Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1856 Page 5
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The mm railroad pbfulters. Mow They Lwk la KWrldge Strerf Prlwn, ?>?ll What They Say?Soaoe Prvtty Def lopt iui'llls u to OpTHtlOlW O ? lilt UOUKt? und How Ur RoUuchlld* autt WMr ?n?n < lrt? Mike PortttJien WiiUy, Tliolou; .111 ortuuato y oanj; men whoso VlegiiJ eot>n kiilona :d France and ions on (he l'aria B&'iree have ercoght them within the 'jaiida of tba po'U ??? * b<.ri.<* ??J New icrk.are tliil icrt.ncd il. BMrnVe atrebl pritoa. This eatenl sament is little 1 owwn to Ui? pul?'>e .n jene ral U cno-binca the attributes of a i/iadon ooute wiiti tnoho ol uu cruMJiry jail fcr the detention and tMniabmeni ?! lAaiufcn.lort. You mcy pars it by atid swvor suspect that It is a prion. c fact, your atwiu.un ttifh. bo direcied 10 'bo bio r. o( ?>.uee? -t abiob ;t wand', and you eou d b?:, t'run any eiwr&al symbol of M r.iia/acter, point it out or o tiugu tli it ft in it# ft ? sate bouson on eitfcer aide. Tf o on'./ .cJic>ul6? &t '.U Offering from I be others, su- tea yon wnen you go to tfcter fcy '-be baiscme&l icor and too a no'-'^o that ?tat tern are admitted during certala *ioura of ujo day? whet in rt.?pomt> to yo ir knock msn turns the Ue7 In on unusually strone took. Tts Kldfldge rtreet pilscj, am J for porsoas domii'.d incus:?d/ -.nder ?jvii suite, aud Tor the w?* *aejnog of ollendira a^-lctt jbe lane ef the United Stales, of wik&eaitee, Ki. Horo lUrjii-ntier, iaro; ttiid tho t*o Gre.'aU sweated rwaie tivo or an weekb ago, a'? tin insi&i .* "t thfi Sew Xurfc. sg :at c" the bouse of ?coi,Uechii is, for making, free wtUi tilt itooi' 01 tho Great \orthorn Kalltoad of F'ance, ate confined. Mademoiselle Vahclte llebred m noi, of tbe umyaty. Sb? remains ai Mataran't bote?, m ?oek nan ?i?ree;, wcxro t'Lt was tMjpi.iag *heu tbe party wua ?ftfiiiuily trre?t<?i. Tbe'f eomm & foin ia ra -edaicw ui/cvo ibt kitibea, h ico an Afri #o cook plws wimiKm ander meir very no?f"' I lrctu tb.E w!ncb aeen^ U> be a tsrponwr'a workshop to p*ix und part y a play room for the *e -por> ilUlec'*...dr#H, *rc two or tfiret btdr<-oms, occupied by tuo [ritoaera and a Maw oth?r ftricit who h?v<5 we mi?.'ortune to i?o m mki ?i tb?< cair.e tenemctt. 1Yi?y are uaiutlly tc re roi.rU loiU.r.iij tere irnviA' 6HU hsaokinc rerara, and u a:n^ au e^ctod and soluble anunner of tae '?.on'itlon in wblch tbey tiad abemaelrM, of tbo atatr oT?r:t rg In /'ranco and on too Hoarao, of thb fluanciai oiw?iat->ua of tt>e Ho?bai:b>lda, Voald, Oio Cr".d>t Uobilier. ard < miro ?nl mighty iMDOteifc, of the laat reports .n ti^e coo;ern.i>(( jbeBan-lreri, 01 ibt oomwetbc ia the r?j{'i?h nreo on tbo ?uae > u' lot, aid ol tbe lO'Ced eileuec of the KrouoL &t'wsp&!?ra to regard to ttcm tfeere'r. a {iaa; deal of iol.-jrmat'on t i he fa'.hTid by vioioK jb ?'x?nver?a>i?'!i with tliem and uireciiog it t<> thj top^c^ oi prmary mtereai. naineiy, tue tEitv n\?r*w re ??/r?e'1 tc >u the dourae, ar.: the it ar^ by #,-ich R-'tb* ?>bnd, Jou'd and other ep^culatora sp*?di:y an?JBi?o>i iou.i fortuuea. We bavt acquired a v**'. amci.n' ?-f tin fartant in'ormatn u ??n ttcs*. iwints, a liilia of ahmb ?e wtll at Una > u?c vreteni U< cur readers on bam oont a^iir. Kuico l<Wv the French p^o; !e t;ave beet, a'w'.nc und'?* a mania ol tbe worat tTi"-' tor ?wlc jojiiinj: ac t ?ixcu iaUtg >.i ?hn Bonrae. veritable mania it t 'i' icmbu, aad ols which baa ejraady producad Urribl.- couse ^oeucea in Cianci, and n jir??l'tio ol rti i ra ''*? lire to Mate. It ia ore of the wot :t a'i .t'u. s vr.a; caa bafall ar tndontrio-? inu l>nga: ptopl? IJce tho 1 rei.ob, as it ?wa.jt.a Uidaafy aao is a<siraot?ve BToraih or tagaii'.y or economy. ^ ben odi oan po to tbe Kxchabge a, tij, a v??til l.COCr.. and Ind I sn*eil tc morrow, hy tvie tu-inatioup t? the market?as refiula-cd by maaajura fcfhtiidtho ?<5ec<.a?ii gaic'-r ?i I0,00<n' b> *>e opera ttoo, where ia the n<ea of b-'iup elthe* liilwtriciii or fcuiral^ >-'ui;h waa tbe idea wh?*b upon tens and botidreda of Uiouaaada ol saoa ctU/-?ra, and uuder it* Malign iDnucnce tr.ey ba- e been led to DfjE!ci tb^ir liars, ?vacavota. and tb:uk o notb.oR but in ? ti?n of tlie aarda in tbi^ flnttiC'il game of fa't', until they have o .a<i tfcew>i,nW*,a ! ?6co?t of a'.' tboir iunJn, and dia'overed loo Me that 'bey were bo Uio s .?;d (1 oi a no*, of vary rkh ai d vt'j reape*-^ ? iinj' <101*. There art tarce gi ??at les hy wb cb ?t o< T ia ri. '^Je 00 tbe l> ur?e. Tbeae are, UK <?pfUl;naM4, dAn?>t?n, MM third Uio ignuraneo of lb* wvtq*' ?< of all great wants aiiectiog the fnnda. Iti? Uouric itar bo regarded la too aaaie I'.gDt aa an orritosTf market, 1* hero t^s pre!? ?t????.?>Jitlea dependtmore or taaa oathaaupply. \\ttn aha supply ia copltjua Ibo prioe depr<r i*te8; <nin atarca ike pneo iMieaas. But there 1* this diilor^nc? iwia?B ta? iw>>? :bt; on Ui Bo'irt" tns arU<-.!o is <> ton * ' ! while X :a art yot m ibe tac'a of tbe vender Tr.vw *;u<' known aa aellingon ume It is a faror'vp'ai 1 'i sara They aell, for nxtan"*'', deliver*??.'a wo ? a'tar aak la tbe ht'pe thai before uso da/ of Jeilv ^y Uw aujejc may austain a fa! , so that thaj aiay parehaae at a ^Irfaper rati than liwt at wti . b t^tay aold. tliev ?oiuei'.nies oal>e a niw thing by ttta llt,Ue op?ra lk*>?ai'tl pomct aics. wben tbe ven'?r ?* not oae of thi great .apita wui, ti?ef to a nons.d. rably by H. Keepiug this in row H is nny t<> comprehend what l?r torea ? *u be raal'wd by the! ?rge rapiiat*t?, wno virtual ly r4>a:roi me ?srket and i?nh st>ck torjiaorfall at sbeir pleaaure. Take Eari.u Fothactuid a* t. ea jm. :?r o b r ?)??* He wat?s to opaialo an tha *i-? k ol a ?irtaio railrt/ad or atbtr comimry. H'1 mmeiluttaly. il tho ?|?j tat'ocr ar: low. buya up all of oat atoik ta*l ia or *rea In she matket, and <|'y laya it mide lor soae t:me By and ly the sper iiauwn who hsre be?n soIi.ok a me o toe aaaie stosk ' on time" In the cianne.- ^e have do arr'bed, cannot, aa Umi day of d?livety drawa nigh, tu entnigh ol it in ibe man. it to enable Uiam t Ibt'.r I'bo denianJ f'.r 1 gt*?0 It a temporary lalWttf.l the? l?l Varuo v ia it oa tho mar*et n anail "i'""*"1". *lJ aua. v suite ui the aiMcniaior, at a higtily a-traiend rr"a the Tery aux.k whtoti they ha'i a w?ev >r ifi balers cou tra^tt a to doiiTer :o htm at iwnty or tairiy p.-r c.?nt aw* And to the peur rp<v..ilitors are uue* y at tue niarci ol those g.ant *piiait*iU la tbe sau.e way ^',a* ?htld, hav oc previously bought up all the , '.oca U1 cy^ld ?a?l o: a certain raiiroad. aarreva U> buy op the enure ?Mack the f?mpany <ltpv.ial.og to deliver It at a f seta. aptc'D-d lluie. 'Vhen tiic nni? 'voaie* lor fjiniliof the r.oatra>-t, they caa oi'ly got saia'l ?luantiliea of tho rttv: ta tte uiarkst. at oouMberably aahancid >>ricand .he Baron keep* dflbbhng outlbe absrea. Wbfc h tiia ronpany kt eorrpefed tot ay at a o?ar rat?, from himseli tbsi thejr asay "h?a to iheir contraf"t wi'h b.m It la eeKiy to per eeftTt. that tf thia ayeteiii fe net apaoihly put an and 10 there will toon be no spsoaUVfi rr gamn'ota lelt on tho Boarre, e*Mpt Hothaehl d. f#oM sni' Uic Credit M- ouier Tbe ???ood piece ol me.-h'.oery poi >lioc by thoeo aroal uaaaeiers >a deception ai.Q Pea. ?''' g'oaJ iiiaat ol apt 'JjUorc?ibeae who btc*i thstr h'in .r?'rt. thousand, ar ten tbooanrd iranca, la Ihia aa I that dercrepuoo ol atork?know absoluiely nothi'ig of the event* tbM %iie<u aiiH.W. Thai if. May do ?>"? umlerrut;-! tha Ui'orjr the b>.altesa tbsy embark ia, but loth to mo n<ia* npers far wronMUm The* havj aoy amotiot creduM'r, hot ?err ii'tle reason 1' they read in the if"-'' ? ? or ia tbe Omu't'ulwmv) thai S'lch and am.h atoaic U aure on *f on'.nt of carutln rombiaatioaa and aritg inieata m?d? W srfraC' O rap.c'ly In prioe. tbay rush ha^Jforemaat to the Bourse, and 'Jitest luelr ?afin<< 10 a"v n atart if uier read la the same wty thai It ia Ilk' T 4ay oe too :o sul' tr detr. .?.t'.js, tb?y aa unatiSp' <? agly nun down at?d fftl ttMh of tuxW ?* have 1%ey don't tbiak at tl.a i'me thai ibis rumor repeated ia tho Joornsl bae b-ee de\te-o.t?ly set alMMkt by some high noaactera. who are aia -ng at tie (if?rtti?r la that ttol. Aa<l so in e?eey war they are bel lied. Of course uumoera of fti* apaon.a^rs oe MBtooally an> c< ed by basing the gooti Ibrmae to oe aaiiiag arrAdeatally In the same boat with Rotharhrtd Jf tb>? < ro<l Moot tar. hght uprnt what m California they are v. utloioed to can "a aireak of," and tbetr z?>1 fortune aeensM tok<ep up tbe illusion sad tempi, others to embark ttna daegsroes sea. full of rooks a*d qutult ?*a la. IV Uirl great ?ne*sa by which the trauare.-a of tbe Bnoesa snaae "lea atrlkaa." ia hr asaliln; them?-l?es Maporiaat latel'igeace kaown only U> tb" ift nlsi -s a oae or two td lh. m?tlei>a, ?bo may liar^ bean lakos into ?aaMeore, and of which the v>e<n>te at largo a-a la ?t V on ran o> Tho prsas and t be t "lag rap'1 iiolag uaoer tha 1?aae<llat i roatrol of th" fOTaratneat, the poo(?le are a<s allowed to kaew aaythiaa a?re wnat aad when the awToraiaont allows thr m m know, and ia tbe roeanLwe? that ?< beswoaa the teeepttoo of the aewa by Ui? Mtnia aoraand its drruiaeaieat to the pesp'e?those tu the ae-iret Ma onrrsto oa the Bourse wiUi treaseudous advaalaeo To craa ot*e or two osaatpJee of Una Tb? d?a?n of Ewtier. r lliakoiaa w?i known to Iauis Sapakena sal Cabinet far two ahnie data fcetore the neospanera w nerml't'd to aaoonaoe it Dura* IhU interval the great Zaaa<..tere?!? ti?a?eara ?were sprvwding the rniaor tbat ?fairs were in the wot at possible ooadit 00?that 'he ? wr.rlil be aa latarmtaaale one aad sotortii-and ?uoe?d Pr^a^r a fall ot 3'. par oant la U?. M-> k known ?a the t r tct rmu,. tlwyor cet?e bought np at??"' urer-aiM?e Tbr. suddaalf me snao-tnoentea' was made Skat '.be (' ar af art tho Ru sias was dead?that his eu - eset-r woo d gladly ?ska peaM oa aay terBs. aa4 tbat tbo war wai sirtuaily at aa sod. liama dktlrlr the r.*U* retired a ? .adrous rtae, hseUtcis ?ay a<i tanned e? per two! Toe operator who hadjead lS Ott fraoM UttNif M Ifce l-?nohaee ef rsK ' ro> ol sworrow that Its had cleared lOfl.iOn f'aaea l>T th> traas ditto The great MMeKM. Roihaealld, Fould aad 1Lbe a'redlt Mnbiller. Who would probably use a million af rranw lor the purposa. would 10 the ea?e wsy raal!/" a ?troft ot ten miliioaa Was lar oparatiooa were p-rior?ad with lika a en sees by weans of some three or four nlU??a liat, said to be aoaepted or ret used?as woo! I t>eet eotl <ka obteel? durlosr Ua oooUauanoe of the war *> at Mo < loee of tba war Tb" < 'ton.oa snecaiataas oa the Sou roe ? ere aoser ?o eoerto.m of tie raft aal of the g'gar to aoeepl the iaat ultlaalusi of the allied Power a (ban the* were the < ery dky It*ore the reaiorebon or t1ti? vu ?fli(tally aaaounce<i in the Mim.lsur, aad Looks ware rooaa^aaatlr kt the lowest stage .?f deprar/,* etna Aoc yet ?? boar? before ita pubr. -atioo the go wara?ealjta.i reralred in!or?adkou of the fact, aad tbe t ateri m a as uUllred I or -tork 100 Wag ope rations. Whea it fjttm thai at laaat.haU a doaaa uaaea la the counts or a.yav ware the^iaaa^ire. raaoMod ia aad tbeae operaii"t made, oae may mafUta. tltoegh he oaia-H, tier hate reatt-e the treraendoua proOta made by the great 1 apt 1 allele at the etpaase of tba Treat b p-??ple It was ender eu'-Jt laflueacea and aubjaot t# aucb lemn aatinns that tbr employ, t 01 the tlraat kiorUisrn Rai Toed liad "eiawse ie (be Rntb.e.hllds' shares it ensbie them 10 speewlate until the? lounl that tbej-. iB ewniaou attth all tha ??nar etw aiatora, ware TK llmi cd l>y the ?re it nuanotora af franM Has.ra glraa Ibrae genera ideas aa to the managem <nt ?f allaita on the Bourse, it miflit he nlereetiag to de aoMd a little alo tbe detaiii of lisron P.M!iach id's cnaaeet e? with Mm Ur?at Nortbera Railmail tmroranr of I raooe Tbla company was ejiah l>?b?d t?r royal rterree. dated September "i?, lair.. IM rrp lai flock is Ib'rty Iwo millions o' franca, dlride I lato so cCP abates of i"0 franta eaeb The liae e**ead? from Part* tb the K? g an froatien on one si |e aad oa tne ?abt r s-dato Calais or lb. Kagneh froatier, as we rntr ear holders of 40 sftarre are entitled to a rnte in the sreerKl meeting* of the eoaapany, and no neraon oan b??e more than lOrotrs Hr.thsefc|ld holdaW,?0"Shsrea, ?.ore ll aa t.te til *?'?'''* jiid:fiou?!y ? rp tg aiarea to b)? THendt! b? hu miji .be coctrol ol th* operates o' the compaay. of Una be f jJlj himself, a* wa sba I perhaps tbov. Id HUH the c?mu; ?M tyr a farther iB?Uin.?at en icq itCv k Most of Ifel ihArolMiutiru re* pouded promptly tc mo o?i.. NM so Mr. Kothanhiid, who, bosldo Bis o%d 8 bar?#. wm ibn holder of som* 10,COO ?' iingbsl^ Am"rl<v.o and other loreign ,q f"im; . J? IKS, tte company (lnitng ttaolf without ltitid*, and betog a*, tli* time iorc?d to par a JiviJindof Ifl per ocm pi rth*r>: afcirti it hud declared, orruleo U n fraiij boa ??, wli:ob w ire put on iuo rnvwei and Ko?t (or b?lf price Mr. Kntm-.niJJ purcbaited, and with tiieee bone's paid ap am own totaliceubi aa I ti?o<o ui tbe ran ten Vdgedwi'h hitn? the b^ad-t fading Uceti *'lh?ir nominal value. On tb.aocouKion ne hwitopay 760,i CO fr?nc?, but having vurctuued the ten franc oond* at live Iraaca. be actually paid 376,WO l'raor.n nu* making a prod', od U11I duo liuie op*r*t;oQ aicna ofaumo j 178,000. Not ha**, jven lor tne woaitby (Urou; tor. Rnt/schlld wag also la the habit of appreprla'.lug In hi* owe bent fit the *h<tru? for which there appear*! t? be to .ilamatita? as la vtry trequentlf 'be ua*e. luatead ol their going to the a< coon', of pro'V. and Iom??* they do in all such lompaaie*?the Baron In 1843 pot j'Viie t tim elf of five hundred cf their, worth at the '? me f,0?0 trails per (hard. Another nco liUlo operation of ? 110,000. ft is raid Mr. Rothrct Id rarely or cover ntlasen r.o opikii tubiiy of laltmf; bold, for luna*e!l or 'rtend*, of j;rt> p- My coicing In such a way. Ah au iaauane of th ? <i ality ol hi* mind, we inter-Uind that when Q i?en V'O. kiria visited Kraeee aome time apo.andwheu aplen li t apartment* were flttod up for U?r r?ceptiya in the r*il roal KlatlOD oi' Boulogne a* t);e expense of lb ? Vortaeru Kmlrtad Coupany. odu ot the ladv*? invited to be preiinui a'the rereptnio admired v?ry much two of th* co* ly TU" *b!rh wro amine; vbo ornanentt] or tbo room, and ttat two 0ay8 tbemal >r iboao pri cirma articles of t*v!u wore in her possession, a pre?ent trom tfco liberal Ban.n tnougb Lot at bid ejtpmne. Of the valuable I'uroiture pro cured lor me oocafiot, ?o part ever returned into the po? -??,oD of the compuiy, or ku ever aocounted ler Ui :t.i booke Acother plp.u which rot'irued large p-oOte into the troa mc> of ibo rjaron was tbl.t. Ho had the pr.viiugo of tinsooriiDg. lie? of ei peue. 8|>ecie trom f>ue end ot the 'me lo the otber; and noi only thi?, bot, by wear* of I)k ?/!''nu?. be took r*re to evad.^ the payment of lin\>ort and rxp<jfi diiiien. When rpeci^ wa< cbeap'jr m t^ogland or ?>ejina'ij <ban it *n la J>Vaac? t? oauacj large ijuantl ti? a to bo brought frcto toe former countren, aa 1 al?o tj'lr/ed tne ca?b In the ..odora of tbo railroad oompan ot, tbereby realizing wee prelim Then, s^ain, wb?o the iMitik ot >rsDC?% made a contract lor *o m*oy million* of rp cie, lo be delivered bj the Ijtmion bonne of RuthichlkL tbo ^ ariE hoad of Ifc6 lirm wouM, by troin tfie Batik <>f >rarte the nocowary sum in apeole. traua port that ?? I/.ndon au : ba^-o It r?nt to the* of ttaD<:e on the fries of tbe contra ;L rcaii^ing ava-u a pr<t?y penny fcy that trau>bction. iliere fa<n? aro quite aufflcient, for tfco preaen', to give tee public an .dea of Low the Frcuch p<opie are Qoei^t by tbrae f.racd flaaiiuiera. II any other derelopements on tiiat bcttu be m?eeiary, tbty are in reserve. City Politic*. TUB OTSTRIBCTION Ol' TJ1K MKCHANICAL 1VU LA HOHJNO ronCMS IS THE UROORLVN NAVy YAitD. As it raay be interestiug to candidates, just at th a par t'.raiar juntture, to know gometbing about tbo way In wbich the ? mployes lo the Nary yard are, w between Niw York and Brooklyn, we hav takou tho tiouble to noi ect I>om tbe hradK of departments tte lol lowing tuilsticif, wbich m&y oe rel ed on aa authentic YA1D P?! JKTHKVT. . , Fo,-?, >ura! (.enaunctor ud clerks none 3 M?u,d 10,1 aor.e 6 Ship carpenters 5^ .j, Oo. laborer* k !<? B ark^mltbs 4^ 00 ? 0 l'lnDib?ra 4 ,j7 Sr,u'e": ? -w Block niak-ire H ?J0 tallmakerg o ?iO'iera IS *;a Foariuakdrt. 4 ..**.'!!!" i -ii Foatbolldfrs 2 ?5 Borer*.... 7 'it Huno'-rH department ? 1H Yard laborers 4 'H# Otid ? arrage makers 0 ?I7 ; * *t# _y^M- toe ? In- ,ud ng soyeriatendenta, ranter4, rn*emen 1c. '< ;ri_Ti.v?i &??<;:>cut's uti'^aixasT. ... , , . \tu> York. brnokUm. Kngmeer's clerks, kc ?j ^4 ,wf>r? 1-utters .'.'"IS It carpenter* . 3Z -J# 'J* fti?* '"t ,^2 IV?;|i bu.ldent and laburer* ;4J II laborers g , u<eam dredger* to t> jckmwter and lat<orer* ,roc? 7ou: -s Soo Hi "laci'idieg cbi^f uvdfor?at'n. 'n:a? ?>?:>?** * ncpaitrMavr .. . . . l'or*:. /J/ooUyn. VacklBlsU. \c )o _ . K?-*!Trru,r;<?>. 1 ard ueparinient 803 tA>nHtru<'t:ng Kt: oeer t !epar;tr? nt .ills 1S1 Steam Kr.f near ? <j0 Ju 4? To1*1 *40 4*0 IHfrcKt <? tavor of Pruoklyn. 3^0 IL* foregoing ttat doe* not c >mprtae *uie storekeeper* laborer* aft watehmen, Leat'y alt ol whom are ft via Rrookiyit. Ptraonal liitelllgeNrr. Mr Rurltngame, *ay* l?e Boaion fra-^'/.r of" H* rr<l*T ? ? ,w contlneu to bis b.*d by illare*; bot In the o,.(L .>0 of h.? pby*l ran, if kept ijalet, will be about aga.u in a few day* 1U >n<i.> jios tioa is toe raault of latig ia. The I on.lor //. nii' of CMober 14, announcing the ar rival of the Am at I.lTerpooi, Kay* tm >ag tbe P4n.en grr* oa board the *.:* are the Rtgbt Ben. l?t??rt I-owe, M i*, ?!<"?- ?Ve*ld< tuo (He Ikiard <. Tred.-, .,1.1 Mr Kod'lartf, (late on? of the principal odtcer* <>t the How ttreoi pobrd ?mr*.; who bad b?)o *ent to abk>?h'* by tb? Meaar*. Kotbtebild, and who baa succeeded in raptarng \/? >s ? ?relet hngreo <;r?-??t, and Ang tate I'trrni, (wbo had cbaagrd hte name to ihtbod.) eh.. w'n ufber*. with I'elt g owemod n tbe great reliti ry of tbo N'oribaro Rai way of Jr?D'? A conmeeralite aum of money wm lotind ta met- fw -eriion, and <ia Parmt savaral of the railway company'a private t aprr^. ? jll parti. alir* *f th. tr rapt 1 re sod ooataeaion, e*tra.:ted Iront tbe Nrw iowk 11khaih, are |>ubli*hod ta onr ptprr *' Msjor (lerrral Hr W. F W Jllaoia, of Kar* has recent ly hi en rnroMi'd a? a vie., natron ? ih? ?;i?*gow WoJliuir ion Club, in room ol field M*r*btl Vianouat llardiiwe derraaed. Tlie fiarmatadt G zS'. aiooaaoes tbe return from Mo*, cow ol tbe Priuce* /.otna wtd Alextoder n lie se lurm ?'adt. frlnta treUerfc^k H illiam. ot Hmtm Caaae naa raturaed from Kut^ia. ' Tha M lan flu^tu ata'e* that ba I oajtew and F.'npress Of AKtr a will not arrive .?? thai ?t? until the earlt itart of Jaai.ary. ' 1 ARHITAL". Kroav Norfolk Ac, n tbr m?a>n-lu( ;i(Ui,ik,w r ,? ? 'w, f,a,n 1 ?< Pfil. M l? Mro*n, ?) ttoi.lik K .11 Kh-r N t; W ?"'?ehllil; A <?<!?? > t tl tlougWon. ' * . J.fB ' " J * ?? illartrr, t; O Mra l.-r It M l?aiiih, W <?tr. W ? IHan?w?y. ard Btn> ^rn in iM atawxge. B*P AKTtTBBH. ?^V l;er ?t. arnaklp lta*fc,ine-?|JW o Rdmonta. *1*. K Mmende, L ?lrt?alng ?,?t j T, vr. (! w Vf.n.1, Mr* fb?_parU. It W '?*>y. W tla? IUn>-. II b .K^n^on, Uli . itiid ?>Mi nor?-,'*? >f .Inhaeon. W A l>???.,, ?tI i?if< *ia lean. Mr Mom an and lady. Ml.* Mlaii.aii m... i.rej.... u..? w0!' ^ "*rrr -jid lad?. J ft ford tSl !ST '?^y an?l niir?e. A J raiibaai? :*?ly *nd 1 at n% M)m D.-??nn. M >* UalU.r I .Mr* M anbut Mm i> A AiaHirr .ind rhild, P Von ^cbiark J K Sp?nr Mr? Mo Oanskey. Mr? llumi.krry. t;?o Kdward* C llarriaaud lad* iil.'rSr'SoJw SUV K"',nu'1 Ml* 'I "man 1 Ml??CkarekfB,>fr? V?ndnJ Mn.l W ti'iugne, infill, and ????*, Ml** * ^"" IJUttiioii, Mr* W irii (' !*het'anl Mr hITI^W*?" Wackloek, II J M&gan II S J""; * I. 'Tcutt, II H*uk a. K km tan -I H w?r w?< m t Paany IJv ngstoa. Mia* I^IU lr? i.T. f *** ,n n?J ^''r- J " "rw rati'?. Pi ?#ao \ Fivhi?r vir* Mtu?w *.twJ (*.% rhlMr*?n Mnr*a, Mr? f: ik^.n and mo Mi*i !*?ektWran T pmu.rbr.. W l*. Mell aril and Ml? N Taylor P .f H. rw1?r >' K Kiuti.^blTr, lady and two rhllJien. * WJIiam*. 1h<>? Parr. I M > ^?er, 8 I tri'irrr, M 1 nau. In. 1 md <n,l ;a.|r 11 <1 tlwn/al^a ?O.I, M \ WoaklrTp ( l^/ty '.MwTi -STf J: "a. r M ? mum.r b^ll Wo.rfw.wih, 11 LOtgood >? R < ump-an l T2 in ta. ?U^r,oM * pr?rJ,'? ' tatb KafabllihaaeiK, "? '?* 1 "'">0 e-r^et.-Tbe iwt'iiM 01 Mr??. , r . ? ?h. mffli ai tteb itook. "?w" Pn'?e? ?ie TOtl Fur Collar* for t*r*f, Wrar. Jita* rr or.ted a- rVftl) A m*.lT-i?, tM Rr-?d?ay. J \% hire Teeth, PerfwuteH Hrr?th on.I Braw 'Ifnl. ^-.pleiiei. ran be a-'MK.-tl br u.ine Ike balm nt . tbo.^ek.1 M,.,, ?, w?ri awatsrft.,5,. m iml^SaS ?'ireea*..f tk# "l.*lm' lua bro ij.'lit out bo?i? ol rn<mt'riMia ?nd imp, ?. Be *ure e?. b l.wue la tdene.! KPTRttXtK a 10., r 1 aak.i.i r iuai-e, K. V. f or ?ale by all drug?M*. Ilollaway'i Olnfaneiif and Mlla Neither rau-l r nor 'be kntf- ran ever be re-julr-rt in tb<> trer?im~ni of w, ti:.-.-r?, limine*, or a-b'n.MH ?*.-!Ung*. towbV'b lto> !?'?*> * ..intmf t bar n.-en aptillrd In time Tb,- efteei of tbe lulls on ibe <llg.-**ive aaparai 1. 1* al' hill mira .1,0,1* Illll, Inimitable Cntter of Hair ami H'hlr krr? ?t >n I Mfueiaf aire* . Ilalr ?l|e la a box. blaeb or 9ttt* H. rrl*ta*forw'a Ilalr Dyr and Wlf**t*ni| P*. ii*ii!lw| i.i ?>rellrnr? tt.i'b lo ^*lc. Uld b* .It* .irh*i? ? applie<i. at Ro. m Aamr ifousr. .?#??? ./ Hat*, f apa auwrt Fitr*. of Kwrry Sty le *ml qnalNy. ai > <>l:n a * OTT'M, .PI Uioada-ay' Bali In tor's Hair Bj r, W Ijg* ami Tn*prr?.~ li^oadwi! W01 ^ **??''. "''Jd ind appfi *d at if?. M'blir?* |3 Hat, Kail Ntyle?14? Fultam ?treat, b?tw?.rn Kroad* a; and Naaaa i rireac lliMtetter?The Ilemnrkahle Mm-res* ?f Has !??*?,' bluer* m c.n.lng dj.p.,,.,. l,r.r ! a III 11, if1" tbf ny.'e?B, H w.'JjouI a p*.*!!. I in ll. I imm-f nt midl.- .i.. hoid b, all grr.-i i. drnr ";Vi? *s,rmahnk^ ?lj rerlne l?a*te. fo, tfir Hand* and Ikln.. A ? bite Hiid 'Jela*^ b*nd .. th- l?.( a'lrlb.tte of t,p,?tv witter irp". ?? KJtV* i *"3" Mrf^karle* l'?ll. in <ke Hri lT" . V "'?"??"'die* m*ti fr,.m iti. hi it* ? b? ? r.. ,,t ol II '.i- tr *o il< WK-Ieti tr i? an ,n.f?, i,oi ob'v of tk < bolr ?at ol irind oi rtR. vf l*n?:it?i' i I b'tni.** \o ,;j?t Prua-'wity K I BlMcbm'i and Wond'a PiirlnUti, '4X r.-^mou'.. Fi.liuore <ui 1 Bu'.banaa plrtjrea m l o j'I UM ?ifitiiOAiei, 16 ind 1'3 tits, at iULMES , 'J*') ilr jtulHiy. <?r?4-ii Tvitiel fiiceu Tui1lel!-MBll?K?" itwny, <?<>> * a loo*.'. A?., con?tanlly at th?' Wri?htnss'<M K'.'-t u jraut, AQ. I Broad wit/. HA ? a.Ri?, 1 Fraugeimiint.?P?e Aal ? ? Oik Bu?nl, uud will be -?r.'.v?d fioai the customs la a few day* a large aut? ply of rnntfcpaunrH etera..! parfuuio A *ul"i did aaaort meet of KugU-Ot ajd Krenib u>?6? bottles vlnua?reut? s.not )injf bMUf# cahmoh' *PB, air. SJ <Kli t CO., i.i-'iiiir.tH, jyy ttr<>*d*ikv, corDe*" 01 Walker strait ^SNANCIAL AND COMMERCf AU flODKT UAAKKT. HrirmY, Nov. i??J P M. At Jit a.ase oi kue *u>c>. market yesterday lower prioea ruled ttac have toccu Kuuwn for more tuao a year. Sous? not ka ?m the list are at this moment low?ir tnau biva bwn quoted for several years Vctwl'Jidtau Hug tliia fact, tfce probability n tbst tli.5 whole ?.*t will facade still lur tber, and thai sellers ai those; will yet maku money We haw lor <">ttio wicti past reoeivod by ever) DH'Kai?r v?iy bad oewn from Europe. i vory arrival has brought u? a jre d.seo'.faf, og .ntelllgandc Uiaa the pro vioug jdc, and we took lor tuose now ou tneir way to bring uts swoons oven more gloomy than uDy yet ro etived. Tbe r.uuden movement or tt>o Eauk of Kugund afcowsliow lard pressed that ,aa'~taUon <nuM o?, aud bow serious .'.r vmbairusstueuU. It will, wa few, be louid that none of tie m-ftauroa yot aioptod, are kiifticirnt for tho emergency, anl that more 3Jvero r? itriitlocfc w.U be n ,uirpJ io overcome t!io dtlllcu'ty. A repeal ol the Bank act., or that pan ot it limiting ibe elrrulat'ou, is already loudly called for, and It may be forced upon tb? govorcmont, but not uatil a i other r( medics ."all to give ine repaired r<>liei Wo do bctcookidei whatever wovcin?u*a may be male in laud or f ranco to alleviate tbe t'.onB<: al d.stre^s of tlioao institulioca as at a!l calculate 1 to belp us ou ibis ride ot the Atlantic, but on the. O'int'ary they Hill >1?> us mire harm tlun good, 7fc?;y will, In the a>wio-.e ot corrfis ponding restrie'.toos ace, dra.u us of that whMh tboj are muslin want of, tnti bring upou us oil tbo-o ovila wiikb ihey are striving so ciniMily to get rf t of. U be | bo)vcs our bank:ng institntious to be on their gvard and proparo tbemaelv* in Umc l'or any ojnUugjm-y. Tie outward mnvemrotH of sp?<;.o have alriady nwliil an alarming amoont, and the exportation is kepi up wi'h gr'iat vigor and perseverence, in tbe l'ace of a gTadost decrcaf.e in rates for excha^e and a rapid incioaao liith-? ?cpi>ly of bills, in the face V Hucb an aD'>m*lo'? swte ot th ngg, <t is tl.o duty of the managers of our banks Ui devise aonv: way to arrest, if ifosalble, tbe purchase of gold tor shipmei t. loa certain ext/?nt they Dave at tempwd U) do so, bnt the measures idopted have uot piored (.Oitctive. Dor'ng the wboie ol the ]??' week the mouny mtricot ba? boeu steadily tightening fue demiud tias been Ac tive tnroufttout. and tba ratos for different Cajtsos ol j?.per 'iave atoafc ly aovance'l Tno b;tu?* have proba bly 1 ostracud d'iriog tbe pant waek us rapidly a< a', an) prev ous period thie year The discount line by the weekly statemtnt will be tndi " one liuadrtkl aad three millions ot dollam. Tbe dnprniU have also ra'.leo otf largely. The baows are r*p!Oly spproa?:h.og point* where <t will not bdi unsafe io piutc, but It will not do lo rc-t so lung at our transaUaulin Uuaaclers arc almoat dally adding restriction upon res?ric:ion ujxin tlaan ial and comiufruia) :u homo (Ve mu't act In snlt-de ttiioc, even it in so doing bu't trie speculators lu the coun tiy are obliged to break. While there is yet time, it would be w?se in stock speculators to relieve themseives ot a port'on of tne burden they havo unacr such ucriUctiS tc mrry. It Is every day bMoming ni'ire ditUcult to n:aaafro, and may ultioiktely prove the ruu> of mauy touters who were at t ie btginnlng ojiifcllered ftrong encugb to stand up sgaivst any panic. Tb>M*> pauios are dificuU and terr.ble things to contend against. Tliey >caUcr all Jutgment aDd r *son t>> the four win l.i, aci srep?rt?ctly ungovernsble wb.le they last We have seen a psctf ani'-og stock specn'aujr? run pnccs down tnn and Citrtn p^r o?nt in a lew hours, aid It is not at all tm probable but that another, oqually fatal U 1U oj^rat.ous, may be near at band. The exportation of specie irom this port last wedr was aa l'ollowa:? Pmr?rrvT? or t^-K^s l^nnn T?ir. Poirr o? Nsw Yo?s. Cramer tilack Warrior, Havana. ,spr. i? SU,MO Do Mi p ]4iui* Jl?ury. Calcutta Hex. dol.... 15 00 0" .-uamor I'en la, I iverpool I' f . K<I.brs. 86? 810 t rteainer 1'eraia, iMtrfSil I S gd cn. M#,700 0 steamer Tersia, Ijverpool IJO pltcM.. ?Oo,000 Oo !?ie?incr iVr^ia, I.tvsrpool, American gold coin ato KegKah r?l,!?40 00 jamci Purmatn, Hremen, I' ?? gold coin... 8t ?teamtr l'-rmatui. liremru I'. H. gold bars.. M.iili " fUamer Hermans. H-esaeB, I'. J? Me*, silvar. a0,00O V. tMeamei Hermann, ltremm, L. H Am. silver. 8,7C0 0 sieaujsr l.jonnsls, Havre, Amertean gold.... "1 bOO Oo rteamer Iyotiials, Havre. Frencog.dd 0?' Msatnor lloraasia, Hamburg U.?.J00 00 'Iota' for tbe wesk tl,H9l,7W H4 I'ri.vkusiy riporua 30,M7,4B3 64 Total, 1W9 K2,!(IK,3 J'J Ibe above aggregate tor tbe wck is -ull ? largo a* au ticipaU'd. Tbe Sub-treasury has paid ou. about three bnn dred ibo sand do lars more Uiau rerelvid, v?nlcu, added io the lato Call lot Dia remit mice, has made up a sum ms! about equal to tbe weekly alilpmeut Tbe bauks h?ve boon receiving small suppt'es from other sources, and the pro babdlly I* ibattbebai.kstatomcaiou Monday w.ll not show ary mat. rial variation in the sp?ci? reservs. We must, however. lo??k out abarp for the .?hipments this sw asuaixt. >r>m pnssent apr\)araofe?, we should judge ?hai th" t>>?al e*i>orUtieBa of specie tor tbe nen isro weeks, would b? rattor over than under three millions ol dollars. Tbe buic of ib? will go bafors another arrival from California, and ncM week tbc banks may be com l?IM t? stoow a very 0?lavo?abl? sxblbH. It isnnwe* poofed that (he Arab s (rotn Iloston, on Wsdneaday, and Uju Atiaot: from tb.s port, on smmday of the prew<at week, will tsVe o.da m lltob o' spaoie earb. I." tbe bulk of this shot.lit come oU of ll?? bsaas, we ?hall have a very sorry ?tatemi-at nett weok. A. H. Nioolay'a regnbir r?nl wooWly a'ictk?n sal* of fto. ks aa< bor Js will take pis e on Monday, the .id ant , at hall past 1 o oloi ?. st Uio MsrebaaU' Kx< hsage Ibe t>os.nsrs of Un I alved mates Mint at lttiladoiphia, fer i ?tober, wa aa fotiowa.?? Total ?o;?l "J0 00 Silver oepr*it?. includiaj purobwact #(<,? ?T# 0U Co'nsgi ? geld? JP.1 im mJi-ii. f ill*. I/Tor "a uo I lot lars ait?,7?s ai?,7at 0u aii?.?l? to U { | ^ - irr warier di*.la?* 374,000 $ *4,i iS) oo sio.noo ss.uoo oo feH diMS.'... a*.ooo <r Inrvo cent |Aorea ?o,*00 v.tSO ? .ae bars M 1 "i'f cs ?l,Wi,06S *?ua *49 t* Corpaf- .. i*i,?<t ?i.M * Kecapliolatlen? IN-i-i ?;o(d<altage.. ??,?? **'im ?? Purr ?? l,7W.t>?;t ?.<*? W? Cofpr " ?.WJt.u** 'VJiwi &s **,otal mmber of pieces 3 litt.'irt 5M Tbe int. ntol roias of the sevesal d?nowi-uatl -o* on hard al tl?* Xlat st tbe close or business yeanr lay wa* sa roiVows ? dM fitter. PoaotataglM ?. tl.bfO^H H*absrs. ... ?7.i:5 07 I-ail tea *b;nu oO I'ollarf oi Ha>t Mglee .. la ViO on Hall dollars . IM ""1 <Mt <Vuart. oaplea 121,01141 14"art dollars. Ma,!!?"* no f:?t<Mosa il.ini on lumen -K.W1 ??> I-oaars tll'.MS M tiaii ilmas... Ioa ont Bars d,B7? 7t> .*1 nsaI pieces ?* t?>? .? Cents I -i 4I,?H4.':'4.? Total smi'unt balance on bawd $l,V>l -1* 7.1 I lie anihraolU oca! loana sof tae past wesk is aad by the Reading .Rallrnad aad S .bjy Nsngatiou ooasidetsOly in advas^e of th* toaaage lur'sg tbe .-urrea pofxling week last yea* I rom <Le 8rhu> '.kill regioa the snpp'.v lev the wvk U over tea thousand toss gri?a?i" than lor Ussaame week in HIM. IVom tbe lefcigi r?ros tlie suf>|'ly by both eanal an I r^ad Is rather less K> ?n fse canal's tmnsite aioae lar tha MrsMposdiBt w?Sk last year M-earUat! In<r?? ?e w the week* tan, ?* Is shown in tha A>llo*:Bg recaptlulatioa ? /t.r tk? IVrftr. 186* 1*5* Lehigh < aosl ?C.?34 M.vii r?ec *.?IS Irh:gn Vslley K I. ? 6 a IT Ifcc. j <U ftriij isHt Canal ,3>,tl:; ;l* ..?) lac d. i07 /oau'iig IIallti>ad 4i,h38 fil InJ 3 ?'*i Total lor tha week ll'.?,"S , m?,mo ls<-. J ??>?'? >v., th,- Tttt) I Mat i?m 14 high tarsi 1,144 ,<44 1,010071 [V* UMi* 1 (hipo VaMey H R ? WM lac. M?,1M l*sfciiy?4l 1 OBnai. MS,**:. 474 l >0 loc ? R? sdlng Hallroad ?,447,6*4 l,"l?.24l Drc.ld4.4M 1 ?t s' 4,144,(1.41 4.r(.;,4l7 He- IT,frill .sa Ta st g'Dtral m?'tlw'ia? ir^ '.#1 ail. Ibis 1 port during Uio weak end'xg Fr.dsy. Oti. jO, biievo'v ed to tl 8>l9.4U Foreign dry goods t'4,386 lout importation 40b,''Hfc The ??iu* of ixpom .o loo uaa? Iiuiu as follow* ?. ? iotiers! m*rcha&di*e ?l,V..2,b4l Speoio j.efr,T3f ?.411 81* ) xcc?8 of exp.rts ov?r imports .. ... tiit> 10) T#e following i? ?ctT.p?ri<Jv?M?'^mentot :bc> vu i? o! from tue cotu.noo.. urn l of Uio y<M?r U> Oct ?W ? lfiftt. INftM. M:r?ue. Citioo $10 43'-.f6T *691,150 ? 1,841,60" Flour ; 6,2U.7ol 12,812 8( 1 7 CC ? loin meal... 28<.li? 2il,0Hi. ? 3S,050 ?heat 2.474 3*9 10.287/317 *,f:8 621- ? Corn 8,190 '4&0 2*0-171 ? WJf/.&l'! Bi-d 1.020 ft'.'J 96*108 ? 07,41. Polk 2,243 /54 2,*81,029 ? 161,410 Total *24,871,826 i~, 140,7&4 14,882,831 2 ?*2,tlW) Set mcrcaao to 'Jot. 80, 1866 tt2,2t>8,9? 1 Tuo ouauilly and value of cor.a n ari e i o> |.or(ed from -.bis port lait week, wera *? f<jt,crs.? Comuwhi: Ok it!E Pom o Mw Yo>....? v,t * Qi'/irt ViJ. Qu^n. Oottoo, Die.. 1 4?J |!>9,5j:} Rw.f, trt ... It Klf ir, bbl-i..3,tDi 23.ill 0?rg i,il8) Wbi at, >i:*.2H',004 .'j40, 148 t/'fironvj or?. 1,400 ' *">3 Com 12.800 lia. ' u, lbij.. 68,OHO I urd .,. 3 '19 Cbev i. .. .13.1,700 Hags, Oslo* . 55 Ku?'l-, tuns.. 60 Apples, 1>I>!8 1,854 Ctemloals, ? ?. 6 8,8-< 7,6M ?ajo 13 ? 607 925 0,i:i 4*0 1)kg.K'io ? :?. . -4S Oli?, C* San -.a'? I li gioJa... Silverware . i Uhllt* 1 w"uivei 1. 00c 8. fa. 600 1,401 If ft 800 1 Tl JHC 2 .0 < l,f4' Total $811,3':^ U>N l>< in . Flour, Ubl8.17.7l7 $121,n38 Uos.e bbt? Wheat, bu flt 0l/> 108,1:13 u i . e. t . Ei8. oils, By* H12 Cl fiwr, ll)f .40 8K4 lva?, b'mBli.2,662 Hair, l>ala?.. 128 T. bi? 00. lb* 12,800 clocks, bza.. Ill P;o?, U'? i'? Ill uge, Crt.. . 8 Sp ol1, KalB .4,218 l*a. cloth, c?. bit 170 3.90-', 2 380 2.2' il 2.74N 1.182 108 700 8,1 3 ?,:4; fi(*c ;o.> >,0'> 37 ?trvw good*.. C.o goc 1, bgj }30 ro'airi'j bblit 87 For* 1 1) ira^'Uc# o*s. - ) Maple, p '?) . I'M ^tavoE 23,810 .1 ?1.18b 2T,7?7 4,181 1,201 ?.(ijO 3.8 ;o 4 1 oor 1,38' bl j-'loor, bbl?..S.37? *17.ft?4 Koa n, bbik.. Wool, but.20,082 45,818 Total 1-03,90* U.WKK, $ 1,414 Wr.b'a.UM 47.2H8 *8,40? 8,7?0 Bona, bi)'.<., 500 10" 28 085 .Jw'I>m'b,1?* 32 5,12' 300 R>okJ, ca. .. 3 &l'o b00 f?"ai";::.v. ?? A.rrwKRi'. $3,120 By, bo?...12,5-''I Colt00, oalea. ;'8 floor, bbin. 1.100, bnR 18,267 Kje, bug 304 1'ry good#, cs. 2 Colt'?, listen SO Wo?at bus.87,680 Ha cod, I'ih .34,898 lard, lb*.. 10,868 r< baot'.o. ?? 104 i^'Kiaon. cka 0 i;.n u, blilf ..2.330 I.OfW'd, tCDI. 4fi0 Ka. do., 0X4.1,Ct'iO 18.212 3.918 1,5?0 2 544 28" 3.P49 7,'>:il 4,'.t89 cin.o t>Hg? . o in Poor, ^blB.. 307 >/b'i?,Uhd8.. 38 ltMMti. bbla. 1"H fi? ii?,169 ?tav.?a ft 000 $U,2lt 1 MS." 2,118 l.!K. 8,81" 2.08" bo Total $ac,48?. tUMKt'NO. Mahogany, tana 10** $1,24 I'uKUL.I X. Poor, bbla... .600 ?a,8tlh ?*,,? 4,oA3 $971 Wbrai.'oua.13,791 23,081 ?ftv.iJ $27,89-, MAKr'BlllJM. 1 !f or, bblf.. 2,723 $1?.4?J IVtolebon#. 2,JM $1,18 \Mie*t. boa.26,94H 4l,7'-'*i Ai.-obot,>o o,oC^ Uerf, bbla....200 2,(i0 Uouoa glo, c?., 4 B?oon, lb*. 50,031 5,4?4 Miv bitery. Total Wluat, bi.J nr?x. Torjunline, bbla 3,4?l $.3,?'-5? iuou. 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I, 1: v.i* p.i t<t ? llai*. 111 ?i>n Hotn'av ryav<ut oni 2", al V/r'tw<? t tfl* at< * '?to*.?. #ar}l'r<l f" |il(i;r(. nf 8?r laH.t r ^m't'?, I'-O"* ?rn n?, lit ih- n..r Mr W.r hi t* .1 Mo?a< t *i?i?? oi ' 4ttii,tn I'l iii.tH I "i ? (a , i. IV-4i . t'>< l<, ll. C. Jabimca.? On Salarday, Nor. 1, Javm jI?hpM*, priator, In too Ttd ye?r ofbia ur Kuneral from U>a roaldanoe ot m< mator, No. t- Txlary atret*, Brooklyn tout afternoon, *? three o'clock. Too membera of too New York Tvj.on*?pmoal H'v.ety Arc re qoerted to attend. 1 .) Far >??, flbe'ry. )*biijjid.?On Sunday Nov. 'A. d>*? I'mi? i? m tba Mib year of htr ifo. lfce relativtr and rriruda of tb? iUilly are raayactfally invited to alietm the tunoiai tervM* si tor r-_y dtoce >d bar eon In-law. Mr loiui Ma>?iial., N,. 411 Bodf.,riJ iireai, Ihia kfUiiu'H>u, at f >ur u'ciouk, w u.?'U lurvb-r . jvi'al ? u. her reman.b win be waken u. Hyuu i*?ric tor '.ntu/aei >. ^ewburg aud H>du 1'ark |>a. r? (,l. ;ue ropy. Kavb> On t-unday, Nov a. ? >r a lonj and paxfuj ifS'-ae, Jena Ra' * .. iu (bo 'itttu ,? ?>r t?* if. j. The relatives and frimid*'* nie i Tiity %rr lurvad to attend lf?i> ! .ncral, to a.orrow jtnru,tg, m .ri o Uo<,?, from the residence of bit fatln r, n, -xas Rnvot, No. l?t> Mulberry ?treol. MtTowa*?On .^'lntlay ev.:niu< Vuv. *2, <.\ coinau.i Hon. I.y/ju, wile of A'.eir. Ji. il ? >*?ij ani aaortie' <-i the i?U) Henry Buttle ?<tod i\ you a aol 10 roonir.?.. TLo i?l?t,v>i t-ud frieu-U of lh< 'aui'iy are .av,;ed o at tend U*a turn ral, Irom bcrinto r^-Mimni, .s?. IZ6 V'e?t Thirty frrcn<l it ?ft, on Wcdti'-iiay aiorc ajj, t. '^u o'clock fc?uii (idfDfy. of on Fr.dt.i cm !.(. Oct. ?1, Mrs. IiasiuiA Biui< '>hi? u. ibo 6>j.S> yto.r w l -r ?i.T" tbe Iriemid of th<- laojily ar? r >|?' tfully ,.nvt"'i!l 19 ?? t? nl t.le ftm 'ra', ib.t' al'u rnooo, *ti >>" ? o'< lock. lr'>?j m < risl l^n-v: ot b'r fon Ui In*, Mr J?rih A. B<ga*S, > . i.l H^i.'y ftreK. Bauiua.v.?i .i.v JCJay. 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TiioAaaHbi !?nd eliii- ?lao/ator u !te .awa J fcn i.. Viari'ot, In tbo fttkl >e-?r ?>' i ir age Kir r?*lal vv ^ ami I'ni'uas ?r? r>- ,? tulfy ;nv l*' to at B'! ib? loneral. to wurrj* Bi<>rntr it rlevfc cV'?ecxf tiom lu r .alt ii- idcuc -. V. 94 'J ? n ? I etrect A wiai?t>u ^uuday t" etiin^, Nf ?/ ?? nfi?-r ? tevcre lIlDtas, whlru abe bjr.- *? n >:u'i?:at) m> kif* and nrt tu-ie ?r.'l in tb>* Ik>i>p or a ni-.-e.i -v-: ry. JJab* >.*i Ami, ?"'ioi)d dmifbto' ' Jtmw *rd Arker, ajcet 17 )u s, 8 moiitUi- and ? '!a>8. I uf nolk*i> of funrrn will be * via !?' rnorr'1#" Kaw.? Ol. culay. Ocl. 1 AO .i.1 <ri C a.- H'.ti 1 yean, yoonpwt r.oii.l ot A**HJai->? Ua>?. tart.cnlar# m tbo fuacrai will b? jcr. en ? ?1' H?!>???!?f?n Krl-lav i 'gbt, tAit. 81, .1 h:i'.' f-w?i no o'cio<>, J'"tii?n Ki 'md*. youu.^t'.aught^r (. \trct Kfnr"ily, So. 'I HirinincOam a;.r Wiookan).?'m hnifj m?i . ??. i>. t 31, ir Co *. only ten ol Jobn C. and Kl<zAbctb 0 SVi...dwari.. aj'i-t. 4 years, b moiitb* a>>d '.2<!a>?. l!i? frkidaot Utofau'-ily an- ni^j)*<-(faUy mv.ivd ?<? i - I- d.i tl.o fanrral, tn ri i roiloouoe oi h'e pareota, \.o. ?i?4 fcl?i ? ktr ?treei, tbi? alien <h.u, ?t t *o o'cuir.c Cols.? in PriH#k!yu on ^>?ua?a , Ojt 2, Itr. a* C"i>. aiced 60 y ' tr* an.I iU oayx tbe fil?*Bd? o; t'w lit1 v, iikb-i-?>. i m t c f. aiid ?-f a I NV| Mrs Mary tvuli, ar? H1MMI| ?> ten lo attend tb? tun<-ral, irotn tSo r? ai.mur ? o' ?f?. Mary ?i Hi, N?. 147 Koiton Mreet, B?oofcivo, ! i mon ? a'',?>r n< "o. at rbr.?i o'clock I itw ?On Sunday morning *' -v 2. fnv,, >r' : of Cut" N'aanui Ww aea. ia lUe lism y. ar .>1 ia < ? ? Tbe iriaaiN oi the iaoiily. ?nu?i o berroa*. .-?ek.' w >1 Auguatiui K. Wroai'-i, an 1 jl o r ~oo* in ? ?> j'\ H 0"J> aoJ B Slioolt, ur? ) 11 atlon . IH* f^c rai, iiom ber late re*iden.:o. V> 4o r'>ntu V tt -'.-i-;, A I .niab r;', t<>-n>orro?r .<lt?rb<> ?, a aoitr. o? . K> *"*>t ?'hi Fridaj . f.o\. I ai n> tK. r b v"<^i L.-ntor county. ??a>?..? mwir. a?;*< ai ; *>?'a ai'd 3 "la\ ??. H 'ui.-ra" *l!l ta' e ;'4 o ftvn. oh late re? r, ctm r nl K->urlh avi-ii'.j an I Ti niy mtli-tre.n, i."? ?;:, :tl ^al. |>U*-| nine 0V<wa Artierc ? (rr *yi> * .1 ??<? |i>-o '-Je.! for hia Hle'ida, wb.? ??e <".dl> t' .t A*i u> 41-iu-.. ?.tb:>ul luritM i tn?llauoo H ? nui. k< ? it ilit? red 4 t;r?ei> a<a*l. jt, i>k ? in l?.<.?|iam. v*aF . no ?n<w1ar,Q ' '/l. H"? <"? l .?? r. lift ot th.' lair V. T. I" <'o At?*r, tor.firrlv <f ' *i >, S. V., an ? i' .ug'itAJt ol the !alc K>Pcr. '.n oi, of t*b a 1 Ibhta ib . - iidi I.^oy, Cieorg.a, oa f*t. roay,?' i lv t i;n. ?>?>? ?t. H.\n", nca.*.. man' r .1 ? a c?* ? ? f ?t. ??. o .l?nji>r,*. a maj o. ii. i'.ns r w.J ? >nl. i i"> vm a* b"* h? t Vv? t, botorci aa ?f. s??J by * ?rj,'! circle ol relai|ve? a> 1 frkade. 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Rr*tt*b America I ^orard 4 (Tiiaa i !4?* I fttlttand 7 !??? lb Aa.crHia 1 Kram-a.. I y*c :ia 1 Hermany 27 4iati *rd ... I Ireland 71 Ci. eo >Haie* ...,/*a Half I l'lt.">WB 2 '?waad 1 iv*,^ 1 ITnna I ? Total 4C? rratio lawrrtmon Aln.fhasaa. Btk'la laiaa ' a *a^'h W. S Weiiavoe lloAptal II ' -oait r?;a i m. V City floepttol ? P- \ i-ueafa I ?, %a<.... 1 t rtyl'rtooai .... ? *"anr?le'M Fw.* * % Oolored Born* Poeptol., I W iirkbimee, S ? 3 ; ftn'r R.*p. III.> tel.., t ? ToitU ? ?3 a tan* 1 14 1?.... ..!? 1 J 1? W a ? !? .? 4 1* I* M k (lar'qdea Qt7 HoapT) k IT 4\ ?I !k 1h i( 1 24 It itr*)od-a C a. ? .? aad I )k lt? rvtaw) w ? vi t" n !?.... 12 21 /toc'iMfaf 0 mi Wre" l 40 It Ifl ? . .?? II (Inri id?a H. tad W. ?Mri floapita!).. . ,1.1 T0L.1 a-1 rtknao* w ik.kthiv. (ttv <4ty Inepeetnr'a 'W<a?wieaV New To** Sr? 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