Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1856 Page 1
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W TOEK H WHOLE NO. 7378. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. The Presidential ItMnlt I POPULAR FL0MALITLE8 AN? ELECTOR ALTOTE. The Popular f*4 Memrm Vote FdU. , Nan, 1886.- ?>? frm M**- UucKcuum. Fillmore. Fremont. Buck. FULFr t. ^eoM??t... >4,870 S?,?7a 42,482 ? ? ? ?rala ? ? ? * ? ? M 8,000 ? ? J* ? ? una 10,000 ? ? 1? ? ? ? ? 1,000 ? ? 4 ie 11,171 1 M3 37.67? ? ? S Mobusetta 88,680 19.734 107,373 ? ? 18 SB _ ? i?o,foo ? ? e pahtre. 89,100 391 88,014 ? ? ? ? Jereey.. 30,8?3 21,772 28,016 7 ? ? lew York.... 170,841 113,310 246,896 ? ? 86 (Mo - - lAOOO ? ? 98 'UMTlTUA. 184,988 19,2<U 109,499 17 ? ? Ibode lalaad.. 0,080 i,C"J 11.487 ? 4 /ermont 0,10<J l,8v* 26 813 ? ? ? riMOUU) .... -- 8,000 "? ? I tei 401,537 181 5U 088,048 02 00 114 Fremont's pi irallty In free Staiea 197,111 68 glaw Amiti BucAofkwi Fillm<irt. Fremont. Buch.FULFr't. ?ml 6 00(1 ? ? 9 ? ? Lrkftneae 0,000 ? ? 4 ? ? leltwire 1,858 ? 900 8 ? ? lortda M0 ? ? 8 ? ? rgt? 30,000 ? ? 10 ? ? CflBtnoky 7.000 ? 134 11 ? ? joolaUna 1,000 ? ? 6 ? ? teryland 36,143 31,289 214 ? S ? Itaataaippl.... 10.0C0 ? ? 7 ? ? llaeourt 10,000 ? ? 9 ? ? lortb Carolina 6,000 ? ? 10 ? ? 'oaUi Oaroitna No popular rote. 8 ? ? IMN? .... 2 000 ? ? 12 ? ? ia 10,000 ? ? 4 ? ? Urgtaia 16,000 ? ?? 1* ? ? Total 132,600 33 *89 1,24S 112 8 00 ,acbaaen'* ptur'y In ilave Statea. 99,21 i 104 TBI ELECTORAL TOT1. N(**mb*r, 18*3. Woeewtw, 185?. rieroe 2^4 B-JCtmtaa 174 Icott 42 Vr<.muut 114 Fillmore 8 Pt?rc.-> maiority In 1H62 212 Barhinaii'a majority la 18J6 62 NEW TORE. Kvlimtos, Not. 10, 1868. Full efflcial return! from Saratoga county (fire Fre mont 4.5 J5 rotes; Bachonitu, 2,455; anil Fillmore, 2,585. For Gtveruor King, 4,300; Parker, 2 540; Brooka, 2,182. Boott a democrat, la elected to tho Aaaembly ovor Log fi tt, republican, heretofore reported by two majority. ILLINOIS. Wa.ihhiciw, Nov. 10,1860. The I'ttioni deapatcbee say that the Fillmore an J F re port neu ?'x?d on tbe State ticket, and hare riotoricnily carried it but that the State haa gone tor Baohaaan. Mr. fcbeahaa, editor of the Chicago Timet, a IXmglaa y?per. telegraphed here on Saturday erentng that Bo thapaa had carried Illinois beyond the possibility of a doubt. Chiiaoo, Not. 10, 1858. The retires receirod thla mornlsg generally confirm the ettl?ate made on Saturday evening, that Bacianan'a ijorlty u tlo State will bo ab )ut 3,000. Bisaell and the repubUcac State ticket will hare abont 9,600 majo'ity. The ollr.s.1 roust wculd v?ry thwso figures much. Allen, democrat. ii probably reelected to Cangreaa In the Barest li .'.iau'ct, lea v It.; the delegation flTe democrat* to four republirana. Both parttee claim the State Senate. In !Sc Jl'>' ">j the drmocr ata imve three or four majority. ho following Congressmen are elected:? tfesara. Wash b'roe. iK'ngworth, Lovejoy and Koliogg, republicans, and Mc? . Harm, Morris, Sbaw, Smith and Mirahall, 1< roorrai Alien, HaTlnon and Morrison, democrats. are eieoteu t<? ti l the vatancha. IOWA. Chicago, Not. 10,1858. The !? urr and ^alns in Iowa, on both sldea, are about equal aa i < nmrtd w'th the Angus! election. Tbe returns wilt nirt vary tbe reault a thousand either way. INDIANA. Chicago, Not. 10, 1868. The ofl'.cla: majorltiea In thirty-lira oouatiee In lndlaaa ahr w a d< uior ratio gain of 9,044, and In thirteen coanttoi a rrpuV"*'. |aln of'l,660. Bjc ianaa'a majority, as far as beard f?- ni. ta 11,'.>28. It will probably be reduce-1 to 10,((C TMKNE8HU. Ricnmv, Va., Nit. 10,1868. PaMt-u/ers arrived at WytiicTllle this miming froaa Kl> xniie. r.j ort that the si'ftte has gone for Buchanan by 8.W0 a.ajoT>ty. Thia sfau-rnont la ma<le on foil re tnrrs fr? m thf < aatern coontlea. VI OBIO& Naw Not ember 7, 1868 Tb? retun* received from Florida show democratic ga'aa The Brooklyn Board of CanTaMtr*. OrnCUL RETURNS. Tbe Oty Beard of Canra??ers owt laat erenlng?Mayor ?ail prodded. On motion of Aldermen Pell, a ooaasalttee aneatating of Alderata Fowlor, Van Brant, Clarke, Weg iem and Pell were appotatea to eiamtae tbe ret area of the eleet:on for city officer*, and reported aa follow*:? TDK VOTE TOR MAVTM. Wmrdt r*UI. I'onrU. UmO. Stryker. 1.... 1 134 260 121 V 200 187 84 2.... 1 245 111 41 2 .481 164 St 8.... 1 182 448 181 9 117 849 11? 4.... 1 Ill 182 124 2 26 J 282 201 'o 1(6 262 181 8.... 1 87i 97 4 4 2 434 849 A* 8 #00 110 *? 9.... 1 448 199 W? 2 203 404 11' ? 20ft 8'27 Igj 1.... 1 883 114 "? 1 816 2ttl 1*1 ? sou ;:ot aa ?.... 1 226 116 87 2 604 134 ITS 3 Ml 48 iS 10.... 1 m 392 2*5 S 841 447 '^45 it 409 346 141 11,... I ,8i9 480 219 2 766 IM>7 108 8 906 894 Jii 11... 1 <>.'8 41 18 9 883 81 18 12 ... 1 9*8 627 22a 2 29.8 704 249 14.... I Sf; 09 64 2 309 221 80 1 244 182 83 16.... 1 19S 110 9g 2 103 Jflt H0 10 ... I 107 116 111 2 *75 42 21S a aa? 72 111 17 ?"?*8 144 t? 2V4 160 4S 1)0 -J00 21# 148 Total 12,791 10.W0* 6,233 7HS VOl B TOR SilUfcC COHIUSSONKB. Ctar'?? flnney 13,058 Jofen K t>ak.ey Y.2el Tboa. m. Fielo 0 301 TBS VO'I FOR COMM1 HON UK 01' RU'AIR.t, ETC. flatrvu I iiialasi 12.781 4 Rnrry 9,4*8 K*ho'a? It Van Brent ... 0,418 THE VOTE I OR COLLECTOR OF TAXJM, KM. Alfred M A.kmI 10,901 ijvba 11 liliolaa 8, .149 Kara lUI.ietn rt 078 Ue Hoard pnw?IM to rsave* the toi-w for Alder ??eo. ?? ioerrlaors, Coo-.U1>.e?. Aaa-itors and InapertoM ?f P ?' inn. the prt/clpal of wt?.n baT* beret Kera beaa |lMbM 1 lie Twenty aeronil WsH Rlnt. The e?aniln*tloe Into the Uo^t h\r.oerriot w?a raatlfMl In thr t oart of !-eaakiea yesterday afternoon, before Beeoi .ie. hniitb Mr. Phillip* rotin*el for ?h? eomplalnant. -M- f>n-l?), wall that ('apt WHler couH no* he fnuc.ct, wl a* h? was aa im poi tant wttneM. he moved that the ri.inination he adjo-ime I for the prweent The Meeor ler Inntr-irtH Ma to e-j: at the M?yor'ao01ne arvl make to'iuirte* *? to hi* ?b*reat>-ni'a, and if toy dwhnel rendrrlai Oilm any a**l*tanre, hn wm atsureil thai m aa< wouhI be to llnd < *?pt Witter. Tn< rtamluatloa wtU be resumed n>'tt Thuradar afternoon. feart CsJrndftr?Thla Day. err?awa tuivit-Orouit ~Noa. 717, 1148, 11. 77*, 1?8I, 1600, i?, 141, IP'S. 1978, 2088. 1281. 2287, 1780, lbl4, 3812, 97S 9?M. 41. 71, 72, 78, 74, 78, ?8. Taitan P. at* Dimaier Cot rt ?Noe. 81 to 40 Prrwtne Cora* ?Noa. 402, 829, 088. 070, 083, 087 . 098, 496. 697, 098, 7?f. 701, 70?, 70\ 704, 708, 700, 707, 70?, ~Q9, 718, 711, 718, 710, 116, 718, 711, 711, 726, 726, 717, V28, 728. I nllrrt Hlslrs Ifivfrlrt C?n>t. t B?6)re Hon .fn?tf? lt?tt* Br*. 10.?Taa PA*cerrA Ht*rr. <'a*b ? Aator.P> Wlra. .fi? ?hi Mm ilf Hira, *nd *?? otora, prinnipattr Port'ifi'** were ?rra ?ned for *er?laa Tolnetartlf on board the al i ? ?hip Panelilt*. i>nd pleaded not Riillty. The trt*>* were ** down fir nail ?-e?k. mil r ji-'rue* ware arralfnsed for aaaanlla and p1'vteJ not * The t'o-irt rrne?e<ted to e*ll th? al n'ral'v ca'ea<W ARRIVAL OF THE BALTIC. FOUR DATS LATER FROM EVROPE. Serious Misunderstanding Between France and England. THE STADT DUES DIFFICULTY. RESIGNATION OF THE TURKISH MINISTRY. TERRIBLE EARTHQUAKE II EOTPT* THE NEAPOLITAN QUESTION. The European Money Markets. TOE COTTON AND CORN MARKETS, Ac., Ac., Ac. The United States mail steamship Baltic, Captain Conifitock, from Liverpool at 10:62 on the moral a# of Wednesday, the 2:ith of Octooer, arrived at this port at 9 o'clock yefcterduy morning. The passengere by the Baltic, on her last trip to Liverpool,presented a flattering addrcaa to Captain C?tnj>tock. The Canard mail ateamahip Africa arrived at Li verpool at 9 o'clock A. M., on Monday the 27th. Another complication has arisen in Anglo-French relations, which la delicately expressed by saying that "the French official organ intim ites that the friendly relations of the two governments are not no strong aa to injure that their continuance will be found In all ca&es consistent with the liberty of the prettf, as it exists under its present legal regulations in England. The plain English of this para ^raph is that the Paiis Moniteur publishes the following in its offlciil ?>igans:? Various onrsn* or the F.ifrilsh pr??s have r?r somo I B" b< eu In tn? hsbil ol <lift oung calumnies against it o French government, which sre tbo mot odioai u i Uiejr art- ooocctled under an anonymous nuilc, and al low to o'h< r fuiiwor Ihao ROnl?mj>t, Wa t.n.ler?ua1 tbs n ?pe< t which tbe llburly or the press reo-irna la Eof l<u.d ?rct in Utna r*otic:n( its error* we coailaa oirtoiros i'? aj>p?*iiTi( to thn go .1 eddw and ft >od f*lth of the Ki? l:?h o warn >h?m agtinst tbe <Unj?M o< ? Kysiirn ?Ijich, ty destroying cnalidoticA bolwoon the two i(or mra-nt*. uould t-nd t* dU'intte two c* jom whoie ?1!slc<j it the beat fru*r?ut?e ot tae pc?co ol the world This paragraph of the Mmnleur b oonrtrued into i< menace, and has awakenel the ire of the English prets generally. The most noticeable replies to It are that of the London Times, which opposes, and tliat of the Morning Pott, whioh coincides with the Moi.U cut's sentiments. The Times and Post, it will be remembered, are the professed organs of the government. A newspaper statement from Paris says a despatch bad been received from the British government an nouneing the unplctuant effect produced upon the British public by the note of the Afonitmr, aad add ing that explanations would be demanded of that part ot the note which refora to the possibility or the alliance being endangered. Respecting the Neapolitan difficulty there l* noth ing ne ?,excepting that the French legation (and pro bably also the British) has left Naples. Count Wa lewf-li's correi-pondenc e with the Nc?politan givern meut Is pnbl.ched. The British fleet is at Malta. The entire Turkish ministry have resigned. This event is attributed totne intrigue* of L>rd Stratford de I.'cdcliffr to bring in Redsoliid Pa^ha us Vizier. From Spain there is nothing later of important-*. Advices from Pari* are still without anv aitUfa: tory intiu.ati?>o. The demand for money is un abated, and it ia feared that some comm -r jial dis trust has began to manife?t itself. The Paris correspondent of the London Pott, writing on the 2Cth of October, say*:?In a short time we may expet the government of France to take su h steps ai will restore complete confidence in the money market. Tnc?c efforts will be directed towards the checking of sp?cul itioa and the abstrac tion of metal, which, however, has in a great mei Hore ceased. The low price of the funds is attract ing a large amount of capital from the province* and abroad. There seems to be no truth in the reported com mencement of the Austrian* to cvac.iatc the Dani Man Piincipalltiea. On the contrary, it ia notified that the I'orte has not dcsiied the Austrian* to quit, in this connection are two reports? ihat owing to the non-assent of England the Congreaaof Paris is not likely to meet s ">n: and that Russia, Inspired by the suspicion th tt a secret understanding exist* Utween Encland and Ai>tria aa to the Principali ties, demand* to send a *|U idron Into the Black S.* on the an me terms as the llnglish fleet now in th. *e waters. The Paiia Patrir, of the 27th of October, aiy*:? An irn| ?itant piece of iu-wi which vro hav.> re-elved gives a completely new aspect to the question of the occupation of the Principalities, which has recently l*en the objec'. or such warm discussion. According to private in formation, which we have every reason to believe to Is: exact, the Porte protests against the maintenance rf an Austrian corps of occupation In those ptovinie*. The Turkish govenment demands at the same time the recall of the Itoglish shipa oT | war which are now in the Black Sea. Thia measure, | according to this demand, must be carried Into exo outlon before the end or this month. If, as we think likely, tbeae accounts are confirmed, Anstria will no longer have the tJightost pretext for continuing the occupation. The consent of Tnrkey, on which she founded her conduct, railing her, she will be, doubt less, compelled to immediately withdraw her troop*. The llourst Qasrtle of Berlin says.? It is true that the cabinet of Vienna has applied to the Swiss government on the atf.joct of the Neuf hatel que*, lion, and particularly expressed a wish that 8?rit tcriand would avoid anything which might prevent an amiable solution. A letter fron Berlin of the 2.14 nltiao, in the De bats, of Paris, sajs:?The cabinet or Berlin ia de?l rona thnt the aecotid Oongrc** or Paris shonld meet anon, *ere it only it foresee* that the que*, tion of Neufchatcl will pre-<m greater difficulties If a judicial sentence agaln*t the royalist* ahould be detivend before the Knronean Power* have ttkeo ihM subject lnt" consideration. The Nixis^r of the Int? rior has (k:< ided that the ofScial notice or the government, relative to the Rclavonic population or Sileaia, shall b? published in Hile.*ia in the Polish language, which is that of the country. This is a concession which will be vary well received by the Polish inhabitants. According to the calculation* of the Minister of Finance tho new budget present* anexcesa of exprn*?* of seven millions of thaler*. />? Prtsse of October 33, ufter having mentioned Uiat the French and Rnglish L'onsnls had handed a joint note to the Minister of the Fmperor of Hayti. advising Faustin the First to oonclnde a permanent pctce with the Dominicans, says that it is to be hoped that their advice will be heard ao as to avoid the interference of the Fnitod Stain in the affairs of tie two States, which would endanger their aecarity and their nationality. Accootita irom Athene, of Ute lsth ultimo, an Bfwnce that th? Court Journal of that city refute* the pro** of the English Ckbinet against the sale of national property, sad states that l/>rd r?l?er "ton tluns wished to overthrow the present Greek ministry. Accounts fro3i Rimii contradict the reports pub lished by the Constantinople journal of a victory gained over the ltaMian* by Beter Pacha at the head of a considerable amy of Tcherkewes. The journeys abroad of the Emperor Alexander, which have been spoken of, are said to be equally on founded. Letters from Warns* state that General Smo likcwi ki is about t ^proceed to Berlin on a specia' mission. He is to be present as Commissioner for the Kingdom of Poland at the inferences which are to be opened to deliberate on the new lines of railway which it is in contemplation to establish be tween Prussia, Russia, and Poland. The Konigsberg Gazette states that General Gortscbakoff has received orders from the Emperor to immediately commence the worka for the esta blishment of a railway from Lowiez to the Pnuiian trot.tier near Tborno. Athens papers remonstrate against Lord Pal mere ton's opposition to the sale or the national don&ins cf Greece, affirming that his only object is the over throw of the Greek ministry. Lord Palmerston, wi?h a party of friends, was cruising in Boutha aptoo water lately, near the Mer rimac frigate. Lieutenant Harrison went alongside the steamer and invited his lord ship on board, which, however, Palmerston declined, on the plea of the hour being late, expressing at the same time, admiration of the outward appearance of the fri gate. The Presae d'Orimt, of October 16, states, from Constantinople, that the commission for settling the Pesoarabian frontier, after a new study of the lo cality, had found a satisfactory met od of set lin:? the point in dispute at Bolgrad. The sami journal recalls to mind that th? 2*th of October is ihe la-.; day of the term fixed for the complete evac utton of Toikey by the allied troops and that after thai date the straits will be closed. A reconciliation had taken place betwean Iteachid Pacha and Omer Pacha. Cholera had broken oat at Siloaica. The Vienna correspondence of the London Timet telegraphs under dato of the 26th of October:? "There is no troth in the statements of the Paris Pays, Patrie and Gvnatitutionnel, that the Porte hu desired Austria to evacuate the Danubian principali ties, and that the British fleet will have qiiittei the Black Ren by the end of the month." The Parisian correspondent of the Indertndance Blips, in his letter of September 21, states that the affair of Carpentier to bo a moat serious one, nnd would not even oenae to be so should the extradition bo allowed. The reveletious mido by Gielet in his public examination in New York, do not alone Implioate those ccouscd up to the present. A long memorandum oa (hat subject has reached the Ministry of Foreign Affnlre. It is more and more doubtful whether the order of extradition will be obtained. We j>ereeive by the Patrie, of October 25, that Mi'lin, who represented himself as an ageut from the Northern Bad way Compaoy, is merely a briga dier de la police de turcti (corporal of detective polite) of Paris. A telegrapldo despatch from Ma-bcilloi irtates that there bad been a severe earthquake throughout the wh >le of ^gypt. At Cairo t^o hundred Lous ? were thrown down. Most of the inhabliaiti wore encamped outside the wads. There had h??en 14U.< loss o! life. Shocks had been felt at Fmjroa end In the Archipelago. Rhodes is entire ly dcvust.ued. Italian account continue to come to hand respect ing the recent earthquake. At Brindlsi the people were so alarmed that numbers put to pea in boats, and othere remained for days encamped in the open fields. On the night or ihe loth ultirnj another shock wm felt at Hessa, near Naples. A letter from Naples, of the 2<)th of October, mcntiois that an American ahip-of-war, the Cm* tellation, left the previous week for Constantino ple, and was immediately replaced by the Con^ross, which remains. Owing to the bad grapo crop the export or <?rap?s, wines, vinegar, tartaric acid and potash is pro hibited from the Roman States till the 7;h of dsp tember, 1867. On the 19th October, the steamer Genova, of the Genoe.-e Transatlantic Company, sailed from (ieaoe for Rio de Janeiro, with ftO paasengers and a valu able cargo. The English Board of Trade retanu for Septem ber are issued. Notwithstanding the extraordinary amonntof export duriug the preoeding three months, which ahoweJ an average excess of ?2.000,000 per month over the corresponding months of last year, the total again presents u considerable improvement, the difference as compared with Beptcm'jer, ISofi, U-ing ?1,144,012. The chicf increase has becu again in metals, the foreign demand for iron rails, as well as f.?r manufac tory 0f iron, copper and tin having been extensive Cotton maaifactures slow no variation, bat yams of moot kinds have been largely ahipped. The total export* for the firU nine n>< otliM of the present year have amounted to ^4,M6,C05 against ?6!?,226,K>7 in the woe peri,?d of 1865. lowing an increase of ?15,679,76s, or alsMit 22 per cent. As compare! with toe same pe riod of 1 ?54 the in-rense has been ?8,241,441. The chief feature of the import market continues to be the large arrival of hreadstufTb. Otber articles of consumption have also been freely Uken, cepeciaily clfce, tea, sugar, wines, spirits end tobacco. Tlie London market was reported by telegraph? Sngar firm; coffee in fair bo loess at full rates; tea ir firm inquiry, sound common coogon 9,jd. a SJd. per lb.; lln#ced oil quoted at 44m. a 40s. 6d. on the spot; tallow stiff*. The pnbll-bed Ibt of A met Van securiU-s quotes >'ew Yotk ard Erie Ballroad, third mortgsge. 7 per cent, (1R83) at 83 a 85; do. sinking fund, (1175) 82 a *4; do. convertible (1862) bonds, 81 a ^3; do. da (1871) 78 a 80; New York Central C per cont sink j Ing fntid, (1M3) 80 a 82; do. 7 per cent convertible (18C4) ?1 a P3. The NtspoUUn IHWrult^. KIMO FntDISAND .'Ttl.L FIRM?70K VlTIVtm OF thi wat-Tann rowing?th? r?SKvu nin mint's rofmor. There Is nothing new to relate Willi reference to the ftcfmHUn .|iie*tl?n. The despat'Ji that was expected to anncnnce the departure of Baron Bn? nler irom Naples had not been received, and it Is. thcrei^re ? motttr or doubt whether he has left, or 1 V, hi" waiting fjr some ra vorable chanpe in King Ferdinand's intentions. A private despatch states that he left the city of Na ples on the 2Kth of October. According to the J.mrnal de Frankfort the com Wi,L ajpf ear the l*y of Naples, if fZ' <!tf'viun of Ana i?ssa4iors the King of Naples does not return a .?tis fsctcry snswer to the Anglo-OaMic demands. J1"'" 11 ^ communicated a Kin. ivUiT- i by Austria to King I rdlnnnci The NetpoiiUo Rovrrnnvnt *??*? ? 'M rriendly sog^eations. bit Wnstrrn PmmLJuI. *? t.he '1e'nan'1', of the to an abd<ca tion of the of flover*iffnty. ,,rTXrr'ir mty'ZSSP'-**?* Brenier. Minis ter Plenipotentiary of Pram* to the C?urt of the twines, < ommuoicated to the Ncapolitsn ?ov 0t!ob<I instroctions which or h,m 10 ***** oft offloial interconrse with tha governrnent and to leajre Naples with all the mem beta of hto legalkm. We pibltsh below the dor. nients eacbsnged on occasion of the Incident whl h i as led to thta rupture. They will enable anspprc < stioo to be formed that the resent ton taken by ihe p vernment of Prance wse Inrth jnstiflable and proper:? cnrwT WAtawsRt to naxnw nrrvma. _ . f*A?ua, Mir 21 <a*i * It h, ? , ' voo ef tha jn?t h , . is? <?! farw | rawk ; ?> ,v. ^ l?mt ?at tm a praolM man T^SSLVSXys.. .??'?? ??" "? P^H?tlar*. M ?Th ,h- ^ tha?aalwaB equally paaatra !lT!?^yih7tt^ ??pe-^TUSSS.& ^TZ?ab!?n mifUfrj"*1"*1 #f th0 rwoSiol t.. oo?M ^1.^11^! M 10 our real Istewtoc., b.11 t. !li *!.? 1P*-?? to think, that the rep , ~*,TB" 01 the great Powers of Eurodo oouli noi in coo eluding peace, show themsolvealadiirJ^otU ptmmm whtel> .JS-fiTS mi ootaproiniBe wbtl the* bad dan* n . - ' ' thatthetoeewTw^ly byi?,*01"* ,UwU OQ th,i *r>u0 ' m*i uie <>ouf reaa wu raturaiiy i?4 to uk Itself wn?i were ih? cium which koptup In Italy * ^nlt ^ muu? ^g?r?Ll wb*b c,uld BOt p? m-aE? ' of the "* the Italian Peotnaala t* on? iSSiST* * 019 "t*W?ltjr ol praoe; It ,, therefore the Internet, and ovoa tho duty of all the "?forrt to?*? *?& ? , . M't*Uoc iu liim part o( Kurope. Oa i.iu> pilot wolttcR^SFIlS'^i* uwuilmi>u?- Bat bowutbi,* reealt to be obtained? U cannot evl ieatly bo arrive l at inMbvVett iMoffl. iency of which is every day rove?l ?i wh^h u I ?I p,','Mion U ?tleQ<lod with aevwrttl-w t. *~T? *? ? ??lJ opportune to nave recourse when th?> w2e Kr*fw2i* ,f?r h' Ur*?nt ?<*??????; Other PV. u ?* P*40? "d c?ottdauoe, froth JSU"JS'? b> furnishing to revolutionary oro peganotsm mah elements of auooeta. II u thus that meti, Z^Jl.t.N4p,M *li in,<> Ui oar o^ioii IS , mean1 dcatin?l to maintain tr4oa>iil iton^luwt i^^L.a<5uU fcp?*%r" t? u? urgent that it should (?top (hort In the Ifclse pub on which it has entered We K superfluous u point out to it the measures c*l r:xrz,r2i^'<*wh,ch * 2;: ?JS? in aa amnesty wisely ooooatvad and Soi!^ ^ goodUith, or in a reform <>f tnc aiminu tfatl<< . josUoe, mMu woil < a cuUtcd 'o ti ) <t tu m< <*??>? Which wo confine o-j-.el-e. to tQ meat.oa^g ,t Wo tici convinced that the proaoal aiatb oi tainla ?r Naples and In ?*otly conititut^ a neHtnui peril f ?r tranquillity oUUJy; and that peri', tdreveniof ie/^lc cftorof*, wa? certainly noresaarj lo oictui lb ; alte uiot. oftbe Empwor's governmout: at uli i tip,,.. cn us the duty of awaltePing tho solljuudo or Europe aau the toftslgbt oi the Stitta more directly interested ia *arding oH depi ?raWe crentuaiiUos. We pertormed that ?utj by aesnraiBtr the initititve lr. the Cougrou and w > iqually fhlll It at pr?sont by appeaUnj to the cornerra 1_T? rU,.?/ ">? gOTfrmnsBt of the Two aicilles it tell could U'Btify it? good intentions by making known to u* the meaitures which It might thing proper to aiopt I Ah you pe.'cUvo, the moilveu which call for the courae

Wl?h t'h? utZZHlM? rb c'ay(>a W " h*V910In ooncsrt with the Minister or her Bntnnnto Majetty, are parfocUy 1 giumate; they are found*! on all the calleatlva Intere/t ft al. th.. .vuiopaui S:at?i, and wo are auihortisd to ba 1 ete that, Iu (onstqufcce, thsy will be taken Into serious considers ion at Naples. By a batata lug from taking he?t ,hwP ^ UW *" dM??r ?r WMKMmg the .wllugs wbirh Uie gore.-timent of tho K*peror has nerot , o.a<ed to entoruii towards tho court or the T so dlcillot llrei?3l,,6^ttei1^ a oooinees much to b? re* ., KOU r?U.pIeM#' Mnostenr U Baron, to read this despatch to tbe stun-ter o! >oretg& Allairs ot his tjl&lian Maioatv and lekvo hlniacoty ot It Aooept, k-. ^ WAtiEWSKI. r?Ur. COMHANDia CilUIt TO THJt AHTONI NI AT raws. l A ? Nakjb, June 30. I860. ? OM-ntr* iji Maxqvis?Yon are already acquainted, by tny Uo?pnuh of mo 7th Inst, No. 278, with the itib f tance oi the comuaniaUioL male to ma by the enror rl? /!**?1' k1*0,*' ^ ?*me t*mo ljfl ?? ? coj<y of a de^ rat :h after h?vlnk road it, ad treated lo him to that eflect ?>> hi- goviTBtnott T ocl ,h copy ^ U# Frf>ocb <?ooumPnl wh cb I think II u?rfui to send to rou ont tosod, that the iiup;rul government hi? meatt to cetetmine, by kpplylaa ..Mm to I be b' of the King, th? aenre and the bearing ?f tfe pr?ocnipat?<ms whtrb it says were maolfested In i bo 0..T1 'rtticcs wblsh wife helc for peace, and at which ?be pLnlpoUntiarx* all showed themselves equally pen? rattd wi'h tbe benumenu of r?peci wh?chitm!? ih*ir go\irn'aeuU fur the lcd--ptndence ol other riiaioK f ZTL protw,?':? ll>*t no doubt c*a be W u, to ib* r??al Intfnticu* of Krsnco towards u< hi* thou,tt it lut duty, iu ike intere r of thj pr?servatl<>n P1 v*e> *uK8?*t tbt nctt'wlty of preventing tue r^ turrtrnfe anj .lUatton |? July, riat. In hu oploion iSjoM Mly be uUtoieJ by *do>!teg tr.Asuree ot lnt*rntl r*i! ? I- t'4"-l"aW' ^ lrtr"'r the .;aUf-r% caused by a aytirtn or sevrttf, an", whkib, be ?*y?. would fur t i?? r<?b o.ioit.. tw, of r?ic^. t? rt voli tioBkry urona nai ttrni by int;r?'At,uig riidjunieut. ^XLCS^7u> lll p*,ro1l,!o *" "1 a >veraiatu thiukt motor to ftuggett our wiertial adittini?t-aaoe eh wild u?> Im Jtoobktgsswh.ihltd.ola'ee to tx? ?p0rllUot.? for Lw CI Xd,Th??^SI ^>W!I"r ???? ?a,?re ol <u>ie 7 rich U b?yt|jfi4 Uie ffivoros^ui ut tiia Ki^g I-ieca* ** * Pf,'Pcr 10 ?ocure u.v mal^tcnaaoe of it Is impoMlbls to com pre head i ow the Itnperia! rnr t inmeat, wbljl) c?.U itaall w> u miuraitd on tne p-eacst * tuaiion < f aiDurs ta the Mate* ol Ue Klag, can justify ?Tt ? laterfsrecos whltb u a??ua>e? iu oar ?'??.! nc.xss'ty to- rcinrxH, in dn.iuU thi if-s-ut hi tie tX thiugi ia Nipl** kad iM?ly world coi,?tito e a * h^un dancer lor f trnnqoHLty of Italy. No guTiritiiinl hat a nrbt d Interfere in the internal adra nkt .lion of avuher du*e rnd parUculvly la wliat relate* . , co>'ru of lutiiice. ~ ' .w?" B>e*u' to t.a.uuin peace a id to prevent ITT*. re> ''u1<lont*> tuoveru'ala Is th? very oee wblwh I. ads to rovolutou*. IJ any puslie oukbreaa were to take plaoe either here or to S.dly it wouid be eirUe.1 prtdM iy by nncb s course 9f pr^4 uj wj revoK "7 peB'tfus would Ui raiatil no' only li, tho *ate? of the king, buliLrouahoet the wbols of IUly, by tats Inop t^rMme^ protti-tioB givej to the prlmi j*1 agitators '[ m,r haa, at ail time?, et?roleed hts i*s clemency towards a great nutrb^r or his r'liltv ol r^^h'nbjTtol their p?T?JK.i or reo*.Uag them frosi exile, aad hu o n?voleni beart ?roatt?' Kwrow at a*ting Uiai the mtiortty ol those men are Incorrigible, ho that if our augoat mailer ? to fierrtae n?a cK-menry, aj ro former occulta* K?tV ,p,.,eh tlm*"f constrained la tho mUreat .rf the public weal not to exercise It, in loueqwK'.i ot tbs am tvion prudntted in H*'y ty the 111 advised snrgetttotiK of 'f the most psrfr. t calm now provuu la the States ol raroluiion baa always found in the de voledoess o( the prople Ihr their eovorelga aad In tne 0 *orernin"Bt thi moil powerful ohataoH to Its attempts st dUturbcaco, it ti equally certain that the malr.mieLts would nut fall to uticdeed in tholr au u ?0ort*"nMu2' 10 P,UB*" 'h? C00UlrT ,oto a id rrJ^i^0!'1. which srrnpolcu.iy abstains frcBi thlcrrartcg lr th, aiTalr.of cU?er Mtatoi. ctwider, il relf to be the oaly Judge of tho wants o* the kmgdu n lor the purpose of amraring ptjco, wbln i will not bt d.? STnh',1 Ml* 1Tmmrx r?* r*T' ralaed by fie laws and by ttio strength ?J ?' vernaiert; aad it la la this manaer alone tlu V-r .fc^L-, y^ aan that the kiad KJ"?. ?v master, will And tho ipportuatty m^S P 0pri*tr U H^h exorcismg hi. haoitual ,Je Voo we authorised. Ifouslenr la Mint,u ?. ?. . ak. ??, on'-m i, In reply to the above conauiiUitiei. CAISKA. |IK COMMANnr? CAHRFA TO D&KON BRINnOt At WAFLKB. Keportr wh^h hs ve nm frx m J'arta' utTfrlm\>nea ',-v: '"fwrfcM the King, tbe aognet toverewra or the ua r fc/"cd *'th the portfolio of foreign atam '"jrtl- ""iw^oa prod nor 1 on liv, imperial f?ri.. ^k 00 * t-n&ToT of th.. Kreach by tbe ^ Twn Hk,u? * the eta Tm ,h" P*r< <* the French ^rt'a ^Le 7-^nmT'* bf mr ,am T""P:" and 4 n hjirry > nra^rdinmry *c ? IliaJM^r Heal i1.1 ^2^ w? ?'??parur Napoleon; a reply ad-'roaaed ?o the Marque Aavwi'a*. aad which ihe latter rrcetved rr"er? to rorawnnieite to Cotiot W^le.?k", in tbesMas < ''rrie'hTd^'1"1 !? n"r',u|or' No ore roo,l ?>*ye b?i ibe intent) n, \u the d ispatch of ^ a?4i * I ? c le;t, ol Impmlns lo tn. rmrcb W??m *t t? wMch"* h? Tn'.IT n coof',rm',y W,t0 the guarantees * in it oa?, 'n ho many clrc>im?t*r<*?? ?i??m i. Knrope, and if the imperial govjrstn?nt tjaa'?e>n Urh r,T^* IM lf Tnac.y Ilk-, that of Nanlaa. and of .K ?"tf5r> tio^1 BCt llk? re???.:liens an t on ??or^ .Vr7'^ ?th-'lh > dlrt^reneo ot of'?t?o may txiat ss to the boat means of prevsaUa,: The gnvercmeat af the king has aeea in the aonnaala glvtB by fraaae aad dlriMcd by her eoitnitad i'or tbo TeTl;^ K^'? ?f N^'-l hut as 2? e?Sjy^? Ih^S*MuniitJ ?W>rtnnone?a to ec.ure eovmuy, It eartauily was aot too rrV?.r? V the moat ^)e|WM?at and m wt rn cnuned JiMfe of whni non.f t ofi* of gnrmrnm*nt aM theajaelree have It la ceedleea lo aall to mlad na this o^rjuton th^i th. lnS>^L0f^m ^"rJSTllJiSxiS >ft?^r paat dtoatUana aventa, and that suen a rwult wu trrlvod at wWiuat for^a aid, and by the na^.?tl!3 . .ion of the king's government ' "Mnalated ?ra'llnda la always felt lo fy^Bds for their ooanaol* bill tfce frierds UiafEselvM mast comprehend that what -".? bj?i table to^e ronatry oanaot be IsdtAbrenii* ? 'I'ltrd to another. Ooaildetioe niay always be pia> c.l io UM W Hdom of the kl.g, who is ia a poeitia to 1^^ l"r ,b*n "*~r V?wm rl time.VlrtmmMaooes and o JITJ" ti ettteg. Certainly the Impertel government hi. PP^ 1 ltd to tdmrt this ltdlapeaaabie Mb?rty Tf VetioIT " The tovert.meat ol the Two Sicilies satBeatl^d-'.e. te remove any diaa?r?*ab!e ImurtUnn _ T beea1 pmdticad la tbe of the \ by the reply ootrmaairsMd by the iiiml ?27 . It ftels the greatest MSmT.TaaltT^.V*l?ta: the goveramrnl of the Ftiperor the most e<S^L?i " Wtth eora Iflielfgence. (rat aleo a^2a ** boa<? of frleadihlp hat ntiy existing lt?iw . ?-eretgaa, w^o raanoi Ut bsil^eJu, T* ^ *rlMT*S * ? *i hi rrr,*i f ^ "jf a'^a^n tfvkf ' ".u.. lOPkT WiLIWBU TO BiAOH MENUS, AT NAPLXA. Monsieur 1? Baroo?The govtrament' of?UM?KaMror wl,h I*"* that the governnn t or the Two CfloUlea *k**" BO??ip<#r disponed to modify ita altitude and to rye H?t;?i<L, Ii?n to the ariahee whim we *"itt nirrnasmi I (ball tiot a*&U3 ?Ulc1.) io the coaelderatioaa wnioh had inauced the sorernment of hi* Imperial Majesty to take the ntep the t, rmi ot which are set lorth Ui mr daaoMoh ^ ?i M y iMt I think I ma/ u; that there la not one of tht cabiueU of Kuropa that hu aot rendered joatioe 1?.fMth> u as to the tonight, of tBeooun eeis which we made known at Nap:*. There la aot one ? IS*" ]?"1 do** not kno" 1,1111 we h"e aot bee* guided rawM.^? z ?? The gt. vernm?'ut of the Kmperor ri sreta. Monsieur le Bajron, that Ita tuUatioos should bav* b?n mUunderutood and the reply of the Cabinet ot Nap'ns ahould have been imprliiU'd botil aa IO form IQd BUb^UDM With A fnnll n w which 1 thai* At>*talo from mmtionug but which It little m harmony with the idoa? which dirtied our proofing that trie tine which beeeUpeea ? ? . 01 ?ur comomnlowi-.n migttt txar> ofe%c*?l the first Imireaeiooa of tie government ot the Two XicHlea and that, being brought by regec on to u,ore just appreciations, It would have felt tho opportuneness of en tenog on a uie of conduct whlcb tin own internet aad the ? etlare of Ita people, still more than our counaela. would fcave Induced it to loUow. ' Our rapectaticti baa been dharp"lnt?d The Com mar 11 ?u 'ru#? eddreaten to you on the -Jdta of I. **"' a fVeeh communication, vouched In more con cillAlory %&TtHB j but At bottom, it 1b not moro MUifA-torv than the preceding one. In proeence of a atate of things which we oou d heartily have wished to avoid, the gov ernment of the Kmperor. la accord with that or her Bri tannic Majesty, thinks that, aa long a< thia atate of things remains unchanged, it cannot heep up as heforo Its reU Irna wlib the government of tho Tao Sicilies \ou will, therefore, H le 8aron, have the klndn*sa, on ?he receipt or thia oeapatch. to take the neoeeaarv mea curea to leave Naples wltu alt the members of your laga ' -hj. Similar liMtructlona bare beeu rent to the English embassy. You will band over the a-chtvea of the lega Hot to the t onaul or hia Imoenal Mijanty. Moreover, nnd to prortd* ?iTec!v<tlly otflr ^ous provastioo to French tub) eels rteldlog in the kingdom or tho Two Slcl iej a k^'h11 W,k'. ** ,n reuliae* ?* Toulon *htre It will be wiihtn rf%rb to receive the ordom tb?t IvJf?d 10 transmit to it In cane that it shou d becom? necceaary to entrust io It, In the Interest rrZiad'h! ?JJ* ot "PP?TIb? thodeflolen ? T caused by the abaoaae of oillcml protection To be prepared at the proper uiemrs t lor auoh an eventuality tLe roiiDiaiiivr ol this Kqiiadron baa InslruoUona to aeati t^rr^"! ?r V??Placed under hia orders I ) vialt the porta of Naples and of t<.?ily, wh -n the cap. !f1 vea?el will pluco hiaituif tn coomunicatlon wltii our Oonaula. With a Bimi:*- object in view, it la the intention of her Britannic Maj '?ty to atatloa a aqaad ron la tbt- port of Malta. Yen will bo pltaae: Monsieur la Raror, lo read this dcapaU h to M. le Commander CarrUi, atJ to leave a copy with him. WALSWciKI fPart* (Oct. C7) Corronpi ndinre ol London Times 1 A private lelepntphb despatch, reoetved this afternoon from Naples, announces that Baron lire mer had thia moruing quitted ?hat city. The part mg interview with the Neapolitan' Minister for l oreign \ flairs to very friendly, and Baron Bre mer received repeated awurance8 that every precau tion ahould be taken for the protection of French MibpcU The name as?uraacea were given to the Kogliab Miuinter. who was also to leave Naplea about the same time. 'J lie 1'rt-aly of Pari* a Orad Letter (Krotn i be l/onoon I'oat, Ooi. W ] Thia da? terniinutea the period of nix months fixed bv the treaty of l'aria for the tical eTacua tion ofthe Turkish territories and for the closing of the btraits of the Dardanelles to ships of war with tho rxjeptiona stipulated for in the text of the' treaty. As the treaty, however, lias not ly en carried oat on the part of Russia, it follows, an a natural t"?n->e. quonce. that the oMi^utionc of thj other partic3 to it are lor the present .-tun|>en(ied. The AnsUitn occupation of the PiincipaJitiet wtJ), therefore, contiuae, jua'. an oar Rqaidrjn will !<Twn,.ln 'Sea '!J?til the Riuuiaiis bhali rath fully and rompletetjr exccute and fulfil ail tne conditions uf the treaty. The Blade Dnrs nimrnlty. THX POLICY or TIIK I KITaU 8TATKS IN TUE ELBE NAVIGATION. {?a?to;.rg Vorrmp. uOsjcs, tA*. of r.indon New* I No* that the que.ux^ of tlo Sound dm t? v '.u*liy <S.?pose<l o' the t'Dllrd "taioa a. p?ai to turn tbetr att n linn to at other ard at'll re-we oylag abuse, and reeta i?ajo?fd to play the saire g?me io ?bo Kibe aa tocy Ii*ve boin auoeaarully I >ilu*ir,. in tno ,>.un.; Chat ta- fta la dnea mat em a l>? abolnhed Is a tact ui>jtar at er?n 'o aiilKBtBi much as thoy miy prutea I not Tue ouly now fe?ttre I tiavo to wrrMon to d?y |. m cot tirm the (act, alre uty ooumu?t4vj, of tho (icspkUrh rtcclvwd by tho I ollod Ait!'* Cetuul la thu eity from '?li goyeii.Bjtnt. Tu:s de?p?^jo ?mi, wj-*?v*.-, at urw^nt ?o y rorsldcrcdaiaptclitnma^ m.-j. taken In ord ;r to couin tm reaesaary infermatka ci whteh to f>u id com piaiats and daman 's at a period. Mr. Conjut Am ? i rtquired, nm, Is inrorm btsgo/ornmcnt ol the mount o. the Xado dura received Uy K^^ONiir during tie last jeti >e*r?; sem^diy, to Mm In a apeeided 1st of Um r gut Booms, algnal*, beacona, as I buoya kept up by Ham burg togrther wtth tbtf amount anni-ally cxpecded u> keeping it oca in an tfl'flent ?tata, th rdly, to laouire wiietner the riebato of liauburg is ^rejiareo to support t^tates in uppuemg tha lurthor miim,! of tho . 'ade duea, and if ao, to what ext ut I he doapatrb procoeda to aiato tiat the Cu.tad SUtia rave never recognised the oonvcj Ion entered la to b? bordering ? f tho r be, an 1 aigned at Dreedaa In 1864, and arc thartiare at hberty to ruftm pajmrnt or the .Jtad? dtioa. wlUa?ut any breach of lAUa ? n ibatr part. Aci laatly, tbo Atasrtjaa goversmnnt ?i#. tOcantly biota tl the nocrasity of Uborally toe;r e*r>nimctce from all tolla tol l '? i^d expreai!. and ex pended on in order ?v? I!<bth3uaea, beacami, saj bnoys or the Kibe, and m 'Bt.oelag epoeifloally oot uc amoogat their atajile artic let af i>twiuiM aa Um clitf ono to which this principle apol aa. "tipowncra express thems'iraa perfectly ready aad willing to co i ;vmio lo the extent of tnelr power and abilities with Atnetloa in any atop* aha niay lake lor tho atolitloa of tb"> .-'tade dues, anion are become marly intolerable, and >i* gradually drawing away the legitimate oornnuri.a of iou city to th< Htno rertan Hshlog village of Harburp, on tho opposite .id? ol the river, whers aLIpe aid th*' cargow arrirmg Irani the sea are exempt from th > pa> m.-at of the ttiade dues The rollowing Incident, tr.lling .n it.olf, will, Uow?ver serve to show tha Importance ai'.ar.L.od by Ilanover to the AaierlcaB cote, and me nneaala<'>? niu !mi* lor th.* of tirr rhertabed Made duea. A day or two ago an articM, dated Irom llaaover,ap|>eaie<i in ouo ofovr ieaaing political papara. atatlng that "iha go-, erarent had ro>i?ive<1 a oommualeatioa rrom the Called ou' a on the rub,act of the Htade duea. and wlahing to kno 7 uiider wbst oouii lioea Hanover would be wiiliag to rol' juiah tU?-n " Aa soon aa the Hanoverian Minister nai .ont bera read tho obo -a, he immediately sent hit secretary to the alitor to ioq?lre who wrote the tri" le ta quaau<M. Aa, however It w aot the enstom her# far tdlipea to give op tho names cf Ihotr r<>rr spon'ienta, the M'o ster waa aot ra j,-.h wlisr tur hia mqairy, bat be admitted thu truth of the state I?1 Tit V ith rrg%r4 lo the three qucatione pnt to tho Am?rl-\n < oastt], I am utblel to aas>?ar isn of thena grot y c|r<a? if Tor Mm. The Oral la a table c( the amouat of 8isde levied bv Hanovar from 1441 to IW2, both nciudod fW>tn dgrvinr; <y fu.lowi ? 1141 n.4Ttt bum. !**,**) or tin Ole J!*; ** hoe.Ma ? u oa? ?? *42 ?40 ?? 4l.7ao " ?0*,M2 ?' aq>6i , 4i;aa? ?? 3i.:o? WM44 ?' r,M0 ??".MI ? 30.IC3 Wi,ri8 ?? 2VTTC >37,941 u C6 000 JJJf M ?? .-I'fjOfl ^ ?J.T22 " K,M " ??,S3? ?' w.riw Am. ? i?t receited la *J ye. i* i397,86< Ana i I avrrace "jusiul 1 h? e'cond la aieo criiflia,, aud takoa fSsB tha bviget ef I be c.ty of li'mtirr hr the jrear l>??, lately puo I ?Kd. atd laid btfers Ibe la?t Du^rectart, coavsaed about a mooUi ?to ? _ . . ... .. _ . -WarU Otri"sew. f^nersl a^minietrat/on of U'a rirer , n<artment,.. 3; bN Mpeaeea of kreptag la erder the banks m the Lower Rbe. aa<* r< paire IM m rxpearea of workiag th??t'am reJg.ou machiaea ' drepea thechaanil IttVtA f4 dlr'ng boll and hand dredgliia ' "" 4V Mpeaaea of the buoy a, upt?er aeuru C.MkaV V,t?ib " " " lower a<e?03 la,124 rxptaacaol ilfbtheuaas upprr aectloa C Mu t> ISO M lower aeotion...... 62,444 K xpeeeea of pilot eat sbltehmaat K?pen?ea of Marlse Kt giaeer'a Pei^rtment at Ititaeknttel (Cuabavou) Ui7M TbUJ Mtrke enrreaey IM.tTg At 14 marts ? aohiDinga per pound, r?(ual to . C?. 7? Here, thee, we have tho anomalous la.-t, that wht a Haaa b.uIf mor* T**r far ieeproiBgthe bed ef the Kibe, aad keeplrg np the reotume number of light, hrawe, beacooa aad baoya, together with aa effcleat pilot eatahlbbMoL the Hanoverian goeernaaeat por.keta more that ?Ai,004 a year, wlthaet diabara'ag a single paaay f<-r tbe beseflt or the tiavkgrtlon aa<l tra>lo, not avaa fhr bar ahara ol tha e>mmenv . ow drawa, al the aipaaae of Hamburg, to her pet port or Qarberg The fnnrh tievrmmrsl and the Rn|liih [Prem the losidon Ttmee. f?ot ST. J Ouee more, after a coaaidorable Interval of time, the W>mit?wr baa baea directed to oall to order tbennmtnaer ly oraaaa of the Kngltah preee Tbe Mla tie or gaa of the rreiteh goverameot Tbe Rngttsh newapap t-a jTre r etely the pefale ntseraaee M ind'Hdoals; It thara ftWM9| booor'n*!.#! *"4 ,tl>0"r1*r which are fee lell! us thu " liirel!nm "V"*?60 rt?? *"???"?? '* eom? time diOorent omui af Ifc*bflwh mm hirt eMMvoral to spread rtiumote respecting the French government, which are is* mar* odious as thoy are concerted un<t?r au anoavmoiio ?w andI cm OBJ, be ana wend by W? of the reaped Which is paM to tbt liberty of the prWiZ hngland, and m thiiH po?Mog ooi iu> deviations Woo.. uNMrMifeii to in ippeii to I ha common mom ofP^Ple. to warn them awunet the danger* of ? system wMeb. by destroying the coal ueace between the two governments, would tend to diaa nlte two uaUona who?e alliance is the best guarantee at the peace of the world." * Tbia paragraph la framed la tornu of studied ambt Km?y, and hu tak?n the public., bolh In I.ondon Mi ?2TCM#P'*??F by aorprlM. The offending joorMi, the nature ol the olfrnce, the portion of the Fraocb row' ? rnment attacked, are a'l Irfl to the ooaacienoee of ikt anoo>mou? peraena wno wrfe them, and of the a none 22Z^JP!?i6 Who by rmdH,< ei.courage thorn. We aro neither in the secrets ef the Muntirur nor of our romam ' f* therefore know not who are ite guilty iUt^7t?!!!Ld t??Vhf ,he |irtaoQ bellerai ??* we can say with conCdenoo. fir onrseirea. for whom alone we haven I'fth .K Bpe ' 1 without pretending any aymualte with the manner In which the nnwent goveranlent if |,r*^!?2TV eatablished, or with the orlnotplee on wUsfe t im based, we reongnize in his Majesty thu Emperors* J ? 'French a faithful and honorable ally, whose mt towards, and eOecttve co operation with tbla mm I ?J^bal,,E1 ? ?tortou? TfTZ i . ? believe that (he Kmperor of the FrwA *??>?? alnoerest Meed or ihe Kogtub aiUaaM within hit dominions. We accept his autocracy owm Prance as the reanlt of her own choice, authenticated few her own snflragee, and therefore m a fact which it te oomes every Englisn writer te treat with reecrve, wtfh mocoration, and even with reapeot. Again, we alnceroly profess for ins French nation m ]?rje, the constituent* of their Imperial master, the aasaa feeling which wt ootdrtun io wmlr* their roproMDiittfiL u"U>0 *nth K?*lw>d that we look ftr all Uiat. politicians can achieve towards the futur* prorraaa andi enlightenment of Kurope Hut if we are askedtaal U nd the same reapcctlui consideration which we alad^ give to the Kmperor of the Prenob an J thj people he rw. *2* m*7 *'?? *? "a, .urroarrf hSr we distinctly nhse to carry our oompialaanoc to ^3 !'iich; snd wo tell the Moniit itr and the m?n who laa^M It thai .hey mnrt be prepared with far ^ h4Te ?PPa*r^-tot in our own i W contemporari-s? than the slmpleaS gstion that nuch oharpes are anonymous, and that thv J*0 OD,Jr worthy of contempt " The oharcak, which mmm ruent Tift??* ^ lkf Kb* pre? are not on thataT cotrnt to be assumed as true; neither are they beoaaM anonymous, to be aaaumod as false; bat the fkot of IkA In a reepectfchlrt journal is a sutticient lor snhwrrlng their atuem. iits by home bottor and tiih cor tempt* ^P008? ti"4U " ?-sumpt)on of soparctUoM The Mimi/svr speaks cf dbcgrr to the alliance Went *e will P)?ak ont, of tbo dangora to that alliaac* Thar* 'nJ^uer to,.,he?lfi?oc?. ?>"? danger proceed., no* ? otn the just and honest strirturos of the Koclish wrm* j'H pcbllo uicb, whose charnt-.ters ure public properly ,,Q"<J|n 1110 conduct of snn.o wto, ra sed saddenlyte h'Kh cilice, sfctn Inclined to enter ot a career at hi laial to t'rancc and la^e to Kn^'aad. Thane are vorst rnemlca of the French <tc<l rogllsh si who ran see In goveramen'. uo h.'^her aim than f'7?L. e,t' "? ?"'come carelena of the w n the nation and the trust ocr.tided to them, owa '?r 'Mianoe, ylew in the nerotluiona lev a ' of I''*00 ?" excellent oppepjunity fbr reviling nad iif* " Prf1s ? small but f*ee Siate- and, as w* ?rtrtri,:? 'o't by the H'mi r-ir, we must oanfc?Tiha? m . . * . shams snd disgust how easily our own plenln? t*ntisricn were beguiled hj the mare spread tor Umm btrfore their very cyea Again, wo tre ni ignorant?wa ?.u ?o be Ignorsct- of the ooloaaal ft>rt?a?i that hsve been realized within tbe last lew yetra hw meii wtao till then wore p'unged in the deaUm ti e r"^!fetS? ?h Wt ,t*T0 oheerre* with dlsauiy ' _ , , ., , snrfsca of the financial pod at \aat bubbles; we have witnessed tbe mont reek *u<1 ftifMitio pintle actuation oomboaad with tbo direction cf pnblio s?<urs, and wo hayaaoa* with deep regret ib*>, It stead of dotrig everything m thMr !>ower to chMk the rtatog spirit of (rambling some hlsli In cfflce aiid fsvor in ftanc? have lent the whole la2T eoev of their pea'tion aiul their example to stimulate oxaggw ate the evil. We Lave s'so observed wah p2 tt at the government of Frai has eoaduotad Iti opee*. tons in msny retpecuoaten-AUcosly in deOaece of*2a aticerttmed and rtoognu id pruxipiea of poUUart i <D<my, and thna provoker a oollapae which. >l tr*7, to be 'iniurtov to the goyeranient, c^iamiaius to Franca a^ deeriy to this country He dtteit tiie ra ?tnc4)?Mts on pervinaJ haerty in V ranc? We abhor hw rV*plrt'its aMendaat arnoyaaaa. n l Idla u- tell us that the 'J-ee dfritfOon or these ihlM la inconsistent will ?hr *l b 'w an Krau w aad Kugiai.d. It is biviuso we are al'iee?alhes to an as no ""rely political set can make ?# 1-" "-?? "vt MUI D1UI In romn:(.<?as well aa inarms, becsuse ^2.?2lwJbOUl lLtl > *Dg uorrr4P"?din^ suflerte U we tnw <Jijum " eserclaa the nrMta ^ srurs measures snd men li; whiet we m w?ll as ate Tr .erp'r_ Tt3' V?nitfur and lu InjsT i t,.-[ rotiipti rs have drswn these ?ihiervationa on tli* ? w> heads We are so r??d l0 Khgtaad to ?.a fTea^T lirosa.oa of opinion that we caano; consent to be 4a< I>tl\i0 o. th?? privilege of diecosvug the |<ubl?c aff^a ?e lb*. ?ond loauit iIm coe?eoloooe of any ooe wh^ ever and we sincerely regret to tlnd tbe catrn. ted to represent that a d.noinution of the 1>SM t.. the liberty of tho pr-es |? I ngland la the^rtSJ ..a. it ? <i be pall fur ?ho e^ntinuance of tha F tiuabe. As> rcgarda our foreign policy, we are to do all that can be required IW? tha nett L '! !?*?? ?"7, but it is otherwtsa wtt nliu foyerBmer.t *r<l organizatloB of Kiriaad J ,? aLd inviolable, and we beliero there la m mt.iiCea this country would not mbmlt to r ither tbaa ti ?r ihem to be assimilated t> the contineat\l atan lard. *7, r " WkrD* U>? KngUsh people agaiaat the te. tor* of a system" (freedom ot the prvaa) " which kw v?*!M,|,MdU,toW^B',r"0*K^,',***tl ,h" lwo roremmeahj Mould lead to uituti* the two nai waa " Wa anew 'hat we are warned already. We know what the freadam t Mhe P'eaa ooaia us?we know what it is worth to m. ? ? " aome a*iafment ot aimpathy ??"* nni itis^a w.0^1. to na *11 that wa are, all that wa bava baa. i 'bat wa a hall be. Nor do wa lack wirataw on I ha ether aide. Wa tea that tha mcmeal aTovaaS m?Bl inlarferea with the liberty of the rraaa u mi merely deprlraa liseif of the guide to tha fenllon of te people, bat alto flirs iu.-i. wnb a new and Janxeroaa ?T*r'r*bl4,g It permits to apimar. Proa these dangera tha British government la at least esamte and wa shall require bettrr prool'a thsn wa as yet r n. j exMrtrntetf" ropreMlon b-foTo wa ucmscat to try THE VKRV f.ATR?r. From tha ixmdon Nawa, Wedawiday, Oat. 'Jt.J Acarnii akd rrngir. Vit??s, Tnaeday Kveatng Ihe Austrian Corr*tpm&mer lellbrrately reiteratM te sisrrtloo of Pua^y laat. It again daalea totally the rt*le?ec' ^ U** Ctesfi j/mmhI, 1'jy< and Pjtfria, 'H th* i tinman rorta had potealad against tha occupatioa of tha It neipalltlea by Anstrlsa troopa, a;jJ It doaa thla net a < tha landing tha paraklaat aaaerUoca of thoaa joarwto to tha contrary laUr idtica from < oaatantiaooia aannnaoa that th# rc? TtaUoii of ths_T::rk)ah ministry rem a a i unaccepted. 1M lAflTSIU* OCCTPATtOK. rbe fbrelgi jonraala abonad la remarks on tha a#w s taaUon which they asanate baa been ere a led by tha te c.and aald to bava b->en made by tha Porta on tha ah aad Auatriaa governments, for a withdrawal of "-tlr imea from the l>toelpaJ(tJea aad black tfea, riapecti vety. I' Srrd paUieticaliy remark!; " Wa sbonld aot be aran ?abed if the govarnaMmta ot Austria aad Kagiaad war* ?o Bad some pretait to Jaatify their occupation, aran afta* they have last tha coneeat of tha Porte. PAILt RK OP rOX, liKDEMOK AND ( O. "be .v.? ar.aocrcee the >ai -re ot this Arm ofrmti on tractor*, whteh la attribute* to tha ttgbtnesa of _ meney market H s u?eerted tnat srrnrgements wltl ha trade to pay tha small creditors la (all, and that the large i .aima may hope ultimately tc secure a very cjnsldam b e dividend. concnnioN of rfssian railwat*. The Tondoa Men say* ?Telegraph'- adytora from n. iVtessbnrg state ukat the railway cemaartaaa have bam ranted to a I reneb eompaay fbr eighty year*, aad tha* H'elr aatant is about 2,MO mi<ea Terma flied by the gwv erameat are about ?U, SCO per mlla, under a gr. aran tee ol 4 S' P?r oenl. with as addPHmai X par oent fbr a slakl^ P nd. It is aot msatloaed if tbe rrancb company is tte 'Yed* Mobilier or a ooapaay formed by Mraara Rotha chill aad other rnpttaUM. Tha total snm reqeirat-aaw ly ?44,(00,000?'Will eaubliah a drain ^uOcieot aot amty to weigh down all deaenpUona of RuasMn eeearlLeam our markatr, but m aome degree every other ktBd of an Irrprte PlnnnrlAl and ( ommrrrUi. TBK I.ORPO* AI*D PARfO tfOBBT !imn 4 m^~Tnt LArwr. txwnw* Mowrv H^hsbt, Movnsr The FtefMi nmda opened steadl y thrZsaightha<'kp4w om7' ^ffiTijjf ?J^,baraotor ?f Ite mjJeTa^ I^ ^"bJSHC' 1 ^ ?5-rSSjt wfc1cb there wae ae renevery Tim d^mABrt i *1^1 ra rival of the *>. .*? ? F* *?* ??mil len off at 2tl to Its, r ^ w H. tew three per erate 91K to f, v ? wl emteaaer boatto, 9*^ in H v India Ua.'a and Cbeqner bllle were wimkjat M. to Is*. t rew i.u Tbe nest coo eel aeeiert Is Bt?~l f'w the ti?? nf t h*r, an a the alosiag trane vitons '1 'hat * ?.* ??. i ? 4 ,v. A"0*-3T ? this morning, hot U