Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1856 Page 3
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IMCTTISEIEITO HEUKWRli IWff DAY BAJdfcB At AU?/I1U? i LFRKI) BKACC, AI'CTIONKKB ? A. BEAQ? k CO. A. Will hefl, at lucllOB on Friday, UBt 10, at HV'j A M.. at etr salesroom ,'i't I orHundt street .*?) rasas boot* shoes, oga: \ Ac , comprising a goc<l ?n<l desirable stock, suitable FjlietBil and * Inter ti ade. . OOTION NOTHT-QUARTZORLSTHN'O MACHINE.? L HAMI'kl. ObtiOOl) A CO., auctioneers. store 81 Nassau ?et, w,!l sell on Wednesday next, October 15, at 10)? o'clock M., in account ?f whom it may coio- rn, on y?- premises meriy occupied by G. T. Hodman, lietn. -u West and Wush (ten streets, a lot of machinery, purporting to jo i quarts islung machine, weighing about twenty 'on*. Hold to pay rage, Ac. I UCTION NOTICE?.1. BOti ART, Al'CTlONKKR.?BY L H. HO'iaKT, Saturday, at 10 V. o'clock, at the auction mi, corner ol f raukfort and William str> ets MortgafS te?Lai ge lot of finished ami unlinished galvanic and iu?g tic batteries, contained In lancy brass bound mahogany and aid papier mac he boles; luthus, tools and other materials i|i'lait? for lanvlng ou tlie manufasturlng of the above jmed articles Ac'.. Ac Also pony horse 1 bay horse, wa Jns, cart* sfc.s harness, Ac.. M rcnou KOTICK.-CROCK KRY AND GLASS WAKE. L Uy v, ',\ MJInl.KY, this d ly, Friday, (lot. 10. at 10'? i-'ock il liltMner of Urutl and Mulb>- ry .street!, all the j-ck wIthont reseri?, llxtnres Ac. UCTION NOTICE.?M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEIR 4. Hotel and Isiardlng home furniture This day. at 1C'2 'ock at the auction rooms. 27 Oemie st'o t viz.?an or Sy hesus, 90or ?)'? !e<'steals, at be Is hoist*'s and pillow*, ? nket.., ijullte mahogany chairs solas rockers, cane chairs, kikeaaee, wardiobes, china tea sets cuilwry, glass and plated rr uih rni- rnrrtu? Ac Sal* UCTION NO!iCK J, KOUakT, \i t'riOXKKR?BY L S. BOOAR I.?Tuesday, October 14, at HI,1 i o'clo;k. <t 27 in atreet, Constable s pale l>y virlue of Mtreral executions large lot ol ready n>ad? clothing coats. vtts * pantaloona, ol.?o Cloths, f isstmej-es resting* trimmings, counters, ?lvirus. Ac Alio, at 1 o'alock. at corner of Kranktort and ilium streets five counters, with drawers. U.\tiires. Ac. K. B?'I lie bon call* Is is posti oneJ un'U Tuesday, 0<ft. at the ?ame tine and place. V. S M ti I<8, Constable. UCTION NOTICE - auction HtnK OK SUI'KRfOR . cabinet made fuiidttve. puuu fortes, Ac K. B. FRANK IN, Auctioneer. fl(>^K!,IN, NliiHtlM A CO will sell the axlesrooin ?."> Nissan street this (frrldav) morn at 111' o'clock, ulttien rosewood anil mahogany parlor its, ?li blj cai'ved and plain, and covered In dill-rent styles; '"lor sofas, lo inges tele a-ictes, secrrtarv a?id library book ies, mantle ami pie-glasses, centre, ca-d and pier tables, uolres, 1 'irhl-!i reclining e.hairs spring seat. Voltaire, kluu cnlsi. ec!ialr? illnlug room sideboards, etegereg, e* slon Ut iles, < tans, rorewisxl, mahog inv, oak Hnt enamel i l.auil tr su tes liedsteads, plain ana dressing bureaus 1 ws-hstai.d"s hair ina'trasses, paillasses eh'ns and glass Ire, table cut e > silver p<ated ware, toilet seta mantle or Ineiits. gilt !rsuie oil paintings, by L'oa'es and other artists; l, two ai a 7 octave rosewood piano tortus, made by <r.-iug rv> |;iano sti ols. towel racks, cornet almas oaok inds. Mil ? ge'ieral a^sortraent of every aeticl- med lu isecteping. Ihmk's psck'd on the pn ntiaes for ahlpmeut. l?criptivei a. a.ogueson morning of sale I UCTION N01ICE.?TUOS. Al t'TIONKER-BV . BULL ^ KtSII.? lh!s day, at itl'j o'clock, lu tbe sale m*. I I Nntlli William street, will lie sold a lot of good isehold furniture, nlso. at 11 o'clock, sale of tbe stock ot [ a, coffee aod sugar store, by orde? of assignee: Jl7 bills, ?ar. tionr. collcf. -15 packages gr?.cu and black teas: 10 nlj< bus old at,dy. and other groceries Ac. At lit o'clock, |i guns, live ws'clo S, three canes jewelry. tainrday will be sold the entire valuable furniture of a filly rIvidi< up Housekeeping. rl7.:?Parlor, bedroom, kitch biaensei.t .iri tngemeni. Particulars day ol sale. Itood.ty?Kltenslve stock of dry ginxls clothing, Ac. SalONZC'-' 8AIJC.-ITHE fM OCK OK 'I jmIERY aNO fancy g(?>Js in store No 3?3 Giaud street will be sola at nicauction? assigueea' sal??on the lfith lost , at 10 o'clock M al th' raid -v<e. HTXHNBtRGfH A WaTTK&MaN, ignees ol l>avtd Straws. AH riXirK'.M, LIQt/ORS, Ac . AT AUCTION?M. WL a \, 1 nctlooeer. w ill sell ou Saturday, Oct. II. at 10 No 14<.>eenwlch arenue, the lixture*. counters, ivirig beer ptinifs. Ilijuors, glass ware, gas fixtures, Ac. oosi-s i eqi:i ed ai time ot sale. Y JOSEPH HKGEMAW, AUCTIO*KKK-OK 8ATCR Odnv Orober 11. 12 o'clock, aoou. *t thn Ceotnii 8*1** m rorne,'of Wtik>u?bby and P~rl .treeu, Hrooki?. th. > stoi v brick cott.ze hou?? and lot of ground No 10 J ?? int street near (V)mm?rr' tilth cottage from Hamilton nue 01-26 bv 90 leet. Kale positive le*ms?ren per t and'auctioneer'* lee at the tlm<- of sale; he bajixiceon lttli ot Ok:obi-1 , iWU may remain on mortgage. f>W \ BP Sf HFNCK, AUCTIOSKPR ?II>W"\KD HfHK.WK .> *'?>. will *ell a' sue'Ion, this d*V. 11th : , at 1 o'clock, a apai* ol long tail bro? n horses, UH hand. rti ci"ht tears old, warranted p-rfe -tly kind, sound and [ tie m evei v wa* Also. an enclosed rockaway and lueaa have been -ed about two wee'ts only. Also, a v'n.iiir . \. ,.n? old, wai-rau .d kind and genii. la Lble and '- hull ' fs and a m-t eicellent .add e horse; I been ovum >M -*1 for the list three year* in ihe conn I. hasUotteSm 3 aHo, aevrral ne* road wagon*. XTFKMVI AND SI'K' IAL SFOAR M't'TIOS HaI.K, tills lav at hi ociocV tot 79 ?a*?aii street. (atalogiies , no* read giving the different brands aud quantities. with C ,1 lir'ltts and consumers wUl <l..d't their prolit to p'^ptfy Tt'Wlit MOKRBI. Auctfo?e?r <Ol.TOX. Al'CMoSEKR.-OKNTKJX HoL'nKHOI.D fnrniutie reive. carpel*, rosewood furniture *r ? t ITOS wiu'?ell thW Jav. October 10 at lOi, o clock, at \yt-vl v i hu tc u street, rear KigUlii avenue, the entire lur *"ftllt .mtiv. l.willc,,.npr.a-, in par., e . ?a.>t rose si p?i or fiiruittire rose wood marble top .lr?*?Jo* b 1 cetiie ia'. e- d oing and ex.ensl.m black walnut I oak fonmur*. >1 en- h bed-nada, richly carved fuW.rtre ' oi two an tr of parlor furniture, velve ta.msiry, P'f ligm n Vr>??.v ollelotha. enamelled e. -laae furniture en e pur# C?lrt"l Uair mAlircse., l, ?ll r b. da. .-omtortera superior h! .iikcts feveral very excellent iron liedat. *4*. ?tag bure* * m and mahogany, chloaacd ?.sware. d" ?.-r km taMe cutlery, basement a-dklchen mure ettr'utn. and oornlcea, Ac., Ac N. H All tut leftirultur. .no. be.-,, made lo order and Is in go>d condl hV'u.V- be ;. uaeU only since May la-, tataloguesonUo. -ning of sale. - ?R\I AUli STOCK AT AUfTIOR OK MONDAY THE I'tth 111 *?' at Mlllbu-n. New ,fer*ev, on the!M-rrla au . ?e\ Ka.''os I M th. realdeoce of Mr. Itoiaford. bree f?inh mil* from the ftepel via. ?'?rtu. cr?>i>? ron*l??iof ofn*i iifscre""." Poa'o?'..b?Ks carro-a. *r.. K'?at Tartetr ill su'all Vi g. '?bie?, live or si* ton? of hav and corn ^ .net- ol Urst ia'* lurmtng tiaila and joinera toola. I>eai w?o^ hor?. car,, ic ; one Morgan mare, four cow., . m<T. hers urkeya lloi*?boid fnrnltwr a largeva 4* KntSwre fool of Cort?dt ?*?. a? H 40 an.) aretve lit 10, at v h rlt time -he ?a)? will oom'nanrr ror fur h Mhilar. inquire on the premi". or of CHtUSON, corner ' roadwi.y and Oiiane street. Mew York. ilMT fTpavaor, Acmwm fjss, V!?sr-a. 4 Sugar* <#>?? Jiv?ct)ft^. Itqoofs ? Tvvps 1OCTIONBK.?HBNRf H LKKOi 4 . "o -?.Hio.i .ale of iplandkl ' dl i c will tell by aaH?on aa Tharaday, 9ifc rrtilar "7^d *aii.r,la?. lit* October. ?? the eitet^ve warerooms ; n.ii?kin>i Mid 175 Broilvaf, Itrffit ftld mo?t JmSXZSlIWVale by'auci^oin which will be aold wiihoul r*?rT?, In cooaaq'iCT?e a; an &ii#r%tW>ti id tb*1 iirnmtafMi aboot Ui be mmde?K50iiM?tiii^ ? ,_h aB(? Hofti, parlor furuitur? lo ^ ? Ztvlrft of this country wq?1 of JKurope. buhl mad m?rqu?t SJSStTHZrnS li+a+r?. Ac. wrn a very rvt>nmw% and ^uful 'aasoriin'H of splendid wwood. f?Z??ZTo* dintn* rnam f aLSSTiurira varietv ss la make It loo t^kxis U. me^TauVwMc^ has been mada under the aupervialoo "ow.?"e.Vne."ud well drt.,1 materials, and war ed In every itaarrtptlon. It can be i iatnlu*! any itjTJ'' !?to the sale Purrh-er. re^dln? out offiwoosnhave r ftunltnre pa. ked by eipertenaejiiwrtMJ hf?r??a?ivEt tbe wirirotMDi on tb? moroun w ui? *?n. ms ' .K all Put chasers under UUU. over that amount, j jay* for appro*ro note*. ? II 1 riliH. Al'fmOWKKR ?HY H H I.WKOf A f'n Hnt irdaT Oct 11, at U>K o'eloek.'at the aalearoom. ??*ai^?t!eet rtch carved roaewood sul? of par or fur ?"ti cS^n ^ul blue ligured do In blue and is? n and hair cloth, elegan' Upe? ry. velvei carp , ,ssels and Ipgrain carpets, large mahogany b?*caaea. S? in lea'ta-r and green reps; mahogany *td?boanl, ^ussnv si 1 li ??ck walnut bureaus bed?.eaila. waalistan<la. reather beda. botster^ pU ? oilclotlis, pier and nianiei mirrors. , ms ker> and a lo? of kitchen lurnltur*. with which the i Will commence. Alao a mahogany l I h-ya jb lhuibam. moit ^l^c?nt w* I ( kr NSSloMMlt?f A CO.7 <Kl*rr of the Uior, m^U^r.Tefr^e.1 Zm W,tM?. <?? ?? chibit??.t salewooiii. It Wnaaau street. ,hn* I, ViKMVATn, AOt'TtOKEKK, WILLBWA, ihis dav o ridiy ) October 10, at 11 o clock, at th? n Mi Ksiaxu ?reet, Dntch bulhou* root* of the of * V^Xschooi A K?n. all ta fin. order ?nd co?dnion ..sUa? I f h\?clntha. tultpa, narctsauai*. AC. Tb? rooU will old In lots to null purcha?ra. .lfl> (it ? or fink rosewood Awn haiiooany furniture ? H T. I.KKB". auctioneer, will?#ll! this dar W Ib'.o. .Mk ail the be.,- ' , ? ? - "i the -v,u lllng In Weat Twenty si*t* street, a few doors from Wtih ,'ie. CO.?Ing la part of two ant.. ,.f farnlture. tn rreoeh } Aid im>!k1 roHtood ?uH. 4b pliwfc fa . In r?J. rwj^ t bnrea-.s bedateiwls and waah?t?n4s w?h marble top*. ' ? m?m Mae* do hair. pUlows and bedding*, aofa boda, ti^nll chairs is haircloth chair* in mrenceo Turklah easy f , recevlion rosewood ee?tr? rtde snd fancy Ublea, lii wtoll In pl??b rsrpe.s of sll kinds laee and bro r^r^7-ew^ cte?e^ wyh plat, gl^a ** . nr.. tine ; octave rosowood piano sto.l aodeovar, rSTXeh eler Blssaes a ro-eai?l secreU.y boofceoae, nneTibrary co5 WW. sUtuary, Dresden vaeea. *p lend id abdIns* w"h a variety of NrnlturMoo t?nr~;ro?.?i to men ?iiitiuK?. -ji) fwil on# rn***'*", If lift rtisiMiicc csn rely on the furniture betng ?l"al to adv?tt?emetd iand the\uant,ty. It wUl be ?op v*rrm, ArrnomntR. ?to*r i? ""r.r* -iherltn. sale of ofltee furnl nre, imo jafes. *^, A. M - II* ? #vr ? l.nrk oflir**. ront??tin|Of rhatr?t%b. ?, nd^s orv. back o?ct.,^ t ^ fa~ hT t><.pnty Nlwrlll iTi "vvTt 1L AFt'TlONKKn STORK l? sPRI'.'K | IX.. -hir iHisaleof Lin b-sndie*. %c Ihls day iKrl riUfa to si ll o'clock. A. )4.. ' " .in l'. Vl? Blvvu . of mn- pipes "f ?m. Ac a!-, ' one Rp^oi ? ognac brsndv. In WITT n ~ ai-. tioskkr wii.i. SKI.I. TIIM M,i,f ."Si' . o'cl... St II T-n-rly 1-TlfanJ .'re-t / ' I At. I?r* and ill (lllliOff fcHhtOTI, 111 ft rntl^ry, I'm* rbin%. Un , Tron mn Aiiw> Hn aP?ortm??nt if hnu??K?'f? fnrnHu^. M*aim .Uv ?t 1'1'k o clock, a lae*e snd eitenalve as Inert .d h o.Iebo'.d I irnlfr.. ^ar'leuIan. >Q wnnww. ? V?FIKI T) I OT? ?I. HOtl ART, Al'< TlflltKKR --!|t kTSiHr;r hVo^v?ni^ 'fWahe'e*^ wT^he.-T''^T.iT^T """'i "?f '".le-'-Te , ^nrSd U,e nnrtbt e- . fer -lie K^ I" ?v c?ul Uly WHalmcnl*. Three |"r cent of! for ? *ah. ^ksHsc. .r,s.??? iJIl packages flour, rice, tea, coffee. Map. green ?se. Ac [ WRUITI RK. ~ ~ . 4?W| LftO"r??rTAOK FURfflTt'RR -WKI.b M ADF. ..its for H# elegant lirst class suit*, richly decorated, for )hfJ msmifactcry, KM llroadwsy. below llloecker street d* carefully packed tn go out of theclty._ . MiTtTRR.-WAl*TRD, TO Pl Rf HAHK FOR CAtll J?t Uli or t*on worth of sec md hnnd furnit.ire, car TMreVWWW* R I r . II Herald ? -v, - l>Mler* n*.l AWI> AIHIST*. rri;..,., pvirs -rONHTARTUY OR HARD, A T initeelloo of artificial ere*, of every shade nnd ?r?win \ uM.ibrr..?v ' of th? roadway, corner of ihrti*-. FINANCIAL. ;KOaOW*1MtfMtk vDVaNI KO, TO ANY our Amount, ot u iiiuuiIh, watclie*, jewelry, pianos. drj cfs >i> jug every deaetiptloii ol valuable property 0? rmiiibt It ', stocks. LH?ud?. uotns, mortgages, 4c., ueg* uatao. W * ? lies mid jewelry tor sale. K '111 a IKK. room* kot. I and X second atorf ?E6TABUWHFD LOAN OFFICE, 412 BROADWAY .? We pay tin- highest sums for .luunouds, watches. jewel rj. Ory goods. slll.s furniture, ind every ku.d of persou J ur? petty. I'mu'e offices fur lat'ita auu geiitieuien N.B.? Pawnbrokers' ticket* In.tight T. R. HOUSTON, J. M 1CDUFF, A#t &/f ni'lfk WANTRO-BY A I.AOKR BIER BRKWKR vTivUU on bond unit nMctgage on property iu the ? eiv'liboi hcod o( tlie city of llrookl>n house. lota, lager bit* c??' ? a, brewliouse. At ' Apply t3 CilAKLES (JLAIR, No.ST Juices street, in the barber a shop <i'J inn T(J LOAN, ON BOND AND MORTGAGE fTi'JvU ou New lorkcit) improved property, worth at li a?t double the amount J,r 3 orIjff?r?, at' ptr ent. A I so 8:',(KJO Apply o tilOKOJC UUSSKY, 82 Broadway, room 12. 417 (Win TO I'OAN?ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, 3PX 4 iUU" jewelry, segsrs. dry goods. and ail kinds of personal pro| erty. or lotight tor citHh; bu-i.ness ronlideuiial, at; 5 .lohn st el, ciTuer ?t Nassau, ruotu J>o. 3, scoonl floor, by J. F. iOBBGST. <k&i I linn to LOAN, ON WATCHES. DlAMOMMk. ?Pt"/."/" "U j.-weirj, seg. i-? dry goods ani alt kuidaol property; or bought and sold, lot cash Nntaa ,.iuJ mortgage*. stocks, Ao Tnegotlated I'K Nasaatt *tr?r. of Aim teru.,1 tloor. rooau No* 2aa<12A?. ". UOMKBoN a CO., brokers and commission merctfH CilQ^ nnn-TO i,oan on diamonds, wawhes, IJilO'J.v'UU jcwe'ry. and or. all kinds of iiecaouaJ pro pe-tv, or liongbt for cash. Notes, bonds and mortgage* uego ua<e'd. Business prompt. 4M0 Broadway, ooraer ot Broome s rn-t. 189 BnoB f street. ? w no. H. CU.-ll ADVAM K.>-TUH UNI'KRIIGNED MAKK I liberal cuati advances on aV. kinds uf merchandise. also i u rood kectirltlifrf any dricripti .n MARTIN ?t adam^. 15 William street, room No ; s.-coud Hoor DIVIDEND NOTICE -KNICKERBOCKER L'FE IN suiai ce Companv. No '7 William street ?The iMrectors in li s romp try liMve itcc'.arcd a si iu. annual dividend 3X per cerdon U>o eajiita! atocb. |>ay*bit! tr. the atoekboldera oo in-1 mi ?-i the Ut i. of tv t iber lDstant the tra-uifer booka will be closed until that time. By oej?r. fTEl'IIKN c WHERLER Secretary TJtDOKWORl ?l OOMRANV STOCK,?THfc MARKET lti price will be >n;d for a few liundred .suaiei. with aJiten no ut? pftkl ;i|> cji in p't^irrtion for nnpaid. If tendered this wtek JAMtS > . WtNMAN, No. 110 l'eirl street. 11ONKK TO I.OAV?ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW iu riry, tnano" dry gootls. s.lks, aeKsrs, 4c , or the same loiirhaaed Urcaah Airo. ? itc!ie?, segsri, iic , foi aale, at j1.' cUutnbcis stroei, uext to linrton's thea're FRANK R/KKSON, Manager MONKV, MONKT, MONET? ALWAVB ON HANO. TO makf- advances ou <!:ttmonds, w?tcli*?, jewelry. ?nd uti v (le-crlptioii uf \a.ual'V prtipei'ty or botuibl for c?jh, Wat.-he,aud jewelry lor sale App^ to u. a. ISUTTIk sole proprietor, 41 Boward stree t MONKT, MONrV, MONEY, /DTANCED ON HOUSE hoia ftunittne. watches dtamocds, jewelry, borsei, tvngons, liainet*. iiqtioca gro- ?ri*e hardware, dry itet'ie. ofts. white !eeu. or airv neraoaal property, on satiifacttrr ie: tns or t c uht nttt. Ap-, ly toMiHaI f R.\Y * WAl,f h.f.S, vo OnO erine street OFFICE OF 1'fll II'IION HHY. IlfflHRANOE COM nauy. No 4tiWa!i s r'-et New York October 2 l.^Sfi? 1 be fioai'd ofTir, ctors lutve this day declared a dividend of " [irro-nt upon ibe tspil... ?t.?'k, pa>able to the atickhiitders tm and after the 9tb Inst. Tte transfer l.aok will be closed freoa tje OUi to the 9thlnat. WM MUl.LKi AN. hec'y. OFFICE OR KEN BAY. KILWACKIE AV3 CHICAflO Kiiiiroiid CcniuaD (WlacoDaln Luc Shore.) U Wall Huncx. New York. Ocl l' .'fi.?Coepotta of the first mortgage e.ubi per ren< l>onda?t this company due Octo'ier 10 will be paid, on and alter that dale, on presentation at this office. C. E SCOFIKLD Treasurer. OAN FRANCISCO CITY RONIH.-THE UNOERAIONED, O Commissioner* ot the I'unled Dt-b'. ol the city oi aan Fianciaco, hereby give t.otlce that tber are prepareil an 1 will pav the Interest rtne November 1, l.Sftti in San Francisco, upoe that portion of the city debt knowr. as Uie ^an Francisco City stock, bearing Interest, with ha f yearly coupon*, at the rate of 10 ptr cent per annum atl principal due May I, UTI. D. J. TAl l.ANl, 1 WM. HOOFtB. | Commissioners of the JOHN MIODLETON, ! Funded Debt of City RFNRY HEIGHT, ! of San Francleci WM M. 1,KN f. J St.v FnncaW Aug. 2, I?<46. nn'HiicTio.%. SI ?NOTHING In IMITATED. NO ?*N NOR INK IS ? used 111 MacLaurin' * patent ?e'f Instructing pranw; it has been shown In the lirst trm? o< New York Hint all > tro through it nu*t bMOM Kt'lundld atd rapid writers, with f^iil directions tor aclf &?tructiou) prepaid, oa re till" of SI. ff, R. M V* LAl'BIN A I'O., Broadway 4*1 A ? SXKt.ANT PKNMANSHIP OUa.RaNTP.ED 10 J^IU. ever) Student. Mr DOl.BK AR bu9 Broadway, gives |?lTtt? .ivtrr.c IM, and tralM all sUStoesa aul trembling ou; ft every band, ao that auy iady or gent i'mau tan write a styHsh, taste! ill ban I Qin ?I?^lKKFEPINU, At'.?AT DOl.BKAB'8 AilADK Vl". my. tii" Broadway, tfcnlli-nien at? ulight douVe ?otiy l.y ?u .icciaipl'.nhed | r?r*;c* bookkeeper, who give* foini? as> u-ed iu a'tual bustncua b? the Lest commercial houses. lbs ailvat taue of ibl* rractlral comv o*er ordins'7 tc'iiu! thi oriti U)tt?* be sellrviueut to erery buiiue^s man. t ue$ll Mat vacant. AN K.NMl.Ihl! LAST. UK TALENT AND KXPKRI rarr. ?itii t..e luti. - ?( tr ? -nua . ? from the beat Kogli Ji and Ann ricsi. fsmtUea is de. I rout of receiving * lloilti-d nurn h. i of pupil* at lier re*nl :ice near Union si|ttare Her ac (jtiircnieuti' arsof the hi^'heat onler, and her plan of Inatrue tloo will cotnpr ne all the branches of a solid hnsllih e. ties Hon. with French lUi >uu Unman. ura?.i i ai d nunc by ihe nvM appro*i I mueters li W . fW Broadway. BOOKKF.KrlXO, WB1TINU AND THK OTIn K anui al? iu Kiin-raa in ui<uranU.r Ida, ara taux 1.1 by r'O Tt-.B A DIXoN hi ai. expeditious super.ur ui?mi r, -A meenttre e> of be modem aaat.d twe)' e ImM* cha' lantry. B >.>an 346 ilroa^jray, AppUitun a Buiidit f. BOOKKFF.PIM1.-THOMAS JOSH* AUDITOR AND ? Referee Accountant, Riven in'tniction. an hiretofore in Hieduueaot the deufc. at 247 Broadwav corner of Murray atreet .fonea' Bookkeeping and Aecoiintaauhi?, 8vo -VJ pafe* aeiii free by mail. $1*. it enibrace? twenty years' eipe rlcrio In teaching DMK r. BKB1HIT MAS THK HONOR TO INFORM bi? friend* and ibe pubhc that hs baa opened a boarding ai it 1'av fcliool. for young gentlemen at C '*c?t TwenH flrat atji et. Freueb la (be langui^e ol Lie achor)!. There U a t j mnaalum. F'BKNCH LANOl'AOK.?PBOF. D LAOROIX 7?U Broadway, will nimmeiir - bu aftertiouu and ereninf elafnea for ladle* and g?nt'en.en neit week. The nuiuber of pupils In sarh e.a>? will be limited to tirs T'rraa moderate AppiU-atioua received from S lo X or trom 3 to 7 t* V THK UP TOWN OTMNASir* Will be Oalshed On or about November 1. IM6 East Twenty eighth si., bear Fifth are. JOHN WOOD VAL.R 8 UAI.L: no 1 BOWKRT. OOKNCR OF DIVI ? ?ioii at., t.alr Merbaulre Initltuis) will bn pen for ?inter evening clnsecatn na?lgat.on surveytiig, drawing bookkeep ing. Kngliah si sn> wrillng aud arlihineile. C?mmeors on Monday, 13th In*!, I8?S. ^ppiy loO. VAliK, on tlis pre uilses. UPDUTWfoi FA?T HAII.INU TACHT FOB BALK-fW RWTV TONS, three months old. a reaiplete eutlu. A dreas Ksaaau, Herald <>ffi<-e. rOR 8AI.E?TWO ITALIAN ?JRKVHOU.\DS 8MAIX eat and pureal breed u> the Uulte<l 8ta'?> ('all at'>35 Broa<lway, for two days^ roR 8AI.K-A VBRY BF.At IIKUI, BLACK HAS till Newfoundland dog. He Is nn eteellent faml'r dog, andoagiKxta ?atelier aa ever waa known. Will be aoU ' iieap. fall at 42 t'llff rtreet. up atatra. third Hoot (iCNH -riNIC KNOI.I8H DOt BI.II BAf.-RU.^D fOWI, T Ins pleei.a (or aalr, at reasonable peieea, by J. k J. U. I ONROY. f.". rnlton at . Jf T. N. B ?A g:e?' r~" atioa .a u.e priosol baasrudaaudieslat ? saitiisdse. ARTKOLUUT. AIX AOHKK THAT MADAM MAR 18 THF. WOf. der of tiie age. 8he tH s roar ag? eaaraeter aad e*r r|imutanrea, whether you will be wealthy, deaeribee eo'tf Jfe or hnsband, If not married, tells yen w*e?i aad ts whom v*e i will marry and resds the eran* of life aa eorreetiy that abe avUmlsbes all who vtaH her. IflT West Braadwsf. I * AfTROtOOIHT THAT BKAT* THB WOBLD-ANO flee thousand .tollara reward Is nffceed to any perane o c?n aurpaaa her M e la the only lady ID this or any other A ? lis who ran give rnrreet informal!*? on peat, praam! and futnra. N. It?Madam t'LIFTON Bno butnbng. oor doee she wiak to tmpoae on th* unwary Khe warrant* to cire the rtieumatlam. eoraumpti'on. liver eomplslnt. erronila Ac. N B.?Madam ran. without tall, cure the wnrat ktnda of ran cera All thoae ?ho are alU'^'W, or In tmnhle eal! snd see 'hi* naturally gifted lady. Iteaidencsfl.4 Orchard street. AHftTROLOGY.-MBs M M RY l ROM r.ARIt, 18 THK moat celebrated person ol 'he prssant age In teillag pe?t and fntnre etei ia, true and rertaln 8he answer* qtiea rims on h??iDe*a. mai rlafe. abaent frteads. As., bv magnetism. OBi e, aa Broome street. GHard-madamr pkrwmtkb brtttrnm th*nk* I to her frlende and pa'n?n?. and b<*? to aay that, after Uie ibonsands. both In thin r4tv snd I'luladeiphia. who have e<n ?ulted her with entire ssiisfaetion, sb? leels ?onlidenl Uiat in Ihf Miiemlim* ef as, love and law mattei*. and hooks "r oraciee, aa rell?l on con??aiilly by Napolmn, she ha* no equal. ' he will tell the name of ih>- future hnskand and also the name of hsr vtsdats. SiS Bvwery, between Foanh and Fifth ?trie's. /ILAiRVOTAN MRS. RKYMOUR. MO. 110 SPBINO A ' Mreet. a fh* door* ? est of Brtiadway. thn mnet neb >.rated medical and ba*h>e?< e alrv?y*dt In Anuiriea All diaeasc< dlacovered snd rur*l, If curable; the fate aiSrt wharenhoms of abaent tr end* made known, advice an business Bo , aad ?*' ? irugn mill ?a satisfied. Ct.AtBYOYAMCF.-ALL P*R*ON8 WHO WI<II TRVF. | and cornct e? imln*tlon? hv elalrmyant powei re*nectlng ? ickneea. tiitelnens. abaent frlenda. Ac . should rati upon Mr*. >1A YEA, at her residence, 17# Orsad street. New York. Mr*. Ilsye* i* one of ihe tlr?t medical and hitfln?*a clairroi ants we have in the CnHcd (Mate* No charge, i ememtier. un!e*e **ila flu Uiry evamlns'lon* are given yoti.^ MADAMBM'iKRtiVt Cl.ATMltO IB! THF BimfWuB derful aotr'-tosM In the a u(M or that has ever been known, aa I am the nrrntl dsngwar of Ihe sevenffi <la?gbterI ? ho (M al*o a great aatrologlsL t hare a natural gift to tell part, pre*eat and ^lture events of UfcL I Mrs ast/wln^ed thousands during my travels hi Burove 1 wll led wbethes yon are married or stngK end hew manr W'aas yon are lo he married, and how soon, and will shew you the llheneas of roar fattira hnsl and, ai>d will eaaua yoa to be speedily msmed, ?Jld sou will eu,vr tta grawf IWPtnees.o# malrlm sdai htea and rood luck through ynar adtola wa I wtH alsi dum he likeness of shsent friends and riniians. aad I aril jail aa rne sll the eoneern* ef HrA, that vou eanmS help betftg aa ,<r?i*hed. Bo chanre If net satMted fall aooo, or yoe wlB not ?at the cbanea. Oantletaaa Ml sitaiMtad N Biiiimn " ' ?ar Onlumhta. Madam* mfybm hah B?MoT?ntro hi^btfhth avenue between Twenty-Bilrd and Twenty faurth *ta ^he noMltiuea to Mil past, present snd future events, likewise marriages, jonrnevs. law sxlat, bualnaaa prnepeeta steknees .ImsiiTnlapds property lost or atoien Madame knmmm verses in Bngllah, Frennh awl Herman, and (Ivsa g for her art. RRmvRAirr*. OS~YflTtR8 AND CLAMS. CLAM8 AND OY8TBBS.-WK ? IMnk the oyslers at the RAlWBoW. Reekmsa atreet, are the very best In Ihe city. because they come Trom Brother Dorian, Fulton market. And that* Ml soup la superb; served up this dar ?a3C*i.uumova. djt _a 0000 obamo*.?on thi. bbqbift or ft t . nil J kpn<l to .ioj adcreas printed ins' riiottoua, Ilia, fill enable mnb* or It-mule to realise from $10 "? tW|ji rwi".i Hi town or nmutry, at any seasonal tee )?ir Address t'ro??. nor Williams, Broad* a y Foal vlkce New i- rit. 4 NCHOYIK*. i'li U.U-.S aND HHirCBv?KWMIItVwU , i\ i?ti < oi itu-tv Cor sale at lour figure*. oases con laming h nglish pickles. Utrrtf ii sauce. Kroilii.x do e?eu?H anchovies; <lo two do/.en*e*eh Gorgon* ancboviea. Also IU0 du/en Royal Bedford *&u7e. a new si'tele in tlits miruet ??< highly repouimmJed. .vl.EX.\M)Kit a. COUKN, c?iu uiinaiuu merchant, 61 P. road street. AM STUISAV A 00. FJUOKaIi DKPOl NO 2:w ? Broadway, near Stewart s dry goods alore, New York All orders tor buiquefa wreath* an J basket* of the nboieeat UoMfm mciunl at ili?* shortest uotiee. aiaa ckotie fruit*. BRUSI1K8 OF KVBl; V DKMIRI"flO.V-A* YHK iiRUSH iactory, No 337 Pesrl atreet. Franklin squaro All v ti *. lea Hold at the lowest factory priuet. Faint ortMlins of a supe nor quality cousu-itly on hau l JOHN K iiOFPKL CMIINA, ULAWANL EARTHEN1 WaRK.?MERCHANTS i will find a geneial atsortmtot, repacaed for c >untry trade at very low prtc ? ? lor cash, by tiOULO A ELLIOTT, Import era, 60 Vesev street, New Vck. (IKEAF OAS fixturk8.-XEW STVI.K OF GAS FIX ) tun s for aale. a' very 'ow rates, suitable for dwelling*, lor cu>b on.) by A. A. TRaINOB, Eighth atreet and Fourth ave nue, Blt.e house. Fl.AOri, Ft AOS, FI.AOS?y CHAPMAN, MANUFAfl lurtir of tla^s and banner*, 143 Fulton street, New fork, and is Cranberry street, lirooktyn. N. d ?Flag* on hand for sale or bire Gi m- DEPOT ?JOHN N. HTOW'S C. 8. CHIMI ct^eraMve soap, 41 W'au-r stree' Having found It neees sari 4) est*r,llsb a depot in the city of New * ork to aciomma oaie toy customer*, and supply ihe increasing demand for my John in Mow's C. s chemical eraaive *oap i have made G *hPh.R, hKVMOtjll A CO. my wulP agent* lor the sale of il e same In the h'ate of New York. Southern and Weatern Mates, to whom all orders should be directed. Tbey -re pre psre-J to receive and supply all orders to any eileui tUe mar ket demand*. JOHN N. STOW. HORRIBLE ACCIDENTS ARE NOTICED KVH-ftT DAT in our papers A sure pi eventative by using our patent nulla rubber fluid lamp, n.ino' break, cannot evnlode. Call and eetbem. HaUXHUKK) A MoTT, manufacturers, 6V b niton street N. Y. ? VTOTIG'F TO OrSTKR BUTERfi ?AM. PKBSON8 i ' wUblog to pnrcbat e Htue Point and Fast itiver oycteri alter Oct. l'i c-'ui at tbe foot of Broome street, Fuat river. C;7ATIONRiT AND FANCY OOOD3. 15 RiCUAAD MOalLRV * CO., Icvite tbe trade, ti un iuapeotlou of tbeir st.ick, at No. 3D Joliu street, New Tork. QBOW CASFS -Ifn?rifAN .* FFRSCSt SHOW OA* O wiuen?uns, 14 Cbathaia sue.'t and 57 Uowsry A gna* nil aswrtment of chow c ?? c? Vept oonstantly an baad uU ?bow eaaea taken in eicliangs. Order* promptly executed. Jl' Wt'ASF.- ? (1 WINTER'S MANCFACTORIF.S AND 0 wareiooius, 16 North Wtlilam street, and 14H Chataam, corner of Mulberry A large assortment con?btn ly on ban 1 < >>d t.bowck*L-s taken in t-kchanKe. Orders promptly exe cu'eJL SAV-? T0UB LINEN FROM BFINO KITtlER LOST 0B stolen, b> luinz Win Ids' cxcetnior inil?Libl ni ki-kiug it,k, tbt< best in tl*e No preparation required ^'oid by U;e ntin I' ttAtiotiers and dri.gglnts. TIlAKHKUS DAVIDS A 1 '< to loufacturlng fiatli.oers, 30 Cliff street CHOT, LKAD. PIPE MIFFT, wab AND Fill LF.AD ? BcCnlleugb's fal.ot and l<ead Company are now ready to fill i>Je ? l'ut' the above named articles, at the following prices? Drr>p >bot Hue'; shot 7}?c. hbeet lead li^Jc. I.end pipe 6?2c liii lead ti' jc. A discount to the trade. JAMKK MiCrLLOlTOH, President, 150 F -oui stri ot, corner ol Maiden line, New York. <1 ?VH8. 8TOVK8, .SIOVES-W A H. VAN NOTE, 165 O old number. 437 new No . Canal street, near Varick.?We h>\ e a -.a r?e athortmeo' of tbe latest patterns ol man'^l grates, 1.1 c iien ranges, summer ranges and stoves for sale on re son ab>terms. C'oves. ranges and grates lined, set aad repaired; sioves put up and pipe turnisbed for the same, tktap sloue .or *sle in tin- slao or block. rpo cr(h kkry dealers.?a 8MaLL invoice of J MM m>d whit" granite w;ue Will be sold separately o< togeiber .i-rylow by tiOLl.U A ELLIOTT, importe.a, 60 \. ?? v str-et, New Vork. niHEY A'!i- I'EaD ' THEY ARE OEaD ' 1 loot 's magnetic powder haa ile^ffyed them. \t e can sleep, nor fear them not For death has at last come o'er them All wki use I.YON'S famous stuff can testify to the tatal ei ie. n>;r ai'oti <?( rata mice, rouche*. bug* aud other Insecia. Depot 124 Itroadw;iy. Tit A V KLIifiUV HUUIK, Day boat for ai.bany ?stkamkr auda . .ve? C?oa' and Pprlng i-irce'?, Tttc!.lava, Thurednye aud Sv*. irtiaye, i.t 7 A. M., making the uaual Lin.wga. Hudson ?iv*r raii.p.oad-f iom may 19.1*6, the trains wil' leave (^iiaruher* atrein ?utllo* a* foiUi?r*: ? Kil'rmf |>A M ?n<l A I'. M . m?ll, St A. M.. through wi?jr linn VI M.. emigrant, 7 P M, Itir roiighkeeoHie, 7 A. M and I I' M : tor * inc Mag, 10:30 A. M and it t."> P M . tine tram l??x et, every Kndaf evening, lit 11 P. M.; for Hudium, S:J0 P M , for i'eekaklil 4 auM A.10 P.M. 1 lie Pouituki-epale, Sin# rii K and FeeluklU tri.lni stop at Ihc way kuIihiI. Panama <erm takrn kt Chamber*. CunaL Chrt?tophiT and Thirty firm -tied* Traill* tor New lurk le?v.- iroy at 4 s 1 j anc 10 4" A. V., nod 4 SO I*. M . and KaM Alhauy al 5,8 SO and U 15 A M urul 5 P. 11. A. pMITll, ^upertiucudeut, NfcW TORK AND IIARI.KM RAIDROAD.?FARi' RE d iced; onlv $1 AO froni New York to Albany. 1 be in? lUtd road l oiuertmg with WeeUini aiid Northern trama A 40 A V eiprc. x trnib for Albiny. without obini?' of cere cot:neciuiK a it* 11 1A A. M. Central Mid Northern iralDK s 10 A M . nwU train, stopping at WUllamsibridge and all station* above ,'t ju I'. M , express, connecting wltli the Central Railroad al 11 P M Returning. leave* Albany:? v KSOa M , cgprrss w'U^iut changeofckra. 9 It A. M . ami! train 4 110 I" M , expeeae for New Tork. We uirl'f al. pi.?aennera on busiaess or pleasure to take the Harleni Kaiboad witch, tor comfort, promptneaa or safety. In am-urp*:<aed. The Albiuiv tralna are now tilted up with Cr< airier a approved brakes, which place the trains tinder the control of the ?nginoer, rendering it the Mf road tn Ui I n:. Tx ktita to be obtained and baggage checked at oAce M mter:: Ks'lroe.i, Albany, or at While aad Centre, Broome and lweuly sixth street*. New York. WM. J. C AMl'BFI.I,, Ruprrtatendsnt. N EW YORK AMD KRIF. RAII.RO VD ?OK AlfP IF ter Itiivuday. Angus! 7. It?*. and uti'll further notice, paAeet grr trail t will leave pier foot oi Huane street, aafol ButTalo expreee. at 6 A. M. fnr ButTalo. I>ur k r< kiprcsa, at 8 A. M . for Dunkirk. Mail, at M5 A. M . ,'or Dunkirk and Buffalo and Intermedi at" >'ti uui Pa'stagees by thli train wtll remain over night at OaweK?,and proteed the neit morn ng Cbkngo r ?pn -a at 1 P M., for Dunkirk. ? Iwiillil Patsengar. al > SO P. M. (from foot of <"ban.Here ttre? tj. via PirnDODt, fw ^iiflern'i and Immediate ?Ut|oua. Way I'awenxer. at 4 P. M., for N'cwb?rg and Mtd.iieuiwn. a. :u:ermeaiate alatioca. ,\ gbt k\pr?wii al 5 P. M., fir- nnoklrk and luffato ^'migrant at t P. M.. tor Uunklrk and Buffalo, and interne diete itatiot a The above tralna run daily. Kunday* etoepled. 'I heae rtprene iratna connect at Kl'mira with the F+ n*:iitaijtn? aad Niagara f'ulla Railroad, for .Niagara Kxlla. *t I'.inflliiiiiitiMi w ith the t?7rariiai' nnd IlinKhamton Railroad far *<ractiae, at Corning with Itullalo, t'orning ami Hew York Ksiltiottil fnr Itocliealer, at (Ireat Bend with Delaware, l.aeka ua> a and Weatern Rttllroail for Hcranton ?l Bull iloau I Dnn klik with tin' I jtkf Shore Railroad, for Cla^ eland and Ulccln Ball, Yoledo, Itetrolt, Chicago. Ac. I). C. JlcCAM-UM. Oeaeral Snp't. NOTICX.-CaAX01 OF HOUR?THE ?i, 0'Ct,0CK Im>?I iltei (Hit nued.?Onl.v Hunday rrunDini; '.oat for ff?? IHU2. landing ?t Yonkera, II i*ilni?. hobba Frrrv. Tar >town, N?ack, Mr.g Sina llave-?traw t eqilanck'a, Caldwell a, Wi-at fnhtl cowl jJj.rtnji nul Cornwall, MCfeltif at Abk? atreet earh Wav ?The favorite ateuner M?T A MORA, Capt Vfm !-errjr, will leave the pier foot of Jay aired, every ffunda* aiork'iur at 7 otVirk lietumlaf. leave S< Hrbnre at I P. II fir further pnnltitlan. Inquire ol I I.EWIf, Jr , We?t ?'reet rear t>!l cc. BILMAaOK. ABASSFORK DEFIES COMPETtTlOK FOR KASY ? monlng al.ite and marble bed hlMard tahiaa. wlik ?? nnd rubber i-u'hlone, ready for playing or aale. at 14* FaMna ?tie* Cloih. balla, cuea. trimmlnga, French rue Upa, aaaort ?-i) n>ea for eale. AHPL*ITT?TI< AlWORTVENT OF RIU.IARO TABI.Ee for Mile?With alate. marble and wooden beda Alan. r i the ruee. balla lealhera. ac .cheaper thao eaa he bi-iigbt f.aewaare In the city. lhr?e unrond band tablea cheap. liRONARO A BENJAMIN, SO Broadway. N. T. AH LARtiF. ASSORTMENT OF RIU^U%UUk AND ? trimmlnga and made In the beat manner of well ana ? i.ei) maiertale. alao a few eerond band tablea, for aale at i i t'oSSOK A QclXMIl'Ul'l nmfcrtgy, II Ann atreeC Blf T JAEDTABT,*S.-A LAR?R!?TOCK OF ACPERIOt ? ii ai'e labVa, with elate, marble and wood beda. all nea, Willi ibe patent gum elaMte enehlnna. ??" iu:nm .?<.'? even ilrrcnpttoft. at toe old atand. P< tnn atreet W T, IIRCKER. la'c <irifflth A Dei-Iter B'l.I.tARn TaEI.KF-OF ALL ?I*FS, WTTH EITHER I marble, elate or Improved wood beda. with newUvlaof I c,'bloi!? f?c aaie. al W. J. Kll ARI"H, manufacturer I4M Fal ton atreet Pereone wonlii do well by calling before pur ebaaing elaewhere. Three eood eecood liaml tablea for aale, cheap. BII I.I ARItf ?THEVNDF.RSKINRD TAKER Pl.EAHI'RE | in Intotmitig the public that he haa made arrangementa with Mr. WllHem I.ake to be In attendance al hia new ?alea rontne, "?< and 7*1 Broadway, corner Tenth atreet to teych the irame of bll'taiva fhr whtch pnrpoee a mom haa been upeniaJly flUeit op. Fur in ma. apply to *H< if a El. I'MRI.AN. PATENTED FKBRI aHY W. -MODEI, BIIXIARD tablea and cienblratWm euahlme. Oentlemen are reapeet lully Irfnrtrieil that mv new ealearnom* will be open dav and ? vening lor the exhibition ot the above tablea Nali-arnnm, Tt* d 7*f Hroadway; manufactory. H Ann atreet MIi'UaEI. P FI.AN, Pittentce. or.wn?THv. DR>t. HOWELL A DAVIDSON CONTINI K TDK PRAC ilpe ??; ilentlatrT, In all Itararloua braoohee. at No. II < h?ml era atreet, N V . between Chatham and Centre atreeta. 1 here ia a vacancv for a ?to?lent-thn premium r?|mred for inetmcttm m till the mechanical, pracilnal and enentillcde. NflMtli I* ?!**? Thef a'ao Inaert.iheir premium Im orruptl I. e teet' on p'atlna platea. If required on Allen a?ty!< CHARI.ES R ROW EM.. DARIEIi m. dayidson. BHIFTOia. KUtR NEW ORl.EANR ? HOI.MKR- UNR-SAILS POST r tivtii] on Monday, ISth. the etilendM packet ahtp M \ID OF Oti.Mlli Capt. Dennla. I lila noble veneel haaauperWir acninimodatiotui for paaaensere, win will be taken *t mode rule intea Appl* on board, pier 17, Raat river, or to T#P8 a CO., M Ronih atreet. II<?R RAVANNAH \ND Fl.oRIDA -I NITED staTF..-( mail line?The aleami r M Ol'STA, Capt Tlioa l.von, Will leave on Raturday, Oct. II. from pier No 4 forth river, at 4 o'clock P M Utile of lading aiitneil on board. For fietgW i>r Milt llll.l, IS Hroa-lwav rhnrngh tl* keta from Wew York Ui .lackmnvllle, $;tl, to I'ilatka ?? Hteamera ft* Florldn connect at Savannah with the i i>*m?r? rnm New York on Tueedayk and RatnMaya FOR CIIARI.ERTOP. R. C,?THE RCFRRIOII SIDE wheel ateamehlp STATE OF OKOROIA, Captain I. J. flarvln, will aeil frt>m Philadelphia for ? hnrlewon on Satnr day. Octoher II. at lOo eloek A. M. Cabin paeeage. with very attprrlor atateroom accommi>ilatlon* ?J1 ateeiage The State of deorgla will aall again aa above on Satuntav, OMo ber '.'6. The Kr;-;-vi Stale anile for R??-,nnah on Rntitr dny, October IS. DKRON A MARTIN. Atentn, ST1. North wharve*. Philadelphia. ^(iPPIWi, i'?>?. uvi;'.i"M)v-'rM Kii a r:?r vtktL ?tf iM f .ill| WAi.lTl . Uooul-ict, OuluUiHUdHt. Via AenaH ?n' I ? I'. 'I 'I' ' I ? I ?;?<? poSlttVl.df <*? 1 .? ? t li. hi 1 ? o'c.i.m a, M . troui 1,11 Ofilb, jM li:e f'S'i W ?i rn ^or fri l^bt or having usllt'il aoseintus ?.h 'till (Lm aA'u SUllilurl. Spplj to KMWaKU l. COL lr^ Wi Wall street PP-HseiiyiTS are x'tiijijDsied to be Oil {. j*#d sill o'i twit A M. Ml letter* rniistpa-n throuilt the r.xt *lirn an) other* will be r-Uiroed I'hf! -tieiunahm <? HI' Kpdfc I apt l^irbrr, wilt s< .reeu the ilal'lc. Md a*M himiUf, Oct 26 N H.?I'll" rate im frttigtit froi> Ij?*"?i?ouI to Ni w Yor.. if- riMiic-od :o to.u pounds jttr Lie mKUurirUMBt, <u>UJ farther notice. THK PRmsiI A>D NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL IttMllill* rKOM IVEW YOttK TO Mvr.uroot Chief rititii pa- -Kin $1? bconil cabin passage 7?

mo* bostok to uric it root. Chef Cabltl pfcvuMgi' ...til* $eciind cubo. passage 6V Hit ship* Ifoui Boston CSU 4< II ililttl FKItr-lA Capt Ju4kiua C AN allA. Capt. Lang. A It A HI A , ( Apt .1 SUiuS. AMr.ttM'A. Capt W ii'kljl "Ui APIA, Cant h O. Lett NfAiiARCapt Ityrio AFRICA. Capt .^liuu.hi KUKOPa. "apt J. Leltoh 'I hese vtissela cairy a clear w alto liyht si waaUiead, green o:i aUrboard bow, red on port bow AKIA.Iott, leave Ni * York, Wednesday, Out I, IS56 CANaIi*. ?.??>*, " Boston, Wednesday. (Jet. M. IHVS. AFRICA. Bltaiilion, " Jtfw Vurk, Wednesday, Oct 1.1. li<5iv NIAOAKA, I.?tteii, " Boston, Wednesday, (Kit 22. 1H.V! PERSi/i, Judktns, " New York, Wednesday, (let. !W, IHS6 aBaHiA, Stune. " Boston, Wednosdav, Nov. ft. M96. AM A, IiOtt, " Now York, Wednesday, Nov. 12, 1H56. (JANAltA.lJn*, " ItonUin Woin-Jilny, N iv.l?. l'lifi. I WJi" not Bi-eurivi \u>tU puiJ for. An ei|it ri('Tireit Mur^'t'ou ?n bnarj The owni r? of Ibesa ahtpi will not be *cc*?iiUhlrt VoU, ntlver, InJIInn, ?.peeie, Jewelry, preeJoiis atunea or mi-UK uu IenA IiIUh of lii'ling ure Uiorefur ?n4 lbs thIu.s tbari-af Ui?i?tn eipretaed. far fri'ifcH m paHwtse ?ppl? to e (Tin - aRI>, N*. 4 RowU:i* fir?e?i FOE MVrRI'OOI.-KMI'TltK LINK?THK 0?L,i43uA led ship GV(*1RK STaTK. pier No 0 Nurtb river, will positively ?nl to morrow at 12 o . lock, anJ the clipper dii|i TV I'HOON, pier Nu. B Nurtli rivet. ?jd af->na?v. (lct?'?er 1.1 KorpaAMSe. apply on board, or la I?KM AKKriT A J ONE J, 40 South fcU eet. und 36 did slip. FOi: LIVKRPOOL.?SAIM THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK Tmi jacket >hiu SIR R08KK1 1'KKI,. The celeliriie.1 flip LONDON sails tod.-y Fare lu eiiher ship?ShcouiI ealilr $IHt sieerage 5"(i, a^d found. Apply on bo&i d, pier 19 K?st river, or to l C ROC it K 83 nouib street. First packkt for liverfool-sails this day ?'(lie splendid clipper ship It. ROBINSON, Capt. hobliaou. is now in ibe stream and s ilis an above. For pat page, apply to HAHFL ft CORTIS, 177 i>road??T. F^HIRST PACKSTS, POSITIVEt.Y. ."OR LIVERPOOL ? The uew packet tblp ROUKRT L. LANK will salt Moo day. October 13, from pier No 6, North river; auil the entirely new clipper fhlp POMONA, Opt. Merrthuc, Ou Wednesday. I5(h lout, havinff umurusssed acconuaodatloiu. Apply to C. A TEN EYOK. 67 Kouih street. Steam kktwfen nkw tobk and oi.asoow.? KVlNBl'KOb, 2,000 tona, William Cumjulng commaad er, NFW YORK, 2.1M) tons, Robert Craig commander; (JLASCOW, l,!ki2 tona, John Ottncau, rominauder. The (ilaa gow and N ew Y ork Ste imahlp Company Intend sailing thntr uew anil powerful steamers from New York lor (iLasgow di Ntt at follows ?New York, Tuesday. SlKh rieptembni at 11 0'c.ock noon; Olasgow Saturday. 11th OoUiber. at 12 o'clock low, Kdinburgb, tatunlay. 15th November, 12o'clook. uooa. uatk* or ra?sacc. First c!aas, fib \ Third class. Id und with cook el provisions, t?i An exi/nrienced surgeiin ktUched to e>ich ateaniar For freight or pa???e appjv to JOHN McSYIfON, 17 Kraadway. New Turk city hUla or gold only received for passage. fOR SOUTHAMPTON ANO HATBE.?THE VHTTKO Mates mail steamer ARAUO, O. Lines, commander, will h ate for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the malls and passetuers on Saturday, October Ut, at 12 o'olook, from oler No 37 Worth river foot of Beach street Price of passaM, ttrat cabin, tuti second cabin, f74 The ship has bve WaMS ttcht compartments, euct ?>? ? the enjrtoei, so thai in the event nt collision or strand!:i< the water could not reach them, ami the pamps being free to work, the safety of the vessel and pea seugers would b? securfd. Baftuaje not wanted durtocthe r yage should be sent nr. bner.l the day before saving, markai "below." For freight oi tiassage aaply to MObtTiMFH LIVTNOflTON. Agent, M Broadway. N 3 ?The ate utter Fulton will sucoMd the Arago, sad sal N ivember 16. FOE HAVRE DIXErr.-rRAN(70-AMERfCAM COM pany.?la- French screw steamship AlaNA, 2,'JJt tons aurthen A. Bjrsnde. cotuniander. will leave fur the above port ou Thursday, Oct. 23. at 2 o'clock precisely, from pier 31 Vorth river. Price of passage. Aral cabin, aft, flW>; first oa nin. lurward, 9">. Foe freight or passage apjd/ to the agents The steamer Vigo will succeed the Alma. E M. A KD POIR1F.R ACQ.. Si Broad street. Thf lufrpool and pon.AnET.pnia rtgambv l?uipSiv's s|'leudld and powerful steamships, CITY OK BALTIMORE, 2,t?4 tons, Capt Kobt Leltch; CITY or WAbllWOTOrf, S.3UU Urns, Capt. wm W.Uej CITY OK MANt HI-.-TKP., 2,|e9U?m., tJapt P.O. Fsuis, lv ANi;AK('K>, 1.974 tons Capt. R. Ew&g, are Lotenue J to satl? raos uvr.arooL. S scgaroo TtA Oe?sb?r. Ci'.; tif Manchester 6th November Cu. Baiuiuot IVUi N ovemhar riiuii rmi.ADKi.riUA. KaoR*i-*> 3d Octiber. tlity of Manchester 1(>th do. Chi.. ??. faltUMore 'to'h da. k vtv or rssstci raoa new toks. Uslo'in 990, h-'i and $A6. according to stateroom. A limited number o( third class paaaengera will be takes torn I'ii.IadelphlA and Liverpool, and found In provision* Finn Philadelphia $% I I'rooi Laverpoo. M 1 Li-ae steamers sre eon*tructed with improved water t.gbt c ?mpartmenS. ana rach vcasel carries an expei lunoed sar K' Mi P.j^te* wlsh'n t to brlsf out their fHenda caa obtain eertH r?ies of psaaage and drafts on Livei pool .a sums ?f ?1 star and upwards. Apply to JOHN O. OAt.K agent. 17 Watnntit, Phllsdslpbia,?r t-ABKL A COMTlh, 177 Froadway, New York. POR CAUFORXIA.-VEW YORK and SAW FRAN cmco tilp I .inc. via Nicaragua ?Mimlmi roula by 7W mile* ?Prices greatly reduced.?'The new and splendid *teain ship TF.XA8, I.NMI ton i bun hen wUl sa>l froai pier to* at Iteach street, Norm river lor {tan .tuan dp X'caragua, no Frl drnr. October 34. IrM m o'clock 1*. M.. to com. wl wilb Uie ?leaner StKRK.V NKV AD A, from Han Juan del Stir, nit the PaclUc. for Ban Vraocisco Pahieogers will tiod tin* the healthiest and cheapest route FUt* pounds baggage allowti racli passenger Ten ceaU par pound ou eioeaa. rate* o* pomaui raoa >iw yoiih. TO "IB JV UKL &0t. TO&Alf riANriDPn, Including laihuiK TranalL First Cabin .f75 First Cabin $175 Second ?? 00 Hecond " 125 btekrage 25 Steerage 7? For frsight or passage. apply to C'liAKLK* MORGAN A SONS, No. I Bowling green, N. T. UHKATL* RRDUCRP PRICKS?OCTOBKR 3>-CNITKD states Mall 11?>?Fttty pounds of bagjsue free. 10 cents per pound on etrets. Four Boars irom ocean to ocoaa, by Panama Railroad Through for California, via Panama Kail load. The I nlted Plate* Mali Steamship Company will di* patch lor Aspnwall cm Monday, i ii-tober 8), at 2 o'clock P.M., precisely, from pier foot of Warrrti street. North iiver. the Hell kooan end tail s'esmahlp IlKllRliK I.AW Cap! Win. I.. II. mo il. V S N Pitaaergera and tnalla will lie forwarded by Panarot Railrrsd and connect at Panama with the Phci'ic Vail Steamship Company's magi.lftc**n! ateamahlp U01.DF.N OA1K R II Pe-yraon commander, which will be In readiness and leave immediately for San Francisco The public are In tormed tbat th< Pacific Mai. Steamship Company always have t t utra steamer* lying at Panama ready for ?<*, to mM aa] posi-lhle det" nilon of iiaasengcrs or malls For pa* ?age a| ply ui I W R \ YMONIl, at tin- onll office of the c tin pnnlea. 177 WcM street, corner of Warren. New Vork. Freight to Aaplnwall, 7ti cetita per ctilur loot, or Icent* per pound, orepaw. Ami no freliikl will lie received after 12 o'clock on tl e 'lay of sailing t'MTKII STA1M MA If, MKAMHIIIP MNK-FOR Duvnna and New Orl-ans. on Kridsy, Oct. 17, at 2 P. M., f'"tn pier fa) t ot Wnrren street. North river.?The fa?t and favorite ?ti amshlp F.kPIBK I'lTY, Captain A. O. Urav will nail ft* aboi e Pusaaite can be necured at the office ot >be line Fie :bt to New I Tirana, ,'IU cenlii per cubic foot. Shipper* will be supplied with blank hills of lading, of the form ?igned by the line. on application at iltelr office. No other forms ? gtied. and r.o hlu of lading will be signed af'er Ik" hour of a* I lint,', for Weight or MMMge, apply at the office 177 W.-?t street renter of Wnrren. V. O. ROBKRTW, Agent F*OR NFW ORLIANM AWP nAVARA.-TH? CNITRI) Stale* mm ateamahlp CAIIAWH t, J. l> Itnlloch, eotn o.i nder, will < <B>mxx<e receiving height on Wednnaday, On '.?Ser i sod and for (be ahnve porta oa Monday, tM ?ber IX al IPOVI.A. V 1111*0 of lading Of goods ahi|.p?l Tt vat be aent la the ett nil g previous ft ihe day of aaiiutg. Ho bills of lading ?lgi.< l after the ii'nimr aatls. UVINOSTON CROCHKROW k CO.. U Park plaoa. Atrtrama -ooonrt-R, arkrix a rli-toth i* . defenden' 'Ine. The uplrndld A I el%)[-er ahlp AtlKI, will siiceeed the t tcean Sleet for Mel?>otime ar.<l have prompt (?e'r^'ch Th> clljipi r abip ROHKRt TRfc AT, |..r Svdm-y, W'm <il on the 26ih Octeher The TROPIC will alao be des pai< w?l for Hydney in a lew ilaf*. For freight or paaaaf e by the above vessels srply on board, or at the office, drt Pearl atrett, R. IT A t'fiTR AM I PIONf KR I.INR. iV Rst t*tj?!'tn 1*2. Carrying the I &>ted States Mall. Palling regular!* op or befl>re the lav advertised. On Saturday. Rovomber I, fall or not fnlL So freight received after Frt< Sl?i Instaat. The aaawgaM an^l nnhI* clipper *hln MINMF.II All A, 17.111 ftoag r> glater, Beattcbampn, master. Is now reeeivlag her cargo ai pier i?, Kas' rlrer, an I Will 'OaltltlTrl; aatl aa above. For fretgl' or pnagOfte, Apply to R W OAMRRW, m. 8 Rowling green. F'r'it bHle for aalo, Wd cash a.lvancea made on consign npikia. Uoulgnei* In Australia, Meaats Wllklnaon, Urtthers * On rl MltJIOCRNR. AUHTRAI.IA.?Ml'TUAL t.TNR - Itie magnlrtcr nt A 1 clipper ship (7I.AKA WKKRf.KR, I wntrms hurtheo. Delano, cnuoander, wtll have the usual prompt <i?*pat< h of this popular line being the thirtv first v?a ?el despatfbod by the undersigned during 'he paot thrae rears, wlthmit a Aath or accident ovourrlng on the pasaages out 1 he areommodab' r^ for i>aseengers haro been arrange,I with due reganl for healOi and eomforl, being atry and wrti ven? 1; Rarty applle tllnn shouk be made, I* aecsre choice '?ev a. Apply Id the agent, on hoard, at pier *, Kast nvor, ?r i v MtXRR. l.OHD k yl'RRlUr, 108 #ar reot CRUR Nt>RF<>l.K AND RiniMuNO.-THR CSITRO r -ts'ea mall a'eamahlp .1 AlKSTt iWN, Captain Parrlah wf.l leave for the above place* on Saturday, the llih Inst , r, I o'r oek P. M. fr>>? plar U, Rrrth river, bbe will nrrlre 11 JtoHolk on Itunday aflernoon, an.1 at lUchmond on Mon lv t trisnlpg Paaeengem for the South will proeee>l without de lay by tae great mall line to Cnaileeton. Attgaola reraannh. Ac. trave,ler? Will find this 'be cheapest nle??anie?* and T?M?st eipeoltlotis route. Passage and rare. Winding stale tt? m. to NorHlllt Fetersharl or Richmond. $l<l steerage half price. Apply U) I.FD1. VM A PI,K AHARTS, 33 Broad waj Till. FoiXoWtiS VKRV COMPI.IMKNT4RT TR*TI ?octal tt Ike afloat ? and ?1 w af Um farorite ?teant?hip lletmann, of Souihampton and Bremen line, waa reo-tved b? Ihe last steamer ftom the patacngor? ?n her la?t outward ' t at'ed Stalei mall steamer Hermann, at aoa September lyat. We, lb# undersigned pasaengeru on board the steamer Ifar mma, row on the ere of a sucemrfiil termination of our vojr see, unanimously subscribe to the following resolutions- ? hesoived, Tbat the kind and gentlemanly deportment Of (Wain Kd*ard Rlgglns, and bl? ofllcers. should nrdbepaassd ,. ei by us who hayc so largely benetittad bj It without soma salon ol ai kuowlsilgment. ? olved, That we teniler to Captain F.dward tllggln*. his reotlcmanly odlceri and efficient crew, onr sincere SlVhr Ihe delicate atlentiona and ronrtesies with which thev hare i ti -hed the tedium n?uailr attending a sea rovafe, almost , aiiMPg n* to regret It* approaching terminal Ion. and with the a.?nrance that our sojourn upon the Hermann ahall lake high rank among the pleasurable retnlaisrenc-a In which la laUtr vr*r? our memory will delight retrmpeetirely to rerel. We hid tbem all a cordial and hearty farewell. Re-wired, Thai theee resolutions be pnblfabed la the New Tot It. Bremen and !/>'don papers. ?lrs.O. Ileinrlrh. Res Mather Rtehelln, Mr R, f? Ptllss. A. 0 De Bonnrllle ('. Park. C Well, A Zlemgel, II l.eW|. a Cnrtl', M. de Sales, M. O. csmpbejh J. de Ronnnlle, J. W ?orris. K C Miles. T llnrtado W /,leroge|, }f l ewis, A. Rnmuller, Jr.. J. A. Richard, F R Samiento R. S. I amphell, D. Bonbrlght. S Relnhard, A. de Radepont A. Ton ReUeru P Felnr*. C. .1, Campbell, J, J. Weyl, Cb. C, Coyiverse. Meyer F.brllcb, 1. Mat k c iLW^r-v* I"?FO fiTTUM? | t>? I AT 'I'Bte.T'tk i ftll V '-if UMlMliW' l??v> r ? *.*te a*. i<?n 3# cents hv>??. 'Jd-oU I P".i *:vl ?iautarjr.. . liS reuia Mv?i' Eo?i? Fl?e titular*. ttj-.f Oi. .n u|iw tl CV. w tvtMbx ti ?:?. FHILAY KXkHlSd lor the beuWil of MR OA^'UKJh. AI.L THAT til II iKKs I - NOT GOLD Jn-1>erP uin Jli ilt-HoitOUgh | AiailhaGibb* Puuui 'ioby Twinkle. Mr Davidge I<m h y .vlit-r Isnwriliii' wil Ami' !ien*;irtie. Concluding tt i.lj lli" stid' r *fnl adaptation ot 1>HK l> Lix'lti->?ck . Mr. B'Oiiglikns j Niuft <1 PonUi Crippa . ir Kavidge Blirtonv. Ny W TllkAliiK, ltRuADWAlf. OPI'OSITK Hofcd girtv. '1'lip lianlfomcal theatre in the w < . FRIDAY?Ttii- aecondUiue h?re of llucm> t e'a dr-iuia, in till ce ji U ul THE WRECKERS; Ok A IIkkam at Ski. Willi ee" an J lifiuiiinl hCi-iH'ij, by Heil/><*, .aid the following powerful arrangement of cIum talem, ? 1 n nee l.ynw kkJ ;i r ikheriuaii Mr. E. Pavaui>ort A ley i maker, a 'iax Collector Mr. Burton i(i-or H'.||<b a Wrecker Mr. C. Flakier Tommy Tinkle n Mnllm Seller Mr. T. Placide Tr? vmiIuh.. Mr H iafurd | Riib'd Pmdrel.Mr. I). Howard A *n e Trevai'.ion.. Mm. E Davenport Hldd) Mil, in love wlui Tit>kl-? Mis* Polly Marshall blargaiet, Hiuk Ralph's wile Mr*. Kainljrd ; !>EW KIKUV. :? b pw rk on the Itikk y Coaat of Cornwall. Fearful Storm. | 1 he W ret kc r? at ?v orlv. Uoihlc Mall Ke ding ofthaWili. Black Ralph'* Cottage. A Mmeritlile Hovel on the Shore Mtmiilighi l'usa la the Mountains. TU? Hauuted Care b/ Uie Sen Mile Hi > new and successful ballet of I.A MAU I)F. SEVIl.LA W'll be reneaien M'lle Duejr liarre tui principal dauoer 7be ac/eainl&g fu-re of THAI llLKSSKD 1IART, wiib Vr Rurton in hl> celclnated and very laugbtbie cliarac ter o: ,'ohti '1 bourns t&AM?EB3 WRWKt THKATRK, ( Burton's' Parquftte. 3 t enia, foi;a. fc" oeula; Seoond (Vote, 12\i wi'n Privaie Bute.*, $? Mdtis*4r Mr. K. Kddf HENKf IT OF MR s W. GLENN FlilUAt IK-T. 10. HORSE Sllot HO1UNH0N. Horse Shoe Mr. F. E44y rip van wi.^kij<. Rip Van Winkle Mr. (ilenn PKRl-KCUlFD DDTt UMAN John Sraldt Mr. Oleau WOOD A MARSH JUVENII.F comedians, hroadwav varieties, ?:j rkuadw \r lltiiry Wood UunllittwtMklltger U. U Maridi Siaca Muagar Will produce Uie beautiful drtink of tbo T1IF. INVINOIBLKH. To cooclule with THE IRISH ItROOMMAKKK. Prtnripal characters by Mwiter O. W .. Utllti Mary aoi LonUe. Dixn open at 6>?, couimnace at 7s; o'Hook. Tloksta iS ceut* Gf.o. oheistt * wooo-s MINBTBHU), 444 Broadway, below Urao4?roM. Heory Weod Biuaaea Maa??v Ooa. Ohrlaty Mace Maaagar Of I P HUT ?<!? III). NEGKO MINHTBKLhr. ewdtuHeg with, lil'.b week, the lii?hl/auosnatfaf WKFFO, th* srMiaui notfKar W?tfo. ?h? Banker.. Dm. OkrMr Tlaketa, 2S cent*. 1 o commence at "V e'claoM CMTT ASriEMBLT BOOMS, BROADWAY. J O P R R A Id the drawino ROOM. T111 KI> AltD I.AST GRAND LYRIO COSOF.BT will take place on FRIDAY KVKNIMU. OCT. l?, Pakt I. wl'l cotoprlae ?he cema of tha ST a it OF TIIR NOBTI1, By Marine ANN a l>F I,A ORA.VOE, M>lam" BERTl'CCA MARKTZK, Mim ADELAIOF PHIIjrPS, Madame dlKI>KNJ<EBOa ?gaar 8RIGXOM. bi^'uor CERESA, Siciiom AMODIO and COLETTf together with a TVU. CnOKUH AM> tlBAND ORCHESTRA, and the entire ITALIAN OPKRA t'ompanv, will appear. Part II. 1. Ar.a. from "Trovafore" fllgnor Amo,ll? 2. Wall/ Composed ant Kiing by Madame !<a Orange Hnnil:?i, from "Rirnlrte," (by re<|<i?>ti rtignor Cerena 1. Aria, trom "Kigoiette" Madame MaieUek 5. ??Romanzi. Ve?pres8;?iliennea" signor Hrlfnoll 0. "Lkal Hiar of i-ummer ' Madame La Grange (By particila reqttMt.) 7. ' Romai.ra" Mian Phillppa .?<. The ceiebraied Mlaerere, from ' Tro*alore".. Madame f,a Orange, Signoi Hr.fctiotl, full Chonu and t^icheMra. i oriduetm Max Makbtkkk Aitmiaovm One IHhnr No extra charge for aerm ing real a. HeaU may be aec'ired at the City A*a?m>?ly Boema. 440 Broadway and at llaii k Son'a, Zt'.i lirjailwj v. Doora open at 7. commence al .1 o ol,)Ck. ACArkMY Of MIJBTC TO l.KT-OR T1IK OFF of iheooera. far concerte, leoture*. Ac Accnuimoea ?ioa for fourihouaand pcreoi a Fico, per uitfiit. ualed lag light. UAl.t. 8KAR0N. The price fur ball nlaht* bait lieeu reduced U> $750, including a!.' the privilege* of the barii, aiipper ruo.u* and cloak ioouh, loirethrr with ihc hghUaK 1U1U HoOMBg Apply te N R. WOU'K, of the Kxecutir* Committee, No. I1 -Souiii glraet. OBAMKRRF STRKKT TIIEATRF -FRIDAT. OCT 10, henellt of S. W. Ml.ENN and laat uppearance but one Two (real draiaaa on tbe wwtie ni?;bt "llor?e shoe Robinson ? and ' Rip Van Winkle," with other eniertalnmcnta liax Ixjok no* open secure your neat* in Unit'. CAKPtno PFRTT RROHKITFCU.T ARROUMCR* Tt hie friend* and lhanmbUa that be U prepared I* gi ?a lea acme on the ulanotirte U young learner*, aa wall aa t? ?d vanned puptla, who ma> wtah to acquire a thorough know Met of the higher hranchea of paunA.rte pejriag by forming H quern lance with the wurka of Ui? beat writer* for the ia*trn meat, botii rlaaalcal and mojom Application* tuty be M draeaed to Mr. Barli, ear* of H. Warren. K*|., at Ihtafcartag1* piano wareruoma. MM Hreedway, New Turk. ARCAKK CONCRRT NAI.OOR, NO. 127 ORVND *ti eel ?Tbia popular eaUbliahment la now open, day and evening The Company defy competition. amnn? which are be three greater! comic melodlaU in tbe I'tuted Ktalea?Mor rU. tbe original: .-haw. tbe quaint. Miler, the bumortat. Oleea, cboruaea. dueia. Ac , Ac , all new and faablonahle, b* ladle* and genu of acknowledged auperlorlty Clean and ai tentlvr help ale ay a im hand loanpply yoe with the chaiceet brand* of wlnea, brand tea and aegan*. Philadelphia lager bier, of the brat quality. <>n drauitht I'aRMKI.Y. proprietor; Moi-rt*. director of ainuaemeou N B. ? Arti-ta. of a aupe r? r order of muaical talent will alwaya And an opening at iht* aa'oon Admittance free. PUeT*. PI.aTM. ri.ATM.-THK RTAMDARD AM MI roe drama, and all other pabltehed play a. for aale by ft. HKM ll, 121 Naeaau atreet. New lurk, prmf I.", r*u each, ten for fl, lieuud rnluiuea $1. A new flay publiabad every week. Complete llala aeni by mall "free,' when rw qnaaied T1TANTKD?FOR I1IDWKM, A MARHTON'8 DRAMATIC TT company, a llrat claaa bincy dancer; a Indv wli > mil play end ta willing to travel. Addrea* LKK M Al.l.ORY, bu*i ne?a .'ige?i. Florence a Hotel, corner of Broadway and Walker at., or apply peraorially on Haturiiay, October II, 10 to 1Z A. M MATKIMOTIAL. AN AMKR1CAR YOr.V'i MAR, A ROUT X IN Bl SI n?e* for hUnaeM, wlahea lo meet a reepectable lady, lit to 7,1 jrnr* n' ace. with a tlew to matrimony . one that la dntnee th alfe. Uonale and nne hearted, will pleaae adrircaa Kdward Wxerann. l(ro?<iw *j I'liet olllce. ALADT, Of fRKVOSM-HINO AI'I'KaRa Ni'R, ARD In moderate rlrcmnatmncea, wlahee to form Hie acqualn tanc- iwith a view lo mai<inH>o< i at a k'entleni in a widower, having one or two elillcren He trnai be a mechanic, and in v> <?1 buatneaa None ?<hrr need applr The c<irreapondrnee in'iai be honorable and therefore atrletlj confidential. Ad creaa M K , lleraM ?Uee. Mixr. it*rt.r Tri.t.KTTK-rRorrsnoR op autoora phy. (or rea<1lng at character by handwriting.) and apirt taal wnuuff medinia. wtU upon the receipt of twenty Ore cer'a (or en'ilraient In n<wUga ataoipa) and ^ertieen >< ha>d writing, (addreea aaAclent.) aend lo any iiecnon a fuj delinea tion of their nharaeter. *ucce??. deatlny, the one they will love r r will marTT Ac Adilre?* Kmlle Villette, with return poet age, llroadwav, Poat ofT.ce New Tork. Non reaiden j ean aale J Iran villi thr mgb tbe mall. mm m> i.iut ok*. HRANDIKM. JAMAICA RCM. WOT(*n ARO IRffH whlakev wine* Ar -A aeleet aaMwimeni, amtable for hotel and laatilv tuw be the be tie *nd demijohn, bt qiiantittee to ault pnrrhaaim Scotch aim, I i n Ion ind PnbMn porter, lor aale at I'NI'KRIlll.J A MaITVKmiN ft, 4JU UrtxiOMH., eernrr of Croeby atreet, BOIRHON AM) MOROXUAHRI.A WHIRR KTR.?l hare In atore iwenly barrrlapf fine old whlakey, wh<rh I "tier to the trade or to fltmlMei, la bnrre'*, .lemljobfi* and hot iiea. O R. MKMtrN. lit Wall atreet. KT.17ABKTHAN ALU?PVR*. WTIOI.RP'>MR. RorR lahlng. Thla etcellent ale l? delivered at II 21 Per doren plnta; X ^ cent* allowed for return of bottle*. Order* may be *eat b| p<wt. A liberal discount to grocer*. Ac j. HARI^iW IB Water Mtreet. OTARD, DCrt'T A CO., riRRT, CAfTTIU.OR A CO , and Juice, Ro'da A Co * bca?<li-*, glna. Rrnt> b and Iriah wblake) .Jamawa and Rt ?Yoit mm, port, *hetrv and Madiera Wlnee Finer* w\!l fed the good* offbivd At lower market price, by C. WARD, lie Murray (tree! CTO*K AI.R ?rAI-R tNI>IA RTTTKR AI.R. T?:*T RC O perkiT. aleo pale freah mild. B> JUNES brewery, }U Huth atreet, between aveouee R awd C. CCOTC1I WHISKRT. IIIOH rROftT AVO FINK FT.ATOR. O lor *ale iroOt hooded warebonae, by C. MF.I.F. I f A, S0 New atreet ?KDICA1* i unr * r?. rrnrat DTRrrpurA. nmitvsBB or .A ll??r. heart kidney a. bladder. Ac. dlabetea. Iimnm I'Htmnf urine. night or tof, Invderate rhen na.mriL iMIla *t<1 iM-rrmw dl*ea??r <IfcM gtren its hy mher? parMi< i ia>tr daeired. Apply at fltt With arrow, from il a. M. to 1 P. M DB WARIV* UWrO?Tpi*ATIC!l PRIRRD 14 THI NX pint alU-* of ewrtata mwlMim, and t ,i reqxtre* t* fca known b< m??t wUh n?.l?er?al appn>b?an?i. ud to >u? I* Ward m Uw greet** henefart.* of Ik* .*?, |>r. ? ,rj h. ret?? oflVraareward of |6 <??> to Any phtaw??n who *(Vr ? prop* demotiatration, can par* curtail dte-<we*e with <*iaaJJy ant r <rm celerity, eaae, aa/ety And rhMpmwi u ha e-?n fan* m<-rab1e caae* proitreaa In deflano* of Afl the doctors r?? *? hut by hla Wntwlorfnl anaclflc Ali<l hi* perfect kmwIedjraW erery Mage nf the dla???e ha fit her allevlet. * or rare* In Bft day. Remember, nil ye who bar* hoen lingering for ??ek? and nvnthA, drinking nanneon* compound* wTik-h daetriy 'he pv-marb. and awaRowing polaoMn* jiillx that underm -w <hr rr^autiitw.n, that by Bailing nn l?r fWAKI) Ton mar la a Itm honra enjoy the pleaattrea of life, and feel thai Ktah art la hlmeeti n?Ka " Prlee $1 OAice. anal utreat, one door eaal of Itroftdway. Has *ai* oh wo*** a MnRAt. riohtto varry where r?.n?iimption, ?-mftila, i^nefr. epdfp?y, Ineantty or etRer hereditary tendmrte*. n. toalr mdanaer the life of the mother, hnt InATltahly bequeath a wretched r\l?ten~e of d'?eaae and miaerr np?n her child ' Tht* aitearinn la fhllT prevented IA 'he ladle* Perpetual M*'rlo*c I'alerilAr. con tatnln* etirelwHoW Aw erwr.r dt<r In *he re ir. jJMI hantiamal n?me* * bh ptlfte adrlhc to'he l?*rr<e?1. Willed free on the receipt of fifteen cert* or lire poet rtamp* P^-r re inmed if di?*''rt'ed. MMHV R Pubort, ?9 ?r v ri* leenth at R. w JyUBl.O* OAKMEM. Xl Door* open it T; to Hbw; u g i'i |?rt Tickeii..... iFMtr Mali K?!1>AT Kvtnitio Oot U) ISM AM. THH TaLKNT IN THBKK KNTK.HT AI NMP.NTB. T 11 K WuKl>KBKUL ElTlLS ANTOINE.. ? .7.7.. ...BEA? tii M. Bobert'a (fitun Pariai new yiere, eniulwd HLAMllJC; OH TIIK t?IVAi< PAlBIM. M'lle ROJikKT aud tbe HiJl *t I omp?oy ia Uit KrMt Ml A or NOAM.O. * YOUN0 1EX0UB, MUe r.n* HINT ajid M. CHIABINI ou the TIGHT RliPR. To morrow?Geinun Opera NigM. UNDINR. Ravel Night*?Monday*. We In. adaya and Frldan. Clermau Over* Mghls -lues l?>a. Thuradaya and galardaya. M?K(MAI. MOT1CK?A Tt RATION Of Tim On and after Monday, Oct. 1&, the doota wilt tptm KWt pei lui umncea U? commeur? m 7>. o'cljtk WALLAGK'S THEATRE. Doors open ai OS. 'nmmwor at 7 TO NIGHT, F'KIltAY, OCT. 1|. Mr. Bourcicault's great comedy, LONDON ASSURANCE, with MIPS AGNES ROBFRTSON. Mr B'ake Mr Leatar, Mr W'aJcot, Mrs. Hoer, Mmh (laaaiM and Mr Dion Bourcicxult. the muur m the comedy, Mil THIS CHaMBLEON, with Miaf Robertson at. i Mr Burnett. To morrow ? I.AST NIGHT of I.ONPON ASSURANCE (tianfje of performance on Mini day, wtiicll will iaolu4e the abovi' great cotnedli-' s. B ARNUM'S AMKR:C IS MU8KUM ? RK API'H AR Alffl of Geneial low Ibiunti prel.uiicarlly to hi* auneiuio departure tor h'urope Friday, Oct lit?Evening, at_7Jfc General T?m Thuirb. after which the uiiincaJ driooa ?r TUB i Of TUB KkulMKNT. Alternooa. at S. m??d Tom 'i hu?!> aa>l PaI>1>* THE PIPKK The largest rtnakaa lti the world are si ill to lit- Keen hare DRKDia In aotra rehears*;, and wiil ahortly be produced, witta General Taaa 1 liuuil> asTom In Ad uiittaiior ta ererything, 1J9coula; aM dr< Ai under ten, 1 cent* BUOkJJilf:* BOtKhAllKltH, fiVW UAU,. 6H6 Broadway, oppose.?'a liarlaa. mMKMSa sCtLtv of the new t'.a, TIMVs IN THF MOON, in which George and ttlahop lJu -kley wd! p iff arm the craai uuraato of ANXKXIHG Tlia KUKTH TO TBC HOOK. Preceding whieh, KTHIOPIaN M1N6TBILSY Concert ooaunencea at o'claak. AlwHaaaa. 9 eaa*a> Or' heotra ,-eat.i Mi c ot?. In rehetraal, DRKI); OR. THE DIPMAT, SWAMP TIIK 0AMPBKU.8 AT KMPIBK UAIX, (l.ATB KB.. ier'a,) b'M> itroadwav, ahcro Nlblo's Monday erenliur. Oct. 6, and every nu'lit during the wMk, UKYaMT A Mat.l.^BV'h CAMPithlJ. MlNKiBHUA In u variety at xonss, danrea. burieaquea, Ao., wllk Ma Diamond. THK CH AMPION DANCER. D*ora op hi at 7; <o lammence at a quarter to 8 Admlaaiui & aaata N'IBLO'S GARDEN -GEBMAN OPKRA. Admualon 5# ai SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 18U. Second timi ui America r^in/iax's beautiful fairy open 1 NDINE, with an excellc*'. cast and new una magnificent aceaery drexae* Musical Director Cart Barn WHITE'S OPKRA HOUSE, 49 UOWBB^ directly opposite the bowery theatre -OtmmemiMH <M the Bli'veutti year. The most mirtbful aud original eaiafc lisiimenl is Amei'iia. A canaian*. ?>iucesj.lon ol foaturea ara nightly uitroiluocd. far siirpaosiin; any similar enterUiamadL I ?tnuu-ncei> at a quaru-r before ?i n^lR OF TlIK AMMIKJAN, IKgltTITK, ('EIBiili ('.SAND COKCEBT UlA>l>i>WOBTH 8 UAX?. Kr.ii'*v KtMlW. Octobm 10. Commeucins? at 7', o'clock. rkjwmiu. . - . I. f ry-tal Palace M*rcl> .???.?.; iltvwheer 'Z Kaiitntla trmn Ktotledii *<**.?":; ^Tortll 3. ttcona :uui Aril,fwm Jllio?ator ? ? ?. Tiger Polka " B uo*^= 5. ArU from "boo Oiovanai 6 WocajiK March......... P*kt Srco?i> Fantasia, from ' P.lp Y an Winkle . H. lilee "I IIO'h a Itmuper".. <i Mazurka. 10. uuArtetU?. from "Rlgolrtlo "'****" II. t'riuieai. Polka. ??????? RummaSSk I" Ciiilopp. Trah. Trab HoJworth'a lt:iod will perform every evening. Aiuntuance '.Sccuta. cL:.' lreu ha.i pruo MenileUaoha Q. H. BrulMT Buhop BaoOKLTN ATBF.N/BCM am' rowiTiir ..asT GRAND riWKRT MADAMF AKSA?PE I.A tiBANOK. fii,t Prima Dot oa of lU" u. xm^ ^ ' 'l?or? iiuen at T; to commence at i o'clock. TU'kMa aod n l? aecured It adrauce (without extra ctariWli The Alllem. vm ol at Wm HaU * Nm - luuaic aU?re, Mo OB Vor i ai"'lcul?ra aec Tlrookiyn paper* of the 14th last N^-NorcIerVel .e*ia will bioold after the oprrna* ? the dcora. _ 1PRANRUN MOSFOM. W OB ANP J<TRKBT. r <l<?r ir<?m Itroaderay.?! wo porlorM|hcoo e*ary **T? tMimiiienciug ai So'clock lathe afternoon Ut?t half ?aa>T?q the Bvenict Th.- above w the only plaoe rfwiiiaeinoat m mm I nke.1 .-uTtea where tho M?M ArtMeoaia eihihUod ?? troupe louaiata of twenty aeveo young ?e?Mea mUAi-HKRC'S COBrKBffS I WU oonun-uce at NIHlO't dALDON, ou Monday. Oct. a). IHSai. * TBF CKJ.RBR \TRD TROirpK OP MODRI. ARTHTBJL (tableaux vwanta ) under the dlrectloe of Moiiateur Port, will pn form every n.?hl thlo week, at the ( oluaaewm^-jfl WM Uamatxeet. Adintaau.n l'^ceun. t femmeaoe at CVRAND ITXPOrtlTION Q? AMHBIOAB IMPOBBBf,. 1 at tHe Palaoo.-The! laeoay eighth Aaniyl?*W of tho American Iu?aniie, la now op?? !? th* A M ui.tU 1U o clock, P. W., dolly. Tho vaot area af lt? lace la nllod wtih lha <*<uc?at prwliteJooa of Aiaarlcoo <?*? au<l skill the whole leaafftb of the maohloo '????" nw.l with the moat totereatjog niai'Uiuorj a??w ahown btfa of Una lnxutot*. propailod br aevaral pawarfal Mo romuea liortworth'a oelehrated hand wu. j???ui? WW ovooing. Urw<l coo^?rt eeery l ueaAay and Kri4ay arattp. AOuuUanca, ?o?nia, chlklioi. hafprlro^ TFRRT. BRTAirr, Till CUXKBRATVI) ^'UOPIAK ?I nxne<tlaw. and broJierto Dan, the k*a?acejil <M4 Ttr0B U,. a \h7tTmpbell a. wtu arrive on the ueit ateaaer Smm t aiifonUA. l/ook out lor Jorry. Mm BCRTOK-TH1B KVRKTirO. IN TWO (MM09 M character*, ai bla beautiful theatre, Broadway Of poflH hond atrcet, hoe fall advertisement. TO aMATRVR IBIAtlU'ALS -MK KRPKRIKN(-R> actor would . owe aa piompter and general laatroagr to a ioo4 aiiil mkmy sgreeao?t. ?? reformer. Ac. Addrrw Herm d fpHFATRF, CHARl KSTtlM. S P -^OUN; S^>AN^?A 1 nager. wUI poalileely open for the aoaaoo oo Novemhe* .1 (Vwnoany will aaU from Naw oo or ahoeA of Oclocer One notJee will be flyen ' i.ihw may bea4dre?ao4 John Hloon, Cok ? llhadoa, ?irtet. New York. _____ MKDIC4J.. ?^ -b- ^ S uivtotan ?reek. *o Mly flooo mm *%wm rary iwuiy artroyJlaf t <mr?o >*f~' M w hladranco froai hualOOOfc OH o? aH drop la yo1 d .aeoaoa *? known for Vh?* ?d. wHhowKUei Twt^!Ii5rdme tha dT^ai" V *?T^k-4. ?} f*lr W? UK area tho nwu?ml h^oii oceoodory ollorta, oatf U too aa^f ronody or a?nh thol toea Try all nihoro awd aoo^ ttff of a kandhlU ?h| Dr. Baotor kao rooaovodSB a ? TUIamoa hanthm - Dm Tr"WATSOM ? "* WORK?"TTIK CAUW AH ??f?iSSS ra/1? tod>*ereMnn. eioeoo or olkar OOOOOO. la tho ai>W aad ^leolo of Una titt*la>aa tnfMhw w^h i^i,t^ar? fWly axulotooit niaolrwwf by nnmowa !?* JoiSoiiaiy. ai M Walki-r a f - ter. W^ of lteoadway. DH IB. I.ARMOrrtl PARTI AMD LONOOB MKPIOAJ | A<Wa*r awl Mairtago Onl4e^** JJSMS ? la I ? rrftnril IlliifttrtUflni, ointh, *1 ? II fl^SI UW i4rflnm* ^ .th^aPytaja'. lx?nd.? ve?m??<4 gwtlo ?rtn^ dioeo^wew MIUO biool and jwierml. tnm oaroaaoo. *e._Bo ?rao rooM ol n Memr alreM, eoeoer nf ?prtog. nf poolie *0 5X?"KS; fr? MA* Wl#7. M #a in 1 Artnoot to lha aflliotad.. -Oo?rtar daa Mala Lola. wao?3 7eitucg. *0. i DR t'OOPRR. NO. 14 P0ANR PTRKIT. MAT BR OOB I Milted |.ri' ately o? dtaeaaea. The vtetlma rrf mlaolaoa^ ? , I <1n ce aio tall no him w Ith the certain! y of belat radicaU, "?eTrWtea nif?dor*to. * H ~N.. fee tUl cnrod T,. npfi KRr*n. MtxTrRR. for ooBOB?n?RA, I) g?J^ -^no. "eakne-ea kldnoy and bidder d,?ea). ue., S-rtrturea. whoea In fema.eo, Ac ytmraaM,arhW ?iDo?,ire to frlenda or phyatetana Tho dlrec.looa being M e?rU?n. to enable ev?7 c?e u. '^er?t*nd^. P^greoafl# dieeaae and to apply the remody Bo aleely are lie haloaaM i -Ti*eriiea calculate"! that IU offecw ore like mart, flvtac toae ?nd ?trenrb to 'hal which wa? beforo weok and I feleao. Or H V. (Ilf I Hindoo, pr..prtetor a?ent for the Und.^Ht?W^ M5 liwil' oorn?r c?f Ttompim Ir^t. Ir*c^$l. t{k ? ai.pb. ACTBOB OP r?H 1 PBAOTif Ai,-_mi II VOW Treoto^ *o , o?ooo M tar. H.etra >*o>l A. M..?u> ? P_B to the roaoat atage ?r dWW aelo^lawee ?ire la ohialnod. Jo alrirtaro. frj.fa ihe ooHle^ ?a m* ?? adraricod atU. alt) fc armmal ,w? kn^.Mtico. and Ml gowMo vteory dloooaea.^ Me ?waraoow poNM* ?M ra^ ? ssgaii isr; eg ?on fMi**? ?'fMMi ???!* f'vr vvtlni For IrtA """T 'i'V alldreai bo? *? p"- "?** "rarol. bRoo ^altl:ydy^v?i^rhei.n^?'"- ** ? .uoce^Uy lr,*U Pnir*I -TO ?Rr<J?IST? AND P1!T?ICTAN? PS v ...r attention l? Invited to a new medical nreparaUo ~t ihe M-hlldhlr-h Pnln AUerloior." Clrenlar* conlaii I ral ? n^Tr?rm?iion and teeUmonlala, eon be obtolnei] on Op '"'^Vtl^le dejKit V* Wery. Thl. la ihe only P-?^lthe kind In eilatenee Mid by all roopeetahle dm/ Z? -hT | ^T77rH TTl.I.rt RHD.?DR rnBHRTT, NO 19DCAB |\ mrtrU m?y be conenlted WHb conftdenee on rortala die a practice of twenty four yeara In hla preeent ?per r^Tenab'ea htm ??? make permanent cnrea The rlottma o mieplaeed ooofWIeaee can call cm him with tho certain t* ? mn ting with a phyalclan nf eipertenc*. N. B.?Ree l>r. I. f diploma aa a memherof the New Jnrk Onlreralty, wHh a+tT teotlmonloloof a r?ry high order, iuapooded In hla o?ee. OB. WAJBO&VAN P?w 1 hla * nioeoaa Lraaled no! laaa than tweet/ i at fklfnra. Tho laiaodt ? km In hnalneoa or rhaogO < f diet Or Watorm la la eoaoaaot Mtaadonea. tw T w _*f morning tmhl ? oi alfK at hla coaor.nwaaa and "-Mioao. H WalkorMrooi, atow n Pnemerly Wargwna *o tho (joek _ Eicordr PRAfrtn jw a ^V/JioIrT0.*.'!**J etaae of dlooaoea. Afc?DB O. O. RAMW^iV MJ"* -rd, of P*1?. and Dra < %^s,a s isaarfe? arrjsiTt, rtwi ? S"t.VSHfca? a a