Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1856 Page 2
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wayn a? M?i>o*Uni 'I'n.iH !n ihoforr rr-etrle] yiswpertly m satiens; m imr pnpu ution we have add. a mere than >.U mlt less Mil w ou- Inaiibtrial pro uct all -hat whlah <prinfi from m? tmproveoi- at*and screaked men tm and f/bysu *1 vigor If it were ?o t'Ot).ua? t iaj ui 1*?0, 11 serum.) > lu? ovaresfamateri at ?4.MM.UV0.0M in IM>6. n nitty KMki that uix is but ? nerr a woiltMitoa to ?h* '.ruth. 1 grain it bnt t is approximations only ih*t are attainable. Ht-?ti?ti ai information ha? b**sa h.therto ?mScr Uie ban of oar governmont. U ? recently only that t lailed it. formation aid baen sought. ud our oen'-iS >?Mrai have burn mwredtM twuie they *ir? aper feci. Th?i of manufacture*, giib-re I Dy tie (overs ment in l*tO, have act ye; be?o printed. I do not indervalue territorial acquisitions, t>ut i have ao hesitation in saying thai ptrfect kuowUdge of ?or mluxtry an J oor capacity for taduati .al results would be more valuable to u.i than the an ?taxation ot the Unicaa Statee to t h-> republic fltau?tn-al tr l'om.?tion is to a people wbat the i ig Is to the navigator, or the balauc.e iheet to the merchant. The m eaani|.led 'grewth ot Wentern cities is at much owing u> tbe c nataiit and minute publication ot the facts attest ing their advance as to aoy otlt -r cause. Out of the r!c treasures et accurate and complete ?Utist:.'*J return? w ??nifi draw conclusion* fmr more surprising thaa tha which baa t tar lied you, and deduce a pni oaophy as fal of Infraction and bea-ity as any which springs Irom a r?oti mplauor ot tbe ideal or phytdcal world. Ifou were pleased to remark uj<ti the taeiluy with which the results ofotir unlti*ti> was stated in m.lliona and thou ranc* ol mil! our I (tewred on'y t,? ^res-at an Adequate idea of tbe ^ndus'ry 01 thiny mi lion* of people io 11 iurer, which always -<iand for limited quantities. lf'you preler It. 1 wlUgive you, as a Fuohiituto for my Heard, the ?ot>er and > laid wotds of Mr Calhoun, who said that a cor -option of the promote comaiercal Industry of we m**i?.*ipji valley, tot o> tc? I'nioa "was beyond the power or any man s imagination ' You are pleated a'so to contrail, n det'.ng terms, the ecianaerce o: <he 'ndus with that of tho South ern states. It is tot tbe Grst time that the commerce ? tbe East bit* been thus li.ncredlted. Wh?'tt r.r-)ill?fc mere bums w?re cnafaroring to enUrre ih'ir commercial relations w:th tho rast. >t was inrart ??y <*e"iar*<i that tb? traj* of the Ind'- 'g could cot be la ?reaswi You, fo, al?o raotsi t i the future uy the pre sent, aud oceriook'ng ihe el<menus ol power wBicu con rtltm* a capacity tor comnDir.'o? and pup?lau.>n and ca |Mal?asetice tb?t the sc,.th<?rn ^ial?* ha *e a oommer ctal future equal to that ;>ofh' ?bea by seven IriDdrqd nulltonsot people, witii toe accvSD ilatu.l caoita^ ol oeu hsrt<s. and alunitteee terntirt, of wii. h any ooerit 'e ??uid supply the Aorld with ^very var.cty ot tropical wealth kjnem of comm?roe >s cot measured by sxlst Mg trade merely but by ;><*?.lie ??a^ac'ty f >r product ?n4 -x?csugc. You mirht as ?-e ' ?: clare a g .ancut.aad wnrthirss *)? cause it b?a uo vijue stsn >'i? x vered. But "?the South. ' >i:it?ay, tbe v?ry ir 'ies. ' 111 what regard. ml tVe are to.4 th.?t '?"" uc ""1 are d ;t.Egai?lert by a som r a'Kin of onsto, that the ptiopta an Fepara'il Mbelaese*. ct wbtc.l> only the 'ipner cU?s "1 aliowed to reeetve or Impart .alornattou: thai [r'vate or pi.bnc wrtiugs are aveaged by ??>??-?ur, who oan?utote a" '?order'' m the >ate. ' lVay. sir. That MattltctM the Soith - the very In..ieF ? ,c.d w&o are the Thugs of lbi< ?ewi? di?covere<t ?i*at of ?."eaild Ko. sir.*ib-' 'uups of tee ft twu-rn h mlapbere are not the ?'Oi'.lherB u ateti Tney w'.li u! loalely he IclcJ ? ather o the S^ .ll.ern Ooa'.ment !t ?.s not however, .a Ihe West, aiose, that tr" sh<>';:d loo^ for lire, w to car nomwerctal eatsrprue. Vo pent u j teas shoa'.d restrain aa. Tbro' ghout ae gia-e eaa; sod waat, north ard ?natb, we tt>.- Id seek tua? acaumu:ai<OD of wcallh which rvwarow euli*Tiuncu commerce and gives. In tbe lan guage o: Mr Walter Ka cipa. ? with ;ho world's weai^i, the lonquest of Uie world. ' Allow me, sir n ooi>eluslos, OLe word of apotogy. ?j spe.<' h ?? as ruad^ ao Jer circumstao :?w of mjcteao barnuiiment. I had been sc<id<soly summoned, by tele graph to aucnd the meeting re- era* uays earlier than Me d?y Qrst ap"'>tnted. 'ar as its language w? ??ecerneU ti was deiHerwi without the premediutica of a single moment. Witain twelve hours from the ticie when the last word war spoken it wm in print, retd/ tor distriboticn through the mail*. The report was without the rtvit'on or knowledge of tae s(-<ta?er asd the rtportcr couii, by ao poeaibihty, have ?Mtcl^atcd an idea or touic ot the speech. An audrest of ?wo boors, reported and published with rcmarsable ac taract under eoch crcimaunres and In so b>lef a time, woai'i have s-g/cFted to auy ooe not utterly '".in Jd n Km past, a pons I btJlty, at least, that other remarlcable in Sirrial results niifLi have been produced. You failed toappic-'ale either; hoi I trust that tho nwrcbtcU of } Mr cliy uahtng due allowte>-< for ? wcrd or Kntenco miareported or misvprkeo, will r*adiljr aliait tLat tifslly '..xpertact ^dvjices mir hare been made in other Mdost.-tai I'ursult* sinoe the days of Con?ul Plan h is. When Oeorge the First was young. Wtoh ffttlog acknowledgements to toooe, wbo, by invtt tof your critw-'jim*, have afforded me an opportunity c( explanation and reply, 1 am Tery truly, your follow a?toee fee., N. P. BASKS, J*. OHIO. A??RE?B or THE OHIO 8TaT?: CUTU1 COKtCTTKE TO THK HfcMOCRaCT. Ohio Da*. Kaaccrivic Coavrrrnt > G^nmc, Oct. lit, 18*6 j r.i* ItiCKio ? or Ow<. ? Hm tm?(? ol bailie out yet *u)ty cleared away, yet t??Dic( enough to ja?ufy a -bo jt ol rtriorv '"enc ijiTuit. Lfc? Keyateon Mate, and Indiana, iDe Hooaicr Plata, havi- b??a true to ibe Oi-mocracr and ttie Colon Mw. bowevtr, bo* brra uitru* hy a plara ity, rang og hat Htt.i' ttom ib?t Of Chase. In lJb5. The repabltcana bar* elected tlietr - la e t;-.ket. and. a? tn .SS5. only by a aairo'ity of tba % tea ca>t at tor elect.kb, ?a ths ruj or Ibe dea ocraue an<! American paruea combined exceed tba' of tbe can part}, Yrt, we bars much raacon tar ae f praUe at tbe re?ult In tbla -*ai?, for, although we have loaionr State ticket, we have elected our i?od.<ta'-m tar rep>c?'Btativei in eight ; ' i.f aaiooal dt?trtcta?all gam??and in lhrr? otber dtatrlcla an ag ?ragate of Bra burdrrd cenxxraX rolee la ai dltlou 10 tboee given, witici hart locreaeat! our buiblMr ol rapreaenutirea In OwgT'M to ? majority in tne Con^r?lemal deleiratTno Trnm ? >hto. h m tbr-'ugb oar irniwri of t oaproaa that oar prtntl pin arc known. Tbe mumrm elected in PaoBtylraa a. Indiana anfl Obli change tb?i pollttnal c rmplexion of tba Mlt Houar or KrpreMnlailre* in Coagreea ibau, wo aaf, a* we hare cootnt?ni#d ao largely in maktog >01 tbia Important rttuh. we oan properly claim fjr oar au?.e?e to Oblo a riciorr The nuLdred thousand majontr placgel at 'he Republican >atlontt Cuoreauoo baa shrink tn until i ha? t* orae a m?re ibadow. Oar Mala titbit sboald bare bea- elected. ?'ot the aaprtci orbUd majorities la republican counties have de termined tb*'result against na. 0<ir rote la larger tbaa reer polled by u? in tore, yet we are lb the m DWin this leads ua to inqilre Into <omr ol tae causes of our a* Vat We bare good reason to be l>rs that tbe rote of Ibe State baa "vera a?gmiMed by :u? tat' tea from ahraal be our i-pponectr. md by every other msirumeo aitty a reck lea* i nrmy could d-rlee, er?n negrrwa, b<as? ?< 4arknrts. bare tn rep' bitcau localities barn permitted In rets, ib daHacie of trie sncatWouon and Uw? 01 tbe Mate. Vt do aot 'eel bt all ctacourged by oiir want of ?ur Mr on the c<mtrai-y f>-ei tnat Ohm will fire bar el^io %i rate for the ?tai>H?rd b<arere o'tbe d?tn<w acy. vt? aaanrn beitera tlat lb in groat Cute, tbe flit born of t t<s gtfl of Virg ala to freniom?<*u "? *> uu^raMiul ai ae*:ra to ?uaf. js'jc 'ur tb j cliord* oi t.\oA, ?AtuVf \y act tntere?t, wt "-b Mod t.'.rn K^eUi'r U * now clearly Cetr.ooaira'^d that Bichntac tn1 Breckn ndga w H ba tbe r?xt f*re?Ho?t and Vtca Pren dent >A the rej/rbllc?the dacae havgnne forth. Oj roe aay I tat tbe people w tbe earer :<aty pr^aoun^uU tho trteTorai'ia itun ot republlcaBtaoi, oert ed agaloat dli rord and ; ervonatMin tod m laror m the great diinuiiea Ht priori >1* of ??lf jjorerb'neB , as I in Uror of Uta COf) atf i.t >n aai Ct'.on aa they ???. Republi ai.-rti baa notbl g more to ctroggle la*, tba Mow t-aa he- a given Ul1 U awml'a ots!y tbe ilea of Uv r lo ul a t Ita a?t ?pteit g breath. The ?HCt< ral <otr of wlti ma';e ao d Q-'roBie ia the rrrolt, } a , we wnu'l htra her j-rtn la tbe the almost abac.-non* detnrmt'.auoo of thit tm ?? riant oampiiga Tbta to wo k, gird uu \cir armor. 10 t?au!" acain for Ma coaaMatlrn and the tTblM, co??drle yonr org*n ? Hob. gvard yoar ?trnigb< I- r. and eha'ge npxi the w> ** ptarm ol the >aemy. Von nowkaow toem. do yo'ir doty aad anocewe wli crowa y<n>r ?J >rta ftrmocrata, (hall tbe t (bt of the fmirth of NotremSor permit oa lo *akd ab eiern*e ayark to tie ooafteaa of the awcej. aan 'ua log that Okio la nweothrailed, rng'-ne rated. U.a her Irae people bare choton fraodom I ?r thi ??h'e rather man freedom tor tbe blank raoe hat her vote* la lor aa ramuU>at?d cr.natti itmo. aa anbrnke'i ('nion and fhr the tried, faithful, rtal^-manllke maadar t beareri of Me ' en.ocrary? 'arnoa Buchanan, of I'oaaayl Taa la aad labn C. Brrshinridfe, of Kaatucky. fl. *r iaRY. Chairma i. Jon* P Piot-on, Ac'Jng Secretary. > SYM Vi ?KK. adkbiw^ not m* prHOcntTt.- artTK coniimi TO TUB m.MOCHATlC F.LECTOn OP THK STATI OP ?W TOKK. I>ii<iw rhmorxei* ?Tbe elec'iona la I'ennryIraaia aad ladtaaa bare dat.doi lite nat>ona' coateat, aad r?a dared certain the cbotce of Jam"* M cbanan Tor Preeldent. aad John C. Brackt' ridge *or VHB Preaidett A damo cratc majr'rty lb th? aeit Oottgreaa la already aeenreti Tbe policy of tbe demo ;rattc party , aa declare! la th-> Ctoemaati platform, la taerefore airnady Battled aa tbe policy ?f tba nation The 'adoral talon h?i egiiht (a ?a rirength aad glren aaenraoce of ita Impragaahlliiy ny tba Brmaeaa with wbkoh n baa wtt^aumd the iem ja? of taaaUeiam aad the ?bo> k of aec'.ioaai ootnhinaUotB Tbe cooatitaUoD baa been rladteated, aad m now mor? Armly tbaa erar aachorad la the bearta of tbe people -nte aertl?nal ^ueatioa which baa dMnrbad urn public mind with aoch lajurtotie agHatioa. willf be aettlad by being rewarded to the p-opie of the oommualtl*a laf?> raated to a*ttla hr themaal raa. Tbe ntarnal peaoe of li? aaantry aad ito honor aad mteraeta abro.1, wl I h? main tataed by the -o. ghl- ned rtateemaaablp aad derotad patriotism of Jam** Ba< hauaa How let New York be r?daam?1. The ramtlamg con taat la thia Ktnta ralalaa oaly to tbe <jiiaatlon of Ibe per maaanot if mlagorarnnaaat ia tbia sHaM, or tae raatj a tarn of desnjjratic rale. In the re> etr. COn<eat a I'enaey ranla aa I Indiana, 00r Mpoaenta Pare ??raalod Ibe bollowoaaa and hfpru'iiy ? all their preten?lo?au riu?,.le The? have wn.)fht t? avail tlwwnaelrae ?.**"'y ??>rm of coa luoo and hare baxarded Ihe moat daag'-t?.? Mtcitem?nu, aad employed Ike greanoet Oorruf^ioo ^ ,w~?. r.e.dlea, of ail otber ohjocta e*oep? thai fo t?.^ ^ { ^ nbonld gire ^ ?/?.T^al InglnlaUoa, aad of the moneyed iilnea..^ a ?,a4yrt ,I(, ?Tb.? enter tpon the oonteat 'orpow..|a i*, tbe er Id ear* of their lalaenea. io prince hraM"f*'" i *nd yet Ibey hare the bar.i hood to ar , J ' "i to gire tbem their ?0tet and tic.r eena iej, , tbem in further degraomg 'he Fonslre -Ka^ w- oncalr 'iiatiBg policy and rachleaa rr'?gi-?mm-et ?a da not believe thai aay demoerallc. Hector m the wtM naderetanda tbe preaeat t?atttoa * polltw*. *? fj'11bthe twaMir oMtbT'da-noorBhc Mono** of tb.? ? . . ^gorra* aad onacerterl eflort. negnn bow aad TTl "L the Mb day nf Voremher, to mem a ma ?f the Aaaemhly, mid *? P?b? '?rhtw """???* Kmmm j parker aad Joba C. Y*darhiii re dTITid we mart Im.uie iho erampie of our demo ^ to UH ^ m* m m , ^ BUM of Indiana. which now speaks to as srttto 10.000 majosity 1b Uoae Sutaa Itea J mocraia made U>e oon te?l a question of principle. Tbuy ippwiml ko U>? roes >u oi in.- peopit, ano deluded U?? >ietnocri?io poooy by e? bbita* ine c?>a?> a?i ot UMir pr wipie* mo wom ot It or | oj>p> unb la Ux troaa o<bt ol tbe ooaatttutloa ! I*i if? democraia uf Near York tallow I be* exawple. ' I/rt tb< ui 'orcc their eppoaenta lo a dtscuiMlon of quej not* of a Htalo nature, aa well aa those ol general policy, now involved in tiie conteat Triod by the glorloae ooc tiiiuticu oi our oooimiMi ocuulrj, tf.ey i?re Iteeu airoiJy louoa aanting >>y th* people, and stand oondemned Let 1 them bo fc? the n?late constitution, and they will be fouid equally guilt) 1 Tb- tu turj of tbe present constitution ? but the record ' of tho atu-iupta of if-t people to guard UMnuflvee and their poaterry from the schemes of tbeae spendthrift par 1 t)/.ur? and of tlw cmon a'tons in the I.enis'atare and Uut iihbv, anted by the connivance of the State and adminis trative departments, to aanul its reatrtcUona or orade ita Sp rtt. Let the drmocrau oi' the Ft a la devote the time which intervenes from this 'ay to that of the election to a eon teat to r?deem Sew York. Kcr Una purpose, let the cut ?ess ol ihe towaa and counties (which already nboea that the democracy can auccvcd) bo completed. Let the de mocrats at every central tov.n in each county attend to tbe ?ork of organization and to tho aioaemxauoo of .u torniailoo to every town aud ?tatrict. Il will not do to rely npon speeches from abroad; for every man who cin read ibe oumuiuiion of ha country ana oelievaa in its ipliit, who c.ui vpentc the wa.-rls cf ?< be-ntse and truth, and wbo ran inform fcis fellow 'lectors of the gaiunt d?-*ds uf ibetr brethren in other sutes, orator eLOugti tor an occasion like lb.a. * o appeal to tbe democrat-: of tie count.**' Lo>k a', ui'me Pert?c- your or-aniration and aioc?e the i ?;m of each school district to actioi. and 'ore id U? -m wua tbo proud pur,wee cfr? deem Of New York. I>c th'.n, and v-tory I* aaxarel. We utter eonvHtions derived f'om a careful ?looy of if?e oanVa-H, avi a c;?lru at<rf pi cdem estimate (J the rciauve -iraiif, u of pa-tit wteu we M?y, thai if hi> i> none Ui<^ Empire ?ate *il! t>? re' eemi>d; bT poltcy p'a<-el onc.^ .nc^Jjjvio a demo Toll - Vas:*. -ind herooupttiatiun vindicated from 'ue at tack* and perversion* or ber enemie-. I EaS K:CH." -vn. Cta.rmaa. ?h I u Kellay, R H 0??hrey. ?. . Prefnoy, Kcarj" Jr., .-ai . Kcwler.' H 4. !'el>-e w? . H. Ludlow, K. Baobard, <>< > <ge Beach, Jotn I'orter, K <? Stote. J L Ixwls, B. W Rjferf. Aa'.e ommiuee. ii A.iT. ?>ct 21,1?S?. CONNECTICCr. i-x-^knatob Baldwin kok ikemo-.t. The anbjolueti. 1-nc* ?b?*-i where that du:ic?t:i?itte^ mai. sttr in it thu rreildential coategt ? Skw Ha\K.n, Cwt. 20, 185?. Your letter ct the 18:h, in\Itine me on behalf of the fr'eufin of C>Uc(.e'. Kre!Iloa,. to addrcsa tie c't /ena of WarVord snd the n< ii'hbor'.rg t iwm on th>' preu iaaun involved in tbe pending President.?! canva'fi, ! bad the honor *o recr'.ve Uim mornng. IVepiy pymjiatLiatoc, ax I uo, w,th u j ie: ow citu-ioa, in w?oae b*b>ufyou made tbi> ieque*t in their earnest d>?ire to vib'lica'e aci munu.n the Irrat principles cmhod. -1 iu >.ne traly n* t'cual ac< M.BFiitatlonal | lalfcrm of tb* ConTcnt>~o wb ch coniUiat?d Coioutl Fremont, aed to whieb he io cordially and patriot! ally re?p-.nJud, I regret rt will not be Id i ly power lo comoiy with your iav itation. Having no tea vnili many cttiii'-na hitherto atuccedto dlflereni pirty organizations a tbe puoiic cal ?f ite Sta?e Crcvectioc, which ratified tbe no?n;ratioe pf Coi Fremont tor tbe l'roaidenoy and o*' Wm. L. CHytoa for the Vice Presidency?'c tbe ability and pafrotum of both cf wboin ! bare the foil oat coufliienr'??1 t<-jj not ?ay to ycu that I ardently detire their (ocinat. Ttke priBclple* which will be trubilabed by their elect on are duct. a< I am rul'y persuaded will t?nd moat effectually to pronote as they cid In tne earlier lerlodi of car gcre.-nmoni. th* ponce, proeperiry and union of the people of thi* freu republic and of the t-tatea which compose It. They are ihe pame, as well In reeprct to our f. reign ae to our do mestic policy, for which 1 earnoatiy contended durinj the atrbrgle* ot IM8-?4u and '50; and wb ih. lut for the la menud death ot !>?*)(]?? iaylcr, in tead of being aur reidered under tbe speclo'ia name of a, I have ever believed would then. In a er-'nt of piiriotlrru and juatl<-?, bare been arm'.v and oerttiin'-Qtiy r-nnSroed and e*t?bl?bed. V.<>Gsi-tS ^M?KESS or Titr*AN SMITH TO THE PKOPLE OF CON HkCTICtT. itoo* CrruKv*? Vera;, me to addreaa you briefly un the esisticg ci.tjecture ot public atlaira. The period i?a*. Land when tbe AtnerK-ao people must rte*.gnai? tbe ctr 7.en wbo Is to administer the executive < "partmeEi of tUe govetnm'nt fcr the lerm cf four year* from fbe 4ih of March sext. WNj shall he be ! Lay, unhestUtlnclT;. .fobn C rrtmoot I know him Intimately. I prononnce him weli qua!., ed ai,d worthy of all nonf ienna Hta cause ia lhat ofa iottj. gen?roia. i?*lnot!c aud troly na tiooal ctnitrvaiim. riwre :<j oo poa*t >ie evenae open ''T its* r?-? uirat'fn cf Utpnirc ot the cotutirf bat by eit tin# Colonel ?re?r.otrt to the Prer.neiscy. :t !-? uowtcrtain it.atthe alber*t.ta ui I promoter* ot tl?e mi?' bt?vou?? my, wicked ?pel cy o( the preeent adn,m?tiat'.oo will have a m?;oruy ia the two Hottau* of lue liixt CocgrtM. end ihouk! Mr. Hnchatuo be *t?H t?-d k may bo written down at certain thai. ?hl'D two je?r? fr??r the lonrth ol Uar*. next, K'? ? ?a* *11) be delivered up to tbo Moloofc o' ela very. >tie vli b? broogbt into tb<- t'Bion a* a eave stale, f-bat' tiiia bo ruhmttte-o to without a ?'.rue*l?? Shall we mi rebuke tbe luooauoae pri-'yo' repealil< the Mi? ar-urt o<mpr< mn-e T .-nail we not chaatia? tbe number lean orirati* lommlticd in KaBaaa ' :-'bail tbe elective irancbiee it thai unhappy Territory *e violated with inip'jilt) :? Stall birter 'i.fflan* in . ade wt:h tbe eowlr kmtr aa< revuiver. and eltci a apur >a* I-eftaiatare. ooly to ecact a ct*'e of law* more infamon*. potatble, than tt * border* tbcraaelvea * Setl! tbe Iflaeocrt river, rne ol iti- great highway* ol tbe nal.on b? Mocked i.p a? aga-nsi tbe io\?r* of freedom aad he open on If to tbe voter K* >'? tlevery ? rtbali tbe army ei' tbe t'oit-d State* be u?ed only to opprra* tbe tree State tettlere, to dtaarm and iiiept ree their torrra, and to arreet ant bold them tn c >t "Ov aa ftlcn*. for no otber crime (ban eierc'.?tog the veered Cgbt of aeir de'etice ? What border ruffian hat been arreted'?what perpetrator or robbery, anoo, rape, and even murder f Not one? 1 repeat, there ta cot a tope for Kaneae but In electing Kre moot :& Jama* Buchanan we rball have ooly an elongation ot Franklin PWae, and what an adiatota t rat.on <rod tare the repabl.c ' Rcaidee, not only la Kuhi to be aacnOced, but oar rorermmeela to be eon v?nee Ibto an tiglne for tbe propagandist of elavery w?r tbla rontircr.t I wt-ead open it, the (nhjagatlon of Xanana la not to be tie lift nf ODtrif r*. Kv en w?, pr?H'?raiou bM beec made lor tbe latroduct'oe of * la very into Xiaeragua and ere !<?( the whole of Ceitral America la to be anaexel, !a ahMt, we are, at bo remote day. to oc brought on ler tte hot trof tbe alave power, uc'ee* we make a ottad now, aid amy by tbe election of Ool Freseat, * Hitoer ihahtbou ooaae, aad bo further ' 1 aa bo aboltUoaiat? never * an? aad never ?;p*ct to he 1 am rmnty it? ?xteenonlat. I uke prtrtaeiy the r^ouBit aaauaet by Th imua JrffertOB an<* Ktnry Clay. ! am. and ever have htm, opiioeed to 'be uuneoeeaary ntr >?: ? tioa of thl? ?s MMig topic in'o >be two hooaee ?f Conrre?*. All my in itibc a ure national. I am willing to Irt slavery ainae?it K will b j content with lut pr<a<r' Mmtta?hut wbea It* r-u:t *rD v'.tarii t juln Northern d?mA|0(ne? to break np <4 mpr'imlata? to violate tbe<r faith pli|bt?.l turee over?and to emb&rk in the buat mm Of kivisjr to atavrry an jt^'J^t- eitcj.? m ?1 am i d band for r j 'rtxuue 1 pay n < tnnr .tt'i.t >rt to tbe threat* of dl?uatoti which ;otae op Irom ihe r'ofiih. than i do to ?be MM w ed I t>e e?B there ta hemp eor- fh ta every .? -u-e?.ji<i p*. trt.itic uarida ttiO"fa to apply it?to do am ntl'-e ti Ui'te t;atu>ra In Uu:(t.agt, aad prlfooaa la hwvrt and ia eoatfMl. I *ai*. peaco?p a."* la Cnnfrana anil psi-M thro >#l)out oar borderr?hot there can he bo :>ewee upon t*ie prto clpla of al? very ejte il I ?t Xu'u be adrcl'*4d ae ? tree tate. aid let have pr% ica'ly tbe berettt cr the Vtaroarl tomprciutee, aad i will I r-fjva th-' r- >*! ?I wt I be c??nt< 11. but I now give uottoe that if the H mtb ? hall, ta viola *.n o ail ftuth, and by the m<xt auha! |o?rd meati, et.h'lae K?r.ia* ,n:i tlaTerv, / tKaU ren< 'At </.;????<'.# t f tkr klarr jmuT <W '.miy GadaUnuH mr a 5*o i f a I"i u iland tm. frl!ow cl /?*?. do your duty at tb# potle. Th# reoeot It* (BiIhac . *tiere*are Ot our opponent* ta ''oa i#?lraiia I d?-< m c I no Kiomebt. aod am mtltded. rro<a iate and reita >le ad? wee, that that .-tale will gtra tta eiemaral vo a i Kovtaler for } *emiot and I lay too I ? til not dooit that our good old Oc inmooweultb wit) tb?a, a* ov>*e, t?* true to Inrtt.f and to ,aoee crtat pr.octo>t which ;!# at the to?ac*Moo of g?,verxB3ent. TRIM AN SMITH Nbw Yok?, ojt. 33, A. I' , ISM. f?IT? IfOP? A h? COTTOW Ht'KNT?SlTIRAL LlVgB I i -n?t*er?cr?t to learn thai 'Mt ?^etar tay iifht last the gin bona* r< tke plantation of I?r. H I: Joaaa, a few Iro? thi? et'y war burnt Fmjr ntgniea were htirm to death, and th?*e ot ier? ?o fc My iu iret that tbere i?'<erc ? v a probability thai one of them will re evrf. W' ft.rtber icata U it 'h rt? bat?e of cotton ware aim. f a* jft > d Tbe loe will proUabty reach $lt.000 ti llS.t'io. Tbe srtrn of thir dreadfal alamity waa, we teere, ?r..- - ?A girl waa atand'ng in tbe door of the Hot room with a cardie, wbi!* tbe otber nogrote were at work lotfle. The ."wr, ewtoging agtiovt the girl, kn??ke<d the ranjle out of her band, aad tli* lint iir me diately l^ntimr the ronwi waa Ine'antiy tilled with flame. -M- i'('Mtt('"*') Jwrml Oct. 13. Fiki tT CLARK?T1LLR, Mismotntl.?We learn era ot t^e (.bailee** that a l)r" oocarrad at ClarkevtiW- MA 71 aterriay nt "aing, or tbe n*ght pre tHtu rti'?n iteat'iT^d aeverat hotHloge and a large ami' nt o? fvroperty Anion; tb? progeny <*eetroved w*e ? a- ? 4 ||? At Ob 1 war-bouac. which w?a fl 'ed with r s.p Pol ^k BrMbera we?a aleo heavy leeara, by t.a ier their -Vre deatroyed, mgeteer with lt? content' < ar'tili k 3r>a .'a naa i? eauaieted a*. >13,034, with no raiirat'ie. I'oho k It Brother* loee Sit) 000 loairet for S' IW fiber hwi?ee were burnt, but the ot^oee? of tbe Cba tenge ootild n. t give more particular* than the ebovf ?.ft. Ismk Iv'eU vtrxrr Oof. 16 Tbf I oa tf?n T> ? ?*y* ?rarmor* tiave the fame 'o their oau head 1, They r an r ow aeli at a re"itine*atlve p?lce II Uiey fireier t? bold o-it for higher, and are ai ttmatelv rr l'ired to aenrpt leea niae wn*t ther bow re* foae. K wto be their own aAalr. ????????????? yiFkii^i iMmjhiTWRn rtlry bit. THR IiFXTllRK SKAHH, r , -it nt- 01* DIPKASM or THB KT*M F,I J A I.i'il 1. M. n., phratdan and opthaimie aurreon. win re -Mre hi* lrentree oo the iheor* and practice of op'Aelmie r.i I,e a-id ?nrgery, incl'idtng the anaiomv ohra>oV*y and s-II" ?l "i the hn?i*0 eye on Tiieeday November tA. Ttefc r tw< 1 he ' btened at the oCee. No. 7. Clinton H?ll. A a or TTBAI- FAIR*. o? "Tl. TPK FT/OrOHTNO AWII , ??? 'aettiote wtll be held ' e rrar nf he B?*7 " ' ifenry JlSb^eronrvl aeterVd f will W* v,p I, LIST OF LETTERS ?caatotof to the New T?rfc CKy rut Nkc, Friday, tot. 14, 1UI, rwtIIM oclaaiveiy to tba ?n Tou Bjuu >j tit af ?? *?? ?iti it mam. kmi?0 A* Imrpmt Mrwlaliaa t/mn* pmfr LADIB8' list. A Adams Mr Kin st An 'raws Mm Kdwa Arnold Barbara a.tin Hi.ia An*>01 lira Usury ArnoMi Antoinette Aul!r -son M k At st A.-. hoi Mrs William Amanda.-e Madam BHzey S? H'twil Mr*Chit's H Booth Mi*a ST Beach Krnily Bo la sou Mad'm.Ca'l it' .inn Alice P BowniMaJi S uderaon .Vr i h?< r Ca're 1 ?.??. n * ariha ' V...) Il'.lim MUD r BO If en MAI) br. isbaa aro'e W in aitie Mrs Jaiiiea Bowtston Blanch |!r ? M s, i *-i lav Hani-die! Mary A Brown Mis-i, 19th st 1*I H Hit, 1st av B. cnuan Catharine Brown Miss Ann ?i '? i n Bennard Ml** Brown RlUabeth M )i, v Vra, 3*ib it feovnn Mr* Axon Biown Mary .Mis, West t??-i nauiiu Mrs 1>, flrowu Mary, Itua'e )>r .sdwuy MoUat Brown Susie A * i aria Bemun Kale Boy's Bridget 1 .%? V.a Berry Kllen BoyUn Mrs S A rti:iiM? Vrs.TM F?e'i'lt <\uhtrtne Hoylaa Ca bern.e bayrieli vr* Carole bilb'iue Miss <! Bu t Kebec.:? 11 Ha1 twin Mra, Bro e Mews ibid at Buchauan \l M-ga-t.: I aiM aiiierlne A KidetMrsllA Huggy Julia Bigley or Keuae-iy Burke Jimj Catharine Burke Kate Bl thoi> MraWClla F Burtou flssT. Mdst fcalloiuo Kllen L'i tiii?' i fcutihemia lanoker Miss P a. 1's.iker 1<** 1? ><arti>?i'll Mr* Nath Priton M -a rlarhyte Arne K Holian M bartlett Mrith v Iturioti f' K Misa Mrs I' W Bond Mrs .\i K Br.-oks .w irafc W Ruabnel: Catherine Hour Mary li'iUe.-je'd l V.nari ? Bniuit 11 arriet By.-n* Annie c Cam Eliza ' itndir.e Xiutam Penally Maria 8 t a l ihat. Mrs, 3d u\ ( l:i?ell Emily Coat-ney Mjk, ChamVii inCor lial.. I'ravun ( a'berire Beach *'. t'aaiel Elizabeth Clay Nirinie c?nwai Mary CaJi.p Ii U t';.iwood Kalindi <'mukafcank M trj C'??pfceJMra.OilviTt;?!kry M. ry < Mr*. Vth'av CamplH-U Ila: n.ihK Outen Wra tor.'oran Ann K CMnpb?tIi !?< t'bia rut n i ' M rg> rct C^rlioa Mar B <?r*ud< '1 V;>h J A t'! n?u Id Co-ns'e:; 8mT?r.t!i i Ca^l?- !? 1j? u -i Mi?? TlaH pi <" May fc<, inuu jm?? KB (' j;?rj Ann Conr-nr s?i ab t... i,u t>:a<'*ii.Ji:a'ev oli M i B ?r Ma-fwet iarii Aiir. ..'i/V Kl? ,h< tli ? ik Vary (.'??? t arolina Co "ni^n Marj? 2 Colta l.eulb* Aun CoIHs Ell/abeth t'onr, !>?'?? Hr: (rfi t oil It; M rs V U < liirl.> i.r>nil;bEn Condon E!l?n a a PoacliJin Mary ?? r ?f*th r ? 1'iiiln \!r?. 3. ?.? trr iloi j- C.-nn'n M.irv ar." " ..r..i" t1 nil-' ? ? ; ithi.i M-s P*li \ ?Vull M;irv ??v v -iv ?niwi -? on Mi-, .Ich. ? Yosby Ann OitMa Abett-.i t'owau Mrs R< it H Cowan Mrs,?irw?'ii i'oi vra Rd? a: J Cruddt'n fT >vj C'tlbei Sai an L OtUiin Misry <"uu:im(tljaiuM-aKA < ins . Jluai MA"}' I Chin -bMrs J.utroy t'urri'r. >ai)" | ?<?.: ?b T Curt'- Tic'.* M C'artls Lau:? J D-ili NT. j ?t\ ? 't'DPllJ Aglit V D'lai y Mis Jt b st Do' V -i I. iieioai J >i 1 u? Bonoh!!*; V ,ry D^vm-ii k t-i.or >1 l<?*iifly Man; n et U?ai?.?,*t K i/aC Di :dlc?n Ann e E 'vli,.i: Mr* ''h?- C Heneny M uy IMufIa*y a .i IUvw M'-* * . I?"t in- I>D-?an M ?*, flsvr a;4 Vr* Mar'.'n L?.w l?i Miry Day Ollva Ijfviy lirldp-l i l? ?<r Mr? C L' lic illng >lr*eair u?' Hi''w Susai, Doyl-j Johannt lie Ortr\ Madame Rifrryer Mar> E Coy eKnv He Gog->lvlam Ul klnsnM.sfT Du12o; ? ttkar r.e K,v n'a I'leuicr Ha*l.i?Chas Vurcht Virginia lilHonVr-' Wwij?ters*Dy?r lfl?* .lot* IV vMr Mr?10?i. IWl'ift C Jburiixs Dwyeri: s .Uuoast bee ?; ary E.vl Mary Ann Riiwar<*? Mr-, 01! fern Kd? . rd? Mrs, Te ran<!e Edw* <is kir^re. Fnb*r Mis? F A Fahy Urs 4.'d st Fun nan Jur Ptiu>iit:?ti tto*e E Kdmoitis \i s Kit. abatt ? E-Can KIli * K' Mr s -iarab E h I to ' aro'i.? Ptt-na Hlwcol Mary'u Mra hv?i ^ Taiie M Kvi-r.irtl Ma-> A K!> < itt Georg. ii;i.a Kvrraao M iry E ftP Pre?m-.ii Sarah Kr??';b KU/a^.eih J Kr"H'i?. n llfru: I eai.n A?ry Ann Krani..iiiil Margaret Pre* *arth E Kr.n l*; Ma. lana Pii>?y I a'A nf Tarin-rty Mary f .rivwey Marv Varlev Ann f I Karrell Mi?s. SI# at Plabar Mary Am. KaMierii.gluaii Mar KltoS-WAW Mra, E? garet <..i>eib at Fny Misa H K Fru.ay Msry fie^bill aiio r.ood Uar(F?.?t Fi at Mr? l-'ao.el GraLam Ann Cr.ibam Carfidiia Oa Lsirbir Widow, (.-? t*Ai: Mr*. Ha G Orushaw Mrs, Ifth atrent Porhes Mtra Kur^iea Mri C, l?lth M ?? ue Foroliwi. I'rAn-'nIi Klore Msdaiue Koraacbon Ms'^asse Oriavie I ..-real M.iry Fo- syJ? Mias, Aalor UO'.f? >"aj ' 'ait'ne l-'noba ?" '"vfe Mary I loyd Ke.'en C Oibney Ca-li'ne C'i b? ri AOe e litAbam ? /a Goli Mra,">ns ?tree' i.oldrn ^alh'n* Ow-Kl-idg- Mil. nh Mrs, K'll berrr a: t?o lgii EilKt'K^h A G'.run Mra W Hotrll JMoit ?l diaort f! Gar'iiier Mcrinda Gray Ml>* N It (rardmer Mra John iir?n: UriL ?j?rn?ori >lia An- SMr Jane ? <<r<-w Gr?e.-Ma iJda <i~'ry Kllen ?.?*ry Itanoria ?jSar py Ma. y Oekf -y *? .'iti t>a>bMa> > K ?n uih'is Ml m 'trn Oitloi. ^opbi* t.It)bona Mary H Hni'lfT Mi-aWm U 11-ttern-in r. >n Hope Mra Hal: .I'll'* Y )'?nr?' Mrs N P Honoc ''"arrie Ham iti n Mr*S M Hetrv Mra V:ncT,t Joroc* \\ humliion Mr-llenry llen-h?w Marcdla H???! Anne ll.ipiv Mary ilernnin*' *ad in lloV ird Mias(? W Hannah Mra Jamea U< any Mr- ('Aih ll?riiii.; n Joae Heyr Annr ttowarii MiysKimn* jiblne liw keyMr?Varv4. <?tHowel Mrs li llaixn Flora H'iik* Mi-* Malindu I low el1 Mr< S tV Hart M'sa \ J Mtgfina Miaa *>arah Mostkit>a surus-a liar*' <id Mra, Wor lliIl.V but Marv Hudson Mar-ja.-e i eater at Ifdaon *<r* t?eo Ana llarwnrat Vian R F. Hm.'cea Mra ?' U H>ifhua >-aray llamy Harrie' llngrn %lrs l.tth ?t HunierMrat: I! ?var? Mary J t>ol?r-.iJi Mra Si* liuaiau Misa Jan<* Haies Va-y A Holater Misa II ll'ilthin^a "a ah K t! eai n Bi iub? t ?Ii rk?ot, >larg?e?l .lohnK<n Cara L .Joboaon I.'iirha .lein.xitiMia.avi Jobuaon Klaalns'fc Jobnaon Mary ? 2 -'enlnia Anfeliae .'..hnsum Fllxab^'h Jnors Ann .lewei; Mra, (*0u? .lohpaon K i/aS-th .'on-a Mafiha eri.^nr at Johnson i lei Ma J mid K Uabeth Jt bna Mra Jamas T K? 11t Mra. Waah i.r Kef-rel Annie ion at Kelly Harriet Kally Joanna Kelly Mr* Kdutrd Kennel r Mary .1 Kenny Fanny kindrick Mrr hull King Ann* A king < alherine kn.ghtMiaa. Barclay K .ri-m iii Vm KM I. Eohlar l.'xuaa Kane I aiherlne K nat>p Mr* benry Ka?)y Mary k' Ann Kearney Krt K KrarBeT Rllen II k?l'ib'*r Mary Kelly Catherine aj T-aml Hn^ff Llvlngstoa Maria-: Utile wood MiaaLou Laighlield Mr* Oil Layden Marr abb uK ?er *t l.r Hrun Kll/t Lo>-kJtt Mia* F M Lankinaon Mary IJddr Mary Um? *'? H l-?pierTr- Luaalc 7.U l.iggir* Sar?h Ann 1-origrn Mrs, lat a* da I.lnauer Mr* Vlclor Love Mr*. Monroe ? I-ar pur. Mr* Lltir:lMr*Thecdort>Loirery Heheooa Lawier Mia J ^ Lynch Catherine Marker Oarab J?3 Maibew? Marr ? 2 Moly Mra John Malaon Bridget MayeU l.ydla Ann Montague Ml** Ki?" Madi?>ii Jane - : M Ma^reny MVT Merrier Mary Moirla Ma l..a,Br<ti> Manure Ru/e Mrrria Kale R ton *t Man Mi?? Merkjehaui M, a 8. Mora* RLivbeth M-nmi Mr* Joha 4th av Moi raaoo Margret MaikaM^aK Never Km..e Moen>? M >rgrat M*rl* Mm Hrnry Mtddletot. Ad<!ia Mnnarty Catherine Marra llaoi ?h Mtlla Man - Marvb Mr-Jacob S Millar l<on an Martha 11 Mr- Wm .1 Mlrick Mr* W m II fc?'b*raMia?Cathe Ml*|rlte Kophia rine r Moekler Mary Mtirr*) Mary M illan Mr* Kdir rd Mumford A lira Muiiila Martha Mnrpli* Mra, Clin ton t)l*-i* Murphy H rid get War McAlpIc M iry MaOormlek JIM, Mi'faiyre Kinilinc M' /tnlttle Caiharine 6th a* Mr Hay H Mart* Mr Am He Johanna McDernnot M: I, Mr-Ken Mr* laa MrBr'ne Mra, 1*1 *t Soth at M Klnat'y Mr* Mcflali *m I ia"i Mrllomia! Mra ?d av vt Mh>'igtoe ?? Mc: ?.roQ Mr?, Kt Mcftonal -* 411 Mark * pare M< irn Ana Mrlicnald Agn?-?a Mrllonell Br.dar i Mr' artby ' I irgrat Mri.eatfi Brldc-t *ei !.-rr k Bella M' iratli Mane/ ynlme Kii/abeth M' leni Ma. y Seef'e Prtdget >e|*on Neria .e, IMarj Nigen Maria M ?leo Catherine * JS?ri;t Marijre \U-hj n Mi*- M A N icnan kli/a Mc:I-. :gb"B Ann M l.a>.gb n Kllen M'-!.-ati Aim" McLellan Ma-r v| Vim are ?ary MrJt-fly Anne Mo;.| M-s W.n.hlB: ton at Xovea Maw E R Intel; Jitiia R l a ker Mr* A A Parker klira reek Mra || W C l'e|??**r Mi rv Prpptr MargeraaI ft! .tajTin Mary hea \nna Heady >;ary RotOr Aline fce.4) Mar; Hntdy Hrtdrei| ? O N>m Mjrr o O'Cnnn# i Bri.lj 0'Bri.nMra.Ai?io*at O Ha 'aran Hrwret 'i N?ai Marr O'tVmnor t inui U'Mll UikrlM o Re irte Mary Ann P Palmer Mra. ?nh at Terry *arai. f ^rti"h..n1 Mlaa A Fanner Mr* W m W Fr?atly ? nth Fitw Mr* I'atke Mariaret h Fet?r^?n i'alliarlne Pipe Mr* 1 oi^-nan Frl *e Mary A P-iner Fr^nrea Price Riwaila i'trut Mary J Fleree M r * R i: Foyer Reheera F> eret'a'ha-lae Flnm ? airiartne FhtUi, a i atkariBe <1 Oumr Mr*. Asa *t VolBii ('.nih'-rn* H Re?(iia Luriril* kx hard*? lara Rmkardenuamand RMd Jane Rider Mra Jamaa Km? Margaret Kiordati i aihariae Mr* MJIaik i Ki'nhie \nn.> ''ora K i'herfhr I Mr* II piaee RH'er M'?a. |M at Ryan Mr* W Keerei RVaror A RitU-r Mary II f>n*h*-? Ro*? H>mrb Mary H?atte)l Mra< onrad ^ ? "l?lr Fmily ?UpbaMFou Mr* J I, Htoeke* Mr?, H .m -?aHor4 Uro?| ai* WeTenami Mra Ihoa tneraterM fpracie Ft!*. Ill U ft' w?nl Kmmi M * M M ?a.lafcerry Hannah Meward Mary J?ne Selio' eld Ann ' and* Vary Shield Ann f^'ok-biiry Ocelia fear i *11 Htr.nrra "hwlde* Mr* F it k Roniei til e dUi.Sthar nicfrid 'Tiai.i?r n? Won" Mr* K PC fil'iar MM?.i'aBBl ?' f'tofie M ? tare' *tm|>*<m Marr Ann rhor er Terr** Purcell Marnre* Vi-nn Mt-yor Helen Robinaon Mra M R Ko<lan Mr*. Br'iame Rogett Mlaa K Roper Ml-*. *h *t Roatana Mr* R * R ? .ear 1 i M ra,M? liann Ku*i liateey Ryan ItrVteet Kjan l .l anak Ryan Mary Ann kai ti* Anney rbai p l'?e*e y f laiigVer Mid > na Wan* Margare. -arntelie k! r. keth Mn nirer kll?.? ?'k inner Jeanr fk'.ll?r Reb?o a .-'Winer I'alrtBr Vavih Mra J ? Maayer Ahky ? Julia tt?IU'a Ceal Amanda ar?le* Mr* A K ?i??n ? M rr M?ber .'nila I. > I e?ir Miaa Hrflomr rtev naireai Kaimir Hmltb Sarah ?herio Mr* .1 .me* Smith Mr* SherWan F1IM khi.nioii kilrabeih Hrrof Mra, l*th *i R<-oi MK? An,; i?ta Hrcit nrtdfel ?W' <a'.i? H?h<.? Mr? S A Hu??el| Mr* M A -tarh Mr* ' athrine Wntre:' Mra JiaaaO >*miih Mr* Marj aniart luakelta nr. i Mary A? Malik Ho -mltb Mr* Wtn II kaitan faUiarioe Wiim Mary * "'?irgen Ma i da Hyl*e-'er Ann "yir m Mar t Toole Kllra Takk Aura R 1*IT' ) Kllen 1 all. n Marr t nne TerTer Mary F-S T' ayer Mr* #>h ar lll'riti Mr* H TnUe*P.:?leM Cnderhl'l Amelia r t'pion Fanny V Valenitne V'ikey vterii r'amline fanthan Mr*. Hiha?VI*le? Marl Varuhan VirplBia W w i er Mr*. Mnl jjulaor Mary To an'l Mr*, Waah Trxwnet Bridget Irgion *i 1 h*>r >.* Aaia'.'la Thotnaa Mai*14a Thomberre 1 'ia*r Tb'Haa Reheeea R Tb-i'orood 'Caroline T bom Br on Rll/a?2 T nr ter Mr* T bo* Seriy at W ?Me l.urralla w?:lir Je*arile W%l.-re Margaret Waiah Mary We .1 Mr*, r-b ? MVmt M*ry tan W>"?' Margaret I Waylaad Ma Trirner Ml?* F Tutfcl I Harriet M rp'Tn Mary Vorirhia Me* Jolin Vanderalo ? Mia* C Tar Tilhtirgli Jennie Wfllail Agnea T W .lta Morah W'l <>n Mr* Jm R W'l ? Sarah Jane Wli *ton Mm J R WniW Bra J, (Mr JMM Wbeeler M a- I, tj Wheeler Mr? Rsra Wbeeler l ar, r I Wbeeloek Fi;en M Well* Mra W InUi Hi it n? *' Wright Mr* VV|? Wn -ney Mary R ww Wnabt Mr* I. n Wh-ney Wealthy Wa-r| Mr*. W?:ar at Wl Bam* Mlaa M J Wmf I'aikarne Ward Untt C WllHama Mary W *?l?Mr? J.Fearl ?t Ward Mr* Hamnel W'lllam* Bargji WtlaMr.rfti WaringII a* < . FmnlWllllama MraRoMR W id* Mary A Warr Hho-la W ileti "arab W ndman Ira Wfll Waieri ^ W?rre> tar Mra F Q Tn?. 9^7 V i<<HM >Od*lpkU A dsas Rebert A*ama J a I us W AdamaH w Adajna WbJ Adainx lames Q _ __ Arfaair H^ttnKiAOo Amble Charter Alien Win hdgsr Andrews Wm flWmMIN 'i LIST. A AWt Peter A vertll B W Aklag Barman Arnold Oil Aliey James T, MD Anno! MsmOtliriel Alderson Will Araabet <iea Anderson A V 8 Artaage Mr Amndlo AleManOro Arnold W A Arnold T K Arangoa*a Joseph AI en, Colemaa ACo Amfcacher Joseph Appeton D Fuller Allen JKikrm Allen John AHen John Alien Hugh A bell Chaa Abbott K D Adnlph k Keen Ackcrlj Tbos R Acou Mr Anderson J George A Vila I.uia Goaaaies Anderaon Chaa Audita P F Awes Martin Ambrose Thou And reus John A ?i urtre y F Am an John Andre P Abraham* Michael Anderaoo A Abeaer Anionic Aikens Geo L Allan George tbbertay ti Giliipo Aldridge C X Brad* Alemniie Backus W W Bkickwootl Jaa Bacon Richard Rrul>>n John H Hagley John A Andrea WCH Anger J P Arango Franc Armatronc James G Armour John ArauU Franclaco Ayree Tboe Almond Aah LewiH At* ell James \tktna C H AtwQl Winthrop AutlhiwiB Robert Had Ar il ica>Ghi*S?peBeck David liraol. y John Bleaaby K K Amrtnge GRATE Aaaert Joseph Aepinwal) Lewis Aaaert Pierre Avery Wm L B Realty George Hea h William?'1 Bedell Mr Hebeil fravkl Becker Henry Ileal j Jainei eacon Lo lls Rurbeler KM Mr Bradley < 1' Hat!' j Jan ? a ltradled J H Baeon 1 ucl 0 Hlat-kwell John llrsi'ey T Corliss Black iil' iihlo K Bradley D D HUct John BlJ<-kh?lle Ale* Ha:k"r li A Co llrw'ley 'l iios Brsrtv Mi huel Ha.k'er lie* daoker Motsleu!* Halxsriui <iihcm? rl ? 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'h*rise Barns Warren Harry Samuel Barnard 1 homas Harthroa" Harney George il Archibald Barnes llenrv s Barlow Rev S <1 Barry J imea Hartn-iloiuo Moiai H.irrfc KHmood Bartu rs WIUAU A ?aih Henry Rats Kle> Baxter Andrew Ratrh'-lder John U RlauveU A bra* Biv sell 1 <lwin 1' Bi?s Tsiac Rlaarinan llenrv Hattrrsly James llrane George Bateiay -loser b Ha> id Br>ant .lohn Bras heatAllerriman Unas W C il'.shop I) E B'nns lobn Hird Wm hi Bi'ch lames Bodtish K Crocker Roy.i Jtibu N Myar s E H'lehosiuster Geo II eruntoD F Blntn \ fii:eich?i!y Chts iiiT". i' a Ru-kiiian Alex fuller H'luner J dr ice l)??kl Ru.iker lei .amir V Huchoty 1. 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W A Clillord DW CnHNK David ChitleLden Wm t 'hanlruit ller rj?3 Cbidirao John L Crsne DrC E " " Clary A B srr Patrick i "ore y George T Co' belt James t'ordta Henry Croquervllle Pltre-2 Corby James < si tier Geo W i am tan Mr ? ai man hsdrllfte ? sppauch Mr < bapin llenry Carter Aaron?2 Claire Frsncis ? happel William ( bapnian Silas Carter Me?ander Clspp John D t hat n an llurve; Cailebark Phillip < larj John Cap'in George Chap ha Luther Clare 1 hotnaa l r itch low A P A Co t'rowlud B F Oockbum Dat id Croaby |>r t' O CfWn Henty P Crosa James < ocbran Capt F Comcso Modaato < ostawerh .ino? 2 CroabyJtlA I roche.ran Col X H Cropaey J.itnes Ceao John Coagrove Andrew Coehran samuel W ('omul Oliver Cochrane Wm Coipp William A Colin Fred M Covert Lewis C Crocker Rev G W Coy la Joseph Cobb J B Colby Geo W ? olgan Tbomas Colloc k Fuck Cohn lleery M I'oleman 11 Q Cohen L"iua l row Tbomaa < riitter H fl Coughbv John A Co Clover C C Cosawell Dr F W ? uwles John K Crow*ll Milton II Coolldtfe Benjamin Couch Hiram Jr i olby William Carmick kdward H C-oleman Alvsn Oarr s B Colombo Raphael t arn<> John Col lens John 0 Carpeatier Char lea Colhum Geo C Carr Morraa Collins Ibomas < bapin II A Cellius Michael Carolus George Coiemaa George Clsrk Dr Joseph R Collins Petar Clark I.outs A ('lark James Clark J G i isrk Msrvili R clsrk fietnge it ' lark llenrv 0 < isrk Jno I> ? lark B K clsrk Jsmes f Clswfon A ' asey J B Onnw.iy H J i onner .lames Connell William CommeslelllerninnnCa'la F LllV-1 Clute N J f'onevs Ihomn* ? 'onneil James?J t omerfnrd John ConUin H' rwum t >inn- r James Cromlaia Mr Cove Thomas E Co vie John F Coyle James Cunningham David Cruger lli-nry D Culver W R CuMa Henry Curtia Stilea t'niver Geome J Curtis Charles A i V Cuslung Jasoi. Church Charlee L Curry Capt E H Cntter M a Curtia Hr J T i ''taker Jsmes A Co Curtis A Co Culver A R Daltna Jo*epb Dak* Jnhn Dairy Patr'rk trsl?> Cart Wn Dall*y John 0 Pal?au Baker X Co lulrymjilo *m I >ar'? Thorn** Partotf Mooa Daoford II Ijilnienleld John R Dam>>l* H A riuiMi 0 11-2 I>rap<-r Mr?2 Davia Puook A Co DatM Samuel H PaM* Join l?ay TIim D Darin Rntx ii D*y A Bon Dart* A P a/-ribam Hawaon l>?*ph Dai lor n WllHam IMT A Vandeoxen Pa> noa Pr P H Puton V K Day Pa?td It Paw* Heary Pati* Rn >rit I'aU* J M Da?i*a Thoa W Darker A Ot 11? fornw Dr IVfrafl Henry P pe>or?B I hoc F Pean C I>?? Mr P* Foreat John rn Jobs l'*an Jo* k or John 1>* Ormw l>rejrrt?a Pa Relaneoort M H pe Ahraga J I. I)>rk?r fir A pe Knurr* Jan F I>alemy Murlin Delano Jonapb?3 Dalahnnt Mr O Dclntoul* Rlinou Doielunr Jo*<|h Dfln Tim Delmv Wm K Delia- r D?ll?o*i R I, Do L* Vpu A Co Dalcjtene J a me* C Do La Yejla A Delmaat K Do R?n*er*y Mona Penoe/ A K lehn l?- T t n rr ahla Vj l>*nni? A C Dormody J?hn r>?* burnt John l>0Tlln John liertn* William d* mohi?tiii? p l>e?a ; l>'*r D* Young. ilnwniD A Co DubowI W I'ey *i"bard C Dern Ale ran <W DagxranaA w o l>onel A W IM'ita I. A IV Soralok* Piarra i imam Uuii |n*l Valttn Hnff* l l?or|t* It DUUachaai v C Dibble t'ajrin Dtodraitor R Mwt*bt Robert PWt Willtaa H Pllka Joaepb It Dtok Charl*a I. Dillon John iMrlny John lllton Joneuh Plnaiuor* ?* T Dimle.k W H ? lirim O L |)<rt?r Wm It Plnnaen Mirharl Dolaa Jam" Done* Jam*a l?one Frank H?d|" Audraw J IfcinueUy J A ?Vt Ponafao lame* !><?(??? W l?oe ||a/*lioo A Co Doild Willlaa Pol an .lobn Pole T 8 Doneal J ixUro I Half* M W imiii' Unn Wm A Pnn'KAD* J M Dnbjn* l'o| T J Ponnetu Carlo I?>?>?/ Mr Doaflaan Jane* Ikiyfe Or Goo H ^o'lflaaa ?l*n F. Doyle Wll^am Dow P IKmdai John J Pnraa Cap! NMfcra I?ow CaIo W PnoflMi Wm H Pnutflaaa Thoa W Uouvlaa Kobrrl J Oormaa 0 W Prown Wm I, Doylo Jnnopb llnolan John Porla Jobn

Porto Jaa??a PullahanU John naralna P?alr? Hofort W?I D'inbar C R Il'inton i raabr Mli'haH PiiOie R?? i' Punhar PAT P'ldlay Tbonaa C PuehMUIIo Pr Punian ? art T M Paroy A < 'o Oargin -<in>han PurftCk WaKar I hart .loba KccMmIoo John?1 ldwarda U W?' Wm Karl- J * . Rddjr Jala T. k?far John ? 1.1 on Adam* KM''Id Kdward A r. I mora rloraora ? Frnlior W? C Kulray Tl?othy rahoy JaatM halka Joba rrahf r Patrfck FaHy Moatrtaur r lanStan JaaN I lanKan John frarx-ta B FrankanlhalARIl'-'r man Fiaabtta * r i?nknar John 0 ?' ?n<M? Maara I ?bony (lotlllab II rtno Mk-haal f ,uot William F?rb*a Joha Fainaaorlh Bll iru* liirfll Wm p?,lay Michel 11.1 nam O B I at rail Jamoa J Pnraa Praaoian F?' Bartla Fa* folly J amoa ? r Ooorfa frr Jama# t I n ? man Mcar O ?bam Wr t.atf ByaatnUi ?)Al ahnry Itohart <ir*< la Win K n?ii a r ?,r*h. ? P?t1< Klia K R Kill* ITeary P Kit* Joaonb Klkln* It R Kldar Ti AfAd Rldrldir* C Rlltntt John Klllann Allan Rly Jamr* R Rmm y A On CHarleo r l>lmr n II I room an Vnlaoy Kaarlnf < "ha* r K ranch * haa Forrt* 1.1! Dr Fori Ja^ob F*rr a ' ia?i A Co Try Wm A F*aiy ? hA* Foaiilfan PAt/-irk Franrh Jobn W Fi'aalmin' na Hanry I'rloba M. ?*t*iir Flnlay Wni H Flrkoii K onto Plllin Joan Fltl* A Co M Frlrad Haiti ? ia 1 Fin lay tlaailiton R Flin Jama* I'luhor Henry M Priaha* J II II FNKhoat J A <"o FMbor Joai F Flak F II FMiHW Fl*rb*r Richard ritrpatrlrk Pef?r 0 fl*r*rtl Wm K n*orfO M Horry l^wl* H 'llpnn a W 'Mew Rnright Patrlok KoiAnual I?aar Rnn?ht T Roian Hail M Thoa I Fn*i* Adam Krana Owrn Krar* Jam" F?or?oa Kartjamin F Rma*n Patil Krtoll l<o?rt* Pl'*patPtok Ratollo FtUfarald Patrick Flt?ho?b Wia P Fol?ar T M Flood (irorfo Ford (?*o W Forr*? A t 'aOao W 100*t Thomaa Foa?taft Wm W Fo*tor Am/a Foaor KUah* R F<ai*r Wm II Foator D ?l Foular J F Fooar R F' at t ha* I anman Faont I*W A Son Froat Fnxlk Fouler Jamr* Fr? ?ieo W Fry Wm A P u'lar L F P n rah Am Oapl J a* F'tllor Itlijah F'llior E F iiller M?r*rd Flrnn lame* Fry William Oi'man Arthur Uitymtther Daniel (Jtiaaail j h k*t ')|tf*atkar Danlol <Mleof ia J a*tu* Uj-au# fifpr? Onltaia (?title Juai* D Galhrger M G?iaugher Thou Calvin Joseph (>?jl?phrr James < iuul*-y Maruu Grant Ale* UkBcr Wm Est Oancs Wm Grant Wm Grant Cnaa K Glancey Wtn Greeaough 0 B (?'mi bold Gee Greer Jr, Gso Gregory Jawpta Or? en tool H k Olt?? a h Ur Greer illnlurd W Green Johu L Ureen John 0 Godfrey, Oulburn A] Uo Joseph Goldman W Groot John R Gomien U lioodarm U Goodwin James G. old Jaa Gentire Mons.Aflhat il< odwin Wm It G rutin U G Gomy J II Gianm nl Leonardo Un w Walls P Gi'sou Walter H Uuiham Isiah H (.Hrili.uiau W Cado- Grille ha Francis A ft t h'un A Lewis ?ur Gardner Henr y Gardrer Suas K Gardner J M I. G?rdn> rOG Grass Wm B GardetT Gawan John Ganvin l>aalre Gray John Garsia sehaiitin Gather John A Cray J' B GritMhs John Gnfrn CH Glbbs John C Capt Glbhou Wm II Grit: u PdmouJ Gibhons Geo Gibbons K Glhbes Jamse f* O nvaber Plutarco G ilin Kotam ? 'dou Wm J A Co ft rdon Lather Gordon I'hellt Gouldsmith R Gowethier Batese Gunt?r Herdmui Gray I* i. He Morey Gilbert thoa H Gray Tracy Gllmour Wm Gery R J hev Germond Henry 8 Gilbert, Con,; Ion A Guaomi* Geo B ('o Guaatu Thoa GUIigan James Guillemot Wm Grlswold A W Cuntame Cabberio Gilbert Isaac Guna William Gtiun Batler Tboa Guild. White A C? Gi&imons Leon&ri Gotab Jos A Co Haggerty OM Htdeu a 1. Major Dagm William Batghi Jnmea Halrby 'irwomb Italetead J II Hon lia gey A 1 ncker llalsteud J B lion Haley fed ward Ha sfey John Hall Marcel] W Hall John ball Prank B Hall Hurry Hall 11 A liall J C A Co lisII K .le.ff lluli Mr J Hall Wm Henry Hull Wm Hamell Geo llanlon Join H Tlaakell Wm H Haskell P Haysom Henry llaich s M Holy A Tucker Hodsdon B K Hoc an Wm B lloilingsltml Daniel Hawkins ZachariaU llolm in John Hawkesforth Wm Hoi!man .I H?2 Hay Prank llavet. Luring 1' Hayden Chas 1' Hawka Lucien B llayden A P llatllekl William Hsakins H T llazelrigg Artliur Hays james lloi-arlh Henry Holqies I'yrenm Hoelen Haul?1 Holl'mau P Hot? is A HoII'man Daniel Holi'tnau A Peissa Uaftwa K Holland Thos HsrllandClaikeACo Hoba-t Jaa K 11 at ton Geo Hays Icnnis llav Gilbert Hansen Carl Heath Josh lleylen Kdward Hamilton W H A Co Head h C Capt Haninmn Pan Irk Helper Hiouin 11 Hunan A Co Head .samuel C Hamilton John lleedy Adain Hamilton John llealy J.iine* Uaiisui II Heury W K Hannef* Geo W llerlugton K s Hamel Goo Heury Jeremiah HaiiJilu n G W llenrick Hugh ll..niblin 11 P lianrv Edwin Han-lord J W Henrv Lewis Italian 4 t o HendiickftouHerace "owes L I H? inn ord Hdwd B y?.1 Hoihi f L llait Unali Ileiiriqunt AnfoaA How Jaa llarlirick t'yrua Hamlu^ James How il-ni Haj tye Geo Hawlit g Geo Ilea ]iowe'.h II C llarru>an Alcbard H llewoa h Hodgkins Ayor ilo'm N An ireaa Holtman K S Hopkins Js Hodsoo f<e vine von Hooker. Parley A Co Hopkins <?haa J HouheriL'bt John F Hoiikina < has Hooe Klv 4 k Co liorior Henrj P Hones A C Hoper Andrew Home Klchard Hopkins i'h.ia E Howard Wm Boyt K S ?2 lisrr von James Harria 1 hi s J tlaidcastje W J Harris tdward Hurwood W B Harahaw Wm Hrxd Mr lletberlry Thoa Herquaa JR llerrlott John Hewitt Hainuel lltuson John lleyman larael Harrison ACoLonls Hlbbard A P Harder Jacob Maiding JosUh Hart La*is M Harris Kdward Harria 'I B Hams MorgiUi S llari is Mr Harrilull P J llarrlr stcn Isaac Harris Wultar llarmaa Henry Hart H llasbrook Robt Hayden CharleA Haynes Patrick Hay J'>bn C Hay Ibos T Hastfcaa T B Haiob James H Haatv Robert HalcA Eriistus Hatch A Co lliblm Jess^ L Hill Daniel R Dirks J L llllls J H Hill J J Uwkman Ceo H Hillyar L W 11111 C S A Son Hill J P Hine P Uintrager W Hitchcock C M Dr lDtchcvck O 11 ilinds Urlando S Hogan Patrick Hoak Gao Holt K W Holland Jos U Holmes Joshua B Holt R W How-* S 1) Hoyt Robt W Hovey Harvey Howard II G Howell Richard Hough Henry J Howe Capt O Howe Henry llowiand Wm H? 2 House Bmlie Hubert A Co Hughes Michael Hughes Geo Hn>'be,U Kdward H'ldson franc s Hughes Sidney Hulihan Cornelius llnm Mr H uddart W C Hunter R M?2 Hull A fepear Huntington Kxlw P llutchin John Husband A Sb'irtletf Hyte C Hut ohms Osmond W Hussey Wm Hut:hliion Alei'r HydaEC Hogan A Thompson Hyde Davis W -a Ida John f Isaacs A Co liguerdo t'ayetano lngalla G 1* leases WUllam Jackson Jacob Jackson W T Jackson W J Jacob? V M Jackion Andrew Jacob* Henry Jseksmi Grant Jackron Michael P J Jeroree Ira Jerruld D R Jenkins t L Jenkins Geo W A Jenkins Mark Jessnp Arthur H Jenkins P K Jervls Joseph Hytnans J Irwin Alexander Ikes Mr IngaOs Charles H Johnson Edward M Johnson Prank Johnson James Johnson Isaac Jr.hnsnn John Johns H Jones Pardon T Jones Menap Jones M a johannsen Johan A Jonas James S John-on B Jonss Charles Johnson, Rufus A Jones A A Lady Jones Hiram Johnson 3 Jones David Johnson Josephns Jordan, Marsh A Co Jehnson.SewaUAOo Jordan C Johnson P K Joyce A JohnsonPrederick A Jittcls M A J Jem rln A Thompson ^ Kelly James Kearny James Kelly J P Kelly Ihomaa Kelly Kli Kellegy Dennis Kelly Rody Krender Ixiuls _ Kerby A Co KleindieuM Charles K? nisn Kugene? 2 KmgSH Keil. gg i htrlrs a Kettell A MryerboR Kieman John M Koersii 1 bom as. Jr Kennedy James Ktmehnan Wm Kit kel Ka/1 Kempsna John T K el ley Myron B Knsval Caleb " *" Key John K Jackson Timothy D Jenks < harles B Jackson Wm Jackson T A Co Jayne K B James Charles Jaqua Kdwin James David JalgerJ B Jacqus Chr sney Jsrobs A A Co Kane James Karmick R K ane M K Knanp A A Kavanagh Miles Ksapp James J Kaufman John D KellotBramlin J Kelly James Kerr Kdwin W K?i gores John K..bourn Oeo Kigan Mi'-kel Kinuia Luke Klnnan Pe'er Kiag Sidney B Kinny. Kney A ?'? Kuifsland Kdw'd W KelMl .%? Keen Cspt L"i enso Kenned' A Kelley Cspt Vslen- Keicbam David 0 line Kei ngan John Kevetiagli Patrick K eyes W llllam William Keefe Jcsei h Klein < hsrles Kea'y Maibew Kelly Thomas Lamar LeonlJas 1 anglxrn 1 nos Lansbnrgh K Lannrman Wm Ijibrle kda aid N Lands Austin t. l^ne A ? o J M?2 Lsckie John D l.shy John Lackev David Lang Kdward l.ankesier Joha Lawrence Han'l Lanier H C Lawrenee C * A Co Lsren P.mll Lesry Robert A Le liter A K leighion J II Dr l*e Levi Lehman Charles Leeomnl Anguste l?ar> rhiiip Le* Geo I^S|>enard C W iMuney Wm l/ockwo>! Wm T l.ouentha 8 Ijovelace Rufus Uiyd Wm Lavker Mayer Lathaner 1.? Laws H N Utlmfr (1 E Law too <ieo W Laurent Monsieur Lawrence Chaa It Loom la J Lovejoy fl J Lovan Augusts IiOfau Pulsar U>hmyer >rnst l/oomis Edgar Loveiand ( has O Lawrence DongalarLove R Dr M * Laurence G Laurence Wm H l^aisyeui Dr IjtMena t 'bas Latimer Jas Langr (israr O Larsen < l^ach Naihan W l.eed Geo Lovlnfoese Moos low Howard U*cham SchaeiderJLipnmaa II Krlan Jacob Kit win Andrew King Isaae Koppis- li Eduardo Kmer A Hol erman Knowlna John C K now lea Join, H Koster Joli Knnop TAW Konnan Lorent Lynch Thos W M Luhos K P Luce Benjamin H Lee Joaian A Go lirtsy Daniel l^eede Henry Leviagston W Dr Letr tieojamin I-ev! A S.-OU Leurln James L*t>in Alfred L Irf-yro?: (Tirisiun l*per Aloert Lewis K Jr Lester John II Levy Adoiph Lewis A Co Wm l<ester Kdward l.eohart M Lynch A Lindsay Capt Lincoln Thoa B Lincoln Clarence H Linn Selden t^nlndol: Gao W l.e Cain Barclay LeDingweli M W l.esr nian S icli Dan'l ( apt Leach Ibos C Leal* K J C Low e James 11 l?w J Lusk 0 J Lunney Edward Lynch John Lvona John Ly?uar V Ludlam J II Lutl sr Mai tin Lucius Peidlnanil Lyner Tliou as Lvnt h Thos Liken Mr Unett Hugh A IJttleheld A 8 A W l?oehek Thos I^kwood Amos D l.ocke <> W Lyons Philip Lcllow Israel Lundy Hugh Lyons Michael Lyden Wm Macrbl <1 Macdonuld <?*? A Marlellan D A J Mark Henry Mao.o.ber M L Ma< kay John Mark h l>-? Maria* John M Marl'brraiMi ( baa Manlry A J John MaJIrry K h Mallrry I. Manning W L Mertlaon (Km Mahmry J 0 Mailona Mlrbael I MaarheaterP en: yW Myer P Malbrrlr kmtle M'.;b?rn Um*?i Marir John C Mantnth Andrew Martin SI* Martin < La* Martin Hob Markvell M Marti Manane Muik Hiephen D Hank B??j I Martin Maira Joaa Mark* Aaron Maaafteld Geo C Mark* A Martin Jobs I. Martin L A Co Marvin Pranele Manraa Paulek Marbiw Mtrharl Marydmt4 W? Marr* Tin* Martyn Iir Marrnand .Tti'.e* Mara Mleharl Martin Patrlrk Majnard C Matbonet Huji Marlll hr A I o .'aa Mealer'oo Joarph Matbew* llarry May l> /*hrd'e Mai hen* ftlephen Malbrw* Albrrl M**on Jebn Mi.w.n Ranllngo Mather C L. Maaaneti Rlmon Ma* Antonio May I. Aafu?tu* Miiyr Juan H Montgomery .(ami* Malbrw* Joseph Moke(ie?r*e Mayo P T Monk* Mr Merk* Melaner Mmre John Mragbrr Jaa Moor*- Chaa A Mr hem Antony Moore A I. Mr ad A Ot Mcwi Morrell Oliver Mrla (ieo Morrtaon I?WiaB Mrbonry Michel Morton A I. Merrlti w K Moree. Aoderwtn A Meyer Frederick Pur flu Meyer J Morr1* Robert Meyer K Morrt?on, (larr A Oo Merwln 0 A J Morrle l>a<Id II Mrrchact Hiram Mobllard P Merkle Phl'lp Monrrrafl Jaa Mrtiam A Bulk* Morae Wm Morrtanh Benjamin s MorUrty Daniel MAtoll A M'Trail Jaaea Middleton O H Morrleoo A I?r Mil I* A fume Mocjan Henrv P MUlerW Motart Dr Millar Walter Moaaa Uaa Milforl llesry Moan J MlUe Lao* Moaa John Miller Thoa Mott Jamra K Miller A l.uraa Moultaa Chaa f MUllrflon T J Mortl?maa R MUllken HPT Mnlford R Millar I) D MulfordJR Mtef < h?* Mullen lleoin Miller Wm Mullar Roht Miller V D Muller Henry Millard 8 J I (I KoUlpn Wm Mieoormic Iranrl* Mullen llufb Milne Oeorf* Mulkir Pair* k Milrhel) A Oo, Mea* Mulrahy I'atrirk Mlaery Mona. Lau Mullbolland Mlcbaal re?a p Minor J N A Oo Mtnortfe Joh.. Miner J 8 Minradiy Geo M Mtnrh August Mltehe! ?ieor*e Mlarr Bocaer Miner CW Ml/err Monaleur MltrbaU TV* Minrhul Wm Mlaina Chaa Mlllen .'ohn Mlnnelll Dan Vontaftie Jama* Moody Aleiander Mon'rfnilb (ilorfto M trpby Philip Mayer* k Kroiher* Moore A R Murphy Ton Maiheeon hobt Moowey Bdward Murtefh John Pawn Ihoa Ktea Monroe Janet Murphy A (>*n ? UK Monroe A Co John Mfer* John Maihuer Wl'llam M'riinarl Biff Muaaon A Hroa Mootffr*Berr Darin* Mnnn l/*deaaky Mullen Jamea Mullon Jabn Murray, lounf AC? Mumford J Palfe?2 Murphey M..thew Myera A Rnnla Murray H M Murphy KdararHJ Mumkler Robert l?yaym Murphy Thoe B Murphy Jamea Murray J U M-u-ray John MoaaeM Wm Mtimhv John Murdoek Wm Mar Mnhaa John Me< ban T P Mrlvmouah Thoe MelHinald DL I Ma von Fa*tmaa Mnaon <iro MrAlllatrr lllram Mr Arthur M Mranhur A On Wm MrCortnlek Henry Mr Bride .1 Mr-C'limnen Tho* Mr< all Cha* Me< aril John O ? RafTerty Mr< Iuok Robert MeCntil Brr Dr McCarley Wm Mrf'oeell John Mr* ridoo W m JMrCrarkum J no MiCltnioek Wm McCartney Darld Mrt'u crfc H P Mr' all l B Mr l>o. If all B R MrDonnell Martin MrDonnell Jam? * Mrlloiifal < ha* M l) rmld Tho* M' Kirn lb Thna L M? Klroy J M MrFarlane Daniel MrOowan John M MrOee Bernard Me<?alTin John Mrtlrefor Jrnira IPHI^^^HId'bnrhr Tho* Mr) oiine John Capl MH.Irnl* Kdward ?rfor-l Rohrrt I. Met.ra'h Andre* Me< she Pell? 2^JoWa! '',lr1rk Mr' arty W D Mrttee Peter I ? .. Mr< arty Hetinla Mrtlowan Rodfer* MrTanney Jamea Mrt'pnrnde J"*rph MetlHlnl* Jain.a VrTaffart Prter MH ev pa'rlrk Mel ottfal, Penton MrKeary Jamea Mct'ne Patriek A t o ^ MrKeerer John Reu'hatta Oe Beer OJJeetler Chaa ff Nleel R R Nal*r.r ( ha* Jeuman (lenrge I> Rleharaga Parker Murphy Bartholrmr MrOuIre Wm Mrdary ("hiutl'T.rWla Mr'laaley Thoa Mrllvain A Tounf Melaloah A MeKelfhln Jaiae* MeKenna John MrKlnale Aufiiatua Mr Kerned Bngh M I.e*n D V Re? M< Uuoblan (Ieo B Mrtellan D A J M Mr-Lellan Wm B Me Kinney Wm H M< Klnnoit Daniel MrMunrin llenry S McMahon John M -Mahon J amet MrMnllen Rdirar MrVally Kamuel Mr N?tnhi/in. Hnyder ?I WhRe Raaier A lei 0 Malt Naah /erne* Valhan J J?twby W? Bri man W B Nelfart Mnrll Newell k Co Bepomueea J uaa Ntwinan .1 C Mir holy Joeeph BlrHola T t Nf>ble R W Nunea Boratio S Motatiy Juhn Neumaa A Bewea ^ Neomai* Q R#?tssAMo<)oiuugh Nialia. Wm Krls-n Wni I boa- 2 Jtn-Mf 'vho B Mrkii'i'l L N .cImiikui1 J o Obertesfler A Frey- Oiler k Co A M i.j. O'Leary Timothy O'Brien .John Ullvei ,l?n?ee O'Cotnell Mathew U'i.e?ry Patk Mtiinui John Na'sou A L >rs*ie Herman R> smith <i?u W Nelson Kobt O Cosnell John O" riue Mr O'Brine Ibos O'Leary Joseph O'Connor John Oliver BarUett W Parker, Cartels A Feck Thoa B Co Peak Nicolas Pachhausen Alfred Peabody D Neuaan John Noooe Michael Nordena Van Noyea James C Dr Nook Mlehae] Nusbaum J NoUu Pairtak Olaaon Mitht* OHhna Patrick Owen Levi 31 Oat Wm OHbarn Ilturutuu Otard J (iilion Wm O'beetle Michael ? O'Uouovaii Timothy O'Roddy Patrick (?deil James K Otuanoo C'bas K Preand Mr Phelan Michael Put. i a A F Per rail C W-2 PerkmaJ D Perk'tia Wm W t'etera (has V-rry r slmou Re* Perry Geo W Preaoott O Hereby Kioto Pape Louis Page T H Packard James Parkbiirati: Park lhaa Pare*? G Part* lames Palmer k N? comb?2 Place James E PaxijnalH Bte i'almer David Paddock Wm 0 Palmri David i uge J A 1 ansmore John W Pe'ei? John Palmer Mepben Per igrelo II Parker A arou Parker T W Parker J arker Chancey P Preuties F J i'srara 1? Perey t.ula I 1 atourcaUe, Cox A Perry 1 obert Co Pratt Ruth van Pratt Geo W Pratt (leo D Phelps 1 heikina Dennis ?Pole Wm Peaooek D C l*eai'o<'k Join Pearson T Osgood Kami Osgood Dr Orcut L A Pitcher P D Prince K N Pioar<l A Phillips John K Plmier Warren Price A Hopkins Pigon Harris Pickup John Philip Wm l'nci Ohas L Pilgrim C Phillip F Plrsaon P Pieters P Perrltv Henjamlu k Phillips J N Co Pruaier L Psterton Amous Peters ieo Per-y O S Pemiierlon May Piernn James Phillip* 8 A Poer I Po!v Monsieur I'orter Robert I'rotost Wm V Powers John II Puweil 8 D Porter ?vlbert I Perey l.ula Garcia Post Wrigti'E,Broa<t? way Procter Mr John Post Joseoh T Porter Wn? D Pollock Wm Porter W J Pouer J Phelao Louis R Pen the Wm Pesbody Knock M PbUilps Wdmund Price ? Bird Perry li Mt Son Perkins Wm A Periston K Petrson .lohn R Perken H H Phillips ? H k Co r? er H F P ckering Joseph T Wursman Wm Pieree <t Co Messrs Putnam Dr Prince Franklin Purchase John l'terpont k atanly Pi. aeruig Lorlng Cspt Peuekini F W Qngg Bemam-n D Vu'gg Benjamin (,'iiljiiiio Maul Ruinous Mateo Dr Rawllngs Thoa Ray John Madeline J J Raphael Will Hainey D Raster Herman Ramadlotti F RauIu Myron Ralmon Geo Uardon John Rally James Raymond J Reynolds H 8 Reynolds W Reynolds B O Relman Mr Reed J M Hon Reed Roawe'.l Reynolds E G Read P M Rein bold Lewis KeUo F H Ketter K Reading Richard Reynolds Wm Reed KrjS Reynolds Michael Kedmcud John Red gate Samuel ReUf Alfred Purion Henry J Purucll Thoa O Prynev John Plumuier Wm Ptri eU John Quirk Palk (joU'j- Malcolm tjuinij : Cornelius Q, (Juinly D O (jnuin Hunh?2 (juiliian Ihns R Riveron Jnlie Kiel, v so.cmon S itii'h ir'lc S 1' Itiely Patr'Ck Hiaatiard William Rice h W Kiddle l?an'l L, A X Rogers Rwight U Hie es U Rowley K 8 Hickhow k Larno Roeengarten k Hons Hice, c 'hKse A Co Rourke Jeremiah Rirse Rudolph Rorback Mess Kirb>irds Kdward C Rowe Ira G Rl<iue*m V Root Cliarlee hicharilsnn Henry Royce D G KUey James Rogers P Rloe Dr N P Roeaett John D D Richardson Nathan Rouasell Paul Ro-kwood, Hazard k < 'o Rockwell DH Rogers k Co Rolf William Rhodes W Richer* Mons P Kighy James ltiedel John Robertson John Roberta J C Rosenhurg J Ross Wm S Rood A W? S Rose k Allen Roth Kmil Kobertaon W A k Oo Rourke Tim )thy hoblaronABrumley Rowan William Roberta Wm A Rude William R Rohbins Clement Rny Mor.s bobbins G W * Co Rust John D P.obison Geo Ryan Nicolas KoKack Dr C W Russell John Robert Eugene Reji olds Bebjsniln Kcberson Jaa H Reynolds Alpneu Robbiiu Robort Rice E Rogers Wm M Rlchter C Ludwig Rogers GWB Richardron, Chand- Ro< gers R I ler k Latimer Roilans W Rieard Mickael Rogers W S Richards, hlocumb Rodenald F k Oo Rollers Henry B Richards J H Rogers E F Kideout Charles T Rust Wm Henry Rcss' U Michael Rosiei) Charles RiePy John Ruff J DA Co Ryan Timothy Russell Isaac D Russell C H Rush James Ryan Morgan Rather A Paiterso*. Skaata A Heron Spenrer Horace 8miUi HUH C?2 Stafford BO Ste? art A Co Smith T Rwunn William Sewali F W Smith Robert T Salinger E hej mourJSanford?2flmlth Calrla SpragusGeo Henry fchepard Edward G Smith Isaac SaKer iiapt Jaa 8 Stephen* Walter L Smith John Salomons Edakond Stewart A Co Shipley Morris, Jr Stepbt ns Henry Skinner J J Stewart l haa Stewart J Scally Denis, thachao Charles Ftaley John Salomon P A 3iag- Jesse B Staggeaborg M fwann Richard Skippen II W?2 Smith son TAG Stephenson Henry Smliksas WiUoughby herwood J R Sklrloy Samuel Stewart.Ruracil ACoHkippsn William Stephens A P Scaotlebny Joeeph Sherman J H Samuel Albert Sanborn, Carter, Roys k Co Stewart T seymore John b'eward John Samacllio Pedrc?S Stewart, Centre st an borne Dr J C Spei o (ieorge ^hmanger Phillip 1 Joseph Shi pyard H D sbey Rteliard Seanlon BarthoPw neptmn Jos Sinclair Donald fitiinger H Meboemaker A Sloan John Stoddart A Morris shoemaker Renj F So tide rs Molcman Sloekton Rlias W Sckr(jed.T P T Moan Henry S Sampson ('apt Thoa Stephens k Cond?s-Shoenburger Edw StsnUin Rick Sanders A I) Sparrow k 1-nlne Sargent R W Siegel F Mattfon Klckett *Co>kiii Frederick Sargent h Swift Edgar Margie D S Swift Mr "-parks Herrey Simon Joseph Mrussling Joseph SIdiimo Wm H Maun* Jamsa panldlug 11 C ? lark wrather W R sunders (apt O P St 111 well Thomas J Hlnton Felix ? sin nee Jamas HrUt E J whartz M h larer A G suer O W harp Robert II chwarx H haw Hay den tauflrr Daniel > paulding 8 R stratum A Co rharp W W Sebertel J L > eoley Horatio N Sesley Beniamin T Smitk Henry Feesey W fl-1 Smith Hiram, Ssors Joseiib B " ' " tins Stok John Stevens Wall Sor** Edwin L Silbermsn li A Co Seou Wf k Co Soutlirey W?2 Unooer J Soith worth Dr ? A Seou Thomas Khotwej Rdmuod Shoru<s Rev Paihar IfeoaffWO Storm Isaac PA Co Stronsa Reyman Stow j? m Slgel Pr Sieseoop Wm Rwlft R K Simpson George A Sommnr Sebastian (eoURP Somerviils S T SchoU J L ? Sifterbers William Seott chaa I! Hpieker rhillpp Slmi son P H Sidle> John SI mm una John Mills James Smith Hi-nryA<'o?Xhryeek CD I SmlthTMACo SulUian Wm H Sou' WUllam Kourveine Ph Sours Joaquia S'one Cap Suerrsaoa Andrea* Seabnrg CT>spman f treet 1 homaa feats Willis r Steenberser J B 'IV Sneden George W Shea James Steels A Hobhs Seller IaswoUI SiteII Theodore stiencer Dr Kl t-he'ion Wm H SpenrerJebosiphatL-miih J Y Scbenrk Marshall Smith Rufns Skelenger Wm B Sslool A A f mlih J H f mtth F Henry smith Charles E Smith ChlswsU Smith A Smith GeoW Smith Henry Smith Jabn Smith N Psek Smith Warren Smith Jas A Bro A H Squire O D, Jr Shull Henry O St urges flomBas Sly Thomas Rulpben J H Symon Mark er Dr Klrbr Smith J H ? - Uth J O i Oseras I Francis SeMen Silas R Seller* Geo E Self Samuel Shneidt r I an lei Stf mnlf Mons Steward Dr Robert Tsmlonne John Talbo' Frederick Tappsn Jeremiah Traveled E C Taylor Wm tracer A Anbery Sml'h T Walah Smith N Smith R H smith F.dward Smith Asa Smith Mr Whst Smith Kdward T Trevena Wm Trencherent Mr Ternran Pascal Tempei Thomas Thewret A Tlekas Mister Tsylor.JsooUTippsrTeog B Tauarher Adolpn M Tildes Samuel Taber M M Trinkle M Tslsaadse SwollACo Thiele H Taylor s A G Taylor Mat hew Tabb O 1 raptnam Wm H Tale RS Tafle Li.ks Taylor Chaa F Tai or Rleolas Terry Thomas A Tes Ryrk S W Tredo Angiislus T-enehJ W Treat A Co Suiiran I Schutto I Sullran J< Scully Edward Suydam William staite* Jamsa SttMon William Shusvin Goorg* SnlltTM Elan SmTth Sehuha Geo B Sturdy J H A Co Sutton Jeremiah J Thomson 8 O Thomson Chan Thomas Wm H Thomas Wm Tohnan Geo B Toptnard N B Toplnard PAPA Townsoad Robert Towr send Geo D Thorp Wm Than on Jobs Tnone Alfred Torney Dennis Tsrelf <) Trie he Martin Tnlaler Hiram H Tlmmoos Patnak TlUey James R Thompson William Turner H 8 Thompson L Tnrser L Thompson J Tsnsball Dr Thompson James G Truman Roaj C Thompson Rea Tryoa T P Thompson W R Twaer M L Thompson Edwin S Trail ?> Thompson A TrugLlo FraadleAG* T homaon J B Tyson L H Onegaard FeVrAnd rnderwondWmAOa I'bkl D M flitVrlederl* l/tnaa A J l D4Wb.ll A Bro llakofler Ferdinand T Hamilton Van IVit n*o 8 Tannl Michel }.*l?er Frederic y alerto Joe Vnrwark ct Vi/du (,*o VkvlHer Wn l4ml* Von Fr V Jee*y Geo W VaMena K O ^"?lTre4wk* ?irgti Dr Vreatani Joaeph Vett Veinot Mr %>il> ^ _ ' "iDfn JHc w Walling H F JJ'Krmi Hiram Walkrr O |, W.Mr,, p K W??rr .lime* Walton A J Walah Naml A Walker John Walak John Warier Martin Walbum Win Walter MatUa Wall Wn Waldron Id ward Waidrof A J Wallace A Co Ja? Winkle laaac !" it*** Jnlm V vzzzzrjixi. vsJsm" yKBBI Wh'ie Jaernii MeE Whit- w WMte - Wfcittier Mart ann * Wlnalow Hob hard ?g-. wwte'iJ Wmr,n( WbiunUti J? W^SSrdfo' ?'?"7 C W Winter* John'7 AC# Whltn-y II |) Whit wall J o WJiWey Jaa ft WWtlex 'a* H Wfcltmor# a r WJ'Unck <W Whti/-i,.n W H Wallace Aleiander Wilkina F*ra w,bh ii Li m Wrbater WHO Wrbm?r Wm H I' '.{? naitechaa Z^PS?"* Wkl-W.H Werrlck John WeatanRB Weal man John Weat Frederic W etrnp W Weetrup Mr Weat John t' Wry ley A Ollbert Wllarm .'aceb Wanyer Wlllard Ward, Feck i Co Warntrk J C Wartkeimer A Ward Fati Ware A F Willing M R R*, Wltt?enat*la H William# Hurke Wright A Co Wm Wll ?nn M. ?.hlM Wiley H ' . wiifT Wanna, Matbonet A Wileon ? ha* W i la Stephen J W l-nn Jnfca A. W i lent F W wi!2&? ? Wlneberg (| W.?m?nn Kdward Wllia Jam** iriillf IBJ'r>*e* wii??n Wm a Whrgki ck,, WielSWalter Wl!|?t- rhaa WikhtiBan i.?hn Wlle.T f rank Wlleoa .'aa K la Warfleld C C Ward Tbntnnx.n Warren H K Walkli.a John W Wand M D Wai?rbnrr A Co Watte Win Way Collin M Watieoa Wm Walaer Bnne Welle Wm A Fon Welter A Froet W ?ed? A llone** Welch Fletcher Wella K F Webb Mr Wllia Jaa O Wrrman Henry I. I Writ-* J II A To Wellington n l^yd Well* Marin Wbetan Patrick J Welle* l.krrd Well* tm T-l Whelan ? ha* A Wei lea A Co Weber t,oiile And Wntch J W Wheelork Jaa A W?hh llenir W?bb J no A Wedeklnl I>r Wen* II?) Teaden Richard Tonne Wm a rv Zollinger Ferll',I Zlmmern..^, O n H <1o""cop'*K,thtaUf maacr, r^WLKKr m w Wlllbi Wllenu ? Wllaon T fl Wllkm* flaml ? illliim* P M A f ? Willlum* Ilenrr Wl Ham* Wm ?? Illlama C R 1 I Uliam* Renj R R Wolf? llltam* R Hrowo n4*"! WIMlameW eg"' tt, naWATd {SJSrj"*"" jsaw Wood W R is#: Woloan Nelaon Bald*l? Woodmff W Wooda John Wood T Wolf J in,?* lll'am* T William* Robert Will lam* T R William* Wm . Wllliama John William* TV* <t 1 MUUI Mahonet ? ' ? Ward V Wyrkoff Q A Wyman I tan Wrckoir r>,rid Toaa* Wm W Vonng Janiea > o,mg Wm J Zelner Morrle