at saloi ns, segsr and drugs stot i s, in New York, iiroolyn. <ler ley CUT sndNewsrk E. MaSttN. 144 South Fecond street, Philadelphia. Wholesale at 412 Hi oadwsy, up ataira. ? TO CLOTQIIRS.-THB SUBSCRl'^XR, EMPMJYIXU Drat rate bands for manufacturing ebUMf. would aeceut [of m ma more houses, to make up all kiuds of panta in the si ortest time and at the cheapest ratca. Un 1'iestlonable see>i rl y snd best references will be given. Orde. s will lie r '-eiv ed at Mlrhsel's express office 91 William street N. Y PK1KR DFilNERT, 126 Boerum street, Williamsburg. DECTTSTKY. Tkktii KxiRArnin wrrnorT pur -dr. m'tiicr di i. ( int. MW Broadway, l >i recently enract.d for the fol lowing 'ad.i ? the number of teetn ni>re?a*d rp;>oatta thilr nsinira, lit a alog'e munf , without caualag tin* allgbteat mdm ?tun of pain, and no chloroform need: ? Mil. 11 Itrtk Mr .R I J " K .T II " M I M " M iM W 10 " Mm l> 'J " Rcatdra cumrro'ia ca?na of lea* number. Refercar* can ba trade 'o all the above, I deaued, by any lady n taking teeth extracted. TKKTn-NKW 8TV1.K ARK f MNKRT FP, FROM l)\R In a full tat, In tin- brat manner. Willi rr without enraat Ir g the root*, by Dr. Ntl'OI.KON I'RKTKRRK lllalmprov ??<i atmospheric pr'?aur* plate t for artificial tceib are etiperlo r to tboa* gauivallv In u?*. Teelh ei'racted without pain Prlc* Kodarale. Apply at V.'A llioadway. Malefaction warranted AMTROMHif. i Af.TROLOOT.-D* WH.SOV. U.' OKI. iNt KV sTRKKl. t v*? tbe ri) M? wi n'li>c ?nd irlmhle Inl.irma'.o i to be fiiMiulcn *1. r un rra of life. pant preai o1 and future Term*, ladle* dCr , gentlemen 91 feirtb re |ii!t *<1. AHTROI/KIT.-Wan. FUtlRT. PROM FtRH, H THR | n.??l c< htbratrd perann of the ;>r??en? age la telling p uit aod Hume ?nt* Hhf nnawera >|umMii>n< ?n bnaiteta. tn ?r t.oge, absent frleniia. Ae . by ni.iKn*U?M. Ofilc>- ail Itrowiia ?Twi All THE 01P*RY OIRI, I* AROrT TO PRPART TOR I Kurcpe, all 'boar wlahing to eooaull her oj all *t eota of flile. jnnt. prramt and future. tnuat call aaon at W Bowery. I' ?ii" ? N II - 1 u* tlipaev baa on h:wnt a aeeret which WhI >tmb; any g< ml Tan o.- lady to gain the aJf cV.ina o. Uie np|.f?ii?- mi < 'barge eitra. CARD ? M tDAMR PRKWsTRR RKTURVH THaRKS to her fil'-rd* an<li)alr?nt. and beg* to My UwL after llie tbonaaiida, both In thla cltj ajid Philadelphia. who bar* mm till ?d her with attire gftttaMrtion, ?? ? >? i* '>in.dent thai in the lip rf a^rol' gy. Wire and law matter*. and book* or oracWs, R* relied on oouatanlly by Napoleon, ah* h*a no *<|iiU. Kb* will Uill tl>* nam* of lb* future hntbaad. and al?o the HMD* of bar Tlaltwa. 37* Uowi iy, betweaa Fuurtb ao1 Kltib ?-**!>. |^IJl!l*TOTAMK-1fRR. Knor*. RO. 110 RPRIRQ \J afreet, a few door* ?e?t of Broadway, Im mnat ealehra'^vl mndloal and bwloaaaelalrToyant la America AM dl**a**a 4l?< <ir*ra?l aad ?ur?d. If curahla; th* fat* aad wharnabouU of *ha>'nl frle?a made Itni.wn inerritig a.l> !<?* ou biiaioMK Ac , and no 'h?g* url.'ta winded. CLAIKVOTAROK ? AU. PKRROffS Wild WI-III TRUK andio.recl euniiiiailont by rial- royaot power, r-ipeH ii,( <,rki?i, |:'i?lne?a, >?1 .i i.-nda, .v. , aboitM ? . . . ? i Mi f. lltVKS. re?Menre I7li (Jrand ntr??t. N?w Vorkrity. Ura II area la one c( the drat m^li. al and huaUieaa elalrray ?n ? we l.ave In ilie I nltedSUIea. Ro rh'arRe remffMHi ? | I<m aaU'fkrlnry ti imitation* are giTcn yon ?jfAIVA *rTSo RROW Cl>AT*RTt) BflTITR xorf WoS m derf'il aatiniofM In Ui* wor!d or that 1 j *t?t bean Urwn, aa I a? lb* ?era.i'h 4%'i(^.;*f of th* MTenUi da i*M*r ?ho wan also a (raal aatniloflaL I bar* a nalara! gift l> t?U oa?t, tr.-aewt ani falnra rrynta of UfW t bar* dttmmhad b taai i? 'InrHig mr 'raT.-uin Rarop*. I a ID 'e.l wb*J-."? yon are marrle'l o- alngt- alM how many tlmaa yen arw to b? narrlad. and how anon, and will abaw roa lha llkmieaa nt your ratnra bua' and. and will *anaa yoa V> b* ap*e I ly mar.-tai, and yon will aw>ir tha pilWI hapnlpeaa of ?alrim ariai h! aa and good lnrk throngh ynur llfk, I will aia>> ib'vw ?ha ilkmeaa of abaaat frlanda and ralatlooa had I wfll tall at trua all Iho oonearaa of Ufa, that yoa eannnt halp being aa tonlahad. *o rharga If aat aatlated. Call aooa, ar yoa wl3 aot vat the rhanee. OaaUaaaae not adaalttad. 7< Braoaa atraal,

? ar Oaiuaabta. MATRBiUKIAI. Aorrtlkmak, a rrrtdknt or rAi.iroRTtv now wblower. R yearaof aga, with no children, w inta ? * lie who will be able to return w ith blm about th* l?tnf De<- m b'-r tdie mnat be yonng, bandaotn- and well educated, in I l?e willing to make nklHIMr home a' prc-n' -li? wj'l mil on her nrTtwal a houae ? ? air bom*. PltaM a'Mreig II. F. W., Cnlon aquar* Paat idB<".'. A^m irorlro MAKroT.lnoir" ?t andt i*o~tii aortVrfT, tad of an afTertionVa dlaprHiilon. H d*alr? it>? iho *r<| la' ? of a andal>|c rourg lady or wido* .tiln Tiew ef mautmonr. I*lea?* addreaa, for aaeen daya, D O Farglg, Wroadway Roal oflic* At y rommiiDlra>lon* will bs I ? ? let ?" I 'infinallY. in. I k. pt at I Irtly rontldenttal. Matriho*"? AU- ?no -/Tvor So krartsTi i.tnr on her marrlag*, will berome poaar'ae 1 of Ih* amf'int. v<nth hirmne. he^ldea three i-uln ible eata'*? Iti '"tl ha. Wjhar.lceeaiied fiatlier a will nettherraa b? lier'a ttrjtl her man '? g*. fhe wlaheito make tb? actiualntanc- of a ?r9tl* man Wl'h a rlew to matrimony- on* who will allow nrr In " follow the henl of herfown IriNluatioaa. ' Any gentleman whoa* character will bear the aiiiatrat Ineeatigatlori, may re I J It (II 'eg* deerrlp'ior of HI* peraon. *e III* real naiae need rot be given. Adrlreaa, Car one week, I a*? CaaiMtto, hot I tin rbMadeiphla PoM o4?ee Penney Irani*. vi i.i.k, rmiIjR vn.i rrfF- pti7>ri:?iio* or aittoora 1*1 phy. (or rewhaf M ahararuir by ban.twriUiia,)and anirt tnalwr tlng medlwia, will ajpoa tb* rwaalpt nf Iw-tfr fie* eeaita (ot equivalent to poatnge ?tani|>a) aad aperlaaan of held writing, (addreia anl* -at.1 *ead m ?m neremi a fbali ifeila*i (ton oflhelr raUaoMf. wareag. dfaMay, th* rta* he\ will l?T* rir wt'l marrv. le Addreaa Bralle T.lle'le. .with returi poat Rraadwar, Pnat o?c*, g*<r Twi ll?a rggideatg Ma y tranm ' iWy.t^h <!?? I F _ w?l WW. I1 ITr(1^i?Vi/n<'0(^u').^J,TK,; HZ^TJ2 ***? rflt*)i jk<- Cmiw rLM?< omili fUi^Vr.c< "r'm*M^r' ,W1M *'j?art *?? on ii, n &i*!ire ' "? ?wim, alwet For u rugU w JT? |T ? * U,e foot w Oa?J <br < infill I* *""1"# ua?iiia<lM ttecooiiua m IK & wfu .^r,a "Z"'**4 ?!??".? t" KfiWAitn K noi: tMtrdftf UoWk A M "^ut'V if *re rT3u"a?J '? ?>? no P<?t oHr?: mr Jil' J11.1'*'*! mu?tp?^? tLrxgrhlUfl FKIifc-oV. Cant .m'* r,-tu?'e;1 1>"? "?*raahi? Baiurdr.jr, Oat. jS. jg Mik ih* Baltic. *.1 m? U> Hew York in re.luc*J l- i e ? ^roa* Liv^rpo/J until tardier uotlc?. poauda par Uic AND NOHTjTLfKnrOAW RO/AL MAII, Chief cabin P??aV TO ** Tt> lrv?""-oor.. ?*ciua i ?kui I'uumgi. u ? Chief ealiltt pu*,gi.0M B0"I(W w uveHWOL. 75 fr'acord r?i.u, f 110 * A It * i'l A rTi.t I H,' , ' 4liA, C?pt Lin* *H*, C?iii. h w 1,,,'it ' AJ'JJH/CA, CSipl. Wn-kmaa. Af RfOsi C'upt shannon rtuuA. A> Caf*- R/r,e ">w vewii curry ,i r!e*r ? hit!J i!a ,.'1' J' A-TT'.'^i'1 buw- "5 <?? port hoi ^U*t mV'U't-'Mj' ?r?*u CANADA, ijwig, 1CtVe 2oXjn"rk' ^ '? 1fw *f*'CA. Hi -H, on. ?' Sjt lfrt OuL s. |ftJ6 ^.AHAfc V, X eUrli. '4 HI. ;crk- W-ut?l.iy, O.-t IS, 1?5" ?JU'li.cs. ?? N *v V'ork '>rx **> ARAB'A. i-tufu .. K. At-) \, I .of. .1 . Wwlii,, .1 >4 N o?. Ii. l,5h < 'aAaIja. l,srff, ?? Hoi *,o w " ?* ^ N"t '*? 'MSt IWtlrt uo( ^,-iireJ in til ?ilue*f?y, ifov.ij, U.% An i'X|n't'itkui'tiu xurgfoi, i.u i, ?u'j ?iKor. bti'::.'.S;J,!oc,V JenoiVy "pr""- b" B!' " r"r * or fr"li;L; oi' 1 AUiUff ?pi,] , 1(J ? K <:^WAHn, Kd i BonrHut; Arem F1,^ ^ l?AV A N )r h ?nr>f Fj0r ?r<^~ nJ.w Cllopep ghij ? '?STiV^ F" u^;a0^t ^ow.k^t^77p^ WAKl) wi'! mii on'TTimJi'J'. , P"''ket ?hij> MaKTIIa .1 A. TKUj/k! * ur PWi?e H,?Piy J J; f ficiwiu^f!'^ V'ir^V'y, ay.? the MAOi>.r *-ll ns a' ove K?r pa^u'gc ^ V*|/'kiu IT1' ",0r 10 Ea" or .0 sSiISl' rs,;j i.rvK -ri/K nr-.^ positifrHr Mil 0,1 .'a*ardiv fS' ^ North rlrei . will i'WlloON v0 j "v/.ik ? )er h,li^ ^'0 flir?m?r sliin For p..M ngt apply Jo boar^ 01 Tn TrX0^ ^*'^r !i 40 Foutfc afreet. ?ind 3C Old ?iiji. vMsr A THK I'AflK KT c. HocaaXVaoo"h?^ 19 K4,t N^V'hTpwkfi KThyHrfl?s^ 4DAM82 el'- tF0^ ;hII7RR I'aKMB*, in cabin. ??obB? c?bin ?n I ' fjli ''1" t tlaK" "?r ^rU.t",r,7 ^,meriU1 ,0 ^ ? d?f October 8, IKML Oo?^& JL2 ? m .f.SJCra' ttil? on boaid at vltriH K*ii !Si L Kfi? H*n(1 t"r,r ocr CorMste.-,, N* HI IV.v'l^strr' t ' ^^^ON/KOIHKH^ ?BIRO* NKW rORK TO nAV/tf.' nriT"* r? , ~~ &KA0?. ^p.RnV/Sa 0k5??iAC"Pu!n Wlrfe. ?nd ate war it > fM, but wY?o*,t i.n.S ?lu'lai,r< provW0?? obUlned on InarJ Vhe^n,. ,^ ! !,','">r" w?':rh ??? ??? wellranf^ed/ AntonewK"^^,""?"*1^ U) T!?ll till* ship I I, A Km .1 niAdfFh!?, f - '"ia''1^r !h l*? eleven fr.iyu aod sere t teen |h??m iJUii1 f?"11'? lo aotutble rut^a. K,?, tlTI. ^ ...?i'l".!'- .^f1*1'' tak", at , ?? Ko. 4 Bowling dredn P?*a*? apply u> K.oe^ .VHU, SVAn HSSJSf^SofoTwThAf ?AIfD,0^^'OW er; NRW fir ?,? K 2 toln, kmHJ^ V' *' (owKjta J<tn ?<T and iioweriu! airawer< frot# Ko'ir'/ork^Ioj11 00011 * m n?**Z ? ??ds? s ^ r> FX>k bocth \vi>TDy akd havp" ' ~ naui lU'uiisi A*' vnO n . . ?" *THf, t ,*l i Kr Irate or I'm re, io icIi ,,l ?t <*ih and pa?wi>K?r? on 8,. urdiv ( >cto^H ?t' I /.^t t Pl-r So 37 Forth rlv.r, f?cHi i tu?"h ! i J* ?.""k' ,r"n' tint eabm,?iac ? '0fi4c..?.'o r^ tiKhlr t, ??rau>-Llr fuo,. ni' u 1,. -1. 1 M flv? w.d,* o I ooUMtoii ?r trM.iu -t-.c * i.iTuU no ' ***?} tJie pnuipa 1 eloR ftv?u. vor*. fee <al I, of ii I .tL w ? 3 .-euri.t, rf, ' ,' roya?e KhoaV i,n , -tit ?D board tCdl* ; Ir.ll '?urt3?U>* ' b?k?w.' For frrlgU: or Z?* T?,fv kM port on Ihiirwlavcif ?' ?. p'.Vk ?7rJ? ? Z th* kb"v' bferjd. cAl ' ^lV rh? HWff VUo win Hiiceeod Slef lu?f " fcA'p,y 10 *???* KJ8. * an. i'oiaikr A' (i..MnroJui ?^t r'f ' T K A CITY OF W\H l^ .^i v s.?""', ' ^ ' *"?' teik-h; iri V0^ * K? A. U" K.r,*?, nomurnn^ City ?.( M int lirnter... ?Or?ob?je. City U Haltuaiir* ' ???? ?mimXZ "* ? ") "f Manchrrtar i?rt'>rt 'h',r tlty ?<f llaltlaioi r do. *TS?m2$k*-*" ^ro^uX j'r0r^ u? dS3E-aaS?5 iat-.'ws 8;^ar >*?. ? For fALiroRxiA? vf.w vork ani> ham fram efcuo SlM?ir?hl(i I lua, ?!?? Nlcai agua ? Slioitent rnui" by 700 tniira ? Prlrra great)* reduced.? The new and aptandi* (team ?top If X Aft, pKOtoc ibtinli'-a. will Mktl fro? pier M of Ilrarh aiieet, Km tn river for Sna ,ln?n ile N caragua. am t'rl An*. Oeioher 14. IMM at S O'etock P >4. to conn. >n with the ? ratiirr SlKKRA NRV Vt>A, from S?n JtUtn dpi Hur, on ilia Purine, 'or K*n Vi aotlaco 1 v, II II n 1 tin* Ih ? hialih eel ard clicapmt rout.* Flftv p*UB<t* l>,t?ftnge allowed racli pa Mngcr 'I '"II cent t Mr pound on <'101 ??. HATr.* or inom ??* vork. 10 .?AS? Jt i I b*l ?W? Ti) <A* In-!in. ling Ivthm'H luii'lt. Flrxt Tallin > Flrat I ' lblu 9I'"> . U(l " . ? I'i> Hertl'td " IZ1 Heer iae 26 M'*e raja 7ft For freight or pnvnir. arp'y lo CU^KLK-J IfOROAfi A SORS. No. 2 Bowling green 1*. V P)R R*W ORMEARA AND R AT ARA.-TWK CNrrFd HtiOfl* mali Mraniablp t'All.tH liA, J. f?. Hol'orh. mm minder wtil ciniimnea receiving trelght on WedO'-aday. O - lobar S. aa4 aall tor U>e ab<ne p"r*? on Mondir. Oct *T 15 al 10 o'clock A. M 1511 a of ia tin t of g?<da Hlnt.p.-.l m urt t-e aeot In ;he atcnlrg prertowa to Im toy of Millug. Ho M'to of ladle* ilgned titer the a'c, mar a?Ha. LiVfUOBTUW CBW UJCRUM A CO . II Part placa. ABMRAMA -OOODBTE, ARK KM. A RM.I )T'R IV 4^1 *D<f' nt 'Ine. The -pi -ndiJ A I ei pi?ar nbija \ R IKI. ttlll N<rnil the Ocean steeo for R. ISnnrac ai.d htve prompt <*e?palrli "lto- rlii.p. r ali.p KOHKRr T KR tT, for e>dn.'V, will Mil i n th?* .ftdi ?i< teb?r. The 1 KOPIl will alao i ?? d?-? Mk bad for rtfdnev in a few daja. F*i freight or pia?a* ? jy the above veaacl* app! j on board or to the ifllce, St Paarl ?'ri ai, R. T. A CltRAMA PIONKKR LIRR, A K?r > >iam IMl r<r> Itu- the 1 tided ftatea Ma.l Failing regulai Iv on or b?f ve t?c day a-i??rtlaed. f>n fa":rd??. Koraiubei I, fwlt o* tiot full. Ro freight i e^elved after Frt?<iir, MM Inalani. the iimiuftlle I and avMe clipper ttop HIRRRn All A, ir.Wt-Miar. gtater. brain banp'. ma-t- >*. t? no v ree< ivlng h< r r*i ji. at p.rr o Ra?? rlv?r. ?u 1 Will pcaHMrri) aall a* above For freight or paagagr. Apply i* R. W. t'AMKRoV No C Rowlin.' green ?IgW fcl'la ff" ??!#, ar t roih alt in-^a mjd.' n.en'?. Co.i?igne? a .n AnMr.ilia, Meaars Wilkiunoo. UriHliera A ?.V. ER MRI.RnrRRR ACJ?TRA!.IA.-?ITTT;AL I.lff* I he m?|nlfWul A I rll?p?r ahlp tl.ARA WIIKKI.FR. u<na borthpn. De'aoo. ronitaan ler. will l.?re tbi iiaa?l prqppt d??|"?trh of thin popniar Una. hatng the ttortv <lr?t va aelneinat rhed by the nnder?lgr?ed 4nrtng the p 1*1 three yjt, witto at a d-ath cr aeeidrnt or-nrrlng on Ule p i*4*gr? out I he aec< n>ni< v'Kti<' ? for ra?aenifw? bm e haaa arrange J wch due rep*rd for hralvh st d comfort, tielng airy and well vaau iated. Rarlj *|iii|I<! itloa abould be uaite t? ?acnr* rliol. e bertha Apply tn 'h.- a*ent on hoarA at n|er " R .v* rltrar, or to M All tJm I 1IH I' A yl KltKAli li# Wjf ref*. FIR KRW ORLF.Afcfl -IIOLRKR- MR* J"*TU<PO*| tirel? on Mi'tvlnr 1Mb. the anlei III paekr< <hip MAIT? ?>F OIIJUM, ? apt. Pcnnla. Tlua nonle veaaei h*- ?uf"rU>r ?ccommodatli n Rvr paMPriitera win will ha taken M node raia rate*. Apply on tx ad, ptar 17. Raat river, or lo TaPR IdT A CO . ?>? tu'i'b aireet. rR S W ARS An ARD FLOniO \.-l \ITri> 1T AT*< ??<a<l I lae -the Keamer KNOXVIM.K. Capt C. D L'td I low, will leave on % r lnewdav. Oct t fiirm piet Ro. 4, Rortk rtyer. at 4 o'eloak P. M Bills of lading *Umed on biarrt. For ? i M <.r paaaage app'v lo a I M I I < 1 1 1 ?.??. 1.1 Hroulwar. Hirniiah ttrltnf* frr.m Vew Tm i ?> .1 . ka ? ? Wl.tii'll.t k% MR fteatner* tor ? lorlda ronoTt at Parannah with tAe rtcameri from Hew York on Taeadnya and kalnrdaya. FB CIIARI.RRTOR. C --TTIR PPPFRIOR HfniT wharl M< I.mahlp STATIC OF ORtlRUI \, fap'a.n .1. J. (Ian la. will Kali from rhlladplphl* f>r i1itr!?alon on ?atnr loher II, al 10 o'cloak v M < *l>t t-avaape, wllh very a'U'T'.ir alaieroom aecnmm'*lation? ?jn vteei rfe-1 ?*. Tha Wateol (leoreia will aall again %a t'nreon NaMtnlay, Onto het 2ft. The RcrMone State aall* for Savannah on Bpltlr day, October I*. IIKROR A HAKTIR. Agenta. B7H North wharrn. Philadelphia. FO* RORFOI.R ARI> PRTRRSBtTRO.? TITK UVITRD Platan mall ateamahlp ROAROKR. Captain Thotnva Bklaaer. will leave for the above pUo?a M Weilneaday, (Wh lout., at 4 o cloak P M , front ptor IS Rorth river. She will atrlva *t ? rfoik the aett afleriio-*, and Pclarahitrg tha tol lowing morning Paaaeeeera for the wffl proceed di rectly on by the greai Ho'.tham mail line lo Oliarleaton An girata, savannah, Ae. Ihoae fhr Rlehinond will trrlre at their daetinai Ion ear'' on Friday moraing. Traveller* WtQ find Una the cheapen w-?*,ite?i and atoat wtp-dWona ronta Paanaga and fart, with taiaroom. ta Rorfolk. tH. Pwtertliurg awl Richmond, $1* Apply to M'Dl.AM A PI.lASAlts, % Broadway RMATTAt. MHMMWOt IT \N RFOATTA < I.r 1^*1 1,1 I A . | Oct I .4 Th? reewUr meetidBr thla e' , brM at their rooms, Waahloftnn Hatei.^Hliiirariay ?rewlng. atrowssr r AmMMnciram. BROUGH AM H fcOWKBV THRATKR. >Klt?.3 l/l aMIUialoa. i >r>? Ub?U ?kt OrctiMtm feate.. Mceuta Uo?c SOMlO. I ft. MU Uate?ry ....its onula. fiiratr Bo??? Five dollai*. UlanUoo of time IfrKira opwa at 6;? . to mwm at 7 >4 WKliNiv-OAT EV*Sh>U. OCT. 3 lii-G. Ui? ?erfTrmiw-Ci-a *111 c jmmnua n't'h an wlapu't m a* OK, THK. 1'IKMaI. <iMF. HI jTltWUT'Oll or CHJJIA01 Slut Cb'I.i 'ark, a aav-u: c ?Ltrc owner, '??* et pratterte," Mr HrMgfcui Old Tiff, nook. h./uwkeoper, gardruer and m\M of nil wo>ku>tbe ' J'c-?umu" Mi.T. D. Bio* Harry (Sortlun, the Blum brother Mr J R V< Doaouj^ Tonu (iui.Uo lu? leKUim.iK toa. a roue *ud aeape grn?o Mr. A. T Mortoa f>red, a ratawky outUw. dwe'JUag u> the an- amp, Mr < 'onrad CUrka Mr. Fr?-*fri'* Aufrnstua Cervin a prim old b.iclm lur. onti ul Ulti. Nina's rrjeuu-d Mr. Whiting Klua Gordon, the l.tjjres- of latietn* MvUmr Poni?l M(?. Cilflik, till- I'jiug wltr Mis* Kale UeigunJta la. ?kc with r hp # bunR SJ ju- Ka?. r I In/thxnt -1 'ui Orel., mm din-clad by Mr IK.Jwurtli, wili porlurux a cli lee f Mif I'llOlt 111 (: ITI"S Omul Pax Jo 1 cuk . .by Mile* EruCfcUoe aud A urns Ue nartle ' lo couo tde t?.U> I'O-C' A-HOH-TAS. Powh?Jh a Mr. I?r->u?rhaai Juki* Sir. Itli Mr J?tii??U<inn I'o c? hon tu Mi? t'iuwy Ouabain | BLimWd IfJ;\T THEATRE, BBOADWAl, Gl'POSITM hoi a ureei I'll mo?l baau'ifal bonne in the wsrM WHCKK^DAV? A treat c >inl>inaii< n oli'erel of lUiol) Pll i:hs AND UK., at ACTING). The popii'iu aril el.-^aut comelutta of > AIM I1KAKT NKVKK WOtt F-UK LiDT, by Mr K. Imv. nport Mia K. Uave-iport, MUs P*un> The be?v.til'ul re n il/, i Kira" fivorl'e of THK QOKEN'S Hl'dliAND; Oi Wurr.s Tiieke'3 * Will 'fuui't a W.vr, liy Mrs V li.i*.. -i, Mr. t'. Fi..h. ?, Mr Mark Tin- lie* ..ttUUUiv ai.rrciuu ul b>illH ca'led 1A MAIA l)it NRVll/' A. in ?U>?1 M lli* l'tirjr i?arif and Mr. (). nmllh wlil appear aidi it !-,y ? full Co jiv di- Balli t. Kc?r uvi'rti"f? ?id ia?-oHlr grma, fr itu popular operas. pUtnlbj tli'' ui Oribratra 'iLet riaii.tiia fa ci' rnlirel) stipoesofu!, oT ? wick i;iii.iit? in w lil?~!i Mr bu Ion, Mks t'olljr M?ish*ll and Mrs A P;uker will r(*>< nr. To roonow, Thursday? Flivt time ''>?? '? Hectwton' * capital itrtU i, in 'brre ettr. * ilii !.<?? Mjrnfr v , i f 1 IIF WKKriCI.KfJ; OR. * lUtKWf ATflRA, in v 1m b Mi, n,il Vi. I in vi nporl, Mi Ituri.i Mim Polly Mar b!>all, Wi 0. riJivr, Mr T. rlictdi- ic . wi.i appt-u1. /^^fjajiiwi.rh atmxt thiutkh,. \.J fl^>t? U"o-ti.o'?? Parq> ?U? '?> c*at?; Boii-k. 6" otuU; iteoojJ UroM. U rMk*. "ri/a'A JJoicc* >S f uller Mr. E. Kd lj (<r?at hit of the new n itimial orama of liOBSK SUi IE KOiJ[N:>0N will be arVJ tbia evoiinit with 'i IIF, Ul ?' lull LOVRP. Nichols* Mr. Olrau WOOI? i. MA?S'5 .i :'TRHTI,K r<>MKD) A1W, HBOAilWAl V A H ikTli'^S, 472 BKOJJJWAT, Henry Wool Iluhlneaa Man'gar It ?i hia^e Maiio^or Will produce the bemilifu' dr&ina. THK lHi?U UKO'J.MMAHtCU, li.t<-i?prr<f rt Willi lnsh ?ou;;a lo tot'cl j'lo '.vttu THK IKVNCHtl.KH Prirctpai cn.uactera by Maaier u. W ., Uitle Mary and I<otiiae. l>ms op*i a at 6K>; commen e at 'V; o'rlocK Tiuketo i-tFO. CHHTBT\ *WOOr?'.! \JT MINHTEW.3, 444 Broadway, below Ui ai.1 (treat limnrj Wood UuaUieaa Maaagar '.teo. t liiiWy sdUr Manager on ii * ? r >? r bis n ma. N'FliRO MXNfTItKI.SY. ConalaluiK wlJb, 1?*. week, tbe htgkli auoc.W at drama ?t war t o, thi RRtiaiauL uottstr. WK,'.>, the MorVn 'iM. Chtuty Tickuta. 25 cti.U lo eonuneort. at 7 ^ o c-'irjlt CITT AfvkMBLT BOOMS. OPERA iu (lie DRAWIN'i ROOM. Tllf. OBANr> LYRIC OONORBT will ti*c place no WEDNESDAY G?i MN n OOt. 8, on which occealoa MaJsuic aNNA BE I A GBaNUE. M nUuna BERTUOCA Mah.ET7.EIC. Aid* ADELAIDE I'llILIPP* r U.uio SlKItHSBF.RO, ignor BRIGKOM, SigBor CEFE8A, Bigmora AMODIO and (JOLnTTI topri ther Wilhj? ri'U. CnPltlM A3 V (.KivD obciikjira, mi 1 the cn'lre ITALIAN OPfKA COMPANY, wiH appear. Tin jirogramu.:- * i t oamprfcN (Ue gems f if fin STAR OP J UK NORTH, With eeieetUMi from LtrCUKA, *!OULM-rK, HARRI^RR. Conductor Max M ArtwHnwrn One Ik>?m ho i '.ii i charge for iwiiriaf ?ea' ? l-r iti;n be imuikI at lu< ? " i # A -?. nbly R ni.ns, 4lf Hr^a.;-. a; and * IliU .t ,'oo's, zi? Hto uiw >y I'oor* opfo n i a?no*' a" ? o'ekv k. 1JHC UOU \M'S RoWFIR f TilEtTRK. J> 1 nii'AY, ir :i f?ri wu l.cui'lit of MR. W DAVIlMiK prior U. liU frp iiton U r 'Lc South. Tl.c grcv. ,li amu by .'o'aa l?r? ofl an.. l*.aa entiled IjKKD, #n 1 ome n uik wuU i ?/ <)i irci Al.i. lllAf UI.TT1KRB 11 HOT UOM>. Mittba GlbM, Mad Pot.ial . Toh ? 1 ?? Inkle, (aa origlialiy p.#rfor.*i -d b> liuu *u America ) Mr W litril|r Box nook now open (^9\zl> exposition or American indpotr r, at the ( rratal i'alaoe Auutl I'iir iA llie Atne-uan Inalttnln, la now op-n til the jiublic frtxa 9 A. M. Mill 10 o'clock, P M.tlalr I bat as* ari*a of th't I'a lac ta lil'e : with H e rbicceat iro.lur.ina of American g?ntt>s aril skill Ibc ? ho'e iruAtUi of lt?na blae arcade U et.-u pled with the rn*. It, tern .ti::g iiiM hlnar- <'Trr at tha faiiMif tb a HiUUltr, by ?e\ poiyprrii ?:? am erginr*. l/??lwurtli 'a HMrakd band ? 11 p.- rifarai evry eienlng. m?w' ? \ wj 1 uenday ?id Priday ey?uii?#i. Ai'iniitjrco, '.Scent a, chidiei hm.'^i ii ? ARi?.~STitA!*oT- ps in m <:ty. bear in mi vn J Iho Kunkim Mu?ciim U No. IS} (irk i<t aire"t. one door I'l.,:) I.UKCt.i;. 'ILo tfirraoM pri runnmcn u alwuy t run rluiled by hail psxt 4, gifinn ail ample lime to rna.-fc ibe bo>ta ??iii cmi. Tin- full liutipe oi Mo?Ie! At tie'*" appaat. THRATPK, ClIAKLRfTON, B. C ? JOHN HI.OA.lf, Mi n?8er. will pneillrelT open for Ike m??in on Mo >4iy, Kmatiil-er Conitiaav wni tail frutu .New Vurk o.i or about 2s*!) f>t ( K"<vf. liu. natiro will be |iren 1,- tli-ri o'i Iju-i d"?h l Ay beadure?e<l Jobn siowi. Cox * bhaJi-*, Tbamea iinct, New Vo. k. Dramatic KT.cruTioN.-i.AMts am? .ismti.k meu t ail rrt't irr a iboroiifh iii'Uoi In Ibe aoor<> art, ilnPK ? IHi | raotlt a! Iohm tin in stage boalnraa, by rainioR a ??|.n 'ahic ilrm -nt r aworUUon Apply personally, or uy roil- to .1 M ttiOKK. (la'e of Ui? Bownrj an! Na: o*isJ ilxatna) at No. IS t'luct street, llrooki/n. N II. ? Ladirs wt'l irct'.ve graiuMoaa lostru<tM>n TRB ORF. AT lot AMA or dre:> wim. be THROWN ir Ui>- shade nrit week by a n^w b\iiW^t?, wit'en bv a ce'rbrated an, and product ! under tbe di.''?riijn of riisi Ir Wblle i ntltled DN.TjR jefk, teiilete wl'h new sppolnt ni rnoMTf, Ao. I^iok Out for Mon(*?y r 'rlit, 0<i I.I, al OBARl.KV \SllirR'-i Opera House. 4'J nwcry. N. B.? Pevaral novntlPNarr in pre,>*ru iou. Torek op the best eif.tcs or the bbaso*. at 1>I ItlO.N'Hnew nut beiiii'lful iln atre, llns oveuiug. All Uie prli eipal n?.a>brrs of Ibe filar i Mnpany appear. riv) MANAOKKB 0?" THE ATBK?? "PEED, OE TUB 1 DlflAli sw *MI'."? tills dra-nA ? abir'.iv u> be nro ?lurid rl I'ainnni'K Amnriran Mn?etin> Minivers witblaf'* ?* III piesse address the suibor, at bis resUenea, No. U0 East fnitv lif.h street, Ne? York. II. J. CONW if. I)'*m?tiat H' I IT< lit 'OCX ? rRt K rONCERTrt AH* HELD E.KKT -J Wedtieaoa/ and Saturday eei'tilng* at Ui* Eou.ttiia "ls>ern, ITS <*ai a! alrtel, botwrea Mou and Rl aabelb s re*ts Select It n ' any. ("oil M> *in*. both o"tuc and neUtmi'iital, snd aeti,owl<'i*ao<l to be tba Iteai coaUncte4 tree ooncarta in tbe eilf . Comment e at 3 "'clock. Fon rale? a rare chance to makk a pom tune? A psnorarna of Kreiront a Orerlan.l Ro>itr to < a ilmnU, palntnl in IVf and 'tti. will be *oid at a imrx?in the owner l a r* i.o itrne t?> av< ml to it. Apply to A. A. i'l k ti \ N. Iroy at can- boat nOic pier IA N'ltib rlrer. N. T. TEATRICAL-WANTEO A rt'LL COMPANY. FOR aihaair* tiear Ne? Turk, alao a :?dy danecr and an oi per lew -i prompter, capable oi takinu ohnri.' m Uio ata?c ai' night. Mars rntl r'r way Kaat will ploaac addroai Lbarles E. Matbrwa, atsg' aaoaftr Herald owe*. NKDICftL, A LADY M D < CBTB DYBfEPHI A, DI?E\SE? OP II er ><<? . ' k'.H. bladd. r. An ?tone, dta^etaa. Ineoa ? i m n!r. hi or day; iitTetorata rboti oauam, chills and pcrrow d!*?>oi???. Casea |lsr? tin l.y oth'ra partV'ilarly de-lri'd Apply al ' '9 Sixth aveatia, from la] P. M. A^HIADYM D. CtJ&XB, PBRB OIENTLT AND QCICK H Ij, djspepala. Bmm of the lifer, h-art kldnsya, fl lailile Ac , slot a. ilia' et?a. iprotiilnenc ? of urine, mth or ,;ny ln?et?r?'|. rkemnallam. eMIla and n i nis ilisctaoa. I ts?e*clrei up by others tm; tkulariy de-in i. (K 679 ? ?Ui arcane, Irotn ID A. M. lo 2 P. M DR. I.ATIMONVH PARI' AMI LOVOON MKDft'AO Adrtaer and M*rrtot;o t)n'd>; J Ui edllioa, 400 psrn I#. ? ?loetroiyped lltnatrailona. r ? .. *l It ft? ? ihe ?ie. , mar 'i n.' dlea, aad shtw* the suprriorit) of tha a i^ar'i Tart* and l/tndi n 'r>" tiranl <?' tamtn urlnart ilisuatea. Iierrcua de'inlty w? O at <! general. Hum rtee??. a. Ac lfa c.irea all au -h lis 'Mim a' $'i Ml I.-W street, rorucr of Sprli.g, o. pcsite J.e m \'.l . ma II. ? . fiem 14 A M i 111 9 P. M. wi rraoiniw? 4 Ur I artacad lo the afflicted.? Cvari.' dee Euta lata, S lata la fl>lt |,i?. I D""i_WARir* t'-NroHTCNATR'S PRIEND I* Til* HE plua ultra of orrtaio niadiaiti<,a, and but raqairea to b<^ know i to meet with naleeraal appronat'oo. and to s??ap I >r Wan. a? the grcatcal In nefac ,-r o'tta day. Dr. Ward barebv olfrra a t ward of tA.tski in any phyrfeian who aPer a P rower demnna'ratkso can cure certain dl>eaa(( wltii apulu nnl I i-r! t, ea?e, aa ' ' ? and chaapaaM at ha ean. Innn met able case* ptOhieaa in detuiuai.; a>l the C.KiUjrs can do, but b> hla wonderful aneeinc and ht? perfoet k-owlw.lg? af OTery ?' age of the dtaeaoe be eltbar allodatea or curwa In one da*. Tboae who dotiM thla should call, aad h wl,l CU'etintt witkoi.i c'wge Kirncmiier a ?h > ts>Mi Urge ring for weeks and tnonUia, drlnkii a nxnaeoua eota notinds which dewro/ the stomach, ami swal, . wing ? oloiaoiia rilla tiiat m i!ei mine ll.e cot.aUtuUun.ttat by naming m l?r iTARli yott may K a few bonra emjoy the nleaanrna of HA> si. re' ib'l lilclm I 14 Ir-naell again." Pl.c-H, i uial strea one door eaid of Broadway. DjipEALPn. AUTHOR OP nH B PRai TU; AL' pit eala Tr?aliaa, Ao . nrtcaa. IK1 n.'iif ?- atr*el,Va Wm ter. Ilo ua, ? to la A M.. 11 to t P. M . Rundaya "teepteJ Wy /?pt'linaiion In the reeeat ataga of ijtaea* - an Ina'antan^.tg are la obulrad. Iu swtetara. from tha earlloal to tfc* nod 'Tanned atat-, alao la aomiftal weskn' aa. apan iar rh aa, tm| ? t< rce and all gaelu n-lnary d aaoa^k h- ean gosranto* i>? net and radical eara*. with" I p*lnf-i. ..peranens .tfais ?Its w.rtlcltioa oe troehtneonie reavletinna. A new itmdr iHm merruiial tre*l' ?nt In ol'l ataoiiittUnaal dtaaa a Coa >nlta?iotis enofWlenOs Prtrato saaU Ihr w ? Un* Par traai meat letter, aMteat bci m I -ot o?ea tiraeel ottaa, aathma. ..japepitA rbe tmaHam. Ac euceeaafa'.j f^Jd DRR. O kRTOW AND LET AT. POPO * OP TfXX CWLE I higted ]> a. Bieoi'd aad Velpean. of Parta, 1% t enahy [Street frnr *acr? from Hieoekf, sure promptly nil kin- hi of Il'f-rwi- ( due ho i 1 or g-mieater ?< I A. M , and 4 to TP M. for ladles, pr'mt* and special cousnttalion*, fraak S'o 1 4, And T >0 > P M. Prl?tMk II' E HATE REEE THE I.ABIE3 PR IBRD, AND ("AN >> nothnlf^ardV PEHToNa.! pH.ianthroohrt 11^. lataly baa ptaafc7s< mach r1aab^jyrae>Ha hi Ma paen'.vt .lepartment t.f mad.eal grlrnea Tke Ms?ar ahatfettt* of Ilia J.rae' qo I'eee so ra;iyj>f ?*eo?oiaa<j iw pet tiaal, 1 ? an t.e rbtalaed freool rWteby ralli^, ?n lh? XpBLO** QARPKN Al Doota open at 7 , to ? Tiokata fflUflLWlf ITIMM. OOt. S. 1 , mil NiunT of I he Unprecedented eonag-mer.t of the WO?ltE*fU|, K A TKLS. OLOitions TKit urn or M ROHF.RIPI, itromParu). 1 AUghahle nm pie ee, entitled aLANClIK: UK, lUi El TAX. T ITtrM The Connc a.NTOINK as M kM FKAKCOlb ? ?w in the comic pantnm me of TIIK SMBPT MAP.RUO*. \ OI'NG ITKNOI.Kjt ai.d A. ClII aRINI ou (h? Tight ?it morrow? Oei man Opera N'gtit Hi rel Niubt*- Momlayk, W ?Am? 1 art and Prtdafa Gr uiau Opera Mghu?unadAT" TVu-adar ? M ft UPKCIAI. NOTICE? A1TKKATION of TIM*. Oil mid after Monthly, OcL 13 the doocs will op Ml at per: irmancea to commence kt 7.'? o'clock. WAI.Ii ACK'S THRATRE TilK AL'TUOK Of I/WnOV ASSCR ANCR. To ?uiHT. Oct. 8, for the BENKUT of Mr DIOIT BOUR'IOAPLT, >o?e hrUlian* comedy, prolurfld in Na.t V >rk Uil? nvvolh, n.i ? i yt ?r -.?Kri ha? delighted U ousanda of aiidteaaa^ hi d i? t-ci 11 iiitr at t ugov erflowlag b tu?ea, with thw uiitataMa cast, crinfcfx'.]'-, tin- grra i ?t aiu> e i'? product!?* in Loadoa. Hi ULAKK. Wi LE?T1?K Mt AVAI.OOT i;i? iiorr. M'l* GUNf-O*. Mr. HI IcKRTT, Mr PilTMM. Ihe an Imr, Mr Hourclcault, app<- irl-ig !a the character Bt Daize, white MISS AONK.-t BOHRBTfeOIf, 1 Mf I .vnir STIK, ac-pp!?tiefhiira',t?rot Grji-e lJj?rk.?wa/ to rc*l>r pttffcS this perfo'in?i?v> 11.- tint oifihl ihu ?e?, on -?f Ih* wre 1 : ?! 'urn i. 1 lh PHANtOM Tba HpeMrt* . Mr Pio-i UiirdeMS A a Kaby ....Mim '.ijiies tiu'ierUMB f. Retf* . ... My Itvroaflg Oat J Mi G UoUftMt l!ox book ro? a* i n lor fcecunrift eenta. lioura open at of, ; to comment!* at 7. A CAIjI MY OF MUSIC TO I rT-OW THR OFF NMIIVS .fx of the ooeiu, for rnucerU, le?;iires 4c Arr.tiuuotta for four thousand pcr.iu. t Price, i ?r uigUt, $.i w. lurtad iiijj lit; tit PAI.t, .-'RA80N. 1 li>* p?ic? for hali ni? li_- has been reduced to $780, (iicladiag 1 tin- privilege* ol III l>ar.-<. (upper room aud cloak ro?ia t- f pui i' villi lie llghl>ng uwt it><- A |> ?!? to N. Wu MULi <j> liie ''oiuiniUfe, ku 0 hoiith tireeu ItNUM ri AMKRICAX MU-kL'M - BK APPKABAMB Of UeiMsr*! Joui :hii". ?. |irei mit?nl? to iii.i annonnoat departure for Kunip# W< .lin nilay ti. t H? fc.vrniu<{, at ullflriiooL at 3. CeMr*lTMn Ibumli, aiu^r whlcb th? wusieal ilinna ol 1 1IR I HfLD of TliK KB?IMRAT. The l;.rgMl f liOkeeUi the wo- Id are ali.! to lie been here, jiul reoiireA i ui .u^ica and WVy ng ai length riom ten to th.r ji tive feel each 1 KK?> a. ive reh-nrstJ. an I will ahortir be |>r? due< d J be f?> m f Iji-ly, lh- lluppy FaaftUri 4o , Ao , are aB 1'iU ,-eca here )tt, ?i'li .ut extia charge. AdmtUaaoe *? everyiUI' g, 23cen!a; ibtldrea under ten, I2S c?ti BUClCljRT'HriKKRNAi'KKe, II U.A., 6ns Broalway, opposite Nlbio'a IMMKNMB :VCCK>., of the uew i xLmfavmz*, ?t I MVS IN T1IK Ml. OF, In wh'ch lleorseanJ liuhop Uui kley *iU pectev the | mil u?'f oi' AKltmaiNC TH> EARTH TO TUB HOOK. i'lecedlug w hieu, KTUIOPIAN MTNSTRftPT. < ooa uKineea at 7'* ? cljtk AduultaMe Wl Orrfceatra Peiua, btJ cenla lu rebc*r> al , 1IKKI), OR, TnK IlI.iMAI. SWAMP THK CAMPHBLLB AT KMPIKR HALL. (I.ITK let'*,) wo Utoadway, ai" ve Mihki'i Monday evenln*, Oct. ti, and e^ery ntght during ihe ?e4k. RKVaM a KaU.OB) f OAMPUICU. MlNSlK'.M^ hi a raittty of ronii, danee*. burV*.|ues, 4c , with Jjtm Diamond, THK OB AMP10M DAKOBR. Door* oped at 7 , to cuinmeDce at a quarter to B A <iaiHtoa. 'Soeala Great fair <>v thk ammm -an iNsnraTB. Mr Tin: cmsrAi. paLa^k Iii.-i'ay K>(.ii?o. (KToaaa T, OKA Ml COAOaK T, Py Dodworii'ii llaad, commeu^tug at 7J^ 0*e!o 1c. ikogkahmb. 1. Overture, "Strade'Ia" Fljto^ 2. l>uMU>, ? Tbr St?nllj*'? Farewell" Kit^kew 5. Po !^a, 'HuTKars" 4. eoei.i aert Aria "Sutiet Mat?r" ltoa?? ft. ' WecaWald" Fataoaoli 6. March, ''M.lanollo '. . Hf laTKlIHIKAl it. 7 roktnaiff M Alia, ' Naburrfl" v*twl V m in; "St ir oi J o ? " Wall, tee ?u Ui op " i Lant' ? Ttu.i ei" Kuhaer I' Aru. Mieu. '.ello" Aubar U' March fiummerbUfc* (uxiw . rlb'r celehra'rd b?n1 ?i!l u Tfoi'ii erery <? .'?nin* dturu i! tbo ??eb, cou.meiii in^ ?t IK o'clock. A't'u ..*aoe 'm een.f. i ?%!' ires b?if price plUMiKY WillTK'H OPKB? liOUsK, ?<i KOWKBT directij opposite t!i? ttowe, V thei'iv - Comm n? mni ol ihe en u nji vcw. Tli > m?a' mn ifu> .m I o '.g.n.l nalah 1> iment is Allu re l a ronataut a .* on of tratiirna are Dlfthtly 'nlri?.U"'-d fir anrpisaiag any atutiltf ept.Tl?' >m*al i ouimeiiees i. a quarter before 8 BC( Kl.l k P LKRKNAIH-.RV OU> li Al.l, K? UROaI* way, to l?t? For tb. L'ric?i?, concert* nn l ?uii.:5 uu et ii r* t'apahle i f hollu K two ilwiuniol pe >pl - A^tply la J iK BCCBt FY it SONS. 04UD/-?niil OHM 1> A dmim' m .r.Hotuli IUCIUUaV. <m r?>.?KK IAV. Fir?t time in .aimrlca I.oit/ r.'a heu r.lfui fairy oturaMT > SM.Ni 1 he plot U taken fiom toui|iic ? w Li kniwr fain taS* Mimical Cat! Har|iaaa AT AT ION A L CIRCUS AN1? THKaTKR. PUII.4IMII, jLl pbla ?The ladle* ?m1 gen: l?met> en '?gnd ?t th? a ...era ?1*0' of an i.-rtr.ciii will N^in'.le in Uni (rroii i?m, ?? Oriobar l.\ pit i-nrjUtf ? lu Ul>- opening 01 the ?*h J il AUiilt, mutt* Manager. B'ltANKMN AfUFKUM, 127 (IRANI) KTRKRT, ??? 1 ill or from Hroa.lway ?5 wo perrorinanwa riwy d?a r< mmrn' n g ?i .T o'rlm k la 'be nli"rniM>n Mid at h?:f iuIII* the < rrnlag The aburc In the only place of ?biuhmsI IB Nw l ulled Mate* when the Motel Artlat ?? ?r? eiluOiiad fbo troupe romitiM of twenty mil Tounfl adiea. (1 *Nl>Tl>0 l'T.RTt kB.-PKtTPn.LT ANNOCHCH* W ' til* frUila ai. 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M?d*me llfc'.K I I I t' * MAHRT8PK Mat A lifcl.A I OK. PHILIPPB. Madame aMM. Sicror BBIONOI.I. Mgnur CUt F. HA, f ?i.-?? \ MODTO and ClM.K together with a rcu caoat ? *m> mini onraaaraA. 1 he full! a ITALIAN oPhR \ CO*r ANT will appear. i-?kt it. l Aria, "l.urtrila Horgla" <?t?iv>r A? J ? !* 1li<iiKrol?e Madam* t<a (Iran S. ' It, n.t?l Klto'etto," (by PKJ'ie.l Manor 'MW ?. Aria "Mar lucre" M?a Philip S. Hal ,i,| fiotn "Marlie'h" Madame M?r?U ?. Trio, I.Hc a/ia boriia ' Ma4.?n?e La (iraaga aad riigaara lirtKaoli and Ammllo. Oorx!"o?or ?<* MuraR Adftiu??.n Oar dollar. No eaii a clianr* ^>r aeeurlnc realn. saalamiy be aeonred a' uie, UUr Aaaeiahtj Room, Mi Broodaay, ai.d at Hall k Son *. VI) flr??ilw*y. Di'oraapco at 7. rumaenn at 8 o cMrk. Flat* imuatr, pi.atr.-tbr htaboarh axvb nor ilrauia, aoo all "thee pn ll?h.Ml p^tva, tor aala by ?. CRFM1I, 121 Nlweaa atroet N?w Tork pftn each; ten lor $1. boon.: vliim. a H. A new play piibMhMl every ' e?k. 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