Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 10, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 10, 1856 Page 3
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rc rem a j) .ii-- uiJoroLcn. Iii Sebaatopol there is not dc pane whole. The Liveipool Albion nays:?la the Bill of Entry _J the 17tli vn.H. an account of the number of paa H**gers who have arrived in the port of Liverpool Euiing Uie quarter ending tbe Itoth of September But ia given. It appears, aa shown by the aUte Kient annexed, that there were 10,680 persons from imctica, 1,4Wi from Australia, and 249 from other .lacea, truking a total of 12,316. This ia the first ?tatistical account ?f passengers arriving in tiie Bort that has e?er come und-;r our notice. In the Bccoant ia given the total of thoae who have return 1 after having left the country aa emigrants for .merica. These in the quarter amount to 3,647, ind consist principally ot Irish, who, from the al cred circuwstan< es of Ireland, have been Induced 0 return?<n most instances to settle In the locali ies to which tbev belonged by birth. To ascertain ?e number of returned emigrants has been adeBi Ifratum long sought for, and we now have it sati* acto.-ily given in tiie Customs publication, which we ^knowledge with much pleasure, and trust that as he meaLs have been discovered at the port of Liver tool for ascertaining the number of emigrants who ave returntd, alter having abandoned the country 1 their adoption, that the like statistics will be ga Lcred at ctoer ports, which would enable the gov rnment ot the country to judge with accurar no: nly of the number of those who *ent out to foreign ountrios, but a!bo of those who afterwards returned > the lara of their bi/th. One day. na;s the Gaztttr dr Lyam,charles X. nt for M. Michaut, the well k: >wn die-sinker, and 4d to him: I want to have my effigy engraved with Breat care on the French siver coin, and to have the sgal title of these pieces carried to the maximum, l order that monev may lie longer preserved in ranee, and may te3Ti*y to the honorable character f my government. What the king required was ef :CUd; and the saunters of silvur knew well that fr. pieces ofJC'harles X. and Louis XVIII. have a title upcrior to the legal lennirement. And what has Been the consequence? Why, that these pieces are Bought for to be melted down, the maximum weight Jlfording a profi to the dealers in bullion. Bnt just rok at the mistake made by Charles X. He thought hat, by making a superior money, he would send Bown hio image to posterity, whereas the very con Brarv will be the case, as ail the pieces of his reign we now nearly disappeared from circulation. The report of the directors of the Great India ?^ninrolar Railroad Company states that the con ractors engaged in the construction ot the works tetween the root of the Bhore Ghaut and Sholapoor 220 miles) have made progress even beyond expeo atioa. and it is already evident that this line will be g?ed considerably within the period fixed. The section of the southeastern extension of the ?y, from Callian to Oampoolee, was opened for o ia the month of May. The length of the line In operation is eighty-eight miles?viz., thirty wo miles from Bombay to Callian, seventeen miles (verging to the northeast from Callian to Wassind, thirty-nine miles diverging southeast from Calli to Campoolee. Tbe directors are fully satisfied Eith the traffic broagbt along this newly opened por on of railway. The Augsburg Gazette gives some explanations as the causes which have retarded the coronation of PEmptror of Austria. "It is well known," says t journal, "that by an innovation which resulU n the fundamental reforms intended to found the tical unity of tbe Austrian monarchy, the present peror will be only crowned ouoe as Emperor of nstria, instead of three times, acoording to the cus _jm ot the old monarchy, as King of Hungary, of Bohemia, and of Lombardy. At the present time Ihe period for the coronation is not yet fixed; but Bhe delay solely arises from the fact (bat the solem nity must be regulated acoording to the new pro Bine al statutes, which have not yet been promul ated." .Tbe mission to the Friendly Islands has been so ccessful that the nation is a nation of Methodists, Bnd the whole population, from the King (who is a ?Iccal preacher") down to his meanest subject, at end the Wealevwi ministry. These islands some limes go by the name of Tonga. They consist of 60, ana lie in tbe Pacific Ocean, between latitude 3 oegrees and 26 degrees south, and longitude 172 legreeswett and 177 east. They were discovered Kthe navigator Tasuutn, in 1613, but reoeived ir collective n^me of Friendly Islands from Cap James Cook. Die official Journal of Austria publishes the new Bnaxriage bill which will come into force for all the Bomau Catholics of the Austrian empire from the >t of January, I860. It consists of 261 articles, he authorization to contract rnumage maybe re lustd to such persons as are of notori msly immoral Bharacter oi are afftecUd with infirmities, or cannot |how sufficient means for maintaining a family. (The mairiuf c ceremony must take plaoo before the urt1 of tbe place of residtucc of either the husban i r wtf". The Roman Catholic ecclesiastical courts __ alone competent (or mixed marriages when ene f the contracting parties is a Roman Catholic. The Paris Umvtrt, after describing the very pro Blematical elements of a decline w?ich. It asserts, Bndermine-i the sickly constitution of Sardinia, con inues:?The discontent of Savoy and ita sympa hies, more and more pronounced for France, pro eed from a state of things far more worthy of anx Bjy than that wbich ia seen, or is pretended to be Been, at Naples or in other parts of Italy. Had Blcily for England ouly a tithe of the sympathies Bntertained by Savoy towards France, Sicily would. defiance of dutauoe, have long since become a British possession. W* Attrmbitt National*, of Paris, is penetrated Brith fee necessity of a complete chaage of policy ? the part ot the of Turin. It thus expres ?i itstlf:-May we soon witness beyond the Alps Bbe accomplishment of a revolution similar to that Br hie h has taken place beyond the Pyrenees! There Blao exists a monarch who is as sincerely catholic Bs the nation which be rule*. There also exists a olutionary government which despoils churches, Biolates treaties with Rome, and imposes itself on Bhe national aentiraect by means of party terrorism Bad of the influence conferred by the protection of England. Will the example given by Isabella II. be Boat or Victor Emmanoel' The OmM,of TUlis, publishes the following ac Bount of an inundation which has destroyed a por Bion of the town of Aetrachan:?The continued ria Eg ofthe Wolga had alarmed the authorities of the Bown, who at once set thewaada of workmen to Strengthen the existing dykes. Towards the and of Biugust. the rains i welled the river to sneh a height ?hat the dykes were swstrt away and the waters Invaded the tongue of land on which is constructed he lower part of the town. In the streets the water tttalned a height of eleven feet six laches, and the ipidlty ofthe current was se gnat that all the oases consti acted of wood were swept away. vAccordinf to letters addressed to the Monitmr B' tm Flottr fnim tbe French miaadron in the China as. a#d bearing date tbe <th July, the French fn ?tes Virginie and Sibyle were at anchor ia the Bay r Agouae. on the coast of Tartary, about ISO miles > tbe south of the mouth of the river Aaoor. Tbe rench frigates had, by meana of numerous souad B'gs, discovered tbe place where the Russian frigate ?alias bad sunk, and by means ot theinjiivers had |>rought op several portion* of the Wreck. Tbe ther Rnssisn vessel* which hsd taken re luge in the Boor to avoid the allied cruixen, had been so och damaged by touching on the sandbank that were considered as unit for farther srrrioe. A letter from N^w York,of tne 7th October, in Bir DroU of Kntn<v<, says: -An unexpected Incident Easocenred In the sffdr of tbe employes of the Ifortheru Railway of Kranco. Proud, arrested aa uguHc Perot, turns out to be a woman: As the roerican law declarea that no woman ean be kept S prison in a civil cause, Felicity Drond has de anded to lie set a* liberty fmmediatehr; bat Judge avles, who ordered her to be imprisoned, bsing Bbsent, her application cannot be heard before the Both. Meantime, she and the other two prisoners Bare, in virtue of warrants from Washington, been Blaftd at the dianosal of the federal oonrt of the ?istrict of New ^ ork, which will have to decide hether or not tbe extradition shall le granted. Advices from < nstantinople state that the Com ?lixMon appointed to decide upon the application for concession for the formation ot a national hank given notice for all tbe plans to be seat in by ? 11th of October, those plans were to be baaed n the principles described before, but It had been enounced that the loan, the raising or which waato B>rm part of the rendition, must now be for ??.000, MO, instead of ?6,000,000, ns originally < ontemfi?t Id. Tbe Commission consists of Fond Pasha, Borelgn 111i.later: Plfaat Pasha, I'resident of the Bouncil; the Ministers of War and Comnerce, and e Master of the Mint. The Gnzrltr of Madrid, ban a decree re-opening _r moi nct? ries mid convent", r n.l give* notl c of a roject of law to reinststo the priests in the full ex rciseof the:r canonical powers. Her Majesty's iinisters remark that thare never was a time when ? cooperation of men devoted to the service ot pod was more necessary to stsy the attempts of e who would upset clvillr.ntlon and Christianity: Eaa further, that her Majesty li~d a deep seated con iction that the principles' of religion have, ever nee the infancy of the Catholic church, been of m> greatest poaslhie assistance to the temporal Tbert might have !>een seen on the 22d of October, ys the Paris mtkb, in the large coining room of ie Mint, ingots of gold and silver to thevslneof ne hundred millions of francs, piled up like Are -od in a yard. In a very few days thlsimmen>s> ^of the precions metsls will be converted into nins and sent into clr? illation. _ Tbe Wmm nf Natural History of Pari* hat jtWt Bceived four very rate animals the isatia or bine ixes brought from Iceland and Greenland by Prince apoiron. ttrc of th.-m has IU hair already almn?t bite ns in winter, bat the others as yet remain of e blue color. The mmm reoently re ceived two wait from the Norti Re?, and an ^matie nm with a large tail, of the same race a* the " Ka raa-anhs sheep.'' given to toe Kocieet' Imperotie d'Acclimat&Lon by Marsh*' VdJlaat and Abdel Kader. ? The Tu.van g< vernment," says the Patris, "U said to be dwpoeed to eater on the path of conce* sicna. The tendency will, it i* manifeat ed by the retirement of M.Lan,ucci. Minister of the Jnterhar, who is in favor of rep'i twive measures, ?nd by his being replaced by M. R dolfi. The new Min i- ter, it is addea, will mark hi - if turn to power ov the re-establishment of the constitution of 1848, with some modifications of the organic laws in a tonaer ( vstive sense. The traffic returns of railways tn the United King| dom, published for the week ending Oct. 11, amount' ed to ?470,883, and for the corresponding week of 1^55 to ?444,1138, showing an increase ot ?26,545. The grorg receipts of the eight rail ways having their termini in London, amounted, for the week ending as al?ove, to ?206,221 and for the corresponding week of last year to ?202,740, showing au increase of ?3 475. A le tter fn.m Berlin of the 16th of October, in th* i Gn-man Journal, ot Frankfort, says:?Count de Hatz'eld, Prus?<ttn Ambassador in Paris, who has recently n't've<: here, had a long interview this morning v. th M. de Manteuflel. after which he pro ceedeo to Potsdam, where he had an audience with the King. Count de HatzfelJ will represent Prus sia in the new Conferences a. Paiis. The date for the opening of these conferences has not oeen fixed, but it will take place before the 15th of November. A letter from Berlin, in the Paris ConttUulionnel, pais:?If Austria and Prussia w 11 engage them selves to support, witn all their efforts, the admis sion of the iccondary States of Germany to the < 'ongresa of Paris, these States, on their part, Will undertake to adopt in the Germanic Diet the propo sitions of Prussia in the affiiir of Neuf:h;itel, and will al?o cefecd the interests of Austria in the affiiir ot the Danubian Principalities. A sad accident lately happened at Lublin, Poland. It was the first day of tue Jewish year, and a great crowd (f pcisciis had assembled in the syuagogue ? an old aid dilapidated building?to celebrate the event. During the service a wax light fell on the ground, and one of the men charged with the lighting of the place gave an alarm of fire; but it was generally thought that the house was about to fall. The crowd, composed of several thousand per sons, made a rush to the doors and windows to cscape, and in the crnsh upwards of fifty were thrown down and trampled to death. In Spain at latest dates, Oct. 21, the Credit Mobilier ot Madrid had obtained tbe adjudication of the third section of the Northern Railway. Gene ral Pezuela bad refused the command of the cavalry. Vueen Christina is declared to be dissatisfied with the simple removal of the sequestration which had confiscated her property. She want* public repa ration for what abe alleges was a public insult. During the late war, M. Tseletsky, attached to the commissariat of the 4th rorpt d anttee in Russia, t ok to flight, carrying with him the contenta of the treasury, amounting to the sum of 600,000 franca. By an official notice in the Journal de St. Peters I'urg, he la summoned to appear before a military tribunal at Warsaw in the course of six months if in Europe, and one year if he is out of Europe. If he fail to return at the expiration of this period, sen tence will be passed upon him par eontumace. Our Albany Correspondence. Albaxt, Not. 8,1866. The Election?Probable Change in the Cabinet? fVill Ano York be Invited to a Seat!?ThurUno Wted to be United States Senator!?Leavenworth or Littlrjoltn Speaker of the Next House of Ai tewtUy, fjre. tic. The great election having passed, the contest closed, the controversy ended, the inquiry now is, who are the victors? which party has succeeded? who has conquered? who lost? who gained? Per haps there never was 5 more de ermined warfare on every i lie. Certain it is tha' iu no instance on re cord have politicians of every grade profusion and color, exhioited more activity and seal than daring the campaign just closed. The democratic partr, which has possessed the power during the last four yearn, have their lease renewed for four years longer, by the will of the people, as manifestly expressed antler the provisions ot the constitution. The Ame rican people, as in duty bound, will implicitly con form to that high behest. Although Mr. Buchanan will undoubtedly pursae the general course of tbe present administration, still he will be pressed to mal.r an entire and thorough chaoge in the Cabinet From the moment Pierce seltct*d the constitutional sdvirtrs which he drew to his confidence, his popularity with the great mass of his party de clined to such an extent that, had it not been for hia office holders, at Cincii nati he would not have leceivel a dozen votes for a re nomination. Mr. Buchanan must call new men to his counc<U, and such Hotspurs as Caleb Cushing and Jefferson Davis mast retire. Indeed, nothing but a thorough reconstruction of the Cabi net must ensue; and the more prudent course would be for every one to tender his resignation to Pie.ident Pierce on the morning of the fourth of M*rch, and relieve Mr. Buchanan from the In dispensable and disagreeable necesMty of aaking them to make room for a new Cabinet. Will New York be catitled to a representative ? De the democracy of the Empire State deserve one ? Oat of Nfew York etty, Kings. Albany and Erie eoun I ties, there is scarcely any thing left ta speak of. Look at the old former democratic stsougholds, Her kimer. Oneida. Oswego, Onondago. St l^wrence, Warren. Clinton. Otsego. Delaware, Schoharie, and s<> on. where thousands upon thousands could always be relied upon: where are they now ? Ia the hands of the black republicans: and by sueh majorities, too. that years of labor will be reooired in their reclamation; indeed, they never will return to their first love so long as tbe present Issue is kept be fore tbe people. Bat should Mr. Buchanan desire a Cabinet officer from New York, who would he select ss tbe wish of the party in the State ? Would it be Daniel S. Dickinson, David L. Seymour. John Van Buren. Horatio Seymour, or Amsss J. Parker? Tbe latter gentleman is already named for me Custom Houee. Who's lost sad won ia this State? The black republicans have aaved the Governor. Lieut. Gov ernor, tbe Senate, and gained tbe House, whrh gives them c< mptete and entire control of the Legis lature of 1*67. This gives them the United Stites Senator, tn place of Hamilton Fish, who nob >4y believes wi'f be returned, although he did cone " it at the elev< oth hoar in favor of Fremont. Well, who. ia the man, then7 last year, wbea tbe senate was elected, the whig* assisted Zenas Clark, James Rider, Edward Madden, Frederick P. Bellinger, formerly democrats, to tueir ae-Us. and re ligljueiy promised them that Preston Ki ig sho-.ld U-chosen United BUUs Senator In 1867, provided tbe complexion of the House was such that an eection could be made. With this promise the above named gentlemen and thsir brother bolters were content. and during tbe whole of tbe last sew ?ion. down to tbe present momer.t, have acted ie cotiformltv with tbe wnig side of tbe republicans. Tbey ban" the moat confident faith in pro ni>e. But how *tan<i? the matter now Henr> .1 Raymond A ? lined to Pin on the State ticket an i, on account o< that declination be was assured of being made tbe successor of Mr. Fish. Sin * the election however.the tables are turned up a him, also. The central gentry, finding that they posse.* such a tfemetiduous majority, have taken th? re ?iicnsibility of discarding St. I<awreuc<. and N. ? York both.and ?et tip for them- lve*. The|'ni?ei State* Senate ia to be graced w ith no less a person*<r thsn Thiirl<'W Wesd himself. Such i- the <I - a'ready audibly pronounced. He has the T<eaven wo.the ann l.ittiejohns in tie Motxe. and the i'phsms, Bic lard-ena. Ualateads anu Patten*..u. ,o th* Svtiat*. who are able to accomplish it. And whv not make Mr. Weed United States Seca tor? Though it la conceded that be is not a states n ao nor orator, vet as a politician as ? manager *or his party, he has'no rival ia the whole aoontry Cor duty Intrigue Did be not hlnw. ir alone ere tie 'be anti masonic party, which tor a time swe(.t like a tornado over the entire western psrt of this state, n->w so deeply imbued with black rep ibltcsnism? Did he not raise from obscurity, uuon that is-ue, William H. Reward, elevate him to'he State Senate, and then upon the gubcrnational chair, to tbe great mortification and eternal political condemattion of hia rival, Francis ('.ranger 7 Did not Mr. Wee J suc ceMfully transfer his anti-masonic friends, without being a-ked tbe why or wherefore, iuto tbe ranks of tbe then new and vigorous whig party ? W*? n ?t Mr. Seward sent to the U. S. Senate through the I? fln?nce of Mr. Weed? Who broke up the K 0 Nothing lodges in the winter of 1866, and thro.i ,.i l.ltilejonn, l^-lgh snd Stebhins ezpo?e.l their secret osthp.and reelected Mr. Seward to the H^n. ? Thr mgh whose influence was the whig party rlis handed, in the fall of 1865, and a new name given to It? Who was the chief operator in the antina conic, In the whig party?and who is nowths M i* nus of tbe rel.ubfiran party of New York, ?hl -h n >w - in it< fifty or sixty thousand majiri ? Thnrlow Weed is the man. Your Webl>s, Raymon Is hiI 'are mi rs Cjphets in comparison with him , tney nre his in tmo ents?his poppets And now, w ten f r ?^e flr?t time he solicits offlt*. after having .I* voted a ?|uaiter of a century to obtain office f,?r ? thets, justice and fair dealing demand tfist all ! it 'ip'ts in the gas house of polities b e*linenisl.? d, and let the great Inminary of tfi I itv by.or fhtcontract* andblf land schenMt and rtake to eniigbteu the nation a* be has done the Bute. The frirrulB of Prelum Kmjr, be n? noir fairly wed ded to Uie mtenato of their former opponent*, and allowed their unalterable attach me at a second tune, will not make any attempt to coerce the agreement of 1866, but quietiv, in February next, confirm the appointment of the man already obooen aa the suc ceaanr of Hamilton Fish in the Senate of the Uni ted btalefl. The Know Nothings ar? a uaeU up community. The Chottawa among them have hwallowed them. Every oue of thene voted the republic -ui ticket throughout the State, and the balance which ia left are auch aa were deluded from the democratic party iAatyear they numbered foity-four in the Room of AMembly; next year they will acstrcely number half a dozen. TLere will nominally lie no change in the next Canal Board, aa the republicans have tilled varanoiea of their own. Although Mr. Seymour, Ktato Engi neer. will bereatter vote with the republicans, .-trill the Know Nothing* will hold the board another year. The speaker of the next Hon *e of Assembly will be either Mr. Leavenworth of BprtflDM, or Mr. LiUle jobn, of Onwego?tbr- latter inont likely, on acc mat of bis repudiation ot Know Nothingum when Speak er in 1866. A57BRTlisKiMN1* KKNEWtfl* MM m ptiLniCAU DEMOCRATIC FEPXJBI.IOaN tlfcNERAL COMMITTKK ?A uprcial meet ng of thia commit or wt i bf hell at 1'iiin u.?oj U>l.. f'D Monday evauiiig .*voi > uilr i il) Hi o'clock. Punctual aUeudaLceu requeal**) WILSON 6M.VLI1, CiAirtnAn WnxCDTK > . Al.rUKU I I1AMEI.J.OK $',rr -jr XHK LKCi'diUl KU&WM, TKDRPFNDF.NT LKCTflRES IN JKrWt CfTV? A 1 eoiirw of twelve tectum* will be delivered ia t.ia Unit* riau church, corner of tjrove and Mont*. rui-rv slr< eu <!ltv, the (baton Monday evening. Nov III a1. "K o'clock 11 Tlioma* htaj-r Kin* Kunjeci. "bub?tAnee an4 r-how ' ;i he aurceeding lecturer* are? ?? v "Thi-odore Parker, | Rev ,T W Iliggi.'ioo, Palyli W Kmtriu.n f R?*v. E. Henry ?? Rev hamuel O*|rnod, Rev somite. J >hu*e a Prof Kotiert -o'Ker, Wendell Phillip Fsj , Re i- llmry W n*Uo w?, Rf \ IV Mhtc ... . .muri uvvi, ftfv 1 II I*1KTP Ticket* tor the count*, fC Far yentleuaa and lady S3. rinRir ticket 4 CO te- ta To l?e tad at Kaaoow* Bazaar, Moat ?oa>?rj aWfe*. Jerrey City. |)R? 1FF.S60R BXNTOTi WTLi. DEI.IVkR A'l.KtreuRR J L?(ore the Fiebrew \nuui; Men'a I..ter*ry on *.liTti lolly. at Uieir meeting rnrmi rorue' of Howery an4 Ironnie atre^U 011 Sunday evening, November 9. 1A5C, at7S The public ara tuvtta! u> attend. Admittance tree. THE MlLITAKt. AT A MKFTiKU OF 1HE OUVH (JUaSID, HELD AT their a;mory. Punday Noveuibe'9. the following pre amble and lesoluUona were u^unuiiouii) addled WUi reaa II baa pleaa?d the almltbtv l)iat>n*er 01 Kventa ?c call from (ur midst oiu weK beisved brollier, Uauiel !ia??eriv there fore be It U*aolved. Thai we deepiv *<mpaUii*? witi th? relaUrea and trlenda of 4eceaaed In th.a, their great auJ nerer to be forgotteii berea\emeut and Retolved. That a copy of on- p-r-ceadio?8 be nreaented to the family of our departed aav.iciate; and Reaolved. That tie member* or the OHt* Guard wear the uauai badg" of mr urolng for the ipace of thirty ?laya and in ihe^ew'Tortm>rP4*MQlllean<1 relo^lUon3 ,je Publiahed Wlillam hliipney, W llliam Cog ia, John Lawlor John Mur phy, JameaOclcan. committee P. 8. FLr^?, fcecreUtry. J A3. DOXOVaJf. Captain. \T?W YORK. NOV 10. IoM-aTTE.VTIOX-^ADDlE *1? Harneai Makera' Ouvd.?A ap^cioi n'.eetlnjr ofthla company will be held at theOrvnalthiaeTeuuig a 7^0 slock. A. b.?M( mbata will plcaiecome pi-epare<l W, pny their a?^ aewments Any peraon of the trade who lit, art M#neJ the ro I will have antopportun'ty o' Coitgaothis eveuin* Tha c. nip,my will parade on Monday. Nov. 17 to ort ceed irora l? Od!v FRaNCIs, Capiatu. VTRW tORK YOt.rNTKER"* ?A MFE1TNO OF THE X\ New \ork \ olun ? er.? will be held aMt? M.-rc-r llousv o'clock.. Punctual at i>u Monday tTeoin^, f. > ,0 ? tetdai;ce u rtquebted. lu order, t H AS (I IJfXES Coaimaiidia' rnA- MAtnrwr*. Eecrelury pro Kn? VKtOaKI oft:;>. wak of iei2.-<jt a: jucrnf.o c^ g r Hi! coipt w<!lbe b< 1.1 at t' t'Adju.irt r. F.elll 1ittar B?lei ?t I,l*peuwd f reet, oa Monlav. tto loOi loauot UTS I* M. In bebalf of the ccro* A. W JoNne, U?'H ( i Cocu"? Til* HKi:HE>, AS CA?.r>?THE MF> >1FR?? OF LIBEi.i\ a</ K rJ* ? pany No 10 lake ijila n>eth< d of rnur-. i.c their t'i \ok< t.. Mr A P.ath ai.d fl?du!? of f-o. 4.1 ,Vu.r* ?ire. t tor the t i> mbouoaupplyot re'-. shroenL'furnlaht-d I .in oc the acr ? ?'.n of tlio fire in Warr?o au< ft. on ih? l r*M Ptlv* tik ?c*r OH A H. 1' 'atj f % the Dth NPKCIAL NOTICES. ? v MMTm?JONXR of I^Tl'S-THE >DVPr.TI'I'R RF V ci nt y rppn.ntev1 a U? ?>'aer of toritie m. and (lotmi 01 New Wrk. i# w|i. ur u renjfr lj f?vor o' to n ? ii.-i .ori <??.??? u?ol i l<fi f toe clttec A4>lre?- .1 H e &,? 2W. to* i'I'? i'c c't iii. teal 'i&mi Urrns and,vnir?-? r IQ< 08 D?A'TT.-l' MrtTlVO? Air AO'Ot tl'rn JU iiM?tni? 01 the New y*ta L <4u-r Dealer* xwlid *ti b? held ai Nh'ibna liaJ .iii. ? el ntt Ho-td 1 ? III at ;^ c cluck It c MoMiif IV Pee^id'eni A M v ,VTH> ws. \ U p.- le .t. rilan Secfctary. Ornav A P. ?t *? qpar MAe.iNlr ROaTii Of RTt.I*T -TOE . terr meelU K ot t'.ie above ? ^oclnUan V llu? e??"lhn, Nov 1 njb?* 10. at a o'e'eek at bild Mruber* ol the ordar a:e nr.tec to ait. nd H A MO^C?y Treasurer N'K* YORK OOUNIT MXOTC.C M'<"1 f 1 Y -tl!S AN rtary ?Hmol u.^aorir:; wUkaki laitaa ?? I ii-pe ot Phvaii ian* and corner of 1 w iity third ?treet aj.d I'tiwtli a.rnut rt Mend?y erentrf N< ? lit at ha:t put 7 o r ark. BRWJ - MIS OOitkJf. * P , ?raaUcoi. L Hurt I Powfi. M I?. secretary PACIFIC MATL FT?\*<*TT OOMT7' a XT."* NEW It??* N'o**o-')e* J, lax ? At a irtii.( of th' ?:reetoc? refi|F EeelSc Mall Hwameh:; Oeearaay, h?;J tarn ; a d.*t o*na ?( tX?. n per c"t.'. wa* declared o'U of the ;>eov? of Ua rompasy, payaaic to the a'?ekboidrra on a*^ alter the (Mk n*4 FREI VEIC hOFFMA>. r.?? W. STATIN l?lAM>a eAttn or nind 1 r M**>.? WlU ao< *? d Jjraea Hu jlu .. Jriii Nea! ml 0. BmL cf Port Rirhnn'r 1? 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IMPORT . i V ^ wlccted eiureuly for our beat mill" V "?'I,''' *rl' 'ow ?"l're<' al rtxlucedprlcca, a'.ao, abeau tilul selection of aew inO'irulog collar* mail iiloerea, Id Crapa UHiailn U.d Uluawu. io which we kivtu- ihe attention of put M'UJiK A ORaKT, 871 Broadway I A. T la KIKWAUT A CO. * ? otter of ViitiUy, November 10 ioas CUKaF goods. F.ecch tnrri-M* And.all wooi plaid*. P.oai Camber* and KcaJe etreeta AT *TEWa?I A CO ? J1'"' ''a't?ntti>n to ' hei' line aod magnificent "hlfc o^'riaiii* JUJI' teceited by ateamers AUaoUj aud E;JliW:TU Chase. M jce aaUque, P'u?h BAIL PRE3SB8. ,,elve, 0,),1!ica* Emh>\ Hetug, _ , . I ace a. r ir!a nude c!c?ks, real India re ha.r t* a . ?k?wla. Ac . Ac , Ac I roadwa?, Chambera end Reade iKF.I.KC*?T VABiF.1V OP AM KINltK OP COR f? e. k an atir!* ve now off r?l fir lali trade at ? v>tu ta.f 'bo prl'-e.i usu?liv charye.t at '?ATNoR'H u. iHDiif. tiev Tenth atrcei, and 'Ai nu'b avLuuejear nx tootle atrtet. (Jf.N?OS A WILSON" * * Ma. ton >1<? Pwi? Tliel*. g st and meat! auliluJ (tasonment of ec Iret cIoik-> ?uUl* cu.. 61 ( ulai HP.ISt.KJS 1/ *CBS.?A CHOmit JOT JUsT RK r< i r ' ir cn'lar* ict# handkcrchiefi. Ac A ".o, a be>m fitii! ?'M\ tn . ni of bon'tnn gooda, In c tpi * roHa** nu * * ei vi-e k- udkcrchiefa col't'irch. Ac Mourning eol'ftr-. ul ? irvr* I! ii>K,n finods an J bi'anU'capa lauew dc-ujaa of our owd mat iilactu'f HaI l> V f * !<7.IVt^T0N A f.KSt.IK fln Broadway. |7I:I1>A*. V?uc If A N DID' R 'HIKK> KLOPKCB3 IJ blrtck cha UJlv fl<iunc?44. in aeu or by th?- aio?l? ooe! '!T p*?.nt iiurt-' and cillam rap*sa c nlfpii ea nrn m Ibe lairM and uojiurp*H8K) \n beaut; d''**'' 0r fir"*~ MXIJiIR A ?RaM. 371 Urn id way Br ack i Arg jrbcbivro, consistihq oi r?cr f?h**vip i?oi- ci4?A4 v<Ht?v couJart^ cy>llart ami Ur... c:n^;?ivi inuuni?g*, kaoe# P? TW- 3Cft)?tW A CO.. JJ5 Broadway. PLCaKS ClOAKP - V' On-?Wm\ to! ?e>tt *Bftc?oUcloakatanowcomDlHe. ?rn i?*i?ripp k?^ ' 1 u''' ?uo?'. i'airt l t Miav*aa?d diffrtvot maUriala now ta l,?u" MtltKMA^Jt lHj , ?5 Broadway. ( U Oa aH V ? I .-uli ?? tiO.-Tilng eoaka ... ? and m.atea' cloaka. MtL a*arrtuient of a., taa u^wm Parn atylaa AiMAUt't U? Paris, 61 >';anal atreoc pLOi?:-.R. WP.aPPBRS and circulars. \i Ala.,? a>M>ria:.'iit <>/ now and Iv-hlnabli atytra, la flae ci clou* aaJ ?;lrru. at very ba prlce< T K. H. Kd.K ti< aid 82 r'himbrra atreet, up ataiia. F^MilROID UIEi ? A NJ(W STOCK JlffcT OPK.VKP OP > b*ai:Ufnl .1i ?.*. a. which ?U! b? iw.ld {? r a ?inaJI advanco ik. ocalbf unpo-'ut'on. Iiani!* trlmmii.?rc tc Ar. *'K1 KA fiOBBltlH ? Co . 375 tJroadwaj-. L'l IWAKTfJ: K It. htroi-.rv rj \S ill be opened UiU nioraioa ?y 2TFKMAN A Ci> 4"! Hro?d??y a !iist a icct.g'j dcat.-aule E ?? ) v> r.?t';;s goods? A S^v-J fcj.^-'.uii?r t I. |? io ator^, and lor ?a> rh^ap h AK^OLii. OU.V?TAgl,K a lO, t'anai atrc< ' near Uroadway I ^ ^ - e _ . : - H-1C Ac. FROM APCnOB 9 Ml K Y '.??*( vBraNi, Wilt ofTrr rn K nrtay, U? b.\tane? ot tiuir''^aiu^aui t. U.I.-4 eamhrte ?M? at 75 centi per art ' n? ? hue do., a' $1 per aet All., h iKTf In OI Iireakfa* and travelin* aeu em I) oider(HI fr iii $1 1ft to ft per n t *. *r- atoi r^rlp* of. iarae latof Pra-ch jar^ieU at J hw Cv it.. % from J v u'. to ^1 &o ea^h. li'tlW. H i?, HJU I xAWUPf, P0IUMPS n.'^iert/nl t I-'<?'ui< \t<* Ir < o<1a ao l U?e nimbc an h.< o-iei 1 r li n li of ?i? vlmle^ale ?aul>:ia*>?e'(t ?' 5wi rtr.?a?l ?a e?t rpiiBjf .1^1 Puooaaire^w. n? nprt?i i?aa f.vt-a-i ?? OI 111. I ? ?'I.I.P lur*. ? eijsli ?ud ,? ...'i?? ai rar ' 1?4H? .I al ?tprteo.- Poito b? un 1*r?,.d by an* n... e I I, f I, r, I ,l|r ..U-, l:0D of u,, p? ,|w ,a % t i f *t- br l> me .? ruaiiiilM'iirer *hich ? t. pea'aae# ? ? ir ta e iua. to th ? tvat o. iu ui h^ina ? h te It t'?at< but u?e g rice (? 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Nlaaea' and bo>a' ready mada e cltd.if Ac e?tc:i?i>e a/af.rtm?otolth? a or.- aniclea will be o|? tri er M.mdav the hah inaUat. eco*l?irc of dre?ea. 'alntaa pai? ou. ?aik:rg ooaia. boea1 oraeeoala blouaaa, a?ranea dre?i-ea Ac. Ac. cf every quality Md ortea Abo & aiw 513 Broadway. /"tSFA? Sa. 1 ur till.KB "? ' Wn.l.lA*>?i.irtu the ladlea to examine hia ei ? uatte a^.rtir rt which haa been marked down Jft t'^r rrni m r.rder ?n red?ee lh< aioca I' I. pi' em p aid and alrli ed >1 Ik al ta wonk Na. Ji? p|. c?? r'lena olald a.xl aulped, at ;<a.. woitli 10a li u |il.T.attl a ettlpe a> Ilia . w.irlh Ik. 1 -m ylecta aplcudld n?? ?tj >a. at Ik., woeili Ma XT Hroaaway. eoraer ul l,.-oaard atreeC p 33AT KAI.t or I ZAMK- - vJ <i. P Wll.^ltMS Ue t.ieaaur? U am ncne? to h'? nMetnerfl ao?f t'.e pu?>'ir ?<-i rraljy that be ta prepared, and ?.:i-^ei on Mrncay l>i.rember lu, a sri.K>ini? A'AoaTaiTT or 'rak- aad riri-u a-a. of <ba i e?m daucha ?eualftfnnl ? ; ? i >or? to ar.) ?ho? i thlaa^ta a at any . atab'iihmen' In Ue r> it ?IbD U an 11 portunltr (ar ifcr In obtain ba. ilrn in Rim n/>Tn imi tainrr (Mm, tt irk la not Ilk ly ?? I eror a^ain thjt aeaaun. IneonArmn < ? Ihr r (a ? n ni? O.l St ? i.i,i i .a t .*, h, kaa ?'icrrded In huvint em IV H-r ?'<' k r.1 r?e o? lb? Mr?r?t mno'ifar'-irera anc Imp iner ?buernniry al ? f w aac>ll?e II- ia tl^refh-e ahlete ? ' lw?lMi e al 33 1 3 per e?M le.s ibat than the regular i*' W Hraraai e* er l^onar l alfeet. |KU,H I air eel. JJfU riatn fljr i_ed and 'aid At Ja*M TRf. S*T ?, df' itreadway. JO."' II ? I J . ?hi eloa-'k" nre Fn. T* P-*a?r? *.*>e Hi teat,, a d wll WW the la-fe ?tce? of dry *i rwlj to No KS Pai >rw?T, al e?a jhe-^wf: be eild i-ealjy beiew ro.t on an' xl't* Moa f?B?!AT BARO AlK.t l r TH? OCODe HKfh A 10 ? * o .Y>:- K' >arfway. on Sat .-day Ike Ml ?l l> .'r e- ta uia.k ? wi ikeir larrr atr^t of dry ?.*><!? V' to lu ran c??T etin* c '*t AM will e-?f. a- |p o'? loek oti Moadat.lie lOtk i aa* , ,, v '" ?' I aretlna will be offered ? .... *rr" ^nie-t Noa 7M an 1TW Broad r "?!'?? rati rra of year* AtpiTU J> 1'Kt. < A CO . 336 Briadway :i-h i IlA*DKPBCIt7IF<i Ac~TRt^l J a ?? - lb .<*? i*f i*cie? i'lien caa.b le hk-ilkerrhiefa at $l SO 1(1 < aa-? " " mi MS ?tM??*?3l?eri*?w W Ira.xi f Mm h ir ?t^tefc daadfraaa aendo , kl ?! a-^f? prr i! v A'?o a lai*< i?| cf frrlleaier'a : ? ban. kerrbiefa from . J9 i-M I er <Vr Fnr.eb eo tfndewi" Swlaa pet-t f?nre Ronlloo aad * a earieii ea er'a, In $ eai ? -rtetr RRPh VAir A CO ?73 M-o?!w?y. . ?? A'' .'1< Jr ?-?" n V-pr?r- at li BBper rslr Irtm tate ane-fco ?,!.? at p-le-a leaa ibu t -? lo IBir^rt Ju*' received by HRFKBA5 0rr>., r,S P 'jadway I"1 A ft! PR' PaR'"T PCR? - J In i.iiMtan and lludaon Hay aaliiea. Pmiine rbltiekllla ?able, m.n?. ai. r.e marter, iif lb' mi?' rre*a.unr t*J men'a, a jck an ''U' n i . - _rape?. TirloMnen Pelerine* and tnuflk, Cjne fanatlrua. Ac . Ac A ?it rfn*rr ul*> |irit?? n A ot Mikitnicnt bow e?- ??> h? OftOHUK brLFrU' .. ? ... _ _ N? ,161 ^ F - AL fttir new ??fV*of winter r?onkj ab?1 manui in flOV 0||< fl r wowfrt -foamicclwrmc 1Jj he ptibllr Ij general to eyamlt.e their large eterk of IriMi Htierr tlr rnr Importation 8t kaanr" enbrc?der<*e, Ilrelerj ard glir*ee. Fretirk fu-.d Fnri.?h aterfn"c? Pbanlaatd r*oaka. Itlankel* -rn>l'? and (tae-.ela, lieaej and flr ? riolh* lor ladiea' rioaka ffeabtr'g'**'* Win -eafcown'reely e-ltkont any nnr leaeanl fi -cog lo I ny at d will be aold t? < my per eent below Hroad t> ?? t riee? wber? ih? reera are high ITt are conetant / fe' irp n grod* fr <a aatUon In eeeond prtee T TUFN fK>TiP?-IRIIH' AlfTtK I J and apot eletba n?own c-ouia nai aine doyllea kaad I erehlefa i nlon ei ohn towel* nrordev ihe. Ac a genial ?"i nairtil I 'rali r*", by VIM M A T li R VI * aa r Itarlrr airrl ? 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P * KN?T SHBaTIKR A CO ,64 N ABS.VP Ju?i received direct from Pan* abeauHfu 'jeortment of er ticlea for [uohccu:?Reticule* portcmonnair.._acg arcaeg. Ki ei ( b I'law d jewelry l? carat*; u?Ui ?u? BiU bruito, MJ fumcrt. >et and velvet ornament*, tan<\ comb* of every Mi?A porifoiiuii, hImc cb< ap go?*l* for iivmtrj, cheap tor cash l ome and i>ee. TJARIHAN F am y UOOI:S -rRNEST s'*;' I l < > frt Na- >1" itreet -Jt *1 received dlrec* from . arte, a bCHiitUu! ?>?orUBcutof iireaent* tricled l-etirulei. porte mnntiaiK aegar even, ricli krenoh p.aWM w^are, W cajralfc u< Ui an I nun b. u*liei% t.erfmuer) jel andi velvet ornameM*. facer ton I s of ever) kind portfolio*. ?!so c heap pood* for Howery deatci*. eh'*.i' for rash. Come and aec. DOiNT LACE hKTh? I I Point appUaue acts llooiu n ?<Ha M.-'iaJi* MM. F raii-oldt red end mit'rted *eu, An eleven' ?**o,??ient ,?? f#0pgKT.^ 4Mi itroadwaf. 1 >i, ?l BLAl lv ? J\, At one d< ilar p?r ; ?"1 HjcUotl and other ceVbratcd m?'" At J.Ml.CS Cvll ? KY'?, 441 Broadw* &<HIftElK<i linfns. ykry hkxvy O hiigtU.* Biiunet lrwu auoUcn. cU'aj. 70.1 itroadw*# rr"P COROKATION CW'AK. J[ fro uaiued Ir. h"iior of her lmp'-i'lA1. M?je*ty, TTIF or ALL THI HTTSSIAI, i -Mliiied *"d in?i u'-icturea b/ IrfiOlU! Kkk.nzaU, of Pari* ? be Ici'itre oi i most eovel *i*d rt*che?el]* tU'aortp^-Q, pnately reprenenting tbe Mneat HUM!-1A r? 8AWI.K fl'R A few OO J of th-a. elegant enveiopea J :?t received ? t?;,. I,- Ci*0 JJUL.11XI, "ir ?? ?Wil Broadway [TKLTBT FLOCKCED 6ILk R0BK8 \ V ar y in(r ui price from 156 to wWw* Palteroj perfectly ^?^t-BKBKMAIt A COWP ANT'S, 475 Hrovdwar rr KL.VET Kl.OUNf'RD ANO Wl-K R0HK8-RKCB V br the 141* will be owned on Mond*y >or^lO. AHNOLl). I'ONfTAHLK A OO , i anal hired near llraadi FAXX MHiLUVKRV, BF.AVKR BONNKTrt -A LOT or FIKK BKaTKR BW reU. J'i*< received ?nd for aale prti'e SI uowarra Awm, vf ivh ana aaMn bnoiiei*, *n<l tin* reniaintiui ptock oi leiltlit, teliiLC uau-ual.y chc-*t?_Mr? 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