Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW 1 WHOLE NO. TH66. MOKNINfc EDITH)*) . ? . * * 1 ? ? ORK HERALD. THURSDAY I* trtRK 30. M5o ?KiOH r?ii CENTS. REFORM MAYORALTY RATIFICATION MEETING. TIm Huptporters of Jvmn R. W kiting in the Academy mf Kuilc-Hr. H biting P*)i His RMpccta to tile Kdttora of Several Journal*, and to mil the nival tnndidaui. A meeting of thoee In iavor of the election of Jatuei R. Wiiiting to I tie mayoralty oi ibis ui.y was held last even lag In the Academy of Mubie., under the ample tie of the ao called reformers. It was convened under tbe folio# lag call Tub Pbopls's Candidate roa Mayor.?a public dm meet ing will beheld at the Acadew> ot Music os WedawnJ<ty evening. tlie 21Hh Inst.. at ] o'clock toe 11 firm the nomina tion of James h Whiting for Mayor It u uiprrtnd m?t veral eminent gentlemen will np.-alt On thu occialsu nod among the reel, James K WbidiK our eaudi i?ie A.U v r aon?, without distinction of party .tie re-fiectitilly in? to attend. By order of II M 111 aKKhi.IN Cbalrmau oi Ex. Committee. Tbe attebdance, if not nuni?r"iis. w is at allevsuts oe lcct. Ail who came were accotnaiooated with boats 110 like tbe occasion whvn George l?tw made bis brl'liaat eratlon in the same place, when It wa? ciOioult to procure even standing room However, be' ire the proceed iug? Closed there was quite a large crowd present. Several ladles graced the meeting a baud 01 mutlc occupied the orcheitra. As tbe reformers, beaded by Peter Coopor, 'made their sppearance on the n Age, they were greeted with demonstrations of welcome The meeting was organised by Mr. Cooi**s nomlnttag a* Chairman thereof Mr John J 1 helps. The nomination was ratified, and a number of gentle men were then appointed Vice President)) and Secretaries of the meeting, among the former was Peter Goober, ?whose name was noticed witn a ca 1 for three cheers, but the cheers did not come. Mr. PH*u*a briefly returned thanks lor the honor done bin. It spoke well ler tbe cause that so many reajieeta ble men were willing at this time of j>arty excitement, to loose lrom party and come to tb'j support o' a man Who wai determined to govern the city well. (Cheers ) It was time to put a (top to tbe plunder and baa govern ment inflicted on this city, ac it must otherwise inevita bly result in a Committee or Vtglianeu like tha or San Jraaclico. They mutt uave re?d of the exposures mi le by their worthy Comptroller, and It they elects J James R. Whiting, they would encourage Mr. Fisgg tnd olbirs in performing their dalles fhUfcfd'ly Tun mittleg h*a beta convened almost without advertisement H? be lieved that ail the jnnrnalk oc the city were ag?in?t the movement, which, nevertholobs, be was contiJeui would be successful. Mr. Imaac H. H?arv caire lor *ai-d nad ro?d an address ?( the relor tuers to the cl>tzcui of New York. It Hcolft at the system of primary eiectioit tu' regular nominal! 10*. and presents tbe name ol Jame-t R Whitlug as ? caudl datA posfofsing all the qnsrteostions 10- the ottlce of Mayor (Applause ) Be wouM cn? ?? extra vag?nt expen ditures, and execute tne laws fairly and impartially. * Tbe resolution* were then reported "<"b ^ reco nnend Mr. Whiting as a candidate potseesing pecu"..t- aod pre eminent qualities ton ? for the cilice oi Way or ant appeal from tbe can* uree an ' meroeuaiy joIUici tns t<? the work abt ps. couclng r<? m* an 1 bO'i*-?i 'if the people Mr. BsKRr G. Whkatojt sectH-d the reeoiattoa*. Be addressed them as Irtenos, became they were engaged la the cause 01 their country. Tbe ne ncone or dwt> witch called togetbi r this august a??rm> y n*d calls' him from hii sick room. He lbouj(iit ti Iwl uo hglit to re tire when tmre was ??.leugtn left tj puiform bi? doty. (Cries oi "Louder louder.") Hi oalled upon them to give bini an attentive ear and ev? ry bciy within this temple dedicated to the God dees of Music, would hear his voice. (Laughter.) Vow, gentlemen, I will rot go on t< you mm* th*t aol?e. (Louder and more general laughter ) Ooe would think you were the Wood tact on, calien to bear Capt In Ryn ders (shouts of laughter?call* for Whiting, and cries of "Turn him out ""> Mr. Whkatom, (turning to tbe chair)?They wool bear me. * bat ami to oof (Qooa Laughter) Uod dees oi Mustc ! (laughter.) and what say* the po tt Vt who bath Dot muaie 'u h'? vjal. Ii lit for treason, atralagem and npolli Here the audieure bumt into an < able roar of UvROier, an'' tiureupon Mr Krben I uihe<i forward, ? lzp i Mr Wb' a?on, reoouuurtod b>m to bu imi?? wmg ?boulter out. ?' Three cbter* lor Biui.m ' The quea'ion waa put on ilio *ildra?* aad renolull jd?. ud Uw> were noopt*. A* interim of Ave tdlnutea pieaa lOilr occupied by the bBDd, WB0 followed "?y CdUO frr W'11110(1. Theniipon Mr Jamm K Wumvi <*. tatroduovrf. u1 wm bm.ia with rnpturoua demvu .iraumu o' ?p.ii?He the audience rdln < waving tii- ir rata and cheering tor ?rverei tvlouu* He exp? >??U th- emoiloa waicn ho felt at mw-tiif auch an earem "lag* here on n tch an ooca tioo aa ttita It wal the prtWl-ll <lay of tin lit*, a? it f ava him an opportunity <o ? xpUir. the reutoni ?' tie co^rae be bad adopted. He ?ioo<l bet ,re Uv in oITtrio^ bim*eil a voluntary itt-.riiioe To tnr pu > lo got i. Ha*a* not here to pralae ib ? but to tvnmtt jui lU in H w*< not here aa the repi mi mauve of a party, hui a* th. rep rvariwtlve ?fa aovereliio p opie o< y na-t roaca t % crtft? in poM'oal all . re corrunt from th- 0'0"?0 o' tit brad to ihe >ole of thr loot? wi n a > ity ii"bt o? I 1,00 i 01.0. an ainu*l t?? of $J,t'Wi IA'", ormit <taprcci?t?l ami oormorai><? ir ??cr' dri<?rtm?i. '1 fovnmnieat Auil why we* tht?? With* clir nr.p ral e e ? for ita mm ai"c-tt could n't tail tta bonda. It ?cWl not even pa> tbe $100,0 it owed lor the lada'tNoa tit ri**rv>ir waa to h - built in another jeai >b< tax ? ml I b? oiun or teo mil I lour?n?*ri} tweuty dollar* a b'-ad f r ever* man ?<>iuta and child. Tbe> bid fai?r o -m i arj N9ri, wad liico Mr Gtader id. tbey bad k"' ''eel ?HH *a? Who pa J ibk uorm<"in ta? - The pfoddiH *e Uxor if tne countrv?the ih d> aid i!te* * u niu-uaof l . najil . Th> value of lahor la meaaur'-'t by the mwlt'iin ul m <a? and It ?a? a mintage to auMoee t&.l ib? *xe< m?? out of the pocket* * the rich Tuay o.a nef-o-n ine wo.aau who ?f?- the *e?V and ?hlrt ani i-a 'loMmoo a"d imo tta lab. ier who riea the hod an<i d i.lar a <ia? It tberetora b?>bo?ao al cla??ew ot nit<i n? to l>s*?n it that they wrre not ovrr tAxe l l^< llw uim he ra-iuce.1, and th?- moat" nl ltTellb'?id ?<tre lm;r w?l, nqt with heavy taxr* the aurpluft profta of latto w re "aton Dp Why wa? It that It wa* n<Hi *ary iu thm iniy to atow away twenty faoiiliea In a noun* It ?a? bi oaua* of the pric- of property indiewni b?o?'Ux He would pro /?? that the r|tlr. o? ol im Vora wnro iu>'d without reprea n'a'i^o rne '>tB'"r? Hf me muni ri|wl cwroment vera * I rtf I and ?tl*c>ad by proOl -ate ard lorrapt meant He ?h.> paid th.- mrwt tor the nnmli-aiMM) k primary ?r>e"iblte frnv d ii. (\ no*a, ??Tbat aao"; Ii war d.>i ?"Ou? imi ? v,<r*l y~ar? a<fo Tag.raay void hernwl' for or ft ? W %* there % m*i here ?io did not beiv* hat if ho rbir <? to oitrrhaae a Bonitxaltoo for Bonev be . mi htee cut it lie oou.d bar* even got t le nouil ?< mm vfttUMt muoay if be would awritra hi* b<H or an ? |<tu??l ">t to loo *?tt" tba beana of rartala n0W-i?l> He m <-l' ? u d bare hat me ?n?li.ati<ln ? an overt>i?-' rlti?i i i ib'a elty, If he would bare "arrtllo-d Ii I < ?r. ??>e i tb? bead* of party bad raikfi uroo hu iMhrt 'be nom waa mado fOI ? of "Nan. naae 'i Vou'll bat a tbe name br'ore I am done - -*tr." >ai I 'Q>* ?r*at>emaa, (aad yo<i n.ay kaew h m by h" n langi r.) nur nonai oain t AgnreuttM n>e?v to r'ghi ? Wo" ?->> j?n t r a? ?'rend t of the Otii ?*d Siatee'" "jtir " aald I, "etty poliii. ? ha\e n> tbla( to do wm -satlonal pollUo It l? aa tinpo'iant q?e<tioa, mr, au I ci..n > cfcnree to *arwer }o> Wall. ?i ?' raid b?, you a e anintnale.i a n * t tb ofll ?? o t|?/or will yon r**r<?vo m**" ?I'tr.' ia' I * I uauer tan.i yoa are Olxten to >nur otTcr ny tb- ? ..fie, a d ihe ftyo* ba* ?<t ?brt power to rritinff %..u " U'avafty that to true; but tin re lo Uiitlcr ul. ai e ol rrmoTii.| (Wrapt of Orer', and 1 aoppuae <M lo.iad I'm wal (l.a'ifbter p -to |>^ put the rjiieettno in a Way: ? ^r, * earl be, ?Ifyoo bad tbe power t" 'n " B.a ??nt woui i J on do !??*' ? hir ?* and 1. ' I bare *i Ior, au exiwinput wblib I ? lib wroid baee the t?pr ,d-er. ? Ij d ? I bare ?? r?N ra,iinf lor tbe MMItaffea of 'be noni>-t pw^ple o Ni wV'rh, and |i tllmil fap?n ;n he al.nted and 0b< ul < hantiM to Olil omi a. you w> r? au ImU'iil m<n 1 wnui. rot touch a bilr of yai- h ad. but. air. if I f ud out that >oo w<r- a ?va>?I fiialef an empb.itM ad o n?r wilb II) I wonkt Kan yuor bewd "tl itiniediat ? l?. and yoo may eay fr< m m toer ry nthne f?liow ahont ihe < It* Rail, that If I ('? th#-e I'll lawe th ? hea l oft 'Tory rrtien raenal the" ' (1 ttjtbior and ap.iUia* ) "Ii tb? aonwer aan-facto*>?" auJ I Moot leremlv in ' raid fa" aad ba ba> i ?.i btm-el o. t at tbe t] mr. (la'fb'ir) Ibla w? ab u i -ur o I t .<? C-iu Totitii i, ?aa to a. M at ?? ? n Aad I ?< >' 1 t > a fri?n<l naid I,'My ta?? aliio tl ir IT am ft but notmi tioo '?aim I didn't (laafbt-- ) a ir:n > v\ .1 !? ma a^itcay, ? Wb?, yoa ?? r< not .mliue M?t>rday ' "No' ?bid I "i ba?e given up poMthi* | fo md that p >li M*u ? Wer? r'faoo. ann I bbaodobM tnein I x.t ago " iab?" qnentl) 1 aiq'-nrted Mr Oie .. r ? *h mi oet rniinati >n t ? rnn a an ade|irrd<r,t r?. idal ad I h -n wortu | i a 'i ever nine; ai.o ?u ihn f i rth of Viraniiar n. xt tin ?'*y will, anh ibft h ot t; .<| and II th' b Iki boa be ko? ia*r?i be dtaegthraliod ail 4l?vrd. (ApolauiO) Mr wi-um, went on lo ??v thai a trrm >er o? an^' er Mpoiflr earty rnM in ???k him would ha arr .pt the iinu lnation and he ?M?tnd ttat he wtmM ?.?o|d no m%-ty nomlratlou b"t VMM nit ad ihe (W' pl. 'e ?and!'ah. (Applanaw And nww he won in tr 11 n.m whohewm. (avoloe Weano* yaw ) Aye. I beitne I am wr|| ka wn 11 tu> oMUr.aeot Me? York f*e "it ir '' a abe*t In tht< nitf 'boaiT?r?the CWfVr at / Aldlltip Meioa to be n ? .-?aware whether be knowH n>? H it | h ? |ipei,. d to make t;>at (t?nt|. Rian'a aiiquaintanm in '*ii I knew him ta >n |noi.?.<inaliy aad officially. I vi'ivad bim lo iri ... ? i ? n be wa* ooa?ltt?<i by ine a* f?"trtot Attorney, tor a violation m ttie law* of irn land And no*h?n>n' V<n<?w in" In ISM He I am not fltfor th. offln? of a fa fe; but no one B"- ded t-> tell me that 0-*'>(1ter > T"' ie i? another w, ?hr. mty 1 am n .t Bt to b' Mayor Tb" eifttnr ol a p,o* ra'lfd the Hsiiaid a?t. him elf up a* a ylrk virt I. n- rty faith aa i ?.i ? I niaoto'? If they would itiri'to the cbaoV-r In Ihckan <' work. In wb'db be d?*rrlbea up tnny would dud odd oc'ipMon oi the emor that (?ao r Tbd .ay rfjlx'eti'e waa mm Qullp vat VMM an' thrd t?*r Mi lowf aod l?ar. aad (Na iti a r?niih at>r> o?n ro i!Pd pub'ic ti. inloi. c ?>f.k bf know? i.viiiv mat! aaj* tba the irnreua nn l may atrato i| i-'t ill o?(tit U> be re electti' ?> -liti . t .r hf airll. ?itir* for hi' hot.iat* (l.i , i i i I name ml. tuH r? i>fe la IWb a. n w ?? ei- ?. a mrmb ? ot a o> ><? tl' n to al? r tha nltj rhart#' and I o , ? ,nnnni' a aral e thai rwv a 'on "i ' h lie I (a. -r> i ? 'h ?vt>).<*af oltbcH by tba pal1 i' ?? a ' ? ? tbat day to tbla I bare been regularly rllUOed by the pabiic pros* But I bavo aerer ci lajjt t to itoa. (Applause) While I waa District Attorney I b -re bad heart* oi t a ax ilea walk into nie wttb sheet* ot a certain paper la their band, **., u zed leat threat* of exp<#gre of certain maitxr* would be carried out. and a"king whether there wa- do pre/entive rim.dy Hut there was 20ue, ucfurtunaioly. The fault o) tbla system la our?? not the fault of tbe press, whico oiily pmdera to our rttlaled taates He woull hate tbe pub to pre?a free aa tbe air, pure aa the blow, and aa apotleaa a? free Ht waa in favor of a tree public pross, but when It be rame proatltuted It was tbe n.oat dangerous ra? -bioc tbat could be Introduced Into a free society 'fata editor (Mid be) Fay a I am not a Ut peraon for the Mayoralty tl.aitnlH42 I bad acqmt ntanee, officii] and peraona with bits, when I ban to preaent htm for ln ictmeoi b. lore ibo Grand Jury for two mailoloui HbuN, to wbich ht pieaded guilty, and waa subjected to the moderate One of *'.60 In racb case. for tbat?and what ei<? be kne> m ? be had received tbe bieaatnga ot tbat nneet frii? U at day to tbla. Th-re were ?om? other ol ver how o< Pew*pap?-iik? among the re t hia friend Greeleyi ( (pi.) la a very clever man. they t>ay, hut ho bM - giOd deal of Isms. Fin argument la, tbat becaoaa I wo* u ce oi>*>a*ed to di <i nd tbe present ohief mi gl><lrale ?no saved him from punishment. I am ool Ot <> he Mavtr Now, tbe Hkkaid says that Mr Wood committed tbeae ofTo ota a lorg time aco aid thty ought now to be remembered agaiuat bios ?iDd th< Trtfune say* that because 1 saved bim froia pum hn.cnt I am not a Ot perron for Mayor He woulc n :. r to tils coLuection wlih Mr Wood Mr Wo d bM? called r>n bim at tbe request of Mr Ogdeo Hofl'man a ma* ?,?j whom tbe city. State and county might well be proud to retain bim aa a aasociate councei with Mr U >(Trnan Mr Wood bad told bim but ?tor>, but It waa nut aeceattar or bin to tell mm the whole of bid ca>e He attended tbe nxwUiir anon, and it resulted in tbe reiuaal of to- applies tioii Subsequ* mly'Mr Wood waa inoirted, and ho, Mr Wt Hlrg. bar acied in his defence aa tbe associate Of Mr Br ftoisn. Tbat trial t"rnrd oo a question or taw If ;ia.nj?d it to be the dm; of a lawyer to do for a cll??> wtat a client, II eixticatidln tbe latr, wouid do tor hla -elf lie. Mr Whittua, knew, up to this tine, no raor? tbout tbe trend in thecai-e than the n-e* .ng did; hutafier be found cut .D' reabnnt it ann bad a con vernation with lb? ? pret-ei t chitf msgiatrate. hi* (Mr Whitn.*'a) connection with the case ceased, and he thanked God tbat his chest ? in not die in hia bauds (Lanitbinr.) Mr Wnitng thoi ?liverid himself ot a brief ant >9iog<-apby, In th ? sourlt .f which he called Mayor Wood several names?such a d<rpot, )?art, the worstchiel magistrate that ev-?'do ers cao tbe Cl y, kc Aa to Mr tabby, b? knew th*i b ad bten in a ver? lucrative office?President of tbe "flit Avi tue Itaiiroad CV>?pany?and that ne founl him-e.t upersoetd tn tbat ollice; and If any of ibem wen carton u know iheroaaoo. h? might step up tn tbe oai>i*tn'a lilt e aufl Inquire tor bin.i-elf A? to Mr Barkor be knew "ion to he a *> r ili-maii and a cl? ver feiiow but b?> hia ? iow?-d I 'tritell to be cbtaled out of bis vnte wnen b> Ti t. d 'o (i'.ve iwiy the lai.d n?it to the Jell r-ou ma K<L Tii'tfc'r Barker, though a lawyer, never trt?d a .-list in ii's Hie. %nd dm Lot know a rogue wbeu ho met Mlm Two tbiersw m.jrbt walk beblod IS-other ^tarker talk to loud about picking hia potkeia that be would Inv.r th-m, and yti. pick hia |*rk taai tbe aimetime Brot -er K?'k> 7 km w noibiog xbmit tbe Coii'tckera (Lai|/htnr.) H bail tint one o her Riohmotitf to Kp?ak of?hla old aa-i valued lilt-no Mr U'e<rke (Afplacse ) Hewasauaac t'lMiecr, snd knew nothing <>r ro^ut a und police *ba would Brother Antiiony do wltt s cb a mob as tbat *titb waa euitaged at tbe Astor Bouse Mo V ? aiiib:Dg bad ptased today between bimsel and br< tber Bloecker Ha (Mr W.) offerei V) lay to ir Bif e< ker to submit the queetion to BfVeeti hone.-t tneo to say whetht r be atiould reti e or abould continue tbe oonust. He dhl not say what Mr. Ria>c?cr'e reply to that propoeit'on waa. The late I^irnnzo B Snepa'd ha" sa'd to 1 itn hetore bla rle? th that Tammany Hail would Kndrr bim tbe nomination for Ma, or, thai If be *?? u< mlnate<t be mn accept tbe nomination, and tbal tf be waa i ? t nominated be muht mn aa an Inuep u<ient caodi cat*. He, (Mr. Whiting J alter conai deration, con-euled U> aoc? pt tbe Tanimany Hall nonilnatloo; bat it was ho riirrrd him He now ran ar ati tr^cpeudent candidate atd If be failed the responrlb'll>y and tUe penalty would fall ou th people of New York; If be waa elect-d, h wot id give t.? tbla city a good government without ylanry City Politics. BETONTH COhOlikBSIOhAL DISIKICT. Jr bi> Bullock and Jtm.tkl Jr. nave <*itb-<r*vt. from the cMvaa* In the Seventh dwirtci. tbu* Mfowun the choice of the elector* to Hon George BrlgM (Amen can.) Ren Elijah Ward, at-reucrat, and <Jtm Jam W N)e, republican It bavin# boen ehirgod that Mr hrip/r uaad improper mam lo caun- Hullo *'? wliQ irawal that jtacMomati ha* ntite an alii la it ir t anphailc lertra, tbat be ? aa none *0. The wlthdrawa ?aa Mr Ballot k'? voito ary ant. VBMblH Of ?iV BltlMMMA. Tbere lit" l?ii) mu) riujor- afloat a? to tb rmitber o' foreigper* nattrailaed tMi lall Tbe following tablet w official :? Fie* Sift 1 to Oct. 'it ii. Ofinrt of Common 1'lea* . lit Superior Court tjlll Total It! ftih Tuo-thlrd* of the above wore naturalized In O'l^bw It will he irmeniberon tbat many of the new nil old i<?k tfntipip Wretcho-tei- I' Kiiia* and (j-ieon c untlr* * wojikixomknb' mutiny. A meetlnj of woikHiyN <-b ? *" held riu-sday ovening lu ib> Park John ?' mm r'ord wm called upon lo preaptc John fWfcraoe waa pfe*?rt, but eir.uvml h'm"'if f om *1 eakioat nn act* unt of illoean Ira B l>?*i?, J ,b< O'lB nerfoed, Jo Ore 1'ir.noy. an>l other* Hd-ir??>-e. t'>e H?>t r f tu ndTicacv tf the d. mo< ratlc i>*rty There watt ao ?-art) md}' urcnient an ti. meeting aa* * tbij >o v Ihr H all Mmt Porgrrira. TBE SALB OP nCWIhOTOrn B flOCekUuLI' PUaNITTRK iiuonum The rale at auction ?i llur.'tnglou'* houaebold furniture. *ooda, An. wblch ?? atrertlked to take p<aco yea urilaj fnrrWM, at bl? houan, No. 8(1 hart Taenty *e jond atr?it, war adjourned by Henry II. Ltted* * Co. lo *Y<toea>iay, tbe 6tb of November, at I0>t A M , becauae the legalist of tbe a'?i*bin< at, under wblcb tb- *ale wa* to he wade l* h'lo| rontehted by otbnrrredlior* or Honiluri In toe Superior tonrl there wa* a larf nun her of per?ona mo.tiy a ie ? ho went o tbe piaoe of the anticipated aiic.tou. ?ud riad wVo evident ?||M i 'actiou tae *-.n ii'iicnj. ot of the adjourned aa1'. wblcb, written in large char a-or*, **? l<?trd by the dnor of the boora Malr Dly old Iv'lt* ut <n their aye gla**?t> and eiaminci It a< ent?e?i|y *? a Jew would a doubtful bill; than to ho o ru n ?td a<<t ti ur|M tbe Important day in which he ?%i> w%> B'tJiHirned. the) larcrlt.ed it m. a' a d wt ich ?>r aahty wa* dep>.-'t?a la t. t'lr part*m< i aaie* fu? a ctn ti la mukHl forwaru to wttb feat lot -re-1 hy 1,11 ?* ?? like U' n*t tblnya ' at a baryall." a> ?> ?Hbem a ho ant fli e Inn ilure a' heap | r'.?<?? t |rrral many (dead ? hard u b* ("mliieil tbto the h< uae 11 *. e the wuadaia ? 't o. hn? rrry ?e? iHtefl %<ln??|nn Vr hot. ii Bit*'a boiae t* hy no ni>**Lo at*. at-d In tbe 1 e? t )?- rt ni the ctiy It la one of a bloc* ot broon *tnne f mi'.i H' t>' ?in.p>?- but n< at aii b *cturc. It I* oniy i-i* t <11 ???ai?,f at?! I *a i I) ai> ?a'?occ ot f r? .d<-ur eltli-r ? iiltlf inK M (Ni the Bra fl <w, He.idea tbe wt 'lb l Hie I a11 <t?? t? "i. y apace lor a very mail reo pttob ? n< Tt ?' pallor* arc Oi tbrrn-m, ft lit; in |he front a ' tw- k i a t of tb< i nit :t g a tall r ir* h. tw.i n them oo ? ? iic o ahkhie be ataicaay . ab<l oi, the othera t??au imh*t o f T?? |?r>or* *r-'ti>ali and over furiilabed, i? i | a., t, ii ,4 ibatrs tatiUa *?>(?*, e'eger<a, Mr , Ike., a- tr> lea*- hut hill M? ui lor upani- But littli taete aa >iep'ai>d In t? e a> teOtb>ti ar.t ar-*n*etneui of the ii i uur ; it la pei traity n nim h w a?..' ? M*e tor *iicb ?n all r?ir? the r.a'pMa, tartama chair* and aotaa are ? ?t. or iataiy *n<i not hotter than I* n>o*l In well fur nt't eo l<in*it ther?- .a a ?r<a' quaniti* m matn'O'ently pa Men ?an? ap?Di|o >"*n*n *m<ifi? and itbnr Ml n.e, t*t ?'?**? ot ad, U?e chiei <jtp>nditure tn furnlabinf He torn* la '?r *uch a'lwl. ?;yet ih-y m nud form but a mail tow m?I ot (he hundriHta o< t(? naanoa of dollar* Miinili y'oti |a aam to hate ? h a,n?<* 1 N Mb *" c?' tatio e ah >ot three hum ret vnliimo* by ? Tlie of tba* *? ii *? thor?, at d aai a?l in ha*a been need m on ar an < runani t? an a* a ' ?ti non'ty ." f?Al ? OP k Hl.ATK AW iBCIUBbT |e Nbw (>R ? ? rb< ? to i, an?, o Ho i< u> inn ml >a>? . PihIi i t-ie *> *t?aal'a>n oMi'Ucnt a' ti. o< thrall-!?< II Mai < ? a lierro utri up for **ie, and ? ?rmiid ? c io ? It |?>'ke rroW' 'ha' apoear??t to l?e itreply itclft'din aha' a a' yiil'B < B Oiri-r-ity h fl u* to pa nee ?cd Ii q' r? a hat %ea !?<? rai??o? he apparent eii io>meot I c btna aero a ot or ? ?? * *e?T apir'terf manner, and a'teiaiiy *' *n adtanc*-nl only fl?? 'tollar* a hi I. ant .? , m r> hi- tlie i) ?' ot the cruwo wouht ijulok y tnrn tn .1 a < ir>c"oi tlwiCi iho tilde |*i*iH#et, tin iut< r,'*t Md fri*i nit > it*, in the mcai t'fn* upon thai Increaae i , gifi, 8*hiM mieti fei I muiatreaa, abont 'ourteen jiartold, aaa oft untly n-t Ibdifhrent It what waa (ran* , Ir't r fh? tc waa no mntMnre in her e>#?, hut they aa ti' an ? *|iiea*h.i which ib' wnted that ahe felt aome BWt) ii r *a- t< ho ro-nil oi tho nale, which I* not (fo i.ra y Horaa i Aa th< h?-a rear ben to *r ? thouaand 'Abara tbe encuen rat l.rcame HtV nae, and aa that B(n?e a aa < a'<eii. a > |ion'Bneotie niaa a a* heard from one -and of '? >m ti th. ither. 'n'lfi?e?l by a vehement about of ""urn h.?' nit I" " rntn hm ou> t" * rnah waa made ? i the itroe the l amn er had fallen, and the frl a'?o, mi the arir * of?h'r mreht r. who bad htmume b?-? pur i ha*or The em laeatton of it all wa* thai tbe ?oiaaa 'ad ho* teem hy h< r ?wm>t and had earned money Ui'iifh to buy her nhttd the mtihatrea* la qieettoa. and he|i p a i??y raiuahb *i rrart aereml p-r*ooa wa?? an* i?'iie o ohiait. he? hut all ot th< an wllh one oioeftuin had 11" toil iho a.oibe' that th?y would an* bid afalaai her tn1 Hiyhonorahij k> p? tbe?r faith II wan tba>a >ndart mill ore who w'ie hint n<r **ainat the mother, whtnb a ekrlt it am, ?a?a|.e<ato the crrwd na the ncna?toa rho real''e ?r^id hi* eerapa ; leitnnatel* *o tor mm, ? thitih, a* we heard ?tatidry e? oreaeioaa ahoat ? I, ttc.h lor,' Ac a* the ???! tame hack to talk over tb ? mat. t?t >he nother ?a* an much all-ctort by tie toy ot havny ?nccredi~| in retalmaf noaaemiiin at h" lilM ?' ?' et-a ????' < d a?ai and wa* oartbil ntti if t't aa'i on W e mmt ->dii th? the ?a|e wa* a *t>e?-e(W.<i|i a*i? and *?? r.nt < rawned to he anythtac n^ire than immiti ?l. *i, not ?? y ibit iu rd that the mother tbfmltl be iteprlre nf her child. THE DEMOCRACY U5TTIVG. Hireling In lb? Third ConpvttlomU Utatrlct ? H iilKlrtHal of Hen. Hiram Wubridg* m? ? ?ii<il<late (?r Cong rets. In favor of I'CJiiirl K. Hlrfclfl. The difficulties between the rival candidates to repre ?etil (be democracy of the Third dlatnct, have t>e ?i MUtsfaotMily adjusted. Oen. Walbridge haa withdrawn from the canvaas. to favor of flan. E. beklee, who is u- * tbe only democratic nominee. The two eonventioas moi last night at Uia Pif h Want Hotel, wbea Gen. Walbridge tendered his decltnatlon n the one that nominated hlro, which was accepted. A oallo waa then gone Into, when Daniel K. Sick Ms wv unanimously endorsed B< ib con real lore then met In the upper room of tV ntiiicii g, and the joint organization waa preeklt*! over bj (i. 0 Bernard, of tbe Eighth ward. . (>id Walbridge and Mr. Micklea were then tatrorfucsJ <o the Convention by tbe chairman, Mr. Bernard, wii nail an approptUto tribute to tbe self nacri*''.ing a?' commendable spirit abown by (ion. Walbridge to Beour?. the district against tbe common enemy. U< r Walhkukjx waa tben introduced. aad wan re ceivtd with lond applause He spoke aubataatlwHy a in I lows:? (?< Mil mi c?in every political orgnnlaation whet* rorv ? in. emoluments ? ncaoate directly irons tb< I any, it will oftentimes happen that aubordiuute an! i irrocai t oiiflJ< ratioi a may Interfere for a tun' to leuir npt the general good Su?h an unfortunate coo 'inn i.f n/i(,in low tnb .rrwaa tbe actioa ol' the ihetmt -He masst * nt the lbird Congreaaioua! district of tin i ty It la known to you that I waa , ei ght lot ward by one of the Convention* tbat now <; ia viittte* a portion of tias body?a Convention of hou~~i itelitgent and patriotic democrats, whose ktadona't h? '.aW me ?rider renewed ami perpetual obligation* \v ? her C'"nv<nii< n, alike en'.ltled io respect ooiapotw?t < . ccniocraU of acknowledged Integrity and worth, al* V i ?'<! uiiai intoualy in tiouii aiou the Hon Mr. St -k'-* i: i iomxiImI by al that mis conditi'n of allairn 1. \xr it.rod in, must inevttahi) result m th-i ;-># of a democratic mi infer in tbe next Congress. *t 1 o admitted tbat these two Convention* foirfy r.'.t * ?ert the entire democracy of tbe district, fr i r.mlily a know lodged by all of us there Rbouid be No rnt i aculeate, and 1 propose that tUli >w? eirabli result be araned. I have, therefore, dovre to see you, gentlemen, ?o say tbat by do act of romo cm t:M? 11e<*-iit rondtiou ol alfalrw be longer continued W? .r t?l'l' ly approaching the great constitutional straggle j-i wu n the di moc.-ac. and those who differ from tit. or ti t: poocy to be } urbwtMi iu the adminlalratioa <m the t tiirol g< veiiimt it, ac>l it beoomea us aa patriots xni a urn that no divided front be preaented by the noo hf artel di mocrsry of ibia district as we enter the coi. i1 l My u?me Is. Uterttme, wimdrawn from tbe O'on C otioiiai a'ena, and 1 desire your earnest and eaar i ir (.ai'tlonf to augment tbat majority which will m|mi jour rf mafMny nominee to ?ustain the incoaiina ?:n u iHirat'OB ol James Buchanan and John U Brecxtu >iv But, In thus withdrawing, 1 must lender m> , ,Hi. )ui at knowledgmenta to thoao enthusiastic an i {--iietoua lrienos whoee devotion has never been ' rfa red and who will, I trust, recogDlze iu "f priFint men?ure an rarreat dealre on my part t h vai,o' ibe drmnoiatlc cai'fc. To that g'oat an 1 i '."|ei.oe?t Journal of this city?the Hkkai.d? wbai. c< . u>as have kiudly i i*cnteil my name, I tender uij th?ck.* in this pub ic manner. To the cnergeil. tiioctat t presa of thli- city, whose synip?tble<i are it i< chi p to my own. I bare public acknowicKigmenta t" a>vt? whue tb( able jO'^rnala of tbe opposition who* ? ?i in tut/ are at>tagonlkil; to oura. aad against whc-M (e oiy we war with LLceasing atrit't, I thank (?' th ^"'?onal k.ndneoa and courtesy tbat bave marked r> r oppot ion Hct I pasa from these persona! consi t rations to a hlgb^r altitude, aad to a broader range of ><o Tbe coir manning poaltmn tbat thr city of New . i rk holdr toward* the tederal Union baa Its a< lemn re |k-i Kiblinitk, and we cannot eeca*tiroai our full ahara ol tic < bligation which tbat position impoaea. Iu the ardor cf oar i am avocain na ano in the daily stri'e ot contend it i piiiKii.a we are apt to attaob too much lmpirtance ? tl : ?h pressing and Immediate, without roaliz'ng tbote l a. are dinfatt aid remote. Tbe State survives though 0 vi. uals may perish, parties may bo disaolved aad an > . .0 WbMa aMMf owewpa on a art. carrying for *. 1 in Its S4i careor. eooul ccmWirt, dom?atm ?t f. an inrresMrg, expanding lntaMgetioa, tbe ad ajiiiirmi ol rei cce and art, and tbe rprcad ?f a i i iverral con.tnerce Where is tha man ?i? " 'ii nit aomit tbe wes'.lmable importanoe to ki<a u.' ixjcuauanoa c( tbia Lnior4 Where la the land In link bkesmgs of lt?e aad lib' rty and Ikopursuit o ri* til aa u aeiu-ed and vlnrtoata^ .aa th?y are node* ? i ei'nbilcar tcvtitutiotiK* Whtre wcr^wa aa a pnl ilea n !? t Lily in 17h'' wbtn the I'mon wai organ's*! under 1 i tn nt mate hit tr conrtltution Vfe bad tbeu oulf a i r oi\ ?>f hi< t M aqnate miles, with a pepu atloo to t te - otii- t ol'n of leu itan tbat at present in the Hute ?. ? Vi tk Ni w we have a rerrltixy o( rising threw nui 0 ? i M)i.are miles, a |?piilation ol mil 1 ? ?bile tbe |?puluiion in lihH to tbe rquuv mile wt - i lib. It o' W. io lfcfO with our gr<at incr-aa" n ' ? a c oir 1 M HO. owlpg to the coitlaual an to our d<? aln; s territory In its extn me width ? ?? i.t) eight huni rt d ac.I fttty ml'pe, and fron. norih t > ih :ittei' hundred nuUs a frontier of ten thnuaand It I lit mile* of aea ioa t. 1,U<0 miien ol tak? auit ? border Wi'bm this area are congregate ! the ii.lri} ? reign and Irirtcpendmt States Tho federal ?ir ano the ?< ven or gan'z*<1 territories, with a Is jo tsi ? as in Ha at riru tural and mineral wealth, pounn . I li k*??!. P'OflucW la the kggregam annually ot ? I I (hi i fuLd cnllil Da or hcahria wi:.h a ?*lo?".i?i ?k) i u intra: production io 1840 of $6ft4,77:i,7M, Id |H60 $*M VI4.I 40. w I ? lh. Ii'tal Taliir of our mujutV luring ni i it n mtereaui In *f?2?" <u f..ri'2,7M,K 0 to IV>0 it i' ? rr.tDu-d o $1,0*6.CW6.699, a tonnage wb r0 *f$ cui tried ol 1.4^-,111 tone, but which mama 11t?> *tn B tiid a half h?< retcbed la 866 ti 6 414, ? < .?** A trt.i age luntinii ?mt inward* in isih of '?'?* li7 toc>*, an^tr rtetl. If 18J5. fl.17* 361 ton-. ??porta of iltc l"t iter la 18SS were $n ,<71 txtwrt* $'. ' Thf import* of 1866 ? r. $*14 8 110, wti'o our export* were $'41* 8! Il f r< vrniie from 0?itl"BJi< la I8'il? wa* $U1, >' ' II. 1*1 f lf.1 OV6,7#4. It anub ban bci n our ad i., h * i ?>tr>n lu material wealth and power lo tb> iw?' ?le?e * II w* ????><? whin th<i itar ol our d.wtio) ? * nului it* xi tilth t In 170" our population wa? 7 k. 460 permr <.icoriling to thi' rate* of ill o-wiiaf mi? ilall, by the no*e of tbt* eentury. i? <irty'our jnr? honc?,) bave ruined our I., r<. Bill ior.K In number* Contemplate the cur ' i < f illtv ? ? ?< I' r* m? Ot In all the (feat lt>lereeu of t.i" ?' t? ople, ?n< lh?B fainly rtrlre lo run man- toe ra lw I .' in Tw tun be lo?t In the grandeur of tne n p atl< n. ABiid tl I* br<ght galaxy of free mm III )? 11 ?<vert ftbttra atand* < or own glortoo* Km ... woba trmtoryof ?!?,! i 0 square rollee?? pop lie i <4 triit ard a quart* r mil lot*. root-ieting il i (,i? o< I' iw? w<th ftmiOl dwellaga. 17'.,* 00 iar?* VVOi'i , ii- .ti a* r ?t?hlt<-hinrM??an ucqnilied aynteia <?f id tural u>| r< w bi?ii<* (Mai*, railroad*, plaott rowtn ??<! '!?? Biaf I ? lie M?<? fr?l'h rvery ?f*rn 'lcailnir in I a"- ?? ot tlia rtty to e?ary portl'ia of mi' <tiau> ? ? ' Riilit iii iail?a) In ai'tix* aod 'iioraaati.l oifHlinn. at vp tut'i r? i'i pot than $100 I CO,ft 0. and Uto.ifh ? i ?. n 11\ Hiib i*r? i>* tb? territorial e*??'??t of t?.?? . <->ai v?t.?r rui p nparty la valurd at ooo tb<.u*aa.' ? In. and mn'y Cte tr.llll^na or morr r i t Mb of trr irahtf of ail Ibr proporty o'tba L'a(< t> 11' >bu * v ha*r bwi thogrovtb and oavrlopaaa^iit nt ,< ?. p a'- <o tbo upraralli liit a<l vanf<? ol tbta lioMMltW ti I* rn.ti ?r n ay Ju?H> print a? oar gratki*- t At tbr IWIaratloa <if lo>li |?'ti Irnm t- f?ftila't<B ??? $$,'00; ?t tha oprtiio* of tbi I'oiM nr<u > II ?a- ttO,4'0 8#; IB I860 U><> r<*ti?u . ?. < a It at $?(> M* 47, nhilp bow it may lx> .mmaif , ' tar tlitti <li art?r?ix a kllltoa. Tbia rapid advaaec la |.< pi '?? . t> *i d f H ?'b toay b? trarrd to otir axtv>Bdla< ? n metrla ifiatlip* abroarl, ard to our iBcrraaad italurai ?M aiiiir al r< Bi?on<rattoo m lib I bat ? ? MVM t>? a11* (hot y aad Rorky M>uatalca M.h' tl ar t*o thlrttr of all <b? tMipnrtatt ma lato tb? cmiatr) ? r? b tbii'i (b thl> port, at.d or? third ol all tha "t i ? rtatti t a Taio tbird* of all ttto dut|? arn oollmtod ' rt< IN a " trpan on of the loM*n ctn rt.rr?>i tl^wl.ilr rotiBtry wtih thn ri.mmi'i.*. o( m. niy f K> ? Y?rk, ?"* arlll liod that lo 1821 the fa porta ? ? a; t.< rt- ai-rr talaao at abi.ot $W in u.too Ibo i>xp"ftr ' $tSt<( rio and th- duti.* at $7v6<>(t4). Thtu trta .' iia to ihi* r<|?itlt>f of tbe <tAt?< raaala, IB 1*46. ?abWfM I ak< Kill' At tba aana data to* importation* ? i(i .pi) in il' ?ii'if?'r mm- altty tarn and a t Bl.'ii. tlx ilpmu 8ft) fmir and a half Milton*. ? i it? iii it.* tbirtiati miMioaa of dcllara. Daring th* . i * HMt<?.,?|kB|< ar? aad porioia of tan y?ar? rom ?? I tr. taif.. ?nn t> r jnr? to l*6fl tho rorntni>rri> ' 11* ro< r?ry ati?i of hta . ity ortrparra aa loiiowa ? I ^" f-1IW. fw|.' f. JCriHufi Dwf <*. T' ??tftrj' ' Id.''t Ht??.. ?,t,?t.V.4.'0 r?4.l4H.Ml 1*^61.1 175 9 782 If N.v >..k n-> mtf*.Il? a?.4N?61 Il9.fl0l.ft6l tm XI I > r i it it * |artoo, Il will b* oi-aaraod that nearly oae ' i-H of ail tl.i mportatb na Into tba cotintry fWim fbrotfa <tt? arn n ?df thrri'ih Now Yo'b. a llttlr lea* tban ir .MM ot a I ib? importation*, while about B?e eighth* " tl.. ??f. utr ot the dat *? wera paid here TTie t<?B ??re a hm n ier?t N?w Vo?k dnrirg tbta period bora a o| otftot) < i obrmt ore fonr*b of tbe amrragate toBnaff* ti | fc yi d ir ih?' 'oreiga tra.le of tba ooittry Sac* that ? ttrn th< a pft i a* )ot.rrd it* >i*t rveauroaa Into oar p by tbi af enry ol or r iB'irnal improvement*; and lat ? rie a bat tb *ff??T* have been upon our foretm trad# vr'p* tbf P?m let. y*ara> 18?1 In IttO tmiirafi Krpnrtt. Out in. Tmnng*. I i ?ei,Ha'e?$l ikrifrfifMJ 1,0V 441.Aft 1 ?I1 18 0W.WT b.lartcttf. 7k.,771,7oh m<T70.88S 1?K?7?,70$ 4.724,784 ii.t<> ot itrrrae*, aa regard* proportion*, are at ml . ' 11 tiHKdti g irr'od exoept in rxport* iron tbta '< ? b'i I. r m br aivotinted for la tbe aggregated In art ol r< Hof and pn Tiatoaa exported during that pa r firo tie viartflppl ragloa dlreat to Rnrope:? 141 lo IMfi h? prvrt*. ?rjnih. T mruifff 1 r ilidSi*le?$l.?v:.7W.7<<2 1,?4 OWtft $41 (*8.8HII $1 lUK.hW K >ork rttj. i6ft.9S8,4C9 t? 8U.2$S HETtUVI 7,$iH.7i?) ?' 1 . t"' ?'l i| to tiarf out th? .ncree'ia* d i to. r* of tbe t ade aad wi-aitb of tbla ottr ainre t >t r*od i a hi io Hi" ira'tlpltra* Ion o< railroad far ?? nil It* iflieta "poa oar faretga rontmeroa T ? >i i e deferred for tboprraent Som^ nMMl iaag r . ?|un ?e rot aider Ibat 'he total Import* Into . . ptatea, Hi I860 were $178.1.18,318; into New Y ? x v1* f*$ Itrporti Into the ITnltod 4t>t?a in 1 ' l '$fS< ltf>p? rta tato New York aloae |1M '???. i hi on oi th? cIM of New York, In |8^a $I'T4 18H ?V18.7V8,7M; In 1846, $944,064 4n6; <a 1

?4 I.W S7818. ablio Utatotal raluatlon of tbaproperty t ? th< r?r!"<l HstT to IH60, WD V7,c?4 MS W6 III 1861 It My feiriy b? ????) .nated at the enarmous un or 99,OJ 1 I rum Ui? most auiht-BUc souroea. Let on, then, tide?vor to perpe '.uau tbir Union, liom which suoh resu - bare btev already ?> btrvad, and ?hl?b can only be ? cured by prratrvirg'jbal constttauon which biadu a* 11 gether *? (>?? people, having common lakroiln. a ad wao null share a common-Awe Gen. WalbrXge then too* tns Meat, amid loud applaud Mr. Sjckijb- wu then called upin, and rt.-pondod a >Hows .Br INnwtrr ikD Gmi gm or Tin i>omrm? nnn-We can, f am sure, tattorcYtuge cuogt nutations to flight. u/in thr proceedi/fa wttr.b ha?e rental to uiiiitnp the (ttmocrary ct *bi^ district upos one iionotn** lor Coiiji-ctsa Nixt m Importance to tue tocoess of oar candidates for the 1'rerldeucy a ad Vk* I*rt. tden<v, ia tb electlrn of au ettlclrat m^jn.Hy in w>e next H mso ?? Kepi e.ien tau vup We ha"?# damnr.ralic % iinm1! t ration >d tb* ^li t and full Mease of (ba torm uni'Ws *e bavi riso a Congress irbtrb aril; develop* and tlir pollry of the d? nrncratlc party Tbo Prosid< nt car. distilbuu ( dice* aid recommend r.^aasunse; b*t, ui ?w* te In wuetahud by the rep'e?enta'i?M4 <>t tile V* r>? * l^> Counri i'*, he la loreed to ?<anri on tlio ntjffcu3'vi>? be t?o have re a.tli mhf e pffresst ?? pobey af h i own. Upon the text a^Dii' UiratloB trill dero>re bo lireat dutr of rr^torug thmse fraloiuul relations bctweer lb" .-tates witch naro beeu s-o miiob disturbed by the ev? nt? o< the last three yoa?.-. Tt?i? ut> cant ot be m?cbu"VKt tn a manner to fttlM the ox 1 retail "or of tho country a*) to meet tbe exigencies of tat* crisis unletn the a< miu rattc party el"0? an otapHauc wo kng n.aj irHy of reliable men to tbo next House ?> w< ji?t*i i tall via This d" jr. whton has Interest* at stake I tb moral and maU i lal, net ir.ljri-ir to those or any por ? lor of our or>?f> d-racy, oujcM to send a tuH delrpsAion ot mineral* U'tbatbocy. all that we are. we owe to the i t.-tiii tH'n au<i toe Coion, all tba> wu Molro to d< Bi'r OB ib.j vo*<"rva\lon ot one and tbe n>A.oienaoce o) te otfcer ^ie city of Ntfw York ia an ootfome of lb* re C?ibilc Wttbln lt? va?t population wc And every Mate of il' < u i orracj MprWMM Here we hare ti/e prvdeot Nt-w El <lani<-r, the chivalrous Simthon.t r the bold men i.i ?h<- Weyi, and th* a'Wi nttiroua and eDtororMing aoBR t* 'h? No-tb. In a nifctropolln where all IntormM. al nia,.> all toe various element* whlob make up our w x il#M, social and pohti(~il fahrto art blende l, a public njiiiiioi; 11- fr-reraud which i? tbe true rellex of tbo roat ei:t'n?*iit ot the country. ThU cit v Is Paiihr.:! )?> the Vt'toti, the constitution and iUe d-inoirnoc oariy, taOM Um rreat heart or tho naia>o bealf, In ihe Iwtnm of tbo city of Noar York. (?eutleak?. ibe dt n.(?i ucy ot the Third Covjireamonal district aca ourlrieitf i ? very wbeie. will not b? urmiaulal of thn ot?u!y aid patriotic ooinlik-t ot (.*n. Walhridgn, at tnw ii ncturr IB our politlva! aRaira, In ri-UTug irom tbe Ui<l l 111 i II na- rlOi ing course ba^< removed wbatjxr iloabJi ti?aj I'are cxirUni us to tbo snrcera of the democrats rord1.' ale toi Oougrtrs it? thin <li3ljlot Up to tbo pro.o at nwrii'iil. * huLjj'j ?( have ixv.n )'.ace<tb> untoward olr nn ftatioes in an atita|(niji(tie?l att.tade, tbe canvass h*? u<en ili>fuu>rly free froui thoe.; a?i>eritie? wb ch pecu a My rlia/m le iz" tbe internecine contlicis tbat aome n..? i i.avni.iab'y arise within partua- We now join 1 Mid* in a tixnk'and cordial reconciliation And I ro ? ee to ree that whitn be h?s cootl led >o mo the banner >t' lie cemocrary in our district, be bail won on enduring ? ac> lb tbe alTectiOfcs ot iho-n who r>yard tbe sui'^esx of <i)P d' utorratlc |?'vy ax vital totbe iep-?e and prue|>erity ?1 the rcpnbiic fbo democratic I'arty la a generous and trat'ful party. To those who Mak4 pers'tnai gacrtSces lor ? bucceae it alaay eherlsbea a wa>m regard?to those ?bo centrtbi te to us lortunea at this moment, when so i aiiy l at'iotlr htarth yearn for its triumph, and when bd<e*B disaaurt to tbe r< public muit issue from our de ? ?l that jfaJlai.i and nob] ? party wilj yield Its largeat onlldence and IW choicest honors 11 Hh k? 111? ?..leu were cheered vociferously at the clone lion K !< Har then read an addrean a'd reM'lutioa-t n Oor?'iig the in rninatlo.i of Mr. Sickles, and euloft/.ln.' i t r v, alhrictge tor the c uri-e be had taken In withdraw tug t>< i-avc Ue d<suiot to tbe democracy. A'lt r address>8 from Oapi. kyLders, Judge Morton and ?ner?, the Cor venttons a ijourocd tine die Mr. Ctiowte at Loircll. naukow khcapk or the audience kkom ds? TkUCTION [Corrr# pendente ot the Itosion Courier | l-owii i, 'uerdaj Night Oct 2?, ISM. Tic Hen lir.tna ( in?iH ari? .M u> ttua ctty at atx \itxk kli'K <v<>D'Dg lu!u:niau eDgagemi ut lOLg otdt ii a< dm* the p???i of Mtddl?e*i "Ob the l'oUUnal "pw ? tow Hrr-roiEest before ibe Country." Ot court* I ? abrouuu'fDui t auraru-d numbtrt, not only from all ?rifc ol U'? countj but Indred from dirtaat Slates. Th* i.ioiu ?au ffi iti?iue ?\rbla ot lb* bight atartilng?the HKMtM>a i*?r and bill* BUCb M CAOBOt BOM O't for tuv ard taking Bit Ibibf* u>jri'Uirr tbe experirtiMe ire?ucbft? one long rtmmbtra. Hear a brief an i rrled recital. Tic oic< t tg ?aa convent cl is Huntington Hilt, ore .>ii> railway ?taiioa I.adte* were adoutjl toln.igahe int. a<d ib??a thronged, lb* doora van opened la th nmi it ode Tbo Iih.i .a ooa hundred and twenty b iglity Itit *t m vrn o'ckxit It waa tilled to repl. tloo Mm aK?4 pack"'OfMber la Ibuciotrat pnaalblo lata ? *r, atiu it was iMit.a'n: that tli" e *11* over Ore taou Ki d kihk ulli n tbe want. The crowd ouuid in utiti d to h'gfi number* IBM ?n ?bi rendition nr matter* The mating cam 1.1 ordi r war organized; the PrerMent Mi. Whipple wa ri'orudd. and a** (rraccf illy aaylug tbat be would oo ? tait. u>?thalthia audlrnci- wan bore to hear aantber i o while thu." ?kreality < ngafea a round an If from ? union ai a dirtano Ailed all ram, aud we felt tbe Door ? Idup Thue waa a general pan.r and a oviviin.-ui ? ?ar<i 'he piriform, and a *r?tt <ir* of excitement. Vr Choait waa anting oo the rostrum calm, contain* i ivf and apiateut)/ In l llrrtnt, not that n<* wan ua ? oiciuua of Hit) Kfcock. He taqalred ol B goutl <man ?? aied near biro IB bia characteristic way. "Are we Bllrf to ih" earth v" And txiag ln(ormi-l tbat t"?e ' all war i nd (or oanctrg porpoeea, ai d that It w a* tie -l ring floor only teat bad given way, he oMerved, Wr) well, irl ua go on, then" Uul lb# crowd waa a arn'd, ,?rd tt waa nxceafar) to aay tliBt "ui?re waa .<? iiafcxi r." and t > ani<n. ore that "Mr Joarph H Kaod, a n i mWr ?t th?- city goveriicaeat Bad aa exiH?rl?iio?d an bi.M-t would go lifl'i? aoti cxamtBe ibe bulldtag " I aM'n| ?trd lb# grretirg with iomr fear, kwt t. ihoald r tbi- ? ignal frr rurd*?tr..ctK??bxit It paxod o?er with ut au) n m wa< of the torcwaroia/ aaa tbe ??<? mory of tin ihvvk *aa aoor iflaood, by tie altrarliv* rlo ?? ?i? Abd iuIiiIo rratoBlBg ol tbe orator All thought :iarg<r. M' Haad'a return, everytaing ?rll?b. had Iti n |>lar<- to the pleanuren ol U <' I our Mr Cooatn had |? I rii fully thirty minutiw, and had reaobed tbat pototol in a<idr> Wl at la it 10 joti or me, wbat la It to tbe ??it ii.nix'ent and quiet b'?lv of our Roantryrai n North .nd fvutb?wbtum lolly, wb'iae i lolraoe, ?lin?c dlatruat ? !?<?e In atu irn lor t'aver) or agrlB?t alavery, wbnae n bit <o > w ^ high. In leapoerlble for tbe part o- pri ?lt'",? wt<n aro'ber dl-Bial MMd waa heard; more ?u.nttg i f 'he floor e*perieBc?.i?there wai a paBlr again >? a rutb Mr. Cbiaie (aimed; Mr B' tl?r rboated ibat ?here * a- n? oatgrr " otbi ra >*rcalmi:*r B^auraocea, 111 the u? n wcie reattva. the laduw aioae were cm fund. Mr Whipple aiumpWMl to make blmaelf beard, bat i 'ld?c?, Mr < > i-aie fair?'to btr a?a*i>Ui>ce Ha u'gc ? t'rmi i> to he ram and Otm . that an iBepecllon of ibe i lb >i?? U'oi cgh aad aaltalactory?woul l ho made. ' d U Ibe p ?n w*e dm deemed aale, Ba order)/ sdjourti i, . 11 wi uli- be had ai once Mr Bi.i rr atBti d ? hm he woul I go below aad eudearo* ?>r?rain the ?to? rtaie ef thlagn Nhw thrtani'ing the tbn atiBii'g aapert of affair*?tbe i'imi bd at eirt tit lichee la tbe reetreoi tbe had? i t Maw tfrab B tliil?Mi meti withdrew; ritch waa tbe < me to ei toy Ib fnil tbe "1e? i of rcaeoB ' There waa s cr tro mi <a ra tbe ladiee gallerj. aau a morere'tt ot cwfl' M-ce vaa rcttored au. for tea n.ln.itee general .1 m ut* ?,he? rred on the part of all Mr I uiler r>tviiied. aad raid ? ? (ieatlem^B?although a'e li I rri,fldrare In Ihe itreBgfi of Ihla B v?r ai II ??eg! I am i?er?i,ade> ibi i* I# no daaeer. y* joct ir the ?? it t?*Mi g here, 1 think we h*d b?itrr a-lj vim ?il let tbe*e he n<> a'ampr-de?retire Ib ord?r " It r**thai, flee mi mm the ball waa empty, aad all riai*: aurtdaal and lam Ai.o 11 w |. t m >ay that there wa? dang?r?immir.'Bt i r awful Mr Iti t'ir. though be di gu:red nta frarv enn ihe hall, nnr ripectleg to l"Ate li alive, aod t " |i n pert aad in'n pmity credit rtoul I be girea for ? If preeer vatioe id tbat treat 0M"OBr*e of m -n aod ? B?n He illainTrrrd, with Mr Ham', thai the floo i r % ek*ed perret^ihij thai the aniae wblcb to alarnie?l i * i tbe m appti't of tbe Iron fa*Vi aingi aad mp^irla i ?i If the anr iri er- ?ar ai' M?e r?/i)0Ti-d, tht floor MM n?l. red |?'|M ihe eMiB trail", would aooacamn down, t- din Ml red ili a r? ran I mh ra aad J?tota upon which ?? r nr fe?led I.ail gleen way, and th ?! tbecclllof of tbe "M hmeaih war oprnTg and Inreafenint i in tie Biniiei.ce rM|ie<l in orfer aud witb^nt aoctd?nt li gitil ? men mi ibe pUtlonn were of ibe I art to leave i ) <?'? while paMiigtu he door, to tne flrat time ? ir?dto *idicai> by ?tpr>eeme. a realixatlnn of the i,Mir wbieh eivi-oied ua The Hone a.;iaally auat bun 'wo or thri* 'Bchea. and he wa? heard b> re a k "Itite *t gi-tnt " bat hi retaiacd bit ee|f p ae ear Ion aad walk* d on Brooklyn City lf?i ) t ink 1>PT who I.KAI-BD fMOl TH* fit?T Boat?<>? Hnnday nt|bt week Uurt a wall d retard ltd}, ol mad on aiae, vh ma on of*' of the Houtb ferry ? ?la by Mint of the baada, mho ahortly after mv ir, tort ?i>ppoa?><i ?br hart committed aulc.lda. A hod, ?at reootereu M Thorn peon'a(loot, on itaeaday evening, mi re? <>? ii'*e" a? ibut of ?b? ???!? p-?n?i n |i ?m con ?ey '>) to I be f'rai! bf>nac. and t eaterta? ihrea larftea from \f.? T"rk idmtifled her at K. raheth Howard They (iwyHt Ibe body to New York fhr nterment Tn? asmnaotype of a man, with bitahy hair, waa rmiad r>a at pfrnoo A trardkit of foaal drowaad waa ren<i?r*t t?jr Ibe j*tj. rm A<rii>wrT i* Twk lUii aoAb Trtunn ?Ooroaer Rod u t beHl an Inqueat yeatrrday upon th? body of ibo mum wbo waa fouad la t>e railroad tunnel la Atlantic atreet oa M.nday afternoon. Revera! pertona rtalled the dead but ae. bal be wa? not Id. nutted. The genera' aptxwraoce . Die (are aad cktbea imliratoa him to ba?a bom ofO?<r u rn origin M ward Mfbeli an employ c of the railroad ftupaty t??'ifl-d on the inqneat that aa ha weattorougt ? r> tnno* I be fmind a man lying on the track, faoa do*a <? d, in waa oa the car, and frit a kilt, went to aee aad the body lying on the tree* Jtaae Bnginahew . atilltd 10 the rente effort, and Ibe Jury -er rlemd a rer >li<? -bat dewared <*a.e to btt deavh by balsa run ever y a railroad tar A. Tie i'i< apeota* of Ibe Kaater* Bengal Railway hat heea infittn ?lth marked favor t? r? , mte j, ? , ?o?i.i. r-d ?tatU.We rnntnug a> It ainat d$ brongb the ' heat 1 ;i?tnt? t? Bengal, mtr? p*y. New* from Harini, AHH/VAL OF T1W QOAgltK OTTY iff* (HA ML?TIHT MKXICAN AND MAN IKIMIKOO INVASION FKOJBOTH WILL ON FOOT? ADYIUBH FROM H4DKID WAITKD ? OA ? HJCAJ.T11 OF THK CITT?TV AUK HEi'ORT. Tbe steam* bp Quaker City, liapiAin daaleldt, (mn Mobile the 'theI, uia Havana rtie v:??io of OcttrtMsr, at it a M ? having ri lualnt-d la the latter port 20 hours ?ar rived at Una port yeeierday toracooo 7b?fU?iJi?h p leatwl, witc Ra-vanaani Key VT *t date lo tbe VSth instant * ived at Charloatcn y.-t rdoy The nrw* from tlsvana t? a'1 Important. Tbe rumors of war with Mexico ?n enforce tbe n coi{<>lttnn or p ty neni of SpaxUb debts, and the annexation o.' tbe Doo?twe,*? re public, ob the other si'te 01 Cuba, continue Tbe ooDSiaui tlteuliou ol all departments of tbe for ornsient wa? given u> t^e premrotion of these manor Tbe arms lor Ht It mapo were on buard ar Sp.mi?>j inanef-war wj.cb w>uld leave Ihvuaatnovau iC' government at'1 baa what it Ata wlfiwy do in Uio premJuoe, o; Tor absorption. A royal order bw been ptl).libel at Havana, tb*i United t+tatee gold hereafter will only be -eoeived fur laa > of permits at sueb value ar tue officers mar dee-i. correct. Mr. B)j ti e baa nHyet ast urned" bis d.flies at tbe Caiied State* Consulate. Tbe bealtb of Havana Is very good, acd tbe peace and good coudltlon of tbe ?!ace perfoot. Tbe sfearoehlp Hmplr* City, Capt. Kray, heme for Niir Or lean?, arrived od tbe 24tb, and wm waiting tbe arriva. of tbe Urauada from A.spin Tbe itock ot sugars on laud is 160,000 boxes, the bust nen uot active; prices for (he boet qualities rally main tained; low grade* declined >, cent per pound. Exchange ri New York and Northern cities, 7 S to 8 per cent dis count; ]><ndon, 4H to 6 >t oe t premli.aa; Now Orleans, rhort etgbt, V per oem discount. The bark Joseph Hall bad been discharged, and was u> be repaired immediately Additional Nrwt from ncdre. TUB hBW POSTAL A?HiN.KMKNT AMD THI QULF FOBTP?FT.AB OF W ? l.RKB, BTC-, WO. [Correspondence ol tr?e N/w Orleans Delta ] i'rnr uk Manoo Oct. 1, 19M. Tbe Interruption of the American mull cmvey pccea lrrin Vera Out aed S<-?? OrWus have smb pended all corre.spntmence betwwr ? two capital* savf wl at may be accommodated by the rxgttsh and Spamsn HU-amers that pMt monthly from tho oUy of the True Crcm to Havana Citizen* of the United Wales sojiunmig or i taiii In tbe Mexican republic have b?u mucu moved by Ibi* fa ;t of oependeuce op foreign couriert; and tb?y have been more disturbed by tbe reports that ib.> contractors for the V? ra Cruz mail have been por mttt<d to abandon tbebr obiifa ions on tbe plea of inaox qnau compensation, and with t*e suspected de?lgn ol ?U'leaiiiiga postal ar?au^< mtr.L with sotne commsrcia prtvlk'>?)?, WL.r.b has beeu in pn>grdMul negoUa'lon tw tor macy meriths. Tht u:iiagoiui>ni to tbia postal arrange ireut ?rgtna><? in the taot tbat it returns lo the co nm-'r chkl tn>p< rium ol the Vailoy of the MIhsIhsipvI her Inherl ?ane. in Ije m and frequency or commercial anu (Metal irterrourte wiiu the Mex caA porta of the Gulf; and ? m gnizes (if California obonaes to ?vail) a si Hilar ad vaoiege ob the to lit r. MM it- a great bu^..ear to Mtxioo, and a recent m Utnalieti Ircm acorrosiioudost from Granada, which oo tamed a place in one of Uiejouri.aU ot this city, speasinn ol the Mahiln;.' of bu giiverntuent, and the policy ot ilex tru la rtcrgiiiring it In a treaty of alliance, oocaolono n orb ex' item* tt in the opposition churrh p?per* la deed. *e have had quite an mien stirs pa?sa<e at arm* l>elwi < u Uio Krtrat>rtiin<ary and tbe <>/?ntftta on the ex citing topii' ot Walkerani Ill* CONTEST OF TKAJfCIBCANS IN MEXICO AfV FTO MYSTkKUU. [From tbe NVw tiriesti* l)eit* ?>ct 22 1 A correspondent si Mexico favor* iu with in. follow cu'tott. of monastic life in tb? eo?vnt of f'tociH-Mii in that city Tne recital seems to beton* rail tr to the fourte<.nu.c?'iit>.iy than to tb? ntontaentb: ? Mixtoo Oct. 6 tSf.b Td? rapprettlon of the Coi; vent o( Fraooieotms la tain capital bun how criticised ouly by thoee ?h* mm- notbin* Rood It tbe acts of the pro.. m governrasat, although %u,c J*"" ?" ?re This measure W been ore s?med by ibim in tuch Illusive colon, with the obinti 01 VH'ioDjf adherents tu the c?>i t ervative pnrty ; but lhat tip. l?opi? thuuirt be uodncelve't, it in nccmanrv to spa.k ?no ?t fiarl.fsiy, it,at <Ue*.tmy m I'alitv. and thejust'aup part that eeery cltijeo ?hooMftveto tb? government i emailed the .uppre??iun of the Convett ol ibe Fraocu can* and that so na.cH It.iquity, so much ruiwery .tiouiu ? U>; ,h* B> P00"*"* should b< dl i-<>vnr I I i""i rrfc:"'' f h,"u?ht 10 l'?bt CO lb* uignto f hel,'b of September tint infernal plot which wot'., bate camcd eu. b < aJammea that we abudder to thin* Tbe Ooov. nl of the ?>anclrcaos la Mexico waa not only he lieu* of revel tion, but a cloak for U?? mom fluty ?ml r. puyraLt not, aud it iwidi lucre-iibl,- that me cttiifl live in snch a matiu< r *nrf ibat they had suoh ham ^earla an to obttgr the t ,vices w> |*-a their lime In got lode, living Id tboe? n ts/ room*, where th. y aa> al: ? titlr ti.c.sitle* Whorv. r visits tbo convent, altd.v.ittb te n>s? mter these room* wuh rrpnguame aa we flld will be crnnnced of the trum of what we gtate and be flightened at ibe.'ghtof tbe disorder an 1 abandon mem ?bKb be will ??? in every luri. The picture ?bl-b we p>?s<pt to oue readen 1* of the most Uto" tntllrg rat 11 re We fot.nd tbe library (containing now Iran VC KG toli-mfi) in complete Utaorder tb? book* tumbled together the title- of wblcb with di?cmty 1 on Id "Ld i>?ver<Kl with a ihirk cloak of Hint tbe la 'We of tbem farrlcg a* a habitation for nmecta b<< learea nutk together atamed an<i dirty. Tbia a onn wit aufli oetl for Mroog eburg,. .be po?ea?org of ib^ t .wiveni, wh. , it apr-nrv. ilnlKiteii thetr leisure time to pleaatir. r n o.. e than atudy True k tB th,^ booka tb?> won I Und truth* ?bicb would not bare givaa to ibem ?ery agreeab <? m<>n,euU. and exanpkw of virtue and prrrtpia of roora:i:^ in direct opposition to their Tbe horrible smell * bish can>n from the ro.m?? of the n.ivir.s, whicb wt have alr<a>l/ tnenuoned waa al moat inaup/wruble These tu,ha|ipy belnga aieoplng on the l.oor, net being alloeeil to leave tbe small oells wbleh 1 ey lt.n?btt *d, sittlefyIng Ir them whatever r.h .smUv na Itre required, ai d even the eel, of the friar wbo watch*! (?vir It. m, waa not more spae.lo is or rle?n In It was a iDlttfru wbleh with r.liil'inliy we recugnlsed as siic.b of a nsti elrss eelo?, covered with <i tb fn fact, everything m tla' cell was rrt-ugruut. In ibe centru of tbe cbapel of the tame oovtoee waa foutd ? eublt rraneoas j aitsage whlrb bad rormer ly (? LUieed some mua.nuet, whieb d ainenred iiur'tg the tine 01 the iB.?,,.n ? the A uteri, ana In iw' or rho mimmi.* ?-re lonnd efflaa or dif | ' rotatnlng deal bo tie*, ano judging from tbe ? Pf>*a'si < e t f lb' wee?t tbey ba t i.ot been placed there lung, alt" W. f ln tbe wikmI work of tbe altar .mall oof 6ns with the tie* I bo. te> .rfchildren, were to md What l? tbe mri-rii t ef this r*l>rovery? We-e the I nam au thori7"d to fcni ?? At what hrme were tbeae rrr?mooi? [ |?rn?me?? W - are Olle I with surprise an.i uafirtu natef) we eariDtt aaewer satts.'aHnriir to onraelvea these I ?|1?# . ** foetid tbe ? bole . onvent m complete dl*oedee In t-e reii. we breaUied the tame tilth) atmosphere aa in U e pine, s ?e above vtshsi, ?nd n 1. neceaaary to lievuto ? ore t!m than w< did jest. rt?f la the iMr>at of the t rstirlM ?n? to give a |1?I Idea ot the lamenwbie Stale n wbleh we torn d It. snd which proves th?t tbe pereoat whteh irhab'te.l |. ro ?ot merit the least consideration Witt we have said we trust will prove a leaaon to I tbe tn|**'rt'tfi us piit* ?e. n tbe r. nvent. it sbleh the friaiw oagit to live in a*. r'"' ?b there were very lew who pn<t?d Ulelr nighu 1 here V here did tbe minute, t of <>od and peace paas t/etr tlgblef k?pen At a gi od priest wbo wt'h bn sacred ohl?n tk w worthy ?? nnd rh'ttM receive ail poantble respect ?i ? vneretion. s-'?boui.i h. sks devtaM* from the path ait 'eh onr rel-glon baa irnrked out, merit disgrace, and ?hi.tiid he looked npon aa pen.'<'iotM to the community iNTWtMTmo PNOM FtOKIDA ? A Floiidh roTT*e |?.td. otot ihe Itii'adelphia b*i+er mentions as n rumor fiat ? Urnty tr aow on ftwt between the t*nlted s???tm ? ud the jr orti!a In.'?si wnlch is likely I.. .?ult In peace l>po?t lae II 1 hat tte government has engaged tb? ser tier* of tom of ?hr ^ m'nrtes Wbo l?a*e emirrated weel ft urn iri'sltSip* an.' that AUtgaior is now at Tampa in ">ufer?n<. eith f> l hocrne The same writer adds ? I Is llsn IHtc I tnat ibe gmern<n?iit agre?s to lake tbe f?<h, Ac., of ib? ?*emino!?? at n Mr valuation, and oar 'b? m tba si m of |'cti orn T>ey also sgr?e to guarantee t? Wllj lowlrgt th? ehiefla'brh'p of the t> Ibe evon It they ha-n tr give Mm n d.flerent locality eeat of the Mitt.telpgi This hss always been the nore spot with Billy, as ibat portir n of the tribe who have alreadv eml ,rtl.d have cboeen Minanopy for ihetr chief. After the II tlh of Itilly be w to be suc eeded by yonhg t%m Ioihw who. in point 01 talent and oratorical powers in aatd to l? ? second rblllp or Tte.l Jacket lie |g only nhout ? yesrs of age, bw le, n. tt to Biily, ibe leading man la tbe rtieatrteal, Mnstral. A*. WP'SIO ?fi (Ror*Martha le lo be given fo nMit. with "i*M ii!- li"n.1."_!tf h*T "eeon-l ap|.earam*e, %ti*i 1 11^ I Ormy m Nimt, h#r lr*t h\>p* ir%t>c+ BaoroH.i. s H. wa^v -The etthlrgpi.vol the "stranger" ioilnin, %n<1 Uw ejiols eloees with that everlasting an.l ex rntiat'ng fhr.irtle, 1 I f 1 ea hon tas Bc*Ton'shnw TnnsraR?No hette. evidence of the sik crs? i?f the new piay ef " Heir' Is reo'tlred than the fad that *r Hurton still contlnnss it as the feature of Ms entertala men's, "Jenny I ind also to night. W iltirt's 1 ngurat -*r. tr.itae* g. 10 repeal hlrt fhrorfte p?ii of Mr Kria snl Marlmer In the " Iron t Vst." In night 'I he ' Hre ksier ? follows, (to early?neatly every seel will he taken t'xjieacas Sratw T hk?ts*.?To night we are lo have Mr. .fnhnsten's sveititig dra>i;atk verwoo of the "(Ittnmaker of Mosrow,"and Mi Rdrfy * riw and thrilling drama entitled tbe *Mastacre of (llereoe. yrftrn.-?len. Tom Thumb eonttnues the chief objee'of tnlerrrt smorg the ronetless rnrtosHea ' Romance 'inter |nf enlttes" Is to he re'femed In ibe afternoon, and "Drsd" la the si erdng PsrsnwAV T?strnrv.?Tarenta who desire lo ?fTr?d rhii^tea a deltghtfnl and lanoeent en'ertelrment tSoviid tas Ihem 'c see the "Hying Ibitrhtnan ' and the 'Onrid r.,f hi.'hlt g." t n tstv A Wocn's snd "pmtevH eeeesine .? ?euTr sooerlor progrsmmes of srnies dntiera Ac tnr ni?' I', adrsm-tie line, ibe f?n?et play ' Wgill. iod ,t,e Hu*' ef* Trorstnra. " P.atntea of fiT'i||ini? l>rtln Kottlpi Oumal*. Kl Blir Al>Ht>lHT>(tTOft'8 Ori^B, i Naw Yc*r, *ct. I i, 1W?6. / Bob. Calm* Crpitin.,? Sflt?I jtrcelvt ?r >? lbs Lowepuj?e/n jrubliabed is tbta city, that you bat deliTcret! an ujhi?j od th? subject at the relation of ton gn Conkubi to iben dJcsa*eJ country men. At I cat Cti y b70ugbt in contaol w.tb lore.^n Ooa aula ii eaeee u} (but n'Te, I: it ?ould ???: bfr VeepeMtog too far ?p< n yoor c lurteoy 1 aouI I beg of jtiu to farnu jae with a copy uf your ojlnioo *t your cJnv^saienoi I hi), air, 70U1K wnr re?p?ce. HErttt B. HWKENY, Public Adn'.oistrator. AlYOHOTY (iM'th.t: a OryiCK Oot. It, 1964. Ha?1 dt )> in ?(Ted youi tetter oj U e lltb .TWt., ra qutbling a c?py 01 en opiD on ivartered by mo Ittfe ult., ?t the r.-queii of the .Secretary or St*!*. 00 the cab j 01 of the r< :?n<*i of foreign i'ook its to the tmtiid of i'OhiI oountt |mi >1; M>d, with cc ?ei.rrt>noe of the t*?ra 1#') of Hate, lute tuo bouor toencloite herewith lb? o?*irtc copy. 1 am, mh|k'c<(uIU . C CI' .fffKO I rrut 11. R*<| , public. Administrator, iJ> T TBff OPINION. Airoh?ry i*m.-??kai.'m Orinc*, flept. 12, 18(8. SlB?I Iiwh the b?Dor to rwitiord berowttli Ui th* 1? vuirtee of the Kfc\oy ol the Emperor of lira/it' Mr 6avelcantl if :eiqne r<garuu>g vbo eeUli'(r?t af !?>?< e?tal*-? of itpfr-nn i- ubj'cw of other gnvertunaaM^ y> he K?y die ill Uir United .""la*e? leaving uroperty tare. It ia tiece**Jry lb remark, 10 the tlrst pis*, that wKb eareptiooB not m?tf.-tal to be mentioned here, a4 tKilr Utile toDMir-., to Hit ;uK'r.<et.s of foreigner* with ?*f?b immaterla' exception* the regulation 01 tuooee ?i?aa in tbe I mil''' whether teeiui" or ibleeUla, t? !<?*?* to tbe loe&!'joi'iMliotion 01 tbe md.virtual .MU? la fhe o?court place, It tbe property of Ihe dccmleot k? r?*al eatate? li e imiaevanle prop rty of t0? civil law-> 'bo it? .linpoeiii'>3 c-pend* a together oa tbe law* of tii? pare t'uieen tbera be treaty hup itaUona ?t> tbe coLlrur?, or tbe aocceaatoo ooaataT nl peril Dat eeWIe vely, tbe local niihorltliW are alone rruixtont to determine qnoettou* >>f inberit*ao* nbo HuWf e?li iv ^a to luoreablex?|we?^ioual cfli -ts?tbo:i *l"o, mlw Iterontw. be m. mltt'd by fcaty, the adminNtrwhas of'ihe eeiau; a loreipa rlr?edeut m priinar.iy tgaaa tii? of Wi^ li-cal jurtaolnltoii, and bin Uouaui can lour vi ue only hi tar aa tbe !o?nl la* n-%y pert .11, ihoagb th? di?trlbuli s nl tbo ewtam will not of be go verned by ?he local la* ibe Cdum o? prweeoiaj with r< ation t > ih.i righu ol ibiril rartii > tuir or creditor*, iu?y be illu*tr oe4 by f-Xii.tiple o ibe 1hw? o' tbv? Sate or New York 1* hu; peruiri die iniei'iat- in tue .v,ate o: Ne* York, !e?vicg ellevta to be adai'fcutorcd, tl.e a i-n n^tratiaa v. ill be graiitcd to the wtdow or vh nen of or. in th'ir defii'i t in u mentor, provi.iwi that the ?<tin.i?Mivatfr m?>i be - perxou rai jurit ia law, auo eitber a ' Hiw n 01 the woitod ^uitox or. il not, tben a reauertoflba St*u 1 no pemon -o tailed npnear ta vminlnter, (bi n tdminihiraiH'n will gn nnma appi? p'lale pi:bi!< oNieer of tbe State H ibe ueai of km be ? a 1 nor, b? guaiaiuu may b* appointed atlminutrMar ta t in hlead. II tbe piny .lie teataie *??<*> log eflectg in the 8lata, let tera teeiaaenUry may be grafted to U)e ueemmtmj executor il he ue com p. Unt to act?tuat id, if he be M/i jutii, and nnlena hi le au alien not r wiueht la the -tal** In either eontiagercy, the manibuuon of iba piuyany .ii caae of lute*vtc.y, and ii? UJUimeuJ?r> laaiinaUoa ta i>*e ot te*tac>, will be govern d by the Uw u< the 4* cent1 en '* proper domictl. with wme exceptiona. pnrbapa. a bra the co npeliog claims n< dorueauo aud loruign ura 01 tor* ail'ct tbe pmi-eity Snob i*. lb m 1*1*1:1 e tbe icgialation of the 8?ta a? Sew York ia tln*e ? e. iu<c.n There Ii- difference af 4a kill in fcon>? 01 tbn Mait'd, but ihwr leg: ailon ia all refer ahl* Hi ti e faaie general prtnc.tiiUa of juriepruoeaoe In all thi ?e c?ae* tbe Coin-til of tbe deccnebtH'com >rr bnj ao jnrt*dictt<Hi bo may intrrveue bv way aI fc' -tec or to t-anno ot aurveiliaace, but not otoerwkan aa ?otaul, and of tight. Ibufc If tbe dicenf'ent. i mi a foreigner, leave In the Sttte a miner hel", tue Cona'.l of bu cnuntry majr inter vese to at thai he have a proper guardian ti aeiure Ml mtereet in He rucceaaion Or, if tie oecrd*nt leave a a til Intended to o{>erale In bla own coonary It la the rtgM of tbe C0B*al. and bla duty if the circumataae?ri repair* ?t that ta, lit the abaeccr of adult neira on the apo., ta e to th? *kfe ke.pinguf tho will, and ila trauauiiaataa to tfcc i?rtie* Inline^ (*racry legislative acta <>l tbe I'm ted statea prooaa< aa ?ne aefLiaptlon that can < <inaola In foreign ooaa tma will collect and remit tbe a?seu o! dee-etiel Aaaait ran*. Tbt lr a itbortty to do tbt* will d-pi nd, of eoarna, i?ctfel?w 11 ite foreign com try I' p?ri.) tiad by IM law, aad *0 lai a* permitod tbe r?n?ul may do tt, kai not oihrralpe nor further, nnleaa alloarad by treaty tnd *0 it ta wttb iwpeot to lore gu oonaula In the Stataa m 1 he I'pion It "fox very clew that if *ay oonteattona qwriMi 'aer? m If I bo- e be deb!? dn.< to Ike ??Male at Ik* d*. Bt, or eni <-i*in.e upon it?h*r* can a* a* art um?nto< lh<' <vi? ' hj the Co*?*|; it nan b* i4Mk terrd i D'y bjr due api-o nt.ufnl nf tb?- local antkortty. Bui If thrre be do ntyii>u< mail r loro.r?d ? a Irinlw or i'ihrr trairb ut p?ia,?j <1>-|t'?c wi'h p- rvoual etlecle M ? an?Ibe Coaaui Biay a. I! <it.?? |?wrn?ii>o of lh? MM ?i>r traixuuolm t?> J.e decedeat'a caotrjr Thr true rial lota of iho q,.?-a<i"o are ?u(Bot?Btly M luatrated bj the tenor of a <>K1 atl"U ol treaty bet wax* !? inland aio ?taam, hy th?'ir?at> of UtraaM, eoa oadipg to abi.h it ir uMputa'fd tb?t tbe reapeetlre i rrifB Ci'Otmlf may lor>m?ry >h- el.i-elf ot a <ieoea*ed utii tr< tear am rrmtt them without lotrrruatioa at My local tr'bunal (ftea< Milittr. lu-e Consulate a 1'f i < r, jartu (I p 4f9. lit, >'lt> ) Tbe diltrnlty ot complying ?ttb th a atipalaUoa ?'pain ?fX'U barame apparent la t-onreqgrone Of we hear tf.e la? of Nanmbr r W 17-i4, v>rortdtaf Uai the loeat etithorlty shall nia..e nainlicati- inreatory, aad ? hall bear aa<t adjurfgf at' cort'?trat matters (N'mteiaaa K( mpt'ec'eg, lib rl lit It, I 4 ) Thr rarao tliflicu ly muat of ooorre, bare orleled tB F>|la?d ? or-ula. In oneonuntry or II - rai'rd thr qtiraMnc frits I .tori to time, nnUi, Id the /ram !?.'?* aad IWO, bf iinoerno-ageimoe: 1 imtilisneons ni oumioo In Madrid ui in 1/ Ldoe, thriigl. tbr -lalrr nf a Br-ti-h i-xwul In SpaM <o ?lerciae retaplrtr yurl* dirt too IB tbr matter. which tk? arlab f r.-'i bh i r >?1 f i ami the . ? in ot a .-miaa Cnracl la Kr>g and arbirh tbr Bmirh govi-nm.iH r* ?' ??? tl, It waa at Irtig b settl. d, ao ibr etfamt thai. ntt?rtik ranting the mat/, thr consular right <>u both ?itlaa rtftitl bo .'rolled to ibr litre tory M tbr ?f?aol< foaad la i| e dwelling or the riareeea-o ?t<ltj?et alway* to lha t< r?attio'i nftbr Inral atitnorlllra in caao ol any con rtrtit on ibr part of third p>t??im (Krquaima l> DxrraiWBil torn I. p. Vt'i ) Una tbr K<t.rral rala, iiBrtoobwrtty. in all tbeoolairtaa ? f < brl?lt Ddo?, la that th>- local aotkortty ba< poaiar to take tbe Iarratory If It wl'l. tba fubettaaa of tkt r'-natil brlag tbrt, l.onBite l to tbe right of aaaiaUag la k* half of the W gal trprr?r?t|*i|*r? of |i.? dro>ia?ed (^aataa. rrtlt# iln t oi.m'at, 'urn 1 p tl . totn It oote ftl)'l auek oolv, exrrpt vhera -tiecit! aUp ?uttaMl ? ' Irraly '.ntrr\eor to change tha rule. >a tbr adoa ted aiitberity Of torrtga (o?*ul< a* to qneatloo* oi ?iorina4af <r tbe ee??ral Matm ft ttK- ftum aa trell aa la Kama* ? (IV Cletry rl I* ValtM (iat<*e d** t'ooenlata. p ana ) In the Frda ral Cttirta o' Admiralty *i'? a^judacuteg r aaer i l Ml or otber qoranoa* of maru tae and ini.?na ti< rai right, fMei*n Cooei-U are admitted to aptie*r la k? half of tae iBtrreau ot tnrtr cttiatrymeo, abeeai or ae* ? ?nt ; bait e*ratbere, aabat tbev do aa la tba nature of ar ? ra>tk*r Uiaa Jorlerticatoti . for tbev ar* ant dearned tmprteat to rroelTr the proreeda of p"ap>rlT hfc Hed la IK a hen re of rp*cltr. pn**ra e-naoattnc 1-om oompe(?Ml ?aatbortty 1b eo far M the (oaenl baa power t* act la tbeaa ?a*^ ter? at ail, be way art by prorairaUon Aa to u?e e?V Bl of tbe .mintre to *b?k Ik* Coaaalt (?rulty of tmrrriUmm* r-aehe? ia aaaatera of t>? aeaetoa, I at. of roorae, deceode prtmarll* oa tb? laalrwnnM aa lie gnrerBW' ut and tbe tnoo' of hla ?*ey'irt ?r, bat aag . nudity atiatag la thia r?-jiect ooi ld be eeanneed by tfca Ireet laterpnaItloa of tke |liniat*r of Ibal rotiramaat *rrredtte<l to tb* I'alteri Stale* | heiiere tbeae obaerratlcaa noeer all tbe polnta of la tirry atiggreled by Mr CkvilraMtl I'Alb aquer^ua. I hare the bnaor to be, TTTJ re*iM?Uully, c. ci*?aiN? Hon W* L. MABnr, Secretary of %nm. jtnailrrraary of the Krhaal af Km Relhra?4 Datrh tkarak. Tb* two bead red aad twenty third aaalrvraary of tk* ''.eformed ftttcb Cknreb Hal place taut aigbi, la tbe Oai tral R*formed Imtch ohurra, ia Ntalk atrewi. near Br"*4 way. Tk* bnlidtag waa crowded by ladiaa aad gmatt* men Tk* ackool aumkara aboat oa* kaa 'red aad tfty rblldr*a, wko were arraaged la eeata opoa tb* nage ab ?>i P M. Ik* eaeretaaa ware nonuaeaead with pray ar. by ibe Fer. Abraham 1 Van /ajdt, [I. D. F.tarafaa ta read tag. grammar. artthoMitc. a*?po>t?aa. d**taaaauaa - aioguea, aingiag. be , nwlo-wad Ta* purfriiaaaaaaa' Iroaatd*r og tb* agea of lb* nkildrea were goad, aad ra ecled honor ttpoa tbelr 'eachera Tk* akttaace waa lartv-olarly piaaaad witk Ik* ?ia?la| Fklrty of tba ala deala receir*d preaaota Haary WT Itaaakaa ta Mm prla ripal of tk? tcbooJ, aad Mlaa P. R Ntra* Of ia* fbmale d* l?n> eot A dlalrlkatlo* of "koaora" waa glr-a to tko oliowlag gradual** ?Tkoaaaa K. Itahh, Jaaaa W. To*a rae. Jacob D ^ekerman. laaac ,% ti,mag, Alecaader W Kircbeta. WUltaa H. Ktrrketa, Joka M Pais*r. Jamaa r. A'*llta. Andrew H Mable, Mlea Riaabalk W KMaa, Mt*a Mary C. TaadarMI, Mtee tydla A ArklMa. Mlaa U*r i rode M. In Bote, Mha <aikarV*e K n*?ota, Maalttaakrtk Haka. Important to Mm tHjartHaa aaty tar Mat* offlaera. Tlird Head tba aamaa aad pel airs of tbe mem Caagraaa abate* tot |)re aa tgnrra FKvriK?f*ad Ik* aaaMa aad pntttiea '* -tale Baaatora aad Aaaembl* itgtirea In ca??? where tl la lm|? pteta retnrai by ^?atea. > titan dtatrleta. ?red aa tiea a ? arpfttl r-tlmata of tte ! Fottora tbroogboot tbe ollcrtJoii it tb" re?ur?? ?r<k by pttWwWkf itteeday.