Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1856 Page 6
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1BVKBT!SEHF!VTS IEwewcP KWH lit; riJniFvnov' w a m'kiwkmauih. AMTUATION WaWTMI>?BY A FRKN01I UW WHO .Ir^T-nIrr tfe Oermau uu.g'.iage. neuuroo ud l* Hki mm?6irni riiiW*?o * ? '?* '' sotre *l ?'?* AafHI ATH'S W WTfcU? BY A RBSPECTABLB #0 m?t w wrt iwm can co?e well recommended Ap ply at 4T Amo- at. .^i be aae* untflMUrn,;**. WTUATION * iNT?D-RT A YOUNO WOMAK ItO do b- .? *?rt. goo<. reference given. Apply ni 4 Troy *1 Oai. be wen for too d*)atf i.ot ?ugaa'*! ? hCTDATlAN WtNTBD?BY 1 BBSl'ECTABLE A .guu I,tnu< K-rl to do general wort or oaoklug Oi?d rotrrcncca. ln-juiro ?lSB lit avoiiue, Ootween lWk Mil ?jwii ?u. A SITU \TION WANTED-*1T A f'OOn COOK. WAflH; i r and rua^r uuJe, aland* naktng in all V* ''ffMB m witling U ui<i*e ht-rarlf eeuerallj useful; baa no oM"cUJB to the ooualry; ban good city refej. nee. Apply *? Jl# w?? lti?fc t- ? A SITUATION WANTED?BY A STIADY. INDUS^ trio us noiui. u> cook, in A amnll family, can wukilt .ra?. ilaa Live year*' .-<-tereueu Coin her laat pace. M M*?. tar two daya tX -A2o^h avoaue. ootweoit CUi and lttii aU. AOOMTETBNT AND TRUSTWORTHY YOUNG WO ?an leairao ? sttnailon. la -My or country, to <lo itenernl botuievtork U a good '#1, wa*her and .rouor. Pinnae apply at .71 IScwury. Ili a da> oi Monday. _WMX tn^derate AHOlTSEKKBfKR'h SITUATION WANTVD?Bt A RE aneclaMe ?tdow 'aUilv trim K-.a'aod; boat of City i*Cer *?ce gWtn. L?ii or audrtson G L , 39 HutUoo arooue, Brook )??*. SITUATION WASTSD-BY A RESPKUTABLH PRO Lwiani young W"'A*ii. aa chambermaid. wouald? light w-Khint and trouing or would 'ravel wiih a lady. The "P0* rttoeeia'ilr r"f* (KM. Cnn o? seeti Cor IW? day* at ia W.'i 2no at. M BS. J. T. ROHERTON. MONTHLY NURSR, RK8I dcnoc 620 Sixth avenue corner Thirty 'imt atoeei. SITUATION W * NTKD?r* Y A RE^PROT >. Bl.K YOITNO tiarc f ib?r a? ?.?aai?r> s? nr sjUritworiAA in a Ury crmGat-r f*i?ey ior^, y>p*k/*lhe tie^man AAA Ksjpi-in laiguftgW lodcftn e ths btsa. of city refdrcocet. AdilreiW is . ttcruiU cllioe. ?? SIfflTATloN W\.NTVMY A OOMPfTKWT YOUNw vrotn^n, aa rfM?k r?#b?*r ironw, Hs^oh bnMMi? 4c , and Hill do hoiiiu*for m mi!) family. Haf g'X>4 re(ercuco? 4/4*11 mi 24 ??J 4? eooe i 9th t?t. . CJITWATION WANTBD?bt A V Ot" NO WOMAN: IS A plain prv k w <?ber and lro'.?r ir would do th? honie won of a Huall fi-m H <".n?d rH>reac<? CAa be glyea. Cac !?? oeeu at a*> Bridge at Hmjklya. SITUATION WANTED-BY PROTEmTANT YO0NO rirl aa Oral claw lAnnrt"*-* and dc French flutlog. Good c?y rHferracs. <VI tor tworti.ys a-. N'o T Attorney at., be twrew Orar.d ?n<l TXyialoo. No .ibJ?ctlon to (o I short dia yinre in Use country. w WANTEIV-A MTCATION, HY A RB8PKCTABI.K sarried ?oni m. to *o oot aa wetnurae in aome reaper ixide fatu-iy. Uond reiriwoco can be rv?n Call for ihrwr uayo. a* JUO 1st ayenue, beiween lTlh Ana l&h ate., in the Un hta re WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RK8PROTABLE joung womaa. aa chamboTnAld and waiter in A amAl frimlll; eu clvo the t er of city Mfareoee fr?jm her last place Where atr lived lhr>-*- .ear* and all moothA. <'all Ai lt? M Avenue. betwe<n lMhane 16th ?t? . in the rear. 'ANTED?BY A GOOD, WEIJ. REOOMKENDED t< girl a dl'uailon Hi a -mall family aa cook, wartw and ironer. general hone^wirfc. or chnmbermaiA Cad bo aeeu ihia day at her preaent ewpHyera. -'lfi Dean A. WANTED?BT A PROTRKTANT OIKL. A KIIUA Uon. to do general houaownrk, tn A amall private fatal ly of three or four p?r?ooe; to a guod wa*her and irorer; good rofereiee* OA 11 at 109 QharKop * , m Jic re at. WANTKB ?A SITUATION. AH INFANT'S NflUH; 19 o?p*h'e nC Lak.r g the entire of au infant (him ita birth' beet of city re'erencee. I'all at JU 6th av., near liA ?t WANTED?BY A RB-PSCT VBLR PROTESTANT >'Oun? wocnan a att'iatioo to do plain cooking, wnthisg and Ironiiig Apply at tC It av.. corner ol itU at. TBTANTFD?A MTTATION by a youno lady, as yy atewardcoon A ^"as-'r or ahlp: reference riven tro? fcor iMt rmployer. uf required. Can be o?eu till Monday At ber l>oardii g hou>o 107 Yarlck * WANTED?A SITUATION AS CO'->?. BY A YOC NO ?Oman, who perfec tly understand* her buniaeen. bread, biaru.t ao-1 all other -.Jul* of family rookiug. No ejection U> imeiet m wmIudc and irooliv Oood city reference ' AO b * en at 114 Raa( 1 JiA M . .i?twecn .<h and gLh an. WANTED?BY A RJTK'TABLE roLOR*.D WOMAN. a anu?Uon to go '? < a.iforaia aa chl.d'i r.arae or to wnii on a lady <'?u rive guo?l 'oooniinouiALioajt. ?'aa be aeea ai 30 Univ?r?it;. place. TI7ET MJ.SH-A Yorsii. HEALTHY MARRIED WO ff uiar wi'h a fn br>-a?*. of mlJt. de?u*? a Mtuai-* a* wet ncrae. Apply at 6l W?j? Jth ?t, between Uh tal ?h tveeuts rANT?D-BT A YOUNO tNULISII WOMAN, A SIT na1 ?>o a? cMf'tvi or a 1* ? ma> 1 Aop?y at proven' wnptovem " W?t '-*Ui r. c?w>-en Br .atway aiulfeiliav. WAIaTHf?-UY A COLO 1RD fJIRL A SITUATION AS (hambermaid awl to do plain ?ewiug or as ch id', nur-e aod aearovtrew >joo4 ci?? reference can be gtren. Apply >1 13S Croa'jy at. Wanted-a bituation. by a re.^peitable girt aa (hur.switaiU And wtllT, or hud"a nur?-, La? euellent rc? ummei-da^ce fr**i hor av p'a^"^ w!. -re she hi? I i?ed fonr yrar. Iiquiroatai *ea;3l?t?t., beiwecf Cth and ;>h avenues ______ UTANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRU TO Vf ?o aa cbambeinn d aci waiter, !n A reapccit^lefaini.y; baa no ?< ti-t'MD to go a ?b ?> t di<tan^? .u tho cnuntry; the be? of city leterviiee? Pleaae aL At "<i K??t ?*h a'-. betw> n l^ipeot and ^1 an. Wanted?a situation for a youno oibi. or km rate chat acirr *a chiel a n irne and nemmatreaa. t aa waiter and eb?mb< rniatd. < +u be wej reconim?od"<1 from her laet place, where i*e baa Qved o>-er a tear ?:ail fix tw.< dnya At 2?C >j?at lOOi r?:w? en la' and 3d avenuea. \\rAA1ED? A SITUATION aB A OOOD COOK . SHE wf ui IvraUnde raatr% and bak n* perfw-tly, aod ? wfllin* to aa?'? a the waabmr an<l tracing. Noobieajosa 'o ^rivai* boardm. bouae TUe beet ?ny r??-renoe Can be aeeai lor two da) * at 114 lfr-b at , between Oh and 7:b avcn ieo. WAN TED-BY A YOrNO ENOLT?H WOM VN. A SITC Aitaa aa cook waaher arvl kmiworM lnundreaa aod woold am:at tn chamberwork -n n ?na-l private tamliy. ilaa tho beat of ri'y rrfrrvLcon. tSm be seen foe two daya. if ?" engaged, at IM (Bh a . ^twe- n Mh and oth av? . o, addr-ae M M boi US, Beraid oflioo. WJ 9ITVATi?N9 VV VNTKD?M AI.K*. ArHlWCIAjTRlWD V-i IN BorroN. bayimo ' lie*-:.* 'o pr? * ** ruodiGUEMI firom tlk* Iummwi Mediea. Society, dated ember. IMii. n medical dipto mm IM WUl ana Co!l*e. date December. IK?, be og MmoaMM from nt'^adtnir v> <enoral pracileo by reoaon M rkrama^c illlkini, and wishing to avoid tAs inclemeot ciimaie ?t the ctty. wonld like a artoattc.u In at?n? phvaieian * (See la ike city af New Y ,r* where he might bo employed n a'iea 'tin.' t.'the office practice, ao?l In ren lormg ouch wker ?.-rricea a> m rtt appor*ir o tbe o^-o.antlai'acKwy *h emgkgr'ri cy rmn b? fartiidM. Addm? J. M. w . r?? ? - A lOUNi) MAN *A?n A SITUATION AH FOBTER, A. ta a ?or* <>r hote<, an read and write well an . Is '(?le Ik attteuree Can rom* aa well r-commended as "?YP ^bly co.'<L an te .em Har w-e> ai M Wh.'etea,. a. A YOUNO M.VB WANT* \ SITUATION AS iCOOUNT A-terpwW to w*e Wboloaalo ttoW ft?. aimaawoK wr-K*e a go*' liand. and i? corn ? a Vt^rs eaa frod-L " 'he 5?Ot cf . itf . ?? cren ? sod .e- art , el \ddrese B C taori^igflfe Armoe.EP MAKWIHIIVA ("JTCATIOV A1CO?riT n> p. un.!i~reteeds p if i#?a lij anl nia-ia.'* iMBKl kfv> "r <wl n h.*bir rae>.nnvt.<i ??d for h?a**v t, aobnaijr. abiBty, Ac. A^ ply mi' a rtW. 4, Mlmtrt*. ^ IlorTnrr.-WAim?. kmplotoont i* thr. \J rart .f a TO?lii? man ?rbo w-1 ?? a raal M rw I lul an.; ta tavnlliar *t'l ia* " or aa ?ania'am roirr f.m ta *ou>' .m rcacU'r r.>u??. Aydr-aa f V tf . fl f* l o4Lrr Tp? ONOMir\I, BOQtf - *KR''HA*T?< Pi lr*4r?m+r u< oth?m m?lr ?ba oar-taJ dajj wr Ti?? at* bwiUf'^f ?IiTK <n ha ?? tfc-f biofc* k>-v" amfcrr op mo*.a ar<t>'<ihi* ?n'ry at %n a?n nitnai rw n 1 f rat) I PM thr- 'artlua! ?ir?- too <4 b? ??m? i an * ?- n rat* m- ,.t??r hy a jiraoixaJ ;inlaat. liltiiwllB r \j raT rrar.a fir** Addr??? .?. f alfr^'iMi. A B'nofa ar? AWlWy. nfirni ?nrm-A Mri'ATiow war rum ?t * yr-itig 'nan ??k 1 waf-a j I'i ????? it> *rgf 'irm laaa b?a?U, haa r?lw?? or iba hiaHaat nrd?r .? ?< ten ?? "arfact.f !? arary brack Ifw-IMHIMM; tafamra i)1; kMira. an l 'iaa an inft i?orr w ih trar.- in* -??J>iwa If" ?| !????> ?e ha amiiloiar ?o iH tn?' r a p ? ???a*r o* Ik' prntui. to a aai^'f. or tpplf ai ??? ?rneewaf. mn Mo. S. I AW ttfUrR-A TOCWO M4> RMItDISd WITH I i h > parrr'a. and -Wlrlti^ to al'id.r In ao otfca, wit., aaia- J ' r* tifat fr*t mi; hnt 2.1* P.nto*-? SMTVAtlOK wAltTKli BY A To' Wi. RA*. IT TK<R-< J nf?<.\i!i?r..iiuiui , > r? ??,-**. F tali, tlrrman and ur.d?rat,.a.l* Kr?a k. Cite b* aa?n at !*? Orarawt-b at. iw fciutfltec. WA!?T?t?a *rrv ation lit a nomE Stwadt it>au. aa porter In a wh.. ?aa or ??? oiW ?nra ?m.!l ma?. hmarlf frnarailj 'nal.ji ll"-r.minro<taUona ?(?ra i't~i nrt<L AtWrraa R T . Vn 171, Herald nArr. wiC. Mt a'.r?4r4 t?. rpoXk?**?.?? ? A TODI?. <i*l*TI.KMAI* .1 VRAm J. ?H ?<?. ?ho tea* krr* o*?r a v?ter to Jiwynr'a mBra in tklacfr, wk?. mm do ordte?r-? nfflro b<ia! n-a? ramuo .in'l?r Kimi in rwhktj prnr?Mimf, *<? wtahaa . ??tnatin ?n aa or,, .'ftra ik?r? ?a oo o har atart nr wharr * pnrtln* m iii<- .f ?? .jattaa ?rifl fc* tind?r ht* fltearv Walarf >ft p?r waa?. Ad draaa W , teaa 4.D4J Raw tcrfc Pja?olir? Ot,p RKTA BLJ.-BKI) WII'>L?*A!.R ?IRO< tR4 drvtcMia rf hardwata hotia^a ? Aa ? ?'!?? In r.'tjm 7?wa? wan, 17 yr?ia -<f ?r*. *n4 rrmi4<n? * .'k ma |.?r?nta, wak'a a ?'< *?.oit <a '-lorfc ia a lw.>i?a taha. f a un?f, . nrrty ??aa<l( ijr?ni?0t o ' altd nil rall'OW# I ?n h^aaa r tr? rarj" '*4- H' ?? (it r y r*frt?n r A Idrna koi(,IKt Pja dSaa k VtrR-BT A TOCfn MAM. A nrTt7ATI?f, r?* ?I f empi tty *k*r* ?wvbrr m'ltlM' or auu ? ia?. i in J lM> rwi'ttrad ha nndarvaada booktraptnf br daah.r ??irr. and ia f-lrd tip In ??*"inn 'uv!ar?'Arda afaa 'tea tlattnaa lanfiia ja. Addrraa Pr^aA ??* kM) HamUd o?o* Wottil- < II ' ?- 5-vfT *1. . *; , ' a ?tafan'Ua ho-aa. H * #ond ?n kk+ro^r and mrrK at nrarva aidwt.iDit a man* .irew;r rrn. r^.tr-wef'il Oaa liinlifalHmoi. At*?? r , h?i ui fWald WART1P-~A~frrtATTOV TOR A fJCiUPETRirr OAR ??r?ar. w*t? kaa ftiU It. rr -?r hr.'iaa atv far *-m rmtitra. P'aaar addraao .1. B AT,*? ltro?1w?f. v ; ? VTT^VftT (V ? yn, Tf iiK? ? ?ii?a a. Itgbt tjortai or In .if' h* ,? .r ?ia^aarr?? (-.paiiH Tb? adr?rt|?ar ia?'?ir?T, lamwain ???<? an1 ?onM TMlf Mlteaa f rann?tiy <uwd<:| to h- iH?io????. a' rafc?-oi-a tf?i Na laat otmuit*'. r. " I "i a K II?hM oflloa for IV? MM WHte [?Wf ti i i i n-a"afu: aiiGr. as * \(v"iTxTiTTjjfi ?* ?'?? lard, if a pariote win tea* ia'b? r?a r* iSr'%M liraB*r faars and :?? laat r.r<- t-.?. r?i ,>? ? wa%a?r ?rt? Onr.d *d*f? .I.H.H i . i a a I "??nk'to Pun rffl *. w HKI.WMt * WITM KM. i< t ' 11>MlV A. COURT WILI. PRRat-if is TUP I I *??> a- "M.a H?p''at ctenrrte. u> anrvoti, u* . *. ?? v a*.I a? *? ?. V In tfca ar?ni'i? lit., aac^ v. a. ,??44 ?V HM ?? *? ?? ??r*H _ rU'Kk A Mk?fi Tl#f, A hoorwt girt, or ? widow who ha- no cbtldit .ermas or Amcrtcsn, ?lli a good d,spos?Uoc and ?*.<>?* w *?ars *7 un, whin wants ft (nod home for til*. No others u?e4 apply ? Wt!f?j it second floor front room. Crow 7 t* ? tuom og. ot Sunday. trom 11 toft. A BOOK KFEPKR WANTKD-TO OO SOUTH, WHO A thorough)! understands his business, is quick und expe liu<<u* wllil&j'o work early and 'ate, and aaa bring un doubted fit v references. To such a dnwi a liberal salary w1U be pawl. Addret?a B. W., box 2.33i Post office. Aim LADY'S MAT, FOB 8W VNNAH. IS RKQOIRRD ia a gentlemana Larnily, residing North dur n( the summer, she moat thoroughly understand her buaineaa, mm* apply at U9 Grandee A mm HOUSEKEEPER?WANTED, BT A MAN OK MODE rate oieana, (a widower.) a penton competent to take charge of his hi>uae and look after hia child, three yearn old. Must bring good reference at to character, 4c. Address tar roe week stating terms and where applicant may be sees Jiunea Rcea, bos 197 He, ,Ud office. A^m ami. is wantbo-to coor, wash and iron, at Id? Stale street, BroohJjr; also a voting girl. to do light ehamberwork. in a small family. Unexceptionable re ferences will be reuuired. COOK WANTRD-a PRRNCU WOMAN, WITH OITY reteegee at *5 West 17th at. CIOOK WANTED?WHO IS A GOOD WASHKH AND 1 ironer. One "ho is neat and willln*, ran bring good r /v minmda .in fr?m ber 'ast employer, will und a good situation b> calling at it2 East I3th at VTURSE W \NTED?TO OO TO THE SOUTH. A COM _Ll iiiHtn" womae of pMlen'- lniustrions habits, wb> can t Le charge ot three young children. ui.d do their washtoc Ironing and mending, and who Is willing to devote hi-raell u> bci buslatss ??*.. b - ? a permanent situation by applying at the House, ti04 Broaaway, room No. 3L>. WANTED-A GERMAN OR SWH8 GIRL, Ab waiter and to assist In the washing and ironing. Wage K. OikxI references ren'iirwi. Apply at 6; irteecker au frvtn 12 to 4 or from 7 to 9 I'. if. WANTED-\ CHAMBER* AID, WHO understand: wn-btiig and Irou'Dg and can wait at table. Apply a I* We* 3d at. TirANTKD? A (toon MILI.lNtR AND TRIMMER. ONE ft who ca;i ;;et ? p styles. ?nu if ueoMsarv to Uke chars of a work - mm To sucn g.>od ? iges w'll be paid and coo Maoi emplovnject; rone but thoso competeM need apply. Addrfcs* box 3,731* Post office, for two days. TOANTED.?good WAQKS AND constant rmi'l.OT TT unfit csy he ooistned. by an experience and com l>rt*ut vet ina?sr. Addrea* R R., box Post otllce. llTANiSD?i MIDDLE AOKD GERMAN WOMAN, Tf with good reference to do the general homework of a small retjie< table family. Good wages and good bome. Ap pl>- at *u>re ?1 l'esri at. TITANTRD?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS Nl'RSR and TT h?, lustres*. Scotch or German preferred, the best of r'ty reference requ-?od. Apply at 77 West Mth at., between Brotdw&y and iHb are. WANTED-A YOfJfO OIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS U.,n?s haiTdressmg and wtg making, also aa Apprea tier at the busmeaa. Apply at i33 Pearl at., near Roae. XKTAITRESfl wanted-WANTED. A OOOD WAITRESS, f f tne who understand* her business and can give rood refereixes ss to charsctcr. Apply at 115 Ulcka St., Brooklyii, between the hours of 10 and 11 in the morning. XtfANTED?A WOMAN, TO ACT AS NCRSE, AND f T who is also a good seamstress, to go to the Island et Cuba. She must be reapeetaole and hare unexceptKmabl'' rcfetrncra. Apply a'. *4 Kast iid st.. between the hours of 2 aud .*> P. M., Friday, Saturday and Monday. TITANTKD?A WOMAN, CAPABLE OF TAKINO CARE TT of chlki-en, who U a good w.iaher and tmner. and wii lie? to go to the Islard of Cuba. \pp!y ai '.>3 West 15th si. WANTED?3Y A GENTLEMAN AN'D WIFR. WITH ooe child two Protestant women, to go a short distance into tbr oountrv; ore as oock washer and Inmer, the other as waiter and cbairbcnuaid None need apply without good re fetenc'i CaU at rooca IS Aator Ho iae, bo.s ecu the hours ol" 9 and 11 thit morning. WANT?"D?A RfyPKCTABLE PROTF-STANT GTRI,. to cook. wash, iron and do general housework. Apply at SO Joiinson st., Brooklyn. TETAlfTRD?A TOVNO LADY TO ATTEND A BaKE TT rj ; one acouainud with the business prelarr d. Ca.i at 62) Grand at. Best city reference refuj-od. ANTED?A LJTTLR GIRL ABOUT 11 OR 12 YEARS TT of ??e, who wishes a j,'u4 home whore then* are no rbiMren. Such a roe we will take 'n iuter?st la. Iii |Utres' .iu ltsi.L Street, any evniLg, ur address a ."lute so J ease Adams a: the same place. TI~ANTRD-a OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK Tf must he a good p'ain "ook. first -ate wssher and i. noer aral cotr.v-well recommended. Apply at No. ti," Nuith Moore street TITiNTFr? t LAHRD-wY WOMAN. WHO UMDRR TT star :s the 1 u?iuess, and caa bring g<XKi retellW. App v at French a Ho-el. TJTANTF.D-A P.FSPBCTABI.E GIRT. AS NlIlSE AND TT seamstress, in a private I'anuly ,t.<?s :.se4apply imt with good cuy :? fere nee. ali? must be u goo-1 sewer. Call this mt.ining re ween 10 ul 11 oclotk, a It^6th ave. Tl^AN TED?A WET NHIt^E MTITH A KRK3H PRE AST Tf ol milk, who has the > t ?< citv r< nces Call on Ps<..ra*y. 0?i S. betwee . tte hours of Id aa41 o'cUxk, at h6 5<li are , romrr ol loth st II F.I.P WAVTEO-MAXJB*. AUKMH WANTKD-TO Plo I'RI! OHDF.RS FOR Ban* N.ta Baporvr an: ??il liodjfwi' lt*nk ]Mr P'dU* DfUoealor, ihi- b< I mtimj aju'effuania ev? r pub li-h-d Vm of adilrMa, rtioray ..nj 1 lalnf-' c*)*rnj r.m lUkr uac Apply u> liadgea A Co., buu. rta, iff) Broadway. BOT-WAWi n, A ITuT ACTin BOT IS A rltwhio* atora. (V brrf.?? f ?r1 r" i>mrr.?m<)?(|on?, ru ?* pJ?.t ;o K. H W'jman 4 c<j . J9 VMro !<d>- cornir ?\a->? . ?!. BARKXXPKS WARTRD?TO r.O TO P1RTO BIOO. lotak'- rhirjrr < f ? (Mlligfiftbt* -oKka bouaa. Mu?t h? roBp^nuto taka lit* ??.?! ?? tnanaf-o.wii. \o? pmon wlaii nq a par maaM a.iuaioa. ur app.y ?' 47 fouih at., front otflra. tird ttoor CYl.lNPrR aRD J>I>W rFW H.THOTA I r KPKflS aua po. .the;? ou A Wr?r'l It ibU 1* .l? rub (t. D P.Y UOODB f ii 1.-.MK.V WaKTK?-AT XO. 17 OA 'blT'M t>t" - \rno Dp: <i > Lr.itk w>.MncD - * t tw ? r-n couta >?" ! ' Atrn.??<????! !ar mUwrr *.id good n.<m.rb*imcirr hanagl^oroujtk kaowtadcd fI IkarAjr rr Ult bi.a.raaa. and ao?b> U? i* rtarg" of a tint rj?a? murr mar apn y at tkr roraar of R itf<r? aad Jfca.roa sla *rc CLKKK W v>TED? * OOMPKT'IVT dbco..f.?T ar.l apol'-ora/T one i Jtf MmM wftiihr ? \y rftai 1 D ____ Hi* prrxrvlion bo-taaa*. A<ldi*?? DHL, Pnai ofllra. iae iJtrrr, r?f? r.-rr? Ar IwnmFK ia? m.v--?Kx wt*TK>-iN t*ik nnr <j dafarur ail who tlK* -oiyibh iin.l?-ri>ar i ike b\i.v Bt-M and ar* ?? ,0"?U*d wWi th<- Hrvadway tr?d. A. JAKOBI * CO ,JtT Broadway. MFRCARTir.II CUTRS* fVHTTTCTK. 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'"id fw ??oraa. RATI It AR AC ABC ATT, Prapti'tora. Ciur.?cil ADVKRTMKJIKjrr*. I *R' I R \R< A'Vic, ItlGkHkMI ABBIVIC a hf.W U Tart, fiarlaal pUfiu-^Maai At ,r- aalrw laaa una raap?"akl? faiadii* jMftaHtofi?MtHT d-*??ia?ta **'??****"?r * ** ?>r'OT' "? 0**?RDB?CRR MORR? IVItNFARTR I RAR 1/ (???, poor fcira aoaai t?a rbam'.rra l. ?a jooar da Ul ataartT -a h-adrMW k? "??** ??!'? ta IK. AT2Ki"i?H_nA0(Tm*toTT1?ryrw_TW0(,K rruKf Dojeli^.T^ *mlx*TV** IHM. iwlrtotiabx^.W A pmabtamiibioam ?OY, tf* OLD. WISHES Ayr ARRYMAN OF EXPERIENCE WANTBD-TO takechargeof? brow*atonequarry. Mu?tbe a prac tical aadootmHdeat caaa. Apply ? D. fcbAoo, Jo HiWwsy. rUR GOOD AMBBOTTTB OPEBATORS WANTED? at l.jckwoed's gaUery, 14* atwue. Nuur but good hau l* need apply. VTIBKRfl WANTKD.?A PEW OOOD MINBRS OAK OBT wevsrwus OtfKjSuC ** HAwley'a, 117 SATINET PRINT WORKH-NO. SO GREENWICH atreet, want* a good machine printer. Ami It at the works GEO. W. WIUHT. r? BCTOnKBK. -WANTED. A JOURNEYMAN BUT ch<;r, hi Oswalds uukM, Uk> and 16H OonftaL. Brooklyn uoe who thoroughly understands the business and is a good salesman can and steady employment. TO I80N WORKERS?WANTED, TWO OOOD FUR nacenien to boat billet* also. two ?crapers. Apply tit l.rt-outol . G Nook, Windsor Lociu, near lUrtlwd, Own* nectcut. TO TATLOB&?100 GOOD fOAT U ANDS AND 50 OOOD pantaUton hands w anted, at No 615 Hu<tiou st., comer of Am"?? THOH. WILBt, Jg., A OO. WANTED?A OOOD WATOHMAKEK TO GO WEST. * , Apply at 21 Maiden lane, between 1 and a o'clock P. M o day. WANTED?TO GO TO NOBTQ AMI"! ON. BAM.. TWO good c*f fitters, to whom Rood wage* and alette wort, wtll be giver Apply to Archer, Warner A Co., 376 tiroad way, bet*wn A. if mu' J P. M. toaay. WATCHMaKER WANTED?'TO OO WB8T; A OOOD workman ran have a peimauent situation nn J goo't r H>c*, by apply'ng to F lht<?ri ?t, X> I'ourUand St.. Ne* York wanted-two or three good watchmakers, ?? for di''erent p*r?s of the country. Must have beat of rc fereurea Apply to Road, Taylor A Oo., No. 9 Maiden laae. WANTED-TO ENGAGE TDK SERVICES OP A PRAC tica! dibtiUer. totaiip charge of a moderate sued grali dlatillerr. 1ha very bc?t references required. Address Dis q.'ler, licraLl r?r?ce for one week, with refi-tences. nr ANTED?SEVERAL cabinet MAKERS FOR BOCK ft mg chairs, at 9 Baxter at., (late Orange > WANTED?A PORK BUTCHER. TO A GOOD MAN v> ho understands his bueii ess good wages and rotuuni employment given. Apply to ffm. Wright, lol PuUod it , Brooklyn. HOC8F.S, JROOMS, ^ Wl.VTKD. Amoi1ern HOUSE IN THIS CITY OH BROOKLYN wanted?For which a dealrabie country property, unpro Ted Mid unincumbered, wiUi IS iitVcaah. will be pai l Apply lo D. EL8TON, 38 BroMlway. AFCBNISHED HOUSE WANTED?FOB A FIRST claaa family, with all modern improvemenu. nituat e<i between > irst and Fourth avenues, and SccjuJ and Twen tleth atrcrts; rent must be moderate. Addrem, statlujf altua tion, rent, Ac., .'oseph M'Gulre. 86 Seventh street. Furnished house wantkdvin the upper pabt of the city; must be in a pleaant location, and rent not to exceed HUGO per year: near a stage or rallioAd route pre ferred. Address Boston, Broadway Post office. House wanted?two story and attio house with modem improfements nut abore Thirtieth si rew Bent not to exceed I40U. Addreas or apply nt lit Nassau street, room No 2. OFFICE WANTED.-A GOOD SI/.KD OFFICE WANT ed. iu the \ .tinity of Canu. iad Ean streets. Addraw II. F. C , box 1,962 Pest office. WANTED-GABDEN ornaments. ANY PERSON TV having second hand aiatiiarr, Tn?ev Ac , either iii u'bU copper. Iron or terra ? >U*. wbicb <hey would seil ch< ap, ma? hear of a purcha?er by addretgiug A W., Herald odtce. De scribe tl, ? subjccU. material aud price. TirANTED?A HO.CSE. IN BROOKLiN, STTUATEB TV on or n<*r the Heigbt> mcuerate size, in rood ontar ? nd fcj?v:ni{ ihc tnodcrn hfNfMM fw a ?MMHgMMM aithoat boarders, AdOress, wiUi full particu~4Js, Guouxir Herald office WANTEIV-A t'OTTAOE OR SMAIX HOUSE, IN A RE. rectaUle neighborhood, in by a gentiama.! and wife, no chUrrcn, a desirable ;ec.nt; ga* must b? ia th>* Irfiusc, reui net to < .cc-d $i'"l .vddrcsa J, A., box 1.2T1 Pot-i office. TjTTAirrED?THREE OR FOCR ROOMS, I OB A KA ?* mlly of three peraoi a. !n a frectee! neigliboiiiood, be twi en Oracd aud Fourth streets. Ad'ljf*. 11. A., 16'.! Henti cArc to day. Y17ANHU5 TO PURCHASE?A FARM, OOVTAININ* f T trfm 40 to uu aerrs. wi>h wl buildings and feac*. laud, aril im; inved, near a vdbkge and MNM to a rat' rnul depot. ?onid prefer the 'ocition !n Ora ign count/, N. Y Adurcas IhninA^, Uerald < dice itailng the lo ires' aul hxattot: IMAhCIAIi. 4.-I TO $M0.nW).?MONEY AI.WAYS READY TO AD <pi ianc? on iUamoi.ds, wa'ches. jewelry, pianos, si gam, furnituie, dry gonda. ailks. eloth*. m<w< :.andtse and peraonki ricperty. Ijm and Kentlemen rece. .ed ui private roomi> iusineas prompt and cout.drntia!. F. B. llOC.i'ion, J Ma nutte Ma< dud Agent, 41.' ltin *lw?y Al ni\ -A LADY WISHES t LOAN '>F *1% A> AN ?Tl . adrsaee f?rroom*and board, for a gentleman or geniieman and lady, la a ?upeiior house. pieawantJv to taied, huring pas bsth furnace. Ac. Any part or all oi the *<><-ond eiorv m<y be had. Security jj.vrn.lf remilred, hr I>**z nf funuiuis north many time* tne sum. Adtlt as Mr? J. E. Cai pente>-, Bret>dwsy Post office. linn wantkd?FOB WUirn A LIKKR.VL INTK ?)\M* rest will be paid ana juud s?o jlty given. Addreai L, Brooklyn Post office Ql) A BROADWAY-MONEY ADYAKCED, TO ANT UUT kiiwHicU. on d* moods watius jew airy, pian<M, dxv Ml segus a?'d ever / deert pu?u of va ttabl? pmpsrtv, or ht fur cash, i-voeka bonds notes, m>rt?agta, Ac , usgn tinted. Waiehe* and jewelry foe sale. E. 1UAYEB. rooms Noe. 1 and 2, second stery. y|77 BROADWAY?JIKAI. WTATK AXD l.OAW OF I Bra ? Money Ul>aralJy adranr#-d UB paraonal |>ro??r?r -it :-rp?> ? bought to eMk. Baal r*un? b-nutt* HdK'Id wtu daapatrb, ?a terma. imoka two<.? aud owtra nraoualad. Baalasaa oauintrutia.. UOTT A OO , nom I. ?nnn ~A ?'I-krk w\xted. with nm .Uvv. '- i 'i) ukr >bvf? ?: u nSc*. for ?it ?od o??- of n-.nnry >1 imi usr annum wUl be paid, aa 1 mon y ?eei>re ! by rra! ?:t*ta. HOW a* A CO.. M !?a?oa rraat. A fkfWl WASTF.Ii, OK BOSD AMD MORTO \GK. .U"U lor a term oi ?? aam. <?i an uu;>rn\?.| farm on Tion* Inland of KIT acre*. about T, aw lea from Hrc-klya. ontha raUrcad. Stij ?rior l .din?a on ihe preai jea. fiMMi m M Fnw rr, lit Vnl Thirty tin J *, ret X. V. fcfi h(U) TOf.MO 1.0 A N WANTKPojf MORTGAdK, ?Dv)."""My on an Hmpla m? >unl of marliin-ry. In a (foo-i iiaMc? bualtieta; a fair coatini?ai?>ii wi.i bo in adiiiu^o to ilic Inirreat. i r a ?pe'ial |MUu?r With $(IH?U eould mit? in ad'iala<00ua xrrmuc uiei.' Adrirrm'' M. 0., Ileraldof boa. tf.r/% nnn T" M>**. ?* WAWHK*. nnif>xi>--. VtJV.vW jow< irj. ?e dry /toola aadallkladoo p< rar-na! property or '?>>nri? -i.?. MM far ca?b. XotOa, bond',,.'?i?a aUKka. Ac . n .;nti?led IU2 Nmaau r irnar id ? na. aacorMttnor rudMM Jfoo. J are 1 )i? M1'M>N ? OO . broker* .ad nomta.? merrliaira. d;7 r I|/|/l TO MOW-OS BOXD A*? HOUTOkOf V oe inilKiti*. rial aaUt* in thi< <-i|y nr lirtw-k >o in ?? Hi* Mb MM ui>| na..M, AI?o. U e<* haaaa. n< ?Mif It Vwm 'nadt. Apply u> J. a. HILlUi. .X i I X ? ?an ??**< ?? ? on i murj V I - " (II >1 I Tn '-0*!f OV flHNONIw.WOOm ?1"? ).Uw" en iry, mi> aa ?i: hfc>?i?'f peraowal p?? ?Nil ? lex ? ??b S-*ra Son.l? aa ' nn*:g?fe? aet" ilaied. I', iiataeaa pruapl. if*. I'io* iwa), c.ner <>i Broome at . ?."!* Il< oome waO. i oom .*?. k. I A ' ROW-K MII.WA VK IH P. Ml ROAP J j II* I'mUd M?'?a I* << 'flmai * oi ,Nrw V'rk. Iriwla' lor thf tinkuiA fniKl '?! 'ba L? < r?v-??- ,<A Hi ??-k ? Ita ro*< i ? o.pai >. o" r v, m flSnu in tfca Mnking fnn I i<f. ia of ?anl r rni <n>\ ?ii *lil rm r pnq oaala to m >.a il .Ic/r^rk I" If. Uk? f.r.i ilar of n#r?nbrr MP. IOH.V A KtnVAllT.fWiour* >o 40 Wiu. Oct . I l-'? %*P.W TflRK rM>,\VNO l?KT O'M'K CdVl.lT XX 1b> ll-?r<l of I>ir?ei<ir? b*r? ?i<e. ?r'-l a ?juarw*!-. .11? >iwl at Cli ti,ran par r??i pa< ?(>.?.., af ?r iW lira of Wo?rmb?r Bett. TkairaiafCi icoka h*> rl?ia*.1 until A* ta>?(|>?)a?m. M ?? MAKOW, it?Tctap SAX rRA?C?O0riTTI??HrR?.-THlrjlll|EMiaXin . i oo.m ??'>r>*r? of ika ?'!>?<??<! IHM of tha city uriai. ? rwin*?.*v harrhy ?*?? rmUra 'kat 'Aay ar* waaH, aa>l will Ku 'I# ni?i ? na !*o?an?*?c 1, tf44.?? *ao rraa^noo. nno ?t j ort??- .* (ka city daW knowa an 'Ita *aa Pran'ia^. i.'P t i^iariar Imaraat ?*# ba-f taarlr aoaix-ia. at 'ba rata or la par ?r?M tar and j riMpa. d ia ku 1. Ufl, ? J. TAU-\Nf, 1 ??* HOOPtB rommiMlonwi of *ka joHX Minni-P'ow, i f>pM Daw of ottl HKxmY HKt'MlT, 'of <aa Kranotea. Wlf. M IJCXT j ?ap F*> a?* : iM Tir MIT W>_ $51?>r> TO ?m ?<?> TOM)A7fO|l B?>M? \XT? " n-'firat' iimprny ?* iinl o tV 'n?n dfT"nk??, w??tri>aai?? raonUT. X T 1 Ur property la fraa from a.I rariim' rar?-t t.l ay kn"1. Any pprmn wlahinf U> Jitrai ?!??? hfr. ?rr.a'iat ?'J: p' aoa addr ?? Hf< T. ( ook*. cor '..ft ?< I' r'*ra k r:**t and Trtlh a.rnu* ?IAXKlkl)\IA iZ An k*?H,i WIOOW l,AI?T AOWD .? TFARA, Or P*l f mrwm ??n?? and p'aaainc a-1iVwlw lo ?i?i ?nL |jontifm?n *ho wna i ?!?? har or Wa lor ablr 1 haiot a artwl ,a bar i"o'. Mto? ?h* fa?ia r^m:l t*atof plaaa n t, and l?a? m? M?"a of Mar* nf rubor b?'r 'blM or boraolf If ?tiara lanoaHarttailrr. *b* wrnld arortit of a ?ahaid If dah a raWa. b'lt ?ro?;'<l mm b prafrr ibo Work Andrea* la<lti?iry1 HfMilW ir I'M ' Ihra, AToruo omirnJttfav, xor oritii m tkarm or aga, of iioan'ap'kti^blo ?n?ra"tar and p<^iiion. vtabao to plara k inaaif in corraapcimlanea wlik aomaUdy, wbr>V>* m?im ai a^ omp I?ba.| mind ka<l allractira prraon. aat Who ?a il!?'tn?'n?had fcy tfeoad traalrr <-b?rw. a-winaa? of larnpar, ?n *bimT aa<t ciwidnaaa oi b? irt Will younf lady, 'h-ia 0'iaPlVad IlltWIP a wtfb, op an a corrwpoadao'V' by ad iirnt'H i. F. Warr?a, Ctawa aioiirt Fo*o??f, M. Y. T MATIIIK0XT-AOF.Tn.WfAX OF MFAXF AXI? RF? ( o'manl wl?oaa ha inh i r ,alraa him ?? ap.n l bia Honiara i> <h" f '.-ith. woi.M b? pioaoad ?a ttiH xyta* >wiiiUtnl, amiabl* anil an omp.iakad loua* Indy. *bc#" of a rooutniK' dlayo?|i|*n

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Dou1...,*y H is loo lale -",? b 14 '"gaged 10 lr*rrJ eight month*. ? gone and de .!??ool, to OMtMpooa wUhySTfb, S^wTSn/SS ? 1 ?* fWM^ TBFORMATIOK WAMTBD-Ur PATBIOC OABOIA. A 1 couttt' Id?a,> I?l*ad.~Uad?l In theskle *f*" 7}h "*5 &?*** from be vii la r-eoa, Bjmteot flllnola. Any Inform*do? respecting him w bethykfulljr rylred by bis father Pnwow^uvU; 214 HU* Plfc ireet, N. Y. IIlAoom piptr piomo copy. JBFOBMATION WANTBD-IN RELATION TO A 2 fW jenre of age. from Ireland; her ntme is Mail*.Fee, ?hf c?mn in theahip Ctty of Brooklyu from Liver W?'*Jo August UiL Any person kaowlni of her where ^v?* ,ad lu"-?nT rewarded, by hsssassayi ^J^01 8CHWAK3K IS REQUESTED TO call on Oro?mann Brother*. No. 191 h'ultou street. M A ?ANXIKTV IS MT COMPANION. LET NO IN. S& I gS,'t^!",erfere WlUl 70ur You know ^"KW YOBK?TOPS NOTE CAME DULYTO H>Kr) I S.; am ssraa,""m * lu England, who Muted lor A merle* about the year UJSS. The above gentlemen, by proving hi* own identity, or hu friends bjr proving hie decease, will bear of something greatly to ihalr New<Y?rkL ?tJre<<,ln* t>eor(jo lt*rio?, 12 Park Place, WMie?rnI/fciLLVOF lP MR0>l'WAf, IS INXIOU *TO "am the whereabout* of General Jiuies W. vye Pleaae answer, direct to the above nun*ber. HfHiilAli AUiltH 9. vAtTJ OFFICERS AND MFMBERS OF NEW vtil, 1 iiVoi, ./Hh "' . i1' A- *'? A ' wlli pl^aae be punctual hi u ? J0^* ln Wooster street on lue. dajr, fx to>>er i.Jth. in?t., as business ol importance is to i>e transited. By order. ;OHN C. WILKV/Kec. Setfy THE LADIES CONNECTED WITH the !? irat Fiee W 111 Baptist Church and Society are now BuJi.-g ? fw at their chart h. in 53l? b?w?Z 25er,D P'nj*t0r, 10 eont-nue open the remainder of this week from .1 to 10 o'clock F M. Tbi. pr.*e^ ^ deJwLl t? tiie bene tit ot tl?e cburch. Admittance 121^ c<-nU. Memphis Aim charlkmton ratlboao coir .1 ''">' irT,JUi?^rl, of lb*' of the Memphis and t nsrleston Kailrr>ad Company will present the nounons due America."1 November ncit, for payment, at the Bank of NORTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURt'H. KEV. DR. HAT lieid, pas'.or. A ?a!e of ;kw? in th.- new church corner 01 MnUi avrune mid Thirty iirst street, will ba held in tbe cbuich In Tllrty swood street, betw.-en KivhUi sod NlnOi avenues, on Momlar evt nuix, Oetober 37, at ball past seven CL P"? "how,n* valuailon .?dT!.7 tion, may be olitaincd ol the pastor, ol the trustens. or of the "i. Ili*11 ' 1 hiircb on the evening ol tbe wile Tlie subscribers to the building fund and all others Interns ted In thw entertrise. or residing in tbe vlcinUy, are iuvlted to attend the sale. By order of the trusters .... ? J aMKS KKXVE. Cjal.-man ?VtW \OHK. Pel. 20, 1806. umraua. \rt;* v0*? J0?" MEN'S_CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA yyL*y P'^e.?The rt-fular mnnlhly meet Ing mil] be* b*M c>n MoihIaj evening the ^7fi inM * u'riork A paper will be reAd b, t. F. Cornell. Jr ; %,?.? " ^T raiusiii opposed to the progress of t ?hrtsrtanitr." Several addresses aie eit<ected. Tone* men ccnerr.ll v are invued t auecd. UPWARD C. MAR'sM^lfe*^^.1 OFFICB OF THE THIRD AVENC* RAll.ROAD COM pany, corner East Suty lirat atreet and Ttod a/oeue I An election for thirteen directors of the Third Avenue Railroad v: w'??lr "?c? ?" Wednesday the 121* Tb? P0*1? will be open from UM te ?2 r. M. New York, Oct. 23, ISM. By order ' SaML. B. ISAACS. Secretary. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE, OfT. 22 1AM. Owners are wanted at the f irst DuKrtct Potice Court. ,,u0k' Ccrtre i-treet ) tor .one roM w.itch. two po.trl poiie moonales. a lot ??f old rope and oars, ill of whirl, is supwwed lnhaie been Ifolen. (itiO. W. MaTSKLL. Clue, oi FoliceT^ CJFILING OFF-MACHINERY AND TOOLS OF A *cre,w bolt fjcTy. TJS Twelfth sireet. near aveaue C frJUlD* screw n?, forging and punching ma chine., anvl ., r.cea and lull ssw-tment of nmnh's aud bolt mater a toola. JOHN CAMERON, Awifnee REWARDS, ' R* WARD WILLTE GIVFNTO \NY Fr'RPOV WfTO P4 m"l!V"rn ?Srl of ?,?"1 I>un<-h'3 covVred in ? 3 biack oii cloth ease, lost on the Kve river, cn one of the dot ks 1 tiday mr rmns. ? OHN >>. C. KEEP, ID2 Sulllv in streeT S3 ~Pf>^ LOST-~ * I.IYFR AND WHITE SiWf^B T 'Pa^iel. ?i:j coUar marked B Hobinton J7<; jjslO 'j^AKn.-LOST. A I'M * I.L WHITE DOO.^HJ. ?,? ri, if"f1 *? ?h?" r'^rid WiU be paid by fettunuic h..r to nil Wes' TLtrteemli street $10 R^w,Ai V-~,K71A tow,the :td FRO* THE !r ?*; . 0 ?*ibui?h, a brown horse, Willi a star on LH?? J?li|fw'l?ViM?Fhllfo ?id|i.J.rt' Wl,wi" I el urn him to re:">et^o;e r? w Jd. <!''P''r'i"rn ,L"* !' *"? 4|0 RFWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED?THE uPi- l-iil^0,IL?0W,i^,' w111 ** H"'?n to any oue who will brlair ? -1 . s i" 'v riWreer rlop; eol'ir, liver an<" white lias a Pet* '""N01- 00 'ke led eye, and answer* to the uajne o *nft nirWARD -I.9KT OVEBbo ard, pbom T<(E h J,1'0OF ?? Friday etenrnx the 171* ,n? "nnUn*?<>" B?L I- L, t.^J the btntr. si";? Haley, aged 1, year*. At the time of ihe n rl.t, nt Mr wore a gruy tanukiT jacket, blue ahirt, pair of orerhv;ta, light cab "^n. k?ap. Anv person who Jpi'/S-wS a-sflaa nzfttLtKi. wvss ^Kr-si'sr.b "K*^D-fTOLE* FROM NO. ? DEV 1 ' ,, - 00 Wednesday morninx, a r acka<r? o Uc . Th. abors reward will b- paid to acy perWwhTw" five *usb lafoinutuan a* will lead Wi the rxcl>Tery .iftbe roods ^ ^M- BO tUK, No. 9 Bey s'reet. IAMT AMP KOt lSP. $2 ~m EIi'? T?rBSDAY BVEBlio.HD INSTANT sja-wcRwwsrsawsr^ LtleT-lllW MOUSING, IN THR hTKK*T. THIS following dr%rrlbel prombairy note*. Tit -Prau * to 'a, dated Jna 17. l-fti, M aer*n rann'ba for WW .10, O. H HuM.ell 6 Oa '? dal?J &. liW. at mi mot.tha. lart4:M Howr I'rown A < o.'a 'tied Repi 3. W6>> ?t four nxioiii.-. r? t'Jil mii. Ibe aboye mi ? are rti awn to our ovr?arder. aad er.uorar 11>> iw. A auvat'le rew.ird wti: be giraa oa Ibit? re twa uf tbr ?>< ?? to a*. <nd all pereoM are canUoweil again* Li-iobiltir tli'- Mm*. pkacm ^..-orrORD a co? n rwt ,trae?. Sum Vomk, Or' 24, lis*. Lwt-.h'kt romnr otrert, aoivu ii >m ?ulewnlkto Third MrttlM i:un. a puraa ??otitaimn ?'..Tor 'iiert iitniuta .10) per?m< rrturmug Ik-1 mian to it.1 f'rnnti ?treei trill I* liberally reward'-d. , Lo-t-tkhtkroa y, oct. a hoiku from ma to Murrif Vraet through Wea' arret. a on ei/e<l pit liet I* ?. with iti Hum int "f money other par"' ? IB It, ulilrb are r.f no *i .M to any OM hut lb# owot. Hi. ?ader M?y keep Uia u.. ley a? a n-ward, am! aead 'b>- p iper if mull or ??ifr>'??. tot in* |MHh ouire Mo. TJg WjjftC IOST?A Ml.At'k AWI? TAX TRRKIKR fl'P, WfTII J -an at ?'? .. 'ii? w> net nf . ?rli nr Htult Utile im' I i aee Ufa A liberal reward wtl! be pBld by hlti lo73 S Kmt Twer../ tr ???:h Mrrri I OVT-ON K KID AT MOP. MM*. O'.T J? amoct 4< Lj c.-ckr k. In Pnuib Mrwi betw- en OH aad ' ..?n'ic? ?itp? - mil of b'lla. arorwiti'tii.-j to H2 tb? rtnd?r w 11 be t ? ?artlr bv 'eaalrg tbem ai No 7 Stale alreei. V r. OOfira F?OM (OHSKR or mvrra J ?ir<-e* ?n>l llr<?-twa!r to MBblea Ion*. *od b'-o ?? > 11; n?r> ?tre? t a ?wi?i wat'.t W'lh bttui mp ;?**< In vr tif rtnii l.?B| wrftK awloul. 1 he toidrr wl ! be llherallv iv w?;d< J by leailr.g It M be aecond d?ak ?f Us* 11-raJ I nifi> e LOT-rROM thr ? haix or thk -ribkr > ?i<d ae?l, wtth -wn.-hao Monr. markod wMb :ti- W*Kui - ?i. H Bl^o ? batr *???-. tipp?d #iOi eo: h The tinder ?? be t|l.?imUT rewBrrlKd by tag bnu J a ?nrt Jti Mef Hal! n> ii Hiwlwy. iJSWI-. HK\> II L?>T-0<T. 24 O* HROAHWAT. BRTWRKV rOfHTll a jd l'inij?< t. i utree'v Bb->ni t F. M. a hao :wtna wh riaf^ ?liBW|. deep ringr. wrapped in bin* *1IMUB. I he flod? wiilhe oberally irwarded by >eail?( it m 34 Woe- Tw-n'. fonrtb atieet. CuriUITlKHallir twni< K?. |1 *n 1? *-?"-WaXTKP. AW I NMARKIKO Kit 91**" KahlBaD. ?rntbmjn or Inehnaiii MM other* M apMf J Ui ,oin til a altertla^r In opeBlnf a ? rufo^-tail' dot ??. t ?TreiVti eat ro?ena or tn ?<ieb a party free board ind lodeit" ? WO'lId be fflreri for Uie loM of the Bbaflre ?uBI ?Bd aef^r* f'ali Ihianay ??r M i?da> |wi Wr fl MK'OC?*.!?* Kigb'h at. n"e, between Th\i*j HgnUl an4 thirty nintb mr*-' t* IQAn -Wa!?TF.D. a* Ai TIvr ?U1*. *-!TIJ Tilt aboee amr-unt a? m-oe^l oe ? ?;nm.<r<l ? i'm wWS the advertlaer. In B M*bt, r"?"-el and reap' i tBbtB t?u? D'P?. aBBrr 112 per weok w|t!> ?U #x| ei>..-a f tid. ?n.t t ,!!?.? i uritj for BB money. Addreaa I>*Tla MiraM offire ? tli rw MBe and :>Ibf of infrriew. df/?rn -panTNR* wi.ttrp m ah Rfr%? ItaM"! r??l eatBle <d?ee. we'l (o. at?vt, ?orl idt, o?re furaltnre. aBfe and prnfrrty for nl? am-Mimiic to about ?"?Wl 000 t 'atrtr ?amna on aalea wtibia 'ho l??l t?i . week", XTO. Apply at tho *r? .iH-h?rot^r* atreei. Wnnn ~A pARTs** wakt*n. t* A protita b eraah htiihteai, eatah.iahe.l for tl.e a?t nn,. yean Any p?My with tb? aboTBoapt??l mil fu-l thla a tan* BDd akfe InTewtmeat. Uie hoatneaa par nf ?<?>) to $t. flnn yearly. Apply at J? Ht aad way, room l\. $Q film ?'A*TWR? WA.TTKD, TO ffil IN #3."*l/Va 'be amoer hnalneaa, tn Klnne*i?a. Tbt? .nu-mt, haJfraab aad balf u? daya, wlllyl?td an Inromao; ?2P ton per MButa Addraaa Danatah, bat t ittt Coat o?r?. /inpARTKMfHtr -to TiNVtdr WAwfii?~\ prao. \ , tlral t In it an. of nndool 'ed (angrily, 'a take ebarg* of Die n aim far I ttfiok departaient la an fwtahiiatniant Ac*%a an It tanatre wlioteaale trade Ona pneaaaalii* a a tdrie it eaptui lo take a aaiall inlwal in the bnataoaa m tl ??) loKlim may a<ldre?h wWi real aaaae and rateriw. ?*, D. X \ t Htald "OW-e IrmoM laiflw tojmoo watt*iv-h? TffiliArffiVK 1 ty afnery The aotiwrnh-r ha nt; a *.r.t abor. with all the rrcaaarr lathee and t>?Ma for man ifartarltit; maehlae ryofa'! kladB.a'Aea a gar ner with the aaova aaMrant of reah ra'ij'al. PBfWactory ref-renre (hran and re?|oired Addn *a Maehintm, Herald oSira, !br two daya. r~T TKA l>RAI.RPH - T [I RAr>VfRTI.?*P. B A TIRO oi 'be l>eat roraer atorea for baatnr aa in 'be city, warta a partner, wfb a capital of fan, for the narpnaeof car 'j aa on the l^aiae* wltA ?tgor. A ataar' man from 'hi rrwtt.try prelrrrart Addrem Tar ner. bot 114, fl. r? l o?ro. ,0 iSOATHTOf M'l -W \ITTKI? A PART?rF.R, WTTIf I ?' reit tra tlm'?ar'a'|ollar? la a ear r.iH> ? and a?rkl*( II re wane llmr eatab la *4. Tba r-tpital r aa (? ?i.bled ta ?- ?<ar Noeet'i'prtErfalaeea.' w*ire?t?B .Berkiiaiaad, 7^rk*> a Wtfw MAn'capitau to jrleia a tnrrabve aad reey .? aaaaf raan' rietoi*air m n tkH fttf. mJHHHMUihtbed. tnl m%, H# ma-'' af*A' ?a#tiw*?jai MIM la I1 <#(ai<'r .'ii?( .a? ?..Paatotlwa. w POLITIC JUU ? DaTT?H_|^ob AKSR*. as,">Jaa3r riargiaifta {*? Tfctrtf aeeood Oo?o5^to?JL^Jle d?r?e?ue electen > Resolved. That in Patrtak I>u?v ! ."P**??' ??"? truly how* ma' ?1.2T? ?*?0?nU? a th?ro?cfc ?to^rat^ritri!r* ?^?" KiS^j^ss; ^^pyvate Jamm FuudOAn, BtttSirr. Ohtlrnn. lf?TH AS8KMBLT DlfiTBfOT if . ff.OTl, - d? .{fluff **!* *'?*???* praatnbleand?*?? aw * *-*<?? notuluaied |)v ik. published Uuu awiu* lor lb#? Aj^tnbly. aud hk . r?inV?iI-\u?o*u,<! c m by the Coancila or the b^r*U,r4 - I Council. 7 e* ewng uext, for furtlier ucu^uthu p "IsX2,sl^^-?;^ ttei:,1-^be CoKKtutm H. y,IITA?aJ^?>t:t' I'reiUeuL 1 71 me^u? *?!TT.HU^lASTIO J *pecUve of party held at ihl r?t ward. lrre> ?wt. on Tburadav emoit!?.(?? MTto^r,V.rh"reh '" M''lh the ?ulv?cf of uooiinaUnx a^uull.uVi? ^!fe, i? rou,,'Jeratloa Uie ward. Rirlird A R * ?u"?>'?o*juUdMo for Aid. ruiao 01 J??e. M?ncSr ?p^!^ ZZJ21"1 chair. nn?d fixtfss dora lo retain him That Natbaii t" fit hi? ' " wi' aotr itiAtnd for Alderman of it!^.---./-^' *?* J>" ???hy 1* c< iil?!eMly believe Alderman lti? J ^ Ward. That we | and thai he will li, htaMe???!!! Y be "* Reeled. 1 ' preeenumvt- o' lie people of L^VlLi M ,llB P-"01"1 l>artj chl,KMI*a, aud entirely few to bnn. funtram1tn"1J^ b* I *iiy proposition for city reform 1 for""inl <* *ecocd f>trar,n^^r0dW^,rtU??O0U^fr "V n<* ~sr^nrei>orted h- "-??? u;uMmr^ Hte,? A- ?^iD? William topre^e an ^tobepf^^e^t^M meet ?W> M^tHfc,Tt:S^>TA- "kAl"'V(,'tta". | 22T"?TyAuu"~Kt, rWI^AWMm^,?L'yrrLMA I W. Martin. ConSuUiIwLM M M.l??01. ^"*s*"r. John Comml?aioner ol common sct-ool JamoL^i^i r*' fch"?' r H. Muuaon. Tnjiteea Wm v t !!,iVi?cr '"'Pwlor, Trustee# io fill Tacwclea, F. W. J^,?w^,,^aJe11 Jame* ICummi, Secretary. H-T" aoLL,R. Chainuaa. AT^ ML"VwLWrRn ,nKM??RA lowln, reaoTution waa^^eo ^ Wtrd Co?:n"^. U>e foi 'or ?"?. rToaaJ, W00C fttXlr party, emaoatlBC from ffT.8 ?^U>*<lemo audatali have o^.?5? . *nuu*"r i? eauUtd to rapablv. and h'? ?? ??? mote the welfare <,f thuTA-*! Ul,e U's 'a""410 P"? Jrwirn U. B?reury H 1 .VDERHrLL, CWrmaa. ygysi^r^; wo.--IT Has madk publican Club will Ir.ld meeHn? iUJI'h Amerlcau R? t?,on Mrnday eveniM (S i.n*?t.4V? Tahrma nominal ofItJ, ??,r??r tbf ferent republlcaa cfaba, aUo tlie Ucrm^B^. K. . U"> ** to join ua la thia dfmonatrat.oii. All^^-^rJ^I.T1ua-wl <-'cdioti of Uie above ffrni',.rin.n iTiii /*"Table to the of abi!U> win add/e*2 ihe ~ ?rtTar fu!**i *1*1,, K?"w*ker? emr^yard united actio^tTaSuS?? J hS^L** bUla-t ?d o% or part v ?rifr. K VaJ, R^PKK ^ V.t>WA?n Ja?dmb J KDW AKD WK:<14. Vlc? Preaideat. j Recreant R^^ThK^^iTIOX KOK c?, .?t-??? 0" Wm unvtl?oJyTo?^KL K 8IOK,'M _Jo?rrn HCarman. R^S'^.lA\NfcDl?rAJ? ^77^ Ihe meciian lea and worfcn?m*n <5 Aw dS^bJwL >l??rtera, lumer of llower* arlrt t, . ,_f?M * "heir h?ad evening. Oct. ;l, j??;, ;ie on Tuesday ao.l candidate* oMnmated _ * i'aj.-Uona were paaaed ?Je Mechanic;and Wort few Vork herrby temler ,?An^.^l "uniy ol uoe fortiw ottce of Mayor i<?irf^h? m i- r'f1'" ,,oln'aa ?d U> t tu,rl^ ir,m; fy "?< orju. ^isistsssss^SSl&SsrifJs .'or either of o2?to .H flSuT! ""-oreooe IOC .m.Sen 1 01 ib" Mayoralty tke tact upon ibe ai rni,..n (J n? ^,1 *?J reapeetfiUJy preaa H^rcTnr??'-^ ^ bu*ation at rtlort in >n^ ,k.,^Z.UT.,,,*? aanraara ???" *?Tr,<^ s^^n?H^sS^'si2$s? 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Tw. n(1,?b warrj All *???>' Mr Nealui. are member* ef nod ralthfiil Tr.M-^r*"c*Pl*l>n ?>' TO T1IK DEMOCRATIC ELEfTORM OF THE EI.EVEMTII W a*<l ? Pel,ow <ttl/eu? A nxajri'ioleauno appi-ara In tb> cJ.-ilj Herald ofjC dill*:,, und rlheniKautiirouf Jamra K. Hew* 'if enr.g what we '-oorfiiJnr 10 b? ? i ?apraaw It bi erldeir Mr riMiiM< iu mi| a?n oualy aflerled witb the dread of loe IDC the Ward. by lou^llng il o?er to "tbr proscription.?w." lit* trine hio pr?l?aal>itia Willi hu former kii, we r*a ptee but 'uile r'liMw tn hia ureaeol overture. If Mr. Slaeri l? really .n earn''*!, be bu the nmu In bl?o?? hand* of aamnr !..? wanl II be la a 'rue nad boneai democrat, In Him give ?he rW. r? prix f if hia ux-retty by as hnomable withdrawal II ? n .i no w?* r*y the ei|irea??on aor the wtah af lh? ?? ?< nir? of >bia ward. ?H?i b*?a t<*> .00* lv?n the daaea r( ell no 'idlMfaua bad ftMetl intrigue raaotred !or ihe tim? in r< me 1* i*h? <l>e<r o?n Imi n?n Into Uvli own hand*. Mr Mornhaa had 'ilbm >i?<4 oi ih? fri. ivllr l> nf the ?WWIll ilua ward Having ?'i| < ? ?? ? m ,n ?.. ntamcaa ?air a. ?*<i hi whnn h? ?ard waagliea aver to the (raapotth* pti ? ri? t <>im?ip n*.' wr >tm <? w.- uf mention af m?k ng Ml . >. i.*al i flk "abnedltary. Mr H. baa had whai w?f*Kia?(erhi :>ai> tfca a. IttH ti m>pe*ta t?e raaoa) rdMi hia i ??! nnleaa It I* .'rawn nut of the patilk erll. Having ml err I nor p-o<ae' M AMI*! pr Diary '?> lalttiw. ?? will <n future, aatrne and iade p- t ??m u< n.i? rit*. -vane onr own noaiiina k na. ?eie?Hlnf .mi? ? ii I. incr aawekti'-w m lie nf the mo?t alerting In irtty t'leil ?ii<l 4dMwM|M aaoea r. of t" '? ?ad 'iiiiataUni amn > eralM pr'i.i ip>? l-ncll a n *n i? tatiewR. Ivktnm, oor mr?eiit r..tuli?e r ?r AMeiMhn <f M I !? ra lib *? d<> befell* r boa* 'a?t -vary b?m? ? ,..ter>eiideni elector will nap la end'atora t?. ?eenre rnr tb? Kierrotb want a man aaainal *lioni b? 'irealli bf r?lnnm? iiaa n*?er <lar"d tn 0' ei I "e^ll?>art ' ?Mn ?!m?e tfce rea> h i>( cH'i'ie laflu'oe*-? man ?li?. il al'fed, Wt: dea: out equal anl IttKjnallae V> all !<? liia a? m?x* yKd idfcit iha wmr?if Hdilwtttli wer<) EIJU.'TiiR. .N1 w Vf'f a Or? H. > M.~ If Ml Rte?r? -|K?W? 'bat laO magnate-1 b> the II rial mm ri> ee ot in m lHW to ;?0 uf uie -iecu.ra of :ba aiH I ?? ><n iKid am'ill'hi-n, amn a rnamit'ee. I'M m i tinr. ~ fnan?.Mt.i.E - firnn* --TRtrrniro.~vra^*?, V- Oetoliri _-.pur Iflfl nail-- hem?. beal three in !?<% t i nr n herm a. ^ -Owner ninuM b. in. llo?> Pain< o*t.*r ???>' a g llaki-r Bo/ owner*ng g t ne a e?at,o? uar name* a. g Jle-i lOKt ft?!?EMN ProprMoe, MR.- 1 He trn' Will (torne nff liniaetlta'elr a:ter Iba tr?a three lul e race. r'ni ir k VlTi iToI IHK ?tRffTTTVil M \TrRjtunni " '?a Ttw?-!-. 1 fell l-er W. a' halfiiaal'no o eloeb r, M , a trn'Ur.: aiai.,, |..i $1 rm. three wille h?a'< in liarneaa. f'arl ? llufi iiian iiay mare Uid* Woodruff. I??ae Hrown rm?r? hmai, ttuire l4idv Hi Ho'* Aa few ln>(iui( inea In Ri * Norbar a< <i"aiated ?dk the ?ho?e nan ed bor??< Ibe |.|iipr< ar de< aia it Hia rtul* to Sire theia aoai" tnneiaaHon i**!tn h. I, I|? l?a tf WfKKlnin la a lull ?l?ter of Roa" of W??fcttitM. ?ml m '-onalderrd by bar owimr 'be faeti-ai mare in ^nri.l* ronniT Ijrty Cuflolk. her opponent, alan from "fill o'k 1 ? my, i? a relative of the lanona .M mare of ?b?- ?ame 1 .ita?, b<-r ?ire lieinn a NU ht"fher >>f l.adf S'lrtoJk ?a<1 ?be liein* rated 111 hT pure of natirtty a nooeaiirh. the ahote m.itrh ?a- maile tu 'e?' Iholr relative merit" ?? regard* Hofb M eH ind hottam Ihey are lioth, undriubtedlr, cKid baraea. and be mai. h, ?iik? it? niinuinmaiioo. baa rreaied mire ei r"< went o? 'he eaat rnd of t on? I'bind than any erenl alnce >He aprearaiK't of the Brlitah fleel off Mnn'aat I', diirlav the war. Al. fOf?K l.lIf. I'roprlotnr fTftOB COIIKMK. L. "-1 ROTTINO ?OB MOUD * V, U Ort r. ?" 'i'ioVlorlr, a matrh Tor fLflnn. mile bea'a Hpm' three In nra, II. woodruff namea a m I Ad* tfl!e?i. |o go aa idMP p eaeea. Wm Wbalati namea br. Bi tola, to ^t? pomid* waaeo aaal drl?or. To ronii- oft ram or aliu.e. HIIAW A WIUTF. Proprietor* BIPRRME*. PAflFW EirRKiW ODHEARV TU NI0ARA(*V4.-4 Mier and parrel erpreaa will be loiwaide.| ^a?.mlar. t rtalier 2Ti. b? the ?tea??hip Teiaa. Hi charge of a uperlal a>< tueruer. Mall hat nlojea at I o r'ork ? ? H 11*1.1.. *4f?n , 124 Br i lWH T. pout ??rri? r, hoth eh. Ill*' OfFKH ROTUT -HO MM* KOH KfTROPR, I p . t'nltad Wa'.aa'eaaier ?? HICKefi.*, wl'l etn* a< ibta . n:ee ? f Halii/dny. Iho ?h *ai 01 v>rt at Int. oTIorb A.M. ff A AO V HfWI.KR. rwrnaater. <; tTRTAW Jkt , ai *,*: wrB* twnw m \i>n, ?>?< e atfaa. tr R'j .?* 'Il?jp\ep a*raat, 6y uJUl A CO. V \ THE POLITICS 0F THE DAT. j The Ferment of P%utklaa? ^ Ofei the CouMry. INTERESTING DEVELOPEMENTS IK PENNSVlvANM I Southern Doubts of a Southern Confederacy. Xe-opening of the African Havn Trade, *0., *0, Iki. ^ SOUTHERN POLITICS. J TBI SOUTHKRN CONrSDHK40Y. fFrom th? Ohai Ire ton C.) More try, Oat tt.l > A recent number of the Baltimore Clipper has the (uin owing paragraph^ The r-ditora of the Richmond Eruiuirrr and other heUpnre a 'he South arc counselling a dLHtoluUonof the Unloo, u eta C-olonel Prei.iont should be docted f'rj nkifut of the UniW Stalra They recommend that In the evraL the Hoolhera biaiea shall loaULutiy withdraw from the Onion, and form # Lovtrumtot tor th><m*eivea. If u.u U- dona, aomsaf Uid South. ru writers are aintoui< to know ? h.U the Stat* of Nary laid will dot Will she seccde olbu-Southern HtUes. or ? with the Moi thcr.. Hia.eit" We i.tutrer thai, under at lie circnm .tanc-n, she will a there to the Union Six* ataad* in a poaluou where Mho can cull into action sums difcotettoa aoj i.urt. palr.otlsm; an 1 ahe vriii ji stiuu the oaiutUluUuu aa* Union. Similar declaration! have been made by o'.he* mem ber? of the Baltimore preae The) soatettasb lot <ip high pr?t?oslou to belong to the South, when tioiiuat but pretention Is cslied for, ta.l ?l. -n t it wish to ad vance their claim* an a Houtiierc city to south*# pat re nage; but whenever a praot<rai itei'e is '?re.?>nt-l, lliotu Baltimore invariably stow tbeir trt:e colors by making war upon the de!?odirS and "f dorth em rights, who fUad cot.jptiuous to tlM braaeb Well, we are not ('wcourag**! in cotit> niplaUc,{ tbe probability that, in care of a sejiaratit.i of the Urn u. aUrt laad * MM adhere to the North. We thtrk, peri:at i, U mig'>: he beat she should do no '.Vek-now tnat there is a nufcltt bo<iy of bcr popu'sticn beyond thn reauh of the trading influences of Baltimore, that sre wto us in sontimcat and symratby. as Lbey are itioatiQed with ua u. thoir hocial Institutions And we know that the Ind-strlai proaperlty of Maiyuuid 1a too strong y bound up la the preservation or the rights of the ataru bolder, to suppose that tbr Hu e will ever be ln_ diced. by any sympathy with the North, to bankropf herself and desolate lior landi by destroying those right*. We may ray :te same of all the border Sutna, W? aiay MM Ihrt the boundary linr ihoull be drairn along thf runt/urn bon'tr of North Carriina, fl'll?im and At kantat, and wo do not see that the great cotton, rice ant sugar growing Stale8 would be weakened by the adhe sion to the North of the States beyond thai lute. The commerce ol the world would stilt be tributary to thoir labor, and dependent upon tbolr products. Those great mteresta, which have many tiasea preserved the United States Trom destructive conflicts with foreign Powers, would be exclusively theirs. They would hare no inter eats which wonld naturally bring them into colluioa with any nation of the earth. Left to themselves, they would come to be regarded, as they deserve to be?tha bcoeiactors of the human raoe; In tha beat sense, tha frienda of mankind. Our Intercourse would be a peace ful one with all the great civilized nations. We wouid be even more necessary to them than they are to as, and if it should appear by the census that we weru com pa ratively a small nation In nnmbers, it wouid be still mora ooncioaively shown, by a difiereot class of facta, that wa touched greater internet-!, and held tue mortgage of peace over greater rowers, than any people on earth There Is another point which it (a worth while for as U| consider. While we appreciate at ita full value the great moral force which the movement of Virginia, Keotco^y and Missouri would have in the Inauguration of a Soalh ern confederacy. we do not see Unit tin* a -mmnnmt u n.' rejarjf to the succeaa of that confederacy, or to the mfrtf (A tnene State? Uuppoae that, in the flrit instance, ihsy adhere to the North. They stand as an impassable b*r risr bettcsrn ua and the wh< le 'x 'lam of abolition. They will be even more aeeure tn the poaseaaloa of their tiara property than under the present (atae-hearted and treaoa eroua Uaion; tor they will alwajH have It In their power to say to the North?(live us the security of laws laith fully executed, or we leave you, and join a confederacy which yoar fanaticism has thrown olf and which, by Ita separation tram you, and Ita consequent relief from the grievous burthena which your seltishosaa baa imposed upon the productive reeouroes of tha coun try, hae gained for llaelf abundant prosperity, aa4 the friendly alliance cf all tbe great i*owers of tha civl lix d world !>>?? any one doubt ibe answer* I toes any one doubt that these border states would be petted, eheriati ed, lavorcd by tbe North? That they wo<ild be olsug to as t!>a sonny ?tde of tbe Northern Colon, and that Itie vaiaeat of ail posaible thing* under such a confederacy, would be the diatribes against alatery ol TUeoOore Par ker and Henry Ward Boe? her. We sum op thus: It ought to be no discouragement tn tbe .-Southern States, iu a jaat and naraeftary iction in srif delonee, that the border ritates might poasibty refuse tn Join them. I.?t them have their own free choice in tha matter. Tbe Smith would still be strong In its ell. with o?m enough aad resources enough to Torm a loading Power, with abundant means of sell defence; and, abava II. with that hold upon the forbearance and friendship > f tbe great Powers of the world, which i? In Itself tiu i-rande.t and moat permanent rtaource o< sell probxit.ja in tha fsissnslon of any nntioa. TBI SLAVE TXADK. (Froa tbe Charieatoa (d. C.) (Standard, Oct. 31] Nrar three ;ttri ago we avowed ouraelvaa la Uror at the i1it< Inula, ud u this had at lent the merit of boing anew poelt.on, it m*; be uitvreat ur and laatrurure, perhaps, to look upon the cbaagee, if auy, la Souther* opinioa that bar* since occurr.-d, 11 la Dot too Mocb la ?ay that the prjltioe wan an extreme one Mea were ge nerally dtiiaoliaed to make a aland tor aiarary. We a Ml slaves, aad aa aijalaal all othera, we bad (be right to hoi t then, bat there waa a foellag that, in aome aaaae, taay were pleader, whteb It waa eaougb to gal oat of the way with. And, sohciUme to saata* onraeirea within the eiialing ?octal eaalHaeat of the world, wa were unwilling to rare* i|un it, aod we were rather Inclined to brare the world la the practice of aa arJuawledged wrong utaa prom alga the social prtoctple apoa which our acta were to ha r?a- . dered rt*ht Ttala wa thought uawiae. Wa believed It aot ooty poaatbla, hat naoeasary, to erect a ataadard or oar own. Though slavery waa poaaeased <f every element neaeaaary to a living aodal ay atom, we fait It never oould he de leaded upea pre en?Ung pna dplae of opinion; bwl that, to Ha vladtoatkM aad natab Lahmeat. there waa the necessity of dlatlacl organisation aad tDtalhgeace. thai, tea trad of a ttaak, wa as oat priaiai a rroai- instead of fear, wa most hare haps toatead of endurance act.on -aad, to the ead of chaagtog aar atsr tude la the coateat, aad or planting oar ataadard right >a the ?try laroa of our adrarearlaa. we proposed, aa a I aad lag prnotpla of Hoathara policy to re open aad lagllaato the siara trade. There were few, at #r*t. to ootue to this pool lion The Hon; hern jouruaJa were sane rally allaot, aad all of thoaa ? tilch sfwke, except the Cbarlaatoa M*r< nry aad the Richmond Exmnuu , deprecated its teaserfty. We failed to bav* lb* prnpusiMoa placed before the Moothera Ciat ni'rriaJ toc venUoo. wa lound aa indlapoaitloa in Use public uuul to be disturbed npoa a di*asrr*oeble subject; and we wire indebted to journals at the North for the op portunity of a more fall discua?M>n of the subject. 9bx e that time. howt rer, tbare ha* beea May dream ? tanoea to (M optoton at the South. The ??aliment of S'tioa ta our lasiMutlcaa haa lead to farther arts of ?Ml aggrnseloa. The eat rem >1 meat of oar poaiti w haa beta no minimum to let.aiative aad territorial ir ei mecnptlno. Vteklag g rati ad be lore our adreraariea, we bare come at laat to potato heyoad whioh we caa yield no furtier, aad the alternativea of surrender or re acuon hare b?*n f*oed upoa ua. To react ton, Ibare^re, we hare beea impelled, but at erary step we hare beea met by mflicultiee. which aeeasad < aly to ha oi via ted by the rr?a?vre we propoee One a*ce?aary step wa* to pre oo> ug>y the TtrrHnry to the West, aod ibaa preae--ve, ?a tear aa pnaslble, aa equality ta the federal bran -a of the cauoaal l-*gt*latnre but there wa were met ty aa :n??m-.Mocy of population. While mea, from sup*r abundatice, were crowded ontliom the North, sad wera dlrrclcd by emigration aid aodeitea apoa Kaaaaa. we bad not ero'gh for the ordinary otheee of labor, aad H re united for. a tn tea* litem oat Krea iheo there waa the further dUllcalty. If w* were to send labortag whitee. there waa the apprebeoatee that Ihey themselves aoal t ecquire an irteraat ia the Territory ia opoeettloo !?? the natitutioa of domaatic -.lavery, an ' lha* Bight (all to aa rara me "late If wa wera to eaad elaraa, wa I tea their (oaierraiire oMre la the aociai coonoaay at hoase iv> many wbitee lave come ia Mace alarea bare beea en ?tr cte.' that tola claaa of oar populatloa la reeatlr >a at ceee Many bare takea to the walks of maauaJ laiwr Ihey ?ti ||l* lor aubaletenoe ia competition with Die slara, aad already, eran la this . taie wbern there Is stlN aa rxcess of alarea, the pro^?o<?k? had heee aa>ie aad prrased, to retire the wbltea from the eesarUlea of sack a oca test Ta fortify the froaber. thorelora. there waa the danger of rlclat ng the interritv of the alare aoeiely ia the ( enire of our aoaadeat tnato. The political power ta aa jaiaed oa the cae head was net a laatpaaaaMoa for the atoral rtraagth to be kiat oa the other. Oee aflort n aht be ucoeaei' i, bat others mo?t occur perpetaaJly. ?ad ? rn?traiaet t<> elect iwtwcea power lo UoafraH. or power la the Hal** betweea mwial strength or pefiuoal eitennloa, oar apec<ilat<oaa Mraed ahroad. aad the minute ? mea were forced to r Urate betaeaa the alternallraa f ' rirroawertpUon or the slara trade.'' At other aot lees aeoeaaary step was to la?eeaaa lha rraeral populatlea of tie flonth, aad preeerre aa ap rrcnaiaiioa to equality la Ike poimlar braach of lha aa tioaai latlalati.ra li n bad beea poaatbla te praaei >e a '?Hia? in the !*aaate by lerrttorial ettoastoa It aoea ap feared thai tbe Hot:ae wonld take th" control f go rare mi at. That body bad elected aa abollttoa speaker, aad Its e* ostttoente propcae to elect a I'realdeot Wllhoat a delegation from tbe Soutk approaching la strength lha deiegatioa froai the North, there waa no horn of psiMal petH.? in tbe gorernment. The aaoasslty tor a creator 1 epilation became apparent We coald expeoiaa great <arr?wai of (bretga labor la eempetitloa wHh oar sltui , hut should Increase occur. It wonld toad still mora to i bang* the natnra of our society. The wMto tltiai wonld naly the more aaraly claim the aid af lagtetoHea to ?ir.lude the He?e. aad there waa ao rsaasaaWa hope, therefore, of being aMe to anppty <mr waa la wHh lha pauper popalattoa of Rnrop* Ta aahailt to lha go ram merit of aa irretpaaatele atajortty la Osagreaa waa eel to be thought of, ead the talada of men were famed Mala to vihrato Mtweea lha altaraaurea af diaaalaUaa or tha alare trade. There waa aaaAher step tmpertaat te ha Itkea. A one traat had heaa drawe betweea the North aad fleath to reaped af their improvements tha dagcteoBto* af lha soath had beea aatabitahed. and Ilia foci waa charged to the Instttetioa of doweetie slavery. Wa kaaw lha' thta waa ao erMrece of la?ff.oteaey- - we kaaw thai while to hor had heea col off Prom the Honih it ted onaNwied la poor la et-oa the North that, la caaaequeaea ?> Ihto.* they hare < ? w*> as m ch labor aad leaa laad, aad M etw waa aalnrat and aeceessry therefor* thai the* rotative improvement* ahoaid he creator Wa ah>a kasrw. that to proporl on te prtpntofoe at the aeeth. the aeo4ect<ar< grn?fT U?t anong cay o-.h*r pwpfo n uh 11,1