Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1856 Page 3
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ADFBPTOgMEOTS 8EMWHI gfEIT Dir. _.r.. BOAHDHO A WD LOOUINO. M WKhT WASHINGTON PL KUK ?BACK parlor on jlP frocrma floor and three single room* to let, with partial j.ottiui. with all the modem improvementa. Oue door from tfce WMtnj|t(io Parade Ground. I ft CABBOI'l '"LACK, IM BROKER STREET?A. ORN Uemsr. and his wtfe can ubtaui a very pleasaut and Jaadssmelv lumuhed front room. with bedroom and pantries wached, tf deijtxL AUu pieaeant s(Uc rooma for single gen letnau. D'naer a: 6 o'clock Itcf>-rsnces exohanged. I O NELSON PLACE?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED X-AJ suit of rooma for a family, wl'h private table or separate llciiac, alao a parlor and bedroom for a nfegle gentleman 44 7 WEST TWENTY SEVKNTH STREKT.-A SUIT Of furnUbi-d rooma ou ibe second floor, for a family. Alao, few fui nli-hed rooma. for Mingle gentlemen. Ibe house baa B Uia modern improvement*. Q AM) 21 JAY hTKKKr-A FBW MOKK GENTLE ?7 men caa be acoouwi.>dated with board. Young moo 'isbbtg a quiet and eutnfwrtabla home should apply soutt. looms Ught and airy. 'IQ ONION FLACK -MBS. K. 0. COFFIN HAS L?7 opened to s houfe Families and Mingle geatlemvo nay obtaiu handsomely furnl'lied aud desirable rooma, with HMfd. OC GRF.ENE STBFET.-GENTLKMEN AND THETR wive** or a few single gentlemen ran be accommodated w ith handsomely furniahed rooma and full or partial board, ou moderate teiiua, ho', aud cold baths, gas, Ac. Rciereuces ex changed, ?>7 NINTH STREET ?A HANDSOME ROOK. FRONT, 0 I suitable tor a gentleman and wife, or slnttle gentle men. Wili be let. with board, ui the lirst class bouse 37 Ninth street, neir Fifth avenue. UNION SQUAIlE. OPPOSITE THE PARK?A hno'lsome suit of room* on the second floor, facing the Park; also, a single ro m on tlie fourth floor; persons s?e?lug lirst class accomtncxlit. 'tis, with good board, are iuvited to cull. Of HENRY STREET.-AN EXCELLENT SECOND OX s'xrt room to let with board, to a gentleman and his wife; also accommodationi, for two single gentlemen. A few Jay boarder j will be taken. Qd FRANKLIN STRFET, A FEW DOORS FROM O.i Brood wa v.?J e vera! large handsomely furaished 1 ">m?, also two beautiful drawing room*. They will be let t Aim- ? "***? Mar J Ian l ? ST s HlwlMlppt.... 10,000 _ ? 7 ? Mlaaourl 10,000 ? ? 0 ? 1 North Oaro ,na 6,000 ? ? 10 ? ' South* No po) r.lar v tc. * ' Teoneaaee 6 000 ? ? Axu 10,000 ? ?-?P?g' '7lP*4n>a Ok f\(W1 * l%a WlUlOIlt DOHu. Thfl ^'irglnta a#.0?L ?llfl bHtbs aud gaa. Persons in wmvw. ,ur.Aole home may find one by applying aa above, 9S Amity street. QQ SPRINO STREET.?FCRNISHBD ROOMS TO <7?7 let la the very deAlrnble bouse opposite the St. Nlchi lar ana next to the Preacot House. Would b? a very desira ble location for a dentist. Terms moderate. I fl7 FBIffCI ST REFT-WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, 1U | large and hsudsomely furnished rooms, suitable for gentlemen and their wives, alao tingle gentleman can be ac commodated. by applying aa above. House first claas. II Q PRINCE STREET.-A HANDSOMELY FCRNISHBD HO bark parler to let. to a single gentleman; alao, a room on third Boor. House contain* gaa and bath. IOC EIGHTH STREET, OPPORITB MERCANTILE lOtJ IJbrsry?Front parlor and bedroom, with bath, Ac., on recond floor; alao tingle rooma for gentlemen, with or with out board. ICQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A HANDSOME J.Ut7 ly furniahed room, on the second floor, aultablefor a gekHemaii and hia wife, alao a single room to let, with board, In the flrat class house 169 FourUenth street. WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, NEAR EIOHTH rooma on second floor, with beard. [ so moderate terms, to single gentlemen, or a gentleman and wtfe, in a pri.ate family. Gaa and both. m HUDSON STREET -LARGE ROOMS, WITH FaN try and cloaeU. to let. with board, to aarUee of gen tlemen or gentlemen andth^r wivea; house with modern Im prove meals, location dealUBe, near Hi. Joha'a park. Refer ???i exohanged. 1Q<) EAST THIRTEENTH STREET.?AN ENGLISH lOO family ran accommodate a limited number of gentle men with handaonie avartmenla and partial board. Houae first claaa. Hot eold and shower batha tree, gaa, Ac, ^Ol BROOME HRKET, ONE BLOCK WE>T OF zUI Hi oadway?The most desirable and oentral location u the city. Permanent aud transient boarders accommoda ted, with or without board <71Q BROADWAY. CORNER OF WASHINGTON I 10 place over WcUer'a saloon?Furniahed parlors anl bedrooms to let. n CO BROADWAY. ONE DOOR BELOW CLINTON ? Ut) place. Eighth street.?Furniahed apartmema. large and kmall. with ot w Lhout meala. Dinner 1 rocn to 6 o'clock. APRIVA1K FAMILY WILL I.FT TWO OR THREE large, well furnished rooms, with board If desired; large cloaseta. gas bet and cold water in each room. Apply at ib Clin tern piace. l-igh"i a'.re*-!, ;.ear Broadway. AOF.BTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. AND TWO OR three single gentlemen can have good board and pleasaat moms, map. vale tain'ly, by applying at No. 1113 Monroe liset I SCIT OF ROOMS TO LET TO A <?ENTLEMAN AND b'>> wife, or a single gen': eman, at ICS llodson street. AHOENTD'MAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen can be btadivowly a< rommodated with rooms, 1n sn:ts f? r K?ii-le. In a e*? and eiafantly fumi-hed hoe<c lilst er at hii o clock. Kef? ences required. Apply at No. te East Twenty second street A PRIYATF FAMILY WOULD WISFI TO LET A A handsoiaalv fnim-li'i suit of room, bath raoms anl clceets oo same Coor. Apply at 234 Fourth street, opposite ?be parade ?>"'">*. French, Oermaa, English and Italian ? by the owner ^ VOL NO LADY W1SII1S BOARD IN A PRIVATE J\ (anily, where she caa have the advantage of Instruction the Bagl.rli l.iancbe? Meat of refe(ence required. Ad Oresa, g'viuf? terms, Ac . 11. C C , Herald office. A t HOICE or ROOMS NEWLY FAINTED AND FUR J\ D'she.1 may be had 'or families or single gentlemen at \i Ea?t Twi :!th atreei, corner of 1'nlverslty place. Dtanar at one <fclock. AFCRN1>IIFD ROOM WANTBD-FOR A OENTLE man and lady, la a respectable and retired location. AJ draaa R. W . CniTB square Post office AOBHTFEL FRIVATK FAMILT WOULD LIKE TO let one or two neatly furniahed moms to two single res tiemeo or s iter.1 >*m?n and wtfe. with good full board D'n ner at sii r c.ock. References exchanged. Apply a* No Mil Weal Seventeenth eiraei, between Seventh aiul Eight:, avwaasa. ATOCNO GERMAN LADT, WHO IS FOR A FEW hours cf the day engaged aa arbool teacher, wtahea to Itoard la a respectable familly In oumpenaatlon of giving lea asna la Frew h i.erman and other branehea of cducaUon. Beet of referr ioee mill be g ven Address Wm. A. Kobbe. ?sq , barker snd consul. T William it A WIDOW LADY Bl-SIDINO IN RROOELTN, WITH In two minutes walk of South ferrr, would let, to a re ape* 'abie family, two pai l'.*? and front basement, furniahed Eunl'irrished, with or without board, or with the privilege of eping bouse. Apply a*. 40 Mate street. Brooklyn. AHAND*<>MFLT F' RNIHHED Rf)OM, WITH BREAE tasi?d.r.ner If deetn-d?can be had by a gentleman, la an Eng'iob fam Jy. a* 3*1 > Inth street Board -$mt wantfd -a handsomei-t FCRNTsn td suit of rooms will be glvea. ?lib board, for (bur r al< mnnibs to sgenlleniaii or a gentleman and bis wife, wU llrg tf advarjec lit on go.*! ?eciirlty. As this snm Is needed lo relieve an vne<t>wt?-<f . inbarrawunent, snperlnr aaeomm <? rtaiioiip mar be obialne?! on mi>.ler?te terms In s prlvsle house bai'-'fth. modem lp-f-.iv.-menla, ard In the Imm' jjate vcmlty ofl'moti park. Address Hradstone, Uniona^uart nit ' dee Board -onf or two single oentlknen can be aerooHnod^led with a vary pleasant room, with board, a small famt.y. at V Leiingtoa avenue nee' Grsmsrry rk. House has all the modem improvements. Terms WtoW OARD -a few gentlemen and their WIYEB. ) or a few sinitle men, can be accommodated with 41 rara sbed rooms and gon>l board, at S3 par week, a lac a V and peek parleete let, feraiabed or nafnrnlabed with wltboai *?ia.-d. Terms reasonable H S.?A gnod fire *Hy In the parlor, at td Franklin street, between Bitted way Elm street OA ED ?A PRIVATE FAMILT. OCCUPYING THEIR J own nmpertv. wbtrbtbey have reeeaily painted and lued j, cssnp ear wiUi all the modern improveaieets ? II let sur i(uk rooms consisting of elegsmig famished parloes, with bed vttns attached, to parties ot iianueetlaned reaportablllif. wll ing in pay for superior accoBimodatien. Inquire at 47 AmHy Ireel, near Brnnowav. ? OARD-AT IBS GREEN! STREET. BETWEEN Wt rerley tdace aod Kithlb street, line newly fn-nisb*d -ma la s iNs or single wHb or wnhoot board aeeond fl-wr j now be liad rirat class hncss, wttb all Imi rveemccta. OABB -TO PARTIES WWHINO TO FURNISH tbeir own rooms, a private family wnntd Uke to let two aHonand a bedroom. Those in searah of borne eomfbrt* lease call at 7W Weet Twentieth street. House modern anl vestent t > cars sad stages. OARD-A firiT OF ROOMS. WELL FURNISHED 0*1 ibe sec ond <1mw. will be let seperate ar together, m tb Uil i 7" 'amforuof a home ran be reellr-d, ess *r Arv'r *t rt Fonrth avsnna. References ei ?MM ' OARD -A SMALL TRITATE FAMILT WOULD AC mmmoilate three or four gentlemea with partial l oard be bense la local*d Id a i >od '.eiebi orhood, between Wall reet and ftr uili ferries. Apply at RR Henry street, coraer of te, Brookl; P OARWNO.?PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM-) ON s?ripd an<g thlid floors, fbr msrried or Single geMisme* 6 Bond street oen- Bn .dwsy OA'IDINO.?FLRAS \NT ROOMS, WITH ETTTFR lull or partial Loard. ran be obtained on applleatlon at White street, a few doors from Broadway CARDING?THRFE OR FOUR YOUNG LA DIE#, those whose employment Is from home during the day _re. csn obtain eice lent accommodations by applying al ) cans! st-eei (new nnmbar), oae door from Orchard stmst. OARD IN BROOELTN. IN A PRITATE FAMTLT ? A gen lemsn am! his wlfls, or a few single gentlemen, he aceonmiodsted with veiy pleasant room*, sad f arttal rd for gtiitlemen. at 344 Henry street Reference re BOJLRDEMG AJkD LOOGnO. TJpOA^Rr ?N~l'ROOKLYN.?DfcSIRABLB F.OOWs WITH 11 (ul; <* pafthli boad at 59 High street Location i,lev?mt oa>y two blocks trim Fulton street Tfrme reasonable. Board on Brooklyn heighti-pleasant | room*, with partial board, in * quirt family, lor aiugtu mt^or h gent uuian and hi* wife, can be obtained on au plica ? iiormi 41 to : 'o* street, only three minute*' Irotu Fulton and Wall atreet ferries Board in Brooklyn -a pleasant and aurkb able home can be bad for a gentleman and wife. or two single gentlemen, with full Or partial board, by apoWing ht 21'. Stale atreet, between Smith and Hovt atreets, near the Citj Hal!. ' Board in uoiioken.-an elegant room, for two single gentlemen, or a man ana lit* wife, at the finding 17 Hudson terrace. Board wanted-with a handsomely fur nished parlor and bedroom. In a private ??*mily. or een teel boarding bouse. for a gentleman, wife, infant and nurse., ate diimer, terms must be moderate, beat of reference. Ad dress. wtth paiticulars. price, Ac , box 3,721 Post office. LtfcKNCII IiOAKD IN BROOKLYN?'TO LET, WITH r partial board. In a private French family, to One or two gentlemen a larse trout room, well furnished, with grate, gsa Ac 'f be location is pleasant, five minutes'walk trotu the South terry. Address R. J. W. Herald office. Fink fcrnisiikd rooms to let-in a private house with water, gas, baths. Ac. Apply at 4A't Broom'* street. ih.rd dour cast ol Broadway, location convenient to all part* of the city, IiUlRNISHRD ROOMS TO LKT-TO SINGLE GKHTI.E ! men. with or without fireplaces, within one block of Broadway. Apply at No. 4 Second atreet. Furnished rooms to let-with or without psrtial board, in a private family. Apply at ix utt Roy place, hlceeker street, new Broadway. Handsomely furnished room*, with board suitable for dingle gentlcmeu or gentlemen and their w Ivra. in a house remaining all the modem improvements, convenient to both cars and st&ges. Apply ut 96 West Twenty fourth street. HOTKL LODGTNGS.?GENTLE IN KM CAN OltTAIN pood furnished rooma at the liiobe Hotel, corner Fr iuk fort and Willtsm street*, at 25 cents orr night. A few best rooms at 37st centa per night. No other charges except al their option. MRS. HUNTER. NO. 49 EAST THIHTISril STREET, can accommodate fix or eight gentlemen with board Ucufee tint class in every respect. Rooms to let, with board-at no. 211 west TwentythUd street. Rooms, kurnishrd-for ringle gentlemen to rent, at the Monument House, No. 8 Union square. New York. J. O. A C L. flgfGQg. pOOMS-FURNISIIED OR UNFl'RNISHKD, FOR A n single gentleman, or two friends. In a private Eugli-h family. Aprly at 180 Hicks street, corner of Montague, first house on H.-oohlyn Heights from Wall atreet ferry. Tro SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR A GENTLEMAN and wi e ran be accommodated with pleaaant rooms and board bv applying at 313 West Twenty fourth street. All the comforts of a home ran be assured. i po LET?A SUIT OP ROOMS FOR SINGLE OEETLK JL men, at No. 7 Brevoort place. Tenth atreet, in a private family Meals served in their rooms, if required. Apply at No. 7 Brevoort place, Tenth atreet, four doors west of Broad way. Teacher -a graduate of the french aca demy, recently errlved, wishes to And a respectable pH Tate faintly, or a school Institution, where be could teach the French language in exchange for his board. Addrea* for three days. J. Klapal, care of O. Paturel A Co , 292 Pearl atreet rpo boarders -a FINE BACK PARLOR. ON FIRiT 1 lloor handsomely furnished, and a social agreeable home is offered to one or two gentlemen, of respectability, in a pel rate family, residing in a genteel location, la South Brooklyn; a 1? a room in third story; house with modern improvements. Address F fc., Herald oiliee. UUFlRNIsIIED ROOMS TO LET?AT 194 FULTON avenue. Bro", to gentlemen and their wivea. siLgte gentlemen. cr families; new house, desirable location; terms moderate, cars pass the door. TENANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED NATIVE TRACH v T er of the French language a furnished sleeping room or parlor and bedroom on the second or third floor, with f%?; location between fourth and Twenty fourth atreets and with in two block* of Broadway. A family preferred where in struction in French would be r< eeired as a partial cotnpt n?a t on for rent Reference* of the highest character givi n. lAd dre?s Mr Recvllle ,tC2 Broadway. WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM. FOR A GENTLE man and Lady wth board h i the lady only, in a nn ... Biteel family, where there are few or no boarders: widow | preferred will be In a gfnW. neighborhood, and below Canal street Addresa. lor three day*. Victory. Herald offioe TE7 ANTED- EY A GENTLEMAN AND ni3 WII F, vv 'o*ig:: g and beard. In private room*-, for from 9<0 to $M> a wetk (acoording to aeeomnnidauou) will be g.ven. Holt ten rs exchanged. Addieas V. M , 1'5S l>road? ay. TIT ANTED?BOARD for k GENTLEMAN. LA?T and " child. In a respectsb e location, not ab'.ve Twenty tlil-d atreet upon rroderjte terius. Dinner at 6 o'clock aad coo venlent si artmen'.s essemlal Refi renews eicha' ge l Please addri se B. Knov, Union square l'ost otli-.e Nl'MCAL AMI UAVCINR. A ** PlANGfOfcTB* TO 1 >y 8tLP IMKKDUTEoY-OK ^lO ncn u*t <-f the < f thr I 'rpiiHo*. The boienew mat uiiipui* will be sold a'cost U, i o?e the esla'e eyeryone *ar*n<'?d for one yer.r Yfc'?e Wishiiutnpnrehaa/-will Jo ? ail u. rii'l at the m?i>ufh r.;? Nos. 71. 7?. vul 7 > r ? I Twpn IJ trot,i dati'Mt. lieat l.<-kina on ?Te'ic. Ilea UUul t> octwe r< se-.votid plains f. i $lf*l i! with CUT' '" 1< J? serpentina l>0'i> an and flatabtd In the style for $230. Krery ln?tri Hint on be (11117 U.?i< 1 and If not oa .epit* uirJ Uk a?.acj Irfunaed r q ksst ror?.TKr>Tu rtrkft. n y.. and 1*2 ?Jf/ Clinton *U ee(. lJ-oik!rii ?PBBHKRO*6 Paneiiiir Aca deniiix ere now ?n>--u for the *ec>*pUo?gi pnpll" Days In New York, Wedoes Uy and (w^i/day Hooray ?od Thtuadtr, at3t<P B.: get tlata*n ? rlasi. Monday *rd Thm-sos* st"? H M., Brook.>r nr Tuesday and Kri.lav?. at f M Rehoois and private ciiasea altauUaa im both c.nsa. toM (i>aa us usual. ? DODWOBTH'S DABCINO ACADKXIEt, ? M Bmoabwat, New Yoe.a, and 137 Montana plana. Brortklya. New York ala.v?aon B-<!i.e?4?; g ani SaturcUTa. i>.-M*ty? ?laa*'? no ?a 1 Frnla,* t.irmilars onca^ig'-a.-a* hears. Ac., ma - Ua bad at <Uhar of (he aoademiaa AIIaNDSOMF GOOD TONED FTANO, FOK BAT.E Been Uttle uaed; will l* cold rbeao. in part gooda and ruk. at 1 066 Itroadwaf. one door atiore Thirtieth atrett apartment* to let, furaiehed or unfurnhhel. 4 IBD A WINDIIOFF'S, CORNER OF ANN AND NAS *1 eau streets, entrance 29 Ann Hreet aroo l tluor ro in No s Frit ale parties and cancer! aalaona suppllad wstA good artists ?n reaaooaiye te-mn Prr go.-is. jewelry, ?t gars, Ae , taken In *-ichaoge for mu'tc leaaojs. ATOIBO LADY WOULD UU TO W AS IMAM went as sovrsno singer In a eh'i-rh choir arruld also gi\? lessons tu Fre-cb or aauaic. Address F. I'lkr. Root s gallerj. 363 fiioadway. HANJO AND ACC'OantCN TArOHT-TFRVS 96 rOJ'. l>e cvurseat 12 >?.cn? one half In advAi.rr Wamiat to n.ake a good nearer Itrst toned !>an ?< s male h? 0 \le . C BuKRRLi., 16 (J rand st.rri, u<*ar Haiti van Dancing Afapfmy-orrrnwich tjail tu Itieeeker street.? Brs Lubj. pupU of O^aar llrrne, t>a lot n ns'or to tlie K< ,al Ita'lan flprra, lionilon isi.nwg.r tug ewons In daoclog atid callstheai'-s. The pupi'ssre now prartHISR t?o beautiful and fasbtonaiile danre* mil tang I, Ml any oil er academy tn Nrw York t^e Pr/ka Flnsle aa daiiced at 'be Academy of Oscar Byrne London, aad Its Oou loo quadrille. THTiaoaiiL or ostak nrs** ? M?s. T,r?* ?I'esr Msiame-As yen t.rrfertir i nleeetand the gorlttia, <sisa a tfai tempk. and all Ibe roi oi*. dances. Wtili tbe !*wett style uf quadrilles and a grratrar *?rof fsaey daaree ar<iulre.l under m trntiin. I Ib.nk it uredlaas for yon to bare fcrwbar insti l'oura irulv. Ost'AR BTRNK. Wo t Westbtcme Pro re Bayswste r !jooJob. nUHARP DABCtNCr Ai, Buwea-.jr,: fbi-ip!e?w? t! <>er Bi-nta Rrery Monday and T'.iam ?lay a ball Admittaacf Sceuta, tadiea fira hANriNO Pt-nOCL. AT :4 tAIT TIIIRT1 KNTI FT ? '?lot Nri-atst, eatKRUl'Dl' tuxn are low ot ea for tbo aeaw n l'..(il ? can ora.m?a'-e ?? tar Ume, ok Itedi^sdav and Maiurday at 12o'clock nioii and :t>^ af^r noon foe vonog lactea ar. ? nas'ers Bon: ly a- ltee* as n?ual etcluiivrly ft - a d pi ,m1s O.-cu'm:..^g trma, A1 ea: >eo,A. J a. at .re nABCIBO-MOniNrw ri.A?*1C.^-B?OOKF f A^l deyii; 811 Mreome slreat ?A ne? riser far lad es (eter, stt el ?) wH* r*<wn ?tKe an Tt:?? 1ar at I F. B a are t a? 'ar r^rtiftwen on Tnevi?? at "4 P. M Alac a new c'.am for rbi'<tren (eiein?i-e;? an <?aii >eaday at S*-, P K at! Ihe fiw'aoaabla dances u gbt la one nurse of l?sa>oe t'LtIF TNf.TRtTTION ?PRorrSJWR TRTX (Y)N r t'i v?r? tr teneb the IV ehm a.- f tiermac Cutas Atution rt#? rirfiaof rci-,ri jr ? tlirrn igh kc?le<!ge < f t'tia p< r< !ar taa>rwoie<w?-.> do w?lito a- fl> at Ua 'ivri', at us tia nn eon ?'rm r-rt VT - '.I! \M ' - >, O'.AI ?, . N ?' y J5,w' 147 9 >r'r ?** w ?<? < :ie 0. pe t>r?> mak r- a?<<t wsrrattad taetHTE will t e . t ? Writ he?n aaal s few ?rn ha Owuai goiogtc ona laa bancnati^o 6 t'pl'ege 7 Ate ^ MB C WH.i.Hr.- DAKCINO 40AMXY, WutROAO ?a' I* tm w r pe i frr Oa s< s?r.(, 1 ,ya-t. e?d? . an 1 .-??*u?dj?j nfte'tieooa and Vues'si and F-l-lsy etvnlros acs k ratea orhoob'eadrL * or 1 Ait ru'ar* atr ? to Mr w KltlHT, 415 Foti-lb suee' * Organ ftiR kali?wirR ForB(-ror.<?\.nD fin* rr? *c< 1 rr ? ,\ ?r, < 'If V 'th tw - rt-i| . *Ud !D\b(.?ax.. IM t a I at F Kl.toHifcwAR a cgran r .iUd?i, /lusjiac S'enue. ne< r ltr..?J* *<. ^.-otk!}*: ptANOO aN.i MBLT DBOm -TH ? KOBACF WATBSA I aiodc; t. laiproiea a*iLo* and mrlodao^s ara tc < femd oaty at SSS ttrradeay P'.ai <n u> rent an! rent aliameu on porehsee^ftit es ? en monthly paimente <^road ham! ptanr^ rrn, Mntoftto me'odao ? f>rm Bfc' u $i*A PlaooUtined aril repslri d pn'iabed botad and m< red " T^e (lorara Waie-? p'anM m,s &? New ^o-k BraagallM, ? ara knowa aa ?n,otig l!,e rrry t ??'; we ara c ablW to srenk rf thasa In ?ruatii'a with itm" O'lree c/ cfi,fld?r.oa f-om |pn niw fe f <ia 'edgr rf 'h?tr rtreiient lone and Catahlt oitallty " To fM> FblN:! pAl-??<r HoVoOiJI ANS FAIfT M I Mr FRVIiKiaOXH, ^10.' w.of dan ing, lata 1 M* irnar'waj, fes* to kono'ne* l.i> (iiatig* of r" ini^aca to A' Hirer'<*r ?'re-' *i<t aC u 'laa .a.. a- .cu *i Is iumtii alelt aileodaJ u>. rrm piano-Tnf~"i??F vrM7 Nl ^^rvtjfT nV " ' IIS" ' R to ' I rr .11 *r (M-Il ? , , rx* srahtit :?tB i'r +tm\j orprjit* B o?<' >^'r< Vana fiietnr? 1 waatv eiphlli ateesl and Nlria??en -e ff T. |WM TIIIV. 4lin -S^OKK'*' MBO. WBITlNO ARrTt'MrflC - ?P 11/. Mr not.nraK oifi "-oadway make* rai ! b' *t rf*? wrMars and 1 racUral brokk' rtera In the *We?i r^,. alt ' litre nrnt rmf > ?i terir.g tbi? werk miy terelre prtrate ^ qu*UC*<1 f" 1,?wi bt-oii.?cepar? bt fur* Jam 4> | jl HGi'KR KrTTNO, WRftlBO. 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Ac., MWnl?taMV (or m& toe States TTV>R salk-the ij?ask and fijturks or a first F^cU?*je?rtr> more location uusurpsaW, betog fn 0w ?o*rUfiu part of the city for PMtrnl*M *PP>y to J aMK& K0W&, 48 Ft urU avenue between elgkttb and hmtb street* ___ F)R SaLE-OR EXCHANGE FOR Cq^TgTJffAT' two houses well locatodta I wenty seoood! sir.,* tbta ?tf. containing ?il the modern improvements. and axe tuo?iAntua y t uilt. Apply at M Beaver alret t, third floor. "TIOR RATE?THE LEASE STOCK AND FIXTURES, OR F * iuESST* - old MUM** retail J'^elr?JLT?: with ? good runofctisiOMicr.; lof..Uoii vm?u-p?s-e^ nri ?rl .i. v* MO ntCu.ab Maiden Un*. tr at .kM Uowep. ] ITWiR PALE?A THHKK STORY AND ATTIC tu,u?e wiUs ?U tae modern lutprovetne uti, situated at No. y, . lace Al*o a lot of I*J?U. cora*r o. J?,lirlb 1"*'n'ie kid bJjtbt) fourth street. and a lot of huusebu.d furniture Apply to R loWAKP Hick. T"1f>R B-A2.R?IN THE VILLAGE OF TAR^YTOWN i F Westchester county, ? desirable country le.ldfw^ ui"?n the Highland turnpike or Hi osdway; ew f *. Un,)11^. I modern itvle; carriage house ari<. stable, and abundance ot iruit Terms liberal ar>d immediate possession given, <l dr abed At;ply to Ur 8. HAsBKOt/t'K. 91 ?r-,a- aueet N^York.? to D F. UAdBKOUCK, on the TTtOR SALK-AK IJHKRE8T IN A F mtulou .taud, in Waab ngtoo marset now dotog an " < client bnamesa for further uart cuUrs apply at stands Ni* 7 and 6 W asiiingto'. market West street aide. (,R KALE?AN IP.OH SCRAP FREW, M VDK BY MChbr* Worrtll * Co , warranted to perleoj order, cHeap (or i th For particular. uniuire at MU Wasnlngton at.ret, corner Ktag. F"riTt c?i V?THF FIJfE F'.PT PATITN'O KCTIOON i>rniRftVtlA built nt Prairtywloe Del . 86 6?-9T tout J?r'?ffrb 77 a 10 fei. bSSttT? S 10 feet depth ? tee; bbc ta lu fi'Ht rate order newl> p?lrt?I Ac wrtj low 4. kg butt bolted and lrteI ?i 1-d fvt>?? ^el wl h tv^oer boita. If ot.t aou; at prUate aale be " ? i? 'Sit i*f ? ?ht ^ ii* be. tfteuoe^l o( aucuon Apnl} to JOdN L lit c h. LKY, 811 roDt street F'oR KAX.F?CTIE 4P FOR CASH THE STOCK AWD fixtures of a well furnohed boarding bou?e, piea<nu ly ,naifd ln a re*p?Ctable nelirhbo-hooc'. Two or mo-* y?ar.' of the temsf n.ay be h.d Srunr will be * H lit coni" i'uence of the p^ea^nt Owner harlng oU.- b-^ncM/o *?end to. Applj atlil I auretigBlre. ', co ni rof I .wce, N Y. F~OB pai k-a nux? SS^A'^jNS nicLit brirk bouse, pitvimled *t No .2we?i *Q?rl> ?tirrt netu the Sixth avenue; CrotoD wgt *r ?T*d wa*t<? P ? * Hh u'o^' the house. T?rt of the pureh?,e m-mj c?o re main on i>cnd and mortgage. InqulrootL U HBiiUK. ?? IMS Bowery. R fcALE?X FIRaT Ct.ASS FaMILY OROJgRY X' Htore. dolt g a good btislnean will be a"1<5 . "" ,aJue toacih c'uatomer, the atorei. for bualneaa. F?r partxuUtra Mt , apply to WM. I,AND, 77 Cat con ttrcet trom 5 to ? 1 r iOR BALK. OR EXCHA>UBD FOR ^'/-^u'^h-afr ' bfred citv property, or fancy flood*?Flrat ojial t. n %v? Saber lund/ou nAvigabie river?% m i- ^ayai.n*h <?a , weU a^EDtea for lumberinjf and agriculture, laxeapaid. War^ ranfee dte*i* given Inquire at the drug etore oora?r Htclta acd Montague a?rceU Brooklyn, N. \ . . F ir.n BATROPTO LET?THE NEW THREE STORY 1 brirk fcottpo. No. 117 1 welftb a'-eel bet * eer. Pccond ?nd Third avenues, In perfect order toroi-gbout wtJi al tue modern Imp'oTemeeta. Fcr terma appl, on the premUe. lietv eet) the houia of 9 aai 10 A II and ! aud 4 P. K. H OLSES FOR SALE-T3F TWO VERT NEAT WO HERN brown front bo-'^ea known aa Noa 101 a-.d 1IB ^J'ond XX urown iruui ? T o . i, Ktreet WiUtoBJaburK one minute n walk frr m Peck alip ferry lr. a *ery excellent location Price $41 MX) each; no m?j-'y re uuired time will be Riven to Rood an* reapan*ib.? paHi- * v|t ire , felitPtiON I'.hOtUKt.^ 19 Header gt.,-et. MURRAY HILL PROPERTY FOH 8 \LS?TWO OF those bro* n n'one four atory hocsca on the east Ktleo. MadiM n avenue, between 1 Ulrty-third *04?X ^ streets, bul'.t in the Veil man:, sr. Aptly to J RIi-L KCM ot ,be preinuwu. ROCIvAWAY HOTEL SITE ANn OROUNl S FOR h.n-8 -wu: be sold to L |>ri -on of well nndftiDy rompetent to;' a fir a' ci??f> hotel.^ one of the n,t4t desirable loeaticna a- frocka?ay fon. btvel equated for the inirpos. command uk a m.e ?iew of to- oeean and unsurp if. ed in beau-v of sttuadon coaiblrtag " J vvater and f.irt betb<-? a suW. lent quac'fj of land'?UI b? trId toenab.e tlic- putcbaicr to? rect <"t'*S''"*''uu'j,1^t.0 0'' without crrW-ng litem f gelber as usualiv d-re THe 1 >c^\ EST. such thLt "very cot tiiat mar oe ?re?tod wiU c in mid a finer ?<! t).e .^eean The b..|el ??tc^maic 1?tlor.< .. KlTaie totally Irud^uato to the ? w-U ? ?ea ??. voters an* fl present an onusti*".v 0>? opening tor ?b?tol. hoctawuy U but s-Meen mile-' om ?'?.w inf ihe Dfar?*st f eaabcre retreat, moat acre*ai.?l?. a? d hja.aif aUo 'OUige auea cf diiVeren* M/es bcau ifuHya't^ated a up i*Ti? *' m tb* rond tick to tbe J?c?' c? - be make of tii e p'ouii t? anch tint one cotf?;e wUl net tetc fer'!'^|,h* view of snotlcr 1 it erst term' will be stret. A,, pi; to CILvlNCkT SaZISaRD WFrcftCway. r * T"? CLOSE THE COM'SRV?TPE V* S ;?fier? t.oi* s-d week the t*re? bo t *vtort 3? iv.fih ??I. re?r av. C; lathes, press"* dt.U-j. sr'jwln- bolt making n.a-btaes; Picks pt/sv Tyler's " vucs. Ups. dies. ....iih s tool. Ac. JOBMCaMEH ? ?*i?T*e r?iO faRites?pes sAi.e: cmk\P, a LAROI Ql a.-' I t.t " nt lia.e ftmeklo 2 manure i j fl .'OEl K t HtK.M' 4?n *ti*?t. T m n* n ov 'ins t*T*- nut , at ?: oT',.> k yt B atiheMer.oi.nts i'lcli^.gf. Wail ftreet ?b- b??J# wi Ko 1* C*t rr ?t eet T4,rm* unr^c ^etiedly advADta 8c-ou? easy Lccanoa fiif tl?*a tjr to.'ren ~ HOTKLf*. t?! 3-R>' R*-irrro Dr orifT.".?r^'s r>csi: ^"B r> be?? es'.atliaii *- tor toe ea^rUi.^ment ?t-tpgf"?L* t -'Uit tc ti'f tsLac 1 of Cu'js ltd e*p?eu|'i ofAjnr. tui was mar w'>h to pus the wtn^.- tr ham'*. ar>i beM'ifto climate The town of Guu.m ts sViated ?n the iyiu^?dW lr e f-am ltftTara to MaUiraj. nearly ?iquU.i*?iotfrcni ttMw ctuds and baa the alTaaUct test eivally tc ue -r*aJ d> ofbe WJSSaV m toe nor& -tf wtotry . ot!cir ut^caaionalii ererjwb^re on nort^erm wart, by a r k)*?? o' hliis ruabng r.o ibweat and tbrnl % l>Mnj to t|e ncrtb ot Oulnet 0>ua flrtiuc ill aoutbweiterc awyg towardatbe Cambean He% dlilaiit about twe *e mtb*e. ? 4k'*^niewui to rwsr Ttve o oorictor will uw every possible means tr tls tr?ef S^te aTvuft'too of visitors a. agre^ble as r6fUlbleB I^of'an pbyalelal'0fwS aR^Ntroru^ J' LBA riKBRK HO VSR, NOP B;>-681 1JROADWAY PRt v.te eotr^nc* No 2 Amity str-et.?This botis* having ub c*>rff'*ie cons, lenb'.e t?pl [TMaeoll by snnsiing th- upper nsTif the corner bouse U tow ready lor tbe weepUot of L.... ,j P;i\ sie t.iblf if required. Rooms, In mlts or slng.e V).it sVtolHVd. y FREEMAN. S.4>r.fe^fPT WATCHES, JBWKLUY, AC. CAUTOBICA VlAMlSt"., IQCAt TW BSTILrtMCl to thr r-al, r.?d i>'prlOM #rltt? n the rf?ch ff at! Oenu' r'rn ?'c$3^ rta?> f& f> #23. tVTtagi #6 It MO. (KMm. Mute, 'jrac ^la. A. aa ' #a# L A J. JACC Bi.tKarcUwy. (ViMPOSmO." ATTiuOTjD CKA;K8.-TF>T, OrABD ' I <t>, t.vlu-a c..a>Iftta# ? arranUl n.>: tf color ?? ?!>?? pnonay rcturnd frlri?a#3i lit Mottrr mallY any par ??: ti? t'wteJ but#* Mbrlf##J?da#:epa nir L, A .t J AtiCUx. 4tlC Prru'WAf. niAMor^o-m-. trati tp ?.ehp7 rrru.i (otru'-d u*a we ut r .oUat.*..} Dtiiufaotiirtns tnlluit oe band * Meek of lilac,-*-" j^elry of tit lalra'. rtylaa. a *r?i ##acHap#at of diasior^i r.a Imr.r t*tlUc >1 i- <?r taetrad: * .iowMi <>r caafc. I. Ui.RMA.viT i 12., 4U F.r r.f *rj#C CXOTHIMO, *c7 Wtr, w womth or mw Avn trrr orp clo(b!??t "antffl ?O-oUrmeti barn* I?.-?? r<r>m?!' la<? V> dtrpoaf ? f ?U'rrrflrr ti ?? fn!i ralne. ?nhoi. Ii-n/'ia# o' a~klu? I* "irtv?? CaV at ti# at m. or ?<Jirr>-iI'i'bwi P omtf. I>l rr?-i aire#' CliWiltfl tom o? htm aji.v ?ami cr? ^PAV.U" "U r! lOiln# wmO-1 for city ?o>! P? <--<?-* ?%.? k#ta. <if-j i?* n k?rit k arp W rtlap#? ? >f *U. r?-?..? Mi price by eall'ng at the aura. ar tuM*!' ( J OH J K. i AT *4 Oaatr# afcval Ctotmno WAtTKP-rcR ft At rmun ak* pi* ?urra. Jli-tMTttdi.HHiK eflte# -I# :..-.d abor# ( krt. W4n?> a&d rh.: irm ?aat*! t'i neli"ji; forgaaiM t?8 ?si 0*lur<a. AJd.caa Trade 1',-raU ctl i ? CiWfsnmiAr:31 avo ?nrr-ure* bam:\> / at - It ?: ?;?>?? *#aa rc-Jltf th# utrn I aJ'?a< top *. OOMXM. Vt Um? na ??? ctn. tr 12 Wm R:.a>l?'- Lad*" atU-a^J b* K-? C. MATKIMOSIAL. A vocku or ion ruiwt.N ^ aTtrac 1 i it ilfi-c- ? < r f Mir | Iw aaquala'A nr i : ?g.Liic Bsn wlA r\ ?l?w ;p tn irla<ir.? Hrmtmt|<o*^p>at)iff?qa*l fr.Wrs ?flmt * ?l| ? rk>r trfrrnUor aiaquJ. ? c< <1 ai> i-rt.63 d *p?.atti'.ti tk it'ljr oocnS,-'s>n lo lli? , ?? r>f M|U fptrfln i ?ui abaiidwvite man llf nn<t iir ' (,^i in Lr ?l>: Mrrwytwt a? I hat* |PP'?<i h-(l m# bt 'h* f"?T, h cf ;a c U. a-"1 < r*r *hirt. i h i*? Ur pu.irr'oLQ tmi Aad ?? I an alnr<-r? 1 heva en' at lit an ???f biit r>-<e lie *?o,r AO r.xr.m>u .miiou* rru,?t b? al ili ? to tr1' ST> Ps fir ivr rf<ai bt fcA. Mat^'mowta; -ny!rr?*riT or wr**. n>p ?ailm rrft.t au^nig' g??1 r?rwva *pp<^ran??. ?fcf' ar# f?Unrtf b itmfc ?b?(- UVi u to ib? p-.l?rt?-latnfrt jt a ;?d. of a 14 ? be, iik? tha ?'!T#rtiiwr. fi?alpa ?*> a ;*r?*tialc Wlujplaaai %{V'Ta .t I> , t a'"-., aquar# foat r-?bi# 1 tor' prf^riM Wtil b# $lrrr> to an ^irvrn hrtwaaa the a* i cf SO # <1 at' am', at * ??.?(? real UkrfrU to acmrrr. M ath?yo>-'at -i wrr'r" rroi* ffn rrcrrptor 'Ac nta trr MM<[| ) arad ?n? prraon a full 1?1m< ?tlr.n f* tbcU cb? Mtf hr th*lr bvn'.wr!tinK -ail .->??? ?u^ irnu V -rctAWi mm poat?ra, M il# Jtm.Vs TU-u# Proadwa; ' * M AVsmonAfT^WTr* WAKTK^irffo *r? rrrrih t>y #aiura ati bt tnr''nHito(j u m\f % km* happy hlr m !?? V? ti?a,'h?, ?0<v lapklnf, *nd ret*Mra?a(rai.' Ad H'?"a A bon a Ik t 8 M8 Po?to?^. A|TauL(wr| A? f At HATI THK WOMJ.P, ATI 9rr th-j*%nd doltarar??ard la r,n. ; to air par?j! *" L?|P T"r,,# is te f iiK rcrrret aut*at#nl? ca raM #raa#rran2 Hit#?# at<-r> far", alarly aH*#iitfr -.J?. lowra law anl.i Ar W"" al#rt'<ra lu?kp nrnihi?ra Who ?,irraa?r? ac- frrtr ? Ujl' lis# frar *l*i ti on ? ci!r |? j.Uo ?A'?. ?rr^l ttirra Al. parar,n? who a-? affltcl#d irtiA rr ?.-mrtlo* L" er eoinp >inv, aeri n.'. tb' ni%t'va or k.<t ntlirr linxf<"'?a ^ f""" ?? ?*" W* ?<" tb.'. *o:i<i#r! il *i" ST y -iBLIS^Py win not toaraT dimwt'flad H It -M.-'am# * r.T??TOrf U no huml.i:* Ctll ?d ?aUifj ?mrMi-a* ..f#"'1# 3# Ro. 1-6 OrebfJ atr##t, M?M Ho ? * IBI FUei?m. C-.hicvotAiSi-mm#. WffTMoc*. "it# #r*rvo ' ' V f^fjT l',T* w<"' pf Broa-lway, tb? m-*t iwrm nutir itra >naH>r*.< rlal rc.vrn' tn Am-rif . A.. Cm M##a #toy r*d aal fur#<l? If rurapv, n .i rrin* #r|vir? ..n b ? n?w at? -i frt. "da, Ac., an ? aa'.lafiwiUcn ir kU ea* ? r.t 1 r 'r.- jtf T?slf MINI ARM. ~ trj?r-iA??*# r/?r rMo^r'?}' ?.#->??? rr V . >'!""* #??7. II- -if. at '?## Am w ??? r-uaa. " ma al irk o orff a mi TWv? iW l?l hn?r? ?;,j f miiy mr n a1#* ' *?h ?-;a*r a# mada c j a>-i.a-Ti

<?? I 17 Rrondwaf T J AV all A AtOAM.#. M*.ir IMOpr >r??t MintfTPP * ? * #t r*<ark Ma. ???f--f'?;*?#ba? ral^anaa, flTi^taa. aotat in#. VaadMu i??i. T. (Hl#ar#i r.??w irt'*id faa, A?.- by lb# Ua #r i.iw,. P. P *.^?KHA, W4 KaUaa lajf ##cood at?vy. RRGKTER. Afl'BM-llnD HOCUE TO LET?KXCE.PT THE ?< con J flour. wtich will not be occupi. d, modern .m provem. nts, n'c< l? fin tubbed U< ul cL'.y $12 per week.. An (ly at 90 East 1h ty aeioiul street. Eighth avfnok srofck to let -best block ok lb* a?<nue store 90 ft-et long, with Kood plal>- glata w ndowa. now occupied ha a clothing store. a c*pttal Htaodfor boot* i?J 'bo#'*, c, fane; grocer} or tea store Pks ?wn lmm<iiiat?ly. &pplv ,r the dry goods wtore, No Si;5. FCRNDHED HOCS> TO l.KT?THE THKEE KTOIIY brick ht u.e and furniture. No. {*) Seventh elree'. The home U'-lipibly al'.uat.<1 in u good neijjhboruood, is Supplied with sua bath Ac , sn.l the furniture i* in eiertr rtspeot sul'. ?bin lor a j;erte. I family. Pot^esslon g'.v en immediately, lu quire on the premises. jjURNisnE.o HorsK io lkt-a oentkel bocse ? to let. tuD) and hat dro-nelv fnrnlahed. ailualad unu* Waf-b;r.pton parade ground. ihe lir.uae lias all the motleru 1m, ii.vetneots. Address i o* 214, Tout ofllce. OMC OF THg HKS1 OBftNCKfl FOB THE OPKMSf:} of a clothli g Ptorc In Brotidway ?To lei, a corner store, on E mirth street and Hroadway Rent suitable for a retell fi shing slrrr- No. 69?. Apply On Moi.ilay Y>.AKT OF A H'lli^E TO RKNT?RLEtl 4NTLY FUR J i lnhed, n ft v oiloafers' walk bon <trace church; or one or two iocn.e wouM be let to two or tb^w gent Ymea, with or without board Alnrei-s K 1< , hot 4 Oftl Post office. QTRtUT FOWIt* AND LIMIT KOOMf IN THfi D Harei Depot Building, c/ir:ier of Kite and K> vikiir stre>-i>, one anuaetmir. Bros* *ajr Inquire of I HE'.NNhTT on the pivmiMw Mealed by tu*m pipes QTKaM POWER.?TO 1 V") THE SECOND *VD THmD C; floors, With .team power, i hf-uies 410 sad 44H WtUx street bet* Coo Market aad rite streets The room* sr. ?ell lighted from I.on; ..nil res.r ?...< 1 for utij kind of im.rl.u,. work, lallei, drilling, &c , Ac. Apply ou ih? jir<t)i'si s rpc LET-NICE 1 HON" PaRIiOP. AND SF.DROOH AO 1 jo.i Ing v iihgsc ;u.d fixtures in earU room, h?t and raid vi.t. - pil?llege itj ki-eheij and rerun lor servnuts. Aleo, * ftirtilsbed room in 'bud skn U required. Kent ir-nd-rate t ? a guv tenant. Poosesmon )znmed<afely Apply at 'JOO eu'Ji a\?ui' new Fou.1. enth atrctt. TO LCT-DWHILING HOrSK, THRKK STORIK* AM) b <th hawemcit ?u toe innder: iaiprovenieiit.- No lit Wen Iwenty-Beco'iii bl:etL AppU* to ?'aJIE.S lilCKc<ON, 41 bu klci' luie. T? LKT?A Til KKE HTOil f HRIOK ROUfiE IV FIFTY lhir<l street, lifiwfpn (?' .unh and fifth nvenuen, No. 7 m the block 1 oratlm. ?IrciraMe km' ren' low to a good WnauU Inquire of Capt. WM. K. NKW, house No 4. 110 IKT.-A FMaU. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET their sec* nd fl'io* of Ihrre romci* find tir^e or ?*<"? room on ?l>? third Ihor w iUi Dririli ije ot l.itrhec to a amtU tt 'Bteol tunny wit hoot eh-Hreti Ar-ol;- at 172 West I wentv tbli\l sr., betweeti hf. eoUtaid Kighth avs. TO LFT?THE L*ftOK OORNI R BA8KMKNT, NO. ?7 William aid 41 Cedur St . suliaole for a fancy, grulstiir i uhir-u or dry good* business , loll* to let Inquire at 121 11W17 at., ?p F'airs. TO I.ST? A PAM.OB, WKLL ITRNTSKED, WITH piat o.on th"-tlrst IlK-r: nlsf . s l ..-r< "m ami kitchen, to g. ther or teparalely. Appl> at No. 6 Varlca alreet, coi nor franklin sriei. TO IKT-CNTi: MAY I, lftB", HALF OF AN OFFICE, 157 l<roadway 1 eras moderate to * i espo slble part;. Inquire of occupant, rr<im 10 In the building TO LET-SECOND 8TORY?TWO ROOMS, FOLI/1NO doors two bedrooms and closets, with back bmteuient p?rtr> ai d claset of No 10 Hethuaa stre*K luquire on the prttulaea, or at No. Eroadwa. WIU IAM HOWLAND TO LET-" HK LOWEi H ? LF OF TEE 8I7BST AN "I VI. bot:~e 47(5 F' ^r h siree' near KeconJ a*enue comprl-ua;: baixnient kitchen cellar, two spacious parlnrs. te* room, atil attl" bft'iora, ItertlOiO. Apply W .TaMK.S SU0U, N i (<i East I ll'.eeuth slrtft IC'IM-A FOUR SI OK Y ATTIC ANO BASEMRJfr IiC'K-e on Ablni'J-' square wllh all the modern Improve metis, gas ho' ad co'd waip- /te.. throujhmit. Reul $100 Tot ??feen f'ftp 3t?7 P M lasjutre cf l?r J. W t Ll.lOf, Nc I Eighth avenue ipO LET-A M?AT THREE STORY HOUSE, WITH THF 1 tuiproTi menm No 169 Mnost straet, ne?r (lieea w-biti-f. /pfklynNe l.'sl A-noastreet, or at No. W i*hri* ?toi b.f h reel to ti J BOO ART. Poaseaalon .given name distel; Rent reascnable T'J L'T-rt'K SK< ONO aNI> third st6rik? OF tbe house bo Pfl t harltrn corner of llm!fr? uu-aet. la i?*c, u aoo~c from 9 tc 12 and frim Iw?o'cl-ick T O ;JT-Tri THREE sTORY BA*E*ENT HOC0K. Tu 1 V et' Twenty siith urett It contaius slx'e^a i?omi. wllh all tin inndtrt iiiiproreniecta a!?o, the fnrwtture fqa sale or ?oioi wiili the roof.? 'i o a person wUhlng a Hue ih * 1' r pi o.: o| portunlty fH) LEI-> : TA&I . WITH THRSE STALLS AND 1 h iIf ot c> 'i h hnu?e r rmi r rf Mfth avenue and Twenty lir-' si eet, tin*J ? v>BiS*? 1, |hJ7 1-nTi.eite of fi*i.i for ho-acb -rat 91W. Apply al 91 Weil Twenty fir it atrect, or to E ncfc k C , 415 N?w st. t et r\ 0 LSI "R LFAnF-IK THE NE W MARBLE Bl ILD I I . I'' ! i o w a; west ude, below street, 'he el-'tftn. saiee rctn o' th>' !!.'>?? by IU) wiiharwrb oi. "ro-'itwit v* u.c1' d" 't a beautll'il tlhow wl'?dow u|?mto ^re'lloir '. lie * room- are slJ wrll lighted sod havi bear '"i tly nb.Ti'.ed ani itiied i p Is. 'b< l.< it man' er. and ?erj i't'-ii%l)le. Poaaesaia;- ltem??'K ImiulrW In tka ? tort . t 'b un mlxt o ot O. L Pl>. TE.R. 41*6 llruadway. CliPAimERMUP NUTUEIi. D:i llCTTOf. OF OOTARTKERSnir?'THF COP ART ti .-s jtp ter >(. r- ens', g hi tw een tam B'ib.'Ttbnrs uu '.w itm e.oi of Hro?i. A Co. is tait <*a3 dL^elTgd t>3" MlNW C"?B ?en . 1 .'her pat I; w. .star f> li?i* '.jCioi M? koitA, Nv>iu..3r I. liM brjci'inx BRL'SH. smith j. Eastman arTers>ip ?'--a'th .1 ffae'm.\r has this d?y formed a c.->| ir?i,ei-iiir w hJ.LnC Ll oO suJ w U lOiiltnU'* the pre *v' *i I'uafieea onde- the tm of Kaatman k Lloyd at Noa 40 ai. f 42 ? si' eet hlW Vcu* No -inter! CAMS. EtHTM" t A IT.OTD, Ci atuoaa.' r. Mriouaato. ami ? Be* ?rs rn PrrnaiML No?. IU so' 42 RroAJ sveet. New Yotfc. fm.n * Eisrwa*. | ipx* C i lOVIl S W Ku ampie veins we pn?>c?' ai all tmars to hare on hand ft* Die m ecUor cf the trade In lota to suit puiehasera, au *tn pie stock ot j oris' aa. eml r?i me pork, be-f larl. la^low. grease sin..) ed, n*kJed ac I t} aalt me-ta, hams, sidra, %ou;der*. I ;' We reap?ctfall> s?UeH the cm-tinnat'oo of the favcra oi ? ur ol J frte^^s aul paimns and the patruoage ot the ira-le generally Ali aMpp?A>r orders reeeired by asll wtl rreotvr psr" i-ulAT aUeutM*. bad wiil bt aaaeuvod at the Lowest ?uket rates FIRAKClA.Li. W-ANV A Mill NT TO LOAM OH DlAMONDfl, . wa'theo |MN| ailka ;i nd ail klrxti of PWWVM |*ro pi rly, or bcughl (or tiik. PiwnhruifUfketa bought. I.A1CBK* A CO . 81 Iumii alreet. rcom Ko 7. Aral floor. OQ>l BBOAPWAY.?MONAT ABTAJIOTO TO A ITT Out an O'int, ?c UlaTnen'ii watotieo jow*lrv plaooo. dry ? x?l? ir|V>. ?kl (f?< daerrtpUoii <4 valuable pro^Mlj. or bmifU iw KMi i <n>K notes. Ac-, a?f*> Vfctrhe* ?nd lowe.ry lor F TQI i f * re >?? Sot 1 and ! soroad str-ry. (On /.AA TO L*i<I> OX BOHP AITO MORTOaOK, 90UiVl/V luenooi ni rtaumo to ?uU applMaU. on rood pit tl'icki # ie?l ("ale in till* Clljr Apply to tf. h Hll'jATt. 13 Wa.i ?<?+"% recond Mf-rj, fro?t rooto*. tQRA nnn -t-OA* OFFTC* IRUMI BTTRF U?r?r: or of <hn Miata aad the Mayor acd ? ?um w f-of W>? rltT of New York Minor lont ml tagt il rMr* 02 iN. ?!??.* fiubn Awuond*, ,'owrlry, drj gf?la *( A A!>px^ct?> ?tl Pear. rreel r?ynr* of Bno? Nrw ICR*. WO.-WHKR 1, l<?-l>fTin*!fD-Tn? l'ri*l!?rit ard ?r? ?;<.werj ii*iik bar# Ao ?trrj a d.riJ.udot loa r?? *?> I. parable c? aad after No ? i mbc !n Tbo tran?i?ir beck* will b? rlo?ed unit: to# Ml i. lia,Te P?r order K 0 HR A PH'RO. t'a Orrr?? cf th*- tvtr? atomic ra.lkoap "1 ?rrfr rf H1?lf fir?i MM?t aud TU4.-0 ir? ?4p?tke fto?r?* ttf fwrer'n-a >?r? deeded a ij larleriy dirt 4ei iofln. (g: per eenl patal eon ifc? [U (Ml, at ?tie VI? ? 'fhr tva.Aiy tkAlarafer ho- wCl bee-wed oi.H1 tia' d*te ItM' *1. h. lb A ACS. Soireiary N?w To ? Kot S :%$. WFRCIi ANTf AND OTftRIM -P?RTrW t I'ia. *!????* cir o?fcer tra-<rferab> pA|>?ro( Waiter HeMa it. ??!??* an! rr?! f rate owner a* A?i nwali, fai m a. f-ew t?r* -..via rati find a rnick oer trvr eiyl paper <i UTttlf M per rent co tu We. apr>ljr>n( to J. ? LTONA ML (\t\r.e Uetoi ArptAWiO^ New Urncada. PALL Wrr.f.IWFRT. AT.* <rK?!J>0 At atiyira raxaar. h$ Brr?-:w* JfiWN K. ?*? H'N wil. ?;>?? im T>,ir?,!?? the 13tb la?t., it e winter fa?t.k ? - it 'a^let aud chil 'r?a ? h"o?*n f^AMi WrLLiNKJT ?THI" INnKAeKlfim) liK J* TO r ti fnrw h?r k?*id ratroiui a?"* the ?iliee to fneral. f?mt eke a w< (t wiuwHr a<M>rtaoni o( faU awl winter mil In eUjern w stw1 1st te? thnn tf< five hrr a rati l>ef. re iur< uii| el?rwh?'? lo Uie riecu.kin of ?rdrrt elie wtu i s, (be tr, atrat *tient:rn MMK C AT KI5srn*tI)T Afeoi. 271 IV.Wery, iear >f? MoaMrML H CM'R i KXfrtlLtl AiVtr prieea. fnrcaak, rfiT^ l??n rutri QMiMfe t jm Mi) relr-t nrmMW^M. Te., A- kr Mm. M and ?d Ji>km ?treet, rffnw wtllani ?i'aet IfivYn t DRV (MWDN, AT. r-A i a -w* rr r^n wipk OU cax.Ii t(H, f a-*t imoitfi, A' !?. pet fart. Wil' be or'"' ' At rrtat. on Woni'ar W'W'iiiber 10 A. T STKWaRT A ni., n-oai'wny i ' am'" r* RraJe aireew. ew:*-' "/AraVi WiB t)# oprnel on Non 'ay. N'nrenibor !(>, At 7# (Ml< par rard, Wortk cia# dctiar. A. T. NTTW ABT A ro . Broadway Chamber* ind R< ade alreetA. PZK, BBOAPWAT.--OK.VTLEMFN TAPfXIOBAfll.H ftiraMbtrfMuHlir.?IfftWn * ^K*rf>Rri tarM at tentioti lo the irre- i?wt rnr'ety ol winter in the ? It*, 'a'- ?1 Lriti<ton Aftd rant BMWIi'WI b trarwltlon, bi^ineaa, arid eti nPtpr ?bi-'?. new IM rrarat* and ocnrf*. 7(TA FMtOABT FAtf. A*0 WTNTRB Jt^T I */U reeelred fiom au< tim. at an triTner?e wiire. which will he Of. .I thl* wrek a' i'ertded fear.aln*. at iho Otmmer rial I1-. u?e, IdT Nprtfit nreet ?t IT |.IP'irrT, Prr,pr?elor. ilUO (UiO w^AT!l OF RMBRitTTVCRIKN. TMPORT 4*??V'." M "" " ed fnd uletli'l ?tnri?<<ty f,i- cut be?l reU't trade. ?r? row offered atrrdrrel prima, atao a hemi tnn!?>i cttotl e? <rw Riftirni'KMtlAr* Mid alOevA In rrH>e mr r || yiMirn, triwhtrh * f ln?l'i> U e ?ii(>aiion <.f rTr rh. ' r MM FR A i.WaNT W71 ?rowl?raV pt*+APT * rn. ?U. ..*r <t NcTftuber 10, ?,?? 0-K*r OOOXM, Frf-r* mefin n ? And wvv>; pjki ii. Vrntiwif, ?r i t> ?.ie A. DKV WX)Dt>, ? , At ?TKW.-.tT A CO , rn i-f <?*;>? <-!iJ a U nBon to their 1ars? and na^mfWot iwlo <lr :m ft" <s? ju.t lecelved by steamers AUuttic aud aha comprint!^ BOBfcB WITH < ten*. Moot antique, Plush. And velvet tljuaces. BAIX DREoSES, Embroideries, Lmn, Pari made c.'oaks, real India camel's hair Hhaaly. Ac , Ac , ,%e. Broadway, ('bamben and Reade atreeta. A J AKOIil A CO , IK BROADWAY JP8T RECFTVED ? per steamer Ana, a rich Hue of pouMiia and>aiftoeiM. v bleb, v.1'h their Mock ou hau.J, wlL be ottered on Monday, at greatly reduced prices. A. JAEQBI A CO., 767 Broadway. AN rLEtJANT VARIFTY OF AI.L KINDS OF COR aeta and stirts art- m>w ottered for the full trade, at aboiii toulf (bo prices usually chirged. at Mrs OATNOit'H, 4/> I bird s< enue, ue?r Teutb street and SKI buth at eaue.near Bixteei Ui street. BR1 SKELfi LACKS. -A CHOICE LOT J08T RK Ceived in collar* acta handkerchiefs, Ac. Aj V<, abeou lilul BfO'tmant of bonltou good*, in capes. collars an I sleevee handkerchiefs eellTiirei Ac Mourning collars an i tt nrM illusion good* and infanta' caps, in new designs, of ou * one mamifactui ??. Hal IKY, y a RBINOTON A LESLIE. 623 Broadway. BRIDAL VEILS, HANDKERCHIEFS, FI.OCNCE3 black ohantillr f iiwiVA in s.-ts. or by the alugle oue Al'f elegant point set* iuJ collar*, capes oMflfoires anil mantillas in the !atr^n?tv!i'h and urmirppttaed in beauty of dt?<gn or firiio Mftia.K A hhaNT, 371 Breudway. BLACK LACE GOOD-JUST RECEIVED; CONSISTING of rich abawlk. pou ta, capes, veal*, ooilTuree eollara uul aleiwes, float cingand tritnmlt.gH l.,ees PETER BOBEitTB A CO., 875 Broadway. C1LOAKS WRAPPERS AND CIP.CFLARR. J A larire apti .i imt ut r<t new and laahio. at>ie n1 tf?, in One b aver, c'otKs aui velvets, at rery low pricos E. K KILL* ?' ai. 82 Chambers atreet, mi stairs |?MI<rOinBBIE?-A NEW STOCK JUST OPENED OF I>J beuntifttl designs wblcfc will b? sold frr a i-uiali ad\ane oc ?.i>tof Importation: biunla trimmings. Ac . Ac. PE1 PR ROBERT*. ? CO.. :i75 Broadway. rnK.MNi dress oooi-s? ?U A g< cal assortment new In a lor", and tor aale cheap, by ARNOLD. CONSTABLE A CO , Canal street. near Broadway. FiH Rfi, H'RS-A LARGE AND CHOICE ASSORTMENT for ladl'-s and n>U"ee, tiiMtm>a* ed by any. Misses' and children's beavers In all ibelr varie'ieg. The latest styles of cb:W:-#*i'K velvet and cloth cap a. KK1.LOJO. uiauufactiirer, l!Ss Canal street. 71RKNCH AND BKAI. IRIBH Poplina and \ aleocuut. The richest goo da ever imported a. T. STEWART A CO . Broadway, Chamber* A Reade etreets. (1KN1N 8 BAZAAR? ILLCMON (lOODa?IN CAPES, X bertlies, i xujuw, 4c.; aome new stales, the best nuti-s, hoi at the low? m prices. OF.XIN'e- Ba/.ii: t, St. Nicholas Hotel, 513 Bioadway. (GENUINE KNNLISH and FRENCH BLANKET? OF X snper.or wool. In every sl/e and quality, at rem?rk.ably low prices, at the Commercial House, 147 Spring stn>?? J. H. tiiP.->f.ft, Proprietor. GESIN'8 BA/.AAR. 5? BROADWAY?rBK.NUq EM bri iuered coila-s a laKe lot will be opened on Mouda>, Nov. 10. ai'd will be mid cbeto CKNIN'h lio/sar, St Mcholas Hotel, (13 Broadway, GFNCINE FRENCH MERINO-VERT FINE. AT 65 , at the Commercial Ho'lae 147 -nrir.g sneet. .1. H. I.rP-ETT, Proprietor CifMN'S ltAZ,>AR 6U BBOADWAY LACSt. J Our iie?k of luce goo-'s cf every make will be f.Hiod must complete. I^are net* ta endleaa variety. OP;NlN S Ha/aar HlcVilMHiM,illBrneM^ Gentn's Ladies* and children's octfittino Ba/Aar. 513 Broadwav.?Miwi n' and bovs' rea^> made Cirtklng An estenaire w??rtneii> ot the a ?ve articles will he opened on Monday the lMh instant couai?tir>g m dreaaeA 'aln, u> pal< lots, walking >oat?. bovt' oiercoata blouses, ?arkue* iSrrmef Ac. Ar.ofeverr ouality anrt price. Aluo '11410 la<!ir|/jK\elling cioaks, from $3 60 lo $7 SO. SO per cent lea^ than tfinr acti.a * <1uh. GEN IN 8 Bataar. 513 Broadway. /"ir.KAT SA1 E OF 8)1.KS. \.T <? B WILLIAlteselielta me Udiea toeiamine bis e? t?in?i'e a. sortment ot eiiks which has been inaiked downXI per cent, in order to reduce tb* alork. li b r. cea p'.ud and alripeil ailk at i>? . worth t*. 10(1 pi? i-?? i liena p.aid amWrlped at f*.. woiui i-a. Mi |< cea satin atrlpi at ltls worth 17a 111) ptccca splendid new aty)*e, a' 12a. worth 14s. 347 Broadway, corn, r ui Leouar 1 su-eet. GhKAl hAl.K OF (? B. W U.LI A MR ha- tar iii>-aa,ire to ant oun"* to hi* euafct?era and the public ceraraiiy, Uiat be U prepared, a-. 1 will opea ca Monday November 10, A ("rUU-Wt< AsHO.iTME.M Of C'.raka mud clr"u'?'?, of the irn-rtdMi.-'m equal (if not a> i>*rk>r) to ku. ?bowu tat* miwd ?' any uuliV Umen'. in the cuy. M. 8.?'Ilua U u> i n>ort July f<>r tie ladciitt irtitaabat gains In Rinnotr AS?r*!T?Trfco*w. Which i* not !,??!. 19 or c<ir again Una nut H. In conlrma tl'>n(f!t>e aubvr tU'ru rata (?. K YS ?ouV. inj thai h. hat aueced<>d In bu? '.off out the ?nUf# k'ork ol r>o( ol the latg?-?> manufacturer* una importer Hi till* rotmt.-y, it ? ?'i it mc'i';ce II- la tlierelo'o able to ik 11. Hit- whole a' 3* l per rent In < thaii ttuc the regular price M" Driae way cv>rr er l.c-onard atreet. IN TITE FLAKNSI. DKFAB1MEM WTIA BK FOUND I every make of import*! and ?tomeatlc fnnn'la, at the very .cw eat i-.icia, at Uie Commercial U"u?e. 147 hprl'g et-eet. J. H. LIP? KIT PToprtetor. IRL-H rorUKS Plais figured au4 plaid. AI.'aMKS CROPSrTS, 4*1 Itro-oiway. RTF* PB IJkXKT DP. PA HTM .7 MT WTT.L B* rOriTD i very r joke aaaortment from Ii Kfe. per yard, at tb* loovclal Uou*', 147 >"pt la* atreet J. II I.IfKETT, Proprietor. T B*CE A CO. t) . ?t:i eloae their etore. Mo. 7to Bran! way. on Saturday, ihe 8th laaL, Mid will Mow the large Mock of dry gooJa to Mo. 306 Hboadwat, where they will b? a< Id greaUy below coat, on and after J&m dat, the lctit iuat. OREAT B ABO AIMS DRT ViOOD* J. BXCK * CO. wtilrk?t their aloe e Mo 36* Broadway, on Saturday, the SBi tnat , in otdar to mark <tow? their targe auwk ot dry good* to to SO rut cm*t ??LOW COOT, . And will open at in t rior k ory^nadair, the 10th laat. W ten great bargains will be ottered M. P. ?The large attire and baaemen' No* 7M and 718 Br-ad ? Apply to J. BSC* A CO.. SB* Broadway. way to lot tor ? term ol year* * LIM'M H ALL, M'V ss BOWKBT.?EG AM a CO IMVmt Cie pnlittr In general to aiamtao their Urge atock of Irbli linen* their own im^ortotlon. Silk* and embrt kteriea. Ilratery and glovea. Preorh and knglfeh mertnnee tMiiwUanil cln?4a, Ulanketa <itkilta and flanneU. Heavy and 0n? clotlia i* ladleo' cloak* The abovegoodi Will tie alown freely, without aor unt ieaaanl An>r>|ig to (my, aad a 111 be (bidtwenty per cent below Hroad wny prteee where tbe >efita are LigU. We are roneta-itly Kf'iPK m mod* ft* m a jcOob, K.j eecood price LAMTji-ATTltirrH'*. AU..?Tlltiaa WT?HIMO pkb feet IJllrg ibniM ahi.nld tall at TATLOS'A 407 Brrii ?B), wltere tbe on> I erfeot ay?t#wi la uaed t raaieo cut and baa'Cd. Aiao a large aeat nwettl of paterne Vw%ya on kaad. LAOm- IABCf TV I .a BmmMS i ifi and Hi. <?n Bay eah'ia Brnia* rtuaabtlto. Sable Mat. r <M mv*a Wu. S*. Sa., Of the ?oe* prer*i.S| ftrfceata. nek M Oapea V Paieetoee and muffa. 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