Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 22, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 22, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW II HOLE NO #358. MORNING YOKK HERALD. EDITION?WEDNESDAY. OOTOBEtt 22, IH56. PHICE TWO CENTS. DEMOCRATIC JUBILEE IN THE PARK, The Empire Club Fraternizing with tha Keystone Club, of Philadelphia. (raal IMoplay of Big Cam, Little Beys, Ban ?era, Dusk and orators, SPEECHES OF DANIEL S, DICKINSON AND OTHERS, die., Sic. The democracy held a grand jubilee throughout the city all day yesterday Tbe <*ystou? Club, of Phlladal phla, having arrived aa the gu?*Mi? ol tbe Empire Club, or how York, were escorted ibiou b the principal streets, and treated with tbo u-ual de m ou-trail ont ol oourte-y. The Key stone Club, were received at the dock by a deputation from tbe Young tv mo watte Union Club. Of this City, headed by Spencer H. ''?hop, their President. Tbe Keystone Club number* wm? two nundred per sons, anil were distinguished fr >m ordinary mortals by a blue badge, with the name of the club inscribed thereon. A fine band also accompam<vt them After marching up Broadway nnd down the Bowt-ry, m?y were ta' "n to the Governor's Room, In the Cit> Hall, where they w;re ro oeivel by Mayor Wood. W*. B. KkSKin, Preside nt of tbe Ko> otono Club, on being Introduced to Mayor Wood, aliuied to tbe greatness of tb iy, and hoped tbe demooracy would respind to the voice of Pennsylvania, ana save the country from sectional agitation. Major Wood replied aa follow* : ? Mr. President of tbe Knynnne Club?I welcome yon to New York. I am pi ved to have this op portunity of rccoKlng you n.'e as the chief m? fittraU- ol this city. I respond to tho re marks that have been m*d?t. (t gives me a peculiar pleasure to receive a Pbilartplpnia dub. I am myself a native cl Philadelphia: and at all it'o?*s under all circum stances. wherever I rm-et a ''hllarte'ohian ( feel that I meet a brother. (Ch^er-) I "an only say that I hope your stay In this ciiy will b? i> nastnt, an t that our friends here ?1U do all in bi-ir n > v, r to make it so; an<l ?say the e-.ample tbat you have so nobly and to gloriously ?ct Uiem, have Its due ellect upon iheir conduct. Three cheers were then given for Mayor Wood by the Keystone Club. Alter the rccoption. tb? club were marched to Tam many Hail, where they partook of a collar.on, and tuen adjourned to a mass meeting in tho Park. Th?s Keystone Club will remain in the city unt'.l Thurs day, during which time they will be the guests ol tho Democratic Union Club. In the afternoon there waa speaking In the Park. A platform ws erected facing tbe trout of thcCity Hall, and at three o'c'ock there waa quite a largo attendance of men and l o> s. Tho big gun or the Emplro Club summon ed tlie fa'.h.'al to their prayers, and a band or music on \he stan I kept them together until toe arrival of the tyeaker* '1 he Kiniber- or the Young M?n's Pemocratlo Club wore tricolor scarfs, medals devoted to Uuchanan and UrecUm dge, and other cn?lgr>ia. / mong tho mottoos on the banners, we noticcd the Mlowtng:? VO 8kKTI3n t AS UVl I% TttJt \ CEADLB ? f ILK WHY $ I nit arch mm / //////******************** rr ^ 1* Til* ??TAT* t?r ??W V -MK f tKim WI1U HIK WBU.IXK, { ma kaviervaa cu ?. 5 #/////V ?> Tbe cl'.fct or the meeting fm to juotlate over the re oent cltci on o I'ennaylvaula. (At a qtaller put three It >u orgaolu d by the app-nt ment a- ''ree.dent of Judge Vacderbtlt, ot King'* county, democratic taLuidate for be offl e of Liea-enant < overaor Of Ui4 Wat* k gentleman proceeded to read tbe aldreoo of the Voub^ Ilen'a Democratic Club to tbe demoaracy, but had not attained much b>a<lway when the Hon. Damel 8. In .aisoa wa? announced. He wao ooavcyed oUe plaMorm, pieetated to the crowd, greeteil with epr.vre, and proceeded to addrcaa the autaablv 1 am happy to me t you my Mlowattiztta, upon this tltereatii'K aud gloriom. m ia>a m<i;bty aea of tb( ^democracy bc(? ro m? t-a'iafltv me tbat the oatatiluUoo and tbe ( ni >n are to be upne'd in *i>tie o( all IM maibl r.atkna of tbe i n my OMMM b,>tb. (CM1.> Tae country la* L-eea amdea m oav aenao formerly, into two groat pottual panic*, rboao ptrtiea , In moJcrn UmM, were ?blga aa* deaaccrau?ibvy p ofoaied to aim at tlio aaa c great potato,MkMgb they travelled ditleeut roadj. iw-tii were '.u favor of tbe aueeiltutiaa aad the I'alon, but tber <3 if :gr. '<1 to the manner or carrying out and attain ing great ?a>l beaeBcieat reiult* ft r in- people. I'pou too que:t'.cr cf tcrr.tonal acquit") n nod internal la.prove meat* by tb( general gov.-tn meat?upon me qucauou of final c NKt m *na<. tariff* and ladepaadnut ireaMurteo, tbey ditkrrd. B >th bowtver piot^nad aad oofn daubt lees toogbt to attain grr*< an I I r-DeOclcat reaul a, lOeh aa would ra< .it tbo ma?*ea of tb?- p*>,> *. a now party Via* now rHen up aa tbe antag?0Ht of tbe democratic fart> It ^ t ot tnc great party that tbe old * big party waa, b it l baa gaUx red t> f> totr tnc tearing* ?t the demotral.c organidauut, ana hat been I traaktn by the c<)nn t% ativo wbno. It norma what l? cil lcil Ibo rcf.l /.ran part). Now, It la republican m tbe oomo o*m c that Curler, the icr?;?t oaiuraltat, aaid tbe yooag n.wi In Iho Acadcmy of Sjieoce In I aaocooded ta delliing uliat waa a crab luvr <ai'l a crab <k*h a am ill red Bah i .at run* t>ai'kw<rd? Ctrler replied. ''(ieotle mm. yot* dentition 1* eiteedinaiy correct, except in oome lew partlctlsra Tbe cr*b i< n"t a fl?o, H not red, and dot3 act rw> backward* " ((.real laogntcr.) Now, tbc-e ire rer b1 can* to *boat tn<* ??a>e acn*e. Kepnbli rar* mean tboae, acourditi to toe cannon acccptailoo, who are n farrr of a reowiwiiw guvernm-nt: and il we tbow that c i r political oppon-El* are not la tat or of n repretentatlre goraromeui. then tocy are rot repdblt cm*. Tbe, are not In favor <>f a repree'-Biatire g' . ern meot, tbey in k to harn tbe terrlt >ric? of tbe Cnitrii Fim?* latiead oi being g?tr ro?d by tftetr own re proae. totivea att empnwrrta in maae their own lawa. out ret to Uh r Jurlooicuoa *111 tocy tell you they or* republic a* I do not regret, my lellow rill/ ne, li.U thto otorm that baa boal. d aroaud la the dlnianr Laa bora toaceiitrai'.ng all Ita powero and enogi. * npnn iLc conotituu ?o. I bare loog h luvo 1 that wheaever ibat gr?Mt battle couii be fbagbt. ,t would b? foignt eucoaaafuliy 'or tU. peop ., for tLo coorlitutljn aui for tae I'mou hea-a 1 am e PI I JRe M t>>e MM m array I am glodthot wc have got the powe- at tbe time wben the people can be rai'.tad to ibe anppurt oi our co latry, aad when tbey i aa rcourge the an* my back l> hla true pontlon, woeo aaarch?. t ratoa, dUunloa aad mtarulo will be treated by Ibe people a* tbey tmerre to m troated. Tbey ?ay tbat tbe drmoerai <- party are alare pro pa gaad'.ata and are m favor of to? exu-nalnn of alaverf; aad tbey. good *oni? are la flavor of groat aad l>?ne(! cent mea< ran Tbe ?leaMorailo party le aether a ?lavtry tarty or an aatl aiawry party?it i? neither fa fever of U>e etteaeion one o tbe aupi>rea*ioa of eUrery It U In favor of leaving tbat qo<-?u?u to tba people tbo poop'e of w! r.tno? er locality. bare It to aay, npoa the Sreat pr1rcl:'ee ol aolf govrrnment, whether'(tbey will ave t < at laottutloa or not rtie demooraWe party lea party In f*vor of the ctt- m>ion of tbe connituti'*?'.hoy are (a 'avor of extending ibe true prlnclpleo of our go vrrntnrnt aa<l the Caion to every ytrx uftbec xiutry Ihey are la fator of giv'.ng tbat great principle of oalf govern menl, which baa raae?i ua up a mirfbly people and brought ua from a few feeble cvlonte? to be one of the great po war* of tbe carta The prtoript?a at ibe democratic party are a? uclvonal anil a* gi-alal a* ibe aualigat. IM groat eardl aal | rmctp'.e b that ot < quality. There are nooo an high biit what will bearmt4*i la Ihtlr wrong dolnga uader tbe demrt rat'c pr.ndplc, aad thareare none ao abiert but * li raloaa up to a man'* ti aa ooadlMoa. Ill prin clptea are ibnoe of justice, b nt voi-mee, eqaaltty, hn aanr ty and peace (Oriat applause ) It laqurca nit what religion a maa profaarrr, f. r it h declared In the prtail pir? of the cooautniloo taat he *hali worahip fiod aocord log to tbe die talc* of tta own r?io?cience. It lo<)i.irea not where a man waa bom. but only naa* wbetner be la trne to the priticlpleo of tbe c< Mtiiunou aad faitbfnl la the di a charge ol all bia aacrcd dut'ea a? a c.ltix?a. Tbe*e are domoerat c. pt nclptea (Oreat aoplaeao.? I intend tJ ?peak ot otir polittial oppno'ma with reeperlaod kladnee*, hat ao a party or*a? z?tH>n th?y dea< rro w> ?e oondemi Od. Tbey mrrlt public and latflridiial reprobaaaion, for tbo teadrac) o' their doctrtooa are bid with treoaoa. (I.<wd cheer* ) Till* aew party haa rtiael IU parractdai arm agaiaat tha couatry which a<ir*ca, aheitero and protean them Ibey have reared a aectlnnal platform, haven iml nated mtlonal cuelidataa, and carried on a oruaade tgainat a portir n ot thaec J* ate* aa nnd?ctive, proaerlttl. e aa l in (olrran< aa If It were a nation of aavagaa with whm wJ were at war. Tbe oemocraUa warty evteada over tbo honndar^ of liberty and monarchy on tho ea-t, goaa down to ibe golden oaodx nf too P? 'tfle to the went, got?* up aorlh to the land of perpetual congelation, and ex teoda dowa totbe very territorial of tho Monta*t-aa< It nm la ail (bio vaat area rm; pine** and peace, aad aneh prosperity aa bcav-n'* cuniigbt never aliono on be for It (Ma a people charged with tho great and heniga Bla*<on of humanity, nod it dooo ao| doaiga to porm t Itarlfiahe torMd out ol it* ohaooet t<? rodre** aome aide, ba*a 1?*nethat to aot worth a m?hl'gbt compared with Ibo meri'i an ?nn. whan ??> e luaider tbe groat mi* Rton tbat tne 'lemoeratlc tarty la tbia count y I* m d a Charge. (Apt ana.) I hare Ine* aecn that Ita. quoa Una had u> be battle * dioun on to lia fiaighd Whaa tha Imtila between rt>Tiatfoga lorn and r*na?l'i?tb 'a !?>*? oa* band, and the e .mtitu loo iiv tbo other lo to be waged, oo kifg ao I live, ? Meitre^nr grill N n|K? big hattfi boalh ' (i.vad What do our opponent* aim at, pray ? Ixk* at their pira tical flag. I(i) or loc, UotUff out, and warrlsg upon flftoen Btatea of thla Union, tha gam bliut to tbe amine constitu tion?that have fought in lb* battles or the country with n?, and which must share in Ita common dentin/. Tbta party, proteasing superior benevolence, groat philan thropy, uncommon aanotity, now turna round and aowe ths fields of between us and our brethren, and have undertaken to draw a line between the North and Iho fouib aa unpnssabie t? that which separated the rioh man and Lazarus, and all that it the tame of humanity, boi row td lor tbe occasion Wliat baa been the response of the peoi le thua far In lb'a is#u?, the ttrat time it hai ever been dlrcetiy presented f It h?s not yet been tried in New York, bet in two week* it la to be tried, and 1 doubt not what the reault muat be; bat we have only to go to our glorious sister in the confederacy, Pennsylvan a? (loud cheers)?where ever; ill omened bird has rooat ed lor tbe last mj months?where ovory spare man and apare dollar haa been employe4, where dema gogueMsm and fanaticism and every appliance has boeu slight that ingenuity oould devise or that aotlvity cuM execrte, tn orde' to Induce the people to vote in lavor o the^>rinciplea o( this new fangiol republicanism. (Ap pluusc ) Ob! that gloriOQM Keystone dute, In the moral aa well as the political woili (Tnr cheers.) It doe? 'ho heart of every patriot good to be ,. .11 |ho great battle which baa been lought lr Peunnylvuula. There duroa gogvclsni wan rebuked an, matl'tiam wu overthrown? rLrre tbe hypocrite has t>e-u uumasked, and there the opprtB?or lia" be<n trodden down In bis rapacity. There, id the State of tlio dem< orate*. caudi^ate, Jamea Kucha tan, they made every exertion to dol'eat his election, but a 1 at taa been the result? You saw how the democratic rcaascB came up to the support of tSo constitution againtt this combloition?one of the foulest combinations, one of tbe mo?t shameles? coaliilonr that ever was effeotod?that puity made up like a poli leal mermaid, half cover ed woman and half scaly fish. (Laughter.) The democrats have entered tho Hold, hanging their tanners on "tbe ouier wall;" tboy have piaoed their candidates upon tbeir platform; tbat platform is the con s' 'tution. and their candidates are the repreeenta'ire* of the principles contained In tbat Instrument. How li it with our'upponei W; Ves they, too, have a candidate representing tin ir principles, but they have no prlncl pies, and rcarcely any candidates (Laughter ) We pitforwatit our candidates bv virtue of tbelr superior e'.tration, by reatson o> tieir fltno?s and their experience In public a.'lairs. Our poii'tcal opponents have put for *ard theirs. I will not sp<ak In dUuaraging terms of ttxm 1 have rotting to say sgainst them, and nothing under beavrn lr tbeir tavor (AoDlauso ) We do not know whether they have aty qualiQr.aUons to discharge tbose offices from what they nave done, and wo do not know firm what they ever win do (Laughter.) In re gard to tbclr candidate tor the Presidency, I will not In quire whether I e was ever a slaveholder or nit, for I do not care 1 will cot inquire whether be Is a Catholic or Protestant, for I do not believe be la enough ot either to do blm any good; but I will inquire whether be has that reqnNte acquit!stance with public at fa rs which would quaniy him to dischargo the duties of tbia happy an I free government, of thirty-one indepen ei i t States, having most oivera'llod interests at home and abroad to be careo lor. It may be, although he has had co cxperloLce lu civil matter), mat oar opponents bavo discovered Id bim what people sometimes perceive ic a foctor, who. being the seventh son of* eon born in the <*ai!; shadow of the moon, with a veil over bis face, is ?juaulleu to doctor without having received aa educa tion. it is col tmpro->abie tha*. Col. frremont m?y have been born with ibe qualities of statesmanship In his bead i to not know bo<v trwt Is, and probably never shall. (Iauj hter ) If I only thought tbe country would he rile un>'er > ucli an administration, 1 should liket> nee It as a matter of seow. our p illtical opponents l-ave tried every other device t?c:ore this ; 11 Is tbelr last play ; tnef t ave taken U up as gamb.cis do a dummy, to play It because ibere is nothing else, and tfey are going to pity It out, and il they don't aucoccu witu It they are through; their show* are over, and tuey will bavo nothing further to do, unless tbey oppose the exten-ion of green cheese into the mocu, or some such ridiculous thing. Tbey have sun# all their ttegs open slavery extension, and compslled to acju'escc In eve-y measure fiat tha democratic party hate !nitlat?d: tbey come down to that, thoir last reeort, and'.l' tbey den t succeed id It they can t auocccd at all. I do not know bow they will manage In thla State, but hiving been defeated In Ivuasylvanu upou the great quset.ou of tbe constitution, their ctnmdate having breatted tbe f torm and lie vials of wratn being poured down upon tu dt voted bead, tbey now sock out new bi sue of upboidiig blot Have tbey not devised every kind of a>tatil', personal and political in order that thoy ma. d- feat Jamei Itucb&ean Ilow nobly has that Stato rallied to the defence* of Iter favorite sen. He Midi to-day a memorable Ulustra loa of that great truth 'hat s?ys:? lio who survey* ihe mail main topa Kinds ihe lotiirM ve??? tiie Ceepew wrapped Iasnow, And he w ho ftur]>a*n*ii at d xulHtiie" m.iuklQil Mutt a ok down upon the headx of tbo^e below. 1 bey know u.cj cau l oeu ?i nun by any fair crpret sion < t tbe pet-pie's ?l'i?and hence they have endeavored to unite three parMts. the scct'uoal republicans, tho Chocttaa and the Knew Ncthlngs Tbe American party have received tne two Or t and a portion of tbe la*t What a Sua spectacle la tbe history of popular govern meiil It pro. ms compared to ib. imimIIho the op;>o-:tlon oc< upy in the Hate ot penns; lvanla. Do tbey place up tbelr candidate aad thrlr principle, and a?k ibo pcotle to rally round that -tacdard 7 No; they have formed a combination I wll ,iud(te ihrm oot of ihcir oiva mouths. 1**^ ttf fa.ftwmir bjlef ?bi5tr;?ct:-. To ihe peoiile of Pennavlvanla.?The undor3lgn< d members of the repi blteau ihe Kl'lmorc and I >ouel?on, ami the Karth American Miate Kui uth < t'oiomitlees. have ?ifree,! upon, ai.d row p*eat f?i to the people of Pennsylvania, I'nion electoral ?!ek<*- !-,e,?f u iliet..i Is reeemmended by the I >.l?n ?itut.> Central < onmlttae. I?eniv?l? if tlie electors nomlnaied are eoirnioii to ea< h ticket The name of .lohn C. I reruoid la p si etl st <he bead of the Kr> n>oat and lut ton ticket, aa repre s?: Ung the iwentv ?? .enth elai-b'r, and Ihe uame ol Hi'Ja' d Ft'w i ? i? rl*ce,| at Ihe head of the Clllmore and DuMleon tlektt. as rrpresentlrg the twenty m-venth electei- of Unit rariv. rb< y say that twenty af* elrotera are ple'scd to cast vote* ib the Plate and in ton elect >raJ coll ago. What a tomprtmise ot prtu ip'e! IHtl 7011 ever ace anything bio'c shsmeful and dcprading than that proposition to Inic' tgent people y Here tbey are coming togethfr, dla aetrioally c-pposed In principle, an* abusing each o'ber | rkpocket*, and bo'btell the trntn. (Laughter ) T t y *<m k to coma together. forming tin unholy coali lion, for the purpose ol cheating the people out of the r own suffrages. ?n'1 "ben they itet tn/ctnor I aur.>OM they wt'.l divide it aa m< n do thicgt, by lots one turn Ing hi* back, ard the other **jirg"W:?o iball hare this The republicans love the Americans preay mach as the '1 atikeo did tbo IMU; lima 11 when tic dlvi.'od the n * li, "Hire's two for you too. an4 here s two lor tnt too. ' H< w eltvaUd thin great partjr of humanl tv, < gagt 1 in on* of the dirtiest im. air? that ever was known in a free gorcramint? a slavery n,o e base and abject the worst Itslsre of Afrliaa slaver)' Iney desire to en slave fretmeo, In orcer that they may aasa'ill the consti tution sod >be country- In aider toat they may war upon .?'lit*, that are ecgaied with us >n all the yreat hat,lea ol free surernment agan't the monarchies and despotisms ot earth How will Ibey make up this treat divnend of profit wbrn they get there f Can they erer look aa bo Kit man la the Um tor lariat attempted it* This party are ergsgad In a work of unor intriw morality?as bsne t <sl in ll? raauita 10 man ibat tbey must di*? rate the pulpit, disturb the Puettay school, j-siie die prayer meet Ipy, snt practise a kind of po'ltical heckatering tha sunt djgrare the flrlest plaec la Chntham street?a tl ng nuter heard of befoie aad never will be again T1 e> nst fj tbemaolvea by saying that tbey do not mind Iheonlnary questions of self go ? rnmeat. hut Ivaaaas ? Kac "? is ibacrf. Itaaaat 4a the logic an t kanaas Is in ??rer/ nog The democratic party dealre that Karaaa should bare the prin lege if self government, the same a* other Ten I tot lee. ??B't," aay the republt cans, "the will?stead slavery tbera.'' Weil, l(t them: tor It la not worth while t<> reverse .he whol* theory of ?Yea net.tut wo* letl our i*w>pl? may ant krow w lat tbey want 11.ere. We wtll leave it to the people to decide th s q- cation. I bava po (car thai alavvry will be e tsbl-ahed there, even If It were tnveeied witn all Uie e\tl- tits*, onr opponent* proclaim New Vorti rati? a upon berseti gov. etnmrnt, for she? sn lalroduc,slave-y if she wishia an ! * Iliad Is all we ask lor Ksntae Dot Uiey say ?' Why. then, l.ave slave* y leave the Ternary to n 1 ' I Uiiak ?lavery won d be a great deal better than sacU a dlagrace ful bargain as U at they have mvle la renna)l?aala ?? B'eaC't.g Kasisa* !"?they have wr>ing aad la late I bar antil she lisa no more bloot than a turnip they ha a uiot it f om the beginntrj: o( the campaign down la the present time. It has been to tbem what toe lamp ws tJ Aladdin whenever be wanted to rai-e the wind, he had to rub the lam,) But Kan*ai has a rrady proved to tr.i m like the Yankee'a c'oea, that would strike when ev?r lie lo'd It bit on on- oecasinn a voice from wttMn cried, "tae string is brake." The re p..rts of outrages snd rsie* committed upon the free !*aie men (a v*ry hard cnnie, I admt,) bsve come to an end. There ha*, undoubtedly, been ? rong doing enough In Kan*as as well as elsewhere, bnt tho?e oitragra were initiated by the anil slavery Plates <f tbe last Th?y proclaimed tbetr determination to codlrol the Territory, snd blew tbe trnmpet ol aetlan' e to all opp.mi II-n unli other met them th 're. and th* result was a collision. Rut let the offender* lie tried and condemned, according lo law, without Initialing this repabM an party. Tb a party is maiio up of the worst portioa of tlin old wbig. tha deserters of the democrat! ptrly, demaceguaa. fanat cs. and m.tltcm aad th.ngs in general. Tney tell yoo they are democrat*, and parade here aad there a man wh > forverlv belonged to the democratic party, and certifj bim .like a i^rsoa wno bad been cored l>y p ileal medicine llils battle anal be fought la the free states We mist pni down ihia rebellion where it originated "ar -vn'h tra brethrtn are not perfect, bat they bare alwaya be. a faithful aad true te the principle* of tbe constitution, and bava aever assaulted our inatiluflotis. Mr I?cktn*on conllnned for some tlwa to esponnd democrats do-tr a s ?urged Ma hearer* to anpixrrl Rnchataa and Brscsin ridge -aad aald the reauli of the November a action would compel the fanatics to call upoa tha monntaias aad bllla to Ikll a pott them Mr. Joint P. Joi^aji, of New ttrleanf. was th^ aext speaker. He aaaouaced tbe coaetltutlon to be la d mger, and the right of the people Jeopardized bjr tho tantlielrm or man la the North. But he thanked (tod that r.itnsy! vania and Indiana had ahown inemaalveetrae to th ? con ftitutloB and to the I'nloa. 1 Cheer*.) Tbey mlgit oe able lo (ten the enrreat la tha preaent t?ay, hi I the , oa tloa was t? settle prlacfplea which would es at for sll time, ir there Is to be a hlow struck agalaat the I alnn Mil he not by a parlcldal blow, hut by the arm rf a foreign. He would rather the death knell oriibertr wo ild he proaonnoed by tyrant* at home, than hyctt.?inaat home The RnnUi had a stroag aad abtdtaf laterirt in this qaeatloa Tbe right ackaowledged by the fo ta le** of the cooatltntiow waa now denied by Northern f.natiir Me debated the question of the Kansas Nehr??ki ttlll, hut nothing arw can now he *ald on thai s 1 i rt ! to iv? U>t ol .New x.'ili the constitutional rights of tin South. (Good.) Were they to deatroy ibeir magnlfloeol countrr, Ml drtre back the grwt prtnolplea a( progress ua oivttizatlonr (No.) The South old not e*k to dtaturb ooe constitution al provUton Tbey (food by them *11, u the Ben of the North stood la the early days of the republls. Too riomu was for the constitution and the Colon. Bat wbers stood the republican party? They cried for free speech, tree labor and free ttrrnory, as If bo other people were in fa ror of tree speech, free labor asd free territory, Kree speech la per miuod every where throughout the Colled states. They say that free speeeh was pot down when Brook's Hcked^umner. (Laughter ) la there anybody here who thinks that Sumner got one lick amlst? (Mure laughter.) rhe south, however, did not approve of the act In regard to the time and place But free speech was denlsd to Webste m Boston. Kaneull Hall was denUd him when be isked to be permitted to explain to the peopl ol Massachusetts the prinntplea of his political action The fugitive e'ave law I* a child of the constitution, and when Franklin 1'ierce attempted to enforoe that law Theodore Parker Is found preaching resistance?and foreigners are found rallying to tho standard of the country end prot?cling tbe la #s asd the constitution.? (<'beers) Thvstt Not tbern ranatlos are against the con stitution, are against free speech and are against tho Union ;:uch men as Beenber and Parker promul<ates their abolition dociriDes Oom the pulpit, desecraung tBe church and desecrating the sabbath, if he came to New Vo?k and inedtled wl h their domestic iBstitulion*, would be not be branded as a wrotcb? rhe .south lores tte Union and the country, {('biers.) The republicans say they are in <avor ol the Union, and woud shed their blood fer it. But he would tell them that blood could not save tbis Cnion. -true too Unit blow, snd wbere would It end> He was prood to find so Bauy Cnion men here to dav, and be w&uld promise that when *ny of them came South the* would be met in the same fraternal mansr-r la whijb he had been met here. It waa tho duty of all patriots to Mand by the nominees of tie democratic part), because it was on'y by conc titration and orgaolzation that they would be ab'e to overthrow their enemies. Un led we stand?dhided we fall. Tli'' uuisn of hi ai ls, Tbe union (>f hands. Ard the flag of the Union forever. (Olieers ) Col. Bmwkhioh. ol Kan a*, was next introduscd to tbe meeting He .-Sid lhat they might now go home and teil ib?ilr wives and children that they bad seen one of the intn ' rur aMttM of the age a border rulhat. (I.tqgb <cr ) Ho f-it he*t'ancy about coming to this city uutil he learned Uiat Rarnum bad gone to Europe. Kin as wss the Anudm'.-, lamp which tho republican "parly rub tied whenever they wanted to get capital out of it. (laughter ) Tbe difficulty was when the Emigrant Aid 'Ocleti< - were organized in New England?and it was "to thst course of action, backed np by such cowards a Creeloy, I'arkrr, lkecher and auch men. that all tho dis order- In Kansa* aere attributable to The men of iheso ? migrant aid sccittloa, to tho number of i-omo sixty, ? eat at dead of night to the houde of Mr. Wiitoa ol O-owalomee, dragged him out of bed, cut Lis throat, cut off fin ears aa1 mutt iated him before the eve-- of his crazed wife. The same night tho same party murdered eight moo. That wss one of tbe fruits of black republicanism, and if Fcnns)lvatiia and Indlata had not taught thtm tbe les tons thi y bad Just done the same acts, outrages and violations of law and order would le oommdled even In the Kr>stone state. But f'cnnsylraata km not prepared to aakt her broad acrca tbe ground on which tae North and ft uth should tight out tnia battle of slavery and antl slavery. He b.m?e.f was a Now England man, aad would have cast bii vote in favor of freedom In Kansas, if be had lemaioed beie. Ho would hive done ao ou good demuocraitc grounds All the border ruilUns there atked wss lo give them a fair election, and l*t the people dtufde tbe qncitlon for themselves When Governor Geary called on tbe free PtUe citizens to come and vote, they aald ''No," be raute tiny wanted to atloot the election* bore, -one Kri mont parson aald tbe oihsr night that the elec tion of Cot. Fremont was Just at Important a-' the ae^oBd advent of Jesus Christ. (Expression of h>rror among ibe IritLmen ) II* ?uppo??d that now since i'cuusjlva nia put down r?piibllcu>l-m, thev would say that tho d? Til was let loose Tor another thousand years. (I.augh itr.) They gave up the light. Ha beiieved that the Hn' mt> bad backed ou; rf me support of the republicans, (li ghter.) It had turned on George Liw. and desrrlb ?it him aa " a bull 1b china shop.'' (Coctmucd Uughtor.) Uo teller id that In tbe glorious (uturothev would haro no more I'avra.tng between the North and South. Trade ard owlf alert at would keep them together, tf nothing M?e. Tbe deoonoratisparty vouKI stand as It hut sxct stood, by the tide of tho confutation, and npboil it by the ttvcg hand of the people. Th1 people fotild bo fauhl il to their truxt. tfu:h men as ho law before bun could hot be sung 6ui of their votes, by the tone of " Watt for tho wsf'ti " or anv othpr tuie They did not want tho flag of the Cnlos divided. They did net want fifteen Slates to be alruek out of 1'.. Tn linden 7 ? > supports Iramont, and there Is not a crowned head tn Europe who Is not tn favor of the elec lienor John C Kremi nt. Tbe reput>Il'*?ns marched Ors with the flag of free love, and next the Mag of high church Be ilncerely believed that tbe Naw York IUi: tid wonl i be found ca the winning horse before they got In. It ba always betn on tbe fide or the people and it still wool be (Cheers ) H (tared that tbe mtllealum wai ap proarhing whrn he hi ard tbat Horace (ireclev aud tame; (k<rdoB IleoBett bad been taking together ((<angb Mr) He believed that the democracy couM carry the Kn pire Klato. but th?y should all come up to tUa pjiU and vote. ("Wo will") The me< ting dlaprraed at half past 6, to moot again! Tammany liali at T P. M. THE MEETING IN TAMMANY II VLL. In the evealag the Youag Men's l>cmoef*i!c tnlor. Club held a meeting In Tammany Hall, at wfctth the Key stone Club were present. Tt> bwlJics wu crowitl. and three mefl.ogs were organised outside and In tbe Park tor ll?N who were unable to Ond room. J id.:* A mesa J. Parker presided ovor tha motllag In the Hall. A'ter a speech trim J. T. Owens, of Pblladolphla, (be President addressed the mietiag as follows ? Mr S um W. Con introduced the Hon. Anita J. Par kef, who was recti, ed ni b cuttmaias'ic cheering. W mu silt oce was restored, Mr Paiuu.a aai.i? 1 regard It as oaa of the matt glori ous events if my Itle to have boen called, oa til* oo. * Moa snd la ibis place, to preside over the Council of to* >011 g <*< mn racy, composed an It Is or the tr.ost ollioien' organizations in tbo Kinplra Htato; and I ans the more grallflid at thi Ik nor. a? I too yoi; navo ctuglt tho ttr : ? ml am eroi?otl, k| the victory In tho mMM Hlale, to iho duty wbirh Is bolor* yon and to tbe < ri?l* winch is at hand. (Applause.) Tb>.t vl< u>ry, the ealhaatosm of tba >lrrr ocritey ail ovrr the Hiale. and iho spirit yod erlace here to nig hi, gives m* renewed coo'ldcnce is tbe sta bilMy t-f tbe I t.lor: and in Iho triumph of the omstltu Won. (Renewed applause 1 It Is a tlrns when patriotism Is recced. II is a crisis wnen fltMity tn oar institutions is alike an henor and a glory. ^ oa do no nor to the sol di- r who falls oa the tleld of battle, With Ui* bark U> tbe field an ' hi* fret lo ik ? ( <e. And you do him Jnsiloe B it mere Is a moral oounge tonally worthy ol)our imitation, fhr mm who stands arm n tbta contest, who MMMMM the prm. ipiee of the ooaatl MSai< f tan (is by the democracy la up told tag tbe great ptiat|4e? ol tha right of otaa to sell government, i.? aot oily deserving your coaudcuce but srorthy of yonr gratitude. (Cheer ii la my travel* through tbe Juvl tste bfen rnrered by the eaoouraglng declarations of men who told me tbst in tbe oon'est between tbe Kldor Adsm-. st.porting the alien and sed'tioa ltw? on the one ? wie, ami Thomas JeHervoa oa the < >her, that they rati iht r first vote for Jefferson, aad thai now in '.nil crisis tbay were going to the polls, after naif a csatnry of trial <f the dem ocracy, aad prayed that they might lire to vate tot lames Wbxnaa. (Applana? ) And the voting mca who vxe lor tbe 0?st time in lh#? eloctio? for Mr. Btxbansn will, whin the ersat* of this period ripen It to history, he rquailr proud to aaaert tba part tb?y took i? this batli between tho t-onn.iutu a aad tne I'nioa on tbe one hand, and fanaticism no the otbor. (Renewed cheering.) H i, reslUawn, I d*d not come h*re to make a speech t? ai?ht, 1 have b<va to> loag la the Oeld, and too morb tangoed To.- it at, esjee ally when you hare eloqueat and ateomplinlied geatlemeo who are ready to addreea yoti ((rleeei 'Uoon, goon ) Thanking yoa tee your snoat k ad nd Halt rnr recertioa, I now barn the honor to te o to yen Mr. Win. B. Rankin, 1'rea.deat af tho Kryst^ao Club. Addrorrs were thea irade by Mr. Rankin, 'avid I. Heymaur aad others, after wbwb tha meeting adjouraed. ln|ieiier rnnrl?*<rend Part. Before I ton Judge Duer T?r mrtBr, cmr ham??rrr for $10,000. ()TT fl ?Thr I'ni' d ??' 11>* t Oomp-mi > f Ntw I' rfc, AtesSsrr sf thr Kmpm C?'f b-'nk, n I>imu //s'-'tl.?rhls was as action oa apntmiasory note Tor the sum ofllO.lA, draws la October, ftM. The l?fc?3e was that the officers of lbs Fmpire City Bank induced ftarris to hscoots a ?to< kho1 irr by stating that It was above par vaine fbe defendsnt took MO sharoe, the nominal value being far par share, for which be gave tho note tor flO.l'JJ, a tw at issse. The d?leace also seta op that the repreecata lives of tbo baak knew the afctrea to be worthies" at tbe time they induced him to become a stockholder. Tbo raee occupied tbe Caurt four or t vr days. The Judge dirrrted tha Jury to pass up>>a thr folio vlng

qne-iioaa, aad to tied n verdict lor plaintiff sub,set to tho opinion or tbe Oonrt at geaeral term. First, Were tbe shares of the rap'tal atock of tha fra rira City Baak tatlraly worthloe* oa the .*3d of oeteber, P64f A Ym Beeoadly, rid any of th? ofl'.c< ra of tbe baak, oa or befere that day, represent to tha dofenfant that aaid shares ware worth par or moro than par ' A. Tes. Thirdly, ir yon aaawar yea to tbe last question, did the dtflndart upon such representations agree to pur* rbaae tbe sban s of the stock, which soon thereafter were transferred to him? A. Yea. Fourthly, If sunh representation! were madr, weretbey made la good rallh, that is, ia tha buaest belief of tbslr trothf A Tea. Tbe jory ibtind a verdict for the defendant, but tba Jndge thought It Incoaetstaat with their liadlng in tbe above answers, aad d tree ted a reedlct to be entered lor (Islatili fhr til,007. subject to tho Opinion oi tho (lenoral rrm, and to nreptloas taksa. Nsval Inltillgi nrr. Tbe faffed State* 'team fr*gate Colorado, was takea oat of the Tsry l>ock at Norfblk, 17th last., with her prapellar titled complvt*. aad she is to lie masted aad flatbed im met)lately The frigate lioaaoke waa taken in the dock on Moatlay In receive her arooHltar, whleh will oompleta h'T eernea It is efpaeted U>at bnah shipa aUi b? fvady gbvut a? ?: w it krMM Vfr \ FILLMORE S1188 MEETING IN UNION StyfME, Bonfires, Electric Lights and other Ap pliances. YOUNG AMERICA ON THE STUMP. SptMhfe of Sir. Stuart, of ?*., David Fa il Brown and Other), Ac., &o? There waa an e.'ort to get up a tremendoaa Ueruoaetra tlon ol tho Know Nothing party In l a ion aquare, last evtning, in pur* nance ?>f the (allowingcall.? Guano Katio.nai. Amskua.n Mash Mkbting at Cmo* fyi H l.?1 ha greut national rally of tlw friends of filimnm hi.;' Ijuik lion ?dU :lie entire Anrrku ucVet. will bf held ut 11 u>u totiare ol luesda; evenlug. the -1st day of Oetobi ir*t ut" o'clock f. M Ik n R P. Morkton, N. J. Hon A B. E'y, ItoHtan. t-'rrf t'. t Cox. fra. Boa. Datr*d 1'aul Mroun,Phil. Urn J. Morrison H u rls, Mil. Hou. .lolm Mlaor Hotla. V, Ilou-Ui uij Wlult-r iJavis (Hd. Iluu. WasbiiiKtou Uunl , N T. Ilot. Kud .Io\ Morn* Ptulu. Hm. Uenry Mirrman. Cjcu Hen IJi-nrs Moore l'hlta 1IW. iudse Smith, Ala. Hon Geo. S lllilard, pomou. r lso, otherdlMlDguUhcd speakers have been invited. and will be pr??Mit to %Jil i iho meeting. All FUltnure Hud P<aei?oo<1ubto( ihi? and udjolnii it title* :ut Inv ited inb' preat t Bj orderoftheAmericaaGeaeral OoMiuiUeouf (he Utj audcouuly of New York. t.I.OKlK W WARNKR.V JOIiK 8. COCKS, ' J >.11 IIAMUI.1.N, ] Cotnir.iitee thoma8 u Davis, I <,t Jt'Ua II. liRADY, j Arrange [mats. As Is usually the case, only one ol the Breakers an nounccd above wnt> present. Three large platforms were erected at as many angles ortlie square An eiectrle light was stationed in front of the I'nlon^quare Botol, In such por tion as to throw a shade over the reporter's seats, and necessitate the use ol candl-and larqe bonlirea at virioua points were kop\ blazing. What those feu.e <'? jou were intended to cele brate was not very obvious. At 7 P. M., Ibe hour at which the meeting w.-ii called, there were not a hundred persons on the ground, an 1 ihe grca'tr part of tboae?juveniles?formed clrclei around the bonlirea. By and bye a band of music cane alcrg, and recalled the juveniles from the bonfires to Italia tothe straina or "ilail Colombia.'' Many persons on ibeir way homeward were attracted by the lights tires and music., and stayed to make up a crowd. A num bcr of them fathered round an amttour politician to luar him disease the evlla that would follow the election of Irtiiiont, and the consequent withdrawal of the ~-outh em Staus. But tbo music again broue la and Interrupt ed the amusement. Ibe arrival of the clubs la awaited to give the weight of numbers to the t)crnon?lraiior., which, so tar, threat < ns to be a rather small affair. Alter half an hour pa??:ea the crowd has largely augmented, still there ut no or gHLlsatU n or the mooting. But, there are twubandion ? he ground, and the tarbirrels arc kept Mazing?At tractions enough! At itDgth a juvenile, some 14 yenrs of age. monotr the rcttrtm, adcreasea the crowd a* "fellow cit'z-n* " and recites a very gcod speech tor I nlon and constitution lie agrted U?t dirputc* about looai institutions were apt to overthrow tbo miada ot men and oxcltn b jitgeroni let lings between one sec ton of the Tnion and the other. (Applause) Tne question was. woether they bad patriotism enonjh aod Americanism euuugh to carry Ibem Uwotigb the cri il. (lAUf tifr, and a voico "lira vu, youna iTeorgo law "; He would act for bia country, and bis wi?ole country. lie waa born an American, be would live an American, and he would tie an Amerl-ati (laughter.) Llo mount to do hla whole duty regardleM I ol all cobitquenc< s. let the convquen* ?e be wbat tho> may, he woula met t them. No man aulTers too maob, or alls too ?o<>a 11 be solars, and 11 be falla in defence of the liberties ot bla country. Tbe jovcaile orau<r waa nntch applauded, and mvny ocnpaiiav** were drawn bctirca him and t.ocrgo, !>(>' iftucb 10 tUu advar.Ugo of the .aitor. Atio her jouth, amhe..ojs o! the honors of tbe lad wh?> bad joM audres ed the cowd, also mosnted the roatnim, m.d ruhed a spceob rwlOMii "ITou g .\roorl<-t." n<< filled to at*jr? ruc.Q imprd kIob as the tlr.-t. There aaF a ctll fur core boys, but a lien atill aii Kher was put lorward, ho was advised to "shut up' and -'go hone'' He detilmd to take this good advice, and proceeded to ring a campaign roug, to tho tuae of ''?Ionian'* n hurl road lo navel." It was new R e olock?an hour after tbo '.Ime for wblcb tb< mti.'tg waa called?aud yet them were Dona of tne tpeakcrs en tho grruad. and do organ'ratlon of the meet u>g rbc tar barrel* bad burned out?tbe music hal b< ocmc mournful, and thing* generally looked slow and stupid. At length tbe meeting wa? orfuixH by the appoint nvut rf Ambrose C. Kinjalend ai President of the m?et ng and. thetenpon, Mr A. U. fiVAiw, of Virginia, S?re tary of tbo Interior la Mr. llllnore'a Cabinet, waa intro dt c*d ? I le i iprcssrd his tbaLk* f?r the cordial -reefing extend id to b.m. He nit?l have talltn atrong eoo< "amirnunt Half an botir ago be bail no Intention of aidressing U e a cetlng, but be tad be?u brought here actually under durrss lie would, however, say a lew words In favor o| r*V- loimir Associate, Millard liiimore (Cheers ) Ha bad oftin beard It laid (bat Panic! V.'cb tcr was the msstei aptnt of ibe litlmore but be would tell ttrm tbst th" master apu'.l 01 the Fill Bore admiu ?t-.ttkn ma* Millard 1 ilmore him-ell'. (Oneers.) No man bm.igL: to tb? cablcct connci a more gci.erai ? i d r: liable information thai Mr Fillmore. With regard to the o'brr candidates for the I'resiilcacy. be (Mr. ita nt) tad nothing to say The Individual morili of tho ratdldaic* were ineigniUcant In comparison w tb tb? prta n m lik b ibey represented. He caoio not to argue wtbibim. The tme l?r argument hat p. me J Tne time for artir.a ? as at kind. H. waa a Southern run, bnt rot ire of ibe Ore eating riaae. He eras rot a teee* Muulit or dl*unl3BUt, bi t a conservative, l n>o? loving man, and ol auch ti e e were tboitsMds and tena or thou sards lu the f nth. When M'llard Fillmore left tbo I're ? McaUal cbalr tbe country was prosperous and hantiy. li e tendency to disunion and secession had been crusb*d Ot t but now the country waa dutrarto! with Interti ll tits s< nsions, and a month ago tbcjr saw civil war in tho land It was the democratic part) that brooght all these evils on tbe land, Wh'n tbe Missouri comprom'ss was re pealed, n.?.st unwisely and unpatriotlrally. there waa a ?|Hiit of iciiUtaci'e ?ot op lo the North. He could well 'i.Urrstaad it. Tbat spirit was, however, misdirect* I. It waa directed aga;nat tbe rtoiith. Rut tbe lUmorratlo i arty not the floi.tb, ?boo Id have been lie id reepooatble B* b? lievtd thai tbe Konth waa wrong la a"> epting that d?tn?tvr? that t.rectan gift?tbe units Nebraska bill. Hut tt v. .ia i,p philosophical to bo'd tbe touth responsible .fihrii VmHMMMMiliftl i.e I ?avs those of the <t? i ocralic and tbe repuu.ieaa parties, It w* .Id be a eon test if section a aitist section. But, thaaa tiod, they w. re not driven to th* a*l -cttoa ot' a candidate of the ?*ci'b against tbo N'.<rtb, or of a cud Mat* of the North agent ttie South. Tl.ey had a national candidal*- .a tbe licit. <l"he*re ) There waa t me enough lift to rcjair the liluodrra committed, and to coci< to it i: rcrrue of tbo country and of the t ot o by the cleotlon ? i Mr. F limine It waa absoii to y < ortaia now--as plain aa snj i*oj*>a!tion In Kuri.d-Uia: Mr Krero at could no', be . Ire iu. (A|'i' a ise.) fhere wonl I be a m*|or ty of ek' loral intra ng nst him Ho tbervlore ae - ale'l lo eviy man wbo w islie l to r<' <!k* the 'I ii <> rati, party toc< me forward nod vole for Millard I liimoro. ' t ih? i.t*p of the proceed egg a me of tbe uptown <?!' be marched into the mjiiar. with murx, banner!, ton bea and Mr 8.' am understood that some of the adherent* of Mr fiionf sers disappointed wiiU the re*nltaof the Pennsylvania election. Th. t election win not, he a<lm t ? i i 'i :ir|h bnt it was a success H.> tb m to to a meaimly and do haiile t?> th. extent of their power ' retliitv aaM be?ttaratnga in New York, an.I wo will glee Ihsm Yi rktewn In Virginia. Mr. !)??? Pai t ??: ?? s was text Introduce! to tbe me. tlrTtey bad assemble 1. be said, lor the last time, lo have a talk together aboi.t the el? t.on. and be hoped bat Ibe old n-.axim would not prove true that "it wai all talk and no cider.?' (laughter) It was tbe time Tor aema. tot lor talk if they wonl.I periorui their duty, tbe ag of Millard 1 Dlmore, letersperaeed with the atsre ol tbe national ag. would final from tbe topmost turrit | of tbo lap.tol la Mar -h cexL He aske>l thorn to stead , by tbe star I paneled baaaer of their country, aad to ? I ow their devotion to the great cause of their c.toniry 1 now aad forever (<"heer* ) He sked th?m to tot tbe omiatry kn .w wb it they wrra g' ing t? do. Heho^e ibey would ao? let "I dare not ' wait upon "1 wonM.'' Were Ibey prepared lo be rour year* more hewers V wr.<d and drawn of water to tbe democratic party ('?So, ao "I Thsn three ehi-*rf for the I'nlon ' (t'heers ) It was sad tbut Wnahtngton never used to ?p*ak more iban ten mln.iUa at a tim??N'ap^tcon ? apeechea were m:ii shorter. Tbe Atherian orator bad dneeribe l eio wdoc as action?" NoUi eg s enter than a spefcli.' It waa the natural en l. wment of man, to nay nothing of woman. (la ghter.) fhree things were ne oassary?a good sub net. a r.tting occasion md an att*n live an J i nee. Tbe subject waa tbe conatrr?tbe whole c*?ntry?and noii irg but the country The oensst >o ? aa tn approaching ete tion, and they (the liatenersi were the sttfnilva audlra ^e Toe cointre, he assured thim, wn n ao poeelb'a <<anrer Ue remembered that >r<. of the most dlstinpil'^ed statewr?eS M u,, , utrjr. s.tbon|h l.e was a ioreigner. nr.a nuii ed mat thar" were ibrcv tblrga over which there s?t;.ied to ba % gg?> cm! providence I irst, children- s. r.ond, drunkard*; and'th'r* the I'nlted Ptati s. It mattered not who m alii N> at tie rudder of tbe ship ot she always [.ion h. '. t'r way safety throuph the warea. (Cheers ) II ere wss another r ?oo be^ lea this whv mere waa , , .,1 r Ot disaolntion i-id Hicy thu afler nank ;i l '.crce and bis mymldons ha i rattened for ??ai- a tbe country Uicre could be any dissolution lasgl >? f.) He wmt on to 'ieet ant on the natura l*itinn or. !?r ?-r* Ien tbo send f.?reiancrs, be sa d Had , . - n i.i' s rd in t? montli * >tb three million ifth.wic .-t 4iii Item t^flr Hhsrty was In peril, Mr th"^ .t - v .nid wr?t 'rom th.m as thev hai| to^e ?? 'I <*" tt- ' I. entry. I't Kensington an I the i r f i t* ;.?ny sjvak i. i Tne r holy r*lig< n, ... *|S to be tallied an I ef>i)i?IT,ir?ted by toe n. i r) It aaa a ?' r oaa metrn d, aa l he s-ketm. m ic i.? at it set - ? * a 1 iatb?r vean si t.cnit t* d g the r gray*, a Uitif wvfe s .I, (tatniQiT?? W lk? mclbcf earth. would the/ doanrtb.^g * (Ytm.) H4 Koped tb? y would prove tbeir sincerity at taepo.'la. for, qu?te be, ?' Mow la tbe accepted time, and now la tbe day of (/oar political) salvation." tipetklng ot Mr Bucbanaa, ae called bun ? locofooo or tbe wont school and ? most ra pacious politician. He swillows, said be, whole empires at a seal. Cuba, Vlotqulto, and tbe Guano Island* wjuM disappear In bla rapacious maw. Tbla waa an octioa of eject on nt brought by Miliard Fillmore in 1/eoalf of tbe p?ople of tbe United tjlate* to ejet tbe casual ej?ctor, franklin llerce, and all expectants, from too Watte House Would ihey turn tliom out* (We w II ) Wbo, be afrked, was Joi a C. fremont Ho wn? the candidate of tbe men wbo ban been te'ling them that they com miserate 1 Millard Fillmore. But when they can.a to oe tested it turned out that Fremont bad not a win ning card In bla hiud ex< ept tbe knuve. (laughter.) Pennsylvania had given Fillmore four votes for every ono abe bail given Fremont: aud It would be louLd to be ao all over th? I'nion, A^a'ti he urged Uit-m to aUnd to tbeir colors, and If lUntr (lag waa stricken down to fall with n and leave not ft miserable wretch to tell the tale or tbe disastrou sco^Uict In which their liberties bad been stricken down. At ibta time tbe square presented a must animkted ap pearance. Torchlight processions were ma'chioc pa-t, w tb music and acclum; ?ky rocketa were esc an ding Into tbe air, and ever and anon came choeri from tbe other plai 0( ms Mr. Watki??, of New York, waa then Introduced to and addressed tbe meeting. The I* all feitmt f'orgrry Caw. CONTINUATION OF THE EXAMINATION?FCKTH Ell DIS COVKME8 AND ADDITIONAL COMPLAINT^?MM KOUCfKIKT EXPECTED DAII.Y?TIIK FRAUD HA? NOV KEACHED ?H HH.H AS FOUR UUNDliED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS?ROBBERY OP HUN TINGTON IN PRISON BY A COMPAMOrf IN DURANCE VILE. 11m investigation In the caae or Charles D. Huntington, the Wall street broker, now oonQned In tbe city prison on charge ol having torged the signatures of a large nam bur of tbe leauiag mercantile bouses In thia city t9 pro mlMory notes, wiu continued yesterday at the Lower 1'olice Court bofore Justice Connolly. Several fre^h com plaints were made agalust tbe prisoner, and a large num ber of new forgeries Vcre brought to light, wLich wlil undoubtedly swu'.l \hc ftg^rcgiti ot the f' . 1 to more tbiic half a million of dollars Officer Bowyer, who bus conducted the CMC from the ooa.menceir.cnt, la actively cn^sgtd In searching for far ther evi l-nces of lorgery against the accused,and it Is ex peeled that ireab revelations will be made dally for at least a week to come, as there are se veral firms !n the city whose names have not yet appeared In print in con auction with this cute, alio havj uUo had eztonaive rorgerioa committed spon them by Huntington. Tbe pn.??ner was robbed of *'200, a lew dayaago, by a con painon In durancc vile, who pioi.od ILt broker's pocket, anil bid the cash In the wuter closet or the cell The tbler, however, was detected in tbe operaton o ? towing away Ute money, and was quickly compelled to dwgorge. Tbe following Is a >?.* ?"># of what transpired la the Fo lice Court yesterday in coantciion with Huntington's cace:? Mtsers. 'toeneli Brawn .V Hall, of Barclay atrect, have hao their name* forged to two noiea, as fellow* ? (fee at ? months, dated May U.', lHoo, for ?*.8!S 04 One at 4 months, dated ?ept. 8, 1350, lor 4,au0 On Total $9,413 04 Konton, Lee .V Co., of .Vo '22 Cortlandt street, depoeo In havirg tbe following notes forged in their name:?. (Hie at 9 months, dated May 18, 1?66, for $5,146 04 (Xe at 9 months, dated May U2. 1860 tor f>,8U 11 Total $10 !>M 14 Urr?rM. liootij. Tattle A: Co., of No. INI llroadwsy. have d^corertd aantber forged promissory note upon them, as lollows One note at 1 months, dated July 9, 18Df, for.. *4,3% 83 Total $1,394 83 Mersrs. Waldo, Berry L Co., or Broadway, have found snotler forgery up m them aa tiliovs ? ('te note at 4 month*, dated Ang. I, I8D8, for. >5,000 00 Total tA.OJO CO Mtsets Tiilta, Grlswotl K<lly,ol' iiroad?fty, allep? 'list i ?> lc ? than lour promissory notes have been lorgnd in their name a> lollowa ? One iote at 9 months, dan d May 4, 1V.6, for... $4,800 It Onr note at $ months, dated ?>ept. 1, ISM), r(>r., fl. is:; -jo one note at 4 monttia, dated <eft. 1, 18?fl, fo.r, 6,617 to One note at 0 months, dated Soft. 1, l?V , tor., t.w 1 oo Total $27,491 1? Many, Baldwin & Many, of 49 John street, bare bad teo forgeries commuted upon tbom, as rollj vs ? One sol* at V montLs, dated day 13,1?6C, f ir $4,000 00 One note at 9 months, dated Msy 23,18&C, for.. 4,00C 00 Total $4,000 oo The *. N. I<alc A Co., of No. 18 Warren street, male afll davit tlatthe following forgery was perpetrated upon them ? (n e note at 9 m> ttbs, dated June 13, 18(0. fir. $J,313 41 Hs.cke*.t, Btlcber A Co , grocers, of No 2C I'our I street, bsve d covert J the followag adeittonsl forgeries:? Ore tote at 6 months, dated Juno 1, W>h, f >r . $6,Tdl 91 t>ne note at 4 months, dated July A, l*6t>, fcr.. 6.519 00 )>ue LOlc at 4 months, dated Julf 9, Ibiti, for . 6,61t 00 (?tie ncte at 1 months, da'cd July 10, l?Vf. for. 6,961 00 'Jte ncte at 3 moi.ths, dated July 26, 1S5?i, lor. 5.0JO 00 One note at b mouths, dated rio()t 1$. '866, for. 4,'.?i8 14 One nolo ai t mouhs, dat .d sfopt 14,18S>6, for. 4,442 34 Total $37,259 41 T.acy, Irwin & < o , of No*. 2Ut and S2j Broadway, hav(? bad four prom if or jr notca I or fed in tbtir a*n.c, u fiiiow*:? "no bole at 4 mont'in, dale J Aug. 12. IMA, !or. $? C01 OA One note at 4 mm tin, da cd Aug. ^C, I86d, lor. 8,000 00 < >u* note at 4 month*, flatod Ut 1, 1*64, lor . 4.4-ii 63 C'nc note at 4 month*, dated Oct. 2, 18.0, for., 4.tut 18 total $11,916 6* M<nra. Treb< II, .Tenn;n*H A. Co , ol No. 'it CortUndi ?tr?ct, dcpoeel to baring their oamta fonrcl to one note, ?a follow* ? lit a nota at 8 month*, dated Jane 1, ISM, for.. $6,568 00 Total $?,&? 8 00 kr?*r* I'badHI, Pterroti k lake, u( No. 41? Ilroadway, have dlMorrrcd threo additional lorgerle*, aa loliow*: ? "to nota datod Judo 0, 1H50. 'or $'>,'>84 61 "oo nolo datod Aiijunt 'J. ISM, lit $6,88;; :i4 l>n? note dated Mepl. 1,1849, lor 6,0o0 00 Total is >07 (ft Mcatimaat T>w.r. T'l am t t^rfr | up-n Bnantll, Brown \ Hall....$0,.113 04 " ?' l-oe. Kenton k Co. 10!*t0 1t ? Hootb Tattle .V Co 4 3 ?$ 8t " ?' ?? Waldo nirrjr \. Oo ft 06$ 00 ?' " ToOU, ?rl?*rold .V Co $7.1*4 13 " " Han;, Baldwin A. Oo 8,0Ot IX' " " * Tlioa Dal* Co *,13 00 Harlrnt. Btk-ber .v Co 37,21# t4 m ?? .. Trary. Irwlo A On $4,074 8$ " " " Trnhcll J*aatngi>*Co ... 6,408 m m i? ?< i bedell, Fieraoa K Lake. . lo.;>?7 94 Total $18$ ?r>0 96 amoi.di pravioueiy inecitoatsl 317,946 oo Grand lota) 480,706 96 The Tut f (Md!? COfRfl. I.. 1 ?TttOTTTNO. A Tory ppirite i trrtt eg mau-b for $1,000, mile b.ate beat tbrae ia Otr. came o I on Monday afternoon, bet w>* n g. g. Hawley and b. f. Jack I'otter. llawlej wan ia tbrr< -fi ght beau. Jack Potter waa keartly haodl eapf"' |/> 400 1b. wagoa aa l driver, Hiwley going la larr ?. Tbe rax e waa wall contented, and better tlaie ?ade than wa? anticipated. Tba belting prertoaa t> an 1 tv rougbout tl<. raoc waa .a faror ol Hawley a', about oop b'itd??d to eijhty, and very large amount* were pot u.d on Iba re*ult Alter tbo tint heat beta were made that Jack Potter wouM tro4 in . 44, which were won. Hawley kaa a very provoking way of breaking tip ;a the drat half m of h beat, but for wh cb bo wo aid get down pretty well la tbe tbirtlca. lie trot* he laat half Mile very fan, averaging 1 :lf la tbe proaeat la ?iante, and wttialog when tia < kancee ware auppoaad to be eat.rely oat. Ha la la Ute banda of ono of tba very beet trainer* and drUrr* in tbe nonatry, and no doubt wll Improve, aa all horeea have otot whl. b that tndl vidua! baa had <-.>n?rol. Tbe to .lowing ta a *utnm iry ? t|i?"jT, (trt $r?Tmtt'ng match, $1,000, mile beau, bc?t three la $ve. T * heipiry earned g g Ilawtey, l^iame**,.. 1 1 fi W?it<>n aamnd b g. Jack latter, to 400 lb. wagon aad driver 2 j Time, C 44-2 41?J 42. CHXTTtKriLLK t m tutn, L. I.-?TKOTTTH?. Maraav, Oat. -0 ?Trotting match, $:joo, mile bcata, beat Uirea in flte. to wafoat. Hr. Hnenlkfr named g. g. Jim ree'd forfeit. R Woaarnn earned black galdmg paid forfait. dealt r*lrndar-Thla Day, Prrnamt Corar?Ci*crrr ? Part lit ? No*. 28*. 264, *'4, S!*7, 80$, 8V8 65?\ 821, 896, 1074, $4$, 494, 401, 11*1,1801, ISM, 88$, 847. 540. lo.ti, 830. $?'. 1740, 1781. 1016. M*. 1817, 1440. 1801, 1854. 078, 1746, MM v ;5?, Part II?83$, IIO. 162". 1851, 1841, 10$1, 1969, 5017, 2181, 48$,$96, 104I,*J6M, 209-J, '-112, -1340, -18$, llO, Ml, 4? 5 4f?. 409. 417, 471 478^ Prrsna 0>r*r?9p<?iai Term?l*t Claaa.? Noa. $0, 3$. $<li a*'.?No* 48 M/lOO, 111, 11$, $, 11, 17, $6, $9, 101 it . 138. 147, 180, 106 w liairan S*?r** Lfumucf 0un*?.?Noa. lft, 1$, 18, $7, 21, $?. "0. 8T9, *?, ?. H, 74 rif 144 (7$, 1$$, 064. $H $96, S$$, $89, 46$, 444. 406 4(7, 4t ?; 4$t?. 411, 41$, ?$0. 411, 483, 4M, 416, 487, 488 43" THE LATEST IlKWSi BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTINS TELECflAPHt, Tin ? r.p?i tid Ennprin Mutmin. yrnHtc, Oct. ai??p. m. There were no eigne of the slammer North Aukit.omb a* *nt the IUver dn Loup, at 8 o'clock this evening, Mm m now Id her fourteeatli dty from Lirerjool. Oct. 21-11 P. * The etesmsblp Aral/la, now in her eleventh day m| frt .a ! I vet pool, h*3 noi been equalled ofl this port ujtyi the present bo? r. From U'uhlngton. tbi: PKr.?iD?xr's ?a.xqp*t?tiu. coMUisaiOKEa^air 01" PAThNTS. Wifiiret.TOX, Oct. 21, 1<M. The entertainment given t>y the President last ni?tat waa a very brilliant a J air. There were upwards of twe hundred invite J g neat* present, Including the eiheen ft the IMstrict of Columbia Regiment, the members of ttm cislo committee prominent in the reception hou rs of Um President on bis rotnrn to the seat of government, to gether with the Mayor ant members ot the Cit. CouneM, ex Mayors, members of the Cabinet, beads of tin mat, officers o. the army and n?/y, and other publio func tionaries. The murine b:>nd of music enlivened Mm In tervals. Messrs. Galea and Seaton. editors of the intdIt gencer, and Mr. Nicholson, or the Vnivn, were llkesrteeka attendance. The company embraced all colors andabadee cf poll Ics. The relreehmenta were on a magnlleaaa fcaic All who were prsaent speidc in terms of eulogy ad the boepltal.iy o the President, and o! the wnrm-anslsl leclmgs wbich throughout p-eva..ed. It waa the largest gathering ol the kind at lite White House d .ring Um pra aint administration. Tbe Commissioner o' Patents haj been tndveed to wttk <1ra.. h:s rco.gnatlon of that ollxa Ue will leave to day on a temporary visit to Iowa. the Prott-MTMi.t Eploropal Convention. PBllAMXi'ini, Oct. 21, 18M. I'urirg the st-sekm or the Episcopal Convection Ms morning, the Buchanan appeared and task hla seat amid the Pennsylvania delegates. Tbe House ot Deputies waa notified that the Hoaee td r.thbops ha<! created Kansas and Nebraska into a iniparaCC missionary d'.ocess and nominated Rtv Dr. Ciartea, ?d Waterbury. Connecticut, bishop. A debate ensued, eod much oppasltioD waa manifested to the erection of fed dlocees, as It deprived Rishop Kemper of a portion af Ma missionary field. A resolutlou was offered, de claring it inexpedient at the present time to create the dlocess. This resolution was negatived on a vote by dlocesses. The clerical vote stosd, yeas, 11; saya, IS ?six dloceeacb divided. The lay vote stood, yaaa, 4< naj?, IT?two divided, ,*udge Chambers, of Maryland, submitted anvther r-toluilon. It expedient In torm tbe diocets. The mover's object, apwrootly, inn to d? fea' tbe measure, aa he expressed a detrrmtnaltaa to vote afaloat his own reso!-:tl >n. A spi'lted debate aa sued np<>n the motion, pending which a roceos waa takm till tbe evening. The House was prepared for the election of a nnwr Bishop, and many who voted agalnat the expediency of ? row Episcopate spoke in the b gbeat terms of UM nn min<e. Tbe resolution declaring it expedient to create llie new dlocess. subsequently ta.ied tor want of cooturronoo Ms iwo orders. Tne rotsoluiian for the election of Or. Clarke hats" then laid ou table. A ropoaltion to id ,uiee of bishops what action bad bren la*en on the memorial IB relation to the Boo^ of Con . u Prater, was InU ea tbe table. After the uaual religions exercises, and reading a pas toral letter by the senior bishop, tne Convention ad journed, it . Jiit, at 11 o'clock. Dense Fog on tbe lluUioii?Mn\ tgntlsa ad Klght Suepeii<lr<l. alust, Oct. 31, lMd. Tho change la :he atmosphere has caused such a tMok hesvy fog on tbe river, that navigation I. nearly oaa ptndcd. vessels dare not depart fiom tfce wharves. Tbe steasers for New York could Ml leave laat evening at 7 o'clock, the usual t me, and two of tkM did not start until ? o'clock th s morning. Tbe boats, Iks Isaac Newton ICip Van Winkle and Commodore, wttsfc left New York at 0 o'< lock last evenleg. did not arrive here unci 4 o'clock tale afternoon. Tbe fog is again rising from the water and It Is doubtful w Dot her any Hat will Uave until mornlnf. Mounts ss of Ire'gat ra main on tbe w'arvet Ibr shipment to New York. PM eengtrs take the cars during tbe continuance ol the tag. The Indian* Ktnte Kir* Hon. Ci?t:?Aii, Cct. SI, I860. Return* from elftbly right cointie :n India ml, parity official, are received. The democrat* oliim * Ukard'e election by 7,000 majority, while the republican* gtre bits j.tOO. The democrats have r.z CoofreauMa, aaf tba republicans probaMy lire but the returns art MBI incomplete and wc cannot give the positive retail tar Congressmen. The Oklo (nugrtielonal D.'lejpitlnn. C.s s\AV. (>ct. al. ISM The Coogreeitonal rote !n Ohio abotra the eieoUaa at right democrat* an<i twelve rep hlican*. TbU doaa net iLrlude I. D. Campbell's <t atr.ct, a* the eie<"t.on of that gentleman la to be contrite d by Mr. Yali bis opioncnt, on tbc gru .nd of '.ilc^a! voting. CiwwuTi. Oct. 21, IMC Tba democratic delegation connleta ol H?r?. ttraaa ber'N, Pendleton, Ackereil. Cox, Rmna, Hall, Millar mt lawrenca; and iba republicans. Meaara. Bitghaaa. Hliaa, llorton. ( lddlnf. Harlan. Mott, Nichols. laater SUl (?Uorinaa, Tom pk Its, Wade, and probably Oampbell. Narylaixl Waif fair. BtTTtmaa, Oct. 31, ISM. Tbc atbibttica ci( mi le and hors<* at the fair xrooaila here la very arg" and attractira. The riaitar* are au merout. Hit at Onrge. Own n, Oct. tl, ISM. A Are broke on| tbla morn og about one a'clack la Clark, Cn\ la X l'rrr> a wagoo ? iop, deatroy n? b *b thai and a dwed'ng, owned l>y Metiri. Ih-il k Hyatt Laas inni'anc 91 *00. Thr *b->p ta aiippoaad to hare c* tM liro from Qrrworks u-edat I ho de ucrallc pra ccestoa. IVntli of T?ii Prominent ltn>tonlana. B -?Tii*,' *t. 11. l*M. Fdwa'd D. Petera, f>'v, died at bis naideoce 1a Haa bnry tbla moraiag Newell Miirt? ?ant, , ded suddenly at his rail la lioy!?toe street laat erratic They were both well kaown mercbaata of tbla oity. Itoafon Wrrkly Hank hialrmmt. nr?T i, i >at ai. ism. I 'Mowing are tba tort lot* o* our waakly baa statement lor tbc pact week, compared with tbota of tl previous week ? CM. 13. Capital ft ark 9Sl.i'?0.?*0 Loans and aiaoonnta l*cia 5,4'.#i,i)00 Am i due fr<>a other baakf ".407,000 4noant due to atber bans ??. 4.6T* 0(0 f)rt?ettB ... la.tno .oo Circulation. 7,9T'.:,0#0 Masks ta. ruiLiPSLrniA stoc k board. I*hu \nrimu. <>ct. 21, ISM. Pinna) van la k'a, H4 Rraotng Railroad, M; lx?n In land Railroad, 12%; Morris Canal, 13 ,, l>eaaaylraalB Railroad, 40 ,. New Ou:ai*?. OjI SI, ISM. Cotton?Haloa lo dav. 4.MHJ eaiea. at a decline of >te. a ?4?. We quota middling at 11 '?c- ? H)<c. Kxrbaagaaa I oadoa, v per ceat premium Ca*?'m?r opt 21. ism. Cottoa?talca today 1.M0 bafc? al roll prlcea MM dllag fair. U ,?s a U",e. rtigar?Saiaa S00 bba. mtaoa ra io at S.'.e. firt n_ll A. M. Thera la HtUe gram ofleelng Barley?Salea of S.SM bnehela mixed at II I? * boat? Nnlea of S.000 buskati white <"m adiaa al SI 91. Cora la loli at Mj^e. a 9fr. Wnlakey IMC. m _ . ?rr uto, Oct 11?l p. ?. Flour lower ftuea 400 hbla at M a M 19 for aotd la extra W.- onain *4 f>? fbr double extra Indiana. WkaM lower. 2Mea S.100 baabela white MHwankle at St m. Oora lower. HaJee 31,000 bnahola at Mo. oa Ika aaat, aad 54e. to air!re. Barlay?1-alaa S,000 baabak priwa rnatc al SI SO. Canal fraighta?lie lor oora, aad 'Ja fbr wheat to Naw York. Reoelpta yeatarday -II.IM bbla. il' ur. IS7.384 boabrla wheat iM,282 buabela oora. Caaal exporta? 5S?1M buabela wheat, 17,0M huahala ? 11,368 buabela oala ?1 B? -1 A'O. Oct tl-S P M. . t h nr dull aad tower; tales 1.000 hbla , al M for good la extm Mlaaourl, S? W a M 37 Ttr cboloo to extra Obloaarf loaw.1 a. Wheat tower; aalea of I0.S00 buabela. at 91 ? lor Mi waukie clnb, aad SI 39 fOr Mtlwaukle white OM lower: iale" 70,000 hv*bcla. at Mc Barlay?aalea S.9M buabela prlaie Htato. at 91 29. Oatl freigbta to Naw York, i9<- tor oora and 39o tor wheal. Raaeipt la tka iwraty for.r l ours up to noon to day?9.^90 9Ws. floor, SO S< 1 Miabrla wheal, and 28 i.'iO do. oora. Canal e? m?i?-S,994 buabela wheal, 34,094 da. aara, aad 9,MB do eatt. _ 0*wrr;o, Oot. *1?T P. V. do rora Canal em-'fto- M0 hbls. UvW, HW I whtst 1T,W?