Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1856 Page 2
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I THE NEW T WHOLE n<? '*61. morning Edition ORK HERALD. tuesda v, ootobjfiit 28. 1w.b. pkiok two cen1s THE HINTWGTON WALL STREET FRAUDS. Alleged Operations In tlie ??m<! Uuc ?iy the |Mtt individual? (? ?rju( r*' wild ttcr< iiatith' Hank 8wlndle-ii>illc"d bat not Prawented ?Wbj ^ot ??Ills Fallifi a (t?ipectcd Pub* He Chirnctei' in Oi>??' io County?Incident! In Huntington'* Cuinr-Tlic Wail street Note bkftvera AMcMorlta to III* Alleged <'vlu?e??Adv?rll???l *?!? or I^fifccl??Axalgn* uxnt* Contested us Fruuttuleiit, ?!te ,&r.,4c. In our raum*, pubHshi-u ? t batm-any last, of the doings ?f Mr. Chu. B. Hunt.Dgtcn, wh.> Is now incarcerated in the Tort*'! 'or having, u> it to atlegM, by means or forged Meepbuv**, defrauded ?ev?rai ~l,>?ipirs and others? who, In ft.* Instance, tbowe i tt nn-.-lros to bo Mats?to the tune el $646,110 49, ?? lull into a slijUt error in re lation to tnc style and tii;. o! the bank in the District of Columbia whose notes 1 e> put into circulation in 186'i the last occasion on waleb he ui ih.) hands of the police. Tiis bogus concert. was tu t Uwt Anacostla Bank? another t'milar swindle?out rvjoiced in tho title of the Farmers' and Merchants' C?nk of ? t* town, D. C. On refertnee to our Qi < of the Hicuaui of December, 1863, we find that In tbat mo tb m verai or our Wall street flnanclert found thomseh m nwindled by this Mr. Hunt ington and tome of bis co operators In a copy of the Qeralu ot lMtc 18, 1852, wc find under the head of ''More Fraudulent U*nk Do volope mentis? arrest of two of the Wall street operators by the police?a bundle or the luiou tokens seized by the authorities"?a report stating (hat tor somo time past the community had botu MD(xmed upon by a set of Wall street monej ojierstors, wh'i bad put into Circulate o a quantity or bill -i rt presenting money In the fbrw of bank bills purprrtt** to be ou a bnuk de tignbUU ? The Farmers' an Merchants' B*nk, o! George town,! C. ?that the mod at <j#randi adopted for the purjose o. giving there false ton.' us a circulation on the public (as no such bank cxistoci) mux to have a broker to Wh ; street redeem them to the amount of money lodged n his hands for tho-t purpose. and to bare the fact ol tbilr being rodee mA at p*r published in the Hank ?ijU LUi. The riprrl goo? on to say The p?lice have been on ibo iju. ui<? fbr several weeks past in ori'.?r to hunt up ttiisswitnler an t ou Tuesday last (llthl'ec.), Assistant Cai>t. Crowe, at tno Twelfth ward polite, took Into cui<?ou> u g -ntocl looking man, natnefTHentllo Frc 'm in charged ?'tn parsing to Count St. ,(?. e* ol 712 Uroadway, two ten dol'ar spurious bills on tb; Kw York ExcbartM' lin k ? * From the facts e.ote<l on the arrosi ol Freemav, 4r. M ickcliar, the Chlel s Cierk, and Capum <ir r*e ascertained the exiat ?otcc of Ptber frauds on the public rwspMtfing spurious bill? In circulation. * * * rn- now being com plete. siowirg tho fraud pra t ?< a, a ?a-raot was issued tar tie arrest of Uunttu?u>ti aa< on Taursda/Assistant Capta'.i Crowe went to ttn- nfllr.- of inrt accused, la Wall ctrnt, toe him Into oust ;' ;, and also seized a lot or the trend .ent motsy. ui.e paokaga cmMSBed 9330, and aaothc !*ckagc seveial nuua< -1 <i(?Uuas more ol the ?aai" quality, making il all b? w??o seveq and ei<ht hundred dc'.tatrs. * * Toe prwuor wu remanded in tte&uil o: bail. Amo. g '.he papers on file in the Uourt of -Sessions, In the case of tho poopio against Charles B. Haot ngton, we find spec rate? of tho notes on the Farmers' and Merchanta' Ban i . The following U a disc Iption of Iho ones, twoa, and thr es ? Til i ' AflMKIt-' AND mi Mil am S'at NK 4 i i i Ko 'Jt' "I 5 ^ J Will pay to the bearer OliE DOLLAR X ? on (!em?tid. { t. > D. C , Sept. 21, lsi.:. > OKI. : Boa or Wixhtastoa .. ONE. ? "l .M- ??*?**??,* 2 ? wUi-r S?, Mnaiit, ? 1 Fum-I , n.^ > u- ?> . ? tuu ?r,L? r?? ( | wi n ? -Ww. ?! J j "l r_a |?. ? | j il.l. * s, i ,'aabler O. U SMITH, fxes'L > < < In uiatk.n n cured ? slock ,? $ ww wwww?//w//A i tur. f AhMfcKV Abu Mi UVUANTb" BANK i > ITl'y. TWO. i * | | 1^14. | ? M.r?. ?!-?,. .1 mu . " ^ it f vkrwu?4. t> 2 i.'V' WnoajTWofHiLUMoa Z u!Zl""?. i k. r .i Ui'iu'.iid to the bca/tr. I - ? ?> JOiWBrrotl, I?. C.. Sepi. 24. IniS. } | 11.F i < ?x, Cashier. ^ O. 11. hUlTII, 1'res't. J i TWO. J ^ Circulation secured by stoeka? ) ^ "o- 31 11. i 2 Dtstaiet or Qpaovati. ^ 1 IK F VBMKRS' aNP M?hCllANT? H\.VK I tl ? ,.,M!RKK HOLLAKSon ? Sruond ii the bearer. *? k P?at?f ? 2 r.: \ x (?eoni cToa 5, D. L., r't-pi. Ht'ltUC. j U t <\?(, OaMilsr. O H PMITB, Prei <?lr<ulatinnseenred b> ?u*k?. 3 I The par; Ual Mr. fluatiogtou pla ed In gauiag up ttala bof' i roccsrn, < f which be appeara to have bNo the kaad anil front, U> shout in the following ailiJarlt ?m (lie la lb* Co^rt 'of Soaaiona, made <>/ noratlo Krooman, the nominal ctiblor or the bank, and the tame Indirldual wb?> wai arrested for paasiog the spurious bill* of the Escbaajre Bank:? f.r ?... C- .' 'It/ ?f Xrr York ? Horatio Freeman, re-lllng In 1^) i tfti Kosemh aiei.ue, bring dull ?woru.a?ys ? About I J" 1 -tc f Octobc. irtx, fh*rles it Huntington applied lo tn ? So ,J** dome | ersoni to art a pr. ?i |pnt and en-bier nt the Farmer^' Tad Slcri-hanla' latk, tleorjetowa, P f\, and lit tbn aamp litre lie > howrd the blank impn-wmn w hi. h had been struek oil from tUc plates I a?k?*i him il ibai would no. make the i ct-sot * w ho ?4rD?d the btlis lM?ldei fur Uir amount. and hetaid. i that it made do dl'lerei-r~ aad w a* dnar lor inert natter it;. mi U< au*w er the letter of tbc la? , and that mo rp Batm'tbllltJ at!S( lied to tlipm IIp Ml j me I p would |>av n?p for my ro,ible and thai If I did he Mould let me bavp xiicli a?r< mel ons n? I might waat I An told him X would think i 1 a? llu-dias on vrral ttmr< afi<v that n,d bad Q-s.rrt-a. on* wtUlhharaUUia totbeFarMgrw and Mrrrhatita tank b ;^ Huntington showed mp a letter signet by ? Csrdlce;, t( W ashington, gnannteetog tho redemption of ?*pry<fc>l's of the bill* <>( Uip ??arm-la' and M-n Imtn' Hunk OMrjreW" i, P. ?' I tbpn not M" 'loorgr fl Mmtih to imp 1 lusting < a power of at'm nc? to .dun hi* came n? Piealdeai 01 lb' I o.? I gave bitn power of attorney to sign mjr ramp i.? ?ns'iiir of the hank ( then (old lilnj that unless Utf monfr wssquntiHl tn the Rank *tate list as r?-<leemed, I won'd net are anything to do with it, Hp t<>hl me 'bat the bank' >? i.' isr would le at iJrorjr??.jw n, District of Columbia, but that liiP money tsould be redeemed in Wall street, nnd at tbe re r.ts'c Huntington I wr?t o l.eonort to harp ihp 'auk ?Ittoted :..b> Csnk Male list, and I to'd Mm wbs( lluntliigh-n told m? i i re ath>u to lh? hank and Its securities l<eouort aertBft ? '.slnpllntsl to quote Hie money, and at the re<|iip*t of I.'tint iijftrc / nn> red I.ennori li'm tn quote lb" omit" y. and I bin, $E0C|li'Wa In the btllaof the farmers' aid Mervliaiils Mnk, (frorgetown, fl 1" . and foil In current funtla i\ aa to he ( aid to b at a sobse'iuent tun". I ih?n recetvi <1 hmn llnn Ihigtoti lk?"'In wild bnnk bills for wbh-n I g?*t him a rood no*r a"U 1 atourecclvwl frtn Huntitigtoa f i.non in ?m l lulls, wkbh 1 w.i* to liar* |ia??ed aw?? ihii of ibe Hialps and return il. rent li.nd* ft?r Ihe same leas life j>rr c?nt eoniiitl^kiu, Tbieb t w is tnreecKe fhrbllh thai I did not pass I wis in r IB'.I K1 1 >11 I I I aw .IT aiM.u; H IK of . il l l>ll'a in ibi o..y, ami all fie remainder of the hllla that! paaac-l at ay I I id In t a:>adn, to the heat of my k'< w'nlrr Iliilt^ilO FflKF.VAl* Pwom before me Dccembtr *), IJf-J, A. C. i>n, Msy^ The mctm by wblck these ftrlndl'of oprrttors ?uc OMded It |rtt.a( (be Fara> rs' aad Uerobat:?' note* Into tlrruiat no-besld s the h'lb og of the r.-r.ik Lit* editor, aa Ibowa in tbe foreyoinf dlajloae I by the Wtowio, a^tUiTlt of one of Ibo note broking riot oat of that day It will be wen fro? II bow prone theer Wall Mreet sole sharer* are lo >nd thetnselrsa to all torts o( Jerarn; ' idd'.crs la d?ccUtng aod ebeatlag the public, prot tied ta< y caa mako proLt thereby aa<l deem litem Wlrea accure Iron loaa ? fVt/e l( tjnfXor I . < ?.foiin A, fslmor. of No. 11 Wall rtrt ? . I pin* duly swnra. ttp<?<? and soys, th u he teeps nn e ?plian?e t.Pke at said &t r- for ibe pnrriia*p of on ?uirem h .'ik bill*; on or aboui tbe Htta of Movpmber MM, s'barles (h'-auk' lltintu (ttoii <-al id an tlie ilpp.mpnt, at bis lAee. otsired lo mako nrrangtn.- nt* with deponent tomrclive prooil?soy n> lea c-mmntilT i-stied bank bill-, pitrT'Oitlax io b*- Itsuprf'iy tbp r.vmers'and Mcrrbaata' Hank Jdfjro'i. ?'<?< . I n-- i n i ? f V. -1in -us and thi* |n oraiP'1 <uid Itimilntton thai If be would if|ioMi wiUi tbla de poncnl gl.tsst. and wise him a <rarfln of fcvn?,,nr >ihi.| ih. rr hv ilia I be should kf-ep In the ham's of Una d'jioii.-iu lum Bif i loan lie shr.uld piirehaaeof sakl Farmpri-'and Mi-rriitma" Bank i.Ill" that this dppooetil would purrbase sahl lulls, und tbert upon said Huntington told depon* nt Hint hp Wi<ohl dpvoalt $??> With him at that line, and that on Ibp follow in? work he would tlepo?il$l.iWU with the deponent: and si Id Hnullnglon far^her ropresented to thU deponent ibal ths pariIps flip pre lend In a- to repre*ent other persons than himself) were raising ?one>. ud that HiP.\ intended to keep a drposii ot Kl itm. nnd that it S'tad of dpposltlns sttld money la the bank ther wrmlil deposit ihe ?i?n?e with Ihle deponent and tlial the said parties reinded at Newark, tn the "tata ol V w lersey. a-\d that thr\ were resj oti* ble mra, aald Huntington then tare this Irpo nent a i-bx t. pnrnorting to he signed hy one Win. II. Clark, (in a iank fliuaiid tn Newark, New Jersey: and relvuu: upon ?lie i : " nutation* of >ald Hiintlnfflon, thl? dpponont <-om menred the ptirrhasing of said hills purporting toh.nebeen tostietl by tbe farmers- and Merrhanta Itankot Oeorgouiwn, 1> (?., sud tbia deponent further saya that be deposited aaid Check lor eodectton In one of the hanks of Ike rltj of New * jork. aao Uie ?*ame was relumed to tins deponent not paid, f for waat m funds and Ibis deponrnt fntihre say* ihsi said JJ'tnt agton Blierward* re h-emtd aald rber k. and Induced this d< ponent to continue to nnn hase said bllla, by repreaent kit m Vhla Ileponrnt that the parties issuing said bills were aiprfectly responsible, and were about lo raise money on bond and mortgage for ibe red< in jnioa of said bills, and thai th tnoney would be placed In the hands nt thl? drponcnt and Umt tbe Farmers' and Merchants' tfauk of Or-irgetowg, f) c trss located In fleorne'own, IHitrlet of Cobimbla, and 'lluit (f>cj bad ? bMfcuig bvuw a. QwrgcWuo, V, sequence of these representations, and the Riving of Viiitous I'.inks and .u different time*. U.udep^u'u'co''^^ to purchase said bills and retained to auMjU'"* *tou about f.OUl of said bU s Purcbaaed by this dep??Ot And ihi. deponent further tays thrtoa tba S*h lf<3" >.?I0 lIuntlDgton csme 10 be cfllee ol ujk a. i>o?usi? aiu Kuve till. depot ent 'he annuxed check pttrport^? V; ed bv William H. Cl rk and endorsed by said Httntli^toii, on the farmers' and llecbaulcs' Hank ftt ahick'waa #1 COO. ni d represented to this c upuneii t ifeuat ?.*<d clli<?k was ne'ilectiv eood and that Ih. mono* *u In the bank10 n* ev KfViStS SSiquen o, ofsald UTr .'to r;cr;;r-n,^ SKHisv# ms.b^*?? i^isw^^rfST'a ihls deponent further Nil that h? has since b^n to>.i^i?d I ritv hflievi* (hat each and all or sal 1 reoret-euiauooa were ful?- and msile with Intent to derive thN d?pojjen(^ and be bat also been luf.?-nitd and Tertlv be?me.U*t there " fcllP|. h?uk UK the Kiun.erV and Meenbanta Itaok, ilaMaetoWii DO ^nd 'bat the'.' I* no office for the redemp iono'sa d bibs at S.W p'ste and that .aid falsa tokens were S flTsald Ohaa. P Huntington. of Uo city of Kt?Wk; Win II tlWrk, of Sewult, *. J.. Mother mw tofcU deponent unknown. a ft k , tv.oru before me, Doceaber 16, ISO., A. 0. Tlie following 1? a copy of tbo note alludod to In the rsregolng affidavit:? ^ ~~ ~ ^?NwTrr)'rr^r^r; ? i Farrier*' and Mechanic.; ltnnkoT R<?way PfJlo /L B. * Jr..or! eurer, one tboutand dollar*. nM. it. t uaiml. ^ i ?i,uuu. , . 5 ?> Endorsed _ j 5 ClUKl-BS n. HtJNTIKGIOX. 5 J. A. l'atmor J * G il ?radl?y. J Tay J. P. Vermllve, Ksn., { > ("nab or order $ Csrperter Vertuilye. > 5 Hi f. King. Esq. ^ ("ashler or order. i > J' D' V<irm"ye' jjjjjstirrrr Another of the witnesses In the caw depoaed m foilowa to big iiiaje in aiding Huntington to pat thcae notoa In cir culatkm:? C. y and County of Vn* rori -John It. Bowf rc?adi?J at M ml ikon arenne, first bi?i?e above Tweuty lifUi ?'rect. bilaj, il l). 1WI.1 n, depose* and ?i>y? thai he In arj.uainted mIth h??. ]: lliiDtiuKlon (now In custody in th?odlcr of tbfl Ohlef of I'o.l. ei, and baa business transactlots berume Indebted to this deponent in the amount of aua over. About tbe a* b of November 1S62. ?ald """""J this deponent thut if this deponent wouln let blm have #?W more lie would paythla deponent $?W lu bills of the 1- ai in.-m* md Mfrchsi.!*' Bank of (JeorKfown. P. < rb??. ptipoii this deponent asked aald llunt'ngion If said bill* of the !? anil Men hunts' Bank aforesaid would be redeemed, and the s iid Ilun'inKton Informed this deoonent that Ihcy (meanlni, the Hills sfoi i shldi were redeemed at No. lit', and thst ihev were nerlectly kooi) ana that every dollar ot tilt- bllla ?uuld be redeemed. Kelvin* upon the representations iniwie liv said Huntington and believing them to be'?<?? it e b ink bills ihis ("eoOKeiit was Induced to fui'tii'T li.aa said iinntlngton the sum ot fcV'O. And this deponent further Mgr. Ihv bv ser.dieg a portion of said bills a' a lime to No. U v*i.ll ?treei, and at dilfrren'. times, ho succeeded lu aeUIng ? i i.,- OTpr worth c?f the hamo ami tlie balance <?? ti>e byl* received from said Hunllngton this deponent has gtillremaiii_ ng cn hand, being unable to net the same redeemed And uis deponent further sa\ s that he has since beeni informed tha bere is no sm h bank 1.s ated at r.^. town, D C ^uud thsi liri?? <h ro place at (JeotgHown. H. i>for the iedemptlon of '-?iid bill* that ?i?e Hnme iu*?? fal^* tokens, there beui? uo aucii bank as represented in reatexiatence.^^ r B0Rffp Sworn before mo Deeember 17, lR&i A. O. KisosljiSB. There is another affidavit made by Tho*. J. Baker rlerk to Mei?r?. C & E. W. Thwrng. brokora. sUtiog that $211 *, orih of b\lla ot the Karmera' and Merchanti BanV. o Georgetown D. C., wore received in payment or adebt due to the firm Trom Coal B Hontmgton, who toid de or nent that they would he redeemed. On tbe charge made by these allidnvlt* Huntogtocwaa remitted to the cuatoiy ol the Chief of roltco. and re ?nained thero for several daya unablo to procure hall. The following is a ropy or bN examination, wbltth t? atmoat Iden'.leal with that Ukcn tinder the preaeut charge ? Pc'ey l ull i t. Haiti 0/Jw'i'"r City OU'1 "{ K. r, Uui tingloubelng duly ctainined belore the umior-slRiiM. aerordlng to lav. on the annexed cba'ge, and bring '*me4 tiuthc was at libirty to acawer or not all or an> "lueationa liiii to liim. tlnlctl an lollowt, q What is > cur oameT A Char lei B. HunMng^ou. if iiow old an* you? A. Thirty. Where were you horn . A. Oeneva, n. 1. d. w here co >ou ltvet A. New Tor^. 0 What it your oecupaUoOt A Noie on.Kor. . , 1 iken before me, P'e. IT, 1^5'-. A. C. KlM.5L-kWi>, Ma>or. Huntitgton rema ned lu enstody, * wi hare aald, fhr several daya. His bail, we understand, waa 0**ft at 96 too nnc be could not procure suretloa even In that hi.ul! amount A letter !? our possewiion aixya that IM District Attorney?the late Mr. N. B Blunt?r?foMd to reduce the ball, and at l*ngUi only cnnacotcd H? do ao at the urgent ectreatlea of Mrs. flunt'n. too, who re pre pcnted her then oslicat" state of baattt^ tha poadalw stood :n ol bar bufband's preset,re. aid tho risk toher life 11 she waa deprived thereof Theie argumenta had their e.fect on the kind hearted Hlont The bail waa re duced, and suretiea being forthcoming, he waa diacnargad ,MAnClndictment was round agslo-t himthe follow lag re' riiarv by tbe Grand Jury,of which Mr. Eliaa I.. Srnltn waa loremau For some cause or ottaor, which we have been uaable to ascertain, ho was never bro igbt to trial ua-'er it. Neither the indictment nor complaint has aay eiidorsetnent on It explanatory of the. non proaeruUOB. Ko t '1U pn*tq"i wa, ent'icd. The accused haa h'eu a resident ol this city ever slnee, *n<1 *? have said, tmre has been ?o e3ort t? bring Kb to trial. 1'arhaps, Mr. nsll, the preaent iDtftTlct AtlVorcey, who wai at th%t time the asitstant ot Mr Blunt, can e?< Isle tbts apparent mystery. A reapest tor tie laws under "bu b we lire, and a necessity for the r lair and impartial execution, require an explana t on to be made We arc lar Irom imputing any wrcng motives oa tbe rart ot the officers of the la?. and we i.rderstsnd that It is alwaya mast difficult to proeora a convict'.on under a prosecution fir talse pretences hot ? the recorda of the court give no clue to this appa rent aj se ot Justice, ? a thlni ti doe to the pabhe lhata aall.rlent excuso be put foTwanl. Waa a ncaad comprt^ mist- tna<*e with the prlaelpal wltnrsa, aad justice thereby defealed? Uao, let ua know. We havo referred to tbts case, and pnhlUhcd the lead leg documents m tt, not for the purpose ol pre ud.Ong the Interest or the Onsncier now In the Tombs, but of showing that many of the flnanoers ol Wall street ?"Kht ? be if they had tbelr deeerta. in t?a aamo dellghtMl retreat Here waa the man publicly arrested, exani.ned. and Indicted, only fourshort y^ra MO ror one of thoan ingenious bank sw ndlea which, more than any other ollence, OOKht 10 have branded him rorever In tbe hnaneial clrclt* ot the city and yet, without an attempt at dlsgni4a. wllho< t chnBgini! a letter of bla name, and with all hM po ?e raarka 'resh upon him he ia laken Into aawK-tation by Ibese notebrokiBg bill shaving brol ors of Wall street ncttid and fostered, tapped oa the back, encoo'-agod and Sd to sn unlimited extent, until the lime romea whtn in the course t>? tblrga the bubble muat burat. and the eyes of the community be opened W> the aoinga <* the den of thlevea that neatle un ler the shadow ol Trinity Clmrcb. Ah 10 tho-e atom It la chsrge.l UiJt lluatln?ton ciicceeiled in swindling, we have no aympaUy tor Uaas. they have got lust what they deaerved. Thay Mew? or ought to have known?ihia man to be a professional Terrn-y Itddler bnt so long as tb^y thought tbey eoo d make 1 bcral discounts out ot blm, lhay care,l nrt who elte w,tr-provided tbey wera not? defrauded. They have spread the net and have fallen lni> It theasaclvea. p.tce the arreat of RoMingMn we have raoaiww? a number of anotymoua iomi?unicutl-ina. profes .ng to ?ivc reliable information aa ?o bla aateoeti??vi W?do 5ot repose faith in all of lh<? ; hot the ?'?J?* met.t apprara to be *otltlad to credit-nuntlngV.n ar^ cording to bla own aecoont, waa born in f.eoeva, la this State, thirty foar years ago. Ola parent', we arc in formed. still live, honored and respected^ His (ether ra prescnted, for several years, the county oftmtavo In toe .-tate i eglslature, and was mere lewder of tbe party In opposition to ,-tale prison labor oommg lolncomp-tr tVZm free meeban'^l labor B. w^ ^ha aatbor ot tbe Cliaton ^-'tate prison bill, fits ?on?? B after roms irregular tlrs at home, came to tht? etty, nva r.r all yeara a?;v He waa quite poor, and having the trade ot a cbairmaher. engaged in a cabtnotmaker ? shop in Chat t am street, wbtra, aa onr correapindent pointedly ?ays be made bia mark, from -hence he weal to Wall ?irret. and came under public observation. In (>ecemt>er, 1H2, under lbs clreumstaocia we hive detolled. Another correspondent given os details of his private earctr He telle ua that llnntirgvn waa. aome yeara sgo, mtroanoed hy a lawyer ol thta ctty into a most rea iHCtuble brardlng honae In Iwfayette place, thai be had not bee a two ii>?atbe la tbe honse before he anaceoawl in retting I9.WIMH nnsoapedlag young broker, by mraoa ol an exchange of cbecka?Mnntlngtoa a betrg worthless. He then p-ofeasee to give a htatory of the Wash'ngtop Bank operation, bui in tbts he ia not very sccurwtawstoils Ho si,, that fayette p ace owing a bowr-I bHl of j*MlJM?0. hut^ tta Ine proi rictor waa a little too a harp for blm and retained lits piano, melodeoa, swfa bedstead and ""l** ihnt he then went to the ^ nwd Ho*aa 'n 1 art ^ e, hired the be?t rooms? prlee no object? hongbt ruriltura i n credit, rumished his apartnaaato si ?jtaotMiy? llourlehe i aa beeaire a hank owner unlll ofooar MeKeltor paid his resperto to h m; thatthe partiesi from tshorn ha had bought theforai.ure u shwd la aad retiKih poeafwoa of it as tbey tad oot received the first matalment tberaon II aucti ware Huntlurton's antec^lcnU-*s the records of the -Mate in pat 1 prov^? It is not to lie woaderel at r^ha^l liat fetched up once more in tha lomba But II a a matter ol some surprlaa that wuh ?nrb aateredeots ha coald have so successfully, aa t la now charted, carried on his impositions on the sharpers of Wal' street. His career ? another venOcatioa of tl^a Mod old maxlm-too little regarded In tbaaa daya of rr^kroem rortunew? that ?? bonsaty la tha baat polity." What is tha net result of hla four years la bora A cell la tha Tnvba, albeit anugly carpeted aad taratobed. and the prospect of a lifelong cell In the state prlaon where there will be nono of ?h? luxttnee for wbloh be forfeited hi ^-ood name Aaa.ottrast lohiapriaonabode, reed the foUowtBC Klf6HitMMit of h\? boutehold ro?xl? to be told by aucttoa to morrow, bj Henry H. I^sda Co uadar an aaaignsant, at M fwat twenty aecond aUest ? HtKsr II I.S*PS A CO , Aonloneers, 23 Nassau street ? Asstaaee s sale of e egart and eostly boueebobl t aoBrSvcr ?"<'? brarj, ir Tbe (umitura made by Better, within ft il* I*Ms * To Will se' I,? order < Wednesdai October W, ?' t"'. oeioek.s: twKast I wen*| tbe f.iUowiag slegant j '"Reeeldton room?Velret csrpe's broeitel ruHaly, Hs>ftr isr eiit'egere eneolgneur *uit u r ?? w.v.i, s p/Jrr viTt m t I , ? .ft Iters (estli ormolu i ;<?. ^s *f % IMtii'iC room- i f? * <a pet: r.t. i esr s_ oax yiiUi ttfsvtl ai?u Vt, -V? V#?i IW> by; oval pier cina*. superb mnntel nw; extension dining wrm lable, with ieavin, in me and mari,lc tup, lr?rfr?- iron Hl ver unite roadpbjr Herring; aupe'lj dinner tea and h-i-nk lust hpIh. painter blue and ?oid. with tloivera; real hmnze ?^modellers; coeilv painted Urge Hire: oil painUnt'* >md e? gravinga. auperb cbiut d silver U'a and dinner acts tea kM r ? MmonIm oorergd pan dtohta niMiw do i>uti?-r bowls, superb tnreer* ice bowl earner, l&rije and ?mill wait en*, solid plates fruit platen, irravj tureena. knlv. s fnrna, apouua, nets in case A*. The above are ali aolid silver ot the U>'<?1 elegant style. Furion ?fclcli few ve'vet caraetj; elegant carved anim, lived with vaun wood tncolgneur, rosewood unit*, openwork, curved irec allien t?ach^ cov?i??<l in brO'-ade and rich crlro h>.o and sold s'lk broca'el, elaborate c^iTed centre table real m..<i arv marble tcp; real bronze cliRnd?liers. muulfii'?*l paiMed van s, from the royal manufactory at Berlin; verj liigL clasa oil paiiiilnga, gill ai,il mnroJe toj) taMas, superb) > carved piarolbrte " ec'ave*. i??t fn*i; music stand pler Kinases. ulQ rich curtaina; covered reae wood bookcase line i Willi i-a'in v ?. >l; a'-out' HO voloraen ol elegantly bound book*, of the nio*t lie Vet au*hora; 'argn 1'urian groups, antique <na>? perfect warkacf art; uiuutel oruitmeuliaud other beau tiful uriii'le?. ileJruoma?Bruaeela anil three-ply carpoU, rosewoo carved be^ati adh and e&iiopiea. dresain* guu<aes amour ?!:iro, roaewood furniture covered wltb maroon velvet rea oiinolu vaaea. pier trices, brocatel curtains, chairs in tapes try. Iron ?al<v oil paint'ngs ami engravings, furniture in black walnut. bei'Ufnd bureau c*bin?i Ac. '< he sale will coumiencc ?tih kin hen v. are and basement furniture. 1 lie above can be examined one day prev ioua to tie tale. In ad Jitlon to the article* enumerated there l?a larc quantity o! solid silver ware lo be ?old, viz : larg? tur*eo tea ret, very masrive tea keltic, ice cish, claret jug heavy eovertd gaire diibee. large waitem, casters ice coolers, vegetable dlshej^wiUicoyers plates and deaaert plates, butter bol ? fork*, knlve*. b Jtter dishes nut pl^ron^^^^^^k'.nivca. these are described aa beiug all of t and ta.?t costly pattern i. We do not know whether tbo sale is to be under the aa fijwmcDt made by bt:titlcjftin to Wm. H. Halaejr and others ]! so. it ma) probably bavo to be deteried, an the legality o! that aexigi meat is being contested in the -upe rior Co rl. where an application waa made yesterday to ?i I it aside The plain till in this application. K. t Ltixnop. r the Wxner ?>f ("barlee B. Hontlnfrton, under an ua t'ifrmeni tuade Ock.Ut*r 18 IS.16. Halaey, the de'endant ta &-Q aMignec t.idor u'> a?tl;nment or October 10, I860 The plaiotlU ee<k* to set aside the ?r*t assign n.ent aa fraudulent and void and a?** for an iDiunctinn to retlrkln tl e defendant Irom ftotng on and taking poaresaion of Huntington's property. The compuklai in this case charges that the tlrst assignment wa n-;ade while llurtlncton was la duresa, fx, and a void for that reawon. aud also lor iU terms In giving a preference to Helrten Co., and liar beck & Co., 'ind making no provision Cor the surpiu3 alter paytng ibdr cialma. The nnvwora of the defendant deny under nath any and every charge of Iluatlngton being under restraint, or duress, whoa the assignment was made and siatc that bo made the assignment to Beiden & Co and Bar beck ft Co vol'mtarily, and that the second aa sigt.ment to the platntlif was made in collaaion with Huntington, and la fraudulent and void. The decision was rererved It is pot un!lke;y, therefore, that lo the squabble be twetn the asMgneoa thi, sale may be- postponed. In connection with this subject we deem H but right to cay iLat we have received a communication stating that the allegation ax to lieldio \ Co , or Harbeck ft Co . hav '.rg received $'i4.000 in gold from lluntington, or any hud of mcney, or security, or inducement to bccomo hi" bail la not true. Tiiey atate that they bccimc I - ball jolely and only from tbeir entire hello! at that timo of Lis innocence, and surrendered htm the moment they bad any rcaaon to ?oppose him guilty. Extensive Forpirtr* on the Banks of Alhanv ?Arreat of a Sutnl Forger on >u?]iHlo<i. (Kroin the Albany Argus Oct. 27.1 Our reader* will recollect tbat last spring the firm names of the mercantile bouaes of A. D. 2bcpbard & Co Badgiey wore forged lo checks?one (or ?4 COO and the other for ICOOO?and the moocy paid rfSfJi "Sv01 A,0M>' aDl1 ?*> Honk of the .!!!' ? forgeries were masterpiece, and were e*l dmt.j perpetrated bj some finished taucy operator. But who tu be? Tbat wa* the poyzling question. . c3xer? endeavored to huah up the matter? tiki) hard to keep out of the papcra all mention of it? wh>p*red with the police now anil tben te'egraoaod here and there, and all tbat, and the end wai nothing itatead t.furiisblng the pres, with a description o' the fen on who had prrtented tie checks, and thereby ren fer hta speedy arrest (,uiie probable, tbey made It their l ut .Less to solicit the silcnco ol the city > arxrs with re ?aid to the sabject By furnishing such a description cren, the resuii, now, would have been conclusive but ire courjt they pursued I ts left the:u notiilng hut value xr f niorj lo Itll back upon. i..v2?!I!,r'.a&rt. * mgnth *?? 00 * of ttiier Uatsell's ?l>adbW3, Chils. l.Ofciui (by the way, a capital de active), was ltd to bulieve that becuM spot the man; anc on the 4(b of the pro ent month he was furLisbcd by .instlce I'urront, with a warrant for him, and also with a requisition fYom Governor Clark lor bis person, aa" armed with there doc .menta, Chris s'^rtod out Wet>t. J!e riturned Frday evening. accompanied bv cftioor < rabam. of its It nor* doited .-tales Deputy Marshal I> Annc?ley. a Krrnehman tn some way connected witb the Trtacb railway frauds, and his (irlacner?the ?.m? what notorious Andrew J. Flnlay. On their approach to the city the bank clerks were appt laed o! their coming, and home of thim wont out to drhtiectAdy In order to return in tbe same car witti th? prisoner snd see if tb?y ce.Jd identic b m. The party pat >,p at the Stanwi* Hail, and Kri ay'n put and may n.orn:og bank ofliccrs, merchants and others visited th hotel u, ace the lion. At a p. if, Saturday, the prisoner basing secured the services or Counsellor liodicy, appear rd before .1 ustlce Parsons for examination Chariea Jonkioa fcq., apptart d for the banka Messrs. tiarigley and C T. Shepard t< st,fic<l that the s'gnilures to the two checks were i org cries of (he rames m the r firms, and that they believed tie checks had been abstracted from their hooks. The most important witnesses were Mr. J. H Teneyek, ,'r., teller oi the Banii or Albany, and Mr. John Tcmpietoa, teder or the Bank ol the t It will be recollected tbat the check on the Bank of Al bany was only endorsed as to its genuineness at that baak and that it was eaahed at tLe *nk of the Capitol Mr. Teotyck, lo whom the check was tlr. t preeentcd. tes tided that I be person who appeared at the < ountf r wore heavy wbiskus and mo.sta<bc and that bis eye was icat.tsa, but that he noticed no single peculiarity about h;s 'ace or person whereby to dist.D;rutsb h.m He eon eluded bis evidence 1 / swoa/inr jositlvcly that 1 inlay ? as the man " ^ To tba quest Ion whether, "if be knew it pcativcly to be a fket ib?t Ha .'ay waa fire bundretr.llea away ftom the cliy on the day ibo rbeek was proaented lo MB, be wou.d still swar thai be was the man '' ne acawered first tho tfTlrmattve, but aftcrwarda chanted It to Iho negative Mr. lemplt'ton the gontleman who <asbed ihe check at the ti k or tho Cap lol, I< at.lied tbat 1 e bad no diatlcct rocoliectlon of pi- log tbe check, fls thought be 'emembored the pro hie of a strsr;-?r who was In the bank that day. but be eould not testily po?.tlvoly with regari to his sppearanre. His i sed impression was tbnt be wore whh aers on the cheeks, a mo sia.-bc. and tbat th( cb!n | *ss hare The counlensnew of the pr^oner waa familiar to him, bethought, bat he could not sir when where I or i: be bad erer seen him befhre list t'rlday, wden be came down Id custody of the offleora. Mr. Hiram Parry tiatliled that be waa In the bank M li e time the check was cashed be bmvnl particularly 'he strarger who received ti e money he wore whiskers oti ibe cheeks and under ihe rbin, but no moustache and the ssneral appearand of tbe prlsonor accorded u?re i foaely with b<a roeolloeitoB of tbat stranger than any coe he bad e'nee seeo; but he world not aweai tbat he ? as the man. Thla la Ibe esseneo of the t< stl ony ad rtuced by the proaacutU n np to 7 i M. Saturday, whin the case waa ad oomed until half pa?t ten this foreeooa. If tbe above Is the strongest evidence that tbe banks can afdiice that Fulay ia th? maa, our mprosr'on la that they have gone to the expense of him here fbr nothing Tbua far tbe evidence a not si rot k eaoogh lo bold b m. and cne fact strongly la bit fa vor is Ihst the Ifcreo In rortant witn sets contradict ? sch other with regard lo his monttarbc and whiskers. Knlay, of course. a?srveraU-s bis maoicnoc, aad ei i ranees himself ooaldcat of being ahW to prove udVi.. He is one of the tirst of bis class !o tbe country s a ;* m i f ??1.irt?e?, 'rni.i *7 ?r , luAir aod. It Is evident, 1s endowed with Iran nerve* Throughout the examination he sni mltted to Ihe scmll nlxltg gaze of ail in ihe court room, wlib&Ml aflowint a ir nscle cf hlafacr u be n. cd or bis eye to 'alter q is Mtadlnes*. He was a prominent me her of ihe h.s-aoe party la tbe lamon> Martha WafciBpton fraud case and ? as ore* arretted for a heavy Mrgery on the Saw Yo?k 1 hi v < si Iiask. * 'n that orcas*en. wbea i a?froaliJ wMh ' ihe teller, bis 'ron nerrea lorsook htm. and, wi.tinf -'own, he ceuiersed hla gnllt. By! .pilealDg other |<ar 'lea, aad the money, be escaped l uaishmeal, tbon. He la said lo have a wlffc and family in Onclnnail, a <!( meeiie < slshilshn.rnt in l^a I more, aad a almtlar one in . rleans, each 01 which bo maintain-ia tbe m??t Uvrhrirkr style What's somewhat singular, many who ?aw him on -aturday say irathte conntenaM e Is ' uita I lamii'ar to them, but they rannol place hir . aad yet there ara several peculiarities about his connteuaace, so pramiseM, that ones seen, it is dl'iicvlt to ttaav'ne how they 001:Id ever escape the memory. *nrrngsle'i f snrf. F.STATE OP lltMil, J. HOVKY, PXl BAT'T>, Tiefors A. W Bradford. 0<t. 27 ?Daniel I. novey died in this r'ly wh'l< ->n hi

way from Calllor.nla to (on?ectlciit The caiwegoTMl death ara variously stated by lbs wiinssses poi?on, fever cholera, geaervl eihsnvtion, iBloxicsth>n, compress en o ths bram. \o., he,eg menUoted .l0i n I Hovcy wn apttoiated executor of the estate of deceased As heir ol oecessed called Ihs administrator to accoust for the ea tate. The adminiatrator hied his aroouata before tbe "nrrofate. whra several of the Hems la them wsre ?l> tee led lo, espeelsllyoss a debt claimed by Ihe admlnia ?? d''* bl? V deoeased In payment of Itr.O, which he (the adaalalatratort bad teat the decsaaed be fore be went to Gallfbrala. In proof or this debt tbe tes tirrony ?r Pr Pntnum Is adduced, who testlflsd to ha via* beard tba decessed say that he owed John J. Hovey. the administrator the amount specined, for money he had borrowed of him la order to enable hla ftlie deceive I ? 10 go to California. The testimony of a brother of Us ceased, who llvtaup the rlrsr, was als<> adduced to the ?am. rlWl <>n Ihe other hand, it was mainland lh*l the t-^i'meny of Dr. Putnam aad the adalatatrator 1a so various aad conflicting, as rsgarO Iks ?in eon ti lion and meaner of uie death of derMsed, as sot to re title them to the least confidence nader oath and s*pe riaiiy ae when f-r Hmith a testimnny as ta ike death ? ' d< ceased confllcled with and wm d.(Terse! ftora that of both of their The testimony ho he?a taken aad the ease was argued before lha BWIMM* < asterlUi Dts I 4(icu?ioi wu atc:Uc lie guilts m T-tar I iiJon Klr< torn! TV krt In Pimutyli Mil*. OCR C AMXRIA COM K KM'ONOi.NL'E. Cam-ma, Oot. -5- 1866 The Fillmore sea at Johnstov n were coare?c<i las! evening tn considerable foroc. to dec de the question ot support of the union electoral ticket Great unanimity characterized their procec .log*, and alter an impartial cxpotstion of iut basts and necessity, tLty re solved t? give tt iheir undivided auj^iort. This decision, If faithfully fulfilled. will insure a marked dKrfiid tn ibe tiesoocratto m*? or".j and witl raduce tt to it* original and mare hone&t number, which dots not exceed all hundred votes. Tbe tale unexpected and unparalloled mn,.'o*tty resulted from Vwo cause* Fl.?3t, tfco ro!uual of maay docided ?antii1' to record IS sir votes of the fusion tt-utu."? in tbe canvass; and, second, bocauae of the su perior,nation of, the dem<icruc>, which In *ured tte poll of its lull ttrengih. Besides this, it U a li-jied?sad with tome degree of pltuet ol itj av well as truth?that in man; of the election proem u, and particularly in Cambi'.a and the mos ut'air and uuj'.is; methods were resorts to to give It the > abtr./rc ground?ta the former precinct, by deterring po iilvely many cowardly natives from tt record of their vctca ? sno in the Imijr precinc'. by marking op the * coyri of its irajority actuUly be.-oad the whole n' mber i>i stWragan* in the township 'That pipe Ihjiug and nlrpjr ii wt Dt torioiiH and uo urtiflftMe inen.H wurti ro?c|t<Hl <i in this ami a most ever) other county la the t-tnie, and specially m iiim oountits where luejr were dominant, ? Hi hi.i met cannot be sucwsn'uUy controverted but et no'. Ii is spi rebenoed, u> sorb as etleot as to explain ??j tatiafkciotly _ tbtlrc traoru.nary success in tne late hcitons to compass * hic| they bai to overcome i k^oaii ? I'po. liloii ms ortiy of not i?i than (ony thuu BD'1 Having traversed the wboln State, and suaneed ? mi aim critically the actual condition oi things 1 un ?tHtat.tgly av. r the opinion that tne who e philosophy .1 the del. at of the opposition forces tn Pennsylvania ??-sd din the lact that In tbe American element which om-titiUs the strmger wing. only seven t-nths were Mliniore liision, wh:ie thieo teethe were Hi:more ant; ?su>n la other acrds, seven t< atha preferred Fremont tud three n-t ?hs Bachanwi. and untuesttnnabh vctod -icoroiijgly; that ben g the general estimate la which the t! ec issue was held?t?n candidates only, jo fact, rcgarde* a> la th? contest Id the union electoral tlelrrt, recently formed, I see no e?scn to expict any Isrger adhesion of tbe Fillmore i.ea cor do I atitic i?ate any v. ry material additions to In relative Ht-eugth of the two parties proper, not *llhi-tan?:i r the (j'tcted enlarpod Increase in the <jj vote. If the clotn Fillmore ticket n;>w ii the held, which is tit og actively canvitsed i? ir.un^ s'cUort, sho id not be withdrawn, tt d tub ties* ?lll ilv?rt the Fillmore Buchanan sympathy's from iatr i,n perhape at present rojtecr>U-ed surport of v (len.ocrsey, ai,Q ?ou;d toerrby as a matter of course timinish bo ..eahkt the democratic to carry the tale la the preront wp-vt or part es. with three li-ctorai tit-k 'tt in the lield. it wn id not appear problem '.urai even a* to the succst* of the t.cion ticket by a de fi<d pi rality. Hut I rnuit suppress ure tvi-o. uitll 1 am assured o". somo more ratisfaeiery ? oi'.s ihe reiuit is near at hand und the problem will -oon be solved. MEr.T I> 0 or THB AMEBIC AX SXiCJTJVX COWSIITTEF. OF lAM AftH! COCNTt?AlPI'OVAi OF TftL UMON t LECTORAL TICKET. At a meeia ; o' the AmTican r xorative Committee of Iaj caster county, at Ytuart s l.tchangc F >te! ta the ?'?: or Lancas er, on the ?f th in' t.,. cho A iitesUtd, Jnairmsn. Joseph Clarkson, iM-cretary ? M it Bobrer, w jo was tresent tathep.a-eol W R ffi>nn, uSi led rpholut.ons i mtors'nz liie Am?r ctn S>iate Antral Ccmm'.tte*?when WUbam ?? Barr, cf feast I one at, olftred tie followlr g *- a substltnt Ri?i ed llikt the X?eetttK0 Contoiittte of Jie ATeriean ptrly Ii r L*ne*.strr < wot; beit l > raM? wart uj prnve !,.e ?c ? li'u i-f *.!?? I tiiou > si* ( onhr11 ?t .Isriisb'.i^^ on tiif* 21*1 < f Oc oher wl icli torou-d a uu'i? elsMonl timet, and ? f icrtby a toil! ami reoemmsed lotlm sup|>or', of ih?- Amr i ran i at ,<?? f<iiMereowi > at I tie Maie the electoral ?iri.-i thus t li&eil, a? Witjt slim tiurand ht':ioral>leto the An ? .can }'ur v atd Mi md F'i:mo e he-chei'. Tout \ e tunny (dtpI the fiVc*ir.K ejoetorsl "t in t s: ? >ii. ici ill.- clml'iiKO <4 tLU i(mini;'te m si-t>| i> tuo ?eve ul c.nation districts with the tune. iT)?-ra lei lows tbe union eleeioral tu '.??t. with the name ?if tl,l*ard friitmore al ihe !??>;? (rn*fal elector, anr .taxes Ir*in. of Centre fotm'y, g tbe' oilier Tbe you being taken on the abo. e s ibst totes, ?ere adopted by a vote of so to j I'C motion, the coirmitice ad Jour ted. Tbe Presidential Etes tloii. Agl'AVOlMFNTS FOR TEt.FOVgVHIVO THF1 BTTM Tbe Associated Tress of this city, acting .a concert a 1th ail the leading, ocraab of t ,e Co on, have made arrange Dients which will we hope eaalle ti.e press of t. lsclty and or tbe whole ronrtry to pubtlil. ths r suit ot the ap prosrbtng Presidential eieetion on L.e r owning of tbe ?' th of Kovembor. Vi ry < \tcniivs ; reparat.cii ha*ebe:a r.ia>te tbroi shont ihli i'taic, and we hope to receive, through the aid ol s]?clal expresses In every county, lull returns fium the en''.re State 'n from Crc to e fht hour) ater the closing ot the po'.ls ot the -it1., ol l.ov mber. are grstn.eJ to be able to >txu that James Fi'.dy, I ?q . Of serai Hupcrictea -nt of the American Teleg'apb Tom.iaay's exteaslre range of t tegrapt m New Vwi, Oo?>n*ctSfut, Kbo>!? Island, Massacbiisettf, New Pasivshlr. and Maine, has i gefed to ua bis dctermlaa ?ion to have the sttMi oa his 1 r.e he,(J op*n al! n'iiht or 'he lib of November lot the act. .immolation of the press ltd tbe public. Jrl.n Keniiall, E>q., Gsneral R perinteadent of the Vow Vorli ana New Orleans seaboard line J I P.eed, liaq , Jjperiutenitint of slie New \ork and BuHalo lines A. ^isier, F. (?one'-alKt.per.Btiwdenl ol the Western I'n.ou leKgrapta 1ms; in Cresn, Pre* dent or the LowlsTille sru M?w Or trans line and I f?. TMlo sea, Es |., HuptrtB ti ndett of the ire Railroad Tele raph 11m, bavo als" IgBUled in Urn kindest manner ibe r distortion to co operate l ean ly with the pn* in carrying into c.ieet t e teee-ssry arrangements to socu*? tbe retnris at tbe ? st prsctieabie moment on the n'gbt fo owing tbe eay of eleot ion. We p?eaume that the managers of other i*lt,.'.-aph l;n< s throughout tbe reentry will do all la the r I ower to facilitate lae arrangemei.ts ot the press, and ?i 'he weatbe* should prove fa orablc, we have no denht t t ibst we (ball witaeia on ths morning or the Qfib of SoTemtM r, striking svldence of the vast eitent and won dsrtai power of tie te egrapb ' nes ot tbe I n tej Htates \ e trust that tbe nspeetors everyuhere, as ttier are hound by lis to do Is this siau\ w ii' the I'residen t al e rcioral vote drst, an 1 editors, rsporters, ool t i tans sod t. egr iphers Should not attempt to transmit over the ? lre? any otln r vote on ths mgM ot tbe e'eet.on c trrs in Ibis and other states Wki1 greatly promote <l,e ot' ect in view by ng s su'.tab aed tor-a, not e* evarr day uatil the 4th of No et.ber A Klllii.orr Borriir ltuAlniw TIm Kickapoo City A* n?u$ 1 r. ,*, tb? Kanr Nothing orgn '.a Xmhi Territory, wHL lb* mds o Ulimore ? i d :?3t JOB at the head of !i*, aoocuacea tte 11 election oi<*n. IV .itCeid u d* ?jdt* to Congroaa, a* lUJVfl ? II becotara onr p>a# am Inly to lafbra our anaeroiia <> lb*m reudera and lb* r*tY of MSklBil, tbtl.'oha W Wfei. eld ti?i !hm r* clectfl u de!r?ate trom ih ? tWrt lory 10 li e ae*t Cob-re** OTIW I s Md Mal?a, by a m< rb ?rj'Ttdtt ih*B be bat crer heretofore mefeed The laMttral a bo'.: I en it- eva?, aad aurderrr* of toe lire tMitee ban no4 the o?ntldeace (.mptideao* to br ag ? ut ao icnndl. a'e aitbo |h t waa rr,morel at one time ibat the abol t on frea angro (rouadrel, laaa, *HM 1* a ran, bit aad r*ltrj dope* bad not ifct roorng* to try Ma ?treneth, kaoolng that tf thr? rn it' rton* ao abturd a tb og ri? ieal wi ld ?iaie tbem n the ?are tTerefrra they ceae-'ded to iumnder the Bald to Whit eld aad tl.e nighty a i.eacc and power ol U>* pro ?t ri ry part;-. Th? h railage, rajah eo* sad ?rournga <* the fra* *?ete? bare baroma oni.t inced that I bare |* bo ti re ?tow cr tbea to carry an election on Mr aa i hoa if able B??t3e in ib.a Terr it*? than there t* to elect Fro a.nat Trtv iM-nt n< lb* L*a'J< i Plate* Ibe wbo'.e de iled ?Dd rort apt crab nation ot ibaa are dead I dead ! ' and If the r na?.'< at rt h*ter, I*ac. '* not acre lucoeeafo! la the mitre a afcotlttaa *<ag ibia Territory. tbfy wm never re ? trrrfna tb? r i:;lor ?? i cefeat. (.r'm intei tm?ti ? it a irt'f a?!.re lbra la the rare, and Utere will ba aa iedroi(t'.on Tbr tb?n>?they *11' belwl, k*t torevar? aad devltatu bv waiting to caavey their corrupt aad jour aouia Into a-rerlaatrng taraeat for <ommitttBg ib? vtieat aod biaekaaycr'inea a tbt< Ternory that tare rrer b-en pared oa re. ord May angel* bare ao mere.. I oa tbetr pollnied aad tuurdf rm>a head*. A rro 'la-erf L*g ?!at .rt baa alao beeacicrted through "ul ibe 1*rr1tory. Soteae aboatlcala* will tbera be in t?-*t A??nnbiy to alTOrata 're? ulgirar ?uflTaga The ? bole ?Ai l>e oae ailed. Troa beutm nc in end. No ?ntTBd'.ary aboi.ttoo -.o'oe will ba beard la that body?all, an lie )' if oe<a o! tbat Lrgialatorr trlli he <ondnmed by WMteVtry men?the rrpra*eDtat.Tea of lb* South, aad the boa* and ?',aaw al tbo Terr'.tory. N? Heerber yelpera ?tff be thereto nrg* ibe leoas't?o'd>tr ?\itln* warp* a rt -* from tte pnlptta at Ranaa* All bal.: Tb* i>onlb baa aabic 7*d a gtoiloui, a Irlaxrbant t.ctoey. la Ibe Beit colaac Ux /? ?* - baa Um foHowlif a mipport of !t? fhTorlto eaod ilat* 'or th* Praai 'eary -?> From llie ? ?bb of the t ae* ibere J ao <onbt !a oar alnds tbat MIDnr.l r.ltaorr wl.i br oar next 1 real i ? tt ^ rtn Main* to Ckl'lnrma a great rerolatioa I* dally t*k rg p *<*. and tb* aaar of tte '.llootrtou ?ui?<n an i ii lb j n,p?lb of e-very coaai rrallre I nlon lora^ man Ibe pe< pie bare bijun to opaa tbe.r eyea, aot oaly for tb*,r cr?n ir-tereata, but for tba IntoranU, welfare and !.Tmperlty (I tb? onnniry at large. Vrrr nil a men Kfow anre rap'diy la Um rarer or tbc nami than he haa tor tbo laat ttreo aoatbt The flonU) aa i the Nortfc bar* wao tu the lecalble roae.laakm that be la tb* man "or tl.e Mwef?theowlj a?n who ran ?a-e tba I nioa Would, h<? pollt!. ta#? ard htiagry otlWtearekaraare trytag to bo ?t?r nf tbe old loeo tnenparty aad ele? t Rucbaaaa, but the pe. i ii?ibe majority of the people? hate teea tha evil *n?<:* ol '.he frraiat aiia,i-t< 'ral'on, aid hare ronae q\u rtlj detcTmlted to imt dona (1'fa.rrat.c hwfoco mta, r?d ?o?ier ard bn 'd ap Ib lt? eteal an adm'eMra Um tba' abill *?e perr mdaQUA, trcm iU ? alai K . J i ti 9fAf The llMrtu) trials In Ewivpr. TBS OTiKTl A'ED AMI It/, r*?> WOKKJTBN Or FA ESS ? ILAiMl.NO OTAI* Of PUBLIC ?k?UMQ. Claris (Oct. 8) correapo/i lecre of I and on Timet ' The computation that might loJow matters to an extreme at Naples, ud tbe d:?;-r?ce .ncurred by drawing tac? al>r *11 that Las been BAid if aot done, we the great difficulty ol the day. 1 e.-terOsy it waa ? aid that an "energetic" resolution was adopted, bnt what a meant by an energetl: resolution tre cannot loarn i Ji k ri.;' co"*'*u ln recading our re*p-ctire fegatlona and breaking oil all diplomatic intercourse wiib tbe Kin* ol N?pfi. lt>at O.trbt have been done without making eo fcucil poIm about tt.f matier. The fact 1?. atuTon ?en? tnoairnt the toperor or the French li quite as much oc ]iTt %? he la witb tbe Nu*p i.itaa r^.0n ? ihe8e <1? Dei pre?. ui tie um-t I ourm* ^ It may be tru* th*t the resot.ruoe of fr*a*>v ur*' taut, and Hat blie rebounds with wotdt>r ul ela-t.cuv Lrn..a.?,rr?0n' bU 11 " m" ,hP le"? ?*? her a t il? lion u far Irom cncourajttng, and that gr-atcr . .a'?., ex iris Anuiu a ooo?kl?rablu por ion ol tiie wo>ktu nonula i ion ol Parit. than for a long time past. The artisans A in. laubonrp do not conceal tbelr discontent' aal that dn .^.n^Dt i?, aa uaual, directed agaioet u.c governannt ^ Jo?a to loaro the iratti I nra told that a deputation of wo-kmen of ooe of th? fit tourga went to bt Cloud ycrterdoy to lay before hltn tl.Hr conollion and the lmpoestxiit/ of tU-.r supoortioe the heavy hurdena, particularly or house rent, laid oo irem Tary were wot) rewired no doubt and eo far came back uncomplaining but tbe symptom it f' U or, ?nJ the pr?cedeb: may b<? followed by o ners , \CX , u*iu **,*?? ,OOI'd ^ tp 1x31 btree; IMBallt, sl.U menacing to tlic ^ripriutors, and re the dcBiBod for cheap bread |a some there were the worde, ?????.< 11 vc: <? ?? fei.ow ne the I ilirtata; !a ctber* they wauiiag. It i? unror I .uaM ti.*t the long u^^.ioe of tie Emporor cotn> ;<ted with the panic cau?od by the lU.arcial crlcii", and wiu. the d.hire.h of ao atkny or lie worau.g rlt-sea, ue::aiue it garo room l trinferrlnr rs^> ,,ir' "rr?-. ?v-t"',i:,'r,"r"c on h;M p?t to tn?f; ? J- >g ,.Amot? ??>? plana o; the Court oo tne return i r? , <*'.w I?** * Vj110 to enjoy the p!ea re* ?' tte ehaac. Tb< Emperor would act w^ciy b? K'T.kf UrP' w ieMt Portr,oBln? to better days, thl? par <?. ?hc featlre profr,mme Ibe ?ub ect I- fr,e!y l\r* I'*? W*. ***? ? worklugnun of tbe fan h<' .r|a waa htard to ,ay Uo other day; "/: " ,. .?"r, UK :i n:ui ? ? a^t,u!j Vo? do not team bow for the firat iime that by the tt.Mfcts o, the pop- lation t.." f.toperor, acu no oae el?e d i . ?* minuter, are aeidom 'Aken Into account r they an auppcaM bv these uncon Mitutiona. reAtonera to a ist as a matter efform to obey h.s will, aim to cAiati t to be e ecuted. TUia auppoaition however to imperial vanity. ? totw tucut t? .rcoar?).,n? ; it U,e on |he ?ftotiMArS 0r ooe tntn 'Urdt-.i w.?,ch ougt*. to be d'Tlded among many that a resjxnaibil'ty before tto p, blic. The wlihd'iwal hortfore, or tbe tutelary countenance ot the Caiperor ? RDsrt. in tbe r op.t :oa be supp'.led by aov (>iher. If lie *?' t*' lh^^tfaD gorTrht, and Lis )oug uhnetice at flombierea and at iiiarriti ha< bei z criticUed n ptroajer U-rms than I earu to rrp?at hv those wl o s>?r thai. la to litem aJ-.e be ovce* hli tbroa'e. It the C'ur iw r? His ?n go iig to CoBp1 guo iur the pi rposc ot Lent <ng or other revelK, h may und on Ita return that la do f ularttj Las fearfy.i:> .'imintahM. Tne topic la often dla cua??d, and people a?K why ahould not the Court if tbe <x>u/t .s bent on MwuimtLt. be aatiaSed with the cnarm ?.? f?l'fat ol Clo^d The 1/npernr perhapa by thla belter at- ua'rted with tbe exunt to which ihia Tee! it g baa ?pr,m Uau before hl? return to P.ric an,' it occupies ti? mind <,i.'!e a, much as tie .Ncapoi:tan (,u^a tion. I,e Las hiaaeli g> ou whether his reception in pub lie, at tbe Op?-ra lor iustance, the otc?-r ntgbt?h'a Lrat appearanee since h:? retarn?was aa w? m aa it ua?id to be jPars (Oct T) eorreapoad^nct of tbe I ooden Timet ' Tbj- Lnanv-'al . riaia ;?a axri f.rloi.i m-.u ?ct ot disaon Unttbaa tbe NeajHJhiAU. Tie pan e that pre-alia ia bow liver deelAri i to b? oia?gcrattd una the a<-*rc tv of n.ver u. attf buted, tor the innal part, to the immense quwitity of specie sent out to C btna bv speculators But w hater* r be tbe r^Me. or whether the Alarm be aa un joatiaablt aa aoate suppose, i la ctaa n taal aa?r the Ur ribic era.a ol K4", atui ol il.t cta cl tbe rerolutkn ol V??t>ruary, the tbre* per e?Ma were at while at thA on mem. and a.ter a (>eart dt Areu io I d ao g.orloua for J,/*? ? ej w .th a strong and p??pu ar gorernment und In Um- milili, iran ioib tv, llif three per ceau o* liiate be tweei. f6 and tS. Toe / ui. 'n. ? will e:k.rcis? tbt ir pcc eve'ytb e; e??n cu tb?ir c ?n d ?aatera and iht celebrated aa) tg, I. t., , at'a fjii ? la aow tra ' Ihto L fuji" r gj ia ?ir?? Tbt gt rernme* t 'a aa usual bi*n.?m ror sjcb a state o: tn naa Wh remlurten t^a! ir, 1S?4 orJ9r ^ c6eci>. the ^e%f .-?? >f :< jO ui the ca;. tal, U>e s. alvtA of compena&tfcos ? m . and the (tip. ? ? u ?s/ ??*- ?stat-i-at**! Tbl?, If you rr/aemoer. wM ap;Mi?d to K??ptng dowc toe pr.e? of bresoby means ot ?9tv*.'tfr? by tbe city durtnf jtara ol acarcli/, on cona:t:oo that the eft - should mm uur?e .ist I. by keeping uj. tbe i rice * ?< asooa or atua -Alice. Tbe reauli ?l w.? akl iuj eUoke of political eoo i om y was to burden the c.o with a d?bt <f < o ooo.coo*.. I 'rota wb.ob bbrdlv any sysU'in c oobpcqmiIioq cat re- I ve it. If i was politic (0 f.ppl. bread re aure y cheap turtng dear teat a, ft be imtio',:i,:t,, toakelhe niceos 0 far - pa; d? arer lor tbtlr uaIIv fttod other tines ? I > ranee \u m .u. is ol abuidao i a. -i i.o /> >rri <lutv the on - ?. ans or eiiecting It. wo . d be liardly ventured < n l y :bt ^<?\jernmeDt. At <4her cauae of cr-np.'autt Agafcst o rial 'nter veut jo ,i> rc ai tuani -* .s the di_- ree reiat re lo ' e.tptttoion el sra.i. and t?her auuh articles ai..l wb.eb 1 aa d u? nisbed mpoitatloa, sod eonae i ent'y f ?i'td to ti c I. .rn The otnplAlnt ia prln r ;>atiy .' I on tb< Imjir'-iicr niermeddi ng In the market Vb'0;t aai asrertointd that tbe ha ' ?" waa di Ui ? ^i tbe M nil r annouoced that the *o-emmet t had reao red to nave .tto private con mr ce to sor. :.r that dei^lency. 1- u I eon udonce was at ? r?t /rpoed ;ntbat deelaration; but ft wai rem irked :hat 'n tbe Biontli of M?y or Apr.I tn<rro< na >;iiea of Ccls and ? w ^t?l l.,;anto la. < patre at il.irre throe lithe agency <1 a sen ki own lo ie n aria, and t u m count of wb is* nauies ,t >? ritd. were toooealeil A a.I ol c< rse, 'ap:dl? ensued tbe trale tock alarm aril many who Lei aept the.r slot ? ,n exrecia .oo < I ? r se were forced to lei! at Ic a iban tbe i.rst coet of i?? aric.e Tbe risuit was a* enormoiw toes It waa a.Trtre<i at tbo t me that ibe t:.ystertoua party on wboee account tbeae arge salea were erected waa tbe gorrrn mt :it no> w'.ttistAjd'.ng tbe annoeceemeLt In tbe If trmr lam-, ale r.uantnles ol l our Aud wht^al were port baaed In too I nlted flak?, which naiuraii' produced a greAler r ?o than U private tradt.* bought oo their own account, and tben told In fr iace, for the purpoee of aeetilng down Hie market, ft OAkcfated trait ibl oper. tlon wasat teni; d wilb i loss to the treat ury ol al on lv.OOC.OOOf a .tb tbe aid.tloaal t nad vaf.age of preventing tbe rt*u' 'ar trader* la tbeit^ru cl tbe north of fran:e Irom a i'e. taking theae thecal ona. fea-ful, at hey mt al Oe of ?fa:n ertovaifr i f ; o lorn OMb.e a ceep9*.don. Tlic cos.f nence of Ibis a' staining won. l be a diminution of siipt>!i n ( tee of t rts.ny and of e. ree, the fcich p ie?a wbfeb fu'low rare ty. * It ? uaio unste that the Onaacial crlalt which now prera Is bad sot been loreaxn ead ; n.v ded for. Iado ranee cA5 bA'dly be r ?adeJ, for t bcl ere time! warn rgwaa ? rea by cornel'nt i^rsone. Ibe pee alum on sfrfcie .? now aa to almost baof-h it Aln?e<her i-omcir l: .. j?. ?? it iata"t be rid ed but at tbe im?i v-.lue It l< car ?ud that a\.;.uj the ati rc yTlt b'm, t 1 V(0.i?t,t(0f la silver bare left tbe country wb'? tot Bion Uian HO.tOC.'Xor bar entored it ir thecal rt Ik' -n be ro,-eft, F-aacc 'las lost w,tbia that period .'0,0??,cc?01 of Its > l , er r'. nags, and Ijas received Joe bit that arai la g . 1 Tbe ree It <m the ?r?ateet incoc. vmroes n cc?t, rc'ai iran^a -tioaa gen raiiy aa par ie i?riy n the mane aeiurri ti atr.i ia. where ailrrr sa '? di'ptasable ft>r tbi r*7B*at of wagit to the worklag c aaaet In ?rUtb. silver ran b rdiy be found any ? here 2W and li p .cee. la go.d. only are to be lad aad 01 i ., if and roe. p'eree bare nearly < sap;*ered Tbe e*io-lati. a of tuat bMaI a tbe tr<?e raj: aa ? raoee etporV. eemrarat rely s ea. g, i'tit as?aU-tmo n? of maoufarturtd produce and is ten- ctttij ot-l g. i to nay lor foreUa mrreban' " ?e tare. TV* it ? ? o' U,r (on?e.,oaar es of tbe vic.o..? j stem ol here -torn boos**, wbicbtlc govern m'tit " . a s afra.d to t< ,? It. It ? , vldent that il tbe rt.enu. it- >g produ.-U of I lit totntry colli be t>ld at ? re:? low ;.r ce to U.? I a ted Ptatea .be could aead ihem iitb ad of tbe p ? mi* metal In cxehangs | ><? tbe grain of tbe AKi'rii ,t a-ners, and ' eh tr-?es as tte l?t?Mnt would rarely sake j. a*e, or v?o- Id be kwa aerere 17 fir't At otber cause tow Ic Ibe cta* s attrlbutod, #rea wh e lading t to account the e'ectof that n tannany on tbe French ir iirket. it ihe eio-mons bal .'in mama < f lb- l'a-.? toe Tbe Jfr-r r ainounee l acme ti<ne ? nee. ??w.t'j sal:* action that di ' tbe lan Ave ' < ar? Ihe censtruetioi ? ir tbe . aplta. were set matxt at 7151.', * ibat :<>r lUtt aii n' tbe atni'iirt waa l*e,Mti,Ot(l , wlilb n Ja.'O t tw y reached ia OOT O0C. 1 .a a "ne tin; g to art rn a captiAl w th splen <1 1 boil'!l?|S, ?)>acotia streete and .ardt. and mag ?1'Beenl ;iia-ea but, I se evs<-- ether awia, t a I able io be r-.rtied tn a trijethlevotw excesa. So great aa aot b.tlOB fa Ihe art'ete ol pubilr wr?k| laa. it i* leare I 'ar rTecMee tie dispose' e cspnal sad to a (Wrtaln dewree ostlOee the rea.ark of some persoaa that we bare the "'eilr.i nartr r*r oaee ?ore etlabliabed. Tao i irrraa* r t ar1* of th* working rtaaata far th? hat flea years it *ald to be very great, la many eaae< tte?e rt?tiy ua (?rtakitge hare hsien without profit. Many of tbe hotisea thet have beea detroiHbed to maks room for aew bnlld ?nga might l-a?e tttred for yeare, aad serer%l (bat bare been oastrocted at aa immense outlay have rema ned uateraated Tbe govarnmeat, by arglag on theae worka beyond mrnenre has nwaatoaed tbe aceoainlatloa ?t the work ft j population la one spot, to tbe prejadice of the rnrel districts, where, taring tbt laM harvest. - otaptefat was general of the want of ban da To had per aaeat oc enpst'on foe ibete elaaaes fa ao enbarrMeaeat Tor tbe gcvernaitnt. aad It will become greater tbe Loadoa police are oa the laakatit tor the r?oury of a caakt* of .ewsla recent'y stolen from lite Raroness Ati<elme t'e Rvtlioi bUd. The robbery waa committed ai the country , es'.deaee of tbe Baroaesa, at Kraakfbrt the Msiae. Tbe ieweia were in a naaket. and in a broen leather "wrl case, the value i?f the contents be fag cti meted at voo.odo r-anea i?e tbe atoat pari, tba jew.-la, from Ibwtr remarkable ar ,iy aad beauty. ma> be asille ? ed Ameng tbem were the following V .,r rowa. of large pearls, of wb eh three rows wee? o" tea to twelve train pearls, aad oae raw of IV t ( t. ' 1 fcrs n I?*r'* the laat aloas belag w -ih to.01 o ft at ca, and tbe whiJe from *0.000 to 100 f.on 'r* . a large ovwwtal oaga. tnrronnded wth dlamonda. ti r , at K utitawee; a s*ri?eet ring, wttb dlamoad, Uta into nor erre??*. " ?a ?easory ef Hannah ds Rothaoh id f-. r i*-te vrari bitWaaa aurrwanded witb d atr.oadj vt bract it It W d.aaoatU, tMr%0l, rubtw. AlllWM^llll Ual Might. Bff.<TOX 3 THKATliA?MHc. BATAMati 6 I.?W COMir or "sixr." A crowJoti aiidlf ace was drsan tota siheatr.: lastnifbe to witnass tue o Mrs Rmemac 1 new three art comtay of'-HcX" It was flret broiight cat at the fct. Louis theatre iar wmoo, where, hav.og a toutlwrc acclimation, 1: had a dee ded etecum Tte ame to a ?core U? ted extra!, frou. ? *o*oa we shall preteaUy explain, atteciteci its zuceyt.ja here T e action iraae p.res is f\s\< Ycrk, as ! tie coraeJj -a intended as a upon the eTtravagaut expenditure supposed to I* cbaracte atic ot w aithy p> op)* Mm. Apex, a li.ah.jaa ble woman, u the wife cf a merchant, and a ambiMoaa to lead (be ton. liar daughter Mary -? a ; rtme \::yemit. too good lor thU v or.d laif brother, ( r.uriea Sao ford, is a diasipated r u tu the town. Mar; Ape- bas a private fortune Of 115,0C> , whiofc ta la ban*, and tbe mait actio: or the piece la mvie up fro? the Tardus maeh.naUcDS employee to get th.s mousy. Mr. Ap?- ceel;td to borrow it to puy oil some tpmporarf marcaatile en<barraasme&ts. CLw ea auu tlri. tpea want it to pay deits ot huco? and dry cootU. Mary daai not care for the mote* a at readily .oanb it to her father. Her mother ?uid brother, not knowing to whona It baa bfm pecmised j i.etly forge a check, by they aac oced tn obta nlug ebe whole sum. Mary is t> acei ta a terrible potitlon, tot Car'9; t* tell her latter where Ike money baa reai'.y gone, thus cjroprim sin heraoif oa at nande She the* for rofuge to her oacie, .'oho Unit a re tired banker, one 0: Uie criwty sUjre uncles, wiio la sA ways abating everyboly, but who la generous at 1-Ottawa, and wh cornea 4own liberally to release tbe whole partf trctn all their pe> un.ary and otherwise. It will be seen Trent tne above that the plot has the merit of orig nal:ty and that it afTorefa .'oooa for etfeedrc actuations. 7b se are to some e ten: marred by taa much elaboration by whtrh po'uis. that would ctherwlaa be tailing, are weakened, .f not altogether lobt. The original conception. hcarever, carries the ple:e threap in antve ol these Oefects, ant tha sinartneee of sosaa af the loca. a.iua.ona. and the breadtl. and humcr of HMat of lb: characters, contribute their share to ?M mast be r^arled s a jaguar success The pteoa, however, w.U not aianl tu. teet of ft cnilHi, its ooi:nca: on ot Filth avenue maaaan h;ia nut the mcr't cf bi .:g even a toierable car^ataraj acJ liic parte tbcm ?e!vc' hive too strong a rcxooebhaMa to cer'.a.n st&nda.d ty-?s of the ^Uer dac boot sat la hbow at once from whence they are drawn Erca Bade John fait, around wh >m the intereat of the piece may kt naiJ to cect-e, is nc c'.t ac ;uV.ntaneo whese qaatntasaa baa been long iam.ilnr to us, acd whoae tautological tm become s t resome from the bare forct of ropse.tloa The characters were is genera, weli supported. aa4 la the e?< client actixg 0! Mr?. I'avcnport, Mra. C. I'.owwi an J Miss Po ly Marshall, the comedy o acq a large sfesrc ol its success With such actors as B rton, Placide mmt Fisher tot pport tho;-e taienteJ la tss a p.e-em-stlB dee J be d. 1'., which wocld not fls d a lair share or larer tbe audience. Cf t-e gestkmas who played Chsrlsa San ifcrd, we LaTe only to say that if he .1 to be tbe iffa V 0 the joubj I ot.pba.-s thsFiilh aven e styles ara aa* bivfiy U> come l&tc very gocrral ecg a. A: thrcloe? of the piece there was Tvr? funeral a^> pi a se, an. Mr. lit .ton ai?.' .uccd iu rapaiiilen for iMa evening. WALI.ACE'P T3KATH3? MR. WALI.ACK AS EWV0IOT. Mr Wailack commenced the second week of U.s ecgaca ment'ast sight, playing Bctedtct, In ' Much Ado abaal Nothing.' to a gocd house We Larc h rcto'ore rertawatf th.b f t-fornarvac- tear'.y the atm" ca*t .n the ralaar eharacters, ftsd tare only to say that Mr. Wallack'a pm rorsiaa*. 'js as elrgant, aa sprightly, aa gay aac*. as eara fcily elaborate : as ever wbJe Mrs. U(ky docs foil jaa 'ice vo tLe riiU of BeatrWe. A ) ocog lady c? the naasa ? ^ter. con made a scccetsfo. a bv tn he part of Hera The t> tee was vtl a.t"d throughout, and nxc-coted with that taste and .^ a a:c.. is a djit.ogu shln^ Inuaraa) Mr. Biuart a able management. W* ?re ,-lad to sea tfe*t h;? eSb.-ti are fiuly aj p-c. ate i und rewar.ieJ fer tha playgolng public. rAfiort"' coxc *.r la-t mobt. The second concert or the concert twup*. uaAar the d of Mr FtraKoacb. came o. last at?hi at N.blo' Sa.cAn. and !n spite of the bad waaMar the ball was Blied. Tbe program ate Included tbe ra manza of Fl-'es. ?'Ai , mon CUs.*' from the 1 I*ra pS#t " the V psey sonx. Iron " L'l toile do ^cr<l,,, aa "La Ma-st liaise," ai: by Pftnxii, ftne; ct'.er featuraaaf e-eallence. Parodl locked uaely. and waa recdrad fit much iBthus'aam. thr was la La*, and bar M r (h twSet, set off the v'.rld co' of ft frreat dra matic ajt'. t. were e .ceeO ngly wekoae ia tueaa daya when most of our y> ?.*? * tu aut p or lark of vstaa aad draasat c power by ; ro use ornamental.on wbtah, lue other sweet things, one may bare too much at. T b. rtx ? voice waa heard to asocb better airantaga tbaai at the Ac at am;, an the concert throt jhout was czaal lent. Tha company gt?e hen, c to the cities * tha we tern fa>t U tbe Mate, aad tne see to t aaada. Wa auT se all o r readers n that region to make much at 1 arodi. It a not ? nee uat they hare as op^ortuaity ta h ar s. cb jlL. art st Our W**lilH|toii Cnrm|KHiiltiHv> W.?* !!?< TOM, 1'tt. IT, IMd. Mar y tt?'' X it C mul -r l. ttrmti-nt? Tin Aeu. Y*r% Pci: (_: ee, <f. S"crct?i7 Xarcj l..j been get! ag ni> rim* ? ew instroa i:ou to Consuls, rsr'.ing ill the old one* rclst.n, to lha dotlcs of tbsse Indir <14*1% u alio romn.crcal i|al?, pi 1>1 ministers, Me. It mskca a rery neat book, u< coat nisi about two badrsd pages. It aiao coot*.a- mm ?Mo optaloai of /ttorscy Ui neral tY.sL'ng on tbc Jlpia ?fttlc aad com alar hi'I of ISftg. It appear1 Ike Secretary Oi Hate ba a good do*: of trout la w;h tbc l < asuls aK r?rr a? abroad ar irr b ? departairnt, fbr nmay of w(f new bead* at IS be.i"?? ami did rott.nder tbeir b-. Inea*. and do not, area Ic tbtt <:ay. TboSecra 'sry tried bard to cgflta erernhln. plala, clear aad r aatly understood, trea to IMr lireas. Mat It wa= i f mm Yru can't make a wh itla oat of a p.f ?ta 1. TuoPaa r?tary deaerres a rood dealo credit :a gettlrg up (Ma t <x?k it oa the ree of bit ret'reaMat ,ato pWrate Itfb. I .Qiicritar, J Ch< ratter V ;ko5 suggested tko idea, aad tbat Marcr ftllowet h's -.astr atlr?, If lb it la tb? raaa, If fcofl deeerree tome of ILe credit. I will lead yoa * copy ,a a day or Ifh 7ho e loiarseted a th' (lie 'or tbe root (ffice are la first tri' alatloD, aad ?cmr of tbe partin* bare rtu latty b< i a bare. T> e hol<ier? of tba ftr- k f bursb property ?re vilag erery nnu aad applltor' In tbe r poorer to la* ' . ?are the rreai-'ent to accept tbat a* tba Mte for the ? t"iVo Tba ? about U: aat tal contract luat 1 ? ill bare to ?It? o, t < ?'aura ant pratrntkaa are r-m?unviy being i f eartoua dnartmenta, 11 x ng tbe peta oC tbe ft n jroo.i poalt um, ao thai a raae o>d Stick la elected they will boi la disturbed fee four yaara to ooae. Tbe ea Ifrtaai* at. I inside are grsaiHtag roaslderably a ill'.* a orrmeat, aad sobm of tbsm wear worie than oar ? rmy did ,u Vlaadera. I uBderetaari from a gentleman who ariirad bare laat ? ret rj ihat Wekles n det' rained to rna in oppoaittoa te ? ?en Walbrldyr- tba rr-alar nominee aotwiitwta " Mr. Burbaaaa, tbmngb bw *r^ad?, d<<airad hla to ino#* 1. Tbta ^eattenan nftawed me tbat WeklaaalgM ?.raw off TOtea eoonah t<> defeat the Oeaerai. aad aloal m Mack rrpat rta (i be did ao, Mr Haebanaa aad Mi fr<ea4a would bold btai (-Vkloa) raapoaalbl*. I'ow OlTM II??T m BtTFAio.?Dr. E. 9. raUawt, a clerk in the l"eat wvm la tbia city, w?a tfc ? mom rf arrerted by Mr. J. K. Tylar, nn? omplkot of Iiickie, tba V. M., oa a charge ot robbiag tettara paai? i> tbe wai'.a It tea bar; pr'tty well nn Icratood for tbe past Mb moolba, l v M?.?r IHc >e and one or two of the i of me department, tbat nany money letters raal >d in Wiatern o?eeeam? deatlaed to oflieea ia tbe InflHar ?ad i aetera |?rtt of tbia HUte. hare boaa ojwaed, Mr ronleat* ab*tr?cted, aad tba letters re *ealad aad seal aa to tbe.r deMiMttoa. Theae naaea of ptlterlag wore rwf f?e^a?at and e?Ued Tor a thorough Inrrstimitlon by tba I oat n#e<" autkerlttee. Alter ooroe naie spent la akear la tion, !? berame apparent that tkeae letters ware opened Ml ?bePottOWee la tbM city. For two or Uiree moatba peel, constant waiokfnlaea* baa beaa kept npnn Ma riark* ia tb? cfflce: their hahita, plaoea a( reaart, money trsaeaettons, Jbc.. A.c, wbfeb reaa'tad la flxlng 'ueplcloa upon the peraaa tbie moralnf art lad. fnet to a ( " <n or ler to taeeruia tbe fnet to a oertalaty, the! ter for many mornlags during thelasi tit weeks has I nn tbe wstcb, ratting tbc office secretly, at Iaad 4o'olr?k in U e tnom'ng, la order toorarlook tbe proceed lap <n?. Valkrws. whose practice it was to go to tba oflkoo ad a rery ear'y hour, without any oateaslble obieid. fnthoaa vit iations tbe Pootmaater baa seaa rellows apaate latter bags, and overbaaltag aad apealag paak^gsa, Ma., sad doing other thin** eatlrelr out of the lis* a* bMdwMsa TbM tnorti'ng Ms;or rsrttia wadaa the wabjb agala, aa oarlr aa R o cTock, ha-ing passed the Bight la tMiafiw. sod alter obeemrg eltaliar t roceadtaga oa tba pvt ail >?.|irw?, ae.l rr.smng laaain'-nt rMk af hatng oy h^m he si an e or f rna led hi*. ek,arfad aub with oriBoa, ecat fcr Tyl^r, aad he?v? tha hoar tm rr*"1'* the okice ?n tbe trorVag, ^ ;J?*i WOT trrdtal nn$m. v*. *. ?" *"""