Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1856 Page 6
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upreiTTCfiffiyrc nmra imi bit. A t,KEi A atioi UlTHTlOl9 W A VI'K l>?KEMAJ.K*. AHTUaYION WaNTHD-HY A YOUNO WOMAN. A? ?*? jsalrea, can cut and fit ehillran'a drawls in tlie neat rat maoaer apply at *t e ?? g*t at her present emplorer'a. Amitation w Mrr*n, by a respectable joorc ? r\ %i> do general hkmecwark. la a good w&aher Hii'l imoer, (tnderataiul* her bua.m.aa thoroughly. ilood citv rf/frfiuri giveo Apjdy at kW Hi ?t., bet* cau lat aui il ?fflgkVW. for t*n Jayt. AYOUVO WOK \V W kJITS v SITUATION AS COOK, mif who UBiWitiliih h? 'limine-*# ia all iu branche* ha* ne ob?cctK?n to a?? ?i iu the waahing, h** the best nf city i. (i>*cncr Can he seen tor two div at 100 22J ?t., oue Joor from V a>. ABITLATI*>N~WANTBii?BY A RESPElT ABLE WO man as iHUiidreto tn a Erwneh family, or a* nurse id rnoi' jirnnj.- anuly. Beilcity reftu-euce. t ail at William ai , u> the rear. A1 ?DY. OK HUSH RE8PWTTABILITY, BRING AS ae,ump Imbed kouaekeeper uid capable of auaenntenl In* ft wtx ratabUakntaiK, wtalie* a situation an housekeeper; weu.d prefer gul||lMlkor Wr?t would bavo no olfaction going ?-ouiii Or Weai a? adiea' fa?-. ,ng companion. Cau be ?era lu tw ? t>a> ? at No. 4 .Nanoa ai.. iirook yn. PICTA RLE TOT.tO Wi>M V* WISHES A SITC atom ah ? Hik n a private family; ?Im? is a urn rate washer u.d irt>ue% and tbotoughlv under-.tanda her buaineaa Best of ? ;? r. ?.-?mii e givet: fri ra her 'a?t I'kaae cali at No. >.??' 1 111 at . fourth floor, truat roiun. No. I. A CONPET INT YOUNG WOMAN desires a pitja ?<m a* cuo*. v?;i Ji-r and ironer, makes good bread and pies u not a.'rjij.i of work can be well recommended. Please ?pp>y at T1 Bowery A competent PRESSMaKKR. WllO perfectly .DJf a .it da her businese, wi-ites to obtain employment n re- oectakl* private families i* the day or week. Apply at 1 vU -a at.. corner at H:vmgtoa ASiTIlATlON WANTEO-BY A YOCNO tilRL, 15 y. ?r? of age to do light chamber vork ar.d wailing. Cau b? >eea at hot empl iye. a No 74 Kaat'&lbi., from 10 w 12 o'cl.^k A>nUATION WaNTHD-BY A RESPECTABLE j-ouog woman, aa s?od olarn conk, wvotier and iroaer, or to do geiierai lx>uaework Uoo l city rt-.ereace In<iuire at ?JU; lit avenue betweeu 13th and I4ih his. ASITL ATION W ANTT>?BY A PROTRSTANT YOITVU woman aa cham"erma il or waiter, or Urn- waih- r au i ixocer tiood ri'y referen e Icquire at SOU Sth at. between aveuuea C and D. aecona door, bare room. ALAPY op INTKLLUlEVrh. AND REPIXEMERT wba i.aa lier own eatabnahmeot, wnhee to procure a jin" oi cupation mat will fu rm-di b<-r with a livelihooii tint winter. Svhe ? mudlly conersani with the f'ren-h and Engliah 'an ?uagea both "of which >!?? hm< uugh ia r- ?ly with her pen aud very .ndu>irtwu- Can etie good reference. Vddrrii tor Uu-eedaya, L. St. Claj". I'moD -iiiiare 1'ostoilice. APAMII.Y ABOCT H RE A KINO l*P nOCSEKEEPIXi}, wi?b lo proenrr a *uaati 'n for a faithful aeerant now in their employ, aa cook and laur.dr< ?a. Apply at 43 7th are. ATKRT IBTRLI.IOKNT AVD WELL F.oucateo gir. want* a altnakon to take marge of a few children, or tado chatDberwork: baa a tool idea of dre?lm<tklng and mak ing cAiidreaTa ciotkee; no ob.iecnon to travel. Haa aatiafkcnrv reference fall for two daj a at >> East 19th at., second Uoor, froc: room Asm' ation wantkp?by a yocno woman. a? n ao cook washer and ironer. Good reference. Ap p.y at TO 3d a* , for two daya. A BIT r ATION WAN'TTO?BY A respectable A aa lady's maid and ill esamakcr. can do up hair. Oood city refei t-noe. lnqi. re at 126 Clinton place. Kth at., for two days A SITUATION wanteo-BY A YOCNO WOMAN. TO take care of children good reterence Apply at 38 ilttd kx> areaue, Btookhn. for two daya A SITC ATIOW WANTRI>?BY A protest ART YOCXO %s> to take care of children, or to do chamberwork and wa. iux In a aniall privau family. Please call at, or aldreea L$' C? Ksat ttiOi ?t. YOCN'G WOMAN WI.-IIE-i A situation IN A RE ape? table private b 'aiHiliig hou?e an i-ook. or in a private fa.ii. ' n otijt-cllOB to a'Hiat >n * aching or ironing, the beat of reference, r'.eaee call at 246 Mot' ?f for two daya. A MTCATION WANTED?BY A YOPNO WONaN. AM A chamJ-ern a.d atid waiter, or a? wa::r'?aa; good reference. Can be aero for two daya a: -A Kan J2d at A ASRI aTION WA NTED?BY A YOCNO WOMAN, AS n i ~e and fcraniKire*.- go d city referenrea given iu qitiraa; 3(1) a iaotic at., Brooklyn. A situation WANTED?BY A RESPE<TABLE WO man a- eook.. UMieniian.U her >'iaine?s thoro-izblv, >mni oi r y ri '?refcce? i'an be aeei, lor .wo daya at IV CuiTersity pure, between 11th and 12th ata AKFJftPEt TA1<LE YOINO WOV \N WaNTE A SITU A tiO!., to do ch. mL>erwork or genera' h Hiaework 'iOO-I citj refereoc*w given PIea.-e riiLi at 1S4'i 'e.h at . b'-tween "VI aa I 4'h nv'tiun in the rear for two ,'a>a. if not eng iited A RESPECTABLE YO?n<; OIRL, a PRUTE*T an Vtaken aailuateaa withaome re<pe< tal>te family aa a- 1 a? im?'rr ? g?od city rei-rence can he had Can I ?e?ti tor two daya at l'.*4 <>rei :ie at Brat tloor, tron' room. a tne aTION W ? N'T EH?by A YOCNC, WOMAV a* 1-i.anibcrma 1 an t waiter or to lake care of children and do p >.n aevwog; it ? I cuy -ef Teaoea. Inijuire at 106 11th at., In'we- a 6lfe and t>ib atenuea from 12 to J. A StTTATION WXSTEIi?BY A RESPECT\BI.E PRO J\ te-'ar.i 51 o-f woman, aa waiter or chambemn:d. <a- to i.o tee waehtng and tmtiing ? inod nderi-n'-e from her laat I :aee Apply at .13 Weat ??a ?' ear '.ah av A situation WaNTRO?KY A YOUN1 WVM \H. TO J\. do lieueral ban-ework, itood city fifiraatl can be given, .ap^ly at 15 Dobro?-ea ?t a RESPECTABLE ENOLIsn OIRl, W vNPS A SIIIJA J\ 'i?n a.- aeania'r"* ?r lvi> a rri*i4; nnderatanda I'reaa maaJU! la. dieaaln^ r .ear ^tarrh<ng. and ail kuidi of f amily arwiag i aii a: .VI E i/ab? .h at.. r. mer ut Bleecker. far t wo <ta?a. a SITUATION W\NT?I>-HY A RP-/ ECTAHI.E W'? A nun aa n irae or ? .'uuiiueroiaid, an it. aftuai in the waah icg and ironiiifi Ooud eleretu e? Apply at 213 new Canal a> ai I A SRCaTION WaNTKD?hy A COMPETEVT w<>. anar. ja r.iok. n a piirate family . inder?taoda ber loiai ipwtactlj walL tJra^ eity referenca given Apply at >4 ? - - ' """ '""Tidaji. Writ i:?ii 1 . between iith and Tth avenuea for tw? A BITCA11?? WARTKD?BT ar KBOI.IIIH PBOTE _/\ unt wttmiio. a? (owl co?k ?inl u> a-*i?t m the waMBf *J. It-ot * I'pder-'enda .inJ ,M? . a touuc Pi umini gtri * an:* a a^uaunn, ??< hami)?riBAid ?nl trailer. Cttt ? flven. Plwtr <?%]! (?T two dajt a: 400 '.*h e? , ?<-r?o4 floor, (fo? o'clwk UL1 I AMTTATIOR WAR'RD-BT A TOFKO 1TOR4R am iu? ?>-(. * wa?b<-r ??t treeer. in a ^???at'eeuolr pr(f?ie Um..r II ?? the hen nf <-tt ret-- ra-r fn>n? b?r la?l pi" W -,rtr ha? i'ivr? ibn? ) ? a: a. Apply I'er two ila,. a ?? :CI0 '.Hk ar. me?i i.lai m 4 snrAH^K W vNTKO?1IT A BWPXCTAKLI .xl joimf |tr1 ????*, W'l troMr, or a* rheiui'r ni.-i d, :>??i c' rKjr refrrt-nrr C*U M 133 Weet l'Jlh nt , be imrrn Klfto a?.t itOth a*? A MTI* VTIOV WaVTKH BT A RTNI'KtTAHI K PRO J\ UKuii ?wii.? iod> plain aewinij ind aaaitf in the w?ah iii- nr ?" ?i?n r?<?m ??d w*m?iri ??, b"? of rlH r<?f?r rnmrr I# wilting l'> tfn enUb with ? family. Coll at to P.* 21at ? . for * wo.uajc. JS/Tt*AT:'i* W.4RTKP?BT *N RXPF.BIKNCKIJ tuiejr sift ae ii'Iram ami **am-tr**a , iirni-r?i*r U mt, ? ?ltd r brrtftrrteg ehtM-n* ? rbHlimg, B*ai at city rtltrttrl t a:: ii- WM Jbtl. A HW ?Allot wavt*n? HT A IMfCTAR K A Jo " eumen, aanaMk. tiikr and ir i?.t or m 4>> tint era I Ik?i? ?ork of? <immI family <>?p4 etir nRtrMr.?. It i rr ?tfe Br* lu'li ?t. ? ?ii he aee* for two d*yi> a Mic ATI ok wtNTBP-nr rw<i ooiorep rn _i\ ma!"e <*w a* flr?t, ?t? (*m? Ac mtarm i:h mo ?' nt j ?l 4 4fc"rr?? the beat iMfNteOM* r? He firm Call at t> ;? < *fH JUi. a'-. between 7*h ao i *th urea. A T< "NO GIRL WAJTT* A Bin-ATIO* 4ft CH AVIUM-.. J\ ma" 1 And i.ui?? ? r rh< i.twrtnai i ?nd wai?-r. Plw? nt for ?? o d?- * ?t i n 11th ?t . ?" ?wt rtoor, Ua< k rnoiii. iwa* ina-r Xe of'sctkn t? *o m 'Ne roimtrr a t<>rj?aLAr?Y rkmdim with vrn parj-t.ytf ?|? a % yd aahatar iivl r?>i !?? ?n-ii ? net. <??? of "fx* mr# A nilnwion n donx- r>apai^?>l? m> lit ?itJ??r t? aiiewJ la a 1 *nct dry *'*>^a r>r awiMnther l|M kwltiNl b?i wauid he lu.;fjiir?- A'idrew J. M r., A eiTTATln* WAfTRP-BV A (KNXIRRD AIRI. AH (A>nnb*'Tn?ld and waeJier ?o ( IrotH-r nil ri.i-rfEC* Appljr a M TkoMpeon at., la Ike r*ar :hiM ?nnr. a ktf *n-i wn*A?r wj.frKA i ritcatto* ai rrvin, A ?? b> r ?i,.|(rn?,w In ? pr?ale f ntll/ Can b<' t?'pn tor leo Aa} ? A' 111 W ?? nth "V a MTl' ATI' * ?ARTKD?BT A MmrTtM^ ;fi?B*fifI ?? iMuiiiiri-mnid HI.'I w?i ?-r I.r oiMMTi <?ri??id A: "t k*%mai'M< ?<.<ibo?Uon ?> i?A?- rtr* f r'l i di?a. can Ue mem (<,? >w., .ia*? at It Ka>> li*iu< ?>., Rhvk yn a Wpbtarljc uiri. WMtfrji a urTt ATtny iniin???ii?i?in?*fr wderaMmda-he i%ra nf a i.? by or*>i?il l 1" rh?tnber?' r* ;?n4 aewin? IwH refe. App r at l? L?tiat. t.-'w. I n Vb in.', Mom >n tor l*? cA>a Amttatioi* wawti;??hv a riupkctaklr write in ?? ?eem?treev niv'TttiB-'. dr?a4MAInK *nl fa n ,ra?-win* w wiIKbs i? aaai?'la chv?ih?rw*t nr r?re .'?i> ? trait# Ady If f?i"iir?l, !??' of clif r'ftv* aee In *t H I ii no aaittart. far two 4ty A MTCATTOR WAJfTRn-BT 4 RRtPJCrrTAHt.r wo jfV I"?n am Kn?i p ?ln - <mli MA 'irw ran- ea^her ?ni inmfr, weti 4 h*.e lie nhj-el*'* M *" A ?hurt dl?t%i?e# in ?h? eonntrj. t.owl (Tteen liKietr- ? .* Tmy *> , ta?PWl?t. RKfPR' TAHI4t PROTKWART ofrt. W?nr.< A ? t ?'iwi u nnraaaii'1 p! <m ?ewer, or <? in fitmlif ?n-k ?nd p'aln aewtnj llAa tend ?Nf reflprupee Cma be amni hr two d?j? a' :v# Si at?dim, 'rip Moor, fi obi room. Atot*R(; i.jru rou.r 'oirprtrrt. wrniiR)j 4 ?* IAtloo aa ?? ama<~*a* t? gn out l>y U|e dar or wrek. Apflf at U>e 1 irwr of Re. 1 ??<1 'ohnnon aie., Rrnoblfn. la the ?tore AMTrATtOR W4RTRO-BT * tofr.I l"RftTie?T4RT woman. *e rltftiaberiii <td a?<! Immdfm. i>ond refer*are. Afpt' at Re 7 I nbwernirt arxr lAh At r?n l>e aeen fV>r two daja ARITCATtOW WARTRO-HT A <Y>?PRTR*T jror.m wmhw. aa'ha?bernwi<l and aeanxveae: l? ar I~n*rmi4 In WBrt ne ?h\r*? Wwtlex dree^e and ' nibrotdery. Hat nerd f< vr j-an aqg fair irum ha in h?r aai elare In ? lULrr at 1t? Wret tewe^thiid floor, r+rk ~?wn. A rtradt PRRJCiR W\ftT^ \ M1TATTOV AH J\ mirae ? ?f Mktaa ef*r-re Of a naneey and CISC infant, or ofot'ler rJilJdr^n, wl U> ilo rten aewlrn IU? H?et of refrrrecea. ?'a? be ?e?n tie Iwodare at MB MV* y?h ?? , rorner ofTtfi aveone m <t he heAi ry. "jTt fTrATrOR WARTRP-RT A WCW W'lMAR, M 7\ ?, am her work and plain ??wt?f, ?n1 in ?V? wa?>i :>/ ?d irn?tB?. <>?ed ref?r?ne%. tpply at Bn a | ?..T ?? f.^e .? d?ya. AH-r \TTOR WARTKPRT a TOtrRd WftMAR TO , in ?i iifgJMWP "* aad 'o ??ata> m t <k<n( mrf <# 4rrti !?*)? M , b+'*t*n < ^ tl A jy I ' ?ttor 'TARt.r W'i ?i r ioir ea???.. ?mJATUMI* WMTHMTWULBI. A 8X1U A HON WANTED?BY A ItBfPKCfABL* GIRL to do grin rU hoiiaew ork waah BJid uoa U"M city re fereixe gneti If required. P'.uuh call at 68 7 th avenue, second door trom IJth st ABtriflOV WANTED-HY A GERMAN GIRL OF good character and education, in an American urn ate family, ?he would do chamberwurk or general houiework, plain ~<*wink'. plain cooking, or take care of a child. Apply at liil 33d at, near 7th ar. YOUNG WOMvN WANTS A SITU 4 'ion a a cook; has no objection to aasiet iu the wa.-thing and trooica The best otcity reference given. Please call ut 189 Writ 5iUi St.. corner of 7ih mini Can be s<-en lor two days. AOIRI, WANTS A SITUATION TO DO HOl'SEWORK in a small .anally; is a good plain c-Hik waaher aail lrom-r. Howl city reference given Apply at 17 City Hali place, rear. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waiter 'uidenttands her business per fectly. Apply at ?X lat avenue, between 15th and 16th sin., second floor, front room A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ATION TO TAKE care of children or wait on a lady, or with a family going to New Orleans. Beat of city reference can be given. Inquire at *0 3d at., in the bakery. ATOUNG ENGLISH GIRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to do tine washing. or to do central housework; reference given. Apply U 137 tiullivan it., rear building, for two days. A VERY RESPECTABLE YOU NO ENGLISH GIRL wants a situation, m? chambermaid and waltreas, in i inHvat- family. Befr of city reference^. Call at 1JS 7th kv. cor. 19th at., tecond iloor. A YOUNG WOMVN WANTS A SITUATION A? nurse is a good newer; haa no objection to .taslat with chainberwork lie?t reference from her laM place. Woul 1 to a short ?iiaiance in the country. Please cail &i 2J& 3dav., betwetn 20th and 21a. ata., second (Jour. A PROTECTANT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU auon as chambermaid, and toV->->t with washing and ironing la callable of filling a go>l situation. T? i yaara' city references. Can be at cu for :*vo days at 2it W''S 32Js^ second iloor. front mom. MM Arespectabi.k girl wishes a situation as chambermaid uad w* tree* or a s chambermaid and to take care of children. '! lie beat of city reference from her last place. Can be s?tn for two days a' 59 S.i&da atrcei. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU aton an chambermaid, or to in fine waahtm; and ironing; or would take care of children, and .isalat with chim berwork, or as Iaundreaa. Best of city reference. Can be aero for two data. If not engaged. Please call at if Weat 13th at. near 5th ar. A SITUATION W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waiter, nad to assist In the waahing nail irouil % or would Jo the genera! homework of a snail family Would be willing o -.-o in ilie country. Cau ^irr KOod "reference from her laat place. Can be seen for two days at 71 King at., in the rear. ASIT1ATION WANTED?A? W*T NURSE, BY A healthy young married womriu, who has loa: her own ><ebv. thte- w eeka old. Call at 74 Kldridge si., fourth Hoar, .a the rear. AN EXPERIENCED WASHERWOM VN WHBBS TO e'o the waahing for a few gentlemen. Apply at X/7 lat ar., corner 13th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOl NG WOMAN. AS cook. washer andironir Good City references. Inquire far two days at 340 7th av., between 3Wh and ISlst st, secon I floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISITE? A 8ITUATT0N, TO do chamber work and plain sewing; hiatlie best of city reference ('all at HI Greenwich st. third floor. MM A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPKCTABI.E young womaii, as aeaniaire^a, waiter or chambermWd, t>fM of cjty reference. Call for two days at ? Cornelia si. A SITUATION WANTED-ET A TOCNO WOMAN. TO do chamtierwork sr Renerai h>uaea,.rk for a sui rl taunlr; no obji!Ctioa to the cjiintrr; good reference. Apaly at (61 'iirystie st, for two days, in ;ne rear A BESiPECTABI-K PROTECTANT GIRL, 17 YEARS OK A age wlahi'a aaituaiion aa nurse; is a good sewer; woti'd do chamherwork and sewing, good city refcrencc given. Call at 137 Ifrth at., between 7th aad 8th ars. A SITUATION WaNTKD-BY A TOUNG WOMAN AS laundreaa, or to do la din* 'inn washing and Ironing, and -ewtng, good reference. Apply a; lit) Alott at., for two days. A SITUATION WaNTKD-BY A RRSPECT VBLE GIRL, to do (.'eio ral li<itisi'worlt in -a private tamUy: haa uood cit\ reference; lived going on ttve rears in her laat pface. Pli aae call at 49 Willett at, first Iloor, front room. k YOUNO AMERICAN WOW AN WISHES A 8ITUA A tK naaae.imatreiui.ahe would not object to the care ni a rhi.ii ! three years or upwarda. Can t.e aeeti at herpr??? ut place where uie his-heat reeommcndaU< ua will be given cf aer, it 176 Second a<M comer at 11th in. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 9L proteased cook, understanua French and American cook ug. G<?d city reference. Apply at 76 1 bird sr., i.ear l^tli at. for two dave a SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A Protestant, as aeaiustri-sa and irirae Oooil references, ply at H7t? W 1'th at . between iaA and 7U> avs. a LAliY DESIRES A SITUATION FOR A NICK OIRL, Ix about 12 > ear* old, a good home preferred before ? isev. ( ail at 47 W. IVh at., anv day 'Ala week. A YOUNO AMERICAN WIDOW WISHES TO TAKE ciiarge of a dry o'tr*e ,nfant. or vo'iog child, ai her own i ??stdence Beat or ciiy rMcrtSM will be given. Please call ?or '.aodavaet Jel Third n venue, second duor above Kortieth < . third Bonr. front Or would go in a g -ntlemau's family ji the above capacit/. A MOST irBhPKCTABI.K PROTB.STANT YOURO WO man wiabra a uliuiiun aa cook, wa her and iron?r, ui a Moall |iri?*ir "amUy. < *o girt) th- beat of city r'-fr: >;iicr from brr ln*i |ilur, ahar ? pho urn i tire* 7ran. Call ai lS?.i tlur bttwrm aod SM -u., momi'1 floor. ACAPAB1K WOK kit WANTN 1 HITCVTrO* AS rook ami Umu'lirna. Can eoae wrl! rr-orniueoded. < ?u he found ? lit W ' .-?*! at. ARK-rlrTAHI.R GIRL WI.s,{RS A RITVATIOS AS rb.iinbrnnaid or waitrr-w, baa nootjjr, two H a rr<jirct? Mr beaming bon-r. ?'? at 113 ?>ilUvan IL, ur k iter prra<at j.iacr. No 'I H'.'id at, lot rrfrrrno A RKSITtTABl K YOCBO WOMAN WAST* A SfTf . V noa to a rr-p'-rtablr :aamy. to cook. ? a.h a/<4 Iron. 1 ,0 ?ra tor bra) of c'.ty refrrrnce- Unix area lor t*u da?? at 136 at. ARK.-PRCTAKI.F, YOCRO ttOMAS WAVTS * HfTl' atn? a* ckitni '-'rajud d aprtraio family W no objrr t on to do pmio ??? mg or a'.tmd to i-iuldrru f br ' rn of tilf rafetfat< flrrn. I at. mi m? for tiro laya at ISo Kaat ltt!i at 4 siTrATioji w?vtt:d-?y a bkhpfu tvbi.e A ytiung w ma. *? *?anjau,raa and aur*>' ta wn..3g to a* ?uat m rliaoibrrwork aa4 mak>- bcratlf u-*fnl. linod citjr rr. f^-ror^a given. ('an br arro at bar prraent *m| toy W a, 91 ? eat 11 Lb ?(., brtwrra 3th and <*h a.rom-*. A FROTFBTAWT alRL W UTIR A PITIATION VS t-bamnrrmaid and *0 aaatat in w aalntig and iron'114, good 1 nj rrirrrctra gitea. ?'?a b? arrn, tram 10 A. St. to 3 I' M , hi l .'l 1 bai Hon at. A rtOTMT^HT NfR?R \K1MK V.VfsTllE. H UEaIUBI A a gltuaikm in a pmau-lamtly, whrrr tim children ?rr ?f-r two ?r Cirrs fr.?f? ofcl, 1* of r ral trmpor and an aata hlr dlapnanUjo, goud fOferauer# gjr#? Call for two iaya at li*,*/lirrenwich atrert to tb? ah ABITTATfO!* WA.VTKP-BT A RR?Hi:CTABI.E young w.inaf). ?* ' bauib<'< ra 1.1 ..??! to '?kr ? ara ot 1hiMfB ind do plain arwtaf, or in b? w^atnag and Mk t! apriraw am, t. Kr*t of rJty rrfrr?s..i ra for luMMatr /.i.i in rls,fc nr-? (-*ti a' lis *muli sL. i>rt*irn Or-ound Pact tie aU.. lirnuki>a ArMWV OtBI. riBsIRBi A -ITI"\TIOMAH XTIflt ii-.i-i araowrrar; <t><<>d rrronuoen lallo** givn < all at imi Mb ?rr . h?t? rrn Attk aid 3*h -'a. A in I |l ? 'ilRt. WAjrn A SITT ATrOR AS J\ ?h?ti.(<rniiai; aod nor ???l>rrao.l ir^Hirr. or to do ? wine i?'l an! nf Ibr lira; 'if ritjr rrlrrwi"-. I an hr arrn at * SM ?l. t,tfwe?ii rriisglrtn aod .Id atrniMM, 'irat ilnoi, front im?m. a 1*t on ir wova.v wanti a mtt \tio?c as i ook. J\ rijan.i.?r~ia.d ..r U'indr> ?? ta wtlbag to go 1 wr Ta .r<-? in ih? com irj Hr:or>-nca Ktrva Appijr at T6 fprmg irt , nrar Bn ^a.j for two doj* A .-nrATKi.V WARTKD-BT A P?<)Tr:-TA!?T OtRT ^V .? ?. an ! u? imu.i In th- iraaa.i.g ai"l iromag a^j. u.r Hn daja <: l?4 Waat awn. ?i. ArnoTMTAiT 'iiRi w?irtH a stn atior a? nnr^. in i-raprrtablr f?m It to jro rrr ,n<U or w io r, anil"- Work. 1 an b? ?r?t, !,,r two day at ?? K n? at. A MH,T Kt-PK'Tvni f TOtXQ W'OMaM WARTS A "iMiafimi aa Winter Of rhaaibOrMMl, I a rrapor'ali ?? >11111/, 1 in ir.? thr h.attrfeH. rf'tvitei fWm- < al' for -*0 te|? v an > ??* IVli ai . nrar la< arr A IWIilM Hill VMM A P'Tl'ATION to J\ 10 MM al hoi 1 ac wart in OMMll fMMl; W On ol>j?r; ion Kn aa wairr !n s Hr4 ra'r prlratr fa-'. (Iror 10 a anportor ImMl. or aa nur>-r, <n 10 d" piam arwia* App r at CM King at. Aro*rrr*\T uiri ww?k* k urn atio> aa iadr a n.ald ainl ? -?4?-tr??a <.a-irr*tandr .'rraamak ng ana hnlM'PWiiiig W'l'iid aaairt irhh rhamb-rwork kaa>br rte <>l rRf iffrrn rr < atl at "?jS Hna^waf, r rn?r id lltb !p l].r ti|>N a!< rjr at irr. AREfPF.l TABI.K TOI *0 WOMAR ? l-IIR.? A >TTVA mm (11 a |irl?it? tWiiUjr aa c?ok. ?? aabrr an l imnrr 1. cd 1 r r rrl'rriir* gl?rn 1'lrnar rail at Iwr act j'laea, ?T 1 *?>mrrea at.. Hn >klfa tor two ia>a. A -nTATinN W*!*TRD?BY A Mr*. MftRT Torvu ?irl a? . hunitv rlv>t<! an t aMMMTaaa. Hat ?b? >?<?? of riiy 1 rtrtrtir# irntBhar iaa>pla<>. Ia<|iiiraal X* Wrat VM 0., n?ar ?b ar A WH AMO* W A1TTF.0?BY A RROPWTT t RT.F CTRL, ^'\ toilo Ibr r.?, king. Waabing atui troa n? 'if a ani\ll prt ' if '?rru'.T *'<od rrt? r?frrrnr.- I'irar- rail al Ttt Wtm S'h at mp ikI liner, froet room. < aa br arra for two lay-. A YOt-RO WO*AR. WltO PRRPK< Tl,Y TVOWR aunla drraamak.IT g wlahra wnrt owl by thr da* : la i?f r*??rrlahlr rliara??rr. ar t ran fiirniah itrenl rmmmrndai ima f m ihoao for whom rtirfi rmrrly workni ran >r ar<-n ai 30 - prtrgal. ARR?P?TAR{.R YOf;\c? otRI. Wt-nri \ isfT naltoo aa rl>amb>ri?a?l aid < ? n-'rar or rhaoi h?t*nM and In aaatrt tn lUirwaak lr>* and (rutting; 1 an gira K< od I rforroro frma brr aat ptaer. i^otl ?i ;?g) Mmt at flral H'mr, froot room ApnTATTO* WABTRJi -A YOCBO 0Rit*AR lady nf rrry sood wturaiioa ahlo to dr> ii>a flaroi i-rdla wark. Ironing, m- *e . wlabra ??> find a attuatkm o a rranw ablr prtralr lamll.T. ?lw b#al of rrfrrrorrg gtvrn aqd ro-inlrrd In>iulra atH wlltet at . ftratwmr. srtr ATToit wa?tri>-by a prbbob. a- mvTJ? plain rook, untiora'asda bfrod making llaa I ha brat of ettr rrfatenrra !? a l'rw#*at. f'aa l>r ar?ft tor tw., la ? a ' 3 Wi at l.Vb a< . bt'woe* B?h and fth ara. A" sitFattov WARTBTV-HY A NMPRlTARLR WO man aa trood "mt. waabrr and jrotirr. 'kwwt eli< rafrr rnra In intrr nt US lf'b at. Mtwron mb a ad ;tli a rnn.aa, fan in' >rrp for two day a A "Itl'ATtOB WAirrfcD-BY A ntrRti WOBAjr. TfJ J\ do ki' hrn w.irk: la a iik) bakar an4 bn? rair ' aab?r and nyr ftoad nwri iw. In^iiirr aiH4 WratS'i'br , >>a ??rrn 9?b iOd b*h araBMB ft* twoilaf*. fot W<? rRFROIWOBAV r*OTt?TAT*. WIBUBR ? lii iailnn to'aka <air of 1 hlidrrn. I'ao gtar go?t rr 1 ? mum taibma App'j at 171 SF'h H ft?tr HI arm i? ill UK A rl 11 ?lttl| *f ? All a. V s ? WTTATllUM WAITKOuTrEH&LBS, FRENCH DREShWAKlMJ -A Phfc)ON WHO THO roughly uudeieUrd* dreiamaklng m nil Us departments acenrdin* to Pur<s tai-hoo wuthea to engage in fumi ? by u r day Plttw < h J at 2141Mb avenue. OITVaTTON WANTKD lOR van WASHING AND ironing Apply at ill) Molt s? SITUATION WANTED?IN A SMALL PRITATE KA mlly, to cook. wash aud Iron, or to take care of children wid do plain wwmg. Call at her present place, LM Weal Md it. OITU ATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED NUR3E; k~ haa been wet utn( lor two year*, thoroughly understands the care of an infant. Can be seen is the basement of 315 Sib arewu. SITUATION" WANTRD?RY A RESPECTABLE PRO. U?tut girl, as chambermaid or seamstress, run cut aud at ladies' die aaea. * ail for two daya at 18 Weat 24th at. SITUATION WANTRD?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, t? to do ehacaberwork and waiting. or lo take care of a child and do chamberwork. City reference given Can be set n for two nays at X! Weat Broadway, up stairs, brat floor. SITUATION WANTRD?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, as ec-ok. who perlecUy understands her business Haa iheveij beat of city reference Ha.-, no objection to asiUl with the washing md ironing. Can be aaen for two days at 149 lit a?., nt sr tith st., in the dry goods More. QITCATIOX WANTED?BY A TOO KG GERM AN, AB O porter or assists' t in a store, who speaks the K. gliah and Ki <-nch languages la willing t/> mak< himself generAIy naelnl. Beat ol reference gimi. Address >.'harles, 23t}9Chft. SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AH uuise. v h conii ? stent to take th? entire charge of *n ?nl itt from ii? birth. Can be ace.; for two days at &! 10th at.. Ii? wrcti sth aad 6th avenues. Cau produce the best testi monials. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT A BLR MIDDLE tiged wotuati as cook in a private family or boarding house', is a good <-ook, understands meat aud pastry, and is wiiin.g to assist in ihc washing and ironing (food city refer ences given. Cat: at M Madison st , lirst floor. SITUATION WANTRD?BY A PROTECTANT WOMAN, as '-hambe -maul and waiter in a small private funily 'i he best of reference gi\<n by her present employer, where she cau be seen. Please apply at 15 Nassau si., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE RNG li.-h Protestant young woman, aa nook, in a private family; has no objection to assist in the washing and Ironing. the I est of ciiy referenee< Can he seen at 85 2!d at., between Jd and Lexington avenues, tlurd floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL aa chambermaid and w aiter, or to take care of children and do plain sewing. Good city reference from her U?t place. Call tor two days at 14'J hast 2'.".h St., uear 'id ave. SITUATION WANTED-FOR AN EXPERIENCEP, highly recommended Protee'ant young woman, an excel lent thorough rook, bread and plain pastry baker, and a tir?t i as.- washer and ironer: willing and respectful. A;>p)y al lit '1 Clary St., UfUi door from Fulton, Brooklyn. SITTATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOM VN, AS good plain cook, good washer and ironer. haa uo objec tion to do general housework in a private family; has the beat of reference from her last place where she haa lived four J ears. Please call at 37 Essex at, for twe days, second floor, ack room. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO VERY RESPECT A 9 Me young women; one aa cook, washer and ironer, is a pood baker: the other aa w alter, or to do chamberwork and washing; has the beat of city reference. Please call at ll>9 East 13th st., near ;<d avenue, for two days. SITUATIONS WANTUD-BT TWO PROTECTANT O girls; one as cook, the other, a Scotch girl, aa waiter; they prefer goin? tot ether. Have citv references. Can be seen '.>r two dayr at 37 Tth at., corner of 1st avenue. TTTANTED?BT A TOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION, TO ?T do chamberwork and plain sewing, or to take care of children and do plain aewing. Can be seen for two daya at 199 West 26th st., between Wh aul 9th avs. TTTANTED-A SITUATION BY A COMPETENT NURSE, v ? la capable of taking the entire charge of un infant frem it a birth; no objection to dolight chamberwork or due washing Please call at lOU 6th avenue, near Wlh st, for two days, licst city reference TV-ANTED? BY A PROTECTANT WOMAN. A SITU A Tv Uon aa chambermaid; Ugs no objeeUon to ilo up ladies' mu?Ita?. Good reference. Cau be aeen at 108 likh st , Be Iivr'D Cth and Tth ares., aecnnd floor. WANTRD?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, with gofxi city reference, a aituatlon in a private fajuily aa chambermaid and tin? waali?r, or aa laundress. Can be teeu for tw o days at 129 West 15th st., uear 7th tv TTTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TV si'nation aa chambet maul and laundress or chamber maid and waiter, no objection lo live in New York. Cau be aeen at 145 Amity at, Brooklyn. \\'ANTED?A SITUATION, liY A YOUNG WOMAN AS M cook m a private family ; ia willing to aaais; in w.nhini: ?nd ir?> The beat ol city reference cau be given from her last place, when- aha haa Uvea three yean < 'all at Hit i ll'ary st., Brooklyn, second floor, back room. Cau be .sees i t two days. TfASTlkD-BY A RKSpEt TABLE YOCNC WOMAN, A ft altuation in a private family, hi coo*. wa?h<-r and Iroaer i h?* beat ol eny rcfeirnrc Irora her lam employer. Pleeae i ail at 452 "Hi av , cor. 34tb at., for two day., if not engage-l. T]f A N'TKI>?A UTTV ATION, AS COOK, WASHER AND ft Ironer, or ia rhum1 ermaid and eeatuetreaa. Reference ran be given. <'.til at Mra. Duff;No. 4 Morris au.iUu-J Door. I rent room. TE" AKTED-BY A RKSPECTA W.E WOM AN. A MT17A ft t.ot; Iok*A k wh and Iron. In a atnall prUan- fitnlly. in :i good plain conk, ran Iuralull the beet of reference from her ?at place. where *he lived three yeaia, Call at 181 i;th*t., between 1st and 2d atei. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a (ituatioa aa t.uree nod (carnitine*. Can havu good, reii reocc t'r- ni her laet eHuaUon. Iiaa no objc, iton to going iii'o thf country Addreaa. A. L. No 7 Healer air ret, urat floor, back room. TfANTEn-A SITUATION, BY A STRONG.HEALTHY tt youn* wum.ui. a* chambermaid aail plain eewer; baa no otyectjon to fo nnder laatrucUen U) do general housework In a airiall private famllr. Can bo eeen for thr? e Java, from ||> A. M to & P M.. at JbK Atlantic ?L, South Brookijn, room No. *1 back room. second Boor Tl'ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A 01RL. 14 YEARHOK tt age, to '.akc < ar<- of children or to do general bouacwork (.1 a amail private family, ha* lived in her la?i place on.- flood reference Cm be ?een for ibre ? daja.if not engaged.j? IB Lib at., betemm and T'i> avenuea. Tl*" ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOM\K, A ft al'.uau-m aa cook or chambermaid; <* a good waahcr an<l ?oer Can be Bern at M Llrtageton eL. Hn-oblyn. lor two ?I eya. Tf ANTED?BY A YOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN. A tf auuaUoa ea chambermaid end aeamatreaa. or children a norae In a private family. Can be aeeu at t; West >? at.. I * two da;a ?r ANTED?BY A RKSPECTABLK PROTE."!TANT jount' woman, a actuation aa chainhemukid and aeant ?'re??. or to take care ul children. would have no objection to a Ilttie fine wa.htig and trnnlnff Beat of city referenue. Can be aeenfortwo dayaatAli Bank at., near Waveriey pi. TY^ANTED-A SIT! ATION AS NCRSE AND MRAM ft atreaa, by aateaily. aobi-r woman, Jeraey City prrlerrnd. Add! cm Mra. Rtfera, :k)8iiaaei at., Je/eey City. YlrA!t7 ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCTAHI.E PRO ft teaUn! womau. a* aeametreae and rhauib'-rtntld tan "itre the beet of teference. ||aa Ii?'-d eweer,!! yeare in one plate P>a?e addreea *. H , boa ltd lieraid <mca. TI'ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO LADY, TO ft < o>ik. wawi and <r< n. CltT ref retici- glreo. Call at ?< MTf?' l-.Nl, at., vaennd floor, back room. TV'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MlDDI.K AOED W<> ff loan who >inder?tanda her buaineita. a aituau .n ?? ivik , ) a private family, beat cR; referencee tl?tn. Inquire a' i bompaon *U. in the rear. Tl'ANIKD?BY A RE^PKfTABLt VOI Nil tfOMNN ft a altiuttMin aa chambermaid, waaher and imtwr and ia * iirel rate laundreea and underatandu Frcneb Anting perte< t <, and would hare no objection to tak" care of eblldr>-o and do plaia arwlng. can (life the very beat of city r?/eren> e Can be aeen for two day* ai 9t culliv?n et , room IX 11'ANT*D-A UTT ATIOR, .BV Vtlt'NO (11RI. Afl ft cbaml?erniaid and water, ?o tak< care ol children. ?ii>ly a' her t r? ?ent emplaver a. 56 Hirl' rmon at Il'ANTED-A SITfATION, BY A f: RSI'KCT ABIE ft jo'rn* aoman. tn do the tereral bo.i-?*ark a amali f<mlly wci'ild do clani>erwork and wait.r.* city refereocee. Cr mtrSKle#*. Tf ANTED-BT A RKSPKtTABI.E m tfT' lf WOMAN, ft a ?1*o*'inn a? r-ok. w*?h-r and Ir- n>-r in a email pn . ate family ??od ett; referetere glvea. Appl;. at 'J&t. rtwner ul ".eh aveirie 11? *NTED?BY A TOOO W(.MAN, * SlTt ATIOE ff aa Mirae ia tbnrnufbly meapMrnMo take clk<ree nf an -flkn' fr?nn IU blrh or a? rhambenim I ?r, I * -li^r th. b?| of city i*feT?oce can be ftven. P)eai* sail ai Ita W XM ?t IVANTHD-* SITrATJON. BY A Y0C*0 COtoRED ft tiria* waiter or to take care of children ('..['tor ??,? d?; ? *? ?' ? I'^treen in and 11 o clock. WaNTTD-HY a SM\RT ^OrNli tlliu., A '-ITCA ff MIH take care of I htldr? o and eew o- in r-Uaaiber work, unleratanda embroklery ? aj at Itf Rli/al>#ai at. iom HI tl'ANTED- -ITt tTION, HY A RKSPf . TAMLE \t>| Jft; ft w, roM to do thejreneral hooaeaorn In a "mall |.rlva'e f?mlly; l? a *'?>d waaher and ironer, tall I' r two daya at IM Kl./abetb at . firel tV?.r. t* iha l?ar Oon4 tef?r?nre \I*ANT?.D- * SfTI" VYION BY A RRSPRcrAMJi ff jennt fir '<? b-< hamterwork or waiting or "> do g^-nr ral boo.ework In a prtf ue MMi hae 5;o> d reterene* from ii?r aat place w! et? abe lived t? o y<ar? Pleacall a" IIW Mat .Hh at. ANTUD?A WTtTATIOX BY A REOPRt T \ ItLE WO men,?? cook. t? a *n??! babe' and nadenKanl? pa?try. Hae ar< f>Si<rti< n to ??>.?? It. th* waehlng. tlood cRy refer eiw?e rail a* I'#' Weat SKd it. TIT \NTED?A f-ITtATION BY AN EN(,f.lHII WOMAN, ff n a t-elvate ftmilr. to rm-k. wa*1) and iron, ami t>aka if rewired, the i>?et of ett; r?feren?e. fall nt 1)4 Moiberry ?? |lr.r two ilt't TJL" ARTED--BY AN AMV.HU AN MMl A flrTC tTIOj* ff a* rhlld ? nur<e and ?eamatreae or a* rli*mt-?roiatd tnd waiter No obrt'ina the coitatry > an be ?>-en for Wo deva at 3* Weat Zlat et '-etween Mh and <Ub av< WAMIINt. WAXTi D~R? A REePECTABLE W<>MAN ? ho thoroughly Bderelnnda he h'Klneaa: linn don? ? ae'i nj mat. ? y?ara far iter living. A few genue-n^n ? or fbmiMea' aaahlng wanted. Pleaae call of ?ildre?a i;w Weat Xvl et.. for A 11 m TMf AEWD?BY A RK-PKI TABLE r;IEL. A srrc\ ff tima to <ki litst chemberwork ewl tak< ea-eofa '>at?; in a mb:i11 amtly App.y at *?4 Weir lt.ih ??. Uf A^TED-A MTT ATIO* BT A YOCNO WOMAN, TO ff -aba rare r4 c htblrea Md do t?lala tMHMM I'lfht - ham hevw' > fM be eeeitM VI, bOTner of llood vd-i?t 't? , >err ad floor back room TEf ANTED?BT > VOI v. Wcv\\ A 'flT ATION AS ff cbainb'riT.* I e:id-< a ? ,-i ih-1 e wa-h)nr an-l iron Inr 't to d i chambe-i^-,.ek n i a . ? t g - ^oid k?e n<> non "o'eke cere f rh.ldrea Can fl<-? tt?>- im ?< of r-iir rw P Mte te.l a' No. 12 Amttf '!ac,. I I -I ... ?eea foe ?w ? da-? v\ ?rape-etiME 8 ITU ATI ON H WAATKDuVEMiLEN. WA.NTKD- A SITUATION. BY A EESPBCTAULK jouiig Ctrl, to do chamber work ud plain ?< -wing or

woud <lo ibe nousework of a email aud respectable pnwtia lxrut!jr, ha* the beai of city reference from her la?C place, where the hat brad over two years Please apply at 173 Wml Ilia iC, between 7<h and Mb avenue*, for three lay*. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION, TO take care of rhildrt-n Is capable of instructing ihrm iq ih- English branches. Willing to make herself generally use ful. fall for two <lajs at 212 Madison at, la the rear. WAN*! ED?A SITUATION, AS WBT NURSE. BY A respectahle y<?ur g wuniau. Good city reference. Ap ply at 47 Ames St., tor two day*. ri/KT NURBE.?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN Yw want* a cluid, u> we; nurse, at her own borne. Apply st (57 4th st. tlfANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT T T young woman, as nurse and seamstress. or would at tend an invalid lady, has no objection to travel with a family. Good city can be given. Please call at 320 Bower/, corner cf Hleecker street. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl to do general housework, or chamber-, h rk and waiting ui * small family. Inquire at 89 Moi tou at-, lor two days. TXTANTKD?A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS COOE; 11 one h ho understands rnokiug In a'I its branches. Good waqes expected, as tbe applicant is fully competent. Satis lactory reference giyen. Adores* 183 hast. 23d at., between 1st and 'At avenue*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG PROTES TS taut ti. rinau gill, 10 do cbamberwerk and waiting, or to tske care of children, in a small private iainily. Call at 144 21si st., near 3d avenue for two days WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid and plain sewer, or to mind chil dren. or to do ibe housework ol a small family. Uood city re ference*. Call for two days at 129 K**t litb st. Wanted?by a respv ota blr oiri., a situ a turn to oo geueral housework., ibe Is a first rate washer and ironer. Best of city reference. Call at 310 7th av., be t m en 31st and 32d SUl TVT A NTED?BY TWO SISTERS, SITUATIONS. TO T T travel to New Oi leans, one as lady's maid, the other as child's uumc, wages not so much an object as a respectable arid kmd family Best of reference*. Can be aeeu at 114 West lltli St., in the basement, for one week. IITANTED-BY A RESECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA T v Uon as seautre**, or as chambermaid and to do plain sewing; lias good city reference. Call at 320 27til st.. between U'tii and llth avenues. ?firANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS 11 chau. bermuid and waiter, or to take care of children and do cbiunbern ork; can be aeeu at her last place, where site baa lived two years aud a half. Call at 172 1st avenue, where she c m be seen for t?o days. TITANTEI)?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, fv a situation, in a private family, us chambermaid, or as chambermaid and laundress, understand* the business thoroughly; the most respectable city references can be given. Inquire in the dry good* store. 1W 3d av., between XM and :?d at*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, in a private family, as cook. 1 he best of reference given. Apply at M) Weal ISrtli at. IITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE tt young woman as rirst rate cook. The moat unexcep tionable reference can be had from her last employer, where site has lived four years Please apply tor two diys at 76 West 24lh St.. near t>th avenue. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, a situation as chambermaid and waiter or to do cham ber work and plain sewing. Call at 300 Hicks st., Brook lvn. firANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT young German girl, as chambermaid; the bea'of city refer* me given. To be ?eeu at 70 West 17lli St., near 6thave nue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITUATION as chambermaid and w aiter; no objection to do fine w asking and ironing. Mas goo 1 reference from her last place. Please call at 61 7th av , between 2tttft and 21st st*. TENANTED?A SITUATION, RY A RESPECTABLE Tv young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or as chain bermald and to assist in the washing and ironing, fan be seen at her las! place, 10 Bond *t., Brooklyn, for two days. VITA NTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE *T young girl, us cook, washer and ironer, and understands baking. has t wo j ears' relerence from her Uit place. Can be seen at 346 6th avniue, in tlie rear. IIr A NTED?IiY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A Tv situation to do i hatnberwork and wailiug; can assist in lire washing and irouing, and understand* French (luting. The I est of cit) reference can be given. Call for two days at 116 West 32U st., comer of 7tli a- cnue, up *ta-r?, first back room tlTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOfNO W^MAN. TT a situation aa waiter and chambermaid. no objection to assist in washing an I iroriic Can be seen from 10 to four 0 clock. Apply at 79 East .vtli at. ?WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO TAKE washing to her own residcuee; can do it lti the neatest manner. Apply at ??< Eorfjth st , in the rear, room 2. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' TT o'good educaticn a situation to do general housework in ? reipec'abl* family ; is a good washer and kroner. Cat. at her present employer a, 142 West 2lst TITANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA ?T tmn as aeanisti-i ss, to work by ike day to geiileal iami lies. Can be seen for tw o days at 137 West Slat st., i>ear7tli ave. TIT A NT* I)?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO tt do the housework of a small family; is a good plain cook, and first rate washerand Ironer; reference given. Alao a sit uauon wanted as chambermaid aud nurse, reference given. 1 .n be si en until engaged at s; jj,i hetween 3d and Isl ington svs. Tl* ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTK8T ANT TT gtrl. a situation In a private family as cbambermtid sid plain s?wer. Can be (cen for two dhays at 2yi Hast li>b si . lop tloor. YETANlKD?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT )ouug girl, to *o rhamberwork and assist in wsiuug, or d<> ti'aln ^ewlng. Best of city relerence given. Apply at 4M I8th ??., between S(h snd 6th avs., for two days. 11'ANTKIV-SITUATION*. I* A PR1VATR PAMtl.Y, M bj twocompel, ni girl*. on" aa good rook; unlersraud* the na king of all kuida o' no ate, poultry, aoupa, ami baking of w veiy d'arrlptloB, tb? other aa tirat rau- cb-itnberinaid and . anwr' -a; both ere ricelM lanudrBaa'a. <ioo.1 ci<y reler ener. Pl< ??<? rail for I wo 'lay* at 119 Writ'JMI1 at. uenr 7lh ate. They ha\? Do objeotlon to go a ahort dlatance to lh>* eountiy. It* ANTE??A BITTATlON, BY A TOl'NO WOMAN. AS M ook, nuderatanla paetriea, jeUiaa, lamr ami aoup. and all klr.d* of dlah'-a. Hbe ran gtv e the ino.t a*uotacl>>ry city re f?-r< t.ce fan b< ?ern for iw? daya at 376 Id art , between ?MU and I?h >U- i TV AlfTKI>-A SITUATION BY A PROTSSTANT OIRI., ?1 k> rhambei maid and plain ecwer. or to aaaixl In wiah tng and ironing. Can be aeen tor two d?)i at .Vo. 174 W?t 27? ?t rtr a.ntkd?a rkhpritari.r wabiitnu, YY or a lady* or gentleman a by ? reapaatahle woman, lo lakrt i h- i owu houae la a ttrat rati *?bw iind Irmier ran I ireaatlalactory <lty reference* > au lie arm an) time. )'le*.e i xll ai N> llaniei il?-y at., four door* from lludaon, In the far. AXTKC-A MTU AT!OK, BY A YOU NO WOMAN, TO bouaework; la a food waaher ioi inxiw. and good city reference. Apply ai No. l-i third doo'.froro the corner of Smnh and Butler (U . Brooklyn, brut (loir, up aiatra. back rum 11* \?Titr?-?r a vocnq wom \x. a hitc %tion to YY do general bouaewnrk in a email private family. Oood r.oaaher lajt pimet. Oall ai IW Wm Rib at. tl'ANTKn-A HTTt'ATIOR, BT A RRRPRcTABUC Y? juting girl to do general bouaework In a amall private lamlly. or would do rhambcrwork and Ukr rare of i hiidren < all ai ST" Wrat I7th at for Hndaya UITASTKD?BY A YOl'RU WON\N OK RK?tPRcTA I bility a ?i"iatioii aa rook. would bfi w III hi* to *aal?t with ?he waalting and irontnr CaB be ?"M at 11- Kaal llih at, for two daya II bet engaged. ll'ARTKD-A SITUATION, BY A TOCXtl WOMAN. ?? aa chamberm od .tod ? a ier no ohj-riaja to a?a.?t ItMM caelum. u?J Ironing Ilaa (our yeara' city reference trurn her la?t placr Can be ?eeo tor two daya, If not cached, at m 11th at , between ,'xh and filh aveane*. AMTRD?A MTUATION AH Nt'R*K. BT A PRO teatant woman, who la capable of taking charge of a baby from Ha birth, or would lake car* <4 children Bod do P ?in eewtng < it) reference can b< givcu Can be art u (or ?wo daya at <2 "tb avenue H'VMTKIV-A MTU At ION, BY A PROTK.trAMT f ? yoiinit woman aa chamhrrmald and plftiB aewer. and to do fine wuahirf. thoc n?hl> iinderatantla her bwatneoa Hu K'od city reference < as be area for two daya at Hl*h avenue. 11* ART*(V?BT A RRM'KCTABI.R TOCRO WOMAR. A f T aitoaiiOfi aa wanwr. or rhambermalrt mul waiter Haa no i bjanion myoa abort dlatanre in the rotmtry. Meat of eliy refer< iw-e ran li? kiven. l'1-aae rail at Ho. 14 Bolivar at., third hou?e from TliWy, Brooklyn. 11'ARTRI>-A SfTPATIOR. BT A VERY RKSPP.<T\ O ble *lrl aa laandreaa and rbambermaid, la aa excellent waaher and a llrat rate ahirt ironer ran do tip l*<liea floe mualia* and all klnoa of French flutln* and crtmplaff. or wi.ntd to out >rwtrn be the week or day. Ilaa the l>?at of rtiv reference tmm her laat plaro Call for two dava at .*o. i^Raet l?h v 1VAVTRO-A HITt'ATTOR A? CHAMRFRM ilD ARD Tf wai'er, by ?e who underata ida her buatn. ?? oerfertly no Ot.jeett^n to do chamber a ork or waltlnf In a re^pty iable bowrulng home Beat rlt y reference glee a. tall ai2U*th a>e. between .'Hh and Tfith Ma. \irji\TKIv- BT A YOt'MO OlRf,, BKTWKKN U A!KO YT Mjraraof a|r. a altuatloo to takr rare of rhildrea in a reepectable private family t all or addreaa 21; Bowery, room Id car br ae> n until acilted TJPABTKD- a MTVATroR. BT * fX>MPKTRRT TOrRO Yf wi man aa hild a nurae ai.d aeamaireaa, or tj gn out by the day, week or month to do ?ew inn. alao ran rut and make children a drwa, hea no objection to the country. 1'ieaae apply at "S Charlton at in the rear. WARTKD-BV A KRf-rKtTABI.K K.Rt?t.t?H (Mm. A atlua'lon M nurae a?d aeamaireaa. to (o Honth, <tr la wtll I Ink to travel anywhere wlih a family, or would ?n aa lady'a maid la tond of rhlldren. aad nnderaianda hair drewdn* (Jood reft renre from her nre?ent employer* Call for twj day* a1 29 t?ld all;i, from 10 to I P M TV ARTTH?BY A Rr.?PKCTABf,K PR'iTP-tT \RT YY tlrl. aaltuatlo? aa cook: would aaaiat m waabln^ la ra n?bla of doing all kind* of oa.king Ilaa rireiieni ret. irrm her laat plare Call at Xl Weat l.tth at . between , Wh aw or* for two daja. ?TARTKT>-BT A mRHP*CTABI.R WOMAN, \ arte* TY two a* firwt (???? rr*.k. tinder*t?nd? her litiameaa In all Ita'ranrhee I* Willing O aealat m all the eoarte waahlng beat of rttv reference. Pleaee call at ,ti Sd araaue. hetwren IMh 171b ??a ferrneea >h a?l Tt/AnTKP- RY A MKfTFi'T *BI,K TOfNil W.)if?<? . TY ap inllon aa rhamhermaid ai d to do > ?, , , , lrvn,m?. the beat of rtt| reference. Can 1* *eao f,,ri?? da?? at l.Ht KMrldfe at rl' *5TFI>-BY * RRRPRCTABI.r YOCrti \ TY ettnation aa ? nambermi I c r .. lo o r,*, ? w.llit J ton ak< he ?e I grte-ali . <? , ,, m |.<li f _ U'Al?1 r i?-B* N HiH\X \HniA . ? ?? I'-eV t> 'to r* i* *a?n?, a >t irwir ?f|. ,tndee S FTP ATI OH 8 WMTBDUIIIll&UM' XI: ANTED?A blTCaTION, BY A KKHI'KCT&UlJt TT girl. to do housework, she la a good plain oookan I hrst rate waeber and ironer The beat of *11/ reference, two y?ars la Ler laal piace PLeaae call at No. 2 Amos at., uear Mh ave. T\rANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, BY A T T i eapectabis youeg girl, ha* no objcctlon to take care of children. ami la willing to make herself generally useful. Good refeteaoe. Apply at UT Aditiiw at, Brooglyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A KK8PKCTAIILR ) ouuk w omau, as tint rate cook, is a good pastry cook, and washer and irouer, the bent of city reference. Please call for Iwo dara at Mo XI Warren ft , between Uicka and Celum but, Brooklyn, br?t floor, back room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITTIATION us laundress or to <lo chamber work and washing. Ap ply at No. SO Kiui ZUi Ml, her last place, where aha ha. lived live years. WANTKD?A STEADY SITUATION, WITH A RESPECT able private fsmilv, aa dressmaker and aeamstreas; < %u eml rolderand dress hair: perfectly ond?ralsndn her business; has tbe beat of city reference I'l8:i*e address a note or call at No. 362 7th ave , betweeu 83d aud 3Sd au?, tor two daya. WANTED-A bITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE i? young woman, an chambermaid, and to do washing and ironing, or would do pl*in cooking; the beat of city reference can be giver Call at 9b 20ih at , between 6th ana 7th a. ea , can be ceen I or two daya WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO T Y rook, waah and Iron for a it mall private lamlly, or would be willing to do the house work of a small family . ha* good ciw reference frotu her U?t place. Apply at No. 9 6ih at., second floor, front room. WANTKD?SITUATIONS. BY TWO GIRLS. IN A BE epectable family, one aa cook, washer and miner; the other aa chambermaid and waiter. Hat* good city reference, fan be *? en for two daya If not engaged, at 113 Sullivan at X\T A NT E D? A SITUATION A8 COOK AND TO WASH v? and Iron, or to do general housework. by a very expe rirnccd gtrl, with good city reference. Call at 97 HKh at, west ot 6tli avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and lautdiesa. la a good plain cook and an excellent wat>h?r and ironer. no objec Hon to Kri'Oklyn beat city reference. Call at No. 4 Coeuties ?Iip, between Pearl an>l Wa'er ata. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOU NO WOMAN, AS chambermaid or nurae aid seamstress; abe can lake tbe full charge of an Infant. Best of city reference from her last place, where she lived three years. Apply at '.T 12th St., corner o( University place. Tl^ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOjghfc' A t ? situation a? seamatresa, c?n cut and nt chiMreu'wWeases and do all kit da of family sewing, would do light otnber work. Good ci'y reference. Apply at No. 1 Downing street, corner of Bleocker. WANTED-A SITUATION TO TAKE CARE OF CHTL dren and do plain sewing. Good city reference. Can be t,een at 30 Kaat ldth st , near Broadway. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG OIRL. A situation ng chambermaid or laundress. Has no objoe Ion to do general housework in a small family. Can be seen jT two days at 'JO Reade st , second floor TV-ANTED-BY AN EXPEBIENCED WOMAN, A SITUA V? Hon as cook in a private family; she perfectly under stands her business in all Its branches. Has the best of city re ferences. Address No. 242 tith avenue, between 15th and 16th a recta. XTTANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO DO THE TT cooking, washing and Ironing of a email family. Apply at '294 Union street, South Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITU A1ION, BT A RE8PECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and to assist in washing and Ironing, or to do general houxewerk. No objection to go a nhort distance in the country. The best of city reference can be given. Inquire at No. ( Horatio st. WANTED-BY A HEXPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A situation as seamstrees and chambermaid. Anolv at ."05 West ?M st., between 9th and ldth avenues, tier last place WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS nurse and seamstress, or as chambermaid and seam stress. Can be seen at her last place, 629 Washington at. TV ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as cook, washer and ironer, or to do ge rera 1 housework; can produce good city reference. Can be aeeu for two dsys at OfO Houston st., room IS, fourth floor. X\TANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO v Y do <-l.aml erwoi k tu.d sew ing, or general hmisework. in a sriiail lamily. Can be seen for Iwo days al '242 Hudson av.t 1'iooklyn. second floor, aecond door from John si WANTED-BY A CAPABLE WOMAN. A SITUATION TT a- ok at rnd pa?tiy cook In a respectable boardinghouse; the !>e?t of city reference will be given from her last omiloyer, wb'-re die tua livi d for several year* Plea*e Ca'.ll at 111 I.aurriu*l. near Piince, in the fancy eiore. "XI'ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A OITUATIOV AH TT oook washer and Ironer. or aa chambermaid and waiter. Apply at 314 Monroe *1. corner Corl iers. WANTED?A MTU Al ION, IN A PRIVATE EAMIf.Y, as chambermaid and to ?aai(t to wa?b and iron: can wait tl ncee -ar;.; ia a good plain aewer, is snmrk and obllg Ing, be?t of cllv reference. Can be seen at 191 1st ave.. be tween ll'h and l'Jthste. "11 rA NT ED?BT A RESPECTAKLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT sltuatixn aa cii.imbermaid and waiter or to do chamber work and washing, bent of dt.v reference given <an be ae?-n lor three davs, If not engaged, at 131 3d ave., betwnen 1 tdi and 15th ata. Tt"ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ' ' young woman, as seamstress and >o do llxht chamber work, or take care of children; can cut and lit children'! clothes Has /ond recommendations from tier last plare. Can be seen for two dsys at VM West 'JHk st , third door from l(th ave. tl'ANTKD?t SITUATION, BY A VERY COMPETTNT TT person, as first class cook In a private family, uuder Stands rooking in all Its branches; would be willing to assist In Ibe wsehuig. Best city reference. Can be eeen at 4? Uth st . between I'uiveraity place and Broadway. T\TAXTBP?A SITT7ATIOX BT A PROTRHTAXf QIRU ?* aa chambermaid. or U> lake earn of children. Apply at Weat ?ld at., at her preeeol employer ?. TV"AXTlSr>-BY A RFSPECTABM! PBOTE8TAXT '* young woman, a aitiiatlon u ft rut r Itu rook. under eiand* her t>u*lnr?- perlnctly; haa no tAjootion to do nan of washing *n<1 trotting. tlond city reterence < 'all at ITU K?t Ed ?l , betwern tut and M a?r*. for taro day* nrAKTKD-A srrrATio* as wet m/rse; ciiii.d f? fire twki old. Brat of rrference and do objecjoa to lo nlltjr. Apnly at M Newark ave , Jeraey Cvy, or addrraa llclro. IlrraJd office, for tiro day* TJfAKTKD-A RrTtATlOW, BT A RKSP1KTABLS PRO " u-ftani ctrt. to da chamber work or i<Aa<'r*l bou ework lo a email private family. Goad rltv reference can beglrnn. i'uiM arm far la e day a at <M 6th ave, between 36Ui aad ru> WH|AKTRD?A KTTCATIOK, BY A RKftPKOT t BI,K Smte?'*ot glrL aa ntirae or waiter. Pleaae Inquire at l?l Weat lfith at., botwren 7U? and ?Hh atcouea TlrA NTBD?BY A BR8PRCTABI.E TOCKO WOMAN. ?Y a situation aa aeamatrea In a private family; *h* tho roughly undrralanda aJI kind- of family aewlng, ran rut and make boya' r'oUira. understand* Oreaamaklntf perfectly, and I on lo lip lace unit embroidery, aa xlao French fluting Hood r? commendations from brr la?t place. Can Im arm fur two day* at 111 hatirnw at, littween Princn and Hpring at* WHHANTKD-A HITCATIOlt, BY A RKBPE/TABLE girl, aa chambermaid. or chambermaid and wa?trr. H*? good rrfarrorr from ber laat place. Can be aeeu for two day* ?i I?1 Tillary at, < orner of Prince. Brooklyn. WHHANTRn-A KTTrATIOlf. BT A BESPK'TABLE young per*on, aa nurar, ruber to take care of a vim j baby or (piun rhodren, tn a raapectable private family Pteaae rail or addrra* at 123 Weal I2ih at., between 9tli and (kh avrnuea UMNTRD-A srrrATIOX BT A RESPKCf ABI.R young woman, aa chambermaid and asameUaaa. or in irke rare or children. or do fine waahlnr and Ironing. Planar n ICQ M avenue, between 13th and I tth at a. U'ANTK.r>-A MTCATIOR BT A HKSpKrTARt.R yr lift noroan. wbo lived In her laat plar? flee rrara, in ?*<. the work of a email faintly. noob)?rtton* io ma dl? '?"<? In the ronntr*: the beat ?f rliy rrferencr ran be ?l?e?. r ? aar call at U UreetM at Uf A'?!*!?, BT TWO RKtfmTABC.R yottre women onr taafiratrate cook and flrnt rate * . her and Ironar. or to take tharce <if a lanndr*. th. nth" ?? i tiambrrmald or waiter, can (fire (nod rrfrrmwr (or Uvir .1 ?e*en yeara aetritude I'leaae call at 80 Lalgbt at., for t?? d?ya. l|TA>'TPn-A SITfATtOlf. BY A TOITVO WOM*\, ?? who 'a a l<rat rate rook, waahrr and Ironer and <in1?r I'd* her hnatneae In all l?? braeche* llaa U>rrr ?e?r? rr i# rrtire P!? ?aa eai; at S&1> Jd avenue heiwecn ad an I ZVi at*. UfANTKn-ltV A BWPBfTABI.K TOCVO WBI.CU woman a alt nation aa plain ct?.k or ch irn'rrm^ll ia t ti ra?e family. Call, for two dar*. at Jfo ' rh<>ri ? ulreet, CrNltl* *<itiare. U'AXTKD-A MTCATIOB, BT A RWPRCr\BI.C jo'li f elrl In do light rhambrrivnrk and ?rwmg In a ? rr.a'l nrtrate family. The h<-?t of clir relerrncr* given X,? I.I rctlnn to *'???' m rwktag Plra*e aroly al n Hiarlr* ?i e. t, near Blrerkrr atreet ivtn he ?e?n for two day* UrANlUlt-BY A HKHPRi" TOCNO Wf>v AX, in a t'rtra'e lamily. a aftmilon a* nurae or to do oUin ?ewlng,or a4*M In tbambrrwork. or would he capable <j i-kli g rare of a l?aby trom It* Wrth grinA ritv r-'rr?nr^ fan i r *. m lor iwo day* at IUI Rim *t Advariiaer la a l'rot?*t W ABTRD-A StTI'ATION HT A VRRT RrtTK^TA T? hie ?om*? ** ho'iaekeet rr In a ^rniiemao'- famllv; ?.? t o? cgy reference gl- en. Addie'* t. H . I'nton ? Iiiar.- r-wt "tHev Ur VRTP.r ?A SITI ATTOS f'OOK ANI1 TO A?I?T m w??M"ff and Imr i' g or *? laimdre*?. by a young wo an ?I o le t''rfertlv catiahle. Beat of reference Apply at I er t.rr*ent p'nee W# S'n at. UTANTPft?A MTtJATIOH A* Dl AMIirRW UI? A VD f? in if MM in waahtnc and Ironing, br a renprctahlr per "ti wh<. ran a ??> a'teml to yont.a ladHia. fiavln* lakrn aev ral V*4M In Mntrriatnf Hr'fera o prraent employer. Innulrr in drug ?? ore c<* Broadway, corner of tih at. 11' kBTKD?HT A!* *MRRfr*ff OIRU A STTCATTOR M to do < hamberwock and plalij aewlng In a private fami ly. Iteat of rlty tefrrrnoe. fall al 93 Ooureneur at. UT AXTRD- A HfTPATIOK, BY A RKftPFcTABI.r. WO man. al>e nndrrviar d- her luiainea* In ennking w tailing and Irnning llaa 'he beat city rrOraree. Pleaa* call for two day* at 71 Oreetie rt., between Hprlng and Itroome, in the rear. Ut'AHTF.n-BITTATIOJIR. RV TWO RKtJPKCTARI.R YY Pro'eetatit girla: one chambermaid and arammreaa and In embroider the o'ber aa i bambi-nnald and *>-am?'rea? and tn *aeial I" w*?bKig *nd Ironing. Brat of city refe-ence* glvea Pleaee apply at II Amdy plare, In the rear Can !?* aeen for 'wo dayatf mil encaged U,T ABTEn-BT^rT'iORfTwoMAX. A PTTCATIOX IB Y* a genteel family to do chambrrwork and flue washing and Irotilnir or cb*mbrrwork *nd wabinf; 'nllr competent In rai h ? apaclty ?e*t cltv reference given IMra*e r?U gt 41 av corner <th *1., third floor, back room To be aeen for two day* 11* A BTRD * ?tlCATIOJ*. BY A BF8PM T* iTTk iiTrT. vl lo do honve* <wk for a email family Beat reference* feaer call at 3ftT Tth avenue between Md and ,\1d *ta TJL'ARTBl'?n> A YOCBU WhKaN \ in *T|oX~ii vY olain cnok la ? food aaeher and Ironer. la wil'ing to maWf her?ell g?tier?lly uaeCnl. H?? gord rltv refnrenee fan be aeen a? H? Tiny *? eerond t'oi*, for twoikaya U'\sfvn ~ni *Tin*. ht ? Yorjro (im~Tn do ctciifilier >'r ;i-v*ewr.i-k In a ania'l pp|*"ale f?inliv '? ? ?..!? ? . ? k i d g *t'ii?? a i.| it.mer li*< ?.?.! ri r rr , , I?tl> verfi tor !?,..( I a a' 11 I V I a' . ??.??? ,.,.i - i ? ? a , i(*t I ' or frm t n A LADY'S MAID WASTED?OH* WHO CAN UKNHH hair, make dnsac* do fine and brlu* um-ioeo tituable icfereuccn. Ayy'y at ITS Broad ai.. comer 11th aU LADY'S MAID IS REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY, T?? go to Savannah She must be French or Kiwlish. and a Protectant. and thoroughly understand her busiaeee. Apply al 149 Grand street. CHAMBKRMAID. LAUNDRESS AND WAITS? GIRf. wauled One thai itndersiands her buaintfs, ??1 Is will iug to make herself useful with good city idereucf. uu?r *41 ply at 24 East 15th at Wsges >6. C"tOOK WANTRD?ONK WHO UNDERST \NDS MR > tiualnens thoroughly and la a good washer and irmer eh 4 must be Muirt. tidy and respectful, and hare the fetal of city relerence. t'al) atl* WfH 43d *r COOK, WASHER AND IKONKR WANTED?A OOM petent woman, either English, German or colored, may apply at 03 Baal 36th at rOOK. WASHER AND IRONKR WANTKD?IN A amal! private family, she must understand her business well; no other need apply. O.ill at 101 Weattfd A., betwaem Broadway and 6th ave. tiood references required aa to capa bility and honeaty. COLORED SERVANT WANTKD?AS COOK AND laundrers In a email prirate family Good city will he required. Apply at JJ3 rear! at., up stairs, between 9 and 12 o'clock only Milliner -wanted, a GOOD milliner, also a jourg lady to iearn. Apply immediately at No. 5 Blmck er h?. XTCESE WANTBD. ? ONK WHO UNDERSTANDS TAK J.> ing care of children, and a good newer; Protestant nut preferred Undoubted icffrence aa to character requirijd. 1 all at 16 West I"th at. SIUKT HANDS WANTED.?SHIRT HANDS WANTED immediately, at Jackson A Purdy's, 459 Broadway. Steady empioj ment ihreugh the winter aeaaon, and high arioas I Hld for food rands. Noue teed apply except those wfLtchn work in the factory. Twenty young girls wanted-at cm broad way. Wages 91 a day. Apply from 10 to 12 to day. WANTED?SEVERAL I.ADIES1 DRESS AND SOFT cap makers, to whom steady employment and beat al wngest paid, for good hand* it will be an object A few rn speciahle apprentices taken, ut Richmond's, 1ST Broadway, oppofite Metropolitan Hotel. TTrANTED?A WET NURSR, WITH A PRESH l!BK AST VV of milk, who can bring good city reference. Pleaae call ou Tneedar and Wednesday, Oct 28 and 29, at 96 6th a*., corner of 16th ?t., between 10 and 2. WANTED-A GERMAN PROTESTANT WOMAN, DF good character and temper, as chambermaid, Ac., la a family of three persona; one who sews well aad understands Imirdreaalsg can find a permanent home and kind treatment, by applying at 21 West 12th at., near 7Ui ay. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A WET NURSR. ONK that can come with a full and fresh breast of milk aad well recommended as to health and disposition, may apply at 120 Dean st , Brooklyn. WANTED-A SERVANT GIRL OF ALL WORK. AP ply at 750 Broadway. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A SEAMSTRESS, ?NE who understands dressmaking perfectly. Apply la East ItOth st., second house west of 1st avenue. WANTED-A GIBL THAT UNDERSTANDS SEWING TV and knows something about dressmaking; one that eaa give satisfactory references may obtain a food situation. Apply at 52 Pike at. WANTED-A NEAT, RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO man, as chambermaid and to watt 011 the table. Bene need apply eicept they can bring food references, at 91 Weal Warren at., between Henry and Cuntoo, Brooklyn, from 9 to 12 o'clock. WANTKD-AN AMERICAN, ENGLISH OR SCOTC* girl as chambermaid. She must be a good seamstress. Apply at 39 Sussex place, Jersey City. XJtT ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED GERMAN WOMAN, V V well capable of cooking and washing for a small ?amii?. Inquire before 12 o'clock at 4? ixiudon terrace, 23d sC WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK AND DO GENERAL housework, one with good recommendations and a Pro testant. can obtain a good home by applying at 43 West 25th si., two doors from Sixth av. WANTED-A STEADY, ACTIVE WOMAN AS PLAIN cook, and to assist in washing and Ironing, she must be clean and a good baker of bread, and willing u> be utei ul. A# ply. with reference, at 12 i^favette place, after . o'clock. Yl'ANTFD-A SMART. TIDY YOUNG GIRL. FROM VT IS to 17 years of age. to bold a baby and assist is th" boosrwork of a small family; English or Scotch preferred. Apply at 43 Grand St.. up stairs TI'ANTED?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO DO GENE TV 1 al housework in a private family. Apply at 31? Bear* st , South Brooklyn. YITANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WAITER GIRL. AP TT ply at 39 Kant 19th St., before 12 o'ci H k M "ttrANTED?A STEADY WOMAN TO 1>0 GRKKRAL TT housework in a small prirate family, a'aopliin *. win*, rone need apply unless we'i recommended frjm the.r last place. Apply at IIS West 26th st., near 7th aveaue. YV'ANTRD-A PROTESTANT GIRL. AS CHAMBER TT maid and waiter and to assist in ?ashing and iroujur. fall alter 12 o clock at2S2 West Ttd st. WANTED-AT 376 SRCOND AVENUE, A ODOl) PLAIN cook, one accustomed P> a large boarding house pre erred. aUo a girl to do chamberwork aud waiuug TirANTFD-A* EXPERIENCED MILLINER AND TT dreasmsker, one who perfectly understands her baai 1 ess Inquire between 10 and 12 A. M. at 635 Broadway, rut floor, front room. TJL*"ANTED?IN A PHIVATK FAMILY, TWO OIRL8, Tv one to cook, wash and lion, and the other to take care ef children do plain sewing, Ac. Good city referenoes required. Apply at 43 Xh ?t YV-ANTRD-A NKAT, TIDY OIRL, TO DO THE HOVM': Tv work of a family of two persons; must be a good washer sod troner. One who can I(lve uneiceptiooafeie reference trnm ber last place may avply at 153 Livi.igsloo St., near Mnith, Brooklyn. Bone others need apply. YjLrANTED?A GIRT., TO DO HOUSEWORK MEST HE VT a good plalo rook, washer and lioner. Nooe bin thiae who are willing to work need applr. Aleo. a ynuug girl, in tiike care of children one lately lauded preferred Arpiv at 241 We* EMfc si. near 9th ave WAMKP?A GOOD Pl.AIN COOK, WASHVR AM* lroncr with good cur reference*. Apply be'wo-a U and 3 o'clock, at V3 w?i ?3<1 at. TXTAMTSD?A CLKAK. TIDT, Qt'lKT WOMAN TO ?? TT ihc general bouaework of a umall private family, au? r- mo w rll rrcnmtnended. Apply al 1a Doiulmrg at tl'AWTKn-A OKBMAN OR 1'OI.ORKD WOMAN As* f? ciok waahor and lroncr mu-t thoroughly':nder*i?ii I Ikt buMix ?a, and nor wrll p commended. Appiy at If* Kul I'Ah at. fcfk O.OAK HANHS wantrd immkdi atki.t -to ? M f g<??l permanent employment aa<l good wag?-? ?Ui bo ?n nu Applv Iter tht ee day*, ai No. 2 Ahingdun aquare, corner hank al . Id the baaetnent. TIIK IHAllkik. ATTICRTIOW. DAQI'KRHROTYI'IKTR-?TWOOR THRK1C flrat rate ajohro'ypiaU wanted Apply to K Aalh .ny, ** Broadway. AOENTIKMAJT FROM KCKOPE. WHKRR HR IIAR been ?et eral year* employed a* engineer tn diiecent wiping and metallurgical work* fnw-ialjy c.>aJ, irm, coptxw aid I?<ad. in which be acquired a thorough eiperi.-nrw, In make as engagement ?? auparlMaodenl or eafiDeer wltfrf the al oT* meot'oord i|uailile* may be a?k-J fnr I he Mai of retcrroca glnn Adurrxa Metallurgy, HeraM nflire. ? AWKM. RXPRRIKM'KIt I.AOKR HIRR HRRWKR - fmm MuDlf. llararta. who la perfectly ac<|itainted wub thr bent *tyle <>( lager hier brewing aa well a< w Ah the ere tioa'and .management of a brewerr wiatv* to make the a< 'itiala'aiM* ufa gcnileman who ta di-alrnu* to itire* antae rapllal In Die abore bualoeaa A'tdrexa I*grr Bier rtrewer, Jegel* Hotel. 47 Barclay *tr?rt >< w Tark AM FOREMAN WANTKD-TN A I.APIK.V MIOP FX t ibilabmenl one who underduid* geuuig up ruavtm work and ran lake charge of th?- fitting hoot* ran hear nl a r- rm?nei,i alluattoti by a<ldreaalng Foreman tfinnd, Herald rtlicr. (VWOMTOft* WAKTKD?TIIRfcK *TKV?T, COMPK J lent handa In whom cona'atit ? rnpioyuieal wlil he guar ui (red Apply al No 7 t'edar M .K. V riAirtinmi wawtkc -fopr fimt ratk work ? Vy iii?n can have a ateadr jah trimming (tviulre al th* ? linp 1SI *MI .'.'.nh at., between 7th and -4h are* , o' M ? Miarp / 1A RDKR WANTKn-m A W0OLUCM M1M. A ? \R V ' rter who ui.ler*t*n>1* the hueine**. Apply at W Wit iiatn Mreei W IifwrfK (ttil'l'KR l-MITH WAWrRI*? A XfKADY X AM WHO J will gel ruintjn1 emplotmenl Appiy at II O'd ?llp. p t\T PR??RKB ?W tKTKJ) IHMKD1ATII.Y A 70V!?0 X man to open ?enma a?d prea> Cut, A.'a<< w?nted a rnaa who ttnderatiiaila Ihr m inagemenl ot cti?nm panu. and can lil U? m ready for the wwing machine. A1?0 wanted a araart h.,y to aaalK In prr?mn t *"d run <?( er< and* Oood wige? wdl he paid Apply at 3m ' anal ?tre?t. fourth floor, corner <*' Wooaler alrert rlfATCBHAKIU AKf> SII,V?RMMrTHs - W ARTF.Ik. iMRfAatalf. lira g'??l watchmaker*, ain't *ll-#iamith? al all brai>'l??*of the trade mrper nn't moulder rliaeer, ?> . The hlglieal ?age* paid. Apply lo MrlNTtiSH * t'O gr. tt? ? ?t?l Mechanic* liei.eral Agency. .%<?, Pine front l? to I ? cock WART!!!)?A SITIATIOM, WITH A lK?OI) RRstPRtT *b? baker. I?r a 6<iy Ift vear* of a#e, who ladeatroi * o earn that bit*tnpe? be v 11 be found unefui and ohedie i*. t.i laernploter Plaaae addrraaO. P., or call at the ?,*" .W ItreadNray r) AMIIROTTPRKH- WAffTKll A MTCaTIOK A.? amhrtaypiMor phn)ngrai>ber artl* Artiat. Ut4 White *?ree?, Irom i lo tt a M. and 4 lo 9 P. M fla< no oh JeiU?>n lo take ?n Intrrest in Hie btmlDea*. rFR VMFWORR KMITTRRft -W.\ MTRO-TWO OOOII ribbed hand* Apaly lo Oeorge RM^aed, m*uuf^rtnrw of hiwteijr. HuaiarMiaei Oat>* ard Fulton arenua nrwklvu. 1?'.twnn>-A ooon wati hmakbr. to no to ca f? nada. lie ??ii?t br eithir KngH?h, Iriali or ?rolrh; Ihe latter preferred. Apply lo H. llarrtion, 42 Mahlen lane. A n prAfTRHRR''. \xn inf,\TiiFH* wA>-TF.n-wrf r. " Vf h?>e ateadr work. Inquire of .li.lin Kerw u X lien. .,mi ?l., w?l of Broadway, north able. iinvuinKSCB ornrKiT nflFr t1.ASM UFI.P Ff?R f'fTT AMI COI'MTRf MAT be ohlalned *t MORRt.-t 4'OIIIf KRT A CD 'S, (tro*d way. comer of Reade atreet: niao waller* c oachmen. f*-mep?t lahorcni. Ac , al IhU or the branch ofllc- |ji Ureenwlch *u Firvt ( tam nn.r can nv orfatxkd at thr Scotch In'e'ltgence ortlca, .*7 (>d*r *?r. rf near n< ?* !*??, Tlr.:? l ook* ctiiimbennai',? glr'? fo- cener*; houaework An! Ai?o. fktm eat t ant* g irdener*, coa- hmea, Ac WA"TrP -AT :m ?<*"AI?WaT. A I'LRRKt, 4 ?Af.R? " men SroudiMlor* . hnikkei pcr* 3 tirakemen, 2bag g ,?emen, t fl.-cmeii. 2 hark'i par* |? waller* n porter* i; meo ?m*icatnee?, tr>mr1ifn?n 2 drl*ei* *nd 4 )?>v* for trade* and lor -tore*. K tl'l tt \\'t fliRlltt r, Propria*"* w ANTV !??AT NO * V. \%T HHnu>WM % fin I.'' t I r If *f, Hi* r\ f'?r t?> t i' fo?n!l ? V * i J r ?. fl'Tn n ? i?a>**?n !? fif i' i ? iT'i'1 ? S 'i - i v?t?. j OlLf.KJf ,C0.