Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. .WHOLE NO. '864. MORNING 8D1T10N?TUESDA Y, OCTOBER 28. IW.6. PRICE TWO CENTS THE KXT1NGT0N WALL STRKET FRAUDS. Alltgfd Operations In thr riam* I.lnc ?>}' the Same iiidhldutl? t- armcm' ?m<1 tlcii liunU' Bank Swindle?t.-?li? ? but nut I'roiH-eitted ?Wh} Not la?III? Father a H?iptctcd Pub* lie Character In Ontario < <?unty?lnt4deiita In Huntington'* t?if(r?The Wall street Note .Shavers Aitttwiin to III* Alleged Crime*? Adv?rll??-<i *?t. or Ltfretn~An?lgn> urate Contested an Fraudulent, itc ,&e.,?fce. la our rnumt, published . i> saturu?jr last, of the doings ?I Mr. C'bas. B. Iluut L gi- u, ?l) ? w uow incarcerated in |&0 Tonics for having, w It i? by menus or forged noeeptaaies, detrauded ~it?ip< rs and others? Who, In It ? instance. i bo?e > u m.-fivag to bo Hats?to the tune c! ^&46,11U 49, w tu>! ix.'u a siljLt error in re Ullon to Vie stjie anJ t'. ;. r>? the bank In the District of Columbia whose notes 1 <? pm :ci<> circulation in 186'i the last occasion on waicb he ?n ui ih.i hands of the police, ffcis bogus concert, woa m>t .tin Anacostia Bank?. Mother t'miiar swindle? nul r>.joined in tio title ol the Farmers' and Merchants' of ?? ??r^-town, D. C. On rt!:>?nce to our Qiiof the Rkuai.d of December, 1863, we find that in that mo tb roveral of our Wall stroet financiers found thomseiie* <??. incited by this Mr. Hunt ington and some of bis co operators In a copy or the Herald ol Dec 18, 1852, we And under the head of "More fraudulent B*nk Dovolopeaaenta? arrest of two of the W*n street operators by the police?i bundle of the faWu tokens seized by the authorities"?a report stating that tar sometime past the oooiarualty had bom ttnp??ed upou by a set or Wall street monej oi>er?tors, ?hi bad put into Circulate n a quantity of bilU rt presenting money tn the Ibrm of bank bills purport!sk to be ou a bonk de signate -'The Farmers' an Merr.hsbts' Liink, ol George town,! C.'?that the mmitu ytt andi adt>p'.o4 for tho par; ose ol giving there falsa to* in a circulation on the public (as io aucb bank existuii) to have a broker In V/t. street redeem th'-w to the amount of money lodged c His hands fur thi-t purpentn, and to hare tho fact Oi tlwlr being roUee iimI at p*r publlebed in the Hank If J. e Liu. The r?j*r>rt goes on to say:? The paiice have been on ibo qu. mt for several weeks past in order to hunt up tbmawu ler an l ou Tuesday last (14th I'ec.). Assistant Oa, t. Crowe, of tne fwelfth ward police, took into cu?"<*!) ? g -otocl looking man, nam?rH< FrO'-mm nba^ed xin paming to Count St. Ja. t% o! 712 UroadWi.v. two cou dol'ar simrtoiiB b'lls on it. yew York Binharye B-mk * * From the tacts e~ute<l on the arrets ol Freeuiai, 4r. M ickeUar, the Chiel s Cerk, und Captain <!r ?*e ?-ct--rwioc<i the exist otcr or other frauds on Die puhlio r^sp^t'or spurious bills in circulation. ? ? * rn> r.w - now ueing com plete, Slowing tho fraud pra t ??d, a ?a*rao: was Issued for tLe arrest of Iluniii.* urn mm od Taur^da/Assistant Capta'.i Crowe wont to the uflif!" of ih* aociued. in Wall ctmt, toe him into con - j, an t m?> seized a lot of the franil en", morcy. one rackaci- ct niatac l $jJ0, and another nrrkage sevetal nuud' <1 ao Ute more ol the sa?' quality, making in ailboiweea eewen and el<ht bunirtd dcilan. * * Tne pr>?on?r wu remanded in defku'.t o' bail. Amotg '.he rapera on file in t? e Court or Sessions. in the case of tife ;eopio against CWles B. Bunt ngton, we find apec'vacc- of tho notea on the f armer*' and Merchants' BaiiK. liae following U a drsc iption of the ones, twos, and thr ei ? in varmkks' anu mi i-vhams' bank. No I0.KS. il. Will p:>v to llie bealer OtfE DOLL VR en tfemmiU. H?i'':?JKTOW.N. D. C , Kept. 21, lNjJ. '"t S li OK*. .. Bukt of W - li'iuion .. ONE. IN' f Al'MhliV AM) Mi tlCll.l.NT.V ilASU 'f ^ ItM. TWO. i Ff Nafta* %!-?, w tli an men Wilt Uttv TWO noL^AKH on tlt-mand to Uu tH'krt r. ' "i UlOKi. rrow* I?. C-. Kepi. lit. l-.w. < l.F i <\x,Caahler. ^ u II. 6MIT1I, 1'rca't. | ~ TWO. 5 i jvulatlon aeeared by atooka < l>i?Kiri orCoi r??u. i imi:r\hmkrs' and mkkcii awt^' bank 5 V. ? ay TTIREF. POLLaKSch *. % demand o the brarer. * <?<??>?>??? ? tJaoacsrowir, t., Sept. 3 ? ii.r ii5,ivbirr o.n PMna.Picj: * ^ I'in-illation rernred by Mock*. ^ The part Uiat Mr. Uuaticgtou pla ca In galling up this bnfrj voccsro, of which be appear* to Have been tbe bead aad f'tnt, la about in the Inpowlng ailiJarlt on flic U> lh? Co\.rt'o( tffl?aion?, made by Horatio Krooman, the nam okI caahlor or tbe bank, and tbe tame tadirtdual arb < wat a mute J for passing tbe apturloua bills of tbe Exchange Bank:? C!> C' -V "? JVt -IIoiiIIii Freeman. re*Miag in 1^4 i ?a. - v.m b a.enue, lo-lug dull <woru.a*)? ? Abo' li-" 1-WfOrtobCj 1 htrirt ti Huntington applied to ir !o get ?omr peraona in n't a preai lent and ?-?-'der of the Former^' lad Mrrrbanu' ?ai k. tl?org>'town. " <'?. anil .it the Wne Um<-lie ? bowed the blank unprrealon wblih had been atrt < -rein ttic plan* I aaked him 11 that would not make tbe ptrtri , h ho ?i. i.ed tbe Ullia holdet for Ui" amount ami be said i!M. '.bat It made do ctitlereio and ? n? duae l<>r men ia?tn- < 1 >? rtu to aii?wer tbe letter of tbe law, and ihu on re. apon*iblHt) attached to them 11 Ml i me I e would pay tnr lor ui.' rr- ible and that If I did be Would let me have aitcli Mniuyn'omU t might *aat 1 thou told htm I wool,I think ot . 1 haw II u-diag on a. vera) iran after thai and bad 0-n.rei.-a> cna wltU him relative t<ithi? Farmer* and Met - b?nt? ?auk W!i? lluntnigton aboard me a leMrr ?l?uet or ? Gardlte . of Washington. gnarmteelng th? redemption of ?<> r* 11 > f me I t.I? >>l die Far<B-ta in<l Mi-r< baita ttaak <leorf\ (1. (' IlbfiiiiotM- 'tt-nrjf fT Mjifli to irn <? lla(i? n i - a i>o?er of ai?niu?? m jI?o im rome ?? nwMtw 01 th- I a ? auf I save ban pvw>r of attomejr to ?i|in t.i) rai'ie t.? ta*hti r i< tli" bank f tlo-n tol l Mm that nnlf?'? tl?e m> nf wna qao??-d tn the Rank ??'late Mat as r?-?teeme<1, l troa'd nrii >are anytblng to do with it He t?dj me that the bank ? bt> >?c would t e at iJeonfWown, lllstrtet ofCnitualHa. b it rtiat '.? moutr would be r-'dt? Bel In Wall ?troet, i>nd at tba i* i ' Ci lluB:lnj|ton I *e*iMii l^-onoet to hare the hank ?ino'ed ..b - Bank Mate Mat, aod f tn'd hlmabxt Hontingt o loW int ii- r> 'atl >u to tb* hank and Ita aeenmlea l#mnrl arr?.?1 r<Mne]lti?l to ipi?M>> ibe money, and at tbe rri|iie?t of toutnjfico I mrirr-l I^*on>>'> %srt> o. qnou> tb- money, aod r pud blni ?. ^4>li>? n In the Ullla of ihn Mon i->' and Mereliaiit? Hank Ocorgcown. I> C , and $.m lucufr -m tunha itaa be paid !>? b ?' a ?oba< "iuen' Ha", 2ifc>n recetrcd ftr?n Hun llogtori >!"? in Mild bank bllla for whtotl I ?nr * lilm a rf*?l note, a'd I >'il?" r*cclve<l fr-tn Huntington fi.OTO in ?ant bllla, wbkh f w.i? to hare p??wl awa? o'll of the Mtatra :nd return V rent I rn'^ftirthe aniiir te*a 1 le 1 er c*nl enuiiul??tn Thlei. I K >? tnrecrlTO ThebPIs t!mt I dl>l not pnaa I km to f. ?B'? le l in ! pa??<Hj aw.iy aN.oi f l#> of ?nl>l tdlia In tbi-> e..y, ami nil t'? remainder of tbe Mia that I paaae>l a?>a>- I I id in t anada, to tbe beat of my kt?>w*? dire ' H.iKMIO FRKHVAJ* Fiwia beVorc tue Dccembtr 9), ItU, A. 0. Kim.'mn, May: Tbe wfSBi by whicb tbeae airtndltnf oper*tom sue CMdrd d irtt.og tbe Far?< ra' aod Morobatta' notea Into ?lrrnlat oa?bcHdoa the b?tb nioUb? f!t?k I4?i ed tor. aa I how a is tbe foregoing a.lnlarit?are dlajjoaei by the fotlorin. aTlilaTlt of one ot tbo note broking Tlet ma of that day It will be area from It bow prone theae Wall Street sole abarera are to >nd themaelraa to all aorta of Jeram: Mdd'ers In diceltlng and cheating tbe public, prov tied tn<y can make prout thereby ami deem them ?elrea aecuro Iron loaa ? f'?V>; fi- <f Cn-?!j nt N'r > ?>/*.?Joiin A. Pa'mor. nf No. I t Wall ftre< . being ?ttil.v fwora. ftcpoai a arid aava. Ih>u be ?wef)> nt, rxrhante oPko at aak! 1*1.n- for lb" pnmiaie ol on ?utrent bank bllla. on or ahum tbe ifch ?if Anvember IW, ? iiarVt (haoWt tlnniu ?u?n caled ?n tlie* deponent, at bia ilber t,do> >;rr>l to luake irrangi n, nt? with Una deponent to p'iri l ?e proiB(?M)ri notea <o,?motilr < ille<< l>ank bill-, pnrpoitlDg :n be l?aued by tbe t'a'mrrn' and Mi-rrliania' Hank Ct Oeoegetfiwn, UI?trHd of CoUimni* and Iklx de;.oni>nl In ftjnae-t "aid IlitDtlnttnn that If b<' would ftepoalt wlUi tbla de ponunt H.|??I and tire bini a margin of tAiai?<ine:nuri( ilu r" f?T tliat !??? aboiild krep In tbr hamlaof tlua deponent bk** OH-.I e tlian be ?hr>uld purchaao of ?ald Farmers'and Ui-rrh ima' .Bank iilllai Uiat thin deponent would pundiaan aahl Inlla, und tlieri upon a?ld llnnt|n?toa told >h pon> nt tbnt he wmihl >h-D>>li SKOft with him at that time, and thai on the following week he would deposit $1 .ikJU with the deponent , and aiId flnnllngion Tnr'hr-ref rrai nted to thU deponent >bal th-> parflea ()?? pre tendin to reprt>??ui other peraona than hlmaeifi wore ralaing worm, ,iud tbnt the., intended to keep a depnali of Kl iWi, nnil that ira.t ad of depositing 'aid monry la the bank Ui?r would depoait !!ie r.itiie with Ihle d? pon -nt. and U;at the asld parties realde l nt Newark, in the x??iaol S'rw .leraey. and thej wera re?; oti? ble men; aald Huntington then care tbla lepo nenl n rbxtr. purport ng t<> be algued by one Win. II. i lark, nr a >ank ?ltuaitd In Newark, How Jeraey: and reiving upon Uie rep'e-eiitaltnna of ?eld Huntington, thl? deponent <>oni menred tbe ptimhaalng of aaid bllla pnrporrlng to hat e been bamrd by t lie Partner*' and Merrhanta liankot tJeorjrumn, t>. and :bia deponent further aaya that be depnabed ?aid Bheek for roileeUon In one of tbe I anka of tke rlty of Hrw vlork. a?Hi thr ?anie waa returned to tlua depoiienl not paid, /fcr waetnf ftawa: and thi? d<-pnn?nt fnrth?-r aaya ih^ Jlnnt ng'on aflerw arda re b-emrd aald rbe.?, end in<luee<l tbla d< ponent to continue to pun haae aaid bllla. b) represent h:( io Ihla ileponent that tfn aartiea laaulng aald hllla were ?>?rfwtly reaponalhle, and were about to raiae money on bond amd mortgace for tbe redimption of aai l bllla, and that th* money would be placed In tbe bar.da nf thla drponent: and Ibal the Famiera' and Mer< b?Dta' dank of (leorgeto/rn, f> r *ta* loea'ed In 'leorie-.iwn, DldrMof Colombia, aod that y>ey bad a bmtkmii Uvua? a. W^rgcWan, 0, k., uu-4 ? vvu sequeece of tlie?f representations, and the Riving of obecks ou railouk banks ami at different Ume*. this depum-m continued t< ptutbtse xiild bl'J? and Mtaroed to auld Uuutii.rftoo about ?n Ji'iJ of said I'll 6 purchased bv thin deponent Ar.<l iliif <l'*poni'Ot further ia>? that on the 29th of November, 18ft! auto lluntington caine to be ofllce ot tbl* <1. i>o?e?t and Kttve thlf. deponent 'he annexed check purporting to bo nig/t '?d I y William H CI rW ami endorsed by Mid tfuntli^tou, on the Farmera'and lleehaulcn' Hank ut Kabwav, N J., for $!,C00, it'll rein f aeuted to this i eponent that *'iid chock wvi perfectly good and that lh<-inoncv wa.? In tho bauk to meet it, and In consequene? of said representation, an well a<e tl>o *epi esentaliOM previously made to thlg deponent a* herein tii tore He i 'orth, this deponent purchased tiveor all h?r>irol ilolbils worlh of the bill* of Htild Farmera' nod Merrhanta' Batik (ieoriMov*, D I!., the said cl".*k win afterwards re Mimed '9 ib'K deponent no; pa d, as there WM no aeconnt in Hk- luiuls. and the same wa? pronounced as worthies*, aud tlilv deponent further ?hvh ihat he h is slnn* bet n infeiiued anil Tli'ily bfllevo that eacli and.all of said renreteuiation:, *ere l'ulse, and made with Intent to deceive thi* deponent and be ban also been informed and vertiv believes thiu thort s no biicli bank w the Km*' anil Mm-hanla' Hank, Georgetown; P C . ?nd 'bat the"-!' It no office for the redemp 'ion of haiii bibs a'k<lil p'ac ai d llmt said false tokens were issued by nuld CbM. H Huntington, ot tko city of Nt w York; Wm II Chirk, of Newatk, B. J-, aud other "peiwwis to tUU dej.onent nnkiiowu. J. a. I'aI'MOR. fcworu before me, December 16, 1882. A 0. K l.i.mimi, Maj or Tne following is a copy of tbo nolo olludod to In the foregoing affidavit I! * hw at, N .1 , Nov 2".l, lf .U. \ Fa men*' and Mechanics' Hank of Ka^way pay to .V. B. ? or I utrer, one thousand dollars. WM. ft. IUjARK. 5 91,(Ml. * Kndorsrd j ClUKLSS B Hl'NTIKCTOX. t J. A. l'alroor s O if. Bradley. 5 Psy J. 0. Vermllve, Xfi-, > Cash or order ? Csrpacter Veruillye. i M) P. King, Esq. J Cashier or order. > J. D Vermilye. i Another of the wilr# sses In tbe case deposed as follows to bin liitie la aiulng Huntington to put these uotoa In cir culation:? C , and C 'iinty of X*f J'orl:?John B. fiorsf, residing at Madison avenue, (irst house above Twenty liftli street, being duly swoi n, deposes and soys that he Is acquainted with Chw. i< Huntington (now in custody in theolliceof the t.'hiet of 1'oiicej, and lias had business transactions v. ith him. no that he became Indebted to 1h!? deponent In the amount of Jtiuo aud oier. About tbe at b of November 1852. said Huntington told tins deponent that if thin deponent would let l.iin have 9)00 more lie would pay ilea deponent gtiOU in bill* of the Far mers' and Mfrchat.ts' Bank of Georgetown. 0. C. Tb?veupon this deponent ?*k ??< I said Huntington it -aid bill' of the Farmers' and Merc hams'Bank aforesaid would be redeemed, and the saitl Huntington Informed this denoneut that tliuy i meaning the bill* afoi i Siild) were redeemed at No. Ci Wall fc"eo'. nod thul ihey were perfectly good nod that every dolUu* of the bills would be redeemed. Helving upon the representation* made by said Huntington and believing tli?-m to be Ikuki jiil, genu iue bank bill - tni? <*eu< t,ent Was Induced to further said Huntington the luaol Siot>. And this deponent further says thai l>y sanding a portion of said bill* at a time to No. 13 Wall street, and a' dilT?iepc times, ho stieeeeded in aeillug anne xing oier worth of the same and the balance of the bills received i'rem stdd Huntington this deponent ha . still remain ng cn hand, being unable touet the same redeemed. And jis deponent further saj s that he has since been informed that bere i* 110 Mien bank Its wed at (ieoegetown, D. C , and that ileie is i o place at Ueotgetown, I>. C., for tbe redemption of -aid bills, and that It* snrne are false tokens, there being uo such bank aa represented hi re:.I existence. JOHN B. UOnsT. Sworn before me December 17, letfi A. O. Kim-i.hud. Mayer. There is another affidavit made by Thou. J. Baker, clerk to Messrs. C k K. W. rbwiug. brokors, staling that $211 worth or bill* of the Farmers' and Merchants' Ban I;, of (ieorgfetown. P. C., were received in payment of a debt due to tbe (lrm from rnai H Huntington, who told de pr.neut thai tbev would be redeemed. On the charge made liy these aHid.ivlti Huntington was remitted to tnecustoly ol the Chief of Police, and re inaiocd there for several days unablo to procurc 'mil. The following is a ropy of hU examination, which it aimsst iden.leal with that taken voder the preseutcharge Pr.'ey Cityrt, Bilft ttf JmHt* City aiut Cn., o> X. J'.? llurlea Hi" tingloufcelng duly txamined before tho undersigned, wahig to la w, on the at tie lea charge, ai.d being informed ... iihe was at liberty to acswer or not all or any <(uei>tiou4 put to him. stated ax follow*, \i/? Q.What is jour name? A rhailes B. Huntingdon. </ How old are you ? A. Thirty. t;. Where were jou born? A. Oeneva, N. V. </. W here no you lt*e t A. heir York. 'I. What it yonr occupation? A Note bicker. <V- Iliive jou anything to sa\, and if so, what, re'at veto the i l.t.1 ;e beie pit ftrtui against jou ? A. I de-irea more full Ir rest'cation of the charge, ard wtilthen show myself innocent < i ? v ri'egi.l action CHABI.R3B. Ill N11Pf'JTOH. T .ken before me, D?c. 17, |>)J2. A. C. Kl>u!LAi(l>, Major. Huntltgton rema ned lu enstod/, ^ wi hare said, for several days. His bail, we understand, was 0*ed at $5 COO, nnc fie could noi procure noretiua even !n that ?iuall amoiTDt A Irttcr in our possession w,ys t'jit ihe District Attornej?the Ute Mr N B Blunl?retuesd to reduce the bail, acd at lmgtii eniv consented to do so at the urgent entreaties of Mrs. Huntln ton, who repre sented her then oelicato state of heattti, the n ^ she a too j :u ol Iter tin-band's, and the risk to her life U >he was deprived thereof There arguments had their cd?ect on the kind hearted Itinnt Tbe bail waa re duced, and sureties being forthcoming, be was discnarged from custody, An indictment wss found sgsln-t blm the following Te' roary by the C.rmrd .lury,of which Mr. Ellas 1? Hmitn waaloremau For some taiise or other, which we have been unable to ascertain, he was never bro igbt to trial um'er it Neither the indtctnent nor complaint has any endorsement on it explanatory of tbe non prosecution. No r ' i'r was entered. ' The accused has bteu a resident ot this city t\n since, and yet, as wo l>avc said, tficre has been no eSort to bring t'.m to trial. Terhaps, Mr llslt, the present District Asttorci y, wbw was at that time tbe assistant ol Mr. Blunt, can exdals this apparent mystery, a respect for the laws und?r which we live, acd a nece^lty ror tte-.r lair and impartial execution require an ei plans t.on to be made Wo are lar trom imputing any wrcng motives on the part ol tbe officers of tbo law, and we t ndcrstsnd that tt l( always most d!(lieuIf to proeora a conv'Ction under a pr-isrcntton Iter falsr prctrnces hot sill', s* tbe record* of Ihe court gire no c'ue to this appa rent afse of Jt.Mice, we thing tt dee to the public that a su'.Krlent eicusc be ptit forward. Was a tcond cotapro ra;se rrar'e with tho principal witness, and ju-ticcthereby de'eaied ' If so, kt us know. We have referred to this c*?e, and published the lead Irg documents .n It, not flr>r the purpose ol pre adding the Interest of tbe linsncier now In the l ,imt?s, hut of showing that many of the financiers ol Wall street ought to he. '.r they had their dorerta. tn 14a aamo delightful retreat. Here waa Ihe man publicly arrested, examined, imprlfoned acd indicted, only four short years ago, for one of thoso ingenious bank swindle* which, more than any other offcneo, ought to have bnnded him rorevcr In tbe hnancial ctrclee of tbe city; and yet. without an attempt at dtngn <e. wlUiO' t r.baeginrr s letter of his name, and wltb ail bis po V? marks fresh open blm be is laken laVi association by tbese note broking bill shaving broker* ?f Wall street, pettid snd fostered, tap-ted on the hack, encouraged an I trusUd to an unlitr.'t d extent, until tbe time comes when in tbe coursc ot thlpgs the bubble must buret, ami the eye* ?*tb? community be opened to Ihe doings of the den of thieve* that t ^tln un t?r the shadow ol Trinity cbt;rch A* to tb?'e woom it I* chsr^ed this liuntingtoa succeeded in swindling, we have no sympathy lor them. They have got iu*t what they deserved. They knew? or ought to have known?this man to he a professional Jerrnry inddler but ao long as th"y thought tbev eon d make liberal dlscoonta out ol him, theycare<l nn? who else were?provided they were not? def'mded. They hare spreait the net and have tat'en <nt> It tbeawclve*. tbe arreet of Hnatlngtoo wn have rerelvct a oamber ol aoonymou* commuoicutliiM. professing to give reliable information aa to bis antecedent* We do not rejoee faith In all of th< it. but the following state meit apprara lo be sntltled to ereoit ?nuntlngv n ac. cording to bis own aoronnt, waa born tn Geneva, la Itili Atate, thirty four year* ago. fits parent-, wo are in formed, still live, honored and respected. His father re r rerouted, for several years. Iho county of ?nta-o in tae elate I egislatnre, and was tttsre leader of the party io opjoslllon to ftate prison labor oomirg Into coiaf>?ti t or, with Iree mechanic! labor, ila was also the author ol tbe Clinton Mate I'rtsen bill, rile son?t harlea B ? after roms trrrgular'tifs at borne, came to tht< city, Ave r.r aia ycara ag i. He was quite pot.r, and taring the trade of a chalrmaker. engaged in a cabinetmaker'* shop in Cbattam "tree , where, a* our correspondent pointedly ?ays, he made hi* mark. From 'hence he wcat to Wall urcet sr. came under prjhile observation, in December, 1*62, under thr clrcumstancr * we h?ve detailed. Another correspondent give* ns details of his private carcar He tell* us that Ilontirgtrn ?is. some years ago, introduced by a lawysr ol this city into a most r*a I<?ctablc brardlng house in Iafayetu> place that he bad not been two months ia the house before he snocenderl in getting *?V>0Q 'roaa an nnsuspecttag young broker, by means ol an exchange ?f checka?Moatlngton's being worthiera. ne tben p-ofesse* to glre a history of the Waahlngtop Bank opera'lon, bul In this he ta n't! very sccurale aa to tails Ho says that Huntington ia?t l,% fayetle p ace owing a board bill of about >300. hot that tie proj retor was a little too sharp for him and retained hi* p'aro, melodfon, sofa brdatead and other articles; test he then went to the Clifford Rouse, In l'ark pla-e, hired Ibe be?t rooma?prlre no object?bought furniture cn credit, furnished hts apartments si mptnoutly, and flourished as becuire a hank owner until otiioer M^Kellar itaid Ins respects to h m; that thr parties from whom hs had bought thafnrr: tire r; shad in and re'ook posseason of it aa they bad not received the Drat instalment tberaon, II surh wera HnntUrton'a antceeelents?as the records of Ihe :-<tate In pat t prove?tt t<t not to be wondere I at that be has at last fetched up once more in tha Tomb*. Bet It is a matter ol rumc surprise that with such antecedents he could have so successfully, as it is now charged, carried on his impositions on the sharper* of Wal* street His career il another verification of the good old matlm? too little regarded in these days of Tin^kroem fortune*?that " honesty Is tbe best poliiy." What Is the net result of Ms four year*' labor*' A cell ia the Tombs, albeit snugly carpeted and furnished aad the prospect of a lifelong cell in the State prl*on, where there will be none of the luxuries for which he forfeited hi* ^cod name A* acot trart to hi* prison abode, read the following advertisement of his household goods to be sold by auctioa to morrow, hi Henry H. lords Co.. under an aasignment, at M faai Twenty second street ? Htssr H f,?ri?- A Co., A iM iioneers, a Nassau street.?. Assignee * sain of eiegart and eostiy household lurnHure. solid stiver ware, fhetfisid plated do , costly rsSrS md work" e?f !\r?, rbrarj, if. The ftir nit tire made br B< iter, within a few months. Henry H. I<esds A Co. will sell, by order of tV as-- irnee. on Wednesday, Oetoher 9, at 10', oelork.a: ??> Fa?t Twenty second street, near Islington sveane, the f >llowmg siegant lurnliure ? Reception room?VeKet carpets, broeitel enrtalns. rl hly carved e'egere eueotgnenr suit In rest wo-wi, eovcw rl w I'b ia fes'ry very rh->lee *?<er I art ins, artiste, ehi.nde Iter- f estli orieohi rio. t^s idnitii tm m--Ta|o ? ry *a pr**, r'ehtt esrve I r?aV ' iinvt, trtUa tKr^vta fyiiflitMl v-44s ,4 VMi try* oval pier class, superb mortal veses; erter.?!on dtaing rorm table, with leaves Id i ur wml martite top; large iroo sliver ante mailt* by Herring; supe'li dinner tea and h"-nk lust nets nsltilw blue and gold, with lloirera; real innn/e ijiai'dellrm, < ornlv painted vare, large wre: oil paioiiny* nod ri graving*. superb cb*??d silver u a and dinner sets tea kot t * wine cooler* covered Inme iJi-be? vegetable do i.ui.-r bowl*, miprrli tureens tre bi.wl caller, large and sninll wnit em, solid plate* fruit plait's, gravy tureeiis. knives fncKg, spoon*. *eta In caae An '1 lie aLiove are aU aolid silver el the Hi ll elegant style. l'ariori ?Kicb new ve'vct rar?elj; oJeganl c.irved etegerea, Hied villi satin wood i tcolgneur, rosewood miKe, openwork, curved mMalllon back* cornred in brO'-ade and HeherUn w n and gold K'lk broca'el, elaborate cirvtd centre table real a'aii ary nimble tep; real bron/e cl>i'.ml?llers, raagulliceat painted vast?, from Ibe royal manufactory at Berlin; very high ciss.h oil paiutl:ig?, gilt and marble toji taMns, superb! ; curved pianoforte oc'avea, oo?t IhDti; music stand pl?' gl.ikWk, aLO rlcli curiuii'h; covered rewe wood bookcase line I wltli sai in v oxl; a'-out ! <M ratapea 01 i lenantly bound book*, C the iiiohI select nuibors; 'urge l'urian groups. auti'im vast* perfect weil* cf a/l, uuoilel Oruia?eul4 and other beau tlful artli-Ies KeJioom*? Brussels am! three ply carpels, rosewoo curved biv'.iicgda uu eanoplej. dreaUnji glasses amour glace, rosewood funiiluro coveted with maroon velvet, rift oiinolu vases. pier tissues. broca'el curtains, chairs in tapes try, Iron aslt> oil painl'ngs anil engravings, ftu*n!*.urc In black walnut, be<*?lrad bureau c?bln<t Ar 'I bo sale will commence ?(??h kin hen ware and basement tm.Huie. IlKT above can be examined one day pre\lous to <le sale. In addition to the articles enumerated there la a lartr quantity Of solid silver ware to be sold, viz : larg? tureen tea set, very massive tea kettle, toe dish, claret jug heavy covert<1 ganre dUbe*. large waiters, casters. Ice c.iolers, vegetable dljhov with covers plates and dessert p.atts, buUer Uol s ,r^,H?ielyV xina, fork*. knlv?? batter dishes nut ph sc. .'iij(<ARl>, IS nives. those are described aa being all ol' ic t antt m?t costly pattern i. We do not know whether tbosale is to be under the aa f IfDMCDt made by bentlogtin to Wm. I?. Hulsey and others. II so, it ma> probably bavo to be de'.eried, an the legality ol ibat ae.-igi meni is l>?lug contested in the >upe nor Co rl, whero sn application was made yesterday to ?<t it aside The plalmii: intbi* application, t F iiUnop. t tbe a.-i?'gnee of rbarles B flumlnfrton, tindsr an as cigrmeni msde OcU.lur 18 1R.>6. Halsey, thede'endut is L.e assignee tader HuLtlngton's asti^ment of October 10, 1866 Tbe plaintill se<k? to (et aside tbe iirst assign BMHH fraudiaimt and \ o;d and ai'ka for an Is unction to revtrain tbe defendant Irr m gotng on and taking peascggion of Iluntlngton's prejierty. Tbe compiaint in this case charges that the Qr;t assignment w?* made while Huntington was In duress, &c, and s void for that reaHim. and alto tor its terms In giving a preference to Hetden \ Co., and Barbeck & Co., ?ind making no provision for the surplus alter paying irclr ciaims Tbe an?>wnrs of the defendant deny under ath any and every cbar^t, of Iluutlngtcn being under . -cu...t Of duress, whea the assignment was made, and siatc that bo made tho assignment to Beiden & Co and Barbeck tc Co voluntarily, and that the secsnd as slgi.ment to tbe pta*ntlll was niAdn m collusion with lluntingtun. and Is fraudultnt and void. The decision was rcrerved It is rot uc'tke y, therefore, that In tbe squabble te tween tbe asmgnees tht- sale may be postponed. In ccnnccuoD with this subiect we dnetn it b ,t right to say that we have received a communication stating thai the allegation a? to lieidt n >V Co., or Itarbeck A; Co . hav irg received $124,000 in gold from liuntington, or any euro ol money, or security, or inducement to become hi" bail Is not true. Tuey state that they bcoimc bin hail solely and only from tbeir entire belief at thnt timo of l is innoceace, and surrendered htm the moment they bad any reason to seppose him gi.llty. Extensive Forgerieson the Bank* of Albany ?Arreat of a \ottri Forger on Su#tilclon, fFrom the Albany Argue. Oct. 27. | /,*.,? wl11 "-ecoyact that tat spring the firm names o the mercanthe hou.scn of A. D. Sbepbard A Co Bart g ley were lorged to check*?oDe for ?4 CO? tod the other for $C 000-aud the moocy paid ^ ?' A1T ana tie Bank of the Up tel. The forgeries were masterpiece*. and wero evi dim.) perpetrated by some finished lancy operator. But * t? *!? iB ** WBS ,h" rowing qu?-st'on. . c3.cers endeavored to bush up *.Le matter? trkd tard to keep out of the paper* ail m? afioc of It? wh.-pered with the police now and tben-telegraoa?>d bere BLrt there aod all that, and the end wai *othio? fi stead t. furnishing the pm* with a dennrtpitou ol the t ertcn who had presented tae check*. and thereto* ren Cer bis speedy arrest f.uitc probable, they tnade tt thetr I us .bess to solicit the sIIcdcu o; the > aper* with ro taidtoiU a abject Br furaisbleg cucb a description tree, the rrsuit, now. would have been conclusive but ^?7 t u left tbew notiuag but vague ir fmorj to tall back upon, * ,n"'nth "JE? 0Be klatsell's tbadowi, Chi I*, ltQgaa, (by Uu way, a capital de ecu.f), wit ltd to bulleve that btcoM spot the mac; aM on lbe 4tb of the prn-ent rnouh Le wns fun 'sbed ? by .Instlce 1'urtcni, with a warrant for him, and a'so With a rcqufsiilon fYem Governor Clark for t% person. ao arn.ed wilt there doc .menu, Chria s^rtod oat West, lie returned Frday eteulng. accompanied bv t ihoer crabam. of iialt ntnri (Jolted Mates Deputy Marshal l? Annc-nley, a Frenchman In tome way oonnecUM with tb< gwat French railway fr? ..J?. and hi prlacner? Uieutue w hat notorin-i Andrew J. Fin!ay. On tbtir approach to the city tbe bank clerk* were appilaed f! their coming, and some of them woat rt.t t-? scbercctady in order to return In the same car wltb the prisoner and ?ee if tbry re Id idrntifv b m. Tfce part? put .p at the ?Un*,i and V f ay'n ght and (MvrtUU Horn eg baik oOctr*, roof-bants and others visited th hotel to ace the lioa. At 3 r. M , Fatnrday, the prisoner having ffiureu the service* o;Co?ucoilor, appear' ed before J uetk* Parsons for exam'.nattoa CbarleaJenkma K>q.. spptand tor the bank* Meters. Hartley and C T shtpard tist.fled that tbe sigartures to the two check* were iorgerlec of the rame* ot the r firm*. and that they believed tie checks bau bein abatracud from their t>oo?.a. Tto n.iat important wltnc?a< a were Mr. J. H Tereyck. . r., teller oi the Hat. or Albany, and Mr. John If tppirtcn. teiler cr U>? Bun. ot the tau.tol It will be rvooilerted that tLe check on the Hack of Al b?nj waaokly endorsed aa to its trenulaereM at that baak aoJ that It waa rwbrd at tLe ink of the Capttol Hi. Tfh>jc\. to wbom the check waa tircl preaaatcd ten tilled that tbe person wbo appe?re<t at th? count*r wore heavy wbltkus and mo jtatbc and that bit eye waa fcu.iii, hut thai be noticed no single peculiarity about h s j*ce ?r per?on whereby to tl:tt n.Tnl>h h.m He con eluded bis cvidcacs If awearlnj r?s:tlTOly tut Jlnlar waa tbe man. To tbe question whether, "If be knew ? pc?Hirel? to b? a fkrt ibnt Ma ay waa fire hundre.: tr.llea awa? from the city on tho day the cbcek wo* presented to ? 'm. be wou.d stll! ?wr#r that he waa the man ' uc acswcred first tbo ai'lrmatlvn, but afterward! chanced to tJ?o nryat'vr Ur. lomplrtop the gcnllrrnan who/afbftf ibe check at the ixtk or the CApitoI, trsUfled that t e bad no d stlncl recnl octlon cf ps- Ing 1b? cbrek He thouyht be remembered the pro of a strsrg.r who wu In the bank that day. but be could not test ty po? tu oly w th regard to bis appearance. Ills Lxed imp 'enaion was th/it be wore whb atrs on Ue cbeeks. a mo aurbc. and that tin chin was hare Tbe countenanw of the pr .soner waa familiar to blm, bethought, but he could not s?r wbrn wtere ort. be bad ever seen him befhre taat Friday, wden be came down la custodj of tbs offloors Ur. Hiram I'erry tistiiied ibst he was *n the bank at ti e time the check was cached he bMrvcd particularly ? he ?trarger wbo received U-e mooey. he w. re whisker! ot) ihr cbceka and nader tha^b n, but iio mousteebe aod the seneral appearance of tbe prisoner areomed 1 ore e osely with his rccwtleetloa of u>at stranger tfc .n any reahe bad s'nee seen; but be wot Id net sweat that be eaatheman. This Is tbe esuenc of the t ?ti ?or ad oiieed by the proaecut,. n no u> T 1 M. fat-irdey, wben the case waa ad onmed until half p??t ten thli roireoon. If tbe above la tbe strongest ev.dtncc tlial tbe basks ''??n at'duce tbat lit lay la tbe mas, our oaprearloe la that tbey have gone to tbo expense ot bring o^' blm here for nothing Tbtis far tbe erldeaec s not strorg eaoiifh to be'l bim, sad t ne fact rtroncly la hla fa eor K tbat the three !? (f.rtant wttn eats* contradict ? scb other with regard to bis monstecbo and wh akcra. r nlsy, of ooiirte. asseverates bis iMojenoe. and ei t re??r? ^tmaeli eonte*nt o( being able to prove an a/Ai. He Is one of tbe lirst of hie claaa !n the couutry ? a ir>sn f.f pollsheit sddrees, jreatieman'y appf arance aod, it I* evident, is endowed wltb Iron oerrnt Througbt nt tbe examination be swl mitted to tbe srrnll t ixiig gaze of ail n the court room, wltbo .1 allowing a trtisclc cf hla face U be it ed or bin eye to 'alter a .ta st?adlncss. He was a prominent me , her c^ the K.siaoe party in tbe lamon' Martha \V?h o^lon fraud caae and ? a* oi' e arrested 'or a heavy argery on tbe New York ' hc?ical r'?Bk. "a tbat ooca*?cn. wben eonfront'il with ? be teller, bis iron nerve* lortook him. and, wilting 'own, he confessed bis guilt. By 1 .pttaat'og other )?r ' es, ?nd returning tbe mensy, be escaped j tinlshmeat, tnea. He is said to bare a wife and tontllf in Onrlnnat!, a iiomertlc (stablkabrtieni in Pa iiaiore, ssd a similar one la Now 1 rle*ns, eseh oi which be maintain.* la tbe mo?t < tu>)<*' n>le What'* 'omrwhit "'nfuiar. msr.y w? o ??aw him on atnrd?v say nath>* conntenm e i< (?miliar to tbem, but tbey cannot place blr . and yet there are several peeu liar it it? about bla connteuance ao premiseat, that once seen, It la dl'licult to mac no bow tbey could ever (tmpc the memory. i "nrmgsb 'i Csntt. F.PTATE Or IttKUL i. HOVF.T, Pit MATT*. Hefore \. W Rrmdfortl. Oft. 27 ?Daniel ?. Hovey died In thl* city while on hi way Iron Calllor.nia to ( on Beetle ut. Tbe caitacs.ifbl oath are varlonsly stated by the wiintwar* pot-on, feeer

cholera, genrra 1 exhaustion, Intovicatloe, compress on o the braia, \e., being mentioned. ,Toha J. Hovey wh appelated "evutor of the estate of deceaaed Att Mt o', dwtaaed called tbe admlalatrator to account for the es late, ft* administrator tiled bis accounts before tbe of the items la tbem were oh 22!! * d*b? nwated by tbe admlnia LT J? , <leoea*ed a payment of |lf O, sbad ?"?< ?he decoased be " *"J ,i(^ lfor*'*' " P?0*" or this debt the tes P7 * adduced, wbo lestilisd to having J ,hM ht> om<* ?? Hovey, the adm.rirtrator the amonnt speeded, for monoy be bad herrcwad cC hlsa la order to enable him fthe decent I. to go to California. The test mony of a brothsr of tie 'iv* ?*?'?<? ad'iuced *<> m iui i^I..^ nL* ^.?r hw,d- w ?? ntaloialrisd Ibst UiO tc-umony of Pr. I utnam and tbe edaiaimrator Is so variolic and connictlaK, ac regard* tbe causes, nnii on and masner of the death of deceased, as notion title tbem to tbe leart conflde?ce nedcr oath. a: d e>>>? ciaily ae wben Dr Hmith's testimony aa to tVia death of d< ceased eondlcted with and waadirerevt fiom t int oi bfdfe of tbem. Tbe testimony bii besa takaa and ti.e case waa argued before the guftnb t ecuriUi ll>s dccwra wlI UvciUc iu? ^vrtieg ulin^ mKn+*' 4 T-tif 111 Jon Klr< total TV Wet In Ptiuwyhauta. OIK CAJI2K1A t'OHkh^rONOKNCE. CaMPUA, Oct. -?? 186P The Fillmore mta at JcbMtov o were coirenoi last evening In cooside-able force to dec de the question ot tb'tr support of the ta;oo electoral ticket Great unaaimitj cbara* tcrized their prow* logs, am alter an impartial exposition of iu ba*uj and nefeseUy, tfccf re solved to gtvo It their undivided savport. Tblo dociston, if laithiuiiy fuifllled. will inacraa marked decrease tn the democratic to? or'.j and wili reduce it to its original aod msfe toaau outlier, ?liiei> dot* not extend all bondred vou-a. Tbetaie bneipecteJ and tinparatloled majo-tty resalton from :-*o cause* First, the ro!ua%] of nuuiy docidod ?until" to ifvord fietr vot?3 became of the tuaion teutu.-s Id ibe canvas*; and second. Wauit of the au /?trior oipuvunhoa of. the Uo'.n cm), wb.cU in xured tie potl of ita lull ttrcngU:. Beside* this, it Is a'K-ged?and with tome dogree of plaue! ot it; a* well aa truth?that In man; of the election prwrf>U,Md parUcuiarly in Cambi'.aaa-d Lcre'.to the moa ucfftir and t-.nj at methods were re?-tid to to give it thi1 I at,ia*p ground?ia the former prt-t.nd, by deterring po ttlveiy many cowardiy natives from th record o' their vrtra ; and in the l&itor precinc'. by marking up the M'.nrri of it* rrajority a' tuilly beyond the whole n- sober 01 rorrtwanr in the to#Mihip Ttiat pipe laj lug and other 11 eft di lortousand ud urtiflaMe means were roacstoo II in this au"i a moat every other coatiiy in the file, and rpKiuily 10 iboro ceuutiia wbera toey were uomiaant, ? ni ui?i Bid cannot be tucoess'uUy controverted; but i>t noi. It te Bpt roboDrtpii, to Mich a"' extent an to explain ?b> ?a>!af'aciorly .Uttin traoro.rary successin tnt late Ucliots to compass ?luck they bad to overcome 1 ktoaii cppo-liloa Disomy of not i?*.i than forty thou ?n<f. Having traversed tne wnoio 3tut<?, and scanned < rot-wlat critically the actual condition of things. I un *>ei>itaiiDgly av> r the opinion that tne who e philosophy ?I Urn del. at of the oppoviou forces in Pennsylvania <sd dm the tact that to tbc American element which oni-iiti t- a the stringer wirpt. only revra tenths were i-iUmore lusino, wa it threo tenths were Hiimore aoti otlon 1:. otter tucrr'p, seceouutiu preferred Fremont tud three teiih* Buclianui. au! un iueslioaabU vc'.od -coord irgiy; ben g the genera: estimate in the ?1 en issue w?a beld?two candidates only, ai fact, i gardp' a> la th? cont^at In the union electoral Uckrt. '(vently formed. I see no e?tcn to exp?rt any larger aciti?<t>iou 0' the Fillmore t en cor do I antic into any v>ry materia} addlt.on* to 'hi- relative at-eugth cf the two parties proper, not *lih-t*n":i s the est?cted eniarpod incrta-e in the :oin>ar vote. If the clcuu Killmore ticket n>v, u the held, which is t>i oar actively cwtvisHed u ir.unj ?-'ct:ons, i^ho Id not be withdrawn, It diublles* will <iv?rt the Fillmore Buchanan gyapath.fcs froa; o?.ir !?!?? ko perbar* a! present co-itecriU-ed support of :irf den ocrscy. aca wocu ioer?-by as a matter oi course iin.ia tb bo'..ewnat Uie democratic to carry the Ml In the prevent aspTt of part e*, with three dist.oct I'-ctorai ti; i< "isi in '.he ' eld .t wr iri not appear problem , .i.cai (Tin aH 10 the taccehM of the t.nloo ticket by ? de I id<d pi rality. Hot I mujt suppress any mero coojcc ure tVi-n. ULtil 1 am assured ei ?ome uerc raiisfat.icry ? ae.s Vbe remit >s bear at band uol the problem wUl ?oon b* solved. MEr.TJ> 0 01 1VLZ AMERICAN EX?C'JT1^* COHjHTTEF. OF LA>CAStiR COCM*?AlTROVAi, 01 rnt L'MON li.ECTOML TICKf T. At a meeui ; 0 the Am -ncan ' -.ocuUve CoBBiitK 0' lAit'Mlcr couaty, at Ycuart s I *changc R?tc' ta the ?; of Lanoas er, on the 2Mb in?t., .'eta A i'. esur.d, iDa'rmsn: Joeej.i. Ciarksoa. tecrctar; ? M II Boh/er. w'.io was < recent latttap.aeol W R JFi>on, aS'errd reho!u<.ocs < n<ior?<ng i..? Am-r ctc Mate ^?w.-al f'ra)fli'ite??uhep William t' Barr, cf Kattlone dt, otftred the foiiowlrg ?- a sutsUtnt .? RtM'lri'd. liiai the Xiwutlve t' n .nitttr of J>e tTfrifiiii part' fi r Lm.c? -ut r wuu'; heiel ) raW> aad arprove tue ac? 1 11 ?.f I liiou ? at> t'emv. tiv.ou hr! t -I ?Urri?tiUT cu the ll?* < 1 Oc tibar. winch 1.' a ui/i b 1 n-k ml t;i?et. uail ? ? 1 er* b.v u lout ami t eec -Jtuerd U> tb? support of thi Auir ? ran 1 iu ..?? I Laecwaar coumj a-. 1 tie ntaie the elcr'.orai it. tn,i> f >.u?u, .i? li. : aU?i fiur and henortlilela tine An ? ica.i pui v ar 1 Mi laid f it' e hc-il-ci'. Iliet v.e l.(rcny ??i< [.1 the tcVtwlng eicetoral | '!< ki at ' dcrcct the cliuliiuto ot i'-l? n aim .'te ju su.fl ) tue sevc 1.. c.tcUcii di> w.lli >-u:uc. iHi-re lftitow* the union electoral Driest with the name it aiiimore at ?l?e (h c-? r"!>? ral elector, anc .Nxea Irvin. ofCentr; flftna-y. a the Tbev?** i>einj taken 00 the abo e subst tatea, were adoptel by a vote of 20 to 5 Ira motion, the coamitice adjourned. Tli* Presidential Eln lloii. AJI'-iVfllMFNTS FOR TttFO"ArHtNS THK H?TrttK6. The A?soci?WtU Preat of thka city. acting .a concert atib ai. the leadlaj ournali ef t.e I n on, bare marl* arrange aientt wtoch will we bopeeaalle tl.e ir<-?t ol t.itcliy 12J of tbe whole rcmrtrj" to fcbEJh th; r tult of :bo ap prowbirt President ?1 electro oa Lf i o'Dloi o.'ihe ribol Novrmbcr. V ry < xuailre rcparat *.a Uarebetn taaiU tbrni tbotit thlt .^teie. ud we h?pe to receive, through ihe aid a! t]?ctal cipietses la every county. lull relume ftoBi tbe entire State n from 3rc to e fht houri tier tbo clot .if ol tbe po'.la ol toe 4t!? ol Nov inter. y> b are grit:. c4 to be ab;e to atade thai Jaaiee F dy, I ?q . General 8u periston .-at o! U. Te>y?*;ih roip,*a7'i cxteaslTe range of t lejrapb ia New \w?, OOPUMttout, Rhode Matter tie, h>w Pan.^tb"j ai. J Maine, baa t^cYed to ua b'a determlaa itoD to bare tbe at bet* os hit 1 te be.i ojwn all iiUhl w -be lib of Novcuiber !oi tbe act jmm^daUoa ot U?c pic it ?:.o ,l)e public. Jc. u EeaiitJ, Btq., General ? pericteadra' of the New Vork arrt New Orl< ao* rraboard line .1 I l'ee !, I ?i, ?<awr'..itenrt?Bt of tbe New \ork and Bolalo (tare A.. ^ng er, El General i*'..periBtt?d en t oC thv Weaiera I'n.oo trlrgff.>h ltm: Pf. Green, Pwdeal of ihe Ioui^ville aril Wiw CVloAiia line an 11 G. Tlllotoa. E? ,., fitperla iiaileiit of the i.rie Railroad tele rapb tlae, bare al*" MIM In the inanirr ihr r i t| o?il.oa to ro "pernio heart ly with |kt |>rrta n carry'ng into i .lect t.e tocr??arjr urraogementa to toco re the rctnrae at tb< "ttiltft practicable monwot on t:.o a fht fo owing Ibe ? *> rf ilett'.oo. We p?eeuw tbat tl,e muiiKu of other u i?..;a^h |.d> ? throughout tbe cooatry w'.ll do al! la the r power to facilitate tae ar range ox., ta ol the prcia, an' <bc weather thoald prote la onble, we bare ao donbt * t tbat we thai! witaeto oa the mors ag of the Gfth of Not< ir.tx r, ttr.'? ni 11 .drnce o' tV rat*, e Uiit aod woo d?r?0' power ol tie te egrtpb ' net ot tha i trted Htatea v r truii that !be o^prcu'ra arcrynhere, ae Uirr are *f>'.i:id tj lt? to do to tbta Siau-. w'l>'conM tbe I'rreidea Ual c'rc'oral rote lr?t, aa l edltnra, reporter*, pol t'? lan* ?od t. pfrapbert thould not attempt tn traaxriit oret the wlm any oUh r vote on U.e a<|bt of tb>- e'ect <*. f.irr* !n tb'? uO'j other ftaica ml' faulty prontote ?le oh ect in rtow by Mbl.ah at t nu'.tah ted tor a rot re av try day aadll tbe itb ol No. i A I'lllKiiirr Bcntir lluJMan. Tie Klciapoo City A ft tat I a , tbe Kn?w Nothiof organ 'a Kaoaaa Temtorr. wu:, tbe uacoea ai Hllmore ?ad J oat jjb at the h ad of !ta ce!uaM, aaaouncee tbe m ftlectloa o((>aa. W ...U;?UI aa de ?tata to Coafroaa. ae follows ? It h "co ??t onr p>ae?nt dntr to tnftirai our at-trier sua -o thera reuftera and tba rett or ?aaliin I, tbat Jafce W Wb:i;iel(t bat b?en re elected aa delegate Irotn ih ? Tee*' tnry to ti e next Ooe-raat or tbe l't> te 1 Stat ??, by a web arg<r tele than be baa btbt ktratofora malted. Tba Utattca! abo'.'.t en U> etat, ivim.ii aod murdarert of tba tret Billet bart not tbe conl'ideooe (impvidenoa t?brng ? at ao uppotlng candi<;aie. altbo gh It waa r i*v-rp ', al oaarnetbat thaaboitcn troa nfro tronadrel. lane, wMM ba a raoJidatc, h < p tTtii aad : tltrj (iup?n had not ?be eonrago to trj lilt strength, kaow nf tbat irtbey to .irrtook ao abturd a lb ag i!< rra( wt .id >u>e tbea In tba ?are t irrelcra they conceded to tvrrmder the Qeld to \ b'i eld tad tba mighty a ..race aad power ol the pro *i iri ry part.'. The b rel.Bg*. vagaoxi'ia atd aconrmga n? tbe frea S?atee bare beeema eottiaced tbat tbare !? ao i, .re rtow or 'bem to carrr aa electioa oo fair an ! hoa< o?abie aeaae :n it ? Terr n*- than there m to elect Trr Mat Prat Ida at at u>e t*a;i< : Ptau^ Ibe whole de lied ?sd eurr jpt ceabuaUoB ot tbain are daad I dtad ' ' aad ir the r nna.'< at ia*U r, lane. 1* aot a>ore tucoeaafol ta tba liitt re la tb<'';iViB *>B| tblt Terr'tory. 'bey W1tl never re 'trrrfrraa th?.r Itglor ot t teleat. f>rtat ? itigad dea'b ? it tJrt'y tture tbea in tbe lace, and there mil be no ? riWn.i t.oa 'or tb> ?they ?lit Ua liwt. loot foeeyf - and >lev It * ii> bt walliDi to convey Uieir crrrupt and t^ti aaoa tOJW Into aTei'.aatmg tormeat for < < mm.ttirg iba Tiiett and b<aekeafcrlinta <n tbi? Termory tbat t ave eear been p'aoed on rr< ord. May angel* hate no mere ' , oa their pollute i and tuurdtrotit baad*. A rro ?!very Ldflalat ire baa atoo been elected throuch - ut tbe Terrbory, Not one abolition*! will tnere he in that A?embiy to a Itoi at* !>?? niggar autlrage Tbe t hole wlU im oae tiled, 'rota bealentng to end. No tawftdlary abo .tlon voloe will tie beard In that all, all lie btr orre of It at Leftalature wlli be < oodnoied by iro ?.arary men?the ripratealatiyeagf the Hmitb, aad toe boae and ttoetr oi the Territory. No ivecber telpera wtl! be there to urge the aeaeai tr u' dif tr btitlag Sfcarpe t rl' re frori tte pnlp ta el Kaneaa All bait: Tht Houth bae aahlt7ed a glotloar a trlam hant rjctary. In tha aeit coloac the fion-e baa tbo fo'low'if a tnpport of lit tror'ie candidate tor the Praatdtacy Tro i tbe 9 of tbe t me? tbare la ao ioobt la oar minds b it tbtt Mil.ard K'll?ore wl i be our next 1 real (tit ?ttn? Maire to ( arifira>a a great reroiotloa ladaUy t?\c rg p'.tie. aad the namr of tb? ,ll0'?trl??ii ttAte<n aa i ii tbo n.o ih of erory < oati rvatire I nlon lo*la/ man "Ihe pet pie V.ave btjun to ?pan their eyea, not only for the r own It-terett*. bvt trr the iatareHa, wallaro aad prosperity '( th? cottniry at large Nerer oil a loan grow more rap'diy la the fhrcr of tbe taaatta than ?ir i.aa lor tho latt ttrec atontht Tbe 9outh aad ihe Karti haea n a,1 to the tmelble rooeloekm lhai ba It tba man or the ttrnee?the oaly man whoean ?are thai nloa. Hoiild, he polHfrian* nad hungry olttoe terkert are Irving to bal Mer nf tba old Wi ineorarty and e<m t Ruebaaan. boi lb* p,,, t_'be m*,'ctltjOf the r*>plo~bave ?tm> the eail t'Otdl b< 'he prrtiat anw.i i< "rat'oe, aid hava oonae <( Mi!tl? drtf riMeed te tint dowe lUniirralic looofoooarti, r ed tottrr ard bm'd er la lt? eiearf aa admiaMrb Hon tbat tbnii be r""ra Mil un itlltd. troth tig c> tuitta ta W..?i 'd The lloiiftu) CThb In Eurepf. IB" OT?ltTAXIlJ> i>l> 1L1. TtV WOKglfHN OF FAP.iS ? kLA>Ml>0 SflAlX Or PUBLIC tkiXIHO. fParii (Oct. 8> corrtspon lenre of 1 .on dor. Times Tbe compilation tUat iiiight loJow matters to an extreme at Naples, and tbe dlsfrr&ce .ncurred by drawlag tack aiier all tbat Us been said if aot done, are the great difliciilty ol the da/. Yei-torday it wan said tbat en "energetic'" resolution was alopteil, but ? bit is meant by an ererjetl: resolution tre canted loarn If it nere'v consist* In re-cn<i!og our reactive legations and bre-eiing oil all diplomatic intercourse wufc tbe Km* ol Napes, Uiat m.*bi have becii done w tbout making ao n.uch roi>e about tUe nuttier. The fact l?, at tho present moment the Kmperor of tbe French is quite a? much oc ci<p>?-'U with domcaHt a lairs an be Is with tbe Ne;ap i.itan Question. The*e aflnirs do D<l pres-ut tLc wvt I eliding Vn, ct. It may be trm tb?l the resoeiruos of Fraaae are \ ubi, and tbat she rebounds with woc.d?r cl eia-tieiiy tr< m flepre?sion, but it Is no! the lt-r true that tier >5 Ua lion i! iar from encouraging, and tbat greater . ea.'au ox i-t* irnin/ a considerable p<?r .'in ol th- wo. km,; popula lien e.t l'arif. tban for a lor* tlmu p*?t. Tlie artisans ->f tin i?al>oarga do not oc.nw'al lUelr dlsc-mtent aa l tbtl dn e-ein'ent is, ai usual, directed agaloet Uic government rfcr Kmperor Is 1 believe, begirnlfij to learu tbe truth. I nra told tbat a deputatiou of wo -kmcn of oue of ?h? f tu lourgs went to bt Co .id yeWerdoj to la7 before him tha-tr conollion, and tbe tmpejssi >.11; of tl?e.r Biipoortinc the heavy burdens, particularly or house rent, laid on ibem Tbey were woH rec-eivrd no dMibt, ti.d so rime back' uncomplaining but tbe symptom It fi ll of nn nuing, ?nJ the precedent may bo followed by o'-liars. i' T'lacarJj were a*am (oncd poe e<l tip la-rt uight.a btreei' i., ar ltio Halle, still menacing to the ;rtprloU>rb, and rc peaiing tbe demand for cheap bread in some there w.-n- the words, ???'?.* II-' pr- r" fei.ow ug the ilireaU; la others they w-uillug. It e? unror liiaaM that 'be long a'xcsoc- of the Emperor ? oiniided with tho panic cau'txi by the tiiarcial cricm, aaJ wttu the d.nirc*.- of so many of the workii'g ci??se?, beaatte it gave room l?r inferring, wrongfully 1 am ?ure, an IniitCerence on his part to tho.r n!ie irgs Amor,g the plv-s ol tbe Court on tne return n m '..arriiz wa* a visit to (lump-u^ne. to enjoy the p'oa m.res of tbe chase Tb< Fr.pcror would act w:*eiy by pv.rg up. ot at lean posti-ouioc to better days, this par hi the festive progTHinme "ihe Rub ect la freely dij : sed by the people, ar-' a worklngman nf the fau hourgu was bt-ard to-say tua otbrr Jay, r* t-uren a la ilwwf. t.H LUr.. li n u? a.lit /u, Jn u >is I hOI.' !'' "V ou do not learn row !or tbi: lirst time that by the ir.tSet* of the pop- lation t^e t.ioperor, atu no oae el?e, .a ?< n?ioere<l as the govrrament tfo r -'n'.sti-rs arc seldom ?liken Into account, or they an ?uppC8:v! by these uncon lititutionsi roaiont rs to ? i*t a* t maiiv-r cf form, to obey h.? will, and to caist t to l?c e ecukJ. TUls sappoaltlon, however to imperial vanity, l tot w.tucut its ir.ctnveplt nc?; it la?? on tbn ?horiMArs of one m*n it a ?>nrdea ougt'. to bi- d-v.ded among many, that a responsibility ben-re 1X.0 p btic. "he withdrawal 'Lo>c!o're( of tbe tuicia.-y coUDienance ot tbe Cmperor ,-autot in the r op'.tiea be supplied by any e-tber. I'he i> absent, nothing. th?J say. <-r?n go r ght, and Lis long absence at "lomb,.-'es aad ai iiiarriti ta? bete criticl.ed n stroagw It ims thau 1 raru to repeal by those who sa? ibat it u to ilicm aJ"3e be owes hf< throae. Ii tbe C>ur im rs'.Kts in go'ig toC mp gne ior the pi rposc o: bunt iiig or other revt^ls, U mav uud on its return that .ta po j; ?rltJ tat fearf"l j >'im'.nlshKt. The topic li often dta r igfoil aad people a?? why should not the Court, If U?e <^>u;l I bent on tcuirml. be sati?9ed nrltb the caarm i c rctieai ol .?t Cloud. Tbe 1 r.pernr is. perhaps, by thli better si' ua'ited with the exunt lo which this feel ii g has spr' ad taau before hii| return to P*r'_=, an<* U occupies t:? mind ?,u'tf a> mnch as tbe .Ncapoi Un i.U'S Hon He has himseti i> #u whether his reception in pr.b lir at tbe ftpera tor .nntance, the oic?-r n'gbt?h'.s Lfit appear acre s'nee hi let jrn?was as w* m as .t used to be "ar'" (("ct T) eorrespoud^act ot the I ooden Times Tb' Lntoii-'al i risu? is a more ?. rioi.s mm ect oi dlsson unt tbaa tbe Neapolitan The pan.c tbat pre- ails i?, buw -ver denlarei to be essigeratid aco ibe tearo'-ty Of silver li attributed, tor tfce unwt part, to the immense auimtity or specie sen! out to China by speculators. But whatever be the euw. or whether the alarm be as un uai.'jkh'.f as some supi-osi i * ctita n t^al after tne ter nble cris* ol'M", and ot. ihe eve cl the revolution ol tworunry, thetbre-e per e>?u ware: at It, while at ths rjj- an-it and a t?-r a |?-art- i3t areu tJ l-e so'.ous tor (? rai ? e, w .tb a strong aad popular gcverameut and .a tt?- mi l>t t.f "at mill t?. tjeinri* por teaUoa Mate be i? evu <*6 aud t S. los 1 ui--s w'.U e ?? nis? the r pen n>nt w .tou ?ve?y?h s? even cu tfcetr c #n el -asters, and ilu ci-lebratm a?>lug, '? t- >jfti cf. *a /' t- Is aow tra \ ea-t.wl lnu? I- A't-Jit's> 'a *U" Tee g' vsrnmf..t .s. US usual 11an.00 ror sucti a state o: tn.ogs W? ?r-> reio:urte?? ?^at lr, )S?4 in order U> cbec^ the lear ?j?? >f t.,oO !? the ca; ial. lbs ?, ?U-<?. t comptaautlcns ?ai j' 1? and ice nt?. * S' 1'- n,' ?*** ?wat. stie^l This, 1' ?oa rtmrmtM>r. w? appliwl to kMtp,ng ilowe tne i r e- of b'Mi t? means ol m-> n'n ? by tbe ruy during teari ol sca'clly, ea conattion tbsl Ibe dl." should rtira nurse '.lieI. by keeping ni< tbe J rit e in seasons or abus dance. The r??u4 ol ut.t sal lui stroke of political e? i on y was t? burden the cio wltb a d?l?t of 10 OOO.COOf.. -rim wb.eb b-rdiT any syju.? ol eyomp^uafct oo ?t re ??ve it. If t was politic to snppi' bread rc auve y < haap c ,,rins dear vsara. it will be ImpoUtttfU make tbe lUiens o Far's pay dearer tor thtlr dally food than other e-ities > f Viacce lu scan as oi ahu/dan < w i?n ? 'rr i duly, IPO oi?i' B>' an<> oi eiiectiaf It, would i* unrdly venturad i.n I v ibe gouetnment. . , . Another cause of c -ip aiat against o r,al nter veut ?o .n ecnimi rc al iua>ir"s is ib?- dc-ree to i,,e i tpe ilni on of gmitt and < iber iikib artkilea, ai.d whi'b I a? d n?mshed ',si?potlullofl, sod ronse ,i set'./ t. ri'td to ra ts tl.e pi .re ot r rn Tts coopWal ia |Tln r -all* iojvdrj tn Iht Iroprcficr nlermeddt ag in the lo'-e.snmarkat VTb-nlt was ascertained that the ha v ?t"l tf>? was did. .lit, tue M nil r annouacod that ihe soret smei t bad reao'vetl to Itaveitto private co? mr-ee to ?n". r that eleKleocy. Ku I eoaudence was at fr?t ;rpc?rd la'lbal derlaraiior; but !l wa* rem irked thai In the Monti, of M?) or April?a< nr.. ua <itlea or C?us and i.i w i cat began to la. ? at ilavre throe lithe agency ci a wtu kiown u? ?e n . aria, and ia .utoualot partiei wbua* names. .1 's laid were cartru-iy tooccale<i. A fa'i ol c< rst, ?apldl* ensued' ibe irate lock aisrm, ai d many wbo Li I icpt tht.r slot ? In exrectaiion II a r so were loici d to feu at ie^a Utan the iifnt coat of I*'art tie The r??uil was as enormt-un toes It ami a ' rmee at the t m? ibat tbe n.ysteeioui partf on wboae Hi'rnvi t theae arge salea ware sllecled waa the govern m? :it noi wllbsU. illag the anne-i nci'mettlnibe If ?*'**? laimi nie (, ol i'our aud wbe^t wore pure baaed in iiio I nitio Pialt', wlilcb naiura?i) prodnood a greater ? >n tt an it private iradtr* boughi on Itetr own account, and lb. n ?old ID rri.nce, fbr tbe purpose of keeping down tbi market, it vsacakHaUd tWs oper.tton wasat leaind with a tow to the trew.ury ot aloct li,?OC,OOOf, with tbe aii.lloaal, isadratiage of priventlcg tbe regu lar traders la ibe n?s ci thr north of France Irom I'ertaklng ibeso ope'Ul.oni, fearful, ai .bey mi st oc of ssa.n etc^unier ?g ho lorm uab.e a cea?p?' ilon Tne co?ff .nence of this a' suiomg woo d be a dimtoU.oo c* supplj la cm of ii cca? ty aad, ot courts, tbe high p trca which fo'low eart tf. it 'a onicr innate ihat the Bitncia crliis whScb t.ow oreva Is had jrt beea iorei??n end prt-Vdcd for. taare raa ha-dty be pitadeJ, ior Ibel.ere tiaol}" ^r? re was sivea by oosni^tent [SBC*, llm premium oo ,.Jrie s t ow so as lo almost baitsh H aiUf^her *ro?Vrrul'-i'"ia. as It <aud be T?ca c.t but a? the ??al t ili.e It 1? cait ialed that du.'.uj thr lail live y^J. abost I tto.toc.ctof lnsilver have left tbe rouatry, w?." rot more than 1lO.?OO.U?df ImTt ents^eil It. If thii cal frla" n be co.-rect, bai KM w.tbla tbM i^elod . 10 000.C0C! of lt? silver eo aage, and baa roecived dou tie it-it' la gold Tbe remit la the gwatrat iarot. vra eora n wmmtrc'ai traasatioas gently, a^.. par lr q tb,? Ui*nti:?riunif whmwm ? irdivpt nsable ** iht payneat rt wagta lo the wortrtag c ir-r* In futb. aUver raa h rdly ba 'ound any ? brre 90f. aad 'tf. peecia. la gold, only ate to be ta?? aad or i : If and r?e. piece* bare aear.y (mmarii. The e?n.'tatk.a of that asdal ia ihe incre raplel aa Vranee exports, ccmpaeatieely s'*a'<iir bat a small atwv.Bt ol mauu'jMaurtd prodooe. and -3 eoBMi wallj otUfrfl to pay [or Torelga RmM Oivali WML Thli la tne of ihe t onse-.oaaroe of tbe ??tee. t sum ol har ci>toin boas- a, which tbe ?ov*tn m>at?e?ii afraid tr lux b It tbat If tt.a i,anu'? ler'ng prod.'^ts ot thli catairy coaM be aold at ? bU low prce to the I a'ted Aatr?. she eot.ld send them luetead of tbe prectwm mslal: In txehanga I rr the ? rain of tbe Am or Iran a-mere, and - eh crises aa Ite 'it?at would ran y lake plate, or would be lies severe T At other oacss to w; k-S the crial? a aMimOii.Oveti wh >e laWinr i-to accov.nt tha e. s?tai that a lar?a?y en ihe Frl" Ch masWt. ia the f.,,?? b^dte msga .rih. Fa-j >3i Tbe Jfefi.' r aaaounee-1 r?e time ?a?s ^i' sal,? lion mal drris, Ue Uml Or, t ears' >he renstroetw s .e the . apltai were eet maUxlI at -MvJ Win a .utal lof alooe tbe amoact waa ?iovcto'oec .; while ii W* H only reached MOT 0?C. it ? a ?n* tb^g to a?li"n a capital iplen .11, batVllafS. and bo-ilo^ards. and mag ?,mr>ni ?onares bui, iae evert other panelrw, it a lAbla To a ???? "V* M Mtma n the article ol public wo?ki tan. It ?s '?? tt,e d-aposnV? eap?tal. sed to a ?rtata -lagree aitlOM th" ren a?k of seme per-ona that we have tbe 'ii. i/ i rin'S ??!? oaee more eataMlshcd. Tao lanrvaae it l-ar'* o^ ?>??- working claases far Ihe last ilea year* la #ai?t to be ^ery great. In many eaias ?*<?* co*tiyun (i.rtsk'tgs bsvt been without protW. Many of tbe boo?*i ? bave been demo'lahed to make rnmn for new bulld 'nae migbi ''ave served foe year., and several tbat have bin ?.tt?c.ed at si 'mmenie outlay unieeanted ibe lovnrtimeal, by nrgln? on tb*e worta beyond tne?einre. bne e?eaalonad tbe acenmuiatioa af tb wrrft're population in one ape*, to the prejndlca of t?e "oral d'trims. where, during the I sat harvest, omy**t ?a, general of the want of band. To Ond , upsf on toe these elaaaes ia aa ambarraaoment fW the government, nnd it will beeome grenlee. Tbe London police are oa tbe lookovt for lbs recovers of a c-askii of tewela recently stolen from Ibe Barone?s Antelue tie Rutlisi htld. Tbe robbery wna committed at ihe country residence of ibe Barosets, at Fraaklbet-on the Ms ne. Tbe iewela were inaoaaket. aad la a broen leather ?wel case, the vame ?V the contenta bettf e?tt mated at f'aixw Kar tbe moat part, Ibe Jew.-ta, from the r rewisrkabie ^anty aad beauty, may ba eauie r,?retired Among I beat were the following ?I -nr row* of large pewrta, of wbiob three row* wee^ O- tea to twelve "fcraln pear la, aad one raw of tweet* I? thirty am a pearla. tbe laat aloaa being w .Mb 40 ?0 franca, aad tbe whide ftom afl.nOOto 100,000 fMtifli; ? targe oiiewmu oap*. anrrounded with diamonds, mined at lO.rco 'rawea: a serpent ring, witb diamond, the into rior erf* red. "fa mentor* ef Hannah da RaUmohild ' f.Mir i?m e prarl butters si rronoded with d.bmoadK tig brace if H si diaamadl, cawrhiOa, rnttol. A Jitiwvt )o* in ? U.| ft |KU?. 3 TflXATKa?MJtwh. BAThiljf o |,?W lOMBr or "sjcLr." A crowded audience wai urns f>ta (theatre lactnighe to witness tue o liri Baiemau s oc-w three art comeay ot ??8c.:." It waa flrrt brought out at th let. Lou.a theair? .as: sm-m a. v here, ha . .eg u koLtixma acclimation, it had a deeded evocem Tte -ametea more lim.ted extrat, fron.. acaea we?Uell pivaeatlf explain, ?tte tided Ita rccijt.JH here T'.e actioc irwM p.rra is Navr York, as' tie rotaelj .* intended a* a aat.i*e cpon the extravagant especd'tare (opposed to I* cbaractr Istic ot w aithy p-op'e Mrs. Apex, a fashiiaa b;c woman, if the wire (f a merchant, aad ? ambiMoM to lead the ton. liar dauybter Mary .? a > ttrw . yetme. too good tcr thu v or.d 1 .er Laif b/ot-cr, C Luriea San ford, '* a dissipated r -ti en the towu. Mar; Ap*- ba.-> a private ffcrt.neof 315,0G>, whieh ia in baaa, and the mats actio" of tbepiece is mvie r.pfreas the Tardus employed to v<)t tb.< BioMf Mr, Ape deetres to borrow it to poy ?2 some temporary mire an tile etubarraiementt. Cbar'.ea aoU Mrs. ipaa want It to pay deita of honor and dr7 toot*.-.. Mary iiM not care for the tnonev aad readily .cans it to her fit War Her Biotber >uid Irother, not knowing to whoza tt baa been promised j ilntly fbrge a check, by they aae oeed in obtu ning <!>? whole sum Mary l* c aced ta a terrible potltloa, tot daring to tell her 'ather where the money baa really gone, thoa camprDm s'.s herself oa a* Danda, She tltea for rofupo to ber ooc'.e, ,'ohn Unit a re banker, ono of tl>e Croat; atage uncles, whole sA ways ai. jr'.ng everybody, but who la generous at i-olteea, and wh cornea <ic.wn liberally to release t'ue whole parly t;cm all their ditiici'ltlee. p* un.ary and otherwise. It will be aeeaflroa the above that the plot haa the merit of orig aality, and that it aHfcrCi zoom for etfcttve r.tnationa. Tt se are to some t ten: rrarr^d by taa much elaboration. by which po'uU. that would ether wlae be telling. ar weakenc-d. ;f not altogether lost. The origisal conception. however, carries tbe p!e;e tbroa^ in apiie ol thebe Oefccts., an 1 U.a smartness ot aoiae tt toe ioca. a.iue.on*. and the jrcedti. and burner ot' iom of th; characters, contribute their share to wheft rc.:st be regarded s a popular 3 :cc?.aa The ptaoe, however, will not stao. i Us test or a c*UMI examine: en; '.ta aafiaeatioa ot Filth avenue it >naasa h.ta Lot the rasr *. cfLt.ig t.ei a tc.orkble car; <vt?rai a.'.J ihe parts tbcnuelvi"' have too atreng a rcHoaMaaaa to cer'.a.a stauJa. d tj, cs of the ?-hcr dub . tool aat la hbow at onc-e froir. whence they are drawn Urea Baale John Unit, around wh im tLe '.nlcreat of tbe piece iaaf be ram te cent-a, la nn old ac ;u.\lnunet whose qnlnlasaa baa boea long lam.liar to ua, ai d whose witoiogical faa boccncis t.reaome from the bare fore: of ropei.Uoa. Tbe cbaractera were 'n genera, well aupportod. aai la the eir.llaat actlxg ol M.->. l avenport, Mrs. C. ! onri and Miaa Po ly Martbaii, the comcriy o cu a arge Share ol its aucr.ess With s<-ih actors as B 'ton, flacide aai Kishertos rport those talented la lea a p.e- e m -ittae deed be d. 1'., wtlch would not Csd a lair share of favav w th tbe audience. Of t .e gentlrman who pl vyeci Cbastaa San ifcrd, we t.aTe only to say that if he .i to be tbe tyye % o the jouri l ot.i'aa.-s th. f th aven e atylna ara sal lively to come Ink/ very gereral vt? e A: thec!o?' of tbe p'ece there was peaaral ay pla te, ai. Ml, liurtoa ?Tii~ia>rl lu repetlUea lor IM? evsniaj. W \t. I'F TffltATSS?ML W,VL; 1CK AS 1EWVOIOT. Mr Wallick rozamenced tbcaecond week of hlsosgach ix.ent'mat sight, playing Btu-dirt, b ' Mich ado abel Nothing.' toagoc.: ho-ae W La, c h re to!) re reviewed this [ trformiac wifi tear*y tbe itm- cast a the mlae> eiioractera, ar t Lave oaly t aay that Mr Waliack'a per Ucaaai. Is a. et'^aat, as sprightly, as gay and as ear* fc ty elaboraU?; w ever wc.le Mn. iio^y does (aU jm 'fee to tLe r.?tt of Eicatrtce. A > ocng lady c? the naaas at (?even*a wade a eccce?.#fe: o to* fa 'be part of Here. Tue piece was Mil. kM througboct, an 1 uccated wtth tbat uate and I. calitj wa:c.. is adjt^gu shln^ tm Mr. Bicart t. able mankgeaaent. W- tr? lad to M? that b - t'oru are apfeclate! und rewardei by Ma piaygotnf public. PAllODl'' co\r -.T I. A ;T Mfin:. Tte second concert or tbe concert ( -pujm, uaAer the d reci.e-a of Mr Ftra^oacb. came o. last ai^hi *t N.blo' Sa c^n. and in tprte of the bad wesaher the ball waa filled. Tbe programme Included tbe re masza of FIJs*. 44Ah, inon CUa,"' from tbe *?!>?? phet "' the S psey son?, trot.. ?? L'i totle du Nord," aa ??La Ma-aelliaiaa,''all l; Parhdl. and other feature*ef e-eellence. Parodl locked Laely. and wm received wife much cathjs'aatn. She waa ta vo ce, and ber Ml r'ch t .B -s, set oil w th tbe v'.rld of a rreat dra matic ait It, were e .ceeO ngly welcosie in theeedaya wbea most of o - j> imt d ,t ma<e p far lark of vstae aad draaaatc pomcr by ; ro use ornamentat on wbieh, 1K? other sweet thlnga, one taa; have too much ef. tlbcrHi's voice waa hcvd to mocb better alrantage tbaB at the Acadam:, aa tbe coacert throughout was csaei lent. T-.e cempaay goco hetue to the cttiea ia the we tern fait ot the State, aad tnesce to < aaada. We adv ae atl c r reader* >n that region to make asueh eC arodl. It a sot i fus the; hare aa opiortuaity la b ar such aa art st Our Waaklngtoii eorrrajHwidciicr. W** i!?< iwi, t it. ST, MM. M<r j M'' A it Cimul 'f lmtrvttk-M? TKt Sitvn Tm% Pa. I'f'ct, dc. secretary Marry t,.ia b.xa getting u: lime - nr ijiatoiia. I obi ic Coaiula. rer'? rj all the oi l oan rr'at.D, la tkm riotief of tl*ae ladlr Ijb!% M alio commercial agaala, pi bt mlaiatera, *e. It mtM a tcj neat boo--, ul contain i ?b?j..? two L 3 irtd pagar. It a'jo cor.ta a i m ?' te oplaloai of Attorney O neral Ciiat'.og on the iip* maiir and romuar bin of 1%M. It ai>pr*r? the Ke? reUry o. J-late ha- ' a good d-alof tremble wth tie (< as .? aM perr aa abroad nnJcr b i department, for mttay of thaaa were lev band* at LB- be.Iowa act! d.4 rot i.aderalaMl their b'i laea*. and do not, ?ren lr> ibis cajr. TbaSacra '.ary tried bard to raako *rar jlhla. plala, ckar aad eaaUy nMcntood, crea to their drraa. M t tainfMM. Vra caa't make a wbjtkaoatof a p.( ?ta 1. TuoPeo rrtary de*err< - a (tod deal e rroi t n getttrg up I Ma 1 ook rt oa the ere of b*r reTremtat ato private 1Mb. I ue eritaci Cb< ratter V Ikod (uggoatcd the idea, aad tbat Martv fcllcwe-t b'J '.aatr ct.< at. If that la th? ran, IT ko" e'eeerrre eomc of ti.e cred.t. I will toad you a copj a a day or it". TW* ?eioreaUd a lh? lite 'or tfcc roat ( T.ce are In ( rat IT. ?.at,o;., and acme nf tbe part!"* 1 are rereaUy ?tea here. Tie boi'it" of tk? Br< k (burgh property era aalBf erery moia* aad appllime la the r p?wr to la t.-ace the rreafeat to accept tbat aa the 'Itcfnrtba l\.?i < Ore Tbla la about tbc .aat fat coalraet that PVteaa ? ill have lo tlrr o t (bar (re and promotteaa are cwtaatiy betag made la tha eanooe dnwimeata, flung the pet* of the nil laitta ta rood poatt ?o?. ae that .a eaae old Back la electod they ?m not e diet rhc?! for four year* u> come The ?a 1 <etae?? o-.tade ar. I Inaide are (rami lie* roaalderably at it ? a crrmcat, aad mm Ol then swear wor*e thaa oar ?ray '"id ;n Header*. I uaderetaait from a tratloman who arrived bore laal ? rrt - ( that Hckie* J determined lo ma ta oppoeitloa la <?*B. waiarldge. the reruiar aomtnec. n?<w tlivtaadinc Mr. Ruchanaa, thtrngh h-? "rieadn. tfeairod bia m lea?a the Ik I, Tbte ^attemar niWiao<l me tbat Mnklea mtcka ?.raw o.T Tfitee eoai th to ileloat the (kwerai. aad elan a Mack rrpol'. <-aa ft be did ao, Mr Pachaaaa aad fcb friaada wovM bold him (Meklea) reapoaeibla. I'on Ornri Hwiut I* Bt'rr u-O ?Dr. E. P. rollout, a eterk ta the iw O'i'oa ta tale ct^, waa tb a mormaf a-reri?d by Mr. J. K. Tyler, on (-omplaiat of li'rkie, the P. M , oa a cbaife of robtuag leUon paaalac ia the ?ai:a It taa l eer pretty well nn lcntood for tbe part ?a mom i *, ?<r Mej?r IlrKtoaad one or two of the apaalal ?(ent? of the department, tbat many money letter* t>oo? < d la w??ter? nffieee and deatiard to officwa ta tbe InflHar aad i urtern (arte of tha mala, hare boaa opoae>l. Mr ronteat* abstracted, aad tha toUera re ?eaiod aad eeat m to the r delation, Theae ooaaa of pufttrlar wara tWf l>r ,a?at ard nailed for a thorough tareottzatlon hj thia I net OiPf*? autbortttee. After *e?e time apeat la obaarrs. i<?n, M became apparent thai theae letter* ware upaaal ha ?be Pott oifre ia vhtt city For two or throe Malta p*t, eonetanl walchttilaeae boa beoa kepi npoo kba cMVaa la tbe Cfflre; their habile, place* ot raal, wooer traaeactlon*, Ac.. A.e , which reetilled la (lTin? 'Tiep'r'.nn up?a tbe paraaa thia moralag MIMM. 'a order to aerert* n the fact In a r rrtalaij ifii rioimaa ter fbr maay ?orniaga dnrtaf the laal tlx week! hat boaa ?n tbe watch, TWtlag tbc office aecrellv, at 3aad 4 o'okcfe la tl o morn'rig, la order to rrrorkw- the proroedtun ?. Dr. lellowa, whoee practice It WM to go to tbe office, at a very ear'y boar, wtthoot any oateaalble ob*(H. ?n Umm r u tatlou tbe Prwtmaater baa ??ea fellow* opaatag 'ett*T bag* and r,. erhanllB( and opeaing paftk^ea. An , aad tlotog other th'r?* entire,root oflheltaoo' htadoMaa. inia morning Me tor ntc*e waa aa the agala. aa earJr aa R n'cVk, ha?iag fwaeed tha etghk ia tha aflaa, and alter obeerrtttg rimllar rroe?edte(f p* the part m fellow*, aa.t rvaatag lamnlnent rak af be<ng dttretavo* by him. be at oace ooefroate-1 ft I*, rk.arged hum ?Wi enrre, ?rnt frr tyier. and ?<emra tb* boor t*? cp?ii<i? the oflire 'o the mor, 'ef 5: hrr^ci , Jibw .Uc. , lv>- %?