Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? ? ? . 1 ? , r - * ^ ? . " WHOLE NO. <TS68. . MOKJNIINO EDITION ?SATUIID AY, NOVEMhRE 1, ISM. PKi> lo TWO CENTS ARRIVAL CF THE ASIA. THREE DAYS LITER FROM EUROPE. The Further Res rictive Measures of the Bank of E< g atd. iuk (OinMEKfUL sri?i Ltriois li fkiuce THE SOUND m) 3 TAUT DUES. JNTEK I'STING FROM SPAIN. JOHN BULL AT TH .5 SOUTH ?oim?lti, 91 :-S a 91 5-8, &c., icr., ' tc. Tbe Brit'fh and Noriij Atrn'iu>au mat! 6Mime: ''a. from Hverpoo) sot>i< ufW '. <"0 of Satur'ay, the 1Mb Instant. arrvel ai time o tu, . yoairrda} morning. The Ail* brings 116 t>:o >n ? I n >u Hp*;*, tad isO^OO hwu.? a {olit. The Waah agton arcU 1 a .v.t.arapion at P A M. of Huh r4a>. tbe ltjth iBMiku<. Tie screw steamer Wa>. ? .>o. !>. m Philadelphia, ar rived at Liverpool M 4. rn trsilay, lMh. ana tUwut uoou oi tbo r>uu; ilit/ ;if.tired toe Kberaoiicse, timm Portland viaSt .lo!m?, N ?wi-indlaud. Too liuer ?oneae i>n the 5ib, In !>. i - , Hiu-"? 41 paaaed an jmbtrg I 0 iect big* u: -?i i ? ault extent. drifting ?aiowiy to the jouth war! Tbe exchange of tows or.'h* u.trtm occupation of Wie '*1:: e? of tho a i >1 iuid on the nucjtion of the fnt'ire ot those pro ? ? < "ti I ?u Ji'i atusuiuii with the Neapolitan ipiarrei an>i tlitirUm io Spam. Mean time Lit i reach gcvernm. .. i loudly agxlnst the Auctrain occupati >n *? u uolioy. I?eta iM news oi the cbv ; ? m th? <p*ol;h Ministry ha* not jet ' umi) to it. .'-lOtr roan no oUlc-il an aocncenent that noi"ituM crwis tad occurred, and Itu*. the chaste of Unite tn <tm rrtm purely pergonal en the par of th ? Qj. ..a. It ? now generally bi'tu v?d 'Ui?t in coo*<>i(uonco of the gTowag importance oi \ ' oos to ba diseased, the ch ni i'aria, about t<> r ?? aible, will consist ofthe t ret [>-cii.r<>teniiarleh, a. b-torn, and uot oi the second, wwai ? forcacd. The p-< ; U.i'i*u to reter the Neapoll tea qieaLoa to t o Coii^rc-.. id laaie l tro n Auet-'a. F'.J tnor ttfti'-a tbat on tfei llr?i <Uty <>t meeting Coout Waletr ?ki. In the name of the Vte- ? It kov^rnment, wtll advocato the adm -J'.on ol Naplec A ii' n wtd then be invit ed aa to whether the ^ it ?trp b>yood tbe East ern quest.od. loi wblch n v \i h a^aombi^d, to Uke up U>eB'h*tcln. Nouicba el v iB'ra'grtn, (ireek, and other que.-and wnether Ui Kiug o.' Nap'ec thail bo leprwtnted. ? Thfi op?n)Dg of ? Cc6ter<fU v lit' tne I'ru*?lan Prctoatant eh urea was i\ed for Nnvont er 3. Tbe meeting will be ho'd la the riijai e?*,?K a iw?ri!u, wttb M Vun Kuamer, m reyai LeciraisjttBer, p'estmog. The obj-ct ol the meeting s to de:l<!e oi. p-u|? -illcnt to bo rtferretfto ftuother ccmerence conipo m and laymen, with the intention of re o g m xiug tho tvangehcftl church Of rcusel*. Count Wr..ewski, Fr<-ii u Mun-,ter ??r Foreign A.Tair?. ftaf tent a circular to tli? Vi.-non diplomatic ug nt- at co :rts in anew. ?. thttof K-ie-W of.-Vptembcr 2. Act rdlDjr (o wlial hail b?< u b<urd of iuij new document, the FrctcL government rej<W.- Hi t reptoa<~bc? of Pr'.nco Aiort ila^j.l. and adduce* ui prove that be asaa >a error in hit the roocoot of France and Fnglac] i. the Noplu? ?' ?tr 14 c>ut'ary to treaty anl l? the'c rigbi of i.uro?. In tbo Berlin Boute (?'c tt*t it !.? stated that Omul c- Wo'iiy hw read t*e noto to l'l+ncv Gortashakoir, ami ik%t it t? lull of pacik j>r . teatal' u? and moreover c >1.^1 ? the assurance that tbe oi-ttoa ot I-ranee to war'. Najue* * .11 bo of a purtl; it plo rnalV- ctai nctcr. - Athnoon from ConsUm u >pi? are to the fltb of (Xir bcr. A ?ABlrtcrtrt rrtrs W Arx-e'M, aB<1 Jtedfchi<! ratht *u looked npon a? th? More Ticer. A Urn v. hail been poliil b*d touch ok '.he oual representation'* In tbe Pria^-palllics but It mum d<> mention ot tbi un on of Xoidav a and V ?Parb'k Tti<- *<>'ts his united tbe Ambassadors to a m*e ,>ri 1 ?ra'ory to tbe convoca tion of the 1". Tan on tbe suhjwt of tbe re-orgaci lat'.on ot tbe |M'..;.es Atcorrtiosr to ibo /'?*< Amjt OuHt* franco concurs :l ?kece?>ft'7 t? cttabllsh ftwti led wrk? bet veon Hrvbourf ?nd Kch., !n order to courier >? .1 ice tbe Importance of the for i.' .1 brilge It l? Ltf-u 'ed to construct ca tbe Rhine '.I Coic /no. Tin* view ha ? born cornmuatcntcd by the ftenrh government to trie vart?us courts of Oer many * me of wb'ch bavc already replied that the two fortifkol ?or\s caai. ?t b? pitrrd a comparison. beca .-e at Coiog-.i both backs or .be river brloeg to the Mint Tower, w n tat at Kehl oue bank of tbe Rbino belong* to France, sad theoth >r to tho ftuohy of Baden, a po > er which cut never bo tbe <>bj*ct or alarm to the French ?n?pir? On tin? 1 lilt of October th" Fmperor Napoleon cane from Ht Cloud, and, mo .rillog at the Toiler'.'?. rode cUowly 'a advance of hi* gi:?r in. along tbe once for midable Fa ibourg HI. Antmn*. It was 2 o'clock, the workmen's d.nner boor, and hla way waa tbroup-h the crowd, by wliom ho wa? well received <Hi bis return from M *snr, at R o'clock P M , be r tased throogli the same 1 * ibourg, but the atreeti were then coBp .raUrely il?fi? 1 As ant'Mtador from Perata b v arrived at T^ roaile. on b. ? wa> to t rance, a* tbe N?r?r of eortty prr* nta to the V mper r, and necomptuted by a large an te. A dee patch from Cwateatmopla, dated the fth lwrtait, ?utea that i<e'er Pacha hw (amed two rtatorlc* over tbe Run^av ib < trcMeia. and bad taken rrom them 100 pr.( oner* and 21 gun* The (reach embaxiy of rneedahly to Perrl* waa re oetved by tbe Kb ah, with blgh cere mcnlee, in July laat The Kmpcror of P.a*?ta h?? ennferred tbe order of knighthood of H. Aloxander Newrky on Buron Bumboidt. Tbe Bpuiich govern sent baa oonowdedtbat Brittfb Con wula la th* pani?b colnoie* may adal utor to the iKi>U of RrHjb citizen* dying inteatata. Auatna reluaes to pay tbe duee levied for the miunto nance ol the llgbthouac at the hulina of thi Pa a a be, on UtC pl<a that she waa no* coaaulted respecting Ua Htaki ?hm?nt. Kamcr- were rift of an intondrd atrlke fbr hlrber ? ag?a Oy aome 1 laaaea of lh<> workmen of Part*. Pta*tcr*ra, wharf laborers and other* were *pocen oT m likely to ?top work Prlnc"*! Mathllde, danghtar of Prince Cbarle* Bona parte. ?a? married to Count I out* de ? ambaoeree, on the )4th of October, at tbe cbapel of the Tuilertea. Tbe Par** M<mUr\er pnbltabea another deapntrh frow Manhal Bandoa, Gova>nnr General of Algeria. After Mating that the Kabyl*a. ot the tribe of Benl rkmghredaa, had trade tbaUr rnibmUn on, and that those of the Ilea', fcou Adden were about to do so likowiaa, the despatch (ivee an aooount of operatlona against the Ben. f'tuaia, tbe Instigators of the reeiataace to the Fr*nch. 'I be at tack uposi the \lllsges of this tribe waa marta on tbe :th and ?oalinutd on the stb of ortober. Tbe lias of tbe Vreorh was ? killed and S* wounded, that of tbe Ka byisa m reported at considerable. The results obtained by tbeao combats decided the B<nl Mahmond, a netirh bertag tribe, also U> make snbraMsion. This puts an end *0 tlio lasarraction which, under the inflneace of F.IHadj Amu, threataeed to aaaumi sertoas proportions. The lagliab Vina Ooosnl at MookhiMm wan neensed beftw. the Swedish Courts of having ladnoed a Pwedlsh acldter to riearrt and to eallst in the semcc of the Hud aan'f Bay Omapany. Aa ofbeiat annouaeen>ent Is made of the betrothal ot Prince Onoar, yonagest soa of the King of Sweden, to the Prlaosae Sophia Wllbefmlne Marian ae Heari< tte, of KaHaa. A new law for the Stockholm regulation of public ?rhoota waa published. It sanction* nany improve nsnta on the old system, but f laoee all schools undir tho ?MmndMMaal sqpertaioaiieace of the cborah TbaQoaea and conn kail mo rued Iran Balmoral to Iymdoa. g letter fWvin tanglsr says tbe Kmperor or Morom hag gmtlvwlgad his mlnlMar to negotiate a treaty of commaroe aritfe Rag land. other iapertant items um troaty art 1 iKW MMpoU?. A decree of the (^hath of .-ipain revoke* the const'lut on &. lb? jtnd re eetabiUbas the ancient r gi'iy lord Ywk Tempest and Cornet Brt are dismissed the army for conduct unbecoming gentlemen. AU Um London paper* of llth of October notice with satlsfacti >o tho manner in wbicb the Duke of Cambridge has acted in this ease. Ilia lordship not anticipating the summary protest which baa been taken, bad written to the 1 inrto j 3Vn?j complaining ot the buspcnse ic whlca he was kept by the military authorities Tho Timet Hays ?Via Leiyl only, ihonfor>, congratulate I.ord E. V. Tempest on being rid of hi? su*peuat>, the 4th Light 1'ragoong o btira rid of l-ord K V Tempest. and hie Royal Uighnes' tht> ln.ko of Cambridge having bad thecooa tease to ap ply n speedy n-medi to a crying evil. At the half yearly meeting or the Fiutern Means Nav! gation Company, si>me iufornation ok to tbe progrew o the mammrtb i>biti tireat Kastern was subiultteC to tii. ? fcaret.oUris It I-expected tin' rbip will be launcbe alx ut ti * middle of A irll next The boiler were to be titiiveretl dvring tbr week, and the proponing w . ibiaerj vt'-i? being proceed >1 with Moat part of the hall us platen ?tb< extremities of the ttmn and ?t*'n alone remalnio* io be coniptv'M. The engineer, J. R, Brunei, lias ma ttred hit plan for launching Tie ngen s ot Smith &. Wcson, of'Hartford Conn , have ei.iiib'ted tbeir new re|>ea inp pistol to tho British com rraacc- It chief, by wnom it wm favorably received. A Paris correspondent of the London .Vciea announce* that the work* of tht> Louvre are to be suspended. The ??ster'.O' walls win be completed, but tbe interior will be left to be carried on under more lavorable aimptces. The prospeciue has Ix-en issued of a London, Harwich and Coiit'nental turnr. company, with a capital ol iiOO,C< 0, in .C!0 shares. Toe object is, In tbe (irat in Htar.ce 1o?rt?hii(h direct communication between Bar jricii uii l 1 Rotterdam and a trallli arrangement bap been made with tbe Lastern Countlea Railway for a term of year*. A 1 'niertci. Lotnau Caih >lio journal acknowledges the r< w '.pl of a curious MUr from an Irl'b correspondent ai lonisville, Kentucky, lu which the writer give* a sketch ot tbe pein cutloi s suffered by his Roman Catholic noun ryu.en n the United States He s'ates that "the tUtng 1 ailed a republic Is rul?-<i by Pr> tcstant ascendency Sut hi-adds ibat, l'ko Ki Liany eats, the natives are al reaiiy cutting each otaer'd throats, and if they cilow up cbeir rvt arcUy tbe republic is on Us last legs, lie states 't.e-e a n Lorce hostility against tho Irish for no other r ease Li than thut th> y are Catholics, and that the hatred to Cathouvs c.i all naUons w eally bnccmin,' more violent ! " adits that a great many Irish Cathodes are propar'ng to emigrate ?o inn uo< Ayr**. The i/onriun Tim4t ol October 1C, ?ay?i?A lettir from Hoir.bay, Sept.. mNsr I'J, to our Portsmouth corrot pondent kires tbe loUo?>!nK details of the preparations ttiakleg by Bear Admiral s'ir Heerr I^eke ( omrawider in Chief) to ?npply the naval mntirg'-ut of tbe or.pediiion to Persia:? With this you will receUe tbe acootint ol the expedition now getting ready 'or ibe Persian Gulf.?4,060 men, be sidis seamen and nmrinee, who will amtunt to 1,000 more'. 14 steamers, tii of them carrying from ten to fcur C- pounder*; 10 heavily armed gunboats, four schooners, and otb' r era't for landing troops: about SO or 'J1 tranrporti1?it ?i 1 he very compete; tho Island ol Karracrf will be taken first, for ibe purpose of getting wtt'tr, bjt ?c think ot taking both together. We trust that Hlr iieqgp Letke will command tbe (loot In perscn, and take tbe places with tho seamen IT he does he Will hoist his llsg or p> ndant on Uie Asss; o or l'cnjab, heavy ?team frigates (slsUr ships), carry.tig each tea f>S poand ers and 'J10 men Ali are bard at work i et'Jng the o v (edition ready. Ike Biroetor rr tbe Bark or Is gland have adopted f'irther restrictive meaaurei, and nosr altogether refute u make advisee* on government securities, exchequer bills only excofrtcd. Contois dosed Iridsy, 17th. at 91 for anonejr, 01 |j a til *? lor Die ItuHiou in hank deeroaaed .'i#44.000. Bar silver i>s 2d. Mexican dollars 3s. l'^d. l.aglcs vea. 4> (1. Notwithstanding tbo Inere* iag fMfTcultlea ariidig iron tbc unfavorable position ol tbe m'iney market, holders of rot too exhibit unrflmtnahed contldec ~e. TLe llrarpool tnarkt t had been active ud pilot* flrai, pr vate clrcu inrs quoting 11M lo t*raly ;,<L advancc on tbe iiMdl'ng A I air conscnr.ptlve demand ha' been exhibited for wteat, at sligbtlv unier tbe ratee of laat week, float roBtlone') nearly u dear, aad good qualities met ready ?ale. Indian cora bad attracted more attention. and *>< '.noted bd. a la. dearor. tbe weaker had bocn unset" led, t.nd tbe ground was in an unfavorable oond!t.on lor need. l.elgMt were al.gbt'.y Improved. Kales from Ilrer. pool to New York were?Kor trui, I Or : tall, 10a. a 13?. id; dry goods, 10a. a IT*. Cd.; bard ware, 13i. td.; eartiieoware, 6a . pa?s<ng<-ra XX a ?3 groaa. Maccbeetcr mar Let Urmtr, la coaseqnceoe ?f favorat le Ir an adveea. Our London advlcca report business la Amerxaa a.* a rt? \cry limited during tbe wtck, at t.fhi'? rcdixod ratca. Tbe publi bed report of K B< il, t*on k Co., bow iTV, dcvr'.bcs more activity, with both Mate rtoc* and rauroad bonds more reely ottered for salt at the Motr lag i?uotat.ons ? I'nlted Plates Nx per Cent*. 1867 * I u'tw Mam h<. p'T Cent B mdit, ISO#..., .10I.S a Iv6 Alalsma I ive |>or Out Bend* Hi a SI Kratnck) M* per Cent Bonds. llt?*-72 ? am) M?:yand Klve por teat Merling Bonds. ... '.'I a WJ MatMChnsotta f ve pir C?a< i?i? ntng Loud.>i n liiO l'?iin?y Ivaiiia Hre f*-r C'jnt f-erlln* 74 a TW lo five per tent Bon U, ll?77. .. 7> a b" Virg'.a a Mr per ? ?nt Bon do. le*?. mj * m liliLnU Central -evin per (eat. 187t so a HI f?o Hu por Cent. 1ST) 7* a M I* hcvea por Cent, (f. land) 00. 0 1 a 01 I? % '6 paid 11 a in Hk i??ii Central <gbt per Cent, Ut><) be a l?l Jf. V tea Ml per C nt not eonv., 18?;:.... AO a Mi lw he .en per Cent, Ism PI a N.i * ErieCoven par Cmt |.t tlig . 1M>:. !<g ? loo l>o. ts-vi-n j*-r Cent 3d Mm , i **:?.. at a 9ft l<o. .-even |<er Cent coav , 18<2 HI a I.; U> sw.en p< r t ent (tink. Id.) 1871 Ml a M Iton. Oca. Sis per Cent 1st.Mtg . IftftO M a si I anama .-even per ? eel lit Ml,- Kg., 1W ? . 'I i, a Kt>? i)o. do. do. IBM.. I] I M Our I ?o rat on ( urn ?pomlenre 1.0N'0>, Uet. 17, IMA. T . M-yH'^rran^n Sounilrm fir Kofi ??4am fc-a Clm i* the 9rtf Km-if!i>n rf tkr A"'V. A lelagrapble dee patch from Tarla taaoi.rc^ UiM A. I m.rtl IHinca- Lad welfhul anolior aad l?n Ajaceto, on the receipt of a dee patch from Uie I nghab goeerament. Tbe deij atrb omit to eay, bet learen It to he pretnmed, tiiat the a<(nadroa has eall<<d for the Bay of Napioa. Tbe rmarb liaet waa to get uadar wc gb at ronton Immedi ately. ?S oe wMI probably rtcelre f-irtbrr IntelJ'genre hetnra thia rteaea. meanttme the Gact baa cai^ed a etlr. Tl>e erlala la approachtag. !? :a true tlx- report aow la that tbc !'cet? are aot to caat aacbor before Neptex, but to ebow tbemeelvea In the vicinity. The i i.'ivnUvm baa been aent aad delivered. L tbe King doea aot agree to It tbe )*? lab and fraacb envoy* are to he recalled. If it bad aot bcea for tbe i niactai erteta which exleta la 1 raaee, aad the appreb* oatoa of some outbreak among the woetlat clamoe, etrooger measures would have been, ooght to have bc*n adopted bpfheo this, or else two Powers like Kraare and I- r?iand ahoold noi have raid anything at alt Tbe Neei??!itaa* are lao hint at them, ami the King, after bta last vlatt to Oaeta, lane tl'n.ny told the fitl.'-ers there that If pernbacc> Uxy ?<toi Id ?oe the aliloil sqoadmna tbey were to let !? m know. Tbla waa juat after be got tiortm hako:i's < ir eular It ia all very well for hta B frborale and Neapolitan klajesty to toko, hot abonM a rietng entoe aler the arrl vai of tbe llonta. It might spread to alt Italy; and who ran aay what may or may not U>en happrm " I believe that an energetic note has beoa artd?ean??l to Au.-tr a by the i ngll-h aad Frenoh (frvemmen's reape-linp the r lor'inued oreupatloa of tbe IiaauhMta I rin^lpalliloa Tbla is another qneetlmi likely to lead to coaiptlcatlowi. Tbe ihxiad iloee qntsUon t*ln? la a fair way of settle ment. the United State* government la actnallr tak'ag rtepe al Hamburg raaperting the teutrality of the haba Mr Am?s, the I ntted Aalea Ooas'il at Hamburg, has a.1 dreeeeil a ante to the Senate, In which he baa salted for a statist:-*l retara of all ll?bthnua?a, ilgna'e, landmarks. KC., Wept upon the Klba b? tbe nambnrg govaraiaeat, with the cost of tbetr ma Into nance, *.?, and the dutlee levied <>a to lay such eoeta, cither at tho eut'atica of the river or on tli< ,r leaving the North Sea. This la regarded as only a preliminary Mop toward offlpi tl measures by tbe go vernment at Waf-bmgton. In tbla unto 'he \ra<*r >an go verniaent la partlciilarly aml xia to know'how much Hanover has deri\ ed from tbeao dnea during toe last ton Mara. II ats<> puts tbe qoeelmn a* to bvw tbe gov^ra ment ot the Ore city ol Hamburg wou'd aot rh^uid Amor War eaptatns relnao In fut>irc to par these dues. It tra) be obaarwd that 'he tariff deeri^d at Hreorion, In 1*44. waa never oflWial')- r<HK?;Blsed bj the tfahed Mates gmemment I may aM that the nolo Is w Hiw m a 1rm and dtvuled rtyl*. and at)irease? the re?o|iitt? of th? Via*, .ngvti tiahiaot to uu fn>9 rueovcr tb? (i? I aenage cf All Alter'*" produce and merchandise Klw cot l oo i? per'.ieuiarty mentiored aa out of tbe articie*. No aLiswer has yot been j.tvon. UPOftTAIT FISAICUL SEWS. Th? Further ReatrtrUve NrinrM of tli? Bank of Kn((lMid?Thr Commercial ttperir luUoiia of Kimnce, ?Sfce., Ati< TBK LOMHJK HOMY MARKET. Lobdon, l<kii>AY tvuiM, i >ct 17 ?Toe present itite and luiurr pruepecis ot ibe money market contioue to ex t ile un?a?ir>e** id the commercial world, and tue <iirec U>r? or iBe Bank t I Kiigland bare, on tweoccastoos 4 jring ibe pa^t week inund it oer<.+t-ary to adopt freao measure oi rwtricton. On ruaaray tbey reeolved tbat advaocs on *t<vk rhouid be limited to tteven d?ys, instead of 1* day# or a acoib, as heretofore At their weekly "par lor," yeetorr.y. they came t?tbe decision to altogether retuse to n *ke ?dvsn we on forsnimoot securiiias, ex chequer hills excepted. Torn- is no pro*pect of an early amelioration In tie money market, Inuemuth as tbe Raow of France coo 10 purobaee yold as )a?t a* it reaches, and alreaiy th? top,.neH rtoetvt u per Aria aatl the Champion or the MM have hi en swallowed up Id tbe demaud. i.vrge 'ji aumiee or the previous metal hare aist been iuk<<u 'torn ibe Bin* of Knginnd daily for tb? continent. Toe movi met ih >/ bullion are wsiched by the commercial ?orl<i with tbe vineest attention, and-the bank dtreitors are p eja <d. It Is elated, to again advance tbe minimum rim ol at* conn' In cane the ent-l'ng rates proveInsnttic.eut to cd< < k tbe d>ain ot gold The payment or the dividends < on,n ecci-fl itin week, wher. a large portion of the h-avy ndranee* ? blal'ie<i from the bank during the shutting bad to be repaid, which will give temporary eaie to the mar ket. A lurther ttipply of nearly hall a million sterling may t>e hi only t iptrted per tbe .lames Balnea, from Hei bwiM, a>- that vewtd .? now at res ?txiy-nioe days. The return -rem the flunk ot tngiaiid tor the week ending tbe 11th of ? ?ciober, give* the foUuWing reexilta, when oooipared with the previous week:? Public deposits.... ?8 0 1,501... Increase. ?242 003 Other deposits O.M8,6!U. . Oecreaev... 414,040 Rest 8.1. .8,47 V . I >ecreaac . 047,013 <m the other side of lb? account: Government securttle?..?ll,.>7&,M06..1>ecrease.. ?84,378 Miber scenrttiee lit.n?|?, 117.. Decrease... 6ai 847 Not?? i>t>eaii)loy?d 8,776 890.. Decease.. 'Jti/CO The amount 01 rotes In circulation Is ?'20,642 780, b< tng a deortase of ?.188.876, and tbe stock of bullion In botb dc| artm^ris is ?10.14 .0*7. showing a decrease of ?644. 1W< vi\f v ciotnpared with tho preceding return Tbe bullion market has been very active this week, there bnv'tg be?n larger arrival* both from 4 us trail? nun tbe l'ntt?<iS atcs. and tbe departure or the India mail tiav'.r? caused considerable demand for export. The ?mrtlt being principally In pol?l, have been taken almost ?a tlrelv for ihe t on <nent. and thus (lie drain on the bank tores bas bet n ii: btei ed, bat it :s feared, ooiy tempo rars lbs India mall did not take oat quite so large a quantity of Hliver as usual, owing, in a ?reat measure, to 1 tie hiph rate ot dlfcoouoi: but any ent-e in tbe money uan.ct will agalc. bring largjorcers lor dollars and bar silver, k'-rvijni gold la bars, standard, per ot V, 17 0 .4tit*i tn bars standaro u 6 Si ; Gout coin Portagal plooea 8 17 e Doubloons, ratnot 3 14 6 Doul'loous, Spanish,,, 3 17 <5 Sauce ;i? a 15 0 Ten guilder pteres..' 3 Id 0 iUv?r coin, Mexican and B. Americas do. lira. 0 & 1 Spanish pillar doll ..s 0 6 1 Tbe B'ltlsh funds ta> o beeu much agitated since onr laas sua a material decline ha. taken pivc in the value tf ali srcurttirs. Tbe increasing Mm-gent y of the money marWet. the restrictive messurts adopted ?>y the Bank of tng'and, and ibe movem-ints of the Bank of Franco, have ail exerci cd a pre uditial eilcct npjn consols. Tbe ex pvcU< ruptn/c between Naples and the Western Towers, and the >e|?rted of tht llseia to that kingdom, have added to the dullness. Yesterday, 00c ola tor mouey opened with animatlou at 91 , to irl>.l, owing to a very grcoral report tbat the Ban., of France had aus ikot co specie pa> inonta. The, ataU u><nt, however, ap peared to be i< tally without 'oundatior.. and a relapte took 1 lace to M , The inarltel ws further allycted hy ?n announcement tbat tbe Bank of l.ugland had declined to n ake advs&te? oa auy soverametii securities ev opt f\cbi.H|U? r Ml s and consola gradually derUn>d until they uschtd 91 for mosey, and '*1 to 01 j tor tlio 6tb 0. ^o ? ? r.. 1 r. at wbicb Ikej remained to tbe close Tbe oonsol n arWtt was 1-eticr this afternoon, and cloa? d 'or money at bi10 01S: an.' Tor the itncount, 91.' to 9P{. The loiiowttg table mil abow ibe flnctuauona la oonsol* siawi the li'th t?t ? fbr Money <?tor Account?? ft: LowtL B^hetL.CM't- LowmlMigkett.ClM't In lore'gn Mcuiu.ef Luere 11 as been no important move ment, out pt In fVtkk tvcrlp. vhtch ha.e been tub tectcd to c nudcrablc l.uctualions Statomocita that ti-o Porte bat been compelled to borrow at .> high ra;e of in iert?t the root ?; nrcrsaary for the" 'cto- er dividend M .ve rt ?... matorla ly to depreciat" tbe stock. Tbe <? on railway ^ .are market has generally fol low ed the course 0 conso s, ana trai ba< t'oas ha- e b?< n no the moat Homed ?ra at a general La vain*. Joint ?tocl bank ud mining shares bav 3 Oeen <jOita ncg led' <3, nod p> cea are merely nominal. \anont rcprrt* were n circ.lailon In I o ml on to tbe ef r?ct the rank ot Franco would certainly suspend specie payments, but these rumors seem to have less loundatlm than tbey have h.lberto had. 1 etters Iron I'arla coatiaue to e^prees nn Improved Iceling, aiikocgb the demand for money was still very severe, and dts count tor paper having more than two months to rua w .? not to be o'ta.nod With re * ird to the alleged co? tract with Messrs Uotbs< blld lor the purebate of specie, s'j h*a col tract dors, l.ut the amount wae l.-pt ?ecret It was, howevet, known that large orders have been in the hands of various 1 ondon hour en for some nmc raM to buy op ail tbe gold that may be avai.ab e, not m I ondon only, l ut in the lolled tSaioa and f*l er baa 1 eea al <lnrtt<: Irom Sweden to an e-.toat tb.ratena t? ?. t ? tary < rata Th? mail ateamer < 'nnoco had delivered at -outhamp too $1.U00.S6.> ia apacio from the Wmt In die* The banker! of Lwp ie an t Brer la a have l>ouad them kItn out to rod *:Uor i>bro? . tun) a vimilar ui ex pec tad at Benin. lu u r neci on with thla subject It mav be mcblioatd that I bo lioarA of Oomieorce or Ham nnrjt baa sent to the Htaate, wub a tax ora. lo recoramen ? ation, a in. mor al from the merrhauta a t'avor ot a gold ?taudard for Germany. from the Ioadon Times, < Ity Vrttclt, I rxlajr evening Oil 17 I At the commcncemcnt ot btiaineas the llagllab funda ?tewed lncr'aard btovncaa without any aaagnaido idtue but, a.'booglj tbey r> mained dull nottl nearly th" middle ot tb< market waa ultimat e Urm. and me MM lrac-art:oDa were at nn .mprwvcment ol MM V'awr per rent on yntcrday a prlcss. Mooey waa ta foil jripply In the Mock I jcban?e, in ( oaaerjueuce of the amount brought In liy the publw- for Mock. *t Ibe iank of Knglat..! there waa n *tea<ly bi:t not an fimi it doa aad, aad la the ?? .-n market tuerv wu grnerally leaa pr?*?or? IV hilars from i-art* to day are agala law dlacooraf irg Tbe half moatii acttlemmt had p??ae*l oil wi>ll ind monoy war more Many obtainable. both ta ibe liourse and la tbe disco wit market*. No fold waa taken from the Baak of I nglaad to day tar ti|*<rtaUoa. (From the London Newa, (Ow Artlrle,> Friday evening, <*t. IT.) Notw thutaadrng tbe f-eali re*trtctlve moaaur^a jurt adopted by the bai.k aad tbe anticipation of an infaror able f MM Irom that n?t it . n tbc rnrloita -t- a i* ehsogs market* ?:ihoi eti opening flatly, showed a M r?d?rt tn< rraae nnrma<?*th? iNMlNMh Tbe fund# rtper'rn< <-<1 a uteadr upward movement ar I tliallj- etoeed , per cent above tbe 1 o < lock <ji.otat.nos ofyriitcrday. Th * Impro- rment I* main y attributable ti the Inraat khb'b of tbe p OUe, which, an wo anticipated would be the ease, bar- been Mint' lated by the reo>nt fall. Tbe rc-.nvcatmrnta i.f the recipients ot d videnda form eepe rtilly an interesting feature ot tbe market. Tbe arinreo from I "arts relate re to the pr?r'eea of the ?ttii m? ut there were alio manderod more liafnrabls than waa elpreted lo the di?c?w.U market to-day tbo supply of mooey waa rather Maro liberal, bat the Itank ratii were fully mva lalncd. and ta many casoa ? - << -de?t tn U?o Htock Kir'iange money waa aUo easier, tbe dealer* baring apparently over rnppUod Uw mrehr-a f ir ibe ?< went. but tho rat<? for abort loans war* Mill aa L,fb a? to P p? r . < ot No teii graphic inter geooe waa received from the Parte Bonno to day. |rrem the IJverpool Tlmea, (let l?.l Tt*onai>tlon of the money market both la thla ooantry and ta Fraree onrtag tho wti k ban been . oe of painful n?rea?e, aad tho fnnda hare fed the Atll form of thia agnation The demand for goM ooatlauna notwith?tanrt ? i f all tbe }recantl> n* wh'eb hare bora ta*i a, aad rn mar? ot ibe Hack of franca hat ng tnapeaidad aprde pay mrnta wore rrry gineral na the Mock ' tehaage doncg iheaat day or two Coo an la ba-. e 'ee.Mned, and ??rfiry ("i partsrai ofbaaineaa l>aa teH the depreaaing lai'aa?r# of the preoeat itniati'lhewry at ate orthiaga foople are now N i Inning to "pen their eyre to tbe miaooa ooaac i|Be?ice? of onr wwmrtary lawa, aad the time, ww appre bend, la not dlatant when onr mrtaltto correoey haeia all) he riewed aa an abomination txpr>**ly derlaad to fi Her legitimate tr?de. and awall the profile of the bloated capitalt*M. Tht nrpmtiim rf tpH* jmynoit* in Pmm* il UsJt d t'j*r a? im '?kirh Tit'** hmpftn, la Coaataatlaople tbe flnarrln rompanlee whI Ji ana aolkMMf tho privilege of hank* in T trkay were tc rend In teaiod propoeala on iho 11th or (fctaher. the FtoTto gnarartoea (1 per eent on the RapbraM* rail war, aad a portion of the ahnrea In (hat undertaking are to be raaorred for tho HVf India t'ampany and for Tnr. I key. Tbe railway will enioy fTrluatve pr?Ttlegea, will receive the land (ratnltoaaly, and will ho allowed to work the mine* nrar The eompanv nidertak' to e?ta?>ll?b a telegraph aad line of atoamera to nonneot with India. (1 rota the nrerp-<ol Timer f?ct. IS J We mdtard some time bark a g'gantlc undertn- ng railed the Knphratee \ alley Railway, and <tat*l iMt it aaa In high 'ator with tho authorlt1 a at CoMtantlnop'e The lohnllon t? to make tbe line grv i ally, eoit' >cttng la the fltM place the faphratoa wl h tho Medlterriwan. and ao favorably tiiafxwnd la the Parte to the pro|<vt tbat It haa oiiered to guarantee eIx per cent on the outny. The work will be eadertaken by an FngM'h eomp?ay, and the awm of eight rmllioat t* n^mx4 aa ihe captial?a ?bit qtiHe iBaitiqnate for ?o ooloaaal a proleet Tbe pro lector of tbla a< heme la Oeaeral fbrtaer, an J from the (un c|a which tar* beta madt ud th? tpiril whlck yr? t at> ft Turk*? reapecu^; it, 1he l^touAt u pre m'. c: to be tvjbly suaetanfoL this H'BTmii Kwrtiniri kwcsb- of tuk ?A>E or KNOLlbD. [From the I.eiiooL News, (Uly Artcle), f"rt XT.] "Hie peoepecta M the money marV.ot are etotuorf t* i rcwed uneiBincs- rbe deiutnd lor money yeau-rdwy io tbe el-coi ct market wa. very a t; vc, and Dm curroul rtui if? low above tbo-u oi the bwtk. In (act, mnaey wan mllj scarce hu iifhl, tbk uiv-.dend laud* having been rjuickiy absorbed Che director- Of tbe Ban* ot' Kuctaiid ba> e jun adopted a tieeb measure ot reetncUon, bavti ? cobji- Ui tb? cecliiton to &IU)gtithe> ret'" e sdraocea <jo government necurttioe, exctiequer bills excepted. I' maD) rtt(<rl? thH, m tt . tep of serious Import. Il iitdl cap s Wat tbi* l-nt>i? Otd- itsetf una o tc> a. ocl accommo datloc to toe Mock Exchange, Iti addition to ibe demand In ir. (?dtn*r> <??*m. rcia. quarters. Wlto a viem, More lore, to rim rve the batik's resource* for the more legtu niae r< ? uireriM'DU" ol trade, toe granting of iacilili>*? to tbi t-*tcit*.ia fc>ch.ii ie will for the pren^.it he aupf eud* d r*e nx'hi i-nportaat pi la', for ooou erutton ix the extent to wbiih tbk> tep will i. fleet tbe private ard stock oaut ? 'b oi gbcut lit conoiry, winch are b.tbuuaily ooid ? I? iinvi rrnieLt tick, relying upon lit at at ttm- av.ilkble 10:' rawing law* i.iou in time if qmhJ Tl? libiuia interference. is toat thetw ct-ttblmhmeou, io Ujcrvntol a continuance ol tl.i [treasure, will be com m Mi c to throw tin. < upon the rrarkot The ank move m-ot oocs not :*cm to have bm*n prcmptid by any nin;'* iale ll^-rcaee ol demand on the part of the ftock Melange amuey be .ng ra'ber <??:er in " the houie, ' ( wing 10 tbe r. )?a.-o o; the div'dcuda, coupied witn tLc uaiiy at' < rptmn vf stock oy tt>?i p'.:bl(c la the iud( [hint U tbe buik " boarcver, t_-1? tale of ibiiig* probably ioi>^t!<ut?4l a :afi>r?hi? opfortuo.ty ior ite euorct-iiwot o th<> nc# tseafforev of reatr.cttoa. Hud ibe amoupcemeiit i>o>io made at a momui t when (be <1111- k-iclutLge wae greatly priwed ?or notey, the pre judicial i fleet i ; on H<? is f.i d eiiaroa wojJil have hccc ii ich m ti- nveifi Although the dec'.?ion of the diroe loir alieil*, lT; the l>r?l i^taoue, grvorrotu-ot atocii only, u .r ob%.oi.< that al. out of wci r.i<rg nuuit be nore or lets ore odivei lor il private and joint dtook batiks, ?/>d oiin r d< ab r* !u tr.r ne . a; e rrn.ienxl lost w'.l tu.g t;> iei.d upon ict.-ririHut flock, U fo'lows that still i.Mnter ct.'ticuiiy vi'. be eij-e-rleo'td la obtn.utng ad voDi-f^upi a railway tuid other m> oltgkl le ?cctritlos. Io ev. 17 t'oiot ot 7lew the ro asurc .? . a ci;lal*d to oj<? rat 9 us a g-t-ot d'ico- rsge-mec to a'.l ties wbo are in id i>g riouritltt i:tco borrowed money :n tUobopnc* a rally The beral appvttra&co oi the noat y market is si-flu .e/'l> niacovjag'-Bg to call for tac ersn se of i.s t me caiit oc io cveiy <,..a'ter, s'.nc r o oue can feel 1-41 b etce that'. rther restrict; vi sroaaures may not bo -idoptid At the same time it must bo borno n mind bai the tlgbtnifta now erpei enrcd b tho very weapon ? 1-oL which Oe Hub:, o I I; aud for the tcrws ol *ard t k ofl' the atwtcpi* ol the oor.bnoLt to supply iteelf ? tb n i c? y hi re- Cipttal sta who have hitherto lonad

0 t *ti uHy Id :a r'n# m* j?: oc ntnek tor employment iu ? be of go.u to the conlioetit, w, t now l'.nd bctr optra:;ouft grewtiy impc< iel Meitnwh|!e. the ua nm airbed inniiurnce of the pubi. ? Is indicMed by their iMMM ij hime-Lu. which wul btcemc ruo. ? IGttn as in teen no de, sau ibe soun^neja of trado is amply orci'^o lij She abxorce of rommerrla: etr.barrasi>nDcntd. (Ticm the l.i iii'un lien Id (liy Artirle'i, Cwt 17.] if the dlre-ctors ot tb? P?nk of linflaod. hisitate.i long eitore ,be> 'a.Ked tbc rato of iote'Crt 'rom tu 6 per mil th? 3 iaro certainly ce.? i t-.own any dUpositlon to ontinuo iu 'bat tramo o' mind durtag we pa-t tortnlkbt. <n iLeuurci c-f Tiktrcticu alter another tm? followed with rapidity, and k>cg ere tbc Hirrcantlle coramm'ty i ave had lime to sett> down r.nder oc eiia-^- they have been lasted upon to hiar ^ th another, ( n Tu< <oay the tank gave iotlce that adduces woulu cot be made oa imiiiRii It M< critics ?tc.. tor lor.gfr periods than a week; and ; istercay, f' lig bat two da's later, (hey hn?-e come to tbi- rcioi-'Moi n>t u make advances upon ;;OTerr>ment wcurrtirs, Ac., ai a 1. extx-pt upon excbcooer b ih. How lu u tbcfo rpssmci'lr ctutngi-s can be endrred wlttaout er is a which ji In tnemind of almost every ?< n :ni rclai n an. as<l the only wonder seems to be that the t> ercartlle comniau ty have i>cer able to msta:n tee pi??^rc so weil tuey have btU<erto done. There mi Ft b? a 'untt. however, anil, jodgn; from past expo rict iHi it wouTd not appear im-irobahte that that limit has bc<n ain fit nach.d, whon it be<?>tBM on imperious ue rnnei'y tor the govi-rrm.-nt to taiee step* to allord the r<-ie' "which it i? otherwise impossible ran bo obuinod It Is -<tat*d. wp.h w bat t utb be seen, that the re m-i ve of note in the baiikin; depuriraent Um been re avcod bviow *o ?t Hoes sterl'ng an that an appeal > shout to be snade to the government lor the per n jston to .fine a coBsiderabie sum in notes?in fact, vitu&iiy to rrpea. the fktnk Charter M*. t^nch i* the- ro | (-t in circles j?*er*llf well laformed. and U is most ti-srt j U< be destriit that snrh a ste ? slnuld be takeu witbout loss of ttiro. The eir*ux of ^old continues, and ? tli. an wc have irpcute'dly soown, continue whilst tbe r,t v..nil for It on uto contlcent roottnucs ot the same ?taracu-r as at pr???-i.t. it l? futile to *uppo?e that the ndviwc c'i the bank mte wittto n aseaahle bcunos san t avt- ita legitlmau- t?''oenr* at prefect, jinoe It is not the tratJc bslsore which if telling oguln t ts and witbiiraw Lg our bullion. Tbe only plan which oan be followed safety is that which was adopted n tiie midst of the rsnic ef 1M7?ris., to suspend tbe Hank .<n That opera tioo. however, would not prevent the cvport of bullion, but .t would render it a matter or intiettely teas coose ui . t.te to the commercial classes tban It in at pres?iit Wi (bouM depreca?e raabness pf ail things In mt?rterlng wtth tbe i xtstip: rtatc of and. CJnec?|uently, do tilt expect any recna' on in tbe mtwtmum raMxioldls count; but we do say tbM tbe governmeM H botnid br every consideration ot bnmantty po-iey, and common 1 bio, to pieTont tbe oteurreneci of tbosc evils snd dan gers which loom largely n the Ui tancc, no I whicb can ot be avoided uaiesa relief tpeedy and <v!ectn&l be clven Iroas the mircble.oas workings of a currency aysteai r uiit ui on an tngonio'is fallacy It cejinm be deonM that tbe- -Met- cbarycd for (Uncount now approach very cloee'y to tie averaro rardn of profit on commercial opera tk>cs. and, ccnst'iuenlly a renewed t .rn of the screw Is KM.kiil '. pen v ith 'orebodtOR. Why. when tbe rem*dy la ro Maple, -bottld a commercial crisis be- a'lowed to take place, acd rtpec'.ally when It Is considered that there u to rial oaire tor a.n)thng or the kind la the nat re of tbe trsii.rr ofcratloiii of tbecoiatry France ta apparently emrrgtbi; out or tbe dl.ttcultiea which ihreatenad a tew weeks back, and by the exercise of a little oo?mon senae It Mould not be so great a matter to uctrtcste ouraelvi rrom ibe vrcecnt rnsatutsctory position of aftalr* as it waa for Ira? w, because our con metre an t enepriee bare lo? e icec<1ed legitimate boends. TbesalvatK>a ot Fntnce, hew. ver. baa be n at tbe expense of lingiaLd and stm ply snd solely bt-canae we persist tn tbe ab?iir<1liy of Qx ing a price lor gold, and mn ing that 'ho sole t>a*'i ?? o r currency syrt.m. It ? to be bop~il that the bankers of the metropolis, as In 1*47, w .ll represent lo tbe govern mcnt tbe dau|-ers which mrround tlw mercantile world, sn.t nii.-t upi n the mmeitiatf' adoption ?< measure* of rtiitr. | I'rora the (smilon |*pat, (City Article) Ori. 17 | A tlic , h tbo director ofthi' I lank >4 i m!ot'<l burn not made uoy alteration >u tbe rule 01 din oimt, they bars tnkcn a atep 01 warmly lea* Importance?namely, tbo rtlorii to make ad. amttM e-cept upon e\obC'iu?-r bill* It can Iter, fore n? lunger be ooacealed tbat tbe i<o?it.on or tfcc ban* ha^ alir oet reached thru ) nt wbeu the dt rrct Interference o. rorernn ent mutt bp ureifbt and ob Uiitd iu order to pet an end to tbe -iiratial* lory ?l.ito af al'alr< at ; r??ot cVallaf. Indeed, it la m r.i that lite rtiorvc ot Dot'- ha* b- on rednced to a point eo low Ant It bia not br-en paralleled ?Ido?> tbn diaaetr *h y*ar or 1MT. anil It la -a d la quarter* well miornted 'bat to aak ib<> r' r*?a?loM oi ?o- ernmeot to wmu c\< <?* or notea ka* almoat Ixva determined ui??a la tbe bank parlor, tbe pif ent poeture of ei'air* la tnanfare moat aurtoa*, anil it world be ainto-t ann (tafl t<i watch ia 'b.fti to ?ti i b tba bank itimrtora have br< a ;ot ? late. wore It m.t ibat i a. h r i^.ilent earriea with n the Rcrm ot dl*aa ter ana ruin. It M do tbe Mao fur <ilxc..."U)f tbo m<r i? ot ?mb atepe an I tare been ta~?n dii-ing tbo aat week. aa tbey are ao irai?i areata tbe viipHai of tbo moment. an<t eaaenUally of tbe character of c er1m"0t, ?hat they are acarce worthy of aerioua cocAideratton . r tea prod ct.eof dletre** throughout the lor tb u>d hriadthot tbe land. Unlo tbo director* ot tbe bank intrnd totollvw ji their work of yi?t?r<iay b? a demand tor tbe <napeo?Vb of the Bank ttarter Aoi, it la acar-c'y pteetble to calrnlate tbo aaouot o( lD,ury that will rrault t > tbo cmmw al ?' u-aeo irom tbo rrttiaal to make ad vancca cn any d? periston of (to -eroBent Mcnritka ?a-.e ntkmir btiia. In tbo Mock jcaohaage tbia will be (clt ?ovi rely. and or leea aomo atepa are token to alter>1 r?hcf, ?n i iinrmima doyc. at'on in tbe ralno of the Diurnal ao " r ?i? nniat roa-ie It mu?t therefore be atauimd that tbtr< la ronie foundation lor tbo r-port torrent to day thai m application will bo Immediately made to tbo trv? mry tor prvmixotou to Wuse a lived amount of note* in ?dait on ?o the amonut preac.rbod by the ttauk Cbartor art. II Ihla do aone. It wtll uuquiwlxioably a l ?ril relief to Ibe' ^ixracrctal world, and in all probability Will act aa much like a ebarm an did the ?tu|vnalon of the Ilanb < barter net on tbe '4Mb Orvobcr, 1*47. AororbnK to the rnmoro In i-trciiiation. the bank I# not In a much better po Hoo thaa It wao in tmiobor, 1M*. b it it lo indend a hippy cirrnartaooo. aod a (root dkttart.on botweca then and now, U>a< the < nmmorc<- of the oountry la *nb ??antlatly louod, and coooeouf atly there bao ben no l?me oeearloiied hy a nrcoaa^n of ta!lur?o in the mer rantile world. !<?> too aothorltieo wbo rule tb<> mono (try ailatr* of Ibe nation with Ihr a juatlOoMloo In ll>e sliapn of oomwcrral diaa-ter before they rer ture * .rain to ?u?p-nd Uie om^Uom of the baak art ' Purely, roeh oaoou* be rlibt-r the deaire of the Ji irttera of tbe Rani of f.ogland or the jrorrmmoot If it bo. It * tnaeb to he frar^i that tbey will bat bore loog tn ? ait. lot It la utterly Impnaaible. oeaiate toe ?< undBfm ard b^a'thlarta aad elMtu-ny of trafe, for the meroantilo i en tnunity Ioor to wtthxtand tbe w^antof prt-aanre now I etng hrouf bt to bear npon them. v ar brtter would It he to adopt preveattTe meatoreo, and It la tbo dnty and i he rlfbt of an to ? all upon the (orarMMnt at oo<?? to lake atepe to avert a rrtai* that now apneara 'mmtnnnt. TV Rank act baa aow been fkirty triod. In IM7 it tfffra rated. II It did oat orlfnate, a panto, and, In IStd, itliM brought I be eonntry to tbo ?erje of a erlfla at a time w hea profporlty and (siatonfment mltbt hatro boen ei t>eeted. It may thereroro bo eoatldorod to ham i-<?a lifTiTed beyond poaaibibty of doubt, tbat the Bani art la not onl? poworle?a for food, bm miwt mtaebleroua and moat rroal in I a opertiion. It la lhe*ofore bifb lime that it ahonld aot only be ternpotarl y ??apen?ted, bat that at ths tary rnrlleat moment It .honM bo repea e<1, and a ?r"tc? more In (ceordanoe wltli ll?e reqnlremaBta ot tbe age aad esvaded > "tnmetre of tbo cooatry lubatit ibxl (From the London Cbronielo (City ArUele) f>rt. 17 ] Alter Miother lonj dl onr?'on the iitreotor* of tbo laali of Vtitrland have rotne to tbo re*o' it,on te mnka " ao ^ . n i - ? whaterer on slenlt." t*ua limit,b? th< 'r aoron> modafir.n In tbe ahape of advanoe* te tbe tingle ite-n of Fjrfeqmr htlla Tb*a ir an art of nw?ra?lty, but it be ?1<*aVa mi *t fbrHhly the actual poaition of thn Rank Ihry m :rt hare either reported te thia, or ehe hare e^ala rM?r.'the rate of diaeotint Th *lr loana oa ae. grixa iherifbra. moat now ba cunflnod to within a rery na<mw eompaaa. and oonaeqneatly tba rrpaymer.t ot Uie loana ?tra*)y |T%ated ?U) f'w* at tbatr dtayoaai a food mad inm 1: a***m wivrevtb ito ic?ert tbe dtoiMd- trr din cojdU ibr repayrp. at Id a rew day* of the aetvUudlnc idvuoi W1I. D?-?f' r?7 c* ?a son* prw.-ure-fof ?n?ney both ? o the Ntoctt ciifcnfe aid out of uoi>r?, (ml con/ brtog etofk to mMi i i .1 ?' tuy ?-r< mutant f it bas n u-i rlei'cy to caure tocr?aaed topreaa.o. .n iLr luodn. With referee* to Mr table of Tucduy last, abnaiav cer la s moverotols ia UM Bixk of .i'xjlusd returns during a period ?t on ?f kc, vrt wot.. 1 a* it in tlirr< l p?>tlC"tar ul **Ltioti to tbk Itaiurt* Ih'-re aiaoloaed. tb? table ?now no or iDc.*t*?e in tb? "Other fatcv;le?" of uo ler* tbac ?7 of 0 0< 0 11. ibo ?b?irt ?i of 03'.} six ireQiti We it-ar tbe mi 1 !nipo>ti:ar<< 01 th_- iacrtutoe U uo freu ra.iy apprtoiate< . nu<b Urn imdratood. );rery one appears to be ullerly (.sable uj ei.plain IU tncai?u>. ^ t ? ball, tbcfe'.ore, u* tbn rru'ter :t oce ot great public '.nlcrtst, einieavor bt'.elly to explain m-d Ulus'rate so r<martab;? sa ai^mdr.tai.on in tkus :tem of tte t.uok ocoojst h.nt. then, tbe locreaie of C"0 01 d'jcoiiMR ia ibt- lc-r??ii'ily abort f|?*v ot six wceki. uriuiltsj by tbe Gaako* )o?Wnd, in m l tbe resoit r>* ui ot^ratmus 0! trtde. Wc empiri cally i-ay U-at it baa, cotnixuaUvr.y ?f*-akin?{, lothiug almlmcr lo do w'.f trio?, lot ol tbe country tas t? n the ?bolt lac MDgu.arly quiet, und is bo at.II TCuiiIbM* roiutiua of tbi* uynterous Ucrease 10 tne 1: couUs. Nearly tbe wboie baa been coouecu-<j wlib tbe eijiorta of gok). No oae will d Vputn tie (act that tbe i-oreane revtese&W any ordlrary fui-n inii of trade, t.o utb??r nolutlon tbaa tbe 000 we har? nn? m. > n ccn be f'nrnlabed Wc- moat now drect MteuUnn In ibf ei.1 '?m<l ttblt. Hhow.iifj the weekly itaporta and ex|*>rU of boliloD, hnd toe weekly drains ni?n the stork ol hullioB in tbo Ilaclc of Finland, duiitj tbe SU weeks rt terreii to ? DterHut txrfrty 'npctt. af BuUion. <?et 11 mtn, ore i.fioooo ? 4 SftVtfiO 1,'JlO.tXK, ?(W6,116 ^i pt 27 416 (CO iO 000 UI.IW " iO S(K!,C/00 482,000 8.T01 ?? 12 436,000 1S. .OOO C7 467 ? ? KM 000 ttb .OCo 204.MA A-.;g. 81... 126 000 6 ,t00 IP. 450 " 2S 4?ift,000 e4o,oco ll* H?8 *S,:?;tf.COC 4,478,000 1.PU8 IflH !l trir. bore bt acne Uiut tt<c Imports of tbe pr.-cioua mciais I.tivc Inro to the extent or 0 auo iL- da ni uc ,u the hank hulltoa ?1,(100,(100, together ?*, ll*,'KO, agH.UM .1.4,47^ 0OO, the as*.ertalc<<3 t-bl[ifoii ot Ibt ;rt clous mi'ais Tho IUt of cxporta, bo we ar, bare K'Ven coca not, wltii tb* exospUoc. ol tbi: r .. (cliDf < -etc i? r 11, include ibo w.ihdrawal trom ibe of Eog ?and. una consequently tbt'Usma rotat beaddel t*elher, which ptn? ;A,2<' ,Ui) m the rear oat a;>| roaoh t* tbe actual exports Tdu is very Etar to tbc amocxl of tb? mcrnu-c in ihe other aeourtt a of X.'.'W,000. Tbe diffo rmoe bttwwu tbe two is, say ?7M,000. which leaves ao average ot about JCliO (?X>. us ihc addition* to tbe ceourinea repteMOtlty: tbe discounts i-onacs led with tbe fc<* it fdr and U-gtil&iate irmlc of tNe ocuat.ry. cr tf <re >ave the impo>ta ot bullion and tbc withdrawals fiom tbe hank, aad deduct tbe p.-oorcJ* f.-oai tho Increase to tbc other a? uiii ta, %c bare a a<.irgia ,W iraJc discounts, say <>i ?1,871,000, which ib at tbc raw- of about ?111 ?!>? i?r as average which. we U;u.., aw ods w.ll coasloer out of tbe way a* ; ? pr :?efttlnc tbe t-ade of thia country iia/bg tbe period uui ? r noucc In ether rase tbe m*joi pan of the addition of Mr -n rr.iillocg Btcrhug to tbc ilc-m ol otfcar scour.nee. tr il<e ban. re ternn, got* to accoan' of tboeipjrt il tba jmcor* i?iU> All tbe blUi thu are oMau able have b<?o ;'um'.uined in order u> carry oa ?best *ni;^D(?>s. acd a lt-ge asiouot tbere can be ou doubt, bus be. n mat u'aci jred :"or tho parpcae. Ibdeod. we are aware of tbe >a> b to some (ifut, being aMe to t>ao? tbeiti in uie o:<era:.oo. Wo ebtll uot | rolcag tbe c< o tbe bubj?cl any funj?r, orr object being - lirst, to ah^w tb?? *o rru.trkat lr iia a^.gmmta'oo in tbe d j?ounti> m cot tbe rexult ol tra<tc act sec kxKjt, to ttUnra some < itiaia>? a ot ao .Ddeaf irh.cb, tbe more it Is co^aidend, tbc grcater appears ta iicpcrunoe. I fr^m tbe I.oai'ao Titroa ( Anlclp^ Oct. 17.] tur v v f> Cot 16. 18^ 6. Tb* voaiaH'Ua c( lo:i,oo o.' the Kagtiah monrv mar at r? m> n without >a, uid the fuana, liter sc'ine rxterslvu :.uctoaUoox buve c;omiI Ui.a evening at a tur 1 ii. r r1M .. j.t a '.Barter per c<Bt < i t.nola i..r money, ? bicb le't off y?tt? rda;? at 1>1, to 'j. opened with ant matino at U) to ,H. c? ag to a vory general report that tbe Qaz>? of tranc*- bad au?pocdcd *]>ec1c paymvata. It ? ea keen Umu, 11 aucb were tbc cue. tbe artificial de ibatd for gold ? ? ex iting i>o it s B df would at oci*e irue Tbe au'cmeot, bowever, apr -arcc* to be totally t'?orniMet: with tbe r (irctatitaa held ou. in the ltti?r> lrca? Kracce duni.g i;>e (?fl two Ua>x, aula relapse no',; place to 91 Some pr? buses by parties ' nown to bt co' ntcicd Willi tbc l*r.' fto' r?< taen cauaed a re rewrd belief in itu probahtl.ty, and tbere was a aud den advanr< of a half per icut, t.-antactions having ocavried at II,.,. Tlic a >a ^rriva. C any otll,.al con tirina Ion i-oon producxj a frrro t?udency to raactcn ?to at tbl. period ibe ma> ct was lorihcr aflrcted by aa tiiDi.iDiiBu nl that tbo Italic of ' o^land ba-t declined to bis. e advance*1 oa aay frovr rnmcnt secur!tle< ?'ir< pi i.tcbtquer bu!l Tbe Court o! Ptrcrtora bad bei'1 a pri tract* d aittlu^. and upon an application being made cboittj alterwards for a icoa of ..nn.cou upon ?toc'k. tbl? tfcirlon wa.< made known. I vory ilepvtmrnt of buai re? waa afterwarda cirMdlngiy heavy, and oonatis gradually declined nntll tbc? nan ed VI tor money and ?l?f to {?)', for the Mb ot Ncven<t>?r, at abicti they re traaml to ix<rcicae NevertN less, tbe cturse puraoed by the l ank waa it ItBlttcd to be perfectly sound Th? ?tppiicalloM rc.r diacornt are att:t exir> rtetr Urge. an1 tf ?l fhe Hue ttnic the iraola of tbe Murk I*irhaa|e worn -to b? a'lppt oe, tbe bark wr .li >>a compelled either tn ??lot t ai.o?.? r adTsnre in tbclr -Mo lor coonmorcial paper or to rceort to sa ie? ot stork on their owa account Tfe<> llua* qoo aliona from tbe l*ar!a bourse this evening '?Ik d to arrtrc. tne telrgrapb, probably, beloK emplo;ed in the ccirmi;ntcatloc^ hotwoen tne two govern roc ou oa tbe Neapolitan <|iiceUon. Kbortly after ibc opening trana act ons t?H>? place m th<- lhr??. |?r tVutt *1 on. be. for *c <-nd c* tbo mcntli, rlioving a tnrtber recovery of tbrr e elgbtbs per cent. The a-ounts from I'ars today regarding tbe Bmk of Frarce are rather va^ue. Aocordtnr u> tbc moat relitble r.tclhgence tbere la no alt. r* too .n lla position (tber wrlteta qtentK-n the accuracy nf the kfMMlsutcmenia t. ansmlttrd a day or two back, aad other* again aaa< rt an the ptock ot bullion la recelvlBg rumeroui addiUoaa, e?p??ially at the branch ban .a If, alter tb? pun baaea ?i ^t ? .c ed on thia s:r, tbe accounts should during tbe ii< xt werk ap*?ar uneaLt!a> tor^, tbc | r ri?* t ot sper.c l?}metta being m? ntalntd will beaij>?t given up Ac lotdisg to aoBS r;.ioora, aa laaue of ??(?. la c>?tca 1 laird of iM. and Mf. each. Ibe Vank of Amrtcr !am bare ralaed their rate of d's count 'rom 4 \ p?r rant, at which tt waa tlxed on tbe itod ult . to five per cent li la stated that the shipments of specie by tbe lYn.n sr.lar and tirleatal >leami r ledua on Atli Inst, wjll r>?ch about 1460,tOO. t'n Uila oc-aan u there la no mall to China tiik <iotkbn*1l\t ,iuMD tiEVK'rtn o? mvjtc*. |l'arts (Uut 16) V irriapondontse or l^indoo Timoa | Tlio N'ttitnir publishes tne returns of Ibe indirect taiea sod revrnues dur'nc the nine month* ot IMA. ended no tbe 1st Inst., which amounted to 7M,'JlH,Cu0f. Compared wltb tba rccci|>*s of tha corresponding purtud uf 1866, Iboro :? an Incrraae of (1.41!',' 001. Ibc different Items ot thcM retumt a row Ih'gistry dat es, mortgage duties, kr Sl'.Stl.OCO Mamp dnt|e?, 39,9*1^,000 Import duties oa < or a t. 967.000 Ix" mrrcbaaillre VI,AM 000 I to. > rcoeb co onial sugar .12.2'.' 1,010 l o. foreign sugar 1-944.000 I tp?rt dutlos 1.1M.KM Nav'taileai dM 2,(11 o Sundry > uatoma d?i<a and r?raau<.| 1.7HI OfO fait tax Xi JT' l uty on li'iuor* MKl.toj ooo I uty on boaie mada <ogsr 11.114.too Mttcellanena duties and raceipta J>V4?r.,0t0 HMe of tohacoo, he II ',736.000 iv>. gunpowder T.9M.0 0 1 rwsge of lette-s 37,714,000 Imty of two per cent oa moacy forwarder throogb tbel'iait n-i^e 1,3^7,000 Fvcs in mall coaches ill,000 Trunin dniy on fortiga 00>rrM;4?edanc? :,0'?,000 Arct* tal receifU.... , 41,000 Total 7H.2V4.000 Thr it? ma ? b cb > xblbiud aa lacroaae, cnnpare<t wth 1M6. were ?.Reglitry dullea, mnr^aga dtu s, jtc.. ol i :,t41 ( xf .rtaap aty,* 3M.OOOr import duty on c jra, I ,t*'i,fioCf ; do. oo Kreacb roloaial sugar, n,0iit|ooo' . ex tort duiksa, 24".00ff : navigation du<r, ."(JO.OOCI.. duty i a i:.,uor?, ?l,7M,orot.: do. oa domestic, sugar, 14 est, toot., ailMMl.Meoiia i.uilea aad racei.ta, 7,7t6.600f.; tale of bibancn, f.tflO.CKOf.. salo of gunpowder, 1,771, OCfll.; poatigo of Itttiri l.WM.COOf d ity of two |??r cent ?*> money fcrraried tbrowgbthe roat art >na, u.oocf < traiiad duty ?n foroign rorrarpoadeaco, 7I.OCOf., aacolca lal rect'pta. 9.0001 T-?tal lacreaae. ??..141,0001 The !tc?B which ivhKtort a iferre*?e ware Impiirt tutiaa on marchaadlmi of S %? s,ooof; da. on f<>reign su{rar, 10 (61,toot.; ?n?-ry < tatoi.-.a dutiaa aa<t wranuea. 4:tf, MM . rait las, 4 4.tWf , tarna la mail nunc ma, 17.040' ; da. in m?U rarke?a, 4,000. Total doureaaa, ?,?1I.OOOf. Wa nrat two ,aaiVrs of 116" prea<-?t<H| aa iiagtMBtt t'oa, aa ooaipared wltb 1% i of .*g,770,< OOf , ant tbo th rd cartersfiowrd a illunnul'on of i.*4l,00<T, owing tc a :ai .ug ol n tbe rc ei}M ef the mooib of July of i7,6.'i?,(VU TLta radunJoit w?? iho result of tha pay minia i.y aatlc<t?t'oa ma<*c tn J My, ;him?, u ant!<*|miMn .it tbo oetabiiahmtai of a n?w tt? of l-iout; but thai oai wh>. h waa merely arrdetrta., w*V ims t* repaired, ilto ax?tb af r<.pw ctih?? isat u.Vrltig ta lucroaat of I?,l40,oo4f cunpart l with toe r<sxlpia of tv>a Tbc ta larcl rtvenota to? the gr?t tbroe j iarteta o US'! werar Umatedia tbe hadgat at 07?,"lirAOOOf., ao that tbe ?*plos ta 7S f3?.OOCi. Tho d rert ta* coUfvaM dosm to the .Qth .September laf.4 ajIKK ntfd to H^,06?,ti0?ir., rxoendlag by 19,977,OOOf the*um due at Jil eatc The OmVvit iwolof 17th 01 'Xe'>obef. oOan Ibe follow trg cotoDKnt* >a the returns of birtirai*revenue | nb ?b eJ hy the J^??t'.*r..- it tbe ratulta of the return* are Mtlaiactorv with reapaeit to tbo grserai altnatna of tho i analry, U?cy are equally ao n rrferanoa to the traaaurr. II may be i?-rhapa ohjcetaa tbst all tha ooreaaa la tha retnrna I* enrapnaed In tbe Brat tws i|uMrtors of tbe pra sent jear, and that the third >,narter preaeate, on iho coatrary, a itimme.urn of two uiihoas; ao that, to tudgs by lbo*a indkattaaa. It might be coo-laded that tha nro snra bad come loan md We have already OTptalnod tbe rcaaoa of the decreaaoof tha receipta during thai q tarter. It la only tbe coareqoeaoo of tbc pavsenM wade In July law year la anUeipatioa of tbo new d? ome. A dltereooa ot soventean aiillieaa took place ia Jut* aloae, to tha detriment of tba praaent year Na doubt tbl* lots, which depended oa a epnclal caaao, an aiwn he rr*?rered Already tba monta of Itaptamhar pra>< nta an lacr*aaa offbu-toea aad a half mtlhona, aat ter ioIk wtag moo the cannot tall ta r?a>a a proft w . ea WU1 Bort Uuui baiaaoe the acoidtMU dc?cit KUieaum of ii\} * ? The fikca wtncL w?c d ty ttf rw tjre ere tfi?o jrovi iriat the actual eix>'carra??tnefliV proceed. uk *?? mil 67 tte Minister el Kiniuxe from m run*"a?TBUi mum, bu tnm cauteu of ? mere weupcrwy nature. THK AOfr/UiN nrnorr FOR l*f<7. fV1?DEa C/k:l. 1 it) Corr?*pouclt'Br? of the l.ocdea T mM.T /eater/?y even.nii Baron Brick left I Ma euy fcr luchl and It If vili i?? rt<i Cat bo bicUlteo w .th bim a budget f?r lie yt'jt 1WT, in which the Jen m.f t? ain't to be Isjice the ejf> idlturc. Of oocrse no (riii7*nti t Itgtrea | tot the 0"> r< ell >u* of I**1 last pa.1 of too f*"ref->Hif new*, l>'i u the K'.uleter of * inane o propo?et to ra.-<e anm? m it ? ta^en airvtdv eil'tlDg and Impose se* ones, N' d t> t ??l?'y b<- eoixtluded that In 10*7 the dciHwt will be 4 at ire tr.1i* it romptvlsero to wbat tt bu bee? during iha i??tti*ht -j mrr. If proper ecoDoay Ia obMfoit io the War I>< pa/la Tt f.'ruek Toaa1c? l?offne the ttDkiere r-f Aux^.a will probaM* M "TebVmi tautl," but in my ojjlni'd ?ome time mc.<l etopee b**?re boi* ?>?< c ru i? D'afl.* lo niwt. ' 'hepof U'.oo of the Mtioael 15m k haj Improve jireollv, but it nerd bardie be sato ti at 11* not likely to resume its ca?b oaymenui !>>r raaay a long day lo roast As yea learnt front ire ecnedava ? lire, tie Murk c' fpcolo actually Id the eel arn of tie <> *7i< Lite ta about xf'li>0"00, but tutor n aii'in has beer aw^'Urc" that the limitation la ' ?>t n allo Id i <.??<> m;od of fo-?f,r btlli>?on Aursecrg; lUnihvrf, K%r:? and 5/>ndoc?of the valee <?f XI 40<t M*. ' lib"u;ih the meia iw witto wa? fhr lar*er in !?>*;?) ???? r>< r tl an Id the preror".njj month, the baiaoce *iio*t ?f (lie ha! k showed mat the wart of raocej bad beea W fiat here ae el?e wbe.'c The ban,. Bute'* ic ot re ul??to? " it S'l^temner bad a omlnal value ot ? which li> *.ra-ft B.OoO.'jWi hiot that ts Ai:; ''Ht? lht? pcrtloilo ?an iir*cr by 10. ro<'(KH than li beeo of nj*n> mr.nth* l>ef(ire" lr iif,rm*g t. >vd ?? (M' ? v "*ol tht f*an ei cf .'-on ? o? in miirh nu mmr itate a. tf*<m ?$ A Iif ,a wn Ql'jrr t\r .ztiti H 'Ttfar^m' vci"i atm th<x' shr will r<ntita\l<j f' oolut-d '?* Mx r rmmtwt t-> thf raTTU if"; mr -utw-iT-J <"OC <f It ?( <tteaHuf?B wiif that the l:e*<s were obliged to take the coaoa nt tlie State and Haik. at a ' (.-rc-yl churne." mmt the result of it no* that the price* ol ah the c^ne*. ?*il?9 of life immediately roee tn profKirUot to tM ftflt-rerce wMoh tbure ?u id uie trarket betweM rtalaLd Dnmisa; mon?;' A the highest premium n? ? ilver wac f-oftc V8 or W prr i ec<t the Ira Irn t<t>ofle n ado that :n tb< lr prices, and tht?>e pricia art 1'ino. t uii'haii|i<i]. aithoepi the premium on nl?er haa 'tip been hut trtclntr There I* a vaei d.llertnce tetueaa tbo character ? f tho Krencli aad Austran , aud ti e Ka ? i fir N!ipoic< n w H perhu,.*, do wel! to 'eo^llec. tlu4 ? nicm^ur* wiitcb cotild be takon with imrut: ty in lliti nm* t?y r?.?y be atten^od w?th very dt-a. t ?>u con, <-r 'u tMMW ?n Kr?pre A tnoi g tm|>re#i.ioc prevail t^re t*ot A* Uir ij ,Vcjn er*? ii en ths dfi l ?v , aad therefore I cm* iiutl Fnfclirh dlploti.atlvti-will dowel' to ke< p buth ctr?v unt: ear* opea Austria ba a way? be< n ouli^ed to liavw o:-.e preat oontlreutal l'ower to lean en. and th? prohw bnity tba'. ,-h? ?fiukl imrJ?dL-.te.y endeavor to reae? 'he alliance w'.tb Kul- iu If any untoward event tbuoM <<rur in JiaD'-e. Ibe (net thiit the Aunt ran Court wNM ottnr.i no inr-tK-rtfl-iCf to the alliance ct hugtoml withe* that of KraLee ou^bt never to be Lo-l lgut of 6y brttoA hiatv^ntea and dl|<ioinat. t? COMJl^HCIAL HPECFI ATION^ IV F". VM'P.-*?? JkENCH RAILWAY rFKATl/TFE" IN NSW TOM. [Frou? 'be L 'uiiou llmw, Oct 17. > Mr. P.obw '. ol tho Cryaial Paiju-e Compter, hu fvt nttc dcio* on a htrailer pcale, what the rnaaway tm l.lo. eca of the <?reat Nortbe'ta K&.'wftv ol 1 rai,<-e lun Ii?d ele cting In ? more tni^L.ttient am! whoiettaie ua? per. Ibe ctarge er.hibi'ed v*-fl*t tbe Fien h tmnnva* *bo have i ?t b?en am-aw;" at New York timnpUH ibM, tbr.t arrt ( N i ? . Mer abctrM**# from the ccllan> Of tbe (i'cat Northern Kulwav Oea*. ftizty a larpe L'Jtr.brr of *, the pr -perty of Me lUitbfcbi'.d hou'e, bit dej^'Uxl with ir.ein for ecctrHf ?ake, and that F'arot arrt O relet tboyoecger, a y< ctJk *g -I'tne feveriteen w eighteen year* &. ape, worn mdtag and ah?tt u? :c the crime, .here apt < art v be a ear taia couM h* to the gu.ltjr compl.cit7 o' U. < r*r?oo mM raxed- oca. cot-t-idertn;:" hie estrone youth, we u-aat 'but tie doubt may l>< aui-uiced. Nmi r ?a? iier*a rob' try or 1'inJ more ea?iy of ens on. M. lUrtfca i Hid, we have Mid, had (ipfueiu-d w ui tbr company a r'jnjber of t-lw?ree. (." tii^e the two pn>-rcera. ? err la tbe employment ot tbe company b?U aO?tra a.iU?. aid nv>r?ad then. i.pon tbt market in tt?e tu <>l d. 'ertoi boiler-. It vm? taken aa a nitwr ?ucb ev.d? pt notoriet that M .luthat Mid ?** bet bo mereated :u tbe ahaiea in que-tton and that tM ? ar* ilocorneni* were In tbe coatooy of tbe o mpaiiy, I be ot not calico upoe to produce tbe co-pon# a* ? ivldeoda upoa them accrued cue. Tboae div.denrta w i*K1 a* a matter o< eourwi. On tbe otter hand, tbe i ? re ol tbe coupon* wbu-b bad been abatractad prwuM item lor p*> men; *x due teuton. tad they aiat aa Ma IMMOMM on tbe lace of It waa MftMiy re, uiar, ra ? ti ed tbei* d:?t<lcnd? For a time the 'rauo waa cm want wnb kurceea. but It was la tba nature ol tbipga thatM ry rauMaoco nr je and t!?-:. eipoeure waa uev'iaMc 'be nc< mpi . ??* < ottitd franc*, and r.'.coea*** c rtuchttg New Yor- ta eair'y. In tbat cMy. fter aome I'elay, tb?7 ware arretted, aaa weri- brrujbt u; be'ore tba authoriUea itfw ma applnaiion 'or .ceir est-ad tltm. under tha ar loleii of ? oca', cat-cu catered isto between Aa t oiled Viatel a^d Fnaici acme trc vi>are age. Ifca ? nly pbra?e in tbl/ convention whien can b?m ccctfr In tbe fccood iirtlclc in wb.rb ?? er:.? ment b> public ofTloen. " :s yp?iiTi<d aa one of tbr i or whirb iif p'or f ra ari to be pet in force rta<nal tm ?ni?oa from ?Cee Now. ta a ranway cwmpaay eaafe a bod) aa 'a entitled to *pe&* of ,ia offli era aa " ir.. ? ' l j n (kat p..'ni 'he d?cle?oc meal tnra. H ?e. pertain'.. ;n one ?en?e rery deetrnhle <baloff?a4eta * ? ?icb a JcM-rlpi'.na rbcuxt H broaght to '<ia?to? - but, aa ?be other band. trco> wbat we caa tee of tb< atanaer (? ? bleb tiny appear rccolrrj to defend ea a pa* lie proetcut'on c\r~\r* on ?gainat them In Ka-b- at ffcc preaint mcment, and to the actual crltrai cocd'tion of Ma Mi i <b ftnarcea, will protabiy be atlen led wttb ae aaM hcundnl m to vr jvc an omNkTraaameal the got aaa ment woBld gladly trr'd W.UircRurdto the rrj*iio?l trt rh tb??e frt'ttrea niter let.Mt tbe Itad'ng pcn>oi a^ea ? *v ?*1 *"-?'? ?gt tal, we rr.urt rcrer <or u morteut Icee ?lgbt ot tae Dtal 'hat they arc actooJly thfevee aud r. aawaya. Tb<ir lea ns on y la tbe trjtltuotj o' per?en.i who are prof.ruadty dtfcrcOlted. Tbey nn a-? a teaipt to deny tba ?haiaaM rnmee of whlcb Uicy :.r, ncc-.iac't. b t tbey aay n efteeC ?W e are no worae than o :r tieighbore Krery prtertyel r< rvaaare & ' rtace baa (!o*' t! ii<g?aa '.art, aed wrsna. tbey, bewevor. bad political power to t?l?ter up 'tato frauoa. and ttw arcana o' cowaiaadtof cap <al, or tka ^ctub'aace cf it Above nil tbey have not t>eeo ' no4 out." Now. we do aot r'~ ?* forth at tba u Jender; or utoc <ib?'ig lo Car . balal ieaat dtahon??ty el otoera con?nu.n? no tzcuea Mr Hie o)?n and apparent rrmo o tee New York prlicoaea. It ta no palliation of a Mich a their* to aay, 'Tbew ? aa Irani In ibe air, Uiere ?aa Ira'id aoore ua, aad ftaatf ? round no, and Irani! beneath oar feet ' If c?i>r; joMmt wh" rntcre<t th Tiun an Hour" ww lr? . k n witama mrana of payment lo eaae of revcr-w, we caanot eat why Mem*. Oar|>entler, (irt ot, and f'arot atiowM hav ftolen M. ilotbeetillii'* tLarce, a.,.1 <1 epoeed eg tlirm to ?all?Iy claim* wuich troae oirt of their owe la fane pHMW. Whatever mbera mi? Ii^re i>e??, tb< y an palpa'ole cbeata m. ' ti..evee, MNM upeai ibeir owo icttiwony. It la, no dcubi. t deeply to ho ilepl' red thai leading 1 rtoch atatr n>en ibr vary ?aaa tailor* Aid IsmedtaU' advUcr* ot tbr I nap me. <hoaLt bo reputed atockjohhera. tbey will never tiered it par ?nad og tb > world that Iho odrive ibev gr a t.ietr u.ipe 11 ,a1 maoter ujxm mportant i<aeaUeM of F?rt>fieea paltry i* Dot bta-jod by tbe eifgeartw of their <>wn pr vn?a la irreata Bad any 1 naUeh atatr*?:>u i'e.-a ? tolt>?1 a^ with tbr e commercial apeculntioof aa U?e penwuat near ctl" the Friiich nn|?'ror have been, ha coll< agaa* eeuld liate been compelled lo exrhtdo li.xi from tbatr da I Ural Ion* and iroai ofltee. Bud aa the remMy la. rrawr ?nl aggravate it a Ibounandlbld. aad in U>e aad, any aa *? which releit by dabb'eta in tba public lea ? i'Mt them og. We are awar" thai Ibe Ira > turn* of I raaaar iii-oa thi - *ubieet are * try different from oar on. Wero the portraita of all the treach lUinve.: wSa? hvve reared tbe ed^ee o| tbr.r own 'ortraam by laaapertnc with tba pub lie ret** u?|?e<ert lo lb* Beflrae, avaa freai TaUeyraau daaa ? ariia to onr own time, the gallery woe d He aaMMh ?ii ?i reel I vo to rotnre gaaeeattna* Aihtaa aa <rt^ ?. t oo of tbe gi veramerit m ceaeeraeu, we l.^re ae-.-er ccaerd to point <>et tbat the raathal nu? faranca of tho stale lo rommereial traa-aoiraa* la iinumItiI u, ?? pem h>:ri radically vlriaaa. If fhr the time a go. or a meal mtf itta.n a certain d ;re? of popaiartir by atdiag coaaam t i .lo over a .WHaoity, tiie period of reartlna will >-ur*iy r .me. Kvery lecklr a merchant, < very 111 ataired epeaa lator, will then refrr liia rnka to the ac'.?a er maaltnn eg ttxw. who prv * ed at oae mnraert to help him, aa 1 Ma ncit moment left him to per ah lor tbe m aa! of a h*l|*ag tand. It le nne< eaaary to aay that we are no* here aI t mptirg to ariue Ibe >|Mi?tlon ;t|? a hcher an.l mora decaive groen.ia, but Mmpiy *a one ot ;> Ma ong the pnhl.o flaaactera m 1 raaoa wil , nd ? at tho Iter ii hi-.indtr they have . oaimiued la aBotu' tlag to rega in e 'he ictioa of commercial eater,viae, aad to euhaM tete ered-t lor wealth. U ihte matter be pnrbe>t to Ha natural fraala?m W? ii.ay kf'fc !.>r mme cd'iyng <feecJo#uraa aa to the of lie I T' Iieh Bourte ??Oa|M>. ' W WW ftaMI In an Wlrtn IVaew-e* '' to go back to Fraaoe," amd'llreiet, "I will Ha-laae aera *e tae very n*?a wha aaar poraeeot# me. an ! even rreat flranciere, who now baH ral matter* that will ongiprc* lltetr beada b*h apon tbe Bonr*e ' TbeypmaltaMa prtnrely fort ae* wha b have beoo real! od n o brief a ?rane from nothinc, and [Tomtee ta reveal what Mar brew ef tho 1- ?waJ*. In It* traia have leilowaA '?atr. :'...n ? n. . le Wr an ea?. . enoqgb l?e!Mera Ml fbr oartaiaty, when the railway maa'a waa at *?? height luagog ocreelrer, we oocid very na4lly Hava r'toted aaalogene .netaaoea. The railway tobbee* <g l?mkra the were men of jaat aa dnhloua rharaolevas ilo atnra lobhera .if INiria arw now, but no Kn?>?M ?lariwataa waa to ba kraal unnng tbe aaatber. Tbe only name af aay ragllah palil>etaa whlefc ixvira t" ua aa im la *?eii frau'luleet traa? h i ?? -a i' i' *? "f .">hn !*a.M!ler, i?> t the n,' .t* which ha held waa ? nihoHtaale oae. The gxrverameat dU aatat 0'imga, if it tiki not check, the mania. It held oal aa dehj*Me hopea. it advanced no moaey upon iharra. 'Van ?? when the T*?h cane ia taglani, it, did net ea eape without r?i?rehetMtoa. Tticre ar* maay r<er*one of M?h character tn thia oooatry, ntimately ae inamtad wNJk ommereUl traiieaoltoa*. who yet adhere to the uiualaa that th? H?te * r Robert P?ol ooghl hv <o?apeasalee art to have net bonnde to th* railway mailnaaa uf lea yaara h-ack. We Jo not bnrr proieaa to reopen the qneeUon, M that an evtena'.ve op inion should atiil prevail la fcag iaii'1 that <h a waa the great tlintator'a greatoel mie take, ai'orde toleraht* evidence of the Hght la trbMk *e. h jobbtry as that whlrh ha* periled the ktgki r e.irrlea in Parta ijt the Mat flv* year* M bar* no *rre*i nf tftree or fbnr kaavee ua a ihai'g* or havtri ?toicn a aim her ef aharea betaaftag ta mm of ibe Re**ecb1t*?, and of bavtag (MTaaded Ike Martheew Hallway (lowpanv of ef a certain aamwi *f p^. ?ay wTOagf^ly oblalaed ?r?m ?>MI l? U? <X 4l!fc