Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1856 Page 5
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^arrofftt?,i Couit* wucmrmi wills-th? mahnm or **51? WILL-) IN THE KAKLT AOW, A*? t^if W17 1.H or SOLDISRS AMD BAILORS. Before A. W. Bradford, Surrogate. Uev. 7.?iii ifcs *?*<* ^ WX <U7 who wifl ? cook on board the ateemshi.* Hermann, as sinssTa??*?21 * iobra"y t wt"a ?TTe WI/ -"n-m Lremon to Southampton Two days be jflEtbs vnnI ?? ?y*? a? *? ?*?< fct Ef""n' be told Frederick r?r6OB Uiat he wished the money be tall| to him on depoe'.i in the Peamen'a Savings E*mt, U Ibo city of Now Yoik, to be tent to his mother, re riding at Glasgow, in Scotland. "Hiis viecla'at.on *u Made in the laa. stci;neea, when the deco>lent expected o me, ud with the lntec-ion of makicg a TOaUiumoua dn assttlon ol hie property. Is thle a goo<l naacspetive willf a nuncupative will, ?o verms l~a no?-uea*<io?thai 1 Cm wmme an executor by word o7mouih-1e a verbal toeumentary dec-aratioo or disposition. Arthurr Pt I, IS; I? 1, ?; GoJolpC, pL 1. C. 4, r* 7 ) By the ;ommon jaw it was aa valltf In re ?peel to personal eeute aa a written tcaU^.nt A wll ?oold no? on'.y be made by word of mnnth, but the mos solemn inatrumeat In wr.tlog m ght 60 revolted oral.* la a rude an J u no it rated a**, to have retired a wr:t tea will would ba e been a great harlah'.p. but with the growth and progress of lettera -.he reaaoo tor perin tting a verbal testament dlminishod in force, until floaily un eflort to eaUbl>b such a will by means of groaa fraud and narturv save r'.se to the provtsiona of the statute or Carles IT, parse J n 1878, termed the ritetuto of Trau-U <Oole sgatatt Mordaant 4 Veeey, MS) Orn.nfti.y. ncn capaUre * lis a ere va..d, though not made .a eickneee .Mierwwds, when writing became general, W*?i d"P? sHiodh were regarded w:th dlaiavcr, ?and ulf rtateiy wero cona'.flercd invalid, unless made in the as sfekness. In the of Eeary VIII. they ??rs delined aa properly made when the teetaior .ty languishing for fear of sudden death ani ilaHi-g met to May the writing of b'.i testamuit ( er ktea sec 476.) u the time of Jamts I. they wer^.?... 1 to be us ally made wben tbi veuia'or w m very s. o? , we-,* aa I pset all hope of recovery. *> became nettled doctrines that aunccpatlves wers to tolerated up:* when m. de In the "0* Kcvirion to thuteaooi waa norpcrated a the jatcteoi ends in respoct to dtojoeit'.on, of moh:dc a certain imo'd in vaIob (PtIc-^tb. iBZiWOt "M J R 602 7. Bscon's Ab. 305, 6. Wood Com. 674, m rnm LOO i. Fwlfl'i Syeteoi 420 ) H 1b not nereasary *>t,oularly to coniider tLa proritiooB of this B^tut^, for K, did not applj to the testamenu of aotdlera and ma . y, and now by the Reviaed !?tatutea of New iori>, aa CeuTa? by'the atatute of 1 \\A. ch M. all nuncupativea are invalid eroept tbo*e mu le by ?cldlera and aeamen. The rev '.sera of our aU".tJten repetlel new reatr ctout eaon nuncupative wills, tut the leeialavre abrofa ted U?em altogether. w:th tho emept'on i>iit stated, Sd \he asm? co rac waa lollowea in the Cog lab ?tam'e, (3 P. 2. F.enaen'a Notea, p o-O ) The ?niy nuo anpative wJla now allowed are thoao made oy aoldera aad lallora. It appears from tbe preface to the Life o( SSr Leoline Jenkina," that te claimed t?e merit, at the u?a ot the preparation of tte Ptatnte of V rauda, of having ?btained for tbe aold.ero of tte English army the full hinifilt of tbo teBUmeotary prtviiojBB of tho . ?om\u &rrr>. ^^Sw^ mi ared With ver, Pacai.u- rtgou and immunities. In the way of eaemotion from the Mual rales In r0#peel to wIUb? i \tcf &niui Iao*j o * li o?the battle Held the te.umeatary a? was aileJt Amid the ei'Hement and the perlia ot warfare the forme oreecr'.bed by law for the execut.on of a wiU di?DODB?d with bo tb&t tho soldier m'ght dBBliro h.B ^ChW, iToi'"mo,th or, tf wounded, he wrote with bia blood on ble ahield, or with h.a aword ji the '*'???? S? WM held firm and aMMd. Th'a rrt^ toee waa unknown ;n the rtp^bl.e; bu? *h*? !he civil and mlVtary anther ty were untied ?? one person and the army became the con Miiinc oower of ihe State, under Julius C-r >ar, ibat celebrated coir mander anUiOrl/e-1 the making ?i the ?tlhiarv teetam?ot in any mode, and without prescribed eeivmoniala. 7tie example thus set wai subiequent y followed by Tiiur Domitian, Nerva and Tra "j ^ the usage became thoroughly (Dig , jb. i?. mm i "t \ it waa extcuoed also to the naval service, and ?ficera roiu re ana sailors were in thla respjrt eateemed SSS."! (Pig. lib. 89, ft. 12, Nl) nus wm the feoBdation rfthrse privileges of aoldlera In regard to ?ancopative wllU, which were a.lowcd wherevar Uie etv l law preva.ltJ, and have been very * a?opl ed among civtll.ved nations (Iwaaat pt. Ift.l i, Ut. ? 1, 3. John Voet Com l and , lib. -9. tjt. 1. Daraaton tome S. lib. 3, tit. 2. Toull er. tome. ? France the ordnance I> l* Marint of 16C1, twit give special privileges to w'.to made at aea. and the eM?$5 reeu'ated tho celebration ot tbe m.'itary testa Sit! TVs Code Civil baa also adopted dettaite rules in regard to wtUe made a eea, in ttme ef peaulecce, or hy ITTr.? Servi.;e. (>rt. *l-?.) In Hillard, when rmmrra becan t/> is extended to d'.ataat vayagea, ra?Lon whether wtlla made at aea were en tflled 'o aa per."liar !nir mty. aad *ome jurtata atLrmed SsTtbe^should betaWea as miliary t^-^ Tho ?attar wan ileal,y resolved in favor of the r axemptlo* Trll. ofr*raoaa aalltnf to or returning from the Indies, ?rCSH?~ ?? a. w?t iuid kjor rnu-H,' Stae tbe lull beneiit of the privilege wee g'ven, wlihou !2!^? in all ao:d.era and ssilors in actual service aa I have already slated, thla liberal will ha? coat I tn th? nrneot ? av Nuncupative wills, not betag reflated br MtU'O^a to their Sode of celebration o IS^utioa Le ?.ngle queeton far the iudgmeatofth <iobii ia whether me auncupatton was made by a person ssShr ? Wgt.^ ^ ^o?\oonTr; Sr? ?rLsyV?H Mr* service or by a mariner wfclle at eea. 11 R 8., p The tern.i of toe exception In toe ateiol 1 i'let c 26, are, " any being tn actual mll.tary Lriie or .ay manner or aeamsiTielng at aea." Th X^M'oay a aHWly JUfcreut in those etatutea, boi ^ute?Ja"auiiiallythe same in all-lh*t tbo non ?*,??. * ^ raffd Wh? made ay a teiTmli tary eervlre or a m-irlner at sea, a. ^ Ibe teste sientarv act It is not so^gb to bc a aoV dler or a sailer, but there muat^be actna' mMp_ ^ ra^ ssassu. ^ J satiate n to those staged la l"x?U jJ hTZT) ^ac^exceptlon' .? l-f Si tU^ly^e* rtWtj& ?y^.f TTre Phippe. 'bid 3M. In re., Churchill 4, Nes'ee of Caesa, if Msrtte, Tm^aac. 2. White sgt. ReUou, 3 Curteia. 8 IS. l rtimmoe ag ?.rtw1 ,b d Tbe gooda of P?rry, 1. Hotea of <*see, r?ys rfNorJTa, NVton Oases, 107^ lathe roeda of Hall, 1, Kobsrtson. 27? ?, Oo* l^tc Coaaait, 49.) Co alio the ausou^tloa *f a ma riMr to be valid muat he made ait ass. (Key agt. Joroaa, la :i Curteia, 612.) It is sometimes dtmcalt to ******* whea the mar'ner la to l?e , 07^he stetloo H ^Th^>? shore appropriated to the Adrn'ral of the etatien. The codlell woe rejected os_f""*?. S 1bssk SlTthe rsaaoa thu he was snly e*wally abses .hip. (In the g^** 1*7^'52tt?B2 Thewill ef a .hlpsaaster asade ^TOtehsStehM atai bee JhTvewel to which he wee atteehfd was lying at Z!TerW1 te Bremen He wm at tbe ttme la actual ser and the aeture of tte service was eos 2S? smbmsg limited to the partlcolar vav age. I thlrk. therefore, be wae eoHUed to the lion ar.sra, however, as to the character of h* ti it (Mik oa board some steamship aad aot wte> la 7^- -* ooO**tn?vl aaamariaer. The rrlaetpleupso _tl |. ik. nrivlieae of aoaropatlon leeonce<led, appiUs TeVS- ? tbe Marine.crv^wli^ver My he their racial do.y er sssagalias aa the vseaei X? ? the army the term ""SSSe, .?j. irotn the private to tbe b.ghest SWer, msn farhadee tae gaerer the <ttr. eon or the ceeerel (la ^ ? a Cnrteis, m in rs Preeder M ?, tLrnTSrcZm M Hwils. Tsst. sect. S.s. 8, aria ia tho tnarias. tbe teesr "mana^r XllTri4STiKS r^'to ?m" ^ w^S: aa 'IV of the e:tect've aervles of a v?a*l ?V"' SVm bT^SS^ on^e la. -S |B ike At Well MNP ?0t W1,,, W "W ^Tiad SS: were exoeptel frsen the opera* <mo rj^vjrrtb. statote ot rrauds, as fbr the rsw?a and grooni of the eveeptloo and the ^rn!*.r. o?Ui* miliary teatasisst. It was never held 4 hat their nuacupatioaa sbouM be made dorlug the last 'ffT. kBV particular mode bera pre ?ortbed m respect to the ?asss> sf. mahteg J>> Tbe very eeeeace ol the pel vllege coeetsu m w abnence of all < ereawaiea aa legal reqalaltte "f a? Mer in. etetes her proportion, "their foim was properly t' Lava ao form ' It le true tbe Roma a law reoalrsd tw > ? h?t thla, bow ever, did not relate to tbe see sac ? nt tbe eel bnt oaly te Ihe proc-l. Ia respect t? evldesce we de net follow the civil or the Sanaa law; ao partim lar aimtber of witneeeee is required to verify a# actlodi rtaliv ajid all the coort damanda (a to he aatteflen by a.imtMWl evidence as to the snbateace of the Isst teste ??emarw renoeet "t'leclaration oi thedeeeeeed. Tats as the law holds it ?a;red, and oarrlee It late SST^iih M much faver an-' regard a? would l?e pakl to SRUttWKSS with .very ,egal The proof la this rMe ahowa that the iece eoleaaatty^ P . a wieh that hia le ttkJSSK be given to h? mo Crr^ere^t therefore he a decree of probate e, tablislilag that naacupatlve disposition TBI *AfTlt*| OP THE 1ST ATT. OP T?AXIfl. T. WOVET. t?KCEA??.l>. peetetea ef the Surrogate A. W. Bradf.ird. HoT. a ?The itoeeaeed died inteetete, la the otty of New Yor|I la iftotitry, IM1, aad lettera o' aim-.'steatite ?poa his estate were regularly Issued lo bn hrot i?r. J9bn J D?,rj The retells was distftboi*d amoug the neii ol hie la geptsaaher, 1M2, except the rhere of J. A Ho . ' fj ibe brothers, who applied for sa acoo ist ia ZZ't^wHsa the ?Mb ef J??s test Tna sneeaat waa ?Z??. u* variotis ''h^*i.9M were Uken. noas -jf which have, .n tlj jodgmec.;, beea stbeisjiCated, erxepi tbe pa} meat of ?ia "6 to Whittieeey, whloh oeanoi be al lowed ntll Um it?ai ot the lewuid be shown; aad ex cept tbe tea of fW. for a gravestone, whlcn 1 will allow when Ue monument ? hall be ereoted. The claim made by Um administrator for f 164, advanced to bta b -other, the infertile, m oatft for h.s expedition to Ca'lfor ?1* la the spring of 1M9, has been entirely and aatlsfao twilf established by Erastns F. Hover and Dr. Putnam. Taking all ibe circsmstsncee together, tbere is no groca i for donbtiog that the intestate was assisted by advances made by the administrator, .to make the ourney, an l thus to accumulate tbe very property wt ca is now the libject of litigation. The admissions of tbe intestate to this ettect oleariy prcve it, and I bare not discovered any reason for disbebevtng the wtneeses who tee til'ed to these admissions -tome facia that appear la ratpe.ii to the manner of tbe Intestate's death, were Invoiced it tbe argument as ground for suspecting Dr. Putnam's accuracy, bat withont ;ust causa. At this distance of time tbe recollection of every eircumitanoe migbt be imperfect. Without affording reason tor docbt'.ug one's veracity. But I aee no inconsistency between ihu (tcis proveo by Dr. Smith as to tbe Immed.ate symptoms preceding death, and the account given by Dr. P o'nan of tbe previous general condition and ba*>its of the in testate. Tbe accocnt of tbe administrator is aiiowad as filed, with tbe modlt'catioas above stued, and tbere mast be a decree, declaring bis cia.m against tbe estate Tor the advances to bis brother, esubl shod, aad |dlr?ct'.ng the payment of tbe applicant'a share, with intereat. s b.-e:t to tbe attachment iaaued out of tbe Supreme Court. PROBATE op henry parish's will. Before A. W. Bradlord. Nov. 8.?This case was resumed to day. Abratn Dubois, witness for proponent, being dciy sworn, testi fied ?I am a , bysician, bare practiced medicine for twenty years a tfce city ol New York ; I knew Eenry Parish for many year*, and intimately sx:o 1653 when 1 begs a to attend him professionally. I was ailed in by Dr. De.afield ; tbe attendance continued about ten weeks; ssw bim frequently luring that period ; I attended him for an infe tion of the eje-: ; bis principal trouble seemed to be motes; be complained principally of one eye. When I?uked b.ra about h<s chief trouble, be atiswared w tfc a simple nod of tbe brad, and a pocruiar rapid pas sage of the band before b'a eyes, making at Uo same lme a pe-j iar sound or noise, wb ch I should call a bus ilngscund, by wbicb gesture aad souud I supposed be wished to convey to me an SSea of me anu'tyajoe be experienced irom 'nese mitev ; I asktd bim if be b offered much pn.n in bis eyes or about bis bead I tb'.nk he answered by a shake of tfco head ; tie sigh'. or bis lett eye was serausly impaired ; ! arked.Mr DelatleM or Mr Parish .11 reference U> h.s power of loconnt r.t, wr.oa V!r. Par>h .om(d nieiy rose aid walked (Ml tne rom he scorned pleased, smiled. &c ; to quest ocs. Mr. Parish generally gave either aa aT.rmative nod of the fc'td or a negative shake of it, and freqeently :bea'- 'ma uve nod was accompanied > 1th wbat 1 should ''escribe as ?oss, as if the ? ?ra <ras spel.e i :n way instead Of jes, and bit no .as MM like tbe Prrnch >rd no? n n, b.B manner o: spe? king being verr and lecl ded )>r nelaGeld and ; bad frequent cousu'.Utloct; upon the condlt.onof Mr. Perish ntterresenceof himself itad Mr l'ar ih, oe those c ictulons. listened with great al t. at on toour rema-kn - be sometimes approved and tone t.roea disapproved of what wesa d , for instance, If MP. Do la tic id stated a fact in relation to Mr Parish's symptom. be would bow b.s heal, tben again, when Mr. DeiaSeM would m.-ke another 'slatea:en'., be would shake bis beau to :t, and occasionally bring n that ncI sound ; ti o Mjmptom wo lid tben be statsd In an 'ther manner, wb'-n be would stake bis head several fmcj suc"M sively, aooompan.ed with this peccltar sound "noo," when probably tbe third tbe Etatement aoild l>e made, ec as to exprees his feel.ngs, when IcsUntly his countenance wo id cnange, and ue would nod bis cead, saying " yoas," se-uniogly pleased with tbe idea that bis meaning bad been .ndemood' I considered the af nod of Lbe bead wtth ?' yoas ' as meaning "y?s, ' and b.s negat ve nol with "non' m to 1 no:" 1 cons dered Mr 1 ar ab'f. beattb .ery tool, ir respective oi b'seyos: bis bearing seemed to be rood: his expression of countenance was like that of a mu'.e, as near as I can oomp ire it. v.?In addresstng questions to, or In conversation w'th Mr Parish, did ycu sup pose that be ndorttood what you said? A.?I did; I bad no doubt oi? it; tbe condition o.' bis mind appeared to be clear and souud. Witness cross exam.ned?My first visa to Mr. Par.-h lasted about an hear: afterwards my visit* averaged a quarter oi' an hour Mr. Delafield was present at every ore of my visits; I did not go to tbe bouse with bim, bit met bim th^re by appointment; I received the ire at each visit; it was banded to me by tbe servant a', tbe door as I left; I think <i woek was the longest period be tween my visits; I never heard any other sounds made by Mr except those I have mentioned; the hi sting sound was frequently made; this to nd was a continuous one, always accompanied by a motion, and that motion Wks uniform; I d d not see Mr. Parish make any oiber gestures than I have mentioned. The Trplr AfTalr? Cwntlnct of the English antl l?nlt?d States Governments Contrasted. TO TDK El'fTOR OF THE HKftiLD. I have observed In reveral of your issues arte las in rs fer< nee te what is termed tbe Barron and Forbes affair or Tepic, In connection with tbe demands of the tag.lsb go vernment agalnit Mexioo. It would be a matter of sur prise, indeed, if tbe English government should quiet.y submit to t*s line of conduct pursnsd by tbeMexi^sn government la tbe case of Messrs. Barron A I arbes, and touching Mr. Barron particularly, not only aa a member of an English commercial house whose busiaeas has been la a great measure paralyzed in consequence of tbsse pro ceedings, but as its representative at leplc. I'n fortunate ly for Mexico the government of bar Urltsaaic Majeety does not permit Its sub sets, much less its Consul or repre sec tall vee. to be subjected to persecutions issttuied solely by personal animosities, as is usqusst.onably tbe ease in this instance. Another commercial bouse, not having bees eq ually successful in Its operations baa takes advantage cl cne ol their frequent revolutions to gratify tbe pnispugs of an eavlous disposition. In whioh thsy bavs been supported by Messrs. Dagoiladc and yartas. and eventually by tbe supreme government .tatlf. it Is ax surprising tnat these individuals, possess1,eg ths power, "houid thus have mlaappl ed It but tbat tb*y sbou.d receive toe support and oumenanoe of the central government can obit be accounted for by the suppoaitioa that it Oada itseli'ebliged te act ta accordanoe wlia the demairds ' f Its trends 1 notice that the Misater of I'orsiga Reialleaa, la Rosa, bad deeired Mr. bottoms to delay aay derisive ? u p- a the matter, stating that tbe Mexican authortt ea were pre tared to disprove the aa^erroas ot Mesars. Bairoa A. i orbes. 1 ire moBtbs since they declared that pr.>ot? of tbe culpability of tbese gm.tlemes, which fmuy Jostitled these prooeeetngs ajra*ait them, wore ta thstr raesese.oa, bnt these proofs have rot beau produced; and If tnglaad will still tamper with th?m, six months hence they will avail themselves of lbs nams subterfuge to procure still further detsy. This lardtaest la subitaatlatlag the rharres made against these gentlemen, is stroegly ladicailvo ot'aa abso lute wsot of proofs sgai ist them. In the ootaat tbe osn dnet of tbe nutboritlea of tbe State of Jalisco In this case is subversive of all rules la practice Is civilized countries, where positive evldenca of the ooii.miUal of m <dsmaauor must be produced aeforr pnalsbment csn be ialiioted. It must be admitted that this is a very original p-o .eediag, ?trlklagly at vartaa<ia with all arose of eqatty o* justice: bnt neither justiee nor eiiSl'y has had aught to do In tbe etpmatoa o> Messrs. II. and f. It was I at ec dad as a pre limiaai.. si?, to the individual aggraadiaeiasat of tas su tbora "i the al. Aa to tbe charges sgs eat tben. their frlvolousneet fully dasnonetratea the spirit which dictated tbem. rbe only serious imputation aga net them was that of having taken part in tbe psBlloal sOairs or the country, aad of practlaing > oatraband. T? sk?w tbe ooa sistency of tlieae people, I may remark that Degallado, a lew mo?tl.o attar glvttg tbe decree far their exde baaed npun tbese cbargea, declared is aa official dae.omeat that thay (Measrs. It aad F.) did not profess aay political opf ninaa, and others, wbo were vsry active u. advancing tbeae charges, have beea proved t? b: (ontrabaadlsii. Another <.f tbe aoc sal ons was that all or mist of the connular of Uvea were baid by employ< < or raembsrs or this commerelal bouse, and tlist tn?y svs'lee themsslves of their immuaitlaa to conspire sgs srt tbe governmeat, sac otherwise create disturbstncee deatractive to .he la tereats or the ?tat(. II is true that most of the Ciatalaten were represented as stated, aad among tieae was Mr. W 11 lam Forbes, Ameri an Caanol at the time aaa ai Ihough iB this precious darument ha Is rharged With he ?ag sticb. yet at a subsequent period the govrrament da elares that he was not ? orsul far lbs port of -^n liins. Whstber be has beea Consul tbere for tbe pe?t eight years, or not, is a quest inn easily solved be an aaaiKaa lion of hi* correspondence with the American M enter la Mexico aad the departmental Waabmn>n rtespectiag ths Utter part of is not rnsy to ooareira boa this bouse efaoald be tbe fomeators of discord and revolsHes when peace nnd qntet nrc so essential to tbe well being and prosperity of tbe merchant Again, tbey are charged with being monopolists ?r hetag the prlaclpals af a lionrtshlBg commercial house, aad proprietor- of n large mnnrtacturlng establlsbmesit. holding for these purposes no eaolnslse prlvllegas. roncected with tbe fari r>l ths et IsI*nee of other commercial bouses aad maanfbetones la tbe aMgbborhttd, coasl totea them aionopolists. tbsa tbe charse Is made gtMvi. t nquestlawsbly the case justiflra the Fngheb government in tbe measures it has takes Medtatmai la oat el the queetioa, sad Mexico will ultl mately Dad hereelf under the necessity of complying with this just demand Another instance of shameful aad wanton nbuae of power has occurred In connection with the persecutions ngslBSt Barren, Forbes ft Co., in which aa American cltl sen has been tbe suQerer. William Collier, for fifteen years past in U>e en ploy of M**ers Barron. Forbes ft Oo , a portion of the time as maaager or their manufactory. was imprisoned In tbe quartern of tbe NaUeaal Guard, at a conspirator They utterly failed to sub*taatlaie the charge, and I beflevs the only evidence against him waa an anoni mous letter, undoubtedly s work of their own. fabricated for the purpoee The repetition of this base and m aerahle trW-a with Mr Allaop leads to the Infe ren'-e that they roaslder anonymou* oommsntcatloas as snfl? ,ent liases Tor criminal proaecntions Mr. Collisr was liberated on parole, wdh license for f-rty .lays, a' the ,-h Ibe Isw explicitly demands security In sueh caeea He m . r app IcMiea te ths American Minister for redress t do not know how hr he was successful; It may be pre stimed, however, udgiag from the past, that the desMBds i"r saii*f?ct on will not meet wdb the attention it seems to reqslrs. A few months anterior to the enactment of this la fsmocs fsreo with Collier, an American, n printer by profession, aaa sei.ed upon by a gang of bru tal soldiers as a fit su irrt tor Impreiament He n-aa, aa may be supposed, somewhat rouchly hsadled. Hop tag to escape f rtlier annoyance be declared himself to be sn Amrrlcaa eitl/en, bat thw only served at an la< eativa to still more treatment, aad they ware aot axi'sAed until lbe\ had beatra him severely with thslr - skets Tlie Minl'lcr, In the first mstsnoe. refused te merfere m the sflsir st alt. I timately some action was Isk.-u, bnt. undo, htadly. with proper obearvaace of the ?pirit o' forbrsraaoe <> cmplisiicsily avowed by the I nttfd Mates g< ernmett is Its conduct towsrds Mexico, ?lo. li i ail to enoo ? rag# a repetlt'on ol similar in v ii<>n? of treaty stipulations, Truly our government haa been actuated by tbe whin or a moment la UM mary t?|niim taken against Grsytowa?a bottle ?? thrown u the ministerial Head of Mr. Borlaad, and Grey Iowa It doomed?Wright, OolUer tad others, are beat en imprisoned Hd otherwise abused, American Con sols ex.led? and forbearance la recommended. If tbe CmUJ .Slate* government cannot, or will not, protect ita Id foreign ooontr'.ea. In the purault or lawful re eapailooB. It wonld be advlaable that all Americans aboal 1 be made aware of the Tact, that they may take measure* to aecure themselves. The notoriously shamei il neglect at the Tatted Si alee government In the protection of lia cttl ieoa In the republis of Mexico, ha* already Iniluoed many Americana to avail themselves of English letters or secu r.ty, a* a means of protection; and really the exigency of Ibe caae renders thia deception pardonable at leaat. PK.-iM.miiA, Oct. 27, 1850. VERITAS. Retlgtona Intelligence. Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, will preach this evening in the Memorial church, corner of Ham mond street and Waverley place, one block from the junction of Eleventh street, Greenwich and Se venth avenues. The Rev. Sunuel Cooke will (D. V.) preach In Ascension church, on the third Sunday evening of this month, a sermon in behalf of St. Luke's Home for Indigent Christian Females. Rev. Harvey D. Ganae, pastor elcct, will preach to-day in the Northwest Protestant Reformed Dutch church, in West Twenty-third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. The anniversary of the Sunday School connected with the Forty-second street 1'resoyterian church, between Seventh and Eighth avenue**, will be held this afternoon, in the church. Ad tresses will he made by Rev. Dr. Ferris, Chancellor of the New York University, and others. ORDINATIONS. Rev. Mr. Havens, formerly a prominent Baptht cilnister at Marysville, was ordained in St. Paul's fFidscopal) church, Newport, Ky., on Sunday, the 20th ult., by Bishop Smith, of Kentucky. Rev Edward S. At wood was ordained as pastor of tiio Congregational church in Grantvilie . Msaa., the 23d oil. Rev. Leonard W. Bacon. M. D., son of Rev. Leon ard lia'on, D D.,of New Haven, was ordained, on the l?lth ult., us pastor of the Congregational church in Litchfield Hill, Ct. Rev. E. F. Mundy has been ordained and installed pastor of the O. S. Presbyterian church, Smithtown, The Unitarian Society of Watertown, after three yeara vain efl'ort to select a pastor, have finally made choice of Mr. George Bradford, a graduate of Har vard University, and he w ia en tho Gth inst. or dained as a preacher of the Gospel, and installed over this society. INVITATIONS. Rev. G. L. Tucker, formerly from Beloit, Wis., a graduate of Union Theological Seminary, lias ac cepted a call from the Eastern Congregational church, oo ner of Madison and Gouvernear streets, New York. Rev. H. D. Ganse, of Freehold, N. J , has accepted the call tendered him by the Northwest Reformed Dutch church, of New York city. The Rev. Win. C. Farrincton has accepted the call of the vestry of St. John's church, Huntington, L. 1. Rev. E. H. Richardson, of Goffstown, N. H , has received and accepted a unanimous call to the First and society, of Dover, N. H. Rev. Thomas P.Gordon, of Steubenville, Ohio, has accepted an invitation to supply the Sixth church in Pittsburg. Rev. Cyma Dickinson, of Wheeling, has accepted a call to the Westminster Presbyterian church, Bal timore. The Congregational church In Westhampton, Mass., has invited Mr. Foster, of Waltham, Mass., to become their pastor. ? Rev. George S. M. ltlauvelt. of Chester, N. J., has received an<l accepted a call to the Pnabyterian church in Racine, Wis., and Is expected to enter open his labor- about the first of December. INVITATION'S DECLINED. Rev. Mr. Daggett, of Canandaigua, N. Y., has de dined the invitation of the First Congregational parish, in Northampton, Mass. Rev. Mr. I'atton, of Hartford, Ct.. has declined the call of the First Congregational church in Gales burg, IU. Rev. A. Mandell, of Weaternville, N. Y., hu de clined tbe .-all of the First Presbyterian church of Marshall, Mich. INSTALLATIONS. Rev. Mr. Mikles wax installed pastor of Sixteenth Baptist church, in this city, last Sabbath evening. Rev. I>ewis Kellogg, late of Oswego, was installed on the 20th nit., pastor of tbe First Presbyterian church, in Truaunshurg, N. Y. Rev. Wm. Elliott Basset, late of Yale Theological Seminary, waa installed pastor of the Congregational church in Central Village,South I'laintield, CU,Oct. h4th. Rev. J. A. T.efevre his been installed pastor of the Fourth church, Baltimore. Rev. Mr. Connett has been installed pastor of the Presbyterian cburch in Deep River, Saylrook, Conn, by the 0.8. Presbytery of Connecticut. Rev. Z. M. Humphrey was installed pastor of the Plymouth church In Milwaukle, Wis.,on the 5th ult. Rev. Phlneas Robinson, lute of Cheater, N. Y., has been installed over tbe Pre*by!ejlan church In Jefferson, N. Y. Rev. John Sailor was installed pastor of the Con gregational ' lunch in Michigan city, Ind., on the 21<tnlt. Sermon by Rev. H. Curtis, of Chicago. DISMISSED. ?Rev. Charles Nichols haa been dlsmiaaed from the Congregational < hurch in G.ilead, Conn., by an Ec clesiastical Council. He has been settled "there 31 years. HEATH? IN TH* MINISTRY. Rev. Julius W. Stnart, assistant pastor of Grace . hurch, in < l.arleston, S. C . died at Bcau'ort, N. C., of yellow fever, on the 1st inat. Rev. Albert H. llolliday,recently appointed Pre*l dent of Hampden Sydney College, \ a., died last week. MMCKLLANBOtTS. The numerous friends of Rev Dr. Spring,of the old brick church, In this cit?, will lie glad to iearn that his health ia rpiite good, and bis eje sight aearlv lea'ored. His rhnrch now worship in Hope Chapel, on Broadway, while theii uew house is building la the upper part of the el'y. The Presbyterian church at Lancaatervllle, S. C., is vacant, and a committee of the pariah advertise for a pastor They aay tliev have secured 11,000 as the salary, and a "married man. who has full ar dors, Is wanted immediately sa pastor. I!ev. D. Read, pastor of the Second Baptist charch in St. I/onis, has lieen elected President of Shnrtlefl College, at Alton, 111., and has resigned his pastoral ckarce, and signified his intention of accepting tbe lYfstdency of the college. Tha liar. Wm. B. Rally, of the d'ocess of Ohio, b?< been received into the dioccm of Toronto and appointed missionary at Ilayavilla. Canada West. Rev. Dr Maraellui, on Sunday last, preached to tbe Hollanders at Ac^uackanouk. N- J., and during the -rrvlce baptised B of their children. Rev. O. F. Mayer boa cotvolu Jed his *>oth year as ptalar of St. John's Lutheran churcb, I'hfltdelphia. Tlie celebration of the 4oth anniversary of the ordination of Rev. Dr. Allen, at Nr.rtbbomugh. Ms-- . t" K 1 I ice !*<t Thursday. Rev. Noah Poller, of Fsrmington. Ot.#has com pleted his half century in the First Congregational i ban h in that place. He is still vigorn ;s and a< tive, and will preach hla anniversary sermon on the IM in*. Rev. FJJis J. Newlin has lieen elected President of Delnn aie College, snd has accepted tbe appoint ment. Tbe Rev. Dr. HofC, of Colnahns. Ohio, has re tired from his pa?ton?l duties, in aoasaquaaoe of his advanced age and in< reasing inflrmlttoa. He has been in tlie pastoral office of the Presbyterian cbnrch for upwards of forty yests. amkucan atai.1 socirrr. Tfcr staled toMticg of the managers wsa bnM si tb Bible House. A?tor PWee. oa Tbnrsday tbe ?th taat. a balf past foar T. M ?Boa Luther Bradtsb la tbe chair ?it.i.'.-i I,/ William H Cmahy an<t Francl- Hall. F?qs Revising* aoxliltarlea were rerogei7Sd, of whiob oa wsa la New Jersey, one la Penasylvaala, three la Ark as ?as, sad two is T??a? < <nsummations wees read trom afeats in -l merest pans ea tbe borne watk sbowlag the iucoessfbl progress of tbe work of i usupfti; from Rev Mr Jaeoby, la Oer many, sslth rseeintioas from thr Msinnd it Onafsrtscs r? rrntly srgaai/sd m Oermany, retannnc thanks for aid from lb* Board in ctrenlattsf tbe scriptures aad staUag tbe tneeeastac neesastty for coatlnned aid; from Rev Dr. Plainer, (dvlng aa aocoant of bis alleadaaoe oa tbe syooda of Aileabaay, virglala aad TtalUaore, aa drlr(tt? from ib's aoriety. aad statiag tbe fbvorsbla ac tloa of Iboae nodlea; tram a superintendent of a Puaday srbool ot colored persons ia I/ralavltle. Ky.. wltb aa la tare* tleft aoeonat of tbe Bible amoag the srboUrs from Mr. Van Kttnaoa. ageat to Kaasaa aad I'lab. wltb ea coitrsilrg aooonata of bis rrogrsaa la hla work; Trom tbe i-*cre?ery of Ibe Prescb and Foreign Bthle Hoolety, ?ith ? "Tt of Hhle distrlbstloa la Algeria 'rom a gea tVmsa la Psra, slating the fa\ orable openings for tbe clrrolallon of tbe Wrrlptnrse aloag tbe river Amasoa;| I roan Mr V D. Co I Haa, is regard to aa ageory la North era lirastl ; from Rev. C. W Clarke, slailai the coatple tloa ol lbs aew aad Improved reraloa of tbe New Tssis rrrnt with rsfrrsnee* anH msrglaal resdtn(t? In Hswallan lirai Rev. 1>. H Wheeler, ageat In NVaragna, staling the r# tt rv. i m < ? ' or h ? labors la that oonstry, Roen aner writing this letter. Mr Wbealer aad two other Amerlean entlemea were m>irdered by tbe native* A <*ter was prisestad fWmt Rev. C W Rlgbter, of Onastaatiaople. relating tbe close o4 R hie dlstribattna among ibe sol disrs ot tbe Allied Army, among tbe Rxrdlnlaa oflloers at-t ? oidisr* ani fte Oawaaa twipb; fMt WiW > Bible la sbowa by the Bulfartaaa tike wise; tad latter* from Ray. Or. Bala and Sener da lion, relating tb > en cape or the latter gentleman from his Imprisonment la MM) Id. Oraati of booka were made to the Fema'e Orpbaa A-i um la Kentucky ; Freach and Spanish Blblaa and Ta <* menta for Cape Haitian, Atrloa; Testaments and Pea -n to a missionary at Mt. Lebanon; Spanish Blblaa and T* laments for New Granada; with various graata to raeb < am I liar lee in dlllerent parts of the country ? The meeting, though not large, was one ol more th to usual lntereat. Off i* 1 tli hie Head, He's Only an Irishman One thousand head* of Irfahmea taken oft'dally by HOI.MK ' pMure guillotine, aw) Broadway, at?6 cents each. Ameri cana, SO centa to $1. Photographs, by a New Process, In Five KceoDcla' sitting. .imbrotypes Instantaneous, with the same bath and oolladion. Printed instructions sent by mail on 'be receipt of U. K. A. I.BWI8, 142 Chatham street. Hal*, Capa and Knrt, of Every Style and quality, at FORD i, gCOTT'8, 210 Bioadway. White's |l Hat, Fall Style?140 FaMoa ?treat, between Broadway and Nassau street. Raglan Coata?For a Beautiful Selection try DBlMUOLDA PROCH.iao Fulton street. Paper Hangings of the Moat Elegant De s"rlptlon?. ?juatjlmpnried by THOS. FAYK A CO, i57 Broad way, opposite the City Hall. Phrenology?Examinations, with Charts and written description* of character, given >lall? by Pro tensor FOWLER, at the Phrenil igleal Cabinet, 308 Broadway near the Park. Private re<>ma tor ladles and gentlemen. Received at Green's Famishing Store So. 1, Astor House. new styes of ties. s-arfs, cravats aid gen tlemen a winter tinderware, per laat steamer. Batchelor's Hair Bye, Wlga and Tonpees? The bent in die world. Made, gold and applied at No. 233 Broadway. Crist asioro's Hair Dy<- and Wlg? atand Un rivalled in excellence Both for sale, and the dye privately applied, at Mo. 6 Astor House. I>r. Atherlt-y, having Snrrtrdrd to the practice ol the late Dr. Brady, carried on at his residence, cor ner of Second a> m an an* Third street, may be ojiisulwid at sUti uautU iaCUrS, Holloway's Ointment and Pills?Provided with these remedies, r. persnn of the most delicate physique may brave any citmate. J hev cotupi erend within the circle ot' their curative *ntluence a'l intcrnel thaeaaea, no', organic and all the varieties ot outward Intlammat m. s-V.d at ih" manufactories. No 80 Maiden line. New Yo-k. and No. Hi strand. I/ondou, and by ah druggist*, at fic , 02) .c., and (1 p r p.?t or box. The Baron Spolasco, M. D?knottier Limb saved. This number* the sixty second in New Vo'lc Kl.lAH TI< 11NKK, Amityville, L. 1. Ofllc ?, 810 Broadway. Brandreth's Pills add tlie Motive Power tn elementary matter?aaaist nature?by which all impurities are taken out of the blood. I'he man >r woman who u?t> tl.em is known by the clearness of his or her c?mpl''ilon, and the bealthfulnesa ot' their constitutions They are the b<M> lpei lent in doses of from one t? four, and, as a pur<a'ive In larger doses No fluUmedicm.; or any other ptll yet made can lie at all compared totheui Aa a bilious medicine the> are unrivalled. Tbey etfectually en:'oree ttm principle of pu' Cation. By their use acute disease of every klni is cured

Perseverance will cure moat chronic cases The lime Is coming when they will be universally appreciated. caBTinCATE or itre or run To tub KditOhs ok NawsMraaa ot- New York?Gentle n en Pletae to insert tor me th-s MMmMmmI only as sn net of gratitude towards the well deserving Or. I! ran. Ire th but also tor the sake el s itl'ering hantanltj hnlplny tfcejibl to destroy the prejudices which exist against BrandreThs ITIft I had sttSered some three years from piles, with flooding of blood and bad humors, sooompaaled with the moa' horrlbla pams The prickling sensauoni were repeated every *jm there was an evacuai.on. which troubled me tor hours after wards. There cune from me tumors of th-isl*eof alien's ettq; at d I r. as unable to undertake any kind of serious phy s:cal exertion A friend of mine, Don Jacob* >, ai vised me to trj ltrandri th'a Pills, and Immediately I sent to tisv.iua fir a dozen bones. I took fhr the IU-st time five pills only at a dos? and continued so until t had used live boxes; and to day I find myself entirely res'ored and my eruel sufferings curei; my health and strc gth In ceceral and my temper, are bet'er than they ever were. The 8p..nUh Consul in New Vork oan be rolerred to for my high respectability. Your faithful ser vart. Psnao KopriuCEX V Cildeho*. Han A vtoxio. Cuba, May 1. 1 \Vi. brandreth's PiU* are so'a at ei nts per hex. with fulldl rertions, at (3 (;anal s'reet, four doors from Broadway: at J>> Bowery, and J4I llud?oa Ftreet by T. W. DTOTT .i SONM Philatlelphia, and h> ail respectable medicine dealers gene rally. financial and commercial* money market. Saturday, Nov. 8?6 P. M. The atcck market (outinuea buoyant. At the tlrst board to day there was great activity, and buyers continue plenty. The brokers havo all suddenly be come buyers, and the sellers have become reduced to two or three of the most consistent bears. At the llrst board to-day Illinois Central bonds declined 1 percent; Cumberland Coal J; Michigan Central Milwaukie and Mississippi J. Galena and Chicago advanced 1 per cent: Reading 4; Michigan South ern 3; Cleveland and Toledo 1 j; La Crowe and Mil wankie 1. While all the street are buying we must expect stocks will go up, but one of the*; days they will all be sellers again, and then we may expect prices to go down. The riae in La Crosse j8 wej| *Mtaine?l, and very little stock offering. The large receipts of thia company, independent of it* immense land resources, are onflicient to fix it per mancntly in the neighborhood of 90 per cent. Ga lena and Chicago has advanced rapidly for som?> days, and is now selling at 11<4 per cent caab, and 11 1-j buyer 60 days. The steamship Atlantic, from this port for Lirer pool today, carried ont *630,887 48 ia specie. The Assist int Trea-mrer reports thia week as fol lows:? 1Umi jbal u KtmtU. Payimmti. ?3v:Su 416*860 87 126,124 76 162,628 07 Wednesday 6M.BT6 00 640.24a 04 J^orsrfay 6* S42.r*6 34 Friday 1?,3.M 86 1167,401 01 Saturday 1C1.0UI 63 1 :i,6? 09 .. ... ^ The warrants entered at the Treasury Department. Washington, on the ?Uh inst., were as followo:? 7V?i Bmla+t. 13,;'60.8m 16 U,M,M j* U,978,786 Oil 13.02i.546 4? U,9j1.470 60 13 916, W5 ij taxaa dehi warrants For the redemption of ... Kor the Tr< vurj For tbe Interior Department Kor Customs War warrants resetted sud eater ei Oa anenom f,r tint Wavy Hepa* mnots oa aeooint of tbe navy'.'. From mlimllajtouu 1 sources. ,. 11,71! 13 2,663 0i . ? OH! 1< . 14,707 tO . 10,071 0" . 70,615 (K .110,000 or> 8M 64 475 ? The cutninga of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Imyton MR .for the aiot,ih of Oct , I6*c. warn $irt,6n 6*. 1M* 41,631 67 Inr.reaae 1! per cent ?l,881 81 Tbe earnings of the little Miami KK.for the month "f< irtober. 1664, were titans, *1. (?"b" im? '.v.v:S?JS Z Increase 87 per cent f>.'? Tbe following semiannual dividends areannounr ed in Pittabnrg:? Baak i f Piuabsrr Kirtiarr* Msalr J per cent Me? baoier' llark 4 Merchants' sod Msn<ifact>irrra' tlauk 6 ?? Western laaaraace Co F.areka hsmMrs Oo as ^ ' Aikahenvat, r.M <*...^^ >11 tbe banks of Philadelphia, with the excepti m < f the North America and Pennsylvania, have just made their semi^ntial dividends. The dividends are about tbe uaual amount:? ... ^ . . ,-166*,-, ^-18M _ Far mors and M?rbanlea'.?t,ooo too * 6 ***'% *V f! if ant 1,260 Oct Philadelphia Osmrcserclei 1,000,000 ?pahattea 606,000 Wssiarn 5^0 Sort her a I Ibertiso 600 COo Msnnlfer. a Mechanics'... JCO 000 ?"whwnrlt 260.000 Kensington 260,000 Hank of Commerce MO 0C0 Poan Township 226 000 Trad semen I60.000 CWy ??"?< t>or,ooo Coo solvation 260,000 A'ne ?X 6 4 $ 1 ? A ? **?? W,171,000 00 71 7$ 74T" The same banks that made dividends In Novem" ber of laat year made in tbe aggregate 71 per cent against 6l?J now. The capital ia increused one and a half million-?7.'M),000 to tbe Farmers and Me chanica Bank: *i00,000 on the City sink. and $260,000 to the Consolidation Baak. The Bank of Kngland returns for tbe week ending Oct. 17, IW>?. were as follows:-. Bass os RrmMao. I?* l^partmfnt ,.*W- , Ortiit. Notes tsaoid.. .?23,706,186 Governai t debt.?l| 01.1 100 f^bsraaeuriuaa. 3450 ?oo <??M coin and ' bun"? 9.231,186 Total ?28.706,116 Total... Hani, irtf Drpnr/mrni. _ P Omtit Propnator s capital.. ?14 6M.0O0 .1,178.010 I', bltr. depoa.ia, 4,040,600 (t)Hr de|o?i(s . 10,461,320 Revra dsy sad caber mite.... 066.162 t#u, The foregoing bank retnrns show the fhllowinr resulU, when compared with thoae of preceding week*:? ..???23,706,18.1 Oovornmeat se ?urlt,?' ttt,10B,t06 Other eeenrittas lf>.oM.086 1*0!W , ,M 51 74.? Oo d .nd tilver ' .... 62 ",297 Notes issued. ilium. ?169,290; bullion la both la ptrtments, jC*jm,4&T decreaae, 87I.U6 rest ?? Stft PubUo deposits, decrease, ?a,9M^8lt; oSKTSJl posits, iKiwM, ?882,,i08; hvm day. uU other btlla, increase, x2#,T71; on the credit tide govern meat eecuri tie. .bow a decrease of ?276,00#; other securities d? Va/fL. f ,02?i, ?*?*?? uaempioyed, decrease, ?970, ?80; actual circulation, ?21,167,446. ' The blunder of the Liverpool Timet, in reporting an increase in the bullion department of ?1,641,0 )Q> v% ben there ww in the same tine an actual decrease of ?379,685, is not the first one ol the kind made by that journal, and the public are not much deceived by it. The report or the contradiction had no ]>ar ticnlar fflfect on the market. The Chicago Prtti of Oct. 14 gives the following history of the rise, progress and completion of the Illinois Central Riilroad Company: R-I?*afoull,c'I1K ">? completion of the III,not. Central Ra lroad on the flrst ol tue current month an intimation b "fm^tor?atnr,1hh0Uld tak? 0004,100 t0 t^va a cimm? , ? . e |,r??reM ?' lbu enterprise from It* c mimen- oment to completion. We now proceed to iaHi ttat promlac, Incidentally allndlng to the progress 0r anf ?wafdlllK to '?? buildrr, Col. Mason, tLat The Lr.nV 7'i ? h4s 10 honorably earned 20 18*0 and ^ by <>??'?? September iiu.Jh iL. iV Charter incorporating the compauv pare<d Uie hllnoia legislature tho following February north** ThPr?iV#d by ,h? Governor on the 10th of that ?",h- ,Jh0 "r? w>aal meeting or the company wt, held on the third Wednesday of Itarch. 1861 atwhc'i Robert richuylor was made President, Morris Ketrta* Treasurer, and R. B. Mason Cbler Engineer Col Mtson fromlhJt'i i**? ^ Uly' 1841'10 be,,n *or^. *01 from that Jay to the hour of hta resignation which loo; Place on tho Urtt of the current mouth, hi* labors have been indefatigable, his succiss wonJ rful, and hu> ens'neeringU *lUlout * I*raJlel 111 the n>nala of railroad t oiler ordinary circumatances, llvo or six years In the growtfi or devolopetnentof a ?toio or ciiy produces no very ohasges i but such hM pot been tho cost with Illinois or Chicago, in 1861, tbo population of the ^ate was not 'ar Irom 876,000, and ol thii city about 31, JW-- mo railroad* in operation wore?>2 ml.e, of tho D,B.l c?,< a?o Union, 11 of tho Aurora Extension, ??d N orths Great Western. Thl. total of 08 miles was with strap rail. Tbo twin ev^rt* or Ci,i0?u Uy laai i? .A?"?,0C0 bushel* In i860, and 4,"60,000 >n ?861; and tbe receipts oi lumber by lake were 100,000.000 feet In 1*60, and 125,000,000 in 1861. Asking the reader '2 ','P 'hese facts In remembrance, we proceed with Lne history of tho construction of the road. thl 21.'.^ u!ln?^f P\rty WM or?an'^ '? Chic igo on v.t.lV.fc .$?' 1861;.and commenced prellmlmry aur leys of tbe Chicago Branob, making Chicago a iwint of departure, anl by the mlddlj ol go minor seven other par b;??n organized and were in tbe field, viz. at freeport, U SaUe, Hloomlngion, Decatur, Cairo and Lr ^ whole Hue was surveyed and lociteJ pre Tlou. to December 81st, 1861. The work ol rou>tructlon ih"?anTeTeare al 011,0 and U !tol10 uJout ^hrialmas of n*cember- IMl, the Galena und Chicago .hMV fr#m El?,n *> Belvlriere, el?}" "all's-this portion of that line being the drat SimT-7iI?i? .i 11,(1 the first fctep in tho right direction In railroad improvement In the West. m*2L?J?la Hpnnl * P?r,i0B of ?be wtoKT of 1862 in To^d^e'srir^Mr- ^^ Ia February, 1862, the Michigan Southern Railroad car ^ln? U,e lir#l oonnscUon with the East, and the event ww duly ceiobraUd by Kons, dingers and speeches. 7 The lirst contract for grading the Illinois Cent-e.I was made oa tbe nth of lfarch, 1862, for that portion of tho W.e,eD a,l0*?0 aBd ?*lumot. *?d covered a dig founeea miles. It was hurried along for tae .n/ih"0 a !"Dg Ui0 Mlchl*?? Contral Killroad to en er the city, and was completed on tho 24th of Mar fol oommumcation opened between .KPub,,S.r0Btr*ct' wer# flrrt m?,le -lone, 1852 and the gradinf of the l^t, 2d. ?th, 81 b, Olh and I0tb .linalons '' "d on H'h of October following,"the 3a. 4th, 6th 7th,11th and 12th divisions were put under nontract. ih? ^ff,hm?r??f Cf>n.^t, *ub 0,6 c"7 ?r Chicago, finally on e 14th of Jane, 18^., the City Council paaaed an ordi nance pormlttlng the Illinois Central t? enter tae city an 1 the shore or Uke W.chigan ln j", , lh6 l^ogliih loan of $4,000 000 II pild, ud it wm not ontil this (my moat bad been 'TtL* s^ms* "h1*1"1?" of entw-priae had commence During tbe summer and fail of 18 .3 tbe railroad sysUm *?Z?aVI C0D,"i4r*6'7 enUr?eJ August id tbe .1.1, C*,? "? 'iiendsd to Rorkford, ??tl?LmiStn* Cblc*^? On tho 8th of October '^?' ? Md tx,aiH WM "I"1 Alton to pri??!le!d, seventy two miles, and on tbe 11th tbe Cm j***.wld Island road was o wned rr jb Chicago to Jo let, lorty miles, thence It wu exended to Minis Jit? y <me mllss farther, January Mb. 1863, and to l'ern' ilmj aine miles more, tbe Slst ol March ol the same 'n **^5' 18?r1, Co1- Msson was oleced Su serlntaadent .eili* r* ?oatinned to discharge the duties of thai ^?\v'n to those of tie chief eagineerehlD the *lr- ^ ln 1856! tb? 'eUl ?< May 1I6J, the first sixty miles of the Illi ttfJ'fc ? ' I Stalls to illoomiag on, was opened ?M ">? aa?.3n? fVa1, ,^b?y|*r' Bofrali, fJriswold and O.l.orn a^rVT^ r, . H h^W 'hS PreslSsBBy; XMobusi, u, Perk ins Uie trea?aryshlp; a i uea I^^?? i w ""?" "'I* ^ whl'e Seal! IHiPny sad Vt i.ion have bad cbtrge of the Ian I denirt JJJ?}' snd Wya?an, Van N'ortvick Coaetock lijne Olarke aad W alaoe have acted for greater or leas iencths ?f tin* as superintendenta of the road, aad tbe ra"?oaJ ^stem of Illinois has expanded from 08 miles of strap rnll. May, nil, to 2,400 lu < v.iooer, ism. ^ . ??sstl?e Chteagn baa lacrease>i its nottilattnn tm?. LUflVS'li!*0' aBd ,h# "?*?? of Illinois f rom 8'6,0C0 to ^2.. TTe export grain trade of Chicago has * wailed rteadUy, by year unitl it equalled ifiuZiiSS? pro?tM* u? reach 20,100,0?0 bushel* s 1S6S The import trade in laasber has inrreawd in a ts#a**^!?a!r* ,Mi0" %Bd w*" ?*l"*1 to 326 000 000 leet in sr tb^^m*?7 ",J,?"U0B " UM?bln? 460,000,000 In this brtel statement of events we oasit giviaa an an ??*.lt?ii * "Mur%1 ob*Ufl?? presetvd In a .oantrv rom * ,b# ?f s Use maiTSt ?1 b* niovemeot of trads am ensigra'too w'" ????<?? 0?'r to lbs vindictive oprxts'tioa at r*tt^*ntoWM. "d "?"l*sreBt cities to tCT2u?2 >f tbe line and ooaatrucitaa or tbe road; we shall UtT ?ge on tin, and fevers ef the 0r? two yaU* ^r Uiird' Mr "?? '-holara and mone/nante emhiwed of the toartb. bat leave tbeee matters to a Bore a onto and k>nfcr bmlory oi tbe r<*d ?ort At tbii time tbe Illtnoti Cootril boldt a position hafrirs -he lt?aae,al n.d rallro^l wor.d A ?gu .bed to confirm (be a^i,y << lh, '?or''m*1 Proj wlors, aad to lastiry ibe sesertien tbat it ?w *"? ?P'*n<?W enterprMei f modern times " This road may be said to have solvod tbe problem or the stK?eesful aad proauble caiUvation of tbaaatira '?? ^ 'ha Ule, and the solutionT?w revo otton ? agriculture almurt equal to that of^ttM maaulacturtng by tbe iatro^ueti, o' ra^bla P?wer. A? a rooseqoeaes tbe ||||d<i ? rLunt Itailri ad is rumulattag to a magattade beyond all exiJ latioii lis ititareala aad huataess, pro;, to Like a -I if "I? wJI outstrip all erftoulatlc.a and '? !? ???M'Him, end the i nterprtee to ombtrrtM t>voMtlve viUliiy Ujad en7 meet of it IneurM |fce coin reciet 01 every erre of tbr>^ . ihT Z 'tatee, end renders this problem worth i^etiiM ? wkrtber, stnoe sorb e doutoe mired# bes b M?n vronShi Z^^T* * n,-0,? *> raUres^U, a (tad, though aet In degree, notwitbatauding i,??| t+-u ilarttlea, may net be wrought oa tbe ?acauMe^naStoi and miueral laada of tbe ,-iatbwest 1-r^rtei ItMk K 87C00 Vlrglate 1(00 M.nouri 0'( .. HIV, 2?0# N Y Con RR ? ( w. ?COO NY CrlBR U Ui II X ;?oo i rio Bood*. #l WXIO KrV.KRCB/71 ?l 3CC0 t ri?RR UNBi MX KOC Hnd RlTor ..d M #3* 17640 III Oo RR Bd? 91 neon do MX t( 10 do b60 91 i, 10WO do W*0 ?1 >, ?o ?b( Mf rbMioo Bk 116', lrlkMN V.Mdlv 105', 10 Hk Of An>iH l ... 117 >4 aft rik N ABMictlot 10 I'trk Bank (4'. lflo Oftntoa Oo... .MM) iilS 100 do C >1 I Del k Had Cl?0. 181X loo do ftteo ix 100 Pe?n OrtU Co.... V3 400 Comb Ohol Co (J 17 V 'ibO do ?3 i; s (M0 do ... MO II', .00 do blO 17'. 100 Now -lorooy 7Joc. #\ Aft N>w .Krwy RR.. 1?0 MlXYlHlll!.. ?l #4', 10(1 <?o (30 14 H HO do 0 MS 100 do.... (8# MS M <10 (10 14^ If* oo ??0 MX ;?? do b30 M 100 do bit M no* M Ma M 171 -<? ?4.', 300 do M', 109 <10 b.W) 16 >, 10# do b? M ft# EH# RK..... (#0 #0'i 30# do..,,. 000 MX SO# do ... (8# ?#H 10# do.... MO MS 100 do (#0 #}|| 40# flo (3 r, 0', uoo do blu #1 SftO do.... ii#o nix If# 10 ISO #1 10# do (00 #1 HO do b7 #1 40 ft do ?1 10(0 do 03 01 .mo M Ml 01H 1ft# do 110 i> \ 10# do. 01'? ??cov? 10# ih.i CinlMi Co MO 31 1(0 Ir-o R(tlroo?1 ?M OIK |(|# do .. 01 ?< 1(# do.... b#0 MS MO do |(# HO ... MO 01 |0f do bOO 01 X JOO M ? * N 1 RRM# 8#S ?# do l?0 M* lihanft. Sjumjt, Not. #, 1?M *0# (hi 1-noRK . .01 fit 15# i? e ?l<4 100 do b7 01V, 100 do *00 #1 10 ?*tli At RU 81 4W Chi * Rot I RR. tttf 400 do...... (90 *2', 850 do MO ?3 100 do blO 98 S 200 lo >00 9.\ IM do bGO P3 4 .*0 do M 11.5 G#1 a CblRK.... 110', 100 do U80 1UJS 10# do M# IllH loo rmi m m;...b? :? loo do (10 7# ftOO do 71K 11(0 do (3 7I>a 1700 do (10 7#'4 MO 10... ..HO 7#', 800 lo (#0 79 ?>0t do., 0 7?H SO# d.. 08 7?'a 100 .?? (#0 79 400 tin o *9U I MO fc> 7# M# ? M# 7*H ?? 10 bT 78V M Mich On RR .o ? ? 8# 'lo C K\ 10 .lO h#0 04 1(0 MtcHteWliRi: ,c MX 400 1o C MX 2*0 do b80 *7 s M) do 1>'? 17 S '.St ?????)? RR .... M 100 CerfcTolKR. (4* 70 100 o 71 s V>9 V? l?9" 78 W? d i (10 71* 100 4o (10 TlX MO 40 OM Tl',' ?'? do *! T1S 100 do ?:C TIS' Mo ? JO bw 72* 00 do blO 78 do M 78 II ? 4? 72 ftfO 10 (10 72 MO lo . .. (l? 71 ioo u #io :i?i Uk v* I j : R. mt #0 Mil k Mx RR.... 78 ?0 do b?0 v4U(fcmt Mu:* 8t BOARS. i"0 (b( R?(d P.R b90 74 X 100 do....bowk Tlx MO .l^ 9:jn Tfi/ w do ?#" tlx MO (lo b#0 Twit ^0 >60 T8>. 10 flo..... 78U loo Obi k Rook 1 RR, 100 do b3t #ox 308 RMUUig KB. .biO 71V 100 N Y On BR..60O MX 1200 do 71W 60 da MO M% 120# do M0 70* 900 do M 100 do... anwk 78*4 it Mb ft Mm RR .. T6 100 do M0 Tl 16 LaO * Ml RR all 82 M0 do biO 78>i loo Mitt Uon BB b60. 64? 200 do M0 18* 6 do M CINCINNATI STOCK 8AXIS. Ej IliUMcn 4 UUnte?, for Iht ending Net. 3,1966. nosrsa 86,000 H'tn. X Oln. R R 7'a, lit nort bda 47 1,000 <>hlo A. Mm RR 7'a, 1 ?t mort bda 70 1,000 ind. ft Clo. R R. 7'a, dividend bda. and int.. 70 9,000 IJttlo Miami R R ? a, ltt aurt bda andlat. 80 4,000 On. A: Chic. R.R. lo'a, real eatato bda, But ler <v Meredith, trustees and int 26 6,000 Covington ft Lex R R. 7'a, in mort. bda CO 2,000 Town of Perryaburg, Woii oounty, Ohio, bda., 7'a, and int 66 1,000 Indian* Central R R. b la. !<?>, dun In '6$.. 90 ;,,000 Covln(. ft l*x R 11 6'a, 1st m.rt bda and Int. 70 110 IJttlo Miami R B , June. 1866. tvidend scrip. 81 600 Mario'.la ft On R.R. dowaatte bda, 7'a 36 6,6ro Cov. ft Lex. 11.R. Incomu bd* o a 40 ?TOOtfl. 289 aha. Ohio \ Mlaa. and int 3 400 " " 90da and 8 ^ 100 ( ;n. ft Chicago R R Bt.ds. and Int 3 .? 101 lndjauapolla ft (In CO da;; 70 1U0 " " cub . .....68 40 '? " " ?2b ? " " 68 26 C;n , Ham. ft Dayton, 60 d*,a 67 ;>3 " '? anab 05 10 HUlaborough ft Clnoinoa i 14 2(0 Peru ft Indianapolis 9's 16 l.'Ule Miami MJa 60 Colmnbua ft Xcnoia 88 100 Fcrt Wayno ft Buuthern, ai< int 5 40 Ji nation find ) and mt 7 10 Farmer*' Bank, Ky 113 I'll V CbNMKlUI IL KPORT. c?iti ?v(i, "Jut. 8, 1865. Flo ,i?Common grades were beat p n le extras were uncharged. ibere ?ua rn -re ac'iv ?n i the aai<t om braced lO.COOO a l-.orft bbls.. ch>ti. wi htn tbe ran$e of yesterday '? priccs. V, hi at?rher" m? nc to* In and with little or no export demand, *a wore very limited. Inferior ..nd common grades ?* not saleable, at the figure* of yeri-srday, whtb pr >n to choice cuali ti> * were rne>.auged. Corn?The ? . i.ii m> io> it vbe aalcf "fir '(u.^e UalM. A car^'? i> ?? O husho f " " -tc ?rn yellow to.'d at 71>;c ; n ixod rn wan si 70c. a 71c. Kye?1.600 bushels pr.rae vor "to at 85c. Pork waa qulot and dull at SUOI'or m?s.? ' ot on sold to a very ihir extant, with the tern of the ram Ir Uror p^r cbaier. TVhiskey? -loo barrels *i?' s3o. a 30a 34c , clotting a> abont 33>?c. AfllERTlSLIIKJm MB311 OL\ Oil. For WuattoB* and Help -? d*ih par?. UTKRATlliG. Better >m< better TbU week's MkW VOKK LKlblf. ?>ld at all tV> new* ?Dices, .* deciile<lly int^rrsiiDg. I'l. re- w have of ORION, TI1H tiOI.D l<K TrtK, Tlic better it is liked. Iu fao TI1E L.EDOE1. Ts just the b<"it pap?r for tiptop tu.ries ever p ni i.siied. E< eribody remit it snd likes it. Only tour rants a ci P.OSK ft tOl'lEf, No. 10S Nassau at <len> ralc'j*. NISCELliAftKto A. [7"VRS-I,AM<RY'S FI R . D Site to nurpssK ihnm this sea iu ardem carefully oecuted. No fiy3 Ur 'ity. From thf: (OMMKRiial ai??-kuker.-avkri. can paper hsDK'iius?Awarl bj th<? ? n-rtciin inrtmle. ?We are i!? a j* ^lad to nntio- ike p .yre?? ot Uni>:orenaontn in d'imesiic' tuantiifectures. and e*|?>el?b? when sin U ixprjve Hieiits ais eileoliHl in our own city 1 be ?<*ncti hare UlSortn been deemed too ikillliil In the nuist^uirsof sniMNhl paper l^i iiinga to be rivalled by th- *i>r?nien of rny oikar nation; and tn 'hi* countrv, tbe rhilndrl 'tita maatlfactarero have been ikoiisbt to prnduce tin a-*si wall papers' b it we ha>eat lnu>t one e?tabllf hin'in 'n Nl? \ork ? hicb n\.1* th^ French au<l beats the Phlla.lelpbian* ' uwimeas cf he f nest foreign an<l domestic paper hangings may M Men xm iiared ai ;be store of Messrs. 1 It.'tn^s Kays A Oo , i&7 "road way, and we \ enture to ssy, after examining them earofslty, tba' tbo??" mansfSelfOd by Me^-rs. Kav .* t o areou'vs e'f"*1 to tbe Kreecil in be*ut5 of de?ii!ii and *oeurary Of finish, ai.d mii' b *u) *rlor to the bsst preduuts of the ''hiladrlphia I'a'to rtss that fca\e under our nottoe Messrs F?ye k Co a ftesoo |>apersare psriieuUu-h sdmi>abls The firm we:? de nerve the honor of a gold nieda;. which has b?en awar.iec to them be the Ain rtran ksMitite, fo' U>e beat spec mom of A ii.i iS" ar. usix'i hanyug* exJii'>H-l at tbe Isst anu'ial fair. Wo* A? r \ TK A OO , Importers and mamiBwirer* of paper, i" Hro>uiway. Mew Vork. INDIA KCBBER GlATEft ARE A HURK CURE FOR J cb.ppetlor rongh btnda, aalt rhetim Ac.; v-ry useful while engaged >n hotioework, and by wearing the hkr. is be cnnie noli, mnioth and white. For st.e at all rubber sens. Ooodyear Hkm ('oenpany, 3d John street up si air* OVERi OATS, OVERCOATS, OVERCOAT* 0\ ereoata, QvefOaata overooa;*. Qt eraosta, Overooaia, Over ? >ata, 0\ero<ia's, Overcoats, Oreress'A Orsreoata, Overcoats. Orarcoala. Velvet vesta. 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Hica, Mr. Wa R Km n, of thi* "?#y, to 11. Ji UM, caughtor af D RokuML, haq, of A. lx> 1*. Mo. hvn> ?\t Atnaoa?9a We<:n?e<iay. Nor. I, by tha K*r i boo a ran tare, Mr W*. I. ??nra, af lb ? city, ta Mtaa A**>ini* Waidwi?, of Brooklyn iMUi, Uraara couaty, paper* plaaaa copy. Biooarmr? Oa t nday, Nor. 7, Mr. Java F .xaa rum, aged U yearr. I ha frteoda or Umi family, aad I boa* af bta aaa. ??'eery a RlroaBclit, are re*peeirolly In riie<l to ?laad ihe ftnerai, ihM artaraoon. at oae o'oiack, (row hia lata raHdaaaa, N'a ITS "rr.bArd meet katra ?Oa Fndaj. Nov. T, Mr Fbwaud Kaira, Baker, formerly of U>e room? Armagh i^eiaad. Hia flleod* aa<l a< qnatataa* < a arr reseated to attaM the Mineral, (bta moraiey, at taa o'cltvk, from kta lata raeideaoa, No. 1*)a Hamiltoo atraai. farta ?Oa Meiiimay morning Nor t, Rr< in, m. ngeat aaa ?f V Krerrtt and RuiUy ?. Bir th, aged ? iiwintb* aad 4 nay* The luaaral will take place thta aAaraaoa. at two o'clock, Irem the rea.uence of hia paraata, No. 7H Wart leratjr ircood Uriel Davua ? Oa Friday altoraooa, Nar T, Tmu* lonu, danKhter of Iraacta A aad the lata Jaba A. Heroe, ap* ? yean, 1 woaih* aad M day* The relatirea aad rriaada of the family, aad Ik aaa of liar grandfather, Mr. taantl K fltuhka, are ovltad to attend the tnaeral, thta after*ooa. at ooa o'clock, froaa No 11 laat Thirteenth atreel 'Meant ? (<a Hat'iMar Nor * la the Md yaar of bar ?*-, a* lie, wllkaf Mr Char lea ,Neot. Tie Mead* and arqnaiataaeea. a*a the aiaabaik al ^arrrtiy I orfge No. ?3S. aad Oaaoorde lodge No 4J, 1 .< of o F are rr*peatfcily lorded to an aad the fatal, thl* afl.raooa. at tae aViock. Iroa* ?*?. *3 Vartck itraet. Vi.oaar ?Oa Haturday. Nar. ?, of ooaa*a?rl>CB, Mr. Jona Mifloaai aoa of Mr. t >w*b Mc<-orr/, agad M veaia. the relative* ami frieada of the family ara reapeohuiy lavltei! to attend the fnaeral, from ha U?e reaiipwa, Mr aer of m*t?rth atrerl aad arasnk il. to morrow altar nooa, at one o'? ork, preclwiy. ranim?.-0? Friday, Nor. 1, M??r Rueia. yanak> (??"(hiar U Jaaaa H aad ill/* J ia? I'altaraoa, age I 3 year*. ? month* aad 9 dan. lb* ralatlvrt aad trtaada af the fftoMly ara rawpaetfallr ? riti J ta att?ad the ^aeral. from the rent laare of Imt i areeta, No. I* Ihlrd aveane. tha aftaraooa, at two o'ftork. finutr ? Oa Friday, Not. t, Mr. B< an Ooaavt, la tha 301 d year of hit aaa. Hta friend* aad relatirae ara reapactfotlT laTttad la ?Head tha (?aer*l. from hia lata re*.u?r.*, No. 41? Taalh ?treet, thta arteraroa, at two o'cioek. peertaely rba r? mama will ha UV*a to tke Ukirary Oemeiar) tor latar rnaat. las.?la Brooklyn, oa feiorday. Not. ?, altar a *kar? lllaaaa, Mr* Rjcitai r?lt?t af tha lata Mr Wm. Laa, la lk( eita yeaar o( W t(* Tha retailraa aad inaada of tha tally tr? 'amad to at tesd tha fn?eral, ta morrow aarataf, at etaraa o'clock f? the 'ee-detice at b? ?0B, Mr. ikepkaa 0. Tar, 0*lbr4 atrect, urnttA Wouia froai Mjrtle araaaa. Broakljra T ra.?At Oufhrd. (inaaafa ooaaty, ff. T., ?a Tfwra day.Noa $. Mr. BakwiTW, la tha 74ih ymt of k;? Kgm, u rmeriy or thla city. The faaaral will taka plaea la taarraw kIWraaaa. *t half raat tkrea o'clock, froai tke raatdaaaa of Mr. Cbartaa H Ciaytoa, N'a. 44 W?*t Tree r eereath Ureal Beta urea and frteaa* ara larlted to at'aad. Moo*a ? Oa Friday alteraooa, Oat. 31, at tha tfaara rhraatte Reaaral Haatrital, Rnatna, tram tha effect* <* a *tah. Mr J??? Monn.