Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1856 Page 3
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MflKllSKfKim &t$tVKWKt ItntET BIT. 4 Ll'KUT H NICOLa Y, aUOTMNREB. Win, HUM.. J\ this d*y, oct*ber SO at Io'cloc i *? tho Merchant*' hi< hangt- fur account of ? bom it may cooreai? l&.OQt Terre 11 it ate and Itlchmund *?.. 1st TO. 7'*, Hon 's. Now fork **d New Ha, en nil 1M m. 6 a, boada. Peru and tndianop' lia Ell. 2d in. V* bouua. !.">Ouitlltw rtlhka> abd alern hit 1st in. S'a. bond* 10,000 Oai>aiidui*UA uod Corning It R. 1st ra. 7's. bo&da. i'.'.ononrMti Wistern (III. > Kit. Int m Ill's bonds. 3 000 Sangamon and Morgan Bit. IM m 10's bond*. U),i4<01?ie >.iie Wabash and Ht. t.oui,. KK 2'i in. 7'*. bonds lo.uuo Toledo and Illinois UK 2d m 7'-s bonds. l;t,#o New York titty Central Park 6's, stock due iu ISO?. ti,500 Hu. r'U and Clncinna'i RK.T's, domestic boads. mTus New York Comoii'lated finite Uo t'li a Knitters Female Institute 100 40 i%)ii im improvt ment Co.. 100 -lUOTreblon Iron Co 100 UV l u.uu India liubber Oo I Oil 57 TrrvurUiu Goal and Kullroal <'o I ml SO Toli-d* ?rd I'llnois Kmlro id .. SO 2T< Con; Kxchaugo Fire Insurance ? otcpauy 80 ?JU K\ceUior I- ire Insurance C un/auy 50 JU Belief Fire Insurauce Company Si) lti Cou.inoDWcalth Klru iU'Ur.uu-e Company 100 li>U W. Nicholas Klre IneUi-ainJo Company Ititltyl'.nk 10 1U0 Triuii Oman's Bank i III Esst ItivertCink .1 '.O Ar!i>*i ?' Bsi k 10 ill On< ntal Bank..... 2 .'At'orii 1- tiiange lis ok . .to I,.si l? l nk/u Co IJMir iug Compsav ?f H. (' 5 Tuns of ?Teu per cent this day aud the balance be Jilt 1 o'clock tomorrow. The accrued lut'?v?t on all ib" bonds v* ill !" charged to the Xe\t regular a*1c uu MooCiy, Nov 8. AI c>> n|' II NiCOImT, Auctioneer n> Hanker No 4 Bio?ul street. Al.FRKD BB&GU, AtKJi loNIIKit?<t tfltvitj A CO. w.ll kcU i.t auotwn, on Krliav Oet S,, at III', A. M., a heir sait'Moomi. 33 Cortlaod? atre*t, 3#0 > ases boot*, allies brcgai Ac . cou.prlslng % god and deairanle axck of winter KC?d?. Auction j?oth;k.??kw ind br )ono hand B bou^-uiid furniture, oarye'e ?ianofort<' Ao. SAMl'fl, ObOuOD A t.l>.. auelTontorx, will hi'1, at thetr ftores, 81 N a? au Htrert. on Ha'urd*/* at 'n1^ o'clock A. M. the en the fun 'ture of a laiiily l>aving ?K? cty, urd >-omi?e<l to their (.lore for oww.iwii nf - ttri ^r'?lni< (irsi olaaa parlor, itliilu.; room, hii'i, bedroom and k.ccben furnllur?, twenty carpet*, puumforie, Ao. Alw>, On areour.t of tile rorat>ne< ?. and a?,ld to pty advances:? Seven roaeirood kdi* mthoganv par'wr KultH c jverod in Frfesb sum Vnieatel, liairclo'li and rihub; 'hrct* rosewood marblftcp drnaioi bu-vaua s ion mabi'gany tele * trtle sofaa m>?s be';?t?a?U e\t?n ion tahiea, wasbstands, bureaua, tbirr rorrwood and one mafacgany secreuvry book oases. One b in<*red oil painting's, n "tl mirrora, one mahogany wanirofce, three tnanieMed an<l oue solil mahogany chamber knit, M>vfs mahogany bodst-iK a. el.-\en rnvwood and nahogany marble tofi center tab'e, pnrlor. recktne and easy cb?irs, Ac.. Ac. 'iho enUre <ot sold positively without re aerve ADCTIOM NOTICK-WM W. flHIRLKV, AUOTIOIf eer ? tl< cant household furniture, velvet carpet*, oil wilnlti.s?, roaewood tiianoforte, chandeliers, g*? li\tnre?, Ac. W. W. M11IU.KY will sejl on Friday, Oct al. atlOo oiock preciarjy, at the residence 1 Jt>W at T?renty eighth street, near Rlc'oth avenue emlo-aclng the entire furniture of the abOTS Iwhim', eonit'allrg of elegant roaewood parlor furuilare, two folld roaewaod parlor ?uita la filit brocatel, Willi allp co vers; elegaiitiy carTed roaewmyl planofort-, atonl and cow; rich "U paintinga and engravlnga roaewmjd rlatuary top cen ire Uuich,? pier and aide do , aatin aid iace eurutina mantel cloaks, ricb K.trusran marbie and china vaaea. Hedronma? French bedsteads, with pa'.iainrH an,I hair mvttraa^oa to tit; bureaus and ? aahxtauda, toi' it reta. large fea'her beds, bol iters and pillows, vein L, Wuton and tliree pit carpets and oilcloth (tfcougtiout the houKe, rlc'i rosewood sivreiary book case, etegeres. Ac., ?1m>. oac extension table, dining do., oak and niap> cliatra, allvrr tea .tet sofas and sofa ?>eds. tote a U'tes. mahogany chairs, ea*y and rocking do . clo?eta china 'jea and dinner sets, pier and t val mirrors baaement and kitchen furt'iture cutlery, caft.'rs, ervekery, Ac. The whole to be peremptorily sold ?nhnul regard to weather The house to let. f oascaslan Immediately Catalogues can be bod a< the otbre ol the auctioneer, 2i*l Pearl street or at the house ao the morning of sala. atctton None*.?m. noroirrr, xrcTioNREP., A will tell this nay, at lOo clock, at 27 Centre street, a large assortment rl household furtt<tur<i conslating ofot.e oak cham b<TBult with marble too sofas, sofa beds, mohngnoy cottage and Frecch i edateada, roekers ".bakra cluna. cr?>caory and glassware, two cot king stoves, tables, twenty feather beda. A Auction notigr -kuoink b franklin, auc tioocer?To morrow (Friday) morning al 10>. o'clock, at the salesrooa Hi Nansau street, sale of second hand furniliu e, ?arpeta. Ac . being a lot removed irom a private J-veiling house for convenienoe of sale; alw> a large stock of sti(ierior new cue torn made furniture, comprising everything in the line, all of which must be sold to pay advances, also French plate mirror* oil pointings, china and glassware, fancy Is, Ac. We invite the attention of the tr?1e. bouackeepera and buycrn ?eni raUy Is 'his sale, as the wholn ?tci'-k will bn sold without reserve sad comprises a a<Jecuot? .elSom offered at public sale. Packing for aliipment doue at a reasonable charge. Descrip Ave ratalngues on the morning of sale. Auction noiicr-tho*. nu, aDOISOMM. By itkl 1. A IlOU, th*? day. at lu'i o'clock at our aalesroocLS No. 1'.' North William street a til be sold, a valua ble assortmen' ol good hnuselio.a furniture, b- d linc blankets, Ml lis king class* a picture*, paintings bookcases, F>i nchbed ?teaoa sofas; also dry goods, both ng, I.ondoo guns, watch ? s, jewelry, cut ery, w. Auction noticr ?prkbmptort bai.rof uucorb and siocec ? a. to cloen a partnership -A. M. < KISTA I.AK a icliooeer, 23 llowiry, wlllae'', this day. Thursday, 30th at 10' J o'clock a large lot of br&nlv, wine lamaica and -ismuv Crn/ rum. clarvt, sweei oil. -.irJtnea, tieldslck cham P*fne. maccarooi, teas, flour, ooffee, ac . Ac rale positive. Also, to clou- a concern, 3?> chest* of joui. Hyson, Souslioog ami gunpowder lee; M bbla. So. '< mackerel; 1'.' . ,sea tlaatll lion brai. Iv. S, demijohns uf brandy, gin, Monnngaheia whis ley, Ac ic. Auction notice ?tho*. hri.i. acctionckr By hnl.t. A BUSH, this d*v, at 12 o'clock, will b* sold. 1*11 th>' ? -,tore? first rate shelf Ing suitable for a f.i-icy or dry eood- ari argemenis. In the aioivs iff and H# Wllilam -trect, a< ar H>blen lane; also, counters cutting board*. ?' tittlnga, stoves, desks one valuable clock frame, Ac. Bust be re asoved the ?ame day. AMCCTIOB *AUC Ot II ANPrtOMS FUBSirVKK?BT PI ?!>.?< OI.K. '<11 1l'-.r-<?v at I" II clock, nI .:?I I till* I ?teat Biookljr, robalaung of a imrrtl t>?T mrm n|' rm? wood no' mahogany parlor and rhjtnfiar furniture, cManatd {A>t ?irr. m.ter pUtad ware aookmg and parlor atov cs, Hurhrii (onittwf, ar. Alao, at II n c . ?? k two horaea. ASPKiKI F.V PALK OK LCMUKR. H ARDW \RR, horMi h.rae pnw.-e a?w b?nrJ> and aawa, trmm mi cAlne. *<? . al ai Twenty lift* aaraa/ oo tha la< of November, kill) o'clock ABM rftAKKK. Aaalifnr*. Ji*.i<< *rrn hki^man, At ctminkkr-krioav <kt. I I n u luo alora A. M., al tha oaulrvl ulna mom rorntr Willoi.?lib> and Petarl ?tre.-ta, Brooklyn, regular weekly eale. commencing wnA a iotofe^tug parlor, lull ?n.| other ?Uj?fa. aeoood b.tod furniture. car..-- lrm??w otlrlotha, KWfk eblaa, rr?<ekery, balkW'a urlffv* Jewelry. mil Uaery food*, woola-o blaaketak .bo At f o'clock P. JH one eplrndid I'rfuk plain ali-roe, wUk alab, and pair of r- li Barred rurli^a corulcaa u> maiah. and Mreral aplendld as al tajrro. a cf rariouf pauerna. <4 go?l aa new, Ac. ?/^OWMTR-IONKK 8 BALB Or RRAI. RSTATK. ? WTIX be ao.d at public acx Wmi. on Mau4ay nrtt. November X a (*m of au: j arrra. wttk toad baUdluga and Hon-, belooglng ?a the latrUm X Olrrk are-<ae*4. In Worrta county N J., iwentr Wjic mile* fnxn iAU uly per ral'road Tor further partiruiara apply to BRCMDRKD .k CO., U Naaaan alrcH RDWARB Ht HKNCK, AlVTIOMICKB.?RIO NOR VTTO V1TI A NtiN'H (rand epaiuag aale of alaloary and fata<T ?Md* tbi-li in .1 In UMagMy ?? a.?ai? ?? *?. Br MlWkRD BUIIKM'K A (<'<) , at Ovlr akiofrooa. S3 Naaaan atreet this day Oct. 30, at k>5? o'eWv* etmatoUrig of llie flnagl grain 'arriua marble mrttf < op id and Doc, Ilia Mendicant Boy, the Payebe of Fin*III, the ouat of Uv R?p eror Nwbolaa, and aar?ral other beautiful pi rem of cax-Ttnit alao, ela raratal/ aarrad apaaunaaa uf Vaaraom roplaa af aarirat origlnala, warian orna wttA raliarua. 'irwlm Bofci raaaa. Amphorae IWrdMko lama raaaa, baechaate tat ran. and a larf* variety of eib? ?lanf>il alrlaa of raaaa, r*n d.oaticka, .rtKtr wrlfbla. Aa , am: ?n utflnila rariotrnf dano ratlra artjrl?? Id iurM>, ak*. wiwi f)r<wlAn ralMTO tima, aaanrbnr* foi piar tablaa, law MHaaboa Ibr i-ornai a of rooma, laanhar irKii rar?>?? Mikaaf ckwaksaJ an'l<ini| n?i, alao, laknrtiaa In *'abaa:?* of B>>rrhaa, Vanna of Oaoora, Bamtuc Otrla ol Oanora, aiaa. aasa ?iip?rb Parian marbl* jrrtxipa. auitudMa and *??? Parialao brmxo rlirka nf rH and rlrjWT dralrna. aba. aontr ma^r.lVanl brtxi'aa?)ha Indian Warrtoi, tA? Hug, Ik* Kt?->hartl B<>7, KIm' .ttnaitm, aad manf mbrr b#a?tilQ] pkaa-?. ako Robamian ilam irara aad Praaeb dareraWrr f-Maa vaaaa Tha (nodi will bn <?a *1 hlbliioa on MoaJaj aad iiMadav. Purebaaara ran h?rr tbair > packrd and aidppad by Mr. TM, at ? anil rliarfi*. aMDWARI) SCHKKCK, Al'CTTWIfKKR?BT HOWARD I frciirxrit a i o -<>? <**. si. ai U1; n-cio. *, at Ibrlr palm ri?m, 33 Haiaiafl UrMl ?? norral ho-no. ?U ?aam aid. narraamt aoaand and knvl n ail hamnaa. and fiw from any trlrk or < tcr a lan a frar B^ruan intra, lira yaara old ?rarrai Ud anni d and kind ta artrr r?p*i-i alao a aplandM rorkawKjr aud ar rral a<W k*' *r?t ???a<ia. CHI 0 mobtqw. Ar<rrtowwm-4UL? room u I, aim-,a- Will aaV Jin da ? ?' 10W o'rlnrk, at 231 Slilh ??ra<.r naar Foairtarfiib alraat ?mra of a Mora dialer and faa flit .rra. darllnta* baaanaaa. aonaiatlnc of ?lo*e* aad aa vara, faa ptpf and koala: aaa h-Mnraa vapn ^in.HKRTB BAVAOB, ACtTIOWRKR-BT HIMH1.KK. BAtiLKY A WAVAOR. aa lhair ?Uaar?>m M t'-dar ami an Ttit'iaday, Oel .V at W, A. M, will aall, Vltbout raearra, an aaann*d atnrk af ?anay <??**. arabraamc In part, naoiba of rrrry aiila aad qoalwy. imiUoiw of avary daarrip MB, pin? naaiflaa. ?*taB um*. SnaAa and ayra, pana. panrlln. wallata. MMinHlM workb<iiaa tobacco a ykil'liai aaanrtrd Mnfjawairy. fbiaaaa larry fiirnliur*, (aoHamra lflorra. aailn ?<?ak?, naok uaa, (Vl'irad aalla ?took*. Bntad Pi aa handk rrhlafk. la<ln# Vr-nch llnan laarn, am )t,lnad tnnn ln rrllara. TW abara i/o k1i will ba aold la I Ma lo null rity r<-tall dnatrra and (wiirry m><rchuil* t'aia i agora ?i >ala?rrv-m ?arty on trnkn of ^ala. ? ri.Btftr * BAT AOS, APtTIOJTKIfR -BT DfHBf.Ki:. H RAfll.HT A HA> k<lB.-1'aranu-t.iry In mnaaiinanra ot amn*M -f a frlday. Oat. 11. raanm-r'lna at U o clonk V. Will aali. without raaanra. tha (aaaa, rork and (luttiraa of ba firat rlaaa grorary ?' airaat, ?omarof K onn lb. tba laaar of ?tr*a and dwrlllng baaax. twa yaaraln nia, ai a I ?? rant Thr iikturra ara onaiclata (tor tha bualn"-*. A ?i?l l>or?a %ad wagon Ibr nUick M urat 'lulbr. tn part. ragniM kngam. whKa aid >rlkiw. rum, ntutarm. yrlfew an<l brnwn: ?iirarfc>r iaaa, gman and blark: *"rer???aui lara arxfaa. W<| I. ranlly ??aap. ?pira?. butler, rb- *ar. Aa : i?bai-ra, ploaa, i n.ard br?n iiy. Ui raar? and drtnl^ bfc* Tbia Mir will ba wall worthy 'ba Atantk n of grr> ara. a-i I la an<- tha bnal 'larala In iba oHy for aa ratrni>1?ln? nwa wW-lng ta aniar Into ilia bu<d rata. Vrma of ?ala raah. baik ?tila meuav. A der>o tit re ? alrf'l frail' fil P'T' jliaar Omm ,p pataor. apiTiosri ji-rt dibiilrr, ? . A maTIOF ?l lh< Ir aikaaa-ooan, < <>rl*r rtraat. on fla urday X"* 1 at A M pnrrmptnry ntla of a unlandld ol of brand* n rraaa, jAc-ai h lrlab ?l old Boor Hon whlakev; ra?. roflaa lobaor n, barrtnaa. r? in?l aitglkra. aar*r?. r??,<Pee. a-ap ?plrw? A a Ailrnnraa hara baaa mada upno I* aliora, and will ba tobl a nlw-tt rr arta f t n.RFRT P RAVAOB, Al'f*nO?fKR*.-PBHRMPTORT IT ?*te ih * guy, a' 'h*> ?a>~?roni. *i 1 *lar ktraei, an ???nrt ? 4 ptairk of larev rondk. Dry *?**la, jawalrjr, A? , a mimII lot 11 foraitni*. a lot nf tlilnaar <i**U. MWBI.KK, BAtlLKT k WAVAOK. /iROCIRT AND UgCO* ?TO?"N AT ACt'TION.?M. ^.T *RI1. anatlonaar. will aall, thla 'lay, Ontnoer *1, ^t J1 f 'ltarry alrral, a *"r>aral aaaAi lovail of gya arla*, ib)inm, darr flktnraa. Aa DapoMa r^u>ra<| at tim? of aala. TTB"RT B. HrRT8. IR , AC<TIONRFR-t.*BOK U. aa ? af eaeara, oo PrMay. Or to bar 31. at Itlif o'rlork, a aajatriiona ? . Plnr airaat, ? oaam lalaj< abotn (WO.ilkl rholr ? < t*f in a r and ffarana en*ar? ?f rarl.itta brvada; In h* aold wWiont ratarra for raah. in rla^-a nar narartlp. Amoogth a'ork Will ba found Eannlaa I tgaioa. Norlagna. I'rlnalnra, l.a \oraa. (fparaa. I'l.fKibaa, \m k-w IjM Olnria. Tpmao and aibar calabralad branda. caio j>o?Mlr? and uma f M. an I worthy th<- afantlon it tha trad*. HARDWARR ACfntOW NOTTfK-4. R. TAW ANT WTBP will aall Tbnraday Mb tnat. at Wo'rlnrk, at 3d Paarl .treat b? raUloco-'. zvi parna*aa and Ma hardava. rttllary. Ar Alao. br nnlar nf aaalunaaa. iba antlra balanra of tha atork of a ralnllar, in < Wia? iha traat. AUai. IT raak* laad tw*. to par niaraea and nd>?nr"" Alan, for aTonnf of ?'...m II ma > n-nraro. "aki doratt Kng' ?h b? aaa drt>n n vll-'-*ka. 4 . a?k? ?aA ??ana. I rav tea taya. At. I'w pariicalaia ?? ? K it*, av? *t MlfOVhut)., TIFAU a. L?Kt>S /.U<:TiO"?K.K,t -tiKHBT B LBKOS SI * CO. otajnttoo. on Tburt'ay <?<? ?'#>, at It o cloofc. ui front ul Umr siur* 23 t>a**Mi MnM, oae tine light tulacM, lu pinteot irCnr. t*. b(H-n ua-Mj bu' two tuoo'hs; cost F'*J. A1?o uc? loupe roc??w?y, is perl** order, bmm (??"? u.?d uliout ihreo mouth*, cust$4UU, made by ooo of our beat etty HKNItY U l.KKllR, AUCTIONKW8-? HUM*Y H. LKRIIS A CO ? Ui m il hi auction in fruut of thatr Wore, Na. 23 KwwilnM on 'lbu<?*.iy, OoL :*> at l? o'clock * sorrol iwnti lu'-s i.u .1. lu?h about 6 yearn old, warranted aouud mid kind ui single or double hiwneas, Had under the sadilla. Also, a bear) close carriage, BUv!? by Ijawrenoc, of Uro*il way, to be >old without reserve HI. LEEDS. AUCTION ItRK.?RXf RWSIVH SAI.K OF ? elegant household furniture ?-li paiatiuga and work* of art. at the residence No 79 Twentf-olnA street, w?ot or FMh avenue, on Friday, October SI, at tl>*? p'clook. llie furniture onuakto. to lb* pariora af splendid petrl inlaid roaowood uiannforte, with aiabroMered sta?l and never. velvet carpets, s*Pa ilrnni** and lace cur taina, largo and ol*eaut pier and mantel tulrrora, threo full suit* of ruenwood parisr furolture richly carved, aad cover ed In kfcUn l.rocade, with dip roper* all '.he** aaits wera niaile to order, and are of the mo*t ewalr description. Three elegantly curved rosewood et*ge?es, "tth pUte doors; lady'* Frcuob M -reUry marble a title oabtne' cheil intent, rose wood serrutarv and bookcase statuary, marble top tab leu, elegant Tuikiah and recumbent ob?lre, in au'ta rosewood ra ooitnm elaks covered in meealiin ta pesry. m?i;ni'loeat Hi'trituu1 Qrtaaieu china vases. wilt a tie tuUful of partor o'panif uut; t-iao a numti-r of ?a uablo all paintings. Is ?toll kkaiti, Muinproom f.ibrnrv mi J Chamber Furniture -OorvM rose wood bids?ad? tuorrile top Ourestu, wiwin-Uutda and oom mode*. a<l lo tnaloh; arunurs. with miriw frooM; chev*? fc'aase* full tuitof roatiwnod furniture In " ilrcloUi; oval mlr r?i?, velvet Wilton carpeie; lar,;e tnnui bair m*t?resosi elegaot exten?l.>:i dining table* r'co ulivtr vare itiniai arm rfaaua marble Utp b<iil.t. el.rtaUl. rut, ,tib> aid whltt. ali.? ware, cl> gmil tliuier *et. pearl and ,,iv?r etivlery. library. boiAca e tote a tetea. sofas, siuhmiied tiack obtira, artu aa* Oatfl!<chain'1 Kn^lioh oilcloth \elvi t star c?-|>e( <r . iileb.M stand, Hlorev, Ac Can aiul t'lgw psa - vntblu a few donrt of fen Iionau. a ca*h d- posit will >.e renulrei of all i>ufchas< r*, anil the ^ttxda to be lemovod immeoin.'"ly, a* tLe hou#e in lo be let, wlUi Urme 'late poaaeaalon. II contain* ail the ina d?rn lu prwvoiiiei.u TTHNKV U LEPTiS A.DCTIOKB8R.-H8JfRV H. HI Ltti'Dti * CO. Wlllbeil .'It auoitoaon Thuri-day. Otto b. r30. LouaehnJd fu-nit'.i*, at o'clock, at tlie pri vate residence No H IVsch ?tr? e' i.'ar West ttroailway oon si?Ur* ol'Uiree ply and ingrain carpets, blwk walnut exton sioa tiil le lnierliong; mai oga'.) oofa brdsttad*. niaho<aajr ?! ??n? ar .l chans III hair cloth* gilt frame pier ratrroi., m* tiogao) r.uU blao* walnut n-c ?'< ? .- bur~aut, w ish-taicU <od uiiatrs oUdolht, bair, husk and straw mattresses; feaiti?r bisls, boimrrs anil piling; ulning ai J bedrornn crockeer, and a Kec.enl :i?ortannt ol' kitchen fuixlture, with which the sale will oomtcenco. H BURY H. LKKUS, Atit'TIdNKKR ? MHNI'.V H. U5KDS A CO. will ?pII by an t on Oh Friday, October III. ?t 11 o'clock, in the gallery p er the saleroom No 23 Na.^.iu sti ee', a larRe colli ction Of fine am lent aud modern oil pain tings, most of which have but recently arnrod from Europe, an.1 lisve never before been Keen tn thin noun try, anuiiic which will liefcuml many fine works by Raphael, t' ir lo Dolci, Ouercino, iiuido, Corregio Tenelrs, Miuir T Pinot, Yan Roh. ToC'kaen, 8hii>er, OniK gatick. r<el#cher, De Beern, Ostade. P. I.tly, Wouverruai *. I.tllr, ripenrer, Wltoon, Man dowa, Mathew*, T. Dlugb, Wait* of Kngiand. and others of e^ual celebrity. Also, aa Invoice of One French painting*, ji^t received ftim r*ris, by Brotrhard I .a Joie, I.ennruena Van Sohedec, I)i:nant C'ardinl. (iabet nnd others. Alio the balance of paintings remaining uncalled for lrom previous ?ale of October 3. Hoceriioi.p rirnKirrRE aittion -to morrow, 10' j o'clock, parlor, bedroom, kitchen furniture, house 32 Hairi~on street, comprising rose n ood in silk brocutel, sola*, m:.h >K.<ny chairs rocker*, table*. * nbiuaon carpets, oilcloth, crockery, china wvre, kltcben ftirniluie, bedding. WKU.IXHTON A CaRTKR, Auctioneer. JBOGAKT. Al'OTIOXKKR?BY 8. BOOA&T.?THIS ? day. at 11)}^ o'clock, at 10 West street, bar room and bed rnotn fttri ilttre, consisting of *nperior largefeatlier beds, mat t/i's#e*. bedstead* aud bedding waahstanda, crockery, look log gLmscs. kitchen furniture, tables chairs Alao. bar room decanters, tumblers, liquor*, bar, counter, clock, engraving*, Ac j&e. Also, lease at the premises. J BOO ART. A I'rriONEEK?B V g. BOG AIT.?FRI ? day. tict. 31 at 10^ o'clock, at the miction room*, ror tier Frsni..ort nnd William street* mcrtgafe sale of large and extensive as-i.rtment of parlor, bedroom and kitchen ftinii ture. A-so, one piano Y. fi. MU.IJS, Att'v for mortgagee. JBrtfiAUT AttTIONKKR-BT B. BOOART.-PRI . day, Oct. 81, at W. o'clock, at 136 Cedar street, !>o*rd ing hour'e ana bar mom funtiture oordating of tablet, cbaini, bedsteads, hair n-a ireassb. washstanu. kitchen and bar room furolture, Ac. JMORHKTY, AUCTIOIfKER, WIl.t KKLt., THIS DAY, ? M173 Chatham auuve. ut 'l? o'clock, a general as-ort mestoi new ami serundhand furniture, feather bed*, &'?. (Jee Uiu Fuu lor paitlciuar* JOHN' IJ-OTD ArCTIOfcF.KR -.rOHW IXOYII'0 SONS will aeli on KrUay.Oct 31. at 1U1^ o'clock, at 4M Yasey Mreet the entire stock of paper l ?ngtng* cootalne i in the *aid Wltul''*aJ?store, togeiiiur wi'h wtudowcurtains, cornice*, gut ta percbaaud pacring. also the eotlre ti?turea consisttag of abelving two handsome marble top counter*, eounting bouae di-*? and one of Wilrcr * patent safe* nearly new , well woe thv Itie t.u. ntlon of the city and country trade Kvary article will poslu\ely le Mild wltliout reserve aa the parties ire about letuing from bustnea*. Catalogue* wUI bu ready the day preview, to he sale, at our aalrarooms. *36 Broadway or L"i Sa?ss 11 street. JOHN I.. YAXDBWATER. ACCTIONKFR, WIU. SEI.I. u is day, Oct. 30, at Id o'rloclc at corner -j? Thirteenth street ai.d evenue C. by order of J W. Vail A Co.. all omul l)Uae*, nearly new and In g> od i tinning order; al*o a lo' of sprlnKi, akle*. wheels and bodies; all of which must be sold without reserve. fonif L. v akpkwatkr, AUfTIONKBR -WILL SKI.1. *1 lhi*da.', "Ihuri-.Bj.Oet :*), at K'tj o'clock al No. 6 KJorenlii aticet, near Jotmh avenue, by order of .1 11. S. I.atapie Eeq . a??l;rnee, i|ch boua< hold furniture, made by Ponaot of Broadway, to*i?t?ting ol roerwovd parlor milt hi biucalalle. rich cart (si roaewood parlor null. In hair cio-h, crapean arm oiialre, eewlng do., rosewood marble top centra and aide iaH<?. roaewood fimriTr mirror*, mantel oruamcals, rick oli immUrcs lu pili tramc*. maKniticeni Au'Miton carpets. ,1 Ac. Idulni: room furniture?Mahogany extension table, hogst;, dlnlrc chair* to match. lounges Ac ; China tea and dinner Ret, MWer plated war*. knire*. fork*, ?poona, Ac., Ac fcedrcuiu lumRure- Rueewrxid and mahogany bedttevl pure liair m?U'r*?ea, -traw palllaaaea, rt>*ewu?id and m.ihog*oy max Me top bureau- waalisl uid*, MMMW, r bairn. ttTda* louu^ea, carpets mirrora, Ac., Ac. Catalogues ou moruini; M ?ale. _____ __ _ _____ _ PAWNHROKRRR HALR.-W !? I.KWM WIIX RICU? thi* da*, al Jt Cbalbam utreet. <ip nta r?, a large a<?>rt tnetit of gold ?rd aUrer w,ilcbc?, gold . bam*. aliver plnte, iewelrv. guna, platol*. Ac To eoinmenen at lOo clock. By order of J. B. A J. PIMPhO H Sfrhai. acotiojc rai.f. or furkitprk, Ac Ihi* tnotning, al luKoclock at Nuaau atreei, by Tl'K^ V<)KitH,l.. anrtlooefr. *?ork er>o*lnt*of an I Id r one wood parlor aulta. covered In natin brocalel, enamelled Cham Srcilu, extension dining tables, Qrertnn, Ac., bedstead* gll?k, Pru^*ela i-*rpeilng, new, aotna. late ? teles eaay and rtiding chairs, aofaa clan erne. i.arlor chairs, apring and einM bau- n,aitraK*e* nofa and centre tables, ottonietu, ?ardto(ie?. Mtoll paintings. cOt frame*. oral mirrora. munlle ornament*. r.rh engravings. Jrcns bureau*, ?r*.'h*Lan.l?, beds, Ac. Forty lot* of fashionable gold jewelry, aa*orted onral oork.'acr ?. bead*, rarda. note paper. Ae. (?n Friday. al (2 0clock, awCbnrch or concert MMM a :*bion*. new and in order In red waiered marine, patent mulling They will he ?old In 'nti to aim buyer*, w I tlx rat reserve. A J.pjiii re qu red,'and taken away by Saturday. milMH. VKrTCH, AUCTIOKKRR?STORK NO IS JL Hprnca ?lreei -WhnrllT* aalc of liaalary, undar nlothlng Ae., on Ttiuriiday. October?, IW. al ID A M , at thn anlea room. No. lit fcpruce alrea*. rotiMaling ol a larga awtrtmeot ol' bono'! y, woo'len. nlk nnd mnrino ohHa, flannel ?hlrta, draw era, coiiarx. neck I la*, llnm handki-n bb-la. Ac. A. B ROLC.IVH, Leputy RberiC. VRITCH, ArCTIOIOKR-HTORB WO. 16 X hprue* ?treet.?dieriira of horw*. tiu< ka, aieam ??n giae. Ac.?On Thursday. October ."0. Ifvii. at II A- al No. I ? TriiT .ir^et. HHMR| ofl.orw*. MM trict^. Ii*rn???, Ac. Ale<-, ot<c *ieaia crglne and ap>>iir'<'i>afic< a. JOHN T. Urf WART, Deputy RWUT. rr c iioroiiToN, Ao?moiiKKE.-i4AR<)K ralr or J. ? ?tipernor rwwood and tnahocanv furntture. planofort"-*, Jr ?Tb'j Ila?. 1 bnnalay, al b?.{o'clock, at Urn. 113 Vaaxn ?'reel. T. MOC<IHT??M will aeli a* above, wlthaiit rt-aai *?, a larife Kod aaenrlmi-a! of flr?t rlui roaswood. maho raiiy. walnut and nak tamilur". f>e'n* oonKignnwnui from ?one of ibe principal manutacturer* in ihe ^|ty I'artlra ?uh log ta | ur?h??e can atland ib? -ala with Ik* aaanrrutee of tlnd log article- worthy of Uwlr aitentlon. mnaiOlof. In part, at twenty muW ol r<??'wood parlor turn i'ire. In rlcb ami fanhlnn able cohering*; alegintly carred roa?wooi| *?ger?, ooat t?W do do pier, with > re?i h plate f aaa, n beautiful article. -np? floroak iddclKwrl*. ubln. eight rttalr* and I WO arm rhalra to Bialck. rh?mb^r rurfaof roaewao-U oak. walnut and maho gany . enamelled ?ottagado. heM hair mnttreaaea. Ac., rich cut glaea and chlnn warm, tanle cut ery, ?tl?T plal*d warn. Ac , auperb French plate pier ?nd mantel glaaw*. all paint Irsik Al 13 o clock, ptanoAirlca uul parior organ -All n?a? ?i??t ii , ?nd 7 octare plaoofortra^by ?>meof ibe b?-?t ctty ?pMiiinltn WTera: ?? ? on I'Mn I to in.! >oa pat r "/an Ca'aisfura ready, and ibe aritoJea enn be ei*niin?d oft the day before the ante krery facility offered lo puerhaaere lor boi lag and ahipplag. fT JL HODOHTOIf, AI'tTItO'KRR.?TIIIH OAT. I ? Ittraday, al IJo'clor k, at IIS Raaaan ?tr*et. to antlefy n n?*4r*ge one aewlnc macMa* made by llrorer Raker A To., coal JlflU. and haa been lo tiae but a abort time, one bunt Ing ceae gold lerer watch, one open face do. WR. *K1 l,OR. Al'ITlONRKR -BY W. R. MKUXIR ? Tin* 'lay. Oct. .10, at 101, o'clock, al the aaleacooma. IS and It Fark row, oppealte ibe aator llouee. t>erwmptorT aale ef tbe entire eiorh of cabinet Iiirn'tnre, oil pnletti*, French plate ailrrora, lire, pla'iofon-e. tabl? linen, counter pane, alltrer plated warn, Ac. On hand and lo be *oM pwl llrely without r?i?r>?. to nay adtanrm. nr -tnii ...lid roee wood parlor eulta, cohered intk-h brncatM: plunk and balreloth tulte in match, twelve cottage ?nnaie||?d < hanher raiin, richly deeornled rnoeweed. mahognny, walnut a?I oak cimmber f'lrnlt'ire, in grant r?riety, wardiubea. bnokcaA a. etegeree. aldehnard* mu?tr ???nda. aolld oak dining room ferriHare, extension dining labIna. rInira. Inungnbeda, covered In repa nod laney delalnea raw aeai cottnce .hair* Wnngea. aofahed ttenda, pure hail mattreeeea eaey, Ttirklah and plain maker*, parlor rhnira In grent verity, w?fc n targe aeenrto^nt of plain furniture, carpet*, looking kiaaee*. As. Al?o ino oil p nni nira. in rick gilt Oawa; thirty Fraiieb plate trtcr and mantel mirror*. French china teeea. tea were, eotl'ee urne motto cup* cut ctaae ware, black tea, anap. Ac., worthy the ei'enlkvti of t|)? 'rade and other*. Ontaleg'ie* laaue.1 rm the morning of aale oooda eaa he peeked for shipping on the rremiera. , W 11.1,1 AM IR.rNO ACfT 10XRKR?fTTLI. RFI.I. TIITR day, 1 h'iraday. Oet ?, at I0U o'clock, at aalearrmm. Ro (I Pttte ntreel aitntlnletratnr't *ale of hmiaehold furwltura, r-onalellng of feaiber beda. bolnlerB and pUtnwa. hair mgttrnae ra, pallle??e* blanket*. <|uU1a. aheete and eoonterpaMa. ma hogany r rc*ich bedateada. baitooek furnltura, parlor furni ture. hrocaiel window eurtalna, Une enrtalne, rfe<w?>d et*? cere, hnokea*ra. aul'aof furelmre, Afl., a large n iHflly of In grain and Hre?ecl? can>ete, Oil nalnltnga, eogra^nga Ae ; Tolt'* rc*olrer, dottble *nd ain?le barrel guns, gold Mounted ? word ai'Ter wetchea. ofiera (Mea. *alrer apoon* and lad lea, dieaaleg ra**, orarcnela, reala. talmaa. Ae. ?WT.M. WITTMW. ACCnONKRR. WILt RRI.U OR T? Thntalay at I0S o'elork. at 191 Htidana etreat all the genteel parlor chamber, dining room and kitchen furniture. Ac of a family, eonaltlng of mahogany parlor aulta, French plate glaaeea lace nnd other rurtalna, centre tahlea, mahoganr and other h? tMewtfg, hair mattreaaea. feather bada and pad ding, dre'jtng bareaua and waehatanda. toilet aetn, dining fumMere, Ac ; china gUa* and other ware; gwa Atture*; handeome tapentry and other carpeta, atorea, Ac. WC ALMi nTVP, AUCTIONRRR?WILL ?1?U. OX . Friday, < >cl. 31 at Ro. ? Woo loot t street near Tai brunt, fotilh Brooklyn, ? general aaeoriment of houecho-J lurnliura, conahtlng of beda, heddlng. tahlea Ac. ' HwtfB ruMwiiitiiio waoi \m?T (HiRAf JWW rraNiRMtw oooi>??-f r H Al'OMfftUTT Ml and .V.t Hroadtray. renpee'ftilly In forma blafflefid* andeontomer* thai he etpeet* lo remove in n lew week* to hi* new ?torr?. corner rf H road tear and Broome street, and hat <nt In preparation in Rorop^and his own work* ? large aarocmeni .tf new irnod* interde-f for the opetinf h?? . 'eMed to dl?po*e r.r h'? "r??en' ?t'wk of cbln?. ??*?* ?> " i'". ci"ee- *i|ii e i? it met Mr ? totted pucw A geilvral t* ttKl .a W ?*. -JC JUic. unmro. XrkW *ORK AND L1Yai.PuQL-UNITED HTaTKS IX mail ste?mab>pi< (or Liverpool -Ibel'uiied i-tifi mtg steamship A.TLAIIVlC OIHw Kidrldgo, ? onunuiitr, will do ptul whh th?> Unfed -ta^* mails for iMtrope positively on Sainran, Ko>ea b?f 8, tu x U , trou Uer b.-rth, r-o. of < ?u?l btreet. 1 he steamers of this line bare Improve 1 ?at? li ;iu I ulU,c<td?. tor height or passage. havwg unoquallod ivc aimmodklhxiM (or eletaeoe iu,? comfort ' priy to Kl<W *fcU K OOI.LUH. 56 Wall Btreet Pssseegnr* are n^queaied to be no boiird at II ?. M A,! I letera uiuat psaa through the Post office, any other* will ?>? returned The Maamship ADBIATIC, J?i- W.?t, oommander, will sueeeou tiie /lUanJiu. and sail oa Pa'urday Nor 12. The rale of freight lrom Liverpool to New York I* re<lue?d to ?4 per ton measurement imtll lurthernotice. TUK HHITIHIi AMD NORTH AMERICAN KOYAL MAIL Ufawriilpi ruom kbv rouu to uraarvOL. Chief cahlft P?fc?;lf.# K3| ttMMud CabiSi J# rKoa biibto* to u?*iu*ooi Ohirf cabin |iint|i |||? Hec-otul cabin [iwugr iu-?r li# The ship* from liosum Mil at Hsstfai. PIKHiA. Ospt Jwelkins. Ca N ADA, Opt. Lang. ABABIA, Cant J. Htona. *MKKlOt. Cast Wtokman. AHlA, CapL K. 0 HH'Uftt, CapC Jtvrte. AFfelO*, (lapt Shannon M'RoPa (lapl. J. I.siUih. vt*?ela ourry a cl.-fcr nhl'u li^tu at maul bead, grwu or msrboaril bow, rod on p ?rt bow. Niagara tMcliuan, It*. t? Uofilao W-d?Mda?, (M SJ, 1854, Persia, Judkiua, '? ?? York W>i lucid?r. Or. it. ?? Arabm Sloue, ? rVjutuu. ft ed*. alay, tor 6, " AitijUjtt. " M Tor*. Wednesday, Nor. I* 44 OhnaJa, Ttki-g. " iiviAton. WedtwadNr, *#r. IJL " Knropa. I.rttfli. '? JL VtA, WUDtoiif, Kov. SS. M Niegat* Wickinan, " Soalao. Vlixlmwdaj, Dee. J, J iuiuit, " B. Y >rk, W. Ii/tdty. Deo. Id. " A/abia. stfn.h, " buaton. w.< Ini^lav, l-eo 17, "* At'rica sliKLOoa. " M. tmt Wfioeulo). Doe. " lit rtlu not Mil m od U'ltii paid f ?r. An ti^erlCDced turKeoa oo bov-d. Ibe owiism of tt.'iw ablpa will not be aeoouclAble fur Void (dK?r. biilliidi, *?'?'< io jn?r(4']f, prix.t'Hin M?ui? or laa'ulH, ,ut IrM bilk of iadti g are jigoad ttttrsiitr. and tbo yalus tboruof therein For f: tii^ht or paiiago npplf fct II dtNABD^Mo 4 Bowlliig 0??t_ IjlOR L1VKRPOOL -SAllS SaTDBOaY, rtllVRMUKR t. tln> puktt Aip OhTiKlU Mie k?t ? AMKKK'AA I'dNGKEs3. lor Liandoa. sMls Nov. 1. I'areiu t'Uher rbtu?.^eond i *t>iu. t'-U): kieorage, $U>, and fouud Ajiplf to T1IOS. C. ftuMIK Wt Soiiih m eeL FOE LIVERPOOL ?THK SLACK BaJ.t. IJNKCLIP errparkrt kblp NhPTt'MI, Capt. Pi?*?o<l), Nails na'ur day, I hi of Novi-ni oer. hateoof p?--.ix<', iacitulinu i>xiW<vl iinni^uns. fcf'XMid cu'Uc. $ai. eiearngo tin. *ppl> no iiotivl root o( Heeknim. btreet, &ast river, or to JACOll kVlLtvOM, IU6 N>uth street. ME'l r.\CKF:To PO-ITIVH.Y FOR LIVERPOOL I The WKHe'l hi: eaiU Aw f*a> f ooi pier Ko 6 North rivnr Aluo the new elipinr ship KMKRALD, at pi?r 14 Kasi river. i-aHa io morrotv. Apply on boai d or to l). a. ThN r.YOt, li7 .south mrecl. FlOR LITKBPOOL.?TUB iiL.VOK STaR LINK CUP per jiitekei nbip SAliA'lOOA. ('apt. Trn*k. hhiIs om Moo day, lid of fovmitier. Fare in tt.cood rabui. $JU, ateMruK>-, Sis, ii eludlnir cciuked proviHion*. opplf on board, pier KsmI river, or io JACOB VVILSoN, 1IM HouUi Htreet TUK LIVBBPOOL^AN'D flin.ADKLPIlIA STKA^SUII' ComuajiT's splendid and poivari'ui steamxiuiia CITY Ot BALTIMtlbK, 2<?ttOiia, Capi Kobl l.eilch; ITIY or WASHINGTON, i?HU Iuum, Capt. Wm. Wylio; CITY OK MANUB?TKR. 2 lOOtona. Capt P. V. Petna; KANOAROO, 1 ,V74 Uina, Capt B. K?lng. are inleoded to aall? ritOK rillLAPCl^HJA. Kanfraroo l&h Novemlier. CMy of WaohmcUin Ith Deeeiuber. City ?!' Manchester 1Mb du. ruoK Livr.itrooL. City of Manchester 19ih Novetnbor. City ot Hitltimore 3d Doeembor. Kangaroo 17th do. MATS or rAIMAGE I HUM MEW TOIIK. Fnlonn. $30, 965. Mid $66, nocording to (bueroom. A lin.iued iimiibai' of third claaa paaaeiMtera will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provisions. From Philadelphia $ to | Feoin Liverjiool $M> Tbene uteMnrrs are eonalrucled with'lmprornd water tight romparunrnta, and each Teasel carries aa experienced sur Cron. Parties wishing to bring out their friends ran obtain certld cau s of pawsge iiud draits on Liverpool in stuns ot ?1 at?r Ung and upwards Apply to Joifh C. UALK. oReui 17 Wslnutslrtet Philadelphia, or EAHP-L 4 CORTIB, 177 Broadtvay, Now York. STBAM TO GLASGOW.-ANCUOB LINK OP STEAM pai ket Jilps. DMITKD KINGDOM, 2,000 ton* ?, commander. JO UN liELL, I,KM) tons las. Alexander, TKMPI-.ST, l.SUO tons John llenderitiin. " Fined up Willi a view to the comfortable acoommodaUoo of ?11 clatseM of passengeas. Ttie npiei did t lydo built frou screw ste tnismp 1 "inpeM, A 1 at Lloyd's for twelve years Is intend ed to H&ll, with i,"mk1h and pt>sengers. direct Crom New York to (Hitgow. oo riatej-dar, Sut November. Firm cabin passage $A. secoiid do 40 Intermediate j luage 3U Btf*T?7l> 'Jb ??4 found in a liberal supply of well ci Hiked provisions. An ejperlfiired surpi on i* iUlm fced bievhrldp. Kur freight or paanusr apply to KB AM'is M VI DONALD A (JO , 87 llroac ?Ireet, com?r of fiouth William. Fob southamptox and hatwl-thi cnitrd States steamer KCLTliN, J. A. Wottnu, cotmnaad?r, Will leave for Havre, tou- Wng at Southampton to lu l the nulls and pAisrngrr* on Ssturday. November j, at 13 u clock, from pier No V, North river, loot of Beach street Kirst cabin $130 Second cabin 75 , Tills ship has live water tight compartments endowing the *nglDf s, so tbs< in the event of a eolllalon or stranding, the water could net reach tiiem, and tlie pump? lielnir free tr work, tlie salety of the vessel and passengers would be so cured. Hacrag'a not wan-nd during the yiyage should be ?-eot on l.osrd the day before sailing, marked "lielovr." for ftvight or psmags apply to MORTIMKR LIVINGSTON, ?gent, AS Broadway. ?fOR BRKMFN VIA HOCTH AMPTOX.-TUI? U, K. SI. r aleameliip HRRMAHN, K IIikkUk, < ommander, will a?| for Bremen lourhlrwt at Koulhamtituu to land the taaila and p*MM-psere Cor Kniiland and Iraure on Saturday, Nur l,al 12 o'clock M , lr.nn pier No. 37 North liter. raid Of CASIiGI fno* MW run* TO ?orr??*m>? 00 ma: la flret r?Mn, malr. aaloon $]?*> In rlrat rains, lower aatooa 1|Q In ggggii IM 6W AO eiperieacrd anrgeon la attached to each atearuar Hpo cle deliver*! in lUn r or I<on<lnn. No parcel*re<-riv.>d on tha day of ?ailtc*. All letirra triuat pw through Ui* fu*t uftloe. for paaaage uC freight, apply to C. H. Ha NO. Agent. II South William atrret. The r'caaier WASHINGTON will amcred the Hrruuuia, and aall .V.vember LV _____________ STKAM RFTWKRH HEW YORK ANT) fll.tftOOW - I KI'INBI KUH. 2,800 ton*, WUlUm I ummlnr nonuitnd ar; HE.W YORK, 2.1IW loo*. Robert Craig. command*, tll.ASUOW. 1.9*2 inua, John n.uirau. oomnuuul nr The tllaa gcw aad New York ftteaioahlp Company Mend ?alltn< their a*w aod powerful ateaa< ra fr rm New York for Olaagow dl ract. aa lollowa ? Edinburgh. s*ltird*y, IMh Hovember. at U o'rkx k. ima; New York. Saturday, 3*h Hovemher, at U O'clock, awn, Olaagow, Kaiurday, L3ifc December, at U o'ciook, aoo*. K1TBX Or riHMk Flrat elaaa, f7S: third rlaaa, foood with cooked pmvmloo* ?III An CJporlrooed aurgeon attached to each evamer. Cor ttrurht or paaaaie apply to JOHN McSYMoH. 17 Broadway Raw York city bUla or (old only received tor paaangai FOR OAMFORHIA.-NKW YORK AND S?* FR VN rtaro Kteamahlp Una via Nicaragua.?ohortnat route by TtKI ml lea ? ilrrat leilurtlno of prima ?The n<'W and aplemlul almmahlp TFk Aft I,**) lona will mill for the pt. r at foot of llraih alrecl, North river, from Min Juan de Hlcaragua, on, Nor. 21, at .1 o'clock I'. M., to connect with the ?t? amor OR1ZA HA, from "an .luminal rttir. on the I'aclilr, lor Pan mMM PaoieiiKer* will llnd thia 'lie MattaiMl wij ch?apeat rout*. Fitly pound* of haggagn itllowed each puuru^er; 10 cenla per pound on e*c?aa P.A<r* or Piaaicc rao* Maw Yohk. to aa* mamtaio. to ?< * jvjk* on. some. Including Ifihmtia Transit. Flrat rahln .. .f7f. Puewamn $1*6 Heconil cabin HI Fee.nd catila 121 hti erage 21 Hi^eiage 7ft H I- or frrlgbl or paaaage apply to l IIAit. WORD IN A HON*. No. 2 Howling Oreen, H. Y. ACRTRAUA PtOHFKR UHR?RHT.tBUSH KO L1M < arrylng the I'ahed Malea mall, >alllng regularly on or befor.' the day advarUaad. On Ba Inrdar, No* I, full or not fuiL No Iratghi ratalrad altar 11 Iday. 3lai m? aoL Thr aaeuuallcd and nnhle clipper ?hlp MINKH \H A, If W I ana regtaler, Iteiii'-hunpa !' ? i la dm recrlrtnr her cargo m pier 9, Kaat rtaar, and wUi poaiurrly Mil aa above. ?'or f>etg|i or paeaag". a^'y to R. W. CaMKgtlN No. 4 Itowllng lirean. Right bill* far aale and raah anraarea mad* on nmaVi m<v>l*k Cvoatgoee* in AuMraUa, Meaar*. WIlUwii, BoA/iera AO*. At'HTRAl,IA.-TnK MAiiKlriCtm A 1 OL1PPKR ah'p. II.aRA WrfRKI.RR. Itelano, maater. will ha dra paiobed tiw Veibonrre. on or about tha lat Norenhar. Thla ?hip ha* omianallf ? ell arraor?d and m<alatioaa for ur* aod aacood cab.a m. dalioaa fur tint aod a^t.od cab.a paaaengar*. aod ooar* atiprrtor Indue menta to poaaengera orar aay ???aal now load Iog. Tharataaa -a ?er? low fur eylr* A few rw Mr"'' k-.*ht wonm he takanlf applied hw at noon. For Mbl rr paaaaga. apply og board, at pl?r 9 Ka*t rlav, or to I J.Kit, LOMD A yi KKkAU. 100 Wall atrial 0' t>T TYO* k CO H PKJtPkTO MRR foR FRAN 1^ rt*r? ?ailing re*nlarl? and p-wt (rely no or l>afoi*< th* day adrer<l?od?CUpper ri ThoT^lay, IJlh Vvraml'W ?T1<e A 1 that clipper ahip aRDRKW JaCaMjN. Wllilama, maater, la rompletlog ber li?dlng at pier !!> Koat rlrer, aiol will Of* Uveiy.all aa ahore fnaurpaaaad In apoad. aalllttg at aa early day, and lakin* freight at low niea, tha Vmtraw Jack wi prearata unrnnaJlad Indnneawnf* HlTION A t'O., M rViuih atroct mrnet of Wail. N R.- Ho fretghr taken aH?w the day adwertiaed. iNl.Y I .INK WITH HIRE <X>NHBl*f |t?!f ?Til ANUTT ' Utu rnUea ihortor than any otliri muta. and no aipiiaure t* river itovigaitooI'nttei s'?t a Hall l.lna ? F'lty p<*wd* of baggage true; ton real* par pound <m atoeaa. Koiir bom* from ii fa In orwaa, by Paruua Railroad. Throngh California via ruana Railroad. n?* I'nllad Nil! farren ???iaiVBPVPVPIHP ar?ig'H and mail* will he forwarded by I'aaama Hailr< . and cr*u?e<^ ai I'anema with tha Carina VU Wie vxnidi^) ' -im pany'a magniilceniao-amahio OULt>RN AUK .1 T. Wattlna. HMMnMr, which wtl ha I* readlaeaa and leave lmiaellai?K trw Sao Fraactora The public are krifnrmad that '.ha Pan V Hall fltoamahlp (Vanpany aHrayw have one ar mora eatra raad'r* lying at Paaaia, ready far eaa, to avoid any poaat hi* detenliOB ot ra?ewg?r? (W matto. For pa?aa#a arrdy to I. W RAYMOHD, at the orjy offlro of '.he oompaalra. Ha 177 Weat Areet. earner M warren. Hew Yoefc. Reg<tiar I n lied "tot ne mail etaamar da ya Mh aad Aitk of each aauh. ? fHITRO RTATRH KAIL RTBAMHIF UMR-POR Havana and Haw Or lean* -On Manday, Nor. 1 ai 1 F ? ail neamahti) c?mp*ar will despatch for Aapinaali .at It edaeaday, Ho*. \ ai I a'clnch P H.. praataafy. Cran Bier Ihot at Warren ?re*t. Honh rlvar the wall kuowa and 'aat ? ILLIHoih, iSaptaln Chaa. il llogga. U. 8 ft. Pej the llaa Freight to Haw 'Vleaaa N oeaia pgr T__ Hhlpper* will be eupplled with Men* but* ri lading of the fhrra aitrned by lha Una. nw appHoaMbe at thetr ..Btoa H-> ntW

Irama elgnad. ead an bul r< ladtog win bo nlgned after tha hour c# aalUng. Per freight ar paeaatp apply ai the o?ee No 177 wget atreav . cram ft Warrao 1LO. RoaKRTH. Ajfent. T7K>R HORFOLR AHP RtCRMOHD. -THK tHITIW r Atotea mall etaamahig .1 AWf^ToWV, nap tain Fhrrleh, Will leave for tha above pier** on naturaet tha lat Hoe., at ("o'clock P H trm pier 1.1 North rlvar. She will arrive ai Horfolk oa Huaday afi. rnoon. end a( Rlehmoad on Mooday morning. Paaaeitger* for tha ftouAt will proeaed without do morning. Peaaettgara for tha <tn<A will proa aad wRhont da l?y hv lor (real mall line to rmarlfaton. Auri?* ?av?nnah tr. Traveller* will Had thia the cbeepoai. pi^eaan'eei and n?*t etprthtiotia root* Paaaage e?d fa/e. in. lodlag etotr row 10 Hnrfblk, V Felgnhnrg or Meheaood. flO. etoar^e ha f prlra. Apply to LVDLAM A PI.*A*ahY?, 12 Broad *.y. For savahhaii ahp Fi.o*ti)A-rHmm wtatw ? Mail Idae.?The iNeaiaar AI.ARAM A .('apt. t?. A-ftheiek. will leave mi Patur lay, lat nf Hovemher. from pier Ho. * North river, at ? o'clock F H Bllle of lading ?tgnadoa board. For frriaht ar paaaace apply to N. T.. HTTi HFI.I., 1.1 Broad way Tnrougn th keia from Hew York to .fackaonTllle Rtl to l*au'ka, ICVV Steamer* from Florida ron-iect at v*rannali w. h ui* i'.Muitr*uva \<HIv?Iu?a?n srapprao, Fob 0?>.feMtfcT0N >nu p onto* ?4kmi hk??kut (Jiittad f**1'' Wall I in- -Tt? r#?w ioMrt?i5fn? ??d faet IK** ?ta-amjji j. t<( UV1U.K Tboa. O liwan c?tn IMHW. ? M?f? |>w No 4 f? k , 00 HMnriar N ?w< m6T 1, hi 4 o'ckofc P M I ni*aelji for IrvigU appi> o i boai-4, wber? a)< biiUol l?Ha < will be nl'.ox4. lor pa. <**;?, at the .fflot ot hPol POIiU.IlkKStUH h Broad *ar Ih* apleWid utMmer M aKiUa iVg J Pr.rt?r, o ?nun.uvVr, will eueifed aiid l?nl, on A flniiMaday ftov .6 1 he lar<#rltc at" till (>r Carolina make* legu'ae trip* to lb* varioua tandmgt on ttie .St. Jokna ri>?? . 1 ktridn ohii t otiti wtib Hit* iroui New York. ana lenvli.g tfliarleaton M .1 n'clo* P.? Tluou^b UekuU ?i JwUuutUit, t3i. 10 I'riaika, US. rU N?W OKI.Ka.N8 AM) UAVaNA.?UNITM* ?i*t.* mail rjr nic. I,,|j CallaWBA. J. U BuDoofc. com CMI <W will mmiiiMioe ? > ceivmg freight on Saturday, II <W . 8, NIMI anil for Uio above |HVU 1,0 W'euMwtKy, No*, Ii al 10 o'clock A. H. (rom pier foot oi Bobinaon ?utint. North river illtfk ut Uuiifgut In (.tupped i,)Ujrt bi< aeut w lAAevcaillg provwiw to lli? da, of railing fro Mil* ?t India* afcnet alui bu*at-\r aoiia. UVihObTON, CKOUliRKPM A CO , 14 Ptrk place. ITtOR HAVaNKaB?THK Ri; PR WO It fID? WIIMIf. J1 Meamhl.V Khls'lVNK &T'11 K UnoU.u K. Haulm W r>ir>g the III IU*t hUlr? mall, will hj.ii Philadelphia lw bav ioo.Ji, oa Muuiuay. Novwnber 1 at 10 tpo'eek \. N. Vtkin wlib iti-j ?u|,<d..rhUiloroom aoeouiaiodationj, ?4f?, bti wuti. to 'jIm- keyitutie .lata will i ail a"aln. :u ?Im>v? , ?iUiu day IVoifuilut lit ikienTnTti OP OKOIUJIA. I ana tor Utarlu.loa Ivtiurdar. ftot'Kuber 8. IIhi.U.N \ M XKTIN, A*?n' 2TH Niiri. Wh..rvmt I hliaoHphu. ai>bn l?A V'AK A AMI ?Tflf <u> I I'M.L> NT ATM f n.ull atMunbalp yli Al. hl< 431 i" W It 'kuif'Ui. c k?v iiMxku v. ? ) <cat? h* te kbcve ,r Kri/ffty ft#?e(i'k?i Kai liitWfk, uouti fhtto vitii Ua <> f.'arik rirar. fw klptit w vub??h-i llji| lv '? sW/'l U A ?* ".1 LlOH. 61 tVaUirireet IHUKIOfVI. AM? DAMItC. rf| ri.ANOf<>K<Ea t-? ? w u.i.u a dkk\t .i ? t /U nratioo 'oriwo ilcMM. ?Hahn'mm^ ? Will f llb'^ w lavo new pltnor w:ir-,ut'J (fir ?i.p jo?- f.?r $190 cacb, da mMi M.rrid irga flnlnix d !* thf 1)6?? to lor #2!J Trrx. - ?Miinf In in ?ill <io wll t<> oil al the rntiofiM-lory, "I, 'f t.tid 76 lv Twenty Mr cowl htrfwl, nr-.r !.h?lorUu ?y e t,??. ticrj itixli iiajcol to lK> o. r >jir< o( olc4 ?ii. ? fru'o. A#0B WORTH'S HANOI SO ACADEMICS. ? bCti U!.:>*P? At, NBW TOllIC Mm! IX Mon(A?-ua place, Brooklyn Tff v (arft cl.wxior. Wi Jtjv sdati* *od rMunuitv. BtuiUr ftHVfioa T'jt.diUMHi'u Ir'ij,* ClrouJtfS v>iUkla:t?t4r<M iioi r*, 4o., ttty be h.iA rX ? of Uie mltp APKVEK OCTaVR ROPFWf'Oa PIANO poa PALiS Rlrbh floUbn! ?lthK>nil/onu)n r.rrwj wits moiill Inph. inor'rro c*i'<<1 |i (ts im'luill" it, and rn li tom*. ?itii w?r mnU'A. W.rf n art? lo i idrr, ?id >ia? b^>*n but a aoorl time f as ro?l glflll, will b? Mil l for $V'I onir for caj-l,. *d<:r*sf Tb?>rr?? Ii , fit the tin *t"r< rnn ^r o!' I1?ary HO'! l atliiriuc N. Y., or altbe Ilenud q:Uc??. AW KI.KGANT CIA R\ KIi HtYRH Ol"r\\K KO-iRWOOO plnno. v-el HOT; tlir ion* is fuU. I rllllaui a?l t.ownrftrt tlir IrMromrnl i? lim-'j In iflDsl ani fU'.ly warranted A}' !/ at 16? Ksilioad avrnuf, Jfraejr Oil . AI.ADT FROM PARIS (ELEVR I>KK AMKHTiRNNK.P.i, w bo ha* I,mui for anvwiI je?th ai Uip iiMd ol iJ?i. f'ri ncb hiid muhic di pmiiuint lu out- of tin - brat ?it?t>nal,iiuiit? m .Vt vr York, la drairoua of huviLlf a pupil In nitric an J I'rrncb /.cdiCtaK Y.tKliMI Ttrruty tunUb bti t'Ot. A LADY wishkf. TO 01VK INSTRUCTION 1W iljinrtri; to a select rl?>,8 of yoitntc iiutirs ou t rhildrfn. it hor own rraaK-tce, nritr \V?flilu*'i>u aquiiro. Term* very nicdcratA. Adilnm Mil* Malvtut, lletklf ollire. AL.?DT WOCI.n (1IYR liFfibONS ON Tl'K PIANO and in ainging, at p<-r quarter al h*r own ho i*<-. or for f l? at Ihf pupU'? r'aiiii nr?. Seroral of the beat fhmilti-* ix'nnU i rfan-tica. Ail lnaa Mtiair Teacher, W Cliniun plac e, J U hih atreet, near Hith avenue. B OULKd. RTRASBCROEP. A SVUS, So. US Maioeu laae. Corner of William atreet. DANClfO.?A FKW PrPILS WOUI.D ?K BKt'EIYKD to join a claaa to rommcnert taking leaxona on Mao la Nov 3 al Miaa S'tnele'a a. bool for young ladles. No i Ka* Thirtieth atrneu betviy n t'if'h an.1 Madlwo ?treoiir*. r>R SA1E?ONE 7S octatk ROSEWOOO PIANO, e.iri?-<l moiilrtli-rx lega a,.<! lyre made by Ulbta .New U4> A Uradbnry. ba? been use J t|u-i*? luimtha; rotl >475; w.H be mid for tifil. the owner la not out o( town n?4tl?er ta lie going to Knrore or Callfo'ttia. Call at 277 llroorne atreel be tween l.ld.-i 'ge nud Alien ata. ("1RKAT SACRIPICE?OBAND DIAOONAI. SE\ K.S J oelare jii inc tor'a. id elegan* r.,v?o?l eaa<>. ?ut of !>Hl Mant 1/n.e, made by oer ol the b?*?t maker* and ? arrantea. roat f47o; will be -.wid b>r MM; Iw.-n ua. d a few rn mih*; the owner noing to aorope. Oat be a?en at No fc OollCje piaee. Lemons on sittamn. wti.r. hp Ci\enh> a lady who la fully ?'oinpet^nt and who lias ? aeellent anreeaa partienlar'j wKh beglnw?: will teH?-ti a' her own, or the pii|i||.?' jeaidfTiC?. A lilreaa Mr*. J. M , Her aid ofljrr, for cne weel;. MR. J. R. THOMAS CONTIVtTT>R TO OIVK I.KSSoN* !u vocal ii uttc both a?rred and aecu'.ar Aiirly at Uir reald'ree UM l.attren* atreit or to Mesam F1KTII, P(> A t'O , Mi Broadway. Mr. avi? vrs pbii.ip Mayer rko RMPCirrrui. ly to Inform ibelr liienda and ptiyila, that on account of the III be?Mh of Mr* Mayer, they will be obltf I U remain fnff <b" i>re?eo1 in K.unipe. but nMt' lo t rHirn to tb ? roomrf about tie 1st ol R, ^tenib?r. I\j7 to ri-mi n<- their r,?a'U>'i aa teacher* of >wal mimic. I>ue notiro will be plvm of Utir arrival. MRR JL J.AIfNAY'P DANCINO SCHOOIa, AT MONTA |ur Hull.'I 'our! direct. H:v.>U/u m .H i* opan. Lea sou a on Wedn.i-daja and saturdiiyn. commemring at :'?<( o cloak. Mm 1.. wilt give lauuaoiut Iq h'l'.oou and laiuUes Ktatdrartt, t'.-> Wlllougliby street. PI V.VOf" AND MKI.OnRO.VH.-tm1! hob ACT WATI'Rfi modern lm?nm I ptanoa and malodejoi arc to be fauna only nl No SM Bbondway. l'lanos to rent and rant on ptirclisxe. tor kale on monthly payments, a.-ooud twin.' p| pn? fumi Kiaj u> $I4i)i metodaona from Ho to SIM. l'Un.ji tui.adanil repaired, poUkhed. boxed and moved ' The Horuoa Walem |>l<uua," Mil ihe Neur York Ktanga Hat. "are known ra-aamong the ifrj l>e*t W? are enabled to apeak of thoae It *i i um< nts with home degree of confidence from personal knowloaigc of their en-eUent toon md durable utiail'y." TO thf. PRINCIPALS or SCHOOLS AHD FAMILTRH - Mr. FRF.HKKICKS, i-iofeeaor of .lane ni*. late u( Mi 1 roadway, hex* <o amo?no? hta <h*ng? of reakltnira to "Vt IttnN-krr atac. t, where ait cmnnninwmilona will be au*a.Li aft) attended to. rIE PIANO-TH* ORRATFT IMPROFKMFNT IS I A C. FCOHRR't improved circular aeail? platiuliirta. warehouse. X2S llra?4way, opposite Bn.a.1 way theatre. Via aw factory, Twenty eighth wren ami kinth an-nun, N. T. U.NR JKtTNR DAMR FRANCAUB LATKLY ARRTYKD from Parts wlahea to glra trench aod iihi?i ? leaanna at the realatrnoe of poplin, ?la? would Ilka l? ttnd a houae wb.-r* ? be rould give feaenn? f or her board. Beat refer en ea will tw given tall at :on 4th avenue every day from & o'ek* k. \JLHL hK HOLD. LOW TOR CARH-A NRW ROSR YT wood C*. ortave, doable mund. rarved leg planul.ire. tiiMrt e.'aborntrly liolahi iL <'an be ne?a, from !0 to S, .it U* I raaklm Mrcrl. WAKT1D?A <JOOD PIANIST, WHO CAN SIN<J A ..-crvod tenor, and accomoaay In niartetia' Apply a: No 4 lteai h aire at from Ml to 12 o rln-k. with ccrioif. djO/T -BOOKKRRPISOj WRITINO AND ARITH u Li?). mnle?Mr DOLIIKAR, 6M Hrondway, helm? a* nixed by an aa cntopllabi <1 prartlead bookk-epa-r. guarantee t<? make elegant hn?liieaaa writer* and pr ic'-e'tta bookkeepera in ihe ?luir'ea'. po??lblc time. Applicants Uiii day and . renin* ferurr prlvnie |e?min* AliAPT. A NAT1VR OK PARJ.-<. WlttJLD 1.IKF. TO girt ?? ii> la leeMum in aome private f*jidliaa In Uie i i'r ??r would not olijee' to a oltuation aa l*or?rt?e?? In a Catnllv lt*ic? eonth. beat of rrfi .eooen glveu. Addrma .No. S) VMalk< r atreet. Kaily oonkrmkx w^ntrh?onk who m \Bi,r to >peak Frrneh, to lea. li niuair aitd the hi*li?r beanrkaa in Kiigl.'ia rdiira'l n. ahe n *.?.( b>' r inpe-. it t . i,r ,ta th.' . dotation al a yotuif lady. A4dn ??. Willi terms, Ar. box fttl I'm oflice. rttSTKR'B MF.RC VNTII.K fOM.Wir, Mfi \NO Ml Hrnadway (appieum a MMMtnfa* -, ari hrnetV boukkrrptnc, and th>' otnar enenllala to aurreae in men antlle life, are taught at ibia limtliutioa in an expedHlona and anpe rb.r manner Tarn* m<?lenu.. Ifrotn the I^indon Tim.-a, Oet. 17, 1MB 1 Mr FoMer t.arhea hookkeeolnif- not hy drilling Uw >arnei Into a cak-nJatiiig machine, hot br enablinr Mm to reaaon upon aM eomprehen 1 what be la 4aln(, or about to <lo rhe ?eleru-e la laid down with < leamr?a and peir-pkut'r tkf rule-, ate plain, enaprehanaihle and uaerrUur. ?o4 the wl^le in i luairaleat by eiamplea. ?? that any i nmon ot r<.<ntrvoo e?|>?i'i 11* nwv undnraland the ?vatam. and be able to uar^ve1 any w>t ? I ... routit*. however eompbc.ded. or to keep hia own of hi* . mployer'a Nioka In a aatlatar'ory rttaaner F^RRN?*H AMI> CF.RM AN ?R TKLM'RTNU 4KlflR??An way, leatabliahed l-4i?, eon'annea teweh.ns 'H* iSove bia naUr* lafiguacea, to Udlea and (r?niJrir.rn "to.lied in r.,rt? ?lid Merlin and paaeed 'he sovaenmetiial rtaaalsaiai .a Maacea ?ran?laiion? ?4eirraaf uo^erh-e. A? pOVRRNFJ?-A LADY. ACCT'frrAMRII TO TF.AHI! 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Vpp.y at ?tt ^y?*?my. aAre n to ?*?' -wantrh, a fartnp.r, to takr T* '' ' v eluirfeof Uao ttnaartoil <V'p u-'ni'B' M anompuir. tr> travel ?own this winter. KtNO U M nun .-an )<e ma.W- with eaa? this ?inter. If rnoolrsd aarnrtty wlU be ftvaw. i;<*>1 reforenawa raq'ilred. For further paiKleuJars. arply to M. If CROFT A CO , 14 Fine ,treev beaemaoa * |AH -FVRTNF.K W^NTRf), IN THR FKXO B0CI 1^1 IM1W, W?U WwMed and caiaMl^i*!, da>Uta( * trond iraAt and ancxaallmu riMn. e tor a man of atnaU ateaos. Apr If to MOW Ml A (N? , -4 Maaaau a?ee?, 4 1 *:n -* FAJITKF.R WAlfTKT IN A r;r.NTK*X ba?tiW?% that payia larje praM on aala, an.1 Is dsne loa- rank, awl the tm?In*as la la stH-eeaaful operalkm laws town, wholesale a good ehance tor a bnadneaa man. Apply to BOW ? A CO., M Naaaaau ulreet tfifUl "-AJ* AmY* BCSINRW MM* WtWTBO. TO ? VAfl/? 'ake in InWrest in a naab mnnuiariurlng Uual a. W. Ha Win be rentrtrrd lo take . barge nf th?. *ajea and re ee.vaa salary sn?lmMMM ft*- hlg aerrlran. 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OtiOFi rV'f. kKKKr M VI'l.-^ N?- Vf UAI.X, tr.l B&OxB 0 ?k>.0|'p0iui>' flllilii'ii (iu*1?n I''rom ihf r <?t nirn-w fvi.J mini ftsttert/ifr rt**(/Jaa of 4k* 1 iti"i1 miuc ciii ra <u tbovatorr, v. ill Ik re|i< iiil il-it. ?' ok l<'Ki*ib"r wKti r.lllToi'lAN MIN?TR^t?V. Cr t cert r;*un tiM* at 7 S OUu-Jl Adm^nlno. 3 Or dl?Kl| ? S?.t^ fifx . i.ts In M<hi.i?? <<#!..?*, Rot S, artll be |indni<?d PRF.W: Olt Till D'fVAI. h'A aMP, wilt a Krpn' rv?'.?thn calibrated if. ?waiL(>'c) u. t:*> cl.ararleratTIII. I.AIR, TXAT8, M.ATH.-THK KTANdARD AND MI. r.or <li uu ji. and all mltx- pubiiabnd plava, fnr ml* by 3. I'BB'KL'IX. '-I Nwwau New York pric 1.'^ ccnt? i-orli, IMI far ?1, boon.: TCiuiuM. (I. A utw pUv publi?Uo4 every ?r?jt Ccui.pleui luu otul itj mail, "Sk-t?." wku ro qMOed. /CRYSTAL l'ALACV. ?THK I.ABTF.S" GREAT FArR \J will open m tbU mr.KOiiiri ?* ?'riirl\irr Novemter 10, kW> at^l C'.iitipuc tar t< D il?> i. It ?111 Im' th* ili.mii ?t>J attrai-Uve fair evi*r hcl.l 'u ihc UnltMt MJ'i Ocxlwoith's c?*ii*tfnieii Rund will situ a txiacfrtfterr rvcnnx ilui Uig the lulr 1'ur'hf-r pnrttciilar* w:U bo publuib*! tn due timi*. ACAP?Jfy OF HfCSIO TO I.BT -ON TUF OFF NICWTTi of Uiu unera. fc<r crcrrU, ieoitirrta. Ao Avoouunote lim for (,.or .UiuvuiA t*.. loua Price, par nU&tk, $3k), lAskafi In* '^b BAIJ. KK AHOU. The price f-ir bal. a'jsl i? baa heor redneodl o ITA),l ni<?dlai all ibe* of ihu I ??*. anoper rimmi and o>t/ak mm lo?i?th*r ?llh tb? Uitbi'DC and Monr-juf. Appir i W. R * cU/K. oi il* Vi?cuti?e *>snu?tU?>e. ?<?. ttiutli ftroet, HUfUBS, OAtUUAUKS, ?C. AOFNTT.KMAN. HAVINO A PAIR OK imitBKS. w-hee tojein a (tiatieuuui In a prliato rattle. Dmct iu l-o* I'oi-'. I.(Lea IT*.?R 8AIK?A Ft'IX BLOODED SOKRI'l. MARK. FIF ' ici ti Im bij;b, *ei*y 3iyllsh, Bornid aurt kind, gitod for efb<*r rulirii or drltli.R, full be suld cbi .tp. Imi'iue at Club hta> 1", No. Second atreet. F-<ORhAM.-A KiRKT <XA>8 AND Ill'WU.r l'ROPIT able li\?ry ?'a*?b-pfiiabli-ibmeii' wetlatocked ?iih nuid Im w?, MVbcn, Ulrtil wiuciu, Ac, Me . on.* of m< be?l cl?? lllhdl, alid Hi ai "Xpc'li ut iiei|rbbo<!ioo.| lor bunil.i'K-. leva l<^ f.vo jeara. *ind a cuat.u i ol ma:.y yeara auu.<llui{. Apply on Ibe p'teini. >?, ooruer of f-'-c?o<l fcvcuua aud Fif.b ?irc*>t. 'I.10R BA1.K?A DARK BAY nOR.'JF. SIXTFKN HANDS I' bljfb. K.jiind Vim), aud wit pout a fault unliable for a <"?r rlatte hor?e .,r hem j irora. and a *m>.J svldlu U .i?e. Xa<?iura at 4 lub a'uble l'at ll.c n'jxit near Clinton, 1*. notlya. FOP SAI.F-A BRIGHT I1*Y 1IORPK. I5?; HANDS blgh. a?ven Ti-a-'n old lire a^ul atyllali '1?t> er * I.r-iui'ct kni.b 1 and kluil n>"Klrsle aiul doublo fikmetk, tnllb '.till n ine ai.t tati fan be ?eeo till toid at tbe lee-i: o.c, Ul l.asl Utlli unei, i.carlt'ird aveaue. P For salk-chiap for want or trk, v sorbet, hori-e, I0,lj !i?rul* lit^U, nine yew* old; aound and kin 1 in aUbaroea* ana without a I mil, tit tor Umt wcrk, eanltai fir it can, troik or hoUnuc out of ?bip?. Inquire .v. '.'t; llurd MMnr < ornrr ol Forty llilrd ?tre*t. AImi, c irt ami harneaa. FOl! MIK-1W0 Fa>r ROAD IIORCT'c, ( AN TROT together In uiree uuauiea. ur le*?, al/o two Biwi cart or t'?n.tji lior.^g. Apply at Id Jay *lri -t, of t.rwa *Uli. IjICIt PAIR?A HAY MARE. IJt, HANDH HlflH, JftCSD ' and k'tid. a't )Mn olJ. Can be ttrg at 171 SrcouJ at/ret. FJOIt HAI.E?A PAIR OF 1UY BOlKM. 13 II AMDS 3 imhea Mcli. aoiutd and kin ! In all barne*a. Jmj f -fun the i\<ni.'ry will matched. 1'rUo (060. Ui..uLe at (>Mirir.-i atabie, No. 4 Clvlnftton a'reet. FUR PA1.F-A RTVMfH PAIR OP M \TCIIRD I'AI rlage Itoraoa. 1 her are b'oed h?y* p-rfwtlT aonnd, 16 hai,<U htgh In line c< million, and j'tai from the country. Ap ply at the Arrad* Mah ea, H Wf?t Twenty tiilrS-k. Fir SAI.K ?A CljOfK COACH. MKARI.Y SF.W. COW H*?J, would be aotri for laae thuihtll ita eo?t; aUn a apun ot l.nraea Can be ae?n at Young and W?'?on'a alaulo, In T? etity fourth atreot, n-ur 7 bird areata* For i.jriii iiian lu i(uii?uf K W. VAX VoOUHiS, ltd Front atreot. OR ft AIX?A 1IANDM>MF. 8P KN UF lfOR*K-? AND _ a family carrtag*. u> b? m>!<! aeparately. If ite*iie<i lu i|Ulre of tbe roadman, Robart, cnrm'r Off Ttrantj MVtWh iMft H und liflb mrnuf. In 'h< raar, at 3 P M For sai.jc? fifty unar wt.iON*. rockaway*. calaah ami top bunk1'* road w^WMe and an.ktee, al-o, a'nc> and double luu-nc-a. alao f ir' r a>lgh? t all ?. md-. also, iw. utr borm a Noa 3 aud 10 Netiu* tUvri, c. rvra: I uluju .??cuue, Kruoa.ju. HOUhK. WAOON j?ND1IAK.*K?-A brown HORnE. IVi h?ne> b^b. * year* o!rt k ur. tail, atvU?h and n go ?l travels r wari*tiioj kmm and kiad in all rr-ip* ta; a ai|uarn liO\war>?i and )?arni?? i-d/ n a<!?, and In ?n >d order. The whole will bf ?old I3UI. or Uie hor?i> for $**V Vpnv at ihr atahlr, We,t Thn-trcnlh nfvol, betwrea I'll li and with aveuura, TROTT1NO UOAp IIOMK FOR KALK -COt,OR ORAY, lA't haoila hb.'b, rliibt > ?nr? old, kind In all htrrivi. ><anda wlibout t*io?r ami fiir want of ti e. Will lm aolil < b?np, ?.?rranted auuo.L Ap; ly at l,i'.U firoiJwajr. Aiwa new lu'ky, ebeat*. TIIRKK HORRFt FOR ?AI.n.-4iHi: FIRE llAY HORHR. li'j h^n :? U)*li S year* old. irt pair m xrava. I.J'1* blsh. 7 Ad4 H ytuira old. A> tound and kin I and fro*, ?i) Mb driyrra. 1o b? >4et> at 172 Muoror atreet, qvat M<ait jMii'rjr. F HOlMKt, RUOMH, AC.. waited. A MODKBX W?mi IM TilJR CITY OR BKoOKI.YX A. wantril?F?.r whirl, a nxin'r-, |>r>ip?Tty, Imprw ? ad aod uuiucuiiibared, witb i*W'*aiv ?Ul tm pahl vpalt ?o D. Klvtrow. !W ilroadicy. A I. *PY op KMTCATION A*l? REFIWT.MRIfT wlrl M to hire a I <r*a and m mf irtaMjr lurm?be.l l?.ni?e, ?>h??? ?b?> i an havo thr j>?tv;t?t-? of akin* a f*w iirai e|??i M iirilera tfo'ilil l?>ard a lairiiiy n* par of the r?m. R inr mi ea of the Mjfha?t ?e?i <xlal lllty *Ul l>r (Ivan. \.M-*aa Mr* II. W H Herald oilier ORl'U KTORF. W ANTFO-A FAIR VAU7ATIOX IN < a?li * III be pa .1 lor a (nod ?<or? In a good nv.sM?rU<?.l Apply to W. W. rf.l'If KlHT. W . HfrliUI atie?t. ITTRNlSirFD OOTRR Wa.VTFIV??'RJfTH ALLY ?TC r at*?l la ? fmi/M'i kr<<hliof liood. and In the i.'c. r p <ri m J. for a auiaii fam'lj of aduii*. A.Urma J. I., f O . al*d the rt? l*oat oCia BtCMlKIIKD HOI ft* WANTED?OR A ICtTR OP r : par'menta, nmM in a *nod ?lt>ia!-. r ? Jean tn<J ha'i<K -otrie hwMnr* '.<ldre?is wi'H prto*. Ar , Mr. Hear* A. ' loot. p.rerej^ llonaa HOV9R1I01.D KVRNITfcRE WAVT^D TIIR AHVKR fleet wlehea ft> pnrrlta??iihout tl,MV of *?>t h m?e. I old furnitnr? aat par*ln< al>o?t hre ikitvi n^> h I'taek epm^ ?-an l*rd a < ??b etiaiuiner bjr .twin aalnc a line to IIhmuui, lie raid. rlire WA*IKD-A FrnNI.-HKD HMfffi, Fll??M NOVUM . Mr ml V\r or londt*. in nr near New Y?i k. I t ioklyn of Jeree> City, wilk a'l die ? M unpmtemenfa. <4 at l*??t ?(? a| aeloiK ,^-aaa. rl/ the.-# b vlr?'in? parlor, ? lilting rrrm ?nd?ervan<e rx*>m ?*h kiiel?'n. fantrr. hr , t'.ir ??tnall ftmilr iiic ? h?ln>i. PU* mer^eeee oiiwed. I'? fi.e c'Te full parniiara. a<Mreaatnf L. A. It , Ne<r fork I'ea! I'flice. \jr WTTD y *TF. AM FHiilJIE ARD Will fit. or TT irrm tw1 nt)f tothtrtf b >r?e power, la < 'rtwtnjf" "or l^n.l or ???*k Call or r.wniuaaalf P. M Wuana. 117 I'rtare vlt' et. Yl/ANTRD-A Pk:R#r>N OF KXrUlF.XrR w n? T* ?lro<w of taking a I nmlahod honaa. well Vna'e.l w??.r* iN* ewner wouVl bo wbliHf to i.. alee Sow i i. ,>artM or m lire |*ymept l'ne*e?ptlrriahie eHy re^nw ? a given an-i ? 11 red. AiVlree* II.. b?x LoMi PoeiodVa WAVTVD-A IIOCJR AND U>T, YAI.IM'.D \T FllOM W.W.O to SKVtMV 111 New York or Rrrw?:ja, A>r wlwh t win pay one q iartor In eaaU and the Imjuw* ia Moefca. war raoi??l 'o per a dl?b)< '?l if !r?a Cian tin per eeat n*i K !*at tta\ ofJ.mii irjr oe\U A-ldreaa /, A. /., Herai: oil^^ TrrARTV?~!M F.MIIANOF, *OR TITO U?re. t TT aeh,?>nernr Kloof' ,l'Awl?g tva more i'ian (r.e feet u| waler. eepeble of earr v|i\? fn-m I't^hie^i to twenti h'lndreI htvbela oOr^aln. Appiy to C. O. TiH>VI*^OJf. Ne. ?flaii*i atrert. ?" AMD LN4f'?HUI. on prNonrawti op powi r .% ?unw iri*h m\i.t Oil whiafcey ft* aaVe, irotn CaMdMatea Ko'ktod Warehon'o, by the role impnnera. wTll AD. < ARHMtN No. 5 ?ea\rr?!rrel. AIXJOPP'S CW.PBR tTKD TOfflO F\l.*l AI.R4 CON afMiily on liaml inN>uieaand on drancht, at the wire ?anhek U? Wtl! tree*. LORDON PORTKR AND SCOTCH At.f- HfRKiTT IM t orlatMna ar# t>eln? eoea??n<ly r"erK?.t fr n H?e nt -? relebrated biAOlng liou-^a ia L>*i; n nd Kdmbnrg, by <?. B. MKNDt'M. Wlae Yatil'p, No? Ml R ?U ?tree? JAI.D ROCRBON WHWKRY.-I *M II CO.N-TWT \f reeelplof'Ma eel.-br rert ariiele, 4iree| front Kentuek), .ndoffe* lllabbl?.,d<inyolo??oj l?. ? t?. N Ml NtM M, fPn ^ atreet. 1)1 kt .rrtc*p?m{f wink - nifnr?,t HFi nMMiiMTWrt I IITI '?? ??? ? 'O ?"?r- ?>? eeo?e- nin It-??., r, hfhtr, ? . ?) .?"?*? I" WT ?l| AMvaanKDTM. Wk.O jb.aJl t. M. + t 4.1 1 KKelfcK. i' ri nfc- or iiwubxa. ? "?droll tuid 0<cL??Ura H? at? .. .. . . __ Bolt*. at 11 UK, I f* Ualltiry... .11% MM Frtott* twum ....PhalelUna A..C4 ailon ot 'lair l).*,m opeo kt 6<. tm .owim>mo? mi I. . HL&MlAk KVt.MKil, villT Si !??,. _ _ 'IIIKr'laiSm.R "TbeSuanf.r klr J. K. HcDou >?rh Baraa W?IB?.rtfc.Mr.C.(,Urta.| ih loiuiio Mr WtuUuc Fraocto.. Mr dame* Iiulo I'eter .Mr. CW tl. l uniit ? n i r eo Mr IhUMu | tlbiu . Mr. Ku..i, >1 Mrs 11*114 r ... Mtdimo fiMM Oottnleia VI ji<i Mtu K*te Kai.tjIiU Ci.arlotM Mrs < I.m Dale | Annette Mlu> K Weak** t l.iitli rj> Tb? 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Full particulate *ee t>?ltn. JR SCOTT DRAMATIC Cl.CB PERFORMS *T TIM . < Mn?*e Hut- IIiik, o.N U .vail way, hu ("Ih- vdayt rrralsg. TllKATRH'AK-A TOCNO I.APT, WHO fmc: T* appear ?oon and who Ii?? no' the nlijerilminhie rntiilt l* nar tit br?t in th ? tfcetylrli al 'irmaweiit, hut ivbo h*? n tn.i'ir^ llM Mr and dealreN 'o go on the *t*ke, would liteto :??t Willi A gtntlrmati mniprlent to gi?e ln*iruc'l<>n in elnsotui?L ?'?go hi-tnr**, Ac. Art Ire** Uinola, Cutoti *.\uar? M of Ire, N. Y. BOWKP.T FRFR CONCERT It AIX. NO. ?7 B< 'WK.RR. ?Utrivalled eurartiuc e?arj nuilit ? Mre Ana.. Ktrw i*M, (Ji* greal prima donna from ttte Thei'ree Royal. /te|fa?' nr?4 Lirurpor.1. anil 11 a J market Ihnalre, IXHulon. end rfreiUy n ?? 111* t'ryatal Palare, Sew Turk. "hia k' ar.tft la /ilf Erla'aiwn daughter. and ha* no e.|tial in the r >mi>aaa aa4 ol ber voice. Martin Vlarin. iha n?l Iriah iww J'an. wit'.i fwv and ennr* In hla Han. Mr. Flartn ha* mm f jual. Mr .1 French, the BkIoii Rattler, the greatoat M ("a? r. r lltlng. Madame Mrterll Vusnata Wllie, the l?aiiUl'uI and areoinp'l?h.-d artiat with aong and danraa. tlcntrel and arromplkhad waller* for the arcniurafttatiea af the ptieat? Admlaaton free Martin Flavin, ttagc manager; Mr. Wis. : e?Ui\ luutJrn! director EaMCKL HOPfRU, Pta[itl<*ur. d>l nnn ror.Frn Kr>. amji no cuarhr unum V-? .UUU rtiml ? llr. Ill NTRR enrra. wl.i-n the ti tmt maiit n( otiior pb>al''tA'i? and aJ oth'r ratnodira fail. lllaraA 1!rot) 1* J'r oiUt rHi.i, lor a Uinnxifh cur* In rerUla Ma mutr < No 3 PtvMnu ?trn t. the only place now an wrl' kiaaa f..r tha Ti-ry many eitraurduiarv rurea II haa performed. Wtk out diet or hindrance fratn hoau.??a when *}l o'in-r rrmaMaa only drive the dianaan in iha blond tl .niljr. 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WATMCRU WRW WQRK?"THR CAL'RR AMR Cnra"?? aampiate prarUeal waaBaa rn ^a? nulaiifc? awl prew.a' ^ra aihaualbA. wllfc laoal dabidty. t?diir? hr early wdiaeratb-n, e.JC< ? or othar eanaaa. la whMktha MM and err eta of thia InaMkria malad*. tnfethar wltt Iha IrMfc wicnl. are ^lUr a;f lalbed: Nl'iatnuad hy aamarnaa uMianhal pkttea aad drawlaga, with a attapinnaa* cm g m 111 alaai J dwea?e?. IVioa >L Ta He had af Iha aath?r^who may h? e.*'?aitr4 cnfl-'aoually, at M Raikar Mre?t a Caw Aoura waal of Ueaadwar I) R. WARI ?? TRFoRTrRATR S PRIRWD I? 7HR Mi plua i-ir* o< vaa^-ai twdlrinm arvl but re.|qirea la h* kn>.?a <0 taert ? th unlreeaal approbation, an.. 10 raoip Sr. * am a? the jreau ?' beueftmar uf iha lay. Dr. Ward lma>? ^??r? a reward ol R'. 1U1 to any pfiyatrtan wh . after a praait 'iworalratlna, ran rum pii?ai<* .||<na?ra wl'h e.,nall* un ? frtm, releri'T, raaiv aal.'ti ami rhrapnr?a aa ha ran Ttkaaa who daahl afenid rail ano ha will cure 'hem wHhoui . hanrat lUiturnVr all ye wt*> havr hern Itngetlna Inr weoka an4 ui'it lia. drltikliitr nanaeiwia rnnipntinda whlrh deatr>y la urnuirh. an4awai'owknK foMimii Uiai uixlwrnlne ttek riw'tnitu n, thai hy ralPi g 01. ti? Ward y< '1 mn ir a few hO'ira er'Oy I he paaamaa cf life anil reel "thai RirhM^ hi li m avaln." 1'rire 11 offlre M Canal aireet, otia daaa r?u ol Kir>adway. open onNumtiy. R. RAI.FHH Orrif R HOI RR, 9 TO 12 A. M ? T? ? I'M. h'ui.iay rii-eptrd, i,?:l Uouaion at., near Wooatar. D fulled prt* Vely ua dlai aaaa 1 he t^tltna of miapUoaR ent'ttdrace fan eall or him with 'harartalnty of balnf ? ' -t'IT irad. QR morRR, RO. U DC ARK STRRRT, MAT BR OOW airllJHBHi rural ^fcartea uaalai N. U ?So faa Ull eur IMPoKTaNT TOFPJIA1.R& DISRA.?RS0r FRIIALKJI L rtrtn-lrelr hy '?r. U( W(|R Remrdlea for fantala da i armtHitfn'a. tnu- >1 to RV >'? 1m*.' (TM iranUed In a I eaawa. Ot>anHaiinpa ard letter* -wlc'ly e .nNleatlal. Pali, nta fnwa a illa"iiia* PtoTtilr*! wKh N?M> mira*n( and eieluaire .tUaod a or OflW'e tK> ?<?ly runej R. M FllVeiiih ulreet. R. T. m.,rh*?d eiaAI-^ea -aa aaH oa hi* with tha eartMaty tf hnatng with a P*'ab-1ar tl wpartawe. R. I Maa l>r 0 a gtokana, aa aateaiWy *a Www fork ralwafty, with a?aa aattownlalaaf a rary lil#h aHar. ?'ilpa?dad la hM aAaa> PRJTATF Cf>RW''U1A7TO!t.?PR. WATHOR IIAR P<MR a ion* Mrtat/wn SMrtaad hla attenHna In dlaaawwaj ? earuia eJaaa. ht whied ha haa Urwa'aJ *o? :?m 'han 'twit Ihrawnd ??*e? a't>.?, tan h?la?ea <* failara Tha rwatadM ar? mUl, and Uiera I* rtn MertupBaa *1 haSkHi ar thr-igr at met Dt Warat* la In mnalaal aitandan'm. frmm T la Rw mxmluM unit) 9at nlghl at *" '-^i* ua* n*| ? In r*if? aiW^npr* waat aTReaadwa*. The rua ?ahinR rooms are ? ?fir* waat t^Re w* wathorm n P*rme>H Wmgiaa to tha loeh Roaplial. ?JJICORD'H PRA(TR*.-DR. RAMVORD WAT M? 11 rr*i?nlt*d rfwuAeauaJ'y on aa Important elaaa ? maUa dle?, at ht* moma. W HnaUway, oapndla Iha ft Nlrhalaa D?. II. la an ax ptu?(l 0# iWa. Parnnrhaa and Ro? ol to* rnr, aad Rlerwd, of Parta Oottanltatlona la Rn*H?h or FraaA? v>?r*ooall| or by Irtter, la till 1 and fm? t loj dally. O. D. HAMM??RD, M. W< OOAlm Hrd ard wiinr A?n rotu-PRAi^i orirarip Iha nrndtwl of tha heat mlaaa aad f?hl?fc. < warrant prnnlae) at U.e Inwaal taarkat pHre. re arreted frraa yai-A, lifty rent* per ten 'eaa front "ta boat Alan l.trarp.oi (Vr?H and ('unite' (Imer- an and Fu|r'>ah at tha r t-ratit ra ea. Ill > rts RRrtK. I -rtier ? >iu4 hud ?<U R\*i tUifU.