Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1856 Page 2
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UK Charges lfalilit Tfcc Waalepna MmHw ulw at the Fujt? Islands. 10 IBS SD1T0K OF THK NXW TOM BXHALO. r-'auc*, Not. 4, 1854. Bating lately returned from a trading voyage t? the feejce Islands, my attention has boon called Wo a com munication, published In the columns of the H?? ?1" oi the l?ih of February last, purporting to have been writ *aa at Urate laianus, and signed David Stuart, giving a I sag list of maasacrea and crimes committed by the na tives against the whites residing there, aid also charging the Enrich Wesley an m.sslonaries with being accessory ta and matigaUag many of the atrocities so minutely de tailed. reeling aaaured that such a communication would ?ever htve found admission to the column* of yocr paper had you been aware of the errors It contained, 1 take this, the earliest opportunity afforded me, ol replying to ft, ami of vindicating the character of a body of noble minded aad self denying men. 1 have been eng?g(>d in trsding aanong those Inlands (or the past ten years, and every white resident is well known to me. There is no person living there of that same. I am well assure!. in my own Mind! a" to the identity of the writer But fince he has chosen to ibield h.mee f un or a false signal re, it Is nci far me io publish his name After Nine {reliminary statements regarding the wars between the native* and the mar nacres of ehipstreckcd Mariners, your correspondent any*:? About tins lime, a fow Ingltah su-auger* arrived at thes ? hb?.i ? i'rofii -ijdnoj and ilutt a K?od C'-l'l here pre Heetwl i'nelf for enterprise and epeoalattoa, rcm?ln?d amonrs us. there twins no un.' amongst them who was a sci?utifl.; ?un or ajeehaiac, (except jue, . dh oemaker.) and hiing ap par*:. of a ' lidii'-aUun, w>* retained ihmn oteicriour rhildr' ii. and to instruct, and endeavor, as far aa possible, to convert the nsilns Ho then goes on to state. In substance, that toon fccv tag the satisfaction of seeing beneticul results llow from this incipient missionary scheme, and nelmvlng that trie natives would readily embrace Christianity if properly in atrueted. itey (tB<- < J ree.deulsi did what lay in tnesr power to proctuo missionaries to r;uidi at the Islands, and soon had tbe pie inure of welcoming .three holy fothera A tlo Catholic Caur-,h. lroin Kran;e, wheae suh aequent arduous auo mdelatigabiu efl-irU had i?.*en pro duinvo oi n irh good. The error of th s statement p'^ar. ng the establishment ai lulsticu'i a' the If ..II-1b, will l?e uriweat, wben 1 stale lha: tlcsa j.vreoi.5 wnoni your Cer oipoa Isnt de acrib?s "as sdvrct'ireig iraoi Sydney, seeking aa?l ac cepting employment from '.Be whit * . e?'lents, arf teach ers for tfcc.r hillroo," eiatao f-Mia London, in S?4. as accredited >mir*iCosrM-a mrn tho Loudon W??leyan Mii atoBory Socmy, ? litch -o u-'y tias ooatmued to support and bui.. r increase UJt.r missioasry estabilshmeu'a theie At tte ti-ji o;" tbeir srrtval. there were b>:t four or 6ve wfcitej r? tiding at the group, an 1 Uey ware living n the booses ol the native chiefs. Taere wis scarcely any tr.?ue t-iert, owin^r to ttio canon baibm ao l ferocity of ur natives; lor however exaggerated the MatcuisBte of jour corrus,*i?(leut re Kart'iig the ru-lttes sad crimes of th? natives at the pr-n.nt siay they w?re .'clouo'idly'.no true *t tbst time; aad it Is principally owing to fcfce civil zieg and tlfcrtstun tziag in Cue aces of the Weeiera.i mLiaionar'.os lor iho ayare ot ;w r.ty two years that tbe present trade hts (riifti up ? iere, or th* white peraous nave been able to iwao't there ia such numbers us to call themselves a oaasmuaity. Tne wi;ier tf its Inter rc"*rr?d to d.u not jo to tbo istsiiui l'.r many jtars enbeeq ient to the e?Ublishia?nt af tbe Wctileyai mirfi 'ii, au4 there are now Cut three per*on.? u?'.: r tJn-re mho c\me prior to thel? iettleon ut Thus it will be ?v? u that the a <?ertions ot your corres Bcocnt, (. their ha?ib% t'omc there as alveuturers from dney, m i oi ?.'?tir haclrj l>?eu enaplcyed by the whites te tea;;: their ;h: ren, are .aoorrect. Tne chiHren o! tae white* ri"?r rwd any regular instructors 'inui 1850. wrAeu, io ar -w .r t > a rc.{ceet from *omo of tbe lead tig wl ite .c i ri's. a Wacber was sent cut 'Tom London, by Iha London Ac et?, for that and Is to a perform ing tbe t duty solely at the expense o' the itociety; the whhee hat in<[ i ontribu'ed verj little, if anything, tswardt lha soppnrt ct :hw tearbcr. The ?tar^menu of y>ur correspom-'ent rerardin/ the French Osibo a?ianonsri<s baving com* So the iilaada M thr ci U.e white-, and of the favor an J est: nation in which they are Dell, arj eqaa.iv erron? aua. n T arri ea at the Islands in twelve years subsequent to the establisrm<nt of the Weeieja: miasiors And however cst'maMe they may N> i. h-ir pr ate chkraoc-r, t?ev neve nad very IMUa c.rc?,:e n makirg c >avor.? M> their Roman .atanfc: dactr: ee. While the iV ' Solely hava rai^slin ala.i' i;1 at n*arlv ail tbe principal towns In toe/roup toe FrenO pno'.? L.e.e h it one stattan, w.ii -b is upon Jle iaUi>J ol lci,f" I b'ltave fey tw.vo also a lay t?achcr at He-a TKe a*tcrt on of ?<mr oorrespmdaat that tbe wblv> i preftrred . > intrust the cdu :a..on of ?.?letr cbil'lrea to the Fr?icb [nests, u also an error. Witt the excrp tioa two i r three, among whom Is the author o' ;tia atav"iiat. tvlr ratigloti ii deciuetily uapafuUr with uia mas* cf the vt'te< and the ?c'"?ol at l.evuaa 'thy town where ihe ?b".es reside) ia *uil uaCar th: coatrui ot iue Veete.van t-? her. Aad now ;o:iuws a s< rtes ot stctets nls from your cor reapoLdect, regard.c* fie character aol anions of thi Wcalcysn m -?u cartes so utterly ucroundel that it out* aaci'.e tbe adlgnattoo ot - very well f.riacip ei mint). He ic ,jea'.beni ?n tbe lc^iireton of isaay, if not all, acr;?.-:?of the ntivee, inctt ug tb n to pl icteraaa sacre the wh.tas, particelaiijr the Americans; tii? aaos'a as^'trne l being rceenge for having b.*ea dlsmmsed from amr>ng the wtltse, hopes of guin troji moaop .iixlng the trail.c aith tbe cstives, aol halrrl of tbe 1 reucl priests, acd < alousf of their ifil! teres. My p evtoua remarks rrgtrdic/ ihe first and last of these reasons were s trident to alio* ttai na sarb feel tnga coo'd exist. 1 will apeak of the charge or tuatuity to jMriCana, an ' tracing and trtfliC*!og Wth :heca'jve?? the whole of which ?taiemeaM aro at uofoun-lcl u tboae which I have prav*rualv noticed. I bare en j>ed an io tHnate acqoam Ance wltb nearly all tue member* of the mtaau'0 estab at the HAads far the past tea years, and I take pleaacre in sa> in; that I never met with any body tf men who appear to hold Americano aud American inatitntioaa In such high estimation aa tbe gentlemen 1b question. Th -y um'o'mly spaak well o them, aad are always ready aad wll'.lng to assist any aad all Americans who go there to the full extsat of their pawer 1 for ore, a* an American shipmaster, have to acknowledge many acts ot coortaay aad ktauaess at their haada And it la w?U ktowa and ar.saowledgad by the w%Hea at thrae islaada. that the miaaioaariaa are erer ready atrd willing to accommodate aad oblige tbe as, when ta feetr power ?a do ao. and ab< aid the paper cealalnlng t of your trovrespondeat find tts way to the will?it wUl aowharg eattaaa Bthat vary oommoaity of your correapondaat pre taada to write for alUrangb aoma III feeliag Las beea Mt and expreatal by tome of their number, yet noae of -onld be ful y of eadonlag stateateuu of th* it mutably greater iadigaaAon tbaa arttile residents .a whoae I have always found the misatoaeriaa. on aad all, ?Vtaae the greaiaat interest ia the preaparity of the American trade st the Islands, and have often heard tham sxprraa the hop.- thai t! might prove aurTlcieatly ?rot la I ie io rn urs lu contm ianc . as tbay believed aad hoped that tbe prospect ot acqulrlag preperty might stim ulate lb* natives to rxertioa, and tend to promoti hebita of aivtl)zatu*a aad laduatry among them The truth of this state .nent w'.ll be readily corroborated by a aarav>er of reapecUhl* ah.pmastert, and otbsrs. ta dalem an 1 its eternity, who bate at various timsa beea eogagsd la tue Mail tre'e. ] appeal to Oca aU to ear if aay ons amr.tig then aver knew uy alsaiocari a tbe Iflania to ?Bgaa.or to laQuaare any of tbe mt'n n tfalast Atteri nana or tae Anteiiean trade aad If tbay *a\ n not, oa tbe ooeftry 'tdeivorad to tbe xteet of t&atr maani to p-o Mate it '0 respondeat siylea btoaaatf aa tmariean marc bat t o<ync Daaiassa at tb<- w lands. | kooe the writer; he dnaa ant. sad for some year* baa act, done aay bi tta?>sa there. There are a number or the wa tee raakiag thue, eho w.ih araiaeeorthy .ndastr/ and exar Una. feave bntit tar taeniae Ives several decked b??tt? wtth there ibey rut the dinaraat Mails <y ike grtup. 'or Ue put pose of trading wltb I'm aatlvaa, aallrg tbe protuoe wba.b they proraee ta the resaels Mbl there, aad the aara fir them aatim aa Looeat aad ratpecta*>le livsl'atod But ao foe are the t.aads fmm au ordiug these s.-iendkd avaaesa '* hnme watch ywnr cerreeponaeat aa grayitcaUy ? -a anbaa. there .? act aee of U?a at tae ar*NM dar, after yam? of exerttoe, wbo car r%: n-mseif worth i re tboo aaad dollars If this U tra* of Itcwi whs bare dereg-d ArirthSe time sad eseriinn N ?aaMeMsi of ptwferty. wbat ter?mee or the tMMMMof yenr oor raaponarni regamins the iat*; foftuaea e< lulred by the miaew rar ? - r ?r. r ? i o? me unde^a at all ow;ag to ibe daager o< rve ::-u-emmr tan aativee or the laascariiy or pi upaitf.lfti Isarfui la aa nf Itavtd ?sart to the ooatrary LotwC^eaciiii 1 will not apeak ef affairs whicn tooa p*a?e tw -nty er thirty veers back, whea cnnes^aiism aad mmm ware ilia am rag (ha aa tir*a aad befoie the tataanoa at the Wseleyaa m'.saua ariss bad heg<;u w> p''. 1ut? a aObet ifon tne aatiee et?er? oeierreaeiM nf that per ot I hare ao persoaal toawiedse r titwitb th'- wboie cour>e af all sirs c uring the past its yaaia I am w*l aoi|<iaiated Dartag tbla per<od there lie\ e been oa the average Imt forty to ftfty white* reeidltig at the Island* mostly a" a* tta sawn a- I ??esa. no the island nf ovalar They fosra Sfoat Si 'eri ?a< keg b aM, bm t by taenwelrae. rarying trosn three W> tlleeu u>m 'sni if, wbHh are (?<-? ty maaaes by three rersoaa?sometime* b; os v t ro W.t i lhaae beats thev rWH Witt the entires, sometimes oe?efc- Mm nt BM tnar keasrs over a moetk la new of the sinter..ent* of your corrwpoid?at re farming tbe ho?tiMT s ' . tbe aatirM. nan WO. 1 W' no. r I I M , I ao V, . I ,r > I > go amo Ig UHn kav ag property MSMM ttojt - rapidity and u7 n..wer t.i MMaM It. What > en two or tkrt?> |>er ons i ay n crowd at aaliveet Tet, d.irlog th- perie.d r*Urr*i M af tea years, there bars beea ant three case* wne-e Ms kav brn a attacked aad robbed by the aatises, e.d Ik whick 9 f sr.i'i Were ktlleg. This I* aerratsly b? t aeecgb, aad t t? r gbt that me perpMratere of ta-? ekonid be pnalshed, and Mart severely. Bat It la aot st aM aeeordiag t > uia rapeseaatawona of year carrespon MM. He glrra a loag Hst af asasae Tea aad robberies. artfbUp represaMMg them m of raMM asanrreoce *n Is fori mast af th<M toov plaM ap?aeu? I teeaty, aad ann.e .it them thirty, "s" aro ?> tee wbale ahip uteo, wktah, ka says, wss wraoked at Turtle MM, aa 1 twaa ty 'Igtl ol h t ' rrm m"-d.-rrd. I aerer bef ?re heard, if flMh ash% waa wrersed it meat bs*e been fall thirty rear* age. The ruar|es Bags'-': s 'sir im? p,s n IK. ? mm i ' irierspts'n and two men nf the Wnaek scbooaer ormin^ .r^plroa, s?m aiao in tail The ntlllagr of the aeatala and mat" of tbe Tahiti sshaeaer waa a n.'- alia r of the Jttno I aerer h-sid That also, if It c-er Ml plaoe. mast hare kaaea a fa 1 while b fore I er?r w?nt to the MlMda. The other c*M named hy rear oovreepnad?at were nil boats. Race 1* ? titer* bare W-> twelve vesaalt wracked ba toat"i, lo tbe iaiend*. aad all took plaae bsfbis I went there, la every IMMMM the crews kara been treated by Ike a a* tee Their names sreee Ma Oltde, Vara, ' tageta. aad Tint r^kerlng. of ^alem the Cbylock, American wba er. tbe Active, Va'adnesa l ady Bawden feany. KpaNa, IntM *err1* aad ffolaason Walters nf ?ydaey. Of theee yoar aarreapoa?ea; maka* ao men Baa. I do art wish ta palliate nay nf tfce ntmeWea eomm tted ?7 tke aetWM. On the eaatmry, I aoaatd?r i tbe duty m ear gc-remmeat In protect tbe Uvea aad iaer>Ma of ttsetti7ens, wherever they may be ecatlarad, aaj to In veat gate aad -tinah sB ? rimee oommltted agaiaat them . at ao t uiOMdsr of a nal oaa. gBlp shaalU race v* H ;.-*th inch wbe'esale ciarg"-t is?t tbeiuf'iree, and two against a bod) ol rnea *'? respectable aa the We* h-yan mil jMnarwa, do matter by whom preferred, wit a out a candid and cautious iDV'^ttiii on into their truth. Tbt*. 1 rej lit to lay, was not dono by Commeo'ler Bo'tl wtU. of in* Intwd xairs ?wp John Adame, la ha recoal vikitio 1 ctjr?, and wboe.e actlou iu troco matters your corretpoudenl evidently wishes to bo lit up through the colun u? onto 1 latum, to Uie acml.-atlonof Uio imtr. ,uj pub. c m ge d e rel, ead as m exan plo to the crnm.uiJjns ot our ra.y m parUeuW. How ftr that adociratlon au4 the euiog.utna or yoar correspondent are deserved by ibe it .art ccmmacdtr your riu.'ac* will bo able to Judge whtn 1 tome to sp?uk nfbta doings there. Your oorroe pondint, m*u? tbal it was imported tflOuumuilw B. thai iatu and all ot Ui? Eu^lirh cjitiloiiancd .:au ejgagu.t iu tbe ecmmcrce cf the "lands, to the neglcct of their splriluai ailbixa; and by meai a of levying upou tbo raltvcs lor urge quantitl** of bech tie mer, coeoanul oil, and tortoise, tell, which Ihey ??i.- rtcit u> Sydney for &tlo oa their own aceourt, wet* rapidly acquiring lor* an or?tbua preventing Amerlnan ver? ?l? from obtainiug tuoee aril okp, exopt through ti.e Kaghati rnu^looaries. It la very true that thta abated tu.c *aa communicated to Com B. (most probably b/tlio correspondent of tbd BK*ail>J?and tt corUt'lily doca *.ot relied any great ucdit on tlie ? ague-it y or active,) of that Individual that sucu a bUUuicbt nboild bate been to readily credited ? iiboot mif-stion By a very aiignt inquiry be might Uavo raiiftlcd bimaclf of lib mure litcorrecuieaa. I am, aa<! cave been (br the last six ystri, more larguly engaged in ib-t trade than any other person. and it la impossible that as; of tbe mtMlunarlca tiionld hive become engaged la unfile wltb tbo native* wuhout my knowledge. Jt is trie thai latrly a .-mail quautily Oi cocoanut oil uai b?en aunt u Sydney in tbemlmion Orlg Jo'uo Wusley, ani there sold " ou account of tbo tockty. ' But that baa hMM a volun tary contrlbutoa by tr.e native mvmbcra of tiin church U'wart'e the support oi UM)*r toachorn and tbe proeoeda are Cerottd to tbe iciaKiva catite. Thta is whit your cor rtHirOtdent Urtra "levying amtributioce ucon tue an utea." IH? not the trei.ibcra of a very religious cmnmii ntty conti inuto ao-ju-Lhing towards tbe support of their mib&te>a t and nty should the rndtau naric. tie cenatired icr recvlving these voluuury gt'w !rum people whom th?y bivero largely bineiiwdf i rotn whst I tmvA bcr* f .wd, your roadera will p<>r ceive bow Q.letly uniouijctd a.e tbo accusation* ot your correspondent, aid every upright mlid wlil to ready to do ;ti?tic<< to thi fe nrb> hearted men, who. from motives ot reliKlou *od pbi artlirop^, expawlnte them ac.wes ard toeir tamiiita frjci all fhc comlortaot civ:ii/cJ ?o irty, and sperd tbeir IIv-u In tbo?e far oil" ard bar'Mric labormt.- Icr tbe tnligh'. onien'.. tnd conversion ot tbo;e who otherwise would Iw l"ft to poriah in tbeir (tarkn?(aanu ni?m. What sball uompeasalo thorn ler tbe injury ?<? v dsne them by tbe publication ot tbe atatomenti of >cur oorrsapondi nt, torough tbecc iMei-i ci the pr?nn of a dutunt country, to which they ?.avc bardly any means of rtt'iytri;? They bavo been held up aj motrfttis of iniquity, as taon etained by crime* ot the dye. ii>?: galora of ibe moat ttro cu tis cr:mcs Ucm pvcuntary motive*, aid all under tbe ^art> if aancli.y an l n .tglou. Th:a tal* baa gono forrt 10 tl.e publi'. tbt celsmc* of U.n EIkiui j It has bein read and iio?t prcVr. dy bdieved by many who were but loorcatly to believe anything to the uucredit ot minister* of rellgu b, and who wUl never trad, or tf they t o, will J iy but Hti'e attontlon to this vindication of tbep<. Uiifortunatety, bureau uature ta ever too ready to Relieve ?vll of tta kind, ai if it therein found excuse l'or ita own tt berent uepiavtty. ?Ihe.e la i>n? other ebtrgo agaiutt one of ihe ctembera of tbe tri*lion, w ich 1 will n>ttce bc.'o u I procisod to ccmmect upon tbe ac'ioa el'Cotr.mander Diuiweil regard leg vue enlt reemei t of claims el Amerts n citlr us npon the ritive chiei'a. Your eornrpcnient ataU^a. tbit "one cf tbe mMl'cariCb ta\:rg j-rflTiuaily dishonored tbe wife of ct>e of the prinriyii.1 chiei.4. f-nnd 1'. neceeaary to ta*>e l .-.?iago 'u tsj&nc} , bin ciicer as a missionary being gone lorevtr. ' This statement .s cf a piece with laoae already dUpoaed of. th? gttMum ; to ta* been a miszlocary at t^oL?tai'ds forMrenteea yea re?the l&atfour yean cbaliB>?n el tfc antr .v?and is bald in b:fC etti naiiou b> ail the members oi uia ui'tston. Huvu.g irau&lattd x large i-rrtion ol tbo (acred ScijHur s Into the t'eejean IkLgiiatte, he ysiled, in October last, lor Sfltier, in th'j brlr Jabu Wesley, on his way to MagUod, for the purpose cf fiioer nteLrix>- tos 1-tue of *3 cdi ton of thi ibblo in the native lari^iage, after whtia ii i* expect co be will rttu.-i ami rcsumobia labors at tbe lalanda. I Will HMI (proe. eo to reiLark upon tite ?tyla of Invea Uga 'on pence by 'ixmtu.liT Boutwell, iu bii icsent examination of Uie c'aimt of Atmri *mu cnizeia agslnat the iiklive cl. :i.??, :.nti wb cb Is to nuoo la. dedbyyr u* corn apcBditt. B' ??rf tl is tt -.til be ."i?se??rjr to -fate *om?.' paMicu'trs r paru'lrg a^iw~) at tbo v'/isd* for Loiro fme prevtou? toCiMurciuJer C.'? arrival 'ibcrdha.1 ut j> or cir-i f;. rcier ft*<?:-? i r-on of civil wa fS'itipj. bet ?> e?i ttvf .?ral chiefs N f e-,, e: but r3 the stueruiti cubit-', ax. pr'bsbiy veiy uile interested in the ec-itfsiaol saragrs. 1 *.U oti line .^yrelf ti the rt-uttal oi evert* is whicu tLe irrtign wc.le ics/.ez'c acre coa etroc?t. tn i sio tke wt'e*. U. tbo number of aboct BRr. rerid iilao. tie !n 1849 the wL <d ai tfce town of ! <!Vtka _ ebitfif wrica, lu\ l*v ila, wan u;?*i ire'eiy teriTis with Itiukombca. ene ot the priLc pal Chtali nngagdl in tbe wa'?lb . if a ct.t acv iviiy ubj .ct to jet he fie^uer.ti'. ?t: -ted biut In tt* war*, and ? as ccstidcted Unir,,. i.oat the ulau-'a, fJ> iK-irg 03c if iu pstly. It''t ;< 1 also very g. icriily c^pocacd tbe Cair* of J 1" optmcn, a tiiouf*! ujo? ol tbim took any a 1 .;.l In the war. Tut Ad rV?an f'untcl .Kbn B. Wtillii- r. i 't l 0 -5 a rrr.a',1 -.nUri, eailsc f>oknUii. win. 1 bolicvp b? b*d ptircha-ni Ircat >? j ti'ito Tfeakvmbsu. Ipoa t.?? 4in of Jilv, 1?p?, wfctlc celtbrating U).-- .ay by 1 ring canjc ., ti? h >b-o o.' ttc Ceninl aecii'? nts!ly look lire, and burtcd t">tae grimnd. 1'orlrg the pro^russ fth> Ira a crovrd'.r natirw 401 1. ? led ard !m'11,-eu thilr Ihleviih proj5ftj'i" by u'/tpg "fiU ctrry'Pf?<!'wti'ivrittry coril ij tret- bandgpn 0 Ia.t>chgc*M. Itrbif Coiirso tm i.rlbk ray to* uirrh waa itolen ird how n ich driiro^erf by tbe Ore Bu; aa .iu nat re* w-epretiv eip-rt in* vaving article 1 ? her* there wa? aach a nro^peoi of ihetr securing it for Uit lr own ure, it u ^ri.' ab.e that a go 1 deal wa* itoler:. itoiti after. In 1SA1, tbe Ceiled IMatea abtp 5*. liary'a, capu t McCrudtr. vl...iin,, the iilanj, Jr. '.Vil,.aui?'ap prti-d to tf"at offlecr for c impetsaliou to be of tbe ? I ftsfa. and hancc J In a ?ched'ile of gooia, auiounl leg 10 ? 0C1 IS, (it accms licgular that Le couli know ib? exaclan.c ea stoirr so aa to cha-ge k 1 \ ia ad ac 1 CTuet. even tc tbe Ib'riy eight eenia.) Uic tri th o( which. that "?ctr not N teg able (as bla time van llmlled)lo iatif.:y bimeeU, ccsctrnirg tta Wuth led n Uie hxnde of tbe IU.v Mr. Calvert, one of the alislonarlea, and klr. I<av.d Whippy, CntteJ ~ la tee We Commerce! Agent, Ik queuing item U> tiamlne Mr. Williama' '".iaim, and alio lever a I other isall claim* preferred by Mr. William* agamat native chi*'i on behalf of American cilUma, to aibUral* u|.on the nee, and to report to the Commanler Of tb? I'niMd Siatee abip ol war which etou>d vigil Kerjee. and to the Se< rtury ol 8tate at Waahtagton Mr. Celieit ureorcleg'y wrote to CuBniander Bontweil, upon bti arrival at Keeje*. upon the eubject. Bat as hi* re p<>rt did not at all agree with the notn>ee of Mr. Coaa il W.Uiams, being rtuber unfavorable to the justice of hia cle'm, be ?M very ccolly Informed by that gcutleman that? It waa eou*idered a p:rr,> of rrr?umpta>n fne blm to Inter Ure u e att4 i> eonrerung Snertran'Hi/ma or their IbtereaU. as be Mr Will i.mfi i mi Cooimander hfiutwall, were fu'ly ? im.peteiit to setile all such ad airs without 1 ny of bis as* <1 * ace In 1*6.1. a boat belonging to tome of the white ref.deaU of l>evnke waa ta'A-tn aod robbed by the native* of a p'scs called Kalekl. Tbe three men com; oeing her crew *t raped iB their dory, came V> 1 .evoke, and reported the outreee. Ibe whitr*. exasperated at the store, deter n no to punlili the od< ndert Tbrv eccor^legiy or/rsn ' Ircd *i?'.;>edl'io? , aet eerompeni^d by t*ie chler of the temg where tber ntttniter of hU ntlire wart lore, wett (a llp> p.??g, tb*}' ( npitired aid b'-ned and the tet've lore.: wWO^ ac. rimp*nieit their kl led a tttmbcr nf the people of Ute town, aitboag.l n res'^teare was sie'le Tbst tbe wbtte* did rigotinih i *n*tr t? unq-'^eiK ned, aa It sraa requisite lor tbern to abTw the net vea ?*ai they w >md aot allow any of their c, n b?r to tn robbed with impue-.ty. The people nt the <1** irrje.' town were intjeel to the cbtef of au ;a.and cal>d >'irve. They eariifd c>>mp!a*nl to hi:r of Ihe deetruetioB of their town by the whin* anl it u asterted by tbe while* toat be. the Vire* cblef. anpiie.! 10 Thskrnbea irr |e>nMh* ?? eveage blm ?li by de ?troyisg levek* although Thai r*mbe<> i>oeiiivair decies etl'towieiige >f the matter, rrnwrs of tne m'.dtutted bnrmng ot tbel- ii*n coming to tbe eara c iim whit." .aata? I eftdi'il a regular nigbl watch to man against treachery N'jtwtthstandlng tbtl precaution the town wa- Bred La the btpht. anu most of it reduced to afbr*. As there wne a native teachei belonging to Vteva living in the trsm at toe t me tne exaspetaiel whites a> oner Bled n 10c bitn a- Ibe laesendiary. foe eo '*her rea son. so far aa 1 have heew able to ascertain, tbaa thai bring a native Of Vlrve. be must beve been ordered by hi* cfeiet torei fl*e to the t>wn .tlihoufh si no e> Hse qaent invest irai'ie mold acy rel'abie prsrf he addnemd to Br ibe fact < poa him, Ibe tmpreeaum beoomlog gone al arrocg ibe whiles tna' Ttiakosnban ha-f authoe ,/id ihe oeetrurtir-i of the loeo. t' h t ox; are.I agate ! hia, and was io.nei br al' the white* Tbey Immed'ale'v ennstntrted a few ieirp?raey dwell ipgs, ir.xad wbieft Ihey txult a fence, whinb Irtey fort'V'i with x .era! pieces of cannon ecvnH aev acM ru'ed al lark of TLabmnbat' Bat be nevir went riser them a tbcrgb yonr correspnndenl ata'ts Uiat aerera'. In*/"" atietr pu were ? %ci U> carry Ibe Iowl '{e m at 1 pra'etri messages assuring tbem that be be.'. thtug to o wtib t -e o'th?.r town. he -^ v*ry !orry lor Up <*? urrerce, and that he wmld do at. in his power to dtecever aod panlib lb* perpnt'eior* '.b'Cblrege. Alt this I Hate aa fa;-ts Having bad e*'* siders>-l? jropsriy in ibe ban-Is of an agnnl Heing in tl town, wblibwm all deatroved bf tbo ers, I b?vetak< eonsiderahie pains to Invcftigaie the matter s?tt a "i* or d?eianoiPg te-letmiity, If tbe deelrwtioo nouio be iraotd 10 any rt*panelMe parly. Bui H is still ihrott'' a n ystery. the native i'i-.he- aid the Vtrvarhief wb wer< 1 hsrged with ibe *ct having tie?a t ilted a f;t efier by tbe etosieia'n lrl?>ee of f?r*ie? U wss right Ibsl Otn>naeder Bontweil sbonM have en de* to evntnise tnio th? mittrr. a* C'n?'ieraMe Aners an property bad been fi?Sirayert but lioshould have > one H'in sn mpart at spnlt, aor irdmg to th? ie?irnn iter s of Commortcre Msrvin*. 1 '>iAmender >n-C ilsfof Ji" lie lie >q< adrcn, by whoit he was despatched 'timn Ibis hr?trers I ?t?ot" trcm tt.<r*e tt.?tr>c#on?:?1"Von wii' 001 tskr il for grarte'' mat ail Ihe al'c-gatton* ata<~?? Ihe .^u|ip?sed oflrn ie,. are tr"*. iimt'y tuiMMtldnana feie I'ed their rejerf at t: - sU p. UMBl II "i" ?ee?.ttag Ihe Imtxilanl <".oly ;su>' t? o ir manage rrert and niwt**ioi round policy dtrlat si that a close stid tboeorgb etaailnation, upon the sir'C.oet principle^ 01 .itl'ee. fh'.uld be maue into every caae proaeated Per a. iot,(Brnf." . . 1 a bow bow far Miestv wise ani eqaHahle instruction* I mr o>lor? Met 1 .a" were carried out by f omman ler here Ineert srpme of th? iwresnindeuec Hera, w ho ? a> t!...- pei-f 1I1 ?. ? .n 11 tietwesn him and the native < h " ? ;>cu Ui " h %be Heat e a letter frotit Commander H , aate-t oTbniombao. Iglre * ent te tie fi**Wit'I Ck "t la H e afc .veromeat of the Cl1 tei iWe te l,"r.He<l ftate* ?h!p .''-ha Ait ia' and r?l - g t[? s lis e re en e t *?. yo^tr ??''1 ed me witii th s mission, pr . inroes are lf.e>n,*'isi le .s'r .fnlMt are bev nd tue r nnnre -ftr rla led her empire. H ?ve eao?ed Amerlesr. nrrvpe ue-1 V Winer thousand* ef '?''l 1 01" h utulau and uiher places sod appropriated to your own fir (Viae. and to tha'of tju /rierta. Y, u have iteated thenarm* who rsmi t-T. m &taa he.Hag ihu atune Hug h.t yoU now ?ee loa^om its Jds? Adauia, in a manner that will nol ha aubaiitted to by Lbr ire *< ll'Il.t Dt of the I idUni Atatea of America You are there' re retired U, rt-More .hat or .u. .B^eaf^k p " don of my nation, and to pronuae tj reapect It*' flag for Jie Iuluxe" ? E. B. BOUtWKU-, Connuwidjng U. S. ship John Adams. Tho following day, atd beiore any answer tu Iho ab>vo bad bffD ii?ciT*id, arotber l?;ttor tu tl?o followiig stylo *?? V?^ Wl"> U-e appended Mreoueni ibr Uw chxit ol hau 10 i gn:-_ H M lur I'mtbd State* Riiii> John Adams. I , _ . 1-?tc*a Ovaibp Kept n. IbM. s ^ LTr^iTlS1, do, ?" *W?f the gnvern ?a?r .r "I America, d maud of the !,. ?? .1 ii. t!l?. ??, **? dollar*, cr that amount to le pnftl In tiah eo< oanill Oil yum, pi^a f![vi yaiu-i. v th'a twelve aeootba from Uu. Sate; tho im>u?j~nr Mqu vultni o b? paid In'o the h.u.da of John U Wll li. ma. *H , I Bitcd S'at?a OomioerctA] > n?-ct at the Kf-jeo h' ,h" fo*"wi''K manner;? .16,(1 u to John It Will.amii hsq tor the lo g ol property on hi' .iido ?ukulau; S3,000 to Jaiuta U tVilhauiM >? h i fur Me, '^\hnnl^rri^n,ti'" lii' U'ru-1 of Nan/uka.'$4 000 to .^r ' v ^ ?fc Co. ol Hatoir, for tbg lows of property vi J1i v,1 E>:, ? Lovuka, $4HU0 to Mr Whippy United Htate* c-". S^i.V Iota ol Bin pi^erly at Ovale,i; fi? v. i . ?a compensation f?r ? x .r. L .,k ' r'y and lop bt inn clubbed by the native* fj', ; afv ''?? lbe.v robbed Mr Wuhan# at S?dne> ' ? i l robberj <a th? bark Elizabctli. at ratonga. , ' *'' rTH*'-' C'ainii on the>>e Olid other i*li.uds u> Motile ?td my tlny betBf limited, I mu?t ur;;? ibe authorities of Ban , ' ' ?peealJy, iind no? eompel me to go ?ft<>r the bo called Tut \ in, or aj?pr<>Hcn titi^ror Pan, ?h r<' powder ta quick and my baba ore rourd. K. It. iiOCTW fc.LL, Commaudor. A(:pcti(Icd to this **a tha following Jccument:? We, llie iirdersl^ned, Chiefs of Pan. "rtm'lt "the jfi'nue^'of John 1!. Will an.s' claim. a? atao ih?t of Ik,, otb. r Vi.ipriea.i < ltj?et>K. and proitin- on ourpan to t>..y the am .iun. (Jemaudf ' ' ) Ccn.mandei' Boutwcll wtabuitwelve n.oi.tha tram tiaa date Tfcacombao, th.i principal rtlef of Eau, NHog abaon Irom h b ton n at the tlins rt.v nbo'o Icttnre weraro cfited, Vatrodbiii j, the fecrnd chief, replied w the do o: Coisnsodorc IVwtwell, by tb? foiiowtng Humbio rtmcniruioe against Ui? uujuit prooe?!ii>||:?. To K It. I'otrwrix. 1 q . Coiu'df 0. si'ahJlj'j^lm^ibimj - Mi? I be* inrut retipeeUni y to '.bform >?>?? t?>at tha el?'in now I18<> on us by John B. William* U utjust, first, bocau*e we were not acee?w)')e? in any de?ree whaio, n- to ih,> aeizore li.i. fFlfl!? b(,^p*lc? tn '? ?? W.llistn-i, Jan,P., K. Wil l ams and M. sers. '-battue c and Md,c.m' < r; ser mdiy becanc <?e ulace where tbeae o nrcxes were ooinmltu d?tfc.i H io.l/ CJ > ukolau and .Vamitka -were no' Included In our dominl >t.a fkJ , . ?* HalU)^,Me U,ey " ow- ln P'noi' of this we refer t. Uie i<!i.tenieut? cf ( oi.iirio.iore Wilkea, ?i the United btites r\p crmr ejpeili Ion in if40, a&d o. every eommnnJerln tlio n ^ wh,> h?T* tb?ue part#. ,, V M ^ V/'^a'1 ' v' 'l's'i-ule.1 on bonr.l S'la'.Tiu?n? ,',rkM- kt ^ Wh'Pi'.v, U. S. Vice T"8 pr, i'Wo rei"'' "> thos? A-r.-i-l.un citi/en, at i valeu who are acquainted with the sub.ect. Las' Ij w.-rt terto ibe ?n, ms which John H. William* himself Til !i.?a 1)1Ih,: 'i'1' '?'?'eiof R?wa. and which ih?t ehlef l'"1 "id d to ?! -charge. With refeeeuoeto th 'hit .K? I ,P',ir" w" eao only infoitn yon ? iJiifc thu borrit'ij ct J ?;vu'.:a Is Etill involvci !a n^yaiery. We ma.i t*an i u.t we were rot aec,?, *ncl woui.i a^aintnosl r>vpe< it ., y refer to *h.t evideLCe ^lv.-n on Ihe subject by the whilca cu l.oiud the llei id T am, nr vourobedient hitmbi *rJ*nr; ,, ... tBiff'jd by a m i kj. TaUODaMU, C d rebalf or r.fmtCif itnd the othercbtc?i now present iu Bau. To tfcia letter of Yagotlatua CctUDjatder Boutfcll, ;bn tau hem ititruc'.i d by hi* am^auiur In chiel ;o "insu tote a clo?" atct ttcrou^b inquiry, upon the strictest prin cip.eti of Justlct, into fTirr cato prcfcDUxl for tito ad jostwe'tt," r<plifg ia tbe loilowirg unioue specijaon ol quartcrdcck juC? ?? I'MTKoPraTHs Ship John An.?MS,, _ .. I.EVBKA OyALKtr, Oct i \ To y aconiyr CUef?V, hen 1 ma bt the demand o j t),.> -h.efii or K? i cr in-lemnlty 1 ejoected aoacAt>nwle<l(;in nt ot'voil icdefcteoneta aad w.llmgi.esg to pay, and not a Vuer 0f t.x at.i n. H> otl.cer b*J to authority from mc 10 enter Into any a-ret merit with jou or to?: head of your nation. I am s*fl.i ed . f 0;e rf 1 nl Vlti. a? Ihe chief of llau. T knr.H tha. 1i:h icflaenco prevented Fhilllps ft .,iu pay.i ?/ Mr. frr bis los-t# on Nukula i 1 know tiat a af.ale i tooJi was Mttt tohuva let m Haa. with order* t0 c'-b -ba'tuck and Me U mi er. I know that tho Vlwa people robbed American* a* su?- ?J-d that Bau ?anetiont4 ft; and t am m isl ed tn my ow n iniDd bat ihe alive tcnchcr set lire to the to < n of t*vu k 1 and that I ui V ill s*r.ct!o;ied it The i hie ", Till Leyuaa, that ''au rooj.le robbed th?* wbale-'ilp K.l.iabelh at t>v.? UI11 Mr. Wh-pty boih t. K.-.ty u> the a-une , ' arn well a?. are 'i. 11 '! .? ?: are othp.- c^ilel# and their peoi-o rut'ty of ha-Il? li.jii.-ed Amei iean*. 1 will in time e.'.ll thil . to neeouut but ai or-wnt I am .n ;i irani' of Kau or her prin pa! chi?f. I have to re.,nest that you will write me i.o irioie eliera. but frrUiwitS ) a> ibo n.on<-* or ^ive mo am p!e g,eviiltj that it wi/lbetjiM In ivelve uu.titha The brave r.e .er lire..), n nor do -l.e v:t\ . n b-??t of tbeir CfcasMy. I tbe- ? ?.1|?I <le, no. trll too th tens ,ue c. s of a non Cornell .iro wnb th->?? reut; i ir i.t-. i would, hon. v> r, remlmi >' " "<"?!'? jf? - ci Hi ? he "?M< n nil,1 s too ?fte:i fTeot '*!', V'c. i,"i H ^ ' o u.t ha#, by fetieral oon 11 h'l.d i.,: on ill, '.bo^cwuo aecp tie oJxir leu. I in ?'r, jours r?fptttju''\ ' ? J I'. n. T'Ori WET f., Comnivlner. Frrro fto atc70 kttcr nuy to et n tlo ?r.nrer in uticb lAK.R.r\T<Jcr B cou.cQ?uccd to caryy out tlifl in rti' otlce* of (^oro XerTin \ in whicfc ho Is ordered "t t to take ;?r it iba' t'i li.-' aHegaUoo* icttutUi'. rwti) oGeoi'cr?src true," tcitj ? a.i.tefnUInquiry c* rt> Ito ?t?u.tebt piite ? c? ct j-vi.?, l:iir> every m v Z teiud fo l :in lor it jo* ..cut." Uo arrive at -iie iwoudi, j? d . .T.cEtCiatejy waUd ctcn by Mr. If in *?. Wll'laan! loiUi. ^iat? ?* C^r-.n-.rr-l I Af tt, on of tho printlpci cla n.?o a .'or itiCer. nUy oti.t b?. :tc?a! ?.th. m, wt. > a'.to ' ..*e cla:i?i? l)<iii tre <;tt fs. lb *o tv^nooA veil tiK'r > wn wry. (And j our com pondent David Haut, "in ? ' **>', ti*?. b?b jetty gooi idea *) v. km 1 of n ftc i) tcM wbi ) Cra.n?i?^er B., without i&*|cirlBf into tha' '?V'.'r 'V ' ''-?'r'? u? ~x ify jut I, j a.'oa, J a of fUA ta i ,f, Itci".,' stilt be.i.n>os ' atm/dd iahla o?u ".:i lol the g i!it of fiaioruUa'j," au.t without gtv>og tn try cvp^r'vt \y c.f r.c.Vnoir* jii>eu, dtiuanoa ' 'tr, ,0 ajECint of tlirty tii<.e.??LJ dollar#? " ,c'n tbowmd u' vi h !? tw?i *cd to John B. William* i ? of ;.| rjtcriy *? Nnkr.lao, whon tto original claim ?s rr'f*nUd?0 taptulu M'<gitid?r. t*o yeari afwr tho (.'? 1 1?'> po-r Cfciefst not *** V'd^- ci iL?ir guilt, VctUiti Co rcinoD ? jf&ijia*. lu. utixary prooet^ing, ar l to a?k to by i.lo*?<l opito.-n. i!y t endeaTor to icstify tbcnuolvMi. ll,ek i-l ? t'timatider didu'l want ?ty letters of cx p t.uat!' ii. an ackr.ow ed<nr., nl of thcii ,uJebU.loe?? ?eo wi. Woi t# pay; and tbofgh th? "bra?? naver a ?' ' hc jnw *Uui*tc? tl at h.s ??bal'a are round r, J ?> 1' itk-" 11* Uk-u gwsa on to say?"1 tuy? ?i.i v, ' "1 ktow-Ibif, *nd tbo other, u.J 1 ;L..?loi-. reqveat that yoi wiU write me no more ilttrt, i?-;t* th pMy ?h. nnwty,or fivo roa impie ucur.:; ilh- iq twelve r oulBf. Io ib?1r rxitfni'ijr,:I11.,?:iappl e 11 )'he W.eyan mianonarlea 10 *i ta toC itmander B. on their bohaif, wbrh they ci.d, but *i te p, liely laforitcd by tUt -entleman, that he';..,, up,, .1 e njaitrr wiihciit r jy ot ttMlr aaautaaca. At ihit juncli ia. another Arnerkas abip of war. the X ..I Ccn Ui,tJcr Bailey, a??tv<d at Uraleu. to whom Mr <a|eer?, the chairman cf tha ftef'.ayan Miaa'.oo ad (it tM?a the lotion i?| !? iter ?. , , . v,w* rrtur, O. 9, iw. v'V", ? w ttreai pleasure ?onr arrival in J'e-jee wliieh I dr.u; m,,Ft opport-ine, ?? uxi.-'at- all alt', are t.o? pendit g betwe, u Itau ai.d .1. 11 Willi. ? i. R,.,? Caked Mate# lei. men at I A*. i,t llaMLC bee? re tue?t< <t by (I. A. Maarn der. F*<:..?>1 ihe I'nlte l -tat.* Xave, tn arbitral*. In couue. ? ." 'irw,i *r ^ '' r?-: rcpe. t.g rU ti.a said l? be dt.e to J. 11 w.oiaa-s. K#<i.. and also rt*peetM(t Die '.ark E'.ubeUt and alMrbotlug wun le.ueiarie ,? ohjeetluit todoivi un deriakeri in do what t emiW in th,- ? oiopiieaiad a latr#, I fj0!'.? 1 ^Uat Ua.t hern loin; m the m.t'lor u> a,1 r, t r : ,COr,UI,ll,'1ir 5r ih,P Ma To uij l<i *r !hare rceelr#d two replie* n# frdm Mr, Wll I'an.s. wcoei.iiiplaiimthat irv iuterleienee Is tp . ub-d for, je A c'"r (1 oiy le'ler to O trimavler M n'.well, wl'h I lie re J,'',"'"V ffVK"- V'*","15 \vu. " ''Balder tuc Hittc, it? I Ililuk It ui.Ltlr Iha'. X he ri r ,"jted to m- |orerimrut a* "preamoptoo s ?? ^ri< r J had been re '(tn?t( d -o i.o w) *? I hay.- done by a i^tral olLc-r lb IhaCai'ed tr?,.e Herewith I beg to en.Jo e to joti a enpr ol ? ?et'er ae iti *?#?! to the llotx.rahb >*f.-r'Hi, of fiata, tTiu'ad ?" ' s ?' r rr W I , k Mr Wbiptiy and I a-iei due?le ?)<? atli.n m vtilur ot ? etmtiani!e. Vagi tier s r? , e l ?. -1 . r.'ly n-Bde r.a I . log the ?.:. *? e'alm we emit 11 bitrl> ttake out loi depiedatkiuaoo .be ; lOpcrt/of the Liltxa CM ?n. L liorwardihsly he Re*. J-sepl Wa'.-cbai!* whobtwhal 'fehoTO lu he ihe Ois* Oils-'oaary at Bau. ..n . wh" has h?e . be . a of brluKing about a riaat chante o , that I?:*nd Jte ?a? t,t le< nka at ihe tloi< ,t wat biieit' wMh rele-anee In ?I ' ? oeked 1 ? oil n.: . ? tier i ii t .-11 wr.les? ' I ?m wellainired In n.y ow* n id tha- be n*t|?? Irarhcr aet1 '"TV,' * i> i,h at*.? det ,i a ti.o*. gs-aimpltcsUooanl wh'eh I hope Me. Wnte^ wi'l bat e ihe opportunity of proving as wn tint feewi. u..n * . Hop.u.T ">a these a.atietr i., ,y aow at leng h he fully lore ?Igatesl aid pi(| ertr settled, aoibat foeje. after it# ware ef lh Sitai. ?n ai.o 'aucaba: ,01. fr >yl?ire) a(<e?h t>n better t>r.n etp.?s and hetot a rn..#ho ..eJ Koioral.le and rr.iait o f -MMHCUVK.flH To rtwrnsi dar Baiixt. t nt-e?! >???>* >up ? Mary'? A letter waa ttl'O addit fed by J ibti B Williaaa* F>q to b Baile*-, in th" fr! owing style:? _ , r arm.-r?i ? > ?-Joa* An><<<. Gtt ft. ts? T . I M? Hti r?. rt.n l n| t>d Fi# - ' B-I'dftait * ?, ti, C mni-.i. ler I-.. It. Houtwril bat' nig arrived oute week? prevmu? 10 your sell, and ha iig irate h w ell 1 e-)ra. u-d wHb the sub Jec'A *>ft? of A?iei, aatiiLtta. at.d hav.BS made b s wf'? 00 Ban and o her places f..y todemnity. It a/ay saf. o "ate the alTair r h bis as thry ?r- now ia a fin 1 |rr-i ft r atileme tt And la my et.inlo- ane charge in tbede irnwl or rr.iuiremeni made on tVta ttbeiaattrt?. by tbee wn I tader of the .It'ha Aditm* tie h r oe 1 to .vmeitoa eAliirna. I hare Ihe hm or to -,e Ac JOIIB a WILI.IAMr f> Com'l Agoot. 1 Comtrander Bout wall, h?arlog that Mr. Calvert had writtca to Uimmaoder Bailef, and that to? latter geatie maa waa diapleMad *lth b* (CjWmamb r BmtwalPj) II ir.rr.arv mode 01 procedure, wrote to Commander Mat '?j. r??|i.e?i nf t m to r? ma.a in >.-? tea and aet tie th*%f fwr hiawatt, to vtmtl Ommaadaf Ba ley replied that aa ha (?< t?*aat!er ' outwell> ?? appearee to he pnrauing a |?| rse irtoifiaf a dartatson from ht? ItMirueUoag. ha Bhrnio ha*e lalt coptpaiiad to rem 4 n aad settle it htai aeit a era li aot that Mr. Wl liama, Mi? principal r awart. an 1 al?o a# I oiled ?>?atei Unnnwr ' 'al Atetl reprfcntati e of tha other Amerloati tjAr antf l ad <xprf ?#?d a darided preicrenco Tor hi* < Boi.twall ) ac;jratw>?nt. He lhar<*ore iaft it in his haad a rautioa a* to his de? m tha si tht<vu dagrw iren, h.s origin; i nsirv.euon*; at d an rtprcta orler ?? to ar.ord tha aecwad every cpporlot iy upon all formal * ' at una to t>rp?ar 111 person, a* well M by matter -?blo rn r?tl, wlthoi t rtetiru Io their aat oo or rehfrloa." Thl* ?rcer iron. J?a ley, Moutwei aa lanlor, wa# bound toohsy ?et he tibrwe to obej 11 after bia own raahion. He *eot a ro; ta to ThnXtmbau Io appear on hoard ht? rhtp. cpoa a refiain it;,, to arawer the cbargaa preferretl apa.nst h m i'i altc aoi'ted the t^v. Joseph Wate-bouse tliat be wei' fl b- fermitlao to act aaco inaal for tn? aocined, ami uj j.r 1'?d a I ?! of a>Mtist'on, contesting of twonf hi* f aasflerra wuo ha,I already mala up tbeir m i da, to i- t 1 J -n It t matter On the day aopotccd, Mr Wa * hn..^, with lha>:etnl>au ret-'-ad or. hi??M, and was I ? r -leo to spoafe in bi* behair, bat he waa treated With insrli and neate*and waa rot p?-ru?ille,l to call In any v ?? tsu. a? eyh. nea ngam't the alK-at.on? of John B W iiiatra. Tba board af arbitral,on tterolora decided tl at all the rn m* were jr.n, and Co?iin*n Jer Boutwall

ad .ft on ?16,U0 na'.re, on rnxot nt, ss he in!orr.i?d Mr. Aair ihouseo! the interferons of f:ommaoder Ba'loy aid tea npTcaentiaioni of Rev Mr Calrart " The award p' w stood thea: To Jobn B Williatne, Ran. flltltr.t tr m beria.n h On., |7,AC0 David Whippy tft t/ix) oat era of bark Hiabeth. ?$; owner* of hrla ,1i,n Krleni.g M WO; Tt? ^ By Iw, tl.600; Wilkfn^,, ?->? ? H??. ISM. a u,*la*ldwaiai#Onnn)a?4?rawlvall. Tpe t ? m o jf tin B HV 1 iam?t orif iiiiiy $&(<# Oitoi gh Ibla beautiful aystem o< Invtatlgatlon grown to I?t-pon a tat grounds, we are not Informed. Hating arrived at ihi* latiafaeicy cnnelaaloti a paper was drawn up whmh was called a treaty, and which lhaki * a# compelled to sign, by which he acreed too, charge the urn la two years nnder the threat of dealt If be refuatd to comply. Thlg <m tha prompt jog t ce whkh your correspondent so moch !ands. Bo ear*, omnipotence had heard our prayers, and Con duw BoutwrU ww the chosen one U> give ua aid." la mr opt r k d Pavtd Stuti l would be the one most largely oeno Ctted, if lbaward ol Oommmder B. should br enforced by the American government; but I oannol believe it w<U be Our government baa alwaya bean just in its d>aiiB|t wi'h th? t'olyneslan communities, and the par tial, harsh and usjuat proceeding* rolatod above, will, I am pertained, undergo a e <vere scrutiny at Washington; tl at thrrn wore claims wblch It waa Commander B.'s outv to sad enforce, waa undoubted. The loss ot $7,(On or J!fF?rs. Chamberlain & Co , of Salem, was t> ol; it wua proper, y left by me In the hands of an agent at Levuk? on I in it accouut, which was all destroyed by t)>e lire O her Aiuericaia residing at the place lost their all. It is tot at present clear by what chief's orders the plue wiui Uri'd. This was a question tor Commander t'uutwell to inquire tfcto; but it would seem that Mr. John B WiIIIskb lock sdvastage sf these real and just claims V letrcduce his origaal claim of $5,000, now by some species < ( mercantile legx.-domaiu, increased to *18,0o0, a>id ctuhbmg all fair inquiry by endeavoring to blacken tbe rbaraoters ct Ibt- Wtsleyan missionaries, whose truthful Htlmony, bo feared, might defeat bis deep laid p.uns to get t'onitr.anutr B to cnforcc the whole amount apaia>t Ttaki-mbau, who, for some years, has been the ot jv<.t of b>a special enmity; that Commander B listened to bis tales, anu imbibed that prejudice they would so naturally engender, Is bnt too evident from his subs') quent proceedings. Immediately upon returning to Bau from the John Adams, where be had b*en compelled to slun the so-called treaty, acknow'odgirg tho justice of the claims, and pro mising to pay the US,COO in two year*. Tbakcmbaa ad dree.-e J tbe 'oiloaing protest to tbe Tatted Consul at 8yd t,ey N. 8. W.. requesting it might be forwarded to the g.?\erm:<ni of the Uuiied States:? Uau, Keeie.c. Oct. 29,1855 I. Thakctr.bati, the VuuivuJa of lJau, Pe'-jee, do hereby make known m> pro'est aea'ust th ? oppressive conduct ot Captain Bouiwell. i <io hereby declare and inskke Known to you, air, I he V nit* d mmim t'nncul 'iear>it K?ejo?*, that I dirt in t mbu the treaty wnb Capiam ttoutwell of rny own accord but uni. r the greatest tear. Tin ihr* atened to take me away to America. nr.d stamped ou the floor right In my face, beeamV I < hjrctfd to rive mv xliTtt'ure, and thi-n I was afraid and -d it. 1 ui>ke kno?n that 1 now protest acalnst thai treaty Atjtl rier'are it in bi uurinht. uh f rannical, unwar ma labia nnd unworthy of the gsvaran lentof America. It ia> deed I n . o ii ake Known, sir, that h.i told another chief that bn would fcmy m*. Hut there is nothing for which be should barn n e. 1 b?sought him to Investigate the charges male atsiii,; n'i! by tbe white* of Ovaleu, bo. be refused. 1 besei-t h inn si" to Iii'oito the government ol the United F'auset America of these transactions. 1 am eontinuallv iu fear lest thU captain kill me. whilst f am innocent I had h?| ro thai mv prol -s'nn of Christianity would have prevented such" srbltrsry conduct. I ielieve that it will be aUH taxed by the America cuth? rliic. TH A K KM tl (U, (slcned bv a mark.) Vituefses?TViULim Moore aud Joseph Waterbouse, We* leyan missionaries. Copit3 of the above pro lest, duly authenticated, have Oct ii lorwariled by the Uuitcd "Hates Consul at *y<ln<?y to the authorities at Washington, asd ah;ototht cjnnaoder In cfcief ot tie I'ac'lir eqnadron. There is, the relore, no ooubt that uio all.'.- win undtrpo a more tboruugn anu Jnft lcvtttgation by tho orCeia ol tho Ameri:an govern meut. I have here eiven i true account of the proceedings of OMMMteMndl In NiMH to tbt ao atlairs, takeu from auiheaticatcd oot :c? ol all tho correspondence tha'. parsed upen tha ?udj? ct, now In my pon<K-?sion Your reedeis no doubt wil! no surprised, upcu reierrln; to the Hskaid o: the ltth ol l\.bruary but, to ilnd your corrcs Vcndect, David Stuart, to hlxbly applauding Commandei B. Ue Mtys, afeaklt'x of the action of preceding com niondcra:?"rbis ecurS'1 has. however, been chanced oy C<<mm*Eder BoutweII, and the truly republican conduct ci that ctiiccr, ai.J ti t praUetvorthy reclataoce of all it tempts to induce bim to abandon his country rn'in to the r-*er of tbe Kngliab miasionarios, has, it is well kaowa hers, iiicnrrcd the mucifest displeasure ol tho mUsion arits: bnt ho bss the coo?olatiooot Icuowlug that hi left u? with tbe ua.ted ai d bcartleit thanks of our young isiandiu republic: and n'.or the Ucious ar.d uapleaeast ttak he h:.~ acccniplvhed, b" wi>l re.turn to a country and a peojl i whose motto Is 'L'berly and Jimticfl. and whose approba tion will n thta lb. tau-'e be no losu deserving than just" 1;to to be fcop< 1 that the government ol the "people whorc motto is hberty and jusilco," will vial. u?a (>>m rrand?r It. tiat cert ure and diipleasure which his tinjn.u and oppiessivo pronto dings are so Justly calculate*! to in ?ptre. Hop!rg that you r. ill rot tail to give tho above an early ?Lbtrttou in tho your paper, 1 am, air, youis, Ac . THOMAS C. DC.VN". Srjirt-mi' Cosit^'Owwsl Trnn. Before Jtic^ee Rocsevelt, Clerk J and Davt?s. Tbe follow .eg dccUlOca wro delivered on Monday, Nov. 3, by Judge .K?tevtlt, In moat cases as the order c' [ike U-it; in others 1 j clljsonUoe opinioi w addod ? DECIPIONS. _ ?i; J hn A. Lnten tfc., a-jl. Comr'iui Fnnit, tic.?MoUon t .s>'o by i.n air>hire^t creditor to jot aa.Jo sseeattoss i,o two .indent it* c< n'rssi A\ j the doitorr. These pidj it la covious from ttic atl?'av its, were onttred Dy c-tc*rt ii not bv coltuMon. Tb-ir object was to defeat ? be at'ochmfntcf Baveu, and nat to secure the debts ot ,.rN men, fie. Tt?.y wer* tbo rugge^uon of tho debtor, ati n<it of itc ere 'itor. Tht y were rrufessed lnctosdiUe IV Ii'u r ;to istuii r; ol tbeatv? braent of Hr-ven and before ?to rrct^ti gttco by FobwtfOD expired. Wo .?rti . fc* i *e, altbo*?th no eijwt crciilt was glva 1 fall <Lterttre is Uat the customary tredit was uaJer to ?' Ibe r do m>t venture to swear In termathat i. r?le vrsa tor - a?b. as they earlalaiy would have swore t ii ev conk have ilono ?o with truth. A debtor has no l?l.t tc procur* exfeutions to be lssaed against himsclt n ur such citcumrtancis and for e tch parpoaes. ltis m-k :rg the law no trstrumcnt to defraud the law. Tee x i t.'.rois, ttenters, to tbe otl?nt of C. ^nis s lctereut B "i- fojdr ebc>a:tl ho postpepod to the attacUment (TtJ;)aI!Tvctn'rn ag>. Site? All tbS pofto in h stsic rt?c*nc'1 tnn)iortsrt tave already boen pas?e<. p->n b* the C? ?rt or Appeals or by the t.^aeral Term ol h ? Coiirt; stii tbe Jodfe at the tr. il cbargcd ti e jory tu \art conlotm ty with those dtelstons. A k?lsg party t a terse rare i-n only rccOTer back hlr own portion of be fcrt, snd that portion he can recover even where the taktbolder baa paid it nrer. although at tho luer s re lineal, if done in tuiain.ent of tho wager. Judgment for pia'otifl tfl iwd with coet. W. Drifting aft Frtfrrul GroU, A ?!.?T?e ctn pisiiint hsf no If gal capacity to repr**?nt tJtto tot subscribers, if sgsrieved they most untto wltA the tivtee or sue in their own sei?rate camee. Their ?c quitsteee, othtrwise, mt^t be presumed. The trustee, bowevrr, has a r gbt to his commHstons and V'Soac cr>urt for that pt.rpoee, nnd the decree below should. be medtfied accordlnglv. Ne costs, under tbe ctrcumataaoee, to be alKrw?d to cither j*rtyy as aicrttbe other Ju. thirpfr, ft ?! , agl T7n PtU'jkk*Tie j* (wrsnc (iwrimy ?Tne defendants not only Insured the pla ntlOs ob their books, paper, pUtci, Ao., but Jiprtsi'y tbe privilege of a " pnnting omne." 3uch a written license, Inserted Ui tbe printed policy, control the fcrttat provision, and In In ellect a psrmtsslon to use can rbroe. not, tt Is Une, aa a light, W n? n printing material It beitg ettabllshed by the evidence?and so the jury have found-that It is an ordinaiy and necessary material In the printing procsae, aid that It ta the general custom in such establishments as the plaintills to em_ ploy it In that manser. The cases of Wall vs. The Howard Icaurki.ce Ccmimny, In 14 Barb , aw, and Bryant, vr Toe Potghlteepale Mutual Insurance Ccmpcny, in 21 Bar 1>^. 154 the former of which was affirmed In the Court of Appeals, fully established the above propoalUona. Judg m*naT?itl* IT*Fuild, d( , agnintt T*' Unmiver ro) <.<? Cumrnry ?Motion lor new trial dented with oosta Judge l!ooi?ve!t dissented. He observed that the ralaf1 of ti.e articles Insured appeared to W* J? rrcst'y over estlnsstsd by the Jury?so much so ns lo warrant the Inference of some mistake In theoomplei 'a citations which were nccassary t? arrive at an ap prox irately correct retult. Without goisg Into tbe qats t.on as to the welglit of evldecce on otaer points, ho theegbt the dar.iagcs as found so clearly excesaive a:: dcu snd a new trial. . - Hetore Judats Tlooserelt, Whiting and Ha visa. Mi-ftl Ar.'n'n agutfui J'-kn V>ter. Toe cole iratea to pro\ .sion for ,-epwate bUts of eoat to a p statu aitboigh bis adversaries sever la tbetr del? nse?. It de clsres that on a recovery tbrre shall be awew^id^ p a nfil for "all pioceodlngs b^ors tnal, oer^to tp<ufted tome, acd for tho trial of tha certain other specified sums. No mention ts made of an allowance ainlnst eaeb dcfs?<Sant. *hta allowed, the costa are allowed to the plalntlO. aud the amount la Hied. wteib< r thus be one lasue or many; that m to eay, ?r all "the taauea of fbet," oae sum. and for all the >?eoee ot 'aw," when tried separately, another Bum. ? ?tie issues of ract and law are tried at the same time, two thirds of the aggregate. Th?sa are presslt made lor s?v.ral issues in one ewe.aed ttey are the only provialona. All otbera previously elating ars 'abolished " Tba judgment and exsautlon ahould thartiore'be moditted. roducing the recovery aa above. ^C^t' G Mu:htll00t Tfn ?The tsls ondsr the lerectoaure should aot^Be opened assn. It was the duty of Pecare, ir belntended to pur cILe to have been mora vigilant. Tbe sogr? '? ol fraud or untair dealing on tbe part ofthe an??ooe?, .s not lulls ind Order accordingly, without eosta Br tore Judges Booaevelt, CWrke aad ^ biting no. oi * lorneO apt. Ms (Klrmto -Tb* r?lereT, tial s?i I'Sment, made after tbe passage of the Bankrupt act aid tnly two dajra bafbre the act went Into full operation, snd with a view lo aa ltd pats Its provisions was s traud i pon the law, and, aa euch, by the eipreas urov'r.ana of the atntute to that effect, deprived tbe aebtcr of all right under it to a discbarge (Tom his debts The concluding eection of tfce act. dcclanag that tt wns lo so It to operation on the 1st day or rebmarr. 1 ?l thoish In scneral tenrs, must be oonatrued In the aam< r .B"?r as If ll oontalt ed tbe words, "oxrept as herein otherwise espressly provided." Non suit aet aside, sod new tr'aJ ororr? d. C^ta to atddc tbe event. Before Jcdgrs JUioseve't. Clerks and Darles. Strrhtn KWli O'X J'b" *? kmtnt'Where oue of tbe two tsrlaers hsving n?ad up s check on his prirste bank set oi l t, and being sodden.y ca'led off, throws n into the aM|i of tbetr coaaittsg room, from wbteb the other part na?Mer?11y al?tracia It ar.d draw* out tbe money li^m tie t?nk applying It to b<a own use. and denying all km wledgn o? the fcet. the act m a leloay. And If rut er .',,ii , In conversation With a tt. rd pr < bsrics such an act upoa bts oe partner, whether in dl rect words or by Inatnoation, ths slantler smoun's to a charge of feloay, snd in arbor abia per te, without sbowiag snrtal dsmnge. Tliere was no error therefore, lo tbe rtttef of tbe Judge at tbe Circuit, and aHhongh the vor diet (fct may seem, under all the OMeaaatnacaS, rather heavy, the Court, eepsi ially alter four trtala hare beta ulrrady bad, do not feel warranted in diaturbtng It. Jur.i.K-ent for plaintiff. A, // piliri, dc , again* Th/mof J. ?An ? f, ?< pnrelisse sUxk tor another i? not re<r lred by law to ba in writing. And although the contract of pur chase wb?n ?n?le must ba avidenoed by aome written note er memorandum, thejwne of the principal noed not hr tr.i otiot.ed In It, nor neffflt be signed by the agent as ?? m It la enffstf' to show that In signing he a-jfl an asint 'and that he bad the reqeistte power to bind Ida ?Sin 'pal An omission to name the ptinrtpal in SMb Hmm V'rdera the sgert liable as prlm-tpil. but does boVr >e?Pt the actual .principal, when discovered Non ?nlts? taalde and new trial aricred. Costt to abide tbe ^AUrf.h*m V Oner J?wi r fftber -This la ? qnea tw,n btiwtea tbe prior dopce under aa upd sputed wi?l, and sabMqncnt donastirderadispcied deed. ThoweigU of evidence, ?? think establishes the position that the deed m sever duly delivered?that Its po?srsnon (U obtained surreptitiously?and .1 Us execution wa> the result of ft ftt'se imprisonment o, falao rspressntatlon, of tbo death of the testaments y donee. A deflation by deed made la view of death, to take effect, mast be at clearly ?stabli*bed. and moat *?? an tree fro* suspicion a* tbe will whose bounty it sec.? to rovoke. Judgroeut 01 the Social Term, in favor o' plaintiff, affirmed with co*ts. Judge Davies dissented. William Caldwell afit- Aleamdtr Wcodt ? Oase or land lord ai>d tenant. The judgment of tbe court below waj affirmed. on (he arguments, with costs. Jchn Kly ayairut Juhn Mcuon, rt at?Motion for nee trial dtcltd, n.h cuets. Roosevelt J , dlaaented, on the ground that Lattimer, the plaintlfTs assignor, tinder tne tvirferce. did not "reoorer from tbo Treasury of the Uiilttd Stitoe any duties, or excess of duti< a, which bad bern paid by or illegally exae'ed of tbe defenla-ite:" aod as hia compensation, If any, waa to be one third of ''what ever aum or auma of money he might recover for them," be, and of oourae hia aaalguee, Kly, baa no cauaeof ac tion against the defendants. The Bruen suit at Baltimore waa not instituted by htm?was not iuoject to hia orders ?and waa not conducted at hia expense. Nor was the recover) in it b rcoovery by him or lor the ilrm of Ma fOB & Co. A't Jtandrr Phillip* ayt. Jamtt R. KnowUon and Wm A. Mill*.*-'When tLe partlea told their arbitrator what ihequeskirns were, and that they bad agreed to leave htm to bim, and directed him "to go to any men to pet information," they in eflect, submitted ?he whole case; and It was so understood both by tbem and by the arbitrator. He was not bound in snch cases to examine witnesses on oath. And tbe award having been actually made and signed within thirty days thereafter, was a compliance with the terms ol the agreement, so as to bind both the principal nd tbe sureties Judgment for plaintlfl, on tbe verdict ot the jury, affirmed whb coats. H'n? It. B. D'/ivrneii, ifc. ant Kuf'i* Leant', Rr.rri'tr. ?Ixcree of special term modified ao at to declare tbe ccnUsred judgment void, and also all the assignments ex rent of the property in Now Jer?ey. Judge Roosovelt disacited in part. Tbo statute of frauds, he said, which makes void assignments *bose object In to "delay or birder" creditors in the collection ci their dobts, has re fere nee to alignments or property within this State, an 1 subject to executions on judgments of tbo Courts of this State. Whither an assignment unlawfully obstructs the t rd'nary process W the Courts of Louisiana, la a question lor tbe Courts of I<oui*.aua. Of that qucMion tbey will judge whon tbe assignment is interposed as a bar to execution* Issued on ibeir judgments. Property situated in Jjouisiana i? not subject to tbe jurisdiction of New York lor the purpoio of ^eterm'ninr such questions. As to the as^lKnmenta of property In this State, oontainiag a trust to distribute any surplus among tho general creditors " at snch reasons tie tiers as be (the assignee) in his discretion may tbiak proper," tfcoy are not on that ground veld. Buoh a provision docs not authorize an unlawful delay of pay mcLt An unlaw ul delay would bo an unreasonable de ay. Such a delay, therefore instead of being autoorlsed by tbe trust, would bo u v oiation cf both ita letter and spirit. J/'Vty Ruhl el al., vs. Frederick MuUcr et a!.?Muller (;avo a wrilttn confession of judgment ao l a written an ihor'iy lo enter It against him "as one or tho Uie 9rm of tho in ft Muller." on tho three promissory note* moo tioncd in tho written statement. Ah against bim it was not necessary that the .itatenient should l>n moru?p? ciOc. And T his creditors co not object, ho cannot. Tun 'orm ef the judgment was also proj? r To bind hitn '-as no of the firm" meant to bin! not only him individually, but tbo partnership property. Ibis was done by enter ing it agatrst both partners. Older of Special Term af tli t.'ed, wi.h costs. Timdhv W. liner*, e*. al. ag' Alexander Oeu'ui'tmn, et. al ?Ih tl* aft? Mime.?The cost*, rejoctcd'ov the Judge at ^ixciai Term, were property du allowed. Order affirmed, wuh costs. /mas Jicutef r<it. l%e A lit Mutual Imuran ? On.?A joint n teres; in '-the question'' gives the platiiiiifa no rlgnt tj sue for otaexs. If their own two notea were fraudulent lo obtained, th?y might have a tight to enjoin the tran-tl'nr of tbect, but not tho trasfcrof no:ea given by parties who do not complain. Besides, ail the agential allfgatioas arc demtd?they certainly are net proved: and on tbe papers there la neither cause nor occasion '"or retaining be injcncts n Injunction dissolved without costa. J'tt leji U Slutur, ei al. a^t. DanUl Turner, d al.?Al tbot gi\ tbe defendanta wero fugitives from Boston, It does tioi tVdiow that tbey became residents of New York. Tb>> weight of evtdoLcescema to be that they at 11 on tb? wire. The attachment may have Impeded their flight, but did net give them a permanent residence. When the goctia we/e stopped tbey stopped with them. This wss not a riBldeni.e but a sort of steppage In transitu. The order appealed ircm should be reverted, but without orets. Thmiatil. I'"Iti ayt JBiert J. Bander H al.?Tha aa sltBnual exfeuted by Banckcr was never fully accepted, and sever took eflect a* an operative instrument. It was silo vcid cn Its face, an* constituted no bar. therefore, to, snd gave no prelcret ce over, a subsequent Judgment creditor. Order ot special terra affirmed, with costa. i'urnud Sitn m ayt. H'dticrn A Hilibe ?17.? Ham? ayt. A. H-niy oti<l Jive <4hi rt?The Same aot. The Smu and tuon tUkiit ? TVti .Sirii.' hi Hard Lawr'mx, d< ?Judgment fcr titlcnrau',. in eat h ol thu abovo cases aiPrmod, with rests. We concur .n the views of the Judge at ^tiecial Term:?' >ir.-t. That tbe title of the pl..:ntiB to tbe premliea In 'ptoction was forecio-eu by ihc proceedings on the mort 1,'aRiS tiecuUfl by hitn. t?cni That lf such proreedinRi were not In all re -p?rt- strlvtly regnlar. tho p'ainttf), by hia acqnies <nce ncder tbe circuirstant-ea, js precluded l'rotn calling 'bem In question. Third. Hat even were tho proceedings to foreclose mv tcrlaily iriegalar, tbey were anfflctfBt to t;l?e ;.o*?esjien, and to prt \ rut a recover ? Without previous pay meat, or tnder, ol Ike mortgage money and the value of the apro\omenta. Kojtth. That a ten<!er of tbe mortgage money was at all eTtnta tndifpeLsnble, sad that no ancb tender, nor any other Ut der lias been made. >iitb. That itasmnch as it clearly appears that, under lie e'rrt m-tarces, (had a cruaa htll been Bled.) the Court would have awarded a perpetual is,unction afatust tbe pia.nt ft. and aa the dlstlnnlon between law aaa equity ta bow aboliabed. and bwh kinds of relief ar? to be ad mlc stared in ore conit and in one suit, the defendants are entitled lo tbe same protection, by war or deftnas.aa snch injenetien would, have given them bjr way ol afflf mative relief. Da vies J , dissented CharUt Amtn Oft Jai'ph T. Crrtby ?The defrodant purchased a clreta establishment, and socepted a dative ry of the borses, Ac., promising, as part ot tha prico, to pay on tbe debts thea due. 8uub a promtae Is not an un dertaktBK lo pay tbe debt of asotbsr, but to pay tbe par if 'bowb debt, aad la aot within tbe meaning of the sta tute ef irands, and need net bs In writing, aad the partlea beneficially Intertstod m iu performance may as stain a snlt npon It la equ'ly If not at law. Oimstead a^t Greenly, 11 Jobai, R 12. Judgment for piamtlff. In the mntur qf the PeiCitm of Mmgmrtl Otbmour, TVui trt, sic.?'Ihe appellants ware not partiee to tbe order, nor aggrieved by its provisions Appeal dismissed, with colli, Ptltr B. rmiderrrart, apt. Meubem H. IF**!?The alleged payment aiUr issue joined not having been plead ed, was no evidence to prevent a verdict and Judgment. It was mcrsly matter lor a motion to stay proceedings, either absolutely or npon terms. And where, aa In tnta rase, "s question ol I act other than npon tbe ptsadlngs shall arise, upon motion." tb? Code (3.371) provides that tbe Court, without consent, may dire* a reference. Bach a reference In (ffict Is mersly to Intorm tbe consctesce of tbe Court Tne rstoree report* tbe facte, with his opin ion thereon, and that is all, whatever may be the torm of the order. Snch an order is not appealable. Appeal dismissed with cost*. Jwmm Cankltn rmd <T*e"iT aft Rlmn P. BtjJcim ? Same ayt s?m-.?an assignee to pay debts haa ao author Ity as sr.cb. either by express er by Implied promise to hind the assignor, ao aa to revive a debt barred by tbe statute of 1 rritatlons or to extend tbe limitative where the debt ts tot already barred. He Is tbe s?eat of tbe assginnr, rot to make promises or acknowledgments, but to apply tbe assigned property aa directed by tbe aa sigrment. Us payment ot a dividend ts an admission of a claim on the property assigned, and nut of a claim on the person of the ass'geor. Judgment tor defendant lo each ca>-e affirmed. Jhe cvrprratlvn rf the MtOtnli* Church, 4c.. Of*irut Jawi IT. bailer amd cthert ?Smith Hn as presented s ccmpiaint assirst several Methodist churches, aad applied for as tcluiMiien to restrain tbem from selling their o*m<tery or removtng any bodlaa therefrom. Barker and hia associates became sureties In an undertaking entitled in tbe raose, tbat Ricks would pay all damages occa stoned thereby, sbooid tbe Oonrt Anally decide that tbe injunction waa not proper. Tbe damaaes ware to be ascertained by a reference. If so directed. Tbe Court did ao decide aad did so direct, aad the referee's report of MM 60 waa duly confirmed. Hicks, nevertheless, neglected to nay. and tbta suit was brought sgainst his sureties. They Insist that tbey are not bound by Ibe report. We think the report aIV confirmed wlthont app?*l) la oonchisive, both upon ks aad b s sureties, by the express terms of the an dertakiag It was auggeeted that a demand ahouid first have been made of Risks. Although not averred la tbe complete!, the omisetoa was not objected to la tbe de fendant s answer, ncr waa It made a grtmad of exoep (ton ai Ibe trial, t'pon the Mil of en options, thsrsfttre, the Court, la support or a verdict, most presume the de mend lo have been made, aad proof ot It to have been given or waived. Judgmoat of Special Term affirmed with costs Janet Mttreagt J.Am A. Orm ?Judgment of special term reversed, and ccmpiaint di*mtased with costs ? Judge Roosevelt disseattag. held with Mr. Robiaasn, the ret' ree. thai where goods are sold by A to B on tbe credit of C, end C, With full keo w ledge of tket tact and tatendtag to btcome surety lor B on the purchase, la dorses tbe note me<ie by B to A, em b indonetneet, read in connection with tbe note, ?s a written contract "for valne received," bird ng tbe Indorser to pay. to cafe the maker dw tv*. proviied (a* was thia <ase) a demand of tbe maker be iirtt duly made and notice of proteet to tbe indorser duly given. Tbe pevee In such case, if strict form is instate I on has a right to Indorse hia name on the back of tbe pa per "wltbontrtconme," and tben to maintain this suit, not ss payee, bnt aa holder?especially If bn sete forth in his i oicpisint, aa Moore haa done, end prores also on Mu riel all the fbcte, which show, aed show csncltisivelv. that tarb we* tho nndsrateadtag of all the part es, aod tha the merchandise was dslivered npon the fhlth of It. William A.CiM*er Oft Sam?<m C. Tdley.?tits plain tin was six years and eight months In the emt'loy of de rndsnt as clerk, during which time he drew out, in cast) and merchandise, $MW W, No fixed salary IukI been agreed upon. He was absent 'rom two to three months every yesr, on account of sickness. Tbe defendaat gave t.p busiiiessin May, 1847, but the pUlnUIT made no de mand of any balance aa dim him, and commenced no suit until the 2Alh of March, lft&V It seems to us the evidence was tantamount to ta admission by tbe plaintiff that he bad received all be deemed bis services were worth. He bad virtually made nta own charge and takm hi* own pay. He had also ac<|ulssecd in Its jos tlce tor more than five years And yet the referee has sees fit to allow a further sum of more than 91,600, and also later est nsr more than seven years. We think there ts so warrant la law tor the latter charge, and none In fart for the former. Report set aside andfbew trial or dared?costs to ablds Ibe eveat thnry trt** Off. retrr ?ert' <rr'f.'?Ord^r n rkjertal Term, directing a asw trial, reversed, aad jidgmenWveu frr ptaintlfl, with tWSts Pooeevelt, t , dissented I He held that a verbal oontraet fo give a lease fr r twenty 1 tee years, as ? compensation for effect:er, a purchase of I v tbe premises, U aisue, Is relit ua tvr ihestaicta rf trsndr, Nor cau the ui'tgja valui ol such 4 'ea*e uo ilveii ?11 ev.dtuce as Ibo aieiuuro of damages iD ha ?C|:JO for allied rrrvl ;es PSBdered. T-< allow tueh ovidcace xotild t??> Id ?tlocl to mako valid the nontrtct and to mUo ?0!1 Ibu law. It Is a wisu provtoi >n wbu.h requires vnul auoli contracts wben alleged lo have Ken male, aboaid bo evidence! by writing 0! lonio Win J?by at lean "a nate^ or memorandum signed by tho party to be cbargsd." fol'y concurrod in the rea*< r. ng of Mr. 1'ietire Mit^holl Id tbe opinion accompanying his deo.aioc, whlca, !n o!| judgment, ought to be &A1rmeil Smj. rt ant Snuw?almoin'?Ttart plaintUVg debt w&t admitted. Tbe deletoo ot payment wan not (untamed. Much ol tbo weight cl iho evidence, it is'obvious, must bave depended on tbe manner of the witness*. Tbu vac vinble to tbe refert e alone, except so far ma their words Indicate it; and bo far It was not calculat<jl to excite conlldence. Tbe object of the defence wad dfc lay, ai'd not judtlc.e. " All I wuntis time,'1 au oxprcsslofc used by the defendant, explains the litigation. 'ttdg mtnt for plaintiff on report ot U10 rel'ereo U tf. <Je Kor ie?t) attirmed, with cot W Same judgment in all these cases a.-; '.n tbe cue of D'lv einolsagt. Leuvtit, Ax Ilerculws M. Huytd et. al. agt., David Lravilt et. al. ltlcbard L. Crook el al agt. suine, Francis Skinrer et. al.agt. ?um?. George 31 rd agt. lino. ChriMian G. Barn igi. same. J a nut Lsffrtrts agt udo. Joseph Hadion agt g&me. -a-n lei r. Jones .et al. agt. fame. Idwln Hoyt agt. same. ?xlw.n Hoyt agt. same, ?lolin liall et. al. agt name Charlct Car v lie agt. aaine. Andrew H.fanelllag et. ,il. agt same. I'ike W. Tbomat et. al act. same. Wm amy, Jr., and Wm. Sbaw, survivors, Ike., agt. iidu. Win Cripps ud other* agt. tamo Thomas r.icbari'son and ethers agu. u??. Samuel J. Be all and others agt tame. Sam iel J, Heals agt. same. Henry Stevens agt eame. . inn St.iart and others igt same. Jobn P. Ke?.*ler and others agt saint. Augustus C. Richards and another agt samo. Char!o? N F>arlng and another agt ramo. John Haggcrty and others agt. came. Cbarles N. Fearing a tit same. Walter II. Franklin and another agt. samo. Ogden Haggerty and others agt. same. Cbarle* E. Bill and another agt. same. Cunningham Smith atdoth. rs agt. same. Wo. B. Dra per and other;) agt Fame. Wm C. Allen and otherH a<t. ramn. Benjamin F. Beaver and others agt. tamp. David Austin and other* a?t. same. Edward H. Gillilan and othei s agt. same. A F11-C and Losnefl-lfeln St Loots?Seven Me| llui'iii'd to Utath. tragedy nethuijP of tbe like mcgnltud A furr.ituro estabtsbmect in" elty, a llftlo west of Broadway, and neaj A>if5r^T eau|bt tiro while ten men were asleep :a tne alUo. Va v nous fire companies and crowds ol cituess assembled, andweieall bully enrage ) In ravkg the endangered property: and amid alt tbe nolie anc oonfuvou, tbo ten sleeper* in tbe atuc slept on, In what wa* destined to b? tbe b.ecp of crath, to sevn of the nuoobe* No one knew of their being in the bol' ug, ozcept tbe proprietor, ?bo its hually engaged in re',moving and raving bis own family, some ot wtiom were invalids. Toe Or?t intlmstiQitbeasM-rabled ranlt'tnde bad of ihe fact, was in teeing tb.-ec of tbem precipitate themselves from a window and trap door in itie auic. Immediate c'lorts were made to save the remainder, bat tt was 00 late. All communication uai cut oil by the tire, and be'ore any could be established by ladders or o'Jherwue, the Uoora gavo way, and with the burning limbers aud red hit bricks the-r were preeiipitated into the cellar and soon huhed beneath Ui? failing walls. The 'loors gave way flrat in tbe centre, and as they came down the doomel men conld be distinctly oen huddled togetner and disc ing to each other. A breathless s.lcnco |<ervaded th-j horror rtruck spe .^utors, and at tbe moment of tbe crash thu only other sounds that broko upon tbe eitr were tbe crackling ot the flame* atri 'be tcroams of the sutlerers, which coul'i be beard abovo all the rest. A simullaniocs rush was then marfo towards tbe burn ing reins, with tbo desperate hose that something rnigbt be i <mo to roacuc tbem. but the heat was so intense mat co rne OMM approach Wttkta many feet. A scone of 000 fUlH tbon eneucd which ? ? .r- all ducriptioo; tbe tricnas of tbe vlcliirs?an J tbe relatives of some of theos ?running wildly about, wringing their bands and wall lef; everybody giving rommanMs which nobody obeyed, or instructions which noboly follow, d; crowds hurrying* thin way snd that with articles ot property, and upsetting each other Id Ibcir hurry; every one anxious to do some ttairr, and no eue kno?mg what to do. J Finally tbo tire bi'rnt out, and tbe crowd dispersed, except u ti-w stragKlen: who remained to aar nt, under tbe d:re? tiro of the C oroner an-' Fire Inspector, 1u lemrvlng tbe rnbbub, to reoover tbe remains of tbs deal. l?y yeeterdsy noon the work of removal was concluded, sna fragment* of tbe re von bodies were extricated, but to incinerated that all rccorc'tian was impossible. Ia deed, except for portions as the skul'a remaioung, tbey conld not bavo been oistlngci^bed as tbe reatains of bn mau bodies Tbe names of tbe deceased were as follows ?Jobn Hoi ler, W'.lHdiu flereker. Frederick ii-uo' aiaa, Herman H-uelinan Hermnn Alter Il r.ry Remmer and Herman Ubechaup. All cf tbem were natives of Germany, and none but U.? two hr t mentioned bave relatives in tbia country. Moltcr leaves a wife and two children, living cn tbo Mfrrituac and Ge-ieker leaves two brothers living in lb>p city. Tbe property destroyed belonget to Oasp&r cd William Prange, and was insured for SHOO, in tbo tale Mutual In?nr\nre cllije Tbe loss above msuranos estimated at from $2 6O0 to $3,000. ASTEHTISEMKJTTR REJTEWIJ EVER? DAT. PEKMI.VAL. Ant ixreiRMATioN of wiujam dcfft wtli, hb thankfully re< e1ve<l by hl? staler 8n liiev. ? bo Unde<1 in Kh? \orl la?t wwk, lrom Ralnamona. pariah of Aai;ra ooun iv Uatway, 1 retain-. Addreaa or call at 19 Hi me street, South Brooklyn. CORDKLIA?VOCE KOTE IS AJOWXRED.?WHT DO yob not reply? Let me bear from you on Monday. EMMA-YOCR NOTE WAS RECEIVED TOO LATEt I will be at L'ortlaodt street ferry bou*e this 'Sunday roornH.r. at II o'eloek. Should you not be able to meet me I will write aa you direct I F GEOROE O. JAR VIS. Of PORTLAND, CO*H., || who resided there in IMS an>l obtained a patent for aa improved apparaius for setting dialnca'too*. will send his ad dress, or any perron know in* his whereabout* will plesae address a few lines to F. H., Herald office, he will bear some thing to bis advantage. I IF THR f'.RKTLEMAX WHO WISHED TO '.HIRE A furni-he<t house in Mao<kmgai street will call again be may be aulteO. INFCIRMATIOV WANTJ4P-OV JABRt^ADT.BAKRR, s native of Ireland, county M Ttppersry, Thurlea. and ot Mary Daulion. When last heard from ahe waa n the rttaU of Maaaaehusetia Any liilorina'n.u n on them wilt he (bank fully received by .fohsnna t'oady and Patrick Daul on, at 167 Washington street, New Tork. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MART ANN DEEHEN, J. who emigrated from Krankford, KinRs loounty, Ireland, and landed in New Tork on the 4th of June last Any infoe nution of her will be thankfully received by ber mother, r? ib^rlne Deehen. who wsa repo'ted to h<- (toad. AddressC. Deehen, care of Mrs. Detley, 20" Eh/abeth <treet. INFORMATION WANTED-OF C VTHKR1NK McllEN ry, of eonaty Monashan. pariah of T^muler. 'x>?nl?nd o< Belsdy. Ireland, by h?r brother Mwsnl. who is lately lead ed. at .lames Rodgers, No. U Worth rireet. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MAROARET AND Ana Meban bora In the elty of New York. datgMers of Mlsbssl aad < athenn?|lleh?n. were left br their mother anaw twslve vears mo al the Oetnonc Half Orphan Asylum, la Eleventh street. When l^s4 h.-?rd (Tom Marfare; ??a living In Wooater street, near Bleecaev If etther of he girls, er tbelr aunt, Ann Peters, wouM nail at No. ? Amity aireat, ear ner o'Merrer, ibey waaM bear of aoaetbiegja. tbelr Mvaa Ia?e. INFORM \TION WANTBD-OF EU.KN MeCRAOEIN and Kllrabeth Any iaf> rmation of then, will he thank Inily reet lre4 br addremlnj; a note to John Mo'raekln, Ms. 2b Wert street. New lock NPKCTAL BOTlCF.g. 1m IQt'OR DEALER^- MEETING ? t W AO.tOCRMRD J meeting of the New Terk Lienor Dealers' ?oel??? will be held at Nattooal Hall, Canal street. 00 Mondav riming, Nov. 10, at 7), o'clock. R. <1. MONrOOMKRY. President. A M MATHEWS, \ e fresldsot. Gcrrav A. (in, Recording Secretary. Pm AOtFIC MAlfi STEAMSHIP IHtW York. Norembev 8, -At n meeting of ibe dlreetors of the Parlflc Mall sieamahlp Cosnpany, held this dav. a dlvl. den.I of fifteen per eent was declared out of the profits of Ibe romoaav. parable to the stockholders em and after the M* _ ' anvnviir Hi ' i sm w4?? STATF.N ISLAND. nan or raasas. lo Mesrrs. Wl'llam snd .Tsmes liursber. -lohntO Ncal snd 0. Buel, of Port Rtel im n.l ?FMSN* m>4 Oentlemea wKh tbe deepest emotlews of "rrabfiKle sad srf miration, I beg publicly to ??prca my thanks for yonr noble and Intrepid efforts '* Ibe night of ibe Sth instant, by whlrh I wsa reecied from diownins after aiy eoaipanlon in the scot dent Ibe lamented Mr. Aastln FounUln had met bla death from that eause, before tbelr ssrlng aid could beeitmded. WhHe I am well convinced that tliey neiDier desire nhr et peet any snch etpreeston of rratefnl feeling. I eonceive H to be but just thai I skonld not slthboldlL 1 also beg to return my warmest thstika to the man> other ren*mna ctuaeaa of ]>ort Elchirond. by whom I wsa hospitable reeetved and pre ? Ided lor on that melancholy c< ciai'on. I beg lo <'ihsertba myself, lentlrmeo and lellow rlti/ens, ymtr sver gralef 1 aervaat. "OHtfcE. Livery Stable, New Brighton. Statss 1st.*sn. Nov. 9, 1Mb THE I.K(T1;RK ikamw. "" INDEPENDENT I.MCTURES IN fKRSEV CITT-A course of twelve lectures will be delivered in the I'nlta rise ehtirrh, corner of Grove ami ?ont?omerv ?tree?a, .terse ? Cttv. thefiraton Monday evenmr Nov. 10, ai 7}, o'clock, br Thorn an w*rr King. Snlyert, "Subatance and bhow." Tb? succeeding lecturers are? ?e*. Theodor" Psrkar, Rev. Hamvel Johnson. Rev. J. W lllgslnsou. Prof. Robert Hotger. Ralph W, Emerson. Rs<i.. Wendell Phdllns, Rev. F. HenryJIede*'. Rev Henry W Hellows. Rev. Samuel fawtood. Rev. A D Mayo, Tickets for the course. W For gentleman and lady. W; single tickets. Ml cents To be had at Kaabow'a Ra/aar, Moat Itotnery street, Jersey City. 1JROFESNOR BENTON WILL DELIVER At.RcrTR* x before tbe Hebrew Young Men's Litersrv \ss-v latlon, on Klect'lclty. at their meeting rooms, corner of Bowery and It room e street, on Snndsy ev rnln*. November % ISM, at 1%. Tbe public are Invllal to attend. Admlttanese firee. THE MIMTtmr. "tr ETRRANS OF THE WAR OF 1*12.-AN ADJOURNED V meeting of the corps will be held ?t th? headquarters, Relll's Star Motel <U l.latienartl street, on Moa?1*y, tbe UHb Instant, al 7)# P M. In hehs'f of ihe corps A. W. JONNS.] Meut. DW OrmMX BIlXIAKns. , OMtRPi BILLIARD TAWl.Ea?WITH PtTTfNT PTTNH 1 p Inna. .nst brought Into n>e and soperlowio all oth*rs. ttf teen per ci nt cheaper than anT others la the city life -y, (4^ I rnltcs rtrtM. Twoif.oiid U* ? moles for sai*.