Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7376. SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 0, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE ELECTIONS' THE RESULT ACCORDING TO PRESENT A.PPE AKANCK8. J|ES rOrCLAB PLVBAUTIM 4N? ELECTORAL TOTE. Tkt J*ivular The BUotorml Voi.-. VaU. , . N>t H?0 I , r-Ntn.I., 18(6.-1 mrtf Statu. Buchanan **''?< t frtnoni BucK.rtll.Fr't. .. 34,810 8 44 4*1 ? ? d 'OftCtornta ? ? ? 4 ? ? ? - ? 10,000 ? ? 11 10,000 ? ? 18 ? ? 4,000 ? ? 4 16,171 i .64'4 *47 67# ? ? 8 UKlu 38,233 10.7'W UW,8? ? _ 13 Michigan ? ? iM,"00 ? ? 6 N.^Iatnpshlre. SI,013 278 'fl 346 ? ? 6 NsWJersey.. 39,481 21,f >7 *4,888 New York.... 166,784 111, 0-11 241484 ? ? 85 Ohio ;.... ? ? 14 0v>0 ? ? 23 Pennsylvania.. 30,0(0 ? ? 27 ? ? Rhode fclanl . 6,663 "1 11.841 ? ? 4 Vermont ? ?26 '<oo 6 Wisconsin .... ? ? 8 TOO ? ? 6 Total 366,014 I*1 174 (72 086 61 00 126 Ilremont'! plurality in fres utog icd,961 74 Kant Stain Buckai\an.H>, i <re S emont. Buch.FM.Fr Htaaa 6 ooo ? a ? ? ?MM 6,000 ? ? 4 ? ? .. 1,868 ? 600 3 ? ? ... 6?0 ? ? 3 ? ? _ .. 20,000 ? ? 1J ? ? Kentucky 7,000 ? ? 12 ? ? loritrfon* 1,000 ? ? 0 ? ? Maryland 17,077 J*- ? ? 8 ? Mississippi.... 10,000 ? ? 7 ? ? Wssour....... 10,000 ? ? 9 ? ? North Oaro 6,000 ? ? 10 ? ? South Carolina No popular v te. 8 ? ? Tenneesee .... 5 ooo ? ? 12 ? ? Toxas 10,000 ? ? 4 ? _ Virginia 26,000 ? ? 15 ? ? Total 128,436 2?,1 -2 600 112 6 00 'Buchanan's pi ur'y ta Slav 'ta> <.f"u43 101 THE ELBOTO AL VOTE. Nottmbtr, lbtJ Mivemlsr, 1868. Ftaroo .2M Bnob*tan 163 Boot! 4 J > : moui 125 >il!moro 8 Pleroe'' majority In 186* ai2 Buchanan's majority ia .? SO NEW YORK. The following are tb*- i <r igr uf the table of the re ?nit In this State, ae publ/ehc. Ip the Albany Evrnlrg lourtial oI jeiterday:? Jim linn fiVmny. Total vote received ? n 246,806 113,316 Fremont ! majority over B ^naa 76,062 Fremont's majority over Kur 1S?,68(^ St. Lawrence county 22 < ? oh.?The vote# foot up as followsi remont, 9.< 70; KM more, 1,338; Buchanan, 1,676. Fremont'a majority - vcr Buchanan 7,191; over Fillmore, 7,732. ILLINOIS. W -H1NOTO*, Nov. 8, 1856. The r - of this morrtrig ? -<li?hes a despatch from delator Dcugisa, which etin c.aims Illinois (or Buchanaa toy 8,COO majority. t'mcaoo, Not. 7?6 P. M. The democrats this aorrwg ruim to hare returns from the southera counties ?iviu* tbe electoral vote of Illinois loBuehnaan but de?paw-i?* -hli evening from Qulncy fend Spring field rod net the ?r t mated democratic auuorl lie* about t X thousand ao i leave tbe State for Fremont. The Seventh Congrec mod?i i trtct It still in doubt. The democrat* claim the Film by ">res to live hundred. The republican State ticket ha- aoout twelve thousand ma Jerlty. IOWA AND WISCONSIN. Chicago, Nov. 7, 1866. Return* trom eight ?0'in c in Iowa show alight re publican gains on the a *< t election. Fremont has probah r eight to nine lb w?nJ majority, and about the Bame in Wisconsin. TENNESSEE. ! ? mums, Va., Nov. 8, 1866. Returns received this mo to? at Wytbevtlle state that (he eaatc-n count.?? of Twmvm *how large Amen an majorities, indicating a doubt as to the result in that State. Another despatch ?a>. that they lad.cate the suc i of 4Ue Americans FLORIDA. w NHIMCTOS, Nor. 9, 1150. Sllgfct return* from Florida ihow democratic gain*. fbt Bute W.U probably gvr I (00 majority for Bacmnu. NEW TOHK ASSEMBLY. Dirt i!.T\jrr ?aw to**. 1?Rirbwl Kimmry .[tetu Blaoaka. Van AUea.Rep. S?.Job/i Erar* lva 4?}. low ..sei.d..... I)> m ? MM . I?Wit If (fskitb.... Rep 'j? Jm T ( > i i -on . | rKoojti. Ebos Puller Rep unu. 1?.'tinm J Owen... Rep 3?f. M. Pomerey... Rep ft?H rax TlNt. Rep OATTAJUrUCl!. 1?Alaoaoc King.... Kop. ??KlIm Crowley... Rep lbm tAxqvw. I?H A. Prouder gaet Rep le-laaac George..... R?-p. 1-nmu m .. A. T Halting*.... Rep ( k*SA?l 0. 1?Aaie! lierry. ....Rep a?Win H Hyde. ..Hep. i! no*. Morr ? 11 Perry. .Rep ootrnu. " 1?.libn Miller D?m i?J T IiPgeboo?..K*p imriin. Joaepti Atwatar. .Rep. )?Albert Kman*.... Dam %? Pran?.i-j Dudley. Rep ft~C K Campbell...Dem fra?A?*. 1?Barfla A Jobnuon Rep. 'i? P. cbe'd B. G.bbi.i;ep ann l-A iit 'nj Tiileny. Ame. 8?O. D W. CilBtoa. IVm ?-H. '? <? Boiea R- p ??S. C?err A'lasaa. . Rep. ?->?>** Ralph A Lovalaad Rep ? rrrro' av i \mrion. Pat. X(liilitd... Dem. <I**BS*. 1?R J .icbnanti.... R? p. 8? B?? k %blle!dein Rep ?.w?**. 1?Het> Wakemaa,.. Rep |_J , McPt ereoa.. Rep !in mm. H. wovttr.fl?p. !??llarrla I*wta.....K?p. /?CaM r l.ittieOeld.Rop WC P. (irivnger.... R?r f?A W r?k Rep WHO* V-Joba Baaf?rd.... pern *A?Tbne Mailigeii...Dem ?-Jab* H fwik.... Dana Lac tn Ciark Rep u mmmm. 1?Lir.t*r naW<*..,Rep Alfred fpenrer...Re( KAPTHW. Albert R llirdy.. Rep ?A?Tbie B. Rtebop .Itep K"*RO*. l_Terrni li t Beber.Rep. %?Jatm t IMtivy.... Rep ?-Hoftert yuplee...K?:p. eoer?.iiii*mT. J_M*lrww O. lUTto. Rnp j?flew* eb Be*or.. Kep. 1 ?Kim be Clapp.... Rep. i?J<>ha Ool.I1 Kep. 1? n.uirl M. haul Dem 1- Tn ? >* Ktrlln Dem. I?Jamee Beyee Dem 4?Jeba D. Dt*on....l>em. I?Jobn J. Keilly rvm ? ? Neibaale! Roe.... Dem T-Honry J. Irving Ante. I? rttomee Ctier lock. Dem #? RranoeW. Gtortr.Dem. 10?Jeo S. SI iyter... Itm. 11?Itmne J. P.lelly... Dem. 18?Vlcb'? W. Mooaey.Dem. 11?J B. Vernuro. Jr.Ame. It?-R. B Br?dfonl... Dem. 1 ?? vrtnur Wooil* Item. It?Semi. T Hubert*. Kep. ORAMi.B. 1-Wm HiBko ..... Hop. ' g_I'i.tcr fowneend.. l'.ep. OHO.HPA(.A. I?John D. Rtioedu.Kep 3?Sidney rtmUb.... Kep 8?K W Leavenworth Rep. 4?Cbae a. Mend...Kep omi. i?T. B Bnbror*.... Rep 8?Job* Hal*tend...Rep. *?ln^' ai Toirnxend Kep. 0*tA*KV 1?Hamoei A. Rep. 9?'/oroeeter Paul.. .Kep. O'aaay*. A. Hntctilasoa.... Rep. oenroo. 1?D. C. Littlrjobn . t'.ep. 5?Ltoanrd Amce.. .Kep 9ap*blti?na. 3?nine W. Ti'lett. R?p. 3?i-ec M riollli. ... Kep. rrwA*. C. R Week* Rep. mn. D. R F. Joaea. ..Dem. bbjt'-m *aa. 1? Harlot Allen Dem. fc?K. S Firalt Ave. ?? Tulaey Kicfemocd.Rcp. UUfMi. 1?Abrabaoa Lr;f*tt Rep. >? Samnrt J M >a.,.Itop. ??be net. 1-R B V ral eabg.Rep. ?I?0<o T. tlp4'-oer..Krp. ?? Otia Toetcber llf r nrrnti.*. 1?Kderln 3. Roae....Ama. t? A. O. Tb jmreoo..Haia. H ?*VWt*0Y. Mlchoua liarhytt Kep (<*.**04. ?eoeor. <>wna....Rep. 1?Ale* Howe" ltap. ?i? rr.n? W. Caty. ...K p tr teioifj firt. 1?Anaoe ln*ralmm .Rep. S?H. W. Ueek^ltb.. Rap. way a*. 1 ?1Thawte .lohaemi. Rep. 3?.Toeeph TeacocK..Rep. aT-frmrrraa. l_An?ell t ft n*e?a. %? I. ?4 'fcNHfcertaaA.Dft. Cyril lta??on.... Rep. tJITBt A. V. Bta^ndlag Rep amWHTTlATlO!*. M 30 ft StXTRKNTN AH?KM?UT MPIWCT. TVe enrrtet return Irata t'ua Oounty tier* * Olltea la M flMMma.? lirb*rt', 'I'm. fp. IWh ?*rd l.ail iHt ?*id 8MI W8 8.U44 ?6 ma/. Iter .-'amao? T. Robert*. BEFUSLICA N BFJOICTNOA K*'* f. Onon., \or. i, 1*M. ThA rept.M'CM'* of |U ? flare lat<n)4 rpiel rating Uio tiortnaa ?|an< taken by ttm free lt?<ea in the lata elee tfon. bp a gratd tnrr.n llgi.t inoneeatoa and I'lpmlMLea r? Moadap frating ae*l Iwn bnadrad and aiitp three irnaa win be Ored 4mt*f the paa*ve r* tba pr<?c ?' *, MM d?h Uw ?ejortt| lUca by Ma ?;tj for frtmat, ELECTION RIOT W THE FOCTRTEENT WARD. COUBT OF GKKXKAL >K.->->XON3. Before Judge Capnon. Nov. 8.?The examination Into the not in (be iuurioeath ward on ejection day, and the impeachment of several pol.ce oflicers, wm made before Ike City Judge. The loliowiag la an affidavit made by Mr. Dexter A. Hawkins relative to the aflair? ('ity mid Coutiiu o/ N' t, York:?Jjexter A. Hawkins. belu* if V u' ''?lllBs In the Kourleeuth ward of the city SL cw . k> 1411,1 re?lUfcd therein for the apace of tw ? years and more: teat he ia an elector, and entitled to vote *? elf etttcs in Mrat election dlelrici of bald ward; that at the eiec ti< a held hi the Staleol New Vork on the Hh Inatant, deponent aitunded at the pull ot said elei-Uon district, and while oniraired Hn /n'lrm elector to <et to the poll for the pun-one . ..n'1! . ?! 'i ^ ?!" d?PO?ient wan seized by a than pulled fixm the ballot boit-a. and violently heat aiidibat'erod l>y Ii m; tliat at that moment tlx- man sm/ed the lutirm elector for. iM lnni Irom the ballot boxes before he had voted but 14 oltered his votes, nud another tnan forced 1 7.n?rn Wi *,utl Prevented him Irom d.-poittui* ballot*. that at ihlh time (Wnent billed for assistance on thiee policeman there present; that the mimes or said three policemen were Fraud* Bradley MUea Sulllvau anil Patrick .'?! '?','pon''u' repeatedly called on thorn. am it, # of said breach of the peace, and reuucbw-t frrln i" /' U r)r.rP?tr?,??. who were then in Ui icotn and seen by the policemen ; that they nald no atttut oa to depoiicut'sfrequest although deponent pointed to t.i" man wLo struck and pulled oepenent; that two of the 1 ol'cemen turned their bucks on deponent and made no effort ?i!!i depoBen', kenp the peace or arreat lheoh?a wlf11 "* del'<J"e?t Ttrl'y believe*, at tlia time of t*'d breach of the peace and by 'heir non action was encour "f",!" 1,ta uolawful proceedings. Uepouent salth that he " f "'ere. and a few minutes af eruaxd* no violently beaten bud uoio di'd that be could not help himself, and was taken n-,ar.j* from th?> prostiaie position on the pavement vb-rr he nan attacked the second time, and aided home bT o'lwr persons, the said police oHirers nlanding by and KiTlnz io^.. to deponent vh>.t-m the ^Deponent makes this complaint and prajsorscea. agairat tj,r?a/d policwnlm t?? t^ey inaj oe dealt with according to aw. I-F.XTER A. HAWKINS. ? / "?wklni wag examined, but no thin? further of im portance waa elicited. * .Joseph Hsggerty testified Jor the defence. He said he was Inspector of the Tn;rty first district. After'Mr. S.8 voted the cry of ''police" waa raiaed. There were from seventy five to one hundred peraona in tbo Tne Jud*re discharged McVeye, hut held Miles Sullivan ana x rancls Bradley in ball at $1,000 each. THE TWENTY-SECOND WARD RIOT. t?NTLNCATION fF THJ5 KXAMINATION 3KU0RE THE KrCOBDER- NOTHING NEW HLICITKD, 1 es'.erdsy, pursuant to adjournment, the Recorder re timed the examination of the participants in the 23d Iwenty soccnd ward riot, which occurred on the 27th Oct. at the Broadway House. Jona- B. HhiUipa appeared for Mr. Pav!?. Tertnre Rtley, first Lieut, of the Twenty seventh Police d.strict, Twenty lecood ward, was the flrst witness called ?2dWurt'* An. 8u',?? h0UM the aftemood of the i.d Oct.. tapt. Witter waa there Uli dusit, also Lieut ^(.,li fB'.h thmt 1116,6 was t0 be a meeUng at ih l.S PI''P0SP e* a l.lbhy banner- it was the subject or or vernation during the day at the nolice sai.os (apt. O'Konrke Is attached to our district' did not -efi him there that afternoon; Capt. Witter called wmess law the entry; nothlog wis i^ thatTy of the proposed net-Uog; bad heard nothing oi an anticipated oiULTbacci; did not hear It said that it would be a ptieonal Insult to Mayor Wood to have a Libbv banner raited n hts neighborhood; otticer OT.ourke was oo duty not *V. hlm be,ore- bal dli *ner, the riot at I*vl9s; had not his uniform on; left the station ho se ien't tn SiffiPMy I leut Van Orden, and went to ei Alderman r>ogheny's, in Kigbth avenue- mav ,?elDt*ff d 'k"? ml about Dlne "'clock, and returned 'ue, b0.u'e' lb*r? r?' nd Justice Connolly, iT&^USS) JS.SE? ' in that d.strict- taw h m on the evening ?f tht riot at the stnt on bouse, ho was partially dressed ji unUorm there .T ? 5cae'?; u'k ?mong tbe oncers artcr the riot and the w!tne?s heard then of it for the first lime- asked ofli ctr Bluet what ?amage was done; he replied that some panes ol glaas were broken; O'Rourke said he had been there and came to tbe station house for men the Ser 1'*? ^ mta,im that the men went up accompalned by O'Rourke said some person called for a Wood drink, ' snd then tbe house was attacked by r otcrt outside; Da?Is charged Judge Connolly and others with hs*mg something to do with tie riot: bad no con vcrsat.on with (? Kouiae since the riot relative toil hare nc; aeeo Capt Witter since between eight and nine o clock after the election be has not been at the station hosse since; Capt. Witter resides at 617 or fll9 Eighth areaue. ? Cioss eram ned by Mr. Spencer?Have no knowledge c,,rinect??-' Ibe Defendant* with this riot. The Recorder adfouroed the examination till Monday at S r. II., when it will be held ai the Court or Serious MANIFESTO TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OK THE UNITED STATES. fcATJOSAl lJUKKTUTtC OOMM.-TTSK ROOMS, ) __ . . _ . November C, 1H4(. ' , be trrst o. covducUrf the aalioziAl c&uvam conQ'ied to the I>emecrstio National Resident Committee has been d^charged with the Udellty which tbe honor and the exi gency or that trost altka demanded, an d the committee has to i-nile su cnngratatatlons with your twn n an lonnci: g the success of the demo. xaUc ticket by a dc odod and gratitrle. ma.oriiy. pe struggle is over, and the ( nion is safe. Ours la laaeed, a new and stgsal triumph. Heretofore our vie' tor es have beta aohieved over those who, 1 keoursel .es were frends or tbe I nion This hafbe n alcoo iueat over tts enemies lltretotoreour, antskonlsts h..vo contended with iratcrnal ea erotss lor the honor ol promoting the prejress or of insuring the of tbe repuMic. Tbote whom we have just vanquished sought, under a trearbe rous adherence to the lorms of the coastitutton, to rob it c all of Its etsenee snd vttaltty. Tha principles or the democratic party having become the established poiijy of tbe federal government, it became m-oesaary I or its tnemirsto orgaoi/a somo new aad desperate combtna t <ji to overthrow It. An unnatural alliance between iaeailt sm and vcnal.ty has engendered a monster which dotlrojtd m'? r*r'"V ^ witl1 ?re,kl sought out aad That mt nMer was sectlonalam. lbs circumstances under which the evil or.gloated were peculiar. The laml lias been clouded by a miasma of error. The belief that one part of the I nloa had l>aen invaded by tl.a lustltutlon* or anotl.or, and thai the fodc ral government had lent its power to promote this Innistlce, had spread with epldemioal rapidity. It had been InJocled oto the circulation of popular thought with all the force ot a* unscrupulous press, and waa spread broMicast over Ibe land by the whole power of representative lni/u?nc?. "fv tB!c almoft lBT"1" 10 Pursue rith the aLt.dnte of truth and reason this venomoui error as it sped through the r.hanrels of public oolmon. Our enemies bad choaen their ground with skill; I bey bs<l rccrutted their ranks with all the laOuences which could rcmbine an army. Tltey proclaimed the ultimate alKHHionor slavery as the incentive to tbe fanatlc- tbe division of tbcs|<oll?aa tbe r? ward or Ibe mercenary. Ibe pretended lavas'oi. or a sacred right . oastituted tbelr ap peal to those with patrioi c impuUea, whilst a rcgned re f?M fcr tbe l nion wm to secure the tnpport or Uxe mu of All wb<*e irntcrlal interents wtrc iBToiTod in ila o'raiion. These devices had organised a IbnnW iMe array llassos of boneet snd earnest men were deludod by the tesctera whom the> had trusted, Into tbe bc!lcrtbat their goreibmcnt bad betrayed and tbelr leliow-clU/eaa bad epprtsaed them. Isvines, girded wiib lha sword snd clothed with the authority of tbe Gospel, prexhed bloody resUtaece to the laws as tbs moat ao epiable service to t.od. Woman pouted her peac?.''.l station to antma e with her appreb- nalons th.ise to shin tier wishew are ever a roaimaad. and lhe jouth, Indoctrinated by wily managers, resjiondod with ' nthusiasm to fblse appms addressed to their iinato ar.d grmorons hatred or cppresT soa. rolinclans speculated pbllosoph'cally upon the ca racify ot the coettttnti&a, cai np only to know whether its natve strength ot ittmtture would bear the as nation mcassary to secure ibe success of their nciarlnw * hemes, and sttlt leave enough of stability to lasi ra their entoymetit. It was Ibr purpose of ibo'.e coosplratcrs to secure pos session or lb? ?ov?rr m-nt ir It p. nshei-aa it m ist have 11 in tlHir grasp. It was tbelr pnrpoen to Inangu rate the .North ar thodjmlnant ?ection l*e rnle of ell giblty was to be cbMlicnce to tbe sway and conformity to the Oflniona or tbe dominant secli m The sub.usaUon of Jielai d hj force, dlvlvon and bribery was to bs lbr i dnced upon this c?rtlDent, and the tymthera rttatos %ere to he red to a more pror o< tal spjeadacr- ol tbe fede ral got. ramcnt. hneh waa the plan, and dtsuaion must have fp'lowed it* accomplishmtni. Houti.era men wi.uld onvo only differed aa to the hour and mode ol eepnraii.>n The r?-t, ent which hinds tho fabric ot tbe t'nioa would have n*t lt? cohrxicq In the Ores of the cohtllct, and tbo m^;est!o | 'aorta would have crumbled and fallen in rolns nevi?- sgtln to he recorstrut ted. Nf ver was the r.pobile in sm h peril. Never wave the Mends of the Untor, from any tuliktcnt existing grley at ce, loss prepared to have a orchcn-Ud a conspiracy o Mrtxlo rs. but those to wboir you bud oommltted the tafety tf the republic were falthlal to iheir trn<t The ftmfcrat c party was, by conmoa consent, ac' ktowledgrd to bu tbe sole party rf the Uaioa, at.1 waa cbiirgsd w'tb Its defcr.oe. Rmad and trutblul document' edentate, to ih; cmergmfly were prepared aad clrcn Inled to an ixtmt sweely Inferior to that of the errors wbfh they in*end?l to counternrt. Able and eloquent erators were impresaeii into tbe sarvioe of the I nion They rer|<ot led an ?'?*?-rity *orthy that srtth which their ancestry had rrpaired to uie batt?o field in ibe same hoty ?u?e Never was thare more harmony In the tie WKTratH cause Never did tb? patriots of every party earn morn true glory thsn when they eaeeiled &<-? ?elves in tb.- rrceat c-anvasi under tbe haacer of demo 'racy, and ma-i hed to light for tbe aalvatioa of tec i nion. My VMsw clt'snns, the contest la, *>r tbe preeoat, ortir. Tho tiemorrsiis jwrtj la agala In control ol tbe givem 'L" u T r? ?mP'? opportunity to eoavtace thoaa who have been mialed, U>al IU only object ts the setsbilsh th'"' Bm ,h8 ???n*g?loBi or a so.-ti .nal -T,?w ib' WP?k' ? desire only to pro mots the pr. >t ca' and ? ow.mental progrwn of th.s ?roat r< pohl o?to artvanre tbe cause of human dviltaat^n and I b. rty^ to ?rr"'r? the provoity of otbos- nat .<ns by V i f*? '? * " ''em.malKtta that democrat ? pria c ptee n(Waior? adequate to the effectual administrate) of , , P'T'-rrmrj.t an-i that they are, as Ibay haye beea, triity ctiW Btet,! to tnst re the sneireas of that rep-iVi^,-, en t>t c w h enr f. O-eni have fhuaded aad eon m 'ted to cif ri!f ia cU?iv| th? pcrtbfBMoct oftte arduotti wl rfpovrt hie d utiea ooafided to crcr taada i>y the conttdenr* of the democratic party, we have to return oar tliMh to Pro vidence lor having permitted us in any ? ease, bowaovee hum'jie, to have been lustrum xital in preeerrmf ocr be loved country irom a conspiracy M dangerous to ita 1 cace and tranquillity, and in bavitg contributed to u result ?o conclusive of t&e eatabImbed aaceadenev of drmocratc principles, and to auspicious to the per manency of the Union. CHAfc. J AS. FAULKNER, Chairman. BUCHANAN SPEECH OP COLONEL BENTON AT 8T. LOUIS. HI9 BIHMTJB'S WORK?WHAT HE SATS OF COLONEL FfcKMONT- THE RtM&bi tOR THE EVILd THAT At TL1CT 1 HE COUNTHT. Cohort liet ton niadr the following Interesting speech In Hi. Louie on the evening of the 8a ina< Vfixow unnot? 1 am here unexpectedly amonf you, at least unexpectedly to Beina of you, though not use? t. jiy u dm I come ou parpoae. in accordance ? Ith a plan that waa In my h< ad from tho beginning. I come to m e tbe cosciuajoo of the work which we com niencod in tbe sommer; which 1 helped to commence at ClncisEat) and came hereto carry out. I come now to tte the end of that work, for It is the end which crowns ;te work, and 1 am anx>oua to see crown and seal put on our labor done in tbe State ot Missouri during the sum iwr. 1 ?Uow cltiieaa. it has occur red to me frequently to ?ii>ly to myaeii an exprcMton which one ol tbe soldiers <>i the Enrmror Napoleon was accsat^med to uae to me wren talking or the campaigns that they had made. He htid that during the campaign* under that great general, 'hat the consant expression was, "let ua ma?e baste: let na tiniab this battle ard begin another; let ua make baate and Cnish fgbting tbe I'Tuu'Ana, aid go anil tight the Aualrlana: let ua make haste and light the Austrian*, tbat we may go and ttybt tbe r.utalans " Thus it was a sucoessioo of combat , and nraking haste to get rid of oee light that they might rifh Into another. That seems to be tbe course or my political lire: ail the titae 1 am getting rid of one thing to go to srmelhing else. To look onJv at this summer's work. 1 ctn only eey thst I was last year la haste to Oniah toy Thirty Year* View In time to come tc Cincinnati to begin this work?to Missouri to finish U; and when It was over. I burred to Washington to com me a oe a collaaaal work. Nothing less than the abridgement of the rebates in Coagrrss?tbe debates from 1739 to tbe present day? ro as to bring them down to the present and future ge aerations record* of the wiS'lom ol our forefathers. I went batk to commence the abridgment or that great work, Had in the time 1 have been absent I have done much. I have abridged >be administration of Waahington, eight yrtrs; (he adminiatration of John Adams. four years; and I em two years deep Id JeOerson'a adminlatratlon. The publisher* are far advaaoed the flr*t volume? roygelf so far in advance of tbe publisher and his workmen, that 1 felt free to run oir for a while and en gage in the conclusion of the campaign in Missouri. It wss in Ibe forenoon of Thursday last that I sent ofl to tbe publishers the last instalment of the cony they needed Tor toe v Oil me in the press. At four and a ball o'clock the nine evening I threw myseir Into the cars, aad coming ingbt and day, three n.gbts and two days, without rest or slet p, and mulling myself up in a corner or the e?at, to that I wis scarcely round out by the telegraph wires or printers that were on the road, uoJ who would tell tbe news before I arrived, (Cheer*) I brought my own ucwg with roo: and when 1 speak to you of tbat three tights and two days without sleep, in which 1 made the tiavei from Washington City to tb)3 place, I do not tell It for the purpose of making an excuse for the imporroc t ons or my speech. I do not want to make you bollcve that I have au.lertd so much in this liasty travel that I can't do as well as I would. 1 feel as rresh at ibis mo ment, or when I arrived here, as wicn I set out; and I could have done no belli r had I come by the most gentle stages, I arrived amor * you, fellow citi zoos Iresb, vigorous and lull ol hope; anu now I will say to you that, In my summer work, in looklrg over tl e d> bates or the early Oocgresa. although I have locked inlo them much before. I atlll lound much tbat bad tscaped me, and 1 Red that there ia no subject tbat occupies our mention at thus time that has not occupied the attention of our iorf latter.-, in tbe earlier period or the'.r existence. 1 can tay to oar friends, the Know Nothings, that everjtbiig tearing upon their oueaVons, pro and con, ia in t&oae early debates, for on the three difiersnt naturalization laws tbat were passed?one Tor three years one for frurteen, and one for hve years' re fide ore?all waa aaid that could be aaid pro nod con. 1 bat is one of the <|ue*tton8 ot the prevent day that we tina there discussed Bet to drop these and come to the abtorblig question or the day. We And the old queetioa, i> all its fo,ms. In the early history of our government. WeUiid tho subject cl slavery in the very beginning or the government, broi?' t u > by petition presented by Dr. Franklin, appeal ng for the abolition ol slavery in tbe Ciited Sutc> it reoeived a (eneral rejection by vote trom all parties. When I mett'on Fraukl.n'r name, yoo can all (eel at orc? that with b.m there waa rothisg but a ph.ianthropic leellng, an he had no ether feting tbsm chat was philanthropic. More than that?a few jears later?further petltlona were pre ri ated on the aubject. Thtae petitions were resisted by ?Northern mta?rreo from the free States?and among tlose wbo were eminent and loremost in speaking sgaxst them were thore who by education, by ail Mieir i rnnpUs, and, if yon cbooee, by their pre udlces, wbo were the moat opposed to slavery. I will name Mr. (.aillardet. He said he waa a c.tlzan?he wa- bora in tho republic cf Gtneva. where no such institution existed, asd he was agamst It, IU leg ia the State of Pennsylvania, ? l.eie no such Instilution existed. lie was there, with ?be rest of the con Mtffi entirely against the loattutlon. but it existed In eur Cnion; It,waa acknowledged by ths constitution, compromise* upon It entered inlo Ui constitution, anu without these compromises uo consttu tlon could bsvc been formed. He waa therefore opposed to the dl tur' ancc or tbe que tlou?not merely to the dis turbance of the right or the owner? not merely oppoaed to destroying lie r'gbt or title of any owner?but be was against annoying Uem even. Be waa againat i >aklag ttrm umajy about their property; and la thai point of view *t waa taken up by tbe eariy 0>a fittt. They said, whtn we meet here In these ba'ta, wc are cot as in our States, wheie we ma d? as we pirase. but here wl ere members corns from all tae Wales, wkeie eorpromisee have been entered >nto oa lite rubjict, without which co constitution coold have l>e*a 'ramed bo one ia to havs hiJ feellaga Injured by bring ng op the subject la these memorials. Tas, sirs, that waa the language or members of Congress from free stsUs, for they took tl>e de aler* chitly from those States. "We do as we please?we oppose the extemtioa of slavery ? but as to these thst have entered thla bond of onioB with ua, we must meet as brothers meet, and tott'trg must be said or done to annoy their reel.ogs." (Warm spplanse ) And la the laat vote tfeiy took on this sutyect, the vole waa unaaimoue, with one excep tion. tme r*pr?foitative (rora a I ngland Mate, and h? an exception only, btcauio tho resolution was not Mroug enough. Mr (iellbrdet expressed htmaell on it. He said the emancipation of the slavea would be a calami ty to Ibe country. He west on to ose a strong f*pre<rioB. He said be would as soon think of loosing wild ilgera on the community aa tree there alares. ftrocg larcuage, but such as was war ranted, by what be saw le the West Indie*. Here, w< re persona as much opposed to slavejy as any pcopls < at be untfer any clri r ?taLres whatsoever, but they were philanthropists and also lovers ol tbe I nion and belrg lovcra of the I rion they wen friends of everything MiM could preserve peaco and harmony in the f nion. We find, then, my rrlirada, la taese earl/ debates, the wls ii turf our forefathers, and see tl.c manner In which tr>< j t'ealt wlih this quistien?always dellaately and hv these means they kept the country 'inlet and luippy?end I tor rne wonld wish to see tbe fraternal Iceling of that <iay re\lved? not culy in Congress but in the Stats gov ernments. There was in all the early period ol our gov ern m??t a feeling of fraternal s "cotton and Irleadsblp. la the North, PeBBiylvsbla and No* York, tbe greatest tatee, bad their sojearrment laws, laws by Tlrtus of v i!' h any person coming Into these Plate* with a alave fsd, in r<-aBsylv*ata atE months, and n Vew V irk nine mr ntts, to decide if he was tbere .ia a traveller at a ?< / timer, and ii be ehoas to withdraw bis property at any time with b sis motlhs In I'eonsyiT&nla, or Bias troatba In NewVork. they corld do It, but if they re raaiacd longer they became si bject to the Meats lis: sad ? no as late aa 183* thess law* ware oa the statute ?MM (f New York snd 1'runsj ivanta. The agitatioB or He ?a\<ry >iuo*Uoa had tiiea romn.cmcd. and tbey ? err beginning to riisr'iea abollt onlsm. and tho candl ?10 ? | .r < n --ncr of these Stales wt re t?terrogat<?d to kt-w if t'iey were in rarer ot tho rev ?l if tbe so onrn n ent law Tbev hoth MnN MpMlf, and gave >< ?' r.??escti rf th< m sav<- r?nr..c united oa what a aa <iue from oae-tale to another (i.itb ?>t thorn gar* t * se"tis wby these laws abMliMtfc* raaeati tier ot them toat the faror of the I'opisby it; fbr neither of them received lull voire of the p??ty to which tbey he lot girt. Tbnt, ss late as 1HS8 ? kind feeliag prerai'^d?a ? rrrea and a'loctlon between clt'/eas of dd 'ereaiitstts. SBd to n e It would he one of tho most Joy tul tMtgs oi my I te If I could see the same reeling ? rmghi .r to '\ steace now and pervading throtichout the 1 ritcsl ftatea?the reeling >a whioh onr fathers maile ?i;? . oDstitutior ? the le* dat in whteh't was ad Tiiatstared I t >rr e.l m'o rdtct?the leeliag with whletl It waa con tinned raW within lete y?ers. We hoar of men who wer* t netlW store, sad there are many wh?> deaerr* that m r. bat I know who oral) other* em Id be entitled to i <? IMS oi "paeiiValor.' It would be tbe man ?ho rould take up th<ae laws or I'ennaylranla anc

^ ew \ ork.snd present tbcm to the people of tboso State* rreslhnr the teehrg tbat exilte t when tbey were enfhrs ? d. end eall on thf m to do, In the same <?* Ing now? to (a ? ss' liy tow as our fkthere did, and *es|i l arm my. pracc and Itietidsbip lr the l'a oa. I cove, fallow citi INrs. to nr'?h up the nmm r work In whirh wa ware ? egeged It wa* an ardoot * wo?v hut 1 weal through >i ? aeorily. heartily, became I he'le-vod lb* sand of th* i r?on rf'inii?d ny exertions to bo made. There were thr-o i^rrr,* i . ihr proplo the I'nitnl Ktolee wbo wir< prcmirert lor the American l're*ldeaey. Br Ktl ?r. ro, Mr iremcnt. and Mr Htvbaaan I waa lat mate with all thr?* at them. With Mr Fillmore 1 anrred In Crngreta; J was Intimate with him whea he wa* I'reel dent . 1 was on klad personal terms with him. Ill* ad i at i r g*Te niii t to the cooatry. (Cheers) H? left tbe > i,i ral Ikrm Id good order ( Applause ) I w'shtotiod ttet the mati ? ho sreeeeded him had <>Bly kept It ao (Ap plause sb1 laegtter )N> thlag In all my oasvaeeof Iheenm rr.?r h*ve I said against h<m NMhiog now, sad b'the same |*t'ot l hav? (poken of htm wben I hare spoken itt him at ad !t If sofhlng new to me Ne?t la Nr. Fre mor t. standing near to me, In a r -lat'on aa drar aa It oeu'.d bo to nre not to be my own child. Fie has bad an ? rerlftil Mfe?yreat dlfr??>t itlea, great dangers, frta* ?r'ele to ardergo. I stood by him la eeery one of them as a father would stand by * (hl'd /'s-ri r <etlni-e?l si ptansi i >i>t. grnt'rmen, did he ever have ro^n tha* I did not admlti'Msr to him to the evteat of my mesa*. There a. e prr?ors row on this pla^orm that know list 1 hive ? pared rntbtag which I rot-'d raise aad detlrer hia, la b?d?r to e*r?y h(ir through the ereatinl life 1b whlrh i ? e regsg'd. fWsim epp'a tee) All thai waa pi- , tirtai. all U-a* waa hatuft?satuit a?tlr|, naiure fftk ^vw^^SK'S'Sisssssr ?? tij,r? are piwDBg10^^iu*51b?l0r* d,d> ?ltt< wy cooduSTuSw m a f^h? Uu" kDew **?* *u by biSf M ^ beajth "T^10 ? Child- ta ? ~? n *aa c???en r. ; l?era mT warninf vol i* .im .n -t1^!! "? (l-ond applause) All a i be first place 1 who^n"?^ wer* uflel*?i for >? tb ? Aut i 'Can I'm2iiii,^i L1 near Mli clo#e vtew '" ?lea's in tbe u' i 1ut* ***" *" ttle Prfl*' M?d .on to the preaent day-l. spinas "Eis? SMS l^oylSM fflHDV nffjriln htiia n _ P*ftCC WhtCh ft pr?at (, !?, lhat { Ttouid not wish me t0 De * preference to Li? l??y c;00<1 ,n il :c Tboday iniTb^bni - "7 ra?;'?- '?"?r ??? rsf^fssssa-ss aau \h< ftorl mL'e '^L'a!? 1 P.r^rred 10 ?*?"'. never for those good meu I have aa^rr?8?8-""*-m Bf&cia ifce flr fr0Ta 0,0 bejfoa'ng, know oa*on Ic&iN1 J ??i:!d ?vPP?t aay toon nomf SSA Sf? Hi bad b. en giants la dolni wUt i thilv ?. fw? ? W.KSK^^ a3Ssa=:WfS^feM purpose ot umtiDf tlaYtnr, although that waa an inn \? It waa for a higher purpose than that I ?tewMOKCBponir witliTt, and ,aw evo7vVrt of '' Iilow It was made for tbe Fake of peace?to restore d< at ? to tbe oountry. It was made to unite the two UImi of the lslca. Uien splitting nsnnder, as we Had them now It was made for the great purpose of allayins a norm th* most portentous that arar>ag?dli cor counfry oTtha! bu.lded JtUerson and MadHoa with alarm, and one th?t caused Randolph, or Virginia, to say, on the tioor o' the House, as he cnJ/ could tar, that "the are l>?li never rung la Richmond tba tbe mother did not press her chi'd Z?JZr^0,?\bCZoa,;' Md befe the ttriie as the mother (litaced the heil. It was to allay such a 8torn, as that t y 'il6 etor,r ^iCn r&giog through the country ana Mirm g up distention, and threatening to separate us iuunder?a ?ai to allay tiorm that the S?hmr?h u* mu pMS*d 11 was a meat rtefptae* and butalit ttri!r,AVar^e^<' tel y<>? ? was aothmg but a law, and run be repeaieo by another law, ertrybod? rVs^'L^hfrf/-" Vlh tl,e "en^ ?d' S3 tt7e "2", f wbtcli H was e jned, Mnows it waa binned m the Uel d? of comprotolse, to bring brothers tocether lid?' whfl *M, ?e *'?Uad upon w6icb :t was forme ., !i?'? " A- 1 P6*ce 1Dt0 lhc distracted country ?"dT?0 ?*w ?* briog tbe two halves of tne union ar2n together?I. it ho saw tbe |beneficent eSect produced *k?o??w y hy ,hC e'ub |,hnifnt of that line, and .J'1*11 m*k? p?ee, could not look at Its destruction w.ihout knowing it was to revive tbe storm which the -S5? ,0^1 Ud ?"*??>? (Cheers.> It wm. then. :n the great character or peace maker lhat i malata nc the I Im^ m v hull1 8?*Hl !n 1117 lhirty yearg ttJ beha I I loo , ai white |*ople, and not at black ones ; I look to V,JT?v."<1 re',u!?li?n ?f tbe rais to which I I look, to the peacc ol this laad-thefworld> laat hope for n<i[? rr'XS 0I) lhe (te't continued ap piaute.) 1 v ish to see transmitted to the latest poster tr the government and institutions und?r which I baveli-et H WM, In that point of view that I oppose J the violation or .he Misscuri tcmprotnlse, and < o*sidering those that did it is iOTblt lag the greatest politxal mischief that ever ?"UBU7| lcould cot th'nkof sd| porting them 5 if i \cy. (APP1,lu*o ) Kor for anjtMng else. (Lond cbetring ) Mr. Buchanan s name was presetted i tud strvi d with him in tbe Cosgrcti of the Cniied statet-. I Ud R?ea him in Cotgress I ka whim intimately. I kne r 1? ^ v* ft'5Dl110 P?*ce ?nd order in sicletv He was lUt ^""Promise waa abolished, but be a* ulio li btd, ho tipoke the same words that Beatot ha* ^peken befcre b s. (Applause ) lie ag destroyed H i lie, for asy attempt U restore It wlU only be to conttn j? ihe Be spoke the same words, f urther he ? aid lhat ir be ?hould be slfcted President of these I ailed Mates, ho sfconM est all the powers which were vested ir him for the purpose of rtttoriag by conciliatory means that taimosy which existed lu th^e s?at?rbWf?STii; alal apple ot discord had rolled smote them. Thev war ? tr y sentlmtnts. Be etasditg In the relation that he d d? mtcetnt of that work!?et it alone now, because wc waat uo ?: natter, and being t to rtmore tbe bar ? T*i! lhwc P?'*0" ^ ?me ttie n. ar ? ?t to what I belevel to be tbe public good. fApnU'ise ) rmoMlhr. It eld blm, by his known principles, to Win (aver of tbe t cion snil the harmony of the fclites with pfrl* 01 il-, ,J) I10*1"011. ?< ? res I lent of the srfat Nate of I'ems; Waul*, he was bound to the >?me policy, for it there was a airision of those Mates leBBsjIvanm wriiid be a border State?and I apprehend' ?bat neither >?nnsylvaela nor Missouri would be wi'linc ?o be border Hatee-I held him to the safest m.a for the pnblk good And jet, fellowrliiwns, see how ctnusie tny HiMuto is I stippirtcd Jackson whm we were not oa wood | orsonal terms. Immidiately there was a cry In ??y qnatters, by a class of men tbM thtak r.o ipersonal set can be dene without a personal motive, that Benton was routing Jackson lor something Jackson was to rive roe sn tfflce fcr supporting him. Btntrn did not Son ..sscend to maimer aay such thing: he let Ume-peak and i tte did speak, and Dnally Jackson wrnt out of t.noe and oot of the world, ard Ja ksoa serer gave b m an office sad1 jot It to dne to to him (Jackson) to say that he felt *ratetul for the support which 1 bad given bis measures < n tbe lioor of tho Bouse. It was his own generous na lure: he wished to give ihimrg proofs of bis cooiidence I .?v ??too. He told me ia his owe Boise, You are to command the army.'' Then there was ruwrof war with Kraace: "You are to command r.o army,' No war csme, but ho oflbred me the J rst en baasKs, and 1 declined tbem. If war had ?'?>? 1 should not have doollned that, (cheers.) bntllieso embassies I did. (me great |>o!ot of tne cba SSlV ? " 1M' ,bal be h,Uld to b? in debt; be hated to be debtor In any kind and oa U>? occasion bo ha ed to go out trt tbe w orld seeming to owe Bcntoa so niuch for what Beaton had done for him In S'ipportinc JiJ*,,tr',e*fure* ion Ooor 01 the Boose. (Applause ) Well, lellow cltl/ens, that went over, and now it is pretty orarly the same th ng with Mr. Buchanan, flavins b??n intimate aa<( social wtth htm, both public and prvato? t-rne more so?we bad some cooling oil a fcw years uo and have not Ulksd with each other for about si* or s< v?B ytara. >or six or seven years we have hat ao ittircci:r?e, aor did I expect any event to come by which we were to be brought tognher; but when the nuesttoa fame who waa to be the American Presuleot aad when my Iccliags and convictions t mo ha waa tbe prefera ble maa, I went to work for him without hM knowias it. ?,Mn#r i1*11 io work for Jst ksoa with kBO'"',,>f ,l- 1 hat has also heea taken up by thn?? teal pupptwf tbora mupt bo prrponal mot ires lor that B-tn do. fellow cti/ess. thirty years 1 wan in the American <*er.ate, as yna knew, and during ibe great ?-r part at lhat time I waa coatideatlal with the a1m:ato t'aiM.awd tbi y were dispoeed to oblige me in *n> uiins i waited, but I revtr used my oil** for perto >al ob ' C.l*~ TTJ' n,?* m' place In tbe Aweroan Mijaate to fit try ri latM as to live oa the American people Ttj?T i-srsjoBMitsss applied to tne, but I have told tfctm ? so sa?i work.we bave a tree com try, where n riae may n skc use e< bla tatects It he will." Aad yet there are per s ??* thst sup)?re lhat I acted personally as well as by. totiivralty. I was la bopseat ls? t that 1 bad saved my s?.y hypocHty Home said he was not Hucerc. that I want sea our y reroat ttecled Tbe (Set that Benton passed lis own son tn iaw.i>??ause he stood oa sect'oosl rronsd? If at tact was um ted w the strongest argument tl'atcr u'd tw nscd ti.tousbout the free Htatee Now see wb* a life a '" J *" h*' ,n lr*'1 Fse bow. atcr forty yeent ol pi.altr serrire. he eaanot save himsetrftorn bets/ mi?t? . erstood. But, as la ail oases where there are two sldet, ??nf must bewrotg. so then tnat side that said I was -? sm?re. were wrong, aad thoea who in the ine !*atr??who qttcted my esatrplo to tbe tire ....tlce of Mr Fremrafs elr. tK?_wrra t * pi?r H>et was r ght lam, ih.*, ahore prrtwnal'ohleota a What te eoncerred with wj public life, an.1 m what i ?* I critic here |o tbe oonclasi- a #f tbe (ampaisn. I loot ?'pra ths elect nn ag aru'sd. I inok upon it as rrrtain .LSI Mr. fitcbasse It to he alrrted (t beers ) B .1 thlt " ?:? * ?' ">?**??f ?l?e dear Mi my heart Si d la ?hl<*h I take an trter.wt. Not K-rty year^-not sve rr? but mm.-forty^we years 1 have hi.,, tq th e lewa. There ?Hs a fremd i<?lBtlng to Mr Pr?a1(ietit^ t <m the f rst day o? my arrival I m?v" hirSTTbii i wi, fntiv ore j'are, and have received klndoeesrVom tne nttwhh ?I Missouri. I bare rooeivod great I\\ZivZ? sad I have taken pride tn the rhaiactT rf thecttr aa<i in ibecharmwr ot the .?*ate-l sm proud 'ot it alba? dtea hrea cot .ptimeatod on the rbararter of th? .ate ty m?>r. b?,Btr. m< n from Kurepa. Mr'chante t>r the ? rtai.stt.H ^s have told nse of the punctuality. HahlHts ? gulat ty ot the metrharis C t^t i^>ms I was pro-.i to I ?rl? (t'heers.) Tbe nrrt backors ? furope have .S'ked to tee ef the way <v whlca we km-p up cmr ^mta ereoit, ^alsfof tho Mate lor t| 1 p^u,, ? that. I wae elects., to the House few r*,,. ?go. 1 sm thanfeful lor that. tmrtng the last s. trmcr I rscei-fd a great vote f'rtn the inhabits of ibis town aad cuarty^-l arr proud of that, for t. nut in pfotMiftton to ih? pride and tbarkfnmese I .eel tor Ibeeo votes thai were given to myself this sum mer, th .1 holing he marred tf that party did not votne i p new ard support our nomincaa VfWrs > i sm therefore here, mv fsllcv: cHlietm, to urw, *ou on n tha' trod work, convtaced that I sm w>t ?o stitlar mor t.i cstWB for yon, rst dot, g that wh oh yoa haVs dorT'a ?T bet son (liters) T consider Mr. Proharan eK^d ir 1 tare st a. fChe*ert ) But I do not consider tnst tMta.i ot hm laltt.r; aad .stohlit ts^w.TS " J b'*lnr rt ft W. 1 hate seen enmgh M j (?ir MH t r.o, cf the irs'de working ot that riaoe that ?o President sleeps oa t bed of r.#e? htrataee wd t^S^ great hejend measure, wall upon him | have aesl tieherai Jar.ktna tone tat* in the nwht whmtii?I r,? up torn h.m pa M r^-ten, wht.UaT!r^ tae *3>pie aaiervoms of tbe Aatertcas f "Tendency, when tbe sonnds of bo footetsp *u heard bat that of the porter that weal before me ud mf o?u?Um halls Uat were so fail before, deeert ed bow, but be bearing it ell. I have sees tt all mod 1 know Mr. Buchaaaa wtl. enter oo his admisustra tioo Id time* of extreme (rouble at a wbea disunion la threaleawl when there .? duiker of actual tarrltorjil dissolution ot the I nioa. *dJ when lato; of the evils of disunion, ud tboee ere father to all tbe reet, ere already upon us. Although be may be eiected. ths causes which have produced all Ueee t > ngi will go oo and produce their bitter fruit. This la not tbe end. He wiU, thc raioi e bare a d!Bcol: time in tbe beginning. He will need tbe support and c< uOdence of all tbe lo. era of Uie Lt.oc cto far aa I aisy ha; e any power to act, be bbal' teceive m> support for every ibtng be dee* com plying wl?b but pledges w reetore barmony to tbe I nl u hy conciliatory means. I have ao Idea, of course, that force is to bo!J tbe di-lerent |*rts of 'be l'n:on together. A different ocntim<*,t made tbla tnloa-tbe same henti meat c*J alei e preserve U. Tbe wMmM that united I us, and that tselinx can only come from a aenae of ecus lUftise from a feeling and belief that justice la done to every party and ir that 1 believe Mr UacUnaswil. act bit pari, (fheers.) Follow citi:fni>, be will have dan ger, ho will have trouble, i xtrcme parties la tbe Norta and extreme patties ia Uie Soitfc, a every where, by ih? 1/ activ.iy. by the manner in wbicQ th?y present tbemeelvee and their oourte tbej stand (or pr eater fiaNr than ; bey really have I saw the for nation of tfcla UDtoa. I wu old enough at the adoption ot this constitution to recollect lie adoption. I remember the joy *hicii went through thu couau-j wton tbe State ft North Carolina, to which I belonged, entered Into the American Union, for hbe did not join until tbe second ) ear 01 Wo*h-DgtoB 1 administration. Oocgreee met with out her Congress held a eesrlon without hrr the came ia afterwards. I remember it all wel]; and tt would be among tbe calamine* ot my lire I; I should live to see tbe woeiul change 01 tbe reparation ol theae States, tie anion 0! which was tbe subject of universal toll (Cheers ) But there Is dwger Oooo men, fudging fromtnelr own teeings asd belief, t;*ik of aaleiy. They are speaking frtm ihe heart. >pt agiag as they leei agaiut the tbirg which they bo.d to be impose! nle, becaoae It a too bad to be lacked at. Tbey speak troa ihe?e fee'lrzs, but I he ? lived to see this In.on lighliv spoken 0*. I fcave even heard tt regretted pub]>oi7 anJ ta public speeches that it wai ever formed. I havs hi.aid cameat wjihcs expre-sed lor lt.? diseolution I have known that this seat ment, expressed In large public bodies -ias met with appnuse, and '? know by tbe feeling thai ,.e? at the bottom of that movement, that there Is danger in the end, aad tbe only wa* to avtrt tha; danger is to face It know It, aadteeit,and lo appl7 the properremely be:ore II is ico late. Thai r<n?ejy W not force_ t is ustice. it ia kin Jness, it ia administering Ui.>r.onstui tlon ot the I ntted states in the sp rit in which ;t was made, and to do what la r:gbl aad u*t to every part of the I n,on. It took about seven years to form ta.3 comttu'don 1 tve and twenty ytars It baa ta?.?? to get to our pre>ent state oi danger 1 on know thai tbe flrat attempt at nullilicauon and sect* sloe was in tbe tftne of Jacks n Tb? cause of it tbev went by; aad one other polat rose up, and another point bos been kept up over aiacc: and durirg this long period tbcre have been cas*a made ahead on the happening of which tbe Union must be dissolved and so on, one after another, for tbe period of twenty five years, there bas been a deep seared feeling of hoatllty to Ibii l niou, and Mr Madison, wbo died ia IHCb at the age of 86, among olter litUrs to airland, ftateatbe grief ol his bear' and mif-glv ag at sigas .ha! were approaching, te noticed Uie spread throughout the ttouth ern Ftater?tbe spread of nulhucancn, and what be called tbe susceptibility 0' the tfouth to. the alarm for if eir property. He saw it going oa, be saw the danger, aad In oae 0: these leiters he mid tba: dU*?ttsftct.on was working at the South, and that It would no! be poaaibie ip retain la the Inlon. aga.ast :U w.U, any large portion of the States. Force with him, waa out of tbe nueet.on, so that when love ceased there was no wa> to prevent a targe section from sl.dlag off. allow cit tens', Uie remedy wb cb 1 resents itself to m v mind to it is to any tection of the Union of the cau e l>o uatlca to a<l. adm.n tsterthe crnstitetioa In its proper spir t. give to all Its ci mptoaDiMg lull and free sway, and upon that ( rely that the people will cling to;ctber, thetnial) party will bo unaUe to make thcnuolves felt. (Load applause ) No :lication u the South, nAll. .cat on and secession 1b ihc South, abolitionism lathe Koth?and bv abol. ton it m 1 include no man ihtt Is tvgaiia: the extension ot slavery wbere it does not now exist. (Cheers.) I am cae of that class myself. (Cbeers I have avowed that 00 every occasion, and I sa; it to you, fel.ow citi ens, that one ot tbe occastous la which l saw iienry Clay rise b iter than I thought 1 ?"?r saw bim before, was ?fct a a the debate ou the adm.-s.on of California, a d s solution vjj a -prehs-ded 1 slavery *a? not carried iiito this lerr'.lary. abet t never was Then Mr City, tipxg. loomtd coio In tbe bunate of the L ntted Malts, as be rt?a declauot; tba: for no earthly purpoae, t 0 earihly ob ect oor.ld he carry s.averr into piasea where tt did not esl't before. (Cheers) At the seme time be would bare hk- l>r?aat against aay Infraction, tbe right of the slaveholders whtrever It existet (txing (WBttaced applause. 1 II was a great aad proud day :or Mr. Clay, towards tbe latter dar* of his lift, and if aa >rtltl could have been there tocuirb his expression as be tttereii that sentlmrat, with Its reflex on his iace, and his countenance beaming with fiiaacis ol' purpose, it would nave been a glorioi'3 moment in wb:<h to transmit r m tn posterity? Uis covnteoance ail al re and luirlnous with the ideas that beat in bis Ixwom. (Laud ap pla .se, which InUrrupteJ the eiKa^er ) That wa? a prnud day I could bars wished I had spoken the nme worts. I srsa? them now. tolling you tbey were his, and adopting them as my own bellow citizens tbe for argument bas passed by, minds are pretty well made op I cove not here "lo change opinion", for t do net expect an opiu'.on fbere to be changed at this time, net to make an argument bnt to stow myself as>ong you, to look yon tn the rare and let you tee that 1 am one of y ou here in this last trial 1 am bere'atthe I at hour, whet tbe combat la to be dec<dod. I have ray pride and feelings enlisted here for tbe vote which the de mocracy of Mbsonr! shall give, and above a I whichtlis democrary of the city and county of St. Uouia shrill give. I bin Is the great obectof my speaking to you to n<|ht not to sake an argumentative discourse, b t 'ifp'sslble 10 to transm t ray feelings to yoa and to raise them lo the mark, alth <ugh I see they are np lo that mark. I now merely wish to arouse you lo lbs proper point for actios to-morrow. THE WONDERFUL WAGER AND ITS WON DERPUL FULFILMENT. A UIPAPrCrXTKD FIU.MOKIfTK IOMPILLKD TO WTOL A ItAKRIL or ArrLKS TH1KTY SIX MILLS?OKKAT uomint [From the Doe ton Post, Not. I.] it will ba remembered that Mew lteo l'erley Poor*, of We-1 Newbury, made a wager soma months since with Col. R. I Burbank, of Boaton, that Fillmore would re ceive the electoral vole of Massachusetts, and the condi tions tbsreof were that tbe loatag party should wheel ? barrel ol apples IVom tbe residence of tba one to the real drnce of the other?a diatano* of thirty six miles. The Tart is very well known, by tbe result of the recent elec tion, that Ms>or Poors lost, and coneeqoeatly, In accord ance with tbe dictates of an bone it man?which the Ma;or is universally known to be?on Wednesday mom tig laat tbe victimised party commenced bis imirsey it -re West Newbury with tbe apples, notwithstanding his receipt ot a Bote fross Col. Burl>aak reitn |Uvahing bim Ircm a farther foltilimeat of tbe conditions ot tbe bet I he Major starte l aa soon aa he had reoelved ofTielal al tbe direction which the politics ol Uasae cbnsetta had taken, in good spirits, and be retained thet slate ot mind i.bUI tbe completion of bla joerney. Ills o-urse had been esgarly watched aad duly chro tn led uBtll yssttrday iorenoon?the report being tbon that be woaM reach Boston n tbe afternoon of that day?when the in tar est that had l>een telt in this exceedingly novel allalr iacrensed to aa uanenal and i.iiprei'*dri le>l excitement Arrangements were insde tint he ibouiil ba received in Cbar'eatown square, a iiere be was te arrive at bch n and be escorted to tbe 1r?n?>nt Bouse la Bnston, tbe reeideaca ef Coioael Bar bank, by such delegation* as might dealrc lo Join in in. dem< nitrotton. Ibe work of preparatoa went forward a tbn most eiptditious manacr. aad at obs o ciock th re had aat< mble-'at No. loowasnmgton street over W? cttueus. ready lo perform escort duly n|ioi. tbe <<cosier they were soon joinod by the iadspcndsnt B-?lon } jftiears. r.umber.ngibiry lour Baskets, aodao ? mj?u.f. ?' by the i'oston * ornct'San.l, and tbe eatire line then pcreeded lo the <;ttj- of Char"* lew a, wber the ?M|or a.rived at about 12 o'clock; be was alatioecti oa ti e square for about <a hour ssd a half, aad was snr n iiaded by a dense crowd. Tbe bcro or tn< day was -fa ed open the ah?>eTI>arr )w lo wbioh the i>arrel ?f applet ess irmly leehed. tie bjoked q'tlte weary, H'.twsstn decldoJly g<od spirits, sa u*<i?i Be was dte's'd T a rocgb green bat?, u-ket bine dungaree c \ .rl sola, no'it nrogans, and a bvavy Max can loll hat. Mf. 1 erJner, Dr. Bell, of .-'oraertdle la <? onndi late ? f tbe FlHwore ?h:gs f' r t?ot r?or.) and other persoe stsv of u?se were ta atlendscei>. I?r B look up the bar nw and wheeled it a shmt eilstaace. but ti*o Ms,or ro qi eaied t tan to 'wheel It bac!:," being determined to *beel tt evtry st*p to tbe t miti of Doit'*. TI.e proe*?sloa loft ChsrVatown squ ire al about gftein III In.tre lo a. The Cbarle<tewa deiegattoo had a banner. ?<t< wh>< i wes tbe tascriptloa;? j BEN f'kJUAY PtKyRg T > mat ins i-sitan rueiBtu* nanaa i? i*it.\vtp nt tttai HIT AliaiSt-VKSTtOH lbca was an iMtoeoae eroed ta (haileetowa. aad rreal exrlt meet ex sted srv/r^f tbe ?ahah taate tbore. At Ibe tm e thai Uie prece-s 00 itart^d, and along its m i're marco Mie Mafn? was loudly < beere I, aad ne auder* ed act s little in the u srharge of li s ardaoiis dutlca from the -real "pressure"' iroaa wlthoiit. It a roita it rough th's etty hag oeee gaaerally ander ?tood areoae'i'icnt y at at. hoar mr mora previous to Me i?t?mphal entry Into tboety the priaetial tberongb tt re? were tbr ngod will, a .ilw> iif s.'c-tsairt srtnn?ed bv tbe wee? ren srbab'a ftei'aga. Aaxtety did not exist ?Tn ?? item, tor ;l sw wel' known that Ibe xsllaet t s|?w weald snneeaelMlly rs rforra hts wond?rfeV feat. Th<< sent m<nt of all was oTir of the gr< a test nurth at tbe ridn ule/i s cfiarae.isr of lbs whole afTale, sad U>e mora thai the pnb!'< te'ad reverted to Ibe artnal ooadlttoa of ih<nts. the mote tt was 'nr?ttd to aa assrciee of all the mirtffi I fsenlthw of the hao<or ?yrtem Froi.- nee end of state sueet 10 the other, and along tbe cai re line of Oorrt sad Tremewl ?tl> te tn the Tre nont noose, i tec walks ar d wtndoaa warn il'ed,?and tne same a ay also ba said ot a e>hin?t< n aad Heboo stree ts se rrosy exn?rt-d thai tbe proerssloa woali take thai route. At about 2)* o c'.org the pMg*l Male all eat ta the fcUewins order ? Deed. HHIVT R?eert. fleai er las described) INaall my ***?? nag* MWDI ruoad WbcaLa* a Barrel of Apples CWegV! l?l po.n&t > > ilmore Clubs of Boeton. I itjBora Ciube of Charleston Citi ena Generally. Vpoa their trrrn; at the Trawnt Hocsa the erow? and ezc.tement were greater Uua has beeu fhacaae to Boitoo for many yt art?the untiro mall lade beM? eager tc a<e the man who bai wbteMi barrel of aa pU-i over thirty of i ml.'oa It vM?lfe greet rfbrt tlftM U e hero of the occasion was ejtbM to ?-stam bb> pa* lion between the shaft* o( thi whe-lbar-ow, st grwiI waa the preasre. (aa bolbra alluded to,) aad aa the pre cession came to a halt the aiM tabled thousands toe. algal id continued iheering for the great-hero cl ih rc. at ra ni arVable event, o' lia kind. that has charackri ad the annals of the world. The buUdJa^ata the vi,is?tr? and especialI7 the Tremont Tempk (ctroMy opposite), wire alive with snbn*t?d nature of tua hnnaaa uprrts*. and tbe la Men testified their en.bais.asin by toe unuaU tha pia> of line a, cambric or t broiderT?ot by 1 whatever article the wealth or ;>ov rt/ 0 iu?l aslic r. preae: latlve or the rentier sex would permit I to indulge 12. W nee tavixj be->n restored, and Hi or Pooraaae cie,nag Id utrtnd.Djr the steps of the xremoat Bote*. ? here among the orowd appeared the honored reclftM of tbe o.-'-aaioa, or aa soir.e weie pleated to term (ML Bvibank. the much to he pitied vlctl j o; ax> <xtrajfre clrcie 0: friends and a ';ualiitanceg, the barret 1 tared upright upon one of thi atepa, aad a " p'arrd acroaa Ita head. "Hill be(oir Intended to sarvaM ? rostrum from which he eloquence of the cccaaton na 10 be diapeoaed, Ms.or Po<ve immediately astended si, ?Dd after the immerse applause mat grotted Uis uppear ?cce ha 1 subsided, be spoke aa fotlowa ? Col. B-i bad a p'.taaast bet with yon on Presidential electoc, which I have raid like a man, wl ?ver may be sal J about the bet .iseir and I trust 1 ibese applea will never prova apples of c^cord betw ua. (Cheer*.) The apples are varied In character, a a-iemed as if rrcvldence waa going to favor me aa aay orchard refused t<> bear this year. Here 70U will Sad roaieol tbe " King" applea?a graft brought by RufOT K'.i? 'rf :i i-'x gland. and given by him to my grandfathar. ? ho was bis classmate In college befo?* th* revolutiaa. I Htre yon w'll also 1 ni some of the fall sweet applea a moderate apple, like some of the gentlemen wttk whom you hue been lately associated (1 aughtor.l You will tied, beside,, a few 1 uinces very hard to taL that will reroire a good deal of sugar to make them pm utable, and which you will (Lad have given a strong odor to the other conhnt3. Here they are as troy are, aad 1 uch as they are you have them' I have wheeled thoaa thirty-six and a q?arter m' ea, and for one I air glad tk*f *r" bere. (Cheer? ) I am verv much obliged to yoe for he uohle waiter in which vou o 'ereil to releaae mm irom a further inlfllment of tne conditions or the bet f iroit jou will always be as fortunate in reoetvtng )sar 1 us: deserts as you nave been to day, and, wbetbar tm ?ommanJer or that crack regiment which :? the prida af tbe Maaaacb satta volunteer militia, whether aa dek to the Geeerai Court to which a ma or.ty ol the have sent you. or aa a member of the bar o! which are a dlahngutahed ornament, or among the (rentier \ with whom apples once caused a great commotio*, you will see by reterence to the good book. I to^e may as to day always "go tn and win." (Three ctk wre given for Major Toore.) Ontlemen?I pram three cbrers for ; on Robert 1. Burban .. Senator elect kr ibe commonweal a of Uasaachvsetu ? The chiera were ?iven witn a hearty will, when (M. R- kaanc: appeare 1 to re?"ond He waa received wflh three cheers, and then spoke a.i follows ? | VajoK Pooke?The cam fitness an 1 slncer tv with wkMk you have proposed this peculiar btt, are e<;ualiM only Ivf the promptltuUe and dt3patch wtth which vou ? nteratf upon and bave cooji leie . tbe labors ocid it to the hon orable performance or every coad t;on thereof. (*? piause ) It is said tbat It is pleasant to lisforcaea country. We have all reu s nc* Wedn^a3*y moralag I bow pieasant it is to suffer for one s princ fies (1m tlnui-J app.ause.) Vou have hail the fortune to tntrodaM into political tactics 1. new method of wb eltn (Unffc ter)? which fjrtuae wos.d huv. been m.ce hal not tha | voice of the peop e awar e.l It to you. Your friends wfc* 'orm this vast mu titude aronn 1 you. irreop ettve ot par ty. west forth to me-t ac greet jou. m ' have escorl?t I >oa to jour . ourn. y's end aa token of respect tor m ho- orab.e mac and an boa at politic an An tn future, whether tilling the soil of your anc< tral home, or m ? irhlag tbe pagea ot yov.r cuuntry a history, or oeteatfag tbe republic in the ha'Is of Coa/ress. cr gullaat.y bear ing the stars and stripes to tbe vcrv hall* of (be Maate 1 vtnjis, you ?1U be tbe object of our benedi^'cn. A| in hiaaa al'.a.n, since the good old days of Adam cl Kve, have played important parts or rather ImporMM part; have bten plated witb app'.ea. v?an baa prs 1 a*e?a< J, but app.ea tAv ? degererated Taan, a il^s tppia urctded a ^uaai'on tor a whole world: now, a wtoata I t>arrel is reiulrsd to dec,de a single ueation n Maaaft ihuaetli pohtcs That wheelbarrow has aireadv W ? oine a chariot of 'axe. (Ureal appose.) 'TnaA i reclous b^rdtc r a It shall be dispersed into every 8taM in the Union w 11 be a sym?oi of the political; oaaoMg* of 1 his coKimonweaita. aad tn rstu/a for txTm wJ proudly bear your name wherever our lag ?ball have wared or a Yankee tooth aJaat bave Ben Pe.-lsy by mastirating "Newtotm .'Ipptaa.'* I W^btag yon new bo acre with every turn of fortuaa'a wh.ttJ. and assuring you toat the barrel ah .11 support MM < lgn!ty of fash 10u by wearing "hoop " at the lowar ea*, I respecirullj Invite . on to an eateria.nment at wtLch wm | ma/ pa/ta e ot tbe earliest fr :u of the catci a_gn 1 Ha thtsla?t.c and pro opged cheers.) Tbe cheer which .'o. 'owod tbe remarks of Colonel flar I>sjk were of the moat hearty and spontaneous cbaraotar, m ugled with a coad.ment of aatrth .hat gave thex a aaaal ddtc.'ous I'avor. ? Mfor Toort aga'x morale 1 the barrel, whea bs al atrosg i ther th i|S. to b aasocuMlon with Aasoa I'rgame In Washington during the iaat aeaa.oaor ( oagraae. an J nr.aJe the pro]?alt.on. In a fce.lng ot good tetiowataa. for three cheera for Her Ant -a -urunganie. The; war* given, and men several times tnree followed for tbe ha r. ?>? of the day. n rapid success, on, unU'. the; had enterwtf the hoti! and the excrement subs/Jed. Tbe crowd lha dispersed. After the express::a of tt sgratolatlona ia Um him, Ms or Poorc was escorted 1a a baroucita to tbe Amsnoa I Ilovse, and there 1 an eateria.nment al the haMl sdA hearts of h s American friends Kat irt'ag to Iks r'fflom Bt.?e ht-was ihcre hon>irew w to a most tMM l': rent entt rtaintreni, served by the emlnani ( iluaarf geelure* cf tbe Meaara. tjteveas. they sctmg undtr Iks i ? ral direci'f a o:(o ilurbank AI>o .t twenti dva (.rntkaen oompaaarf ihe party, and amoag thorn wn several of our moat dtsttngnisb'-d cuisecs. he "faaal rt I reason aad ow 01 soul" existed at the hoapitai >e '?art of C01 Burbank for >averal hoora, extending to a Ma hour In the evening: aad attar Ml attention had beaa | paid to the varloua ic.rses consuming tbe r^rr->sftiwaa? provided lor tbe body, tbe company were enlivened wtth flowers of thotork snd :.ln?s of wit, emlneatlv approoil ate 10 tbe ocoaaton The Malor waa highly hoaored, aa waa also hta Bo pliable friend, and every guest al thai heard has ample reason to remember for many a year |"ifce day ws oeiebiate.' and ita highly aucceartal re sults. rt e are pleased to announce tbat tha hero of j -*urimr bears bis fatigues in the moot heroic maoaer. saw. aiiboogb hie bod* m >y for several days bear paiatai ovt dtace of tha totl be has endured .a oreer to keep a ptedaa ot boa or. ha will doubtless Uvs to see maay a day wfcaa be caa look hack with pride aad saUafariiua upoe Ms go nous acbtavsmact of a foal that wa only ma4a ami aing to U a public from ts exceeding ndle-iioua cha 1 ? actor. We have not beea informed tbat the Ma OT wtB propel tha wheeloarrow back to h.s ros.daaca la Waal [Newbury. '* " saw a fine amlrotype or Ma or IVtors. as he appear ?d with his wheelbarrow aad oar re 1 ot apples on tha read to Boston, it was takra near Maiden bv Msaata. Ci.uiag and Turner, or No. 10 Tremoat row, wfca 'leagatched tha artist and apparatus for the purpaaa. I hotographa of the ambrolype are to h? pubUsbad M Mrssra. Cuttiag A Turaar, to-day. oma osiiaaa4< may be entertained of tbe latere* Ml lathis remarkable exhibition from tbe fact inal Unrtaa the entertalanaeat at tha Trem< nt Hoi sr. nearly tweaty tekgraphic patches were received, requesting saaa pM ? el the thai had he> n niade stood*riul by lhair wonderfnl transportation to Bnetoa. (tprrn Ms|?abt>l+. UtTDrilOri AMAt'LT ON A MlHICkL Or*RATTO CggTltlAH. On Friday evening, a little aOor 10 o'clock, aa a mtlrmaa was walklag along Broadway whs b at tM time waa crowded with people, suddenly, Jual na he km >t the po>ot or crc<?ing over 10 N.aio's, ha waa atrnok a r eient blow on the a.<le or the bead, apsareaUy with a 1I1 rg shot, by a rattan who Imnsodlately ran off. Tbe gentlesuu Uics nOar.kod wa- alter ward* as?rMa td to be Mr Vllmaa. a wall known operatv cbararser Ml tlMO elir. Ihe police have made some arreato. aad It I* ftnerally said that the allair originate>? from aoaaa OT max Maiwtarh'e party opposed to TMall>er(. I'llman M ? iters, aad determined if possible to ptevnatany op ?Vrattons oa the part ot aoy other ine ?. The tollowlrg are fbrtber partlmlars of tha c?mmiUcd on Mr. llliwaa. as spactalty comssnatratOT It 01,r reporter ?Mr I'llman. oa the Jar ateouoaM. ?aa at the Hotel wheia Thai berg fa <4opatag (Mis M. Nicholas.) na a x till to tbe gre.t artist, hta oM friend. While there a moasage waa braaahl op to lb<5 'onttran slating tbat so?a ona wwhed to sfM w th Mr I llroan. Mr. I'. went down t? ihoetthe utraafOT who said that Mr N ? ?lsb"d to aan Mr. C. IrnmeHMa ry. Mr. I'llman tbareniwt left the botol tail took tM t'adu Niblo a to sea that (eniloQiaa. t'n the roa4, JOTl i tMsite stib.o's. as he waa oroeniac over to go to IM tNatre. he wa nddaal> atrtn k rrwta itahtoti a vlotnm brew oa Ibe head, wittt, as ho beliovsn, n mang ahag. The r? rsuo aha had perpetrmod the atraoto^a dead M> p ? dtaleie flsd. 't waa hMurt 10 o'n|n?a P M. aad Ivaa^ ? a'- was crowded with neopi.-, yal no oae t.mfc n -tlaa OT tl r'b msacboa nor altoB|?ad to atop tha mordaraaa M> sa' *M. jtr ksk y, who draeae<l tha wonnd and to the p*i eat Mmestlniotv a tor the afihir, 1 ?onp<i was Infivitad l.y soma aalawiiil wa nearly ?isetreyad <ma af the ejss Mr. I Hsaaa ? aasv ly irgta a Tory dna??rocs poaiton. Hough, bspplsy, IM inteaded murder waa net on na am mated Mr LlMan snsjwais a general Man Fr.Anj of Ma* Maretrok to be tha pasty who malt this anlnwas attack nana htm, ud ha sapponea thai ? i.rnrasaOT from tealoaav aad sr?li>tm rivalry, aad a'lsa tha tear thai L'lliaaa aad Thalber? warn nhaal to 1 toko eomathla* la retatloa to tha Cltara aad tn oppoa<*ea to tha intersaia af Max Mamtaek. rha n .aac of the nana thus svspeotad to ba lha immsnMs nator sad .'enM OT tba^Kw, '0??|| known. Mr t'llmaa says be was ? arena a weak ago, nt Whio'a, thai It was the hH?i of a aee. tain parent to sitae* htm. But aa ha bad goaa an to M toa, be (I iiman.) gave no fhrther atteahoa Ih IM warm, tag. Ihe MOTllaat, hnewar. tt la saH, rstaraed frr-ea ive'ort on tha day ?? tha sssaah, ??d Mr, Mtt?| thai Ike deed waa j?m by b ?