Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW TO . Si! , < ? 1 I WfiOLt HO. 7348. - SUNDAT MORNING, RK HERALD. OCTOBER 1Z. 1856. , PRICE TWO CENTS. ?.: 4 '> * - . .r_S ? AFFAIRS IM EUROPE. fm bmim, Hrfr Vinna and Berlin IWMMt Sept. 26, lfHMJ. ^^^ohUo^^urcp^-l'Mic Opmion on the Slavei I ty^lirtim?DU Anylo Wrtnck Fleet Jut Ifapl*. I t^pytttably, JUaeskia occupies, at the present mo I Wt^Ljp Ty-jr tut pirjl?' ?*?- -??*???? -???r- u I k n?Jpg?r WBfc anxloty M to ? breech between ber and I ^ riveted upon the mighty Europe now acts the part of a ^^^^fefwIlttlsniMstng toroM the Atlantic. A strug I H* Wwwa Nofth and South, between slavery and anti ii|M>nl. At a gane of chess H often bap a looker on observes a move or a point which attention of the two players. In like golse I Ht Minterested views of the maas of the English people I Jlay W ot tome weight In the opinion of the State*. Yon ?til ?beervi: that aoaroaly a day pauses without a leader I k tfts Tmee on the state of afftlrs in America. | H I Wlier Central Amsrtns and the treaty with or It la Walker, or Kansas, or the slavery and ^HETtry parties that are the subject or dlsoassion. Mo weekly paper* hsve IkMr say on tht* latter ?ub it I* almoet needlras to ado, that here all are slavery. The drawing whtob 1 seud you from ??Bwni convey foreibly to tno pnblic mind in America r What I* the feeling here on the subject. Dm moat salient point of the European news Is the 9Mt that a Joint Anglo Preuoh squadron will make Its ll^aaiaaau shortly in the flay or Naples. A gentle pree I are will be used with King Bombs to bring him to terms. The French nquadroa will be commanded by Ad miral Trrhouart, and will ooaaUt or the ships Ulm, Alge uraa. Napoleon and Br.Ugee. and the frigates Fly, Du C^ayla and Megere; too English squadron with consort if serew Hue-of battle ships. The > j< hess of (hambord (wire of the Duke tf Bora r x) is reported to be enci-nte Should | lint have ft son, it will osmpUeatc still more the of the succession, and put an end to aaythtng like or legitimists snd Orleaot-is. Ttio Emperor ^^HTfapo I eon and tbe Empress Euganic are still at Prince Adalbert, or Btvari*, and his young bride have been staying there on a visit ^Hy?uiMl det DebaU or this day, (Friday, 26th Sept.,) ^^Blfant the government of the United Statds is at the Breast ssomsnt taking steps with those Powers that were Bot ?0d?Uy represented at the Oongreaa of l*aris, with a vUm to the oostcloaion H a treat; to confirm the four PUnulpli s of maritime law proclaimed t y tne Congress in OS *T'*t or Mm 10th April, but adding thereto the propo ?MlSB contained la Mr. Mercy's despatch to Lord Claren ion, nod which would render inviolable in the fttwrs ml private property even on board men of war. Loauow, Sept. 26, 1889. Ultima tm <f 0* AytM and French Government* to rwjwiyifartfy (/ Movement in EngUuid? Jtt r iirnUt Mffv* m Ai Stai>ility of the Palmerston Ad mmwrraften-PsMneatfar Hcroa-Mrt. Stowe, Nen Work?Punic Oomoemimt Joint Stock Bank< and Miu ranee (VmgMMt. The oa'y a<w of ml Importance ?tlrrtng here U con nected with Ute pMpatM d<moDilr?tk>D agaloat Naples br I'ruci Eitliiil 1 understand that to ultimatum hu bet* e#wSl ??M the reepec#**, government., a?4 that the ErgU* hti?r hoe he?a forwarded to Parts, * e.der tw Mh ?*preeea*ed alaeul^MOtialy. ?mm deky bM oewrw* !? Jhri*, bat tt la now aatd that Ml k#*e Hmi MBt off. TM* demonstration m not popu lar bar*, Hlhangh Bag Bea^M Ib eafflciently disliked to lead th* ?^rM to taaaglM that V France atad England blew Khptea afcawt hl? tare, ?oi a dlwcMient or pitying vole* ?onId MtMrd; iai why It M not popular la, that lor **?>? buelneee, le so much ftared, or rather yaapt* d*?ad hit interference in forelga aflhirt while be lalNa <>?? ?*? control oi I'arliamMt. Reg I kbmra do Mt Ikrgat haw the lata war with lhi*eta caMMired bow Lost Raglaa and a few troopa ware aaMOUt to makaa "dtMBMratton." but not to fight, had taw Mo demoattralMi WM Mt MMfthtag elae at a I I ?a ware nnprepaai . M4 fret tig* ia h rulneMWM,er wbicbihs laaails (wbeo Mrurrd) rma oarer ooaapaMlte. They reaiiMb nr all Mh tbieaa with a aortnew which will not aoaa waar o(T, rn4 thay dread my Lord Paftaaratoa, and fairly ao, too, ftoa the recollection of Ma Lagdsbip-afomter esoapadee We require raot after oar frulUaaa itrufgle ia Iha Crlaaea. Ami fuiiher. tha nation too* With diatfMt on our great ?Mf ; tad If NMateri sulT.-r ?etnselre* to be |gd bylhi ?bm, ao mach ae they hare haw, by the doatone ?r tha ante* nn o* tha tuter of Vtaaaa, they wUI Had Htatjjp Mtutry will aot hack t?<M.-bot 1?%*^ admaiei retort. " 'WaKS*?, 1 am w??l aMared that t* oppoaltkm, tba contarratlres, M a pan i <aad than rdhfty la a conaarraUr ijarty ,) look with >eea oiaraat upon tba prneeat aaf iM Of oor loretgn relates* aad hulld with some certainty upon tba mult pronag eervloeable to them aa a m?%a? of ratetag the party to power. The baartng of the Pram er dartac tb? laat aanrlon of 1'arllamentwai not o?nclliatory. Bla Lard*bip proOoaed to dtareaard party tlaa, but ap^ Maled to party whenryer <? a difficulty or dIUmma. and wm. moreover Scklo, rude, aad errn uncertain, worse ill be baa attempted to au*taln a corernment with out a pot ry. Tbeao tiiags are not forgotten, aad If l chance ta ?;ren?if wearainrolTeahaatitr or unadrtaadJy la a war wbtch, howerer )cat might be aroidad with bowar?let Miouiter- look to themselrea, for tbelr career to run for a I me an appeal muat then be made to the M<mtrt. aad out they nvt* go. The aamn waa folt and ?aid wkea a war araa anticipated with A??ail< a Whether Ciflab.e or oeceaaary, or unavoidable. Minister knew , in i'.i>a crtata they muat hare UK an the rotoe of the ooutitry. and, aa ta the ca?a of America, aa with Italy? the t? c? ot tha natioa woo Id go agatnit war. Lord Harding*, the lata Oommaadcr Id f.hlaf, I* daaa. J^ord IIa'>l age nerer did aay rery brilliant tblnga, but M waa a pealnaular man, and therefore plained tn utga command RouIib* plaoed Hardlnga (a plraaant, agr**a hi* fentienxani at tba Horne 'Juarda. Routine aeot Jx>rd Ragfin (a mora agreeable and pleaaant man. out to the Kaat to make a demooitraV.on, and loft him there to Bgu whan ,t becama B*ce*aary, till trouble killed him?be cane* both tiad Hoogbt in oar great war* Then lienor* ?Imp1*"" who arowad bis owa Incomootency, took nag tan'i place, aad damaged i.a In the world'* eye. beoauae gir too, waa a P*ainai'lar man Hkm Penlntular men, howerer eaanot lire fore re r, aad men who hare not had th* hoaor to flght under the Orea'. I?uka may ataod a chance of finding employment. I I told yoo aome time back that " i?r*d, Mr*. Bcecber -Mow*'a new book, waa not common tally aocotaa ftil bare aod I think I gara you an inatanie ot tbadulnm ot Ita sal*. I thiah I teld you, al*o, that the AtAen? um gar* a dlaparsctag no*toe of tbe book immediately oa Ita pro 4*ctioa. Now, the TW? doea not often renew a book, bwt with that dignity whl?5b a' rrouada it oo all oc?aaiMB(*) bidet ttt i me aad permit* th# public to form Ita own coa alua.on. aad then ftepa la to ?tem the current, with, " I am ?? Oracle." The Tim* g*re Mre. Slow* a more fh vorable notice, ?ad ralaed at the aame time, with much force, the q neat ton on alarery, pro aad ?m Thla rertew bM ral.ed totth comment, and, naturally, cauaad th* a* * of the book Immediately on th* publication of tbe re? ?lea lu the ftm*. " Ured ' atcppel off the bookaellera' she re* and appeared la railway carriages aad omn! huaea la parlor* and la drawing rooms.aad now wherever W*go, the a-est ion I*, "What do you think of 'I?r*d I The dtv lo*i re* concerning the doing* at tha Royal Britith Bank, oomiag out as th*y do day by day, bar* canted m >*b contternatK n, and tb*r* I* now a complete nanic among joint Mock baaks, and joint stock companies severally People Imagined tnat those i*lnt *tock bankt lare perfect security, and lb* alarm I* rery great now th*y find that thla waa a chimera, and that th*N* perfect lr safr banka can 'break' aa well aa other*. \ ice th.aoallor Klndersley, la deddtag that the Royal ?rttrali Bank affairs ab-uld b* wound up, comm*nW?l ?pon th? roiduct of the director* In ft manner rloartf \u tlmatmg their guilty complicity. The almpl* iue*tloo It, what conat tulea gallt? You will raad with InUrast the detailed reports It la rally **p*ctod that some of the past ant some of tha pw*nt director* will shortlv loin, la doraaoe rl'* the banking triumrlraU rrom th* JMran l, Aletara Stracbaa, Paul and Bataa (lat Parle < o*T*apotideiir?. I'abi.o, Hept 34, 1W? Mxlr 'ordinary CblAlM of the Wrmlhrr it Pori<?Waui'i rf feftfi tn the frmch MetropolU?Tht Anglo French PmomtmtUm again* N*)At*?Xail +yi in Rut tit?Agairl in Spain Solar if qf Amervan />lpfomafl ta rraace? TV AfHik and FrmrK Bmi+ttie* in Ibmia ?hoit Ibtimate Bnlertmined of the Pntonnrl of thi UU kr. I regret to say that the state of the weather continue* |t> be of tha aame ileety, guaty, fierce character I dea arlbtd ia my laat. The cold, ooeslderiag the time of tbe year, la ao extraordinary that Area are burning tn erery hens* M In tbe profbundeet depth of winter, and tbe great depot* where it Ia usual to oooalgn tbe carpet* be longing to all pahllc and prlrate dwelling*, for the pur pnee of cleaning and preeervatioa from that I'arlaiaB plague, th# moth, are literally beaelged by order* do mending a premature restitutio* of soft moqnett and gaudy A>itm?*em?. Ia a rectal letter I stated, when speakiog of tbe fetr fully attgmenWd rents of Parts, that within the laat fire yeart aometbiag like 2.000 housee had been dtntolMhed, while tot more than 600 had risen up to supply their place My authority lor making thla statement waa a plat tat tea I return glren in the MWHkiiml. a Vtttrnal oi grral we!|ht !? tnch matter*, sty- sit'e^it || th t particular m Md to he of audi ? tohoaMj that ii?M every jouraai to fraoaw adaptsl it. the ??>wnr him self, It mm, in Ma r^M ??ml at >w?', tea to ken aiara at .aa saaertinp ?f ao iHwoMl a oha raclar, aad yealerday the MtmUawr caatt oat with a (orauM ooatahdicttao, printed in (;h or ?l? aiaa. Ttn puipart or Ihla Buhradlotioa, tar I will. u*t troahto pao with U?whaU,i*U?* the high *ia?.m? of rw* igii n ted darlaf hattanr years by the <imwH?l, laid Mm Ma, Iba wm or which is Urn Momtmg '^TbTiianairtloni elected ia Paha by tha Prefecture of the gotoa wars?? Suaarpatfd I 18#?.... 1863,... 18*4.... 1861.... 1K60.... m a es^vi-JO. haasea. Thoaaw i?Mtoga, aad the salarge aid oaes, us sti state* hythe direetora of Ue i to the taal that tha pinto ?a- ? |_ _ A O _ _ ? ?? m a ft aad the -fh thsa*wh?M In 11 ? lte...1,006. is*.. .1,206.777771 ille...i,ei4 lite... a,ooo Igores prove, tt maat ba coaoioerer tloss have ooasiderabl* I ?air, that tha ? leads to a reduction of Tha artlaie draws tioa of tha capital haa, by aa maay aa HI,071| toga hare sot yati ? low Ma to aha work* >oal?irshla grant* < hmasseapresslyfor hist lor unmarried men, H tbat it muat ba borne la I which to ISM only aaMiM creased la ISM (exolqilaa < ?J60 COO.SO*., aad, roaa wbioh has compensated We are boaad to pr I' rmation to ho superior and except thai Aa high ol reata aenad to oouI ulnly nothlag atoato < tbat all thta qoarrjtog. masonry and aettlog ap > ears baa bean going oa ia I^MWd ba causal by ac oowatrasttoa oC built la MBaotS) to ?raaee ot wa?es, for aay momen e F.mperor's meana of ln of tbe Beaut Municipals, amd Bti.l increasing price dtatement, there was oer tt did seem imoossibie liag. carting, aoafl'olding, which lor the last six limited a reanlt aa some alx evtry hauae might l>e largo twelve families. The late I Marianne Society, resulting ia of aeme thirty work iFmporv aa too arrival ? houaea, even though h on an average for lions respecting the present Imprisonment to aa?*sataate the . may have naturally to discovering the error to tha cataMMWi afhl Mmm Ihwafcapale However, It V. very agrooahia to M to asotrediot my former state meat, and to gaihpg C tbat there la at of the official chance of Americana lag metropolis without awooi>ed away by the for their resldeuca. ?on are nevertaeleaa that tho price of ?n fu-ntsbed high* byaflfth than last year. being inflersd to half their b reat of tho Tbe proepoflta flf tho < considered ao apartment* aad 1 Our Bourse haa hssan aawthly depressed at tne" idea of Uie Anglo Preach Jiaaa?toallon la the ?:uif of Naples. The AiieihtiU JTaUfMla Md tbe VmUm are slow to believe tbe fact, but aotwHMaadtog tho doproaaion in the money market there la, aa tor aa Ieaa Jad^s, a di*po*itlon amoag all p*rtlea, except tho leglllnilal* to oansider the govera ment baa doaa wlaafr to ttoa camtag out the aeatimeaato uttered by Count Waiawaky aad Lora Clarendon, at tho Ooaference of l*aiia. It ia ao?iiararl the highest degree ol presumptloa oa toe port of tha King of Naples to pro. teal against tha rlgtat of any Howar ao toterfere with hios. Twl * in the apaoa Of fori; yeora has he been piaoad apen tho throaM ho adacto to coaatder his private pro perty and If Ml nee of tha power obtained for hioa hf foreign bsyooetola M dangerooa to the people be rata that the peaoo of Baropo it aa Jeopardy, be ia bound to Kuhmit to lOMrthroaoo If he cannot fold alues or netgh ho^rwho arogtroiig eatougfa, morally aaa physioaUp, to him to the right. At tha same tlma. wbile utter nealpof Ihto tlted, T Ind a vary large olMaaf ? atredkpoaed to think it quite poaaiUe that* aeme out of this little matter. Ihey aaf ?f (ho last war are still hot, sod that If gun la heard In Europe it la Impossible to might not follow? that the ravolatioaary ale t'y la to rife, ao burning, so real? to buret volamea of llama, tbat the preeeace ol the WFreach fleet may cauae aa erupt!oa to hraadc to extent ol which no man may calculate: that Lombardy, Spain, Hungary, a re (training like 'wagr* lioand* on the start:*' and once tbe settled order of toUaga is latertrred with, they will he too ready to spr.ij ?ru-r tha revolutionary bare. Bonce there is cortaialy a die pesit on to view wbat is goiLg on wild a certain degree of Owqulrtude we learn from Boaaiatbat Franco haa been the favored nation respecting the principal aetwork of railways, and that she and Private bare the coaoaoatoo greeted to tbem for eighty Ove yearn, with a minimum of Ova par c?nt guaranice<I by the Kussiao governmeat, the llnee to be termiaaued in ten years. Id consequence ol this de ciaton Movers Isaac Perelre and TburnelrBoa, of the Or"lU Mttbx vT, have juat set out to St. Petersburg Tbe acoounta which, of a private natare, I eee Irom Si a n, are full of interest. Tbe breach between tbe Vu?. n and the 0 Donaeli ministry, desplto tbe reslgaa tion of M. ( antero, the Minuter ol Finance, would really aeem as great as ever. O'PoaaoU h said to be a man wbo Is nothing by himself, that whatever hla course, ba ,t good or bad. he wants moral courage to carry It oat, and tbat the (jueea, with her wit, her ready tongue, bar cbtming, aad her determinatioa to have her own way. is reaily more than hi* mat^h Tbe moat determined and unscrupulous efforts will be made to pack tbe new tortee, but ao uapopular ia the i/ueen, aad so utterly deepwed Is O'Ponnell, that a very general opiuian ob tains that a crl?la ol aerlftua conseuuence will soon follow | n> a??-eiiibling Til* em< nt that a very Important augmenln ton In l)?"u mad* u the *al?r ? ?* of American \tinl*t?r* repreaentirg tbe republic in lormgn < apitala hu? given very general tailsfaction. Dot only to American* here, bat to eo< lety generally. It ia now bope<! that the remitter* t on ia *urU aa will render the poet an object of ambition to men of a tar higher grade than bare yet Oiled it. Al tbe rame time it Ia neceasary to warn American citlzeaa expecting too macb of their State functlonari**, even under tbe prrneut more favorable ctrcumatancoa. take, for example. Pari* It muat be remembered that the price of all commodities * fearfully augm> nted *ln<e 1M1. No Mlnlxter can hope to And the requisite aocon modal lone for one In bta poet lion under aieat of 15,000 iraaca, or S3,000 per annua, which forma a very consi derable deduction lor one Item on an allowance oi $17,500. Kvery article too of clothing, fuel, food, and pertaining to xervaat'e wage*, la fli tr per cent dearer than before* Ame rican cltltena muat not, therefore, look for hoapltallty, thi ugh they may reasonably look tor such aid and aaatat aace m tbey need, and I'ariaisn* will rejotoe if the aug mented salary brings to their capita gentlemen who * now the hab.t* of ac? lety aa< df ire to make tbomielvea reepected, both on acrouat of their country and them NlTCf. Una of tbe favorite topic* of the day la tbe exact da grce oi waicome meaaured ont at Moscow to tha respective embaaeira of France and Fog land In tha Faubourg St. (iermaln It la atoatly ma Mamod that the Imperial Uoun ot I* I'etf rubnrg detain* tho jmrttmml of the French ea bassy though it atudloualy desires to exhibit ita preference f?r tbe Kreaoh cation, and in government circUs, wbera ministers' and aenatora' wlvea pronounce judgment. It la *?84 rted that the French are adored, while the Kogllsh ?re received with distinguished cercmony. From letter* which I (ccaatonally receive from Pt. Petersburg, I sus pect the toct to be almply thu??that tbe Imperial Court do** tbow a larger amount of oan.'rwrenato* to tbe French embaaay on political ground* of I la own. but that tha Ru*atan aristocrat cannot, for tbe life of him, *hake oil aa mnate prutige toward* ttat smdred ftuial repraaanla tton of t-ngland which, lor three hundred year*, ha ha* been taught ao highly to reapect In Count de Horny ha aimply behold* tbe Illegitimate offspring of Count de Fla bant and ol the granddaughter of a We*t Indian planter. alVrward* made (jaeen of Holland?hi* being lb ? bair brother to tha F.mperor of the French?"over tbe i"ft?'' to use tha *tereotyi>ed phraie?doe* not mend the mat ler, but ratber tend* to lower M. de Momy'a imperial meater In the Ruaaian eyea aa being probably no more legitimate than hta ambassador Thoa, in M. da Marny's mtmtrap our Russian arlstoorat *ee? nothing but the vary lee* of aortely, brought op to tha surfaoa by a revo union which, in hi* eyea, waa not leu than sacrilege Turning to tbe Kogllab embaaay, from whom politically, be hold* aloof, bl* peraoaal sympathies dad there. not withstanding, a geaial noil. He know* that each member of that illuatrlous corp* la, *a It w*ra, a rrpreaeotati ?? of tha divine right of king*, a dogma which be has J est acknowledged in the anointment of tha Cxar .be know* that they are of princely lineage, and that al home large aa their wealth and peraonal Influence may be? they hold a rank with the people derivable solely from lha artatoeratir element which |<ertala* to them, and thua it la that the French and Kngllah amount* are both false, yet both true. Fach embaaay haa a apeclal advantage over the other. bat the oaa I* on peraonal groanda, lb* otbar on political, aad the laat la dacldedly with th* Krrnch P**r?. Sept. n. ISM M**/r Pnt nftht Kmprm K\ujmv?T*' fsgilimat' Dm** I tf?ri vf iKt PvuHmrg St. Onmmin fi?id a FUm in Ktr Mojntyi CKarat 'rr? Mtiruif of Ok' Sjmmtth Bull FyjSt? IsHiii Sfnlftrn't Sptnilh r^icy?Cvrirmt Cktrg* Against Dvfxml, th? Sinpr?M' qf M. Avnmft Ruing Stvd?Cnut Brtvuhm ?/ a Quholic tHuiontry ,n Cktm. Tb* Umagrr df, formerly ? paper *f pro via cW Imignltoance. owing to the tranaformatlon ot R*r rltt frr.m a bumblo mh ng apat to aa mper<al raaidaare, and tbe reaort of the b**unamir, flu 1* itaalf, da*bi:*t* i n?t w Vboiil town lurprlio, l?n journal of Ui? moat Impart wMhaaanlrr. |t ia ia h?tl>i pole star for the nonce af ?UtktMWN"1***1 corn*, pondents of Europe. Tee, of Europe; tor Ut occapnnii of tl>e imperial threne ara laamllt ajjbauafe a Hwijl hate of romance, aad a oak ataatrte tpaatasa aave tram time to Una a hot forth from thatr ebanaad?*cia,?im? I the great Lent of awfelad ?* t"?*M 'UK* WW! ed acuoo, that go where thar wtd, da ahMabay atU, be they -.lok or aorvy, aaarry or aad, baay or tfi*, (hay ?? J Bt.Il ihe c/noHiure at ovary ?>? Tba KaNhdto AmMhU i fc *? ae deported baaaatf MM aha bee mm U betoahadaa aa a ray of tbat centre of which Napoleoa U the ?!?, and for guod or aaut haaaabrthahara the Cataaf him with whom the bee Itahad hareatl. Theoo obeervafeaa ate qpnps* to the totlawtog pai* grapb contained la the bet Mm*tr <?ti)wai: Our ball dghta have attraetad aa tmaaaae aumharef fneaau tba cap. Oa Friday iviahM, thatthj the 31Ha?tea from Hriia Itaeee braajff a ?her of i Mara, and during jalnrday aad ttnartey the paartiie tfalna from Bordeaax aad Mtoaaa braagK X,Me per I Ma. At an early bear aa mmmm morning lien ?u a erowd ?ae?Mid M fkt ctrcaa i id In a vary ahoat time every ttokat wa? taken precisely at three o'clock Ihetr aa^eahaa. Johaw ad by ihetr eat tea, entered the teparlMhaa, wfeea the whole aadleaoe roae, aad aalatod tbaaa ?Mb lead eriaaof "Ktw f'Jtaperear," "F?* faaaafda." Oar MM* ty wore nfieaaah ceetomt?black aatat aMaHa. la mented artfevelvet aad trimmed with ieao? aad a MacK silk d rem wtth ttaunaae hi bar hair wee a turn aaltoaM lower, placed on the ivltatoe. Aa aoea m MfHdaMi ha* takea their aeate the prnoeaita>a baflaa alth the usual iwaMtiL ha himazil aa baiesbatk caaaalto ward andieaaaadad tiMaaysoftheboll aafettan the Kmparar, wha cave lha an weary aaaea aad aaarked the phaaw af lha IgM aa l>an> ha beSTboea aaaaariind to nock aaaawb the lights preaeated ao rea?fcabte lad dent. ?x huhe were foagbt aad Mlled in haoeeeatoa bar Domlagaaa? it >? fhaafiro. The animal last attacked causing a aeaaMarahte aalaatom Oram lta courage aad aetlvtty. other aeaanMe af a etmllar nature have fouad their way, htai^ indirect aoarap, to the pablx bare; la fomeaf whieh it wae epeaMly remarked thM the Dm pteea Eagaaie teak the UwaUeat MtereM la the spectacle, and ao leaf aa a drop af Wood rataataal to be drawn from Utt paaMav, Mdttrtatod victim, the gaatle Beanie ugered aa fha apet, ta fbet wae oae of the laat to quit the kaetaatlag nai The nnaenuanoe lx that the Uuiies or the Peahenn at. Ownala, who, It may be bellaved, at nd thae bear Sa-lh^eetyaay greelaood will, areftu.ew at a?jt a Imyeratlna of tba fominine dteaity of maae. Vhey daelnra that whatever the laffaeace of early baaT iiilrn, early edacatloa any be. tt ia the teundenioty ?! a lady alavated to aoob a poawoe to rise <?periar te them. They mroteet agalnat the aaouatteae to wMMi tta kMlntae character of rraace may heaae fotta h? mail la aeqateectng la a apoctaele almaat be nomh the gladiatorial exhibittoaj of paaan Kema. They rtf aleai that the woaaea of France ara diahoaored, de graded, dahaaed by the conduct of a parvenu Eapreae: aad wtthont reaped to partizanahlp or poUUoal feeling or any kind, ilaMand tympatby aad oeaoorraaoe on the pert of every htgb apaitad country woaun?oar, more, I am bread to aay that theee reOaatioaa are aot contined to tba dtaaaatteat c aeeea, whether ladtlmletor r< publi eea they extend to otama which fully enbecribe to the poarere that he. aad have be-a rtafy M all tlmee to do justice to the vUtoaa of eae who, aa^d many temptationa, many aUnreaaenta to aelf will, maay opportunities of ex t-relamg todlt ideality or eccentricity, has never awerved irfmtaMllaewhich feaa been identical with the honor a at Mary of Mm who rained her to a poeittoa the moat exalted a woman la France can ooonpy. jh>t thereto a elaaa of persona or leas impeturaa charac ter tbaa thoae i have meatkmed, and they too are not ea urely eeaaaaeed of adberenli to the reigning dynasty, wha '? peon, paab " all theae mormura as unworthy and ahartatchtod; who aay the Kmprens dooe well to show the Spanish people bow Spaalah ahe la atiU at heart, deaidU: thd freacb diadem which orowns her brow. Never, it a add, waa the moment ao favorable ; never lb# tamptatleo ao atroag in the hiatory of I ranoe, for atohMg good caaao with the people ol Spain. IM O'Dea netl have a looee oord, give the gneen rope enough, give Narvaea bis peaaport, yea, attr the cauldron, aad let ovary patiaaal gboat etalk tba territory of that penensula, the mara the menier?the pnth wui at length be amaoth for tea man arch of France. The Emperor knowa thla waU; bta mevementn all tend toward the nooompUahmeot of aadae great purpose la respect to Hpala, Juat ai clearly and diatiuctiy aa of old th?y did towards the Cromwell Irlagof tb?- National Assembly, when all were ao blind they would not sec it. The Eaipreea Eugenie, therefore, steads amply joatllled in the opinion of taa more thinking cir< clda of every denomination, for even legitimate anl re publican, ao strongly prsaeHaed are they with the proper mtaslon of France, wonld be delighted to aee something ilka a iDDctioa of ths two klordoma The lefitimiaU, to lake anaanmre at tt aterarards lor their own pnrpoaet when Henri V. shall ooce more return to hie own; tha repubiicaos, lo create that fond dream oi a rree republic, which shall extend from the extrement bountnry of Franoa to the water's edge at l.iibon I simply give these !uoa brationa aa I bear them, nothing extenuating, nor aet i tip (own au|ht in mslx-e but tnere caouot be a doubt, Lx they ii-aaonable or not, tbat there is a suspicious ap l earance of studied policy In tha imperial pandering to the national tastes of Spain. On Ibe Bourse the kind of panic which baa exated lor the laat lew days still oontinues. and the lb nee per cent" are U9. It oeanot be deniod that them I - wstroi g dtapo :tiru on the part of the 1 rnneb public to the An(k> f ranch movement against Naples with conmderaltia jea louay- The policy a looked upon by many as pecu "ary English, and aa administering to tbat ambitious desire to ne without a rival in the Mediterranean which exhibilatta tenacity at Malta and t.lbrallar. It a reaiem t>ered liall/ord I'almerston. in l-.'.'J. in 1847 aad In 1840, in the recall of Mr. flrymour, in I.ord Minto'a mission, and in tbe acts of Mr. Freeborn at Rome, exhibited the name policy, and that then, as now, i ranee viewed It wiili di truat M Alexia Impont, our celebrated singer of aacred ma k!c, la now od hi? trial for baring groaaly outraged pub tic mcraUty. The charges agaioit bim are ao aerioua that It la auppoeed he will he unable to refute them, and nre alao of a nature -o indecent, that though the accuaa 'ion ha.-* been publicly made, tl? public proaecutor in atat upon the examination being condu ted with cloaed dooi *, thai public decency may not be outraged The fcocc of hla abonnnauoM la alleged to be tbe Bota da Boulogne, and hi victim- gtrta and hoy* of tender age. Owing to pecuniary didlcuiUaa, the whole of the racing Mud or M Aumont. who baa been for ?o many vear* < onnerted with the French turf, la advartlaad fbr aale at rattoraall'a, on the 1 lth of October no t. It conalata of the atallion Kit* Oladlator. of twenty two horaaa In train ing, and among*! them the well known Momuriiun, l'?u d'K*polr, Kxquiatte, Nat, Fenelon, Coppqrfleld, and Mile, de Cbantllly; of aeventecn colt* an I fllliea, foaled in ISM and 1864; of Ore brood marca, and of Ave otbor horrea. ?'Great experience and many long year*." nay* the jour cal called The Sjt/rt, "have been required to form thia rtud. which containa tome of the beat blood In France, and which, for acme years paat baa obtained aurprtaing mmx ee*. The diaeolution of It la ooniequeatly deeply de plored by the majority of turfmea. ' the / aiifn quota* a letter from Iloag Kong, addreaaed by a minoonary of the name of Arnai to rather nfni, of tba congregation of the lather* of Mercy at tordeaui. mentioning the execution of another naiaima. art, M tbapdelalne, on the 2t*th of February la* I, In tba province oi guang ai, China. H?> waa beheaded by order of tbe ahief mandarin, after undergoing the moat excru elating torture The bead waa *ubee<iuently auapended from a tree, aad a parcel of children allowed to throw mlf?U?a at it, In order to naake it fall down. Tbe liver and heart, according to thta letter, were fried in a pan end eaten up by tha Chlneee, under tbe imprnaatoa that it would reader them Invulnerable. Tba head waa *ub aeqnently rantad oil and aecretad by a pioua Cfcrtetlaa. A young man and woman were at tbe name time put to tf eeih with the aabappy raiaaloaary for baring embraced thrtatlaoity. Oar Berlin t'orreapondene*. Bam iff, Sept !?, 1AM. Tkt J fair of S'ufrhmttt -Historical Sowmin Cmmt'J'J uiih il?Thf Mrpotitiom to Morocco?Affair qf tk* Stain Prrpatchm?Trial ami CewrfeMm if Lift*. Itchm by <A? fnunri War C%jrvVr?Ctrrirmt Ditelotvr*?fit* ?a n-'MTTfi at UdUburg? Jfarrwiy <f Xt Grand Dukt of had**?Sardinian Policy, 4c., 4c. "It aerer rain* bat It poura,'' la aa old prorerh, and a rery true one, aa 'a prored by tba aucoeaaioa of patty mtabapa which have befallen thla government lately, aad * hicn, though of ao great coaaequence la thamaalraa, are aerarthelaaa lufklently annoying. In tha affair of the Riff, tha acre neaa of defeat waa la aome mean nre relieved by the aoothlan >do* of having Inspired the bold piratea with a proper rcapert for Pruaataa heroiam but tha un ?ucoaaaful coaater revolution at Neufchatel ta a rather more terloua bualnea*, aa It loralvaa the private feeling* of tbe hlgbeat paraoaage la the kingdom, and ha* already led to aome diplomatic, aklralahlng. la which Pruaela haa not exaclty come off with lying color*. Neafchatel ha* alway* baen a favorite demesne of the Pruaataa monarch*, although, from the fact of tta being a t tbe *aaie time a Bwiaa canton, It enjoyed much greater Independence than waa erer awarded to tha rest of their doaainlona It '<* loaged orlglaaily to tha old Prtaoaa of Oraage <aot thai '?ranch that now occnplea tha throne of Billaad), and alterwarda to the French home of Loogueville, which be eomlag ettlnct la 1707, It wra claimed by Fra erlrk I. of Prumia, aa hetr-genoral to the Orange ramtly, aad remained an appendage to tba Prna aian crown till lMd, when Napoleon, who wa* apt to make free with other people'* property, pre neated It to Marshal Berth tar. with the tltf e of l'rlaoa of Neufchatel. After the downfall of the g? eat Caratcaa It waa re united to rVuaaia, but rrom their clone coanec tion with RwlUerland, tbe Inhabitanta ir ifortunately be came tnnaeulated with republloaa id ear , aad though they really aeem to hare bad rery little to complain of, they wrre not tha lee* eager to eacape from tba bleaatng* of kingly rnla. A flrat attempt, ma+e a* ea*ly a* H*l, w?* utauoceaaM. hot la 194% whafi ror?!tv *r*> i' * d * rouat all over f araft, a t>-ar?%? iMiKMnrotiMlfiltf itfuyamnj U? u

treat of the l'ruaeian ttoveraor "mnj Imnbmtrt * trtm J>m?, " and ft provtateaai government havfeg deemed the nbafftioa of monarcAy, * hw democratic feprtUtu ean HW"t?e woe imbihim, uader (be of Uo tlwias eonfMeratieo, el which Neu<chatei cuntoapd * I aaetpber. At that period tluag* were uj sucbaatafcevher# 1 that to Kim kad no ?me to think. about so dklBtant ?? j NP*ito ofMa crown, while his own trslorod Berliner* I ***** rtitof. la MX egalaat him ; but as aooa I M "o?dar" began to reign, and revolution *m bain I ? *H with a high band in all directions, be turn*J 1 aOraeioB to hie qoeadam Principality of NeufehataL I Meeat iBaaoOeM aete protecting against the illegal I Maaoveretgu rights on ihr part of IS# I republic, who treated hU protect mucn in the MV I ?*aatheCooacU or the Ampbyabona dldtore I kraaeeeoi William the Testy. In isvj he bed to I ? brsaght Mbrathe coofsreaees then sttrtny la 1 te regulate the Daniel eoceeoaton, aad lee pro I ?dated Hay M, the claims of Pt-utaU a poo Km* I ppm*' were eekaowteoged to be la conformity wttb to I SBy of Vlonae; bat Swttaerland agnin energettoabf da- I ^?d any foreign interference in the internal oonoerM Of I ^?ot bar ceatons, aad tha Oriental criata occurring eee? I ?w, aU topias ot minor importance wore loat in toei- I ?reocing interest oT the might? ooafliot tt gave rise to. I ? fha Neotobatel question wa? not brought on the teptt I mmm Ull towerde the close of thoOongrees of Paris, whan I ? da Man t? a flu seized the opportunity of pointing ? le eaemeloua state of that Prtaetpality, aa being tha only ?oMtia lhaupa (%. with tha OBeepUen ot Fmnoe*) |iw the legitimate aatharMaa oontlieed to be ?M by a (evolutionary power. It appear-, how the Ocagrees thought they had enough te without ineddllbT wttb the sturdy Swlee; aftaire of Neufohatel war* tdmto, aad oar Premier took ao ?iky hia motto. Whether the royalist party got tired ?Fvb-KDf tor the Intervention of the mat Powers, or Whew. r they received a hint from another aoarter to un dertake eometblag, if only to show that there wa? a por- ; lyaa of the population etill attached to their ancient Seve rn IgM. la a point aa which there are various opinion*, and which will only he cleared up at same future period; oertain it la that by thia premature attempt they hare at Ihlaad bo other object than to prove that tha royatiat fee lion la in a very small minority, and the bulk of the mm ttchai* tog^^?J them to be groaning under. It is evident, oa the contra! rr. that they arc prepared to defend, their new institu tions ti rfemrif apaiuat aM attajks from abroad or at home, and that the authority of the King ol Prueeia can never be re-eetabltthed without a desperate reeiatance and oopioua uBtua or bioad. !t te thin conviction, recoiling from the " untoward event" Jnat al luded to. that bee indaoed oar povcrnment to invoke the medinhoB of beuis Napoleon, who haa now become the general arbiter of Bawpe, aad is con Id e red the aataral protector of maaarchy and oeaeM ? by no maana inclined to throw oB the r^bb I can yoke wnioh the Pruaalan aoverement scribes aaaert tiam agatnat tspahhneatam and ravtluiiOD. For the pre I rent hia gaad ofliaes wll be coaiiaed to rsrineettag the I federal goftrnmaat of Bwitawiaad to 4mt mildly with I the prteemri, lome of whom behmg to tha fligl 1 ami Has I m \eutohatei and bear nnmndMiMie in the Prwlaa ear- I vloe; but the court party are net TMhaat hapea of hia lakiag mora decisive stepa la their Qm, fvsataaiiy rstierlsg r?gai authority in theae datudwd regtaae ft U rwccdi more >ikeiy that the aetata Kmpew of wi Freaahl * ill ptay off Prussia aad Switearlaad ?mtaat each other,! aad by atteraately exciting the hoyee aahetwMer aadftel uppreheniion* of tha laBer. ooaurni Ida iaflataoe over I be* aad reader them e^mOy eahesrvked to h>i pohoy. I the eapedihoa to Moroooo, which wa? ae aaneh tatted ot isiaedlately after the "ahrimmage" With dbe Riltfe, has beta put ofl nne du, aad will vary probably amnaat to nathiaC after aiL The ?reno>, tt gufgf, rthi eao^M ratlea or conaeat would be indhpniahle ?m each ea uertaklag, are desIrene of flaltbtag with theXabyiee fl fore prcceadiag to hagtlHUaggpiaJ BliHMll -al^lHimpM aad when they are ready, tha wttte ttMr, tflMB caused such exettemeat here at oae toe, will bo totally I lorgottea. Prtaoe idalhut, to "here or (he aotwn," arrived hare to other day via Damaaig, bet remained quite tiasotieed, to aylteef hit Itlhlaj very pale and intereateg, aad hatng attu naaMe te aram Imm the eBeets of the wound in hia thigh. Bta Wiie?erhe, bH the way, is a aialar of the fiNaoua naay filaler, aad wl a d'liueuM Uerseif m her youth?had gone to England vo| moot him, and wiU have to nurse htm until he ie thoroughly recovered aad ready tor freeh exploits. The poor saiiora, who are in a elmilar rrillsemsei. or hare l???n rendered lneapahie ot further aervtee, will not be | M?iteso w?4i 00; however, a good entertainment waul Kiecn tor their benefit en Thuraday latt at Krotl aGar-l ueoa, which produoed upwards or three theoooad thai en I aad aea repeated on Aiaday with almilar raeuita, ao that, I in adettioa to the aoauty peaaioa* allowet them by rot I en meat, they wlli have enough to keep them from starvlag. Tbe ihmous aftalr or tbe "theft of deip\t:hee which bad been in abeyant for several months, and wit oil, it viai imagined, would be huehed up altogether haa been broug ht before Ue public again by tbe trial <X | 1 taut Tecbea, the chiel uMMiUe actor in that soanda .<>m> business, aid by bit condemnation to eight j tars Imprtooamtnt. Tbe trial took ptaee before tbe supreme tribunal of State, or Mar chamber, aa It la t.rmta by the democrats, whuae proceedings are carried os in the strMeitsoerr-y and no authentic particular- o tt bare therefore transpired, although it la asserted, 1 n't know whether id toko or ll earnest, that i>ne of tbe indictmmta against bun * aa lor having communica ted a p at or tbe Russian fortreai or Pe'sabor/? t> tbe sllkt?a strange crime to be accuaed of In a Prussian court of Justice Even as a matter ol policy, It woold have betn muili better 10 have given tbe man an opeu trial, lor even bla coadamaa'.ion, Gar from exonerating tb< more influential penonages suspected ol being hta accomplices, only increase* tbe U1 feeiinu cutertainnd a gaaet them: and he la looked upon aa a mere scapegoat, who after being made a tool of by certain individuals of bigh rack and ataadiag, la (ismnsed into tbe wilderneaa to expiate tb? ir crimes and acreen their reputaooa. It ta blated, Indeed, as sn excuse tor the conduct of govari roent, tbat It was impossible tor the proceedings to be made public without compromising the French ambaaaa dor sod Loata Napoleon bin sell, who profited largely by tbe documents obtained In so dishonorable a manner, and which ?ou will recollect were copton tf despatchcM traus rnltud by Count *aa*ter, the t:n*.-ian military i-omrols ?ry at 8t. Petersburg, to General Gerlacb, aide de camp to tbe King, containing Die K uarian plan of '<;<eraUonK la thsCnmea, ,vc. Another person slio wa^ Implicated m ilia aflalr, aad afterwards suspected of having be trayed It to the Rusataa ambassador,tpras decoy ed to Parts and has never been beard of staoo Tbe mana-uvrce at Hellabetg came ofl with great rate?, aad wf re followed by the inauguration of a monument erected In memory of the l>attle of Kylau, after which tha King prooeeded to Konlgaberg, from where he re tiltOS to Potadam llii* morning. to M prcHent At tho wed dlag of his nelee, Princess Louisa, and the new Grand Puke or Haden. I'ntll a few days ago the bridegroom was only called Prince Regent. his elder broth' r being rtlll alive, though afflicted with an Incurable mental dbt case, but .be Prince of Pruaala probably thinking It <*/ra <l\g. for bla daughter to marry any other than a sovereign 1 rinee, the youn^ roan was obliged to assume the title of Grand Pake, which up to then had with very proper reel ing been reserved for hta unfortunate brother. The Km pro a Dowager of Ruhsis la expected here again oa the 24th on her Journey to Nice, where aha will pass the win ler, attended by bcr daughter, the l'rinceaa Royal, or Wurtemberg, aad a crowd of Muscovite noblea. Home Bnlitlciana consider lb in aa a sort ol demonstration made by ussla to spite the Austrians, and show on what good term* abe la at present with Saidtala. On the other band, Viator Kmanuel la aa eager to meet tbe advaacce of tha Caar as bo waa not long since to rush Into war against htm. and. perhaps hav ng reaped a Utile advaa t ige from the ftlindablp of the Weetern Powera, he e* (.eels to.derive more beneit frotn an al'.iaace with the great Northern C/ar, with whom ha la at leaat uaited by tbeir common hatred of Auatrla. Our Vienna Correspondence. Virus*. Sept. 'SI, 1MB. The Kxpt^Uitm A pain* tin Montmeyrir i?TV Last Tribuns ?MiUaliilityot Jfen'i ?Vittatimu on tin 1"t -naa iiewrse?itrwtch Ultimatum tn Jc. as tbe present ocmpllcations la Mentaaegro caoae no little uaeaaineaa to our atalcsmaa, It may aot be aaia ter "sting to expose to your readers the real state of aJa rs 1 at' Monleaegrlna are ratbar a <|oeor sort of people, living in tbe (>eraagora (Black Mounta nai. aa a freo aad lade' fendent tribe, If wa eicept tbe obi gatWo of paylag a tribute to tbe HaItaa. In order to collect the tribute, towe\ er, with tha least dlfadvantage to tbemselvea.tbey make frcm tree to'tima lacurtiaa* Into the Turkish terrl toty, to rob. ploader and devastate, aad ia t its way they manage to pay tbe Sultan atti bla own money: tor do they hesitate evca to slay tbe .nhabltanta of those adjoin lag diatric.t* when they maat with oppooltioa to thla " acw means of paytag old debts. ' Yoa will perhaps ray theee Montenegrins. sot having tbe k Ighteat aotloa o general pbtlantbropy, think themselvee entitled, 1a their qaallty ot Christians, tc pursue the tafldsii; but those poor innocent roula occasionally commit also ge?graphloa blenders, by mlatak'Ag tbe Aaatrlan Jar the Ottoman ter rlty. But yoa might possibly calculate that, alter havtag btca made aware of their error, thay Immediately with draw from the soil of their Cbrletiaa brethren Net a Mi of It, for they are only coavlaced of that wrong whea as hcrted by tbe Ire ot Ibo Auatriaa borderora, (0ranr?r, a well armed asl organized body of troope), agalast which they entertain a peealtar aversion aad, Uer store, gene rally answer it by taklag at oaco rreach leave Austria would loaf siace have pot aa effectual step to Iheee law Ices incurstaaa. hot for her lotbie for om custom aad lnettto ttoos. heace, also, be is unwilliag toallow tbe Porte, who is at this moment preparing an expedition against Prince Tttikela of Montenegro, to carry matters too far. In otb?r worda, Prince D, though aot act now edged aa ruler by any treaty, le aot to be deprived or bla acini barbano ihrone aad his possession*?aad th tt for various reaaotut aaiongst which we may chiefly point to the Importance of upholding the traditional independence of a OhrMian race and the laadmitftibiiity Of Montenegro being, de ferfo incorporated Into tbe Ottos an empire?a mov% that would never suit the interests of Auatrla, or 'ndeod, of IPsrope generally. Thv* the main objects of tbepreoeat expedition v?d?r AbUt n?"ba (or p^thapt wn vnder f>rnf* !*e?!is .? 1 ? t" ? b' ' tr!V? eor".''' ne 'n ?< ?? t'r ? /' ^ oa the m?MM| taeattar,to assist voovsswwkig Prince DauieU an*hia buaanaCMtog MUWMirt 1 firm It mrfnbW Htm ftmr Attention to *.?oth?r matter not altogether tuhWMaby of ?Hoe I de oat know ?Mtv 'IW mMWHaoHwt ft <mm? (tcernaeckio, who. In the jear 114*8, mfated Bulwarknovel; "The in* Tribune," by Maffeungr uuled thv'Romia People s Trtauae. The MM ImraMWs ntm- inxtor dMikiM , whan Jfca latMats (Imi?L bo full of energy, bat WbftLT. dMUtUte of mtflU/y talents, by me Adafrdna. Now, ? Pledfaiontode u ewe paper, hart up for MWmIWI ?MM*', (the Ori ental war an* the flartv Oanfosaaosn Mil mrm,) had adopted the plaaof intaalSag every now ana lima either amnslng or bi?ilfyl?g *lor.?t; hence some time since, be tag at a luee bow sa cater sneaetblag atrlhfrg- tor Itaraad ?ra. it aeeured the* oa* fine- saornwg, Uu4'0icaruact-b:o bal been aocretir ahot by U?a Auatrtaaa. The Auatrmns, mare haowte thetr thirst of beer and ww? than tbr their ihim of jare, made inquiries touch lag tbla impaled pieee of barbailam. and the Wlonn ia the re?u4 of their tareatmntioan ?CioamaaihH, aooom panted Garibaldi wben thla oh;p* of the Insurrection took tab* heels, tad want an banti ? wall craft, which waa tapdsU ia a heavy squall off the Italian nonet. Pan of tiieomw beta* loat, Qkueruaechto, who had also dlaap peered, waa (fanenifty beiirred to have pertahed Ilka wiae Setae dapa afo, however, a letter fmm Constant! - papla annouaisd that the ex-Soman Tribune la Urine had thriving la tbe rapacity of a eook and las-keepsr la that capttal, aaa that be had bean aeon dnriag the last aapa la tbe liagttab aad Frenoh cam pa at Bniaolava, eooiSag, boiling, frj lag aad stewlra, d I'lmHemm for John Mi, tar Paddy, aad for Johaty Orapean. Now, I don t kaow whether a tana la America oaa get a dozen of lead ?n liulleta right into hts stomnoh at'loeton, make ap BHe |4aa anfl boiled beef ta NawTOrk' but hare in Kurope ?la generally net Ma eastern to perform each beteroge ?oua JuMia. I therefore entertain same-slight doubt* as to hla harlag been abet or peppered la Italy, aad of hia afterwarda roaatlag ducks la Tarkay. Tbe BMperor, who rrlved bare on the day before yee terday, from his recent toar lato Oorialhla, left aa again thla maniac- Sotue people say be will vtahtbe Hunga rian provinces. Otbara oplaa that he prafdrt being ad draaaed by tbe HuafaHan peasants to being bothered here by tbe assembled naturalists, whane tlrat meeting waa taken up by a speech about Mount ikna; fortunately, tbe volcano waa not pre*eat upon the oeoasioa. otherwise there might have bean danger of Its getting riled against Hi Mbor. Tbe atateoi the Bouse is "stale, flat, and unprovable;" tbe jobbers are in great exoitemeat, aad a general uneasi ness prevails, principally on account of tbe rate of interest having been raised by meet|of the OonUaeatal gorerament banks, aa a salutary check upon the continued drain ol silver from Fiance (twenty millions of traaea) aad many of the German States. Beeldee this, at'. ? speculation is paralyzed for tbe moment by the ominous <lacUne of tbe French rentes, agniast wbieb there appears to bojao help, and the monied world is eonaequenUy air invert and at a nonphu. A telegraphic despatch baa Just arrived here stating t>at Baton Bkennier, tbe French Ambaaaador at the Court of NafiaMtaa delivered aa nklmatum from bta gorerament. In onaa of noa-oompttance tb< French lieefcwUl benaie ready to anil from Toulon to the Gulf of Naplea, and is to take at at tan than. This news ia looked upon as a breaah of International taw, and has made a very un pleasant imprcsalon here. "%suss^ ?? ?? After I he abow of cattla la tbe moral ng, the party dined ?*5* "<h? *>w. Hall, air F. bZ?TiJZS, mT MStlgSttho guests were the Hob. 0. M. II M*rqo1" of SaH?bury, ?Dti*m>n tk. ' ? ,'. ??7,e> .*** other influential gsnttoinsn. The usual loyal toasts Having been da lSV'iSd^a'hE?^ ,hC he,llb <* the American r-MhSfl!r..i , *mo?? ?* to day a diatin .y ?" '"ustrioiia nation, akin to ssmnilhlr^ 1bl0?d. .i??t laws, and intellectual '/?piUKfl? too people o( Anortct. Chettrn ) it (? Ji ue that their inYtltutions dWerb? wT^Aei a? te*be*^n^lltUf,ed u?f*r\r*PublJc; we hold ourselves S?ns&?r c/?ier s* ?f * ooMtnu. L^r.-'*Tffe*?*. (<*wr?.) Every nation attempts to wav of ?ood Internment In lu own a?rosa the water we oaa rocofnue a re propo', v ?rid or<lcr, while here the coa^teS,^ wShUhertl** *.mon*rcbT which la not In con petiole with liberty and progress. {Cheers * Vow gentlemen, there have been ot late some political or' raibtr, some diplomatic misunderstandings Sotween the Ot theee mteun.ter.ta.dlnY* u w^ld 1M become any one on thta occasion to u> a single word let u.;ope that they are in a fair w.^bemgt^q aUr settled upon grounds tbat may bo equally consistent with the honor and dignity of tlie two nations (Hear ) The grand invrntios or tbe electric telegraph imteMho "V1?* ^/^s Atlantic is ab(H.i to and anothtr link to tbose wbi^h bind the mother country to her iriant on-mrtnr. t'Ut there Is another description of telegraph Htill mum ? fllcsclous lo the annihilation o. t'r^ am?P.p.ri wb?oh we look to the wise and conciliatory genius of our dls nt Kutahed guest to re establish-1 that Jograuh between heart and heart, and which carries from union to oAttoo ibt Isnsiuure of common m trre,Lll,<i Weired ?flfecti#M. Thw ia not the tint timi? ? ba. Mr. Alias has yls.ud these shores. He Sam? h^e "wards tbe c!ose rof the unhappy war of 1112. between snd snd America Ue came then with oblecta of peace I sod ation sucb sre, 1 am ass ired. his obiecta now *!r,u,tJ1,:" hl* ,UCCt*s will besurb as to establish his inprl/hsble fame not only amongst tbe states men of >o? roumrj, but sm<?gst the human race. our vwter is him ?ell of British origin. H. ts dsacsnded lro? a? Mciit th? n^k!^! lu*11' tb*"e mlm- Ber# h< breathe* toe air which his ancestors breathed, and he Is tread nr the aoll in which the bo* , of hi, aanalora m?m Tla Arst time that I saw bint was at a very aniliuiTarid critical moment to the two countries, and I th<>n felt \*B1 TM tb* r *ht man In tie right place. ' (Ctieera.) Since, be baa honored me with a visit under with his am,able Md I hare had occasion to almire the clearness ?r hi* hlKlifVkh,*ldeplh *' bU ol'sarvauoa, the dlgnttled ilm plictty of his manners, the transparent kindneas of hia h< art, and, If be will allow m<>so to say the lelmitv ?nh r?^h.e,ru'?? "tu~' -nliisxa - 'PP^^aton of all that la excel,estf asd t w^i lf kt u?? W,<1 <* hl* ?wn fw,'?* l*u f, ? ir''? would honor me with a visit he abouid be sure at least of a boarty Eogiiah welcome, in as old Kas mh coantry home Bat the welcome of an tadlr d^L 7htr ^ 10 co*U!U either myself or him. sud therefore be is here te day to receive the welcome of all X I>mtI1 M,ea",led M 8Uch national meet i f proeent (iaaUeaien. may tbe cheers with which yon the toasts be borne across the Atlantic and assure the Unlte.1 Mates ol our artectlon loTii^; people, an I our reatiect for their repreaootatiro. I ? .? >oo tho .leaitli of " Ills Kmcliency ?eo M. Dallas Min.a ter llonipotcnt.ary or the 1 nltsd Htatne," ami allow me ind E^'d"1"""1' ',-Mlln?tC<*Cord between America .hi?r 011 ri,lB?- was reoelved with renewed T J ** 1*P**s!ble for me to allow U? lr an,er w?h which you hare recerTed tbe to?st {t? ''^'sguished ,' D?leman w6o presides, lo pass withoat mv thanas A stranrsr ta >nn i ' ?h? f*t'lh* of Jour welcome though In truth my abort espwtence of VnglanJ ha* slrea me more than reason to expect it. Fort be ?m.4w all? sion made to Ue lastttuttons, the prowrsaa an I tbe ^c?*a7!ri, n m> cou*t,y ^1 w????o return, la rap pub diaJthans* v??.^,r Me c'?*cUJr' mT "?>" cor "oathful amocg nations, aad. Dartena ia the est. mail on ef many whom I a<:dreaa far froi fsultl*M, she baa. Davertheleaa. nndeciably ackevad In i#r*t C*?" 01 c,T,lll??10". IB science. In arts in '? J,01Mn etwration aad Improvement, what "af well ustlty eacamlum (Hear.) la no Held of syal aot oa ^ the raited huies 'better ZJSt* to ri " U>? T,rJr O0" with which tAa ban 'iuet ta ooaaectad. They rec^niae the Mftenlttiral *"*?*; '"terest of their planters aad farmers ?s tbe prsdMlaaai Interest, the interest that wields the power, originates the wsnlth. nourishes the frwdom and promotes the happiness of their entire people' \tn can ssake no advance on that subiart which will a<t meet their sympatay and cooperation In ,l|* ^HVnttey of the MisaAs.ppi, amid measnreleaa plains of tihaustlesa lerti Ity, minions of mp eountrvmen ?rcept. a. the nobl^t of human purwlta uje^ im" ' 1* ,r ?w? "M. Their ch el aim asd del?jit ls to?o^ their farms with cattle ol tke best brseds, Md thsy ss more worthy of tbetr applause tbe oniird pZr? pra^t'eal bnabanilry tian the ejtp|?t? of m.Mte^TI? J-olitlcal victor If*, d wish i felt competent and at liberty to * ?omenta of your aiteaiwn in adverting to Amvrtraa movements similar te your ?wa Tbev aro D'? *T'7 p*T*rate *UI of aur ooafede'racv. .wT* 7 !. ' h'*hMrt ntellaet and the trn-at peir^nwm their combiced resi ts mi%?t b? rrwar'le<l is tkH1?! .not wholly unworthy of yonr acceptaoio. But I cantot v< store so far, ami aliAough I atnTeoJ'v sensible tbat an Intersbange ofngiicu^aral reports would r.0?. t powerful i'ond a( lat oawJ amsv and pane*. still I shrlak uadar tbe wnrtvag ol one nr year own vt?? r*b.L' pr7*rb-- to wh,rh lari aM?l" might anrlVul epithet of ?' some* hat musty," HsculcaMng the Miv or ol carryInj eoala to Nrwcastie. (a laugh V 7aa ; tlemen, I repeat tba expreasiom at mi thank* aaJ wil 1 sow give yon the only good tktag that hei,m?fn u.. address tbat I iave made It la is thn abane ct\ aoatl ment-' All honor and suoceaa to the ^5^2^ clety of Ilerta " (Chsara ) Agriet.tonU Po An Kn?IUh ^?w^o^tteerowamerc^ Mvret, [KrW Tork Jep*. 9) Correspondence of london Times 1 -...... jzgzz ^ ,n srn4**- ^ th* "to"* ZS mcZ or ths theatres opened, tba hotels are overflowtne with ' .r*?1 lhaeHy ta dsacrlbed ss "Hia >? n m,mt h?, JnriM Ue *? "T*"""" ^"wtse. even W W . heated term,' whrn th? population via tl ir r**k* ?"?? ??<! rush ef its lie in tba bnslneas pan of New X.ork le astonishiM .7,1!,^JLV0*-0* 4'?hou*h trade has iwnrped whole .. \ r'7 l*9 1*^rl1 ?*? w^-e fashionable revidacses, aad la gradnally driving nil private Mtahllsh. ?senta fhr ' uptown," It nan not Xnd spare enough and tr thsre la much more of tbe same kted or priwraas the straete of a large circle round Mse fast oflV-e will be lm Kabla. There ta a perp?tiul jamb and lock af veitirlaa | Hhrly two mries aloof th>afctef thoroughfcre the traffic [1 oufg owing the caparity te tbe streets te ad alt It. and ss the busiest part of the rtty te aleo the narrowest with tbe sea oa hotb sides of H, II Is a pussle to deviea ?nv plan to relieve the pressure t alucttiy, the on rv.i^u settlers hsd no iplrltnal "me.Hums" to r.iretal the a- tea ord'na'y trowtb of the t lace ss 1 though much has n", . !''*T ,'r,< b# en ' St'tl comBodsttsa lc justice to tbe creators eTttie wealth dtf the community it bom b? feisBlited ib.y 4u mot mom t? be scltsh, or to sp.ud any extraordinary amount of it rotiod Uieir own places ol business TH* eommaroal street* of Kp* York are near'y the oarroweet and wont paved of tbo whole city; the roida-ajrs are stocked up *tUl carta, as* tht pavement barrl -.adad with bale* ass packing casta Thu furlong* of these las' ubstruo t;o?s suggest in, Improvement Hint might be possible. Vax as I bo r?o::nt of mercantile bmaee la?quite enough to-item p the e.ty an a coanencial metoopeus* yet, in detail*, In the mode of carrying >t on, there u> stth bom(<tliDir provincial; the lmporfjct arr?o#em<-r?i of a smalJ,sespor*are continued for a trudo of Klgatr.ic pro portions. Ite whstsssle stores are also the wareheases, and all goods imported hare to go through two prceesaee, by both of wMh the Ktreeta ore choked up naedtaesly; they reset be depss.te.ftlll sold, and, when so <1 often repacked for rmseval. And much of use packing w deae on the fa rental, casks are hooped andcuses vailed up in the potbs of men. T the footways of London were fined wltt tongs, bstee\ casks and boxes fhmr Cnariag Crous to Aidgate, aail "J at every third shop the nasi* bulky imtters were being lowered into cellar*, and holsad into upper doom the whole day long, it' would gtre an Idea of the riate of tliinga in tbe trainees dirtneo of New Ycrk. Hirejte cannot easily be palled down, nor an island enlarged; bri a remedy might be found for tills state Of things, whMr belongs to the primitive and barbarous aga o: com??rot, and is quite unworthy of AsasrMa. She has got far beyond the po.?t up to which this petty sad Inconvenient system coald be toleratea, but does not, (tons tbe blinding WiUeney of habit, sufficiently* recogaitetae fact. Mew Y srk has neither docks nor warehouses, oaljr wharves and stores; and all tbe manipulations of asim mense trade are carried on in the streets, and very nar row streets too. There Is some interest, certs-sty, ss being able to study the variety of consignments, to pane through long lines of them, from I.yoas sttas to lueMUr matches, and to remarx what is going to Chicago and whs* to Now Orleans; but it Is pr+miUre and decidedly Inconve nient to all parties it must also bs expensive sad entail aa enormous waste sf labor. Where there is deep water ap to tbe end of the street! decks are possible, and by taa docks tbsre may be warehouses, where all this west could be done with half tbe trouble. New York should not In this respeot be ?wo generations behind snob smaller ports as Havre and Hamburg. With London and Liverpool there can be no comparison whatever at pre sent in both cities a.-great system of ooMtsrrisi mam ties has been perfected, which New York has yet to begin. The work wtll have to be done, cad onse begun, it will be done rapidly. Soon a reform would relieve Ma alarming oongeatrae In the narrow arteries of the city at onoe, and a few good (looks would pay batter than nap railroad. Tbe stores would then become what Lbav ought to b?, depositaries for samples, and the freight of a wbMa tleet of merchant ships might be sold aad despatched ht lac'i with less confusion than is now created-by the cmga of one vessel. Mwkit.. LoffDO* Mojtky Market, Friday Ettoimg, Sept. 26 Th~ present state or ths money market eogrosses (be g?rtoi ? attention of tbe commerce I world. H is ^ui^IEfL In'urioualy to inter fore with numerous pve?sctod eater ?."*?' "if wWbIi, from their mnf lotmtaolei an t freedom from merely speculative issues wovld tmrtonbi edly receive public encouragement, tf outttlkk oihera saw their way a little mere clearly. 'am a neoss ssrj ccniequenoe, tb?re la a decided spirit of '? abroad: and, thouth there Is no abaolate scarcity of mmey, the market Is quite as stringent as 12 the mi t? ot i be diicount booses and joint stock baalu ware a* hauated. This state of feeling was engendered, la tue first instance, by the Continents!) absorption ot gold; then it was strengthened by the disastrous ftU ure sad dlsgrsceful management of the Reyal British Bank; snd now it is con tinned by the general advance in the rate of Interest by the principal bsales in ail the lead tug commercial cities of Sorope Am a remedy, it bus been suggested that the Bank of Knglaad fhould advance its minimum rate of ditoonnt from 4y, to A per cent; and tbo possibility of -t* a measure being adopted bas been debated all the week. The inclination of general opinion is against it, prtnelmlty on the g round tbat the Ootober dividends will soon rw >ee?e A itrge amouDt, while ihe public revenue Is ftfort ble, trade sound, and money In abundance can Mil be> lound lor all legitimate objects, ether at or batow 4k per cent. It is said, too. that if tbe Baak vara ta ma vsnce to I per eeat thsy would, in all probability. -?r a conalderable reduction >n their dtasount business fNa tbe competition o( private establishment jost at * did belore the last reduction. If it remains tn its condition much longer we do not sea bow an advance caa be avoided; but much depends upan the turn that thum may take dnring tbe first and second weeks la the saT suing month. At tbe same lima there are political aoa plications with Naples, llussia and Austria which hava ccntributed to aggravate tbe svmptoas create ! bv Ik* strictly financial part of the question. Tbetr eflect, haw ever, if tbay should unfortunately continue, will be am felt hereafter. ' About ?100,000 in specie has arrived dnring the week si. from the I'mted States. The whole of u has been takM for the Continent. It is said that the next packet from Southampton will take out silver lor India and China ta tbe value ol more than ?I,'/?>0,000. The return rrom the Bank, of England lor tbe wa* ending the .'Oth of September gives the following insslm , J?1*? with the previous week:-. ' lMbllc deposits ?... ?T,007.734 Increase 9,OM,V72.. Oecrsasa.... 14.4M ItSst........ " 'If llff' Inrrsasii 11 071 Ou tbe other sido of the account.? Government securities.. ?1 l,'J<M,36a.. Without chaam. nther securities I1*,291,5*7.. Increase...l.ltfr.lTtl colics unemployed ?.an4.SUJ..Increaaa.... 14,17% The amount of Dotsa^alh?ila>loa 1s?1B,:M.9I4 beta ss increase of ?vl1wiT|kd the stock of bullion in both oepartmenti Is Oji&Sx sb?wlog\dSrI2iof*S .#?>. when comparod With tbe preceding return. ' ,. Tber* hbeta a large businees done In bulhon. the orders for sUvsr tor ths East being vory larm! Tfcere btvo been ccoildertblt irrlvt'i to meet this de mand, and tbe market uloasa ',d lower tor bar silvw ssd *d. higher for Me'tnan dollars, tt whlch _ t|? S%n^rll#n ' ,,,Ubl00?? *U wtU purenSSi . foreign gold In bars, standard, per os tj 17 a Silvsr in bars, standard 0 4 ilt (.old ootn. Portugal pieces """ a iT a* I>oiiblooas, patriot ' " i 11 a Doubloons, Spanish a 1- a Napoleons ...V.'.V.V" 3 14 0 Ten guilder pieces " 3 is ? Nlver cots Max loan and 8. American dollars. 0 6 1 Spanish pillar dollars _ x f .1,. The British rsnds :iave been prejudicially affaalai finre our last by tbe unsettled sUte or the money mar ket, and by apprehensions anil complications with the King of Nsnles, and a decline of >4 has taken plaoa There bas hoe3 no business to counteiaot the tsndsasv to depression. altho ?b the feeling almost every dar lian been one of greater :irmnoNs than oouid have been aatl cijiated under adverse iniluences of such an Importsnt character. .Notwithstanding ths 'ivc.lne In Consols, and the tightness of raonsy, the premium upon ezcbe>iuer bllla hss increased 1?. n is now Its. to J7s. Yesterday, oa ths break in t ap if the bank parlor without any altera tion tn tbe rates of discount, a m zs confident pre ; which opered at advanced to J <t hi M. Tbe UuctD?A.ons were Icsonsldsr abie, sor vaa ths business of tjs day of much import sees but lbs tomper nnd dispostuon of the market were decidedly better To day the ir.^ket wai much depress, rd, and i4ts funds declined considerably, CoojoIs for iho ^,.^a"'0Cl0,U W M# * * T lf'- Md r? money a4 since*tha'?9to !a?tant T!" 't0M ** aactu4Uo:* lB ssr?S r- TT 2' ^ si Sv a, s? Thnwday J4 MS #41^ 94" w;? rriday ? n aa . w ? 03 > a K4H?34?:ii resign ircnriyes bavs jms influenced by tho sam* deprsssisj causes as roaooia. aad ail inscription , isira ccjaJly Turkish scrip, have decline! la valne, other "J* **rket bas beo^ without feaVare _t~V*'IJf?*5juway :"hare siarke' wmch in ths early pe*t of the weak was isll aad droosag, railtsd y ester day saihe resolntlon or the Bank directors bscsmlae PHM S.4M Is some -^useee there was an iwprovemsnt X per cent avsr tbe prev.oss qsotaunn* while otbsft met with a lejs imporUnt sdvancs lbs imnrova -sast was to so mi (stent maiaiained liy purchases ta close aoroests. H am#UBl ?'lil< llrmwn hy vhe Kaat I ad la (omnaar tnamii' LITtol'Vr!!"1*"*"'' ir?" lh' lfllh U>* H"Hk IT ? **"*-"**>? "?"rat 14 0 Ji. 0>id. per On't r.:pse. ?""W- 0 0 >s Id par ditto TM*1 ? ft.MM 11 # Kansas XfTatra. I Fram tbe Ht I on Is Rspu'dlcaa, Urt 4 I al nsder dale of the 21th, sends us t^s tallowing ?. ?rom t^s Mlowlng litter of fiov < ssry, yon will sea oowetkltg s4 the plan tad determination of the Kisrutira to establish order and secure pease la Kansas ? Fiarrwvs IhieArrsKjrr > . h" T., SafM ?S nsj ^ I have Just rscelvsd your IKvor of ysst?rdav i naLt tug aatie paled dlMsultles In the oonntlss of Fraaklin ajwl I.J kts*, ta this Territory, at tbe approaching eiartlos sad *? ??? po*. ^ coustles and pre vest disturbance at ths .ndTrSr^?1, J'?d,y ^ T"*r ?uggssl ons, ?od for your fmndly olf^r I have lo my tlut I fierr mMle / * i! Terrttory 'n the exsrolse of their right of snf ?Her hia thttd? been (eeued u i?r,irn *?. - - sa ssz-j: gyaa sass a,"w? M???P "?pel* <* ?^ rsd raghts of I tnwt tint von and all other soed men m*A aid me '? this matter, wWh I have .o m,A at heart "* * f>ne hundred aad ten of ths aboitttoTTUek.'k^M^ . roner. at Hlckoiy Point, have been trtedaadoemm 1 fbr rnrlher trial. IWr mnrdf 'a tho first dsgres. wb ch. v ,, know, is not s ha!lsM? ofleoce The pr*i.misery <av*>> . gstion goes on f ery stsge aad cosvetane# istoths Territory igreo, i S1 w;lh ???t',er? rrtnrn'itf ts iseir rl? rn> ir'.s< ? ? tbev wet. d. T.-, ?? i . - *