Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1856 Page 3
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frunum uuwb mum. **m? *> awimm. rSftD BIAOO, ADCTIONKKK -A BBAOO t OO. ?rtU sell, at auction, on FrUlay Hot 7, at 10S o'clock ? at tfceir alearoom, S3 llort'andt street SuO caa*s boots, , brugaaa,Ac.. comprising a desirable atook ?f goods, lie lor tWiuier season. |M. CRISVl.AR, A0OTIONEEE, WILL 8KLL THIS day, at II o'clock, el 211 Downry. the contents ot an decanters, botU?s, sine, Au, baa , shelving, Hi 1*6.. Ac. " kany, st li o'clock, at Zll uowurj. the ooole ?aloon, omaisUng of chairs. ladles, decanter rs, demy4ins or brandy, Ilouaiid gin, wine cfcaro?a*e, Ac., togeth-r witft counters, she B7TION lOTIOE-M DOUUHTT, ADCTIONEKR. Burnlture -This day at 10% o'clock, at the auction rooms ' > street eofas and sota b> <'?, mahogany chairs an J burette, twenty feather bed*, bedsteads, carpets, i, wa4robee, stoves, china, crockery and glass Triew IOTICR.?THOH BULL, ADCTIONEK*.? Br HULL A HUHII?Tbla day, at 10X o'clock, In our ?dooh, 12 l**tli William stree' will be M?d la continua. ^atalogueAo. 3 of the ibolcest wines liquors, brandies, y Hollud Km, Jamaica ruir Ac. by order of eteeu lota to mII fiinilies. Ac., all imported, with Urn London inrk, AM roue leas thau ;eu j? a s old, la iiottloa anl ?a sized dtniiohnK, also, UiO boi-a choice seg*rs? all on aod rea<t fur delivery luiiued'audv eJ-vr the sale, lay. at loj o c'ock, in the s*J<?r-'in, a valuable stock of isble dry goods, clothing jewelry, lanoy articles, ho laoes, Ae. At 11 o'clock sale aa alreidy no 118) Kultoi street Monday, !*rj;i- uud valuable sals of ?told furnAire TIOW NOTfOK.-R. B. JFK \ VfUX, AUCTION ,by FR.NKLIN, PkTKl .t Ut* Mortgage sale. 1 .H r"K'" f *u| erar cabinet ma1 i it: !'u/e,bvorder of the mort Well wsmhy the a teripon of the trade. Ac This C at 11% o'clock, at jsalear win 6t aiwan street. 'k must positively be told, arc consists ot' a general nent of prior, chamber, dlnu g room and library fur In suits, M well as even- ouut article in the line We illy in\ ltAthe attention of part'ei, In want of good fur to this saA TION jpriCR ?K. 11. KH i NKLIN, AUCTION ker, byKlANKIIN PBIKI * CO. Kiln of ten supe kw aod ticond hand n ahog uiv nud rosewood plano thia ntruing, at I0Ju o'clock, y?t sale.srooui 86 i street, bale wthout rtder' e 1'he above pianos are [manufacure of Ladd * Co., Hearting. Ryder, and *irst class nakerg. TION MJTICK.-K B. FRaRKLIlf, AUCriON er, by KRaNKLIN, PXTHI A OO. This Ig. at lu^o'clock, at Hali sroom R6 Nossau street, sale Hndid gilt tame original oil paintings, by C/oaics, Boese, io large livotc? of Pr> p ate uurrors and pier glass i Vreach shlna glass v. ?? clocks, silver plated ware, itlarr, hAr m*tZresfe?, plUlaa es, feather pillows, bol ic, hale jostUve. Catalogues on morning of gale. HOW IDTICK.?WM T. BOYD. AUCTXOWRKK.? ?pruage tsle of magni'icont rosewoad and mahogany ??Id furniture, pianoforte Kreoch plate pier and mantel fc. velvetutroeU, elegant oil talntln?s.trl h silver ware, ?WM. T. BOYD, auntkmeer will sell, by catalogue. Nov..8 At 10K A. M , the(enUre contents of the roal U West fourteenth street, consisting of three costly ??wood isrlor suits, oovered In satin and tapestry, of styles, IllxabeUsAn, Lous XIV., aod the latent Pa tahioos, lolld rosewood pier, sofa and centre tables, of t eaqulste carvings; rose wood etegsre large rosewood ?ry, fancy tables. Inlaid with pearl, elegant reception la satin; htrklsh easy chairs, (n moquefand tapestry ; "ranch pUte pier and mantel mirrors, brooatel and laoe ?r curtails, elegant landscape shades, rich china and vases; mtgnlfloent rosewoos seven octave ptaoeforte. All roual, one of the best Instrnmenta for use evor ?Mtured, oat tbOO. velvet carpets bronsos, clocks, gl ?s, rich m%4 costly Partan ornaments, oil paintings, ?sing a gnat variety of sti treats by em intuit foreign ar ?iperior staging saoary birds and cages; solid oak dining furniture.covered in plash; eitecslon table, fourteen P?kig aadarm ahaira, oak secretary, elegant and costly i and duner seU, crystal and ruby cut glassware, ?at silvr tea set. cake baskets, casters * noons, forks, mug*, ?Ivera, Ivorv baiance handle cutlery, roae 4 manorany bedsteads, bureaua and washataads to en suit, rrenoh china toilet sets, pure hair mattreases, tiae feathsr beda. boiaters and Billows; lambs' wool rosewod chamber suits In hatrclo'a; mahogany cush drs, ro<kers, sofas, wardrobea, lounges, couch bed. as ensealled cottage bedroom suits ingrain carpets, rag re vtaga, hall stand velvet stair carpeta, silver air rodt, oilcloths, Ao. Also, all the basement furml eh embraces a targe and dealrablo assortment of arockeqr. glassware, knives and forks, kitchen uten N. B.?Purchasers aa> rely that the whole will be Butressrve. By order of|J. BROWN, Attorney for ION KOTICX?OENTLKMKWS FPR.VISHINO . drygrx.ds Ac -SaMURL OSGOOD A CO.. Auc , will tell at 01 Nsssau street this day. at 10', A. M , s large auantlty or gentlemen's furnishing la., uadsrsbirta, linen Ueom stiirto, r...l .rs. h\odknr a.-V tuck tits, gloves, umbrellas, canes, g!a?i cam a HON NOTICE or READY MADK CW)THINO. TOPMNO A <;6., will sell tins day, (Kridavj Nov. sir aurlicn ro?tas No. 92 Braadwny, a large and band Lasortmest of cio>hlng. all tiewlv made this seiwou, I to pres*nt and winter wear, well worth the attention ?ade. Rrary 1st will be sold. TOU NOTICE-CaTaLOuRK BALK.?THIS DAT, lU>i o'clock, at No 79 Nassau street By IUNIB '.I.j., auctioueer. Lot 1. 'J 0 church and tettee cuab'ons, ioon. Lot 2. SU pasteboard boxca, to dia|>lay gouda. NO. Reaewood Llurk walnut, raahocany and oak bW furmture, from Urst class maeufac'urers' includ tods nt genteel And Cashloaabls dwelllagA, vnitM 11>aiming Kilt lrames al?o rai. ntra, Enqluh. liruasels . W'UI )>rh ll?!ge, spring and hair niatlr?i.>ses, bed?, s ennrsvlu.-a, Ac. Lot XI to 116 Oold jewelry p?-wter, ud pLied goods, stA' ooery, Ac Artlclnsthat will give *t:siM-tior, and warvaotsd. AfMr itMkllMMl |Hai rn?,\c. s? r* in (imintities lor wUol??ale?nd pri Ike Mitre colleciimi la aortbrof the atteu'lon of ?tl geii I. men I he i-a alo n w til be cloWy adhered fltka. Boiod lor ?hi[ pin,' j! small cha, .n ! in the aaer. TION Ni'TIi'F.?J. KOOA1.T. AUOTIONKKK-BT 1IOOART.- I'bis day at ll", o'eloe.k at the aurUoe rnti"-r Frankfort an'! tt ,1; , ,, Pt-. ^t?, Constable ? sale le' and household furniture, e n atlng ot new bureaus, L sad plain inahognriv ?ofa* n haircloth; lounges, |ds :.'?ib?r bed. mahfi|ran> wsahaland', black walnut Abo. on new 6J? ociare piaeo, new carpeta. rrocke glass ware, Ac , Ac , Lor I- H. V CLOCK. Constable, about 100 fowls, blsck, wb'.tr, bull and grey sh ing [oehlns tad black Hpaoth Also, five chests tes. tr, Srgsrs counters Aim one brown horse. B>lt?n, AcrriowKitR -sroond ha*d tcrvi ire. In fiuant-'leH. ine.ln 1 in;: ihe entire furniture of a try house, including every article n-ces*ary lor bouse -r COLTOV will St if thi* lav I riday, Nov. 7, at ark at the auction room*. M> Hetamsn street the en Mure of a large bouse In the upper p?rt of the ctty, in ?wlvet Brussels three ply and Ingrain rarpeta. oil ?ather beda. hair mattresses. Treat* bedsteads, ward ifks and sofa bedstssds, d vans, marble loo dressing 1 Ac . asm every kind aod description of pari.?r dining edroorn and basement gooda. In any luaatMy. The I be large and offer indurew en is to dealers as well aa 1 want Also at private sale, five rear wood pianofortes mafcogaay do. tRT K RRRTS, JR., AOrriONKER -BHERXTF H ? of the entire stock of a large grooery and pre' a.,.a an Thursday and Friday, Nov. Band 7. at l?S "'cloak ay, el No. 6t, Pine street. The sUKk Is all tlret class [fine ?hipping order and nompn?es white ?nd brown en AMI black teas, coder, eptees. piek.ea aancea, prunea raisins, sartiinea. an. hovlea, soap a, "" k flour, farlaa, . hrandiea, cor lav Mia eegars. tobacco Ac . .Itv Oou Is will be In view td frulia. prunes rsieina. sardines, am hovlea. and mould oakdlsa. starch, loolgo bui?. flour. elII. maccsroni, cheese, b'lttrr. whirs, brandls avana eegars. tobacoo Ac . Atv Oou la will be I before the sale. H? order o' FREDERICK L VIH.TR. Deputy Hfcerttf. . I.KKDfl, AUCTIOKF.RR-BT H H M!KD**COt ruo <*y, Nor. 7, ?? 12oeloek. 1a trio', of the wore No, liUmt ? U*bt ?raT ruare, !?<?; ban.U hich 7 yearn mated toned ?nd kind In <rtn*,'o or lotiMr haroe?L irlthniit It to* and to rery g-nU? atoo a whit* borM, kh>nd? hi?ti and ab??l II year* <M kind In ?rrle bar witbont f??TT? tor ?ait of uao; a llfht top w%g i% running or J <-r aio* a Mafic barneaa, tn perfect orJec. DWARB, K1ITKT*, COtf-ARH-AlCTlnK.-THIII ky. al IOS o'clock. ot?7 Dey atr??; corner flreenwirb. wrha banding. anop, tobacco. ooffea champagne, ao rta. drawers, Umo collar* Aloo. bii daar*. cailery, ' WFl.l.lXHTUH A CARTT U v "kmeer. f UiOTP ACOTIOSKKR-COAf. V\RO-A* noe (onto.?John l.kiTd"* a na wt;i|?e'!. thia day, xw 7. at NK o'clock, tho lenaaa. flrtjre* a .1 iiocka of Fourth arcnae. and INi avenue r ri.~.i in* ?f HM3 red *?k locmM mountain and 1,-hlgb 1 r ken >(( and ?J. htoo. a lot of t'.iinborlaod onal. two bomon, carlo acracna. en?l In ha. Ac . toc-ther wiji ej| tho fit oakd Tarda. Tho ?aU> will r.?mmar< ? al >4-1 P mrth and bt mwtlrood at IftO ammo C, r.II jf nUicU wUJ It be (old without r-wri t By order of frn* t. rr.LTK*. A,?-na* ? OART. ACCTJOJfRF.R?BY A BOOAnr-JiATm L?t 1"S n'clocA aithe anmo-i rnxm r. - cr Frvik W1I aiu tfreetj. Oonatoble ? of larp.- aafortr ?\ bar Al^ifunJiur*. t a. mills, r..a- ?bia. 10 AAIJI <>t tAt.UABL* ***?? BUT ATE ?THIt rrtber a til offer for aale oo Wadaeo'Ior Nov It o'clock I* M . on the prcm.erw Uie lac ,?trmOi ? two uae wall Bnlebed bating rl/ht roo- . m.Mt.-d in as. Vmitnouth < "untr y .1 I'iioic itoaaiof a'apa* BlaiWwi i<f lb* F-' t bold ai.d lau. 'hi Rail ' atari tlr loca'od la a> la neighbor r \ rery nt for a (onr.trr acat ?d*pt"d aluo for faran ocen Th*t* a>B lialw 'an a and nn.? acraa of I nd and nt buiMinu*. wttb a Tarl-ly of fruit tr?*?. fr' ? ? cloca ihbarr (Wnd farm l*ad artjotnmg ean bo pi-.c'iaaad. ihcr parUculura adtlrma B r.*adoipk, I ?> hold, 1 MRU m fi n??.\o. KROKKk'H BAI.M ?A ? rRISTAI.AI". <t'f; err. Z: Hoa erjr. a 111 aril tbi? d*r Nor. it 10^, a l?rr? and TaJuablc unrtarnt ?* wonirn a -tstr ag r.i>?i?Uof of ailk drraa*? r?p?-? ra?n.illa?. crap*, ivlwmtci ahawla. prtn'4. ??b < *atln? il. 'al ei.Sooa ? and ? Urge k>i of f.-^lhc-b<-i? bol?V -? ?? I pll ytrderofZ Bl RJfBTRItf. 418 Brnoma ??* t. FRRRI H. AU<TIOVK?R -t.AROF BAl.R Or Ida. II a r?.??wor?l bUck w?ln'H atd m:- in< ''irnl ,T I RKX H wlO ??ll'h ? iUy (FrMaj *m 7, ?t b> a t ihc tin? rnaawood black w.ilnut >? riiahoganT > in ih* prtraia dwcllin* !?<> 70 Wcat Twrnif flllb ?n?lat'n* In part of two ot aoltd r>.-- --I parlor . cii?er?d In tbrac colored Francb bn- > ? ' rr*/?wood wnb pin'- I ?la? door* end ba'?? rornera iter (lUwmea. wlib ?lob and nrackata hrnen< I ant lace ? eo'id rr?cwoo<1 ocn'ra and el.le tablea * i b ' atnary r.ti\n l.ipa. a fin I r-?ie ?e?en nc'aTO roaewood ptano <hic rrwewnod l<ml?U."'a bnrc.iua ?:id WTaliaianla. fn I . '? aofi hntp.^a rba.r* balr m?Ureaa?a, f?a',Sor I h.m keia. cirv kerv cut *ln.?a are two > Ttcr,a|/m t? Ckrr? dloner an.l te I art" l*rfe I're .ch roae . kcwae coat ?II". 'lo lih'arT wtfh a I irfe quantity o tirn'ura con'al nod In the home The whole It bo r mid. M.TF.R- Al fTIOKKKn ?TIII8 I>AT, AT M CA Prtfc atreet, Mc'^FrHvY A WAl.TF.fcs wlU ?all, tood and *eoeral ??aortmant of par'or, dlnlns 'r.>o? and kitchen furniture bnreana Ublea w >-b .a chA<rn and tockcra c?rp?ta mirrora, palnlinaa. e? rr .nicllod eulia "f cottafe fiirnitnro, Ac.; klao. Ui , ce?. 1 aofa ami ? chotr*. HOCOHTOir, ArrTTOWFRR -nrTn? ht t,boi-j t? at ?iic?ton. to morrow fOoturday) at 11 o'elork. al l'1 r all roaea eonalatloft of hradntla. tnllpa ;on i?l'? a. aitcmooeo. rantmcnllea., Ac., to lou to a i,t er* JAM IHTIBrt. AITCTfOMKiR? ;|,MA*T rv .Id fcrnMnro, yta'" Ac Hft f f , t fftri* vt eell at ain Uon, on H <" ? n. \ it . i .h.'r aalear.-oma ' fi- a^ el -^a .a I of fnrniiiir*. rem.iri ' f r c. ai ' *al ' r- ? ' of -a ad A p>rl?T fu mil lire II !th 1 .. ?? "?i re| n )..e , Iwo ele*?n< ? " ' ' ' , I. ?. oa. wor^f aeT'ii c I '? rft . n.' f.y jt< ? ?, fM tot' wood gf'th ?" ?' rl .' e ? n an,I k d roce*"Oii aofn ki'i d French bed -'t !? ' ' nf -- ???, ,r.| pillow*, pal.I " . ( ?h ta |C M'r carprta. cmcki rT Mi' a??war?. t'n^'herwlh tmenl of kitcb. n furv t- ?j. c' *?m rtwearoid H> a(i?? KIHM, ??* *'j ?* ?ALB! A* APOTIUfl. TIKiM Vhirt ?l AUCTION WkH. ?TuitK ?IU. UiHPalf' a! ?tract. ?gfaerlffssle of line jewelry. If""' watch** Ac ? On Frfclsy, November 7, 1<*6 at 1# A M at W ipruce street conaaiibf of cold hunting, uianm. author escan emeul uatont lever. aud leplne watched. gUura. fob aad vest cnalnx. flngor rings, Ac., Ao. Ako. counter, gta? s^r^box^ HBAItCIAU VM^k LOAM OFFICII?OASBi Al TOW-THK NEW 91 ranoes. from ? to *>751XJ0, to snit applicants. or. dia mond*. wstrhes, jewelry, pianos Ad . on sloths, dry food?, *ll? a, km., or bought for cssn. at 86 Nasssuj^reet, roe** B? L N. Jt ?Stock* bonds, mortgage*, Ac., n*f*ttM*4. A*"J* on segars aad gooda In bond. j7h. BaBBIKOIA *1 TO f30,000 TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, yl jewelry, dry loodi nil* a Ac., or bought for caih. Pairo ticket* bJu'jUt. LATCllkB A CO., 81 haaaau street, room No. 7. ?TO Sfin.OOO TO I.OAN?ON DI AMOND8, W ATCHKS, AO. Jewelry segars. dry Rood*, alike, *"m The highest price paid for pawnbrokers ticket*. MACLOFFA RHKAP. 3M6 Broadway, ooroer of Walker. <t?"l AAA ?ANT GRNTLKMAM HAVING THIS JM.UUU. amoiinc, and wiabrg to Uk..< South this winter, and at the name time realize M 000 a ?6 000 cash In a genteef bimlneas, can have the opportunity by clu ing ou HOWES A CO.. 8-1 Nsssau street. 4:1 Onn L0AN WANTED-FOR WHICH A FIRST ipl.^UU mortgage on a bouae and lot In Hrooklyn Wll ke given. A liberal per centage allowed to parties procuring Ute abov?. Apply at the oUice of P. V. VaN DoBRN, II Gold street _ mAAA TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, ,UU'' ji-welry, segars. dry goodi, and all kinds of persona) property, Lir bought tor cash. HuHiness contideoUal At 34 John aired, corner of Nassau, second lloor, room 3^ : l>ea /;nn TO LOAN. ON WATCHHa, DIAMONl>S, ?OU.DUU j*welr>, segari, dry goods, and all kind** Hcraopel property ; or bought Aad sold, for ?nh. NoUm, bonds, morl*a*iS atook*. A*, negotiated. 103 Na***u street, earner of Ann. *?eondfloor, rooata Nos. land 2%. THOVl'BON A CO.. broken and communion merchant*. Ano f\r\t\ TO LOAN ON PRODUCTIVE PROrRRTY ifooO.'/l/U in 1hl* city, to a lit applicant*. Brokers need not apply- For sale. Ilrat rlaiw residence* in the clty;hours from Io 12. JOIJN J. BENEDICT, 111 Broadway, Trinity build u g. _____ *I)FA Ann ?LOAN OFFICE, LICENSED BT THK tp^OUiVvUt Governor of the State and the Mayor and Gonnnou Cofincil of th* olty of New York. Monoy lent at legal rat**, on gold, allrer, watches, diamond*. Jewelry, dry coodi. Ac* X. ADOUHITS, 433 Pearl atreet corner of Bo**. fcKKT Ann TO LOA* ov WATCHES, DIAMONDS, ?00 I uU iewslry, Ac. or bought for caih, by J Aft E. ISAAC, 11 Chamber* atreet, (basement offlje.) worn bUU& Buainrsa prompt nod aonftd*iitiat M, B.?No buoinm* trto* acted on baturaiga. OOA BBOADWAT.?MONEY ADVANCED TO AMT OtVl: amount, ?* dlamenda. watche*, jewelry, piano*, dry good*. *e?*r*, and every description ot valuabl* property, or bought for caeh Block*, bond*, note*, mortgage*, Ao., nego tiated. Watche* and jewelry for aal*. E THAT KB, room* Not. 1 and 3 aeoood atory. A An BBO AD WAT.?REAL ESTATE AND LOAN OF 4 4^ i nice -Money liberally adyanoed on perwmat proper ty of all description*, or bought ft* cash. Keal sstals bought aad sold with despatch, on moderate terms. Stock*, bondi and note* Mgotiatod. Buslss** confidential ^ HOTT A CO.. root Mo. 1. OMET, MONET.?I WANT MONEY ?THE ADVER tiser is desirous ol meeung with * party, with * liuis money at oommaod, to invest In a legitimate, resnectabi* business, where very large protlts can be re*lixe& The party may be active or silent. Address Mr. Smith, box 63d Post ol lice, N. Y. XTEW YORK, NOVEMBER 1, 1868.?DIVIDEMD?THM IN l*restdent and DUryetors of she Bo wary Bank have de el*red a dividend ol loar per **nt, payable on and after Me v ember 10. The transfer beokswUl be ctoafld^ untH Uwi9th, iatitisive. Per order. H. O. BBaDFOED, Csshier. OFFIC1 OF THE THIRD AVEMl H BAILBOAD Company, eoroer of Sixty first sirs" and Third ave nue -The Board of Directors have doclarwl a quarterly divi dend of two (t> per cent, payable op thei Itth Inst, at thei nfflee of the company. The trar-afi-r book* will be cloaed until that dm SAMUEL B. ISAACS, Secretary. New To**. Wov. 6.1866. San FBAMCISOO CRT BOMBS.?TBMDIDKMOni^ Coit^^*rTof Ik* TuMed Debt of Ik* *By *f Has Franetseo, hereby glv* nottee that they are prepared, and will oay the talere* <fue November L Ml* to Ban franctejoj?* &at portion of the eity debt know* ** tk* San Franeiem Olty - _ a , M. "t ^ _ I* A* tks ?i ? 11 'B*. JOHN MJDDLTTOM. Slock, bean \up*4**ni M-lion of theetty aeoi knows es ?m hb "???? I of Saa PtmnIM*. HMNBT HEIGHT, WM. M. LENT *?J| F*A?ot?oo Ao* 11 TO MERCHANTS AND OTHERS.?PARTIES nAVINO Mll^ no'es or other tradable paper of Waiter Fields, nierrhsat snd real <??ate, at A* pin wall, I*hmusof Panama. New Orsnada, can flnd s purehsser lor said pan*, at arvenlv tive per rent on lt? fare, bv ai>pl>ln? to J. B. I.TONtt Hu Oluriea Uolsl. AnplswaiL Nsw Uransd*. uiffTKiurrioft. Ain WBITINO. BOOKKKEPINQ. ALOEBRA, OlU. aritiimetic.?Ibes- es^utial branches are laugfc*. dav snde\ening, at PAlNE'S academies. Oil Itowery, Nsw Vr'rk. sni W0 Fulion ?treet. llrookljo. Indies wnun* eiaaaes. ?J "Colonel Pntne'n atyle ol wi lUng is mudorn and eafry.'1?K? Oov. King, R. I. A^H'XIlllMETIC. WRITING, Ac ?DOLHRAR'S ACADEMY liiO ltroadway ?<lrnl|emen h ive not ?uce ?ii- l m ,.narrs< hools, or have not had the opportunitr ?o learn in their rt una days, cao fcs privsieiy Ui?ructed m arithmetic, writlngjind othw nece^ary branches, 1* a few practical lea ?rn?. Term* m.-lsjate FHOHTER8 MRECaNTU.K COIAKGW, 3*6 AND ,%? 1* mad way (appletoa's ilnilJingai ? ^ riunfi. a i itiuneUr, bookkeepln* and the oUier rusnuals to stice-ss In nvrrai.lile lllk, axe taught si thin lustkuOon In an wpedlUou* and supe rior manner Terms irodsrat^ ? (From Ihe l?'i.ljo Times, 0<*. 17, Mr. Foster IrTiirViiTr bo< kkeeplng?not by drtlhn^ the Isarner Uito a calculating inarbios but k? en*hkn* him ta reason !Tpo? and .^^nd.h-he-Ltr^,utto d. The Tj^RRNCH LANOUAOM-PBOFENROB D. lagroix. r ?10 Broadway, continues to give thorough Insirurtt >s I* the Frenrh Ungusgn. Imparting to his puplUlthe sb^rto ?peak th* lanroags with fla.onf and T V M tloos reeelvs* b*tw*e* the hoar, of ? snd 3 or 5 and 7 P. M. fjlBK.NCH IuMOCAOR. LITERATURE AND EWM7C P tlkK? J*ri\^u public )bhun>, by Mr. U. UuIHJb, 191 llouia?i ?ir#ei. Frf.ncu AMD EN.ii.isH ?ch.. 1 for young <die? at. I miases. w H1J17 slrt-et. t<uih lirixdtlyn Mrs W (I Mi:JiKBF.RtiER, Prlnelpal? TLe loc^ i. reUrfd heslthy and dslishUiU. The ok.rge for h< srdieg pupils Is ?!*> per ^nnom, lkl? In Wades board, fuel ?sildng. WWon in the elementary and high'* branehes nf kngllab, musle snd drawing. Fiein h and Ml* All aocidbbth cattsbd bt rttbribo fluid abb rnttralf prrr<ai?<i IT too am thp p?i I ad la rnkb* lAinp. Cannot hraak, burat or ail>loda Ikara. and eaniurf f?i ?h?n lUrtdrt. nAt'fnVBBT A ftOTT, ImlMgnn (t Folton aireat, Hew York. Ahh Bxr*M.*i?TB0rTnKHHMRBCT0BT-00BTAiB. Lnr tk* addrnaa of aaarly ?"rj I/imMimi in Kmtwtr, 1 wnnwi. <>*.?(*? Ronk I'areiiik*. Nnulh < kmlMk r Ill Ida Alabama, MMartppl. Uiulalan* Tum ud Arkaaaaa. Ha u?iire In raiatioa to rknrrkaa. kick aahoole, aiaount of la 1 ah la f rr>t>erty, popu'aifrin. cooitnerriei proai<artty, An.; will b? arnt jyVu?a free. iipoa U>? at 93. AildW K W. ?HIf AK KK, W^laroa. H. C. Ch mvattb a obobmb-hitw fabtji oorrrnBBV V I. I myfrmLr r" L'tiortaoa* I<a MuaaorMe. La Parte. U Hi/axa. L OdaJtak. l.'Olytnpu. La Bail* Donna, La Hat inaUa, 1* fln-?<)Ua. 64 While (treat, arar Broadway, Gw>KftT7Mrno* Ajm oocmw. cnxowir ajtu bb rakt, aro . I y cured By Dr. Halfkti rafatafeke on a pt.nodOn* t.?a? will eur? ai i aaaa ft la Uia brat maU nine now bate* Um cuktla. for aale a: BjS Bowe?y. H T. G OI.D UXDAL AWABDRD TO W r. HHAWH tRM CAN hbatibo STOVRa, Oaf CW|l*? STJTM, Oj? Ht>a?( LatrM. laveated (wd patratad bj * F show, wbo haa ?<?nre4 all \w*t(cm and eea K?*l.ah Iftorrn paunt en U?a?a ato< >-a aod Tka ft'al rn-ml'im and only gold taadal e?ae awnrded oa r?? ?'i rr? py Ibe Maaaarhueett* t'hartiahla Merkjuile taae rMMh 0 A* RtoTM. tWe only tree rfhf'pte, wlwrnby all uapl?a?aat an.I Inj'trl <4ora ara e?oldo?i far h?*tln( dtnio* rnntna, nlDaa?, rhambar* bath room*, parlor* or library. by whfc-li an ordl nary aired room may ha m*<if warm in fr?m four to tan aal nuiae )a ika noldaat aeaeoB. mar >>a aean la operation at WHO. I. CABRON'H. ?M Bcwiway. /luaiAXTAarron -abtokio bilta orrmm to \T Ohi p^kUa a aa<1 ral?akla tam.?k frw alaartn* rnfjraTtti?a (Wr 'Irae*au | a.u(in?(a. A p!aa? nan ka alaarad la kali aa kb?, no twjv ? ??',<a aaai. frtaa W m ala. nKBTOB. aola agant. ?T7 Broad ?raf. Hm kat. WOBE ORAt.-lfO fTOVBH OB HOT Am fmnaora ??i". Only think ikai by parrkaaUm a n? on! rrn fia) damprr prfc-w Bl. yon raa (ala, an aad ??n.aoatrr *11 O'O ? oal I'all and ara H: tn o^ar ?'lon dallf Hi rharira for riMi<-r?. lir. KBufcLMBKCUT'rt oArra arr 10 aad ll, >? ??; Ilicadway. HT.Kt. JTKAT.-COBBBi PATBBT OBATB DAMPBB ? nut 1* -nj ?raia aavaa n par c??nt la aoai; (Una 4u par r?irtk?at I i ikaruom Biprnao tr1?ln(. ?;?? aad aaa tt la '>paratii a, at L. A J. J AOOBfT, Wl Broadway. K?BANDAR 1.ABDS -BOBTOB, ?TII OCT., 1MA-THB Irnauva for ika prurhaaa if jMT?mm?ni land* la Ika l arrltory at Kaaaaa am a?? raady io raoalra mharrtfUaoa, in trust, U> ba appl *J to tba p?r>-haa? af tka Dnia?ara la Ilaca' tr?>t landa, Vi l-? ?old Bo??mhar 17tk and tAaraaftar, and tn tfca i arrkaaa rt ntkar landa la aald TarrBarr. Awlrla tka Traaaurnr. Joa?r>k t.tmaa. M Bo ^ Win*or (treat, Boaioa. A*OB A. LAWRKBi'B. i WM Dt'lHJlT PI(,TClllAB,jTnMi?*a. iowrrrw"", > (JTOTWI, RTOTTW, UTOTBS.-W. A H. TAJ* HOT BR, 1M ? fanal "traai. war Vartr* m?* Bo. ?S4> *? h*?- ? U-ra aaanrtmaot of Ik lairm paltam^of (ralaaand Amdani kitrkaa rar(aa, antmrar rangaa nnd aVirr. fnr na'a, on raa frnitMa t<rma Orataa, rangwa aad atoraa I In ad aad rapalrod. Ptovaa put up. and plpa nrniahrd for aama. Hoap Mormjt* 9A la in tha bW? or alak. TBrwititmi. Em BAMKM.BD COTTAOB FPBNITnRB ?BT.BOABT flr?i rlaaa aalta, II piraaa wlh mar Ma lopa fnr 9** alao ?Bi?a aa low aa ?? and wvrantad, at tha mannfarlor*. AT4 kroed??T. below Blarrkar atrnei. Oonle aaraTnlly parkml to rnont id tka city. _ Pm ABttF* HBFARIRU UF HOTTamcrBrfWO ABf? wt*? !n( lodtapf ?? >.t Ikatr furriUi.ra, harMtnf run ?,"nra A?. will ted a rnatomrr and a I(XVI pr?>a hf id drr>aln( M IXniakty, ?T <>atia atraet. at an/ time. RKOATTAft. MPIBK cmr rkoatta Cl.t'B ?A VmiTTBCl OF tlua r.ltib Will ba bald thla (f rt Jay) aranln( ai tk ? of Mr Ma?tkaw?, SM Wrtitk atraat, Mont(nm? i aid fK>nrrrnt nr ?Up Aa Halloa tor oBcan will take p\ vc?. E 1A>1 AOBB FARM?FIVE MILjM WE.>T OF MOBBIH |(|'J tswn and lour south from Hour, N?* Jenij will b? Mid at a irw ba. pain for naah sod mortgage or WrM cti.uge ft* New York or lirooklvu proparty. For particulars ai>ply to b. bllAGKLBTON, No. 7 lleekman street AOr A~-A~FIBST CLAK8 B4KKBY FOB 8U.K. WTTH 3h?5t)U. a round of customers; horse, Wag-oa, *'? ti e. slls belonging to the business; be*In* sUteeu barrels psr ? -ck; will be aold for half value, < n aooount of rwuer. Apply corner of (lank and Oreonwioh streets, botore to. and b< tween S aad 4 o'clock. tnnn _BAKBBT rOB BALK, Of BIXTBBN MIA SbUO/TSr w?*. In a business thorough*,., ?????"?? sotnely Attodu*. Bold In ooaae^ufno?aThartu*?Oi?r bu* Dttaa WlU be sold a bargain. A^plyto BOWMfl A 00? 84 Massna street I AQlkA ?FOB SAI.B, TWO STANDS, IN WaSHINO $8(H). loo in ark tA, with low reol; capable oi doing a spb-ndid business tn any kind of produoe, Ac. Apply U H OW KB A CO.. M Nassau street AQf\n ?A BE8TAUBANT AND OTSTEB SALOON, IfcoUU. elegantly turoished, with supper room*, Ax: la the same building U a large ball ro.ra and nubile meeting room , the balls will payilUO per week during the winter. Apply at Broo?l?ray. roum?l d?1 OAA -BAKKKT FOR 8ALB, IN A SPLENDID ?l,OUU. location. OB |i read way. It Is worU at least VMii more l? naked. All la complete order. Baklug 40 torrela per week. Apply to HOW KH A PP.. H4 Naiaau si dt?f> KAA -FOR SALE OR KXOHANOE FOB BRAL ip^.OUU. eat.'.' an old and well established paper and window shade store, w h i'.ug lease and low rent. Apply t j C. O. THOMPSON, 8t Anaaitu street. A(l rAA - FOR SALE-ONE OF THE ?LDK*T ES i ^,OUU. uibll.-l'-d and most popular r? IsurarU in thi? city, aituated on a great thoroughfare: now dtiiag a buslQCaa bcccnd to none. Apply tame^UtelJ OO. Si> nnn TBJf AOB?? of oabdbn l and fob o.t 1UU. aale, near the city, under the highest state of culttvb.-on. rapal.le of raising Ihe tupe* 2&5!Miiuk'lu loota. audof the richest soil. Inquire of UOWndl A CO..M NHasan street. d>/l CHA -rOK SALS. A BERT A UR ANT, OYSTER. ?fc>/?.OUU. and oining saloon. In Uie very whirlpool of business, down town coing a aplendld business; 1U tMgea are not aurpatied by any Hlmiltr eatab alanine nt on tbe continent. Apply nt 'M Broadway, i-onm No. 6. r AAA ACRF.H OF TEXAS LANDS FOB BALK OB O.UUV; exchange, atoo, a valuable farm near Bllrabe'h^ town. New Jersey. Some good tenement property on the eaal nide ct town would be tak??n In exchanges If well rented HYLVK8TER LAV, attorney at law, Ac., commkaloner for all the State*. AAA ?forbai.kobbxohanok fob .jewel SpO .UUU. rv. a bHndaome genteel house and two tot*, in Hrookhn, on IJekalo avenue, on high ground with 'tore un der tha aAac. Apply to C. Q. THOHPriON, B6 M?Mi rtrt*. AFT AHA WORTH OF CITY BTOOKS, PAYING A ?r I .Ul'U handsome dividend, for aale, or would be ei Lh for real eatale In thla oiiy. Bwtoiw TSu^tn2-' <* hrat cliua merchaadlaeu Apply to HOWES A CO., W Naa sanetrreL ?? Aq AAA ~FOB A NEW THREE STOBT AND ?y.UUU. baaenitlit high ?'oop flrit cl?aa bou?R.26l Went Hint Hi reot, aeoood boaae eaat of the new church. With all the modern lmprovemeni? , tiSH) can remain. Apply to J. VAB WAONEB, la8 Wa?? Forty ??coad .(n-et At r AAA -FOB SALE ?$2 300. THE ELECTION IS HO .UUU . over, AU right. Thoae that have any money can InvralK In real eatate. that la paying a tnooma. Houaea, from tlfi.OUO tojeOWW. lo the beat looatlonB la the city, for part caah and part city lota. Apply to L. u. THOMPSON, ha Naatan atreet. 1 WHOLESALE AND BBTAIL LIQCOB STORK, IN A. West itrcet, on ? comer, for aale; the location one of the best In th? street, opposite the shipping. Reamers *c.,- alito, porter houBea, laloool and all fclua of buulneM for sale by ?. DAVIS A CO., 334 llroadway, room 18 8PLKND1D FIBS* CLAW OBOOKBT ?T"BE FOB joidatag^^crUtoe BARPRR SHOP FOB SAI.E-BKLOW THH PARK, doInK a good buslnrsaln shaving, hair cutting, wgrni king aad hslr dyeing Will be sold at a bargain If applied for soon. Addreaa Hair Dtesser, box 1M nerald office. CENTRAL PARK I/OTR-? FOB BALK. FIFTY BT ONE ' lnindrt d fee', on Fifty-ninth street, ?? feet west of KUth avenue. omx?lte the main omr?ace to the p*rk. Apply to K C. CHARLF.S, 13H l'earl stroeL C1URONOMF.TKRS FOR BALE?A NUMBER OF FIBST J rjMH r'lrMrinctrni of Creighton A Rlack's make, for sale cheap, lo do* a Concern Apply to^ D| BCO STOBE FOR BALE.-THE ADVERTISER wishes to sail his drug stor?, fli.tnr?o ucd l"ks?i to<;aj?l in the cttv of Indianapolis, the capttal ot Indlaua Indiana [.,.11=. c.nfS.n. over ?!&? lnhal>IO.?U and Is 'hirty siv paascuger trains arrive and <topari daily fnjnai tho Duha dtpot, over el?;ht railnjarfs. ceotrMg h< re It U an old staud. with a wtll e^bBsheil trade (rf a^ut $*1.1" ??? nually The only reason for selling Is that ^hrr business re ?imrew M* wnditwed aUenUom. Addreaa boa3b Poaiotuoe, Indiana pelia. ?? \RKS>M AKINO Bi:t=INE8S FOU SM,K-ONE OF THE 1) best location* In Ihe c'ty; this is a llrst rate OoportmjtW, as a small capital only Is required. Apply al ,1?? I ?ual street. Y7U)K h/ l.R THB Kl^ BDB8TAKTIAL BBOWP jP sVme housea. on Hie aorti sMe of I hirty^flrs. JSjiTtSoTD IMM Madison aad Fourth a?enu?s. tliree Modes high stow huVment under cellar, with morfeni improvements, each -I Jw-i6 inches by 60 f'-et; lou 9B feet # Inches da~p. llrstojajs DTighborhood; "ne half bond sad mortgage luquli* Mil Wall street, room Ift TTIOR BALK-THE COFFEE BALOON. NOR. 1?0 AND 1T2 r Centre ? rect Ihe reason for selling, other business to ?<trn*u,. This l? a chance for a P' rson wHh a Mtle morev. For par'teiilars in.|nlre O A. HERRI, on ue pirmises. or s\ 7?^ ultoo street. 'he baxment. FOR^ BAIJt-A JOBBINO SHOP. CONTAINING A ? inortidi.i! macbliM*. new maker's bench an l lum Rw. Will be sold cheap. Inquire at to Mlnetu lane, two doon froa *Uth aven*^ tkiR KAI E?TI1K LEASE, STOHK AND FIXTCREB OF F the New Haven Hotel, cu-*er of Twenty seventh street srd Kour'h avecue. will b? sold low to a cash customer. In- I gulf at U Dnu hstroei. no| BALK?NO. M WEST WASHINGTON P^OK 0s?r^r5s&.'a^ii; Fowrih tresit. Lowest pttee. ??.l>0 _____ pull SALK-A THBKB KTOBT, ATTIC AND BASK r mec.t house sod lot In Merr-er *reeV between P^noo rtd lloiistoo. ?? good o^der 8a^Cro*oo water, Ac. Apply to 111 iTT A CO.. <77 Brofrlway. roooi No. I, ?i< OB KALB?A COAL TABD, IN ONKOF TnK BBST p U<ations In the olty, now doing a good beetnse*. ^od harnW snd all MO?ssn l.turwi. Ths he leased lor ftv* years, or lenger Vrwjutrod. Ar ^ lo HKhRTTlNDSLKV.oo^aro# Koumonlh ?rs?l and Eighth aronua. ?nAR 0AI.B?A DRINKING SAIGON. IN A OOOD LO }* llf'r k'oo.1 buslaeaa, which can ^ verv mnrli by an active, enterprising person; satisfactory resseins r'ven Tor selliii;. Apply *t I<t7 IIioecker streot. coi ner of hulllvao. T7V)B S Al K -THE LBABE AND FIXTOREA OF A FIBST V i laM jewtln *,nfr locaUoti unau pa#?aed beJof in tb# i,.est rislii* part t* the city, no eiprnse has heen spired In Mtm ?o ?>' ?'ore. For *"PK7110 if* r<mrih avrme. betmrm a? i Wlnth atreeta. nAi & arc?a riimr clahh r avtlt oioojit F? Mere. a bmlMM, will be loW tof rmiW lo a raab fuiwr; (be **** In aa f.vf buslueee F"r par^ruUr*. *^., sppl) to WM. 11 WOO I.ABD, TT fuDoa Stre? > lron?>to? P. M rn KALB chbap-thb book, r I nevwr and s??ilonrry store. Ill Bowery, WW 1 n ore ih ,n trn veara. WW Ifc Jng a ?or d business, reasons for SS.7& ? STlsT oilier busts--ss. m4 a ? gaslrt iimfli to it to a <A?b ewtflHMf UiU it a rare rnance. 7b?? nw?er r n he ?# o trery rrrminf ttfl *oki af>rr ft o clorfc. r)R PAL* 6* RXrHA*AF-A FtRIT TLAIW n<?CRF in Hrooklyu. M?, with t> modern ImpmfimtU WlU ho rhrap or "irbaufod for ? mtdmm -U+.1 bouoo in (M r*f, h?iow Lf'h wrrct, ?m o4 Broadway. AJdraaa V A., box PC l*o? <.???? F^OR RAI.E OR TO LRT-THK WKW TTIRFK MTORT brkfc lwu?" Ho it: RaM Twrtfih mrr**, H*nfn inpod ?Ml Tklrd monooo. in prrfort nrd<r thrnnihout with *11 i'io m??lorn !mpr.,rrm?i?? For term* apply on ?hn i rtakn 1-rtWffoU* hoois of ? ?r<1 10 A. M. ml jud 4 P M. HOimi FOR HA1.R-1HF. TWO \ KRT MAT MODKBX hrown front tn-uw known ? Prm lul aid KB Aocond ?U#r? thl utr.?l>ur.i. ouo mintrtr'a walk frrrn Park Klip forrjr, m ? vorr MwlVn Plioo *4 .*? rorh no m <nry r? >ulrtd, linif will ho *lfon locnod *nd imponoblr p^nio* fiROTHRR*<. 10 Brarrr airoot. MAWl FACTORT FOR "AMI -FOR BALK, KIXR LOT* of (round, <vnorcd wHh ?ub?t?n'ikl brVk h>iUdlnf? W m3P4 W?M Twoaty Mitk Mrwt On lh? prowlaoo *ro ?>?*m malar .fchafilnir.cirpn o. rrvn**, *e . la M'tiW. Apply to npWnaiCKH A BHOTIIRRB, 77 Broad firm OOBTKR HOt"WF. FOB RAIR-A DT RIRAWUt L00A J |m, frtm'lo? iho Hudaon Hit or R?ilrovi drpM, Will *<* ?old rhi ap nnl low. Fir furlbor particular" Inqatnt on ibo vcmlom, 16 W?t Prrmd r*J. corner Roodo twi. RRAfclCHTATB-FIRST CLARA II* D? rirablo Inrahotia in thla city, for *Mo. country ?oal? ?od l?tm? uonr iho rtty tor an> or '-srhanro Hour* from 0 tn I P M Mooor totaaa JOHN .1. flF.RKOICT, U1 Broadwaf, t ruilty BulMiPft. CrwiBO MACHtRF. FOR RAIJL-offR OF nRflvn A O U?fccr ? ItrM MM (Coot fljfli will ho mill loir for waut of UM U ontlrclj now, ?nl In porfoM ocdor, and ani'ablo for ol'hor Umlbrr work or <|titiling taquJro it 374 Orand utrro* QFl.Mfra OFF TO rtxwu TIIR OOift'FRI*-THR O ' hincry. toolo *nd ??ock of Ibo <er?w holt (brtary TK Tw?U')> idfoot. noor stooiio C( lo'l,--. prcoooo, driltlng, ?orrwlng, *w M moklnt morl^noo; Dtrkx proaa. H>dir7? fhrjlng morkior, ootUo, ricoo,tojp?. 11?? wni h'? innla, Ar., Ac. JOHN i'AJIfRON, A* rro BF1J?A RLAC KSKtrt? R R1IOF, l?? HI!,TOIf rt 1 otorcotuity, Rrw \ork, work fm Ihroo blorkiimlili? *?1 m* wboolwrl*nt ?H tfw mood, will ko ?ol<1 for ? rrrr low I'riff. Applf to ltKRhOII A IIA.HURT. lIlilraktrM noor QTOMOW A.

rpo RrwBrAFRR rRiRT*i?!?-Tif* Rrn-wurRRR 1 Km for onto on ooBoniModKitna toraio. on* of Varthmp * ImproTOd ryllndor prroooo ??r nf N U b; M IcpHm A plmilor |ir*wrM h* i?ron In oporeMoo la thla etlr Minnoonto row Itlnlncor city or ft F?ol, would t>? ? >ken In pay moot ol a Mr volaotloa. 0. O RORkRrftO.f, IV Wklor rtrtH, W. T. \TATP.?FOR BALK < HF,*P. TTfRRR TATS, MiTRO V with nor. holding tri m four to Mi handrod (nlloM oorh. all now. lo'imir ot l? Duano utrwot. r\RjT?^TmT.-?*. R O. DtTBKtlt. OARAU R1IAB 1J Tart* i Mrwt-oM nniobor 17*. now aH in?IK? oMoaOno to Wn MM otpoHonoo Only i?r>mMaM wMk r .*1 * M*?L.tor*r<WiUnC a^pata. HAI.BRBT, DRJTTTRT, OAB TWB HOKOR TO til . f of til klo Mood* And tfcr r'lhllr thai hi> h?? nHao^isI from W Prfaro Mwl 'o t* Foortli otroot. oroaMto <kr Pftrado gronod. ?fc<-r* ha will bo hmmi btfpy to *oo all tHoao vVi h? r. and IboM who will bo, p'.eaawt to Ikfff tela wltk Ikcir B, Ant rNPOBM ivi n i.r willi ?m nrvv wia bk thankfully r-c*i*idby kin slater, Brldrot who lauded in Hew lork lasl week, I'-em alujkn.wtn pvrlah of tugra coun ty flalv. ay, lrtUuJ Address or cull id I'.i atai* hire. I, Suu'Ji Br. oklyo. ANY PEKBON WIsIiINQ TO ADOPT A FEMALE IN' fanl, three oak old, can do ao by -all'ic at WCar uilueatrtet. O. aAiNIKKMaN. WAL4ND?THREE TH A LETTER FOR TOU AT tbe Broadway I'ohl office. EM tf A. El. t. did n i reckite thb lkttkks till. . the illi .I'M. Haliai 406 Broome street immediately. I wrote back. FD. B.-flOME, *Y DKaR BHTEiV aKI) T*K8 . chA'fm of your own More. Don'I sa y It is too Ule A but-engaged to travel for eight months; la gone. hihI desired oi' j to coireapoud w,th yi.u duru.^ thai time. ben J iu? a line . T. D. A. HARRY?I WILL HK AT THE FULTON FKKRY, NRW York, at 7 >l.i* (Frldajl evmlng O m if posalble, If you cannot, let mn know by 3. Addrea* aa before. C'ArttuK. DW K. L. N. WILL FIND TWO LKTTK&H IN UNION square Po?l ctllcc. One ad. ress.-d lull name M INFORMATION WANTED?OF MAROAKKT AND Ana Meban linrn In >h? city of Now York, daughter* >f Mictsel ai <1 Cathcrln?t|Meban: were It'll bv their mother * ime twelve tear* a*o at the Catholtn llull wruli n A*,itini hi K'rn ulh. nUtfi Wbei; Usi heiird from Mar* are wua living ir Wooster Mreet, near Bleerner. If either of I he glrla. or their mnt, Ann Peters, would rail at So ti Ainlty street, cor ner *f Mercer, the; would hew of something to their advan TTr - ? wumcAia. " TDK DOBOKEN Rfcl'UBLIOAN ASSOCIATION WILL meet on Friday evenlny, 7tb Ml, at ihe llaruionia Holei to re organize the club, and tranaAc' neees-nry business. AU frteiida of the cause Are invited to atte.d. waj^ nr mtonrrMiu rfjftnn-woo-jiflo-Mtio-A small stork avi se ?pt/v/" rera' offices to l?t. corner of Broadway atnl I msl sireei, furnished and healed l>y cleum. also dc?k room. Inquire of J.T. KINO, second story, fioot ollice, or ul Wm. ttepbenson, front basement. tkRftft ?FDBNIBBED nOUSE TO LET -TO LRT. irOUU. until 1*1 of May or longer, a genteel furnished bouse In bt Mark's piace. M. I.. SHELDON, S5 Nassau street. Atibht gum rrnnmo mm to urr-to a email famllr until May; near Broadway, between Bleecker and Eighth streeta. Inquire of HOMER MORGAN, No. S Tina atreet AfcTABLK TO IjKT. LEASE OR FOB S41.R-CON lausloK III teen alall*. two Merle* high, and cieely litlxd up; airuated In an e*? Kent location up town Inquire oornor Bivadwey and Thirty lint at eeL K TO LET?II* A IIANDSOMKLY FCRNISIIKD office. Room U. over Broadway Bank. Dtoo TjMQHTH ATKNrg STORE TO LEf.?4BKHT BLOCK ON .Fi the avenue; *<ore ninety feet long, with gt>od pla*? el*aa * iridow*, no* occupied aa a clothing atore; a eapibU atanu tor bunts and times ekMhiug, fancy grocery, or t??? store. I'na uraxtoa immodlaUoly. Apply in the dry good* atortj. Mo. MS f\FFOIB TO LRT.?THB SPLENDID HIOH BASKMKNT I t ofllco. No. 1 Pine street, under the Metropolian Hank Immediate poaaeeftoa given. Aasly to 8TUDDIFORD A HUX)RIM, No 1 I'tue Kireet STEADY roWPB 1? LU/HT AyOttH M TIB New Haven Der** HulWtng, corner of Elm and FrankUi atreeta, ooe square from Broadway. Iaijuiraoff. 8EMNMTT on the premises Heated by steam rioea STEAM POWER.-TO LET, THE SECOND AND THIRD floors, with >leam power, in bnuaes 4tti and U) Water >?reet. between Market and Pike afreets Tbe roorm are i?ell U; ite-1 from front and rear, and puivable for any kind of light machine work, lattes, drilling, ir., Ac. Appi/ bit the premtart. TO LIT?THBF.E ROOMn ON THE FiB^T FLt >OR OF the hauaa iw F.aat lu enty third street: will be let to a tamily of iho or three perains. wltnoul children. Kt ni i-V) per aiinum, including gas. Poawaekm immoUiately. Ap ply on the premues. LET-THE SECOND FLOCR OF HODbESSI BKOOMR street, to a emaL reapeclatle family. rjM) TO LET?8KOOND STORY?TWO ROtlMrt, FOLDING doom, t?o lieoiiKim* am' clotrta, with bi"k haaeniont psi ti'y and cloa< t, of No. IS Hetbunu sired. Inquire on tbe prtinuui, or at Mo. 29 Broadway. WILLIAM BOWL AND. fro LRT-THE CONVENIENT IIOI'SE 1WI EAST TWI?N 1 tle'h street, with all the modern improvements Apply oc thoprembea mo LfT-THE SECOND AND THIRD 8TORTE4 OF A the bouse No H9 Cbarlt<Hi, cwrt er of Modsoa atreet. In quire as shove from 9 to 12 and from 1 to 2 o'clock. TO LET.?TOTS LARGE, MODERN R7ILT THREE story and houte, 121 Iludsou street, having a line vi?w of hu JoLu * patk Applv tn ,1 \*KM W. bl.KKCKFR, No. m, next dour. rpo LET?1 HE FMtKT FLOOR AND THREE ROOMS ON 1 the third, together wim a b.iek ba*cu>"iit nf hou?e 3* k in' Mnei, with moderu lmpiovtmeuu. In Itij.) of A. MA VMOND, 21 t Lathi-Hi street r? LET-TO ASM ALL FAMILY, THE 8BCOND FLOOR, ?iih three room*, on <lie third, ol a i.rst claaa houae. re ulete with r very roiieemenetj. loan iinexoeo*tan*hla n A*b borlu**!. Apply at I'.C Weal 1 birt/ lirst streci, near Kignlh avenue. TO LET-A HI PEE STORT BRICK IiOU*E, NO. 21 Hudson afreet between Hnadc and Dunne, u-af tbe lerminu* of Uie Hudson River road A luperioi a and lor auy kind 01 business Rent low liv? now iiuul May. rl.ET-WnOI.E THIRD FLOOR OF NO luHO RROAD way. Rent fl2 a month Apply to Mr aNUKR o< tli* Mot. Also, the large 11ml enaimodm'i* basement under tbe ttbioniiiigdale fa\ Inga Bank, corner UUrty llrat a rret an Proadway Ab<o, a large ball at 11IM hioadway. Inquire on fhe premises rl.ET-A I.IOHTB?EMnNT AMD SUB CHLUR TO let Inquire if*. IFaLINUKK A SON, W .lohn street TO 1 IT?IN A DKN1 KRL IIOCRK, M WKST TUIRTT Ar?t slrerU near Mith arenoe (h<< arcaa4 atory, <bur f<t?; water and b*?. water cloeel, balk, cellar, Ac. R?o >17 per aooth. la julrc u a bore TO I.RT-THR If RAT THRRK RTORT HOIVR SO. 4 KjiM Kterrnih a?rc?' In cond rondillon: km eliaodcUera, ( ?oirn water. hath* and oil llio modern improTriaoata. Pot r'-mtna tnmirUialelr H)bOMOK AHA KT, tC Hroa-lwar. fO IJtT-IR BROOKI.TH. THK NAARI.Y NX* AND 1 handsomely Hnlafced throe atory brows m m baaemaat ?rd under cellar brick bouae, wUh hath room. range. ?n<-limed l> tian Ac . tlnely lorairdna IH Kalb avonuta. oar diwr traa Adclphi *tr?-at. Kent oolrtMO from no* Mil Irt of May A j ply en ibr premUea, or of D JOHNSON, V Beak rota awt. fTO UC-r-lMMRmATKLT, FART OT A tloCSK WITU 1 aU (A* m.Kit-rn im pru. iwnrma, ia Rant llr.iJwar in lulir al <IH Cfcryatle auret. rra thrkrntort brick notrnR in fifty I lltlrd atrael, between Fourth and f'iflh arenue*. ,V<> ; In the block l.<ttatlr>n doair iible, and rent low to a good tenant, inquire of Capl. WM. k. NKIT, bouae No 4. TO LET OR LKANF-4N THR WW MaRBI.K Ml13 Inf ?UT. hro*<1 war %?at aide, belaw Canal atrial liu otrfaal ?W room oa the reeoed Boor, ti by lot wuh or wltfc out raotra Mbora laroxiina a bnuiifol dhow -tadow upon the lira* ?w>ar. 1 bee* ronaia are all wcl llfbtMt aod ha?e heea mceoi'f painted arid fktadl op la ?he l?al manner. and ace r*rT itealrakln. lima'aalaa MataeAtale'y. inquire In Ika "?"re mi th? premtoaa. or of O. B FOTTRR. ?t?j Broadway. ffHI RNNT-IN OXFORD HI-RRRT, BROOKLYN. TIIR I aee< ad IW>or and aaa of back ba-?men> n.' a new ??( ri?aa brtcA hnttae. lucrth bone<- from Myrtle avrane None but a Kmtleti an and bia wtl? n?ed appl<, at 9 Otfard atraet, or W rlkr allp, N Y. Iteat to a uealrakie tenant reaaonabfe rLRANK?rOR A TRKH OF YRaRR IN BROOKI.TR. R D wharf pmv rty. haung a watar tTuai uf abont t?o t adrMl feet, partially enrarM by ahed? and otlier hulldtnca. rarr tnliabie for luaOo-r atav*. ?* at>al yard or far aar manufaoartot btialneai ?h?? larjn apaar vtd ?orb tu ilttif ? ara re>)ulred. Far teraa. Ar., ^vpti to i R. ? 1ILMOKR k CU.74Mouth air.-at rl.RASR.-THK NKW TORK A NO t.RHHIH COAL C< mpanr offer to laaae tha two und"rlylng T<-ltiaof<vMj en the traelaf land knoaa br the wKrraatee namaaf ? cb'U ?jnKonkel" aitnated la Banka' townatilp. I Wna r matt. Fatartiraaia. TV- railroad ronare'ln* with the Baarrr VcaAnr Rallmad baa b?en ei tended to meet the ronieatpial.d ii^raitoaa. For lunhar Infjcraaii iiacplr o JuHM Tou.SVI i m , at .'*anea*U!?, or to R. T. H'>HAt"k, IVeaid?nt jis Trl aity liu*iUiac, Raw Yotk. r> IJHARI HOW RAftEMKNTj ARN WTT'. IN iben'* huL tini" W ana 2t4 Ctaal aUret. r ear Broad *a* apply at lto ctoyrbara aireat T? IJkNOI.ORC* AND RKAl. KtTATK A-?R\Ts ? W*nt?''l to p-oc^nr* or ie.iac a atntf'and bnn?e the re-ail drnt bt.'inaaa. totta* lie In a *o<?l aetglibnfkanl, or wotiW pay a lal* petea for an Mtabluilin.l atora. Addn>?? ft, .Inbaaan. nation a . UniUid ntact mail. Thar ? ru o*? ot a fvrni^hro nor.'r to lkt. ro i- ?tm* of from ftaaement kiteh n two p\rV.n. bar N.-.'rooo* f?h r"?t tr , all awely fUrn^h'd ran' fit per v rtk, tie other flr-or w!3 am ba orettpM Apply at No .?? . art Ttt r?r rreoad atreat n Hf. R1IOIR. OR FART or A FCRNWtr:D HWIUS I to let. Apply at M Tompklat plaea, it:?o< >a. " ' ""lUFTTtlJk. 1/1. BCRN RRTIRO OR Of;ihK.?.-THI? HOCMIfi |il beea rautWtahed for ?ie artlertaltvt.-ot of atraraten tra reiltna la the (aland af i alia acd aapontaliy of Anv*r -ana who may wlah to paw Ut? wmtar In Ra mod and beafrnao: rllmau1 Tkr t??a ? t Omnea la altuai*! oa tlte railma.l lea<f let from flat ana tr Vaiaruaa. nearly ^i.itdi?? ,nl front tlte two rtlra. ard baa the adraataa* to '*>' inraifd/ of ?v in* pn ierted from the nanh wind , wtrtrr abuwara aliioh oeear oceaaionally errrywhar" ?t fSe norhee* eon?t b? a rtdl? of till'a rnnatnt north treat and anutkevt. ahotti a league lolaa north af (inlnaa. th'ia il- inn It a ?o'lihe^afn tni ?owarda the Car'^ean ?aa. dWUol attout |w?;t? md -a. Hto Sorrtatnr Will Itae ee*r/ poaalhta meana in h'? po?rr- M eea er tha elttiailaa of ?.?f!era aa a^r.cahle aa pdnalble 1 hay a ill haer the ad'antaaa ataa In eaaa of tha aer vlceaof art Amerinan phfakrl in fwhowiu : "aide In the bo.ieaj of loncraperteace In fhe : rratatent of tha dtaenwt both of ?? paratr awl tropical reftoae. RAMON AUM'iitAU** Ct ATWBT IIOTRI^ BO 11 WOOWTKA STRKRT ?J. t GAIHHY ha?a ?? laiorm all hrrrra <* (n>id Urln( thit he baa arary dar apon kl? tehla from 12 to ? o'oloek. an ?Tc?lleat ,nT.ef,<ook.d In tha rery be?'atyle Oam? and all delira , ra la ??aao? kept oa hand To I or era of harmony he wonIA ?%.) their altMUon to hla free and eaaj rvrrj San,,->?a* nl*ht, ai H n'rlrek. where rome flrat rate fleea romle ,nd aenU p t-ntAl ?. <nca can ba heard. N. B.?A tew rrry ntcely fitr ' ,'|M^ hxty?Ma?10 '**? H" ATAlfA-TH* HOTfl* OR MTR, HO. B OFIOIOA rnr> e*. will be op^d da the l^g| N.rrembar, bf Hi*. WaRV I. AI.MT frr Ik* anaommnJ^^ni of k*r frteada and the pnMlr. Tha haUdin# la aommodloaa and wtail rentllaaitd. t"-laftri te* tenaar pairmtaca, Mra jfiif wiu naa arary ? al?T? In UMnra a aoattanaoee of it. |t,, in?.~TR ATRI.MNO TTTR! 1C *?. R W. WOoT I ir> l imatMor of the American ami Karopaan lime r . (t? V ? Offlrtaa No 45, flaeana. reaper^fn'W Interna hla fr'cei a Hi t he hna rermitlT made rcry ettanafra .mrw ,i >n h a well kfl?** hotel, whfc* haa now Iwn enlart" I ,?a? t.,arrnlnmr-late an IBrreaae.1 onathar nf coeaia. If' \*Wr. t' ?aaM?aa the pnhltr tlal'inf flat-ana IfcataeeT-irt el all l.a * ant.n* W hi* part to U*>ir? tkeir rvmfort d trla* (he'r ??*? ai hi? notiae. Hm frt.OcVB. WW. OAJUUAOM, *0. ? o?oi> orro*TUMTr por rBBnonrs mwifo A burae* kepi in the country l?r ibe irtilif.-TltMllwilir having rmri, grouiil ll^or oot'ar arable* eaa *'?.oaiia?aale ? umuix-r of Uw< in a pn>j>ec manner. Par puttuUn, ?? qube of Mr. T?iiu.?l?e l?H ?r<*< Acourn for salp ?for parttcdlarsimquibb at CI 'i bird vnuuf, belw louUi and Kleveolh at* Avrrv ktylisH and bkactifui. pais ok oar ru|t k?r?t>, tlve aud *lx year* old, dark bay. approach ing lo black, 'ocr '?!??, last iiarcl!?i* and with every recmn meiwiaUm irf nkwlint <iuatttlea, tor rale by a gentleman going 'o Kiirope AUo mi eirirant barouche ami double bar re*. yearly new. Theysre to b* *~eb al Ft. Nlcbo'a* atioica, Meroel street, rear of M. fi'ebolaa llolcl Any pf.rbon havinu a utinV spribo cart and barrier* to sell, will jil? as- all at ftd Catlianat street, la ihi- crockery *Uwe CAJ.KIAOK W AN TKD ?ANY ONK n*YINt? A OOOD aill?l<\ well tnamed wbieh ha* beeo but lilUe used. aod who 'k * illiug tu sell it rhrap, wi'l Hi'l a eaah ouacauier by ai dreesiog L. k. Co., bo* 4,0St Poatofllea. / 1AKKI AliRK FOR BALK- AN RXOKM.SCr FOUR \) teal open cam Vfn, nes-ly u? w, hJno, a family brougham and aback carrta;e; alM> a Ujrtit wagou. li. pu'e at IrtKw cer atrcel or 1W Prince Htreet. \ r,iOR Kal.F?A V>.RY OOOD FAMILY HORSE: PRICK 1 f ?St). Inniiire al 118 rhrjatie street, before 9 o'clock A. >f. FIOR KaLB? A PAIR OK fPtKMUrn BLACK HOKPrS tb>' only k ??o" fur Heilitg it Oat one of them run* away t\rtv rli*nce he gels Price low Kor fur?u<ir partlcijlera tt.<|iilro at 48 Mnrivn elreet, of V'm. S. Roberta or ul' Ha n Ilectirt, U6 Fprmg i-trw t IjlOR KaLK-A iri.KNDU) K/\IK OP BL009 DM r arriag* b-irfCR wl'h hbwk miiTips and talL', lr> h indr Uieti slid v>lthnut hleu.ish. klid xnd gejlleiu .very reaper*, a'so Mrrlage an' hnri.e**t:otrploU* The ownr >>{otni! '<? K u eo p a liM.uire at SI Ureal Juues atreot. lo woo^.eu m.ibln. tarpeuwr btup Mtwive. FOR 6AUC-A VKRY 'INK DiKK MaRK TOON'!} ??ail broke to dliiKle or <lou'>le b .rne h .ic. l "iarr*it e<l In evt- y mpwt: ^'4 lnnd? hiph: fm'nn" ir-'t I Hkm w ner ha* no osp for liar Inauire In t'ue UarJwirf store. 4Ui 'I Uti nvei.ue, nu?r lii rty tblrw street I pot. KA1.K-A HI. ACK IJ0R8K ANO TO ' pt lher i?r fcepara'ely. Tb-1 bear?? U in co >d rurrilnc: nr itiT, ihe hurt-'- I* hound ar>t kiuil. ?il> 8'uad witliOiU tjria<j. Apply at 14 WiUet Kt For rai.k-a vrry ktwf. horpp vt\r te\r? old. aoiiLd anil kiiid. I'ricelSi. t an bp ? -er, iu 3J tlrnan wlcb street. _ For 6ALR-A first class coach HoiWR* ako hftrnetm. whlrli ba* uot btx n tn uwe Will b? aold < li?Hp, on vcouut < f Ibe owner goiag lo reuu-re SouUt. to yilUe at 7b N-iwau atree' UOR ft VLB?A BRIOHT HaY HORKK, LONG PH?W. I lug tnane aad tall, 16 haoda bich. line traveller wind and kind. Can be ?o?n at Ii. H ARNfirl'S atable. 114 Franklin at lOR RALB?HORSR. WAtJON, HARNK4M ROKKS. *e., _ at a baruaio. Horae bay ro^r, au ytiirj 11 bauds b ub, pony buiil. Btytlah, klo<t and unupd. ? i?on, aoute box ahifi it K top, b?-t lutlc uae<l Kill* A Wllooxln'a utake. Apply to W. A. COLLINS, 10 Maiden lane up stair* Fob salr?a bay mark skvkn tkar^ olu, isf-j handa li'^h. kind, a Kood 'r??elier and of remarkable ?>?> du ance: amiable for a apring < art, eiurewi or lamilr use. >ola on MTCoitulof Ibeowa-r remnTlnj tjooi the city. l?o be aeeu at 162 Vaiick street l|K)R BALB?A KINK bay HORSK. It HaNOI HIOH f aeven ) ear* old. pony built, warranted sound and kind la all harneaa, wUI makn a bo* doctors horae. or for family use; a 1?" one fast horae I51nti>d* b'jfb sound and kind in all bar new can trot a tuiln la tt>re?. minute* aold because the owner baa no further nie IVirthem Can be mvd at the alables, blea. comer of llioka and Harrison street*. Boitth Braokl?n. to> uree days. tx>B balk.?a tair of uandsohk bobtail, bay 1 borne*. IS baiiuS 1 Inch hl^U Vermont raised and Mor n.\n sUirk, A and 1 year* old, bandsomn drivur*. Warrwiiod toood and kind ia harnem fnoe To be ??en li n*-en Viltb and Sulk avtuu'*, at Ibe ca pealei's anop La We? Tw enty ft>urth *t. Inoll ft ALB?HORBRft. WAOON*. BLKIOHS AND IIAR ' oew. a larne as*ortznent of alt kind* rockaw ?ya and bu$? rU>a:also sleighs ol all ktt>ds and twenty boraes, aim sare rai ?mall pontes, will be sold ebeap. at Nos. Maud Id Serin* s reei. 001 nir of Kullon avenue, Brooklyn. tX)R 8ALK.-THK ALMINI8TR iTORS U? TRF. RS f tateof Jobn 8inj;er. deceased oiler for sale the foi'owinc valuable ho?*es:?1 be sta'iion Yeniifl Waanii ctnn, w ell know s4 a superior ho'ae in all reaoeeta a lirewii h'?r*e a'lou*. * x jraj* oid. kird. sonud and lot; a sorrel horse IS hands b<ith, tint and kind; a r.*j ai-dailah mare l.vhatnla bia'i and e?n ni l in 4o 1 be b^>etit* ran he arm at J?e co/ner of V.igbty lourth street aad 1 bird awnue nOR^LKf RKALE.?A80BRKLROVN TlORsF, ABOfTT IA hands hu.b, 7 yea.-a o>d ana kind in VI harness Will b? fold Wiw, a Hie o 1 aer ba* an use for bl-u- Can be ?ee? I ?nv day at'er Ul o'clock. Inquire of J. C. Ul I.L * KOB, 1U CUff street _____ RKMA1MNO C JieOl O?JS AN ASSORTMENT for all ktr..ts of ? an be seen a' the staloe of Kuiekerbocker Ice l\na,>at y, ho*. ZT6aod Ct Weat I'hlrtrenlh ?lre?i. THRF.F HORhFS ?i)R BALR-AORU fl * AV|| 9 yea-? per'erti* kind and fenMr su.iable for ?nv purpose; ?ill be sold r> per'cert le** tlun real rs'ne sitbe ottaer ha* Di, u?e for tlw ni. Car be ?ecii at 14a Varlea street rt^o S.XP'tK.'lR COB Pa Nils AND OTHBBv-FtiR 1 ?ale, t.iree voiin* hay torses, In tirnt rate condition *t?nd r<{ lli band* high a"l fs?l n harness or aadllr. the o<va<* partliiK with them f?r ?:mt of u<e, h'?'nif several others, would irade for a eo<x'H.;bt i-ar'inge Can ne aeeo at No t Hiuken rov, or by letter u? V M.. care of C. II. UaUej. No H1 hanibers alreet UrANTF1 -If IXCIUNOR KOR STOCK OF A MANl' fariurin* and mini! >. eon p; ?y whieh pajaarrod divi dend In lieeeniber i r bar II.|ikm* or lor both In part ? gmd oslr of Ursa*, at a reasonable prtaa. Avyij at tie stable, Hi > uith street F PALI. Mll,Ll)fKRT. AO. tMO?n WINTKK OPKNINO-OPKNB T'll>5 HAY Krldav ?Mi ? t'l ?RK?<t'N ?oll'IU 'h ? lad.ea of ftew Y'irk and vicinity to Inapeei h?r *'ock nf faah.otable Pa-la winter mltlln'-iy</tke l? e*t ?ivlia roinprldtg bat* bead dreas-* ea| *. Ac Also, a **1 <>ty <>t misses'and lolanis'hat* No T8. Hroadaraj, corner of Tenth s'reet s Utll UtAMM, ?U T LYONS * JOBRS . COLUMBIAN HALL, A LaROK . i. !<rf "i * r*Gcli m> ri, ?? at V fid a var'L The *re* ejt bareains aver krown. volumbiau llall, XII Oraud street. AWII^OAITT VARIKTY OP ALL K1NIMIOFCOR ?hs sad skin4 are row ciferad for tae 'all trade, at about Wlf the prh'ea iw??lb rbarged, at Mrs. IaYNoK'H, 45 Third avenue, mar tenth aireat, and )U ?U'k avenue sear ? ittaeath atxeet. A T LYONS A JOKKC fV cuLcaa.** aaix, a .arge lot ol Vreeeh o? tiao*. at Sa 6d par yard, lir r-eatcat bargain* eva- knu>?a Columbian H?U, 'J81 Orsnd wreec KAKBAN k COMPAMY, 4,'S Broadway, Will open this tnornUif sin anorim^ot of kwifdr chik4 At $10 twM*. B /lLOA?S. CIA)AK?. CLOAM?IB OKRAT TABIKIY, \y - aa be foun.' at F l#tiHruKlh 1, SI4 llowery. La tie., 1 m. mar dapen I pott K ion wlli n* be aaaed Broadwa/ or i'*nal streM prirta No nuiabug Ii>mbroiprrirh, t-rr*. *r . K, RKKKkaN * CO., ?> Sroadway. i|*ea Inst re<wtvrd from suction a large la' w Frearh work laeooA collar*, frvan ? M mil eaea Kwlaa and aowk 4a. frota (M lo t* ea?h. Ah" another lot of U*?e -taraurle via white and en'or?d al Hi V aad II eaoa Also, aa la ?4ae of Fre?. ti auibrOKlera<l aod V aieardeaao sets from Ri ? to RMI |>or ae4 ggjlgg, thread, potnt caate aod T?.sart"?Jie lares lagrwat eartety, Fi rs pcrk-a larop. anpchoicr abbortmrbt for ladle* aad mlaer* ii?*tirw*a*a? by aav. Mlsva aad ? KUdrea's beaver. IB ail their v?ne<|ra. (he lale.t *tflea of ? Mldreo'a veleea and rarh caj a. KP4j,OttO, manulartarar, l? Canal street iBFCK t C O. , will el??a tb-'r *tore N , *g RrOailw*! on Saturday, mh in*., and wUI mn*? k?pc?* ?> rk of >lrj go>*d* u> No M Hwupwif, + U?r? ?U he ?uM girrOiT U#iow com* on ao4 %I\#t Moo <Ujr, 1 owl OR|. aT KAnOAx?f^ i? tr.Y i.oons. J. 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TJiy. largest ASSORTMENT OF GLOVES, wow. kid, buck and cloth. v'tcan pcrch4bk A CLEAN SHIRT FOR seyem X ty live eents at the society's. For a <jood fair of suhpenbebs, go to (? Society's. Oct AND opt 01ees OF ALL GENTLEMEN'S fo* ulbbioa good*, at the Society's RUSH TO THK society s AND SECURE A WARM pair ui wool drawer*. THOUSANDS of PERSONS get their outfits a* the society's. AVE YOU NRTkR hesbd OF THK sootbtwb lu6 Chatham street. H Invert description AND SIZE OF WOOL u li ?ii iitrta and drawer*. acrshtru and <1ra?rcr*. jotipng lil'T THE VERY UEHT GOODS KEPT at the bocimj v j^vfcry description and 8I7.k OP cottok N QAlXICO SHIRTS OF AIX pattern8. ONLY go TO THE society'S ONCE AND lf.ajuf lie truth. Utmost attention paid to customers bt tub s?K-ir.t| 'a clerks. ead the SOCIETY'S advertisements wbeie. r A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF COTTON HALF iml > nullah sud German ("cloves FOR DRIVING, promenading AND tbi T parlor at u>e Society'a Evert description of woollen and msbcm haif hone. M "DFFLEBS OF THE FINKfcT CASHMERE, wool ?ilk. jp VERY STYLE OF WOOLI.en comforters. Nothing sold at the society-s that m ivit bt or salt the purctaser. The vebt best black Italian and om i Rhine rravata soid by the Society. HAND, A spi.RNWD assortment OF pocket handksrchlels at the Society's. 0" rk FIRE SHIRTS, FIRE SHIRTS, FIRE SHIRTS, i to the Society's. yy HIRE else can you get A OOOD FIBB lor $1 5u. VERT FIRE SHIRT MADB OF the BEST twilum red tuiiosi. LWATS OK HAND, A LARGE lot OF FIRE ORES dr CHAMRRE, OF EVERT yarikty, AT ct-edingly low prima | it MEDIATE attention paid to ORDERED N o OBJECTION TO exchange oood8 that not pleaae. Gooi> and fashionable SATIN STOCKS AT ml frociety's, my ohetp 0ollabsof AIX, DESCRIPTIONS BT THE SOCIETY'S. Linen pocket handkerchiefs, rkadt m lueo. at the society's y^VKBY &TTLE OF FaNCT CRAVATS, AT TUB m jerf ciety's. All goods bbtailbd at wholesale pbioml by the tt?l?ly, IU6 ? ha'hatn alreet EVER purchase uo ,i>? UNTIL TOO HAVH <ix anitned the tfnoita and prlnes at the Society's. cnirts AND drawers OF THK FINEST merfnb, 0 at tha Society * HANDS'.mf FRENCH CaLICO SHIRTS, MADB W9 oi-oer. u>w. INFINITE variety OF ALL FURNISHING 1 lor (tn t.f meu, at toe socirty'a. REALLY, all OOOD* OFFERED by THE soi !,re ti iy ehiiap. rritiousamds are made happy ry the soc N Seethe PRICE* AT wljiixi THKV SET.!. SlIIBYa. shirts shirt* At uk cla'littu street, conu r of Peari. J-JO TBKGW AW at That Hrtfl Lto throw array lb?: dlrtr pair (X draw Ai<1 po d7?n jo Ube ixxieij't, 1(4 <Jh?t*u?ni tirr- i c-or of Pea*. And buy a cla*4 pau Atd a C'ccn thirt, ALd?DW? t lean paU- of Car. ton ftaoac! D?|iu4 bur A eleaa pocket HudteM^ At the for ei> a (or 'h? M-couradtmeul IK wtaiio? clean at trie. lut Chaihaa eireei. 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DO 'Kt TO T" K mXIKTYH, IM CHATHAM ST EMC. tartmfftarl, Aad bay a epleadid nana mm DO OO TO THK SOCIMTTS, MM CHATHAM (THER. cumar of Pearl, And bay a rwj alaaUc pair of DO OO DOW* Ta the anrtefa, Mt Chatham atree*. corner of fatty Aad buy a eVan ehirt tor 7? ceta DO OO 8I.*K Ta lha ? oeteM'e, IM rh*ih*m .(reel. come* of Fatlt, And bur * clean ?hi" atlh Itaea boawm. IViilar an l niietbaat "w tl. DO OO HOW? lo Uie fortetr'a, l(*Oath%m idraat, earner af FaaaL And but a clean *btrV wide platted, ^ ilh Unen boaom. coUar Mri wriatbaad, tar H ? |y3 OO DOWW Ta the Seen it'ii. 10* Oatham etreet. eavaer of Peart, And bar a clean ahtrt, Utien bmm, Collar and wrtalbaaCa, yaha, F r. acb walala, for tl So J^O OO ?OWE la the dnctetye, IM Chatham aired, cerner of fwt, Aad bay a clean thirt wne atetanai. itaaa . MMwt.eell?r n ' . Baada aet atyla, 0?EM T\0 0<i DOWN 1/ To tl'e ?"oeu I*"f IM Chatham alreet mrnar Of Pea-1, Ard bur a clear ttlrt ? ip.rflna jnel'iy. 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