Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1856 Page 7
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<mT!*KlfOT8 ftflVKWKB IfBST BAY. IttliPlPMTOflLjIAliB. HARK CHANGE?WANTED, AOENM TO HKLIj Hrr*ller JnuUhsa t paumted furniture i.artsh la every u? in U>? UmUii Suu? None genuine wl bi>ut John U ?yn oc the label t'aJi at Uxt pru>elp?l oilice. M Broad >T8 AND GIRLS WaNTED-FOR BOTTLING AMD Ubtlling. Afply at No 7 Bridge >Y WAWTED-IN A PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE; ONE Who out write ? ra>l bund. Apply la Dr. Hawkmaoo, feat 13U. sL _____ >Y WANTED ?APPLY AT NO. 1S3 CANAL STREET. One who resides with Li* parent* preferred. )Y WANTED?IN AN OYSTER SALOON. TO OPEN oysters; one that ;an come well recommended. Call at 0 2d avenue, for two day*. >Y WANTED-1N A LAWYER'S OFFICE; ONE WHO writes a g?odb*iidan1 resides In the oppcr part ef the Apply to F. Tillovi, No 1 Naeaan Bt, third story. ERR WANTED IN A BOOKSTORE-WANTED, A -?una man acquainted with the book bueine**, aa veoeral and salesman. Addreaa Bookseller, box 3,809 Post e, N. Y. 1PLOYMENT.?A PERMANENT SITUATION AND good wngr* may be bad by a rompetunl nun, aa deliverer ilj to Martin Johnaon A Co.. No 37 Beekman street, N. Y 50D FURRIER WANTED-APPLY AT NO. 123 Bowery. ERCHA NTS REQUIRING THE SERVICK3 OF BOOK kecper/<, clerks ??., with tirst clan* reference*, eu be plied. None but mercantile dorks registered in my eflioe must have rood refereneea. Youojr men iovtwd to regie GEORGE A. 11ATION, 510 Broadway. LESMEN WANTED?IN THE DRESS GOODS DE l>ftrliD<-nt Kitnatiun* permanent Applv from 8 to 10 f'k A. M. or 6 P M.. to a. Jakobi k Co., 767 Broadway, l, a caub boy wanted. LEHMAN WANTED-SEVTTO *L FIRST CLASS SALES men wanted, for 'lie retail dry g?oda business Nook but petent band* need apply Apply to B. Davis, 432 3d ave corner 32d st A fo, a boy wanted. 1E?MAN WANTED?ONE WHO Wn.L MAKE HIM self generally useful in t musical instrument r?r?; <vn? can play the accordeon preferred. Address A. J. P., box Post otijre. LFFMAN.?A DRY GOOD JOBBING HOUSE. DOINil a I urge flouthe. a trade, *i?hes to engage one or two nnen who have an extenmve aoqatinUne.e UiGenrcii, nessee, Ala>>axra and North an<i Ninth Carol na All cxn nlc titans will be strictly confidential. Address box No. B, with name and addiees. IIRT CUTTKK WANTED?.UeaO. AN EXPERIENCED female, to examine ibirta, Ao. Apply to J to. Daria A Son, R aircd st, up stairs r*%NTKD?A YOUTH THAT UNDERSTANDS FRAME "?ml mg. Apply at 297 Bowery, first flocr. FARTED?A SHIRT" CUTTER, A MAN OF LONG experience, and one who ia folly competent to Uke the Irs charge of a custom shirt department, and give perfect ??faction; such a one can secure tha taestof situ* ion*. A4 ss B. atd K., New York Poatofltae. RANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A MAN. TO RUN AN CP and down nw, Inquire at the planing mill, corner af n street and Kent avenue. Brooklyn. 7 ANTED, W ANTED?COOPERS, CARPENTERS, ' blacksmiths, landmen, cocks end stewards ler shert I Vso* vovig' H in m-; chant, navy and whaling ahps; $79 4vanced. Only ofllce of the Company. 97 West at., corner Cedar, tip stairs, opposite pier 14 North river. 7ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A MAN OF GOOD CHAE ' acter. aa sale* man and collector in a liquor jobbing it*. One who can gi>a good security aa to honesty. Ad as Merchant, Herald efflce. TANTED-AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT MAN, AS I agent. Apply at 28 Broaiiway, rooms 10 and 11, this i, between 2 Aid 4 P. M. rANTED?4 GERMAN PORTER. ONE WHO CAW come well recommended may apply ** 41 Maid*** 'lane, ?t*irs. 7ANTKD?A YOUNO MAN, FROM 16 TO IS, TO WAIT ' on table and oren oyster*, find make tumaeil' ^tincrally iful stesdy eciployment the year round A y>Oiig snan irg giKxl reeoaim-'ndaUocs n.ay apply to llenry BUckuian f ., So. 9 Cavhcrine siip. 7ANTED-A LAD. TO ATTEND AN OFFICE, AND ' make himself generally useful. None need apply but l who t? a good scliol?r, and can come well icommended, at M JtHrs'in st., corner of South. /?ANTED-A YOUNO MAN, OF GOOD |HUSINEfl* ' habits, tj t'.*el Mouth and We-t Best references re rtd Lnjulre a Edward Block A Co.'s, 46 Betver st. 7ANTED. IMMEDIATELY?A PMiRT, ACTIVr? BOY. ' t*xU 1< jears of ape ?<> g , .-rraniis. App'y at No. 39'? neitn st, near chrystle. 7 AN1ED?A BOY. ABOUT 15 YEARS OI.D. IN THE " drug bus i.e#M A?.(lyatihe Rn'gers'pharia?cy, cor r Clinton and nivisiou sta. 7ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, FROM 15 TO 17 YEARS f ?f sge; >?? a us* write an eiooll nt hsn.i. '-e .ruck and irs't at ii(.ure?, and rtai-le with his pareu's Re'er?'nces iiiireit. Apuly, War 4 o'clock P. M. enly, to Albert H. ??> ay, No 4 breads!. wanted-a rojrvrrxrr salesman in a f-rni ' tu'c flora. wat,"*" t9 per w<>t.k; 2 porter* for ?: >ri a, 2 rte Jetorla ctore. ) 'rfr.n I b*?g?-?n' in. 2 vi^hraen, I keeper, 1 fti mud***, I li.i:i??kccper, 2 boye lor trade*, fly to tllLLXN A CO., No. (5 Kaa' Hruarlway. TANTKB-A Krr*DY. SOBER TOCXO MAN. TO ' <t>?o oy?tsr? ji.J an waiter, Id ? uttoou. Aril* at 1K7 ftv , hn*frnt* i kn I lij-? o'clock. None w..l be *viu fere ihe lime ruimeii. TATISr-YOVSl} HKS WISIIINO TO no TO SKA, for whaling \ ?<1\men ?id ii'ju!; firi ?b<"!. p?. aeoooer. tfcrnrnler etui bla-kftm!<H. Apply to HxudUl '.<bet :i, 1S1 South st, corner Peek slip. WANTED-A C.OOD colored WOKt N, TO DO TUB I encMe*. w??i>in? ?n 1 .rntvnr of ? ?m*li '?ml!y of t?i -?< ti?. ?l?e mii/t :i<- Uttf u. i trustworthy. Apply Irnme ,U-J k- f1 Thompson ?t j ANTED?A SMART WAITER, TOR A SALOON, f Apply at 110 Outre St.. Jtia <\\j. 7A1TERS WANTRD-TWO OR THREE OOOD WAIT " f-? wiuUJ, at Taylor's Ml Al l. :*? ilro>u]<ray. ?A?HFD-A]? EXPERIENCED SRIRT tCTTER, IN ? a wNll?l< w<>lftll>?t; "M who m WW* Wl : r>' ?nir.*i>.j? J; r.o others u< ed apply. fu | U..J da> ?i lu8 Uitam ?t , 'ip I'm. TAVTKPwA BARKEEPER. OREWHOOAN LOAN * hi* employer tWO, on jx?J w irlty. ?U *et .> ea'ar* of 41 at. I htaid N K -Mint ! - cipable of taking iu f75 per *. Cell ou rn!t k Co., II Pine *' , basement TaNTID-AN INTEU,TO*NT BOY. WHO HAS 11 AO T ?ime ?ip<ri< In i '.utnf 'in airVotypes o? Jagierie if Injure *; Pradj 's a'Slicry, V>J Broadway, (run r I. M. ? NTKD-AN ERRAND HOY, AT WHTTK'S HAT Wo- e, Hu Fulton ? /"ANTIED-A OOOD HM.ESM\N, IN TUB RETAIL ' dry soo4? Inquire of J, R. Hamiilcr*, VI are ?, enrntr of loth nt. rAITIN(f.MAir<* COOKS. CHAMHf'RM A TPS OCIL ' 'In n ? BiM'i. ? ??mti?-<?* l*ni?dr?Mo?. and *irl? fir ??r*J ken?e?"rlt, a- ) warifd Im-nodi^rly for "r?t rale ???Jk>o? ^!tr and eouirrr. AUki. m?n aiid boye wanted. Ap at M With ave.iue. cr 145 ltuwery. O. M \?>?N. AOK.NT- WANTED-LIAf! TANKKrH rRKFERRRD I bare |ut teven niiw trtnlljM, wblrh are clearing frocn > to |Mi i' r wt?k Piom V to ta> rapidtl i<"|Ulr ed. m< rtek. ill bct? >eii v ami U A M. or 1 ao 1 4 P. M., ?: 'C.K Br iad ?y. NWlt THE TRADER. ' \W ATOJiiAKER WAHT4 A ?rn:ATI?>N. IN - A L Fo.irh. rti place: be la a fir at ra'e woreman. anl fnrn?h wtth nil hi? ?ei-?-e?ar? toaie- la a ?in ;l- mt'i uud nn *!*? ?r-t relerewe, eoti.d pr-f?r a h^alfhr piece. AJ Ireae alebmaker, box IV, IV?t ell re, AUaota, Oa. \YKR WANTED - A OOTID JOU PTKR WIl.t 1'E\R ' of * u ? rabl? ?!nfttt'Ki hr ralm| on W flk?'k;atlr, Wm Partr ,je A Son t T, ? .J! ?t., between the boa 4 uf 11 44o'cleA. ioi:< n-.Na-taitiii liiMEniatbi.t. a otod t trt-xjcrend Katek'V, by Jobo Fuiey. MMofairturar, ItfS ?ftaway. ithoor?PHI<' ER1NTERS -TWO ORTHRKKOOOD t ktndam?r And eteady empi<iyiDent?t IS Pultoa au Ap j u O W 1-gwla ATINFT print WORKP, no. W ORRRVWD'H ST.? i Ptatoher and bach tender wasted. Apply ?t the w>ti. N) JOrRNBTHPN PRINTER*-WAWTWD. an BX p#rlenr?d power pree?roan, q'lajui^d to nin ryUndnr d *d ir? ? ree??? ai d Uke fall ? harfe of a nrenroim. |? ft fernrtfte oe ft dftlly niorala* p?r>er. mnit be a (food e?>f rru'er *nd fully eompctenL <?o?'l refer* .oe? required. p? rrn?n<">i D*at.??mmt mar he bad la o?w? of the pl?a4ar* I viwne ia New Khfland. Apply to S. M. I'eUenftll, 11V teeen el. ?O NERCH A nt TAII.OR* ANO CIX?thlbrt! - V rlfiat n wanted a Orel rale cn?v>ti nitter; ean *i?e ?t rale ref-rrneee, and Inflnenee* ooralderable lre.le. woekl ;?a ?ituaUen ft* f ren.fta In a 4r1?oieea!e eJilbui* ?tore. Ml d |0 Po'ltk. Aildi-e?e M. J. C., bot I?. Herald offlre ?o TAitom ?wanted, a rf rrri. tub rb?t in ?he I'n '<?' t,.a*ee. nrtmt" 4r"'? l*araonei;y, on or be e <?rt II, to tie?|rP f o?, lai?.?-, Ac., 47 Amliy amrt, ar Rioadaay^ __________________ TANTED IMMEDlATRtT-ON* FIRST RATE fTBRL r #rrli?B maker. Inquire at the oSc* Plermoat ebop, noon*. K T. 7 ANIBD?A FFW F.KST R*TR sn.rB?3MITn? 1 RAl.Dn-IS A OO , Newerk, ?? < TA'dKO?^ FIRST R\TR HM.MNER. APPLT, ' with refcreucre. ?' SU ll ideoe ?.ree?. TATf HM^KFR1? WAXTEO-THRVB F!R.?T Ot,A-" I t> wl, .m g"?d Wft?^ Will be *t?an, none Int . ? who ' n ?'?n I nil kiln* ef wwoh?e ftjinlr. Aj ply ? ',11 i't ? n?rj itri-t, Jersey llty, tltlrd bioek frotn th4 ry, ieft eUie. JATrilM \KEH" WANTED TO ?JO A SHORT DM ? farceIr th< e.m.itry. Jrp'T?? 21? Ol'?al ?tr?e?, ia the Hfix-nt. r AN7 KD ?N KXPKRi i'.NCKn TALI/OW MR1.TKR, \ '?U-h it f ? lotm?-m m '?e ob'ttael Oatl on .lam?e ?n.i'T. 'ih ?t b?<eeer ?tb nai l%h arst'i^a. f ATt 1 R"> :?ytDTATBl.T-THRBB FIR-rr 0JA"?'t } f.lif'i a mi :e K'od rrepe'ar. to ?n< h prrm?aej' a- I ? ?>.lw :?"i ? i Se | cr., roaa ivbem owl ply. ' . K. tttTcrt, V24 Broad-cay rf4rTHiTo, <bc f4! ? T-VF.V'H I'T ' V ^.U'* 1 'C wn? i - :?m 'ui: .? -w i ? ei < ?w?n. In f''i. '' ' >'?? rr,-a?. I'ntr-f . ?{f erf ?5??er'p?iTi. AdiJreee tr tmll ra J tMfi9 K ROM-iY, >'t P?arl tlrret. ftnimnwr,fTT 01 ^ w?t' >-*v /U.UU" letfeaf"' I' I iW. io II to ? t?l erlee r?" inr im e ?o d?. iaplyatO ll't f ? nr ' r| ' llft^tiift te, 1 ' .J B:-. w! ? iy ar.j 0 Deal* ay. AOKA ONLY :? ASKED FOR A WELL EHfiB ?0?J" tlsbed real estate and gen> ?al brokT-ige ?>u?lreM, yielding $40 io WO per week profit flu riropr.ctor be'ig obliged lo leave Uus city. Apply at 2H9 Broadw ?v, ro^m M. CnOMWELL * OO. jPQ f)d\ ?TUB ADVERTISER WIS'IK ' TO INVIWT ijOvU . t**? above tarn In any respectable Imsl ,e?s where the returns will b? remunerative. Address C. W., box IH Herald oflJ'e. (unn WILL PURCHASE OWE OK TUB I. UIGE5T *POvU and most successful dagr.ertcan italieriei in Ne-v York. Thm amount is ?ar be'ow iu> tr ie vel'jr, but 'he oh o?r, being obliged to spend t-e loniu.g winter u> t>>e #u*l. pre, Itrt) to >ell, even at a sacruwe Address A. II., Ilurald office. ajnn -A HAT A"D OAF KTOKB, IB OWB OF .tUv. the meat business thoroughfares In the city, ? bllsbed I wenty One years, In olfered at a great bargain, on account of M heaim. Apvly to BOWKti A CO., 64 Nassau ?beat ?FOR LALE, A COAL YARD, W1HI POUR ? yeara' leuae, most demrabiy losated, and all $1 500 necessary tixlnrte, Belling rlaing of 6 001) tnna per yev. To be sold low. Apply to HOWES A CO., m Naaaau atreet. ?1 Qnn will buy one or tub best dining W.OUW saloons In this city, looted opposite on* of the principal market*, and doing a basnet of over tdU) per week. Tr> a person wanting BUDh a business tha M a rare chance SNKI may remain on bond aud mortgage. Address 8. M. 0., Broadway Poet office. *i) Ann -'<>? BALK. OKB OF THE BEST V^.Ul>U< hosiery and fcney goods a tor en In the city, location excellent, doing a good trade; an object to a person desiring a good buaineaa. Apply to BOWES k CO., 2M Naa aau strcsL <fcO Knn -FOB SALE, A UOU.SE AND LOT IN Brooklyn, weU.calcnlaled for a bakery, well rented, very rooveulentlv arranged and will elijse it up - heap on liberal terms. Apply to HOWEd A CO , No. M Nas aau street. <t?? -PAPER HANtJINO AND WINDOW VaIiI'vJvi shade business for sale ?Stock, lixtures, lease, Ac., of ar r>ld aid well eaMbllthcd at u d, in the Bowery, doing a go-.*) trade, will be aol'l immediately. For terms. Ac., spply to ?: O. THOMl'BON, M Nassau street. AtJ onn ?FOR RALE, ONK OP THE MOST DI&MRA $O.OUU. ble locations on Long Islsn I hir a country ro sldcnce. Buildings, eunsis'ing of a dwelling house, barn, fin-try, carriage bou?e, Ac., axe nearly new. 1 here is about 40 acres of land five of wh:ch constat* of a tine growth cVst nut, hickory, Ac.; &WI young peach trees, jn?t coming Into bearing; besidtsa choice oolleetioi. of cherry and apple trees, all joung and thrifty. The location U unsurpassed, command ing an exttrsivo prospect of Long Island sound, the harbor and the opitsl'e shores of Connecticut; remarkably healthy and easy oracc< r? being about a rr.i'i: from the steam >*>at land ing. three hows' sail from New York by st?imer (inorgft Law daily ?t 3 P. M., and Island Hello TueHdays, Iburadays aud Saturdays at 11 A. M. $2,000 of the pnieluse inoiifymty re main nn bond unci n>or<gage For further o-triicului'i lixjtaire ?f the s Jbacriber on thenremiaea W. NUNNS. Northport. lipng lai-md. (?A Tinn T0 *13??-? PA?.T1E8 HAVING Bl'fU iP^r.UV/U nesa, mfrehandme or property to diapivte of on 2 or 3 j cars time, wltb notes as collateral, securod ui an > t'?-r wnl please addrt-aa It W., Ileraiil If A PLIin -*OR BAI.E. a BAKERY, ?ONFEO PTiiJUU. tluaery and ladiea'saloon; superio-stand; buslm-rs made; all in complete order; >3,1(0 per year net prof!'*. Ihe party going Into a larger buaiueaa. Apply to HOWE8 A CO., M Nasaaa street. nfin ?FOR SALE. AN OLD AND WELL ES Vt'.Uvv. tablisbed cloitatr.g store, on one of th^ bent leadiug avenues in the city or would take a partner with from (-<*> to $3 000 in ready cash. Apply immediate..y to C. U. TKOMPSOW, X5 Nassau stre-et. 'CAVEN POINT. BITDATED ON TIIE JliU.UUU. New York bay, Jersey shore, opi>o?ite Uie B.itlerr. I't mltea from Jersey I ity, commanding aapiemlid view of the Narrows, New York city, Ac. is to bs sold im'oe d.ate'.y, as the owner Intends golnK to Kurope. Fur building privsie rendencea. factories, being easy ot'actMss by water or lirnd, It stands utiequalled, msslot tho ground being very high. 1 Hie Indisputable. For foil paru ulara itujuirs of ilE.VK Y A. Mt)TT, l-.h.i ,76 JTaaaa Street, Win. II. JelhlT. Ka| , No. 5 Uot>l|ciiiery street. Ier?eyt/ity. There w now a Tine pier an tfce pr> mixes, tvo dwellicg bcusea, and a large brick and slor.c fact iry. ACCCNTRY 6FAT for SALE, AT BR1NXVILLE. Westchester county, N. Y., containirg ten leresof land, witli a Irst c!s-s house and outbouses, stock, te , all In gooa r?o>ur. 1 be place is half a mils from the railro id s'ati n. flty prcp?.tj taken In exchange lerms essv. Inquire oi KM. A DKWIlt, No. 3 Warren street, or on ibe premises AWBOLKSALE AND RETAIL LlQl'OK HTORr., Situated ou one of the beat corners in thin city for b ^sl ness. Ibe l>ase and tix'.ures will be S'?d ebetp. Would be a good tian.l lor gioceties. Inquire at 2u0 Canal iu, corner cf tireerwi h Bakery for pale-with a ten ykars- levsr, doing twenty fo barrels per week, and in < n.' < i the best purii.csoa avenues lr. Lrooklrn. Apply to CiTLlN A LUCKKR, i* Fulton street, Brooklyn. BEAlfTlFUL country 8EaT-TO EXCIIANOF FDR city or lirookljn property, situated a! Tarrvtown ou the Badson rl\?r, live acres, with a new br>ck boawi with all the modern .ai| rovemenla. gardener s eottage. Ire. carriage, mlik snd waah bouses; well sladd and lrutv>l. with heautirul and extens<\e river slews, and very near the depot, three-ij iartcrs af an tc-r from Thirtv first street. A. .1. Ul.KK<-KKB A ro.. No. 7 Broad street. BriLDKRR TAKE NOTICB.-LOTS IN NEW YORK rnd Brooklyn for saia, wl bor with out loana; grLc and saw mil!, and splendid farm, well Unproved and c?syof ac c? ?a. tir aale. Wanusd t j pureh-ae, a farm, worth $l,tM0, ad JSC*111 to the city. For fnrthe.r paruculars aoply to B. m: aCK KI.TCN. No. 7 Be-kman street, anJer Nassau Rank. DRC<1 ?T0RK FOR 8AI.??SITU ATF.D IN A Fl-OI'R Fb.'sg town, nf li tOi Inliabt'.mts, thirty miles from New York, dolr: a good buaiaesa. Terms < asy. Reasons for sell It g, 111 health of the proprietor Apply immeoiateiy lo C. B. lug. 1'iuggist corner of ilrnadway and John slreet. DRUO STORK for BALE-WELL STOCKED AND nicely furniahed, and a god run of trade Termaeaay ai.d ar< nruinodaliiig loii'itre of Dr J. II. IIKSRY, Clinton ?vcnu>'. near 'JMe?. Brook to, ?!t?r 2 1*. M. daily. Feed store for bale-with tub stock and fUturea, borne, wagor -ait hit mai, andeverything nu p!eta lor ciuTying on Of bualneaa; altuated on out* of the greater: Uk.rouKhi?re* 'r tlci'r. dcmr a buainea* from four to -.1 hundred doiiara a ae- k. A.lJraaa B. C. D., Beraid oflli e. F'OR SALE?DESIRABLE L0T9, 0* BROADWAT AND Million exrie. inu'!) l?]ow their market ??!ue; two h>.ip? r im* r ; I'la, linwfn Thirty -ii<nb and F'lileth atreeta All \y to OaBBNEK MtUTUKRh, 780 Braad ??r trio* half-ovb of rnit BS?r locations injur r eey City for agiocery . i.d liquor ?t?re, It would maku a J>t rale (tend for a O ens an h >te'*n<l ht*r bleraaioun. it -at., without any doubt, be rented u> nay IS per ??'at on the eo?t. T mo iLj da of the ( urrba?w ?> n.e> cvi ratnatn on N od >o Mrtjraga. TL- r<"?:"-aee ara tft-iated on the northweal ?rner of R*i:ro*d avenue and Proepect *reet. For further ;?tUr'.lan i.-juire oi J.'J UcLAOtiBLlN, oorner of Orora a..a York I'-reeta, J?r??y IVf. tfOR SALE-TWO NEW KLEO A NT BROWN BTONt C bcwi, Not JBar.131 Eaa: Tlu/-t*-Oral au art, near M*D ?or, '>ree ttorlae, at<?p. bk-.-mei.t ttider cellar WO m? 1e>m l-n^roTemrota each J1 'eel ?> Iccbea by 90 fret, ?u f !r? JoiLndfrr: flrrt ua neighborhood Ooa tM)i M?.d ltd ><i rt|i(<i miajt i: .lWk, atreei. ijoa Ij. Fbh.r saLF-A paprr nanqino mantfvotort. it. a i e.gM r.rtg c i.e. embracing all occca? ?f jr fur the bu ?ln> m lit w i .mti.t g wu p. u.bnc m.ich;n',?, eugtac, Ac , Ac. * I ; ty ?t 4S< PtMl PfMfc F'OK Ha lit?A DKKIRA?\.E FARM. CONTAINING I about 17t)*cie?, In 'lie ?.iutlieru part.irt ll'itelieaa oouaty; ? ? ?re ("r a rr?i; I ?! ra'tn?ror a gentleman wlahwgto i ?* re fr im the rjty Avufrat I'C Hrnu twnr fr'<mllUjl2 o'llO' 'X, <?r ul V3 h.jt Twunly ??.TfTilh alrett,. u I'RTKK A. II ,JA<:hk <iS. Fm on Mir- \ *ir?t a aw? ob<v"kry ntork, do |B(aflM%u?it'?? rhea| a |00d rm of OrM ?'!*?? cu>m?I? wt be *olJ cheap. No a('?ta need ap) .y Ai.dieaall. A. !?.. Her?d n^ca. fff.R fATE-A ri*?.T fx*"" HIOIIY AVD r b*?eni' it bri -k dweiliif to iKdlrilM, Ne* .Inrwr. 4ti r?>( Kiuare. fi'BUr* ?n il?e I'm.- ri'er. :<?'Frier low, teiBm.??y. Mr R AKKN A Till MM I'LL. I<aaameu. n* i,re ;*2 W mif g?a> er ?treev (TtOR ?A1.K?A COOKING ASD 1-acnm5y RANOE r eH?lill?bmet>t of ling nuui4inf. ao<l now d' tng a k?o4 bui.MH. afa ranira palterna. two launlry, <m? healer. Ac. For f'.riier tsiormaHao adureas A. II., bui Ml lle-ald ofll-e VOR SAI.B?A FIRST CLaW OROTKRT. BITT ATRD r i n ?tree<. on or?e of tie be* corner* m the Ninth word, to a *?h cU.w' tt will be eolil low If applied tor k oc.-m? ike nropr>t?ra arc fdnf Into 'ha wbohaal* b udneaa A'Kioea J W , BeraM often. rwR rai.f-a wFi.r. fsfabli^iird 0R'>tkrt and r l'qnor wore, no better plaee. wltera 1.10 famlUe* re*kW iKxrr a coed >-aeh b???ne??, wltk eerr low rant, w >rtli lnoklaf at'?r. the nwrer would not tail o?lt ne kaa anothar ?ui-e: wly he ".id f r Muo. food at>Mk. Apply la ht More, uA I^auraaa * . directly. FCR HAI.R ?A BARE rHAN' R. ONE OF TUN OLD | e?- II. i I <???>... 1 1 a . . rv* I ' T ? ?? In Hroak ite. fthe aew?papera ak ie pay the rent.) wJt he a 'Id eh?ip Inqntre at lh? "Una, j met km of Fulton and Main etree*a. Brook jn. F'OR FAIE-'TO. K F:XTT RF? AND FrRNITTBF. wi'li a leaaa t i run four I'lri fiom May new r?f a hr?el. aet: . tied aiO Jn'n ? |ood bu?in**a Alan, a bar, wHh ?? ? ea. In i.._ii. a*. 28U Broalway, r<'im Ne. 9. H. B flOPAM. VOH * \U. -ON* f?? WHRFIJf.R A WILSON'S MIDH'M r aire . ?KW,?g mei tlua*. a.muet new. and In ?OJl order Ike gieater part of (he asmirt wtn be lak<-n In eaepe lnc and dry ?.?ode. It dealral. tddraaa, by letter. Hew,of Bacnlne Uerald off.a-', for three (lay*. fu OK ?ALB?A MIM.INKRT AX3 CO Be FT ?TnllK IN | owe Of the beat '.maineaa ?tr#ai? '? Rrnok'rn, now dolrur a inxl hiialneaa, will be nold with o/ wltho-H .t >ak, ?< ? bnr ?aia. For partkulara ia-julra at th?Mor? 1*1 F ultoa atreat, Brtafclya. ymm >R HALS?A KPLESDID C.R0CRRT, DOtNO A , , .1 U'W ejrl- e,\ f -r ? aeh A ? ? ? - .r? le -- tl the ahole houae. at a low rent A to?! ?ala*>?le atock, ? o ne. ?>?! ?, Ac. For further particular* a I lraaa O W., ? raid oILce. VOR SALE?A FT NTT CLASS AND HfOIILT PROFI | JP able Ilrery aUlile eaUbUalaient. well atockei with gno^ hrraea, ooaehea.l ifht wanma. Ac . one.' the beat <*-.y itanda, and! n ?B eiee'lev nel*h'.orfoo.| or htialnea*, le?va for yaara. and a en??om of many yaar* ?t- ndln* AppL ot. the preiolic*, coracr af SecotKl avooue and Firth Krecv. l/OR SAL1?IRVtRAL FIR?T CT.ABS ItOOnW, WTTH f all U>e modern Impro'eraenw, oa Murray mil; al?o. arve ral weet ol Hlith areuu >, la itood (.?aUous; alao, a fhrm o' S? trrea at BaaWtheater. aeren mllaa from lUrlom bridv*. aleo a lai ai of 300 aerea at fttratford. Con? . on ^he Sound I oflter " ? "?*"?"" jrvatawvsWiaw hm on PAI.E-Til* Tlimw RTORT AKD HMH BASE ment brick hjuae No * Weal Twen'y eerenthatreet. h a I', the modern IrarroTWBenta, and la to perfect order. For r ma iB'|tilre of SAMCItL FDDT, No. I Haaorer atieet T, or PALE-n OROOB OF COMMON ANR DRAWI ? 1 ? pad re-<etla for aa>. rery ' he.ip, at Si Rurl ng ? lt FHOR RALF^-THR EOtTNE AND NT ABLE, NO m PIKE | meet houae tiro atcry, and at'lc. front, and three at irtea ?n rear, -i<b a tao at<-r? ?nj haeemen* ettonaion. <"?nt >n Wi'er, hath r <w, iv-d *aa fiee<i?hr.nt. h u?e 7ft hy *4 'eet (iatt.Vit iilfe*!, atab % III t * icet, with alley l>> Hearr ??. : r?eh p _ ?|<.,R e.'f ,WAWi?mTO fTB'"nA*?. A MODE I* f f , ?. we?t tf itr *l?'.;.?"U <? Tw<*nt,e-.h atreet, a >o ?et w. r' o' ? gh-!i eyenaa. Fr*W t-m HfMlteKt'WV "a h to be p ud ti.JW : fl,0W. AppI/ '? a, w. RIC8AEIM $1 itt?n?7> _ TOR SALE. FOR KALE-TES EXCLUSIVE RIGHT AND TITLE OF ?nuking, oonatrurUug. wo*. and vending the doutil-j at ting DDBWliion uc'f/ Caleb H. WL'llatM' pCcnt, for -'is cllj and county of Ne-v York km1 Kings county of uH Sute; atd the count if a of Bmiroa, P?wie aod Essex, in Uii Mete or New Jersey. Alio, two new 40 liorse jtower atMM Mgiivw. for sale. Anp'v to WM. CHALMERS, 36 Wall street, utbce Mo. 27, re?jr buuding. tj'ork VLE?THE MAGNIFICENT STATIONARY STEAM X engine, known its the Southern Belle This emcee it <J a most perfect and beautiful mtchine over built utcm tin * oou tlnebt. It is entirely new. ami received the highest prssalum at tlie World'* Fair It was bought by the subscrili-rs tor tlielr own use, at a very bigb price, and is now ottered for **le solely because found too sma'J for their works; ctp vitv. 3ft horse. Will be (old at a bargain. Inquire of OROVER 4 ha K EH ftewli g Machine Company, 4t? Broadway. FOR HALE? A ?MaLL DRINKINO SALOON, WITH oys'er bur attached. None bat a cash cuatouser need apply. Inquire at 117 John street Ipo? haLE-ON TWENTY THIRD STREET, WE-ir O"* 1 hlxih avenue a Ifc'ge, superior English basemcut bouse, four *lories, nearly twenty six feet front, with all the tno<lern improvements, and tin?ly tiuixhed. W11I be sold less tluo cist. E B. K INrUfMKR, 319 Kourth avenue. F>OR SALE CHEAT?A KUIX MILITARY UNIFORM, almost new, belonging. o a sUffoOiccr, lata of the 11th regiment N. V. 8. M. Apfly a. No.i l>ty street, op dt. For sale < heap?two plain cylivdkr ?oil ?c, 30 feet long aad 30 inches in llarteiar, kt good order, Inquire of BAKRI80N & GILLOON, 70 god /2 rik* atrvet. FOR HAl.E OR EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL FAR*. A two story and half frame htiuseand lot, kr> ,w 273 We?t Forty sixth st. between Ninth and tenth avenue*. Ap ply to C. SAVAQE, 168 William street, or on the premises. For sale or to let?in the upper part ok Brooklyn a genteel bouse, with live lota of ground cjach house and stable. Location respectable, and is in a very healthy aelglborhood. Terms ea?>. Address box 1,6.-9 New York Pott ofEce. HOUSES ON MURRAT HILL, NEAR FIFTH ATEWTT*. ?J uirt finished, and for sale. Nee. 42 and U> Went thirty sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. They are flrsl clues houaea, with browu stone fronts, and built it 2ie very best manner throughout. Will be mild at a reasonable arte*, and on *ccou>modaUng terma. A person la on the pre cnu-ea to show them, at any time, and to Inform aa to prtoe. ferine. io. House and two lots for sale. nch. hi and 146 Dufheld aureet, near Wiilon^hoy, Brooklyn. A three elcry briek bo'iee. built in the best manner, with in>1?-n ioiproven;en'.a, atter ill* Philadelphia style, with two *t/ir* kilchtn and tea room In rear The h mse b?e been recently painted throughout and put in complete order. The g inleu is stocked with ihe aholceat graf ed fruit trees and ijrapevloes. 1 bl* pronertr Mill be (old tiixn enay terma. Aup.'y to H. E. KMCIIUM, C4 and 66 Jonu street, corner William, N. Y. HOPBE FOR f AIJ-THREE BTORT, BASEMENT AND anb cellar; b ick bonre. No. K8 Twelfth street, be tween Fifih ard Sutb avenues; lot BulM; waUs and aroort work newiy papered and patated throngbout; range, bath bet and cold water, wa*h tuba, gas fixtures, Ac , tti eomplek arder. Pr.oe Inquire of S. P. DMLL, 62 John ahreat IOWA LANDS FOR SALE.-WE OFFER FOR SALK several choice ttercele of well located prairte and timhei lands, within short distances of railroads and in a ?euled country. 4?RKEN A SB^VKLL, Packers, No 39 Wall street. LOOl'PT TREES FOR SALE ?FIFTY SIX SUPERIOR black locust trees, for sale at PordbaTi, Westchester *suii> ty. For particulars apply to Mr. McMCLLAN, t? Cctar street. New York. PORTER I10CSB FOR SALE ?AN OLD ESTABLISHED porter bi-uae, of long k'Jiudlng, nc*'doing a go.,.1 tua. "?se, is eflered for sale; located near the, t'na nbers street stv 'ion of the Hudson River railroad. Rfntlov. Fixtures aiJ stock for sale cbeap, s'r lie owner Is going to leave the city. Apply Uj A. COLOMBO haRD, 306 Oiecnwicb street PATENT RIGHT FOR iALE?OF A NEWI.Y IMPROV ed pru ting press; is demonstrate 1 to he a vain il l ic vention aid pronounced *? by compe^ot judges, tan b ?een by *<!ilfS 'iiig l're*s, box 104 Herald olli '.e. POPT OFFICE BOX FOR SALE.?ADDRhSl 8. A Wilson, box ?o:W Post ofil'-e. Rare chance? any person ha vino jtvow or t(j cw can i roLiAblv invest lu a >iajle manure ivrii.g busiiie^s by uddresamg Hardware, Herald office. Sash and door machinery for svi.k ?')nk of Fay's l?ti st Improved tath st'cklng, moulding, plaining at d <enonli g n.K< (nn>a 1 new, and 26 per cent uc>ow C'?'.. App > to WM. chl lid, IM East Twenty eighth -trect, tie. Iclid avenue. 110 VXCHANCE?FOR PROPERTY IN TtiH CITY OR vicinity, SI,ISO la line jew airy and -1111110111 a-ork, 7t*) is peek ties stocks and Irdlv rubber good*. I IW) acres Tesaa utd Teanessee lanU. snd a bona for $t>,"s7 in wholo or part. Address H , box 111. Heratdeflice. TO printers ?for SALE, A ,TOB PRINTING OF bee, will be sold cheai, if applied for thladay. ln<|X.e on the premises, lei Fultjn aireet, BrooL)>o TO TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKERS.?THE STOCK, tenia, and fixture* lor sale, and b'ltkttag to lea<e. of an old ai d we'l established store and tin ire este'iHakmeet. Ap ply on tli? premise*. 196Court street. Brooklyn, n, Win. Carson. TO HUROEOXI AND IIIIKR.- Or TRE MEDICAL PR> tesaicn.?Aey person who u.>s ,n oaeone of Oty,rfe V. Jsrulsfe's Impioveii appaK'tns for reducing dislocation* will confer a ;avor bj sending I s address to F. S., Herald ? Ilicc. TO confectioners.?FOR SU.E, AT A BiBCktN, the jan, too'*, i'up'ctnmta and uxtureeof a com c'iou*r> atore. t li^lblv >oca:ed in Canal street, .11 ul:s city. Ap; ly to f. W KIN i*. A Naraau street. t^ALCABLB PROPERTT ICR SALE.?A LA ROE ANI1 V substantial stave works, with VI the nereaaary nMehto* ry anu a pow erfu' engine, situated ten mllca from the lleK ware and Hudaon eanal. 10 Ulster co'inty. New York, Uirte or four tbou-and acres of timbered laud adjoining, wlil be at a bargaiu. and te, m* easy. Aoplr to ' IIA RLr s !I dki<AVAN, 119 and 121 Nirt i street, Barb.e Building*, late Blhie House, and near tfce Basun Bank. THJB aitriAHt. _ ATTEBTIOB, ?OMFABT I plal- and tootfj fiUcfn i?d r.i'int ooioaa, In every n?ie*y, at H Md w i>\Mie ??_?*?. r.pMirt Uo.fBK 4 ORAHAM Carr?d canto*. apear and t*i get* >1 way* on ha ml. owns* til'ARIH.-THE BEBIIKK3 OF THU COM pany, and all other* wuhu,? to join, tri roquaat"d to at tend a nmfnc ?' Ward k AUar'a uiite!. 474 llioartway. Inr Ur o' electing clbeer* and Important h:?ine?e, Una iWflaaaday) trrVu. t>?'oi.?r It rty or ter of JaMK> .M. I I'BXKR, (JomoMoOMii. Ji-t-rH B Burnt. Ceo e'-arr. lutM C. Cu* a, Trmurtr. MILITARY commutation -tiik time FOR R { celling miliary commatiuionii h?* bivn citea i?d IIOUI. ami kwKklMlti RnnJay, the JUUt iua).. In r>>n?? |uen.' of the preeanre an>1 taaMHty to NMm il f muinutaiiuii <aoaay will U* r?oeive.l al th>' Hf - .tt of T**e,r "Are ati<l the Kt ah . .fli<e i4i t'i mn *ir? ???? r?'tu 4 from 9 * M.MIIP M, Uf u> <nJ luelurftni. M' wUy. tJ.e M'U lr;?: . or at lti? PtrHi .ia Ar t orv. corner of Kin artl W I I'e atr? < i*. up to an<i Itic'uVi.j . *:tirday. the 1Mb ln*U, ftcm 7 >o 9 P. M , abate the Receiver ofTtxi' receipt can b? ol'U'ntil. MrnKrrn to hirk.-fmnt and pbri cssior ntuaketa. ride#, nwurUa, amita*. halt*, pirncnr aunt, . n *lgp?, gultle eoloi?, Ac., to Bfra'ar arttla, parad.'?,target ex etirnoaa. An. N B.?Oompaoie* oat of ibadly aupplM, by a^lf?)i k WM. O HTaKII, 1.1 ll?,)i,ril n'reet, Si-wjurk. The butobrb oimbdb are pakti'pi<\ri<t be <iue?ird to attaod at the llertni'age i|? i, e truer of Botut Ion apl Allen vrre'n t>n evtiiuk. the l'th in*'... u bumi.cM of in,[?miai,c" wfii bo brought belore the tn>"-ting Mr ori!er nf the i on.nvarrt\rr DAVID II. BAR^H Un irAfti* Tiavh Orderly Perganni lUTItKAJI roitPSOF IM1-AB ADTOVRVED BK*P \ In* will be he;,! 'hie Wedne*<tay) evening. M ?'j o nek nec.tely, at Ktrn'a, Fourt#eitta Ward Hotel anrnT ?t Urainl and Khtaheih alreeta. In make arranr m< nta Ur k?u<k la lb. t'oDTectinn a> Kebu) k-rvllla ou Uie 17'h IVw 'iaJ attendance Hy order Cot. If. BaVBOXP. ?Wiilm? Tatuir. Adjnfaat, Tl'vAVEU.KK?< UllUK. T Hrntow nivRB raii,road-from mat w, im* the trait.* wlli leave Vl-a-r^r* atrcct gtatio* ?' roti>iw* hiprea 6 A. M. and 6 1' K mall. ? A. * . thnnch ?a| train IS B.; emt*rani. 7 F. M .lor Fo-i?hkee|??|?. 7 A. M ami I F. B.; lor Pint Meg, ?l?*> * M and ? 44 P. M : thi* trair. irara* every Friday e^ao'nf at II P. B , foe H t twin, 9 P M Ibr Peekaklil, 4 an.l ^.Vl P. B The Poti?h*e?pa?e. Mn? ?n**fd PcekakUl train* ?op at the war ?wl?r* Paa??n ?em taken at Cbambera, Canal, '"krlitopher a?*<l rbfKy'i'* ?t>?ti?. Irrla* for Wew lurk laave troy at 4 kV, f l& an-' ?> 40 A. M , and 4 ? P. B , and Eaet A lhat r*ti? flt arc U 1ft A. B and t P.M. A-?M'Tll .-t.(eilt?^ade;,t. NRW TORE A!?P HART.F.M R AlltRO t O ?FARii Rt dueeil; onlr 91 M fr'*P be* V"rt !?) Alt>?i.f. tba la land roa*t cutbecUmr ?i h w.?tcrn and Surtl>?>a uata*. 5 40 A. B.. eijirei* traih tor Albany. altfb>>il ehin*e o? aun, r?4iaacttaf with II II A. B. Vtm ral ami ffortbart. irtiaa. f 10 A. M.. ntaU train, Mepplaf al WJllaai-hridee and *? ?bn?e. ^ BP V B atpreaa. ronnecttac with the Ceatral Railroads I1FB Rf*aralf>C, taaraa Albany? ' .Hi A. M . eipr? ?a wttiout cban*e of eara. 9 II A. B . mall train 4 39 F. B , etprrsi for Raw Tort, We Itirite all pavaenner* on h lalreaa nr pl?^'nre In take #?e Harlem railroad, wth-h. ?t>re^w?lort prnmplne** rr aatay. b ?tt.enrpMned. The Albany traina are now tRW-d uo with (?reamer1* approved brake?, which pl*-e the train* 'iali r Ik* wntroi of the en^intier, reudartac it tba aafeat road in the Colna. I icketn u> b" oMa.ned atd baaitafe MOkei at offlee a enterc i:*;irn*f?. Alt.uir, neat White and Centra, Brwrtne ?od Taetily witk ?treet?. Raw Vork. t\ B j. CABPBBMr, a?ferinlewd#?t. \JEW TORK \RP KKIR R.ttl.BOAP.-OB ARO A? i.1 tar Tl.uradaT. An^iid 7. l^dkB. aad aatll fttrib*r aoic e. ^?aei.ger traloa wlU lea'* pier foot of Duaaa atree.t, *a M Buffalo ?rpreaa. at 9 A. M fby Ft'ilTk'o. r><ir.klrk Kiprewt, *4 6 A. B , f<>r Puaktrk. Ball, at * IS A. M . t<-r linnknk and ItufWIa and In'anar . at* atat rvna. Pax*en?e^i by tfcll train wtil remain orar algbt at o?w ctn.and piataaa the n?.it mvrn'nc Ghlcaco Krurrea at I P M. far DMkvl. Roeklarxl f%eu>nf?r. at S:90 P M? ran font of r^an.'<*r ttrectl, tla Ptermoui.f arC>iie.,tf a ana ntmoluv "1*11011*. W*y Faa?ee*er a ' P B ?? l*ewbe ? and Bl.illeuiwn and IntrrwievUate atatwma M^bt kxp-m*. at* F B- ?? Pnnatrti and Bnifi <k KtntiraaC at k F. U./ or Dunkirk ao(l Bwuir au I otarm' The si.Vtr* tnint rtn Ha,W. RtiaAkf* Wf?H. Ihewe erpreaa irntaa iwiKf1 at rtnrtra with tha ffwlra, Ca aandeliruA aed tfia??i? Kan* Ra.lmad. f ar Ni*f*"? FalU, ? liH.viMmnn wtlh tbe ??yrt. t>?*' *tid P r<c' ,.mtnn Itailmoat. f Bieua- R'Orwnln* wtttl B?f!bl?, '' "nitntf and Sew 1 w? wad lor Roaiaiiar; al Great B?nd wilt Delaware, l*"V.i war a and Weal ern Raiirnd fur Burantfm: at *lir<nilo mlHn ?lrt with Ih# lake fhpte Baltroad. frw CWlIM and Onclo aatl. tobdo, Detroit, Chl**n *<?? 070. MtCiliLl B. (laaeral "?np'k BOPtAB MfitRlBq ?n tT.-TlIE sTRaMER KBIT 1 ITIFTOB leatejt froia tba toot of Jar n'reet North riv.'r. every mnrtiin*. at 8 0'e.leck. (Kuodar* aieeatadj for ToMer.t, H?<dmp, Pobbe- ? (trry. IrrlnVm. Tarrr'own. Hlag Ring, !*y. Mkand IlaTarttUraw. ramraiiig tba name day. bfoarbT o nnn nnn "roam, ot thb taripi s man 4iUUviVvV *'id qnaBHea, at m-inb halo* their mar k?t talna. Abm, 1(*> b.iT.? fwrliy anap. al 1ft aer een? ln<a than the mannfantnrtr'a prtoa. Oa?h arf> ?t.cmi on ?egar? if ?li klnda. O. CHEEKft. 17 Prjadway. ~ ., iinTvARiont qpai.ttiim aiTi / ? T .r^;?;nr rati be bad by caab porchaaera a!*> I? ? tamlly anap. at ?r,e pet 'b I'aah a-le.knc m tinv/na. Inm.'ntic, or Otrinaa maa if*r re J. CilhFftH, IT Broadway. tbiaaVW Tucr.nrcB. A STOSiS TO LET O# LF-ASE- >ND FIXTCBBB *V'R

>ni*. m one of tbe best bnabie** it . tela in Bit *lyn, w ill aducte-i for Irj ftrx^ii or i fe* ?b'>" ir vie. The ic,v i be tola at ? Iij:fcrt. ii if >.pcii?a fur on ne'.Vuely, lu alio of W. fl'-LOUGH, IX Atkabo htm-it, btiui vn AKEiT THESE STORY HOUfiE TO LET, ABOCt three mlnutee' walk from Peck sl.p- vid Or?M strict ferries, No. I "Hi KouUl Sixth street. W.'l, .mabueif, in Tfl r lete order. Possess! mi ImuiediiUly. M m', f* i*tr m> tth. Inquire Mff. DI'RaNJ, Ward sehooi, riUu.'-ou, corner Sh*j ri.t ritet. A handsome DWKtiiNo HOL'KE TO LET.?A FOUR stery nrrwn Won' dwelling h?UM, cfl the ano'ti llde ef >'bei| a pJaee, 1 hrtie h street, tetareee Kirs' and Sec ?J avrtites. I'OMMB'nK nil th? modern .?itiroveinciil?. will be let to .1 r?nd tenant on mode rat* tern.*. Apn.y u? J AJtEK JtOfFK, 4* Fourth avenue, between Kightb and Nttlh a:r< eia. AFCBNJflHED THREE BTORY AND BASEMBNr house <o lut, who all tin- mod?-n itnprovemenu. wee of Broadway. near Fourth street: reui uuil May next, $4S.>; po* resalou cu or before the 1st ?f November B. W. K l cu A KD9,307 Broadway. AFl BNISBKD nOl'fcE TO MT-WKsr OK BROAD way, in Franklin street, containing from 11 to U ro-avi A portion oi the r?nt taken in hoard K'vr f til particulars apply to B. W. KIC'ftARbW, 307 Broadway. COTTAOK AND KT'JBT LOTS TO LEASE?ON fsOCTH ea?t corner of Kllty-*everth Hir>-?t and First avn i?e. Ap ply on the pretcleea, or at 44 '.V?JJ aireei, iri'Ut ciiu.e over the bunk of North America. FURNISHED HOCSE TO LET?A FOT7R STORY vNO lish barement house, in 'lhi"y-*er.ttid wreet, well fur plebed. and In coed order. Bent Si &U0 per annum WW only be let to a amall family Address box 413 Pwt othce. Gothic cottaoe at new rochelle to let tor the winter.?Itie near tbe railroad sii ion; ha* b.ith, water closet, furnace', with twelve r<*t:i?!er?, ranije. Ac., anil five acres under high cultivation. Apply on tin- pr^m-ae*. or at 44 Wall nUeot, front office, o\>t Bank of North A marie*. Houseb to let.?two rut-it glass koor btort basement hor^ea, Nos. 21Sand ?21 Wnat Thirty Iiflhstreet tear Kijbtb avenue. They have all the inod?"Ti tmprove menla, wltli );:it tlxinrea an''? han<lelii'rs. hot a?d cold water throughout, water eloaeta, bath rumn, paieu: "pi skln^ tubes Mn'mirj. marble mantels in pwrlors, wltii l..?lxir and IlaliAo mai ble mante s in the other rooms. Thu honaeii are broKn ?tone 10 tbc Beyond lioor, bay window* in froir ??id contain tbir*een rooina nuil thirteen i-antries all m cond eondliioa. r?.dy for itnin' dnte <"<cun*rey. The iir?t an! p ir. lor thors h'liiR with hanrtsome (old ami peii-l paper; lulls black marble They will be i>ueii at *7i<) per'a>nun. in ?jnlie next Ooor to tbc (remise). 2)0 Wtst Ibir r liilh street. Part or k kocsk to let?x>s<ii?in';: or fir r fctory. front an I re^r. basement an ! U.t''? hedro and part ft ee:i?r. of No. ?19 Wem Twenty tirat street in fvil or der. Ajip.y at 2&4 W?">. Twentj-troond s'ref!, or i.', ?'jti Tettb avesM. S" TEART POWkB.?A FEW fljOH'E ROOMS .-T1U. TO b<) bad in Ui-- depot building o.jrner of Kl.n and EranVIm streeU, one squart from itroadway. For ifco vaian oi i>ie word slendy. ' roh the tenaute now there. In lUiro of 1 BhMNETT. on the Memlret STEAM POWER TO LET. WITH RCmiM-FRi.M ?IVK io thirty korse power, and p.rt or the wire hri- it bu.ld ? IK sltoa'ed corner of 'ireen .ud tiay atreeta Jerney Oitv. Kf r partlvniara of al)A.Ue. Ml'JKaW a On , 1U) Wail street. S~TflRE TO I.RT?WITHIV TWO door* Or BROAD way. tmiiab'e fo. moat biiMness: ai<o, a fioot t> i*n rnent and a large vault Inquire o- the p em^Lr So. 70 Who* ?ti eft TO IJBT?FtBNITI RE ?OIl SAl.E- \ KOl'SE 1! t\D ?oiuely farpiih d on filth ??enu?. neui SI. I'JO I'r ro ft f'irn tore about Sit WW. Ah or pan -sill be 8 '.d. Add eas C. M. J., Herald office. TO LET-THREE STORY AND BM3CMR!fT BRI K house In West Kiflleih street, between iiroadw ty and Eiekih avenue, with mo lern improrrmeeta; n-'ir y painted. Ken 9<0tf. Inquire <t ii. Hr.HHlll', 49 i'hird avenue. TH) LET?A r.VE ?TORY RE VR B7ir.DT*0 X27 AND I litatton street, i;2 by JO ft et snitab'e lor a 'a ? ory ?r storehouse; It l? well lich'^d, am! MeaDi p iw*r can be had if required. Inquire of R. OK.ANT, 62 !? erry s'.reev TO LET-WHOLE OR HALE uP MODERN UOU1E, beautiful loeilioc, ViPWest Tl.iriy e o-d ?;r et, near 'h avenue. h"u?? in line or?'er. Whole or half will be let reasonably. Four story house, seventeen i iimii. y?s balh, range A<'. Rest fr>r half, ttUO. Pwwemtkro lMtned<ateiy. TO LET?A T1RST CTaAHU* Pl'RNlKHED HOl'SE I.O rated in fltarteenth street, near I'mon sijUtre will be iet i'"r?i.\ moriit* oi term o'"vrais n. a smiii! private family. Apply to J. K. t'LEl' ,t CO 90 M*l<ie-i lane. rO LF1-A TWO SIORT AND BA'EME.VT lOTTAOE, 40 Powers r'rect. Krooklyn. In ji...-e M the pCMnisvs. TO IET-T11E riiI'.KF. HTORY AND ^TTT''" H >r-?R irA West Twentieth Inis house leteplete withe\ery eouTenknee that enn be de - ie> n, ,U' losing ' V.r n a-i 1 g n #x lures. A pp'y to I?. A I OHMtN '.i LilM-:y streui, or Ninth t\.nue, 'etween lwemh hand 1 v ? utv Ent Clee-j. if" LET-OS TW>NT?-?XTH KlRKRT, NEtU LEX I hipton KTeoue, a very a ^>erior lare<- il??"C a ory brlek bouse, ihree i-orana deeo on \mr!o t;ien- and hia n is utwts, wuk, wa'ei c.ovis, A . rent KM.KI, en ? Inaee. K. u. Kt>">-HiMEK, ,tw rnurth fcTenue. TO UT-CTOTIE tSD DWRLL1NO OVPOTBTH W K aue. near Thirty lire'street. 1h- dwelUrur part haa iinrt t?Mi runted aid pa.ier'd ai. ihron^h, and Mlo line order, henl for the whole. (Ml y.. B KINaHlMEH. ?.IQ Fo .rth ayenue. T>Or>???< TO r.KT-TO RM aLL AMEKK'AN OR ENO II l(?h'ee. wb- re elearhnese la purticularly o*>eerved ibe roorin are n^wiy pairered and e.e-.u Apply at I ii West 1 w? n y lourih atreet, iter -ctl? a. eioie. qX> LET-THE RXALI. TEREE fTORY BRICK IIOr.aB 1 No :> Harden row, situated in a court to Tenth street ;ii?i West of fi\lh avenue house in rosapXe oiler, with < roton water throughout Will he iet reaaooably to ? de?u ar.le tenant. Inquire of <i. ? HORLAX1) 167 Hroadwar. TO LRT?THE NEW AND SUBSTANTIAL BR!CK buildings 43 nr.d 45 Centre street, five >lories and hjj*? nient, 42aAS. well lighted: snlable for prtutrrsor mnnufaT'ur ii>g t ni poses; bssemekt alrr aud dry. with s Ion? vaitit*>r storace. Also, the yard In the rear, aliout 7jus>. with '-"url *i; trom the street, for coa'.ja:d or storage. Apply to d. S. KlkfcR, ISO Nassau itreet. r> LET?TP E TWO (ITOBY fl 4REMENT HOCFE XO. 106 lluirltd, tweet. Brooklyn %llb or without ( u. K?-nt m<i 01 rat*. Apply to ti. B. LArlMLn, lu3B;irnatmai , llroualrn. TO LET?THE UPPER PVRT OF A HoDRRH THREE * (try bonae, r onion! tut of the front and bi k pa'Mtrt ?..t bedroom on aervnd rorj bedroom mi! otnrT, ?n I ba:k baai nient. with jrm Mil naur. Apply at Xo. 1'W Thompson aired. of M. r. Dean. Hint fcSO. TOLET-A VERT PKMRABI.E COTTAOR BOT<B, ON 111th atreet. betwn n Third An! I oar h areivieo; .i?hi Mm, wl h :?.?? >ard atim bed: ffcciltrioo f'??l for K'tiinsdo?n t.ien Krnt tlu'i Apr'J At AM U.-oon*!.'h KTrtt, in ttie baarlneot, or on iho prrnneeit. T<0 LRT-PART OP a IMTSE, WITH MOBKRX III I i?ro\ 'rnfui, in 1 Mrtu >> rtrwl oear I'mirth aveuiie. In A nil..!) family, "lit. It cl.l'lie... Ajpij :u 1,1 MI A M<ON, 36 Pourth uvrnue. TO LET-THB FOI RTII I LOOR Of 1RF l?CII.I>tvo No M.'i llnxdwiT f?e . w.<!. ( r .(??# waMT autet. ?et: rod gk*. Appl} toAli.LIAM f*YLOR, lu mo ro !?T OR I F *SR? 1 Jl TIIE !*FW HARUl.E lirll.O W, <i>A Hn ?d* .ty, *i?t - ????;?>?? i'? iM, Mreot, m? ?lr| ant Ml?WR M ih-' km not! flu >r. Sft bjr I 'I, * in or w.'li mit m.'h.k Above, including Abo?uUfn "bow window uoonthe flr??' floor. Direo looma err >:l w?ll l. ?vl h iv? been in-vnilf paln'ed and Hvl t.p In ihe In <t manner, .tn.l are very <Vtlrab!r Poao???U.n mm* >liitclr. tnqure lu IMaure on U.<- iiratM, or ?if O. B. I'lirTKR. < >< (iron! ,iy. rt LET OR LEAflE?A BWElLinu l^K AND SHORE it naeo, wi'h w.rHr* pU r. to ! ble /- .-a vr, ,.?> ? ni T^^ntj alitb mrrer, n<*ai V.ltVh a-nni- Por I irthe- |>?r '?rubur. Apply al Ro. 7 Wortb rtrrot, tear lluJron. fPO LKT OB LBAMt?TUB PTORE l"? Vk?*THTRFKT 1 i | i imt* Wo-hinr nn 11 .ik? lit u. l-.uv A|>p / lu <A *. Jt XE>?, Sa. I.', Warrrti ITrft To lbask?a |hrAi'Tirn. two hvobt uri^k iniiw, ?l?* t aiil OlfBI Awl MtM ??lii??-.| *1 IHI Pr.?-? Mrfft b'twrn V^C.*irr ao<1 iMNM '? ? .i?m? fir rrra !?? Ji.iTrmb?r. B?i.< un?l"il* to I r>'l IcM:.l Ai> oly to r. it b IOOL, Wl and t* , Br?.4tr<y. CVPAMlHRBIiMlP Wtn'tVKM. 1300. 4 inn ??* r**T*R* WAVTBT>. || 4 LUMP VR yiUW. fiia i'a. iM.fciif tof .o?% Uta' p?fn M (wr r#ot on and la dnrr atn<'l? fm taa'.i ^ f -o-l CR ?r a bu> oaaa Bian. 1h? or- -uid kh'i .V'ii'] It di>n ?A PARTNER V, vJITR0. TO I vKK > 1 \ RitR i ?f an nut door !matar?? * k?h , uitfurf roaud i?r>>!??. and??rtoft. Atontai*) irao niif I ip*' aofm?n >?ti 8 th* k'JMoma Call at 9m IHiith t^Ml \ND I .Wl . .ivoeti w?r m wwm m^i ui?t'. ? i"- u ,.-r wi PMI IC'IKJ" If >1i ITIi o?n. Apply to IIOTM < I'U., M Ki?n f i>-nn-faptnfr wan rEn % mi tbi? imh-nt. tr*)xl\J. lo lakr ibf n . r"*t an old $*? ll'o. io In an ra aMInh'd manufar'urlng feii? Tro.n ll,flNM|li,Mt?MI ytnii' i>u4 loitak. Apply V> HOW KM k CUk, bd > ^<%??? ?lrwl (600 V^T*1* A **n to rrB. jiAt-RTin: iv tnr?l rf * r?tli lug nirti?>r In a ?i.o t-a?b I'onn. ?*, which will pay two mm a baarfroair prii'a. a'.d m riot. Ap oly M 4? BrnadWAj. In Ik atari i-1 ?mn -A TARTNEB, Wftll TIIW AMurvr, *111 be taken lp A <r?t cA-?jroc ry, MlUaf rrrllWaday. or will aril If moro t??linl'bi, a ? iv?d la a m?lnMi Uwiriiuglit irn ApvlT W> UOVBI A <;0.. M la?i ?trrrt Mnnn ?A PARTNER wanted, in an ? v/Wv/. f?t*?>lt*k?<d flour 11 i ? ni j ?i'Ji a c i?b aa pltal of V7.CW to till iMV A knn*;cilf? </! 'ho h?i?in?o? ti? rg ?mMW Ad<lr?f* ? ;onr, H?ra.lJ ttt'lu* ulit.tna i?nr rlrw may N tad. AtHCRtTilll rHOTOOBAPKEK ANO AMIItt tTtrER haviiic lo BArrjr mi Ibf ' ??** h??i.!a? tiro; -nte rportmrna. And n^imAadlac a roapoctaMe ? idoro ?t?hK tolvln IxopwiAblf saUerr, a? rurim - <w on ?harra. Rrfrronret eirliAmi-i In .we a'Br. Kmr" ? J* tl?rr?r alror*. Dimk)I.i?tior,-thr Fii'M or comn nAnni'-'i a l o., manulac'arlntf/ . ? duoli i d by Matiu' run ?Pi. J oho i. Dabrtca. 11 Ujwm wfll a onfl ; ? a H,UKiatU?. t. w. ^ABRITfl, J l.f l>i")T lift PARTNER WANTED?WITH I *>) I* A NEWLT IN r< ntrd gwDttAfianni; nuinaoa ??*'.?? nnllid<>-I. I*r-> ita M0 pw WtBi. App v*-, (iiw>? a ll<*e\ "to Nilhi hun ?rrt*. M WlNLEf. PARTNER WaNTBP-AN RXPUBfBN7ID OBRNAN bte*ar wonto on timrlclo (rnt'eman With rn?l al, w * Od lo?r r>>r o brtwnpy. Por i>?rt? l.-? at plr to OMARr.ff^ H AHA, riiblk', Ho. 3 (Itiuni'fri 1 he URM NOW BX|RTr|d~BT Tni NABE O* J. H. 1 1 nliot f A < ? And E. ft. Toilm*ilg<t A o; ? h.?r? U i'?d awilrad, by mntaAl rooarnt Tke hu?.no?< wl!l ltd lylka now Brm rt TAllorAi'it* ItrrKhrra, IK'. Pa* o ?tiOO< ii.d .83 MM rtJ-BO, i-ornrr rl Vhb It n. J. II. TaLI.MA [HJR. E II T ?L|iV Paled Oct. 1. 1*66. ?. I l tLUMAjlia fir A R rEO ?A PARTNER TN TRr. HTIIlW ilOO >* ?? li*? i.O'l rap Im-ltM-'a. ibat la ?'r- i lT ? ?u?ttttaiied. Ai! Ireae. wit* m inooe, J. J. Warrrn. M?-i.??I ati'Oi DErmmiT. f'EliTM-NEW BTTIR, ARR INHERtRD. PBO* ONE 1 to * full ?et, in Uf b"*t manprr, wi?b rr wftkoui rtlr .?* 8 t UiorrtMO by l>e. WAPOI.ROlf PRBTKRRE Hi* Imp ?rr en *in.r? pl.etie ?r????i#e pl*t-? >?* a#Hfl?Hol lerlk are ?npt --or In tli.?? looerall/ In oae. Ti ?i> aitroeud wlWoot pol?. P i?# ai Hcia't. AptvMIMBroMw*7> fcurfocua* rorrt^J' fUUT I?" MJL* dTK COyOHK-SIOKAl. D'Sfli' T ro* com; ui"" J?,iiN KK-UY RATI* I A'l'lO.i UK :tino jRiSIJ OF KlBBWl Vrt p vred by Mr. (Tin. if 11 * UcD 'v,y ? \**fc t Oct. I* 1 n ?i raiuiV V;<ik*rand r?tr?et?. Th#i <h?|. " ,')u(]?* v ila A tfrar/i trhltn b .) arch, ' J-? *?rty * *<* ? '/-* losing a losiKnof ?r?* *n*.f, iu L?>;*nro ?> *?? * > The be lid*'\ISSw?.,.-r'i. " !?, rv .ifffcitfuf d ! ArKl*>K V? * ^j det rHiUti.K- o y.\u'v. Mth w\bi> ?s*rH coi N' lL dwtr: r siy r. . titiit* noian:?? tioi.. I'm i.'0UikciiBMUi . ? yvi a*nt, Of .'111 W aBD.?REGULAR DEMOCRATIC CTJ aRTBB I r.i mlnatloi k.?*i>r an*6fBOr?John lloyle. 1* or !s *h v>l ( irjM?Meut'r?Wlll'ain Mou'ei h. ForpYhoollcsue .or->obu P liu'inr V'fP j?chnol iruateea?Henry Uirkin. Ml h v I Kvli%v?y?f for < Vm.iah!"^?Win K rn.ui Lout* H . k " ?-.',r Ii,?i:ect?irn>f Election : K rftdmtric1?Frederick Mil # u in, hi dutier S'uiT'd dlatritt?liw<*pb H. Ly'kn. Nt ? 'O '?? M.n l l. rrt district?Tb*o-!?re 11* tbner, lame* M i .<?? Vniifih .11*1 rlit-Kdward i.ior.Aii Theodore M>ir> >?. K t>>, difi ;<???Keyr*n Pericl?>*, Rauiuel-'wtb. fitnd;?tji,l<? Join junirfino. Mchula* (iftiilr ipn. BE1T1NG ON TAOS'S ELECTION ? I DE5IRE TO vnfii-r any turn, fioin S&X)"> W(i*1, uik' Feroaid > a o ld wl 1 b<-re e'ecied M.v\ nr ?>?' thio e?t* at *h? enuln* e e-uo*. M;. money is ready At TI fl S \ D a V I* *& *\ ^' flroa'l **y. ROOKI-TH-TWK ROi'KY MOUNTAIN KRKVtOVT Club ilivi'e the i* pubii-jtus of tic city to inee" Aid1* R?l riir full, ??oruor <?: Kulu.n and Minna*: ?<. ??>!> Wei- ??> wy (ITCI IP(T. Oct. 15, h' . o ...I" I. ' r h<- IIUIVO-^ ol 'I OLerKUU!- hi a Divetlof ol'a* rfii<ihlir>?i,^ <??? ih?- Sf. I w I. J. K. BPil'liVlM'i Presl'ieo*. J. M. Com-iock, S?rrewry. B D KMOOBATIC EE IT BIICAV 'SEN EE A 5. .'TPV. ^ _.a np?/-!a) w-Uh* ?'i iMa : ? b? '.t ?!?' T. mm-nv Hali. *Jii* i Weiln^ ?<?y ,u?. Oc . l&, ??- 7, J (i fiwk. "Poiiclual aUt'&JaiKH in ?t'*'t .. WILWN l"M M.T., * t?. :HiB. ?Tamtr T.. BnNKPtci, "1 J?ljr|<tT.e?ASCHUJH, u ft ?Ion- Y. ' ?'E**K "? *?'MNT. J ciwKoviiM) uavj ).v > kmkai. CUVB or nn if i-ilv am' county of NVw York ? l'nbiic r;-? ?"it '.u? Hicailw'ajl'labrrnAcie, W.drcA^aT-Oe' 16 ' -?? '\',n O. 6. Ferry c.f Corr^'lrii', l a? o:>i^r ^niliwct fprak^n will artdiffutt" m^aOpf. rl"; w!li (in?* i fserT?il for wujiin?. rc. WILLIAM H. browne, rieaUeot. .1. JI >lnr.Ar.T WaKP. J Fmiih TtrrtJt. / ^eorcturica J nu H lit tat-OA, > I1RFRTY AND I NIOS.-RT M!ABI> I'"JDHi IT'LL, j Kfa . Dlatrii i Aitornfly uf Kmr* ?n<l U" ..JaSan ford. Ski . will *p**k l'ortiio Brooklyn Knurtli ?**"'1 ?? r?jm?nt t.lab at thflr KHllfinx Hull, r.irrer of Orangn ao4 ?ulu?n nrrei#, on W'Onefday fTftiiwR. Ort 15, At? 3o ?;??.??. Muto bv ibe 0:ee Club. Ibo |>ub!i-ar<> inni?d. ?'AM ro ,fi?i d lor 'ad<as. BENJAMIN ABBOTT, Ir2<l i^t,w tin Hi.r. II. l)*v. ?ecret?;y. Kai.i.y for the rvioN ? VOV.Hi; **>'A PUKk-BATIC r*!0!? OTP. 1 t-prclal I!'r?tl|'.e of th? elub ?.!! b<? h?id <>o ??t?Lk. < clober 15. atTS o'clock, a*, ib" M?rjer JiO'i^e, ta >?< iimittr ?nargMViita for th? re ??puoa "f ih? KKYMONk. I'UB <?K i'illl AI>KLf'BI The d>';?'Ba 'ato tboOranl l oonetl ot'lbe youni! i?.macra<*y (jnm the y^rlooi Murbauau t^ifo^iatiorM <<f ?*.*-* rttv is* iu* it?^ to ti <'p< with Uip club. SPENCER W. CONE, Pie*': .1 onn E. Villi* Sec. Dtmocratic car'mpn. tut'beraan'l groc>:rmAc dex to n of f?nu;iD|t a mounted ei'-ftt for 'ie Keyrtotc C.u'a ?r- mv?t?il toiuM twiih ut. REOt'LAE DSMOCRA.TIC NOM1NATTOR KOR CON Br?>?a?Tblrd Congreaelorol dtiirioL? At nn >.djourrcd me "ting of IJ>? Ofcuiar Noun* t:? Con ?entlon foi U?to tSongmAtona.! d AtrlcV .? Hon. I>ANIRL F. HICKUIS W'aa unaoimoualy mwnmated CEORCE O BARNARD. Cl?. J<*?ph Hahhisom, J II. WuiTMour, P>c.-?dane-. REJTBLir ANTENTRAt f'OMMIVf ER? AN J r< TOl-RV cd riiPPtinB of th.-< cotiin.ltu-p w,.I ' 1 at roitn?, Aca<!< my ITn'J. nw B/(?idway, U?? ?*?" 15. ?t V'jo'clock pr>'caely. E. KKlt.lI M, Wili.iaM Pr.v.u ) Secretaries. (Iko., J Peso, yp.-aker J!ank?, Marih of A??r J?r? ; ri. .iua? A. Jenk*. R. I ; John P. HaU>,Chauoc?v H- hatTer, Henry Til snn Da! i)ih< t fmi? pa?i plAirtploni of Fr?*!?oB' a.Mi .r^wJom Afd. battel UrtfflnwlU %v m M ir^h... a .a " ?ve: i. uaen oi tlie House. a o iTk voikfs or the eighth w\nn.?-nit!f. 1 uli-ri 'yf nn *h? iitiinv?4*m. Ill H\lf WAL^ttf UUB. the id'*n<HT%U^ e?ihlu)^(> ior i'oogrwn m tn* r?r? i.a.ilci v.IlladJrfm hi* f?;ii?w oliizeii* oa Wadnejday o?en iiiB lull r.i*' act en u*v?eH( at the llcnwcr?tlc Haltituf terti No f."> Mrrcer atrrat, b'twwen Eriwmie au t Pprln* ?'.? , utd'on Tbur*l-? pTmln*. ai tbe*.me hour a*. Kell't'i Brown .Inc lludaon atreet, comer <>f Rharl 'in yen Walbi'ilgo de ?<te? to meet li e tcer?ol tbl? d Vrtct fa-e to f??e tn order that fcl* i,.>lit'<al |>riii?-inle? oi.d nun>o?. ? may b?f'?Uj known h> tlerr. an l t??i il.e !iu.i:cl..ii? tmto-in^l *wj?-mei. ? rir c\.lated l y bla oppon?nta tr.ajr, fiom Uu n?n mouth. Le re f'm-d. yi'EUAi. stnan.9. / AOI.I.EOK OF rt! ABM ACT OF I HE CITT 0? NFW l,i York.?'TUe atitna! r^tuie of lecture* wll' eo*inerK- .1 WtdneAday. the 15th Ib*i.. *t ? o'cloo*. V M.. ?t*l e m'^ou- on M-nday, Tuesday We'newl.iy and Tbitrvlay of ea :h wri l, until March B?it?MttlDg. For t-ck> :? apply tj JOI1N MR VK1M. ?f7 Broadway. _______ TlKLAWABE (*A.V3Afi) MXM.-R. HOO.LAVf*. lJ t'nitfd Mate* Couiinlaalrr.e*, alt M-nee, A -., u. "e:il?i?B, K. T , will l<a*e Drnden, Yat.??< oonuty, N \ , i >n > A I - RaUtond). on Monday n?t. Oct. Su. for Kaosaa He .? w-ll iiC'it'.atiiled with ihe Belawace laudato be no.d No<*. li. a', t on Le.tvenw<u"li. and will aiuivl th? *ile and make ??lee lUifia for capita'Ifta. Th>- <-hancea f. r pronuMe lnr??.rr.?' t i?eie teyrrei|i:allad Apply, pcr-oni-lly or liy >('?r. U) Mr. 1HIOCL.A Nl?, at Dundee, tl; \ w.-rk Re>ren ? Ho?. John licKw?D liuJI!. B JSmiartt, ISo. ?? WiliUo York . Great cattle anew of U.? amertcan lNtmrTK, ilT fll 4NKU!< AKt, *m>? mI on Tkivti *d<! Fou^h aftxiUM, b^twrwi rtnty #rr+\*. ^5*lil be t" ttepnbfte THHRK PATJ ot. jjr. ILYsDaY. WKl>2<ftHDAY A*D THICTAT, Tl?^ I4lh, \bih +r,i\ \fM> iUy? of Ocl??? ?r K?th b to Kxiiritokh ?Th? c.nuaiHit will fc? on U?* in d rn hatwnJ?T, th? 11th and Monday ih?? 11th iM" . f??r tfc*p?rp*** nuUinf hi ?ntrim ?nl i/>eatlocJam ro k, wine* ft.ti to t tn?ttt apacilT tr?ei, poiincrce and tmc cl b? ABhMlfl Vo'iira oert to Win. 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U. t, FlMlilMliif '.he Faruitr and r'iu? !'/? divaa >r Ti?*f>-T ?"U Pr?rtrf ? of Ml (It. Ill* and I'ruieaaur uf Jl ir Hn; ira.tory (triwi Utli r i?iiTn < i>*ti? * p , Pronator af lit*rh R?hm >???' ihariqptntMb a. roaarra a^i.Kca ?. t>. Prof?".?<,r of Obawuioa and it r Ux-wti of Wo*>r o a ,d * hlldi ?ii. ? H;t>K ?. P Pud* a*? i f I hmiWfy jik* Medlra JurHfr X I. a. P . rr<v't-?<,r of tfcr filrrlpW" ai.d ttperatjoi^ of B r??-v, with Bnrukal Puho >i y. ? trai !?n a. raaatas. a. p., I'refoBw-' ?f Pbva.i J >K\ and feflw!<Hpr. miM ? i n. Frufraaur of theory and Prac- <*. of Med'i-la* aa-i p.* ?ll?.r*l naoTH* iiiiipa ? n. of flrnaral. Uaaerlpttr. wrf Hlrnw > >e A-mi/in. r NOTH'F.-Ajf AlMOCR*RI> M*Kri*-> OF THt _ M?*fch?il l?r? fi'r Ui? '"in >M Trtta of n ?? liyHm in >:?niifj'liirir< i'.hpi uif t# ilw ? itj . ' *? ?? V rV. w II lo twM < t thotr otlra. U farft plaoa >i iMri'u (V. ft! a'4 ?'i>K?k P 1. L ?*, Klai). Orrtt K OK IIIRTRIRO AVkMCK Ktll.lfMn OOH pan* ruafr m Ra<t Miitr lirat ?troot and Tb'rd a>*niM -?*'?i to ?>i. a i*f %a abmiki la?mnt? at llajnl 'oo ? | wr" Or- |4. Ift vd If Tlio Ihtrd Amn* lalrM CMipan) ? t:| rna oura'o and fmrn iho far* and M?-aUum 17110 dfrari. r\?rj twii aiiaata*, tm IW al??? iwm?J <**?a. rttofptiiii. VI. A. IVtftLIM't, Pi'*ai.|.<ct Oorr a -BfNKKR nr?t i^aptfii. y>\ r-a a N|uUr moaUaa of ikla *t'l b# h*>d ihm Wad mn'tij aionKf. H fa raiuo^oi" 'ha' ?*rr* a)?in?vr wii: b? 11< ariiW a* hiMiDeaa of latponafcr* wtu no<-nrr ih?lr anoa B? ordor A l'?*< fa a .'a?r.? Friiiraop, C. ofU.aC. Thr ajuiRKRs or ooric IAMB, M r*>. K A M , are pa'ti-ularly re.|nr??Hl i? oti il.? l?'li of Oe?ol>er, at thoir Wll, w nio-i.iwaj-, m >aaiai' t*r m iwtiai,re will be brouitlM bMarethe i.odre r H Ri aa, fr . r.iary - W If m <lf. W W. r> ri'RRmRM?a ?i attrr. i* a ?<K>n 9vmkk*? loealUj, l? 1r?fro?i? rt?e?*in a aaiaJJ alo-K o* lura. 1 k the pfiri).(ff rW rnomln* all w* *>ld at the end uf br apaaoo *d?ti<a A B C., Bri^adway Ra?t ol iee nrAR Pf 1FI R.--TWR ATTRNTIOROr Tmt*U|RRR* ff of Ihi* a??eJa!l"B and <*b*rm deajro-m rf 4iUIUn< ?f UkKO rr f rt**i 'y H callod to ib?- adTOTfMomrni of f? ? RT, aqHloceer Id a*nOtar nolana of ibu paper ?air of)i.'? 'o WUeMd. at Ro. KJ Howry, oa luaada ># '\l 14. -.10 of U%? AUHlCVLTt'llAI, PAIRS. A*ll>Rir*J? IRRTtTV TR.?PI/IVOIIIRO AND UfAO 'n* iratoh ?Tbla eililbttlon wAll uke pU.-e at Ua-inw It dpe. near Fifth arenne. on Thuraday roorn'o*, MUi ijt flelnt-cr. (0?f , al twoleo aviork, a>?jn. <m 'ho dom^lna of tho ]???? iTmr'ra Monrr Hall. 4ero?eed. Tho (tro mda have b?M 'al 1 oil aild "takod mrt Thuae who tlihlo o.>mfir?e the pr"- e? are lm lied lo nail at (he Rl* er II ^pa... iw?r Iho M' rrU aria I'tW#*. and Meet Uie lo'a fnr ih?m?o)tra DlaMr reft*?hntenia * ill i>? ha?. at the Rl\ar llouae at 2'j r. U. Br or J' r of 'he rommluoo na AfrV-il'm - JORR A. Bl'MTIRU, BupertalepiteW. Raw Tow*. Oct 1?. !?*:. ("?BRAT fair OF Tt!R ARFP.trAN IMHTtTtTft. At 1 ih? Crn-al Palate ?Threo lermrea wili t<" if . e? f>e 1 ?air BaloUw itate of iho I>HM!0"'i Uuanla, Bflti?b annr anl rrti rinarr profeaaor and Irrttirerjon yr'.frn. arion ? tnl aiMn acrtonf nral and geparal reUiloa to hprWH, a-H itb r ot be iii nx-atir arlma a. Is the pin'h end 01 Uie r?r?.i-eir. Irn, on 1 nradoy, Wi?in?i?day iad Thnr?d*r. Orinbor It i* ar.l !?. eoatimenclnir atTH o'tlae* P. *. hra" haaitttful If# al/e 1 or 11 alto and lableam af ?n' horana, 4c., Illun rated 1/ he 111 nir nioi.d 'Vfl[ht, will be rihlt.Hril WM B I.R^HtBr*. Ac-t.' KRimiVAI.ll. | j KM TAfc?lRWR WRiBRrJfO. tir cicf.i K ? . . ?? j II -1 r Ihi al teat aieillatn haa re?aoitdf?r?m 177 d-.d?,? to IVi * r%' I atr.'et, noar Broadway. Boura H' * M o ih I M r aidaj av*!! n?a rtcerMd. PHHIWMHU* TouaNN waTJKK, a IIMI'I or "^K'taaSm ?J uaay, A wMler bv tr?d?, in upon U> oixke too-? bu pr??. Bl wU. r. Vo"? ?? bt? brcihei mate <*Jnw'ditae we it,tn b.rk jaeteor (apt. F '!><"? Iy>u? at pl?r "ur" r V1H H ?T0KBK IS A LEVIBB FOB YOU AT THB I J Ui-oadw*y Pout o&oe. ??. FRANK FINKBKTOB. THKHK !S A LKTTBH IB 1. ilx Fort <i01c? for TM fr<.m?lried ____ MR (HAS. CI MM !?<?*. war, \Y AB FORMERLYKB o)vt ?-d by 1 urner 11 ro . will r.ill at No. Ml Wait? ,,,, ?t, upon Pel. r Aabelman U> rerel\?i mine eomuvmlea. 1 !oi.?. II'II I. MB. WILI.1AM FLBM1NO AND W* L0C1R V? icimel eoll cn. or ie?ptetlvely Mad addrtiaMtO A. J. Perry, &) Liberty aireet. HI8IDAL A?b UAMWW. AfcGDMfORHPS 1>aNOINO ACADEMISM, h*i Huomj**r Slew\0kK, ?w.__ ami 137 MunlKgiie place. Brooklyn. V. ? York eiaxiiea on WYdi.efcda>* *nd KaiuHuy*, coinmene te/iut b??ur?. Ac., ni*y be hn d atelier of Ibo awtemte*. . LABOB HTOCK Of /lAWOrOKTTM (NEW ABB A bai??i). for ?*!* an4 for hir#, *l WALK IfiK S wirj) tu?nt*, No e A.ior plftrc ao.l Klfh'b R*1 *'? **'gj VnedpUmo, by beot Ne* ??rk ?i-l ? V* >1un?ely for *a)?. N. h ? ArranifnienU e?u bo mm by whleb i?t leut will be allow *1 Id ca*? o< Pllrol""*'_ FRHRFR(i'K DAN('IN(J ACADBIHES?89 WR8T FOUR* E"*??re.U WW Vart: l? ??<*??. ore t.ow open for the reception nf PupiU. ^?yiln New *OT?. Wednesday an'1 Saturday, Mo '<lay and 1 huredAy, ?? Vi " ? M . fZiuLu,; .?!?., iHuodnv a?dTburjd?y. Hn-jtlyn. on fn??doy and Friday ?tih P. M. Brbooia ana irlttae ciaeaea autnd-d m both cUke*. f-oireea fl*eo, m u?r.u! /^BKAT B A R< ? AIN ?7 OCT %V h IIO^BW^WO VT i'<r?e, tlrKHUt carved n???i n>*dc bjr oni ol , Jl??, ~7j inrsurd ??rrarl<-d. 1.??? u>*<1 ? f*w inontb-"; ? J>' he fold for tiao. Cube ?e<n!ron? 10 Ui i ai No. 6 < olicfn platf. -*fI.V.K: TAClillT?IK A FltW I.KfV^oW^, OB THB iVi pUnifoit-. *Ui?luK tti Hf1.' triito-r, ttfeoi and Imbj* ??> lur 12 le-i-ou* rl?i?o? ww U lor me *i?l 'o l<a tt-. up. by 1'iof M M.-l. A'V. Si:, t.rmntl mi-tet. 1IRS a I-A*NAVS DABCIBO WMOOl. aT??VTA <\i s?e l? I >n. 6 lourt nU'W UrooUyu, Va now ovn. i_.?-hson* on W<anr!Kt?)M w<? ? nUirdftj,?, or.iiiroe'ori* ? ovU'ck. Cliculkrit cau b** ot'al&fli! a* tiS WllVou^hhy tireel, B' ookiyn _________ TO 7l.i OrTATJW, N1' *" AHDKBOOBD fcAB.1, ?t ?6I.. f MM, *116 flfi.'. an.1 ?7f.. ?l?o. mu.'e, I?'<*).?, w,?icl.??. j- welry. urf* ,"K)' * p?n iir.j'?. .? ? (,'akli *d.?oo pluiiw watub' ?, je??"\> kfid DMrJ cllAi.dkMi gcIICfftJlF- , j F. jO.VKt2. 52 mm Rtttvt. Aec3?dfiojr. 1)IaN08 AKI? MBWOBOBrt.?THB UORACB WaTBM J. mod^rt. impiovea pi*u<>? u>d n?i-lodti>o* T ou'y HtitfS hroi??)*?ay. ^uin"-?" rent. 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BF.AK'S acn'tmiy l*i9 Bn-.i iauy, tor only a??l be i e.t lor bi-xl bookkeeper* in uu% buame'.a K Card ??1I.1VP.R B. i;C1u>MITHt5 ACIOIMTOf A pe.,n.ttu>l.t|i ai.d fcookket i isv. * A;;k' ,n B ,.?f JpanoMK and elegar.t e.t. ?' ??mei.t " J"'"'''' ' ? ln N"" V't.iied ?t?U-K. ftiplle. old ani wunK. rtfeiv- d daily. rrom tbr .Sew >ork ? otiner ?ua^r I 1 be cblrofrerhic art U h mo-o ? i?s>n it i? i:ep. r?lly 'onsuieml ar.. Mr. U .a?ui,ui tta> very wt; 1 tlaiui be eouMdertd at Iti trad. 4 |,A 1>Y WHO CAN KCVM^n UNl X'"KPf|ONAHLB A VlfercVcei d.?l-e. a ."?o a? nur .-e? KOtweaaU ,^unp?t:!nii1 l.oniekreper, or* ~w "r-m^r>uot^Jfot bo?d: woul.1 to- oi.jert to It >>e.ue ,-uy, ,BaU7 aide ration, an ngre.rM- hen - ?!..,? oh.ieH. AddreM H. liouard, UbJou |*oiii oLic^ lorpTK: N.ce*. "w-mTi.AI.V I'tiOTK-V ' N1 v t)F /\ aivlrt" ?i?wv tuitkm iii |>rlvBfe .4.:ui<'"H, to ?.hi.-lreo friu r.e to tweue *e*ia oid He' torn ?: ititw tc' ot. would ?!n?rrtSthe BtFlJt rouiMi. p'.irforte yd ItonitaeM ?f Fr?*ncb T> r?n? moderate t a'-b*' h?euto_ two datra, from li U. b o'clock, at 11 Vblte ?* . fourth lloor, f ^mt rorin. B IT-1NVC* HI N AXP MrCHANlCb WHtJSB K\RLV , . . .. M ,..- *!? el. u:.t? .- ? ??- in - .i iiCtWm at Dtil.tti-. a R - ua^j -jtv_ ?*?>.? hi"Alw.?y, w Ib<?e bratchee v wiUeia; e them to :r ia*.i .t tb-jj- own bualaeaa, and mov e ?. go k! ?oeitl). BOOKKKFPlf"1*, VTRrrlN'l AND 1IIK OTHBB. JBI *ert-ft!? to ?n'-eea* in tn-rfU< It'e, at# tAUi'Ai by 'Of 1 ?:* k DIXON tn nil e?p?dlt'o>* aad ?rv??r1i>r ir\an?r, to the etitiie eiolaaUm of he niodet a kit And tw?l*o leeaou okikf ? laiiry. Bom*. S? Bi oAdw?y An?leV?n ? I>ulld.cir F'bENOH AND QKBBAB-t. TRLI.BBTWO, 4W liroedaay, ertal.liabed t?r contlcui-a tear hint! *? *b??e. 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