Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1856 Page 5
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umiwmm ksvkvb itutmt. ULIU mTt *uOTM(> AM (RUTALAR, AUCTIONEER. 2S BOWERY, . Will sell this day, at II o'clock, to make room for other ronMgnmenU, a largo lot of new .aid a? coud hand household lnrnmie *t.d carpets, consisting in pa** m mahogany atd t oaewood tete a tett?, sofa* and sofa beda'eala black wainut and rosewood besteads, pvlor ch-urs cane aeat do.; about :<00 yard* of ve lvet, Brussels. Ingrain and tapestry carets, 'rather bedM p'llow* and bolsws; gilt and mahoguuy Lmme ituJ mirrors, oil paintings, Ac., At*. AS. RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER-DAM VORD BOOTS ? aud shoes, fur account of whom It mny concern, HICHAKDr A WIllTINO will sell, on Wednesday, Oct , ?, at 10* o'clock, at 14 Conlandt street a laree lot. ol boom ai d shoe* damsged by water ai tbo laic fire. M?ilf Without re rerve. k pCTIOff NOTICE.?11. WILSON, AUOTTON'RER ? r% Ma*uilicent Pjimhi.ji household furniture contained in the ionr story resident ?j ICS) West Fourteenth street, for sale at public am I oo tor raah, on Wednesday. Oi't. 2!>, hi II)1,; o'clock, ?be entire cooeots cf said house, cooaiHtinf In part, of two x*.tly roiewiKxl seven octavo pianoforte*, richly Irvl&id with pe*."i, two Hipeiior rosewood parlor suits covered In satin, mil lw j e't roM wood su'.u m ->Ut |>hnh, ctntd rosewood centre and sola lao.e?,lar;;e pier aud oval French plate tuir rum, 1-a? > !k< n w.:idow curtains and cornices, rose woo I m i retary book as?> lined with twin wood, elegant ??osewool *i.egdn?, Willi pirue tjUM doors aud back; velvet and Bi us Mtls ca pels, e.egatit, cn.ia vases ormolu clock*, parian anl bisque hgi jo i osiiy oil pa'r tings. cnriracing fariom subjects -oiue ot "vv ,ii roni *1 Don, painted la ItilG, together with n liirgo hi.d exieuUve otv of dining rwin urniture; o ik evteitilon table*., of It' !n t; < iu/a tea an I dlnni kcIs, ivor> anl peart cutleiy ?Uv< ware couals'niK ot tea and diuuor M-r> ce. itfcli r* ha.n t, spotum, lo'ls,. ike baskets, he ivy ccystkl r jl x. l.i- ,w ire, A- SJiu, Kit til's bad-f/001 furnl ur^, which I* or bt: ro.srteesUi liffcci ;(iilctl! pA'.i ted baits with st^i u vv tnjr tj??j top.i, coal $!?_" i.i h; rich'y oarvi 1 roMWtfbaAiia mauo^nLy beast hSt, h'i. t.';i ; :id wnli^ta: <ts to rna' h masatficent French chir i u .l vets, i" pure hair mattrasses. bolniers ;in 1 jiillowii; ? f, i.i in and Mars'ilit s ! ed spri'.ids; bedroom ear pel*, BtBTbrs. c oi'tj, g'jtl" rv*pots oilelotba. rosewood iial DioiiZe but title. *. ta-euieit fu nituep 4e., Ac;, the Whole o. w hi h vrur tuot.' , iiimic !a ordur, aud i? ot the best deRcripUoo. Sc ;io?ipcfif in .i cn any account t'ilo(ii?s on the luorn j g of i>a: Ci uipc. j' i arir,cn will be in attendan t to i>;ick ? -;id Ah: p luriil";re, lide^irod. AUCriON" 1.0II( ll-M, DOCGTrfY, AUCTIONKKR, villi 1, tlii.i lr>y, ht 10}? o'clock, ;ii tie auction rootni ^7 Cenlre i>'u set a la ge an I K Tiera' assortment of iiari ir, < hsmbiir.1 dixiius loom furniture, sofas chain-, roi kers, bu rcaa.H. French bM iieai'.ii iu'JUviu's, beds, hedainf, carpets, minon- w i 'Ji-ob'd, bockcaiien toilet re i batat:in(ut. < doling Moves, tete-ateten wrt bt is. eh I.I a crockery and gla*s ware. Auction notice?tho-. wcll, aovtioskkk. By liF1.Ii Tlu? day at 10)? o'clock, In the salearooni'I Wo ta Villlaui slr-Mt will bo sold calalo?ue Jfo. ?! of the h.oek of choice wineiano ll<jtiors front the ,.f n gentlemm d.ireased, by order of esonotor, eompriKioit tirtt > U )*s Madeira, f-herry and Port, ?ld brandies from theJiondoi docks o\ er tf n years, Scotch and fri?Ji ttui.-kny in dwuijohtu of varlou.- fijfe. bol'.les. case* Ao. Former purchase r* are wtlafied. No oilier liquors aJtai'tnd. Also, a lr.t of groci ? ries, hv.cara, teMi, :i?','ars. .la Wedne--d,iy, exiensire sale of dry (cooas. cJdtt'r.i;. lancy arti.'les uiUtlnery, laees, hohiei y, elo'hltie, ricii jewelry, seven stiiend'd watches, cutlery, Ac. Hiursday, eitentiTeMiUj of household furulture, Ac. Auction notice.?sale of ready made Clothing V? V. TOPPINii A CO. will sell this day. Tuea ;?v, Oci. 13), at tiicir a'lrtion rooms 92 Broadway, an Invoice of handj^nif ie;?l> made clothing, all new goo<la, of this sea son's make. ad*pt,>d to prewni an l winter wear, conai*lin<f oi buslnec.-t si c frock coal.-, talmas, ovi-r coats, pants and vests, worthy tiie atterdlea of the trade. Kvery lut will be positively sold. Catalogues .'ind now ready. AICTIONNOT'CK.?PERKMPT0RY8.vle OFIJQUORR ai d giieerh-a, ti'c'osi; a par'.nemhii). ?A. M (TRI^TA LA It will b> II, ou Tliursday, 30ih lust, at lot; o'clock, a lart;e loto! brauiy, viae, Jimaloa and Saita C'ru/ rmu, claret, ?sweet oil. eardln- -, Ifeidxick > hampagne, maccaronl, ie..s, ^our, ooflee. ?c , Ac. Pale poel'.tvc. A UCTION NOTICE.?J. BOOART, ACCTTONKKR. -BT ?f\. H BOG AitT. on Wedneadav, Oct. 2i?. at 10^ o'clock, at HI (ireenwiru stree'. boarding home and hotel furniture, con sdsiing oi a la.",e quantity of superior featber beds, bedsteads and boudir^-. tables, rhatrs waan?la:i'iSs looking glasses; bur room furniture, counter, labina, iKcanters, engravings, re t'rigeratoi. kiKSien furuilure, cooking ranjje, crockery, stoves oooking iile'isiis, A'.. Auctio n notice.-by vieti e or an execution I witT etpoae for sale at puhlia vendue, on Wedneiday, the 2Vtb dij ot Oelolier. at luj, o'cioek A.M.. all the suiok aud tlxtures . Iteji-'lier vnh the right, title sud iutereaiof the well known .inig stoci! ol Henry w?. lorf. 'UT>? Bowajy. IIKNRY DRKIIER, Constable, Ac. A I'OTION NOTICX.?CFNTLKMEN'? FI'RNISHINO J\ gp'idt. g!\s> ca.n s counters. .t<%?s^Ml kL OritiOOD A CO.. autUoueers, will Mil Cooa.tuely. without reserve.; to -uorroa i Wei'uesdny.i nt 10',' 4. M , at iheir aalearoam, 81 Nassa-i at. eel. tiie i oulenU ol'a gentlerni'n'H fitrmshltig siore. remoi ini u-r rot\tii.'.fii'e of sile. comprising siik lamLswooi <n I oth tf tiiiilersliirt* and drawers; glovea scans, liandker ? hief?, neck tie...'toxiery, silk ajid e'.uou aiiibrellaa, brukbes, ooml'S, p?iinnii. r.v, U'uiuu, valjK'i, uortiuaidcaus, about Jlu wal* iif ranes. Ac. Ab>o (,l..?s rev.-, ronaters. ;;as riMitrcs, Ac. Catalogue* wlL be ready nai!, ontte morning of sale. Auciiok notice -e b. frakkuh. auctionki r Krfler.i uew cecond ha:id lorotlttre pianos. Ac. To MflW, VMUMdaj l4tb Inst., at lu', o'cIo. k, at the sale# roomys KaiMti treet. wBl be sold a iuantlty of second ii and fumuire taij-tu Ac., a>o a larp" and sp'i-B Ud mock or tirst r.Hfs ralna-1 lt.rniturc, cousUtitig nt solid c.o ?ed n??e wi od tuslulist,? and oal parlor suim.aovered in Kr-m hsatm, trr>cah>' i> n-h haircloth, J' : solas, loonies. p<ulor, arm, r^kuig, a-de an. 7<u-Usb r>vjin.i2 cJia r*. s< cratar/ and ii brary otxjiti *.e<, etegerea. pidelwar 1<. wardrobes, bedauaili. dn ssing and piaiu tHiroaus snd waihituuls, dlninic rarn.i tabli s and cbaufc, ci?j, .cr lumiiure in ?':i!s ot oal, roe*wool, nm toi;au> Ta'ibiui enamelled, ha r n.a!'re?? sand palMaaaw, ? luna ai.d gji -.. ? art, silver plated VM table cuileiy, aplM d.d Fretcb la i gilt iituiie mirroi-s aiid on paintings, ciorla, twm i go. ? ir. s'rfi foil- scperlor roMtai.oiT andnm lioKsuy pi. no lei tea: the wbo'e t.i be sold without ri aeri e. N. ? ? I'ai a., g li>. ah;;.!i cut done aacui aly on the premlsci ?l * rea>onab. ? i'ge. D< i-criptive cata'o^ue* on tbemotiiltig of ale. AUCTIfi.V VOTKT.?SALE I:V oni>ER OF Till' :-br 1 ?o- W. Itnesday, Oct. 29. at tl o'clock, at No. 0', l'iMitrw> ikoadway >4 halt?i>-sis choice green and Hick baa, 24 l i?? ,'ava eoffee, 4 ipiarter casks imported traody; alao ? -i ge lot of soap, :*5bag? ilan-see 'lour, r. bote. ?r< am Ur'ai, D> , *e Terms cash. Itv order of IbalharUt. IIKNKY B HERTS, Jit., Auctioneer. Crevlcti is tfc<- a larce sile of si-Kara, eomprWii hoire 11a ram i and Herman, of various branda, toclosa oon sisnn ent?, atd U> be sold without any r<*?eri e. AWIONKK'> sale CONTINUED OF HOUSE FUR n siubt tooda, Ac.? SAM! >L l/SUOOO A CO., ai.-t.oaeers, store SI Nassa i stree*, W i I ?cn . a?ie tbe sale, by oed?r of the aaslgnee, Thsrooriurur Tansdav.) Oct. 28. sod folaiw.a* da**. IU the wh ile is sold, each day, at H?'i A. M. | rii leely, (he mmenae stock of ho se farnliiiin^ giKxu la >tore? 641 aot t'rM itruadwsy, eonier ol Bl"erSer strwet This is one of 'he !argeat and bea- aele^u-d s'oeks of house *urfiishi.i7go<ds . i the city, in pa't of ?'tperu.r I n" Ldi s . er p a'.ci ware, a large assortment of tbe tineat t^ble and o.kerc i'.erv. Britact a ruets. ware. Japanned ga^lsof every description, jirdware, wiodea and willow ware agT'-ai var ety;msngles. ?,ui.tiag n>ara<aai.i brass. c?pp-r, fn snd enamelled ware. M?lfaea!ta* prcaerre oana, refrlferafci: a meat sales, Ac. Fall I articular* la rata.ogtiea. Tertr.s I?ah. i.i City funds. Ca?h d?i ?i's rei|tilred from all l>urcfaJt*er? ai ie op'iou of the aaeti. neers. in proportion ui tbe amount of purcMM. A8MOHVK5 BALK?TO PAPKR MAWOKRM AKD ? ntlipra ? A. W. t'RIST ALAR, Auctioneer. will Mil, nkia day J'tu. at lii'j o'clock, m hi* aalatronm, Bowec?. .. Imrgr Ini of paprr hin?in?* >-onxi*unc of 3.1(11 plecea .?( ?f .wild Frrucg ?Wad paper, <4 the ?n< at .|ii*Uty, and of a ?artrtyol paUeriut and on on, well *ortby the attention af he trad. lt> O' Ip; of AtTA PR ?!a?K *?, Aealffnee a muiKrr*' half.,?Alfred uracii, auctioneer. J\ ?A. BK \mi A CO. will Ml at auction on Topatlay. ()& at IVS oclec*. A M.. *' ha wiloamoru. Al Oortboudl iirert. a to* uftcpt a', wi mtn? an-1 -hti4-vfu' l ow*, aboea, Ac. To be told mljoct r *'i re. By o'Opr of tbe a*iitfnp?">. AUCTION ffOTTT-Tfjn* MORMI.U ACCTfOH ?\ p*p. ? Ea. wnaAOa fnroitiir-, partor paJnin,**. mirror*, Knclteta earppliDt Ac?WiUbe aell thl* (fuaaday) morning, 10*. O 'lock, al JSo. ?? N'a?aan mrrr\ -| rlti< anrl rut led lialr utiurara . i <?e* <?>d curt*. food aaclo ixatel, eotaa, t 'IP ? etea, rocki:ic, '??) Ae , cha,r?, Ureclaa ami liotblc ImM ? tpwda, tlreming btirea'ia. aofte, wardrolo? rnamelled chain -er injK \'r?l.*0 JiOiOjr lal) ea, ha.I "and*. "i-fi-rei, Bin p| orranPn a, n<r.cdng ho'i?n d?aka. not* be<latca<t?. bPd*. Ae.; collage furniture >". B.?Buyer* cs f'irnliure are t't? rameed I rim *.i faL. Tums Mor.RKLi.. auction***-at is oclook, tbla Tt.* .'.ty o>n a Urge in\t?|e. o, pure Havana, Ae , a* Car*, la !cM 'o e-.U all burera. TV MS MOltKMJ., At'lTin.lF.KH- -FIVE OOLPJEW Plr,. a: o'c.wk. thla T inv'ar mo.alas, inclu n* o?wpm *tj'e? el ar < aujgla ar-*:. ? f-.r CBiI'men't aaJ U-lle* iirumwb; wiiniNl pure. Hn.irs, hci.r* -wr okki.ii kor hams. at our at-oe, 1 ' Wal. *lreet. ten e a. ? of p isrh btilt.iia rr> aa, n prtue oi ti r. ..don reaaonaS.e ?*??*. If not .tlapoapj of ?ty Tupadaj. > i I .aiani. will M an. I han al a ictloa. OREKSOCOB, BI RI>KTT A PARKKR. CMRfV XI :tv I.1.AS8 AND OltlA-ir J H II UARt 1 kTT. a-x1!<.n*pr ? Fuaaia), Ocion.T J*, at 10 oV.nrk, at 2*t I'rap' ?..pc(. In lo?? from (&?? at. :rr% acv.-uty orate* all ktoda ol W <; khM %nd common ora; ona li'indrPd packaca ?t flaa? ? j ? ptuna, Btltaonjk, alhpr plat"l Warp. Ap. *a> imaitlTP. Irfct'ii iTowlRI' *tBV5< H. AVCnOXlKR.-BT FI>WARI> tlj lit III Jfi k A CO., <h'a <lny. >ih ln-t., at 12'.? nlork. at thp aa.>? 'om Ro .'A Naaaau a'ra it, abar hot-a*, 16'. han.u h *h. A rtni * old. warranted p?-r?cc'!jr kiivt ao?nd an l *pni|p a PTar J war: a!ao a bay horap. U handa M?h. warranlpd in ?rrrj wa 'tarcry ai*ll?h driver; < m. ,i ?? of alncla hat nna and a <tm '.r.r> pUaPloo, In part?*- order, aold u? doe* an .??lalp; alao aP'eral i*?kawar?. . tai ? ho irtd roart aaf Oni EDWATD V' HKKC*. ArCT1 ()Nt? KR. ?HII?\I)R VITO vn I A SO> ? Knuxl o^ar.uai' id a aiuary and faoor aood^tkrir <h-ai ta iMa city for many yeara. By FDW a R(? w.HlXCK A l O , a?. Ibplr aalparwan 3S Naaaa i alrpct, on W. dai ?d?r an ! Tb.irad??. Or. JO a?l:? a lt>'? o'clopfc parb Ur. Ont.a.ati?</ "f the linpa) (rain <"?. ra.-a miri'ip irroup I'nplrt -ml D?f. the MemliCMlil Boj. tlte P?v.?V of FIopIII, vAp b<iel ?t U?p Km. ppr r holaa. and aprer?l ,.-bPr ?>eaiit|ful pleppa of oarTlti*. *.'?>, p a"?r:?lPly Parvad ?(?- nvx of Vuaatru, < optpa of itarieni iM-|ir.a>a, I tmrlan im> with ralleroa. ilrectan U> bp ra?p* Amphoraa, lior.H<Lo latrp - aaaa. hacoh inte la/ ? ara. and a I ..TP vaxipty of otAar <? Ipawoa1 a.r'.pa of vaapa, can d^-aticba Ip"'? wei*'ita, A* , and <n .nlr 'ta variety of d?po nulra arttrlea lit marhle; alao. ani"r? Urealan relievo urna, ??eiorlt.ip? far liter lablee. Una trwaa *?* H>r corner* of roooia .?tPthpr with ?ar ona alylea of rkw?** antique \xeee. alao, auatnciiea hi H'aliaa-ar oil Cm W, I'.- fhua, Vea ta of Cano? a. kanrltic O. < -* r.nota. a"?o. eo-i.e tup. rh P irian niart. a ^roiipa. alai' ^|pa and ficure*: h>?, Ca-jn l.r.nw rW>eke of leh and afPT*? ilcel*na; aiaa. aeo.e magnl'ieeni liron/ea -tlm tmllan WartHir theKint. the ""Ofplw. Hoy, Kiaa' Amaroti. <a<l ?an? olhpr bpanUlnl plaep? aaK Kobomtan el*a? ware .nd I ratx li ilpeoratlrc China raap* The kMo-la will ha >m el h^ilfon on *on la."?nd la<<adat. 1' ipehaiera pan hare tlielp eo<ala parked a!? I alil^ped Uj H "H a: a am?l. 'harfe. rARf T JIABDW A HK.?.?I TllM v alio', r. t nek al 67 l?ej ?'rP'\ iirwr or tlr-.-nwirlt ?I nanpra. i?rdw%re, rhoen'jue, tea it"?* l'or< ehamp iCQ" H (ara t? >arer. 'Ioiip, rtee. ar*i pti >r?, can era, w<* k t < tea, de?k?. roi ira, r"t*U w ?? WKM.1RO* clrtA. ('ARTVR. i irrtarnr <aROC' RI, ?~AT"ACCTl'>f r?-T0?C* RKI?DII??r*rO. Jf ilot per, will apll on Wc ivmoc of Ootoher al W ?I'clork on ihP ..remlaea 1,1* , ay, corner of Port? ftr?t atred, IhP eontpnta of a t '?'"?"??nre, r. nal-ttiug of l???. aplCPa, aoap. Ac . a food aaeortinpnt. with a borne and wa.'i-a an t a Ipatloam>otn and a h.ilf yeara, ai a r-aaonati'P rpir,, beitif an oiletuN-ray aeMnm met with Bfrrt h. i.k*dr~ap*J J"mV.n~a~?i;pki>.n cni, ot paiatifk^6tl tnft.irfio of J. T. Beaitm.-m', Kao., Nc. 6l< Kioadtrayr nomineetNU lwUi* IloteU IIKRMV H l.P? f'.ns AR'O , arfll -whole ttftt. a/ the above place, oa fueadar, f>et Si", at 11 O'ffoOd p,^)i,'?IJep?imi of oil paintlnr* ?fin* ??p !*-m- a.i onrr 2f n?lntm*w *M woyk? JFaH, I>p on*'!i* lo J. r N|? aomprMnf ibo.n um pkoipp epn* <* W*T7BIiteAN c'tmpeao aehoola, an. ieot Mid mod"'' ?pi*,fs, u o.-a.., ?y n'm from fhrpljn <tu dloa and cabin"*?? A ?? M nayartl ttnprlean aehool a email laodecap* by " '' '.Jm, Tk? OOaaMll^ ^n'\nr li llallpeb, Fa.i , h mian Tim aal" will ha linind parii. u'a ??*? of lor era ot !he a a ?ad alitearona ilntlnff* l.alipe an4 ffett tlawipn ace reaoei ? the n a1 ajy limp, a 11 i atatotnea may he '""P Si, Ha<*a i ?tr?a', Ofie a eek loavl'i'if U G ,riJJ*BT S SAVAGE AOOTIONKKK?3T DIBBLKK, T RIOI.BT * 8AVAOK, late Bafta* A Savago. wlU sell at their aaieereotn, bJ Cedar (treat, oo lueaday, Oct- Si. at 10K A M.. a prime lot of relived sugar*, teaa.grooa and biaok ?? T-" candles, bcap, b.-rrlc<, jaitu m and ..egat* A large lo'ef brandy in owaea, assorted braww, "tec oh brvuly tn>,' uuk*. Ao. Advance* have been made *u the abore uwM reserve N. u,~ At saleroom, Oct 90, at 10l; A M.. uoaortad furniture, Ac. to- ids and *111 U- bold wli.'ieut n->me N P'.? (lodar st;eat. <* Thu.?dar. Oct 30. at li block* drj (roods, fancy gogds, Chines* fur HI. LIKDS. Al/CTIONEIR.-EXTRMHrYK 8ALB Or ? elegant household furniture, ell painting* aud work* of art, a', the No. 70 Twenty*l*d> street, weat of fifth aveaus. The furniture consists, In tlu? ear! >r?. of epleudid pearl inlal'l rosewood pianoforte, with embroidered stool and cover. velvet carpet*, satin damask nod lacn our IaJhh; Urge sea ateg/mt j #1*r find rutin I'*! tzitrrora, thro** r??J J Ruiuof ronwooJ pirlor (\ifoltur6, rtehif carved, and co\cp ?d in ttttin broo*fie. with ally ?over* AU the#e salts ware made to order, and are of th? most costly d**?CHption. Three eiegaclly carvod roeowood etego. ea, with plate deors; lady's Frtiieh secretary, marble inuaU* cabinet <?ii*ft ?tilerrt, rose wood secretary and bookea?e, statuary, ro'irbto top tabli t, elegant Turkish Mid recumbent cb.Urp, In aa'ln; rosewood ro oepkuii chairs, covered in tnedallon 4a pestrv; fonr elegant chandelier*, magnificent 8evre* aud I^Te^lrn china v ases, with a teauUi.1 eollectlou of parlor o< iiMneuta, aiao, u number of valuable ell 'n rich frames Dmingrooiu !Jbrar? ami Chamber Furniture -Curved roe*. wc<xi bedsteads, marble top bureaus, wa*h*tanls and com modes, a'! to match; amours, with mlrrur front*; ehovrj yIau<w. lull mit of rosewood furniture, in *rtlrc;?th; oval mir rore, veivet Wlilon carpets; large breach b.ur muww ?'>g?a. extension dining tables rich silverware dining arm ? hairu. marble too bullKt. ehryatal, out, *uby and white glass ware, el.igaut dttuibr eel. pearl aim ?tvnr emlory, tlbrvj, 1 'xAranj tote a teres, aofKs, cii'bi'inM bark ch'ttra, arm aiia CoWTe Chairs, K.-i.-luu oIlcloUi. velvet Alan ?Mpei, <a wide h*t t.and. stoves, Ao Car* iukI stages p:vss wtUiin a few doors or li e hr.rae. A cjiih dtpoeit will be required ot all i iircha??rs, ai l tbe pood* U' be removed irrnieomii ?? th.- House la tn !>?> l"t, w.tb iroa.?'Uatc postc.islon. It r'>uu?ias all the mo c'fn .nij.rOveni*rtU. ' HEKRT H LXSna, ADCTIOHKBr;. ? BENRT H. IJ'KDfi A On will sell hy anouon r>n Tueeili.r. Oct 2? ii-idWednesdny, *>?-< 2v< at lo^J ?-'clo"li nt Uie (fo. S'i Nmvmi t>lreet, a siilei'did iwrfint'iient ol li i^b Imonrted fancy roods, part'y p irchaaed t>v Sicnor <1. IV Prndoinnl, now in 1 My, ton-slstirK of auperb I'arrHrn aUtuary. representing .'ef i'VMHi, ty n?, Me ico; Maternal Love bj Tanerani: llajicu^ (liil, l>y T>?l M-'lee; Angel of .Hut'ire by liaratti KUdilng 1 ,v, lv? Franobi; Mud'inr.a, by Itenenu; Mapmllno, bv fau <<n\ Bnatnf Cicfn-.. by t arloi, of Klorence: A^Uilles, Wiiahlng l i. aud others; lto> :>nd l'ovn, liov anil Ne-t, Iho larse sl/ed r>4i" tsfor 8&ideu->. a.c. Alao. u beauillul assortment of ala lit.ter groups, <ipi res. Ac . two large mxrM;- cardelabr.m from the (^ysUl Palace, auperb etrvincmi Medlet. Ueln*. Na |x,:i!an and Kotnua vases, m.itble ornameota, ?Ic. Also, au ot.tire lnvr>.. e of every pi/e and description of bronzes, con sisting of fixurt'H and croupr, birds,, candelaiir'is b?a Kets. papei holders rmrel lamps, dimciDg girls, warriors, se tar holders etlcta. stationa'y, and other articles, ceiv styles. Also an invoice oi n*li plat< d tea sets, castors rake bankets. A , toeelher with a prent varii ty of other fresh uoods, srne o! which Hid be- rteeived from Uto Custom House in time. Hr.NRY H I.RKWS, AVfrriONKElt ?IIRN'RY H l.RKDS A CO *1.1 sell by auction, on Tia'aftay. Oct. ?>, at 1'.' o'clock, in frcn' otaaletr.sim -1 Nassau street, a -pleudld bay hTse. about six years old. long tall warranted sound, kind aud gta'l" mt sialic an'l double harness; is a beautiful aaddlo h<>i?<. and very stvlish acih.n, a very desirable horse for any i:< utl?tn."-i A bay hnrae. about li hands hUfh. 11 years old, kind In mi gle huroexi. and Is a very good sadille hot?e. A Iho. u light wagon, tu good order, and a set of single harness, with eitra collar tni bridle. JOFN LLOYP. ACCTIONKR.?ASSIONKK'S 8AI.K? JOHN LLOYD, Will sell at auction, at the Merchauta' r leisure, i n Wed j'sday, Oct. 'J9, Lsi6, at 12 o'clock noon, 'bs leate of Or*' floor and basement of building 104 Chambers street, corner of ( kurch street, having one year and sii tnon'hs ton.a, from Nov. 1, 1806; Also all the futures in said premises 11/ otdti' ol JOHN. nATTlUO, Ajs suce ot Daniel Clat k A Co. JOHN U.OYD, APCTIORKKR.?JOHN LLOYD'S SONS will ar:i on 1'rirtay. Oct. 31, at lilli o'clock, at ly Vesey K ieet, .be entire utiick of paper hangings eoutai'ied in the said wholesale store, together wtlb window curtains, cornices, gut t* vcrr'ia and riacklng: also the entire Matures conslst'ng of slielvlng, two t irubome marhle top counters, counting home ill .-k. li"' oiia of Wll'er'i palrut safes, neatly new ; well For thy ll.e attention of the city and country trade. Kvoryariicle Villi poaltively be sold without reserve, as tlm piu'-ie-; are about retiring from lnism' f.s. Catalogues will he rea-ly th> day previous to the sale, at our salesfioms 4-<6 Broadway or'15 >ass*.i Elreei. ,T J. WAI.DRON, ACCTIONEER.-F\N<'Y CHINA. *J ? g'asa. and crckei y. from the shelves in lots to auK city (Ceouatrvtrade, by lIKNItY O. RVANS, No Cl.iburts slrtet. <>n Tuesday, Octot>er ?S, at 10 o'clock, a lar^e asaortmeitVnf t Kli t*- gi aii.'.o and common ware, glasa ware, ind Trench ii<-C'jrat?s! < funs, wbicb will be sold at 12o'clo.^ tloada cate fully repacked tor shipping I OHV BOYD AUCTTONKER.?THtB DAY, AT 10'. #1 o'clock a: the house, 421 Broome stre t a large assort inei.tot bonaelKild furnli ure and barroom tlxtures, eonsisung iif mahogany of as. ebtdrs bedsteads, bureaus, v. sahsiands, tl't Iri.nie pier mil nantel glaaaes engravings, straw, hair, husk ani -sjir:ti^ mai'res-es feptherbet'plllotvs and iMdsters. carpete, aNoiit ?> yards oilcloth, nearly ucw; klb'h n uten ?i.'s. > i'..i winch t.ies'ile will i ommenee. MB. HUll.KK. AU< TfONRER-RLEOANT IIOI'SR . hold luriuture, Ae.. at auelian. OB Wedneaduv, Oetoher 19, Thnradav.the Sinh. at I0t4 o'clock on the premise* So (I J*tiuK atret-C.?Splendid sulis of parior reaewood farm t ire, oovored wuh bin* and ei1n:*in aal.n Viroeatel and mo onet; rirh gdt tranie, pier snd mantel Kren h mirror*; bra i v?J.<ieiiia.-k and luecwttiu;eieMatehsudellore;Z< Kreucli mi, or pUWs, viUhout frame*; ,vulj|ss?n, tVubMi and itrn aeix cxri'ela; roa. wo?sl wardrooes finirrur froutsi; earve-l tuxl gilt ' um ? ihm) Fr noh redet ads; do marble 'op drewlng bureaus; ilo. Aat.haU.ils. nasr (hairs in plnah; tele a teiea, limi ?es. nil pajiCaga. t<tit|ratlogs. Ac.; one rosewood piano, 7 oMvee; v u.i ml eaienaioc J .ble. ma?tr< seen uf the lines' nua: nty nl li;.ir, | Mow*, sutui snrcads, beddin?, Ac.; also kitchen whKiMlt-. i rocae:y, furuacea ran<e, c?oper boiler. Ae The abu.efurniture, tualtresi-ea, bedding, Ao , are ??f i.'ie minufac ?ur?- ol -I A.J. W. Meek" Term* cash. Deposit rcimred. ('aia)ogries nu morulas of sh e. OAWNBKOKKR S SALE.?1THIS DAT. AT 111 O'CLOCK, 1 a No. I East Broadway. JOHN MOftTIMRIt will ael men a^'.l women's wearing apparel, fullte, bkoikeie, walehes, . ?e.rj at.da vio-iety ol other gotds, bv order. If. ItAKN AKD A CO., 1U Third avenu". l>OBXRTPRNN. AU(TION&KR, WIU.SRIJ. OK WKD J I . O toll it at inji a. M , by <>rd.?r of 'hn ei edticrs of ilie late Joseph W. Burden, nq., at l.>i Oraad stit-vt, WliharaabBTg. Uir bouaahoid s u'uituie. die whole of wblcl. W.i* male to order: roabo?;ar.y ?)[?* chatra. dining aud < i-nlre tahlrt, marble top Wblea, spleadid oil paintings, by the oidmast<r<, BnwHi carpet. French plate .ookMig glassee, ? ucrav.uga, art clans. balance handle knl\ca an ! forUi. su>vet, Jo., Ac. Cntntogiir* al the auctioneer*, <Irani street, WUi.amaburg. PKNN A. UaTOUKI.OR. STORB VlYTl'BM AT ACCTIOM-BV .HMEPII UKGR MAN, auctioneer. Wednesday. Oct. 29. at 'Jo'cla:k A. M. pivriirlf, lit the atoria 130 13ft and 140 t.'ottrt, opposite Wvrkofl NM Bro<>kl)a. tho entire tltam of m taniy dry roi?l? ?lnr?, rimi'T -tag k large iiuauUty of urn claa* soelvtnr. cornice*: aevm counter*, French plat" mirror, eigai l.r.m/? ar.d gilt chundeliers. pendant*. brackets, ?M a**t -?.?)!? Dint aw .lings. Ac., Ac., n use but ?? iVw week*. to he I ? meved igunrdiateiy. STRAM KN'.INK, AT riBLir Al*< TION.-ON WKP MMU, Oct. 29. at U oViock, at the machine arcade In ?ue ( rfvial Pa .art-. one urun engine ul 12 uirta cylinder and "le."*t *>?. Thi* engine i* manufactured *?? a*" ?eam more ?<'<<noaUeaJ y a;td io run w ith a more imtonr. m<*>ou la p<-r t.rm'ii! irregular work than any triune e > iiibitcd at the miwn! fat.. Term* made kn"Wn at -ale. WM. W1TT1R8, JkgatloBeer, ??ce 04,formerly 1-7,Oanal ?tre? t. W'lIXlAM h. JOXR8, ACVTIONMF.R,?MORTGAQK ft .j^ic -lty \ irtue of m cb tuel mm !*. 1 Will M|NM Ibr *?le at publle auction, on Ttieailiiy roorntuir, tV'ober if*. at lofc, o'clock, the (lock. ?attires and content* oi ths Oiuln,' sa> liaiu Ui' lodging houses, Wo* 17 m l I'Hlalb irine slip, lu tli? rlijrof New ion; nirs n leassofMtid premises, hiivmg tour vi ?ra ami xU inonltmol an iiu<'k|>ir< >1 term it', a moiloi .itcrcut. 'I be r i> will 'ak" p!a<-f on tbi- rrrm ????. T<*rtn<? miah. K. fit? t Jfl.Kf, JR., Attorney for Vfnrnngcr, tXtl .e Marino t^?urt. WW. MCLLOS. ATCTIO VKKR ?JfV.W ft OVAI- VVIf. ? on tap< ?ry. 3 ply aivl Ingralii ?*?*, bear.h <Ux* m.?tM. le, at iiuctkm tbia lay O' toot i r 2? at 10' , o e-'ork, at ?.i|r?ioom 1.1 and 13 Tark row, dj?n*ly nppaafta tfe V?t/)f Ilo'iw. AI?o, a?-Ttr*l iroW * ?o<- du tooad| In. Tt'tied at $*?t; Hnira. lock' t?, -ka'aa, and onebevi Mui. prarl bi aid t?o?. aervl^Mkla aitawi*. two cnaa, rite, iu? tot*, tvury baadlfd coliarf, Ac. Caul % lea ob marutng of rale tt," MEM .OR. AUCTION WR-flASOrORTKW. T| . At ^iHltioa. thta dav. at 12 n -'o'k at aUn?ro>?n IS as I Iv Pvk row, COWJ*log<if twelve superior ton?M, oaw and ?ffoi il tj.nd t'prlgiit and %iu?r? inntfumeat*. frwn rartooa Nrw lork andltn.ion rrvaiularlurT*, rl/ l.inM^maa. Hood tmoi Mr- -is T.nloi A I rriy, M?lMn*J<!, Rritfifa V<oilman a:id tl&f relilkrated makers The ia?r'im"n'? ne no* oa cTbibt'kn. ladli i an I gent>oirn am latlted to view them pre < mm j to aale. 11' K MKMOR. AC'TloNKKR -HKaVT PII TRR ?? ? pia-vd t? wrttoea. tnwt, w? iww, a<*?Ataortion, ?hta uay, at lo\. o'rWick. nt ?a.-nro<>n. I.I and l*i Park row; niiK^ iufl' one rntif '- tntoiee, just recrlved, ol tke lateat d? un? am, a lwt<" lot of )'NtMk china Ma Ml ?. nri?<, Mqtwr L>n<!? bnmri-* r*'ire?. atattMHM> **??. 'inn brack, u, Ito 1m a >an Mla.*awa. i.'. cut decantrra, goblets, ami other baautiful . 4 *. itti nt*. ~\]Lr ? MFU.OR, AI'<rriOIIEKR.-E!.ROAirr t: ff . Ml*-' furniture, Crpn<h pUu* n.irnwa, od paint ass, A< .. at auction tMa dav, at lO1^ o clock, at ?ale? ,.w<ta. W'?- U and 15 Park r.jw, oaaiiaUag of the '-uure ? Wt Hrllai fWt "f whii k l? the pr ip Ttr^''' n' mtr ant B<>puiar n^nnta. turor*. rrnnnven tnthi- saleroom, nnd w<?i 'o cinae s cnpartuerslup. and i? wort ? tbe aitenti>m of |. m ykm* *b??u refiiml?hl?ur their r>-iiiehc ??. Mow of the arii> n-? *rc warranted tnaund'he tout uf furaar" beat, h-iviit:; hoew well araiiomd and made Mome IMoo'ha: ' mk-mi; nf ?e?eral beautiful ?tjlea of <arved r*e?riv?). inth'K-iuir, wal nut ,Bd i-ak parlor suits, eorere.1 |n r> ?l Kr.'ri h eaitn bro r-?ite: pioah and hwr< With; ?olid roa<,wn?Mt armour, \ al'ied ?IT"?. n-MSwond mahogany "n<1 '** <-n?mbrr ?*??. wHh marh'e tops ,n auita to naat-h; line r at-w imiboffany, i.i'i ami wainut ejiten<ioa dining tables, 12 14 and HI feet n<ng valued at tin) each, mttac ?J.inda, '-arye,I stegepes . ?? reioiree. b?stiieu, Wnrkinr ? ahlara and Se-'r*Wte? ma ho any wart'rohea, bonk %???, Ae. Also shout Am lots of plain t'nrnHore, ault^ble for 'tha trade and eowntrr mer hanbi; te'SS et?s. VoWalfa, aprm; M'-sI parlor an.t rer-'.rpWon -insts. . 4iie real. do., and a targe oi sru. o* not eonmcn ed, and e ,B only bs auprrefated hy viewing Uie atoRk. whtah will lie im evlitbHioa UK''lay prerioua ts ?aii'. Pesrriptive ? .i'a kiftMs saue-t esrly or the momlug 'S sale Pitr ???wr* can h ive HMir good* pia keil oa the premlwa f,.r ahlpoimt. iMtdles ? 'd tenUemeti wlU ""'1 a? in> .mvsnieiirw in sfenitliv,; sales m' 'i.e abciTe spsrisu? > ataMi-hmeni, lieirvg the iarpeat la New Tnrtt and in arrxnglBg It* *?lee every el'brt h** keen made ?< to a.tow irte aeress to gmets otlkrcd frr ?a.r. ?T C. Al.MCRTt'W. ACCnONREB. Wtl.L SKI.L, vf , on Wed? aitiv, t>et. l? at It'1,, o c.ock, at No 1# < V>ur' ? jeel. oppoetteCRy Hall, Hrooklvn. tiw gold jewelry of ei# T dinenptlnn. by order of the afcaifni1* I'M allver ptaie<l sad Rrttaunta ware, second kaad furnl' ire. An. Kale posh rirtixiAMRHtH'J aittton notu-e.-m notonTv. vf aurtiotieer. will sell, oa W?d "*l*v, '.tub a? NHj I. rhvk a< corner of North Second and Filth at'e."?, Wllliama toirg, 'he entire Muwk of a new and eeaorwt , aad rarnMur* .iceler. comprimn* aola - 'liair* bureau*. b- Uioada. c trreia, centre tables, mirror*, blank' ta, fWll*, roe-*. Ac- , together whb tprinj cart, bant' ??. light wagnn. .liri cor, .*e., wl-h otttey article* naually ft>ut>'l In a like establl?bm' ?t. Hale pe remp'orv [>epnait? reqntreil. kiui'pnti. !/*?* HAVANA AND MORlMI.-TBr. f NtTW? WTATM r mail ateemaMW 01'AIIIR CITY, P. W. P?, eofa maniier, win V-ave for the aitovs porta on F-iday, Noveaaksr 7, at 12 ?'(**?*. Boon, from pier No. 44 North riysr. For weigh; or paiwage. apflv o .WITH A Wallstraet. Finn swank ah *wn n,omi?A.-rmtK,n ptatm v?ll !.!?* -1 > e'-swe. PU>lin?A. ('apt. 0. X Wood bull will lewve es Wedoenlav, Ortnhff fl, frimpter No. H >sy)irtver, v * ?'chirk IM. Iti la m lailm# algaed on binr l For eightm-r ??<dt?aFI>|y to ?? ?,. Ml n Hlf.l,, it Itroadwsy. Ihtiogh ti<-ke?a from Ne>v Vofk W? .laelraonvtlla, f '.1; to POatkS Wl *e?gi!T< iron! Vbmd 11 oi.neet at e-tvan ???'i wMHWWf*'"*>* rWMt New gnrfton 1 tte-da^aaod ttator t?l? _ A i ,?Tn M m ? Mrrim xim* jtrNvi n\*k Wit A ooaitlvsly *si nt Nov>inhcr I. A ? l|ean i n i<?ghi will be tsk n, low r*ie?. r apn'Vd mm ? a -U An in to B Vf t'AM>!tr)W N ? ?. Ur.,v toij 'tr -eo \TKW YORK AMD IJVHRP?<M. OtirT?? HTATM IN toail Weamabipa.?To salt poatuvel* bt?i?lWa(l^ vi mbor, at 1! o Uocir M , cither the U oiled mum mail ?*f?? ships ADK1 AT10 Otun. Weal or ATI. a NTH). Oap* aidr1%|>. wtU depart wllh the United btaU? mails, as tkWi, (tea her berth foot of Canal street For ttalgbtor puu|? bwu uneuualled aoooninaudatieaa for elegance a ad csmfavi, ?J?ply to KBWaKD K. OOLLIhH fit Wall street. r?KagttB are re>tiii*trd Ui be ?n beard U II 1 M All letter* moat paa* through the Puat office. Amj other* w .< be returned. No nc?- Th? rata at fireljlit from Liverpool t* If#* Turk la re<lueed ?4 per too raeaauKmral, until further noUce. /TBK IsBfTIHIi AND KOBTH AMI BIO AN ROYA_ HAIL 1 ?jlftairahlfn whom n?w rose *0 urimpooc. Chief oalin pituge fut Beoond cabin passage 7k rdoa icinoa to uvaaeoou Obief cabin paaange $111) Beoond cabin paMagr ft The ahljM fr?m l'oalon sail at Halifax. PKRHIA, (-'apt. Judk.m 0 AN ADA, Capt. Lang ABA III A, Cap'. J Huwie. AMKIUOa, Oaot. Wiokraaa. ASIA, Capt. ft. 0 LoU HI AUaBA. Capt. Byrte. Al'BfOA, Oapt. Shannon. KDROPA, Capt. J. Laftoh. 'Stkivn veaaeU carry a clear white light at aiaal head, gruoa en ?tarbo%rd U>w, red on p >rt bow. Niagara Wlikman, lean's ltoaton tfrvlaeaday, Oct, a, (864 1 Ferslii, Judkina, " N. Vork, W>.lt tadaf, (Jet. 30, " Arabia. Staae, " Hmtou, W< liinsday, fav t. " Asia, LoU. " M. fork. Wedi.ead?#, Nor. 12, 14 Car ad a, Lariff. " ISoaiou. Wodceaday. Nor. 19, " Kuropa, l?vi, 11 B. Yerk, WcdneMlay, "ov. " Niagara Wicktnin, " Bolton, ircdaosday, Dee. S, " CfnUik, Judaiurt, " N York, Wednesday, Dee.. 14. " AitOi A ?-Vi- " ll<wton, Wodaotdar, Dec. 17, " A.rtoa. Mianuoa. >' M. tark. Wtduaada/. Deo. 2i, " 1 it-j.-'lii net .secured until jS?* ?Mk An experienced ?? rgeoa on board Ifce oki> eg oi Ui.w maps will a?' be *9e?anlabte Sir geM. Sliver. imlli.m. specie, jewelry, precioaa atone* er ma'alH, ua Irsa bill* of laduig are signed thsretur, u.1 Iho valuo th-Ji aof therein Mjireasea for freight or pnasaee applr ta K. OVN AP.D. No 4 Bjwltnf arsoa. l>OYAL MAIL RIT.AMrfUIP I'KKiQA.?TUR I'SBSHA, JY I' II X liKiktn*. <'iHiiouilKr. will MUl ua Wrdueedaf nicniujg, the yih mat , at t> a'ciook A M., iu conaai(uenoe of tbe tide on th? bar l'*s .r?i! -r* oar go on board on Tuaalay Riurooon, in a Mn%)l o' (ronu the dn.-k at Jerne? Olty, at 4>J o'clock. mA a iitranAr. will tears the dock ea Wodne^daf u.on.ltj; k? o e'clock pra<-tselv. K. OuNABD, No. 4 Howli.ig Qr^>ea. J^or i.iVEr.fooi. -TiiK pAOBFr suri* hrinokton. Ca, i Bell, p/ r U? Ra?t. r.rer, on Ihe 30ifc ef Octobei 2*e WanniN'iTON, Capt Whlt?, pifr 4tl KjjI rl??r ou tii? fla nf November taiwage, intluding f ro\lMoi; ateerag* HH. ht oruii < ?o;n f'JU Appl> oo l>?ari or te tiAUK<< A (.ORTIlJ, 1!V> South Mfecl. BVjn LHT-HPuOl?SAILS THD4 DAY. TIIK CKLtf brat'-d allip AI'KOUa Ifcn parnt UUp AWKEi '.r N IOKOKKNI, ior I-ootlon, viilj Norember 14 Fare in <-IU,cr xl.ip?-iM-or.d cabin, $SU. au-erage, $1?, aud touud. A; ;?ItI? TBOKC. RO':hk, K>South atreeL NOT1CR ?TAmOTT'S LINK OK LINRKi'Oot. pac.rta? Pikckct oi Octolx-r a#?1The faat a&lUag clipper ? 'lip P.MF.KALD ISLK, Capt Oorolafa aatlh aa al^ve. Kara ;a aecoml caltla, $'A); ateerage, $1H. and lbanl In prot Sieo* For paurage apol? on board, pier 31 Eaat river, or la TaP SCOTT A CO., 36 South atieel. First packets for liykhpool -tuk pavoritk packet blip WKB9TKR goen in the ft re iu' th's day, m?d wills to morrow, from pier No. i North rher; al'.j '.he Kpiwi dii new clipper abip R.MKR \LI>,on Wedne?d*y, from pier it Knat rivi r. l'aaaage, aecoiul cabin, $J) Mee^e, tl< Apply on boin J or to C. A TKN KYCK, 67 South street. The LiTlBPOOi4-kNd pun.ADKi.rniA stkamship Company a lu.lmdid and powerful ateamahipa. CITY or BaLTIMOBE, 2,<64?oiu, Capt. Robt I.e.irh; CITY or WASHINGTON, 2.SH0 ton*. CapC M m. Wjlie; CITY <*' WANCH^sTKK, iliWtou, Capt. P. C. Petrie; KANGAROO, l,r? tona, t.Apt R. Kwing. ate intcc Jed to aaii? from Lifrnroox. Kangaroo 38,1 Outob*. City ol MHnehewter 5tli November City oi Baltimore UMh November. i't'Ol rillt.ADVU'ltU. Xangaroo 3d October. City of Mauchtater Itith d>?. City of Daltlmore Itoth do. H.?T* or rnuut rKoa nt? roita. Saloon. SOD, Nu. and S6.">, accorom* It Mnk A ihat'.ed tit:iulier ot tliiiil el.ira paaaeiiKera will be taken from I'liU/iLi'ii Lia tad Liverpool, and found in ncovUions. Kiom Pliiladclphia KM) | Fruin I.irei p<Ml $4o Ibose bU-iiiicrs are couHirucled with^mproved wafer tight enmpartnii n:a, and each Travel carries an experiencudanr peon. Pai tlr* wixhlng to t rln; out their friend* can obtain eertlfl ea'f i of passage ujd draft.4 ou Liverpool in snmi o. i.1 aier Ung nn?l npvranla Apply to JOHN C. DALE, agent. 17 Walnutatrcet Plilladelpl RABEL A CoKTl!-, 177 Uioadwuy, New" York. ua, or STEAM BKTWMCN NEW YORK AND OtASOOr KDlNht. UU H, AtWO ton*, William Cummlug, command er; NKW Y'lKK, 2,130 tuns, Robert Craig, commrndur; GlJkSOOW, 1,902 fa-s, John Dui "an, comirmuder. The Ul.vs gow and New York Ste >walilp Coopaay Intend sailing their cfw and powerful steamers from New Turk for Olaagow di rect, hs lo lows-Edinburgh Saturday, 12th NorornbT, ut 12 orltA-k, noon; New tork, Saturday, November, m 12 ociock, Men; (ituil'jw, liaturday, Lkh December, at 12 o clock, noon. . *??*.< or rAWACR. First claw, try fined class, found with oooked prorMoaa, $.'?) An eiperi'-ncel nirgeor >ut?rt<rd to each st'-amer. f or ft-eirh'or p**?ai;e apply to JOHN McSYMON. 17 Broadway. New York cU/ ItH'n or gold i.n'j rece ved for paat.igo. STEAM TO ULAiiOOW.?AJiCUOR LINK OP BTKaM M 'kfl *hil>?. UNlTfcD KINGDOM, 2,000ton* , commander. JOHN HKI.I , l.WWtMM *aa. Aletander, TKMPKHT, l.flHOtoIU luhti Henderson, " Fitted op with * ?iew to the comfortable eeeommnJal.m of ail clstse* ot |'ki? ngeaa. The splendid lUrde built Irou arrow steamship Tempest. A 1 hI Lloyd * for twelve rt.i:s is uiteud ed to sail, wltli k??N and |iasariigern. direct from New York toUlangow ou Saturday, 8Ui November. First cabin W< Second ><o W Intermediate pu-wge HO llorru'r 28 aad found In a liberal supply of well rooked pru*?iou? \u experienced* irgeoo la attai bed to e.u h hip. f ur freight or passage awply lo I HAM is MAI DONaLI) M CO.. H! Mix^ed Street, corntr ?1 Houtli Wlillam. For Southampton and havrk.-tux united Staes rti amer rUI.TON, J. A. Wutton, c immuQdir, will leave for llane, touching at Southampton to land tba malls and pa**engcr? ou ^ntuitlar. No.emberill,ail]o'clock, fr- m pier No 37, Noith i"t?er, loot of Beach street First cabin. $190 (???rtMid 73 Tins ship h >? live water light compartments enclosing the enginea, w. thai In the e*ent of a colliaion or stranding, Ihe water could not reacb then, and the pumps brio* free to work, the s.ifetT ol the vrsaal and pawengers would be se cured. ltaugage not warned d'u-mg the voyage should be sent on boaro ins day before sailing, marked "below." for frclil.i or pat-Age apply to MORT1MKK LIYINOHTON, agent, Ki Broadway. For brkmvn yia south ampton-thr u. a. m. ?lesmslui HERMANN, K Higgtns. Commander, will mil f?.r Hremi n torn Mng at Southampton to land the mails and I'Snaa-ngcrs tor I'.nkland aad France, on Saturday, Nov. IMH o ciock II , (rura pier .No. 37 North rlrer. ruin or ruoa saw roaa to sotrriciarrow oa MB: In flret oabln, main saloon 9U0 In :U*t raliln. lower saloon 110 In St roud cabin 60 Ai. "rperlenced mrgpon ta attached lo e^ch steamer. Spe cie U?:irera?l tn llaviVlir l<ondon. So paresis received on tba day ol salKn*. All IsU. rn must psas through tha PoatoOoa. Pur psMiigs or freight, niiply to ? H. HAN p. Agent, 11 Sonlh William street The steamer W.tsniNOTOM wul succeed tha Hernttrui, and tall November JO. POR CAMrORNlA.?NKW YORK AN1? HAN PR \N cls^o Htcam?blp Ine. via NlrarNfus.?Hboi i< st rou'e by 700 miles ?Ores* redui ilon of pru-et ?The n-w and xplervlid ?:eiaBi?hlp TEX tH, 1,?0SIMS will smi for the pier a' foot of reach street, .Voi ih, from Hiin .luan de Nicaragua, on Monday, Nor. 2t, at I o>lock p. M., to eonnect with the ? teSinar OBIZAHA, Irom Nan ' del Hue. oa the PaeWr, for Han Kranclm o Pa?enger? will lind ihls the he?lihlc?t n?t cheapest route. PUly pound, of Haegsg" allowe<l each , .i?.-eiii[er. Ill ronti per |mtind on eireas ft > res or Pa.?!? wis ruow daw Vor*. i?sa> r iAJK-npo. n(t< mm n *o?Tr. Inelndiig Itibmus Tran?it Plrsteahin f"9 Virstcaoln ? . 9lT( Kocond raMn ... tin rccond ea?>Ln IJS Hteefag,. ,, SI (U^erage 76 a Kor R-'igbt or pasaag' apply w? t ltAB. MORtJAN" A PO?S No, t Howling N. V PIORKPR UNP-IWT\m,I8HKn K? l *rrn,<c 'he I'alted Stales maU. ? Illngreru arlr oner b-fore tha ^sy adrar'ised. On Sa 'unlar, Nor I. fn'.l or not talL No frslght recsiisd alter f rii'ay 31s* m? unt. Ihe nnaquaUed and noble clipper ?hJp MIN'KtlAU it, I 'to so? regl.W. II 'sur!iam, ?, Bia?icr, le new recetvlag her cargo at nlcr <>, East r1>-sr, and ?U1 P'WiUvrly rail a? a'HJVis. for frelgbi or pa??age, apply to R. W. 1'aMD.RoN Bowhnf Mreaa. flight bills for aile, and raeli a t* anr.-? made on cmaica men is. t onal^oe.s ,a Australia, Meava. Wilkinson, BnAhers A Co. ACHTRAMA ?THE BAtlNIKirENT A I ni.irpRR ?hip. t'l.ABA W HRKI Kit. i>eian >, maul r. will be dea patched tor Velbo'irne ra or about tha 1st November. This ?hip line B? ii* well airaatied and airy stateroom areom modstioos re i rst and sei-t.nd cab n p?asen.:era, and offers ? i peril* md'i. cments lo pn?s?n*;ers over aay vessel now load ing. lliars e^ar* ?err low I. r eyivf V_^-?ienia. A few *at*tit wo' l.ttale-iif ap' ed .s-at nnae Enr fraight ?r pnaeSML applj oa n> sr.I at pier East ritrr, or U MAlIXKH. I,nrtl> I yCKRKAr, list Wall street Ct TTON J? rO.H DESPATCH LINE. Et?R R\X PR tN ii ci"Co .aillnvj reanlarl* and j? ?i Ive.r or i* before tha rfsy ertlead ?Clipper of ThuiisUi, Li'h N'oresnher VThe A 1 fltat eilpp?r ship aKPKRW Ja('*H?)N, Wilttuna, nia-ler, .snmipletlng her loailine a? pier lit Ka.t river, and wit; p?4 ? vcly-ail aa above I r.Mirpawl in s)>ned. sailing at aa early day. I'tvd ieklne freight ai low rale*, iha Andrew .tach -oa presaate une<|ua. ert iiwlncemrn s M TlON A i O., M Sotiili straet curnr* of Wall. N. B.?WofratKh' taken ailar the day 'wHertHed. ONI.Y 14BP WITH HPRR CONBEiTlON.-TRANSIT UW milee sharer then sny other fvute. ai.J no erpoaUi-<i to rlrer'lArlg^fion ?I nlted st.ibw Mall I.ina.?Filty pounds ? i beg?ag< tree, ten' ?mi? per iM?ind rrn eic-'?a Eour lioure f-.m eeean to oeeaa, be Panama Rat)mad. Tlire-K'h !or OaliftnB rla Panama Railroad. The I'nited States MaU Steamship Company will de.p,uch for VsplnwaU oa ttedaeedav. Not. R, at 2 o'clock I' N.. precise y. fioOl piae i'lOl o( Warren sireet. North liv.'r, the well known and ihst ? i amship II.I.INOH, Cantaui < haa. It Bngga. V. S N. i'sa ? ngers and mails will be iorwsrded br Psiuioa Kailruad, and connect at Panama with tha Parti* Mai! Steamship Com

panjr's magniflceni x'camahip 'lOCDEN Ai.R. J T Waikina, onunan ler. which wCl be in readlnee. and leav e toimedlveh lor ssa 1'raacVea. The pnblir sre informed that 'he P??i8r Mail Steamship Ceropeny ahwaya have one er avoew e?tra weamcra lying at I'saama, r? for aea, in avotd an* |>osel hie detention of iifeeiigats or mafia. Eer natar* appty to I, W RAYMOND, at the only odce ef lie nooyM^jes, Ho S'7 We? street corner ef Wivrren. .Yew York. Reg ilar nlted Stales mall s'eamer day* ,Vh aad A"h ef earh menth UNTTED RTATKB MA n. HTEAMflfff E LrMR-EOR He* >na ar.d New Orleaaa.?On Monday, No* A, at P. M., Crmn piar IrxA of Warrsn strew_ North rt*er. the fhst snd fararltr Jeamshlp EHTtiADWt.PHl A, Captain .fohn Mcfkrw an, will sail aa above. Paseegw can bs secured at the efllne >/ the lln* Fwight to New tirleana :*) cents per euble foet. Shippers Will be Stipplled with blank bills of ladlnf of the fhrm signed by the Una, cm application at their offlee No other Omns signed, aad ao hill of lading will be signed alter the hour of sailing. For frwtfhl or paesage apply at the odlee. No. 177 Waat street, comer of Warren H. O. ROBERTS, Agent. f^oit NORPOI.R *.NI? PETKRSBCRO.?THE PN'TK.D Hlsti? mail e'camshlp ROANOKE, ? sp'aln Thoui?* ?tiste-r wilt r*?e foi the Bho*e places m) Wedne?tsr. ??b lost , si J o'clock 1". M . from liter l.t North ri*er. Sfie will *rrl?e ti Noifoll the ee\t afternoon snd St Peterlhtirg the to'lowm* mot vine >Visa< ngei s i'nr the South will ntoceed di redly aNt by tl gr?at Eoo'hern mail line, to Charleston, An guets, fsrsrmah, ,*e. those for Richmond wi" arrive si their deetie line! ear' , "-t Frlilar morning Trsrctlrr* will flnd'h s t'-e rhe i.-e*' pf.M?.?n'est sol ?wo?t e ?;>, route P?s ?Si'e an,t fare. fMA s'stcronm m No n'k, Peierh' i ml Bibm it $M Apply t?> Til' IM, t M t Pi.EtSAYTB, Si itloe Ititt) D juvsjoal Arm Djivorrro. rr\ ruHoroRu i t?> ???* w.d ir i okiat *M/ rrh.fC" -Hoh<"T?r-Viill?-U^ !?? tii.i- wv r"?u* ? warvtMid (vmm y*', fcr *t?rleaab; d.?. WtUiOLU'xJ l>?rm. bniihe* (? 'hi- I e-t ???!? 'I1>n,e wlahin* U> I I'frtHw Kill do wvii to rail at tie i? t'.ufaetorj, 71 73 and 78 Baal Twenty tee<;ud etreet, now to*tb aveaue Every Imtotuneiit tr Mi an repre* ? nt**? r i o <Ue A UODWURTII'S f AROINO I 1>>.*> *r XV? HA- Bp.<iai>w*t Nl ?r Yoen w ar.d l.-tT Mix.ugcue <>/?<?. Broody* N?w To?w itlAapea <m W itn-siWy* inJ veUiMi.y* R ">Mfl otoan.'# oe Vi?m>>r ltd rn1?;-? Ulmtfara ? ?Lua $?ftr-:.j ha''J8. A**., may be an<J at Miher of Ifcr itm'? ?uj?h CI H. UfVKKri' At'AIMKMlKN FOR DAWUt /. Ugw* H <U. Ka 5 Court abveL arooklya ?flfcui* m T\ ia4av and KrU1*>, hopt tfce ? >i?3 tod lurtk Prid*i? at each n nolb. I-Iaiumw at Pav.-telo IUU. M Montg->t:erv Jwj City, Mood*j anil Tharaday HjfM eraty ijthttr Mac day emlrf!. .ANCINO.? A FEW PUPILR WO0L9 RH RK< MVE0 ? to.iotn a cU<? u> r< uit"?ac? taking li-ewtm ot Meadav. Nov S. ?l MU* Ktoele'e >,chuol for jeung 'Adieu, ?.? ft KmI ?ilurtic't atreel. between K Jih u( Mari'tcn Mfnut DAMCINO-aKOIUI.K NKW CLA.iS-tfROOKEV AcnlfM. 3|) Rroome ?4r?:t A n*<w clAjai* rowlorm tug for '1 uamIbt A l t*e <?.h;on?(N. i.tifM taught la ?r.e COUIM. Ol Bit i 'liw H .Jli i'til I^'-tR Mi B?ONK Wf OOTATI M|tfOO( I'lAWO, J tarve-J MmM leR* v.n. !, rv MMefcf Wgfrltt New tou A Rradbory; ha. be u > v 1 ibre* mon'lu; tout J47R; r.H be w>IJ Ilht ivw; the owner ^ ruto^'ot (nvn aellher u l ? tox* to Kurope or <-?'(f?oi?. Cu'.t nl srt r.ctt*, ?<<>? (irccttFldifgea; iA'.leait?, r^R&AT e.vr&irrt'M ?I>IA(^>^AI, bkvkv .y , n:Mcforle, ui elnr.ti't io.. wuol ( ,.y ?*) 0r JSb'U'ttfl, rnvie li, oiicor the bttl m'Kurn, u.bil ?>?.rr;i, OOM.H7C; wi'i to Mil lor t'Jt-J be*n uted ?. fp? moitliij :b?> owtiar (?otng to r.-jDp*. Om be men ;,t r ?) f Uollpjri pltre. MTOIO I MlfoUWTHK rOU>OV>fNU ()VKttAi? OitA* lork* Ac , ;<-?< u hue )' orci ce.M ' kv?i litluiR, In ?wl cr'ler *n J r luge m |-rv ?? rraai to & fkcb?Ro? i- .'h ufi/ jl r.a;-? Nenitikniide Aiili^u 1 rj, </U>llo, Mn<e is M.i'or, i??me foui hwaeil, Hol'C MuitCAir; Kf.ini i'? Nor'i>? tciinjup'oaJk; Dooi riit 4 Anu? noifiio Mwloo rulveiit. iVi?r tin. ftcl^irtn. Kc.u-rVi Mvmui L' fi* Marin dA rt.liHB, Pa^oriir, Mercadauts'i Vr?ii.i<*. fct Omi . neii'o Or*-te(Iu rla?l, t><'t'(en lti>.ileriie4 Verill a Hue P .'ml Wv.^rt.e r*n ll'jku(L.(U Mu. ?-n'? Uoti t< o;.'.u,l. ScUu boi-t's <)AUvr*-. 2voU , H*yt1n ? 1 *r..i. ant i'reileaU?re 'ii Crott, full .?"<???', v'^oi LJKV4 ui (JrAAtion. - vol*., (>?vk'n Vtn^r\, I'm-.t; s T idiinrjil* ?vii?a. I>rguli-n"* MA'or, K imii.ii Giudrzia Urivn. .jr, in Mm . hj I'cmaIIu, im<J a brgc ooJU-ciiou of ill et ui> mc ? id xaou ..t-Ui a ui?ni Kcrlnt puceA, b7 ti.f Ulo ?,^nor Torrf"t?, tor rate t>/ M. UA\ fc&TY, book i-c 1 uiLj.c asi i.-, till K . tOiJ street MP.. J. R. TUOMAS OOSHiNUFS TO 0IY5 I,t.f8'-W9 ill vocaI U'UKIC both mwred ah<1 ife oulij- A op'-/ ,v >.ia i.-*ijinor Il^lAurei^ atroet, ur to Momta. flltfil rOM> 4. CO , 647 Braulwt/. Mb. axd mrs phiup maver bi;q KesPKCTrur. ly to inform tbclr frieu.U and pupils, taut oil m ?mi ?>( ihA ill lit>?lth i t Mrp M?jrrt w iil b<" dbUgr.' td rtawt for tii<- uresont io furcpc, Out ovpi ct to return U> Iklaeouutrjr Mxttt !hi 1st nf SA|?tMnbcr, 1H.">7 tort'iiinv their vcn.i'c i u> ?eacberAof tocaI niuaic. Due notice k'L Le of their ?rrifat MR-t. A. T.AMNAT'3 KANlHN'a BOHOOI., aT MO.YTA g\t* HaII. r<V>?r? Ati?? Krook'yn, ts no* open. La# m.!.4 im WbdneMlay* untl f-AturdayK, coi ir.eoeirg ?t ^ o' .jci Mn 1.. will Ri>e ltvsoi ?iu K'Jioobi and taauilaa. ReCidt-i..' ?, 6tt WiUoujiliby eWt. . ?\yTU61C tPACIIGU WANTKD?TO TEACU A NK? BK ITI pm: er A r*. I rets 11 l.i'Ar, U>? ITS licralt oS re, ?".at;a^ tit:n?, tut three day A MVSIC?A l.ADY, EXPEROSNCED TFACfirwa. ?AlAheA ? tew more pupil* for the pa: o. T-rai< IB per mon*li, wih pii? 'ege of prarUoe. Appi> at lo3<<'osby street, between lio.istou feud Bletcker. ROANS ?KOR RALK, A VKRV SDPERIOB TOlfRU P'inr I r;a:iof AtopH pedalA C.J C., Horth #1 'J') will be t-o.d very low (or rmi,; a'.to one < Ujh Atop do ; these or^A' s iin- warron'?si not to '?? evrelled In U re ua l Wi<(ki>iAiiahip W H, UAVli. h> ilowni;<g atreet Pianos ani> wnrrTfitirr tny hurack watkm Inftlerii Improved pianos aod melo?<eoua are to be fit it ait only at No 33S Broadway t'lani s to r?nt. and rent ailowol nu purchase; for Mile on unxithly payau-iiia, Beeoad hand pi a<K? fttilii SSt) to (140: o elcxleone frmn >Mi io tl.lii. ri-tnua timed anil repaired, vo..-h* 1, bo.vt-d hu>1 mined 'The lloraun M aiera pi".rx " sa\g tlie New York Kear ^elift. "?n? Kih-wii hs Kwrne tue u rj )>est. W are rn?lile<l to nf>c\k <n (ho*. iiHtrtunenta *i'h name decree of t .iniidenee trnm pert.ioal ki.i wledge of their eueeilest tune aud liiirablc qiuillty." QOTRANO SINi>KB ?WISHING Tt? CnAXilK HEtt tire?,-ii loe?H<.*, wotiM Ilk* another, t i'her i:i thH eiif #r ilitwuvn 'ihr be-*' of ciljr rei'areucci given. AddreM Uaif Hervlit cOTee. 0 f|H? THE TRADE AND OTHKR8.?TMK SI'MW-'RIBKR, I being alien: liie eii> on Kri 'n', :itei'nsL. i.'lfr* '*>r aale a tar^e nworiuent of piaeoe. :,t ? imt rtsI'll"Hill iroan regular pne^>. 1'eraiioa denuiiiK * entm in-t'mmt,t at very liUla ccai, *"111 do well to call at 10"J fwanty *l?tii s'reet, ik Ai' i-inth avraue. R. tiO.V/.AU% TO T1IF PRINt'IPAI.S OP SCnoOI.4 AND PAMILIKK - Mr. PRRDkKK'K^. |.rofe*?or i.f ilimeln ? itue of .V,4 llreailway, begato arno^ ire ld? ilmugn of r< ?ideac* to .'t". Bleeeker street, where all c< tim..mlui?ilouA will be iiuuah aielv attended ? TllH PIANO?THE OREATWT tMfROV>:MFIfT fj? 4. A > iM'hEK'R improved crtulur a??le piAijui<wW. ?areb<.uMi, ."SJi Bn<a4w.>y, oi poaite I 'roadway Uimvu. Mau? factory, Twenty eighth atreet ?ud \ avenue, N (. WANTRD-A l.ADY, TO TEACH A LITLK OIRI. Jf plnno at>d lot'k alter aervant .Ve? tu a wldj?er'a lamllv. m hi' i? In moderate but comfortable clrrumattnce*. an an eqnl\aient for board Adrirt** Mr. C.. I'liton miuai-e I'uo! <41iee atatlng waerr to t>e aeon. ^ - WWRl'CTKW. d>lA -ltfH/KKKRPIMO, WRITIXO. ARITHMETIC.? ?Tl". Mr. DOLHKAK, Hroadway, k'-rp? the largest ? < tnuierriul ttCMlemy In New fork; ao<lt>elng aaaia'ed by un ? .*1 laiird prnctica bookkci-pm and other able trarbe, <, git ee his personal attention 'o utitdcnt? in ernm ni-lnp . :ui guarantee* to train nil stillness and trembling eut of fiery naud. au?i giTC a rapid business style. d>in -HOOKKI RPIN'II. WRIT1NQ, A I.UKItKA, iJlU. arlthtneiic ? Mi PAIXK and axa.icauU give day and nmnlng instruction in three iiaefnl branrlioa, *t 02 How err, corner of t'anal etreet. and 2KI Tulton atreet, Brooklyn Ladles'writingetaaees, f2. Including atationery. Mr. I'ama i? a vny ai. ce?*ful tearher of mi elegant hand* riiing.?New port |j|>?y. AKKKM H YOCNO LADY, WHO II AS RKiII t 10 A complete imIui ation Ut one of the beat seminarian In Pa ri*. would l>a pleased to aocrpt at New York, wb>re alie niigbt )>?? engagnl ilurinf ibe day only. a* ab? dcalro r malnlng wltn hrr parents. a situation In a school or private family, to teach her ua'lve languag-. itnd oilier IMMI if required. Apply to the Krr a. Ywren. re-tor ol the Trenail rburrh. S9 Franklin at., between I41 and II o lock Bookkkkjmxq. arithmetic and wamifa.-utt. Renville, for the pa* right years at Iff") Broadway, han ieniowd to the elegant room* Mo. .V.' Rruidnnr. Sew *tu denta are received and thoroughly litwxt for Die counting room, upon verrtUToi able tennH BOOKKH.I-KR -A LADY DR8IRR8 TO OBTAIN -kts ..I'book* to iioet b* double entry, or a situation to take chart* of ? "el of hooka in aome re*pwcuble" ofllce mi-n ai tile, niillincry, mailt illn 01 fur cHaMlahmrat The MSt of re fercnci a Hiti-n. K. I). II , o46oe of Paltntr A Oo . 37* Broadway. If'P'y DRAWIXO Cl.AAM lOR OF.ffTI.Ryrif, 'j Itnu'WD. Drawing from plitai' r man, a> I'rotVasor >. Itroalwny. FftKMCH LANOUAOR.- Mov?IKl K AMI) MADAMK IllBOF haTe r? opened their morning ;>nd afternoon r.m r.'1-aaiioii*! courses for ladle* 01?an*?fnr brglnm-r*. I'riraie e*?ona. Oct in* rl?ss?-a for gentle oun by M. Dittos. Mo. 11. t lin'oo place. F.lghih street. Vr*ltKN( II AMDCKRMAN. -K TKLI.I R1 NO. 4-1 HRO A l? ' a (cstnbll*:i<-d ln.*2i, contimra leaching the ai-o*.- hie native aniiiaaen, to ladlea and gamii'men- Mtulie<l in Paris and lU-riin, ind pi*ard tbe ?orrrnir< ntal ciaminauon*. Makce nnk it ot correejondence, A> FAMII.T (CieOL-A T.ADT, KkDIKO IM THK cmintry takea in'o b<* hoiur a am.?M number o( btlle atria t" la*rJ and tnatrwl <lr?at ai. n'wn i? paid to th? heaiih ind moraia ol the pipila, and no pain* ipare-I to til *?nce tbf ui in tnetr ?tuii?w. Tt.ere are now ?tmi- T fanem*. I or 11 rme, 1 ferencea, Ac., ad<lreae J, U. C.. New Vork I'u* ? thee. hjnr*! 11 i.*NorA<iR.-pn(.r. n i.aordtx, :w 1 Brnad?*T. wai cmnntcnce hie aneraoon an<t a?.-olno > 'aeara for Udkes aud freatbmen oe or ihc LW. 1 inMank 1 he n' tni-er ?f pupil* In each claae will be Urai'.ed to (Ira. A pi lira una lor prtt ate or olaa* Inatrm lion r~ ei\ ed from 1 te 3 or S to T r. M. OVKRMCM.?A TOCMG I,Af>T. OP KTfJHT \JT etpert'ncc in tea hht^. 1* nealrone ef fumiui an*her ? niraK.ment In the a? cap^ i'y Mhp hi? tftzht r.i ?<nn**f ih? '<ra! fan. fi is ibia < i?y. to whom she w^il refar. H<w r?"irse <?' ir?trtinn#a ., rat>r!?<-e ihs Km ah bfMobon :?nc ? alle with Kreneh and drawing. Add'e?< Teaen<-r, boi I<1 Ueinii oil re, for ibn a dnja. rn-OM tlVHR IMKTITITR, \l ( l.AVKnA' K. m:w Tork Km eim fli; n year. 0. ltOA?l?XKR, Prln nl. H ri'AMF.I?-rOi: A rKMAI.K llOARI>IMi MCVoOb, TT if hirh atamltnr n< ir .he i-n? of Mal'in ???. * l*r .nw. >aot ladi. fully l ontpcietil U> ipnak an<l t> thr- French Ian MM> Me ?hn can alan r-'raet :n he rudiment* of MM won d I' nn fern d S* ?rr f>*<i per annum ?n l boar'I. Ad die.* \ H. C., Sim oflice. Hialtimoin. w?r ofwca wdoii. ]>(>rr oFFIt'R \OTICK -PKKSIA'H THK lor F'u-op# hr ili?? Rr t ?h a' aoM1 PRRj*IA, wiii r '-*e a? ihi* oftlee. on TneMar ? half pa?t aiv O ? lock I'. M. IHA AC" V. FOwUtil) Po?in intet cLonine, m ivti nnn worth of i.rft off <n/>THiH?i ?Tj-.V" 'U wai.taA?The fill raltta will be liberally gKen in 1 a*b tor iargs ur email Inta 0f goo-! slntklnr. of ?T?ry d? eertr'kin. Ad lreee or <mH 00 Jaaaae Mumney, 479^ Peeri ?:r*SL : /'r?iTIIIK'i ?A.VI) MRRTLKMIP..H IIAVIMft " any to nf, can reeelre a I'nlr caah piVe, hr *en<UMT UOHF.N. 101 t lu ham ?Wv-t. !*. B.-Ladlra ,iutendi3 to by Mrs. C. ______________________ CIXITUI M~LADU^ AI?P OKNTt.KMRN IIAViyu any 10 di?poa? of e?n reeelt e (he iilm<>?t raltte br tuldro?? ng H. 12 UnHtii utreei. near nanal, or St WrM ItroiMlWJy. Iodine iifemled by Mr*. P. (?^f.i*ti, oi<rrins 4 n'rorrttii. utrd. rr T pture.1 and altered, neat, rheap amt promptly Cash ?nid clothm* ? tew han'U wanteil In *ew en ^?at-. 11 !"* Teet Broadway, and 1,1U< Broadway LKYlR LAtn-"* OR UFNTtKMF.M BAVINU AMY fl.OTlinKI hi IIMHIII I if can oliUIn thn higheat price hr calling on M l?VH*lTl,IK)RV, II Fl"> atreet. N. R - |jUie? aiwndr.l at hetf reftderee by Mr*. 0. Ples*e address through the poai. yr tjrrPR ti.oT* fnti- ^ OF OROOT'S <?** njiik, *4 *nd *? FnMon snd ft *n<l <t (lnl<l afre.-i* l.arg" >* and chea4>r?t retail clothing atnrwin New York. mun rnr mx;r*. Faahtiwial lc frock and drea# co*t?, of sitperflne blsck'r>'nch so l eoiored rloth* :rnm V. o t*, mi V* a'vle* ita'king rnata for fall *ud winter, of cVn'h; piW ', rthb'-d h?lnT, *e., t-om 4 TJ|o 11?? Riiamee* rwat* of eterr 4esrH|i*hw, from ;( no m in l? 11'tiwnts. eetr #yle. of tire and heav* eoe' ng. trim 4 .???* Zt 0f? Bsgwps, nil the new ?? ?'???, ? artai 1 rm?y, from J m to at m 1 hah*, yert : n. .Itmm tiniin F?- Voe-ihtf tuseH peldn.onM. :re? tMIn K ??? Ka?) , ??a'< e patoehwH. 'irnti. i !???? .% tn \ h?., ntaPk ? eh. 1 ' *?b?efr Ae mm I *1 to > m* Tet?e> von* h?l1?ifit' pattern*, frnm J fsl .1 i tt (t. 1 rti'rnj fi'Ti'-hing .m i?, iraf#'"'.! it* < it mn. (<? .1 i ?'et 1*?e- |> AwrvwRMKirni ? mmm ?? onu 1* CI '-'. aM0 UAU.4f. 1u*jk>j.i, Oct. *?,, fix A IS.C9 M m i k k row run. Mr ?iUI!>i. Aatoih"- KXUfKUi fWmUii'OMtof IrntM Whet. ? !j <* Moo ?'? etiamUnf, A.-a.-baMiRa iir'UDKiiiiA lAmore . .MUe Kroneld . Mr UuJdl BarHafteo Mr Neuelt M'-"^CU4 !>?_ ?.-cUtr. .. ,. .......Carl Btji'^iuajin iLYvcirto* i r rn u ?i ?-o,"c v.' th ten general rt*jueA, Iba Mai -(anient o> th? l?trruac Opcrfc tuMiouuar th? oli jHUi.; _ . , ItOfiM Of * I. I .? TO the ''Irelt <iij Par i?n? dollar itfecfc Us#.* uii U_? ? . ' tcto?K.( rrei'U fci F??I,?t ircJ? fifty oeata nlktCHurBM T.Nilj live cenU kbIimx - . lioiaf Hi <Voai-y i4rt-?*>. Tujfcat* tax: to L*i at ftuJ Ai HjUH k Soc'h, Kj 23? Bl.A N [-flu, Ib6 HtreLs and oiaer euicT'jLmm.r.,.. W Alt. A k ' < T".IS kTBS. IH> i i ? ip-. a at S^'; roi.i/r ?i<y at 7 Ktigagrmecit oi "i. w, i r MIC. Wall. At IK. T.inua/ Oi i.>aiu? 31 ! r t tifr d lh.s thrt 'r? ol rViitniio's , I h" of tut. ikom cia.'i t>kW '5D BIWVI. SetMKV > "Hiuck C>> < *"<!? A. I"'n ? CAST S'i RivrRrd Kar.L-vfr "r w,iiKk OrM*.. Mr. 1. ?W hatnpMii R?;wt?(lJ fcj, Wtioot 1/.I Dtott, Mi* II ty Mr. Phillip*, k u(iui.?, Ac , 4c , ai<o in t!> i 'art V? ?,j fafrood DR Af r.'A A PORT. To n ot- ~ -In r-?i .fqueuee i>t U/? crow. J *U e uf '.h'1. Ui.'*tie (u Motrtf.y MOCK *D? *TWT NOTHING. T Uuitrf. V?T?)'4 frON CHK ft. no* t.< ot open inree Uaj< It ad rotate " V * AlfFtl -an MUhKBM.? 1' r?D *>:r'!v OF IiRl9> trtuirpb ? rr krowu Geo. T-cn Climb ?<? lom T'. audlencea e^iry '. a>< ,\p pi. i * furpav-iiij* i I pronedect K?<-t> etvuin* M ?. Un? wi. l fi ri WMtaw>su!ay fi i ;v?turj*y, at "I* M ii?- rrr t?:?t :.:n, << Jnuna of |.'"K!' Tom Tit, 'Ud. "^nm T'i mtj. tiifcer .1 ri>x-?ui, at :i o'ci x* ti?r ?> ?i 1'hamb i? oi? eu ti ?uirni*'-ta be^irni . ?,-?? d. nr? ?* t >m vtn* .V creat ^Dak?f-are now it r oevr <i?n "tie H%|>pt f'aiaiSv, Dwarf lady Ae mi ub aeas. AJmi'i-wn*. *ee?sa; chi.4 i ao ii id r ten, IVtJ. fh tVBi'N'AOKKa NKW llAl.JLs UO(( 1UUI(L0 w?i . OD^baiUi mlardru Krtm I'f Rr ??*( f ijccf. j and nio.-i ilntVrU'K raceytlaa o' ih? ll'Jl U[^TfcOI TE?>V AVOfil', w b?i(rp Kieda/1 Uiw apok tnaeuierwiUi TTnroi*r*N MiNiT.unr < <*. (v>rt onn.ecsea at"% o'cUck. Al?. ^^.u. S. MbiSi Ar i i ??'r*-t i'* cevtk '?t\ Vooday tteoictf, leov.*11! be inxlucmi l>UKI?, OR, V til ui?ma' HWaMP, with h ~rea< cui- Ue catabrata'i U. ! ucluey in the datac.n otTW. } vtJWA KKKK! S VAEUrrreS. BROAOWAT, Al'.OT?< J a litivdcs ntrwt?ILj , 11 u aa J awl3t<<i ? Uteakro, r^oifid ?3 .*(lin M. Tiltnl ie, Rao , ruprrvidv far Mm? 1a<?? &r -im, v. kit I loi' U.e nhtan M>oul fto'.eml vr I. Fill Of TBI AMI.CIO AN INSTITL'TK?KOTICK to t .tutillori ? flu in.j/oi .j;.t tie ooe.Uib. ioa at I l.ut Fa;i' ?hou.d I e removed lortli .nu, a" Cie mi, uu;v.. have tL.' nrr ??r>' 'At* -l,) a**i*t fXliibitOi*. thfrroy ?u i ir;? trouble snd i-\ tnt-v. Tofttr.iitaVtb? dellrery ol ?oo?i# Uietloursoa Kur ikth mi Fortj acc-t.4 .drect- v>lll re o|?-n Tbc am>!veru<rj a Id:. sa * Ji l>?-> deiivered t the Ttrund .r:i/ Tahemarleonlu Hlay eve^Ji*, ?h inirt. it?>,o'oloc^, l?y P"if. A D Havlie Mi mben are rt-aufs^l !? mw at I he rucnis of Iht' In*U tota JSl lij'Oadwa/, aS? u'rioc?, iov?a!? .n i,i. i to (ae 1 nberi iicle, whcrv aea'awli] be reaertt t i . i'. boJj o'. >l?o hou?e lor iheLr : c<4?iiniodatton. pti.178 FLAYH, M-AV0.-TUK STANOACD AND MI J nor drama, anO ail other pul)luU -d plaj a, (i mI? by H. "?'l'.FNOH lit .Nmi'. street, Now >ork, ic<> l"1-,' r<-nU. f ..ii, lr r $i; tuurwl roiunjea, $L a i w pU? iioi.twl "d ?>il v>aeL. Couipii-ui Uau Mat by "tree," v.he.. re H'.ietied. ("irystaii PALACK?TBK I.Ai:iK?f OR*AT FAIR ) v{h op?ix :n mm caiuUergl at-upture Id, 1S*K. and t'onliaue lor tea dayi I. wt!l l?? Mm inorn eueutivt iui.1 attr.-\rtivp !*i>- cr lieM in t!?? ri.i:.'; <'?t -l.'* \3 the time. \*"AN OROKKI.KK K AUTt'VAT. >N CI.ABIOKIT v player will be on exblhition thla *<?> . Dr tli.ipn.'a i iiijili &4,< Bri aJw.ij, in*> il A. M. to Id J* M Ail: ? x-ion 3S c?nta. Aoadkmt op mi;sic to rut: orr Nitiiirr ot tt'.e <4J>*ra, lor ooor -ita, Icrlnrew. 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OLD XV roll, l>y W aalunirton lie 1? c nUe and broV > in li u o< ? f'aa be aceu erery day tkii waek.lrut) If A .*1 In I I' M . ;u Van Kan4'? alalile m r> it !(?? iti'l , i?u . i HUiie ol .'CJl> (?. AI MTIN. (WRAP PKRDP"R Out HUKr'Rf# St'CkKR ) inaa. at a low prico, fur Bale at JONKin' b < j, a -iviii atierl. between avenu -a R and ('. n OCTORf Old FOR sai.R -IRqctRf* \T t* i I'AVi lUfrt, it 9 A. M. or 4 I*. M. IX)K HAI.K?A FIRST n.ASi AX? Illi.lil Y PRO,' IT *Mo lUrry n'alif i ?inu;;*liii<riil. well alorUed CM fMl boi ?? roar-lie*, Uftkt * juoih, Ar , Ac-; on * ot "?-> ht'?t car ?tauila, and In an e\oeilriit niybijorhoicl for bnetnea*; lr*r* lor live veara ami IfiiiMi ol \ear* atandlcu, M>ply on Uw pretnlaea, eorrnr of txrotui mm.' n*<l Kit'h atro?;. IiV>R SAI.K?A BAV IIORHF, Jl'.HT IV ! ROM fill'. " rouniiy, 6 vear* old. I.'1. banda high, style viand and k oil In all barn ?e. Wtllboaold rh>'i| f .r n in' i AI>o * ffrey hora> IK hand* Inch, 7 yam old, tar ruad i?r ?ny oilier ii'.irpoar. Will be fold >'kMD Infill* ?l Mablea 52 I^onar.i *tre*t. BOR.VRR A QA5< > Tf T^OR IAU-A DARK WAV TIORXK. RtXTKCN ?l \ N r high. sound. kind. and ?ithout ft fault. ui'i.l |r i ,r a ? .r i i ijr liorar or heavy wore awl ,i gnud h.r?e Ini'iur at Club liable, I'a?-iiic air ret, near Clinton, Rrouklya. FOI' KAl.F.?A tUiHT WMiON, Itt'T I.TT llfMnt was made tonrder tor RNIT>; wfll he s<4d for tut. To b<- vra mi :iai Itowrry corncr of Rleeeker airor* FIOII RAI.R-A I'All! Or PAT Hl?RSF>t. 1? HWIV :t tnrhra Iiinh anond and kind In uU harneaa; mat frmn h country: well matched Prtee Ininilrr 'if >M t'l 11 H ?tnblr. No l RWlngtoa flrwt MOR RAI.K?A HA\ MARK t.".HANP? III'Ht, MH'MI P nnt kmd; ?ix yfrnr* old. < an I)' wi n at 17) frwuil Mfwk For ?ai.*-\ BRfiws ihirhr. HixTn':?? hasiw blgti, jrfiwi olil. ao'md Midlunil; p?ifc J'.x \? a buy liorw, aineen banc* biaU. nercn yi-am oi l pr!r? ttW; unit h rorkawajr wnurm, prii'i' $100. Aji?Ij at Tliomii?iu\ ?uiMf, 110 Fa?t ThlrtPi ntk -trW. DOIUUHIUROI I.OT Of *XPRF*< M 4lON r Uu and am ail pu/c. Appll al Rfl OtiKTl F.*pr??. at New Haven ilrjx't, f'an?' ?ire? i, New Toi k F|*0t HALX-A RAT rARRlAUK HORRt banda. i*ook tali. -iy!iU> arilan. ao in t anil k n l In atn te or 4ouMn bai n<'?*. Kill inM hr *|joMr ?? 'in >.-n, u, a UHf , , rhiM o-iu drive hla; price t "~i I?qii,j? u <1 1>?ml nick ifML tjlOK SA.I.F-A IIAXDfiiMR HORHKT, !l M.>! FIF r tren k?inlahi(b, nearly tlionmik br-M. -o n l aad reailr. Good foe eiihi r rtdinf or drivmc \pr^J B.WaMn' ?tabtofc .?a??feerau--?t. rOF IAl.F? K RCPFftlnR R*V M\n*. Ii>,' hlali, Miuad. kiwi, and Tonii*, and e*ii vm raai. a Ian iwo Itwxl ?!i|iii? Will l>? oilier* ?* i*lV uner liaa no further line lnr lliriu V|T'7 l?" IfM Fi> .-nib ?ireel. ?> ar "eventb oenm yVlR RA1.R-\ CI.O-K COACH ^KAilf.T :K>r I.w r would be aolil for '<*a? ih?n liali tia r?M. u'?> a *|ifln ol bflrtea < an b<* a^i-n ?t Young and We??m ? Ml !e m 1 went* fmirtb ?'reeit ni-ir tbirtl ai r-nua Fur i ? in 'jiiXof R. W >*!? VOORHIR, l?x Prwn a?r?ei. CH>R PaT.F?A sTVUnn P*IR OF MATniKft < *R r rtan'> Pup. sIMVRFVMMM bay* IglWiiiiIll anuail. W ) M(h, In One roiwf,'ina aa4j<ial ffot'i tke in n rv. *? l-lr ai ihe Alt>l? I.lreM Ftaldra, ft* Rial i in . if rblrdaf. Fior halr?a haki*o? t-orp* oarrui t. inrr li'lle <i?ed %pplv at uie m?.-kei ol M. IS, Talent ,ie In V nlter^lfy nbM I- near I be eorner of Kouitb ?n'i-I, in t ?!?.??? ? nn?l 12 A. M., or 1 lo .> I*. V. nORHKR.-WirX BF, BOI.D THI? DU.4T xr.w TOR* Tailrraa'ita. eoi-ner i*i?tli atewwaad 9Mi -?ne,t at 1} n rtnek, ai aiu iluB, on- Ka? l*ir?e. t,"> liawl* tbr<*> nn-ke*. kind nnd irerite. wilb wrapon, liarf?e?a, tti nei irv 1 ? hln naif bav In ran. U haada hiak ? v year* okL xxind aad coot m h<rn???. i reabitiin* tup wacon. rn" buy raara 1A bint* <min l and I ind. lira ye ira O'd. Wafoa and \ vt, u- w and -??non i hand waf.n< barn -< blanketa. and ai (pw*t work loraea. UKO. CI.RMOM PfMp ie'i?r. HhR?R WAflfli All* HARNR^ FOR -aI KCMRaP. \pply jt r* Mimtf-inrrj ? ieei Jmw| Off. rPO rARTRKJf.?ART PKRSOM R ATI V?J WORK RVF I 1-TK Tt tor IWO horaea >nd eart* nnd ? lilac t(> (t*v>-iac j' In'aaaie al a fair raak prioa. ran moM w Ub a porah-i - r by addK-aaiui a note to .1 M a< Falkland A Rtlryea a, corner of Mm Bmadway and falfterlne ati -et TRAYRUJUU' avium. TTrMOR RIVRR RAILROAD .?PROM MAT It, 1MR XI tba irataa wlU leara ChMtbera atreot aiatiaa aa folfoirae V ipewaa. 6 A. M. and #1' R., maU, ? A. II.; Ihrouxh war train, I! Jf.. etnljratit, 7 P? M.; for Poi|>hkAe?aM. T A. M aad I P. M.. lor ?n* stn*. 10 ? A. JR. aod 9 w P. M . thia traia \rm<rm eyary Friday e?e*ln* al || p. g.j for Hnrtaon, P M .for rwakaklll, 4 aad 5 St) P. M. The Pan?hk.?-yaM?i ^laf Mm aiw1 PcekaklU iralaa atof al Ike war at?u*M. Pi?aen aeva taken at Chamber*. Canal. Ckrtatopker aad Thirty Aral nireria Tralaa for Rear Tor* I ear a Troy at t U, * 1A and 10 40 A. M . and II U> A. R . and I for Rear Tor* laa< ? Troy at 4 U. ? ia ai I 4 .10 P. M.. aad Kaat AINMty at A ? .? a< IA P. IL A. SMITH. Ktif>eiintea?aiU, XTRW TORK Awn RARI.RM RAIDROAtt-FARR RR i> dnced; only SI 10 from N?t York l? A bany The la land mad nmnerUiva with Vpatera aad Northern train* ? 40 A. M , erar4a trath for Albany, wilkont okanpa af rara, ronnarUn* with II U A. R- Caatnl aad Rar&ara trminft. K 10 A. V., nail trafa, atoppinf al WUlfcuaihrMt* aad ail ^IRP.rI aipreaa. eonnertlM w*k the OMlral Rail mad. tlTl RHnratai, >eayaa Attaay? H Jl) A. M-, eij.r?an wrtfcout rhanraof oara ?II a. mar mi*. 4 .? P 'ipreaa for !??w Tor*. We tn?te all pawMien on bnataaaa m pWnrata* ^atka Harlem Raliraad wkirki or wmfory proaptn^" * aa*y , aneni | aaa? 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