Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1856 Page 5
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Um Becth." That la predsu!ycur opinion? read It, by ill The Hew Yurler, a weekly paper, of the 4ll? In* taut, WUlM the following paragraph ? Hmi? SoYCtxaiBT The alarming condition of I/>uii Napoleon's mind suggests the prvbaui'Hy thai a ohang ? will toon be required tn the government of France. U <s?s not teem however, that the blood ? JoHepNne baa sofBclently distinguished its e f In Una Emperor to be taken ?way from the currciu of royalty. The Napoleon family ls? Hebrew oiigln. The drsi Napoleon was an Italian Jew, and it would cot be dllttoult to traoe the blood of Jo Mfhln u to the luraelUea. It la a singular tact that all Ihe great monarch* are of Jewish origin, but this la easily ao ?oiinted lor by the promises recorded In the Old Teetx Beiil All the external gifts wt re to be the Inheritance of Uuse people, and as tbey have the leading haul iu all tks fiscal ailairs of the world, so they have the reins of all political government. W . do not know what the re unit of our next Presidential contest may be but an Col. FremoLt is of Jewish origin. <here la roaxon to oelleve that Uod will be u*n in history even on this continent. Will Col. Fremont oome out under his own hand and tay that he ia a Jt w T Psrhaps be ii a Mussulman sod wil not. Another dinner war given to Prerton 8. Broekt, at VlMty tii, 8 C, on the 3d Unit., at which three moro ?ante and two goblet* were presented t j the honorable repreaei tative of South Carolina and Southern chivalry. As a reward for hit attack on Senator Sumner, Mr. Jrooks has thus far rexiveo:? fei 1700 Banes 17 Miver goblets .8 Oaid goblets 3 ?orae 1 Cswblde. 1 At the dinner, Senator Toombs, of Georgia, delivered a ?prech occupy .ni; two hours, in which he took occasion M heartily approve the act of ?? oar spirited represents live," and asserted that be saw it done, and he saw it well done. Mr. Henry Wood, one of the Fillmore Presidential elec wn in Virginia, baa declared in favor of Bishanan. The Charleston Standard, of the 4th, gl rea the following rssatt aa inevitable, if a dissolution or the Union takes place:? " Wo regard it as one of the few things certain, that if the South, becomitg Independent, should lay lm post duties upon Northern fabrics, that manufacturers wanld come South to avoid tbem; or, what is the same thing, that men at the South would est&blisn manufacto ries and cnt them out of the market." Tie some paper, Masaentlog on the portions recently assumed by thn Waahington Unum and Jnitil^encer, aa to their dily In sane Fremont was elected, say tr ibe JrltlliQtneer deprecates such a reault, but proposes, as a good conditioned journal, to submit to It while the Union is in (".grant at xuch a declaration, and, though It will not sav for :taelf what a proner to be dono in such ?vest, though it doea net at all corrratt ltae'f to resistance, Ike fast '?r such a sentiment by the InUlligenctr. Is cba notorized as a w> erg, icv much as it will encourage the blask republican!. It la uium?4 tbat whether we resist ?r not, it is better to mako them beliovo w? will, as tlut May have some effect *?n 'he election. For oui'own part, we have rather a lancy to r the straljbtiorward way pur sue* by the IntMiyenccr. k Mr. R B. Forbes, wfco was nominated by the Fiilmc # to represent the Seconl Counsellor district In Bos )sa, declines the honor, and says:? While 1 entertain and have ejtpressod a personal pre ference lor Ur Fillmore, I am by nj mstss aore that 1 ahall exprets a political for him by giving kit" my vote, wh?n the time comes for decision. I do not consider that there is the least chaace for success to the Fillmore ticket, and I am r> ry unwilling to identify my *Uf with any uD?ucccssrul party on mere personal grooads. tbfe Cooperstowc, X. Y., Democrat contains a circular tigtied by five hundred and e.ghty nine citizens, vno bave herfctoiore co operated with the Amort>w party. Tbey it; tbut baring b .come sntktied t^ai an tntrgue la en tout to d.vrrt the obbr&tiooa resting on Americans I *?? ihe.r leg. t', male ends, and being now convinced that to 'am. a vote for Fillmore is an indirect support of Bocbai.a^,, \tiiy take Ibis mttiiod of publicly avowing their determination to give to the Fremont party their toTOest, active and n?c?t hearty support. Bx" K*-tn. nd of th" 6lh. says:? "Suppo-ing Ik* spirit of the a j;e right (on the institution or slavery), doee tut .-oi;?r a righi cpon tbe North to exclude us ???a ibe government;" Certainly tot Tbe North never dvd exclude tbe South, and does not wish to do it now. The < *me pa, cr, a!Ur having been loud in its denun ciations of n ajof.t :s, end Ncrthern majorities especially, adds, w:th a show of returning good seiro:? "We do not oompls n et being in tin tr nority. Wr arc realy to sub mit cherrful'.y to teat condition, when constitutionally to pose J np.>n cm.'' If, then, the people oonntr.utKMiaHy vote lor and elect 1 r.'tuoLt, tbe Enquirer 1s pledged to acquiesce :n it. Tlie ?r*rtinburg f:.-prtu, says tbe Charleston 3ui>ul*rA, of Oct. 4, ?iv< s n- '.be result of observation as to tbe tem per et tbe South that tf our friends of tbe North are borne Mown n ibe atfaffle? If fee true men of tba region sl.sll bo c >rapeiicl to strike tbeir colors before the %oat^*l foieee oi black re; ubl.csnlem? the secliona !'reHidec*. never be inaugurated In Wosblngion city . m slave terr tory. Is Freuent to be assassinated H w ti bis jisugviatioe to t e prevented, if be Ii elected? The New C 'lee as Cructnt narrates a circumstance thai oectwrtl at a recent Fillmore nect.r.g :n New Orkaoo, and styles it ? a, '.n fact a thrilling in anient. ' la* orator of tbe evening " bad beea casually ro*errleg to disunion tni its inc.lents, when, poln'.ing to ft dag tba*. had previously been presented to the F,!'.as>re Baansr', be remarked, is e 'eel, with powerful emphasis ' 1 flannel tslk of ia presence of that flag ! It belong* as ancb ti i.?M:.bni,etU as it do?? to Loolo - laaa ' ' Tbe sent dm nt, says tbe Ortumt, operated dec artoaily on tbe mrlUude in tbe lull. I .e.** cheered en ttasia. t?atly, and then "tbe crotrda la tbe deateiy packtd sale rooms, la t'.e pawajes, through tha corrt sun, on the street *t?' a lefsynto square, took ?: cp, ?ad sent forth otg i in and es'c ltlaatk: sbiUi. Ifr, F lltu re ?aj s l>e kcows no - North, no.^uU, on Ebai, no Weil." The Mobile Xfdster sayi ? "<n th* ?th of November next, be w li find teat neither the \ >rtb, ft otii, Eaat or West knoss him A\ tbe a^ent dinner g.veu at tb Cfn.cs t> Brooks, of He i < war as we!' is of can rg cc tsriety, Mr. Co icnba oologj ed l j- a*.ta. k or .- xner. t?; -| Mbs saw it ?<>oe, ml t ?u n oil doM." *i wouia aave be n far belt sr f?r Brooks if t bad been undone. In a vfer 'i made fcy Mr. T ' at li" ilo, ten yea s i|t, be s 4.0* ? 1 ask any -n-.n, -f %lt ^arty, srh tier i willtag tlwl 'iws Ibttn* she.: 1 e'r.t'uao hi r*r A-i. sr* :u fc bshfwerftl wooi ?n<t Jrawetf f.r *-t| ?r Is lb.- s. I f yetident laborer of tbe Norih to be iowke 4 upon ?s more dot seed tba;. >*? tter ?I8" ?i U n.>t, let u ? uosr rt?e to ear might, and re spt- :i1y but >iral^ asaan var rigois. Mr. F Umorc. perbaj s -isoia the MatcM 0/ 1 utta'. ot e to Ibis abio. Tbe aooihttu pre-? s ^aprosa th? r fears f r tbe f tcra rigtts of tba Scut:> !J la?jr#3st iiM.ois 3"7. Mr FUlmcto, a as o'd spOrt h M f. ?. slated me (bet wbioil abotlJ calm tbe,r a;<prei.enstoas Tbov have g.veu ike ootr-ry Iwo-tti.-df of tbo S xjabarsoi Its Ii iua% ;?i 1 tba rtealdeiiia, at 1 <h lb? foreiro end Cah.oet ap, .??it mentt? tndee i or a'i, of a naUUM t .sra.ier, tba> have ai??.y bad a ver> lark-: share. Tbe H*m"b s Te acssee, Eit-' .e fu'.l of treason to tbo !*' 'b, recoil '.1 t .- idtas r.f f^orercor wis.-. 01 V rgiaia at ' Senator Toombs, of <-?jr. s. It ays ? Th* I'n.n st^i I !iit ii lJ>eo:v?l, If F<"lm<>nt ba ie?a Iv and oiautat oaatly ev.ed. *e sbc..d wait 'latli be lie* soma unc nat.lutlooa'. or U.^gal a< t bei re reowtlag to reiMul.oo. Ixit >:s wait and >.?e wh -tber, after n? ? 'cv ? rated, he tnt^ ioaea from tb? party no t naUofial.^ca b ruielf or not. beiore wo talk about <-e*ist. * *.\'o fhou'.d fight for our c.w'atut naa' rights in tbe t'n ' 0. frt" i:..ort ?n- H be th* dsrth-krell of slavery. Tbe Rie.btr f I H . ij of tbe ftb hoc a lowi art. ; e at-g coating tbf frf : rtety ar l advan'ace of Mr. Bucnaaea s -estbdiawal. ' We are led to these rema'ks," aaia the* W kip, " by rumors wb.cb have rtacbed us frosa Penn ?yle?ria aad other q arters, that tbe fT'ao'ta of Mr. Bu. ? tyiaaa- , and prrbahly Mr. B himself, ar? cootemplatlag , ate fr ?ty of so b a step ia tho event of an emphatic ;?4f?>eot be rg proaonaced sgaiast b'u by bis own poo ) it on tbe Ktb inst." A Kanaac mee lag * oa held laat meatli ia R'ae^ria rmaity, T ntA*. at wl'rh reoolatioos ?? re adopted Je ??< Wiring tbe revol utiaaary actloa of tbe lower bojse 0 ? regress, and taking Into view the iavastan of Kansas by a-moti ?iaada of free soL'ero. tho noble oovrre of Mt>< ? >i?i towsrdr Ibeir suTet'ng fellow cttisers a Kansas is t *biy oommendv fle.*0 h evidettly s^w/b.-g cool >a tboee rerolutow. Ti e New Orlear* P.ita, o"e;d r-ja'in -m ;u a' as.ilts on tbo j#r to deworrs y of tbe Xortft. Ia reply t ? as article la Ibe Rates Roi^e AU vcue, a Buetaaen pa^er, K asks.'t what ' mesat ? ?Joes t m?aa that tbodi modntlo party aom?. aosa n< ti a1 t?e -*aso-rali' psity aad r-nkitlmfH a? se.uo ott>sr i'oittoai *a' ? trst it is now taetf.aBd enon not UseT? fs it t? he rrgar Wd as a .'sous or Tro' .^os? rr !? 't a i>aj?e,<*' ?' nster . ke t'.' aucioalf enc watered by >--?l-l:sns having a b?ek**ri an lalori* '1 /oioo; the 1 1? "peak'/tc lb U>* ton- * nl frf udsbip, aaJ tUu other Lite.' Ii i<g fo ii *?'ta ab'i r?proa< l^-f t [j Tbo Fyra- ite /hi:, Omni of Oe'i^er* (B. fcaasa), U ?,y? ? "Tt.f t toitfr.sti plat ,ras .'-jes ao* repair* thai ?*? I 'fooaM i'f tie adv oates < filar* Demo? UlM S bjiii tvter. lase* et by tba hand tad lovls to the r->rt t-~; cur osi"' Wttatkia?'of a tator hwt Ills de MserlMf pWidtslallMf It has ;td byiaforni-r horns sid nsous's, snf irooBt1'! a "ocka le, imt oa iu annrs irawn the ?word a?d Maagetl it ittothe mrts of it svftTlbf P' ? t",or> **1 1 Our Harrltbarg Corraponle nee . tUKKiMtrao Oat. 0, I860. IJvu will J'amtyivmnia Coin October ?ModerMe CWcula feni at Averaged fro m the Seceral .ilUct. lhc subjoined tabular statement, prepared Irom ac credited data, and collator Id the various counties, la auo uttted aa lhc probable retult of the election on the 14th Instant. In every county vlMted, a personal conference was ?-ught and ba1 with the recogaized loaders of the re spective parties, and their part} statistics obtained. These several calculations, mod I lied aa the facta demanded, (v. bid] were elicited In most Instances by a rigid personal Inquiry and Uive<tlgat)on,) and arranged In tabular lorm, have been submitted to several of the most prominent and influential gentlemen of the Slate, of both parties, wbo are now actively canva?ing it, and their general correctness in tho localities visited by them conceded and concurred In: ? Union. Dtmocraf.ic. C until i Majorities. Mnjorties. Adams A!legbany Armstrong Beaver Ptdfcrd Burks Blair Iiradfor 1 Muck* Butler Cambria Carbon Centre Chester Clarion Clesi Held Cilrtcn Columbia Ciswford Cumberland Paupblr Delaware..-. F.Ik Eric *aj Uto Fianklin Fuiu Greene Hr.ntlugdon Indiana J< fierton Juniata I.mca>U.r Lawrecre I/t-hamn 1.) coming I.ehig h Luzerne McKesn M<rcer Mirtiln Monroe M cgomery Bomcur Northampton Northumberland I'errv Philadelphia city ani county .... Pikfl Poller .... Schuylkill Sntquehanna f?nl;t'an Somerset. Snyder Tioga I n Ion V-nsogo Warren ^fcJTb* Washington ,,,7 Wcs'more and Wyrmlug York Total ettimated majorities 81. too 21,200 "1,200 I n*, n over democrat* 10,500 'n this eMinato, it will bo perceived th\t tbo city and county oi Pbludclpbiv Da* umn o.n ited, a? 1 found It to be an eictedmgly difficult tsilc to ascertain accurately the precise facts In the A >t tii -i :t.t investigation *kt. however, Instituted therf to enable me to dotnrmite ibe local iFruf, whirh I uubcHltatingly avow, from the <l?ta In my pos ition, will be ta?or*b'i to lue Sfcfi ticket bv a majority ranging Irom two to three thousand, in try letter from Pittsburg I fltfiirel th.j State reeult at a rnsjorlty of twelve tbnisaud mteeqilMt research, aided by a p rr<in?l inquiry and (lamination In many additional countti has only tcudmi to strengthen and rontlrra that I'redtcilcn. &x<l I Dow euunciate it a* 'he foregone cooela .Ion, the dc at! knell atu ctaticn of P-unsy Ivanla to Pierce, Fmi.ey and '*0td Buck." and all their schomea and aspl muii. 3,800 400 600 500 2 000 200 400 100 1,400 1,000 6C0 1,000 600 2,000 600 eoo 2,000 , 200 3,000 1,200 800 400 IfiO 800 300 eoo 1,000 1,100 *50 2,000 1,0 JO 400 ml 800 400 10) 309 6,600 060 OiO 060 000 aoo BOO 300 600 3*0 800 860 260 200 1,200 1,600 3C0 800 700 eoo 800 260 300 600 000 Court of General Seanlona. Before Judge Capron On. 7 ? ImmeiUtcly after tbo openii'g of this Coar. jfucmr the bierk proceeded to call tbe Grand Jury 1 ,.nel, *Nn the following Kem.-men were iworn in:? Wm. Hell, Foreman, Juo. B. R>cdo.|>h, Dwtgbt B'chop, Jm. M Oockruft, Chnrlea Crane, I ymao Oennlaon, Pen). K Ccnklin, Ptlaa B. KurSueb, Wm. IverdeB, Wm. B. Uaigbt, Joseph D. Hamilton, <1 E Ran nw, Ira Butcbineca, Joo. l'ettlRrew. Wm. 11 Knapp, Tbo* l'*l"n. Je*f miati Iatnbcrt, Burtta 8. Ki'more, "toe. n. Meuingtr, Henry Torbcll. Juoge Uapron then proceeded to deliver bte charge ITe cvBitnMiCfd by observing ibal the Grand Jury wan an Inatttutlou ae esaentlal to tbe protection of Indi rldual 1 bcriy at tbe precent day, ae it wm at the time ol lu adup .cn in Europe; and although we bad n >t an Irre epti.aible k*tg to rule over a*, whoae wicked ianirusienti the ? ? Ige* were, yet we ha** a poworaa terrible as the n,b c:\ieo. > of judge* in popiiltr prejudice and ex :tte vent He then *ett IlIo tbe bUtory cf tlic orlgiu of tbe (.rand Jury whoae pnvirce It 1? to arraign and pun lib tb" gtllty, and protect tho people Id ibelr right* >>? |?r?oo aud proportv; nil added l*at unless tbo Jurore dln'bargod their duty raith'ully, tbetr atemHitng together would uot orly be a ao'enn farce b it would render hu man right* leu recure. The statute entitled "of the in ? ml cf moosy," Died the rate at "sorea per cent per i na m ' en tbd unia loan-j. If a largo note of latereel be m*lved by a corrupt agreement, (aid be, tbe act In a n ?s?n>'i nor. and the offecder. on coovksMiu, la liable to ho prntahnl by tmprtarnment or Use lhela# for In lU'eg nitortM demanded tb'tr particular attention. No (.ubtlc i lllfn r or )<eraon can dcm-ind or receive any urger ire or reward than that which l? ax>d by la# lor Ilia |k rom ance of the particular rarvna ft* which the Ita or ic?ard I* demanded Tliia law, said the .fudge, Is ) artlct lariv applicable to a'l public tier* ant*. Tu<) crimi or bith?rj 1* far mireeomprKhenaWe th*j that V pr.Utt I 3 and in this ctty th" f'a'ntT la <*<*igi cd for the pun ?h Kent Of inuaitipaJ aa wc.ll aa all other official* who tk r? e to ari-e p'., or who oil r to propoae to re c< i ?? ?d y money girt, profit, or oibar advantage a? cor. Idi-railod W givtag their vote. loll leoe-i or opt l in :<!ge ? tit or act <rt .on '.lib- r hi lo of any pro;*i*o i 'f, ' or ?'il.,ect wllhlu the laLge of Itiolr urtt' tiT '? ictlrn. tt wag cf vaet importvn? e to thU rjtjr th?r Ih'i law should nw vlgoronal/ enforced, and h' i.To tb-.- tirjfl Jury to dtaclmrgo the functiiint ol U*? tr < ?? ti?I iHleltty. The eleet <<c law wax ooe of tlte is ~>*t j iiMtm rnr Mattite book", and llniM jtrer '?I by tbi i. tand Jury Toeifivtlatn hlhrntbeD tm i'ie M owelty of preaorving the elerttve lraactu<e free < il j ure, wcutd be an Implied impeachmeut of t> e' u;gea:e ll alc Uint Ue bad re^^todly called IV> ? lt> ?? <n ri pn vlotie Omnd Juriet fc> tbe var!ou? e*u??^ <M erine. whicti not only th" iiev *""! i>i? oom t> h?t t?r? t'gbt reproach a.? well upon the mlalatert ? ' 'nw a* trpoa tbo rlly, B*'t all the*" irr^plaritle* oob l ? " d Ui < and although the banefil rxtneeqnenoet > , . in iel| Howies from tlicm were perceptible to tbe ?utleei rooiprtbrnfion, but rew la-iictmcnte, com pari it ? ty. I. til I*** to'ind. Ti e c,,i,( IwM or the i harge le ?? follow* I wiil c !. *?-> wttb a lew remarka wbtoh appear to w?c t be fveilfled by tbe Cocatloa, ai thof mar rofer to in ;i?. fic*? wbleh ar? bow actually operating oo'yoar oiin'a. ari* wbirn may rf.roct y?wr action m flranl Jnrora. It i* ? rtburk by no mean* rarely hc?rd frooi tbo It pe of t any ol o; r cHirrn*:, U>at tbe prar.loe of certain offnotx wbirh ha* attaint ct r.mni g u?. tn the dwt!n-t' >B o fa?b ? anble r-tme* or enctal evlia. cannot be prevented In tbi" city. !t <e, lidred, a coeil doctrlbe to me, that auch i?tt'att "ioUt;?ne oC pwltivn legUiat ve eaac;ioeot? 1 1. of nccestlty, be permitted In a oommui'tty having In it a:> large and p>wctlul an tl?m*ot of Intelligent er,tr|y auo ftern morality, ae that of .he city of Ne* \ ork. I aay ? moat of tieceealty be perrni'teil berAii?? tt at la tl**! "upehot" of tbe pro^oefjoa Tfat which tnnrtt b? j>revette<i mutt, of necMty, be permitted VI at la tli* ?ont'.nw rt. that the bum'ltailn,; a1mla?im U M tbe jowitr ot *lee ia more potent in ih:* ctty than tbi< arm ol the law -an.t what pablto c*ta?troph? dm? the latter dfinct on a"moni?vely to'eahadow t Oen t tmea, 'or mrreif. I cibecnba to '<o auch docvlaa of necwettv for tbe toioration of crirn? ol any g'a<)e or (""fcr'pt'.rn So r'a'or eet?l?t*nt w th the laitbr..! per ?orn trce Of dotr hv the officer* of the law cai he ot rerril tor tbe namoleeted tirneonBtlon of crime in known Ofa! liie. I>j known luJivl'Jnaia, from mouth lo mon'h and fr> m jetr toyrar. In thh city. Thle ?t*tn of thinjr* I* not a't'iioita**"? to <trfrrt* in the law. The in* i* w. | cao'igh if w?t1 at'miiiietered. It la powerful enough to e> ppr?-?a tbeee rvila if oiecnleri mtn vljtor. It l? tm< Iba' to wromj H?h that ohiect tbera mutt be concert o actlwi. a-da'-nt^fd Will to tbat end between ??? dttf> rert hraucbea of tbe court t and oflicera of tbe peace To KimtAt more r^etfy aooatea, the pn?i'h m>iet not loo . ' a aa m?'e eprctator* I rep?al, thcfefb-e leoilem o 1. 1 ur pad IherBloereof thii Court do oor * ho n dot) Mth * time, in orr ie?paciiv8 depnitroooia of aervlae. Hat Infc d( pe A, ni, whatever he the raaolt, we shall Itave tti.- approval of e?r nwa coa?cicrcee. aad tbi# to tie m? o; hut motive* o ill be a reward more t rectona tbaa gold ? >.ii tore deairai'le than witho it tt <? nppei r-\' wTild !>?? (he applaaM of th- world. You ma > now retire to tho *|er'ni*ntf prortded for your ae< immrMlatlon Tt pin ire then retired to the ,r roof Oaeiiellag rtaly ?m ebergod wl?h hutrlary In tbe Ihlr 1 ( cgree. hut the evn ence heiag nt lo cnmvi-t Inn. b- w?e honorably acqoltted, after (fTileh tbo Court a1 ciiined t il We?*ot??*af. OWtnnry. Hf. T. AartikW, U?e tatuer aftbe to**; revoin tlor. dt?1 in Rrarortacouily, Texas, on th' 8^d ult ur Mttutt CalOr fiom Virginia lo Teiaa in lH;>t H.> h,,.i rirved u ibe Virginia lerlrlatnre. He at* eiect?Nl to thr fVemltai^B (flW. and hy that body ?iade ite PraaMaot. 1 >n Ma ad,|otM??me?t he waa tent, with Wm H fTnar-on atd Aue"d. a* ( c.omlea^oner lo tbe Hnitod ^>at"? was tVniee to the flrrt Tongre** hi ]lgg; aad from HiO tj i*4t waa Secretary of War. 1 1 <? V ' e<l*lo:b, Va , Tet,i\ Lt^icn jurt>li*he? fie de^th of t n r ^n/? |i?iii\ora. at the advancei.' age of 'Wyfin Hererved ia tae KeTOlntioaary war, at tbe 1? fcara, Mid wm pratert at tfea aiege of Torktowa. 0 City Politics. TUB DSMOC RATIO BKPU1LICAN OKNMRAL COMMITTKE ? KLSCTION OP WILSON HM ALL A8 CHAIRMAN. The Democratic Republican General O.m.aittco as sembled at rammaujy Hall lust evening, for tie purpose of o'.ectlrg a chairman (or the enduing year. As aevo al meetings of ihe Commit ee took placa without a (.ho -e having bee n eflectel, ami at) the opposition betwaea the Wool and Clark mm snemed to increase ovory bal'ol, tue exr'temcnt in ar J a'iout the old Wigwam wiuofa v<*ry high order up to a late boor i**t nignt. Wilmu Small, the Wood can- i-iut*, wa * elcctod chairman oo tne tnirJ ballot, as follows : ? Necweary to a choice, #7 vot* *. l*c bixHot. -:u ball',' 3d balk* Wileon Slflull U2 06 71 Horace F. Clark 49 60 48 On Km bt-Uig announced that Mr. ^mall rojelvad a m% jority ol the votes ou?t, and that ho win uleoUxi chair man, the choice of ih" Convention roso and ma. H a brp 1 but appropriate ftpeoi.h, thanking thi del:g?lM for the honor tiey huj conferral t'poti hkn in calling upou Mm to til a pi titiun ?o ably conducted by Kobert (Colly am 1/jfODzo B ^hepard. t'ho Convention then adjourtiad. JmE 10CN0 men's LKMOCKaTIC KKPUULICAN COM MITTEJS D&NODM'E MAYOR WOOD. The Young Men's Democratic Rcpnhucan Goaoral Com mittee assembled at Tammany Hall latt evening, and took occsffnn 'o dmource Mayor Wool aud tha primary election tyitcui. They alao endorsed the nomination o Libby for Mayor, Ir preference to the regular nomlnaUou of Fernando Wood. The resolutions were offered by John T. Hoffmsn, and were adopted by a vote oi 63 to 17. Whereas, ten Democratic Yout.g Mea's General Committee, more than any other organized b'ioy, is thti representative o the democratic and popular sentiment of Ihe " Suiiilre OUy,' and whereas. Um Old M < ? 1 1 ' a General Committee has become mrvile and subservient ta the arbitrary will aud oorrupt our peee of dishonest, dangerous and unscrupulous me a and do signing demagogues, and have at tbeir bidding, an I by their rrder, approved practices and s motioned nominations whlc!i have brought disgrace. dishonor and dlsrepnti on Ihe demo m alic party, and excited ihe abhorrence, the dingus- and cou di mnation of 1 espectabltf and honest men of all parlies, at all times and 111 all places; and whereas, no concentrated expres a'on of the public opinion has yet been made in reference to all thete things; and whereas, that concentrated opinion cm in no way bu uuore truly and sincerely expressed than through this committee, therefore he It Rcrolred, Tiiat the so railed priraery elections as recently conducted in this city, under the management or Fernando Wood, were .1 traiid and swindle upon th-i community. That they were conducted bv Inspectors api>ointed by an etecutlve committee named by him and presided over by him, and who were under obligation aa well as necessity to certify the elections of all tickets selected by him. That the prrol is abundant that ballot boxes were ?tutted after ihe most approved principles of California prac Use? the false and fraudulent returns were made ? that the Police Department, under the pretense of preserves order, was made subservient 10 the fraud, and aiders and abettors of it; taat all the uower and author. ty of ti n Mayor, anil the departmeuta under h.s control, were eiereised in the execution and consummation of the scheme; and that the Fame fo.ces which, upon all prlaelples of Matty and right, of public morals and public necvaaity, should he rmnloyed in the detecting and punishment of crime, and the defence aud vindication of publl" honor, were prostituted to the same base purrpoecof eleva' ing an araMtious and dis honorable damage,," up. to a hig'b position, for wh'cii the nnani moun voice of honest men had condemned himaa unlit Resolved, lhat whenever primary election* ocanj, at they have ceased, to allrrd an opportunity to the masses of the peop'e to cxppess ;helr ac'uai and honest preferences; wnen ever they are so conducted as to be a ciun! of s'ltme to honest men and a delight to knaves, whenever tScy are made the means of attaining private ends hy fraud and corruption, perjury and violence; whenever they are prostituted to pe; sonal purposes I f city otllclals bv the i^id of forces which they hold only by lh?ir official positibna; then the nominations which rtault from such elect'ons hare no claim to tho "-2.m-< "regular," (md the candidates no right to expect public support. RSiolted, lhat the time has come when primary eleotlons should be abolished, and sonr.e other plan devised by which the primai y expression of the democratic will may be aacer tained. Resolved, That we repudiate the act of the Old Men'a 0<u?e ral Committee In endorsing the nomination of Fernando Wood for Major; and that all honor is due to the Independent mem herr thereof who voted agamst it, and who ?till refuse to give it their sanction or -"^proba'ton Resohed, That we condemn, reject, despise and renounee the noinina'ion of Kernan lo Wood and declare It to have been obtained by the false and fraudulent practicei aud com Initiations before mentioned; that it is no: 'lie selection or nomi nation of the democratic party, or of its regularly elected delegates, tlat 11 is a nomination totally ' unlit to be mate." that ihe nom'nee hsa neither integrity, reputation nor demo cracy to recommend him to popular support, ant th?t we beliewt it 10 be the duty of c\er.v honest man to oppose an l reject him. and labor for and insure h a defeat. Resolved, That we, the Young Men's (ieneril Democratic Committee, will, with all tlis power and talent and energy we possess, labor unceaalti?ly to thwart Ihe crafty de ugns of thix unprincipled man and dangerous deinastojne ?nd to couvinee him that the hi n< ti sent.atrnt of thed< luocntlc ma?sea laover whelming and crushing Resolved. Thut It ta well s?c?r1ai!ied tliat uo person wan artn iited to the Convention which nominated Fernando Wood who had not a tteket tssifd bv ihat exa'ted inn tiouary. and that faet m part explains tee ut autmity of hia nom< nation. Ptronj men exelnded every opponent, an.1, policemen, under 'hi Major's order, enforced the rule Resolved, Thai the nomination of ?lames S. I.tbhy f ir the office of Mayor, by tlie lawful deletat. s of the drtnoc.r u.c pnrty, who were evehi led from a 1 pa'tletpaUon In the Wood I'oiivenl-oii and who were the only true representative of Ihe democratic sentiments t? entitled to and shall have our unaniniouK support ; that it l? the regular democratic nomina tlon. snd tbi.t we call upon all f<syl democrats and Uotieat men totally tohU ?urrort. Keiolved, '? bat his high ch i'nc er for Integrity, c.ipacltv and faithfulness con mend Mm to the Molar support; and that when contrasted wl'h the pohir sl pr.vHigates who oppose hiin noi aiid'd imm ean hesitate which to cboosn. C UodtM'i Gunth'-r occupied toe caair dnrlog the eve . toy, whin* Vcb?ra Go' I |n 3 d/Jrant a te ', at ?ecre'arle? r. RiisiiII, CbtirmsD if tlicCommitlee on OxistltaUou aud P> Law? report?<l in full. Tho Clalrman tben atinoiidoe<l the m?c dine ci himiiteos for tbe year. Th? fo'loaring |entlem?'n are chalrmtn of the respootl** cntrmltlee* ? Cbalrman < f Commitlte on Address and H< -olutiona, Johu T. Hodman. Ghalrman cf Flntaco Commiit'e. John King, Chairman of OoTrtspom'lug C.imml tee, itdomon B So ble, Cbalimsti o( 1'f.r.tlnp Committer, Doaglta Taylor; Cha rman ot CoTtuittee on Flection *, L F. Harrison. A cowimunK'f.tlon was rtcetyt l and acoerted, (rota the Ycuof Mrn'a Dt mrrrattc L'elon Club, inviting the coot n.ittee to attrnd the Grand CooneH of the young demo rncr ot the Slat Inst. A conwlttec o' two from each ward are* arpolnte?l to co operate with IV 1 uion Owb Hui O mndtito was then nddresud by K. WiUon tLoom. h q , ol Ga On n>(4k>n. the Committee then adjo.irnad. FOLICK JTJTIC1 NOMINATION. J i. roc* V Mnrrty was nominit.'d on M->n ay nUht by the Know N ah'iif s In tbe Fybth and Nluth w-arda. a< their candidate tor l'oltce Juatlsa, la putce of Abraham Bogart, rc ifbed. RwIm Nfftln(> ADDRESS TO THE PATI10T8 0 1 KECP 2H ATBL. Tfcfri *n* a netting of th? H?tai o'lh ? city lut n ,'h\ n? ba T-pmI mn o'ctock at No.?77 l-aon?rd ktrrai, tn reapoti'o to tba IMlPwin J ?!?>': ? I.#a E'ii??P? rp'l.'ant A Jf?w Y rb Pt HI f?rHm fniliiv '?'? A ?? rt uolr, 7 Octohra, A 7 fc?ur. - i mt', tlkral dn rpri !r Subs*. 5". i* HW I*' * ?"t oour ? ??? i,"" 'In l'?i *nt d Mil ?<lr???p?nl r*'riof.? Nmlrh.'o rvt? i I NMIW mraiava mmwiu nit m ?aatpaia<*<iaaaiaat ion, m MAIhRT. Tb to wcrt about fifty pr'noo* ibPi'iiatr ?Baa tf if ?? '?l?? Club, Mr Viu" - 1, r .nl I'm ndi'f.'i" a !.!? n ha l Ixra praparad f .i? I In Itn? | ?ti i ?W o X ? j. Clkt?!; I' v MDtfii'MMlji %. ? it. I hy I..- p?i wine, *n *'ltr ??? ?!?? Ignet! t?f tl?i?f' *'i vi if I, ?ri'? b ?nt 1', :>o ? \? ac.Pr ?! *4*l' rday t ? Hr .1 iiU-no'l Sw?tn. of Ma* In Nt-.fohatal 1)h ftJInm OKgtati hUh i." rpj .bl r?D* af Nnu ebal'i, T?r IVIf cit if, it;- >. in >rwii ifj it> IHt r. Iim Mm) hue 0 lb* rt | i ' ' \ *t> 1 thinl th* ipt> ?' am a rlttiw h?r M .? ??ppo tn ' MUttkf p?lr>iia h al-o t?*pr*aa*? tb ?>? (X- tti? th? Fr >ra' i " .I i ',?[>? ta ?*m o? ?'t! lake mOTi j ?? *o t r.-r ? i tha' vwi' of ? tnt'la'' ?i ?< wpto ?tfrtf' I 'be 'ih< V ?f Af nuiitrj. h? th< ??!?! i"( (>' UitK an wtrithu* mora of forct^u 1 ? jutkwt l! mtt ol UhI t Cwcbt- v I - ilaio, 1 ho la if. fMOW COrKHB, I? I.? THOTTIfO. T 0 tff It'rg raati brs cm*.- off J adartiajT attar awtgorar ibc I'll cu Co m n Mel. afliTdcii ioMiu?fabia t-icltema m to j>n art" ?Kmim4 tbim. The ftrtt trutwaa b" f?a lady I Jit n and fti at gt r for tt 00t, mile beata, b?at ibrt< ia Pva, ?ti hart]*!* I a<*y V H. o woe in tbrea ktralgbt btati wilt net aa rffnrt. Tho arr^.u't trut waa i?oi???it Jobit W?' as<i Jack fVUcr, aa<l tin* wan i ?r tt.OUo, nn'i hralr. k>l thr?p to five, la haraem. Titat.inr mvir by Ibtkc l orn't nrir]'f?'nl a'l who wiin#aaa<t the rac< ilic tiird hrai having ixra inaiU ia g:?4, and tial Iroti in ( *-<rr tut eapcOctl to go bittpr tbt?8:4\ Ibrf* txat* of Uc rtfc w. r* ]pM, hat the I wt wa* ni'fid ii. .lack h?|an W> qui I txftxe h<> got to tha quar tir H'lf, *"l wa* badly lioaW n. John Waada protrrd h'B trli a h'tttr hf.trr ycatorday than h? wai Mftn ?w i d to trai.c, arid bl? n? w owoar K?y be proud <f bi*n br follrairg t.r? n iDrn'rh-*:? ? uei 7. ? Mat<-h for E'i.MO, mila hrata, beat ihrr??lti f\i-. la hamaia:? II. Mmdrt.0 Bam?d a tn lady ( lien 1 t 1 The r?ftarr ota ril br f Miaty?r 2 i S llmr. SiMM? ?? S/va I ??% -V?t b (a- ?i,(w mila hxata, baat tbm la ''tr ,rh?'i>?>? ? f> t(lrrtiw4 kr t .'rh" Wind* 12 11 1 V alu ii i an id b *. S? l.r Cottar i 1^1 TiB'f. t r.4^?1.: :s^-2:04? 2.:i9H. Tnr hfw Tn ur >l<^ IaiiW trot. In harneaa, will romp of thi'- a'lPtrooa ovt r thp ? j?hMm Ooana, abonl I th? m ?ih?r i>r> vt larorabla, and thno till'* may h Uvkrii fi r . 7l.fiia.-k ha* hcan rotlril ac<l >ciaped at^aly.

and la a? l?rrl ai d ?ti)'>cih aa a carprtad llror. aa1 Mja? aa 'I ?ho?t'i br for fa?t ti-ia Plom Trmpi* h*1 ?lw e?' tr the l Pltirg 'a>? alfht a* M'ght Tbi adaarli. u nttl* 'M, (i> a tba ] *Mli atara. The rahllt Health. rout HA*iiTOJ? nntEP cociiitt h mrroar. I t Rot) r ff-ttr Mrl<rr>r.f|| improving. Mra. Metaiyr r araHMhag; MMa I'lortte Rw*,arrt all ot.-rta prarloua I* njx ?t?d *r I'otrg Wfll or rrrva'r?dpg. Nt ? tn- Hartaret in r.n. hoapttai hi 'par. t . ?< 1 1* cite >u tbo ltiiii?rv Ho? pi'al, f >^gp*nt Minaw f'tAJ-CI 4 r. WWIKR, "sc'y. I' rt HavnW-a, fvt. " ?9H * M. nOMttV go?an oy nrAt.Tit ' n 7 - |*i rnt. Hall, (pr??'dlng. ) and Aldar tit a << Phaw an Wa*ab. Tb- Jka!>'i f it i ?r pretrntad ao report ol any ooeta | i ti? '> vi 'a It th? r|!y ??? mi'.'t in hr'rt i'T> 'ba bark AM'-tka. ? r t ? tint l ar wrgo baling bean tanked. O'yo i .it bt 1 1 n <? !r the ?|>p||catk)ii *jm laid upon Uie At t i ?! ' tr l gi 'i r rargo of tMp J me H Htl'Hon. (tt Ilx ?? i?t 'ii jnao a gpntloman pf??it *t?ta' that th* vi ?ri *m(ii rf iba w. rat that had arrival la ?<*!. It o .'aatbK had rcnivred on hi?r pa?'.g<? here mi i*'Mf if ftcTafiflrrf inri labci-m ha I di??i fttara li?? ?rt4r? *? qaarant'er. tfa thor/sM M ?o?ld ba pra t*t to thr health of tha rHy tn viva frr* r?rmlr?icn Jt lain' In r i.arao no*r. Tb?> ra'tow ?arar fa V'r^rh' tail ? o I I'iMid, barn tftt nl to tbta nblp. r?rmw?io? a?f n,'' m< V?irrt'ail a'atai1 form* inTrrmatiofi rt tha Bitrd that rterlrp tb* naaiat* day^ ba lad vmi.p i npry par 0 tba i v >' a hili Mlto# fct?t atifht ha anppo?ad |i rxid. 1 1 1 had ) pro nnahio to .lad a (lag'a ot ? tua. Dta<b l! p* adjontpH. Thkairha!. asn MriCiL ? We sre compelled to omit ; our usual no tecs of the various amusements provlddd ] at the'diflereit theatres this evening. owing to the 0 nwd- , ed Hate of our columns. By referring 10 the advertise- j mints people cannot go a* tray, as performances, "grave or fay," u wl'bed for, are announced at evory h0030 in tbe city. Mamnzsh'H Hacoso Cu.xcsst. ? Tue eeconJ lyric concert by tbe Academy Uoupo will be given this eveutng at tne City Assembly Koomx. The programme is superb. Court Calendai-Thli Day. girHBM Court? ??pec, al Term? Ui CUas.? Nos. 7, 15, SI. 40. 2d Class ? Nos. 2, 80. L'mtkd iSnmw Pianucr Cocbt ? Nob. 11, 13, 16, 16, 17, 10, 20, 32, i'4, 27. eSbrHamc Ooukt? Circuit.? Nos. 781, 222, 223, 221, 2'.'6, 8M*. 297, 289, 12^1. 31X, 307. 619, 6*3, 543, 001, 461. 1046, 90S, 680, 1001, 10<>4 1021,407, 408, 673, 1080, 1120, l4i>0, 211, 736. lv.^7, 1614 to U6t>, 10?0 to lift-', 16*> ?, 1696 to 1001, 10 a to i (116, 1017 to 103B, 1040 to 1064 Paramo* Cockt ? Noe. 31, 61, (6. 78 88 89. 90, 91, 91, 96, 9e, 97, 98. 102 to 116, 117, 120. 121, 122, 124, 120, 127, JJ9, 1163. UO, 1*1, 132. Common Pjjua? Part 1 ?Nob. 0.448, 000, 702, 803, 804, 850, 873, 878, 904. 9( 0, 010, 910 'i, 930, 932. Part 2 - 8?2, 911, 919, 914, 916, 917, 918, 916 920, 922, 024, ?i?*, ?27, 621, 929, 008; To tub Kditor or the New Yokk Herald. 1 acutely sutfer from the ambiguities of language as be qii> athrd lo us by the Pho.-meians and H^yptU'is. Although I have twice proclaimed myself a candidate for Vlnyor, erowds rufh to ki ow it I am really in tho field, and, iu their bMU have snapped the bell wires and mutilated our newly nalntod door with their tonnh and eager kmi'lcles I, tbereijre. final V proclaim, that I ain not only on 'In course, but that I will t>e every other nag. If 1 ourst the arteries of my ilreclnn no a u my (t'gsutic strides towards the victorious goal, amid th bugle's blast aud the drum's tattoo, and the c rjwd'a luuloO. And if I ooaq nor b\ a solitary span, I'll make thieves aud trembhi to n ruxn BTKPMBN il. bUAXCU. 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FISCHKR'S Improved circ'ilar scale ptancf'wti wareroom. 326 Btoadway opposite Hrovd*ay theatre. Man factory, Twenty eighth street and Nlmh avenue, N. V. Astounding J? '45 Cents will get a Lar^ size ambrotype, with hindsome Pise, at 307 llroadway, equ? to those that co. t two and three della/s elsewhere. Portraits of Fremont and Opposing Can dlilates, #!J. 100 |)!''turcs. Vote early for pictures, at 2" Bios'! way. Colored Photograph, by Laily Artlut French style, by a new system, for only 13. *<*>. Anglo- American Photographs, Large Slxt for out dollar, going oil' 100 dally. True to nature. 4*9 iiro? way. Wedding Cards, Knve lopes, She.?' The Lo teat atylr*, at KVKKDKIX'3, 30- Broadway, orner I)1. . street. Ka'ablU>l*U 1H0. Alfred Mun roe & Co. have Mow Ready, aix arc constantly recelTinpr fr?m their aaanufaotiirtug depir menta, a very large ae?>rta?-nt of overcoats, Raglana, bu neat) coaU, paota. Ac , Ac., tor men and boys ALFRED HoN KOK A CO. No Ml Broad w ? Kvuy Variety of Pall and Winter Clothing at low piicea,at 1 > K I MQOLD A FROt'II S fmnot *a lialimt nt, 120 Fulton street. riiderearmeiit* for the Million, at Mi J.^UtfHLIN'8 shirt and f'tin'shing store, A'?y BtWll atrect, corner of Hurray. Gana, of all (Qualities. Selling off at Cost to'rioae tke conc-nu W. ltkftR, 100 Beektuaa atm -'ock and Bxturi-a lor (tie. Irlat adoro'M llalr J>}"? and Wig* may h< bad, of supertar ex'-i-lte ni-e, an<t the dye priveiely a p j ! i ? 1 No. 6 Aator House. Hill's BlacL nod Brown llalr Dye, Kau shillings a box, at No. 1 Barc'ay street, an! drugs'*:* i. rally. Ilolloway'a Pllla.? The Axe lu not inort V restary in new settlements than Is tkia woateftl whit h ruiea wl'h rapidity and certainty all those debll.lali > uffrc'Minsonln' ?u<iiiai h and the bowels whieh naraivsx x1u tiy In unhealthy regions. F?hJ at the ana' >if*ju>r>e? Iloatetter.? The Remorhahle Succcsa of Hot letter's veg. table stomach bl'tera m cu. inc d)-pp|,..i lit-, loniplaiiit, a ad iinpartins tonr to tb>- sj^tonj, is v.i'h>>-,' parallel In tl??' history at med Kline. Hotd hr all groeera. dr i gmt* and hotels. lloat?*"?-i .* Mil . h. l'ltstiurg. H VR.N'I' f AKK, Agent* In New Yoik. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSIKV HARKRf, TWMt,<M T? * !'. M. Tbe atcck market w ta m.ich .leprean.vl at thttp'.oie . Ihia Bornlrg. Tne truwacMoaa were u H large, bir |h? dl?I<fllWin to cell *u ni-e g'uera thin we ha e ? for aottie day*. Tho was ah-wt equal ? th- . i. pro?fBnnt of yesterday uiora'-g. At the Brat l> ar Virginia Ml o;r ?, per wot; Ntv Ttik Cenirti (?'. 'a. Illinois Central Bonis, r< nnsy'vaiU Cj i'. Ymbcrland, New York Contra; Kiilr>a,t Railroad, *{. Nicaragua frnaait a<l raaoel 4 p. ? rt, and l'atan a Railroad *. Cterc and and toie to a*. M higan i^cu hern closed suady at ypsterday'a prtc? (?iswaaan attire detranl to-Uay for K iwaukis ta yif?^?l|.pl Railroad, ainl tales war* made at 1# ale ?er rent oaah, and 77 on t inn. Tu? oeeratloui i Reading wtre all at on* prloi. N\>w York Cent'i * e< mleg upon the niark't hi lai>r Io'h ???< Thtre la MKh an OrtrwUtlrjiBg c"?oun' or *i . ??, iLat It one.) get* fhlrly a!!oal It will N V ? " rao gk, .n1 the aborts eas deal In H wHt>< tit the riy.t' u* | Tiihahil.ty of a corber'rg oomb.uatioa. It u n .la -?f at a ht^h prt- p, and curtain p\ !i?i a re ?lo? lily " ??g net tti-i : con'.racU, ko.h ?o;ler a and huytr's^i' h. 1*i* re wa# a yery artlre ileman l |Hr n kw? n Uj ?? t wa? the t >;!iUrl ilay uf ILt ?ea*iu. At tin teo< od i?oar<l lower pncee rttied. and I >?? v . m rf ?,ull n^arkel. Krte de inad f?->r r-a?; N ' Ltttl Kadii sd, Rfa-ilig ;t, 1. ' i. ' t Ototlra il? ?ua4, l; M"-! an ^mihem, X. 1a Croat* at.! '! i waukie at *4 per cent ca*U, and w? < oi y*r >t?fp Anither Wl'grapb'- de< pat-*i *> 't>ci 1 ? *d l(i i! ay from Hadi#on conikmlng Iktt ? ytaltrda), t-i ih eff"-t ttat to# Co&gnaaional g a il 'amis ti u>e statu of Wi*c:.Ltin far r? ir<* tirpoies, had b i ? awarded by the I.egHatur* to t"-.- : t?' t?e and '? auir|# Railroad Conifany. Tbi? wi!l ? i txni^any abfoit <?? and a 'inaiter n. . >os of Mras < Isad lo ^ JIM al odt 'if ' miles af .oad. The Ho# wui r< liom IV-tafe Diy H a. Cro.^ as t fr.^ni that j ?l to Superior City, ? n f 'ke i!| 'rt >r. The la Ct ? * ar Mllvankle Ra:lri?a<i t'ompany hare, hy Ih" grant ot p Ue lrnd. a bet(< r Khrmi thaa thai orl^'aaliy pra*ei,:? by tk? Illinois oatral c< mpasy, and the rfanlt la . . to be CTta more ilatu ring Tt will liars one and a p ar ter million acrea of laad for building '20t miles of ro< wberess the Illta?>ie Central hail two an I a hair an ' >? fhr building 700 milts nf road. Tbe iliatntblp Cacarfe, fVom Ri^ton fi* Llvarp^"', Wcdaia^ay. wilt take out upward* of half a m! lloa ? ?perte, mo>t of which go* a fros tbla t Ity. the value of mrrchaallse aad a pacta Impottod io? Ibts pert dtirlng the month of ?rpte?r l>?r. t8M, waa a follow* O'Mktars 'fins fttt o? vgw Voa* ??.*? t * o* Ie<v I u'Jahlt nttMhaadiM It j, ' t 4 Vree n?rchan!*tae l.OM.H- * Withdrawn flrcm a a. ntouse i.417,, ? PptCM.. *! (!?; Trtal... Knlr red for warohocs* S,'M4.<t>. The aggregate Import* from Jan. l.haTe beer t , motnha ? MM January: ?'Jo.UMI* I ehrcar,. 11.127 ( March .... At-t'l .. f*r Jt ne Jc'y At)gt*t , , . . te| leather 14.5 8.1*4 Total r fcMM.ow ni7.m,aa? Iiw.iot.-i Ihe sggregaie e?port* for ih* ?ami period ha-, been F'tf 1?6C. ifMfoc# JMM. V !>*. Hy> it Jat.tarf.l^ '. 'm.i ci'i a'S,S2t? 41 104 tfhrua'y.f 4c?,?W 14D Ml fcn,875 l.?CI.'j4'; ' Uarcb... " *"* April, May.. , .li ne... * *7*.4i'.4 ?60 . i*-i 14*70(1 1 *ri s;,", |f, c.*| "|fi Jn y f.01'1 '47* 10M17 Ut.4V3 7.77 !.???? ]4Wti t /rguft.. *13 2!1,t r?3 **,V?2 ? us i : f-eft Mb m 6W.7S2 91, m ?,fa*,6l7 11, Mn'*?.; To'?l to fVtlber 1, 1>f.f ?*7.oh| 170 iot?l ta rame date. l*l.*? 71,4*117*4 Total to tame date, tM4.. 7^'l4*'|^i .1 4. i),?vg INI hi &V474 1,'?C 1.241 1 S? ' *.f I^ 4"-< **0 190, *42 2.1*4 u'2*7' i"i .1 2aP,l?g 2PV<':7 HMi 2,217, fig* tIt l?*7e I f.diJ.Cfl 247 '79 ?MM l.'U .**5 *.CD1 ^41 The ag ?r?*ates a each year compare as follows ? 1854. 1866. MM. Imports $162,143,029 117,724,838 ,89 107,748 Export# 78,346,649 71,488,704 67. 0S1, 170 ?iceea ol imports orer exports... $78.79T,600 48,887,674 $2,020 578 Cob pared witfc iaat year. ttere baa been a great in crease in (be excess. The difl?r?noe against na on our 1 -reign trade ol Use first nine nuonths this year ia $35, 789,002 greater than in ibe i revious year. Tbia it qu'ie an item, and we (ball aoon feel the Injurious ellects of incb extravagance. Tbe exports from ibis port during tbe remainder of tbe year will be quite limited, and we bare no doubt there will be a decrease of some Import aiice in imports. The Assistant Tr?aeurer reports bin operations this week U? l allows Tttal RtceipU. Ttal Payment*. TWaZ Bctitnc Monday.. .$?6.1,366 OO $142, 91H 1)8 $13,242,7*0 94 Tuesday... 134,740 99 28,671 18 13.363,961 76 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Wushiiigton, on tbe 4U> Instant, were aa follows:? Texas debt warrant* $4,'>t)6 Of Kor the Treasury Department 9, -66 10 l or tbe Interior Department 6 140 8 ? Kr>r customs 7,(03 75 War warrant* received and entered 64 791 80 War repay warrant* recutvod and entered..., 1,017 19 On account of tbe Navy 17,737 61 i''rcni customs 160 00 From inisce'Iancous sources 479 31 Tbe amount of specie In the hands of the United State* AbSi^taiit Treasurer, Boston, on Saturday, was as ful lows Treasury account $3,078,912 1 0 account 27 147 76 Deposits 196,067 79 Total. $3,301,147 86 The rfceijls of the Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana JUIIroad for (September were as follows:? September, JS6tf f280,909 Do 1866 238,000 Increase $44,900 The National Bank has declared a fern: annual dividend of five per cent. The amount cf revenue from Customs collected In the pert ol Boston for the month ending September 30, 1856. was $802,654 37 For the mouth end og Sept. .>0, 1??80 081,980 32 Increase $10,601 05 for months of Juiy. August and Hept , ls68. .(2,180,091 37 t or months of July, Acgv=tand>e;>t , 1665. . 2,200, C80 4P Decrease $13,975 0'.} Tha foreign trade of the pert of i'h.iadelphia for the month of September, th 'm yoar and last, was ae follow? ? CoMVtft K ay TUS POUT OF PHltAUK! PH A ? fOr.SHl> IWOWI? Sept. IV 6 5. 1*66. Value of merchandise :u ware liouuo L rat of the month $9(1,929 1,007,604 tuUred for warehouse from fo ieignport;> 32.5C1 180. V.l Po. Irom other districts 9,163 .h 6i7 Entered for confn:mpl.on from fo reign ports 9v>5,'01 Free "merchandise entered 127, ^Oj W:tbcrawn from warehouse ? for consumption... 171,496 3 for oa.. 12,471 4,60? ?or expert 9,675 1,246 V" hie of m<lse. in warehouse, last ol month 509,042 514 881 Duties received In J884. 1155. l*6fi ??Vplembcr 5-S26,077 *75, 3*5, ti'. t'tevious ' mos. 3,479, t.t?l j,164,-iir> ToUk: ...3,8o4,7flS s.tjw.cai 3.5vow? Tbe be '.D<'8? of the month ; how* a large aicreate orei Jej fembcr ol Iwt ;ear, an 1 toaie $i0,000 mo:< U.M) >o September, 1864. Tt o following ic a itat*flocr.t cf '.ho ciai a<t> ai. t liabilities ol the w Orleans haul's on tie 37th Of Sep Z/+ir if. S/'H- fXrr'fion. t> fcfi CiiV-CB',' ?4,#?3,04l 3,u:?,131 *,855, **0 3,tm? U? Cau?) . .. 2 10V ECO 632,1*4 S 4,8i0 b0.> ???> Louis las*.... 3 81*0 IU4 1.47M40 W 09? 274 i "i. U 3 830.. M 1,62-, <>00 l,'.74.7f>5 W?,D? K.rh.ftTraa. V?.?71 2M.1 '?> N orle?r.i- . . . 190?, 107 S?,C? J?,SW .<W.9?.. ?kiuthetD .... 482.817 ?V:'4 162.3ttf U7>o t'ntOD I,lt4, 93? 344,131 440,694 !>0'>' Total (IV, 681, M3 6,M(1,ID7 7,428,3-j) 11,9)1, 8**4 The loliow.rj tab'e t*>nbi? too r<ttpe~Uve amount* ? i n. Uange beW by the Tar:oua banks, an! also tbe mm' flue t? dikinnt banki, tbe latter bolny comp:.?.cd a the table ci'<i( !"*!??, M tb' wo sb6v c:? Haul-.'. Fitte-js Dm Sir's. $^74,704 1 SJST.::. w>* Inmtaoa.. VI?' I?? ! ontaiana ?'ato ... Mechanics aud Traders 82,876 !??. ' CaLk of New Orkans 174,105 ??> -<? .Snitoern 284,474 r,.~ IMon ??,CU -5- 1 Total M ,414,618 !/?>&?* A* ccmpareJ w;!b the r re*4'^ week, Lfcc rx.'M ar aa follow F Incieaae in Short loata Itortar-e in ppecto - '?* ?' l>errca?e lb circulation ? > : :tcrfa??l lo d'-v^- 's Tc Increase in e* ba^e .................. ... ?? Increase In amoutit due dUUu.t b*aks 4 Tl.o fo'lewiuc U a cou.i>arativo itatvnv nt of the r cei|>Ui by Is of elfht .rading artlateJ ai the i*H Bvi iak?, for tbree jeara b(B Ibc opcu.B? ol r. f October 1 ? _ _ I 'll Cow***"* or Brr? ? to. 1814. 1*44. , 1J48. Lakt Am%\, 13 Afay .'? ~ Fli. r. boW. ...... 4*7.874 M3.34I 7.)l.&>'< )C\u at bushels... 1,714 3,lft5,8i<l v,7??.14. , ,,? J.4.H.401 7 646.VJ4 0.? .. S.54H317 a.HZ.i34 1,3. barlcT 1S)8,'4W 12,'iJ3 Sr" ... *"-? 1.unlier. f. ?.'t M0?1,W M,H8,iS8 47,--- ,(?; ? J,,,,, No 11,114,487 IJ.KMOSJ l*.7?\.3?? The eiiRHiatixn of these srlirles by ca;ta' from H - 9 from the onenin* U> Oct 1,1 . *M a* ? '? ???> n, (4t,6tt busbcii; corn, 0,1144, "11; tats, s.?,t' 4. Stoek Ewhiinje. T- ?-.'** Oet \W. ;? t b/ - i. iWO c Wl-i i.'ltMKrte JIR . c '..f V;rr ??'* '?> I?6 <o.. .'?!* "J* M.C SVUnt'lf.rfs. 8?', 100 do ^ ti ,000 ??> M?< 100 "J" tf0 It M. HK.vPH'-oabii" <Wi 14i *a? *}V *. lf"0 UlCet tV.HbcS. . M Oi , ?0<1 dn.... reO ?''?X tWC Hea line RK ?? ?0t0 in*Ah2-:mir-. 7'. IOC ,'ata na RR . . ^. . *0 . Ntcaustteib.,> M 1. iOO K rUOan RH..?'0 ? ino <o * *"-H K? 22 *J ItOftRRisitRl-lwtf. V, 8? 4o. ...... o "Vi l?v? El If PR ebiK'Ti. W im 1L U RR. a J '? 40 lbs ?<r?CT??Ai k 1?* K" 'to ll) 16 Kirk Hai> .*?; W do JJ? . U ;<aL? OPDBUCt. 10? 8't oo o 8 ? , > H Trwt C#: H7 10< io luJ ?<?'. .'60 Ntc Tru.ill Co.. . 7 1?b <>" a^0 $? e l??i*Ha<M'^. 14i '4 <?? ^ *? H miCnl' ' . ( H lTfO Cl? k 1 tt xJ< .0 6'K 16b VfariCWS.lK"!.. 42 10*> tfo bOO "8 JS io 14 '.dvi C!e nc Tot KH 71* 7< CvakUa.Cu ... "H 1C? '? ^ in * anion C?... >W 23* "0? na ..? ? ,0u KVCeti tai HB . P4 , 100 ?to ?'0 77 Wo do .... bDO 84 81 i d' I ? ? 'M t-> ,i? 1 30 f4.V S?8 CM ft R* I *R C ?0-. 42 lo e f.*? M M;1 k B.aa RR.. . *? \<A ?3 K60 ?8 i Jt? do b?3 7 i,k <tp.,,. .... 86 6? iW *'l 1(0 I*?.... bl6 H 11 TUIr I A?e RR ... %4 1(0 rrfe RR aoo eirf iwoHar.mKR .... 1- ? SEC05D ??4J*i>. $f(w J'v*1 f.fc a Vs ... M alnft??4*fRR b?f f Vl??<'i!ti><tate??s *? 2f0 d"> .... ?10 M MO 2 1 1 C?rt '.R 1' '#.. ?!'"i 1 ?*) do *3-. IfOW 04....W 9" 10 . II: \ oent UK . nfs if sbs S \ 1 j.*rrCo. . 160 V J do. ... h?" 11* . rc TTi.rtlCow'AUCo. ?..?^ 100 M^M.i.'-kRRf;? ?J\ ICO ?!0 ... '30 4:", 160 do ?*0 S4?? lot, NY Of.t RR. *C0 M\ do *8 ", ? 5 do *1'. 100 do fcJ !> liOKrleRH t)8 ?1 , loo w . .. .. 88*, (41 (}^ . . ,i ?;>( 01 4 100 r. \ftroir.R . fcvO "i ; fo ? t , . 61, 16? CWc4Rtal!lR. .?1 oo>, OC lo 160 <"'3 r? _ do. . . ...b]? i?l lift i'o ,, <?ra Cl ? 34 Ija 'oa%#\8 * I ^ 74 M?J ?k? . . . S4W 61 19? UtA 0H4 Mt. ,?4 92 ltd Rcxltrf HR *?*?! I III COMNRRCUI. RRIHinr. Timn?T, Oct 7? *1 1" V ?I lonr? Tl'?ro waa a better .lert ..i1 wwl i* nrnte4 t'eln c In tl>' warkfi. *btrh oh??I ?nH? Omi. ai.<l In , r?.r? ?? i" s I- ?"-e of 6 r?nt4 per b,,l theaa s ? tubraoi? ?H ?t i:.W0?bA, at about tbe foootrBf iu?a m .. .. . . Ooirioen to ton* sta'f f8 t.? ? %iv r, irn . n lo ?"-v1 M M*?o 6 06 n H 40 J??ua?'?te 1Va * .* f .mn.r n to loofl < *Mo ,. A !'? a 6 45 SAtra OMi t 7J a T Z< ? otitberr. tn'\' ? to I'M *>r?n<1? <i Jo a 7 >' |M faney sn?1 et'.r? . 7 40 a r I" t'seadffS'i sufHTfne end nifg ?a ? J? < h<'t?-e ejtta tteorfo'owa. Rt nil ttltjrM'l.'s ..? ? M Louis I1*' f " ,.ta'",ll ?n?l t'allec? 9 i.t r. _ < n!,A?1?u wosoirf't at an^oUen. tie r -k K" "r ??!?? were llmtl'd. Hotn hem *?? mihoiit e?i a?f? if 'n 1 n.?p* * bile ih? ?a!e* eaibrt * I * a U on?. ' hl? nyf ' ? ? 'u?t, ?i %' a 88 ?ool waa heanr and |jai? ?< ei at ?B 62', for fer^er. aodat Ma ?? jssrar ?r?nd;? ' W>eot?Tb? sales embfsoo? abiiu* *o (fO btwbela e. .*? i wh'ei ?-eee r*t ?'ot 'b?rn ar<1 K??tern ?* H * , anil e'.ni'n. n ItHn . - m -mg a' ?1 T : V H,"?,' ?. " em ? hi'.e iki fi f< ? fi ??>. ??,< ran- i:sn 81 ><P a 8 ? -<>m? 1 be irarVM wa? b???r. and iprl* ; ai e i ?r n*nrea. 1 be <a'. s embraced ai >a' 40.*" ' *? (f.'.O. a ffe. ? Hit* Tel nir ?>i'!?rrn wv *?"t print? ? Hhe A a' ;??. a ;.V Itj wasflrm ^Itb ?i e r i at *t'? ? "J* fir t<v>l to rrtin? n#? Jton?>am II ? j ??asfrmatsi ^o. Oa'a sroro ?'??ady. a. 44- a Kt.f r -i ,w "V' iren ? I He m^rk't ^oniin-i?i 8rn. with ??>? of *'Mn ' foil t Cto? bal- ? at aN)flt tbe '? !??? iof r,.i oa - I fin- i.f. F*" Mn. M.^t Irffrior. ?<?*? fj"1 Ordinary JJ 1 MlMliP? ? 1* !*% Vld.llt??fbir p??a ? '>? tSS Fair "? Poa<. ao-n 0'i.tfliir b?t., nn?. f t 1 ? ? Corrn? The niirtet was quirt. ii ?n?l.'<pa*loo of th? AuC lou tule 10 cuu-e off to morrow. 6U imita lava sold at U>*?. J-' ?Kates wtre steady with engagement* of about ?H'.liO) * 50.W4) hu?h< In ol xrn'u to Liverpool at altld., with* .oie i WiO or 6.UU0 bbls.'if Couiat 2* ?i,d- -or c.mpresi<?d To umdon heavy good* w pre ?ugug?d ?< :?>? m.'1 mm? grim at lid a I B,d, and Hour at ;is loU'aagow grain was at ItVji' a lid In bags There Win no change to notice in rat-i- for the Continent To Ca liloruui ana Australia, the ra.e* range.. fi?n iv a JOO. per loot measurement. Fhcit. ? It a silk con'luued ctni'e :im . 'avers w?re sold lis ? moderate way, at fel fO. while M. H 'a were at it. 19 bbli. Old curranis *ere Mild at a? P?ovtsioj>? ?Pork? The triirkei mv heavy, with ialei of <00 a NM bb!?. at J!3 7f> a f.'J >?. and in retail '.ola a*, id). Beet was Heady, wt'h sales ot nhnu' >M bbls. at$ua$7 for country prime, and 98 a IB t5 for mes do.; other description* were quiet, and prices unchanged. Cut luea'a were In beuer demand with sales ot 3tHj hhds Including shoulders, at 7c a 7 '4e., and Uama at flc aHl^c.. and U'c for sugar cured lor November and December. Lard wan unchanged, with mod" rate ? lea Trans actiona In but'er and cheese were fair, and at quotations previously given. Pri. AFS.-Tte s?le* embraced about 7oO hhds. Cuba tnusco vado, at M^e. a Hjjje., wltb small lota at #c. mmmmm eknkwed eyfrv sat. F?r Help, Situations, lie*, w? 6th * 7tbpage*. BRITISH <'0LLE?1K OF HKW-TH NEW Ko\D, LON dou. ? Whereas, Messrs. Morison llvgeb.ts, undorsU .4 that many . oimterl'eit p'lln are sol in the t'nlled S' this U to give not: e tha' Messrs F1R1 li PtiKJI .1 Ot) , of No *7 Hi n?<lwav ,\re general a#ents for he United (Mates, aud 'lie only agi rug Lu New York. forth) sale of tiie genuine Morltoa pills. MORISON A CO F.. P. L Co have constantly on IttnJ a supply o'' t'.ie Mori - son inedicioe, -uin Kn.lish. ? lei. an ; n<! "'punish d,.ec!ions. OOKB, ENGRAVINGS AND NoVEfX HOCailT IX sny <|tiaiitiiy. at vbe Old Cnrioeitj Shop 10T Nssmtiste JOIIV Pk'NK. B Batch ki.ors hair uyk *i.;s mp rocpns, a?? H^iperinr to sii others Their ne*- tmpmvetue- '-i ?*'ui-e 6eil'ect comtert iOUie wearer, nam. .. elegance aud lurabdlty. is rriivalled and onli har'n ' ? ? iuit" dye lg in Lw ? ' ? *} private rooms at BATCHKLOU'S SSIH Hroadwaj J3N<;LIS11 BOARD WAt'KR VHO HNVKf.OPKS FCOM J lie Iji Hue A t'o., London the oul> Ra?.iiUneni In the eitv, jus: opened byJ. N. OlMBRII K Wt Broadwa* On.y depot ir N' w York for cel. in J inlt.a s F>NCY ARTICLES AND JOTS FOR GIFTS AND PKU *eins.- fbe most choice selection, jiiht revived frcrn En rope at H S Roger's extensive b?M?r .|'.i9 Itroadw iv. The?? good^ bave been selected i.y Rr. Hogera in person aud cotn prise every variety of jet i.raci at* an I other ornaments pu pler maebtt <!^ke. jewel '?.??? workbo*e?, ladlee' etteuies, (ravelling iiags. Ac., with the mo- ? xienslio variety of ar ticles in china, g!as<, bronze, t> >-ra c ?ta. Parian w.ire, ,t<* ; aUe, every nr'icle for the UjiI?i, combs bruihea. ) erftim'-ry, Ac ; i II imported and so.d a' prlc * lower than e>er before nf lered In this market. li M. iiOOER.s 49U Broadway. MAIDEN, why fo sad and lonely r Wh> those oft repoatel sig'ie Is It scrofula, or ot iy Bhet.matieui dews thine eyes' Young at;J lovtiy ail thv momeuts Ought to flj on gi.Mcn wings; 1s t o^nsumptiou'R s .d r.i.lowuienu <) er thy heart such - adn? t? tlia^s? W ep iiot 'ears so iiriKht .it d pearly, >>>mfort's near it e.- .i iwtdt n uiin.'; fcr ciifnd ilton ui?> H te? oh how early! :5y aNDEKs' Ui|>iid lndi><e, Or i>ure i. ike water, a n? ver famng remedy, en orfcl by alltl'! meifical faculty for conaunip^uin rheutnutlan. fercr . nd Mine, scrofula or Vt'ii sevli; heart and liver nr ip;.unt? Prepared by lir Henry Midfts, and sold at $1 a bottle. ;y AXvKRI* Jt > ONll*.< K, No 3 second avenue, and <jj Broaa way; by ( 11 Ring 192 Broadway; aad at 4S Pulton street, Brook in, .'.9 Montgomery aiieet. J-tseyCtty; snu 131 Oraud suree: wllliamsbnrg. OTRAX'JERB IN TIIE CITY SHOULD VISIT ROflERS' O titet-lve b iiaar of farcy goods and 'ojs 5o. t-.IJ Hroal where every variety ot fancy article" and to a are col lected, forming a display no?herc eqttftllad In the wirld. Tlir TOt'NO MAN'S flAT.-rtl'K HAW IN NF.W pat'eixs are Ih's day intioduced. Their adapts ion to yottrg men. and oilier noin's of ?*ci ''ence as atri -. qun lly and pri-^e, be-n?ak foe them the apec al uotice Of su JMI a,.: economical patrona. I.FahY A c^O., A?1 r House, Broadway, leacers and Introducers of faafeioo. THTJ DAY IS BRODTEeiP CBAMi EXl'oSITIOir of rtti a >n ? iitsk TAL*a> aNI' CI oaKS, At 51 < s ll trcnt Ti ?nun.erk*e f!yiee and |ualitv would be siijic. a..,.iu?. 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H.itoKkTY Iti Ml.* tf VR(. t**T \ \ ,Vua-(V>?a<aui ? jU Tae?}to?n. on Meturi'ey, pt. >7. by the Kev. J held* u i-iH-nor, Mr. 6* in.,* V.m Si- r' :t. rry, to V:-* K?hj ? QtmnCiMM, of Tarry !CT E. Ht.V' V ? i t M'jti-my, Oc ?, Mrs. Bmv, tbo be'.oveil v lort i< ter Hccry. lt<- ii ? nee ">r the ftmly are rt?|M*ful!j- inv't?d to at 1?r<1|fcafec* el, If ro trr ?te residence, No ?M N'lHtli tU ' ? -?'.tr (it I'ittl H'.ue, U._, k/'.?fD(*?L at oat (? C l< - -? : : um\ - 'mWculy, ?.n Mir.. lay, Oe?. fl, Jtuvr Jo /?!*?>?, noud.'M of Hurtnta aad fU.lml A. mar, ?|i ? 10 irti ih The sitid ft'.eadt V ihor.o.lly are r peetWy T. J to ktvrd tb< f iii'/' rova tie realdr :c of bar |iratf,Na *3 <iiBli.lMre*t il- at i*? o'ci-ftc Trwrr ? 0<> M ru'ay, Oet. 1, Kintaic l>rntB?, a|*d ?)> Jpi e. of No. lfi Wott Tw nt / 'our h atreet j * 1!. : ? ??' * it take placi the l?Uclplee TWag i b' N'o Trt Wt?t "?T' O'rcr-h uraet th'a alVrncvm, at j <'Ij " o'? 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