Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1856 Page 2
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Our CartliM*"* Cwnipwidtti. OlHUMU, Blew Granada, Aug 1, 16M. fUt.c it? OJd ?<yM? "/ -v?w tJrawacUi?BmAmrram m - 0/.'Ae C> t*Btfuir-mmit to DtmUp "M ?u rem 0/ 'he C'i liry?siam LaU>r imd Fret Labor? J ' 1 Wo y< fir<>?Curtkiiyina at a Port?Bffeat of ?natt.;pafon m tk> Ht*ro Chartn-nr, and on tK Prut I- ? of N.-io Oranada?SUjhi Imurt of Power fry t\t f >? to Nact?Ooait from Ca ay. '.a to IKc Atralu?Atcen ft /V ttraio?J*trf->anio Canal, etc. H?v eg just returned ft- >m visiting a remote pert of the interior, via ?the province ot (booo?I proceed, wbllut ta? impressions of travel are froth upon my mind, to oder to your numerous readers tome views tad fkcts bearing upon a too interesting topic. Tbv effects of sin re emancipation are nowhere more visible to tbe eye than In this country, although they pre sent themselves in ruin and disaster on a for grander scale tn the British West India Islands. It Is oertaiuly ?nportant to ke?p before the American public the resolts et negro emancipation, not only on the negro character, tot alto upon the industrial tote rests which depend upon cheap anl compulsory labor, especially eg ricult ire, in climate* wherein ?hite labor is unavailable. Choco is a territory containing some thirty thousand square miles of surface stretcbiug nearly four hunlred uQiifH from nerth 10 south. It will be sufficient here, wMhoat going xto extensive geographical details, to say r>*t its grar:d artery of trade and travel, the Atrato, Mis, after a course irom south to north, into the Unit or Earien by about fourteen mouths, the nearest of which is do: further than thirty hours' sail from Aspinwall. Tbie province was formerly one of the sources which ?opphed the markets of the world with gold, and does so still, bat to a paltry and inslg*itk-ant extent, tinea tbe recent experiment of slave eMancipation has letttlie bard w ork of mining to be done by free negroes, who hsve'e? want* to supply; sad hating with a perfect hatred all labor that they can avoid, they can hardly be prevailed upon to work at all, e\cep', under the com pulsion of hunger. !f hmtory He not, their predecessors in bondage sup p.* d to a Spanish monarch the eighty m.lliooe ol dollars sr. void trora tbe Choeoan mines which he e\i>ende.l upoa Uk' Oartlagena. Coder thefroe regime the T ry ^ jus whioh crowned thote noble worUs have been ??.d?ala* tbe day?to supply dome pressiug demands upon the public tresaary of Cartha^'-na. &!*i pas;. let me dwell a little up >u this " operation," was as void cf dignity as would be the trading awa of a RtvolutiOLary firelock for dollars and cenU. Cntr p.eces of that old Spanish mould which cAuid not ot eurpatsed in finish and beauty, with tron guns of all ? m>, besides shot and shell, a jiounung .n all to teu ship ti? !?, have w .ihtn the lart two jears been shipped io the fmsdSUtN, and tu.lted down in the furnaces of Massa chusetts, leaving haodsome pro tits to the intelli gent \aukee speculators .who b>ught them. Truly tb? g>ory bos .leparted from Carthagena? gone forever, kie the secret ol the composition ot that lamous cement used in tht.r construction by which bricks were bouo 1 into a hardness not lets adamantine than the fanste ot Cronttaut and Pweaborg. Never a/am sball Carthagena r??Mt tbe attack of a British or any other fleet. Ber nobie bay is ( pen to the world, yet It is far more do fcnsthie than thtt of debastopoi. It ouce had two en , :ranees, tbe largest of which win, as a measure of de te?' e, reodered lapassab'.e by sunken vo?sels and ?tones. The re openmg of this would be of immtnse ?iOhty, by rendering the c t.v accessible, w.thouf rist or diflk ulty. in all winds, and a very paltry sun?Usa ttau sisty tketuaod dollars? woull sufll e for Its accoioplisb saent yet this is bevond the ability ol the New Grsca Jian republic of to Cay. This In not to be wondered at. when 1 toil you that the very prisoners in the jail wou'd be ?> i-oeeo tn starvation but f>r ih? sale or the ?traw hats wlit. u they i? am to m?K?, anl the produce of cer lain outdoor work wbicn tbsy a>? bow p^rmitt^d to do, teat ihry thooid actually per.tth for tbe wsntof p antatan asc xi til"-a", ite cheapost loud that can be proc .red ur them New Grenada has a ?0!l on tbe ma'-m or her myoil. out nvert aci n n?r '.enumerable Audeatan valleya, wfcert: the U??rif'f>ni*t'*r u j: i*t*"< a climate ?uiusd to ev?r> vant-'.y ot proUoce of Uie ti-mpartu- M well u of tii* -orr d . oe. The extent ot ta ? ?oil t praciually -n tolled ? yet, ?tran?e to nay, thr authorities -.d bet chef <ynum<rcial outt>wt a'o *<>ineura?* to tie wen t'lfyin; ftem ocr counting bo.ia< to anmbrr jd the uesj erave hope 01 tvtrr iwil f ? fc? OuL fr. d dollar*, wneri-w.Ui t > teeu a lew ba: uic<i tolaier? aod prlaonere. Soldier* alaa for Uie poo* bar*foo:c<l heroes It Is ve?y certain tha" Sir Jokn Fhla all wouin not have marnod through the city aa Ui' tr bead. Co .1. no' ?*c?a Anna, who orjoys U.s seven mill one ul bia> m. m mia dufntair, at rurbiu.o, ?<ma tii'iren miU? bttce ???an -icb a uta^i-ace from a republic beirtag a t'^anien name and governed o> the a nerican detor-i lUr'd ?( bat oeoe noble lace which a< nt lortb sen of Iron like RJboe and ? .arro, to explore and untaquer thla nc v war Id the oM l> t f?t 1* aaiu to be gooerou* enough In b? aula <0 private commerce, even to tbe extant th 1 he toBiKimea"lend* out money crau*. and briegs down Ike rate 01 mum. ' Ptrbap* at baa too much experience to t!( nib Amf lean financiers 10 place confluence In any Spacwb American troa?ury?perhaps he baa not forgot t'u bow public mone> 1# managed in Mtxioo We wait ]cr the cee o-der of thing*, when tfce or dintxee dec 'arug Carthag^ta to be a !ree port. * ha 1 come n'o op< rati' r la ?eptembar neat. Theu we shall doubue** ?( voider* tn tbe mon?y line. Then douai tee* K ihachiida Will -end out a brai ch of their boa**' and Bailing an< tii-r. to reap these go dea harvest*. i'a.h ?rathe vague crude MHiMM r* ?.t I for one cai du? *ee wbere the money u> to come from, for I habere tbe war 10 make fO'ibtDt out of nothing ha* an yet berotil t,T?re>i, tvtn am mg Ui* Itowa Kaiier*, wao mi oaiaccire everything from woodaa etieeeea down to that Imi trr,mph or American oreo .'lay. btagu> carffe seeds. " Hrvrmm a iv< awwu aa1 ao not here aut any base and iranaportabie a.)uatoa i? "wool," but empty to free labor, and bow :t worka, or ratb-r 4f>ef mi wo>k, ta New Oraaa>ia. ta Veneratla? in fact tirough ovt loe whale of Sou to ABtrwa- wbaae goTernmenti, waited by tbe pbilaexrojitit and econom.?t? 0: Europe, have olio ?eo the .moocile e ample ol John Bull. H-uitl cal economirla laid the groat Napoleon wo'.M break du<ra aa emp re il it were male of a<aaant. if the ftatue w6?L crow oe t ?e oofu-an of the flai-.e Vead'ine, cou 1 move .ta arm 01 brou ?, tt wo .id point U> the now *b)e't aua'tition of t m> Hrrt*i> We?t Indies. Htm 'ir^ala, and all noovh America. wn^reUM Atr'oau race ba? b>eo e!evit<i<l to frc?<)"m 1 r< ed< m to loiter, to loaf, to ?l*rve. and at ?ml, to work orm day out "f an. Jobu Bill hatno*' found out the r-ai value of negro labor, and hia Ut c up U? 00110 trale q'nut1? a> a in aut ite. (rcapeerialiy lubnitt that it .a ua? for tirt. Stowe to Vw>k nto Ul* tame nior.e trai?. wnere'iy John a t-ylci; to rake bta darilnr iama,<-.e to tt* p?ra ihm? of boa^ty a*d a?nn'' that it otex we*?wbno the planter roll d '.a Weaita, at'. th? nej:r> o- - j periB'tte I tu a> bit awn \egtut W? ac l ???u t y, without pre id ?<? v> ht* own't ? IB'etwet, wa* aa ? ally a^d mo-ry a - the lay wa.i ' iig ret " ad ; ?e bn free iiretorea n tbe prr-tut day biacaaty ?t 1 o.i* ? -ut arvecb ilotoa. not re<i ?? t.. ,y aMi"rt Ui Manrh' ?ter o?*'.oa w 11 a -eta lay 11 t, la the f!ten*ev of wi ,;h he re."l ?d ?t.'*1 nglf. <rnh a >oy rot left ui. i,?iu?ie tavi that 01 your o*a H"0?< way *w?lla wbta they Vktub* taaur newest ribungt.tei a<i<i .i w?n t immm 10 taarough democracy, in ti? tore tt rry the tejr" of < ura>o * 1 *9 bin br?tb?ee thro < ui u.e wono He ba? all the oeuar?> of a dt If, ta?ibuiBg Um aaait'a laanenoe Daady . m ra-c a? ilia 1. .tierona n Vew < r?nti %> ta ' ?a Hr w 11 i?n.- - he will h ag?to ? ' r'.ay the be* ?1.'* w?i; cat yowr hetr. of >2p any oti >r acj?eif i <o <*ei oh, aa terf ae the neartteemeala < ? il! aay, to ei>b?r p* . but t?e will aen^om be r*? vailt .. to do the bard woiW wMMet wa; ?: th? jr mwsr agr > wicai and anaer*, re-our--*-- 0' Ve? '.mn?ii ?net c?fbci >ie ae ?o*pi*teiy it aoejai oe as if they hat w aaMew PnlMeeMt?a q-altty almoe- saeparabte "rom tfc< ?ah bMw-f. and a pirwnl o _mt? ?& h the negr 1 c tsMlxciy rt-?i?? 'ti??oahio the r.aclfu of wni'" New* t< coam ao 1 u te ui eome ett-at.-.L* tee . hMtcaa; >?t the latter botJ in tu?*lr handa, If th?r < 'in* te e*er>"?a H, the .-tittre po! :a:.u^aje a* welt a t; ? phyawal *ircc?th at the nou.try, a., virtue of iibi*i a?"o#, The pr?*eat a^>v?meat .n Pan. ma. due n a (ttl a-a-or? to the rwijli mrrVtdlf manner' v n ov r an 1 paeeaag'tl to Ca forn'a. at. that la that .ri.;">rlant iret'ou. th? tree o'-gro ka< ?e hi* tr 4 we gt t <n the >>MOeal ?ca!? anl ttier ta no h ag to prer?at tbir wovt-ment fr?im throngooit me re|it: >..c?Both n? bnt tbx loUacTice or u,at <ia ia?*? m l elvlltty w!> th- a eg to ^axoa .flea. v> tim awitt, ecurei, dlararl" B hte interr -arte with tl* ? oitr*'. rare In fbtt) tplrtt Ui* ble?-k* rie.-t ?h te m?n to all th<* fwvtrnmixt efltoe* throng <mt ??tJrai a. 1. ax. epi a few rOMOte dMrlSta whw h are freawedover Wt b? ? a< yret > by aahle M tuiea with a W?nr.he?i<-r ehlrt a 1' % ev ar of Head*, a* t*i Ir ?aly ca>m?Bt and rube if o .? How loag thia r tauea tx-t ?rea the re-<te win > m; n?e M )a tftAeuit to nay. Mac* l*a tea*e ta oatoraUy ?o 1 ? ? narloqa. Our fouti AmfieaB r'jwbUs leaiwujty ePan* to iBtrod'i'K white labor fto?a Kirope in ?r .er ? > nnoaieract the tar reaping power and tal.u >noe o. n ? ',rm Mar a* fbeee caa bo kiBg?r be reli> I -a. tor r. iUiiraUng theUroari-o, o 'f! e aad aaghr wbi :h that *!iale 1 '? onezual* 1 If -wpabl" - ? prtyi'i ni.g in great ahandaace. whiln th 1 r poll! -*1 nRn?n ?? ? Ui* el" :tlor* oagtna w m+*o ItMff di?*eri -ajly p> ?? ? pi i?le to the white raoe From Ca ti agco* to tbe m<> itb of the Airtti the M taaoe ? atvml two mndeel mdea The aav ga'tou of thie ? oa*t ta safe h'id eaey, !>? aaan tor I ?# ar alt mile* from tb??bore .t .a a 1 an anchorage the aoutheaet trale griTrally biowt r . lji. re . *ht moethK of Uie ye-ir The iti' roea bound for tl<e interior of Cho?o are wail loono is rroand tank e, and a> ot mj are iD<aown la Iheee b<ua. whlr.b art ogei ou- y r.oatrfvad toe ieore eivery po?? hie .B'oareni'-tif' to the Ira *!le?, tbe t o) ago la i?nalt) mil' from Canhagena Qn'tolo la thirty day*?Lbe ii*iaa''? beinjf about lour hin1r?l and twenty mile* la >l.e 1 able 11 tbe haagt yoa cannot *it uprigit. and if yoo ait/??|it to He down your fl *th racelvee m<t impreffiona ol tkaeaaw fl"or. whoee lMar#lnea p-rtiit tbe ar? ent of all kmda of p<iireaeeat vegetahla o-ior* Ti om helow from Turbo, newr the mr'.Ui of the Atrato, the bnnfo I* propell< d by eome tm boatmen, r immari led by a fauroa who pal* agraie?t th* rurretit at th" rate of aY>? a taa wulee a day Tb.e? men are of ? arUiagena the wdbt aad n>'*t iB'olont, B<n*y and driakotl naraiM 1 ti? fh?- Pafk rare thai thia pwrt of the wwtd an "* ar 1 ?p" ferbapa they are ow a par with ttwwe of I'tnaina Arptawall and .iber piaoea, where they have entoyed th 1 noie orafij, *orlety and example ol Hr t aband 1 *o?e??% *e'? Tbe trafelMr nan eaaliy wintb^'riaodoffi'eahy ihi r 1 - ? .-gar* aad aow and tbea a gtaw of anwa ta, bat be cannot tiievre ihe -ontlnoous song, or ratlMr yell, with wtaxb every movement 01 .heir poles a ac >m pan led from morn UU night. This i* a real l iruro, ftvm which there j> do eacape The atrao is atnaaf the togas'and best known rivers in tbe worid erroneously supposed that one of If triOuur.-e*. '.be Na Ki. could be cod verted Mia a cw^l to c luaect the At vvc ocean v?On the Pacltto. Joe official report ol' ad exploration and car\ey wOica I no "inpau.od t: in ocean to ocean, favors toe practicability ol attaining Ibat I real project through auoiber ol iu ailljeoU. act etturu are now being made la Europe a* well as ta lb* I'nit xl State*, to capitalids m favor of t'us scheme. tho acrompilgtiiuent ol which would c m,?r ru >re bouor au<l lasting bciMlit tbau tbe destruction of a hundred Sebas topol I torrend log, !? a serie* of impetuous torrents, (r un the de (Ilea of theUentral Cordillera, ibis river, ai Uoro, two hun dred and fifty miles south of tbe tiuif of Darien, drat be comes sufficiently clow in iti oourse to i*rtiitl of steam na vigation From tbia Tillage, ?vhicQ la romantically situated on a promotory at the junction of the Airali and Anda guida, tbe former river, now a broad aud smooth atream, I'onimencea what may be called tta navigable course, ao l wind* majestically between lofty and wooded bunks reaching yuibdo, the provincial capital, a du'ance 01' twenty five miles. Below Qutbdo tbe Atrato Increases in the beauty and majeaty ol its bend*, (lowing wiu> an ave rage current of two and a halt ?lies an hour, which id sometimes Increased to nearly lour, and measuring from tide to tile, a qiarter t? three eighths of a mile. Below the junciion of tbe llurlu to, wtuch Is noarly eighty miles from'tbe sea, the banks are alinoat uninhu bited, being innundated by the frequent tlooda A smai: patch near the entrance ot the rtulro, ta oocupied by a Tew traders and negroee. who Ut? by collecting caoutchouc, or by tsadirg with tbe bungomen* .md ctuers who ascend and t.eaccnd. Below tbe Wo S?uiro there is not and Inch or dry land on either ride, the margins being well detinei by ire. - which iienaely overhaul it and a aea ol swamp and jungle, alive with alligators, stretch away en either si.lo to a distance of fifteen cr twenty miles. Tlits va?t jungle Is, of course, prolidlc or fever of the remittent t? pe, escaped by few of those who, lured by gold, have ventured to penetrate Into Cl>oco. A lorg detention In this swampy rsgton (kit to be productive or sickness. Against this aril then is but one remedy, steam, whereby the passage might be made In two days, which now occupies three weeks. But for a strong brt? zo which generally blows from the Gull' ol Iiartcn. t nabung boats to sail up as rar as the Kio Suiro and even >l rudr, tending to purify tbe atmosphere aud toredece the temper at .re, the climate ot Ibis region would, doubtless, be far more unhealthy than itis. Nolm pediment to steam navigation exists as far as Qutbdo. A lookout must be kept (or snags, which chiedy lodge near the batiks, and fur floating trees, ol which there are very fear to be r?en in miu stream, almost every male mhi bitaiit *s tjualiikd 10 act as a pilot?with supervision on the part of his employers?since art travelling is per formed in canoes up and down this river aud its ailluentd. The aspect of the river and its banks?uluninated b> IHNM sky, as It always is i.iitil the evening?Is noblo and picturesque, the beauty of tbe scene beiag increases b> treqaent v ew 01' tue mo ntain ranges which boi.n<ls the valey on either side At night It rains almost inva variably, from sunset until sunrue, Willi frequent thun der storms and lightning ot tropical brilliancy. T!. j rrgularl y, however ilia to be accounted for, is un quesuonaoly one of tbe moat remarkable leaturesof this climate, and by lowering th? temperature through evapo ration, readers \ far more healthy ant agreeable than It would otherwise be. The lapse of a id* days without rain is followed by a rise of tho thermometer to an un pleasant degree. Above the Murlndo, where we note the remains of an old Spanish lort, now overgrown wl.h vegetation, tbe banks of the Atrato are dotted at nearly every half m'le with rancbos, or lam houses, uncouth in a- pect, open oa every sldo, and roofed with the leaf ol the paira tree. Joyfully does tho traveller at nightfall disembark from b.i came, in which has sat all day long cramped up under a palm leaf awn , ing, mount tbe step* of one o' these simple dwelling*, where be is welcome to ]>&ss tbe nigbt, without fee or > very rancho has it* plaiitain walk. it* sugar r>'an ' lation. ud ku patch ot corn. But, unfortunately, cuIUva tioo m at its lowi\-t ebb fo Jeuttly are the pla&U crowded together that It la impoeuble to ;orce a p&aiage through thrm, o*?.vi robbing it neighbor of tho air, light u d car bot A the atmoapberc, at weft aa of tbo?.> Ml!tie Ingredient* of tb? aotl wutout a due portion of wbicl, ni plant can )!eld or grow ,n perfection. il> cOorui to inatu into the mmax of tb'.t kind hearted but indolent people '.lie principles of agricultural che mittry, wire not, I Tear, very tucceaafal To all that I naltl u>ey gave a ready anient, and pietended to IwteB with <leep intcreat; but like the Spanwh gyp?>ee among wiii/tti a benevolent I- nghahinaa en>l<*avor.?l to introduce ! the Bi'jle, 2 actpect they uyly-aqutntert at eac^ other 'he while. Tfadi mutt) wan, doabtlena uke tiuu of oilier I ?gririittarttl*, ??fracUc* before theory,'- but itey were too pobte to exprtaa ditaent, rt- rosilu ot bad bua 1 bandry are, however, very aarlotitly felt :n Choco, where proTi.-i"D? rometime* UU n a (amine prica, and but tor the bocca cfcica, wboao annua: abundance! seem* Bit* providential intervention. it i* prtoam* that a famine would actually take place, frum ume to time, la inia (olden region. Ifce bocca cbica Is a fish of tolerable Savor, which every year deecenti- tne Atrato 'n tiumenae aUoa.j and ; la caught and cared Uke uerrlngs ou the Vesica and IrUn ccaat* Bet for thl* a' unot tne pop nation of Choco, -mail at it la. w<>uld roue become "traa.l by degree* anl beant illy leie- '' No oce can venture to praaie. a failure of tt.c plantain crop, aa old Coblet fitetold th* diaear* and death ri the potato in " Vlic i tattatn," aaid Bumiioldt, " la the tr ?t prolitlc source of human food in < r-atioB," and It 1* to be foaret that it will alwa}* continue to prevent f>e negro raoe Irorn beiLg ?lai ved into good farming and active habits. not only in Caoco, nut Ibrouguuitt S.u'b America. Beside* the crops mentioned, we g-ne rally ted. grouped around tbore cottaeo*, a van.-ty of tree*, lucb u th? oracge, the breadfruit, the uj.iljo. aid the cocoa or chocolate ireo?tne laat *f which thould t.t< n.e a aouree of great commercial Importan ?'#?atone It toe Lire aita'na greater perle. tlon that bore l'.a* appUa. gi.ava*. and many oth?r froita too n imeroui to mentioB, are cultivated, or rather pemMt.*! to grow Nowhere, in tact, coui 1 a icalou - fj uit grower exerolne h'? skill more MM*aalu!1y. 'Vet ol theae aril :)et of product tbe Quantity brought to market la tiagularly amail, enu:ln^ very for-.ibl; the eic'-a?!ve U/ men ol the owner*?I dare not call then prod'iceta? and at i;ulbdo they are lold at prlcaa far eaa anderale than rn^ht be exporte<l In a eountry where vegetation actually rtigoa paramount, by raavon of a Bioul but r-fular climate, and a loaterlng yet not a (cnrcLltg tun. Much ot tbe nefro'* In iu'genc* In Plate ta doubt lea* to be acrouated for by tba procMgaiity witb which nature baa ac .Mered tbe rr.eaai of llvelittood over tboee tropical region* where bit lit it cart W ny work, when Be can erioy the </??' e f:r m<-n. at the prWe of ao tlttie tor'' The arg mi nt aeema to be la hi* favor, but Ite practical operation ta ^tfrly fklal to pro*rra- aut lm provenet.t throughout Sooth America It u a q'tecti'ta whether it wouia i e dillerent tn A.abanri or any of tbe cotton, augar and noe growing t<uiea ot the American I DlOB. At Turbo, near the mouths of th? vtr*i? I waa much amused by Die ekillful generalihlp l.?played by Mr. Carlo* riean. an Intelligent aid peraeeering Ki|liabmaa. In tbe marafem'nt M tne free negro"* whom beempMya, to the Bunnher of anty or acventy, ta caileetiug cto?t cboue Evirr three or lour month* tbexn poo.i* reti rn to tbe vi'lage, and a few da. a HfWMHi ! ollity. ringing, drumming, dancirg aud gun firing?'.it | ?act. wbat .a called a faodang j?are . uletly tab I tiiited to ny the employer At 'Jie exjilrat i?d of tbu h'i | 1 day, tt.ey moat return to '.he w.kxJs, or atarre not a pound of p'< v,n( r." or a 'Krtt ? of ax a . wii heau, piy | them witb. .'or love ur money, anii I their aaaoaa a re I loaocd. and a ' ready for detpateb. fcrery pnaaiblc aega | meat or rteoae ta t>rr>ugbt to bear? ai< *n"?i a wedd>ng. a btnb. a t>art'?ro. or noma ane.b dome-tic evet.t, tba. tiia or baa nn? u>.ea plaoe?U va.B./ vrp?i apou ti m t y tv I crowd ci[ w ?.ly beaIwt petiUonera, all eager, c???eii^l i b'.y . ftr iiie day 'a more irolio ere theyrat .ra to tne 1 gtneirny C ty. aa! t Kr to rr.e, ha? a nw.-rf-g. mT.ien . c..' the a. ati4 far my own aaka and thairt 1 never kii* e abt or govd tranaeia a ray <ieauoga wt.a my c,lore J tn**d> i>.;t mere m a at.ll more tneaix . - r r. i< t?>? tLat erf il.'.rt r;oai>a* but : ?r tt ?, h" aai f, taey wo ..d toiler week* at the rHcement. ao1 I alway* atarvftt <i tb? fo ir'h day ed ot: the) we-t, b .rear, ng l p'v?>' of ' vb Oar!e? Thro, (bo .t Cb??eo Ibe negr?> 'ihara-ter .a the ?* a-? e??y. .die and f Od iat^r?d. Id forty ye?r>. u I (U * crmed oy Jua?e (a* ? ot iju.bCo, oc y two marde-a are r-eoeded aa ha^tar ua<o p'ane la the prove" Vet In ? A'r c? ue <w i* a?r). and ibeCa'ienan negro it gene*a!ly a n.aa ot powerful n. tu ?r devoloprnent Voe date y -t n Btainta aid ty the wbil? ?lmn *n ne? 0v? ,?r a r.f.10 ,<opuia' '? at .? *-! ''iy t.mea ino'e Buu.^roi?. ? tL>-retail of It at initinet and peraoaal digoiy wa b tbe ui ?opr ?ticaled negro Ici i .ve'V re"ii? t?, at much m he <? ter- na ant ?!??*."t tr.e K nr aig .%<e and oath* of lb? Am?r a', or l..t iiTiau wh? bi? tbe fo v to dmplay hi* M* palate* n tt ? tnui D' r Trad t on r,ai J? nowi to ni or raiier trereory iC'tMij tli'O'igh l*?? ihf. li? ? i ten ,? file k*tV of >ha g* bile tieatai?ei ivhi'-h he *? n - t the i>li vp*nSb famt'y, a ?h"*?' owi ran p Be ? a* bre4 and hoit and grew to n.a *? .1 Hmee it uap.-ei,* that ? ven now tb* pated negro of tt?e Lienor ct to the fami y of h.t f irwr o?n?ra. an l will otvn work inr no oo* > la<? Tbia relationship ? a.lar to that of tbe ane nt Ho -nan lutf. tma of friwiitoa. a cr'd'UMa ti h??b th* emu oyert and th? empioyni tell n' ai'.hagera I anama. amf the a?a port* *?oeea"y, tbe r mti cipaieet negro ta a ciO-reiit ti?r? be ad la uaoo-nec an t ferocity evne, w> hi* oii-r attr h ite* and ba* ot Itte uted bia manbote and kn > with ) it 'aiaJ aflecl, apo* tbe per*vn( o( North t n?rin?a* ia lb* very atreeta of t'artbag?ea I adee wbt; p-ov*aal.oa tvae act* were corr m.tied, i am not t'eepae?*t tn etate. he receat tragedy at I'anama nhow* ?n*t oi trage* tha N'wi.ranaeiao fr n^g^o may oe ei ? led t?. an ler r* e n-?ir n ! proi oraMor h tt.e . a. '? nun Da??on(e'* wl ?and i:y V 4<!ot fed, are toi pr na to aai.tlbe ' algg?r ' H. ,t ' ? it <? ' - 'b;* letiee a e < ?e | ? ' do ?o w b di ?e ft.oB of tbe p: ?? -ti i ?"?? ?? of t. e *ew rtn .an :. gi" In ti ? .' .rt? f? a d ?jl; a te <1 ?i l ther-or' tin d ar. I ema- *t ? I li to>- oier .,e be ti" ric . f ar, I wr pr .|. >r j o ed t-> a 1 *re?i Ibat ? o?. i ?.ha'tn a ata1 ?ey fromtha Betg i rovin < ea, t< care, on bai bank into Cm> > a ro-*lhe * .edei lorn oa ? et two bnedred Wevnt ot tohw o, *ugte or goo<t??or w'll i arry a human p teaer . ?r th^aane dtatan a with the tame eaeo On tn* \n 'tgu*ta me N? in4 other fletre irihntarie* of the Atrato he |irop*ia a r ?o >0 with wa tec lee a at ngth and at *?? ding roek^ and rap'd* w.tb r t " .n ' a ? d'tterlty, in I %i | .ir.-ig d the oiM'iipaliMi, which he tor peef. ri u, >|.| w??', t,g or rrio ng an e!..g*m e of form and perfection ol t,e, m wbtch cai.not be .triae'erl 1be pr ^wl'ug 'raft* of the Vew tifnnatitn ne/ro w.'l tb'Wlh. nt< g nt reader*, ihat ;i ...tS n- . - i ?*, ,r >o d q'-'ihllea. n depoodence can hn p ioed up .p thta race. U a* the Avrtchaar, "l?!t?0 the i ey tr* w rue than nfeie?. aa a meam of Work rig out th pro! gf oa latent wealth of tbe country, to whicb I wo r< v*rt in a fotnre letter. .lohn Ball, drltan to de*p?*tti?n by 'tteeloaopber*. i l?iitical economlMe and old women of botb aeiea. very i ? , . ? ii a i ij'aie ' B.. ?? ? c* . i a[ |? i.oag*. I> b w i-i w to paeauade htn ait-mtn Ji :>a : %?, io m-tiiafe kiMtlfll Ue mtai -r. p'eWaiirrg . *aft ?* tar more con vea'i B? and re*p? tao!e lobe Willi I out a ta: than to [>?*??? oM. Joeatt aa, I a:.- V?\ I I woa t 'ail ptc that trbfi. I Our Mmt ComipMUknce* i ima, ~ept. 87, 16 -8 VmtliiM f-Uil* ot I' ru?Comiaru fr<paratunu for <ul'( Aiijfnrnmii mi ol Another RetxAuticm ?Invitation So 'M Jtyr>-igne*t to form, a \atumal Guard, f>rr th Prtiedifi* if lortiyn ItUfttU? Kcfuial vf Ike Litter, Bt'pt <"? Cotuhtirmt uAicfc tke Gumt nmrtit Decline aU\U A* haruHng VnUed St Ca Murines iU Faiux^i? Fear of " Lot Americano*"?Charw tcr of a 1'e.uvian Co i tarn ol c Vtuel of War Mart ttffiti, dc , <&'? g4^ e th* coutant rumor* of a revolutionary nature, we hive nothing i ew here. It would appear tha'. aoo ther at empt to unseat thi President ia on foot, a* tbe greatest preeauVona arc being taken. Before nun down every evening, each battalion la ?' told off," comp-v old quartered for the night In the palae, quartela ant churehe.; h rsea are kept In readineaa to attach to the Held pte?< ? ia the artillery barrack* and *l*ewbere. A few day. ago the General made a proposal to the foreign merchant* to enroll their clerks and other ein plo) c * in their bualnea*, la a kind of national guard,ljr the better protection of foreign Interest and proper!) in the city. The merchant* met and agreed to the propo Ml, but alto passed two resolutions, to the e fleet thai i such * corps were raised, the command of it should ba given to a merchant, who *hould not be under the orders of the Pre*ldent, or be held re*poa*lbie to the author* les. The latter clause entirely cheskmattd the old lei low and he refused to allow them to ha enrolled. No doubt be know* the valno ol' a foreign legion, o have one to UU back upon when he thoughthi* poii ileal position insecure It Is generally under*teod be that the greatest enemy the foreigner W in Fern, .* tbn "ith/ssid fbhltienew constitution, which la the w"uI' of tbe labor* and unwearied attention of Congress, ?ino'| fu tatSSably fol856.1? U. be remodelled according to tbe de^lic orders ol Caa.llla, who. U I* affirmed, haa Dotbltff but selfish motives to satisfy. . h . The old tithe tax, which the newconaUtutlon abolish and which rave one eighth part of the poor Indian s p prlMtTl* w be Vain put In force wco'dloK w the wish of the clorgy. who. It U generally *'1?*ed' ha it more power in the country than the Considerable excitement prevailed in the city an i CWlao yesterday, upon receipt of the news tha. the ma rlnes rf the Independence and St. Uary'a b^tbeen du. embarked at Panama. Those who know no bettor, a*> that tbe next landing will be made a<l tot ul 1'eru! Bolivia cannot resist, Chile won t,bec*u e ?he wauta annexaiion, all other powers muit give In, and 1.1 fihbuHtrvt will govern the whole Aruerl-an continent To^grvejou ? Idea of what Is thougni of America.and Americans here, I may meu'.lon th-t the 1 resident lu<-ed IAlter he Dad made arrangementa) to seal U?a r ruvtan frigate Amazonto San Kranclsoo to be became he f?red tha'. the Vigilance Co^'tcewuJ seize atd diipoe* of her lor their own benetit. to ve? ppl certtinta would have been sai? euougb, but u I fows7ort?e salety of h;r jommander. Captaini tta riateaul who, when commanding at tho CninahaIalani ? ioi'j' rrdered the soldiert under bim U) charge wiUi JVSJS? ?*???iS?5Sa wbo went to tbe hulk unarmed, and In a moat respectwi manner to compUln or a grievance to the bead auUio^ The* were all hurled over tho vesael'* side, and Itibbed J Ihcy went dtwo; many threw themielve. water for safety. 1 believe th.t *omo of them have been dUablcd for liie. ? " Lixa, Oct. 7, 1868. Reculutismcry AUemvt-Ikftai of -he J>w*rnU, and -Mir U rxy in'o JBolin*-~3ka>V Omdi'.im or tht I'raml G? erttintu'?OtrrrupHon rf the f Mi: OJicer,-Arbitra l Muuura of the PMUat-lnwrf** ***** 'fAe iuUel Sta'- t Mailt, dtc , dc. ?nother revelnUonary attempt waa made, on the nfrp ing ol tbeiCid ultimo, In Yucna, by a party ol armed men. numbering, ltla aald. about *eventy, *nd headed by ex Lieutenant Colonel Pearo Jo*e Csocano and Cdpula Al bar?clces. Their tr* move was to attsck the jw!i.;e force; and a combat ensued which lasted three quarters of an hour, when the insurgents dispersed, leaving bo hind them the wounded body or Albarracloes and the dead one or Cho.-aao. The fug dve* succeeded in making their eacape Info Bolivia, noiwthstanding the endeavora Bade to arrest them wbile tn retreat. lbioga are gradually progressing towards the over throw of the present government, and to tbe brink ci another or the dl'satroua civil war* whloh have a'.r??Jy reduced tbe country to ta preaent degenerate condition Under the cloak of "Amo. jx r la Pa'rui" moa work themselvea into oil ce, and no .oooer are they installed therein tban 'Amor !*> .> la I'a-rU ' changes into i<? Ic pUiln.' the ex emploj1 ? ot the government, army ?nc tan comtbenee c^nspinug, aud the new **,ver?D'?", 5. u??*Ued to make room for a wor* one. Ho t la uxat revolution follow* revolution, and at th? clo*" o ^ i Lid tbe co'intrr irorc and more tfeclined in na ural an I niArai wfvtb J^ct?t, byp^criay and ??'lUbo??aCharge u riye every a?p rsnt to < Olce, from ibo ITetudent tbe mUfenier. nor ar. th<- asp.raaw to the Urmer oflloe fe?. Anions tht'ni we fln< ! cbem jue. \ ivanco La Pueute, oira rantilio, Carrero. San R"mau, ' fl'"' ? jcua lomoo, Mennibun. I reU, (.alvar. aad Melgar. Mr Melaar?who a few days alnoe reaigned hia afl.-e a* wi Vurot Hacienda, and wbo is now acting r - t?*. as Mlr'i',or of 1 oretgn Relations?has boen publicly ao?u?*J ,?C^nTre.. of mai.^ance. by Mr Cortez, member lor ' 'ut? itrange ?o not.oa the way In which government bu siross Is row transacted With the excejmon ol Vr. Me ?/There ta not a smfH minister holding oil 30 nor will Ssu m hand over the archives ot the aifierrtt depsrt m.nHrtl honesi men, because, when they a-e m oti^e ttov do what 1* pr<^umed U be jn?t to all partiea. i: ol? ho7?t men are put lo. tbey baoome ac^iuainted ?j"1 traniarlions ot ibe I'restdeot. who. If be wishes them to keen silent, must a low them to have thrtr ahare of tbe si'xiil* to the meantime the bead cleik* of eacb > ' n&riment despatch business In pl?oo of a minister, But Kay* ?erort.cK to tbe instruction* of 'he 1'reaideot, whAe power now r^mblos that of a dictawr. lbe re*ignaui'ti of Mr .".itornry GeneralI I reta *? ceoted some ume smee. and bis .accessor app-*niad. B-*b STtJaSmfcThm^ now. yet nothing la letpatehed. Mr ^tnyite know who la the legiwmata ??!**?' .tin to take pr^ut on. ... r,l aB? oii'.euity tl at m.? arise. a< d toaucb a? " I^l Ja^ lMV earned tbeir measure*, thai a law days ? dcc trtry til ok carried by todffiSiialt to tb? ?tr?#4 Mf f. red the Xpert." o 'il the to se tb*t they did not SJ^alSSTVf ao.tho uangero :. weapon ? ukan rketa are b? rnlng very scorca owing U> We fori that tbe t*wr i?-?i?", or co"u ujman ?t.? brings his pn. In. ? to iihe city, is s,aiaed u,K the public s.rc, ta, I - g-ds ukon Irom ht?( a.-l ^th?, w-h: srnrir-.: jkjsk: t who are r- from pr -se?l txj serva ifmsT safety he ?? I that at prc*?ut there .? no se j .!? J for the carriage to Ita oertinatm. rf the t u ?ed 'uti Vis 1 from I'eiu. Vorm.r:> the * Callao a*i?t lorwird' i i* Tr? - ^ ^ S.vSd c.miul ta "?rair < md at the s*-n. uw.5 tei I,. WC?v^d at the loaf.11, e ant .eat ou 1l , d -iai. s u j?n i ?'? Tent o' i: , c?am. Owi* to ^me m-sunders*:.diag Ut^ __ | if.i-.ii were d.s isttt'S'i anil alter i.* ?nVor two ma..s n a b mbugf ng way. the ag?nt u? Hie ^?1 ?'I"h?^cam.r r C ?mp-ir.y I. art*, agroerf to for w d leti< rs to Ube("?e-il in l"?nsm? at a r-ost IU> to. ?r ? ot 13', cr.ta p- r .aiter o .ucr l.der IBl rTang.m'tit p-rso- t ^ .ug eorro-p m I JKO Willi t%. t niv d -tat. si ller n. Cb .lie u%e.ieo n and atf n e. a 't is i.we?***fy tftat ttiev sboiiu 11 {?? net.;'* "'I.c i# Ca. au T>.^ tuiie ""*< ,nad by it.i i?in? and retemlag from there i about tw^ ^.r an J tbe sepense . >1, so Ib^t to l-.rwa'd a foiter S3t55.rSJTotted tat -t, t. ? a.: al 1J-< inrlndlnf tha i*lo" cf the tim- lost ThH * gr evan-" t'.at ougtt to taHti some attention fron u:e pr?-p?" wiweaalhom.. (hit < ?pr fir \ < rtfc ( nrrM|miNlriirr. 1?m * o? A f.< a A3ti< Ca' i r ? Vixtm tm > Stpt M, l#M. J A C r '** A A ? VWI Ar% flu < -T'lH flKrt ??*?? ii u TrmntmM ft! A An? I* * C -?t * U >*+?M awfiti ef Ai i-tv >1* Shifyi* '? A., A Mj .a-t i?tt*r I Nat r?i from Ft. r'aul I out), by (be bark !-vi *b J?D*. for N?? York. Al *e cm oerer go Iaio port " wiUi ?il oir ? ?!** freighted," I havi bee* cO?i?*l!a?i to thro* ?"riiwH 00? of m re. In mj pr neecit ? ire lo I*at* Uilt '<iMt IW homo, We Witched la at Alt It ? or our way up, end loun J the bar* OatbertAO, of Be lam, lytB* At ?li?r { If JO ) * he brtf Charlotte, of Mm Verk. aba ?poke a (Iwtf M) oG Ike <OMl, AOTVb of Amb'tre. bouad for tb? < jcgo nrer. I auhAeioeatly .r?rB d t)>Ai '.be KagMAfe Commodore ?w ohii<r-J to lire t?n "hot* o*rr ber when B*Ar the roan before tie ?ould *b')?r her < otor* ad ; tbea tbAi she merely raU?d ! |j tm Above tbi rb? s? ta/y >or a n macbI, whoa be boarded her Py tn'ortAt.oa retired from l,ieot. Vaa /mii I, tbo V."a't? 1 -uire bri( Dolphin, who prirjee^nd Aboet fi?y aitm <? Co, fo An'I boarded ber, there M itroAt (loanA tor belteviAC tbat also <loeifnn raaniajr a ?rgn of it ATM. n Jtevcd to me irbea ! net him At tfoororla t*At tlie Cb *rl die it a aaw . Kpp*r br.#. of 241 1 ad. .t. B. >SelHi, maater r<b<? cleared from \?w Ynrk .1, for A?t?rt/e fe've (t>o*o), an I * mark<* hA? ? eifW'i tire ei>'h ?a<l one boy, In luo n* iirom*re* ?l?o ifcree PwMfcee pa*a? orer*. oae of wh im 11 H-te, of toe ti,m ?bo H *i?i one 0! lb* cberier pirty, Ahlppor ad i HA Ml AW ?br l? chart re?1 lor Otfht OelM lar month* v * 1 <irl<'r"w- nroi m N<*w ?> orb; b?e letter* of A4rt<? ?r )i ntortK'ti, plAcioR Welle ?n<i h'? ?oe*el entirely ?? Uie t ?!?>) of the tie A?n AAA hw to rhartor j'ertf, bo'm, ? 'iu no r.nerirj it.ab''-ei. bnt hie a pmio *1 e iron) it a < oefou B<wN I OA obIjt mAoifeet ibo h?* i? ? i,r . i|ne< by Ui? itipp^r . ii<? hA? erverm bnn-tr -1 .<1 el 1 111>*T on beoT't, pert H mn ft i? eeitAble ,or end 4>anUAr V> tt??t Ahirb tA '.|n?l *e?? r?lly lor :a| I' ? a ?Iat? Irck: ?br a!io b?* ot*t I?a tWwAi <t Collirx 10 hk :ie h*\ mi tfA of tb? I m'j?r * r "h * out toltAbl* Mr a err dfk I* prnpi-r rt?r tnttri'U it p plAnn dk The 1 * ?? u > "?r a wbAi?r bit berSlreere, leltef b*r r> Mrkeblf that ? tbdr ? n- r frow m?t i i <r< h?r to thia ooaat t" nie 1 tevt. *. an /?a it'i n?n mn f Afr i|< a- 'It m Anrihjr of '?>n .r*. ih??pf Ail too roe tote boo'it'd by mja?l' l he** ?<????? n ? dagl* road a I tbr pet-rre r* )?. I 0y l? Ch|1 Well* ru ?<1 10 m* tbAt be *ia a the tiAl t of reodnag iu';a pay hi m wm g*v?n kin a the Custom Bease, and that be invartab?r reoelvei different paps**, wven whto bound on s.m.>ar . oyagee. My ?pert*ac* ooo httDM me 10 [be helier that there enauj great neglect or carelot-nes* at the customs. Ckpt. *elis accounts for

the absesce of his clearing man feet from the Custim House bv sey lag that it wai late in the evening, and the Custom Houae cl<*ed, and bia charterers staled it was of do importance, as the manifest of the senior parser was sufficient. #e stopped at Monrovia on our way up. Accost ?uid The ship fcivira ( >?eu of Bath, Me , was tyicg th^re * i cI.ored She bad just brought over l'rom the United Slates three hundred colored emigrant*?twenty ono dud on the.r [insert over She was to .eaee toon for the Chine La IsIscum. vuite a number of tie emigrants are now sick We at rived at Porto Praya Septembsr 6th, and lound the bark J. W. Welch, of Phi'.adelphia, with sup piles from the United Males for the poor bero. She _i riding out arorty days' quarantine,with a quantity of pro vie ions on boari hpolling. Also the bark Turk, of -aleni, from Bassan, with .utaber and rl.-e on Portuguese gov (rnment account, the barks Mary Sears and Sunbeam, of New Bedlord, 4a days out from the United States, were seen In theottlng here September 7th, cruizing. They have bad but very little rain here, and there is every u dicatlon ot an approaching famine in the island*. Toe French ship Uussa Pacha, [rom Patagon'a for Havre. France, with guano, anchored at this place September 9th. The bark J. W. Welch had been released from qua rantlno Septe mber 10th. The chelera is reported to L?e raging at Porto Grande. The bark A alive, of New Bedford, for the Pacific, wm spoken ofl the Island of Brava, Gape De Yerdee, September 13th, three months out. The weather If Intensely hot, and, of course human energies below par. The United states brig Dolphin arrived hero from down the ooa?t September 6th. and left 10th, to cruwe among the Island* until the mall should arrlvo at i'orio Grande, when $h? intends to gel her letters, &?., to be back bere by tb<> 26th. when she expects to meet the Commodore [rom th* w.ndward? her officers and crew all well. The United Mates ship St. Louis is down the coast. Our Santa Fe Correspondence. &urr t Fb, New Mexico, Sept. 30, I860 IrtUan DrpredcUi<m??Indif<rrtnc< of (he Aiuhoritie* to the hUtrctUof the Territory?Savage* of -he CamancJut?Sf. retary Davit and Hit Claim to the Qffiat of Goimwr? The New Delegate ta Congrcu?Outrage* JgairM Pul'r. Order?Judge Lynch Likely to be Called in?lhe Har nett, de., dc. The aspect of publio affairs in this Territory has urine 1 no favorable change as yet, the consequence of which is that the Interests of the people are rather retrograding than otherwise, when a proper energy exercised on the part of our territorial Executive would obviate all on* troubles; but this can never be the case when we have such men at the head of our government as Mr. Meri wether, who emphatically cares less for the public Inte rests than he does for his own private matters. It seems that the harrasilng Inllan troubles that cx'?t here will never be at an end. Meriwether la as callous t<> the appeals of humanity aa he Is on other matters. The Governor Is the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, the moit Important office in the Territory,and without a proper ad ministration of that department the Territory sutlers throughout Its length and breadth beyond every othur Influence taat can be brought to bear on our affairs. The Gamancbee. from Texas, who have been driven from that State, are now deprelating on ourcttizen*, and the Governor does not care a tig whether ^hey rem 111 here or not: yet he is appointed by the President COt I of Indian Ailatrs for New Mexico. Several hundred 01 the above named Indians are now In thts Territory < stealing from and abusing the people with the most on Hi mroate effrontery. 'Tie very singular that Indians nut beiorging to ibis jurisdiction should be allowed to ea^r 1 th.s Terrttory w.lh Impunity and depredate upon o .* ] crops, steal our animals, Insult our inhabitants, violate and carry 01! our women and children, and that nothing should be done by the Sapor intended to check such abuses. It ia en lirely In the power of our territorial executivo to arrest these trouble*: and now while the crops are ripening, theee < amanche Indians from Texas are roam ing at large th-ough the valleys of the Rioe l'aros an Gailinoe, aid only a few days since were within twenty miiee of the city of Santa Fe, and actually robbed a United Statos aurvtying parly or tbeir animils. Tn t m'sfortune, however, was remedied by the boidoesi ot ihe persons in cbarge of the surveying camp, who reeo vereo the mules by thtir own exertions. Near Me.\V? be* enough to do to take care of her own border Indian* ?ntout having to contecd with tne formidable tribes that roam over U_c plains of Texas but the evil, an eiicis here, can never be removed until we get Mer: ? ether. Secretary I to via and their clique out of power. secretary I >avi* has arrived hero with the ma :. Tb < ,'fntu rran is ot such little importance that I sbo Id om have thought of Lam ng him. but that I learn that he b 1 set up bis cla>n.H to fill the of Governor uder the rext administration, provided - . Should be i-e a.> pou ted, all tbe good citi-iens have reeoired to ?)ait ti Territory In dug act, and leave everything 10 the wo. re and wildcat' Tbe only pleader 1 public matter of interest to New M* ico, is the eiccuon ol Mr. Oiero us o-ir delegate ,a Col grew. 'lbi? cheers us up a Utile, beiause we *eo? tna ti.eni la a ger.tlen an i f ability and ol' honest purpoM* and ban the mierest of New llexl.o at c jart, while tii other delegate bac neither tbe abii'ty nor in' l.nat.on t urge on tee federal sdtl orltiet tbe proper welfare ai. utt r<Me of this remote land. 1 Before ' losing, I must say ? word about the admin.* 1 ralien of the laws bere. I remarked above thai the la* * were eeatinoaiiy violated. Such Is tne fact. Murder 1' common In the public street*. Two persons have been rnthleral) murdered during the la?t two week! in put-fi. bouses, and no one knows who did it. Besides, rob.iery rioting at.d vice of all kinds pass u noticed by'hori lies. Ibo laws axe a dead letter on the statute book, an > the matter of .entailing Judge Lynch n power is not un frequently urged. The condition of this Territory is b .ct now, that, if a change for the better down not take place very toon, we may as well be blot led out from the Tern tcrtal list The crops are fine this year; corn and wheat, our pr.n nj*1 staples, are perhaps better than for a great number of years, antf lb* p<-ople will notenfier, unless the Indians devour all the fruits of their labor*. Let us have good, bonest federal officers here, and my word for it. New Mexico will be pioeperoua and happy. Nfwi from South Amrrtt*. STATf OF TRAPE?TH* MAMA FOE FRAUD BnTNDII) TO BUEXOt AT Hi? ? TBS WOOL CBOr. Tbe ateamablp Tyne. arrived at So .il.amptoo on th" lCth inataat, with date* previously rrported dur'.ag her roy?ge home aba experienced ?ne weather. Fte bad paaaenger trom Rio, Bon. W. 8. Jermoiham. lata < ha-g. d'Aflalr*; trom Buenos Ayret, S.goor ieract. (pr'.m ? Mio), Tha lytie bad diamond! to tha value <x ?.10.000 (f rom the British f'ackct, Aug .10 | The weather ai D eno* Ayrea haa been mora naettleii than ? .ai, with a auireMlon of drifting ram*, that lit rendered o r |*avod Htreeta Bear I y intraiiailable lor th>' oti'ortnnate pedeatrian, and our uapaved road* in tbe ? >)urb-, wholy mi lor iratl'c purpoae*. W<- arc liter*' y -?ragged by rn'id and mire?a atate of belpleaa laolalwo thai atould iurnieb a powenul appeal u bchti: O' Mr. Brat/* aul a ayatetn of railroad*, a* the only rem dy lor a Mate of thine* that haa berome dUgraoetl and ;n#6lVrebW- We may ?afely art.rm that dorng tha laal (our monita tha city of Baonoa Ayre* alone naa paid mora In the enbai.< I price of proveton* and nth' - t.e iTaaarlea * ibfect to laid carriage than no Id bare ma le a ra ir'?d toChinkuy. In reference to manufactured food*, the teanaactton* <M tbe m< i.ib bare been inn4niB. au' Thi demand* of tba local market, at 1* customary at thl* araeon, bare been roalnnd to eking out aa<<rtmeati, f< r which purport the import and wboi.aale rUtrm are mitiaMf III fepar*''; albeit ma*) ot them bold heavy *torg? Uantwretri ecly III aeaorted Ihemaelvea, they ran do little o h"lplag to aenort other*, flow loag tbta anomak?u* Mate of thing! i* to oontiBse we caaaert tell ho; an i?og aa It torn ? n uaue, coaat.tuenta may expert dolefiil adv.cet fr >m tneir aire ate, and tbe Minister of I name draw tighter and tighter tbe etringa of the public puree. 1 or tbe t'emfedereto JYoruieee, eapejclally ditrlrg tbe earlier part of the month, aomething waa done, but tbe prac p*i dealer* bar t beea keeping aloof, a* if deterred by the uncertain opera'ion of tbe <1 dutiea. for the republic of I'aragtiay there tiae bees a limited demand, but nothing to redeem th-' lang-ior and etagua tw o that form tbe cAaracteriftic feat'iree of the motth u*iler review In tb**e cfr umaUnoe* we cotild rery well hare die penaed with the ahork to public contldem-e, orcaaioa?d by we con har.ll* term atiythisg eke than the fraudu lent hankrnpry of a Mr. Heceyro. whme Uabiltt e? amount to ? ie.000 or ?40,000, In real iranaartwme, Wi j\ out entering Into tne myatertee of hit betting book at the ei.ih*nge < >ppoitte thl* formidable amount, bin avail* ble aeai t* ma) be *et doara at ait, and we ututemtand there are few iirttleh or Or man import home* that de not come tn for greater or leaa share of tbe loan. Mean while the gentleman haa made htinaelf tcarra, and though a handaem* reward ha* been offered for h,* *i>pr. ? hi-r?ioa, we believe do clue haa been ootaiaed aa to h ? whereabout*, *0 that the probability bo >mea every day monger that he baa **caped with hie ill gotten fain* fortunately aucb wrurretxea are raaa lb thia market, for were It othrrwtae no oonfldence could aurvire ao. h nde vho? k? aad it will require a few we. k* or moath* b< fore in unexpected and diaegreeable an impreaaion la ob. liter ated lipirUlloMbMftifWttr; moderate, and the com pla.rta of bad aeaortment* are louder and louder. Tor article* in demand "here la a tendency to Improvement, n prnea. and mo?t look forward with aome <vmfllem ^.i > ?heenaning month, thoiild ao polttical occurrence take pla< e to mar the proapect. In article* of daily conaumptlon the arrl at* hare beeo Oequent and heavy, but apparently not tn->re *<> tsaa the Li'teaaitiea of the mark, t require. Rice i* the article l"?t bar de-Uae.) moat?a natural coBaeijuetiio of m? exorh aatly high ratea at which It kept for a length of ?,m ? R m or cara I* alao la languid drmao.l, aa l to reali/-. <ale? holder* ain?t a*>at? aomewnat ol their late preten ?ion* fuyar l? Arm. ab-l Ilkeiy to 'ema n till *0 the fat* of the crt^e In Bra/.I i* eeriainly kno?n The conanmp ttoa 1* immerre, and !t U hardly [^waliile to overatoi k the markup We are now only aVuit a mtnlh from the com m< ncment of the wool bar rett aad we nnderatand aome *al>* bare l.eeo ell^cted at price ranging from * to 10 per cert, higher than tboae of la*t ye%r, extravatantly high a 'hey aere -leeme.f. rbotinh ratter rainy, th winter haa. upen the whil^, heen miM and farorabie acd aa every care and precamioa arc now tiik.>n, both 'or the peti' ? rat ?? of tbe animal aud the quality r>f the deeie, we may ?af"'y aoawer ftir the (uperior coau.tion of the en?mi g cl.( Tn* **Bivi r*ary eifthe uj teptnden-oo' Br??i| *?' ->|e hrated at Hie Janeiro *Uh great re o*'ii>g 11a the Ttb of Sa^'t< mbef. The ; mporor hell a letee and reviewed the irofve la the ateciag the whole, ty wta Item naied no the ?tr?et with the lah?h,uai< Tne Km prror weat In atat? totbeopera el. . h wv> creeled Tam"eritk oarrltd tbe b?urt hy atcrm hy r.Eg af a aa tiejtai hj-mn. Our Virginia Correspondence. iuniuu, Va., Oct. 3, ISM. iiUmpm ef Southern Lif*~Tke Slave'i id* of Out*?A A'tgro Wedd.fy, dt-, dc. The morning mists ire just rolling ?way In white IM thery buki rrom the noble heights of the Sue Ridge, aa 1 take my eeat. Summer la loth to rti.go her throae ana her green llverlea atrlve for supremacy with the gorgeous weath o garnet, gold and ruby, which autumn fitnga over field and lorest New York la a aort of pocket map or Europe, an epi tome ?t London, Paru and L'verpool combined. We have not jour glint ever atlrring trade, your epleadld commerce, your gorgeous store#, rich with the labrloa of every clime; we bare not your palace homes, your luxu rlea nor even your conveniences; we hare not your thronged parka, with their dashing fountains and waring trees, with their nursery inalda and those pale, unfortu naio little beings?city children?and the placards "keep oil the grasa," ataring you at every turn, and painfully reminding you liiat it la only a poor artltiilal Imitation or the country after all, just as you are trying to imagine yourself in some broad forest beneath aome blue aky, wboie balm, and sunlight, and freshness are free to all. Virginia la a relict of the primitive past. We have our glorloua mountains, aa green in their eternal youth as when God'a flrst messenger angel planted his feet on thetr ummlt; wo have our Titan forests, whose groen boughs bave waved alike over aire and grandslre; we have our broad landa, and whiaper it not In the indignant earn of black republicanism, our countless ilavoa. ?n patsatu, the negro's idea of caste. He Identifies his own position completely with that of his master. "Sem mle," said I this morning to the pretty brown soubrette who was dressing my hair, and who rejoices under the queenly appellation of Semiramia, u Semmie, you have certainly made a good choice," I alluded to her husband, a mighty smart lellow In Virginia phraae, poaseesed of sterling principles, and a good solid English education, much the superior of his helpmate In faot. "Indeed" she replied with quite a theatrical toss of the head, " I'm In no ways honorod by being Armstrong's wife, I come of a better family than be." She manifested here exactly the feelings with which the daughters of our aristocrats might be supposed to regard an alliance with a plebeian, and I bave no doubt her lord sull'era as much In consequence of the liact as some black coated, kid gloved lords we wot of. just now the son and heir of the bouse la at home for his college vacatioa. He has returned from his tour of the watering places, with a battalion, so to speak, of belles In his bead, and being stricken with the mania Tor flirtation common to young Southerners before they "settle down, '' hie principal amuaemeat consists of writing billets, filled with the most dospalrlrg strains, to the several divinities who linl a place In his capacious heart. He varies this entertainment by a brilliant performance on the banjo in the moonlight evenings, frr the especial benefit of some soores of negro children, who assemble regularly for the occasion In the broad carriage road before the piaxza. Their ager vary from lour tu 'welve, anl could the pious sect ol nigger worshippers behold the infinite delight with which these oppressed children of Africa "fcot it" to the lively straina of "Ha. a' John's banjo," they would, doubt!e?a, exolaim on the "awful sin " of bring ing up these benighted people to such heathenlah di versions. Apropos of the dance, we were Interrupted in our allent enjoyment or the ecene, a few evenings since, by the ap Ktion of a stalwart good looking ;oung negro man, who _ ilred for the mater. Upon tho appearance or that Individual, the two withdrew to a little distance, and with much difbdence, and many hems and haws, the young fellow bluited out a oropoeitlon for the hand of one of the femm< del cKambrtt of the household. Aa he wsa a black smith oh a neighboring plantation, of steady, industrials habits, content waa readily given, and he went oil, no joubt. with hid heart as Light as a leather. Aa Rose was quite a favorite in the family, a general ct< rest was excited in the preparations Tor the important event. A neat white muslin dress was the flrst tribute to the bride elect, then followed an illusion veil, and a pair of gold hoops for her ears. As for on? humble selves, we were deputed, with almost a ream of gilt edgjd now paper, to issue the Invitations, and various donations of cake, comfits, Ac., found tneir way from the great house to "the quarter" or cabin of Roae'a mother. The wed J.tK came oil last night. Dressed in our best "bib and tucker," we were uaberod Into a spacious apartment, or dinarily used as a washroom, but now decorated with a bright bued carpet (home manufacture), the walla snowy with fresh whitewash. There was a considerable sprink ling of tbe colored fa*h; jn?bu-s rrom th<j noigiboring town, distinguished from their plainer country neighbors by their "city aira" and ?aiuigbal clothes, the ladita showing an undue preponderance of hoops, and the gen tlemcn resplendent in studs and watch chains. We were late and tl.e bridal group were already on the floor. The bride, a light mulatto, 'ooited modest and cilromuly prtuy, with her bright black eye and brown cheek suf t .ted with tbe rich blood of health. 1 thought many of our city belles might give much for that bright lip and beek in exchange lor their own languid blood and pale complexion* Ine ceremony was performed by a vene rable. gray headed colored preaaher of the Kpiacopal per. suasion We?the master's faallj? stood apart, a silent, HlpaM|NI| aid tb" whele lhiu>r wm lmpresf'.ve acd d.gethrd. The usual round of congratulations ensued, n tbe midst of which the inspiring notoa of tho "Camp own Race track" brightened ail ryes and set all feet In motion. The band constated or three negro fiddlers, who, brewing all the music passion ol thetr race into their per foimarce, rolled their eyes, showed tbelr ivory teeth, and kept time their feet in a perfect phrenxy of en joyment. Viier the cotillon a achntttsh waa proponed. The g? ntlenx n aei/od tbslr (air dulclnaa around thetr sieudir wsiMs. and really the movements o: some, the pr< uy bride in particular, through the al'.ken ma. <w ot thi'i bewildering dance, might have exnted the admiration ol those ? bo have figured in fashion a halts as the moat ardent \otarln of Terpsichore >oar ng our presence might be a restraint ws withdrew aflar the acbottlsh, and were speedily followed by a tray aumptaously loaded with cakes, jellies, loss, Ac., over whieh we drank the MM health with gieat gusts. Long after we bad retired we were aroused from our quiet alumhera by the sound of the carriages which bore tbe town gentry from the gay and festive scene. Rjamovi). Ya, Oct. 38, ISM. r>< Firyxnia Stat' fair?The Mt<.hanici' Dur?I'uU!^j ? Horn. Jekn S. CmUu'i Adtlrm, dc. Tbe prttl annual Bute Fair opened ta thia city to day under th* moat favorable au*p?c**. The arrival* (or the pool four or live day* bare boas uaprec ideatedly largo, and tl.e city la now Ibrooged toexoaao. Too weather la char tr ios though for the pa l two da> ? there were strong indication* of rata, which were by no moan* (avorablo to tbe ptoapccta of the exhibition. Tbare are at pretext not lc?* than twenty thouaand nranger* In our city, an<l bow that number have been ?hla to procure accommodation* la a matter of nrpnac to me. Heretofore tfore teemed to ba a difficulty to accom mod ate *ocb a number, with even the advantage* of larger hotel accommodation* than la now avallai le, yet tt a>tm? that lr?* complaint la uttered In thi* inatance than at any pi avion* time. Two of our principal hotel* have been clootd lor tome month*, but the** drawback* have ban to a conaldemble extent counterbalanced by the completion of Ballard'a new hotel, which com ptlna at iea?t me huudrcd bedroom*, beaidej aoma throe or ftrar tung room , all dona up la the meat forgooaa ntyla. Thi* new hotel la hold ta ooaaection with the Exchange, of which John C, Ballard la the pro prwtor; and, noonrdmgtn Information which I resolved tt. morning, not le < Uian fburteen hundred pereon; are cow Maytag there. I ri-'ted the Fair ground to day, and ! moataay that tbe exhibition waa not roch aa 1 waa led to anticipate from the great number of person* la attendance. The display of boraed cattle I not equal to that of lortner year*, a a general thag There are, however, omi pacimee upenor lo aay heretofore estUMIad hut with Uie a exception*. 1 would ?tipple the pre cut exh.biuoa to a interior to thoa* of tbe | revioua ?hn. Tbe dtrplay cf .beep i a* good a JftAd be expected. Th be t ipecimm on tbe ground are Utoee exhibited l>y Ron W m C. Rivee, who e iucoom in rat ng Uu cla of *toi k ba rendered hi name prominent among tbe larmer* of Virginia A* an agricultural!*! generally be 1* very *occ*-?rul; and hla real la that puramt It would appear tar more congenial than politics, w th which. however, he ooca ionally Identlttea himaeif. The airplay ot Bor?ea la magai.kent, aad far out*trip? any exhibition of thta claa* heretofore made. The hor?o track teem* to be the great centre or attraction The lad ee. who would be ruppootd to be leaat latereated in *c exhibition of thi* *ort, flock with eagerae** around tbe track, aad *eek ererjr poat of observation with a real which betoken* tbe deep latereat which t v y f?el la the display Their ta?te* stem to be undergoing a change, for hitherto they reemed to loethe horee ra< log a* romethlrg at war with social ctl<,uetie The feature* of th!* exbibitioe preaent. la noatraet with that of the turf, aid' -jent luetincatloo for tbe .nvldtoua eetimate* ormed oi the two relatively. The dirTcreao i*, that in tbe former inMance the aalmal* gallop, In the tatter th?y face merely?ibecircumstance* being otherwise identi ral, rave, perhape, that ta oae caae targe *um* of m?ney arc ic retrod, wtile in the other the reputation of greater rpeed * the ot ert. There la, however, in the preaent IMMM<e tfce ab*ea<*e ? gambling aceoea, in arbich. it u pr?i>iin.ed, conawt the great objection* which tbe la<lie* entertain to bote raring But there I* a r harertenat? m the prereat dieplay which la more tbaa a counterbalance f?r the abeeoce ot that feature, and that I* the poking of porki t* by the light llogered gentry, who ,t la underatood, ere iraklng tmmenee havoc upoa the lad lee' puree*. The prr<ert occasion preeent* a good opport tatty far that eiara, and they are, It appear*, turning It lo good ac ?Mli . Ibe *how of agricultural Implement* '* unusually large bat nothing new in that d^mrtmeot seem* to be adde?!, the da** being very muoh the *ame af heretofore f Iblbited, only that in tlie present incUnce double the ?rmb?r of the lame articles are on exhibition. There .* a redundant aupplr of ploufh* ol all ai/es. brought in. no doi'bt. in vv>w of the probability of a br'ak demand lor that r<mn Of implement, now that the p loughing ???*cn ir a* har d. It W the br*t market to which th^y could ba rent, had udgtng by tbe great denurl for t)j?m horato fore tmek rale* are likely todte elb>cted. The tlorai exhibition I* far Inferior to tho*e of former year*, owing, no doubt, to the acarclty prodiicad by toe early ftnet* ihl* aeaeen. The airplay of dom^at ? mannfacturea ? nee.e>aarlly de fective owing to the exMtence of !?>,. WooOaoiia' r*ir, whleb drew of! from Ui.? ex hi bitten an the napertor clara of article* la thi* department There are, however, ?ome g<od rpr raea* to be aeea 'a the ahape a< faa'.y e?nnt> rpaora neatly embrcldered, aada.<ertoa of oth?r hti'e trttclea la tbe damiaiic way. Ihrre are r??? t*p lai rportmrnf of rteam eog a"? ma nuftotuwd tn UHs city, ail in active operation, ifcefr ? Ore power being variously adapted to grinding, wtnno tog and other parposss id connection with rartning opei tkus. tbe display of bora* and band power mac hint of this class is immense, and many of them, bo dou Will commend teadv MM, being deemed prsflorableM U>e former because of tbeir cheapness and the great H vantages wbicn ibey possess In point of a, raomy.H This exfclbitios, as a general thing, may be t highly creditable to tbe -ftate The enterprise IS1 with a degree of liberality which Indicates the progrsnal spirit now prevalent tn Virginia Too strong an adh< enoeto old prmclples and systesss seemed always t banc of Virginia. These features may be said to ? more tn her agrtouliaral pursuits than any ether; this new enterprise, by making her mmlliar 1 all the Improvements of the age. will soon change which must ant favorably upon thatr In speaking of Virginia's adhesion to "old principles,' did not refer to political pri clples, for, It would be ens nal Indeed to condemn the perpetuation ol principles glorious ai those Inaugurated by her own distinguish waders. To preserve those would be a virtue of whl few people could now bo*at. A tair is now open In this city under the auspices the Mechanics' institute organized about three years r" The articles on exhibition bete are of alight and fit class?embracing very many specimens of neat wor mansblp. The object ol greatest attraction bar* la pe hapi (he painting ot the "School of Athens," whlohls duplicate or another taken by the great Trench artist Balye trom the original. A commission was appointed In Franoe In IBM, the instanoe of Thiers, to recommend some compete artist to undertake this great task, and Balye beic ?hosen undertook the great work, whch he axecnW ?fter twelve years labor. The University of VI i lnla afterwards employed him to make anotlx copy, which bo did with equal success. It is th which ts now on exhibition at Ue Mechanics' Fhl the University having kindly consented to give use or it for this purpose. The original, as yon aware, was by Raphael, and comprises a series of tt moat distinguished characters of ancient Greece, such i Aristotle, Plato, Soorates, Diogenes, Ohrysippus, Ep cur us, ud several others It Is worth a long trip to i It. There are many beautirul specimens ol needlewoi In the shape of tapestr* and embroidery, also on exhlb tion, with other mechanical productions of great merit. There Is a marked ohange in the political s<poet < things here since the Penasy Ivanla and Indiana election The certainty which the results In these States ha given er Buchanan's election seems to havo produced I action on the part of the two contending parties. A litt excitement is occasionally gotten up, but, as a gene thing, the interest heretofore manifested has oonsld ably abated. Thero la some speaking now and th but vcrv little enthusiasm. The Enow Nothings bad little rally last night. Alter bearing a speech from A. Crane they paraded tbe stroets with banners, musks ai transparencies, with suitable mottoes. They sworn the would preserve the Union if Fillmore was elected. 1i derstand that they are to have another little rally night, availing themselves, no doubt, of the great croi hers at present, who. as Is natural, will be attracted I the fine muiie and the other Interesting accompaniment* Wonder it thev will make any converts during this rival. They have exceedingly stubborn subjects to d with in many of the old Tenth Legion democrats, who i now assembled here The Bon. John 8. Caskle addressed a large audience the African church last night. I took foil notes of t speech, but seeing that yon had abridged my report ex.Governor Smith's speech, I did not undertake transcribe it. You are rurlelted with discussions opoa f Missouri compromise questions Mr. Caskle's speech was replete with strong logics argument, which had reference chiefly to the position assumed by Botts in his speecn here. His language exceedingly cent and oourtcous, but his reasoning logical and profound?characteristics which distinguish every effort of his. Mr. Caskle?as no doubt you are aware?is the sue cessor of Mr. Botts in the representation or this district Tbe struggle between both when Mr. Caskle was nominated as his oppen- nt. waa a fierce one. They can vaaaed every oorner or the district, and met and cussed tn several instances before the people. Oaskie triumphed, anil since then beid bis seat, despit* tbo most vigorous opposition. He Is personally a | thvorlte throughout the district. kit waa supposed, until recently, that an extra se of tbe Legislature would be held, but I have ascertain ed that there is no chance ol tt. Since the adoptioc of the new constitution, in 1861, our sessions are biennial The Governor, however, has tt in his power to call a extra ,seasioi>, which II la understood fas will not do I this Instance. New Patent* Issued. Tbe fcllowing !? the lUt of patents laaced from Um Cn:ted States Patent Office for the week ending Octobei 28, 1150?cecti bearing that date:? Robt. I\ Bradley, ol Cuyahoga Fall*, Ohio, Cor Improv (d pupet valve. In Tockj11 Untier, of New York, N. Y., for lmpr*v*m*Bi Kdward C. Blakeaiee, Enoch Piatt, Jr., ud Edmwx! Jordan, of Waterbury, Conn., for Improved machine foi making braee kettlee. l>eo. W Hurling, of Trenton, N. J for Improvement In machines lor bending sboet metal. 11a/en J. Uatchetaur, of West lair lee, VI-, for tooth ex tractor Isaac B. Branch, of Cal? na, 111., lor appartua for apply lmg tree/ing MmMM eeth. Matthew A. Crooker, of New York, h. Y., Tor arrange ment of buckcta of paddle wheeU. Wm C. _<hiLds, of Boston, Maa> , for lmprovcm*?* 1I (Douldcfiodlc machines. John 11 ( opptnger, of New York, N. Y., Tor method ol jewelry. Jlumra^hy, of (.andia, N. H., for Improved cur jb .'ohn W, H. Doubler, of Stephenson county, III fan improvement tn cooking stoves ^John Anthony Cau.-sardia, of Waahlnglon, D. C.. for method of preferring dead bodies. < has A. Howard, of Puntlae, Mich., for gaa generator. .leeae D. llavl*, of l'erry, lia., tor improvement mi planter*. John It. Hopklna, of Auburn, X. 'Y. for Improvement In evaportors for aalla Keben M. of rhroopsvllle, N. Y , for Improve ment in the handles of agricultural fork*, shovel* ud ( r<>- K- w Herbert ofcohocttw, N. Y., far improved water wheel. r Harvey B lagham, of Camptown. Pa., for improve ment m imut machlnea. Ante dated June W, ISM. S. lord, of I'ulaaU, Teas., fur improved perch coapling tor carriages. ' eo. C. Uweranoe, of W inchesUr.Jklaaa , for improve ment m soap mixtures I Jos.ah Mumford, and John W Wilson, of Clarksburc. 0., tor improvement in waaning machines. JosephV lloalion oi f itcnburg, Mam. for imrrovemeat In suspension book and inxulator, John I 'byte, of New York, K. Y , for Ivory bleaching ftppinUoi w S T. Kavsge.of Albany, N. Y., for improvement to stove* and turnncee. Wm taith, of Newport, It. L, fbr improvement in Chines for basking corn. Jamen M Thompeon, .>r JUlyoke, Maaa , lor improve ment in otl cans Wm. It. TWiiord, of llorntown, | V* , Tor improved dump,as wagon Wm. If. Trlssler and John Mowart, of Falrvew, Pa., ror rnproveu mode of ?ecuriug about meUJ oortrmrt tor roofi Moses P. Wella, Morgmtown, Va , for Improvement :o washing macbtnee. Thornton A. Washington or the i sited State* Army. 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(?nn ' irnunafS >-h mediate Aa. t . of the eieo?tn? of Ary't H.I Uazley. deceaeed for improvement tn baracsa saddle* s ii pre hir < ourt?(renrral Term. Bon Judgt* Koooerelt (t. J.), Clerks aad Dane* pro siding. I THK ngKIOVATIOV or JIDOI WHIT1V0?MO 8TC ? CtMOR AS HIT AfrOtMTKD. Nor. 8 ?After rendering several derisions which occs pled over an hour and n half In dol vory, Judge IU>o*evelt, the presiding juattoe, Mil -? I* pro per that I shonid state to the bar that Mr. Juatlo* Clerko ?ring been aMlgned to hotd the Clrcott for the pr?*e*i month, ran sot remain any longer in the rewsraJ vsrm than is necmry to open and ad.oarn the Conn The rlnce now temporarily occupied by him was to have been filled la regular curse by Mr Juatioe Whiting Hie reagnation having creatcd a vac secy in the district tftr presiding J-istice would have taken the proper steos nr. ?cf befl by law to bring to t Jutfftfrooi aoothor dlnuirl to u:,n ?? SSwU I not been annoanced In the Ante paper and otherj cbltr joarnals, seemingly by Fxicutive antbontv that Judgn l enbody was hj ssecutlve appointment, dsstgnated lotUI the plare of Judge Whiting m soots es the resignation of ' ,ook which was on Friday last Ths On vernor. however, so kr es 1 am aware hwi not forward ?0, *s jet, the rogi lar r.omn*?ion, nor giren any latitna 'lon when ?mh a r< mmtesion may b? expsotel. in ihir ftate of uarenalnty we hare cooclmlsd, a* the term ran tot proceed without three member-, to adjonrn?tlrnt till Monday ne?t. and then to ad.joern either nv ./t> or nnti some ether day tn the ensuing week according as the ac tion or want of ?<lion of the ejrp.iintlng poser mar or ni*y not enable na to proceed with the busmees ,.r um iturk " a f?" Wiomia.?A deetmctive fl r broke out In I .a Orange, St., on ihs slchtof tbe'iAth the entire w.?t side of tbe Public square an<i rrsailing la ">J?ry to several pe^ons. The fre was dlsuorercd In en S|*rttnnnl of a larre two stoty stone building on u,? northwest rorner of the ssoare^ Ocr^Pjed by Mr*. W?h,m as a m.l.^ -U all.. IiVh. J? M*" 100 m"JB te bs arrested. Aim^ eight bailln* com losing sn entire ?i??eofth< sqnar-, were d?t--,jrA A Ur^ Mo(|| #f M deeper* ?m also h'irnt, and a beltdln*. r*cu|ied ar * ?tore and phjrlrian's ofH^e. wa? blown np, ?erete y, J not danger tt*'y injuring fir. Smith, Mr. H "',Jr''od pe. p e. Tbe amount of losw iw i??)i fittfT, ?' fr1'ere.