Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7345. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. A SECESSION JUBILEE The Buchanan Democracy of South Caro lina in Council. Splendid Banquet to tbe Hon. Preston 8. Brooks* ?eM tefclets, Silver tioMeta and a Freeh Supply of canes. Terrific Disunion Sprrcbes by Nr. Brooks Butler, and Senator Toombs, &c. Fremont's Klectlon to be the Signal for 8wtt4on and a RoMwr'. Murch upon tile Tr?aiurf. Volunteers Enlisted?Brooks to Head the Column. WHICH IS THE DISUNION PARTY ? Ac., to., 4c. I From the Duly Times report.] The ficat loauqt-ct ana >reeeiitatton o Protfoa 8. Brooku, gnt up by Hi constituents of tlio Fourth Cod xroeeianui district of 8out:i Curoiin*. too* ^lac'j on Friday, the 8d met., at Nicety e'x depot, on tie road between CUumtia tuid Grecnvtlio, aud aoout twi hundrod and flvejoi'.eh from tbe city < f tuarleatiu The affair bad been fo> several weeics id jr. p?ration Committees were appointed iu ttao variuc. v.lug-e throughout tue district to raise muii, ariange 'le preiimin?ilea, an t appoint commret of map.ccm>'t)t. Everybody entered into tbe buaiutwa cm amort; tbe pwipit) gr<>t enthasiattic about it and money ponrrd in bj handfuls, and tbe so vera! ?cb committees met. and ?oun I up tlieir business oy making the following appointments:? President, Or. S. V. Caihb. vies rMmrorra. Dr. J P. Watts, Col L. Rooser, Cel. 0. A. Addison, Dr. John Lofiu, Col. J. I: Irby, Cen Km?r't, Dr. J J. Wardlaw, J. P. Carroll, Esq., Dr. Pel r VIoooe, Col M. C. Hammond, Dr. Tti". Lake, Col. J. F. Marshal, N. McCantr Eeq , Kiwanl Noole, Em., C. P. SulMvau Oralor of tbe Day, Uen. S. Mstiowaa. C0MM1T1SI Or IJ(VIT?TION Col. A Catkins, Dr. W. L. Tomploton, Dr. E. K Calhoun, Thrs. Thompson,, <>en Jm Gillam, A 0. Garlington, Esq., Cap", ft Cunningham, G?u. P. Qoaitlebum. comtrrrrr of Mcsrnos. Col. B. T. Watts, Maj. .1. K. Vanno, Ool. A M Smi'.b, Got. J. W Livingston, Dr. Robert E. Campbell, W. C. Moraine, Esq , Jas. M Kriter, Esq , Joseph Abuoy, Esq., Capt Wrlliam Hill, jchn Saylt.y, Freeman Martin, Capt. J f. Parks, H H. tall worth, Ooi. B W Bill, W. P. A", trews, K. W. Jampbell, Esq., -Dr. Motes Tafffcart, N. 8 MoCwts, Dr. Gto. H. Waddell, J 8. Man pie, Samuel Perrymun, Dr. II. Colmao, Oapt. J. ft. Tarrant, John P. Rmatt, Dr. TV. I Andersjn, Maj. 0 duber, Col. B. Z Hetndon. I?r. Jol> Booxor. (OMMITTSX OF ARltA.WUICNBM" W. V. Moore, dtanmore nrooks, Col. W. A. William', Jorn^ou "Hie, -Jm. M. Richardson, Dr. W W. Invis, Dr. Thus Lake, Henry Board, Dr. J W. f'alhoon, Kataon Co iney, Maj R A. Grifiln, Oapt. W. Coraer, Jan>ee CraavaU, Joo.m Fuller, ? M Wh"e, T. C. Grittln, W. Stewart, W K. Blake, Capt. J W. Fooshe, T. C uipenomb, Albert K'tf, J. W. Chid, C. W. II Uoway. Marshal of the Day, Cot. T J. Roberts. DIPtTY MAiVHAl.S. W. Oarw.e, Capt John Bifw.'r, Capt. W m. 1'erryman, # Capt W. W. Urtffln. THMA"' KSIU4 Dr. T. a. make. i)r. W J. Calhoun, Jair^s W. Kicba.dson. ? ???*?? About I* ^ m'as farther unward on the road to Go >u?t*a, the Ocp >t, v. is tbe ground so'.txted forth Jnoks ft*tival. >ro?n .urn tue troops of country peopla jn fcMHtafc an.-i in w?foa., p >ured in cout'oually from trtu sidt), through lan-a and ritads \a I tields, until, at taut, when tl? hour arrived thn aeeniabied crowd in . i have uumM-re^ at kaat tun thousand pnrsona. The ladles (brmed about o?? tM>?t ot tb? enure audience. Peats wi-re aet n jiart for tb?m lh front of ihe platform, whlrh waxirtctid In a.pari<?l> putted (rove, liohind the se?i? wert ariau. i d long tatil'is. on which tbebtr bocue olauer wai earved. fto tables, apart from the reat, wen reserved tor tbo la U.? aud their friend.*, and the :avMc- l guests. Aoo-n sPJJ o'clock tne oill-.ur? of the day sm endt-u tt?o plat'orm, awl the mv .Ual< were or dered to ronduol Mr. Brooa i *n 1 toe tavtte-t f test* lo the elan L Tn. '-itlzonsthen fell Uto doible lin*. eat through the DMMM ti-us MM, i i;ea"lB)t fro-n tn? n >tel to MM platlorni Mr. Bro*>ks and tbe guuits, p?> ? ? ? ! by a baad<o( tr- .^ic. marUied ?o be ?tand, <?n wuici tboy took Lhetr piaMt. amid the hiuiraa of tba ap"Ctat irs So r?rj rau>pat 11 utn lasm Ms <"tbtbiied whilst Hi.- addro.HOS were belii^ made, bat the appiaate was never patntlees, ana was obviously stnoere rbroo^hout ia.> wbole pro rsr??lo(t the pe?|)l? rondu ted thom?el^?e with uadevta ttng wmmd ai'ii iaaana. At o'clock an adlourn men* lor au hour took p a .e during which Uk- company partook or a very plentiful d.rncr TB?; PKKPItVt'rt NTTH Tlx- aaatabiago wa? cailej to ord*r a> 11 o'closk, pre ctaoiy. hy !>r Cautb, the fr??Kleiit woo aalJ ? Lain. a>p Outimw W? aire not to day to pa>y Merited lioeor anil due roep?ot to oar galiaot representa tive lb IU>, CoBfciTM or tde I'cfud and UK de moaMrmiion will moat a?euredly ihow Uiit we not >>oly hare approved Of it a c i,du?jt g?n?'ralljr aa oar rtproeen tatlve, b>it 'h?H teetlmon!?lj oa oiy right an I loft will clearly maolfeet thai w highly ?pj'ovi o( that act which be perfo- med on to* 73d o' 4ay last, on the IIuor or the B??nate Cbrmbc of the I'bIImI .?Halei That, r-otlamen, waa a Bume, tb> i gh dumg act; a&J It ina> oe the mean* of brtagiag about that < c,*'r*hi* period in which we want to aatob >h ovr equality to ihi? Union, or our Indopea d"tc? out of It. and ahoutd bo b? the 0' bringing ?bowl that dtairabla conanm oa: on he will aot only Je ntt t. bi<t be wtU receive tb? overlaying gratitude of a gaaaroua ? ooaiitueony. I can ear to ha bora, aa the orgat of hie onuatlineDl*. that we highly approve of that act, and that wft*\ uATmic* t aady uri'. m'ling to march ttHk p, Vtr (jriui uing Mr. In iA< (topi/ol in CVf, md their dtmumJ iur rijKU. or kmce Oku Chi>?i (Great apn'a-iae ) We fee', fir, that yon bare dl?i barged jour Huty tutofu'ly and (carlately; an I when thai tuotnentoui period arrtvea?however awful It nay he-howevrr Jbaaiio..? may be th > consequence* ?r tar ntsatrophe, we am ready ai t we are willing to cJata our r*gM? or to el?:m oir deaai. (Ken; wed ap plant ) The Coairmaa then announced to order if the day ; lat Addrw, by Ma'or (ite^nl lOGowan. to be followed bT toe f reeet-taUoo of the teat moninU, vti : a (old gob let, Iron the ciyacoa of Ahoe/vtlle a atlver goblet, plated, ? th kv.i? - la the inniJe, lh<j tho rttluag ol the ltna ?l a .? virli Ity wh-? el-tUuod ton boor of ll-iojj near toe bowuad ef Mr. Broot *; at iho name time would be Stented a lick made ly the ciUk>d> of I aur^aa. near too, abd tbe-e *a? at- U>?r atck to be predated by a geathuiar delegated for that purpmo, rr->m a former citi zen of Sr-ulh Carolina, bjt now a rwtd?nt ol Florida That wa? to ftdlow an ad<iri*e by Hon T'eatm H Brooka. and anetiier by Pen itor tucmha. ef tieorgia. AfVrwarda -t'nnrr ?i t^d b( aar\ed, and aftor diaaer owe -< pee shoo would be mada. M'jor c.HMTAi * ?<! w*sr'a *T?nRW- t. The i'i ailenl latniduced Ma <>r,(.-aerat lln; .wax, the drctor ol the day, who ?a.<? ? HU?>? itWBi W< ba^ o ron?e ?<:t opot thta occawoa to teettfy our approval or ho pou*l-Micoor*r, aad to honor toe perfn of our inn liaic refrtaaLiaura la Cottgraaa, Boa. ITe?ton P. Bro..k?. It la well fcr <m to t: h- r* Bratitoda t? a rlrtuoaa ?irntlnn and whea :udel*cd 1a ref--?ie to piihl e r?llf raJ ar'.it. t tcomr palrto' im ruti mu.<':.?e throtig, thia ma of rliing rarea, tot * o uj?i irtnr ?f ta? popie aiMrdt a oasiiculT" aaawer to tbo ?t?lo r l>.?rge thai rupnbllix are fwarati tul. That wirtdal r ierc* ?b i i't r?*er he con \r>;tu.d by freoaten l ud- - a retir?eea'at re go . oramnni such ar i ura, there ta aothlog m->re pr*.p"- or uerfal than JamoontraUoaa like the pr< vat. It right that too r.-m ?tltueri ? htuid obier <o tb?eoar?jof lh? mp'jaoutatlra, ?ad If It la approved, lr mantfvat that approval In the ?oat Mrtklag mai.n-r 8? oh d?m'<nrtr?t: oa or approval, daotarlBf, la toe meat *n.|>hatk manner, ?' Wall done. th'>u good and lalthfu' (ertasi. ' bare a Und rry to keep alive an active, latelligert ? id wafchtit put .ot ?m on the part ?4 tbaeMltea, and to b-mm it* bent ao t n rrethearm of toe repreaentatlve to at'lke wltu renewed opergy for bit coMUtaenta and Dta Ou .rtry 'Applause > We are great debtor* to our imra^iate r- r nentative Poring the la?t aeaaton of (.xmgraaa ea^oclaily, under too Bioat amHarraa^lag and ?? ittng r naitaneea, bo ba? dtoriiargjd h.? duty well. If we could be <r.?enaible of, or ?agrateful lor, the great and perlloua lervicoa which he feaa tendered In eur beball we w <ild m?rl. the enoora Uoa of taaii kin J, aad deaem to>< to'intln* reproach ad drented to toe dego?crate Romans, wht. 'itte?ljr nbllvlona of the great e*ortiom an da to aave the republic, wara eunk aa low aa under Ui j ? apt-rating tyranny of tbe re storer of hla country? Knew you not Pouir y' Be?toue! ? Run to your bou??? (all upon your knee?, Pray to the ?ods to Intermit the plagn.' i hat nerd* m int ilght on thit lai;ratitnde ! But we hare met her' not to pay an oatontatloua per annal compliment?not merolr 'o maulfeat atUchm-ot to an Individual ladependect or all ore*' deration* of prln ctpie tbla onreriou la uere thai Idle i<ageaat. *j have mrt hero to porform ? duty; ami aa 1 roaoalve It any fcuwible prvrlDr.n irom th? ?on<tl?>n aaatgne I mo, to ?tote tbr view*. ?Mlrra atd >'m .lag* of tboae who have retired tola dlanee to ha gl , am" aa an niteiprator ?Mtrel) to giro rotoc wd uttorauce to too sciittmnoli (n spired by the ccca-ton I will cn? ??vor, In a v?ry brl>' manner, to suto soti.o of tnc irmut tinpirtait event* w^cb hare lately taken pluse Id Oo ess and tie course in reference to throats of oa? <imii04nibbed r itojo .u tivfi new present us the gveet of tn'* oooestow. Fellow citizens, we :lve m eventful Unas*. fhe rcpib lie, or, which ia worse, the bbortio* of the rnpabllc, are in danger. Ibe prest querlion 00' o' which rrno tho conv ilslons Ibat disturb ?nd i-huke the country a? wth earth quake's the qinsnou of African f>l*very |i whici our oestitiea are bouna tip forever In co no-trii ,n wit j tni* ibere Is no other question worth stienuoj. -Seme ot lUe SUtltiel this Uaton ? t>J >y the ii -titutlo/ 01 nlavery, waiio others do net and ib<m* wh'ch do not -teem resolved tult every new Stole wh'ch nay ??o a4uod to tb? Mtifederaef ?ball agree with them ti|?oo thli huH -m. four rerrito rles have be?n acquired etnee the a << pti >u 01 la" cou'tl tMioa?some by t>u .-chase and I'liM by conquest, aurt tbe exciting question which bat u^ifat-xl u,j country during tfce last session of Congre?? H in rtfereuco 10 e In very In thece Territotl.#?the cor-mon pro^rty or the State*-: of "his Unton. In orCer to have a clear vl> w of th < prtsolplos 1-1V31 v?w? 'n this coti;rover>y, It will bo tiece s%it in %>?> k a. little; ard Uen. MtUowan thou gu-os * brlei hi^to yo tbe purcl ape ol Louisiana, tbe omix-oiutse of 1H5S0, and tbc c ompromlBe m tarn res of IS60 Now. fellow ol'lseus, continued flon. wa aro in tbe mld?t of tho third g' eat exeit. m -nt upon tit's subject, li arises in the fallowing manner:? umtht-r portion of the l/>Lismna purchase bad Men eicioj ami it ooeam- uooi '#ry to provide lor it a Territorial gov<rnmont. Ac cordingly, Congress in 18(4 passed tbo Kansas and Ne ?rapka bill, providing pon-ranr'nte 'or the Territories of that came. Thine Territories area part of the Louisiana purchase, and being north 01 the II.10 >>f 8B deg 00 mm., were ccbject to the Missouii restriction: aud inasmuch ad 'be Missouri Hue had, subsequent to th'- a lm'..-:sioa of Missouri, been aban'one In rj eronce to Territory so . th of that line, it was tbourht just to apoly tha same rule to Territory north of t'at line? o deal wit a Kin>a? an-l Ne braska as I'tab and New M-mco nal lieou doalt with Htncc the Kansas u.'t Nebm-ita nr,t. wh'ci wag ,1 'cp >red prc|>osod acrt urgoc through<V>ng-r?s by th? nor^io Juigc I>ouglw, of Illinois?a non flavohoi'log ^nt9.-repeal'?d rxprissly the MtKfonrI restriction, an J g?V3 th) same 1 igbts to the people ol thone rerritorl?s as bad be n pre viously given to the people of Uta* and New vfoxico. 1'hii wm lair (*eallng. It was not' ing moro than sheer Justice, equality and right It whs but anathor ap plication of their own rule Yet the p*ss?<-u of this l.'ill produced one of the fiercest howls whlnh lia<- over b?en extorted Irom abolition Tney abandon the Mist-'iuri line In order, through too oneraMon of another rale, to take from at half ot California and Lcsriy all of New Mectw lying tumtti of thnt hoe but when we apply tbe same rulo to territory north of that i>no, and In doing so ride down the Ui -souh rustriction, thry cry on* sactcd compact aud violated lait'i?'.hoy ralbe a yell of vlituoua indignation, shriek for i':uadom and threaten revolution. Scarcely ba<! the Kansas and Nebrasica bill pas ei Con grtss, when there aioso a fa<>tl in at the JJof-n complied ol tbe odds and ends of cvory conceivable extravagance and absurdity?a fusion ol all tho vilo ism* of a corrupt nnd ut easy society?whose doable purpose ?eems to hare been, and continues to be, first, to overthrow the d )m cratio administration and gat control of tbe gov?rn<n4nt in order to repeal tbe Kantas nod Kobra-ilta act; mi1 ae cond, through tho instrumentality of abolition ai l sonl j lies, to mould and shape tho lratitutt' ui of Kansaa 'o a/ to exclude slavery, whether tney arc able to rapeil the law or not. Tho Kansas and Nebraska bit , which g vol equal tights to all the e'tates, and under the opt ration of whi -,b. and which alone, we are enabled to eulcr Kausa? with our property, and Oght for our institutions I'pon tio v.-ry ?oil, was sixned bv Mr. Pierce, tbe demoa' itia President ?>r tbe I'nltod States, and wai a le*'Mog moaNure of his ^ministration. It constitutes the most important p ank In the democratio platform, and upi a It toe oxUting luuot ol the day are mai'.e up. Fellow dtlieas, we approve the act cf enr ltn-nedlate r oprcMBtatlve and ulstinguUbed gueit In voting l ?r tbo Kansas and Nebratsa bill We approve th.- policy of Krapklin Pieroe in giving bis sign tture to i>. Wo appre elate bis heroic atrugglei to maintiin and execute tt, and w? will give oar support to tbo*' wna are cvmaalttcJ to u?o all the powers of tbe geuenl goveram^nt tj oarry out that act In g ?i tai'h. Wo will vote for fam^s tiuchanan for Presllent?oot in any ?pint of mm wor st. p nor because wi approve erhrytiiii'p which ho pro mici s to do cr may have done?but mainly bonaos*) be Is the bearer 01 tbe democratic standard, upon whloh it iu scibed the repeal of toe o<ikms ttk-nouri icstriotioa and tbe equal lights of all the tits < s la reier?noe to slavery :o tbe Territories. And, fellow cifr.w, at tho saTie time, and for tbe ?atno rea^ou*. we *??!? (?> (ht knife agaimt that mnmgr'l creto which liKt the Imccmitf* M*rgin, '?alf formtic ?m<l half yir<n- uith mtt/jtr./ prs/vj'iif wM, J'tht* wndrr t/w black hunitv *f biw'< rtjntt i-txtum ?(hat mn'lef null af frm miUrr, frrrncm/rt, Jr" niijfri nndfTrtbooUr*? (applaua*)? th%t roUxr band, hradtt ly U" ujitan, rtn^ade traitor, Fremmt, ?bo, of all ibe moo I hare ever known or hrwid of best r'epnrros the lrdig r.act execration of the rat.qiilth?d pau-lot;? f'h. Porliua, In thrre tot some chuen <*ir*r, tome I.Nldrii thunder In tli* siorei of he?ven, h?d witli uiicooimoo wrath. to blast tbe wretrb WIiookh bis greataets to hia country '* r:un : (loud ud prolonged cheers ) loiter tbe Kscra.1 tod Nebraska act Paulliern omi . ration nournl let" Kan-in Nebraekt was yi.j! led to the North without a struggle. Kansas, 'which. t/.? rnO and ilimaU, ii ado;>'?i U Uae; IiIst. toon tfcane StuOi ~n in it* feelinpt Ma?r< y vat ettibtulnd by l?>v* of tht Tir ritual Ispulatut' and it m.<u w?ti that thr vvu about to apt ly fmr admiuicm vUo the 1'i.nm ni a tla<-i Stole Ml alarmed the (hnatical faction anJ they commence J, and tli.y wer- now prosecuting to that TerrlUiry rivil w?r. In open violation and oonUra"t'ieus disregard of both the organic aa and tba law* of too Territory, thev^ut up a governin< nt of tbe'r oirn. A few renegades from c^ril ized society met at Tnpeka. and c'aioiing to act for the whole territory, adopted a constitution excluding aUvcry. 1 ht? productions that treason, hie assembly some of tbo black republican* had tho hardihood to present t" I'm . * ud lo urge the a ^mission or Ktnaa* as'a ff? -'late Whilst tblr extra'.rdliiary application was pendi.r; upor. Coegrees, Mr. Owletfumner, a rf-atlor frona Masaadvu K-tu, rose In huj placc n tbe Hecate, aod do'.lvered a at'.d ed K|x>?ch, a It waa afterwards tabled, in lavorof free Kansas v, ? . baa been characterized an "tbe moat on .iitoriu... and nnnatriotic a;'f<v i ever great* 1 upon tbe cart of the ra~m ?ers o( that high tody." Tbe apecch contained a gro?a anj unpro vcked .llt?l uj -n tbe State of S-.nHi Ciro'lns, and the character of oar beloved and distlrgu.-'.eU t*e n .tor. Judge Duller, who was then absent. Tbta Mr. Sumner, so fkr as I have been able to leara, a B?"yiiyte in poiiUua, a narr.-m; mind.d lnyol in xni't'nenf, without <mt imf utM (]f a gmtlmnan, nr th* q<mlyflcaH"* of t itai'tman, and in addition to alt 'hat. the frstVit btsck <mard in Amtva, had tbe Impudence to say In fio Ho Bate of the I'nltea Mates that the constitution of Couth Carolina "la republican only la name," and that h?r shameful Imbecility from slavery waa confess i throughout the Revoluti mi H? nut only said thi? ot our tftatr, but be Indulged In tlx* moat vulgar abuse of one of her Senators, a cluzcn at this Copgr?esioaal district, tud whose name here at home la synonymous with btgh tone ? high spirit and high honor. (Applause) Bonn after this extraordinary speorb was dellrer?>l?wttht the ?cwa of ibe rhetorical display waa traasmUting upon in* lightning line to ereryipart of taaoonntry?ovr.lm medial a topieaentatlve, Hon. P. t> Brooks, who reprepont* tba district of "Old Ninety sit." took the reepoMihUity of re senting the outrage upon tfie ?pot where it waa givon, ai.d intllctol corporeal and dlagraceful ptialshment r.pon the said Gimlet, whilst the calumniator waa In the very act of franking hia own aland, rs to poison public opinion, i tllm 'her* thny found Hqnat like a toad, rloee at the ear of ICre, Aa*aj ing by hia devlllah arts 'o rearh The organs of her faney, an 1 with them forar Ultialona. iiaf I'hantaanis aoddreania ? e a a a Him thna Intent, Ilhurlel with hia a pear Tiuch d In, In I jr. * ? Cpbeatacta diacover'd and surprised. Fellow citizens, It is not always, nor Intend g<wsrany tn snuh Batten, excusable to reaort u> nolenci; tjat (hv ol<: he avoided, if naaaiMa. sapeeislly la tba ha * o< l. gwiatlon; but It la not to be denied that in certain eaaee there Is a t rtue tn the cane, akin to that which lompero 1 tl.e spear ef th<> guar'tisn anfl, Ithnriel, and fare It tiie mimculnae power lo uncover b>pocrtay, detect fal ^horvi and pi nish crime. (Applause ) ttueh tn our j'.dgm"'H was tbe caae ot Mr Sumner, wnom nolibor high pjtiuon nor any re nee ol dcoency, truth or propriety c.kiM re attain rtom tbe nttnrnnoe o( hare'aeed falsehoods, anil th? mdnifeaee ot" a mean and onward y malignity. It Is a h gh and aoiemn dvty whu h every member ol adetlb'ra t,\o aaiembly oaea to binvelf and his PMltlon, which drty la only tbe more Incumbent upon him bo -anee of th" | r' ot his pla'-e?to use gaoUemauiy lang iag* in dobate and to serupuleuaty forbear from giving per aonal inault The Itnka of W eiungUM oxprneeed tbe Idea when. In his correspondence with tbe Karl of Wln> belacs. he said ? 'No t. an has a right by rpeteh or In writing to inrull another, by attribiittng to him m1 tiias for hU coa duct whi '.b Will disgran* or orim.aate him if a gentle man commit* such an act Indiscreetly it. the heat ot d - hale or in a moment of party violence, he la than ready to make reparation 'ohm wbcm he may thta hsrs in ) ired." None hot tbe meaieat of mankind conM avail li ,n.selrof tbe high and tbcltrred position of a -'onatorTrom winch to utter crusl aud wlcke<1 slau lert, an I then re under tho pretext of parliamei.tary privilege, to elHTatotbo lijured party reJrass I'aillamcntarr privl II ge! It la the i>rbi sg which tba ftOumtt. .u>r dnalros lo piililiah slander with Impunity, liberty of speech ia deed! It la tha Mherty ot the asaa- it, wbtcii stabs from under cover, and thus with a bo?y horror | of violence claims Immunity from just pnnlsbirent. Tbe alwolut* nei-eaalty of In roain^ tha rirtnea of the raoe in th: > osr wsa ?,r ated by the enormity of tbe of line, the high plara In which It was ulven, and tbe utter impoasib'Mty of obtaining legal redross pro|*rtionate lo the wrong t was ?na or ilio?? etfoncos wi> h the law doea not reach, or, If It did. cswld not atone for in the cold and dilatory forms of conrta The summary punish m?nt Inflicted by our representative was well deaarro-1, and it waa well given. (Arp'ause ) The castlgntlan which our inimed'aio representative In (llctad iiito tha odonder. although well merited, was. nevcrtheleea, n teebnleal breach of the law. However great tba provocation or strong tha circumstances of mitigation, yet words do r ot justify an assault. Wth the characteristic prudenc of tbe slanderer, Mr. Rummer got the law upon bis aids, and though pilloried Umsell <n eternal inftn.y, A tited tie ore for the hand of seorn To point bis slow unswerving tinges si, yrt, a?suining the positie,n of Inj ired Inaoronre and In dignant rlrtue, our Immeiltaln repreasnutlre wm in d . ted for this s? t a'jd ar"algnod at tha i?ar of Jmtlee as fbr high o.inies e.od m's^'erioanor' Being a lav-abiding man, an 1 rcre?eri<t<g a law abiding n*.'t t'leury, ho a-.bmlttsd ? msell pi iptrly and gra.:s.'nlly lo tha Judg rce-ict \u? law. Obs?Ug?c? W authority Li a atrlSilDg characteristic of 8 ">ttcrn society, Ud wu. thin tore, honor onr re) resetilative lor tt* conrao lo this par ticular. We loll tbat he represented act correctly milluj! to find Mr f-umuer ou>e where h? w?li?J into itu fcii?ui Uoufce and anmau i by tbe ti?u Houl'ment >i bin oor-iiiti? ney, mail) Uij t aduct.c of bia di*t?*id blood k<\k the uuat of the Uiutmber which be bad tie") ? rawd; but we lot e en more proud ofblm when r.e toed up Id the ball orj laiice nu t nM, " To tint mM cat lesson wbi.h my rii>et-Uig faculties fully com pre ncndod aed appreciate, was me h'gh mora! and sooui ooligatlon uf every cU'zr.a to btod himnDlf 10 tho mi jetu if the law Id obeei. uce to the pre?< t>u ol nr \o>th, wl L are ? aoctioned 1 ? tbe oipertenc and Judg ment of riper vr.iiv 1 rnbtult my caw to t*?o judgm>-ut of the Court" W. '.-n we L jai J tbn, we felt utai in tae person of our repi emulative w*h omt) Mjiod not only the aplrit torecnt wronr ati: laroit, bat alio tint o'.hjr ?pirlt?no irk* rroditabla?-I aubordiuatiou to law lully coral inner1 authority winch la only elitntn mod I11 it* bl^hejt dec ? e by Chriatlan otvill zatlon and a tdfliiy eultlvaW state of society. For the tlrst time In the h'?torj' of the country, a p^r focal rencoo'ee betweet mom Vrs of Coagreas h?a boon inacutlied into national Imp Unce, ami taken up m u war cry by one of t!>e pa'tics of tho Uuion, Ka old, once re Kj eciable an 1 respected comm. nwoaitL?Mv.aachiao<ti ?l-recipltantlv and WtUftout erid no*;, nudertookto pi* rt*nluUot>? of cernure upon our 1 ?p-oacntati vo and of im jxrttLoct reqolren ,-ct cpoo '.'or^r"??. The act of oik reprrpont\tl\e, prompted by a bnrn'rig s?n?e of wrong and by a bigt> MMl rob'* linpnlae. was HmmIWIiMI M a cowardy on 1 raR*; and the t'oogresa of tne United St-ilea vie rtqoired to ea|>cl him as unworthy of a Boat in It. 'Ibo bluok repulil oau pa'ty In tho lloin-c of Repro.- nta ilvi* took up ib" charge a. m element of agitation?em blaxr.nod upon ttielr banner* th-ir own a name, and . n doavi ted to <.ipcl him fri m Ongreas a* unworthy of a ??. at aaoogrt their. They tailed In their wic'ied attempt, but In our vi*!w it ta almo ? to ho regr, tted that tbey did fail Tl I bat Konyrel crow of blaok B|?riw a.'jd ?ray bad t>ucocode-t 111 exfoiiiu? our ra,?re reotative from Coiii{ro-s, vtitl^ooi proceUont, with out law, * ttho u propriety or deoent pretext, it would nave beet' an oatraci-.m aa booovable to lira and a.-i Imrn'rlal in hi-tory <ta that of Arlatid'>a, who aae eitji lie J from ma owu city avowedly btciioie he waa tt.c bfEt u>mi In it. Tue elTort to oxpel Mr. Hrookawtui u political n aaoM To of a fuu.iUcal lacilon : lioy wlrho<l to *' aken tno deniooratic. party by assail ing him, ard th<y w ?he<! to atror jthen vho bHo.k ropuh liraat by poioliuf; to Uso ort Mr. rlumoer'a li< a4, and theory ?1 freeap ech, fr^holl ?nd irrroJit. If tua ?ioo tioeal fartion wish to iaks our repr'arntatlvo and M". Humticr U10 erpouer.u ie:p ivoiy uf the two pirtiea, we ccrtalniy ha^o no ol>i*r.lwn. If they arc wttiiu^ to Bccept a* the ltvirg emhi> ;lmeut of th>'ir pr<n<;i(iio8 am' their part^ Mr. Chir!*-? ^utnu. r, with a'.l h'ia fati-etioo'i? with all This bypocdry?wiUi all hi* cowarjico?auj v. itb all '"the tit.'p Ko*r- or thu'tdcr introncbod ivou hi* f 'lehead," we ? 11 accept a! tlie expoof nt of our -ecUon >nd our pa.ty the railatit rcpre.-.en'ativo ol tuo fourth Coarre?8ioua) dititrict of Snuth 'larollni, Boa t'remon S. Brookh who, wb'jn provoked be>ond endurance by rlar.dera b'spod npou hw -<t iteaud aoaent t?lend, hvttn man linrit to 1 un^h the ajjw fy p"'A- :ly canity \rm in 'he Htnite <7/i'trnf<r rf the Vrti'fi S'a'si, an/t then. IJlcer la~ - Iwirigir*' taw abidinga< he u, 1tub himtlf to th-i juJumtn! of t ie law Tho c.Tort to ex|>el oi r rt-proaentativc faileo, hut iiemliug a resolution to cenaure Mm, ho resigned hi< atat. Knowing lita con tllttiency, ard being unwilling tnat they ?i, >uid be <"la loi.orcdln bia ( ur?ou, b? apjici'ed fioni a l>laok repub ilran Rohm of *mi ntativea to tbcra They hare aheady jiiatiihd bL cor.QUence and eudorge'! hia course by tue mopt extraor<i!uary election wblch ha^ cror taken plase In tbla co-outry?by uain'.tnouRty riting up and rr cketiag bi"i w!th?ut hi5 retundjg to tliem at all or beii g ubeetit Irom Ins soal oxo-e than 'i brief purled of rwreation. lntnug tin whoio c mrao ol toia aiUir ire have watched our representative wl'h gro^t atd in cronsmg amlcty. We havo beard hi? gallant aot In de fence of hit State and blood h raided aa a crime, and em blazontd u.>on the piebald banocrh ol black ropublhan <)>m. We bave ?oeu that bit aci d ag-vclug th<ilr cham plon baa "from tb? bottom i-tn rod the hell wnhin" the^o aholltloi lsta V.'. bav* aecu blib It coiitluual porll, b">--?t by a jrclr'.Dr crow. In ?nu out ol 'Jon;;re*.', a id wc k lew 'tit, If they Tunud the ciurago to caoct bim ftco to fiu;e and eye to ?yo ? >m? ol ibeui werv not loo food to ex? cute their tt rtat* 01 a. ^.UT.ira'io? i t >ti him Intbetrue ?pirn ef the'r rl Iviiry bo hta evbn been lant-d to t'a \erae tbe enen>( V'ro tu ry?to iravol eight h judrod m'dea towards the t'a Ik of NUgar\ and lall into tbo ambui-h of tbilr aj'iri'ed acd patriotic horooa, itador the muMrable prew-xt ct enjoyng tbe "cool aul re fruabing bre< 7. a of the Chiton Ho.irf, in Canada." We tavo coarrvtd all thts trim anx*'.t> , but tt *a<t *c anx let/ OTerba'at^oi-d by admiration. ?e norer lookod to tbe acene of ttr i^gie but we aaw the nodding white 1'ii.n.o of our a?l:uut r. pr,t>i t u.UTc wavag proudl* lore ?<?* aid proudly plalLttt our W, :? ud, an'Owf.' hy nv apirlt in tbt conuat, our watchword has been Ba uiunan ana Brcckenndg ?Kactaa an 1 Brook* (Uwd cUcera ) Mr. Brooki? (htre Mr Bfcki ro?e)?Sir, tuo KiLg con t ruid ttrig^k it wbleti you have lately beeu er/arod i? iiow ovtr, ar.a it becomi . r.y po*?dr,g duty, In tli* uaine at it on tbe jart ol jottr fol oi? > ifxet a hero a?aombl;.1, t > Wulocme jcu back i4?an witcm tJb^ I'TOitu ifyouroTn erateft and proud Bcutn t<k.-olii.?, wiioro chwa' ter you Lave itffBdid, aril who?e apirlt, a* is Illustrated tlircagbout the KeToli.tion, and more lately on tbe ti dd' r>f M?.vco, you have to well diaplaywl. milnU.aed an 1 liorort'iV v\.|como, a'r *r. -me hack ,t > the f.iurti t.-rgrea*!" al dint let of South Carnlln . pr'n-lple' yntt have ao wull Ill'JSU^ied, nnd wh.?e tor^rabloant b< norm aoc ym bave rtelo ded at ihe jienl of your life. The Kerrth "Xingrtaalrnal dlau'rt no* enrolls your uane In the lor ^ I -t of oiaungvisbod etatt men an I era tort wfco tave glreti h'%r renown, and b?g? mc bore, a :ib ore acriaim, to give ycu aaauranoe of a unai.'m<ij* rr election, at an early day. to thatC(ngrea? #h. ;hwe tl Irk jou worth, an>t where we intend yoit>nall re n tin without tear, favor or affection, or any dread al.atever Pf the coa?i<iui i,cet. (A,ip'au4e.) SV"I oome, tbr "e wcI 'Oujo lx.~k from the Held of itrt.'a to the aweat and peaceful b?om of your family, wh ;re, ender tbo very abadt'W* 01 the oli Star Fort ol Ninety fx, you may <njoy rej>oae for a tbort peri>d, ant Im 01 be again ti.o true tiprtt ef tbe oldun time, of tabiflU you have aroan yourself so coble an exponent And Coa ly, air, pern it n'e in tbe name of tbo Abooj villo dutriot?a oortl?<n o( the dlatrlet ym reprwnt in (Vngraa*?to*i>r? sent yen w'th this bf vjlifnl goblet, at a further pr to. Ibat your roudnct it approved lbe pure gold of that ge'jlua la 1 m'jlcmatio ol tue proud spirt vrtich It M glvea to uphold?a spirit wbicli you must exc~*e mo for say .ng, a-r, has bees tried m tbe lurnaco aeaen time* h?atel, and round to be the genuine tnctil. That t- itiaonial hai a value beyond iw lntr'>.j!c arorth. You will appreciate it air, for .onvitilBg mc.e than the gold of wbi.h It ts competed. Take It, keep It, an 1 bandit down as an betr loon to youi children, who will doubly value It aa a gift to you, and aa an evtu'nou that tbey po*a*sa tbo Im pvtmlitloe honors of an llluatrioi ? name. In the awn" spirit, and for the ssms | trpixe, al.ow me, on behalf 01 tbe citizens of old C'lli Un, l,awr?r09 district, to present yo*a t? ia cane, wl'h the interip1 Ion : !*?<? knock down trrimmtt. To ihe Hon Piet-ou 8. i.i'joL-J toad tod re'.urai. J cneera. M*.,or (.Blrm. ?l Nloety-?g, caire lo-riril, and In a^ - r r .alt ti m? pp ?ruled o Mr. Rrooka tbe ?.l ver job l iurbfeho-i by the citi/.-n* of (ho ucighb * irhocd. cm. rKwro* a na una* sim T>r Pumtiy Uh?c pru?Licu mi oruun w<xm1 cuc; after wbitk Mr. BBookm adtmeed amid vehement ctkoorUtc, and ?aid:? Kw.low Crr7r". Iapix* on C.r*Timr*?I anr?pt from yocr band* the." to- tiniooiala oC your approval w'.th tha pri.forn '"at gratitude, and, In the lanjf'i^o ot irv friend, will trautmit LVm u htlrtoomi In tuy ramify, to gladJoo lb# l.i una or my cbiHraa when time ahail have ukan me front them, wlib (ho aaruranm that you, who hava known me l?nge*.t and known ine boat, bare penniUod me to find rue favor In jour eyia. No good man i In ?raatblc to the approval of hu equala m aoclety, aod the approval ol an intelltg'-nt and vlrtuoui an t patriotic run ?Utuency la the c;.lj adeqjate reward which a pub'ic >er rant o\ cr rtcel-. ?a for the car^ mi * 'hcttudea of pa ilk. ?UtloB The art which yri bare hoen p!?a*e! in Uie moat Imf rr*?iTe and touching manner to i:omtB->ad. had It* origin if 1 know my own heart, tn no feeling of *ytii?b MM. I did not know bow it would b? received eru b> you, wbnae op'nion la tie world to ma. But I hava a r rlve<l at that i^riod of life, however neelectod It may bare been In the peat, when a "fnm ol cuty m the only aionitor that I oh<:y. I ir^lt ?bM I wai b nod by avery i- ulceration of poaitlon and. honor to defend tbe iralUol people who bad put tlx ir ho..or and lnteraa'? in tny hauda Km bad commlMiotieo me aa ot>? of your He'd ottioer*, at.d it w*a Uiy duty to do m, duty Mcordln* to iho into! : f n.-o and of the moment, aad to refer to your [ub|ttb> nt afurwurda Aed, felljw ct't*?na, I ?ay It wits the rficpeat alitcerUy, ao thoroughly convinced waf I that everj conaldgratK n of real man boo i?of rapre<ratat.r? duty?of high poaitlors?required me to do a* 1 did, il. U, I known my political ii.atra.tioo wo*,Id have been IV rennit. In*uad ol the applauae aod aoelamaiione whkh I have rcoelvid. that act wo .ld bar* been pei^trat^I iu*t aa It ?m. i ImI embarrvied In making any alia km t" peror al matter* In a large popular ateeatbly but lb* r'rcomatiuieea are each that I know voa do and will at < .ir dc I f< t l^at my MtvMtgMf haa, in a great mcaanre, bear <"wtroyed, aad that fiom (Hr^umivaaena I I ave b<vn plarcd In a r>*iUo? which conti.tute* me ior the iid" betPf, and in reference to the matior. t ir t/pu a. if r. pr. ?eniative of the eatlre South for lafl'fttlng l\a i nrl!?ha.?nt wpon Mr f*?)mn. r, of Mawarhuie'tj, I have had rbowored upon ffin a^pUoee an I c>mm n lat: n from e?ery part of tho atiire -*>uUi My own ueople have ere hnitibltd mi' b) Ibe hoaova wbich they havopou* J 1>* i njion me. I tall yo-i you hare beatow?-d twro ootuidora t on upon ?he art tt?n M d??erv ? ao h-m it brougtU upon n.j bcal vlll'.Qontlou, dtnuni'lalloii and ahoae wni n I f<x*i In my l . .rt i tfo njt merit I bare no HftiB In ' ". ,.n; any jou at tho South, In yoar rm* roM ma#namaiilr, ahould hava wetnotMd Moby deraonrlr?UoM. Tbe eaetlgatlon of a hlatk guard ha* nothing in It to attract the South*'!' people T'< Or-1 le??or > ' ? ir b-iy loarna at arh.>-?| _ lli# flrjt lrvon te learn* tn tha* boikrr MDo>ilrooai. the pit? RrouBd? la to reaent tnar't aad avrnga wr.ot when ever and whoravcr it la given. Vou hava beea provoked by the un|u?t, malignant bittern en o! our r?4nwn ene mea. to give me hoaora wb'oh I tell yo i af. *ln I do not mrrtl to the citeet that yoar gnaeroaity faoclea that I do. ABd thu.k you. rollow citiaena that the denuvtatioo of tbe North comna frtm the hrartf Do yon bo'lev# that men north of a geographical lino have aervea aad baarta and ?onl? entirely rtifffrent feom tbo^ ?mith of that line? It ii an abrird.ty. let me tell yon that ttura la ? <l?ep detigii at the bottom of th'a thing. Tba capital >f thi fra? roller*, In "Vtry political election for the fart twaatv live year*, baa b??n ami alavary. It la the food iba* ftnati -l#m Uvea ob, They have aelaed npua tMa clrentia '"'"a aa a nroof of tba dt ctrir.e beTtoftw-fl p-rvlalmed by than, thai the lnatttutt?m la ?e- n|'|tr< b . " r. -a?* '* ' " ,n ry of real iranb'""I rr ?' j ? > ? in j, iq abhrt, tbe turn b> ai tu# ti .*?* ca<?i. I am held ay m the type, the reenlt, the effect of tbe i*? i tution. Bil lot Be tell you, fttlow ciilzeax, (tw. in *o? point of view you are aa deep la Uie mire n I *ffl, tbty nay that I ?ru ? correct ty pe al-o of yOiv,ssl*?J> (Applause ) t is a proud distinction to me, an 'acoor am {ltd to hire But they Bay that tbo "Ottl'v"?wh**i If now my aoubriq .ut north of klaxon and l> *"0'? l*?? is but a fair kimplu of every slaveholder sjutb ?>f uin line. Now, ii ?bt*r" is a cbaracer en thia ?**rt'? lw I

teaplae It u that of tbu bully. 4 cowar I ( oui prty. tor Ood Almigbtv In hia wisdom ban 'Kinied hr one ct tbe nrtticat bios-irgn which Ue ca:i five to man; but tie bully pe aud ml ua?ii oc? u bbstt cbtuerft g fta. Y?? that w tbe ohacantar iti wbtrh I am represented It ia the ooarnciw ta wbleo you art-repre*eut<>d. 'it in qiLoiiju at ei?v*ry, canfii' j upattue North from tho poisoned ilpa of WiDerf"*' > to knglaad, bat btou growing and esoandtag Wher it rna> e Ua ?t>pcariBce llrst it v>at itot larger tUw u man'* bam'; bow it is oi the t ./.n and p oporUou of <ui eloot mt, thr< ateriing w'ti tt*> trunk to pull do?rn tbe very pil!*T? of our govrrumeot, aud iavo. *n ibe oouotry. piwioly, la j ruin. 1 bas no growi and exoauded that fnoortH bav ?*t-D B?\iiit."e 1 and iteftlors armjel itgali;:', each oihp ? 1c h b '*ii!Oy ?hiih the people of ia, elth r North c. .South, feel to uo peo.'e I ? ibo worl'l but til'-'a-olvoa. Ii ha* divided oh urrbet I', bat, Uoae more. U has brtikou i*?;s?ti |K>l;?iuil parttea llts now ali-orasutnlng and a I ?bB"rbiDc It is over*badowjcg everything It run uto every act of Ie^lilatira, *roni t>e lowest to the D'gh t Yow Cn1 rrt clean ?u? a hirbor?von oaanot build * restoro bou#<?you cauuot publish a book viliboot having be que*ti. n or nlnv- ry ur anti (,'j.very ooutroning vot-m in the liini.t ol Ki'i'r iii'tHiup* A ad woy T Oecauso under our syMi'iv "f colk-ctmg revenues, the ?jxpirta, ac cO'ditf to our i'.'>ctrlDo jnv duty c>?: tne imports and All ilie treasury. ft has coMtuu'-d to grow In tnagnltuJu, 13 violence, hi al absor'ilnj. iinrwUncj, until at ia t It ha# 'leveloptU lUelf iu K uirus, wb<-re citizens of too s imo fi.vernn in i u e bbod each othfr'a biool. May Uod graiit ?v*t lh?. few <1rtipH which Pave b?en shol in Kai .y rot fornha-ow n coming rtorm. W wMcU be ' ; lon? 'jf men, ftmol by Uc i:i;ijra, tu t vkii-? u|ou tho*j who 1 giit lor th-'rhonae aod lire i-ldrr?lor tb ? ho tor of their men, and the /Iriup. of their w otueo?reiy revel ? ncoi.Lolied, aua drtn< U this meek r H ih in torr. ut* cf ht.cian blood. We muft jud^o of a i*rty it we Judje or an frriy: we must ta^ tva I'-a-t^ra. Y>tut have ? nt mo aoutb. with thu ln;t;.otlou 'ved i ion u*, and become a par*, of t^.j w*rp oj'our rociflt7 t What btve ?ro to extKct fmu a party, ouo of ?rbijo k'adei8 hm <po? eu of the (OQiitlti;tiO[i ol your'cmutry a<t'a lotguo with nc&ib an 1 a ci vcrwith hell; an t aooiher cl whom Invoke!*, tbe "htg^er Itw" to author!*-) htm to riolate a con-titution wbicb be ti.v eworu to aupport on ibe b< i.k iFeued to mail by the Uodt High btmoclf?and another of whom (ab?m It does no bf.coa-o mo to apeak < r but in tcms of respect ) w ho IrtM rwni iy 8:il<l, tU^t ?Lin ib?-y iki tcl their North 'rn l'realdent they would 1 ui into h'trneHB tne elavery Henal?; and If they reatsteJ ib?ir Mreiifcth or their tntl lence, that they urould gr'nl t'teni b?twr<n the upper etd ftber idIU: toaes of aooll I'.ott power?that muc who impudently an1 Impiously R?kta. na, reprcient ng^ tho sentlmect of tbU poople. i.n <rt:. s,at'.iy coiutitution, ao uutl tlavory liible, acl an ni ti tlavcry Ood? AYhu can you expect from tbcmf I will tell joti, fullow-eltizens, wlitt I be I'fve tiom tbe hittom of my heart 1 up to ha7e rone of the j,'''t* or prophecy: 1 don't preteud to bo a F'ut<>mati; but I am Uectlfltd with your Interesta, ami I am a tn<in of coinmun h< nse I h.>o what it Is n iti.tiR to, and let me tell you tiai political qaeattoat will have, In a very ?'io.-t time, to bo aettied, not by fctan-suien m conclave, but to hi cut I'ko tho 'Jor Jlaa ktot, with tSf!i"rr<l. U?e?tn-) m the provtdencc ot Hot, t iat ttc In-titutlon of slavery, which hai so interwoven l' ell wlJi our if cK1 fabric, tbat if ti falla we tall with It, Ian to be determlucd upon the American c-iutinent The pronlem of alavery utility baa to oe ketileJ on tbe Amod can <duti^eut Tficga aro working to a crisis, and a erls-L" which air' -ta not only your orrtw an.l your Is tere .ts but it allects your vltilny?your very oxtsteuca as a per pie The South, immediately afu r the auoceaafal v ur ol let revolution, itoou with twelve pro ulavrry 3taioi h,aiof t oiie nutl ?'avery The crusade aga'nitt (hc-tn La* 1 co waged?oci^t'jr.ob Hlowly, by grulual and arifutap i ca bet?hometime.T by ?r: alfi-ctc l retrocostiion, t'jori fjiiu by a rapid f f r srard. The ^outh, with a iKagtiiul'mUy n.ore gnit roas thau diacreet, uaa, time ai o 'tlme, au'^mtttc: to comjiromi j?, ev "ty oneol which I In i-ti ? t' i a ?tib vnd?-r thi tilth rlh. Tbe'Jrgt n.latake rHRe by tbo per o e rf tbe doutn wm made by the patriot* ot tbo H' volution. Ttioo g -cat aa 1 good n eu?tor fr?at"r? po??lhly l etter?than wa would he, t i..! doing never p> >-aibiy than we would have doou un tler the precise t irccm .tatuos, waro jet wan'.inK in our a.'! y?Sit:ia?-a, tor Um-("-*.;eit ba/? b^en removad from oar e>?s atd we sec tidrg* c-t as thi-y ?-tw tbtm. Tho first AiUl-Ve w ?* toade en tb? 12tu Juiy In tbo yaar 1787, v. i on Vrynh, ytr. ,og to tha ovo of Ubcrty and t i i atiD, n.a^i.11-W aurretilared ho* N<itbweilera Par ti.j . lion ?bVh Bvt States iImo were t" l e trade, bnt from which tbo Yankees haT ? bitted ?? out of another. Whnn the emal' :->ai<a faid to tbe i!ari?er?"Vv'hy, yw, with tiil-i Terittcry will orei">*aiiow us; w? havo a gr^at d.'al to pay ; Btnrrtier your land*, therafhre, to tho coBnoon fouo; riHli'r^youraiae to tho nrjp*f proportiona. in tl at we ran live h-trmoui maly''?It wi< dace tt vas ?i ai t ol p'nerewtty ou tbe part of Viiglnta, but It was a r :?take. Ttat R.l>t?lie w*4 Incorpontt'-d lu thu ordtcaai*# ot 1*?". Tbe fatal error waa tbo provision by * hlch ?i?v^ry cr involuntary ?erv|? :d?, escpl for crimo. wa? r,; evi r proa bitcrt tbere. That was a tacli a^ka >*,j t. i ut tbst iIr-io was ot ttacif wroBK A<>d Mre let me t . you th<t a'y people who OI*tru?t it are not prapareo t" utiend It 1 trll >ou iaer<- than thai?tr."v?> Krott and * fC men'h* i''tri-Ml* T^eJ did T)ot bnleve at *ha i.: v tbat alavrry wo>.M '"xi-t at tbt.? <lav octh" Atne,i-?n r rtl'.trt. h'a/n la'ior had caaned to b>* pr. tl'?ble In V'r (;i la. Mr J'tlr, >,<m, i h' #s? tvi n>ilfdthr (! "it tp<>i>U i.i I.tNr/y. Ac. . "'f ih'lrt-t tU hi it '.fi./i ? Toey thought I waa Imjajverhbitg their a<dl aud interfering with th?lr iri-ejHrt'y. Utit tbe timer of tne Almight/. whtth hsa it it Its im| rraa on tbhi tort tution on tuur ? noc*-'*otis man fi.o. ta vbib!e Is that very lm|K'rtaatly eecmlng tnvnnt:oa. tbe cotton gin?cott o lt-e!f being an In ttspereablo i>ro dm t, an article of neccaalty r-xt to br<<ad. for th? p*.p o of the world. Tbe from ra of our c> tij?r.t :tton and the nic.bsraof the Oethd?ral* A.<?emh|y e'ver helieeod tbat tbe iaitit'tioo wo-tid bo what It Is now?the ?t:cigcst el? xi ut In tbo eocli-'y of ou-: half of tb^'tnlou. anr did they ev a appr. 'aUi or be> jto that it aould be tbe bntie of contootloo, tbe atrdggle In rtgard to wblcb he* tbriau-oed to dla?o ve tBi* laeda ?bit h they united an pat-loticaily in tylag. the next cuntuke, Ullow cltizi-na. la that ma- <> In Un conatitution tui lf. Tu addition to the arXn<>wb?lgm ut and a Im'.s-ion made by tbe ordinaei e of 17*7, to ibe ef|>ct. by Imphea ii(4i at leact, tbat tbe iu? taut ion wa? an eul. wo rave, or Ibt-y gave, dva statoe to tht* Union tbey ki.ew aoulti rapidly grow fr< m rerrUor'.tt Into .-Hates, ard nviM In riprefeMtd o* tbo tlnor of tho si-naio an I Ifooae of Hopn-sentailvea T'ia n<-it mi<tako, t repeat, w i? in tlta < orntitutl'in Iter if. and It c jniinud In re<|ulrlDg at lh? ?<; ?ia of reprercelation Monti), fttc n'-gruoa to count bat tbrte totea, wbile tb* aamo wfotw ca rlttd north of ibe line ol ?e| a. alloc would co nn tbo aaruo aa Uve white t.rr?and white grttlemeo at ?nat. Thero waatoataae in tbe rtiulri m?nt lt?a<atrtrk?it was a concession. it waa it u or .hfloD to tbo-e a.o b?J b <-n thirsting to l u on e our ti,a*W? ud who, if w.< havd uot the spirit a. nu tt half way, wt!l Ix- oar master*. The nail u.n> ako wa* In probibi'int; tbo >lavo trado after t* * year IS(b, a- an irwinroe or the opts Mm that I have jutt id laowl to you, tic that ?t the time otir eceatitntion wea formed, tbe people u. tho|?wh partioiafy of Vir ilt-'a, werr IntUIUrubf to th'f nbjrot. AnI a< an evl ace tbat tbe penplo of tbe North tn-u lid col mak > II a t uition of morality, It ta a remukable fact H at u|ion Wat piovt*ioa of tho coa*UtJti<m tbe men of New isn't Tottd aaainat tho riwtixti'iu of the alave trade, ?ad the propio of tbe fouth went fur Hi Stm, we krow ttiat provrloa M n.a<ii> ta tbe cuturtin: oa wh^rtby 0: matter aa to eiavrry Kay be ordered In two waye. (Me tab* tbe action cf On two bcuaaa of i/>ngr<?*a, too o'b' r Ut by convc m out of tbo people Now, the direct of (trbiMtli<K the iIhtc t-ado la (imply thin: while th< Worth baa thla conhwrt territory to invite eargrattoa, at of tbe ^otiUi?both wLMc aal black, I nj,<a.?were re ?:r,i-ied te ronntlig our tva aegrc?e at hut tbr?e. Wo I n-?. aa everybody now k??, tbat immigration oould t< t come into romt.i'or w th ?iav? labor, and xhr >.oa ?relit nee * a- that all Hie Immigration went to the North I ttR-rO'c of that mu?t ho wior w new fevoloptnn It tbat ,n . i or*f 01 t'me, fey Datnr?|itKi-vajeandbylmni(rauoti, i > North will har* tut coi *? tnf-nai power, abich the rtrrtgth of nurbort glvea u?m, to rhr.oge 0'ir oodm.ii Iioii and to atoliib naaery. II w>?7 thin* p-oaer. The a> mlttake waa la th?; h j^ai o? t&e twenty lirvt rule, t_ wh'ch fr*a nogr'iea aao ahoht .-.n ra of every hue ? '??? authrrimM tu ??nd pet 111 D' aoii peper* to ? ' mgrem Inr-'tlrg to tbi- Smitttaie ri :ir. f, r' ul<e? taJ paopto, aa-i to p.mtnr.te the I nif'1 -tat"* trail to rarrylrg thorn aa<l and IItUr ItA cirru'uli m We hetlava, at me^onth, tfc.ii we pa; tactblrde of the rrvrnue of thta gorem rr<nl. I Ui- k It >? Cm. n* rablo ft ft> ,.)??, ItirilUni that w?. by the rrpral of thla art. wrra pta-M in im ontKtitt. ri rr i aid two .io'iara '>ut<' every t^r^ toearry ti i? anil, and aSont t^ doenmenti aal aC every U.ri c tit that mail ?ere ptCtlona droti froa a.fro.? to h our t&aUtntkiaii. la l*2'> aaothor -ooet Ihtal avatakr ?ae ma la. In> o it wa? aerial br Omfr<-M that in act of tbe axiet glaring iaieati'v ahould tie porp* trrale-l on tie re.?ple of oi i half of thla confo le rarj. Wo ?.alie with them m a co?monjfl>?erua?ont fbr d nwoa de(?aee M^^fy I* ra ?nd lo earry oa tho o^r* I ? na of U?it gorerniai Lt. We. hy pur. h?ar or br war, ar qui re territory. Yet, hy tbe Mia?oert art of l?iJa lao ?a? draw a through tcrn'orr ?>? oh<al?;.*l, al 3? degroe# M Tnlautee north latitude, and an erik.t w?* pa^ -1 th u ?Mai the (loath rhould taaroh ap to the no" tnl hnit v bkl't ai?n froaa th? N< rth ?bonld vrarul over ifm whole <km?io and carry tn. ir prup-vty every dwcr^ttion ?'lhtb?aa. Now, filkiw cli>? ue, .-hi art from tno pride III man, which won.d maae >oa ;te'm yoar rt?h? to go e< a ??tran wherever tho 4tat>*-?a fag wavea. faooy the lerp, mora1 a'ah given to year tnetltouor* by k?vieg it ?ntd to yah: "Yoa are not g'-vi oi<")*h to pa a tt..? line, l>?raua? you own a particular aort of property >? | tail jou, howrver, tbat that l? the pervndla|[ feeilac of the Nerth You aee.1 aot toll n?e ah?mt itomocrata being a'l^rther nghl on tha ?Tth^ct Ihemnefvea. The moat mat ibey do la ?o aland by tha coaatituMna. There la aa old lift tie man from Oh o la Waahlngtoq who la an alxtlt tl mat, but, with the eiaapltoa of thai, be la tha beat old Iran 1 haow He roted for my expaUiioa, and yet I know fee hh?* me. OM eveatog I waa la hta room and wa h? i?n to talk about thla enbject. I waa vpeaklog of taa la ?Ctntloh of alavery, when ha nil la hia autel, goakerly m > le, " Broahr, thea would he a very good man if ihoa w"re not a alavehoidw." Now, Iba la the feel ilk of the whole of them Ibera?1 i?<v?a tbe va? ma jorlty Tbe ae*i atah, after naviag your rlfbw aaaalled and ynor power weakened, caae from tbe coviiromlaa meaaur?a of 1M0. Tbcra, a Territory waa acq ure-i by a war ahich New Fnglae.1 nnanimooaly repn i aia.1, and . rfptin?1 I V .o|<l-r? eMeftr from the *<ir? 1e reo,. ? h? ?? ?. ar Mi- . "t ? 1 ? ? ?' ?' rr T'T* i ' e . *' |*nk Wltfl Coal'. ...? w j.c'.rvij <t, ihoeM b* raoalTMl wita bloody hands and moot inhoajt table (?'M the T rntoiy >u conquered, Urn .1 T?ry prope waft an impudence uqo aa arrogance oa'y equalled by Uu 1 proaumptaou*stupidity, steppedfar war.' aau claimed tbv mtire territory ouo by our Arm*. Worne than that. They not only took the territory acquired by thf MexiCbD war and the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, bat tbey ran a tins through a part of Texas, which wa? acknowledged to be Slave territory and they hitch it on to U>* otln-r Now, that laeuo, u* you all know. agitated the people o' ibis 8tale to tbo y? ry oore. No roan in South Uarollua doubted that the act waa one of Iqjiu tice and oppreaaion. There p<? man In .South Caro lina wbo win utiwilllnc to roe 1st tho oppression. W > dillered upon the u.aiiDCr of maktsj eilectual reflat ate*?acd that wm all. I won't go Into tho;u mm euree. I to you tbat whiiat I tiusk that tha rigbt upon principle wm on our Hide, yet I alao tblnk t) at the euoimtv was < lacgeratcd. 1 admit that the people wbo bellied in Otifcriua bad the riyht to govern Calilcriiia, aid I a< mil Uutt the people wbo bad iho ?1 tarprUe to go thcr* had tha right to bay to out cider*. ' You mu?t not cuter into or moudl 1 with our attain." Audi' you or I were to turm a ccnpauy and f > to I'.aiif a/-?I put ihe ({i.eation 10 you ?would you lei ?ny one later<er? to tell you what to (hot In regard to Ttjca*, although our raom-v wvi ukon for it, thu gr<iat wrjng w?a <!ouw by Tex-i- bc.-wtf. She male tb? cox I.act on cue Bide, and the gonial government on thj other. I think the prindpln *x> op.'rehiUa enough iu -.bat care to juxtity war und disunion; but I Mole Iho ??? t.'i ? were sowowliui exaggerated. Now. fellow citizen*, as to the democratic party, of which I am a sort 01 a member, and not very much of oca, unlou voting for Buchanan? which 1 shall du umtces <no on-)?! tell yoi I am doubtful ot the aetrocr^cy north 01'Ma*<>n and I>ixon'a bno. They w^ll staua by tho constitution. but catch any one of tbern 'n a oorncr, aart wt him 11 slavo ry bo right and he will tell you, 'ao." lull ytu a mm of IKut kind us nvt alu.ay* 10 U (r? *J. 1 xuatu 1 man ti IT' the v licit *?u on thai ruijtxt. Now, fellow citizens, tha 'vmocratt j i>arty w;ia somewhat responsible? nay, It wa< to a very great fxttnt re<'ion?ibl? ?ftr that act. And yet It i? a party witt witch South Carolina will now alliiat:, a: d 1 th'n* r^'^tly. The dtitccrafc party ha? conducted tbo alla-.m <f ih? natl in, trom its crK*ni7:,wif>o, wilb ?u> c>ne auO p'ory, an" under it* In;:jeur.o tho jreatnees r.f iht. oiulrj lias itxrca^oo. Our numbers, our wealth, our commerce all snow us that, with all our abused, we "re a ([> rat people Now. tb'.w demeo itio party (otitrlbuted to Uie la?t grievance to which I have ref<;rraa, but .t die go unu<*r tti adturaace that ju-ttlco wooUl be doi.o in futuro to tho South?that prac tically, our intor^st not so great tn the Territory acjiiireo trooi Mcx:"0 as it was In priauipld. end tliey would give ':3lawa afterw*rd? which would 1 ctt. r th?n up mo< iflMliMHI wo ciaimodln those laws. Tbo proposed measuieg were vtuttbey would gfye ritallty auo toroe to tha' principle of tbe Ccastitotlon rt (|Uirci> fugitives from labor to be surrcnicred, and fartaer, iDt-y said to ne?' lton'l rnplft?don't divide tbo D Jlon on thb" i-Hue, ard we will repeal tho Missouri r oat fiction line, wfotoh. upon princip'f. Is more odlnu? to you thaa any. thiii|; in this bill " Now. It bn denied that the Northern rtrn-H-.. ary. with alt their faults, mug-aanlmciu ly, bororat ly undlaitbtully luitille.: tueir pledge Tbey di 1 give>on a tugitivoeiave law. ?U!rU nowonyour st'i' ito bcolc. Tbey did rv^uat tao Midaourl line, w'tlch was on Icault to c?0'j mso .-'outh of it And what Las beeo the tired of Itv Whs1. hu been loo eil'.wt of lh?j repeal o' icfctrtotivc lUf which a majority o' Northern men wvald have pa st 1 h*d it uot k< t the vote of a ilm So :th of the I ifr Wimt I. is been thn effect of Ui-t a*t of j iattce, Die|tnar.<roll> and liuth lo toe democratic part; t Why ltd m.< di.Mir* friend ha* aaH, It hen rained a howl thn like of vih-ce waa never heard b?fore. M?n who have icpudUted tfco line?who rejected U twlco when It ? as cilered lo le*. It run oat to tin. 1'aciuc?who have pant ed and thlrMca for unttor>?ar, every part of the terri tory aoutb oi tho 1 re? thoro we'O tne men who railed the cry of pll^hf-d I'aith, Maappuiated honor, and broken jumper'. And of these pacific giittemeo. opo whom It waj V'i n.'^fortune t > kit by id tl.o House of Kcprcieataiives, d d, viiLii. ttri'c day*, aa ] know of my < wn psraoaal kr *1?? no, originate a piper wnl;h was ultimately the 1 aaU of the ori an'ration of the Kacraa Krolgrant Aid rtxjl ety. To ttat they throw in their cortrlhauooa, ana gjon ij"<-d ? lar?;c fubi. And to do what! To ccfoat fht pro vb-utsof tl'9 Kxaaaa Nebraska bll!, whlc!. the very prir.r.p'e upou which Ibe AmcrU'eii UivoliUon waa fit ,'.ht? the ilgbt of ih< p^oplo to fee ds losal qo 'atioi t lot ilien selves Tho> contributed money t< eent ?d*. oml grutta to reflat that luw?to act i.i contravention of a it". 1 i'.o law ol Cougit?a; and m?n, nKtnbira of the lIou?o ol liepree*ntativeu. who hal sworn on tho Word at G^d to support the constitution, nnuertiok of their own act ai inrn.bera of tbe House, a?*d wth their oaths atlli upon tl-em to lnouVate tica-eu npon t'v no they could oopa. Tbey ?<.Lt cm Ute i?g tag aud hokui'.l of the. lo vest classes t<> he found in ili purlieus of lU !r bltiea, and whu was i'.i? reentUf Why, ti n pecnlo of ISia> oun welcomed tuum kmi'ly ; they gne tfiom everyi'rur to add t? ?h?.ir cemiort lboy waxed fat up- n thj generosity ol' tbe N:rwou liana P'I tbey had thr> worlc todo. Tbey com ti.tac .d threat, i-iii; on the Mi??o\rl border what Ihev I wroU do to tho Mlaaouriina who tliruij vcutnra on r.-iruug ov,!' W Kanaaa Willi nlwret. Njw, ilio-o are the men who are reai-onallile for owry act of violence i u baa been or IM W0f >?<?!? Katun. And yet i? ce eoormiilcK are p ? petrMed by them in the name it tie Moat ili?ih aua t!io sa' niom of itUtiM ? inTi.krtl u bloac tueat. SUM coatont with OML after being fairly b<Mtr>n at aa eiec ion where the will of tbe people waa toaestly lal.on In regij-d to thj subjMlot domeiuc ulnvt-ry, lb y cantoit th? teat ij toe . ?.f ? i ul V> 'i i.!<' vvi.olyit'io pro slaror/ ran (Wale. Ties* 'rw? ?oi ??-a wnd the Wovernor it i*>e T r rltory n wretch natned Bee ler,tooenlefl Wtiitilild'aseat, Md upon Um ciwuBii, not that Keeder bad got a it^jority ol the voti a, but that the Ugmlal'i'e ?* h.' h b?J ordered thi fleet tii> waa, It?If, an t'lrga boily. And yet that lo k?rnn', m the repreeenui v? ?>f the authority of the I'til'eii Mattn, rn<) torn nw. i n >d to order tuat clecUon, 1' id certthed, under hia own hand an t artl, to ^ qaoram . i tliat I.- g'a]?t .re, that thej wero legally e'.octei. <)?n. | Whitfield, fcov ver, h-.-auae be waa a pro iUrory man In tt L'.tWBt, wa? denied hia aeut and refuae'l admlaslon to li? pi*cc on ?be llrn.r o( ih" II. ? H- wm '.u.-r- tt me, for a little Vme, b'it did tict rntala hia aeit On tha other hand, h!:- cor u?t. jt ?r p-irmltted to draw hu per < .i m a.? a mi mb< r, aliboogh he did Lot get one la a hi-.: drc<l rotoa. The* j our money wa* lUeo, by acoiUmiiti b o j arl> tru k lo pay KwMer aolely becan e h i wai op -,4?ed to Whiiii*ld, who waa pro atavcry in biaaeatnoenta. igain. It waalound that by cbauoe the I'lraidenUal eiec t..?. wbu b d**ro.vea on the a iccen'ut p*rty the diitrlbu 4 on of fSO.r<#) ooO, might iyime into the Houae. Th-' dan ger artaing frow tho nH ef one Sta'e ? ght KMftN be aii iu all. Tlx caatlng of a atngh to'j of on? ma? or one .~'atj might be i-iaally WMMM .tccordlafy they tnim|iupan eieoaolhat Allen, of iilinoU, badaom- lafor maliiy in hlnel?-t on thoi'-^h It waa pror?n tourer/hi ire! mln<l that he waa^'htrly alectod. Yet, laat^n al-ojlaatalhla Vtll lor nochanan. they rjeeled him from tho holla of < otigrrra, and arnil him whijtlmg ha< W to Tlhaot.i. Now, Ifllow eltlaeca, IM obu-l Ml wu in regard to myaeif 1 tbought proper to violate the law* of the land ai pro vidiug agamat tbe ci/Bimiailon of aaaauli and hatl^ry. I i aew 1 waa amenable to U>' court. I thovi^bt 1 would be Use 1, and 1 tbocgbt ! MM niv.< !>aea put In jail. I would have aubmittod. I did aobmlt. Arcordlug to ti e atraine-J I '.aol it I po?';nIy inva^e-l Ibe aanctity tf tbe tonale. 1 III iMHt? myaeif tiiat wuen tne Fi nale la not In tee? >a the f nate hoeaw a aay more avied than yowr rourt hou?e when tb-? conrt .v aljourn r.i But what did they do wnb me? They taae im liom tbe JurUdieilon of the MmM, Wbna. lawa, a Hh >r. ly and d'jnlly 1 am raid to have vioute i. and not thxire, and tney bring ma into Uie Uonae of i'4-> aee ltaltvae. Why T Beranae tbey kn-w tnat the setia*^ w ; i .ot reo<ur.' tue, hecauae tbey war tod ,to get itta into their own larjpi. in order to mako i>o!!t!cai cai>'.?; ?1\ ot It. )*o yoa believe that if Char lea tanner had g'ven me a ? an ;ig ttey would havo arre?ted hiu auu tried him t N< they wonla have mng paHlma of rlorjr oror It Ihe moat atupld ttlag I ever knew wee, thai thT? wan poi ".ire man who bad aenno or pluck enough to fight, a There sever waa so ctroog an indooetoevt l?r a mo to aOit hlmeelf to be a hoi at atn^e the woi Id b< gan and I toally the.glit t?>ere waa aome maa amoog ih-m who. 'rem pride or amotion would ha-a tnrarred ihe risk MV, fallow < ni^oa, It 'f mpoagijle to makn a rpaach ou a political aatstloe without goiag lati Uiat sath-ct which is now tbe poHUceof the country We have iitiea hut tbe r ggei end t ia lmpoa>blecerr<clly to ?ndar?tan<i that and > our own r> aiwna to it, unleea yon giromewhat into itf bist >ry, tbe dr.eraet canaae leg .t, and tbe dllferrnt way* in wbloh we Vaveioot la tt I hi. " goca over th a. I bar* shown y#u what you hare i ,i >.i ,oi inal i-.>ral ;? ewer--of the m -V fotre ot nui'ibera. ?i Ihe fur ? ? of mora', sentiment?k>< mat power whlob. if I mar *o ? vj- aee it, grow* e J 1'a ?twn action?ol the putrer ? hi. h a heary W. haa over a i ?'it ofth" rower wflch. Ift| Ue srjow bal'. aooana lalee by ita roiling tnutioi?ol tbe ao?,-er, la abort, of a c< n? . nirau-d peblir. senUfh.nil N# w. thaae N'ortbern ?I | atnra cell tbemael v?e free soi.tim. Jilak it a great ,r.. . , i jiVa fTad. / im (Vai | I j?. ? at ea I a'MAttv* ?a. A'ay, warsa. i Aeat [e#fl I lliey _ m r. -</,Trij ipm .r vs wuu -tan.i tobia rigbU. fhit therjr if, "No, we will not Inter fere wl'A the righto of ike ?*?tea " They are Stat- right* m?r, as tbey laipudeotly kail ua. but yet ihey will at >o jou where you are- TV* will Increees *ad ejtieBd, wh la veu will dr? op an i wnkar, ulim tbey get pnwsr enough to ebangi ibe gcveraar*?at, to alter yo?ir Mtltntlon*. io ctaah your power, a?t' finally declare you outlaw* if yo>. oonllaue lo hold to your property agaiaet ibe laws which th? y will so*."* Ibey will reduce yen lo Ume to tbla, bear In ? lad. t>a| yoa Will either be formed lo re a away ftom your a?gr?ea, or to be pat on to eq j*'-fy ?IUi them, or lo put them lo ifee sword. They loll us tbey are Jta'ae rifhte peogile Why, tbey would pot * oordon if 8rt rennd ?bcut'oe, and let slavery, lUto a soorptoa, Ming taelf to deatb. Whea I thla'g ai their repealed vmv ?atinaa of ibo eonaUlutloo, and ee/rj It dowa lo tbe r-ondl tloa sad eowduct of the K.iuee .4 Repr-eeatativaa IB re sard to Wbltfleld aad myaeif, I foal exclaiming with tbe agor'aed Moor of Venkv, T would rather be a load ar^ ||re o^ the vapor of a doogaon. lhan keep anorner la the ih 1 tore fer .lUler -naa's uera Aoplanae.t If tbey proceed In t^^e itae of march tbey 'hara beg ib, wa will aooti bare a corner, and ooiya coraer. fbr tha uae ol Nortbera r as a tartar era aad Northern sbtpnea? oor -Ireagth bet'jj, gronnd out of ua by the trickery of a tarifl. Tbey tr?nc about pbilaaihropy. whea tbalr poor houses are ^iled with white laborers fhroed town, Wbei mr -*j 40 wo with oor laborers' Tbey havo p?r honaaa 1*^ very dletrVrt, aad people who cannot work, or doa't ?ork, they do art care for Now, oor lafftlnVoa ia m?- + than thai. It ? a grand poor honae, whar* a aepa /"Ota people take ebara* of aa inferVw race, dlrant Ib air rprrr'ra; roab'etbrm lo snr^* tbaametraa, ard lake ^?..f r ? tec ?? ?er a' wrc ?'k s^oot their w.inla' ir ,, , 1 r- a hrr* ' ar. I ?>*. >? 1 ? 1 ? ? ? 11 pitM w'it Utiatia '?r "? T',v ???' l c:if*l?J h.? etyeet legdDy were to bring them to Button, dm rou think tl.ey would receive them Uwrtr "Mo," IMr w*ul?t uj, 4-we Coa't want any of thsrn." Bat w U? be *>W they wera rasa way Differ*, and they vial i come them wife open arm* u they would eras abolfck slavery, Bve ne;gr*e* would be equal to live white mm, and wo would r" the start of the government in the House. Now, toUow-olttseu. thteg* are wax la* to ? point. It *ai lasctonabie once, In oerWi quarter*, to ridicule tbat grrateM man foat oar Mate error prorteeoC by 8obotltufji? in the place of u e wort! Calhoun, the ?al ' oriels." I tail you, la o>a tnue of Mr. Calhoun, tau ? cnats la coming, and it is upon us in tile year It!Mi. ft dun't mean to ?%j that blow* *ts be struck or Mood she# in the year 18C4 Uttt circumstance* will tasetbat ground. They will take 'hat. hape, aaJ ibey wid st-Tle upon boac pi tnolpie* which mil inevitably lead to tt, t." we bare the 'Pint which I beitero we havo. What m we ?a 4eT What is ocr cond.'ionr With an institution torcetf ? us lirst by England, and, contrary t ? the res of Virgin*, faro d 1:70a us oy Die free Mil hiv?? of th? t'Dion, who EOld on to as befoio iney became i hiiaothpa |)ie, and w! tch has t>*eor;n a part of oor aocuty, nhal ure v ? to do? What a. e we to it* when we are told bgr tbe dominant pa-tyai Jfce No to?ma party wh<eta hsi* charge of the House of Snurenec tail res, aid which tg It* rankest compound of t:1Iu>ous wlsm t.Tat irer oOodad the noetriib of any mao-thai their ilr*t measures wtH be to aboilub slavery m the I>i*trlrt of Columbia, Is prohibit the carrying of a slave (Vera (ieorfta Ma A'a'ama, fr<m North Carolina into South Carolina; lo past laws providing that no other n'.ave State sbdl ever bo adoptro into Uus L'aion, that all lb-? Territoetra unorganised shall be rrganaod as free Mil Territory f Now, are yon go ng to remain unlet under all this f With your money and your blood ozpended for territory oaM (iilo the free soil a, are you ?o<ug pn'.viutly to watt until the free soil yoke is put op<>o yourselves? Kellow c: Janes, you are nut going to do it. Tbo people of tha Hcuth are not going to do it. In lb6o 1 told ray frtsada &: d it was too oi>)y prophocy o r nine tiwt ever was fal fllltd?that tboy need not be alarme 1 about an i*sue; that b si'cs would vme a* last as blaraberrle* in the r.prtag t'me. and stronger ones than wo had then. We bav* tha lcnuo upon us now, and how are wo to moot it ? I Ml >ou, fellow-citiwns, from the bottom or my heart, that the only modo which 1 thinlr available !or meeting it it jutl to tear lite uftut.'.ution of the Lin ed Statei, trample M uncUr font, artl fe/fm a Southern rvnUMracy, evey State ef te'ivt* i. ill be a tlavehoUling Sta.'e. (Loud and proloug*4 o'ievrs.) I believe It. as 1 stand in t&e faoe of my liakart J believe it on niy responsibility to you at your bonoraa representative, that the only hope rf the South u in Iht frulh, ar,ii that t\e only available nt^Mi of making l"Vt ejl'tdii* it lu cut asunder th; liondi thai 'te ut 1 ct.d take our teparate jottlum in the family qf natxma* Tneko are my opiaioug. Thoy have always been Wf cpiuior.s. J hove been a liuiMiioniit from the time i omIU th-ink. But ao cue Suite <*sn dissolve this Uui*B. I tbink in duo deferenco to frtends who have man tcir.d, as much patriotism, and a? much good feWtar lir leilow men aa I have?1 think, 1 *ay, that the separate action ol aov one State would roiard the m/ve nunt. Cur (rlends have told 11a to make the Issue, aa" tho others In soil dofeuce would be coustrained to ooot? to 112. Why, I have heard seme of ibein tell us that tu < l outh ikill submit U Freiuoctbe clocUyt. Now, U' that Ih : 1, how in th'' bam* of God will they oot?e to us if frt L-cnt bo elected. No one State in this I'alon can break it cp, and I would not riek a failure; lot us wait Hto* a |iH>d toltlier who rtoerves liij tiro nutil ho oanaMtha wliito of hi* foe'* 6ye. nnd then lodge the ball wh*r* Ik w ill bo ui >*1 fatal. We miat have the to operation of A* Ml, We moat have the sympa'hy aad the aid of lha States Ictereated wlih ours Mva*. Tbeir moral support la worth ir.. : 1 to ut than tbo mldiors th?y will sen 11a. 1 et South Carom.* stand, In the language 01 a gootleaaa whom I tuve always known to be a patriot, anil *kot?t more talent than bo gete crotilt tor?" list Soutk Ctrallit ^tandaa nnarmod knight, with bia laooe ooached, aid cot a leather quivering in hto plume " One of the a?t touching, and 1 think, one of the moat solemn log loate in Komin history U the ac?junt of the in tor Tie w botwoa* Coriolanua and bU mother. He bad haon unjustly, da iiboratcly, and cruelly gj polled Irom his native city. Ho look refute with hir enem'-a, and by bis merit reaoaoA the coniuand oi tbtlr armies ac appeared before lbs wsllf of Rome as the oommander of the hostile foroaa. rod icaicd her to U.0 last e*tremit?. in their (|Ny they sent his mother to him. She bowed her If ay hii.-a at the feet of her couqucrar son, and ImptotoA tlin, by the tender rtmintocenoeo of his infanor aaA I s childhood, tli* purity of hto lame. ?nd the honor ?r h ? nio'.her, to spar* the city where ho was born. ?? tLon embraced tb? breast tbai had nursed him, and wtA r burttli g heart sai l -" Hy mother, you hare eavw* Homo, tut jfin bare lost your soul" Afid glory totaa n mi who, on tue.b sn occasion, co lid stifle the pr<"S|t it Ki cl amb t on, revresa the (eel ::gsof vocgeaoco, and#a r nbt bocaoae it was r Rhi and five o too world s *ch aa rumple oi ror^.n?&l biroUm, anu n?eq appr-xtoUoa m ti a hik, o4Bt of all huuan virtues?lore o'lhe mother wta l-cro bltn, atd ? f the country la which b< was born. U t!-e sovereignty of a iftate cjuII be embodied in bnisia fcrir. aii<' F r portions, 1, in (m.tat' >n of tUo mother m Orlolauus, woul' |u is iinhs'-tarior to our sister, Georgia, rrd tbiowtfff mv eed at L r iee?, 1 would implore hat by the gloriea of iter i ait hi.tuiy, by the b ipsa of her fnWf% l.y tie cMml-v of her m*n the purity of bor wum, ttc pride of birth, ar I tn? hiror of knighthood and irtM r-anhooU, to r o like a ptoU fr-nthe lethargy lain whtch the red devils and tSe back derils Mf? riiSrwd her, and Hike a Mow for So ithsn IB tt-ncDifcBre and liberty, and thereby in moroy. ravo the tb. (I "i t clirers ) 1 am rem ndoA tl at It 1? ooitl- men who COUKIUM s State. Know leg t^e putro1 sn?, at.d liavln? l?lt the power <d the ??lo'jtoi ?* ol my dintlngoisn d frieud ("ten*l?r T.H"C''t) rrom Georgia, who hss honored aaM c nrpltB< n?ed m.> by bis presence on this oocaaBea. 1 n'ntt flsel .Ike maktrg my aopoal to him. I know his Iniluencs wltb the people ho represent*; I V? rw his pos er, wterover he m*y be, ard I would ta rod 1 con* ' hear thai clarion votot of Uia on Una ? ? ?t.s' I ?nc, aa I oner heard it lr a peisons! issue, whM a I low ru rtruck lor ^ntburn indepmc enne, aa It wW yet be -itructc rnrre sncceriinlly, aud when he c'apptA h s bert.c SLLd tjclaimed "It is at tlie right time, and to tb- itghtf'aae !" (t'eat cbeers ) Sow, fellow oitiie?B, t Hive told you yerv r>* kiy and undi?rut??. ly tbsl t ? -llrre thr m ly l-j" of tfi' Umlh It < i thr hmdt villi ?*' firqjKW* <* " "rntinn Me tkrdeudmr ????*. The?e are my , THf cstnot oe carrieo out by us al< ue 1 Slow it?I feol n. At. a icrsibk' man, it is lett tor me to taVe the next MM rou>aa. M tat to it? In the first plane, let me tell ysa I ,!.ml W.'if in t?w *>'< of ?W'w*i?. If I waa Ito t omti an or of an artu/ 1 iu*tr ir.mla u?( a tm inti ?SS vwwJd M( ?wr that Ct**ry Uri^U. I'ut wo mu* tato Hi pgr as we und trem. Neither you nor I can bars IM r.?l t alwajs t one iu oor private lom>.wtki relatloM. w? r?tnci mike Uic wile do lust as wu want her on everr oocaslon il-aughtor, aapccUllr ant<)Lg the IsUen) Wo mii't, I re|>est, take tlitn^e aa we Und tb?. I am wti.rg tu tbo denuraU a fair Irtoi of tin ir i xi>erimei t. I ?baU ?'?U Tor Mr. Buehannat nnJ win n I say that you koow I ha.u (rot no row. I ? fc?ll f jpport h.m honertly, and lalrly and Malousi/ I r :>all do II. bewerer, eiactly as a giod beartsd phr tKian nontlauea togi7e mtuitlae te a patient when M i. itows be to dj ng. If ho to a kind man, be ommI. wocn' the lanaiy Teolto*j by isfusing to do so. no ?? wili ng to make the ti ai and tako the chances, althoo^ lie knuws .n Lib boaxl I.M. il do rnt bit of (M. .Vuw. / !"??< utu <<Uf Vrs. I * lU act tbo part ?i%. , ,ied brartrd pbyslctaii to tl>o drnio-'rauo r*rty, I ?? live thi m Buchanan pilto. and if they thorn do no f<wd, I * . a? i? . ik . list I harfl ilofl^ HiV stall ct naoie myself uy tbe rellcaU a ihat I baro done duW. I?oWlgr^v 'If'- s''~ His opponents aro Mr. yjlmcroand Mr Krem >nV Now, Ur. Fillmore l? , ? tal'ib b rtry respw Jkblo ganlleaaan mmm?MMH lTr?ident, and 1 bei.eve, ataoarely, that if oloctod wouU ueeart hto own paity, mU make a better 1 r?tiienh than w? think. B"it tb a to the ter/ Can* I don ? ?s? 1 am afraid ha would do to wtll that he would thrM I hack U:e ot ?pe<*t? o' MW?1W fct toko bis doctrine* etl, ha to a Know Notl-.n^. 1 don I care an*thing abMfc that It to a tfead oock .JW p?t. I wvr bad an.r tt* re< tVn w.tb't It bltniod a row tor a Ume. but aa MM as as it rubbed ther aj-?* the/ saw c'.ea^iy agala /.j/n't ?tr> awjr^iwvy atumt ?. /fc?? ?ii thai U Uu*^rv Any man who M a fr end to Ife* r .bit of the ?o?th f wi'l truBt, I don', earo wnat he a. N >w Fi! more to tv Oreo -o ler. H?> lr oppoeod to tbo ex tension of Havery. tlto flnt rote toCoogrsBB wbb m n* i at ton to stavry a the district oi Columbia, the noxtww rtt th" ann?**?tioc o! Texaf, which glrst u# one SUle. Fa there to ?. >neral Hn't. He is a BtaWis?an aa? I ttU then there to?-?n Honrtor. Ho to a gow , Ucw? aid thst * all. Mr. riUmoiB to biought ward as tho cpfxncnt of '.be party by whom the M? ?o'-ri c w.j,rru?.f e w ?B repoaied. Hto frleada lay gresA , ?trre* en >.Vs having appr .vel the fufitiTe bUt? MU. Wh? ho oenld ?ot telpH. H. ba l taken aa oalh to n? to <? ,?t he hs-i bound h n self by a tolemr pltdf" to !>Ik vartT not to veto aay ? r 'I- ; lgmett to b.< eea ,t i?tional. tury d?- ded that th^t wu constitution!. ?nu he arr*n*W * !>?? *** *? r'*' ?sr'tto tkat. I car net tote for h.m ' 11 v ote tcr CoV>t FeoBioflflv I , e iay be to a So ith Caroitoi.- r c r o? of ??(?!>. no ) f ,. u tVinl aa d-bi ?able a i)Ut?ttot> so whom ?lr Jooa I ?rkli- ciiod and waa l-uriel lh:l suppow ^w** * I ?.-uih fjhrollnton. H? has fete ortr to Iho enrm;. a?d his L.omtoeti tatwn W> tbemila bu,hYJ?S a?Z fine of bis birh and the aoeneg ot hschfldbood. A%y r x *ltO ta oi - lo tli'Vfl ?? ?? fulfil In ftddRM to that, I ^?v? M irrejtFilbks ??< I iae.aio?r<bla pr?jadt?eag^?irq?!o< Sow, hi* aothor was ? kl S,T ' kirn 'hero of the name VTTOr fbe ?arrV ? ?oa^bo-ly, I doa ? know trtera It w rs rrA rrem:at Turn it * i' , fatMr of 'Mr n-aa b*:t Fromont waa not the name of Iks -- 'ber s hti?*sod frsanor.t waa a Frencbman, who ret look the oath of alkflanoo to thla govern meal, p n?re- diaaolTed hto conneoUo-i with hto form* rr-'ram. at. Now, by tho U'h art olo of tbo Fre^ , .. % native of Franco who marries a a>rrign wcaaaa malsa bto wlfr Uko hto naUonalHy , and hy Uia l*h art >, the child of that marriage take-, tho nat onaMr ,rh.s father. Avoiding to that rn''. J^bt C. Fr??o?4| tfc- great Rocky Mountain aapk rsr and rival of Kit i'bim? ?tbo man who daoartod bis aactun, who to Um head aa4 ^Mit of free aoUtom, and tbo N'orthera ? sndidato %r tha I rreatdenry la aMkar, in t>?e tong'iapo of ihs law, nvr??a 1 flC or i 'ae ho to * Frenchman. 1 eaanot vote ftr him. How, tho other choice, and tbo only oJ 'too, IB Kr itvehat m. Mr. Bnobanan waa not my ehot.o, and most , of yon know it I went tm VraakUn Pleroo-thM nsaa 1 Wboot !hme will lncraa* an time growl oM?that or* o? Sew Hamrnb're. who haa beon trio to tho Sonth booan? he ban beon tmo to the oonatltctioa-AUl aaw? who b-w* exercised tho toIo pnwr w ith the dtocrat-r^? Wat;0 - ngton and ??e nerve of a Jk * I tp^ton O li**" my chore Mett to him I won! Ihr iV ?k"j?'t*J w ? ?that woll tried patriot, who goea 1'iroua" ?ho crvo . I alHH'tton HV ? thundorbott to tw ?ark, Nentsi la a. ?? - - tTtiihg, Ilrt'i "?H- Th^r;' ? " ?? I shs'T b< i : "ft '?!? ??'?a ' ' I ^viVttU ?,l*k ' ? ?. n .??